Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 8, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 8, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAED. WHOLE NO. 13,440. NEW YORK, SUNDAY. JUNE 8, 1873.? QUADRUPLE SHEET ? PRICE FIVE CENTS. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEM p.nts? Fourth Pass? Third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns. . , ASTROLOGY? Third PAon-Sixth column. BILUARfS? Eleventh Pack? Fourth column. BOARDERS WANTED? Fi mtKKTii Pack? rirst secend *njji third columns, ond sixteenth Pack- First col HOARD AND LODGING WANTED? Fipixemtii Page? Third and fourth columus, aud mxikenth Pace? First column. BROOKLYN HOARD? Fifteenth Pack? Fourth column. BBOOKl'YN P".AL BSTATE FOB SALK-Folrtkenth PAUt? Second column, and Thirteenth P auk? Sixth coimnn. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES? Eleventh Page? Fifth column. BUSINESS NOTICES ? Ninth P-ios-Filth and sixth col tluiui. CIOAKS AND TOBACCO? Elevknth PAais-Foorth col umn. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Fourteenth Pace? First column. and TuirtTittNTii Paue? Sixth column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN? Third Pack? Fourth and tilth column". CLOTHING? Elk\ k.ntu Pace? Fourth column. COACI - EN AND GARDENERS? Tbikd Pacb? Fifth, c.i'.cnm. COAS WISH STEAMSHIPS? Second Pace? Fifth col umn. COUNiitY BOARD? Fifteen? Page? Fourth, tilth and sixth columns, and Sihuentu Pack? Second col umn. DANt'IN.r A-^AOFMIES? Fourth Pace? Second column. IiENTISTRY? t-i.i:tkknth Pace? Sixth column. DRY GOODS? i-'iiiST Pack? Second, third, totirth, fifth and sixth columns, and Second Pack? First, Mcond Rnd third column*. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND t'N FURNISHED? Sixiki Pace? Third and lourth columns, EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS? 'kcond Pack? Fourth and * fifth column*. EYES AND EAK? ? Eleventh Pace? Fourth column. EXPRESSES? Ei.e\nnth Paue? Filth column. l'"XCURS10N8? Skcokd 1'auk? Filth und sixth columns. FINANCIAL? Tenth Paue?' Third and fourth columns. FINE ARTS ? Fourth Pack? Second column. FOR SALE? Eeucvkath Pace? Third and fourth col umns, FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Sixteenth I'acb? Fourth, fifth and sixth column*. FURNITURE? Eleventh Pace? Sixth column. FRENCH ADVERT! SEMENT3 ? Third PaGB - Sixth column. SELP WANTED? FEMALES? Thibd Page? Third and fourt'i columns. , , HELP WANTED? MALES-TniBD Page? Fifth and sixth column*. BORSfiS, CARRIAGES, AC.-Thirter?tb Page? First, second, third and lourth columns. HOTELS? Fifteenth Pack? Fourth column. HOUSES, ROOMS, Ac.. WANTED? ?kcond Pack? Sixth column. INSTRUCTION? Pscoxn Page? Third column. JERSEY CITY, HOBoKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR. SALE? Fourteenth I'agr ? :>t cond and third columns. LOAN OF FI C E S ? Th i kt?. kntu 1'agb? Fifth column. LOST AND FOUND? Ei.evk.ntb Pace? Sixth column. MACHINERY? Elevintu Pack? Fourth column. BARHLE MANTELS? Thirteenth Pack? Fifth column. MATRIMONI AL? Sixtkkxtu Pace? Sxth column. MEDD'AL? Sixteenth Page? sixth column. MILLINERY AND DUKSSMAKINU -Second PACE-Third column. MISCELLANEOUS AD\ ERTISEMENTS ? Twelfth Page ?Sixth column. SISCELLANEOU&? Eleventh Pack? Second column. USICAL? Fourth Page? First column. KEW PUBLICATIONS? Ninth Pauk? Sixth column. *EWSPAPEKS? Eleventh Page? Second column. PERSONAL ? Fikst Pack? First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.? Fourth Fags? Second column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES? Third Pagk? Second and third columns. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO BENT ? Fourteenth Pace? Third, lourth and fifth columns, and Thirteenth Pice? Sixth column. BEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? Fourteenth Page? Fifth column, and Thirtkentu Pack? Sixth column. BEAL ESTATE WANTED? Thirteenth Page? Sixth column. RELIGIOUS NOTICES? Fourth Page? Second column. REWARDS? Eleventh Page? Sixth column. SALES AT AUCTION? Fourteenth Pace? sixth calumn, and Thiutklnth Page? Fourth and fifth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES? Third Page? First and second columns. ? SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES? Third PAGE-Fourth column. SPECIAL NOTICES? Fourth Page? First column. SPORTING ? DOOS, BIRDS, AC.? Thirteenth Page? First column. fTOR AGE? Fourth Page? Third column. UMMER RESORTS? Fifteenth Page? Sixth column, and SixTF.KNTii Page? Second column. THE TRADES? Third Page? Sixth column. THE TURF? Thirteenth 1'agk? First column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? Sixteenth Page? Second nnd third columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE? Skcond Page? Filth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Sixteenth Page? Sixth column. WBSTCHtSTER COUNi'Y PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? Fourteenth Page? Second column. WINES, LIQUORS, Ac.? Eleventh Page? Second col umn. YACHTS, STEAMBOAT8, Ac.? Eleventh Page? Fourth column. F PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. _ ESSRS. KBEMER A CO.. AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED I'ABIS AGENTS FOR THE HEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL. EBS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO HNGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PERSONAL. AIMO.-WILL ANON. PLEASE SEND ADDRESS same as before, Herald office. ^ A MALE INFANT (ORPHAN) FOR ADOPTION; TEN months old; lull surrender to desirable party. Ad dress H. R. C , Herald Uptown Branch office. A WEALTHY FAMILY WISHES TO ADOPT AN IN fant from blrtli or not more than one week old. Address Mrs. EDWARDS, Herald Uptown Branch office. Bboadway car, up, Saturday noon.-tall lady in mourning, got off Twenty-first street? Please fsvor with your address, mentioning some incident, gen tleman you noticed with hair like your own. Address A. de L., box 140 Herald Uptown Branch ortico. EMILIB- DON'T MISS THE LAST AROYLE BAL Masque of the season to-morrow evening. Expect good time. LORENZO. RANK-MEET ME AT POLLOCK'S HOTEL, Hlghbridge, on Sunday, at 2 I'. M. HARBY. Fair lady-hudson river boat, Monday night. Please address gentleman who passed in Broadway stage last evening. GRANGE, Herald office. Gracie.? note received, will meet you as requested. BOB. Gentleman who particularly noticed brunette on Green and Gates avenues car, from Ful ton terry, about ? P. M. on Thursday last, both lett car Corner Gates and Bedford avenues, wishes to become ac Iualnted if agreeable. Please address B. G. 6., box 187 lerald office. TTANNAH DALY? WHO LEFT QUEKNSTOWN IN JjL April, and Is supposed to be In Boston. Is requested to write to ber sister-in-law, ANN HARRINGTON, 338 Blnth street, Jersey City. Boston papers please copy. TJENBY? THE DIAMOND I WANT MUST WEIGH Jd over one carat; a deep and perfectly clear stone. If you or anv one rise have a bargain address DIA MOND, box U7 Herald office, stating price and where In terview. | I Information wanted-concerning the whereabouts of the widow und children of Henry eemelliur, a Hollander, who died on the 20tli of March, im, in SO Allen street. New York, by RI D. C. Bl'RLAGE, Consul General of the Netherlands, 45 Exchange place, Maw York. TP DANIEL HAVLIN, SOMETIME MECHANIC WITH advantage INFORMATION WANTED? OP MORRIS FLINN; _ when last heard from he was In Sacramento. Cel. By addressing a note to his sister, ELIZA TIMMINS, Car Ransvllle. or lSUth street New York, he will hear some Ing to his advantage. Sacramento and California papers please copy. I' r MRS. K. OTTIWELL, RESIDENT OF RUS ST Honore during Paris Exposition, will s address rough Personals, she will meet with some friends, lately arrived. r. g. V. p. v, -UD^MEEi' Jka AT THE ROSE BA NK PART ,U Clinon, suten Island, Humptv Dumnty Social ilub, on Wednesday. > NOODLESOUP. ^the Gowrock Rope work Companv, Port Glasgow, otland, will apply to Alexander Lade, Solicitor, Port asgow, Scotland, he will hear or something to his M Clu M ONDAY-AT THE OLD PLACE AT 11 O'CLOCK. A. T, M IBS MOORE? PLF.ASE CALL AT THE BOX OFFICE of Bryant's Minstrels and get your umbrella. My poor, INJURED DARLINO-DO NOT THINK IT safe to come before It. if all Is well have signal at Window. THE MAN WITHOUT IRON IN HIS SOUL. PRUDENCE? YEA, VERILY, I WILL TAKE THEE to the gathering of the world's people at Boulevard Grove, Brooklyn, on the 18th day of the 6th month. Have M thy comely apparel, for I will be 7 THEFUTUREALDERMAN. Embayed from uomb.-straved from his home i? in Eighth street. Hunter's Point, Monday. May 12, Joh> A. McGlllavrsy.- aged eleven years; wore a Scotch ?ap. ('ark coat and vest, brown pants, and plaid shirt, ?tid was barefoot Is fair coinplexloned, and has leach lark on each temple. Any one giving Information of Is whereabouts will be liberally rewarded snd receive e thanks of his parents. PETER McOILLAVRAY, Long Island City. Mat tl. 1873. SAM.? THE OLD WOMAN HAS DROPPED ON YOU. Better keep away. DUNDREARY. 0 W., OF MIDDLETOWN OR ELMIRA, N. Y.-SEND p. your present address to yonr old frleu4 of US East Twenty-ninth street, in care of Station F. Important to fWL _____ 3 HUB LAflY IN BLACK GRENADINE DRESS. WITH L moire antique sash, In company with two others, left ourth avenue car at Forty lourth street or Forty filth Street, at about 3 o'clock yesterdav aiternoon and recog nised gentleman on front platiorm, will, II agreeable, ad dress LONESOME, Herald Uptown Branch office. rrHK MAJOR CAN BE FOUND AT NO. 1 ANN 1 street Thursday, a. m? pulton ferry, broad way to near Walker street Broadway again. Ad dress MORTIMER, Herald office. ILL NELLIE LEE PLEASE COMMUNICATE IM> mediately to 8. W. K., station B t w OQD STREET STAGS, DOWN BROADWAY TO JjQ Wslxer street? If the lady desires to renew the ae ?uaintance made during the rain, Friday afternoon, send address slating some circumstance to avoid mistake, ta THOMAS MARTIN, staliou D. DRY GOOD*). A T KINZEY'S. Closing out Spring and Summer Ooodi at ?pee ml bargain* 0*er 980.009 worth of uili, bonnet and trimming Kit>b?ri*at 40 cent* oo the dollar, flilk tiro* drain*, lOr. yard up. Silk Cord Edge*. 4c. yard op. Rich watered Kibhon*. 6c. up. Shaded Urol Grains, 19c. up, All allk Ribbon*, beat quality, tour inches wide, 25c. We are selling Ribbons lower than an y other house In the city, (0,000 yard* Rash Ribbon*, plain, gro grain, p. aids, stripe*, watered, brocauc* mid ?haded from 26c. to gt 60 yard, 1,000 Mama Lace Shawla and Raciiuc* Iroui auction. Llama .Shawls, gj 24 to *.'<0. Llama Sacques, 93 24 to gflO, Closing out all our Straw (ioods, troiu 26c. up. Closing out all our Silk Parasols and Umbrella*, Me. up, 12,000 Linen and Pique liats. tor city or country, In colors or wlnte (will wash), doling out at 29c, Colored Silk Brussels Net*, worth 76c., at 26c. yard. Doited silk Net*. 28c. yard. Cheullle Lotted Lace*, 60c. yard, Real Guipure Lace*, 15c. yard up. Real Yak Laces, lie. yard up, Oolored and while Cluny Laced, lino good*, fic. yard up,. Real Italian Val laces, Sc. up. Valenciennes Laces '*? do.ten up. Duchesa Point, thread and Applique Laces, irom auction, Large lot of Swiss, Jaconet, Nainsook, Organdie, Tucked, Striped, Plain and Kancv Muslins, Pique i and Cord*, troin 16c. yard up, Magic Ruffling*. Uc. piece. Skirt Ruffling*, 10c. yard up, Pique and .Marseilles Trimming*, lUc. piece up. 25,000 Ladles'. Gentlemen's and Misses' Handkerchiefs in hemsiich, tape borders, tucks, embroidered, Ac., be. to $4 96., inousnna* or yards or Hamburg Insertions una Edging*, 3. . to 9oc. yard. Auction lots of Kuinroiderles, Band*, Flouncing*, Ac., closing Normandy Lace Taps, closing. Marseilles Bonnet*, trimmed, 50c., Linen and Lace Collars, sleeve*, Bow*, Capes, Sets, Ac., very low., Large variety of Ladle's and Misses' Underwear, .-klrLs. Chemise. Drawer*, 8 .c.juew, Aprons, Waists, Ac., very low, 811k Trimming* and Fringe* in every shade ami color at very low prices; black silk Fringes and Gimp very low, 600 boxes fine French Flower*, from 10c. spray up, worth double, Opening our new importation ol Spring Feathers and Wings, 600 dozens silk, ivory, satin, Russia leather anil linen Kan*.; ?ilk Fans, every color, 15c. up; tine linen r'aits, lUc. up. Opening several cases of* new styles in leajher Hag* and Kelts In Russia and other line leathers, very low, SPECIAL NOTICE. At KIKZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'B. At KINZEY'B. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S, At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KIKZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S, At KINZEY'S At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'A At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'J. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. On Monday we shall offer Sou dozen wide rubber Bracelet*, with medallion heads and i. ?... ? ? ornamental designs, at 25c. Alio 200 dozen Screw*, in near!, coral and torquolse, with silver screw*, ilie same good* that have been sold atgl pair; we shall sell at 32c. 150 do/en Imported oxidized Cbateleine* we shall close at 25c. each. 260 dozen new designs Imported oxidized Cbatalincs, In 1ft dillerent patterns, all with three chain attachment. We have *old the same good* at 92 60; we (hall *ell theiu now at 92c. Oxidized Belt Buckles One case genuine Whitby Jet Earrings, closing at 23c. pair. Rubber Necklace*, Chains, Locket*, bets, bardrops, Ac., 100 dozen gent's Lisle Thread Shirts, closing at 60c. each, SttO dozen gents ana boys' Grenudine and silk Hows, KM . u 500 dozen misses' ana boys' fine Lisle thread lace Hosiery, lull regular made, at 2&. pair. C00 dozen misses' and boys' fancy striped llose, 12>?c. tip. Ladies' and gents' lino Hosiery at very low price*. and Slides from 25c. up. Hkh designs in oxidized sleeve Buttons, 25c. pair. At KINZEY''S. At KIKZKY'8. At KINZEY'S At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. TREFOUSSK GENUINE KID GLOVES AT Vic., PAIR. jj?ngli*h. Berlin Gi?v?* 2 <> ^*lle-butuin ^id?n *?C' ?erlm buup"^* ' up ^led2"dnuiakeT&iupVefJr M KIS*BY't. Admr* wiNUBon riKs. to:,-* KlNZEY'a 800 dozen Tie*: crape dechlne, grenadines, Windsors, po!ka dots, embroidered and plain Thousand* of yards of lining, trtmmiug and dress Silks, from auction, irom 25c. up. Crane de Chines, 00c. yard. 10,000 yard* black silk Srarl Laces, edged both sides, in a great variety ol patterns, at 50c. yard. . ? plain silk lies, 26c., 39c., 62c.. 49c. At KINZEY'S 2,000 yard* of every color wjdf Silk Brussels net, 26c. 1,800 yards One English Cranes, every color, double width, 60c. yard. EXAMINE LLAMA SHAWLS, FROM] AUCTION, 93 50 TO 91& Throe cases of ladles', gentlemen'*, boys' and mlises' merino gauze ana ? Ll*le Underwear, wliicli we are rolling below cost. Another suction lot of rich Sash Ribbons, 25c., 36c., 44c., 90c., 64c. Another lot of our gilt ?tick Fan* at 60c. each. Rich (ilk Fans, polished sticks and painted, 26c. Auction lot of *iik Parasol* closing out 69c. to 92 69. Large lot of Windsor Sashei, three yards long, at 9> 49. At KINZEY'S. 26,000 YARDS REAL GUIPURE LACES, FROM 15c. to 92 29 Fancy Goels, Bronze Ornament*. China Parian and Bisque. Swiss carved Goods in variety, Soaps, Perfumeries, Toilet Article*. 6.000 yard* very fine Swiss . Muslins, hare been wet. worth forty cents, selling at 19c. yard. 600 piece* Piques from auction, 20c. yard ap, Yery fine dotted Swls*e*. 25o. Nanlaook Muslins, 12Sc up, Opening from auction 12,000 pieces tucked, embroidered, Ruffled and puffed 1 rimming*. choice good*, irom lie. to 9i 49 piece. We have the good* advertiaed and sell at the prices advertised. 100 cases Straw Goods closing out from 19c., 26c., ate., 42c. np. 12 case* real French Chip Round Hats reduced to 690. 600 piece* real hand>made Linen Laces, 6c. and 10c. yard. 800 pieces fine Cluny and ?aftese Laces at 6c. yard. 800 linen Chemisettes Seta, With reeves, imported good*, Me. Another lot of those all linen hemttitch Handkerchief, 12^o, Another lot of gentlemen'* all linen, colored borders, hemmed, at 20c. 160 case* ladles' and mlssM' linen liat*, will wa*h, at29c. ^WILLIAM KINZKY'j^ At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KIKZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'8. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEY'S. At KINZEf S. 707 AND 769 BROADWAY. i CORNER NINTH STREET f DRY GOODS. B. ALTMAN A CO. W1LLL OPEN MONDAY, JUNB 9. SPECIALTIES IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. g ALTMAN A CO. NEW SUMMER COSTUMES. ELEGANT white lawn Walking SUITS. NEW *tyle* linen batiste and grenadine REDINGOTES. NEW styles linen Walking and Travelling SUITS. STYL1SU white lawn POLONAISES, linen POLONAISES, Fin* lawn House Wrapper*, Morning Robe*, Ac., All in great variety and attractiveness, AT REMARKaHT'T LOW PRICES. ALTMAN A CO. OUTFITTING DEPARTMENT. WILL OPEN ON MONDAY, JUNE 9, In addition to new style* of LADIES' and MISSES1 SUITS, * luperb assortment of ladies' and misses' Underwear. F INK UXDERCLOTUING, comprising the largest variety to be fonnd in any one house in thin city, at following prices Ladle*' FINE MUSLIN CHEMISES, !WC., $1 08, $1 30, fl 60. FINE CAMBRIC CHEMISES, *1, $1 25, $1 38, SI 60, $1 78. LADIES' LINEN CHEMISES, *1 #8, |2 28, $3 80, $2 88 to 94. LADIES' WALKING SKIIUS. 78c., 88c., Me.. $1 10, $1 28, $1 48, |$1 80, ?1 6S, 92, 92 Ml to MUSLIN NIOHT BOBF.S, i$l OS, $1 26, $1 80, $1 68 to 92. Ladles' MUSLIN, CAMBRuTund LINEN DRAWERS, from hBc., $1, $1 10, $1 55 to $2 78. FINE CAMBRIC NIOUT BORES, ?1 78, $2, $2 80, 92 75, 93 SO. LINEN NIGHT ROBES, from 93 50 to 9# 60. MUSLIN TRAIN SKIRTS, 91 46, 9> 78, 91 88, $2, 92 28, 92 5(1, 93, 93 28, 93 60, 9?, 4 60, to 98. MISSES' Wnmsutta Muslin CHEMISES. 7?c-> 9*>c., 91. MISSES' Wamsuttu muslin Drawer*, 58c., 68c., 88c. MISSES' NIGHT ROBES, 91 08, 91 16,91 35. MISSES' SKIRTS, 83c.,i)6c., 91 C8. In addition to tho above we have on lund a tine stock Toilet and house SACQUES and BASQUES, CORSET COVERS, Ladies BLOUSES, ladies' and children's APRONS, and every article necessary tor outfit and wardrobe. An inspection of our quality and prices Is earnestly solicited. B. ALTMAN A CO., Sixth avenue, near Twenty-flrst street At meares' Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street, opening to-morrow (MONDAY), specialties in all our d partmeiit*. We will have exhibited ouour counters the following lots, all marked in plain figures, which, to maintain out popularity for lowest prices tor best goods, we have marked at unusually smalt profit DRHss MOODS. 2,000 pieces plain, mixed anil striped Dresa Goods, in variety of atvle and quality, 15c., 18c.,2(.'c., 24c., 1,000 pieces Kress Goods, plnin and mixed, better good*, S8e.. 30.., 35c.. ate., 4"c., 44c. ami 80c. Twilled Serges nnd cashmere* for polonaise, 38c. to 60c. Striped .-ilk Grenadines, 2tkv ami 25c. lk'st silk and wool and all wool Grenadines, 44c., 80c , 60c. and 7 flc. hcsi urunds black Alpacas. 25c.. 30c., 3?c., 44c. and 60c. bargains in black Cashmeres, lull width, 95c., 91 uud 91 la Fine black Taffeta. Silks. 91. 91 >8, 91 26, 91 3a Extra heavy 'i'atlota *nd Gro* Grain black Silks, 91 60, 91 t>5, *1 73 ii nd *2. splendid quality Bellons A Poiicoii's soft satin finish Silks, f.2 2>, 50 and 9^ 78, Worth (3 25. Striped I'ress Silks, splendid quality, 98c. to 91. Striped Siik?, best goods made. >1 25. Colored trimming Silks, 95c., fl, 91 25, 91 38. Llama Luce Sacques aud Points. Murrains in Llama I .ace Sucques and Shawls Splendid Luce Sacques, 98, 9io, 912, 913, 914, 916, almost one-lialt last year's prices. Vcrv line real Llama Sacques, 916, 917, 918, 920. I .are l'oints. 93, 910, 9n, 913, 915, fia A lot til very tine Opera Clonks, 96 SO .worth 916. Very tine Llama Lace Parasol Covers, 92 75, 93, worth 96. Real thread Parasol Cover*, 916 and 916. PARASOLS AND SUN UMBRELLAS. Prices lower than any hou?e in the city, comprising all the newest styles introduced this season, in rich Plain anil twilled and satin borders, all styles handle*. Club stick Umbrellas, shaded silk satin borders, in pur ples, blues, browns, chatelaine attached, 92 75 and 93 20. Heavy, black silk lined Club Stick handle, 93 to 93 65. Misses' silk I'arasols, 45c. to 91. Real Pongee Sun Umbrellas, silk lined, best coodi, 96c., 91, 91 26, 91 60, 91 75 and 92, half price. HOSIERY AND UNDERGARMENTS. Now opening, every style in Ladles', Children's and Gem's Summer Undergarment*. Ralbriggan, Lisle Thread and Striped Hosiery. Gent's summer Merino Vesta, 80c., 60c., 69c. and 79o. Hoys' Summer Merino Vests, 38c., 8l?c., 60c. and 75c. Misses' Merino Vests. 35c., 40c. ami 80c. Ladies' Summer Merino Vests, 60c., 63c. and 75c. Ladles' extra long llalbrlggan Stocking*, silk clocked, 93, 94 25, 94 30 and 95 26 box. Kid, Silk and Lisle Thread Gloves. all styles. Two-button Kid Glows, 91 i first class article. LADIES' UNDERGARMENTS AND CORSETS. All the popular makes of Corsets, at low prices. Embroidered French-wove Cors ts, 91 and 91 28? very cheap. lloopskirt Panlers. fashionable shapes, 80c., 63c. and 75c. Chemise* and Drawers, in great variety of style aud trimming, 75c., 91, 91 28, 91 38 and 91 60. Nightgowns, all styles, 91 28, 91 80, 91 78 and 92. Ladies' Toilet Sacques and Corset Cover*, in linen and cambric. Walking and Trail Skirt*, Baby Baskets and Pillow Shains. Children's Normandy Cap*, Medallions and Italian lace, 93 to 94. Children'* linen and pique Suits, braided, $i 78 to 92 6a OPENING ON* MONDAY a very large assortment of Ladies' Suit* In Black Silks, Striped Silks and Linen, both Imported and of our own manufacture. Great variety of Imported Suit*, 912, 914, 916, 918, 920 to 960. Plain Black and Striped Silk Suits, richly trimmed, beat custom work, $5\ 970, 976 and 990. Black Alpaca Suits, our own manufacture, very stylishly trimmed, fine material and wall made, 912. 915 and 925. Black Cretonne Suits, elaborately and neatly trimmed, 935 ; usual cost, 983. Cashmere and camel's Hair Cloth Polonalae, trimmed with silk, 918. Linen and Batiste Polonaise, 96, 98, 99. 910, 912. Linen Suits. In latest styles, 96, 98, 910. 912 and 913, Orders lor garments promptly and neatly cxecutcd at moderate prices. Mourning Outfits to order at shortest notice. Housekeeping and Domestic Goods, a large assortment Towels, Napkin*. Table Linen, Piano Covers and Tidies. Lawns, Tarlatans, Organdies, Plain and Dotted Muslins. LACE AND EMBROIDERY DEPARTMENT. Guipure, Point Valenciennes and Thread Lace*, all widths; lilies' and Children's Handkerchiefs, fringed Yell* and Spanish Dot Neta; plaited Cuffs and Collar*. Now opening, great bargains in Hamburg embroidered Edgings and Inserting*, all widths, choicest pattern*, 12c., 13C., 14c., 16c., 16c., 18c. to 38c. MILLINERY RIBBONS AND TRIMMINGS. All the latest styles and low prices. All-silk gros grain sash and bonnet and trimming Rib bons. Windsor silk Ties and fichus, trimmed with Iringe; French flowers and Straw Goods, trimmed and un trinuncd ; Passementerie Gimps, Braids, Buttons. Orna ments, black and colored Fringes, plain and knotted la all colors. All qualities and styles In latoat novelties in Pari* and Vienna Fancy Gooaa, oxidized Ornament*, Ac. ; Shell, Whitby, .let, Itubbet and Gilt Jewelry. In *cts, Chate laines, Bonnet, Dress and Hair Ornaments; Russia Leather, Canvas and Morocco Travelling Bag* and Pocketbooks. . _ _ Soaps, Pertumery, Toliet Powder and Pnff*. Strangers visiting the city, ladles leaving for the conn try can find here the largest and most complete assort ment, obviating tbe necessity of shopping In different ?torc?. RICHARD MEARES, 307 and 309 Sixth avenue. 101, 10B and 106 West Nineteenth street. AT V. VIOOUROPI'S, 122 FOURTH AVENUE, STAMP Ing, Embroidering Lingerie Establishment.? Ladles' and babies' Trosseaux; specialty of Initials: Monogram* lor handkerchief*, table and bed cloth; the largest stock of Imported Kronch Embroidered goods, babies' Dresae* and I'lque Cloth. Wholesale department 69 East Twelfth street AT MME COLLINS', 26 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, dressmaking cstabl I shment- Ladies can rely oiWf fit ting perfect fitting Dresses made, trimmed m latest Parisian styles. A NEW STYLE OF BUN HAT} ALSO THE LATEST style.) of round Hat*, Jatt received at Madame 0, LACK'S, 882* Broadway, near Nineteenth street DRY GOODS. _ ALTMAN A 00. "" BILES Jl'gT OPENED. win offer extra bargain* In Fancy atrip* and black Silk*. 100 piece* grisaille striped slLKS, reduced to 91 per yard. Black and white i STRIPED SILKS. reduced from 91 17 Gray and white J to 91 18 p: r yard. Super B lack silks, 91 7s, 92, 92 19, 93 80 per yard. Lusterlne SILKS for Grenadine Drewes, 90c., 98c., 91 P?r yard. ? , ALTMAN A CO.? PARASOLS AND LACE GOODS. MONDAY, Jl'NE ?, will make i|>lcn<ll<l offering* B. LADIES' AND MISSES' PARASOLS. The largest and flutst stock of PARASOLS in the AMERICAN MARKET, comprising the latest novelties of the season. 1.000 Children's silk Parasels. at 91. * Changeable Silk, Pongee, silk Serge, ) and ' > PARASOLS, every assortment of fine silk, ) raiiKing in pricen troin 92, 9: 25, fc 75, S3, 93 W, 91 to 9 ? 00. LACKS, LACK GOODS. LACK VEILS, LACK SHAWLS, LACK SACUUBR, PARASOL COVERS, in great variety and low prices. Heal Llama Lace Sacqucs, 97, 98, 910 00, 913, $U, 915. 917, 922 to 9M. Llama Lace Shawls, 97, 99, 910 to 928. Colored, black and white Vak and Cluny Lace*. { Spauixh Lace and Chenille Dot Lace Veils. Ladies' I'oika Snot SILK 1 IKS, 60c. each. j> ALTMAN * CO. will offer, Monday and the entire week, URKAT BARGAINS, as follows:? SOU dozen three-button KID GLOVES, 95c. per pair. 200 dozen two button KID GLOVES, 85c. per pair. BILK aud LISLE THREAD GLOVES, HANDKERCHIEFS, HOSIERY, Ac., at great bargains. J^I MMKR GAUZE VESTS j * ladles. I at B. ALTMAN * CO., gentlemen and children, J at very low price*. 0 iXIDIZED SILVER JET 1 and J at B. ALTMAN * CO.. PANCY JEWELRY ) A vcrv flne and large collection of rich Pari*, Loudon and Vienna Goods, in many varieties, will be offered on MONDAY, JUNE #, at REDUCED PRICKS. The PUBLIC are urgently Invited to an examination. B. ALTMAN * CO., Sixth avenue, near Twenty-tlrst street. Al. THE NEW AND CHEAP DRY GOODS ESTABLISHMENT of M. REIMAN A CO., late of New Orleans, 25 Union Kquure, n few doors above Tiffany A Co.'*, and 25 East Fifteenth street. Ladies will do well to bear us in wind when purchasing the r Embroideries, Lacet, Hosiery, Underwear, Ladies' Suits ne t Undergarments. shawls. While Hood*, silks. Dress Goods, Ribbons, Gloves, Cornets and Fancy (loods. GREAT REDUCTION IN l'RICKd ot Summer Silk* 9'. now 83c. Sprint; Silks, 95c., now 75e. Spring Silks, $1 2\ now 91. Spring Silks, *1 50, now $1 25 SprliK Silas, 81 75 and 92, now 91 8 0. 384 pieces black Silk", ot the host makes, reduced 10 per below last week's prices. BARGAINS, BARGAINS, BARGAINS, In While floods, Swiss, India Mull, French Nainsooks, Victoria And Bishop Lawns white and printed Liucn Law in und < 'ambries. Piques, Ac. OltKAT REDUCTION IN DRESS GOODS. 10,645 picces Dress Goo Is ol every dcsciption reduced more than 25 per cent. Dress Goods at 15c. , 18c., 20 <?., 25c., 30c., 37Xe., 40c.. 50c., 62 Uc., 75c., which were sold u week ago 10 to 25 per cent higher. 4.673 pieces Linen Batiste, plain, embroidered aud striped, at greatly reduced prices. 2, (>8l pieces Grenadine, 18c. to very finest, reduced (Tom in to 25 per cent. 1 MB p|pces printed Linen Cambrics, 18c., 20c.. 22kc., 25c., worth -5 to 50 per cent above our present selling price. We have reduced our Japanese Silks 10 to 2# per cent. 5 more cases yard wide printed Cambrics, liftc. 3 more cases yard wide Irish Linen, 25c. 8 more cases printed Delaines, 15c. 17J nieces 0-4 wide French Nainsook, S'lc., worth 65c. PINK LACE SHAWLS AND JACKETS. We have reduced from $5 to 915 each. Extraordinary bargains in READY MADE SUITS of French, Berlin ami domestic make* ol the vcrv latest stylus for ladles', misses' arid children, fully 35 per cent below any other house. MOURNING DEPARTMENT. We have secured and shall offer for sale on Monday and during the week CO cartons of Lupin's small and medium sized mesh Black Grenadine at 85c., 9>, 91 12%. 91 29, SI 35 and 91 80 per yard. The above goods are pure silk and wool, and are guaranteed to tie the goods manufactured by A. Heyroux, briber A Co.. successors to Lupin A Co. We hat* also a lull line of Mourning Goods, suitabl* for the present season, embracing Florentine, 80c. and upward. Trent Cloth, 55c. and upward. Foulard, Detain*. Tainise, Ac.. Ac. Black Alpacas of the very best brands. 850 nieces Idack Alpaca, 26c., 30c., 3?c., S7>ic., 40c., 48c., flOc., to very finest. We ure offering these goods from 25 to 38 per cent lower than any other Houm In the cltju ? M. REIMAN A CO. IJ1UE NEW AND CHEAP DRY GOODS ESTABLISHMENT, M. REIMAN A CO., LATE OP NEW ORL#9t*8, 26 Union square, a few door* above Tiffany A Co 's, ? . and 25 East Fifteenth *treet, jV, Offer* to sell Ladle*' and Gentlemen'* FURNISHING GOODS, Of tbe belt English, Irish, French and Oerman make*, much below the usual retail prices, in order to establish our reputation and trade in this line. Gentlemen of New York and vlclnitv, as well as stran gers visiting the city, will please bear' us in mind when you ar* buying your FURNISHING OR DRY QOOD8 J^T QAYNOB'S CORSETS," SKIRTS AND TOURNIRK9. SPECIALTIES. 922 Broadway, corner of Twelfth street Branch store, 649 Sixth avenne, between Thirty -seventh and ThIrty-eighUl street*. SUMMER GOODS Just received. Elegant shape* and styles, adapted to any Agar*. Latest Pari* Novelties In French Haircloth Skirts and Tournure*, superior style and <inallty, at very reasonable prtc**. Ar Great bargain* In Carpet*, Pnrniture, Bedding, Ac., at tbe large wholesale and retail Carpet and Furniture Wareroom*, 800 to 816 Eighth avenue, ?oner* Thirty-fifth and Thlrty ilxth street*, D. KELLY. Give ut a call before hnying. FDE PERCEVAL. . 739 Broadway, opposite A*terpi?*? Infants' Cloaks, Coat* and Capes, Dresses, sacqne*, AA. Infants' Wardrobes, from 988 up. Ladies' Outfits, Bridal 8*u, Ac. Monogram* and Initial* embroidered to order. Laces cleaned and mended equal to new. Stamping and stamped Good*. A. DRY GOODS. STKHN BROTHERS, J CTU AVENUE AND 23D STREET, / 387 Sixth avenue, DO We at Twenty-third street, will display on IMonday, June 9i and throughout the entire week, NEW AMI DESIRABLE GOODH throughout our entire establishment^ at YgREATLY REDUCED PRICES* We call tnc particular attention of our customers in tending to leave the city to our stock of ? SUITS, ? SUITS, ? in LINEN, LAWN AND BATISTE, In over HW different styles, plain, braided and embroidered, at a great reduction from loriner price*. Uur stock of POLONAISES, REDINMOTES and sacques comprises all the best stvles of the season, from $4 aO up. Ladles should not tail to inspect our stock before puichaalug. LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR DEPARTMENT. The large facilities . wa now possess] ill manufacturing, and tb* great and constant attentftfa we bestow to this department, enable na to offer a richer and larger selection of LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S GARMENTS than any other establishment In the country. We have always on hand the most com plete assortment of every article requisite for ladies' or chil dren's outfits in all gtylefi, sizes and qualities. NlGttf ROBES, DRESSING SACQUES, CHEMISES, DRAWERS. We will offer the coming week the largest and best as sortment ol the above goods ever offered iu * at prices to suit the most economical. *W? 9ity CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT? Pique Braided Suits, Mantles, Capes and Gabriels, in u Whilc i'icjue and Colored Linen, ror all ages. Agreatba?a.nDi&N,8 ^ kmanpy CAPS. 300 Children's Normandy Caps former price $4 M; finest material and workmanship. We will open on Monday and during the week an entire assortment of REAL LLAMA LACE SACOUES, AT 90 eu, $12, $14, $18 and apwards. REAL LLAMA SHAWLS, FROM $11 upwards, LLAMA CAPES, DOl-MANS AND JACKETS, REAL OUIPURii SACQUES. AT $28 and $S^ and an elegunt selection of BEAL THREAD LACK SHAWLS, from $71 upwards, the most superb designs. at greatly reduced prices. t silks. We call special attention to our tall lines of Dress and Trimming silks. Excellent Hlack Taffeta silks, 24 Inches Wide, at $1, $1 2.1, $1 37 and $1 82. BLACK OROS GRAIN SILKS, at $1 33, $1 70, $1 V7 and upwards. , Colored Taffeta and Oros Grain Trimmliitt Silk, in all the new and popular shades, from $i 16 up. <f> RIBBONS.T (RIBBONS. GROB GRAIN BfWtNET RIBBONS, In S, 7, 9, 12, 18, ' all the new and desirable shades. ROMAN AND WATERED BONNET RIBBONS, In CboiC* colors. Real Roman ) Black Plaids, I ^Watered"' f8A8H RIBBONS, and ' I Taffeta, J In all widths designs and colors, the choicest stock In the eity, EXTREMELY CHEAP. Crepe du chine Ties, plain and tasselled. Windsor and Fancy Ties, iu variety. Wc will make on Monday and during the week Sweeping reductions ia oar stocks of Parasols and Sun Umbrellas, la silks, pongees, serges and embroidered, for misses and ladies plain and fancy bandies. One lot largo boiled silk Ban Umbrellas, Paragon Frames at $2 08, worth $3 SO. One lot buff silk Pongees, witfc heavy fringe, at $3 10, former price $4 78; over styles, grealy re dnced. French chip, Leghorn and hair Round Hats and Honueta, closing out below co*t of manufacture. FINE FRENCH FLOWERS. An immense assortment, very low, branched in any style to suit the wants of customers. NEW STYLES OF OXIDIZRD GOODS, of our own importation. Oxidized Belt Clasps, in entirely new styles and designs, at $1 25, $1 78 and $2 so, selling all over the city Irom $3 to $& Oxidized Chatelaines, Oxidized Parasol Holders, Silver and Oxidized Perftme Bottles, Vinaigrettes, Bonnet Plus and Ornaments, too numerous to mention. f EID GLOVES. | | KID GLOVES. J 600 dozens fresh Lupin's Kid Gloves, in all the new Spring shades, at $1 and $1 16; selling alt oVer at $1 28. In addition to the above we will open new style* of BEAL GUIPURI LACKS, BEAL THREAD LACES, BLACK AND COLORED YAK LACES, PBENCII BLONDE LACES, BEAL AND" IMITATION YALE NCI EN NES LACES, WHITE AND BUFF CLUNY LACES, SPANISH LACKS, la atl widths and qualities. AlSO New striped Hose for Ladle* and Children. New Brown's White Ralbrlggan iioee. Ladle*' Lisle Thread llose. Silk and Liile Thread (Doves tor Ladle* and Chlldrea. New stylee 01 Trianon Fans, . Portemonnales, Travelling Baa*, at our u*uaily low prlcea. stern Troth ERR, Sixth aveaoe aad t weatrifetrd iumi UKV GOODS. A T _ EKEE n H RRR II CO H H H8/4 "? V wt ? ? L LI U iin j I ' I t. IIHHH ??? j, 0 K H HRRIIO UU S E?.- H fi S S ?J c.?c " II 8 8 888 KKEE H H B R II CC U u jKUJUTH AVENUE. NEAR TWENTY-FOURTH ST Ladle* will And our establishment crowded with th? attractive Uoods, all offered at the most decided bargains. Our exceedingly large purchases at the late forced auction und bankrupt sales enable us to offer even a sweeping reduction on the inany inducement* whlctl have been so popular during the season. We call attention to a few of our special Departments^ below, and trust that ladies will convince themselves of the exact truth of our advertisements, us well ax of the attractiveness of our establishment by a person*! visit and examination. REAL V ? A uM A }' L aa M"f SH A A L L A A M *L J* A A L L AAM^jMAA L I< AA AA K i, u I AA AA L L A A M mm? MA A L L A AM y M A ? L la A AM MA A LLLLLL LLLLLL A AM MA ? lace shawls and sacques. Oar real I.latna Goods have been examined by connois seurs, and ure pronounced to lie as much a* w per cent below liroadway prices. We have bought them at A sacrifice, and will sell them at a sacrifice. beautiful real Llama Shawls, tine mesh and rich pat terns, at $i M, $6 SO, |6, *4 ?*, 97 SI, $3, $10 SO, $13, $15 90 and ap to $70. Elegant laace Sacques and Dolmans, at $0, $7 DO, $9, $1024, $1.1 51 and ui) to $86. We solicit an early Inspection. <i> SUITS. SUITS. ? As the Superintendent of our Suit and Clonk Depart ment rails lor Eur< pe in a few days. In order to complete our Kail purchases, wc have determined to mark down this entire Stock, in order to reduce it belore Ills depar ture. Our "Bismarck" stripe Suits reduced to $2 ?9. Our real Much .suits, neatly trimmed with ruffle, re duced to $4 SWl Our white lawn Suits, with Redlngotes, reduced to $7 78. Our wash pcpHn Kedingotes reduced to $1 75. Our vast assortment of richly braided linen Suit*, alpaca, grenadine and "Berlin" stuff Suits, all reduced to close theui out. Call and examine. We would herewith Inform our patrons that any business commissions In London, I'arls or Berlin, will be cheerfully accepted aud will receive faithful atten tion. OVer 111 00 00 00 00 uoooo oooo oooo oooo 11 00 00 . 00 00 oooo oooo 8 ii o* oo oo go oo oo oo 11 Wl 00 00 00 00 00 ? 00 _ 11 CO OO 00 00 00 Oi) OO 00 11 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 11 00 00 ? 00 00 OOOO 00 0$ nil oo , oo ou oo dollars' worth of t LADIES' MUSLIN UNDEHOAItMENTS. All oar own manufacture, and guaranteed to surpass any In the city in Beauty of Style, Excellence of Workmanship, and extreme attractiveness in Price. We annex a few prices:? CHEMISES. Tucked bosom, needlework tront, with edge, at 69c. Corded band, front aud sleeves, superior muslin And make, at 73c. ; worth fully $L Finest Wamsutta Chemise In the elty at $1. Beautiful Chemise, bosom of rows of pulling and em broidery, at $1 36: worth fully $1 79. One hundred and eleven different styles of Chemises. In muslin, Uncn, cambric and percale, trimmed, wits puffing, tucking, needlework and hand embroidery, at |1 ?,$1 #2, $1 68, $1 67, Ac., up to $3 7$. A good intulln Walking Skirt, well made, trimmed wttfe ten tucks and hemmed, at 80c. worth $1 2ft. Our attractive Skirt, trimmed with 16 tucks. In three clusters, at 94c. ; worth fully $1 50. Beautiful skirt, of three alternate clusters of tucks and three alternate ruffles, at $2; cannot be sold else wherO at less than $2 SO. Beautiful skirt, trimmed with two clusters of Ave tucka each and wide needlework edge, at $2 26; worth $3. Night Dress, tucked yoke, hack and front, at$l 08. Beautllul Night Dress, tucked yoke aud sleeves, needle* work tront. trimmed with ruffle, at $1 86, sold every where at $2 2.V Elegant tucked yoke Night Dress, trimmed with neat embroidery, at $2. worth fully $2 SO. Short Night Dresses, or Toflet Sacqtiea, In large variety. Fine Toilet Sucques, at 30c., 96c., $1, $1 16, Ac., up to Be where at $2 SO. Wondorftil selection of Corset Covers, Short Ukiru, Drawers, Pillow and Sheet Shams; misses' and children's Undergarments. Ladies' "Robes de Chambre," ladies' lawn, calico, cam bric, percale and linen W?l?n, Ac., Ac. Ladles wishing to purchase Bridal Trousseaux, or id replenish their wardrobes, should certainly visit our La dies' I'tide rgarmeut Department, which will surprise them by lis inexhaustible variety and by the extraor-' dlnary Inducements it contains. Children's plain and braided Linen Suit* of every description: Marseilles single and double Cloaks, Coat* and Capes: Marseilles Dresses, boys' Highland Suits, Ac.* Ac., at the most reasonable rates. lufanti' Wear a specialty. $6 so. Beautiful Toilet Sacques, trimmed with rows of tuck ^100,000 YARDS OF EMBROIDERY.^ ) AU our own Importation, iu less than wholesale prieet Edgings and Inserting*, at He., 10c., 11c., 13c., 15c.. 17c.* JOc . iOc., 2Sc . 29c., 30c., 32c , 33c., 40c. and up to $1 70 per yard. Very wide and showy Patterns, for Pillow Shams and flouncing purpose, at 40c., 46c., 60c., 60c., 70c., Ac.; all bargains. I'ndergUrmcnts? Manufacturers supplied In any quaa< tKj. ^SUMMER PNDER WEAR.} We devote special attention to this department, and. by. purchasing our Ooods direct from the manufacturers, ais* enabled to offer special advantages to our customerx . Ladies' fluo Merino shirts, at 70c., 80c., 90a, $1, $1 10.; $1 20. Ac. acnts' fine Merino Shirts, at 75c.. 66c., 90c , 96c., $1,911^ Ac. Oenta' fine Merino Drawers, at 75c., 85c ,90c., $1. $1 20, Ac. f Full assortment of misses' and children's Merino Co* derwear. ITTTTTTTr 8888 J t 8 flr f 8 I 8 T 8888 * T 8 8 T 888* Oar great, popular Department 10 cases boys' fine brown straw Hats, tally bound and trimmed, at 44c., worth $1. io cases Rough and Ready Hata, School and Sun Uati, at 40c . worth 750. Misses' brown school Ilats reduced to SOo. 10 cases new style Sailor Hats, from 76c. upwards. White chip Bonnet* and Round Hats reduced to $1. , 60 cases black Milan Hata and Bonnets, from 90c np> wards. 10 cases best black Neapolitan Round data, at $1, worttt $1 60. We have now on hand the largest and most varied as sortment of Hats ever offered at retail, and guaranteo' oar prices to be lower than at any other house In the city. The trade supplied at less than downtown jobbers* prices. RIBBONS in elegant variety, at astonishlnita low rates. Hixdnch all silk colored Sa?h Ribbons, at 70c.. worth 90c. Blue and wbitc and pink and wnlta plaid Hash Ribbon^ at 66c. and 7Sc. per yard. Gros grain watered Sash Ribbons, tall 7 Inches wide, At $1 per yard. _____ FLOWERS AND FEATHERS. Rlebest assortment In the city. Having superior ad* ?antages In the direct importation and manuraeture of fine Flowers, Wreaths, Montures, vine*. Ac., we are en abled to effer our goods far below current prices. An as sortment will be found very attractive In the rare beauty Of our sprays and the extreme moderation or prices. X ? REAL OUIPURE AND THREAD LACES, of our own direct importation, at special bargains. Our Real Lace Department offers decided adva _ In the large variety end One quality of our I.aces, an " ~ n Lace the extreme cheapnesa of our prices. Call and examine. Real Lace Barbea, Handkerchief*, Parasol Covers, Laos Mitts, Ac. BLACK DRESS SILKS, at $1 26, $1 60, $1 H, $1 75, $2, $2 !S and up to $3 40. all tally 33 per cent under Broadway prices. PARASOLS. PARASOLS. PARASOLS. PARASOLS. PARASOLS. Parasols. PARASOLS. parasols. parasols. The School Tarasol. In buffo r black, atfcc flood Silk Parasols, at $1. $1 29, $1 50, ,tc. Fine Silk Parasols, chatelaines and gilt cup. at |J 25. Beautiful Silk I'arasols, heavy fringe and chatelaine "'nrabsf I k 'iVrasols, heavy frlage and chatelaines, at $4 80 Changeable blub Silk Parasols, satin stripe, with chate ^Every' Variety o t Parasol at extraordinary induce. men,,? JUST RECEIVED FROM AUCTION, fSOdoten extra quality Lupin's two- button Kid flloves, kt $1 IS; cannot be purcnased of the importer ?t less thaa $'? 25. Call early In the week, anl early In tbe day, to avoid the crowd at Ell RICH'S Tempie of Fashion, MR and 289 fiigUU) aveuue, uear rweuty-fovtb sutsb

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