Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1873 Page 2
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^ CITY MCAI, EOTATI POI MLB. _ Central. Anew four btory man stoop brown ?ton* trout House; cabinet finish ; Hue locution; 'My terms, poseeaslon. Apply on premises, 53 Itaat Sixty-Bret nmt(, new Madison avenue. A LIBERAL DISCOUNT UNTIL JULY 1 FOR AN elagant full width House, near Ceutral Park, be tween Fifth and Sixth svenue*. WILLIAMS A CO.. 11 Pipe street A THREE STORY BROWN STONE FRONT. Ml'Bit AY JX Hill, Lexington avenue ; in perfect order; cabinet Via, marble halt*. Ac. iJMMW; a greut bargain. THOMAS J. DUBKIN A CO.. 564 Third avenue. A -HOUSES FOR SALE. OR TO LET POR A TERM J\? ol rear*: the uwuriare leaving 'or Europe. Par ties wishing to hire or buy cheap apply to O. DWYEB, 847 Mxth avenue. XV)B BALE?NO. ? BANT SEVENTY-FOURTH X street, between Fifth anil Madison avenue*, a supc rlor foll-mzrd new brown stone front house, 25x60xluf; price $65,000; two-thirds can remaiu on bond and mort gage GEORGE HOWES. 117 WalJ_street_ "CWJR BALK?AT A SACRIFICE, BETWEEN FIFTH f and Sixth avenues, on Thirty-ninth street, a four ?lory high stoop brown ?U>ue (rout House; in splendid arrisr throughout; all modern improvements; price EfiAwa Ir*OK SALE OK TO LET?ON MURRAY HILL, THE ' four story brown stone House ItW West Thirty-eighth street; terms easy. Appiy to H. S. HBWSON, 414 Lexing ton avenue. __________________ Fifth avenue.?fibst class houses at Low est rates. 2V5, 520, 614 , 744, 746, 781 and 785*also Nos. 1 ami Ifl F.asf hikI Hand 16 West Filty-third street . 20 West Fifty-sixth street; 1% 20, 22 and 34 East and No. 8 Wc?t Fitiv seventh street: II and IS Fast Forty-Brat street. Apply to V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 l'lne street East Side. 1 REAL BARO AIN.?223 EAST FORTY EIGHTH ST., J\ loMr story high stoop brown stone, painted, Al; ?ew carpets; price $14,600; easy terms. Apply to POR DBNRUCH A CO., 906 Third avenue, bank. J^OR SALE-CHOICE LOTB ON THIRD, LEXINGTON, Madison and Fifth avenues, Including the corners Inside lots. Al ' tb Chambers street and.lnsirie lots. Aj>ply to the owners, ?. A O. BRANDON, FOR SALE-FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN stone House, on Second avenue, between Fifty tchth aud Fitty-ninth streets; easily turned into a stores HmOOO; cash >3.000. J. HYATT, 429West Sixteenth St. TjV)R sale CHEAP-rFIVE FULL SIZED lots, ON P Eighty-third street; also five Lots on Eighty-fourth street, between Elgntli and Ninth avenues; very desira ble; ready tor iuiinediutc Improvement; terms eusv. Ap jily to the owner, 11 Wall si., room 11. A. P. HBITTON. X/f AD1SON AVENUB, SOUTHWEST CORNER FIFTY JtI eighth street.?Five Lots, 320 feet from Fifth ave nue entrance into Central Park, all excavated, KWxUO ft'Ct, will be sold together for public building, or singly, In 20 to 25 toot lots, to suit buyers, at extremely moderate ralea. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., II Pine street Must be bold-three story brown stone House, 242 Bast|Flft!eth street; good order: all Im provements; parlors paiated and frescoed: heater in Liueuiuut; hot hair range in kite lien ; price $14,(XjU. | W J. HARPER, fc Third avenue. <fc/l OHA down and instalments will fur ipT.UUU chase handsome brown stone French flat House and good Furniture throughout, in spleudld order; Will give nice Rooms tor yourself ami $\<*i0 yearly over Interest and charges. Address SPLENDID OPPOR TUNITY. Herald office. d|l/l fiA/i -$8,000 CASH WILL BUY ONE OF THE ?HU.OIJU. finest Houses in Harlem^ with all the modern improvements; parlors splendidly ljrescoed: must be seen to he appreciated. Cull at 4:1 hast 123d Street, near avenue A. To be seen in the lorenoon. West tttde. A BARGAIN.-TWO Fl'LL LOTS ON TENTO AVE nue, near lSOlh street, commanding magnificent view, for $4,0iW each, on easy terms. 11. W. COATES, B0 Cedar street. TT>OR HALE?TO CLOSE A TRUST, THE VALUABLE JP Property (leasehold) 65 Ninth street, about 100 feet weft ot Broadway. Apply to TAYLOR A STEARNS, >o. IK Fine street. Three story brick. ihxioxM. with improve. ments, west side, lielow Filty-third street; healthy, tleaeant location; $ti,6<i0; ternn easy. Also five story rick Tenement House, 25x56x141; two stores, 40 rooms. TREA DWELL. 635 West Fifty-second street. QTH ?R CENTRAL J'AKK AVEMJE, CORNER 102D O street.?The tour cheapest Lots tor sale, lacing Cen tral Purk; uninterrupted views; tine present and im mense luture value. Apply to V. K. SThVENBON, Jr., 11 Pin e street. TH AVENUE, BELOW FIFTY-SEVENTH STREET? Four Lots tor sale at a low figure. P. G. A D. BROWN, 90 Broadway. 8 Miscellaneous. POR SALE. I Cottage h., 6 rooms, 2 lota $2,200 rpo F 2 s. f. e. h., II rooms, 2>$ lots. 4,:it>) 2 s. b. b. h., 7 rooms, 1 lot 4,400 2 s. a. 1. b. Ii., 8 rooms, 1 lot 4.5UO 2 s. I. e. h., 8 rooms, 2 lots 8,200 2 s. a. c. It.. 2 lots 8,200 2 2 s. ui. r. b. b. h.,10 riMims. each K.MJ0 ALBERT BELL, 5S Liberty street, room 12. NEW YORK CITY?THE CHEAPEST LOTS ON Manliattun Island; only $700 per lot for about26 lottt; n sum 11 nuiount ?t cash will liuy thein. POTTER 1IKOTI4KK8, Nos. 4 and 6 Warren street liUOOKLV \ PRdPEltTY POR BALK AND TO LET. TTERALD BRaNCU OFFIOE?BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OlUi BRANCH OFFICE, JN THE LONU ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF PULTON AV. AND BOERl'M ST. OFFICE OPEN PROM 8 A. M. TILL IP. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND AUENTB' DEPARTMENT, NO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN. A PLOT OF GROUND-ENCLOSED IN UKEEN w?kkI Cemetery, very near the main entrance ; lo cated on main road. For particulars apply at 23 East Fourth street For saj^:-in brooelyn, a three story brick frouse on Third avenue, near WyckoJT street; v II be sold at a sacrifice; only a little cash required: house 16.8x45; lot 78 i. et Inquire of JOHN WUELAN, $96 1-ighth a venue, New York. For sale-a choice lot in greenwood Cemetery, Is the old ground;l>rice $1<7S. Apply at 14 New street For sale or to lease?for a term op years, 10 Lots of irround, eight blocks from the river, suita ble for manufacturing purposes. Apply toCHARLf.S H. RKYNOLDS. South First #tid Ninth sta., Brooxlyn, E.D. LET- FURNISHED, ON CLINTON A VEND E, Brooklyn, a four story brown stoue front hand* ?oitiely furnished (everything ready for inuneriiate occu tioncy), for the Summ -r months, at a ncmiiml rent or for ihe whole vear. Aririresa lor terms, Ac., J. H. C., box 4,356 Post Pttlfe, New York. rpo LET-CHEAP, A NEW HOUSE. 284 THIKTEENTII 1 street, Brooklyn; about five minutes' walk to Pros lieet I'ark. has ull the new imtirovvments; 10 rooms; house Is 25x40; nice garden, with large grape arbor and various kinds Irult trees. Inquire on premises. TO LET?HOUSE, OR LEASE CHEAP, FOlt YEARS, toaraielul, responsible Party; a small three story brick house, nearly new; all improvements, nine rooms, ?.'llar. high stoop; a twautifnl home, in rerlcet order; immediate pos-ession ; rest, to right parties, $150 per un num. Apply to m. bERRYAN, 73Court street, Brooklyn. rpo LET VEEY CHEAP?A THRBB-8TOBY MASK J ment brick Dweillii).'. all Improvcmentii. 41 Irving ptare, one block from Fulton avenue. $6?l. Possession to day. REYNOLDS A AUSTIN, 1,035 Fulton street, Brooklyn. TO LET OR LEASE-STORE OR STORE AND Dwelling 201 Flatbush avenue, Brooklyn; One stand for most ?nv business; great tliorooglmire.'utiri daily Im proving. Apply to A. HALLlPAY, 17 Harrison St., N. Y rro rknt, furnibhbd. three story and base 1 ment brick house; sll improvements; five minutes' walk from terries, in Brooklyn ; rcut low. Apply at 21J Broadway, reom 6, N. Y. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR HALE A\I> T<? RENT. AOENTLBMAN'B RESIDENCE FiiR SALE OR Ex change?At New Roche lie: all inoilern improve ments; extensive view ol the Sound, Ac. ; six m rei of l?nd. For particular-apnl.v to II. it iirkvv .1 (,'u., No. 3 Wist Twenty-third street (Fifth Avenue lloiel). AT FAIRMONT, WESTC1IESTRK COUNTY. ABOUT 10 miles from Citv Hall, a large, square House, In perfect order, with 8 City Lois, located on Woodruff ave nue, not over 300 (ect from the Boulevard , price $i:t,li00; very little cash required. Apply to A M. FANNING, 23 East Fourth street. A SPECIALTY -WESTCHESTER PROPERTY? Properties to suit every one, from hundred-of acres to -imrle lots; we have a branch office in Westchet t i. nt hi rdlinin, for the convenience of buyers desiring ti? bc hown the most desirable locations for Investment or speculation; as the prices are rapidly advancing pur tbaser* should not delay in making their selections POTTER BROTHERS, Nos 4 and fl Warren street, and Forrihutn. A NICE PLACE IN WESTCHESTER COUfifrY?30 minutes Iroin Forty-second street, to exchange tor 111-w flSBiClassfarnilnre Apply to H. R. drp;w A CO., ho. 3 West Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. ( M.N l lt.VL AVENUE^ NEAR W1LLIAMSBRIDGE * stit.oii.-iw" four, six or ten Acres, wiih three front-, loi'sale; also corner lOCtb street. First avenue. Inquire at 2.J07 Third avenue. ivesirable COUNTRY RESIDENCE.?FARM .10 -17 acres.or more; new; fruit of all kinds; luost healthy and hesiltllul region ill the couutry ; thirty five minutes from >ew York. B m savory 2^ Cliff street rpo LET?SOME NICE VILLAGE REfllDENCES (RENT 1 lowi. ami one Beat, new Cottage tor ssle. $2.Uo pay by instalments. Address W II. Hard. Mount vernonV ri^O LET?AT MOUNT VERNON, Ft)R SI MMER OR A year, large House, fully furnished, 30 acres, row Ac i also House aud two Aires: also furnished House ai Sv! ? ok. NICHOLS A CAFFERTY > n Fotirth avenue and I 4117 UroaUway. rpo LET ( HEAP-ONE OP THE MOST DRHIRabLR J Residences in Westchester county; huge Mouse ^andsotncly tmnlshed; stable, carriage bouse and vi eres of ground ; abundance of fruit Apply to owner, Mi premises, 1.roadway nnd Seventh street, Morrisunla. Aim one uiiiurnished, with stable. rpo RENT?FULLY FURNISHED, FOR THREE J months from about June 15 (for $180 per month), is the best and highest part of Ytinkers, a commodious t ot 4Av?, with fine grounds snd charming view of the Hud son. Apply to t ARRINu I ON A ROCKWELL, Getty ID use, Vofiker* Cf'.nn HOUSE AT Monnt V. rnon ; large garden planted ; abund ance of choice iruit and shade; stable, Ac. Inuuirc of ?BIKER A BARMiS, 1*7 Third avenue. WE8TCHB8TER OOUIfTY PROFIETY FOR HAliE AND TO RENT. To RENT Fl'KNISHED (LOWER WESTCHESTER countv, neur Boulevard an 1 Houndi?A delightfully situated Residence, with maMe, coachhouse and garden already planted; 30 minutes' beautiful drive to the city (through I'ark), also adjacent to llurlein steamboats: price $160 per month. Address H. M. O., box tf 18 Pust otflce. JKRSKV CUV, HOBOKKN, HUDSON CITY AND BERGEN REAL ESTATE. To I<et or U?h, Hoboken. n. j.-to let. handsome suit of Room*. furnished, in a private American family, lor gentlemen and their wlvea, or single gentlemen. with or without Board. Apply toor address L., 430 Garden aticct, for one week. r LBT-IN JERSEY CITY, TEN MINt'TEK' WALK from lower ferry aim] a lew bloc Ilk from a nice Dark, a tnree atory high stoop brick House; 13 rooms; all AiSXZ th&l J??? '^'tfhborliood; rent $700. Address THUS, COX, M Montgomery street, Jersey city. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR MLB OK TO RBMT. All wanting farms.-to farmers and farm laborara irora the Old Country -Virgin soli $28 per ~i ln .?'* years by instalments, near tlie great market* ol New York v-,n wj inriBiiuv IIW| ucmi Miv ^irwk ?-f-? and Philadelphia ; farming better profitable than West. Apply to JOHN B. PAOlf, U9 Park place, two rtoor.i from West street. New ?ap?rs wfli be sent on application by letter. A GREAT BARGAIN-FARM CONTAINING 280 acres. SO acres cleur. balance flne, young, thrifty uuiber. within ninety miles of .New York anil two miles of station; splendid meadow and fine water; amall houec ana bam. Thia property can be mode into a superior dairy tarra; orlce $3,(JU'i; terms, tl.MM cash, balance ?800 yearly. PKlHSiiN A STILLMAN, East .Ntroudsburg, Pa. A?TO LET. ON THE EAST BANK OF THE HUDSON, ? near New Hamburgh, the finest Country Seat on the river , brick mansion, 58x66; contains every modern Im provement. elegantly and lully furnished; greenhouses, hot and cold graperies. Ice house, conch nouse, lodge *t entrance; oil in perfect order; the grounds present the appearance of an English park, with line roads and grand olu trees; relit lor season $3,1)00. RICHARD V, HARNETT, 111 Broadway, room F, basement. A -TO LET, AT INWOOD. A NEW COTTAGE; TEN /X. rooms; hot and cold water, bath, range, lurnace, Ac.; hlvh grounds, fine view, Ac.; immediate possession; rent $*?>. Apply to II. R. DREW A CO., No. 3 West Twenty-third street. Film Avenue Hotel. A -FOB SALE, AT INWOOD-ON-THK-H UPSON, ? Hnc House anil Stable, with ten City Lots; live min utes from depot: immcdiute possession; prire moderate. Apply to H. H. 1>REW A CO., No. S West Twenty-third street. Filth Avenue Hotel. A?FOR SALF, ON THE NORTH SHREWSBURY, . ten minutes' drive from freabright and at landing ol tne He* Bird, at Port Washington, 21U acres of Land, with a frontage on the Shrewsbury of half a mile. There are two Dwellings on the premises, one of which hjfWntshed. Apply to W. KENNELLy, No. 4 Pine street A SMALL, COSBY COTTAGE, most SUPERBLY shaded (seven lota), near the water, six minutes' walk from lauding; excellent neighborhood; |5,irJU; terms eaay. A. B. JAN1N, No. 8 Broadway. AT 8WOHTON, statb% ISLAND?FUR niahed House, 16 rooms ; ohe acre, garden, lrult, Ac.; Between New Brwhton and Quarantine landings; rent ch**P? hummer of year. W. A. COLLINS, 28 Pine at. A FURNISHED HOTKL TO LET?NEAR NEW YORK; possession Immediately. Apply to 8. C. SMITH, owner, Pranklort House, 202 William street AT NEW BRIGHTON.?TO BENT, ONE FURNISHED Houae; also one unfurnished, U rooms; billiard room; modern imi>rovements; stables, gardens, shade trees; agreeable surroundings; beautiful scenery. W. A. COL LIN 8, 2H Pine street; HAMILTON ACO.. BT Pine st At woodridge-only o miles from jersey City, Country Seat, with modern Improvement#, ?hade and fruit trees, near station, exchange lor city Tenements. BLADB A CO., a Union square. " A BCADIAN HAPPINESS" CAN BE FOUND FOR A U\. wealthy man and his family by buying for $16,000 ? lovely Farm ol S3 acres and a million brook trout, ut ^ichlaud, N. Y. Apply to MYRON PAKDfcB, Oswego, AMAONIFICENT 80 ACRE FARM, IN CENTRAL New York; line buildings, beautiful location; churches, schools and stores clone by; price only $2,800; terms easy. Call at 248 East Thirtieth street ' lOUNTRY SKAT AT DUN ELLEN, CENTRAL RAIL U road. New Jersey; modern improvements; 21 or 41 acres; photograph with Dr. Nell, Third avenue, corner 111 ?h street ^ BTEVENS, Agent, Dune lieu. IpLEGANT RESIDENCE WITH SHORE FRONT, ONE J of the cosiest and neatest places ou the north shore. Staten Island; splendid view; $fl,B00; terms to ?"!'? PARKIN, SOU road street. INARMS OF 20 AND 10 ACKBS. WELL FRUITED, A with small houses, well built; location near market and entirely free from fever and ague. JOHN B. PAGE, 102 I'ark place, near West street FjlOl-H ACRES, \% STORY COTTAGE, NICK GARDEN, plenty fruit and ?hadc; ten minutes from ferrv. Staten Island; $3,800; worth #8.000. y' I^RK'N, M) Broad street. FOR BALE-IN SAG HARBOR, L. L^ A BEAUTI lully tltted up sea side Resilience, having all the modern Improvements; house 32x40 feet, with two wings; I rounds 200x376 feet, with flne garden, stable, granary, c.; daily communication bv houLur rail; property will De sold cheap. Apply to IIENUY T. RICHARDSON, 234 w atcr street, New York. I^OR SALE?AT Ql'ERNft. L. I., A GOOD FARM Of 1 22 acres; good house, barn, Ac.; convenient to churches, school and depot: possession immediately, with crops. Apply to JAMHH C. II KNDHK'KsoN, Queens, L.I. FOR hale at a sacrifice-a handsome < ountry Residence, at Litchfleld, Conn . situated at an elevation ol 1,200 leet above the level ot the sea, com tiuindinj? a very romantic view of hills, valleys, lakes Ac.; price only $3,800. Apply to ALBERT "BkLL, 6? Llherlv street. 1jX)R SALE?AT A BARGAIN; A VERY NICE OEN ?V ...v"111? * *r8"1,,n<* New Jersey, fli?v minutes from New York ; near depot. modern house; lj room.*; In splendid order; with irom one to live acres land; line old shHdctraes; trull in abundance; running brook through property; but little cash required; terms verv easv. and Immediate possession; properly rapidly rising in value In vicinity, for particuliir* and -view of property call ou or Newark. P0ST- Belmont ifotei.Tultou street l?OB SALE?FOITR ACRES OK LAND, GRADEoTn A good condition, with young ttult trees thereon; a two story Dwelling, containing basemeul, cellar, parlor, sluing room and bedroom on flrst floor; lour rooms on second story; also a brick Factory, ?0.\3&, with wing 27x EL. ail two story and attic; a S horse power Engine a 16 horsepower Boiler, 10 Looms, 400 MiutUes; small nouse I. J, b ?niJ 'U'1"8 ^ " ?i,ov? Premises are all slt uated about one mile irom Fordham or West Farms sta t|on. In W estchester county, and kuown as the Integrltv Ji'/n I ( ?n ',e I be I^cseiii month at a Ur gain. lni|iiLre on the premises. UOR SALE VERY CHEAP-SPLENDID GENTLE A man s Seat; large houxe; all Improvements: green house. gi aperies, laimliouae, 10J acres, 25 acres lawn one hour irom city New Haven Railroad ; also 11 oust and i (umiTv''U?l 5.r?,on: wo,ll<1 "Change NICHOLS A ( AKFERTY, <13 Fourth avenue and 1,497 Broadway. EIOB SALE-ONE OF TUB FINEST COUNTRY p.f.vm??!on ihe ,,u,rtw'n River: splendid views of the Inm i t1,1i7 "riK0 h',"*,r' c"n*Bp' hitildlngs. aock and 3,000 Dint trees; in complete order; H) acres; all unen. cumbered. Address C? finx No. ? l?oSt cfflce, Tivoli or apply to M l w ooLLE^i, No .v, I'inc street, r. mil Id! F11b^I?"iEiD .HorsE T<> LET?ON FORT HILL, Jin. , n., "nn : ""Y''" walk from Tompkins vllU landing; all modern Improvements; leaiitifnl locu Vou- "t- PLAN?TE, 117 Chamber; street /IREEVWICH -KI.EiiANT VILLA RESIDENCE J ro"ms. retilete with modern 'con veniencea; overlooks Hound*; will exchanre lor citv or .Uthm:VCo,nnPt'r,y- Ad<lrt-J AT WATER, Riverside Ha?tings on hudson-elegant country Scat lor rent, furnished or unfurnished ; line dwi it ihSdi1" WH" : extensive grounds abounding in ahade, IruK, Mowers, vegetables. Ac.; splrtidul river view; moderate rent. JOHN O. IHGGINS, Wo. 7 Pine street YlfJMl-.S IN NLW J l |;sl.V- (;itr at INUICKMrNT J 1 to purchasers.?Karins and Houses to rent, exi hamre or lor C. T. WARREN. MB Broad way,'rwiMMl." TUDGE CONVERSE'S SWISS (OTTAOE, ENGLF *1 woiHl (Stop lit Highland station); thirteen rooms furnished or unfuriiUhcd; about two acres; carriage house; garden planted; lor acason or year cringe E. D. BELBEB, In charge. |.?'JKr'*: SPLENDIDLY furnished COUNTRY MJ Seat ot 46 aires, with Crop., Stock KII ml til rr Ar vLV*T?Iifht ontIl,ePidallMi pr"',<'rr,-vi known as "Falr I, i ",i ??. ""the edgaot one of the most beautiful oi ii i i if towns in Penniylvania, oiu' hour froin I h I lade lp hia, 3' j liourt from New York : In ml all under tin highest cultivation, and is tinsiirpafscit tor beauty of li ra tlon; very flne water, abumlance ol choice fruit, elegant brick dwelling, hall and nine rooms verv liandsomelv lurnifhed, tenant house, splendid barn, carriage hoime arm numerous outbuildings; price, including aft?crops onTv'lt ""t". poultry and VirnlJnre Siui r-iisv ternii; Inimenlato Powe Irion. Take 9 A M. train irotn foot of Liberty street New York New v VtV/rT". ral Eallroad, to leKlehem^ PaT the" take on re at H "Mlroad to (Juakertown In & L WALKER." ""an'feWM'if"0*" 1,1 r T/)I8,,ATJ.C.?ANF'ORD-'*BW jersey central JLj Rallrijad, 4S minutes trom the city; commutation Mc. per day: plots of four Lota, $70 to$16oSr lotfin P'Vin.mts; the flnest and ehea,~stP loti e*?? b Vloi i^inThja^lk* 'jL Particulars of Third avenue. "roadway, room !?, and m Lewis county, new york -TwavriTn > Farm or tra. t of Land, at lair price froin two to Vlx nundryd acres; near I^iwville nrelirrwl GRAZIER, Herald <.fflce. New York ' r,,,rr*U- A?1'I?'M 1,0NO BRANCH ?TO LET A PINE STORE UNDKIt . f ^whieK opens ou tin- Atii in?t An. to J. B COHEN, 63 0rrene street. New York P MORRISTOWN (N, J.) COTTAOKS AN II I'OI'NTIIY Seats to rent, furnished or uiifurnlsheil for Snio mer or year. Morrlstown office two doors Vrom l'?i __J- HEN RY .IOIINMIN 149 Broadway M^?ONT< LAIR.-A COMFORTABLE, OLD-FASHIONED House, furnished, one acre of ground, pientv of fruit and shade trees, to let fdr the Summer. A. B. HDfft,, No. I'ine utreet room! "M"EAT COTTAOE, FOUR LOTS, Sl? FEET KKoM V shore, fine water view; short walk from north shore, Staten Islaud terry; $3.Mll>. worth f4,80i|; terms ' "v DARR1N, 80 Broml street. VTYA< K (iN IM'DSON -KI RNISIIED COlTAtJE TO irotsH iJ?I!' 5T S*nK,P or year, with barn, acre of ISTV.rl ;J. 7 ' Plenty ol lrult ; must be seen to I* |*i Predated. Apply ?t store W I s?t Hroadwav. IJINE TIMBER LANDS FOR SALE. Land. lnihiV"0, *erF valuable line Tlml*r Michigan siinVIIIh ."lt" "ihoolcralt. Mate ol tim'b*r*canVie""oateii }""nk" "?"^an'!' down'whlch "th5 a~ PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE AMD TO RENT. rrilE CHEAPEST COUNTRY SEAT NEAR NEW VOKK * for sale or exchange?Fine view, elegant surround ing. ; nokl on accoant of <!?*Ui In family. 8. E. H. VANDVKK, 160 Broadway. rLET-AT THE VILLAGE OF MILTON, AN ELK gant two ftorv anil attic. 50xS5, one-half acre ; Ave poni? landing daily; water in house ; new kitchen al cellar; suitable lor hoarding. Addresa OWN EE, box II Post office, Marlboro, Ulster county, N. Y. TO LET-AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED COUNTRY (round*, taster ully laid oat; rent 93.000 per annum. Apply to ALBERT BELL, 58 Liberty Mreat. rBENT IN NEWARK?THE WHOLE OR PART OF a handsomely furiiiahed country House ; garden, gas ana water: healthy location; live minule? from New renl '?w 40 4 tenant Address SAY. RR<X?K, Newark PortoOlea. N. J. r RENT?PINE HOUSE AND 40 ACRES, 48 MIN utes lroui cily. near Central Railroad, N. J ; plenty iruit; splendid neighborhood; rem 9600; will sell or exchange. W. E. PARISH, a Dey street r RENT?FOR A FEW MONTHS OR BY THE y??r, a large, commodious Farm Houae, wifh ample grounds, fruit and shade trees, a few miles back ot New burg, In vicinity of church, school, Ac.: all requisite con veniences accessible and terms very low. Address E. J, K., Herald Uptown Branch office. TO RENT-FOR SEASON OR year A FINE HOUSE, handsomely furnished, with stable; very pleasantly ?ninat.d, with line grounds surrounding: about twelve minutes walk from depot at Danen, Conn., for particu larn In (I II re of B. W ATERBli ItY, M6 Broadway. ?900 f.?B ,VEAR roH A ?'ARM OK ino ACRES, ''. 2% rnlles east of Plainfleld, New Jersey. Ap EL Jri . i H. ^ 280 **?nuc, one door west of Twenty-sixth street. SENT PPR TIIB HUMMER.-A laroe farm iflhffl t.. "ou*; large amount of fruit: good boating, fe?Khp^^^6.g?rrtrV,rbnrk apt"y w $3 nnn -F?r BALE-CHEAP HOUSE, WITH .1}'. ;iV?i i il acres laud, in Rockland county, live minutes' walktromBlauveltville station, on the Northern 2,,ad' 2n* h?ur fri>ln Nrw York- Chureh, sehoolhouM ?na store near by. Pocsbgmioij inn next lately. Kelorcncc. B. B. KIKE, 198 West street ^ ilstt ftflO WIMi PUBCHASE a SPLENDID 100 IF Ic . ,cre Farm> 60 ra<lc? from New York and three from depot; good buildings and fenoea. D. r. CURLEY, 12 Centre street ffefi -COUNTRY SEAT, 40 ACRES, DWEL Ul1*' D,,n,> crH'- ,ru?; near salt water and i rumu 4??sS.api to suit. Apply to J. S. LEWIS, 207 Front street, on Tuesday. v BBAL BHTATE TO EXCHANGE A beautiful COUNTRY SEAT FOB 8ALB~OR exchange for city propcrty-on the Hudson, near Hew Hamburg; th? house is completely furnished and the outbuildings are very fine; with 51 acres of land un der cultivation, presenting the finest building sites on the river. RICHARD V. HARNETT, 111 Broadway, room F, basement -TO EXCHANGE?FIFTIETH STREET, NEAR L. Firth avenue, equity 918.uov. for Country Place, city, free and clear: large places, South Oyster Bay, Hudson River, Stanford, Ac., tree and clear, to exenauge for City Property. W ILLIAM TUCKER. 330 Plftll Jv. N ELEOANT RESIDENCE AT GREENWICH, _ i < onn.; one of the finest on Long Island Sound; views unsurpassed ; will exchange for city Property. WILLIAMH A CO., 11 Fine street RARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR 1\ Q?0?1 K",at& Pfice WO.OOO, a well established Book and Stationery Business In Brooklyn; would exchange or.Couutry Residence on Long Island or in New Jersey. Address A. C. E., Herald offloe. A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE IN TWENTY sixth street 910,000?Will exchange for larger Ihnne, uuiown or tenement Property antT pay difference. AB pfy to J. W. Ml'DUETT, 165 Broadway, room S. ' ?XOHANGE-TWO SMALL HOUSES, BROOKLYN, HiJ?} *?r,B or Country Heat; price : 4?"' '',lU*e< IM.OuO, mortgage 1 ' Address box 4,788 New York Poet office. rAE*L. K0R SALE OR EXCHANGE?FOR SMALL . Cottage, situated near the village of St Janes Smlthtown containing over 00 acres, 9 acres in liigli ii.N*iSThU ?"? I UW0?? '?"<!. tho rest having had 100 bushels ol ashes to the acre for the last < years; house 2W stories: most beautinilly situated; about five minutes ride to Sniithtowu and Port Jefferson Railroad depot, and about 2k miles lrotn harbor of Stonybrook, where sailing packets leave daily lor New York; freight very low; large barn; flue well of water, which Sever iails; 8 acres of wheat, 2% acre* rye, 7 acres of oats, 7 Qcres of corn and 20 acres having grass supposed to cut 45 or SO tons of hay and one acre o? potatoes; two good farm horses, two extra fine colts, one being 5 years old. can trot in 3 minutes; and the other B years, promising to be faster still; both being thoroughly broke to harness and were raised on the premises: 4 cows, 2 hogs, and all the farming utensils, of every description; iruit of all * ndf large pond of water on the farm, containing plenty ot flsh. N. B.?Or will exchange In narts lor small Cottage; must be situated between said farm and Ja mnica. Reason for selling, owner being lame and un n" 40 '*? Inquire on the premises of Mr LEVI WEEK8. or Of Mr.' LEVI WEEK*. Jr.. Franklin Avenue Railroad depot, corner of Franklin avenue and Warren street, Brooklyn. F IOR SALE-PAYABLE IN EASY MONTHLY INST A L ? ments, or exc hange for cily lots, a new two story and cellar framu House, near Brooklyn city line and cars. Apply In forenoon to E. H. BABCOCK, 219 MonUigiie st For sale?or exchange for lots and some cash, a cosey Cottage in Brooklyn, tnrnUhed or not; uiko a fine Residence on Twenty-fourth street, near Filth Hcmri?i toAr>ly 10 W' 1'Il:I"J0N. Builder, ?0 Pine st., "Lj^OR 8ALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY? A...^t"?,fnen.,,l?f1'P? n<>nr Batonah station on Harlem Railroad; It U fertile ami in healthy location; depot ol projec ted railroad within few rods. For particu lars address S. KMBLRSON, 050 Sixth avenue. IjWB sale or exchanoe-at a bargain, at Long Branch, a furnlslicd CotUtre. with one or Uireo acres of ground; stable. Icehouse (filled). Apply soon at street 4le Bxchange, 3U2 Broadway, coru'cr Uuanu For hale or exchange?a fruit farm, 120 ,nc/t!i'"""sex countv, Delaware; river front,gravel soil; 4.(*Ki peach, 200 appley, vineyard, oerrie* Ac.; fine Prospect of a large yield this year; good house and new barn; climate healthy. W. T. ELLIOTT, 71 Broadway. New York. For sale or exchange?five five story. Houses and stores on a corner on avenue B: if taken together will bejjolii on easv terms. OWNER. 42a West Sixteenth street \TONTROPE, N- J-?Jf?3 8ALE OR EXCHANGE OR 1U to let a coicy little House, furnished ; 12 rooms, all modern improveihentgj two minutes tr. m station and liam street?m arclaJ' 8tlcet ?t No. 4 South Wll fj"? JHE FINEST PROPERTIES NFAR NEW or olhc^goTid Mmhandl^'1 '?r UoMe Ku'"U"'"? II- ^ ANDYKE, l(!0 Broadway. rf.XCHANE.?THE tlWNEH OF SEVERAL HOU8ER and Lots In the city ol New York, mortgaged to less rnan one-half their value, wants to exehsnge the sanie for a Farm within 20 miles Irmn New York Addrcn Mating lull parljcuhirs, A. B , Ilerald office. A<1UrcMl rro EXCHANGE FOR REAL ESTATE?14 HEAVY Ah 3 large platform Trucks Carts and timber Trucks. Address EXCHANGE, Herald office rPO TRADE, FOR IMPROVED CITY PROPERTY?THF 1 lu'M Dry Goods Store on Eighth avenue, with a new Stock of Hoods. Apply to B. S. LEVY A CO. 271 West RKA1. ESTATE WASTED. IfAf'TORY.?WANTED, TO BUY OR rkvt PfiPtP 1 for rash, n Bull ling, suitable for a ?onn Addre?s, giving lull parfleulars. SOAP. Herald onlfi ' UILORIDA.?WANTED TO LEASE. WITH PKIVILFGE WASHED TO PURCHASE A ^ ,!"r WANTED IN OREENVOOlD 5km BlKl'f^iera^oSlce'"1" an'' "rlfc "lyANTED-A GOOD SECOND STILL AND ALCOHOL SmVSftRSM&WMS?" Ad CLOTH1NU. ~ A8TONIBHING PRICES CAN BE OlurifnMlSt < ast-off Clothing. Carpet? A " f, r P, ,.V. ii. ?t """"" aiiaadhigSiii - -uzx 'tins VT J, AMI ALT'S OLD EHTAHI,IS|| M p vt 17? Seventh Avenue? Larco orilcrn rV/m West tor Cast-off Cotliing. ( ai pet? and Jewelr! ?ilUrin tee to pav 910 to 9^? lor Dresses, 97 ^. 925 for cLkiS M tutor Panta. Call on or address Mr! and Mrs. aNHAL1\ At tiik iPlown establishment ma sixth avenue, near Forty-sixtl, street-Wnnte.l immJii ately, a Quantity ol Cast-off clothing snd Can'i rThn Omaha market; will pay from 95 to $J0ft.r cciu. M to ?r7 5;ffi/fOto WS '?r ',ri'"KS- C"^?r -"dres^Mr AT EDWARD MILLKK'H NBW KKTAHLlKII Vf FNT A^Ra?sr.7C2is fSffuHr&S Ax F. HARRIS', 71 SIXTH AVENUE HFTWKRW W ashing ton and Waverley pis._i..'dl ?,,rt Me men will be astonlsh-d at ilie | rices given tor oJr Clothing, Carpet, aud Jewelry. Ke^r iH.fore h. high prices been paid, as we are bound to Oil n, and goods must Ih> had. For Coals fr ,,, ai ,, ,'Tnf. 92 to ?I0: Dressei, $li to 970 Pleaie n Vi 7,,, '/ L"" ' above. Ladles attended by Mr-H?rr,s r "? A t B M1WTI'8 NEW STOIir.. 2IH TIIIIID AVFVI'F between Twentieth and Twenty first sin ei. in.i.o and gentlemen will be astonished at the great or ?es I l>av In cash for cast-off? lothlnu, carpets Jew,"?v 910to 1.5 for silk dresses; coats. 9-t to ?*l; nMlt, '? ' ??WrWj&4 AT 2*>7 THIKI) AVENUE NK\R TWKNTV Tiuiin waited on by Mrs. Leon. c*rpets, *e. Ladies u'"'!", A\F.M I. NE\U Ft 11 Kill <r If F1- T Ing. < arpe"s?Ao.Twu{ n^y'iri,?"fcVeoat '?2?' !{()() ^N" :'J- SEVI NTH AVENI E || MANNFS higfieit prtee in the trade 'ur",lure> will pay the CQjl BROADWAV, Nl Alt TIIIIITI-FN'III HTI1KFT OOll If. HhH/pavsthe highest m-te?. i?.i? R > geatlemen's Wearing Apparel c??Ju *i-iIJf.L'^.h 2Jl wailed OH bv Mrs Hex. *?*?.. ladies will b? _ BUAKDERS WANTED. 1?T HOUSE WBIT OF F1FTII AVKKIE JllIAND X soincly furnished Room* for families or single gentle men, with first clam Board. No. 7 West Twenty-uinth sL_ 1ST FLOOR TO LET, WITH BOARD?ALBO S1NOLE Rooms; two acres ot ground attached to the house; shade trees, Ac. ; locality flrat claw. 34S East Fiftieth at. "1ST HOUSE FBOM FIFTH AVENUE. NO. S WEST 1 Thirtieth street.?Elegant Parlor*: also lanre, airy Roomi, at reasonable ratea, with or without Board BLOCK AND A HALF EAST OF BROADWAY, 33 X Stuvvesant place, near Cooper Iaatltuta.?Elegantly ttirnished single and double Rooms, to gentleman of re finement desiring a permanent homa, with or without Board. . 2 DOORS ABWVE STUYVESANT SQUARE.?AT SUM mer prices, elegantlv lurnUhed Rooms, en suite or "ugly. with or without Board. S04 Second avenue, be tween Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets.

AO TO $? PER WEEK?FURNISHED BOOMS, WITH ?P4 or without Board, and light housekeeping; Ameri can family. 9$ Hqdson street. corner HnrrHon. 5TH AVENUE.?COOLKST AND QUIETEST LOCA tion in town; large, airy Suite of Apartment* on first and second floors, with private table, on moderate terms. In the spacious double house 4? Filth avenue. <&(* TO $10 PER WEEK, $1 80 PER DAY.?PLEASANT ?]pU Rooms, with excellent Board, for families and sin gle, at 17?, 174 and 176 Bleecker street, six blocks west of Broadway. 6 BEAUTIFUL ROOMS, ON SEDOND AND TIIIBD floors to let, with first cLhm Board und ifleasant asso ciations, at Hummer rates: an American family ; adulU only. Z32 East Nineteenth ctreel. 0>7 TO $12 PER WEEK, $1 SO TO $2 PER DAY: FINE ?F* I Rooms, with excellent Board, at 172, 174, 17R ami I7X Bleecker street. Large, shady yards, croquet ground, Ac. <}?7 FOR ONE, $12 FOR TWO.-3W WEST TWENTY ?IP I second street. With first class Board, Parior Floor nnd single Rooms, handsomely furnished, very low; best location. 7 TO 10 NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH EX I cellent Board and home comt'orts.for gentlemen, at M Macdougal street, one block from Washington square; table board, $6 per week. TO $12.?GENTLEMEN AND FAMILIES CAN r . obtain eicellent Board and pleasant Rooms at 133 jYestTweiity-flrst atreet. 9 EAST NINTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY plucc and Fittli avenue.?Board, Summer prices: double and single Rooms-, double Room, upper floor; $5 to $10; table board $4. 1 H E ASTTIIIRTY-THIRD STREET.?A HANDSOMELY I" furnished Second Floor, en suite or singly, to rent, with B< aril; references exchanged. 1(1 WAVERLEY PLACE.?LA ROE FRONT ROOM 1H and Bedroom, suitable for a psrlr of gentlemen, or gautleman aiul wife; also front Rooms, $14 and $18, tor two persons, with Board; no children; alao table board ers taken. nTH HTREET, 4A WEST.?LA ROE AND SMALL Room*, singly or en suite, with or without Bonn); hot and cold water: Parlor Extension and bathroom, furnished or unfurnished ; Hummer prices. lO WAVERLEY PLACE. NEAR BROADWAY? ljU Pleasant Room*, with Board; table boarders taken. MTH STREET, 28 WEST, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE. elegantlv furnished extra large Suits of Rooms, sepa rately or t< (ether, with or without first clan Board; also Booms on fourth floor; terms reasonable. MTH STREET.?ELEGANT ROOMS TO LET. WITn Board, at 217 West Fourteenth street; house strictly first class and unusually desirable aa a Summer resi dence ; terms moderate. Reference*. WAVERLEY PLACE.?BLEOAWTLY FURNISHED ? I Suit of Rooms lor families and single gentlemen, on the first and upper floors, with first clus* Board; reter ences required. WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, OPPOSITE J t/ Fifth Avenue Hotel.?Elegantly lurnished Rooms to let, with or without Board, to gentleman and wives or tingle gentlemen. OREAT JONES STREET.?FIRST CLASS BOARD X" and lurnished Rooms, large and small, at 19 Oreat Jonos streot, references being satisfactory; bouae newly refitted: furniture new. Ol WEST THIRTIETH STREET, OPPOSITE PRIVATE entrance to Gilsey House.?Elegant Suit of three or tour Rooms, with or without Board. Ol WEST THIRTY FIRST STREET.-LAROE ANI) Zd 1 small Rooms to rent, with or without Board, at Summer prices. References exchanged. 20D STREET, NO. 114, ONE BLOCK EAST OF MADI O son suua re.?Elegantly furnished large front Room, also Hull Room, tu let, with first class Board; price moderate: references. 201) STREET (MADISON SQUARE.? HANDSO.MEI.Y O furnished Rooms to let, en suite or singly, with or without Board. References exchanged. 26 East Twen ty-third street. QQD HTREET, WEST, 259?HANDSOMELY FURNISH ZO ed Rooms, with Board ; honse, location, table, Ac., first class; private famllv: privilege to elegant parlors; French, Herman and English spoken. Q7 WEST TWENTY SEVENTH STREET. NEAR Li { Broadway.?Hait of Rooms, on second floor, to let, to gentleman and Wife or a party of gentlemen, with or without private table; alao single Rooms. Relerences. 9QTH STREET, WEST, 47.-HANDSo.MELY ? FUB t-t'< nlshed Suit of Rooms and hall Bedroom, for fami lies and single gentlemen, with French and American first class table, or without; terms very moderate. 9(\ .EAST TWENTY-FOURTH 8TREBT.?A SMALL nrlvatn family will rent a few elegant Rooms, with or without Board, to a family or gentleman, at very moderate rates. Near Madison square. Q"| MADISON AVENUE, FOUR DOORS REI.OW UNION Ol league Club?Ueutlemeu can obtain very desirable Rooms, wltn nreakiast. Q1 MADISON AVENUE.-TO RENT, AT REDUCED Ol prices, several very desirable Rooms, with full or purtial Board, as desired; unquestionable relerences. EAST S2D ST.?LAROE AND HANDSOMELY ?? ?. furnished Rooms on second and third floors to let, with or without Bourd, at moderate prices^ 34 OP EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, NEARLY OP OU pi site Madison I'ark.-Parlor Floor to let, with private Table; also entire Second Floor; liandsj mely furnished; every convenience possible; first clas* Board; best relerences. Qrt EAST FORTY NINTH STREET, ONE DOOR FROM OO Madison avenue.?Handsomely furnished largo Kootn on parlor ^oar, with flrnt class Board; choice loca tion for Hammer. Bgferenccf required. QQ EAST NINETEENTH STREET-VERY PLEAS OO #nt Rooms to let, on secend and third floors, with first class Board; also back Parlor, with bathroom ex clusive. Retorences exchanged. 38 38 BARROW STREET, NEAR BLEECKER.?COOL, airy Rooms to let, with good Board, at moderate ratea EAST TWENTIETH STREET.?A SECOND Floor, with private table, or without board; also Rooms for single gentlemen ? relerences. QQ WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET.?PLEASANT 0?7 Rooms; all floors quiet and homelike; suits tor fainllica, with or without table; oxcellcnt; prices reason able. QQ WEST THIRTY-THIRD STREET, BETWEEN OJ Fifth avenue nnd Broadway.?Second Floor, Suit on third, and large llall Room, with or without Board, separately or together. Balafence* exchanged. j 1 WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.?BOARD, TRAN t! stent or permanent, at moderate prices, for fami lies or gentlemen; handsomely furnished front and back Rooms, second and third floors. 4 Q WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR T O Broadway.?A ladv. having a large, newly fur nished house, will let a few Rooms, with or without Board; accommodations first class. 4 7 BOND STREET.-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED rr I Rooms, with Board, to uentleinen or gentleman and wife: table first class; term* moderate; location central; reference. ? A Q WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET. NEAR T"0 Fltth avenue.?Nicely furnished Rooms, with or without Board, lor tainllles or single gentlemen; house and location first class; terms moderate; relerences. NINTH HTnEKT, BETWEEN BROADWAY AND ?)'! University place.?Desirable Kooius to let, with superior Ro.ird, to families or single gentlemen, at i um mer prices. r?J WEST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET.?CHOICE t)u furnished Rooms, with first class Board, tor gentle men and their wives or single gentlemen, at Hummer prices. References required^ \ WEST TWELFTH STREET.?LA ltdK FRdNT ?)? " Room, with alcove, to let, to gentlemen or gentle man and wife, with Board; rel'crence. no MADISON AVENUE.?HANDSOMELY Fl R U>? nlshed Rooms to let, en suite or singly, with or without Board; the house Is first class and complete in every rcspect; Summer prices, K \HT HIXTY-KIKST" STREET -THIRD Floor through, containing four rooms, with hatnl somn closets, hot and cold water, Ac., together or sepa rately ; select neighborhood; table and family first class; highest references required ; terms moderate. Q7 EAST FOURTH STREET, TWO BLOCKS FROM 0 I Broadway.?Nicely ftirnished front Room, with substantial Hoard, for gentleman and wile ; hou-e has all improveinenta; charges moderate. Hin EAST THIRTIETH STREET.?A NlflRI.Y FUR 1UU nlshed I'arlor and Bedroom, on first floor, to a ganUeinan and wile, with Board; terms $ir> per week. InO CHARLES HTHEET.-BOARD FOR MAN AND 1UU wife, or two gentlemen, In a private American family: terms moderate. 1 on CLINTON STRERT.?CAN HAVE (?OODH<?\RD I Zt\l and Rooms; also i\ few day Boarders; In private house. 1 OK LEXINGTON AV.. CORNER TWENTY-NINTH XOU street.?To let, with Board, double or single Rooms; first class honse and table. 141 WEST FIFTEENTH STREET, NEAR SIXTH L*xl avenue.?Very pleasant, handsomely furnished double and single Rooms lor gentleman and wl;e or gen tlemen ;honse and table first class; reasonable terms. M | EAST THIRTY-THIRD STREET.?FURNISHED .'I; Rooms to let; gas, bath, hot and cold water; with or without Board; convenient to car*; private family; rent reasonable. 1 I/? WEST TWENTY FIRST STREET ?DESIRABLE |,tO Room* tolef, with Hoard, to lainlUc* or single gentlemen; refVrenecs exchanged. I f.n WEST TWENTY FOURTH STREET- PLEASANT Jt)U Rooms with Board; house contains all Improve ments; Table well stiopllcd and neatly served; terms $C to $8 per week ; lainliy smalt; reference. 1 SECOND AVENUE, CORNER TENTH STREET.? i U* " Two pleasant Rooms, front, lo let, with Board, to a responsible party of adults; references exchanged. mLEXINtiTON AVENUE, CORNER THIRTY first street.?Pleasant front Room to let, with Hoard, to a gentleman and wife "r -ionic gentlemen. 9117 WEST FORTY-SIXTH STREET.?LARGE. COOL | Room on bathroow floor to two gentlemen, with Board, $l< oer week; also Room for gentleman auu WUtt. Q10 WEST TWENTY-BECOHD STRKKT.-BA'K. OlO Parlor and Extension; also other Rooms to rent, with Board, at Summer prices. First class Board and ^ BOAKDKR8 WANTED. 0/\Q WfcHT FOURTEENTH STKKKT. -HAN DMOMELY furnished second story front Booms; also large fourth story back Boom to rent, ulth Board. Refer ences. - Ol QWEST FIFTEENTH 8TBEKT.-TO LET, WITH JJlO Board, very desirable largo Rooms, nicely flir nlaUed, to families and single gentlemen; also a Hall Boom on moderate terms. O/i Q EAST THIRTIETH STREET.?FIRST CLASS LtO Board and pleasant Rooms for 90 per week; full satisfaction guaranteed; give us a call before look lag elsewhere. O PLO WE8T THIRTY-NINTH STREET. BETWEEN ?iJ\j Seventh and Eighth avenues.?To let with good Board, two bandsoinelynirnished Parlor Bedrooms, con nacting; convenient to four lines of cart; food location. OA? WEST FIFTY-SECOND STREET.?BOARD I and Lodging near Central Park. Handsomely furatshed Booms foe gentlejucu and wives or single gen tlemen; table first cla^^eferences exchanged. WEST TWBNTYSECOND BTREKT.?BA<"E I Rooms. OKA WE8?' TWKNTT.FIRST STREET, NKAR ELE OtW vated Railroad depot.-Nicely tarnished second story Room, with Board; large closets, water, gas. Table unexceptionable. Terms moderate. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED I with good Board and well furnished Kooiu In a re fined private family, west side, near fourteenth street Address SATISFACTION, box 183 Herald office. LADY OCCUPYING AN ELEGANTLY FUR iv nislied house. In first class location, lias a beautiful Suit of Rooms for gentleman midwife; Board for lady only. People appreciating elegance and refinement ad dress box 200 Herald office. Board for a youno amkrican in a private German family, where the language is exclusively spoken; terms must be moderate; the locatiaa good. Ad dress AMERICAN. Herald office. Board?for gentleman, wife and child, six years old; references exchanged. Address, with terms, H. B., box 142 Herald ottica. Board wanted?city and country, send particulars. Boardera directed immediately. Best opportunities. Established 1867. BOA R LI BBS' DIRECTORY. 7S7 Broad way._ Fourteenth street, delightful loca tlon.?A French family have two large and two small Rooms to let, for siugle gentlemen or married, with or without Board. 2X4 hast Fourteenth street. The house d7 clinton place is now open for Boarders, having been entirely renovated ami newly furnished; those wishing a pleasant home can have a choice from 20 very pleasant rooms; good beds Instead of B. 3. F. . WE WILL DIRECT YOU TO SUITABLE ACCOM tV modatioiis; no charges. 1'leuso call atGENDNG'S HOARDERS' DIRECTORY,37 Union square. ^ BOARD AND LODGING WANTED. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DESIRE A furnished Room, with Board, below Twenty-third street; terms $18 or $20 per week. Address B. C., box 1H8 Herald Uptown Branch office. Board wanted?on the line of new haven Railroad, by a gentleman, wife, child and inaid. Ad dress, stating terms and location, M. U. R., Herald Up town Branch office. TITANTED?BOARD AND FURNISHED ROOM, FOR Yf gentleman and wife, in private family up town, between sixth and Eighth avenues. Address with terms, which must be moderate. HENRY, box !?.?* Herald office. WANTED?A NEATLY furnished ROOM, FOR gentleman and wife, with Board for the lady only. Terms must be moderate. Address H. 8., Herald Uptown Branch office. TITANTED immediately-FURNISHED OFFICE Yr and sleeping Room, by physician and wife, without board, for $12 per week; references; we-'t side; np town preferred. Address PERMANENT, Herald Uptown Branch office. ~ BROOKLYN ROAHD. Board wanted-by a young gentleman, in n respectable f'aml'y In a respectable pirt of Brook lyn, near ferry; comforts ot a home and a bath required. Address OODOLPHIN BLAKE, Herald office. HOTELS. C* allen HOUSE. 1?5 HUDSON street, CORNER of I.alght.?Excellent Hour.I. $# to $7 60 per week, with single Room; hiugle Room, without board, $2 and upwards; Lodging, 60 cent*; gentlemen only. Open all night. A CCRITTENDEN HOUSE. 1.144 BROADWAY, CORNER J Tweiuy-sixtb street, on the European plan.?Rooms, en suite and singly, at moderate prices for the Summer; restaurant attached. (1 rove HOUSE, 172, 174, 176 AND 178 BLEECKER X street, six blocks west of Hroadway.?Fine Rooms, with excellent Board, for families uud single, $1 SO to $2 per day; $7 to $U per week. Large, shady yards, cro quet ground, Ac. vfew ENGLAND HOTEL. SO BOWERY. CORNER OF Bayard street.?200 light Rooms, neatly furnished, 8H\ or 80c. per night, $2 AO to $4 per week; tor gentlemen only. (OlNTBY IK) A l<I). PEW ADULTS CAN KB A< V. >M MODATKD AT iL Forest Dell, In the village of ClHVerack, Columbia county, with first class Hoard and Rooms; by Hudson River Railroad three hours from New York ; the above are the finest residence and grounds in Columbia county. Address FOREST DELL, box 10 Post office, Clave rack, N. Y. _ A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL TAKR A FEW BOARD ers?Have pleasant rooms; beautiful location; vicinity of the Cat-kills: terms moderate. For particular* address Mrs. C. H. HUMPHREY, Durham, Greene county, N.jr. A SMALL FAMILY CAN FIND GOOD HOARD AND large Rooms, connecting or separate, in a healthy and delightful part of the country (Morris and Essex road); also a large Room, tor a young gentleman, stabl ing for horses and carriages and beautiful grouud*; terms very moderate. For particular-, address IT. W. MOUHit), Summit, N. J. AT TABRYTOWN-FIRST CLASH BOARD; GAS, bath, Ac.; convenient to depot References ex changed. Address box 141 Tnrrytown, N. Y. A FEW FAMILIES WISHING FIRST CLASS BOARD and willing to pay liberally can be accoimnoduted at the farm house ot W. 11. DlifHLU, Strawberry Hill, Stamford, Conn. A PRIVATE FAMILY, WITH NO OTHER BOARDERS, hits two Parlors and two or three Bedrooms with the best of Board. '* minutes by Central Railroad of New Jersey, lootol Liberty street, and five minute* troui sta tion; references exchanged. Apply at Ml Broadway, in the flower store, June 4, lruin 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. A -COUNTRY" BOARD FOR ADI LT8, AT FAIR ? view, N. J., less than thirty minutes to Twenty third street or Chambers street terries; lurgo, airy Rooms; ? .... .... nlni,n . Boarding at the seashore.?a party rehid tng near Long Brsn li, having a lull view of the ocean, can accommodate about ten person.-1; conveyance free to and front the sea. Parties please address a, at Ml Ea*t Ninth street. Board at teemont-near depot-, nick Rooms,goo 1 fam ly table; terms$8 o $U per week. Apply to W. LENT, Laud Office, Trctimtit Board can he had at private hoarding house, pleasantly situated on a hill, affording a fine view; Rooms tarnished or unfurnished. Address box 2! Riithcrfurd Park, N. .1. t 1JOARD WANTED?DURING THE 8UMMB*MONTHS, I) for a lady and six hoys, near tli? Catsklll Mountains Rreferred; must set a good plain Table and furnish four ooms. Address, stating terms and locatiou, box 17 New Brunswick Post office, n. j. Hoard wanted-on state* island, by a sir. tlcinan and wife; north shore or near New Brigiiton pretcrred. Address <*. II., box 178 Herald office. Board wanted-near the water; ocean preferred; threo rooms adjoining; three persons. preferred; threo rooms adjoining; three pel ress, with full particular'", box I.Oit Post office. Add Board wanted?on the hudson river, bk twi'cn Yonkers and Hastings, by a gentleman, wile, In taut anil nurse; private tauidy preferred ; two Rooms required, double and single; (aide must bo first class In I every respect; best of reierenccs given and required. I Addre.<s A. C. E. II., box 1,29.' Post office. New York, stat I Ing ferine, Ac. BOAHDERS WANTED-NKAR MARLBORO. ON TIIE nudlOII, a high and healthy locality, about one mile from village and post office; uuw hoti-e, with modern improvements an I large r< ? ns. Terms $10 per week. Address C. TOOK lilt, Marlboro. N. Y. CWOI NTRY ROARD.-A LADY LIV1NU AT STAPLE ton, Statcu Island, five >iiltiut??' walk from ferry, bus two pleasant Room ', communicating, to let, with Board, during July and August Address H. R., Staple ton Post office. CCOUNTRY BOARD CAN BE1IAD ATA farmhouse iJj hours' ride froin New York and one mile from the depot; It is a vor* healthy and well shaded plane; plenty ot milk, fruit and vegetables. Inquire at 120 West Twenty-sixth street, New York. / SOUNTRY BOARD FOB FAMILIES AVI) OTHERS. " ' at the Jericho Hotel; healthy location, pleaxunt Rooms; ouo mile from depot, U? hours Irom New York; terms moderate. Adores* A. J. IIOKTon, Jericho, L. L, / COUNTRY BOARD-MAY BB OBTAINED WITH A private family at Wlltou, Conn., two hours t'om New York, via New Haven Railroad ; five minutes rom depot; pleasant Rooms; good Table, with plenty of milk, fruit, and vegetables; Stabling, if required; terms moderate; Address J. N. HANFORD, Wilton, Conn. _ CCOUNTRY BOARD.?FOUR OR FIVE ADULTS CAN J obtain Board with a private family?near station aud Sound?in Greenwich, t'ouu.; for terms audres* G. K. Ik, box S.OflO l'ost office, New York. (COUNTRY ROARD-FOR FAMILIES, AT PVRM J House. Address HOUSE, box 70 Post office, Chester. Orange county, N. Y., or call oh Tllttii. ARNOLD. 87 WhI I street. CPIOUNTRY BOARD.?FIRST CI.ASS HOUSE GOOD J table, boating, bathing, fishing, sliadv la?riw, pleiij. ?nt drives, home comfort*. 28 miles trom city and tine minutes' walk front boat' Key port, N. J. Apply to Captain WIIITLOCK, steamer Muttawan, tool ot Barclay street, from 10 A. M. to 3 P. M. Board from $7 to $4 pc r Week. ? ClOUNTRY BOARD?THIRTY MILKS FROM NEW > York, on lliirieni Railroad; large hon?e, thirty acres of land and plenty of shade trees, tour minutes trom station. I roprieior, photograph and full particulars at 24 Exchange plaoe, room 24. CriOUNTRY BOARD-PLEASANT ROOMS; FINE, J shmly grounds; three minutes' walk from depot; eorncr ot Peece and Fifth streets, PlAinlleld N. J. Ad dross box Vu Post office. Cpol'NTRY ROAR I), THIRTY MILES, IN WKSTCHES PH{, ter county.?Large house, well shaded, truits, vege table, Ac. Apply at 264 Fourth arenuo.' /COUNTRY BOARDE.tS WANTED?AT PEBKSKILL: V also at Cold hprlngs, on the Hudson River; beautiful plsee; good table; gout! Rooms Bed accommodations; Id and $10 ? week, MITCHELL. 77 Ce.lar street ^ COUITBT BOARD. <r_ (^OUKTHY HOAKD WANTKD?AT A FARM-HOUSE, J within two or three hour* of the city, where there ?re few or noottur boarder*; four or five room* re quired. and the location must be quiet and retired. Ad' dress, with lull particulars, box *.7110 font office. N. Y. FIRST CLAfcS HOARD AT LARCH WOOD?IU HOURS irom New York; handsomely furnished; fine view and drive*: tea bathing; good food and stabling;splendid lawn, shady walks and groves; every eoiniort Address C. E. H., bo* 448 Post office, South Norwatfc. UMMER BOARD-At HASTINGS, ON HUDSON. AD. dresa W. F. UROW. s ORANGE MOUNTAIN, N. J., FOL'B MILB8 FROM depot.? Good House, on a farm, with uiazxa and ?hade; milk, butter, eggs and poultry; term* $S per week, children half price; references exchanged. For particu lars inquire tUa day, from IU A. M. to 4 P. at 47 Vesey street " OVER THB MOUNTAINS, BY BALTIMORE AND Ohio roads to Parkersburg; down the Ohio River to Qalllpolla, up the benutltul Katiawaha Valley, by steamer to Charleston und Kanwha Fall*; by stage 90 miles to Raleigh Court House; mm ue the mountains. gunning, fishing and horseback riding; splendid chance to speculate lu coal and timber land*; the air pure an* the sceaery surpassingly grand. Apply to W. H. O'DWYEK, <8 and 70 William street, N. Y. York. PARTIES DESIRING COUNTRY ROAltD ON LARGE farm, high ground*, very healthy, plenty fruit, milk, Ac., with good fishing, gunning, croquet grounds, picas ant society, large rooms, moderate terms, can call nt -".3 tVest Forty-seventh street. For view of farm and refer ence addre** H. II. MOREIIOL'SE, Washington,Conn. PRIVATE FAMILY DESIRING A FEW BOARDERS (beautiful location) at Marion, 8 minute* from Dm briMsea and Cortland t ferries, Pennsylvania Railroad, add res* U. D. C., Hudsou City Pott office, N. J. PATE If SON, N. J.?TRAINS HALF-HOURLY; PLEAS, ant Room*, with Hoard, for familie* or gentlemen; references. Inquire at 94 Spring street, corner of Broad* way. New York, stationery store. SUMMER BOARDING?AT ONE OF THE MOST DE lightlul and healthy location* In New Jer'cy ; readied by boat or cars. Address J. H WJTHINGTON, South Am* boy, N. 4. SUMMIT, N. J.-BOARD WANTED FOR A FAMILY OF Ave persons, along the line of (lie Morris and i.ssex Railroad, In the vicinity of Summit. Address, with pur tlculars, WILTON, boat 2,523 New York Post office. WANTKD?BY A FAMILY RE8IDINO IN THE COUN try, children of respectable parentage to Board, between the ages of 3 and u; will have a good home. Call all week ut 161 West Twenty-seventh street, second floor, Irout. WANTED?FIRST CLASS ACCOMMODATIONS IN thq country for a gentleman, wile, two small children and nurse, with a select private family, for the Summer; location must be on higli ground and easy of access. Address, giving relcrcnce* and full particulars!, MOUNTAIN AIR, Herald office. rANTED?GOOD COUNTRY BOARD, WITHIN AW b " J .rde street WANTED?BOARD IN THE COUNTRY, WITHIN about one hour's ride of New York, for a family of six person*; must be good accommodations at a reas onable price. Address with particulars of location, terms, Ac., F. B., box 3,144 Nt w York Post office. WANTED?GOOD COUNTRY BOARD, WITHIN AW hour of the city, for gentleman and wile; no other boarders. Address, with-full particulars, X. Y. Z., 22 Dey RUMMER RKSORT8. T SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. Y. Grand Union Hotel will open June I, for the reception of gnests; Professor J. M. Lander and hi* superb band linvc been engaged for the season; rooms can be engaged at Metropolitan Hotel or Oilsey House, New York. Address BRESLIN, GARD NER A CO.. at Saratoga Spring*, N. Y. Atlantic hotel, batii, l. i? now open.? Board $9 |*r day, lea* by week or wonlh; splendid sea bathing; stauin cars from Greenwood stop at door every 40 minute*. A?JENKINSON'S HOTEL, HIGHLANDS, N. J., ? will open June 14?Rooms en suite and singly; ac cess by Plymouth Rock, foot of Murray street, and Sea Bird, foot of Franklin street. Jas. JKNKINSON, Proprietor. Astoria house, astoria, l. i.?wkll con ducted establishment for hoarders; flne apartments and table' 30 minutes'sail; handsome grounds, scenery, trees, Ac.; terms moderate; country und city comforts combined. CIOZZENS' WEST POINT HOTEL J will open on Saturday, May 31. Two Cottages to let, with Hourd In Hotel; special terms ottered to parties engaging rooms tor the season. For particulars addrcM EDWARD COZZKNS, West Point, N. Y. Grand hoi el, otsego minkral "spp'inos, Cherry Valley, N. Y., within pleasant excursion dis tance of Slmi on and Richflelu springs, Otsego Lake and Cooperstown. This house, lighted throughout with gas, affords unsurpassed accommodations for health, comfort, pleasure and recreation at liberal terms; good stabling; send for circular. J. A. ROBINSON. Heath house, schooley'S mountain springs. MorrisTounty, N. J? will open June 1; two hours' ride from the city via Morris anil Kssex Kallroad. Appli cation lor room* can be made by mail at the Coleman House, where the proprietors can be seen every Wednes day trimi 12 until 3 o'clock. J. WARRliN COLLMAN. I A TOUBETTE HOC8B. BERGEW POINT, N. J.? J Now open for guests; 30 minutes from city bv rail or boat: commutation $(i per month. Liberal terms for families. LAIRD'S MANSION HOUSE. Long Branch. N. J., will open June 10. WILLIAM L. MrlNTYRE, Manneer, formerly with the late Samuel Laird. ORIENT POINT HOUSE, ORIENT POINT, L. I.? Now open; situated on the extreme end id Long I lainl fronting on the Kound and bay. ouly a moment's walk to the water: splendid sea bathing, sailing and driving; flailing unexcelled. Reached by Long Island Railroad twicc each dav, also per elegant steamer J. H. Schuyler, iroiu pier Iti East River. Send tor circular. M. B. PARSONS. OVERLOOK MOUNTAIN HOUSE-ON THE CATS-* kills, viu Kingston. Ulster county, N. Y. For par tlculars address J. is. LASllKR, overlook Mountain House, Woodstock, N. Y., or JACOB SlIARi'E, 149 Broadway. PREMIUM POINT HOUSE, 1MMKDIATEDY ON THE Sound.?Seabathing, tlshing, boating, pleasant drives, stabling; no chills ami lever; 45 minutes Iroui city. A. C. PLYMPTON, M West Twenty-fourth street RUSK'S SUMMER RESORT, HUNTER. GREENE county. N, Y. References?David Hall, No. 2 Maiden lane, New York; P. S. Duryea, 40 Park place, Newark, N. J. ? Riverside hotel, imd street, at carmans villc, on the Hudson River.?This popular house, cn tiicly litteil and furnished anew throughout, is now open for the reception of guests; 14 trains dally from Thirtieth street depot; time, lu minutes. For terms, Ac., apply to pauLl a duncalf. SEVEN SPRINGS MOUNTAIN HOUSE. MONBOB, New York, opens :0th; no rains spaired; first class resort; early application liest; fifty miles from New York. J. M. PKTTMaN, Manqgtr. ST. JAMKS HOTEL, MARION, N. J.?BIGHT KIB* utes from Jersey City ferry, Cortiandt or l e-brosse* etree^; Pennsylvania Railroad; beautiful location; first ?!ftis taoie; eiegnniiy lurnUtieit Rooms, on suite or singly 5 all modern improvements; boating, driving, good sta bling, Ac. SUMMIT HILL HOUSE, ONE MILE FROM CAT. skill, wll open June 1 for cltv boarders, uta reason able price; pleasant pine grove, plen y fruit, good walk*, drives, Ac. M GohiCllIN, Proprietor. SJOUTH SIDE HOTEL,'AMITYVILLB, L, I., IS NOW J open for reception of guest*. For terms address Mrs. E. C.KINO A SON. R, TIU'MAS. Superintendent. TAPPAN ZEE HOUSE, NYACK-ON-IIUOSON, WILL open June 14. Seuil tor diagram* ami circulars. L. D. MANSt'l ELD, Proprietor. WOODBINE HOTEL, HIOH BRIDGE, OPEN FOB boarders.?Gentlemen taken low; trains to Central depot in 10 minutes, steamboat to I'eek slip in one hour. 8. broi'ghTON, Proprietor. . YACHTS*, STEA.AIHOATH, ftC~ "COR SALE?SLOOP YACHT WHITE WING, 20Xt? X feet, in good order. WM. H. H. GLOVER, Southold, N. Y. ROWBOATS FOR SALE?new and copper fas toned ; 14 and 15 teet long; handsomclv finished : will seat from tour to six persons. Apply to E. WYCBOFF. 1BI West 16th street. QUOWS FOB SALE OR CHARFER?ljiO TfTiBU TONis capacity, at low rates. AUdress B. A., box 140 llerald office. \ANTED?TO BUY OR CHARTER, A LIGHT t? draught Steamboat; must be speedy, suitable for passengers and freight, as well as <at>ai)le of standing lieavv weather. Address J. W. KMHCKt, 160 iiroad way, room 3. YU UT FOR SALB.?SCHOOITbR YACHT, KEKL ftJIxl.lS; draws 6}^ feet; iu tine order: two new Hosts; guns, awntu,'s and everything ncces ary tor im mediate use. Address box 1,040 i'o-ton Post office. ? RAA -FOB SALE, CABTW SI OOP y acht, VERY fast and able; running and standing rigging and sail*are new: oibiti nicely Oirnlshed and realv for use. Apply to JAMES JEROLAMAN, toot of Eighty, ninth street, East Iiivsr, or to J. S. MACDUFF, *7 Blecekcr street. FI'ltMI'I'KIC. VBABB i' IANCB Foil CASH, AT PRIVATE Itl.SI. denc?21 Rsst Tweatletli streot, between Hroadway ami Foarth avenue.?Parlor Suits, f7d; rep Suits. #40; Hedroom salts, $.16. and 3?u lots for less than uaif cost. A MAGNIFICENT SATIN BROCATEL PARLOR SUIT, nesrlv now. cost $47.1 for (21 JO; one do. *J7i, brocatel and reps Suits, |7.V >5o anil 933; rosewood Chamber Suit, cost $475, for$l7ft; walnut Chamber Salts, (28, up to$iy>; Paintings, Pianot<arfe, Bronzes, Mirrors, Curtains, Carpeta 80e. up; Buffet, Extension Table, halt original cost; fauulv leaving city. KM East Twenty-flith street, between Fourth and Lexington avenue*. Cut this out AOKNTLEMAN ANI> WIFE, GOING ABROAD FOB j% few years, will dispose, at a sacrifice, of their en tire eb gant Household Furniture ; also their two Piano forte*, celebrated city maker*, t ali at 210 West Twenty first street, near Seventh avenue. AT PRIVATE HOUSR 120 WEST 23D STREET-PAR lor Suits. |150. In satin; rep Stilts, $30; plush. $75; Carpets, half cost; Hedroom Suits, f50 upwards; Mirrors, Paintings, Bronzes. Silver, China, less than half cost. t FIRST CLASS ASSORTMENT HOUSEHOLD FUR j'Y nlturo for *nlc? Magnificent Drawing Room Suits, Marie Antoinette and Grand Duelies* strles, covore I silk brocade, cost SSUO tor $axi; do. $150, do. $45; supark Chamber Suits, Paintings, Mirrors Carpeta, Vases, Miver wsre, statuary, superb rosewood Pianoforte, stool. Cover; property family leaving city, to West istti ?t.. near 5th av. /JARPBTS, Furniture, Beds, Bi'dding, Ao. Paynicuts taken by the week or month. Terms easy. KELLY A CO., corner of Twenty flfth street ?nd Sixth avenue. /tool) SECOND HAND AND MISFIT CARPETS A V* specialty; all sl/es, handsome slvles* For salu cheap at 112 Fullou street, comer of Hutch; entrance, on Dutch street. WEF.KJ.Y AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR FyRNl ture, Carpets and llcddlng, at B. M. TH W AIT A tMi.'S, 155 and 147 Hiathain street An lw inen-e stock and low price*.

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