Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,444. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS? Ninth I'acb? Fifth and sixth column*. ASTROLOGY? Ninth Pack? Fourth culunin. BILLIABDS? Eicbtm Page? .-ixtli column. BOARUEUS WANTED? Second Page? Tlurtf and fourth column*. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED? Sbcond Page? tourih column. BROOKLYN BOARD? Sbcond Pah? Fourth column.. BROOKLYN REAL K8TATI-. FOR SALE? Second Pagb? Fir*t column. BUSINESK OPPORTUNITIES? Twelfth Paoe? Sixth column. BUSIN. Si NOTICES ? Seventh Pagb? Sixth column. CIGARS AND TOB CCO? second Pagb? sixth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? second Pace? First column. CLERKs a.VD SALESMEN? Eleventh Page? Sixth col umn, aud TwELrrn Pack ? Flrat colututi. CLOTHING? Second Page? Sixth column. COACHMEN ANU G A ltDENERS? Twelfth Pack? First and second column*. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS? Twelfth Pace? Fourth and Filth columns. COPARTNER It i I'd ? Eigoth Page- Fifth column. COf VTKY BOARD ? Second Page? Fourth and fltlh col rons. i XNr i'RY? Ninth Page? Second column. L Y .JODS ? First Page? Sixth column. D\i *. uLING MOUSES TO LEI. FL'HMSIIED AND UN FURNISH KD? Ninth Pack? third column. EUROPKAN STEAM:>IilPc?? Twklith PAOE-Tliird and Fourth column* EUROPE? Eiguth I'age? Sixth column. EYES AND EAKS? Ninth Paoe? Second column. EXCURSIONS? Ttvi-Lrni Pagk? Filth and sixtn columns. FACTORY PROPER TV? Second I'age? Firm column. FINANCIAL? Eighth Pa -ic? Fiiih column. KOK SAi.E ? Twelfth Pack? Second and third columns. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APAillMi NTS TO LnT? Ninth Pace? Third and tomtit columns. FURNITURE? Second Pauk? sixth column. FRENCH ahVERTISi-.MENTS-Twki.itii Page? Second column. HELP WANTED? FEMALES ? Elevk.nth Pag*? Fifth and sixth columns. HELP WANTED? MALES? Twelfth PAGB-Second col umn. HORSES, CARRIAGES Ac.? Fikst Pack? Third, lourth, tilth and sixth coluu>"s. HOTELS ? jECONd Page -lourth column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WAN'i'LD? FlBBX PAGE-slxth column. INSTRUC i ION? MAith Page? fourth column. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUHSON < ITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Second Pa#k? First rt>ltimn. ^EGAl. NOTICES? Eighth PAGc-Slxth column. OAN OFFICES? Nihth Pack? Filth column. LOST AND FOUND? First Pack? Firo and second col umns. ?? MACHINERY? Eighth Page? Sixth column. MAEHLE MANTELS? Eighth Page? Sixth column. MEDICAL? Second Pace ? Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING? First Page? Sixth column. MlSO.-.Ll ANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS? Tenth Pack? Sixth column. MI8CELLAN Ko US? Eighth Pagb ? 81xth column. MUSICAL? Ninth Page? ;-dxtli column. NEW PUBLICATIONS? Skvehth Page? Sixth column. PERSONAL? First Pagk? First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.? Ninth Pagb? Fourth col umn. POST OFFICE NOTICE? Eighth Pagk? Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES ? Eleventh Pagk? Filth column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO REST? Sbcokd Page? First, sccond und third col umns. REAL ESTATE TO EXCn ANGE-Beconu Page? Third column. REAL ESTATE WANTED? Second Page? Third column. REWARDS? First Pagk? Seconil column. SALES AT AUCTION? Ninth I'acb? First and second columns. SITUATIONS WANTED FEMALES? Eleventh Pagk? First, sccond, third, fourth, and Oftli columns. SITUATION'S WANTED? MALES? Eleventh Page? Sixth column. SPECIAL NOTICES? First Pace? Second and third columns. SPORTING? DOGS, BIRDS, Ac? Fibst Page? Third column. BUMMER RESORTS? Second Pack? Fifth and Sixth columns. TnE TRADES? TwKt.rrH Page? Sccond column. ?HE TURF? First Page? Thir l column. O LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES-Nhtth Pack? Third column. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE ? Twelfth Pagk? Filth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Ninth Pagf? Fourth column. WANTED TO PURCHASE? First Page-SIxUi column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? Second Page? Firs' column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.-Fikst I'AGt-Sixth col umn. 1IKR A 1.1) II AM H IIKKK'F? UPTOWS. J^DVERTISEMENTS FOR TI1E NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,266 BROADWAY AND 530 SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TIIIRTY-FI RsT AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM fl A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITH HERALD AT 5 O'CLOCK EVERY MORNING. Nf> K*TRA CHARGES. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. "jTrESSRs! Kr'e*ER a CO., AMERICAN REGISTER. HAVE BEF> APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE KLW lORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS Willi COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF TUIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PEKSONA'i. LFRED? FATHER EVIDENTLY DYING AT B. P. 1 ANNE HOOAN-JUST ARRIVED FROM COUNTY Kiidare, Ireland. Call at Castle Garden as soon as you can, us your Iriend is waitii.g on you. A GOOD HOME IS "DESIRED FOR A~ B EA UTI FUL, bright, healthy little girl, *?* months old ; will pay a reasonable orice. Only parties in good circumstances address LITTLE ORPHAN, Herald onlco. DAN? YOU WON'T FORGET MURRAY'S MATINEE Picnic next Friday. Hamilton Park, Sixty-ninth ?treet and Third avenue. kMMA. D~ "EAR JACK Y-COME TO 175 f NEV ERMIN D ABOUT the D-s; you arc nil right KKED. FULTON FERRY STAGE, Tt'ESDAVT A HO C T NOON ? A1 Will lady in black, who gave gentleman 25 cent* to pay tare, and to whom gentleman returned three live cent pieces, confidentially and kiccily address LAWYER, Herald office f IN FORM AT InS WA.NTED-Or PATRICK BURN," A native ol county Dublin, 1 Ma nil. Pieane call on or address ALICE MATHEWS, 21 Ea<t Forty eighth st. _ 1" N FORMATION AS To LOUTh W." 8TEINH AUSBR wan ed- By JOSEPH D. FaY, Attornef-at-Law, No. 7 Nassau street. New York. 1"~~N FORM A i ION WANTED? oF' CH AIIL- S H. IIAMPR who was conductor on the Forty-secmd street liue of cars last year, an l left his lamlly about line months ago. Any person knowing his whereabaut> will please ad dress Mis. HAMPE, :i?l West Forty sen >nd street INFORMATION WANTED? OF MPS. KT.I7.A ANNE Daly, of Blaekrock, near the c.'tv ol Cork, Ireland ; when last heard from she lived In ttie Bowery (No 9S), New York, with T. Rertcleiig, instrument maker. Please address Rev. FATHER CUS8EN, Laramie City, Wyoming Territory. INFORMATION WANTED? OF A FAVILY BY NAME of Roach, natives ol countv Dublin Ireland ; had a brother In Chicago by the name of Andrtw. Any person giving ssl. I information to Mrs. EAlLY, 2,102 Jone* ?treet, Philadelphia, will do her a favo?_ _ F THE GENTLEMAN WHO INVITlD THE WIDOW _ lady to a teat in hi* carriage on Sunday last al ter crossing Grand street lerry, and win was atferward pre vented accepting in consequence ol laving met some of her acrjititlninnccs, should see tl?* and de*lre Inter View, please address Mrs. A. A. HARRIS, Herald office. Lexington avenue-st. iLare will meet you at appointed Ume, with Jerald ia his hand. Thomas alkmon! wihm ' hissing the last Ave months.? His whereahou* *'ll be kindly accepted ol by his wile, by calliug at 23 Msdar street. T~UESDAY ""EVENING? FUfroN AVENUE' ~CAR, Brooklyn: five mlnules p#t T-, dressed in mourning; ?uburn hair. Do give addnss to admirer uext you. Address DISCEEKT, Herald <<1>'e. The expres-iman wi/o took the valise from fOf Kulton street, Brw*lyn. to carry to the Fall Blver boat, will plcuse leavctt at Dr. IIERMANCB'B, (>U3 Fulton street By doing so h< will have himself coma trouble. T EDNESDAY, HFTH A'KNUE STAGB.-LADT sitting in left hand cor^r, upper end ; young gen tleman let down glass; cot in?t Fulton and out at Seven teenth street; wishes to hecoite acquainted, ll agreeable address RAoUL, Horald l.'pt<w? Branch plica. 4~ TH AVENUE CAR, ABOlT HALF.PAST TWO~rES. terdav? Blonde young lidf, with light oversklrt and black silk dress; le!t her sea. I' the corner and came on the other -Ido of ear: vouna/'t't, next to whom she took her -ent, would be delighted. will} Hcniiainwnce. II en tirely agreeable address M. Herald Uptown nrancb ?tllce. LtlMT V l? FIU HD. F~ OUND-i BLACK iND TAN HOUND. OWNER can have him by n^luf expen-a*. 323 East Forty ? cevemh street IOST? JI N.{ 10, OH FOURTEENTH STRKF.T, BE J tween sixth and Tlrd avenues, or in * Third avenue ear. imm t-ourteenthf street to liMh street, an inlaid tortoise shell I- arm# valued as the gill ol a deceased friend. Anv one flmt/g t'le ^ame will be rewarded by waving It aim West aurteentli street. Address r E. < LO?T-LBrTjN" A' TAOB TfeTBHDA Y Mi.knim i, a brown silk Ilfbrelia. snorted handle. The finder Will ph ase return s*ie to Is West Twenty-flrst street LOBT-M I RKWA^-CHEci; Hated JUNI i, \ for draw by Felt A Drake to or.ier Sirmit Brothers, No S, 406, tfl < orn Exchsnge Hunk; payment has been utopned . heck not endorsed I he above rc> ward will be paid i returned to 13 Kiondway ST KOUT BROTHERS. 1 08T? ON ha^ Ri>Av, MAY :<1 AT GRAND OEM J J iral depot, n leaving the New Haven cars, a lady's Pocketb'jok, cors' Inlng a mm of money, the Under will bo llberady retarded by leaving it with Mr oil. HI KT raekage offlee *1 Grand Central depot. New York New uavea and nat'or l Railroad Comnany Osr- BET'EEN 212~ P"i FTH A V K N I ' K AND MAfW J son Hquf* IJoUse, a gold Breastpin, with owner's name on hacr * liberal reward will b? paid lor its ra. turu lo 212 F?ih avenue. Tost? on hundat night, at or niar grand JCentralfpo'i * lady's Hat, with oxidsed ornaments; wiuow les'ier. fl'l reward by 'ea\ ing It with Mr. Gil* IKuT. siftevan: House. LOKT A\l> KOl'ND. LOST-A CHINESE DOO WITHOUT HAIR, EXCEPT it little on the fop or hit head and leet; email nixed ; a dark slate color; an- wcrs to the name ul Major. $10will t>c given i<>r lila return to 33 East Fortyicurth street, Smith'! Hotel. IOHT? BKIWKKN IIAHLEM RIVKR RAILROAD J ticket office an I Frsnkl n street, one Ticket, from New Yo.k to St. Louis. Mil., via New York Central, Chi cago and Alton Railroad ; No. oi ticket I.77??. The finder he liberally rewarded ior returning name to WM. ARRNON, ?3and 9> Fruiiktin street IOST-ON IHK WAV TO N K W ARK, N. J., O.VK PAR J eel, containing Books anil Bills, ol no value lo an/ on? floe. A libemi reward will be i>aid by returning the nairc to I'Al'l. FALK's Tivoll, Eighth street, between Secoud MB Third avenues. I08T-BLACK AM) TAN TKRRIER; LAME IN J hiod leg; badly cropped ears: answers to the name 'v-nap.'' Kuturn to 39 Greenwich avenue and reccivs suitable reward. IOCKET LOST.? HANDSOME REWARD. OVAL GOLD J i.ocitet, monogram A K. K outside, hair and likenoii in ule. Reward paid by A E. KAUELsEN, 69 Nassau a tree t. HRWAIiD". d?r: R WARD-LOST, ON THE EVBNINO OK THE ip?J tilth, at the Academy of Music, or on the ?'ay front there, a tiuld l.orket. containing two likcucmie.s. The tinder will receive the ttbnve reward upon returning it to K. O. llAGAN, :t S2 East twenty first street &f)0 REWARD.? LOST, YkSTKRDAY MORN1NO, ij)^U irom one ot the Second avenue open cars, soing from Seven. y -eighth street to Bowery and Canal street , it package containing two Account llooks nod Memoran dums of no value except to the owner. The finder will receive the above reward by returning them to S. HEI II Waiker street. AAA REWARD FOR THE RETURN OK GOLD ?pZiU Watch, with monogram "J. M. H.," which was lost on Broadway cars, coining down town, on Monday night, irom Central fart ??ardrti. No questions asked. J. m Huffman, lul church street. ?ne REWARD. -LOST, ON JBRSET CITY FERRY boat. Tuesday evening, 10th Inst, small Carrel, containing ladles' Necklace and white Water, the finder will recelv tlir above rew .rd by leaving it at No. 5 Hen derson place, hussea street, Jersey City. djti- RBWARD? FOR PACKAGE OF JEWELRY ?IP ?tj lost by the accident at East Newark, on Wednes day. BENTON, Kis HREWS * CM., 35 Manlcn lane. REWARD? TO THE PARTY THAT POUND 525 (throe fives and one ten), thrown away bv Hie thie in running irom SB Gold street to Itope street. If re turned to-day. 8. GODFREY A HONS. ,-M cold street REWARD WILL BR PAID FOR TH K RETURN of Watch and Chain taken from "Devlin's" $30 $50 clo. hing store on Tuesday, ur will pay for pawn ticket; no ques.ious a-ked. L. BURKE, 309 Broadway. rnUB THIEF WHO TOOK WATCH MARKED "JULIA," I and Chain. Tues lay nigh', can receive their full value by returning ihcm to owner. Address WATCH, Herald office. A. SPECIAL MVI'ICES. ?FINAL NOTICE. 10,000 CASH GIFTS, $500,000. At the THIRD GIFT CONCERT, authorized by the Legislature of Kentucky, tor the benefit of the Public Library ol that State, which will positively come off" in Public Library Hall, at Louisville, Ky., on TUESDAY, Jl'LV 8. the following Cash Gilts will be distributed by lot among the ticket-holders:? One Grand Cash Gilt $10", 000 One Grand Cash Gift 50,000 One Grand Cash Gltt 25,000 One Grand Cash Gilt 20,000 One Grand f'asli Gilt : 10, 000 One tfraud Ca-h Gift 6,000 24 Cash Gifts of $l,00i) each 24, Odd 50 Cash Gifts of MOO each 25.0)0 81 Cash Gilts of $4110 each 32,000 100 Cash Girts of $300 each 30,000 150 Cash Gilts ot $200 each 80,000 5<)0 Cash Gifts ol $100 each fiftisW 9.000 Cash Gilts of $10 cach 90. 00 Total, 10.000 gifts, all cash ..$500,000 Those who draw these gifts will be paid on presenting or sending the luckv Cciicts to Room No. 4 Public Library BuiMlug, Louisville, Kv., where cash cheeks upon the Farmers an I Drovers' Rank of Kentucky, or sight drafts upon the Fourth National Bank of New York, at the option ot the ticket-holders will uc given for them. The money to pay all these gilts in rull Is now in bank ai d ready 'or that purpose, as will tie seen by the following certificate of the cashier:? Orricv or Fauiiers and Drovers' Bine, \ Lotrtsviu.E, Ky., April 7, 1873. 1 This is to certify that there Is in the Farmers and Drovers' Bank, fo the credit ot the third Grand Gift Concert tor the benefit of the Fubllc Library of Ken tucky. five hundred thousand dollars, which lias been set apart by the managers to nay the gifts in full, and will be held by the bank and paid out for this purDose, and this purpose only. R. S. Vhi-.CII, Cashier. Only a lew tickets are left unsold, hut so lon? as any arc on hand they will lie furnished to those who first apply (orders accompanied bv tho money always having pref erence over agi i Vi at ihe following rates :? Whole tick ets. *10; halves. $.*, and quarters, $2 50, II whole tickets for $101), 54 for |M(I, 113 tor $1,000 and 575 for $5,000. All orders for tickets or Inquiries for information should be addressed to lion. THOMAS E. B RAM LETT K, in charge ol the Main Office, Louisville, Ky , or to THOMAS n HAYS k CO., in charge ol branch Office, 609 Broad way, New York. A LL OFFICERS, SAILORS AND SOLDIERS WOUND j\ ed, rupture or ln|ured, however slightly, can obtain a pension by applying to Dr. h. B. JACKSON, late sur geon, United states Nuvv, No. 4 New Chamber* street, A HARK, CHOICE WARDROBE, BELONGING TO A distinguished young married lady, recently de ceased, will be sold at prices much below value. Address WARDROBE, Herald office. "r\AMAGES RECOVERED AGAINST BROKERS 1 J who have sold stocks'' owing to an insufficiency of murgin, or having charged ''extra commission.'' Address THOMPSON, Counsellor at Law, box 112 Herald office. CI RAND COMMANDERY KNIGHTS TEMPLARS OF X State of New York. Jomb 12, 1873. General Order. The Knights Templars will assemble at their several asylums at 12 o'clock M., on Friday, 13th Inst., in fill I uni form, swords dr.ipeil. E. Commanders with their respec tive commands will report at tlio City Hall, New York, at Ik o'clock P. M. By order. F. L. 9TOWELL, Gr. Com. Robert Minor, Or. Recordor. CTOLD, SILVER AND ARTICLES CONTAINING GOLD X bought at market price: polishing, filter and photo graph paper burned and smelted by refiner, SCHAW EL 25 John streeL HOLLENDER A CO.. 241 l! roadway, 241, Importers and Bottlers of Lager Beer, Sole agents for Bavarian Beer. Bole agents lor Rochester Beer. hole agents lor St. Loui Beer. Bole agents lor Clncinnft'l Beer. Above brands in the original barrels. The only firm that bottles all these beers. Take care you have the genuine. For sale in every first class grocery. Motel and barroom. HOLLENDER A CO.. 241 Broadway, 241. Havana lottery drawings on file.? circF lars tree. Orders promptly filled. JOSEPH BATES, Agent, 196 Broadway, room 4. Chatham Bank Building. Notice is hereby given that on and after the 10th day of .lime, 1873, A. Rosenberg will cease to carry on business In the eity of New York The busi ness will lie conducted in the name of J. D. Rosenberg, who will settle up the old business and will sign the name of A. Rosentierg in ll'iutdaiton. All persons having claims against A. Rosenberg are requested to present the ssme to the undersigned tor settlement. J. D. ROSENBERG, 380 Caual street OFF1CR OF BOARD OF EXCISE, NO. 299 MULBERRY street. New York, May .HO, I87:t._ The Board of Excise 111 and lor the city aud county of New York, give public notice that the.r will receive Applications and Issue Li cense* for tne sale of strong and spirituous liquors., ale and beer, in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, on aud alter MONDAY. June 2,1873, at the following rate ol license fees, which have been es tablished by this Board, vl* :? CLASS I. For first class hotels, restaurants, saloons, Ac., the sum of $2H). CLASS 2. For second class hotels, restaurants saloons, Ac., the Mini ol $150. CLASS X For all other places wnere strong and spirit uous linuors are sold and drunk upon the premises the sum < i $100. CLA-s 4. For storekeepers, druggists, and all places where stronyand spirituous liquors are sold in quantities less man five caUons at a time, and not drunk upon the premises, the sum ol $6u GLASS 5. For all places where ale and beer only are sold, and no strong or spirituous wines or liquors, the sum of $30. The amount of the license fee In each case must ac company the application. Parties receiving a license will be furnished with a copy of the law regulating the sa'e of intoxicating liquors, and a strict compliance therewith will be required. Particular attention Is directed to the provisions of the law relative to closing on Ihe Sabbath, and from 1 to 5 A. M. other days No license will be granted to known proprietors of. or places used tor, houses ot prostitution, gambling or other immoral or unlawful purposes. Applicants win please apply in the following order From tli* First, Second, third. Fourth, Fifth and i-ixth wards trofn June 2 to June 7. inclusive. From the Seventh, Eighth. Ninth, ieuih and Eleventh wards, from June ? to June 14. inclusive ~n<m the Twelfth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Slxti-enth and Seventeenth ward*, troiu Juna 16 to June 21. Inclusive. From thfe Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, Twentv flrsl and Twenty-second wards, Irom June Ai, to June if. Inclusive. Notice is also given that a book for the registry of com plaints tor violations of the Excise laws has been opens I in this office. No perop Is authorized to receive any payment on ac count ol tltls Board except at Its office and during office hours Office hours irom 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. No money received alter 3 I*. M. JAMES L. STEWART ) ? D. D. T MARSHALL ( Commissioners JOHN R. VOORHIS, ) Ol Excise. OFFICIAL DRAWINO NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY aiTRi class no. W? JURE II, 1873 HI, 39, ax. 15, 45, 58, 63, 54. 7, H 48. 28, 30. SORT II C1ROLIN1? CI.SSS NO. AO? Jl'WB II, 1873. 54. A 02, S, 45, 1.7, 15, 64, 72, 50, 52. Or.RKKN a CO., Managers. LUTHY A CO., Brokers, 1,2 Greenwich street, N Y. Official draWINOS of the south Carolina Lottery tor the benefit ol the Free School Fund ? Perpetual. Kites Class 151? June 11, 1873.? I IS, 37, 20 3, 41, 44. 75, 14, l>9, twi. 9 Cl.sss 152? Junk 11, 1873.? 38, 46. 1. 8. 74. II, ?'>, 7, 14. IS. 41. ' COLE A CO., Msnsgers, Charleston, S. C., June II, 1871 New York Post office, bol 3,8&5l Royal Havana lottery. Royal Saxon Uoverninent Lottery, itriin-wick Lottery. City ot ILimbur/ l-ottery. Prises cashed and iniormaitoh given. IIIEODOR R8CHOCH, Box 6,080 Post oltloe, 116 Nassau street 0 tiPRflAL NOTICKI. FF1CIAI. DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTBRIE8. ? BKTCl'kT? EXTBA CLAM Mi. 370 ? J VMM U, 1873. 12, 27. ?*?, li, ?, 66, til. 63, 11, 45. lo, 51. KKHTl'l It- CLASS NO. 37<i ? 11. 1673. 38, 40, 26, 30, cu. 70, 51, ll, 19. 51, 73. SIMMON.- A CO., Managers, Covington. Ky. ? nitnv COLLMJX ? KX I HA CI. 483 NO. *75 -JUMK 11. 1873. 43, 36, I/. 28, C4, 71, 56, 75. ?, 74, 68. (BIlLBT COI LKUt- CLASS NO. 276-JCNK II. IK7J. 7, 31, 69, X 43, 50, 13, 67, 44, 60, 14. SMITH A CO., Managers. Covington, Ky. Address C. II KM KY. care J. CluU>, Broker, JU6 Broad way. Font oftlcc box 4.5K,t?. Royal Havana lo tery? nkxt ukawino june 26. German State Lotteries. Send for circular*. KITIER A CO., Po?t office box 3,836. 85 Nassau street room 4. <<WIMMIN<J DIVING, FLOATING TAI'(illT IN SIX (D lessons -Universal Suiiiim nK Academy, Thirtieth afreet aiul Sixth avenue : at?o Russian, Turkish, Sulphur and Private Ratiis. L)AN CAVANAH, Shamioour. Open from 6 A. M. until 10 I'. M. WANTED? T1IK ADD ESS OK PARTIES WHO WILL lurnish lea I cad or l<*ad Scraps containing Tin or refuge lilt. Addiess, slating lowest price, 11. L. W , 40 West Eighteenth street. New York. r ANN STBBBT.? MULLBN'S SHOW CAHDS AND ? ' > lens lor every busincs-, ready made and to order. Order* hy mull promptly tilled. ?vQQ 18 drawn daily in the lbgal ?gi< lOf'.* JO?? ized Kentucky t.oitery. Koyal Havana and Kentucky circulars Ire?. 125* cen!s commission Allowed. Address RAI.EY A CO. (ottlce established thirty years), 174 Broadway. A. Rl OK 'I I NG?UOGS, BIKDK, ?C. -FOB hale, ALL KINDS OK FANCY DOGS, Birds, Ac. : Medicines lor all diseases: Prepared Food lor mocking bird*. At B. CJ. DoVEY'S, No 3 Greene street, near Canal . For s aLE-a second HAM' DOUBLE BARHKLI,' O muzzle-loading Oun (b* Westley Richards), in brass bound mahogany case, complete ; to be sold low. Apply to JOHN Bt'.UW ELL, 60 William street, room 7. IfOR SALE? THE RANOSOMBST WHITE spiTZ DOO and the best watch in the citv, al.*o the best talking Parrot, will sing and whlsile. Apply at 160 West Twenty Aiih Kin-el. WANTED? A GREYHOUND, OF MKDIUM SIZE AND good disposition, at a moderate price; one trained to follow ceutleiniiu on horseback preicrrcd. Address GREY, Herald ollicc. THE TV ItK. ^MERICAN JOCKEY CLUB. 1 SPRING MEETING, 1871 SATURDAY, June 14. TUESDAY. June 17. THURSDAY, June 19. SATURDAY, June 21. First race each day punctaallv at 3 P. M. A. helmont, President. C. Wiikatly, Secretary. A MERICAN JOCKEY CLUB RACES, June 11, 14, 17, 19 and 21. Safe and speedy transit to Jerome Park every six min utes by the horse can of the Harlem Btidge, Morrisania and Fordhntn Railway, from Harlem Bridge to Kordliam, running in connection with the Morris* nU steamers from Fulton street and Harlem boats from Peck slip. I ENTRIES FOR HORSES TO BE SOLD AT ARCII. J JOH NSTON'S Mart, 19 to 25 Thirteenth stieot. near University place, Friday, at 10>i o'clock, should be made before 6 o'clock tnls evening. JP LEETWOO D ASSOCI ATIO N. MOBRISANIA, WE.-- 1 CHESTER COUNTY, N. Y. SPRING MEE'IINO, 1871 FIRST D AY? WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18. PURSE No. I, (800? For horses that have never beaten 2:50: $55.1 to first, $150 to recond, $100 to third ? 16 entries. PI RSE No. 2, $2,1100? I or horses tliat have never beaten 2 :23 : $1,100 to drat, $550 to second. $350 to thud? 4 entries. SECOND DAY? FRIDAY, JUNE 20. PURSE No. 3, $1,000? For horves that have never beaten 2 J1} ; $ii00 to flrst, $250 to second, $150 to third? 12 entries. PURSE No. 4, $l,'.'0l) ? For horses that have uever beaten 2:29; $650 to first, $350 to tecond, $200 10 third? 9 entries. THIRD DAY-MONDAY, JUNE 23. PURRE No. 5, $1,000? For horses that have never beaten 2:34; $600 to first. $J50 to tecond, $150 to third? 8 entries. PURSE No. 6, $1,500? For horses that have never beaten 2:25; (850 to first, $400 to second, $2.x) to third? 5 entries. FOURTH DAY-TUESDAY, JUNE 24. PURSE No. 7, $800? For hordes that have never beaten 2:43? $550 to first, $150 to second, $100 to third? 15 entries. PURSE No- 8, $.'<,500 ? For horses that have never beaten 2 :21? $2,UOO to tint, $l,0U0 to second. $500 to third? 4 entries. Where eight or more horses start In a rare ?he distance will be 150 yards. Races commence cuch day at 3 o'clock. Admission to grand stand and field, $2. Badges toe Iu6 house, endorsed by member. $5. Horse cars leave Harlem liridge each day of the races every 10 minutes, direct lor the Park. Trains leave Forty second street depot at II :40 A. M., 1 o'clock and 2 :30 P. Si, C. II. van NESS. President. W*. II. Van Cott, Superintendent. LONO BBANCH RACES.? BIDS WILL BE RE ceived tor the renting ol refreshment privileges for Grand Stand and field ?t Monmouth Park during the nine days' racing in July. All inlormatlon will be given hv addressing E. RAYN'Oit, Secretary, 1,146 Broadway, New York. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD. Jerome Park Races, June 7. II, 14, 17, 19 ii nil 21. Extra trains will leave Grand Central depot on above days at 1 -JO and 2:10 I*. M., returning alter the raccs. Special cars reserved for ladies. Excursion tickets 40 cents. C. M. BISSELIj, Sup't. PROSPECT PARK FAIR OROlTND ASSOCIATION? Spring Meeting. 1873. SECOND DAY? THURSDAY, JUNE 11 PURSE No. 3, $1,280? For horses that have never beaten 2:30. Peter Manec enters b. m. Mary A. Whitney. M. Carroll outers b. g. Ben Starr. J. Dongrey, Jr., enters br. g Joker. H W. Howe enters b. in. Fanny Sprajue. J. C. Suydam enters br. m. Constance. E. II. Heard enters br g. Coroner K. SAM K DAY. PURSE No. l-Four-year-old Colt stake. A. Patterson enters b. c. Baron Luff, by Happy Me dium. E. S. Sanlord enters Mk. c. Edwin, by Peacemaker. THIRD DAY-MONDAY, JUNE 16. PURSE No. 6, $'*w? Free for all running horses, mile lieats, three In five. Thos. Jones enters Bay Filly, dam Maiden, by Beacon. E. V. Bork enters blk g. Jevel, by imp. Mickey Free. SAME DAY. PURSE No. 8, $1,000? For horses that have never beaten 2:34. Fierce Hayden enters b. m. Lady Annie. H. Ilarbeck enters br. g. Windemire. W Carroll enters ch. in. Highland Maid. J. Dongrev, Jr. .enters br. m. Lldia Picton. J. Feck enters b. g. clothespin. J. H. Philips enters g. g. .lack Draper, *. C. Suydam enters br. m. Constance. W. Rogers enters br in tlclle ol' Vermont Alden Goldsmith enters h. s. Abdullah. Races commence each day at i o'clock, prompt, ijtod day and track. Admission to field, grain! stand and quarter stretch, $2. Admission to Club House, introduced by a member. J3. Uko. W OilUT, Sup't. B. O. READ, Pres't. Trotting at Fleetwood park, friday, june 13, at 4 o'clock: match $500; mile heats, 3 In 5, In har ness. D. Pflfer enters b. m. Topsv. G. N. Furguson eutcrs ch. g. Jas. K. Polk. WM. II VAN cott. Superintendent Trotting at deer foot.? friday, junk 13, at 3 P. M., purse ol $100, for horses that never beat 2 :30. To close on Thnrsdav evening, 12th Inst., at Deerioot Park, at 7 o'clock, and at Johnson's, Twenl.y eighlh street and Broadway, at fl \}i o'clock. Admission to track 50 cent*. WM. MiMAHoN, Superintendent. TnE ENTRIES TO THE L'TICA PARK ASSOCIATION Running Race Meeting. June 25, Vfi and 27, are herebv extended from June 2 until June 16, at 9 r. M., at Hagg's Hotel, Utica. Declarations until June 20 at same place. _ CHARLES W. HUTCHINSON, President. WAVERLEY PARK (NEWARK, N. J.) TROTTING Meeiing, Jnne 25. 26 and 27. Entiles close Satur day, June 21. Send for programme. A. H. PALMER, Secretary. A." IIORSKS, CARKfAGKS, AC. CARRIAGES, CABRIOLETS, CABRIOLETS, In great variety of sfyles and finish. EXTENSION TuP PHAETONS AND CABRIOLETS, very choice In trimming and finish. PONY PliTiiTONS. with and without tops, iu willow and pancl( on 2, 3 and ,lC" springs. TnE BNGL1SI! "DENMARK PHAETON," an imported carriage, most exquisitely finished in cloth and morocco. THE OENTLEM AfC8~ DEPOT WAGON, in various styles-* nd finish, an indispensable carriage for the country. The above, together with a great variety of other sea eonable Carriage*, are offered at REIH CED PRICES. Also a choice stock and variety ol Brewster (of Broome street) second hand Wngon*. For aale by A. S. t LANDItAU, Nos. 7 and 18 Fast l.lghieenth street, near Fifth avenM. L(7t or -Tor IH'dOIKH, H(IAI) WAGONS, Ex press. Grocery and light Bu?iitcs? Wagons tor sale cheap. 3fd West Twenty seveuth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. LARGE ASSORTMENT Of N1W AND SECOND band Carria -es. Family Rockaways, top and open Buggies, Pony I'haetons, Grocers' ami Business Wagons, at greatly reduced prices. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street. UpOR 8ALK? A~KAKiiAIN FOB CASH, AT JEN , KINS A RYAN'S Wavcrley Stables, 147, 149 and Ihl West Thirty-fifth street, I light extension ton Phaeton, pole and shafts. 1 open Basket Pbae on, I llMit side bar shilling top atm I three quarter mil spring Road Wagons, tocether wltn double and single Harnes.s all nearly new ; sold separate or together; the property of Mr. Briggs. Call lor one week. A ? TIIE CATALOGUES FOR THeThoN. A. B. (X)N ? gcr's fourth great annual sale ol trotting stuck, comprising forty-live head ol Mares, Geldings and Fillies, principally the gel ol i.vsdyk's llanihlemnian, Ben Ab dallah, and American star, can now he obtained al RARKER A OH aSK'H City Auction Marl and New York Tatte tali's, corner of rOadway and Thirty ninth street Sale takes place al the Waldbcrg stud farm inear Haver straw, N Y.). on the 2 tli oi June, at 1 o'clock. For lull particulars, as regar is iralna, Ac., see catalogues. AOKNTL^MAN OfFER<4 HIM ROAD EST A Bl ISM ment? Buy IL.r e 15 4 hands, A years old, warranted to beat .1 minutes: road Wa/on hy Corlietl, llaniesa Ac.; i aold sennraia Thiriv^igltth street and seventh avenue. A HORSKS, CAR HI AG Kft. AC. A -JOHN D H AMI. IN AUCTIONEER. . GREAT, IMPORTANT AND UN RESERVED SALE HV AUCilON, ON Til U RSDA Y (THIS DAY), JUNK 19. AT STABLE NO. 41 GREAT JONES 8TKEKT, AT 10 O'CLOCK PROMPT. of all (he elegant ami flat blooded Slock of Edwin Morgan, Em., ol Mudlson Avenue, well Known to be A connoisseur of fine horses and would have none other, mid who now, by reason of ill health ol Mr*. Morgan and the los? of lii? only daughter, sells hi* entire turnout, witliuut limit or rcwrva'lon, and goes abroad. Team ol brow n Geldings, Versailles and mate, 15^ high, # anil 7 years old ; the closest nm'cd, finest driving and best Siyled team in this State ; Versailles w?s bred At Ver sailles, Ky., and nired by Denmark, ilain by Lex ington ; his mate wu sired by hricssoil and bred by Colonel A. Thoinpton, near Lexington, Ky., and were mated by Dr. Herr in express orders from Mr. Morgan1*; (be third time they were driven to gether they showed 3:01. Versailles ha.* record of 2:43 when Ave years old: his mate, known ns the Thompson Coll, had repeatedly irotted In '4 :47 and 2 -.48; they can now show any day 0, and have not been driven lor speed since lust Kail, but have been driven with family to phaeton and dog cart fliey have elegant style and action, tln"ly broken to all barncNi and are warranted sounn and kind. This high bred, haudfomc, young, la t and attractive team mtis: be lecn to be appreciated , they are the finest gentleman's road t*am In the city, And lor family use they have no superiors. The elegant thoroughbred cheitnut llorse, T1IE COUNT, In bands nigh, 7 yearn old, aired by Lexington, dam by imported Albion; an elegant driver, has all gaits to sad. lli' and can trot in Sjf to dog cart; one of the tiniest horses in the city; warranted sound anil kind. Also u flue hay Horse, lfi'* high, 7 years old; lormerly owned by K. 8. S.okesi elegant slyle, and Hare lor any ladv t > drive ; is Known asTIIUNDY ; ha- beeu driven by Miss Mor.-an the last year to jiony pha.'ton in Park ; Is warranted ;o beat 2-5(1, an. I is warranted round and kind, together with top Pony Phaeton ami Harness. Also the famous and tan; chestnut trotting Mare JOSE. PI11N . IS', h gh, 7 years old ; can beat 2:3ft; the tin, st bred marc In ih ? city ; an elegant roadster, and valuable tor trucK purposes; U warranted sound and kind, lull par'n ulars at sale. Also the flne and fast dapole gray trotting Horse PL \TO, lfi5., high, 7 years old ; au elegant and tine road horse ; lias ureal natural style, and a tine anil pure galled her-o ; can show 2:41) or no Mile, and warranted sound and kind. Also h child's Pony And pet, 13 han<b< high, 8 years old; sale tor the most timid lady or child to ride or drive and is n perfect picture ; one ol the handsomest, mod intelli gent and best broken ponies ever s.>en Also one four-wheeled Dog Cart, by Wood Bros. ; one Ptiacioii, by rtVewder; two line road Wagons, by Brew Hter ol Broome street ; Pony Phaeton, with C springs and Ion ; two Sets of double anil two Seta of single Harness, all made by the celebrated maker DuiiKcnmb.'. This is the finest stock ever offered at auction in this city and all will be shown in harness If desired and a responsible guarantee trom owner and auctioneer upon fair trial will lie given. Sale positive, rain Of Khine. Auction house of arch. Johnston (Late Johnston A Van Ta-'scII). OFFICE AND SALESROOM, OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OK THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES, 111. 21. 23 AND 25 THIRTEENTH STREET, between Kiftli avenue anil University place. The business will be conducted mi precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have always char acterized the dealings of our house and won Hie rcspect and confidence ol the business community, as well as the Rubllc at large. l.GULAR SALES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, AT 10*; O'CLOCK Entries for sale niav be made, as usual, either at onr downtown hou?c. 37 Nassau street, or at the mart, 19, 21, 23 and 25 East Thirteenth street LIBERAL ADVANCES, AS USUAL, MADE ON CON SIGNMENTS. REMEMBER THE SALE COMMENCES AT 10}; O'CLOCK. AT AUCTION? TO-MORROW (FRIDAY, JUNE 13), at 12 o'clock, tiy WILLIAM VAN TASSELL, AUCTIONEER. HORSE AND CAKRIAOK AUCTION MART, 110, 112 AND 114 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. ELEGANT RAY COUPE OR DOG CART HOKSE, 163% hands high, 6 years old ; kind and true in all harness; free trom vice : last traveller, very stylish and handsome and warranted sound ; also Harness, anil TWO-WHEELED DOG CART. r.NTIRELY NEW, built to order lor a gentleman of thin city by Mulllner, of Liverpool. SPLENDID BAY COUPB OR CARRIAGE HORSE, 16J? hands high. 6 vears old ; kind and true in all harness; free trom vice; fast traveller: has tine style und action : fears nothing; U In every way reliable and sate and warranted sound. Also about 20 other Road, Carriage and Work Horses. IT OUR FACTORY IN TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. Second hand Carriages in good order. Two 6-seat Rockaways. Two 4-seat Phaetons. One Victoria. One Brett Top Ami no-top Baggie*. J. B. BREWSTER A CO. AT GREATER BARGAINS THAN EVER. No. SCortlaudt street, near Broadway. (Reuioveil trom ftH Liberty street) Fine assortment ot Phaetons, Buggies, Depot, Road and Rock.iway Wagons, of the most approved style and best make, noiv offering at greatly reduced prices for cash. Harness ? bout lfin sets ot first class, all hand sewed, very low, to close consignments. Sheets, Lap Holies, Dusters, Halters. Whips, Ac., In great variety, all at great reduction to suit the times. Don't think ol purchasing before you call at No. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway. A? SADDLE HORSES DIRECT FROM LOGAN ? Bailey s stock farm, Woodford county, Kentucky, for sale at 2J9 Wost Fortieth street? Brown Mare, h.indsomn as a picture, 0 years, 15. 1 hands; kind in all harness; beautiful to saddle 111 a walk, trot and canter. Blood hay Gelding 15>i hands, 7 years; without white; beautiful head and neck ; sharp on the withers ; full, long black tail, and a grand looking horse : brave in harness; does not shy nor pull; elegant to saddle, and can run last. Dark bav, l.'iS hands, lull, long tall, with graceful car riage: the most perfect snitdle and harness horse in New York : a premium horse all over Kentucky. Light bay, 13. t bands; thorough to saddle, with more natural grmid style than any borse: 6 years; sound, high tired. One pair Coachers, full lfi hands; weight 2,4(M; bays, very stylish ; well bred : drive as one horse, with great style ami action ; also the grandest styled coupe Horse In New York. Call for Mr. JIAILEY. Albert b. waldron, auctioneer, By D. W. IVES This nay, nt 12 o'clock. Horses, Waggons awl Harness. At Horse Mart, 3S Church street. Particulars and descriptions at sale. AVEKV KINK STYf.ISII BAY HORSE, IM, HANDS high, sound anil kind in all harness, C years old; can be driven by a lady or children. L. CLARKE'S Stable, SI Third street. A -FOR SALE, AVERY HANDSOME BAY HORSE, ? lfi hands 2 Inches high ; a grand goer ; kind for lady to ride or drive; 6 years old ; warranted to trot in 3 min utes; also one brown work tlorse, 7 w ars old, 16 hands high; I.2.V) pounds weight; warranted a good worker; bo'.li warranted sound ; are trom the country, and sold on account of sickness of owner Apply at McGoULDRICK'S blacksmith's shop, 211 Wooster street, between Amity and Hleecker. AT THE WEST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, 1,494 and 1,496 Broadway, will be found a large, as sortment ol Itockaways, Depot Wagons, Park Phaetons, ton and no top Hugg ei, and, to make room, we will offer a line of leather top Pony Pbactons at $2U() each. A GREAT BARGAIN? FOB SALE- AV ELEGANT ! blsck Horse, 1 It'-i hands, with pony Phaeton, for : $6.10; has been driven Tiy a la-lv, and i? perfectly kind and gentle, and can b? driven in any manner, and is offered lor sale for waut of ase. Apply at basement 17 Wall street ! A -FOR SALE, A STYLISH YOUNG BAY MARE, IS : . bauds; long tail and mane ; black legs , fine driver, | single or double; warranted perfectly kind and sound ; also a fine, light set of single and double Harness: all tlm I above being the property of a private gentleman, and wi'l he said low. Apply to Coachman, at stable Nos. 146 and 143 Wen Thirty ninth street, near Seventh avenue. \? FOR SALE, A NICK, HANDSOME, GENTLE BAY . Mare, lfi hands; ladies or children can drive; price $179. 80 Wooster street AUCTION SALE.? THR SILVER MEDAL PRIZE Berkshire Boars will be sold at Hanover square, at 1 :30 P. M . this day, with other blooded Hogs anil Cattle. Go and se$. A CURTAIN COACH. GOOD AS NEW AND BUILT by Corbett A Co., offered cheap, at No. 67 West Forty fourth street A -FOR SALE, THREE HORSES, FROM THE COUN . try | to be sold cheap, as the owner must go home this da> Apply at 168 Cedar street, near West. AT LOWER PRICES THAN EVER BEFORE OF fered, our immense stock of CArrlages, comprising every seasonable style of family Carriages and light Wag ons. new and second band. MANUi-ACi l KEKS' UNION, 688 Broadway. A FIVE -YEAR OLD IIORSK FOR SALE-GENTLE and kind for lady to drive; would exchange tor merchandise. Can be seen at 202 William street, Frank tort House. Alight top wagon wanted? opgood CITY make; one but little used Address at once, with price anil particulars, DEXTER, Herald office. A SECOND HAND RUMKLE PHAETON. I ROAD Wagon, by Silvers; 1 Victoria, a light side-bar top Wagon and 1 Jagger, by Broome street Brewster; 1 top aide-bar. tiy Corbettr I second hand Extension Phaeton, 10 second hand Itockaways, from $80 up ; one good Ba rouche, $125; one sulky, $60; 1 WestcliHster six-seat Rockaway, $Vlfi: 1 top Kxpresa Wagon, $130; 90 top and open pony Phaetons, ol all styles and prices; 10 top Wagons, $75 up; single and double Harness, Sheets, Whips, Nets. Ac. WM. H. GRAY, 30 and 22 Wooster street A SECOND HAMBLETONIAN- BROWN MARE, 1AU hands high, 6 years old. kind In all harness, can trot In 2 :4o. very handsomely formed and warranted sound, AT THE MART OF AltOH. JOHNSTON, 19 to 26 Thlr (e nth street, near University place. AT N KW YORK TA1TI RHAl.LS, NORTHWEST COR. ner Forty second street and Seventh avenue.? A pair of Closely matched bay Horses, 15^ hands high, 6 years Old,., und, kind and food steppers. Inquire for HOtsK A LANDAU. COST $2,000, FOR $8fi0; VICTORIA, Depot Wagon, Phaetons, Coach, Pony Phaeton taken in exchange, at half price ; every style of Carriage ii moderate prices. UAM, 10 East Fourth street . AN ELEGANT BAY COUPE OR COACH HORSE KOR . sale? 16)jj hands high, 7 years old; sffffhd and klndi ot fine style and action; free and prompt driver; a first ciass horse In every respect; also a pair black floras. lA't h ? mis high, 6 years old, ol extra flne style and action ; | sound and kind In evcrv respect. Parties wishing a su pei lor pair of horses mav apply at THOMPSON'S stable, , 186 Kast Thirteenth street A PRIVATE GENTLEMAN OFFERS FOR HALE Ills vslaable chestnut sorrel Road Marc, 8 years old; ; tiofs In 8 minutes; warranted in every particular; price : $350. Apply at 144 Eighth street near Hroadway. _ | AN ASSORTMENT OF SECOND HAND TOP AND J light Wagons, sidebar and elliptic springs; four and six seat I'hoetuns. Kockawavs. I'oetors' Wagons, turnout , ?est Buggies Dug Cart Ac. ? a very fine stock of new I work, unsurpAMcl In snv particular. R. a. STIVERS i?4 (o 132 East Thirty first street HOR8KS, CAHHIAUKS; AC. A? MAJOR 0. W. BARKER, AUCTIONBER.-EXF.Cl' ? t<ir's Kale of tlie entire well-known prtvme estab lishment of the late Hon. I.ce Barton. lliisdav (Thursday morning), June 12. at 10 o'clock, nt Hie Maguolla boarding ?tallies. No. 342 Navy street near Pulton avenue, Brook Ijn. and comprising THE BEAUTIFUL BAY TROTTING Mare, Lady Bar "ol Ry-dyk'* Uatnbletonian ; lias a record of ',TH*K FA8T HIGH-BRED BROWN Trotting Mare Knox Girl, sired by Ueneral Knox; has a record of 2 40 to the pole. R B A Y 0 E LD I N G ; a pericct lady's home. ON* ioi' ROAD WAGON, one no top Road v. anon, one top Pony I'hacton, .set Double HumesN, two 6*u Single Harness, Horse Clothing, Whips. Ac. ABOVE STOCK ARE A 1.1. n ai ranted sound an t kind, and are all elegaut and gentle drivers. Full descriptions, Ac.. at Kale. SALE POSITIVE aud wlihout regard to weather. STOCK ON EXHIBITION early on morning of sale. A -URAND OPPORTUNITY FOB PARTIES GOING XV. to the country to purchase an elegant Phaeton Turnout at public auction at BARKER A < TIASK'S City Auction Mart und New York Tatter**!!*, corner of Broad way and Thirty-ninth street, on Sutnrrtay. June 14, at 11 o'clock, and comprising a very fust anil clo*ely matched pair ot bay Ahdnllah trotting Geldings, I >*4 high, 10 and II years old ; very free and extra stylish drivers, have trotted together in 2 :50, and are wai ranted to show three minutes or no >ale ; are et raid of nothn.:. can tie driven right up to locomotive i are warranted gentle lor a lady to drive at epeed; cost present owner $J,5 0 and are warranted kind and servlceubly round ; also elegant canopy top Basket Wagon, with Rumble, Pole und shafts, Harness, Ac. Property cau now be seen and examined at the mart B a RO a INS.? LANDAU LETS, COU PES, CABRIOLETS, Rnckaways, Pony Phualons. Depot wagon*, Buggies, new and ?econd hand; all ot finest designs. S'lAATS BELT, No. 7 Wa~h nuton place, rear New York Hotel. /1AKRIAGE MANUPACTUBBBS-J. COLYBB A CO., tis Broadway. Just completed, two tuperh I.anilaulet*, making a complete Hummer or Winter currlui^c ; otic vorv light, tor one or two horses ; guaranteed eiiuul to the lie*t, A large und varied assortment ol all the uicst populur styles on bund, at modarata prices. pARRlAOKS SLIOHTLY DAMAGED? OKB AT BAR " > gHinn.--New and second hand Carriages of every description, elegant T Cart; ltuuiblo Phaeton, little soiled ; will be sold low. MAM I'ACTURKRS' UNION, 638 Broadway. / IHILDREN'S PONY FOR KALE.? WARRANTED V1 sound and kind In all harness; free trotn all vl<e or tricks. Also small Cart und harness to match, and saddle and bridle ; Is wife lor children to play with. Apply at private stable IB I East Twenty-eighth street. T7XPRE88 ROUTE KOR 8ALB.? ONE WAGON, ONE III fet of Harness and two Horse* and plenty or work lor two wagons. Applv at Bl RKK'S Blacksmith Shop, 140 Wi'st Fortieth street, between Broadway und Sevcutli avenue. IfOR BALE-A SOUND, KIND AND OENTLE BLACK Pony, 14^ hands, 8 years old; not airairi ol any thing, good traveller; lias been used for pony pliaeton: sold for want ot use ; terms reasonable. Apply at LANK A KIDABOCK'S stables. .117 West Fifteenth street, or ad dress J. U. F., 210 West Fifteenth street. Ipoit HALE? A FIRST CLASS CLARENCE, IN splendid running order; will b? sold cheap. Opera Stable, 48 and .10 East Thirty -second street. XpOR SALE-AT PRIVATE RTABLE 53 EAST FOETY r first street. C spring Victoria, top Wagon, Coupe, double and single Harness, In perfect order. IjlOB HALE? A FINE BAY MARE, lft<^ HANDS, 7 years old ; sound and kind In all harness; trots rlosc to S minutes ; sold cheap for want ot use. Ask for JOHN, at Devoe's stable, 103 i buries street. For sale-iiambletonian bay mare, 5 years, 14L hands; sound, kind : trots In 2 :f.O , aim last brown Mare, 16 hands. Inquire at 128 West Twentieth street For hale-bay mare, black points, by bd ward Everett, nut of the well known trotting mare Mayflower, 8 years ol 1, lft hands high and very fast. For particulars anply to JOHN C. LLOYD, 121 Front street. Fob RALE-A bay iiorhk, 7 YEARS OLD, ABOUT 13cwt. ; also Cart and Harness; sold separate or to gether; also three cheap IlorsoN. Apply at 208 West Twenty-second street For bale-a very fine black bomb, "is hands high, 6 years old ; verv flue for a lady. Also two Ponies, warranted sound and kind. Not. 3 and ft West Thirteenth street. For sale? a pony.built bay HORSE, lew hands, 9 years; fit for any work; sold only for want of use; prico $149. Inquire at 130 Perry street, stable. I ['OR BALE-A PARK PHAETON; HEATS POUR; also a Dusenbury and Van top Wagon; both in fine order. Apply at BRIfluS' stable, corner of Forty second street and Seventh avenue. FOR SALB? ONB OROCBB'S WAUON, NEARLY new, $126. 41 Park place. IjlOR BALE? (PRICE TO DAY $40(1, TO MORROW $3an nice hay Horse ; sound, k*nl ; good traveller; not afraid ol locomotive. LAMB'S Stable, No. 13 East Fifty-eighth street 1P1NE PAIR OF 16 HANDS BAY CARRIAGE HORSES for sale at u moderate tlgure ; have been regularly driven up to date ; owner gone to Europe. Apply at pri vate stable 143 Kast Nineteenth street T7I0R SALB? AN OLD ESTABLISHED BROOKLYN F and New York Express Business, I good Horses, Wagons, Route, Ao. Address EXPRESS, box 134 Herald olllce. I ROB SAI.K-A HAItK BAY DORSB, UK 11 ANUS HIGH ; 1 every way perfect; 7 yrurs old , price $800. RTlDi)*, No. 1 Park place. IpOR SALB-A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT; IIAND rntne bay Marc. I'i'i hands high, 7 years old, sound aud kind; Brewiter lopUuoin and first clan Harness; fold lor want of use. Inqelre at Fleetwood I'ark stables, It lft West Fortieth street, near sixth aveiiue. E^OR SALB? OR WILL BXCHANGB FOR LIQUORS, a new three sent extension lop iiliitlorm Barouche anil a heavy draught Ho'SC, 8 years old, 17K hands high: weighs l.fitlO pounds; round and kind. Address nENRY a. SAGB, lfaiuiii, Pa. L^or SAL*? TURNOUT, COMPLETE; A PAIR OF r gray Horses, with Harness and onen Carriage ; price $l,7iiti. Can lie See n at SAM SHER.WOOD'8 ii?ery s tables, Forty -first street, between I^xlngton and Third a venues. FM?R SALE? SOItREL MARK, VERY STYLISH, sound, kind and gentle, can trot In '4ft; Miltuble for a lady to drive. 4sl? lor HARVEY, Sun Francisco Smbles, 114 West Fortv sixth street FHOB SALE- A HANDSOME PARK I'HAKTON, SKAT Inp lour persons. It is In very good order, and can be teen at stable No. .13 Christopher s'reet IjlOB SALB-A PAIR OP WELL BRED. WELL broken, last and stylish voting harness Horses. For particulars address ROBERT M ALKY, Versailles, Wood ford county, Ky. . F-Olt SALE -CANADIAN POK* HEAVY BUILT, 14'^ bands; sound and kind; will go single or double, and will suit unv kind of work. 4.1'J Ninth avenue, be tweeu Thirty-IMUl uml Thirty -sixth streets. 17IOR SALE? A FOUR SEAT PARK PHAETON. WITH . top, pole and shalla; |irlco $2.'X), also a set light gold mounted double Harness, price $75: and a Top Buggy, made by Dusenbury A Vamliiser. price $13/1- and a ?oe ond hand Coach, price $12.1 Apply at 13j Kast Tliirtee'itli street Fkir kaLR? 2ft PIBST CLASS WORK HOR8E8; SUIT, able for truck or carts: also several good drivini llor-es, also a lot ot double i ruck, Kxi reas Wagons antl double and single Harness; all to he sold cheap. 176 Mer cer street near Bleecker. F^oh 'sale-two Tony-built horses, bight ' and 'J years, IS and IK hands; flt lor any hontiess; ? sold for want of use ; price $I.'IA and $140. 120 ch'urles : street, near Greenwich. B^Olt SALB CHEAP? A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT, ! consisting of a thoroughbred Black Hawk (Jeldlng, i I5H hamls high, 8 yearj old : warranted sound and kind; I can be driven by a lady ; lias a record of 2:41 and will ; ?liow It on tlie track; also a Brewster Top Wagon but . little used and Road Wagon; will lie sold separately or i together. Call on Mr. MULLANY, 2W West Thirty-ninth . street. i 1>OR 8 A LB CHBAP? A YFBT PINB TEAM "OFOHN ' tleinrn's Roadsters, lj'H hands high; sound, kind and ren'le, close matched and iltsposltloned alike ; a lady can drive them :cmi trot In three minutes together; do not null or Irct, aud are one ot the most pleasant and re lialdu teams in this city .are not afraid ol anviliing. and can travel Ml miles a day without latiguo ; also a liusc n bury A Vao Du/er llghtTop Wagon and set of single Har ness. In first rate order ; both used but a few times. Ap ply at KRHITT'H stable, corner of Twentjr-se<; jna street and Seventh avenue. _____ LMNK PASTURE FOR HORSEST-PERSONS WISH" F Ing pasture for the season can ! e accommodated with a range of 200 acres of island ground, where there Is no chance of escape. Address II. HLAKESLY, South Norwaik (Conn.) Post office. /"I RE AT BAROAINH. ?IN CONSEQUENCE OF RK VT bnlldlng part of our premises, we oiler our entire stock seasonable sty'es new and second hand Carriages at greatly reduced prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, ?.? Broadway, G IO W ANTED.? ADDRESS GIO, HERALD OFFICE. II H GENTLEMAN'S ROAD ESTABLISHMENT. ? BAY Mamhrlno Chief Mare, 9 years, lft hands; kind In all harness; very strllsh And true gait; can trot In 3 min utes; warranted sound, without blemish j Top Road Wagon, by Corhett, In perfact order, set ot single Har ness, bv Coleman, at tlie mart ol ARCH JOHNSTON, 19 to 2ft thirteenth street, near University plar?. ORSB. WAGON AND HABNESS-A GREAT BAR gain; hori-e sound, kind and handsome; wagon in gi>od order, harness nearly new; If not ?old at private sale will be sold at auction Friday. Apply at 262 sixth street, livery stable. ARNE88. SADDLES, HOR3K CLOTHING, CAR riage Robes, Lap Dusters, Fly N?ta and a large variety of Saddlery Goods always on band. 0. B. SMITH A CO., 40 Warren street, New York. HARNHS8, HORSE CLOTH I NO, IIORHK FURNISH ing Goods and Carrlaue Equipments of every de scription, style and grade, and no lancv prices, at MOSE MAN'S Harness Manulactory and Warehouse, 114 Cham bers street. T AM NOW 8ELLINO SOME OF MY REST ROAD I Wagons lor $:W0 each, ncv.-r beiorc offered (or less than $4U<I, at the old establishment of ISAAC LOCK WotiD. corner 127th street and Third avenue. ]ADT'H HORSE FOR SALR-IS A PICTURE; DARK J bay. 1.1 hands, 7 years old : long tall, warranted sound and kind i Is a first class pole horse. To be seen at 1.14 .lane street. XTICE TURNOUT.? A STYLISH BAY HORSE, 18H hands; sound; lady can drlvo him with Phaeton, all In good order; price $.100. Call at 43 Charlie streat PONY EST ARLISIIM RN f FOR SALE. ? A BR At TIPCL mow white I'ony. 14 hands high, Basket I ha> ion iby Brewster), with rumble and canopy, pole and shafts also set of single llarii' ss. vstAblishment his been but little used ; will be sold together or separately, ? n ap iiltcaiion to owner. No, U0 West Forty-third street HORSES, CA.RIUAGKS, <fcC. Public s alb of trotting stock. _dk undbr JL WOOD will mil at public auction, ,(>r Edwin Thome, 1 horndalo, Dutches* county, without reserve 41) head of first ohit< Trotting stock, oil Thursday next <mh ln<t) Tho H A. M. train on Hudson River Railroad will connect lit Dutchess junction with train tor Thnrudale vtillhrook station), Parties attending the sale t in return to New York the same evening. PONY P I! A KTO N S ? E V K It Y DESCRIPTION, h,ri' lar prices; depot Wagon* In great variety, twu ele fant six-Kent extension-top Phaetons, Park Wagons Ight Rockaways. low prices. MAN I FACIV It Kits' CNIo.V. (VIS Broadway SECOND II AND AND SLIGHTLY SOILED < a rt rtugos, bargains; T Cart, English Dog I'art, Depot Wagon, several Rockaways, top and open liuygles, jump seat Wagon. I'onv I'll acton. MAN U FACT UitKRS' UNION, gM II road way. QTABLE TO LET? SEVENTEENTH ST It E KT, BE 0 (we< n Broadway and Fifth avenue, modern Stable, with plenty room lor lour horses and carriau'ex; coach man's room, ?c. IiK|Ulrc of K. M. BIRD. 31) I'uloii square. rYlKOTTINO MARK TOPXY FOR SALE-HAS A 1 record ol 2:31V, has won three matches this Spring, and will trot against James K. Folk oil Friday, I3tli Inst, at Fleetwood. For terms apply to DAN. PFIFKR, Fleetwood I'ark Trottino wagon -a BEAUTIFUL BUGLE seat square box road Wagon, Lawrence make, steel tires and axles: aud single IIhiiicsm; only used one day; price lor both $22.1 . must he sold. 141 East Sixteenth *t. rpo LET-A NICK STABLE, WITH FIVE STALLS, I and carriage house. In West Thirty-flrst street, be tween Seventh and Kighth avenues. Apply to II. J. Lii'PK, ifi6 West Thirty 0 1 ^ t street WAGONS FOR BALE CHEAP-ONE EXPRESS, ONE Grocery, one Milk, one Plumber's and one light Business Wagon. At 22t> Spring street, corner ol Clarke. WASTED? A GRAY HORSE, 14* M AMDS, LO NO TAIL, light built, to trot in 3 minute*, n it over 8 yearn, to be lUHy warranted, for a cross match. Addrei-s, stating price, description and whore to bo seen, box 4, f 73 New York Post office. WANTED-A C SPRING PONY PHAETON; MUST BE In good order ami of a good maker; any one hav ing the above can lind a cash purchaser by staling price and where the phaeton can be seen. Address HENRY, Herald Uptown Hr-iin-h office. <Jjl ,-r/\ ?GRAY U0RS8, H YF.ARS. 10 HANDS. sound and kind, gentle tor lady; brown, 7 years, lflij, styilsli. fine roadster; $-00. 414 Eighth ave nue, corner Thirty first street. ?>/-? TEAM; GOOD HOItSKS, DOI'BLE OR SIN ? i?)U ulc ; separate or together; truck Harness, $10; 8 stalls with carriage room, lift West Twenty -sixth street, or Stft West Thirtieth street. C: A "AV MORGAN IIORSK, CARRIAGE, JptJlHJ Harness, Blankets and Whip ; ctn be driven by a lady. Inquire at D. UNDEltUlLL'S stables, 'j2 La luyette place. DRY GOODS. AT SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, Hit BROADWAY (east side), near Twentieth street? NEW ARRIVALS of beautiful designs, JUST I M POUTED, among them the TAJ, a most fascinating novelty, becoming to all figures, adapted to any material, especially desirable in wash goons. Patterns, with cloth models, now ready. Pat terns fitted to the lorm, WARRANTED PERFECT, cut ting and hasting by our soles. "SMITH'S ILLUS TRATED PATTERN BAZAAR1 is JUST OUT lor Sum mer, filled with all the novelties, descriptions and In structlons of fashions. Subscribe lor 1'. Ouly ONE DOLLAR A YEAR. Premiums ot fl in patterns given. _ A_iJ I'KDETTK SMITH, 914 Broad way. New York. gurrsi suits i suits i BRADBURY BROS, 312 and 314 Bowery, one door below Iilcockcr street, are offering the greatest inducements In Linen and Batiste Suits, Rcdingotes, Ac., to be fonnd In this city The stylo In which the garments are cut cannot be surpassed, und have never been at tempted before at such low prices. Also a special line Ol Llama Lace Sueiiues and Shawls from auction, which have been purchased at sales of this month under the same circumstances us our Dress Goods uud Grenadines, and cannot be competed with by any Importer 111 Now York. BRADBURY BROS., 312 and 314 Bowery.^ rpuE I EVENING TELEGRAM EVENING TELEGRAM EVENING TELEGRAM EVENING TELEGRAM REPORTS ALL INTERESTING ITEMS REPORTS ALL INTERESTING ITEMS FRoM SUMMER RESORTS FROM SUMMER RESORTS AND ALL AND ALL AND ALL AND ALL THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE DAY. THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE DAY. THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE DAY. THE LOCAL NEWS OF THE DAY. MAILKIl AT ftOC. A MONTH MAILED AT MO. A MONTH MAILKD AT tt)C. A MONTH mailed at hoc. a month AND CAN BK FOUND ON EVERT NEWS STAND AND CAN BK FOUND ON EVERY NEWS STAND fOlt TWO CENTS. OR TWO CENTS. MILMNKHY A\I> PREMliAKHW. A NSW STYLE OF SI N BAT; ALSO THE LATEST sty lei of ronnd Hats, just received at Madame C. DE I.ACY'S, 8,12' , Broadway, near Nineteenth street. YACHTS. HTKAM BOATS, &C< l 24 FOOT SAIL B< 1 AT FOR SALE. INQUIRE OF I. 8. McGKIIlAN, I'ninrapo, N. J. BOATS FOR COUNTRY? RACE, CIA'S AND SHIP Boats; all kinds ou bund at tut shops, 308. 373 South street aud 114th street, Harlem River. STEPHEN ROBERTS. /"1AHIN YACHT FOR SALE-SI FEBT LONG, 12 FEET " ' beam, completely furnished. I or particulars apply at -!29 Washington street. JV)R SALE? A SOIIO )NER, >1 TONS; IN GOOD RE p:tlr. Apply to J W. IIOYLK, boat No. fc, foot of Hroomn strei t EK>R SALE? A FIRST CLASS SLOOP YACHT, 4' FEET " long; cabin, bard wood and tuinislied in every par ticular. Aadress Y At; 11 1', i>ox 17. Herald office. t^OR SALE? TWO SCOWS, 7ft F E KT. 23 FEET BY 6 r feet; carry about 2(W tons each ; price low. Address box ih?) Herald Uptown Branch office, l.Jtis itroadwuv. OLOOP YACHT FOR SALE? 30 FEET LONG, 12 FEET 0 6 inches In am ; small cabin; as large 'i cockpit a* If an open i.oat; ?nlls, anchors uud cushions; price $.t7S, Cost $700; must lie sold 11s tlie owner is going to Europe. Address A. B H., box HiH Herald office. rpUE PROPELLER CHRISTIAN A FOIt CHARTER? 1 Pitted for excursions: will carry about 1 y> 1 assen gcrs Apply lo W. C. KG hit ION, pier No. 0 East River, WifTID TO HIRE ? A CAT BOAT OR SMALL tf SIimiii Vacht, for the season; 30lo36 feet, with full cabin mil furnished Address, w ith terms, or call on K. T. CO., 12 South ftrnet ANTED? TO PURCHASE A TUG OR A PROPEL Icr V acht, with to 11x13, or 14 square. A. M Da CoSTA. 117 Wall street. \Y \TACHT FOR SALE? SLOOP RIGGED, U PUT 1 long; only run two Summers; good as new and is a very fas' sailer. Address J. H. L., box I in Herald office. iWVI KO TO PI R< IH-4K ~ L^IItST CLASS OYSTER SALOON OR LIOCOR STOHE r warned. .Address, wlHi particulars, G. C., Hera! 1 Uptown Branch oftiee. TO PURCHASE? A STATIONERY STORE AND NEWS Depot, tend full particulars to G. D.. HeralJ office. KOVISfl, ROOMS, dtC., WAVTBO, In thla City tnd Rrnok'yn. A FACTORY WANTED? WITH STEAM I OWRR, either entire or * Isrgc flour. In the city. Address E. I j. HAYES, 1 94 Srosdvtay, room I'll AWIIH)W LADY WHO CAN GIVK TIIE Ufff reterenee, would like fo take cbarso of u house of n family leaving the city. Addrcst E. M., b< x 3,'i4U Post office. AGRNTLKMAN AND Wf FE WISH A FURNISHED sitting Rooiu snd Bedroom in a good and ccntral location, private tainlly preferred; r|. unliness Indis pensable ; not and cofcl water, ample closots. sn l must have no objection lo plan 1 playing Address, staling terms, Ac , D. U. A, Herald I'piown Branch office. A MEDIUM SIZED UNFURNISHED HOUSE WANT ed ? Below Thirty fourth street, and between t'ourtli and seventh avenues, security will tie given, rmieasinn wanted. Address bKCIJRiTY, Herald Uptown tiranclt Dffice: SITTTNG ROOM. TWO OR THREE BEDROOMS AND Kitchen wauted? I- urnished or uiifiiru.shed, pro Tided rent Is low. Address, with terms und particulars, P. B., boa. 4,083 Post office. TIT AJITED? TWO FLOURS OR FLAT.-?, FIVK TO Vi aeven rooms each, at $4u to f.V) per month. Address, with full particulars, W. (I. P , 88 Trinity Huiiding. WANTED? A PHYSICIANS OFFICE, BETWEEN Eighteenth and Twenty flllh streets easl ?He. Ad dress DOCTOR, Herald Uptown Branch office. TKTASTED? UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS, SUIT. y? able for IiouMktCpinif ; four or live Rooms with bath, water, gas and all modern Improvements; *econd floor ; between Fourteenth and I .tlloih streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues, price about f>7J per month; Umily of Ave gentlemen and wile, tw.. daughter i. W an-1 S years of age. and servant; best ot relcri nces given and required. Address W P., box 114 Herald Uptown Branch office. manufacturing oils 'jr roofing. Address COMBINA TION ROOFING C imp ANY, WCorUaudt street ?yyANTKD-A PLACE THAT HAS BEEN USED FOR TIO! I IITAMTBD TO LEASE? FOR BUSINESS PURPOSK^, ' tt one or two lull Lots, to bo Improved Immed lAtely, tirtwneu Forty second and Sixtieth streets. Third and Stlth avenue*. Address BUlI.DhK, Herald L'ptown j Branch office. AAJ ANTED TO HIRE? FOR THE SUMMER, A LARGE " ir.<nt I'ooin, inriilshed or unfurnished, In the | vicinity of either Union or Madison square Address , stating terms, A B., box 144 Herald offico. In the Country. 1 YUANTP.D -A FURNISHED HOUSE IN THE COUN 1 ?? try ior the Summer, witlu.. 30 tulles ot New York. I AiM'ess. slating locAiion. terms. Ao? bo* 1.4)3 Post olttce.

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