Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1873 Page 11
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J^ATTOJIS WA?TKD-r*IIIALB?, ? ookt. die. 4URAMERCT PARK, PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.?A renvcublr woman aa woJ cook in a private fam ily. city or couutry. Inquire between the hour* ot 9 and t nRAST fflD ST." PRRSI-NT H\fPLOYBR*8..-THRBR Klrl?; one a* cm k and to do the coarse washing and Ironing, one aa cliamiierm.i.d and i*c to growing chil dren, and one as nurse and to do plain srwmg; beat of relcrene ' oau be gi vt-n; no objection to the country. Call for two day*. 1 O OLARKSON ST.. FIRST FLOOR.-A RESPECTABLE ID woman aa coek In a boarding bouse or restaurant; city or country: Urol city Reference. Call for two day*. 17 GREAT JONES ST.?A8 FIRST CLASS FRENCH X I cook in a orlvaie lauilly; best city reference. Call ptlfme. Handant'*. 1 Q STANTON HT , ROOM 8.?TWO TOUNO GERMAN IO girl*; one aa first clan* cook or housekeeper; the other to take care ut chilJren and sew. f) 1 WEST 12TU ST.?AS PIR8T CLASS COOK; NO ZiX. objection to Uit country lor the Summer. Can be Been at lier urescut employer's, where she has lived two year*. 97 DESBBOSShS St. ?FOIt COOKING AND AS8I8T Zi I aut in washing and ironing; good Mter?nce; the country preferred. A(\ WhST 131M ST.?A COMPETENT WOMAN AS tv cook, washer auu ironer in a small private lamlly; excellent cook and uaker; no objection to the country ; three years' reference. Aj9 PERRY ST.. IN REAR, FIRST BASEMENT.?A xO rcrv competent woman to cook, wash and iron; city or couutry; gooJ reference. CI 10TH ST., BETWEEN BROADWAY AND UNIVKR Ol aity place.?As lirsi class cook; understand* cook ing In all its brauclien; has lour yeara' city reference from her last place. Call or address. ?#TQ WEST ISTH ST.?AS FIRST CLASS COOK; IS A wO good baker; understands iniik and butter; city or country; good reiereuce. UTH ST., BETWEEN 6TH AND 8TH AVS.-TWO WJts trustworthy women; one as cook; the other as chambermaid and waitress; would liketo go in the coun try; best city reiereuce. Q1 MADISON AT. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).?A OX good cook; well recommended. "lflO EAST 41 ST ST., BETWEEN PARK AND LEX. J.I/O Ington avs.?Two Scotch girls, sisters; one as filaln cook; the other aa chambertuald, in a small private amlly. Call lor two day*. 1HA 7TH AT., BETWEEN 16TH AND 1TTH BT8., 1U? second floor.?a first class cook; understands her business thoroughly; good City reference. Call for two days. T "TH AT., BETWEEN 8TH AND 9TH STS.. UP JLUO one flight of stair*.?A trustworthy woman, with good references, as cook: makes excellent bread; under stands care ot milk and butter; no objections to the country. 11C WEST SSD ST., TOP FLOOR.?A RESPECTABLE ill! woman a? first class cook: no objection to a prl Vate boarding house; reference. Call or addreaa. nWEST 24TH ST.-AS FIRST CLASS COOK; understands all kinds oi moats, soups, pastries, llies and cream; several years' reference from Lust lace. I99 WBST19TH ST., FIRST FLOOR, REAR-TWO respectable young girls; one as cook, washer and ironer: the other as chambermaid and waitress aud to assist with washing and ironing; city reference. | OQ EAST 43D ST.?TWO SISTERS; ONE AS PLAIN IOO cook, the other as waitress and chambermaid. B.pply at present employer's. | OK WEST 19TH ST., IN TDK STORE.?A RESPECT iOu able woman a* cook; Is willing to assist in the washing; will go to the couutry with a family; best city Reference. 1/d.l WEST KITH ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN 1 il as cook no objection to assist with washing; best City reference. WE8T S9TH ST.?A COMPBTENT WOMAN TO cook and assist in washing, or to do housework a small family ; five year*' reference. & 141 yn a sn H/ll WEST 43D ST.?A I.ADV LEAVING THE CITY iLt! would like a situation for her cook. Apply at present employer'*. 1 JQ WEST 89TH ST.?A COMPETENT YOUNG J-TfcO woman as cook, washer and Ironer In a small private family, or to do housework; good reference*. 1 A-E\ WEST 39TH ST., TOP FLOOR. FRONT.?A RE 1t?J spcctable young girl as flrat class cook in a pri vate family; no objection to a short distance in the coun try; best city reference from last place. I CA WEST 28T1I ST.?AS FIRST CLASS COOK, wv willing to assist with washing; understands cook i$ In all its branches. I C9 ?2D ST., BETWEEN SD AND LEXINGTON LU?t ara.. second floor.?A steady woman as good i?k and good baker; is willing to assist in the wash " If required; good city reiereuce. I WEST 28TH ST., NEAR 7TH AV.?Afl GOOD L?JO cook; understands all kinds of cooking and the re of milk and butter; couutry preferred. lf?Q WEST 22D ST., CORNER 7TH AV.-TWO JLv_)i7 respectable young women; one aa flrat class Cook; the other as first class laundress; both are thoroughly experienced; unexceptionable city refer* fence; will go separate. *)(\A WE8T X7TH ST.,IN THE DRESSMAKER'S.?AN experienced woman as head meat and pastry cook lor hotel, summer house or first class boarding pome; beat reference. Oflft WEST 37TH ST.?A TOUNO WOMAN AM COOK ^vU and would do coarse washing; has 10 years' city reierences; no objection to the country; up the nudson ?iver preferred. 9HA EA8r WD 8T > REAR, FIRST FLOOR.-A RE ZUU spcctable Scotch woman as good cook; first rate baker, or good washer and ironer; best city reference trow last place. iOAQ WEST 18 TH ST., FRONT ROOM.-A RESPECT X. U ?7 able young woman as cook in a private family, or would do chamberwork und waiting; is a good plain c<ok; 14 years' city reference from last place. Call for two days. 9"l Q BAST 42D ST., BETWEKN 2D AND 3D AVS.-A juIO respectable young woman as good plain cook; pto objection to do a little washing. '?/I Q BAsT 37TU ST., BETWEEN 2D AND 3D AVS. Zilu A respectable widow woman to cook, wash and iron In a private lainlly ; city ..r country; city reference. 99Q WEST 29TH ST., BETWEEN 2D AND 3D ATS.? A respectable woman as first class cook in a private family; best city reiereuce from la?t place. ()On WKsST 18TU ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ^OU to go In the country as first class cook; under stands all ol cooking. 9*JC WEST 27TH ?T., ROOM 8.-AS COOK IN A ZOJ private family, understands her business; will ??slst with waahiog If required: best city reien nee. 900 I AHT 22D ST.?'TWO RESPECTABLE (URLS: Z/OU one as plain cook, the other as chambermaid ?nd waitress; country preferred; two years' reference Irom their last place. 90Q BAST MTH ST.. ROOM 9.?TWO RESPECTA X*00 ble young Swedish girls together; one to cook; the other to do upstairs work and the washing and iron tog^ Call lor two days. WEST 27TH ST.?TWO GIRLS: ONE AS COM JjU petent cook: would assist with washing if re quired ; the other as chambermaid and waitress or would take care of children and do light chamberwork; best ?city references; mi objection to the country. 9A A WEST 47TH ST.. BETWEEN 7TH AND 8TH All ava.?Two respectable girls to go together; one as good cook and to assist with the washing and Ironing; the other to do chamberwork and waiting and assist w lth ^ha washing and ironing : no oh ection to the country both willing aid obliging ; best city reference*. C)A(K WEST 47TH ST., TOP FLOOR.-A RESPEOTA ZitU ble girl as cook in a private family, or would do general housework; city or country; city reiereuce. *)Af* WEST 30TH ST.?A YOUNO GIRL AS COOK, AxU washer and Ironer; city reference. 9^i Q WEST 90TH ST., IN STORB.-A RESPECTA '^tO ble yonng woman as good plain cook in a private fhmily, city or country; good reference. WEST Si ST ST., RKAR.-A8 COOK; UNDER. /iTi' stands all kinds of cooking; will assist with Coarse washing; city or country, good reference. 9^1 7TH AV., BETWEEN 24TII AND 29TH STS.?A Zi?'l raapectable young trlrl. latoly landed, a* cook; is an excellent washer and Ironer; lias liven with an Xngliah family for some vears; will be found willing, obliging and trustworthy; best reierences. Call on or address M. B. 9CA WEST 28TH ST., TOI> FLOOR, BACK ROOM ? A rcroectahle woman as goo<l plain cook : good t>:ikcr of bread: good washer and ironer; willing and obliging; no objection to a short oistance In the country. Can be seen for two days. ?JfWl BAKT ?? ST.?A TOUNO WOM AN AS tlOOD plain ciHik and laundress in a private lamlly; olty preferred; best ciiy rel. r. n< c from last place. ? ?rv?l 7TH AV., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT.?A FtE* OUO *pectaMe woman as first das* cook; no objec tion to the connM'.v : best >' tv ref'erercti Q/\7 BAHT flOTH ST.?A COMPETENT YOUNG ?Ov I woman as excellent cook ; will assist with wash ing and ironing; good cliy reference. QH7 7TII AT.. IN THE REAR.?AN ENGLISH OU I Protestant woman as flut class cook in the city; ?o objection to a boarding house or hotel. QH7 WEST 53D ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS O'/I first class rook or laundress, or would do both ?n a anall family; best reference. 7TII AV., ROOM 8, REAR?A RESPECTABLE Frenchwoman m cook; beatettywtertnee. OIQ EAST 25TII ST.-A RESPECTABLB GIRL AS Olt7 rook, washer and Ironer; understands her busi ness; Is a (iood bread baker: 1111 objection to go a short distance in tlie country. best city reference from la?t place. . 309 Oi)A EA8T "6TII ST., FIRST FLOOR, FRONT.?A Oijl good woman as cook nnd to assist in the wash ing and ironing; also a young girl to do light chninlier work and wMiing;best city reference If required; no Objection to go a short distance lu the country. OOK EAST 48TH ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D +)?*) ara.?A respectable widow as first claas cook: is capable in all its branches ; no oblectbin to assist In wash ing and ironiii*; first elas* reference. Can be (ecu for two days. QQQ EAST 81 ST ST., NEAR 20 AV., SECOND FLOOR, back mom ?A respectable Scotch woman as Cook: thoroughly understands meats, soups, po>irv and t>iacuits; 7 years* reference ; elty or country; no objection to give a light assistance with the washing. OOQ EAST UTH ST.?AS FIRST CLASS WAITRESS ijJitf and chambermaid in a private bqariliug house: |>a*tcity reference* Irom last place. Qiin EAST 34TB ST.?AS COOK, WASHER AND ?>)U ironer; city or country; good reference. Call for two da.a. ?IT V A TWITS W A NTK !?-?'' Cooks. <**? BABT S2D ST.?AS FIRHT CLASS COOK? J/1*" demands all kind" of cooking and baking; beat city reference; no objection to the country. 331 336 EAST 12TH ST., SBOOND FLOOR-A YOUNO uuu girl. In a prlvaie rainlly, t? cook, wash and Iron, or would do liibKhamberwork and take care of chil dren. uood city reference. 0?VT WEST 21 ST ST.-A YOUNG GIRL AS COOK 0?J I and to do tbe coarse washing; best city refer ence. Call or addreaa. __ 00/7 EAST S9TH 8T.-A MOT RESPKCTARLE OO I young woman as cook in a private family; has no objection to the country. Call or address for twodays. OA H <T" Ay-. OVERCIOAR STORE.-A PROTES O^rO tant Scotch woman as first clu* cook an a prl rate family; willing to go in liic cuuntrv for the Summer; good city reierence. Q/l Q EAST 30TH ST.. BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AVS. Otw Two respectable girls; one as cook, washer and ironer; the other as chambermaid and waitress; would like to live together In a private lainily; beat city reier ence. Call lor two day a. 359 EAST llTH ST., BETWEEN 1ST ANi? 2D wvv avs.?A respectable girl as excellent cook In a private lainily in tbe city; Ave yeara' relerenoe nrom her last place, i>77 EAST I0TH ST.?A* FIRST CLASS COOK, Oil bread and biacult baker, and ail kinds of pastry; good city reierwuca. OOO SD AV., BKTWEEN TTTd AND 28TH STS.?TWO OoZ sisters, together; one aa cook, washer and Ironer, the other to miud children; good city referonce. Call lor two day*. iOC EAST 15TH ST., BETWEEN 1ST AV. AND AV. \ 4:00 A?A respectable young girl m flrst claas cook; best reference irom last place; would assist with the | washing and ironiug: no on lections to the country. Call , for two day a ______ A A tf 41 ST ST., BETWEEN ?TH AND 10TH AVB.-A ' 4fc40 fine young Yankee girl aa good plain cook; is an excellent wuAerand ironer. T r n WEST 81 ST ST.?A YOUNO GIRL AS GOOD 4-0 I Plain cook and to assist with the washing and Ironing, or to do general housework in a small tamlly; best city roierence. ToO 8TH AV., ROOM 10.-A RESPECTARLE GIRL AS 4oO chambermaid and to do ttiie washing; best city reference. Call for two days. A r\n 7TH AV., NEAR S7TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE iXt7 1 woman In a private family; is a good plain cook; is willing to assist in the washing and ironing; good ref erence. er.ll WEST 17TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN OtT-L as flrst class meat and pastry cook; thoroughly understands her business in all Its hrauches; no objection to a flrst class boarding house; would go short distance in the country; best city reference.! PA A 8TH AV., BETWEEN 37TH AND 38TH STS., Otttc third floor.?Two young German girls, to go to gether; one as cook, the other to do housework, washing and ironing. C71 3D AV.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG QIRL AS O I 1 first class cook; would do the coarse washing; no oblection to a private boarding house: would go to the country for the Summer mouths; two yeurs' best city relerencc from last place. rrrn GREENWICH ST., REAR, BETWEEN HOUS O I I ton and King sta.?A respcciaole woman, with a daughter 12 years old. as good cook, washer and Ironer in the country. Good reierence. f?Q7 1ST AV., NEAR 34TH ST.-A PROTESTANT 0O I English woman as cook; understands her busi ness In all lu branches: is an excellent bread and biscuit baker; best city reference. ?JA/I ?TH AV., BAKERY.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL OUt as cook in a private ftunilr; no objection to go to the country far the Summer; six years' best city refer ence from last place. nnrr 2D av.?a respectable young woman Ol? I as good cook, and to assist with the washing and ironing; no objections to go a short distance in the coun try ; is a good baker of bread and biscuit; has references. Call for two days. OA O 2D AV., CORNER 33TH ST., OVER TEA UtZ store.?Two girls, American Proto?tants; one as first class cook; understand* all kinds of cooking, the other as laundress and to assist with ch umber work; no objection to a private boarding house; city reference; no objection to the country. BAr 7TII AV., NEAR 48TH ST.-AS FIRST CLASS I U0 cook in a private tamlly; understands all kinds of cocking: no objection to the country; twenty years' ex perience in this city. HA-1 6TH A V.?TWO PROTESTANT GIRLS; ONE AS I tI cook, the other as chambermaid and waitress; city or country; good references. QQC 2D AV.. CORNER OF 44TH ST.?A YOUNG OZ?) woman as plain cook in a small private family; no objection to the couutry^ 2? AV- CORNER 86TII ST.-A COMPETENT .UO0 young woman as good cook; best city reier LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN SITUATIONS FOR ence. A LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN SITUATIONS FOR three excellent aery-ants? viz., a cook, a waitress and a chambermaid or chambermaid and laundress. as'i ily to-morrow (Wednesday), between 10 o'clock A M. P. M., at 16 West 29th st A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT WOMAN WANTS A situation as first class cook: will assist with coarse washing; good city reference. Address COOK, M>? West 32d st Chambermaid*. Ac. 7 EAST SSTH ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.?A RE speetable young woman to do chambcrwork and as sist with the washing, or chamberwork and waiting. on WEST 13TH ST., NEAR 6TH AV., IN THE REAR. ZU one flight up.?A young woman as chambermaid and waitress, or waitress alone; can do waiting in sll iti branches; willing and obliging; willing to go in the country; references. OQ PRINCE ST.?AS CHAMBERMAID OR WAITRESS ZO In a small private family by a respectable young woman; good reference. Call on or address FANNY. OQ WBST 44TH ST.?A YOUNO GIRL TO DO UP Zo stairs work and waiting in a small private family; has no objections to go to tbe country. QO WEST 14TH ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).-A OD respectable young girl to do light chamber work ana sewing or take care of growing children AO FORSYTH ST.-A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT 40 young woman, lately trom London, as chamber maid and waitress or to do general housework In a private family Call on or address K. SIIEEN. ITf\ GREENWICH AV.?A RESPECTABLE PROT 0U estant rirl as chambermaid; will do general house work In a small family; good reference. L'A WEST 61ST ST.?TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNO Ot girls; one to do chamberwork and fine washing andir-inlng; the other as chambermaid and waitress; good city reierence. I fQ GRAND ST.-A FRENCH OIRL AS NURSE OR 0t7 chambermaid 111 a private family (speaking French only). Call tor two days. _ I70 EAST SD ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AVS., IN I O the grocery store.?A very respectable German !:irl to do upstairs work and to wait on u table ; American amily preferred; best^jty reference. Q(\ CHRISTOPHER ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL E)0 as chambermaid and waitress; city or country; good city reference from last place. QO CHRISTOPHER ST., NEAR BLEECKER.?A RE OO spectalile girl as chambermaid and waitress; no objection to the country for the Summer; city reference 1H7 WEST 49TH ST.?A YOUNO OIRL AS CHAM 1U I barmaid and waitress or to take care of children; five years' city reierence from her last place; wages (12 a month. 1-./J WEST BOTH ST.-A PROTESTANT YOUNO 11D girl as chambermaid or to take care of growing children. 126 WEST 19TH ST.. THIRD FLOOR.?A RESPECT able yotniK girl as chambermaid or waitress. lOCTMT., CORNER 4TH AV., HARLEM.?A YOUNO liU girl as cham barm aid and waitress. mWEST S1ST ST.?A RESPECTABLE PKRSON AS chambermaid and waitress, or as chambermaid and to do fine washing; understands the doiag up of tine clothing thoroughly; best city reierence. mWEST 19Tn ST., IN THE BASEMENT.?A BE spectable young woman as chambermaid and waitress In a small private family; no objection to the country; best city ralerenoc. iirt WEST 18T1I ST.?A YOUNO GIRL AS CHAM L^tU brrmald and waitress In a private family: best city references; uo objection to the country. Can be seen lor two days. EAST l.VTH ST.-A PROTESTANT OIRL AS chambermaid or waitress; no objections to a flrst class boardiim house. 1 A A WEST <8TH ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S. A 14:4: young girl as chambermaid and waitress; three years' reference. ______________ Mr WEST 36IH ST., BETWEEN BROADWAY AND O 7th av.?As chamb?'rmaid and to do fine washing, or aa laundress alone ; best city reier. ni e: I 4(1 WEST 26TH ST., FIRST FLOOR.?A RESPECT 1^1,7 ahle youug colored girl ss chambcrniald, wltn a private family, going to Newport, R. I. 1 cn WEST ?TII ST.?A YOUNG GIRL TO DO UP 10U stairs work or housework; is willing and oblig ing; good city reierence. 1 ^7 WEST 24TH ST., THIRD FLOOR.-A RBsPF.CT 1*J I able young colored woman as chambermaid, lauudress or cook. 1 r 7 WEST MST ST.?A COMPETENT YOUNG 1?J I girl to do chamberwork and waiting or chambcr- 1 work alone; best city reference. Call for two dya "I P 7 WBST 44TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO 101 girl as chambermaid and waitress In a respect able family; very bast city referenoe. | -1 rn EAST USD HT., OVEB PBIVATB STABLH.-A 10 I respectable person as chamtx rmald and plain sewer or as chambermaid and waitress inu private fami ly ; city reierence. 0/\0 WEST 2RTII ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS chambermaid and waitress, und to assist In the care of children, and make herself generally useful; city or country : relerencc irom last place. Ctf\n FAST 26TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ZiY)O girl as chambermaid, or to take carc of chlldreu; no objectiiins to go to the ro intry . best ??ity references. one EAST 2flTH ST., BEAB HOUSE, ROOM ft.?A ZUt) respectable young girl a* chambermaid and waitress; no objection to the country ; best city rcler encs. OIC WEST 40TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN Z10 to do upstairs work and sewing, or cooking anu washing In a gentleman's flamily ; wage* not so much an object iu a couiforUiblfi hoinc. Address. OT H EAST SftTH ST.. PRESENT RESIDENCE.?A Z1 I respectable young girl as flrst class chamber maid and waitress; willing and obliging: would mako herself generally useful In all gomestlc capacities; no oh taction to Um oouotrv t Usatcltv retarancea. SITUATIONS -AVACTEI*?FKMAL.E*. Chsmbermsldi, 4ic. OO9 WEST ISTH ST., IN THE FANCY STORE.? Two respectable girl*, lately arrived, to do chamberwork or Ughl housework. Call lor two day*. 998 Bait icth st.. second fi.o<>r._a rb -jf spectsblo young girl as chambermaid or wait ress best reference 90c K A ST 59TH ST.?A YOUNG 01 HI, LATELY landed, to do chsmberwork und waiting or to Jo the homework ol a smaU family. Call ot> or address HANNAH, 900 WEST 16TH ST-A YOCNO OIRL AH ZitJO chambermaid snd waitress or chambermaid and to do washing ; city references. Oil lor two days. 9QQ BAST 41KT ST., FIRST FLOOR.?A RFSPECT JO able girl, lately landed, to do chambcrwork and waiting or general hou-owork; willing and obliging 900 EAST 41 ST ST.. BETWEEn JD AND SI> AVS.? ZiOO A respectable girl as first class chainiiennnid and waitress; uudcrstauds both thoroughly; first riaos city roierence. 941 WEST 33D ST.?A RESPECTABLE OIKL A3 ?itl ohambermaid and waitress; no objection to tbe country. 9/4 9 EA'-T SOTH ST.-A RESPKCTABLE YOU NO ?< i"?j woman as chambermai f or nurse Htid plain sewer; is uupabieof taking a baby from iu birth or wait on uti invalid lady, no objectiuu to Uie country; good city rel'orence. 9/19 BAST 30TH sr.. PIRST KLOOR-AS CHAM 4U7t w bermahi and woald assist with washing, a re spectable girl, lately landed; no objection to the coun try. Call or address. 9 A A WEST 47TI1 ST.-A NEAT AND RESPECT ijtI able girl as chambermaid and to take care of a growing child and do plain sewing; two years' reior enee. 9 A A EAST S8TH ST., CORNER SECOND AV.-A ^?ttc respectable young girl as chambermaid nnd waitress, or to doebamber work and plain sewing; best city reference. 9/4 C EAST S4TI1 ST., TOP FLOOR-A RESPECT able English girl aa chambermaid; best reier ?nee a. 9^7 EAST 31ST ST.?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN I ah chambermaid and assist In the washing and ironing, if required; good city references. Call lor two days. 9/4 Q WEST SSD ST.?A TOUNG OIRL AS CUAM bermaid and waitress, or to sew on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; city or country ; three years' refer ence. 97 ft WEST I5TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG id I U girl as chambermaid and seamstress; best city reference. 90ft 9TH AV., TOP FLOOR, FRONT.?A HIOTILY ^OU competent girl as chambermaid and waitress; best city reierence. 9QQ 5TH AV.?A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN OIRL liOO as chambermaid and waitress, ('an be seen at present employer's. Call or address REBECCA HALL. 9Q/4 4TH AV., SECOND FLOOR, BACK.?AS CHAM ?<Jib bermaid. O/U EAST 321) ST.?AS CHAMBERMAID AND TO Out mind chlldrea, good referonce. OAft KA8T 2<? ST.?A CAPABLE PERSON A8 OV/U chambermaid in a hotel, in the city or country. Call or address. Q-l ft WEST 40TI1 ST.. TOP FLOOR.?A RESPECTABLE OH' young girl as chambermaid and to assist with light washing or taae care of children. Best city refer ence. Ol A WEST 44T1I ST.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL TO OIK do upstairs work, and to assist with washing and ironing; city reterenee. Oil WEST 3?D ST.-A LADY ABOUT LEAVING O LI town for the country, wishes to procure a situa tion for her girl as chambermaid aud waitress. Ol Q EAST 37TH ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AVS. - Oi.?7 A young girl as chambermaid and waitress; has no objection to tne country lor the Summer. 099 EAST Will ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AVS.? ? ">?_/ A respectable girl as chambermaid and wait ress in a private family; willing to assist with washing and ironing; good city reference. QOQ EAST 23D ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL OOtJ as chambermaid and plain sewer or to do cham berwork aud wuitiug; three years and a half best city reference. qr-| WEST 43D ST.?A YOUNG OIltL TO DO CHAM OtJi. bervrork and waiting and to assist In washing and ironing; city or coantry 5 good references. OXO WEST 43D ST, KING FOURTH BELL.?A RE ?OOO spec-table young girl ns chambermaid and 10 assist in light waiting; private family preferred, tu city or country; good reference given. Q7 A 2D AY.?A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Oil German girl as chambermaid. QQ1 8th ST.?A YOUNG WOMAN AS CHAMBER 0?7 L maid and waitress, or to do ehnraberwork and fine washing; no objection to the country; best city ref erence. A~\ Q WEST 47TH ST.?A NEAT GERMAN GIRL AS TlO chambermaid; best recommendations. Inquire of Mrs. S1ERICH. A9Q WEST 42D ST.-A OIRL AS CHAMBERMAID rfcZi O and waitress. Call for two days. AAfi EAST 9TH ST.-A YOUNG GIRL AS CHAM TTtU bermaid and waitress or to do light housework In a small family; best city reference. Call or address tor two days. AAQ 8TH AV., IN THE STORE.-A YOUNG OIRL HO to do light chomberwork or wait on children and make herself generally useful, Inquire for two days. ,4 ftft 8TH AV., BETWEEN 33D AND 34TH STS.?A tUU young girl as chambermaid or waitress; Is willing to assist with the washing and irouing; best references from last employer. CHA WERT 28TH ST., PRIVATE RESIDENCE.?A ?JUU yonnir girl as chambermaid and waitress lu a private family ; best reference. rCQ GREENWICH ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL <)*)& as chambermaid or waitress In a private family. Cft/f 2D AV., CORNER OF 31ST ST.-A RESPECT Out able young girl as chambermaid and waitress, or would do chamberwork and take care of children; city reference. - ftQ7 3D AV.. BETWEEN 43D AND 44TH STS.-A I respectable girl as chambermaid and waitress, In a private family; willing and obliging; 110 objection to the country ; good city reference. QA9 9TII AV., FIRST KLOOR, BACK ROOM.-A Oua girl as chambermaid and plain sewer. Q/4Q 3D AV?A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO ASSIST O^rO with chamberwork and waiting and mind chil dren ; reference from last place. Q7ft 6TH AV., BETWEEN BOTH AND 5IST STS.-AS Ol U chambermaid and waitress; no objection to the country. Call lor twodays. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT widow and daughter, 12 years old, to do chamber work and plain sewing; can operate on several ma chines; understands putting, up Winter fruits; dau/litcr to assist with llghl housework and waiting, n? objection to leaving the State, country preferred. Applv at the Home ol the Friendless, 32 East 30th st Good reference. Dressmakers and Seamstresses. "I Q CORNELIA ST., WEST SIDE?A RESPECTABLE AO lady to do plain sewing by hand or machine at her home. 39 WEST 9TH ST.-MME. GRENIER DOES DRESS making in all branches; elegant walking and evening costumes are made at short notice; charges loss than other first class reliable dressmakers. No sign. 07 AND 19 BOWERY.?A YOUNG LADY. LATELY O I arrived from Oermany, permanently as a dress maker and cutter in a private family. Call on or address Mr. BRKLL. CQ 4TH AV., ENtRANCE ON 9TU ST.-A FIRST ? )0 class dressmaker will go out by the day; reference. Address DRESSMAKER. &Q R1VINGTON ST.?A RESPECTABLE GERMAN O girl as seamstress; speaks French and English; would take care of children and travel; best reference. mEABT 29TH ST.?A YOUNG OIRL AS 8EAM stress (permanent); Is a good dressmaker; ope rates on different machines. 11/1 8X11 AV~A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT 1J.T- voung girl as seamstress and to assist in the care of children, or ss seamstress and to do Hunt chamber work; understands how to operate on different sewing machines; good city reference. 19c WEST 24TH ST.-AS SEAMSTRESS AND l dressmaker by the month, will bring her own sewing machine. Address-sEAMSTRESS. 19c WEST 40TH ST.?A DRESSMaKIR WOULD LZ") like to go in the country with a resoeciablc family; can cut and lit all kinds of ladies' and children's dresses; is a thorough seamstress; lias a Wheeler A Wil son machine of her own; no objection to assist with the care of children. Call or ad tress sll the week. 1 in WB8T 2'JT11 ST.-MME. COAL. LATELY All ItU riv< d irom Europe, ss first class mantilla and dressmaker, cutter, fitter and trimmer, in all tno French sty'cs, to go out to families at $2 per day or take work home, or as cutter and Utter In a store; city reference. 1/4 r EAST 26TH ST.?AS SEAMSTRESS, BY THE lTt) day or week; can cat and fit and operate on any machine witli all the new Improvements. 91 r EAST 29TII ST., NEAR 3D AV.-AS SEAM ulO stress, to go out bj the day in ramilles; under stands all kinds of family sewing; is a flrsl class operator on Wheeler aud Wilson's machine. 9OA 6TH AV.-A COMPRTENT DRESSMAKER Auv1 would like n few more engagemenU by the dnv, or would take work home and til ladles at their resi dences, if desired ; a perfect fit guaranteed; first class ret ences. Call on or address L. 1>. QOQ EASr S"' ST.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS Ov/O seamstress and to do light chamiwrwork. Q1 K EAST 418T ST.?A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER OIu wleitoswork by the day; can operate on differ ent machines, and give the best of reference. Q9Q WEST 43D ST.?A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER J wants a lew more engagements by the day; best city reference. Call lor twodays. QQ7 WEST 40TH ST., BETWEEN HTII AMD UTH OO I avs., top floor, back room.?A middle-sued woman as family seamstress by the week! understands dress making and children's clothes; liest references. Mi 9 WEST 16TII ST.?A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH person as seamstress In a private family; will ing to assist in chamberwork and tne care of children or any light capacity.- excellent operator; good reference. Q/4Q 1ST AV.. BETWEEN 20TH AND 21 ST STS? OtO Two yuuns ladles to go out by the day or work in storo at dressmaking. 6TH AV.-A FIR-iT CLASS DRESSMAKER DE tll/4! sires a few more families by the day or week; can make shirts and all kinds of white work on Wheeler A Wilson's machine. SITUATIONS WASTED-PKMALti^ Drriinuktri *11(1 Sewm-ureaaea. r?n'7 'D *v . BETWEEN 43D AND ?TH STS., ring 0?' I second tell.?A ropec table girl as seainstresa; willing to do light clmmlcrwork or must wlili children, in a private tami'y . t uu cut aid tit children a clothes; no oujcriiou to Cie ro.intry , jtood city reference. QQfi rrn ?T? OOR.NBt s^tii st.-a girl as O ?O seamstress In h private lainilv ; Is a good o|>era tor oil Wheeler i Wii-oii's machine <iud has ;l s'oud Idea of dressmaking and all knd- ot family aewlng; has no obieetiou to nuiti with chamber* or* or to go to the country tor the Summer uiou'-ha; best city rulereucc. Call for two dtiy*. QUI .11 AV , liETWET N MM' AND 52D STS.-A O"!*1 nest competent and reliable young girl as seam stress ami to t ike cure ol children; beat reteieuoe. Call for three davs. 11/iO BROADWAY. BETWEEN 26t11 AM) 27th ,1t?' sts . one pair stair* up.?v girl as seamstress and laity's maid can drew liair, Lao a knowing* or dressmaking; best city references. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WISHES A FKW more engagements by the day; can cat and fit Indies' and children'* dresses and Jo all Kind* ol sewimi on Wheeler 4 Wlboa's machine. Address DRESS MAKER, boi 14.' Herald Uptown Branch office. A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER TO CIO Ol'T BY the day; good cutter and trimmer; none but first claAx work desired. Address DPESmMAKER, bo* 1U Herald Uptown Branch otllce. l.ilis Broadway. N AOItEEABI.K HOME FOR A YOUNG LADY AS seamstress or attendant, or would travel with a tam wages no object Address M. A. S., Brooklyn Post A lly ; v omce. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL DESIRES A permanent situation as Henmslres*; cuts and flta dresses aart does all kinds ol family sewing; has a knowl edge of huirdrc>wlng; operates on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; seven years' city reference. Address A 11 ROBINsON, box lis Herald Uptown Branch ottice, 1,264 Broadway. A FIRST CLASH SEAMSTRESS WISHES ONE OR TWO engagements h> the lay or week; Is a good dress maker; understands all kimis ol tamllv sewing - is an ex pert operator on Wheeler A Wilson's machine. Address SEAMSTRESS, box 140 llersld Uptown Branch otttco. Dress cuttino.-ladies desirino to have tlieir dresses til perfectly can be accommodated hy a first class cntter and titter at short notice, who will call at their residences and measure and At them, and take work home am! complete it when desired ; terms 30 cents per hour. Addieis UELIABLE, Heialu Uptown branch office. General Houirwork. &e. MH MOTT MT.-A RELIABLE WOMAN TO DO ZtJu tlie general housework of a gentleman's small fnuillv, to co a short distance in the country: understands cooking in all its branches. Call or address for two days 00 LEWIS ST.?A YOUNG GIRL, LATELY LANDED, ZiZi to do homework in a private family, or to take care of children, sew and make herself uscftil; good ref erence. TOO VARICK ST., BETWEEN SPRING AND DOM 1-iO lulck.?To do general housework; good city relerence. 1 rc* WEST 28TH ST.?TWO YOUNG OIRI-S, TO GO If )0 together, to do the work of a small family; ex cellent city references. . 1 r Q WEST 18TH ST., REAR.?A RESPECTABLE lOO rlrl to do general housework in a small private family: best city reference. OO I WEST 16TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl to do general housework In a small lamily; good city reference. Call for two day. OOC EAST MTH ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL WITH ZiOO a private family, to do general housework; is willing and obliging; good city reference. OIH' EAST 44TII ST.?A respectable YOUNG ^OO girl, lately landed, to do general housework in a small family; is willing and obliging. Can be seen for two days. __ Q4A EAST 47TH ST., TOP FLOOR?A YOUNG GIRL, lately landed, to do general housework in a small private family; is n good washer and ironer; has lived in places at home ; no objections to go a short dist ance la the country. oA *J EAST R1ST ST.?A YOUNO AMERICAN GIRL to assist with housework or take cure of chil dren. OAT EAST 32D ST.?A RESPECTABLE PROTES OU 4 taut girl, iu^ arrived, to do general housework in a private family; very willing and obliging. K EAST 5-JTH ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS OJ.O general house worker In a small private family; best city references Q1 Q EAST MTH ST.. REAR HOUSE, FIRST FLOOR. - Olu A young Swedish girl to do general houaework In a small American tnmily; wages flft a month. ?|im 4TI1 AV.?A GIKL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE OoU work; no objections to the country. QAR EAST 13TII ST.. TOP FLOOR.?A RESPECTA O^to ble Protestant girl to do general housework in a small family; good washer and iruiicr, cltv preferred. _ QA ft EAST I7TH ST.?A YOUNO GIRL, LATELY Orr I landed, t? do general housework; is a good plain cook aud good washer and iroucr; no objection to the country; Is not afraid of work. Q 4 o east SftTH ST., SECOND FLOOR. BACK Otc?/ room.?A competent girl to do housework; city reference. or-l WEST S9TH ST.?A RESPEtrTABLF. GIRL TO 0')1 do housework; no objections to chambermaid or waitress. 0/?0 1ST AV., BETWEEN 1'1 ST AND 22D STS., OOt7 third floor, ftonf.?A young girl, aged 17, to do light housework ; will aaslst In the care ol children; no objection to the country; best dry reference. QQO 8TH ST., BETWEEN A VS. U AND D, SECOND DOt/ floor.?A respectable girl to do housework in a private lamily, where sho can have a good home ; city reference. EAST 4STH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl to do general housework In a small private family ; best city relerence. 400 A nC EAST 23D ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL rHIO lately landed, t* go into the country to do gen eral housework. 4~ OA WEST MTH ST., BETWEEN 9TM AND 10TH ZU avs., second floor, front-To uo general house work, in a unvate family. Good city reference; ^?11 WEST 18TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG T"Ol girl to do general houaswork; willing and obliging; best city reference. 43 il- WEST 4?TH ST., THIRD FLOOR.-A GIRL TO ?) do housework in a small private family^ 439 A >)Q WEST 42D ST., FIRST FLOOR, BACK.?TO DO 4-00 general housework in a private family; city reference. WEST 1STH ST.?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework; best reference. _ 4 I r WEST 4UTH ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Tr't*) girl to do general housework iii a small private family. - ii-.l 9TII AV., BETWEEN .%TH AND :I7TH STS.?A 4: i O respectable girl to do general hoa?ework; best city reference. \n~ 6TH AV., NEAR ifllTH ST.-A GOOD AND 4: ( ?) obliging girl to do general housework; no ohiec tioti to go a short distance in the country. Call lor two days. rm WEST USD ST.?A YOUNO GIRL, LATELY *)U1 lunded, to do general honsework In a sniall pri vate family or take care of children; la a good plain sewer. # _ <1 4 0 SI) AV., BETWKEN ?ril AND 4/TII STS., TOP I 'x>J floor.?A young girl, lately lauded, to do general housework In a small private family. 7-(i 7TH AV.?A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN TO DO I I ?7 general houacwork In a tmail inniily ; city rel erence. .? 21) AV., NEAR 48D ST.-A VolM! (.IRL TO Do ? light hr?U9**work; no objection to ininrt cniiqfll* 812 OIO 1ST AV.-A GIRI., LATELY I ANDF.D, TO DO OlO general housework for :i small lanulv. 8?>0 9TH AV.. BBTWBUN 5ITII AND ,'ITH STS - jO A young woman, lately landed, to do general housework. Call for two days. 3D AV.?A YOUNG GIRL, LATELY ?,ANDED, Oo?) to do general housework in a private lauiily; Is willing atwl obliging. OQ 4 6TH AV., SECOND FLOOR, BACK ROOM.? Oo4: A respectable young woman to do general housework; no objection to going to the country tor few months; is willing and obliging, f'nn !?? seen tor two day* 1 Ol A 3D AV.. CORNER 70TII ST , FIRST If? J .1* IV/ A respectable young girl troni Denmark to do Kenerul housework in a small private family; is a good washer and Ironer. T tH)0 3D AV., BETWEEN 70T5I AND 71ST S:S., ] first lloor. back room.?A respectable joung girl lor general housework or chainbcrwork and waii Ing; has good city relerence. _ -I I 31) AV.?A RliSPEOTABLE GIRL TO DO 1.?' I general hou?e work in a small family. 1 OOO 3D AV., BETWEEN 76TH AND 77TH STS.-A I ,?)?)?/ young girl to do general houacwork; U willing and obliging. H?u?ekeeners.? iVr. 4 BOND ST., ROOM 9, TOP FLOOR.-A YOUNG lady as housekeeper. 1(1 JANE ST. NEAR 8TII AV.-A VKItV RESPECTA JV/ hie young woman as working housekeeper In a small plain family; good reference. _ AMITV ST , FRONT BASEMENT?A YOUNO ( ?) mdy as houaekeeper In a widower's family. So HENRY ST.-A MIDDLE-AGED WIDOW TO TAKE Zi charge of a house In a gentleman's fanillv. Call on ?r address HOUSEKEEPER. -|/>/\ WEST MTU ST.?AN AMERICAN LADY AS lUU hous?'keeper In a hotel or any position ot trust; city or country. Address lloUsEki'.EPEK. WEST 10TH HT.?AN AMERICAN LADY AS _ iMinsckeepcr In a widower's family. Call tor one day. OIK WEST 40TII ST.?A WIDOW LADY WISHES ?ilt) to take charge of a gentleman's house during the Suinitier, or as housekeeper In a nice, quiet home; best city reference. Address. 7)7)') EAST HOUSTON ST., REAR, ROOM 3.-A ZuL'f well educated German person as housekeeper In a hotel or private family; Is willing to make herself use Kil in any position of trust; la a good plala cook in a small tamllv; speaks English and French ; no objection to tne country. Call or address for three day. ?)1f? 10TH AV,, BETWEEN 2STII AND ?TH STS , IN OL') store.?A settled German woman as housekeeper for a widower, or as cook lu a small family ; no objection to the country. 190 382 well eilucated' young foreign lady as house keeper; best references. QOC "Til AV., IN THE BAKERY.?A RESPECT 01/O able middle aged woman. In a widower's or gen . MMiui*. aa bn?MKeaoei; if alao a good coua. ~JilTl'*TI?>1*9 WAirTED-PT.ffA ?,K<, IIoum iter per*. tKe. 440 E*RT 16TU ST.-A RKflPEOTABLB TOUNG , J.u widow woman, a Protccaiit, as housekeeper lor ..I7?? r,?r M "n"u Private family, or woul.l make her o?i n! ? iT*J * ?,c,ul; "? ?Meoilon to tl)? oountr/. Call on or ?.lJ.fsjj, iur lWu days, Mrs. It. 8. 1 091 AV I ?KTWBKN S7TH AND MTII 8TA, hounkeai?r *!?. ~An ?*P*rienc?><1 young lady u ouircd ? ? o!'-l.,"ctJ"n lo travelling; re:erence re | Hilyi Cll> fererenca given. Call tor two A i?r".V ?A.i',OI'SKKE,;i'K,l-rnl''DR!'N PRE ZX lerieJ. BPnti.mnn.-. .. rou?_ Branch (\ , OWMKEPBR?CHILDREN trv. AJdrau rwSmJ1*?? ?ll"wt,r; city or coun oifice. * ll<ra'd Uptown i A keener tc^an'fui.. iA KITi'ATION AH HOUSE 9? tdEUXXPOsJcax?""" A 2S5SJ2S~*. .SSoJfft Hummer as houaekeeper; preicrs * hnrei- ..IT., thf management of aervauta au.l Ml ni.oerUlmnB^o i ?7i BaVtkr ;"J,Uv,ted ,a',v Addresa i.JtU HrortVway Herald L'ptowu Branch olflce, A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT AMERI0A(T17aDV aa housekeeper In a first class hotel in or out of the f&SvwnJF' p*riiouiftrs A WIDOW LADY DESIRE8 A SITUATION AS housekeeper In a widower's familyj nn eldcriv kteiittoum11 prelerred; no triflera need answer. Addieu MA. M. ft., Herald Uptown Hruncli often. A MIDDLE AGED WIDOW, WITH A OIMI.D A ROOT r ?* ''ur* old, would like a situation an housekeeper In a/*aperlahle family; wagea not so much ol an object OrandM Addrcst Mr*. JONES, station B, ** f'AUY- AO K.I) 28, DESIRES A P?*tlon a* housekeeper to n mlddle-ajfed gentleman, or oompanlon toa lady: good dressmaker and lady's Herald 111. JecUon tu til0 country. Address HOPE, Vir ANTED-BV A COMPETENT LADY, A SITUATION mil - as l>0U1!#e*cepcrl companion or matron; tirstalaiis "emSngtonflTj re<lulrRd- Address Mrs. J. U. L., tanndrcMea. Ac, 1 f> THOMPSON ST., IN THE REAR.?A RESPECTa ?^.._ .w.omai) Olood washer and Ironer) wishes en J55jS5??fin Private f?miUe? or to take work to her awn wwhby1 fheHasSyT'"A W?MAN T? 00 ODT T0 51 99 j^sa^ss^ssss 1()Q 'J" AV.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHED 111 y?h7Bg"TCtll8fortwod^SMf-TO Uu FINE 11 Q WEST 46TH ST., TOP FLOOB.-A RESPECT* 1JO ble woman wishes family or genMemen'a wash" Ing at her own home ; Is a Orst class lauudrea*. 114 beieTrir!woda^ref,reaC0 'rom <="'P'oyer.S Can 1 99 WEST 2?Tn ST.-A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS ?i i understands all kinds of fine washing, ironing and Muting; would like a ulce family's washing ut ncr own home; reference from the first of families. 1 90 WEST 1!?TH ST., FIRST T'LOOR.?-A RESPECT t.irY- 8, woni*" to RO out to wash by the day, or w K''n,loiiien's washing at hor own house. -IO4WEST ?TU STA~GIRLaS FIRST CLA^SS k k 'ttl}iidress; understands her business in all Its branches; I,est city relereuces. " *" ,M mWEST 3SD ST. ROOM 9.-A RKSPe7vTa7iLE colored wnmun to do familim or gcntlctucn's warning, or to no out by the day or week. * 1'JQ WEST MTU . ST.-A8 CHAMBERMAID AND ? ,0.ll',' fl,,? Globing, hy a Protestant voting wo uian; first class city retorence. Call for two days. 141 EAST IJTH ST BETWEEN SdTnd"*^^" T ' i.rci!'~ ,n English Protestant young woman as first class laundress, to go out by the day to wash and lfoo. Of house .-leaning, tlood reference. 1 F\Fk W!E,^T 2,<5T ST.. REAR HOUSE, THIRD FLOOR. ''A Protestant woman w?nt? gentlemen's and la davs K or W0U,J B? out by the day. Call for two 909 KASf ,,7Tli ST.-A RESPECTABLE TOITNO cnce Wu,nan as 1"t class laundress; bost city refer 90 ^ K^'?T "T,H 8T?A KIRHT CI-AS8 LAUNDRESS ^?^wUhe!?fe.rr of gentlemen's washing, or would go out by the day; beat city references. 91 9 WE8T 19TH ST., SECOND FLOOB.-A RE apeetable young woman to go out by the dav. week or month, to wash, iron and do hottscclcaning ? best reierencea. ' 91 ft WKST 2911,1 ST.,FRONT HOUSE, BACK BIASE ALU ment.-A respectable colored woman to do gen tlemen's or taiuily washiug; satlsiaction given. Mrs. THOMPSON. 990 WEST 38TI1 ST., FOURTn FLOOR, BACK 1 r?oin ?A respectable girl as laundress; no ob jection to go a short distance in the country; city refer ence. Call lor two daya. 9^4 KASTMTH ST., BETWEEN 2D AND mTaV8.~ third floor, back room.?A respectable woman U> do a gentleman's or tamlly's washiug and fluting. OA a WEST .HSTII ST., IN THE REAR.-A KE8PBC . T,> , table German woman wishes gentlatnen'a or lamllles' washing to do atelier own home; city reference. 9UQ EAST 20TII ST., CORNER 2D AV.-A FIRST rT? l*un<lre!w ??"ta washing at her home. Call all the week. OOK EAST 32D ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ?.??>?/ wishes a lew ladies' and gentlemen's washing, or to go out i.y the day. qj.1 WEST .VTll ST.. THIRD FLOOR, BAf'K^ *'T?- A respectabl# young woman desires gentlemen's washing by week or month; plain clothes, 7flc. per dozen ? Mining extra. Call all week. JQf: 3D AV.-A PROTESTANT GIRL AS LAIIN tO'J dress In a private lamily; no objection to tba country; best city reference. ft9Q ?TH AV.?AS LAUNDRESS; THOROUGHLY y^? ?.11 branches, with Uie best references for capabilities. Call or address. ?97 WEST 4fiTII ST. ?WASHING AND IRONING, U~j I puffing a ad flutlug neatly done, or gentlemen'* washing done up in style; would do any kind. Call on or address Mrr. RORKK. \ arses. <Vc. 1 PARK PLACE.-A FRENCH GIRL, SPEAKS EVO A lish. highly recommended, to take care ot children. Call today aud tomorrow on s. EDuY. 1 EAST wril ST.?A GERMAN GIRL AS Nl'RSI OK L lady's malt) In a family going to Euroco. Call at present employer's. Q NORTH WASHINGTON SQL'ARE.?A RKPeTt! tr able woman as nurse to youn,' children; best''ity reterence. 1 10 WEST 41TH ST.. BETWEEN 5TII AND CTH ly av?.?A respectable young woman as nurs* in a private tumilv ; uo objcctim to the country ; boat cltv reference Call lor two days. 1?? EAST 44TH ST.?A COMPETENT W?)MAN AS J?? nurse; thoroughly experienced In the care or young children , finiy capable ot taking entire churu ot an uitaut; many years' city reiereuaea. Q1 CHARLES ST.-A RESP;.CT\BLR TOU.NO Olitl. GI to mini children and make herself useful; wa*.s no object. Call for two days. AX EAST 41ST ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S?A TtU young girl as nurso or to take oare of children ami do plain sewing or aasist with chamburwork; country preferred. r,l WEST 14TH ST.?A LADY WISHES TO PRO cure a sifuntlon tor n Protestant woman as nurse: she is tully competent to tako the entire charge of ?n lntant from its birth; long experience in nursing; can be I highly recommended, and the besi,c!ty reference; no ob jection to go to the country. Call lor two daya. fi 9 WEST I9TH ST.-A COMPETENT AND It I; 1.77 ' \j?i ble Protestant as nurse ; can take tbc entire chargo | ot an infant; good sower; go in the couutrv ? I bestcitv relerence. Call tor two daya. * ' ! f.Q WEST 45TH ST.?A RRSPRCtARZil OIRL TO ' \H> take cure of children and sew, or to do llgnt cham berwork and sew ; no objection to the country for th? Suniiii'r. t all, lor two <lajat present employer's, in in II to3 o'clock. ' (U? ST. MARK'S PLACE, 8TH ST.-A GERMAN W1D ?.'*/ ow lady as lady's nurs^, hy the day or week beat rciereuce. t all on or address Mrs. D. .ST<? .K. If 1(1 WEST M II sr., REAR HOUSR.?A PROTES. III tJ tantyniiiig troiiirtu a.s thorotigli infant's nurse; is 1 capable n ?. k : g entire charge and ol brfnalug it ;ii> by the bottle w.ig. .1 no obicc; 11 scttUd in a good taiuily. no ob ectlou to tin) country ; excellent city reference. 190 WE.s. -41II ST., HELL IA?A MIDDDE-ACED A?<?* Woman, who is art experienced and einclcnt sick nurse, wishes oinploymcnt; ?.tily reference as to ca pacity and integrity. Can or address. 1 ?\r. west 27r 11 sr.?a behi'kctable protm Atant girl as nurse and tdaln sewer, or to take mil charge ot n habv; no objection to the country; best of rel erenoe. Call lor two days. I ^7 WEST ,W> ST.-A YOUNG WOMAN AS COMPfc Ai.' I tent nurse and seamstress; has no objection to go to the country with a family returning in the Fall, Is will ing and obliging; baa ten years' city reference from her ' last piacc. 1,-Q WEST S4TH ST.?A COMPETENT HICK NURSE; 'tO can bo recommended by first class families aud medical gentlemen; would not object to take charge of an iniant or an invalid. 179 CHRT8TIK ST., BfcTWRRN RIVINGTON AND II A Delnncey, top floor, front room.-A l-'rench girl as nume for growing chlldreu or a baby, In a private family; is willing and obliging; good city reference. Call for one day. 1^i.> 7111 AV, Nl AH 2I-.T ST.?AS COMPRTENT IO? nurse; is thoroughly capable of taking charge ?.f a baby from its birth; uo objection to go to the couutry five years' city reference. Qfll BART am ST , FIRST FLOOR, FRONT ?A ^i'fL respectable colored girl aa nurse with a lady boarding. Gail all the week. 7 9(l'> WMt 27T1I ST., ROOM 8.?A PRffTRSTANT woman to take charge of an Infant Irom Its birth; la Wining to tuako noraelf obliging; city refer enccs. * 904 ?AST '3TH ST.. BETWEEN tD AND SD AVS. ''** A resfec atde girl, lately lapdod, to take care of a chll.l and a-si*. Midi > hnmberwork. 911 west arrn st.-a young girl to take ^tl care ot ehildren and do plain sewing, 0r would do cUaborwork 1 Qrat cla*> cltv WIUraiM*. SITU/VTTOVS \V\ ft-PK!MAIjKH. knnti. **? 9T7 FAST 2STR ST-A I'RL TEW* NT WOJIAN AH Zj I I nurse . i* ?viilit?ir to take <>f a bihy frorn lu birlh ; ha* lived )0- w veml yea* head nuis-; im o''edlon to go to the conniiy lor best city reference. OOl WEST I8TII ST.?A WUIOwTaIIv1'. ?? INTEL muI licence, a* uurse -nj companion U' ?" ""valid Imly; inexperienced in sicklies*- or w,11 tak? charge >4 b .unt'keepiiig : is kliiil ami pa.ieuU Address hr tor tws days, Mlsa U. K K. O'JK WEST 27TH bT., ROOM ? -A YOUNO SCOTCH LkOO girl mi inn m; and 10 Uo chuiiilierwork. OOQ WEST 33D ST.?AH EXPhKIEKCED l.AUM wO?/ dress solicits gentlemen's washing; inexpert at linen* anil reliable, prompt and trustworthy. <)A(\ WEST I6TH ST.. IN TH8 UAKhKY?A RE W sped able Protestant girl aa nurse ami to do plais sewing or light cliauiberwork ; u > objection 10 go a di?r? dl.-tauce In the country; good city reference from last place, where ahe ha? lived three years Q/;lt WEST 1STII hT?A respectable PBOTKB ZUU taut girl a* nurse and seamstress; no objectloa to the ooiw.try; good reference from laat emptor or lllTn AV., BETWEEN Z7TII AND WTH HTH Aa wet nurse. City ro.erence. QH7 7TH AV., REAK. TWO FLIGHTS UP.? Oil I A young girl to take taro of children aid ds plain sewing. east 32D ST.?A RESPECTABLE KNOLISB girl us nurse and chambermaid; good city refer 304 312 Ol r east 31.' ST.?A BRIOHr, INTELLIGENT oiel. ? ?1? ) lately luniU',1, o-s child's nurse; would make hur ?oll generally uetul. OOC west 431) hT.. HEIWKKN HIU AND 8TK u?U ava,?A strong young Kirl, without any relations, aa or chambermaid; country preferred. OOl east 321) HT.?A RESPECTABLE YOHNO OOL Protestani woman a* nurse; can tako entlrs charge of u baliy ; bent reference 009 fiTII AV.-A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Oou woman tit uurse; capable of taking charge of an inlaiit from its birth ; would go it short distance in tils country ; best city reference. OOQ east MTU ST., SECOND KLOOK.-A UKSPECT OOO able young girl to take e*i? of one or tws children in a private family In the country. Oil west 8jth ST. BETWEEN IUTII AND i1tk O'rl ava., top floor, back room.?An experience# nurse to tuko charge ot a baby (torn ita birth or of a growing child. 04Q WEST 26tii ST., SECOND floor, FRONT.? 0 tO A Protestant young woman as nurse and to make herself generally useful, oraa nurse and scam.stross. 071 1ST AV.-A YoliNO WOMAN. WITII A FRESH Oil brcaat of milk, to go out aa wet nurse. 1 nn 7X11 AV-~K TOCNO QfRL (is YEAE-i OP AOFJ TWU to take care of children In a private family. Cat for two days. 421 439 EAST 14TH ST.?A RRSI'ECTAULE GIRL, 14 year* of age, to mind children. WEST 13TU 8T.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN aa wet uume; beat reference. Mrs. MONAHAN. /I Oft 61'H AV.. ROOM 13.?AN AMEKICAN GIRL, TtMJ aged 17, to uilnd children and assist with the cliauiberwork. A Q7 BROOME ST., CORNER SOUTH STH AV.?AN X'/ I experienced Scotch woman as nur*e: can take entire charge ot u i>a'>v, or wou d take entire chnrge *f an invalid; no objection to travel; best city reference. 1 1 WEaT i3D ST.. ROOM 3, FRONT.-A RESPBCT o LI able youug woiuau aa nurse mid charabermald or nurse anil to do plain acwuig; would prefer to sleep at home; good reference. CIO STH AV., PRE8ENT EMPLOYER'S,?A PROT ulij estant woman as nurse and aeanistros.-'. or t* wait on a lady and aew; hua her own machine, Whoeler and Wllaon's. COQ BROOME ST.?AS NURSE TO AN INVALID, OOV by a competent utul pleasant person. Call oa or address Mrs. H. N. 3D AV., IN THE FANCY STOKE.-AS NUK8H DUi by an English Protestant woman, thoroughly experienced with children aud in mauairement of ? nursery; fully competent to take entire charge of an ltv lant troin birui und to bring it up on the bottle; hlgheat testimonials aa to character and capability from her em ployers, where ahe has lived lor a number ot years. (im JD AV.?A RESPECTABLE YOCNQ MARRIED OU I woman would take a baby to bring up on Ui* bottle or a little child to board; would glva ihem Um> beat care. Call lor two days. AQ9 SD AV - BETWEEN 43D AND 44TH ST8.,riBaT I) UtJ bell.?A most competent person as nurse; is capa ble of taking charge of a delicate lufant or one from its birth; will also make arraugnmonts to go to the country} gool reference. Call or address. m fi SD AV., BETWEEN ?M'H AND OATH 8T8.?A ?1U competent and obliging nurse; can bring upa bntiy from birth by hand and do plain sewing; vary beat city reterenco from different employers. Ifiro 3D AV.?A RESPKCTABLR OIKL TO TAEB care of children and help to do housework; Uto years' city reference. IHUl 2n AV., BETWEEN 57TH AND 3HTII STB, ,W>u third bell ?As experienced nurse and seam atresa; good city reference. ICQ Ci 30 AV- IN TUE TEA STORE.?AN BX .tJrJU perlenced nurae would go abroad tor tha Summer; would aaaist with sewing; heat city reference. Call Ull suited. A respectable GERMAN OIRL TO TAKE CARS of growing up children, or aa seamstress and to as sist in chamberwork; city redrence. Addreaa E. B.? Herald Uptown Brauch office. A LADY, WHO HAS HAD EXPERIENCE IN NUR8 ing the sick, wishes a situation aa such; can furnish unexceptionable references. Address M. It., box 1M Herald ottice. SITUATION WANTED-nY AN AMERICAN WOMAN a' nurse or nurK* and cliainbermittd ; best reference us to capability and character. Addreaa Mrs. M. JACK SON, brooklyn Post ofUce. tor two day*. Waltrtsse?, ?Mc. WERT STTH ST.-A VOIINO EMOLIRB OIRL Aft ?)"' waltresK. chnmliermai't or parlor girl In a private lamllv. Can be seen till Wednesday evening. inU WEST I5TH ST REAR.?AN experienced J'M wiuires", or would do chamber work; la willing and obliging; best city reference. ~ WEST 33D ST.?A YOUNO WOMAN AS FIRBT U class waitress in city or country. mWBBT fOTH ST., FIRST FLOOR?A YOUNO girl as first class waitress; has no objection to assist with chamberwork; best city reference from iaat place. mWEST 1BTH 8T.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL AB waitress Inn private family ; willing aud obllg Ing; will /o to the country durlns Summer; best cltr references froui last employer. I OQ WEST i'lTll HT, BETWEEN 6TH AND 7TH JOil avs.?A first class waitress; three years' city reference from last pla' e; no objection to the country lor the summer. Cau be seen this day only. -1/4 Q WEST 29TH ST.?A respectable YOIJNO 1 rO girl ua waitress in a respectable family; best city reference. 2?>Q 7TB AV., BETWEEN 2SD AND 24TH STft, ? china siorr.?A Protestant youn^ aa waitress 111 a small private family: city reference. 11 QQQ ?ni AV., BK1WEEV 24TH AND I5TH STF., HT ?>?"?> the hairdresser's.?A resectable gn I as cm*? tent waitress in a private family; no o lect'on 'o tte OOMtry for the Summer months; good cuy reicrencea TZjn STH AV , BETWEEN 27TII AND S'H ST8 ? A tOW coinpi'tent person as first cluss waitr -sa; ne ob jection lo a short distance lu the country; best city refer ?nee. AG A 7TH AV?AN AMERICAN WOMAN, WnO tut thoroughly understands her bosiuej", as wait ress; good refcruncc. Call or address. Ring third beU. niucilaaroM 7 WEST 2HTH ST.?AN ENGLISH protectant woman to wait on a lady anil do sewing ; uo objec tions to the country. Call for two days at ner present place. <?/? WEST auTII ST. -A F.'ENCH LADY'S MAID, accustomed to travel, would like to find a family going to Europe ; would have no obiectlon to taking cars of children ; best city references. Call for two days. Q 1 OECHAED ST.?A RKSPKCTAHLE OBEX AX ? / T girl, speaking only very little English ; Is a perfect hairdresser und seamstress; vllllng to do chamlierworR; citr or country. Address KLOHM. 1 t>7 SOOTH STH AV.-A RESPECTAHLK OERMAX I ? I person, who speaks English well, as ladies' maid. "irw? WEST 43 D ST.-A YOUNO OEKMAN OIRL l't?) as ladies' rim id; is 11 :;ood seamstress and em work a sewing machine, tinders'ands dr'-srinaking, beat city references, liull after 10 o'clock A. M. ICC FAST MI) ST A YOUNO OI'tL. WHO I* I* )i> willing find ohligl ig, wl 'hes a situation in a prl vnto family: bnstcliy reference from her last employer. "I/'O EAST 1HT ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT.-A OIRL 11) O <1H years old) as lady's maid or to mind children: no objection to the country; is willing and obUgtng. Call or address. mSPRIN'O ST.. IN THE 8TORE.?A RESPEOTA ble woman to take charge ot a gentleman's botv* during the Summer months: best reference. 208 WEST 32H ST.?A respectable OIRL lady's maid and seamstress; bea^refercnce. 91Q WEST I9TH ST., THIRD FLOOR.?AN ACCOH Jj IO plished young French la<ly as nursery governean or to attend a lady ; can sew every kind of work and make herself generally useful; city reft-rence. Addreaa or call, from 9 to 11 o'clock. Mrs. SOPHIE. WK.iT #vni ST.?A COLORED OIRL, WITH tieat reference, as lady's maid or child's nurse v with a family going to Kichtleld Springs preferred. Call, for two days, on J ACKsoN. QO,[ EAST ZJTII ST.. BETWEEN 1ST AND 3D AVE?. 0'?^ A respectable Protestant young woman wishes to travel with a family <olng to California or Europe to take care of children cau come well recommended. O 4 y) EAST T-'ll ST -A kkspkctable MARRIED ?>TU woman wialies to take chavge ot a gcwlrman'a house during the *uturner; the most satisfactory refer ence will Ik) given. Apply to A. i?. qco west aarn ?t.?an experienced oov. O'lO erneas; teaohes English and French thoroughly, rudiments of music, Latin and Itatiani understands trutnlng children thoroughly; also sewing well; is obliging generally ; good American reference. STH AV.-A OKEMAN AS EXPERlKHCED lartr'a maid la a good family: beat city refer ence. Can bs seen at her present employer's. WEST axiH ST.?A YOCNO OIEL TO WAIT on a Udj/goUig to travel or mlu4 a b?t>T IM Aa oUiasswuu. - 507 546

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