Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,436. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, 1ST:!-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS* AMUSEMENTS?Eighth Page? Kourtb, fifth and sixth columns. ASTROLOGY?Second PAOF-Sixth column. BIIX1AKI S?Ninth Page?Secuiitl column. BOARDERS WANTED?aecoxd Pace?Third and fourth columns. BOAKl) AND LODGING WANTED-Secowd Pagb Pourth column. ? Knovi'vv ?I? A PAaK?fourth column. BROOKLYN REAL ESIATE FOR SALE?Second fici? Pirst column. MVBINLciS OPPORTUNITIES?Second PAC?-Sixth col omn Sixth column. .^Co-Ninth Page xecond column. CITY REAL EH l ATE FOR HALE?Second Pack? k irst column. CUIKKSAND SALESMEN?Twelfth PAGE-Third col C^HINO-Twelfth Page?Fifth column. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS?Twelfth Page?Third and fourth column*. 2m^ * s g'l'3-^1 "Tn "-Sixth column. SniiM ro? oiT" IKTU P?A(*K?Kuth column. 1/UUN1R\ BOaKD?Second 1'age?Fourth and fifth columns. 2?wTA/\?!rX.?^.U,T,, P^oe?Plfth column. SSm? , . ,RST Pack?Sixth 'oiumn. DWKLLINUHOUSEB TO LET, FURNISHED AND ItNIaHED-?Ninth 1 aos??-Third column. Mlumn, TPS?Ninth Page?fifth and sixth 55r.Ri?? wTTE,,'S.t Pic,?Second column. f??? A?in BiBif1 N? Pagh?Sixth column, wyrnRK? SK"~ NJ" age?Sixth column. vimakvAi iT '"T2 Page?Fourthcolumu. aut^'"11 EAcr?1K1,thcolumn. ?fu? ? ? "i Paqe?fecond column. Sn?v I*ac"?Sixi h column. 70BNISHEO ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? m?i?'rrTSn 4MK?Tlli?d "nd'ourtlj columns. SS22J ^ IUiT.?"<T.Hr,, J'G?~Sccond column. PREN< II ADVERTISEMENTS?Twelfth Page?Pitth column. HELP to ANTED?FEMALES?Twelfth Page?First and second columns. HELP WANTED? males?Twelfth Page?Fourth and fltth columns. HORSES, CARRIAGES, 40.?Final Page?Third, fourth. filth aud Mxth columns. HOTELS?Second Page?Fourth column. HOUSE S, ROOMS, AC., WaNTED-Ninth PAGE-Second column. INSTRUCTION?Ninth Page?Fourth column. JERSEY CITY. HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN KEaL ESTATE POR SALE?Second Page? _ _ First column. I<OAN OFFICES?Firm Paoe?Sixth column. .LOST AND FOUND?First Page?First and second col umns. MACHINERY?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. MARBLE MANTELS?Ninth Page?Sixth column. MATRIMONIAL?Twelfth Pace?Sixth columu MEDICAL?Twelfth Pace?Fifth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tenth Page? Sixth column. ?Twcuth Pace?Fifth column. MUSICAL?Ninth Page?Sixth colum. P-^OE?Sixth column. PER-ON AL? 11 Page?first column. PIANOFORTES. ORGANS, AC.?Ninth Pace?Fifth col uiun. POST OFFICE NOTICE?First PAGE-Sixth column PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALi'oS Twelfth Page?First column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO R^WT<^kcokd Pagr--First and second columns. MEAL Ejt>TA f E lo EXCHANGE?Second 1'age?Second __ and third columns. 25w1imwA^E W^NTED?Second Pack?Third column. ?r. '.?st ' agb?Second column. BALES AT AUCTION?Ninth 1'age?First and aecond columns. SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES-Eleventh Page Hrst second, third, fourth, fifth und sixth columns ?._??nil I weli th 1'agk?First column. 81TUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Twelfth Page?Sec ond and third columns. 2ESu'i^v<iNOi?lCi5si-^!',K?T Paok?Second column. 81 ORIIM1?DOUS, BIRDS, AC'.?First Page?Third column. 5S8SAH.l!,"7.,J.,ir^7.?^**?column. BUMMER RESORTS?Second Paue?Fifth atld sixth columus. IK5 ^?y^V?IAT'N"^^, P*0*?pourth column. S!iS ISiifkS?Twelfth Page?Fittli column. IS tt?? Page?Third columu. *0 let for business purposes-Ninth Page Third column. * y.K ELERS '0 UID E ?N i jrra Page?Sixth column. i BURNISHED ?BOOMS AND APArtTME.NTS TO* LET?N inth Page?Fourth column. ^rasBrasarsim ?* HERALD BRANCH OFFICE?UPTOWN, J^DVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YOEK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, UM BROADWAY AND BO SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST- AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 p. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.). AT OFFICE RATES. NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITH HERALD AT 5 O'CLOCK EVERY MORNING. NO EXTRA CHARGES. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. J^JESSKa KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE HEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES KEQUIRING THEM. PEltHONAL. MOS COSTA.-YOURS RECEIVED;" MV~BEST wishes ( mi I HI'C volt eihl 111 tin' work? "RIS.-.-^?.CL,> HK HAPPY TO RECEIVE THAT n.^Mtr'. ?s per directions, or address P. Mc.RKN K, Herald Uptown Branch otllce. red Lozenge. CH?8ir T P^F' OF 370 DELAWARE STREET. Buffalo, will hear of sometime to his ndvantace Iknchofflce* CORNtLL, box 170 Herald Uptown TjlLLA?CHARLEY EDGAR HAS THE FINEST VIEW Grill !or ! vat;''1 rnr?. aLKo*n K*nk l'?rk. Clifton, S. I. Will be tlure i don t tall, Thur.d ?v altrrnoon. BltOOKLVN BROKER. JjlRANKLIN-CO.ME IMMEDIATELY HOME, TO 112~ INFORMATION WANTED.?ANY PARTY LIVING IN ?- ii^?Lorcl: SlKlEnd, about 20 years since who can 'ormation reunniln;? matiers there al<out that dale ?l "f "Jlly repaid lor their trouble by sending their ad dress io D. II. BARREi, iA Mechanic street, Newark, TME2RMATION WANTEr?-OF NANCY SMITH NKF ir-Vli'lf/1.11 . ,jUW. r"""t.V, Armauh, Ireland", about three weeks before Christmas; suii|io*;d to be ill New "r ?an?d" Address WILLIAM SMITH, box 123 Meraid otnee.^Canada papers please copy. I*iS?M^TI0KN , WANTED?IF~ MRS. MARY J. w- ?Jout1, .7h0 lcft tht *,oru ,9;i r?'"mhia street. Brook i^'ii^M ,lrp<\,-vc*r?. woul(l l,ut hor address in H?!^fiiV .? r Seiinett at the above uumber fine will noar of soinrthm^ her adxanta^e. IDA?I LEFT FOR CHICAtJO TnE DAY AFTF.R~I you lEKt; Won't yoti wrir<- and sar when rou will ?j? In town or w!i(?n ( chii nnd von? Twenty-sixth tofc y&rup ,ow"-Ad,lress Ir.PA5,IEI' SOMETIME MECHANIC WITH __,Lft" """rnck Kopework Company, Port Olasffow. Gotland, will apply to Alexan.lor Lade, Solicitor, Port Svantage 01 ?omet,linK ?? h.n T*,r^:1E,.:soN.^"u rooK A ''Lain gold ring rtisuirn ? (told watch last Thurwiv will call at 27 Cnatliam street I He nibtake will be rectlrfed. JKp<dnt ,:ITY-|,AVK WRITTEN. DO NOT ^DISaP JOHN LEAR\, COACHMAN, IF OUT OF EMPeOY can l"'ir ol a irood situation by calling at 41 Pine st. ' Missing since the 29TH ULT., a BOY." utram of nge, uamed William Redmrtnd. liaht com* piexionr .l ailRh-iy freckl.d, blue ev<-s. had on a hcht ?loth jacket, Irown panu, and roimd blue cloth hat. Any inlorination concerning him win he thankful v ?p Wivitd by his mother, .Mrs. LIZZIE REDMOND at Ml East Fourteenth str<-. t ' "l OARia-TWO O'CLOCK. SPITZ E Lll EI MER.?THE DATE Is JUNE It J87i Tlie placo Boulevard Grove, Brooklyn, E. D The new Aiderinan ol the Twenty-third and Twi>iitv-flnii w?rda will lie there. Fetch flltv cents with you. Syracuse, albany to new yore?last thurs. day afternoon. May drawing room car White vioud i he gentieinaii who was so tortunau- as to be of ?Uvntaervjce toa>oung laily ami her mamma, on their arrlral at Portjr-secoiMl atrt uf, would like verv much to make ber (the youiu? lady's) a'-iiuainuiice ff she can Mrdon the liberty he Ims taken, |>l?.is? address r. B , Herald otlloe, New York. * ffBE GENTLEMAN WITH THE LKTTEK BEDS THE A lady at thai'?Hons.! to irive him an address that He may senil it to her; also piease state some circunt ?lance to avoid any error. Pleaae address DISCRETION. Herald office. WILL MISS MOLLY CLARK PLKASE SEND HER address to E. O., Herald office? "W'llITF ROSE-MAKE TT ONE DAY LATER. SAMK *' linie and place Write immediately. KEI> ROSE. WILLTHE AMERICA N LaDY WHO DIRECTED A Rllrr n .o U,oul,e ?????' on pier ??, North 113.~Sh;KUveryDunhaWppiTB TO r0UR ??THER. t'hibTY-NINTH STREET. ui^t and poind. POUND-ON THURSDAY. MAY ffl A 8CM or nimciV r Which the owner m n v have by proving oronertv and' paying e?pen?es. Ai.piy at .'JI Hiidion street. I OST?ON SUNDAY MiiR.MNG, FROM TIIR ci>K ?J nor of Piflh avenue and Fourteenth strpat ? u^V..h Krrier !?<? a little long in the l?"V l.lue hack aSd ncht Ered between the legs; had on a brssa collar no name will be paid by leaving him at No. 5 E? ()????& IOHT-$flO REW VRD?LADY'S WATCH. CH \TF. J Jaine and Vinaigrette attachod : chatelaine ma'rked M. B. R ? ward paid on return of things to W C 'MAPILAUAN. /io. 7 Warrsu strevt P^poip^r Kajd, LOST AND FOUND. Lost.?if the you wo man who "found'' the satchel, belonging to hi- young lady In (rout ot him 011 the 4::otrain to Orange, last Saturday, detores to ne gotiate lor the rtiurn or it, he can address Mr. N.,56 K a<le ilreet LOHT-JUNK 1, ON A FOURTH AVFMUR CAR, BE tweeri Seventeenth street and Jersey City lerry, a Hpani-a Lace Sacque. I he tinder will be well rewarded on returning It to Mr. HUGH HE ILLY, Westminster Hotel, Irving place. Sixteenth street LOST?IN BROADWAY, ON MONDAY, A SMALL Biack and White Slot, answering to the name of "Minnie." Reward will be paid at No. 3 Varick place, Sullivan street. T OST-$rO REWARD-A OOLD WATCH AND CHAIN, Jj two lockets and gold kev attached, on road through Washington Market to I'avonla terry and on 4X o'clock boat to New Jersey. Reward will be paid on return of the above by CHAluaiS 8CHMI1T43Exchange place IOST?ON MONDAY MORNING, A PAIR OF OOLD J Spectacles, when leaving an aveaue C car, corner of Filth street The flnder will b? suitably rewarded by leaving them In the dry goods store, corner of Filth street and avenue D. REWARDS. C REWARD.?LOST? IN HERALD OFFICE YES ?) ter, a red morooco Pocketbook with money; the tuier w II please return it to HA1GUT, HALSKY A CO,. 472 and 174 Broome street. Ar REWARD.-LOST, IN BROADWAY, NEAR DUANE ?p?_) Ktreet, a Black and Tan Do*; had on a leather co lar and answers to the uamu of ''Jack." Any person re turning tlia same to 133 Bowery will receive the above reward ATA REWARD.?LOST, A SMALL WHITE POODLE iplU Dog; auswers to the name of Nettie Any person returning the same to JOHN A8K.IN, 124 Clinton place, will receive the above reward. _ <tf|A REWARD.?LOST. .' UXDAY. JUNK I, NEAR JJV1U Forty-sixth street and Filth avenue, a lawn colored Scotch terrier Slut. Answers to tho name of (ivpsy. The tinier will receive the above by returning her to ISO Fortieth street.near Third avenue. C REWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY, 2D INST., A -P I?) email Rlack and Tan Slut, with broken tall; hail on :i Mue ribbon. The flnder will receive the above by returning her to 107 West Twenty-eighth street dhOA REWARD-FOR A SMALL, LIGHT SCOTCH ?IDs-iVf Terrier Dog, called Folly: tail and ears cut, short hair, clipped and curly. 142 East Forty-fourth su (bO/l REWARD.?LOST, ON SUNDAY, JUNE 1, A fjtj small Mamoml Cross at the Cave, Hoboki'ii. The flnder will rcceive the above reward anil no ques tions asked by leaviug it at 104 Barrow street, N. Y. dbrA RE WARD.?RETU UN TWO SILVER CUPS, Spoons. Napkin Rings, marked Initials "Brooks,'' tine brown Spring Overcoat, Ac., stolen troin house in Orange, N. J. BROOKS, CprUandt street New York. REWARD-LOST, BETWEEN SATURDAY AND ?JP ? Monday, a fold Watch, with owner's natne engraved; number SO,S7i; maker's mime Auguste Sul Io nian. Please return to 31 Grove street, New York; no questions asked ; home at 7 in the evening. Aprn/\ -a large solitaire diamond, gent-s Fin, mounted to be unscrewed, lout, Sunday evening, 23th Inst., In neighborhood ot Sixth avenue and Carmine street Above reward will be paid by STARK k MARCUS. '."J John street, up stairs. No questions asked. i JUNE S-A LARGE WHITE SPITZ DOG; HAS _ collar on with name J. Graves, 162 East Sixty-third street: any person returning saintr to the above number or to M. FOX k CO., No, 1 Maldou lane, will receive a liberal reward. 0 A SPECIAL BOTICKSi ?THE AMERICAN REGISTER, > the most widely circulated of the American lournals published In Europe. A capital medium lor American advertisers addressing themselves to Buropcati patronage. Indispensable to all peraons visiting Great Britain end the European Continent. Subscriptions and advertisements for the AMERICAN REGISTER will be reoelved and single copies of the paper may he obtained at the office oi the New York Herald, New York. A?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, ? corner of FuiVon avenue and Boerum street Open from h A. M. to 9 P. M. On Bund a v from St<i 9 P. M. Before you start on a journey buy an Accident Insurance Ticket of the RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY, of Hartloid, Connecticut Tickets for sal* at Railway Stations. 30 cents a day will huv $3,000 insurance. ol J>orl*nce to I* transacted By order C'*' bu?i" Janas M. fhr.c, Secretary."N A no^N, President. D RESSMAKINO. ECONOMY, PROMPTNESS AND PERFECT FIT. Messrs. LORD A TAYLOR, to prove that RETRENCH MENT is possible, have so arranged their Dressmaking Department that ECONOMY in niulerial and trimming is particularly studied in every detail, ami they are now furnishing Dresses at a MU^H LESS PRICE than the cost of imported garments, while for STYLE, FIT ami GENERAL MAKE UP they are every way equal to the finest Parisian manufacture. The IMMENSE INCREASE of orders during the past month prevented our usual promptness; hut now, wiih extended fneillties and the COMPLETE REORGANIZATION of the department, we can safely GUARANTEE ALL ORDERS AT THE TIME AGREED, ant as to FIT and PRICE detv competition. LOftD A TAYLOR. * Rroadway and Twentieth street. Gold, silver and articlfs containing gold bought at market price ; polishing, filter and photo graph paper burned and stuelted by reflncr, SCHAWEL IS John street Havana lottery drawings on file.?circij. lars free. Orders promptly filled. JOSEPH BATES, Agent, I9f> Broadway. room 4, Chatham Bank Building. Havana and kentucky lotteries.?prizes cashed : circulars sent tree. JOSEPH BATES k CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room .11, first floor. National academy of design-the forty eighth annual Exhibition ot Pictures and Sculptures now iipen, da i and evening. Will close Saturday night, June f. T. ADDISON RICHARDS, Corresponding Secre tary N. A. Notice to engineers and contractors.? Estimate on Railroad Works and all kinds of Topo graphical. Mechanical and Agricultural Drawings neatly ami correctly done, at the Engineers' Draughting Bu reau. Offlce 71 Broadway, room 120. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCK\ STATE LOTTERIES. EXSTCCSV?KXTKA CLASS NO. .!6I ? JVHI-: 3, 1973. 79, 27, ?'?. 26. SI. 36. 64. 12 44, 47, 20, 29, 6, 2. ESSTDCKT?CLASS so. 362?jirsg 3, 1.973. 23, 36, 62, 7h. Oft. 19. IS, 4h, 4(1, 2. 25. 45, 44. SIMMONS k CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. JHILRY COI.LKGK?KXTBA CLASS ?O. 2t>l?JUNK 3 1973. 57. 76, 31, 13. 61). 34, 2, 28, 71, 12, SI. 42, 19, 83. COLLECa?ft.ASS SO. 262?JUNK 3. 1*73. 73, 38, 40, 7*1. 46, 76, 9, 54. 67, 55. 16, 5. 0. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. Address C. HENRY, care J. Clutc, Broker, 20ii Broad way. Fort office box 4.9H9. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS OF TltE SOUTH CAROLINA Lotterv lor benefit of Free School Fund?Perpetual. Extra CLASS 137?Jcsr 3, 1H73.-2', 75, 78. II. 46. 50. 12. 71. 43. 14, 72, 5!. ? lass 13S?Junr H, 1S73.-64, ti2, ST., 71. 79, 17. 3d. 15,84,51,74.45 COLE k CO., Mimagers, Charleston. 8. C., June 3, 1873. New York Post offlce box 3,956. OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. KITRA CLASS MO. 75 WON K 3. 1,973. II, 67, 23, 70, 43. 35, IS, 7, 37. 5*, St, 75, 73, 9. SORTS CAROLINA?CLASS SO. 7li? JI NK 3. 1873. 68, 35. to, 56, 77, 17, 29. 62. 37, 22. 36. 26, 72. GERKEN k CO., Managers. LUTHY k CO.. Brokers, 234 Greenwich streei, N. Y. OVAL HAVANA LOTTERY?NEXT DRAWING JUNE 10. German Mate Lotteries. Send for circulars. HITTER A CO., Post office box 3.93ft 85 Nassau street, room 4. Royal Havana LOTTERY i?f cub*.-pros pectus tor 1*73 now ready. AddressGEORGE UP HAM, No. i W eybosaet street, Providence, R I. ST. THOMAS RAV RI M, OF VERY FINE QUALITY, for sale, at reduced prices; quantities to suit: In bond or dutv paid. ? W. CARLK, 25 Old slip. The principal drawino ol the 74th Brunswick Government lottery. with 55,1*10 Ticket* and 23,00) Prizes. will commence May 26 and end June 13. Highest prtae 12U,0u0 Prussian Dialers. Royal Havana Lotterv-Ncxt drawing June 10. Royal Saxon Government Lottery. Citv of Hamburg lottery. Priiescashed and information given. THEODOR ZSCIIOCH. 116 Naasau street. box 6.0W Post office. 4b ?QQ CQO IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEOAL lzed Kentucky Lottery; Royal Havana and KentucKv circulars free; I2*^i;. commission allowed. Adilrens HALEY k CO. (otflce established 30 years). 174 Broad way. YACHTS,>^TRAMBOA1% 4cC% Propeller, iso tons, stows 1,200 barrels under cover, new holier, tor sale, charter or ex change fbr Real Estate. 8. COt KCROFT. No. 5 Pine st Rowhoats for sale-new and copper fasi tened ; 14 and IS feet long; handsomelv finished; wll, wat from four to six persons. Apply to E. WYCKOFF 131 West 16th street QCOWS FOR SALE f)R CH ARTKR? ISO TO 480 TONS O capacity, at low rates Address B. A, box 140 Herald office. TIT"ANTED?A SAIL BOAT ABOUT TWENTY FEET Yf long, of a good model and strongly built Address, with rail particulars. SOUTH HIDE, Herald offlce. R Rl'ROPR. SREASON 1S73. INTERLAKEN SEASON 1873. J (hwitierland). HOTEL RfTHCHARD, opening May 1, fitted up with the latest and most comfortable Improve ments, blllards. Mining establishment. Shower baths, Ac. SPLENDID PARK GROUNDS. The hotel having been rebuilt and new additions made to It in grand style during the last year it is now the largest hotel at Inferlaken. VIEW OF THE JUNGFRAU, AC. CI RE GORY A CO., 212, 214 REGENT STREET, LON I don, lie* to draw the attention of those Americans ahnut to visit England to their very large stock of real Indian, Persian, Turkey and Morocco Carpets, also to their bugliah Garnet* iufliuice and exclusive deiicua. BPORTIKC?DOGS. BIRDS, AC. A -FOR SALB, ALL KINDS Of FANCY DOGS, ? Bird*. Ac. Medicine* for All diseases; Prepared Food (or mocking bird*. At B. G. DOYEY'S, No SUreeiM street, near Canal. PIGEONS FOR SALK-A PRIVATE IMPORTED dock of booted and shortface Tumblers and inside Roller*. Inquire at 4Ui Greenwich street (or three iluya. ;anted?a young black bear, address s. H., No. 2 Broadway, room 14. w THE Tl'UF. Fleetwood association. Morriaaula. Wcstchc?ter county, N. Y. Spring Meeting, 1871 }AY?WEI "" 1 FIRST DAY-WEDNESDAY, JUNE Id POR8K No. I, $80i>?For horse* that have never beaten 1:50; $450 to lir-t, (ISO to second $lJ0to third. J. II. Phillips enters b. m. Fanny Osbora. M. Rodi n's b. u. Penobscot. U. Carroll's blk. s. Winihrop Morrel, Jr. L. W. Ray 's br m. Stella. Jame* Dujrey's gr. g. Ben Smith. I. P. Ackerinan's br. a II am per ion. W. C. Trimble s br. m. Zephyr. Daniel Macc's b. g. Tip Allen. Beiiiamln Mice's *. in Washburn Maid. George Haner'sblk. g. Vulcan Alden Goldsmith's b. in. Volunteer Be'.le. Alexander Patiersou't b. g. Frank Klock. James McKccS *. g. Silver Tail. A. McDonalds b. g. Richards. Daniel filter's br. m. Lady Pfclfer. Thomas Lec'? r. g Uenry O. Woolley (formerly Sparkle). PURSK No. 1, 9J.UU0?For horses that have never beaicn JJ3; $1,13)1 io 11:at, $.W1 to aecond, $;i.VI to third Peter Mance'sb. ? William ll. Allen. Bcn.amin .Mace's b. g. .M-nsation. Otis lion's cli. K. William B. Whitman. George N. Ferguson's w g Crown l'rtnce. SECOND DAY?FRIDAY, JUNE 20. PURSK No. 3, jl.OCK*? For hor*es that have nercr beaten 2:38; $600 to first. 'so to second, $150 to third. George lledden's br. li A?a. M. Carroll's ch. in. lligiiland Maid. Thomas o'Conncr'a blk. g. Black Dick (formerly Judge Shandley). Daniel Mace's b. g. Tip Allen. Ben, a mill Mace's s. in. Washburn Maid. W. W. Kimniey's blk. in. Lady Kr.ox. C. H. Van Ness' b. m. Leo VicSer John C. Suydnm's br. in. Constance. *. Otis Sort's nr. g. Brown Prince. George N Ferguson's br. ui. Lady Banker. A. McDonalds s. g. Uncle Nat. M. Rotten'* h. h window. PURSE No. 4, $l,2(ill?For horses that hare never beaten 2:29; $650 to lli st, $310 to <econd, $200 to third. M. Roden's b. g. Castle Hoy. Peier Mance's li. m. Mary A. Whitney. Daniel Mace'*b. m. Lady Ross. George Haner's b. g George. George N. Ferguson's ch. g. James K. Polk. Daniel MterSch. ni. Grace Bertram, George. Wright's*, g. Constitution. John Loveit's br. h. Young Bruno. C. Rosboro's h if. Hall Tyrrell (lormerly 8 Y. Switz). THIRD DAY-MONDAY, JUNE 23. PURSE No. 5, $1,000? For hor-es that have never beaten 2:S4; $600 to tlrst, $2.'*) to second, $130 to third. M. Carroll'sch. m. Highland Maid. Jame* Dugrey's br. tn. Llda Plcton. John C. Suvilum's br. ni. Constance. Alden Goldsmith's b. s. Abdallah. Alexander Patterson's l>r. m. Brown Kitty. Plerco llayden'sbr. m. Ladv Anna. Daniel Pillar's br. g. Barney Kelly. M. Kodeu's b. li. Winslow. PIiltSK No. ?, $1,500? For horses that hove never beaten 2 :25; $8V) to tlrst. $400 to second, $250 to third. James Irvin'Mblk. s. Charles K. Loew (lormerly Patch en Chief). Bcuiamin Mace's b. m. Clara O. Otis Uni t's b. g. Confidence. George N. Ferguson's w. g. Crown Prince. John L. Dotv's s. m. Nonesuch. FOURTH DAY-TUESDAY, JUNE 24. PURSE No. 7, $300?For horse* that have never beaten 2:11; $550 to first. $150 to second, $100 to third. M. Rodeo's b. g. Penobscot. George lledden's br. h. Asa. M. Carroll'* blk. s. Winihrop Mnrrell, Jr. R. J. Anderson's blk. g. Wlnflcld. Jame* Dugrev'* gr. g. Ben Smith. J. P. Ackcnnnn's br. s. Hamperion. Daniel Mace's b. g. Tip Allen. Benjamin Mace's *. m. Washburn Maid. Alden Goldsmith's br. m. Volunteer Belle. Alexander Patterson'* b. g. Frank Kloch. Otis Bart's br. g. Brown Prince. A. McDonald's b. g. Richards. Daniel Pttier's br. m. Lady Filter. Thos. Lee's r. g. Henry C. Woolley (formerly Spangle*. John .'?plan's br. m. Mollie Barker. PU RSE No. 8, $3,500?For horses that hare never beaten 2:2I; $2,000 lo first, $1.00.1 to second, $500 to third. Peter Mance's b. *. Wro. II. Allen. Alden Goldsmith's b. in. Huntress. John Lovett's b. in. Gazelle. Daniel Mace's ch. g. Judge Fnllerton. The above raccs will be mile heats, best three In five, in harness, and to b? governed by the rules of the Na tional Association. In case ot postponement of any race it shall be the next good day and track, omitting Sun day. Any driver substituted for another, as authorized by rule No. 28, wlli be paid $50 for such service. Where eight or more horses start in a race the distance will be 150 yards. Races commence each day at 3 o'clock. Admission to grand stand and field, $2. Badge* to Club House, endorsed by member, $A Horse cars leave Harlem Bridge each day of the races every 10 minute*, direct lor the nark. Trains leave Forty, secoiid street depot at 11:40 A. M., 1 o'clock and 2 30 P. M. C. H. VAN NESS, President. W*. H. Van Cott, Superintendent. JEROME PARK RACES. An elegant imported fmir-in hand Carriage and Har ness, complete, made by Peters, of London, In pertect order and very stylish; a splendid affair lor the races or lor a gentleman having a large country seat; accommo dates 14 persons, w ill he Sold at le-s than hall the cost ol importation; can be seen ut the warerooms of BRADLEY, PRAY A CO., 558 Broadway. PROSPECT PARK FAIR GROUNDS ASSOCIATION.? Match $250, mile heats, S In 5, to wagon*. WEDNESDAY, June 4. .1 o'clock, good day and track. .1. Feck's b. g. Clothespin. W. S. Thomas' b. g. slippery Dick, catch weight. CAME DAY. Match $400. mile heat*, 3 In 5. W. S. Thomas' b. g. Romance, pace* in harness. J. H. Philip's g. g. Jack Draper, to wagon. OKo. W. OAKLEY, Superintendent. Trotting at Fleetwood park-on wednks day, June 4, at 3 o'clock; Sweepstakes $300; mile heats, bet three In five, owners lo drive. Peter Marrln enters br. s. Bclltoutiler, to wagon. John Murri* enters h. g. Tommy Dodd, lo harness. JaiiicsBarenseiitersbr.iii. Belle of Georgia, to harness. W II. VAN COTT, Superintendent. Trotting at Fleetwood park ox fhiday. June 6, at 3 P. M. Parse $1,500, mile heats, best 3 iu 5; $l,()00 first, $500 to second. Dsn Pflfer enters b. in. American Girl to wagon; W. H. Crawford enters h. g. J. W. I'onley, formerly Beppo. to wagon, catch weight; J. L. Doty enters s. m. Nonesuch in harness. Admission $2. WM. II. VAN COTI', .-superintendent. Tin; entries to the i tica park association Running Ra> e Meeting, June 25, 26 and 27, are hereby extended !rum June 2 until June 16, ut 9 P. M , at Bngg's Hotel, Utica. Declarations until Jntie 20 at same place. CHARLES W. HUTCHINSON, Pre*i.lent. IIOllSK)<, ( AKRIAGKS, <KC. AT BARKER a CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTER SALLS, corner ot Broadway and Thlrtv-nlnth street. MVIOR CHARLES W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. REGULAR SALES OF H"KsKS, Carriages. Ac.. EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, AT II O'CLOCK. TWENTY-FOUR HOURS ALLOWED tor trial ON EVERY HORSE sold under warrantee. THIS 18 THE ONLY AUCTION Mart in the Slate hav ing the proper facilities lor showing hnr-es on *alc, viz :? A large Driving Ring, eniirely under cover. catalogue OF SALE THIS DAY AT 11 O'CLOCK. ELEGANT PONY PHAETON ESTABLISH MENT, com prising an extra fine pair of chestnut Ponies, about 14 high, s and 7 years old ;are extra fine and stylish driver*: sharp traveller*; afraid of nothing; have been driven by a ladv for the past vear, an l are warranted sound and kind ; also elegant top Pony Phaeton, built by J. R. Law rence A Co.; tine double Harness, byDunscimh; Blan kets, Robe*. Ac.; sold onlv on Account of owner going to Europe. ONE TOP, FULL SPRINO, CITY MADE ROAD WAGON. ONE ELEGANT X SKAT ROAD WAGON, BUILT BY BENSON BROTHERS. FINE NO TOP FOUR SEAT PHABTON. FINE CONCORD EXPRESS WAGON. THE FINE, HANDSOME BAY FAMILY OR ROAD Mare LULU, sired by Mingo, dam a Vermont Marc; is 16 high, 6 wars old; an elegant and extra gamv driver; fine lull 'mane and tail; great style, action nnd appear ance ; trot* clone to three minutes; promises extra apeed, and warranted sound and kind. BEAUTIFUL AND HIGHLY BRED BAY MESSENGER trotting Mure, IS1., high, 6 years old ; a very prompt, tree and gamy driver; was never handled lor (peed, and can show'to-dav a lorty gall. Is, without exception, one ol the best bred, handsomest and finest galled mares iu the State, and Is warranted sound and kind. Full ped igree at sale. ONE FINE TOP EXPRESS WAGON. GENTLEMAN'S ROAD TURNOUT, comprising the well-known and irenieel chestnut trotting gelding CAIO, sired hv Malor Ed-all. and bred by James Newsome. Esq.. of orange county; Is 15fg high. 7 vear* old. a verv free and pleasant driver; ha* a record of'-' :4.JJ{ hi read wagon on Goshen track; is afraid ol nothing; has no faults nor vices, and i* warranted sonnd and kind; without a fault) also fine lllO pound Road Wagon, city made, Harness, Blankets, Ac. NEW AND SECOND HAND Harness. Horse Clothing, Saddles, Bridles, Whips, Halters. Ac. ELKGANT AND EXTRA H ANDSOME, SPEEDYhrnwn trotting Marc, got br TORONTO CHIEF; is IftW high, 7 vears old; without exception Is one of the best driver* In the cltv ; can trot in 2 01 to the pole or slnulv ; is a great all day traveller, no tricks nor laiilts, flowing inane and tall and warranted sound and kind. ONE OF THE MOST ELEGANT dark hrown Kentucky bred saddle Geldings ever offered at public sale; la 15^ high, 7yearsold; goe* ALL known saddle GAITS; has extra style and action, and is warranted sound and k'oNB ELKGANT TOP Pony Phaeton. SIX OTHER TOP ami no lop Roa I Wagons. ALSO SEVERAL OTHER HORSES, FULL DESCRIPTION AT SALE. SALES NEVER POSTPONED on account of weather. j^ THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A * In all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding; exquisitely finished. and tmbraclng in their construction the various Improve ments iutruduced by us during the past 14 years, making the ui the standard lor Qnality throughout the United states. These wagons are exclusively the production of onr weil-known Broome street factor\, and are offered in stock In all respects equal In quality lo those built to lh? order ol the most valued customer, and at price* uniform to all. In order that we mar not be confonnded with a loint stock com pan j of carriage dealer* who have adopted a firm name similar to onr own. and Impudently claim tne

reputation we have made for the "Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only warerooms are at the corner of Fltth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., ot Broome streat. N EXCELLRNT FURNITURE AND WKNKKAL Truck, In splendid running order, almost new, with fine young large Horse and Harness, for sale at sacrifice; also single iIoh ntown Truck, two top Boggle* and Har ness; must be uld Apply to CAMPBELL A CO., Auc Uoucers. 318 Hudson jUtui. HOR.SK4, CAHHIAGKS. <C< Y -IN VIEW OF THE coming Kaces. we would cull the attention ol the public to cur Derby T Carts, new and original in design, patented and ion only hy ibis house. Quality being the true measure of value, we ?re satisfied thai when our Carriages are lalrly judged by tin* land ing, price will be esteemed a secondary consideration. Warerooms?Fifth avenue, corner Twenty-seventh st. Factory?115 East Twenty-tilth street. J. B. BREWSTER k CO. Established 1P3S. At peivate sale at arch. Johnston's new HORSE AND CARRIAGE MART, 19, 21, 23 AND 36 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR UNIVERSITY PLACE, TEAM OK MAY CARRIAGE HORSER, E LEU ANT HARK ESTABLISH M ENT, TWO FINE ROAD HORSES; DOG CART, HY LAWRENCE; . ROAD WAGON, SIDE BAR. BY BREWSTER. _ A FAIR OK THE FINEST HAY CARRIAGE HORSES in this city , over lfl hands. voung and sound; high knee action : aiso three imported English Saddle Horsi a; nearlv thoroughbreds, and tor ?t\ It and action they can not be surpassed: also a bay Con. very powerful, such as a heavv gentleman would ride in England' and other single Carriage llors s lntjurlre for Mr. ELWES, or MIKE, at stables, 169 East Ihlrty-iecond street, between Lexington and Third avenues. AT THE LONDON HARNESS AGENCY, !ft) East Fourteenth street, between Fifth avenne and University place. ?Londoii-uiade llarne<sa specialty. Fad leathers of new and very st>li<h patterns; park Saddles, suits ol Summer Horse Clothing, all *?ar unteed ol very best quality aud Jatest West Eud (liondon) atyles, at fair p rices. _____ .. . AT THE WEST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, 1.4D4 and 1,490 Broadway, will be found a large as sortment ol Kockaways. Depot Wagons, I'ark Phaetons, tor and no ton Bungles. Ac.. and, to make room, will offer a line ot leather lop 1'onv Phaotonsjit i-1? eaeh. ! A -FOR 8ALE.~SIX HEAVY WORK HORSES; TO A. I* sold cheap; a good trial given. Apply at ItiO Washington street. A' PRIVATE GENTLEMAN OFFERS FOR SALE t1ie moat elegant and stylish dor cart or coupe Horse in the cltv bav. IS hands high, 7 years old ; a very tree and extra stylish Jrlver; warranted sound and kind Inevery pai', sold lor the want of use. Inquire at Club Btables, IJ4 East Filty-aeveuth street. GOOD TOP WAOON WILL HE takkn IN FART payment for a llrst class 7 octave rosewood piano forte. Call at No. 9 Oreal Jones street, near Broadway. A -FOR SALE-TIIK PROPERTY OF A widow j\. lady from the country; soid on account of the death of her husband ; one Coupe and driving Ilorso, 8 years old. 16 hands 3 Inches high; Is stylish, and is kind lor a lady to drive; fearless ol locomotive: Is warranted sound and to trot in less than three minutes; will give trial lor one week. Apnly at 132 Thompson street, between Hous ton and Bleccaer. __ Avery light victoria?in perfect order, four seat*, has blind sea' tor children, Tor sale very reasonably. Inquire at No. 7 Washington square, rear of Hew York Hotel. Any gentleman leaving the city for the Summer, and having a llorsujor light W agon, can have the best ot care taken of them lor their use ; satis tact -rv re te re nee. Address M. R.,box I7(i Herald otlite.^ A STYLISH PAIR of BLACK MARES FOR SALE? At LEADBETTER'S stables. Seventh avenue, above Forty tilth streei. 8 years old. IM, hands high; sound and kind; excellent travellers. Will be sold cheap, as the owner Is about leaving the city. AFrLL-SIZED TOP WAGON, MADE BY ?RKW ster, used but a lew times, lor sale. Apply at M.Y8 TERSON'S stable*, Forty-eighth street, near Eighth av. A GENTLEMAN WILL SELL A FINE BAY MARE, 1?W hands, sound and kind, or will trade for a styl ish coupe horse, which must be over 10>4 hands. Addreas J. P., box 2,9W Post office. GENERAL VARIETY OF SECOND HAND CAR rtmies, suitable for city and country, hacking or pri vate, at great bargains; also an eletiant stock of now, fashionable, strictly tirst class Carriages aud Light wag ons. at reasonable prices. We beg to warn tlio again* the misrepresentations of certain Now York deal ers in Inferior work, who, with intent to deceive pur chattel* arc twins our niimc in the nalc of their carriages. We have no direct or indirect agency in New \ork. i-ar rlairesof our make can be bought on'y at our nianutac tory in Rahway, N. J. WOODUrf A DDNIIAM. Alky, $is: open wagon, $w; pony Phaeton, $106; Gig. $40; new top Wagon. $160; do., ?196; <k>., $330; Rockaway, $133; Harness at all prices, at | i,?SD Broadway, near Forty-flmt ^MK> JENK1N8. Asix-SEAT EXTENSION TOP PHAETON. IN PER ?ct order, at a bargain; several other stales second hand Carriages; our ctitlre stock new carriages, at re duced l>ric5*ANCFACTDRER8. UNION, 6SS Broadway^ A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND A hand Carriages, Family Rockawavs. top and open Buggies, Pony Phaetons. Grocers aud Business Wagons, at greatly reduced prices. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street. TEA CART, BAROnCHE. ROCKAWAVS. VICTO rlas, I'ony I'hneton, Top Buggies, four seated Phae tons; cheapest In the city; must be sold. 1*0and 14H Eldrldge street. near Graud and Bowery. A ?I4ANDAUR. COITPES, BAROUCHES. LADIES' u\? Fhirtoo, Depot Wagon, Bngcie*, taken Inexchange; will sell less than hall price; iwafonahle Ciirriaces ut moderate prlcea. HAM. in Last Fourth street. A REIVED AGAIN?J. C. DEVO, OF JACKSON CU V, a Michigan, with 62 head ot those fine Horses, single, double aud saddle, at A. S. Chamberlin's stable, between Lexington and Third avenues. Twenty-tilth street. AT AUCTION?AUOl'T TWENTY HORSES AND HAR ness, Coaches, Wagons, Whips, Robes and all the re ouircments of a first class livery stable, with lease of premises for18 months. JAMES M. MILLEh, Auctioneer, will sell the above, Thursday, June 6,1J73, at 10 0 clock A. M , on the premises. 111 West Fourteenth street, by or der 01 mortgagee. A LOT OK HORSES FROM Till'. COUNTRY, KIT for all kinds ol business; one. splendid team ol sorrel Horses, young and sound. Inquire at 641 1 anal s reel. A LOT OF TOP BUGGIES, ROAD WAGONS, Ex press. Orocery and light Business Wagons 'or sale cheap. 34S West Twenty seventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. a FIVE YEAR OLD HORSE FO> BALB?-OB/fTLg jx for a lady to drive. Can be aeen at 202 \N llliam nti? et, Kr.inktort llouaa ; would exebange lor inerchan.tise. A BEAUTIFUL PONY PHAETON AND HANDSOME Ponv, with fine Harness, a complete and handsome turnout, for sale at a bargain; suitable lor a lady or child to drive or ride ; warranted sound and kind. Apply to HAY BKO.. S32 Hudson street A PARK TURNOUT FOR SALE-A handsome Brett apan of bay Morses. IB lianils high, double Harness, Ac.; the horses are gentle aud sound, good and tree travellers (oneof them very lasti; the owner has no ute lor them and will sell the wli'de concern at u great sin mice. Inquire in office 60 West Twenty-Uilrd street. A ?ENGLISH CAMBLET DUST ROBES.-WE IN j\ . vile attention to a large assortment of the above, in a variety of stades and handsomely hound. BREWSTER k CO., 84 5th ay., corner 14tli st._ A VERY FAST BROWN GELDING. I'X HANDS j\ high and 10 years old; tound and kind ; cm trot 'i ;4d to road waiiun; cost $.1,000 one \ear aao; wli, Ih> sold to day lor $600. Apply at stables, 17 East Twenty -eighth st. A RARE CllANCK ? FOR SALE. A DARK GRAY Horse, 16 hands. 7 y ars old; can trot in H minutes; sound and kind. Can be bought right away lor $i5o at st.iblcs Nos. 1ft and 17 East Twanty-eighth street. Avert handsome premium park phaeton, several side bar top and no top Buggies, one three spring Phaeton, with pole, to carry lour persons; also a tiumb.T or tull spring piano top Buggies, all our make, and well constructed; also one second hand no top Pony Phaeton, one second hand ten C spring Phaeton, and one toil Buggy and several light Business Wngons at carriage Manufactory, MS DeKalb avenue, Brooklyn. A BARGAIN IN SECOND HAND CARRIAGES. A Clarence, In nrst class order, tor $UM less than ever offered; Coach, glass front, six-seat Phaetou, - Bretts, at 4<?i Third a venue Brett for sale-but little worn, inquire of ALBERT, at Drennen's stable, corner of seventh avenue and Thirty ?eveiith street / 1ARRIAGES,?J I 'OL Y ER .* ( O . Ws BROADWAY, \_J factory at Newark, N. J. Being large nianolacliir ers ot all kinds of desirable Vehicles, we can ??!! at a lower price than dealers, besides giving purchasers a more satisfactory guarantee. i 1ARRIAGES?SLIGHTLY DAMAGED: GREAT BAR \j Kuins; (-arrfaicet, new and p*e<tnd hand, of every ?ie sciiptlon. at low price*; now In the time to Purchase, he lure ti ade commences MANUfACTURERS INION, B.W Broadway. rtOCPB HORSE?!? HANDS, PERFECTLY SOUND, ^ styllifr slepiwr anil gool family horse. H yearsnta; will t>e anlrt verv cheap, also Coupe Rockaway, Top Muggv, two sets Harness, Blankets. Ac. Private stable 131 Bast Eighteenth street /ILARENCh FOR SALE CHEAP-IN Gooli ORDER ; built by Itrewster : owner leaving the city. Apply Immediately at IS5 Weat Fourteenth street CtREAM TAN RIDING AND DRIVING GLOVE#, / Single billion, $2; double button, $- 26. Every pair warranted and sent tree on rccclpt or price. I NION ADAMS A Co.. 6.V7 BruadWay, /^ALLOWS LONDON WHIPS.?WE INVITK THE \ ' attention of the riding and driving public to a large assortment just received of these celebrated w hips, lor which we are sole agents In the United States. BREWSTER k CO.. H4 ?th_av._. corner 14th st. Depot wagons, pony phaetons, rockawavs, open and cloae Buggies and Carriages and llariieai of every description, at popular prices. srAAis num... No 7 Washington alaca, rear New Yorajiotel. }express wagon and route for sale.?jih 'j East Fortieth street _ 1.1 X I'RESs HORSE AND WAGON KoR SALE CHEAP.? 'j Inquire At !U8 Eighth avtlue. Fine pair or i? hands bay carriage horses for sale at a very moderate figure; have been regu larly driven up to date; owner gone to Europe. Apply at private stable 139 East Nineteenth street For sale-a handsome pony and piueton and Harness, all In good order; pony sound and klad and a good traveller; A child can drive It; at 173 Jay street, corner ol Hl$n. Brooklyn. FDR SALE-A HORSE. lf>\ HANDS, TROTS UNDER i.46, lor $**)cash, no les*. R. 11. KLlAS, Jeweller. 611 Broad way. _ For bale-a very drsirable family horse, C M.Clay stock, especially valuable for gentleness and soundness. Can be seen lor a lew .lays at MO West Thirty-eighth street, between Tenth and Eleventh ?ve now; tutlryaid. HOUSES, CARRIAGES, AC. "EUST TRAM POR SALE r BLACK HARRY AND MONITOR. Will be sold very reasonable, owner hartug no nse for them; they are a.I right; can trot any day i" road con dition close to 2:30: they trotted a week ago on Point Breeze Park lo road wagon in 2Xi}{, ilie.v arc a fast and reliab'c team on the roail or trnek . will ftp sold lor aLout the worth of cither horse. fall on or addrem R. MARIO NEK, 1,112 Sansuni street, Piiiluilelpilla. i'a. I7<OR SALE?A M'LKNDID (111AY MORGAN MARK, coming five vcurs old, sound and perfectly kind til 1 double or single nm ncss. and promises to be la^t; suita ble lor a lady or gcuih man s lainily. llorse can be seen nt Ml West l iny nr>t street atier 3 o'clock P. M. Price $300. _ For sale.-a valuable pair ok horses for light family n?o; can he driven by a lady a inilc in three minutes any day ; not quite sound ; price very low ; satisfactory reason lor aclling. Apply at IM South street Fur half..?a beautiful and stylish bright hay Horse; flowing mane and tall; live year* old; 16S hands high; warranted gentle and kind in every re aped for either itcntleiuan or lady to drive; unliable tor a coupe. To be seen at 1M Weat Twenty-eighth street THOMAS FORSYTH. Ii^OR SALE?ONE TEAM OF MULES 15 IIANDS HIGH; 1 aouml and kind. Can be wen at 219 Mulberry street. For salk-a handsome ray mark. is hands, h years old : an all day traveller and warranted per fectly Hound and kind ; also a no top Wagon and Si t of'e Harness, aold separately or together. Apply at Ml'HPH Y's stable. No. 5 Vestry street, near Canal st. TOOK SALS? FINK private TUB If OUT; PARTIES IN r want oi a ile-diablo pair of Can lane Horses, 18 hands. hays, 7 an l H years old. sound, kind and every way rellaide, can obtain mat what they want Iroin a pri vate vent email selling out; also one Roadster*; will step in 2 : 0; equally desirable : I'aik I'liaeton, llar nc.-s. Ac. Aitdr-as S. W., 571 Broadway. For sai.k?an elegant bay mark, s tears old; 15 hands; perfectly sound ; without a fault; can trot ill 2 mi and show the time; has a record of 2:36; has no superior a* a pole ware; can be driven by a lady; sold only lor want of me. Aptdy at United Stales stable, 154 East Thirty-second street. I ?'OR sale-A PAIR OK BLACK, VERMONT PONIES; will drivo together in three minutes: one of them in 2:50, and can travel lid miles per day without urging: Bound -, price for the pair, $tioo-, also a pair ol grav, minia ture, (? outh American Ponies; have been ridden bv my eon; aued 6 and ti years; hut can carrv heavy weights or drive in harness; price $2M); no less offer will be ac cepted; sold for waul of present use. Apply to It W. CAMERON, 23 South William street New York. For sale?a complete turnout; a nick brown Mare, 8 years old. sound and kind and per fleetly safe lor a lady to drive: can troi at anytime In S minutes; also a Pony Phaeton, with top, almost new; new Hurncss, Whip, Lan Robe, Blanket, Ac.; can he bought cheap ; must be sold as the owner goes to F.uropc. Can he wen at C I.AMU A SON'S stables, 13 and 15 East Fifty-eighth street. For sai,e-at a bakoain. if BOLD promptly. Liverv Stable, 14 Carriages and Buggies, ol various kinds; 17 Horses and complete outfits all around, offered on account o' long continued 111 health of owner; good business. Address MILTON Pl'LTZ, 23 Catherine street, I'oughkecpale, N. Y. FjlOR SALE?ONE FAIR VERY FINE BAY HORSES, 1 l.v.i hands, linmbletoniaus; 1 very highbred Saddle Mare, been used two veurs by a lady; 2 opt n Wagons: 1 I'urk I'liaeton, by Brewster; 1 Landaulct; 2 Seta double Harness. Apply at private stable 114 West Fiftieth street FOR SALE?FINE BAY mark, long MANE AND tail, wven years old, sound and kind; very hand some; li>, hands hi,:li, price $3M>. ISAAC C. PRUDKN, 6ii Weat Thirteenth street 10011 SALE-PARK l'HAF.TON, IN HOOD ORDER; J city make ; will be sold cheap. W. V aLLKAC, Jr , S00 Broomo street. For sale?an elegant chestnut mark. lS^high, 7 years old; there is not a better road mare In the city; perfectly sale lor a ludy to drive; those In want of a sound, sale and pleasant driving beast, will And this mare ail they desire. Can tie seen at KEN DALL A ill 1 LKNOEIl'S stables, corner Thirty-eighth street am Seventh avenue. TilOR SALK-A SPLENDID SADDLE HORSE, 7 I years old. 1ft hands 3 luchea high; lit for either lady or gentleman; been used by both; a most desirable animal; price *400. Apply to JOSEPH TOWNLKY, Boulevard Stables, Its and 157 Weat Fiftieth street For sale?a good family horse. i? hands high; sound and kind: can trot In three minutes. Applvlo WILLIAM CRAIG, 410 Kent avenue, near Myrtle, Brooklyn. FOK SALK-A HKIiWN MAKE. 15'* HANDS, 8 YEARS old; warranted sound, kind and true; stylish driver; child can handle her. Apply at f>70 Sixth avenue. Ip OR SAI.K-A LADY'S PHAETON, IN PERFECT 1 order-, been In use only a short time. Can be seen at private stable 127 West Seventeenth street. IIOR SALE?A OENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT, HORSE, Wagon and Harness; Stivers' build; horse sound, kiad und 7 years old; anybody can drive her; must be sold, as owner is leaving the country, lor bait the value: $325i. Apply at H. J. Simoiiaon's stable, corner of llenry and Warren streeta, t-'outli Brooklyn. For salk?uptown express route;"com plcto: two Itorses, two Wagons, Harness and good Stable, with plenty of gotsl work. Apply at 02 East Houston street In blacksmith s shop. TjlOR BALK-HORSE, WAGON AND HARNESS; SOLD r because the owner has no further use tor them. Inquire ut U3 South Eiltli avenue. FOR SAI.E-EOI R CHEAP WORK HORSES, 1,2110 TO 1,41X1 pounds weight, from Laacastcr, I'a.; will be sold cheap. Inquire at 220 Eighth avenue, lager beer saloon. IpOR HALK-A OR AY MESSENGER COLT, 15>,', 9 ' yenraold; trots In'50. kind In all harness: also a grnv Horse, 16 bands, ti years old: trota close to3 min utes; kind in all harness ; warranted. Call at 239 East Twenty-ninth street. FOR SALK?BLACK MARK, 5 YKARS OI.D. OVKI! 15 hands; time. 3 15; warranted soui.d ; price $ 50. Seen alter 2 a! SEARCH'S stable, 60 East Thirty weond strei.-l. FOR SALK?TWO I'ONIES; ALSO A FINK LITTLB brow n Horse; trots In 2 :50; also a (lne saddle Horse ; all sound sml kIn t. Nos. :<snd !> West Tlilrfeentb stn-.-l. FOR SALE?A B1UOIIT RAY HORSE, 15^ HANDS high, suitable for landaulct or dog cart; warranted sound and kind. Apply at Cunningham's stable, 121 West Forty-fifth street* Ask for JOHN QUIRK. For salk-a beautiful saddle horse:, tf.t black and prompt driver, double or single ; 7 years old ; sound and kind; cost t'JUi; will tie sold cheap. Cull at 308 Eaat Fortieth street Tj^OR SALK CHEAP?A NEW DOUBLE TRUCK; IS I* handsome for dry goods, cotton or flour. 4BS Lalgtit street, near Hudson street. Four-in-hand barouche. We offer one of French make In excellent condition, at a low figure. BREWSTER A CO.. Hi Fifth avenue, corner Fourteenth street TpOyB-IN-HAND MAIL rOAUH. r We offer a Uindon built one. in superb condition, at a very large discount tyom original price. BREWSTER A CO., K4 Fifth av., corner Fourteenth st HORSE, BUGGY AND IIARNES8 WANTED?IN Ex change ler small mortgages on BronkLn pro|ierty, due May, 1874. Address J. E. C., Iiox 4,lil3 Post office. H ARNEBS ?THE CHEAPEST HARNESS STORE IN New York. A good Double Truck Harness $.??. a _I_l new lorn, n - . _ good grocer's Harness, $30: a good milkman's Harness, f#l; a good buggy Harness, hand made,$17: u gofid ?tal,le lanket, $2: will sell cheaper than ever on account of moving on or before June 111. Please call find examine lor yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE. 43 Murray street. Harness, saddles, iiorsk clothing, hr. riagf Robes. Lap Dusters, Ely Nets and a large varietv ol Saddlery Uoods always on hand. C B. SMITH A CO., 40 Warren street. New York. XTEWI'ORT AND LONG BRANCH RACES. lv An elegant imported four In-hand Carriage and Harness, complete, made by Peters, ol London, In per fect order and very stylish, a splendid aflair tor the races or for a gentleman having a large country sent; accom modates 14 persons; will l>e sold at less than hall ihe cost of Importati on. Can be seen at the warerootns of BRADLEY, PRAY A CO.. 8M Broadway. ONE Of THE FINEST TEAMS OF CARRIAGE Horses In the country (dapple brown), Iti hands, H and H vears old. kind and true In all harnesa, free from vice: ver* strludi and unsurpassed us m first class team ; at the mart of ARCH. JOHNSKiN, 1-j to 26 East Thir teenth street, near University place. It not sold tH-forn Friday, at I0>, o'clock, will then Ih- sold ut auction ul the mart as above. I)ONY -Ei>R HAl.x, A BOV S OR GIRL'S POVY; pcrieclly sound, gentle and kind. Apply al private stable 140 West Fiftieth street, between Slxtli and Seventh avenues, from 9 to II A. M. PONY PIIAETONS-EVERY description, POPU lai prlce^ <1?pot Wagons In great variety, two ele gant sl*sent M-xteiiston-top Pliaeioiis, Park Wagons, light Rockaways, low prices. mini facrl'rkrs- imos'.iwi Broadway Red noRsE.-RKD horse powder for horses, Stock and Poultry.?Send me Fnty iflPi gross l:ad Horse Powder. John F. Henry, h tJollegu place. New Yerk. May 27. I<73. Thia is to certify that I have sold hundreds of gross of Red Horse Powder to my trade and In every respect it gave entire satisfaction. John C. Hurst wholesale Druggist, S24 Market street, Philadel phia. This Is to certify that I have sold to more than 100 ot my customers, wholesale, the Red llorsc Powder, and they all speak of it in the highest terms. For chickens they praise it particularly. Poultry seems to be very sus ceptible to the influence of proper medicine, and your Powder cores them ol ilj?e.'iw and in.ikes the hens lav better. Levi Olierholtxer, M. D.. wholesale, lis North Third street, Philadelphia. This Powder is prepared by CYRUS BRoWN, Druggist, Chemist and horseman of 25 years'experience, at Ills wholesale and retail Drug and Chemical Emporium, ."W Broadway, Mlitott, Pa. Remem ber the Red llorse. my trade mark, on each 20 and 40c. package, and my signature. Take no other. SPEED ?FOR SALE, A BROWN HORSE, 9 YEARS. 16U hands high; can trot In * :M); warranted sound; will sell cheap. Apply at stable M First street CJPEED.-ANY GENTLEMAN IN WANT OF A FIRST |i class road turtont la invited to call and see the fast trotting bay horae John, 15^ hands, i years old; war ranted sound ami kind; tears nothing; stands without tying . ran trot sliure In 2:10, single or double ; also fine top stivers Wagon, fine Uarness, Sheet Blanket, Whip Ac. At private stable, 21d West I hlrty-tlfili street. SECOND HAND AND SLIGHTLY SOI LSD CAR O riages bargains. T Cart, Kngllsh Dog Cart Depot Wagoti. several Rockaways, top and opeu Buggies, lump seat Wagon, Pony Phaeton MANUFACTURERS' UNION. <38 Broadway. OOPERIOR IRON STABLE FITTINGS - PARTIES i. ' about to hMild new stables or refit old ones are in vlted to call ilnd Inspect specimens of all the most ap proved kinds manufactured In our own workshops JAN Kb A El UI LAND. Noa. ?, 10 and 14 Reads street i HUM.HKW, l AnillAUKU, ,<.<. ' ?K 1 AV"'Y """ '? po" 8AI-B k lb 3 htiiidM high, color, dapple brown: Mound anrl NP? "2 W.v ZV'J V'"" ?1'1- Ap'1,-V 1,1 IT'vau: .it a Mo ISA hast ililrtv-tllltl street. The finest park turnout evf.r offered_ Dark bay Horse, l<> hands high. H years; kind and true in All harness; tree f'roni vice, wry stvlkeh and war rallied vjuiiu. Two-"eal Dug Cart, by Wood Brothers; Set i>i Harness, bv Campbell, at AK< II. Johnston's new Mart, lit to 25 East flurtcentU street, University place. TWO LA ROE WAGONS, THAT WILL Do FOR So:>\ water or cirrus business; alsotwouew fop Buggies, one nice light Grocery IVu^mi unci 10 Carriages lor livery and hark, at 4tk) Third avenue. TO LET?STABLE ROOM FOR TWELVE HORSES. Apply at (!. L. BEDELL'S stable, 7'Ji Greenwich street. Horses taken to board aud to hire tor all pur poses. "IVANTED?A VAST YOUNG HORSE, TOP BUGGY ?? and Harness, < felly nuikr, for a Tenement Property In Brooklyn, or l oin. Applv, with lull description, at lt>3 Broadway, room 3. WANTED?A FIR -iT CLASS 0 SPRING GIG. PAR. ties ini viiik Mime w ill e#?li cu.touier by apply. ing to E. S, Wi'.STCoTT, No. 7 Park ' WANTED ?A SMALL SECOND HAND PONY PIIAB .ton; four-sent preferred. Address, with price, SHKTLANDS, box S,d42 New York Post ofllce. WANTED?A OOOD SIZED FAMILY HORSE, sou lid and gentle, for lady's use; bur or sortel; Dot over fix). Address W. 11. MEAD,<17 Wall street. dj?l -SPLENDID HAY HOUSE, OENTLB, FOR ?P I 't*J. ladv, 7 years, IS hands; grav, R years, In, $1110; brown, 7 years, lt>i, $17S; all warranted. 218 West Thirty-II 1st street. tl?n -?R SALE, A 120 POI ND BRKWSTKR jjPlOV/. Wayon. almost new. Stable 21.1 West Forty first street. ORV (iOUDK. ANOTHER GREAT SACRIFICE IN R1UMONS, RIBBONS, EIBBON8. RIBBON'S, RIBBONS, -4 ? ? S* ? a ? ?? *?*????????? ?**** t ?, * *? H. ? ? ? ft Jl * t f ? * * M A C Y ? f f t t ? 4 0 0. ? ? ???? ?? ? ,* * ? ? ?* ??V %??? ? * ? * . .. are now sellluff Elegant wide WATERED SASH RIBBONS at LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR A YARD. told elsewhere at$1 Uiyard. Extra wide WATERED SASH RIBBONS at 91 19 AND $1 fil A YARD sold elsewhere at $2 and fJ SO a yard. Plain and OROS GRAIN SASH RIBBONS, In lovely shads?, THE LOWEST PRICES EVER OFFERED, regardless of cost FANCY PLAID RIBBONs! for MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S SASHES, In 111?lit blues and pinks, some at LESS than SO CENTS A YARD, sninc at LESS than 93 CENTS A yard, ? tome ut LESS than 75 CENTS A Yahi); all worth nearly double tbe money. NOW IS TUE TIME to purchase your Sashes _ for the Slimmer. Two or three handsome SASHES ATMACY'S CBn now he bought for the same money three months aso. Also LACE SACQUES AND SHAWLS, linen AND BATISTE SUITS. that one Sash cost closing ont ?ale of STRAW goods nnd PARASOLS. c R. H. MACY A CO., Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. lOMPAGNIE DES INDES, J Paris. MM. VERDE DELISLE FRERES, of the Compagnle des Indes, respectiuily address themselves to ladies of America contemplating a voyage to Europe, inviting tlieir attention to their production* ol Lares and Cashmere Shawls, exhibited at their warehouses, K0 line Richelieu, Paris, and No. I Rue dft la Reiicncc, Bruxelles. Thoie who call, either trom interest and curiosity or for the purpose of buying, w ill meet with equal courtesy. As this house pays no commissions under any circumstance* to agents, the direct purchaser obtains all'the nd vantages. All goods marked In plain fk-urrs. Prices Invariable. English spoken all over the house. Fahrique* do Dentelles, I Pubriuucs rte Cashmere des Bayeux, 14 Rue Rovale Indes, Aleiieon. 20 Kile de l-encrel. | Cashmere, I'inrltitir. QREAT OPENING Of SUMMER STYLES. Mine. NATALIE TILMAN A CO., 12 East Sixteenth street, Mtwern Union suuare and Filth avenue, will open Wednesday aud Thursday, June 4 aud 5, a large assortment of Summer Bonnets, Round Hats, Dinner Dre??c* and Suits. also Flowers. Feathers, Bridal Wreaths and Veils. N. It.?Dresses and Suits inade to order. JJARIS.?AU COIN DE RUE. No. S Rue Montesqntmi. 16. IS. 20 and 22 Rue des Hons Enfant*, near tbe Palais Royal. Great Emporium of Fashion. Known for nearly thirty years for the excellence, good tajtu ami modest price or each article. India and French Cashmere Shawls, Silks. Lare Goods, Mantles, Cuslumea Party Dresses, Ready made rnilercli.thiiu. Wedding Outfits Bahy Linen. Oloees, Perfumery, Fancy Articles, The largest, most varied and cheapest stock In Paris. POST OFFICE WOTICbt. ?DOST OFFICE NOTICE. xa"S?.af,ssf?"ia> g;r?X"*MAA.'i: ??11 a -? TIIOS. L. JAMES, PostmAsU>r. JjOAM OKPICKN. AT*) NASSAU STREET, "BETWEEN KULTOfTAND J?hn streets, NKWMAN LEOPOLD continues tho buying, se ling or advanelac on Dlam.mds, Watcher Jewelry, Pianos,, Ufe Policies, lor any amount. ' At wolf brothei:- iimoadway. between Nineteenth and Twentli-th strmts.-Money loaned on WaU lies. Diamonds. .lo?t?lry, Silverware. Silks nod particularly Pianos; private parlor lor ladies; busintss strictly confidential AT JACKSON'S. <*0? BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ELEV. enlh street?Money liberally advanced on Dia monds, Watehes. Jewrlry, snk?, Drv Onuds and personal Property of every description. Private entrance for ladies AT 607 BROADWAY. CORNER FOURTH sTRH.ET ? Liberal advances on Df.imomK Watches, Jewelry Silks, Camel's Hair shawls, l.aoes and personal property of every description. JAMES P MATTBKWR American office, established ixm.-monky loaned oil Watches, Diamonds, .lewelrv Silver ware, ln<lia shaw ls. Laces. Valuables, *c.; any amount or will buy. highest value paid. J. H. BARItl.NGER I 7? Broadway, oppoelte Aator place. AT HYMANS, 710 EROADWAT?LIBERAL ad ux. vances made on Diam<nuls and W'ah-hea Silver satne' " W ,'*J' U,e market price (or the AT" THIRTEENTH STERRT, NRAR BROADWAY Zi j.,>ny li" Price for Diamonds, Watches, Jew. elry, Ac.; advances on the same. ISAACS. Diamond Broker. S7 Thirteenth street near Broadway. ANDERSON'S, NO. 0 CHAMBERS STREET -MONET loaned immediately. larte ind small ?niiis, on bond and mortgages; hew York. Westrhestrr, Brooklyn. New Jersey, *c,, Bnihlers' Loans, Leaseholds and Securities ue^iitiated ; Mortgages purchased. Money loaned-on diamonds, watches, jew elry and Silverware, and the same bought. GEORGE 0. ALLEN, Jeweller, S4I Hroadway. near Fourteenth street. OQ NASSAU 8TREET, OPPOSITE POST offTcrz 0?J Liberal advances made on Diamonds Watches Jewelry and all kind* of Merchandise, The same bomrlit aud sold? Room I. HAYMAN LEOPOLD jn^S'ITH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWRNTY POURTH 'tUsJ and Twenty-rtrth street*. -Liberal advances made on Diamonds. W atches, Jewelry. Silk*, Laces and Shawls. Same txiught at lull value. L BERNARD. f.Hn BROADWAY, CORNER AMITT STREET M,;"ey, liberal!V advanced on Diamonds, watches. Jewelry and Personal l*ropertr of all descrip tions, the same bought and sold. FT <IFI<<EKMAN formerly M. Roeenberg. QIO BROADWAY. OLDEST established AND ?710 most relUbic office. ?Money a?lvanced on Dla moods. Watches, Jewelry, Lacos, Ac. i same bought at I"'1 A C. HERTS. 1 4>(i7 BROADWAY, OVER HERALD BRANCH 1-in JJL ?r,n,m B -! Jflor for ladles Branch I.2U7 Hroadway. Money loaned on Diamonds, Watclies, Jewelry, Ac. Same bvuglrt aud auld- ULMIK) BEOd,

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