Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1873 Page 1
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1 m J I THE NEW YORK HEKALD. WHOLE NO. 13,439." MKfiCTMV FOB ADVERT1SESS. AMU8EMF.NTS?Seoowd I'ac??Fifth and sixth eidnmns. AHTKUU>?>Y?Klkvkhtu fAan-Kourth column. BILLIARDS?EucrkNTH Pauk?Sixth column. BOAKDhHS WANTED?Elkvkvtu Page?Second and third columns. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED-Eleventh Pack? Third column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE POR SALE-Second Paui Pirat column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Second PAu?-Fourth column. OlUAHSSAND(^BArro*1T,'T" Pac?-?W> column. OITV URAL kJVa A? J>UK-Si*ih column, coinmn BALL?Sevosu Page? First A*? SALESMEN?Twelfth PACB-Thlrd col Soan 11 ln?C~? v*iwTTt.Fourth column. Column GARDfc.NERB-Twn.nic Page?Third STEAMSHIPS?Twelfth Page?Fifth col conntr',fTH ''age?Filth column. columns. LETK1"Ta ami fourth 55X>l,iM)08"-F,R8T Page?Sixth column. wrp'vLSvV.8?8 TO LET- PURN1SHBD AND UN mnnXuu i<wH!i&1i"^W!0,,D Pao??TMrd column. i bTKAMSHIPS?Twelfth Page?Fourth and fifth colamng. ?v? *i7:E,lu?7 Sixth column. Pace?Fourth column. *iriiuiirnt; ^?~ uvT,"" P*"*? Fourth column, in m aHEt^i S?TwELrrn Pace?Fifth and ?ixtli columns. ?^WANCIAL?Niith Pagb? tnth cohinin. JrOH hAl.E?FiKgr Page?Sixth column FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? wrahivImdii age?Third and fourth columns. JURNITURE?Twelktii Pace?Stxth column BRKNCH^ADVBRTISEMBNTS?Twkleth Pace Foorth *BLcoliimi/'TEI>?FEMALES?Tw*lft" Pao??Second HBLP^WaNTED?MALES?Twelfth Page?Third col a?MauS,fltu,RcotaS' *C-F,R',T P^?Thirt, fourth ^^COlUBID, 1 w uL'i/v07'-V.fT7EK.WT" Page?fourth column. JKB8EY UlY, IIOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BERGEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Second , _. Page? First column. WAi1 5iK?1 ***"*? Page?Sixth column. AAfST AND POL ND?F iisst Page?First and second col ?mns. S'a'odi1 P^ce?Sixth column. #ARBLE MANTELS?Seoond I'agk? Fifthcolumn. JjJ'-OIOAL?Hecond Page?Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS-Tehth Pace Sixth column. KOUri?JCuEVKMTii Page?Fourth column. s??'ond Pace?Sixth column. MEW PriifilCATIONS?Seventh Page? Fitth and sixth columns. 8ST P*^e?First column. riANOFOKTES, ORGANS, AC.?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. 52uipi?'?r1sEB0'ncB~?IRST Page?Filth column. fltOPOiALS?Ei.kvk.nth Page?Fourth column PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? TwKi-rTu Pagb?Second column. wwpehty OUT OF 1UIS CITY* FOR SALE OR TO _ _ .""KNT?8bcown Pack?First and second columns ?HTATK to EXCHANGE?.Second Page?Second and third coluiuns. M^'motKlnS^PlH1'?" PAGK-Thlrd column, nnw 1 una i! (? ? iR8r 1 aub?F ilth column. f'KST Page?Second column. BALKS AT AUCTION?Kletk.ntii Page?Pifth and sixth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Twelfth Page ??^iT8' an<l second colutum>. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Twelfth Pagb ... Second and third columns. 4^ NOTICES?First Pio^-8ocoi)il column. BPO&fINO?DOQ8, filKDtS, AC.?Fiiujt Pigk?Third column. HTORACIK? Ki.kvkntii Page?Fourth column Thp^ra i?,?8?KTS?E,nKTliNTT. VA.a*-K<,ur'h column. THE TURF-F.^'i^TbiT^"llSJl? f?Urth COlU,Un8 *? f?? BU8INE8S PURPOSES?Second Page *mra column. TRAVELLERS' OUIDE?Twelfth Page?Fifth column BNI'UHJs'lSH til) ROOMS AND APARTMENTS To LET? _. ?Skcono Page?Fourth column. WAKrKD i'O PURCHASE?Fiuht Pace Sixth coin-tin tnWTOHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FURSALE oil ^1,7:?*^?*? Page?First colutnu. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, <tC.?Fiust Page?Fifth col amn. HKBAI.D Bli A \'t'H ttFFICK?I'PTUWV. A DYBRTJSEMENTS FOR THE NEW york HERALD RECEIVED AT THE RRANCH OFFICE, LMB RROADWAY AND KKJ SIXTH AVENUE, BBJWBEN THIRTY-FIRST- AND THIRTY SECOND STREKTH. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON.WEEK days (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. ML). AT OFFICE RATES. newsdealers SUPPLIED with HERALD AT 5 O'CLOCK every MORNING. NO EXTRA CHARGES. PARIS) AGENCY OF THE NEW york HERALD. J^JESSRS. kremer A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE MBW YORK nERALD. they WILL 6UPPLY DEAL MS with COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND AM SINGLE NUMBERS OF this PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING them. A uiii B PKltSOSIAIi. LICK-THE YOUNG MEN'S LITERARY AND DRA matic Association have a Summer Night Festival evcnini; at ./ones' Wood. Meet nic there. ilAKKY. YOURS RECEIVED. SATURDAY, AT PLACE > named,at 12 o'clock. TOM. Black ryes?you wont forget the ap. [?ointment ut the Argyie Institute thin nlternoon, ? o'clock sharp. DRAB CHAPEAI X. DBNLS JUDGE .?WHEN LAST SEEN HE RTARTED from New York lor Maryland and Pennsylvania. Infonnntlon will ho thankfully received" hy his brother, JOHN JL Dr.i;, No. 228 West Twenty-ninth siivet Gentleman who particularly noticed pruntfttc oa Green and Gates avenues car, from Ful ?on terry, about fi-.TO P. M. on Thursday last, both lott i ar corner Gates and Bedford avenue*, winhcs to become ac jn^inted if agreeable. Please addremi U. <!. S., box 1X7 Herald olllce. , H~ WANTED. -THE TTeIRR OF THE LATRJAME8 I eacock, machinist, a native of Glasgow, Scotland wilowas accidentally klllril on board the steamshln Black' Warnor. New York,In IH86, are reciue.tted to communi cate with the wibacriher, ftrom whom thuv will hear of ?omcthjnp to their advantage. The widow ol the said Jame-vl eacock Is understood to have married a person Of the name of Akerlay. DAVID CRAIG Kolicltiir, i:<7 West Kecent street, Glasgow, Scotland. INFORMATION WANTED?OF MARY MALTHOPT formerly lived at Z'tS Washington street, hv her sou, 5^Srt7w ?lr^ uMa tho,pt Address NEWSBOYS' LODG 1NO ROOM, in Park place. r FORMATION w a nted-of ellbn boylan, from county M> n-it, Irelnnd. Anv account of her v ill W <hMkfti)ly receiv. I by ROSE BOYLAN, care ol Mi^ Sore, 37 Frauktort street, Ng-.v York. " IF DANIEL IIARLIN, SOMETIME mechanic WITH i1iiiow.r)?<k Rope work C.inpany, Tort Glasgow, ocouand, will adply to Alexander Lade, Soilcitoi, I'ort SvSbSbo. wi11 of #umet,,1"K ,0 ?'l* JACOB OAWTOB, watchmaker?WHOEVER knows the where.iboqts ef this respectable gentle BTJS'WV '*Vor by ud(lrt !'?>n? Ills friend CARTS, box 86 Herald olllce. JOSIEB-^END YOUR ADDREi-S, BEFORE NOON to Astor House, until Sunday nicht, to vonr i Id friend," CAIRO HARRY. TaIMkK WELSH, 'A SLKNDER~BfiUNETTE, AGED JA abont^B years, wet nurse at M East Ninth street in h?l!!??Tnl^!' w",,tlf,nr of wjinethinp to her advantage ?&ce. add re *s to R. HARRIS, box 8,321 Post Mary hanchy will plbase call on axx r mrdlate'ni?Ia"Bll'",2.,SK*';t F?'fv ?lXth Street, ?di uvenu<' ur scud word where the can be STRAYED FROM HOME.?STRAYED i'ROM HTK tloviv hnnA^^hn<,treet' ,in,n,Tr * Mwid.y^MavU mtvhn A. McCiiIUvrav. n^ed eleven years; won* a Scou tl cs?p, dark coat and tp*. brown panf, and plSldiihlrt gu*s.b:r?mp^lrAnW?a^-,;feS SasK?siI??.? "Si? Mat 21. IR7?ET Ml'<,iU'AVRAY' U">* City. WANTED?THE HKTRs'oF WOLFBRT AND^ARAH Webber. All persons claimln? h?irshin will t lease ?ra<i Oicir address to P. W. siiete, secretary, hoi 4 497 ?* Vork Po?t office By order of the chairman, John iTMTThl. THE LADT IN BROADWAY HTaOE, WHO TV left In a rain Htorm. about three o'clock vestcrdnv ?jcornerof fine street, state when aDd where an Inter view can be hail to gentleman from Washington, who tint y "KL^apr. window and ln<|Ulred tor Wall street. Ad WASHINGTON, Herald Uptown Kranch olllce, or through Personals, Sunday morning. WILL THE LADY DRESSED IN BLACK. WHO recognized gentleman on Fourteenth street, near ff o ?TT.noe\,]t",i!1 "","1 yftcrdaj. send her address to m. B. J., Herald office. WOULD J. G., WHO SENT THE PAPERS TO Brucklay, write and let hU people know his wherc LOKT A * I) POIND. CA2?^5r.?J? ''0f,T ow PBIDAY.-$? REWARD, AT Wwt rhirtv-third street IJS THIRD AVEHUB ,*_*r App|y ,0 "? LICHTKNAUER, 2R Maiden lane. 'f-**1 MgfcP.WATCH: Tobias MAKER: NO. ?.2?; 01 ?40<"? return t# J. 8. VABNUlti, 110 Broad rnJt of ^vlimi.?STA4JE, OR ON THE l fnd r,flh ?venae, be contaiu'ini ? 1(,v * rp<J """"a leather conuiaiiig a finni of money. A 8iiitalile rp. M^Br^wa^ g nsturned E c LEBBtTR, OST?ON* .TUESDAY LAST, A BUS8IAN 77catmm ' PocketbeOi'. marked wlth owrCr'. name ud reaa in giit; ivontained bumaew card* and u*ner?n? ?nBae ooly to the owner. Kinder wjH V lVraHTrS waaSed by communicating with C. W. BLANch/rd, Mg/Jviey Mutual JUt? I^uraiice Contjppy, Ml Broad LOST AND FOUND. LOST-liETWEEN It AND 1 O'CLOCK, IT CLARK'S restaurant, Broad .vay and Thirteenth treel, or near there, a shabby Pocketbook, containing about $J0 in $5 and $10 hills and private papers. The finder will be >utt ablv rewarded by retiming same to W. II. petit, 72 Wall street. _ LOST-ON TUEHDAY MORNING LAST, AT GRAND Central depot, or on Fourth avenue car, alod v 's Gold Breastpin. Tne finder will be liberally rewarded by callniK at the office of J. B. WARING, 133 Centre st LOST?IN THE WAITING CAR OF THE DELAWARE, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, In Hoboken, on Thursday afternoon, Juno S, a PooketbooK, containing a sum of money, railroad tickets and other articles valuable only to the owner. $6 reward will bu paid lor its delivery at 54 Broad street, room 16, New York. Lost?on Thursday last, on fourth avenue, between Twenty-first and Tnirty-second streets, a Lady's Watch, with < hau-laine ami Ornaments. A suit able reward will be given on return to 1G6 Madison a v. Lost?on Thursday evening, a coral ear ring, going J mm Dulmonlco's to Wallack's Theatre, tt* nee to Forty-sixth street. A suitable rewunl will be paid on leaving it ut 88 Front street or 125 East Forty sixth street _ Lost?on monday, a bundle of 7 or h keys, imoni; which are 2 safe kevs. The finder will re ceive by leaving them at UHL1G <1 CO.'S, corucr of Frankfort and William streets. Lost?on the wh inst., on the io 45 HUDSON River train to Tarrytown, a Blaok Bombazine SacQiie, trimmed with crape,silk lined and somewhat worn) left on back, oI seat The finder will confer a favor by leav ing same atTot'i! am, weld A CO.'8, MS Broadway. Lost?a young skye terrier, with a red and green collar on. A liberal reward if returned to 30 West Thirty-sixth street__ STRAYED?A LONG GRAY HAIR DOG (TERRIER), ON Thursday morning last from 41 Clinton piacc. Any one returning the same will receive $"> and thanks. REWARDS. REWARD.?LOST, A SMALL EBONY AND HIL ver Crucifix, wuh medals attached. Apply at 40-5 Test Fifty-eighth street. REWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY, JUNE 2, AT Stewart's, or between there unit Seventecntn street, an Antique Egyptian l ocket I'be finder will receive the above reward by returning it to W. A J. N. CARPENTER, 41 Pine street (f?in REWARD.?LOST, A RETRIEVER DOO. RE jPl" turn the same to GEORGE W. RAYNER, 161 West Forty third street. dljrA REWARD.?LOST, FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE ?uU P. between 8 and 10 o'clock, between Bond and Thirteenth streets, diamond spiral Stud; seven stones, six of which are pear shape, centre stone round. The above reward will he paid to any one returning same to F. E. F. R., No. 1 Great Jones street room 0. REWARD.?LOST, JUNE 5, BETWEEN fi AND 3p?JU 8 P. M., a black and tan Slut, scar <>n the breast: answers to the name of "Tiny;" had on red leather collar and padlock (no name;. Return to 100 Bleeeker street, HAST1E. SPECIAL NOTICES. A?THE AMERICAN REGISTER, ? the most wMfly circulated of the American journals published in Bnrope. A capital uiedium lor American advertisers addressing themselves to European patronage. Indfspen sable to all pergous visaing Great Britain and the European Continent. Subscriptions and advertisements for the AMERICAN REGISTER will be received and siugle copies of tlio paper may be obtained at the office oi the New York Herald, New York. A -HURRY UP. . Now is the tune for everybody to secure tickets to Third Grand Gilt Concert, to be given under authority of special legislative uct tor bcnclit of Public Library of Kentucky, the great free library of the Southwesi, at Louisville. ky., positivelyand unequivocally onTucsduv, July 8, 1873. fen thousand gifts, all cash, and only lOO.tWU tickets which are nearly all sold. Application lor tickets must be made immediately by those who desire to participate. Every gift is guaranteed iu full by the Farmers and 1'rovers'Bank of Louisville, Treasnrer of the Library. This is the only scheme in the world wtiere the full amount advertised Is guaranteed in a responsible manner to be lairl.v distributed. <Jills amounting to a HALF Mil.LION DOLLARS currency will be distributed by lot among ticket holder*, as follows:? " One Grand Gift, Cash $100,000 One Grand Gift, Cash 60,000 One Grand Gin, Cash 25,000 One Grand Cash Gilt 2P.OUO One Grand Cash Gift Ill,(Kill One Grand Cash Gift 6,000 24 Cash Gifts of Sl.ootl each 24,000 60 Cash Gilts ol $800 each *>,000 KM ash Gifts of $400eaeh 32,nou 100 Cash Gifts of $900 each SO.lxH) 160 Gash Gifts of $200 eu"h S0.B30 600 Cash Gilts of $1110 each 89,000 9.000 Cash Gifts of $10 each : ?0,000 Total, 10,01*1 Gifts, all cash $500,100 Tickets. $10; Halves, $!?; Quarters, $2 60. Hon. ex-Governor Thomas i.. Brain lctte, of Kentucky, hair charge of the busbies-,*: the Convert for trusux s. New York sales are made a special deposit with the Fourth Nations! Bank of New York, Send money by Post office order, draft, registered letter or express, pre paid. For tickets, full programme, information and all par ticulars, apply to the General Agency supplv. THOMAS H HAYS A GO., 80S Broadway, New York. All officers, sailors and soldiers wound ed, ruptured or injured, however slightly can oli tain a pension through Dr. E. B. JACKSON, lute sur geon U. S. Navy, No. 4 New Chambers street. A?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE. BROOKLYN, ? comer of Fulton avenue and Boerum" street Open from h A. M. to 9 P. M. ? ?n Sunday lrouiSto9P. M. A?TICKETS IN GRAND GIFT CONCERT FOR . hem lit of Public Library of Kentucky for sale by J. T. EDGE, 18 Broad street New York. /1AUTION.?MY SON. EDWARD L. BCHLESINGER, left his home June 2,1873. All persons are hereby warneil against harboring him, as thev will be dealt with according to law, and aft debts contracted by him will not be paid by his mother, Mrs. H. SCHLESINGER. JCNUtS, 1673. /"IRAND OPENING.?JOHN HOTHEKNIEL OPENS on Saturday, June 7, 1873, at 821 Sixth avenue, be tween Forty-sixth and Forty-seventh streets, a new Lager Beer and Billiurd Saloon. The public u/c re spectfully invited. H~TC DAT*Z1 (IE finf PA TENT FLY AND MOSQUIT( > ? Destroyer and shot, Indian Iuseet Powder ami In vincible Magnetic I'asle for the destruction ofull kinds of vermin. ? hulcsale and retail, at the office, 72 White street, corner of Broadway; also orders taken for clean ing houses and ships of Bed Rugs, Roaches, Ac. Havana lottery drawings on file.?circu lars tree. Orders promptly filled. JOSEPH BATES, Agent, 196 Broadway, room 4, Chatham Bank Building. A VAN A' AND KENTUCKY- LOTTERIES.?PRIZES cashed; circulars sent tree. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, New York, room 31, first floor, "VTOTICE.?THE UNITED DERRICKS!EN'S BENEVO 1.1 lent Association do hereby notify their bosses that on and alter Monday, June !), any member not receiving $2 75 per day. If there be any such, cannot work under said wages. By order of the .society. NOTICE.?OUR FACTORY WILL, IN FL'TURF, BE shut on Saturaay at 12 o'clock, instead of 3 P. M., as heretofore. DUNDAS DIGK A CO. 0~ FFICE OF THE DEPUTY GRAND MASTER ~ or Masons ok tub Static or Nkw Yors, June 6, 1873. The marshals, assistant marshals and aids appointed to take c.biirge of the procession on ihe occasion of the luneral of the late M. W. .iames L. Orr will meet at the new Masonic Temple, corner t-ixth avenue ami Twenty third street, on Sunday morning nexf. at eleven o'clock. A tall and iiuncfitul attendance is requested. By order. RLLWOOD K. THORN E, Dcp Grand Master. OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. KXTRA CI ASS HO. HI?Jt'NF fi, 1K73. 74, 40, S?, (Si, ,'4P, 48, 7'.', 6, M, 38, 17, 67. NORTH CAROLINA?CLASS NO. 82?JIIN1S fi, 1873. 82, 88, 45, 34, ?>, 5, 67, 61. 9, .TL 77, 59, 11. 26. GERKKN A CO., Manager*. IiUTHY A CO.. Brokers, 2.'2 Greenwich street, N. Y. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS OF THE SOUTH CAROLINA Lottery for Free School Fund?I'ernetual. Extra Class MS-Jitnk ?, 1873. 22 I, 76, 16, 74, 41. #1, 60 19, 16, 31, 51. Glass 144?Junk 0, 1873.?2t:, ?>6, 61, 74, 7, 28. 63. 42, 32. 8 24, 22. COLE A.CO., Managers. Charleston, S. C., Jnne C, 1873. New York Post office, bo* 3,8G& OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY HTaTE LOTTERIES. KKNTPCKT? KXTKA CLASS NO 367?JUNK 6, 1873. 68, 4. 29. 68, 3, 64, 40, 9, 64, 12, 72, 1& KKNTUCXV- t'lJISS NO. 3C8?JUNK 6.1873. 61, S3, 32, 70, M, 56. 30, 50, 37, 64, 72, 26, 48. 73. .SIMMONS A CO.. Managers, Covington,_Ky. SHKLBT COLLKBK? KXTKA CI.ASS SO. 267?JUNK 6. 1*73. i-3, 6, M, 16, 76, 5S, lfi 30, 66, 21, 66. S11KI.RT COLI.SOK?CLASS NO. 2*58?JCNS 6, 1873. 21, 65, 63, 32, H, 50. 63. 15. 24, 36, 26. 2, 40, 19. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington. Ky. Address V.. IfENRY, care J. Glute, Broker, 206 Broad wav. Post office box 4 Royal Havana lottkry?next drawing june 10. German state Lotteries. Send for circulars. RITTER A CO., Post office box 3,836. 81 Nassau street room 4. Royal Havana lottery of cuha-pros" pectus for 1S78 now ready. Address GEORGE CP IIAM, Ro.'J Weybosset street Providence, R. I. ST. THOMAS BAY RUM, OF VERY FINE QUALITY, for sale, at reduced prices; (inutilities to suit; in bond or dutv paid. J. w. CARLK, 26 Old slip. THE NEW YORK BAPTIST SUNDAY SCHOOL Teachers'Ajwoclaffcm will meet on Monday evening, iuue. 1\ ?'clork. 'n the Calvarv chfirch. West Twenty-?rd street, between Fifth and Sixth avennes. Rev. A. S. I alton, D. D., will address the Association. *"?' ,L*rEi<"t *}0.rTil, w111 ?P?*- BuUject?"Re views Tf Sunday School lessons." A. W. PERSONS, Secretery. THE PRINCIPAL DRAWING ol tlve 74th Bruits wick Government Lottery with 56,OUO Ticket! and 'Aooo Prises ? commence May and end June il II lib est prize 120,t?)0 Prussian Tlialers. Royal Havana Loflery-Next drawing June 101 Royal Saxon Government Lottery City of Hamburg Lottery. Priaeecashed and Information given. .I""01'0* &CHOCH. IK Nassau street; box ?,tMi Put olfaee. ?MM) nnn -tkntucky LIBRARY GIFT CON fiyUUiUvlL cert?Drawing positively Jnly 8; only a lew tickets left. For tickets and circulars apply to !'*. C DEVLIN, Stationer, 30 Liberty street, a few doors east of Post office^ ?tCQQ KQQ I" DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL a>?/0Ot'tOfJ Ized Kentucky Ijotfery; Royal Havana tftid Kentucky clrenlars free; 12H cc.%ts commission al | lowed. Address HALEY M CO. (oiQCO establuhed 30 i yam), 17i iruaUwav ?POKTIM G-.DQ6R. BIRDS, AC. FOR BALK. Birds, Ac.; M or mocking I street, near Canal. A -JOB H/l,K ALL KINDS OK FANCY DOGS, ? Birds, Ac.; Medicine* for all diseases; Prepared rood lor mocking birds. Ai B. Q. DOVEY'S, No 3 0rc?M t. riAnr Cunikl AaE TUB TIKR. MERICAN JOCKEY CLUB. SPRING MEETING, 187* N SATURDAY, June T. WEDNESDAY, Juno 1L SATURDAY, June 14. TUESDAY.iune 17. 'i IIURSDaV, June 19. SATURDAY, June 21. First race each day punctually fct 3 P. M. ? A. BELMONT, President. C. Wihutlt. Secretary. DrjKKI'OOT PARK.?PURSE OP $100 FOR HORSES that never beat 2:t0, on Monday, June 9, at 3 P. M.; WW to llrst, ?30 to second and $10 to third; to close Satur day June 7, at Decrfoot Hotel, at BP. -M .and at Johnaon'a saloon, Twenty-eighth *truet, ut8Jf o'clock P M. W M. McMAHON, Superintendent. PROSPECT PARK I-'.YIK GROUND ASSOCIATION? Spring Meeting. 1873. TUESDAY?.1 UNE 1ft 2-2-7'rtSE No' '? ?.W?-For horses tliat have never beaten Peter Manee enters b. a W. H. Allen. ?ij Crawtord enter* h. g. J. W. Curley for Beppo. Allien Ocldsmitli enter* b. m. Huutrcss. SAME DAY two'inlhre ? 2' ^rc0 'or uU running horse*, belt Tho*. Jone* enter* B. Flllv, dam Maiden, by Beacon. E. V. Bork enters blk. g. JaveL by imp. Mickey Free. DAY?thursday, JUNE li ,, FjP RSK No. 3, #1,260? For horses Uiut have never beaten Peter Manee enters b. in. Mary A. Whitney. M. ( arrow enters 1>. g. Hen Starr. J; Dousrey, Jr., enters br. g. Joker. H. W. liowe enter* b. m. Fanny sprague. J- C. Huydam enters br. m. Constance. E. II. Heard enter* br. p. Coroner K. ?amk day PURSE No. 4?Four-year-old Colt Stake. A.I utterson outer* b. c. Baron Lull, by Happy Me dium. E. S. San'ord enters blk. c. Edwin, by Peacemaker, u.t, o . DA Y?MONDAY, JUNK IB. PUKSh No.^, $:<0u?Krco lor ail running horses, mile heats, three in live. ilios. ?lone* entj r* Bay Filly, dam Maiden, by Bcacon. E. V. Work enter* blk g. Jevel, by unp. Mickey Free. SAME DAY. 2-Si "?? ** *,>?'?^"*'or horse* that have never beaten Pierce llayden enters b. m. Lady Annie. H. llarbtck enter* Or. g. Windeinire. W. Carroll enter* eh. m. Highland Maid. J. pongrev, Jr., enter* hr. m. Lidia l'lcton. J- F'^ckeliter*b. g. Clothespin. H. Philips enter* h. g. .lack Draper, *.i C. Sn.vd*m enters nr. m. Constance. W. Roger*enters br. in. ilelle of Vermont. Alden Goldsmith enters b. *. Ahdallnh. Races coiuinencc each day at S o'clock, prompt, pood day ami track. * Admission to field, grand stand and oaarter stretch, $2. Admission to Club House, introduced by a m miter. 3S Q?o. W. Oa&lkv, Supt. E. O. READ, Prcs't. POOLS SOLD?AT I,ls7 RROADWAY, ON JEROME Ract* commencing nt 9 *?*?: al*o at Park View nouw, at 12 o clock, opposite the Park; a good view of the nice* T. 13. JUUNSON. The entries to the utica park assocution Running Race Meeting, June 25, 2f> and 27,are hereby extended Irom June 2 until June 16, at 9 P. M., at Bagg's Hotel, Utica. Declaration* until June 20 at same place CHARLES W. hutchinson, President. ' KW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD. Jerome Park Haces, _ _ t June 7,11. 14, 17,19 and 21. Extra trains will leave Orund Central depot on above days at 1:30 anil 2:10 P. M., returning alter the race*. Special cars reaorvod for ladle*. Excursion ticket* 40 ?cnts. C. M. BISUELL. Sup'L HOUSES, CA.vllIAOKS, ?fcC. LT HARKER a CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTER halls, corner of Broadway and Thirtv-nimh street. major charles w. barker, auctioneer. REGULAR SALES OF HORSES, Carriages, 4c . EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. AT 11 O'CLOCK. TWENTY FOUR HOURS ALLOWED FOR TRIAL ON EVERY HORSE SOLD UNDER WAItRATEE Tins IS THE ONLY AUCTION MART in the State hav ing the proper facilities for showing horse* on sale?viz., a iarite driving ling, eutlrclv under cover. catalogue OK BALE THIS DAY. AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK, COMMENC1NO with THE FOURTH OREAT SALE OF HIGHBRED TROTTERS AND ROADSTERS. JUST ARRIVED FROM MONROE COUNTY and CONSISTING of THE ELEGANT BAY TROTTING Gelding RURT. Black Hawk *Uh:K, Ifl'^' liigh, 7.vear* old, a very game ana extra stylish driver, untrnined, ninl can beat 2:4ft, und is war ranted sound and kind. THE BEAUTIFUL CHESTNUT trotting Mare BELLE, aired by Erricaon. Ift'i litah, 7year* old; eleuant driver; can trot In i:4S; alraiu ol nothing, and warranted sound and kind. HANi(SOME CHESTNUT FAMILY or road Mare by Messenger iniroe, dam by E<j!ip*c, 15a, high, 7 yearpold; spleiraid driver; eau beat three miniiics, and warranted sound and kind. ONE OF THE MOST ELEGANT and flnc.?t-*tvied coal black coupe Horses ever offered at public sale, It) hands high, 7 yeari old: great action and appearunce; long, full tall, and earrie* it like a watcrsiiout, and is war ranted no.ind anil kind. THE HIGHBRED SORREL TROTTING MARE LADY MASON, sired bv John J. Crittenden. high, ft year* old; extra stylish driver: can trot in 2:50, and warranted sound mid kind. ELEGANT AND EXTRA COMBINED brown saddle and lianich* Gelding, got by General Wadsworth, lft!? high,7year*old; great style, action and appearance; can trot in 2:00- is a perfect saddle horre, and is war ranted so nd and kind. THE VEKY SI'EEDY AND desirable brown trot tihg gelding ROCHESTER HOY, sired by Edsail's Iltun bletonian, 15^ high, H year* old ; can trot close to 2:40; splendid driver, ami warranted sound and kind. GBNTnKL AfiD VERY llANDSOMKbuy llainbletonlan trotting Mare, sired by Major Edsall, I ft*, high, ft year* old: elegant driver; can trot In 2:90, and is warranted sound and kind. HANDSOME AND EXTRA SPEEDY BAY trotting Gelding, sired by Henry Clay, 15>j high, 4 year*old; very tree and pleasant driver; can trot In 2:5(J, and is war ranted sound and kind. ONE OF THE MOST ELEGANT, best styled brown Geldings in the Stale, Patchen stoek. 1 by. high, 6 year* old; splendid driver; trot, in 2:50; attracts great atten tion, and warranted sound and kind. EXTRA FINE BAY FAMILY OELDING, lft?? high, 8 years old; very Iree, prompt driver; trots m 3:li), and is warranted sound and kind. HANDSOME B\Y GELDING, sired by Iron Duke, I5'i high, b years old. untrnined and can trot in 2:46, and is warranted sound and kind. FAST ? HE.nTNUT GELDING, St. Lawrence stock, ir,>.< high, <i years old; extra stylish driver; can trot in 3 minutes, nnd warranted sound and kind. THE ABOVE sTock ARE ALL gentle and docile, and perfectly sufe for lady to drive. THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY Seldom offered to pur chare a green trotter; all are capable of great improve ment. SALE POSITIVE,WITHOUR REGARD tocost or valu ation. THE CELEBRATED beautiful gray trotting geld ing, "FT RE KING," sired by Pilot,!? 1& high, H year* old, a tine iraine and extra stvlieli driver; can trot close to 2:40. and wa- ne\er handled lor speed ; is an elegant saddle horse, and is warranted sound and kind. This horse was purchased of above firm on the 21st of May last by present owner a* a raddle horse lor Wii. Not proving heavy enough, he now sells without reserve. GENTLEMAN'S ELEGANT ROAD Turnont, compris ing the well known and very handsome chestnut trotting Gelding FRANK DUFFY, sired by second Humbletunian. IBS high, 7 year* old ; an extra stylish, game and easy driver; has a record of 2:46 to road wagon; is a great all day roadster and is warranted sound and kind, without spot or blemish. Also elegant halt-seat Road Wagon, built bv Brewster, of Broome street; llarneaa. Blankets Ac. The property of John Morrison, Esq., of 24i West Eleventh street, who on account ol ill health is obliged to go abroad. SEVEN TOP AND NO TOP Road Wagon* NEW AND SECOND HAND Harness, Horse Clothing Saddles, Bridle*, Whips, Hslters, Ac. EXTRA FINE BROWN SADDLE and Harness Mare, 15^ high, 7 years old; fine Iree driver, splendid saddle mare, and warranted sound and kind. ONE TOP AND ONE NO TOP Express Wagon. Ai,HO HKVKRAL OTHER Horses. FI LL DESCRIPTION at sale. SALES NEVER POSTPONED on account of weather. A GENERAL VARIETY OK SECOND HAND CAR riages, suitable lor city and f.ountrv, hacking or pri vate, a! great bargains; also an elegant stock or new, fashionable, sWIctly flrst class Carriages anil Light Wag ons. at reasonable prices. We beg to warn the public against the misrepresentations of certain New York deal ers in Interior work, who, with intent to deceive pur chasers, are using our name in the sale of their carriages. We have no direct or indirect ngency In New York. Car riage* of our make can be bought only at our manufac tory in Rahwav. N. J. WOODRUFF * DUNHAM. A LARGE ARSORTMUNT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Carriage*, Family Rockaways, top and open Buggies, Pony Phaetons. Grocers' and Business Wagon*, at greatly reduced price*. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street I A -IN VIEW OF THE coming Races, we would call the attention of the public to our Derby T Carta, new and original in design, patented and sold only b* tills hoiiae. Qoality being the trne measure of value, we are satisfied that when our Carriages are fairly ludged by this stand ing, price will be esteemed a secondary consideration, wareroom*? Fifth avenue, corner Twentv-seventh st Factory?145 East Twenty tilth street J. B. BREWSTER A CO. Established 1838. J^T OUR FACTORY IN-TWRNTY-FIFTH STREET 3 second hand Phaetons, 1 Victoria, I Brett, 2?ix-*cat Roekawaya, Top and No Top Waguna. All in good order. J. B. BREWSTER A CO.

A?NO. 8 CORTLANDT STREET, NEAR BROADWAY ? (removed from No. M Liberty street). nnd now offering one of the handsomest, most reliable and cheapest assortments of Light Carriages and Harness ever offered in this market. Be sure to examine our stock and prices before purchasing. Pony Phaetons a specialty. Shaeta, Lap Dusters, Robes. Halters, Whips, everything. ARCH. JOHNSTON. No. 8 Corilandt su-eetT A -FOR BALE, A PAIR OF THE FINEST BAY CAR ? rtage Horse* in this eity ; over 16 hands high; high knee action; young and sound; also three well bred Sad dle Horses; trained to carry lady or gentleman; all fine atock. Inquire for MIKE, IBM East fhlrty-aeoond street, between Lexington and Tlilnl avenues. A ?ONE BREWSTER SECOND HAND ROAD WAGON; J\, 1 top do., very light; I Landaulet, good order; several sloe bar necond hand top and open Wagons, by best city makers; Roekaways, Depot Wagons, Pony Phaetoi^ an stvl^ irom *IJ6 up; Harness, Sheet* Ac .wlU?lAJ| JLakAY, |p and s Woeattf jtKH.V. HOR8KN, CARRtfQER. <C. A FINE CAKRUdB TEAM FOR SALE?DARK BAY, perfectly matched, l?W handsand warranted sound in every particular ; only mild oil account of owner going out of town. May be seen any morning Ironi 9 to 10 by applying At the onlce of tue Orumercy rnrk Hotel. T BARGAINS?PONY PHAETONS, DEPOT WAG ?J. ons, extension top Cabriolets and all kinds of Car ? riages aud Harness, second hand Buggies, Rockaway. ?. _ 8TAAT8 BELL, Wo. 7 w aslnngton place, rear New York UoteL KINK THOROUGHRRED BAY KENTUCKY BAD [ -f\ die Horse for i-alc, broken to all wait*. Inquire at [ Central stables, l,iu) It roadway, corner Thirty-ninth st. PAIR OP THAI N Kll OOATS, WITH HARNESS and Wagon complete, for sale at a sacrifice, as (he I owner lias outgrown them. Price $3&. Inquire of C. C. DRUMMOND, 170 William street A Brut WD ID COUPE OR FAMILY HORSE FOR sale?Color. dapple brown; 16>? hands high, 6 years old - sound and kind in overy way. Apply at private sta ble No. ISO East Thirty filth .-trcc't A? T CART. A. ? For sale, one second band T Cart, made by Hooper, of London, Oj Kood as new. J. B. BREWSTER A CO., at factory in Twenty-fifth street At lower prices than ever before of fered, onr immense stock of Carriages, comprising every scasouable style of family Carriages aud light Wag ons, new and second bund. HANUt-ACI1 REUS' CMOS', 6R?t Broadway. An elroant four WHEBLKIFDOG cart, noon us new, lor sale, at private stable, 217 East Thirty sixth street Arrived aoain-j. c. deyo, of jackson city, Michigan. with 52 head ot Hume line Horses, single, double and saddle, at A. S. Chamberlln's stable, between Lexington and Third avenues. Twenty-fifth struct A NOTICE TO GENTLEMEN.?I HAVE A HAND some, well behaved, sound brown Horse; can trot , In 2 JO or better; will show time ; good waited : 15>4 hands high, 9yearaold. JOHN r. RYgfcSQM, Passaic, N. J. At the WEST SIM carriage repository, i,49t and 1,496 Broadway, will bo lound a large assort ment of Rockaways, Depot Wagons, l'ark Phaeton*, top and no top Buggies, Ac.; and, to make room, will oiler a line <>t leather ic>|> I'./ii v I'liaetous, at each. A?ELEGANTC SPUING barouche FOR ?*10; ? cost $2,000. Depot Wagons, Phaeton, with servant seat; Coupe itockawavs, second hand seasonable Car riages sold low. HAM, 10 East Fourth street A -FOR SALK, THE PROPERTY OF A TRADESMAN ? Irotn the country, one brown Uorsc, 0 years old. Id hands high: weight 1,230 pounds; warranted, sound and good worker; parted with for no tault, only giving up business- any reasonable trial allowed. Apply at 01 South Fifth avenue. A SECOND HANI* RTM1ILE PHAETON, I ROAD Wagon, by Slivers; 1 Victoria, a light side bar lop Wagon and 1 .1 agger, by Hrootne street Brewster; 1 top sldc-har, by Corbettr I second hand Extension Phaeton, 10 second band Rockaways. from tHlun; one good Ba rouche. S12.*>; one Sulkv, $60 ; I Westchester six-seat Rockaway, $i:t?; 1 top Express Wagon, 50 top and open ponv Phaetons, of ail styles and prices; 10 top Wagons. 87up; single and double Harness, Sheets, Whips, Nets, Ac. WM. H. okay, 20 and 22 Wooster street. AN ASSORTMENT OF SECOND HAND TOP AND light Wagons, side bar and elliptic springs; tour and six seat Phaetons. Rockaways, Doctors' Wagons, turn out scat Buggies, Dog Cart Ac., Ac.; a very tine stock of new work, unsurpassed in any particular. R. M. .STIVERS, 144 to iffc! Eust Thirty-first street. A YOUNG TROTTINf! HORSE, S1RP.D BY OLD HAM hletonian; can trot in 2:45; fine gaited; sound, gen tle, and kind; top sidebar Wagon, built by Waterman; Harness, Ac., complete, separately or together. M Grove St., ueur Bleeckcr. A FINE FAMILY IIORSE-BI.ACK, 16 HANDS HIGH ; sound and kind, a years old; will be sold low. 20 Wooster street. BAROAIN FOR CASH-BLACK MARE, 152 HIGH; sound, faultless, sale for a lady to drive ; can trot in 2:50: a full warranty will be given; prlcc &J60. &0 West Tenth street Brett, nearly new. foe saij:. at dkknnen's stable, comer Seventh avenue and Thirty-seventh st.reeL Inquire lor Albert, at the stable. CARRIAGES SLIGHTLY DAMAGED?GltEAT BAR gains?New and second bund Carriages of every description, elegant T Cart; Rumble Phaeton, little soiled; will be sold low. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. ( 1RKAM TAN RIDING AND DRIVING GLOVES. J tingle button $2: double button, $2 .5. Every pair warranted and scut free on receipt of price. UNION ADAMS h CO., tB7 Broadway. FOR HALE?A GOOD TRUCK HOUSE, AT A LOW price. 106 West street. New York. FOR SALK?A FINE CARRIAGE HORSE, MORGAN breed, sound and kind, can be seen at h. N. Crow's stables. Hi Sullivan street. Inquire for R. BON8ALL. STYLISH II AMBLE ilOR SALE-TURNOUT. COMPLETE; SUPERIOR 1 road aud saddle Horse, warranted sound and kind; brown, IS hands, 8years: Brewster ?top Wagon, good as new; Harness, Ac.: must he sold at once, una a bargain may be had. WING'S stable, 15 East Twenty-eighth st. IMNE PAIR OF If. HANDS BAY CARRIAGE IIOKSES lor ?ale at a very moderate figure; have been regu larly driven up to date; owner gone to Europe. Apply at private stable ixi East Nineteenth street Tj^OR SAI.E-A MAY MARK, 7 YEARS, 18 HANDS, JT l till mane and tail, black points, warranted sound and kind: a fine driver, single or double; also, a tine set ol.single and double Harness; all lor sale cheap. Apply to GEORGE. at stables 140 and 14M West llilrtynlnih street, near Broadwajr. von SALE?A FINE BAY HORSE, BLACK POINTS, J; mil mane ana tail, 6 years old: round and kind in single and double harness, and a last traveller. Can be seen at stable of Dr. E. B. MIDDLE BROOK, Seventy eighth street, near Third avcuoe. IjlOR SALE?AT BOULEVARD STABI.ES, WEST 1 Fiftieth street near Seventh avenue, one gray Horse, h'> hands high, 10 years old: sound, kind and reli able tor family or tarin purposes; also a black road Marc, 9years old, hands high; can trot in '40, lor tale cheap, as the owner has uo use for horses. J. B. GATES. VOR SALE?SEVEN FINE HORSES; SOME CAN I1 trot inside S minutes: one is a very fast quarter mile mare; sold cheap. Cull at 111 Third avenue. IriOR SAM-:?ONE NEW PARK PHAETON, ONE NEW ' top Wagon, one new Road Wagon; al?o one second hand top Wagon : will be sold cheap. 285 West Thirty first street, near Eighth avenue. IjlOR SALE?FOR WANT OF USE, A PEBFKCT ' lady's or gent's saddle norsc, 8 years old, sound and kind, can be seen at Dlckel's Riding School; ask for the Ferguson Mare. To effect sale call at 580 West Thirty eighth street, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues. FflOR 8ALE-THE FINEST PAIR OF HORSES IN TflE ' market; bav, over 10 bands: splendid action; long, arched necks: great roadsters; 7 years old; sound situ kind, only those desiring a first class pair may apply at Hectwood stables. No. 10a West Fortieth street. nOR SALE?IRON MAT POUT, 14 HANDS II IGH, fl r years old; also light business Wagon, chea p. Ap ply to C. C. l'OBT, M6 Third avenue, for one week. tjlOR SALE?ONE FINE DOCTOR'S AND ONE TOP Wagon,Tooker's make; equal to any in the market; will sell ut reasonable prlcc or exchange lor old wagon. Also four seat Phaeton, of Stivers' make; one no top: two second hand top Wagons: all In good order. TOOKER'S FACTORY, corner of Clermont avenue aud Fulton street, Brooklyn. Fine krntucky saddle mare for sale? Beautiful bay; fine mane and tail; fifteen hands and one inch high. Can be seen at 221 West Forty sixth street, / 1 REAT BARGAINS.?IN CONSEQUENCE OF RE IT building part of our premises, we offer our entire ' stock seasonable sty'es new and second hand Carriages at greatly reduced prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 63K Broadway, HAMBLETONIAN AND STAR MARE FOR SALE low?4 years old, lft.3 high, sonnd and kind; can trot In about 3 minutes. Apply at stables 264 West Eleventh street, Mr. Wilson, superintendent, or ask for Robert , I TTARNES-;.?A LARGE ASSORTMENT, ALL KINDS, 'II my own manufacture, at low prices; norse Sheets, I light Summer Blankets, Lap Dusters, Hlv Nets, Ear Tins, Riding Saddles and Bridles, Whips, Spurs. Currycombs, Brushes, and everything In the horse line, cheap for cash. Yon can save money by purchasing the above line of goods at my establishment E. BARTLKTT. 62 Warren street, corner College place. Harness, saddles, horse clothing, car riage Robes, Lap Dusters, Fly Nets and a large variety of Saddlery ooo<ls always on hand. C. B. SMITH A CO., 40 Warren struet. New York. Horse pasture-a run of i<w acbls; high j and low land-; Richmond eoiirtr. N. V. Far Par ticulars Inquire ol J. ?. UNDRRHILL, Marshland Post i office, stateu Island. I WILL PURCHASE HORSE, ROCKAWAY (AND 1 ladies' Phaeton if sntted, on six months' time; good note; horao must lie sou ml. good traveller anil gentle for ladles' driving. Address CRAWFORD, box 161 Herald office. JEROME PARK RACES. An elegant Imported four-in hand Carriage and Har ness, complete, made by Peters, of London, in pertact order and very stylish; a splendid affair tor the races or for? gentleman having a urge country seal; accommo dates 14 persons; will be sold at less than half the coat of importation; ean be seen at the warerooms of BRADLEY , PRAY A CO., ?? Broadway. -ti st arrived?at new yore tattersalls O Forty-second street and Seventh avenue, a fine lot of Coach, Coupe and Road Horses. Inquire for E. BRIQGS, MANUFACTURERS' UNION REPOSITORY, 638 Broadway.?Carriages. Harness, largest assortment ever offered, at siort reasonable prices; all styles or Family Carriages and light Wagons, new and second hand, MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. VTEWPORT AND LONO BRANCH BACER II An elegant imported four-ln-band Carriage and Harness complete, made by Peters, of London, in per fect order and very stylish, a splendid affelr for the races or for a gentleman having a large country seat: accom modates 14 persona; will be sou at tesa than ball Ute cost of importation. Can be seen at the warerooms of BRadlry^pray a CO., U$ Broadway. VpCB BASKET TOP PONY PHAETON, IN FINE lv order; roan Ponv, gentle, for ladles or children! l>t?T ''iff-'Lr ""^ ?* M WW HOK8KH, CARRIAGKS. ?C. PONY PHAETONNU.EVERY DB8CR1PTION.POPU lar prices; depot Wagons in great variety, two ele gant six seat extension-top Phaetons, Para Wat on*, light Rockuways, low prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION. M8 Broadway. J>ONY PllAETONS. Pony Phaetons. We invite attention to a large assortment all in the newest designs, on lour springs, with ami without rum ble*, lunch baskets and extra wau tor I lie accommoda tion of children; also a few with hall' topi, at popular prices. Canopies il desired. BREWSTER A CO., 84 5th avenue, corner Mth street SPEED, BEAUTY AND 8TYLK.?A thoroughbred llaiiiblotonian Mart1, 5 years old. rich blood buy; strlctiv souad, without blemish or fault, very last trotter tor track or road and a perfect ladle*' home, for sale, with Road Wagon; Wood'* line Harness; all above ('unti tle* !ally warranted. Address II. A. 1)., Herald office. SADDLE HORSE FOR H A LE?BY A C.KNTI.EM A S abont leaving town.?A line bay Saddle Horse, gentle and kind, lor a lady to ride, 15k hand* high, 7 years old. Can be seen every morning b< lore 10 o'clock at private stable. No. 127 West 'I wenty-elghth street. SECOND HAND AND SLIOIITLY SOILED CAR rlages, bargains; T Cart, English Dog Cart, Depot Wagon, several Roekaways, top and open Buggies, juuip scat Wagon. I'onv I'll acton. M ANDFACTU R E RS' UNION, 838 Broadway. SUPERIOR IRON STABLE FITTING8.-PARTI!<:8 about to build new stables or relit old ones are in vited to call and Inspect specimens of all the most ap proved kinds manufacturcd In our own workshops. J a lis A KIRTLAND, No . H, 10 and 1. Reade street. QTARLE TO LET-. KVENTEE NTII STREET, UK O twern Broadway and Fifth avenue, modern stable, with plenty room lor four horses and carriages; coach man's room, Ac. Inquire of F. M. BIRD. :i!> Union square. WANTED?A SECOND HAND TOP BUOOY, DC ?? sen bury and Vandnscr's make preferred. Ad dress lor two days, stuting particulars, F. U., Herald office. TITANTED TO 1IIUE KIK I'llE SUMMER OK PUR *t chase lor cash, a kind, stylish Horse, a good road ster; al.-o a light Victoria or depot Wagon, for tour pur sons. Address O. s , bo\ y;*l) 1'*is, otlice. WANTED?A GOOD ULDDLI HORSE, SAKE, FOR lady's use, and two-seated Carriage ; wlll'exchaiijrc Iree and clear village Plots tbisside ol Madison. AtldruNs L. W. BADGER, Wyoming, N. Y. T\r ANTED?A CARPENTER'S W AO ON ; MUST BE IN *? order for Immediate Umj. Address JACOB II. 8PRAOUE, H5 Pike street. djOC?EXPRKSS WAGON IN OOOD ORDER; ELK <TiW gant set. ol grocery or express Harness; used ouu week; lor hall cost ($ir>), at private sale. ARCH. JOHNSTON, i"> East Thirteenth street (jjlOn?A SMALL PONY, LKIIIT WAGON, B1SI if-IOW. ness Wagon and Harness; pony suitable for lady and children or light business; is a good traveller. :W2 Eighth avenue. RELIOIOVM NOTICES. AH, CORDIALLY WELCOMED.?REV. I'. L. DAVIEB, Pastor ol Bereau Baptist Church, coruer of Down ing and Hertford streets, will preach Sabbath morning ami evening at the usual hours. AT ROBINSON IIAI.L, ENTRANCE THROUGH Robinson House, 1H Sixteenth street, between Fifth uvonue and Union square..?Mrs. F. O. IIYZiOK, Inspirational Speaker, lectures at 7M P.M. dren's Lyceum meets at 10 A. M. Conic rente at 2-.SO P. M. Ames?fulton?in the hanson place bap tlst church, Brooklyn, corncr Hanson place and Portland avenue, the pastor. Rev. Justin D. Fulton, D. D., will preach Sunday morning und evening, l-'ubtect in the evening?"The Life of Dukes Auies; an Instructive Lesson lor Young Men." Bishop snow will preach in the uniyer slty, Washington square, on Sunday, at 8 P. M. Se ats free. Subject?"Time, l'lace and Manner of the Judg Berean baptist cornf.r Bedford and Downing streets.?P. L. Davies will preach morning and evening. Subject for evening?"Christian ity and Woman." dangers welcome. Services begin utlO>, A. M? 7^E. M. Church ok the Messiah, park avenue and Thirty-fourth street.?Rev. Henry Powers, pastor, will preach at 11 A. M. oil "Elections Divine auu Human." No evening service. Church ok the reformation, fifty seventh street, between Fourth ami Lexington avenues? Rev. 11. '1'. Tracy, rcctor. Services on Suuduy at 10>V A. M. and P. M. Sunday school at 2.1, P. M. /^ANAL STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, NO. 17 \J fireene street?Services by Hie pastor, Bev. David Mitcholl. at 10)4 A. M. and 1*. M. All welcome. Free tabernacle of the metiiodist epis copal Church, Thllty-fourth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues.?dev. John E. Cookman. pantor, will preach Sunday morning, at 10^ o'clock, and in the evening at 7% o'clock. Sabbath school at 2 P. M. All are welcome. Beats free. IjMRflT MISSION BAPTT8T CHURCH, IN LAIOUT street.?Rev. Halsey W. Knapp, pastor. Services to morrow at 10 ;30 A. M. and 7:4ft P. M. Scats free. Sunday school t P. M._ IfHRST BAPTIST CHURCH. CORNER TIMKTY-NINTH ' street and Park avenue?Services:?Preaching, morning at III), o'clock and evening at 7:4ft o'clock; Sunday School, 9 A. M.; prnyernieetlng, 7:16 P. M.j strangers invited. FIFTn AVENl'E BAPTIST CHURCH, FORTY SIXTH street (Dr. Ariuitagu's).?Rev. Geo. W. Samson, D. D., will preach next Sunday morning and evening at 10)? and 7ii o'clock. GEN. CLINTON B. FISK, OF VT. LOl IS; REV. A. C. Morehouse and W. K. Peyton, Esq., will deliver ad dresses in the Bedlord M. 10. church, corner Morton street, to-morrow (Sunday) evening, in behalf ol llirt New York City Church Extension and Missionary Socj* ety. The public is cordially Invited, INSTALLATION SERVICES IN BROOKLYN.?THE Rev. Alexander Reed. I). D., will be installed as pas tor ol the South Presbyterian church of Brooklyn to morrow evening at 7J*. Sermon by Rev. I'r. Cuyler. The Iter. Dr?. Wells, Evans and Poiueroy will also take part in ihe proceedings. MONTflLY CONCERT OF THE MORNING STAR Sunday School, 2% P. M.. eorner Twenty-sixth street and Seventh avenue Service of song first half hour; exercises by some Mnall children; addresses by prominent speakers. OPENINC. SERVICES.?THE EMANUEL (COLORED Mission) congregation will commence to occupy on Sunday, June H, the church In Attorney street, between Delan ev und Rivington streets. Preaching at 10Ji A. -M., by Bishop E. 8. Janes, ;3U P.M., addresses Itv Rev. D. H. Dash lei, General B. Fink a?d Rev. W. K. Butler; 7X P. M., preaching iiy Hev. .1 Parker. OLD FORSYTH STREET METHODIST EPISCOPAL church, between Division and Canal streets.?Re v. J. W. Barnhart, pastor, will preach sabbath morning and evening; scats free; all are welcome. Sacrament at 3 P. M. _ BEV. II I). NORTHROP Wll.l, I'RKACH AT THE West Twenty-third street Presbyterian church on Sunday, at 10'j ainl 7J$. Rev. j. f. mtlelland, pastor of st. LUKE'S Methodist Episcopal church, Forty lint street, near Sixth avenue, will preach Snndsy, at I0J? A. M. and 7?i P. M. The public Invited, and always welcome. Rev. w. c. dawson will preach at thk Chnrch of Christ, West Twcntv-eighth street, near Broadway, at 10 -.30 A. M. and 8. P. M. All are cordially Invited. Rev. wayland hoyt, pastor, will preach in the Tabernacle Baptist church. Second avenue and Tenth street, every Sunday, at 10:.W A. M. and 7 ift P M., until the reopening of Htelnway Hall in October. Subject of evening sermon, "Truths About the Other Life." gPRING STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, NEAR Varick.?Sunday, June H, preaching at I0t? A. M. by the pastor, Rev. O. M. McCampfiell. Children's service* at 35? P.M. Preaching by Rev. W. T. Sabine. Young people's prayer meeting af 7 t5 P M. ST. STEPHEN'S NEW EPISCOPAL CHURCH, KORTY sixth street east of Sixth avenue.?Services to-mor row (Sunday) at 10J? A. M. and P. M. The Re-v. A. B. Hart will preach at the morning service and the Rev, Samuel Cooke, D. D., at th" evening. ST. TIIOMAB CHAPEL, SIXTIETH STREET, NEAR Third avenne.?Rev. Prolessor Roberts will preach at 10 H A. M., Rev. Tut tie Smith at P. M. beats free. SIXTH AVENUE UNION REFORMED CHI RCH.? Preaching by pastor. Rev. William B. Merrilt, 10& A. M. and 7H P. M. strangers and all nut worshiping else where cordially invited. THE LAYING OF THE CORNER STONE OF THE Church of the Holy Trinity, Madison avenue and Forty-second street, Sunday, Jane 8, at Ave o'clock P. M. Right Rev. B. B. Smith, D. D., Presiding Bishop, will officiate. Rev. Dra. Tvng and Thomas 8. Hastings will make addresses Congregational music, accompanied by an orchestra. If the dav should prove rainy, the services will be held on the next clear day. at the same hour. il^EsT TWENTY-FIFTn ^and^evmuh'ave "The Glory of ?? pom MfflC ?n?l^oFFICE NOTICE. th0 ending Saturday at 11 A. M. tuoB. L. JAMES, Postmaster. YACHTH, HTF.A.MBOATHi 4c V. FORKALB OR CHA BTKR?SCOWS, FROM 300 TO 400 tons capacity; low rales. Address B. A., box 138 Herald offlce. mO YACHT CLUBH OR OYSTER*JEN.-F?)R SALE, A 1 Float, 75.0x5, decked suitable to balkl on. Address F. a., bo* 187 Herald office. Y~ACHT FOR SALE.?BCUOOKBR YACHT, KEEL MaiftH; draws feet; In One order; two new BoaU; guns, awnings and everything neceesary for im mediate use. Address box I^MO Boston Port ofllce. Yacht lookout-bloop rigged, n fret, good breadth ol beam, centre beard, half cabin, fine weatnerly qualities, fast and sale, well found in every partionlarJ will be sold reasonably to close an Interest Apply to KYLE, foot oflMth street, East River. 1 BOATS, ALL KIRDB AND SIZES, WOOD AND Low metallic, at my shops, 316 and 373 South street UftUUV MNUlI KOU AN ESTABLISHED BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS, well located; Stock, Fixtures an.l Uuw at a bar gain; a small iai>i:al renuire.l, BRADLEY BROS., 173 ijyrtle avenue Brooklyn. ABAi:i! vis. -FIVE CORNER (1U0CKRY AVI) Liquor Store, 20 year* established. at the store, 1OT Hloomfleld street, Hobokeu. A SPLENDID TABLE 00T1B For SALE?MADS IN India: price $11); roulil not bo duplicated In New York (or $4 0- suitahlo lor present or lor speculation. Apply to ALBERT COLES, Silversmith, No. C Liberty place. \ FIRST CLASS BAKERY FOR HALE?DOES A large, profitable bunine.ii; flu.) business location; the ownei lis vine other business wants to retire. Par ticulars at MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar it reel. RARE OPPORTUNITY 18 OFFERED TO ANY one In search of a permanent and lucrative Inisi The lame Establishment ol VV. A. Multlum!, lor A the manufacture of Ladle*' t nd^rwear, In Rochester, N. Y.. i for -ale. Thin Is a splendid opening for a person of capital, as its different departments are SO_ systematize a that, with a financial bend, the business, already exten _ _ j enlarged to ail unlimited amount rtie^'s labllshmcnt Is well and favorably known from Portland, Hive, can bo Me., to Sau Francisco, and has a lurgo and Inerea-inu Kstronuge. For particulars inquire of W. A. HUBBARD, oohester, N. ?. VFlNi: L1QU0B KTOBE FOB SALK?FOR 86.10; rare ehanee; alio Liquor Stores on all bnsitiese streets uiul avcuues; also Bakeries, Coni'cctioueries, Res taurants, Hotel*. Drug Stores. MITCHELL'S BTOBE AGENCY, 77 Cedar street 1 RARP, CHOICE WARDROBE, BELONGING TO u dl-tini;uii<hed young married lady, rccontlv de ceased, will lie hold at prices much below value. Addrea* WARDROBE, Herald office. BUTTER STAND FOR BALE CHEAP?ONE OF THE most de.-irable In Fulton Market; price $800 For further particulars inquire at the dtuud, Nos. 18a and IBS Full..n Market. DRCO STORK FOR HALE?GOOD OPPORTUNITY; "Idcst drug store in Hnokettstown. 2>? miles H orn Schoolev's Mountain Springs. Address, for one week, box 106, Hackeitstown, N.J. DRUO STOCK AND ELEGANT FIXTt'RF.S-TO BR sold this dny, at 12 o'clock, at No. 629 Bedfonl ave nue, Brooklyn, handsome Soda Fountain, silver mounted Snow Cases. See auctions. FOR SALK.?THE ATllHN.El Vt RiiST.VURANT, COR ner Atlantic and ( 1 In ton streets, Brooklyn, will ba told cheap, the I'foprieror retiring fV.un the business. TjlOlt SALK?A FIRST CLASS BAKEKY, ICE CREAM r Saloon an.l Soda Wafer Stand In one of the best ave nues in Brooklyn, with loos lease; will exchange lor real estate. Address A. n., Herald office. For sale?stock and fixtures of fancy store, doing good business, ut 301 Main street, I'ater son, N. J. El OR SALE?first class bakery, at yonkerb, r baking 17 burrcls a woek; reaiou tor scllin;?, Ill health ; terms easy; cheap rent and long leaso. Address S. COK ALI I E, corner of Main street un.l Neppcrhan ave nuo, Youkore. T/OR SALE?AN OLD ESTABLISHED PRINTING I' Bus nan; a party contuumliiig from $S.OCO to $8,000, or h&* unencumbered real estate, can got a bargain. A.Ul!??? -s rYPK, I office. I foil SALE-JOH PRINTING OFFl'H, WITH CHS ' toin ; terms easy and on lontr time, it well secured : rant, with steam power, $400. Address B. E. A., box 148 Ileriil.l Office. IjlOR BALE?A COMPLETE WOOD ENGRAVING ES Ubli.-huienf, of nine years' standing. Address J. H., Herald olilce. FOR BALE?A FIRST ( LASS RECTIFYING AND Family Liquor Store, in one ol' the best locations in tbe cltv, well fltted up and a good business; will be sold at a sacrifice to a cash customer. For lull particu lars apply to THOMAS LYNCH A OO., 66 Thompson street, between sprinc and Broom.' streets. 1.1 OR SALE?STOC.K AND FIXTURES OF FANCY" 1 stor . doing good business, ul 304 Main street, I'ater? son, N. J. FOR HALE?THREE YE*HP' LEASE OF A FIRST clc.'-.i hotel Restaurant, now doing a good business. Apply to A. B. LYON, Park Ale Vault.-, No. ti Centre St. For s vi.e-in the EIGHTH ward, a firstclass corner Liquor Strre, or will exchungfl for merchan dise. Apply to P. BANNER, .'!W Hudson street. FOR SM.E-A SAMPLE ROOM O.N THE BEST PART of sixth avenue; Stock and Fixtures; immediate possession; owner going to Europe. Apply at real estate ogee. No. West Fourteenth street tjlOR SALE, CHEAP?THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIX 1 tares of a first class corner Liquor Store; must bo sold, as the owner isgolng out of business. Iuquire at 411 Ninth avenue. For s\le ciieap-a large ice box, 6 feet 3x3; buitablo for a butcher shop or market. F. A. FERRIS & CO., 261. -GG and 26b Mott Street. Maonificknt iich i, t\bi.k. WORTH $.M?; bought in Paris at tbe close of the Franco-Prussian war; will tell lor t'lW. Address HoUSK, care Hughes, station C. Safes.?a large assortment of second hand safes of all - tyles and makes, lor sale ut a bargain; call and cxauune. American Steam Sale Company, 3U1 Broadway. SAFE FOR SALE.?A HERRING SAFE FOR SALE, In good order; outside me-isiire 37 bv 31 Indies. Apply a I l!? Si.ruce street,. f N J-fL MrC V LLl'M A HKO. OTOCK, Fl XTCitES, LEA-E. *C., OF A OROCERY O for sale nt a s tcrlflre. Apply to WM. P. ROOME, 339 and :U7 Greenwich street. Olefin -'"OAL YARD FOR SVLK, WITH ALL ?Pol'V'. the fixtures for carrying on the trade; good location; old stand. Apply toJOHM M. HUGH , No. S3U Third avenue. MACHIMKRTi. AT WILSON .If ROAKB'8, WATER AND. DOVER streets ?Engines, 2 to li?) hoi s"; Upright and llori? zontal Boilers, Pumps, Shalting, Pulleys, Hangers, Pipe* ing, Ac., new and second band. BOILEKS, OF ALL KINDS, BUILT PROMPTLY AND cheap?Two 48 inch by 14 feet, one 54 inch by 1# feed horizontal tubular on hand; nlso our Improved Slide \'alve and Cut-off Engines, 2 to MX) horse power; Hoisting Engine J, Saw Mills, Ori-t Mills, Yalc\ertical Engines,. Ames' Portable I'liglnes, Water Whoels, Shutting, Ueer'< ing, Ac. HAMPSON. WHITEHILL A CO.. 3? CortlandS street, New York. Works at Newhurg, N. Y. IIOR SALE-ONE 40-HORSE POWER IIORIZf)NTAL Engine, with Koiler and Connections, all ii, good order; also a lot of bhatfing and Pulleys; also Ave llor-es, five Lumber and Box Trucks, Ac. Apply to STONE A TORREY. No. 77 Sedgwick street, Brooklyn, IilOR SALE-TO PRINTERS, A (IORDON QUARTO 1 medium Printing Proa?, size of bed, 10x1ft inches: also a reg.-ncr Liberty Printing Press, sizo ol bed, HiittlUQ inches, ?s gocd as new; will bo sold at u bargalu. Address X. Y., II. raid office. FOR SALE-NEW AND SECOND HAND ENGINRfT, Boilers, Steam Pumps, Wood Planer, Saw Tables,, I Matching Machines and Hoisting and Portable Engine!, i two Gang Saws and one Rip Saw for cutting marble or t brown stone. BENJAMIN tOX. 514 and 516 West Thirty* i fourth street. FOR SALE-FIVE, TK.N, FIFTEEN, TWENTY, TWEN? ty-llve, thirty, lorty-horve Engines, with or without 1 Boilers; one Hoisting Engine; one ten-horse Portable Kn~ gme; verv low. JOHN McLAUEN, Third and Uraudi strcels, Iloboken, N. J. T ATUES. PLANERS, DRILLS, SHAPERS, BOLT lj Cum rs. Nut Tapping Machines, Gear Cutters, Milli ing Machines, Jigger*. Hie Sinking Machines, Fo< Lathes, at sh KARMAN'S Philadelphia Machinery depot% 45 Cortlandt street. y MOKE STACKS.?TH REE STACKS, 37X5 FEET; TWO io sta. k->, SO feet by 44 inches. Can be seen at Twenty* seventh street and Eleventh avenue. JOHN STUART. 194 Broadway. "I TTICA STEAM ENGINE COMPANY, LATE WOOD A U Maun.?Portable and Stationary Engines, Locomo' five and Return Tubular Boilers, Saw and Grist Mills. Aland's Fan Slower and Exhauster, Lauback's Universal Portable Prill on hand and for sale at G. G. YOUNO'S, General Agent, 4J Cortlandt street TXT AN TED?A SECOND HAND LATHE, 30 TO 50-INCB tt swing. Address, -tating particulars, price, *c.? THOMPSON BROS., 113 Rrcad street, Philadelphia. WANTED-A FIVE OR TEN HORSE BAXTER EN* gine, in perfect order. Aduress L M. CO., box 6,741 Post office. L ? UU V oooow. ?haw. Halrl Hair! nalrl The largest stock of Human Hair Goods in the city at SUAW'S, VU Bowerv, corner Fourih street, an l 363 Sixth avenue, between Twenty-second and Twenty-third streets, up U' r" SHAW'S Patent Hair SwRebes, can be combed and brushed, $1 eaeh. Human Hair, cheapest and best in the market Short Hair Switches, t'i each and upward. French Switches, $8. Curls, fl and upwards. Latest Styles always on hand. EUROPE. Best food for infants.?-the young princh thrives so well upon It that It must bo very good."? Dr. Bicbardson. "It resembles Mother's Milk aa closely" as possible."?Dr. Barker. Aboundlag In Flesh and Bonw forming substances, this Food perlectlv fulfils its object* whereas other so-called Foods, being entirely devoid of nourishing properties, induce a rickety and tdlotk: Condi tion It is a!-o carefully freed from the ground husks ob the wheat, which cause iirltationof the bowels,diarrhoea*' *c. Prepared by SAVORY k MOORE, Chesnlatt to tho Queen. 1I.R H. tne Prince of Wales, Ac., l?ew Bond st.j Landon. Sold by Cbemlstg aud Storekeepers throughout America. Gregory a no., 213,214 regent street, lon*. don, beg to draw the attention of these Americana at>out to visit England to their very large stock of reaU Indian, Persian. Tnrkcv and Monaco Carpets: also tot their English Carpets In choice and exclusive designa. /"i UERLAIN?13 RUB DB LA PAIX, PARIS. ' VJT Ambrosial t-ream for Shavlna. Fashionable Periume for the Haadkerchlct Baa de Lustre for the Hair. Ba u de Cologne cpreparation apimlnla). THE QUEEN'S HOTEL NEAB THE CRYSTAL .T^c*. Upp?r Norwood, London.-To tourists aal iamiiles?Its elerated. pleaafct and most salubrious posi tion, combined with the comfort afforded and its general, management, have made the Uveen's HoUl ?&vorlt? resort of the npper ranks of EnglShiiot, mtj. 1 WAJfTKP TO PCRCHASE GIlBRBBNWOOD CEMETERY.?WANTED TO PUR chase, half or three quarters of a Lot in the old I grounds; railing ?r without. Address, lowest price and I "*"Vr1 ? TiJii'T'^ rifr fr iu<wt

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