Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1873 Page 2
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CITY REAIi F.STATR TOB MLR. Central. ATTENTION.-NICE BROWN STONE HOOHF, NEAR Islington avenue, $14,000; another, (13,1X10: elegant Mock on iiran.1 l ou evanl, ImjIow Ninetieth street with first clans Mansion must tie aold Immediately. LIONEL nr?i cias- mansion; musi im ~>m immtui.,,., FRoEll L1CII, i hijil avenue, corner Kilty -evetith ?t For sale?no. 25 east skventy fourth street, between Fifth and Madison avenue*, a supe rior Italicized new br..wn stone iront house. 2dxt)0x IU2. rrloe $i'k'),0uu , tw o-tlnrila can remain on bond anil mort gage GKOItOK HoWES, 117 Wall street Ir?OR SALK?BY ORDER uF KXKCUTORf, TUK SU. perlor house 65 Fast Ninth street, the sccond lionsi) west ot l>roa Iway ; wil; be, solJ cheap to settle the es'ate. TAVl/OK A STEARNS, No. 1% Pine street For sale-a handsomk brown stone front House on Fifth avenue. In Harlem ; price $22,50", or will be given as part payment lor a strictly llrst class House located between lliticth and SeveuUotf. streets aad MsdiM.n and fixih avenues ALBERT BELL, 68 Liberty street_ FOR HALE?AT A SACRIFICE, HETWEKN HKIH and Sixth avenues, on Thirty-ninth street, a lour story high stoop brown stone tront House; in splendid order throughout; all modern improvements; price $tt.0M>. Imjuire at JAS. K. EDWARli.v, ?? West Twenty ihird street TWO TERY LA ROE FINK STORKS ON BROADWAY between Curt* -fourth snd Forty-fifth streets; size one *1x9/, and one 21 xrti, favorable terms to rosoon-iblc'inir. ties. LOUl.s A. DiCUNIlA, 172 West Forty-jifth i ?ible par street East Mtlr. A REAL B ARG AIN?223 EAST FORTY-EIGHTH ST., lour storv high stoop blown stone, painted, Al; new carpels; price $14.5u0-. easy terms. Apply to FOll DKNRUCH A iWu lliird avenue, bank. A fill BOH ON STANTON 8TREET FOR SALE? OrixMO leet, near Chrystla atreot Apply to H. H. LUDLOW A CO.. No. 3 I'inu street A GREAT BAROAIN?PAYING I'F.R CENT ON Investment?Four story brick House and Lot, bast Thirty-second street; $7,500; very easy terms. nokris ii. BaKK, 72 West riilrty-iourth street. ItOR SALE?CHOICE LOTS ON T1IIRI). LEXINGTON, Madison and Filth avenues. Including the corner* and Inside lots. Apply to the owners, A A u. BRANDON, 36 Chambers street. FOR SALE?FIRST CLASS foitr story brown stone llou^e, on .second avenue, lielwccn Fifty eighth and Fiity-nintli streets; easily turned into a store; ?It;SOU; cash ?S.WM. ,1. HYATT. 4-'9 West Sixteenth si. Third avenue.?first class house, floors In flats, rented lor ?OW; will bring more ; price, $40,5<i. Particulars ol HOWELL A UUhtiT, Ml Third avenue. West Side. ABULKHEAD AND WATER RIGHT. WITH ONB hall block, 400*81.6, for sale or to lease (or a term of year*; running from Thirteenth avenue to West street E. L. A B. r. BUKNHAM, any Hudson street. New York. N EW YORK CITY.?THE CHEAPEST LOTS ON Manhattan Island; omy $700 per lot tor about 26 lots; a small amount ot cash will buy them. POTTER BROTHERS. Nos. 4juid 6 Warren street_ SIX LOTS, HOUSE AND BARN, ON WASHINGTON Heights, worth $45,000. to exchange for a Country Place. 8 COCKCItOI'T, No. 5 Pine street, room 11. Three story brick. 18x40*6b, with improve mcnts, wen side, below Fitly-third street; healthy, pleasant location; $fi.5U0, terms easy. Also live story brick Tenement House. 25x55x141; two stores, 46 rooms. TKEaDVVELL, tU5 West Fitly-second street Miscellaneous. A GREAT BARGAIN ON TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? A large lour story high stoop House. 18 rooms, for ?ale, al $22,000. .1 AM KB R. EDWARD'*, 277 West Twenty-third street HIGH .., good ot cash; A POSITIVE SACRIFICE-BROWN STONE stoop, well locateil, below Thirtv-flrst street neighborhood, tront and rear; small umount ol balnnco can remain ; price $16,800. B. FLAN/.OAN, Fourth avenue and Twenty-eighth st.l BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR SALE AKI) TO LET. JJERALD BRANCH OFFICE?BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONO ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON 8UNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT, NO. 7 FRONT STREET. BROOKLYN. For sale?on Brooklyn heights, the two story and high attic well built brick House and Lot 25x100. No. Iu6 Willow street three minutes' walk of Wall street ferry: possession at once; one-half the purchase money can rema n on bond and mortgage. Apply to J. K. K ALLEY, 215 Montague street. I" -UJR SALE OR TO LET-HOUSE 443 MARCY AVE nue. near Delialb, Brooklyn. Apply at 296 Sixth avenue, New York city. Real estate in greenwood.?a lot in, No. 12,143, ot loo superficial lest, section 36, on Sylvan avenue, with railing, line cypress, Ac. Ap ply to Mr I UDLOW, No. 3 Pine street WILLOUUllBY STliEET, CLOSK TO CITY HALL, handsome three story Brick House, eleven rooms, all improvctu nts; price #6,200. W. P. OooK. 215 Washington street, Brooklyn. WESTdlESTEIl COUNTY PROPERTY FOR KALE AND TO RENT. A SPECIALTY, WESTCHESTER IR>HEHT\ ? Properties to suit every ODe, from hundreds of acres ?n ingle lots; we have a branch office In Westchester, at Fordhatn, lor the convenience of buyers desiring to be shown the most desirable locations for investment or speculation; as the prices are rapidly advancing, pur cfiaser- should not delay In making their selections. POTTER BROTHERS, No*. 4 and 6 Warren street and lordham. A NICK PLACE IN WESTCHESTER "COUNTY?30 J\ minutes from Forty-second street, to exchange for Dew flrsi claw furniture. Apply 10 ii. R. DREW A CO., No. 3 West Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. A DELIGHTFUL RE-OUT FOR THE SUMMER?ON Fortlham Heights; 2>? acres; overlooks the Pali sades; iresh Mg lablcs on the place; family Lrivule. Re.erstoo tt Johnson. Ill East Twelfth street. A FURNISHED HOUSE AT YON KERB TO RENT for the Summer? Doub'e house ; ga.-. hath, mod. rn conveniei c ?? throughout; ample gro rd<; tine river view, tl\ e ininub a 1 r... I o it or cars; $1:5 ter month W. r. W h.LLMAN, 471 Broadwa . New York. "LXIR SALi?COUNTRY VILLA AND VILLA SUES, I ironting on the Sound at East Chester Bay. The buildings arc new, having been erected during the past season, are conveniently arranged and handsome in de Sign .the location is unsurpassed for health fulness and reality ol surrounding scenerv, while affording ample opportunities for boating, sailing. Ashing and bathing. The land has been laid out in park style, and will only be deeded to such as w ill engage not to erect nuisances or obstructions. The prices are moderate and terms easy, so as to enable a famllv of moderate means to enloy a de lightful home within 4-a"y distance or the city. The new Fort Chester Railroad will have a s'ation within tllte'-n ininntes of the prooertv. Plans and views can be seen at the office of P. LoklLl.ARI. A CO., Nos. 16 and 18 Cham bers street, where lull Information will be obtained. TO REM FURNIHHKD (LOWER WESTCHESTER countv, near Boulevard an I Sound*?A deliifbtlullv situated Residence, with stable, coachhouse and garden already planted; 30 minutes' beautiful drive lo the city (through Park), also iidiar* nt to Harlem steamboats"; price $150 per month. Audress R. M. u,, box i?18 Post office. JERHEY CITY, IIOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AM? BERGK.V REAL ESTATE. For Sale. FOR SALE?EIGHTEEN YEARS* LEASE OF AIR A RE Water I-rout of .WI feet, six acres of land, with I'ac tores, tenant Houses, Farmhouse, Ac., near Jersey Uty. In Close proximity to New Jersey Centnil Railroad ana Morris < anal; unequalled ter manufacturing, ium Dtr. oil, coal, nr any businejis rpqatrlng superior water Snvu'i.' "V"V,ni Btil "? Apply to WOODWAl'D A SllERn OOD, 15 Montgomery street Jersey City. To I.el or I.rnwe. r LET?WITH FIXTURES, ONE OF THE MOST DF. sirable st .res in Jersey City. Inquire at slore 27 jxewark avenue. PROPERTY OUT OF TUK CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT. All wanting farms.-to farmersamdfarm laborers irom the Old Countrv.?Virgin soil $25 per acre, payable in six years by instalments near the mat markets Of New York uud I' ; farming better and more profitable than West. Appjv to JOHN h. PAGE, I H Park idace, two doors from West street. New York. Papers will be sent on applicatli n by letter. A?FOR SALK, ON THE NORTH SHREWSBURY, . ten minutes' drive from >eal>right and at landing ol the St * Hint, nt Port Washington, 21 acres of i.and, with a frontage on lh<- Shrewsbury ot halt a mile. There are two Dwellings on the pr.mis' s, one of which >? ftrnlshod. Apply toW. KKNNl LLf7No ?Ptnestre t. AT . 1SLK'SV. BRIGHTON, stati n ISLAND?FUR nlshi tl lli'usi 15 ro. in?; one it'-re. garden, frtiif, Jkr.; net ween <?? itrighton and t/u:irantiue landings; rent cheap; summer or year. W. A. COLLINS, 2W Pineal A <-iLw Tlf?, SJ AT ,)S K*BITAKi AT NEW BRUN8 J\ jvle* lap choice Lots in Rah way. STO Lotson Morris and Essex road. 12 liOJs t I iitral Mount Vsrilon. To exchange lor a slock <d goods. J. s. FERtjusoN, Na??au street, room 6. A STin'fn^nUh.ri V - f?)R. SA,'K' P':HNISHED OR -A i unfiirr.' lied, 11 n? w flr*t < r'/><ia ?. inn mantels. I a* v |?,-; w n uit, i,a and .hr *b . y "ihre? minutes fr.m landing on < oruc.ia stre. . 0 minula bv from I ?ck icm low, ^ \\ A BEAUTIFUL PLACE NEAR ORANOB, N J. FOR J\ rent or sale.-Fruit abundant shade; lawns am P'e grounds for children ; sial ic; rent $^7i al" IIIINE, ( OLE ,t i itkavtlM A FORECLOSURE SALE OF THE I NRIGHT FAHM A, W? ?cr..s, near Summit. N. J will ,i,,ce fine I ' IM7S. Maps, Ac., at office of MONAUDa.N a i'o M ? ? ?l?r strtst. New York. ' ~ ATI R ? ( Tl VE COTTAGES N R A It PLAINFIELD-OAlC ?}rJn " s,'w Jersey?adapted for small faniillss; only ?/,.x*f; easy payment-, or will rent al $^1 n month. JAyi ts, Commissioner of Deeds. 2iM nr.tad way. ALMOST GIVEN AWAY-A FAMILY MANSION; ?\?nn rtiit, stable, garden, Ac.; worth $'.,000, lor $2,?WO; easy terms. P.?ssesjion C. H. OLIVER, No. 1 Park place. A ~T<> IjKT' '.'N T"K EAH1 BANK OF THE HUD ./X* ?on, near New flamt>urt/, the tine.??t Country sent on the rirer; brick murmuri, cuntHiiiti every mod ern Improvement, elegantly and fullv furnished-. green Jionscs, hot and cold graperies, ice lion s, coach house, lodje at 1 n ranee; all in pertsct order: the grounds pre sent the appearance of an English parV, with line roads. 1 he ground- are under the < are of gardeners and lodge keener. Rent for season, with attendants, Ac., $:; ouu RICHARD V. HA RNE IT, 111 Lroariwiy, room F, basement XV ? acrts or.*?, ? ll0U^ oarrlatfo house, AC. . uigU. water clov t. Ao.. Ice weu^cia o * u|l ft||d ,,|a(l0 health.ul, lint yitw>, KDOVj No. I ran . - uum BK10H-ION, STaTSX ISLAND?A V KRY jf.,, " ':*nc |.>room*: gas, water aud #ange ; line loca {ion ;bca*'uii bay view. Address A? bo. IM Herald office. ?? D"~EsIRaIILE furnished OOt'NTBY SKATS TO let-1'n the Hudson, on Long island. in New Jersey, in Wenteheeter cou"lv and other places t?r Interest, at ie luced ie VbyoaDtN A CLARfc. Broadway, corncr ol Seventeenth street. IjlLEGANT RESIDENCE WITH SHORE FROST, OSB Li of the cosiest aud nca'e-t p acc* on the nort.i shore. suten Island, apleadid view, $S,500. term* to guit DARRIN, 50 broad street ? riARMS OF ao AND 10 AC UBS WELL FRUITED, 4 with small hooxe*, well ba'lt location near market and entirely free from'lever and ague. JOHN B. PAQK, 102 Park place, near West street^ Fob salk?one or the rwwj QOCiyrBY Homes on U;e Hudson River- splendid view* ol the Catskilis; new large house, cottage, balldingi, A"? 3,000 iruit trees; In comploUi order i 80 acres, a.i unen cumbered. Adiire?R^..ho*,^o ?J'ost /m=e-\1?.[ or apply to M. 1. WOOLLEY, No M< Pint street, room Itt FOB SALE?OMB OF THE MOST desirable, sum mcr an 1 Winter Residences in America .eve ryh I mi complete lor comfort; twenty-five acres ofv e rjr flno I ind, the irutt alone will psy expenses oi the place, ooe ana a half hour' on the line ol the New Haven Hailro id . price, $45 0t>.?. $10,000 cms'i, balance bond ana inori?ngt5 lo siiU purchaser. Address, lot information, A J BERRIAN, Jr., Tradesmen's Insurance Conipan), IBS Broadway. FOR 8ALK-A HO OSB AND LOT, IN HIE ol Delaware W;ilor Oap.alao ? Karrncontaininall acres, about two miles irom the (.ap. Applv to WILLIAM WEISS, Delaware Water Gap, Monroe county, Penn, FOB SALE?AN ESTATE OF MO AC BBS. ONLY seven miles trom Harlem Bridge; very desirable as a residence, and offering an unsurpassed opportunity lor suecillulion in view ol a new raiiio.d. now actually In n oSress- in ordei to close the estate it isotlered tarne low^TnaJket value OODEN ACLARK, Broadway, cor ner of Seventeenth street. Fob sale or to let in plainpield n. j.-a t?enutittiI two story and Preneh root lioaw, 15 rwrat; all improvement; carriage bouse and burn . IK acres of ^ti&imurovcd-" w&u'?. RXT I 10B SALE OB TO LET-AT MADISON, N. J., A i1 small Country Seat, containing one acre of ground. with house (II rooms), barn, Ac., neardepot. For par ticulars inquire ol john S. DICKEBnON, Dover, Mor ris cot n ty, N. J., or ol HENRY J. HENNiiSSY, on the premises. _ Four acres, is story cottage, nick garden, plenty fruit and shade; ten minutes from lerry, Staten Island ; *3.500; worth so Broad street Furnished ob unfurnished?in one of the hoalthiest suburbs ol New York. 12 miles via Erie Rallwav, a fine Summer or V> inter Residence, with all the modern improvements : gas and water throughout; price $12,000; terms to suit Address PASSAIC, S3 Leonard street Furnished house at a nominal rent?to a good tenant; all modern Improvements; high and airy; tine views; halt hour Irom New York; garden aud stable O. H. OLIVER. No. 1 Park place. T OOK.-A SPLENDIDLY FURNISHED COUNTRY \J Seat of 45 acres, with Crops stock. Furniture. Ac., at a sacrillce. This splendid property, known as I air view "is right on the edge ol one oi ine most beautiful and flourishing towns In Pennsylvania, one hour from Philadelphia, hours from New York ; land all under the highest cultivation, and is unsurpassed for beauty of loca tion ? very line water, abundance ol choice fruit, elegant brick dwelling, hall and nine rooms very handsomely tarnished, tenant house, splendid barn, carriage house ana numerous outbuildings; price. Including all?crops, blooded horses, cows, hogs, poultry and turnlture? only $16,000. Easy terms; immediate possession. Take 0 a' M. train trom foot of Liberty street. New York, New Jersey Central Railroad, to Bethlehem. Pa.; there take , Northern Pennsylvania Railroad to Quakertown. In oulrc at Miller's Hotel, opposite Quakertown station, for fl. L. WALKER. Can return at 5 P. M. Lots at cranfobd-nkw jersey central Railroad, 48 minutes Iron, the city; commutation 22o. per day ; plots ol four Lots, $7(1 to $150 per lot, $10 monthly payments; the flnest and cheapest lots ever ollered at private sale or auction either. 1 Su Ji! i ^**1 B. BLOOMlNGDALK,23# Broadway, room 19, and 988 Third avenue. MORRISTOWS, N. J.?TO RENT, FOR SUMMER OR year, tarnished or unfurnished, elegant Couutry Seats and Cottages, Farms and \ Mas lor sale. h , j. p. CONDICT, 149 Broadway. MO NTC LA IR.?CO M I10 RT ABLE, OLD FASHIONED House, furnished, one acre ol ground, plenty of fruit and shade trees. ^ ^foM^summer.^ Modern furnished house?hobsks, car riages, cows ; line gr^urnK gardens (planted) ;htgh, healthy ; always cool Breeze; New* Jersey, one hour s ridetrains. Reut low to a small, careful tamily. CO Maiden lane. NYACK, ON HUDSON.? furnished OOTTAOE TO let low, lor season or year, with barn, acre of urouud. lawn, shade, plenty ol Iruit; must be seen to be appreciated. Apply at store 6s East Broadway. Neat cottage, four lots, soo feet from shore; line water view, short walk from north shore, Staten Island ferry ; ?? .M&wurtli^?4,800; terms etLty DAKRIN.oi) Broad street RANGE MOUNTAIN.-FOUR FIRST CLASS HOUSES for sale, witn all Improvements; terms easy; neigh borhood lirei rate; no malaria; no nuisances. B. F. SMALL, m Liberty street S~TMMER RESIDENCE TO RENT-AT $S00 FOB THE seas,in ; lullv tarnished ; at Lenox. Berkshire county, Mass.; a cleligntful house, in perlect order, newly pa pered and carpeted, and has piaz/ss Iront and rear; suit able for a private laniilv wishing to gain the bcueilts ol a Summer residence In that dcllghtlul climate. There Is good stabling near the house. The rent will be very low to a desirable tenant. Address, bv letter or m person, F W LURING, EM State street. Boston, or E. U. LID LOW a CO., No. 3 Pine street. New York. U ALE OR RENT.?BAYSIDE, LONG ISLAND, HOUSE; j 0 20 rooms, in complete repair; suitable for large lamlly b<ariltng house or Summer resort; similar to Crocberon't, adjointag; One bathinp. ^tin^flshing^ TO LET?charming FRENCH ROOF HOUSE. 11 rooms, 7 minutes from lerry, on Bergen Heights; itreet paved same as Broadway; bathroom, stationary tubs, heater, range, gas, Ac.; rent to first class party al most nothing rtrst year. App^y ^ fro LET AT THE VILLAGE OF MILTON. AX ELK 1 gant two story and attic, 5<)x35. one-halt acre; live 1 boats landing dally; water in hou??; new kitchen at I lac tied ; cemented cellar, suitable lor boarding. Address j oW Nhil, box 11 Marlboro I'o-t oit.ce, Ulster county. N. i mil LET-FURNISHED. RIDiiEWooD. MIDLAND 1 Park. N. J., one hour irom New York; 16 trains, Erie , i and Midland railroads; 8 minutes Irom either station; 1 modern cottage; hot and cold water, bath, Ac.; to let | furnished lor the Summer ^r longer;po*e^on imme- , diately. Call on or address GEORGE R. BROW N, -Hi Broadway, room 24. TO LET-IN RED BANK. N J., A FINE COTTAGE, with 12 rooms sltu.i'td on llroad street; Plenty oi ] i shade trees and dne land. Address Mr*. M AHV BOBDEN, Red Hank, or ,I AS. H. BORDEN, Seabright. I riKi LET "'it FOR sale?$,.,,i'.oo cash, balance 1 Ion* mortgage, 706 Nostril nd avenue, near St Marks' place In.use has thirteen rooms) all modern improve i menu- Apply to W. E. YoUMi, 10 Now street, New \ ork. T O RENT, FURNISHED?AT MORRI.-ToWN, A Country Scat, with bathroom, water closet. Ac.; garden made; ice house; beaut' ul location; plenty oi fruit and -tmiP'. 8. I'.DDY, No. 1 Para place. 1 A'AH AltLK PROPEBTY i-or SALE AT GENEVA, V N. V. ?A beautiful place, contuinlng acr.s oi , land, well adapted for a nursery or gentleman's country seat; building*consist ol a brick houso and suitable out building-; fields in good cultivation and nearly all tiled drained, iruit in abundance, and six acres ol flne wood land; this is n rare chance to purchase a dcllghtlul home in the loveliest village in the statu. Apply to GARRll H. SMITH, Geneva, N'. Y. gin -FOB BALE-CHEAP HOUSE, WITH S.'f iPOiUUl'. acres land, in Rockland county, live minutes' walk Irom Blauveltville station, on the Northern Kailroad, one hour from New York. Church, scboolliouse mm store near by Possession Immediately. Beferenee. E. B. KIRK, 19i West street. A?5~r7uT^ WILL PURCHASE A SPLENDID lfW acre Kartn. 60 miles from New York and three from depot; good buildings and tences. D. F. CURLKY, 12 Centre street K! Ah ESTATE TO EXCHANGE. * VERY PRBTTI Coi'NTKV PLAOB NEAB ni \V I JY Haven una the Sound for pale or exchaime lor Hroonlvii property. Photograph, map and particulars with t.' A. CRol'CH, 245 Pulton street. Brooklyn. A V V LI' A 111.E NEW VORK STATE PROPERTY I A oirered in exchange lor Western Land. Any com munication is ill receive prompt attention by addrc.Mdnf E. L. SAM I ELS, at's llotel, Chatham st, .V Y. I NICE PLACE in WESTCHKTER county, .*? j\ tiilinitei irom Forty-second street, to exchange, lor new first class Furniture Apply to II. R. DitEW A CO., No. 3 We?t I weniy third stree', Vllth Avenue Hotel. , T handsome RESIDENCE, FULLY furnished* J\ wi li 16 lots ol ground, inWi -tchester county, threce miles irom llarlein Bridge ; located near the Boulevard, i on high and healthy ground; the buildings are line; ' aliiinilaii' e ol iruit and shade , will exchange lor < ity Property; Price t25,n<i>; free irom eittumbrance. Apply to J. W. MUDgETT, lta Broadway, room 3. X^XCHANGE? FOR LIQUOR, TWO FRENCH ROOF Hi Hons s, three story and basement, new, and four Lou lWxliX). Address LlyLOlt, Brooklyn Branch Herald own. Factory properiy -large, well ugh ted. brick Buildings, with steam power, and eight lots of ground, nenr the East River; for vile or < xchange; might Lake -ouie orolrtrtv in Elizabeth in part. tatLC.0111 proi 1I( w ll A HURST, S2I Third nrenue. inoK EXCHANGE THREE 8TORV HIGH ST'inp T brick House, In Jane street, m ar Hudson, for Lot or i.ots on westsiile; raluaUoii $14,000; principal only. HALL, 24.1 Broadway, rooms. ut()R SALE OR EXCHANGE?GREAT BARGAINS.? r The flnest Farm In Monmouth county ; also a 4o acre Farm aud a beaulilul Country Residence on the river bank at New Brunswick. .. Ma NOAM A CO., 39 Nassau street, room I8.4. tVill SALE OR EXCHANGE?AN ELEGANT FOUR I story brown stone Residence, within 280 leet of Fifth avenue and Central Park, finished In cabinet work, richly furnished a flrst cIbss house in every respect; enulty will iaae In part payment a line lirin or couiitn resilience within one hour ol city worth $15,0,W to $95,0H>, or two smaller houses in this city, or two or three brown stone dwellings well located In Brooklyn. Parties answering will send lull particulars ol property ; ollered, location, Ac., or no notice will be taken. Ad dres- M L. OC.DEN, box H29 Post ..dice F'1 ! -MI R KXCIIAM1R BLOCK OF BROWN ?tone Hoti-es In BrookDu, cheap for caili or good property , great bargain. PAUL P. TODD, M Liberty street. 1H) EXCHANE ?THE <)? NF.R OF SEVERAL HOUSES and Lots In the eity of New York, mortgaged to less than one-hall their value, wants to exchange the same for a Farm with n 20 miles from New York. Address, stating lull particulars. A. B.. Herald office. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE* | TO EXCHANGE FOR RKAI< K6TATB-14 HEAVY ! Horses, with llarix 8 large platform Iructts. Car a | and timber Truck* Addiaaa f.Xi:ilANU., Hertid office. TO BXCllAKOR F< >R A OITY BOOM?A VERY DB ' sirable Country Seat ol 75 acres. 5t) minute-' ride <n New Jersey, near depot; good b ill lin t*, truits, Ac. KELLY BRuriH.lts. U Hrua i way. ITMEKCUMBERID O- UNTRY PLACE-'VALUE $\"0J ) to $i and hi (-Mb, w.n b- ulin 'or equity In flin brown stone with ride windows. an.l two Ifieel lot*, with line frame on rear, ediotning. Sec owner on premises 220 East E.ghty-sixih siri-e:, wide street WILL SKI li ON KASY TFI'MS OR fcXCB ANGB FOR cry lota property, two Oountrv Seats, well located, neardepot; three or more acre*; shade mi l choice fruit; jio^H'ssioii ut once. Address box M New Brunswick (N. J.) Pout otlioe. WANTED?A HOUSE IN THE CITY, IN KXCHANGH TT for a Summer Hotel, furnished barn, laundry, fine grounds, shade trees; high and healthy locution; II nil -on River. R. k., B2t Broadway._ WORTH OF GOODS AND VALUABLE ?JJO.IM HI Patent for sale; would exchange for Farm, sma'.l Place near depot, within 40 miles, or Brooklyn House or Lots. Apply at 81 Centre street REAL ESTATE WASTED. AN IMPORTER, BRTIRINO PROM BUSINESS, wishes to exchange his entire stock of foreign Fancy Goods loi desirable City or Brooklyn Real haute. Ad dress K. II. It., Heral I office. FLORIDA.-WANTED TO LEASE. WITH PRIV1LEOK Of purchase, HotH or Mansion House, on St John's River. Address lock box 26. Nyack, N. Y. __ REENWOOD.?WANTBD TO PURCHASE. AT \T Greenwood, a Place in a good location on a lending avenue; a vau't or circle containing two or more lots prefers d. Address, with particulars regarding location, price. Ac,. J. C. O., Herald office. TV ANTED TO PURCHASE-IN FEE. A MODERN lour story House. 22 teet wldn, between Sixth anl Madison avenues, from Forty ninth street to I tic I'erk; price not to exceed ?60.00O. Address box 8,707 Pout ottice. BOARDERS WAMTED. "18T HOC8E FROM FIFTH AVENUE, NO. 3 WEST J Thirtieth street.?Elegant Parlors; hUo large, airy Rooms, at reasonable rates, with or without Board 1 ?A LARGE ROOM TO LET?TO ONE OK TWO OKN 1. tleraen: terms moderate; Dinner at 6o'clock. Call at 338 Woat Nineteenth street. 1 LARGE FRONT ROOM, SECOND STORY; ALSO A hall Room, to let, with Board ; arrangements tor sum mer boarders; house and table first class. 237 West Four teenth street 1?TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES OR ? lour gentlemen may find two suits of neatly fur nished Rooms and a pleasant home, with Board, at mod erate prices, at 138 East Nineteenth street, second brown stone house east of Irviug place. 2 LARGE. PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS, AL80 A HALL Room, with Board, at Summer prices; plenty of closet room. 241 West Fourteenth street 2 BLOCKS FROM BROADWAY?TO LET, WITH Board, large and small Rooms, suitable for family or gentlemen : table Bourd. 63 East Fourth street 3 FAST SEVENTEENTH STREET, FIltST HOU^EFROM Firth avenue.?Handsomely furnished Rooms, large and small, eu suite or singly, with Board, totamiliesor single gentlemen; references. 4 WEST TWENTY SECOND STREET.?ELEGANT Stilt of Rooms; also Rooms for single gentlemen, with Board : only one door from Fifth avenue. 4TM AVENUE, 349.?A LADY, HAVING A HOUSE newly painted, papered and neatly turnlshed, will rent Rooms, Willi or without Hoard, on moderate terms. 5 8PFNCER PLACE, FOURTH STREET, NEAR West Tenth street.?A private lamily having more room than they require, will let to gentlemen, with or without Board: excellent table. 5TH AVENUE ?AN ENTIRE FLOOR TO LET, WITH private Table; Iront Parlor and Bedroom or Rooms, elegantly furnished, cool and airy, without Board. 140 Filth avenue. 5TH AVENUE, 343.?A SECOND FLOOR TO LET, with or without private table, at very low prices; also other Rooms t r gentlemen, with or without Board. 6 SPENCER PLACE, FOURTH STREET, NEAR WEST Tenth stre et.?Neatly furnished Rooms to let to gentlemen, with or without Board. TO #10 PER WEEK.?OENTLE MEN AND O families ran obtain excellent Board and good ?oms, at 12!? East Washington place, between Broadway and ?'i uare. dfeC TO $10 PER WEEK -GENTLEMEN OR GENTLE tlrO man and wife, can obtain, pleasant Rooms, with Bourd, at 70 West Washington placo; reterences required. fit;7 TO $12 PBR WEEK, $1 50 TO $2 PER DAY; FINE I Rooms, with excellent Board, at 172, 174, 17fi and 178 Bleecker street Large, shady yards, croquet ground, Ac. 7 TO 10 NEWLY FURNI8HED ROOMS, WITH Ex cellent Board and home comforts, lor gentlemen, at 1.* Mardougal street, one block from Washington square; table board, $fi per week. 9 EAST NINTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY place and Fifth avenue.?Board, Summer prices; double and single Rooms; double Room, upper floor; $5 to $10; table board $4. 9 WEST TIIIRTY-NINTII STREET.?A PARLOR AND Bedroom to let, w ith Board, on the third story, front, to a gentleman ana wife. Reference. 9 VAN NEST PLACE.?TO LET, A NICELY FUR nished front Room, suitable for man and wife, with Board ; family small; quiet neighborhood; all modern Improvement* 1 QTH STREET, WEST, 240?TO LET, WITH BOARD, iZ lor two persons, en elegantly furnished I'urlor. with ample closets; pleasant neighborhood; terms $20 per week. 1 O LAFAYETTE PLACE.-A FEW COOL, AIRY J. Li front Rooms, with first class Board, at Summer prices. 1 f) QRAMERCY PARK (EAST TWENTIETH XiJ street).?A Snlt oi front Rooms, with Roard; house first class; particularly desirable as a Summer residence. Privileges of the park. MTH STREET.?ELEGANT ROOMS TO LET. WITn Hoard, at 217 West Fourteenth street; house strictly first class and unusually desirable as u Summer real dence; terms moderate. Reterences. M IRVING PLACE, CORNER OF EIGHTEENTH street?Pleasant Rooms to let, with Board: refer ences. MTH STREET, NO. 28 WEST, NEAR FIFTH AV enne.?Elegant suits of Rooms for mnllicsor gen tlemen, with or without Board, at reasonable prices; house first class. MTH STREET, 152. WEST.-SECOND STORY FRONT and back Rooms, together or separate, with Board; fif Rooms on parlor floor an 1 fourth story, at low prices. "I CTll STREET. WEST, 347.-HANDSOMELY FUR lij nished Rooms to let, with good Hoard, to gentleman and wife or single gentlemen ; reterence. nEtSr NINTH STREET, Al M.ME. FIJUX'S.?TO let, with first class Board, fine turnlshed Rooms, large and small, suitable tor flirailies or single gentle men. in WEST TENTH street, NEAR FIFTH avenue.? !_?/ Southerners and others will find unusually large, 1 alrv Rooms, with superior Hoard, in above extra wide house; location unexceptionable: references. 1(1 EAST FOi.TY-SIXTII STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH . J ?/ and Madison avenuea.?Second t loor, with Board; riteronces exchanged. OIST STREET. 254.?ONE OR TWO FINE ROOMS, j ill L with choice Be aril, at above number; neighborhood j I excellent; family small; moderate prices. QQ EAST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET-MRS. M. B ! I LiZi SUMNER has several Suits and single Rooms to | I offer temporarily until September 1, either with or with out private table. 2QD STREET, MADISON SQUARE-HANDSOME j ? ) Rooms to let slnu-lv or en suite, with or without 1 Board: also elegant Parlor Floor. Relcrerces. 2tl East j Twenty third street 4). 11) STREET, 4411 WEST. IIA .NDSOM ELY FI.R- I Jjij nished Rooms to let. with first class Board. OQD STREET. 114., ONE BLOCK EAST OF MADI- | ron square.?Eleganly furnished, larire trout Room; also hall Room to let, with first class Board; price moderate. References. ^ OQ GROVE STREET.?TO LET, WITH BOARD. A Ziit handsomely turnlshed Room, suitable for a gen tleman and wife or single gentlemen; accommodations first claaa. ?) | TH STREET, 310 WEST ?ELEO\NT SECOND Li'T Hoor, svIrh private tiath and first ela?s Board; also handsome Extension mid single Rooms terms mod erate. Refereuces axchanged. 4?/?TH STREET 29 WEST, NEAR ST. JAMES* ?') Hotel.?A few plea??nt Rooms with every con venience to let, with or without superior Hoard; reff r ences. I 410 EAST TWENTIETH STREET ONE OR TWO i large Rooms to let for the .summer, with er with j nut Board, to gentlemen. j il(k JANE STREET. ?Fl KNI.OIED ROOM FOR (JEN tleman uud wl:e or single gentlemen, with or with i out Board. ?m WF.sT TBI RT1 s l.i i < N11 STKhW. BETW FN I Broadw?v and Fifth avenue.?Fint^laits of Booms i on second ami tliln floors, simable for gentleman and I wife or single gentlctnen; tubie ilrst class; reterencca I j exchanged. 1 ')') WEST THIRTY TIIIIIH J-Tl.EEl, NEAR FIFTH I OO avenue.?Sni erlor Hi ar.I; Summer nrteea . Second I ; Floor, en suite or separately ; also large and small Rooms for families and gentlemen : also Hall Rooms. , '?') IKVIN'ii PLACE, CORNER SIXTEENTH STREET. I ?)?> Rooms, turnishi d or uniurtii?li ?.!. with or without Bnar!; also on Tenth ?treet, Second Floor, lor housekeep i IB-' or storing valuable articles. O it WEST FOCRTEH.NTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH I and Sixth avenues.?Newly and elegantly furnished , Rooms, first class tst?le, for families or gentlemen; I transient Boarders taken all Summer References. QftTH STREET.?A FINE SUIT OK THREE ROOMS, ? Ml handsomeh furnished, to rent, together or sepa rately, with or without Hoard. i!n Madison avenue, cor ner Thirty-sixth street. ')Q EAST TWENTIETH STREET.?A SECOND ? It' Floor, with private table, cr without fcoard . also Rooms for single gentlemen - reterences. WEST TWELFTH STREET.?LA ROE FRONT ? )?/ Room, with alcove, to let, u> genllemen or gentle man and wife, with Board; reterence. .1(1 SH . TWENTY,NINTH STREET.?NICELY r" furnlsheil Floors, Suits or single Rooms to let. wuh Beard ; house, uible and ne^hborh-iod first class; accessi ble to hotels unrl cars term - reasonable 4/t WEST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, NEAR Colcrnan ilou^.-UftOdiioinely nnd nrvrlv fur ntshed R?oms to Jet, with Board, former proprietor af 38 Fourteenth street; reference-. A O SOUTH WASHINflTON SQUARE, FOURTH street, third door from vtacdoug^i street-Ficeiy furnished Rooms to let, with Board, ou reasonable terms;

day boarders taken BOARDER!) WAOTED. A Q WEST TWENTY FOURTH 8TRB"{1\ N ' AR TCO Brondwav. ? A lady having a newly furnlhed house, will 'el a if* Rooms, witli or without Board; rer erciiiv* exchanged. A A WEST IWENTY-SIX HI CTUBT. NEAR ST. n-'r Jaine/i' Hotel anil Madison square.? Second story front Room, bn h room adjoining, with or without good Board ; term- moderate , lmined;a e possession. A er LF.XINliTON A YEN CE. ?NEATLY FCRNISIIBD T-?) front itooms, >n second floor, 'or gen l to man and wile or slnglo gem !euiati, with first class Board house cun.aiumg all modern improvements; terms mot.urate. _ AO SOUTH washington SQUARE.-A U*Oj 'rO Room, with Dreaing'tooin attached, witt Hoard, for KMitli'inau and wile or two gtcUemBn, where lew are taken. At7 WE8T TWELFTH STREET NEAR FIETH AVE 4 i nue.?Elegantly lum hed Booms, with alcoves, hot and cold water, with first data Boar J, #BAt and wives; also for ample gentlemen. rcrins modi rate 5O WEST TWENTY EIGHTH KTKBKT.-OHOTCE 0 ftirniahed Room*, with flrutcla^i Board, tor ?enUe m^n and their wive* or tingle gentlemen, at summer prices. References required. rn WEST THIRTY-THIRD STREET.?handsomely DO furnishod Room*, ou suite or singly, with or with out Board, lor gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen, at reasonable prices. I xn WEST thirty-ninth ktreet.-an bnttbe D I Floor, unexpectedly vacated by parties going to Europe, to let, with Board. . OO PA Bit AVENUE.?BOOMS ON SECOND FLOOB DO to let, with Board. n MADISON AVENUE. ?handsomely FUR- I nUhed Rooms to let, with Board, at moderate prices. ___ to A EAST SIXTY-FIRST STREET.-TilIBD , It- Floor through, containing four rooina.witb hand some closets, hot and cold water, Ac., togo.hor or sepa ratcly; select 11 eitfhborhood; table.and lamliy first class* iiigliegt references required . terms moderate. to A WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET.-DESIRABLE i |T Rooms. either permanent or transient, fur lamllles or ulncle gentlemen, with lirst class Board; table board ers taken. >jn ORCHARD STREET. NEAR GRAND?DOWN 1 O town.-A private family would let a second story 1 front or third story back Room, handsomely furnished, to a gentleman or gentleman and wlio; Board it desired, house flrst class; references exchanged. HO UNIVERSITY PLACE.?TWO LARGE BOOMS: VtZ would suit a party of gentlemen or gentlemen and tlieir wives, with or without Board; terms moderate. Call all the^week. HO CLINTON PLACE.?A BACK PARLOR AND EX yv/ tension, with Board, anil several other Booms, to gentlemen having good reierences. 1 m WEST TWENTIETH STREET, CORNER SIXTH l''l avenue ?Furnished Room? to let, to man and wife or to young ladles, with or without Board. LEXINGTON AVENUE?BOARDERS..WANT e< ' su c hanged. m MADISON AVENUE.?HOUSE HAVINO changed hands, flrst ol May. would let, with flrst clasi BourJ, large pleasant Rooms; reference. 1 OO CHRY9TIE 9TREET.?furnished BOOMS TO LJjO let, with Board ; suitable lor gentleman and wife or single gentlemen ; also Booms for ladles, with Board. m CLINTON PLACE.?A handsomely FUR nlsheil Room to let, with or without Board; no other boarders. TOO EAST TWENTY-NINTH STREET.?8ECOND 1Floor to let, with Board, together or separately; al?o large Room on third noor, with southern exposure; suitable for two gentlemen. TOO EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR IRVING 1 ?lO place.?Desirable Rooms to rent, with Board, to gentleman and wife or two single gentlumon. Reier ences. ~\ AH WEST TWENTY-8ECOND STREET.?TO LET, J t: I with Hoard, to gentleman and wife or one or two single gentlemen, two front Rooms; terms low; family small; reierences required. T A O WFST TWEN 1Y-FOURTH STREET.?A WIDOW 1T"0 ladv will let a pleasant and well furnished front Parlor and Bedroom, with pantries attached, separately or together, with or without Board; terms moderate. 1/-0 WEST ELEVENTH STREET.-HANDSOMELY lt)Z furnished I loo mi to let, with Board, to gentle men and their wives or single gentlemen; references ex changed. 1 OO WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.?DESIRA 100 ble Rooms to let, to gentlemen, with flrst class Board. Reierences ojtclianged^ ortrr west thirtt-eioitth street-rooms ZU I en suite or single to let, with Board, to gentle man and wife or single gentlemen: flrst class in every re spect; pleasantly located and possession Immediately. OAQ WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.-HANDSOMELY ZUO furnished second stnrv tront Rooms; also large fourth story back Room to rent, with Board. Reier ences __ _ OAQ west FORTY-fifth street, near BROAD ZUo wsy.-A private Jewish lamlly will let a nicety furnished Boom, on second floor, with good Board; also other Rooms. 1{\ A LEXINGTON AVENUE-BOARDERS WANT lU'x ed ?Nice large front Room to let. with good Board; suitable for gentleman and wile; reiercncos ex OIQ east THIRTY-SEVENTH street, neab A lO Third avenue?A nicely furnished front Parlor, gas and bath, to a gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, with or without Board ; terms moderate. OT CT east THIRTY-ftbst street.?TO LET, ^10 Room? on third floor, fnrnlshed or unfurnished, with or without Board, in a private family. 00 \ FIFTH AVENUE.?SECOND FLOOR ROOMS Z-i"x to let with or without private table; also other desirable Rooms to let, with Board. r WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?ROOMS, WITH OO or without Board ; references required. OO 7 EAST 128TH STREET, HARLEM.?ONE OR I two single genllcmen can be accommodated with Board and pleasant Room; terms moderate. O 4 t V WE>T TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?A PRIVATE Z4-U family will let a suit f Rooms, handsomely lur- , nlshed, with or without Board; references given. Or/J WEST THIRTY-NINTH STREET. BETWEEN ZOO Seventh and Eighth avenue?.?To let with good Board, two handsomely furnished Parlor Bedrooms, con necting; convenient to four lines of cars; goml location^ ci fro WEST FORTY-THIRD STREET, NEAR BROAD ZOO way.?A handsomely furnished front Room, with hall Room at(jolning, on second floor, to one or two gen tlemen, with or without Board; small, strictly private family. Oni FOURTH AVENUE.?TO LET, AN ENTIRE PAR- I Zt)L lor Floor, elegantly furnished, with or without i Board. _ | oafi WEST THIRTY NINTH HTREET?A HAND Zw somel v furnished front Parlor to rent, with or without Board, in a mall private family. Terms low if permanent. References exchanged. OQ1 EAST TENTH STREET.?A GENTLEMAN AND L wile can le accommodated with good Board and pleasant Rooms, or wouM take two young men. Ofin WEST THIRTY SECOND STREET.?A PRIVATE ODO family can accommodate a gentleman and wile or two single gentlemen with Board. rtQH SIXTH AVEM'E.-A WIDOW LADY HAS A t)C*f7 large front Parlor to let to a gentleman and wi/e. Board tor lady onlv, where the comlorts ot a pleasant home can be enjoyed. ASPECIALTY.-FRENCn TABLE D'HOTE, AT 6 P. M , at Mme. PIJCX'S. 17 East Ninth street (formerly 10 Waverley place*. Dinner, Wine and Coffee, >1 26. Breakfast und Dinner, $10^ier week. A" PRIVATE FAMILY WILL BENT. WITH BOARD, two Rooms on second floor. For particulars apply at 314 West Twenty-eighth street L\DY WILL LET A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED j Room. w?th bath, closets, Ac., to n gentleman and wife, with Board lor lady; location Fortieth street and 1-exlngton avenue. Address WIDOW CLABJC, .station t, I SUMMFR RESIDENCE.? HANDSOMELY FI RNISHEI) Apartments, lor tnir.Uies. gentlemen and their wives i and for gentlemen, wall Board .t rench table; beaubiul view across t^entral Park. No. 3 West Sixtieth street, near Boulevard. ^SOUTHERNERS AND OTHERS DIRECTED AT ONUS ^ to suitable hoardlug places; no charges. tJKNUNO'S . HOARDERs' DIRECTORY, 37 I'nlon square. j BOARD AH) LODOUfft WVXTKI). A" GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DESIRE ONE OR TWO Booms, with Board. In central l.icallty. at moderate price. Address, with particulars, K. It. V., Herald office. \ GENTLEMAN, WIFE, three small children and nurse dnire Board within alio hour's ride of the cltv. Address uatmg full particulars, terms, Ac., C. P. T? box 4,31'J Post ufllce. \ OftjJTLkMAN DE-ttlR*! ftOARD F> 'R SELF, WIFE A and three girl children tinder nine veurs. In an American family istrlctiy private prtlerreif); terms not tv exi ee.l $100 per month ; location between Fourteenth and Fllty-nlnUi streets, l/ex'n^ton and Seventh avenues. Bearding hotL.e keepers need not apply. Address A. D., box iGl Herald Uptown Branch office. ___________ BOARD.?WANTED, BY THREE ADULTS. A (JEN tleinan, wlte and son. one large and one small Room, wrh Hoard A Id res* WAREHOUSE, 293 Sobih streeL with lowe?t terms. ItliAIll) FOR A YOt'NO AMERICAN IN A PRIVATE J ) (iermaii lamlh, where ttie langnatre Is exrluslvnlT spoken . terin? must l?- moderate; the loca ioa good. Ad dress AMERICAN, Herald ofltc?._ TIT ANTED?BOABD FOR OBNTLBKAN AND WIFSt \l inanntral location uptown preferred; will pay per week. Address 9. F , Hcralil office. RKIHIKI.V> HO A It I). OARD WANTED?BY A YOUNG OENTLEMAN. IN a respectable family In a respectable part ot Hrook near terry; comforts of s home anil a oath required. B lyn near terry; comlorts of a home and a in Address GODOLPIIIN BLAKE, Herald offlc MOT K I.n. (FALLEN HOUSE, Ififl HUDSON STREET. CORNER J of Lalght.-Excellent Board. $? to ?7 M per week, with single Room; single Room, without board, $: and upwards; Lodging, to cents; gentlemen only, open all night t"\BOYV HOL-8E. 172, 174, 176 AND 17* BLBBCKBB It street, six blocks west of Broadwnv.-Flne Rooms, with excellent Board, for families and single. $1 50 per day . ?7 to |I2 per week. Large, shady yards, cro quet fronna, to _______ >TEW ENGLAND HOTEL. SO HOWERY. CORNER OF II Hsvard street..?20' light Rooms, neatly furnished, fvy. or ft)c. per night, $2 SO tc ?4 per weok; lor gentlemen only. ______ COCWTRY BOARD. FEW ADULTS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED AT Forest Dell, In the village of ClfVerack, Columbia county, with flrst clss. Board and 5?"??A . Jill River Railroad three hours trom New \ork , the abo\e are the finest residence nnd grounds In Columbia county. Address FOREST DELL, b?< W Post offlco. claverack. N. Y. COUNTRY BOARD. Ast.uua horse, ahtoria. l l?well con ducted establishment lor boarder*; fin* apartment* and table- 3D minute*' sail. hun isouie ground* Kcenery. tree*. 4c.; tarn* moderate; country aud city couil'aru combined. A PEW FAMIi/IES WISl'INO PHUT CLASS BOARD an I willing to pay liberally can be accommodatjSd St the larm house of W. U. DIBBLE, Strawberry Hill, lamiord, Conn. ALL WI-IIING GOOD BOARD. W1TU PLENTY OP new inilk, vegetables, fruit, ?c., first claas sea batj? Inn, boating and fishing. cau be accommodated at^ the Hav Mrte House, Hpeonk. L. I. Terms moderate. Address K. W. TCTTLE. Proprietor, or WILLIAM J. MoCALDlN A HRO^, lis Wall street. New York. A MOST QUIET AMD HEALTHY RETREAT AMONG mountain! and pine groves. Rood Board; conilor'a ble Rooiua; walk* and drive* unxurpajk-cd ; no mosfjui toe*; term* moderate. I.. K. DUDLEY, Cornwall, C,onn. AOENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN' OBTAIN BOARD 25 mile* ud tbe Hudson , ground* amply shaded, cro quet and stabling: referenoea exchanged. Please ud dre.s* HUDSON, bo* ltejlerald ?fflcu._ AKKW BOARDERS C IN BE ACCOMMODATED with fine airy Booms and good table, on moderate terms, in an unsurpassable healthy location, one hour from New York. Address p. A. V., ranwood, N. J. A PRIVATE FAMILY IN CONNECTICUT, WITHIN three hour*' ride by rail or boat ana eight minutes from the depot, would take a tew boarders for the Sum mer; large, pleasant Rooms; a fine view of the water; bcautitui drives and every home comfort. Add re-s C. C. If., bo* LOW Bridgeport, Conn. For reference call at ItW Second avenue. ' Board wanted-durinothe summer months, lor a lady and sis boy*, near the Oataklll Mountain* preferred ; must set a good plain Table and furnish four Room*. Addres*, stating term* and location, box If New Brunswlex Post office. N. J. Board wantkd-at catskill mountains, for ladv, nurse, Infant and child (threei yoarsl: table flnt clans; vood grounds. Address box 636 Hjw York I oat office, ?t:inn/ terms, rei'erencci and full panic i .ir BOARDKR* WANTED?NEAR MARLBORO. ON THE Hudson, a high and healthy locality, about one mile troni village and post office; new house, with mod rn improvements an 1 large r< oui*. Terms $10 per wee*. Address 0. TOOKER, Marlboro. N. Y. Boarders wa.ntkd-location W|iJ|} healthier place In the state. Andrew IIARVLY EIGHMIE, Arthursburg. Dutches* county, N. Y. BoardincT AT THE SEA SHORE-SF.ABRIOHT, near Long Branch.?Surf bathing and Ashing , tabla bountiful in all respect*. Call at60 East Ninth street, be tween 10 and 4 P M. _ Board at seabrioht, near long branch Fresh milk, eggs and vegetables plenty; very healthy: oathing near; terms reasonable. Inquire at J. E. U ADNJsTT'is law office, lit Nassau street Board wantf.d-by a family of four adults, at cottage on the shore road at Long ?ranch. Ad dress JollNaON A faulkner, 62 and til Oreene street, Ncwjork. Board-at a farm house, situated on high ground, near the city; plenty of shade, fresh vege tables, milk. eggs. Ac.; boating and flslung. Address AB., Belleville. N. J. B~OARD AT BERGEN POINT, N. J.-THRF.E OR four persons ot undoubted respectability can be ac commoduted in handsome private residence. Address box 5,614 Post office, New York. /COUNTRY BOARD?AT EAST moriches, L. I., ON \J the groat South Bav.?A lew select boarders can be accommodated with large and airy Rooms; boating, flsh Irg and sea bathing Inquire or address Dr. J. W. BLACKEKY, 637 Vatiderbilt ayenuo. or to the subscriber. JACOB B LAKii. Iv 1. COUNTRY BOARD.?FOUR OR FIVE ADULTS CAN vj obtain Board with n private family-near station and Souud?in Greenwich. Conn.; lor terms address U. E. B.t box 3,050 Post office, New York. c /COUNTRY BOARD, THIRTY MILES. IN WESTCHES \J ter county.?Large house, well shaded, iruils, vege tables, Ac. Apply at 2tjfi Fourth avenue. COUNTRY BOARD?AT BERGEN POINT. WITH A family, near depot and boats' landing, or Central Railroad of New Jersey, from toot of Liberty street Ad dress Y., box 172 Herald office. _ COUNTRY BOARD NEAR BRATTLF.BORO, VT. \J Persons desirous of obtaining good Board, in one of the pleasantest, villages in New hneland. can do so by addressing C. P. STONE, Favettevlllc. Vermont /COUNTRY BOARD WANTED-FOR A FAMILY V.' of three adults and two children (cirls), aged ten and seven; distance not to exceed one hour from City Hall;location must be high and healthy: entirely free from chills and fever*. Address, giving full particulars a* to terms, which must be moderate, location, Ac,, Ac., G. S. O., box 1S4 Herald office. /COUNTRY HOARD FOR ADULTS OR FAMILIES AT IJ fann residence 50 minutes from the city. near cars aud steamboat. bathing, fishing; location healthy, with nientv of costly flowers. Address Mrs. DEENL, Jerome, Westchaster county. ClOUNTRY BOARD?FAMILY HOTEL. 10 MILES J from Catskill. $8 per week; livery attached. Ad dress D. WEBSTER JENNINGS, Cairo, Green county, N. Y. COUNTRY BOARD IN THE CATSKILLS.?JOHN SOPER. Windham Centre, pleasant Rooms and good Board at $6; wt'hin a few miles of the railroad. Apply to J. M. ELLIOTT, 13 William street or 206 West Jortv ninth street. COUNTRY BOARD.?ONE LARGE AND ONE SMALL Room, to let, with Board, in a private French family, living on Staten Island; house near landing, with view or bay; fresh milk and bathing. For particulars address box IB* Post offlcc, Wcstjiew Brighton, S. 1. COUNTRY BOARDERS WANTED-AT A LARGE Farm House. 49 miles, via Erie Railway, near sta tion: pleasant place; price $8 to $12 per wsek. Address box 176 Post office, Mmiroe. N. Y. COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED IT A FARM house near Catskill. Address box 13 Post office. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?FROM THE 15TH OF June, bv a gentleman and wife, within three quarters of an hour from New York. Address, stating full particu lar*^. B., Herald office. C~~ITY PEOPLE DF8IKING GOOD BOARD, HEALTHY location, fine scenerv. and all possslble home com- I forts with n two mlnntes of cars, con be accommodated by addressing box 137 Post office, Danburj| Conn. COUNTRY BOARD-AT JAMESPORT. L. I., AT A larnih use, with a fine view of Peconic Bay; good bathinu. sailing and fishing; house new, with pVii ant place; grounds situated leas than half a mile from Long Islau I Railroad depot: 40 rods from bay: plenty of milk and vegetables: price of hoard go to $10 per week, according to rooms with first class table; hordes and carriages boarded and to let Addres* B. U. JONES, Jamesport. L. I. COUNTRY BOARD ON THE II UD80N.-PLF.AS A NT Rooms and shady grounds; in the Immediate vicinity of a railroad depot and >tcamboat landing. Address box 27 n.vdo Park Post office^ COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?FOR A SINGLE GEN tlemin, at a first class residence or tarm hou*e; pri vate faintlv preferred- good bathing, boating. Ac.; healthv location, not more than one hour distant from the cltv. Please addres* particulars In full, with refer ence, W. Y . bo* ll.'. Hcr.ild I'pfown Brain li office. II^IRST CI.ASS BOARD AT LARCIIWOOD?I.S' HOURS 1 from New York : handsomely furnished; fine view and drives; sea tiathing; good food and stabling;splendid lawn, shadv walks and groves; every comiort Address C. E. H.. box 443 Post office. South Norwalk. First class country board can be had at | a farmhouse, 28 miles from New York, hull mile , from depot: plenty of shade and large roomy house; | everything first class; terms moderate -. also accomnioda- | tlons for several horses and carriages. Address, for lull i particulars, F. SlIAPTKR. 5s.') Broadway | /"I OOD BOARD CAN BE HAD AT A FARMHOU-E i *T on the banks of tho Hudson; has 16 miles of river . view; good table; plenty of fruit In season. Apply to J. I C. TUBER, Mai thorough, Ulster county. N Y. Good ro*rd. pleasant rooms, hkalthy. beautiful location, lair rate*, at i-UDENDOKF n, i opposite St. Paul's church, St. Paul's avenue, Tompkins- , vllle, S. L Good board and pleasant rooms in a pri i ' vale 'amilv; terms moderate; city reference; stabling Address i-ox 462 Orange (N'.J ) Postoffioe. Parties desirous of securing adeliuhtfi l home lor the summer. In a charming locality cm venlent to New York and depot, with mountain air, lart:e house, floe woods, retired, free from mosoiiltoes, per fectly healthy, can learn particulars at345 West Thirty first street, LAIN'FIELD, N J.-FIRST CLASS BOARD, IN A private familv, two large Rooms and one small one connecting, ten minutes' walk from depot. Adureas bo* 340 Plalntleld, N. J. ? SUMMER BOARD-IN A PLEASANT LOCALITY ON the i uthktll Mounttilnt, al A?hlind, OrejM county, N. Y . ten miles from N Y. K. and S. R. R. K.0/..t*r.Vnn' lars address W. H. MEAD or CHRI8T1AN A sANFOHD. TTNKXOtniOXAlLI COUNTRY BOARD - WITH L' rvcrv rrqnisitp t or hcfilth ?ni< com tort* with excel lent stable and pa.-ture accomn <Mlati?? n? iorhor??s mv be had oil satisfactory terms, by a small ""'' jJ ^ab e }?mVl* In one and a halt hours from CHr Hall. For particular, address, with real nume. bo,x 2.5^1 Pofit office. _ "l^liRY DESIRABLE BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED IN V Orange, N. J., onite convenient to the depot: nj-ms reasonatilo , relerencea exchanged. Ad Ireas box .8, Last Orange, N. J. Hr ANTED?BOARD FOR THREE ADULTS AND \V ' child 7 years, within one hour .f the city, accessi ble bv boat: tw Rooms: reference given and re,mired. Address. Stall: g terms 2-4 West Thirty el|hth -treet. gt'MMRR RKSDKTv 4 T SARATOGA SPRINGS N Y. A Grand Inion Hotel will open June 1. tor the reception of guest'- Professor J M Lander *nd his superb band have been engaged lor the season , rooms can he engaged at Metropolitan Hotel or GilieV Hou*e, New York. Ad,Ires* BRESLIN. GARD NER * CO., at Saratoga spring*. N. Y \TTRACTIVE SUMMER RKSOUT-FISIIING, BOAT lug and fine drives, a most desirable location for Invalids; IV hours from New York bv the Hudson b'tyer and Erie Railway, also bv ste.amers to and irom uaily; house read v for guests June 1. Address OH AS. STAR ING, Grange Luke House, or Post office box 611 New bary. N. Yj . BUSRKILL FALLS noi:<5E, BUSH KILL PA., via Delaware, Lackawcnna A Western Railroad te Strondsburg, is now open tor Summer boardenik terms very reasonable. For particulars address J B. "wn y-V OVER. Proprietor. Bnshkill, PtKe county. Pa., or call on ,1. 8. KORTRIGHT, C3 Broad street. New York; /10ZZENS' WEST POINT UGTKL _ ? V will open on Saturdav, May 31. Two let. with Board In Hotel, special term* offered to parne* engaging rooms for the season. Vor* ad Edward coizENS, West Point, w. t. / 1LIFF HOUSE, RYE. WB8TCHK*T*R OOUKIX N^. Y., is now open for the rnct* p 11 on?' intention breeze, lathing,Ac., and stable room.exery paid to the comfort ol ?,?ltor"; ?2 KaJjHKR A CO., Pro bv New lUven Kmllrotd. J D. MKAUttr*!^ phetori- ---? MOUMtlnooH?.lS.thm.^dson. pi UN m. HTKWART. ?trimncR resorts. Newport. r i.-tiik i> rby ogttaqk, pacing I'ouro lark hiiI Bel ovue avenue ? Mensa*. Rooms, wuli first class Bnard- Apply at il.J FliUi avenue, New York. ORIENT POINT HOUSE, ORIENT POINT. L. I ? Now open . situa'cd o'i llio extreme end of long l<iao4 fronting on the Sound an I bar, milv a moment's walk le tlio water: splendid ma bathing, sailing mid dnv4ug: fishing unexcelled. Reached by Long Island Railroad tw.ce each dav , aiso per euwant steamer J. B. Schuyler. IroDi pier 16 Lust River. M il l lor circular. M. H. I'ARSONH. 0VKKLOOK MOUNTAIN UOU8E?ON THE CATB kills, via Kingston. Ulster county, N. Y. For par ticulars address J. k. LASHER, i vi rlook Mountain House, Woodstock, N. *., or JACOB MIARPE, 141 Broadway. PEABODV HOUSE, YONEERa, ON THE HUDSON, now open. RrVBRsIDK HOTEL. 1581) STREET. AT OARMANS ?ille, on the tlua-ou Klvcr.?This popular house, eti Uielv fitted and furnished anew throughuiit, is now ojmn lor the reception of gue?t*; U trains daily iron) Thirtieth at rue t depot; ,tune, 20 uucutes. For terms, Ac., apply tu 1'A11.1 j A D I. M A LK. SUMMER RESORT.?FINE ACCOMMODATIONS; beautiful views; Room" targe; extensive ground*, on Manor place, In the suburbs ol Kingston. New York; about rive hours trout this city; access cosv |?y Hud-ou River find Walk.11 Vallev Railroa i, ami steamer Mary Powell. Apply lor rnerMii'-e and jar iculars to Mrs. ESTHER 11 LIVING .TON, Km?'s on, N. V. SUMMIT IIILL HOUSE, ONE MILE FROM CAT ski;l. wll open June 1 u>r city boarders, atn reason uble at ire , pleasant piuo grove. plen v Irult, good walka driven, Ac S. ?l. GOhiCUlN, Proprietor. SOUTn PTDE nOTEL. AMITYVILLE, L. I., IS NOW open tor reeeptiou of guests. For terms address Mrs. E. C. KIN'i, A BON. R. THl MA.S Superintendent SUMMER B 'ARD ON CATNKILIj MOUNTAINS. ?MA nlo (iro',o House, A^fkleuvilli , Greene county, N. Y., Pnit.O PECK, Proprietor, a di'liuhllul Suinmcr resort, within a lew hours ol New York by steamboat or rail road. For term* address tu above or apply at II ) William street. New York. TAPPAN ZEE HOUSE. NYACK-ON-HUDSON, WILL open Juno H. Send lor diagrams and circulars. L. I). MANSFIELD. Proprietor. UNITED STATES HOTEL (NEWLY FURNISHED and refitted), Long Branch. N. J., will often June 14. For terms, Ac., address M. M. LAIRD, Proprietor. WOODBINE IIOTEL, HIGH BRIDOE, OPEN PUB tt boarders.? Gentlemen taken low: trains to Central depot in ?0 minutes; strain boat to Peek <sln> in one hour. 8. BROUGH TON, Proprietor. WEBSTER HOUSE, CATSKILL MOUNTAIN8-NOW open tor Summer boarders: pleasant location; large. airy Rooms; first clans Board; $8 to $10 per week. Address J. B. WEBSTER, Cairo, Greene county, N. Y. WOODSBURG PAVILION, WOODSHlJRG, L. I ?TniS mainiiflccnt Hotel will open June 2; overlooks the Atlantic Ocean; is but one hour's ride from Now York via . outli side or Long Island Railroad. Parlies suffering from hay fever and ague will And a sure cure. N P. SEWKLL, Proprietor. Willow haven house, Newark bay, ramapo, Central Railroad of New Jersey, 80 minutes from city and as much in the country as if you were !>0U miles, and a more beautiltil place cannot lie found: boating, fish In.' and bathing; good stabling for horses; terius meliorate for the seasou. Apply at Waverley House, 769 Broadway. KSSOPPORTIIN mES. Alexander frotiiingham a company .secure Capital tor incorporated companies, merchants and manufacturer*. Our register contains many names, with various amounts tor investment. ALEXANDER FROTH INGHAM A COMPANY, 112 Broadway. A PERSON WITH SMALL CAPITAL IS OFFERED an established Manufacturing Hr.g nets on cheap and easy terms: article staple; soils tor cash: profits large; will exchange. LLOYD, 29 Broadway. ?ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED S tor merchant*, manufacturers and others; mlnlug prop erty, Ac., negotiated: persons with capital seeking busi ness advised ol approved opportunities. References:? Buckley. Welling A Co., dry goods, 380 Broadway: Thomas A Renham, pro luce commission. 108 Hroail street; other leadiug houes and our clients, city and else where. GRIGGS, CAKLETON A CO., Financial and Business Agents, 9S Broadway. A GENTLEMAN DESIRES TO INVEST $5,009 TO $35,000 in a business established, where he could de vote his time; no answers noticed unless full particulars stated. Address MERCHANT, Herald office. AN INTEREST MAY BE PURCHASED IN A FIR8T class dramatic and musical journal, paying II per cent and capable of doubling tne amount. Address ENTERPRISE, Herald office. A PARTNER WANTED?WITh $600, IN AN OLD established business; no patent right humbng; good references given and required. Full particulars at WAR NERA CO.'8. No. SDey street A STEADY MAN, WITH FROM $303 TO $l,(t?L TO take one-half Inteiest in and superintend a light manufacturing business. Apply u> GEORGE A. WEB STER, 3D Broadway A SPECIAL PARTNER WANTED?WITH $lll,000, IN a well established business of buying and selling Gold; best reference given and required. ELLIS A BRINCKERHOFF, ?8 Broad street An active man, with moderate cash capi tai desiring business, can learn of a rare chance In an established concern. Principals only invited to In vestigate. Inquire of HAYDEN, 30 Cortlandt street, up stairs, room 2. A -$500.?WANTED, AN ACTIVE MAN IN REAL . Estate and Insurance business; a first class oppor tunity for right man. W. H. MAY, 32 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. INVENTORS HAVING PRACTICAL INVENTIONS will he ir of capitalist who will advance money for letters patent, Ac., for interest. Call on or uddress WAT SON A CO., 40 Broadway, room 44. ONE-HALF INTEREST OR WHOLE Of A VERY VAL uable Patent for sale?An easy and sare fortune; no huuibug. Call and investigate, COREY, 69 Cortlandt street OWING TO PRESSURE OF BUSINESS THE As sistance of an intelligent and energetic gentleman Is needed; capital not so much desired as suitable partner. WESLEY WEBBER, 92 Broadway. PARTNER WANTED-OERMAN OR AMERICAN, with small capital and business ability. In an estab lished business. Apply at Grts Kulum street, Brooklyn. PARTNER, WITH $15,000 TO $23,000, WANTED?BY AN established lioii-e, with many years'experience, to extend a beet packing business; concern own their real es'.ate and packing building, with capacity unsurpassed for handling large numbers of cattle per day; water front, whartuge. Ac. Apply to GRIGGS, CARLEToN A CO., 98 Broadway. PARTNER WANTED?A RARE OPPORTUNITY IN an old established leather manufacturing business, which can be increased by an addition ot capital: a good percentage of profits certain : amount required, $15 000 to $JI.(M), either active or special; active prelorrcd. Address LEATHER. New York Herald. PARTNER WANTED?WITH $500. IN A GENTEEL ofhcc business that will pay $400 per month; has more than one can do. Address BUSINESS, box 109 Herald otllce. PATENT RIGHT FOR SHEAF-BINDER AND BAG tie; child can use it, for sule. 17 Cedar street, room II, from 12 -.SO to 1 JO o'clock. STATE RIGHTS IN THE BEST PAYING INVENTION of the age; used by everybody and supplies a special want. We request thorough investigation. Model at 103 Broadway, room 9. "IITANTED?A PARTNER, GENERAL OR SPECIAL, TT with $it.0U0 to $10,000, for the business of wholesale manufacturing of clothing. Address C. A. Q., Herald ottlce. (fcQ/Wl ?A PARTNER WANTED, IN A VERY FINB ipOl'U. paving business; none but parties of address need apply; single man preferred. Call at US West 31st st. near Sth av. d?7/tn -FOR THIS SUM A LIVE MAN CAN HAVB I 'Jl/t a half Interest in a profitable cash Manufac turing Business, without risk. Article staple: unlimited demand; ready sales and quick returns. Samples and fUli particulars at 9!t Liberty street, room 24. ?9hn T0 $1,500.?PARTNER WANTED?IN ?a"" honor business; best location in Brooklyn, near Bridge, Nayv Yard and gas works; three years' lease. M. II. Ma\, 32 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. 4?1 rrn/\ -partner wantkd, in a safe carii "Pl.'H'Ui Business, that will pay $M*iO per annum. Interview and particulars at 151 Broadway, room 13, auer 10 o'clock. dil rUMl -P'ARR CHANCE; ANY GENTLEMAN ?pi.'M/". willing fo invest $1 to make $40. and su perintend a very pleasant cash business on shares, can meet with an excellent opportunity at 50 Broad street, room 7. d>9 nnn only.-young man as financial mana.'er; good thing; patent pending. Sea i' in ", t<>r lnn? days, between 2 atid 5 P. M., at 12 Broad wav, firs' floor. \ linn CvsH WILL BUY ONE-HALF INTEREST V'l.uWU in first cIhm old established business, the best chance in New York lor the money, w. k. Hill, m Broad stroot ij- mill W \ V T F i I?FOR MANUFACTURING AM I.IM MJ article needed in every lainily; large cash sales; satisfactory profits. Principal'* only please replv. wnh name an I address, box 3.741, Post office, New York. $')/l Ann -PARTNER WANTED. IN AN OLD established lumber business: tradn Isrite slid steady; in a large Connecticut town: yard and arrangements complete. Inquire of HUNT A DUSKN BURY. Astor House. New York. AsT ItOMHiY. A TTENTION I?KNOW THY DE^l INY; CONSULT A this wonderfully glited Clairvoyant: gives luck ; tells everything. 159 West Forty-first street, near Broadway. ATTENTION 1?CONSULTATIONS ON BUSINESS. LAW suits, enemies losses, absent friends, love, marriage, sickness anil death, l'ay refused unless satisfied. Mine 8INGHI, Clairvoyant, flU Stxtb arenas, ATEST.-MRS. Van SISE, BUSINESS AND MEDI aal Clairvoyant, Spiritualist, tells name, dav of mar riage, brings together those long separated, gives positive Information on ail affairs ol life. No sutisiaction no pay. 421 Second avenue, corner Thirty -fourth sireet. /lONSULTMMR BYRON THE GREATEST LIVING 1 / Spiritualist, on all atfairs oi life. 314 Fourth aveuna. near Twenty-third street. EUROPEAN CI.AIKVoYaN r-n;u,S NAMkS, SHOWS Ej likenesses, causes man ages, lees 50 cents and $1. N2 West 1'Wenty filth street. MVE S.TIIK WONDERFUL ASTKOLOGIST. WILL reveal from scientific principles evervthing true. HI Third a venae, near Twelfth street. No gentlemen. MISS WELLINGTON, CLAIRVOYANT. REST OF ALL. Tells of business, thefts, lawsuits, brings the sepa rated together and gives lucky nnnibera. 41 East Twenty-eighth street, near Fourth avenue. BOSA, GREAT NATURAL CLAIRVOYANT, RB veali your whole life, iroin the cradle to the gntvai cures all diseases. 472 Canal jtreet. Fee $1.

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