Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 6, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 6, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,438. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 1873.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. ?IRECTOKY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS? Ninth Page? Filth snd sixth columns ASTROLOGY?Twelfth Page? ixth column. BILLIARDS?Ninth PaOB?KonrtH column. BOAHUKKs WANi'ED?secono Page?I'hlrd and fourth _ column*. BOA HI) a i*D LODGING WANTED?Second PAGE-Pourth column. BROOKLYN KKAL ESTATE FOR BALE?Record Page? . . Kir si column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Twelfth Pace?Third column. ?DRi.NhH.S NOTICES?Seventh Page?Sixth column. CIGARS AND TOBACCO?Ninth Page?Fourth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR BALE-Hbcond PAGB-First column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN?Eleventh Page?Sixth col umn. CLOTHING?Ninth Page?Fourth column. COACIIMEN AND GARDENERS?Eleventh Pace?Sixth column. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?Twelfth Page?Sixth col > limn P*?*?Fourth column. COUNTRY BOARD?Second Page?Fourth toil fltth columns. Sixth column, tNa HOIJ8iiS TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN ?fhd. A,^!i1SIIELt?Second Page?Sixth column. BUROPKA.N SlhAMHIllPS?TwELrrn Page? Hlth aod _ sixth columns. Fourth column. ... w"L"h Paue? Fourth column. . 'j.'AL?Eighth Page?Fourth column. EU^^AV.^~lwltI-"n Fagk? Fourth column. POitNlbilhD ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? v_? Second Page?Sixth column. FURNITURE?'Twelfth I1 age?Third column. HELP WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Pag*?Fifth column. HELP WANTED?MALES?Eleventh Pauk?Sixth col umnand Twelfth Page?First column. HORSES, CARRIAGES, Ac.? Page?Third, fourth, "ith and sixth columiia. SRIE.'.'S-1Mr4!0,'D Page?hourth column. HOUShS, ROOMS, AC., WANTED?Ninth Pace?Fourth column p*?e?Fourth column. ^f^'CES?Ninth Page?Fifth column. 1AJST AND FOUND?First Page?First and Second columns. "ACH'N httY?TwKLFTn Page?Fourth column. ' MARBLE MANTELS?Ninth Page?Filth column. If kDILAL?1Twelfth Page?Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?Phut Pace? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tenth Page? _ 8ixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?Ninth Page?Fifth column. MU8ICAL?Ninth Page?Sixth column. JJEW PUBLICATIONS?Sevkntii 1'auk?Sixth column. PERSONAL?Fibst Page?Fir>t column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AO.-Ninth PAGB-Fourth column. POST OFFICE NOTICE?Ninth Page?Fourth column. PROPOSALS?Ninth Page?Fourth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTKD-FEMALES? Eleventh Paue?Fourth and tilth columns. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO KENT?8bcond Page?First and sccoud columns. J\EAL ESTATE TO EXOHANBE?Second Paue?Second and Third columns. REAL ESTATE WANTED?Second Pack?Third column. REMOVALS?Niktii Pagx?Fourth column. REWARDS?First Page?Second column. SALES AT AUCTION?Twelfth Pace?First and second columns. SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES-Elevkhth Pagb First, iccond, third and fourth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED-MALEh?Eleventh Paub Fifth column. SPECIAL NOTICES?First Park?Second column. SPORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.-Fihst PAGB-Sccond column. STORAGE?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. SUMMER RESORTS?Second Page?Fifth column. THE TRADES?Twelfth Page?First column. THE TURF?First Page?Second and third columns. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?Second Page? Fifth and sixth columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? I Second Pace?Sis'h column. WRflTCHliSl Elt COINTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?Second Page?First column. WINES, LIQUORS, Ac.?First Page?Sixth column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, Ac.?Ninth Page?Fourth col BERALD BHANTH OKFICE-UPTOWS. .'A dverti8kments for the nkw*'ork herald RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1.36# BROADWAY AND 630 SIXTH AVRNUE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITH HERALD AT 5 O'CLOCK EVERY MORNINO. NO EXTRA CHARGES. PAItlM AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK , HERALD. J^ESSRS. KREMER A CO.. AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE HEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO F1NQLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES ? ________ 'REQUIRING TIIEM. _ PERSONA1.. JIIARLEY L.-WB ARE ALL GOING TO THE BAL xj loon ascension to-morrow, at Jones' Wood. Meet us there. NELLIE T,M4M A. C.?BEEN V FRY ILL; IMPROVING SLOWLY; will not be out in a month, so cannot write. MORTON. c D. lillFTH AVENUE STAGE?PLEASE SEND YOUR AD A dress, stating when and where interview can be t had, to gentleman next to you, who left corner of Reade ?treet. about 11 A. M. Address MANITO, Herald Uptown Branch office. H ENRY H. MURRAY WILL PLEASE SEND HIS AD dress to box 105 New York Post office. Henry?the diamond i want must weigh over one carat; a deep and perfectly clear stone. Jf yon or anv one else have a bargain, address DIA MONI), box 127 Herald office, stating price and where In terview. IF DANIEL HARLIN. 80METIME MECBANIO WITH the Gowrock Ropework Company, Port Glasgow. :otland, will apply to Alexander Lade, SolicitorTPort Glasgow, Scotland, he will hear of something to his advantage. IF MISS KATIE MAYHF.W IS IN NEW YORK SHE will please send her address to CHARLIE SOMKRS. at New York Hotel. JACOB CANTOR, WATCHMAKER.-WHOEVER knows the whereabouts of this respectable gentle man will confer a favor by addrusaing his friend CARTS box 8ft Herald office. JOSIE R. ?SEND YOUR ADDRESS BEFORE NOON Saturday to your old Irlend CAIRO HARRY. TENNIE W., OF BERGEN POINT?YOUR FRIEND el haa returned from Pittsburg. Where can he see you f Address J., Herald Uptown Branch office. LP. W.-S1X LE1TERS; MAY I SEE YOU AGAIN ? or hear ; let me know you are well. Box 1W TRUST. I Mrs. uppington or her sister, supposed to reside in Brooklyn, dungliters of the late M. A. Bid we II, ot Honesdale. Pa., will send their present ad dreaa to P. M. C. ,ot latter place. NO FAMILIARITY.-OF COURSE I WILL TRY AND do all you ask ef me that Is reasonable Can't von ?and me address or make an appointment for an early dayf Want to go West soon. BLACK GLOVES. PERSONALITIES?FOURTH AVENUE CAR, GRAND central depot. Wednesday last, at 4 o'clock. Ad nrem A. H., Herald office. UBIOV SQUARE THEATRE, WEDNESDAY EVEN 1*8 ?The voting lady in fl-ont who recognized gen tleman at the ieti will confer n favor by addressing HOMER. Herald Uptown Branch office. auare?s"'? \yiIITK ROSE-WILL BE KN G A GEI>7 MAKE IT Wf the day after, sumo hour and place, a? t.v suree kED ROSE. Young lady in twenty-third street stage yesterdav morning little bclore II); got out at Cham ber* street and walked to Park place , ntli iiian next her wishes acquaintance. Address TWO FRIENDS. Herulil Uptown Branch office. ' 5TH AVENUE STAOE.-GOLD CHAIN AND CROSS? Answered your letter in h urry ; excuses for tbe pa Kr, but received no answer Addrcvs as beiore, FOR ONER B., box 2.042 Post office. Lovr AM? VOI Ml. w* ?ine. AM rrfw 'e : i?:vr Herald office I Nil A PLAIN OOLD RING ; THE OWNER. BT sending me the corrcet name engraved on the In ofrhijc and ^yln^for, advertisement, can have the Lost-some days since, from is* second ave nue, a small white l)og; one ear vellow and yellow ?pot on Ills back. Whoever will return him will be prop erly rewarded. Lost-gold watch: TOBIAf. maker; no. ?,?; reward of ?>0on return to J. B. VARNUM, 110 Broad way OST?A DARK (iRl EN POCKETBOOK, CONTAIN J ing letters and pboto7raphs. A reward of 95 will lie iM lor ita return to HENRY F. SMITH, 107 Franklin st. I OBT-B7S REWARD?ON SUNDAY EVEVINO LAST, f ki i! swatch, with chatelaine aid vinaigrette at tached ; chatelaine marked K. M B. Reward r aid, no SlMpstreeL ?n return of th'n?? to 19 West Thirty El ,?5T_A 2?LDKM LOCKRT, WITH INITIAL "I" IN between Bond. Sixth ~ n?M v /iJ. K rew*rd for its returo to m DAILY, 13 tforid .?treet, bascnient. LOST?ONK BOOK, WRITTEN IN FKKNCH YFH terdac mornlnfln Fourteenth street, near Union ?onare The flnder will get a reward by bringing it Ui 68 booster street C. CHAPONIL A CO..' Hottle Daalcri T OST?IN A FIFTH AVENUE STAOE, OR TlfT THE Mj corner of Four lee nth street, and Fifth avenue be tween 1 anil 2 P. M , June 5. a lady'* red Russia leather Pockethook containing a sum of money. A suitable re ward will be paid on its being returned to B. C. LJSSKUR Stationer, i.aiy Broadway. ? ' youwp. Lnii-r at CATHARINE FERRY, ON THUHhDAY, AT ahnnVlI o'clock A. M , a Pocketbook, containing about Uti and some V*per^i^Tltor%V rewarded l? Pacific street, Brooklyn, will be liberally rewarded. LnKT?SUPP08ED ON DESBROSSES STREET BOAT, Coral Earring, lor which a suitable reward will be paid on leaviag it at 88 chamber* street. HJBWakps. A C KKWARD.?LOST, ON JUNE 4, AN OPEN LETTER Si) on a sheetof notepaper, with envelope of mourning natitcd thereon addressed toa doctor ol New Orleans, and enclosing a New York physiciau s bill. CaU ou or ail dreiu) K. J. ALLEN, No. 66 Exchange place, New York, third Jloor. dma REWARD-LOST, JUNE 3, TWO PAIRS OF JplU gold Earrings, one pair polished and one pair Etruscan gold. The above reward will be paid by leav in? them at Wl. MOIR'8, 373 Sixth avenue, aorner ol Twenty-third atreet _ (hi REWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY. JUNE 2, AT ?1U Stewart's, or between there and heventeen>n street, an Antiguo Egyptian LockeU The tinker will receive the above reward by returning it to W. * J. w. CARPENTER, 41 Pine street. (fern REWARD.?STRAYED OR STOLEN, TWO ??)U llor?es one a uark bay, 6 or seven years old, with white hind leet and two m* left side ol back; the other ?bl,f J. f1^' said horses SlfyeTlCrar^ Va'd" orPVhi^r re^ov^v" by^ETKR1, KATOHKR, T<? HI.Prv Btr.cL Brooalyn ^. L. or WILLIAM O. HEAD LEY * SON, No. 8 Warren atreet, New York. 8PKC1A1. NOTICK8. 'TlxToKKICERK, SAILORS AND SOLDIERS WOUND A ed, raptured or iniur.d, h,T'iaCKsoN^iaTsSr tain a nension through Dr. E B. jaoksun, '?? bur ^"n ?rPw Navv. No. 4Vew Chamber, atreet * -HERALD BRANCH OFFICR. BROOKLYN, A. coruer ol Fulton avenue and ^oerumstreet Open Irom h A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday from 3 to 9 P. M. A -TICKETS IN GRAND GIFT CONCERT FOR A . benefit of Public Library of Kentucky lor gale by J. T. EDGE, 18 Broad street. New York. IJEFORK YOU START ON A JOURNEY J buy an Accident Insurance Ticket of the RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY, of llartfoid, Connecticut. Tickets for sale at Railway Stations. 30 cento a day will buy $3,(lu0 insurance. For saleITmember'8 ticket and hitching Shed at Fleetwood Park, with all privileges; ex pircs May 1, 1H7?>. Address box 1,974 I ost office. CI OLD. SILVER AND ARTICLES CONTAINING GOLD 5i John street. Havana lottery drawinos on file.-circu lars tree. Orders promptly filled. JOShl II BATES, Agent, 190 Broadway, room 4, Chatham Bank Building. H" AVANA AND KENTUCKY LO"ERIE8-PBIgES cashed; circulars sent free. JOSEPH BATES k CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, first lloor. EW JERSEY STATE DETECTIVE AGENCY, HEAD uuarters 113 Washington atreet, Jersey City; Branch Office over Central Market, Newark.-This agency is pre puri'd to attend to all criminal matters. Hie members are commissioned by the Governor, having given bonds to the State for the faithful performance ol all business entrusted to them! They alsS possess lull police powers throughout the whole State of New ,Jer9^ att'ended^t^'j^COB'^AMBo'L^^PresldeiSj M ^BanJ; street, Newark. C. C. MARTIN DALE Secretary. Head quarters 113 Washington atreet. Jersey City. _ OFFICIAL drawinos KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KBKTUCKX?KXTRA CLASS KO. 365?J'ONX ft. 1873. 43, 67, ft,'J 41, 69, 16, 15, 7k 9, 86, 79. 30, 80. xehtuckt-class no. 366?jokx 6,,1873j 16 66 46, 17, 23, 6, 41, 63, 48, 06, 1, 31. felMMONS k CO., Manager* Covington, Ky. F1IKLBY COLLIDE?XXTRA CLASS KO. 26ft-JUl<lt 6. MWj 64, 03, 58, 70, 48, 8, 3, 36, 67, 23, 31, U bl. SUKLBT oollxcx?classko. 266?junxS. 1873. 18 72. 22, 44, 17, 3, 86, 42, 30, 51, 13, *. SMITH A CO., Managers. Covington, Ky. Address C. HENRY, caro J. Clute, Broker, 206Broad way. Post ofltco box 4,969. - O FFICIAL DRAWINO NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY, f KXTRA CLAM KO. 79WOKX 5, 1873. 47 41 65, 22, 1, 54, 71, 70, 49, a, 21, 72, 19. KOBYB CAROUKA?CI^SS KO. SO-^CKB 5, 1873. 23 4M 53. 64, 69s 74, 43, 13, *12, 71| 42, 66. ^ GERKEN * CO., Manageij. LUTHY k CO., Brokers, 2S2 Greenwich street. N. Y. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS OF THE SOUTH CAROLINA Lottery tor Free School Fund?Perpetual. Extra Class 141-Jokx 5, 1H73.-U 1*12,10, M, 65, 22, 67, 77, 35, 3, 62. Class 142?Juke 5, 1873.?17, 52, ??, IV, ^COLiTa'^O, Managers, Charleston, 8. C., June 5, 1873. New York Post office, box 3,866. PRIVATE HAND RUBBING AND SWEDISH MOVE meuts given by DANIEL CAVANA, at 57 WMt Thir ty-first street, second door west of Bro^way. Hours, 6 A. M. to 10 1'. M. Physicians are speclallyinvltedtcM hII with reference to anv patients who may need tills treat ment. Royal uavana lottery-next drawino june 10. German State Lotteries. Se'KirrE^'Too, Post office box 3,836. 85 Nassau street, room'4. R~ OVAL ILAVANA LOTTERY OF CUBA -PROS pectus for 1873 now ready. Addressit.EOBGE UP IiAM, No. 9 Weybosset street, Providence, K. I. r OT THOMAS bay Rl'M, OF VERY FINE QUALITY, y fev^d*1 redUCed PriCe,>jqT^RLTS ^Ey&eN74th B^fwtekSovernment Lottery. with 55,000 Tickets and 23,000 1 rizes. will commence May SC and end .lune 13. Highest prize 120,(W0 Prussian Thalers. Royal Havana Lottery-Next drawing Juno 10. Royal Saxon Government Lottery. 1 Citv of Hamburg Lottery. Frizes cashed and ;?}^}?^n^e,?6ch, 116 Nassau street; box 6.OHO Post u.i ann -Tn law copyists, professional ?l.UUU. writers and business men generally ?Ad vortiser will write, copy, direct office''' Ac., quick, neat and reasonable Bo* 3,H42 lostomce. Arnn CQO IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL sooy.oo'' ized Kentucky Lotterv. Royal Ha vana and Kentucky circulars tree. 12*c. c0"}.1"}83!0" allowed Address HALEY A CO. (office estabUshed 30 years), 174 Broadway. BPQRTlMfl-jym. birpb, *c. ^OR~SALEi ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS. . Birds. Ac. . Medicines for all diseases; Prepared Food for mocking birds. At B. G. DOVEY b. No 3 Greene street, near Canal. A THE TURF. MERICAN JOCKEY CLUB. SPRINO MEETING, 187X. SATURDAY. June 7. WEDNESDAY, June 11. SATURDAY, June 14. TUESDAY, June 17. THURSDAY, June 19. SATURDAY, June 21. First race each day punctnaHy Pr?Went. C. Wukati.v. Secretary. EERFOOT PARK.?PURSE OF $100 FOR HORSES that never beat 2:40, on Monday, June 9, at 3 P. M.; lt>0 to first, $:? to second and $10 to third; to close Satur day June?, at Deerfoot Hotel, at 6 P. M . and at Johnson s s^oon. Twenty^l?hthws^e^,.Mt^oqNcl03^prM.)n4tnt. LJJoT^ISAN^^.^WE^TtlllESTER COUNTY, N. Y. " SPRING MEETING, 1873. FIRST DAY-WKDNESDAY, JUNE 18. PURSE No 1. $W? For horses that have never beaten J ?ftftO to first, $150 to second, $100 to third?16 entries. PIjRSK No. 2, $2,000?For horses that have never beaten 2:23: $1,100 to first, $550 to second, $380 to third?4 entries. gEC0N1) DAY-FRIDAY, JUNE 20. PTTRSR No. 3. $1,000?For horses that have never beaten 2:38, $600 to first,$250 to second, $180 to third?u '"purse No. 4. $1,200?For horses that have never lieaten 2 .29; $680 to iwt, $i80 to sacond. $20l> to thurd?9 entries. TmBD p^Y?MONDAY, JUNK 23. piTRqF No 6 $1,000? For horses that have never beaten 2 M; $600 lo first, $280 to second, $150 to third?8 "purse No 6, $1,500-For hones that have never beaten 2 M; $880 to first, $400 to second, $250 to third?8 in tries. fotjbt? i>aY?TUESDAY, JUNE 24 PURSE No. 7, $S00-For horses that have never be a ten 2:43?$560 to first, $180 to second, $100 to third?14 '"PURSE No. 8, $^,rii*>?For horses that have never beaten i 2:21? $2,uoo to first, $l,o>0 to secoud, $500 to third?4 ' Where eight or more horses start In a race ?.he distance will be 150 yards. Races commence each day at 3 o elocjt. Admission to grand stand and field, $2. Badges toe lull house, e?dorsed by member. $ft , . Horse ears leave Harlem Bridge each day of the rsces every 10 minutes, direct for the Park. Trains 'eajerorty second street depot at 11:40 A. M., 1 o'clock and i :.?l ?. *. C. H. VAN NKsS, President. W*. n. V ak Cott, Superintendent. (FLEETWOOD ASSOCIATION-NOTICE-THE $1,800 1 purse lor American Girl. J. W. Conley (formerly Bcppu) and Nonesuch Is postponed till further notice nn account of the indisposition of J. W. Conley and None guch. *M. H. VAN COTT, Superintendent. JEROME PARK RACINO POOLS?POOLS WILL BE sold at the American Jockey Club sohxariplion Rooms, Madis?n avenue and Twentv-seventh street iwhich will be open Ire.e to the public), also at Pool t.Hims I 146 Broadway, every evening, and on the track I durlni races, commencing Ulis (Fridar) evening, at 8 o'clock. French Pools will be sold at Rool Kooiiw 1,146 Broadway and on the track. Pools will be sold at 1.146 Hroad wsit every morning of racea, from 10 to 12 o'clock. Br "" T R UNDERWOOD. Pool Seller. tktrrnncr at Fleetwood park, on Friday June 6 at 3 P M ?sweepstakes, $300; mile heats, best 3 la Mn harness: John Murphy enters s. g. Sorrel Jsko. W. E. Weeks enters g. g. Tom Wonder. Same da'-Jain" $600; mile heats, best 3 In 6; owners Pierce "*^YlLIAM h van CftTT.Jiuperlntendent. mm KNTRIES TO THE UTIOA PARK ASSOCIATION T Running ?tee ^tlna.June.^ 26 and 27,are hereby llouS "'uUc A m Dec^ar a tl" ns until June 20 at sameplace. .liotaJ, Luca. CUAliLKg w uuTCUINSON, Prwldant ?THE TllRK PROfePECT PARK FAIR GKOl'ND ASSOCIATION? Spring Meeting, 1873. Til BhDAY?J UNE 10. PUR8E No. 1, $2,U0J?For homes that have never beaten Peter Manee enters b. a W. H. Allen. W, II. Crawford entera b. g. J. W. Curley for Beppo. Allien Goldsmith entera b. m. Huutreso. SAME DAY. PUR8H No. 2, $300?Free lor all rnaning .horaea, beat two in ibree. Tbos. Jones enters B. Filly, dam Maiden, by Beacon. E. V. Uork enter* blk. g Jevel, by imp. Mickey Free. SfcCuND DAY?THURSDAY, JUNE ll PURSE No. 3, $1,250?For borses that bave never beaten 2 JU 1'eter Manee enters b. m. Mary A. Whitney. M. Carroll enter* b. g. Ben btarr. J. Dongrey, Jr., enters br. g. Joker. H. W. Howe enters b. m. Fanny Sprague. J. C. Suydam enters br. m. Constance. ?. H. Heard euters br. g. Coroner K. HAM K DAY PUR8K No. i?Four-year-old Colt Stake. A. Patterson enters b. c. Baron Luff, by Happy Me dium. ?. 8. San ford enters blk. c. Rdwin, by Peacemaker. THIRD DAY?MONDAY, JUNK 1& PURSE No. 6, $ tt>-Free for all running horses, utile beats, ibrec in live. Tbos Joues enters Bay Filly, dam Maiden, by Beacon. E. V. Bork enters blk g. Jevel, Ly imp. Micke" Free. SAMK DAY PUR8E No. 8, (1,000?For horses that have uever beaten 2:34. Pierce llayden entera b. in. Lady Annie. H. liarbeck enters lir. g. Windemire. W. Carroll enters ch. m. Highland Maid. J. Dongrev, Jr..enters br. m. Lidia Plcton. J. Feck cuturs b. g. Clothespin. J. II. Philips enters g. g. Jack Draper, ??. C. Suydam enters or. m. (Constance. W. Rogers enters Lr. m. Belle of Vermont Alden Goldsmith entera b. s. Abdullah. Races commence each day at 3 o'clock, prompt, good day nnd track. Admission to field, grand stand and ouarter stretch, >2. Admission to Club House, introduced by a member, IS. Gko. W. Oakley, Sup't. Ik. O. R1AO, Prea'U POOLS SOLD AT JOHNSON'S, 1,187 BROADWAY, corner Twenty-eighth street, on the Jerome Park Races; also Paris Mutual Poola sold thla and every even ing during the meeting, also at the Park View House, near Jerome Park, at 12 o'clock on the day of races. Ad mission iree. T. B. JOHNSON. HORSES, I'A ItKIAUKS, (SC. A -SPECIAL, PEltKMPTORY AND AR80LUTR SALE . BY PUBLIC AUCTION THIS I)AY (FRIDAY). JUNE 6, AT 10 O'CLOCK. AT THE PRIVATE STABLE 188 EAST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET, BETWEEN THIRD AND LEXINGTON AVENUK8, OF THE ENTIRE PRIVATE TURNOUT OP HENRY P. DEGRAAF, ESQ., BY JENKINS A DUFF. AUCTIONEERS, CONSISTING OF THREE FINE HORSES, ELEGANT CARRIAGES, HARNESS, BLANKETS. ROBES. WHIPS, REMOVED FROM HIS COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO ABOVE STABLE FOR CONVENIENCE OF SALE, Including a very One and stylish team of gray Geldings, nearly IS hands high, 7 and 8 years old; have lull, flow ing manes and tales; fine disposition, sensible and well behaved; were raised in Western New York and brought to this city about one year ago tor Mr. DeGraaff; they aro very muscular, with great powers ot endurance; cun trot in lour minutes to nark phaeton or lumtaulet or travel 14 miles inside ol the hour with unse, and do it all day; are airaidoi nothing, and are considered as line a team as were in Westchester county: they are both war ranted souud and kind and true in every particular. Also a last and handsome brown Mare, 15X hands and 7 years old; has been used by ladies to pony phaeton and under saddle; Is sale lor any one to drive; is not afraid ot locomotive or anything else; can trot In 2:50 su re, and tor a gentleniun's driving horse or a family or depot horse Is very valuable-, she is warranted sound and kind. Also a beautitul patent front Landaulet, with circular glass front, which shifts and makes a beautiful open car riage; will seat six persons; is elegantly mouuted. anfl cost, but tew months ago, $1,500; built to order for Mr. DeGraaf. Also one side bar shifting top Rood Wagon, nearly new. One full spring top Wagon. One Pony l'haeton, single and double gold mounted and covered Harness, flne kersey Blankets, Robes, Ac. N. B.?The above comprises as' fine stock as were ever offered at public auction in this city, ami are to be sold to the highest bidder without limit, restriction or reserva tion. Mr. DeGraaf'a only reason for selling is on account of leasing his country reaidence and having more horses and carriages than lie can use In the city. Can be seen at stable aa above at all times prior to aale. SALE POSITIVE. RAIN OK SHINE. A -MAJOR CHARLES W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. FOURTH GREAT SALE OF HIGHBRED TROTTERS AND ROADSTERS, JUST ARRIVED FROM MONROE COUNTY, AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTER8ALLS, CORNER OF BROADWAY AND THIRTY-NINTH ST., TO-MORROW (SATURDAY), JUNE 7, AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK, and comprising THE ELEGANT BAY TROTTING Gelding BtJRT. Black Hawk stork, IV* high, 7.years old, ^very game ana extra stylish driver, untrained, and canAieat 2:45, and is war rant.'d sound and kind. THE BEAUTIFUL CHESTNUT trotting Mare BELLE, sired by Errlcsou. IS'4 high, 7years old; elegant driver; can trot in 1:45, afraid of nothing, uud warranted souud and kind. HANUSOME CHESTNUT FAMILY or road Mare, by Messenger Duroc, dam by Eclipse; splendid driver; can beat three minute*, and warrautcd sound and kind. ONE OF THE MOST ELEGANT and fluest-gtyled coal black coupe Horses ever offered at public sale, 16 hands high, 7 years old; great action and appearance, long, full tall, and carries it like a waterspout, and is war ranted sound ami kind. THE HIGHBRED SORREL TROTTING MARE LADY MASON, sired by John J. Crittenden, 15},' high, 5 years old; extra st.vtisn driver; can trot in 2 :flO, and warranted sound and kind. ELEGANT AND EXTRA COMBINED brown saddle and harness Gelding, got by General Wadsworth, I5li high, 7 vears old; great style, action and appcaianre; can trot In 2:30- is a perfect saddle horse, and is war ranted so nd and kind. THE VERY SPEEDY AND DESIRABLE brown trot ting Gelding. "ROCHESTER BOY," sired by Edsali'a Hamblctonian, 15V high, 8 years old; can trot close to2:40; splendid driver, and warranted sound and kind. OENTr.EL AND VERY HANDSOME bay Hamblctonian trotting Mare, sired by Malor Edsall, 16k high, 5 years old: elrgaut driver; can trot in 2:50, ana is warranted sound and kind. HANDSOME AND EXTRA SPEEDY BAY trotting Griding, sired bv Henry Clav, IS)* high, 5 years old; very tree and pleasant driver; can trot In 2:50, and is war ranted sound and kind. ONE OF THE MOST ELEGANT, best styled brown Geldings in the State, Patchen stock. years old; splendid driver; trotn in 2 :50; attracts great atten tion, and warranted sound and kind. EXTRA FINE BAY FAMILY GELDING, Wi high.6 years old; very Iree, prompt driver; trots in 3:10. and la warranied found and kind. ALSO. SEVERAL OTHER Horses; full description in totmorrow's Herald. THE ABOVE STOCK ARE all genile and docile, and perfei'tly gentle for lady to drive. THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY seldom offered to pur chase a green trotter; all are capable of great improve ment. SALE POSITIVE, WITHOUT regard to cost or valua tion. STOCK NOW ON exhibition. NO POSTPONEMENT OS account of weather. A -FIRE KINO AT PUBLIC AUCTION, AT BARKER ? A CHASE'S City Auction Mart and New York Tat teraalla, corner of Broadway and Thirty-ninth street On Saturday, June 7, at II o'clock, will he sold positively, without reserve, the celebruted, beautiful gray trotting gelding Fire King; sired by Pilot; Is 15>i high, 8 vears old ; a flne. game and extra stylish driver; can trot close to 2:40, and wag never handled for speed ; is an elegant saddle horse; was late the property of Henry J. Barbey. Esq., and Is warranted sound and kind. This horse was purchased of above Arm on the 2lstof May last by present owner as a saddle horse for $560. Not proving heavy enough he now sells without reserve. A -THE FOURTH GREAT SALE . OF MONROE COUNTY HORSES TAKES PLACE to-morrow, SATURDAY. JUNE 7TII, at eleven o'clock, AT BARKER A Chase's CITY AUCTION MART and New York Tatterfalls. CORNER OF BROADWAY and Thirty-ninth street A CAR LOAD of high bred TROTTERS AND Roadsters, ALL OF WHOM can trot in Irom 2:45 TO 3 MINUTES, and all untrained. ATTEND THE great aale, AND BUY A green trotter. READ THE DESCRIPTIONS iu tills column. A FAST MARE.?NOT LONG SINCE MAJOR C. W. Barker, ol the New York Tattersalls, firm of Barker A Chase. Auctioneers, purchased a tew head of road stock ot Mr. Frank Lord, Rochester, N. Y., among them a bav inaro of St. Lawrence stock. 15,V hands, 7 years old, an'd sound a* a bell. This mare was subsequently sold by the Major, at public auction, lor $.'100, with a guaraniee that she could trot in 2 JO Mr. Moillt, of this city being the purchaser. On the 15th Inst, she was driven a lull mile at Fleetwood Park, to wagon, in 2 MX, after which Mr. Mofflt was offered and refused $3,500 for her. This trial was the mare's debut on a trotting track.?Turf, Field and Farm. THE ABOVE MARE WAS SOLD AT BARKER A CHASE'S City Auction Mart and New York Tattersalls, corner Broadway and Thirty-ninth street, in the great sale of Monroe county horses, on the 26th of March last. SHE IS NOW BEING HANDLED by Mr Dan Pflfer, and is entered at the coming meeting at Fleetwood Park In the 2:50 ami 2:4.1 race as LADY PFIFKlt. THOSE IN SEARCH OF (1REEN TROTTERS SHOULD NOT KAIL TO attend the next great sale of Monro*' county Horses, which takes place TOMORROW (SATURDAY), JUNE 7, AT II O'CLOCK. SEE THE DESCRIPTIONS IN THIS COLUMN, AND ATTEND THE SALE. A -FOR SALE, THE PROPERTY OF A GENTLE ? man from the country, sold on account of sickness of the owner, a span of ba'v Horses, brother and sister. 5 and 6 years old, llamblefonian stock. 15% bands high ; very stylish and last; they are kind either in single or double harness; warranted souud and fearless of loco motives : to be sold together or separately. Applv at 111 South Fifth avenue. AHAMBLETONIAN MARE. 16V HANDS HIGH, vary stylish gait, sound and kind ; also a Dusenhury A Van Duser top wagon and Harness, by Lowden; also a Coupelettt, by Wood Brothers, used only a lew limes, and Coupe Harness, In good order. Private stable 36 Hit Forty-rtrst ?treel A GENERAL VARIETY OF SECOND HAND CAR. riages, suitable for city and country, hacking or pri vate, at great bargains: also an elegant stock of new, fashionable, strictly first class carriages and Light W ag. on*, at reasonable prices We l>eg to warn the pnbbc against die misrepresentations of certain New York deal ers In Inferior work, who, with intent to deceive pur chasers, arc using our name in the sale of their carriages We have no direct or Indirect agency In New York. Car riages of our make can be bought only at our manufac tory in Rahway. N. J. WOODRUFF ft DUNHAM. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, Family Rorkawava, top and open Buggies, Pony Phaetons. Grocers' and Businow Wagons, at greatly reduced prices. 141 Weat Broadway, near Canal street Arrived again-j. c. deyo, of jackson city, Michigan, with 52 head of those flne Horses, single, double and saddle, at A. S. Chamhcrhn's stable, between Lexington and Third avenues. Twenty.fifth street. A LOT OF TOP BUOOIE8, ROAD WAGONS, EX praaa. Grocery and light Business Wagons lor sale cheat). 348 West Twenty-goventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenuea X'l55^st-.S:^?lR,A<i,c5; ?K'. Auction house of arch. joiinhton (late Johnston A Van Tassel I). I OFFICE AN1) SALKHROOM. Oi l) >*TAND, 37 Nmu street, opposite the Port office. I THB HOUSE AUCTION BRANCH OK THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE BPAOIOUB PREMISES I '?? 2?. -a and 25 EAST Til IKTEENTH STREET, between Filth avenue anil Uuiversitv place. _ i ? "a?'ness *11' 'x1 conducted on precisely the name strict and honorable principle** which nave always char acterized ine dealing oi our honxe and won the respect ana counaence of the businehs community, as well as tho public at large. REGULAR SALES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY AT 10^ O'CLOCK. REMEMBER, TnE 8AI.E COMMENCES AT 10* O'CLOCK. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY S (F RIDAY'S) HALE, 1?H O'CLOCK. park or road establishment?team dapple brawn Horses, 16 hands high. 8 and 9 years old; Una and true in all harness; free Iron) vice; very stylish; good all day travellers; can trot In 4 min utes; warranted Hound. T CART, BY BREWSTER A CO., IN FIRST RATE order. SP" OF DOUBLE HARNESS, CITY MADE TEAM OF COAL BLACK CARKIAUE HORSES, WITH long, flowing manes ami tails, 16 hands high, 9 year* old; Iree iroin vice; excellent drivers; un surpassed lor style; in every respect a first class (en lie man a team. PARK PHAETON, BY J R. LAWRENCK, IN PERFECT order: set ofDoul le Ha'ne*s. Ac PON* TURNOUT-ROAN PoNv' 13* HANDS, SIX years old, kind, gentle and true in all harness; go< d disposition, tree trom vice or lault; can bo driven or ridden bv lady or child; has been used by present owner for two years; warruuted sound, without bleinisb. NO TOP PONY PHAETON, NEARLY NEW; PONY Harness. Blanket, Ac. GENTLEMEN'S PaKK TURNOUT-DARK BAY HORSE, 16 hands, 9 years old; kind and true in all harnosH; tree from vice ; an excellent roadster; very stylish ?_.??ud warranted sound ; together with TWO WHEEL DOG CART (hHIFl'ING SEAT). BY Wootl Brothers; in perlect order. SET OK HARNESS, HY CAMPBELL. DAPPLE GRAY HORSE. LONG. FLOWING MANE AND tail, 16 hands, 7 years old; kind and true In nil harness; Iree from vice; an excellent road horses and warranted sound. TOP ROAD WAGON, CITY BUILT. OOUI'E ROCKAWAY, IN GOOD ORDER. T CART. BY J. R. LAWRENCK. GENTLEMEN'S ROAD HORSE?BLACK HORSE, 15.S nigh. 7 years old ; kind and true in all harness; free from vice; can trot lest>than 3 minutes; very stylish and free driver. NO TOP ROAI) WAGON. CITY BUILT, IN OOOD or ler-.sftof Harness, Blanket, 4c. CHEP'NUT PONY HOKSK, IS IIAfjDS, 8 YEARS OLD; jind and true in all harness and under saddle; oxtra fast traveller, of great en.lurancc ; has been used by a lady; warranted sound. SHIFTING TOP 1'AKK PH AETON. SORREL MARK, 16,^ HANDS, 7 YEARS; KIND AND | true In all harness; iree from vice and excellent good work horse. BROWN PONY Mare, LONG, FLOWING MANE AND tall, 1.1)4 bands, 7years old; kind and true In all harness and under saddle; free trom vice, and can be used bv children. SORREL STALLION, SIRED BY MAJOR BASSETT datn Star Mare. l&H hands, 7 years, kind and true In all harness, and free iron) vice; good traveller. CHILDREN'S ESTABLISHMENT?A WELL-TRAINED Goat, to all harness, together with No Top Wagon, Harness, Ac. TWENTY OTHER OOOD WORK AND BUSINESS Horses, 12 Seta of dounte Harness. ID Sets single Harness, Pony Pnnetons, basket and panel; top and no top Pony Phuetons. Weather never Interferes with our sales. Take University place cars. SALE COM M ENCES AT IOSJ O'CLOCK. A SPECIAL, IMPORTANT AND PEREMPTORY SALE, BY PUBLIC AUCTION, OF ELEGANT HORSES, WAGONS, HARNESS, AC., ON FRIDAY (THIS DAY)lMAY6, AT PRIVATE STABLE NO. I WEaT TWELFTH STREET, REAR OF 60 FIFTH AVENUE AT 10U O'CLOCK. by JOHN I). if AM UN. Auctioneer, of all the elegant Stock of the lion. Jame* Waterbnry, formerly ot Waterbury, Conn., who goes abroad and sells his entire tine stock. Coupe and Dog Cart, Horse Malor, blood bay, 16 hands S Inches high; the most elegant styled horse In the city; tine knee action and good traveller; believed to be the Onest large horse in the city; warranted sound and kind. Together with imported English two-wheeled Dog Cart and Harness, all extra tine and firs* class. Team of extra flnestylish and rich Horses, fine chestnut and dapple gray, 16 hands nlgh aud 7 years old; have no superiors tor style and action; are sharp, game and prompt, although perfectly gentle and safe: can trot in Sminutes, together or to phaeton; wero driven by Mr. Waterbury to dog cart, carrying three persons In2:58>4; they are elegant drivers, either on curbs or plain bits; have no mean tricks or vices, either single or double or in the stable; were the noted team at Newport last season tor styie and speed; in fact, are extra tine and desirable; arc warranted sound and kind; this is the liueat teain, taking into consideration their speed, sym metry. bone and muscle, ever offered In this city; have uo enough for a coach, speed enough for the road and salt for ? family team; will be sold separate, with privilege. Brown trotting Mare, 15W hands high, 7 years old; aired by Eureka, dam by Hoagland's Messenger ; a per fect gentleman's roadster; splendid driver: shows high breeding: a flne gaited, prompt and relloblo trotter; can trot In aj40, and do it every day; sale tor any amateur or lady t. drive, and warranted sound and kind. J'lood bay trotting *n<1 family Horse, known as the K'nner horse; 16% hands high; 6 years old thia Sprlni?J Sired by Edward Everett, dam by Seely's Star; showed In preaenco ot Shepard Knapp and David Bonner, In Orange county, 2 38 when 6 years old; flne, superior road horse; elegant driver, and can pull a road wagon, carrying two men. in 2:4fi: can speed a 2 :.i0 gait, and warranted sound and kind. Also elegant Phaeton, two Brewster Wagons, DogCart. two sets ol double harness by Dunscoinb, two sets of single, Blankets, Ac. Sale positive. No limit or restrictions. -IN VIEW OF THE coming Knees. we would call the attention of the public to our Derby T Carta, new and original in design, patented and sold only by this house. * Quality being the true measure of valne, wr are satisfied that when our Carriages ure lalrly judged by this stand ing, price will be esteemed a secondary consideration w areroom*? Fifth avenue, corner Twcntv-M-venth st. Factory?145 East Twenty-filth street. J. B. BREWSTER A CO. __ Established 1838. J^ THE "BREWSTER WAGON," A in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished. and embracing in their construction the various improve them" llltr"<lu u? during the past 14 years, making the standard lor Quality throughout the United States. These wagons are exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street factory, and are offered in stock In all respects equal in Qualify to those built to the order of the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all In order that we may not be confonnded with a Joint stock company ot carriage dealers who have adopted a Arm mime similar to our own, and impudently claim the reputation we have made lor the "Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only warerooms are at the corner of Fifth avenne and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., ot Broome street. ^T OUR FACTORY IN TWENTY FIFTH STREET 3 second hand Phaetons, 1 Victoria, 1 Brett, 2 six-seat Rockaways, Top and No Top Wagons. All in good order. J. B. BREWSTER A CO. A -ONE BREWSTER SECOND HAND ROAD WAGON; * 5?P d.0-' very !Jlht; 1 Landaulet, good order several side bar second hand top and open Wiiguus. by nt. , Rockaways, Depot Wagons, Pony Phaetons, all styles, from (12i up; Harness Sheets Whip*. *0 WILLIAM n. GRAV, JOand a SrS A FINE FAMILY HORSE?BLACK, 16 HANDS HIOU ; W Wt^tor sU?2t ; >'e*r4 U'd: wi" 66 "M low A T r|,|E^Fn8T 9/DK RABRlAGE REPOSITORY, 1,494 A and 1,4*> Broadway, will be found a large assort inentof Rockaways, Depot Wagons. Park Phaeton*, top and 10 top Buggies, 4c.; and, to make room, will offer a line .1 leather topPony Phaetons, at (2110 each. A BAROUCHE FOR $300; . ?. $2,000. Depot Wagons, Phaeton, with servant seat; Coupe Rockaways, second hand seasonable Car llagci sold loir JAM, 10 East Fourth street A riNK CARRIAGE TEAM FOR SALE-DARK HAY, A perfectly matched. 16* hand* and warranted sound In every particular, only sold on account of owner going nut of town. May be seen any morning trom 9 to 10 by applying at the office of the (Iramercy Park Hotel A N, EXT'iA h LAR?8 family house for i" 1 j Brown, 17 hands high, 7 years old; the most elegait styled horse in the city , an all day traveller; very suitaHe tor dog cart or coupe; warranted sound and kiuil In eviry particular *, sold lor the want of use. Inouire lor Mr KANl), st Stable. 1M Kast FJfty aeventh streeC 4 -FOR SALE, A PAIR OF THE FINEST BAY CAR riage Horses In thia city; one 16 hands high ; knee actioi; young and sound; also throe well bred Saddle Horsis, trained to carry lady or gentleman' all fine stock Inquire for WICKS, 1.-.9 East Thlrty-gecond street, l^xington and Thiid avenues. A T 'u>4 O'CLOCK THIS MORNING (FRIDAY), it Remember the sale commences at '0)4 O'CLOCK ATcARC^JOHNST()N'g HORSE AND 19 21, a and 28 East' Thirteenth street. Sec catalogue above. A COLLECTOR WANTS A HORSE, GIG AND IIAR together or separate. Addresa, with lowest IVersldofhce f,mrUcul??. COLLECTOR, box No. 16S A PAIR OF JET BLACK HORSES * - ,, 'ff' h*nd?, closely mated, sound and kind Ktfigle or double, aud can trot in three minute*; they ?* "ndsoine, and a rer* choice team, will be sold low. toqulre of ji. G. HOPKINS, Platbush, L I., seventh house lelow the Dutch church ; cars from Fulton lerry to the dour; entrance also on Ocean avenue, near Church lane. At iaroains? pony phaetons, DEPOT WAG ??S, extension top Cabtiolets and all kinds of Car riages and Harness, second hand Buggies, Kockawuy *> _ . STAATS RKLis N,v 'Washington place, rear New York Hotel. A CROSS MATCHED TEAM FOR SALE.-A BLACK 2Y aid a Bay, long tails, nice manes, I6S hands high, very irompt and stylish drivers, kind and gentle In !.V?eii7. cheap ;. also a Imatuiful and stylish brown Horse and open Phaeton, suitable for a lady of gentleman to drive. Apply at No. 7 Murray street, room I. ANr.KK,T'.KNIt1?l *?.R KOO-UANDSOMR MAKE, stiUble tor ladies' driving; city huUt top Buggy, Harness, Ac. Apply at 27 West fwenty-sixth street A -TOR SALE -SIX HORSES KIT FOR WOKK OR ? ?ny kind of hoslness to be sold cheap, as tbe owner ninst||U hou)ci Apply at Washington street. HOUKKM, CAEHIAOBti AC. AT AUCTION TIII8 DAY, BV WILLIAM VAN TaSKELL, AUCTIONEER |8UCCE8SOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSELL), HOhSE AN1) CARRIAGE AUCTION MART, 110, 112 and 111 EAST riilRTEENTII STREET, NEAR Fourth avenue. KKiltL.AU SALES OF HORSES AND CAKKIAOES KVKKY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. Twenty-four 10 lorty-eight hoars given to purchasers to test warranties. CATALOG UK OK THIS 1?A\'S (FRIDAY'S) SALE, AT 12 O'CLOCK. CROSS MATCHED TEAM, BLACK AND WHITE Il?r*< v hands high, H year* old, kind anil true in all harness, free iroin vice, last traveller*, iree and stylish driven., (ear nothing; are in every raspcct a first class carriage team, and warranted sound. Alio net fine Har ness and COUPE. IN GOOD ORDER ORAY MARE, 14^ HANDS IUOH, 7 YEARS OLD, kind and true In all harness, free ironivice;an extra tine roadster, Ireo and stylish driver, and lean nothing. Alao 9?'I Dunscomh Harness and. STIVERS ROAD WAGON, IN GOOD ORDER. BAY MARE, UH; HANDS RIGII, 6 YEARS OLD; kind and true in all harness; tret* troin vice. a superior readmer; trots in tlirce minutes and warranted sound. Also Harm as and TOP SIDE BAR ROAD WAGON. BROWN HORSE, BAN GO, 15X HANDS HIGH. 9 years old; kind and true In all harness; fret' troin vico; trotted iast season in 2:42. at:tl is warranted to trot in three minute*, single or double, or no sale. D.vKK BAY STALLIoN, 15 HANDS HIGH, 9 YEARS old; kind in single Harness; free irom vice; a good trav eller and a Iree and stylish driver. Also sol Harness and NO TOP KOAD WAGON. BLACK SADDLE HORSE, 13*? HANDS HIGH, 7 years old; kind aiii. true in all harness; Iree from vice; a first class saddle horse, and warranted sound. EXTENSION TOP CABRIOLET. DUN HORSE, 15W HANDS HIOU, 8 YEARS OLD; kind and true in all harness; Ircu Irom vice or trick; trots in 2:40; is a free and stylish driver and perfectly gentle ; alao set Dunscomh Harness and TOP WAOON, BUILT BY DUSENBURY 4k VAN DUSER. BLACK COUPE HORSE, 1(1 HANDS HIGH. 7 YEARS old; kind and true in all harness, free Irom vice ; a good traveller; a line, stylish coupe Hoisc, and warranted sound. COUPE, IN GOOD ORDER. DARK BAY PACING HORSE, 15 HANDS, 5 YEARS old, kind and true in all harness; Iree irom vice; last traveller ; very stylish and warranted sound. BAY RUNNING MARE, 16 HANDS, 8 YEARS OLD; well broken to saddle; lioa run ouu-quancr mile in 19 seconds. GLASS QUARTERED COACH. BROWN HORSE, 16 HANDS HIGH, 7 YEARS OLD; kind and true in all harness; Iree from vice; un extra flne coupe or carriage horse. FIFTEEN OTHER HORSES; FULL DESCRIPTION time of sale. TWO BAROUCHES, TWO COUPES. EXTENSION TOP AND PARK PHAETONS, ROAD and light Business Wagons, Rockuways and jump seat Wagons, Harness, Ac. A?NO. 8 CORTLANDT STREET, NEAR BROADWAY ? (removed from No. i>8 Liberty strt et). and now ottering one of the handsomest, most reliable and cheapest assortments of Liu lit Carriages and Harness ever offered in this market. Be sure to examine our stock and prices belore purchasing. Pony Phaetons a specialty. Sheets, Lap Dusters, Holies, Halters, Whips, everything. ARCll. JOHNSTON, No. 8 Cortlandt street. A SHIFTING TOI' ROAD WAGON. with POLE and shalta; city made; in perfect order. Apply to II. PINCKNEY, 24 East Forty-first street, or 1,402 Broad way. At lower prices than EVER BEFORE OF fered, our inimelist; stock of Carriages, comprising every seasonable style of tuinlly Carriages and light Wag ons, new and second hand. MAN Uf AC 111 HERS' union, 63M Broadway_ A SECOND HAMBLETONIAN M A RE?15 HANDS, warranted sound and kind; can trot in 3 minutes; will he sold at a bargain. Can be seen at ARCH. JOHN STON'S, 19 to 26 East Thirteenth street, near Union place. V-FOR SALE, TROTTER, JUT BLACK; HAS BEAT . en 2 :35; 7 years' old, splendid netion; Is out ol the best trotting stock; warranted in every way; can pull a road wagon any day at a 2:40 gait. 26 University place, in store. AN ELEGANT FOUR WHEELED DOG CART, GOOD as new, lor sale, at private stable, 217 East Thirty sixth street A BROWN PONY MARE FOR SaLE?ABOUT 14^ hands; good stepper, good worker; afraid ol not hum; stands without tying ; suie lor a lady to drive; perfectly sound and kind, $225;ul*o two sets Harness ami Carpen ter's Wagon, $100. JOHN A. GHOSH, Builder, 304 West Thirty-ninth street. A CHILDREN'S TURNOUT FOR SALE-CONSIST Ing of Pony, 12 hands high. 6 years old, warrunted sound ano kind in al! harness. Iree from all vice, can be used by the most timid child, is a perfect beauty; also Phaeton and Harness anil Saddle, together or separately. Apply at Ifil East Twenty eighth street. B?ATTENTION IS CALLED TO SALE . BY AUCTION, THIS DAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK, BY WILLIAM VAN TASSELL, AUCTIONEER, 110,112, 114 East 'thirteenth street. TEAM CROSS MATCHED HORSES, an extra fine Car riage Team. len extra Ann Road Horses. Twenty good Work Horses. Carriages of all kinds. See catalogue above. CARRIAGES SLIGHTLY DAM AGED?GREAT BAR gains?New and second hand Carriages of every description, elegant T Cart; Rumble Phaeton, little soiled; will be sold low. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 838 Broadway. CIOUPE HORSE, 16 HANDS, SOUND AND KIND; J can be driven by a lady; to be sold cheap for of use. Private stable, 131 East Eighteenth street. \J can be driven by a lady; to be sold cheat) for want fias T710R SALE?A FAMILY TURNOUT. CONSISTING OF F a flue surrel Mare, 16 hands high, 8 years old, hand some, round and kind ; one ol the nnest coupe horses in New York: a Dcm'arest Landau, used but a few times, almost new, anil a fine set of gold-mounted Harness; sold only tor want of use ; price 91,800. Apply at the box olllce of Booth's Theatre. T71INE PAIR OF 16 HANDS BAY CARRIAGE HORSES r for sale at a very moderate figure; have been regu larly driven up to date; owner gone to Europe. Apply at private stable 133 East Nineteenth street. For sale-a bay mare, 7 years, is hands, lull inane and tail, black points, warranted sound and kind : a fine driver, single or double; also, u line set of single anil double Harness; all lor sale cheap. Apply to GEORGE, at stables 146 and 148 West Thirty-ninth street, near Broadway. 1jN>B SALE?AT FA RNSWi iHTIl'S STABLES. 231 1 West Fifty-fourth street, one pair of close matched bav Horses. 15>j hamls, 6 years old; half brothers and fine drivers; one pair cross matched black ami dapple gray, 14^ bunds, a very fine pair, and a few tine single Dorses from Chautauqua county, N. Y. For sale-a ladvs phaeton, in perfect order; been In use only a short time. Can be seen st private stable 127 West Seventeenth street. For sale-a bright bay horse, is'i hands high, suitable for landaulct or dog cort: warranted sound ana kind. Apply at Cunningham's stable, 121 West Forty-filth street. Ask for JOHN yl'IRK. TjlOR SALE-A VERY FART HAMBLETONIAN MARE, I1 5 years old ; is built for speed: has great power of en durance; perfectl y sound and gentle; known her from her birth; will pay to look at. J. R. HALEY, 127 East Fifty-third street. yon SALE-A NICE BROWN HORSE, SOUND AND V kind, 16 hands high, 7 years old: will suit either coupe or carriage; also one sorrel Horse, 15^ high, per fectly sound, well broken. 5 years; works single or doable; very excellent driver; will trot up three min ute gait Can be seen at 266 avenue C. For sale-one pair very fine bay horses, 15^ hands, llamhletontans; 1 very highbred Saddle Mare, been used two years by u lady; 2 open Wagons; 1 Park Phaeton, by Brewster; I Landau let; 2 Sets doable Harness. Apply at private stable 114 West Flltieth street. For sale?a good family horse. 16 hands high : sound and kind. can trot in three minutes. Apply to WILLIAM CRAIG, 416 Kent avenue, near Myrtle, Brooklyn. JTIOR SALE-A FOUR-WHEEL TURNOUT SEAT, J. B. r Brewster A Go's., Dog Cart, a top Buggy and double Harness, at Seidell's stables, 166 East Twenty-third street, or address 0., box 1,478 Post office. FOR SALE-A GENTLEMAN'S FINE TURNOUT; dark bav Horse, 16 hands, 6 years old ; warranted ?onnd and kind in every respect: also English mailo Dog Cart, with Harness, all new and In perfect order. Ad dress A. P. O , box 3,517 Post ofllco. IjluR SALE-A FRESH DURHAM COW. MILKS 20 1 quarts of superior milk per day. Can be seen at J. McGRATH'M, Morin avenue, third hnnse from Bergen avenue, Jersey City Heights, or Inquire at stand 489 Washington Market, comer Vesey street FOR SALE?TWO PONY BUILT HORSES, 15^ AND 16X hands high . fit for any work ; 7 aud 9 years old; will bu sold cheap for want of use only. Inquire at 130 Perry st^oet, stable. F-VIK SALE-A FINE BAY HORSE, BLACK POINTS' full mane ann tail, 6 years old : sound and kind in single and double harness, and a fast traveller. Can be seen at stable of Dr. E. B. MlDDLKBROOK, Seventy eighth street, near Third avenue. SIOR SALE-A GOOD HORSE, HARNESS AND Wagon, suitable lor grocer or express. Apply at 71 North Moore street fJtOB SALE-SEVEN FINE HORSES; SOME CAN r trot inside 3 minutes: one is a very fast quarter mile mare; sold cheap. Call at 111 Third avenue. fpOR SALE-A VERY NICE BAY HORSE, 6 YEARS 1 old, suitable for lady's use; not afraid of locomotive. LAMB'S stable, No. 13 East Klfty eighth street. Also Brewster top Wagon and Harness For sale?for want of use, a perfect laily's or gent's saddle Horse, 8 years old, souud and kind, can lie seen at Dickers Riding School; ask lor the Ferguson Mare. To effect sale call al Mil West Thirty eighth street between Tenth and Eleventh avenues. WoR SALE?PAIR BAY HORSES. 16', HANDS; SIX P seat Rockaway Carriage (good as new). McNA MARA'S stable. Seventy third s reet. Fourth avenue. BRUNS, MOORE A CO.. 452 Broadway. OR SALE-TWO CLARENCES, IN GOOD ORDER; utie full size, one three qnnrter. H. B. MOTT. 156 West Twenty seventh street F flOR SALE-A HANDSOME BAY PONY, 14^ HANDS, 5 years old; very sty|ish and good driver; warrauted sound and kind and getiile , suitable lor lud or boy to ride or drive; sold lor want of use. 89 King stroet, near Hudson street IpoR SALE-THREE OF THE FINEST TROTTERS IN ' the city , 15\ to 16 hands high , also a brown Pony ; can trot In 2M); also two Ponies; all warranted sound aud kind. Nos. 3 and 5 West Thirteenth street. _ T. E. GORDON. FOR SALE-A SORREL COUPE HORSE, IS HANDS high, A years old'Sound, kintl and gentle; suitable for an exprewor truck; price $400. Apply at UNDER UILL'8 stable. 54 Lafayetu place. HUH* ICS, (AH HI AUKS. ?fcC. | L~V>R SALE-CHESTNUT i; EI.Dl S'i; l.v i HIGH. ?' A years old: an elegant atld extra stylish driver Aa* been used by a lady for 15 months; can trot in MO mire warranted wund and kind; nl-o topPbaeum. Ilarn,^' ??? Dl NKLEY, 134 Went Ttdrty-nimh street. IiMNE KRM'IVKV saddle mack for sai.k! I1 Beautiful bay ; fine mane and tail: fifteen hands and one Inrli high. Can be seen a; 221 West Forty sixth street DOB SALE CHEAP?A LIGHT ONE-HOUSE TRUCK 1 at ill East Twenty ninth street * IjlOR SALE CHEAP?FIVE YOUNG IIORSES. ALL found and kind, weighing from 1,200 to l,4<?l pounds; also a Pony Phaeton and set ol llurnc&s. Impure u lager beer saloon, 220 Eighth avenue. /"1REAT H A K(; AIN S. ?IN CONSEQUENCE OF RE. vT building part ol' our premises, we offer our entir? stock seasonable sty'ea new and second hand Carriages at greatly reduced priccs. manufacturers' ONION, 6.18 Broad way. Harness?a large assortment, all kinds, inv own manuiacture, a1 low pricea; Horse sheets, "fl'.t Summer Blankets, Lap Dusters, Flv Nets, Ear Tips, Riding Saddles and Bridles, Whips, Spurs, Currycomr>?, Brushes, and everything in the horse line, cheap 'or cash. You can nave money by purchasing tho above lino ol goods at my establishment. E. BAKTLhTT. B Warren street, corner College place. Harness?the cheapest harness store in New i ork. A good Double Truck Harness $30; a good grocers Harness, $30; a good milkman's Harness, r, ; If Harness, hand made,#17; a good stable blanket, $2; will sell cheaper than ever on Account of moving on ur before June 10, Please call and examine lor yowrahreg. FIHgKR x osbokne. 48 Mnrraj stmt Haknkss saddlks, HORSE CLOTH I N O. car. riaiio ltoneH, Lap Dusters, Fly Nets and a lanro variety ol Saddlery Goods always on band. C. B. SMITH A CO., 40 Warren street, New York. Horse wanted, for raker's use.?good one. about 8 years old; must have liim before Saturday noon. 560 West Thirty sixth street, irom III A. M. till <p M BILLINGS. HORSE PASTURE-A RUN OF IIU ACRES; HIGH and low land ; Richmond county, N. V. For par ,?.ular5.'?(|u,.rv "f,J s- UNDERH1LL, Marshland f'ost office, staten Island. JEROME PARK RACES. An elegant imported four-in hand Carriage and Har. ncsH, complete, made by Peter*, of London, iu pertc -t order and very stylish ; a splendid affair lor the races or lor a gentleman having a largo country sent; accommo dates 14 persons; will be sold at le^s than half the cost of importation; can be seen at the warerooms of ___ BRADLEY, PRAY A CO., 558 Broadway. Kentucky horses.?for sale, two fink pairs; five Saddles, all extra fine. Can be seen at Til West I'orty-slxih street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue. A. L. THORNTON. MANUFACTURERS' union REPOSITORY, KW Broadway.?Carriages, Harness, largest assortment ever offered, at most reasonable prices; all styles of ramily Carriages and light Wagons, new and second baud. MANUFACTURERS' I NIoN, ti;i8 Broadway. Newport and long branch racks. An elegant imported lour-ln-hand Carriage and Harness, complete, made by Peters, of London, In per fect order and very stylish , a splendid affair lor ihe races or lor a gentleman baring a large country scat; accom modates 14 persons; will be sold at less than hall the cost (d importation. Can be seen at tho warerooms of BRADLEY, PRAY A CO., ,VM Broad way. ONE PAIR ELEGANT BAY CARRIAGE HORSES?18 hands high; sound and kind ; verv gav drivers; to be seen al A. T. Stewart A Co.'s stables, 36 Amity street. PONY phaetons?EVERY description, POPU lar prices; depot Wagons in great variety, two ele^: J1"*""1 extension-top Phaetons, Park Wagons, light Ruckawavs, low prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION. 038 Broadway. PONY.?FOR SALE, A BOY'8 OR GIRL'S PONY; perfectly sound, gentle and kind. Apply at private stable 140 West F ittie111 street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Irom 9 to 11 A. M. pONY PHAETONS. Pony Phaetons. We Invite attention to a large assortment, all in th?> newest designs, on four springs, with and without rum bles, lunch baskets and extra seats lor the accommoda tion of children ; also a few with half tops, at popular prices. Canopies if desired. BREWSTER A CO., 84 5th avenue, corner 14th street. Red horse.?red horse powder for horsex Stock and Poultry -Send me Filty <50) proas Red uorse Powder John F. Henry,8 College place. New Urk May 27. 1373. This is to certify that I have sold hundreds ol grow of Red Horse Powder to mv trade, and in every respect It gave entire satisfaction. .lohn C. V1.?1, ?Lh,"',esalu Druggist, 825 Market street, Philadel phia. This Is to certily that 1 have sold to more than IU0 ol my customers, wholesale, the Red Horse Powder, anil they all speak of it iu the highest terms. For chicken* they praise it particularly. Poultry seems to tie very sus ceptible to the influence of proper medicine, and your I owder cures them of disease and makes the hens lav better. Levi O tier hoi tzer, M. D., wholesale, Ifiet North 2.bird street, Philadelphia. This Powder is prepared by C\ HUH BROWN, iJrugtiist, Chemist ami horseman of -5 years experience, at his wholesale and retail Drug and Chemical Emporium, 36 Broadway, Milton, Pa. Remem ber the Ued Horse, my trade mark, on each 20 and 40c. package, and my signature. Take no other. Kockaway FOR sale-or exchange for fi.r. niture. Piano or other household effects; is adapted for one or more horses i doors panelled and gla/.nl: nearlv new; lamps and sheet Included; it Is warranted in first rate order. Address ROCK AWAY, box 21.1 H. raid orace. VJPEED. -A GENTLEMAN WANTS A YOUNG IIORSK O that can trot a mile in 2:36. This horse must bo sound and guaranteed in every way ; a gentle ami pleas ant driver; pole horse preferred; nothing looked at unless llrst class. Address E. H. G., box 121 Herald office. CAUDLE HORSE EiR SALE-BY A GENTLEMAN O about leaving towt?-A One hay Saddle Horse, gentle and kind, lor a lady liCrido, 1>!, hands high. 7 veanold. '? seen every morning before 10 o'clock at private stable. No. 127 West Twenty-eighth street. SECOND HAND AND SLIGHTLY SOILED (Alt rlages, bargains; T Cart, English Dog Cart, Depot wagon, several Rockaways, top and open Buggies, jump seat Wagon. Ponv Phaeton. MANUFACTURERS' U N ION, ?38 Broad war. Tins day. at auction, at arch. Johnston's NEW MART. 19 TO 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR university PLACE. SALE COMMENCES AT 10K O'CLOCK. Twoeleirant Park Establishments. T Cart, by Brewster. Two Road Horses. Two wheel Dog Cart, by Wood Brothers. rive Pony Horses. Twenty other good Horses?description time of sale. C all and examine. T ake University place cars. The following second hand carriages. built by CORBETT A CO., are offered cheap ; one lop and open Wagon. One turnout seat Phaeton, almost new. A Depot Wagon, used a lew limes, and A curtain Coach, In good order. '7 West Forty fourth street VERY STYLISH DARK BAY MARE FOR SALE?PER lectly Sound; will guarantee satisfaction to any per son who will give her a single trial; IS% hands, 6year* old ; owned by private party. Address W, box 3,254 Post office. WAGONS FOR SALE CHEAP.?ONE EXPRESS, ONE Grocery, one Milk, and one light Rusit.ess Wfagon; one top Buggy, at 226 spring street, corner of Clark. "IV'ANTED?A SECOND HAND TOP BUGGY Du! senbury and Vanduser's inake preferred.' Ad dress for two days, staling particulars, F. O., Herald onlce. WANTED?IN TRADE. FOR STOCK OR MERCHAN dise. a llorte. Top Buirgy and Harness; state where same can be seen or appoint interview. Address STOCK Herald office, ' Wanted-a horse and phaeton, for which cash will he paid. The horse must Se sound and sum and suitable for a lady lo drive. Address, stating price and particulars, box jUB New York Post office. WANTED?A LARGE GOAT (TRAINED); MUST have short hair and not very long horns; will buv Harness Call at 2SI West Fiftieth street V W^NTED-A LADY'S SADDLE IIORSK, NOT OVER ?? 14^ hands high ; must be sound, gentle, thoroughly broken and very easy. Address, stating price, B C. P.. box rts Herald I ptown Branch office. WANTED TO HIRE FOR THE SUMMER OR PUR. chase for cash, a kind, stvlish Horse, a good road ?tcr; also a light Yictonu or depot Wagon, for lour tier* sons. Address (i. H., box 930 PoSi office. \\r ANTED ?A GENTLEMAN WELL KNOWN IN T1I? City desires to secure the use of a good Saddle Horse for his own use tor a month or so; will take aood care, pay well and board saiuc. Address R. S. K.. Ilcraht Uptown Branch office. UTANTED-A VICTORIA. IN GOOD ORDER MADE OAS^mrg maker; "^re to be seen. addren WASTED TO PURCHASE CIIEAP-A FIRST CI AH<* TT family Horse, about 15ij hands, sound and klnrt ? ? ?"'"'"motives Address B k price." ' C*' W'th Jv#crlPtion and lowest Y"cu <;an always place implicit ifliTfn JOHNSTON ''ff'SmTir1'??* m*df by thc hou?e of ARGIL i.. ,r)ou are 111 scarch of a Faintly Team a. Horse, a V amily Horse or anything in the Horse ReVAVr^uu ? i'r ?'.sl,rc nn<1 attend the sale. REM KM BE It, SAL* COMMENCES AT HH, if. l,o< K ~,BAY, HOKSK, PONY MADE, 7 V E \ RS, 1.1' ^?rViR K.Il5nd*| *pnn<l. kind, Rentle. for ladv Gray, ? L "ands, >I4A; must be sold. 21ti West thirty first street, near Seventh avenue. ? FOR SALE, A 110 POUND BREWSTER ? Wagon, almost new. Stable 213 West Forty nrsi mreet. ? ../r: FOR A BAY HORSE, CARRIAGE, HAR 'Jc*' I ?? ness and Blankets; can be driven by a ladv Inquire at I>. UNDERIIILI.'S stables, 52 Lalayette place! M 11,1,1 \ Kit V AND DRRliiuklffa. A-.maisms walton. m sroadway arove . Seventeenth street.-dust received a case of French and Engluh Round Hats, imported expressly tor the race*. WlilBI, i i til tilt s, M . HBMKMBKR YOU CAN GET THE PURE AND GEN uine Milwaukee Beer at KM1L IIOLLhNDLK S, "* ""'s.lwar, in kegs or bottled for family use.

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