Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1873 Page 9
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HIM1L AND COMGRCUL. <The Prospective "Inflation in England, THE REPORT NOT CONFIRMED. GOLD STEADY. Gossip of the Street Con cerning the Syndicate. A Slight Ripple in ttie Stock Market. The Statement of the Pacific Mail Com pany Anxiously Awaited. Honey Easy and an Easy Fall Mar ket Predicted. MORE FIVE-TWENTIES TO BE REDEEMED Wall street, i Friday, 'June ??u p. M.j On 'Change to-day cotton was in fair demand ?With "spot" ruliug steady and "futures'' l-iec. per pound better, Flour was quiet and easy. Wheat and corn were less active, but firmer. TUB FOREIGN MARKET Was somewhat disturbed this morning by the state ment published in one or two of the morning jour nals to the effect that the British government in tended to authorize the Bank of Eugiand to issue ?8,000,000 In notes beyond the present limit; in other words, that the amount of circulating notes secured by public stocks is to be increased lrom ??15,000,000 to ?21,000,000, under restrictions not ^ yet decided. Later in the day, however, when It wu ascertained that the leading foreign bank ers had received no confirmation of the report ?from their London corresDondents, the tremor that had been occasioned subsided, and the discussions of the street were confiued to the probable conse quences had such a policy been adopted. First, it Is a question whether *HE CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER has the right, without the direct sanction of Parlia ment, to make such a serious change In the Bank act; and secondly, the bank directors, themselves among the most conservative of public financiers, ?would hesitate long before their confessing the weakness of their institution to the world and taking a step that would everywhere upset values and weaken confidence in English faith. The London market opened with a little dulness, but at the close recovered, and consols and American securities were quoted firm, as follows:?Consols, % 02*; five-twenty bonds of 1885, 91*; '67s, 94*; ten-forties, 88X; new fives, 89*; Erie, 48*. The weekly statement or the Bank of France showH a specie increase of 2,750,000 francs. At Frankfort the issues of 1862 were quoted at 95.**. The bullion withdrawn from the Bank or England to-day amounts to ?50,000. THE HONEY MARKET. There is little or no change to record in the sit ?ation. Money Is easy at rrom 7 to 4 per cent lor call loans, 4a6 percent being the ruling rates in open market. The amount offering at 7 per cent, gold, uatll the 1st of January, Is said to be very .large. Tne contraction of general business, the Subsidence of speculative feeling in a large degree, the reduction of Importations and (lie caution su perinduced by the fear of a stringent Fall market, liave tendea in the main to remove the impression that money will be very tlgut during the Autumn season. Tne market appears to bo on a conserva tive basis. The receipts from customs to-day were ^ $316,000. The Assistant Treasurer paid out $38,000 on account of Interest and $435,000 in redemption of five-twenty bouds. FOREIUN EXCHANGE was Bteady. with actual sales at trom * to 3-16 be low the nominal rates. The following were the quotations:?Sterling, fio days, commercial, 108 * a 108*; do., good to prime bankers', 108* a 109*; do., short sight, 110* a 110*; Paris, 60 days, 5.28* a 5.23*; do., short sight, 5.20 a 5.18* ;Prusslan tha ? lers, 71* a 72*; Antwerp, 520* a 521*; Switzer land, 6.26* a 5.21*; Hamburg, 95* a 96 *; Amster dam, 39* a 40*; Frankfort, 40* a 41*; Bremen, M* a 96*. GOLD 118* A 117%. At last a rfeason is given why the gold combina tion has for so many days maintained, in antago nism to the sentiment of the street, its power for good or evil, and why the market to-day remains Strong and with a possible point upwards in the V- sot distant lUture. It lias been surmised, or rather y it is alleged, that the celebrated Syndicate, a cor poration of gentlemen, by the way, whose pur poses are wrapped iu the profoundest mystery, Bome of whom are supposed to be large borrowers of gold, have been permitted by the Department, In making settlements on account sf the funding operations, to give their due bills or certificates instead of gold, as required by ( existing law. The consequence is obvious. ?*?It is a known fact that the Treasury to-day ts the actual possessor, alter the payment of the pending liabilities of the govern ment, including accrued interest to date on the public debt, of say about live millions ol dollars, and the question naturally arises whether by vir tue of this action of tne Syndicate, if it be correctly represented, a large amouut of specie has not ^ been thus withheld, and appears upon the records of tne Department only in the shape of the due bills aforesaid. The assumption of the truth of the Statement explains the reason why gold has been heavy on the loan market, and, further, why the larger operators have kept confidently absorbing gold at the prices that priH*aiied during the past Jew wccks. It Is nald that these operators have /been suspicious as a cousequencc of these rumors, pnd, lurthermore, that they are looking for a de >*, feline, to say nothing of possible pollti ?l and financial complications, in new es and other American securities abroad, In which event there would be larjt Shipments of gold to Europe, tlms inrnlshtng a solution to the difficulties by which the Hank or ^England is now beset. To-day these new fives are quoted in London at 89* (91* being their par Waluej. and it would seem to be impolitic?not to K nse a stronger phrase?lor the Secretary to make Another call, with but five millions at his back, and ?ew fives selling abroad at two or three per cent .Discount. As above stated, If the forcgelng be the true condition of affairs It is scarcely necessary to 1? further In the task of discovering why the bull operators in gold have taken matters so quietly, ?Snd are apparently coutent in the belier that specie will advance naturally during the Summer. It would not be amiss for the government itself to . enlighten the pnbllc on this point. V The following were the fluctuations of gold at the Bxchange today 10 A. M 118 12:55 P. 11 118* 117* 1:07 118* 1:24 118* J?:?J 118* 1:49 118 2:30 118* 2i'-2? o ii U8* 2:59 118 12:21 P.M. 118 3 118 a 118* The transactions of the Gold Exchange Bank Were an follows:? CKIT.SL Vross clearances 32,804,000 ? Tne earrjlng rates were ft, 4, 6 and 3 per cent. IMPORTS OP DBY GOODS. f' The Thine of the imports of dry goods at this port Amounted for the week to 1988,823; the amount osrketed wu $1,247,788. RAILBOAD BONDS. 1 The nntet was moderately active, with prices generally steady. Erie, fourth mortgage, sold at ?T; New York Central sixes, 1883, 90*; union Pa imA Jffutv MUOMt iMegtffc teofcM, 4 82%: Delaware, Lackawanna and Western, second mortgage, at 100; Morrla aad Basel, second mort gage, at 99^; Toledo, Peoria and Warsaw, W. D., at 89; Canton at 100%. The Xollowlng are the bids as amended at tbe call Kew York Cen 6'a, 'HS.. 90% Tol * Vab equip bds... ftt Mew York Ceu 6'*, S7. 91'J tjtWeat latin r88 .. 95 New York Cen CVre.. 87 Ot Western 2d in, 88... 85', Kew York Cen 6'a. sub.. 87 IU A So Iowa 1m m 88 New York Cen7V7?-.. WIK 0,,? { SSr f? '2i Erie 1st in ex tended... IMV* Gjrtena 4 Cb ic 2d m.... 97 Erie 4th m 7's. '80 ? Chic, R I A Pac. 104V? Lon? Dock bond*. 9.1) Morris A Essex 1st 108% Hud K 7>, 2d m s f. '?.lU6>i Morris A Essex 2d m .. 99J, Harlem con ni 4 s t6's.lOO N J Cen 1st in, new 105i, Mich Cen 1st in H's, '82. .112 Pitts. Ft W 4 Chic 1st...103% Mich Cen con 7'*. 1902.. 9S% Pitt*, ft W A Chic 2d ni.101% Chic. Bur A U8'?. 1st m.U2 Pitts, Ft W4 Chic .'Id in. 93 Mlcll So A N I s t 7's... .10.1 Clev 4 Pitt* roll a t 9>? Clev A Tol 8 f i04% Clev A Pitts 2d m 100% Clev A Tol new hds. 93 Clev A Pitts 3d in 93, C P A A old l>d? 9K Clilc A Alton ? f 98% C, P 4 A new bds. 93% Clue 4 Alton 1st in Huff* Erie new tuts... 9t Chir A Alton income... 94% Luke shore div bds. . 93 Ohio 4 Miss eon s f 95li Luke Shore con c bds.. y9'a Ohio A Miss con 9i% Puc KK 7's, Kid by Mo 98% Ohio A Miss it in, con. 84 Ceu Pacific Kold bds . .108% l)uh A Sioux City 1st... 93 I'niou Pac 1st m bd.s... 86% bub A Sioux City ,2a aiv 93% I'nlon Pac 1 hT? 7i Peninsula 1st ni conv., 95 Union Pac income Id's. 6*% St l.oulsA 1 M Istiu? 94 Bell A So 111 1st in 8's.. 'Jii-i Mil A St P 7's, ffold, R D 9i% Alt A T II 2d m pret.... 88% Mil A St P l?t m. LaC O 92'? Alt A T 11 2d in hie 77 Mil A St P 1st rn.l AMD HI),' Chic A N W s f 100 Mil A St P 1st ni. C A M ?! < hie A S W iiit bds. 94% Mil A St P 2dni. C A M. 77% Chic A X W con bds.... 89% Joliot A Chic 1st in 107% Chic 4 S W 1st m 102 Col, Chic 4 Ind C 1st in 88% Chic A N Wcouttbds 88 CoU Chic A lnd C 2diu. 70S liun A st Jol g 1(H Tol. Peoria A War. WD 89 llan A St Jo conr 87 Tol, P A War, Bur Dir. 82% Del. Lack 4 W 1st m ..101 Tol, Peoria A War 2d ui <7 Dei, Lack A W 2d m.... 100 N Y 4 N II 6's .. 97 Del, Lack <t W 7's, con.. 98 Bolt, H 4 E1st m 7*8... 34 Tol A Wab 1st m ex.... 97 Cedar F A Minn 1st m 80% Tol A Wall 1st m, St L d 90^ Bur. C K A Miu 1st 7V,b' 88>S (J0VBRNMENT SECURITIES were not particularly actfvf, dwing To the inabil ity to supply the demand, which still continues, by buyers ou foreign account. Prices were firm, how ever, as will be seen from the following quota tions Unitcdjitates currency sixes, ua4^ u U3#; do. sixes, 1881","registered, iieTi'a "liipf; do', do. do,, coupon, 122?* a 123; do. tlvc-twentles, registered, May and November, 116% a 117 do. do., 1862, coupon, do., 116% a 117%; do. do., 1864, do. do., lld% a 117%; do. do.. 1865, do. do., 118% a 119^; do. do., 1867, registered, January and July, 115? it 116; do. do., 1865, coupon, do., 119% a 120',: do. do., 1867, do. do., 121% a 122; do. do., 1868,, 120% a 120%; do. leu-forties, registered, 11234 a 113; do. do., coupon, 114% a 114%; do. lives, 1881, registered, 115%; do. do. do., coupon, 115 a 110. ANOTHER TWKNTY MILLION. The Secretary of the Treasury has issued a call for the redemption of $20,000,000 additional live twcutles, interest to cease September 6. The fal lowing are the numbers:? Coupons of $50, Nos. 1,201 to 6,200, inclusive; of $100, Nos. 4,753 to 20,000, inclusive; of $500, Nos. 3,001 to 10,700, inclusive; ol $1,000, Nos. 5,734?0 22,600, inclusive. Registered bonds of $50, 1,234 to 1,820; of $100, 8,8(4 to 9,500; Of $500, 5,361 to 5,700; or $1,000, 20,681 to 23,300; Of $5,000, 0,403 to 7,500; Of $10,000, 7,i 9! to 9,080, Inclusive. The report comes from Washington that the Syn dicate subscriptions in America applicable to the call which matured on the lsc of June have all been settled, except $76,000, which are now in process ot settlement, and at the last advices all the Kuropcan subscriptions had been likewise closed. SOUTHERN SECURITIES. South Carolina sixes (new), January and July, stepped to the front to-day, after a long rest, and | sold at 15>4 a 15%; Missouri sixes at 94; Virginia sixes (old) at 43%. The following were the quota tions:?Tennessee, ex coupon, 79 a 80; do. new, 70 a 79%; Virginia, ex coupon, 43 a 48; do. sixes, consolidated bonds, 54% a 55; do. do., deterred scrip, 10% a 11; Georgia sixes, 77 a 80; do sevens, 90 a 92; North Carolina, ex coupon, 28% a 29%; do. to North Carolina Railroad, 50 a 60; do. funding, 1866, 17 a 18; do. do., 1868, 16 a 18; do. new, 15% a 17; do., special tax, 12% a 14; Louisiana sixes, 45 a 64; South Carolina sixes, 25 a 35; do. new, January andJnly, 15 a 15%; do. do., April and October, 22 u 24; Arkauaas sixes, funded, 35 a 4). TUR STOCK MAKKET. The transactions of the day, wfcile showing a lit tle less of the lethargy that has prevailed for some time, were also attended with a certain degree of interest growing out of an active movement of one or two of the stocks. Generally the market opened firm, with Pacific Mail at 40%, 41, 41%, but at the 11 rat Board it dropped back to the smaller fractions of 40, and conttnned to rcccdc through 39, until at the close of the day it declined to 38%. The Influ ences at work to produce this result were various, and based mainly on th? many reports circulated concerning the character of the forthcoming state ment by the new direction. It is understood that this statement was made to the Hoard at their three o'clock session to-day, and that it may be given to the public to-morrow. The officers are extremely reticent with reference to Us coutcnts, save that they will set forth more information than has heretofore been published, aud exhibit the wants and requirements of the company. In sym pathy with Pacific Mail, one or two of the OTHER STOCKS FELL OFF, a notable instance of which was Ohio and Missis sippi, the price opening at 41 and declining to 38%, recovering at the close, however, to 39%. It should be stated in this connection that a statement was promulgated to the effect that the company had issued $400,000 of additional bonds, which neces sarily produced a depressing effect; but on investi gation it appeared that the amount named was a part of the regular l9sue of bonds, retained in the treasury of the company, and only used for the possible purchase of some 4,000 tons of steel rails with which it is proposed to re-equip the road. Consequently the sale does not at all en large the debt. Indeed, the returns of the first two weeks of the last monthly report show an in crease 01 $l",ooo of earnings, and the last two weeks of about the same amount, over the earn ings of the corresponding month last. year. In Rock Island the extremes were 109% and 108%. C., C. and I. C. showed a variation between 30% and 31%. Western Union declined from 84% to 84%. New York Central irom 101% to 101. Wabash from 68% to 68%. Erie vibrated to the extent of about % per cent. Delaware, Lackawanna unil Western was strong at 10:1 a 105%. The same may be said of New Jersey Central, which sold at 106'4 a 106%. HIGHEST AND LOWBST PRICKS. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day :? Highest. Lowest. Now York Central 101% 101 Erie 62% 62 Lake Shore '?> 1?, 01% Wabash 68% 68% Northwestern (No transactions.) North western preferred 85 8ft Rock Island 109% 108% St. i'aul 54% 54% St. Paul preierred 72% 72% Ohio and Mississinpi 41 38% Union Pacific 28% 28 C., C.I.c 31% 30% Western Union Telegraph 84% 84% Pacific Mail 41% 38 \ In Philadelphia Pennsylvania Railroad was quoted at 110 <? aid Reading at 117%. 8A1ES AT THE NEW YOKS STOCK EXCHANGE. Friday, Jane n>10i!5 A. M. firooou 86'?, 8!,r.bc 1I?'A flflOOUS5-20,c,'?:..n.. 119? 4000 t C, ', 2.... 116% 6.W0 do 119% 2000 U.-f.2U.c, '112. 3000U85-20.C,'67..... 121% Called bonds.... 118% IO A. M.?Before Call. ?X)sh? West L'n Tel... 84% 1700shs N Y c A H R... 101% 200 do s3 84% 100 do S3 101'i *xi do c si?, sou no c 101% you Pac M S.s Uo 40% 200 L 8 4 M rt RK. 91 1*10 do 41 UuO do. t>3 91% W do 41% 70O do S3 91*2 300 do 41 BOO do t>4 91% 100 do s3 41 two do 9I'a !<*? ?1? l?S 41 700T, W4WRR 68?< 200 do 40% Vtrat Board?10*30 A. M. 92000S C 6's, n. J 4 J.. Ifti4 100 shs Pac M 88 Co... 40% 1000 Missouri to's... .b3 94 200 uo <3 40 MOO Brook 6'?, w 1 9??; 1100 do 40% SOU) Va ti's, old. 43% 100 do bS 4o\, 13000 NYC 6'S, 'S3 90% 7UO do 4U>: 2000 NYC 6's, '87 91% loo Am M Un Express 6* 1 1UA) Krle 4th m 97 100 do b30 68% ' 1000Clev 4 Tolsf 104!* looN YC4 11 RRH.... loi'i 10UUI I n Pac 1st in.... 86% 200 fl0 be 101'. 3U00 L' Pi?<- 7's, 1 ft 71 200 101'4 7M*i I'll Pai'lo's, inc.. 62% 10 do 101?. JOOO Alt 4 T112<1 m, pf 8S% 100 do 101% SOOOChlc 4 N W 1st... 102 2i?) do I0l(, 2000Tol A Wab 1st? 97 100 Erie RR be.aj rci1! ioooo, la waa m.... log iuj do 62', 2000 lit West 1st m.'?8 95 200 do s3 62'i lU?HtL4 I M Int.... 98 4ft) do s3 62^ 6000Ohio 4M con sf.. 96% 200 do S3 62 HUM Clev 4 Pitt* 2d ni. 102 100 do 62% lOOOTol, P4 Wlst.WD s# 200 do 62J* loouo H. H 4 K 1st 34% 200 Mich Cen RR.. bo 101% 1UOO Am Pk 4 Imp7's. 97% 41 L MAM 8 RR 91', Mshs B'k Commerce. 117 1# do :?????? 91% 24 Continental Bank.. 80 1400 do bed 9lC S9 Manul A Meht's Bk 70 IM0 do 91% 19 Naaau Bank 1?? 900(To Pac RR be 2S% 6 Central Nat B'k.... 93 100 do... .......bS 38% 100 Manhattan Oas.... 21# 300 Panama RR. JU 10" Canton Co be 100% 10 IlllnoUCentral RR 111 300 WertUnTal. bc.?S 84& .#0, C.C4 1 RR.... ss do. 200 P*C M 8S 40% 100T, W AW RR. bc.e 681. joo do 40% aw do <*% **? do ?S 4>% 200 IVI, 1, A W.bc s3 105 do 40% %'J Mor A Ex RR MX *? ?lo *3 40% 20U Ohio AMUR be 41 JW do 40?W oo C 40;% *5 do 40', 1400 do 40% 200 do 40% 6U0 do bS 40% *W do 40% 200 do ?1 40% WW do 40*4 100 do sl5 *0% JO? do: bS 40% 100 do 40% ?*> do S3 40% 100C, CAICRR 31% *100 do 40*5 100 do ?? ?>V do 40)5 300 do ?l% I'dilf? and IS P. M. $ao(fl CS 5-20, r,'65. n.. 116% $2000 US 5'a, 10-40, r... 112% 32000 Uh 5-20, C. '67.... 121% UiW P. 31?Before Call. 800 jlis Par M 88 Co... 40% l?lah?CANWKKpr. 85 1200 do .s3 40 100 T. W A W Kit 68% 200 do b3 40% 25 Mor A Essex RU... 94% 2800 do 40 MWOhiuAMUU 40.% 800 do bJ 40% 400 do s3 40), s7o do 89% 100 do s3 40?, 2500 do 39% 100 do *30 40% 200 West I n Tel 84V 200 do 40% log Wells-Fargo Ex.... 80 100 do s30 40, 300N YC A 11KKU..C 101% 600 do UW 40', 100 do 101 % 700 do 40% S2UErleKK S3 62% 120 do b3 40% ltWLSAMSRR HI', 100C,C 1 10 KK 31'* 800 do 91% 200 do 31% 100 do 1.3 01% 100 do 31 MUnPaeBK 2?% Second "rfoard?1 P. M. ^S2??.M?l^KUrH?, iW: ,? 1200ilut Cn Pac KR... 28 ifS/V bi ?uo do l>3 28 ?SS.VJ,a?^,ri C" > 71 lOCAPURlttd 87% 5000Can South !??,,^ w luo.M A St P KK . be 51% *?* * f*" wd 99% 20 N J l ent RU 106% .^'"-bc 89 10 do 106% eooshs Wjjjtyn 84% 24 do lUo>i {?*? ?'ao 84', 200 00 be 106% M -? do *3 84% 3lWC 1 HI RR be 109% do bS 84% 300 do 109% '00 do 84% 500 do 109 WW do 84% 200 108% m do 84% 100 do 10">% 400 do s3 84% 200 do 108% 500 tlo 81% 400Del,LA West UK.. 109% 300 do 84% 300 do 105 300 P?C M SS Co 39% 200 do 105*4 1800 Uo be 39% 200 O, C A I C 30% 400 00 S3 39% 100 do 31 1000 do 39% 200 do 90V 2800 do 39% 100 do 30% 1400 do 39*4 SOON JSoUth'n RR.bc 30 100 do e 39% 10Ohio A Miss UK.... 41 1500 do 39% 300 do be 40% aiw do s3 39% 300 do 40% 100 do 39 700 do 40 1000 do 39% 600 do 39% 100 do 1)3 39% 500 do 39!. 1900 do 39% 200 do 39% 700 Eric KK.. be 62% 1U) do 39% IU0N V OA 11 U 101% 10* do b3 39% 14IW do 101% 600 do 39% 100 do 101% 360 do 39% 200 do 101 2.W0 do 39% 300 do s3 101 4U0 d8 39% 100 do 101% 500 do 39% 100LSAMS bo 91% 200 do 39'., HW do s3 91% 500 uo 39 231W do 91% 300 do 38% 600 do 91% 2iW do 39 iiUOBnPaoKK be 28% 500 do 39% 500 do s3 28 ??30 to 3 P. III. S1000USC 6's, n, J A J. 15% 400 alls L S A M fc...... 91% 400 ahb W est l*11 Tel.... too do 9i% 600 do 84% 200 L'ti Par KR 2,s% 100 do s5 84% 100 do 2S1. 500 Pac Mall SS Co.... 39% 200 Chic A K 1 Kit los% 300 do 39% 100 do 108% 800 do 39% 100 do 109% 800 oo 39', 100 do 109% 500 uo 39% 100D.L4WKK 105% 400 do 39% 10 do 100% 18'W do 39% 21M Atlnn A I' pf 25 1500 do 39 600 Ohio A M UK 39% 1200 do 39% 700 do 39% 40O uo ?3 39% 800 do 39% 2400 do 39 600 uo tR)% 900 do 38% IOO do bS 39< 100 do h3 31% 3(W do 39 1000N Y C A U K KK.. 101% ilWC,CAl(!RK 31 3Mi 1U1IU 1< ft U H HH. . IU1 '4 llfUt . tft 1 J'W do 101% 400 do loo Brie UK 6J% 200 do 30W 100 Mil A St 1' KK 54% 1U0 do 30% CLOSING PRICES?3 O'CLOCK P. M. Western tTnion. 81% a 84% Pittsburg 87% a 87% Lackawanna .105% a 40:>% Northwcst'n pf. :-i4% a 85' Wclls-KarKo Ex 80 ? ?'% N .1 Central lofl' a im>% Alii Mer In Ex. 68 u 68% Roek Island 108% a 109 L s hxprex*? 71 a 71% St Paul 51% a 54% Paciflc Mail.... 38% a 38% St Paul pret 72% a 73 N Y Central ...101 a low, Wabash 68% a f8? Erie 62% a 6?1, Ohio A Min 39% a 59% llarleni 131 a 131% llan A St Jo 3d a 36 Uoston, 11 A E.. 2% a 2% llan A St Jo pf. 5J a 55 Lake Shore 91% a 91% C, (' A I 0 30% a 30*i Union Paclhe.. 27% a 28 i COMMERCIAL REPORT. Cotton Steady?Receipts of the Porta, 4,353 Malea? Flour Dull?Wheat, Corn and Oat* Were Firmer?Pork and Lard t^ulet?Grocei-tea (fculct?Petroleum Dull and Unchanged?Naval Store* Steady? East India Oooda (luict?Metal* ifculet? Wool About Steady? Whiakey Easier. Friday, June 6?8 P. M. The merchandise markets were irregular to-ilay and almost invariably dull. On 'Change there was less demand lor both wheat and corn, but there wns lca^ pressure to sell and the market was tinner lor both, a lair export business being done at rather better prices for wheat and decidedly better prices thau obtained at ^>he close ol yesterrday's market lor corn. Oats were still irregular. Whis key was flrmnr. Pork was nominal. Lard was with out decided change. Freight room was scarce and high, und shipments of grain were restricted thereby. Groceries were generally quiet, but prices steady. Petroleum was dull, but tiominally steady. Naval stores were in moderate request at essentially unaltered prices. Cotton was in firm de mand and steady for "spot," while lutures were a shade better. East India goods were generally quiet and steady. Wool was in mdderate request ami not mate rially changed In price. Arubs.?Receipts for the past three days 63 packages. The market baa shown no change. Pots sell in a .lobbing way at $8. while pearls remained entirely nominal. BuaDiNU Matkbials.?Wc have no particular changc to note in this branch ol trade. Brick have been in lair (jeumud, with price* ruling steady, ul previously quoted figure*. Lime-sold moderately *at $150 for Rockland Common, and $1 75 for do. lump. Cement was quiet, with Uosendale still quoted at 9' 75 per bbl. Laths were dull and unchanged. Quoted at $2 25 tor Eastern spruce. Other materials not above mentioned were quiet, and not essentially changed In value. Cotton on the spot was I'airlv active at lormer prices. Future deliveries at an advauce of I-16c. sold to a fair ex tent. We sunt up thus:? Tu-Ttay. Last Fc'ii. Total. Export 496 ? 496 Consumption 1,122 111 1,233 Speculation 166 18 184 Total 1.7S4 129 1,913 ?Included in the above are 150 bales to arrive. For Ju turc delivery (basis low middling) the sales have been as tollowa:?Sales last evening, alter three o'clock?oune. 100 at 18 l9-33c., 10H at 18%c.: July, 1,300 at 19 l-16c., 1WI at 19 l-32c. ; August, 200 at 19 5-32c., IIW at 19%'c.; .September, 30 I at 18 1 32c. ; November, UW at 17%c. Total. 2.300 bales. Kales to-day up to three o'clock?.June, 100 at 18%c? .Vw at 18 11- 10c., to at 18 9-16C., 500 at I8%c., 300 at 18 ll-lrfe. ; July, 101 at 19 116c., HOOat I9%c.. 200 at i? 5-32c., 1,100 at I9%c? 400 at 19 116c.. 500 at 19 3J2r? 600 at 19%e., 800 at 19 5-32.-.: August, 200 at 19 3-lfiC.. 1,900 at I9%c., 100at 19 7-S2r., 100 at 19%C., 300 at 19 3-16c.; 1,000at 19',.e. ; September, SOOat 18e., :?W at I8%c., lOOat 18 3-32r., 300 at 18%c.: September, list at 18%c.: October, 100 at 17 9-16c., together; October. 200 at 17%c. Total, 10,950 bales, tirand total, 16,450 bales. The receipts at the porls sum up as follows:?Ualvcston. 77 bales; New Orleans, 1,030; Mobile, 04; Savannah, 1,147; Charleston, 30 ; Wilmington. 10; .Norfolk, 571; New York, 461; Hoston, 659. Total, 4,.'.'>3. This day last week, 4,858; this day lust year, 1,548. Kates to foreign porta closed nominally as follows:?To Havre, by steam, lc.; sail, lc., compressed: to Hamburg, bv steam, lc.; to Bremen, by steam, %e.; to Liverpool, %d. a 6-16d.. by stcain. We quote:? Vi'lmiiln. Alaharntt. JV. Orleans. Tej-nr. Ordinary 14*4 14% 14% 14% tiood ordinary 16% 16% 16% lri% Strict good ordinary 17% 17% 17% 17% Low middling 18% 1M% 18% 1S% Mlddliug 19% 19% 19% 20 Uood middling 21% 21% 21% 22 ? I be quotations are based on cotton In store, running in quality not more than half a grade above or beluw the grade quoted. CormB.?'The market continued very quiet for all de scriptions. >10 sales were reported troin first hunds, and prices remained the same. We quote :?Klo?Ordinary cargoes 17%c. a 18%c.; fair cargoes, I8%c. a 18%e.; good cargoes, 19c. a 19%c.; prime cargoes, 19%c. a i9%o,; ex treme range for lota, I7%c. a 19%c., gold, per lb.. 60 a 91 days' credit; Java (government bags), 20%c. a 21 %c.; do. (grass mats), 21c. a 22c.; Singapore, do., i7e. a 18c.; Cey lon, 18%c. a i9%c.; Maracaibo, 18%c. n I9%c.; Laguayra, 19c. 11 l'J%c.; Jamaica. 18c. a 19c. ; St. Domingo, 16*,e.; l'orto Uico, 19c. a 19%c.; Costa Rii a, 18%c, a 19%e. ; Mexi can. 18%c. a 19c.; Manila, lSe. a lfyic.; Angostura, ls%e. a I sc.; Sa vanilla. 18%c. a 19c.; Curacoa, 18%c. a 19e., gold. 60 a 90 duys' credit. Floi:b ano OuAis. ? Rereipts?Flour, 16,819 bbls.; wheat, 181,776 bushels; corn, 215.202 do.; corn meal, 222 bbls. and 400 bags; oatu, 51987 bushels; rye, 33,572 da The flour market ruled dull and prices still tended In buyers' favor. 1 he sales, comprising all kinds, foot up about 14,0 W bbls , ai prices within the range of the aupended quotations. Corn meal was quiet, bnt unchanged, both for bbls. and city sacked. Feed was dull, but prices were steady as Rrevlously quoted.' We quote o. 2 state $4 00 a 4 75 Buperllnc State... 5 40 a 5 75 Extra state 6 50 a 7 00 Choice State 7 00 a 7 50 Superfine Western 5 40 a 5 75 Extra Western 6 40 a 6 50 Extra Minnesota 6 M a 8 25 Round hoop Ohio, shipping brands. 6 50 a 6 75 Round hoop Ohio, trade brands 7 00 a 7 90 Family 8 00 a 10 00 St. Louis, low ?'xtra 6 50 a 7 W) St 1.011 is, straight extra 7 25 a 8 00 St I-ouis, choice double extra 8 50 a 9 IW St Louis, choice family 9 00 a 11 00 California 8 00 a 9 50 Rye flour 4 00 a 5 40 Southern No. 2 3 80 a 4 so Southern superfine 5 iw a 5 60 Southern extra 6 75 a 8 00 Southern family 8 90 a 11 90 Cora meal. Western 3 15 a 3 46 Com meal, Jersey 3 16 a ,1 45 Corn meal. Brandy wine 3 60 a 3 63 Baltimore 4 40 f. o. b. caloric 3 60 a 3 65 Puncheons 18 00 f o. b. ?Wheat was less active, but with smaller offerings and less pressure to sell the market ruled firmer. The sales comprised about 120,000 bushels at $120 a $1 So for In terior, $1 40 a $1 47 lor No. 3 and rejected Spring, $1 9o a $1 5.1% for No. 2 Chicago and Northwest $1 64 a f 1 95 tor No. 2 Milwaukee, $1 64 (or prime No. 1 do., $1 70 for am ber Winter. At the clone I6,i?w bushels of No. 2 .Mil waukee sold at $1 53 Corn was decidedly firmer under a lair demand for consumption and shipment. The sales aggregate about 170.000 bushels at 47c. a 60c. for warm, Mfc. a 52c. (or damp. 53c. a 56c. for fair to good steamed, 96c. tor rail mixed, 66c. for yellow Western, 70c. for white do., and 66%c. tor old western mixed afloat Oata were lrre#ilar 5 firmer for choice white. The sales toot up about 64,ono bushels it ?3c. tor common, 44c. for black, j* teteittkMfluijM. ** m i^rhl.r ..T?; > 2 '/ dull *nd nominal. Rye was ?i',iorIor Wos{ern. ami 8,000 bushels wera placed uS T.**. n"m"'*Hy steady at 96c. a 97c. r-i . , ,re'n'"? continued quiet owinjf to the ^ room. Market very strong. Vev*d? Hlftre T."",r demand, at lull ratrs. The en i!f ,!LT^!'e "~To Liverpool. by steam, 7,900 bushels MMI .i! lH ..5i' Hi J * 1- jd.; 2,000 boxes cheese and -?n!i ? *' ''*l8 '? ?"?! by nail. 7,400 bushels of an J5 i. ?a,'? ! I,'li1"- nj?1"- at 2s. 9d. ; 300 bbU. of flour to tobacco, at 37s.: to London, by nt?/? h J - ? o t Vi*,l>'V"' boxes cheese, at 66s.; ? <* ?* t i 7,500 buaheln of wheat, ia bates, lor tature shipment. at 11.1.; 890 bbls Hour, at '?.. i. i ? ?10 , Glasgow, bj steam (rumored). 7,800 Mt ^lir to AKiff ath ^ tt 1,0?? boiC8 cheese, ThtfvimrJI.^' iyr!?? bv ?Hl1, MW0 "ere? of lard at 46s. I'.rrt.iT i mi iiMtaliaii bark, hcuce to UrUtol or wt!^in'hti?!n?wri?rn . ?" Private terms; a Nor Hit mliBoston), hence to Cork, tor orders to %nrw!.tft-in i?Hff ,'*w iilurtors of (train at 8*. 6d .: a hen, . lfi;,H. v ?...<"ow ?l s.lu0 quarters of grain, I i tV. , voyage and rates; a Norwegian brig, hence to i?!w 11"'iL0 fJt'r"'an Baltic, 1,200 bbls. re fined petroleum, at 7s 6d ;a Norwegian brig, l.i<*) bbls. of f'b'i'ladefnhbL1,tn t'h*?*0 M1<, r2u"' ?' a Norwcgianlbark, froni Jr.. m ? i! 7 iLt German Baltic, 3,500 bbls. refined pe iM.Min til.i'nL' f ('e.rDlan brig, trom Wilmington to a spirits turpentSiie ut ^WJola or c"^??nt, 1,500 bbU. Uunniks.?The market hascxhlbited a little more life lMuirdomeX r?!r h?n' l.iwo rolls ol domestic cloth at equal ?0 ls*ie 2 0>u rolls l)r1 va te terms u'uo t e'l'!?' r?? ,ro"? f^uStf OctZr on ^?eidodlv V\-ir" i lv3V ft l3V- Calcutta cloth was C^M'a't rfcMSi. w??e? lected, but (TUoteJsfeady at 14Wc. a l4Ke. 8 continued light, being connned to small jobbing lots to the trade. Prices underwent no change and were quoted as follows '?State, crop '72, m' . V,1'"1"""' crop '72> ?C- a 45c.; old, < ro > 70, 10a, 0 13c.; California, 45c. a 65o.; Bavanau, 40c. a jOc. ; English, .id,-, a 86c., and Helglau, 25c. a 31 k'. jii!l':s,p /fJL T*.?fhcw has been no change In the con dition of the market for hemp, it having remained dull I lor all description* Manila quoted nominally at 10c.. gold JulpwAs also neglected, but quoted steady at 2?c. a 4ljC., fold. Ju?e butts were ouiet and easy at the re cent decline noted. We heard of salts ol l.UUu bale# at ljkc.. currency, cash. iiav 4nd 8tmaw.? Cotnnion oualitins of hay were verv plenty, but prime wa?scarce and wanted. Prices were not essentially changed. Straw was In fair demand and steady Wo quote i-Primc hav, a $4i per ton; good do., $.0 a $-J; shipping, first quality, ?l(i a #17 per ton; ??i' cj'J1,"10"' #10 a tli; clover, $14 a $16; long rye straw, $^1 a$? per ton; short do.,$li> a *1(1; oat, $lila #12. )a JpP?rta"t transaction to re port Small lots sold to the trade at lull pricoH. Wo .mote Now crop-Cuba, ccntrliugal and mixed, lrtc. a S;,; Clayed, a Ho.; do. untscovado, refining, 30c. ?? M', } do., grocery. HHc. u 4.0c. ; Porto Mico, :?C. a BUc.; Kngllsh Islands, iiac. a Wc.; Now Orleans, S5c. a HOc ... VA\ ?s1t?kks ?There was a moderate business con summated in spirits ol turpentine, and the market closed about steady at 41'iUe. aski d and 4t!c. bid. Sales were re ported of ISO bbls. at 4t)'ae . 60 bbls. at 4U^r. for Southern aud 47c. lor .New York , it*) bbls. on private terms. Itosin? The market wag quiet to-dav, with nrh'es ruling about "Icadv. Strained quoted at S- 96 a #3; ollered, to arrive at 90. Sales were made (last evening) of two cargoes' aggregating about 3,000 bbls., at #?-' itt, "lonirslde. To-day wo heard ot sales ol 50 bbls. ol strained at #3, SO bbls. of M>; ,,.,4t *;i.a5 ? ?j, W*' I'li'l- of extra pale at #.'< 76 a *?i. Ill bbls. oi do. at $fi 60. 1'ar remained quiet and quoted steady at #4 lor Washington and #4 AO for Wilmington. < Ity pitch was neglected, but sleudllv held at #;t 60 Oils.-Unseed has been in fair Jobbing demand, bnt otherwise quiet. Crime sperm and whale were quiet and uncliangeJ. I.ard oil rather easier, in sympathy with the decline in lard; Menhaden whs In fair request and firm ; crude cottonseed was steady. We quote :? seed, 99c. a $1 in casks, and #1 a Si 01 in bbls.; crude il0!.1."' nntural Winter, #1 (i? a #1 70; bleached, #l ?.'aSI <6; crude whale, 0,c. a (Wc. lor Northern. ?3c tor Southern; 70c. a Tic. for natural Winter, and Tic. a 76c. lor bleached lard ; 73c. a 7.V. for prime WinU'r, and 71c. tor present make; Menhaden, Ifckc. a 54c. for se lected light, and 80c. a 62>Jc. tor choice brands; crude cottonseed. 4?c. Hktroueum?On 'Change to-day the market for refined was dull, yet bidders manifested considerable firmness and were asking 30c., but buyers evinced no disposition to nay that price. Cnide in bulk was ouiet but firm Held, without sales, at 9c. for earlv delivery. Cases wore neglected, but quoted steady at I5>,'c. Naphtha was muu inallv steady at lie. a lljfc. for Western or city. The creek market remained about in the same condition as reported yesterday; quoted at #2 50 at Oil City. #2 30 at Kousoville, #.' 26 a #2.?) at Petroleum Centre, $2 50 snot lit Tltusvillo. and #2 S6 at Parker's landing. Vhe Phila delphia market was dull. There was little or nothing offering, and, in the absence ot transactions, refined was quoted nominally at 19V. lor first half of month. Provisions.?Receipts?Pork, 354 bbls.; beet. 64 pack ages; cut meats. 912 do.; Lard, 411 bbls. aud tierces. For niess pork the market was quiet but about steady; In jobbing lot* abont 45li bbls. were placed at #liifl2>;; round lots lor Juno queted nominally at #16 (il>i, and for July, 116 76 ; 76 bbls. ol extra prliue mesa, sold on private terms, quoted at #14. Bacon was dull and nominal: the only sale we heard of was W boxos of long clear at 8*iC. H.D'iC; Dressed hogs were unchanged; quoted at 6l,e a 7yc. for the range of city. Heet was in limited demand, with prices ruling steady. Wo heard of sales of 100 pack age* at prices within the range of #9 50 a #11 lor plain mess bbls.; #12 a #14 for extra ?AS8" Jt?V ,*2A " t'H tor prime mess tierce*, and #23 a #2,? for India mess, tierces. Heel hams were quiet but quoted steady, nt from #2S to #:il lor Southern ami western. (.ut meats?Trade to-dnv lias been moderately LaLlirA.Wbli1^l! pnees ruling steady; sales were reported of ?? pickled shoulders at 7,V., 2,il) pickled hams at 12\c., 200 smoked shoulders at8Vc. a Vic,, and 5,000 lbs. of loose pickled bellies on private terms. Quotations for other kinds remain as before. Lard?Western was in moderate demand and the market about steady; small sales lor June delivery were made at 8?ic., but the bids generally were not above 83^0.; sales were reported for July ag gregating 1,350 tierces at %? and, for August tsot) "" Kick.?The distributing business has been lair to day In woth domestic and tbreign. Prices were steady The sales aggregate about 36 tlerees of Carolina at trom 7?-.c a 8,'jC., and 226 bags of Kangoon at ti^c. a 7c. Skkos.?The market for linseed remained ouiet, but firm ; quoted at #2 70, gold. The supply ol graM seed was Ilnnted, hut the demand sufficient to sustain prices Clover quoted at 8>?c. a 9e. Timothy sold at #125 a #1 50 per bushel, and rough llax at #2 35. HiaAitiMt.?The market was quiet; but prime in tierces quoted steady at !>*4o. Suoaii. ?Tlie re hav been less doing in raw to dav, still the ln.iulry was fafr. and holders showed no disposition to realise exaepl at lull prices. We heard of sales of <food f? prime refining Cuba at 8c. a 84,'c., aud 300 bbls. ot good Cuba Muscovado at 8c. We quote:? Cuba-Keflniug, Inierior to common, 7e. a 7>?e.; fair to good tnir, 7*?c. a 7%c. ; good to prime, 8e. u H'ac.; grocery fair to good, h'4c. a 8>ie.; prime to choice, M'.e. a 9c.: centrilugal, lihds. and boxes, 8\c. a UJic.; niola-s -s hlids. and boxes, t> ,e- a 7Jie. ; melado, 4c. a *>c. Ilavuna? Hoxes? Dutch standard, Nos. 7 to 9, 7c. a 7%c.; do. 10 to 12. 8c. 11 8!ac.; do., 13 to 16, H^c. a 9'4e.; do., Ill to IM. 9l ,c a 10c.; do., 19 to 20, ID^c. a 10,'^e.; white, 9Vc. a lO^c! Porto Rico? Itefliung, coin non to prime, 7c. a 8'i;e ? grocery, lair to choice, 8V- a Itrazil?Dutch standard. Nos. K to 12, 0?4c. a 8J*e. Java-Dutch standard. Nos. 10 to 12, 8l.e a 8?iu. Manila?Superior and extra superior, 7c. a 7Jic. Tobacco.?The demand for seed leaf continued light but prices were not essentially changed. Kentucky was In moderate demand, in part tor export, at previous figures we heurd of sales of 60 eases ol sundrios, crop I?70, ?t9c- aU'c.; 100 ease* of do., erop 1871, at from 15c. a 55c.; 100 cases ot Pennsylv aula, croii 18?2, uji prlvat.i terms; 44 eases el Wiseonsin, crop 1872, at flWc.; .too hlids. Kentucky, at trom 8c. a 14c. Ot foreign sales wcre^ reported of 200 bales of Havana at from 86c. a Tau.ow was dnll and nominally unehnnged. WnisKKV.?Receipts 1,08? bbls. The market was quiet and easier, sales 100 bbls at *4,V\ and 60 bbls. at 94i,c wool.?The demand bus been moderate since our last Domestic llccce was in scant supply and very steady while lorcigii was a little Irregular and favored the' buyer. We heard of sales of 3,000 lbs. Spring Calllornla at 36c.; 10,000 lbs. of lair do. ut 22c. a 23c.; 12,000 lbs of scoured wool at flUc. a 67c.; 1U.OOO lbs. of X and No. 1 lleece at 4fic. u 50c.: 3,000 lb?. of coarse scoured at 42c.; 3,000 lbs. ol Texas at 27>4c.; 2J0 bags of extra aud super pulled at 41c. a 46c. ; 80 bales of Australian at 60c ? 15 bales of Oregon at 40c.; 75,0001bs, ol washed carpet wool; 20,000 lb*, ot Texas; 20,000 lbs. of washed Colorado; 2,000 lbs. of tub washed; 8,000 lbs. ot Spring Calllornla; 6,000 lbs. ol Georgia : 5,0,10 lbs. of mixed lleece; 300 bales of Montevideo pulled; 90 bags of extra and super pulled and 50 bags of Mestiza, all on private terms. D0MB8TI0 MARKETS. ? . . , . Galvkston, June C, 1873. Cotton steady; good ordinary, 14Lc. a I4Xc. Net re ceipts. 77 bales. Sales, 200. Stock, 34.(173. Weekly net receipts, 1,397. Exports?To Great Britain, 1,174; coast wise, 597. Sales 3,300. ,, .. , Nkw Ohi.ka.ns, June 6, 1S73. < ottoil easier; ow in d.llings, 16,.e. a l?%c. ; middlings, IS'jC. Net receipts. 1,0J0 bales, gross, 1.930. Exports? To Great Kritain, 9,441 ; coastwise, 22. Sales, 1,200; last evening, 800. Stock, 76,215. Weekly?Nei receipts 8 57'i gross, 8,979. Exports?To Great llrltain. 13.99S; io the Continent, 6,389; coastwise,'.1,491. Sales, 10,Sisl. ? . . . . , Mobilk, June 6, 1873. Cotton quiet and firm ; good ordinary, 16,'4e.; low mid dlings 16 ; middlings, ITi'ie. Net receipts, 94 bales, hxports coastwise, %. Sales, ,'SOI). Sunk 21 42.'. W-ekLv net receipts,1*270. Exports-To Great Brltaiu; 934. to the < oiitiuent, 3,^6; coastwise, 1,038. .sales, 3,200 ? . . Savannah, June 6,1873. Cotton dull and heavy : middlings, 18',e. ; low mld dlings, 17 ,c.; goisl ordinary. I5j<c. Net receipts, 1,147 haies Exports coastwise. 1,189. Sales, 32. st.K;k. l2,;>92. Weekly-Net receipts, 4,190 bales. Exporta-To Great Britain, 4,266; coastwise, 4,337. Hales, l.ifeo. ,, ? . . . Charleston. June 6, 1873. Cotton quiet; middling*, 18c.; low middlings. I7'ae. good ordinary. It,' ,<? Net receipts. SIM bales. Sales, W 'J- Wt'"y-\ct receipts, i,?? bales; gross, 1.764. Export* ?To jJrent Britain, 2.9:?; U, the Continent 2,263; -coastwise, 1,718. Sales, 1,760. ....... .. Wii.minoton, N. C.. June 6, 1873. Spirits of turpentine quiet at 41c. Rosin ciuiet at #2 60 for No. 1 (-rude turpentine lower; #2 tor hard. $3 lor yellow dip and virgin. Tar steady ut #3. - ,, , , . Toi.koo, Jnne 6, 1873. Hour firm and in fair demand. Wheat In lair (iciuand and higher: sale*ofNo.l white Michigan at#l 70; am tier Michigan, spot, #1 57 a #1 68; seller 58; sel k-r JLdy, #l .Vi a #157^; No. lreil,#l GO; No. 2 red, ispot, #l 5. .1 #1 6?5i; seller June, #1 56; No. 3 red. #1 41; re jected.#! 30; No.1 amber Illinois, il 66; No. 2 do., #1 60. Corn advanced Ic : sales of high mixed, spot, at 43c.; seller June, 4.V. a Uy,; seller July, 44c. a 45Wc ? seller August, 45W.C. a 46c.: low mixed, 42c. a 43'ic no 'grade 39V.; MlcWan 35tjc. Krelgbts firm; CliX'cV; hKi IT .f?" 1%?I h :| ,0,K,n?t*??n, 8C. Reeelpts?1,6U) bbls. Hour, 13,000 bushel* wheat. 36.000 do. com and MX*) ao-oa.^, Sliipinenta?1,000 bbls. Hour, 26,00 bushels wheat and Jt>,uuudo. corn. nour.teady; ?a!e? of 1,<*)0 bhl*. aV$825 for'.vTl^pMng h ifi i,.VoJIlri"!rwii"tVrl *,'iU r'for w,l,,e Winter, $10 75 tor i il i'!i?Mk. imi ."ii ??! rtI lower; sales of ear lots No. 1 Milwaukee ciob at $1 57; round lots held at$l 63. Corn Jl")'; *,alS*c,ar" Ht a8c- c'Jf" meal?#1 25 lor bolted. #1 20 liir inibolted per cwt. Millleed dull and lower; shorts #16 6i ; shlpstuffs, #17 60; middlings, #18 M per ton. tanal freighu?Wheat, rtc.: corn and rve 7Kc to Now York; lumber, $S6Uto th?jHvdmSr3 teT&w 1York. Railroad freights-1; lour to Philadelphia. 60c.; to Boston, ' ' I'i JJf* York, 40c.; to Albany, 30c. Receipts by ake?13,500 bushels wheat, 9.000 do. peas, 3.162.000 feet, iff lumber, shlpinents by canai-8,lW0 bushels wheat, 7,Sot) do. pea^ l,i.W,t>ni feet of lumber. The shipments of Hour by rail during the month of May were 63,735 bbl?. ...... ., . , . BnrrALO. June 6, 1873. I.ake and rail imports for the last twenty-tour hours? Flt.)Ur',iS-fS 'J""' ; 78.150 bushels; corn, 61,910 do.; i.T ! ' 1 ye'?i!!!l!iP- Canal shipments?Wheat, 110,731 liushels; corn, 29,900do.; oats, 70,567do ; rye, 8,luu ^!,r.?Xipor,*~n ,h"nv hus^els; corn 6I>? do.; li ! ' t!,1'0 Canal Ireighta-W heat, 11c.; corn. loc.; oats, b\c. t lour quiet; Western Si,ring, #7 a J^iio? iV-?? a ,$r,, : *fnr>et, #8 50 a t J 25; white, #9 50 ? *'"? V\neat dull; no HaJeiv ware m&do ituiiiir yiiott'd :-yilwaukee N^ l sprmg, #H7; d,, n0 2, $140 "I.1 ?' 37 ? ?l ?; White Canada, Il 76 a $19/', ; White Michigan, #1 80 a ?198. Corn unsettled hb,h i^H""..C<Se A ??> L0Ui "nU"4- bu.hels high mixed at 47c., 5,000 do. No. 2 at 46c Ont* vn-miv ? No. 2 Western held at. **. Bartey flVmT cinada^a ??c-, No. 2 Western, 90c. a 96c ; two-rowed state, 84c. a ii ??^<l..95c. Rye nominally at 85c. Barley malt steady ; Western, #1 a #i 10; prime Winter Western, oiH 1 P1"1.?"? ?1 20 a #1 28. Rye malt firm at 95c. Other articles unchanged. Plonr quiet and unchanged. Wheat active and higher; ai"*ii . ai Prln.f ut. f ; #1 25, teller .Tune f * ?' "V wljer July; No. 3Hprlng, #1 16; No. 1 do., 11 30; rejected, 95c. Corn active and higher; sales of f.o- J mlxod at.MXc. cash; 3HJ<c. a ?k?' teller July; f ^ i *,4'Sc.. J?"0! August; rejected active at Me. Oats in lair demand and higher; aalea of No. Sat ?kc. cash; We., seller July ; rejected, 25c a 14c. Rye and barley mm n^i^t VUMlMM KUdJf fflCJUMitK, weak and unchanged, nominally S15 AO a $15 96 tor cash sales; $15 7ft, seller July, Lard In fair demand and lower at $.s 30. seller June; $8 37>i a $8 60, aeller July. 1", nl?*ta ""'d 6?,'e. tor shoulders, loose, apot; seller July, 6^c., I unite; short rib middles, H^c., loose. Baron quietand unchanged. Freights firm; corn to Buffalo, 7c. Reeelpta??^i00 bbl*. flour, 6,000 bushels wheat. 178,000 do. corn, 48.000 do. oats, 4,000 da rye and 2,000 do barley, shipments?5.000 bbls. floor, 28,000 bushel* wheat, 3C,UU0 d? corn aud 117,000 do. oata. C0TT0H RECEIPTS. 8e^ember*l'nw7'*r9 the toUI uet reoelI,ta ?r cotton since New OriMn'.' , ????? Baltimore ^ti'.wi \i .hiii 1,183,520 Philadelphia 14,473 Mobile.. gMjgs Boston.. 15,773 Phlrllwf^n N'ew York 1&2%036 364,315 Providence 7,6.17 Norfo'kf' :-3&S ,:uyPoint Grand total ^ ^ HAVANA EXCHANGE, Havana, June 8. 1873. Exchange firm; on United States currency, short sight 18 a I8.'a per cent premium; sixty days. gold, 36tj a 37); per cent premium; abort sight, 3d a 40 per cent premium; on London, xixty days, 51 V, a .'JS per sent premium; on Pari*, sixty days, 34 par cent premium. EUROPEAN MARKETS. Lotfnoif Monet Mirikt.?London, Juno 6?5-30 P. M.? Consols closed at W% lor money and 92?, tor the account United State* llve-twentv bonds 1W7'>, SMl?; Eric Kail way jliarcs, 48)<. Consols opened at 92 for money, and 92J? lor the account. United States five twenty bonds, 1865's, old, ?ljk; 1367'a, 9I1*; ten-turtles, 88)i; uew fives, 89*. and Krie Hallway shares at 48^. KitANKroHT, Jnnt 6?P. M.?United States Ove-twenty bonds, 94,1* tor tne issue of 1862. Pahis Bocbsk ? Paris, June 6? P. M.?Rentes, 56f. 92c. LiVKitrooL Cotton Makkkt.?Livkhpool, June 6?5 30 P. M.?The market closed dull. The sales of the day have beep 10.000 bales, Including 2.000 tor speculation and ox Jiflrt 01 the sales 0.1)00 were American. Sales of cotton shipped from Savannah or Charleston, deliverable in June, at 8,'4d.: from the same porta, deliverable in Juno and July, at 8,\d.; from the .same port, deliverable in July and August, at 8Vd.; from New Orleans, May, ut87ad.; from the same port, deliverable in June, at 8 lft-10d., and from the same uort. deliverable in August and Septem ber, at 9 l-16d. The shipments of cotton from Bombay since tha last report to the 0th instant have lice a 07,000 bales. The stock of cotton at sea bound to this port is 000,000 bales, including 211,000 American. The market opened unlet. Middling uplands. h7?d. ; middling Or leans, JU.d. The sales ot the week havo been 44,000 balos, ot which 5.000 were taken tor export and 3,900 on specu lation. The stock In port is m34,ooo bales, inuiudlng 363,000 American The receipts of the week have been 58.U00 bales, including 22.UUO American. Actual export, 7,000 bales. Livkkpooi. BitRAOSTUFPH Maiikpt.?LtTFitPOOi., Juncfi?A P. M.?The niarkclln breadsiutl's Is dull. Wheat 12s. Id. a 12s. 4d. per cental for uvcragc California white; 12s. 5d. for club ao., and Us. Id. a 12s. 2d. tor red Western Spring. Corn 27s 3d. per quarter. Flour S7s. fid. a 28s. Gd. per bbl. for Western. I'eas 37s. fid. a 38* per quarter tor Cana dian. The receipts of wheat for the past three days have been 36,000 quarters, Including 31,000 American. 'The re coipta of corn for the past three davs have been 15,000 quarters, including 9,000 American. Livkhi'ooi. Protisions Makkkt.?Livkrtooi., June 6?5 P. M.?Lard 38s. fid. per cwt Kacou :i*s. per cwt. tor short rib middle*. Clovcrseud 40s. a 42s. per cwt for American red. London 1'ROPtJCS Maiikkt.?London, June <i?Evening.? Siigur 2fis. 'Jtl. u 27?. per cwt. for No. 12 Dutch standard afloat. Refilled petroleum 13Ljd. a 13(4d. per gallon. Liudsecd cakes ?9 ISs. a ?10 per ton. A.' KI!V\*CIA1.. ?BANKING HOUSE or JAV COOKE A CO., Nix 20 17am. Strkkt, Nkw Yobk. The Northern Pacific Kallroad Company having deter mined to close its 7-30 First Mortgage Gold Loan at an aggregate not exceeding thirty million dollars, and thereafter to pay uo higher rate of Interest than 6 per cent on further Issue of im bonds, the limited remainder of the 7 3-10 loan Is now being disposed of through the usual agencies. As the bonds 01 this issue arc made receivable in pay ment for the Company's lands at L10, they are In constant and Increasing demand for this purpose, and will con tinue to be alter the loan is closed? a faot which much enhances their value and attractiveness as an invest ment . The Company has more than ADO miles of Its road built and in operation, lias earned title to nearly ten million acres of its laud itrant, and sales of lauds have thus far averaged $5 60 per acre. All marketable securities are received in exchange for Northern Paclllcs al current rates. JAY COOKE A CO. August bblmoht .?oo? Hankers, 19 and -i Nassau street, Issue Travellers' ( redIts, available In all parts of the world, through the Messrs. DE ROTHSCHILD and their correspondents. Also Commercial Credits ami telegraphic transfers of money 011 California, Europe and Havana. A? LAPSLEY A BAZLEY, 74 BROADWAY, BROKERS in Stock and (.old Privileges.?$100 lor put or call for loo shares, 11 25 lor $50,000 void; first class names. Explanatory circfilar, Willi practical illustrations and references, mailed to any address. Ar REASONABLE bates?Mon EV ON LIKE AND Endowment Insurance Policies, Mortgages and other Securities. Insurance of all kinds effected with beat companies. ,1. J. HAHRICII A CO., 117 Broadway. USINESS PAPER AND MISCELLANEOUS 8ECURI ties bought and sold JOHN B. MURRAY, 98 Broadway. C1ALL AND TIME LOAN'S NEGOTIATED UPOK AP. J proved securities. JOHN B. Ml'RBAY. 98 Broadway. B }710R INVESTMENT AND TRUST ESTATES?FIRST class Mortgages, guaranteed by a wealthv city cor poration, current here and in Europe, ranking next to United states government bonds, for sale by JOHN B. MURRAY, 98 Broadway. OR INVESTMENT-A LOT OF SMALL FIRST Mortgages on Queens county property at a discount. L. it, PRINCE, ?7 Wall street Toans on like INSURANCE POLICIBS and J other securities, in large and small amounts, at 85 Liberty street, upstairs. F Mobile and ohio railroad company. Mohii.k. May 27, 1873. Whereas the stockholders, at thi ir meeling on the 17th day ot April, 1873. requested the directors to Increase the stock b.v an issue of one new share for each share now existing, upon the payment of 25 per cent in cash; anu Whereas the directors have prescribed that said 25 per cent shall be called for In the lolluwing instalm -nts, on 1st July. 1873 $5 1st November, ls73 ID 1st January, 1874 5 1st April, 1*71 5 Therefore resolved, That the transfer hooks of this company shall lie closed 011 Monday, the 16th day of Juno next, for the purpose ot determining who are entitled to the new stock, allotments of which will be made In ac cordance with the r>4h>rd ot stockholders ol that date, and n liich can be sold or ii-omI at pleasure. The trauster hooks shall be reopened on Tuesday, the 1Mb day ot July next, at which time transfer books will also be opened in the city of New York, at the olllce of Duncan. Sherman A Co. By order of the Board of Directors. l. WILLOUOHBY, Secretary. OFFICE OF THE FARMERS LOAN AND TRUST Company, 2fi Exchange place, corner William street The annual election for nine Directors of this Company will be held at this office oil Tuesday, the 10th day of Juno next The poll will bo open from 12 o'clock M. t,o I o'clock P. M. Olio. P. FIfCH, Secretary. Nkw York, May 31, H73. IORT MORTOAOES < city property wanted. JOHN B. MI'KRAY, 98 Broadway. 117 ANTED?TO BORROW, FOR A TERM OP YEARS, ?? $10.01111 on a lour storv and basement brick Build ing, No. 47 La Salle street, Chicago, within half a block of Court House square ; building on ground leased for thirty (30) years, and renU tor over S3,ivii per year more than ground rent taxes, Ac. Will pay te n (1'i percent Inter est and live i5) per cent commission. Address the owner. WM. ft. CONDON, 47 La sallo street, Chicago. Ol) mortgages WANTED?IX SUMS OK $5,(JUU $8,000and $10,000, on Xew York cltv property. FRANCIS CRAWFORD, New Itank Building, corner Fifty seventh street and Third avenue. ?>/' n/m?$8.noo, $5.ooa, $4,000 and $1,000 to loan "Pi).""'' on city improved Property, without bonus; also lunda for Leasehold and Second Mortgages. SAWARI) A LEAVITT, .'4 Wall street. 1 *> nnn ?k,,i< sale?a first mortoage of $12,1100 on improved property In Hudson county, X. J.: buildings and lots worth $44Looo; otllcial searches to date. Address OWNER, box 212 Jersey City Poet office. $1 n Hon WANTED ON FIVE NEW BROWN stone Houses, first class; Fifth avenue, Brooklyn; lirst mortgage principals only. REYNOLDS A AUSTIN, l.uitft Fulton street, Brooklyn. rf> ~l\ AIMk T() LOAX-O.N IMPROVED CITY PBOF* ?P?ert.v. In sums to suit, first and second ges bought and sold. E. LEAYCRAVT, 53 Exchange place. Room 12. CAPITALISTS, , for two-thirds of the amount for a thirtv percent Interest In the right of an extraordinary and valuable Invention; balance a.s needed, formintr part ot $190,?*? cash capital, earn ing trom '51 to SO per cent per annum; reference to bo satisfactory in every respect. Address W. H. It, box 3,288 Post office. COPAKTMKKRHJPS. /VoPARTNERSHIP.-THE FIRM NAME OF J. TAUS sic A Co. has been changed to J. Taussig A Brother, consisting ol Joseph and Gabriel Taussig, No. 9 Helanccy street. . ortgage <Sii nnn~BY one or more c VlOvtUUU In cash or Its equivalent. THE ACCIDENT ATJHACIENBACK BRIDGE. To tiik Editor Op thk Ukrald:? Id ;our account of the accident at HackenMck hiiilge Nome slight inaccuracies have occurrcd. I have been In the service ol the Erie Railway for the paat twenty yearn. I am now a conductor, on thlfl occasion my train came to a stop at Ilacketi sack bridge on account of the drawbridge being opened. 1 sent a man out with tho proper signal to warn any approaching train. Five red lights were also displayed on the rear end of my lialB, WbOB tW9 WOOld Bave been sufficient. municipal affairs. A Ball Day?The Mayor Absent front Mia OIBce?The Orr Fuaenl Reception? The Arrangement*. There was only one place In New York yesterday where nothing was going on, and that was the Mayor's Ofllco. It looked like "some mate day or holiday or Parliament Sunday," for the reason that the Mayor was absent. He did not put in an ap pearance at all during the day, and it is under stood that he wan attending to certain official as well as private business at his reHldence. Th? consequence was that "the Hall" looked deserted, ?o rumors afloat and no loungers about, only whea It rained and people took shelter In the vestibule. The Hoard of Assistant Aldermen met at two o'clock, President Wade in the chair. Thore was very little busluess transacted. The Mayor's communication relative to the decease and expected arrival of the remains or James L. Orr, Minister to liussia, was received. Tue concurrent resolution irom the Board of Al Ueriyai, providing for a Joint committee of recep tion oithe remains, was repeivecj and concurred In. Assistant Aliiermen Thornell, slmoiison. Kehoe, Brocks and Ilealy were appointed the committee. The Hoard then adjourned. .Subsequently the Joint committee of the two Boards met m the Clerk's office and proceeded to make detlnite arrangements lor the reception of the remains or the lale distinguished diplomate. A committoe representing the Masonic bodies was also present, c insisting or General J. Hobart Ward, Charles McClenaiian and Major E. H. Kent. Alder man Kehr presided. The ftineral and reception will be under the auspices of the Knights Templars. The conferring committees liualiy concluded that the remains shall lie in state In the Governor's ltoom for a period of twenty-four hours; that the facade, vestibule, rotunda and Gov ernor's Room shall be draped In mourning; thaC the flags on the public buildings shall be displayed at hall mast, and citizens generally are requested to similarly display the national flag while the re mains are within the municipality. It was stated by the members of the Masonic committee that the body is expected, per steamship Thurlngia, on. Tuesday or Wednesday next. Collector Arthur has placed at the disposal or the Masonic body a revenue cutter for the reccptlou of the remain* from the steamer. The casket will be landed at the Battery, and will be escorted in procession to the City Hall. While lying In state ft will be un remittingly guarded, or "watched," by a guard of Knights Templars and a sub-committee consisting of Aldermen Kehr and Morris and As sistant Aldermen Brocks and Slinonson. The re mains will then be escorted through Broadway and Firth avenue to the Church or the Disciplos (Rot. l)r. George li. Hep worth), at Fourth avenue and Forty-tlith street, where services will Ih> held, at the conclusion or which the procession will he re formed and proceed via Filth avenue and Four teenth street to the North River. Here a govern ment tender will be in waiting to convey the body and mourners to Jersey City, wnere the corps* mil be embarked in a train on Its way to South Carolina. The amount paid into the treasury yesterday through the Comptroller's Office was The Comptroller yesterday paid the laborers on big pipes, to May 31, $7,271; pipe yard to May U, $1,631). Total, $8,011. Appointment of Police Surgeons. At a meeting of the Board of Police, heldyesteP* day afternoon, the following surgeons wore ai> pointed lor duty in their respective precincts:? First and Twenty-lourth precincts, Dr. J. N. Morrill, Isaac R. Sturgis; Fifth precinct, James Kenedy; Seventh precinct, Hans Powell: Eighth precinct, Thomas Crowoll, Stephen J. Clarke, A. J. Chad soy ; Ninth prewinct, Hamilton Walker; Tenth precinct. J. F. Seville; Twelfth precinct, George Steln liardt; Thirteenth precinct, Nathan S. Roberts; Fourteenth precinct, Daniel Cook; Sixteenth pre cinct, C. H. Wade. O. It, Wells, J. McLand; Seven teenth precinct, Isaac Trastukls, Eighteenth pre cinct, Eugene Sanborn; Nineteenth precinct, H. E. Henderson, W. w. Stew: Twentieth precinct, J. Osborne, J. Fethus; Twenty-llrsl precinct, W. J. White; Twenty second precinct, E. llarwood, W. E. Ewing; Twenty-ninth precinct, K. Bradley; Thirty second precinct, G. F. Jackson. W. Frottnncham. The remaining precincts will be published to-day. BOARD OF HEALTH. Cholera Coming. At a regular meeting of the Hoard of Health, helA yesterday afternoon, tho following report was re ceived from the Sanitary Superintendent:? Hanitakt Htikuftu, .luue 0, 1878. To Colonel Emmons Olauk, nonrotary :? Sih?Recent account* turnisii evidence that cholera has not only reappeared in Europe, hut is also sorioualy threatening our own country. The breaking >wt of a disease "resembling cholera''in New OrUuiin, Its subse quent appearance in Memphis, together with Its well known habit ol following the routes of human travel, leave us little doubt th it our means of rapid communication may, at an cariy day, bring the disease to this city. From lis approach by water, we are well protected hy :ui adcfjuarc system of (JiiHramlne; hut we possess no such means ol preventing it< arrival by Inn.I, much less the scattering oi Its germs with the ejections irom paten ters suffering wiih "premonitory diarrhivn''along tho lines of the sevoral-lralli ouds terminating here. If th? disease reaches this city it will probably do SO by MM ol these routes ol travel; and, as there are up pre (tension* that this may oec tir at any time, 1 yesterday caused an Inspection to hn made ol the different railroad depot*, ferryhouses and the cheap lodgings tor second class car passe liners, with a view t> the immediate adoption of such preventive measures as may lie applied to Uknni point*, of liuiux, which are more likely, hy giviuA lodgment to the poison, to bcooma the canier centres from which the disease may radiate. 1 luivc directed that special attention lie given to disin fecting and cleansing the privies ana waterclosots c.on lieeten with these places as the ready means of destroy, lug any germs of the disease which may he deposited tin-re i?y persons 1'rorfl inloctcd district*, either panning through the city or during a temporary abode. As it is now generally, if not universally, admitted that the germs ol cholera poison uxist lu the discharges from per sons having what is known as the "premonitory diarrhiia," a diarrhoea generally painless lu It* character, and so mild as nut to excite tlio alarm of the patient or even the suspicion of his iriends, it is of the utmost importance that early attention he given to such cases, tho discharges ba immediately disimected and the patient properly iso lated. The disinfectant which I have directed lor pres ent use is the old mixture, which has proved so reliable on previous occasions, viz:?'Ten pound* sulphate ol iron, five gallons ol water and a hall pint ot common carbolic add. In order to give lull publicity to what are now re garded as the most npproved precautionary mcusure* against cholera it is desirable that a set ot Instructions be prepared, notonly lor the public ores-", hnt that printed copies tie furnished to the intent* ot steamships irom Itoth foreign and domestic ports, to railroad officials, lothe pro prietors of hotels, to emigrant and sailor hoarding houses, to cheap ami vagrant lodging houses and all similar places where strangers congregate. The same method of disinfection applied to the sinks and water closet* of private houses, il made general, would the house drains, but th'ougu them the pnhlic sewera would be deprived ot a greater portion ot their poison ous gases. I would therefore respectfully recommend that some action tie taken hy which the desired Informa tion and instructions may be circulated as above pro posed without delay. Kcspeotfully submitted, K. H. JANKS, M I)., Sanitary Superintendent. The following report itud resolution were also adopted :? The Sanitary Committee respectfully submit the fol lowing report on the New York Rendering Company:? ! This company is engaged in the removal oi dead ani mals and offal irom the city, under a contract made by | the Mavor, City Inspector and Itecordcr, on the parfeof the city, and the l<oiig island Hone laboratory. ! My tlie terms ol the contract the company engaged for a period of ten years to remove beyond the city limits, I at. least daily , and as much ottener as the < ity Inspector required, all deud animals and oOTal. The contract i specifies (hat the animals are to be removed In barge*. | and the oilal in boxes, both being so covered us to prevent the escape of foul gases. In executing the contract tho company conveyed the materials down the bay until they passed the cltv limits, and then threw the mass overboard. The consequence was that, with the next Incoming tide, the putrefying* were hr-ught back to the citv and tbe river Ironts, and the nuisance created became unendurable. As the com pany had luiillled the terms of the contract in removing the materials beyond thu city limits, there was no power oi preventing the*reeurrencc of this nuisuuee. In 1807-S the company undertook to render the de?<l animals and offal in large bouts, at the do.'k. Thirty eighth street, and North Itiver. The chief features of thu process were the immediate dispo-al ol the animal anit> otlal in steam tight tanks and the destruction of all guses evolved hy combustion. This process has from tune to time hem Improved, and tho company hare substituted lor the old boats tlrst used a targe and commodious hulk. Notwithstanding all these improvements the worke have been a source ot constant complaint by the citizens of that district, and the demand for the abatement ol the business as a nuisance has lieeii r pi atedlv made. The company, on the contrary, allege that they are per forming their part of ihe contract in as inoffensive man ner us possible. , In order to give all parties concerned on opportunity to be heard on this sublecL and to enable this Board to coinc to a definite and satisfactory conclusion as to it* powers and duiics In ihe matter ol the contract for the removal of dead animals and otral and the abatement of nuisances growing out of tbe execution of the contract, thu committee recommend the adoption of thu following resolution :? Resolved, Thnt the Sanitary Committee be directed to give the New York Rendering Company and ull parties opposed to the continuance of their work at the foot of Thirty-eighth street. North Ktvcr, u hearing at the rooms of the Hoard oi Health, .iUi Mott street, on I hursday, June 12, at 2o'clock P. M HTKPHKN 8MITII, M. li.. Chairman Sanitary Committee. The Board then adjourned to Tuesday next. THE BBOOKLYH BOARD OF~HEALTtt The Brooklyn Board of nealth met yesterday afternoon. In reply to a letter sent by Health Commissioner ConkUng to Professor Squibb, ask ing liim what weru the best disinfectants for stagnant pools, closets, gutters, Ac., and directions for using the materials, stated that it depended much upon circumstances and conditions. He says that suiuliate of iron or copperas, carbolic acid and sulphurs were the cheapest and best for all practical purposes. The l'roiessor therein gives his explanation oi the reason ieadlug him to theao conclusions. Proper cleaning, lie said, was the best disinfectant for dirty streets and gutters. For staitnant pools, he suggests that the surface of the water be kept covered with a dim of oil. Tha communication was placed on file. DB0W8ED AT NEWA1IL Hngh McOrath, of No. 46 Summer avenne, New ark, tried to walk oter the trestle work bridge of the Newark and Hudson road, ou Thursday night, but fell overboard and was drowned. Some men saw him fail, and tried in vain to MTt him. U? lurci ft* ft** ?< *****

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