Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 10, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 10, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,442. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 1873.-TRLPLE SHEET. PRICE POUR CENT& IMRfcCTOftV FOB ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS Eighth Page? Fourth, fldh and tilth ?la"~!!?,,r,ih column. MILLUKM-Kiohth Pifl?~Third column. BOAHDKHH WANTKD?Sbcowd Pagb? Third and Fourth ?OArS^AN^ LODGINO WANTED? Sbcobd Faaa K?nrth column. BROOKLYN BI-.-AL ESTATE FOB SALS? Second Pagb? First column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Sbcobd Pass? Sixth col umn. BUS1NKSS NOTICES? Sbvkbtb Pagb- Sixth column. 4;itiAKH AND TOBACCO? Pi kst Pao?? Sixth column. CITY REAL EST AT E FOR 8 ALB ? Second Pas>? First column. CLARK* and SALESMEN? Twelfth PAoa-Thlrd and fourth column*. CLOTHING ? Eighth Page? Fourth column. COACHMEN AND GARDENBBfe? Ttnni Pagb? Fourth and fifth columns. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS? Ninth Pagb? Sixth column. COUNTRY BOARD? Hkcomu Pagb? Fourth and ALb eoltunru. 8 PNTI8TKV? Eighth Pase? Third column. WELLING HOUSES To LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISH BD? Ninth Pag*? Third column. BUROPEAN HTBaM&HIPS ? Ninth Pa*b-* ourth and fifth columns. KUBOPE? Eighth Pagb? Third column. KYES AND EARS? Eiuhth Pagk? Third column. EXCURSIONS? Ninth Page? sixth column. FINANCIAL? Fifth Pxgi ? Firth column. KINK ARTS-Twelfth Paok? Filth column. FOR HAI.B? Twelfth Page? Sixth column. FURBISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET Nimtu Pack? Thir.l and fourth column* FHRN ITIJKE ? Rigiith Paok? Fourth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? Twelfth Paob? Fifth column. 11BLP WANTED? FBMALES? Twelfth PAGE-Flrat and ?ecoiul columns. HELP WANTED? MALES-Twatrra PAOE-Fitth col umn. HORSES. 0ARRIAGE8, AC.-Fian PAca-Thlrd, fourth. Ofth and aixtli columu*. BOTELS ? Second Pai. a? Fourth column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED? Eighth Page?' Third column. INSTRUCTION? Fiiist Pack? Second column. JERSEY CITY, nOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BEBGEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE ? Second Page? First oolumn. LOAN 0FFICK8? S?.cond Paob? Sixth column. LOST AND FOUND? Fib?t PAua-Firat and second col li inns. MACHINERY ? Twelfth Paob? Sixth column. MARBLE MANTELS? Eighth PAUB-Thtrd column. MATRIMONIAL? First Paob? Second column. MEDICAL? Ninth Pack? sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING? Fiaa* PAOa-Sixth column. _ _ MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS? Tbntb Page? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS? Twblftb PAOB-Pifth column. MUSICAL? Eiuhth Pauk? Sixth column. NEW PUBLICATIONS? Skventh Pai.k? Sixth column. PERSONAL? Fibst Paob? First column. PIANOFORTES, O ROANS, AC.? Eighth Pag*? Fifth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? Twsi.rru Pagb? First column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT? Skcond Park? First and second columns. BEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? Secoud Pagb? Second and third columns. BEAL ESTATE WANTED? Second Pagb? Third column. REWARDS? Fibst Page? Second column. BALKS AT AUCTION? Ninth Pagb? First, second and third columns. situations WANTED FEMALES? Eleventh Page? First, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns, and Twllftii Page? First column. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALBS-Twbltth Page? Sec ond and third columns. SPECIAL NOTICES? First Pagb? Second column. 8POB 11 NG? BOGS, BIRDS, AC.-Fibst Paoe? Third col umn. BUMMER RESORTS? Second Page? Fifth and sixth col umns. THE TRADES? Tw*l?th Pace? Fifth column. THE TURF? First Pace? Third column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSEA-Nikth Page? Third column. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE? NilfTH Page? Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Nibth Page? Fourth column. WANTBD TO PURCHASE? Eighth Pagb? Third colnmn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? Second Page? First column. TACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.-Fibst PACB-flixth col umn. II KHALI) BRANCH OFFICE-UPTOWN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOB THE nTsW YOBK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1.JC6 BROADWAY AND 630 SIXTH AYEMJE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIBTY-SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ABE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NBWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITH HERALD AT 6 O'CLOCK EVERY MORNING. NO EXTRA CHARGES. PABIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK _ HERALD. jy^ESSKS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. B PERSON A J.. LADY WISHES TO ADOFT A BOY OF 4 OR 5 years of age. Address A. B., box 118 Herald office OSTON.-H. 8. 2. BOSTON. Dan? you won't forget Murray's mativ*:e Picnic next Friday, Hamilton Park, Sixty-ninth Street and Third avenue. EMMA. EER OLD FRIEND ED. WOULD LIKE TO KNOW what has become of Mr?. Annie Preschcur, of oklyn. Address box 143 Herald Uptown Branch office. INFORMATION WANTED? OF PATRICK BYRNE, l ron i county Dnblin, Ireland, by ALICE MATTHEWS, t3f> East Fort.v-eighih street INFORMATION WANTED-OP WHEREABOUTS OF Charles Miller, who attended bar at Four Corners and alter at Tottenville. He will hear of a good situation by aiidrcasiug C. WALKER, ToMeuville, S. I. F MRS. K. OTTIWELL, RESIDENT OP RUE ST. llorore during Paris Exposition, will send address, 1 through Personals, she will maet with some friends, lately arrived. K. S. V. P. IF THE LADY IN LEXINGTON AVENUE, WHO SAW the one that admires her, and passes every morning and evening and on Sunday Inst in a phaeton, wishes to become acquainted with him, please address ST. CLARE, Herald office. MISSING? AN ENGLISH BOY, 12 YEARS OF AGR. recently arrived tram England; rather pale, big for his ape, black hair, straight, somewhat, coarse, ears sunburnt and skin peeling off: rather intelligent; black and white straw hat, low crown and black rtl>hnn ; dark gay trousers, black stripe down sides ; dark grav pea ? eket, boots laces up, capped with extra piece "at the e: one piece worn through; the canine teeth are pointed in upper jaw; shjwn when laughing. Address S. H., Herald office, or send to Bleecker stieet police sta lion. It this should meet the eye oi Barnard, his lather tie its him to return immediately." Minnie smith and joe, ihe blonde- mkbt me at Rose Rank Park, Clifton. Staien Island, to lay. Got balcony window. Come ear) v. BROOKLYN broker. SATURDAY, 8 P. M., MADISON AVENUE, NEAR Twenty seventh street.? i.ady in down stage, who recognized gentleman going np, ?n 1 who she has met teveral ymes Pefore, please tend address, or say where an Interview can be had. Address W. J F., box 110 Herala office. SUNDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE R, CENTRAL PARK lake and ramble to Twenty-seventh street And Sev enth avenue? W1U young lady, with two children, please address ONE OF TWO, Herald office. WANTED? TO ADOPT, TWO FEMALE HAHIKS. 7 weeks old, In lome respectable famitv. Inquire at No. 10 York street, secoud floor, back. AN'NIE OILY. F i.ost and pm ad, flOACH DOG LOST-MAY ML NAMED PRINCE; \j weight about 40 pounds: hind leg little crooked, hav ing been broken. Ten dollars reward for dog or tniorma tton of him CHARLES C. oVERfoN, HP Maiden lane OUND ? A POCKETBOOK, IN A FOURTH AVENUE _ stace, Broadway and Barclay street, June 9; monev and lerrv tickets: owner mav have same by describing contents and na> >ng for this advertisement. Address A. JH. O., box 1,77a Post office. New York. I* OST-A LOCKET,- WITH INITIALS 8. L. H. ; PIC. J tu re inside. Suitable reward will be given to the Duller it retimed to 111 West t hirtieth street 10ST-9TH INSTANT, PAIR GOLD EYE GLASSES. j Kinder will reielve a liberal reward bv leaving Mine with J. VANDKRPOOL, 37 East twentieth street. J OST? ON SATURDAY EVENING LAST, A MIMA J j turo cold boat Watch Charm. The full value will be paid by returning to 7t>7 Broadway, room No. 22. T OST-AT ABOUT II A. M., MONDAY, IN GOING J j from 118 .John street up to and across Broadway to fin. a Gold locket, oval shape, with a picture of flower rirl In enamel on one side and F. H. L. in monogram on he other . photograph ot lady Inside. A liberal reward will he paid it satnu is returned to 118 John street and no iiuestions asked. I OST? A SMELLING BOTTLE, IN A ROOSEVELT J ferryboat. Liberal reward given If returned to II. A CO., reflnery, foot of North Second St., Williamsburg. 1 OST-A small WHITE POODI.E DOG. THB J finder will |ie rewarded by leaving him at 17 West orty- firth street ?' OST-ON SATURDAY NIGHT UST, A LAt'K CAPE, J In an I'.ialith avenue car, which lett depot af 12:18. rr1Ll.r,'.c.^lvc ? reward by taking it to SIMMONS A ? IBH KR, 447 Bro id way. I OST? ON MONDAY, JUNE 2, EITHER IN A MADI J win avenue stage, Twentv third street car or sixth avenne car, a three-stone mamond King ; two n .imes and dale lnacrlbe<l. A *mtahie reward will be paid. t>y ad dressing box 4,114 Post office. 1 OST? NEAR ROBBINS BBEF, A li-POOT BOW BOAT, j brnnded "T. D. Nolan, Bergen Point, N J." a suit able reward will lie paid lor Ita recovery by W. S. WIGIIT M \N, box S.H06 Post office. New York. 1" EFT IN A BROADWAY HTAGB. ABOUT P M J on saturdav. a Carpet Bar. with sundry articles, he finder will plea** return it to the stage offica corner JTorUl'tJi street ???'. Park aTenne. l^OST AID rODWD. IOHT? MAiUANNB BH1KLBS DUBOIS, AGED 10; i dirk brown htir, light complexion, round Ikitare*, Ktuiit truiiil, bum uB left arm ; bright plaid dress, with hirb neck and abort sleeves: brown stripe<r apron. drab stockings, laced shoes. Fler friends, at No. 130 Kut Forly 11 isi street, offer $20 reward for her immediate return. Lout ? sukday, junk 8, 1679, vicinity or twbn. tv third street and Sixth avenue, between the hour* of 10 and II o'ekMk A.M., a pair of (old Eyeglasses. The tinder will confer a favor by calling at or addresalng 206 V> e?t Twenty-fourth street. REWARD*. Sn REWAKD.-LOST, MONDAY MOBNINO, A ? ' small, white, curley-halred Poodle. Above ra w* to whoever returns her to 91 Madison avenue. djrr REWARD.? LOST, SUNDAY EVENING, IN SIXTH 'F' ' avenue car or Centra] Park, a Child's Gold Armlet Loop sat with six garnets and pearl. . Bj leaving it at 301 bleecker street. In elgar store. I ? B- P. B.. at Barony 'a. 880 Broadway. $10 ing Dor _ 6 Col. RE W ABD. ?LOST, OK SATURDAY, JUNE 7, A Oold Locket, with monogram, T. U. W.. oourain portraits of little hoy and girL Aboverewara will be 0a REWARD -LOST, ON SUNDAY MORNING, IN ?P<?" Houston street, between Second avenue and liie ferry, a red leather Satchel, containing lady's watch aud chain. The above reward will bo paid at F. KOCH'S rigar store, corner Houston stseet and Bowery. Anr REWARD.? INFORMATION WANTED OF W. iPaO II. Longworth, now V years ot age, who arrived in New York, per steamship Virginia, in Airll, 186H, and stayed a few days at the Cedar Street House, 139 Cedar street Anv one giving a olew that will lead to hla dis covery, dead or alive, will receive the above reward ; or ahould the said W. 11. Longworth see this advertleement he will hear ot something to hla advantage by addressing Mr. D. WILLIAMS, 139 Cedar street. New York. r A RBWA.BD. -STOLEN, ON MAY 31, A LIGHT high, sei trim met color, w Ing to recovery". ' "**0i j. FlfosT. Park Livery Stable, Peeksklll, W. Y. d?l rcn beward-for thb return of one ?p.Lc>U sorrel Mare, spavin on both hind legs ; one no tep Wagon, patent wheels, and man not retarnina the same ; $75 for the property and $75 tor the arrest ana con viction of the man. Apply to J. A. BURR, ltd Barrow street. Jersey City, or K. N. CROW, 146 Sullivan street, New York. Reward given tor return op black and Tan Dog, lame in hind leg. ears badly cut named "Snap," lost near Twenty-first street 38 Greenwich ave nue, corner Charles street ^?^?gray Mare, dark mane and tall, about 15k hands high, aesr on offside hied ankle ; also piano box top Buggy, trimmed with light cordnror. running part painted wine color. wi:h black stripe ; also covered mounted Harness. The above reward Will be paid for any information lead 8PEC1AL KWICU9. LL OFFICERS, FAILORHAND SOLDIERS WOHND ed, rupture or injured, however slightly , can obtain a pension by applying to Dr. fc. B. J ACKMON, late sur geon, United States Navy, No. I New Chambers street, RESSMAK1NG. A Dl ECONOMY, PROMPTNESS AND PERFECT FIT. Messrs. LORD A TAYLOR, to prove that RETRENCH MENT Is possible, have so arranged their Dressmaking Department that ECONOMY In material and trimming is particularly studied in every detail, and they are now furnishing Dresses at a MUCH LESS PRICE than the cost of Imported garments, whlla for STYLE, FIT and GKNMRAL MAKE UP they are ovary way equal to the finest Parisian manufacture. The IMMENSE INCREASE of orders daring the past month prevented our usual prnni' tuefs: lint now, with estendied facilities and the GOMPLKTK REORGANIZATION of the department, we can safely GUARANTEE ALL 0BDElT~AT THE TIME AGREED, and as to FIT and PRICE defy competition. LORD A TAYLOR, Broadway and Twentieth street Havana lottery drawings on file.? circu its tree. Orders promptly filled. JOSEPH BATES, Agent, IWt Broadway, room 4, Chatham Bank Building. Notice-is h eke by given that the under ?Isncd, being the owner of a Patont for improved Cork-lined Hats, has issued liaeuses to certain first class bf.uvs In the trade to manufacture the same, and the public Is hereby cautioned that no person is authorized to xell such hats without affixing to each hat a stamp Issued aud sold by me. Ail persons not complying witn the above required conditions will be dealt with accord ing to law. M. FRIEDMAN, Assignee of Patentee. Notice .?our factory will, in futurp, be shut on Saturaay at 12 o'clock, Instead of 3 P. M. . as heretofore. DUNDAB DICK A CO. OFFICE OF BOARD OF EXCISE, NO. 190 MULBERRY street. New York, May SO, 1873.? The Board of Excise In and lor the city and county of New York, give public notice that they will receive Applications and Issue Li censes for Uie sale of strong and spirituous liquors, wines, ale and beer, in accordance with the laws ot the State of New York, on and alter MONDAY.. lune 2. 1878, at the following rate oi license tteej, -^luivh Lave been es tablished by this Board, vis CLASS 1. For first class hotels, restaurants, saloons, Ac., the sum of $2.10. ('Lass 2. For second class hotels, restaurants, saloons, Ac., the sum of $150. CLASS 3. For all other places wnere strong and spirit- ? nous liquors are sold and drunk upon the premises the sum off 100. CLASS 4. For storekeepers, druggists, and all places where strong and spirituous liquors are sold In quantities less than five gallons at a unie, and not drunk upon the premises, the sum ot $60. CLASS 5. For all places where ale and lieer only are sold, and no strong or spirituous wines or liquors, the sum of $30. The amount of the license fee in each case must ac company the application. Parties receiving a license will be furnished with a copy of the law regulating the sale of intoxicating liquors, antla strict compliance therewith will be required. Particular attention is directed to the provisions of the law relative to closing on the Sabbath, and from 1 to 5 A. M. other days. No license will be granted to known proprietors of. or {ilaces used for. Mouses ol' prostitution, gambling or other minoral or unlawiul purposes. Applicants will please apply in the following order:? From the Fir *t, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and sixth wards from June 2 to June 7, inclusive. From the Seven'h. Eighth, Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh wards, from June a to June 11, inclusive. From the Twelfth, Thirte< nth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Se^ntccuth wards, lrom Juno 16 to June 21, inclusive. From the Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, Twenty first and T weuty-second wards, 1'roui June 23, to June ai, inclusive. Notice is also given that a book for the registry of com plaints tor violations of the Excise laws has been opened in this office. No person is authorized to receive any payment on ac count of this Board cxcept at Its office aud during office hours. Office hoars from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. No money received after 3 P. M. JAMES L. STEWART. ) D. D. T. MARSHALL, > ?I? JOHN R. VOOBHIB. ) 01 LxeUo OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. BXTBA CLASS HO. 85? JPNB 9, 1873. 24, 51, 70, 31, 1, 73, 39. 40, II, 18. 13. NORTH CAROLINA ? CLASS HO. 86? JtTHB 9, 1873. 41, 57, 17, 56, 24, 86, 34. 52, 48, S3, ?}. 26, 18. OERKRN A CO., Managers. LUTHY A CO.. Rrokers, 2:2 Greenwich street, N. Y. OFFICIAL DRAWING* OF THE SOUTH CAROLINA lottery tor the benefit ot the Free School Fund? Perpetual. Fxtba Class 147-Jrtnt 9. 1873. -25, 18. 32, 68, 69. 78. II, 76, 14, to, 40, 17. Class 148?Jukic 8, 1873.? 45, 26. 63, 60, 74. .17. 22, 30. 78, 51, 13, 40. COLE A CO., Managers. Charleston, 8. C., June 9, 1873L New York Post office, box3,8S5. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KEMUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KNTUCBY? BXTRA CLASS HO. 371? JUNI 9, 1871 72, tiH. 36, <10, 71, 51. On, 40, .'10, Hfl, 2, 70. RBHTtTC*V- CLASS HO. 372? JUHE 9, 1873. 17, 73, 49. 2ti. 75, 42, 46, 24, 41, 22, 48, 66. 15. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. Mill *Y (.OLLKGK? SITBA CLASS NO. 271? JCNB 9. 1873. 38 12. 1*8, tfi, 64, 53, 71, 20, 24. 76, 48, 67. SHK1ST COLLBGB? CLASS Ha 272? JUNS 9. 1873. ? i, 7i, 73, 4ti, 18. 24. 6. II, 6fl, flH. 5, ?2, 30. SMITH A CO., Managers. Covrtigton, Ky. Address c. HENRY, care J. Clute, Broker, 2ut? Broad way. Post office tiox 4,9H9. Royal Havana lottery Royal Saxon Government Lottery. Hrnnswlck Lottery, City of Homburg Lotiery. Frizes carbcd and information given. THEODoR ZSCHOCK. Box 6, (ISO Post office. 116 Nassau street ITPTOWN OFFICE, PUBLIC LIBRARY OF KKN* I tacky ?faig 8th the rtar of concert : time short for ticket* Call on W. s. DAVIS, agent ?07 Broadway, near Twentieth atreet TIT ANTED? THE ADDRRSS OF PARTIES WHO WILL " furnish tea-lead, or lead arraps containing tin, or refuse tin. Address, stating lowest price, H. L. K., to We>t Elghteentli street r ANN STREET. -MULLEN'S SHOW CAKDS AND ? ' Mgns for every business, ready made aud to order. Orders l>y mnli promptly filled. rQO 'h DRAWN DAILY IN THK LEG A Ic <Pt JOtL'JOG iied Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana anl Kentucky circulars free. I2*<c. commission al lowed. Address HALEY A CO, (office established thirly years), 174 Broadway. INSTRCCrPION. AT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 20 FOURTH AVENUE opposite ( ooper Institute ? Bookkeeping. Writing Arithmetic and Languages Day and eveuing. Ladles' department? Telegraphy taught practically ; demand for operators. No vacation. AT PAINE'S COLLEGE, 62 BOWERY AND 1.2*1 Broadway, corner Thlrtv third street? Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithinetlc, Hpelhn<, $5 each , M Writing 1-e* sen*, $2 50 i ladies' department, day and evening, all Hummer. nOLBKAB'S COMMERCIAL COLLXOB, W5 BROAD W4v, comer Klghteenli street, will remain open, day and evening, all Huinmdr, to prepare students prac tically for Fall business, (teatleinen, ladles and bovs can have private lessons In Busiaess Writing, Bookkeeping, Arithmetic or other branehea Four seat* vacant. Lessons in ELOCUTION wavted? hy a gen tleman. Address, stating terms. O , Heraldoffice. TIT" ANTED? AN INSTRUCTRESS IN ELOCUTION TT tor s lady preparing tor Ibe stage Please a?1rtress, with terms and reference, I1MNKY, box IM Herald Up town Branch office. Branch oflkc. WATHINOIUAL. A PROFESSIONAL YOUNG IAN WANTS A WIFE, for herself only : young, gentkand fair, with nhuiMl ance of natural hair. Address CLAIR, lit raid Uptown ^ frFORTING? DO?*S. BINDK, A -FOR HALF, ALti KIN08 0F FAMOT DOGS. ? Minis, Ac.-, Medicines for all diseases; Prepared Food tor mockmr bird*. At B. U DOVEVS, No 3 Greene street, near Canal . A T?K Tl! HP, mebican jockey club. SPRING MEETING, 1873L WEDNESDAY, June, II. BArUBDAY. J?ne 1 i TCi'SDAY, iuae 17. IHUBSDaY. Jane It, SATURDAY, June tL Kir it race each day punctually at 1 F M. A. MKLMONT, President C. Viun.1, Secretory. 4 MEBICAN JOCKEY CLUB RACINB POOLS, JY Poola wiU be Hold thla evening at the Subscription Rooms, Madison avenue and Twenty-seventh street, which Is open to the public, and at 1.140 Broadway. R. UNDERWOOD. Pool Seller. IjlNTKIP.S FOR HORSES TO RK SOLD AT ARCH. U JOHNSTON'S MAUI, JU u. 28 Thirteenth street, near University place, thia day tTueaday), should be made before 10 o'clock, a* tale commence* at 10% o'clock prompt PLKKTWOOD ASSOCIATION. MOBRI8ANIA, WESTCHESTER COD NTT, N. T. HP WING MEETING, 1H/SL, FIRST DAY? WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18. PURSE No. I. $800-For horse* thin have never beaten 2 :80 ? *660 to tint, $180 to second, $100 to third? 16 entries. PI'KBB No. 2, $2,000? For horses that have never beaten 2 38: $1,100 to firat, $M0 to second. *360 lo third? ? entrlea. SECOND DAY -FRIDAY, JCNE 20. PURSE No. 3, $1,000? For horses that have never beaten 238; $600 to first, $280 to second, $160 to third? 12 am PURSE No. 4, $1,200? For horses that have never beaten 2 38; $060 to lint, $&M to second, $J00 to third? 9 entrlea. THIRD DAY-MONDAY, JUNE 23. Pl'RSE No. 8, $1,000? For horses that have never beaten 2 34; SflOO to first. $.3(1 to second, $150 to third? 8 entries. PURSE No. 6, $1,800? For horses that have never beaten 138; $880 to flrat, $<00 to second, $330 lo third? 8 it Mm. FOURTH DAY? TUESDAY, JUNE 24. PURSE No. 7, $800? For horses that huve never beaten 2:41? $080 to first, $180 to second, $100 to third? 18 entrlea. PI' RflE No. 8, $8,800 ? For bones that have never beaten 131 ? $2,000 to drift, $1,000 to sevoud, $500 to third-* entries. Where eight or more homes start hi a race the distance will be 180 yards. Races commence each day at 8 o'clock. Admission to strand stand and field, $2. Badges toe lub house, endorsed by raembea, $8. Horse cara leave Harlem Bridge each day of the races every 10 minutes, direct lor the Park. Trains leave Forty - serond street depot at 11 40 A. M., 1 o'clock and 2:30 P. M. C. H. VAN NESS, President. Wm. H. Van Cott, Superintendent. PROSPECT PARK FAIR GROUND ASSOCIATION? Spring Meeting, 1873. TUESDAY? JUNE Ml PVRSE No. 1, $2,ooo? For horsesthat have never beaten 2JU. Peter Manee enters b. a W. H. Allen. W, L Crawford enters b. g. J ? W. Curley for Beppo. Aid. ..G., si. .ill enters b. m. Huntress. same day. rUi.1' Vo. 1, $300? Free tor ail running horses, best twe ?. Thos. enters 1 FlJ'.v, dam Maiden, by Beacon. E. V. tesblk. ' Jcvel, by imp. Mickey Pres. .? DAY -THURSDAY, JUNE ll PL ?o,. ,o. 3, $1,280? For horses that have never beaten 2:90. Peter Manee enters b. m. Mary A. Whitney. M. Carroll enters b. g. Ben Starr. J. Hongrcy, Jr., enters br. g. Joker. H. W. Howe enters b. in. Fanny Sprague. J. C. Soydaui enters Ur. m. Constance. E. H. Heard enten br. g. Coroner K. FAME DAY. PURSE No. 4 ? Fonr-y ear-old Colt Stake. A. Patterson enters b. c. Baron LulT, by Happv Me dium. E. 8. Sanford cntcn blk. c. Edwin, by Peacemaker. THIRD DAY-MONDAY, JUNK 16. PURSE No. 6, $.100? Free lor all running horses, mile heats, three in five. Tho*. Jones enters Bay Filly, dam Maiden, by Beacon. B. V. Bork enters blk g. .level, by imp. Mickey Free. HAM K DAY PURSE No. 8, $1,000? For horses that have never beaten 2 :34. Pierce Hayden enters b. m. Lady Annie. H. Harbeck enten br. g. Windemire. W. Carroll enters ch. m. Highland Maid. J. Dongrey, Jr., enters br. m. Lldia Pieton. J. Feck enter* b. g. Clothespin. J. H. Philips enters g. g. Jack Draper, ii. C. Suydam enters nr. m. Constance. W. Rogers enters br. m. Belle of Vermont Ablen Goldsmith enters b. s. Abdullah. Races commence each day at 3 o'clock, prompt, good dav and track. Admission to field, grand stand and quarter-stretch, $!. Admission to t'ltib House, introduced bv a in ??niber. t3. Gao. W. Oakucy, Sup't. K. o. HEAD, Pres'L T ONG BRANCH RACES -BIDS WILL BE BE JU celved tor the renting ot refreshment privileges for Grand Stand and Hold at Monmouth Park during the nine days' racing in July. All intormatioii will be given by Addressing WILLIAM E. RAYNOH, Secreiarv, l,l4t> Broadway, New York. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD. Jerome Park Kates. June 7, II. 14, 17, 19 and 21. Extra trains will leave Grand Central depot on above days at 1 :.'M) and 2:10 P. M. returning alter the races. Spbcial cars reserved lor ladies. Excursion tickets to cents. C. M. BI8SBLL. Sup't. POOLS SOLD AT JOHNSON'S, 1,187 BROADWAY, THIS evening at 8 o'clock, on Jerome races; also on Ath letics and Philadelphia*. at Philadelphia. T. B. JOHNSON. THE ENTRIES TO THE UTICA PARK ASSOCIATION Running Race Meeting. June 25, 'JO and 27, arc bciebv extended from June 2 until June 16, at 9 P. M , at Bagg's Hotel, Utica. Declarations until .Tunc 20 at same place. CHARLES W. HUTCHINSON, President. A HORSES. CARKIAGE9, <?('. T AUCTION THIS DAY, BY WILLIAM VAN TAnsKLL, AUCTIONEER (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSEL L), HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART, 110, 112 and ill EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR Fourth avenue. REGULAR PALES OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES EVERY TUESDAY AMI FRIDAY. Twenty-four to torty -eight hours given to purchasers to test warrantees. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S flUBSDAY'S) SALE, AT 12 O'CLOCK. BAY TEAM, HORSE AND MARE. 15*4 hands high. 0 years old, kind and true in nil harness, tree from vice, good travellers, free and stylish drivers; an excellcut team lor general business, and warranted sound; also tet ol flue silver mounted Harness and EXTENSION TOP PHAETON, in good order. CHESTNUT TROTTING HORSE. SIRFD by Mohawk, dam a thoroughbred mare ; 18), hands high, 8 years old; kind and true in all harness: tree from vice; a superior roadster; has a record of 2 38, and Is wsr rauled to trot-iu 2 -4ft, or no sale, and can trot to the pole close to 2 30; a very pleasant driver: can he driven at fall speed by any one, and warranted sound; also set of Dunscomb Harness and LIOIIT ROAD WAGON, BUILT BY DUBOIS. BAY HAMBLETONIAN MARK, lft HANDS HIGH, 7 years old, kind and true In all harness; Iree from vice; trot* close to 3 minutes; very stylish, fears nothing and warranted sound. Also set of Harness anl FOUR-PASSENGER WAGON, TOP ON HIND SEAT. MAY TROTTING MARE LADY EMILY, FULL CO lumhua stock, 1&2K hands high, 9 years old. kind and true in all harness ; tree from vice : has a record of 2 38 on 1 , mile truck ; very stylish; a splendid roadster for gentle man's u-e ROAD WAGON IN GOOD ORHER. BROWN COl'PE HORSE, 10 hail. Is high, 7 vears old; kind and trne in all harness; free I mm vice; a Inst trav eller, tree and stylish driver; also set Harness, and FRENCH VICTORIA, IN GOOD ORDER. BAY MARE. 13',. HANDS HIGH. 7 years old : kind and true la all harness; free Irom vice ; a" tree uud stylish driver and warranted souud. Also srt Harness and PHAETON. IN PERFECT ORDER. BAY MAKE.IS1* HANDS HIGH, ? YEARS OLD: kind and true In all harness ; free from vice; trots in three minnles : Is verv stylish and a lirst class roadster for lady's or gentleman's use, and warranted sound. FRENCH LANDAU. IN GOOD ORDER. BROWN TROTTING MARE CARMILLK, l.V, IIANDB high. 7 vears old ; sired by Duroc. dam a Clav inare . kiud and true in all harness ; free troin vice ; trotted last sea son on Mystic Tark tra'k In 2:<:t; an excellent saddle mare; fears nothing: can be driven by a laJy. and war ranted souud Al?o set llunscomb Harness ami TOP PONT PHAETON BROWN HORSE, 1#'{ HANDS HIGH, 8 YEARS eld ; kind and true in all harness, free troni vice ; a first class truck horse, and warranted sound. EXPKRSS Wa<JON ON PLATFORM RPRINOS. BAT MARE I5*? HANDS HIGH, 6 years old ; kind and troe In all harness ; free from vice; trot* close to 8 min ute.-.; a Iree and stylish driver, and warranted sound. TEAM BILLY GOATS. WELL BROKEN lo single and double harness , also set Harness and W AGON: Bay Ponv. 11 bands high, 9 years old : kind and trne in all harness and under saddle . Iree from vice ; an excel lent ponv for ladies' or children's use, and warranted sound: also set llarne>s and NO TOP BASKET PHAKTOV. SEVERAL OTHER HORSES, DESCRIPTION AT time ot sale. TOP AND NO TOP WAOoXs. ROAD, EXPRESS A N l> DKPoT WAGONS. ROCKAWAYS AND PONY PHAEIONS, DOUBLE and single llarne**. Ac. Weather never interferes with our sales. A -THE FOLLOWING Vr KY DESIRABLE STOCK . will be offered tor no-i ne anil peremptory sale AT BARKKB A ('II ASIA'S < itv Auction Mart ami New Vora Tattcr?all's. corner of Hroadw*v and Th ir tv-nl nth street, TO MORROW (Wedne'dav), June 11. at li o'clock, comprising: ? AN KLKOA.VT AND EXTRA stylish brown Gelding; i can trot In : M FAST AND HANDSOME sorrel Mate; can beat 3 i minutes. I VERY SPEEDY BROWN Gelding ; can trot In Isflfc HANDSOME HAY GELDING; can beatl iinuutea FINE BAY FAMILY llnrse : can trot in 1:10. THE ABOVE TROTTERt have iu?t arrived trom Mon , roe count v, and were withdrawn from Saturday 's sale, i Stock now on exhibition * ! FOR PEDHfiKiB AND FULL DESCRIPTIONS to-inorrow s lleraid. A-DOI B1.R HARNFSS, HY I.OWHCN, IN GOOD . order, for sale low, at private staMe .'?& Ea?t Koriy ttrst street. A -BAY HAMBLETONIAN MARE, 9 YEARS OLD, ? Ift^hands; sound and kind ; raided by late owner and one of Hie most stvllsh horses In the city; single or donble; price $000. Private stable U East Forty-flnt St, A CO (TP E LET, BY WOOD BROTHERS; I'SKD hut a ten times; price $rtlQ. Private stable 56 East Forty-first street. A? FOR SALE, ONE FINE COUPE, FAMILY OR ? driving Horse, 0 years old, II hands 3 Inches high; long mane and tail : very stylish ; tearless of locomotives, an?f is warranted to trot in less than 3 minntes; war ranted sound ami kind either in single or double harness: the property ot a gentleman; sold Id coiiseuiience of death in tnc family Apply to OHLIER, IS Thon pson street, betw?<u H?u?tou aiuf blttiktr. hohkkm, carriagkh. *c. AUCTION HOUSE or ARCH. JOHNSTON (Late Johnston A Van Taxeell). OFFICE and SALEROOM, OU) STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THB HORSB AUCTION BRANCH OK THR HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THR BPACIOUS PRKMIBKH, 10, 21. M AND 25 TH1RTKKNTH STREET, between Fifth avenue and University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the name strict and honorable orinciples which have a I way* char acterised the dealings or our house and won the respect ?nd confidence of the business community, as well u the nabUc at Urge. regular Sales evert Tuesday and pridat, AT 10^4 O'CLOCK CATALOGUE OP THlnDAY'S (TUESDAY'* SALE. ELEGANT PAMILT ESTABLISHMENT.? BROWN tram ot Horses, with long flowing manes and tails, l(J liunilv 7 years; kind in all narncss: tree trom vice . good travellers, and sound, kind and true. PARK PHAETON, BY J. R. LAWkhNC.., IN FIRST rale order. SET OP DOUBLE HARNESS. BLACK HAWK -ELEGANT BLACK TEAM. IMg hands, 8 ycar< old: kind and true In all har ness and under saddle; tree from vice; can trot in 3% minutes, and warranted soaud. DOG I A KT, BY J. R. LAWRKNCK, IN GOOD ORDER. 8P1.BNDVD TEAM BAY AND BROWN, 18 HANDS high, 8 and 9 your* old ; kind and true in all har ness ; free from vice or fault; very stylish, tree driv ers; all day travellers, and sound, kind and true. T CAK'I, BY BftKWSTER A CO., IN GOOD ORDKR. coupe rook a way, with pole and shafts. in perfect order. TEAM COAL BLACK HORSES, 16 UANDS HIGH, 8 and 9 years old ; kind and true in ail harness; tree from vice ; excellent travellers; very stylish ; supe rior tor family use. GENTL KUAN'S ROAD HORSE? BRIGHT BAY HORSE, with flowing niune and tail, 10 bands high, H years old; kind and true in all harness; an excellent rouct-u-r and warranted sound. TOP ROAD WAGON, CITY BUILT, IN GOOD ORDER; set of single Harness, Blanket, Ac, GRAY IlORSR. 1?\ HANDS, 8 YEARS OLD; KIND AND true in all harness; free from vice, \ery stylish and warranted sound. GRAY PONY ESTABLISHMENT.? GRAY PONY, 15 hands high, 7 years old, kind and true in all har ness and under saddle. Can be used by ladies or children. Warranted sound. TOP WAliON, IN GOOD ORDKR. COUPE HORSE ? DUN IIORSE, WW HANDS HIGH, 7 years old, kind and true In all name is. and excel lent all day traveller, and warranted sound. SET OP ENGLISH lMI'ORI ED HARNESS. BLACK HORSE. Id HANDS HIGH, 8 YEARS OLD. sound and kind and true in all harness, an excel lent worker, and warranted sound. TWENTY OTHER HORSES, DESCRIPTION TIME OP sale. * TWO NO TOP DEPOT WAGONS, IN GOOD ORDER. Pony Phaetons, basket and panel, top and no top; 10 sets or double Harness, 6 seta of single Harness, 2 sets ex press and work Harness. Weather never interferes with our sales. REMEMBER, THE SALE ^COMMENCES AT 10>i o'clock. Take University place car*. A? A.? A. -LARGE AND ATTRACTIVE SALE, BY PUBLIC AUCTION, OP EXTRA PINK ROAD AND FAMILY HORSES; ALSO CARRIAGES, HARNESS, ROBES, Ac., THIS DAY (TUESDAY). JUNK 10. AT 10K O'CLOCK SHARP, AT THK NEW YORK BOARDING STABLES, NOS. 16 AND 17 EAST TWENTY- EIGHTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND MADISON AVENUES, the entire establishment of two well known gentlemen ot this oltv who are about to start on an exteusivc tour, to be gone lor an Indefinite period, and will cotiHcquentlv sell all tneir tine stock, without auy limits or reservation, to the highest bidder, as follows: A prompt, stylish and closely matched Team of bay Kentucky geldings. 7 years old, about 15V hands, brought to this city last Kail and tired to family carriage ; they are hall brothers, are marked alike with flowing manes and tails, are prompt and reaolutu drivers, lofty steppers, fast travellers and can go to the end of the road : were driven from Jerome Park alter the races, on Saturday last, to phaeton, with 4 persons, in 63 minutes, which feat they performed with ease ; they are warranted In all harness, and warranted sound and kind. Beautiful and blooded pair of chestnut thoroughbred Road Marcs, about 15k nands, 5 and 6 years olo; were brought to this city this winter expresaly lor owner ; tliey are both sired by Alexander's Abdullah, dam fast run ning ma: ? by Ringold. They ahow more breeding than any youug pair In this city, and promlae great speed; can show a i :B0 gait now, and have been broken but a short time, and with hut little training can beat 2:40 to gether ; they are high headed and go in great style, and are warranted good and true, souud and kind. Also flast and celebrated bay gelding Bay Harry, 15li hands and 8 years old; raised in Western New York and sired bv Kentucky Hunter, dam fast mare Black Marion ; he is a bold, tearless driver, sensible and well behaved ; drives without check and can beat 2 :40 any day in condi tion to road wagon ; has a record made when 5 years old of 2:42, and has since been used on road, arid owner thinks with one month's training he can trot low down in the thirties; he is a superior pole horse and can trot five miles In fourteen minutes: Is well broken to all har ness and ia warranted goo I and true and free from spot or blemish. Bay Hambleton<an Mar# River Queen, 6 years old, 15^ hands, sired by Major Winfleld. dam thoroughbred ; is a beautiful animal, all style and action and can tic driven by a child. She has an open, slashing gall. Can speed very fast Was never trained on track hut ten days last Pall, when she showed a half mile In 1 :2I. and owner had intended to put her i.i training this Pail, blie is war ranted sound and kind. Also, beautiful Ethan Allen bay Mare, 15 hands, and 7 years old* been uwl by the ladies to pouv plia**na lor the last two years. Is very intelligent, and a perlect pet. Excellent under saddle, and warranted sound and kind. Also light 2 -seat Phaeton; ono 2-seat Park Wa^on, nearlv new, by Lawrence; one Top Wagon, by Brewster; Top Pony Phaeton, light Wotting Wagon, double and single Harness. Robes, Ac. N. H. ? This stook Is some of the finest in the city and can he lullv depended upon, and the riding public are Invited to inspi-ct them, fan be seen at stable at all times, hull warrantee oi 24 hours. Sale positive, rain or ?hine. JOHN L. VAMlKWATKK, Auctioneer. \ VICTORIA, THREE BAROUCHES, THREE BUG /\ gies, two Phaetons, one shifting top rumble seat l'liae ton, close glass Coach, taken In exchange, .sold at half price. HAM, 10 East Fourth street. Abet of double harness, london made, tor Brougham, Victoria or T cart; In first class or der, having been used but a short time. For sale at a low price, at the LONDON HARNESS AGENCY, 20 hast Fourteenth street, between Firth av. and Union squurc. AT THE LONDON HARNESS AGENCY, 20 EAST Fourteenth street, between Fifth avenue and Union square. Londou made Harness ot llncst quality ; park Saddles and Bridles, Pad Leathers, very stylist); Sum mcr horse Clothing in Princes checks of choice designs. A LOT OF HORSES FROM THE COUNTRY, FIT for all kinds o! business; one splendid team of sorrel Horses, young ami sound. Inquire at 541 Canal street. A LOT OF TOP BUGGIES, ROAD WAGONS, EX press. Grocery and light Busineai Wagons for sale cheap, 34# West Twenty sevcuth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. AT LOWER PRICES THAN EVER BEFORE OF fered, our immense stock of Carriages comprising every seasonable style of lamlly Carriages and light Wag ons, new and second hand. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 1 Broadway. _ A -FOR SALE. ONE BIG, FINE WORK HORSE, ? . years old, weighs 1,900, 10 hands high ; warranted sound and a good worker ; a trial ot three days allowed : parted with tor no fault; only giving up business. Apply at 185 Thompson street, between Bleecker and Houston. A FEW HORSES WILL BE TAKEN TO PASTURE during the Summer, at reasonable rates For par ticulars address FARM E it, box AO, Katunati, N. Y. A HANDSOME PAIR OF GRAY HOMES, suit able lor hearse or carriage; sold tor want of use. tall auy day this week at 474 I'earl street near Chulhatn A -FOR SALE, A NEW TOP PONY PHAETON; ? also a no top Pony Phaeton, with umbrella; city built Inquire at No. 9 hast Tenth street, near Filth ave nue, private stable. A -HORSES, TRI CKS AND CARTS FOR SALE . cheap, at 40 West Filteenth street, near FilUi avenue. A SECOND HAND RUMBLE PHAETON. 1 ROAD Wagon, by Stivers; 1 Victoria, a light side-bar top Wagon and 1 J agger, !>y Broome street Brewster; 1 top side-bar. by Corbettr 1 second hand Extension Phaeton, 10 second band Rockaways. trom $80 up; one good Ba rouche, $II!i; one Sulky, $50; 1 Westchester six-seat Rockaway, $>; I top Express Wagon, $130; 50 top and open pony Phaetons, of all styles and prices; 10 top Wagons, $75 up; tingle and double Durness, Sheets, Whips, Nets, Ac. WM. H. GRAY, 20 and 2! Woostcr street J^T OUR FACTORY IN TWENTY-FIPIH STREET. Second hand Carriages in good order. Two 6-?eat Rockawayi. Two 4 seat Phaetons. fine Victoria. One Brett. Top and no-top Rngglcs. _ J. B. BREWSTER A CO. A -FOR 8AI E, HORSES; AMONG TIIEM IS ONE ? verv handsome black Horse, stands I..J hands high; warranted to trot in 1:45; the others are young and a reasonable trial allowed. Apply at :I9 South tilth av. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND hand i arriages, i amily Rockaways, top and ifpeu Buggies, Pony Phaetons. Grocers' and Business Wagons, at greatly reduced prices. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street. At lanaga.vs stabler, H2 weat thirty-ninth street, a brown fielding. 6 years old, 15.S hands high, sound and kind iu every particular, and cau trot In 2 :S?y, also a beautiful bay Gelding. 7 years old; handsome as a picture; sound and kind In all harness: 15.2 hands high; either of these hordes can be driven without check. In quire lor JollN JOHN STO N. . AT THK WEST SIDK CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, 1,494 and I.4WI Broadway, will he found a large assort ment of Rockaways, De'pot Wagons, Park Phaetons, top and no top Buggies, slid to make room, will oflef a lino ot leather top Pony Phaetons at$3)0vacb. A LADY, UNEXPECTEDLY CALLED OUT OF town, will sell lor two thirds i:s value handsome I'srk Turnout? a splendid bav Mare, 1 bauds, 6 years old : sound sml kind to harness or saudle; a C spring lop ponv Phaeton, fine Harness, Robe, Fheet, whip, Ac. s all n< W this Spring. Call and see at private stable 216 West fhlrty -fifth street. A? THE CATALOGUES FOR THE HON. A. B. CON ? ger's fourth great annual sale of trotting stock, j comprising forty tlve head ot Mares, Geldings and Fillies, | principally the gel ol Rysdyk's Hambletonian, Ben Ab I dallali, and American Star, can now be obtained at BARKER A CHASE'S City Auction Mart and New York Tattersali's. corner of Broadwav and Thlrtv-ninth street Sale takes plare at the Waldberg Htud farm' (near Haver straw, N. \.i. on the 2th ol June, at 1 o'clock. For lull particulars, as regar Is trains. Ac ^ see catalogues. A HANDSOME TRAM OF RAY HOHSF.S? 18 HANDS, fi and ! year-, with or without Landanlet, bv Brews ter, of Broome street and Harness, In Dunsciimb. lor sale at private stable. 22W West Thlrty-sfxUi street. This team is one of the most stvlish coupe or T cart teams iu the city and are warranted In every particular. Ap ply at stable, or address S., box II# Post office. An assortmrnt of second hand top and light Wagons, sidebar and elliptic springs; four and six seat Phaetons. Rockaways. Doctors' wagons turnout seat Buggies. Doe Cart Ac . t a very flue (took of new work, unsurpassed many particular. R. m. Ml i NEKS 144 to iu Kaat Thirty flnt Meet. HORKKil, (AIIKI A(iKS, ?t". A GREAT, iraCUL IMPORTANT, POBITIVB AN U A BSC!. DTK SALE HY PUBLIC AUCTION. THIS WAV (TUESDAY), JUNE ll), AT 10', O'CLOCK, AT STABLE NO. 3 NElLSON PLACli (MKHCElt -ST.), BETWEEN WAYBRLEY AND CLINTON PLACES, ... BY JKNKINK A DUFF, AUCTIONEERS, OP THE ENTIRE TURNOUT OP A PRIVATE GEN TLRMAN. INCLUDING THREE EXTRA KINK TEAMS AND TWO SINGLE ... HORSES, ELEGANT CARRIAGES ANO WAdONK, II A KNEshEM, BLANKETS, ROBES, AC. A liautLninr, rich and rant tram of llumblef >ntan tleld Inga, color a rich bay. 1&*4 bunds bigh, 6 and 7 years old ; ? era aired by KvMlick ? Ilainblotonian; they were rained in Orange bounty ami purchaseu there bv or Cli ent owner one year ago, alter he hn<l seen them Irol a roll mile in thev tire, without exception, the finest driving, beat styled and handsomest team or pure uud honest IrotterH lor gentlemen's road line in the city, nnd ?with these extra One dispositions uiake them second to no team living lor family uae; they are atraid of noth ing, are Mix for any one to drive, und can alwav* ahow trout i to to 2 :4ft. ninule or double ; tin v havo tine flowing manes and talla, all black pom la, und style, act and drive alike; they are warranted aouna, kind and true. Also the handsomest and one ol the faatcHt teatnaof young coal-Mack trotters (Horse and Mare) in IhUcltv; they are 16J? hand* high, t and 7 years old, aud are ruil broiher and Fitter , were raised iu Kentucky and brought to tliia cltv by A. B. Moffatt, Em., lor preaeut owner one year ago Hh of April last and have since been used by present owner for road purpose*. Tliey were at Long Branch all last season, and were admired more than any team there for their extra style, speed, Ac They mn always trot in 214ft, ami can outatyle auy team living; tliev can be driven by a lady. They are jet black ; not a white hair on either, with fine, clean limbs, good leet, fine necks, good head*, and are in all as perfect a pair of horses as were ever seen ; canaot be distinguished irnm earn other in appearance: arc well known in thU citv, and the owner bus frequently driven them to light wagon 011 Fleetwood Park a mile inside of 2:30. They are war ranted sound and kind, and parlies in search of some thing really tine should not fall to call and see them. A beautiful and finely bred team ol brown carriage or family llorsea, 7 years old, nearlv 16 hands high ; are very stylish and fast travellers; can null a park phaeton Inside ol 4 minutes, or 12 milch inside llie hour. They are gentle aim saie, not afraid ot anything, and for a gentleman's private coach team cannot be t>urpansed. They arc bolh warranted sound and kind. Fast mahogany bay trotting Gelding. 15tf hands high, 7 Seur* old, sired bv Kentucky Clay, dam by Woodpecker, le is one of tbe finest and best galled trotters thai goes the road. Has tine action and endurance, amiable dispo sition, powerfully gailed aud an excellent polo liorse. Ha* and can trot now below 2:40, and owner believe'', with twenty days handling, he can be made to trot w ell down in the thirties, lie Is warranted sound and kind. Handsome and fine bay driving or saddle Mare, 1.1'i hands high. 7 years' old. She is a perfect roadster ; can be driven by any one. She is warranted not, to be atraid ol locomotives or cars; will stand anywhere without tying, and a more sensible or safer horse for ladies' driving or riding cannot be tound. She has been trained undir ?addle and has all gait*. and she can trot In 3 minutes, and warranted sound and kind. Also a beautiful i.andaulet, in complete order ; one top pony PliaeUin, one lull spring top Wagon, one side bar lop Wagon, one open speeding Wagon ; also fine Coach and tight gold and covered mounted Harness, flue Sheets, Blankets, Robes, Whips, Saddles, Bridles, An. The whole comprising aa fine stock a* ever offered to the public, and *ale Is made without limit or restriction. All will be sold to highest bidder. The stork is well kuowuand owned by a prominent gentleman In tliiscitv. A full and responsible warrantee will be given nnr < h users of horses aad ample Line allowed them lor trial and examination. N. B.-8TABLH WILL BR OPEN AT ALL TIMP.S PRIOR TO SALE. WIIKRK PARTIES CAN HAVE Til H OPPORTUNITY TO CALL AND EXAMINE AND RECEIVE ANY INFORMATION REQUIRED. HALE POSITIVE, ItAIN OR 8HINE, AM) NO BY BIDDING. A -MAJOR C. BARKER, AUCTIONBKR.-EXECU ? tor's sale of the entire well-known private e*t?b lisliment ol the late Hon. Leu Hartou. on Thursday morn ing. June 12, at 10 o'clock, at the Magnolia boarding sta bles, No. .142 Navy street near Pulton avenue, Brooklvn, and comprising THE BEAUTIFUL BAY TROTTING Mare, Lady Bar ton, got by Eyi-dyk'a Hambletonian; has u record of 2 :42' ,. THE PART HIGH-BRED BROWN Trotting Mare Knox Girl, tired by General Knox ; has a rtcord ol 2 :tt) to Hie pole. PINE BAY GRLDING; a perfect lady's horse. ONE TOP ROAD WAGON, one no-top Road Wagon, one top Pony Phaeton, set Double Harness, two sets Single Harness Horse nothing. Whips. Ac. ABOVE STOCK ARE ALL warranted sound and kind, an? are all elegant and gentle drivers. Pull description)', Ac., at sale. KaI.E POSITIVE and wlihont regard to weather. STOCK OK EXHIBITION early on morning of sale. A BAY HORSE, OVRR M HANDS. LONG TAIL AN1) mane; fit tor carriage or coupe; a free, siylish driver. Inquire at 12V Weal Twenty -tilth street belore 12 or alter 6 o'clock. At grf.ater bargains than ever. No. 8 Cortland I street, near Broadway. (Removed trorn .".8 Llbertv street) Pine assortment ot Phaetons, Buggies. Depot Road ami Roc.kawav Wagons, of the most approved style aud best make, now offering at greatly reduced prices for cash. Harness? bout UiO vets ol first clusv, all hand sewed, very low, to close consignments. Sheets, La|> Robes, Dusters, Halters. Whips, Ac., In great variety, all at great reduction to suit the times. Don't think 01 purchasing belore you call at No. Ri 'ertlandt street, near l-.roadway. A PARK TURNOUT FOR SALE. ? SPAN Oi*MUY Horses, Bretl Carriage, double Harness, Ac. Ihe emlre establishment cost over 92, ftOt), will sell for $1,000, as the owner has no use for it; horses are sound, gentle, free travellers; one ot them 11 lasl H olier. Por further pariirnlars inquire ol .lAMKrt it. EDWARDS, till West rweiitv-thlrd ?tr-et. A RARE OPPORTI NITT? A RAKR OPPORTUNITY this week, to clos-1. advances. CARRIAGES, harness, MLANKETS, AC. Ponrtli avenue, corner Twenty ? fifth sireet. Work war ranted equal to am and at very lowest cash price. A Hue lot ot Park uud I'oiiv Phaetons now on bun I. He sure tora'l before purchasing NEW YORK SALES AND CARRIAGE RKPOSITORY, iwcnt.i till h street, corner Fourth avenue. AS1NGLB TRUCK POR SALE? OR WILL Ex change lor a good Work florae. J BONNER, 64 I.aicht sireet. A PAIR or HIGHLY RRI.D KANCY BAY CAR rlage Horses? Over It; hand-', high-knee action. A bay, lli. 1, ? years old; grand high action; a superb dog caitliome. Two 01" the handsomest Saddle Horses in llie city. A Iso several nice, sound, stylish Horses. It there Is any gentleman who appreciates fine stock, call and examine tiiese horses; they will be found as represented, and are oil' red at reasonable prices. Inquire lor NIKE. 169 East Thirty second street, between Lexington uud Third avenues. Black hawk, elegant team, is?i hands, 8 years, sound, without blemish; arc perfection: ride behind tliem and prove It; trot In 3%. Also Depot W<.g >11 aud Harness, nearly new. AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S MART, 19 TO 2ft THIfi TEENTI1 STREET. NEAR UNIVERSITY PLAGE. IP NOT SOLD AT PRIVATE SALE B I', FORE THIS DAY (TUESDAY). AT 10^ OTI.OCK, THEY WILL THEN BE SOLD AT AUCTION To THE BIGHBBT BIDDER. BY EDWARD 8CHENCK. AlCTIoNEEK? IIORSK8, Coupe, Victoria, tot> Wagon. Harness, at the private stable 6.1 e ast 1'orty- first street. On Tuesday, loth lnst., as above, at o'clock A. M., a pair of bay Horses, 15^ bands, kind and gentle; also a light C soring Victoria, a fine Coupe, lop Wagon, double and single Harness, Kobe*, Whip, Suit of Livery, Ac. ;a!liu perfect order. / t ARRIAGE8 SLIGHTLY DAMAORD-GREAT BAR \ ga. lis ? New and second hand Carriage* of every dc ,ci iption. elegant T Cart; Rumble Pliuctou, llttie soiled ; will be sold low. MANI FACTI RERK' UNION, ?8 Broadway. PiBIUQI BOMI?? a VERY DESIRABLE TEAM A of blacks, lo ug tails, lfi hands high ; warranted per fectly sound, kind aad gentle. Any family in want of a good team would do well to examine this pair, at LAMB'S stable, Fifty-ninth street, near Filth avenue. / 1 ARK1 A<i ES ANn IIOR8RK ALL STYLES, FOR \J sale or rent, bv day, week, month or season, for city or coanlry use. WITTY'S stable*, 10 Nevins street, Broolllyn,_ C1ABR10LET8, PONY PHABTONS, DEPOT WaGONS. J Rocka? ays and other kinds of Carriages greaily re duced; secondhand Buggies and Rockawavs cheap STAATS BELL, No. 7 Washington place, rear New York Hotel. /^OW FOR SALE.? A GOOD FAMILY COW, IN FULL *7 milk. Apply at private stable No. 28 Kast Thirty sixth street 1 EXTRAORDINARY BALK !i Tills MORNING, AT I0U O'CLOCK PRECISELY, AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S MART, 19 TO 2ft THIRTEENTH SIREET, near I niversity place. FOUR FINE FAMILY AM) ROAD TEAMS. THREW ELEGANT ROAD H0RSEH. See catalogue above. yOR SALE? H A MBLF.TONI A N BAY MARE, ? YEARS, r 14*4 hands; sound, kind : trots in 2:fl0; also fast brown Mare. I? bands. Inquire at I2* West Twentieth street. FOR BALE? BEAUTIFUL BLACK PONY. WAR ranteu gentle, sound and true in every respect ; 9 years old. with Harness and Gro< err Wagon in rerlect order; uiuat be Sulu. ?luquire ol E. JASPER, 130 Cherry ?treet I BOB SALK--HAY HORSE, 18 HANDS. (OWV AND ' kind ; can trot iu 3 minutes. Apply at 12 West Forty tour lit street For sale? rock a ways, victorias, top bug gies, Ponv Phaetons, Doctor's Buggies, tour-seateil Phaetons; cheapest in city. 144 anil 148 Eldrldge street near lentil police station. DAY A HON. TTIOR SALR ? A FAMILY TURNOUT, CONSISTING F a flue sorrel Marc, 18 hands hif h, 8 years old. hand some. ?ound and klnn ; one ot the finest coupe horses in New York: a Demarest Landau, used but a few times, almost new, and a ?rt of gold-mounted Harness; sold only for want of use ; price |l,8U). Apply at the box office of Booth's Theatre. J.-VIR SALK ? PRICE TO DAY $4*1, TO-MORROW ?400; 1 try and you'll buy a nice bay Horse, 15 hsnds H.vears old ; sound, gentle ; no! afraid of locomotive ; |(ood travel ler; splendid lor lady's tibaetou; must sell tor want or use ; alto Harness aud Brewster Tot) wsgon LAMB 8 stable, No- 13 East Fllty-elgbth ?ueet, or No. 89 Beaver street. OR SALR ? A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT, AT A 19 hands: sound and new ; Harness, Ac. ; For salr-a gentlbman's great bargain . brown Hors<', IS kind; Brewster lop Wagon, good as price Ifltlo, coet $l,2il>. WING'S sUbie, Ift and 17 East Twenty eighth -treet. L'OR SAI.K-tiNK FAIR MAllOtlANY BAY IIOR8F.S JP 16.3 hand* high, and brothers, 7 and 8 year* old ; all sound and kind : also a bay saddle Horse, 1ft 2 hands high ; the property of a gentleman going to Europe. Apply at 12H Weal Flgbleenlh street. UOR SALE-TWO SADDLE MARES, YOUNG. SOl'ND, r gentle ami well bred. Can be seen at private stable 118 W est Eighteenth street. IIOR SALE? SHIFTING TOP PHAF.TON, WOOD Brothers' make; alse Top Buggy, with Road Mare and Harness: a bargain, at privata (table US West Eighteenth strtet. For balk-on k fine d<M3TOR'b abd one top Wagon. Tooker's make, equal to auv in the market; will tell at reasonable price, or exchange lor eld Wagon ; alee tour teat Phaeton of Stivers' make, one no top, two serond band Top Wagona, all ia good order. TOOK KR'B factory . corner of ckt uwut av. auU FulWu at. Brooklyn. IIORHRK, ( ARHU6KH, yt JIOR SALE-BY A OENTLEM AN ABOUT LEAVING town. a Mrttcl Ui|_y ? ur gentleman's saddle Horse, I IS' ^ hands high, J 'year* old. Call, betOM 10 A.M.. St 111 Wi st Twontv-elghth street FIOR SALE-A FOUB -SfcATBD OPEN PHAETON J little used i would be splendid lor depot use AddIt I at 41 Went Forty-tourth street ** ' F^ob salb-a nicb second hand coppk rock, ?way, Mix A Son. makers, in perfect order, nearly ! new ; also a ''oupe Single Harness and Buggy Mameiai ' Kockaway, $360, Harness, $M and $.10 each. I _______ M ARSH. l.44>8 Broadway. FOR HALE? AS EfEGANT BAT MARR, KMlHT year* old, 16 hands ; warranted sound and without i a lil cm inh : can beat 2 M, single or doable. Also a beau liiul d.irk hrown Saddle Mara, l.r>S handa, Ave years old, I sound and kind. l.r5 haai Thlrty-swoond atreet. fflOR SALE? TWO LIGHT BC9INBS8 WAGONS <KOR sewing machines', one Oroiery. one Express and | some second hand Wagons, at 171 avenue O, between j Tenth and Kleventh streets. _____ | fjlOR BALE-TWO PONY BUILT HORSES, B AND f years, 16 and 16 bund*; lit I or any business; sold for rs $136, $140. 128 Charles street, near want of use ; price* Greenwich. For sale-a uani^ome brown pony, black poknta, 6 year* add, sound anu kind, with new har ness. Apply at 106 Weat Thirty drat street UUR SALE? PAIR OP ELEGANT HIGHLY BBEO r Roadsters, 16 bands. 6 years old ; can trot in S JO to pettier; one ean beat 2:V); are tine under saddle; can be driven hv a lady; warranted Round and kind. Single and double harness I'hat^n. Do* Cart, Ac. Owner lately deceased. DUNKLKY, 134 Went Thirty-ninth street. FOB SALE - A KINK SOBBEL MARK. SUITABLE FOR milk route or any light work ; cau't ba beaten. Ap ply at 26 Grove street. New York. FOR BALE OR WILL EXCHANGE POB LIQUOB8-A new three-seat extension-top platform Barouche, and a heavy draught Horse, h years old, 17? hands high, weight I.60U pounds, sound and kind. Adores* HKNBY A. SAGE, Eaaton, Pa. Fob ba IjE cheap? splendid new, ught, donble Harness; also a nearly new Track Harness. At private stable, 214 Went Thirty-fifth street. Great baro ains.-in consequence op re. building part of our premises, we offer our entire stock seasonable sty'ra new and sccond hand Carriage* at greatly reduced prices. MANUKA* TIRRR8' UNION, an Broadway, Good pasture kor horses in Cornwall, o C., at $6 per month. Inquire of K. P. K.NAPP, 322 Greenwich street, corner Duane. Harnes??a large assortment, all kinds, rav own manufacture, at low prices; Horse sheets, light Summer Blankets, Lap Dusters, Fly Nets, Ear Tips, Riding Saddles and Bridles, Whips. Spurs, Currycombs, Brushes, and everything in the horse line, cheap for cash. You can save money by purchasing the above lino of goods atmy establishment E. BARTLKTT. 62 Warren street, corner College place. Harness, saddles, horse clothing, par riant! Robes, Lap Dusters, Fly Nets and a large variety of Saddlery Goods alwavs on hand. C B. SMITH A CO., 40 Warren street, New York. Horses WANTED FOR THBIB KEEPING? OMB OB two kind Horses, by a family, to nse in the country; good care will be taken. Apply at 103 Chambers street MATCHED ROAD TEAM KOR HALF?AT ONE-HALF their value; Hamhletonian stock; 15*^ hands high; 7 years old; sound, kind that a lady may drive; very bcsntlftii; trot in 2 :50 ; also, leather top, c spring Pony Phaeton. Apply at 194 Broadway, office 13. PONY TURNOUTS? TWO KIR8T CLASS FAMILY PONIES SEVERAL SUPERIOR FAMILY HORSES, TBOTTbRS. ROAD AND WORK HORSES, AT AUCTION THIS DAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK, WILLIAM YAN TAS&ELL, AUCTIONEER, at his Horse and Carriage Auction Msrt, ? 110, 112 and 114 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue. See Catalogue above. PONY PHABTONS? EVERY DESCRIPTION, POP If lar prices; ilepot Wagons in great variety, two ele gant six-seat extension-top Phaetons, Park Wagons, light Rockuways, low prices. MAW UKACTU BBBS' UNION, M Broadway.^ PUBLIC SALE OK TROTTING STOCK. -DR. I'NDER WOOD will sell at public auction, for Edwin Thome, Thorndale, Dutchess county, without reserve, 40 head or first class Trotting Stock, on Thursday next (12th Inst.) The 8 A. M. train on Hudson River Railroad will connect at Dutchess junction with train forTborndale (Millbrook station). Panics attending the sale can return to New York the same evening. STABLE TO LET? SEVENTEENTH STREET. BE tween Broadway and Filth avenue, modern Stable, with plenty room tor lour homes and carriages; couch ? nan's room, AO, Inquire ot K. M. B IBP. 80 OMOB square. OECOND HAND AND SLIGHTLY SOILED < AH r'ages, bargain* T Cart, English Dog Cart, Depot Wagon, severs! Rockaways, top and open Buggies, jump scut Wagon, Ponv Phaeton. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, ?3R Broadway. QFCOND HAND CARRIAGES. O A handsome turnout scat Phaeton, bv Corbett ; a no top Wagon, used one season, by Brewster, and several top and open Wagons by other first class makers; will be sold OhcaD at 57 West Forty fourth street TRO I TERS at AUCTION-THIS hay. SPKEIl WARRANTED. CHESTNUT HORSE, MS, HANDS. H YEAR"; WA R ranteil to trot in 2:4S, or no bale, and warranted sound, kind and true. Also. THREE OfllKR TROTTERS THAT CAN BRAT MO. By WILLIAM VAN TASSELL, Auctioneer, Dorse and Carriage Auction Mart, 110, 112, il< Ea t Thirteenth street, near Fourth aveuue, at 12 o'clock. Trotter for sale? has beaten and c\n pull a road wagon at it 2:40cait-. 7 years old: out of the best trotting stock, warranted every way. 26 Uni versity place, in store. The advertiser wishes to itrciuse. at a tair price, a good Road, Horse. T->p Bnggy, Harness, Blanket*. 4c. Any psrtv having a complete Tnrnotitfor I sale may address, Mating price, L. K., Herald office. TTICTORl A FOR SALE-LIGHT AND IN COOD V order; price $140. H. BURR, 203 Mercer street WANTED? A GOOD NEW M I LOW COW AT SOUTH Orange, N. J. Those wishing to sell cheap for ca?h I may address, with price and description, PURCHASER, | box 100 HcraM office. a f ?#,,.%* ' ?' WANTED? IN EXCHANGE FOR DESIRABLE LOTH oil Upper Boulevard, a family horse, wagon and harness; must be a good roadster, inquire of Dr. BROOK.*', 3H West Thirty second street WANTED? A HORSE ABOUT 15'{ HANDS HIGH that can trot In 2 50 or better, 'o be perfectly sound and kind, for which l will give a Villa Lot on the North ern Railroad of New Jersey, In s Tillage; loi. worth $8U0. Address Z. Y., box 150 Herald offl-e. WANTED? A EtiCKAWAY OR PONY PHAETON BUT little nsed. Apply to J, W. COATE8, 177 Hudson street, New York. ? WANTED TO HIRE KOR THREE MONTHS? A Horse and Toft Buggy, bv a gentleman geingto the Country, or would take care or a grn'ieman's Turnout Address, with particulars, SALINA, box 100 Herald Up town Branch office. YOU CAN ALWAYS PLACB IMPUCIT RBT.TANCB on the repfsentatlons made by the honse ? i ARCH. JOHNSTON. If you are in search o( a Family Team, a Business Horse or anything in the horse line, be sure an<t attend the sale at the Mart this day. at 10^ o'clock, at 10, 21, 23 and 25 Thirteenth street, near university place. See catalog* above, and b? sure and attend the sale. REMEMBER, SALE COMMENCES AT 10', O'CLOCK. fdhrn-STRONO DOCTOR'S PHAETON, PERFECT orilenflne two-seat Depot, with shifting ton, lfiO; Top Riigsv, very light, side bar; good, strong work lorse, I6V, bands, $90. sn SeneaMi avenue. dtjl 4>- -F'lR SALE, HROWN MARE, IBM HANDS; L ^*1. great en<iurance : well bre-1 ; sound, kind and fist. FARNBWORTII'S Stable. West Fifty-fourth street, near Broadway. Aicn? gray horse, s yeabs, i? handsj ?IP LtlU stylish Bav, 7years, IS hands, $150; gentle for lanv to ride or drive; stylish buck, $3ju. 216 West Thirty first street _ d?07r ?BEAUTIFUL HALF-9PEING TOP BUOOY I *J, and Harness; cltv makers; only used a few times; cost nearly double, but must he sold. Been at SOVBY'8 stable, 141 East Sixteenth street MIMJfEBY ABO DRE^.HAKING, NEW STYLE OF SUN HAT; ALSO THE LATEST jl x. style* of r. nnd Hats, Jnst received at Madame O. DB LACY '8, n*2>, Broadway, near Nineteenth cireeL A Bird skins, ibis, paroquets, ac.. ac , suttabi.b for niiiiiners. taxidermists, bird dealers, Ac, Ac. Apply at No 4 south William street. i)n WEST NINTH STREET.? MADAME GRENIEB makes elegant walking ami evening Dresses in the latest Parisian style, at short notice; charges less than other reliable dressmakers. No sign. YA( HTH, STKAMIIDATS, dklJ. A 24 FOOT SAIL BOAT FOR SALE. INQUIRE OK I. S McGKIHAN, Pamrapo, N. J. Boats for country-race, club and ship Boats ; all kinds on hand at my shops, 3C8, 373 South street and H4th street, Hsrlem River. STEPHEN ROBERTS. IP*OR SALE CHEAP? YACHT NELLIE C ; 17 FEET 1 long: sloop rigged. B. COLLINS, Battery. QIDBWHKEL STEAMBOAT FOE SALE? 167 FEET 0 long; 360 ions; price low for cssh ar real estate. Apply to W H. HABKlbON, 1,367 Broadway, room E, rear building. TUGBOATS FOR SALE. 1 New Boat, <3 feet long. 16 feet bsam, eagine 16x16, New Boat. 41 feet long, 13 leet beam, engiue UxlA New Boat, *5 fret long, 13 feet twam. engine 11x10. Three years old Roat. B0 feet long, 15 frstboain, engine 14x11 Apply U> E. C. FORCE, No*. 6 and 7 Dey street, room A ________________ _______ WANTED- A CAT RIGGED SAIL BOAT, ABOUT sixteen teet in length: must be In complete order and a go- d sea boat Address C. T. 8., Herald office. TtfANTED TO PUBCHA8E? A TUO, ABOUT 13X13; ft also a Steain launch; also a good Deck Barge, about 120 tret long. A. M. DA COSTA, 117 Wall street ~ OIBABI AKD TOBACCO. C1LKAB HAVANA CIOABB?KQUAL IN EYERT RE ) s|ieet to imported. Son Plus Ultras, $180: Reina Victoria, |12B; Regalia de la Reina, $06; Londrea. $??; r*4bm sa FlaB itreet, bttvean WUUam and UoW,

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