Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 8, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 8, 1873 Page 2
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DRY GOODS. AT JAMES M'I'KKKKY A CO.'S, Broadway aud Eleventh street. will offer on Monday, June 9, flOft pieces Fancy Silkis 87*ac., luruwr price $1. pieces Fancy Milks, f I. former price VI & piei-n Fancy Silks, $1 I\ former price SI 90 te ft. I'Uia colored Silks. iu ail the new tints and most deaur ii>lc shades, Iii all qualities, from $1 75 upward. Black Oroa Urains, in all qualities, comprising the fol low tug celebrated makes.? Bonnet's, troin fj 29 upward. Uuinet's, from *t 7.'< upward. Helton'-, [mtn $1 75 upward. Keillard. irom JJ upward. Macor'a. iron) (2 25 upward. Gourd's, from f I 75 upward. Alsu James McCreerv A Co.'* celebrated "Family Silk," In prices ranging Irom ft to M. The above makes having been thoroughly tested by our patrous, we can recommend tlieui for durability and wear. 1 LAMA LACK SHAWLS: JU Llama U f Saequesl At JAMES M'CKEEIIY A CO.'S., Broadway and Eleventh street Lis ma Lace Shawls! Llama loicc Sncijues! Just received, pur last steamer, another invoice ot lJama Lace SiiawU and Sacquos, in the most ' tenant designs ?n<1 ?hapes. Ladies are invited to examine these goods before pur chasing clsti where, as we have marked litem atextraor dluary low prices. _ T>EAL INDIA SHAWLS. XV At JAMES McCREERY A CO.'S, Broadway und Eleventh street, real India, Stella and Calcutta Shawls. We ure offering the balance of our spring importations of real India, Stella and Calcutta Shawls, in black and red centres, at a ijreat sacrifice. OTRIPIiD OTTOMAN O and Carriage Shawl*. JAMES Mc< Kl-.KKY A CO., Kroadwiiv and Eleventh street. Striped ottoman and Carriage Shawls, |u great variety, irom f.i upward, suitable lor travelling or seaside wuar. AT JAMES McCRKKRY A CO.'S. Broadway and Eleventh s'reet, will offer on MONDAY. June 9, in tlioir Millinery Department, their entire stock of Trimmed Hon nets and Round Hats, comprising French niul >wiss Chip Hats, Straw and Hair, at a reduction of 4U per cent, )? close the season. A perfectly l'rcsh stock heal 'J bread and French Lace Hats and bonnets, at verv low pricos. AT JAMES M'l'ltE ERY A CO.'S, Broad way und Eleventh street, will con;intir, on Monday, June 9, their attractive .sale of Ludles' Suits, Uu ported and of our own manufacture, at prices rouging from f 12 to S3J. being a reduction oi -'5 to 5') per cent Ladies' Linen, i.uwuajid Batiste RedingoUs, Polonaises Ditd Sails, a splendid assortment, from ft Upward. Children's brnidt d pique ami linen Urcsscs, in all sizes ?ud iu great variety, at exceedingly popular prices. Infants' Wardrobes at unusually attractive prices and replete with every article tor inlauts' wear-., Ladies' and Children 3 Undergarment*. Special at Ir actions in our popular lines ot Nightgowns, Chemise*, Drawers, Cumisols Walking, Train and Underskirts, Dorset Covers, Ac., Ac. Particular attention paid to spctinl orders for Ladies' Slid Children 's Dresses. Trousseau, Ac., Ac., made trow ?ew and elegant designs at popular priest AT JAMES M'CREEBY A CO.'S, J\ Broadway and Eleventh street," on Monday, June H. will offer their Stock of soring and Summer Dress Ooods at greatly reduced prlccs. Striped and brocaded Japanese Poplins, elegant de stuns, 25c. and Sic. : reduted from 50c. Mohair and de Huge, suitable for polonaises, In all ifeades of brown and gruy , 60 . ; roduced fro hi Ii2'ac. Hatin striped Mohairs, in all colors; reduced to37*tc. striped dc Bage. suitable (or seaside wear, V Inches Wide. 45c. ; reduced from tit.'jc. Imitation Camel's Hair Serge, In all the new shades and mignonette, fltic. ; worth iftc. French Mohairs, in new shades, double width, 50c. per yard. striped and Chenc Poplins, reduced 20c. per yard. Now shudu* ot plain and twilled Alpacas, double width, Sic. : regular price. 50c. A choice assortment ot Materials, suitable for travelling f ostunies, varying in price ir< ui JOv. to 50c. per yard AT JAMES M'CREEBY A CO.'S, Broadway und Eleventh street, will otter oti MO N DA V, J ime 9, u largi stock of imported White Ooods, at greatly reduced prices. 100 pieces striped Piques, 12^c. 75 pieces striped Pintles, ttc. 150 pieces figured and corded Pijues, 57>4o., reduced from 50e. Organdie and Swiss Muslins, white and colored Tar letanx, figured and dotted Swiss. Victoria Lawns, plaid and *trl|>ed Nainsooks. India Twin, solt-fluisfc Cambric* Nottingham and Swiss Curtains, Ac., Ac. Also, a large stock of Ladies' and Misses' Parasols and Sun Umbrellas, tn all the leading styles nn I colors, troin S2 up. A. -(.BEAT fcAXE OF Millinery Hoods. JOUNSON, BCRNS A CO., Union Miuaic. Importers of Freuch Millinery Ooods. Having removed the greater psrt of their Immense Stock from their Whole-ale House, Nos. 448 aud 450 ?roadway, to their Retail House iu I'niou w|uare, they w Ui oiler great bargains in ? Mlltlnerv. Straw Goods and Ribbons. Tlie.-e goods mu*t be closed out before slock taking re gard l??s of < 0..1. A reduction of 33 per cent ..n fclravv tloods, Ribbons and Silks. A reduction of 50 rer rent on Trimmed Bonnets and round llats. Mourning Bonnets, ^ , French Hom-ts, Dress Trimmings, raruvUend . , Sun Umbrellas. .TOnXSON,~BUKNS A CO.. 34 anil 36 Kast Fourteenth street, I'nion square. A. -JOHNSON, UCBNS A CO., I'nlon square. Having purchased largely nt rerent auction sales, we tire enabled to offer very great inducements m Particular attention is called to Ladies' Balbrlggan and Lisle Thread llose. Gentlemen's, youths' snd boys' plain and fancy cotton, Lisle thrcud aud Balbnggun Iia.Lt llose SOOdoaen Baibriggan lion at ffi per dozen; worth t7 SO. 23d down Balbrlggan Hose at f7 50 per doMn; market price tO. 3B0 dozen gentlemen's English Cotton half llose, f3 per doseui regular price, f 1 150 dozen misses' ganze and Summer merino Vests at 15c , 50c. , 55c , 80c. and 7ic. each. I30dox?n ladies' genre and Summer merino Vests at 65c., ffc.,7te and 88c. cach. llii dozen gentlemon's gauze sml Summer merino Veste at 7ftc., 80c , 85c. and lK?c. each , extra quality fi each. Linen mrt jesn Drawers for men's wear, very superior quality uud llni.-h. Jnst received n new lot of very superior qnalltv, all new -Jiadvs, at Mc. 1 er pair ; saiue goods tuid formerly at SI 25. dozen real Ktd, two t.uttons, warranted, fi 69 per pair; worth f2. Everyth'ny desirat.le in Lisle thread, sitk and un dressed kid lor ladicssnl taisses at very low prices. JOHNSON. Bl'RNS A CO., 34 and 36 Fast Fourteenth street, Union square WALLKB <t M'SOKLEY'S. Extraordinary Inducements. Black Silks, best makes, at fi, f I 23, f I 50 and upward Uuinet's Silks, spie&dld quality, At fi 75, worth f 3 50 per yar I Striped Silks at SAr.. fi and upward. Snlta? S.00B Ladles' lawn and linen 8uits, white and colored, at f'l 50, f.',. f? mid upward. 2,000 lustre and [nplin stun, in the latest styles, nicely trimmed and well tnade, ut ft>, tl . 912 anil upward. Elegant Suits at f o to aud upward ot tlo most fushionable materials, unsurpassed In style aud finish. Pre -sing rot ms and every facility for fitting. Splendid :issi.rirnent ot Saerjues Talmas, Dolmans. Ae_ In silk. ' ashim re <1 1 a; d'?te ??.. , in the richest aud latest ?tyles, at lowest j rlcis Dross Goods.? Jon pieces Lustres, flne qnsllty. best tfiadta ut ttc. per Tard. Halernos, Sateens, Pongees, < retonnt's. roplina, Alpacas. Ac , every shade and quality, Ut great bargain. Real Japanese silk-, the t est in the city, at 890. per yard. Camel's hair Ctotli, Cashmere, Drnp d'Ete Ae far saciiues and polonaise, at great barga us. Mntirnlng Ooods, every tt^ake mid stvte, at lowest prices. Special bsrgain< in black Orenadlnei and Alpacsa La?.e Shawls and Jackets, Immense stock, cheaper than ever shawl* in crest variety at great bargain}. Piques, Linen Suitings', wlijta (b^xls. Hosiery, Cloths, ho?s?- keeping Dry OoJas, Ac , Ac. atlowest prices. All goods marked in plain ilgure*. No deviation. waller a~mc8oblbt, Jt.'i (irand streej, near Bowery. At km 1 run paiikkn bazaar, flu broadway . (ea-t side . near TwefUleth street? NEW ARRIVALS of bfautilu' devious, J I' ST IMFORTKD, among them the TAJ, 11 JOoSt lascraating novelty, bee owing to all figures, adapted lo any material, especially desirable tn wa?h goods. Pattern', with cloth models, now ready. Pat terns fltti 1 to the torm WA?RANTED PKRFKc'T. cut ting an I hasting r?y our stj ie? "SMITH'.* ILLl'S TKATEO I'A I I ER.N BAZAAR Is JItsT OPT lor Sum mer, filled with all the novelties, descriptions and In ?trnctlons ot fashions. Subscribe lor if. Only ONE li'lLLA it a vi' Alt Premiums ol fl In patterns given. '.A. BtltDUfiL SMI 1 11, 1114 Broadway. New Vork. DRT GOODS. A ? UBBAT 8ALE OK CARPETING8. AC. apcci.1 IK) and 188 Sixth avenue, one door below thirteenth street, will oHumMmiIiv aud during the week, at price* be low the cost of importation, the entire balance of an im porting house retiring Iruui business, comprising tlie lergeei Stack ever o tiered at retail in the city, consisting of French Moquette* aud Axminster. English Velvet* of the latest dcsigiwand u* colorings. Body and Tapestry Brussels, in great variety. Also a reduction in prices of S-l*ly and Inurain Carpets. Oilcloths Irotn out) to eight yards wide. A complete line of Drugget*, bordered and plain. A Urge invoice of fancy and plain Mattings, finest quality, just lauded, from liOc. toWc. per yard. Upholstery Goods of every description. Lace Curtains, Window Shades, Hollands, Ac. ? Mosquito Nets. N B ? This is a chance to furnish wltli the finest goods at a great saving troin usual prices. 8IIEPPARD knapp, iffl and Irtft Sixth avenue, one door below Thirteenth street. AT MME. J. D. LIVERRE'S, Ml SIXTH AVENl/E, 441. between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh streets, Stamping and Embroidery Establishment. chiltireu's pique Dresses, stamped and already made ; French Lin ? cries and ladies' rudcrgarinents: niimlsome Initials and louograms emhroiitered to order; Luces cleatu d ua mendi d equal to new. A? 8. T. TAYLOR'S 8Y8TKM OF DBB88 OUTTINO ? (the only perfect rule) will he taught hv his best teacher during the month of. I line, at t lie pattern rooms and offlceof his imported French journals (Le Bon Ton, La Mode Elegante anS Revue de ia Mode), ttlti Broadway. CIOMPAONIE OES INDUS, J l'aris. MM. VERDE DEL18LB FRERES, of the Compagnie des Indes, resnecltuily address themselves to ladies or America contemplating a voyage to Europe, inviting their attention to their productions ui Laces and Cankuiore Shawls, exhibited at their warehouses, 80 liuo Richelieu, Paris, and No. 1 Hue dc la Rcgenre, Rruxelles. Those who call, cither from interest and curiosity or for the purpose ol'huving, will meet with equal courtosy. As this houno pays no commissions under any circumstances to agents, the direct purchaser obtains all the ad vantages. All goods marked in plain figures. Prices Invariable. English spoken all over (lie house. Fabrlques de Dentelles, I Fabrlques de Cashmere des Bayeux, 14 Rile Hoyale. 1 Indes, Aiencon, 20 Rue de Lcncrel. 1 Cashmere, I'mrltztir. EJ EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT of R. U. MACT k CO. As immense stock of SASn RIBBONS, 8ASU RIBB0N8, SASH RIBBONS, SABU RIBBONS, at A OBEAT 8ACBiriOE. SASH BlBMiM PLAIN, GBOS QBAIN, PLAID, ROMAN, STRIPED, WATERED SASH RIBBONS. SPLENDID QUALITY goods ' at LOWER PRICES than such goods have been sold at for years. R. H. MACY k CO., Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. IjlOUNTAlN'S INDIA 8TORK. The most complete and unique variety of Chinese, Japanese and Kast India Dress Goods, Curiosities and Fancy Articles. Pineapple Dress Hoods lor seashore and Summer wear. No. Broadway (up stairs), opposite Wnllack's Theatre. M ORITZ DINKKLSPIEL, 737 Broadway, opposite Ajtor plaee. VVc are continuing our great clearing cleartng eicarlng out sale during the P?*jjr^thc P*?wnt wjM*ihc l>retcnt week offer 105 ****** fiash mhbons, Uarobttrg ^broideries, TlM< Buttons, roUon Fringes, Ukoe veils. 4r 4c. ? - . In onr establish t. allies will find ??? ^H^nterest^ of ua ftl almuSt mcnt, as they ^nt? on the dollar and get au extra on all purchases above $ ? MORIT7' DTNKEL8PIEL, 0? ?"???"? K. H. MACY k CO. HAVE JUST RECEIVED, per STEAMER VILLE DIT HAVRE, AND WILL OPEN EARLY NEXT WEEK, a select assortment of the LATEST PARISIAN NOVELTIES. LADIES' RUSSIA AND VELVET BELTS, with Oxidized Attachments. OXIDIZED OXIDIZED CHATELAINES, BELT CLASI'S, VIN AIUR KTTBh, SLEEVE BUTTONS, 811 AW L AND VEIL PINS, DRESS AND CLOAK BUTTONS, many of them EXCLUSIVE. STYLES, in EXQUISITE AMiyi E designs. imported only by this house. Also three cs?es of LCBTN'S GENUINE Extracts, Soaps and Powders, at lower prices than heretofore. R. n. MACY k CO.. Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. fj<uE Parisian it low h r company have just received another addition of the latest novelties In Flowers, Feathers, Bridal Sets and Veils, Wreaths, Paruresand fine Millinery Goods. No. 9 Rue de Clery, Paris. THE PARISIAN FLOWER COMPANY, J. LoWENSTEIN, Proprietor. 2-1 East Fourteenth street, four doorswest of University placc. Specialty in filling anil rearranging Vases and Baskets. Floral UruM Trimmings lor weddlug and uveuing parties to order. Hair:u Removal. L. SHAW has removed his well known Hair Establishment to 2fl4 Bowery, Corner Fourth street. branch store, MS Sixth avenue, and bens leave to call the attention o! the ladies to his superb stock ot Human llair tioods of the best qualit) of hair only, oi hi* own tin portation and manufacture. As I have had numerous complaints from ladies who have been led astray by unscrupulous imitators ol tnv ad vertisements and bought interior goods, I call the atten tion of the ladles to :n>4 Bowery, corner Fourth street, which entlrii building I occupy. The largest stock of Human Hair Goods In the city. All hair used in my establishment 1 import ami manu facture myself, and is ol the best i|uh1Hv only, and il any expert can prove that I use tn my goous any other qual* ity bat tlie t*st, or mix it with Italian or Chinese hair, which is generally applied to by other dealers, will re fund the money in every case. I can oiler to the public Ind superseded by nn.v of my competitor All goods warranted as represented. Price list. Short Hair Switches, $1 and upwards. Finest (juallty llair Switches, solid, not dyed, 18 inches long. 4 ounces weight, $5. Do. 22 Inches long. ' ounces weight, Do. 2o inches long, 4 ounces weight, . Do. ?2 inches long, * ounces weight, till, Shaw's patent llair Switches, .'sfc. Long Single Curls, natural curlv? 22 inch, $2. 24-inch. $2 fi). 26-inch Si. Frisets. 36 cents per yard. Branch Store, 3tl3 Sixth evenne, between Twenty second aad Twenty -third streets. Ladies' own hnlr mude over in latest styles. Combings made up 8# cents per ounce. Goods sent C. O. D. by express, on receipt of color and money, ip registered letters or Postollice order. :!S: IOOK AT THE PIMCBS. J ANOTHER ORANl) DISPLAY. EXTRAORDINARY BAKU AIMS IN HI.ACK SI 1/K S. i?7J. HPKING IMPORTATION. 1873. CHARLES 1 1 J-: A K I ? k CO., - .. GRAND STREET, win offer. Monday, June 9, no additional pieces superior quality black 8ILK8; new goods, ol recent importation, bought .at auct on tales during the past week Rich black Uronde Rhine Mi* , >1, tl 10, *1 20 v.. ? 80 - - - h |. a | Sffir10? V.r"* "hme (I 30, fi 40, fl SO, $1 L!M!!.1'i*',^ "J0 I-yon IL $i lo, fi 2d, fl Rich black Drap do Franco. !..! $1 "'l' $i a)| |'| 'ti'i' |{ so Htm JtilJl&IE '!r,ll,.v fl. 1 1 l", |I 20. fl 30 Still ril her Gross tlruln $1 40, il 80, >1 6o, tl 79 Extra Mupor (ir<m firkin *2 |2 75 12 40 BJ flo Matin flnidh Oroc drain . S2 25 *2 ft) ia 75 %\ Alio 1*7 piece*, tn atMiiion lo ll?e??- lame line of spring and summer check un.l fttrlp* <1 SILKS, from flftc iip. ei^lUlino^#*^^#^,l ?^r*waa*?ar? lavitad to cull and cuahles iikakd a co., 301 cirauU 9trc#t> DRV SOOM. HO'NEILL A CO~ ~ ' ? 527 and 329 Sixth avenue and Twentieth street, in M? ofcrlDi iMr Aim uwrUMBt of Millinery Uodtts ?t Immense reduction is price*, to oloM out the Spring and Summer importations. BtaecSash Ribbons. 50 cartoos 7-lnch Black Groe Grain, (6c. a yard, all silk. 10 cartons P-tw-h Watered Saab Ribbons. )1 SO, all silk. 25 cartons 6-inch Watered Sash Ribbons, 73c a yard, formerly sold Tor 91 25. 100 cartons 0-liich Sash Ribbons, 75c. In all colors, flues quality of goods. 100 cartons 7-inch Sub Ribbons, 95c., finest soods Im ported. Gros Grain Stub Ribbons. Roman Sa?h Ribbons. fancy Plaid Sash Ribbons. 100 cartons extra rich Oiubre, atle&i than imported prices. Sushes. 25 dozen of 6 Inch Plain .-usbes, 92 90, warranted all silk. 50 dozen oj 7-inch Plain Sashes, 93 S3, warranted all fllk. 1U0 dozen Fancy dusties, new styles, 95. Rotnati i-usbes. Ombre Sashes. Bounot Ribbons in all the newest shades, In 5, 7, 9, It and 1?. Kail assortment ui' the tlii?xt Quality of plain Bonnet Ribbon, in Nos. 12 and 17, nt 25r. per yard. Straw Goods at greatly reduced prices, French Chip Hats, 9' 50; toruierly 94 90. Belgiun Split Straw, 93 50; formerly 9550. 100 dozen llulr Huts, 91 ; sold elsewhere 91 75, 150 eases of One black Straw Mats 75c. and 9 1. 100 cases of American Chip IlaU, 91 200 cases of Milan Bonne.ts, from 75c. to 92. 1,000 dozen of Trimmed Palmetto lints, We are now offering our stork of Btnw Goods atgreully reduced prices, to clone out the seuaon. Rich Laces, Real, black and while Thread, Guipure, \ alencienne?. .Spanish Laces, Whito Ciuny, _ Applique Veils, ? Dotted Nets, Black Yak Laces, _ , , . , Embroideries. Made-up f.ace Goods. Children's l.ace Caps. Normandy Lace Caps, at all prices. Fine French Flowers in endless variety. Ostrich Plumes, _ . _ Ostrich Tips. Ladies' Ties, In endless variety. 1,000 dozen 4^-lnch Wiudsor Ties, toe. Crape Ue Chiue Ties. Fancy Ties. Ladies, fro to O'NEILL'S for Millinery Goods. All goods marked in plain tint res. N. B.? Reduction to the trade. H. O'NEILL A CO.. 327 and 329 Sixth avenue and Twentieth street. TOUVIN KID GLOVE&i HAISON VIOLET perfum" tj ery.-r-An assortment of the genuine articles always on hand at II. GRODEK A CD 'S, lute E. Blue's, 5 i East Twelfth street, west of Broadway. NEW YORK ~ DYEING AND PRINT1NO ESTABLISHMENT. STATEN ISLAND. E8TABL1SBD IN 1819. 9S Duane street, near Broadway, ) 7.f>.' Broadway, near Eighth street. > New York, 610 Sixth avenue, near Thirty-sixth St.. ) 16f> and 1?S l'lerrepont street, near Fulton, Brooklyn. Dye, Cteunse and Retlnlsb ladies' and gentlemen's Gar ments and Piece Hood* in a superior manner. rrtHE GREAT SALE OF 1 Carpets, at the Popular Carpet Store, 123 Bowery, near Graiul street. All who want real bargains will do well to avail themselves ot this opportunity. White Mattings, 20 cents per yard. Check Mailing-,, '25 rents per yard. Ingrain Carpets, 60 con to per yard. Tw o. ply Carpet*, 75 cents per j urd. Superfine all wool Carpets, 91 per yard. Tapestry Brussels Carpets, 91 |i?r yard. English Brussels, new designs, 91 25 per yard. Brussels, 91 75 per yard. 1U.0U0 yards of retnnauis of Carpets at half price. At the Popular Carpet Store, 123 Bowery. MILLINERY AM) DUKSSMAKIKG, A-MAISON WALTON, R62 BROADWAY, ABOVE . Seventeenth street ? .lust received, a case ot French and English Round Uats, imported expressly for the races. . ? M ME. DKLLAC, PREMIERE DE LA MA1SO.N It ti ger de Paris, Iniorms her customers that she bus re moved to 115 West Forty-first street. She received new patterns. Moderate prices. ? AT MME. N ATALIE TILMAN A CO. '3. 12 EAST SIX tecnth street, between Union square and Fifth n ve nue? Crest selection of imported Hound Hats, suitable for the races und watering places; also novelty of Flowers, Feathers, Bridal Wreathes and Veils. N. B.? Dresses ami Suits made to order. AT R. a. HASTINGS', 1? EAST PI FT EE NTH STREET, choice novelties In Bonnets and Hats, from the lead ing Parisian houses; new shapus, in black und white mips; flue French Flowers, Ac.^ Brown s London round hats and paris bon nets? K. BROWN (sister of W. C. Brown, New Bond street, London), bus now some elegant styles for the races and travelling, 8M Broadway, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streuta. Q M. O LN EY,~ IMPORTER OF FRENCH Ml XLLI nery, to reduco stock before July 1, offers an elegant assortment ot Summer Bonnets and Round II at* at less than cost of Importation , English straw, French chip and I-egborn llats, rich French Flowers. Ac. ; elegant styles Mourning Bonnets. 30 East Fourteenth street. CIOMPAGNIE LYONAISE DRESSMAKING BSTAB ) lislinieut. No. 9 East Thirtieth street, near Filth avo nite.? Ladies' own materials made up promptly and punctually. LOUIS DE FOSSE, PAUL NEAJEAN A C1H., Proprietors. "\TME. A. MICHEL (FORMERLY WITH MARIE 1?1 Galoupeau), 423 .-<lxtli avenue, between Twenty-tilth and Twenty >ixtli streets, will sell the balance ot her Bonnet* and Round Huts, carelully selected by herself in 1'uris. at onc-liulf their lirstcost. MMK~ ANrOINETTE BKRNHEIM, IMPORTER OF Dresses, Costumes, Mantelets, white and colored ltatist Polonaises. Bonnets, round Hats and Lingeries in all si vies, at verv low prices. Dressmaking in all its branches. 19 Brevoort place. Tenth street. Mi.le. Mckinley, 230 fourth avenue, has lust received per steamer elegant Hound llats. cx ?ress(y tor races; also otbur Paris Novelties, Dresses, ingerlc, Ac. PARIS MILLINERY. -MADAME FERRERO, No. 7 West Thirtieth street, has now elegant Round Hats, choice Paris Leghorns. Vlrobt, latest shapes, tor New port and Saratoga, Veils, fine let ornaments, Ac. ?>4> WEST NINTH STREET.? MADAME G RENTER makes elegant walking and evening Dresses in the latest Parisian style, at short notice; charges less thuu other reliable dicsttuaktae. No sign. inm ritrt'TioN. AT PAINS'! COLLEGE, 62 BOWERY AND 1.2S2 Broadway, corner Thirty-third street? Booknoepin^, Writing, arithmetic, Spelling. 95 each ; U Writing Les sons, 92 50; ladies' department, day and evening, all Summer. . All young men and ladies wishing the best instruction in bookkeeping, penmanship, pho- ? nography. Ac., llttlng for profitable situations,' should attend now the West Side College. Sixth avenue and Twenty-third street; success guaranteed Please call. A GENTLEMAN, COMPETENT Id TEACH GERMAN ami English, wishes f ? engage Board in return for dally instruction. References given. Address A. B., Herald t'ptown Branch office. YO U NGl'ARI ST AN W A NTS TG B E I MP R( ) V ED in the English language; would receive English lessons and give French lessons in exchange. Address M. DKSBOIS, 413 Sixth avenue. A GENTLEMAN, EXPERIENCED IN TEACHING mutes by the method of in tleulution, woul I give dally Instruction in return for Board. Address B. E., Herald Uptown Branch ofllcp. A YOUNG LADY WISHES TO GIVE ERENC1I~AND Italian lessons. Address 32-, East !>ili st. A LADY TEACHER OF ABILITY WILL OIVE dally Instruction Iti Ingllsh French. I.atln, music und drawing at 910 a ouarter; reference, present pupils. Address GRADE' ATE, Herald t'ptown Branch office. Ar THOMPSON'S ( oLLEGF, 1") Vol It III AVENUE, opposite cooper Institute ? Bookkocpinf. Writing, Arithmetic and Languages Dsv und evening. Ladles' department? Telegruphy taught practically; demand for operators. No vacation. A FRENCH PROFESSOR, GRADUATE OF THE UNI versltv of France, wants to make nn engagement with a principal ot a school or college tor lie it scholastic \ear; ho teaches Latin, Greek, mathematics, physi/al iind natural sciences, Ac. ; good city references. Andrew 1 ' It ' II ESSOK. bo* I 1 1 1- r.l I I r plow II HiaiM tl Otllre /CONVERSATION AL MORNING I'ltOM I'.N'A DES, WITH \ J a prolessor ot French and German, to learn French and t.ermati thoroughly, bv conversation Address Pltol ESSOR, box 121 Herald t ptown Branch office. I \OLBEAH'S COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, H75 BRO \1? 1 ' way, corner Eighteenth street, will r<> mn i n op< a, day and'evenlng. all summer, to prepare students | tnc tl> ally for Fall iTuslaess. Gentlemen, ladies and bovs can have private lessons in Business Writing, Moo* keeping, Arithmetic or other branches. Four seat- vacant. G1 ERMAN, FRENCH, yl A RTF.RLY? COMPLETED HY r Moiieiuotiik ; .'in years approved ; separate ladies' in structions 9^ Mi a month PROF. GEO 3CHO, fin Delancey street. I)AltlS -A YOU NO LA DT REM VINING IN THE CJTY the Summer would give lessons in English, French, MuMcand Drawing in exchange tm lier hoard ; adver tiser was educated in Paris. Adores: i'AKIS, box 1J4 Herald Uptown Branch office. Spanish and French thoroughly taught? clssses, private lessons, an J as tutor for schools and colleges; translations iroiu eltln r language into Kiulish and vice versa. ANTONIO RAMos, Sg Luivcrsity place. \roUNU LADIES' SCHOOL. OUT OF TOWN, FOR I sale, 92.UU) to 95,1X10 cash . splendid chance lor a good teacher Also wanted, an accomplished lady teacher to loin a gentleman In a first class ladles' school. Address school, bum 102 Horeid L'ptuwu BiauuU office. El'ROPKAB HTBANSHm. North germ an lloyd steamship compant. Por Southampton ana Bremen. The steamship KOLN, Captain H. c. Praackc, *ffl Mil on Wednesday, June 11, at a P. M., Irom Bremen pier, foot ol Third street, hoboken, te be followed by steam ship HERMAN*, Captain <2. Retcbuiaoa, oa Saturday, June 14. Bales ot passage to London, Ilarr* and Bremen, paya ble In gold or Its equivalent in currency first rai>in $120 Second Cahln 73 Steerage 80 For freight or passage BICHS k CO.. Agents No. 1 Bowling (irccn. UNITKD STATUS MAIL LINE.? .STEAM TO QUEENS town and Liverpool. Sailing every Wednesday. MAN HATTAN, Capuin Price, Jr June 11, at 3 P. M. WISCONSIN, Captain Freeman, Jr June 1H, at noon From pter46 Nirrth Klver. Cabin passage. WW. gold ; steerage, $:to, currency. Prepaid tickets, 93*2, currency. Passengers booked to and from Paris, Hamburg, Nor wav and Sweden, Ac. Ural.* on Ireland, bngland, trance and Germany at leweat rates. Applv to WILLIAMS A GUION, 29 Broadway. o NLY DIRECT LINK TO PRANCE, Til E GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY 8 MAIL STEAMSHIPS BP.TWKEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. , , _ The ruieudid vessels on this favorite route tor the Con tinent will sail from pier No. 80 North River, astoL vJlV.K DU HAVRE, Surinont 22!"^ juue 28 s r KL A U Rk^*r,rLema rie . ". '. . . . . . . . ? . ' ? .Saturday', Juiv U V 1LLE Dfc PARIS ? ? ? ?? ? . ? Saturday, July 26 PRICE OF PASSAOE IN GOLD (Including wine) TO BREST OR HAVRE. First Cabin, IU3; Beeond Cabin, *73. Excursion Tickets at reduced rates. These steamers do not carry steerage passenger*. American travellers going to or returning from the Conwnent V Ettrwe? Ut taking this line, avoid both transit by Knglluh raflway and the discomfort* of crossing the Channel, besides saving time, trouble and expense. tjKORflK MACKKNHBt Al{Cnt, 88 Broadway. NOTE.? Railroad Tickets between Paris and \ ienna at reduced rates. \VH,TFORTOCRENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL. New and tull-powered steamship^ sailing from New York on Saturdays. from Liverpool on M 'fhursdav*. calling at Cork Harboreach way apu a mi? June H. at 7 .w a. V..HIA iliv ...... June 2ft, at 7 A. M. us Pt?c '1ulv 6- at 12:30 V ? "/ fiA -j : . ...j ii.v i?t ?t?M a. m. ?From the White' star dock. Pavonla terry. Jersey City. Passenger ae-eoitnnodatlons tor ail classes unrivalled, pnmiiininu Hatetv. speed and comfort. Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms In midship section, where least motion Is felt. Surgeons anu stewardess accompany the steamer. Kates? Saloon, in*), gold ; steer age, $si) In currency. Those wishing to send for friends \n the Old can now obtain steerage prepaid certificates, $.U cur Passeiiaei s I ooked to or from all parts ot America to ra "ftnfburc, Nor^y, Sweden, India, Australia, Chinn , Ac. For inflection oP pufns and other information apply at the company's offlco, 19 Uroad way, Nuw York. BUls of lailng i?ued to ^uUue^tal Agent lNFOR LQUKEN8TOWN AND LIVERPOOL.? Royal Mail steamers are appointed to sail as follows:? (MTV of BALTIMORE Thursday, June 1ft 7 A. M. CITY OF MONTREAL Saturday. June 14, 8 A. M. CITY OK BRISTOL Thursday. June 19, 1 P. M. CITY OF UBOOKLYN M CITY OF ANTWERP Saturday, June as. 8 A. M. a mi earn succeeding Saturday unu Thursday, from pier 4ft North River. RATK8 0K pAgSAGE. Cabin, $70, $80 and $90. gold, according to accommoda tion. Round trip tickets at low rates. _ . ? Steerage, to Liverpool, Quoenstown. Glasgow, London derry, London, Bristol or Card lit, $30. Prepaid ccrtitl C #P asse n ge r . "l so ? tor w a rd ed to Havre, Hamburg, Swe den, Norway, Denmark and Paris, at reducod rated. For cabln'passag1" and general business apply at the Company's Office, No. 15 Broadway. For steerage passage at jo?HN G. dIlE, Agent, or to, O'DONNELL A FAULK, 402 Chestnut.streot, Phlladel P M*"s. CREAOU. 102 State street, Boston. F. C. BROWN, SJ South Clark, corner Lake street, t/iii CIWM. IN MAN, Liverpool and No. 9 Hue Scribe, Paris. _ rpilE liAMBUHO AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S I steamHl^TpnALIA Captain U. F. Soliwenseu. will sail on Thursday, June 13. taking pause tigers' from' New' York'to'ply mouth, London, rl'L Si*"""""' "" Steerage, $30. payable I In rnlj ed Siai 'f K"'!1. KUNHAHDT A CO., C. B. RICUARDH A HOAs, General Agmts. tieneral Passenger Agents. 61 Broad street. New York. fil Broadway. New York. The THI'RINGIA will sail June 19. TVT ATIONAL LINE OF STEAMERS. JN Weekly to Quoenstown and Liverpool! fortnightly to LondotWlW^ R N gTO WN XND LIVERPOOL, from oiera 44 and 47 North Hlver FOYPT Cirotfaii Haturday, Jnne 14, ats a. jj. aits: TKADh. _ . Cabin passage? $80. $90 and $100. currency. Return Tickets at reduced rates. Steerage, $29, currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Queenstown, L?n(&? fia^n,a?iw^r/n^<>r'l>*ti'>'> **>lF.yw! CLNATHELBrFtI3H AND NORTH AMERICAN ^ ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS between New York and Liverpool, calling at Cork Har bor. PROM NEW YORK. . ?SCOTIA. Wcdnes'v. June 11 ABYSSINIA. Sat y, June 14 ?ALGERIA. .Wed'y, June 19 BATAVIA..Sat day, June 21 ? RUSSIA.. . Wed'y, June 25 CALABRIA .1 Sat dy, June 28 ?JAVA . Wednesday, J uly 2 PARHIIA..8at day, July 8 ?CUBA. . Weilnesil'y, July 9 SAMARIA. .Sat day. July 12 Steamers marked thus ? do not carry steerage passen P<And every following Wednesday and Satnrday ^W>n> Now York. RATES OF PASSAGE :-Cahln, $80. $100 and ? I'to gold, according to accommodations. Tickets to Paris. $15 gold, additional. Return tickets on favorable frms. Steerage, $30, currency. Steerage tickets Irotn Liverpool and Queenstown and all parts of Europe at lowest rates. F?7r freight aud cabin passage apply at the Company's office, No. 4 Bowling Green; for stecrago or to P. H. DU VERNEf. corner Clark and Randolph streets, Chicago, 111. (Ward lineT notice With the view of diminishing the chances of collision, the steamers of this line will henceforth take a speciticd course tor all reasons ot the year. w .. _v tin the Outward Passage from Queenstown to New^ortt or Boston, crossing meridian ot 80 at 43 lat., or nothing to '' On the Vloineward Passage, crosstng the meridian of 50 at 42 lat., or nothing to the north of O. . XJ-OltSR AMERICAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY, Regular steam communication with London. The fine, first class, full powered steamship ST. OLAF, Chr. Hllle, commander, will leav? the Company's dock, Ilarbcck Sfores, Brook lyn, on TUESDAY, June 24. Passangors booked and forwarded by the Company's own steamer* to Norway and Sweden. To be followed by tho steamship PETER JEB8EN, Capt Wolff (extra), and tho UARALD II AARFAGER, Capt. Lundon, July 8. R?tp of Pa.-iBKO Cahln. Steerage. To London ?? currency. $30 currency. TV) Christiana and Bergen, wctirrcncy. 38citrrcncy. For freight or passage apply EDyp A CQ J7 South Willi 0.m Street, General Agents. C1REAT WESTERN STEAMSHIP LINE. J NEW MlltK TO BRISTOL, ENG . DIRECT. Taking goods and passengers tor London, Cardiff, New port, Gloucester and all ports In Bristol ( hannol. Tbo steamers of this line will sail irotn pier 13 East TaTV LYCETt'1" Wednesday. June 18 ARRAO ON .. . . .. Wednesday, July 9 IV PI AND Wednesday, Jnly 23 GREAT WESTERN Wednesday, Ang. 6 CORNWALL (new steamer). *e :::::::::::::::::: \ Partio* wishing to w-nd lor their friends can obtain prepaid certlllcates Draft# lor ?1 and upwards. For freight or passage mokgAN'S SONf, 70 South street, New York. ef ifP I INK - TO GLASGOW. I.iv ERPOOL. BF.LFAST AND 1U 1 LONDONDERRY. PENNHYI.VANIA SAILS JUNE 11. e from the company's dock, Fulton lerry. Brooklyn. til'PRKIOK PASSENGER ACCOMMODA HONS, '^rsfTifBSLKoi, * co., a.?... Steerage office, 45 Broadway. 72 Broadway. TjiOR CARDIFF. BRISTOL, LONDON AND ALL OTHER r point, in England and Wales. The Soil' li Wsles Atlantic steam.hlp Company's new first da*, steamships will sail irom Pennsylvania Rail road wharf. Jersey City, as follows:? GLAMORGAN ? June 18 cabin and steerol passengers. First calmi $74 and **), currency. ?second cabin $?. enrreney. t tcerngc $.??,c?rrencv. prepnln steerage Certificates front Cardirt, $.*) currency. Dra'tstor ?1 and upwards. For further particular* anply to __ , AKCII IBALD BAXTER A CO., Agi-nts, 17 Broadway. New York. nnoK'H FOREIGN TICKETS. COOK, HON A JF.NK1NS, 2fiJ Broadway, between Warren and Chambers streets, sell the actual Tlckcts re i nired for nearly 10U tours in Ireland, Scotland an I Eng land by all sett routes from London to the Continents tor over SW tours, emliracliiK Germany, the Rhine Belgium, Austria, Italy, ?paiu, France and Switzerland. Tickets to r.^ypV Turkey. Greece, Palestine aail round the s land, by all sea routes from Lonilon lo the Continent; tor over >10 tours, embraelng Germany, the Rhine. Belgium, Austria, Daly, ispaiu, France and Switzerland. Tickets to i g vpt, Turkey, llrcece, Palestine aad round the world, all atareat redm-ftoas, ansbiing one or more por sons to travelas they please, by rail or steamer, and at all times aud perfectly independent ot lame parties. COoK's Hotel Coupons, guaranteeing first class accom modations at over 300 hotels at all points la Europe, at Nxrifciind uniform ratea COOK'^ Ewursiorilst for June gives full particular* as todetailsof travel and expense*. Price lOoenu, by mail, prepaid. _ UNITKD STATES PASSPORT BUREAU.? PASSPORTS obtained Irom Washington In thirty. six hours. V. M. OSHOHN, United States Passport Agent, Notary Pub ic, Ac.. 17 Nassau street. EUROPEAN WKAMSHm. WHITE CROSS LINE. Steam to Antwerp direct The flue, first clow, tuil-puwered, new and elegant Bel gian steamship c. r. punch. P. Knudsen, Commander, will leave on Tucsduv, tlie lOtli ol Juua, at 3 P. M., from Harbeck's Stores, Brooklyn, aa above. Passage price, first cabin, $73, currency. _ Steerage, $30, ttold. for freight or passage (having elegant aeeommoda tlons) apply to PUNCH, EDYE ft CO., ? 27 South William street. UNITED STATES PASSPORT BIT RE AU. ? OFFICIAL of the Department ol State issued by A. t;. W1LLMARTH, United State* Court House, 11 Cham bers street I EUROPEAN TRAVELLERS WILL PIND THINKS J lor staterooms and Continental travel. Chairs a ud Rug* tor the steamers, 4c , at JOHN CATTNACH'S, 736 Broadway, near Astor place (removed from corner ol Broadway and Wall street). mRUNKS IN OREAT VARIBTY FOR STATEROOMS X European travel, Ac., att'Ri UCH A FITZUERALD'B No. 1 Maiden lane, corner of H road way, and IM Broad way, between Prince and Sprlug vtreela Photograph ol trunks mailed Irom the factory, 352 West Porty^nm st COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S LINE TO CALIFORNIA, JAPAN AND CHINA. Via Panama, CARRYING MAILS, PAS8ENUERS AND FREIGHT TO ASPINWALL. PANAMA SANTA MARTHA, OBEY. .TOWN AND PACIFIC COAST OP MKXICO. CENTRAL AMERICA. PERU AND CHILE. Steamer OCEAN OUEEN, Captain C. P. Seabury. will leave pier 44 North River, June 10, at 12 o'clock noou,-lor Asnin wall direct, connecting at Panama with the steamer MONTANA, Captain Parker, in leave Panama on or about June 29 lor San Fruncls.o, and calling at Acapulco, Man zanillp, Ma/.otlan and San Diego, and also connecting tor ull Central American itnd Sonth PaciSc ports. De partures of 10th and 20th each month (mm New York connect with the Company's steamer touching at San Benito, Tonatii, Salina Cruz and Port Anitel. The splendid steamship COSTA RICA will leave San Francisco on or about June 24 tor Honolulu. Sandwich Islands. One of the Company's splendid steamers will leave San Francisco June lb, 1873, for Japan and China. For rates of passage, freight and all further Information apply at Company's olllce on the pier, foot of Canal street. P. R. BABY, Agent NtiW YORK AND BERMUDA STEAMSHIP LINE. For Hamilton and St. lleorge, Bermuda, carrying W?c United States Malls, sod sailing a< follows:? Steamship 11 ATTKRAS, Lawrence, master, Friday, June 13, nt 3 o'clock P. 31., from pier 37 North River. Steamship ALBEMARLE. Read, master, Friday, June 20, Ht 3 o'clock P. M., from pier 37 North River. For freight or passage, having elegant accommoda tions, apply to LUNT BROTHERS, ? South street. Passage, $30 gold. Excursion lickuts Issued for the round trip at $90 gold. N EW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINE. These first class steamships will salt every Tuesday at S P. M., from pier 13 North River (foot ot Oedar street), lor Havana direct, as follows: ? MOKRO CASTLE June 10 COLUMBIA Jane 17 WILMINGTON June 24 Supplementary mail on pier at a quarter to three P. M. on day of sailing. For freight or passage (having magnificent accommo dations; apply to WILLIAM P CLYDE ft CO., No. 6 Bowling Green. D. McKELLER Agent in Havana. Direct line to Havana, Prngreso and Vera Cruz. New York and Mexican Mail Steamship line, leaving pier No. 3 North River at 3 P. M., EVERY THURSDAY. CLEOPATRA (Havana and Nassau) June 11 CITY OF HAVANA (Havaua only) June 19 CITY OF MERIDA (Havana onlv) June 2# CITY OF MEXICO (llavaaand Mexico) July 3 For freight orpassage apply to F. ALEXANDRE ft SONS, 33 Broadway. Havana and Nassau. Steamship CLEOPATRA, at 3 P M., June 12. HAVANA, PROURESO AND VliRA CRUZ. Steamship CUBA, at noon, June It. F. ALEXANDRE ft SONS, 33 Broadway. Texas line.? for galyeston, touching at Key West, carrvingthe United States Mail.? Steamer CITY OF AUSTIN, Captain Bllridge, will leave pier 20 East River, Saturday, June 14, at 3 P. M. Through bills of lading given to Houston and all points on the Galves ton, Houston and Henderson and H. B. and C. R. R. No charge for forwarding in New York. For freight or pa# sage, having superior accommodations, apply to C. II. MALLORY ft CO., 133 Mauleu lane, or W. P. CLYDE, 119 Wall street. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE. The steamship * EMILY B. SOUDER, from pier 36 North River (toot of North Moore street). on Saturday. Juno 14. at 3 o'clock P. M. Freight received dally. Through rates given to St Louis, Vickshurg, Mobile, Ualveston ana Indlanola. For freight or passage, having superior accomoda tions, apply to FREDERIC BAKER, pier 36 North River. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. Southern Line. The steamer CITY OF GALVESTON, Captain Rowland, will leave pier 20 East River, Wednesday, June It at 4 P.M. Freight received daily. Through rates given to Galveston, Indlanola, Rockport or Aran/as Wharf, Bra zos, Santiago ami St. Louts. Cabin passage, $50; steerage, $23. For freight or passage, having superior accommo dations, apply to cf JH .^M A LLORY ft CO., 153 Maiden lane. tilOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The Cromwell Steamship Line. The steamship NEW ORLEANS, Captain E. V. Oagar, will leave uler No. 9 Norm River on Saturday Juni' 4, at 3 P.M. Freigtu received daily, through rates given to Galveslon, Imfianola, Rockfort or Aranzai wharf, Brazos, Santiago and St. Louis. Cabin passage. $50; steerage, $2&. For freight or pas sage apply to CLARlv A SEAM AN, 8ti West t-trect. FOR NORFOLK, CITY POINT AND RICHMOND.? THE Old Dominion Steamship Company will despatch IVnm pier 37 North River their elegant sldewheel steam ship WYANOKE, Coucn commander, for Norfolk, City l'oint and Richmond, on Tuesday. June 10. at s P. M., giv ing through hills ot lading lo alt points South and South west. Through passenger tickets issued td all points. Ac commodations unequalled. Apply at pier 37, or at the general oftlce, 187 Orecnwich street, corner ol Dey. TEAfBLliw ?;ril>E. Afternoon boat for newburg, poughkebp sle, Rondout and Kingston, lauding at Cozzens' West Point, Cornwall. New Hamburg and Milton.? The MARY POWELL, from Vestrv street, pier 39, every attcrnoou. at 3:30 o'clock. A" LBANY AMD TROY. BY DAY LINE BOATS C. VIB BARD ami DANIEL DRKW. ? Leave Vcs'ry street pier at 8:30 A. M., and Twenty-third street, nortli of Erie ferry, at 8:45, landing at Yon kern, Tarrytown and Nvnck (liy ferryboat), Milton, Ppughkeepsie, Rhinebeok, Tlvoll, Cat.skili anil Hudson. Connecting lor ail points West and North. Trip tickets to West Point, Cornwall and New burg, returning same day, $1. Notice change of uptown landing. CIITIZEN'S LINE FOR TROY? PASSAGE $1 60.? THE ) elegant "Steamboats 8UNNYSIDE and POWELL leave pier 49 North River, foot of Leroy street daily (Saturdays excepted), at 6 o'clock P. M., connecting with morning trans on Rensselaer and Saratoga, New York Central and Trov und Boston railroads for ail points North, East and west. The most direct route to Sarato ga, Lake Ooorge and Montreal. Through tickets sold and baggage checked to destination. JOSEPH CORNELL, Superintendent Fall river line to boston, via Newport and Fall River. The world-renowned steamers BRISTOL and PROVI. DENCE leave pier 28 North River, foot of Murray street, dally (Sundays excepted) at 5 P. M. A. P. BACON, Superintendent PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. Trains leave New York, Irom foot of Desbrosses and Cortlandtstreets, as follows;? Express lor Harrislmrg, I'ittshurg, the West and South, with Pullman Palace Cars attached, 9 an A. M., 3, 7 aud 8 :30 P. M. Sunday, 8, 7. 8 :30 P. M. For Baltimore, Washington and the South at 9 A. M., L 9 P.M. Bund a v, 9 P. M. Express for Philadelphia, 8, 9, 9 33 A. M. ; 12:3'), 1.4, 5, O'.JO, 9 p- M-? 12 uight Sunday, 6, 7. 8:3J and 9 For Philadelphia, via Kensington, at 7 A M.,2 and 6 Emigrant and second class, 7:1ft P. M. For Newark at fi ? 30, 7, 7 : Id, 8 :10. 9, 10, 11, 11 :40 A. M. : 13, 1. 2, 2 utt), 3, 3:30,3:40, 1:10 .( :;?l, 5:10, 6 :20, ft :30. 5 :50. 6, 6:10, 6:30, 7, 7 *0. 8:10, 9.10, 11 :io 1'. Sl? and 12 night Sunday. 5 :2 ), 6, 8 ;10, 9 P. M. For Elizabeth. 6,6 M, 7. 7:40, 8:10,9, 10, 11, 11 :49 A. M? 12 M., It :3B, I, 2, 2 30, H, SflD, 111 4 :10L 4 A), ft :20, 5 :.'*), 6 :B0, 6, 6 :10, 6 :30, 7 :30. 3 :lu, It), II ;30 P. M., and 13 night Sunday, ft :2b, t> and 8:lo p. to. For Rahwav. ?, 6:30, 7, 8:10, 9:30 and ljf A. M., 12 noon, 1, 2. 2 :30, 3, :f :20, 3 :40, 4 :W, 1 :30, ft :20, 3:30. 5 tft>, 6. 6 :30, 7 A), 8:10, 10 P. M., and I ~ 1 " " For Woodbrldge nnd 8:40, 4:30 and 8:50 I'. M For New Brunswick. 7 A. M.. 12 M., 1, 2,3. 4:1% 8:20, 6, 9 P. M.. and 12 night. Monday, 6 ami 9 P. M. For East Millstone,: A. M., 12 M., 4:10 and 5:20 P. M. For Liuulierlville nnd Klemlngton, 9 A. M. nnd 2 P. M. For Philllpsburg and BelvidVre, 2 nnd 4 P. M. Accommodation lor Bordentown, Burlington and Cam den, 7 and <?:.??! A. M.. 2,3.4 and 6 P. M. For Freehold, 7 and 8 A. M .land 4 P. M For .lainesbnrg, Pembertnn nnd Camden, 6 A. M., and via boat Irom ptt* No. 1, 3:49 P. M. . , , . ? . Trains arrive as follows:? Kcpm Pittsburg. A. M., 1 3:45 P. M. .dally; 10:U A. M. and 6:3ft P. M., daily, ox cept Moniliiy. From Washington and Baltimore, 6:10 A. M.. 4:5ft, 10:13 P. M Sunday, 6:10 A. M. From Plilia delphis, 5 :23, 6:V>, 10:18, 11 i?,"ll A. M? 3:13.4 05, 4 :53i 6:0.'), 7:23, 8: H, 10:13 P.M. Sunday, 6'A 6.60, 11:03 A. M..and 1":HI'. M. ? , ? . Ticket ' IBms 521, 433, 271 and 914 Broadway; No. I Astor Houses and loot of Desbrosses and t-ortlamlt streets Emigrant ticket otlico No. 8 Batterr place. A. J. CASS A i T, D. M. BOYD. Jr., General Manager. General Passenger Agent. KXCVUSIONS. Ahoy for rock a way beach eyery sunday.? Steamer AMERICUS, In place ot Nelly White, com mencing June 8, leaves Peek slip at 8:80 and 1 :11 P. M.j Christopher Street, North River, 9 A. M. and 1 :30 P. M.; pier No. 5, North River, !>:lft A. M. and 2 P. M. ; Faltoll Kerry, Brooklvn, 9:30 A. M. and 1 o'clock P. M. Return ing les ves the heacn at II A. M. and 8 P. M. A SUNDAY EXCURSION TO ASTORIA, HARLEM. Marrlsania and lllgli Bridge every >undav during the Summer. Steamers MOKRISAM ?, llAltLKM an I MaTTAMO ieave Fulton Market slip hourlv Irom 10 A M. to 7:30 p. m j leave Morrlsanla ?:3o a, m. to 7 P M., l.'nlilig at Eighth street and 119th s'net ench way. Faro, Ift cent?. Steamer < ATLIN connects with every boat from New York for lligli Bridge. C. H. LONOSTRRET. ^ yNEW FAST AND ELEOftNT SALOON STKAMKR _ TWILIOIlf, Captain J. H. I*wls,~will make an excursion lathe Fishing Hanks, on Sunday, June 8, and on and alter .Innc 15. will run dail* (SanitiU) ex cepted): leaves loot ot I'.ighUi street at 7 ^'10; Peck dip, 8; Christopher street, 8 ml, and Pier No. 4 at 9 o'clock; open lor charter for Saturdays. Apply to theCapiain on board, foot of Eighth street, East River. Fare$l; ladies M., and'i2 night. ' Sunday, 5 40 and # P ? ridge and Perth Amboy, 6 and 10 A. M., 2;30, A. SUNDAY BOAT FOR NEWARK. | On and after Sunday, May 4, (he steamboat THOMAS P. WAY will make her regular trips, leaving loot ol Market street, Newark, at 8 M. and 5:30 T M. leaving toot of Barclay street New York, at 10 A. M and 4 -30 P. M , stopping at Bergen I'oinl each way. FV)RT LER, PLEASANT YALI/RY AND SHADY Side? steamers leave daily. Sun. lav Included, Irom Spring street, at 10, 3 and ft-lft P. M., landing at twenty third struct ten minutes later. Far* Ift cent*. EXCURSIONS. For Philadelphia via long branch - park reduced to 92 26; steamer* PLYMOUTH ROOK and LONu BRANCH leave ixnr ? Nwrtb 8iv?r M ?:W A. H.. 1 40 and 4 P M? connecting with train* of NEW JERSEY SOUTHERN RAll'ROAO. a W. BEVTLEY, General Manager. TTViR CHARTER? THR SPLENDID SALOON, AIDE r wheel steamboat KEVERSINK U open lor charter until June 30. Apply to R- CORNELL VlIITE, LM South ?treat GRAND EXCURSION.? ST. PAUL'S INSTITUTE, Re*. J. P. Bodhsh.C. S. P., President hare secured the maguiflcent steamer Plymouth Rock, at a great ex pense, for their fourth Annual Rural Festival ana Catholic Reunion, at Ion a laiunil. North River, near West Point, en Monday, June 30, and invite their friends to ac company them. Dliiuer aud refreshment ?erved onboard. Tickets for the excursion, f 1 ; children under ten, We. The Plymouth Rook leaves her landing loot of Mnrray street, at 7 J?; Thirty -fourth street, North River. at 8, and Fiftv seventh street, North Ki\er, at K Al. Tickets c?nbehad v* the lustitule, 917 Eighth avenue, awl at D ft J. Sadllee ft Co. 'a, 31 Karris y street and tit the Catholic Publica tion Society.No.0 Warren street mnUIOVI ISLAND OPEN TO VISITORS.? TllR VX new and elegant steam yacht GOVERNOR'S ISLAND leaves Custom Hou?e oter, at the Battery, every even hour daily (Sundays Included) lor Governor'* Island. Music by the baud in the afternoons, followed by dress parade. Grand excursion across the bay to high lands, Port Washington and Red Hank, N . J. ?The Steamboat HELEN will leave pier No. 36, loot Franklin sneer, North River, Sunday morning, MUi lust., at 6>? o'clock : returniug, leave Red Bank at S P. M. H ARLfcM STEAMBOAT NOTICE. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT R Commencing May II, 1878. Harlem boats leave Peck slip (piorJW East River) for Harlem everv hail hour, from 6 ,10 A. S. until 7 P. M.. ex. cepting II A. M., 12:30 and 2 P. M., landing at Eleventh, EigUty-fotirih. Astoria. 109th and 12Uth street*. N. B.? Sea time table where boats land. J. P. TALLMAN, Superintendent Notice. On and after Sunday, Muv 4, 1878. the Harlem boats will commence their Sunday trips for the season, lauding at Eleventh street. Astoria and Harlem Bridge. Pin* boat leaves Peck slip at 10 o'clock and hourly thereafter. Pare IS cents. N. K? This Is the only line connecting with boats for High Bridge. J. P. TALLMAN, Superintendent. Regular boat to the pishing bank?.-om and alter suuday, Juue 1, the large and commodi ous steamer MONITOR, Cuptaiu Ubaa. Poster, will make' an Excursion to the Fishing Banks daily, Saturdays ex cepted, leaving Eighth street, Eait River, at7 A. M. ; Peck slip, Easi Hi ver. 7 :30; Christopher street. North River, 8:16, uml Pier No. 4 North River at 9 A. M. Tickets 91; ladles 60 cents. Fine staterooms fbr the accommodation of families. JOHN LYNCH, Mauuger. Music by Geo. SSchledeL EOULAR SUNDAY MORNING BOAT FOR NEW burg. The favorite steamboat JESSE HOYT. Cantatn Jamos Sherman, landing at Yonkers, West Point, Cold Spriug, Cornwall and lona island. Leaves Kulton terry, Brooklyn, at 8 A. M. ; Christopher street North River, 8 :*0; Twellty-tolirth street, North Rivor, at 9 o'clock, A. M. Pare for the excursion 91. J^KGULAR 8UNDAY BOAT for Kevport and all the intermediate landing* The popular steamboat NELLY WHITE, Captain Jacob B. Davis, will commence her regular trips on Sunday, May 23, leaving Barclay street at 9 o'clock in the morning. Leave Keyport at 4 P. M. to return. STATEN ISLAND NORTH SHORB PERRY. Dally Time. Pier 19 North River, foot Cortlandt street To the Island? 7. 8, 9, 10, 11:30 A. M. ; 1, 2:10, 330, 4:30, 6flil, 630, 7:80 P. M. From the Island? 6, 7, & 9, 10. 11 :30 A. M.j 1, >3% S :30U 430, 630, 630 P. M. Sunday Time. To the Island? 8 :16, 10, 11 :? A. M. ; 1, 2: JO, 4, 830, 7, 8 P. M. Prom the Island-7 9:20, 1030, 11 30 A. M. ; 130. 133, 4:20, 8:80,7:10 P. M. Mat 25, 1873. SUNDAY BOAT POR GLEN COVE AND ROBLYN, landing at College Point, Great Neck, City Island. Sands Point and Glenwood? Steamer SEAWANHAKA will leave pier 24 East River (Peck slip) every Sunday, at 9 o'clock A. M. ; Eighth street, 9:08, and Thirty-third street, 9 :15, returning to the city about 6 P. M. Steamboats pleasant valley and fort leu to let for excursions: Glenwood and Wewapex Groves. Apply to C. HOLLhNBECK A CO., 28 South st Steamers, barges ani> groves to charter? For excursions, at lowest rates; Walter's Grove, Jenia, L. I., and other Groves, BLOOMER ft CO.. 243 Front street OUNDAY AT LONG BRANCH.?THK STEAMER O PLYMOUTH ROCK. Commander L. V. Tilton, will leave pier 28 North River, loot of Murray street every Sunday, nt 9 20 A. M., for Sandy Ilook, connecting with trains ot New Jersey southern Railroad for Long Branch, Red Bank, loin's River and Intermediate stations. Re turning, trains leave Turn's Rlv r at 3:80 P. M., Red Bank at 4 :40, Long Brunch ut 6:12, Sandy Ilook at 5:40, arriving at New York at 7 P. M. SUNDAY EVENINO BOAT FOR ALBANY AND Troy.? Passage 91 50. The elegant steamboat THOMAS POWELL will leave pier 49 North River, loot of Lerov a.ieet. every Sunday evening, at 6 o'clock, making close connection with railroads for all points North, East and West Through tickets sold and baggage checked to destination. JOSEPH CORNELL, Superintendent SIXTEENTH ANNUAL PICNIC OF THE NEW YORK Jl Caledonian Club will I* held at Dudley's Grove on Wednesday. June II, 1M73. Steamboat General Sedgwick, Cupiain slier man, and barges W. and W. J. II as kett ure engaged tor the occasion. Musi'1 by Robertson's Baud and Club Pijiors. The steamboat will call at South Sixth street, Williamsburg, 7:20; Fulton ferry. Brook lyn, 8; Christopher street. North River. 9; Thirty-fourth s'treet, 9:3 ), and 152d street, 10. Barges will lay at Chris topher and Tliirty-loiirth streets. Returning will make the same landings. Gent*' tickets 91; ladies', 50c., and children over 12 years 29c. To be had the Club house, US Nullivaii stroet. THE FISHERMAN'S BOAT? RAIN OR SHINE!? THE Steamer CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN, for the Fisherv Banks, Sunday, June 8 aud everyday (Saturdays only excepted). Leaves Market street, East Kiver, at 6 30 A. M. ; Eighth stroet. East River, at 6 :45 A. M. ; North Eighth street, Williamsburg. at7 A. M.; Peck slip. East 7 :15 A. M. ; Christopher street North River, at 7 :45 A. M. ; pier 3. North River, at 8 o'clock. Lines, bait and refresh ments on board from Al. G. Foster, CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN, 158 South street riHIE NEW JERSEY SOUTHERN RAILROAD COM J pany call attention to their extraordinary facilities for the accommodation ot Excursion Parties the coming sea son. With their steamers PLYMOUTH ROCK, LON<I BRANCH and JESSE lloYT and their elegant new Ex cursion House and twenty acres ot adiolnlng land at Long Branch, they are prepared to make engagement* with churches, schools, societies, fto., for large or small parties, at low rates. Send tor circular. G. w. BENTLEY, General Manager, 120 Broadway, New York. W*.J. Snkhkn. Superintendent, Long Branch, N.J TO CHARTER? SID EWHEEL STEAMBOATS FOR picnics and moonlight excursions. W. H. HAZARD, Jr., 62 Harrison atreet TO CHARTER? SALOON STEAMER WYOMING, barges Smith, Caledonia. Republic and Baldwin; Excelsior Park. Oriental Grove, !? aifleswool. Steam boats such ns desired. 383 West street, opposite Chris topher Ferry. II. B. CROSSETT. UP THE HUDSON TO lONA ISLAND EVERY 8UN day morning.? Steamboat JESSE HOYT leaves Ful ton ferry, Brooklyn, at H A M. ; Christopher street, North River, at 8:'*); Twcntv-fourth street North River, at 9 o'clock A. M. Dinners at lona Island Hotel. HOL'SKS, ROOMS, Ot C., WAVTKO. In this City and Brooklyn. A -WANTED TO RENT. A SMALL UNFURNISHED , high stoop House in a first class nei-htiorhood ; must be in perfect order; rent not exceeding 92.000; 'possession not later thau September 15. Address S. C. A CO,, box 149 Post office. ? A SECOND FLOOR WANTED? FOUR ROOMS, UN I urn l? hod, in private house, by mother aud son -.lo cation above 100th street, between I irst and Fourth avenues; terms moderate. Address J. T.'P., Herald office, A MEDIUM SUED HOUSE WANTED? WEST SIDE preferred, 1 low Thirtieth street, between Fourth and Seventh avenues, bv a responsible party. Address TENANT. Herald Uptown Branch office. A COMMODIOUS. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED House, first class neighborhood, nt nominal rent to October, alter which the usual price will be paid; unex ,._ntionahle reference. Address HOUSE, No. 308 Wert TwcmS-tbjrJ ?tro. t _ ___ Desk room WaSXED? in or near broadway, between Wall anit Tnni?: jtreels, not In a real estate odlce ; slate terms, which must bd Unotlerate. Address L. W. M., Herald otllce, /GENTLEMAN AND WIPE, WITHOUT CHILDREN, IT wisli to hire a well ttirnishcd room, Jn a private house, without board ; references given as to character! location between Fourth and Twentieth streets, Secona ami Seventh avenues; rent must not exceod 936 per month. AddressC. s. H.. Herald office. TIT ANTED? BY A L VDY, LARGE ROOM OR SITTING ft Itooin and Bedroom, neatly furnished, between Fortieth snd sixtieth streets, West side; terms reason able; respectable family. Address Miss E. A., (W7 Lex ington avenue, third bell. "lirANTED - A FURNISHED SLEEPING ft Apartment, by a single gentleman ; must be below Fourth street ami cost of Broadway. Address COMFORT Herald office. WASTED? BY THREE ADULTS, FLOOR OP FIVE neatly furnished Rooms; must lie in a first class nen?e an I locality, owner prelorred. between Four teenth and Thirty-fourth streets. Address with price WALTERS, station D. WANTBD-A SMALL. UNFURNISHED HOUSE, BY A res, lonsible lumilv of lour adults; must be In good location, between Twentieth and beventleth streets; rent noi to exceed 9700. Address AYLMER, Herald Uptown Branch office. Wanted? a medium size house, suitable tor a pin at. boarding house, in a central lo cation, not above Twenty ? nrd street: unfurnished or partly fur nished; owneMo board in the house if agreeable Ad dress HOOM, 80J West Twenty-third street. Apply for one wee?. WANTED? UNFURNISHED, SECOND FLOOR Of four rooms, or one on third, by gentleman, wl%, baby and girl; must be In private house: go.Mi location below Fifty ninth street; references given and reaulred. Address L., box 136 Herald Uptown llraneh otl'ce. Wanted to kknt-an attra<^tivr purnisheii House, convenient, with use ol horse Addraaa WINTON, Herald Uptown Branch office. In the lanntrjr. ANTED TO RENT IN THR COUNTRY, UNTIb '? olie hour from Cltv Hall, by boat or cars. ? nice Oottige, completely lurnishcd, first class throughout With lawn, fruit, shade trees, ftc. Address, giving InlJ particulars as to locatioa, rooms, Ae., Dii PEW, box 2.4* New Vork Post offlre. Air ANTED? POR THR . EASON. TWO PURNISHEO ft Cottages at Long Branch, at n short distance froi* each other. Addi o.'-, st r.'.'ia lerins and lull particular* N. B.. tiox l,k iie.aiu w

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