Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1873 Page 8
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EDUCATION MATTERS. Bnalmatloa ?d Opealng Exercises In Uu College of New York, the Catholic Protectory mad th? Hew Primary School No. 4. COLLEOB OF THI CITT OP NEW YORK. The examination of candidates for admission t* the introductory department of the College of Uk city or Mow York began yesterday. At a Quarter to nine o'clock in the morning the appli cants assembled in the college chapel. There were M6 all together?a much larger number than In tfce previous year. The examination was In spell ing, arithmetic, English, grammar and reading. It was conducted in accordance with the usual programme; for the most part in writing. The examination in this department will be concluded to-day. Out of the students presenting themselves for admission 143 have chosen the ancient classical course, 110 the modern clussical course, and 206 the commercial course. Of the lust 04 have chosen French, i?n (German and 4 Spanish. The parents ol six have not vet determined which course to choose for their sons. All of the scholars have had to puss a year at least In one of our public schools. OPENING A NEW PKIMARY SCHOOL. The new and handsome Primary School No. 4, between First avenue and avenue A, on Sixteenth street, which is now entirely complete and preseuts quite an imposing appearance, was formally opened Tt-stcrday nnder the direction of the Principal, Miss M. Louise Warner, by a series of Interesting exercises by the children. The exercises com menced at nine o'clock A. M., and were concluded ?boat noes. All the Board ol Trustees were present, together with Inspectors Oerard, Mc1. Ague w and Hayard. Mr. Harris Millard presided at the piano. The exercises Included an opening Srayer, singing, recitations, declamations and idlogues, and were very commendably carried out. The school is a fine structure, about 120 leet by ?0. It has three floors, Including the basement; is constructed of brick, with granite stone facings. The stairways are admirably arranged in case of lire, and, indeed, the whole building seems lire proof to a great extent. Thsre is a thorough ven tilation in every part. It cost $100,000, and has been built during the short apace ot the past year. TUB CATHOLIC PROTECTORY. The annual examination and exercises of the Catholic Protectory, Westchester county, N. Y., came off yesterday, at one P. M. The exercises were couilned to the male department. The 10! lowing clergyman were present:?Right Rev. Bishop Lynch, of Charleston; Very Rev. Vicar General Ouln, Rev.' M. J. O'Farrell. llev. W. dowry, Rev. P. Klnsella, Rev. Fathers Daly, Deuly, Stainpe, MeKenna, Callaghan, Rev. Dr. McOlynn and Rev. Dr. Pursell, together with the thirty or lort.y Christian Brothers of the Institution of'whteh Rev. Brother Tellow Is rector. Fourteen hundred boys filled the front part of the Bpacious and neatly decorated hall and the vast assemblage of ladles and gentlemen thronged the remaining seats. Tne programme consisted of songs, recitations, decla mations and readings of essays. The Young Men's literary Association of the institute did exceedingly well, especially those who took part in the debate, "A Comparison Between Julius ca?sar and Napo leon." Alter the conclusion the Right Rev. Bishop Lynch made a congratulatory address, in which he reviewed the present noble efforts to support, stimulate and perlect Catholic education. He praMed the good boys to a high extent, and told them to never neglect the opportunity they nad 01 becoming good men. Alter this a luncheon ol various delicacies was served by the Brothers, and the day was successiully completed. NEW YORK CITY. The Commissioners of Health met yesterday after Boon, but no business of an Important nature was transacted. Coroner Kessler was yesterday notified to hold ?n Inquest on the body of Edward Flanlgan, who died at No. 4 Barard street lrom the effects of in juries received from a crushed linger. John E. Dunham, who was klHed at the corner of 129th street and second avenue last Sunday, Is in no way related to Mr. John B. Dunham, of L'nion square. It was stated that they were brotucrs. A single scull working boat race, between E. O. Klmlbcrg and Leslie Hastings, of the Columbia Boat Club, of Brooklyn, took place on the Ilariem River yesterday. Distance two miles with a turn. Won by E. o. Kindberg. 1 lino 10 :23. Coroner Kessler was yesterday called to the Morgue to hold an inquest on the body of Clara Henderson, who died lrom accidental suffocation, as certified to by Dr. Bull, Of Believue Hospital. In what particular manner deceased was suffo cated did not appear. John O'Neill, an architect, thirty-nine years cf age, and t?ora in Ireland, was taken suddenly 111 in ? Sixth avenue car yesterday morning, while IMmlH from the country, sod died soon after Wards. Deceased lived at 141 East IU:h Street, Wtut(. r ni< remains were taken. Coroner Herr Ban held an inquest over the remains. Yesterday Mr.-E. D. Webster, the new Superin tendent of Castle Garden, was installed in his etltce. There was nothing formal in the installa tion. The only person who received him was the Pr iideut, Mr. llurlbut. Mr. Webster has been lu office since Saturday aiteruoon, at which time Air. Casstrl.v made his valedictory to the new Board, but yesterday his official existence began. THE DEATH OF SHAIDA'8 VICTIM. Boston, June 2. 1873. In the Municipal Court to-day Frank J. Shaida was fully committed to await the action of a cor oner's inquest an a charge of shooting Thomas Mahar on the 3d of May. Mahar died yesterday at the hospital. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Babcock?Woodward.?Oii Wednesday. May 28, St All Souls' church, by Lev. F. A. I al ley, D.l)., Hknry 1). Babcock to Anna M., daughter ol Robert !. Woodward. McDonald?SHPTE.?On Saturday, May 31, at the residence of Dr. Rev.Dcems, 4.9 W. st Twenty-second street, J. Dtirr McDonald to AIaiiv a. Suute, boUi Ol New York city. Shacord?Coxon.?At the Presbyterian church, New Rochehe, Wednesday eveuin . May ?~, in Kev. E. R. Burkliaitcr, Lawkkncc II. Skacorp t- Mollsk Coxon, both of the above place. Died. Blaoden.?On Sunday morning, June 1, Annie C, wue 01 Samuel 1*. Biugdcii, and daughter oi Ezra White. Relatives and friends are invited to ut'end tne funeral irom Dr. lla.i's cliurcu, corner Nineteenth Street and i-'iith aveuue, 011 iues iav, lid lust., at five P. M. Bradley.?On Monday, June 2, Aoatha Hrad ley, youngest daughtei 01 Michuei O. and wane Ann Bradley, aged 1 year and 17 days. Her funeral wlI taKe place ou Wednesday, the 4th, from the residence ol her paieuts, o-ia Fast Fourteenth street. Brown.?on Monday, June 2, ,it, slnik May, youngest, child 01 TiionusJ. and Harriet W. Brow n, 01 til s cltv, aged J years and ! 111 mil. Funeiul services at 1 Uionviile church, W> st Chester county, this ('luesday) aiteruoon, at ri.ui Sast lour o'clock, iraius leave Uiauil icnuai epot, Forty-second street, at .t: >o p. \i. Brown.?on Monday, Jsue2,lv3, John Swuk Bkown, ol the Arm 01 l.rown <v Holies, son 01 the lale Ueorge A. Brown and L. Augusta iuown, 111 the 33il year of tus age. Notice of funeral in to-morrow's papers. HUkD.?At Chester, N. J., on Sunda., Juue 1, Hon. Daniel Brim, aged t>4 years. The relatives and friends of the family ate 111 Ylted io attend the funeral, on W. dnesday, at one O'clock, Irom his late residence 111 Chester, S J. bi the residence ol his lather, hrns tus Buikley, 129 Rodney sireet, Brooklyn, E. D., 011 Sunday, June 1. 1878, Reginald W. oulkley, iu the 4oth year ol his age. Funeral services will be held at his lale resi dence, on Tuesday. June 3, at three o'ciock P. M. The remains will be taken to l enn Yan, N. Y., lor interment. Bcrton.?At Nice. France, on Wednesday, May 88, Li:c:ia ci.akk, wife 01 J. II. Burton. Newburg papers please copy. Callanan.?on Monday, June 2, of diphtheria, Pbtf.r. second sou 01 Lawrence J. and E. A. calla nan, aged 4 years, 4 montns and 2'j days. Carrier.?In New *ork, on Sunday morning, Jnne 1, ol quick consumption, Hattik Maria, eld est daughter of U. W. carrier, of Kockvilie, conn., and niece of R. A. Dorman, of this city, aged 20 years. The remains will be conveyed to Rockvilie and funeral services held there this (Tuesday aiter ttoon, at two o'clock. Carroll.?In this city, on Monday, May2fi, Ed Win K. Carroll, ages 42. Hartford papers please copy. Coleman.?on ihursday evening, May 2?, H7?,, Henrietta Coleman, wile of James Coleman, lor merly of Scranton, Pa. Funeral irom the residence of her parents, at Klngslsnd, N. J? on Saturday, May, 31, 1873. Connai'uhton.?On Sunday, Juue l, alter a short Illness. John Conn aOobton, a native of Oat Held. ?arish ol Aughrlm, county of Galway, Ireland, aged Iyears. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend the luueral, irom his late residence, 323 East Eighty-second street, Tues day, June 3, at one I'. M. Corns.?At Stuttgart, Germany, on Saturday, May 31. 1873, ot couaumpiion, eli/aiikiii H., wile of A. M. Corne. Crawford.?on Saturday, May 81, Andrew Crawpohh, in the 83d year of his age. The friends of the family and those of his sons, William and Konert, are respectfully Invited to >t*mi Uw fuaeraUyu Juiic v itt a'cloelt A. II., from the residence or his son-in-law, William Ewan, 141 Wayne street. Jersey City. Curtis.?On Monday, June 2, John J. Curtis, In the 24th year of bis age. The relatives and Irlends, also the members of tbe Plate Pi inters'Union are respectfully invited to attend the iuneral, from his mother's residence, 183 Clinton street, on Wedne.>day, June 4, at two P. M. Desman.?On Sunday, June 1, suddenly, Mary Dknman, at the resilience of her brother-in-law, William Knapp, 371 West Thirty-second street, aged 76 years and 22 days. The relatives and friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, rom the above residence, on Wednesday, the 4th lust., at one o'clock P. M. Her remains will be taken to Cypress UtUs Cemetery for Interment. Doschkk.?On Monday, June 2, Henry C. Doscara, in the 26th year of his aire. vitJ.f ??ei?IlYe.8.?nd fr,end8 oi the family are m funeral from his late lesidence, oVlock event'1 8treet? on Thursday, at one -u?NVAJ? "~0a M?n<lay, Jnne 2, 1873, Mary A., wire ol Henung Duncan, aged 69 years. Relatives and friends are invited to the funeral ?er,y.'ce8 *,er 'ate residence, 86 Fourth street, o'clock"1 0n WedueS(la* ^ternoon at three Dunham.?On Sunday, Jane 1, suddenly, John E. dunuaii, son of John Duntiam, aged 38 years. Notice of funeral hcrqaiter. Earl.?on Sunday, June 1. Elizabeth Leve rich, widow ol the late E. Morris l- arl. The funeral will take place on Wednesday, June 4, at half past tiro o'clock, from 206 Clinton ave nue, Newark, N. J. Ban Francisco papers please copy. Philadelphia, on Sunday, June 1, Julia Augusta, wi.e of John s. Qivler. Interment on Wednesday, at ten o'clock A. M. Haioht.?At Pleasantvlile, on Monday, June 2, Mary 8. Haioht, daughter of the late Abraham Haight, in the 60th year of her age. The friends of the ramllv are Invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday, June 4, rrom the house of Walter II. Haight, Pleasantvlile, at ten o'clock A. M., Chappaqua Meeting House at half-past eleven o'clock. WALTER H. HAIOHT. Haokn.?At Honn. Prussia, on Saturday, Mar 24. Wiliielmina, only child oi Nestor W. and Adeline u Hagen, or this city, aged 17 months. At the same placyon Monday. Juno 2, Adeline L., wire of Nesior W. Hu.en and daughter oi the late William R. liitcticock, aged 36 years. Healy.?On Monday, June 2, Matilda, beloved wife or John Healy, aged 19 years and 6 months. Iuneral irom the residence of her father, Jatnes Relily, 629 Eleventh avenue, on the 4th instant, at two o'clock P. M. Heath.-on Sunday, June l, Annie Amelia, be loved wire or Rev. J. O. B. Heath, aged 33 years. lriendsoi the family are invited to attend the iuneral, on Tuesday, June 3, at one o'clock P. M., Irom the Church of the Incarnation, corner Madi son avenue and Thirty-firth street. I Kraenhbl.?Suddenly, on Saturday, May 31. Charles J. Krabnhel. Friends ol the lamily nre invited to attend the Iuneral, this (Tuesday) arternoon. June 3, at liuir past two o'clock, from his late residence, 329 Last Thirtieth street. Kreinspl.? Hancock Lodge, No. 49,1. O. oro. F.? The brothers are requested to njeet at the lodge room, at Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Grand and Centre streets, on Tuesday, June 3, i.t hall-past one o'clock P. M. precisely, ror the purpose or paying our last tribute of respect to our late brother. Charles Kreinsel. ROBERT RICHARDSON, N. 0. Robert H. Racy, Secretary. Ludlow.?At Jamaica, Long Island, Frances, widow ol the late Gabriel Augustus Ludlow, in the 6t>tlt year of her age. The funeral service will take place at Grace church, Jamaica, Long Is and, on Thursday, June 5, at hall-past ten o'clock A. M. Tram leaves Hunter's foint at 10 A. M. Mac,ratii. On Tuesday, May 22, at Centre Mori clies, L. I., after a short Illness, Julia II. Magrath, daughter or Frederick and Elizabeth Vearcant. Marciiant?On Monday, June 2, Henry Mar chant. aged 41 years. ' Relatives and iriends or the family are Invited to attend the funeral, Irom 63 West Ninth street, on Wednesday, June 4, at hall-past nine o'clock A. M. 1 he remains will be taken to Rhode Islaud lor inter ment. Martin.?On Monday, June 2, Robert Martin, a native of Eugland, aged 31 yearn, 7 months and is davs. Relatives iriends are respectfully invited to at end his funeral, from the residence of Mr. i iiomas Hetiton, 107 Walcott street, South Uroow lyn, on Wednesday. June 4, at two o'clock P. M. Surry (England) papers please copy. Morr.? on Monday, June 2, Sauah A. Morr, aged 2' years. ' ^ Lelatives and friends are respectfully Invited to attend the iuneral. on Wednesday, June 4, at two 0 clock, irom the residence or her mother, Mrs F E. Wilcox, 71 Conselyea street, Williamsburg. McJokmack.?on Monday, June 2. Mary Kiiati '?an, the beloved wile ol Robert McCorwack aued 2? years. ' b Keiatives and friends are respectrully invited to attend her iuneral, irom her late residence, 104 I'ortland avenue, on Wednesday in irning, Jiiiie4 at nine o'clock, to St. James' Cathedra;, Jav street Brooklyn, where a requiem mass will oe'offered' lor the repose of her soul; thence to the Cemetery or the Holy Cross, Fiatoush. Nei8en.?On Saturday, May 31, Ehelike A. Nex sen, aired 6?i years. Funeral from her late residence, 03 Schermerhorn street, Brooklyn, on Tuesday afternoon at lour o'clock. oitTbHA.?On Saturday, May 31, Rafael Orteoa, a native of Mayaguez, Porto Rico, In the 3Stn year 01 h.i a^e. The Iuneral will take place on Tuesday, June 3 irom his late resideuce, Jll WestThirty-flith street, at hall-past one P. M. I he remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery lor interment. 0'.Sis ill.?on Monday, June 2, of heart disease John O'Neill, aged 34 year* ami 10 days. Fune al from his late residence, 141 East 112th street, at half-past ten o'ciock. Friends and ac qua ntances are respeetlully iuvited to attend, at Si. Paul's, where a hi,'h requiem mass will be offered ror the repose or his soul; tuence to Calvary Ceine Pattkrson.?On Sunday, June 1, Robert J. PAT TERSON. Ills relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to attend his iuneral atone o'clock, Tuesday, at 49;i Kiirhtn avenue. ??>.<*" Phelps.?On Sunday, June 1, at his residence, Wi st .sew Brighton, S. I., Major Justus M. Puuli-s. in the 55th year o his age. Relatives and lr.ends are requested to attend the funeral. ,,oiu tne Church oi tne Ascension, West New Br ghton, on Wednesday, the 4th mst., at liali past o'c oc^: I'. M. Boat leaves pier 19, North River, ai iial!-past two P. M. Carriages in attend ance on arrival or the boat. Chicago and Delaware county (N. Y.) naners please copy. iff Pope.?On Sunday, June 1, at noon, at his resi dence, 211 West Warren street, Brooklyn. P. Bos ton Pope. i uneral will take place at Trinity church. New ?oik, on TJuirrtUay, June 6; services to coiuinriice at two p, M. Kimins?At her residence, 178 West Baltic street, Brooklyn, on Saturday, .May 31, Mrs. Janet 1>k Kay Robins, aged 47 years. funeral iruiu her late residence, on Tuesday June 3, at two o'clock P. M. m vck ?i n Mommy, June 2, Julia E. Stack, youngest child o William and Johanna Stack, aged i year, s months and 19duys. I'uueral from the residence oi her pareuts 109 Ciirjsiie street, on Tuesday, Juue 3, at two o'clock simonson.?On Monday, June 2, 1873, at the resi deuce, of Hon. l>. F. liemaun, Manhattanville, ( aiiiarine, widow oi David B. Simonson, in the 7?i h year oi her age. Kunerai services will be held in St. Michael's ctmrcii, Bloomingdale, on Wednesday, the 4ihiu ? tant, at t* u o'clock A. M., and in .-?t. George's ** 'Ui en, Hempstead, L. I., at iiair-past three p. M. til- same day. \ train by Central Kail road or Long is..,ihi leaves New York nt two n'ciock I'. M. and ilunt,er's Point at hal;-past two o'clock P. M. > i iv in.?on Sunday, Junefl;, Thomas F.. pon oi i ,?( mas und Catharine sudlvan, a?ed J1 vears z luouths and M days. Ihe relatives aiid friends of the family are rc ?!?er-Irully invited to attend the funeral, from the resilience of iijn parents, 26 Prince street, this 11 ues .uv) aiteriionii, at half-past one o'< lock. m iiikklani)?on Sunday, June I, aft r a ,lnger H'if illness, Helen, wife of John Sutherland, in her i- i ye.,r. Aberdeen (Scotland) papers please copy. i ii<iKNT,,v. on Monday, June 2, Rose, vounire-t afid Vniontiis m U'U' Murjr T"ornton? a;;ed i year ,ak'' P,ace fr,|ni the residence of iier patents -, 11 a .second avenue, corner or ii,9ih stree , on I tiesdii.v, June 3. at one o'clock P. M. f i? *iKK? Grand Hotel, very suddenly, Mrs. HoLo?,"&d*U"l'Kr """? Notice of funeral hereafter. \ an Winkle.-On Saturday. May 31, at her resi dence, 971 hrystie street, alter lon?{ and protracted suffering, Maky Ann, widow of Francis Van W ink>e, in the 37th year of her a|{e. The relatives and iriends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, at half past ten o'clock A. M.. on Tuesday, June 3. Watebhurv.?At ner late residence, 260 West Fifty-film street, suddenly, on Monday, June 2.1873 Maky. wife ol Chas. O. Waterbury. Notice of funeral hereaiter. Weiiman.?On Sundav, June 1, Henry Georoe Wkiiman, aged twentv slx vears. The relatives and iriends of the family are re speetlully invited to attend the funeral, irom .st. Matthew s church, corner Brooms and Elizabetn streets, June 3, at half-past one o'clock P. M. Williams.?On Sunday, June 1, at 9:30 P. M., at the residence ol his daughter, Mrs. J. A. cormlck, Stephen Williams, in the 71st year of his age. Mineral services at St. Bartholomew's church, Madison avenue and Forty-iourth street, on Thurs day aiternoon, at hall-past one o'clock. Relatives and iriends are invited to attend. "?NTHsor.? On Saturday, May 31, Thomas Win T""0I>- aned 76 years. snViMnnSM?1' ftl,<l fr,en,,H of the family are re rh?ir,.h 1,7.1 T. to attend the funeial, irom the on Thn??H. noilit,wh?West Fourteenth street, oVhiei WnS' J,,ue s> at ball-past nine o ' lock, without lurther notice. KIROPK, I Palace riL, 'lf)TRU NHAR TIIK crystal Isndlit'H lt'*ci ?lnicii 0Br,!r:,r >?'on-T? tfluriM? snd 2?ii ooml'lnad Znh tl? f.?1"l """" "?'""nous po<i A?tUi l vi Utv UUMIU H | ? KOR RALK. A BUTCHKR SHOP FOR SALE?must UK SOLD MJhf{?fAT.<TrJ,,,0,,t r,,|f*rd <" Pnce. Inquire of WM. cHO^OHICK, staiill 4Li Wa s I > mg to n Market, sidewalk. A ???S.KEJ IN A fIK8T class TENEMENT -rx neighborhood. doing a good paving business, for ??la at a very reasonable price, or will take a partner. LLOYD, 2? Hroad way. _ A? LIQUOR STORES OR ALB VAULTS ON THIRD ? avenue lor sale at low nrices; also Liquor Store* on an Uie avenue* and downtown business street*. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A -lttn SAt-K, RESTAURANTS, HOTKLS. LAOER ? H?-er Saloon*, Bakeries, Conlectionerics, Stationery and Variety Store*, Barber's Shop, Soda Water and Uoot I Beer Business. I M ITCH ELL'S Stow Agency, 77 Cedar street^ A PAINTING ANJ) FLUMBINO BU5??r.fifi POR <JroC#fy slor? Tor $3UU3 corner Drug Stores, I awnbrokAtage Business. Country Hotel to !_ MI *Cn^LL'8 btori Agocy, 77 Cedar street A FIRST class STEAM LAUNDRY FOR rale, nomg I mine us*; business*: must be sold ; good reason ?or telling, Inquire at ?U Eighth avenue. A LAUNDRY FOR sale.-193 FRINCE street, near Sullivan street. A Rare opportunity.-an established and -tj- good paying Furniture and Beddiug Business tor f*'?' elegantly lltted up ttore, with a well lighted cfn ' located; stock nearly new ami well nlm^. ' Wi se?! *tock, lease and fixtures, or lease and ? ??"!/'.? ? bonus asked. No agents need apply. Address It. X. K., box 235 Herald oltlce. ' rt SPfJ'SFL,8?L"OM OFFERED.?IIAT AND FUIt Tim Sixth avenue, established 26 years, lor salo ?t a bargain, on account of ill health. A ????? HTOKm foh sale-located LEADING ie2cellcnt c?8t> trade ;; extraordi chance live wen make money, Particulars 25 Chambers street 0 Bo ROE W. HIMBRS' Store Agency. A DINING SALOON. LOCATED WEST STREET, landing; splendid trade: low achaml^rs .ireef^1 "acnIlce; mu?l 1'sruculars GEORGE W. BIM^RS' Store Agency. A ??? ?0H i kestaurant AND DRINKING SA - ?. ~h,'n,ral bWnMM location; excellent lars 2& Chambers ?reet?0n,,ei,Uei,W* huuUh' VutM* GEORGE W. B1MERS' Store Agency. AN UNUSUAL opportunity TO PURCHASE A -Tl Manufacturing Business, established 7 years; A ClGAIt store FOR HALE CHEAP. CI EIOMTII avenue. A -FOR SALE, THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIX . turcs ol a first class Liquor Store, down town; long lease, . heap rent, Ac. Apply to WILLIAM ABBOIT, Auctioneer, 50 .New Bowery. TJ UTCIIER8' AND LAGER BRER ICE HOUSES FOR . *",e ?hl'?P-Never been used ; also one patent one. Xriv-m hrstr."V ?r rcHluul',nL Eleventh avenue and Butcher shop for sale cheap?now doing a good business. Apply at 69t Ninth avenue. OUTTER STAND FOR SALK CHEAP?ONE OF THE ii.r.w0,8,-.'!? . . 1 K,,lt0" Market; price $80') For Fulton Market. a" ,nq u lro ? the stand. No*. 18a and 183 DKnSlpTVitE?:FVR .SAI,K CHKAP-AT RUTIIER iolnnrti i ?.h ? ' !|lrs.t class store anil business; a splendid chance lor a physician ; long leusu at low rent Park^N. J1" "PU y " W*ATT'S Pharmacy. RuthertUrd 1 \RUO STORE FOR SALE?IN BROOKLYN, A FIRST .c ,Ma ?t,re. do,in* a llrst rale business; average uim *V??r v "u n.v; VrU'? Inquire ol MOR New York1 wholesale druggists, HI Wurreu street, lAI|r?-A FI?.8T CLASS GROCERY. WITH ? ll1x!ure?' l,or8? ""'I Wagon; will be sokl nlifSP.V* .?M,h,cll?t<?p?or; location one or the best. In quire attei 7 o clock I . M. McCilESNY, 55 Irving place. F?R 5,A';K-A. HARDWARE, HOUSE FURNISHING o Store, now dom.4 a good husine&r. lour ?i. ?? H< ' ca,l4 , c^wnp, as the owner hug other business. Apply at 1,4115 Third a v. nue. I^OR SALE ?STOCK, LEASE AND FIXTURES OF AN l established Crockery and Luiap Store, I,2i3 Third avenue; r. nt $4U, wall apartmenis; death cause of sale; good stock, .l.eap. ' I41" Jf J| A ' li-MR-T CLASS BAKERY, AT YONKERS, I I.Ik.IH 17 barrels a week; reason for seling. Ill /VVr.' ' ""v , reat and long lease. Address corner ol Alain street and Nepperhan ave F'"K ?I.K A CASH BUSINI SS; no competition 't ? Apply at '.'(I Cornelia street. I- u r>R SALOON X MARION AND 200 ELM i.four'eenth ward, doing a good business; sntl. ?< t,,r> reasons gven lor selling; one price an! nj deviation; four years lease; low rent Anpiv as at,me. 1^0:1 SALE?A FIRST'CLASS CORNER GROCERY, I doing an active business; Horse, Wagon, Ac. i no rent ior three years; well stocked and evcrvtnlng com p'ete. Apply to V K. ,v A LH.V_r. :i4t) Washington st FDR SALE-AT <W4 EIGHTH AVENUE, FIXTCRKS ol the best Butter Stolon the avenue; will be sold cneap, as present occupant is going out ot the business. CTRL-IT AND confectionery STORE FOR SALE - 1 All iniorination given at l.M) Third avenue. F OR SALE?SEVEN LARGE COPPER PANS SUIT able lor vacuum or extracting purposes; als? a lot ot ?. /1 t w? t.*imtiiiiR i'urp??M'i4; niso a lot of . ftu ?. ,oei!. on hoar(i i)f ?t4>nnn'r fci. C. Knitrhr. Say"lrom*U A.'^M.'toT P* ^wn*r wi? the pier tins FIOR SALE-TWO OF THE BEST NEWS STANDS IN this place, averaging over 1,00 papers daily. For particulars inquire at 2Uti Seventh street, Williamsburg. L^OR SALE.?T.I E ATHI N.EUM RKSTAURANtTcoIT. ,, "er Atlantic and Clinton streets, Brooklyn, will be sold cheap, the proprietor retiring from the bii-iness. l^?R SALE.?MUST BE SOLD, ON OR BEFORE A Wednesday, the Stock and Fixtures of a Grocery g> od location, low rent; If not sold lieiore June 4 it Hill ilicn be nfiereii lor sale attnuctiwii, in one or moro lots, commencing at 10 ::*) A. M. Inquire at 287 Smith streets JirooKiyn. UOK SALE CHEAP?A FIRsT CLASS CORNER I Liquor store, doing a good l.iisln. ss; tw*i years' Lea-e and low rent; satisfactory reasons given lor selling. Inquire at 411 Ninth avenue. TTIOR SALE CHEAP?A TOY AND confectionery 1 Store, with Soda Water and Machinery : long lease and cheap rent Apply at H6 6lh av. Ij'OR SALE OR TO LET?AN OLD established 1. Liquor otorc, complete, on lull lot, with stuble In r ar, covering together Wi teet 01 lot; building 2V, stories, with ceiliK Ni leet in ienKtli; will rent cheap; a rare chance lor iiiiIk dairy or Herman grocer; it pre<erred t .e owner W'U sell tho house and lot, a? he has an estab n\ u'imK'T i'K li'1 !u a"0"'er S,"K'-.. Apply Uj lAI RICK ( vMI 1.1.LI, on the premises. 44' \\ est Seventeenth St. 1 igi'DIt STORE FOR SALE?IIOIN(i A <iOOl> BUSI lJ neat: will sell Lease, Stock, Fixtures and Good Will In the business reasonable to a cash purchu cr. For further particulars apply on preini es, 159 Moti street Mirrors.?French plate pier glasses for ?sale, separate or together; also Wa h ngton and i-ady, <'II Paintings, b.v Fro t; large frames-cliean 14 Broadway, omce I, tl to S o'clock tiitun. 14 CAFES.?FOUR SECOND HAND SAFES, LARGE ^ sin ill, medium, suitable lor a banker, jewelller or merchant; choap lor cash, at 72 Maiden lunel S. 6. QUICK. rpo Bl'TCIIEK8.?FOR S \LE, THE LEASE GOOD 1 will ami Fixtures ol one ot -the best But her's Stores In tile fourth ward; also Horse, < art A, ? w 11! he soi.l cheap. Apply at u Madison su eet, tge tiqaoQ st,? e MAiiHlAMRI', A PORTABLE ENGINES, ] TO 40 HORSE ii . t"wJ'r Portable Holsters, miw Mills, .;rnln Mills Ver Moiled "at"Htvl. "r>'in'Il1LV^?,K'T,e'*' Pl"in fl"U cut a,;'' Gearing and i asling*. 't,; ?Ur 0W" ???"; Bhartinf, HAMi'.soN, WHIIEH1LL A Co., 38Cortlandtstreet. \l WlLHON A ROAKE'H. 282 AND 284 w 4TPR ?^reet Horizontal t'lritfht, Port Able and llnistmir engines; plight, Locomotive and Tubular Boilers M.-am Pumps. PWSWS, li.ittin.. Pulley, Hangers. Ac Horizontal bngink. 9x12 and ti mi i \if saieiy Holler, in periect order, a|m> i uhuUr Boiler, 31 nichesdiame'er, ii n-et i,,n.r, ;,i tubes. $.vm. W M. ??. CREAMER A .-UN, iy Piatt street. VfACIlINkKY.?WANTED TO PURCIIASK Li)W POR u?ci,inellK!^e?Ve^11 G.^^^V'LnrY,,.Tpr.^'.1trre;t C,'kl^! rrY^UUr"' l>RIN'riNG PRESSES.?BEFORE BUVI.Vd I'tjiw ilie new? 1 *onceiitrli' ulu ??!>"? e/i ""c:,n't ,,oor' ftn<1 look a^'^"theri ^ill and be convin!"dl " PSU lU; b",,er U"'" RO! hR 2-IK) US Is CALORIC KN(JINK GOOD AS new, for Mile cheap, BARNK.s T'MARTIN - 16 CoriUodt fltTMrt* ViTAN1 l*'D?A RK('()ND HAND LATHE TO fi0-I\CH waST!?D bchase a good heoono ii\ni> tt horizontal lui,ular Boiler, ?i or 2i horse power Apply lo or address HOiipe A cjiit, 76 Warren .tr. et "1 SEVEN FOOT COPPER VACUUM PAN TWO COP I per Rectifying Columns. SO and MO barrels each my own construction; warranted to make sDlrtts Vouil i<> "3 'at'lu.^ixi'ti;;"; ronr? aim aooui v?w,uuu Woitli of mivceilanpnii^ Mn<>hin#?i*v tavllov^ft'lIi'h Tools. Ac THoMAtl tiANNuN, IlK to 114 lliii|s.,n s;i. "t, Jersey City, N. J. ^ai'iLYiin "U'l 4* r?' " """sE PtlWER EN * 2), If), 8 llorftf liovvrr Koilf>r?* Kaa.! Puiiius, Fire 1'uinps, Ac., if,%26 1'roJ.eller Engine.' ANDBKwy 414 Water etreet. INSTRUCTION. AT niOMPHON'S COLLEGE, 2W FOURTH AVENUE opi'raiors. o"vacatlioni' pract,c*1"'' ^".an-fior H'"lrn mesas'"I'll 11 AK,Tf,M KTIC. AC., FOR ltr.adw..T p?mli?i ? oinmercial ( ollege, *13 I>Al,NEN BUSINESS COLLEGE fi'2 imwntv tip nue 1 Speciaftle^B^o'kk tonrtlon Sixth avei Soeillni) '4 i poi.?, I plni', Arltll"ietic. Grammar, a:,kk:^^rs amiQH'Oilied as WAnaturJtact'wiih',!iN!? ,'AUV? WCI - J- w/.utH iV.^i. Lr i?, 1rlrl<lr' ?. " situation as govern eM? ^oukI iea< Ii the rutliim nm ??t Krcnch lian a!?o Imd hi Iroebel's not hoi or (Kindergarten) in sVuctioii. Address C. S. ENGLISH, Newark. N J (f jm WEEKLY. MME. HARDINGE WILL I\. ^ . h .. ln.h,Lr n"w H,", elegant bnatnfs, by v i h fhejrcan ntlc* at home, per week ? f#1111/!it in corner Mauisofl AntramTiTih ?yy ALLACK'8 THEATRE. j TUESDAY, June S, production of AN ORIGINAL NKW YORK PLAY? New York Menus, Now York character*, written by DION BOUCICAULT, _ the author or "The Ocloroon," "The Streets of Now York," "The Col* ] leen Bawn," "Arrah-na-i'ogue," "London Assurance," entitled MORA: "r, the qoloIn fetters. The Heutl laid in New Yurt, ?*th? prwmtttaf. The prlu^f^al characters have beeo Tfnttan for the iol lowuif u.oc ?PpERB COMPANY OF COMEDIANS'? . MISS KATHARINE ROGERS? Will appear a* Ifrtttl Vaneyeke, an actress at 'a Ineatre, secretly ?_ . married to Paul Schuyler. MR. ALLERTON?As Paul Schuyler, a young merchant ? prince, engaKed to be married to Misa Guppy, MISS MARY WELLS (of Booth's)?As Ophelia Boyd, an old Mowery actress, retired, and employed aa drtutaer to Mora. MR. WHEELOCK (of Booth'*)?Aa Lksha, her ion, In love with Bella Guppy. MIS8 EFFIE GEKMON?As Bella Guppy, an heiress, u ? u SLYoFkvi'le} ,ww or Murray ill MR. BRADLEY?As Philo Guppy, a mllllonnalre, sus ^imFlortun? 8ohuyler b? h'? lately ac MR. LK VICK?Aa Chancer Lickfold, a "bull" operator in stocks, the terror of Wall street, tho head of the "Modocs"?a ringleader. MR. FAWCBTT (by permission of Augustin Daly, Esq.)? Aa Judge Cutta; hia adherent and supporter in the courts; a "Modoc;" a partner in the "Ring." MR. GRIFFITHS (by perroigaion of Augustin Daly, Esq.)?As Larry Kuydain, another adherent; i Modoc;" an uuscrupuloua leader of the physical force aide. * Ai8'n1, * colored servant. MR. POPE?As ex-Judge Connover. JJIf* '? Bore*a Kolirhacti. ulh w ?wnerT' yckfold'a head dark. *? iJ- PECK?As Becbe. h a clerk. MF: JAMhS C. McTODDIE?A saloon keeper, mISh ^LAISDELL?A* Mora's servunt. MiSo HhLu, I MISS RURfioUGHS, | * F1"h aVe,1Ue MW' Police Officers, Guests, Waitresses, Sailors, Roughs PROGRAMME OP SCENERY and THE INCIDENTS. ACT I.?A HOT CORN Kit IN WABASH. . Scans 1?EXCHANGE PLACE-Chancey llickfold'a Offlco-A Regular Old-tashloned Panic->iakinga Corner? Mora Vaneycke's Lover-The Fraud-Bella Guppv's For tune in Pledge?The "Modocs" Take Stock-Chan'cey Re I veals Himself?Four Millions in the Black Has?The Harlem Ring is Broken?The Masaacre?The Preas In terview the''Modoc Cliict." ufSfSS 2,7A . ?UUDOIR ? M"Ra VANEYCKE'S 8a5^"RSm 1 m.'"??nc?" "? ?n Old Actress-Mora and Paul?The Married Lovers. Scene3-FIFTH AVENUE-The Guppys "at Bnme? ph?InV^Iite?naenl ellas ?ld Mora's Bracelet? 1 lulo Makes a Discovery. MUSICAL "MATINEE" ON MURRAY HILL?Chancey Lickfold Makes Mora an Offer?The Star actress?Mr Guppy Asks a Question?I'aul Schuyler An awera It?A Senaation Scene in Private Life ACT II.?"i HE MODOCS" IN COUNCIL. Scene 1?CHANCEY LICK FOLD'S ROOMS IN LEX INGTON AVENUE?-''The Modocs" in Trouble?I'aul Dis u-?X.ur?Hb, Hemmeil In?lie Capitulates?The Key ot tlio Ofllee?Chancey l.ickl'old (lives a Hint Scene I?YORKVILLE?OPHELIA BOYD'S HOME? n"I?n t0K H,eri)ld Quarters?Resolution?A Fire Down Town?Liaha in Force. Scene 3-BROAD STREET BY NIOHT-The Put-Up Job?ouppy Receives instructions ilow to Enter the Stronghold of the Tribe. 1 ?S^"..4~J,LK I'AVA BKDS IN EXCHANGE PLACE Li( kiold, f utts and Suyuam in Close council?The visitor?Chancey Shows liiin Over the Premises?The suicide. . ACT III.-THE WAR PATH. Sckne 1 MoRA AT HOME-The German Doctor i Fl'/w "1 c''. '111 ?,rni* u Miraculous Cure?Chancey Licklold Enters the loils, and Seals Ills Fate with a Kiwi Sckne 2-TllE TOMBS?THE BRIDGE OFMuH* Vftl"ry Suvdam Stuffs the Witness B,,x-In the Absence of I fowling Cutis Occupies the Bench and the "Mo cioch Steal a March?riie Telegram. ^HOKWK rv?rn K .SPECIAL 8KS.SIONS?P iul Schuvler's I Caae-The Plea ^Unex^ecu,.! Witness. r$Z'r"l}rZ?!S ?LD ICE "OUSE U >DER THE CON t.KKI SALOON?Lurry Reflects on the Uncertainly ot IIninhil"ts?(;iiiu Joins Him?The Hiaguiscs?A 'Mis take?I he Spring Tide?Caught in a Trim. > SCKNE 2?CORNER UF WALLA vl) HROAD STREETS? and Kcila fail?Mora shows her Indian hlood-Guppy tnnvIC7T!'l L*"-TUE "SEW IDEA" CONCERT SA .?~i Is uappe?rs lnt* new character as Shack Nasty Jake?Mora keeps her oath?Chancey receivea a warning?The wild app al, "You will not kill mo ?" GOLDEN FETTERS I DEFIANCEI A nOT CORNER IN "MODOCS." MORA" will be presented wilb NEW MUSIC, specially S?,rL!e.?^V.d.."n(1 urral'tfe?l by MR. TIIOS. BAKER; NEW SCENER) and NEW APPOINTMENTS KillSi "MORA" MATINEE SATURDAY, JI NE 7. WALLACE'S.?SOT IIERnT ~ BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC THIS (TUESDAY) BVEMNll, OUR AMi.RICAN COUSIN. WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY BROTHER SAM. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. DAVID OARRICK and DUNDREARY MARRIED. SATURDAY MATINEE. OUR AMERICAN COUSlVf. W"??'8 'iSfS&umc EVERY EVENING AT H, and SATURDAY MATINEE AT 1 . < IA STIC RECEPTION OF FRANK MAYO, The popular young artist, Mr. I RANK MAYO, In Murdoch's new and BEAUTIFUL IDYL of the liackwoods, railed DAVY CROCKETI'. NEW SCENERY I M CHANICAL AND PICTURESQUE EFFECTS I rirat times of the favorite actress, I MISS ROSA RAND. vriTTvwf f The celebrated tragedian, MAT!NEK I MR. KDDY PERFORMANCES [in his remarkable and iine(|uallod ? r o impersonations, in tlie drama of Ar 2 P.M. MONTE CRISTo, l_ with all the original effects. ^PITZ.-.LHEIMKR.-THE DATE, JUNE IS, 1H79. Place, Boulevard Orove, Brooklvn, E. P. Come and *? ?s- FETCH KIFTY*CKNT3WITllTOU. HOI'SKS, ROOMS ?ii\, WA\TKI). In this City and Brooklyn. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFR WANT TWO OR three nicely furnished Rooms, in a private house *??mt"i* itllf' rP,!!t *><-? low. Address PERMA NEN I, box 132 Herald ofllee. TO PARTIES GOING TO EUROPE.?A LADY AND her son require ? furnished House at a reasonable rent. Address Mrs. A. B., Ileraiil offlce. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE THE lx)wer I'artot'a lloti-e (bn-emont and parlor floor), wirn an attle room for servant; location between Hlglith anil Twenty-flllh streets ami lourtli and Sixth avenues* reierences exchanged. Address K. D., 717 Broadway. ' "I1TANTED?A LARGE HOUSE, FROM 211 TO~30 rooms, either partially or unfurnished, for hoarding purposes, and where some hoarders, who would remain preferred: location from Washington place to Fourteenth street CaU on or address J. E. LIBAU, a Wavertey place, for two weeks. Wl ANTED?BY AN AMERK'AN MAN AND WIFE TO ? ? take charge ot a house w hile tnmlly are travelling; highest references. Call on or address Mr. CAMPBELL No. 9 Murray sL, room 19. WANTED-HY TWO 11 EN ILK M EN, LARGE, WELL M furnished Room, without hoard. State price and lull particulars and address J. A (J., Herald offlce. WANTED-TWO SEPARATE ROOMS, IN A STRICTLY private family, on or near Filth avenue with liri?vl1'Vir?.r tw,<' Addrc-s, for three days. Private tiox us iicrni i i ptown Branch ofllee. WASTED-To HIKE A SMALL HOUSE IN GOOD offlce , ghl)or'loo<I- Address, stating price, G, Herald In tlie country. TWO OK THREE FAMILIES REQUIRE FOR THE Suminer from six to eight Rooms m first class hotel, wrhin mi hour or two's rid" of New York ; inu*t he In a desirable and healthy neighborhood; on the Hudson pre feind. Aii(trend, suiting locality, distnticc, triivclliiiK aceoiuiuodation anil lull general particulars, II. B. si at.on u. * YVANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS. A T? furnished House 'or the Summer, In the vicinity of Orange, N.J , or on Hudson Klvcr, not above Vonkers Douse and furnitun- must be first class; rent nottoex eeed 9100 per month; a good upporiunitv lor those who Meter to place their premise* In most careful hnnda to re ceiving a nigh rent. Address KhBN, Herald offlea. liOAH i.CPiCRs, 4 T 77 BLEECKKK STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, c",h advances on Diamonds, * Jewclrj, \ lanos <%?'., or tiunshti I'dwuiirnkiTM' Tickets bought, at 77 Bleecker street. "wnhrokera AT 80 NASSAU STREET, BETWEEN FULTON AND John streets, NEWMAN LEOPOLD continues the 'lUwPi? "*! !"* or "dv"1ni!">? on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, 1 ianos, Merchandise, Liio Policle*, lor any amount. J AT WOLF BROTHERS', S9fi BROADWAY BETWEEN sole My confl !| en" 1 a I! l)rlva,B '?1iei; bu.ln.M 4 T JACK SON'S, silfi BUf.AI.WAY, OPI'tiSITE ELEV Sx?Money liherally advanced on Dla tnnnds, Watches, Jaweiry, Silks, Dry Goods and personal ladles ?Very de"oril,l,("1- Private entrancSfor AMERICAN OFFICE, EST A H I. Is II ED IHM.? MONEY loaned on W atclies. Diamonds, Jewelry, Silver ware, India Shawl*, Laces, Valuables, Ac.; any amount, or will buy; highest value paid. J. if. RARRINGER, 7.16 Broadway, opposite Astor place. AT HYMAN'S TIO BROADWAY?LIBgRAL AD. ?1. vanees made on Diamonds and Watches, Silver sarne pnjr highest market price for the ATW THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? ' P*> highest price tor Diamonds, Watches, Jew elry, *<.; advance, on the same. ISAACS, DiamondJIroker, 57 Thirteenth street, near Broadway. Money loaned-on diamonds, watches, jew ulry and silvcrwnre, and the name bought. ... (1K',,1UK ALLEN. Jeweller, Broadway, near Fourteenth street 'iQ NASSAU STREET. OPPOSITE POST OFFICE.? Liberal advances male on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry aud all kinds ot Merchandise. The same bought and sold. Room I. iiayman LEOPOLD. A 1 JO SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY-FOURTH nn . 'Ifty-flfth streeta, -Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Laces and Shawla. Same bought al full value. L. BERNARD. (\A"\ IWADWAT. CORNER AM1TT STREET. ... - L M'.,n,!.v. Ilberallv advanced on Diamonds, W atehes. Jewelry and Personal Property of all descrip tions; the same bought and sold. II. OEIGERMAN, ___ formerly M. Rosenberg. 1 BROADWAY, OVER HERALD BRANCH ..I.,..' room B,?Parlor for ladle*, Branch V' Broadway. Money loaned on Diamonds Watches, elxy, Ac. b*jnu UuitgUt aud jKiid. BRV3, AMUSEMENTS. B N OOTH'8 THEATRE. NBILSON. Edwin Bootti Proprietor and Manager FOURTH WE..It and LAbT NIGHTS of ttw celebrated English Tragedienne, Ml SB .NEILSON, u AMY ROB8ABT m played by her at the Drury I .one I'heatre. London, for ? 0VK?C 100 UONSIiCUTTvE KIGHTB. Mr. FRANCIH BANGS, ? L. ...LEICESTER. M ATI NEEOh SATURDAY NEXT AT i =*>? ,l8o'clock precisely. %?ZI5..?c,rrlages may bts ordered at 10:48. ,.Tr?e.C."r,e * choice of place* the management would Ujjjfjjjjj ?}utgeat that beat* be securcd an far in ad vance ai possible. Branch Ticket Qtllce at Pltaon A Co.'a. NI%Pb8^.9.^!11>BN- LA8T NIQHT8. THE COOLEST AND BEST VENTILATED THE ?... w ...4TBE lU THK CITT. The brilliant Hptciacular PiRtntnlma AZRAEL; OR. THE MAGI* CHAK& Rc en pavement ot the popular Artiste, lulu! lulu' lulu! Msffllt Bartholemew, Mafflttand Bartholomew, Maffltt and Bartholemew, Mafiltt and Bartholemew, Mous. VELARD1, CLARA LEONTlNE, Mme. T.ANN IE It, Mile. LUPO. AND ORAND CORPS Dr. BALLET. NEW MUSIC, BCEN.-.RY. TRICKS AND INVENTIONS. SUPERB TRANSFORMATION SCENE. M ATI NEK SATURDAY AT TWO O'CLOCK. IBLO'B GARDEN. SPECIAL MATINEE. Benefit of WILLIAM E. DEVERNA (Master of Propertied. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. JUNE 4, THE GRANDEST MATINEE BILL EVER PRESENTED. DRAMATIC, MUSICAL, ACROBATIC. BALLET. BONOS, SOBNERY. Mil* FANNY HERRING, Mme. ANNIE KEMP BOWLER. KATTIE LANNIKR, EUGENIO LUPO, MAFFIT AND BARTHOLOMEW, and TUB MARTINS. CORA ADRIENNE, CLARA LEONTINE, BROOKHOUBE BOWLER. LIZZIE KHL8KY, LAURA JOTCE. WILLIAM S. PONTIN, JERRY BAKRIKOTON, THOB. CHAPMAN. THE FRENCH JslSTERS, Mr. THOB. BARTLEMAN, T. J. MARTIN, and THE GREAT LULU in her wondcrlnl FLIGHT THROUGH SPACE, together with a host of TERP8ICHOREA N, DRAMATIC AND OPERATIC, GYMNASTIC AND MUSICAL ARTISTS. Doors open atl o'clock: performance at 1:30 P. M. UNION SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER Begins at 8. Saturday Matinee at 1:3a TO-NIGHT?106TH AND LAST performance OF AGNK& WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 4, AN EXTEAOREINARYOKA.VATIC EVENT. MISS AGNES ETHEL In her original part of FERNANDA, , and MRS. E. L. DAVENPORT AS CLOTHILDE, in the famous Parisian Comedy, fernTnde, which will be reproduced with exquisite scenery and the following unrivalled cast ot character*:? Fernande Mtaa Agnes Ethel The i onntess Clothildc Mr*. E. L. Davenport (Her tlr.t appearance In New York in several .rears.) Georgette. Potnerol's wile Miss Kate Claxton (Her first appeurace at this theatre.) Mme. Seneschal Miss Emily Mestaver Mine. De l.a Rriennu Miss Josephine Lourdes Prachbloom Miss Fannv Ilayward Gibraltar Miss Helen Forrest The Baroness Migi Charlotte Cave Tlierese Miss Kate Holland Kahette Mrs Wilde Philip Pomerol Mr. D. H. Haikins The Mart|uis Andre Mr. Claile Burroughs The Commander Jarld Mr. Edward l.aiiu Boquevllle Mr. W. B. Laurens Bracnasin * Mr. U. Montgomery The Baron Mr. W. Muart Frederick Mr. W. II. Wilder Allred Mr. F. Lamb Antolue Mr. Quigley Servants, Guests, Ac. SATURDAY NEXT, AT 1:30, FIRST MATINEE OF FERNANDA. Beats may be secured six days in udvanre. HEATER COMIQUR, 514 BROADWAY. aHKATRK COMIQUR, 514 BROADWAY. Mr. JOSH HAItT vLessee and Proprietor T Mr. juan ii.a Messrs. JOHN F. POOLE and T. L. DONNELLY, Managers Will be presented, with EVERY SCENE, COSTUME AND APPOINTM FN f ENTIRELY NEW AND ELABORATE, the great drama of American ll'o nnd adventures, tiy FRED MAUDE it, Esq.. toumled on the thrilling story by NED BlINTLIN K, illustrumit; the life scenesof the Hon. WM. F. CODY, the tamou* scout and butlulo hun ter, better known as BUFFALO BILU Also the celebrated ,-cout, WILD BILL. The most realistic drums ot AMERICAN LIFE AND adventures On the Border, on the I'raliie and among the INDIAN'S. INDIANS. The great drama of to-day, BUFFALO KILL, KING OK THE BO It Dr. k MEN. The eminent American Actor, Mr. J. B. STUPLEY, ^ei'iully scoured tor his original part oi nUFFALO BILL S4 FANNY IIEK.tlNU will appear as KITTY M ULDOON. The favorite ia,edlenne, Miss RACHEL DENViL. ap pear* as LILLifc. HiUY. Mr. george FRANCE, THE NEW york FAVOHITH COM iLtiA.V, >n his original character ot SNA* ROOT SAM. Mr. T. J. MAR J IN in Ills original role ot wild HILL. BUFFALO BILL. Buffalo Bill, a Scout Mr. J. B. Btudley Wild Bill, hi.s Mu.e Mr. Y.J. Martin Frank Starke, a Trapper Mr. Ed. Mack Suakeroot Sam. "Down on Snakes" Mr. Geo. France '?I lie Old Veteran," ''an 1SI2 Founder Mr. Jas. Tighe Dare Tutt. a Renegade Mr. Chaa. Webster Col. Jake McKandla<s, a tiuerlila Chief...Mr. Ed. J. Price ( apt. Alt, a Bushwhacker : Mr. W. Andrews Ben MeCullouch. the Texan liauger Mr. A. Arthur Perkins, Landlord ot "the lint" Mr. J. Tracy Indians. Raven Feather, a Sioux Brave Mr. Ferris Big Mable, a Cheyenne Mr. A.Gray Fire Water Tom, a drunk n "Red" Mr. J. C. William.* Lidie Miss Kachei Denvil Lottie Miss Angeli^ue Schott Ki'ty Muldoon. "troin Cork" Mis* t anny Herring Mrs. Cody, mother of "Kill" Mrs. Scallan Mit-no'tec, a Sioux Princess Miss Elite Elliott Loui>e i>a Valllere Miss 8. Stevens Settlers, Scouts, Indians. Soldiers. Ac. EXTRA NOTICE-On MONDAY, June ?. first appear ance of the most talen'ed IltlVI COMEDIAN, DIjT< II CoMEDIAN and NEGRO COMEDIAN on this earth or any other planet ,no exception), Mr. JOSEPH Ml'RPHY, Mr. JOSEPH MURPHY, who has been secured lor SIX NIGHTS AND TWO MAT INEES only, at the sum of $1,800 FoR THE WEEK. MATINEES WKDNE>DA\ AND SATt RDAY. American institute hall, Third avenue, between 63d anil 61th streets. Entirely refitted nnd decorated. BBEN'8 POPULAR BUMMER NIGHTS' CONCERTS. EVERY EVENTNil. EVERY EVENING. ORAND ORCHESTRA OF FIFTY l'E it FORMERS. Conductor Mr. FELIX I. EBEN. OPENING NIGllT, SATURDAY, June 7, 1873. ADMISSION V CENTS. T PIANOFORTES, Of*OAK4, AC. ASTKINWAY A SON'S FIRST CLASS PIANO forte, iittlc used, every improvement, great liar gain ? Mason A Hamlin Cabinet organ, $7o; cash wanted. II warerley place, m ar Bmdwij AN ELEGANT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD overstrung Pianoforte; latest improvements; fully guarantied; ?t a sacrifice. 223 West Sixteenth streut. AN ELEGANT ROSEWOOD FOUR-ROUND PIANO forte, 7*4 octave, all Improvements cost $1,1100, for $275; a beautiful Grand Square for $225; al .o entire Household Furniture family going ahmad. Call 210 West 2iat at, near 7ih av. AMAGSIKK i;sr 8QUAXB ORAND 7'i-oCTAVF. Piaiioforte, brilliant tone, nearly new, cost $'.W0, for $.<NI; Stool. Cover, Cabinet, cost $|ikl; has box (or ship ping; Parlor Suits, Mirrors, Cnrtayis, Carpets, Paint.ngs, Bronzes, Chamber Suits, lintl'ei. Extension Table, Silver Ware; a sacrifice. 1(H East Twent.v-fllth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. Cut this out. A first ci ASS 7 , OCTAVB ROSEWOOD PIANO forte lor sale, made order, celebrated maker, lully guaranteed, used 5 months, cost $!**>, tor $275; box tor slut ping: Parlor, Chamb' r. tuning Furniture, Paintings Bron/es, Silverware, a sacrifice; property tanilly leav ing city. Hfi west 18th si., near 5th av. AT PRIVATE hoi SE 120 VEST 23D STREET, FOR sale?8u|ierb 7'4 octavr 4 round cornered rosewood Pianoiortes used since January : cost the present owacr $8.0, for $225; Stool. Cover, Ac.: warranted lor 5 years. A MOST MAGNIFICENT 7'4 OCTAVE AGRAFFE rosewood overstrung Iron tram.i Pianoforte, eH gan lv carved case, Ar : latest Improvements; fully guaranteed. X Blcecker stre"t, near Bowery. Beautiful vi octave rosewood pianos, carved legs, agraffe treble, tully warranti d, $250; Instalments taken, $IJ monthly. K. ? ABLE, 107 West rwenty-third street, cornet of sixth avenue. (1HDRCH ORGANS.?CON8TANTY BUILDING, OR J gans of various sizes and styles, of the best material and workmanship; t*lng, repairing, Ac. GEORGE H. W HIT TEN, 20 High street, Brooklyn. TELEGA NT ROSEWOOD PIANOFGRTK-$1HO; CHICK Pi erlng make; superb In<tniment. having carved legs, overstrung baas, Ac.; 7M octave ; great sacrifice for rasn; please examine. JAME* GORDON, 157 Mleecker st FIRST CI.ASS 7Vi OCTAVE pianos retailed at wholesale prices Direct from faeUirv. Send for circular. CHRISTIE, M Barrow, near Hudson street. First class seven octave pianofortes to let?$4 per month; rent allowed If purchased at Pianoforte Warerooms, 711 Eighth aveane, between Forty-fourth and Forty fifth streets. O. P. BENJAMIN. ClREAT BARGAIN. ?10,) PIANOFORTES AND T Organs, new and second hand, some very little used, at greatly reduced prices to cash buyers. PEEK A SONS. 127 Hl'eccker street. HALLET, DAVIS A CO. AND OTHER NEW AND sccond hand Pianos and Organs tor rent or sale on Instalments, very cheap. BERRY A CO., 789 Broad way. comer Tenth street PlANOtV SECOND HAND, OF VARIOUS MAKERS, tn thorough order, tor sain, at low prices: also Pianos to rem and on instalments, by Cillt KEKING & SONS, II East Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Filth Avenue. pIAKOS AND OROANH,?(}RKAT HAKOAINH, NRW a *n rP0,it twtuflrul uly leu and perfect tonei #yer maite. and by best makers, at lowor prices for cash, or monthly Instalments, or lor rent, during this month, at WATER*', isi Broadway, than can oe tound elsewhere. PIANOS (BEAUTIFUL WEBER INCLUDED), CHEAP si the cheapest, good as the tie st, tor rent or sale, rent allowed purchaser, at MERKKLL'8, No. Union square, 165 Fourth avenue. Rare ciiance-$i60, beautiful rosewood upright Planolorte. modern atyle and Improvement^ perfect order; sweet, powerful tone- Apply at M Third street, between Bowery and Second avenue. SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. $100. We are retailing the hast finished and richest toned Pianofortes manufactured at $225 cash. ('O-OPERATIVK pi anomaklbs*. v Ureal Joucs ureet, naai Broad FA* MADELEIN MOREL Theatre Crowded Every Night awdhkmbhw. Grand opera house-twenty-third street, corner of Eighth avenue. CurtaJn rises at 8 pre. cisely. Carriages may be ordered lor h?lf-p??t 10. Sole liessee end Manager Mr. AUOUSTIN SALT FAREWELL PERFORMANCES of Mr. CHARLES FECHTER. Every evening. THIS WEEK ONLY, and for the Matl. nee on Saturday, will be given the famous KoinauUo Drama, In tiiree acts, entitled THE CORSICAN BROTHERS, With every Ktftt new; new and peculiar mechanical and visional effects, costume* and furniture. Louie del Franchl, ) The Corsican > Mr. CHARLES Fabian del Kranchl, I Brothers, i FECHTER. Other character* by Mr. C. Wheatleigh, Mr. J. Q. Peakes, Mr. George Devere.Mr. B. J. Ringgold. Mr. M. G. Searle.Mr. Bebua, Mr. J. vfr. Jennings, Mr. C. Leclercq, ? Mr. J. M. Golden. Mr. J. A. Mackey, Mr. Enos, MlssLizxU Price, Mr*. Chapman, Miss Josenhlne llenry, Ac. ONLY MATIN KK OK Mr FECHTER in the CnRBlCAN BROTHER^ _ SATURDAY, JUNE 7. AT 1% O'CLOCK. ?.?NEXT MONDAY, June 9. Mr. FECHTER will appear in Victor Hugo's magnificent play, RHY BI.AS I which will be produced with entirely new scenery.bat will be given ior six nights and one matinee ONI/Y, It being positively the Earewell Week ot the Great Actor I 5TH AVENUE THEATRE. 728 AND 730 BUOADWAY. Begius at 8. Carriages maybe ordered lor a quarts! to eleven o clock. Mr. AUGCSTIN DALY Hole Lessee and Manager. CLOSING PERFORMANCES OF THE SEASON. EVERY NIGHT at 8 o'clock and MATINEE Saturday at o'clock, will be acted the power, lul original Drama, In four acts, bv Mr. AUGUHTIN DALY, enti tled MADELEIN MOREL. Characters by Miss Clara Mcir ri i, Miss Fanny Davenport. Mist Fanny Morant, Mrs G.?. Gilbert, Miss Sara Jewett, Miss Nina Varian. Miss Nellie Mortimer, Miss Roberta Norwood, Mr. Chaa. Fisher, Mr. George Clarke, Mr. Louis James. Mr. James Lewis, Mr. Menry Orlsp, Mr. W. J. Le movne, Mr. Burnett, Mr. Pierce, Mr. Chapman. MADELEIN MOREL MATINEB, SATURDAY, June 9, at 1X o'clock. ?.?MONDAY, June 7, BENEFIT of Miss MORRIS. ?.?WEDNESDAY, June II. Benefit ol Miss DAVENPOET. Bowery theatre. ? WM. B. FRELIGH Manager. MONDAY, JUNK 2, 1373. , Engagement of the popula^r COM^ul^AN and VOCALIST who will appear in six dit'irent characters In bis great drama, in four acts, entitled the WINNING HAND. MISS ALICE BENNETT, MR. CHARLES LORD, <iUS. MILLS, and YOUNG AMEBIC v, the celebrated Contortionist will all appcarin new musical acts. The laughable Harrce of OUR BO\ FROM LIMERICK. FRIDAY. BENEFIT OF JAMES M. WARD. In preparation, a new Local Drama callM UANNA, THE FACTORY GIRL. J^EGINS AT 8. DOORS OPEN AT 7 :1* BEGINS AT 8. DOORS OPEN AT 7:lfc OLYMPIC THEATRE, 624 BROADWAY. SN FAREWELL PERFORMANCES. LAST FIVE NIGHTS LAST FIVE NIGHTS of Ameilca's Grimaldl and New York's special Favorite, li.'.O. L. FOX, GEO. I.. FOX, AND HTS GRAND SPECIALTY, HUMPTY DI'M I'TY. HUM I'TY DUMPTY. I.ast appearance ol ail the FAVORITE ARTISTS. LAST TWO HUMI'TY DUMPTY MATINEES, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, AT 2 P. M. MONDAY EVENING. JUNE 9, 1S73, first appearance ol tho<e charming COLEMAN SISTERS. See hills ot the day. C1ENTRAL PARK GARDEN.?THEODORE THOMAS J THEODORE THOMAS' UNRIVALLED SUMMER NIGHTS' CONCERTS. PROGRAMME FOR THIS (TUESDAY) EVENING, JUNE 3, at 8. 1. OVERTURE, "Melu-iuo" Mendelssohn 2. DANCE OF NYMPHS AM) REAPERS (new), Irom the music to Shakspeare's \ "Tempest" A. S. SnllivaS 3. WALTZ, "Sptareren Kluenge" Strauss 4. SELECTION, "Flving Dutchman Wagner 5. OVERTURE, "Genovcva" Schumann 7 sCHKRZO j "Symphony Vo. 4 B Op. 60"... Beethoven 8*. BALLET. "Reine d? Saba" 9. OVERTURE, "llunya di Laszlo" ....r-rkel 10. "AVE MARIA" Schubert 11. WALTZ. "Carnevals Messc.iner" Strauss 12. (JALOP, "Japanese" ???????? -A- H. ? eye Admission W cents. Packages containing 12 tickets, |4, can bo obtained atlho principal music stores; also af 285 Broadway and Central I'ark Garten. PHIVAiK BOXES *2 EXTRA. ^ EVERY THURSDAY GRAND EPTRA CONCERT, Adro ssiou 74 cents. rnr ATHENEUM THEATRE, OoO Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. GRAND INAUGURATION OF THE SUMMER SEASON, MONDAY, JUNES, WITH AN ENTIRE NEW COMPANY. Consisting of the Great nERNANDEZ comBINATION. M HERNANDEZ COMBINATION. HERNANDEZ HERNANDEZ COMBINATION. HERNANDEZ IMPERIAL JAPS FROM OSH KOSII. HERNANDEZ OREEN MOUNTAIN BAND. HERNANDEZ BOSTON PEACE JUBILEE. Professor Kl more.... ....A. M. HERNANDEX Protestor Levy, Cornells! ARTHUR HERNANDEl Parepa Knows ller Prima Donua Young America 4,000 VOICES. GRAND TABLEAU. Professor HILTON, the best Ventriloquist In the world* wiD introduce Ilis THREE TALKING HEADS. Miss i.ULU D ELM AY, the Queen ol Violinists. 1RED SHAW, the great Comic Vocalist. Mrs. FRANK DREW will appear in the screaming farce of THE STAGE-STRUCK CHAMBERMAID. A Brilliant ami Varied Bill of Novelties SEE BILLS. EVERY EVEN I NO. SEE BILLS. Doors open at 7; curtain rises at 8 o'clock. MATINEE EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY Tony pastor's opera house, 201 roweryv UNCLE TOM'S CABiN, UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, UNCLE TOM'S CAltlN. SAM SANFORD, SAM SANFORD, SAM SANFORD, SAM SANFi'RD, SAM SANFORD, as UNCLE TOM, UNCLE TOM. GEORGE DICKSON, as TOPSEY. LITTLE NELL OLIVB, as THE GREATEST OAST EVER G'YEN TO UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. TO DAY, at the MATINEE. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE. TWENTY THIRD STREET, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, near Booth's BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. I THE MODOCS. BRYVNT'S MINSTRELS. THE LIVE INGIN. BRYANT'S MINSTREL-". POMPEY'S BLUNDERS. BRYANT'S MIN .TRbLS. I LU CA. PRIMA DONNA. BRYANT'S MINST'tEi-iS. Daniel in the Bryant's Deo. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. ! Clodoche. THE MODOCS, BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. I The trolling Plavers. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. 100th night, HAMLET. BRYANT'S MIN.VTKELS. | THE MODOCS. MATINEE SATURDAY at 2. Seats secured. Terrace garden tip atrk, fifty eighth STREET. BETWEEN LEXINGTON AND THIRD AVS. HUMMMER SEASON ?'F OPERETTK AND LIGHT COMEDY. ON TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 3, AT 8 O'CLOCK, TUB OREAT SUCCESS AT PARIS, VIENNA AND BERLIN, 1 TRICOCHE AND CACOI.ET, by II. Meiliiac and L. Halevy. Admission, 80c.; reserved sest-]|2,Ac. extra; boxes, $1 50 extra; packages ol' 12 tickets, $4. Fencing and boxing academy, is clinton place, near Broadway. Boxing taught in 12 lessons. A tine assortment ol Fcncing Apparatus and Hoxlng Gloves on hand and lor sale. Colonel MQNSTERY. Masonic tempi,e. Twenty-third street, corner of Sixth avenue. "PUBLIC OPENING OF THE (?RAND HALL, THUR-DVY EVEN1NU. JUNE ?? ^ ? On which occasion Bro. W. S. ANDREWS will dellTet his high I v interesting lecture on DIALECT HUMOR. In aid of the Hall and Asylum Fund. Tickets N>c Reserved Sent*, $1. For sale atKch.rmer's, 701 Broadway; Rullmao's, 11* Broadway, and at Masonic Temple. XTEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY. 618 BROAD. \ war between Houston and Bleecker streeta-Ever* one should visit the wunderfill Museum; it Is full of everything people should see and understand, lectures dlllv on M!ePhilosophy of Marriage." Those parties unable to attend these important lectureacss have then forwarded Bost free, on receipt ol 26 cents, br addressing SEC * ET ABYN E WYO R K MlISEUM OF AI<ATUMY,?li Broadway, New York. Card-PIANO, ORGAN, (1UITAR, SIN#INO.-MIfi* WATSON give* private lessons, day am evening, at r retldence, 92 Clinton place (Eighth stnet). In*tru mente furnished for daily practice. MbTUOPOUTAN museum of art. Temporary building 128 Wert Fourteen h street The Di cesnola Collections from Cyprus, aid the "loan HhlhltlolUt" so far as ready, are now open U the publo from 12 o'clock until 0 o'clock P. M. Aomiwlnn ?0c. Metropolitan THEATRICAL AND show "printing ESTABLISHMENT, herauT^TJilding, BROADWAY AND ANN 8TEET. A LARGE ASSORTmITnT OF TIlATRICAI^ MINSTREL AND TArTkTT CUTS tONSTANT.* ON HAND. NLMICAL. /1ARD.-PIANO, oriiaN, GUITAR, SIlfINO, h7rI% *.) Harmony; prlv tie lessons only. 92 linton |lace (Eighth street). "Aimez voas la Mtslqu'' given a<vsy. Read and profit by It. Circulars malSd. WANTED?A PROOFREADER FOR USIC; MUSI tie thoroughly Competent , also at Atrlcan or 'Jer? man buy to learn mu?tc engraving. -P -C - J|^7Jasb*WiflJii^\

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