Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1873 Page 9
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flALCS AT ACCTIOI. Adrian h. iiuller. ai ?ih>web?. wmhl. . _ . Peremptory P irtitlon 9*U ill 9M Valuable i ota, Two Iron. Springs ?ltd Two Pretty Cottagea, . Third, ronrth. Fl th. Hurd Sixth, beveuth, Eighth. Ninth, lentil and Kie\entn tta., White'tone. L J-. to be au d it auction, ?>* nr<fAf A# ?ha Whiie*tone l^and Association (John J? I V.t Po|V|^nhu fn, Henry HurtI John D. Locke. Adolph P0Pr ^ehSfr'e??52 of ? Ueorg* W. Van Siclen, Kmj., Attorney, on THURSDAY. JUNK 5. 1873, ai U o r ock, at the { Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway Oriuitj Building). New York, ADRIAN H. MULLEK, P. R. WILKINS A CO., Auctioneers. Book Maps and Pasaes to visit the property can ba Ob talnud at the office oi the Aiictiouecra, No. J I'lne s rcet, New York. Whltestone, L. I.. I* Smiles by roail, 11 inilea by rail road. from Hunter's Point; U is the terminus ot the ex cellent Flushing aud Nortliside railroad. Running lime, from 27 to S5 nilnu es to i unter's Point, 35 to ?0 iiiluutca to Thirtv-iourth street. Now York; 50 to 60 minutes to James slip (doubie deck ferryb >ats Garden City .and Southampton), i hirty-nlne trains dally, Irom 5:50 A. m. to 15 minutes past 12, midnight; eli gantcari; toot warmer under each scat; steain brakes; Miller s putiorina, steel rails, elastic wheels, saiety switches; ruu In the interest of it? passengers: always on time; never delayed by Ice "'wiUte'stone is actual.y more accessible to business and by pleasanter travei t ian seventieth street. New York. It Is on the Sound, with splen id water front, and can be reached by woai nan hour trom I'ock slip. It is nearer the fl y hall than Fort Washington and the upper part of New Yoi k city. A? uear as Newark and Elizabeth. The village was neorporau d in 186# and is growing vapidly. The streets on winch iheae lota are offered are Dearly all s? wered, < urbe i, i ut:i red, and macadamized. High rolling groin d, with excellent water, wo.l drained and more subnet to "'chills an I lever or "lever an I ague*' th <n New Yo' k itself. fhe main sewer through the pri ml< s offered is over a mile ion*, empty ing Into the Bast1 iv r. .. . m. The village contains Eplaconul, < athollc. Methodist ana Presbyterian churches, ubllc and private schools, mo torics, savings bank', it* raid Whitcstone telegraph; over 2,500 Inhabitant . with over >5,000 wltlun a rad us of three miles, and is oeriectlv convenient to the city for calla ?hopping, concerts or theatre. .... . v i Commutation. lerrlage Included, Is only l'-H cents cacn way; and the ral road agrees to give a commutation book to Hunter's Point tor one year tree to the occupant ot each new house costing more tlmn $2,0 0. and bulit betoro May, 1874. This privi.ege of course holds good to each person who buys at this ?ale. Whltestone has long b?e'J famous tor its beautltul scenery, tine drives, boating ami eailiug It combines city pleasure! with country com mits an excellent point ot mve-tinent Over$rO,(WO Worth of lots surrounding the property offered to-a ay were soul between June and November, M7Jjmostly to parties intundlug to build and remain permanently. 11 ohm's aru spr.luring u on every side. Living is cneap cheaper than in the city. #.huh?nimib Two Houses will be uiiere<l, either of which will make * f'he*po'iidf "offered at this sale are unfailing springs, and verv valuable as trout roiils, ulso ,or Ice and as'a water ouiii ly. Taxes are very li^lit; villitge tuxes are limited ty ch .rter to one-halt ot one per cent on the valuation, tverv lot sold wrl be sub eel to covinanta against nuis mu es and liquor mores. These lots and hou es are offered in addition to those Bold on Thurs lay. May 9. Ail must he sold. This is a bona tide partition sale, and every parcel offered wil be sold to the highest bidder. Hull covenant be given. 1 rin ed abstracts ot title can be otnaini d ut $i ca-h trom Van Siclen, Uildersleeve A Baldwin. 's is., couii>e lors-at-law, Bennett Building. B3 and .Nassau *treo . . Terms?10 per cent down, 15 per cent on July ?i balance on mortgage lor thr e years; 5 per cent discount from lace 01 mor gage lor ca-li. ?.v..?v _,m K? Do not retrain Irotn buying at the sale, which will be at. the Exchange Salesroom, ill Broadway, lor the rea son that you are unai quu n;t d Call on A U. Mf 1.1.1 R, P. R. WILKINS A CO., the nuc ionecrs. at No. 7 Pine street; or on 11. K. van BIOL, N. 133 Nassau streei, get tr.'e parses, visit the property and pick out. your lots. K. R. HOPKINS will meet you at Whit< stone. It wil; not take three hours. A DRIAN H. MULI.ER, AlICTIONEBR.?HUl'REMK A. COURT SALh, IN PARTITION, OF VAkV'ABLE BU LKII i.AD PROPERTY OM TlIK N.IRTH RIVER. AD tIAN II. MULLIi.t, f It. WILKINS A CO., will sell at auction on TUESDAY, June X at Vi o'clock, at the Ex change Salesroom, 111 Broadway, oy order ot the Supreme Court, under the direction ol the undersigned Commissioners lu Partition:?A portion ol the balk-head on the orth Kiver, between narnson and Franklin Itreeta, ci minencing on ihi- northerly side ot the pier toot di Harrison street, running trom thence northerly 75 feet; also a portion of the bulkhead on the North River, be tween No. Hi Moore and Heach streets, commencing on the iiortli< rly side ot the pier toot ot North Moore street, running thence northerly 50 leet. hi OAR h. BROWN, HENRY V. MEAU, JAMES R. bOtVARDd. - PRIVATE LIBRARY to be sold by auction on Wednesday and Thursday even ings June 4 and 5. Catalogues ready and books now on exhibition at the Clinton 11 nil salerooms. ?RT SALE. Now on exhibition, free, at the I.eavitt Art Rooms. 817 Broadway, a tine collection ot Pointing*, Water Colors, Engravings, Ac., to be sold by aucuoti (to pay advances ?no close consignments), Friday evening, June 8, at 8 o'clock, at the Clinton llall saleroom*. The Messrs. LEAV ITT, Auctioneers. IT D. MELLICK. JR., A BRO., AUCTIONEERS. Elizabeth, N. J. Choice building Lots in the Eighth Ward at auction. By A. B. MELLICK, JR., A BRO.. Auctioneers and Dealersln New Jersey Real Estate, No. ? Pine street. New York. A portion of the Cherry Lawn Property will be peremp torl y '"THURSDAY. June 5, 1873, at 12:30 P. M., on the premises ad otning the South street station, forty miuutea from New York. 123 trains dally. Streets graded and paved. Surrounded J>7 l Im provements. Special train will leave New York at 11-JO A. M. by the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company, from the foot ot Cortlandt and Desbroeees streets. For maps and free A BRO., No. 6 Pine Street, New York. Allen r. miner, auctioneer. salesrooms 95 Chambers and 77 Reade street. Late Henry H. Leeds A Miner, Established in 1847. Horn Auction Mart, 337. 339 and 3il Fourth avenue, cor ner ot Twentv-fltth street. By ALLEN B. MISER A BRO., THURSDAY, JUNE 5. at 11 o'clock, at their salesrooms, #5 Chambers and 77 Reade street, PRIVATE LIBRARY OF STANDARD AND MISCELLA NEOUS WORKS. PARTICULARS IN TIME, SATURDAY, JUNE 7, at 10}? o'clock, at their salesrooms, 96 Chambers and 77 Reade street, GENTEEL .HOUSEHOLD FURNITURK?MIRROR8, CARPETS, AC. DETAILS IN TIME. A" jTbLEKCKER. SON A CO., 77 CEDAR STREET? , Will soil, on the ground, on Tuesday, June 3, by the acre. Villa Plots, fronting on l'ompton Lake _ _ ^ Smountain, and convenient to New York) and the New ersey Midland Railroad. These Plots are among the ftw for sale on this lake. Call on the auctioneers for further information. Take 9tl0 or 10:50 train from Des torosses street. Oet excursion ticket A OAtaD WELL, AUCTIONEER. .rv# Mairniflcent Household Furniture, pier and mantel Mirrors, superb rosewood Pianoforte, Ac., made to order lor the present owner and only in use one month, for ab solute sale to the nighest bolder. TUESDAY, June 3,. at 10k o'clock, at the residence 138 ^est Forty-fiItn street, near Sixth avenue, . consisting of pier and mantel mirrors, elegant carved rosewood Pianoforte. Cabinet E tag ere, centre and side Tables, magnificent Parlor Suits in satin, lace and brqea tel Curtains, Clocks. Bronzes. Carpets, costly Oil 1 atnt Ings by eminent artists, rich dining room r uruiture, Hul fet. Extension Table, nuperb China, silver and glass Ware, rich Chamber Furniture in rosewood and walnut. Dure hair Mattresses and Pillows. Ac., Ac , being one or the finest and best assnrttnents of fine turniture offered at nubile sale this season Everything, in the house was in'w on the 1st of May, and for positive sale owing to a death In the family. Deposit required from every pur chase r. A~~OCTION SALE AT PRIVATE RESIDENCE 21 East 20th st., corner Broadway, this day, com mencing at I0K o'clock. MKNItY JfilNN, Auctioneer, sells over 3tN> lots ol elegant Household Furniture, viz.:?Rose wood Pianolorte, elegant Parlor and Bedroom suits, Mir rors, Brussels Carpets. Oil Paintings. Bronzes. Clocks; also slnple and double Bedsteads. Bureaus. Wardrobes, spring and hair Mattresses. Lounges, rcu Suits, Cutlery, China, Olmsaware, Buffet, Extension Tables, Chairs, Ac., Ac. sale positive. Auction sale of brewery.?for salr at public auction on Thursday, June 5, 1873, at 12 M , the contents ot the Brewery situate In Fifty-eighth street, between Third and Lexington aveuui s, in the city of New York. By virtue of several cnattel mortgages, 1 shall expose at public sale the whole inventory ol above Brewery, consisting ol Horses, Wagous, Harness, Steam Engine. Tubs, Casks. Barrels, Ac. * JaCiJUKS SCUM IT Is, Attorney for Mortgagees. A HA HI. OPPORTUNITY, A RAItK OPPORTI N1TY to those turnishlng citv or country residences. The largest anil richest Household Furniture sale at this season will take place THIS (Tuesday i MORMNO, June 3, at 10^ o'clock, It the first class lour story brown stone mansion 104 East Twenty-filth street, near Fourth avenue. (WO yards vel vet Brussels Carpets; seven magnificent latest styles Pompadour, Mane Antoinette and Urand Duchess Parlor B'lits covered with French satin, brocatel, cotelalne and reis-all madeV, order tor the present owner; Turkish aiul Oi lental style t-'iirnlture, Mirrors, Lounges, Etageres, Pier an?l Oval Mirrors, fii) fine Oil Paintings, Vaaes, Htatu arv Chicks, Bronzes, bookcases. Pier an.I Oentre tables, CnlilneU hols de rose; rosewoiid aqnare grand 7?< oitave patent agraffe douhl* reund parlor Pianoforte; and walnut Chamber Suits, style ol i<onla f" IV carved French inlaid Heusteads. Bureaus, Was^list'ands. Commodes; JO spring and hair ^attre^s Beading Bob iters Pillows Blankets, French walnut Bunet, two bx P'on faMes. Chairs,;walnut rep Suits Mirrnra. Cnr tains. Oilcloths, French Chttia. Olass, Silver ware, Lm lerv- In all over son lots by catalogue. B. KtiTn, auc tloiioer. Kespousible men In atrtndanc# to oarLPadk.or ihlp goods tor purchasers, city or country.. N. B. Third or Konrth avenue pars to Twenty-filth street. A UCTION NOTICE.?LAROE SALE THIS DAY A. (TITKHDAY), at private residence. 120 West 23d streist, between 6th and 7th avenues, commencing at 10H o clock. Ovar $25,0*1 worth eleuant Household furniture, ?amely nuperb rote wood Pianoforte, cost J900; rarior and Bedroom Hiilta, Tables, Mirrors, Carpets, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Easy Chairs, l'aintltws. Bronzes, Beds, I "Iowa, Bedding. Ac. Baaemeot and Kitchen Furniture, Ac. ruts la the largest sale oi good Furniture thia season. Sale Dositlva, lu lota by catalogue. L. FITZUERALD, Auctioneer. Auction sale to-day. RICH ARD J. OAIIRETTSON, Auctioneer. WINANS A OARR1TTSON, 527 and tail Sixth avrnue, ?III wil this day ffnesitav), at 10^ A. M , an assortmentof furniture, comprising Parlor Suits, Tables, Mirrors, Bu reaus. Wardrolio, Bedsteads, Bedding, Mattresses, Car b*u Vases, Sewing Machines. Also several genuine and valuable Paintings. Sale Thursday, June 5. at orlvata r?ildenc? US fcatt Forty-four.h strceu SA1 KS AT APCTIOW. Auction notice.-^ t. hazell, auctioneer THIS AY, TUEHDAY.June S, . . It 10)4 o'clock. at our Salesrooms 118 ( h?mMWiWMi Heavy and 8helt Hardware Table ana Pocket Catlery, Ac.. Ac., ib lots to suit city ind eountrj^ trade. French Tinned Ware, Hate-beta. Ic? Wrenches, Flies, Brushes. Tub*, l*aiU, Shovels, Spades, Scythes, Ac. Also Store*, Cooking Range* and Parlor Btovea. Al-o. _ at 18 o'clock precisely, In front of store. Hurst-, Harness and Wagon. Catalogue, on morning of sale^ A CO.. Auctioneerx, 118 Chambers slreet ABCH. JOHNSTON. AUCTIONEER. Office and Salesroom, 37 Nassau street, oi>p t>il? the Post offlce. Horse Auctioa Branch, 19 to 3ft Kast Thirteenth street Carriage Repository, No. 8 Cortlaudt street. Flowerine and BeJding Plants. ARCH. JOHNSTON will sell tins day, at 11 o'clock, at the Salesroom 37 Nassau street, a ari<c assortment oi very tine Flowering and Bedding Plains, Standard Rose-, Ac. Arch. johnston, au? tioneer. Ollice aud sa esrooin, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post onlce. llorse Auction Branch, 19 to2i ast Thirteen.h street. Carriage Repository, No. 8 Uortiandl street PAINTINGS. ARCH. JOHNSTON w II sell ?.n Thursday, at 12 o'clock, at the Salesroom 37 Nassau street, a consignment oi iW Puin ings direct rom Berlin, comprising landscapes, figure pieces, interiors, (lower iileces. Ac. On exhibition uesd.iv and Wednesday. AbCTION SALE. AUgUSTE MAPTINKS A CO., Auctioneers. MaunitlccQt Household Wirnlture, Pianoforte, Bronses, Paintings, Parlor Suits. Rare chance for housekeepers. On this day (Tuesday), at ihe elegant mansion 36 Weat tftth at., near 5th av.. commencing 10,'j o eiock. Drawing Room : nits, Maile Antoinette aul Grand Duchess styles, covered silk brocaile; Ktagsres, Book case Cabinets, l neolgnures, Velvet Brussels Carpets; Mirrors Centre Table, Hron/.e Cluck. Statuary, roseweoa parlor gran t Pianoforte, stool, ( over, ? annjrburv, Oil ?ain lntrs, rosewood, walnut llureaus. Bedsteads. Ward robes, Mattresses, Buffet Extension Table, Glass, China, Silverware. To attend Ihis&aie take ftth av. stages or 0th av. curs. \ UCTION RALE OF HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD ./""'"positively THIS DAY (Tuesday). at the Elegant Residence, 310 West Twenty-llrst street, near Seventh avenue. BOBEKT C. CAsHIN, Auctioneer, sel.s, commencing at 11 o'clock precisely, vizParlor and Library .-nits in satin and brnca el, two elegant Pianotortes, one lour round cast $1,'**): two handsome Bookcases; 5 K) volumes choice Books. Cabinets, Etageres, Turkish Chairs, Bronzes, tine Paintings, Mirrors, Curtains, Clocks. (Hit Centre and Console Tables, Ac.; Dining Furniture, Extension Table, I'uffet, Chairs, Dinner aud Tea sets. Glass, oilvcrware Cutlery, Ac. Solid Mack wainut and rosewood Chamber Set?, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Waslistands: 37 fine hair aud spring Mattresses. Suits In reps, 'toilet Sets, W.0 yards Carpet, Ac. N. It.?Those ?.bout furnishing c ty and country rc idencei would do will to attend tins sale. lot a l>y catalogue. Take 7th or 4iti avenue car*. B1 LEOPOLD WISE, auctioneer. Executor's saie of Household Furniture, French plate Mirrors. Carpets, Oilcloths, red" eads and Bedding, Crockery, Kitchen Utensils, and a v r ety ot oiher articles, on WE1>N,.S. AY. June 4, at 11 o'clock, at 340 Wesi Thirty-flith street BY ISIDOKE J. HWAKfcKOPF, AUCTIONEER?WILL sell, li o'clock. 15 ?erentli street, Ice House, Benches, Blocks, Tools. A" , ol fine lurcher's shop; posi tively in lots. STI. al'S A sWARZKOPF, 37ft Bowery. BY J. W. CAMPBELL. JR. MORTGAGE SALE. CAMPBELL A CO. sell this day. commencing 11 o'clock at premises, 348 Hudson ureet, near Charlton, ule.-ant Purnl'ure, viz-.Fine carved rosewood parlor Suit in crimson brocatel. 8 pieces; marble top mahog any dressing Bureaus, w.lh mirrors French, mahogany and other Bedsteads. French plate and other Mirrors, in irhle top Wa h? unds, Mattresses, 1 Trunk. Paintings, cro -kerv, Glassware, and other goods; also 1 lurniturc Truck, fine voting Horse and Harness, 1 good downtown single Truck and Harness, 1 fine lop Buggy and Harness, city make; buyers, dealers and speculators specially In vited. By order ol the Attorney ^-^Xb'us EY. Y BANGS, MERWIN A CO.. 636 BROADWAY, BELOW Bond street-Valuable private Library, ot choice, rare and standard Bo?ks, relating to Shukspeare, the drama, old English and American Poetry, together with u number ot scarce Works oil American History, Trials, Pamphlets, Ac., and a tew choice volumes with extra illustrations. To be sold at auction on Tuesday and Wed nesday atternoons, June 3 and 4, at 4 o'clock. BY F COLTON, AUCTIONEER.?AT THE SALES rooms. Si Eust Thirteenth street On Thursdav, June 8, we shall have one ot the largest sales of the season, embracing six or seven loads of Furniture and Carpets, from a store house, together with a vcrv large accumula tion of other goods; also about 50 or 00Carpets, 40smaU Mirrors and many large ones; two or three Pianos, Ac.. Ac. Particulars on Wednesday aud Thursday, Juue A and 4. Henry b herts, auctioneer. ELEGANT H()lishHOLD FUKNITURE, HORSES. CARKIAGES, HAKNES. Ac., ON TUESDAY. JUNE 3, AT 9>, O'CLOCK, AT 63 EAST FIFTY-THIRD STREET, NEAR MADISON AVENUE, , . comprising the entire rich and elegant Furniture of the above mansion, all of which was made to order regard less of cost und In use only one vear: the sale will be peremptory on account of the owner leaving for Europe. THE HORSES. CARRIAGES, HARNESS Aft, WILL BE BOLD IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE. AT 9>4 O'CLOCK. PRECISELY, comprising pair dark bay carriage Horses, black Pplnta. 15*. hands nigh; bay road Horse, very fast and stylish driver; Carblolet. made by Brewster ot Broome street, nearly new; side bar top Wagon, by Dusenbury A Van Duzcn ; gold moun ed double Harnvss, single Harness, dress ami stable Blankets, Ac.; all in splendid order and worthy attention. SALE OF FURNITURE COMMENCES AT 10* O'clock. PARLORS CONTAIN Wilton Carpets, rich Pier and Mantel Mirrors, lace Cur tains, superb inlaid Cabinet Pedestals, Centre, Side and Card Tables, Parlor Suit, in blue satin, rich real bronze Mantel Set, Statuettes, Figures, Vases, elegant crystal and bronze Chandeliers, rosewood cycloid Piano, by Llndc niau A Sons; valnablo Oil Paintings, by J. M. Culver house. Oregon. Wilson, Haines and other celebrated art ists; valuable antique real ormulu Clock and Statuettes, troni the Livingston manor, and formerly the property of Robert Fulton; also antique Card and Dressing Tables, all of which were lett to the present owner by the late Judge Robert S. Livingston: also rare old Madeira wines, which have been in the Livingston family over eighty year"* CHAMBERS CONTAIN velvet and English Brussels Carpets, elegant Chande liers, rich Lace Curtains and Cornices, rich Hungarian ash and walnut Bedsteads, Bureaus. Dre?ing Cases, Arinolre-a-Glace, Lounges, Easy Chairs, Escretotres, Vases, Ornaments, lingravlngs. Paintings; finest quality Beds. Beddiug, hair Mattresses. Ac. DINING ROOM. _ , Brussels Carpets, solid walnut Buffet, Extension Dining Table, Chairs and Lounge In leather, rich French China Dinner Service, fine Cut Glass, elegant Silverware, in every variety ; Cutlery, Cabinet Oil Paintings, Ac., to gother with a lull assortment ot Kitchen Utensils, with which the sale will commence. The house will be open tor inspection by permit on Monday trom 10 A. M. to 9 P. M. Catalogues and permits can be had at the offlce ot the auctioneer, Grand central Salesrooms^RoadwaT, NEAR BOND STREET. s! WEINBERGER, AUCTIONEER.?REGULAR . sale of General Merchandise, this day (Tuesday), June 3, at I0>> o'clock, at 15>* Bowery, vix. -.?Household, Furniture. Carpets, oilcloth. Curtains, Shades, Cutlery Watchcs, Jewelry; also Wines, Liquors, Ac. J COLE, auctioneer. Absolute sale of 157 magnificent Prospect Park Lots, by order of the executor, situated In the Ninth and Twenty-second wards, city of Brooklyn, on Washington, Clnsson, Filth and Sixth avenues. President, Carroll, Macomb, Montgomery, Crown and First streets, on the east and west sides of Prospect Park, being the estates of William B. Cooper and Mary Johnson, deceased. JAMES COLE'S SON will sell at auction, on TUESDAY, June 3, at 12 M., at the Commercial Exchange 389 Fulton street, opposite City Hall, Brooklyn, the following desirable Property, by order of William B. Cooper, J r., sole executor Ninety-three Lots on Filth aail Sixth avenues, Carroll. Macomb and First streets, on the westerly slope of the Park, estate of William B. Cooper, deceased. These lots are admirably located for dwellings and private residences and present ureat inducements to pur chasers, as the improvements in the vicinity are of the best class and rapidly Increasing. The character ot this neighborhood Is fully established. The street, are pav d with Belgian pavement and cars to ?ullon, Wall and South terries pass the premises. 64 lots on Washington and Classon avenues, President. Carroll, Crown and Montgomery streets, on the east side of the t'ark (estate ot Mary Johnson, deceased). These lots are within a lew hundred feet of the great Sackett street boulevard or Par* way, and other great Improvements now going on In the vicinity, and are accessible by cars on f ranklln and r latbusb avenues from neariv all the different terries to New York. Ihls property has never belore been offered for sale, and the title is indisputable, the property hjj?ng ?>een in the family a great number ot years, mnking this sale, wt 11 worthy of the attention ot capitalists, wishing a site for a first class residence, as the near prox imity ot the Park gives it prominence over most property ottered tor sale. The sale will be, without reserve, to the highest biduer. . , Terms?70 ncr cent of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage tor a term of years. Maps mav be obtained at the _ ? osices of SM ITII A WOODWARD, Proctors, 39 Nassau street, New York. Offlce of sihnky V. LOWELL, Attorneys, 44 Court street Brooklyn. Offlce ot the Auctioneer, .TO Fulton street, Brooklyn. WILI/IAM B., Jr., Executor, 99 Pearl street, New York. JACOB BOGART, AUCTIONEER. TUESDAY, June S, at 11 o'clock, at the auction rooms No. 1 North William street, 3 Trunks Clothlug, Fancy Goods, Ac. WEDNESDAY, June 4, Household Furniture, Carpets, Ac., Ac. JACOB BOOART, AUCTIONEER.?MARSHAL'S AND mortagce sale ?By virtue ot a chat el mortgage and execution. I will sell this day, atll o'clock, at No. I North William street, one No. 2 Smith's Tenomag Machine, D Hand Copes, and one No. J Smith's Mortising Machine. JOHN H. HILLlEK, Marshal and Attorney for Mortagee. IEWIS E. WOOD, auctioneer, j offlce No. 79 Montgomery street, Jersey City. Assignee's sale In bankruptcy of the Danforth Soap Factorv. All the Machinery, Fixtures and eleven years' Lea-a of six Lots of Land on Grand street, above Ysrlck street Jersey^ItywtlJ be ao^ J^derotthe a^ignee *Vh? buUdiug Is tfraine,?t\ire"stories, WxlQfc iUrs cbance. "ALES AT ArrTIOW. l\l 'ioneer, on Tuewlay, June S, 1873, at 10 A. M , at ?Utinir^rnJfw *Jf &">">?' H.,uphold Furniture, con nimiw^k ^i;,nu ??<* -Mo 4. black walnut aud w-i".' , .r ?n<1 ,lr,lw WatrresAPH, Bureau*, Iron f3!ir?? f 1,*"dl1' "',arl"e ,OD Table*, Chairs, Desha. tuS mn.l i f.XU>nJ'oa TjWea, Mirror*. Ac, Ac.: Iron Mortgagee hre* B' oriler ?? the Attorney lor PAAr.^iROKtR'8..6ALE~TI,IS DAY. JAMBd AOAR, Mnn'^ ?nlfw'1 wU,' fit 1,1 88 N'w B.,wery, 600lo . ot ? ?JJ'J ^.on,ep ? Clo hing and o her seasonable ' By order ot D. G. Fergunon, 52ila Broome street I> FIELD AUCTIONhER-SALESIiOOM, 11 BOW irr^VJ-r1' ? li1'* d*v' *' lu o'clock. Ave barrels Whiskey ly ord.-r Matthew T. Breunan, Sheriff; Wm. II- Carroll. Deputy. TUB LAST GREAT 8ALB OF BAYSIDB LOTS, L I. will take place to-day. ?Remember thi* is the last, the TKlfJ; fTram will leave James slip and Thirty-tourth street ferries at II o'clock, sharp. Free oajwes only ot J hKK. JOHNSON, Jr., 21 Park row. N. Y. TllO-i. OAKl'NEY, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE NO 8 Centre street, will positively sell this day, at 10k o'clock, at auction, the Stock and Fixtures of Grocery More 4 7 Mnth avenue, in one or more lot*: a lurire as sortment and excellent fixtures. T"MIDLAND RvlLlOAD FROM CORT Hi k !ro**A?treet U rrJ' tt.-al?*y at 111 do lor BLiKi.CKER S sale ot i ake Villa i lots at I'ompton, N.J. 11'li.L BK SOLD AT I'UBLIC ALU' I IO.N? ON THE i preiuws at Setauket, i.ouk Island, satuMav. Juno 14, at 2 1. M., the splendid Residence, lorinerly tlie property of Robert Nun *, deceased, consisting of a fine brickMansion, wltn In own tone trimmings; sue in bv 40leet, two stories, basement and sub-ci, wlih modern Hi"iv(V!e.'I.l.'i,1/i.onV, ."ouse.itt h> 1B "'ft. two Barns, oll by 31 miii 3j stalls lor Jt) horse*. ice house and ail nem-a ary outbuildin s, large yuan nies ol'choice fruit 5LVL/?rim,nf JiH11 trwp*' 12acre ol Lami.HS; feet front, wi.h privilege ot .*> acres more ; terms made easy; a fine view ot liOiiK 'sl mil uuiid, hut lJ minutes' drive toSetiiuket station, cars from hunter's Point arriving at l.' ii; no n^onement. For further particulars inquire of BEN mtRJa^w S' St;,HUk,'t- l..?r of CHAR F. until). I1UE (Brooks Bros.i,corner Catharine and Cherry streets, new York ci y. ' WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCT ONEEk. v>IIlce SO New Bow cry. Administratrix's sale.?WILLI a m ABBOTT will sell on S'Sv'i'is m'> WK O'clock in the loremion, the Stock and Hxtures of the l.iuiior store at 107 , rlnce ?ireet. corner ot t.reene street?One 4 pull Ale Pump one i?rr5? SgSr Ur><0 lron s?r?'. hlids. of Mock Ale, Rve and Ueirbon Whiskeys, Wines, Cigars Ac., with fine Maud, Casks, Barn Is and other Fixtures. ' ???TJ,c."bSve.,",ie P"?tl>oned until THURSDAY, Junes, at 10k o'clock A. M. ELIZA BoYLK, Administratrix. TO lili'i' WHI BdmUKM 1*1 ItPUKES. ^TTENTION. NOW READY FOR OCCUPANCY. NEW FIREPROOF BUILDING. TOLTON, NASSAU AND ANN STREETS. ELEGANT OFFICES TO RENT IN TUE > ABOVE FI HE PROOF, WELL LOCATED BUILDINO, BEING IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO THE CITY HALL, THE COURTS, TLIK POST OFFICE. AC., AC. OFFICES 81JITABLE FOR LAWYERS, BROKERS, BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, AC., AC., CAN BE HAD, SINGLY OR EN SUITE, OF ANY DESIRED SIZE, FROM 10X12 FEET TO 26X67 FEET, AT $.100 $400, $500 AND UPWARD TO $12,000, ACCOKD1NO TO SIZE AND LOCATION. THE ABOVE BUILDIwTth" COMPLETELY FIREPROOF, READY FOR OCCUPANCY, HEATED B\ STEAM, AND HAS TWO FIRST CLASS PASSENGER ELEVATORS AND ALL MODERN IM PROVEMENTS. RENT OF SMALL OFFICES. iaSin?h ? 3J^t',r^ 4,h storV- 5tli Story. i.:?, $-M)00 $1,??J $I..XI0 $1,0(10 lbx^4.".. I,NW 1,,'iUO i ?.>(? H00 14.ti\2j.b 1.800 |,,rst0 1 2iK) asi !.??? Lfl"0 1,200 SS 8L0 400 S50 SOI 10x12.6 RtlO 400 HO Sm }?.?*!? 3.010 2..XW 2,1100 i? ln.lix.ltf. 3,001) 2,?KI0 21*10 1SU0 10x12.6. 800 400 3S0 '30O 19.10x23. 1,800 1,600 1,200 1 UOO 1. 00 1.2.W 1,0110 'hiIf) J'800 ,-!B0 '-"tw 17x23. 1,500 1,250 l (kkj Ms) 10*18. 501) 400 '350 J00 INQUIRIES TO BE MADE OF HOMEB MORGAN, NO. 2 PINE STREET. A LUNCH AND BARROOM TO LET.?500 PEOPLE to teed ; ail the business ol the Franklort House, 202 vtilllatu street. A STORE, 31 CROSBY STREET, TO LET?NEAR Grand and Broadway, $20 month;,stood stand for all Kinds ol respectable business; also Rooiut and Bed rooms. first class cheap. Fink lofts, soxioo, with or without .steam powor, to let. sultahle for liuht manutacturlnir pur poses; also nn oleKant store. 35 and 37 Wooster street UINE BASEMENT FOR BARBER SHOP, OR ANY 1 other business, to let reasonable; light and dry; also tn.r<l? nne Rooms on third floor. Apply on the premises. >t&> Third avenue, adjoining bank. Hotel to let.-a party retiring from the business will let Ills Hotel, partly furnished, on easy terms; 60 rooms, dining room 30x40, large kitchen, meat and wine cellar; location central. Address HOTEL, M. D., Herald ofllee. ' OFFICES.?FINE NEW OFFICES IN BUILDING 1,287 Broadway, between Thirty Arst and Thirty second 7l?un; r,'nt ?iv)to $300. Apply to W. 8. MELDRUM, 1.2611 Broadway. ' SPRING STREET, 1K5, NEAR TH< >M PSON? STOK F. and Cellar, 25 by 75 teet, suitable for wholesale or avemw "es? or le*8C ; a,*? Bakery, at 439 First ST?AM POWER-LARGE AND SMALlT ROOMS; 2m.p?1erMKtl0.d: 1(VW re,nt and insurance inoulding Mill to let; Machinery for sale. T. M. WILS(JNl404Jlleecker street CTEAM POWER?TO LET, LARGE AND SMALL k_; Rooms, with or without Power (wood workers al the *--urpka Machine Carving Works, 60, 62. 64 and Ml Cannon street. STORE, 2?X140,~"78T BROADWAY, WITH L ON Eighth street (Clinton place).?Rent reduced If taken at once ; also a Store, rent $75 per month. Apply ou premises. J The elegant corner store"sixth^avenue and Fortieth street, to let ?Rare chance for iewclry, n|0^erate^n'8' or lurnlshinty or fancy goods; rent TO LET-STORE AND DWELLING; 8EVEM ROOMS l."nu.''?l.l,lr^''en,r?,of '"'le; $400 per year. Address *?. H. BARD, Mount Vernon. TO LET?A BARBER SHOP] FURNISHED; TERMS very nioilerate. Apply comer of Desbrosses and ureenwich streets. rpo LET?DESIRABLE DWELLING 33 WEST X Eleventh street, between Broadway and University place, in beautiful order; suitable for Professional or P.l1, .'?ess. Purposes: imtnediau possession. Apply at 121 Maiden lane, or SIS West Fourteenth street. To LET?TH K FINK NEW STORE 530 SIXTH AVE nne, between Thirty-flrst and Tlilrtv-second streets (next to the Herald Branch office). Rent $1,200. AddIv to W. S. MELDRUM, 1,269 Broadway. Y To LET?A LARGE ROOM (Jn THE GROUND PZOOB. suitable lor a photograph gallery. 664 Eighth av. TO LET?THE SECOND FLOOR OF THE NEW building on Sixth avenue, about 60x50 feet In the rear of and connected with 1.265 to 1,269 Broadway, be tween Thirty-first and Thirty-second streets; the whole W. WeLdTuV*I.M?BroS8 wt,av,U" AP,"y ,0 TO LFT OR LEASE?FOR WORKSHOP OR STOR age, a Floor, 25x45, one flight up; fireplaces, water. Hoisting wheel. Hidge street, near Broome; $2"K rpHOKNION M. RODMAN, RF.AL ESTATE AGENT, J 696 Broadway, offers for lease the Store and Apart ments at 131 Waverley place; will not rent for linuor U,.b"I"'S? "r 'flic; rent $550 per annum. Also First F loor, $300 per annum ; will put in order. Building 45Thomas street two stories and good cellar; $600 per annum. Telegraph and ticket stand to lft?in bar nttin's Hotel office, corner Twentieth street and Broadway. WATER FRONT STORES AND VACANT LOTS TO let?Foot of Iielancey street, East River; near three Terries; car lines to every portion of the city. J. L. MILLER, 21'East street DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. Famished* An elegant residence, furnished, between Hltli and Madison avenuca?28.1x70; extension, ?xlR: parlor* only lurnished: rent low. -Apply at 26 East fiftieth street trolB 10 to 4. A LADY DESIRES TO RENT HER HIGH STOOP three story brown front House on Lexington ave nue, near Filty-third street, elegantly and completely furnished, lor the months of July and August; rent tor both months $275: none but i areftil parties need answer. Address immediately LEXINGTON. Herald office. A FAMILY OBLIGED TO VISIT EUROPE WOULD let their completely furnished high sloop House at a SKS^^PJ'-T 1Sf Wo,t Thirty-sixth street, or of 8IMONSON A ECCLESroN, 50 West Thirty-first itrect Infurnlahed. A WHOLE HOUSE. 50 6T1I AV? 12 ROOMS $1,200 Whole House 6IM Washington st., 10 rooms. .. '."?) Whole House, 333 W?*t iltli st.. 16 ro.un? 1,400

E. L. A Jl.^T^BURNIIAM, ?'i09 Hudson street. A?TO LET, VERV CHEAP, AN ELEGANT FOUR . story Nova Scotia front House, situated on Fifty ninth street, near Madison avenue. Apply to SHER WOOD A WaLDRON. 1,032 Third avenue, between Sixty first, and sixty-second streets. C10TTAGE, ROOMS AMD STORE TO LET?IN THE J Ninth ward ; Cottage, 10 room*. $'>00; nice store in Hadton street $600; nice Second Floor, 5 rooms, $22 5n; First Floor and Basement, $27 50. Apply at 6ttt Hudtoa ?treet TO LET?IN A GOOD LOCATION. A FOUR STORT unfurnished House: part of rent taken In board if desired. Apply for particular* at 116 West Fourteenth ?treet, after 10 A. M. TO LET?VERY LOW, THAT BEAUTIFUL AND CON venlcnt three story high itoop House 303 East Eight eenth street Seen any time by permit. THOMAS McOUIRE, 1,145 Second avenue. tpo LET CHEAP?THE FOUR STORY BROWN STONB 1 House 126 East Forty-lourth street, third door from l<exini(toii avenue; it U nicely Um?Ucd thiougUout. Apply ou tbe premise*. rVRIISHBD Rooms A WD APAHTMCRTI TO LKT. A W!8, ?OOL FRONT BASEMENT, FURNISHED. l?1,h,7 .,20"*?wlth privilege of ci?ki?n in V B,,droom ?n third door of brown ?tone hull** kW West Forty-seci n I atreet A W'O'CH LADY ha ; TWO FURNISHED ROOM* ? ?? - f? Wa ,or l?oueekeeping: also wvuritl i 'SL Sy,e.iyr Kpnl eonwn. with all mo lern improve ments. ?73 West Twen y-.ecoud street. A ~7? rF'I: ? FURNISHED FRO.ST ROOM Tlnrty-nr?',?i^eetfrlJ*0'teep'ng' ** per wealt- 301 We4t A N.JIi!<tJANTI'Y ?'I'HNISIIED SUIT OK ROOMS, !ler. or "eparately; local ion good; houiie tint m 2'iilf# Two^V1" imL'roVl'l,u,|,t!,: email irivate lamiiv. ingtoSaJSnuei. etreet, hetwoen Fourth and Lei A Nn^I,^-<iA.ST,LX ?W??WII8D CORNER KI,AT, month* ra ,'il.^rS, , Brk: re"1 U" <>eto or lit, ?12S per uuntli, reploto hi every respeot; a bargain. MORRIS B. BAER, 996 Sixth street. "''HNWUKfl PAKI.OIIS ON Killer 4ti,,r,'lU JoBM JU??Wiran ROOM* TO RUNT, WITH sir-nannexeani n.i i' l? sln|''" RenUemeti o n pa ty de t! .VJf!! A . p . "a,,'e npurim nt". ' pply ui 123 rtcst Foit> fifth Itreet; !virnnc.'> ex bitl|6(L yOj. ??"TT^0|t JUNK 1 TO .SEPTEMBER 1, A ) ..II rooms completely turn shod i, r home keeping. all modern Itnprnvcmcnis; desirable location Address JOHN, Herald Uptown Branch PARLOR A NO ~BED * room, with i^nno, tor <n ? or two gentlemen? Na 6.4 orenard. near Urand street, third door ' ^LAROE FINE COVpLETELY *u? lurn,N'i0llthird Floor: largo clo<ot?, una and wii or* Sf9T,CIn1HeSLk;PrJva.t0 hol",,,? " Monroe'sir, ot. heTw. en Only'Jo,; thna^dSv.'m!::^;.1' 0ccu,,l,,d bv owmr HOUBBKEEPHtQ?A SMALL PLEASANT i??.h -V lu, n",l'< d, with or Without use ot Parlor; gss. aide cursa)"5lWV' : convenient u, all west ami Linn. M- V\u t lory-m nth street. FPMM8HI.D NEATLY FOR HOITS ?? KEEPIVO A 1,5' V |,|oor:, parlor, bedroom, eloaeta, kilolion 1" "" ftm door; nit street. weekly; 3003? Weal I wenty-, ightn /"2J.ENTLEMEN DESIRING SUPERIOR ACCOMMODA tlona. at moderate ratoa, oan tlnd nlcelv furnished Rooms in quiet, neatly kept house; roiercncea oT ch.lured. Ill Weal Tw. nty-thfrd si root. Handsomely FURNIB'-ED ROOMS?TO GENTLE, men, or Party. lor liaht housekeeping. at 58s sixth avenue, near Thirtv-'ourth street. 8 IMn rTAN'JSOMELY FURNISHKD Fit ?N ? IoTTm .Nil lmthv,n " t'flva'o fhmllv, $4 per week, ih V\ est lorly-soventh street, near Ninth av. TTANDSOMEI.Y FURNISHED ROOMS, CONVENIENT XI to Broadway stigca and oars; also flno aiuta of Rooms aul ah^B lor ohyaician or dentist; Wrma reason nui4?. .14 J'liist lcntn street. Murray hill.?furnished rooms for rami. lies or party of gentlemen at summer prices. In quire of ,t. II. HKLL. 2U Fourth avenue. PARLOR FLOOR TO LET-POMPRISIVO TIIRFR large, elegant rooms, beantitullv furnished, with all jna eonve ilences and comforts required; unsurpassed location; opposite Madison square. 2l)ti Filth avenue. "OARTIES D RSI RI NO IIANDSOM FLY FURNISHED X Rooms, en suite or singly, can find first ulasa accom modations at I.iO \V est 1 wenty-Orst street (JUITS OF rooms TO LET-also SINGLE rooms 8EiiatT^eIVlti"g"riM't ' UONUV'AN''';| restaurant. No.' TWO NICELY FURNISHED rooms TO LET?EN HUity or'sepnrute, with nil modern improvement* in ? private nmily. Ift7 Kan Twenty-flni streets con venient to Orameroy Hotel. rpo LET?furnished rooms FOR GENTLEMEN IN rrivil,(' Inquire at 11H West Ninefeenth'st. T" tKT-J'llllNISIIKD. IN A PRIVATE FAMILY A ?,r,!}"?pytiwithout board, to tfonllemen required Sixteenth street. References rpo LET-IN A small PRIVATE FAMILY. TO~ONE r . Kritw." ^"J'emen, a largo, airy front Room, mm fortahly furnished; relorenros exchanged. Address M. I?"x I7H Herald Uptown Branch office. rpo LET? furnished, A PARLOR floor AND X Basement, lor light housekeeping, in a small private house, suitable lor a small family or dressmaker. 'J80 West Nineteenth street. rpo LET?SEVERAL FURNISHED rooms, EN SUITE *7? ulJUflZ' w'th a strletlv private familv. Inquire at 216 Lust Eleventh ?troet, botweeu Second and Third avs. TO LET-AT OLIVER STREET, A FURNISHED Itooin, lor a single gentleman. TO LET-handsomely FURNISHED rooms ON parlor and second floors, en suite and singly; Break rast ll desired; relerences exchanged. f?7 East Ninth "'root,2[< twol,n BroHdwav and I niversity place. 9 A*. Jnll.5K. 0KNTU5MB* CAN HE accommo ?J dated with desirable Rooms, without board. .114 Fifth avenue. Q WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. NEAR DEL* <J .monjcn's.?Two handsomely furnUhed Rooms to let without board ; terms mocierate. 9zLTI'? STREET. 210 WEST-ELEGANT SECOND . , ''""r- gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives: also siiik!lu Rooms; terms moderate ; refi-renees. MD>i'''HLY.-HALF FRENCH FLAT. NEWLY Ir !i? , carPc'fd ani1 furnished; hot and cold water bath, closet, all on rioor. liw Fifty-nixth street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues. CO WEST TWEVTY.FOITRTH STREET, NEAR FIFTn ft Avenue llot<d.?Neatly lurnislied Rooms for a gen tleman. without board. * "11A MACDOUGAL STREET. NEAR BLEBCRER XIA/ Furnished Rooms, with everv convenience for housekeeping, to let to respectable small families. mEAST TWELFTH STREET. BETWEEN THIRD and Fourth avenues.-A very desirable Room, nunasomely furnished, to let; suitable lor one or two gentlemen ; also a Hall Room ; reference. 190 RA1I TWENTY-THIRD STREET, BETWEEN ^ i u Vr.*",,fton ."'"l Fourth avenues.?Handsomely furnished Rooms to let, en suite or sinvly. 991 SIXTH AVENITE.?NEWLY AND HAND. . , M),nciv fu/nj?li<-'d Rooms, singly or en suite; prl vate family: finest block on Sixth avenue; references. WEST ELEVENTH STREET-SECOND FLOOR or ftyfi rooms, together, or can lie divided to a par.y of gentlemen or lor housekeeping, with front Base ment; also Parlor Floor. 9^Q WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?II AN II ?ornely furnished Rooms, without, board; fine Office and reception Rooin, for dentist or physician, at moderate prices. ' nO BROADWAY CORNER OF WASHINGTON 5laoe' 0PP??lte few Vork Hotel.?Handsomely rurnlshed Roome to let, bv the day, w.ek or month; terms reasonable. Apply as above, room 10. UNFritNISIIKO KOOMS AND APAUT MENTS TO LET. AT 122 THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR FOURTH *venue? l-ive Rooms on second floor, admirably (It ted for housekeeping; modern Improvements, all con veniences on same floor; rent $W. Apply in atore. A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY MAY LEASE THE Lpper I art of'a four storv house, containing all lm provements, at a very low rent : location central. Ad offiee' particulars, A. A., Herald Uptown Branch A T? LET?IN A "PRIVATE HOUSE. 510 ?*** East I'onrteentfi street, near 8econrl avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILT, OCCUPYINO A FIRST JX class house, will let, unfurnished, the Second Floor. JOoms, Sath. Ac.; also a Room, furnished, un Third floor, at.W.?'3 est Twenty-second street. n'Vkf' A FLOOR TO LET?CONSISTING OF PAR lor. bedroom and kitchen, with all conveniences for I'SSr u ownor occupies lower part; rent $U l..? 1 ?econd avenue, near Eighty-second street. T OWER PART OF A PRIVATE HOCSE TO 1,1 r IN A .id.t,. Hown ,ow" neighborhood. Rent low to a good LOR tffl Bowery"" lln,ncdiatc|y- Inquire of H. E. TAY TO A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS-SECOND FLOOR; watc r, tfa??. 2.55 West Fourth street rpo i.EASF. FOR FOUR YEARS-UPPER PAIT OF avcn.ue, between F.tghty-thlrd and in5 to re ?ets, consisting i 8 or 10 rooms. Inquire rpo LET?TO A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, THE I Second Floor of private house mi East Eighty-second street; location desirable; occupants, two adalts, Ameri cans; modern improvements; convenient to cars und l"'iit . rent $20 per month; reference required. TO LET? UPPER'PART OF HOUSE S9H EKillTII AVE ? n!i.,5>,K'!?.rwfr ^'''r"eth strcet; good location tor a me cninics hoarding house; 15 rooms. Inquire in the store JOHN WHELAN. rpo LET?FLOOR OF FIVE ROOMS, WITH ALL ti.i ,]!! ?iir.K 'fProvements, in private house. 200 West Tlnrt\ ninth street, near Eighth avenue ; real $3S. T0,!;''-T~A KKW DESIPAIILE I LOOKS AMI FRENCH ? m ' rooms, in first class location; also "oas? on fifty-fifth (street, near Sixth avenue ; $00 per month. H. M. CONDIT, 139 East Twelfth street. rpo LET-TO A SMALL, GENTEEL FAMILY. THE 1 Upper 1 art of cottage house 317 West Fiftv-thlrd Street. Aj ply as above, hotore Hi A M. nr ^fter .1 P. M. TO LET?$18 A MONTH, TO SMALL AMERICAN fsmiir, fr?nt Room and Bedroom on second floor, ana front Basement, in frame house 62 Rast Kitfhty*sixth ! srr?!et, near Madison avenue. Kxtra Bciiroom it desin-d. TO LET-PART OF HOUSE Ml WEST nrriRNTH .1 Of basements, parlor floor and a portion or the rooms up stairs. House has Jnst been put in complete order and painted throughout. Possession Immediately. Apply at S22 Oreenwich street O FINE ROOMS, THIRD FLOOR, TO LET; WATKR U closet,, gas, water; $23 monthly , also fine Basement lor anj kind of business. Apply on the premises, 352 Third avenue, adjoining bank n billiarom. A 1 -STANDARD AMERICAN BEVEL TABLES AND . the Pnelan A Collender Combination < nsinons for sale only bv the patentee, II. W. collbnder, successor to I hclan A Collender, 73^ Broadway, New York. A !K,N? -AMOftTMBW OF NEW AND BBOOND VV hand Billiird Tablet; all articles appertaining to the trade at low prices. GEO. B. P11ELAN, No. 7 Barclay street BILLIARD TABLE WANTED?.1X10, CAROM. i.lVK j I'i'fu'ili ? '.'f"""; .h"w l??nginuso and price. Adilri so mi.1,1 A KOs, Herald office. "A'-E?RLKlANr 8X11) PIIELAN A COLLEN. der I ool Table, almost now, including Balls, Cues, I'J'rkers, 15 Pool flalla, Pool Uauk, Ttiauglo, 4c., at 74 ?/ane sircei* innoprAi n*n?i A*T<wirg. /ANLVDIBBCT LINB IP KBXNOK, TUB GENERAL TRANSATLANTICCOMPANY'S HAIIi 8Tf.AM.smrH HE.Wrfe.ti .NEW YORK AND HAVRE. CALLING AT HI.BdT. , . _ The splendid roeaeU on tf*s lavorlw route Mr the Con tinent will mil from pier Bo. #0 North Hh??t aeioi JqvVH * w __ \ 11. ,K UU HAVRE, Surmont Saturday. .Mine U PKRE1RE, I mure 2 K . LAURENT, Lemaric H?turt?y, July W ViLLE DK PARIS Saturday, July * OK PASSAGE IN GOLD (lucludlng wlne> TO BREST OB IIAVItK. PRICK First Cabin, $125: Second Cabin, $75. Excursion Ticket* at reilu. e.l rate*. These steamers do not carr.v alecrage pasaemrer*. Ann rii MU travellers geing to or returning from tn* ('out nt'in of Europe, bv taking thla line, avoid both by English railway and the dlxcomlorta of cru*-uig tliu Channel, besides saving time, trouble anu expanse. GEORGE MACKENZIE, Ageat, IW Broadway. NOTE.?Railroad Ticket* betweeu Pari* and Vienna at reduced rates. NATIONAL LINR OK STEAM ICRS. Weekly to (juecnstown and Liverpool; fortnightly to London direct. TO yi'EBNSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, from pier* i4aml 47 North River. GREECE, Thomas Satur lay, June 7, ut 1 P. M. EGYPT, Orogan Saturday. June 14, at8A. M. CANADA, Webster Saturday, June 21, hi 1 P. M. STAIN, Grace t-atunlav, .tunc t<, at 8 A. M. KOR LONDON uIRKCT. HOLLAND, Bragg Tuesday, June 3, at 10 A. M. Til BSE STEAMSHIPS AliE THE LARUEST IN THE IRAKI'. Cabin pasauge?$80, $90 ami $100. curren -y. Excurslon Sitjii iiml $180. Steerage, $21. currency. Prepaid steerage ttcketa from Liverpool. Quoonstown, Londonderry, Glasginv.Car Ui>, Bristolor Loudou AT TIIB LOWEST BATE.*. For nirther information apply a- tiie Company's office, 89 Broadway. F. W. J., Malinger. North uerman lloyd steamship company. For Sou'h inipton and Bremen , lie steamship KRO.N KIN/ K.W. Captain Brdtnann. will Hall on Weilne-day, Juno 4, at 2 i. M., from Bremen Pier, foot Third s.reet. Iloboken. to be followed by steam ship D KITSCH LAND, Captain W. Ladewigs, ou Satur day, June 7. ... j .. Rates ot passage to London, Havro and Bremen, pay able in gold, or ita equivalent in currency First call "?*? Second cabin JJ Steerage ??" For freight or passage apjly^ ^ co No. 2 Bowling Oreen. WHITE STAR LINE. VY KOR GUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, CARRY1NO THE UNITED STATES MAIL. New anil lull-powered steamship". sailing from New York on Saturdays. from Liverpool on I hursilays, calling at Cork Harbor each way. CELTIC Saturday. June 7. ut2 P. M. IK!I A IC June 11, at 7:30 A. M. ADRIATIC June 28. ut 7 A. M. HAl.TiC 1 uly f>, at 12;30 P. M. ?From the While Star dock, Pavouia terry, Jersey City. > usviucr a ?coinmoduiions lor all classes unrivalled, combining sate-ty, speed and comfort. Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms In midship section, where least motion is felt. Surgeons anu ste wardens accompany the steamer. I Raws?Saloon, $10J. gold ; steerage. $30 ill currency. I Those wi-lnng to send lor friends In tliu Old Country can now obtain steerage prepaid certificates, $.ii cur renoy. t'ftssenge's hooked to or from all parts of America to rari , lainburg, Norway, Sweden, India, Australia, t hill.i, Ac. limits irotn ?1 upwards. . , Kor inspection ol plans and other information apply at the company's office, 19 uroudway. New York. Bills oi lading issued to Continental ports. J. II. SPARKS, Agent. 0UNATHEIBRn1ISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS between Now York and Liverpool, calling at Cork Har bor. KROM NEW YORK. ?JAVA"l^Veiiiie'sday "jiiiy 2 PA RTII i A StttMav, July 5 steamers marked thus ? do not carry steerage passen K<And every following Wednesday and Saturday from New York. rxTES OK PAS8AOE. t'abln, $?0, $100 and $1:10, gold, aecordlng to accommo dations. Tickets to Paris, $16, gold, additional. Return tickets on lavorablo terms, steerage, $si), currency. Steerage tickets from Liverpool and (juecnstowu and all parts of Europe at lowest rates. Kor freight and cabin passage apply at the Company s office. No. 4 Bowling Oreen; for steerage passage. Ill Broad way. Trinity Building; or to P. II. DyVhBNKT, corner Clark aud Randolph streets, Chicago, 111. CHARLES (J. FRANCKLYN, Agent. DASSENGERS PER STKAMSH IP CUBA EMBARK J from the Cunanl wharl, foot of (Irtind street, Jersey City, at tioou, on Wednesday.^une^l, ?\SGKliYS No. 4 Howling Oreen, New York. THE HAVlBURO AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S Iron mail steamship KRISIA, captain E. Mclcr. will sail ou Thursday, JuneS, at 2 P. M., tor Hamburg, taking passengers from New York to Plymouth, London, Cherbourg and Hamburg. First cabin, $120. Second cabin, $72. Steerage, $30, payable in United States gold. KUNI1ARUT A CO.. C. H RICHARDS .* BOAS, General Agentt. General Passenger Agents. 61 Broad strecet, New York. 61 Broadway. New \oik. The WESTPHALIA will sail June 12. The SAXONIA, as extra steamer direct. June 7. STTOEOLASubW, LIVERPOOL. BELFAST AND LONDONDERRY. VIRGINIA SAILS JUNE 11. from Itio compnny's dock, Fulton ferry. Brooklyn. SUPERIOR PASSENGER accommodations. for rte'Bli. or 1 CO.. Steerage office, 45 Broadway. 72 Broadway. altic^lloyiTmail steamship company. New York aod Stettin via Havre ami Copenhagen^ She splendid flwt class iron steamer, E M. AltNDT, J,OUO lous, 7iW horse power, C. Arnold, Commander. * will sail at 2 P. M. on WEDNESDAY, June 4, from Baltic Lloyd pier, loot of Fourth street, Hoboken, J' PASSAGE-PAYABLE IN GOLD. First Cabin *132 Second Cabin 72 30 Excursion Tickcts-Kirst Cabin. $170; Steerage $65. For lurtbcr Information applv to CHAS. It AMMELSBERO 4 CO., Agents, 40 Broadway. A Steamers sail from pier 20 North River, New York, EVERY WEDNESDAY AND 8ATURDAY. CALEDONIA..Wed., June 4 VICTORIA.... .Sat., June 21 india Sat., June 7 ASSYRIA Wed. .June 25 Ol.YMPIA Wed., June 11 ANGLIA Sat. June 2H AUSTRALIA: ..sat.', June 14 CASTALIA WeJ., Ju y 2 COLOMBIA. .Wed., June 18 EUBOPA Sat., July 5 Tlie passenger accommodations on steamers ot tnls line are unsurpassed lor elegance und cointort. Cabin state rooms arc all on upper deck, thus securing good light and ventilation. RAXKfl qK PASSAOE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL OR LONDONDERRY. Saturday steamers. Wednesday steamers Gold. Currency. Oahins *75 anil $65 $75 und $65 Cabin return tickets, secur iiik best accommodations. $1W _ ?'??' STEERAGE, $311 CURRENCY. Tickets for passage to or Irom anv seaport or railway station in Great Britain, Ireland or the Continent Issued atDRAFTSCKorR ANY AMOUNT AT CURRENT BATES, company, offices, No;,^ow.i.m Grcei^Ne^w York; Just published, "The Trip to Europe," a magazine of information lor ocean traveller*; can be bad tree or | charge on application. _____ UNITED STATES MAIL LINE.?STEAM TO*QUEENS town and Liverpool. Sailing every Wednesday. MINNESOTA, Captain Freeman Iitne 4, at noon MANHATTAN, Captain Price, Jr June 11, at 3 I. M. From pier48 North River. Cabin pgssntie, $xo. gold; steerage. $".0, currency, prepaid tickets, $32, currency. Passengers booked to and from Paris, Hamburg, Nor wav and Sweden, Ac. Oralis on Ireland, England, 1-ranee and Germany at lowest rates. Applv to WILLIAMS A GUION, 29 Broad way I foR LQUEENRTOWN AND LIVERPOOL.?Royal Mail steamers are appointed to sail as folbiwii:? CITY OF NEW YORK Thursday, Juno 5, 1 M. CITY OF PARIS Saturday. June 7.21. M. CITY OF BALTIMORK Thursday, June 12, 7 A. M. CITY of MONTREAL Saturday, June 14, 8 A. M. PITY OK BRISTOL Thursday, June 19, 1 P. M. C ITY OF BBOOKLYN Saturday. June 21, 2 P. M. and each succeeding Saturduy and Thursday, from pier 45 North River. RATRg OF pASSAOR. Cabin, $70, $80 and $90, gold, according to accommoda tion. Round trip tickets at low rates. . Steerage, to Liverpool, yueenstown. Glasgow, London derry, London, Bristol or Cardiff, $.10. I repaid eerlifl* """passengers also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Swe den, Norway, Denmark and Pans, at reduced rates. Drafts issued at lowest rates. .... For cabin passage and general business apply at the Company's office. No. 15 Broadway. For steerage passage at A,ent. or t0 O'DONNELL A FAULK, 4tri Chestnut stieet, Phliudel P'm* S CREAGH, 102 State street, Boston. F C. BROWN, 32 South Clark, corner l.ake street, t.n ' "wit. IS'MAN,.Liverpool and No. 9 Rue Scribe, Paris. /1O0K S TOURS TO IRELAND. SCOTLAND AND RNG land, over 100 routes; Cook'i Tours to Switzerland and the Rhine, nearly 100 routes; Cook's Tonrs to Vienna, 102 In number; Cook's Tours to Italy, 72 routes; ( ook's Tours Round the World. at reductions ranging from III to 45 per cent below ordi nary fares, the travelling tickets issued enabling one or more passengers to travel any day by any train, steamer ? Cook^s personally eonducted tour to \ lenna. Rome, Switzerland and Paris, sailing per steamer Canada, June 21, $500, gold, all e* pen see. Full particulars in ''^V,<^K?SOn'a JENKINS. 262 Broadway, and Fleet street. London. European travellers will find trunks lor staterooms andContlnentfltraveL Chairs aijd Rugs tor the steamers, 4c , at JOHN t Ai l?ACit S. 7J0 Broadway, near Astor place (removed Irom corner of Broadway and Wall street). TTini ?IT1 A PASSAGE TICKET AND MOST DE P sirable sUterootn In steamer Scotia. June 11. Inaulre of C. <?. FKANKLYN, No. 4 Bowling Green, or addres* box 214 Post office. / SA/.r s VACATION PARTY KOR VIENNA, VT personally conducted, starts from New York July 5, tor visitiiiK the Rhine, Switzerland. Savov, France. Ac. Sla weeks' travel in Europe. Rare opportuaity. INCLUSIVE TERMS, $380, GOLD. GAZE'S Tourist Tickets and Hotel Coupons. OAZS'8 Atnerii an office. No ?Bowling i.recti, .New York. Thi nks in great variety fob staterooms, European travel, Ac., atCBoUCH A FITIGEBALD'S, No. 1 Maiden lane, corner of Broadway, and 556 Broad way, between Prince and Spring streets. Photographs I ot trunks mailed from the factory, iW West Forty-Ant [ street. New York. : _?coAurvns* flTKAMmipg. Cl?"VwAlfL'"((J i!grW??T *? TOWN A.NI> 1%I E10 OUAHT I? iWA,J?ttKT" tN{? C?'^" ' leave pier 42 North Klver. June W?lt 12o'chSkn'* W.lU &ft*TA?uj^^^ June Xt Kr?n( ?? (> ?nd caiw'.tT* ,,n.or ?"h"" zanillo, Ma/atlan atid S^*Di?ro afm.tfW"'10' *?? tor all Central American ?d Sorith Pa?irt? n??PflctJl? e<Jupa?y?iofflC.'o "he*i\er ?PP'y ?? ? p> R- BABY. Agent. VTKW YOIEK AND BERMUDA STEAMSHIP link I>l Por Hamilton ami St. Oeonte, |Ter ,,,,i? carrying the United States Mails and sailing as "'allows StaamshlD A LB KM iW.K, Read. master. Thur?j?? Juno 3, ai .! o'clock P. Ml, Irom pier 37 Njirtti River " Steamship IIATTKRAS, Lawrence, master, Thursday June 12, at 3 o'clock P. M., irom pier XI North Klver Kor freight or passage, having eleinint accomniod* tions, apply to LlINT Bin>TIIKKS, Passage, $30 gold. M South .frcot I- xi nr>lnii tickets issued for the round' trip at $50 gold. YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINE. posu first class steams'ilp* wilt sail over? Tuesday*! 3 P. M., from pier M North Ilivur (loot of Cedar strnetL lor Havana diroct, as follows:? W.I..WINGTON j?n# , MoltRO CASTLE . J un, II COM M HI a .................^..... Ju i 1? SupD'ementary mall on pier at a quarter to threo P. M. on day ol sailing. da^irt^pp'lyto*"48* (,mv'n? >??sr?>'flc?nt accommty WILLIAM P. CLYDE A GtK, ?. MoKELLER Agent In Havana"0''* "?W"n" "|\IRKCT LINK TO HAVANA, 1 {. _ . Progreao und Vera Oru*. pier No s'isort'h River'of 8 P*M 8lM,u,""p ,,nc' riTV w??,^evkily thu'&sday. 6 VopatkaVi -L(II"v*'.,1. <>i")') Jun* I C TV n* h a tJi S a ?m *11 d Juno It C TV nE UwinSL, .T,"v?"? ?"lv) June if CITY OK Ml'. Ill It A (Havana only) jun- jt Yot Irclght or pasMigo apply io *? ALl'.XAN It'llK A SONS, 33 Broadway. rilEXAH LINK. ?KOR GALVESTON, TOUCHING At ii w nf yniS 'Ul}!K" s"u""' Mail?steamer fUiuMav iT.??*#UJ? ??u' Zlu l??vo ""'r 20 K?st River, HAturdny, Juno 7, at 3 P. M. I lirou^li billaof lading Riven to llou* on and all points on the Galveston, llou" ton and Henderson and it. B. and C. R. it. No charge lot forwarding In New Vo?fc. For freightor passage, harinS superior acoomviodatlons, apply to aving ??; 'J.' MALLOttY ?t CO., 153 Maiden lane. Off W. P. CLYDE, 119 Wall street LIOR NEW ORLI ANS DIRKCT The Cromwell Steamship Line. The s|eam?hip COR TK8, Captain Frank Kimble, will p ?? ?? Kiver on Saturday, June T, 1H7.1, nt S P. M. Freight received dally, 'through rate# g'ven to (ialveston, Indianoia, Kocklort or Aranzai wharf. Brazos, samiano and i-t. Louis. Cabin pasjage, $81): steerage, $i!5. For freight or paa> sage apply to CLARK A HE AM AN, HR West street. Ij^OR NKW ORLEANS DIRECT, r MKltCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE. Tho steamship ^ SHERMAN, from pier 38 North River (toot of North Moore street). on Saturday, Juno 7, atSo'clock P. M. Freight received dally. Through rales given to 8fc Louis, Vickstiurg, Mobile, Ualventon ana ludlanola. For height or pas-age. Iiavuig sup. rlor accomoda tions, apply to FRhDEKIO HAKKR, au Broadway. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. Southern Line. the steamer CITY OF HoU.vroN, Captain Deerlll* will leave p er 20 t.aot lliver, Wednoidav, June 4. at 4 P.M. Ire gilt received diiiv. Through rates given ta Ottivaston, liidianolH. Rockport or Araiuas Wliarl. Bra 5?* and .it. Louis, t alilo passage, (.'ill; steerage, da?ion? r ippfy VoP ?)aS8tt?0' *IUV'UK superior accumiuo* _ C. II. MALLOItY A CO., 153 Maiden lane. Fl0?.i?tUt,P0,I'.K' 0?T* "P* AND Richmond.?tub I Old Dominion Steamship Company will despatch r"miSi'r.i/.J,.rt'1 (live.r tbelr elegant si lewheel steaia sni|i WYANOKE, Couch eoiiiinander, for Norfolk, City I olnt ami Richmond, on Tuesday, June 3, at 3 P. M gir* lug through hills oi lading lo all points South and South west Through passenger tickets issued to all point*. Ac commodations unequa led. Apply at pier 37, or at tha general ofllce, 187 ilreeuwich street, corner ol Dey TaiyBumty gpipr AL?ANY AND TROY, BY DAY LINK BOATS 0. VIB BARD and DANIEL DRKW.?Leave Vestry street pier at 8:30 A. M., and Twenty-lliird street, north of Krte terry, at 8:45, landing at Yonkers. Tarry town and Nvack .Q'y 1i"rybV1tI1' Milton, Poughkecpsie, Rhine beck, TlvolL S* .*111 and Hudson. Connecting lor all point* We*t and North, trip tickets to West l'oiut, Cornwall and New hurg. returning same dav, $1. Notice change of uptown landing. /MTI/.EN'S LINK KOR TROY?I'ASSAOE $1 50,?'THB VJ elegant steainhoats SUNNYH1UE and POWELL leave pier 4s) North River, foot ol Leroy street dally (Saturdays excepted), at 6 o'cloc k IL M., connecting with moniiiig trans on Rensseluer anirSaratoga. New York Central, and Troy and Boston railroads for all polnta North, East anil West. The most direct route to Sarato ga, Like Oeorge and Montreal. Through ticket* sold and baggage checked to destination. Joseph CORNELL, Superintendent. U*ALL RIVER LINE TO BOSTON, via Newport and Kail River. iJ^.7^rl.<1reT,,ow5f(l"'??mers BRISTOL and PROVI. DKNl K leavu pier 2S North River, foot of Murrav atr??t daily (Sunday* excepted; at 5 P. hi. A. P. BACON, Superintendent. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. ' I rains leave New York, trotn foot of Desbro**e* and ?<orilaudtstreets, as follows*? "?r51",hur?AI,,tt?b,,r^ tho West and South, . 8*.T0I*M Su nd a^s, 7,Twp|li.C<1, 8 ^ ^ ^ .A F#V.lM!1,Surndav <"p'T|,0n *n(1 'k^800'11 9 A, M., I, Express for Philadelphia, 8, 9, 9:30 A M ? 12-V 1 ? 5, 7^8 -.30, 9 P. M? and 13 night Suuday, 6,'i, 8:30 and tf F(P |J'lll*dclPh,l,> vl* Kensington, it 7 A M.,2 and C Emigrant and second class, 7:15 P. M. UJ0 F,k* "ld li nl?'ht For F.llzsbeth, 6, 6:30, 7, 7:40, 8:10,9, 10. 11 11 -40 A. M. 12 M.,U!30.L2,2:36, 3. 3:26, 3:40, 4 :ld. 4jW VSol ?J0L 5:50, ti, 6:10. 6:4), 7 :i), 8:10. 10, II :30 P. M and 12 uuthL Sunday, 5:20. 6 and 8:10 P. k * ? " Ulgnfc 1'V,r yV??- ,6 ^ 7- a ;1?' 9 *"<110 A. M., 12 noon, L 2. 2:30,3, 3:20, .1:40, 4 :10, 4:30, 5:20. i:10, 5 s6, 6 6-30 7 Jtf KHrW Ih m"' *ndHlBnl|<1l't? K""Uar. 8and'ti P. M. ?"<! Perth Amboy. 6 and 10 A. M . 2 JO. 3:411, 4:30 and 5:50 P. M. F'Ar.,N.e.w Brunswick. 7 A. M., 12 M.. 1, 2,3, 4:10, 630lC *?9 M'' S",1?12 nl8j>L Sunday, 6 and 8 P. M. ^* For Kast Millstone, 7 A. M., 12 M . 4:10 and 5:20 P M ror Lainhertville and Kleraington, 9 A. M. and 2 P. M. lor I'hilUpshurg and Belvldere, 2 and 4PM Accommodation for Bordentown. Burlington and Can? den. 7 and 9 -30 A. M? 12 :?>, 2, 8. 4 and 6 P. M. Jnr Freehold, 7 and 8 A. M.,2 and 4 P. M. For .lamcshurg, Pembcrton and Camden, fl A. M.t and vl? boat from pier No. 1, 3:49 P. M. Trains arrive as follows:?From Pittsburg, 6:80 AMI 3:46 P. M., dally ; 10:15 A. M. and 6:35 P. M? daily, as cept Monday. From Washington and BalUmore, ? :4i A. M . 4:.^ 10:13 P. M. Sunday, 6:40 A. M. From Phila ?S?Pt Si 6.??:.l0i15i 11 0S- ""A. M.,2:15,4:05,4:5a. M unififl :i3 I' M Sunday, 4:22, 6:50, II 06 A. Ticket oftices 536, 438, 271 and 944 Broadway, No. 1 Astor House, and foot of Itesbrosses and Cortlaudl street*. Kmigrant ticket ofllce No. 8 Hattcrv place. A. J. l ASSAtT, a M. BOYD, Jr., General Manager. Oeneral Passenger Agent. EXCURSIONS. A MKRiers KuB THE YACHT IIACR-StTr'boatvI The new, swllt, staunch steamboat AMERICl.'flL with a silcct ana limited number of pas^nger.s, will ac eomoany the yacht* on Thursday. June 5, around tha entire course, giving those ..n board a better view of tha grand race than can ne had on the more crowded boata. rortlmeof leaving the landings see luture advertise, menu. Oentlemen1* tickets. $2; ladles' ticket*, 11. ol whi"h a limited number can lie had at tha ofllce 154 South (trcet. ' XpOR PHILADELPHIA VIA LONG BRANCH ?PARS mvn Steamers PLYMOUTH ROCK and l.ONO BRAN* H leave pier 28 North lliver at 9 20 A. M., kuiTHERV R AILROA l'W'th tr"M 0fNKW JERSEtf H. W BENTLEY. Oeneral Manager. JTARLEM STEAMBOAT NOTICE. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ^ ., , , Commencing May 12,1873. Harlem boats leave I'eck slij. (pier 24 East River) tor oLy,l,'!?MVi'ryuh".!! 'r im 6:30 a. M. until 7 P. M , >-x cepllng ll A. M , 12 :J0 and 2 P. M., landing at Kieveuth. Eighty fourth, Astoria, IU9th and 120th streets. N. It ?Sea time table where boats land. _ J. F. TALLMAN, Superintendent N-KW YORK YACHT CLUB REGATTA, " On Thursday, June 5. steamer PLYMOUTH HOCK, Commander L. V. Tllton. will accompany the yachts upon the regatta, leaving Thirty fourth street, N. R .at 9:15 A. M.,and pier 28 N. BL (loot of Murray street., at 10 A M. Keating'* celebrated brass, string and reed Band will discourse choice inusio during the enure trip. Fare tor the excursion $4. NOW OPIN FOR PICNICS?THE DEL A PLAINS I ark. on the bav *hore. Thirty-ninth street and riifril avenue, Brooklyn: large dancing platform ? taka Hamilton ferry; fare 5 cents. 1>BGULAR BOAT TO THE FISHING BANKS. ON It and after Sunday, June 1, the large and commodL oussteamer MONITOR, Captain Chas. Fo*"er will an Excursion ta the Fishing Hanks dally, Saturdays ??T cepted, leaving Eighth street, East Rlver'kt7 A M ^Peck ? Hit, ha*t Riyer. 7 -30: Christopher street. North River H fi, and Pier Nop4 .Worth River at 9 A M. Tick at* (1* ladies 50 centa. Fine stateroom* for tha accommodatiTu? HohledeL LYNCH, Manager. Music by Geo. STEAMBOAT* PLEASANT VALLKY AND FORT LBB O to let for excursions; Glenwood and Wtwiui Groves. Apply toe, HOI.LEN BKCKA C(?M Souths? THB NEW JKRSEY SOUTHERN RAILROAD CoM tiany call attention to their extraordinary facilities for ?on *Cw?.oimth*t .?' Kxcur,iot' Partie* the coming sea R^kANr{I .na? IP5!?^.^"PLYMOUTH ROCK, LONCI "i^*? ' ,, . UOTT and thatr elegant new Kx Rrl.! S .wl? twenty acres of adjoining land at Long oh!ll^h '. .-c! i** Pr*P*'?d to make engagements witfi churches, icnools, societies, Ac., tor large or small partial at low rates. Send tor circular. O. W. BENTLEY. Wm I n?r*i M?n?Ker. 120 Broadway, New York, wa. J. Saauan. Superintendent, l.oug Branch, N.J Tio CIIARTKR?SIDEWH BF.L STEAMBOATS FOR h. wlLUA* E IAZARD, Jr., 62 Harrison street UIMCEM.ANKOir*. NGLIHH PORTLAND CEMENT ON HAND.?FO? sa.c liy < L. MERCHANT * CO., 7>! South street_ MARBLR BODA APPARATUS-ALL RTTLES, At reduced prices; Ottawa Beer Fountains and Ex tract on libs*ral terms; send for Illustrated catalogue. JAM KB M. WITKIKLI) 4 WON, 'J62 Wafer street CI OIK A JANES, STATIONERS, PRINTER! and 1 B'.aak Book Manufactwara 23 FultoB straet llank #ooks utuda tu pattetiu.

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