Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1873 Page 11
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4 HEHDIBH OUTRAGE.\ ft W?au Flghtlag fbr Her Htnor U Borrftly HMgled-UneolB Park, Chi tsfo, tke Secnc of lh* Am*uH. (Prom the Chicupo Evening Post, June4.] An outrage of the most diabolical nature was perpetrated between eight and nine o'clock last creuingr at Lincoln Park, the details of which are peculiarly atroeions and more fiendish in their nature than any crime, perpetrated in Chicago for a long time. The perpetrator, thanks to the vigi lance of the police of the North division, is in cus tody. and at the present writing, there is strong feope that the victim wui recover. The particulars ?r the outrageous assault will be found below. MR*. (AUOLINK OtTXUJJH, tlie woman who how lies helpless upon the couch that may prove her deathbeilf is a German, thirty two years of age. ami resides with her husband at 74 Whitney street. Yesterday aiternoon Mrs. ?tumor paid a visit to her mother, on the corner of Renoon street aud Chicago avenue, and remained until after supper. At about eight o'clock in the evening she started for her north side home, and ftt Canal street met a man in a buggy, who tai.kkd 1.1 kr a gentleman, and inquired in kind words where t>hc wub going, Mrs. Hunger trankly told ttic man where she lived, anil stated that she was on her way home, lie in formed the woman that he was going that way himself; tnat it was a long walk, and that, If she desired, she could ride with him. The woman did not suspect that the man who made this kind offer was other tlian a gentleman, and, innocently believing that no harm could result, she accepted the offer, and was assisted into the buggy by the affable driver. The man drove rapidly, but did not take the woman directly to her iiomo> as lie had promised. To her Inquiries he HA OK EVASIVE ANSWERS, And headed his horse toward Lincoln Park. Mrs. Gunger did not eveu then suspect that the motives of the man were vlllauous, but supposed that he bad some business in that direction and would soon carry her to Whitney street. Hut when the Park was reached, without, apparently, a soul Within hearing distance, and the horse was stopped, A FEELING OF FEAR took possession of her, and with trembling voice she asked the man why he had brought her to thut lonely place at such an extraordinary hour. Ills answer qonilrined her worst suspicions. iuid filled her with'consternation and alarm. His base in aults not only took the form of words, but actions Were .suited to them. Drawing a BKU)I!T-BLAI)R? KNIKK, the monster informed MrB. Gunger that unless she acquiesced to his demands he would butcher her on the spot. The brave woman Is not one of the kind to be easily intimidated when honor is at stake. The first intimation she received of the Villain's intentions, and lustantly after the threat was made, she Jumped from the buggy and at tempted to make her escape by flight. Her perse cntor sprang after her, aud before she had run a cod he SEIZED HER BY THE HAItt trailing out several haiul fills, and effectually stop plug her progress. lie then knocked her down with his fist aud made a second attempt to accomplish jbis purpose. The wonutn who had innocently erred in accepting the advances of a stranger proved to be a lioness when the hour of danger came. She resisted with all her strength, and her picrelng screams for help were heard a long distance Jrom the scene of the encounter. Durlug the struggle the Head USED HI8 KNIPE with merciless fury, and attempted to destroy tha Ufe of the woman he had failed to rob of her vir tue. Durlug the entire struggle, while she was being almost hacked to pieoes by her assailant, Mrs. Gunger never ceased shouting for help. In cane none came she had fully determined to de fend herself against an armed ruffian so long as Ufc and strength lasted. But SUE DID NOT CRY IN VAIN. Policeman Jacob Scliurer heard the screams and the spot. He lound the woman faint ing,.staggering and almost ready to drop down ex hausted, while the cowardly beast who had perpe trated the horrible crime was apparently gloating over his success in murdering a defenceless woman. But when he saw ihe otllcer coming the coward fled, closely pursued by the policeman. The latter overtook the lugitive on North avenue, and had no difficulty in conveying him to the Webster avenue station, where he gave the name of E. S. Grilllth. With all haste policemen made their way to the Park, and there lound Mrs. Gunger IN A SENSELESS CONDITION, and atfirst sight it was thought that she wasdead. Blood flowed copiously from a large number of Wounds. She was conveyed as speedily as possible to the station house, where Dr. Gelger was called to dress her wounds aud attend her wants. Toon examination he lound that she had been cut In twelve different places, but that none of the wounds wciw necessarily fatal, though the com bined injuries might produce death. The heroic woman was after.wards taken to her home, and at last accounts was doing as well as the most san guine could reasonably expect. ARRAIGNED. The man giving his name as Griffith was ar raigned before Justice Kauffuian, at the North Side Police Court, this morning, rpon the evidence of Dr. Geiger that the injured woman would not be able to appear for some time, and that her condi tion was dangerous, the examination was con tinued until the 11th Inst, upon two charges?one ot | assault with Intent to kill and the other assault with intent to commit rape. In eacn case bail of $6,000 was required, In default of which the villain ous wretch was sent to jail. HISTORY REPEATING ITREI.F. The first man ever executed In Cook county was convicted *f a similar outrage on a Mrs. Thompson In the woods where now Uucoln I'ark is located. In that case the injuries proved fatal, and the per petrator, Stone, was convicted and hanged. Should it be the fate or Mrs. Gunger to die, the halter will surely cause the final exit of Griffith, as it did In the case of his infamous prototype. BRIEF RECORD. Mrs. Dltte, who was shot by her husband at Beauchamp Springs. Texas, died lost Monday week, And Dltte pines in jail. Charles A. Russell, the New York printer, who gome time ago killed James Crotty at San Fran cisco, has failed to sccure a new trial, and will be Strangled out of the world on the 26th July. "John Chimman'' is not only afflicted with the leprosy aud smallpox In San Francisco, but is threatened with expulsion from the State by the masses, who are holding iudlgnatlon meetings. Hear Newmarket, Va., recently, a white man named Shitlet killed a frecdman named Jackson, scattering his brains In his hat, and then escaped. The cause of the dispute was a tin drinking cup. Ail unsuccessful attempt to rob the Cumberland National Bank, at Portland, was made on Tuesday by two sneak thieves. The fact that the Memphis Appeal of Monday contains thirty-six columns of Shelby county lands to be sold for noil-payment of taxes does not speak well for the prosperity of Mississippi planters and the anility or carpet-baggers to collect the State tax. On Tuesday night, at a Cleveland (Ohio) iward Ing house, Henry Morgan shot and fatally wounded James Murphy in the abdomen. Morgan, who was a railroad mechanic, refused to pay his board bill, and because Murphy sided with the landlady the shot was delivered by Morgan, who made his es cape. A Janesvlllc (Wis.) man. who offered Spnrgeon, the London preacher, $900 a night to lecture in this country 100 nights, has received a letter from blrn In which hesays:?"f am unable to visit the tTnlted States, and. moreover, I am no lecturer. To preach Jean.* Christ simply In a plain manner Is nil my ambition. Eloquence I leave to others. May you and your great country prosper under the Blessing oi God!" Having bridped the Missouri at St. Joseph, the people on the aist snook hands ucross the watery Chasm and arc very happy. The local papers of the 1st Instant are full of the details of the great cele bration of the victory ef engineering skill. James Brown, colored, who, it is believed, mnr dered Mrs. Dempsey Jones aud her sister, Mrs. Dozier, in Nanseinond county, Virginia, on Sunday last, aud pillaged the house, escaped from the Suf folk jail on Tuesday night, and is still at large. He was employed on the Jones plantation, and a search of his house discovered a suit of blood stained clothes. Tlie people scoured the woods in the search of him and recaptured the murderer, ?who has confessed his guilt. The brains of the vic tims were beaten out with a heavy oak club. Two Cincinnati printers have just seturned to ?hat elty alter a three months' tramp from Cincin nati to New Orleans, to Havana, to Madrid, thence aip the coast to Santander. across the Hay of Bis cay. np the English Channel to Cherbourg, France, to Havre, Paris, Cadiz and London. They then In vaded Ireland, armed with their rules and sticks, and from thence returned to Cincinnati, via Liver pool, New York and Chicago. "The cheeriui crack of the plstel and the Inspir ing groans of the dying,"' remarks the ]<e<ri.iur of Central City, Col., "enliven the street* of iFalrplaT almost daily, making it very evident that the Most arts' of '59 awl '(H) are reviving in that altitudluous mining camp."' Governor Hart ran it visited the grave of Gov ernor Geary on Decoration Day and placcd a mag nificent bouquet theroon. The prospect* for women are looking up in the West. A Woman's Printing Company is to be organised In St. Lout*. At Memphis, on Sunday night, John Crook, late or Peoria, III., who haU hail a previous trouble with an unmarried woman named I/ouiea Goddln, beat her severely with a chair, and her death ensued soen after, in her dying declaration she charged him with the crime, and he is now in the Kemphis Jail awaiting trial. On Wednesday evening, the Rochester PnUm re ports, a man entered the resioence.of Mr. Harrison flage, at Albion, Orleans county, during Mr, Gage's absence, asked for and obtained a drink of water, qrhen he attempted to outrage Mrs. Gage. Pall ing to accomplish nls purpose, he cut her throat snd made his escape. A man looking like a Span lard was seen In the neighborhood berore and itfter the assault. Mrs. Gage is still living, bnt so low that she is unable to describe the offender. A negro has been arrested Ml SUaplclUD Of baring yiimr.tttdwU THE BIVOUAC OF THE DEATH The Mobil* (j*dfU Offer ? Tribute of Fiawttrn to like Fe?Ie*?l D?a?L On Friday list, we learn from the Mobllo Kf jU trr, tbe xra\es of the leder*! soldiers in ihe Na tional Cemetery near Mobile, Ala., were dcrorated wiu becoming ceremonies. During ttif nervliea a beuutilul bouquet of flu wets, arranged iu must exquisite taste, tbe blue anil the gray being Mended, was *ent up to the mound with a card winch rea<l us lollows:? ?; The Mobile Cadets $ j of the Confederate Array $ % . linnor the Memory | i of those who, though their ciieiniob in war, J t were uieu i 5 and brave en-ugh to do their duty. The tribute to the memory of 'he federal dead, coming troni a company of Confederate soldier* who have made lor themselves an undying record lor bravery ;tnd K^llauiry ou many a hard lought battlefield, wan duly appreciated ;uid received in the spirit with which it was intended, 11s an olive branch of peace, a harbinger of good will and friendly feeling between brave men who fought against each other, but are willing to bury the hatchet iu the graves of their comrades. In ac knowledging the testimonial a federal ottlcer said:? "It is a graceful ottering of peace and good will, and 1 proudly embrace the opportunity for the speechless dead arouud us, and in bchait of ihetr surviving comrades, to grasp the hand that | brought i' in tike tolcen of our good will and friendship, it is t.ho olive branch j carried on an errant! of peace. Let it be accepted 1 in a suitable spirit. Let the gallant cadeis who hear this receive our homage ior their daring. Let their fallen comrades sleep the sweet sleep of the heroic. 'Though our enemies in war,' let. the man hood and courage which honestly led them to dc len l a cause they believed just be appropriately remembered and honored. Finally, may this happy, touching, delicate and peaceful episode in our cere monies mark au era of better and kinder foellug among us and indicate the day aud occasion when we mutually agreed that the pusslous aud uniinosi Ucs born ol the war should be consigned to the chambers of lorgetfulnoss." Let the Grand Army lake a lesson from this epi sode. LIVELY TIMES IN THE COURT HOUSE. Samuel Schuster, ofl23 Second avenue, a drover, who says that his inflneuce clccted Jacob Secbacher to the Assembly and iccurcd his appolutnicnt as deputy sheriff, yesterday afternoon went into the new Court House to see Deputy Sheriff Patrick J. Han)>ury. While conversing with the latter Beebaeher, as it la alleged, approached Ilaubury and said to him:?"What do you want to talk to that man for; he will be a bankrupt to-inorrow." Mr. Schuster turned suddenly and told Deputy Sheriff Seebacher that he was a liar. A light at once ensued, and beebacher struck Schuster four or live times, much to the amusement of the crowd that hangs around the Court House. Yesterday afternoon Mr. Schus ter, accompanied by his counsel, Mr. Abe Hummel, applied to Judge Hogan, at the Tombs, lor a war rant lor the arrest of Seebacher. NEARLY MURDERED BY HIS WIFE. Ilenry Mooney and his wife Margaret occupy apartments at 153 ifutlcr street, Itrooklin. They occasionally quarrel, aud not invariably vary the war of words by little personal encounters. Last evening Mrs. Mooney lost what control she had of her temper during a quarrel with Iter liege lord, i and seized a heavy earthen pitcher, which hap- ! pencd to be the most convenient article of wariare, and began pounding her husband over ttye head wuh it,. Aftcc .ueveral blows' the pitcher went topieMs, nut the unfortunate man was cut aud bruised in n shocking manner, and it was found necessary to remove him to the Long Island Col lege Hospital. Mrp. Mooney was arrested and locked up to await the injuries mulcted. BOAKDKHS WANTED. 1 SPENCER rUOl OK 1S4 WERT TENTH STREET.? One large Room on fourth floor to let, with Board; per week; also other Rooms; house new; reference. 1SUIT OK ROOMS Oh THIHD FLOOR TO RENT? With first clans Board, at reduced terms. Also seve ral desirable Rooms to gentlemen, with breakfast. Apply at 31 Madison avenue, opposite Madison I'ark. 1?WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, FURNISHED OR ? unfurnished Rooms may Im> had at 18 West Eleventh Street. Convenient lo University place cars aud restau rants; Summer prices. I?MAGNIFICENTLY FURNISHED ROOM AND . bathroom, tor tWO|MtlUMH. wittl in a family's own elegant house; nelithliorhood unexception able; references exchanged. 201 Second avenue, near Thirteenth street 3 SPENCER PLACE. FOURTH STREET, NEAR West Tenth street.?A large lront Rooui to let, with Board. CTTI AVENUE 91.?ROOMS THAT HAVE BEEN NEW ft ly fitted and furnished since May 1 to let, eu suite or singly, Willi or without Baard. at Summer prices. d?r TO $7 PER WKEIv KOR COMFORTABLY FUR niched Rooms, with Board; noose modern; loca tion central and convenient to cars. '."J Christopher street, near Bleecker. d?^? TO $12 PER WEEK ?VINE ROOMS, WtTH EXCEL ?1*1) lent board, at 172, 171.176and 17S BleecKer kL large shady yards; croqMt ground ; coolest houses hi the city. d>7 TO $12.?FURNISHED ROOMS, Wll'B EXCEL I lent Board and pleasant home, nt 136 Macdougul street, one block from Washington square; Tulilc Board $.ri week1. -| | I WAVERLEY PLACE.?HANDSOME FRONT ROOMS. _L"' $12, $U. $16 and $is tor two persons. wItn Board; Single Rooms $'< ami $9; also table hoarders taken, $S. lOTll STREF.T, WEST, 240.-THREE OBNTLEMEV 1 ? and gentleman and wife can be accommodated with handsomely lurnished Rooms, with Board ; tonus from f6 to $H per week. 1Q WELST SEVENTEENTH STREET.?TO LET 1 ?J with BoSM, fftaciT lurnished Rooms, to parties of young gentlemen. RetdVcfI??TOscfi*ni{eil. MTH STREET,?ELEOANT ROOMS TO T.ET. WITH Board, nt217West Fonrtrnnth street; house strictly first clA9s, und unusuallv desirable us a .Summer resi dence; terms moderate: references. MTH STREET. WEST. 338.-LAROE, SQUARE FRONT Room, neatly lurnished, $16, for two. with good Board; table unexceptionable; pleasant Suinin"r resi dence; references. ? O 1TH STREET, 210 WEST.?ELEOANT SECOND id t Floor, with private t.ath and first class Board; al?o handsome Extension and single Rooms; terms mod erate. References exchanged. *)(\ WEST TWENTV SEVENTH STREET, NEAR ?1) Broad way.-To let. with or without Board, a pleasant Suit of Rooms ?n second floor, suitable for a lainily or single tfcnUcnwn ; tonus moderate. H KAST TOWWOWTH STRKKT, M \U M W>N ? * ?n fiu arv.?fcn11re Second Floor to lot, fnriitohcd, with or without Board: tonus, reaaonahlo for the Sum but; small private tumily. 2Q MACDOUOAL STREET, NEAR PRINCE?A O Room, suitable for two gentlemen, with or without noard; also a Room for light housekeeping; water and .10 WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR T'l Broadway.?A lady, having a newly furnished hou?e, would he pleaded to let a few Rooms, with or without Board ; references exchanged. ID WEST TWENTY-SIXTH ST., NEAR ST. JAMES T"0 Hotel.?Nicely furnished Rooms, parlors en suite; also two large parlors on second floor; oath und all at tendance; breakfast famished if desired ; prices moder ate. _ _ r.n NINTH STkEET. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND ?/U University place.?Desirable Rooms to let. with superior Board, to families or single gentlemen, at Sum mer prices. 7(\ WKST W ASM IN?7foN PLACE.?PLEASANT I U front lU>om?. with Hoard , $12, $U and $16 for two person ?, $6 to $9 single; two lines of can near by; rel ereuce. 7>) WEST FORTY KIFTII STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH I O an<l Sixth avenues.?Pleasant Rooms, with Board, at Summer prices, to families; house first clam; family private; references. 7 1 FIRST AYENl'E. FIRST FLOOR.?A OSBXAI 4 a lady dor-ties* can give comfortable Rrsims and Board, together with nursing, to ladies expecting confine ment. Mrs. OEBhARD. 71 EAST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET.?EI.EOANTLY 't furnished Rootni to let, singly or en suite, with or without Board. QO MACDOUOAL STREET (NO REAR HOUSES).? J-Several gentlemen or gentleman and wife can nave Board, single or double room, with American pri vate family ; terms very low. KH JJORTON STREET, NEW YORK.?PLEASANT My Rooms to let, furnished or untarnished, with or wunout Board, where the comforts of a homu may he en o yen. FOURTH AVENUE.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO let, with or without Board ; gas and bath. WEST TWENTY FIRST STREET.?DESIRABLE . loom* *? w*t Board. K??frreno*s ezrhaiiKoi). WEST KORTY-TIIIRD STREET.?A HAND some sect n<l Klos.r to let, with Board for two. 141 14ft 227 EAST TWELFTH STREET. BETWEEN SEC I ond and Third avenne*.?Nicely turnithed Rooms, with Board, lor gentlemen, in a French family; moderate pric ". refer'm-es rei|inreil. OOC WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?ROOMS, WITH <iOO or without Board ; refer-nees required. OIO EAST Kf)RTY-HE?'OND STREET.?A NICELY OlO furnmhed Room to let, with or withont Board, to one or two single gentlemen, In a private house . terms moderate. Qr.n WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET.?BEAUTI ?j?)0 ful airy Rooms, newly ttirnished. with or with out Board. In brown stone front hou?e; charge* reason able to those permanent for Summer; all modem con veniences ; cars pas* the door every three minutes. OCT WEST THIRTY FOURTH STREET.?TO LET. OOJL with Board, in a private family, a handsomely furnished front Room, connecting with Bedroom and bathroom; also single Room; terms moderate; refer ences required. OROVE STREET, JERSEY CITT.?ROOMS, OUZ with or withont Board. C"Crittenden hocse, broadway and twenty J sixth street, on the European plan ?Large and airy Rooms, ett miM n aiMi* ?V pnocf, (or ut? auiHtmi, ' I t W\RDEBR WASTEa First clash board can be had in bast iitfrii Htreet. in a private tamily ? fonr minutes tVora boat or horse o*rs? Address K G., Herald uffioo* MtlKON AV KNl'E.?AN KLEOANT SUIT OP Rooms to lot, with Board, at Summer pricos; Also one hand <?me Mingle Itoom; particular attention paid to Southern families visiting llie city 178, uoar Tlilrty fourtti street M R()\1U) AM) LODUINU WMOTB. AOE'tMAN OENTLliMAN DESIRES IN THE COUR8F. 01 this month, oue nicely furnished Room, with Breakfast and I'ea, hi a small refined ildyau lamily; please sta'e lu>w uutnv in family, terms, ao. Address HOME, box i, l*> rout officii. Aobbtlbnab Dinus boos within an hour ami a quarter of Wall street; oil tho II udsoti of Now .ler.-ey preferred Address A 1'., by* 7? Post office, New York BOARD WANTED (SINGLE KOOMI?BY AOENTLE utau ; neighborhood Union or Madison square; :Oer man family preferred Address VV. U I)., JO West fcour teenth street, stating terms. __ mWO bachelors. TIBBD Of HOTEL UHL ABK 1 desirousoffinding a pcrmauent Home, willing to nav liberal price tor good accommodations, best refer ee! e.s given anil required. Address IMPORTER, box 142 Heraiil (J tow ii Branch office. ?flT ANTED?TWO ROOMS, WITH BOARD, KOR A Vt ladv anil gentleman; in good neighborhood, be tween Twentieth and Fortieth street*. Address, with terms, whrh must lie. moderate, V. IL, Herald Uptowu Kraneh office, 1,288 Broadway. IVANTED?BOARD, KY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, IN V? a respectable private family, convetttout to the citv Address C. B. R., ho* lrt4 Heraid offlco, WANTED?BY TWO GERMAN ilENTLEMEN, A Suit oi' Rooms, on second floor, with Breakfast, in a strictly private family, where there are lie other board ers; price not to exceed $30 por ween; location Sixteenth to Kitty-sixth street, Madison to Seventh avenue. Ad dress, with full particulars, STEADINESS, box li'J Herald office. HOTEI-s. Boardbrs wanted-at waverley house, 7m Broadway; Room atid tiptop Board, $0 to $12 per week; day iiiiurd; Room without board. /1ALLKN HOUSE. 166 HUDSON STREET, CORNER v' of Lalght?Excellent Board, $ti to $7N)per week, with single Room; single Room, without board, $2 and upwards; Lodging, W cents; gentlemen only. Ojien all night. CCRITTENDEN HOUSE, CORNER BROADWAY AND J Twenty sixth street, on the European plan.?Large and airy Rooms, en suite or single, at moderate prices. Ibr the Bummer. Grove house, 172. 174. i7*> and 17s bleecker ' street.?Fine Rooms, with Board. $'! to $12 per week. $1 50 to $'2 per da} ; large, sltady yards, croquet ground, Ac.; coolest house in tin- city Also.". PABIB1ENNB, SB AND <0 BAST TWELPTH M IM street, between University place and Broadway.? -.lcgaiit suit and single Rooms; private attendance If ?cqulrcd; table d'hote at<>:;? P. SI., at $1 25, including requt wine VT"EW ENULAND HOTEL. NO. :?? BOWERY, CORNER JM of Bayard street.?200 light rooms, neatly furnished ; NX', or 60c. a night, $2 SO to $4 per week; for gentlemen only. COCNTIIY HOilHD. At summit, n. j.?first class board, laroe, airy Rooms; ample shade; carriage house and sta ble. Apply to Kn. J. H. LAPP. AT MONROE. ORANOE COUNTY, N. Y . 90 MINUTES from city, via Erie Railway, live minutes' walk Irom depot, flrat class Board lor six adults; new house; new tnrnlture; large, airy rooms; high grounds, ror terms. Ac., address F. M., .Ir. A FEW BOARDERS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with pleasant, airy Rooms, good Board, home com forts; terms moderate; grounds elevated, healthful ana pleasant; splendid river and Inland view; Ave minutes walk from depot. Address box DO Tarrytown Post office. A FEW PERSONS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH good country Board at a farm house; terms $7 per week. Address Mr* A. SCOFIELD.cute ofO. W. Scurles Stamford, Conn. AT THE LODElt HOUSE, RYE, WESTCHESTER countv?Pleasant Rooms, with Beard; possession immediately if desired; accommodations for hotsesuud coachman. Bergen point.?board, in a private family-, rooms cheerful and airy ; ample grounds, with shade, Ac. -, boaHnff, bathing and lisliliig. Inquire at lourtU house cast of the Lalourctte House, on water front. Board w\nted in a healthy, mountain ous country, within two hours from the city, tor three adults, seven children and nurse. Address, with full particulars of location and terms, box o.Jol I ost office. New York. ? . Board wanted?in mount vernon or neigh borhood, bv gentleman and wife ; auswers must, state terms, distance from depot and all par'. .'liars. Address COMFORT, Mount Vernon, N. Y. ___ oard-AT east ORANOE, 45 MINUTES from New York, 10 minutes from station; first class Board, larsre airy rooms, bathroom, croquet ground, an acre ot around in shade; terms moderate. Address Mrs. u A., box 19S Post office. Orange, N. X Board wanted-within ao miles op city, for five adults and child 18 months old; answers must positively state terms, which must be low. Address ONE FAMI1.V. Herald PptQWU Brauch OBW. Board can be furnished at reasonable terms for H or 10 persons, at a farmhouse in Wilton, Conn. Address EDWARD COMSTOCK, Wilton, Colin. Board wanted-on statkn island, north shore, tor a lady, three children and nurse: two good sized rooms required. Address E. M., box 966 1 ost office, New York. ' Board wanted?at lake maiiopao, for Isdv, two children and nnrse; house must be in lull view ot lake; two large communicating Rooms, on ?ec end floor, required. Address, with lull particulars. A M.. box 1,820 Post office. New Vork. CioUNTRY BOARD?(iooD TABLE, FIRST CLASS ) accommodation -, private villa residence ; imMlern im provements; two fine, airy Rooms, for adult family or single gentlemen ; no other hoarders; one hour Irom t ity Hall; 42 trains dally-, term? moderate. Apply at Centre. House, Thirteenth street, Whitestone, L. I.. or ot O. INsLEE, room 20, No. 70 Bma Iway, New York. C10UNTRY BOARD WANTED?FOR SELF. WIFE I and daughter of four years; Jersey. Connecticut or Erie Koadsand farms preferred; best references Ad dress, with full description and lowest terms, J. C., box 3,842 New York Post omce. CIOUNTRY BOARD-A SUIT OF TWO OR THREE J Rooms to let, furnished or untarnished, with or with out Board ; extensive view ; mountain sir; terms mod erate. For particulars addruss box 155, Spring Valley, Rockland connty, N. Y. /COUNTRY BOARD WANTED-A SHORT DISTANCE \J freni the citv, bv a small family ; shade lndispetH ^le. A.ld r"?s g. T., lias Broad way. C~OUNTRY BOARDERS WANTED-AT COLD SPBINO. / on the Hudson, opposite West Point; also at Peeks kill - terms $s to $12 per week ; good table ano Rooms. Particulars of MITCHELL, 77 Cedar street. / lOUNTRY BOARD ?THOSE WISTIINc; QOOQ BOARD at a health v and dellgntml farmer's residence, fine view of Catskill Mountains, for $* un< W per week, will call anil sec the place or address, ALBERT I OTTS. Germantown, Columbia county, N. V. ^ / 10l'NTRY BOARD WANTED?FOR A FAMILY, '<>N \J slsting of one adult, two children and nurse, some where on Long Island Sound or near the seashore. Ad dress W. V., station A. stating terms, location, Ac. CIO UN TRY BOARD ON THE HUDSON?48 MINUTES' ) sail irom the city: Rood Board; large Roonis, en suite or singly. For particulars inquire at 57 East Ninth street /COUNTRY BOARD.?PLEASANT LOCATION; EASY \ j ot access; terms moderate. Addrcsao. SN?, BnlMbeck, M.JT. ______________________ /COUNTRY Bf)ARD.-ADDRESS W. W. El I.YEA, \J Evergreen 11111, Wallien, Orange county, New York. _ (COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED AT A FARM J house, beautifully situated near Peek skill; rooms large and airy, shady lawns and croquet grounds near a , beautiful stream ol water, suitable lor fishing and bath- j lng; terms moderate. For particulars address N? box I 329 i'eekskill Post office. CIOUNTRY BOARD?75 MILES FROM NEW YORK, ) 2k from Poughkeepsie; large house, well shaded | grounds, Ac. Address JOSH-L A BROOKS, Highland, Ulster county. N. Y. ' j (COUNTRY BOARD?AT HARRISON'S, OPPOSITE j ) West Point, directly on the bank ot the river, five minutes'walk below station: house large, commodious, with a lawn of six acres. Addre.MtJ. H. CROFT, box 5, at Harrison's^ CIOU NTRY BOARD?AT EAST moriches, L. I., ON ) the great South Ray.?A few select boarder" can be accommodated with large and airy Rooms; boating, fish ing and sea bathing. Inquire or address Dr. .1. M. BLAKENEY, 637 Vanderbllt avenue, orto Uie subscriber. JACOB BLAKENEV. COUNTRY BOARD?FIRST CLASS; NEW JERSEY, near station; beautiful place, near the river; 40 min utes from citv; private tamll*; terinareasonable. Ad dress BOARD, or call at S7?K Bowery. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?FOR OENTLEMAN, wife, twochlliircn (2 and 4 years), babv aail nurse, within one hour of City Hall. Address, stating terms, which must be moileratc, M. Mi l-,, box 2,t>79 I ost office, New York. _________ /lOUNTRY BOARD AT CATSKILL. 7 MILF.S FROM VV the landhig, mar the Catskill Mountains?Rooms large and airy; house new; table first class. Address FREDERICK fiAXE, Catskill, 1 ireene county N. Y. Ref erence. William Raynor, HI Broadway, New \ork. Cioi KTBV BOARD POB FAMILIES AND OTHERS, J at the Jericho Hotel; healthy location, pleasant Rooms; one mile from depot, I1* hours frotn New York; terms anoderate. Address A. J. IIORTON, Jericho, L. I. / 10UNTRY HOUSES.?IIEUTSTKR AT OUR ilFFIt E, I' We charge one dollar onlv for thesesson. OBIfTNO'S BOARDERS' DIRECTORY, 87 Tnion square. U LEO A NT ROOMS AND FIRST CLASS TABLB Pj with a French family. Apply to Mr coNDIT, real estate a (lent. Brick Church station. Orange, >. J. LMR.-T CLASS COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE HAD IN A r private lamllv, one and a hall hours trom New York; three minutes from depot and l-ost offlce ; ri>.tn? pl<-a? ant, and location very healthy. Address Mrs. E. Be.1 r?, Wilton. Conn. _ Good board at a farm house in the cats kill Mountains can be had at $6 per week. Apply to DAVID DAVIS, Union Society Ore en county. N. Y.J refrrstoJ. W. Amerman, 47 Cedar street. New ?crk. I A ROIL AIRY ROOMS, WITH OOOD BOARD, AT J moderate prices, can be had at the West Over '{"us*. Rlchmondville, Schoharie county, ^ Address TETER SNYDER, Proprietor. Beference, O. V. Sage ? Bro., 330 Ureenwlch street. New Kirk. MOUNTAIN HOUSE, SOUTH ORANOE, MONTROSE station. N. J.?This favorite first class hotel is open for Spring and Summer season; it haa all thejconven iences and comforts of a city hotel; $9 minates1 from loot of Barclay ttfvot. ^M,?Kl2iif.KrJSSi gW ITHY HOABD. SpSLI>l?iiiA0C!l?,ll0DATI"*a *OB rW(> ?r rm? a^ij ?????? I! i J!P m''V '*om the c'tT; house ucar lie poL Addreasboat 143 Spring Valley. N Y S^MMBR BE8IDKNOE WANTED. ?GOOD BOAKO ????i??5 wanted during the summer months, by 5-JSS HRWn^ 011 l',e *h?re of Long Uluud ?- ?m i'k !i or hwrn from the city. A piano mint te^xliS?H^??,^.uhil(U*tlh't>ritcUMi on A''

gPMMBBiUIAHn ?A NUMBER OF NKW AND. NEW ?!? Z.JiPluf!* 5??m? *'? ">n Fortius House. Pmighkeen ^!4 ,"'r *" ek Gity refereiu-o, N. A 8. ^ ' Uo?aopoUtau Hotel, Chambers street _________ P. O'tlRADY, Proprietor. S^C?. Isn -GOOD BOARD, PLEASANT si'HM\7iVii?o?*L, '"il location, lair pilrm, at rh,r^h ?^ .^', Ht. Paul* fv. nue, opposite St. lUili's ennrch, alght minutes irom tlrst landing. F? NHAK liOB OTHBB CAM Ml.- Hnil???.! . ,SU'.!. boarders; tine location, on !iJo.' ?rli1k V?^S? . Catskli]Mountains; only five mtn Hml t.Tlk . "I ''arB' l,U'ntV (It fruit, VefetableS o;.x^1."k,:;.sjn'uv ^'.vrroor^1 v,*n- AjuroM*1 ? WA|JJS.'m7.KhR HUMMRR. PLAIN BUT 00*. Now York irrANTKI)?HUT C1.ASS H0AKI?. FOR A (iKNTIjK the It tehlallds N* 1" * 25Lv*te family, at Seobrigbt or ?oiaH07lWo'lBoe, New York,IK'eS e"h*u?** Y)LrANTKI)? BO A R D ON A FAKM WIIKKE THERE J. vant" s;;,i?r.^oardr"if"r ;i tad/*,our chni,r,-? ???? Mir"VtfoTa.T?HS4ute. 8Uang U)rt"i SUMMER RKBOHTsT At s.vk v tOM springs, nTt ~ , , . Grand Union Hotel will open Juno I, for the reception of guests; Professor tho a* a??n ? r.t?m s?P?rt> band luive been oiitfaued lor I.' rmijiw can tio ciiKUL'pd at Metronolitjui iirtt<?i kVm ^ M^w ^ww ^or^* AddruHH HKeJlin. GARD NER A CO.. at Saratoga Spring N. Y. ukku ATXjANI IC HOTEL, BATH. 1. I - NOW OPEN <lay'? reduction by week or month' gc"r"V,uynufc.'>tCam<'rH 'rom <irt,""wu,,,1> ?* A T MILFORD, Pa., ????"? Dataware, among the mountains?The (lien ? i '"( y *? receive guusts; terms moderate Plans "iZ_ " 1 aI,d Particulars obtained at 70 Filth avenoe. A irBAt riVK Sl'MMKK RKSOHT? KISIIINu ll(?\r ?* ,13* i?!1. flne driven; a mostdenirable location (or !. ..1 !',;? r'.,m N,"w Yorl( ''T the Hudson River and l.rie ituiliyayx, nlvo by Mtoumurs to und irom dally 'Nr,K('VrW ",n" Addr'"s CluS! HTaL bujK, N Y House, or Post officii bo* 611 New Bddd'8 IjAkk?board in farm hoi;se and cottUKe; mountain air, Ashing, boalinir, Ac. ? acuom gysr K'rgu.^tfy ?swsss. C"?iivrru?M the bi*n roinhluatiuu of hoHkhy incrediente (?f any in tile couiitr.v ; tine air, beautiful urove. B. NA8H. /IKNTLKMKN DWIBHTO 8UPBBI0B ACCOKMODA Jr J i", *! moderate rates, can And nicely furnished ^cA'V'!;;/;;,v,Yhini K""ls": n,"rfnt'^exchaii?L'd Gkovk HOTBL, WHITB LAJUL N. TL, WTT.T, OPBN . "? l',,1re mountain air, boaUiil, bathlnif, flsh inx, table abiimlantly Hupplied. For'tornutlroutfin Ac audroas Mrn. M. L. W()OLDRIDOE, Proprietress. ' * HK1IKJATK KJ'RINllS, VERMONT. ? fHaNKLIN "oii?e and Cottage open .I line I tor Summer guests. Heath house, schooi.kvs mountain springs, Morris county, N. j? will open June I; two hours' ruie flrom the city via Morris und Essex Railroad. Appli II, u? wh.'iS'Vh C8n b<", mK('" 1,y ,,lttU nt 1,10 Onlonfan llous*, where the proprietors can be seen every Wcdm-M day from U until .I o'clock. ,1. WAKREN COI.EMAN, La toukette house, beboen point -newly tarnished; liberal terms made with families- HI) minutes from New York by rail or boat; commutation $ti per month. Address R. MeMM'HAEI,, Proprietor MOUNTAIN HOUSE. CORNWALL OX-THB HUDSON. OPEN FOR QUESTS. WILLIAM M. STEWART. ORIENT POINT HOUSE. ORIENT POINT, L I ? Now open ; situated on the extreme end ot Umg Nland fronting on the Sound and bay, only u moment's walk to the water; splendid sea bathing, sailing and driving; I^eachei| by Long Island Railroad twice each dav; also per elegant steamer J. B. Schuyler. Iroin pier 16 hast River. Heiid lor circular | M. B. PARSONS. 0VP,'?,loo?c mountain house?on the^cath kllls, via Kingston. Ulster county, N. Y. For par uculars address .1 k. LASIIKR, overlook Mountain Broadwa^- ' ?r JA(:oM M"AKPE, 149 PEABODY HOUSE, YONKERS, ON THE HUDSON now open. PREMIUM POINT HOUSE 17 Mil,IS ON NEW 11- r . ' Pow "l"'"; Sea bathing, boating, nlliintesl?oin city. y ?rove?. driven; 4> A- ?PLYMPTON. m West Twenty-fourth street. PARK HOUSE, PLAIN FIELD, N .1 ; ONE HOUR ,'ri!'n New York, on the New Jersey Coutral Kail roau.?I laintleiil is the most healthy aiid beautiful spot 111 Jersey. The house is new, heautitullv situated, well shaded and elegantly tarnished. First class aecommo. d at ion for lamilles, Ac. Apply to EVAN JONES 4 SON Proprietors. ' pAViEiON Hotel, keyport. n. j.?is open for f? Boats leave Barclay Stri ct at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M.. Keyi?orr,7 A. M. nmlfl P. M.; termA reasonable; also Sunday Boats. GEORUE J. KIBHEE. Proprietor RIVBBMDE HOTEL 1S2D STREET, AT CARMAN'S ,|JI V' ?" t,'<'"udiHU! Itiver.-This popular lions.-, en iirelv titled uuil turinslied uuew throughout, is now open iv,r ' . '?''feption of guests; 14 trains daily from Thirtieth PAUL!! AllUNCAI^ muulu:H' K"r '? nu*. Ac., apply to COUTH SIDE HOTEL, AMITYVILLB, L 77 IS NOW t of guests. For terms address Mrs. ' " KlwQ a BON. ? R. I in >MA ?. HuperintendenL THE ORAND UNION HOTEL, DECKERTOWN, N .1 li.t ??? ,'.'rP<n '? ,?/ect:lvo nuests; climate healthy"; best Miter, fishing ponds, Ae. unsurpassed ; within 2'A hours ride ol New York, on the "Midland" Railroad. For lull particulars address J. J. WICKHAM, E?i., Decker tow ii, .N. J. Oo<mI stables attached. Thp! Laurence house, CLATBBArK. n. v.. will iTmo reception of guests on the 1st dav of u lUrl further intormation iminire ol GEORGE MARTIN, corner ot Morton and Hudson streets, N. Y. fflABBYTOWN HEIGHTS HOTEL, TARRYTOWNON. .... , ~ri',w beantiful Summer resort now open; river and nilumtaln scenery. con""u,,,li?t-' " n'? view of Tower hill house, narragansktt pier r. l.-Opens June 23, lur,. Ad.lress 25 West Tweiitv sevijlth street,''New York. CLARK N. SCOFIELD Proprietor, lati' of Continental Hotel, Philadelphia. TH0MPI04P8 ATLANTIC PAVILION, HIGHLAND*! x N. ,J. ' his nue, shady si-aside resort is now'opened h?nf/!r?^.2nir,**"n,b'e ri'"i' "Wiis is one of the most healthy seaside resorts on the coast; fine sailing, drives and good fishing ; the steamboat leaves foot ot Murray street, and the Sea Bird from the foot ot Franklin sir- t daily. Addres* proprietor or T. Stewart. No H .lo?,i Htr' ut- JOSEPH J. THOMPSON, Proprietor. UNITED STATES HOTEL (NEWLY FURNISHED and refitted), Long Branch, v. J will open June 14 Forterms, Ac., address M. M. LAIRl). Proprietor. Al'ILMHV HAVEN HOUSE, NEWARK BAY, 80 KIN tt uti s from Wall street. New Jersey Central Rail road. few nice Rooms led. Reasonable terms for the season. Aply at Waverley House, 7W Broadway. ^yOODIBCBO pavilion, WOODSBUBO, L. I.?Tills a?- ilflwnt.Hotel will open June 2; overlooks thu Atlantic tfcean: Is bat one hour's rule from New York via South hide or Long Island Railroad Parties MiVring Irom bay lever and a^ae will find a sure cure. ... ? 5* ' BfiWELL, Proprietor. Tl^OonHINR HOTEL, HIGH BIUDOE, OPBN FOB it?,? ? Sn ntl,'ln".n t4,k, n loW; trB,r"i f" '"entral d?pot in M minutes; steamboat to Peek j1ii> in one hour a BROUGHT0N. Proprietor. INWTUl'CTION. " A HENTLE?f\N WISHES TO GIVE LESSONS IN tikii,??i>.1SpailU*b, tbilinn or Greek, In exchange for taking lessons on 1 lano, from ladvor giiitleman. Ad? dress, for three days, C. K., Herald office. ('^i1, . and,. mathematical EDUCATION *7 'n return for Board and Lt.dging dress R X R ,'Herald offlce"6 K'rl; ^ ^ r, ,?rt'nct? Ad" PROPOSALS, Bids fc)R mason's work and carpentry re iiuired in building fhc Protectory at Wesfohesier, .v. i ..will Ikj received at tij? office 01 l ,1. O'CONNOR, 12 ?r!l !h0 P.1*"1' may be wen at any time be. St.n.r.n '-I^^l'i'r'.*^ :Inn? '< nie directors of the in Stitutlon do not bind themselves to in cept the lowest bid. MWCKIAANHOt'S. A iV^R/nl5nANJ> ':hoick assortment of new ,T^"nt ,!fit?I.I.?V00 languages and m every depart ? 1! ! The best editions in fine binding at reasonable prices JOHN PYNE, 109 Varnau street bxchamok. D^'i ,AN^ KEAL Kstate, free and clear, fVse iTv r i4'7?ci0Trv,,'?rfr?i?,.of ,,rvt r""tk Merchan (Use by n. I HANKLIX CLARK, 56 Liberty street ? iTORAQB. TAKEV ',N STORAGE. ADDRESS 742 Seventh a\<*nue, in tbe clock utore K\KMA\DKAK?. Artificial human eyes.?t. j. davis, in m2nIpVo,,u^kC'nlyi,n."k0.r."nproved Artificial 4?',tno";;e<lH( (! by the faculty to be the only correct imitation ot nutnre in the world. 127 East Fifteenth street, between Third and Fourth avenues. AST-OFF CLOTHINO, wanted lor Chicago. Thi clothing ftinooo wokth of < y 'A'. , ' ,:?ri.ets. Ac., ws highest prices pain. Call on or address u l iB. ,a <?, anthology. ArnsTioni consultationso.\ bi mness, law ^\n^J I i?f??ent (Wends, love, marriage, sickness ami ^ath. I^ ay refused unless satisfied. Mme. SI NO HI, Clairvoyant, 821 Sixth avenue. ?pCBWBAW CLAIRVOYANT-TELLS NAMES; SHOWS iu wt?,VwTnVy,:fl";i^;ne:trr,*,i<,; ,eM w ccnu ^,1 I VflSS WELLINGTON TKLLS everything ?BRINGS Vif OTJlfV together; gives luckv numbers. Resi U??ML a?MI Twant.^,||h mf Tr-jf JtWMi RALHR AT iPOTIOT. ^DUIAN B. MULX45K, ADOTIONBEB. " ' ' a ?' Auction sale ef life v tluAbis tot3 en Elfchth avanue (Central Pitki and between Riftht.ti avenue and Morning Shi" Park. ADRIAN H. MULLBR, I* R. WILKINH A CO. *?11 anil ?t auction ou *WEDNKBDAY, June U. at 12 o'clock, at the ? Exchange Salesroom, Nu. Ill Rroatfway, the Ave Lota situate on the northwest oorner of Eighth svenuo and tilth street, and between Eighth avenue and the Morouig."tide Park, anil within one block of Central Park. Terms very liberal. Adrian it mullek. AUCTIOMBBM. Third and final peremptory sale In partition, under the direction ot (Jeo. W. Van Widen. Esq., Atforucv. The bent portion of the Property ?l The Whitestono Lund Association, in all, 167 Cuts. Immediately adjoining the depot at Wbltostone, L. I., and all of them on aowiired, curbed, guttered and macad amized streets. Will lie Hold at auction. to the highest bidders, on THURSDAY, Juno 12, al 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, No. Ill Broadway _ (Trinity Building;, New Vo>-k I Call ou A. II. MtlLliKR, P R. WII.K1NS A CO., Auctioneers, No. 7 Pine atreeL or H K. VAN SICLEN, No. 133 No-ssau street fiet mans and free pauses, visit the property and pick oui your lots before the sale. It will not take three hours. ALU1N H. MINER, AUCTIONEER, Salesrooms 98 Chambers nnd 77 Rcnde street Lati! Henry H. Leeds A Miuer. Established In lfW7. Horse Auction Murt, 3'i7, 330and .'Ml Fourth avenue, cor ner ot Twenty tilth street By ALLEN B. MINER It BRO.. SATURDAY. JUNK 7. ftt IDS, o'clock, at ilieir salesrooms, 9S Chambers and 77 itcade street CENTER!. HOUSEHOLD PURNITURE ?(Jilt frame pier and mantel Mirrors, velvet Brussels ami Ingrain Carpets; carved rosewood nnd black walnut Parlor Suits in crim son. brocatel and various colored reps; blues walnut Bedsteads. Rureuus, Wash<timds and Commodes; hlaek walnut Ktageres. marble top ('ell're and Side Tables, Lounges, Rocking Chairs, patent Sola Bedsteads, Ward rolMSa, Bookcases, llutlet-". Dining, Extension Tables, Rc frignrators, Window Curtains nnd Cornices, Cottage suits, hair and spring Mattresses, feather Beds, Roisters and I lljows, Engravings, Crockery, Class, Sllverplated Wure, Kitchen Utensils, Ac., Ac. Arch, joiinston, auctioneer. Office uiul salesroom, Iff Nassau street. ? . _ opposite the Post office. Horse Auction Branch. 19 to a East Thirteenth street Carriage Repository, No. 8 Cortlandt street. Large sale or Household Furniture, removed irom the country AltCIT. JOHNSTON will sell on Monday. al 1i\'? o'clock, at the salesrooms. 87 Nassau street and 5H Liberty street, n largo assortment of Household Furniture. Particulars to-morrow. Albert b. waldron, auctioneer. Bv D. W. IVES. Salesrooms 108 Liberty. HI Cedar and 33 Church street. Furniture. Carpets. Redding, Crockery, Pictures, Cutlery, Ac., THIS DAY, Jane 7. 1873, at 11 o'clock. Goods removed from residences and wareronms for convuuicnce ot sale?Including Framed Chroinos and Engravings, English and American Cutlery, Silver-plated Ware in variety, * Parlor and Library Suits, i- Redding of every description. Bookcases. Buffets. Wardrobes, fine Chamber Furniture, Velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets; Bedsteads, Bureaus and Wustistunds, Extension and Centre Tallies, Window-Shades, Oil nnd Crumb Chillis. Chairs for every nlace, looking Classes and Mirrors, Lou ages, Easy ('hairs, Rockers, Ac. Catalogues ut sale. Ladles invited. Auction notice.-larok sale th7s day (SATURDAY), at private residence 120 West 23d st. near 0th avenue, commencing nt ID1, o'clock. Over >26,1*10 elegant Household Furniture. Namely?Superb rosewood Plnnofortc, cost, Parlor and Hndroom Suits, Tables, Mirrors. Carpets, Bedstead* Bureaus, Easy Chairs, Paintings. Bronzes, Mattresses' Redding, Ac.; also Basement and Kitchen Furniture. This Is the largest sale of first claas Household Furniture this season. Sale positive, In lots, by catalogue. LUKE fitzokrald, Auctioneer. Auction. auction. auction! Tills ilay, at private mansion ot E. Isaacs, Esq.. 21, Last 20th st., corner Broadwuy, commencing at I0'< o'clock. HEN BY Z1N.N, Auctioneer, sells over 300 lots of elegant Furniture, viz.Rosewood* Pianoforte, elegant Parlor Suits. Oil Paintings, Bronzes, Lncc Cur tains, also Bedroom Suits, In rosewood and walnut; single and double Bedsteads, Rureuus. Wardrobes, spring ana hair Mattresses, lounges, docks. Bedding; also Dming Boom. Basement and Kitchen Furniture; Bullet, Extension Tables, Chairs, Plate, Cutlery t-Cltiuu, Class ware. A*. Auction sale. AUOUSTE MARTINES A CO., Auctioneers. Magnificent Household Furniture, . l'lonolorte, Bronzes, Paintings. I'arlor Suits. Rare chance tor housekeepers On THIS DAY rsaturduv), at the elegant mansion, Ifi West 18th st., near Sth uv., commencing at lo,'>, o'clock, Drawing Room Suits, Marie Antoinette and Orund Duchess styles, covered silk brocade; Etugercs Bookcase, Cabinets, Kncoignurcs. velvet, Brussels Carpets, Mirrors, Centre Tables, bronze Clock, Statuary, rosewood parlor grand Pianoforte. Stool, Cover, Canterbury, Oil Paint ings, rosewood, wulnut Bureaus. Bedsteads. Wardrobes, MuUrcsies, Bufi'et, Extension Table. China, Class, Silver Ware. To uttciul this Mile take fith uv. stages or Otli a v. cars. Auction sale.?positively this day (satub day), the entire elegant Household Furniture of 210 West 21st st., m ar 7th avenue, commencing at 10 o'clock precisely. ROBERT C. C VSlll.N, Auctioneer, sells, viz.I'arlor ni.d Library Suits, in satin and brocntel; two rosewood l'lanoiortcs, one tour round, one grand square; two Bookcases, 600 volumes choice Books, Cabinets, gill Centre and Console Tables, Ktageres, Turkish Chairs, Bronzes, Paintings, Mirrors, Clock? Curtains, Ac. Dining Furniture?Ex tension Table, Buffet, Chairs, Silverware, China, Cut lery Ac. Solid black walnut nnd rosewood Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands, Ac., 37 fine luiir and spring Mattresses, Suits In reps and plush, COO yards Brussels Carpets, Ac. Parties about furnishing city or country residences will do well to attend this sale. 421 lots by lutnloguc. N. B.?lake 7th or 8th av. cars. A RARE OPPORTUNITY, A BARB OPPORTUNITY to those furnishing citv or country residences. The largest and richest Household Furniture sale at this season will take place THIS (Saturday) MOKMNO. June 7. at o'clock, at the first class four story brown st/ ne mati'<iou Iim hast Twenty-filth street, near Fourth avenue. 800 van!* vel vet, Brussels Cartels; seven tnaguilicent latest styles Pompadour, Marie Antoinette and Crnnd Dachess Parlor Suits, covered with French satin, hrocatel, cotelalne and i reps; all made to order tor the pre-.-nt owner ; Turkish and Oriental style Furniture, Mirrors, Lounges, Ktageres, j Pier and Oval Mirrors, 60 tine < >11 Paintings, Vases. Stattt I ary, ( locks, Bronzes, Bookcases. Pier and Centre Tables, i aDinets, I),its dc rose; rosewood square grand 7octave ' patent agraffe double round parlor Pianoforte; rosewood ! and walnut Chamber Suits, style ol Lulls XIV. . elegsnt 1 curved French Inlaid Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands, | Commodes; 30 soring and hair Mattresses, Bedding. Bol sters, Pillows, Blankets, French walnut Butfet, two Ex I tension Tables, Chairs walnut rep Suit.-, Mirrors, Cnr i tains; Oilcloths, French China, Class, Silver Ware, Cut I lery; In ull over 500 lots by catalogue. E. RoTll, Auc i tioneer. Responsible men In attendance to eart, ]>aek or ship goods for purchasers, city or country V. B ?Take Third or Fourth avenoe cars to Twenty fifth street UCTION SALE-TlilS DAY, AT lilif O'clock, <Tf Horses, fop Buggies, Road Wagons, Rockaways, Phaetons, Business Wagons, single and double Harnes.;, Raddles, Sheets, Ac., by cole a ML'rpiiy, ;79 Fulton street. Bsnoklyn. BY DANIEL A. MATHEWS, auctioneer sales room 766 Broadway, near -Ninth street, just below Stewart's. On SATURDAY, JUNE 7, at 10?a o'clock, AT SALKS ROOM. LA ROE SALE OF FIRST CLASS SEWINO MACHINES, viz. Wheeler A Wilson's. Singer's. American Button hole, Florence, firover A Baker's, Howe's. Wilson's, liu vis', Willcox A (fibbs' and other well known makers, all ol which have tiecii taken in exchange for the Secor Sewing Machine. B~ Y DANIEL A. MATHEWS. AUCTIONEER, SALES room 70S Broadway, near Ninth street, just below Stewart's, i ON MONDAY, JUNE y, at lb,'? o'clock, at private rest dance, NO. 9 WEST THIRTY-NINTH STREET, near Fifth avenue, E LEO A NT HOUSEHOLD K( RNTTURE. all of which was made to order by Ebblnirluuseii A ?'o. ROYAL VELVET AND EN'I LIS II BHthSEI.S CAR. PETS, ROSEWOOD 7 OCTAVE PIANOF'iHTE. Ac Details In full In Sunday's nnd Monday's Herald and Times. Catalogues can he had this dav al auctioneer's I 7M Broadway. | -J^V JOSEPH 11 EH EM AN' A CO. | THIS DAY (Saturday), June 7, at half-past 10 o'clock | A. M., at the new storage rooms corner of Willoiigbbv and Bridge streets, large and generul assortment ol Fur niture. Monday, June 9, at half-past 10 A. M , at the Central I Salesrooms corner of Wilkmghhy and Pearl street", ! special fale of ( arpets, Ac.; Parlor Suits, Pier Classes, i Window Shades, tancy w?miI. door and carriage Rugs, 2 pair rich crimson hrocatel window Curtains, if. Sewing Machines; ubout 260 lots of new and second band Car pet?of every description. Oilcloths, Ac. By virtue of several executions to me Di rected I will offer for sale on Saturday, the 7th dar of June, at 12 o'clock M., at No. 211 Mercer street one large safe, one lot of Office Fnrnlture and one lot of Ma chinery tor gas manufacturing purposes, consisting ol Meters, Retorts. Ac... Ac IIKNKY MARSHAL, Late Marshal. BY JOHN A. DUNN, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL, Monday, June !?, at 10H o'clock, all the first class Fixtures contained in store .'IW Third avenue, formerly ore lined as a iMiot and shoe establishment suitable for a <try goods, hardware or faney gooibi store, together with all the Oas Fixtures and w?slen Awning. (''RAHAMT A CO.. AUCTIONEERS?ELEOA NT T Household Furniture at auction, this Saturday) afternoon positive!*, at 2I?! West Twenty-first street, coin menclng at 1 o'clock, over $I7,'*X), viz.-Parlor Suits, 14 pieces; Library MilW. two Pianofortes, Dining Furni ture, Suits in reps. Chamber Furniture. Bedsteads. 29 fine hair una spring Mattresses. Bronzes, Paintings, Ai ., wlth EVRY B. HERTS, auctioneer. HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, FAINT* INOS, AC.. ON MONDAY. JUNE 9. AT 10W O'CLOCK, AT NO. 117 EAST THIRTY-EKiHTH STREET. FULL DETAILS TO VIORROW. "s. ?W EIN BE BOB R, AUCTION EBB-MA R SHAL sale this day, Saturday, June 7, at 10S o'clock, at Bowery?75 cases and 30 demltohns nssorted Wines Liquors; 1 Bagatelle Table, Ralls and Cues; 1 small Iron Kate; 10 Engravings And Oil Paintings; 2 nub-id* Lamps, Chandeliers, Ac. By order ot ADOLPH BIR.NBAUM, City Marshal. Immediately thereafter, regular Sale of general Mvr chandlse, Furniture, Parlor Snlts, Carpets, Oilcloth, Cur jjMns^Dr| ana jSfwwjr J?w?Uy, H una F HAI.Kft AT APOTIOII. ? . w-s^v W? V -v_ - % W~-- - PORTANT Hale of a Railroad In the DUtrictCmirt of the United state* for the Albe marle District, in the Eastern Dtatrl't ?l 1 'arolina. In the matter of the bankruptcy of thu WilllamsuMi *ml Tarboro Itntlrnail Company, a corporation formed under the Uw? ol North Carolina, an J adiuJfc.d a bank rupt. In bankruptcy A petition in the above entitled cause having been filed In the Assignee in Bankruptcy ot said bankrupt to sell all of the property, rtebt*. and trauchlses ol raid bank rupt, Iree from any nod all lien * mortgages, and incum Frances, und an ord?r thereupon having been riade for the persons Interested in xa-.d Incumbrance* to show cause. ac.. ami the said order having t>ef?n served aa> therein directed, and the necessary parting thereto havinr appeared in Court in compliance wltb -aid order, ana, upon argument thereof, it having been adjudged that tins assignee be authorized uuil empowered U. sell all of t.h? property, Ac . of whatsoever kind, of said bankrupt. fro? and clear of und discharged from every sud all liens and encumbrances, and particularly ol and Irom Uie mort gage", or deed* of trust. and the boad.s and roupi n* *o cured thereby, made aud delivered by said iiankrupt; Now, there'ore, the undersigned, an assignee of mil bankrupt, will offer at public sale at auction, on Tues day. the 8th day ol July. 1*7:1, at the Court House in Tar boro, North Carolina, all ol the property, righU titles and interest" in or to properly ol evcrv kind whatsoever, together with all the chows lu action, righto aud Iran cbinaot'mid bankrupt. The property In part conidsta of mud lied, superstruc tures, righto of way, bridge aero** the Tnr River, Iota of laud. iron, chairs. spikes and cronstles. The Koad Is sub sta lit tally graded irom Tarboro to Willluinston ('CI miles)r and ahoutsevea miles ol the track laid with iron.weighing lorty pounds to the lineal yard. The road will connect the railways ol the Statu with It* eastern waters at ft point to which boata from Baltimore or oilMr cities cab couie at any season of the year. Term* ot sal>. lor road bed, Ac., aud frnunhises *nu such iiiom utiles as ar>- laid to remain on the line of tha road, including iron, chairs, spikes. 4c., one-hall cash, tin- balance secured by approved note at six months, with in Wrest Irom sale Kor credits and chowe* la action ami lor auch personal property (including Iron, ch urn, spikes Ac.) as is sold to he removed, < ash, unless the purchaser is a railroad company incorporated under the laws of North Carolina, and mien property Is not in bo re moved bey nod tiie Stale, then terms .same as for roadbed, Ac. If required hv any on* at sale, roadbed, Ac., aud trap chise* will lie tlrsWiold, and then iron, chair i, Ac. will l? separately sold JAKES KOWIN MOD UK, Assignee. J ERE. JOHNSON, Jit., AUCTIONEER, 21 Park row. Sew York, if ON I ? DAY, June 11, on premises, leaving New York at 1 ::ji o'clock dlnirp. 1011 superb I lilts, :\t Btiyonno, N. J., by peremptory order of Executors of Alexander Bdson. K*<i, decease,d. These are some ol the choicest lots m Hayonno, are in various locations, will positively be sold, and should command uttentiou. Oratulla's liaml, Harrison, colla tion, tent. Ac Sale rain or shine Map -, tickets, Ac , at office ol Auctioneer, or J. M. (ilUSON, SI Montgomery street, Jersey f ity. TUESDAY. June 10, on premises, leaving New York, pier 24, at III .11 o'clock, by steamboat hcawanbaka. , tlr>'8t Neck, Kim Point, I, I . l.ODOsplendid l.ots in villa plots. and Including 3,(Vf ? feet ol water front mi the Sound This is, without am exception, I lie unest Piece of water front and water vh-w property .??? Umg Island Sound, near to the city, and available tot New York busines* men. as it stands unrivalled In e\ery sense which com mends It to this class ,,t the community. Free excur sion, collation, OrafulUi's lland, Harrison. Ac. Maps and ticket* utauctioiicer's office. WEDNESDAY. June II, on premises, at (Newark. N. J? Vache Kstate, executor's podttve and pcremplorj sale of 4)nxotllsite Isits in the very courtend ol tlie city, and snrroundcil by ?? most costlv and elegant iiuprovenienU. rhe block w liounded by Clinton avenue, a continuation of Broaa street, IHffl) street, Quiiman street and Waverley placo. Male absolute. Orafulla's lland, Harrison, Ac. Maps, Ac.. at office of auctioneer, 91 I'ark row, New York ; of J*. OIHSON, SI Montgomery street. Jersey City, or LKON AKI) A OOl'l/r, corner Broaii and Mechanic streets. Newark, N. J. THURSDAY, June 12, on premises, leaving New York at 11:30 o'clock, ' gigantic partition salo ol the I'roperty of the Marion Building Company, the 8t Jamt9 Hotel, 20 CottW?. 75 Water Fronts, S27 choice Lots. Ac., all to be positively and peremptorily sold in partilioa. Orafulla's lland, Harrison, collation. Ac. Mapi, tickets, terms, Ac., at office of JERK. JOHNSON, Jr., 21 I art row, Now York, or J. M. OIHSON, 31 Montgomery stre?*. Jersey City. _____ TACOB BOUAKT, AUCTIONKKB. ,) Tins HAY (Saturday), nt.ll o'clock, at the auction rooms fa 1 North William street. Household Kurniture, Carpets, Iron Sufes. Wall Taiier. Ac., consisting of mahogany Solas, Lounges, Bu reaus, VY ash stands, mahoganv Wunl robes, Centre Tables, Parlor Chairs, Kockers, Mirrors, LookUIassos,_ rose wo<?l and niahogany Bedstuuds, hair Mattresses, Excel sior Mattresses, i'lllows, Bedding, Curtains; W ve[vet, three-ply und iimrain Carpets, Piano, cocoa Matting. Kitchen Furniture, one Stern A Marvin's flreproof Halt, one marble top .-oda Water Counter, one Trunk and Va lise Ijidlei' Clothing, 14,t)C0 rolls Wall Paper, lot Tin ware, 2 I Saloon 'I able*. 1 large oillce 1 'csks. 1 A COB HOOAltT, A rCTlONKKU.-M AitSH AL'SiSALBt A this nay, at 10^ o'clock, at No. 21? William street, o a lot of Man-rials tor manuiactiiriug billiard tahbis. Mar hie Slabs, Ac. H. It. KKHOlISON. late Marshal. MORBIB WILK1NB, AUOMOSSBK Property on East Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets, near avenue C, suluible, for( manufacturing purposes. will sell at auctiim on TI'KSDAY, June 10,1873, st M o'clock, at the Rxchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway (rrl"i* tv Hiiildim,'). New York.. I.ast Fourteenth street?the extra large Plot ol Ground *ltuate on south side, of Four teenth street, HS feet en-t of avenue ithrough to Thtr teenth street, feet, and known as Nos. CM and 626 Kast street. On this iiropei ty are the fol lowing buildings :?Two story Ow. llftig !Wx40teut; brick Stable, 20x60,?and corrugated Iron Building, 70x100 feet. MORTHAOK SALE PBINTINO PRKSSKS.?HKNBV STRAUSS, Auctioneer, will sell, at lo? o'clock, at lice km an street, one No. 2 Trip Campbell 1 wis,two m (ionlonN Medium, Hangintrfi, I'ulloyH, Belting. I oatnonea inle from ycsterday. JONAS H. OOOUMAN, Attorney Jor A8siL'tiee of Mortgagees _____________ 0. I H. PIEItaON. AUCTIONEER. Lots in Ruthcrturd Park at auction, WEDNESDAY. JUNE IL This valuable property will be sold at flnyprtceyoa please, as it must lie sold to close an estate. The advantages or Rutherfurd Park are too well known for comment; 20 minutes from New York by two rail roads; overlooking the beautiful Paasaic River; good, thriity people who own neat houses; economical; com* I fortulile. I Just the place for investment or a home. Don't tall to go whether you wish to buy or not All j are welcome. ! Terms easy; title perfeci. | Oct free tickets for train <d o. H. PIKRSON A CO., No. ! 5 Pine street. New York, or ot DASSKTT A EDWARD8, i the agents for owner, Newark, S. J. UrjLL HK HOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION?ON TUB uremise*, at setauket. Long Island, satunlay, Jun? 11 atari' .M . the splen lid Residence, formerly the prop erty ot Robert Nil tins, deceased, consisting ot a flne brick I Mansion, with brown stone trimmings; size 40x40 fteet, ( two stories, basenient ami sub-cellar, with modern im provements; one Farm house, ilixlti li*et; two Burns, SI* ?It I,nil :?i*22 ; Mails lor 211 liorm's, ice house and all neces ? ar.v outbuildings, large quantities ?.fchoice^triBlt mvA ornamental trees, 1^ acres ot laud,. 2i leet Iront, with i.rl \ ilene of 56acres more; terms made easy; a nne view ol Low Mand Sound; but ten minutes' drive to Setauket station ar? from Hunter s Point arriving at 12:16; no postponement. For further pnrtlcnlars iiMure of HKNJA M IN JONES, Setauket. I.. 1., or ot t.HAKLKSJ. (iO('i)IH H Brooks Bros.), corner Catharine and c herry street.. New York city. yyrILLI>.M AbBOTT, Al"I'TIONEER, will sell, on Monday,Sth Inst., at in^j o'clook all thecimtly and elcirant Furnituri! contained in the house No. H? j tw,t Br?kiiown as the William M Tweed Club, c.itintitif tn part of Axminster. Wiltim snd Brn*eto net*? snieiidld Parlor Suit', In hreucfi reps; solid walnut ' brarvTbairs snd fal.les Lace <;ur^n* ?nd l-ambre iritis - I'liif full 7'j n^cwouil Piano, nne rrenc? vwc*# J' J^statuettes, Fri ll" h plate Pier tHasses; also two Mender's three-quarter Milliard 1 aides, (.tutu* dellersl *ne walnut e.Kloid Bar, one Ale Pump, Cot d" tiers one Olassware. A MIAN OFFICES. 4 T WOLF BBOTIIKBH', snd BROADWAY. BKTWhRN \ Nineteenth an<l Twentieth streets.-Money loaned on Watches, Diamond*, lew.;try, Silverware, Silks and particularly Pianos; private parlor lor ladles; business strii tb confidential. AT JACICSON'B. (W HflOADWAY, OPPOSITE EUKV entli street?Money lil?erally advanced on IMa monds Watches, Jewelry. Silks. Dry Woods and personal property "I every description. Private entrance lor ladies. i ? T 71 BLBECK.BR STKKKT. NEAR BROADWAY UP J\ stairs?Highest cash advances on Diemonu*. \V atchi s. Jewelry, Pianos. Ac., or bought; Pawnbrokers Tickets bought, lit 77 Bleecker street. j /-\,i mxTIT AVKNCE BETWEEN TWENTY-FOUBTW 40?Vaml rw i tity ? 1111h Streets. - Lib<'rill ^7?"SVhawfiT on Diamond'. Watches, Jewelry. MikJ, Same bought at tull value. poe BROADWAY, (?(IRNRR>_A*,lT'n 'nUmondT 1 ,J ? *Vni;v irv ?m^Pers<*iaiai'rnpertv of all desorip ; Watches, Jewelry am! 'f.r . , if (ikiiiKHM\N. 1 Hons; the same bought and ?,,l,1jiirm,.rlv M R, .i.|i?>erg._ mn hro\dwTy. olokst kktaBLISHBD and 913 j^^i^ri.r'ssv&iS mends, Watches, Jeweiry, ^ > a C. HKUTA lull value. - - ? iirti RR<IADWAY, OVER HERALD 1 7 otnee, B ?Parlor for Iodic*. Brancfc i JIT Broadway. Monev loaned on DlatnoniD, Watcha* j?wc lry? Ac f"*me bought and sold. LINIX? BLLL1ARDH. t'i"_STANDARD AMERICAN WvKLT A L. the PhelAti A ColicodejjroAMnatf^ solo only hy the patentee, H W coLLhNDBB.sncctaM Plw hin A Collender. 73H Broadway, New York.

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