Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1873 Page 9
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MLBI IT AtCTIOK. ^ D. ME LUCK. JR.. A BRO., AUCTIONEER*. Elizabeth, M. J. Choice building Lota ? . In the Eighth Ward at a action. By A. & MELLICK. JR.. A BRO., Aaetioaeers and Deatorsln Hew Jersey Baal Estate. No. < Pine street. Mew York. A portion ol the Cherry Lawn Property will be peremp torily ??|d|1<y,RfrDAY Ju|le 5 ign, at 12 * p. m.. an the premise* adjoining tho bouth atreet station, forty lUiiautai from New York. 123 train* dally. Street* graded and paved. Surrounded by im provement*. Special train will leave New York at 11 :30 A. M b,v the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation 4 Company, from the loot ol Cortlandt aud Desbroaaes street*. For maps and free railroad paws, apply to j A. D. MELLICK, JK. A BRO., No. 6 Pine street, New York. A LLEN B. MINER. AUCTIONEER. il Salesrooms lift Chambers and 77 Reade street Late Henry II. Leeds A Miner. Established in 1IH7. Worse Auction Mart, 3 r7. ^S9 and 341 Fourth avenue, cor ner oi 1 wenty-llfth street. By ALLEN B. MINER A BRO., THURSDAY, JUNE ft, at 11 o'clock, at their salesrooms, aft Chambers ami 77 Reade street. PRIVATE LIB it A K Y OK STANDARD AND MISCELLA NEOUS WORKS. comprising Historical, Poetical. Dramatic, Standard Novels and Literary Works, hue illustrated publications, antique volumes, Ac. ; iilsu 7 volume* Schoolcraft's "In llau Tribes ol the t inted States," handsomely illustrated. Ac., Ac. THURSDAY, JUNE 5, ?tlO'i o'clock, ut No. 48 fourth street, near Wooster street, GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD PURN1TURB, consisting of Brussels and Initralu Carpets, black walnut Suit in erlui ?ion reps, carved black walnut and mahogany Bedsteads, black walnut aim mahogany marble top Dressing Bu reaus and Washstaiids, llair Mattresses, Keather Bed*, Bolsters and Pillows; inahoganv Tete-a-T.-te, in hair cloth ; China, Crockery and Ulassware, Cutlery, Ac., Ac. SATURDAY, JUNE 7, at 10k o'clock, at their salesrooms, 95 Chambers and 77 Reade street, GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE-MIRRORS, CARPETS, AC. DETAILS IN TiMB. A LB g RT ~ B. "WAi.DRONT~AUCTIONEER. JY By D. W. IVES. Salesrooms 108 Liberty, 111 Cedar and 38 Church street Second,hand and new Furniture, Carpets, Bedding, Ac., THIS DAY, J tTNE ?, at 11 o'clock, ns above, a large and general assortment of medium ...qprloed Furniture, Ac., including Parlor and Library Suits, Mattresses, spring bottoms, Ac.; Nutlets, Wardrobes, Hall Stand, Extension and Centre Tables, Dining and Bedroom Chairs, Plated Ware, Cutlery. Ac.; Lounges and Easy Chairs, Chromos, Engravings, Paintings, Ac.; Bedsteads. Bureaus, Wabhstands, Blankets, Comforters, Spreads, Velvet Brussels and Ingrain Carpets. Oilcloths and Crumbcloths, Hardware, Cutlery, Tools, Fine Chamber Furniture, Staple and Fancv Dry Goods. Catalogues at sale. Ladies invited. Ar REMARKABLE PRIVATE LIBRARY to be sold by aaction. TniS (WEDNESDAY) and Thursday evenings, at the Clinton llall salerooms, one of the choicest collections of books offered for sale bv auction thlsseason, einbiacing the best editions and in auperb condition. Now on exhibition. ART SALE. Now on exhibiHon, free, at the Lenvltt Art Rooms, 817 Broadway, a line collection of Painting , Water Colors, Kugravlngs. Ac., to be sold by auction (to pay advances and close consignments), Friday evening, June 6, at 8 o'clock, at the Clinton Hall salerooms. The Messrs. LE AVITT, Auctioneers. A RCH. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER! J\. Office and Salesroom 37 Nassau street, (opposite the Pout otilce. Horse Auction Branch 19 to 25 hast Thirteenth street Carriage Repository No. 8 Cortlandt street HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. ARCH. JOHN8TON will sell this day, at 10)? o'clock, at rthe salesrooms 37 Nassau street and 68 Llbertv street, an -assortment of Household Furniture, Carpets," Rctrigera tors. Billiard Table, Ac. Also, nt 12 o'clock, fine Plants. Hoses, Standard Roses, Bedding Plants, Ac. A RCH. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER. Office and Salesroom, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. Horse Auction Branch, IS to 25 East Thirteenth street Carriage Repository, No. 8 Cortlandt street A1 PAINTINGS. ARCH. JOnNSTON will sell on Thursdav, at 12 o'clock, at the Salesroom 37 Nassau street a consignment of 150 Paintings direct from Berlin, comprising landscapes, dtrore pieces, interiors, flower pieces. Ac. On exhibition Tuesday and Wednesday. A t- BLEECKER, SON A COT AUCTIONEERS, ? Trustees' sale of Stocks and Rond*. belonging to estate of John J. Palmer, deceased. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4. Jit 18 M., at Exchange Salesroom. M -hares New York Life Insurance and Trust Company. 22 shares United states Trust Company of New York. t'i2 shares New York Gas Company Stock. $6,500 Indianapolis and Madison Railroad First Mort gage Bonds; $6,400 Funded Debt city of Mobile, eight (8) per cent Bonds; 400 shares Merchants' National Bank Stock; $35,998 19 Spanish Indemnity Certificates, interest paid Messrs. Riges A Co., at the rate ot $470 37-100 an nually on each $10,001). Particulars at 77 Cedar street. j^DRIAN H. MULLER, AUCTIONEER. Supreme Court sale > in foreclosure, Myer 8. Isaacs referee, of House and Lot "122 West Twenty-sixth street on Thursday, June 5.1873, at 12o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway. ADRIA.fl H. MULLER, P. R. WILKIN'S A CO., Auctioneers. CALDWELL, AUCTIONEER . Salesroom 79 Nassau street Handsome Household Furniture, Wednesday, June 4, at 10W o'clock, consisting of elegant Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room Furniture ot every description, including tiarpnts, Mirrors, Beds and Bedding, rosewood Pianoiorte, Parlor Organ, Ac., Ac.; extraordinary chance lor house keepers. Auction sale of brewery.?for sale at public auction on Thursday, June 6, 1873, at 12 M., tlie contents of the Brewery situate in Fifty-eighth street, between Third and Lexington avenues, In the city of New York. By virtue of several enattel mortgages, I ?shall expose at public sale the whole inventory of above Brewery, consisting of Horses, Wagons, Harness, Steam Engine, Tubs, Cusks, Barrels, Jtc. JACQUES SCI1MITTS, Attorney for Mortgagees.^ Auction sale of parlor, chamber and Dining Furniture, Carpets. Ac., by cot.E A MUR P11Y. 379 I'ulton street. Brooklyn, this day, at HCjo'clock. Tt AUCTION.? ON THURSDAY EVENING, TUNE J\. 5, will be sold at public auction, the Stock, Fixtures and Lease of Store 1,3 >1 Broadway, consisting ol Con fectionery. Fruit Nuts and Fnncv drocorie*. These 5;oods are all fresh and will be sold without reserve, un ess previously disposed of nt private sale. Price low. Auction notice.?large sale this day (Wednesday), at private residence, 120 West 23d street near 6th av.. commencing at 10k o'clock. Orer $25,000 elegant Household Furniture, nainelv:? Superb rosewood Pianoiorte, cost $900; Parlor and Bed room Suits, Tables, Mirrors, Carpets, Bedsteads, Bureaus, F.asy Chairs, Paintings, Bronzes, Beds, Pillows. Bedding, Ac. Basement and Kitchen Kurniture. Ac. This Is the largest sale of good Furniture this season. Sale positive, In lota by catalogue. L. FITZGERALD, Auctioneer. UCTION 8ALE.-POSITIVELY THIS DAY- (WED nesday). the entire handsome and desirable Fuiui ture of the elegant residence 210 West 2lst st, near 7th av., to be sold at auction, commencing 10 o'clock precisely, by ROBERT C. CASHIN, viz:?Parlor and Library Suits, in isatin and brocatel.two elegant Pianofortes; one four rouud, cost $1,'.KB; two Bookcases, volumes choice Books, Cabinets, gill Centre and Console I aides. Etageres, Turk ish Chairs, Bronzes, tine Paintings, Mirrors, Curtains, '/locks, Ac. Dining Furniture?Extension Table, Bullet Chairs, Dinner anu Tea Sets, Glass. Silverware, Cutlery. Solid black walnut and rosewood Chamber Sots?Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands, 37 fine liair and spring Mattresses, Suits in rens, loilet Seta. 600 .yards Carpet 2c. N. B.?Those about furnishing city and country residences would do well to attend this sale; 376 lots by catalogue. Take 7th or 8th av. cars. A RARE OPPORTUNITY, A RARB OPPORTUNITY to those furnishing citv or country residences. The largest and richest Household Furniture sale at tills season will take place THIS (Wednesday) MORNING, June 4. at 10i< o'clock, at the first class tour story brown stone mansion 104 East Twenty-fifth street near Fourth avenue. 800 yards vel vet, Brussels Carpets; seven magnificent latest stvles Pompadour. Marie Antoinette and Grand Duchess Parlor Kuita, covered with French satin, brocatel. cotelalne and reps; all made to order for the present owner; Turkish and Oriental style Furniture, Mirrors, Loungos, Etageres, 1'ler and Oval Mirrors, 80 flue oil Paintings, Vases, Statu ary, Clocks, Bronaes, Bookcases, Pier and Centre Tables. 4:*titneu, bois de rose; rosewood square grand 7* octave rxtent agraffe double round parlor Pianoiorte ; rosewood and walnut Chamber 8ults, style ol Uiuls XIV,; elegant carved French Inlaid Bedsteads. Bureaus, Washstands, Commodes; 30 spring and hair Mattresses, Bedding, Bol sters, Pillows, Blankets, French walnut Buffet two Ex tension Tables, Chairs, walnut rep Suits, Mirrors, Cur tains. Oilcloths, French China, Olass, SllverWare, Cat lery; lu all over 600 lots by catalogue. E. ROTH, Auc tioneer Responsible men lii attendance to cart pack or ?hlp goods for purchasers, city or country. N. B.?Take f bird or Fourth avenue cars to Twenty-tilth street Auction sale. AUOUSTE MARTINE3 a CO., Auctloneccri. Magnificent Hou-ehold Furniture, Pianoiorte, Bronzes, Pnintlngs, Parlor .cult?. Rare chance for housekeepers. On THIS DAY (Wednesday), at the elegant mansion, 56 West .Uth st, near ftth av., commcnciug 10*4 o'clock. Krawing Room Suits, Marie Antoinette and Grand liuchci* styles, covered silk brocades, Etageres, Book case, Cabinets, Encoignurcs, velvet Brussels Carpeuk -Mirrors, Centre Tables, bronze Clock, Statuary, rosewood "lor irrand Piano.orte, Stool, Cover, Caiuerbury. oil aint'iius, rosewood, walnut Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wurd roties. Mattresses. Bullet, Extension Tables, China. Ola.-s. hllverware. To at.cnd this sale take 5tli ar. stupes or Lth av. cars. A RARE CHANCE FOR HOUSEKEEPERS. This day, at private resulenco 21 East 20th st, corner Broadway, Henry SINN. Auctioneer, sells all the elegant and costly Household Furniture contained In IT'vaie residence ot I. Isaacs, Esq., commencing at ll>H y clock, viz. : Rosewood l'lanotorte, e.egant Parlor Suits, ?? iTTi!' Carpets, Oil Paintings, Bronzes. I .ace < urtaina; also Bedroom Suits, rosewood an<l walnut *in< gl* and double Bedstead*, Bureaus, Wardrobes, spring und hair Mattresses Lounges, rep suits, A.c ; also Dining lt'ioin. Basement and Kitchen Furniture. Br SIMON HERMAN, AUCTIONEER, THIS DAY. Wednesday June 4, at loK o'clock, at 13 Bowery the entire stock of Wines. Liquors, Cigars, Ac., from a first diss dealer, removed lor conven ence of sale, and comprises choice casks Brandies, Gin, Port and Sherry W me*. Champagnes, Ac.; also about 80 barrels choice old Bourbon and Rye, Scotch ani Irish Whiskey, Ciaara, Ac., and a vsrmtv or niber wines int L'<iunrs n>naTivTound ?ALBS AT AUCTION BT LEOPOLD WI8B, AUCTIONEER _ Executor'* sale of ? Household ruattn*. French plate Mirror*. Carpeto, Oilcloth*, Bedsteads and Budding. Crocker/, Kitchen Utaiull*, and ? variety ot other articles, on WEDNESDAY. Joue 4, *t 11 o'clock, at MO We?t Thirty-filth street. Y 8. W. DAfcCHY. AUCTIONEER ? DAUOHY A JOHNSON B , ?ell this day, it I o'clock, at 464 Caual street, a Urge as sortment of Household Furniture?Parlor Suit*, In rose wood and brocatel; black walnnt Sulla, In reps and hair cloth; Velvet, Tapestry and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloth*. Cottage Sets,black walnut Bedstead*, marble top Tables, Washstands, Bureaus, Beds, Bedding, bair and other Bat tresses, leather Beds, Pillows, Dining, Ofllce and other Chairs. Rockers, Sofas. Mirrors, Extension Tallies, Win dow Curtains and Shades, Crockery and Glassware." Spring Beds. Paintings, Engravings. Clocks, Mantel Ornaments, Ac.; also a lot of Office Furniture, one tine Sate, Desks, Saloon Tables, Hardware, Counters, Ac. Also, on Friday, June 6, a general assortment of valu able> Household Furniture, by order of administrators. Particulars in time. BY RICHARD J. GARRETTSON. AUCTIONEER. ?*?. WINANS A GARRETTSON. ?jii ,, ?nd 628 Sixth avenue. will sell Thursday, June 5, 1873, all the valuable Furniture contained In the four story brown stone house IK ICast rorty-lourth street, consisting of rosewood and black walnut .suits, Mirrors, Carpets, Oilcloth, Beds, Mattresses, I aiming*, Crockery. Glassware, Kltclien Utensils, Ac., Ac. Everything in tho house will be sold. Owner leave* tte city. Salo at 10^. Catalogues morning of sale. BY F. COLTON, AUCTIONEER, Rich and Elegant Household Furniture, on Thursday, June 6, at 10*, o'clock; at tile salesroom S3 hast Thirteenth street, near Broadway. Extensive sale of 9 rich Parlor Suits in good order, cov ered In satin, brocatel aud reps; 1 Turkish Parlor Suit: A elegant black walnnt Chaniter Suits, with bast hair Mattresses, spring Bed*. Bolsters aud Pillows: Freuch Rlate Pier ana Mantel Mirrors, large Hldo Mirror, 4jilllar xtensiou Tables, I superb carved Extension Table; elegant Buffets, Chairs, Lounges, Wardrobes, Clocks, Bronze*. Urge Candelabras and marble Pedestals, large ~ *" "1 Mirrors, lace Carpets. At 1 let ot Engravings, OH Paintings, 40 small Mirrors, lace Curtains, about 60 velvet and Brussels C '' " o'clock 2 fine rosewood Pianos. The carpet* w ill be sold about 2 o'clock. J a WEINBBRQER, auctioneer?SPECIAL SALE . of the Contents ol a l.ager Beer and Coffee Saloon, on Thursday, June 5, at 10^ o'clock, at 16ft Bowery, com prising Counters and Shulvlngs, Chandeliers and (ias Fixtures, Rngraving*, Oil Paintings, Mirrors, about 75 Tables aud Chairs, 1 Bagatelle Table, Balls and Cues, 8 outside Lamps and a large assortment of Wines, Liquors, Champagne* and Cigars. Immediately thereafter, regu lar sA|e of General Merchandise, 3 rosewood Pianos and Stools, 6 iron Sates, Furniture, Carpets, Oilcloth, Ac.. Ac. Dealers Invited. JACOB BOUART, AUCTIONEER. .Tms DAY- Ju"e *. at 11 o'clock, at the auction room, No. 1 North William street, Household Furniture. tiO Brussels' three ply and ingrain Caweu, Oilcloth, Bureaus, marble top Centre Tables mahogany Card Tables, Secretary Bookcase. Washstands, Crockery, 40 Looking Glasses, Engravings, Paintings, Extension Dining Tables and Chairs, mahog any Chairs, Rockors, Solas, Lounges, 75 new and second hand Mattresses mahogany and cottage Bedsteads. Kitchen Furniture, Piano, 3 Trunks, Clothing, Cutlery, Ice Boxes, 1 Truck, 1 small Herring's Sale, Brussels and ingrain Carpets at 12ft o'clock. Deposits required. Lewis e. wood, auctioneer, office No. 79 Montgomery street, Jersey City. Assignee's sale In bankruptcy of the Daufortti Soap Factory. All the Machinery, Fixtures and eleven years' Lease of six Lots of Land on Grand street, above Varlck street, Jersey City, will be sold, by order of the assignee. .^ On WEDNESDAY. June 4, 1873, at 11 o'clock A. M., on the promises. The building is Frame, three stories, SOxlOG. Rare chance. Morris wilkins, auctioneer. Sale in partition of 7 Lota on _ _ _ 121st rt., between 3d and 4th avenues. E. H. LUDLOW A CO. will sell st auction, on Wednes day, June 4, 1873, at twelve o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway (Trinity Building), Now York, East 121st street?7 Lots, north side, 277 tt. cast of Fourth avenue; each 20x100.11 ft, tree from rock and even with grade. 121st street is graded. curbed, guttered, flagged and sewered, gas and water pipes laid. Sixty per cent may remain on bond and mortgage. Maps at No. 3 Pine street, New York. VfORTGAGE SALE-BY HENRY STRAUS, AUCTION 1TJ. eer, office 375 Bowery, will sell, Friday, at 39 Beck man street, one No. 2 Trip Campbell Press, two Gor don medium Presses, Shafting. Hangings, Pulleys. Ac., belonging; stored for convenience at above place. JONAS H. .GOODMAN, Attorney for assignee of uiort gageea PAWNBROKER'S SALE.-THIS DAY, JAMES AGAR, Auctioneer, will sell, at 59 New Bowery, 500 lots Men and Women's Clothing. Watches and Jewelry, By order ol J. Barrett, 3.14 Canal street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?SAM FOREST, aUCTION eer, sella this day, at 17 Bowery, 5'JO lots silk and other Oresses. Shawls, Remnants, Bedding. Shoes, waiters and other desirableOoods. Order ol I runcis i'ely, Brooklyn. TIIOS. GAFFNEY, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE NO. 6 Centre street, will positively sell this day, at 10V: o'clock, the Lease, Stock mid Fixtures of tho Liquor 8tore northwest corner Elizabeth aud Houston streets, with restaurant attached. WILLIAM abbott, AUCTIONEKlt. office 50 New Bowerv. Administratrix'ssalc.-WILLlAM abbott will sell on Thursday, June 5, at 10ft o'clock in the forenoon, the Stock and Fixture* of the Liquor Store at 107 Prince street, corner of Greene street?One 4 pull Ale Pump, one large Counter, ono Cigar Case, large Iron Safe, hhds. of stock Ale, Rye and Bourbon Whiskeys, Wines. Cigars. Ac., with tine Stand, Casks, Barrels and other Fixtures. ELIZA BOYLE. Administratrix. 1*7"1LL1AM abbott, AUCTIONEER, ? ?.J . Office, 50 New Bowerv. By virtue of a chattel mortgage. I will sell on this day fi o'clock. the Stock and Fixtures ol the liquor store, 16 Roosevelt street; Counters. Beer Pumps, Chairs. Table*, Ac. WILLIAM ABBOTF, Jr., Attorney for Mortgagee. WILLIAM abbott, AUCTIONEER-WILLIAM abbott will sell on Thursday, June 12, at the Merchants' Exchange, 111 Broadway, at 12 o'clock noon, one lour story brick double Tenoment, 59 Sheriff street full lot; as also the two story attic and basement brick House and Lot 299 ITenry street. For maps ami particu lars inquire at the office of the Auctioneer, So New Bowery. THOS. IJ. HURLEY, Attorney. No. 6 City Hall place. HOUSKS, ROOMS, ?( ., WAMTEI). In tikis City and Brooklyn. XKTANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, THE T T Lower Part of a House (ba-ement and parlor ffoori, with an attic room for servant: location between Eighth anil Twenty-fifth streets and Fourth snd Sixth avenues; references exchanged. Address F. 1)., 717 Broadway. WANTED-A FURNISHED HOUSE, BY A SMALL family of four permits (adults), pleasantly located between Eighth anil Thirtieth streets and Lexington and Sixth avenue*. Address L. K., New York Stock Ex change. WANTED?IN BROOKLYN OR WITHIN AN HOUR'S ride of city, a lurnished or unfurnished House lor small family ; requisites, healthy situation aud moderate rent- Address A. It., Herald ofllce. WANTED-BETWEEN UNION SQUARE AND IRVING place, a large Front and Hall Bedroom, lor a gen tleman, wife and two children ? must be well lurnNhed and not to exceed $15 per week; good references given and required. 4Udres*K. E., box 3,516 Post office. WANTED?A SMALL FURNISHED ROOM, BETWEEN Twentieth and Fortieth streets, New York, bv an American teacher. Address R W. MACLAKY, lOi Elliott pi ice, Bromlyn. WANTED? BY A LADY, WITH A CHILD OK SIX years, a Room, furnished for light housekeeping, in the Ninth or Fiuecnth wards; rent from *4 to $5 Address Mr*. S., box 188 Herald office. In the Country. WANTED?FOR THE SEASON, A LARGE COUNTRY House, inllv furnished, within easy access ol the city : possession wanted Immediately. Address A. D.. Herald Lptown Branch office. Fl'KftlTUKK. ~~ A gentleman and wife, going abroad for a few years, will dispose, at a sacrifice, of their entire elegant Household Furniture ; also two beautiful Pianofortes, celebrated city makers. Call at 210 West Twenty-flrst street, near Seventh avenue. AT PRIVATE HOUSE. 120 WEST twenty-third street, satin Parlor Suit, cost $6110 for $'250; one do., $150 plush; Salt, $60: Chamber Suits $40 upwards, complete: Mattresses, Pillows Ac.: Pianoforte, Oil Paint ing-, Bookcase, Table*, Chairs, Ac.; Buffet, Ac.; at half original cost. A MAGNIFICENT SATIN BROCATEL PARLOR SUIT, nearly new, cost $473, for $200; one do. $175; brocatel and rens Suits, $/5, $5o and $36; rosewood Chamber Suit, cost $475, tor $l<5, walnut Chamber Suits, $25, up to $1*) Paintings, Pianoforte, Bronzes. Mirrors, Curtain*. Carpets 50c. up; Buffet. Extension table, half original cost; family leaving city, lot East Twenty.fifth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. Cut this out. A FIRST CLASS ASSORTMENT OF HOUSEHOLD Furniture tor sale?Magnificent Drawing Room Suit, Marie Antoinette and Grand Ductus* styles, covered silk brocade, cost $8U0, for $:uu; do., $150, do., $43; superb Chamber Suits, Paintings, Mirrors, carpets. Vases, Sil verware, Statuary; superb rosewood Pianoforte, Stool, Cover, property laniUy leaving city. 36 West 15th St., near 5th a v. CARPETS, Furniture, Beds, Bedding, Ac. Payments taken by the week or month. Terms easy. KELLY A CO., corner of Twenty-flflh street an I Sixth avenue. rjOOD SECOND HAND AND MISFIT CARPETS A V wjiertnltv; all sizes, handsome styles. For sale cneap at 112 Fulton street, corner of Dutch; entrance on Dutch street. CI"eat bargains?furniture, carpets, ac.? ? J'',,r',r|osiire sale, at Loan office, _ ?" Broadway, opposite New Vork Hotel. Parlor,.Library, Chamber snd Dining Furniture; Brussels, Velvet anl Axmlnstcr carpets; t*' "???' Broil*#*, Ornaments, ralntlng. Engravings, Mattresses and Budding, at halt original cost, nearly new. Thole about furnishing call anil examine. Money leaned on Piano*, Furniture, Ac., Ac. bilhakum. A1 7hIPh? A nElV0AN BEVEL TABLES AND ..innniv^il ?? i ?tforoblnatlou Cushions for sale only bv the patentee, H: W. COLLKNDF.R successor to I helan A Collender, 738 Broadway, New York. Billiard table wanted?5x10. carom. <;ivk mar>er s name, now lung in use and nncn Atliirnn* BILLIARDS, Herald office. prit0, Aa"ru* CIGARS AND TOBACCO. /MGAKS OF II WAN A TOBACCO IIOSA CONCH IS V.' $80; Fl de Cub* Galaens, $60; Rspaiiolaa, tW- eoual to Imported in apm-arance and quality. T. J. Ra V>oit A Co., fto Maiden lane. KINK AlCl'S. STRANGERS VISITING THE CITY ARBOORDlALLY O Invited to examine the wondurtul specimens ol Pic ture and Print Re?lnrlng, bjr It. E. ttAltl. < ?i SUlhavo A1 TTENTIOn. NOW READY KOR OCCUPANCY. NEW KIBEPROOK BUILDING. PULTON, NASSAU AND ANN STREETS. ELEGANT OFFICES TO RENT IN TUE ABJVE FIREPROOP, WELL LOCATED BU1LD1NU, BEING IN OLOSE PROXIMITY TO THE CITY BALL, THE COl'RTS, TilU POST OmCE, AC.. -AC. OFFICES SCITABLE FOR LAWYERS, BROKERS, BANKS, INSURANCK COMPANIES, AC, AC., CAN BB HAD, SINGLY OR EN SUITE, OF ANY DESIRED SIZE, FROM 10X12 FEBT TO 9GXCT FEET, AT $300 $400, $300 AND UPWALD TO $12,000, ACCORDING TO SIZE AND LOCATION. THE ABOVE BUILDINU IS completely FIREPROOF, READY FOR OCCUPANCY, HEATED BY STEAM, AND HAS TWO FIRST CLASS PASSENGER ELEVATORS AND ALL MODERN IM provements. RENT OF SMALL OFPICE8L Size. Sd 8tor*. id Story. 4th Story. 5th Story. 19.10x23.6 $ZMJ $1,*U $},.*? $1,000 16x21.6 1,800 1,M0 1.200 HIM 14.6x23.6 1.800 l.&UO 1,800 *? 17x26.6 L(?0 I.5OT LjfiW 8t*J 10*18 000 400 S5Q SOT lux 12.6 600 400 800 ,J? 19.6x30. S.UOT 2,500 2.000 1.500 19.6x3# 3,000 J.W0 3,000 1,500 10x12.6. 5OT 400 ?0 .300 19.10x23. 1.M0O 1.600 1,200 1,000 U.6&23, 1,500 1,250 LOOT 800 11.6x23. 1,800 1,250 1,000 800 17x23 1,500 1,250 1,000 HOT 10x18. 50J 4OT 350 SOT INQUIRIES TO BR MADE OF IJOMER MORGAN, NO. 2 PINE STREET. A FURNISHED HOTEL TO LET-NEAR NEW YORK ; possession Immediately. Apply to 8. C. bMiril, owner, Frankfort House, 202 William street A STORE TO LKAfcE?WITH APARTMENTS TO live In. and fixtures for ?alc; KUltable for fancy goods, dressmaking, confectionery, cigars, Ac.; rent only $10. arrell, 913 Sixth aveuuc:_ /CORNER STORE.?RETAIL GROCERS, FRUIT. TEA. V^/ cigar, fish, provision or shoe dealers will find It de sirable ; n wly painted. Rent moderate. See the owner, at 107 Barrow street. ESK ROOM TO LET-AT A LOW rent. apply AT 68 Liberty street, room 12. D First class small storb?west side union Kiuare, suitable for offices, millinery, boot maker or any first class business; rent $l,6OTper year. HOLMES BROTHERS, 46 and 18 East Twenty-third st [?OR rent-CIGAR STAND, OCEAN HOTEL. long Branch. Apply inperson. ? CHARLKs A WARREN LELAND, Managers.^ For rent-barbkr shop under baenum'S Ho tel (formerly St. George's), corner Twentieth struct and Broadway; the stand Is one of the best on Broadway and feoffor* superior Inducements to a first class party. Call at once on BAKfcUM A GKfclEN. H OTEL TO LET.?A PARTY RETIRING PROM THE jg.M. business will let his Hotel, partly furnished, on easy terms;60 rooms, dining room 30x40, large kitchen, meat and wine cellar; location central. Address HOTEL, M. D., Herald office. Large and small rooms to let-with or without Steam Power; no wood workers in building. Apply on premise* to R. H. PLASS, 2J2 and -01 Last Twenty-ninth street, near Third avenue. New York. 0 N BROADWAY. First ana Third Floors to let or lease. 138 Broadway, liquor store. OFFICES.?FINF. NEW OFFICES IN BUILDING 1.267 Broadway, between Thirty first and ' hirtv-second streets; rent $250 to $300. Apply to W. 8. MtLDHl M, 1,269 Broadway. Rent greatly reduced.-beautiful stoke, corner Nintli avenue and Twenty-third street; also another on Ninth avenue, 25x85, two show windows , rent tf*) WALTER W. montague, Heal Estate Agent, liahth avenue and Twenty-first street Thornton m. rodman, real estate agent, 696 Brondway. offers for lease the Store and Apart ments at 131 Waverle.v place; will not rent lor liquor, tobacco or Sunday traffic ; rent $550 per annum. Also First Floor, $300 per annum; will put in order. Building 46 Thomas street, two stories and good cellar ; $600 per annum. TO LET?TWO STORES, W1T11 ROOMS, EACH IN Twenty-seventh street, between Seventh and Eighth avennes; cheap rents; water In apartments; suitable for Grocer, baker, or lager beer saloon. LOU 18 A. dacuniia, firs West Forty-filth streets mo COAL DEALERS, l>MBERMEN\>riI.DERS. 1 To lease. Plot, 50x185, 263 West Twenty-fifth street, with Coal Yard Fixtures; Immediate possession. J. W. HAMESLKY. 256 Filth avenue^ 10 to 11 A. M._ T O LET?AN ELEGANT OFFICE, ON THIRTY fourth street, one door east of Eighth avenue; has been a real esi?te office for tour years. TO LET-THE SECOND FLOOR OF THE NEW building on Sixth avenue, about 60x50 leet, In the rear of and connected with 1,265 to 1.260 Broad way, be tween Thirty-first and Thirty-second streets; the whole or any part will be fitted up to suit tenants. Apply to W. S. MKLDRUM, 1,20* Broad way. T IO LET-THE LUNCH BAR AND CIGAR STAND No. 13 Park row. TO LET-A LARGE CORNER BASEMENT, WITH Lease, for four years; immediate possession can be had. Apply at southwest corner oi Forty-fitth street and Sixth avenue. TO LET-A SPLENDID SALOON, WITH RESTAU rant and Billiards, known as ''Odd Fellows' Hall," corner Grand and Centre streets. Imjuire ofROYLLLY MILLARD. Nck &9 Barclay atreet r LET CHEAP-STORE ON EIGHTH AVENUE; A good stand for tailor or milliner. rent $20; also nice Cottage, rent $50. on Forty-third street B. richardson, 692 Eighth avenue. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. Famished. AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE. FURNI<?nF.D, BETWEEN Klfih and Madison avenues?88.1x70; extension. 25x18; parlors only furnished; rent low. Apply at ?> East Fiftieth street, Irotn U) to 1. PRIVATE FAMILY GOING TO EL'ROPE WISH to rent their newly tarnished House In Forty-third street, between Sixth avenue and Broadway, lor the Summer, to a small, respectable family; price $300 u month. Address X. Y. Z., box 92 Post office. T~~oTeT-A NEATLY FURNISHED HOUSE. OR WILL rent Part to a private lamilv; rent low to a desirable party Apply at 120 West Forty-tilth street. dbl Pill HER MONTH.?A furnished HOUSE TO ?LOU rent on West Nineteenth street; three story high stoop; fully tarnished and desirable. JAMES K. E,.>WARDS, 69 West Twenty-third street ITnfarnlahed. A SMALL HOUSE AND STORE TO LET-TWICE A the amount of rent taken in work to a mason; Filth ward. S. C. SMITn, Kranklort llou^e, 2IK William street A LARGE AND ELEGANT HOUSE TO RENT-UN turnlshed, on West 1'hlrty-fourih street ; extra size brown stone English basement; all improvements, mir rors and cornices and gas fixtures. JAMbs i?. HO WARDS, 69 West Twenty-third street. BROWN STONK MODERN AND HANDSOME ENG llsh basement House to rent, utrlurnlslicd, on West Twenty-second street, lor only $1,100. JAMES R. ED WARDS, 69 West Twenty-third street COTTAGE, ROOMS AND STORE TO LET-IN THE Ninth ward ; Cottage, 10 rooms, $600; nice Store in Hudson street $650; nice Second Floor, 5 rooms, $22 80; First Floor and Basement, $^7 50. Apply at 603 Hudson street TO LET-A THREE STORY MODERN improved House, with Extension, in good orcler, 15 ro?>ins, to gether or separate; low rent 227 West Tenth street, near Bleecker street Fl HMSHKD ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET. A -SEVERAL handsomely FURNISHED ROOMS, . on suite or singly, to gentlemen, or lor hou?ekH< p Ing; location first cass: terms moderate. 231 West Forty third street, near Broadway. COOL, furnished UPPER ROOM. gCBUPU lousiy neat. iras, Ac., $3, also. soon, two'.thers in airy, spacious, elegant residence No. 6 et Mark s piacL, neiir Broadway No paper at door. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET ONE OR TWO A tally tarnished Rooms, very respects hie locality, all Improvements, to gentlemen. 6? West Ninth street liel erences exchanged. . 7 plainlv Frnvi-'iiKi' pront room, with A privi ege of parlor and kitchen for cooking. $5 per week three blocks above Harlem bridge. Address J. !?., Mott Haven Post office. . i T9I FIFTH A\ M i: ELEGANTLY FI'RNISIIED J\. Rooms, efi unit or singly, without hoarj, at sum* tner prices. The ts>use has been uewly fitted and lur nlshed since May i. __ A SPLENDIDLY FURNISHED FLOOR OF SIX Dome t > rent?N' w turnlture and newly painted, at GOT Sixth avenue. at :c6 east fourteenth street-private family will let, tarnished, on second floor, Urge back Room, privilege oi light nous-keeping, water. Ess and closets, lor $o j cr week ; also other Rooms, turnislied or untarnished. - N elroantly furnished SUIT OF ROOMS, together or ?epnrately; location good . house tlrst class; all modern Improvements; small private '?"''O 117 East Twenty-sixth street, between frourtli and Lex ington avenues. MI0ELY FURNISHED OFFICE. $?); LODGING $10 per month ; Rooms newly fitted u|>. with large sitting room if absent days; retereuccs. <^7 Broad way, room 10. handsome FURNISH HD FRONT ROOM TO

let. Apply lor two days at 321 Last Thirty-seventh street. I wo siulrs.^ _ A NEATLY furnished HALL BO*,M. Foil \ ?jKN tlemiin, in a private lainily, lor $?( per week> lota tii,it central and pb a*unt. 60 \\c?t i wclun str" "I LARGE FRONT ROOM TO LET?FURNISHED FOR A light housekeeping, at $5 50 per week: also ;"PI"'! front Room lor light houseneeping, st $lpcrwttk. 301 West Thirty-first street A PRIVATE FAMILY UAVE ONE OR TWO IIANI). A. somely lurnlshed Roomi to let; terms nio-ieratt. Apply atliWarrun place (Charles etreetK * /1HEERFUI. FURNIsHBD BOOM TO LET-TO O^E ^ (jl iffitLslmeiSi 44 ft s?l .<Nisiuii?i?ik FURNfMfKD ROOIffS AKU APAKTMKNTB TO liET> F1I^,nK-.lfh ^iHKD Khl)MT PARLOR ANI> BED n^L ?n ,or or two Mnlleuieli; No. <3 Orcnaid. near Grand street, third floor. "CIURNISIIKD ROOMR?WITH RVERY OONVKNIKNCK r: J?0."eplB Jj flulet ?imI healthy neighborhood; .. ''opk'ns ?troet, Brooklyn; take A^'ly all week *r >n ferr? 10 Tompluu* avenue. F0EK8JHLD. ROo"H TO LET-FOR HOIJSRKREP BroSSiwajr Broome stroet, three blocks west F???Ni8'rKU ROO M S FOR St'NTLF.MliN AT 17 EAST J. Seventeenth gtroot, near Broadwiy. PCf"llfl'K" ROOM AND RKOttOOM. RIJITAB LK n.r? iJC j. ?1"> I'arlor Floor t? lot, wh, le or private tamilv to gentlemen or mar ried couple, with reference. 117 Henry street. NT-Ki KNi-UKIl, A UOQID HTORY nmvim^nt.. #Jf brown stone iron*; all modern im Lventh wo.'.eralo. Call at 307 East Thirty T^? T '*11? _A SMALL PLEARAWT h-.n. lS25nO. V w'"1 "r w*thOllt use of Parlor; Kits, pari Sll,H' *c' ; Convenient to all wait Hiii. ear*. M. We i l-orty ninth stroot. 0Kr.LVKM,KN VKSIUIN" ^'I'KRIOR acoommoda ?!?,??'erafe rates, ean find nicely furnished Chanioil llTw !i? r1'* y ,*Pl bouse; retereiioo* ex cnanged. 112 Went 1 wenty-tbird street frltnUh,wlMwN I),;sJltlN? COOL, PLEASANT FUR. in * t!rii ni?.. m i' 111 I'"'0' neighborhood. cau tlinl ditch fc^g^com/Treot' "?U!,e "thummer ?? w?? HAE2S""^ r,'"l7,s"RI) ROOMS, WITHOUT jr., r iirn U li I nff L," ' a til e tor light housxeeplng, to |iHr At "? Sllth "venue, HAnelJhh?rh^?,,< T" LRT' CCTRNI8HKD-IN A NICK ncUiiuorliiKxl verv ncttr U nMiilnLftini *nn>tri? t't per weefc. Apply at 18 West Wa.lVintfton placo^ ^ 93 , T^ARJIRS. rAN BR ACCOMMODATED WITH FIRST Mn"V* lii!'K,v or en ?i"lo; also an ele l"oof. #** "Iv... bath, Ac. 14 west seventeenth street, near Tilth avenue. SU(vH?<r?n,iRO(>,M .TO l-et-also single""rooms" SiMKffirSZ.'S*' * DONOVAN'ri^rant. No.* SEVERAL FINE APARTMENTS FOR IIOUSEKRKP ? *5lPar*'v fiurnlshod, large private house at lower to'urth avenu<"eiUeUl W" ^ j"c.' KANE?# T? JrET~ ^ r N ,K ^Tf URN ISirK DROOMHAN D PARLOR ?h aml ?0l!b,e< ,n 'h? WW brown stone >sftS%8 snssjfsusr wss3 ?$$, T?. i^BT_A..uLABOE bbdroom, finely fur 90 fJ1? J11*'. ,,f 'i,r Kentlomen. Inquire at ..? Kant Mnotoontli utreet, northt'tiMt cornor Fourtii av. rpo LET-A FURNIRHRO ROOM FOR A OKNTLR^ Rtree't"*" ?n ''riUU W per weak- 100 West FortJ, flfth rp? LET ?AT 224 WEST TWENTY SRCOND in private lion go, two fine Rooms, lurnluhed, wifo 1 ' 8'nKl? gentlemen or iientleman anu mo LET?Ki.EOANTLY FlfRNISHEO, WITH F.VKK7 ' .I* !,P"al'1? f"l honRekeeplng. iror.t and back Baiic rtlT-P!* 1 J.1 "L"1 ,'."c'c ' arlorsand 01.0 Room on top floor; flue neighborhood; modern Improvements; terms low. ! in ?rocury *'?re. 1U1 Oreenwlch Avenue. TO LET-TWO RICHLY FURNISHED ROOMS, IN A small nrlvate family, whose obiect 1* to keep a clean, pioaaant; references Apply at34S fourth n venue. T? ^eJta ^(.)(>if AN1) BEDROOM. NICELY FITR. ?,*" th." ')rs, n?or-,n R "m?" French lamlly. ii? West Thirty sixth street, near Broadway. TWO LAROR. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS? I artlcularlv c<?)l and airy: also -ingle Room ; very lioa*nri'y hl'it '"'"taurunts; references ex changed. .Ifl hast Twelfth street. TO RENT UNTIL SEITRMBER 1-AT $75~a"MONTH, a handsomely turnlshed cool and perfectly ap pointed I'rench Hat; parlor, three bedrooms, (fining room, kitchen, buthrooa. anil water closet. Applv at ';,'MrnL;r ?f. Lf*,1,"8,on avenue and Kiltie th stieet. Ring flrst inside Ih>II, Two Handsomely furnished flats to let? Posaejslon Immediately; kitchen separate. Apjily on me, .,10 West lourteentll street. T? r'.KJ_.a n,ckt v furnished FRONT DOOM and Bedroom adiolnlng, on second floor of house lil crate rwenty'nrst stre8t> Private tatuily. Terms mod <fl?0 A WJ'HK - A FIIONT FURNISIIKD ROOM TO BflUTE Hfty-tltlh street Inquire of Mrs. 19TU STRRET, BRTWKEN SRt'OND AND TMIRD -* *J. avenuos, No. 221? A very handsome back Parlor, ample closet room, separate wash closet, to a gontluman, without hoard . alno one hiuuII Kooiiu O/t west EIOHTEENTII STRKET HETWKKN K!HII t,') , ?nd Sixth avenues.-An entire S?-cond Floor, hand somely furnished, to a partv ot gentlemen, or will lie let separately. I 90 fAST TWENTY THIRD STRRRT, BETWEEN 1 I-rt'xln",on ?"<1 Ponrth avenues.?Handsomely furnished Knoins to let, en suite or singly. I'lr; east TWELFTH street-TO LET, A SMALL X*fJ nleasdtit, furnished Floor, of front and back room, with bow window, gas, bath, closets. Ac., suitable for light housekeeping. m SECOND AYENUR, ONR DOOR ABOVE Twelfth street.?Handsomely furnished Rooms to parties, without board. 90^1 WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN ~y'*r Boventh ami Eighth a venues-Nicely fnrnislied Room Tot gentlemen or gentleman and wife, with or without Board ; terms moderate. O < >V SI XT11 A V K S U~B.?NEWLY ANT) HAND: .. ^l>n,ci.v ft'rnlshed Rooms, singly or en suite; prl vute family; fiin'st block on sixth avenue; references. 99,1 fAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, THIRD x: floor.?A nicely furnished front Room to let for gentleman; $3 50 per week; also a Hall Room; r< leren. o 090 WEST FOURTH STREET, NEAR EIOHTH !,tuU. ewenue.-Furnished Ro?ims to let. suitable for light housekeeping, with gas and bath. Inuulre lor three days. * WEST FORTY-8ECOND STREET.?FURNISHED "WU Room to let; aUo large Back Parlor; term* moderate. lA'Fl'HMSIIKD KOOM.s ANU APAUT MKSTS TO LET. Aflat or suit of five or six rooms to let, unfurnished, in the European house 7" West Forty eik'litli street, corner of .-ixtli avenue ; rent SIM First floor to let-six rooms, to a ooon tenant, #*) per month, at the corner of Thirty-sixth street nnd Eighth avenue. Inauire in clothing store. T".UKr--Al'ARTMKNTS (IF ? ROOMS IN NEW HOUSES i77. 229, and 2.11 West Twenty-seventh stri ct; water 1 in apartments; uo dark rooms. Apply to housekeeper 1 on 1ihe premises. LOUIS A. DaCUNflA, 172 West Forty! 1 flflb street TO A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS?SECOND FLOOR ! wal< r. gas. 2i3 West Fourth^street TO LET-PART OF HOUSE 3?l WEST FIFTEENTH strnet, consisting of basements, parlor floor and a portion of the rooms np stairs. House lias Jnst-lieen put in complete order and painted throughout Possesion Immediately. Apply at fti Ureeuwieli street TO LET?'THE SECOND FLOOR OK HOUSE 11'J WEST Nineteenth street, constating of six rooms; gas and croton water. rent $56 a month. Inquire next door, 117. rno LET-A DESIRABLE THIRD FLOOR, UNFUrI J " W"J?. .modern Improvements, In a private house, 215 East Thirty llrst street. TO LET?SECOND FLOOR, FOUR ROOMS, IN PRI ate house 11 Cornelia street near Sixth avenue. T?.LJ.EI-PARTJ),r A NEAT COTTACJE ON EKIHTY thlrd street, Yorkville near Fourtii avontw; rent $15 per rnontii. JOHN OORMaN, corner of Third avenue and Seventy-eighth street rpo LET-ON EIGHTY-FIFTH STREET, NEAR LEX 1 ington avenue, two splendid French Flats, first and jr?81i Sjfmh ?Cei?bt ro<in!*i1rent ?? to *26 per month. JOLIN < ?< KM A N, cornor third av. and H*Ti?nty eljrtith ?<t ^ro LKT?PLOOBH OK FIVK Rooms, WITH MODEM X lmDrovemo.ntg, in the newly flniHhed brown stone houses on Second avenue, near Eighty sixth street; rents lsoin $-0 to $12. Inquire at corner Ki^hty dizth street. T0 RENT?FOR LI0IIT~ IIOUSKKEEPINO, A HACK A I arlor, with two Rooms attached, having all con veniences, hot and cold water, Ac.; is in an excellent neighborhood; possession Immediately; rent with gas, fSi per month. At WWest Ninth street ?j 99 east thirtkenth street, near fourth '*-? ^ avenue.?A handsomely arranged Floor ol about ID rooms; can be divided lor two 1 amines Apply In tliu excirmionm. LloR PHILADELPHIA VIA LONG BRANCH -FARE -4; wteomers PLYMOUTH ROCK and ' NJ H le,va Pier 'JN North River at 9 at A. M., SOUTHERN Railr'oAll"" w'1" ,rul,w 01 NKW JER^ G W. HENTLEY, General Mana/er. H \ It I.EM STEAMBOAT NOTICE. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ... . . CominwMtim Way U. IKPi. Harlem boats leave Peck slip (pier 24 Fast River) tor llarlom every halt hour, trom f?iX M. until 7 P. M , ex cepting 11 A M., 12 JO and 2 P. M.. landing at Kieveuth, higlHy fourth, Astoria, ll?th and ia6th streets. N. B.-Sco time table where txiats land. Jj_y. TALLMAN, Snperlntendent OPEN FOR fiCNICS?THK DELAPLAJNE Park, on the bay shore, Thlrty-nlntli street an(l 1 bird avenue, Rr<M>klyn; iarg? dancing platform; take Hamilton ferry ; fare ft cents. PBOLLOCK'S HOTEL. HIGH BRIDGE.?STEAMBOATS cv#rJr hall hour, and connect wilh the TIUi.R LILY at Harlem. I rains leave the Grand ( eutral depot at Forty.second street *1* limes dally. KeTjFlar BOAT TO~T1IK FISHING banksT^on and alter sunduy, .Im.u 1, tl.e large and commodi. oih s'enmer MONt 1'OIt, Citptaln (TTias Foster, will niako an Excursion to fhe Fishli* Banks dally, Saturdays ex cepted, leaving Eighth street, River, at7 A. M.; Peck slln. East River. 7 iiW: Christopher street, North lliver, h 15. and Pier No 4 North River at 9 A. M. Tickets ?l; ladies fit) cents. Fine, staterooms for the accommodation ol families, JOHN LYNCIL Manager. Music by Geo. Schledel. (STEAMBOATS PLEASANT VALLEY AND FORT LEK to let, for excursions; Gleuwood and Wewapex (.roves Applv to C. IIOL 1,EN1 IECK A Co.. 2? South st rPIIE NEW JKRSKY SOI TIIERV RAILROAD t:oM I pany call attention to their extraordinary facilities for the accommodation ot Kxcumion Pfirtie* the cominK iea ffffv *58" ^oirateatncrii I'hYMoCTli HOCK, CoN(* BRANCH and .IESSL HOYT and tholr elegant new F.x eurston House and twenty acres of adiotnlng land at l^>ng Branch, they are prepared to make engagements with churches schoola, societies, Ac., for large or small parttas, at low rates Send for circular. G. W BENTLKY, ur- 1 a General Managsr. 120 Rroadway, New York. W?. J. Smrokn, superintendent, iamg Branch, N .1 mo cil VIITER?SIDE-WHEEL HTBAMBOATS for A regal as, June 10 and 12, and Sundays during June. }j^lt U^MAZahJj Jr., i. Uarrlsou at{^W jnrROPRAN m^iwinwi. ()NLY DlXBCT LINK TO FRANCE. TIIK OKMKRI& TRdkiSATLAHTIO COMPANY'S UAH, STKAM(*I?U*U HWWKiifc NEW VOBK AND HAVRE, CALLINU AT BKEHT. The splendid vesselVon (lit* favorltn r?ito Iprtho Con tineut will .null from pier Ka W North River, ?? lol V1LLB ?U HAVRK, Humout.. Saturday, Jnne M PEREIRE. Daure Batunlay. Juno 28 HT. LAURENT, Umurie 8?turd?y. Ju y M V1LLE UK PARIS Saturday, Jul/ -0 PRIOR OF PASSAGE IN OOLD (Including wln?, TO BREST OB HAVUK. First Cabin, $125; Second t'aWt?.*75. Excursion Tickets at reduced rales. Those steamers Jo nut currv stoerage pusseHiirer*. American travellers iteing to or returning trout (no Continent of Europe, by taking this III", avoid b*tn transit by English railway an.I the dlwomlort* of crossing tlie Channel, besides saving time, tro?Me ana eipHM. GEORGE MACKENZIE, Ajjent. IW Bnjadway. NOTB.?Railroad Tickets between Paris anu Vienna at reducod rate*. North obrman lloyd stkamshii- company. For Southi.npton mid Bremen. Tho steamAhlp KRONl'RINZ F.W Captain J. F.rdmann, will sail on Weduesdav. Juno 4, at 2 1*. M., from Bremen pier, foot Third street, lloliokeii, to be followed by steam ship DEUTSCHLAND, Captain W. l?idc?igs, ou Satur day, Juno 7. Kates ot passage to London, Havre anil Rromcnr pay able in gold, or >U equivalent in currency First cabin ???) second cabin 7-i steerage . ?*> For freight or A no? A,?nts< No 2 HiiwI? inc Green. TIJITB STAR LINE. F(?l? OUBENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, CARRYING TUB UNITED STATKS MAIL. New and lull-powered steamships. sailing from Now York on Saturdays, from Liverpool on Thursdays, calling at Cork Harbor each war _ ? CELTIC Saturday, June 7, at 2 P. M. ocr a nic.: jun? u.?t7^A. m. ADRIATIC -J""* I*'****; "? BALTIC July 6, at 13 30 'P.M. ?From the White Star docs, Pavonla terry, Jersey I Ity. Passenger accommodation* lor ull classes unrivalled, combining salety, speed and comfort. .... _ . Saloons, staterooms, smoking room nndbathroomn In midahip section, where least motion la foil. burgeon* ami stewardess accompany the steamer. Rates?Saloon, flint, gold ; steerage. $30In cnrrency. Those wishing U) send for friends In the Old Country can now obtain steerage prepaid certificates, $32 enr Piissengers hooked to or from all parts of America to Pari", Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, India, Australia, China, Ac. Drafts from ?1 upwards. _ , For Inspection ol plana and ot'ier Information apply at tho company's office, ltf Broadway. Now York. Bills ol lading turned to Continental port*. J. H. SPARKS, Agent_ PASSENOERS PBR STEAMSHIP CUBA EMBARK troin the Cnnard wharl, loot of Orand street, Jersey City, at noon, ou Wednesday, June 1873. OlIAH. O. FRANCKLYN, No. 4 Bowling Oreen, Ne-w Yorfc. C1UNARD LINE. I TUB BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS between New York and Liverpool, calling at Cnrk Har bor. FROM NEW YORK. ?ORBA. .Wertneert'y, Jnne 4 SAM AlflA..Sat'day, Jnne 7 ?SCOTl A.Wednes'y, June U ABYSSINIA. Sat'y, June 14 ?ALU EE 1A.. Wod'y, June 18 BATAV1A. Satday, Juno 21 ?RUSSIA Wed'y, June 25 CALABRIA.Sat'dy, June 28 w 'JAVA..Wednesday, July 2 PABTHIA.-Sat'day, July 5 Steamers marked thug ? do not carry steerage pnssen And every following Wei>nosday an<l Saturday from New York. rates OF PASSAGE. Cabin, $80, $100 and $130, gold, according to accommo dation* Tickets to Paris. $18, gold, additional. Return tickets on lnvorable terms. Steerage, $30, currency. Steerage tickets from Liverpool und Queens town ana all pnrtsof Kuropo at lowest rates. For freight and rabln passage apply at the Company s office, No. 4 Bowling Oreeu; lor steerage passage, 111 liroadway. Trinity Building. C1IAK1.KS O. FRANCKLYN, Agent, or to P. II. 1?17 VRBNET, corner Clark and Kandolpli streets, Chicago. IIK /"1UNABD LINB. NOTIOE. With the view of diminishing the chances of collision, the steamers of this line will henceforth tnko a spec tiled course lor all seasons of the year. On the Outward Passage iromyueenstown to New tor* or Boston, crossing meridian ol 80 at 43 UU, or nothing to the north of 43. , ... On the Homeward Passage, crossing the meridian of 50 at 42 Int., or nothing to the north ot 42. rpilB HAMHURO AMERICAN l'ACKhf COMPANY'S A Iron mail steamship captain K. Meier, will sail on Thursday, June 5, at 2 P. M., lor Hanihtirg, taking passengers from New York to Plymouth, London, Cherbourg and Hamburg. First cabin, $120. Second cabin, $72. Steerage, $30, payable In United States gold. KUNHARIlT A CO.. C. II. RICHARDS .4 BOAS, General Agents. Ueneral Passenger Agents. I 61 Hroail streeet, New York. fil Broadway. New York. Tho WESTPHALIA will sail June 12. Tlio SAXONIA, as extra steamer direct, Jnne 7. ST i rp f rvv TO OLAHOOW, LIVERPOOL. BELFAST AND I LONDONDERRY. Virginia bails jiine 11, from the c<imiiany'sdock, Fulton ferry .Brooklyn. 1 SUPERIOR PASSENGER ACCOMMODATIONS. F?, freight or PJf-lfWffiilfiW.K 4 OO, A?n,^ Rteera^c office, 4.S Broadway. 72 Broadway. A Steamers sail flrom pier 20 North Klver, Now York, EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. CALEDONIA.. Wed., June 4 VICTORIA SaU, .June 21 INDIA Sat., June 7 ASSYRIA Wed.,June25 OLYMPIA....Wed., June II ANOLIA.. Sat. June JH AI'STBALIA. ..Sat, June 14 t/'ASTALIA Wed., J"[y { COLUMBIA Wed., June It) EUBOPA Sat., July 5 Tho passenger accommodation* on steamers of tnis line are unsurpassed lor elegance and comfort. Cabin state rooms are all on upper deck, thus securing good light und ventilation. RATEg of PASSAGE TO OLASGOW, LIVERPOOL OR LONDONDBRRY. Saturday steamers. Wednesday steamers, Oold. Currency. Cabins $75 mid $65 $75 and $?5 Cabin return tickots. scour tug best accommodations. fin' ?ijo 8 STEERAGE, $30 CURRENCY. Tickets for passage to or Irom anv seaport or railway station in Great Britain, Ireland or the Continent Issued aDRAFTS?FOr'ANY AMOUNT AT CURRENT BATES. Company, offices, NAgeu^ Just published, "The Trip to Europe," a magazine of Intormation lor ocean travellers; can be had tree of charge on application. National line of steam bus. Weekly to Queenstown and Liverpool; tortnightly I 10 Lol,doxo 'yrEENSToWN AND LIVERPOOL, 1 irom piers 44 and 47 North River GREECE, Thomas Saturday, June 7, at 1 P. M. EGYPT, Grogan Saturday, Jnne 14. atS A. M. CANADA, Webster Saturday, June 21, at I 1 M. SPAIN Grace Saturday, June 2M, at H A. M. ' FOR LONDON DIRBCY. DENMARK. Capt. Suinner Thursday, Juno 2H. at J I M. 11IESE STEAMSHIPS ARE THE LARGEST IN THE TRADE. Cabin passage?$80, $90 and $100. currency. Eicnrslon $l6n and $180. 8tecrage, $2'J, currency. Prepaid ?t?ern?e tickets from Liverpool. Queenstown, Londonderry, \VFfsT*U ' 60B'rr?^w"?Cy.tnfUr'"'tti<jn""'Ffw.y*lU0^.- M?nag?r*' 1N FOR LQUBBN3TOWN AND LIVERPOOL?Royal Mall suxuners are appointed to sail as follows: CITY OF NEW YORK Thursday, June 5. IP. M. flTY OF PARIS Saturday, June i. 2 I . M. CITY OF BALTIMORE Thursday, June 12, 7 A M. CITY OF MONTREAL Saturday, June 14, ?} A. M. CITY OF BRISTOL Thursday, June la, 1 J . M. CITY OF BROOKLYN Saturday, June 21, 2 1* M. ami each succeeding Saturday and Thursday, irom pier 45 North River. RATKS 0F paBSAOE. Cabin, $70, $80 and $!*t, gold, according to accommoda tion. Round trip tickets at low rates. Su-eraue to Liverpool, Queenstown. Glasgow, London der^y, London, Bristol ir Cardifl, $.A Prepaid eertltl forwarded to Havre Hamburg. Swe den, Norway, Denmark and ParU, at reduced rates. DratU Issued at lowest rates. For cabin passage and general buslneas apply at the Company's < iBlce. No. ? For steerage passage j(HlN (l l)ALK, Agent, or to O'DONNELL a FAULK, 4H2 Chestnut street,Phlladel p'm*-8. CBBAOB, 10! State street, Boston. F C. BROWN, 32 South Clark, corner 1 ake street. Chi C,#M. INMAN. Liverpool and No. 9 Rue Scribe. Paris.__ ITKtR CARDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON AND ALL OTHER i r iiolnLri in England and VSftles. _ Tho South Walcii Atlantic Mcannh p rompany n new first class sUamships will fail Irom Pennsylvania Rail road wharf. Jersey City, as lollows PEMBROKE j{J O^ ? -^f;eilAGE "pASSKNiiBBS. First cabin ^ '? currency. Second cabin **? currency. steerau* currency. Prepaid St-erage Certificates from ?'urdiff,$JJ,currency. Dralt* tor Jul nnd upwaids. 1 or lurtlier particulars apply to AllCIliBaLU BAXTER A CO., Affents, 17 Broadway, New ^<?rtt. 7, RE AT WESTERN STEAMSHIP LINE. (v NEW YORK TO BIUSTOL, ENG., DIRECT. Ti king goisls and passengers lor London, t ardllr, New port, Gloucester and all ports In Bristol Channel. Tho stcumers ot tin* line will sail irom pier 18 River, as followsi? LAlW LYCETT ? h /v la'v 9 ABRAGON tn ' * nv' It" V 23 i iPi.ANH weflfiosuHy, einij ? (JURAT WESTRRN WcdneMlty, Au^ CORNWALL diQW ?Wauior). -0 rtirrencT Cabin passatfo. **""",*//* 3# currency 8MParUeV w'lVh'lng' to' for' their ' mends enn obtain prepaid cert?fleate? Draft* lor &i and upwards. For lreight or passage "Pg^^jgonoAN'S 80N J, '70 8outb street, New York. TTNITED FTATES MAIL LINE?STEAM TO (JUEEN8 U town and y,jJ'i^KevVfjr Wednes-lsy mtvvfuoti CaDtain Freemnn . . June 4, at noon 53I^A%?w vir "? *"1 *n(f *erm*ny AMS VWc'lON,? Bro^way. II1TE CROSS LINE. Steam lo Antwerp dlreet. The One, first class, tull-powered, now and elegant Bel giau steamship r F P. Knudsen, ?!oinmander, will leave on Tuesdav, the 10th ol Juno, at 3 P. M., ftooi Harlieck s stores Brooklyn, as above. price, llrat cabin. $75, cnrrencT. Steerage, fSit, gold. For freight or pa**tm? Utaviug elegant aceommoda | tions) apply W> PUNCH. F.DYR A CO.. I 27 Syuiu Vk auato street p BirHOPBAW HTKAHIHHIPH. ^JOOK'H TO If lid TO IRELAND, MCOTLAMD A*DUNO land, over 100 route*; Cook'* Tour* to Swlizorlaml and the Rhine, nearly 1* mate*; Cook'* Tnura to V *431111.1, 10? In nnmher; Cook's Tour* to Italy, 73 route., Cook's Tour* Kounil the World. at reductions ranging irnin lit to 45 per cent below ?r 14 ii;irv Tare*. Ui? travailing tickets l*su?d cnsbliug >u<- <tt more passengers U> travel any Jay by auy tram, ?u ?nwi or diligence C<nk'i personally conducted tour to Vt.?nna, V ?m'-a, Home, Switzerland and Paris, sailing pur *U.iui.u' Canada, June SI. $-'>d0. gold, all cxpenaea. *ull particular* in Cook' < Excurslonlat, lOe. H COOK, HON k JKNKINS. 283 Broadwav. aud Flaet street, Lonlon. UlTCTKP STATES PASSPORTS FltOM TIIF. DKPAUT uient of Sute, uulispensabto to traveller* goiuit ?bread, luued bv RlJFUS Z M. HAR0.77 Cedar Jre--" Notary.and Cow.iibauMK'r lot every State aud Teiruaey enrKASRNBlFH* Injurio mail iiTnt<iHiP co?jpakt? ujato CALIFORNIA, J A KAN iKI) CHINA, Via PANAMA, carrying mails passengers and PRKiriHT *n> ABI^NWALU PANAMA. HA NT A MARTHA, GREY TOWN AND PACIFIC (1()AST OK MEXICO, CENTRAL AMERICA, PKRB" ANDCHILK Steamer WTKAIf OUKKN. Captain C. I. harlotry. will leave pier 42 North River, Jonfl 10. at U 0 clock noon, lor Aapinwall direct, connecting at J'anaina with Montana, Captain Parker, to leave Panama on or about Jntw 'ia tor Sau Kranclaco, anil calllnjrat Acayul'o.Mjtn /.nnillo, Maziuluu no J San Dlexo, and also connectuy lor all Central American and nonth PamtIc pj'rt*. Op p.irturea of iOtk and 20th each month from '>?* '?? connect with the Company's strainer touching at ?aa ltmilP , Tonuta, Saline Cru/. and Port Angol. The splondl?? atcamahlp CllSTA RICA will leave San Francisco on or about Juno 24 to* Honolulu. Sandwich Island*. One ot the Company'* splendid steamerswill leare Francisco Juno lit, 1,<73, for Japan and China. For rata* nf paiaage, irelght and all lurther Information apply at Company'* oUlcu oft the pier, toot of Oanal street Wa 1?> HAH I |AWTIfc ATLAS STEAMSHIP COMPANY. . Mail service for West Indies, flamna, Venewaela and' Spanish Main. The company's lr?n screw steamer* are appolnteit to sail as tullowg (loading berth pier la North River) >? . ? For Haytl and Venezuela. ARIEL Captain Jone* (I.2UU lous), 5tli June. For Havana dtrecL LAGOS, Captain Pegdeu, June ?. 4 P. M. Fop treignt and passage apply to PIM, FOR WOOD * CO., ueneral Agents, 56 wall street and5U Pine street. NEW YORK AND BERMUDA HTRAMSIIll* LINK. *'or Hamilton ami Ht. OecrKe. ItcrmuJa, carrying the Uoiwd Siatim Malls, anil sailing a* lollop ?? Steamship AJ.BRM AltLK. Read, master. KrUay. June 6, at A o'elocE P. M., firom pier 37 North Uiver. Stoanuthip UATTKRAa, Ijtwrenre, master, Krlday, June 13, at So'cliHik P. M., from plor 57 North Itlver. For frewht or passage, fcavlna elwnt accommoda tions, appry to L"N a?sJuth^uiert. PaKsage, $30 golil. ,. Excursion tickeu lamed forthejrnund trip at %M gold. TU-EW YORK AMD'HAVANA DilUiCl' MAIL UMK. These flratelam ateamiiliips will sail every Tuesday at SP. M., Irani uler 13 North Ri/er (foot o? t edar *treut>. tor Havana (Mrect, u follows MORRO CASTLE ?>'?? * COLUMBIA " WILMINGTON ,JuJf* * Supplementary mall on pier at a Quartor to threo I. *? on day of salting. For freight or passage (having magnificent accommo dations) apply to WILLIAM P CLYDE A CO., No. 6 Howling Oreen. I>. McKF.LLRR Agent lr? Ilavana. 1 Direct line to Havana, Progreso and Vera Croz. 1 New York ami Moxiciui Mail Hteautship lino, losyinf pier No. 3 North River ul 31' M., ' EVERY THURSDAY. ? ? CITY OF MERIDA (Havana only) June CLEOPATRA (Havana and Mexico) Juno 1* t;lTY OF HAVANA (Ilavana only) June IJ CITY OF MERIDA (Havana only) Juue W SONS, r, ..roadway. mKXArt" LINE?FOR GALVESTON, TOUCHINU At, J Key West, currvlnglho Unlu-d States Mail?steamer O W CLYOE. Captain Cole, will leave pier 20 Eaat River, Saturday, June f, at 3 P. M Through bills of ladm# iriven to Houston and all pointaon the tJalveston, Houa ton and Henderson and H. K. and C. R R. No chargo for forwarding i" New York. For freight or passage, having superior 'fjo, IBS Maiden lane, or W. P. CLYDE, 119 Wall street. ' litOR NEW ORLKANS DIRECT. r The Cromwell Steamship I.lne. The steamship CORTES, Captain !? rank Kimble, will leave pier No. 9 North River on Saturday, 'une 7. 1S73. at3 P. M. Freight received dally. Through rate*. given to Galveston, Indlanola, Roeklort or Arau?a? wharf, Hra?.s, Santiago and St. J^ui.^ orp^. liltri, oinouof u M Cabin passage, $50; steerage, For tr sage apply to c/jARK A SEAMAN, 86 West street F ilOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT ^ MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE. The steamahip SHERMAN, from pier:? North River (loot of North Moore street). on Saturday, June 7, at3o clock K. M. Freight rexeived daily. Through rates given to Louis. Vicksburg, Mobile, Galveston and Indlanola. For freight or passage, having superior nccoin<w?? tioiis, apply to b'ftKDEHlO UAKhll, ?!0 UrondWAjr* DOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. r Southern Line. _ . The steamer CITY OF HOUSTON, Captain Oeprlnf will leave pier 20 K.ast River. Wednesday. Juno 4. at * 1?. M. Freight received dally. Through rati-* Wivento Galveston, fndlanola, Rockport or Aranzas Wharl Br? zo? Santiago and SL Louis. Cabin passage. $50; steerage, $25.' For I re lull tor passage, having superior accommo dation*. apply to MAI L(UlY k CO., 153. Maiden lone. . OR NORFOliTciTY POINT ANU RICHMOND?TUB Old Dominion Steam*hlp Company will de*patcl?> from pier 37 Nortli River their elegant sidewheel ateam abip ISAAC BELL, Blakeman commander, for Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, on Thursday, June j, at 3 "? M , giving through bill* of lading to ail point* South an4. Southwest. Tbr xigh pa?*.Miijer ttckL-U l?',ueJ *1' points. Accoininixlatlons uneijiiallcd. Apply at pier 37 er ut the general ottlce, l?7 Greenwich atreet. corner ol Dey. TRAVEL I-KItH' (Jiril>K^ A FTKRNOON BOAT FOR NEWBURG, POUGHKEI1K A ale, Kondout and Kings on, landing at Cozzentf, Weal P .Int. Cornwall. New Hamburg and Milton? rile M AKT PiiWi.LI., fruui Vuntrv street, pier 31#, every alternoon. at i 3:30 o'clock. ; , , A I.BANY ANI> TROY, MY DAY LINE BOATS C. VIII-, A B.vRD and DANIEL DREW?Leave Vestry fwjj pier at ? :?? A M., and TweiUy third street, north ol Erie lerry, at H,4A, landing at Youkors. Tarrytown and Nvack (by terryboal', Milton, Poughkeepsle, Wilneliecl^TlvelL c.nskill and Hudson. Connecting lor all polnta west ai?d North. Trip tickets to West Point, t orn wall and Ne^ buig, returning same (lav, $1. Notice change ol uptown landing. nmZKM'S LINE FOR TROY?PASSAGE $1 S??'TUB C' elegant steauiboatn SUNNYSIDB and PtyWBLt leave pier ?U North River, foot or Lcroy street, ?l?Hy (s'ttordays excepted), at ('. o'clock P. M.. eo.i.weting wt.fc morning trans on Rensselaer and huratogn, New Yortl central and Troy and Boston rniironds lor all poliiU North, EasS, and West. The most direct routeto Soratoj e.i LiXe George and MontreaL Tliroitgh tickets sold and liurf^agc checked to destination. , auu uuKs?ao Joseph corn ell, Superintendent till r. UlVKP. LINB TO B'>ST<?(, I ' via Newport and Fall River. The world rcaownert Jitcamcrs BRISTOL nnd PKUVfc DFNCH loAVo pier 'iB Nortli HIvef? foot of Siirray daliy (Sundays excepfd^at 5 PJI^ SoperlnUndent P KNN.-iYLVANIA B.VII ?OAf). t Trnin.H Wmvq Sew \ ??i K, Ircnn foot of I>csbro??C81 X irniin d *' ? E^to^^rii^&g. the West and lkmtfc wUh PiiUwan Palace t'ars attached, #J0 A. M? 5. 7 auJ ro^aVtlmor^^^.ngU^nd toe South at9 A. M .I, Ex press tor"'Phrt^pMa. ?. ?. ?M A. M.; ??!UK 5 7, S-.J0, ? P. M , and li night Suuday, b, 7, 8:Jd and 9 For Philadelphia, via Kensiu?ton, at I A. M., 2 and! I* M F.niicrant and aecond class, 7:15 P. M. l- . v..** irk. nt li li A), 7 7 :td, H;lt), It). 11, 11 -t) A. M. ; IX 1 2 l-ii) 3. sa?, 3-.40, 4:10. 4 :*). 5:lll, 5 ;20,5 -HV 5:50.?? 6.1o! ?J0,7. 7 lu> UJO f. nul I* night Fo^Fl'lzab'-th1,7.' 7^1), 8 :U), 'i. 10, 11, 11 ^40 A. M^ 2 3 i). 3 ;4U. 4 10. 4 3). 5. ft ? M 5 W K ?"-lA. #1o, 7 .30, A-lit, 10, 11 M I'. and I* I"Hbt Fo^kL'w.^V^^8. ^'^ ?m? 10 A. M? 12 noon I ' ira*?.*Va?.3:4.?: 4:W.4 30. 5.ft K It). 10 P. M.. and 12 night. Sunday, 5 M and ? P For Woodbridge nnd Perth Ambwy, 6 and WA. 3:40, 4 -.:10 and 1:50 P. M , sliisaOLft. Fi r New Brunswick. 7 A M.. 12 M., I, I.J. 4.1tl,5JW,l^ ;i P M., and U night Sunday, 6 and ? I M. For . K^r^r ,ngMr and Caar den, 7 and A. M 12:. M.J. A 4 and ? F. M. For Freehold, 7 and * A. M i Wil l < ? * M -mi For Jatnesliiirg, Pentlwrum and CaiuJen. C A. M., ana via boat trotu pier No. I. 3 4? I m. 6 30 A. M., I ? WI3A M an'l T.14T. daily e? . u ?1 .V Vrrnu Washington and Baltliuun*. 6:4?? cept Monday, f r.,m v, ? From Pbita, dc,p.;i.t .V-' 6LVmo 13 MIi,?? A M., li IK. 7 iV !t 44. 1>>-13 !'? M Sunday. 5:3. #.W, 11 J? A. Ttrkei'1 .'.moe?' '.ii 415, 171 and Ml Broad way t Nix I A.T r ll .1 iwv and of Desbroases and C.wtUndk SWa5W?"1 "mce No' 1>Tb7,yT5v? Ueneral Manager. _ General Passenger Ageut__ otaTI-N ISLAND NORTH SHORE FERRY. S Dailv Time. Pier !'.? North River, f<?>t cortlan-lt street To the Island?7. i. J, 10, 11 A. M., I, J-JO, 3 JO. 4-A 5 From'tiie Wand% 7, K 9. W. II JO A. M.; 1. 4 JO, 5.30, 6:30 P. M. Sunday Time. . m To the ?5ilafiv1?10, 11 i* A. >4. ; 1. 2-10, < &XK 7. * ' From the I?l*nd-7 20,?.ft, 10:ft II 41 A. M.. I OX IM 4: to, 5.50, 7 10 P. M. Mat 25, Wi 31 V U IS I.I. WAWtIj? AKI.ABEU STKAM MABKLK AND M ARBLEI21M4 . Work? l'ii and l.W Kast Kighu-enth street?Ma?UI<? and Martiieue l Mantel*. ???'??}" M^'b^iuromn 1IK IUS, at prices that defy compeutiou. Ma^U: luroiuf tor the trade. \ N ^ ?ltI * t of MANTE .S. | A f, r '. iutv >t design and .|iiaiity of workman-hip. I Work ..I all fc'V;NKli?^ATK COMPANY, fourth avenae and Seventeenth street I'nlon ?|uare. CTKWART'S SLATE MANTEL8.?RICH AND RLW O aantdesiins; Slate works of every description. Mar. ?!!? Wood Mantels. T. B. STEWART * CO. Wiand UI West Twenty ihird street near Seventh avenue, ?. ? ?%?? A IIP KiUU. KTiKicfAir~iMjMAN EYKA-T f- DAYMLt*. ve itot and only maker ?g tfie lmpro^d Artid AM I Human l.y>, a?:kinjwl?*lued by the tcuitr to ha the m r cotrert imitation of nature H tt[?UT liuwvuiu jyev^bmwceu itftfd a?4

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