Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1873 Page 5
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' IflUHUL AND COMMERCML. Wall Btrmt, I Ttksday, June 9?6 P. M. f * da 'Change to-day cotton on the "spot" ?u quiet ?at firm, while "futures" were in fhir request at I-10C. improvement. Flour ruled quiet. Wheat, corn and oats were in fair demand, but at decidedly tower prices. . Tim FOREIGN *AR**T. ' Yesterday the German government was reported to be exceedingly dnwatlslled with the admirjstra Uon of MacMahon. To-day France and England prove their financial firmness in the face oC this re sort by bringing to ub through the cable (he follow ing despatches:- Oonsols, 92%, ex. Interest; United Btates issues of 1867,9-1% ; ten-fortlea, MM a 89; new flves, 89% a 89%; Kriea, 40%; and the new French loan, 0% a 6% premium. ; These figures cer talaiy do not portend a renewal of dlfilcnl tles between France and Germany. In these t latter days of International trade a fraction of wealth is more than equal to a volume ot talk. Diplomacy has a kind of value that finds Its mean are in dollars and cents, and It evidently requires ?ometblng more than a mere telegram, though It nay bo inspired by a Bismarck, to overturn the existing monetary strength of France or any other country. A nation which can pay to a conqueror Its tribute by milliards, and which can command ?oas and daughters patriotic enough to save one dollar for their government while making two for themselves, will never be at fault In any of Its International relationships. Why t llecause It has achieved credit, and credit Is the backbone of Christendom. It may be added that ?73,ooo were to-day added to the bullion In the Bank of England. TUB MONET MARKET. All the symptoms?and none are feverish or doubtful?point to an easy Summer market. A large amount of money was to-day offered on time, with lower rates of interest, and a disposition to supply capital in almost unlimited quantity. Prime dis counts are quoted at 0% to 8 per cent, and call loans In open market at 4 and 6 per cent. Foreign exchange was steady, the rates being about the ?ame as yesterday, with actual business at 108% Dor prime bankers' 60 days bills and 109% to 109J< for sight. The receipts from customs to-day were $362,ooo. The Assistant Treasurer paid out $153,009 on ac count of interest and $15,620,000 on redemption of five-twenty bonds. The Custom House receipts for (he week ending Ma.v 24 amounted to $2,710,000. The exports from this port for the week ending to-day are $6,390,442. gold, U7%-117%. There has been a good deal of the triphammer business attempted in gold to-day, but without other result than that which is recorded above. The fact that certain parties have assumed the con trol or the market, and are reported to have ab. ?orbed a metaphorical number of millions,.acts like a Damascus blade, and the tear that the thread may be cut at any moment deters legitimate action. It Is but natural for the bulls to affect the belief that Secretary Richardson will In thirty or sixty days be In an uncomfortable position, and that they ?hould advance a train of apparently reasonable circumstances leading up to such an event an an eitcnse for their policy; but there is no present de velopment of facts which gives them substantial sap port, or warrants the assumption that at any time during the Summer gold will take to Itself a value materially higher than that at which it is now quoted. The Autumn may witness some advance( but by that time the Secretary of the Treasury maintaining the same shrewd watchfulness over the market that Is now being exercised, will, in ftU probability, be ablO to check any nnhealthy movement calculated to seriously disturb the gen eral market. While It Is true that a large amount *?<?? already been absorbed by a few parties, it Is equally certain that the latter are not In a coudl. Hon to encounter antagonistic elements and to make that speculative fight on which they have probably based their plans for the future. The his tory of the movement now In embryo has yet to be written. The fluctuations of the market at the Gold Board were as lollows:? 10 A. M 117% 1:15 P. M 117% 10:04 A. M 117% 1:39 P. M 117% 10:05 A. M 117% 2:06 P. M 117 % 10:26 A. M 117% 2:49 P. M 117% 10:60 A. M 117% 2:56 P. M 117% 12.-06P. M 117% 2:68 P. M 117% 12:07 P. M 117% 2:69P. M 117% 12:17 P. M 117% 3P.M 117% a 117% The rates paid for carrying were 6, 6, 4 and 3 per sent. The transactions of the Gold Exchange Bank were as follows:? Gross clearances $75,726,000 Currency balances 3,::82,486 Gold balances 2,994,i.04 EXPORTS. It is agreeable to report a balance In our favor, though it be local and confined only to this port, because the trade of New York Is the keynote of the country. The export trade of the port snows an -outflow of produce and merchandise this week of $5,396,442, against $3,702,647 for the cor responding wee* of 1872, and $4,162,140 in 1871. The exports of produce and merchandise from the port Irom January 1 to date are 1116,726,078, against $88,640, (85 in 1872, and $103, ?28,679 in 1871. The moment that we of the Cuited Btates learn to make our means subservient to ends; to depend upon home rather than npon for eign proaucta; to enjoy domestic comforts more than Imported luxuries; to cut down our bills for extravagant nonsense, and cast adrilt from the social conventionalities that make moral and social slaves of our men and women?just then, and not nntll then, shall we begin to live like a free and Independent nation; to accumulate funds to pay our public debt with ease, reduce prices, return to specie payments and enter upon the enjoyment of future possibilities that have no limit in the suc cessful career of a great nation. RAILROAD BONDS. The market was not active, but remarkably Steady, partaking of the general good tone that was manifested with reierence to otner securities. The following are the bids as amended at the call :? Mew York Ccn 6'h, '83.. 90% Del. Lack A VV 2d m.... 9X% Ktw York Ceu oVt. r e.. 87% Tol A Wab 1st m ex? !*> V?w York Ccn 6's. sub.. 87% Tol A Wab 1st m, SI L ?' 901? hew York Cen 7'*,'76. .lui% Gt Western 2d in, '93... 85% kilo 1st in extended...191% Uuincy A lol 1st, '90 ... 92 Erie 2d in 7's, '79 100% Galena A Ohio ex 103 1-onx Dock lunula. 94% Galena A Chic Id m.... %.% Hud K 7'?. 2d m s f, 'H5.l06% Chic, K 1 A Pac ItU Harlem con m A a t ti's.luu Morris A Essex 2d in... 97 ?lb A sum) 3d bds 95 N J CeD 1st III, llcw 105% Mich On con 7'n. 19*12.. 97% Pitts. Kt W A Chic 1st.. .10. Mich KO 7 p C, 2d ill 9S ritUs I* t w A Chic 2>l ill. lill,1. Mlcil Ho A N I 11 7'* .. lie HlU, Kt WA Chic 3d m 9.1 I'levAToUt IO?% Clev A Pitts 2d in IOiM, Clev A Tol new IkU... 93), Clev A Pitt*3d in .... 97 C, P A A old IkIji 9S Clev A Pitt* 4tli III *ti% Detroit. M ATol l?i?.... 97* Chic A Alton * f ?8% Huff A lOrie new lulu... 9t% ( Iiic A Alton 1st in lo.*1. Lake shore div lids 93% Ohio A Mis* con s I.... 9ft'. I'ac ItK 7'*, gtd hv Mo. 9S', Ohio A .Mia* coll Hell A So 111 1st ni S'l. ? SAi " Col, Chic A I ml C 1st in **>, Ait A T H 1*1 M0% Tol. P A War, K D....X Si ait A T 11 2d 111 inc 76% Tol. Peoria A War. W l> *K% Clilc ANWif KKI Tol, P A War, Hur Dlv S2% Chic A .N \V int bds 94X Tol. Peoria A War 2d in 75 Chic INW con bds.... 89 N Y A N II 6's. ... 9rt ?:hic * N W 1st in 101 Host, II A K 1st m7'i .. 34 <4" lian A M Jo lit 104 Host, II A h iitd M Han A Kt .loconv Bur. C R A Mm lst7'M{ *8 JieL Lack A W 1st m... lul TIIB UNION PACIFIC. The following e the offlcla. re, ort of the earnings aud expenses of the Union Pacific Kailroad during the month of Aiiril, and from Januar.t 1 to April 1:? April, 1872. April, IhT.X B.irnlntrs $741, sua $8si,2s6 ?KXpenses 38; >,997 474.078 Net earnings $366,804 $407,187 Increase khiss earnings for April 139,46.1 Increase net earnings lor April 61.382 1872. 1873. Jan. 1 to April 30. Jan. I to April TO. Par ll! lips $2,116,716 $2,606,281 Expenses 1,624,762 1,446,474 Net earnings $690,862 $1,159,806 Increase uro.-s earnings for four months 4R9,?6fl Increase nut eariungH for lour months i"<48,h.>4 ?Including $91,(100 lor renewal of rail*. (iOVKIlNMRNT SECURITIES. The demand lor governments was not, perhaps, as s?ron* as heretoiore, and the supply was not as large. Yet, as will be seen below, prices were firm. United States currency sixes, 113% a 113%; do. sixes, 18si, registered, H6% a 110; do. do. do., coupon. 122% a 122%; do. five-twenties, registered, May and November, 110% a 110%; do. do., 18?2, coupon, do., nr,% A 110%: do. do.. 1804. do., do.. 116% a 116%; ?~ W| ??"?, UV-ytft, 118X ft 118,15 OO. uw, ?<~'i registered, Janr^iy tad July, lft ? ll&%; d0* d0-> IMA, coupon, dot, 119 ? noX; d0- <,0 > 1M7' <J?"' do., 121H ? A\%- da do., 18?, do., do., 130 ft 120%; do. ten-fo^ftm, registered, 1UK ' 1M| do. do., coupon,^ a 114%; da fives, 1881, registered, 11M< ; ao. do., coupon, 116% a 116%. ' 80CTBKBN BBCIRITIBS. /Justness In Southern bonds remains Inactive, 'ftie condition of the Southern States, the action of the state Legislatures and the doubt that ha? been thrown around these several securities by Courts and public reports have produced an unhappy Influ ence, bo that while there may be many instances in which prudent investment would prodnce poul tlve results, the blight which Burrounds one or two classes of securities attaches to all, and general distrust has ensued. Hence it is that the state ment in this column from day to day presents but little change from the same old story of dulness and unconcern. The quotations recorded areas followsTennessee, ex coupon, 79% a 80; do., new, 79% a 79% j Virginia, ex coupon, 43 a 48; do. sixes, consolidated bonds, 64a 64X? do sixes, deferred scrip, 10% a 11; Georgia sixes, 77 a 81; do. sevens, SI a 93; North Carolina, ex coupon, 28 a 30; do., new, 10 a 17; do., special tax, 13 a 14; Missouri sixes, ?3% a 94; do., Hannibal and St. Joseph, 91 a 92; Louisiana sixes, 47 a 64; South Carolina sixes, new, January and July, 16% a lfl; do., do., April and October, 20 a 26; Arkansas sixes, funded, 36 a 40. STOCKS STEADY. The market or to-day cannot be said to be an im provement upon that of yesterday, although it still shows a strong and healthy tone as compared with the weakness that might have been observed a few days ago. Western Union varied only about % per cent. Erie went off a trifle, opening at 63%, selling ftB low as 82 at the close of the Second Board, but at laBt recovering to 63. New York Central fluctu ated between the extremes onoi% a 102. Lake Shore sold at 92*, 92%, 92*, 92%, 91%, 91%, recovering alter noon to 92, and clos ing steady at 82%. Rock Island opened at 110% before the call, sold at 110%, 110%, dropped to 110, then to 109%, but at the close re gained ItB firmness and its last figure was 110%. Ohio and Mississippi was steady, the vibration being only about % per cent. The same may be said of Wabash, the extremes of which were 69% . and 68%. C., C. and I. C. was also in the category. Union Pacific opened at i7%, but at the close scored an advance of 1 per cent. Delaware, Lackawanna and Western was firm at 104% a 106. Harlem sold at 132; lioston, Hartford and Erie at 2 a 2%; Illi nois Central at 110%, 111%, 112. Pacific Mail re mained in ItB speculative position as heretofore, opening at 38% and tossing about between this fraction and 39 until after one o'clock, when the price grew firmer, and closed at 39%. H1GUE8T AMD LOWEST PRICES. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stockB during the day Highest. Lowes*. New York Central 102 101% Erie ? Lake Shore 92?< 91% Wabash ?. ^ N ?rthwestern No transactions. Njrthwestern preferred 86 86 ttock Island 110% 109% St. Paul 66% St. Paul preierred 78 73 Ohio and Mississippi 41% 41% Union Pacific 28% 27% C., C. and I. C 31% 31 Western Union Telegraph 86% 86% Pacific Mall 39% 38*i in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Railroad was quoted at 110% and Reading at 117%. BALES AT THE HEW YORK 8T00K EXCHANGE. Tuesday, Jane 3?10il5 A. M. $11000 U 86'd, 81, r.bc 116% $10000 US 6's, c,'81.... 116% 4000 U8M0.C. W 121% 6000 do 116% 1600 US 6-*), C, '68.... 120% IO A. M?Before Call* 200 shg West Un Tel.... 86% 200shsL8A MS RR..s3 92% 100 Jo 85% 100 do US 92% 100 do c 86% 200 do 92% 100 uo *3 *6 . 600 uo 92% 700 Pac M SS Co 38% 100 do l>6 Bits 1000 do 38% lOOUnPacBR 27% law do 30% 100 do S3 27% 7u0 do Js?; 300 Chic A K 1 RR....C 110*. 2000 do 38% 1100 do 110% 1100 do 3S-, 800 do C 110% WW do 38$ 100 do 110$ 2300 do 38% 600 do 110% 1200 do 39 100 do s3 110% 1(0 Erie Kit 63% - #00 art 110% SOONYC4U R RR.... 101% lOOT.WAWRR b3 6*% 10O do C 1111% 300 Ollio A Aims KK.... 41', 100 do *3 101% 200 do 41% CM) do 102 100 do S3 41% 2tl0 do C 102 600 C, C A IC KK 31', 200 ao 101% 100 do blO 61% loo do b3 101% 200 do 31 First Board? 10i30 A. N. $1000 Ala 8's, '93 be 88% 300 sbs Pac M SS Co.?3 38% 8000 Brook 0's, w 1... . 9o luO do 88% 1000 N V C 6's, '83 91 100 du. 38% SIKJIi N Y C 6't, '37 ?2 2 )0 (<?. 39 2000 Mich South 2d in. 98% 100 ao I>3 39 3000 Mich Cen 8's 112% UW do s3 39 7000 U Pac 10's, Inc ... 61 800 uo 39 2H00 Alt A T 11 1st in.. 101 40 Del,L A West KR.. 104% 3000 H * St J 8's. con.. 86% 200 do b e 105 3000 B, 11 A E 1st 36 800 L S A M S RK... .be 9:% 4000 L'vllleAN coti,'9S 94 1(W ao b3 92% 70shs B'k Commerce. 116 400 do 92% 6 Am Ex Hunk 109% aH) <lo 92% 10 Metropolitan Hank 136% 100 ?lo c ?1 J* 20 Hankol Coill'wlth. 86 200 do 91% 67 Fourth Nat Hank.. 112% 200 do b3 60 Market Hank 122 100 do BO Bank of Republic.. 110 300 do 600 WestI'n Tel be W!i W? do ... 91% .*3 91% ... 91% 200 uo s'l N>% 1"0 Illinois Central RR 110*1 100 do M ?6% 100 do 111% loo do 86% 61 do 112 2 ?i do 85% 100 do be 112 ICO do C 86% aoochic A R I RK..bc 110% 1U) do c 86% 100 do 110% (XW do 85% 400 do 110% 100 .10 ?6% 200 do 110% 100 Alii M U Ex 68% 200 do I>3 110*4 10N YC A U KKR 102 100 uo 110% liW do I>c.s3 101% 9lW do 110 liW do 101% 100 do *3 110 100 do M 101% 600 do s60 110 I ml do 101% 800 do 110 6 W uo 101 % 100 do sS 109% SO0 Erie UK be.c 63% ?W do 109% 50 do : 63% 100 do c 110 300 U Pac RR be 27% 2s N J Ceil RR 106 3wi Pat- >1 SS 39), 26 do 106% 4(io do 39 40 ao be 106 )0J do 38% 100 do 105% 100 do b3 38% 100 M A ht P KR....bc 5ft-, JOO do 39 400 T, W A W KK.bc.b3 68% 15) do 38% lOOSt L A I M KR....S3 86 100 do S3 38;% 100 At A Pac pf be 24% 7iW do 38% 100 P. Ft W A C.gtd 93% 10O do 1)3 38% 100 do be 93% liw uo c 38% 4UJB, H A K 1 20!) do 38% 300Ohio A M KK be 41% SOU do 39 200 do 41', 200 do 39% 400 do fr'l 41% 300 do 39% 1I?C, C A I CRR .be.e 31% 900 do 39% aw do 31% 200 do s3 39 600 do 31 , 300 do 39 3<>> no <\ 31% UO do *3 38% 2<W do blO 31% 1100 do 38% 500 do 31% l)iilS and ?t!3 P. M. $20000 C SO'S '81, r.bc 115% $1000 US 6-20, e, '''2.... 116% 131*10 do 115% 1000 lis f-20,c, '64 llh% 7000 UM-20. C, '??!, 20000 US 6's, cur 113% Called 117% 12t:<0 P. M.?Before Call. 200 slis Pac K 88 Co... 39% 700sh? U Pacific RR... 27% 400 do 39U ?00 do 27*4 100 do i?3 39% 400 Chic A it 1 KR 110 liiOO do 39'i 900 do 110% 2UO do *3 39% 3tW Uo s3 110% 100 do S3 39 UW do 110 .i00 do 19 100 Mil A .-t P KK ii6% 11*1 West I n Tel 35% 300 <10 IA 4 2iW do 86% 100T.WAWKK 69 4IW N YC AUK RR.bJ 1111% 100 do bio 89% W)0 do 101% 201 B, II A K KK c l 3oo llarleni Kit. 132 llWOnioAM KK...blo 411, ll/O Erie KK ?3% 600 do 41% ioo do ??:;% 500 do 41-, awLPAMSKK 1>3 92 100 C, C A I C RK...b:W 31% 6(W do 92 100 do s3 31% ;>oo do *3 91% Second Board?I P. M. $7100Cen Pac Bold b. . 108% IO) shs L S A M 8 91% 7UW Un Psc 1st m 87 ioo do 92 SM) C Pac 7's, luii... 68% loo Mil A St 45% 2000 do h9 45 ( hie k Alt pi 112 7i 00 do 100 N Y C A II K.bc.s3 101% Iimhi do 69% |m 0 do 101% MSI) I'n I'ae Ill's, inc.. til % 3iW do b3 lol% 11*10 Ohio A Miss 2d in. 8v% 200 do b3 101% 6 i shs lik of Kepab..b3 111 HW do lolji 2o0 I'ae Mall Co til loo Harlem KR 132 I5IW ilo 38% 12 41% 5o,) do 3*'. Iim do s3 41% 500 do 38% .UO do ???< 1U0 3B% I00C.CA I ORR. bC 31% l?M do 39 IOO do s3 31% 700 do 1.3 39% 2o<) do b3 3l?, 700 do 7tw Un lac KK be 27% 3W) do b3 39% 2IW do s;V) 27% 100 do 39% :W0 do 27', nm Erie HK be ?2% /WO do 27% 200 do :. A3 300 Oo 2V, H?t do 62% I7S0 do 28 2MO do miO 1,2 3o0 do 28% IIM Welt Un Tel be 8.?% 1000 do 28'* 1W do 86% 4U) do bS 28% 3UO do 85% 300 do 28% 400 do 8i'? 31*1 C A It I KR. ...Abe 109% KM do s3 sft% law do 109% :<00 oo 86% M?l do 1)3 III)' 1IWLS A M ......bc.b4 91% I0J do 110 10) do hi 92 *i30 to 3 P. M. $5000 I'S 6'?, '81. C 12^% 2IWsb? On Par RR..b3 28% lOtisbs West Un'lel? 85% aw do. 28%' UW do 85% f0) do 2p',< 300 do M ^8% |i*W do 1,3 28% 4 10 do 8.7% M uo b3 2r>, WNVl * M K KK... 101% 4<W do jfeoJ ll*i Pac M SS Co 39% UW do b3 28 'i 121,0 do 39% 1201) do 2h% UW do 39% liW Chic A R I KR. ,.s3 lit) 2tW ?1" 39% 500 do 110% 700 ao 39% 400 do 110% 10,0 do 39% 2l?l Oo 110% OKI do 39% 31*1 do 110% |(?) do Ii.i 39% AO do 110% 3oO do 3v% :mw no s:i no% 11*1 no 39% 100 do 1111% 7lW do .t9% 2i*l do llO't, .'?) do 39% ItWOhloA M KK 41% Ion Erie KK t>3 400 do I>3 4i^ 2V0MilAHlPKIt M?% 300 ill; s3J 41% ML BAMS RR U 1000 do 41K 990 do IdW 2U1 do b3 41k **> do SfcW 710 G, CM 1 0 RR 31U 400 do 92S -?U do <1 SlJ* lOOTolAWab 2u0 do 31V 2UIB. HAKKK V* 200 do 31* 10U Man A 8t Jopl 64* 100 do b3 31* 100 Atlau A Pac pi 25',? CLC8IHQ FBICES?3 O'CLOCK P. M. Western Union, wu a Pittsburg...... ? *JK U * i-.xi rt-K...... 70V a 71 NortUweat'n a 88 Pacific Mall.... S9? 4 S9K N J Central.....lOftS a ?# N Y Central ...lOlg * 101 J, Rock laland 110* a Krlc 68 a 63)j 8t Paul ? ?"*" Harlem .132 ? 133 Wabaalt .. t>9 U.mIoii, II A E. 2 a 2* Ohio * Muis..... 41* a Lake Shore 92 a ' 2* C. C A 1 >; 31>, a Union Pacific.. 2S* a 88H COMMERCIAL REPORT, Cotton Qnltl?lti crlpU al the Porta, 4,840 llalea?Flour <?a let?Wheat, Corn and Oati Were Lower?Pork Firm?Lard ' Kaaler?Groceries Steady?Bast India Gooda Generally tlulet ? Petroleum Nominally Steady?Spirits Turpentine Firmer? Hoaln Dull and Baaler? Freights Strong and Tending Upward Tobacco Quiet?Seeds Inactive?Wools Steady?Whiskey Firmer. Ti'B8day, June 3?0 P. M. The merchandise markets were again dull and prices were quite generally lower. On 'Change the chief leatnre was another break in wheat, corn and oats, all of which closed at decidedly lower prices, and dull at that. Flour was a trifle more steady, but still doll. Wheat was pressed for sale and prices declined materially lower, the decline being general. There was some demand for shipment, and orders which could not be executed before were filled to-day. For forward delivery nothing was done to-day, but prices were nominally 2c. a 3c. below those paid the preceding evening. Corn was dull, and with free receipts, mostly not prime, pressed for sale at a marked decline. Oats were also dull and decidedly lower roc ail kinds. Whiskey was almost the only exception to the general dullness and depression on 'Change, prices being rather higher. There was almost no movement in pro visions, though pork was (inn tor cash. Lard was easier. Freight* were strong. Cotton wan quiet for spot, but in demand, and l-16c. per lb. better for futures. Groceries, with the exception of lugar, were quiet, but the market generally firm. Petroleum was neglected, but prices were nominally steady. Naval stores were quiet, ami while spirits rated a shade better, rosin was nominally easier. East India goods were generally quiet but Arm Wool was lu fair request, and tho market steady. Ashes.?Receipts for the past three days 23 package*. Pots have met with a fair demand, aud were steady at 98. Pearls remained entirely nominal. Building Materials.?The market for brick has been moderately active, with prices ruling steady as pre viously quoted. Lime has been rather quiet, but was auotcd steady at $1 90 for Rockland common, and $1 75 tor do. lump. Cement was unchanged, ltoaendale quoted at SI /6 per bbl. Laths were dull but steady at 92 25 for Eastern spruce. Cotton on the spot wis neglected, bnt in svmpathy with the continued upward movement in future deliveries prices assumed nominally a higher range. The appended quotations, however, show no advance. Future de liveries advanced 1-lor., and cloaed steady at the Improve ment. We sum up thus To-Day. Lart tvt'g. Total. Export ? 751 771 Consumption. 216 389 575 speculation ? ? ? Total 1,110 1,346 ?included In the above are *15 bales to arrive. For fu ture delivery (basis low middling)) the sales have been as followsHales last evening alter 3 o'clock?June, 300 at 18 27-32c., 300 at lK^c.t 100 at 18 13-16c, 100 at 18 27-32c.; July, 1,400 at 19 1-16C., 200 at 10 3-32c., luo at 19V-J August, 1,000 at 19V- Total, 3,300 bales. Rales to-day up te 3 P.M.?June, lflll at 18V.. 600 at ls 15 16c., 100 at l?Tjc., 200 at 18 29 32c . S00 at 18 IM6c., l.HOO at lHJ.c.; July, 100 at l?3-32c? 200 at 19SC., too at 19 5-32c., 100 at 19*c., 600 at 19 3-lfic., 100 at 19 S-32c., 1,000 at 19 3-16c., 800 ut I9V-. 800 atl9 5-32c., BOOat 19',C.,300at 198-32c., 100 at 19V, 100at 19 316c.; August. 3tt)atl9V., 400at 19 8-16c., 900 at 19.'4c., 1 20" at 19 9.32c., 300 at 19'4c., 2U0 at 19 816c., 400 at 19 9-Slc.,' 1,000at 19 M6c., 300 at 19 9-32c., 300at 19 V, 1<W at 199.32c.. 300 at I9V. 100 at 193-16c.. 800 at 19'4c., 900 at 19 7-32c., 800 > at 19,1jC. ; September, 100 Ht 16 1-I6c.. 100 at 18V-> 200 at l?'4c., 100 at 18 V, 100 at 18 5 32c., 100 at 18V-j Octol>er, 400 at 17Vc.; November, 300 at 17 V* ? 100at 17 18-32c. Total, 16,800 bales. Grand total. 19,300 bales. The receipts at the ports were as follows:?Galveston, 182 Dales; New Orleans, 2,383; Mobile, 221; Savannah, 029; Charleston. 292; Wilmington, 16: .Norfolk. HS8; New York, 280. Total, 4,840 bales. This day last week, 8,681 bales. This day last year, 2,165 bales. Rates on cotton closed nominally steady at the following flgures:?To Havre, by steam, lc.; hall, lc., compressed; to Hamburg by steam, Jjd., com pressed ; to Bremen, by steam, lc.; to Liverpool, 5-16d.; aail, 5-16d. We quote VvUintlt. Alnhtuna. H. Orleans, Texas. Ordinary 14J? 14'* 14',* 14'4 Good ordinary 16'4 16'. 16J, i?'. Strlctgood ordinary. 17*4 171, 17!i 17* Low middling 18*4 18* 18* is*.. Middling 19* IP* 19$i 20 Good middling 21'4 21* 21 $ 22 ?Thy quotations are bated on cotton in store, running in duality not more than halt a grade above or below the grade quoted. Corrxa.?'Tht market remained oulet for all descrip tions, with prices ruling steady. From the outports we heard of sales of 3,000 baga of Rio, ex Yamovden, at Balti more,.aud 4,008 bags do., ex. Lena, at New Orleans, both on private terms. Messrs. William Scott ft Sons * in their circular of this date), report the stock of Rio in the I'nited States as follows:?Galveston, 8.000 bags; New Orleans, 4,IU6; Charleston, 1,5'H; Baltimore, 24,926; Hampton Roads, 4.000; New York, 75.883. Total, 118,014 bags. We quote:?Rio?Ordinary cargoes, 17Xc. a 18?4c.: fair cargoes 18^c. a 18J?c.: good cargoes, 19c. a 19>4e.; prime cargoes. 19)?c. a lx^c.: extreme range for Iota, 17V. a 19V" gold. P*r ll?-. 60 a 90 days' credit; Java (government bags), 20>jc. a 21 ?:<: ; do. (grass mats), 21c. a 22c ; Singapore, do.,17c. a I80. ;< evlon, 18i,<'. a 19'4c.; Maracalbo. l8Sc. a 19V-; 1-aguayra, 19c. a 19V l Ja maica, 18c. a 15k\ ; St. lJomtngo, I6>.c.; Porto Rico, 19c. a 19V-; Costa Rica, 18V. * 19V.; Mexican, l8Vc- a 19c. ; Manila, 18c. a 18 V. ; Angostura, 18.V a 19c.: 8avanil la, 18V- a 19c.; Curacoa, 18;,c. a 19c., gold, 60 a 90 dava' credit. Flour and Grain.?Receipts?Flour, 12,089 bbls.; wheat, 225,140 bushels; corn, X19.0HU do. ; corn meal, 2,686 bbls. and 200 bags; oats, 41.9.VJ bushels; hurley, 500do. The Hour market was rather more steady but the demand was only moderate. The sales. Including ull kinds, loot up about 9,250 bbls., at prices within the range of the sub Joined quotations. Corn meal wasdull, but not materially changed In value. The sales were confined to 200 bhla. of Western yellow, at >3 28. on the dock. Feed remained quiet and exhibited no change in prices trout tho->e pre viously quoted. Our flour quotations are as follows :? No. 2 State *400 a 8 25 Superfine State 5 90 a 6 26 Extra State 685a 700 Choice State 7 25 a 7 78 Superfine Western 8 90 a 6 28 Extra Western. 6 88a 700 Extra Minnesota 7 25 a 8 75 Round hoou Ohio, shipping brands 675 a 700 Round hoop Ohio, tradir brands 7 25 a 825 Family 8 so a 10 28 sl Louis, low extra 700 a 7 25 SL Louis,straight extra. 77oa 825 St Louis, choice double extra B7Si 9 60 St. Louis choice fuuiilv 10 00 a 12 00 California 8 75 a 975 Rye flour 4 00a 540 Southern No. 2. 4 00 a 528 Southern superfine 8 78 a 630 Southern extra 7(H) a 900 Southern family 9 50nll.V> Corn'meal, Western 3 15 a 3 45 Corn meal, Jersev 3 15 a 3 45 Corn meal. Hrandywine 360a 3b6 Baltimore 4 401'. o. b. Caloric 3 60 a 36) Puncheons. 1800 f. o. b. ?The wheat market opened with a rather steadier tone, but closed decidedly lower, with free offerings and a limited demand. The sales (part last evening; were about 175,000 bushels at (1 42 a )1 47 for Inferior Spring, $1 47 a >1 SO for No 3 Snnng, 91 80 a $1 54 for No. 2 Chicago. >1 58 a 91 57 for No. 2 Milwaukee (Including cur lots at $1 59i, 91 55 (last evening) for do. to arrive all .Tunc Wluter wheat was neglected and nominal. Corn wasdull and accidedly lower, especially for inferior cHnai. The sales since our last report toot up 130,000 bushels at 54c. a Nr. tor warm ami steamer mixed, 59c. a 60l,c. for sail do . 63 V a 64.V- ,or h'gh mixed to yellow uud 71c. for white Western. Barley was dull?2.800 bushels of damaged ?dd for feed at 68c. Oats were also decidedly lower, but In lair demand at the decline. Sales Itf.trf) bushels at ?#V a 47c. for black, 45c. a 47V- <(,r Interior mixed. 47V- ,or interior State mixed. 4.8c a BOc. lor western mixed, 5'Jc. a 53c. for common white ami He, lor choice do. Rye was dull and nominal at96c. lor Western and 97c. lor Canada, in bond. KRr.i<,HTs.?Berth freights were quiet, in consequence o; the scant supply of accommodation, but the market was strong, and rates {particularly tor grain), tended up ward. 1 lie charterinu demand "continued quite brisk, but husineso wa? interrupted, owing to the insufficient supply ot tonnage Market very firm. The engagements were :?lo Liverpool, bv steam. 30,000 bushels ot grain at 10V' a lid . ; 180 lioxes bacon at 40s. ; Sol) boxes cheese at Mis., and by sail, 22,50(1 bushels ot uraln on private terms; 2(0 tons of oil cake, in bans, at 25a.. 600 tons ot sirup, at 2*s. To London, by sail, 30,000 bushels of grain at9'4d. a I'M ; 1,300 bhla. ot flour at 3a. I'.d. To Glasgow, by steam. IU0 boxesof bacon at 40a., and 2.UU0 boxes cheese at.'sK To Antwerp, bv ?ail. 1.2110 bushels of grain, in ships hags, at 12d.; u> Bremen, by sti am, 22,500 hii'hels of gram at 11<1. The charters comprise ?An Italian hark, hence to a di rect continental port. 3,400 quarters grain, at 8s.; an Italian bark (relet), hence to Cork lorordersto the United Kingdom, 3.000 quarters grain, at Ha.; a British bark, hence same voyage, 2.700 quarters grain, on private terms: an American bark, hence to Leunorn, 2,00(1 bbl*. refined pe trolcum, at 7s. 3d ; an American bark, hence to Havre, 2,I*M bbls. naphtha at 7s.; a British bark, to arrive, hence to Live rpool. 2,800bbl?. refined petroleum, at 6a.; a British bark, to arrive, with empty oil barrels at Is 7V ? ul"' hack to a port between Havre and Hamburg, from I'lnla dclplua, with 2,700 bbls. retlned petroleum, at 6s. 6d. other charters were pending, but not lu condition lo re port. Gu.sNt*a?Kor domestic cloth the market was tlrm and the demand much better. Sales since our last include i.iilO rolls on private term*. 25o rolls at 13V< and 280 rolls al 13V-. cash. Bags Kiltin suiail Iota at full priccs. We quote r?Lomegtlc cloth, 13c. a 13',c tor Ught and heavy weights; Calcutta cloth, 3V-< gold, in bond ; bags, 14V a 15c. liKSP iXD Jutk.?There has been no Improvement In the condition oft he market tor hemp, it having remained dull and nominal. Manila quoted at 10c., gold? Jute was Inactive, but nominally steady al 2V-a 4%c . gold. Jule ) butts were only in moderate demand anil prices a shad c easier. Sales since our last 280 bales at 2c., currency, sixty daya; and .'>00 bales at l)ic., currency, cash. Closing at I V. a IV ? lliv isii Straw.?The supply ot hay is in excess of the demand, and prices consequently tend in the buyer's tavor. Straw was in fair demand and steady. >Ve quote :?Prime hay, 924 a 9-6 per ton: good do., 9?"0 a per do.; shipping hay, llrsl qtialitv. $bl a $17 do.: com mon, 9") a 912 do.; clover, 9)4 a 916 do.; lomr rye straw, 921 a $ii do., short do.. 914 a 916 do., and uat,910a9l2 do. Ilors.?There has been a slight improvement in the demand, t nt as vet, however, purchases sparingly and only to supply their Immediate wants. Prices exhibit no essential change. We quote state, 40c. a 80c.; Eastern and W estern, A-, a 45e.; California, 48c. a 58c. ; Bavarian, 4sc. a 80c.; hnglish, 30c. a 38c.. and Belgian, 25c. a 30c. Molissks. ? We have nottiing new to note in this branch of trade, the market continuing very quiet and prices steady. We quo.S:?New crop--Cuba, centrlnigal and mixed, 18c a Be.; do. claved, 29k;. a 31c.; do. musco vado, refining, 30r. a 32c , do. do., grocery, 33c. n 48c.: Porto Rico, Jfte. a 00c.; hug isli Islands, 28c. u 80i .; New Orleans, ;.8r a Nkr. Navai. stushs.?For spirits of turpentine the marks! wae steady under ? Mr demand, and closed with con siderable flrmnta at <6c? with little or no offering* at thai price. The sale* comprise 1M bbla. at 46jkc., 120 at tfc., 100, to arrive, at 46e., anil 106 bbla, to arrive, on pri vate term*. Rosin was dull and the market weak. Hi rained quoted nominally at <3 lit ? $3 lft We have only to report aalei of 500 bbla of No. 1 at 9? 28l Tar wan quiet and unchauged. salea. 140 bbls. oi Washington at H Oils.?Linseed ha* been quiet, trade being confined to unimportant lobbinc lots. Crude sperm and whale were quiet, and offered lreely at the submitted quotauon.. Menhaden wa> quiet and steady. Crude cotton wed wan

in light lupply and tlrmly held. We quote: ? Linseed, ?Cf. a 91, in casks, and $1 a $1 01 in bhls. Crude aperm, ? I 50; natural Winter. 91 a ?7e a ?1,7.); bleached, .)I 72 lor Northern, Mc lor Southern, 70i'. u>r natural Winter, and He. n 78c. lor bleached. Lard, 7V. * 78c. lor prime Winter, and 73c. lor present makes. Menhadcu, Mc. a Stic, for M lccted light, aiul 64c, chuice brown, ('rude cotton Pktkoueuh.?On 'Change to day the market for refined remained quiet and weak ut the decline noticed yester day. quoted at I9%c. lor spot or nrst half oi month. Crude, in bulk, wat inactive, but quoted steady at 8%c a 9c. Cases were quiet but steady at'25c. a 26%c. Napntha met with a light inqnlry, and wax Ann at lie. all We Reports Ironi the Creek were of a quiet market. Oil City quoted at 9^- .V), Titunville at 92 Ml, Petroleum Centre and Rouseville at 92 30. and I'arker's at 9* 30 a 92 35. The Philadelphia market wat still ctTill - n?0neJ quoted at 19'4c Males were made late yesterday In New York of 1000 bbls. ot retltied. *pot, at I9*.c., ami 6:000 bbls. for June at 19'jc. To-dav we heard ot a *ale of l,0H0 bhls. ot refined, seller's option, balance of the year, at 18%c. I'ltovisioNs.?Receipts?Pork, 621 bbls.; cut meats, 301 packages; lard, 483bbls and tierces. For mess pork the market was steady, but the demand only moderate. We heard of sales ol 70 bbls., in mbbiug lot*, at 91(1 M) a 916 621,; 400 bills., tor export, a i 916 i2>t, cash, net; 250 bbls., sellers July, at $lf> 75; .Mki bbls. for da. last evening, at 916 65; 15 bhls. ol extra prime iiicm at 914 and 45 hid*. Of clear mess at 918 ti2t$. Bacon continued dull, anil. In the absence ol sales ol any m incut, prices were eutlrelv nominal; quoted at 8',,c a8%c. for long clear and ?Je a9'4c. for short do. Heel remained quiet, but the market was steady In a lobbing way about*) packages wore placed, at price* within the range ol 99 Ml a SI 1 for new plain mess, bbla, 912 a 911 for do. extra iiicsh, bids., 921a 922 for do. prime mess, tierces, and $23 a 925 tor do. India mess, tierces. Beet hams were dull, bin prices nominally steady, at 925 a 931 lor Southern and Western; sales Ml bbfs. Cut nieata?The market still remained quiet tor all description!, but price* were not cs entlallv changed. Hales were reported ot 500 pickled hams, lilt, lbs. average, at lil%c. i 10 tierces ut do. at 12c.; l.oto smoked hams at ''Hjy ? 1*<\ ; 800 do. shoulders ut 8kc.: 7,1**1 lbs. of pickled bellies, 11 a 14 lbs. average. at8kc. a 9c.; 3,500 lbs. of da, 12 lbs. average, ut 8Vc. Lard?The market for Western wu* quiet and a shade off; round Iota were generally held at 8 15-16c. cash, with 8%c. refused. The sales Include .'15 tierces, off I11 grade, at 8%'c.; 1.000 do. for June at 9c., 1,000 do. for July at 9'4c., and 500 do. for July, In Chicago at H.HOc.; city sold to the extent of 2i*l tierces at 8%c. Dressed hogs were stead at 6>.c. a 7%c- tor the range of city. Kick.?There baa been a fair lobbing trnde, both for do mestic and foreign, with prices ruling steadv. The sales sum np about 40 tierces of Caroliua at7Uc. a 8>,c.. and 226 bags of Rangoon at ?%c. a 7c * Saxn*.?The market lor linseed has been very quiet, bnt holders insist on full prlcea 111 the absence of sales we quote, nominally, 92 70 a 92 75, gold. Clover sold in a small way and was steady ut 8kc. a 9c. Timothy was quiet, but firm, at 94 50. Hough flax was ncg.ccied and nominal at 92 25 a 92 40. Stka kink.?Market generally quiet, but firm. Sales 30 tierces of Nix 1 at 9c., and <J0 do. of prime at 9%c. Scoail?Business In raw throughout the general mar ket was moderate, but prices exhibited no material change. Kales were reported of 600 hlids. of centrifugal at8%c., 325 hlids, of do. on private terms, and 200 do. do. at 9c. Retlned was iu limited demand and not essentially chauged In price. We quoteCuba? Refining, inferior to common, 7c. a 7J?c.; lair to good lair, 7%c. a 7%c.; giasl to prime, 8c. a 8%c.; gro cery, talr to good, 8%c. a 8%c.; prime to choice, 8%c. a 9c.; centrifugal, hlids. aud boxes, 8%c. a 9*4C.; molasses, hlids. and boxes, 6\c. a 7%c.; melado, 4c. a tic. Havana?Boxes? Dutoh standard. No*. 7 to 9, 7c. a 7*ac.; do. 10 to 12, 8c. a B),c.; do., 13 to 15, 8%c. a 9<4c.; do., 16 to J8.9>.c-a 10c.; do., 19 to *?, 10a I0%c.; white, 9^c. a 10%c. Porto Rico?Refining, common to prime, 7c. a B',c.; grocery, lair to choice, 8^c. a 9*?c. Brazil?Dutch standard, No*. 8 to 12. 6%c. a 8Uc. Java?Dutcn standard, Noa 10 to 12. 8Wc. a 8%c. Manila?Superior aud extra su perior, 7c. a 7%c. Tobacco.?The demand has been light slncc our last, for all descriptions, hut prices have sbown no apprecia tive changes. The sales reported Includ :-6u cases of seedleaf sundries, crop 1870, at 9c. a 10c.; 75 cases of Connecticut, crop 1871. at 40c. a 50c.; 80 cases of Penn sylvania do. at private terms; 44 cases of Ohio, crop 1872, at 6c.; 30 do. of Wisconsin at 6c.; 200 hlids. of Kentucky at 8c. a Uc., and 200 bales of Uavana at from 85c. to 91 02%c. Tallow.?The market was about steady, and the de mand moderate. Sales 60 bbls. at 8%c., 20U tierces at 813-16c. and 20,000 lbs. at Iroiu 8c. a 9c. tor common to prime. Wmaaar.?Receipts, 310 bbla. The market opened steady, with sales ol 400 hbls. at #4c., hut subsequently closed firmer, and 50 bbls. were placed at 94%c. '! Wool?The market bus been moderately active and ? prices ruled very steudy for all descriptions. The sales since our last have been:?10,000 lbs. of Michigan and Uhlo fleecc at 52c.. 10,000 lbs. of scoured mixed fleece at from 60c. to 90c., 10,000 lbs. of black Colorado at 19*ic , 6,000 lbs. Mexican wool at 20c., 3.i)u0 lbs ot black Texas at 19c.. 380 bales ot Spring California at B%c. a 38c., 150 bags of super and extra pulled at 39c. a 48c., 30.U10 lbs. ol XX and choice fleece, 8,000 lb*. of Mlchlgau, 6,000 lbs. of Ohio and Western fleece, 10.000 lba of Spring California, 4,500 lbs. of Oregon, 2,800 lbs. oCOeorgla, 7,000 lbs. of Texas, 61 bales of Fall California, 47 bags ot super and extra pulled, 5 bags ot lambs' wool, all on private terms, and 50 bults of Cape at 34c. ^ DOMESTIC MARKETB, _ ... Oaivmtoit, June 3,1873. Cotton firm: good ordinary, M.Vic. a 14%c. Net receipt* 182 bales. Exports?To Ureat Britain. 600; coastwise 697. Sales, 600. Stock, 35,179. ? . ?<? N*w Obi-kans, June 3, 1875. Cotton?Demand limited; middlings, 18c. a 1m'4c. Net receipts, 2,?h3 bales; gross, 2,407. Mxports?To Uie Conti nent. 1.U96; coastwise, 2,094. nales, HUO; last evening, 1,900. Stock, 93,380. Mobile, June S, 1873. Cotton firm; market bare of cotton; low middlings 16%c. a 16V.; middlings, 17%c. Net receipts, 221 bales. Exporte?Coastwinc, 182. Sales, 6U0. Stock, 22,805. Savannah, June 3. 1873. Cotton firm; middlings, 18}.c. Net receipts, 629 bales. Sales, 589. Stock, 16,627. - . ,, OnAttMTON.Jane 3, 1873. Cotton qniet: middlings, I8c. Net receipts, 292 bales. Sales, 100. Stock, 17.27L Brrrn o, N. T., June 3, 1873. lake and rail imports for llim last twenty-lour hours Flour, 12,000 bushels; wheat, 74,888 do.; corn, I58,tr2.^ do.; oalj, 5.3,7511 do.; barley, 5.60H do.; rye, 10.200 do.; peas, 300 do. Canal shipments? Wheat. i:<0,t?47bushels;corn,6t>,200 do.; oaU>, 14,850 do.; barley, Ki,Hl0do. Railroad export! ? Wheat, W.5I0 bushels; corn, 56,262 da; oats, 65,850 do.; barley, 5,600do. t^anal freights?Wheat, lie.; corn, Ilk-.. oats. 6,',c a S?4c.; staves, 92 25; pltie lumber 95 50a 95 75 per m. Flour quiet; sale* of Western Spring at 97 25 a 98; bakers', 97 75 a 98 26; amber. 98 50 a $!? 26; white, 99 Mia 910. Wheat dull: sales of small lots Milwaukee No. 1 Spring at 91 48 a 91 49; quoted Milwaukee No. 2 spring. It \f\ Chicago No 2 do., 91 38 a 91 .'19; white Canada, 91 75 a 91 9(X; white Michigan. 91 80a 91 98. Corn dall: sales 2,0110 bushels No. 2 at 4? a 47>^c.; 2.IW do. per sample in lota at 4flc. a 47c. Oats quiet; sale! 5,000 bushels Chicago No 2 at 41c. a 42c. Barley steady at 96e. a 98c. for Canada 90c. a 95c. lor No. 1 Western, 84c. a 8Hc. for two-rowed State, 95c. for tour-rowed do. Rve nominally 8y Barley malt firm, ut 91 a 91 10 lor Western; 9l~IOa91 15 for prime Winter Western, 91 20 u 91 25 for Canada. Rye malt held at 95c. . Oswkijo, June .3,187.3. Flonr steady and unchanged; sales ol 1.000 bhls. at 9s 50 for No. 1 r-priiig. 99 50 lor amber Winter, $10 50 for while Winter, $fl tor double extra. Wheat dull; sales white Canada at 94 04. and car lots of No. 1 Milwaukee club at 91 62^. Corn quiet; sales ol car lots at56c. Rve and peas quiet. Com meal. $1 25 for bolted, 91 20 tor un bolted. tier cwt. Mill leed uiicham.'cd ; shorts, $18 a 919 shipstufls, 919 a 920; middlings 9-0 a $21 per ton. Canal freights?Wheat, 8c.; corn and rve, 7'sc. to New York lumber, 93 50 to the Hudson and 9i 50 to New York Rail road freights?Flour, to Philadelphia, tiOc.; to Boston. 80c ; to New York, 40c.; foAlttauy, Troy and Schenee tady, :A-. Receipts by lake?18,700 bushels wheat, 52,1*10 of lumber. Shipment* by canal?4,200 bushels coru, 8,000 do. rye, 7,800 do. peai, 2,661,000 leet of lumber '* ' * *. Cmrlfl#, JuneS, 1873. Flour dull and easier, hut n?l probably lower. Wheat dull, lower and unsettled ; sales of No. I Spring at 91 30 a 91 31 for hard; No. 2 do. at91 24 spot; $1 23. seller June; 91 22'4. seller July; No. 3 do., 9> 18; rejected, 96c. hid. Corn In fair demand and loner; sales of No. 2mixed reg ular at MJic. spot, or seller June; 9?Uc. bid; 40<-. asked, seller Julv; 42c. nellcr August: rejected. 36c. Oat* active, lower and unsettled : 28>ic. hid for No. 2. cash or seller June; I0),c. bid. seller July Kye quiet and weak at 68c. foi No. 2. Barley dull and nominul. Provisions quiet and weak. Pork lower at >15 55 a 915 63*4 etiot, or seller June; $15 90 seller July. Lard quiet aud unchanged; sales at $8 80, aeller July. Whiskey?An advance ashed but none established ; sales at WOc. Freights active and higher; corn to Huffalo. 5V. Receipts-Jt.OOObbla. flour. bushels wheat, 121,0*1 do. corn, ItiJ.OOi do. oat.s. and 4.000 do rye. Shipment*?H,000 bids. Hour. 5h,i**j bushels wheat. 164,000 do. coru, 61,000 oats, I.UOOdo. rve, und 1,1**) do. bariey. THE PE0VIDENCE FEINTING CLOTHS MAR ' KET. PttoviDENCK. R. t, June 3,1873. Printing clo%i stead v at 6\c- ? ??'ac. lor 64 hy i?, as last qiioh d EUROPEAN MARKETS, I.ONUON Montr Markkt.?Uimm. Junr S?5 P M.? Consols closed at 92's for money ex-internst. United States five-twenty bond*, ls67's 9*>?; Krle Railway share! 49'^. Consols opened at 92H for fne account. e*-lnterest. I'nited States five-twenty minds, l?6>'s. oUI. 91'? ; 18 7's. MS teti tornes, 88%; new fives, 89?? and hrie Itailway shares, at 49%. Pabu Booaaa.?Pattm, June 3?p. MReates, vif 811.?. LivaarooL UiiiAosTcrrs Maiikkt.?l.ivBBrooi^ June 3?5 p M.?The receipts of com lor the past three days have been 9.1**1 quarters, Includlag 8,t**l American. The re relpts ot wheat lor the nasi three day* have been 24.1**) quarters, including I7.UM American. Ihe market is steadv. Wheat I la Id. a 12s.3d. per cental for red Western Sprtnir. Flour 27s. a 28s (id. per bid. lor Western. London Prodi 1 k Mabbrt.?I/Ondon. June 3?r.vening.? Spirits Turpentine 36s. per cwt. flNANCIAI.. August bki.mont a oo.. Hankers, IP and il Nassau streef, issue Travellers' Credit!, available 111 ail parts of Ihe World, through the Messrs. I)F, ROTHSCHII.D and their correspondents. Also Commercial Credits and telegraphic transfer* of money on California, Kuropc and Havana. k ?UPMJT A BAEIjKY, 74 BROADWAY. BltOKKRS jV, in Mock and tiohl Privileges.?9I0O tor put or call lor 100 shares, $125 tor 950,1**1 gold; first class names. Explanatory circular, with practical illustrations and relerences, mailed to any address. At rkasonabIjK ratks? monky on i<ifk and Kndowment Iniurauee Policies, .Mortgages and ether securities. insurance of all kinds effected with best companies. J. J. IIABRICH a ?;??.. 117 Broadway. A-TKCST MONKY 40IT PAID IN TO LOAN AND . buy Mortgages on City Heal Estate. In sums to suit; 110 bonus. Address TKI'MTKh, Imx 2,t>8l Poet office, N Y. \ ?MoNKY TO LOAN ON BOND <NI> MORTllAllE . in New York, Brooklyn and New Jersey Princi pals only apply to SAMUEL S. WOOD, Jr., 125 Broadway, room 10. A RICH MAN CAN INVEST 9I#,I**? IN A WAY THAT will give him more pleasure than -Saratoga or Branch by buying a Trout Farm, of 53 acres, and over a million brook trout, of MYRON PAIDEE, Oswego, N. Y. All f8monn DMiRons or procuring monry on good eecond, call Immediately on J H. SICII TKN STEIN, 183 Broad?ay ; 1 will satisty you; rate! tour to seven per cent, to cover. AT REASONABLE RATES? MONEY ON LIFE AND Kndowment Insurance Policies. Mortgages and other Securities. Iniurauee ol all kinds elleclcd with l>est companies. .1. J. IIABKICII A CO., 117 Broadway. LIOR BALK?Al A I 1RKKAL DIS( Ol'NT, A SECOND P Mortgage ol 94,1*0 on lightly encumbered properly near Ogdeushuru, s. V. ; luii abstract, appraisal, Ac.. Address, r LEW Iv, at Lcgpett A Moims' caiio?: rutins, Chatham street, N, Y. A r FlWAWClAlj. BANKING HOUSE of JAY OOOKK A CO. No. 20 Wall 8tb*bt, Nbw Yob?. Tlie Northern I'aciflc Railroad Company haying deter mined to close iu 7-30 First Mortgage Cold Loan at an aggregate not exceeding thirty million dallars, and thereafter to pay no higher rate of Intereit than 6 per cent on further issue of Its bonds, the limited remainder of the 7 3-10 loan is now being disposed of through the usual agencies. Aa the boudsol this issue are made receivable in pay ment for the Company* land* nt 1.10, they are In constant and Increasing demand for this purpose, and will con tinue to be alter the loan is closed?a fact which much enhances their value and attractiveness as an invest ment The Company has more than 900 miles of It* roaa built and In operation, has earned title to nearly ten million acres of its land grant, and sales of lauds have thus far averaged $5 60 per acre. All marketable securities are received In exchange Tor Northern Paciflcs at current rates. JAY COOKE A CO. Ill AVK $10,000 TO LOAN ON OOOU IMPROVED Property; no bonus: lawyer's fees and commission only ; also, other Hums; $4,000 lor Hrooklvu. JOHN W. WOODWARD, 183 Broadway. IOANS ON LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES AND J othrr securities, in largo and small amounts, at 85 Liberty street, up stairs. Mobile and ouio railroad company. Mobilk, May 27, 1873. Whereas the stockholders, at their meeting on the 17th day of April, 1873, requested the directors to Increase the capital stock li.v an Issue of one new sliaro for each share now existing, upon the payment of 25 per cent in oash; and Whereas the directors have prescribed that said 28 per cent shall lie called for iu the following instalments, on 1st July 1873 $5 1st November, 1N73? 10 1st January, 1874 5 1st April, 1874 .. 5 Therefore resolved. That the transfer books of this company shall be closed on Monday, the 16th day of June next, tor the purpose of determining who are entitled to the new stock, allotments of which will be made in ac cordance with the record ot stockholders ol that date, and which can be sold or used at pleasure. The transfer books shall be reopened on Ttiosdav, the lMh day of July next, at which time transler books will also be opened in the city of New York, at tlio ufflcu of Duncan, Sherman A Co. By order of the Board of Directors. A. L. WILLOUGHBY. Secretary. Notice is hereby given that upon the ap. plication of the undersigned, pursuant to chapter l&lofihe Laws of 1873, an order has been made by the Supreme Court, at a special term thereof, held at the Court House, in the city of New York, on the 29th day of May. 1873. that a new certificate of stock be Issued by the New York Central and Hudson Klvcr Railroad Company to the undersigned, in place of one heretofore issued to them by said company for one hundred shares of the capital stock of said company, bearing date on or about the 12th day of January, 1870, and numbered 2,001, unless the lawflil owner of said certificate shall present the same at the tranifer office of said comnauv, iu the city of New York, on or before the expiration of three weeks from the tlrst publication of this notice. CAMMANN A CO. OFFICE OF THE FARMERS' LOAN ANI> TRUST Company, 26 Exchange place, corner William street. The annual election for nine Directors of this Company will be held at this office on Tuesday, the 10th day of June next. The poll will be open from 12 o'clock M. to 1 o'clock P. M. GEO. P. FITCH, Secretary. Nrw Yokk, May SI, 1873. TO INVESTORS?THREE NOTES FOR SALR, OF $12,(KM each, at one, two and three years respectively; perfect security and literal discount. JOHN S. KWUN. 39 Nassau street, room 17. onn $3,000 $5,1)00 AND $10,IKW ESTATE money to loun on Bond and Mortgage on Improved property In New York or Brooklyn. OEOROE B. WALTON, No. Pine street. _ d?/4 AAA WANTED?ON FOUR LOTS, LOCATED ?J) I.i FUU on best street in Brooklyn ; tlrst mortgage ; lots worth $20,0J0. Address CARLTON, box 220 Herald office. dfcr: nnfl WANTED-first mortgage, three years, on three story brown stone bouse, iu most desirable partol Brooklyn. Address B. H. 8., Herald office. <I*n;n aaa wanted?for a term ok years. ?P?J\/.tFVM7 on live hundred lots in the cltv of New ark, with improvements; valued at $175,000. It. H. JOHNSON, 55 Dey street. dbf'O nnn pw 9u,o9o, $10,000. $10,000, $3,000? >IIUU.UUU. To loan on Mortgage ; First anil Second Mortgages cashed. HINMAN A SON, 25 Pine street AAA|TO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE, ON I tJ.UUU vacant Isits, on Tenement Property, anil on Columbia College or other good leasehold. W. I>. A F. BARTLES, "si Wall street. Al OC AAA TO LOAN-ON BOND AND MORT ?P gage, without bonus, for a term of years, on real estate iu this citv. JOHN F. CONREY, 162 Broadway, room 9. ii nnn-R,r oNR oR more capitalists, ?Jp 1?JU.UUU III cash or Its equivalent, for two-thirds of the amount, for a thirtv per cent interest in the right of an extraordinary and valuable lilYfjiyyU: L'alttJKc as needed, forming pari ot $J5O,00i) cash raidlAi, earn ing from 30 to SO per cent per annum: reference folic satisfactory in every respect. Address W. II. R., box I'ost office. ?til *n nnn T? loan-in sums to slit, with ?PJ?/U.vM/U out bonus; $200,000 to buy Mortgsgcs where owners will pitv goo I bonus tor Immediate cash. PAL'L P. TODD, .'kS Liberty street. <f> |A/i nnn to loan <>n new tore, brook ipiUU.UUU lvn and Westchester Real Estate, In sums to suit; no bonus required ; term of years. C. E. WILLIS, Moutauk Insurance Company, ltw Broadway. C0P\?iT\i:usniP.4. fTUKE NOTICE-THAT THE COPARTNERSHIP 1 heretofore existing between David Kauliuan and Herman Dale, under the firm name of D. Kauiman A Co., ha* been dissolved by mutual consent, and that tho sub scriber has no further cotinedion with the business nor liability on account ot the same. HERMAN DALE. N h w York, June S, 1873. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE THIS DAY ASSOCIATED themselves together for the purpose of transacting .1 general commission business under the firm names of A I'll 11 K BARNWELL A CO., Charleston: ISAAC BELL, Jn? A CO , New York and Savannah. Altrill It BARNWELL (late of Gibbes A Hum well). Nkw Yokk, June 2, 1873. ISAAC BELL, Jk. A COLLISION IN THE BAY. ? Tlie Vlllc du II ivrc Hnm Down the liurk Curacoa, As the steamship Vlllc ile Havre, of the French linei was entering the Lower Bay early yesterday morning, she collided with the bark Curacoa, lying at anchor In the Swash channel, and sunk her. The officers, crew and two passengers on liourd the brig were nlcaed up and brought to this city. The steamer reversed her engines and stood hv until all on board were taken off tlie sinking vessel. The Coast Wrecking Company were at once engaged to raise the bark, and Captain Merritt proceeded to the scene of the disaster in person. The cargo, which j consists ol West India goods, will lie greatly damaged, ' much being rendered worthless by the water. The utmost j expedition will be exercised in raising the vessel. The captain of the bark Curacoa. George B. Loekhart* makes the following statement:?"We arrived irom : Curacoa und came to anchor about nine P. M., in the j Swash channel, near the Rhomer beacon. The weather 1 was calm, clewed up and luri d part of the sails. Tlie anchor lights were displayed and anchor watch was set About fwo In the morning the steamer Ville du Havre s ruck lis on the starboard bow, causing tlie bark to sink within fifteen minutes. The boats were launched. Tho two passenger* were put on board the steamer. I then returned to the scene ol the wreck, saved the pspers and most ol the money. I came to the city in the tug Mike Norton. The pilot who was on hoard, John CorwTii. Jr., of pilot boat No. ?i, will make ontli that our lights were all set, and that wc were anchored in a sale place." Mr. lien ler-oii. the pilot on tlie Mile du lln>r<.'. malic* the lollowll g sta'einent : ? "Or u<a*inK sandy Hook I saw a number of livhts In fie neighborhood of the southwest Spit, und decided to go up through tlie Swash channel Iu order to avoid milking two or three turns with a large steamer like tho Ville du Havre. I saw nothing in Hie way, and could s? e the lights on the Hoiltal ship quite p a nly. The louk out on tlie Krcncli stean er is always ol the best, two men were n the Imiws. Tlie captain and two lieut< n tuts were on the lir d with me, 1 ney did not see any lights. Mr Mons II. t>f Ituell, who man on tie k at the llo.e, did not see any iiklit. I w:.s using the glasses with thu greatest care, when all at owe I descried a large dark obiect right ahead. The eii-tin S were r'versed imme i' a ely and the helm put down, so that the steauiei only S'nck the bark n glan intc blow on the starboard bow. xur boats were lowered at on e and the steamer backed down lo the bark. I am very glad that no lives were lost.'' HEAL ESTATE, Miss Nellson. the actress, completed yesterday another purchase, throuuh John Met'lave, of two lots on the north east corner of the Grand Boulevard and Eighty.first street, each 25x?5 feet and one lot sd oiniog, north side, on Eighty-first slreet, iftxl(X), for $45 W0 cash. Rlker, Hesse A Co. report the sale cl the mansion and cottage and shout five acres oi land at Wliwate an I Webster avenues, Huguenot Park, New Rochelle, for $5U,U0.i. L. M. Gibson, auctioneer, reports a pub Ile sale held on Monday of lots No*. 14, 15, 16 and 17. block No. 1. fronting on /.abriskle street and Nelson avenue, to G. (from'bevel, lor $3,525; lot IM, fronting on 7.abri>llic street, to Mr. I . Kellers, for $900. lots 19. 20, 21, 22 and 2:1, block No. 1, troiiiing on t'olumliia avenue uu l /.ibriskie slieet, to 1,. Hio'tns, for $11)70. j he following were yesterday's transactions at ttio Real Estate Exchange:? sv amiss, wii.kib* ssn ro. A portion of the bulkhead oil North River, between Harrison and Franklin sis., running 75 It. n. irom Harrison st.; Walter Underbill $2n,:)H) A portion of the bulkhead on orth River, tietween North Moore and lleacli *rs., running 50 it. n. irom North Moore st.; Waller Underbill 10,000 SV A. J. M.KkCKKK. SOS AND CO. 4 story b. a h. and lot No 6 heckman pL, w. *., .18 ft. n. ol 41ith st? hit I9xn|; ??. D 8iekles 15,7.15 SV WILLIAM KBHHKLLr. 2 lots n w. cor. ot Inth av and l8Mh St.. together, 4?.4xl0lx.VtxllW; Thomas Bailey 4,300 I lot s w i or. of 10th av. ami lUllth st, 2&2?6l4 ; W Kearney e aOU POLIOS. Dismissals from tlie Department. ? . SURPRISING THE SURGEONS. The now nsoal crowd of hangers-on at Pollcs Headquarters was as thick as ever yesterday. Dttring the morning hours the Commissioners re ceived applicants for positions on the force. About one o'clock they went into private session ana re mained closeted for a couple of hours. At the meeting the special committee, to whom was re ferred resolutions in regard to the improvement of the KFFICIBNCY AND BCONOMT of the Department, reported the result of their laiK>rs. Tho members stated that they had given these subjects all their attention, und had arrived at the conclusion that the clerical force would stand reducing vtr/ materially and with entire safety to the public interest. They had been nriabie, they said, to go through all the lists or clerks snd employes, but so far as they had gone they recommended that a reduction be at once made, and asked to be continued In the Investigation. This request was made in the belief that a careful and prudent course should bo pursued, so that the efficiency of the public service may not be Impaired. The fol lowing resolution was submitted and adopted:? Resolved, That the services of the following uumcit per sona bo at once (Unpenned withCharles 1*. Hoswoith, telegraph operator; tfeth Hawley, Jr., Feter J. Hotaiiiu:, Henry Hecney, J. J. Maloney. J. v. Oridfey. Jr., tele graph operator; Jonathan Atkinson, John J. Keeler, Joseph tf. Petty. Jauioa J. Wlnne, telegraph operator; E. 0. Lm, telegraph operator; Oharlei H. Bosworth, clerk; Eugene Lallyette, telegraph operator; Ueorge lluhler and Alexander Belrd. A resolution to reduce the salaries of the follow ing persons was then passed 0. A. St. John, from fjjftoo to $2,000. Lawrence Perklnson, clerk, from $2,000 to f; Georpe Hopcraft, superintendent, irom |4,hoo to 3,000; George P. Gott, clerk to Commissioner harlic. Treasurer, irom $3,600 to $2,soo; Hum phrey Bower, Vincent Clarice, M. (). Hailenbeuk and William Dclamatre, from $2,000 to $1,800. George Stevens and Georgo A. Larabrecht, tele graph operators, from $i,800 to $1,500. Nathaniel Bush, architect, from $1,800 to $1,000. Jacob Webb, janitor, from $l,H00 to $1,000. John W. Haggerty, irom $1,600 to $ 1,000. 1. J. Cox, telegraph line man, from $1,400 to $800. John Crevellng, superintendent of stables in the Street Cleaning Bureau, Irom $:i,ooo to $l,60J. ueorge W. Butchings, assessor, from $2,000 to $1,000. This ended the work of the / COMMtTTRB OF CURTAILMENT, and the CommtsslonerH forming tho committee having in charge the matter of surgeons submitted a report aud resolution, which was adopted. The report recommended the dismissal of all surgeons* attached to the Department on the 6th Inst., and a resolution to that effect was immediately passed. In reality there were no medical men attached to the Board, for the charter legislated them out of office; but the Commissioners, no doubt, thought it necessary to make a clean sweep of all extra ser vice up to a certain dute. Drs. Thomas, Purdy and Henry were then ap pointed for duty at Police Headquarters to over look the general health of the policemen, and see that 110 Impositions are practised on the Depart ment. To these gentlemen will belong the task of examining all applicants for position on the lorco and the ordering of convalescents on duty. A resolution was passed to the elTcct that FOUR HUBIiEONH be selected In each precinct to attend upon the sick aud injured at station houses when called upon. The following scale of rates wus then de cided upon as the remuneration to bo given these doctors for their services:? For each visit to a police officer at the Rtatlon house or his home, $3. For each civilian attended to at the station house, $4. For each visit to the station honse between tho hours of 0 P. M. aud o A. M., $5. The same resolution ordered that captains of pre cincts call on the designated surgeons und report dully ut the Central Office the name of any surgeon employed, the nature or the disease that he was called In to treat aud the name of the persou at tended. The entire matter was then referred back to the committee to enable them to perfect the plan and nominate the physicians who are to act all over the city as police surireons. As soon as the committee have made out a list or competent gentlemen, resi dents or the several districts, they will report back to the Board. THE COnmSSIONERS or E9KG2ATI0I. Noisy Session of the Board?Exciting re bate About Removal (?Arrival of Em? Igrantl, The Commissioners of Emigration met yesterday afternoon at Castle Garden, President Hurlbut in the chair. There were present Messrs. Stephenson, Starrs, Kaufiuann. Lynch and Forrest. After sev eral communications had been laid on the table Mr. Kaurmaun arose to call attention to the arbi trary dismissal of a man named Sexton, a steward on Ward's Island, who was removed by Mr. Ste phenson, chairman of the Ward's Island Committee, without the sanction or the Board. Mr. Kaufmann was proceeding to speak about the removal when he was called to order by Mr. Stephenson, who said that the Presidents of the German aud the iilsh societies had NO I.EOAI, nifiHT to speak or vote upon the removal of officers. At this Mr. Lynch jumped to ins leet and said that they had a right and would exercise It. Mr. Sex ton had been sixteen years In the employment of the Hoard, ami until the present charge was bronght against him 110 complaint had ever been found. I: was charged that the supply or beef a week or two ago had been 2.000 pounds short, but the charge had not been proven, and Mr. Stephen son had n? right to act in the manner he did. Mr. Stephenson retorted, and said he would remove who he pleased when he had the right to do so, without tntbrlerence from anybody. Mr. starrs, Til K OTI1KK MKMBKK of the Ward's Island Committee, disowned the action or his colleague. They had spoken about Sexton, but he was dismissed without his knowl edge. Mr. Kaiilmann moved that the Board dis agree with the action or Mr. Stephenson In remov ing sexton. In seconding the motion Mr. Lynch called upon trie Chairman to read the bylaws, winch sustained Mr. Kaufmann. The motion wan for the time being laid on the table. The Board then went into KXECimVK ?ESSfOV, at the conclusion or which it adjourned until next Tuesday, at two o'clock. ARRIVAL OK EMIGRANTS. The Clfy or I'urls, from Liverpool, of the Inman lint-; the K. Finch, of Antwerp, and the Samaria, oftheCunard line, arrived yesterdav. 'Ihe City or Paris brought thirty-nine cabin and 1,307 steer age passengers. The Finch brought 2n? steerage pussrugers. The Samaria is lying below, waiting to come up. she Is a Cunard boat, p'.yinT between Liverpool and boston, tills being tie first time she h;is ever arrived at this port. Tlie arrivals or cml frrnnts this year have been very large. At the be ginning 01 th" present month the number who landed at Castle Warden was 13,000 In excess of the corresponding lour months of last year. Tho greater portion have been Irish and Germans. BROOKLYN HEALTH B0ABD. A Sanitary Precaution. Tlie Brooklyn Hoard of Health met yesterday afternoon at their headquarters In Washington street, (lenerai Jourdan presiding- Dr. Hutchinson presented a lengthy report oxplnlBinf how detrimental It was to the health ol persona lor them to reside In the neighborhood of sinks and water closets not connected with the sewers. Th? reports of the ?anitary inspector* in regard to lull and overflowing sewers have, he huvs, demonstrated the necessity <>l removing, as fnr *1 possible, the influences m 1 detrimental to heaiih. It has become almost impossl lili- at the present time to gel men to clean these places out. .'in. 1 1 In- books at the Health Office are Ailed with iplalnti Ihe Board recommend that all private houses Minuted upon streets upon which there arc sewers shall have water closets Introduced Into thorn, furnishi <1 with proper sewer connections, and that the privies ot'such houses be emptied and filled up with ashes or earth. A resolution was adapted to the effect that the owners m tenement houses, situated upon lots or streets in which there arc sowers, shall take nitusure* at once 10 have their water closets furnished With a proper connection with the sewers. So cetxpool shall be allowed In or under any such houses. The report 11 nil resolution were adopted. THE SECOND AVEH0E HOMICIDE, Yesterday Frederick A. Klrker, proprietor of the res taurantand lager beer ration, corner of Second avento and l'J9th street, and his cook, William John, writ brought before Judge M. Quade at the Harlem Police Court, on a charge 01 manslaughter in causing the death ol John K. Dunham on Sunday last. Both were com mitted to awati ihr action of the Coroner. The particu lars of the homicide were iriven in yesterday's lliuu, and in almost every respect agree with the account given by the accused, iliev sav that Dunham. on Monday loreuimn, entered tne saloon while Intoxicated and a*ked lor n piate of roast beef. After finishing his meal ue attempted to leave without paving for it, but wasj>re vented. Wnen asked for tne money, Dunnam said he had no monev, and, producing a blank acrount book, asked that it be charged thereon. Klrker then slapped him on the faca aud told him to leave. Dunham sat down on a barrel, where he remained until John took him by the srm and thrust him from the pltce. A minute afterwards de ceascil ti ll to the ground aud never regained his eon scUNtsness. He died during the night In the Reception Hospital in Ninety-ninth street. There were, no external marks ol violence 011 the person of deceased, and a post mortem examination only can reveal the true cause of death. Ihe prisoners are confident of acquittal. Their counsel bus summoned a number 01 persons who wer< present si the tune 01 the occurrence. Dunham was about forty-five years of age. He resided In Mount v?r n?n and bus led an tnii itinerate life for some time past

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