Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1873, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1873 Page 10
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WEST'S TRIAL. TMrd Day's Proceedings of the I Delaware "Skinning" Trial* S , * / / .r Insanity Evidence^/ Pro* diiced for tlie Deitence. THE "PROFESSOR'S" MADNESS., Starting a Muslim with a Buck's Hora, sad a Piece of the May Flower. 'A multitude of Witnesses orTthe Question of Gas. . / J&edical Men, Relatives and "tfriendi Declare Him Orazy. J CONCISION OP THE TESTIMONY. DOVRR, Del., June 3,1?78. ThiB (Thursday) icornlnjr broke bright aud beautiful over the quiet little town. Tlie merry chirping of the blrda and the occasional rattle of a wagon down the street alone broke the stillness of the early morn. Looking from iuv window across the village green, whereon "Old Dog Tray'1 of other days may have sported in wanton glee, 1 take in at a glance the State Ilonse and Court House in tine, the State and county otllces, the jail and the resi dences of the "ton" of the cupital; for Dover, as you know, is the capital of Delaware, and they do aa.v that, in olden times, berorc the State was so thickly planted with peach trees, the F.ovcrnor used to ascend to the tower ol the State House and look all over the State, and could tell in five miuutes what was going on in any locality. All that is changed now, yet the interest in Court week is just as great as ever. To-day has folly demonstrated the eager curiosity of the peo ple, for the court room has been packed all day. THIRD DAV'K PROCEEDINGS OK THK WEST TR1A1* The evidence of Mrs. Nancy West, mother of the prisoner, was continued this morning. She said My son had a severe fall from a swing, but 1 did aot see the accident; he was taken to Mr. Williams', a neighbor, and afterwards takon to my house; he was affected two or three weeks by pains In his head and back; this was since the fall irom the wagon. Samuel Lacy?1 reside in Iioxana, Sussex county; have resided there since 1K61; it is about lour miles ITom the residence of Isaac C. West, Sr.; have known Isaac 0. West. Jr., about ten years ; in Jan uary, 1870, ho came to my store to get a very old paper 1 had In my possession; he insisted on my letting him have it; I asked him whut he wanted with the paper; he replied he wanted to start a museum in Milton; I taink the population of Milton l? about one thousand or twelve hundred; saw him In August last at a "basket meeting," which Is a religious meeting without tents?a sort of picnic. judicial wrr. The Chief Jnstlce thereupon remarked he be lieved religious meetings had got to be picnics. ^The*1 witness continued?West got in and out of his carriage a number ol times; 1 noticed him lor some tune, and called my wife s at tention to it; lie got In and out or his car riage twenty-nve or thirty times In the conrse of two uours; he would do something to the harness ?mii would then get back; 1 did not think there was anvthinii. about the harness that needed tixing; ?aw him next at Georgetown, in September, at a iioliucul meeting; he tiart a dog. and I asked htm what he was going to do with him; he said he was Koinir to PRESENT THE DOG TO PRESIDENT GRANT; from what 1 saw ot Isaac West I thought he was not right In Ids mind. Or. John O. Pierce?nave known Isaac C. West about ten years; became acquainted with him in Iflliord: we attended school together about three Months; 1 afterwards resided in Milton, as did Isaac West; In IH71 there was a marked contrast in his action* as compared wltti a previous period; we were on the road from Milton to (SeorgMown, lie wrote me on one occasion and, as a result of the letter, we had an interview; it. was about the time he was nei;oiiatitiK lor itie gas apparatus ;jpie was talking about tlie iras; he seemed to be aliJBst Wild on the snblect; he said he expected to DO INTO THE OAS BUSINESS; treceived a proposition from West to go into tne usiuoBs with hfin: he talked in an extravagant manner; he also attempted to lorm a museum at Milton; saw him pick up some shells or some peb bles oa the beach; he intended to make a history lor them: don't know what kind of a history; he had a cow's horn which he intended to put In the museum: he also had a human arm : he said he re ceived It from a friend tu the West; It was sent to Laurel and he brought it from there in a carriage; 1 saw the arm ; It was in alcohol; he had not com Slcted the museum: he was collecting materials >r It; from his general manner the last time I was with him I felt I would like to avoid htiu. because of his peculiarities and eccentricities: my opin ion was that Ids mind was not sound. Mr. Salisbury here desired to oirer himself as a witness to account for the absence el professional experts to test the conditions i f the human mind. The defence had made every effort to have them here, but without avail. The court would not allow counsel lor the defense to icBtlty in the prisoner's behalf. Stephen R. Evaus.?Know Isaac C. West, sr., don't know anvthiuir positive about his alleged Insanity; Isaac C. West, sr., was a blacksmith; nv lather and mother are both dean; hart Isaac West, Sr., do some work lor me lu lftas; ho did not make it exactly like the model. (Jeorire T. Evans.?Am sixty-nine years old; know Isaac c. West, sr., through liie ; In i did aot think he was right in his min<". Cross-examination -Heard Isaac C. west had been very sick In 1H36. MORE ABOUT WEST'S "MUSEl'M." Edward C. Atkins.?I live in (ieorgetown; lived In MUUin previously: I know Isaac C. West; have VdowtThim tour years; 1 was a pupil of his ; lie was Knerally pretty iree with the scholars; I thought had some peculiarities; lie was getting together relics and curiosities; I used to ask him what he wanted to do with Them; said be wanted to get up a museum; he used to come down :o our farm, gunning, but gave more atten tion to gathering stones and flints; I told him there an old vault In the neighborhood, and the last person put there wu? a lady: he went dowu and scratched around there and picked up a piece of backbone, which he earr'ed off; told him where there was an Indian skeleton, and he dug for a long time bnt fouud nothing; at my suggestion he dug In Beveral other places lor relics. . GETTING GOODS WITROtT MONEY. Charles Moore?I live tu Philadelphia: am a ?Tocer aad ship chandler: 1 succeeded ceorge 11. West, who was In business there two years; have known Isaac C. West about live years ; have aeen him at my place about half a doz-n times; hu would sit and look at the celling for an hour at a time and never say a word; last hummer he cime in iny place bnt was very qnlet: he wanted me to ?ell him half a p.?nnd of sugar and a dozen and a half of lemons; I asked him twice what he wanted, as 1 never sold a lemon in rav life; I irave mm the ?ugar. and he took It, and never said a word abour money or Cce or anything else; 1 have no hesitancy in ?ay j, under oath, that I nelicvcd him at that time iDAflDC. Cross-examined?ne said he had u very good opinion of himself. ?THEBK GOES A 8TTGENT. ' Samuel Gallon?I live lu Philadelphia; I am a clerk lor William Moian, a publisher; 1 know Isaac C. Wear; first became acquainted with him in is??: I was not favorably Impressed with him; he had a very wild look ; I noxtsaw him In l?7?; I just glanced ?t bin; It confirmed my previous impressions; I saw him again last Thanksgiving Day. udth of No vember, 1872; two urchins were throwing chicken heads at htm in tlie street; they said, "There goes a "stugent!'" I went up and spoke to him; he did fot remember me first: said he was seeking hel*; don't know whether it was for himself or some one ciae; I thought from what hr said he wanted colored help, and 1 called his attention to a number of negroes on the corncr of Seventh and l,omJ>ard streets; and left him: he appeared worse on that occastan than on either of the other occasion*.on which l saw him; I did not feel at ea*e in his cotu piny. Crosa-examined?saw him two or three timesr conceived the aversion the first time I saw htm: do not know that medical stndentB are hooted and pelted in the streets of Philadelphia by the urchins. WRITINO EPITAPHS FOB TOMBBTONKR. John M. Williamson?I tesidc In Wilmington; I Rw I?bc c. West, the prisoner at the bar; have wn him about nine years; first met him In Philadelphia, and we went to Dickinson College together; I was coming up the Delaware Railroad ?nee afterward# and met "Professor" West; he waa dreaaed elegantly; had on goid-t*owed spec tacles and affected a drawl in bis speech: )aat Hammer or early in the fall he viaited me ia Wilmington, and changed his mind three or four different tunes as to his T? nim fct'tfT M.MH '/ Baltimore; T r^xt saw him last November; he cauie to ?y n* lu t|1(, morning unci asked me for writing tna'-rials: &<? wished to prepare epitaphs i< - ^ tombs of some friends; he wan hall an hour ? wnrk. they did not exceed more than three Y . h(> talked with me about the meaning of Be'-.?! C,erv Himpif words, aud tlieu lorgot how to ?Wuthe word ? departed;'' llnally lie went to d'Idfccr 'with me; 1 was reading tho account of Dr. FNftaMr West; I told him about ?it Twice; the first time he merely cast down his eves; I said, -Ike, why don't you answer nreV You ure not going to kill ony one, are you? he looked at me for a moment and replied, "On, no* l guess not;" alter dinner we returned to the j office and gottalking about the cpltaphfe; we spoke ?ofreunions beliefs: West said lie was a Sweden borgian; 1 asked him what that belief was; he stated at part or the Hwedunborgian belief that there was no such thing as punishment for sins, except what a man did lo himself-, tliat where * man lied or swore ft did not count? (lauRb ter)?1 asked him If he dbl not belle?o a man like Dr. Webster -ought to tie punished; he gave me a look which made me look toward the dour to ?se what kind of a chance 1 had to get out; 1 finally learned, alter a good Acal ol talk, Uuit nis business In Wilmington was In connection with tho colored people; that the colored people were plotting against him, and be had come to Wilmington to see about it, durii'g the time he was In college his good nature was proverbial; on the last occasion 1 saw lnm in Wilmington his laugh was hollow and'broken?a lauirti that Is seldom heard outside of a madhouse: it l? my conviction, alter weeks of reflection, that Isaac C. West is not a sane man. WEAK IN HiS "tJPFKK KTORY." , .lames Wood?I live in (ieorgetowu; know Isaac C. West, Jr.; lie has been in my house three differ ?eut times: on one acoaslon he oaiM?It wtw la?t Summer; he came after his wife; he brought her from the train and got her something to eat;West ttftort Btr&ncclii hut I clou t remember cxiiutly I what " saw; he then paid his bill and left; my opinion was that from West's general acUons and conversations he was a little weak In his up PeCohnsei for the defence here attempteil to prove the aliened coniesslon ol Professor West had no basis in laot, and called one of the Coroner s jttiors as a witness; but the Court, after characterizing It as one of the most extraordinary proceedings ever brouirlit to Its notice, decided adversely, ana the juror who had been called as a witness was dis Ch|')r?W. C. f>avidson?Had known West for several voars- tiad noticed strange actions on the part of Weft at diirerent times the last two or three vcarn. Court adjourned until three o'clock, P. M. 'Pho court reassembled at three o'clock. Nathan Ilutchlns sworn:?I know Jacob Levy (a witness for the prosecution); he Is said to be an Israelite. The Attorney denerul objected to counsel for de fence interposing an objection to Levy's evidence at this tune. Objection sustained. Counsel intended to break Levy's evidence, as Levy had -;worn by the holy Evangelists. Mrs. Catharine Bennett?I know Jsaac C. West: met hiin in the street; he stopped me and looked up and down from the sidewalk to my lace; he looked worried and wild. KXIIIB1T1NU A HUMAN AKM. Edward C. Atkins recalled?Isaac C. West asked me to ko up to his room one night; tried to excuse mysell, out. he pressed me so hard 1 went at last; he said he had something to show ino ; lie put his liaud under the bed and drew out a human arm, which had been cut oir just below the elbow; told me It was the arm or au Indian chief, which had be-n sent to him; said Ids father had slept on the lied; laughed, and said his father would not have slept on the bed had he kuowu what was under It. evidence of the tiusonkh's brothkk. I?r. James B. West?I live In Hoxana; am a brother to Isaac C. West; I amputated an arm lrotn a subject I hail and gave It to my brother; he wanted it to put In his proposed museum; he said he would make a "big thing" of his museum; re member Isaac's visit home; I was consulted by mother in relation to Isaac's tnentul con dition on several occasions; 1 went to Baltimore when Isaac was there administering gas; when I got there went to his ofllce; was surprised at Its condition; 1 was In Dover when he delivered him self up; saw him on the steps of the jail; I was Hticcliling tears; ho said I <liil not know what I would do with a dead man on my hands; he said we would not blame liim ir we knew the facts; my opinion was that he was insane; 1 gave him a a buck horn for ihe museum. A KEVKllEND WITNESS ON "OAS." Rev. Isaac C. Davis?I reside in Georgetown, Del.; am the Methodist minister in that iowii; J knew Isaac C. West; I met him very ireouently lu Dover; 1 also met him at camp meetings in Sussex county; In conversation on the gas question he once told me he hail sold out the business In Balti more, that he was now fixing agencies; lie was very Highly and enthusiastic, and said he would make his lortune very quickly; I thought he was laboring under a mania. By Judge Gilpin?A little gassy. Yes, a littl" irassy. (i.aughtcr.i KEEI. OK THE MAYFLOWKK. JohnTomllusou?Beside in Milton, Del.; know the prisoner at the bar; have known him since 18(18; used to go in West's room; 1 saw an old liorn and a piece of wood, which ho said was a piece of the keel of the Maytlower; be said he in tended to start a museum: saw a human arm; West said it was the arm of an Indian ciuef; he told roe he had received over three thousand xme hundred dollars on account of au estate left him by an uncle in south America. James L. Waleott?I knew Isaac C. West; have known him three or lour years; lie came to me one Saturday morning, saying he was going to youth America to look alter his estate: he was gone about two weeks; returned to attend a camp meeting: asked him why he had not gone to South America; said his agent had written him he need not come. Thomas Duke?Have known West ever since he waa a hoy; lie drove up to my place or business two or three times, and when 1 came out he Just looked ki me and drove off; lus reputation is good, so lar as 1 know. John A. Armour.?Saw west lor the llrsttime on the Saturday alter his incarceration; I am a newspaper reporter for the Wilmington coinmer rial; 1 noticed peculiarities about West?peculiar expressions of the eyes; they were dull and heavy, with a tlxea stare; in an Instant Ins eyes would flash, apparently Irom some mental excitement; the lowenjaw would relax from its wonted rigidity, and there was a strange smile; I have seen such a smile on one or two previous occasions; my opinion was that he was a man of deranged mind. Caleb M. Lynch.?Have known Isaac C. West four teen or lilteen years: saw hint at a party once when i a mau came in the room with his pants rolled up; j West found fault, with linn lor rolling his pants up i before young ladies. Several witnesses wore called to prove West's good character. Henry Hall (colored)?Knew IsaacC. Went, Sr.; i I went to work with him when I was twelve years ' old: lam now flfty-lour; he acted very strangely at one time; lie neglected his :amiiy and his duty. , (Laughter.) AN OI.I) SLAVE'S TESTIMONY. Amelia Hail (colored) ? 1 have been a slave; Dr. ! Hail was my master; I know the prlsouer at the I bar: have known linn iroin a babv In the cradle; ? noticed a change In ills conduct and actions last I Summer; he was talking to me one day and he i called me a fool; knew he would not do that if his mind was right; lie ua.-d to eat With Ills lingers, . ami ate very hurriedly as if he was hungry, ami 1 1 kuew he was not. John M. Taolor?Have known the prisoner from boyhood; lately 1 noticed a change ui his conduct; on one occasion be came to nie aud began a con versation; it was utterly devoid ol sense; he went from one subject to another, and flew off at a tangent without a moment's notice; he kept it up for three-quarters of an honr; his reputation, so far as 1 know, was always good. Mrs. Sarah Shay?I am the mother in law of IsaacC. West: I have seen his wife take a package or powder out of h'.s pocket; she asked wUy he eariled powder; he said be look it for a pain in Ids back. Thomas Willis?1 know the prisoner at 'he bar: I met lum in Wilmington in .November last; be was lying down on some chairs sleeping in the ladies' saloon: I asked him if he did not know it was wrong to llo down iu the ladles' saloon ; he said, "No;"' said he had a sore toe; I thought he was a little tight, but concluded afterwards I was wrong. AN INCIDENT IN TI1E PHISON CKi-f. Samuel llagarcitue, ox-Sheriff? Went to the pris oner's cell one morning December 14, I think; lie laid on the floor, almost naked; it was very cold; he said lie was cold; I replied, "I don't cate If , you rreeiso stiff; there i* a warm lied I there, aud plenty or clothes:" I wus a little vexed at him; he said, "I can't get into bed when there is some one else there already;'' I said, "There is no one there;" he replied, "Ves. there Is; Motile and the babv (his wile and cblld) have been here all night:" I said, "No they haven't;" he got up, looked In the bud and saw no one there: be got in Hndeovercd up his head. Theodore Salisbury was m Wests office one afternoon taking the gas; It atlected me strangely. Bohert W. Reynolds?I received a letter from West December 4, 1872. hotter produced and allowed In evidence. Following Is a copy) Dot km. Del., Hoc. 4, 1872. RoBkKT W. lUvNoi.ns, Ktq sia-Vonrs of recent (late is at hand. One thousand dollar* per year or two hundred ami flltv dollar* per qoaru-r i? the lowest 1 can teach for The l?t ot January ih as carlv a* I can commenct. llet*pectHillv vourn, f. v. WK8T. Captain Battle?I am an undertaker; know West; lie borrowed a screw and bit of me ; said he wished to cut a hole la the floor; said he wanted to put something in the hole, so that If the old thing (the gasometer) should blow up ho would not oe tired and get burned up: he had a box deposited in my store filled with a lot ol curiosities; lie wanted me to make him a table: I told him he onnld use ttv? box lor a double purpose?that he ovuld use it to keep his curiosities In and could use the lid for a table; he went down and looked at the boa and said lie would use it. for that purpose; | went ont shortly afterwards, and when I returned the box was gone. west's Mr&F.m in porirr. By request of Mr. Salisbury the museum was produce*.* in detail. Firt oattie the "cow's horn", alluded bp in this morning's testimony; It proved to be a buc k's horns Tho Attor.ney General said, "We have such thlDgs in Wilmington." "Yes; i know yon have a good many things that wise men do not have." (Laughter.) Captain Battle brought In the museum, or part of it. "Oh !?' said Jnd,<*c Wales, "the museum is all here, I see." "JUU ftiD" MrttttUMIL it Is all there," pointing to the door. (Langnter again.) Then he brought in three drawers containing tWQ old, worn-out, rusty-looking copies of the Bible, two bottles of snakes, "an umbrella used by Noaii during the flood." a pair of boots, three pieces or flint, two blacking boxes, a wooden shoe, an ink bottle, a piece of rope, an old blacking brush and a drop light. Captain Nat Me proceeded with his testimony.? The wooden shoe was carefully wrapped in psper, while a looking glass, which was marked $4, had ixen allowed through carelessness to be destroyed; I said, "Professor West, your crazyhe replied, "Captain, 1 would rather part with mv right hand than to part with that shoe;" "Why vou must be crazy," I replied; he was always restless, always talking about making a lag fortune in a little while;said he was negotiat ing with a party in Mllford to TEACH SCHOOL. AT TWELVE UCNDKED DOLLAR I'KB YEAR, and that he expected to make a fortune at that; I deemed him an insane man. Chief Justice Gilpin at this point retired for a moment, and two Innocent little maids, who had been anxiously watching tho proceedings from be h.nd the chair, popped into the vacant seat, so soon as the Associate Judge could fight them out the proceedings continued, while West shed tears behind his handkerchief, probably at the lree ex hibition of his curiosities. John W. Smith?I met WestVhe night before th* lire; thought 1 had never seen a man act ho strange. With this witness' testimony the evidence for the defence closed. Of course both sides think they have made ont a caso. The general impression among the people here n that West will not be convicted. Attorney General Lore informed me to-day if West should be acquitted on the ground of self-defence, there will be auother charge, arson, preferred agalnsth lm; but should he be aconttted on the ground of in sanity the charge of arson will be igaored and West will go free. Ills acquittal is not a sure thing by any means. Juries are very uncertain, and tils jury, although public opinion points to an acquit tal, may convict him of murder iu the first degree. The arguments will begin to-morrow, and may probably be carried over to Saturday. "Professor" West is not allowed to communicate with any one but his coansel, and that communi' cation is had outside the Court, lor there Is never a word passes bctweeatheni durum the session! of the tribuual. West has not opened Ins mouth to any one In Court since his trial began, but sits silently looking on and listening. AMERICAN JOCKEY CLUB. Inaugural Day of thr Spring Meeting at Jerome Park?The Race* anil Prob able Starter*?Pool Selling Last Kvcn ing. To-day will be the first, of the .Spring meeting of the American Jockey Club at Jerome Park, and from unmistakable signs it will be crowned with success, as well as the other days of the grand racing reunion?Wednesday, 11th; Saturday, 14th; Tuesday, 17th; Thursday, 19th, and Saturday, 21st, or this month. The numbers of horses at the course exceed any similar one in the history of the Club, and for weeks the hum and buzz of preparation about the stables has been continuous from morning to nighjt? an* evidence of the great desire to have the racers in fine trim for the many Important events on the programme. The management have taken great pains to put the course and its surroundings in right shape for this glorious occasion; and the grand stand, club house and lawn look as fresh as paint auil labor can make them. There arc four races on the card to-day, first of which is the Ford liani tlandicap Sweepstakes, or $50 each, half for feit, and only $10 if declared by the 20th of May, with $500 added, the second horse to receive $200 ont of the stakes; one mile and a quarter. This closed with thirty-eight nominations, nineteen of which were declared forfeit. The probable starters wiU be Bnekley and Tulley's bay horse Buekden, 4 years old, 102 lbs.; August Belmont's gray colt Gray Planet, * years old, loo lbs.; M. II. San ford's bay horse Preakness, (>years old, 112 lbs.; M. II. Sanford's brown colt Mate. 4 years old, loo lbs.; M. A. Littell'H bay mare Wine Sap, 6 years old, loo lbs.; Carrill A Coar's brown horse ortolan, 0 years old, 112 lbs.; D. J. Crouse s chestnut colt Business, 4 years old, 92 lbs.; W. I!. Habeock's bay fil!y Hattie O'Neil, ll years old, oo lbs.; John P. Chaniberlin's chestnut colt Wheatly, 4 years old, 88 lbs.; I). McDaniel A Co.'s bay i-olt Boss Tweed, 4 years old, bo iba., and .lames lionahuc's chestnut horse Sail ford, aged, 10!) lbs. The second event?the race of the meeting?Is the Belmot^ Stakes, for three-year-olds, $100each, half forleit, with $1,500 added by the Club. Mr. Itel mont, President of the Club, also adds $l,iiO0 in plate, with the condition that should his stable win it it will be given to the Indies' Stakes, to be run on the second day oi the ui^gfmg?one uil e and five furlougs. This impor'ants !je,closed with seventy-five nominations, and froit present ap pearances the number of starter* will be very large and of a character to make the event an ex ceedingly hot one from beginning o end. Those of the youngsters that will come to the post will likely be representatives from Belmont's stable, Hunter A Travers' stable. Morris' stable, McDan iel's stable, ?ottrlll's stable. Grlnsteud's stable, Withers' stable, Littell's stable and itruce'g entry. The third race will be for a purse of $400, for all age*; entrance money to second horse; maidens of 3 years old allowed 3 lbs.; if 4 years, 7 lbs.; if o years and upwards, 12 lbs.; three-quarters of a mile. Entered tor this event are Hadladeen, llfi lbs.; Chickabiddy, 113 lbs.; Hubbard, 108 lbs.; Leamington, flil.v, 84 lbs.; Brennns, 105 lbs.: Ben jamin, 102 lbs.; Mildew, tis lbs.; Manitoba, MB lbs.; Marcus, ?? lbs.; Pennock's Planet colt, 87 lbs.; ymts. 84 Ibfu; Nuurise, M lbs.; The Nurse, 84 lbs. The day'" sport will wind tip with a grand steeple chase, pnrse of $700, of which $200 goo* to the second horse; welter weights; entrance free; about two ami a half miles. In this content the public will no doubt see Village blacksmith. 156 lbs.; Ijoclnel, 154 lbs.; HiifTy, 153 lbs., ami Victor, 14S lbs. Pools were sold on those events last night at the Jockey (Tub rooms. Madison avenue and iSveiity seventh street, and at the pool rooms of Mr. Chatn berlln, No. 1,14? Broadway. The following will give an idea of what the betting mc? think of the chances of the various entries KOltHllAM handicap. ft nit Cham Htitnii. berltn'x. Cray Planet $ja $10 Buekden lit 5 Ortolan :;o 5 Business 11 5 Boss Tweed fi 3 hatiford's entry 15 j Wine Sap ?i | Hattie O'Ncii ti v FlelO.... 10 Wheatly 6 Sanford IIK 1,11 ONT STAKES. Belmont's entry $.1im $340 McDaniel's entry U5 100 Hunter A Travers'entry no i:?> Cot trill's entry lis) 70 Withers'entry.,, <<o Morris'entry 75 vo Grlnstead's entry mi 125 Littell's entry 8S Bruoe'sontry io 20 TflREf!-QI.AKritB8 01 A MII.K. <1ut> Hoom. * Club Room. Quits $50 Brcimit* $s Mcliantel's entry 12 Manitoba 3 Sanford's ent ry 25 Marcus 3 Padladeen 20 Pennock's entry 3 Chickabiddy tl Nurse a Sunrise ll ktiti.k en ASK. Chih t'hntn Jitnuii. tterlw. Lochlel $ao (10 Village Blacksmith :io ft The weans ol getting to the course will, as in former years, ne of the mom ample and convenient character. The Harlem lialiroad Company, from the Forty-second street depot, lu addition to their regular trains at twentv minutes to twelve A. M. and five minutes to one P. M.. will provide two spe cials, one leaving at hair-past one p. M. and the other at two o'clock P. M.. both or which will go direct to the Jerome Mdmg and there remain until the day's amusement is over, when they wi>l return direct to the city. The latter trains, as heretofore, will have cars reserved for ladles and their escorts. The course can also be reached bv carriage through Central Park, Macomb's dam. Central avenue, by Blonmtngdal'- road to Kiuirsbridge. and by .Miuth ern boulevard via Tlurd Avenue Bridge, ami by the Third Avenue and Fordhatn horse cars. The racing will begin punctually each "lay at three o'clock P. M. I BEACON PARK RACES. Boston, Mass., June 8, 1873. The Spring meeting of the Beacon Park Asso ciation closed to-day with a race for a pnrse of $3,500, for norses that never beat, 2:21. Lovett's b. m. Gazelle, Mace's ch. sr. Judge Fullerton and Bowen's blk. g. Caraors. started. In the pool* ?lazeiie was a warm favorite, selling for $lou to $30 lor .ludffe Fullerton and $2ti for Oaniors. Before the start was made for the first heat It became evident that G8/elle was off, striking into a pace and acting so badly in the first heat that Judge Hillcrton would have distanced both her and catnors had Mace driven him for It. The time was 2:27. The second heat was about the same, the mure acting very badly, and Judge Fullerton winning t>r about three leagth*, In 2:20U. followed hy Cantors. Arter the first heat betting changed in favor of Judge Fnller ton. It being evident that, barring all accidents, he muat win. lu the third heat Gazelle paced on the first quarter, hut directly broke, and was three lengths In the rear of Judge Kuilerton at the half-mile pole. She trotted better up to tke three-quarter pole, but again hroke. Camors aiso Acted very badly. Mace sent Jndge Fullerton home a winner of the heat and race in 2:23X, Uasf lie second and ('amors third. Tl* attendance wm vuj larjc, numbering at JMIt/'.wo *???? ' TROTTING AT FLEETWOOD PABK. Two trotting contests came off yesterday aP ^ noon in a storm of lightning, thunder and niD One of the trots waa a sweepstakes, sal^ for $300, between w. E. WeekB' gray Tom Wonder, John Murphy's sorrel geldlnr/8orrel Jake and n. B. Kelly's sorrel gelding St M flenry The latter did not make his appearanr^ Tom Wonder won the race after Ave close! - contested heats. The race was In harness, bent, three in Ave. The other trot was a matc^ tot $500 between P. Hayden's bay mare Lady t .nmC to wagon, and B. Wilson's bay mare Lottf^ ,n harness, mile heats, best three in five. AnPj^ W0D t.he tlrst heat, but Lottie took the secon'^ the rain increasing and the track growing heav kShe uIro won the third and fourth beat# and the race. The track resembled a canal before the trotting was over. The following are the SUMMARIES. *\.KKTWfKn) Park, June a.?Trotting?Sweep sukes $3U); mile heats, best three w live, in bar W. E. WeekR' g. g. Tom Wonder 12 2 11 John Wnrphy's s. g. Sorrel Jake 2 112 2 U. B. Kelly's s. g. ?tar Henry dr. TIME. Quarter. Half. Mile. First heat 38 1:17^ 2:43)4 Second heat 39),' 1:17 2:43.^ Third heat 41 1:22 2:4?Ji Fourth heat 44 1:26 2:52 Fifth heat 41 1:81 2:49 Same Day.?Match $500; mile heats, best three In five; owners to drive. B. Wilson's b. m. Lottie, in harness 2 111 P. Hayden's b. m. Lady Annie, to wagon 12 2 2 TIME. Quarter. Half. Mile. First heat 39 l:ia 2:40 Second beat 39* 1:19 2:42* Third heat 40 1:20 2:43 Fourthbeat 41 i:20* 2:46* SHIPPING NEWS. Almanac for New York-Thii Day. RtTN AND MOON. Snn rises 4 29 Sun nets 7 28 Moon sets....moru 2 25 HlOn WATER. Gov. Island...morn 5 19 Sandy Hook..morn 4 34 Hell Uate morn 7 04 OCEAN STEAMERS. DATE9 OP HEPARTPHK PROM NEW YORK POR TOE MONTH OP JUNE. {Steamers. Cliyoi Paris Greece India Deutxchlaiul Celtic saxonia Maniiattun Olvnipia Koln Westphslia City of Baltimore. Oceanic Kp.vpt Cltv of Montreal.. A i.-tr.i tia Ville du Havre... Hermann Wisconsin * Toiiitd tjia Hansa C'it.vol Bristol.,.. Cimbna Canndu Adriatic Pereire Sail*. June 7. Juno 7 June 7. June 7. June 7. June 7. June II. June II. Juno 11. June 12. June II. June U. June 14. June 14.,

June 14.. June 14.. Jane 14.. June IS. Juno IS. June 18. June 19. Jiuie 19. June 21. June 28.. June 28.. Oftee. 15 hroailway. 69 Broadway. 7 Bowline Green 2 Bowline (ireen 1 lit Broadwav. |6i Broadway. 129 Broadway. 17 Bowling Green i2 BowllneWreen CI Broadway 15 Broad way. I'J Broadway. 69 Broadway. 15 Broadway. 7 Bowline Green 58 Broadway. 2 Bowline Green 29 Broadway 7 Rowling <ireen 2 BowlingGreen ift Broadway, til Broadway 69 Broadway. ! 19 Broadway |58 Broadway. PORT OF NEW YORK, JUNE 6, 1873. CLEARED. Steamship India (Br); Mackay, Glasgow?Henderson Brov. Steamship l^nm (Br). Pegden, Havana? I'im, Porwood A Co. Stcamshin Albemarle. Read. Hamilton (Bermuda)? l.unt Bros. Steamship Metropolis, Nickcrson, Wilmington, NC? Lorillard Steamship Co. steamship Kllen 8 Terry, Halycar, Newborn?Murray, Ferris A Co. Bars l.ord 1'almcrston (Br), Simpson, Liverpool?Hency A Parker. Bark Kltic (Br), Pence, Pcnarth Roads?Logan A Pres ton. Bark Mathusalcm (Aus), Schcmevicb, Dublin?Sloco vich A Co. Bark P.her (Aus), Gnrich, Amsterdam?Slocovich A Co. Bark l.nciannu Serra (ltal), Cacuce, Gibraltar for or der*?Punch, Kdye A Co. lt.irk Mary K Llbbv. Libbv. Havana?J K Ward A Co. Bark Kdgar Cecil (Br), Anderson. Plctou, NS?Bird, Per irkinH A Job. Bark Breidabilk (Nor), Nielsen, Liverpool?Tetens A Borkmann. Bark Sagucnay (Br), Brown, St John, NB?P I Nevius A Son Brig Roec (Ger), Gcerds, Newcastlc-on-Tyne?C Tobias i A Co. Brig Rellona (Ger), Josabel Cork (or orders? Punch, K'lyc A Co. Brig Bismarck (Br), McCully, Aspluwnll?J F Wliitnev A Co. 1'ilg Nlgreta. Nicklcs, Havana?.) B Phillips A Sons. Brit; Clara Pickens. Lotlirop, Cardenas?Kvans, Ball A Co. Brie Mary Grace (Br), Pettis/Windsor?D R DeWolf A Co. Brig I<ena (Br), Wharton, Liverpool, Nfl?L F Brighaui. Brill G J Moss <Br>, Ternto, Cow Bay?.) IS Ward A Co. Brig Klla (Br), Pulton, Pcrmindina? II J lie Wolf A Co. Sclir Sangrcal, Biitull, Kio Grande do Kul?Dow ley. Corner* A Co. Sclir C A Parusworth (Br), Benson, l.agiiayra and Porto Cabi llo?B K Metcalf & Co. > Scbr Sarnie %i MeKuwn. Parsons, Harbor Island?B J Weuberfi. hchr Advance (Br), Mcrriam, Moneton?D R DeWolf A Co. schr Ki nduskcag, Wyatt, Jacksonville?Kppinger, Rus sell A Co. Sclir W C Nelson, Rose, Richmond? Slapht A Petty. schr J W Johnson, Marts, Washington and Alexandria? Slaglit A Petty. Schr K K Simpson, Uandall, Elizabethport?Charles U Low. Schr Charles C Warren, Smith. Portsmouth?B J Wen 1m-rg. KchrMK Higgins, Paine, Province town, Mass?B J Wenberg. Nclir Wildllrc, Bearse, Glonecster, Mass?B J Wenberg. Sclir Treasure, Taylor, Providence?H W Jackson A Co. 8elir Garland. Luuley, Hartlord?Kackelt A Bro. Sloop Cornelia. Ball. Nciv Haven?Itackctt A Bro. Steamer Concord. Norman. Philadelphia. hU'umer Mayllowcr, Knits, Philadelphia ARRIVALS. KCl'ORTKll BY TIIE HKRAtD STEAM YAOHTS AND 1IKRA1.I) WmTBSTONE TEKEIlRAI'll I.INK. Brazilian corvette Nli thrroy, Contain J P llblo. Rio Janeiro April a4. Mounts 21) yiins, ami lias a crcw oi Ml) officer* aad men. Hu-aiushiji Koln (Ger), Bremen May 21, anil Southamp ton 24tb, with mdsc an.l 787 pa--seneers to Oelrlclis A Co. No date, lal 48 :S7, Ion 25, passed nark Macassar (Ger), bouud E. Steamship Cuba, Palmer, Havana May SI, via Nassau June 2, with mdse and passengers to F Alexandre A Son. Steamship l.eo. Dearborn, Savannah 72 Injurs, with mdse and passengers to Murray. Ferris A Co. Steamship South Carolina, Beckett, Charleston June S, withudse and nassengers to II R Morgan A Co. Sienmship Fanita, Doane, Phllauelpnia, with mdsc to the l^irillsrd Steamshin Co. ship Marianne Notteliotim. Mantes, Liverpool 42 days, with mdse to {lowland A I'rothlnghaiu. Bark Atatanta (Ger), llogemapu, Bremen 44 days, with mdse ami 27fi passensers to Punch. I'.dye A Co. Ma> 23, lat 44 12 Ion .VI it, spoke Ashing schr Sarah B Putnam, Kecne, with 300 <|Uin(als of llsh. Bark Vesta (ot Annapolis. NS). Bent, Rotterdam, 53 days, with mdse to Heuey A Parker. Aark Knrii)ue (of Buenos Avrea). Hawkins, Sagua. 15 days, with sugar to Griunell, Minturn A Co; vessel to s C I .oud A Co. Bark Banqucrcan (of Windsor. NB), Robinson, Carde nas. 10 days, w ith sugar to order , vessel to Craudall A Baricau* Bark lernes (Nor), Neilson, Cardenas, 14 days, with sugar to Sazarac A Co; vessel to Tetcns A Bo kmiinn. Bars Lcmona (Ger), Ulrlcli, llalltaz, NS, 12 days, In balln?t to (irder Brl; Felicia (ltal), Romano, Lcltli 63 days, with coal to order . vessel to Sloeovick A Co. Brig Brothers (of Sunderland), Trotter, Glasgow, 46 davx. with mdse to Francis, Spies A Co. Brig Klla (of Nassau. NPi. Poole, Rio Grande 5" da vs. with uool and bides t<i Oclrich A Co. May IP. lat :C. Ion 71, spoke brig Red Wing, from Rio Janeiro for Balttmora. 31 <!avs out. Brig Flora Goodale, Goodale, Clenfuegos 20 days, with sagar to llobcrt A Co; vessel to A Abbott. Brig Mini. Chalmers, Guantanaino 15 days, with sugar to J M Cabeilos; vessel to P J Nc.vius A Son. Brig Anna M Knight, Davis, Matan/as 14 days, with snear to Peruan>lex Cabos; vessel to J 11 Winchester A Co. Brig D 5) Soule (of Portland), Souie, Matanzss 13days, with mnla^e-j to order; vessel to J II Winchester A Co. Brig Meriwa (of Portland), Dewns, Matanxas, IS days, with sugar, to Miller A lloushton. June 4, lat .16 40. loll 71 11, spoke whaling brig Tie man (of N?w Bedford), Smith, 7 days out. clean. Brig San Juan (of (ilbraltar), Mahoney, Cardenas, 12 davs, with sugar, to Moses Taylor A Co, veasel to B I Wen here. Brig Clara M Goodrich (of Portland). I<onk, Cardenas 11 days, with sugar to Draxel, Morgan A Co; vcimiI to Miller I A Houghton. I Brie Tctieriffe, Trscv, Cardenn* S dsvs, with sugar and i molasses to Brown Bros A Co, vessel to Miller A Iloiigh | ion. Jnne 4, lat 36 *1, Ion 74, spoke liark Honest. Irom Cumberland llarhor for Baltimore Brig Hattie B (of Boston), Hatch, Fernandlna 14 davs, with yellow pine to F D Whiting ; vessel to 8 C Loud A Co. Is bontid to Port Richmond. SI. Schr Isaac Keen (of Provlncetown), Phillips. 8an Bias 20 days, with cocoa nuts, to J D Kldridge ; vessel to Miller A lloughton. Lett iiiTpnrt, schr Isabel, for New York, in 20days; Sineola (S|mn\ 0>r Baltimore, in todays. Schr Ringdove (of Calais). Swan, Aux Caves 14 days, with Inewood and coffise to A Nones A Co; vessel to Jed Prye 4 ?'o Schr F G Davis. Doane, Raracoa 7*4 days, with fruit to I A T Pearsall; vessel to I I Wenbet^. i Schr Lavlnia Bell, Bavles Baracoa, 13 days, with ftult fo J A T Pearsall ; vessel to van Brunt Broa Schr Henrv Mlddh>ton Brower, Baracoa, 8 days, with ft-ult. to T J Madge . vessel to J It Staples. Schr M T Trutidy (of Calais), Warren, Cardenas via Delaware Breakwater 15 days, with molasses; fo John Boynton, Son A Co. Hi-hr Katie Stevens (of Boston), Anderson, Cardenas 10 days, with molasses to order; vessel to P J Nevlns A Son. Schr Maggie K Grace of Baltimore), Gonklin, Cardenas 14 days, with sugar and molasses to Youngs, smith A Co. Hclir narry Bluff. Benson. Eleathera 7 days, with frnlt to James Douglas?vessel to B J Wenberg. Schr Post Boy, Robinson, Jacksonville 10 days, with yellow pine to Eppinger A Russell, vessel to R P Buck A Co. Schr Katie J Heyt, Arnold, Georgetown, DC, for New Haven. Schr J B Hllsby, Newton, Virginia. Schr Mott Bedell. Bedell, Virginia. Sclir R O A Ward. Mills/ Virginia. Schr John Tway. Johnson, Virginia. KchrHarah Mill*, Kelly, Virginia. Sehr Sally Ann, Davis, Virginia. Schr B V Reeves, Brannon, Virginia. Hchr Angle Predmore, Rnsaell, Virginia. Sarah Gulnn.I^e, Virginia. Bebr win MeGee, Woodland, Baltimore for Fall River. Sehr a Beans. Rlmenson. Rgg Harbor. Schr wm Moore. HchmeHaTSff Harbor. W ? Van {owig, |^? l^ax^ ) paucd Tkitagh Mall 0?tfc bound so mi. iff Artls (Brk Orather Glace Bay for Mew Tor*, with I "o Metropolitan (las Co; o J F Whitney* Co. ihr Addle V Avery, Kyan. New Haven for Baltimore. Brli aoal Schr llT FrtdBii'rV, JHhermaB, Pruvideace for New Schr Caroline A Cornelia, Crowley, Somerset for New SchrC C Sadler, Barrister, Cromwell for New York, wltu stone to Martin A Dixon. . ? . Hchr Eliza Hamilton, Smith, Providence for New York. Hchr Susan Bishop, New Haven lor New York. Hchr Sarah Cullen, Cullen, New Haven for Alexandria. Hchr A 11 llurltiut. Griffiu, New Haven for Georgetown, DC. Schr Planet, Green, New London for New York. Schr Frank Jameson, Jameson, Rockport kir New York, with atone to Bridge Go. Hchr A G Lawnoti, l itaaatrick, Providence tor Haver straw. Hchr Silas Brainard, Buell, Portland for Philadelphia, with stone. hchr K F Meany. Lewis, Cromwell for New York, with stone to Dean A Co. Schr Sarah Louise, Wischcnbach, New London for New York. Schr Win McCobb, Hill, New London for Newark. Schr Baltimore, Francis Fall River for New York. Schr Thos Hovers, Harris, Georges Bank tor New York, ] With Ash to Rogers A Co. Schr Anna C Norwood, Norwood, Block Island for New , York, with tlah to master. Schr Amelia Furinan, Burns, Greedwlch for New York. Schr Falcon, Griffith. Derby for New York. Hchr Mary Eliza, Sawyer. hag Harbor for New York. Schr Emma M Fox, Beebe, Newport for Philadelphia. Schr Jas English, Baker, Bristol for Kondout Hclir Enterprise, Nartln, Roalyn tor New York. Schr Clias llawley, liassou, llartford for New York. Schr Yoaemite, Murtla, Gloucester for New York. Schr 1'enne, Sheffield, Stonlngton for Port Johnson. Schr Sunnyside. Nixon, Fall River tor New York. Schr Htonn. Smith, Norwich lor Port Johnson. Hchr Emigrant, M$Closkev, Brook Haven for New York. Schr Thos H Cooper. Sleeper, Fall River for New York. Hchr David Pearsall, Sacfcett. Wareham for Hohoken. Hchr Mediator. Mclean, Fall River tor New York. Schr Cabinet, WestaU, Fall River for New York. Bctir E Cheesebro, Moffett, Stonington for Troy, with stone. Schr Sarah Babcock. Babcock, Greenwich for New York, witri stone to order. Schr Kineruld, Young, Sag Harbor for Now York. Schr s?rah A Falconer, Wilson, Providence for Ron dout. Schr Geo H Mills, Tlllotson, New London for Alexan dria. Schr Henrietta, Baker, New London far Philadelphia. Scnr Richard Morrell, Geduey, Greenwich for New York, with atone to order. Schr Halite Burton. Burlev. Stamtord for New Yark. BOUND KAST. ?grk Haguenay (Bn. Brown, New York for St John, NB Bohr Isaac II Borden, Dodge, Elizabethport for Full River. Schr nelen. Perry. Hohoken for Newport. Schr Hare, Letts. Trenton for Providence. Sehr Marietta Hand, Halleck, New York for rrovi dencn. Schr American Eagle, Brown, Hoboken for Boston. Schr Jesse Williamson, Jr, Hoyt, Port Johnson for Portsmouth. Hchr LH Hatch, Kelsey. Port Johnson for Hartford. Schr Maria Louisa, Croweli, New York for Fall River. Hchr J M Bleecker, Brown, I'ort Johnson for Stoning toa. Schr Dart. Martin, Trenton for Providence. Sehr Dr Franklin, Smith, Arnboy for New Lon Ion. Schr Ssruh L Hardin, Long. New York for Noank. Schr Sas Potter, Brown, New York tor Noank. Schr A Brooks, Brooks, New fork for NohIlk. Schr Expedite, Rackett, Eddvville tor Providence. Schr Charlie F Mav, May, New York for Providence. Htlir George Edwin, Sammix, l'oughkeepsie for Provi dence. Sehr Shamrock, Troy, llaveratraw for Providence. Schr Jaa Reverdy, Carroll, Anitiov lor New London. Schr I. Daniels, Smith, Clinton Point for Providence. Schr Minquas, Heauey, Eli/ahethport for Providence. Schr A Crimdall, Hall, South Ainboy for Westerly. Schr Flyaway, Euos, Hoboken for Providence. Schr Eliza Sawyer. Cook. Hohoken tor Portland. Schr Cornelia, Carroll, Aniboy for Norwich, Hchr L C Homers, Homers, Ell/.ahcthport for Tannton. Schr Circle* Pierce, New York for Brook Haven. Schr Nightingale, Young, Hohoken for Fall River. Schr Argo, Besse, New York for Wareham. Hchr M M Brainard, Staples, Ellzabetliport for Hart ford. Schr Frank Herbert, Croweli, Hohoken lor Boston. Sehr E J Ravnor, Mitchell, Hoboken for Providence. tchr Helen Perkins, Kelly, New York tor Providence, chr Starlight, Blatcliford, Hohoken for Calais. Hchr Ann Amelia, Allen, New York for Providence. Hchr Jennie Davis, New York for Noank. Schr Garland, Lindsay, New York for Hartford. Schr M M Webb, Cook, Elizabethport for Fall Kiver. Schr Sarah L Stevens, Dudley. Hoboken for Boston. Sehr Almon Bacon, Crosby, Port Johnson for Hlngham. Schr Justice, Cogswell, Elizabethport tor Narragansett Schr Hudson, Hnmblln, Elizabethport for New Londou. Sehr Tarouin, Chapman, Klizahcthport for Rockport. Hchr Hero, Baker, New York lor Salem. Schr Orlando Smith, Ferris, New York for Portclie?ter. Sehr Samuel P Godwin, Watcrbury, New York for Stamford. Schr J R Mitchell, Morrill, New York for Stamford. Steamer Thetia, Gale, New York for Providence. SAILED. Steamships Laco*. Havana. Albemarle. Bermuda: Me tropolis, Wilmington, NO; Ellen 8 Terry, Newborn; shins Hcf>e, London; Constantlne, New Orleans; barks Alaska, Trieste; Hereof? Krnst, Hamburg: New York, Penarlh Roads; Henoch, Cork; St I'rsula, Port Natal; Privi Dn brovackl. Rotterdam ; brigs Jatialoa, Pcniatnbuco; Agnes Raymond, StJohiw, PR; flcldahl. Lubec; Rockland, Cow Bav; Altavela, ?nniacoa; Ellen F, Pictou, \S;Gcm, Bar bailos ; Angola, St Kitts. Wind at sunset 8E."" Marine Disaster*. ficnn Tuos Fititi. Pettlgrew. at Nassau 21st nIt from Baltimore, experienced a hcavv gale troin the eastward on the7tli, whicli lasted 44 hours, losimc rudder and deck load, aad on the I nli lurried away Jib at a v, tore sails and experienced hcuvy weather until.Mav 17, in Ut -81W, lon 7:< 3H. Hcua J M RiciiAMa, from New York I'of Washington, with a load of paving stones, is ashore ut the mouth ot Pohick Creek. Potomac lliver. Tlie tugs Atlantic and Comet worked at her *Jf dav :(d, but, having parted all their hawsers, had to deolst without accomplishing their purpose. She was atlbseifucntly gotten oil', and arrived at Alexandria Mil. Hchr East Winn. Dowling, from Inagua for Boston, put into Nassau, NP. 2M ult leaky, and cleared 29th to resume her voyage. A TnR*E-MA*T?n Sena was ashore off Build's Ferry, Po tomac River, 6th inst. IlAi.irAX, June ft?The Allan line steAmshlp Acadian, coal laden, from Pictou for Halifax, went ashore in Gut Canso this afternoon. It was expeeted she would get off again. Miieellaiteoa*, Purser G S Mitchell, of the steamship Leo, from Savan nah, hasonr thanks for favors.' Bark Norman (whaler), ot and at New Bedlord. 316 tons, has been purchaaed by Wm C N Hwlft, of New Bedford. Hkard From?Alexander Swinson and J August Mns troin. two of the crew of schr Alfred Walen, ot Glouces ter, before reported lost on the Ranks May 14, while visit ing llieir trawls have been heard from. A letter received from tliem on Tuesday states Ibil they were picked iii> by MOMhwrnl nnd carried into Ht Peters. At that place they shipped on board a French brig bound for Cuba, to load for Portland,Me, n? tHs was the best chantc they could get to reach home ?Cape Ann Advertiser. Laiinchkp?At Belfast, on Tuesday last, from the yard of Henry McGllverv, a three-masted schr of 310 tons, called the A P Emerson She Is owned hv the builder and A P Emerson and otners of Orlnnd, and will be com manded hv Capt R W Emerson, of the latter place. Launch?A new schooner, for Onpt Elmer Scull, of English's Creek, to be ealled the John W Wright, will he launched at May's Landing. N.I. on Tuesday, da\ 10. It is three-masted, lift leer, lon<r. .T! feet wide. 0 feet hold, j single deekedjWlih a earrylnp rapacity of <00 tons, and ' will cos', *23. OOP. The vessel is owned bv Wm Moore and otliers of May's lauding, I Wolt A Co and John W Wright of New York, and is built expressly lor the lumber trade between New York and Virginia. Whalemen. Bark Hercules. Baker, of NB, was at Vasfo, West Aus tralia. March II, with 109 hbls sp oil since leaving Albany. Nil. ?|>oken May l\ lat 39 \. lon 27 W. bark* Cicero. of NB. no oil on board; President, of NB, 7u t>bls sp oil, taken May sf. Spokrih Steamship Richmond (US), 17 days from Kev West for Rio Janeiro. May 27. 'at 39 III, lon til 4K. Ship Black llawk. Croweli. from New York tor snn l'ranelsco, April 19, no lat. Ac. Ship Fortune, Taylor, iroin San Francisco for Liver pool, April 29, lat 2 43 N. loll 34 14 W. Bar* Amelia, ilrom lor Philadelphia. June fi, off Shlnnecock, by pih tboat UK Williams. No 14. Bark Templar. Irom Baltimore for Montevideo, Feb 19, lat 12 6 S, lon ,i.3 2l? W. Fori ik n Porta. Rrrgxr, June 4?Sailed, steamship Peler Jebscn, New York. CAHiiwaAS, May 27? Arrived, brigs Kodiak, Downing, Havana; Five Brothers. Thurlow. New York. Sailed 20th, bark Jane Wright iBr). nnrtliof Hatterns; brig James Miller, Thumbs, do; schr Marcia Reynolds, Honghton, da In port J4th, sehr I? k M Knowles, Peterson, wtg csrgo. CiKurcanos. Mav ft?Sailed. bark? Norah. Hall, Boston ; 2*th, John Griffin, Downey, north of Hatter**; brigs J II Dillingham, do; Teneriffe, Tracv. and Richmond, Powers, do; schr* Adria (Br), Boston; Fred Fish, Davis, north of llatteras. _ CtxaarRH Harsor. TI, May 17?Arrived, schr J W Vauneinan. Sharp, Barbados ('and cleared list for Phila delphia). . .... Passed through Turks Island Passaee Mar 1C. brig Lulu, Glvsn. irom New York lor Kingston, Ja; Wlh, schr Caroline, tihlsholm, from Boston for St Mare; 22d, bark A 0 Small. O'Brien, from do for Olenfuego*. Ei.kutiirra, May 28? In port schr Urown Point, Tayior, from New York, lust arrlvM. . _ ^ . Havara, May ?-Arrtved, bark Jennie Cobb. Packard. ^fJal"ed*JSth, hark Golden !>ream (Br). Coward. Pensa cola; brig Giles leering. Plnkham, Boston; tMt. bark W ey mouth <Br). Chnrchill, Cardenas; hrl? o?e.?, Lowerv. Baltimore; schr A F Ames, Achorn, Sierra Morena: 30th. steamship City of Mexico, Hherwood. VeraCru*; brig Barracouta (Br). Adams, north of Hatteras. LiTRRroot, Jane 4?In port steamships Vuevedo (Sp), Bald!, from Norfolk via St Thomas: Gresbam ("Bn, lor Boston, to sail 7th. ?, June ??Arrived, steamship Kurnpa (Br). Campbell. New York ftor Glasgow. MATAauaa, Mar 23?Uaileii. brigs Flerence May (Br), Cochran, New Haven; 3*tb, Rachel Coney. Coney. Bos ton. M atarras. May 28?Arrived, brig Mlnn:e Traub, Dickin son. New York. Sailed 28th, bark Horace Beals, Pickett, New York; brig Antilles, Thestrnp^Boston: schr Gllinsu D King, Sacua; 29th, bark Lizzie, Wotton, north of Hatteras. Mortri ai., Jane 4?Cleared, steamship Edinburgh Cas tle (Br), Troeka. London. Nassau. May 17?Arrived, schrs Ebenexer. Lowe, Jack sonville; 2lat. Thos Fitch, Pettlgrew, Baltimore ;22d. Bast Wind, Dowllns, Inagua for Boston, put in leaky (and cleared 2!Kli>: 2ld, Eastern Queen, Wark, New York; SOth, Rebecca Florence, Rich, Baltimore Put back 19th. schr Fleetwing, Roberts, for New York via Cat Island iand cleared again 27th). Qorrrstowr, June 6?Arrived, steamship Siberia (Br), Harrison, Boston for Liverpool. Sailed 8th, steamship City of Brooklyn (Br). Tibbltts (from Liverpool), New York. QrcsKc, June 1? Arrived, steamship Northern (Br), Ful lerton. New York. Arrived 4th, steamship Hibernian (Br), Archer, Liver Cleared 4th, steamship Corinthian (Br), Glasgow. SorTRAwrroR June 9, 4 AM?Arrived,steamship Lelpsif (Ger), Jaeger, Balnmor* for Bremen. American Parte. ALEXANDRIA, Jnne 4-Arrived. acbrs Florence Shay. Boston; Era and White Foam, New London; Henrv Adelhurt, Kennebee; Oakes Ames, NewTork; A L ant ler. Boston. _ ? . Hailed?Schrs M A Tyler, Brooklyn: Carne Holmes, Jersey City; V J Lock wood, Boston; Jos J Phar?\ Hew * Jth-Arrlved, *schrs Hattie Baker, Boston for Oeoijo town; J M Richards, New York; H I! Plsk, Rockport; Four folster*. Boston, aad Maria Plertoa, -Jersey City; ton; White Fb-un. Providence: Bra, New London^ Charley Woolsev, Now Havea, OaAes Ames. New Yerk. BOSTON, June ft?ArrivetJ, brig Northern Star, Dukin. Cardenas: schrs R ff OodiJty, Garwood, Georgetown DC; schrs John Price, Nlckersou; Wen Dennis, CroweU j E B Evermun. Corton. and Montana, Bearse, PhiladeU Bhla; H L Slaijtht, .Pones, and G W Cumins, Hardy, Eliza ?thport; P L Wheaton, Gardner. Hoboken. Cleared?Ship Nixon, Bombay : liark Stag (Br), Robinson, Svdney. CB: brigs Tho* Owen, Guptill 7'aiba rien: Jiu Davis, Partridge, Pcmandina; Examide (Br)J Berry, Monrovia (Africa); ?chr Ira l.atTrinier, ink-man. Baltimore. _ .. ? 8th?Arrived, steamship* Malta (Br), McKay. Liverpool! Seminole, Matthews, Savtuiuali; brig bak (Br), Miller* Havana. Also arrived 6th, steamship l?eopard. Philadelphia;' schr Minnehaha. Mosquito Inlet BALTIMORE, Jane 5?Arrived, barks Templar, Wilson, Mayaguez; Satellite (Br), Turner, Cardenas: Cyctonw (Br), Forbes, Havana: brigs (ieflon (Kuss), Withander. Liverpool: Ilpotar, (Ross), Bund man n, Calway ; Lauro Oacace (Ital). Cartcro, Genoa: Eugenia, Larrabee, Maya BU'-i; Orbit, Nash, Cardenas; schrs Onrust, Romer, New" Bedford; Matthew Kenry, Barter, Boston; Howard, Wooster, Mavagucz; Colin C Baker, Baker, Boston: A. Deuike, Jones, do, A Hammond, Baker. New Vork; John; R Shaw, Cox. do; N A FarwiU, Farnham, Boston. Cleared?Steamer Wm Crane, Hows, Boston via Nor folk: schrs W S Jordan, Crowell, and B W Hill, Cobb, Boston; Car'ie. Chase. Woods' Hole. Sailed?Steamer Royal Standard, Belfast; hark Emm*' Fram es, Buenos Ayres; brigs Navasota, St Thomas-. M Ac Williams, Boston: Ocean Belle, do. BATH, June 4?Arrived, schrs Alfrod Keen, Ptllsbury? Philadelphia; E K Dresser, Reef, New York. Also! arrived, oris Frontier, ; schr Challenge, ?. BANGOR, June 1?Arrived, schr K J Munscll, Rich, Charleston. BRISTOL, June 4?Arrived, schrs Thuo Dean, Babbitt,* Fall River lor Georgetown, DC. Sailed?Selirs It U Wilson, Harris, and Jacob Raymond, Brown. Hohoken. 6th?Sailed, schr James English, Rarker, Rondout. BRIDGEPORT. June 4?Arrived, schr R Rose (Br),Crol0? ley. Cheverle. NS. ftth?Cleared, schr Hope (Br), Hill, Walton, NO. CHARLESTON, June 3?Cleared, bark Nenuphar* Walker, Liverpool. 6th?Sailed, steamship James Adger. for New York. CITY POINT, June 3? Arrived, bark Edwin (Nor)* Christelersen, Liverpool. EAST MACHIAS, June 1?Arrived, schrs Garland, Llhby. and Nicola, Sawyer, Sand River for New York. ?Sailed, schrs Para. Chlsholm ; Garland, Llhby. ami Nicola, 8awver, New York; Zampa. Jcwett. West Indies^ GaLVKSTON, May SO?Arrived, schr Adellue Elwooifl Hawkins, New York. June 6? Arrived, schr Adeline Elwood, Hawkins, Nem York. GARDINER. Me. June 1?Arrived, schrs Albert Mason Rose, Philadelphia; Eddio PTreat, Hodgdon, Port John' son. Sailed May 30, schrs Lucy M. Collins. Savannah: 3lst/ Grace Cashing, Balle.v, Ncwyork; Ella, and Benj Reed. Philadelphia: Mury Ella, Thomas, do; Nellie Brown, lllggins, do; June 1, Gertie E, Merriam, do;Jamei< Young. Young, Washington; 2d, J B Marshall, Marshall,' and Mary StandUli, Philadelphia; 3d. Western Star, Crowell, do; Kute M, Hilton, and J Rurnsev, lor George town; 4th, Alice Oaks, Mason,New York; Wnitney Long, Haves, Philadelphia; Dion, , Suvnnnah; Alpha, Sanlslmry, and Mary K Rankin. Fuller, Philadelphia. GLOUCESTER, Jane 5?Arrived, schrs Ella Frances? Bnleer, New York for Newburyport; Delaware, Snow. Rockland for New York; J P Carver, Norwood, Calais tor do; Massaselt, Low, New York lil'BEC, Me, June 1?Sailed, schrs Sammy Ford, Allen/ New York ; M F Pike, Good, do. 2d-Arrived, schr Torpedo. Fanning, New York. MOBILE, June 2?Arrived, bark Aaron Gundy (Br)% Bend, New York : brig Adeline Richardson, Crowley, do.. Cleared?Schr Cumberland, Vaul, Malivllie, NJ. NEW ORLEANS, June ft?Arrived, steamship City o# Dallas, Bolter, New York. . 2d?-Arrived, steamship Legislator (Rr), Jcflrey, Liver I pool: hark Michi-ll Gallatola (Ital', Barrone, Marseilles; brig Caterina, Copela, Palermo: schr H C Foster, Coombs, New York. Clesred?Barks Renom (Span), Genoea. Barcelona; Sarfc Loren/.o (Spun), Pages, Genoa; britr Syblll Wynn (Br) Roberts, Liverpool; schrW M Atwood, Neweomb, Boston* | NEWUERN. June J-Arrlved, schr fct L Vanklrk. WaW ker, Philadelphia. In llavterus Inlet 1st, schrs H W McColley, and Pacific, ; outward hound; Jas Jones, inward hound. NEW BEDFORD, June 5?Arrived, schrs A Heatons Phlnncy, Warehain for New York: Lamartlne, Wicks, Warehain (snd sailed lor New York). Sailed?9elirs Mary E Coyne, Facemlre, Baltimore: W W Brainard. Fitch, New York: Mary Johnson, Crosby, do; Memento, Weeks, do; S S Smith, Snow, do; Stormy Stnah, Trenton. NJ, , NEWPORT. Jnne 4. PM?Arrived, sloop Ells* A Jayne, Mott, Fall River (or New York. Also, schrs 8 W Ponder, Thrasher. Taunton for New York; A G Lawson, Fitzpatrick, Providence for Croton Point ; M A Predinore, ShcrmHti, and W N Gesner, Eg bert. do for New York; G P Brown, Gedney, Pall River lor do. NEW LONDON. June 5?Arrived, schrs Llllev Ernes tine New York ; Jane M Rralmird, Rondout for Norwieha Millie Frank, New York for do. NORWICH, June ft?Arrived, schr Joseph Hale, Ho boken. PORT TOWNSEND. May 29-Arrived. ships Dashing Wave, Marshall, San Francisco; Canada, Haniieinahnj Catlao: bark Camden, Robinson. Honolulu. PENHACOLA, June 2?Arrived, ship Superior (Nor), Roed, Barcelona. Cleared?Steamer Pasqnel (Mex), Verions, Vera Crux. PHILADELPHIA, June ft?Arrived, brig Bride (Rr)_ Brooks, Matuiizas; schrs Wm Wilson, Jones, Cardenas-, Kbeuezer (Br), Lowe, Abaco; Carrie Bonnet], Pink ham, Baracoa: Harry Lee. Mayo, Mount Desert: Ella. Grin dell, Gurdiiu-r, Me; Hope On, Chase, Boston; Aduie Ful ler, Henderson, do; Crescent Lodge, Crowell, do. cleared?Brig Reporter. Ryder, Portsmouth; schrs fk k L Marts, Marts, do; M II Reed, Benson, New Bedford? Philanthropist, Krider. Bnngor: S R Thomas, Arnold, Iladdam: E S Potter, Potter, Pall River; C A Coulomb, Fennimore, Somerset ( 6th?Arrived, steamships Hercules, Wlnnett. Boston; Virvinia, Rogers, Providence; barks Marie (Nort, Oar 3 man, Bergen; Neptuno (Ger), Plogholt, Bremen x Eliza McLaughlin: (Br). Phillips, Antwerp; schr* D Sawyer. Rogers, Calais; Fruneonia. Adains; nenry Whitney. Perkins, and E Clossen, Dorlty, Bine II11L ? Me: Annie Barton, Prink, Boston; Jennie N Huddoll. Craniner, and Virginia. Bearse, Gardiner: James 1* Ross, Green, Taunton: Etta C Godfrey, Dorchester; K Wtllard. Wal'nce, Portland. cleared?ship Frances Hityard (Br), Weston, Antwerp; brigs Wanderer (Br), Gibbons Liverpool: Cairo (Hr)? Corbctt. Pleiou, NS; schrs Ella G Mi-Lam (Br), Cook, 8^ John. NB; w H Mutller, Crowley, Boston;.! G Nash, Crowley. Lynn; J T Alburgcr, Corson, WeymoBth; Re becca M Smith. Grace, Boston: Alice Borda, Dukes, do. Lt.wr*, Del. Jnne ft, PM?The hark Horace 8cudder led for Philadelphia under sail at 10 AM. The bark Marie, in tow of the tug Tlios Bonlton. at 11 A M. The schr M w Hopner remaiiis tor Philadelphia. Arrived this PM, hri^' Powiu-ll, 12 days (r< m Trinidad fororders. A bark and* brig passed no to day. 6th, A M?Went to sea yesterday, harks F Reck and1 Liverpool; schr Mary W II up pel lett the Buoy ol tbo shears for Philadelphia at ft A M . brig Pownal, here ves terilay trom Trinidad, rem-iins for New York; two narktt and a brig :irc passingtin this mornlna. PORTLAND, June 4?Arrived, schr Fanny Barney, Cables, Roc'.Guild for Philadelphia. ftth?Arrived, schrs Qmxldy. Fanning, Philadelphia; Harriet Baker, Webber, New York; Bramhall. Hamilton, Clark's Island for New York; Fanny Barney, Rockland tor Philadelphia, Cleared?Schr Teaser, Hadlock, New York. PouTSMOt'TII, June 4?Arrived in lower harbor, schri Mnnah. Thurston, Calais for New York. PLYMOUTH, May 23?Arrived, schrs Decatur Oakes, Berry? New York; 29th, James Parker. Pr, Krlley, ' Ellzubethport; Jane 2, Coral. Coition, and Belle, Holmes, do; Watcnfnl, Gill, New York, Sailed 1st, schr Decatur Oakes, Baker, New York. PAWTUCKRT, June ft?Sailed, schrs Luev.Chnrclt, Rvdcr; Thoinns E Cahill, Hallock, aud Anaconda, Wal lace, New York. PROVIDENCE, June ft?Arrived, schrs Rose Cnlxin, Fitzpatrick. Philadelphia; Marccna Munson. Dayton, do; Llllie O Wells, Wells. Rondout; P M Wheaton, Barrett, Hohoken: Kate Scranton, Palmer, New York. Sailed ftth?Schrs Ann L Lockwood, St John. George' town, DC; Charles W Holt, Delay, Baltimore; Tem pest, Shropshire, Trenton; Sarah W Bl-ike, Haver siraw; John Stoekham, Hart, Ellzabethport; Black Diamond, Goldsmith: Rtchel Jane. Tavlor; I?>ulsn, Knox; Silas Wright, Smith: Edwin Cnllycr Si monsotv; J II Yomnans, Smith; Frederic Hall, Chattield; /uiette Kenyon. Buckingham; Maria Fleming, Williams, and Amelia. Terry. New York. Sailed 4th schr Wm C Bee, Chester. Phllnrtelphta. RICHMOND, June *? Arrived, brig Hiiding <NG), Liverpool. Sailed-Sehr Flvtng Send, ?)wen?, Stamfbrd, Conn: ROCKLAND, May '-'9?Arrivod, schr Arctic, Whlitten, New YorV. Sailwl 2stn, schrs Solon. New York: 20th, Sarah, Palm lov: Henild, llall: Laconia. Ilall, and Alleghania. Arey. do;3tth, Orerioii. Miller; Hudson. Post; F Hatch, Kalesz E a Knight Pratt, and Allie Oakes,; June 1, Callsta, Jlall, unil II *? Bird, Bluckln^ton, do; 2d, Maria Adelaide, Kent: Delaware. Sn<>w; Exeter. Pendleton, and F llaraev. Cables, do; Cambria (Br), Wclden (froitr Windsor, NS), do. SAV FltANOISCO. May 2#? Arrived, ship Gen McClel lan. Morrison. New York. clesred?Burk Helen W Alm.v, Freeman, llonolu'u via II nmuold t. Sailed?Steamer Altona, Hore, Hong Kong. Jnne ft?Sailed, steamship Montana, for Panama. SATII.LA, Gn, Mav Hi?Arrived, hark Gladstone (Br), llorton. New Yprx; 26tli, brig Chimboraxo, Coombs, do. STOMNGTON, June 6?Arrived, schr Charles L Lover ing. Chase. Providence for New York. ? VINEYARD HAVEN, Jane ft-Arrived. hark Linda. Stewart, Savannah for Boston ; schrs Plora M Crowley, Baltimore for do; Midnight. Clinton Point for do; Maliet Hull, Savannah lor Rockland; Lucv A Orcutt, George town, DC, for do; tieorgle B McFarland, Baltimore for Salem: Flavilla, Elixabethport for Lynn; Maggie Cum mins, Philadelphia for Cohasset. Sailed?Schrs Joseph Bayiuonf, Snsi# WIlsoB, Minnes hahs, J C Crntts, I'alista, sanitiel S'a.?h. Express. Marv P I'lke, Paul P Keller, Mattel, Palestine, Susie Prescott, Hall and Flavilla. Passed hy?Schra Sallie B Bateman. Boston for Phila delphia: Laura Robinson. Salem for New York. 6th-Arrived. Schooners Eddie Pierce, Port Antonio for, Bo-ton; E. A. (Jerrish, New York tor do; Hastings. King ston. N. Y., for Lynn; S. A. B. Small, Providence fhr %' shtiler, N. s.: s. Jones, Machlas tor New York; Empire. * Rouday for Portland Sailei?Schooners Flora M. Crowley, Midnight, Maggl* Cummins. Hastings. S. A. B. Small and Empire. WILMINGTON, NC. June 4?Arrived, bark Ifermantr Helmrlcli. Ostrish, St Nannre: brig lsola. Lorn, New York; schrs Luola Murchison, Jones, do; Lucy Wrlcbt, Elzey, Rock port; Adella Corson, Godfrey, New York. Below, bark Anadell iBr), Key. trom Bristol. Cleared?Steamship Benefactor, Jones, New York. WARREN. June ft-Sallud, schr Mary II Mifflin, Ferrl??. Elixabethport. MI.1CRI,LA!VKO(I9. ABSOLTTE DIVORCES OBTAINED PROM DIFFliB ent States; legal everywhere; desertion Ac., suffi cient cause. No publicity required; no charge until di vorce granted. Advice free. M. HOUSE, Attorney, 194 Broadway. A?HERALD BRANCH OFFICR, BRfH)KLYNj ~~~?? ? corner of Fulton avenue aud Boerum street. Open from S A. M. to9 P. M. On Sunday from:?to# P. M. A SUPERB TONIC AND INVtOORATOR? WINCHB8 TER'S HYPOPHOSPHATE OF LIMB AND 8DDA; a perflect cure for General Dttdlity and Weakness of all kinds; also Nervousness, Night sweats and Wasrlng; stimulates the anpetite and produces most refreshing sleep: excellent for delicate ladles and mothers nurslnr their infants. Trv it Sold by nil drinrgists. |l ami S3 per bottle. J. WINCHESTER A CO.. Chemists, 36 John street. New York. DR. LEWIS' "BALM OF LIFE"-SURE CURB for Nervons DeMlitv. Weakness, Ac. Principal de pot and I.(flee. No. 7 Beach ?tn-et. New York. For freckles and moth patches, asIFyodh druggist for PERRY'S MOTH AND FRECKLE LO TION. ft Is reliable. Depot 49 Bond street. New York. For 8CALP dikeAhKs consult dr b c. perry the skllftil hair doctor. 49 Bond streat, Aiw York! wno cares falling, loss and untimely gray hair, dry of moist dandruff. Irritation or Itching of the head, or an* complaint or disease ot the scalp, send for circular. Thb lamented chief justice chase could only move hy the aid of two aaitstanta: but, bi IPAnTk^.'?8d'Kr,ft'L BKTHKSDA MINERAIj spring Jli 7, ^. hJ* and strength ware ftilly re kln<jly. heralded this fact fkr and Mar, l?> during thousands to driuk of this almost miraculous n? ttr'p nurl?(i?i\e ?nd happiness. Ha wrnta lm JvTiiMi L. 1n ?jcember. 1 iffi, be had derived woa< ' Lh' ??>? had Mcchann* ,0?5 bnt .**? cared by drtnkH , enras of bis other frtands will be ?

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