Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. NO. 13,435. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET ' PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIKECTMf rot ADVERTISERS* AMBSSMKNTS?Eiobtii Paw-Fourth, fifth and sixth AHTROLO.iY?Twelfth Pass?Sixth column. BILMAB1M?Ninth Pas*? Fourth column. JiOAKDIR ? WA ntkd?Sbcokd Pau?-Fourth and fifth columns. BOARD and LODOING WANTED?Skcokd Pauk?Filth column. ^ BROOKLYN BOARD?Srcosn PAOB-Fith column ' BROOKLYN KKAL e8tate FOR HALE?Skcosd Padb First column. BUBINKS8 (IP port UK ITI K&?Twk Lrru PA?*-Slxth col uian. column. city^kkal ESTATE FOR 'SALE-s^^AOB-ffrrt ^I'^^iirA'coli?nn'ii!J8MK''?Tw*LrrB PA0?"Thlrd "J CLOTIl I N(i?Skcond Pack?Third column AND OARDE?> E Ks?Tw^lith Pao ? JJpiirih and fifth roluiins KrH column. ConvTifv ui^l ur. "L "" ' A"*? Kfth column. COUNTRY BOARD?Sai-osu Pauk?Filth and sixth col nw\ }'i0iv?i8T.rt,.,5*T1,PA??-8Uth column. km'vr?H?-V? hv 10 V,' T '?LKMSUKft AND UN ?"'"Hhll-Niitii Park?Third column. Kp5oESAb STEAMSHIPS? Ni.vru Pass?Fifth column. KVFH Vv7> ??a 2S "?cond column. wvrirlratRi&Mi *r?L"M PM>*?Sixth column. fi\-A J;.. . .NhfN,WT" p*o??Sixth column. rnr kh v 'T Paok?Fourth and tilth oolutnns, J Pr 5mAI*?. ^auk?1 liird column. FURNISHED rooms AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Dvimmi auk?Fourth column. Sou?'TyKFr.?Pauk?Sixth column. column ERT1SEME.NTS?fwKn-Tii Pack?Sixth IIEr.I* JVA?iTKD?:FEMALES?'Twnnu Paok?Second t r *?d. third columns. Minn A1,'rKU?MAI,E8?T?r*?>rTn Paok?Fifth col li OR SKS CABBIAGKB, AO ?FiHst Paok?Third, lourth t.?, *na siicth column*. ' A"*7Hnh column. " 1 F?SvthRco3?.AC" "'ANTKO-E,<iuTH r^" ~ Eighth Park?Third column J ersey CIj Y, HnBOKEN, HUDSUN CITY AND HE It _ Secon(f^coUiinn ?' salK-Skcoxd Pauk i n?r (i vl'nCt?lT:tl^',T!' **age?Fourth column. AND FOUND?Hust Pauk?Flr.t and second columns. u adu} ?Kijy?5ii0HTH Paok?Third column. uinnki MANTEL8?Fiust Paok?Sixth column. S n, J 'Afcr:^ wl:L,"r" P aok?Six I It.colu inn. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?First PAOK-Slxth column. ? MISCELLANEOUS advertisements?Tkntii Paok S.xtli column. Mf&Ufc-LLANEoUB?Nikth Pack?Sixth column. ifuHfRAkTk,ohih Pack?Sixth column. PPHsnv?f' pAn 58-flti.,!JIH VA0K-Slxth c<>'umn. ER .kCNAL?Fiust Paok?>1 rut column. pianofortes, ORGANS, AO.-Eicuth PAoa-Fifth col umn. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Twelfth I'aor?Second column. PROPERTY OUT OF Till; CITY FOR sale OR TO rp i r vSiK," Pi?K-?ccond and third columns. REAL K.sTAI h TO iXlHANOfc-SKtoNi) I'lGK-fhird column. skwah^I?, wANTED-Pkco*d PAOK-Third column. MlU ??-?IrnZI^A""-8c< <""' column. fcALEH A1 AUCTION?Ninth 1 agi?lirst, second and third column*. 8ITUA.1IO.VS WANTED-FEMALES-ELKrwtTH Paok Flrst. second, third, fourth, flittb and sixth col umns' aUU L"u paok?First and second cot SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?TwnLrru Pack?Third Ipohtm v<?SiK?lS~S,.?fXn'''0irSe^0,,d column. SPORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.?tiusT Paok?Third . column. ?IIK^RAiw<i2i>'iRT8~8ECi?Kn paok?iSixth column? T IF twhV tr?lwE.i'"H pA""-;Ki,th B,|d sixth columns. J/. rtX.K J7.JK" PA(1 K-Third column. WT/?.? BUflNtSS PURI'oSKS-Niktu Paob column. DNvTmn? 1JHmm?inth- >*10,-eix,h column. . ??lKi'ED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO n- a ? Paok?Fourth column. W ANTED TO purchase?Skcono I'AUK-Thlrd col . umn. WE8TCIIESTKK COUNTY PROPERTY FOR HALE OR TACirrij lilTWAlf.<i?i"ili?u4<sE?1F,X"t *nrt "?cond columns. xAi/UT8, HfhAMBUAlH, Ac.?Skcono Vauk? Sixth col li lii11. HERALD Bit A.VCH OFFICE UPTOWN, Advertisements for the new York herald BECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,266 BROADWAY AND 530 SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEKN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. advertisements ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NEWSDEALERS supplied WITH HERALD AT 5 O'CLOCK EVERY MORNING. NO EXTRA CHARGES. PARIS AGENCY OP THE NEW YORK HERALD. ESSRS. KREMER A CO., american REGISTER, Have been appointed paris agents for the >EW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE nERALD, AND ALSO frIKGLE numbers OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PERSONAL. A NY PERSON KNOWING THE WHEREABOUTS OF Jl. Denial H. Hanrahan will confrr a lavor by addross "J* hi* bro hcr.WM. J. HANRUIIAN, 135 West Twenty BlKntn afreet. J A I? WRI0HT WILL PLEASE SEND Ills AD rr 'a ?.%.he chunced so suddenly, to his old ofllcc Ll> IAGSToN, Herald Uptown Branch A ?? C rW,J'L MEET YOU AT 11 O'CLOCK TIII8 XI.. day (Tuesday), at 40 Montgomery street, Jersey ??/? ? p BREAD.-THERE WILL BB SOME CAKE AT THE uay iu?ncdr' TwcUth 8lrce,> ?' the hour and on tlic C1KNTKAL PARK-SUNDAY afternoon, HANDED BA^uJ?,t?.2lf,th. aTeni,n c*t Address Pl fePLK AND a*" All, Herald Uptown Branch ofllcc. piULTON FERRY AND EIGHTH AVENUE CAR AMOUB%eraMceCar,y eVeUing' pleMC addre8" HE5rRJTiH" ,MUIJRAV WILL HEAR OF something rew York 0 480 by "'Wressing Post offlcc box 105, TNn?I5?AI,0? RANTED?ANY PARTY LIVING IN iiv. in' L '.i Kn?l?n,,i1 about 20 years since who can E. ?r?'"d?n* "??Hers ll.erc about thut date Will be ftillv repaid tor their trouble bv scnrlinir their ad dress to D. H, BAIiREr, 66 Mechanic street,'Newark, AB.?.IW TUE CITY WEDNESDAY nignt, June 4, 1873. j?t T ADY IN private CARRIAGE, ON MONDAY AF - on' on Fourteenth street; turned ut> Irvlnir Jy^O ' hSf"iS?1,1,1 j ,f ?lf"able. addre* w. o., box 1{W Herald offlce, and appoint Interview, TH|? THE SILK UMBRELLA LEFT 1a.rm urfJ tI. ;truet ""'ff" yesterday will nleaso ul! Thirty-MMnui sheet and rccelve re Mrs. W. E. STAKR. W,LeL ^ADY. RK\nING UNDER RUSTIC ARBOR 11 Sunday, Central Park, kindly voucUsal'e her ad' Herahl otffce11?8** ?f Kentlcracn' GEORGE MORION, \\,rILL THE GENTLEMEN WHO STOOD ON THE Jitnes?S ?l c" I2 ?Csl,th "venue line and witnessed the accident on Sunday nlnht olease send ats.rsa-a',"tkw WIL.wln ?t??l9WeS 84tBhBrt.^?OK) FWA8E^ 6TII AVRNUB CAR, saturday p u ^TTi the lovely brunette that (rot offal V.rfy-wctmdsfreet' accompanied by a irentlcman, who notlccdTcnUeman Jn offlcJl " e* 10 ADM,RfcB, ho*14S He "aid ?OO-WOULD LIKE TO flEE TOU ADDRFs^ u box 162 Uetald Uptown Branch office! FRANK*" _ LOST A N D FOIH d! A bunch oV icEyV'TTost,' ye8terday" near the comer of Fourth an I Mcrcor streeu. The finder Will pleaso re'nrn tham to T. FRANCIS GIBBONS 17 West Fourth street, near Mercer. ' 7 Found-on Saturday, mat si, wts," a lady h Watch and Chain, which the owner inav have Iit 6r{flSLcCB%fSW3.",*"~ ? FOUND-saturday, S1ST ultimo, fifth avekub and Twenty-?econd street a lady's hat. Same will be retur,ic,,l liv sending address and proving pronorty C. it. T., Herald Uptown Branch oincc. 7 .U?T,rHI^ BOOK, CONTAINING PAPERS AND 1J blll?, also check drawn by H. F. Yountr, Newark N for $I0?. payment of which has been ?topped. A reward will h? paid for tba book and son tntsby returning to VAN NOTE A SON, 28i Hudson I OST-RANKBOOK NO. 368,(?? OF THB BOWRRT vin'f" Ban*. The finder is requested lo return it u> the tiauk .where he will receive thanks 08T-A LITTLE WHITB POODLE. ON SUNDAY ? f A hberal reward will be paid by briaxlug inn to 8J Islghth avenue. I I OST?SUNDAY EVENING, BETWEKN 7 AND 10 J o clock, a small tan Scotch Terrier, with a crooked tall answers to the name of Beauty; leather collar, blue f:?a r^Mlfy nrn^'t. U ,iVC" ''r rulUr"','? I OST? NEAR FIFTV-fniltD STRF.ET AND SIXTH J avenue, Sunday atternorfn, a black Neapolitan Tur. ban, trintminrs lace and (lowers. Finder will raceivo . ?unable reward at 551 sixth avenue. r?<.eivc a I" OST?ON SUNDAY MORNING, FROM THE COR 1 ner Of Fllih avenua and Fourteenth street, a Scotch errler I og a II'tle long in the leva: blue back and II -lit tolors I l.e w en the leg?; had on a braes collar: no name |lu Wi;l lie pa d by leaving biui at No. 5 1 a,t Niuete'entli ? nn?( I4W8T AKD fOCHD. IO? iM HWaBD?LlDT'H WATCH, CIIATK j iainu and Tfrpfr?" attached i chatelaine marked K M h R wa^ Mid on retirn of thmii* to v>, C. TKAPHAGAN. W.T warren atreat Promptly paid. LOST-OBItnnOA1& DRU8ILLA B. KIERSTED, NO. 3 624, 40 share* ?o:k New York Central Railroad; payment stopped. Suitable reward tor it at printing orttce, (-8 John ttrilli LOST?IN THE GRAND CENTRAL DEPOT. JUNE J, aii Ainetbvst Ring. If the tinder will communicate with H. M. ALDEN, Metuchon, N. J., a liberal reward will bo offered. STOLBN-A VIOLIN AND BOX. FROM THE SECOND Baptist church, at llnrl. in, the latter part of Ja liu arv last Anv one returning the same to P. N. GLIDDF.N, Ml Ka?t Kitty.third street,- will be liberally rewarded. No questions asked. rbwardsT tl C REWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY, 2D I NUT.. A ?pl?> >mall Blnck ondTan Slut, with broken tall; had on a blue ribbin. The Under will tho above by returning her to 107 Wvtt Twenty -eighth street. 4>OK R&U'ARD OFFERED?AND NO QUB8TION8 asked, for tho return of one set or Gold Jewelry and one pair ot'liold Bracelets, to 133 East Twenty-ninth street. ^ Jir/Ul ?A LARUE BOUTAIUE DIAMOND, GENT'S JptlUU. I'in, mounted to t>e unscrewed, lout, Sun.lav evening, 25th Inst.. Ill ncighborl??>o.l ot sixth uvuuue and Carmine street. Above reward will be paid by 8TAKK A MARCUS, 22 John street, up stairs. No questions asked. Reward -lost, a lady's black enamelled Gold IIuntiiU'-casB Watch. The tinder will l>o liber ally rowai'ded by returning it to S8 East Thirty-ninth st. koticES. A?WEALTH FOR ALL. ? Now lathe time for everybody to secure tickets to Third Grand (Jilt Concert, to ho given under authority ol apodal Legislative act, for benefit qf Public Library ol hon'U'-ky?the groat tree library of the Southwest?at Louisville, Ky., positively and unequivocally on Tuesday, I tily 8,1873. A Half Million Dollars will be dbtribued by lot rmong ticket holcdrs as fol lows ;? one (Irand Gift, Cash SIOO.OW One Grnnd (Hit, Cash 50,000 >ta> Grand Gift, Cash 3ft,000 One Grand Cash (lift to,000 One Grand Casli Gilt. 10.000 One Grand Cash Gift 5.000 24 Cash (Jills ol #1,000 each 24,000 60Cas*i Gifts ot swwueaeh IS,000 80 Cash Gifts ot $400each 32,000 10) Casn Gilts Of $800 eaeh 30,000 150 Cash Gilts ol $.110 ea-h 30.0 XI 5!W Cash Citts ot $100 eacfc 99,0.0 000 Cash Gifts of $10 each ityOUO Total, 10,000 Gifts, all calk $500,11)0 Tickets, $10; Halves. $A; Quarters, $2 DO. Hon. ex-Governor Thomas K. IWamlette, ot Kentucky, has charge of tho business ot tho Concert for trustees. New York sales are made a special deposit with the ourth National Hank of Now York. Send money by ost office order, draft, registered latter or express,'pre paid. For tic kets, full programme, information and all par ticulars, applv to tlio General Agency Supply. THOMAS II. HAtS A CO., C09 Broadway, Now York. ?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE BROOKLYN, ? corner ol Fulton avenue and Boerum street Open Irotn h A. M. to# P. M. On Suuday iroin 3 to HP. M. JJRES8MAKING. ECONOMY, PROMPTNESS AND PERFECT FIT. Messrs. LORD A TaYLOK, to prove that RETRFNClf. MENT is possible, have so arranged their Dro-wui.iklng Department that ECONOMY in material and trimming is particularly studied In every detail, and they arc now lurnUhing Dresses at a MU(!|I Lr.SS PRICE than the cost of nnported garments, while for STYLE, FIT and (JENKRAL MAKE Ul'thevare every v ay equal to tlio finest Parisian manufacture* The IMMENSE INCREASE of orders during the past month prevented our usual promptness; but now, with extended facilities and tho COMPLETE REORGANIZATION of the department, we can solely GUARANTEE ALL ORDERS AT THE TIME AGREED, and a* to FIT and PRICE defy competition. LORD A TAYLOR. Broadway end Twentieth street. DAMAOKD OR DECAYED OIL PAINTINGS AND F.N graviDK* can be entirely restored to their original alue by submitting thein toll. E. EARL, (35 Sixth ave nue, successor to Earl A Sons, Picture P.ostorors. H AVANA AND KENTUCKY LOTTERIES.-PHIZES cashed ; circular* rent treo. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, rooA $1, first floor. XTEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY.?A STATED li meeting will bo held at tho Library, on Tuesday evening, Juno 3, at 8 o'clock. 1 he Librarian will read a paper hv (iaorge W. (Irecne, Raq , Protestor of American Historv in Cornell University, on "German Troops in the War of ludcpcudcnce.*; VTaTIONAL ACADEMY OF DEBION ?THE FORTY il eighth annual Exhibition ol Pictures and Sculptures now open, dsy and evening. Will closo Saturday night, June T. T. ADDISON RICHARDS, Corresponding Secre tary N. A. OFFICE OF BOARD OF EXCISE, NO. 299 MULBERRY street. New York, Mav .10,1873.?'The Hoard ot Excise In and tor the cltv and county of New York, give public notice that thev will receive Applications and Issue Li censes for the sale of strong and spirituous liquors, nines, ale and .beer, in accordance with tho laws of the State of New York, on and after MONDAY, June 2, 1873, at the following rate ot license fee*, which have bteu es tablished bv this Board. vU :? CLASS 1. For first class hotel*, restaurants, saloons, Ac , the sum of $2T0. CLASS 2. For second class hotels, restaurants, saloons, Ac., the sum ot $150. CLASS 3. For all other places where strong and spirit uous liquors arc sold and drunk upon the premises the sum of $100. CLA8S 4. For storekeepers, druggist:', and all places where strong and spirituous liquors are sold In quantities lessttian live gallons at a time, and not drunk upon the premises, the sum ot'$60. CI .ASS ft. For all places where ale and beer only are sold, and no strong or spirituous wines or liquors, the sum of $3<L Thcsmountof the license fee In each case must ac company the application. Parties receiving a license will be furnished with a copy of ths lnwru?u!;tr.s i.\c .V,!t 5f TBtoxiCkting Manors. ftijJ ft strict compliance therewith will be required. Particular attention Isdlrocted to the provisions of the law relutivc to closing on the Sabbath, and from 1 to 5 A. M. other days. No license will be granted to known proprietors of. or fdat es used for, houses of prostitution, gambling or other tumoral or unlawful purposes. Applicants will please apply In the following order:? From the Fir-t, Second, I nlrd, Fourth, Fifth and ixth wards from June 2 to June 7. From the Seventh. Eighth. Ninth, Tenth and Eloventh wards, from June It to June 11. Inclusive. From the Twelfth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Seventeenth wards, from June It to June 21, inclusive. From the Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, Twenty first and Twenty-sccond wards, from June 23, to June A, inclusive. Notice ts also given that a h?ok for the registry of com filalnts for violations of the Excise laws has been opened n this office. No per on Is authorized to receive any payment on ac count ot this Board except at its office and during offico hours. Offico hours from 9 A- M. to 4 P. M. No tuouey received after 3 P. M. JAMES L. STEWART. ) D. D. T. MARSHALL, > JOHN R. VOORHIS, ) Ol Excise. 0 FFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KKNTI'CfcV?KXTttA CI.ASS NO. 3.'9? JUNK 2. 1873. 7. ftrt, 44. 69, 70, 9. IS, #3, 18, 12, 27, 14. arimiCKT- CLASS ho. 300? 2, 1873. 48, 28, 13. OS, 7, til, 67. 61, 24, 73, 31, .V, 9. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. Snet'BV COI.LMK?KXTRA CLASS .SO. k'ftO?JtlNB 2. 1M7J. 3-', 52. 2ft. 71. 33. 9, 24, CO, 58, 78, 48, 48. SHRI.ST COLLStJB?('LAI'S WO. 2'0?JCSK 2, 1*7.1. #9, 4ft, 39, 41, SO. 10. 17. 46, 27, 38, 24, 61, 68. SMITH A CO., Managers. Covington. Ky. Address C. HENRY, earo J. Clutc, broker, Mi Broad war. Post office box 4,9()"9. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS OF THE SOUTH CAROLINA Lottery lor benefit ot Free School Fund?Perpetual. Eitba Class 135?joss I, 1873.?13, 29, 76, 34, 30, 17, 64. r.S, 26, 3?. 127. Class 13?-junb 2, 1873.-51, 74, 54, 45. 46. 38 1 31 48, 43 30 3S. C(>i.^ A c6? Wanngers Charleston, 8. C., June J, 1873. NOW YorK Post officc box 3,866. OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. BXTRA (LASS BO. 73?JCBB 1373. 13, 65, J8, 52, 37. *, 20. 19, 47, 41, 73, 7. SOUTH CAROI-tMA?CLASS HO. 7(?Jt'Sl 2, 1873. 21, 64, 48, 20, 75, 42, 32. 28. 5, II, 7. 74. 12. GKKKEN k CO.. Managers. LUTHY A CO., Brokers, VA Greenwich street, N. Y. "PURITANI" AMATEUR OPERA.?VICTIMS IN. I vited to attend a meeting at D'Aibcrtic's, 17 Weit Twenty-eighth street, this (Tuestlay) evening, st 3 o'clock, to orgsntze a prosecuting cointnl'.tec. Earnest addresses will be made. R OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY?NEXT DRAWING JUNE i 10. German stats Lotteries. ^txFuTJk' *0 Post office box 3,836. B5 Nassau street, room 4. Royal Havana Lotterv PCCllu f'li' l':73 now ready, j HAM, No.5 WeybosK?t street, I'rovl ? OYAL HAVANA LOTTERV OF CUBA.-PR09 Address GEO HOE LP vldence, R. I. ____ ST. THOMAS bay RUM, OF VERY FINE QtTAIITY, for sale, at reduced pricos; (ittatnitie* to suit; In bond or dutv paid. i, w. CAKLK, 26 l?M slip. VIENNA EXPOSITION -NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Juries of awards at the Vienna Kxpo-ltlon have postponed their meetings to tha 1st of Jtilv. Parties wishing to lorward goods lor tho Exhibition can do so up to the 10th ot June. For farther Information applv to RAD0L1FFK BALDWIN, United Hlatos Despatch Agent, 72 Broadway. feinn nnn for $io.-public library of BlU'/ivWU Kentucky Concert, July 3, positive, ilcksts lor sale and Information hy W. L. DAVIS, Agent, 907 Broadway, near Twentieth street 18 DRAWN DAILY IN the LEGAL Uyd Kentucky Lottery; Royal Ha vana and Kentucky Circulars Iree; 12Jjc. commission allowed. Address HALEY A CO. (office establish*! 30 yeors), 174 Broadway. $589 .589 riOARN AM> TOBACCO. / HOARS OF HAVANA TOBACCO.-ROSA CONCHAS, \ ' $4); FT do Cub I Oslanes, $lil); Espanolas, $66; ei|tiai to Iniuortc I in apio aranco and quality. 10 impor IT J BaYNOU A CO., 00 Msldsn lane. srURHNG-DOGei, BIRDS, &C. A -FOR SALE, A1.1. KINDS or FANCY POOS ? Bird*, *o.; Medicine* tor all dl*ease?; Prepared Food, lor mocking bird*. At B. 0. DOVEY'S, No. S Greene street, near Canal. THE TV UK. JEROME PARK RACES. An eletiant Imported four-iu hantl Carriage and Har ness, complete, made by Peters. of London, in parted urdcr and very atvlMh; a pplendid affair lor the race* or tor a gentli man tiavinx a large country Mat ; accommo date* 14 persons; will l>c sold at le-s than halt the coat ot importation; can lie seen at the wurerooms of BRADLEY, PRAY^ CCK, 348 Broadway. Prospect park fair grounds association.? Mutch f2.V), mile heat*. 3 In 5. to wagon*. WEDNESDAY, June 4, 3 o'clock, good day and tract. J. Feck'* b. g. Clothespin. \Y. S. Thomas' b. g c,,c^ weight. Match $400, mile heats. 3 In 5. W. 8. Thomaa' b. g. Romance, paces in harness. J. II. l'hlllp's g. g. Jack Draper, to wagon. ? PICO. W. OAKLEY. Superintendent. 1 TROTTING AT FLEETWOOD PARK?TUESDAY, June S, at 3 o'clock. Match S-XXI; best three In live In harness. John Murph.v enters blk. m. Oertrude. II. H. Kelly enters a. g. Star Henry. Same Day? Match $2ud; mile heats, best three In Are, ill harness. Dan Pilfer entera b. g. Bav Hilly. W. E. Week* enters g.g. Tom Wonder. wm. n. van corr, s Superintendent. TROTTING AT FLEETWOOD PARK ON FRIDAY, June A, at 3 P. M. Purse 81.OOP, mile heats, heat 3 In 8; $1,000 nrst, $500 to second. Dim Pilfer enters b. ui. American Gtrl to wagon; W. II. Crawford j. W.Conic/,formerly Beppo, to wagon, catch weight; J. L. Doty outers s. in. Nonesuch In harness. Admission $2. WM. H. VAN COTT, Superintendent. TROrriNO AT DEKRFOOT PARK, TUESDAY. JITNE 3, at i P. M.?Purse of $110 tor horses thai never bent 3 minutes; $60 to first, $30 to second and $10 to third; closed with nine entries. A. L. Roger* enters Irishman'* Daughter. J. Denton enters b f. Love. E. M. Heard entera b. h. llarry Gurr. George Hopkins enters br. in. Jennlo 0. D. (iilmore enters b. g. Delver. L. H. Summit enters f. a. Hrsmly. M. Reg rs enters b. li. Kipp. William Welsh enters ch. m. Nelly. W. Thorns enters b. R. Lyman. TROTTING AT DEERFOOT PARK, TUESDAY, june 3, at 3 P. M.?Puri-o of $100, for hordes that never heat 3 minutes. To clou- on Mouday, Juno 2, at Johnson's saloon, Twenty-eighth street and Broadway, New York, at 8 o'clock, ard :it the hold, Ih'erfoot Park, at 6 P. M. WILLIAM McMAHON. Superintendent. THE ENTRIES TO TIIE UTICA PARK ASSOCIATION Running Race Meeting, June 26, 26 and J7,i?re hereby oxtended from June 2 until Juno 1ft, at 9 P. M., at llagg's Hotel, Utica. Declarations until June 20 at same placo. CHARLES W. ni'TCIIIXSON. President. For sale?a member's ticket and hitching shed at Fleetwood Pnrk, with all privileges; ex pires May 1, 1876. Add r ess box 1,974 Post office. HORSKN, CARRIAGES, At'. AT IIARKKIt A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NRW YORK TATTER BALLS, corner of Broadway and Thirtv ninth street, M WOE CHARLES W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. RKGUI.AR SALES OF Horses, Carriages, Ac., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, AT 11 O'CLOCK. GENTLEMEN'S PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENTS DIS posed of at public or private sale to the beet advantage and a general assortment of everthiuf in the horse Hue alwavson hand at private tale. TWENTY-FOUR 110URB ALLOWED for trial on every horse soli under warrantee. THIS 18 THB ONLY AUCTION MART In the 8tatc hav ing the proper tucilities for showing horses on sale?viz., n largo driving ring, entlrelv under cover. OUTSIDE SALi> SOLICITED auJ promptly attended to. SUPERIOR STABLING FOR horses on sale. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE on everything in the horse line. MAJOR C. w. BARKER, New York, ( L. C. CHASE, Boston. L Auction house of arch, joiinston (late Johnston A Van Tassell), OFFICE AND SALESROOM. OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post ofiice. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES 19. 21, 23 and 2# EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Fifth avenue and University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have ulwitys char acterized the dealings ot our house anil won the respect and continence of the business community, as well as the llEG ULAif SALES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY AT 10? O'CLOCK. REMEMBER, THE SALE COMMENCES AT 10K O'CLOCK. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S* (TUESDAY'S) SALE, 10H O'CLOCK. ELEGANT PARK ESTABLISHMENT-TEAM BAY AND brown llor?e>>. long flowing manes and tails, 111 hands, 8 years old ; kind and true in all harness and under saddle; tree from vice; very stylish; all-day travellers; not afraid of auything, nnd warranted sound. T CAR I-, BY J. R. LAWRENCE, IN PERFECT OR TEAm"oF ELEGANT CARRIAGE HORSES, COAL black, is?i hands high, 9yearsold; kind nnd true in all harness; free from vice; excollent driver*; very stylish, and unsurpassed as a first class family DOG CAR f, BY J. R. LAWRENCE; SET OF DOUBLE Harness, Blanket. Sheets, Robes, Ac. FAMILY ESTABLISHMENT?TEAM BROWN, 7 YEARS old, 16 hands; kind and true in all harness; fl-oe from vice or lault; gentle dispositions; very spirited anil stylish; warranted sound. SIX-SEAT WESTCIIESTERJ ROCKAWAY, IN GOCD order; set ol double Harness. PARK TURNOUT-DARK BAY HORSE. 16 HANDS high, 8years old; kind and truo in all harness; tree from vice; good all dav traveller; very stylish; can bo driven by a lady and warranted sound; in every respect a first class family horse. DOG CART. ONfc. BEAT, BY J. R. LAWRENCE; SET OF Harness, by Campbell. GENTLEMAN'S ROAD HORSE?BAY HORSE, 15l? hands, 6 years old; kind and true In all harness; free from vice or fault; very stylish, high knee action: can trot in 2 JO and warranted sound, with out blemish. _ __ TOP ROAD WAGON, IN GOOD ORDER; SET OF light Harness, city made. ?... PONY EriTAHLI--lIllfc.Nl?HORREL PONY. 14'* hands 9 years old; kind and true in all harness; txcelicntiimkr laijlft; ftce from vice; very fast traveller; stvlish and warranted sound. NO TOP Puny PHAETON; SET OF PONY HAR ness, Sneets, Ae. __ ? . FAMILY IIORSE-GRAY HORSE, 18t? HANDS, # years; kind and true in all harness; free from vice; good roadster; very stylish aud warranted sound. DARK BROWN COUPE HORSE. I# HANDS HIGH, 8years old; kind nnd true in all harness and free from vico or fault; excellent roadster; very stylish and warranted sound. TOP ROAD WAGON (SIDE BAR>, BY CORBETT A CO. NO TOP HIDE BAR ROAD WAGON, BY BENSON A CO. TWENTY OTHER HOUSES?DESCRIPTION TIME OK HM lC. COUPE ROCKAWAY, IN OOOD ORDER; PONY PIIAT tons, panel and basket; top and no top Pony Phae tons; Exnrcs< and i cpot Wagons; 10 sets ot Double Harness; V0 sets of Sinijlo Harness. Weather nevor interferes with our sales RiiMhM HhR, SALE COMMENCES AT 10^ O'CLOCK. Take University place cars. An elegant PONY PHAETON ESTABLISHMENT at public auction at BARKER A CHASE'S City Auction Mart and N. Y. Tattersull's. comer of Broadwii.v and Thirty-ninth street, on Wednesday, Juno 4, at II o clock, aiid comprising an extra tine pair of civ stnut Pomes, about 14 hands high, 6 and 7 years old ; are extra fine nnd stylish drivers, sharp travellers, airaid ot no.h ing; have been driven by a lady tor the past year, and are warranted sound ami kind; alio olegant top Pony l'liue on, built by J. R. Lawrence A Co.! line double Har ness liv Duliscoiiib; Blanket', Robes, Ac.; sold only on account of owner going to Europe ; property oa exnlbi tjon early morning of sale. A -CARRIAGES, HARNESS, BLANKETS, AC. . Fourth avenue, corner Twenty-fifth street Work warranted e'jual to any and at very lowest cash price. A fine lot of Park and Pony Phaetons now on hftrtu. Hq Hiiro to rail fteiorc mirchusinc 1NEW YORK HALKH AND CARKJAOH REPOSITORY, 'Twenty-flflh street, corncr Fourth avi AT THE LONDON HARNESS AGENCY, 20 East Fourteenth street, bttween Fifth avenne and Unlvi rsity place.?London-made liarnessa specialty. Pad leathers of new and very stylish patterns; rark Saddles, suits of Summer Iloree Clothing, all guar anteed of very best Quality and latest West End (Loudon) styles, at fair prices. AT THE WI ST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, 1,41*4 and 1,4'jft Broadway, will be found a large as sortment ot Rockaways, Depot Wagons, Park Phaetons, top mid no top Buggies, Ac., and, to make room, will oner a lino ot leather top Ponv Phaetons at $200 one n A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, Family Itockaways, top and open Buggies, Ponv Phaetons, Grocers'nnd Business Wagons, at greatly ruducod prices. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street. ? TEA CART, BAROUCHE. ROCKAWAYS, VICTO rlas, Pot 7 Phaeton, Top Buggies, four sealed Phae ton*: cheapest In the city; must be *<>M. 116aud lli Eldrldge ?(rtct, near Grand and Bowery. A?LANDAUS. COUPES, BAROUCHES. LADIES' . Phaeton, Depot Wagon, Btiggios. taken in exchange; will *ell less than half prion ^ juisonable Carnages mtrnt rnle pi Ices. *0 nasi Fourth street, AN OPEN WAGON, $23; TOP, $100; ROCKAWAY. $1 <9; Depot Wagons, Pony I'liaetom, Road Wagons; Harner", of nil grades, from $15 up, at JENKINS', 1,130 Bruudwav. ARRIVi D AQAIN?J, C. I)EYO, OF JACKSON CITY, Michigan, with 32 head ot those flno Horses single, double and sa idle at A. S. Charobcrlln'i suble. botween Lcxmgion and Iliird nvenues, Twenty-flflh street k T AUCTION-ABOUT TWENTY HORSES AND HAR ness, Coaches, W.if?ons, Whip*, Robes and all the re ouiretnenis ol n first livery gtablo, with lease of premises fcr 1? month*. JAMBS M. MILLKlt, Auctioneer, will tell the above. Thursday, Juno 5, 1"<73, at 10 o'clock A. M , on the |irctui*cs, 111 West Fjurtocutli street, by or der of mortgagee^ A -FOR SALE, DARK BROWN MARE. STINTED TO ? horse Tom Corwln ; box top Wagon, one ot Stiver* be^t, almost new; Gibson HariicM: everytbinj: lu first via > Older. Appiv t?*A. II TYLER, whoUiale luuor dealer, 8i" and 8y Hudson street. A BARGAIN.-FULL SPRING, SQUARE BOX, f}IN gle seat, light Road Wagon for sale, Pujenbury A Van l)u*er makers, at KENDALL A BELLINGnR'S Llvory stable, Seventh avunue and Thirty eighth *treet; price $H0. A LADY MUST SELL, TOGETHER OR SEPARATELY, her boautilul pair of bay llflinblctapian Horses, 13', hands hl'h. 7 year* old; co'ind and find; trot In * ?. also, nearly new, leather top basket c ?; ring Phactou aud linrues*. Aoolr at 194 Broadway, ollcs U. HOKSKM, CARRIAGES. dtC. A" T* AUCTION THIS DAY. BY WILLIAM VAN TASSKLLa. AUCTIONEER (SUCCESSOR TU JOHNSTON A VAN TASSELL), HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART, 112 AND 114 KAMT THIRTEENTH ST., NEAR 4TH AT. REGULAR SALES OF ~UORSES AND CARRIAGES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. Twenty-lour to forty -eight hours given purchasers to teat warrantees. CATALOOUK Or THIS DAY'S (TUESDAY'S) SALE AT 12 O'CLOCK.

ELEGANT TEAM BAY HAMBLETONIAN HORSES, l:>? hands high, 7 yearn <>M , kind in<l true In all harness; free iroin vtoe or trick; last trnvellem; well matched and ?itvllrtli driver*; are in every respect a llr.s' class carriage team, and warranted sound, alio set silver mounted Harness aud COUPE. IN (100D ORDER. (IKNTLE MAN'S TOKNOUT?ELKOANT BAY HOUSE, 15*4 hands high, 8 year* old ; kind and true in all harness; free from vloe;aver> stylisn aixl spirited driver; a su perior roadster- oau trot in 3 minutes: also a splendid coupe Horse, altogether one ol' tho finest horses In the oily, and warranted sound; also aet line Harnett, mado bv'.Nollson A Guild, and TOP WAGON, NEARLY NEW, BUILT BY WOOD "gray TROTTING HORSE, 15 HANDS HIOH, 8 YEARS old, kiad and true in all baruess and under saddle ; free from vice or fault; a very superior roadster; can trot In 2-.30 any day i a tree and stylish driver; tears nothing; wnrruntod sound. Also Harness and NO TOP ROAD WAGON, CITY BUILT. BAT HORSE LI Ti ESS, SIRED RY SERPENT, DAM Fidget; it 18 hands lilgh, 8years old; kind aud trtiu iu all harness; fte? trom vice, good traveller, very styli-U;a splendid coupe horse, aud warrant'd sound. PO-Y PHAETON, WITH RUMBLE SEAT, CITY built and in good order. dappI'B Cray horse, isx hands nion, r years old ; kind and true In all harness: free from vice ; ail ex tra One roadster; trots in 3 minutes: a tree an I ; 1 i .ant driver uud warranted sound; also Harness and . TOP WAdOf, BUILT BY DU8ENBURY A VAN Dnaer. BAY HORSE. Wi HANDS HIGH, 0 YEARS OLD: kind and true in all harness; free irom vice; a first clan coupe horse and warranted sound. . EXTENSION TOP PHAETON, NEARLY NEW. PONY TURNOUT?BAY PONY, 12'i HANDS HIGH, 0 years old; kiud and true In all harness aud under saddle; has oeeu used by a young girl; Is perfectly geutif and wnrranled t imid; Mis . set Harness and NO TOP PONY PHAETON. BAY HORSR, lr.'a HANDS IlIGU. 9 YEARS OLD, kind aud true in all harness, free trout vice or trlek, ? splendid roadster, trots in three inlnutos, a tree mid stylish driver, and warranted sound; also >ot Harness and TOP WAGON, BUILT BY 003BITT. CHESTNUT IIORSE, I5H HANDS, 8 YEARS KIND and true in harness, free from vice, trots In 3:20, very stvlish, and warranted sound; also set Harness and 'DEPOT WAGON, IN GOOD ORDER. BLACK COLT, 14** HANDS HIOH, 4 YEARS OLD. kind and true in all harness, Dee irom vice, and w ar ranted sound. ROAN HORSE. 15'; |HANDS HIGH. 6 YEARS OLD; kind and true III all harness; t'reo Irom ylce, aud war rait'ed sound. SEVERAL FINE WORK HORSES. DESCRIPTIONS time of salo. CURTAIN COACH, IN GOOD ORDER. CLOSE COACH, ifo PERFECT ORDER, Coupo Rockaway. Top and no top ltoad Wagons. Top and no top Pony Phaetons. Harness, Holes, Ac. Weather ueTor interferes with our --ale* ] A SPECIAL. ABSOLUTE AND UNRESERVED SALE, BY PUBLIC AUCTION, THIS DAY (TUESDAY), JUNE S. AT 10? O'CLOCK. AT THE STABLE NO. 3NKIL80N PLACE (MERCER STREET), BETWEEN ? WAVE ELY AND CLINTON PLACES (REAR OF NEW YORK HOTEL), OF THE ENTIRE TURNOUT OK JEROME PERCY. ESQ., WHO SAILS FOR EUROPE TniS WEEK, Consisting of a rich, handsome, blooded and fronted Black Gelding, IS1-; hands ni^h and 7 years old; was sired by Iron Uuke, he by old Hambletoiilan; dam a St Law rence mare. He is very finely built, with lull inane and tail; can show2:40 always, aud he Isasfino salted as any young trotter to be seen on the road. He la warranted sound and kind. Also, ouo of the handsoinost, fastest and best dlsposl tloncd black trotting Mares in the country; she Is 15!-; bands high and ti years old; was drcd by General Wads worth, dam Harkaway ; was raised by Ralph Tompkins. Esq.,"in this Stute, and sold to present owner when but 4 years old; she has a flill mane and tall, with stripe In forehead, and trotted In Gentlemen's Purse, at Saratoga last AugilA,!) hi nts, - 13, 2:49, 2:31; she is Improving in speed, and owner believes, with one weeks' proper train ing, she can be made to trot In 2 40: she Is as pleatant a driver as can bo produced; can be driven by a lady with perfect safety; is afraid of no cars or locomotive; will stand In the street* without tying, uud in all as perfect a beast as (Utids for sale in this city; the particular atten tion or gentlemen in search or a fast road horse or a horse that ean be driven with perfect safety by their wives or daughters, should avail themselves or the pros ont opportunity, as she is fully warranted sound, kind and true, and fully as represented Extra (fcst handsome uud intelligent Team of Geldings, Wi hands high, both 0 years old ; color a beautiful dap ple gray, with white manes and tails; are finely bred; ore closely muted in style, gait aud action, and can hardly be dlstintialshed Irom each other; they urti fine, prompt, easy mid resolute drivers, no laggers or pullers; nave neither vice, trick or fault; they are bfctli extra fine under saddle, haying all gaits, and can travel their 16 miles in the hour, or can pull a road wagon in 2.50; they havo fine heads, with arched nocks; clean limbs, good feet, have high knee action and tire admired by all who see them; they are warranted sound and kind. A flno and handsome brown driving or saddle Maro, 15>j hands high aud 7 years old ; she is a perfect roadster; can be driven by any one and she is one of the most sen sible and best behaved horses to be found; the will stand to locomotive without tying; she has all gaits under sad dle, linvlng been trained bv a riding mastermind rode by a young taily and boy; she can trot in 3:10, and warranted souad and kind. Also, an Extension Top Cabriolet Pole and shaft. I C spring Basket Pony Phaeton, elegantly gold mounted, with lamps oil dash; 1 full spring Top Wagon, I Side Bar Top Wagon, I open Wagon, single and double Harness, fine Kersey Blankets, Sheets. Whips, Ac , ke. N. B.?This salu is made witnout limit, restriction or reservation, and everything will be sold to highest bid der. The stock is all well known and owned by Mr. Percy, and he would have nothing but what was first clas>, and his only reason for selling is oa account of hltn and faui MWitYvB, RAIN OR SHINE, AND NO BY BID DEBS. JENKINS A DtiFF. AUCTIONEER*?. A -IMPORTANT AUCTION SALE OF FINE TROT . TING AND ROAD HORSES, WAGONS, HARNESS. AC., ON TUESDAY. THIS DAY, JUNE 5. AT tfZABLE NO. 41 GREAT JONES STREET, AT 10? PROMTS JOAN D. HAMLIN, AUCTIONEER, being the properly of a well-known stock broker (a noted lover of fine horses aud would hive none oth'-r), and who now, by reason ol tlnanolal eiubarrasiucul, intends mov ing to the country and givo up dnviug, consequently ol lers lib line slock for positive and peremptory sale Also two fine Horses, by order of Receiver ; all removed to above ttable for convenience of sale. SPEED WARRANTED. Stylish and fine team of bay Geldings, 15J? high. 6 and 7 years old ; Kentucky bred; closely mated, with fine form, great style and action; flowing manes and tails: all black points and strong limbs and feet; are elegant drivers, tree ond pleasant; great all-day roadsters, will travel 12 miles an liour; fear no locomotive; are without vice, trick, fault or blemish, and warianted sound and kind ; a superior road, family or coach team. Handsome and stylish dapple gray Trotting Horse, 15V high, 7 years old; sired Ity Pilot , Is an elegant, stylish, rich and fine gaited horse as goes the road; needs no chcck; tree, easy and pleasant driver; no vice or tricks; can always be tolled oh to show from 2 id to 2:4S to road wagon, and can speed a 2 ;I0 gait. warranted sound and kind. A No handsome, stylish and high bred bay Trotting Horse, 1\V high, 7 years old , great style, pure anil finely gaited; freo and pleasant driver; can beat 2 50. either single or double, and safe for tho most timid lady to drive; i< ? perfect gentleman's ro.t'.l horse In every sense ; war ranted sound and kind. The two horses have been used together as a trotting team ami singly, and make one of the i;uett and plea# antest teams on road; they aro warranted to beat 2 :50 together or no sale. Alio the fast and fine hloo.led trotting Mare LADY MILLER, bred by James B. Clay, and sired by Clarke Chief, be by Mambrino Cntet, dam Thoroughbred, bv Lexington, is half sister to Nlcootino; she i? rii It chest - iiul, about l.V; hands high, and 7 years old this Spring ; her first appearance wus at Lexitrartou, when 5 years old, when she trotted two heats In 2:42'i and 2:41; the follow ing Spring she was boaton by half a ne? k only in 2:84, anil hassince been used altogether for private driving ; she Is a stylish and pleasant driver, an every dav roads ter, and warranted to beat 2;40, anJ warranted sou nd and kind. Ais.i en ??!????? ? arter thoroughbred chestnut Horse, lb hands high, 7 years old; has all Kentucky gaits to t idrt.e; WM1 broken to all harness; the best styled and llnest blooded looking horse on park . warranted sound and kind in all harness. Also a fine, handsome bay faintly and road Mare, stylish and flno; MS high, 8 years old ; sato lor sny lady to drive; !lne traveller aud warranted sound and kind. Full particulars ol all the horses at sale. Al?o one sl.lfting ton, side oar Wagon, by Brewster, and two trotting Wagons, by Stivers; two sets of elegant double Harness, bv Wood Glbiion, and!>, two sets of sin gle Harness, Blankets, Ac. All lor positive and peremptory sale and asi.stooA war ranted a* represented or no sale ?* * (loutlcmnii are requested to examine this stock, and thev will find It alt first claw tnd in fine order. Wagons ana Harness are all made bv first class makers, and are no spurious auction stock, which gentlemen upon exami nation can readily percolve. A RARE CHANCE.?KOR SALE, A ? YEAR OLD Horse, 15 hands high ; Ham is* and Brewster Road Waffon; price $240. Apply at GARRISON'S Livery Stabler, Korty seventh strain and Seventh av?nuo;ask for foreman. A -WAGONS AT SACRIFICE; CITY MAKE; HOLD ? to pay storage advances: fine depot shifting top; two Rockaways; splendid top Phaeton, fl'W. lop Hm:gy ; all new. Factory Ml Seventh av?uue, uvsr llilrty seventh strtisl. -FOR SALE?4 HORDES FROM THE COUNTRY; ? ? among thntn is a vor/ or r?,?i) b..r*?. von tiilis,i mii.4 <??*. tj,p othcrs are'business horses; they are warranted sound and kind in IomI>!? or single harness; young, and a reasonable trial allowed. Apply m U6 Bowery, between Second and 'llilrd streota A? buggies! PONT PHAETONS, Ri?. K I WAY, . IV)|inl, Hoad and Business Wagons; new styles first class woik, and very lowest cash prices Sev-ral Pony Phaetons, slightly soiled, very low ARCH JOHNSTON. No. 8 Cortlandt street neer Broadway, formerly vi Lib erty stroet. A -MAJOR C. W BARKER. AUCTIONEER ? Foiirth annual sal*' of Hlshbred Trotting stock, at the Waldbery Stud Farm, near ITafersfraw, N. Y,, on FRIDAY, Bv, n- io viocki the property of Hon A. B Conger The stock comi.rises ??) head ot lieldlng", Marei, ^ults and r>ilif.s. the got of Kysdyk's llamblatouisn, Americaa Star, Ben Abdallab, Ac. LOT OF HORSES FROM THE COUNTRY, FIT ? for all k tuts of business; one splendid team ot sorrel II irses, young aiid .onnd Ir.<|>i? r<; at Ml ? -'r ? A FIVE YEAR OLD HORSE FOR SALE?GB.4TI.E J.V lor a lady to drive. Can l>e seen at Jt? William street, Frsnkfort Housej would exchange for merchandise. A LOT OK Top BUGGIES. ROAD WAGONS, EX. J\ press. Groccry and linht Business Wagons tor sale cheap 948 Woet Twenty.seventh ttreet, beiwien Eighth and Ninth avenues. A -KOR SALE, SIX HEAVY WORK HOU-KS TO . lie sold ehesp; # good trial given A;ipl all*) Wasiiiugtou iUswL A IIOUNKS, (ARBIAOB8, A ?If VIBW OK TUB coining Hire*. we would call the attention ol the public to our Derby T Carta, . n-w and original tu design. patented and sold only t>y tins house. Quality being the true nioasureof value, wrr> .ire satisfied that when i>ur Carriages are talrlv ludged by thU stand ing, pricc will liu'esteemed a secondary conwl?rittl?n. Wnreroonn?Fitth nvenue, corner Tweu'v-seventh st. Faatory?115 East Twenty-tilth street J. B. BREWSTER A CO. Established !*?._ A -FOB SALE, A PAIR OF BLACK CARRIAGE . Hcr?js. IS1, hands high, long flowing i:i:itn-? and tails, 7 and X wars old, warranted sound and kind , also a Pony tor ludies or children to ride or drive, t years old, warranted found. Call on Mr. N KLSON, 2o0 West Thirty ninth street, private residence. A PINE CROSS MATCH TRAM OK COACH HORSES, 18 hand*, perlcctly sound and gentle; have been used lor the last three years in advertiser's family ; prlee $100. Apply at private stable corner of Sixty-third street and Fourth avenue, or address box 3,849 Post office. A PRIVATE GENTLEMAN OFFERS 1'OR S U.E THE most elegant and styllsli dog oart or coupe Horse la the eilv; hay. Ij hands high, 7 years old; a very free and extra stvllsn driver; warranted sound and kliia In overy particular; sold lor tho waut ol use. Inquire at Club Stables, 1M East Kilty seventh street. A SIX-SEAT EXTENSION TOP PHAETON. IN PER fect order, at a bargain; several oilier sty Iks recond linnd Carriages; our entire stock new Carriages, at re duiod l"ll'jJj^N.l,pArTURjjT,s. UNION, f>."8 Headway. A PRIVATE GENTLEMAN OFFERS KOR SALE AN A oloLant team ot coal black Cnrnajie Horae*, 18'. hands high. 9 years old: kind and true in all harness and under saddle; Irvo troin vice; very atyllah and allday . trav ellers; not afraid of anything. At auction this day. at Id1, o'clock, at AUCH JOHNSTON'S new Mart, 19,11, 21, as e ast Thirteenth street, near University place. A LIVELY PAIR OF PONIES, IS HANDS, BAT, sound and kind ; atrald of nothing; driven by chil dren aeros< the railroad; good under saddle ; Dilco faUO. At pnvato stable 15)i East ?iitieth street. A GOOD TOP WAGON WILL BE TAKEN IN PART payment for attrstelass 7 octave rosowro.1piano forte ( all at No. 9 Great Jones street, near P.roadwuv. Avery superior set of horses and car riages at auction this day at 12 o'clock at tho Horse and Carriage Auction Mart of WILLIAM \AN TASSELL. Hi), 112 an 1 114 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue. For lull de^rlptlons, see catalogue above. . A MAGNIFICENT CHESTNUT HORSE KOR COUPE or dog part. 7 years old, 17 hands high, luuuiroof JOSEPH TOWNLKY, Boulevard Stables, 155 and 157 West Fiftieth street ^ BUGOIBS, CABRIOLETS, COUPES, LANDAULET8, Policy Phaetons, Depot Wagons, Rockaways. open and eloa.\ at reasonable prices; Buggy and Rockaway ust d. STAATS BELL, No. 7 Washington place, rear of New York Hotel. j Brett kor sale-but little worn, inquire of ALBERT, at Dreunen'a strble, comer of Seventh avenue and Thirty-seventh street. /CLEARING OUT SALE.-FIVE HORSES, THREE \J Trucks and Harness: fine Business Gig. Platiorm Scales and Office Kurnlture. 008 First avenue, near Tlilr ty-lourth street. /CARRIAGES.?J. COLYER * CO., 59S BROADWAY, factory ut Newark, N. J. Being large manufactur ers of all kinds of doalrable Vehicles, we can wdl at a lower price than dealers, besides giving purchasers a wore satisfactory guarantee. /1ARRIAGES?SLIGHTLY DAMAGED; GREAT BAR \J gains; Carriage9, new and second hand, of every ue scrlplion, at low prices; now la I;he tinwtojwufcw, be fore trade comiDuncea. HtANUKACrURr.Ro Broadway. /"10UPE HORSE?18 HANDS, PERFECTLY SOUND, \J atvllsh steppor and good family horse, 8 years old; will be sold very cheap; also Coupe Rockaway, Top Buggy, two sets Harness, Blankets Ao. 1 rivale stable 131 East Eighteenth street 1 EXPRESS WAGONS.?'TWO HANDSOME, NEW, !i light Express Wagons, $125 each ; were takon for debt and must be sold. Can be seen at Ilovej s stable, 141 East Sixteenth street. Express wagon and route for sale.? 209 East Fortieth ?trcet Fine pair of io hands bay carriagk uorses for salo at a vcrv moderate figure ; have been regu larly driven up to date; owner gone to Europe. Apply at private stable 133 East Nineteenth street. IriA.1T TEAM FOR SA I.E. < BLACK HARttY AND MONITOR. Will be sold verv reasonable, owner having no use for ttiem; tfcav are afl right; can trot any day In road con ditio closb to 2 10: they trotted a week ago on I oint Breeze I'ark to i oail wagon in 2 :.5>i; they ?ry ? fa?t and reliable team ou the road or track; will be bold 'Of about the worth of olther lii>r.e. Call on or address R. MARIO NER, 1,112 Sansom street, Philadelphia. Pa. I noil SALE CHEAP?A GENTLEMAN U TURNOUT. ' consisting ol a thoroughbred lllaek Hawk t.oldina, 3 years old, I5i, hands high ; warranted sound aud kinJ; is a stylish driver and can trot inI ill. Also a Brewster Top Wagon and Harness. Will be ?old separate!} or to gether. Must be sold Immediately, a* owner Is going to Europe. Ca!l on Mr. MULLANY, 256 West Thirty-ninth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. tfOR 8ALE-A BEAUTIFUL DAPPLED BROWN r Horse, 6 y?V? old. over 16 hands high; a free driver; warranted sound auditind In all hnmes?. Apply at U2 West Eighteenth Mtret. For sale-two glass quarter coaches, owe Doctor's Gig Phaeton, one Victoria, one top Buggy, one Clarence ; tf good orden ohea,,. ^ Me??erstreet_ FOR SALE-A SUPERIOR MAHOGANY BAY "OR8E. 18 hands high; Is warranted sound and kind; suit able lor carriage or coupe. Inquire for JAMKo mc KK.NNA, KuimtTS' Clul) Stable, 128 West Thirty-first street. For sale-a bay mare, 7 years, i? hands. lull mane and tail, blacks roints. warranted sound and kind also a flue ft of double and alngle Harness; aH for ssie cne" p. Apply to STEPHEN, at Trimble'a stables, 110 West Thirty-ninth street, near flroadwa>. _ ^OBSALE-ONR TEAM OF MULES 15 HANDS HIGH; T sound and Kind. Can be seen at 249 Mulberry street. FOR SALE-A SPLENDID DEPOT WAGON. ALSO A set of light double Harness; both nearly new. having been used gnlr jllQrl time. Apply to A, M. rAMiISU, 21 East l ourtfi street. T^OR SALE?A HANDSOMR BAY MARE. 15 HANDS, T 3 years old ; an nil day traveller and warranted per lectly sounil and kind; also a no top Wagon and Setoi Harness sold separately or together. Appl> at MURPHY'S stable, No. 5 Vestrj- street, near Canal sL IriOR SALE-A VERY FAST HAMBLETONIAN MAKE, ' 5 years old , Is built fur-peed; has great power oi en durance; perlectly sound and gentle ; kuuwn her ifrom hor birth, will pay to luok at. J. H. 11 ALLY, 127 Kant Kilty third street. ? TTtOR SALE-PARK PHAETON. WITH POLE AND Shafts; also Pony Pliaeton. douldo Hartiess, Ac., alI in good ordar, will be sold cheap. Inquire a. GltKEN S Cables, 211 125th street ijioR SALE-FINE PRIVATE TURNOUT; PARTIES IN 1: want of n dedraiile pair of Carriage llor es, 16 hands, hevs, I and t years old, -oand. kind and every way reliable, can obtain inat what tl.ey want lio n a l?r. vata gcr.t emt'n selling oat; also M.e n. lr Roadsters; ] will m U; efinally desirable: I aik I l.actjn, liar lie s. &c. Address S. \V., 1>71 Broadway. T.tOR SALE-A HORSE AND Tol* WAGON, WITH A r Keroreue Oil Route, for flOU; hor-e will be w.!d alone. Call at 305 West 'I hlrty-nlnth sireat, troni 2 to 7 l. m. FIOR SALE?AN ELEGANT BAY MARE. # YEARS old: 15 hands; perlctly sound: without a fault; can r tret 111 2 :w and show the time ; has a record of 2 W, lias no suneiior as a pole mura: can be driven by a iany; sold only lor want of imc. A|>oly at Uultcd States ..table, I.j kif:!. ni,rtv-s?'""nd sircet. I/OR SALR?A PAIR ok BLA' K, VERMONT POMES; !< n-l'l drive together in tbrse minutes. ono ot them in f sa ai d can travel 80 miles per .my with .nt urging: Mnnd price"'or the pair. fw<: nl-o a pair of gray mtnln tare f'otith American Ponl-s; h.ive beon ridden Wj y I n ; aged 5 and 6 years; but can carry heavy wc'^'ls ,.r drive in lianiow; price S-'cO. u? nlTer wije a, oeriled soM for want of present use Apply to K. W. CAMEit<)N, -23 Soiitn William -treet. Haw 1 ork. a i r,k?A BRAtr'i'I !?'!'L SHIFTING LEATHER 1^ top Wagon made 'o orrtsr. ivith pole and shalt; Hi perfect order Can be seen at 1,<02 Broadwajr. IM()R~SALE?ALDb"rNEY BULL, S_ YEARS OLD: F excellent lellgree. Apply at private stable, ft) West Thlrtydomtii ?tr.-?t IT^OR SALE-A DARK BROWN flORHE, 15 HANDS r high. * years aid , warruntod sound and kind; can trot better tiian 2 50: a'?o ti lv Var top W 'L Vm bctl vsl --ally new; all olieap, at no and 112 ft asl !? iftiutli itrect F^OIt SALE?A BEAUTIFUL AND HTYLTSlI 1^I0,,T bav Mare, thoroughbred , spieiidid saddle liorat 8BO a fine, gamy driver; * nnd and kind. Applj at T. GOR DON'S, Nos. 5 and 7 W.>st Tliirlcciith street COR .-'ALE?A PAIR OF WHLL MATCHED DARK r nra*15 flowing tails an I mnn*s. well broken to saddle and good travcljors; also l?o well broken ladies' Horse# ?** an.1 w.trran'.cd sound: also a t.ior ouuh!>i"-'l CI..",hint, lr.,2, a fine sntf.llo horae and c?u cairv a heavy weight; a^??> a brown JPA'Xl children to rl'.te or drlv. Apoly to Dr. stables, T wenty third street, between Sixth and S?vcuth avenuos F OR SALT -A COMPLETE TURNOUT; A NICE i brown Male 6 ''o?n old. -oi.nd and kind an I pei foctly safe lor n to drive < in tro . at s > t^oi. m < minutes aNoa Pony ?h?cu.n, ?'?'? ??P' "i1'.'t t "n k,. nee, llarncas. Whip, Lao Hnbe, lilmxot, ?>.., can n. tioiiffhi clteau ni'i ?t t>e.sot'.l as the owii'jr to fc?urpi*e> Can bo seen a'LAMB A SON'S .tables, li and 1} East Kitty eighth Street 'lIOR HALR-SlYi.I-UI HOllRI.L MARE, 15 HANDS, 7 A" vcais a giH>d itfi | or. (It for road or work , sold onljr (or want oi use ; pn-ef-125. lo'iuiru lu sUbiu ISj Perry street _ F'oii halh-foUr superior park ok road tlorses, on account of owner going to Europe: all well broken and warranted. To be emi till sold at CUFF'S stabb s, IW Jano street. North Hivor. LtOR SALE?A FOUR SKAT <Wl< HORSE ROttK I' away, IS rf-W-l order; will b>' *?'.d cbeat>. Can he seen at ft LAMB'S mins' stables, 131 Kast Forty-ninib street, corner Lexington avenue. For aalk-a full spring top buggy, by a City maker, Is In tlrst rate, order: must he sold. In quire a? C LAMB * SON'S stable, Fiity eighth street, between Filth and Madison avenues. (.'OR SALE-BAY mare, black points, by r Ivtw.rl Everett, out of tl-e well knotvu trotting mar.t s:i'. flower, .11 ears old, li hands bi/h mid very laafc Foi parUculan apply to JOHN C. LLuYD, 121 Front *t. MORSKN, riRRIAOKV, AC. I JOB SAI.R-AN ELEOtST JET BLACK HORHR. 1 141, hand* high: sound and kind ; very atyltah. aevea veuraold; lust from country. Cau be at 2a We# Fifty-third street. FOR sale?A FULL-BLOODED ALDER NET COW, S vears old. in calf; also a one-rear old Heitier,* beauty ?, both fawn colored. WJS Broadway, up at a Ira. OR HALE (HKAP-A WW Dot'Bl.E WCIl j hands-,me lor dry good a, cotton or Hour. LatgM street, near Hudson atroot. FOUR-IN-HAND BAROUCHB. , ? . a Si feZr 0f Krel,C" m* BhKW8TRB * "? at Fifth avenue, comer Fourteenth atreot FOUR-IN-HAND MAIL COACH. , -i,,^ ? W e offsr a London built one, in superb condition. aA a very large dlacouut Irom original price. UREWsTBR A CO., 84 Fifth sv.. corner Fourteenth^ HENRK B. HERTS, auctioneer. ? Important special and piTemptnir ?f h??J Carrleg. s. Road Wagona, Harness. Ac., ?h??'"*5 llshment of a gentleman who J? lf*v ??w Eurote, o? TUESDAY, June t, at 9H o'clock A. M., In Irttnt of houM AS Gnat Fifty-third ftreet. For lull particular* see notice In column or aucoaa sales, under head of HENRY B. IIKHrii, Auctioneer. HORSE, WAGON aNI> IIARNKSS FOR 8A LB?Be cause the owuor ban no fhrtbor use tor them; pnom |11S. luqiure ut 105 South Fifth avenue. HORSES WANTED?GENTLEMAN'S DOUBLE TEAK, complete turnout, In exchange for paylug Bill" laclurlng bushies*. established threo city; worth $10,000 per year. Address LEGITIMATE llerald office. _ HARNESS.-TIIE CHEAPEST HARNESS 8TOBB IV New York. A good Double Truck. llarneai, $39; ? ifood grocer's Harness, $50: a good milkman * Harness 5:10; a good buggy llarneM, nana made, $17; a good ?tlM Blanket, $2; will sell cheaper than ever on account ea mo vi nu ou or before Juno ill. PIcihc call And ox ami no Mm youraelvc*. FISHER A OSBORNE, 4> Murray atreet ARNES8, 8AnDIiK.fl, HORSE clothing, OA*. rlage Robe*. Dusters, Fly Net* and a large variety of Saddlery Good? alwa^-x on hand.( ^ 40 Warren street. New York. HIOII BRED KBNTOCKY MARK FOR SALE?DARK bav, l.iK band*. 5 yearn, got by Dolmotilco, ho by Ouy Miller, flratdain by Alexander'* Mwln Forrest, *ec ondduin by Sir Wallace, thoroughbred; third Jam br WCdoc, lie by American Eclipse; Tory stylish, line gait and pirlcctly sound; owner hua no uao for her; will MB low. Address C., bo* 3,244 Poat office. Harness, harness, assort moot, warratitod jfoodf, lowest prices. No. Svoiv landt street, n??ar Broadway. Harness, sheets, robes, dustkrs, halter*. Whip., *c.; tlia bent and cheapest aasortme nt, at the NKW YORK SALES AND HARNESS REPOSITORY Fourth avenue, corner Twenty-flfth street _____ Horses, clarences and all the fixture* of a small Llverv Stable for aulc at your own prlo*. Inquire at 1M Ea*t Thirty flrth street. _ PONY PHAETONS?EVERY DESCRIPTION POPJ lar price*; depot Wagona in great variety, tw? ete gnnt six-sent extension-top Phaotons, Parx Wagona, light Rockawa^'?,?ac*/uRER8MJNION, V* Broadway. SECOND llAND AND SLIGHTLY SOILED CAR rtagea bargain*; T Cart. English Dog <i art, Depat Wag<in, several Roekawaya, top and opon Bugglita, Jura# 8081 W',0nMANnifFACTjRER8' UNtONJM Broadway^ OPI.ENDID COUPE OR FAMILY noRSE FOR SALB? O I6}i hand.i high; color, dapple brown s joaiullit* kind In ev^ry w*v; 6 yeara old. Apply at private atabto 16ft East Thlrly-mth street. j - OTABLE WANTED-EITHER IN NEW TOR.K OII O Brooklyn, for llyory btwine**, with 10 stalls. AddrM^ wl.b lull particular*, Ufet Ea<t Thlrty-fltUi atreei. OH RETS, DU-TF.RS, LAPS, halters, WHIPS.^ O Large varloiy, direct from factory, oflferlng very low at No. H Cortlandt street. Take NOTICE ?THE HALE OF HORSES AND OAB< IIIAtiES AT AKCll. JOHNSTON'S MAUT,1?, jH. ? and 25 Kast Thirteenth street, commence* THIS mokr ING, at. inti O'CLOCK PROMPT. Read the catalogue above, and be aure and attend th* sale. Tim day at auction, AT arch. JOHNSTOWB new Wart. 10 ti\ m east tiiirteknt? street, near university place. SALE COMMENCES AT 10>? O'CLOCK. THREE ELKOANT TEAMS OF CARRlAOE HORSU. T" ONE FAMILY establishment. SEVEN ROAD HORSES. PONY TURNOUT. TOP ROAD WAflON (SIDE BAR), BY CORBETT * 00M IN FlilsT RATE ORDER. T CART. BY J. R. LUMMO. NO TOP ROAD WAOOk (SIDE BAR), BY CORBF.TT ft CO. jlOTIIEK HORHKS. DESCRIPTION TIMROFSALB. REMEMBER SALE COMMENCES AT 10'J O ( LOCK. Three doctors' phaetons, from $75 up-on* C t>prlug second Pony Phnetmi, $75. by Corbet A Sti vers; side bar open Road Wagons, $IW up ; two side t>aj Top Wagons, by Duaunbury A Vanduaer and ( orbettj twy IMtl spring Top Wagon*, by Brewster and Duscnbary, from $100up: one Dubol* Sulky, $86; onctwo teall liae ton by Wood, $1*); one open Vt a?on, $?>.'>?, one ( oupa. one'Victoria, one Depot Wnron, second hand; one e*te? sion top Phaeton, Ro?'kaways, too and open Pony I nay Ions, of all atyiea ; single and double Harnesa. sheet*, Whip*, Ac. W. H. GRAY, 80 and U Wposter street mO LET?STABLE ROOM FOR TWELYK ?HORS^Bg. 1 Annlv at G. L. BEDELL'S stable, 792 GrconwlA street, lforaca taken to board and to hire for all par poso*. ~\ATANTED?A LADY'S SADDLE VY oughly trained. 18^: price not to exceed t?.<0. A*, drou, wltli description, l>o* 5,574 I'oit offlcf. . WANTED-A PONY AND PHARTON IN RXCHANOB for a pair el lnige, atylilh grav Howes, no (? nU rf anything, with si* seated Rookaway, double Harness, or will sell whole tor tl.eOK. Apply as S74 Clinton street, Brooklyn. . WANTED-AN extension TOP PHAETON; B* Hren-Ster, of Broome streol. prorcrrc(l; inust-bj but little used and In ROi?d ord. r. Acfdre?, stating ca* price aqd where cau bo *con, Q. M. O., pox l,W4 I oat office, ww York. WANTED-TO purchase OR HIRE FOR FIVE OR ail months, a '.ight ju no-soat t; p Boggy or tnrnojj seat I'haeton. w.tii shitting top P/eknvdj must be ?e? made. Address, wMli terms or price, R. M., Post offlce, Brooklyn. WANTBD-LIuilT HU E BAR TOP OR NO TOP W Road Wagon, cheap for cash. Give weight, make and price. Adtfrea* CHAPMAN, Heraldoflkx. WANTED?A HORSE, TOP WAGON AND HARNKW in exchange lor nn English palect lever. Jobnsoy I make, double case Gold Watoh nnrt Chain, W"rtl? J JO* and some cash. Address DAILKY, IR5 East Houston st. vou CAN ALWAYS PLACE IMFLlCir RELIAMOB I on lho repre?"ntall' t)? made by the bouse of AHt.H. JOHNSTON, it you a re In .-earch of a I amtlyj Teawi, ? Business I Uric a Family Hers- oranvfhnig :In thi"?!???r?? line, be sure and attend the sale at the Mart, this day. ?t 10K o'clock, at l!>. 21, 2:< and S? hast Thlttcenth street, " ^S calafo'ue aPb*vo and be sure and attend the ?ato. Remembor sale couainences at lO;* o cluck. A HOMES FOR SALE.?A TRAM O^' BAYS, lli II ANIMI 'i high, good for private use. Also one tine black, ** band* high, and one sorrel horse, suitably for a lady ** drive, lias no vice or fault. Will be lullv warranted. ROBERT STODDART, ?4and WOOreenwIeh *lrect_ (S> 4 r?A YOl'NO MARK, 16 HANDS; AI.SO I'OKF ?) for I iriit work; one Roa.l an'I two Wagons and Harney cheap. Southeast corner ot T*? ty-mtli street aiul Rlghtft FOR A TEAM OF SORREL HORDES. 1SK hat d', 8 and year* old, son.itl and k.nd ; very styli-li. driven by a lady. Apply at 515 Newark avenac. Jersey C!tv. , _ i.-n" FOR BAY MORGAN HORSE, W \GON IIAtt ncn? Ac n line turnout. Inquire at D. UH DE It HILL'S staid, s, M Laiayotie pl.-ce. Ji!lV QOtim. Ij. Hair! Hairl Hair' l Ue lAfjCMt stock of Human ll.iir Good? in tnc cify ii Bowcrv, corner Foi-.rh street, and .Vf. Sixth a venae, li.'iween Twenty vcon.I an.I Tw. nly-third streola, up stair*. SIIA'.V'S Patent Hair Switches, can he combed an I hrti'heil, $l e ich Human II tir, cheapest an I be<t In the market. Short Ilalr Switches, $2 each md upward. French SwIleUta. J> CurU, it and nrnrar I*. Latest Stylea always on nana. ^TRAW GOOD:! AT THE ORF.AT EASTMD". ESTABLISHMENT, Grand street, New York. parasols, specialties. FANS. HPKC.'I ALTItt. -??. aa^t> P't.hons. at Mr. na. Croa grain Rlt)?S" . - ?? French Howetm bluo Tar^tn.Sf tnew shade*). Vie ? (!oods, Oxidlaed G'^?1a. Silr^r-piaied Ware. Leather Hood*. Ilea. 1 u.'OH, l.ite.- Hh.iwia, t ii.leruarmcuts, IwcA He- aiiJ Seaiif-. ( hangetble Para.-K>ls. KID GLOVES. One bu'.ton (naw t.ha lea?. at 4>c. Two buttons ?tr><\ nn I f t a pair. Conota at S6c . 79e., "I c., >1 up. Every department crowded with the eh.'apesigseH offoreu to; eisjht years. . EDWARD RIDLEY * SOB, M9. til and 31! U Grand sircet. and Allen St., tilth b.ock ea^t Irom tne Bowery, *?* *"** AK1) DRKSSIUJIINA,^ i -MA1SON WALTuN, "II.OADW AX, A?g?? A. I nion square, ha.-jo.-t revived a ca* of elegeart Ktiiuul !!aiUl'*?r rduwa A niAHIILK MANTKLM. . _ Kl -HKH itlliAM MAIIBLK Alil> MARBLKI*I*U J*. WotfV 151 S'l'i 1W Kijhteentli ir ? t. ? Martls acl Miroli'ik i ?in'.eU, ruin t. warts^ Coa.iters. oi. n:?. at pr.ita i isttlci/ton?peUtto?i. M jrblo torwef nr the iratle. As, ASSORT'MINT t?y klAMTK'.S. UNSVRPA9IW for Ik auty of design auu quality of workman Bla 0 Work 1 Ml COM PA NT, fouitli avenue and SeventeenIh street. Union ?>??*. ^ UTRWARTS 8LATR MANTRIA-UI tl AND Kl* n gant de.igna; Slate - -rk 'Ot every . '? ^ | I.ic ail IW o.-.l M aire la. T. H. >1 kW AU,' n^ Y I Weal iMOniv third alrest. ut ar ?e?eiiih aveuuo. N. "?

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