Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 8, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 8, 1873 Page 3
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?HT ATlOil g yV AWTJ P-f K MAliE 8. Cooks. Ce. gbeenwich bt? a bespectabie yot*n<j girl at good plain cook, washer and Ironcr ; beat reference. IZA EAST 66TII ST., PRESENT EM PLOYEB'S.? A ? It respectable girl, who uaderstaads plain cooking (nil la a very good washer and Ironer, In a Una II private bmily. Can bo seen lor three days. 9/lQ east ?otii ?t., top floor.? a respect ?VfU able Protestant jronng woman a* cook in * prl Cnte lumily ; will assist witn washing and ironing : excel :nt reference. ooo west ttth st-a PROTESTANT girl AS eook; understands all klndaot rooking: or would Fi housework for a email family ; excellent city retcr luces; no objection to u short distance in the country. DQ/J (TTH AV., IN THE BAKERY. ? A RRPPECTA p?7VJ ble middle-aged woman as first clam cook or housekeeper in u gentleman's or widower's family ; best references. A&O WEST 42D ST. -A COMPETENT GIRL TO 3" Od cook un>l do the Hue washing of a small luiuily ; lest city reim-nce. Chamberuiaids. Ac. BEAST 1<*TH ST.? A RESPECT ABLE OIRL AS chambermaid and to do sewing in a nice private Bnilly in the country or city ; liest relerence. Can ? seen on Monday. n < C EAST l.'iTH ST.? A CAPABLE AMERICAN i t') woman as chambermaid and seamstress. or to lake care of children; waxes moderate; best reteronces From present employer's; country preferred. Oil EAST 26TH ST , tmriwfloor, front ROOM.? Oi I A respectable girl an chambermaid and to make herself generally useful; city or county. 3r. i WEST 321) ST. -A YOl'NG GIRL AS CHAM; ?)'r bermald and waitress or would do general h< usework In a small private family; is willing and obliging: best reference. Can be seen until engaged at bcr present employer's. 4?J 4 WEST SSTH ST., FIRST FLOOR, FRONT ? A 0*r young girl, lately landed, as chambermaid iu a private family ; relerence given. ?7Q SI> A V., CORNER ?D ST., TOP FLOOR, OI w front.? A respectable young English girl, lately landed, as chmnbermald <>r nurse to one or two children; frilling and obliging. Call Monday from 10 to 3. Dressmakers anil Kea mstresses. A Q MACDOI UAL ST.? A OOMPBTENT DRESS "rts maker wishes a lew more engagements by the day; terms $2 per <iar. Call or address. CO EAST laiTTI ST.? A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER, UO thoroughly understanding every branch of her business, wishes a few more engajcinents by day or Week. Address. UMl WEST 1CT1I ST. ? A FRENCH DRESSMAKER. J." "J on vr i?re de la Mniion Worth, wishes a few more engagements as designer, cutte-r and trimmer ; $3 40 a day, $2 a halt day. mSD AV NEAR 14TII ST.-A FASHION ARI.R dressmaker will go out by the day or week; eharge per day. SI 60. OAO WEST 11 ST ST.? TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS ZA ' together; one as seamstress and to t^ke charge Of children; the other as aood chambermaid, and wouid assist with a small washing in a private family; good reference from last place ; city or country ; country pre jarred. ? OlOWEhT 1<?T1I ST., THIRD FLOOR A FRENCH & lO lady wishes to have some work sit her hoiue ; she Understands cutting and all kinds of sewln?. (IQfl EAST DOTH ST.-A SEAMSTRESS DESIRES A AUU lew more cnaneement* bv llie day, to assist a dressmaker, or do plain sewing; operates Wheeler A Wilson machine. Call on or address T. G. OflO EAST IIT1I ST., THIRD FLOOR.? A FIRST Oua class dressmaker wishes employment by the dav. week or mouth : no obtoctinn to the country. Apply to or addrefs M. A. NOUtlHLAN. ___ QIO EA8T 80TH ST. -AS FIRST CLASS FRENCH Oil' seamstress iu a private family; understands dressmaking; can cut and (it children's clothes ; can thr nlsh Iter own machine ; no objection to the country. Call for two days. Q9Q EAST 14TII ST.? AS FIRST CLASS DilESS 0?J?/ maker; desires the patronage of famiilea, to take work home or go out; operates ou any machine; terms moderate. All WERT 48TH ST.? A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAK T 11 er will eo out by the day or week to cut ladies* and chil'tren's dresses: also a seamstren* b v the day or week. Call after li P. M? or address Miss KATK MORRIS flnt 8TH AV., BETWEEN ?VTH AND 41BT STS.? A IJjij'J frw more engagements wanted by a good dress maker bv the day or week ; no objection to going oat of the city. _ _ nni ?TH AV.-A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS AND I 'J I dressmaker wishes a frw more engagements by the day or week ; can en' and tit. Can be seen evenings. Inquire in the WW, for MM NOWELL Q1 e SDAV..CORNERMTH ST., THIRD FLOOR. -COM f/I?/ potent operator on fine white work; ladies' and In 'ants' outfits made in the latest styles: testimonials from first families of the city. Call or address. IQ I Q 3D AV CORNER 77TH ST., STORE?A .?IT-*' widow, who la a mod sewer and cutter, can struct children, and is willing to as ist with lighthouse duties, w ishes a position in 'he country where she can keep a oulet one year old child with ber. Call on or ad dress Mrs. GEORGE. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A GOOD REAM J* stress and operator, cnt*. fits and makes dresses, Will assist and amuse an ciderlv lady or* child over three v<ars; eitv, country or travellimr: good cltv refer ences irom present employer. Please address, till Wedni * day. EI.STOn, station F, 3d av. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE A J\ few latnilies to sew for by the day. Address LAVONIA Herald office. A SUPERIOR OPERATOR ON WHEELER A WTL son's machilto w islies a lew more encapements by the day or week ; makes all kinds of ladles' dresses nrd nnderaarmenls mi reasonable terms. Addreg* M. R. M., Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,2 'S Broadway. AfASrTTANABl.E DRESSMAKER GOES OCT RY the day; cuts, fits and trims in u superior manner; Only first class work desired. Address VICTORIA, box 140 1leriibl ofllce. AFASHDNABI.E DUKSSM A SOLICITS EN gagements by dav or week; cuts and fit* neatly, terms moderate. Addres-i DRESSMAKER, box 15 64 H West 32d st. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER. WHO CAN CUT, fit and trim ladies' an>l children's dresses, wi-hes a fpw more eni;agements bv the day or week. Address DRESSMAKER, Herald Uptown Kruncb office. A WIDOW LADY WISHES A PIT0A1 ION AH SKA M stress in a family; is a good dressmaker; bo ohtec lion to golnc a short distance In the country. Address U. H,, Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. ONK IN NEED OF THE PAY WANTS SOMETHING to do; can cutand make children's clothes and aasist In dressmaking, and can do all kinds oi fine s>wlnu. re pairing and mending, Ac., by the d.iv, in tamilies. or Would take work borne; has a machine. Address R. J. If., Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. 444 109 Genrra^ Houirwork. >Vc. im MONROE ST.. TOP FLOOR. ROOM 18.- A J " ' I. youn?' girl In a private family to do general housework. WEST RITH BT ? WANTED, A GIRL FOR GEN erul housework by a family consisting of two. Houaekeauers.* ?S;c. O I MULBERRY ST., NEAR CANAL, IN THE STORR? Ox Housekeeper's position wanted, or n party who would assist in procuring a pleasant home : none hut those ?>t honorable Intentions ue< d apply ; liest city reference if required. WEST !WTH ST., NEAR 6TH AV ? A YOUNG lady as housekeeper; would like to travel. 1A (\ WAVERLEY PLACE.-A LADY AH HOU8E J.rrU keeper, or would take the care of children or Biake herself nsertil in a nice family ; a home desired riore than large salarv. Cull between the hour* of IS and on Mondsv. or a'ldre*< Mrs. H. "I fifl WEST BTH ST. -AN AMERICAN LADY AS JOtF housekeeper In a hotel or any position ot trast; ?Ity or country. Address Hot's KK KKPBR. BO 4 EAST ltTTII ST., BETWEEN ?D AND 3D AYS., J-iJ- iT" Harlem.? A respectable woman, reduced In cir cumstances, in a first claw familv. either as housekeeper, to wait on a lady or to take care ot chiklren ; Is capable 6t taking charge of a babe from its birtn; no objection to travel. Call for three days. 0'J7 WEST 13TH ST., NEAR 8TII AV., SECOND I floor.? A Widow as housekeeper in a plain fam ily ; understands the care of children, and is an cxcellcnt ?ramstrevs; eitv or country. QrtQ WEST 23D ST.? A MIDDLE-AOED AMERICAN OV/O widow to take ch'irge of house wlilie latuily are ? way : or to keen house for a widower, or take any posi tion hi trust n?.t menial , best relerence#. Address h. w. QIC EAST Wl ST ?A RESPECTABLE PER80N~AS OJ.'I housekeeper to an elderly gentlein.ui or widower; having no friends in the city wishes a home m.jre than liigh wage*. Call or address for three days. SOI EAST MIT 1 1 ST.? A YOUNG WOMAN AS ZiL housekeeper for a widower. Inquire for two days. WKHT 4iD ST.. IN THE BOOB STORE ?A young girl to do general housework in a small private family : good references. Call or address. Q70 78TII ^T., BETWEEN 1ST AV. AND AV. A.-A O I ?/ respectable Udy as working housekeeper In a public or prlvaie tamllv; no obiections to the country ; is a eoo.1 monthly nurse ; or Is willing to take care oi a baby from Its birth. Call or address for one week. AO I Kill AV.-A WIDOW LAKY AS IIOL'SKKEEP. Ttl'l: er iu a widower's family; best city reference. Call on or iddrcss Mrs. OABNETT. goo ?TH AV., IN THK CIGAR HTORE.-A GERMAN OO It lady as housekeeper in a small American family; Bo objection to the country. AYOl'NG WIOOW (WITH LITTLE OIRL) DBSIRRH the hmIiiou of bousakeeper in a resiioctnhle tamiiy. Address WIDOW, box 121 Herald office, for one week. A YOUNG LADY. SPEAKING FRENCH. GERMAN and English, wlehes a situation as honsekeeper in it lentleman's family. Addresa for three days, Mrs. sEY OU R, Herald 1'piown Bl anch ofllce. AMIDDLE-AGRD AMERICAN WOMAN AH lloi'SK. keeper in a widower's lamily, or lo take charge of Club rooms tor a party oi gentlemen ; Is first class family Mumstress; city ruercnce. Address hri. H. WILSON, Nation F. j A PREPOSSESSING YOUNG LADY WISHES A situation as housc^eeBer;a widower's family pre Ikrred. Address Miss N 0., Herald Uptown Branch office. At ROUflBKKIMM, ?'Oft A GENT MM AN W II O can appreciate ?n bonest, earnest, refined, capable woman : respectability, sincerity and honesty required. Address PAlTllFt'LNtRS, lit raid Lptown Branch office,. I.Jifi Bioadway. ? A RESPECTABLE' YOl'NG WIDOW AS HOl'SB keeper in a gentleman's lamtly ; widower preferred. Address Mr K. U , Herald Uptown Branch office, t BITVATIOMM WAWTMU-KK M AI.EW. HBUKlWI|IW'?i ?<? A young lady or refinement and good qualities, aged M. as housekeeper in a gentleman's family; widower's preferred. Address Miss y. I)., tlerald Uptown H ranch oflice. A LADY OK REFINEMENT WISHES THE POSITION ?f housekeeper to an elderly gentleman, either at his or her residence. It lie will render her moderate as sistance. Address NECESSITY, Herald Uptown Branch Office. _ A FRENCH LADY DESIRES A POSITION AH housekeeper or companion during the Bummer, in ?it v or country : cun give instruction in French and tier miin ; ts obliging and willing to mske herself generally useful. Address A. DE F., bex ?18 Post oflice. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY DESIRES A POSITION as housekeeper lit a gentleman's iainilv; salarv not so muck an object aa a pleasant home. Address, stating place of interview, Mrs. MARTlNES, Herald Uptown Brunch oflice. AN AMERICAN LAI>Y, OVER THIRTY. THOROUGH lv practical housekeeper, posseiwing superior educa tion and refinement, will take entire charge of tho home or a good family ; would like care ot Mil people or motherless ckildreu; salary nominal. Address, fully ex plajnlng, J., West S2d st. A THOROUGHLY RELIABLE LADY AS HOUSE keeper or lady's companion; onlv honorable par ties need answer. Address K., box In) Herald ofltce. AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY AH HO088BBB PER, nurse or any position where a fair remuneration is given for labor. Address W. M. K., station K. A YOUNG WIDOW DE-IRES A POSITION AS housekeeper. Only parties of means nulling to pay liberally tor tne services ol a highly respectable lady of culture and refinement will address DOUBLE ENTEN DRE, box 1 12 Herald Uptown Hrunch office, 1,2? Broad way. A WIDOW LADY DESIREB A POHITION AS HOUSE keeper in a widower's family; an elderly gentle man preferred. Add rets Mrs. N. U. B., Herald Uptown Btauch oflice. Wanted -by an English woman, a position In a private family; is n thorough practical house keeper in every respect: understands dairy, linen room, laundrv, kitchen, cooking and marketing; best refer ence given by the advertiser; no huml.ugN need apply. Address Mrs. BYRON, Herald Uptown Hranch offlcc. WANTED? BY A COMPETENT LADY, A SITUATION as housekeeper, cotppanion or matron : first class rclerences given and required. Address Mrs. J. G. L., Flemingtou, N. J. lir ANTED- BY A MIDDLE-AGED AMERICAN WO Tf man. a position as housekeeper or companion to tin Invalid lailv; good fewer; best ot reference; no objection to die country. Apply at PROTECTIVE UNION, 38 Bleetker si. Laundresses, dee, d O WEST 47TH ST.-A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS, l O can flute and polish, in privuto family. Can be seen at her present employer's. QG BAST 4TII*ST., REAR BUILDING, TOP FLOOR.? ?/*! A respectable woman wishes to take in washing and ironing. 1 AQ WEST 15TH ST., REAR HOU8E, BACK J."*' room.? A respectable woman wl-hes to take In washing at her own house or go out by the 'lay. I"! O BAST 190TH ST., HARLEM.? A LAUNDRESS TO J I v) go out hy ilie wees* or do kitchen work ; good ref erence. Call for two days. mWEST 26TII ST.. UP TWO PAIRS OF STAIRS.? A respectable woman would do washing lor a few gentlemen ol ladies at her own home; llrst class city references. 1 ro W- ST 31 ST 8T.-AN EXPERIENCED L?JO colored laundress solicits washing to do at her house; linens and llncrics done in superior stvlc. Mrs. J. W. BROWN. 1 % A WEST MTU ST., REAR HOU8B, ? A RESPECT I ? )t able girl ns flrst class laundress ; understands fine washing and fluting; no objection to the country lor the Rummer; good reference. ()Ai 6TH ST., EAST OF *D AV.? A RESPECTABLE Zj\i T woman to go out bv the nav to cither wash or houieclean ; Is a goo. I laundress; is a good worker; good city reference. Poll any time. Q1 Q THOMPSON ST.? AV EXPERIENCED COL ? I O ored laundress solicits washing to do at her room; understands her business thoroughly in every respect. Mrs. j. w. Brown. QQQ WEST S8TH ST.. ROOM IS.? A RESPECTABLE OZi *J woman wishes gentlemen's and ladies' er fami lies' washing. 1 1 EAST 14TH ST., ROOM 9.? WANTED. LADIES' tIJ and gentlemen's washing at home, at 7.1c a dozen ; nest recommendations. Mrs, smith. A Q1 8TH ST., THIRD FLOOR. BACK ROOM.? A RE to L spcctabic woman wishes some washing to take home. 1ST AV., FIRST FLOOR. BACK ROOM.? TO DO ladies' and gentlemen's washing at her own home. 7(tf\ 3f) av.? . a First class laundress so I l/T> llcits ladies' and gentlemen's washing ; under stand* it In all its branches. Mrs. HENEDY. 635 191 A 3D A v., CORNER 70TII ST.-A GIRL TO GO .ilU out washing and ironing, of would take work borne. Miss JENSEN. Nurses. <Vc, 9Q WEST ?1 T ST.. AT PRESENT EMPLOYER'S. ? A Zi<J young girl to lake care of one or two children and to do plain sewing; country preferred. mWEST 421) ST. -TO MIND CHILDREN IN THE country for the Summer; best reference from present place, where she may be seen for two days. mRAST 17TH ST.? A YOUNO, TIDY PEOTBS taut girl a* children's nurse; conntrv preferred. Can be seen for two days at her present emvloyer's. 155 WEST 24TII ST.? AS LADY'S NURSE. Mrs. HANNAH NELSON. 9AfT EAST 65TII ST.-A YOUNO M ARRIED WOMAN, Zi'h J with A iretfh feK-a.i} of milk, wishes a babe to nurse at her home; can take charge ot' one lrom Its birth. Call for three days. 2 TOO 3D AV. BETWEEN 116TH AND IPTll STS., ,JOO llarlem ? A ps;>ectable American .man to nurse a child ; one that can W?lk ; best city refei nee. Oiti EAST 44TII ST.? A LADY WISHES TO TAKE Zt r') the entire charge of an infant. Call on Mrs. CIIKPMEM. 2r Q WEST 34TH ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S^. ? A (JO competent girl as Infant's nurse, to go to the counlrv lor the Summer. Can bo seen on Monday and Tiie.-d.?y, lrom 10 to 4 o'clock. /'OO fiTll AV., NEAR SfiTlI ST.-A REFINED U?jf J young Protestant English woman as nurse for growing children; thoroughly competent to take the en tire charge ol them : is thoroughly honest and has a good knowledge of medicine In case ot sickness; best testi monials lrom present employers. 9 AT H AV . IN THE STORE - A FRENCH PER ? son as nurse in a <|tiiet family. 6? AV-- TOP BEI.L-RV A YOUNO PERSON, ")?/ 1 the care of growing children with a family going to Europe. Address J. S , care ot Mrs. -cliroeter. AS NURSE TO ONE OR TWO ORiiV.". CHILDREN and to do sewing; will make herself useful speaks French fluently . willing to goto r.nvpartol the I nited States; good references. Address HARRIET, Herald Up town Branch offlee. 66 AN EDUCATED YOUNG FRENCH LADY WISHES A situation as nursery governess and do plain sewing, and make herself useful', good relereucc. Address 8. M., Herald Uptown Branch oflice. RS. SICKLES, MIDWIFE AND MONTHLY NURSE? 778 Greenm lull street M .11 1 see llanrou1. 99 4 WEST 24TH ST.-A YOUNO LADY WOULD like a position as companion to a lad v ; no ob jection to leave f lie city or to travel. Address Miss W. ? I | 9 WB8T aCTH ST. ?A YOUNG LADY, SFEAK Ol Jj Ing English and French fluently, accustomed to training children over six. wishes a re-engagement; understands family sewing and millinery; good English and American references. A ?)Q WKST 39TH BT . THREE FLIOHTS UP, T'O*/ front? A respectable woman to go out by the day housecieaning, washing or iron<ng. 4 PERSON OF REFINEMENT DESIRES TO TRAVEL JY with a ladv; best reference. Address, for three days, S. L H.. box 11H Herald office. A PROTESTANT SWISS flIRL, WHO Si*EAKS SEV. eral languages, wishes a situation; understands ladies' and children's strvlee; would like to travel, on water or land. Address O it., box l-'7 Herald office. AFRBNcn LADY AND HER DAUGHTER, USED to traveling and never sea sick, wish to return to Europe and to make them?elves useful to ladles or chil dren for tbelr passage. Address Mine. M. IIATI'EN, I,hh? Fulton av.. East New Tort. VLADY, WHO THOROUGHLY UNDERSTANDS English. German and French, an?! writes u rapid, legible hand, desires to do copying: permanent occupa tion preferred; only such as really want to give work need answer. Address K., box 129 Herald office. A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT WOMAN WlfBBS an engagement to travel with a family to Europe In the capacity ot nurse or ladv's maid; first class recom mendations. Addicts L. 8. D., Brooklyn Branch Herald office. LADY ACCUSTOMED TO TEACHING? SPEAKING fluently French, Oerman and English, would give a few hours tu tion and perform 'omf light household duties In exchunga for a pleasant home; highest refer ences. Address F. C., care of Mrs. Lemon, S72 8th it., between avs. (3 and D. A RESPECTABLE SWEDISH WOMAN, SPEARING English, soma French and German, wishes a situa tion with a tuinily going to Europe; willing to take care of children and make hersell generally useftoli never sea sick ; beM references. Address C. D., Brooklyn Hranch Herald A LADY WOULD LIKE AN ENGAGEMENT AS correspondent for a newspaper or magayiuc. or would w rite fksliion articles and short stories. Address L. G., box J 82 Herald Uptown Branch oflice. 1ETTKR8 WRITTEN! LETTERS WRITTEN] LET J tcrs written !? Patrons of seven years ago are among per patrons ot te-.iay ; this is the best evidence that an honorable Confidence aud professional privacy are ob served by Mm* W? _, :i4* Kasi l7fh st. ^ CITUATION WASTED-BY A SMART YOUNG GIRL, O to wul on a ladv or taka care of growing children ; has a good knowledge of dreasmakutg ; i mii work sewing machines ; city or country i wouldgo as seamstress In a lamlly. Address D? box 142 Herald Uptown Branch oflice. PRO FE IIMM AL MTU ATI? KB VV A NI'KI) FK.1IAI.KS. To WEST I "Til ST.? A PARISIAN LADY, WITH *TO highest city irterence, as a teacher; wishes a pleasaut home lor Ihc ijuinmer; salary a secondary con sideration. Address Mile. VIDARE. A POSITION- AS PRIVATE SKI RET A RY, COPYTsT J% or any position not menial, desired bv a voting lady In need ol Immediate financial ttseistunce. Address NKKDV bo* 144 U? raid oflice. A PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED? miRALRI. AYOUNO LADY. 8PEAKINO OK It MAN, BNGL1SH, French, Italian, Spanish ami Rnwian. want< to ac company a lauiily or lady tv Europe. 331 West 23d it A FRENCH LADY FROM PARIS, WHO HAS REP.N a very ?uc< esetnl teacher in this country In French and in music, wmhe* a situation as governess or lauy'f ? .nip mi..!, tor travel In Franc*; highest relrrences. Ad dress Mine. 1. I'CIE DE CHALONS, box 208 Heralil (dice. A YOUNG l.A DY, WHO WRITES A GOOD. PLAIN band and understand* book*. wishes a situation: best city reference. Address Miss GLOVER, Herald AYOUNO LADY OF CULTURE DESIRES A SITUA tion a> amanuensis, la.lie*' companion, governess, saleswoman. or in tact anything; which will aeenre an honorable livelihood. Address GRIN DY. HO Broadway. AYOUNO LADY O f THE HIGHEST R ESPECTA bility desires a situation an companion to a lad v or to instruct young children; understands dressmaking ; country order red, good references. Address A. M , box &9 Herald offiie. AYOUNO FRENCH LADY WOULD OIVE LESSONS (tor board In a pleasant family in the city or In the country. She has lia I much experience In teaching. Address PAULINE, Herald uptown Branch ottice. A FRENCH DRESSM AKER, FULLY COMPETENT, wishes an cuffagement to superintend the drewmak. ltic deparliucnt ol a large house where Iter capacities will be tuliy appreciated J none but first class house need apply; references. Address for one week, DRESSMA KER, Herald ottice. AN ENGLISH LADY, OF REFINEMENT AND RE speciahlUtv, desires a position as teacher ; besides the higher English branches and the piano site is per fectly acquninted with the French uiui Spanish languages and with the rudiments ol German anil Italian ; or would act as travelling companion or otherwise. Address F. C. F., Herald office, for one week. INSTITUTRICE.? A FRENCH YOUNG LADY, VERY accomplished, just arrived fron> France, wishes an engagement of three mouths; i*inlc, singing, drawing, French and German. Address ULV1NA, box 137 Herald Uptown Hranch office. MISS JENNY WBLLER WILL WRITE FOR NEWS capers, publishers or individuals a letter, story, poem or a play; a romance, political speech or a sermon. Ad dress box 79 station D. T\rANTRD-A POTION. A LADY OF REFINE TT mi nt, as cashier or saleslady in some gentcol busi ness; best refrrences. Address POSITION, Herald office. tV" A NTED? BY AN AMBITIOUS LADY OF COMMON T> sense and ability, a poKitioii as priva e secretary or couvist ; has Kiint knowledge ol elocution. Address WIDOW, Herald office. HELP WANTED? FEM A LEW. T. STEWART O CO. WANT FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS. A. FIRST CLASS OPERATORS on Wheeler A Wilson's >ew|ng machines, run by steam; steady employment and liberal pay per piece or week. Apply at 9th st. entrance, Broadway ami lDili st. ^ T. STEWART A CO. WANT A first class DRESSMAKER, who can take measure, cut, fit, trltn, Ac. ; one who possesses taste ami ability w ill, If proving competent on a liberally dealt with and have a permanent situation. Apply at Manager's desk, Broadway and lot It st. A -WORK GIVEN OUT AT ADVANCED PRICES TO . pav for first class Sewing Machines by instalments. D. F. POND A CO., warerooms 142 East Eighth street, near Broadway, and 21 Astor place. Notice.? This con cern does not pull' itself, but refers with satisfaction to a41 parties who have had machines of us tor tlin lust 3', years. AT 127 GRAND ST.? WAITRESSES WANTED IN A dairy lunch room ORANGE DAIRY LUNCH ROOM. A WIDOW WITH $300 CAN REALIZE A HANDSOME income in a light and agreeable occupation. Ad dress CHARLES, box 133 Herald office. A? WANTED, DRESSMAKERS, SKIRT TRIMMERS . and waist hands. None but first class bands need apply for two days at 167 6th av. A FEW NEAT RESPECTABLE GIRLS WANTED? AS waitresses in the Home Dairy, corner Beaver and l'earl st*. Apply between 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER MAY HAVE CON stant work and prompt payment. Call on Monday, after 6 o'clock, at No. 2t> East 4th st. A COLORED WOM A N AS COOK WANTED? AT NO. 70 6th av. ; must understand cooking meats and des serts. Apply Monduy, between 10 and 12 o'clock. A CHANCE TO LEARN TELEGRAPHY.? MEN, women, boys and girls learn and take positions ; de mand for operators; no vacation THOMPSON'S College, ?o 4th av., opposite Cooper institute. A? WANTED, SEVERAL EXPERIENCED SALES ? ladies, for our lace goods and underwear depart ments: steady situations and good salaries to those ha v ing city experience. S1KKS BROTHERS, 86T 6th av. A NUMBER OF FIRST CLASS OPERATORS ON Wheeler A Wilson's and Willcox A Gihbg' machine", for organdie dresses and blouses; permanenteniployment, good .wages; also two girls tor errauds. WELWOOD. MURRAY A CO., 38 Wooster st AT MME. LA FOROADE'H, NO. 6 WEST 11TH ST. IB first class dressmakers; none but experienced hanns need apply ; high wages and steady employment Buttonhole makers wanted-on custom skirts. Apply, with sample, at A. W. W. MILLER'S, 164 8th av. DRESSMAKERS WANTED-AT MME. ROGER'S, 70 University nla*e ; none but good h r nda need apply ; also an errand girl, from 12 to IS years ol age. DRESSMA KINO. -WAIST FINISHERS, TRIMMERS and button hole makers wanted, at 86 West 12tli st. ; none others need apply. <'all at basement door. RESSMAKERS WANTED. ?FIRST CLASS HANDS may apply at 188 West 11th st, basement door. Dressmakers wanted, first class hands only need apply at Mrs. WEBSTER'S, 238 4th u v. Come for work. First class dressmakers wanted-at 237 4th a v. First class waist trimmers and button hole makers ; none but first class bands need apply ; come prepared to work. No. 122 West Mth st. First class dressmaker wanted? also an operator on Grover A Baker's machrne, uml a few apprentices. Apply at Miss H. REGAN'S, 619 0:h av., near S8th st. Come prepared to work, 1 TOAST class dressmakers and operatorson ' Wncclcr & Wilson's and WUlcox A Gihtis' machines. Only experienced ha rob need apply at 317 titli av. (10GB LAUNDRBSH WANTED? AT 380 WIST 231) ST , T wages no objvet-if the woman understands her busi ness thoroughly. Apply immediately. /"1IRL WANTED? WHO CAN SPEAK GERMAN, TO \T wait on tables; good wages given. Apply to-day, before 11 A. M., At the Pavilion, tilth st., between 7th and 8th a vs. Ol'SEK EEPER WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN; must be accudomed to refined society, young, edu cated, companionable and respectable. Address MARCHMO.NT, Herald Uptown Branch office. I ASUS WISHING GENTEEL AND PROFITABLE J business can make $3 to $7 per day soliciting orders ; convenient little article, wanted by all classes. 618 lima i way, up stair*, ottice 1. pf.rators on wheeler a wilbon'h ma. chines, to make custom shirts in the store. OEBERT ft Co., 711 Broadway. D H 0 w Operator on wheeler a wilson's machine to do fine work ; person of long experience In corset and shirt store preferred. Apply to JENNY L. SMITH, 175 litb av. Saleslady wanted? competent for the suit and cloak departments, at A. FIELD'S, 249 and 283 Grand st, corner ol Chrystie. SEVERAL WAITRESSES OF FINE- APPEARANCES and good character ; also laundress wanted. Apply liefore 8 o'clock Monday motning at Exchange Dairy, 30 Broad It ' OTORE GIRL WANTED-IN BAKERY; ONE OF EX U perience and we. I recommended ; none others need answer. Address BAKERY, Herald Uptown Branch office. rANTED? A GOOD COOK, WASHES AND IBoNER. 2*1 Hudson st XtT A NTE D? AT MME. H TOUJAS' 4604 ?TU AV , tt next to corner o* 28th st., first class ifressmakers, an operator on Weeeler ft Wilson's machine; also ap i rs lit ices. (IT ANTED ? OPERATOR ON WHEELER A WILSON'S TT machine; one accustomed to ladies' and children's fine work. Apply at Wl West 24th ft, eoriicr 6lh ar. YIT ANTED? AN HONEST WOMAN TO TAKE FAMILY TT washing to her own home, by the month preferred : must, have city reterenccs. Apply at 878 Broadway, first floor. ANTED? SEVERAL DRESSMAKERS; FIRST CLASS MAURICE'S. 60 West lOtb St. II' ANTED? A OIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IRON Tt for ii small family. Inquire, fbr two days, at No. 18 West 9th at., between 8th and t?th uvs. WTANTED? EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKERS AND tt waist finisher*; none but good iiand^ -need apply. 419', Cth av. At* ANTED? FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS; NONE TT others need apply; steady employment, lor good hands, for the whole year arouml ; al-o a smart little girl to go of errauds. IQ8 East 27th st near 4th av. ANTED? OOOD DRESSMAKERS (WAIST HANDS), at 139 West Wth st. Applv at basement door. WANTED? A COLORED GIRL, FROM 14 TO 16 yeara, to go a short distance In the country. Ap ply, with references, at 131 We?t 16th St., basement door. only need applv; also one drcssm.iker who can operate on ttie Singer machine. Call at Mine. J. w "VIT ANTED? SEVERAL FIRST CLASS DRESS TT makers, to work on waists and polonai?e? None but competent bauds need apply at basement, 103 West 44th St. WANTBD-OOOD DRESSMAKERS AND OPE MratiT', at 18 Clinton st., Brooklyn. ________ \tr ANTED? SEVERAL GOOD DRESSMAKERS AND V? waiM flnltbers and trimmers. Apply at .vim sv WANTED-A GOOD COOK. WASHER AND IRONBR ; also a chambermaid and waitress; good re fere lire rci|nired. Apply at 38 Wwt ISth st "tlTANTED? A YOUNG OR MIDDLE AGED WOMAN tT to tend a first class bakery. Address, in own band writing, by mull, N. W. WALL, 767 eth av. llf ANTED? A COLORED WOMAN AS COOK FOR A TT small tamily ; must be first clsss and brlnp good r?f erencea and lie perinauenL Apply at 39 Uroveat., N. Y' WANTBD? A WELL RECOMMENDED GIRL TO take car* of children aud also understand lone, sewing, at 204 East Mtb St. TtTANTSO?A LaDY WHO SPEAKS BOTH ENGLISH TT and German and is competent to give instruction on the family singer tewing machiue. Applj at*K2 8lhav. JIEtPH^KTED-FEMAIiKII.

WANTBD? IN AN AMERICAN FAMILY. A PLAIN cook, washer and Irouer: Oermau preferred. Ap ply m st ' TITAN TED ? GOOD DRESSMAKERS AND OPERATORS TT on sewing machine* those having their ow n pre ferred. Apply ?t 309 tth a v., corner 19th st., first floor. TVANTRD-A OOOD hand To WORE ON DNMfr Tf making bv the wwl Apply at S21 West 29th St., betweeu Mh and 9th us. TITANTKD-A FEW NEAT, TIDY AND FINE APPEAR TT Ing young ladies. to watt on tables, at Ptenilngtotl Dairy, 188 Church st. Cull on Monday MB. WANTED-A WORKING HOUSEKEEPER, PROT eitant, healthy and not over 29 years of age. Ad dres* box 122 Herald office WANTED? FIRST CI. ASS HANDS ON GENT'S bows. to work in store. Apply to FLEISH A CO., and 47C, Broadway. TXTANTEIWEXPERIENCKD OPERATORS ON WHBF tt ler A Wilson's and Wlllcox A Gibbu' machine*, for lailies' waists and suits. it) I.ispenard st., third floor. TIT ANTED? A M'MRER OF GOOD PRESSERS ON T? ladies' suits. Applv at KAI'P A ROTHSCHILD'S, M Walker ?t WANTED? I# FIRST CI, ASS D RESS.M A K E RS AND finishers ; also an apprentice. Come, ready to work, to Mine. M. DK CORDORA, 284 ?iti uv. w T ANTED? A YOUNG I.ADY TO ATTEND IN A ladies' and gentle men's dining room. OII.MOKK'8, 2t? Greenwich st. WANTED? A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK; TT must come recommended. Call at 239 5th st . one door from 2d av. WANTED? A FRENCH GIRL AS NURSE TO GO TO a watering place for the Summer: must sow neatly. Address, with reference, D., bo* 90"! Post office. \||rANTRD? OPERATORS AND FINISHERS ON I.A tt dies' suits; Wheeler A Wilson's machines. 66 Leonard st Wanted a tkotkstant oirl as chamber maid and waitress, in a small laitiily : ftilly compe tent, with city rule rente from her last pluc.'. Apply at 77 West 60th st WANTED-A FIRST CLASS SCOTCH COOK: ONR who understands cookluR oat meal, also padding*, pics and cakes; at Flemiuglou Dairy, I& Clfurcli st Call on Monday. TVr AN TEDVTWKNTY COMPETENT DRESSMAKERS TT and sixty operators on Wheeler A Wilson's machine. J. A 0. JOHNSTON, Broadway. 6th av. at 22d st. WANTED? EXPERIENCED OPERATORS ON WIIEE ler A Wilson's machines, on ladies' suits: also first class finishers. Apply at KAPP & ROTHSCHILD'S, 68 Walker st. WANTED? A FOREWOMAN, TO TAKE ENTIRE TT chare? of a private dressmaking establishment. None but a person who has had charge of such an estab lishment before need apply at No. 8 East IHth st. ?1A7 ANTED? SIX FIRST CLASS SALESLADIES, AT VV E II it It' ! rs 2S7 ii ml .'M9 8Hi av.. near 24th st. WANTED? A FEW FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS, at ttl 4tlt av. WANTED? A FIRST CLASS WAITRESS IN A PRI vate boarding hour*. Apply at 36 West 27th at., Irom 9 to 10 A. M. WANTED-TIIKEE GENERAL AGENTS FOR THREE cities; profits large. Also ladies out of employment will find honorable and profitable business by calling at 788 Broadway, room 10. TV ANTED? A SMART INTELLIGENT GIRL, IN AN TT electroplating factory, to keep an account of goodd received ami delivered. Inquire at 39 Vesey st., third floor. WANTED? A WOMAN FOR GENERAL HOUSE, work, and young girl, about 16 years of ace, to tnkn care of children and iimke herself useful. Apply at 322 East Kid Kt, between 1st and 2d av*. WANTED? IN A FAMILY OF THREE PERSONS, A Protestant German, English, Welsh or Scotch cham bermaid and waitress. Apply, with city reference, at 235 West 6,'td st., between 10 A. M. and I P. M. WANTKD? A CLEAN AND VERY RRSPRCTaBLE person as laundress and to assist In charaberwork ; moat be tond of stnull children. 648 Madison av., aecond house from 60th st. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A RESPECTABLE, smart dairy woman and neat housekeeper, not ovcr35 years, to take sole charge of a house und small dairy: situation desirable and permanent; reference re quired. Address, with particulars, VILLAGE FARM, Herald office. TlfANTED? A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT COOK, TT washer and ironer, to go to Elizabeth, N. J. (thirty minutes from this city), in a family of two: house has all modem conveniences; good wuges to an Imiustriou-i, trustworthy woman, who can appreciate a uood. perma nent home ; none need apply except with the very best reterences. Apply at No. 62 Wooster St., on Monday, be tween 10 and 12 o'clock. 2 OR THREE UOOD DRESSMAKERS WANTED-AT Mrs. O'KKEFE'S, No. SKI) 3d a v., near 38: h st. Come prepared lor work. A>~l Q A WEEK CAN RE MAKE BY THREE RF.8PE0T ?PJO able and energetic ladies to introduce a uood pay ing article. Apply to B. MINOR A CO., 599 Broadway, room 6. SITUATIONS WANTKD? MALES. A BOY, 18 TEARS OLD, WISHES A SITUATION IN a grocery store, where he can learn the business; best city reference. Address G., box 166 Herald oillce. Ayoi'Ni; man wishes a place to take OA.BE ol a gentleman's horses and make himself generally useful; city or country. < all on or address, for Ihreeday*, P._M.,4H9Mh av., In shoe store. A YOUNG MAN, AMERICAN. AGED 26, WISHES a situation as bartender or to take full charge of a place; three years' reference irom last place. Address W.,brjx 130 Herald Uptown Hruncli officii. Avery capabi e. BIOKLT recommended English butler desires a situation; lie understands all appertaining to liis vocation. Address 40f> 5th av. A YOUNG GERMAN) PROTESTANT) AND WIFE would lika to take charge of u house lor the Summer; first class city retcrence. Address T.DUItR, 09 lstuv., room 6. An elderly man, ofoood habits andlaroe experience in travel, particularly ill the Far West, wishes a situation as travelling companion, business col lector or agent. Address No. I'M Bowery. A COLORED BOY FOR A DOCTOR'S OFFICE OB as general hovse servant wants a place: |ust from the South. Apply for SAMUEL at 135 West 30th St., first floor. A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE, WITHOUT CHILDREN, will take charge of a house for the Summer. Reterence to prominent merchants. Address FOSTER, L'ntown Herald Uruuc.h office. ACCOUNTS.-EIOHT LA HO PAGES : ARREARS WRIT ten up; book* devised to meet special requirements; books opened, kept, examined or balaucod. JAMES COX, removed to fll New street, room 13. A MAN AND WIFE, WITHOUT CHILDREN, WOULD like to take charge ot a house for the Summer, dur ing the family's absence In the country, for the sake of rent tree ; the best of reference given. Address S. M. ARTHUR, 113 West 12th st, for three day*. A FIRST CLASS MAN COOK WANTS A SITUATION; is capable of taking charge ot a kitchen in a hotel or restaurant; city or country : is also a good fireman. Address It. K., Herald Uptown Branch office. A YOUNG MAN OF EXPERIENCE WOULD TAKE charge of an Invalid man or boy to travel for the Summer: hest medical reterence. Address E. TILSON, Herald Uptown Branch office. 1 .EMPLOYMENT WANTED. -A NEAT WAITF.B ; CARE J tul und prompt business habits. Address GENER ALLY USEFUL, 63? Hudson st. IjlVENIN* EMPLOYMENT WANTED-BY A WELL !J educated young limn disengaged after 6; good copy ist, writer, correspondent, accountant, Ac. ; highest reiof? cnces. Address H. D. , Herald office. JUST FBOM ENGLAND.? A BOY, WHO IS NOW IN his 13th year, desires a situation as an office hoy; In a merchant'* ptace preferred. Address A. B. C. B., Herald office. SITUATION WANTED? AS WATCHMAN: BEST CITY reterence* given. Call on or address M. B., 213 West 61th it w AN'IED? A SITUATION, AS COOK AND CARVER; understands thoroughly the business; best rcler ence. Address COOK. Herald office. (I.I'.IIKS AMJ 8A liESMF.V, A DRUG CLERK, ACCUSTOMED TO THE PRE ^T. scriptlon and city retail trade, desires a situation ; luense and good references. Address DRUGS, Herald A YOUNG GERMAN DESIRE'S A SITUATION AS senera^lerk, bookkeeper, or Germaii-Eng.lsh cor respondent, m a moderate salary; A1 city references. Address A. B. C., box 798 Herald office. AN AMERICAN YOUNG MAN DESIRES A SITUA t'on as clerk or collector, or any light business where a coinoeteucy can be earned. Address B., box 177 llcrald office. A POSITION AS SALESMAN OR COLLECTOR. BY a live Americun of experience and unexceptionable reference ; answers from A1 parties only desired. Address RELIABLE, Herald office. A YOUNG MAN, COMPETENT TO ACT AS PRIVATE secretary, with some knowledge of bookkeeping ami a desire to learn l uslness may hear of a sltustioii where salary will be nominal and duties for some months nearly so, by addressing STOCK BROKER, box 4,285 Post office. | A COMMERCIAL TRAVELLER (AMERICAN), FA voralily known among the drug, grocery and hard ware trade of the West and Mouth, <*111 travel for souiu strictly A I house after June 16; refereuce Al. Address LIVE MAN, Herald office. a A WELL RECOMMENCED YOUNG MAN, WHO has had experience In selling goods by sumple, anil with enough knowledge of bookkeeping to take charge ol simple accounts, make out bills, Ac., Is wanted by a wholesale house. Address. In handwriting of applicant, giving references and aalury expected, BUSINESS, box T62 Herald office. AFIBM RETIRING FROM BUSINESS DES1BE Tf) procure a good position for their bookkeeper, ne is a young married man and can be spoken ol In the high est terms. Address W. L. J., bos I9<i Herald offlco. AYOU.NO MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CLERK In any kind of business; is thoroughly competent and reliable; fully convnr-ant with the advertising busi ness. having had over seven years' experience as adver tising clerk on a leading daliv paper; Is a good worker; would leave New York ; highest relerences as to chnrac ter and capability. Address It. s. P., box in'l ileral* office. FIRST CLASS Hi: SIN EHS M AN, .MECHANIC. IN veutor, draughtsman and salc?man. wants a situa tion In some establishment; has Al ability and address; fober and energetic and great experience; will engage for moderate salary. Address WORK, Herald office. 1 look K I'.Ei'i.K, ? A MIDDLE AGED GENTLEMAN IS JJ open lor an engagement; thoroughly conversant with tomign accounts; good references as to abUity, In tejirlt}-, XI Address F. B . box l.CU N?w York Post MM ? CI.KKKS AMUXAIiKSMKIf. CiLEKK FOB HOTR L? TO UNO man acvcaintkd ) with the hotel business. Address. with particular* and rat* renc?, H., Herald office. __ BHRST CLASS HA LESM AN, ON LADIES' SUITS, TO Mil on comnklMtoB ; city trade. GERE, No. 4 Grand St. IAWYKKH ? EXPERIENCED MANAGING Cl.BRK J desire* u situation In mm first class office. hil dreas PENN, Herald office. M^HRICS FURNISHING OOODH SALENWAN WANTED? inuat thoroughly understaud the bumneai, and be well acquainted with Unit elaa* citv retail ira<le;no others ne? ,l apply, at C. W FRENCH'S, M# Broadway. MASONIC-AtlENTS wanted.? activb members desiring permanent situations will And It to their advantage to rail on F. B. CASE, Jr., at 028 Broadway, on Mojnday, before 12 o'clock noon. 0110E salesman wanted ? a man experienced O in measuring lor custom work and management of ? first clan-, trade. WRIGHT k CLARK, 128 Hth av. Translator, competent to white good eng lish, from French and particularly Herman. Addresa J. II. W., care 01 Harper A Bros., stating time at disposal and com pen sail oil required. TO MANUFACTURERS and MERCHANTS. -WANTED, liv a party of middle aire and large experience, a position a* salesman nn commission, where enerey and close attention to I>ui4ues? can be made profitable. Ad Areas COMMISSION, Herald olllee. WANTED-A KIRSl CLASS HOSIERY SALESMAN. J. A C JOHNSTON, Broadway. 5th av. and ?l st WANTED-AN KXPKRIRN'CEII SALESMAN IN woollens, for city and near by trade. Addrestt H., Herald office. WANTED? BV A YOT'NO MAN or E XPERIEVCK and ability, a position as bookkeeper, assistant or salesman. Ad. Ire** noCBI.K ENTRY, Herald offlve. AI r A N TK D? I N A WHOLESALE CLOAK HOUSE. A V V salesman ; one that has trade ill his own ; will pay five per cent commission, with reference. Address box 18H Herald office. II^ANTED? BY A WHOLESALE OIL HOUSE, A VT travelling salesman, on commission or aalary. Ad dress, with relcrcnce-i and salary expected, box 4,1128 Post ofllce. Only experience d men need apply. WANTRD-A SITUATION AS BOOKKEEPER OR general clerk in a mercantile or other office hy a young mnn of .considerable experience. Address J. C? box 124 Herald office. A \AT ANTED? AN ACTIVE MAN, OF OOOD ADDRESS, ii'? **" ,he trade of New York ami rlcinlfy ; smnll salary and good commission; good tele rem*. Ap ply at 20 Liberty *?. YlfANTKO-IN A LAW OFFICE, A YOUNG MAN. TT from 18 upwards, as inanuging clerk, who has liua Previous experience. Address, stating salary expected, Y. A B., Herald office. "VAT ANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN, AGED 22, A SITUA ... """ JJ) a clothing store; four years' experience. AdarcHfi K 1\., Herald office, lor tliive clj&yH. WANTED-A YOI'NU MAN, ABOUT 3", WHO HAS ," some knowledge of lace and laney foods, to sell 'if/' (*oo?1h 111 New \ ork and ad i a cent city ; references re quired. Address W. W., llernlil office. TirANTKD-A COMPETENT JEWISH YOUNG MAN TT lis bookkeeper In a wholesale bouse. Address, with till particulars, H. S., Herald otliee. "IIT ANTED ? SIX BRIGHT YOUNG MEN AS SALES VV ?>en in the parssol and hosiery departments, at Ml B It'll 'S, 2S7 and 2>vi Hth av. , near 2sth st. WANTED? A GENTLEMANLY YOUNG MAN TO AC T as assistant floor walker, at BHttlCH'8, 2S7 and 2?U Hth av., near '.'4th at. WANTED? TWO EXPERIENCED CLOAK AND SUIT TT salesmen. DOYLE A ADOLPHI, 2ti7 Grand st. WANTED-AN ENERGETIC YOUNG MAN TO IN V? trodnoe on nommission, an article of great demand from a celebrated French manufacturer. Only tlmaa who command a family and retail trade need address D. I). V., He mill office. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN, SINGLE, AND NOT OVER twenty-two, oi excellent habits, to retail clothing in a large establishment ; industry and integrity are re quisite. Address, with references, CLOTHING, station A , Spring st. WEST INDIES OR SPANISH COLOVTEP.-A GEN VV tleman seeks employment as bookkeeper, Ac., in the above or other toreign localities 'understands Portuguese and colloquial Spaniah, and has had much business expe rience in South America. Address M. J., Herald office. TIT ANTED? A SALESMAN IN A WHOLESALE TT clothing house, who has a good Western trade; only men who have been engaged in a wholsnle clothing business here umt are well acquainted need apply. Ad dress S. T., box ^,24.1 POM office. TXT A NTED? THBBE YOUNO MEN, IMMEDIATELY, TT to learn bookkeeping, penmanship, calculations, Ac., from experienced accountant : fit them for good salaries; hours 8 to 10.1* P. M. ; City Ilall, Brooklyn. Terms moderate. Address COLLINS, Herald office. T17ANTED? A THOROUGH, PRACTICAL BOOK TT keeper; must be quick, and willing to work with out being thriven ; a permanent place to file right party. Address, with references and salary (none others no ticed) desired, which inust he moderate the first year, MANUFACTURER, box 8,413 Post offlce. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, WHO IS COMPETENT to enter goods and take charge of a set of books ; kept by double entry It necessary. No one need answer except one perfectly willing to apply himself cloaely to business. The best testimonials required as to character and fitness. Address, for two days, in own liamlwritini:, box 1,833 Post offlce. COACHNKN A.ND CtAKDKN ERgT A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED- BY A COL 1\ ore.l man, single ; good reference. Call on or ail dress J. B. Mi LELLAM), :ti East I7ilv"l-. sec >ii<1 floor. ARBCPBCTABUI OOLOBBD man wishes a situ atlon as coacliuiau in a private family; good city reference. Apply at 100 Henry street, corner oi t'lurk, Brooklyn. AMAKRIED MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS coachman ; can lie rccommendid in every respect by his present employer: can take care of greenhouse nr garden If desired. Addfess P. C. , Brooklyn Branch Herald offlce. A SITUATION WANTED-BV AN BMOUSHMAN, as gardener; practical In all its branches ; good ref erence. Address C., Klunder A I^ong's. POT Broadway. A SITUATION WANTED-BV A SMART YOONU man, Protestant, lately landed, as groom. Can be ceeu tor two days It 1 1 l-.usl 27th ?t. A FIRST CLASS COACHMAN OR GROOM WISHES a situation ; city or country; excellent city reterence. Call at or address IM West SOtli st. fop floor. A GENTLEMAN WISHES A SITUATION FOR HH coarhman; can highly recommend him for hon esty, sobriety and capability and attention to hu busi ness. Address COAf 11MAN, 12ti West .Wth st. /COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST w class man; understands his business thoroughly. Can be seen at Mr. Jerome's stable. 1% West iHJib sL / lOACn.M AN ANI) GROOM? WA NTRD, A SITUATION " by a slnale young man; willing and obliging ; five years first class city reftrenpe. Call on or addicss COACHMAN, private stuliles, I Iti Ensl 3Jd St. IinBST CLASS COACHMAX-WITII SATISFACTORY 1 references as to capability, sobriety and integrity (town or country). Call on or address A. C.,. at Mr. sail ings' saddlery, 144 Sth av. C1ARDENER WISHES A SITUATION; UNDESTANDS JT his business periectlv, stoves, greenhoows and graperies; married; no children ; good testimonials irom present and former employers; disengaged on the 14th; is willing and obliging; not afraid to work Address WILLIAM JAMES JENKINS, Slapletou Post office, Staten Island. ClABDBinaL? A YOUNG MAUR1F.1) GERMAN, AC T qualntsd with all the branches of the trade, wishes steady employ ment. Address G. sTAUK, 442 Stli st., near 3d av.. Brooklyn, N. Y. JUST FROM TI1F. SOUTH? A M LBBTBO MAN, WHO wishes to go to the country as coachman, i hi. soun at No. 114 Bleecker sL C. J BURN Err. SITUATION WANTED? RY A FIRST CLASS OOACII. man. single; thoroughly competent in every respect ; best city reference. Call on or adurces J. P . I3i West lUtli St.. for two days. i TIT ANTED? A SINGLE MAN AS COACHMAN AM) TO i Vf assist in a garden; none need apply unless the v | have go >d rcieruuee*. Call on Mr. ANDERSON, t-'ii Broadway. _ "fXT" ANTED ? BY A FIRST CLASS MAN. A SITUATION i Vt as gronm or eoachman ; not atraid ol work ; fins no obiectlun to the country ; reterence given. Call on or ad I dress lor throe days, T1IOMAS, No. 3 East 39th st. TAfANTED? A SITUATION AS FIRST CLASS* GAR TT dener and farm overseer ; thoroughly acuua'nted i wi;h the rearing and treatment of cuttle. Bufurcuie, Mine. Masters, 4'tt t'liuton st, South Brooklyn. IV A NTED? BY A SOBER, STEADY YOUNG MAN, A i TT situation as coachman ; thoroiiehly uiiderslainls the i care of horses ,nid driving ; can reler to honorable par- 1 ties both In New York ami Brooklyn ; would be willing ' to iro in country. Address, for three days, F. O, E., Her ald offlce. TV-ANTED? A SITUATION *S COAOIIMAV, HV A Vt colored man. single . stylish ; understands h ? busi ness. Call on or address A. P., J. O. \\ hitleim. re's stable, &n .1th av. MLB W4M'EII-M,\I.E)I. A GENTLEMAN TO SOLICIT ADVERTISEMENTS lY and sutiacriptioikH for the leading trade iisiiersof Great Britain. Address, with references, ENERGY, box and subscriptloitfi for the leading trade papers of ,t Britain. Address, 8.10 New York Post office. A CHANCE TO I.EARN TELEGRAPH Y -MEN, J\ women, hoy* and girls learn and take positions; de mand lor operators , no vacation. THOMPSON'S College, Z) 4tb av.. opposite Cooper Institute. i A? AGENTS.? 3 OR 4 EXPERIENCED AGENTS ? wanted, to canvass an instrument paying Urge profits. Expcrleticed parties only need call on O. M JACOBS A CO.. 07 Reade st . ?econd story. GENTS WANTED? MALE AND FEMAI.E; ANn\ J.M. eltv ill |u\eniles; ?ells at sigtit every where. Only parties of good address need call at 1,230 Broadway, lu the book store, fToui 2 to 4 P. ^M. A GENTLEMAN WANTED-TO REVISE, POLISH and plainly copy the manuscript of a hook. Only a person thoroughly capable and expecting a moderate price need address BOOKS, box S.374 Post office. 4 N ACTIVB, INTELLIGENT MAN WANTEIJ-IN j'\ manufactory of wtiite goods Ac. ; must make hiimelt generally usetul, be or|tor!y and correct at fig ures; references required; wajes $10 to $12. Address WELWOOD, MURRAY A Co., 3i Woosi?r ?f. t CENTS NO IM FFING-AT AMERY .s, |M DAILY J\ can be easily made selling his unequalled Show l ards, comprising l,.1U) different designs; unique, ek garit and enchanting. Everybody nmsl liny. Agents wanted-male and female, to sell anew patent article IVorn which a large uotit van ||? rcnii/ed. A | ply ai ss Mai len jane. AniLORED BOY, ABOUT 14 YEARS OF A ON TO attend anof and make himself g> nvrallv useiiil. Apply, with ruiereDcei. at 38 East Mill St., near Madiseu aventnv w w w intlJWAmiV-JIALBI. A'liSnS!? ""UCITOR-AN EXPERIENCED /r? M"'?* wanted, tor a specialty me $S?2l JlufetSVei r, moV*!'i^,?n extremely literal. Herafd office r*lw "?<??. INUSUAL OPPORTUNITY, A "r?,?*?- ?!OY ,W.V.NTKI>-I!* A DAIRY LC NCIJ rnum, 1-7 (Irmii! st, iieitr Briinlwty. AGENT WANTED? TO CARTAM NEW JERSEY fOR ..WW P*P*r 1??r sack*. twines. Ac. None but VkTh ?pi>ijr *i juiin >* hhot A N ACTIVE MAN FOR OINVlAIi WORK WANTED.? * Monday morning, at Exchange Dal Bot wasted? fromu r? ? 17 ykars o r age, in brokers office. Address II If u., Herald office. BOY WANTED? TO CARRY OCT PACKAGES ASD t? make himself generallv u?etnl. sal?rv ?*. nor week. Address, with references, U. U , t ? , ,v |?8 Herald office. Boy WANTS D? IN A DRTU STORE: ONE LIYISO ? it h lilt parents; must lie honest alid industrious pp ly to MASON A I' A I I.. I ?*! <11 h av. flAM BOY WANTED? A HOI'T It YEARS OF A (IK , \J salary Sim per annum. Apply to JAMES A. HEARS A HON, 773 Broadway. IilSSASD BOY WANTKD? GOOD REFERENCE; 93 J per week. 117 SMsnu st. , room 21. M1DDI.BAGED man wanteiw to lump 1ST A ?storehouse fYom 7 P. M. to 7>4 A. M., and Sunday morning till 1 o'clock P. M. ; wave* 17 per week. In ap plication Mate age, business and Rive reference. None Inn tli "Be who ran (five t lie most undoubted references need apply. Address N. W.. Herald uptown Brunch offlee. "PORTER WANTED,? MUST BE ABLE-RODIED, AC -L live and willing to u ork early and late. Address, with reference and wages wanted, PORTER, Herald offlee. THR GREATEST INDUCEMENT EVER OFFERED (or people to go In business for themselves. Wmart, encrretic men wanted Immediately ; also a tew boys. Article sells at sight; profit* Immense. HENRY C. TERRY, :tti7 Fulton it rent, Brooklyn, room 7. TIT ANTBD? TWO Oil THREE GOOD MEN TO BELT, tt the Kilns Howe Sew ing Machine; liberal Induce ments offered to men of energy. Apply ut 740 stli a v. iy ANTED? A STRONG ACTIVE BOY. IN THE HOT TT (led beer and wine trade; must ho able (o cork wine and cap. Apply ut 101 West st.. first floor. ?"ANTED? TWO STOUT BOYS, FROM 13 TO 18 years old, as Unlit pol ler*; also two cash imvs. BKJNCK A RUSSELL, *? Broadway. AAT ANTED? TRAVELLING AGENT FUR PAPER tt hangings, to whom a first elans route and permanent employment will he given AopTy to F. E. JAMES. "OTAJTEE WANTKD-AT THE CLARENDON OYsTER T t House, 1(1 (>th ii v. ; must Im sober and siead\ and un derbuild his business. T TAYLOR. fANTED? A BARKEEPER; MUST BE STEADY AND InduatriouH and thoroughly understand his busi ness. Apply ut the Star Hotel, corner lllcks and (ran* berrv sts., Brooklyn. IVTANrED-A STOUT ROY, A BOUT IS YEARS OF TT a(?e. to make himself generally tiselul in a store. Address, with reference <, statins salary expected, box 3,.VI2 New York Post office. ?fl/'ANTED? IN AN OFFICE, AN AMERICAN FOY, I TT years of age, a fair penman ; one who resides in tho city with till parents. Address, with rol'eronce, A., box ISO Herald offlee. rAVI'KD? AN OFFICE BOY IN A DRY MM commission liou>e ; one who resides with his parents -, Rood penman, ouick and correct at figures Ad Uregs UUSINESB, box Heruld oil ce. Wanted-a capable man to take charge of a small sloop yacht; on? who thoroughly under stands the navigation ot (lie Sound, and also the waters ot New Jersey and New ^ ork. Apply at the oftlco of Mj-. UH KEV, No. 42 East 18th sf., New York, wlthouf delay. \YT ANTE I)? A ntr.'ORKn BOY, FROM is To m YEARS tt t.f a?e, to attend door, do errands, Ac. ; one who has been Mmilarlv eniplnveil preferred. Apnljr. with reference*, at No. 12 Ea^t 30tli it., at -J o'clock Monday morning. WANTED? A TOT'NG MAN THOROUGHLY COM netent to compile and prepanr eopv for prtnters; one who has had ex|>erlenoe in lieok publications pre lerreil; (Irst class references required. Address or eall at :i:i Park row, room 8. WA NTE D? I ; ENT I , E M E N OF ABII.ITY TO ACT AS special agents for the Commnnwealth Life lusnr anee Company, in (lie S(aie and cltv of New York ; also In New Jersey, Pennsylvania and t entral and Western States. To the right 'parties line |x>?itlons arc offered; only business men ofcharartcr need apply, ('all at or address 214 Broadway, New York. TIIE TEA DBS* AWATcnMAKEn, DOING ALL KINDS OF WAfCBBS and French olocica, desires a situation ; liest reser encoN. Address E. C. ST.. Herald offlee. AN INTELLIGENT YOUNG MAN (GERMAN) WISHES u situallou as designer on architectural or Airnitnre work. For r^Utrencu apply to G. A.. No.WIWMtMkit AN EXPERIENCED FIANO TUNER AND ACTION ret' u hi i or wishes a situation; he is competent in both brunches, anil eau itlvc recommendation. Address F. S., Piano Tuner, Herald office. A YOUNG MAN WISH KS TO LEARN Pl.tTMBING? Has luien is mouths and has ?ome knowledite of It; Is not alraid ot work ; can show good reference If re quired. call ofl or addrets. tor one week, THOMAS P1HRSON, g Stanton at. AYODNQ MAN WISHER TO I. EARN THE CAR. penter'a (rade; can lurnUh the bet>t references. Ad dress A. W., Hill East ?th st. \YOI'NG MAN WISH KS TO LEARN SIGN PAINT im,'. Address C. L. S., box 144 Herald I'ptown Branch office. Boot and shoe maker wanted? a good man, with sufficient capital to stock a tiea( store on Jersey ('Ity lleiKlitn ; long leu- , low rent; location first class. Apply to J A. OOTriNQH AM, corner of Liberty and West st?., New York. /"tO LOR MIXES WANTKD? FOR A PAPER HANGING \J fn> lorv ; must |?erfe?^1y anderatand sll hranehesof the business. Address COLOR MIXER, Herald ofllce. 1 1 R A' K Ell BAKFRS- WANTED, A GOOD MAN AS " J mixer oil hand an I machine work. DANIEL CANTY, .133 Grand st, Brooklyn, E. D. TjlNOINEER WANTED MONDAY 'MORNINO.? APPLY _T j at 310 1'ront st., near Governeur slip. ASBESTOS FEI.TING COMPANY. Harness makers.? wanted, two kirst ceass harness makers to work on boillei and bridles; also one lint class saddle hum!. EDGAR BREWER, Hartford, Conn. PRINTERS.? A SITUATION WANTED, AY ONE WHO has had experience in managing a Ian.,"' book au<l lob office; references a< to i|tialiikatlon if wanted. Ad TYPO, box 107 Herald office. "PRINTERS. -BOARD AND WAGES GIVEN YOI NO A men and boys who can sci type and wish to advanen in fhe trade. ILLUSTRATED BECORl>, 3S Park row, on Monday. TIT AST ED? AN EXPERIENCED FOREMAN AND Vt cutter in a mpti's and ladies' necktie ousincs*. Address tmx I Herald offlci. T1TANTED? A YOI NG MaN, W1IO CAW REPAIR TT jewelry and clocks; a (toort chance to learn watch repairing. At 279 Grand st , WUUamsbnrg. WANTED-A COMPETENT aECHITECTUSAL tt draughtsman; one used io Gothic work prcierred. Apply to JakeD n. LAMB, W carmine it. WANTED? FOREMAN; I.NDIY rubber WORKS; A tt practical mechanic for the manufacture belting, packing and lio?c Address v. itli references, ItrBUElt WORKS, hox 4SS New Y'ork l'o.-tofll e. TIT A V TED-TWO LETTER AND ONE ORNAMENTAL TT engraver: hrlnt samples of ?or!<. Also one ma chinist. who understands tine llat filing atul can run a Ktutiouury three-horse steam enzlne. JoIlN >Ii lioY, No. 7 Barclay tt II' ANTED? A GOOD. STOUT HOY ABOUT 1? YEARS TT ot ugn, to learn the silk hat trade. \ pplv at 174 cen tre ,treet. BROWN, NEVfN A HALL. TtTANTED-TWO TIN SOLDERERS, MALE ,oR TT icmale. for couutr .' factory. PATENT PACKAGE CO., 121 Front st. Y*T ANTRD.? A WHOLESALE CLOVK MANUKACTUR tt iiiK bouse desires to engage a genth in in or lady who is able to design and eni fnsliionahle cloaka for the trado and svperlntend the mantllaetitrin,f department; a com petent person will Mud stand v employment Address, staiitii: references ?nd former experience, C. B. A i^-'O., bo* 11,760 Post office. Tlf ANTED? BY A BOY, 16 YEARS OF AOS, A T? ebuneu to learn some re?pect?bfe trade; pluiublntr and gas Ottilia preferred ; reference 11 required. Address J. F. K ., Herald office. V INC. ETC II ISO, PHOTO-MI HOGRAPHY AN EX /j tn t | /.me et< hi r and phel> iltlio. r.ipher, also trans ferrer on zinc ati'i alone, wa its toefioit^e bllyRMnt po sition. Address B. X., Herul I offic.'. I FIIEW II \l?\ KIM ISKMEVIX. NE DAME FBANCAISE, ENSBIGN.VST DANS I.ES , J ccotes depuls iiumbre >1 :imre-, desire trouver uno place colonic ^omernantc. petiiLuu I a la luinpaitne ; exredentes rrcomrnaiidution*. Adt -ser V, II , 38m? rue, 17 Ouest. AKTHOI.O(JY. * \TTBNTIoN 1 ? K.VTlW THY DKSriNY.? AFTER you have heen deceived and lost talih, consult ihu wonderfully gifted clairvovunt : aivcs liien . eau es nwr riages ? tell, everything. l.-'J Wi I rtv ti,>t .street, near Broadway. A TTENTIO*!? CONSULTATIONS f)N B1 SIN ESS, LAW Jv. suits, enemies, losses, ah-cnt friends, love, inarriaae, sickness and death Pay refused unless ..itWied, ?Mme. KlNGIll, Clairvoyant, ff.'l Sixth avenue. \STOUNDING, ORIGINAL MME. IIYHON, THE greatest li\ nig Med I? a I ami R Spiritualist. ( onsnlt her on everything :ilt Fourth avcuue. A? MRS. SARAH KKLLEV. TIIE GREAf SPIRIT. ? ualist. Names, luekv ti ?iter, -peedv marriages and spirit likenesses Wllii.l?" ireet, eorner Harrison. AII.ST-.MltS VANSISi-: IK GREAT UN. rivalled Tranc.' so I Writln Me Hum, v'ives poSl'.lve luloi illation on all affair* ol ht< . le l-yonr name ami the name ol the one you will hi irr?, n unite < llie si^paraletl, causes spe'ilv ami happy ; no sat|*iaciioii. no pay. h-'l Second svotiue, corn r llrtrly -fourth street. Tlie doubtful are invite I. far BOPEAN CLAlRVOYAN I -TI.I.IS SOIK-' -II ms 4 likenesses, c.t.-cs mar. a.c-; ie, jU cents and $1. 142 West Twenty-fifth street, MISS WELLINGTON TELLS I YEKYTIIINC- It RINGS the separated together ; gives Inckv number K'esi deticc 41 Eau twenty ciuhth s reel, near Fourth avenue. 1>Rl R FORTUNK TELLING-NO Ml Mni tl? illl Went Eighteenth street, rear. ?Strictly prlva'v. Iii Hture for Mrs. CARROLL. Fee W. Nugent*. fl'IIE WONDEKFUL ASTROl.OG l? AL Cll I NESE SEN* 1 Sitlve Ls'ave*, Impoited iroin Clinta ; .'Oe pueHage postpaid, i all oil or write t. ft FOX Aco. No. Canal street. New York.

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