Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 9, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 9, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ? ' / ii ? , ,? ? _ . ? WHOLE NO. 13,441. NEW YORK, MONDAY, JUNE 9, 1873.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. \ ? directory for advertisers. AJIUSBMBNTS? Sboond Pack? Fourth, fifth and sixth columns. ASTRO LOU Y- Ninth Pack? Sixth column. BILLIARDS? Twelfth Page? Four ill column. BOARDERS WAN TBI) ? Second Page? second and third column*. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-Second Pack? First column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES? Ninth PAGH-Flfth col ?mn. BUSINESS NOTICES? Seventh Pace ? Sixth column. CIUAKS AND tobacco? Second Pace? Fourth column. CITY REAL BsTATE FOR BALE? Second Paox? First column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN? Elbventu Pas*- Sixth col umn. CLOTHING ? Twelfth Page? First column. COACHMEN AM) ttA RDENER ? Eleventh Page? Sixth column, and Twelfth Paue? First column. COAHTW18U STEAMSHIPS? Twelfth Page? Sixth col umn. COUNTRY BOARD ? Second Page? Third column. DRV GOODS? First Page? Sixth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. FU ICNlsnED AND UN FURNISHED? First Page? Fifth column. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS ? Twelfth Page? Fourth and fltth columns. EYES AND EARS? Twelfth Pace? Fourth column. EXCURSIONS? Twelfth Paoe? Sixth column. FINANCIAL? Ninth Page? Kouith and fifth columns. FINE ARTS? First Page? First column. FOR SALE?1 Twelfth Page? Fourih column. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Fihkt Page? Filth column. FURNITURE? Ninth Page? Sixth column. HELP WANTED? FEMALES? Eleventh Page? Fifth column. HELP WANTED? MALES? Twelfth PAGB-First col ?ma. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.? Fiasi PAca-Sccond. third and tourtli columns. HOTELS? second Page? Third column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED? SECOND Page- Fourth column. INSTRUCTION? Ninth Paoe? Sixth column. ___ JE8EY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Second Page? First column. LOAN OFFICES? Second Page? Fourth column. LOST AND FOUND? First Page? f irst column. MACHINERY? Twelfth Page? Fourth column. marble mantels-first page? Fttth column. MEDIi Al? Twelfth PAGE-Flr?t column. MILLl.NEKY AND DRESSMAKING? First PAOE? Sixth column. _ MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS? Tenth Page? Sixth column. . MISCELLANEOUS? First Paoe? Sixth column. MUSICAL? Second PAoa-Fourth column. NEW PUBLICATIONS? Ketentu I'age? Sixth column. PERSONAL ? Pikst Page? First column. , PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.-Second Face? fourth FBOFsls'lONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES Ki.evknth Page? Fifth column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT? Second Page? First and second columns. REAL ESTATE lO EXCHANGE? Second Page? Second column. REAL ESTATE WANTED? Second Page? Second col umn. _ RBLIOlOUS NOTICES? First Page? First column. REWARDS? Fihkt Page? First column. SALES AT AUCTION? Twelfth Page? Second, third and fourth columns. _ SITU A i IONS WANTED? FEMALES? Elbtenth Pace? First, second, third, fourth and fifth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES? Eleventh Page? Fifth and sixth columns. SPECIAL NOTICES? Nisrrn Pacb? Sixth column. SPORTING? DOGS, BIRDS, AC.? First I'age? First col umn. SUMMhK RESORTS? Second Paoe? Third and fourth columns, THE TRAUES? Twelfth Page? First column. THE TURF? First i'age? Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES ? First Page? Fourth column. TRAVELLERS' GLIDE?' Twelfth Page? Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? First Page? Fifth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOB SALE OR TO LET ? Second Page? First YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.? First Pack? Sixth col umn. HI BAI'D ( H t FFiCF-l'PTOWN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT TflE BRANCH OFFICE, 1.26S BROADWAY AND 530 SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL S P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. *.), AT OFFICE RATES. NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITH nERALD AT S O'CLOCK EVERY MORNING. NO EXTRA CHARGES. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. VffESSRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, Have been appointed pabis agents for the NEW YORK nFRALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ER8 WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO f INGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PERSONAL. BENNIE. NETTIE AND LOUISA HAVE PROM ised not to miss the last Argyle Bal Masque to nlKhl. LARKY K^ EDWAKD S. WINTER, LATELY AT GRAND CEN tral Hotel? A friend wishei to see you and does not know your present address. Call on F. 11. R., 10 Warren street. CI ENTLEMAN WHO PARTICULARLY NOTICED T brunette on Green and Gates avenues car, from Pul ton terry, about 6:*) 1'. M. on Thursday last both iettcar corner (late* i?nd Bedford avenues, wishes to become sc. ?uain*ed it agreeable. Please address B. G. S, box 187 lerald ortlce. INFORMATION WANTED ? CONCERNING TUB whereabouts of the widow an 1 children of Henry eemellmr, a Hollander, who died on the *0th of March. 1869, in (KJ Allen street. New York, by HUD. C. BURLAGE, Consul General of the Netherlands, 45 Exchange place. New York. TF DANIEL HAVLIN, SOMETIME MECHANIC WITH 1 the Gowrock Ropcwork Company, Port Glasgow, Scotland, will apply to Alexander Lade, Solicitor, Port Glasgow. Scotland, he will hear of something to hi* advantage. IF MR8. K. OTTIWELL. RESIDENT OF RUE ST. Ilonore during Paris Exposition, will send address, through Personals, she will meet wlthaome friends, lately arrived. R. 8. V. F. IF" MR. KNUCK FORBERO WILL CALL AT 181 LEX 1 in u ton avenue he will receive information from Swe den. N EL LIE B? FOR GOD'S 8AKE HAVB PITY. COMB back to the hotel at once. PHELPS. _ P? WHERE WAS MY SUNSHINE TESTERDAYf? . Please come Tuesday evening II possible. N. F. _ W? OF MIDDLKTOWN 0R ELMIRV.N. Y.? SEND ? your present address to your old Mend of I."?3 East Twenty-ninth street, in care of station F. Important to you. UNION SQUARE THEATRE, SATURDAY EVENING ? Lady who noticed gentleman please address, stating some circumstances, and strictly confidential, L. M., box 16 2 Herald office. U M AM- F<'tNP. LOST? 8ATUBDAY NOON, IN TWENTY-THIRD street car, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, a red Russia leather Pockethook, containing money, samples of silk, card with owner's name, Ac. A suitable reward will be given upon its return to ottice of Hoffman II. .use. L~' OfT-K BULL TERkI rTjuNB 7t YELLOW COL. lar, white hrensi and no-e. four white unws, white top en tail. Any one bringing him to Hi West Twenty fifth itr. et will get S'U reward. "OTBAVED OR STOLEN? FROli Tlffi LOT OP THE O I leaxant Valley, on the nightof June 3, 18/3, a light iron rray Mare, nearly IS hands high and 7 yes r? ot a,:e. (in each hind toot she has a cork, and on one of them Is a iirown spot, caused bv coloring. Her lace I- about two shade* Huh er thun the rest of her body. A sui atile reward is off. red tor her return or information leading to her discovery. WM. V. HOLMES, Pleasant Valley. JlEWAitD*. ?1A REWARD-LOST, ON SATURDAY EVENING. ?P1U June 7, n ar the eorner ot Twenty-third street ?nil Third uveuue, a small white Spitz Dog, slightly tinged with yellow; blue ribbon on his neck: answers to the name ot "Hooppie." The above reward will be paid for his return or Information leaning to his recovery at 224 Twenty th.rd street i d?C)C REWARD. -INFORMATION WANTED OF W 940 H. Long worth, now 22 years of age. who arrived In New York per sieamshlp Virginia in April, lflflH, and stayed a tew days at the Cedar r- tree t House, 139 Cedar street. Anyone giving a clew that will lead to his discovery, dead or alive, will receive the atove reward : or should the said W. 11. worth see this advertisement he will hear oi something to his advantage by addreaslug Mr. D. WiLLIAMS, IS9 Cedar street, New York. d?CA REWARD -LOST, GOLD HUNTING ANCHOR sptJU Watch. Besancore A Oolav makers. No. AMI; gold chain and Masouic badge attached ; lie questions asked. A. JONES, I'M West street RBLIGIOVS IfOTICES. H B CORN F.R STONE OF THE NEW FRESBYTE rian church (Rev. Dr. Hall's), corner of Fifth avenue and Flfty-tlfth street, will be laid this (Monday) after noon, at 4 o'clock. Addresses by Rev. Drs. Paxton, Tyng, Taylor, Gause and others. KINK ARTS. JF DAVIS, 438 SIXTH AVENUE. BETWEEN ? Twenty slsth and i wenty-soventh streets, Is still continuing to sell, on the very convenient method of weekly payments, all the lending Works ot Art, Oil Paintings, Chromos and Engravings. All trained In gilt walnut or ebony, according to the taste of the pur chaser. TO COLLECTORS AND DEALERS. -5 Union square (up stairs). For sale, for a tew days only, a large collection of An tiquities, ivory Carvings Cameos, Hems, Watches, Enam els, Arms, Ac. ; Shells, Minerals, Fossils, Stuffed Animals. Preserved Reptiles and F lshes; South American Indian >rnament?. Arms and Dresses; gold and silver Idols; flue oi l oil Paintings, liy the best artists. To be sold with out reserve. sroil'l (KG? DOOI, BIRD*, AC. ? -FDR SALE, ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS. J\. Birds, Ac.; Medicines for all diseases; Prepared Food tor mocking birda. AV B, U. iAiVJU.X'at auceeue ?UWIOiMf.QWWf > , ____ THE Tl'RP. J^MEBICAN JOCKEY CLUB. SPRINO MEKT1X0, 1973. WEDNESDAY, June 1L ' SATURDAY. June 11 TUESDAY, Juue IT. THURSDAY. June 19. SATURDAY. June 2L First race each Jay punctually at 3 P. M. A. BELMONT, President 0. Wrbatlt. secretary. Entries for horses to be sold at arch. JOUNSTON'S marl (19 to 15 Thirtee uth street near University placet, Tuesday. at lOJi o'clock, should be made betore 6 o'c lock this evening. PROSPECT PARR FAIR GROUND ASSOCIATION? Spring Meeting. 1K73. TUESDAY-JUNE 10. PURSE No. 1, $2, .UJ? For horses that have never beaten 2 M. Peter Manee enters b. a W. H. Allen. W. H. Crawford enter* b. |. J. W. Curley for Beppo, Alden Uuldsiuitb enters b. m. Huntress. SAME DAY. PURSE No. 2, $300? Pree lor all running horses, belt two In three. Thos. Jones enter* B. Filly, dam Maiden, by lie neon. E. V. Bork enters blk. g. JeveL by imp. Mutkey Free. SECOND I> AY? THURSDAY, JUNE ll purse No. 3, > 1,250? For horses that have never beaten Peter Manee enter* b. m. Mary A. Whitney. M. Carroll enter* b. g. Ben Starr. J. Donirrey, Jr., enter* br. g. Joker. H. w. Howe enters b. m. Fanny Spragna. J. C. Suydaro enter* br. m. Constance. E. H. Heard enters br. g. Coroner K. SAME DAY. PURSE No. 4? Four-year-old Colt Stake. A. Patterson enters b. c. Baron Luff, by Happy Me dium. - E. S. Sanford enters blk. e. Edwin, by Peacemaker. THIRD DAY? MONDAY, JUNK 18. PURSE No. 6, $300? Free lor all runulng horses, mile heats, three In five. Thos. Jones enters Bay Filly, dam Maiden, by Beaeoa. E. V. Bork enters blk g. .level. t>y imp. Mickey Free. SAME HAY PURSE No. 8, $1,000? For horses that have never beaten 2:34. Pierce Hayden enter* b. m. Lady Annie. H. Harbeck enters hr. g. Windcmire. W. Carroll enters eh. m. Highland Maid. J. Dongrev, Jr., enters br. m. Lidia Picton. J. Feck enters b. g. Clothespin. J. H. Philips enter* g. g. Jack Draper, ?i. C. Su.vdam enters tir. in. Constance. W. Rogers enter* hr. m. Belle of Vermont. Alden Goldsmith enters b. a. Abdalluh. Races comtnencc each day at 3 o'clock, prompt, good day ami track. Admission to field, grand stand and quarter-stretch, $2. Admission to Club House, Introduced by a member, (1 Gko. W. Oaklkv, Sup't fc. O. BEAD, Pros't. Trotting at deerfoot park.? Monday, June 9, at 3 P. M. Puree of $1(10? For horses that never beat 2 -4(1. Closed with the lollowing entries :? John Splan'* br. m. Mollis Barker. Win. Thorn's b. k- Lyman. J. 11. Phillips' b. m. Fanny Osbora. E. H. llcard's g. m. Butterfly. Win. Welsh'* ch. m. Nelly. J. leek'* cti. m. Lady Kiuma. A. L. Rotters' blk. g. Eastern Star. Trotting at Fleetwood park on Monday, June 9, at 3 o'clock? Match. $200, mile heats, bests In &. J. L. Doty's blk. g. Win field, to harness; D. 1'flter's br. ^Barny Kelly, to wagon; also match tor $200, hest 3 In 6, harness; John Muijthy's s. g. Jake, W. E. Weeks' g. g. Tom Wonder. W. H. TAN COTT, Superintendent. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD. Jerome Park Races, June 7, U, 14, 17, 19 and 21. Extra train* will leave Grand Central depot on above day* at 1 JO and 2:10 P. M., returning alter the races. Special car* reserved for ladles. Excursion ticket* 40 cents. C. M. BISKKLL, Sup't POOLS SOLD THIS EVENING AT JONNBON'S. 1,187 Broadway, corner of Twenty eighth street, on the trots at 1'rosi.ect Park; also every evening during the week. T. B. JOHNSON. at tlic HOUSES. C A KRIAOBS, dtC. Auction house of arch. Johnston (Late Johnston k Van Tassell). OFFICE AM> SAL. BROOM. OLD KTAM*. 37 Nassau street, opposite tne Post office. _m? tinnui- AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE 18 THE REMOVED TO' THE S PACIOUS PREMISES. 19 21 23 AND U THIRTEENTH STREKT, between Fltth avenue end UniversUv place. Thp bimfrnes? will be conducted uti preciicly tne win? *trlct an.i honorable principles which have alwi^s chsr acteri/.ed the dealing* ol our house and won the rwpa <ct and confidence oi the buslnes* couiuiuiuty, as well as the KSSaSHTu. f???0 '??> ??DE ?" ?"*? TIIE BALK COMMENCES AT O CLUvKi - ^^St^AM VAN' no. RFOI'I AS SAL E S?*0 F ? HO ft S Ks" " A N D CARRIAGES WILL BE HELD EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, GENTLE MEN WIShYnG TO PURCH ASE 0R TH08B Berie'cKtly',^*sblVCasrthfs,husin?*s'^l'b^"nductod^ th?' Mme Htraitfhtlorward principle! which hava gov "w? giVe* th?? purchager of every horse that U warranted ?ound from 24 to 43 hours for trial. Hale A T AUCTION, ON TUESDAY, JUNE 10, Wir.MAM YA ? ?nStP HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART? 110, 112 and 114 Last Thirteenth street. hewk^Sm^" tboronghbr^""mai*?,V* 15)? h?nds\t|?Mj warranted sound. mfnutes to^he pole an/in 2 M .ingle ; tbey are warranted sound, kind and true. At private sale; . ~TV~LOWER PRICES THAN EVER BEFORE OF ons. new ^"^yitBRS' UNION. <38 Broadway. gsroND HAND RUMBLE PHAETON, 1 ROAD Wagon by Stiver*; I Victoria, a light ?i(le-bar top rouche. $I2 >; one t-ulky, $50; I Westchester six seat Rnekawav $^36; 1 top Express Wngon. $130. 50 top ana open pony Phaetons, of all ***?'?. anA-JJ*'<2*' sheath Watfons. $75 up; single and double Harne**. Sheets, Whips, Neta, H QRAY, jo and a2Wooster street _NO. 8CORTLANDT Sl'RKKT, NEAR BROADWAY . (removed irom No. MS Liberty .. hi? and now ottering one of the handsomest, moat reliable and cheapest assortments ol Light Carriages and Harne** ever offered In this market. Be *ure to examln* on* stock and prices betore purchasing. Pony Phaetons a specialty. Sheets Lap Dusters, Robes, Halters, Whips, e.*fy thing, sheets. |p j 'u 1 1 N sl'o N . No. 8 CorUandt sUeeL ~T _ SECOND HAND CARRIAGES. A . We offer the following ?? One light Bnronche. One Omnibus Phaeton. One Conpelette. Two Cut tain Coaches. One Cabriolet. French make. One hall-top 4-seat Phaeton. One hall-top ft-seat Phaeton. One turn-out seat Phaeton. One T Cart and Two Two wheelers, cheap. Many of the above are our own bul^andRln ????nt condition, Flflh avenue, corner Fourteenth street nivRRF FOR SALE? SUITABLE FOR TRUCK OR t (i. 'r,. years old this Fall : perlectly sound; nricetsl*. A. ROBINSON. iVoMereer street. . AtturiRTMliNT OF NEW AND SECOND canal street ? ? rr 1 A,SESSS SH 1 Twen ty-ninih street,. Tt LAS AGAN'S ^Vn^fl^^olIusVald^^lIh, A street a brown^ i'?'dln^ y?M om. ^ in ^ x"! sites "Sss el:.- ; samsa [wbSS?' _ quire lor JOHN JOHNSTON. ? TttHE WEST SIDE OARRLAOE REP08IT0UYl.4iH A and 1,496 Broailway, 7|i,' P-,k Vhavtons. top ment of Rockaways, will offer a line and no top Buggies, and to make room, wtu oner ? ol leather top Pony Phaetons at $200 eacn. ? __ A FIVE YEAR OLD HORSE FOR flALE^RNTLR A and kind lor lady to drive : would eachan^f Merchandise. Can be *een at 2U2 WiUiam rtreet, rran tort House. A FINE CAS9IUS M. CLAY BAY "ORSE, 1?^ A hands , long, ncavy tall: ?ound and kind . can Uoi in 3:l?; sold lor want of use. Can be seen at isi Fifty-eighth street, Irom 8 to 10 A. M. A -FOR SALE, ONE FINE COCPB. FAMILY OR . driving Horse. ? year* old, U hands 3 Inch** high , long mane and tail ; very atyltoh ; tearless and in warranted to trot in lets than 5 minuu? . war rsnted sound and kind either 1a sing e ,or d???'iLrna?ne!"[ the Dronerty of a gentleman; sold In consequence oi death In the t ami ly. Apply to OSLIER, 182 Thompson street between Houston and Bleecker. . ~T HANDSOME TEAM OF BAY HORSE8-U HANDS, A. ? and / years, with or Without Landauiet, by ?re*** nf Broome s;reet and Harnese. by Dunscomb. lor ?ale at nnvate rtabl*. B9 West Thirty -efxth sueet This teanrisPo" e of the most stylish coupe or f cart teams in the city and are warranted In every particular. Ap ply at ? table, or address S.. box 1W Post ofcee. ~l MNT RA1K BT PHAETON, $125; TWO SKAT A Depot Wstron, $m. light Bustness W?gon, MUH flu ???; Harness ot ail grades, at JENklNS, 1.4J0 Broadway, near Forty-hr*t tireet. "T ?FOB~SALE, BEAUTY, ? AND -PEED. MAY A. Mare, 7 years, IM'rt ' ? ? * ,l ,V . * ??lnts ; warranted sotni'i tun. and double ; also a fine m?i 1 jjfl tt I"'"'1'11" ^ "cur "u" HOHNKg, CAHWAGW. ?C. A GREAT. SPECIAL, IMPORTANT, POSITIVE AKD absolute sale by public auction. _ TO-MORROW (TUESDAY), JUNK III, AT IOU O'CLOCK, AT STARLK NO. S NEILSON PLACe, (MERCER ST.), BETWEEN WAVERLKY AND CLINTON PLACES, BY JKNKINS A DUFF, AUCTIONEBRS, OP THE KNTIRK TURNOUT OP A PRIVATE OEN TLKMAN, INCLUDING THREE EXTRA FINE TEAMS AND TWO BIN 0 LB HORSES, ELEGANT CARRIAGES AND WAGONS, HARNESSES, BLANKETS, UORES, AC. A hamt-ome, rich and fkst teuni of Hiublttvului Ueld lngs, color a rich buy. 18& hands high, 8 and 7 year* old; were sired by Ry?dlclt s Hambletoninn ; they wore raised In Orange county and fpurchascu therein by d rel ent owner one year aeo, after he had seen thi-m trot a full mile in i ; they are, without exception, the finest driving, best styled and handsomest team ot pure and honest irottors tor gentlemen's road u?e in the city, and with these extra One dispositions make them s? cond to m. team living ior lainify use; thev are ai raid vt noth ing. are >ale for any one to drive, and can always ahow from t <0 to 2 rli, single or double ; they have tine flowing manes and tail*. all black point*, and style, act and drive alike ; they are warranted sound, kind and true. Also tue handsomest and one of the fastest teams of young coal-black trotters (Horse and Mare) in this city; they ure 19^' hands high, 6 and 7 years old, and are lull brother and fitter ; were raised in Kentucky and brought to this eity by A. B. Moffatt, Een., for present owner oue year ago 1th of April last, and nave sine been used by present owner lor road purposes. They were at Long Branch all last season, and were admired wore than any team there for their extra style, speed, Ac. They can always trot in 2:49, aud can outatyfc any team living; they can be driven by a lady. They are let black; not a white hair on either, with One, clean liiub?, good leeL One necks, good heads, and are In all as perfect a pair of horses as were ever seen; cannot be distinguished tW>m eacn other in appearance; are well kuown in this city, ftnd the owner has frequently driven them to light wagon on Fleetwood Park a mile inside of 2 AX They are war ranted sound aud kind, and parties in search of some thing really One should not fall to call and see them. A beautirtal and flnely bred team of brown carriage or family Horses, 7 years old, ne?rly 1? hands high ; are very stylish and last travellers: can pull a park phaeton Inside ol 1 minute*, or 13 miles inside the hour. They are gentle and sale, not afraid of anything, and for a gentleman's private coach team cannet be surpassed. They are both warranted sound and kind. Past mahogany bay trotting Gelding. W( hands high, 7 fears old, sired br Kentucky Clay, dam by Woodpecker. !e is one of tne finest and best gatted trotters that goes the road. Has One action and endurance, amiable dispo sition, powerfully (raited and an excellent pole horse, lias and can trot now below 2:46, and owner belloveo. with twenty day* handling, lie can be made to trot well down in the thirties. He Is warranted sound and kind. Handsome and One bay driving or saddle Mare, lft% hands high, 7 years old. She is a perfect roadster : can be driven by any one. She is warranted not to be n'raid of locomotives or cars; will stand anywhere without tying, and a more sensible or safer horse for ladles' driving or riding cahnot be tound. She has been trained under saddle aud has all gait*', and sheoan trot in 3 minutes, and warranted sound and kind. Also a beautiful Landaulet, In complete order; one top pony Phaeton, oue full spring top Wagon, one side-bar lop Wagon, one open speeding Wagon : also tine Coach and light gold alio covered mounted Harness, One Sheets, Blankets, Robes, Whips, Saddles, Bridles, Ac. The whole comprising as One stock as ever offered to the public, and sale is made without limit or restriction. All w>ll be sold to highest bidder. The stock is well known and owned by a prominent gentleman Intliiiclty. A lull and responsible warrantee will be given pur chasers of horses aad ample time allowed them for trial and examination. N. B. ? STABLE WILL BB OPEN AT ALL TIMES PRIOR TO SALE, WHERE PARTIES CAN HAVE TI1E OPPORTUNITY TO CALL AND EXAMINE AND RECEIVE ANY INFORMATION REQUIRED. SALE POSITIVE, RAIN OR SHINE, AND NO BY BIDDING; A LARGE AND ATTRACTIVE SALE, BY PUBLIC auction, of extra fine road and family Horses; also Carriages, Harness. Robes, Ac. On TUESDAY, June 10, at 10& o'clock, sharp, at the New York Boarding Stables, No*. IB ana 17 East Twenty -eighth street, between Filth and Madison avenues, the entire establlshmen'aof two well kuown gentlemen ot this city who are about to start on an extensive tour, to be gone lor an indefinite period, and will consequently sell all their One stock, without auy limits or reservation, to the highest bidder, as follows: A prompt, stvlish and closely matched Team of bay Kentucky geldings, 7 years old, about I6J? hands, brought U> this city last Fall and used to family carriage ; they are halt brothers, are marked alike with fiowiuu uiaues and tails, aro prompt and resolute drivers, lot t w steppers, fast travellers and can go to the end of tne road : were dsven from Jerome Park after the races, on Saturday last, to phuetou, with 4 persons, in 85 minutes, which feat they performed with ease ; they are warranted in all harness, ami warranted sound and kind. Beautiful and blooded pair of chestnot thoroughbred Road Mares, about 15% nands, 5 and 6 years old; were brought to this city this winter exprersly for owner: they are Doth sired by Alexander's Ahdaliah, dam fast run ning maia by Riugold. They show more breediug than any young pair In this city, and promise great speed ; can show a 2 -JO gait now, and have been broken but a short time, and with but little training can beat 2 '.40 to gether ; they are high headed and go in great style, and are warranted good end true, sound and kind. Also fast and celebrated bay gelding Bay Harry, 15W hands and 8 years old ; raised in Western New York and sired bv Kentucky Hunter, dam fast mare Black Marions he Is a bold, tearless driver, sensible and well behaved; drives without check and can beat 2 :40 any day in condi tion to road wagon : has a record made when 6 years old ot 2:42, and has since been used on road, and owner thinks with one mouth's training he can trot low down In the thirties; he is a superior pole horse and can trot Ove miles In fourteen minutes: is well broken to all har ness and is warranted good and true and free iroin spot or blemish. Ray Uambleton'an Mare River Queen. 5 years old, 15^ hands, sired by Malor Winfleld. dam thoroughbred : la a beautiful animal, all atyle and action and can be driven by a child. She has an open, slashing gait. Can -peed very fast Was never trained on track but ten days last Pall, when she showed a half mile in 1 :21. and owner had Intended to nut her lii training this PalL she is war ranted sound and kind. AUo, beautiful I'.than Allen bay Mare. 15 hands, and 7 5 car* old - been used by the ladles to pony phaeton for le last two years. Is very intelligent, and a perfect pet. Excellent under saddle, and warranted sound and kind. Also light 2-seat Phaeton; one 2-seat Park Wagon, nearlv new, by Lawrence; one Top Wagon, by Brewster: Top Pony Pnaeton, light Trotting Wagon, double and single Harness, Robes, Ac. NT B.? This stock Is some of the finest In the city and can be fUlly depended upon, and the riding public are invited to inspect them. Can be seen at stable at all times. Full warrantee ot 34 hours. Sale positive, rain or shine. JOHN L. VAN DE WATER, Auctioneer. A VICTORIA, TnREE BAROUCHES, THREE BUG gles, two Phaetons, one shitting top rumble seat Phae ton, close glass Coach, taken In exchange, sold at half price. 11AM, 10 East Fourth street. AHAMBLF.TONIAN MARE, 8 YEARS OLD; 15Jf hands; very >tyllsh in motion; sound and kind. Also a nearly new Coupelette, by Wood Brothers, and double and single Harness, by Lowden. Appiy at private stable 66 East Forty-first street A HANDSOME SET OP R. CAMPBELL'S SILVER plated double Harness, in good condition, will be sold low. Apply at private stable No. 180 West Twenty eighth street LADY'S ESTABLISHMENT FOR SALK-CONSIST ing of a beautilnl Welsh Pony, 6 years old. 1 3>i hands high, white flowing mane and tall ; warranted sound and kind in all harness; for Iwauty aad style cannot be sur passed ; also Basket Phaeton, gold-mounted Harness, by best city makers; has been only used a few times; sold only on accountof sickness, and aaid to be the handsomest turnout in the Hate; will sell at asacriflee. Apply at flrst private stable west Third avenue, in Twenty-eighth street Abet of double harness, london made, tar Brougham, Victoria or Tcart; in flrst class or der, having been used but a short time. For sale at a low price, at ilie LONDON HARNESS AGhNCY, 20 Kast Fourteenth street, between Filth av. and Union square. AT THE LONDON HARNES8 AGENCY, 20 EA8T Fourteenth street, between Fifth avenue and Union square, London made Harness of finest quality; park Saddles and BrMlei, Pad leathers, very -tvli.n; Sum mer burse t lutblng in Princes oheokl of choicc designs. A? SIX HEAVY WORKING AND DRIVING HORSES: * they mus be sold cheap; a good trial given. 1U) Washington street A LOT OK HORSES FROM THE COUNTRY, FIT for all kinds ol business; one splendid teuin of sorrel Horses, young aud sound. Inquire at 641 Canal street A SMALL CHILD'S PONY FOtt SALE, WAR ranted sound and kind in all harness, with a Misses' Saddle and small Dog Cart; all in good order. Apply at 3W Third avenue. -SECOND HAND CARRIAGES at our factory, 1,404 Broadwav, above Tlilrty-ninU) street Barouche, by John R. Lawrence A Co $300 Clarence, John i . Lawrence A Co 6U0 Clarence, nearly new, John K. Lawrence A Co I,i>i0 Straight front Coupe. Pole and Shalt.- &hj Four-scat Phaeton, Wood Brothers 400 Victoria, newly done lip, Wood Rrothers .HM T Cart, but little used, Brewster 5i?) Top Road >\a?on, very light, our make 3MJ Track bulky, Dubois 75 BRADLKY,~PRaY A CO., Vfl Broadway. ! B LACK HAWK, ELEGANT TEAM, lSg HANDS, 8 years, sound, without blemish : arc penectlcn . ride behind them and prove It; trotin Also Depot Witg.m nd Harness, nearly nevf. ?? i AT ARCM. JOHNSTON'S MART, 19 TO 3.1 THIK- ; ThENIH STREET. NEAR UNIVERSITY PLaCK. IP NOT SOLD AT PRIVATE SALE BEFORE TUESDAY. AT 10k O'CLOCK. THBV WILL THEN BE SOLD AT AUCTION TO THE HIGHEST BIDDKR. BY EDWARD 8CHENCK, AUCTIONEER? noRH KB, Coupe, Victoria, ton Wagon. Harness, at the private stable 53 I- ast Forty first street. On Tuesday, 10th inst. as above, at VU o'clock A. M., a pair of bay Horses, hands, kind and rentle; also a light C wring Victoria, a fine Coupe, ton Wagon, double and single Harness, Robes, Whip, suit of Livery, Ac. ; all In perlect order. B" -#OU R-IN-HAN D M aTl~COACH. ? We offer a l/ondon built one, in superb condition, with Lead Bars. Lunch Basket and Chawpague Cooler, at a very reasonable price. BKBWSTEK A CO., H4 Fifth av., corner Fourteenth st BKRTT, NKARLY NEW, FOR SALE, AT DRENNEN'S stable, corner Seventh avenue and Thirty -seventh street Inquire for Albert at the stable. CABRIOLETS. PONY PnABTONS, HBPOT WAGONS Rockaways aud all kinds of Carriages, greatly re duced ; second hand Buggies and Rockaways cheap. 8TAAT3 BELL, No. 7 Washington place, rear New York Hotel. CARRIAOES SLIGHTLY DAM AGED? GREAT BAR gains.? New and second hand Carriages of every

description, elegant T Cart; Rumble Phaeton, little soiled ; will be sold low. MANUFACTURERS' UNION. ?3H Broadway. Clarence roR sale-made by brewstkr; in good order: will be sold very cheap. Apply at 1.16 Wert Fourteenth street Express waoonk.-two nice nbw express Wagons, light and handy. 9125 each ; were taken for debt and must be sold. HOVEY'S stable, 14X East Six teenth street Fine pair of m hands bay carriage houses for sale at a very moderate figure ; have been regu larly driven up to date; owner gone to Kuropa. Apply at private stable las East Nineteenth street l 'nit HALK-A PARK PHAETON, SKATS FOUR; also a llusenbury A Vanduser Top Wagon: both in .i order. Apply at RRIGGS' stable, corner Seventh i.'yuiia aMiilitfit-ABWUB^AUvAh - HOR8F.W, C ARRIAOK*. M'. FOK KAI.E-A UANDSOMK^rHOBtToiUlHBEn SAD dlc Hum*, seven yearsi old ; trained lor lady or 8?"' tleiuan: warranted tumid and kind. Ajpolv to w>l. DKKNNEN, corucr Seventh avenue and lliirty-seventh street. Fur bale? beautiful black pony, war ranteo gentle. sound and true in every retpeot i ? year* old, with Harness and Grocery Wairou in perfect order; uiuai be Id.u. Inquire ol E. JABPER, 130 Cherry street IiKiR BALK? A LOT OK SUPERIOR WOKE llnltSE-', just troiu the West , nmnnit them are fine flood driy iug Hooch and a lot of lilt; truck Horse*. Apply at lio Mercer street. FOR HALE? PRICE TO-DAY, $500; TO-MORROW, $45(i.? ;ry and you'll buy a nice bay Horse, 151isnd?. 6 years old. sound, gentle, nut Mfritid ol locomotive; good traveller, spleutlnl ladies' phaeton norse: uiu*l sell tor ?want ol use. LAMB'S stable, No. IS Last Kitty-eighth street, or Nu. 89 Beaver street. AUo Harness and Brewster top Wagou. FOR SALE-ONE GRAY MARK, IS HANDS IIH1H, 8 year* old; true, kind and gentle In all harness; tor $136. Inqune nt CIIARLf.S DOitU, 1C4 Divlsiou itreet. For sale? turnout compl.kte.-a fink pair ol gray Horses, with Harness and open Carriage; owner going to Europe. Can ba seen at ?AM SHKR WOOD'S livery stables, Forty- tlrst street, betweeu Lex ington and 'ihird avenues. FOR SALE-BAY HORSE, 16 HANDS; SOUND AND kind ; can trot in 3 minutes. Apply at IS West Forty fourth street. For sale? a park phaeton, with rumble, mad* by Brewster, In use hut one season; a medium ?Ized Ponv. bright hay, handsome, sound and gentle; has been drivea mostly bv a lady; good under the saddle; also Harness, new, mily in use two or three times ; the above will be sold chcap for want of use ; to be seen on Monday and Tue-day ol this week, Iroui 9 A. M. to 12 M., at KINd's stables. Forty-first street, between Madison and Park avenuea. For hale ? rock a ways, victorias, top buo gles. Pony Phaetons, Doctor's Bucgies. lour seated Phaetons: cheapest in city. 146 and 143 Udrldge street, near Tenth police station. DAY A SON. For sale-three horses, s and ? years. from WH to lti bands; tit tor any business and sold tor want ol use ; prices $120, $135, $140. 134 Charles st For sale? a handsome turnout, top pony I'haeton, Harness and Pony; pony 14. Si hands high ; 8 years old ; warranted gentle lor a lady or child to ride or drive; good reasons for selling. Apply at UaV BROTH KK8, 3 .. Hudson street VOK SaLE-A handsome clarence, lined r with blue cloth; in first rate order; one $830; also one at $33(1. H. BURR, 202 Mercer street For hale-two young workino horses, sound and Kind. !?st irom Lancaster county; also a large work Horse: will be sold cheap. Apply at 220 hlghth avenue, in the lager beer saloon. For sale? one pair mahogany bay horses. 15 3 hands high and brothers. 7 and 8 years old ; all sound and kind ; also a bay saddle Horse, 15.2 hands high ; the property or a gentleman going to Europe. Apply at 128 West Klghteenth street For rale, wagon? a square box shifting top Wngon, made by Brewster A Co.. of Broome street; in periect order ; will be sold for less than half price. Can lie seen at POWER'S, Atlantic and Fifth avenues, Brooklyn. For sale cheap-a stylish bay saddle or road Mare, 16 hands, 8 years old; a good stepper and warranted sound and kind; sold for want of use. Apply to JAMKS NELSON A SON, 4S8 Greenwich street For sale cheap-a gentleman's turnout, consisting of a thoroughbred Black Hawk Gelding, 16H hands hign, 8 years old ; warranted sound and kind ; can be driven by a lady ; has a record of 2:41, and will bowltou the track; also a Brewster Top Wagon, but tittle used, and Road Wagon; will be sold separately or 1 together. Call on Mr. MULLANY, 256 Wctt Thirty-ninth street. C1RKAT BARGAINS.? IN CON8EQUENCK OF RE. T building part ol our premises, we ofler our entire stock seasonable sty'es new and second hand Carriages at greatly reduced prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway.^ Harness.? partie < going to Saratoga, lono Branch, ltockaway, t'ntchogue. Mount Kisco, Slngar. Campgaw, Quoguc, Niagara, Hohoktis. Mahopao, Pequa* Aock, Wanaque, Watchung, Kinkora, Bogota, Jerusalem. Jericho, Miuankum, Babylon, Pauhogut- and ^aphankcau be fitted out lor the (-uunner with every thing in the line of Uarnesa, Saddles, Bridles, i.ap i.obes. Dusters, Whips, Nets and Horse and Carriage Equip ments of every description; ttyle and grade at prices to suit everybody. Il anything Is wunted eall at MosE MAN'S, 114 Chambers street the only live place In town Harness, saddles, horsiS clothing, car riane Robes, Lap Dnsters, My Neta and a largo variety ol Saddlery Goods always on hand. C. B. SMITH A OO.. 40 Warren street. New York. Messrs. rrkwster a co., 84 kipth avenue, corner Fourteenth street, offer an elegant tour-in hand Barouche, with rumble, in superb coudltlou, at s low priee. PONY PHAETONS? EVERY DESCRIPTION, POPU lar prices; depot Wagons in great variety, two ele gant six-seat extension-fop Phaetons, Park Wagons, light Rockawavs, low prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway.^ SECOND HAND AND SLIGHTLY SOILED (All rlages, bargains; T Cart English Dog Cart Depot Wagon, several Rockaways, top and open Buggies, jump seat Wagon, Ponv Phaeton. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. STABLE TO LET? SEVENTEENTH STREET, BE tween Broadway and Fifth avenue, modern Stable, with plenty room lor tour horses and carriages; coach man's room, Ac. Inquire of F. M. BIRD, 39 Union square. SI.COND HAND EIGHT-SPRINO LANDAU, VERY little used, lor aale low, at BREWSTER A CO.' S, 84 Fifth avenue, corner Fourteenth street WANTED? A GRAY HORSE 15^ HANDS, LONO TAIL, Ugh built, to trot in 8 minutes, not over 8 years, to be fully warranted, for a croas match. Address, stating price, description and where to be seen, box 4,6.5 New York Post office. WANTED? A LANDAD OR CLARENCE, WITH Horses and Harness. Anv gentleman having such an establishment that Is first class, that will tell very low for cash, address EQUINE, Herald ofllce. TIT ANTED? A TBAM OP HORSES, 15X HANDS. NOT T? over 7 years: bays preferred ; good steppers: no fancy prices. Addreas CONFIDENCE, box 162 Herald office, sta lng price, Ac. &Qnn ? STYLISH BLACK HORSE, SEVEN YEARS, ?P^UU^ 16 hands, long mane and tail ; Gray, 8 years. $150, Bay, 7 years, 15, gentle for lady, $150 ; all fouud and kind. 216 Wett Thirty-first itreet. T?- LET FUR BubilUKKS PURPOSE*. ^TTKNTIOX _ NOW READY POR OCCUPANCY. NEW FIREPROOF BUILDINO. FULTON, NASSAU- AND ANN STREETS. ELEGANT OPPICES TO RENT IN THE ABOVE FIREPROOF, WELL LOCATED BUILDING, BEINO IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO THE CITY HALL, THE COURTS, THE POST OFFICE, AC., AC. OFFICES 8CITABLB FOR LAWYERS, BROKERS, BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, AC., AC, CAN BE HAD, SINGLY OB EN 8U1TE, OF ANY DESIRED SIZE, FROM 10X12 FEET TO 26X67 FEET, AT $300 $400, $600 AND UPWARD TO $12,000, ACCOKDINO TO SIZE AND LOCATION. THE ABOVE BUILDING*?" COMPLETELY IRE PROOF, READY FOR OCCUPANCY, HEATED BY STEAM, AND HAS TWO FIRST CLASS PASSENGER ELEVATORS AND ALL MODERN IM PROVEMENTS. RENT OF SMALL OFFICES. Hire. 2d Story. 3d Mory. 4th Ftory 6th Story. 19.10x23 6 $2,(?f $1,?*J $1,XW $L>"? 16x24.6 l.ftO 1,500 1.200 JiH 14.tix2.Y6 1,(4)0 1,500 1,2 W !>?? 17x2*4 1,8110 1,500 1,200 10.18 600 400 350 300 10X12.6 6(10 4(10 850 300 19.6x391 3,0(10 2,500 2,000 1,500 ly.tix.t9 3,00) 3,500 2,000 1,5(0 10x12.6. 500 400 350 300 19 10x23. 1.H00 1,800 1,300 1,000 14.6*23 1,500 1,280 1.000 8U0 14?*^1 1.500 1.250 1,000 *10 17*23. 1,500 1,250 1.U00 800 10*18 500 400 360 800 INQUIRIES TO BE MADB OF HOMER MORGAN. NO. 2 PINE STREET. A -SIXTH AVENUE, CORNER OF THIRTIETH . street-Store and Cellar, thoroughly renovated, altered and painted, to let for any resectable business. Apply at to West Thirtieth street, or30l Second avenue. A SMALL STORK TO RENT? CORNER FRANKFORT and William street* : rent $**>. Apply to 8. C. SMITH, Frankfort House office A? TO LET, ON 8IXTH AVENUE. THE HAND. ? somest Store in the city; also one corner Store and one small Store, large plat* glass windows and dwelling apartments: rent $700 per year ; good reference required. Fine lots, aoxioo. with or without bteaM Power, to ft, suitable for light manufacturing pur pose* ; also an elegant store. 36 and 87 Wooater street 0' BROADWAY. First and Third Floors to let or lease. 43M Broadway, liquor store. STEAM FttWKR, WITH A LIOHT HALF OR WHOLE Floor; also a large Basement; rei% and Insurance cheap. 314 and 316 F.ast Thirty-fifth street. QTEAM POWER.? ONE OR TWO FLOORS, 44X86, t ? to let; best and cheapest In the city; no *?ood work* era , steam elevators; Insurance low. 140 Wett Twenty seventh street STORE TO LET-NO. ? MOTT STREET, CORNBR Canal; rent $600; wtll not let ft?r liquor. _ r) LET? THRF.E LOFTS. 26X100, SUITABLE FOR any bnslneas, rent $1,1100, or the whole building for $3,500, or on leaae 7 /tan. 34 Walker street, sear Broad Wv 28x18 East PWKLLIKG HOUSE8 TO L.KT. Farnlihed. N ELEGANT RESIDENCE, FURNISHED, BETWEEN Fifth tnil Mailisou avenues ? 28.1x70; extension. I; parlor* only furnished: rout low. Apply It la Fiftieth street, from lo-to i. A TURK K STORY UIGH STOOP BRICK HOUSE, thoroughly furnished. In sixteenth ward : good neighborhood ; low rent WALTER W. MONTAGUE, Real Estate A|;cnt, Eighth av. and Twenty -Mint St Fully furnished four story goon to LET.? Location central; rent $100 and Hoard lor owner's family: possession: references exi handed. Address RARiiAln, Herald Uptown llranch otlice. rjno LET-A NEATLY FURNISHED COTTAGE HOUSE. Apply at No. 40 Went Kilty-fourth street Unfurnished. A -fl,2S0.-THREE STORY nion STOOP BRICK -f\.. Hoti*e ; ha* lust been put in perfect order: good neighborhood. WALTER W. MONTAGUE, Heal Estate Hroker, Eighth avenue and Twenty tlr?t street AT REDUCED RENTALS-HOUSES OK SOTH. 4?TH, 82d, 66th, 57th, 61st, (Wd; many other streets and ad Joining avenue* ; assortment of Flats and I'artii of private Houmm. LIONEL FROEHLICH, Third avenue, corner ol Fiftieth street. PER MONTH.? COTTAGE, ALL MODERN IM provements: pleasant garden ; lease to a respon rty. Apply, Iroin II A. M. to 5 P. >1., at 210 East eat, or al 82 Fourth avenue. ?*QTII STRKET, JUST OPP THE BOULEVARD ?TO "o let, a two story and basemeut brick House: water, gat and gas fixtures throughout; will be let to a responsi ble tenant tor $700 per annum. Apply to JOSEPH P. Ol'IN, No. 8 West Fourth street, between Broadway and Mercer street. PURNI8HBD ROOMS AIVD APAttTMKXTS TO LET. ___ A PROMT ROOM AND HALL BEDROOM, SECOND story, to let, furnished, together or separately, a tew doors above the Ashland House, inquire at 32V Fourth avenue. A FURNISHED FLOOR, IN PFRFRCT ORDER, FOR light housekeeping; also other Rooms, en suite or singly, irom $3 to $10 per week. Apply at588 Ixth av. A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, THIRD FLOOR, FOR a gentleman. 138 East Forty-eighth street, near Lexington avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET BACK PARLOR, fully furnished, to a gentleman and wife, without board, or will serve meals to lady only : location pleasant, near c entral Park. Address COMFORT, box 106 Herald office. A PRIVATE FAMILV WILL LET TWO IIAND somelv Furnished Itooms, together or separately, to gentlemen or gentleman and wife; gas and bath. 130 East Twelfth street. References. A HALL BEDROOM TO LET TO TWO QENTLE men, comfortably furnished ; washing and mending attended lo, 11' required. IU9 West Tweutieth street, near Sixth avenue, top floor, back room. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM, WITH NEW PIANO, $40 per month till September, worth $00: another Suit, $35; lurnished Office, $30; first class parties only. 737 Broadway, room 10. A SUIT Of ROOMS, TOGETHER OR SEPARATELY, elegantly furnished : second floor: location good; house llrst class: small private family. 117 Twenty-sixth atreet, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. A SPLENDIDLY FURNISHED FLOOR OF SIX rooms to rent? Newly painted and new furnlturo. Ofitt Sixth avenue. AT 47 AMITY STREET? LARGE AND SMALL FUR* nlshed Konms, to gentlemen, without board. The owner and occupier has newly fitted the house since May 1 ; gas, bath, Ac. ; Summer prices. F URNISliED BOOM TO LET. 205 First avenue. Furnished rooms for gentlemen.? parlors and Red room* on first and aecond floors; all Improve ments, nt reasonable prices, for the Summer. Apply or address 202 East Fifteenth street. ITURNI^HED BOOM TO LET? AT 17 EAST TWENTY flrat street. Furnished rooms, without board, at 13 West Twenty-sixth street, opposite St. .iHincs Hotel; two flue, large front Rooms, delightfully situated ; best references given and required. IjlOR HOUSEKEEPING? IN LA It' IE PRIVATE house. 11 large, frescoed Parlor and two large Rooms and Kitchen, all partly furnished. In ceniral location ; rent $."><1 per month. Apply to J. C. KANE, 2 ) Fourth av. Handsomely furnished rooms, with every convenience for light housekeeping if desired; also Kooros lor genilemen ; hot and cold water, Ac.; ilellght lul location; references. 148 West Eleven li street 1ARGE, COOL. WELL VENTILATED CHAMBERS? J On second floor, elegantly furnished, to rent for the Summer to gentlemen only. 155 i.lghih street, near Broadway. SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET CHEAP? NICE location, park and fresh air. Apply at 72 South Washlntoa square. TO LET? NICELY FURNISHED SMALL OR LARGE Rooms lor single gentlemen or gentlemen and wives: references. No 7 St Mark's place, Eighth street. TO LET-A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM and Bedroom, adjoining, on second floor of house 61 East Twenty-first street; private family. Terms moder ate. TO LET-ONE VEHY NICELY FURNISHED ROOM, HIS East Twenty -seventh street, near Fourth avenue : lor one gentleman $4 and two $0 a week ; free gas and bath. TO LET-CORNER EIGHTH AVENUE AND TWEN. ty-thlrd street, Dwelling, part partly furnished ; good location or dentist or other light business; rent low. Ap ply on premises. Three elegantly furnished rooms to let, en suite or singly, on second floor. 231 East Eleventh street, near Second avenue. 4th street, near broadway.-two or three nicely furnished Rooms ; bath and gas. 18 West Fourth street. - O FOURTH AVENUE, OPPOS1TB COOPER INSTI O tute. ring twice. ? A cheerful lurnished front Parlor and two Bedrooms in a private family. 9 JONES STREET, NEAR FOURTH STREET AND Sixth avenue.? Suit ol five Rooms, neatly furnished, with every convenience for housekeeping. Q7 WEST THIRTY-FIRST STREET.? TO LET, A Li I good Room, well furnished, to single gentleman, without board, over parlor ; family private. Q.4TH STREET, WEST, NEAR BROADWAY. -A Ot splendid Suit of furnished Rooms, comprising en tire second floor, two bedrooms and a parlor; oath, Ac. ; cottage house ; strictly private family; terms moderate to permanent party ; gentlemen onlr; reference given and required. Call at or address 217 West I hlrty-fourth st CQ LEXINGTON AVRNUR. CORNER TWENTY ?/0 fifth street? Handsomely furnished front Rooms, singly or en suite ; also Parlor Floor to let, without board ; Sumner prices; references exchanged. ELM STREET-FURNISHED ROOMS FOB gentlemen, with bath and gas. MC EAST FIFTEENTH STREET. -NICE f Y FUR ?J nlshed, large- sized, single Room, suitable for two gentlemen, without hoard; terms moderate; bouse first class. 94 OQQ WE8T FOURTH STREET-PLEASANT FUR Liitij nished Rooms to lei, without board. 233 West Fourth street. QAA WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET.? NICELY O"" furnished single and suits of Rooms for light housekeeping: every convenience; Rooms for single ladles or gentlemen; references exchanged. rn-l SIXTH AVENUE. BETWEEN FORTY-THIRD I Ol and Forty fourth streets.? Furnished Room and Bedroom to let. Ring second bell. UNFUllMSHKIJ ROOMS A1VO APART. MKIVTS TO LET. AN UNFUKNrSHED ATTIC BEDROOM TO A LONE widow woman. Apply at lit West Tenth street A ?TO LET, ON HIE SOUTHERLY CORNER AND one inside, French Flat; H ami 9 large rooms: all lighted; elevator and .aultor; rents moderate to small Ont class families. office, w sixth avenue. A WIDOW LADY WOULD LIKE TO RENT SOME Itooms to >iuiet people. Call M 604 Sixth avenue. TO LET? TIIIKD FLOOR (FOUR ROOMS) IN PRI vste house 304 East Twenty -first street TO LRT-IN THE NINTH WARD. TWO PLEASANT connecting Rooms, for light housekeeping or lodging; rent $lt per month, including gas, to adults; references exchanged. Address PLEASANT, box 1*6 Herald office. TO LRT? TO A SMALL FAMILY OF GROWN PRO ple, a Third Floor In a three-story hrick house, sit uated No. <2 Greenwich avenue, rent. $2t> per month ; 4 rooms, water. CHaicLES BUCK. TO LET? FOR HOUSEKEEPING, A PLBA8ANT front Room and Bedroom, newly painted and papered ; strlc ly private house. S27 West Twenty -fourth street, near Eighth avenue. Terms moderate. rH RENT? FOR LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. A BACK Parlor, with two Rooms attsched ; every convenU enee . rent, with gas, tS2 per month, at 40 Weat Ninth st XA EAST TW NTIETH STREET, CORNER Of cItc Fourth avenue.? Beautiful Floors to rent. In a small private family ; location unsurpassed; rant reason able. ___ EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR FOURTH ___ avenue. ?A handsomely arranged Floor of about 10 rooms; cau be divided for two lamilus. Apply in the store. QQQ EAST THIRTIETH STREET, -TO LRT, TWO JjOO French Flats, fourth and fifth stor:?s, with eleva* lor and all modern improvements. Apply to ALEX. Ea GLhsoN. 68 East Fourth street 122 MARBLK IMA NT HI. H. A. Work"** ,",I| ft? MarBLEIZI ttQ and Marbleiaed Mantels. Tlllrw ^i ?,nttl street ? Marble BS SflS?* AN ASSORTMENT Of MANTELS, UNSURPASSED for beauty of design and uiiAlity of workmanship. Mats Work ot all kinds a specialty. PENRHYN SLATE COMPANY, Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street Union _ OTEWAVTS hi. ATE MAN TELA.? RICH AND RLE gsnt designs , Slate works ol every description; Mar ble and Wooo Mantels. T. B. STEWART k Co. Ifti ami MU . l?iUjr?AUr-UM4Mmh mm motcuUi *y?uae, M, fc . A pay cioouM. T KINZKY'S. Great riming out sale ot Spring aud Summer Good* $80,000 worth of Bonnet and Sash Itibbona, hall' price. Oru? drain Ribbon*, He. yard op. _ . Cord edge Uluboua, 4c. up. Watered Ribbon*, 6c. up. Faucy Ribbons, 6c. up. Paih Ribbon'. 28c. yard up. Plaid r>a?he<*, Uc. yard up. Closing oat *11 oar Straw liau, 19c. op. CloMng out fine French flower*, lOe. IP, Closing oat Parasols aud Umbrella*, Stfc. up. Llama Lace Shawli, $3 80, $3 AO, $5 to $tQm Lama Lace Barque* from $3 80 to *431 Real Laces closing nut, fie., 10c., 15c., 26c., 40c. yard up. Imitation l-aces closing out, from 3c. to 25c. yard. . . ___ _ , Thnuaanda of Silk Tie*, from lite., 38o., 31c. up. Bonnet, Pre**. Trimming aud Lining Silk closing. Dotted and plain 811k Net*, 25c. yard up. Itambure Embrolderle* from Sc., tic.. He., 10c., 13c., 15c. yard up. Olnalng out Plqnes, Swisses, Lawns and Nainsooks, 15o. up* Ruffling*. Tacking* and Puffing* closing out Ladle*', Rants' and misse* Hummer Underwear low. Chemtaea^prawerm Skiru, Sacquea, Waist*. Ac., low. Gents' Lisle Shirts, 80r. ; geui*' *llk Bow*, 10c. up. Ll*le, Balbrlirgan and laacy Hosiery, 13>,c. pair up. Kid illovs*, 28c.. pair ap. Lisle Ulovo*, 6c. pair up. Real Trefoasaa Eld Glove*, worth $1 75, at 92c. Lot* of llandkercMe? from auction, 6c. up. Bsc* and Balta In all qualltie*, liont 35c. up Bilk Fan* from auction, 15c., 35c., 31c., 40c., 50c., 69C. UPW toon fine rubber Bracelets, Willi medallions, at 38c. Oxidized Buckle*. 33c. ap. oxidised Chateleues, 35c. ap. Silver Ear Screw*, pearl, coral and turquoise, 33c pair. 0u6 Marseillaise and linen Bats closing at 39o. each. WILLIAM KINZEY, 767 and 7W Broadway, corner Ninth street. New York. A T SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 914 BROADWAY feast aide), near Twentieth street? NEW ARRIVALS of beautiful designs, JUS'L IMPORTED, among them tha TAJ, a mo*t fascinating novelty, becoming to all figure*, adapted to any material, especially desirable in wasli goods. Patterns, with cloth models, now ready. Pat* terns fitted to the lorm, WARRANTED PERFECT, cut ting and basting by our stjle*. "SMITH'S ILLUS TRATED PATTERN BAZAAR'' is JDST OUT lor Sum nier, tilled with all the novelties, descriptions and In* str actions of fashion*. Subscribe lor it. Only ONfi DOLLAR A YEAR. Premiums of $1 in pattern* given. A. BURDETTE SMITH, 914 Broadway. New York. J^ARGE CONSIGNMENT FROM EUROPE. MUST BE SOLD. HEAVY AUCTION PURCHASES. PRIVATE SALB. PURCHASES FOB CASH, AT TUB GREAT EAST SIDE ESTABLISHMENT, E. RIDLEY A SON, 809 Grand street, New York. THOUSANDS OK PARASOLS. Children'* lined, in color*, 50c.. 75e. I.adtcs' lined, t'>5c.,75<\. 8>c. atid $1. , Examine our Sto- k of Changeable^, fringed and lined. Also * rpc and plain silk Umbrellas; you will find then greatly below last week's prices. STRAW GOODS, Florida and Palmetto Huts at 50c.. 75c. and $1 ap. Over 5,1 0) rases of llair. Chip, Milan and other de? *iruble timid* and shapes, from 15c. to $1 50 each, nearly halt previous prices. Cheap line ot gros grain Bonnets and Sasb Ribbons, every new shade, frotn l(lc. to 40c. , all silk. 7-iuch Sash Ribbon*. 5f?c.. 65c., 70c., 80c. up. 6-inch and 7-inch Watered Sash Ribbons at 86c., 65c. and M5c. Kan*. Fans, Fans. Everything new. Examine. 4c., 6c., He., 10c., 30c., 35c., 50r., 75.',, $1 up. SPECIALTIES AT NEARLY HALF FRICB. REAL LACES. Lace Shawls and Sacques. Swiss Tie*. Guipure Lace*, Runtime, l'arasol Covers. Passe me ntrie, Trimming, Fringes and Ornaments. Pari* aud Vienna Uoods. Oxidized Good* down! down I SILVERPLATED WARE. Leather Rag* and Satchels, 60c., 75c., $1 up. Bargains. English Hosiery. Bargulus: consigned. Iniaiii*' and Children's Carriages. W hiili-bone Corsets, 50c., 65c., 7ac., 85c., SI ap. Look at our Jewelry. Pocketbonks, leather Belts. Ladies' and*' linen and cambric Underclothing. BARGAINS IN THIS DEPARTMENT. 1.0T0 new Trimmed Hats and Bonnets this week, front $2 50 each to $M. FRENCH FLOWERS TO-DAVJ FRENCH FLO WKRS TO-DAY 1 10,000 yards of Hamburg Edgings, at Sc., 6c.t Sc., 10c? 15c., 30c., 35c. Up. ^ KID GLOVES. Arrived from Europe, new shades and colors. 1,000 dozens One-Button, at 45c. to 75c. 1,500* Two-Button, at flOc.. 75c. and tl a pair. 2,500 dozens Edward, iuper., warranted, fl 36 to <1 2Q a pair. 5 jo dosens Two-Button, slightly damaged, at SI a pair. BEST LOW-PRICED GLOVES IN AMERICA. EDWARD RIDLEY A SON, 909, 311, 311k Grand street, and 62, 64, 66, 68 and 70 Allen street. New York, filth block east from the Bowery. N EW STORE. New Goods. MARKS A OOLDENHORW, 341 Grand, corner Ludlow street, beg to inform iheir friends, patron* snd the public !? general that they have rcopeaed their newly fitted ujs and enlarged store with a well assorted stock of Straw Goods, French Flower*. Lace*, Veils, Kid Gloves, Hosiery. Parasols, White Goods, Dress and Cloak Trim mings, gentlemen's Undergarments, ladles' and chidren'a Undergermants, Ac. our endeavor shall be to preserve the favor of our cue* toraers by polite attention and low prices. An early inspection ol our new Goods la respectfully solicited. MARKS A OOLDENHORN, Ml Grand, oorner Ludlow street Real laces, bmbroideries.-owing to thb near approach of the time for ladles to leave the city, wo will ofTer some extraordinary bargains, closing several lot* of Black Thread, Guipure, Yak, Ecru ana White Cluny, real Point Point Applliiue, Valenciennes, real and French, Spanish and French Blondes, all at lean than cost to import; Mama Lace Shawls and Sacques, from suction; Capes, Fichus, Veils, Parasol Coven, Barbe*. Coiffures, Ac.; renl Lace Collars, Sets; Handker* chiefs. 10,000 yards Hamburg Edgings and Insertions* Passementerie*, l-rlnges and Ornameuts. BENNETT WILLIAMS, 77S Broadway. M1LLJNKRY AND DRESSMAKING. A NEW STYLE OF SUN HAT; AL80 THE LATBSf style j of round Hats, just received at Msdsme C. DK LACY'B, 882)< Broadway, near Mneteentb street QO WEST NINTH STREET. -MADAME GRENIEH make* elegant walking and evening Dresse* in the lateit Parisian ntyle. at *hort notice; charge* less thaa other rellsble dressmakers. No sign. YACHTS, STRAMMATH, *C. ^ A VALUABLE STEAM CANAL BOAT FOR SALK^i Has powerful machinery and suitable tor freight or towing; also several coarse and coal freight Canal Boats. Apply to or address M. F. JAMES A CO., 105 Broad street, Naw York. A 14 FOOT ROWBOAT FOR SALB? NEW, COPPER J\ fastened and handsomely finished ; will seat six per son*. Apply fo E. WYCKoFF, I.'l West Sixteenth street Boats for country-racb. club and shii* Boat*; all kind* on hand at my shops, 368, 373 Souttk ?treet and 114th street, Harlem River. STEPHEN ROBERTS. ClABIN YACHT FOR BALE? 33 FEET LONG. 12 FEE* ) beam, completely lurnished. For particular! in quire at Zti Washing ton street I^OR SALE? A LIGHTS R BARGB, WITH COMPLETB outfit; capacity 400 hogsheads sagar; also several Tugs and steamboat*. A. M. DA COSTA, 117 Wall *treet. l/uR SALE CHEAP-A SLOOP RIUGKD YACHT, WITH I new sail, mast and rigging; reason lor selling the owner has no time to attend to It inquire of JAMRs HINDLY, at Fitzgerald's boat house. Hunter's Point Bridge, L I. FOR BALE OR CHARTER? SCOWS, FROM 300 TO 400 tons capacity ; low rates. Address B. A., box 13S Herald office. XTEW SLOOP, P. MORGAN. 14 TONS, FOR SALE OR II to let Inquire of M. s. auson. foot of First street. Jersey City. ____________ STEAM TUG FOR SALE-ONE NEW STEAM TUO* 70xl5Xx6K feet hold engine, 17x17, with fresh water tanks. C. W. COPELAND, No. 44 Baoadway. SIDEWHFEL STEAMBOAT FOR ftALB? 1?7 FEET long; 360 tons; price low for cash er real estate. Apply to w. a Harrison, l JtSl Broadway, room B? rear building. ? _ r YACHT CLUBS OR OYSTBRMBN.? FOR BALE, A. Float, 75.28x8. decked suitable to build an. Addres* P. O., box 1/7 Herald otllce. II * ANTED TO PURCHASE? IF BOLD CHEAP, A. TT Propeller Yacht, with good power for towing ; ea* glne about 10x10. Address box 4,319 Post office. Yacht for bale.-schoonbr tacht, keei* 58x15)4; draws 6H feet; in fine order; twom-if Busts-, guns, a wiling* ana everything necewary lor tm?, mediate u*e. Address box 1,040 Boston Post office. > llf - !msCW;UNEO^ Marble soda J??aIA?8S?3iA sty lbs. a? reduced prices; Ottawa Beer Fountains au.l tract on liberal terms; senu lor Illustrated catalogue. J, M. WwltUiUi *

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