Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1873 Page 5
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PHIAL m COMMERCIJL. A FIRM STOCK MARKET. A Cheerful Vi6\v of the Situation. THE GOLD CLIQUE IN A MUDDLE. Kaiser William nnd Pres ident MacMuhou. MONEY EASY. Another Report Forthcoming from Pacific Mail. Wall Strekt, ? Monday, June 2?? P. M. ( On 'Change to-day cotton was quiet and steady for spot, white futures were In moderately fair de mand at a %c. improvement. Flour was dull. Wheat and cum were In demand but at decidedly tower prices. TDK FORKION MARKET. In consequence of the holiday abroad, this being Wblt-Monday, we have no London advices, save a press despatch to the London Times, from Berlin, which states that Germany Is dissatisfied with President MacUahon's address to the French Assembly and will not enter into regu lar diplomatic relations with his government until satisfied that France will adhere to the Treaty 01 Frankfort. This Is not a statement likely to affect the markets on either side of the Atlantic; first, because It is Improbable, and sec ondly because the financial world Is already aware that France is even now prepared to pay to the attermost farthing the last instalment of the in demnity dne on account or ttio war. The bank of France has not only offered to advance the amount, hnt the people themselves, by economical living; and honest Industry, have earned and saved enough to All the Treasury with more than Is sufficient to pay this public deot, Immense as it has been, and in another year will be piling up that which will give France a financial prestige and credit which, under the circumstances, may be written down as a marvel in the history 01 nations. Like other in cidental events that are seized upon in Wall street to secure an artificial value tills may be of use, when it becomes public property, to affect gold; but, so tar as we are at present advised, tlie rumor has been poured through an English sieve that will hot hold water. THE MONEY MARKET. The money market has been easy to borrowers on call at5a0per cent, prime mercantile paper ?elting readily at 7 a v% per oent. Foreign ex change Is strong, with a more active business, prime sterling being 108% lor prime bankers' sterling and 109% a 110 lor short sight. The following are the quotations as amended:? Sterling, sixty days' commercial, 108 a 108%; do., good to prime bankers', 108% a 108%; do., short sight, 109% a 110: Paris, sixty days, 6.30 a 6.25; do., short sight, 5.21% a 6.20; Prussian thalers, 71 % a 72; Antwerp, 6.27% a 5.22%; Switzerland, 6.26% a 6.21 %; Hamburg, 96% a 90; Amsterdam, 39% a 40%; Frankfort, 40% a 41%; Bremen, 95% a 96. The public debt statement lor May shows a de crease In the debt of $30,626,000. The receipts ironi customs to-day were $4os,ooo. The treasury balances in connection with the public debt statement are as tollows Currency $6,000,000 Coin 76,500,000 Certificates 30,600,000 Outstanding legal tenders 356,000,000 The beoks of the Treasury Department show that $240,000 or called 3 per cents are still outstanding. The Internal revenue receipts to-day were $660,000. It Is estimated that the receipts for the month of June will be $9,600,000. OOLD 117% A 117%. The same muddle exists in the gold market that has been recorded for several days. The clique have louud it uphill work to fight public sentiment, and prices instead of advancing liave, from one In fluence and another, either steadily held their own or receded, as was the case to-day. Every effort has been privately made which the season of the year warranted to create a spec llative leeling, and even the banks have been Invoked In taking the preliminary to lend their power to the monster combination. Somehow or other, however, the programme has met with a check, aud it IB now not wholly Improbable that the effort to make a squeeze will be abandoned. The action of Secretary Kichardsou in announcing his June policy naturally had its effect to weaken gold to-day, but there are other and deeper causes be yond this mere temporary incentive to a drop which arc likely to act as a barrier between the public and any crisis in specie. The following table will show the fluctuations in gold during the day:? 10 A. M 117% 12:50 P. M 117% }0A. M... 117% 117% 0:02 A. M 117% 1:2S P. M 117>i 10:06 A. M- 117% 1 :::a P. M 117% 11 A. M 1174* 2 M 117% 11:01 A. M 117% 2::i3P. M 117% 11:37 A. M U" % 2:68 P. M 117?, 11:36 A. M -117% 2:69 P. M 117% 1- :03 P. M 117% 3P.M 117% a 117J, Gold loans on time arc quoted at % a 3-16 tor thirty to sixty days, % a % for ninety days, % a % for lour months, 1% a 2% lor six mouths and 1% a 1% lor the entire year?all for use. The transactions ol the Gold Exchange Bank were as follows:? Gold balances $3,12:,417 Currency balances 3,822,690 Gross clearances 64.228,000 ' The carrying rates of gold are quoted at 4, 3, 6, 4%, 6 per cent. A despatch from Washington says that, alter deducting Interest due and unpaid, accrued Interest to date and coin certificates, there remains $10,000,000 of gold coin in the United states treasury. Bins FOR OOLD AND OFFERS FOR BONDS. The following order was issued to-day by Assist ant Treasurer liillhouse :? United States Treasury, 1 New York, June 2, 1873. l During the month of June, ls7:t, I shall, bv order, receive bids lor gold and offers of bonds as fol lows :? BIDS FOR GOLD. Thursday, June 6 $2,000,000 Thursday, June 12 1,6110,000 Thursday, June 19 2,000,000 Thursday, June 20 1,500,000 Total $7,000,000 OFFERS OF BONUS. Wednesday, June 4 $500,000 Wednesday, June 18 600,000 Total $1,000,000 A certified check for five r?er cent of bid or offer must be deposited. Proposals will he opened at twelve o'clock 110011 each day specified. The Trea sury may, at lw option, accept otters ol bonds or bid* for gold in excess 01 the amount advertised lor. RAILROAD BONDS. Central Pacific gold bonds were sold at 103%, Union Pacific incomes at 60, Ohio aud Mississippi consolidated sinking fund at 06%, and there was a good business in Union Paciflcs, first mortgage, at 86% a 86%. The busluess, however, was not active, although the prices were steady. The following are the bids, as amended at the call few York Cen ffs, '87.. 92 111 A 80 Iowa lit ni ?8 Hew York U?n &??, r e.. 87% Oaient A Chic ex 10.1 Kcw York Cen 8's. iub.. H7? Union* A Cliin 'id III.... 99 Bew York Cen 7'i, '76 1U1% Chic, R 1 A Pac 10* Erie 1st m extended.. .101% Morris A Ksiiex ill 10 % Erie 4tli in 7%, '8U Morris A Eaiex Mm... 9?% Buff, N Y A K lit m, '77 IS N J ('en lnt 111, new 106 Hud R 7'a, 2d m s f, '86.105% Pitt*. Ft W A Chic lit.. .107 Harlem con m A 11 I'S'a.lOO Pitta, Ft W A Chic &I in.101% Alt) A Sum Sd bdi 95 Pitta, Ft W A Chic M m. S3 Mtih Cen let m 8'a, '82. .113 ciev A Pltu con s I ?0 Chic, Bur AQS'a, lit tn.lia ciev A PittaXI tn MM Mich dnlpe Mm Mi ciev A Pitta Sd m JflchieAMtslfa...KB ClevA Pitta4th m... . Ciev A Tola f..... 101% Chic A Alton ? f Ciev A Toinew Ma.... W% chic A Alton lat in.... C, P A A old bd? i?t Chic A Alton Income.. C, P A A new bda. M% Ohio A MIm con if.... Petroli. M ATol lull.... 971, Ohio A Miaa con Buff A tine new bda... 9<% Ohio A Miaa id m, con. ? Lu? niiore div hd?._... W1, I ml. AKiouxClty lit... 93% Pec RK J'e, Kid by Mo. 98% Dub A Sioux City ,2a rtiv 93% Cen I'Aclrtc gold bda... 103% Penlnaula lit m.conv.. 95 %? 'lern Pacific bda ... US Ht l.oulaA I M latin..,. 97% t/tti n I'kc 1st in bda... Mil A St P Irt mS'i,P D. 10* Union I'M 1 f til* Mil A 8( t T%fold. * 0 9;% CWon rae laeome m. 0 *u k 8t F lit >n. L?C D tf# Bell k Ho 111 lit m 8's.. ? *?'* 8'pJ,rt Jtw Alt k T H lit in. 100# Mil A Ht P 1st m. CAM 83# Oh it- nwif. 100 Mil * ?t r m m. c * m. n# Chic k h W lot Ma..... Chicago kMil lit,m . . ? CUlc A N W cou bda.... 89# Col, Chic A IndC Ut oi 88# Clue A N W 1st in 1M, Tol. P * War , B D..x ?> Han A St Jo conv B&K Tol. Peoria * War. W O I*l" Lack A W 1st m.-lol* Tol, P A War, Bur Div. 8u# , W,Lack A W 2d m.... W Tol, Peoria* W^r Jd m if T? k Wah 1st m eat.. ?. M# BlAWinrs. 97 Tol k wflo ia raT.. ? ? ,77". W BoKTH * K 1st m7'a.. 9i Tol k Wab equip bd*... 83 Bu.-t, H k E jitd H Ut Western 2d in, '99... 86# Cedar F k Minn lit m.. 80 Quiucy A luilil, DO.... 92 SOfTHERN RKCPRITIK9 were dull and inactive. Tlie demand was confined to Tennessee fixes (new), which sold at 80#, old at SI and Alabama eighta, which sold at 88. The prices quoted are aa ioiiowaTennessee, ex coupon, 79# a 80#; do., new, 79# a 80; Virginia, ex coupon, 43 a 48; do. sixes, consolidated bonds, 64 a 54#; do. sixes, deferred scrip, 10# a 11; Georgia sixes, 78 a 81; do. sevens, 01 a 92; North Carolina, ex coupon, 28# a 30; do., funding, 1866, 17 a is; do., new, 10 a 17; do., special tax, 13 a 16; Missouri sixes, 03# a 94; do., Hannibal and St. Joseph, 91 a 92; fiOuislana sixes, 47 a 66; South Carolina sixes, new, January and July, 16# a 16; do., do., April and October, 20 a 26; Arkansas sixes, lunded, 30 a 40. GOVERNMENT BONOS were a shade lower to-day than on Saturday, and the transactions were comparatively light. Bive twenties of 1802 and 1864 solu at 116*; 1865's at 118%; 1867's, coupon, at 121#; 1868a, coupon, at 120. The following are the prlccs quoted:?United States currency sixes, 115# a 116#; do. sixes, 1881, registered, 115# a 118#; do. do. do., coupon, 122 # a 122#; do- five-twenties, registered, May and No vember, 110# a 110#; do. do., 18?2, coupon, do., 116# a 116#; do. do., 1864, do., do., 116# a 116#; do. do., 1865, do., do., 118# a 118#; do. do., 1867, registered, January and July, 116 a 116#; do. do., 1866, conpon, do., 119 a 119#; do. do., 1867, do., do., 121# a 121#; do. do., 1868, do., do., 120 a 120#; do. ten-forties, registered, 112# a 112#; do. do., coupon, 114# a 114#; do. fives, 1881, registered, 116#; uo. do., coupon, 116# a 116. STOCKS STEADY AND FIRM. The stock market shows a cheerful nndertone. With the exception of Pacific Mall, about wlitch there Is 4 lingering doubt, fhr reasons that will be stated hereafter, the feeling concerning the future of securities is more hopeiul and buoyant than it has boen during the last or the preceding week. Indeed, a comparison or the quotations for several days will demonstrate that there Is a current of confidence at work, the resultant of which is a slow but steady appreciation of values. The move ment In New York central, for instance, is very decided, the price having advanced from 100# on Saturday to 102# to-day, the lowest price being 101#. but with the largest transactions at the higher figures. This Improvement la doubtless due to the enlargement of lacllltieB lor labor ami earn ings, now in progress. Lake Shore exhibits a similar Impulse, the advance to-day having been 1# Der cent. The stock opened at 81#, dropped far a moment to 91, then recovering sold at ui#, 91#, 91#, 91#, 92, 91#, 91#, but at the last board strengthened and closed at 92#. Western Union opeued at 86#, retired to 84#, but rebounded and remained firm to the end, with slight fluctuations between 86# and 86#, the highest point of the day being 86#. Ho :k Island took part in the general im provement and meved up to 110#, being 1# higher than the best price of Saturday. St. Paul was Arm between the extremes of 64# a 55#, improving with the later tone of the market. To. ledo and Wabash also advanced, opening at 68# and closing firm at 69 a 69#. Ohio and Mississippi sold at 41#, 41#, 41#, 41#, 42,41# and 41#, closing at the last named figure. Delaware, Lackawanna and W estern was steady at an average oi 106. C., C. and I. C. ranged irom 30# to 31#. Erie simply held its own at 63# a 63#. In Union Pacltlc there was considerable activity, but not suillcicnt to cause a larger vibration than about # per cent. The chlcl speculative feature or the Board con tinues to be Pacific Mail, its stock opening at 40#, dropping to 40, 39# to 39# a 39# before the call, reaching at the first board to 40, moving up a trac tion after noon, but eventually dropping to 39# a 39# a L9, ut which price it closed. Tue impression of tne street is that Pacific Mail is a good deal like an April day?lull of showers and sunshine. Just now storms are foreboded. People who know say that within a week a statement will be presented by the new Hoard of Directors that will cause the holuers of stock to lo^k about for a first class obituary notice, because it will be made to appear tkat there is a million or two of difference between actual lacts and mere suppositions. On the other liand?, the shrewder ones insist that the whole present plan Is to bear the market to the worst aud then open battery in regal style as the precursor of an olu-tlme battle. The Board of Directors met to-day, and among other things look Into consideration a letter addressed to them by a prominent banker aud two other gentlemen, requesting that a true statement or the affairs ol the company should be Issued lor the benefit ot the stockholder?a statement that would neither mislead the public, thwart the interests ol the company nor do injustice to truth. Am above In timated, it is understood that such a report is iorthcomlng, the accountants being already at work upon the all-important figures, and that it will be gloomy enough to make everybody "stand irom under" and say Wall street prayers. HianEST AND LOWEST TRICES. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day Highest. Lowest. New York Central 102# 101# Lrie 03# 63# Lake Shore 92# 91 Wabash H9# 68# Northwestern No transactions. Northwestern preferred 86 85 ltock Is.and 11"# 109 St. l'uul 6i># 64# St. Paul preferred '. 73 73 Ohio and Mississippi 42 41# Union Pacific 27# 27# C., C. and I. 0 31 # 30# Western Union Telegraph 85# 84# Pacific Mall 40# 39 In Philadelphia Pennsylvania Railroad was quoted at 110# and Heading at 116#. 8ALEBAT THE MEW IOKiTBT00K EXCHANGE. Monday, June !*?10?15 A. M. $10000 US 5-20, C. t.2,.. I Hi# $2000 US 6-2U, C, '68, n.. 118# 7o0ouLf> {.-20,C, 'l>4 lit)# 10 A. M.?Before Call. 100 shsWest Un Tel.... 86# SOdshi Pac M 88 Co... 39# 4.0 do c S5'j 6U<< do {if# KKI do 86# 800 C A Km b I Kit UU\, it HI no 85 Iiki <lo it>9# 100 do b3 86 500 do s3 109 200 do 84# 200 do 1<?# Ji 10 do c 8 # 100 do 109?, 100 N yt: A 11 K RK..C 101# SuoB.IIAKRR s3 2# 2-J00 do 101# 6j? do 2# :ioo <i<> 101 # loO do o 2# Iiioi'ac Mall Sri Co.... 40# 3oOT, W A W KK 68# J0 do <0# *10 La Pat KK 27# 100 do C 40*4 100 do 2<>? 400 do - 40# 1M) do 87# 77i . do 40 100 do ii 27# iMO do.! o?# 1100 do 27'J W0 do 3U# W0 do 27# 5 i0 do SH'n 400 do *7# jUO do 39'? 100 do 27# E d?. C 39# lUOMAKtPKR 83 64# 1100 do 5$ 300 L .?> A M S RR 91$ 200 do ...????....C 3y# 20 do 91 "tw 38# 400 do -.0 91# zoo do ?? w# *W do 91# do 39# 100 Ohio A Mini KK. <1 41# ioO do.' 39# 1W) do bid 41 g 2UO do 39# 30 do 41# tuO do 03 39J? 100 do 41# :?J0 do C 39# 200C.CAICRK 30# 300 do 39# Plrat Board?10*30 A. M. IS OOTenn ???, old 81 100 ilu Pac M SS Co. .0 3?# 70)0 ienn 6's, new... 80# 600 do 39# 1000 Alabama ?'?. '9.1. 88 1300 do 39# looo Illinois c bdt, '79 9S Mio do 3y;-, 1000 Mich South 2d m. *i# 1400 do 39# 8000 do 9HH 600 do as 39H 6000 do 98 7(? do SK# 20iO Cen l ac Kitud b? 1U3# loo do t>3 39,% .1000 IJn I'ac lit m.... 86# 300 do 39# 29 00 do 80S 26 Am M Un Kxi>reM 6n# HiOOU Pac7'?, I g u... 68 loo N Y C k H R.bc.lS lol# 4000 do 67# 100 do. 13 101# 8000 U Pac IIPh, Inc... 61 100 do b3 l'?l# .1000 Ohio k >1 con ? f. i?5? Ml do lol# 1000 Ohio k M1m 2d in. B4# ISoO do 101# 400UStL k 1 M 1st ... 9,# SOU do 101# 0U0O M k Mt P 7'?, Rold W 600 do i3 101# 8000 Mil A St P, Io div 84# 100 do ,101# 2000 C, C k 1 C lit m.. 8.1# K0 do i3 101 # 3000C,C *I 70 100 Brie KKprt be 74 5000 H, H*K lit u# IOLH4Mn KK 91 1000 Hur.?'R A M lit. 89 100 do be 91# 2000T,PAW.Iiurl'll div 9t># 400 do 91# WOO far KK 01 Moid. 77 S?1 no 91# 40ihi B'k I'ommerca. 116 700 d?. 9IS 10 Hank of Com'with. 86 looo do 91# 100 Pa Coal 230# 400 no 92 lOOCon Coal... i. #i# loo d? 91# HI) Mar Ld k Mg...b60 12# 600 da bS 92 100 do^... U# 100 ao MO 92 100 N Cent Coal Do 30 837 do 91# 20H do 28 100 Panama 112 lOOWeitUnTal bo 85 lOOUui'ac HR...bc.i3 27# 5iW do 86# 100 do 0 >7# SiO do b3 8.># 100 do Z7S jki do e 85# 620 do 27# 400 do 861* 2*1 do 27# .VK) do s3 95 i?il....b o 88 100 do bS R91, 6 Ni i f I UK Ill6 1U0 do 86-* lit.,. f'ltK....bC M# M) *? ????? 400 Harlem RR ISO 100 OA HI Hit be 109; ?5 do be 131 loo do sS 109 *5 oo HIW HUU do 109 1?| 131* ?W do 1(? J# 00 isa 3UI do iw>: do 132* KM do s3 109 J00 do 132 900 oo 109 MO Pac M 88 Co 39* Mi 1119 puo oo be }?* sou OT..h;; 10#1 do jy? raj do bio 109, 00 lie bj 89* 100 do *10 10* JW do:....T.....U 39* 100 du 109* 300 do 39* SOU T, W1W Kit... lie 68* 500 do 39'? 2lW do ISO 68* 17J do 39* 100 do c ft*1? 600 do 40 ?00 do t8? 1U0 ao C W 1300 H. 11 A K RK. .!>C 2* 1.0 do s3 40 2MM>el,L A West KR.. 100 ?SA) da 39* SOU do bo *3 110 400 do 40 200 <1o 103 4U0 do 40* 10U11 * St Jo pi be 54 S00 do 40 lOOOhiu *M 41* 400 do 39'. 100 do 41', 3U0 do. 59* 200 00 C 41% I 100 da (3 39* 200 do *3 41?, 800 do 40 400 do 4 IS 100 ao n 40 100 do 41V HO Co s3 40 10J do 03 41V ?*> do 40 3U1 do 4 If, -M do 39* 3*1 C, C 4 I C RR..bC 30* *00 do C 39* 100 do b3 H' ? 1**? do 39* WO do b3 90* 14iU anil !)il5 P. M. | $."000US 5-20, e, 'W, n.. 119 (2600 US 6-9U, 0. Ki7.... 121* 6OU0 U8 6-iO, r, 'u7.... 116* 70ooUK5-2o. c.'6s.... 110 isouu U86-20,C, '67 121* 290U0 Cr?5's, 10-40, r.... 112* liitSO P. M.?Before Call. $15000 Tenn 6's.n 80 300 slu U Pacific KR... 27* 2UJ ?n* W(?t Union Tel 85* 2110 ao 27'J low UO S3 8 . >4 40 do 2,* 100 do Hi), 300 dc SB 27;', 800 Pac Mail S.I Co. .... 39* ICOMlIAKt PRh. 56', 1. 00 ao S3 39* 4O0 CblC A H 1 KR 109* 11MN ? C A M K KR... 101% 200 do b3 110 100 do 83 lur, 700 ao iw 330 do. 101 * 400 do 110* 200 ao lulS l?0 do e Ilo* 25 Mich Cen RR UU* 400 do 110* 200 I, hi M 8 KK....S3 91* 1000 do 110* 100 do nil lt.O Mil A St P RR pt... 73 Soo ao b3 *2 luiuhlo & M Kit 41V 2o0 do 02 100 lo 41* 1 uO ao. W* 4v0 C, C A 1 O KR 31 !**?? do S3 92* 1U0 do 31* 100 Pans in* KR Ill* 100 do s3 31 Second Board?1 P. M> $2000Cen Pac gold b.. 103* 600 ihs N Y C A 11 R.b3 102* lUmU hac Io's,ii>c..b3 60 100 do 10.* 114/0 C. C k 1 <; 1st 88* HuO do 102 SOUOTol A Wab 1st.... 90* luO UO ol** luUwOlno AM con-(if.. IK>* 200 ao lul* 2l?. Ollio A M coll.... 95* 400 Uo lOi* ZWiO M A St P lsi.LaCd 92* luo do b3 lol* 3000 1), M A Tol 1st.... 98 200HarleiU KK b3 132 5000 Can South 1st.... 94 25 Mich Ucn 102 66 slut line KK Kl* 600L S A M .1 KR be ?* 100 1I0 be S3* 10) ao til 02 J 2W)Pac M .in 39* 810 uo 92* 12'J do 39* 100 do s3 92 80 do 4j* 50 C k P RK 87* 300 do 40* I0? A N W KK pi.... 85 1000 do 40* MM Chic A K 1 KK. .b c 110* 400 do 40 300 do ti3 110* 900 do 89* 900 do HO'4 400 do 40 200 do *3 lit* 400 1 - - um AU0 do 39* ... tWO do 3.1* 20T.WAWKR be ?8* 200 ' ?" 500 200 do..'..'.'.'..' itoVl iui ll'ASt J Kit. .V. r.." 36 1U0 do b3 39* 21X1 Han A St .lo pt 54 I ? 0? do 39* lOOOIuo A M Klt.bc.b3 41* 1 8J0 U Pac KK be 2;* 100 do e 41* ! 100 do 27* ftOO do b3 42 420 West UnTel be ?..* 400 do 41* 200 uo til 85* 100 uo bS 41J, 200 do b3 K'i* 200 do 4i -4 5 <0 do 86?j, 100 do b3 41* 2<0 do 80* luOC, C A 1 t; KK..b<! 31* 200 do 8.V,' 200 ilo b30 3i^ 71 NY CA H It KK... 101* 200 do 31* 20tl uo be 101* i0 do 1/3 31* 1930 do b3 102 3iX? do 3i* 33u0 do 102 100 do M 31 S8i30 to 3 P. M. $50000 US 5'g, 10-40, r.. 113 200shs Harlem KR.... 132 6tKiO K. H A K 1st .16 8'MUSAMSRR 92 flOlmha VSe?t Unlel.... 85* 200 do 92* loo do 85* 800 do 92', 700 Pae M 88 Co 39* 100 do b3 9-* 400 do 39*, 200 Un Pac KR 27* luO ao 39* 200 do 27* 300 do 39>i 300 Chic A Rock 1 KK. 110* lilO do b3 39* 2uU do 110* 700 ao 39* 3u0 do 110* 100 do s3 8:1* 100 ao *3 llOji 200 a 39* 100 do b3 110* 900 do Sill, 91K) 110* 100 ao *3 39* 100 do b i UU). 4u0 do 39* 300 uo #3 1 VX 2U0 do s3 39 100 Mil A St P KK obU i2i)0 do 39 100 do 55* 300 Erie KK 63?i 100T.WAWRR 6y loO do 6..* 200 l>. Lack A W KK... 106 600 N y ?; A 11 K KK... 1.1* 100UUlo A M Kit 41* 100 (lo 101* 300 do 41* 3.10 do b3 1UJ 200C, C A 1 C KK....?3 31 1000 do 102 loo do 31* CLOSING PRICES?3 O'CLOCK P. It Western Union. 85* a 85* Pitlsburit h7* a 8S Am Mer Un Ex. to a 09 Noriliwest'n pf. /m* a ^6 l uc.lie Mail.... 39 .1 39* .(Central lio!-j a loii* N Yt.entral* a 101* Rock Island Ilo* ll-,', trie 63* a 03* St Paul 5.> , a 66* Harlein 131* a 132 Wabusn. to* a t>9 Huston, tl A fc. 2 I 2* Ohio A Miss 41', .1 41* Laht nhore 92* a V2* C, C A 1 > 31 u a 31* Union l'acihc.. 27* a 27* rto 39* 200MU A ^6* do 39* 1"0 ao 0 W'4 39* 100 do .... Iw* a? 3.1* 20T, W AW RR be to* ao b3 39 * 300 do to 39* 300 do 69 4,10 ao 39* 1UIB, H .. K RK....bC 2* COMMERCIAL REPORT. Cotton Qatet, bat Steady; Receipts at the Porta, 3,871 Bales?Flour Dull? Wheat, Corn and Oati were Lower? Porlc Firmer?Lead Steady ? Coffee (tulet?Sugar In Demand and Steady? Alolavaes IMeglecte*!?Petroleum Uasler? Naval Storea a Sltade Oft?Whlakey Dearer. Monday, June 2?? P. M. The trade movement wan somewhat Irregular to day, but the chief interem on 'Change centred In the grain markets, wliich were unHettled and lower. Flour was dull aud lower, while wheat was decidedly lower, but fairly active at the decline. Pretty heavy sales of Spring wheat were made for shipment at decidedly lower prices, and the tend ency at the close was still in buyers' favor. Corn was also decidedly lower under free receipts, but the sales were pretty large at the re duced prices. Oats were [also lower?the market being depressed by the free receipt*. Whiskey took a turn and sold higher. Pork re mained dull and nominal, while other kinds of pro visions were inactive. Lard was quiet, but steady. Freights were about steady, though vessels for grain charter were easy. Cotton was quiet for spot, but in better demand and an *'c. per lb. better for futurt. Groceries, with the exception of su?ar, was quiet, but prices exhibited no cbanite. Petroleum was quiet and ensier. Natal stores were also easier. Cotton on lint spot was quiul, but steady. Future deliveries ruled *c. bvlier, with moderate transact!.ins, but closed lame at the improvement, wltb more sellers than buyers. We sum up thus:? To-1 my. Thurt. Kvt'g. Total. l.ttl 150 288 Export ??* ? ? Consumption 380 Speculation. Total M no mm ?Included in tlic above are 4IH bales to arrive. For lu ure delivery (basis low middling) the sales have been as loliows Hales Mon.iay evening alter 3 o'clock?June two ai 18*c., 3uo at 18 l.i-IOe., *oo at 13 il luo. 4u0 ut 18 w-itic., 400 at lo*c.; July, 2.l>M atl9c., 100 at 18 31-3 1,5.10 si H 15-lbc.; August.800 at 19 l-J2c.,3J0al 19c.,-Mo at I8 31-32e., II atl8 ij-loe. ;Octouer, l.M at 7i*c.; total. 7,3-W iialei Kx change?*e. paid to exchange .4M June lor August Sales 10-day up toS P.M.?June, l.lOO 18*c.,lU0 at l**e., sliart notice. 500at 18 1116c., lOUat 18 21-Hic.. liKlai 18 II-10c., 500 18*c-. "?"at ?""? 2c., 500at l-*c., 200 at is |:UUc., I.UUI laKc.. lOOat 18 13-10c.; Jalr,Ai<0a I8*c., 600 at I8 29-3JC., tic., 100 ,19*c.. Ml HIV . ? 6c., 400 at l9*c.. 100 at 19 3-IOc., 1,900 at 19'iC. ; SeptemDer, 10) at 18e., It*) at M*c.;October, loo at I7*c. Total, 15,000 bsles. Kxeliange?*c. paid to exchange 100 July lor Auuust. (?rand touil, 22,100 bales. The receipts at the ports were us loliowsOalves on, 328 bales; New Orleans, 1,M9; Mobile, 1M; Savannah, 463. Charleston, 267; Wilmington, 21; Nortolk. 45; New York. 578; Bosion, 10. Total, 3,8/7 bales. This day last week, 7,937 bales. This day Ixst venr, l,u2U bales. Itates on cot on to loreign pons clo-e.l nomi nal at the following flgures:?To Havre, b.v sieain. 1c.; sail, le., compressed; to liamburg, by steam *d.. com pressed ; to Hreinen, b/ steam. Ic.; to Liverpool, 5-16d. a *d.; sail, 5-16d. a *d. K e quote Cpl'tiuU. Alabama. Jf.Orltaiu. Texan. Ordinary 14* 14* 14* 14* (lood ordinary I?* 16* 16% 16 4 Htrletgood ordinary. 17* 17* 17* 17 V. Low middling 18* 18* Ik* x 18* Middling 19* 19* 19* 20 Go.?l middling. 21* 21* 21* 22 ?The quoiauons are based on cotton in store, runn Ing in quality not more than hall a grade above or below the grade quoted. corral.?The market continued very quiet for all des ?criptions, but we learn ol no essential change In |price. We have only to note a sale 01 sno bags ol Maranilla on pri vate terms. We quote:?Rio?Ordinary cargoes. 17*c. a ls*c.: lair cargoes 18*c. a I8*c.; good cargoes. 19c a I9*c.; prim* cargoes. 19*c. a i9*e.; extreme range for lota, ii*c. a 19*c.. gold, per lb., ?> a 90 days' credit; Java 'government hags) *>*c. a 2IWc ; do. (grass msrsi. 21c. a22c.; Singapore, do.,17c. a 18c. ;Cerlon. 18*c. a 19*c.; Maracaibo. 18*c. a I9*c. . Lagusyra. I?c. a I9*c.; Ja maica, 18c. a lie..; St. Domingo, 16*c.; Porto Rleo, I9e. a 19*c.; Costa Kica. 18*c. a 19*c.; Mexican, 18Ve. a 19c.; Manila, 18c. a I8*c.; Angostura, 18*c. a 19c.; Savanllla, I8*c. a 19c.; Curacoa, 18*c. a 19c , gold, 60 a 90 dart' credit. e lou* sivd Grain.?Receipts?Flour. 22,931 hbls. -.wheat. 350,605 bushels; com, 254,2*2 do., corn meal, l.OHO bbls. and 6?4 bags; oata, 71,878 bushels; barley, 2,0iM do.; rye, 33,648 do. The flour market was dull and somewhat ir regular prices being generally lower. The sales foot ap on.y about 5.8UO bbls., incluuing all kinda Corn meal was quiet and unchanged. Feed was quiet at the appended Agures aa lollowsT?100 lbs. sharps, f24 a |25; 100 lbs or No. 1 middlings, $23a >24; 80 lbs or No. 2 middlings, g22 Superflne state ?? Extra hute #85a J?J0 Choice Htala 7i?a 7 75 fuperflne Western 690 a 626 Kxtra Western 6 86 a 700 Kxtra Minnesota 726a 87& Round hoop Ohio, shipping brands 6 75 a 7 00 Hound hoop Ohio, trade brands 7'25 a 825 Family....;. 8 50 a 1026 St. Louis, low extra * 7 00 a 7 25 8L Louis, straight estra 775a 825 flt Louis, choice double extra 876a 950 St. Louis cholee taiuily 1000a 12tM CalUornla 8 75 a 9 75 Rye flour 400 a 540 Houthern No. 2 4U0a 5 26 Southern superflne 176 a 6 30 Houthern axtra 7 00 a 9<M Southern family 9 50 a 11 50 Corn meal, Western 315 a 3 45 Corn meal, Jersey. 815a 3 45 Corn meal, Brandywlne 360a 966 Haltlmore 440 f. 0. b. Caloric S80 a 365 Puncheons. 1800 f. o. b. ?1 ne wUfat mark*i waa unbilled ana lowir* ?a??ci?u/ for ordinary grade* The sales (moat late Saturday) wers about 2ou,usU bushels, at $1 34> a |i 43 tor interior Spring, $1 49 a tlH tor No. 3 Chicago, $1 53 a $1 66k tor No. 2 do., $1 4b a >1 49 lor No. 2 Milwaukee, $1 <0 tor amber Western, *1 i*j lor amber Michigan, $1 78 lor do. Minnesota and $1 86 lor red Winter Canada in bond; also fi W lor.No. i MtUeaukea Spring, Jtt arrj\\ in June, all une. Corn decidedly lower, cTosftg at C^uU^BC. a t>lc. lor lair to prime canal mixed. i lie sales were about 72,UU) buahels, at 48c. a olc. lor steamer, 61c. a 62>*c. lor sail, mixed Wesleru, 63),c. a 64c. lor high mixed and 6tc. a b4.Sc. lor yellow, atlost. Oau were easier and tlie de mand only moderate. I lie sales aggregate about 53,000 LuslieU, at 47c. lor unsound, trie, a 49c. lor black Western, 4i?c. a 41c. tor mixed, inc. lor white Western, 57c. tor do. State and flue, lor lair mixed state. Bariey aud rye were mac.i?,? and nominal at previous figures. Pksiuuts.?Business in the line ol berth freights has been lair to-day and the market very strong. Vessels lor charter were lu good demuml at lull rate*. The engage ments were:?To Liverpool, by steam, 16.00J bushels grain at Hid. per standard bushel; 30,tUU bushels do., lor shipment7tli msL. at'J',d- lor corn;7,5o0 bushels ol do. tor Ulh mat., at 9Kd. a lod.; 15,000 busheU do. lor do , at l"d. a lO'.a.; u,40o boxes cheeae at 60s., 700boxes bacon ai 40s., 7t ulida tobacco at 40s., aud by sail, 7,5>A) bushels graiu at 7>?d. a ?d. iu London, by steam, 16 hhds. tobacco

at 44a., and by sail, 1,000 bbl.-. Ilour at 3a lf,d. loUlasgow, by steam, 600 boxes ha on, at 5oa the cum frise .?A British brig, nence to Penarth Koads lor orders, ,400 quarters grata, at 7s. 9d.; a Hriil h brig, lieucu to a direct port United Kingdom. 1,200 bbta refined petro leum, on private terms; a British brig, heme to au out i al?*e spauisli port, /.uoocasea retlned do., at j2>*c.; a Nor wegian bark, hence to Havre. 3,500 bins. cru e do., at 6s. bd.; a Norwegian bark, hence to Beiiast, 2,6 0 buis. naphtha, on private terms; an brig, 400 tons, hence to Uenoa, rosin. bacon aud general t argo. on pri vate terms; an Aiiiericun bug iroiti Philadelphia to Billion, l,4oti bbls. retlned petroleum, at 7s. ?}id.; a British ship irom do. to a Continental port, 9,000 bbls. ?i refined do., on private terms. Other charters lor grain wero pending, but not in condition to report up to a late hour. Molaksks.?There waa very little dis|Kisltiou to deal iu cargoes, but iu a small way ou tness was lair at lull prices. We quote,\?w crop?Cuba, centrnugal aud uuxed, 18c. a 22c.; do. claycd, 29c. a Sic.; do. musco vado, renning. JOc. a 32c.; do. do., grocery, 33c. a 46c.; Porto Kico, 35c. a 60c.; English islands, .6c. a 60c.; New Orleans, 46c. a 80c. Naval Htouks.?For spirits of turpentine the market | was dull aud prices w?r? more or le>a uouiiual. yuo ed at 40c. We have only to note Kales ol 2j bbls. at lliat Srice. Later loo bbls. sold at 46>?c., XI bbls. at 4bc. and 3U bl-., in lots iroin autre, at iroin too. a 49c. Koain was quiet and o made easier. Htrained quoted at tlie closc at $3 16a$3 2u .salei were reporteu ot 60 bbls. ot pale at $?>, <6 bbls. of do. at $4 60, 76 bbls. ol do. at <4 aud 160 buis. at 13 oo ? $4 6j, lor good No. i and pale. Tar and pitcn were neglected aud uo.niual ai previously quo.ed llicures. I'KTKuLKta.?ror rcilned the market exhibited no change, remaining dull and prices nominal, quoted ai ?Sc. to 19&e. lor early delivery and all June. Crime, in bulk, was quiet and weak. The asking price was ?c. .out the bids generally were uotanove Sftc. ;case> were quiet, i aud quoted aleady at2.>)?c. Naphllia \va? inuclive, i.ut very tlruily liuid at Uc. a il>?c. neporta Iroui .lie Creek were ol a quiet market, wiOi prices ruling about sieudy. Tim Philadelphia market was dull and easy. Refilled ollered at 19>4c. r in New York we. heard oi a sale ot i,60J bbls. ol refilled, lor llrsi half ol Juue, at l'J^c., atul .sa,es made last week, uot previously reported, oi i'/KXJ bbls.. lor last ball oi j une and llrst halt ot J uly, at aoVjc.; and lo.tAW bbis., lor last half ol July aud Ural ball ol August, at 0>4c. Pa h isions.?Kecelpta?Pork, 1,2711 bbls.; cut meats, 649 puc .ages; lard, 773 bbla. and tierces. The murkct lor mess pork was quiet, but firmer. 10 bbls. were jobbed at $16 4o a *16 02,^, and 250 libts. Sold lor July at $16 50. Bacon was dull und entirely nointual in the absence ol transactions; quoted at 8>,c. a 8>4o. ior long clear and 9c. a nVc. ior short do. Dres.*-d hogs were quiet, bu, steady, at 6j,e. a 7>sc. ior the range oi city. Beet?1'ho market was quiet to-day, but prices remained stt udy. The saius iu lots were about 35 packages at prices within the range ol (10 a $11 ior new plain mess bbls., $12 a $14 tor do. extra do. bbls., aa) a $22 tor do. prime do. tierce*, and $23 u $24 lor do. Indian do. tierces. Beel hams were dull, but quoted nominally steady ai $28 a $32 lor .southern and Wcs.ern. Cut meats?Trade In a Job.iing way was moderately lair, but tuero was little In quiry lor wholesale mis. Prices were not materially ct.'auged. We Uoie sales of 30< pickled hiiin., 12 lbs. av erage, at 12>?c.; 500 do., 14 lbs. average, at lie.; aud .>,UK1 lbs. oi loose bellies, on private lerms. Lard?The market lor Western was generally quiet but steady. The sates loot up about 2,o00 tierces lor Juue at 9c.; .50 tierces, sell er's. July, at9'4c.; 500 tierces tor da ai9 6-10c.; 100 tierces of old kettle at 8Jtc.; aud 100 itcrcea city iard at &**c. Butter and cheese were iu moderate request at previ ously quoted pi lees. micak.?A laii business waa consummated In raw su gar to-day at about su-ady price,-, ilie sales include i,U0d lihJs. ot Cuba ui He., 300 htids. oi Cuna a. I'roui 7i*e. to He., 3U h ,ds. oi Porto Kico at 8c. a 8J?c., o6 hud*, ol very common re lining ai j^c., it,o hints., de scription uot given, on private term-. Other sales were said to have been made, but wo were uiiuulc to learu the particulars. We quote;?Cuba? Refining, interior to common, 7c. a 7>4c.; lair toguod lair, 7&C. a 7>,c.; good to iirluie, 8c. a 8^c ; gro cery, lair to good. B,'4c. a 8,'ac.; prune to choice, 8},c. a 9c.; crutriiiigul, hhds. aud boxes, 8J4c.?a 9ftc.; molasses, hhds. and boxes. 6)ic. u 7)iC.; melado, 4c. a tie. Havana? Boxes? Dutch standard, Nos. 7 to 9, 7c. a 7J?c.; do. lo to U, 8c. a 8)ac.; do., 1., 10 l.i, f )lc. a ; do., lb to 16. ilfgC. a 10c.; do., 19 to 20, I0'4 aiO',c.; white, 9?4c. a lo;4c l uno Kico?Itclliitiig, coniiuoii to prime, 7c. a b',c.; grocery, Ian to ciimce, 8}4c. a 9'4c. Brazil?Dutch sum iard, Aos. 8 to U, iil4c. a Java?Outen standard, Aos. Hi lo 12, 8'tc. a 8;?c. Manila?Superior and extra su perior, 7c. a 7Jic. ..ica.?Tnere was a tuir dlstributiug business consum inu.e.i to-day, at steady pm as. naies, 4o tierces oi t.uio liiiauliVc. a s>ac., and 200 bags ol Kaugoou at b^c. a ic. Stkakink.?The market was (lull, and in the absence oi reported sales prices were nominally steady, as pre viously quoted. Tallow was quiet but steady. Males, 40,000 lbs. and 40 tierces ol outside, at irmii B>jc. a h WiiiSkEV.?Kec, lpts, 664 uols. the market waa quiet, but at Sc. | ar gallon better. Sales, 100 bills, at 94c. DOMES'ilO MARKETS. Oalveston, June 2,1873. Cotton steady; good ordinary, I4'4c. a 14>*c. Net re ceipts, 328 bales. Sales, 6u0. htocX 30,0^4. Ntf <)ki.kans, June 2, 1873. Cotton?Demand moderate; middlings, 18c. a l8,'4e. Net reeeipis, l,u49 bales; gross, i,i72. hxports lo (Jreat Britain 1.U2; Ui Hie ilonunellt. 2(3; coastwise, 3,812. hales, 1,-tJO; lust evening, 800. block, 94,141. Mobilb, June 2, 1 "73. Cotton Arm; middlings, 17'4c. Net receipts, 14U bales. Kxporls coastwise, 437. Slock, 22,766. bales, t>W. Savannah, June 3, 187.\ Cotton firm; middlings, 18>ae. Net receipts, 4(kf bales. Exports?to (Ileal Britain, 4,246; Coastwise, I,lt>7. Sales, 374. Stock, 16,998. Charleston, June 2, 1873. Cotton quiet: middlings, 18c. Aet receipts, 2o/ bales. Exports coastwise, i20. hales, l'JO. Stock, lu,979. Wilmington, N. C.. June2,1873. Spirits of turpentine quiet, at 40c. Kosui lower, at $2 40 ior strained. Crude turpentine steady, at $2 05 tor hard and $3 30 ior yellow dip and Virginia. Tar quiet, at $3 26. Oswxuo, N. Y.,June 2,1873. Klour steady and unchanged; sales I.6o0 hols, at $* 50 lor So. 1 .-spring. $9 50 tor amber Winter, $10 60 lor white Winter, $11 lor double extra. Wheat dull. Sales 01 1.000 bushels No. 1 Milwaukee club at $i 60; on car do. at $1 63. Com dull; sules ol six cars at64c. a56c. Kye aud peas quiet. Coin meal?$1 26 lor boiled, $1 20 lor un bolted, per cwt. Mill leed dull; sliors, $l8a$19; ship siulfs, $19 a $20; middlings, $20 a $21 per toil. Canal ireights?Wheat, 8c.; corn and rye, 7>4c. to .New York; lumber, $3 50 to tlie Hudson and $1 5J to .New York. Kail road ireighis lower?Klour, to Philadelphia, 60c.; to Bos ton, Site.; to New York, 40c.; to Albany, Troy and Schenec tady, 30c. Receipts by la?e?40.800 bushels wheal, Mi,a00 do. corn, 4,200 do. rye, 10,600 do. peas, 4,425,1X10 laet of luinbet; Shipments by canal?11,400 bushels wheal, 2,614,oik) leet ot lumber. BurrALO, N. Y.,June 2, 1873. Grain in storeWheat, 226,317 bushels; corn, 1.351,711 do.; oats. J05.704 do.; barley, 32,219 do.; rye, 12,151 do.; peaa, 1,017 do.; mall, 3..U3I do. Lake and rail imports lor the last lorty-eight hours:?Klour, 14,757 bushels; wheat, 144,600do.; corn, 44,00j do.; oils, 153.UOO do. f:<tnal ship ments?Wheat, 201,174 bushels; corn, 236,194 do.; oats, 27,991 do. Railroad exports?Wheal, .iO,346 bushels; corn, 9 688 do.; oats, 0,4^0 do. Klour quiet; Western Spring, $7 25 a $8; amber W inter, $8 60 a $9 25; white Winter, $9 60 a $10. Wheat dull; no sales made public; quoted Milwaukee No. 7 spring, $1 42 a $1 43; Chicago No. 2, $1 40; white l.auuda, $1 75 a $1 ; white Michigan, $1 80a$l 98. Corn dull; sales in small lota 2,100 bushels No. 2 at 47a 48c.; 400 do. per sample at 47c. Oats easy; held In car lots at 4.V a 43%c.; br cargo. 42>s'c. a 43c. Barley aieady; Canada, 96o. a $1; No. 2 Western, 90c. a 95c ; two-rowed Slate, 84c. a (k<c.; lour rawed do., 94c. Kye nominal at 84c. Barley malt firm; vestern, $1 a $1 10; prune Wiuter Western, $1 10 a $1 15; prime Canada, $1 20 a $1 25. Kye malt held at 9iic. Balance ol articles unchanged. Cbicaoo, June 2, 1873. Flour dull and a shade lower; very light sales, exira Spring ai $.'? 75 a $7. Wheat dull and lower; sales ol No. I Spring at $1 29V; No 2 cpring $1 25 spot. $1 25,S. seller June: $1 23',. seller July; No. 3 >prilig $1 16V, a $1 17; rejt cfed, 98c. a $1, closing weak at inside prices. Cora in lair demand and lower at 3s^c. lor No. 2 mixed regular; 39|fc. fresh spot; 3o.lJc.. seller June, 41\c., seller July; 4 4c. bid, seller August, rejected, 37c. Oats in lair and lower at $16 75, cash or seller June, $16, seller July. I.ard quiet ami unchanged at $H 56. cask or >eller June. Bulk meat* steady; sale* ol shoulders at 6?$c , packed; short rib middle* quoted at s^c. a hl,c. Bacon 1111 cliuuged; quoted at utv. ior shoulders, 9!,c. for clear rib sides. 9,'ic. lor clear sides, all packed. ? hlskey steady ai 90c. T reighta?t orn lo Hulla o, 5c ; wheat to do.. SSc. Recelpta*-8,5(i0 bbls. tlour, 44>,(Wo bushels wheat, 146.iUOdo. corn, 150,0110 do. oal* 4,000 do. rye snd 2,i*M do. barley. Shipments?8,001 bills. Hour. 47.0"i bushels wheat, 375,000 do. corn, 160,000 do. oats, and I.OUOdo. rye. CHEESE MARKETS. UrtrA, June 2, 1873. The offerings to-day footed up fully 5,ms) boxes there were 38 lactones registered, besides several represented which were not registered. Over 3,000 boxes were sold at ls>*c. a I4*4c.. the latter figure rulitiat. The market opened dull, hut wa* quite brisk at the clo<ie. At Little Kails the market was not promising; at the opening the offering* ol lactory were 4,wo boxes, of which about 2,0110 boxes were sold at ll'4c. a l4Sc. . tarm dairy sold at lilc. a 13c. These were the ruiiug figures, two lota sold at 14){c. A?JAY COoKK k CO., a No. 20 Wall street, New Vork. London, Pari*, Exchange on Berlin, , Frankfort, Bremen, Vienna Cihle Transfers. Circular Letters, Commercial Credits, on JAY COOKE. McCULI.OCII A CO.. 41 Irfimhard street, London. Canle Transfers upon Vienna direct. ACUU8T BELMONT * CO., Bankers, l? and il Nassau street, issue Traveller*' Credit*, avallaoi* In all parta of tha world, through the Messrs. DE KOTHSCUILO and their corraspondenta. . Also Commercial Credlta and telegraphie transfer* of moneyjin California. Europe and Havana. A? LAPSLKY A BAZLKYr74BR()AI?WAY. BROKinU ? in 8lock and Oold Privileges -$100 tor put or call for 100 sbaraa, $12$ tor $60,000 gold; first class nauiea Explanatory circular, with practical Illustrations and relsreucea, mailed to any afidress. AS -OOLD AND BTOCjf-pjuVILKOKS.?IMPORTERS a and other daalera la foreign goods may render their regular business leas speculative by providing them selves with Oold Options at a premium or quarter to half per cent. WILLIAM WARD, Dealer ia Stock*, Oold and options. 12 Broad street. T~1RKAioNABLE^RATKR?MONEY OS LIFE AND Endowment Insaranca Policies, Mortgaees and other securities, insurance ot all kinds efletted with best companies. J. J. H aBKICH A CO., 117 Broadway. A "-TRUST MONRyTTiht" PAID IN TO LOAN AND ? buy Mortgages on City Keal Esute, in sums te suit; no boaua. Address ittL'bikK. bos 2.061 Pott offlca.?. Y, PINANC1AU. j^ANKINO H0U8B OK PISK AND IIATOII, No. 6 Nassau ktrkkt, New Yoax, Jan* 3,18731 We rccommcod to our friends and customers, for In vestment of snrplu* Capital, or in exchange for Govern ment Bond*, which can now be told at unusually high price*, the lollowing securities of well-known character and established reputation, viz. j? The Chesapeake and Ohie Six per Cent. Bonds-? Principal and Interest payable in Gold Coin in New York city; Intereat payable May 1 and November 1; Issued in denomination* of $100, $500 and $1,000, either Coupon or Registered?l'rlce 88>i and accrued Interest. Alao, the Chesapeake and Ohio Seven Per Cent Bonds? Principal and Interest pnyahlo in Gold Coin in New York city; interest payable January 1 and July 1. Bonds of $1,000 each, Coupon or Registered?Price U0 and accrued interest. The Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad is completed and in operation from Richmond to the Ohio River, 430 miles, at a cost, with the equipment, of over $38 ,000,000; and the rapid development of the business of the Road Indicates that its earnings for tho ensuing twelve months will not be less than $3,000,000, and for tho succeeding year not less than $9,000,000. Pamphlets contAinlng full Information concerning tho Road and the couutry it traverses furnished on applica tion. We also deal in Government Bonds, Central and West ern Pacific, and other first-class Securities; receive de posits, on which we allow lour percent interest; make collections and do a general Banking business. F1--K A HATCH. Ij^XKCUTOR FUND OP $125,000 TO LOAN ON NEW y York city first class property for five years, in sums oi $fi,ii00 and upwards; no bonus. Address EXtCUTOK, box 319 I'ost office. F OR SALE?100 SHAKES NEW YORK MUTUAL GAS Light i ompuny. Address box 912 I'ost office. Liberal loans on new york, Brooklyn. Westchestercountv and New Jersev Improved Real Kstate; First uud Second Mortgages promptly cashed, and Securities of ev< rv description bought, sold and exchanged, and liberal loans oil same. JACOB V. I>. WYCKOFF,64 andoo Broadway, and 31)7 Puilou street, Brooklyn. IOANS ON LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES AND J other necurltles, in largu and .-.mull amounts, at 85 Liberty street, up stairs. Mobile and ouio railuoad company. Mobilk, May 27, 1873. Whereas the stockholders, at their meeting on tho 17th day of April, 1873, requested tlic directors to Increase tint capital stock bv un issue of one now share tor each ?lmre now exi*ling, upon the payment of 25 per cent iu cash; and Whereas the directors have prescribed that said 25 per cent shall be called tor lu the iwllowing instalments, on 1st July; 1873 $5 1st November, IS73 10 l?t January, 18/4 5 1st April, 1874 5 Therefore resolved. That the transfer books of this company shall be closed on Monday, Hie ltith day of June next, lor the purpose of determining who are entitled to the new stock, allotments of will ho m ule In ac cordance with the record of stoekholders ol that date, and which can be sidd or u-cd at pleasure. The transler hooks shall be reojened on Tuesday, the 1Mb day ol July next, at which time transfer bonks will also lie opened iu the city of New York, at the office of Duncan, Sherman A Co. By order ot the Board of Directors. a. L. W li.Loucil BY, Secretary. OFFICE OF THE FARMERS' LOAN AND TRUST Company, 2<i Exchange place, corner William street. The annual election for nine Directors of this Company will be held at this olllee. on Tuesday, the 111 h day of June next. The poll will be open from 12 o'clock M. to 1 o'clock 1'. M. GEO. P. FITCH, Secrefurv. New Yokk, May 31, 1873. UNITED STATES TREASURY. Kkw York, June 2. 1873. During the month ol June, 1873, I shall, by order, receive bids tor Cold, und otleis ot Motn'.s, as follows:? BIDS KDIt GOLD. Thursday, June 6, $2,0|)0,000. Thursday, June 12. #1,5*1",000. Thursday, June in, $2,U0?,ildai Thursday, June i'fi, $I.VH,o<i\. OFFERS OF BONDS. Wednesday, June ?, $500,000. Wednesday, .lime 18, $500,000. A cerii'ied check for five percent of bid or offer must be deposited therewith. Proposals will be opened in 12 o'clock, noon, each day apeeitled. The Treasury may, al itn option, accept offers of bonds or bids tor gold in excess ol the amount advertised lor. Printed forms tor proposals, with the regulations to DC observed, will tie furnished at this ollb e. THOS. HlLLllOUSE, Asslstunt Treasurer, U. 8. ' A NTBD?TO liUY, FIRST BOND AND MOBTOlOB on country larm, New York Stale, lauutrc at33 Wall street, room 14. (JjO AAA $3,000, $5,000 AND $10,000 ESTATE MONEY ipa.UWU to loan?on desirable improved Property In New York or Brooklyn. GEORGE B. WaLTON, No. 6>? Pine street, room 12. $r nnn WANTED?ON A THREE STORY AND tJ.Uv'lf basement brick House in Harlem r property worth $9,000. Address C. C. C., box 114 Herald office. d?/| r nn/i to loan?on bond and mortgage ipTU.lnMF on New York and Brooklyn property. Apply to or address REYNOLDS A AUSTIN, 1,036 Fulton street, Brooklyn. dfeftn nno $25,000, $24,000, $10,000, $10,000, $5,000 ?')"J.UUv/. To loan on Mortgage : First and Second Mortgages cashed. I1INMAN A SON, 25 Pino street nnn for bond and mortgage in new JpOU.UU"/ York ci?y and BrookJvn.? $80,l?*l to |>ur cnase city second mortgages. Apply to or address W. D. A F. BARTLES, 6# Wallrtreet d>"| f\A nnn to loan-on bond AND MORT JplUrr.l/UU gage, on New York or Brooklyn im proved I'roDcrty. Apply to F. 8. DR1SCOLL, h Piuo street room 14. dbltir (WWi TO LOAN-ON BOND AND MORT Jpl^j*),ilull gage, without bouus, lor a fciin ol years, on real estate in this cltv. JOHN F. CON RE Y, 162 Broadway, room 9. O* 1 r.l\ nnn-BT ONE OR MORE CAPITALISTS, ?IP I uUiUUU In cash or Its equivalent for two-thirds ot the amount tor a thirty per cunt Interest in the right of an extraordinary and valuable Invention; balance as needed, forming part ot $160,000 cash capital, earn ing from 30 to 50 per cent per annum: reference to be satlsiactory in every respect. Address W. 11. R., box 3,288 Post office. <M fMlfl TO LOAN-IN SUMS TO SUIT, WITH ?Ip 1 ?)" J.UWU out bonus; $200,000 to buy Mortgages where owners will pay good bouus tor immediate eush. PAUL P. TODD, 55 Liberty street. COPAUTNBRSHIPS. NEW YORK, JUNE 2, 1873, 43 NEW STREET.?THE undersigned ha-e this day formed a copartnership under the firm name, of Richard P. derrick A Co., lor the transaction of general stock, gold nml sterling exchange commission business. RICHARD P. HRRRICK. K. CORNING ABELL. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE THIS DAY ASSOCIATED themselves together lor the purpose of transacting a general commission business under the firm names ol ARTHUR BARNWELL A CO., Charleston; ISAAC BELL, Jn? A CO , New York and Savannah. At. I'll I It B Mi.N W 1.1,1, (late ol Gikh's A Barnwell). Nkw York, June 2, 1873. ISAAC BELL, Jh. THB COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING between John Cavanagh and Michael I>orle\ lias been dissolved, and ihe undersigned will not hold himself responsible tor any transactions in connection >vith the above late firm. JOHN CAVANAGH. Nkw Yobk, June 2, 1873. REAL ESTATE. A. D. Melllck, Jr., and Bros', sale of the Hillside Park property, at Englewood, N. J., on Saturday, proved most satisfactory. The sale was made by order of Charles O Kellogg lor account of Mrs. J. S. Cowan, and comprised a stone dwelling, with eleven acres of land, fronting 011 Bugle street and Hillside avenue. In Ihe best portion of the town and In the midst of costly Improvements. It was subdivided Into twenty nine villa plots und laid out after the plan of Idnden place, all the lot* radiating around a common centre or park. Three of the plots were reserved and the balance realized ? Plot No. 1, Engle St., Daniel Drake smith.. $4,2:10 Plot No. 1, Winthrop place, E. O. Moore 1,(150 Plot No. 3, Winthrop olace, E. O Moore 2,6uo Plot No. 4, Winthrop place, E. W llowland I,W0 Plot No. 6, Winthrop place, E. W Howlaad 1,100 Plot No. 6, Winthrop place, V. Tilyou I.S00 Plot No. 7, Winthrop plaee, J. Kellogg l.sflO Plot No. 8, Wlnlhrep place, corner Church st, A. Downs ?,000 Plot No. 11, Stuart st, with dwelling, E. W. An drews 15,560 Plot No. 10, adjoining last. E. W. Andrew* 5.0U0 Plot No. 9, adjoining last E W Andrews 3.100 Plot No. 12, StuarisL, George Huvlcr 2.100 Plot No. 13. Stuart st, J. L. Dawes 2.7i?> Plot No. 14, StuaitsL, with bara. J. L Humphreys. 6,INK) Plot No. 75, Winthrop st, George Spark.. ... 2.IIM Plot No. 16, WtuUirop St. J. Wells 1.9U0 Plot No. 19, Winthrop st, O. H. Sheppard 1,016 Plot No. 20, Winthrop st, C. II. Sheppard 1,02* Plot No 21, Winthrop St. A. Kellogg 1.460 Plot No. 22, WinthroDst. A. Kellogg 1,450 Plot No. 24, Winthrop St., Dr Newton. 950 Plot No. 25. Winthrop st. Dr. Newton )W) Plot No. 26, Winthrop St. K S Monroe 1,000 Plot No. *7, Winthrop St., K. 8 Monroe ? Plot No. 17, Winthrop place. P. Howland 1,4X5 Plot ??>. 18. Winthrop plaee, P (lowland .. I,42? Lesptnssse A Friedman report having sold 2 lots, 50x|00, an Urand Boulevard, e a 60 It n of lllslst, tor $IA,MJO, also 3 lots on 147th *t, n. a, 100 a w. ol St Nicholas *v.. 76x100, for $9,IX'0. "jflLLED BT RAIL Ao Inquest was yesterday held at the Morgue, by Coroner Kessler, in the ca?e of Joseph O'Nell, a man thirty years of age and a native or Ireland, whose death was occasioned by being struck by a train of ears belong ing to the New Yerk, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company. In their verdict the )arv say >-*And we utkg occasion to elate, In oar judgment, that proper precaaliol was and Is not taken by the parties engaged in excavat ing ana laying the road on Fourth avenue, by which means tfee sala accident was cauead, and we further recommend that hereafter flagmen iw stationed al every crossing and suitable provision made to warn pedestrians of excavations and danger te life and Utah. so as lo avoid the repetition at a like occurrence." THE PUBLIC DEBT. Treasury Statement for May?The D?bf Reduced *3,540,483 Daring the Part Month?Amount of Cola la the Treat* urjr, 971?,588,000. WA8HIN0T0N, June a, 1878. The following la a recapitulation of the publio debt statement:? DEBT BEARIN0 INTEREST IN COIN. Ilonds at 6 per cent. $1,332,738,eso Bonds at 6 per cent 414,5?7,30e Principal $1,747.305, 960 Interest 35,164,19$ PEST MARINO INTEREST IN LAWFtH. M0NBY. Certificates of indebtedness at 4 per cent $878,000 Navy Pension fund at 3 per cent 14.000,000 Principal $i4,?78,ooo Interest 181,780 DEBT ON WBICU INTEREST HAS CEASED SINCE MA TURITY. Prlnolpal $2,158,270 interest 819,421 DEBT BRAKING NO INTEREST. Old demand and legal tender notes.... $358,082,822 Certificates of deposit. 29,126,000 fractional curreucy 45,v:70,642 Coin certificates 80,448,000 Principal $460,932.8(54 Unclaimed Interest) 14,604 TOTAL DEBT. Principal $2,226,073,084 Interest 35,009,904 Total $^200,742,989 CASU IN THE TREASURY. Coin $75,588, SIC Currency 0,000,790 Special deposit held lor redemption of certificates ol deposit as provided by law 29,125,000 Total $110,779,U& DEBT I.EHS CASH IN THE TREASURY, June 1, 1x73 $-2,130,963,878 May 1, 1N73 2,153,489,156 Decrease of debt during tlie past mouth 3,525,282 Decrease ol debt since Mitrch l, 1873.... 7,410,827 Decrease of debt from March 1, 1809, to March 1, 187a 808,082,550 BONDS ISSUED TO PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY, IK* TEKKST I'AYABI.K IN LAWFUL MONEY. Principal outstanding $04,823,678 interest, accrued and not yet paid l,oia,5S7 interest paid by the United States 18,50^,280 Interest repaid by transportation of malls, Ac 4,185,773 Balance of Interest paid by tlie United htates 14,323,607 THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE. Annual Meeting of the Company?Th* Superintendent Resigns?Reports ol tho Executive Committee, Treasurer and. Superintendent?What Has Been Dono During the Past Year. Yesterday tlie East River Bridge Company held the annual meeting, at their new ofllces In Water street, anu there was a good attendance present,. Mr. Henry C. Murphy presiding. THE REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTOR. Tlie report of the Executive Committee was first read, and It showed that the work had progressed In tho most satisfactory manner. Tho Brooklyn tower had beeu carried up to a height ol 104 feet above high water murk and the New Tork tower to eighty-eight. The financial condition of the company will folly appear by the aunexed statement. '1 litre had been received from all sources on the 1st of May, 1872, $2,921,(124 26, including $120,000 on sale of New York city bonds, and there had been expended at that tune $2,906,380 40, including $248,000 on pur chase of New York city bonds, leaving a balance ol cash On hand at that time of $18,234 77. There has been received during the last year from ail sources $1,000,960, including $12*,000 on the sale of balance ol New York city bonds; mid there has been ex pended during the year foi8,o;sy 02, leaving a bal ance on hand on May 1, 1873, ol $197,149 IS,Includ ing balance 011 hand on May 1, 1st2. IIESKINATION OF MK. WILLIAM C. KINflSLKY. Mr. William C. Kingsley, who has held the posi tion of (ieneral Superintendent since the com mencement ol tlie work, presented Ills resignation on account of 111 Health. He will continue, how ever, to take an active interest In the enterprise as director and stockholder. TIIK SUPERINTENDENT'S REPORT. Dkar Sik:?Since my lasUiuutinl report the work upon the bridge has been steasily pushed forward, uud la at present progressing >atislnctorily. IIUOOKl.TN TOWER. During the year 8,816 cubic yards 01 masonry have been added In the Brooklyn tower, and it la now It'l feet above high water. The stone to complete this lower to tho springing liae of tlie arches, at no elevation of 200 feet, was contracted for last sea-ion, and with slight exceptions hat been delivered as rapidly an required. All of tho s'one under thai contract is shipped, and will arrive In time tor the work. A contract bus hern awarded for ull ot the stone irorn the springing line ol the arches to the tower, a portion of which will be delivered this season. No accident ot any kind has happened either to men or machinery at the Brooklyn tower during the year, but the work has progressed vteadily, and, considering the Character ot the work, with gn at rapidity. The setting ol stone was Hiispen led November Zi, 1872, and was resumed March ?7, 1873. NKW TORK TOWKR. The filling of the New York caisson with concrete was completed July 12, 1872, and the work upon the masonry wa- at once, resumed ; It win continued, without Inter ruption, until December 7, when the tower had reached a height of fifty-Seven feet Work on the masonry was resumed on March 27. and lias continued uninterruptedly since, and the tower is now eighty-eight leet above high water, and there is stone eiiourh ou hand to complete th< tower to the roadway at an elevation of 120 leet, whicn point It Is expected will be reached by Angust 1. The report also contains a detailed statement of &U the contracts made, with the prices paid each contractor. HBSUMK. The Brooklyn tower Is now KM feet above high water, and the mati rial is on hand to complete it to tlie spring ing lines ol the arches and the work is progressing regu larly and rapidly. The New Vork tower is now eighty eight feet above high water, and materials sufficient to hand to complete it to the roadway, and everything Is in good working order and the work proceeding rapidly ana ?uccessfully. The anchorage in Brooklyn is considerably further ad vanced at tills tune than was expected, ana the lumber will all be laid before July 1, and the masonry will be commenced soon alter. Very respectfully, WILLIAM 0. KINdSIiKY, General Superintendent. THE TREASURER'S REPORT, Which la very complete, shows that up to the pre sent time there has been $ ,770,345 received, of which $:i,684,fioo was on account of the capital stock. Tlie expenditures or the enterprise were $3,571,198. The assets of tiie company were $332,027, and the liabilities $281,796. The receipts for the year ending April 30 were $1,096,954, and tne expenditures $918,0:19. During May $10,557 was received and $8'J,6.sA expended. The balance now on hand Is f li\0Ji. The old i:oard of Directors was then dissolved, their term Having expired, and the annual election took place. The result was as follows:? rok DiitccTOKS: Henry C. Murphy, J. 8. T. Htranahan. John H. Prenilce, William H. Vanderollt, Alexander McCue, Abuer 0. Keency, John W Lewis, l-'rancis l>. Moulton, Isaac Vim Andcn, Samuel Mclean, Hudson II. Wheeler, W. W. Uiiodrirti. Abraiu S. Hewitt, William C. Kingslejr. Benlsrnln K. iracy. The position which Mr. William C. Kingsley vacated will be filled on Wednesday. THE STATE TAX-A DEFICIENCY INEVITABLE. [From the Albany Argus, June 2.] Tie aggregate amount ol taxes levied by the late Legislature exceeds that of last year (exclusive ol the deficiency tax) over two millions of dollars. To make the matter woise, the appropriation! largely exceed the taxes levied, and no provision was inade for the deficiency of $1,590,000 bequeathed by the Legislature ol 1872. Aside from the enoruoua increase in taxation, therefore, the Legislature* of 1872 and 1873 have lert an aggregate deficiency of three millions or thereabouts tor the Legislature of 1874 to meet. We recall the following Items in the various tax levies ot this ycai, and there may be others:? mw*. mak. Bounty Loan 2 Canal Awards )i (ieneral Kuud Ik Asvlums VIS Extraordinary Repair* 7-10 Floating Canal Debt.... >4 Mew Capitol >4 Academies 1-1* Total ?.? The aggregate tax last year (exclusive of the de ficiency taxi was 6.876 miliSL showing an increase the curreut year ol 1.076. If the Legislature bad made full provision for Its own authorized expen ditures and that or its predecessor the tax would have been at least 8)t mills. A deficiency tax of IX mills next year, therefore, is Inevitable, and U the Slate escapes with that it will be fortunate. THE SUICIDE MANIA IB JEE8ET. Clarence Van Winkle, a young maa residing in Betvea square. Jersey City, and a descendant of some el the old settlers in that district, cut his throat with a rasor yester day morning aad islnow lying la a precartoas conditio*. The mental despondency to which the young maa fell a victim resulted from falling health and consequent inca pacity to remain In the situation through which he hoped to resell one dsy s position of honor snd large emolu ment. When only eighteen years eld ho was appointed a slerk in the Hudson County Bank, and it was this posi tion he was compelled to resign. Hi* family vers about to send hlin to North Carolina. There was a piange for death and s plunge for lift yee terdsv morning In the Passaic at Newark. A woman of middle age was observed to plange overboard from the <!>><. k, vl>Po/<ita Clarke's thread factory. A sailor, attached to a sCooonir mmjXM Bear by, witnessed Uie act. aud In stantly plunged klHr tho unjortuusj* woman, lie res cued her. and as (son M ?l>ew*? fdttss ashore aad able to speak she stsUu fnaf, saving beeu discharged from toe thread factory, after sevea v?ars' connection with it. sni uot knowing where else to se?a for suiployinent, she ue4 came tired of lit* aad ' Vniru DM**lf- She wiu ha ukeii car* ufr ~

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