Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1873 Page 2
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CITY KK.?i KNTATB POT ?ALK> Central. Xj^OR SALE?NO. 2ft EAST SEVENTY-FOURTH JP street, between nth and Madison avenue*. a supe rior rtill-aizcd nfw liritrn stoue trynt hmwt, J6\a>\lu2; price fG&.UOO, two-thirds inn remain on bond ami mort gage. C10KUK HOWES, 117 Wall street. IjlOR SALE?BY ORDER OF EXECUTORS, THE .->U perior hou?e ffi l ast Ninth street, the second houati Vest of Broadway: will he wild cheap to settle the estate. 1'AV i.Oii A STEARNS, No. 1% Pino street. VOR SALE?A 1.1 FOOT FOUR STORY BROWN I* -tone llouse, with Furniture, in Seventy-first street. Hear Lexington avenue, for n?le, or the house to let auii furniture tor bale cheap. AddressHOLLEaTER, room S VI Duaue afreet. ' ' For salk?a large number of private Houses, Irom Fifty-third to Seventy-second street, west ot Third a*venuc; :Uao offer one near Lexington a ve nue, at a special lis renin; 20 feet front. FRANCIS ? ?ItAW FOItD. Rank Building, Filty-sevuuih stroct and Third avenue. JEN OX HILL PROPERTY, BETWEEN FOURTH AV i enue and Central Park, natural soil.?An decant lour *tory brown stoae House, 25x60; lot 100 6. Aptif* to owner, room 17 No. 5J.J Pine street, Irom 1 to S. Might exchange. rTII AVENUE LOTS TO lease. WITH A BUILD * ' in^ loan ol $60,UtW.?All those Hue lots on the corner of r'itth avenue ami Ninth ?tree!i| to lease for 21 years, with renewal*. Apply to G. NAULR, up Fourth avenue, be tween l'hirteeutn and Fourtocnth streets. < Eatl Side. . T OTS *>K sale?LOTS ON EIGHTY-SIXTH Oj Eighty-sevcutn, Eighty-ninth street and aveuue a' Including corners, at very^ow prices and on reasonable term*. Applvto the owner. J. HILLENBRAND, corner aveuue A aud Eighty-seventh street. West Side. A BULKHEAD AND WATER RIGHT WITH (YKV halt block, 400xiu.6, for sale or to lease tor a term of yE L aTT^L'KN ufeft to West street a. U ? ?. T. BURNHAM, 609 Hudson street; New York. ABARGAJN.?Ttfo FULL LOTS ON TENTn AVE^ nJ??' A** street, commanding maguitleent ?i'-w. for $4,0U) each, on easy terms. 1 MUl H. W. COATB8, 80 Cedar street. A BEAU HFUL HOUSE FOR SAJLE AT A MOIIR'R ate price?$20t0C0?including mautel und pie? Mir nert'or./h ces ttV(1 ^ture*. Parties looking for a SiVTh i Bre Pv,,e< ermine the lirown stone Jugh #toop three story House, 20,6 wide. No 202 Wp??i it"lviJ"Vn?{^iftreeS8CCuJi? hollht' frora Seventh avenue. iin.'^?v nun.^J''in.*' u. Wly flt1*d up. painted and hand "JSISulX papered Irota ton to bottom and is roadv for lin t?tni Ml Mfff jUpaDcy' 11 open for Inspection this day ttom 10 till a. J A M E8 R. ED WA K l>S, 69 West Twenty-third street T^OK SALE? GREENWICH STREET PROPERTY, HK ? Canal street, in. a (food business place, havinir JllTI Jniiff'J i'o.T ? lot IS lull 25x100. Inquire of T. 1 HO Greeuwich street. r|nViLMTs ON WEST EICHTYTlirRD STREET I, r Ju,"iar 0,0 Bo,llevard and Riverside Park, sim a v f'i un e,lt*tp- Apply to N. (jlJACK No^7 Warren street, room 12. *J STORy BRICK, 18X40X68, WITH IMPROVEMENTS, F'J'y-'hird street, healthy, pleasant local 11180 flvt' J*(,ry brick tenement well rented,, ti ui'. r ?.I.or('s- 4b rooms, terms easv, bv TREAD? y> t?'L. No. 635 West Fifty.second street. ' * ?"?*?? Fy FULL LOTS ON THE northwest CORijJER OF Eighth avenue and Ulth street, looking diagonally into Central Park, Morning Side Park in rear, will be sold at auction By MULLER, WILKLNB k 00., on WEDNESDAY, the 11th instant. . TO per cent on mortgage. 8t'[ AVENUE, BELOW FIPTY-SEVENTIl STREET? Four Lots for sale at a low figure. _ F. U. A D. URuWN. 90 Rrou.fway. a(U) ?A BARGAIN IN FEE: TWENTY 9?^.UUU. ttrirt street, near Ninth avtnuet lour story House, ffixffixlWielegant neighborhood ; iM.avssion given. E. II. LtDLtiW A CO., No. 3 Pine stroM. JBUOOKLVJI PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO LET. OBIAIiD BRANCH OFFICE?BROOKLYN. ~ advertisements FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN TIIE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM 81 M. TILL 0 I*. X ON SUNDAY FROM S TO 9 I?. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT, FRONT STREET. BROOKLYN. AN ELEGANT THREE STORY BROWN STONE POR r .8.' I-*" of Brooklyn, #2u.ou). including mug iivyu"?wner. pOR SALE-HOUSE, HOMBS?TEAD ,,,, T1I1; LA rv; vurii i ?? " hooper, "iuiated on Rush wick avenue l>oule . ? JVvertreen uvenuo and Wiertlcld street. Brooklvn venience!! w.'th^large, houst-, containing all modern c'on jeniences, with carriage house, barn. Ac. The grounds "h' Ouml-omclv hiid ..nt.* gnaliuu T?.f! ' !ra|f,un(1 ornamental tree?,-hruliben , Ac. ?rl!V/ '' .i ? ,s e" 'orated, with first clawsurreund/ngs. twelw rr,t',,fiers2'" S"U ,h" ""??? 'our or i?< tve iiots or the whole, a? parties mar desire, on ea?v 5?2t NewPYoJk A" LKWIK- Ext'cutor, z/7 Souti pur: saLK-at A BARGAIN, a TWO 8TORY "Wh stoop,brick ha-* incut Hon*', containing eight piaaza. arbor. A ? "ze 19x26, lull lot, price93.0110; terms uccouiinodating. Inquire mi E2^j?ft2t?r.*n'U BW)OKlyn; lhc De KaJl) "ve RAPID TRANSIT.?CHOICE LOTS, 23X106 FEET under close restrictions, in a first class neighbor ?'! Prospect Park and the line of the proposed Jtapid iransit steam Road, lor sale at tut) and up ward; a splendid opportunity tor invenmeut or specula T?K? ^PP'y *l the office of tin: late A. J. WALKER, 112 John street. New lork, trom II to 1 o'clock. WESTCHESTER COl'NTY PROPERTY POR SALE A.\D TO REST. AT TABRYTOWN, un BROADWAY, TO L';r-1MMK MT IInl^ PpsiiejKton opposite the elegant residence ol HTfV.? uige' ,,,g"t r"?"ls' u'ee grounds, rent only i itar; u ? '! npH House adjoining the above, eight bedrooms, parlor, dining room, kitchen, Ac.; all SSlf ?&.vr.n,eu,?^Uh Ntu,,:? ttn<1 eronnds, STJ ritia?H Apply on the premise, or to S. EM * -tlJ-' sixth aveuue, near Thirty-eighth street. A BKAUTIt-Ti. COUNTRY RESIDENCE, CONTAIN. ^i..rWoii , r"p,nK!4n" *?!?. newly fornished, ih complete fr?Km.? 'i' T!'.,mproveinents; carriage house, suibie. ???. , 1, s aeres; free froui all eitcuinbrHncefl: unsurpHSHe^ !or healthiness: live intnuteH' vralk from I Station . 41 miles bx Harlem Railroad; price for house and furniture. $14,oh); would exehanpe tur citv property- ! Full particulars by addressing OWNER iio\ ?ri Kiinnah Fost oftice, Wfatcueiter county, N V ' Katonah , At tarrvtown?to let, furnished, a urick ' 1 kul-'h'n MM f'n ,'"lr"",n<- narlors. lining room r?Y? i . ' V' j-'irdcn and lawn: truit and I v?.^iS "i?k an' *?',"able, Ac ; situated on a high .T the onrl' Jol 1,Bn'1, w,ithln ! v'- minutes' Walk the earn or fioat*; the coolest piac<- on the river and very retired; he twee n the rallrnaa and the river* I 'i1.? p < ' rent very cheap for season' Aylv,,n the premises, or to S. EMBERSON, WW Sixth a%enue, near rliirty-t igliih street. An elrganti.y~ i urnishet>" mansion. c()\. ! raining JO rooms near New York; location mi<nr renUbr Summer' 8Cenery;? acr<ul K,,r(lr': and lawn, u> JOHN W. WOODWARD. 168 Broadway. j nF.NTUAL A V K \ ! ? ' TI IT t, I VI i '<( i$l.lh.| TO yj ; ?'stable auJ 4 L<it.. ovtrlook Ing Harlem River. DITCHETT, Westchcster Land offlcc ?o: 2 New Chambers street W V?K?iiSALKrA HOUSE, CONTAINING II ROOMS VniiMf vl-",,?! ultlc' i'i the village < ( ' easv Also tw, Ilousesto let. one containing II rooms, ?t J4". tl e other pw month , both within easy BAYLl5dM!;inTv>r,!onfltrv In?utr*?' ?wner. A. For sale or to rent?a gentleman's resi denee and su acre ol (, at Mount Vernon in BBBTOyfMounrvLnoj^ <tVen?e; ur ? ***'? TO LET?FURNISHKD HOUSE, AT VONKEIts" A fine residence, 13 rooms; excellent location eluht oltr'"P 11''I'"1 '? tf'sxi garden, plenty ol trult- lot lOUxSnO; carriage house, 22xfr, well ttttwi up. rent, im r month, $'-50, to a small family. For particulars address QEOBGE K. OARRdLL, 68 WlilU-street,New York. TO RENT-AT SPI VTEN DUYVIL, a FARTIALLT turnlshed House, containing til rooms, with barn, jtalilc and hail acre of grouui! attached. Ajiph u> ownor ?>79 reari street. J*M?T CITY, HOBOKKil. IllDSO<? UTY AMI) IIEROKS REAL ESTATE. For Sale. "TJEROF.N POINT.?FOB SALE OR RENT LOW fTNE ttundierv ^;i2t.,0C*ti0n' "" " W. 8. JENNINGS, Bergen Point, N. J. To Let or LeoMt A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET? d^tancTfrom the'V^'v W?Ur' t1*0 utv of ,,a"': ? short wiu, *?eoa ALL WANTING FARMS,?TO FARMERS AND FARM laborers from the Old Conntry.-Virgin soil la ,,^ ?ere, payable in 4x years by instalments n< ar the markets of New Y^/ and Philadelphia; fami^ ^,1 ?nd more profitable than West For excursiorfueket* and Intormation apply to JOHN H 1*a?;E us p?,k tw1 doo^, w??t. street. New V0rk. F??r, will be sent on application hy letter. ^ A -TO LBT, ON TUB EAST BANK (IK TIIK Htm". .K-"?!!; "' V NLW 1,am,,ur5l ,he lta<"(rt ' """try i'nu on the river; brick manalon, ?i6?; ooatalna e vary nnsl and lolly turnisln <1, yreen ftonaes, hot aud cold graperies, ice house, r oach housi-, ^lr?nc' ' a"f ?">er; the grounds prr 'S5. i? App^rance of an Kngliab park, with line ro?4ls The Cronuaiiure under the care of gardeners and lodae ?#PM. ttcni lor *u*on, with atv ndants, Ac., ftAuuu BICHARD V. HARNETT, ? - - 111 Broadway, room F, baaemenL A ?JMilLIf/CEXT COlTrBY BEAT?IN BLOOM jA nela. If. J., with ntven ?cm, teaatifully laid out ? Hue mountain view*; hou?e el?^gantJy fUrnldhetL mitb the P1WWPKRTT OCT W T?*?V?* I HALE AMD TO BJBWT. I A CHOICE AND BEAUTIFUL FARM or 4?AC BBS, in Rucks county, Pa., for wile ?tagt^t haw^n.? Splendid rioh laud. all like a ganlen,;, nl?nqr fruly fine water, running stream. good, substantial f> nice rooms; large barn, wagon house, poultry and hog houses, Ac. This beautiful larm u only one. mlla from u very thriving town at ^Otw population ; the North Ptiin sylvanla Kail road run# through the property; th*> owner ha* lived on il tor 40 years and ouly sella on account ot old ago: price Including all crops?wheat, rye, oats, oorn. potatoes, about it) ton* ha* ; alsoj Horace,4 flue Cows, Hot;-. 70 Ohlekens, nice Carriage, 2 Wagons, Sleigh. Hied, Harnew, llonghii, Harrow. Ac., Ac.?only f#.3JD; Urma $2,900 cash; balance easy; Immediate possession. Take 9 A. M. train from toot of Liberty street, New York, New Jersey Central Railroad, to Betblehnm, l'a.. there take North Pennsylvania Railroad to Quakertown; only .'IKS hours from New York Inquire at Bush House, opposuo Quakertown station, tor G. L. WALKKR. or address (J. L WALKER, Post office, Rlrhluj>d4'?utr?. Bucks couuty. Pa. A?TO LRT, ON THE KAHT RANK OF T1IK 1HID80N, . near New Hamburg, the ftnust Country Seat on the river; brick mansion, fitxHS; contains every modern itn urovement'. elegantly and fully furnished; greenhouses, not and cold graperies, icehouse, ?, lodge at entrance; all in jasrlect order; the grounds present the appearance of an KnglLdi park, with tine roads; the trounds ar? under the caro of gardener* and lodge eeper; choice fruit In abundance. RICHARD V. HAR NETT, 111 Broadway, room F, basement At cranford?nkw 'jkrsey central rail road, IB minutes from the citv; commuta tion i?c. per day; plots ot four Lots, $70 to $190 per lot; $10 monthly payments; Ibe tin est and cheapest lots ever offered at private sale or auction either. I articular! of BENJAMIN BLOOMINGDALK, M Broadway, room Uk A FORECLOSURE SALE OK THH EN RIGHT FARM. 106 acres, wear Summit, N. J-l-JJ*!' ,JniJS 10, 1M7H, Maps, Ac., at office of MONAGHAN A t o., S2 Cedar street, Now York. _ _ Almost given away.-a family mansion; shade, fruit, -table, icehouse, gardeu, Ac.; worth $6,000. tor $2.b00, possession. . . D. H. OLIVER, No. 1 Park place._ Boating, bathing, gunning and fishing? To let, on the north shore ot Long Island, a furnished Cottage. b. t; ANTE ILL. 241 Fourth avenue. CIOUNTBY PLACE Tt? LET?FURNI8HED, WITH ) immediate possession; within a mile ot the station fit Tftrrytowu, ou tho Hud sou*, hourly traxim to ftlMt iroin Thirtieth street, and other trains to ami from tne Grand Central depot; house in perfect orC.Cr and very nicely furnished; bathroom, laundry, with stationary tubs; hot anil mid water, ice house null), excellent carnage house, stable, Ac., capital garden and ample lawns. Apply at 114 Pitth avenue. New York. . COUNTRY SKAT AT DUNELLEN, CENTRAL RAIL road New Jersey; modern improvements: 21 or 41 acres; photograph with Dr Neil, third ayenue, corner llith street. STEVEN8. Agent. Duncllen. CIOUNTBY SEAT AND VILLAGE LOTS.?LARGE, ) flno House and six acres of Land, barn and tenant, house for sale, situated at Fishkill, N. Y. Will take good stocks or bonds. Inquire of W. A. BARNES, 12 W all at. (CRANBERRIES, CRANBERRIES.?THREE CRAN J berry Tracts, near Toms'River, N.J., til excellent condition, lor <ale at moderate prices; tertns easy ; in vestment sate; protlt-s 2ft per cent yearly; commuisiou to brokers. Address CRANBERRY MAN, Herald otli e. Elizabeth, n. j.?for sale at a sacrifice, or would exchange for Tenement, a four acre I lot, within city limits; equity about $3,000: rnatrtjMfrc. $4,.W0: to run four years. Address VD\ KRTISKH, box 159 Herald office. _ _ Farms of 20 anii n> acres. well i-'rcited, with Huuill houses, well built; location near market and entirely free from fever and ague. JOHN B. PAGE, lit* l'ark place, near W est street. _ I, VCTOllJES AND RESIDENT PROPERTIES FOR I sale. Paterson, N. J. Steady water powers. Cheap coal. Low freight*. Skilled labor. One hour from New York. Canal, four railroads, 100 daily trains. J. FISHER SATTERT11W AIFE, 10 Pino street T/tOR SALE-IN SAG HARBOR, L. I., A BEAUTl J1 fully fitted np sea side Residence, having all the modern improvements; house 32x40 feet, with I wo wings; J rounds 21)0x375 feet, with fine garden, stable, granary, c.; dully communication by houtor rail; property will be sold cheap. Apply to HENRY T. RICHARDSON, 234 Water street. New York. F 0 OR SALE AT A BARGAIN?A VERY NICK GEN _ tleman's Residence In New Jersey, 60 minutes Irom New York; ucar depot; modern house, IS rooms, in splendid order, with from one to Ave acres land; tine old shade trees; fruit in abundance; running brouk through property; but little cash required; terms very easy and Immediate possession; property rapidly rising In value In vicinity. For particulars and view of property call oti or address FRANKLIN POST, Belmont Hotel, Fulton street, New Vork. __ For sale or to lease?one of the most i)E sirahle Places in Orantfe; all modern Improvements; terms to suit- B.C. WKSTCOTT, No. 7 I'.irk place. For sale or r<> let?cottage, with nick garden, at Fairvlew, N. J., eight miles from Puvonia ferr>-; rent $5(?. J. D. PROBST, 24 Broad street. Furnished country plate to let?for sum tner or year, to a small tanlly who will board the owner, wife ana child as equivalent lor rent. For partic ulars apt> I v to G W. A.JENKINS, Stamlord, Conn., or I W. s. J At! VIS, rn Canal street. Handsome cottage to let?11 rooms; near depot; l'i hours trotn New York-, possession at I once; pleasant, healtlilul. C. II. OLIVER, No. i Park j place. IONO BRANCH-COTTAGE TO LET, WITHIN J three minutes' wnlk trotn the beach; 14 rtMims; ' house being put In thorough repair. Apply to J. 1IISCOX, 1,U1C Third avenue, in store. 1 ONG BRANCH ?TO LET. A BEAUTIFUL FULLY \j Qirn'.s) ed modern improved Cottage and Stables; icehouse filled; handsome lawn and irround; In the choicest locution and adlolnlng those of President Grant, the Hon. T. Murphy an I others. Apply at once to JO SEPH BLt'.M ENTll AL, 92 anil Liberty street. RANGE MOl'NTAIN?FOR SALE, SBVERAL FINE Residences; prices, $.r>,000to $20,l*X); terms easy. B. F. SMALL, 98 Liberty street._ OPPORTUNITY FOR INVESTMENT.-I HAVE A large deposit of superior Marble, white and matted, close to railroad, opened and ready for lease; can offer very favorable inducements to parties having or who can Influence capital to invest in an enterprise that the mo-t thorium!! Investigation will pronounce sale, legitimate an I exceedlnirly profitable; can refer to the best men and firms in the .state. Address M. J. 11.. box 10a Post office, RutlauiL Vu, or in care of box 1,036 Post office, Boston, Mass. PINE TIMBER LANDS FOR SALE. About 16,WJ acres of very valuable Pine Timber Lands, in the counties ot Helta and Schoolcraft, state ot Michigan, situated on and controlling the uiouth of a river emptying into Lake Michigan, down which the timber can lie floated for over 30 miles. For ttirther In I lormation addre?s W. A. M.. box 4.:ii<;) N. Y. Post ottiei. Riverside <>n thr sound?genteel shore front Residence; 11 rooms; modern conveniencles; hialthv; near depot; $y,t?W; descriptive circular; .-ev oral cithers. Address J. W. ATWATER, Rivi.rsiile Sta tion, Conn. R' OOMY COTTAOE?HOT AND COLD WATER; acre or more; shade ; brook; growing garden;* I step from depot and salt water; $7,UUJ. ARTHUR E. BKKLDI^iQ, Riveraide station. Conn. ] CALE OR RENT ?RAYSIDE, LONG ISLAND. HOUSE; r* a) r<.< min coiuplete repair; suitable lor large i family, b< ar. mg bouse or Summer resort; similar to Crocheron' , u ijoinlng ; fine bathing, boating, fishing. o. (?. BKNNKTT, Nc ? Pine street. rt i LET?A COTTAGE HOUSE OF SEVEN ROOMS, I J kitchen and cellar, with garden, on Fort Lee Hill, I N.J..near Casper's store, within 20 minutes' walk of I either railroad station or steamboat landing. Inquire of j ,tA.MK - VEREANCK, Saiesuard Fire Insurance Com pany. ill Broadway, New York. TO LET?AT T.1F. VILLAGE O* MILTON, an XLE gant two story and attic, fiOxHS, one-half acre; live boats landing dailv; water in house; new kitchen at tached ; cemented cellar, ,-uitahle tor lioarding. Address OWNER, box II Marlboro Post office, Ulster county, N. Y. TO LET-AT CORNWALL, To A PRIVATE FAMILY, a tlrst class Farm House, for the season, cosily fur nished, location unsurpassed, with use of dairy If de cired ; within 15 minutes walk of tw.i depots and min utes' drive to steamboat landing; relerences exchanged. Address HOMER, Herald office. rpo LET?A LARGE UNFURNISHED THREE STORY 1 brick House (2S roomsi. In Danhurv. Colin., four miles from depot; mountain air, large grounds, staldim.', plenty of Shade; location pleasant and ticalthttil; suitable fur n party of three or tmw tamilles for Summer month*. Address f. BULKLEY, box 343 South Norwalk (Conn.) Post office. rpo LET?A THOROUGHLY FURNISHED HOUSK AT Newbtirg, N. Y., within two minutes' walk of cars I or steamboat lauding; unexcelled river view; tine gar den Address M II. It., care "Journal,'' Newbury N. Y. TO LET?NEAR PATERSON DEPOT, AT NEWARK. N. J., six pleasant Rooms, with water in upper part of house. No. 42 Kearney street. ______ fP(> LET. FURNISHED OR IN FURNISHED?THE i residence of John Hopper. 178 Market street. Pater son. N. J It is a double house, fitted with all ihe con veniences, lu?? a lsrge garden and is five minutes' walk from Erie depot. For furUier information aoply at above. TO RENT-FORA FEW MONTHS, Olt BY THE YEAR, a large modern Farmhouse; ample grounds. trult and shade, trees; six miles from Newburg; vicinity of cbnreh, school, Ac.; perfectly healthy and acceauDlc; runt $20A per year. Address' E. J. K., Herald I'ptown Brunch office. ___ I'O RENT CHEAP. AT HACKENSACK, 40 MINl'TEH from New York, a nice Cottage, ot 9 rooms; good garden, all planted with frnlt, flowers. Ac. Apply to C. F. RIVLEY, HI Warren strict. _ TO RENT IN NEWARK-THE WHOLE |OR PART OP a handsomely furnished country llimv ; gns water and pleasant surroundings; rtve inmntes frotn New York depot; rent low to a choice tenant. Address kaYUROOK, Newark Pott office, M. J. <?<?> rtlkH ??* DESIRABLE RESIDENCE; LARGE wZiOUUt hoUfe, 40 bv 45 leet, witli 2,l4 acres ol land; near Stonvhrisik, Long Islund. For lUrtlier particulars apply to CHARLES T. HOOPER, 76 Nassau street. /*> j a/ia ?THE BALANCE ON MORTGAGE, FOR JpT-.UUU. a place of l'i acre*; shor?" frunt; beauti tul view of Long Island Sound ; Houac ol "rooms; barn; Ice liouse; one hour from New York; lurntshedlfrteaircj. E. A. LAW RENCB A CO.. 't'J Na-sau, N Y. $? IWWl -FOR.SALK-A FINK COUNTRY SEAT. l),lW)U. Cottage House; 100x12ft feet {round; splendid garden; finest Improvements, al Rabwav N. J., sold on account of death in the family^ For particulars apply at Harmony Room*, 139 and I4n Essex Ftreet, New York, to JOHN KIM PEL, fqfooe week. rj \ nnn'-FOR RALE, FOR CASH. OR PART ^OU.UUtcash, with mortgage, a Pottery, with al appurtenaneea. in active working order; valuable real i estate, sloam and hand machinery, live and rolline 1 stock, fixtures and alt belongings included , property val ued at $5<>.u00; located one hour's truvel from New,?ork City Hall. Address POTTERY, Herald office. RKAL KHTATE TO KXCIlAMiK ABEACTIFI'L cot NTKY SEAT FOR SALE OR exchange for city Property?On the Hudson, near New Hamburg; the house Is completaly fhrnlshed and the outbuildings are very flat; wttii 51 acres of land un der cultivation, presenting the finest building site* on the rivet. RICHARD v. Harnett, 1 UM"^Tr?7< r<KU?S. t>?maab I) R8U KHTATEJTO KWHMH3* AT NEW BRUNffWIOK?TO EXCHANGE, 18 W?? ?lass Farms, with fctock, Tnol* anil crops;??* Ooun try Seats ami Villa*, very desirable; five line Residences lu the city; au uAtortiiient. , J S. FKROtJSON, ? Naasau Ht-. ro*"> A FIRST IJLAoS FOUR STORY BitOWN HTONK, Filth and Madison avenues, to oxchange '?* ? smaller House, oue on Greenwich street, 'or a orown stone, good location, a Maryland Farm, lor fww ??ra property: :i Jersey Farm, lor Brooklyn. MARTIN DUNN, 202 Broadway. . PIAHII AND DWKLLINO TO EXCHANGE JOB CITY Property.?A superior built House, with aj> arm o' taviu'titul level lawn, yoteveu the cellar no iigni. drv iiud neat as not to soil a satin dres?, delightliiliy situated at Elisabeth N. J., which, with several thousand dollars in cash, will he exchanged lor a !?. equity !n one or more neat, medium sir*A .Dwellings, eu gibly situated in iho upper part al' Nov* York. Aoiires*. with particulars aud price, Mr. W., at Charter Oak Lite Insuranoe Company, Ml Broadway. New "oft ECIDF.DLY THE MOST DESIRABLE virginia Estate for sale or exchange for New York I rop erty; it comprises a wealth M Mineral Ores of iron, cop per and sol'l; Hotel Property oi old established lame; 1'ost office and Store, Ac . Ac Apply to owner, room 47 v:.i?: B olid tag, Maw York, between 10 and 4 o'ciaca. IjlOR EXCHANGE OK SALE?A M'LENDID FRIJIT r and truck Farm, 4yt mile# tVom Noi t jlk. *a.: stocked with the finest varieties of Irulta, herrle", vines, Ac.; on navigable water and embracing eycrv udvanMie or uua favored region and locality. Ailure. * A. (Vntir., to fine street, room 1.1 _ VOR SAL1-. OB EXCHANGE?FOB KORTOACMlOK r eity property, a tln-t cluss four story tirowti stout: Houje ou Sixty-tlrst street, neur Mad Hon avenue MAKl'IN DUNN, 2tB Broadway. THE OWNER OK YN ELEGANT MODERN BK8J denee, in the choicest location ou Jersey City Heights (Bergen), 10city lots, s>table. Harden, lawn, iruit and or namental trees, will cxchuuge for House in tuls etty: price $1H.(*)0 to K. SEYMOUR, box 1,656 Post office. __ WANTED?A BUTTER STAND IN WASHINGTON Market, in exchange for valuable, real. estate neur tho Boulevard, West Hobokeii. Address E. J. M., liH Mercer street, Jersey City. fan nnn equity?in a tubbb stoby brown | 5]p I .UUU stone House in tlie best part of ?Harlem, ? convenient to boats ami car"; will be cxcliang Jd tor $-,500 cash and balance in some small near by place. HoWKl.L A HURST, 931 Third avenue. dfcor iwui -equity in four tenement j(),U' HI. Houses to exchange for a country 'Place about one hour trotn the city. Apply to llINfc., COLi. A QBAY, No. 536 Sixth avenue. REAL ESTATE WASTED. House wanted to purchase - location Thirty-third to Fortieth street. Park avenue to Brond wav. lor which cash and valuable ImproAed or unim proved property at Orauge, N. J., will be taken in pay ment. Address P., 116 Wall street. TO I.ET !? 'M Vl'.s.S Fl RFDSES. A TTENTIO.V. NOW READY FOR OCCUPANCY. NEW FIREPROOF BUILDING. FULTON, NASSAU AND ANN STREETS. ELEGANT OFFICES To RENT IN THE ABOVE FIREPROOF, WELL LOCATED BUILDING, BEING IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO TIIF. CITY HALL, THE COURTS, THE POST OFFICE, AC., AC. OFFICES SUITABLE FOIt LAWYERS, BROKERS, BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, AC., AC., CAN BE HAD, SINGLY OR EN SUITE, OF ANY DESIRED SIZE, FROM 10X12 FEET TO 26X67 FEET, AT ?^00 $41*), $500 AND UPWARD TO $112,000, ACCORDING TO SIZE AND LOCATION. THE ABOVE BUILDING IS COMPLETELY FIREPROOF, HEADY FOR OCCUPANCY, HEATED BY STEAM, AND HAS TWO FIRST CLASS PASSENGER ELEVATORS AND ALL MODERN IM PROVEMENTS. BENT OF SMALL OFFICES. Size. 2d Story. 3d Story. 4th Story. 5th Story. 19.10x23.6 $2, (WO ? IGs24.ii l.WIU ll.0x2j.ti l,8llt> 1,800 ItKiM 5110 10x12. ti 500 ltf.tix38 S,0i)0 lii.iixs'.i :t,tKKt iuxl2.? ftim I9.10X..I I.SUW lt.t>.\23 1,500 l.stltl 17x2H 1.500 ltixlti. WW INQUIRIES TO BE MADE OF HOMER MORO \N, NO. 2 PINE STREET. A FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE AND LOT, 25X127. J\ on Twelfth street, about 20J leet west ot Broadway, will be leaned tor business purpose*; terms reasonable. HOLLY BROS. A KISSAM, No. 0Pine street. A?SIXTH AVENUE, CORNER OF THIRTIETH . street?Store and Cellar, thoroughly renovated, altered and palmed, to let for any respectable business. Apply ut SH West Thirtieth street, or 201 Second avenue^ TTtOR RENT?WITH OR WITHOUT POWER, LARGE _T and well lighted Loits and stores, for manufacturing purposes. Applv to engineer, on premises 175 Hester street, or to S. T. A A. T. MEVER, 85 Walker street. BBOADWAV, First and Third Floors to let or lease. 4.;- Broadway, liquor store. OKFHTS ? FINE NEW OFFICES IN BUILDING 1,267 Broadway, between Thirty-first and Thirty-second streets; rent $250 to $1100. Apply to \V. S. MELDRUM, 1,2611 Broadway. STEAM POWER-ROOMS l.ARi.:. AND SMALL; good light; steady power: low insurance; lor wood or iron work; Woodwork Machinery tor sab'. P.M. w I lsi in. mi Bleecker street rpo LET?THE SECOND FLOOR OF THE NEW JL building oil Sixtli avenue, about ?0x50 feet, in the rear of and connected with 1,265 to 1,369 Broadway, be tween Thirtv-first and Thirty-second streets; the whole or anv part will be fitted up to suit tenants. Apply to W. 8. MELDRUM, t,269 Broad way. TO LET?THE FINE NEW STORE5:10 SIXTH AVENUE, between Thirty first and Thirty-Second streets tnext to Herald Uptown Branch office ; rcut $1,200. Apply to W. S. MEl.I'RCM, 1.20.1 Broadway. TO LET OR LEASR-A DESIRABLE PROPERTY, suitable for nmnufaeliirlng purposes. The new and substantial six story Building. Nos. hi, x.1 and S5 Centre stri-et, between Leonard and Worth streets, with steam {lower and sU'am fireproof elevator; the building to be leated bv steam throughout. Tw o spucious store.* on the first story. The whole bniidlnp or any part thereof will l.e let or leased, with or without steam power. Apply to R. CRAIGHEAD, :17 Barclay street. rro LET?TWO FINE, WELL LIGHTED STORES ON J. Broadway ; one 21x97 and one 21 xSt>; favorable terms to responsible parties. LOUIS A. D.V CUNHA, 172 West Forty-filth street _____ TO LET?AN ELEGANT OFFICE. ON THIRTY lourth street, one door east oi Eighth avenue; has been a real estate office lor tour years. OWBLUH6 HOD IKS TO LET. Furnished. AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE, FCRNIsnED, between Fifth and Madison avenues?29.1x70; extension, 26x18; parlors only furnished; rent low. Apply at 26 East Fiftieth street, Ironi 10 to 4. cv A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE, LUNCH and Bar Room on a good thoroughfare, nejir Union square anil Fourteenth street, doing good business; rent low. Apply to THOS. OAIFNEI, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street. ? LARGE FURNISHED HOUSE To RENT?NEAR J\. Sixth avenue, on Twenty first strpet: three rooms deep all way up; three stories mgh stoop; In good order; folly and completely tnniisheil; rent $275 per month; also a tieautilully tliriiisheil three story high stoop 111 same vicinity, at $175 per month : this latter is in splendid order, and very attractive. J \ VES R. EDWARDS, 69 West Twenty-third street TO LET?FURNISHED, A FOUR STORY ENGLISH basement House, in West Twenty-second street near Fifth aveuue. fully anil well furnished. JOHN Mi't.LAVh. No. 1 Pine strett._ Three stoby high sTfiop, west ninth street, near Fifth avenue; an excellent neighbor hood; house In perfect order, fully furnished, library of 400 volunHvs, Ac.; will let till September at nominal price, leasing one to three years: private family only. Audress HOUSE, caro Hughes, station C. I'n rural she (I. A VERY DESIRABLE HOUSE TO RENT?FULLY jV furnished, on l^'xington avenue, tour story high stoop brown stone: complete and new from Uip to bot tom; rejlt $230 per month. J AMES h HOWARDS, 69 West Twenty-third street A MODERN AMI handsome BROWN STONE lour story English basement House to rent, on West Twenty-second street: all improvements; brick furnace, Ac.. Ac.: will be rented very low to a good responsible tenant. JAMES R. EDWARDS, fV West Twenty-third street TO LET?ON KIGllTY THIRD STREET. WEST OF Boulevard, French roof House; stable, carriage house and tour lots. $500 per annum. Apply to BALD WIN, No. 2 Harrison street. r LET?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT House liw Amity street, has all the improvemeat* and is ln<excellent order. JOHN Ross, as Eighth avenue. The prbmihks ?h fourth street, near broad way. for rent unfurnished; $1,300; cheap. Apply to J. B. MINOR, 72 Sortth Washington square. WEST ELEVENTH STREET?TO LBT?THE Of) large snd comniodion' Hoii?e A6 West Eleventh stn et, near Filth avenue will be put in good repair. In <|tiire of F. IX XAPPEN. Gallatin National Bank, 36 Wall street, or A. WARD, 516 Ninth avenue. Rl'BMSllKD BOOMS AMD Ai'AKT.WKXTS TO IjKT. \ NICELY Fl'RNtSHED FRONT ROOM ?>N SECOND JY floor ; slao front and ball Rooms on third Door for rent at S66 West Twantv-foorth street. A FURNISHED RfKlM AND TWO BEDROOMS TO let suitable for housekeeping ; also two furnished Parlors. Mitable for a doe tar's office; to gentleman or marrlon couple. 117 Henry street. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET BACK BOOM, OB sacond floor, with gas and bath, handsomely fur nished, to a gentleman, wiU>mH UoarO.

wt?tiaqrUii?.MMi ^7^ ? ~ ! PtBNnHEO ROOKS IVND &PABTBBIITII t"? LET. __ APUBNIBHKD UOOM AND BEDROOM TO LET. Inquire at JBft West Fifteenth street A PARLOR FLOOR, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED; 11480 \EPn* *>ai[Lor Bedroom on necocid floor; rer eieiicne. 8 Kast Twentieth rtroet, between Broadway and Fourth nrrum. AHOIT Of PLKASANT ViJRNIHIIBD ROOM* TO .let, without board, to it party ofitentlcuion. ai-pa-' ratnly or together; reference reqaired. US West Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. IjlOURTH STREET. NEAR BROADWAY.?TWO OK JJ. three nicely (urni-stied Rooms; Kits ?ud bath 18 West fourth street. PURNLSHED FLOOR TO LKT-AI.OOVK UOOM A and Parlor, separately. No. US We*: rbirtyltMli street. Dear Broadwav. I^tURNIBHKD FOR HOUSEKEEPING. ON FIRST I floor, large Room; clonet?, water am) large. yard; lor gentleman mid wile only ; $4pei week laKWeitTwcn- ' V MWO street, bfttWMD Seventh :<Tnl B!|htb avenues. I F'OR HOUSEKEEPING?A SMALL PLEASANT | Hoor, Utrnished, with or without use of Parlor; k?s, i oath, stationary waslitubs, ?c.; convc.ui.-nt to all went mile ears- '?W2 West Forty-ninth street. f^OOD .1) BEDROOM. FURNISHED, FOB SfN. 1 VJ fflo gentleman, between Amity and Twentieth streets. Addxesa. gating terms, T. it. II. care of ilarrv Cunuim: ham, 6.KJ Broadway. T?o kET?AN ELEGANTLY FURNISH HI) FRONT X Room in private house, without Hoard, first class neighborhood, ?as and bath, ut Hi) West Twenty-fourth street; references required. rLET?NHATLY PURNISIIRD ROOMS ON PARLOR floor, uewiy furnished, in the brown -tone house (M rrospect place, corner Forty-third street, between l'lrst and Second avenues. fTO LET-ONE OR TWO PLEASANT, FURNISHED ,f ,, $ti, por week ; convenient to Elevated Railroad. TOO Wost Thirtieth strcei. TO LET-frlCELY FURNISHED SMALL OR LARGE Rooms lor single gentlemen or Kentleinen and wives; references. No. 7St Mark's place, Eighth street. TO LKT?A LAROK, WELL FURNISHED SECOND story lUiuiu, with bath; tiiinilv private. 74 Amity street. T? a mcely VUBWSUED FRONT UOOM and Bedroom, adjoining. on second floor of house fil KastTwenty-flrst street; private family. Terms inoder ftte. TO LET?A LARUE. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED . ?)*'! Parlor andI Basement,together or separate, ","'ta.bl2 '.or <Jo,'t"r'i ofll- es. Ac. Inquire at 2X Broome street, between Forsyth and Kldriiige streets. rpO LET-TWO NICELY FTIRNISHED ROOMS, IN A Prlvate family, whoie ohjoet is to kwu a clean, pleasant; references. Apply at 345 Fourtn avenue. TO RENT?UNTIL OCTOBER 1 (POSSESSION GIVEN immediately), a furnished Flat of 8 rooms, on Sixth avenue, near Central Park; to a responsible partv rent very low. Apply at stationery store, corner of Forty, seventh street and Sixth avenue. TWO FURNI3UED ROOMS, FOR HOUSEKEEPING .Jr8 l^ekll5:.P0,i,.n and closet, $6; Parlor and Bed loom, $10, Hall, $3; quiet house. IOC East Fifteenth street, three doors from Union Square Hotel. 20D STREET, MADISON SQUARE -HANDSOMELY 't furnished Rooms, singly or en suite, without board; moderate price*; references. 'Mi East Twenty-third st. I AO WEST WASHINGTON PLACE. NEAR ^XTHAyZ * i .'easant, large front Room, on second floor, nicely | furnished, closets, hot and cold water, See., tor family or single gentlemen. v 994. fAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, THIRD -J-J~ floor.?A large, nicely furnished front Room to let. to a-gentleman, $3 per week ; also a hall Room; reterencei 974. TWENTY-FIFTH STREET.?NEATLY , * furnished Room* to rent;for gentlemen or liirht housekeeping; term* very low. I'A'Fl'UMSIIEI) I< <)< Mis AKD APART . MESTTS TO LKT. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WISH^TfTRENT Lower Part of House, unfurnished, aU convoni f?r housekeeping; rent SOI per month; location ho i?7 nJ. T?an^tty an? Slxt." HVenui)- Address A. P., box 137 Herald Uptown Branch oiliee. A HANDSOME SECOND FLOOK OP FOUR ROOMS, bath, 4c., to let, unlnruisbed; house new and first TweutySdst^et8 PriVa'U ruai,y ?',Iy- ^ Wwt T?pXT~??h .LIGuT HOUSEKEEPING, a BACK x I arlor, with two Rooms attachoil; every convent ence; rent, with itas, $:i2 p?r month, at 40 West Ninth st ?0 ^VERjHTY PLACE, NEAR FOURTEENTH twli ttarirnnml ? Ml lngii??m ?ud Bedroom; also two Bedrooms, to genUemen. without board; all modern Improvements; family private. References exchanged. 199 east thirteenth street, near fourth avenue.?A handsomely arranged Floor of about store01"3 ;CaU ?rtWO ,aiuilie''- Apply iu the A HOPggg, Roons, wasted. In thin City and Brooklyn. COMFORTABLE HOUSE?"1, OR 3 STORIES ,TiT?0 haH'',[,; nt' wanlod In a good location; hire or pur: chase. Address, stating particulars, W. M? 343 West Seventeenth street, for three days. A GENTLEMAN DHSIRHS A FURNISHED ROOM -f*-, <?' medluin size, centrally located, for the season oMee'i*' scr ? room, with terms, P. E. L., Herald Desk room wanted?in or nrar bkoadway between Wall and Fultnii streets, not in a real estate W.'m.; Hera Id oflfceT mU3t "C ,u?acratc- Address L. WANTED-ABOrT THE 15TH SEPTEMBER ~K ah! JirSPP i J or of a hou#, in an tin<iuesti<>n ah e neighborhood, occuiiled by a small family of adults ?"7'ti*?,'*?r" T,V(!ntlet'1 al"l Fiftieth streets. Seventh SSi?! lje.xi.rl>,ton avenues; west *lde preferred; rent about $900. Address, at once, R. I., box 133 Herald office. In fhe Country. rrrANTED-IN THE COUNTRY, WITHIN ONE <,Lu w",r. " rlJo c"y Hall, a Floor or Part of a Small House, turnished lor housekeeping, near denot* Herald?ofBce.C*CtC $3?? "er ytar- a'm^ L boxP2l9 BPMHBIg OPPORTUNITIES. * A 2?,VJ?P Hl'SINESS ESTABLISHMENT CANHAVE . ^ '?;curfl(l>. with services ot a first clas* man ?' customed to mannge business of his own. Address' only with full particulars, NA>SAl\ Herald ofllce A RARE CHANCE.?THE LON'l! ESTABLISHED Restaurant, of B. B. Steinhrlnk. with Wine and neer saloon, 1)72 second avenue; for sale at n bargain -tf gg'the preuiikuu reaao" p,vt u ,or ,eUill?- APP'y A ?|-V.E|N{'ID BUSINESS CHANGE in THIS CITY.? u an interest to a desirable partv: no ready ranli if A "?ATE QLARRYIN PENNSYLVANIA FOR SALE ..rtv VirL"1"r""f :*hool, mantel, rooflnif slate, Ac. ; prop. , ,arm "IRl buildings and complete iiS, 7-. shilling hy machinery; no steatu reoulred ample an.fWer falling water power; prl,? if. . i m !s(UH' unencumbered prop 11 ? APi'1) wQMQGS, cAiti,KT(iN,v 00.,86Broatnray! A YOUNG AND LIVE MAN WANTED?IN FIRST class real estate anil )(vaii business; one havinir a bors,423KP(St'!fflce.?ll(1 a"(1 mortb'Hg0 t'us",c^ Address AN ESTABLISHED BUSINESS, DOINOAYKRY RE* munerativo city and country trade lor sale for$l 200 reason for fellmg party has other business and uot able ilfwi i i11 H".i 1}} t Prf>,lts last year over $.1,IKX?; a full know.t dge of the business may be acouired in about twn week- \ddress XKT PROKI r. Hi raid ofll.'e Agencies wanted ?an energetic business mail, wishing to travel and ultimately settle West, senilis business on the road mid a responsible asencv Heraii^offlce! AddrSS8 WESTERN sJatB. bTS IpoR RALE?AN OLD ESTABLISHED PRINT1NO r. h?n"i"cn8-*-1 A. '"""'1' commanding from $.1,000 to $>i,oro, dross TYPK,' box"!111l*eraId'offle'ef*1*Ad 1jV>R SALE-ONE HALF OR WHOLE INTERKST IN a first class itostniirant: will l.c sold on account of ment,0"8' 1210 12 P" M ' at m ?r'^d" Jy, lla^. IfOR RALE CHEAP?AN ESTABLISHED OROCFRY ^10^lAS,l!W ^oad way,'roo'm Apply ,0 J. fe j MI.l HANK AL Bl SINRSS POR SALE?I HAVP A salesroom in New York whictkaflords snfflclent biise I ^iT.tofSqulrc wl,olc attention, therefore I offer for *n;*[ ">n? tf1" r^rHoiis competent tomanufnc- I a variety of small drawn, stamped ami pressed brass iionff^fiMi J ?Manca!,t lrnn ?'" ds, tor f.t,0fi0, $1,801) cash, the Machinery , Small Tools ami sup. t "rk un'l n. 1 * 'nctory now in operation near New York, and nt once connect the purchaser with a woit ?. tab Ished, profitable and incrawlng first Vla?s tra, e i will give the purchaser $20,000 worth of c??h ,m \[ paying prices, {? start with, ami continue, if des^d m. ^'""^tton and Intluenoe for a term of year, ; n,M|f ii?" no ixperiments; no more capital renulred a<i.ip rtatlng ability, Wlthontdelny, .Fame" n "SSi0m^nm' PARTNER WANTED?A RARE OPPORTUNITY i c"ul,1,,ht'd1 leather mmiufactnrinp business PARTNER WANTED?WITH $3,000. TO OO IN A OOOO "* sp TnK FOl It BEST ADVERTISING COLUMNS IN A long established weekly will be sold at alow lo a responsible party. Address COLUMN, Herald otiice ^FECIAL CAPITAL. IN A NEW D artneT de? Ire "to ITH'tP whose senior R5.?!ilr.. ?.r .il. retire; fhe husineia, Importina and JnbMng, has Hlways been successful, and is done wholly for - ash; the adverthKT would offer the smc&I pa"bi"r twelve ner cent Interest on his capital and Indemnify WmagaSist any l?s. whatever until the general capital shall all have been saerifleed ; money Is safer in a business than outside. Address TRUEflAN, Yonkenv 5.T! <fe-;nn W,.VL fH'-'RK HALF INTEREST IN A v aiiTiUJ'"* sm ? "n? ?fl 1 nfflco business, that 13 A.i^, MJtoVpi. Broadway, office *7, Iroiu U to .459 000 J!?? ?i!vflnn.ANn ltvr young man to ?i^iV io ?ii?i,v PWIFW partner In a ennty store, wJOdn lo miles of Clly Hall. Addreai STORE, Herald 5fclil 00ft -\HY PKRSGN WITH THIS AMOUNT r J I. AthV ?: ^i! I*. ?,? ,u,nutl^ .and good references can re secretary and treasurer of a first comp*n^. wttl* f^sod pav and securt *y. P* ??* If^an of the money; to reside at the fcctory in Ognneqttott. A44r?H? XUm WWVMQjpii, 179 U$C?ld AflTOPteMKym BOOTH'H THEATRB. MEILHO*. KDW1N BOOTH,. Proprietor and Manager. In oonseuuenoe ot tin* early departure of MISS NEIUM3N . f?r Europe, the Management is reluctantly compelled to announce tiie I,AST NIGHTS of this Celebrated aud of AMY ItOBSAKT, at played by her at th? SiIrfirM* OVER U)0 CONSECUTIVE NIl.HTS Mr. FRANCIS BANCS as...... .. . . Matinee on SATUitDAV NEXT, at. . The curtain rLsc* ut H o'clock Pr'V '/jf y" Notice.-Carriage* may lie ordered at l?: 4 a . Seats may be .secured for any of the closingnightsor MibH NKiLSON, at the thoaira, or al Ditnon A ?>o. fc iuusic .it?re,7ii Broadway. . N111'UHlVi VAKM'''La ST verfokmancks OF Tffl Knlliant Spectacular Pantomime, AKRAKL; OH. THE MAGIC CHARM. ?1(.1IT AFTERNOON AT fw<>. EVENING AT RIGHT. LULU, LULU. Uf". LULU, LULU. LULU, Maffltt and Bartholomew, Maffltt and Bartho etuew. Maffltt and Bsrtliolemew, Mamtt an^ UartUoleiuow. Mona. VELAKDl, CLARA LEOMtNE, Mmo. LANNIER, Mile LUPO. AND GRAND CORPS DE BALLET NKW MUSIC, SCKNi.RY, TRICKS AND INVENTIONS. JWrPKRB TRANSFORM A HON SCENE. w ,r ALIiACK'rf. I EVERY NIflHTl EVERY NIOHTI TUB GREAT SENSATIONAL PLAY BY DION BOUCJCAULT. | to-night and every night. MORA; 1 Miss Katheriue Koireri^ Mr Allerton, Miss or. Eitie Oermoli, Mr. Bradley, Mr. Loyiok, Mis* TifE 1 Mary Wells, Mr. Wrieelock, Mr. Griffith* Mr. OOLDKN Kuvyeett (both by permission of Mr. Daly), 1 i; ITERS. I Mr. I'arsloe, Mr. Pope, Mr. Mills, Mr. A. Beck, (Misnta Blalsdoll, Bell, Bate and Burroughs. VOttitVUiLE. BROAD STREET iby-NlaM-. TIIE LAVA BEDS In EXCILANGE PLACB. THE TOMBS. THK BKIDGE ?^ai?PECIAL SESSIONS. "MORA" MATINEe!'S ATOED AY. JUNE 7. w ALLACK'S ? SOTHERN. , BROOKLYN ACADEMY OK MUSIO. THIS SATUKDAY NltlllT, DAVID G ARIilCK and DUNDREARY MARRIED. THIS SATURDAY MATIN KB, OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. IHIEATRB COMIQUE, 514 BROADWAY. TV TORAND MATINEE TO-DAY THE TWO GREAT DRAMAS? NICK OF THK WOODS NICK OP Til K WOODS. MR. J. B. STUDLKY AS THE JTHHONANOSAY. THK PKMALE DETECTIVE. THE FEMALE DKTECTIVE. Miss FANNY HERRING us THE FEMALE DETECTIVE. MR. J. B. STUDLEY IN SIX CHARACTERS. MISS FATfNY HERIUNU, IN SEVEN CHARACTERS. MUa Rachel Dcnvil, Mr. Geoi^e France. Mr. T. Martin, Mr. Ed. Mack. Mr. J. Price. Miw A. Schott. 90 STAR ARTISTS IN THE CAST. EXTRA ON MONDAV NEXT THE MASTER COMEDIAN OF THE AGE, MR. JOSEPH MURPHY in his great specialty drama HELP, receiving tor bis wonderful penormauces $1,800 FOR ONE WEEK. OOD'8 MUSEUM. , FRANK MAYO "llils rule to all when I'm dead: Be sure you're right, then go ahead. Davy Crockett. IMMENSE SUCCESS AND ENTHUSIASTIC RECEPTION OF FRANK MAYO AS DAVY CROCKETT. PIBST GRAND MATINEE T0.DAY AT2P.iL The popular young artist and character actor, Mr. ' fraNK MAYO, FRANK MAYO, FRANK MAYO, in Frank Murdoch's new and BEAUTIFUL IDYL of the backwoods, called DAVY CROCKETT. DAVY CROCKETT. DAVY CROCKETT. MATINEE TO-DAY AT 2 P. AT g 0,crj0CK. UNION SQUARE THEATRE. 0?WT,xnlw QHr>nif Proprietor.. _..............-Mr. 8HER?AN SHOOK ZIsT Sr NIGHTS LjAST NIGHTS OF THE SEASON. LAST NHtHTS LVST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS OF La ST NIGHTS LAST NIGHTS Miss AGNES ETHEL LAST gI<SHTS I. ART N'IfiHTS in LAST NIGHTS I, A XT NIGII1S FERNANDK. LAST JUOHT8 OP ?i* PERNANDE. Thursday even'e, June 12. ETHEL. FERNANDE. Benefit of Miss Jennie Lee. ETHKL. FERNANDE. Saturday even'g. Jane 18, ETIIfcL. FERNANDE. Benefit ot Mr. Ed. Lamb. ETHEL. FERNANDE. Monday evening,, ETHEL. FERNANDE. Benefit ol ETHEL. FERNANDK. Mr. K. II. George. Treas. FKRNANDE. Wednesday even'g, June 18, ETHEL. FERNANDK. commeucc*cnt ot the JjiiiKj* FKUNANDK. Summer .reason KTllht-. FERNANDK. and gTHKli. FERNANDE. engagement of KiHKL. FERNANDE. MiaiUyi ARLOTTE ETHEL. FERNAN DE. THOMPSON, vTHVl" FERNANDE. who will appear for a ETHKL. FERNANDE. short setiapnia her great ETHEL. FERNANDE part ot JANE E\BE. ElHhL. Seats may be Fccurcd six tlavs m auvance. TTNION SQUARE THEATRE. ^ TO-DAY. AT I :!KL GRAND MATINEE of FERNANDE, with Miss AGNES ETHEL as FERNANDE. T IERRACE GARDEN THEATRE, 53th street, between Lexington and Third avenues. SUMMhR SEASON OF OPERETTK AND LIGHT COMEDY. SUNDAY EVENING. jtlNE f?, AT 8 O'CLOCK, /ip , vii smRvn rciNrERT. GRAND SACRED CONCERT. GUTE NACHT, MORITZ 8CIINORCHE und FLOTTB BURSCHE. Admission, 50c.; Reserved Seats. 25c. extra; Boxes, $1 S3 extra; Packages (12 tickets), $4. CENTRAL PAltK GARDEN.?THEODOUE THOMAS. J THEODORE THOMAS' UNRIVALLED SUMMER NIGHTS' CONCERTS. THIS (SATURDAY) EVENING, JUNE 7, at 8. 1. overture. "La Gaz/.a Ladra" Rossini 2. Waltz, "Manuscript'' ..Strauss 8. Finale, "Prometheus''.... Beethoven 4. Rhapsodic Hongrolse, No. 2 ??????.?.!''szt 5. Overture, "Di Hallo" A. S. Sullivan B. Waltz, "Konlgslleder" ????? >trnu?j 7. Noctnruo, Op. 9 Julius Zellne.r ?. Ballet, "ltienzi'' : ?'. ?JL0?"01' 9. Overture, "Mlgnon" Thomas 10. Ajiiierrlll9. Air composed bv King Louis XII Gvhr 11. Waltz, "On the Beaiitimi Blue Danube" Strauss 12. March, "Dueppicr Storm" Pietke Admission, 80c. Packages containing IJ tickets, $4. can ho obtalnid at the principal music stores; also at 2S5 Broadway and Central Parlt Garden. _ EVBBY THURSDAY, GliAND BXTBA COKCBBT. Tort pabtob'S opbba house, 201 bowekv 1 UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. 1 ^ I MATINEE, MATINEE. MATINEE, TO-DAY. TO-DAY. UNCLE T(?.M'S CABIN. SAM SANFORD as UNCLE TOM. THE GREAT CAST. Plantation Scenes?Emelional Hffectt. UNCLE TOM'S CA15IN TO-DAY AT THE MATINEE. METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART. Temporary building 12* West Fourteenth street. The DI CESNOLA COLLECTIONS, from Cyprus, and the LOAN COLLECTIONS of WORKS OF ART are open U> the public, daily, from It) A M. until C P. M. Admission Si) cents. ?... New and important additions have been made to the Loan Collections. TONES' WOOD PARK. SUNDAY. JUNE 8, 1S7S. THIRD GRAND SACRED CONCERT hv the unrivalled NINTH REGIMENT BAND. D. l. DOWNING Musical Director Admission, 25cents for gentleman and ladv. children tree Concert commences at S-30 P. M. FOURTH GRAND SACRF.D CONCERT. SUNDAY, JUNE IS. BANJO.?llBNRY C AND CHABLES B. POBUPW, the champion tianiolst* of the world, perform to-night at the (>ret ii Room, 141 Fourth avenue. Admission frr,. C1LOWN SUITS, TIGHTS, TRUNKS, SHIHT;', HO<E. J all size* and colors, plain and striped, in worsted and cotLon. tnclose stamp Tor circular. UNION ADAMS A CO.. 637 Broadway. ?/^vr(1AN AT HOME"?A GEM FOR THK ORGAN.? U .lust published, this new collection ot over 200 of the very best and most popular pieces, well arranged for the orgita price $2 90. our previous publication, "Gems of Strauss " has sold over 17,000copies, and the publishers believe their new Organ Book ha^ as Rreat elements of suceess. Oil so is <t 4?o, ^#11 Brouii ivjij > J^PECIAL REPORTS IN TO-DAY'S j EVENINO TELEGRAM, EVENING TELEGRAM, EVENING TELEGRAM, EVENING TELEGRAM, LAST EDITION, OF Ttfl! WINNERS OF THE JEROME PARK RACES. TTIE WINNERS OF THE JEROME PARK RACES. THE WINNERS OF TluFjEROME PARK RACES. THE WINNERS OF THE JEROME PARK RACER. " V ARBLE MANTRI.S. Aklaber, BTEAM MARBLE AND MARBLEIZING . Works, 1M ahd 1M East Eighteenth street--Marble and Martilelzod Mantels. TtTtng, Marble Counters, Monu ments, at price* that dety competition. Marble Turniui for the trade. AN ASSORTMENT OP MANTELS, UNSURPASSED for beauty of design and quality of workmanship. KUI. wonot all "^gft^TB COMPANY, Poorth tTwioe and Seventeenth nwt Union square. GTBWABTB 8LATH MAWTKLB.-m.Cn AND RLE .tosesssw B AMmgirem. OWBBY THBATRB. WM. B. FKBLIGH baTORDAY evening, June 7, I87X " -"^jiight of Jhe^poimlar tetor, . .. Mr. JAMES >f. WARD. , laut performance of the great drama of the WINNING HAND, received with shouts of enthusiastic approbation. Monday, Mr- JAMBBJ. HARTLKTT will cotmneaee ? limit-d engagement, appearing during the week, in Utre* ' new dramas nevur before acted here. ( J^KOINH AT ft. DOOBB OPEN AT 744 OLYMPIC THEATRE, 63* BBOADWAY. Ot HATBBDAY KVKNINO. June 7, FAREWELL PERFORMANCE. LAST NIGHT 0 ot AmeitcaW Grimaldi and New York'i spceisl Favorite, GKO. L. TO A, tiKO. L. FOX. AND HIS GRAND SPECIALTY, IWMPTY DUMPTY. UUMPTY DUMPTY. Liut appearance of all the FAVORTTE ARTISTS. ^ UUMPTY DUMPTY FAREWELL MATINBB AT 2 P. M. AT 2 P. M. 5TU AVENUE THEATRE. Tliia SATURDAY. IK o'clook. GRAND MATINBB Of M.VDELKIN MOREL. Grand opera house?iwenty.thibd htbket. corner of Eighth avenue Curtain rises at 8 pre cisely. Carriages may l>e ordered lor half-past la Sole Lessee and'Mauager Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY FAREWELL PERFORMANCES of Mr. CHARLES FECHTER. THIS SATURDAY MATINEE, and evening, for fll LAST TIMES, will he given the tfcniou* Romantic Drama, in three acta, entitled THE CORSICAN BROTHERS, Louis dci PranchL > The Corsican > Mr. CHARLES Fabian del F rauchi. i Brothers I FKCHTEB. VON MONDAY, June 9. Mr. FECHTBB wUl appear in Victor Hugo's magnificent play, \ ROY BI.ASI which will t?e produced witli entirely new scenery, b*t will l)e given for six nights and one matinee ONLY, il being positively 11 ? Farewell Week ot the Great Actorl rill AVENUE THEATRE, 728 AND 730 BROADWAY. f ) Begins ut 8. Carriages may he ordered for a quarter to eleven o'clock. Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY Sole Lessee and Manager. | EVERY NIOIIT at 8 o'clock and MATINEE this Saturday, ut \fi o'clock, will be acted the ? powerful original Drnina.iu four arts, by Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY,) entitled ' MADELEIN , MOREL. MADELEIN MOREL. Characters by Miss Clara Moffc ris, Miss Fanny Davenport, Miaa Funny Morant, Mrs. G. H. Gilbert, Miss Sara Jowett, Miss Nina Variau. Miss Nellie Mortimer, Ml?n Roberta Norwood, Mr. Chas. Fisher, Mr. George Clarke, Mr. Louis .Tames. Mr. Jaines LowU, Mr. Henry Crisp, Mr. W. J. Le moyne, Mr. Burnett, Mr. Pierce. Mr. Chapman. ? V MONDAY', June 9. BENEFIT of Miss MORRIS. V WEDNESDAY, June 11, Benefit of Miss DAVENPOBT. Grand opera house. This SATURDAY, at\K o'clock. LAST MATINEE OF THE CORSICAN BROTHEB8. Mr. FECHTBB as the Brothers FRANCHI. j^CADEMY OF MUSIC. THURSDAY', JUNE 12, 1873, A GRAND CHARITY MATIN EB In aid of the FOUNDLING ASYLUM OF NEW YORK, under care of the Sisters of Charity. The Entertainment will be under the direction Of Mr. ^ AUGUSTIN DALY, and will comprise a selection of the most Famous Periurinancus ot every Prominent Artist now in New York. The programme will be announced lu Sunday's and Monday's papers. Admission to all parts of the house will be ONE DOL LAR; reserved seats in the Parquet and Balcony wilt bu TWO DOLLARS EXTRA. Tickets may be had at the Fifth Avenue Theatre and at the Urand Opera Ilonae. AN AUCTION of the Choice Boxes, both Proscenium and Balcony, will take place ll-om the stage ot the Fifth Avcnce Theatre Monaav morning, at 9 o'clock. ATHENEUM THEATRE. OO'J Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. last TWO PERFORMANCES OF THE GREAT HERNANDEZ combination AFTERNOON AT 2),'; EVENING AT 8 O'CLOCK. MATINEE. <& MATINEE. <? MATINE& MATINEE. Y MATINEE. T MATINEE. MATINEE. i MATINEE. MATINBE. MATINEE. <$> MATINEE. <$> MATINBE. THE GREAT HERNANDEZ COMBINATION HERNANDEZ'S OBIGINAL IMPERIAL JAPS. HERNANDEZ'S ORIGINAL IMPERIAL JAPS. HERNANDEZ'S COMIC GUITAR SOLO. ? Professor HILTON, the great Ventriloquist. The three Talking Heads, representing ENGLAND, IRELAND AND SCOTLAND. The queen of serio-comic vocalists. Miss Lulu DelmaiL * THE GREAT BOSTON PEACE JUBILEE. 1 See bills. Afternoon, doors open at 1: evening at 7. Notice.?Mondav next, B. W. Kutler'o GREAT BUB LESQUE, PANTOMIME and OT.IO COMPANY, 100 ar tists, Will appear In a brilliant bill of novelties. Bryants minstrels, twenty third street. Family Matinee To-Day at Two. BRYANT'S ' 1 BRYANT'S BRY'ANT'S BRYANTS BRYANT'S BUY A NT'S P.RYANT'S BRYANT'S BRYANT'S CHILDREN nALF PRICE TO THE MATINEE. AT 7 AT a TO-DAY AT 3 AT 2 TO-DAY TO-DAY AT % 2 o'clock American institute hall, > Third av., between Sixty-third and Sixty-fourth Sta. OPENING NIGHT, SATURDAY, JUNE7. 1873, EBKN'S POPULAR SUMMER NIGHTS CONCERTS. EVERY EVENINti. EVERY EVENINO, GRAND OKCUESTRA OF FIFTY PERFORMERS. FELIX I. EBEN Conductor PROGRAMME. 1. Grand March,"Coronation" .....? ....Meyerbeer 2. Overture, ''Festival" Lcutner 8. Waltz, "German Hearts" E. Strauss 4. Selection, "I.a Juive" Halevy 5 overture, "Rlenzi" Wagne* fi. Romance, "W iederschn" Dlctliei 7. Galop, "Wager" K. Ilacti Potpourri. "Congress of Melodies" Conradt !'. Overture. "La Gazza Ladra" Rossini in. i'olku, "Humorlsten" Rllse 11. Harp Sounds, "Idyl" Juiigraanifc 12. Quadrille. "Favorite" Ebcn Admission iSccnta. AdmlwWi > oenta. NEW YORK MUSEUM OP ANATOMY. Ait BROAD wav, between Houston and Bleecker ?li eets.? Every one should visit the wonderful Museum; it is lull of every tiilnp people should see and understand. lectures dally on "The Philosophy of Marriage." Those partes unable to attend these Important lectures can have them for warded.", on receipt ot 25 cents, bv addressing SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OF A.1ATOMY, (111 Broadway, New York. "VTOTICE. ~ ^ - - ? THE CITY READERS OF THE ? EVENING TELEGRAM WHO INTEND GOING OUT OF TOWN, AN& | WISH AS USUAL TO READ ALL THE NEWS j OF THE DAY IN ADVANCE OF THE MORNINd ' PAPERS, CAN HAVE THE LAST EDITION OF THH EVENING TELEGRAM . ' SENT TO ANY ADDRESS FOR 80 CENTS A ! MONTH. c lesque Troupe, consisting of Horry Beckett, Willie Edwin. EHga Weathersby. lletdy Tracy, Patti Josephs, Alice Athert<in, Tlllv Earl. Win. Withers and otbern. arc now nt Fox's American Theatre. Philadelphia, ana close June 14. METROPOLITAN THEATRICAL AND SHOW PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, HERALD BUILDING, BROADWAY AND~ANN STREET. A LARUE ASSORTMENT OF THEATRICAL, MINSTREL AND VARIETY CUTS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. MUSICAL, A FIRST CLASS ALTO WANTS A SITUATION IN A catholic or Episcopal church. Address SINGER, t>ox 125 Herald office. FIRST CLASS ALTO WANTS A SITUATION IN A I synagogue. Address Ml'SIC, box 2U0 Herald office. AN ORGANIST understanding episcopal SER vlce wishes a position In New York or Wcatchester county. Plea*- address, stating salary offered, MODE M AN, southeast corner 2Jd st. and 4th av. MRU. BECKMANN. ,H? EAST FIFTY-EIGHTH street, irom the Conservatory of Music In Cologne, gives singing lessons at her residence and at pupil's atd a lesson. MKDICAL. ?MME. BBHTRLU I'HYSICIAN.? OFFICE NOk 1 East Fifty-second street, first df?.r trom Filth st. M. MAI RICEAl', M. I>.?OFFICE 12V LIBERTY' street, near Greenwich street ATTENTION)?DR. FRANKLIN (LATEOF PRUSSIA).-! ^Consultation Ir?-e; private office. 161 Bleecker street, *AJCWELL. physician. RESIDEMCK 1U East Tenth street, near Third avenue. A. A. A: Advice free -dr. and mme. despard, phybi _ clans, 41 hast Twenty-eightA street, near Fourth *** DB. AND MME. GRINDLE, PHYSICIAMA-WW* dencej? West Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth af. J^RS. KING ,A BECK'S OLD ESTABLISHBD PWil

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