Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1873, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1873 Page 10
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ANOTHER CHARTER SCARE. Some of the Aldermen Think the Char ter Appointments Invalid. Ths "Mare's Ne?t" They Found in a Directory CI* are of the Law? They Don't Like the Share of "Pap" They Have Had? "Let Ha Do It Over Again"? A Few Reasons Why They Can't. A very thin ruse was suggested yesterday by ?ome oftbe democratic Aldermen to upact all the appointments so far made under the new charter, tfhey claim that the charter prescribes that the aominatlons sent in by the Mayor shall, as soon as practicable, be published In the official journal of the Corporation? the City Record ? and that such publication shall be made before final action 'en the nominations has been taken by the Board of Aldermen. Now, the CUy Record has not yet been published or fully established, and they olaim that the nominations and the sub sequent action confirming them were and are in valid and iKegal. New what section 16 of article 2 of the charter docs actually say Is that "no resolution or ordinance providing tvr ? ? ? or authorizing the incurring of any 'expense or the appropriation or expenditure of (public moneys" ?ball be adopted or of eflfect until after publication In the CUv Record. Ac. Now, even -if this is the peg upon which tbese Aldermen banc their hopes, tbey will find it A BUTHER POOR PIKCR'OF timber. Tire "resolutions" by which tbey confirmed, the nominations did not "authorize the incurring of ?ny expense" whatever; nor did they "aochorize the appropriation or expenditure of any public moneys" in payment of the salaries of the newty appointed officials. The offices were created and the "espense" ?r "expenditure" for salaries-was ??authorized" and the amount of such "expendi ture" fixed and determined by the Legislature, from whom the charter emanated, and the Aldermen have nothing to do with the "authorization" gj the "expenditure." The charter simply state; that "the Mayor shall nominate" and "the Boart ?f Aldarmen shall corf&rm" the persons who shal 30 li the offices which the charter created and whe ?ball be tfce recipients or ttie soils or money ai salaries which the charter also authorized to bi "expended." And that is the Whole thing in i snutsbell. The truth is thai the point was first raised oi 'Monday;- but twenty minutes of research on con '???deration convinced tue reporter of its unter. ? ability, as above stated. Finding that it wag sell ; persisted in yesterday, the reporter determined t take legal advlce>on the question and present It ii tail. The following is the section of the charter unde which THIS TOINT HAS BEEN RAISED, the passage Involved being printed in itaiies:? 8*c. 16.? tmnitvliatclv alter tnr adjournment of earl ?Meting oi' either Board it shall be the duty oftbe Olerl ol such Hoard to prepare a brief abstract, omiliiti* at technical anil lornial details, of all resolution* ami ordl uanccs introduced or passed, art of all recommendation ?I coiumitt<?4. and ol all Una1 proceedings, as well a lull copies ol all message- liom the Mayor and all report ?l department* or ofllcers. He shall at once transmit 111 name u> the per:?ou appointed to supervise the publnatloi Ot the City Keeoril. f?o rtMtlutinn or ffTii ^ ml ')<?? prorrlut jo* or contemplating the alienation or appropriation o iea?WK any property of the city, terminating tue lease oi ?ny properly or franchise, or the inAking oi any rpecltii improvement, or the (ipprujjrtaltuTt or earffuditurt of j/ul-h or authorizing thr incurring ot any arpciite, or tin laxity or ames-unn ol property in the city, shall b< passed or adopted by either hoard until at least live dav after such abstract of its provisions shall have been pub lisiied. No Mich ordinance or resolution shall be ap j.roved by the Mayor until three days alter such abstrac khad have been so published after its passage; but If ul abstrac t ot at. v resolutiou or ordinance shall have beer Mice published after its introduction It ghail not there ?tier be necessary to publish the sauie attain fcui only to reter to the date and pa^e ot tin former in the City Htmrtl. ai.d to state the amendments, ii any. made thereto. In all cases the yeas and nays upoi the ttual passage of tin: resolution or ordinance shall h< published. The Comptroller shall cause a contiiiunu ?cries of the City lte-urd to be bound. a* completed quar lerly. and to he deposited, with Ills certificate thereen, it tlie ottlce of Uie Register ol Deeds ol the city and count! of New York in the County Clerk's olttce, and In tin oftiec of the Clerk of the Common Council, and copies o the contents oi any pari ol the same, certified by sud Reirinter, Countv Clerk or Clerk of the Common OooaciJ ?hall be received In judicial proceedings as prima jiici evidence ol the truth of the contents thereof. The reporter called at the Mayor's Office, when he learned from Mr. Wilder, the Mayor's privat* ?Secretary, that Mr. llavcmever bad left his officc early in the afternoon kir a drive in the Park and was not coming down town again yesterday. When the reporter had explained the object of his visit, to inquire n there were any foundation for the re port lie hail heard, Mr. Wilder remarked* ? "Oh, yes, l have heard of that; but there If nothing hi it. 1 heard something about it some <l?ys ago." "Has May or navemeyer beard It V asked the re porter. "Yea, he has heard lt,"Teplted the Secretary. "And he thinks there is nothing in It?" "Nothiuir whatever," was the answer. ?*l?o you know where it originated, Mr. Wilder?" fear.artled the reporter. No, Mr. Wiluer did not know where it originated. TUe reporter thought, however, tlrnt he would go to THE I.EOAI, FOUNTAIN HEAP ef municipal affairs, and lie soon found himself in the nrivate oQlce of Mr. Uelafleld Smith, the Cor poration Counsel. Mr. Smith was hard at work when the reporier callwl and from his manner he evidently looks upon doubtful point IS A MORE SKKIOl'S LllilJT than either Mayor iiavemeyer or hL> private Secre tary. The reporter explained to him that Ik> had called to get his view ot the doubtlul question which if about to be rawed in the Hoard of Aldermen, and asked him if he had heard ol it. ' "Yes," replied Mr. Smith, "1 have heard of it." "i)o you think It amounts to anything, Mr, Smith *" asked the reporter. "Well, you know 1 cannot express an official opinion according to law until 1 am consulted by ?the departments." , "Surely your answer to me could not be con sidered a formal expression ol your oflit uii opin ion ?" "Well, I think the objection to the legality of the appointments is laultv, and, tlieo, that th*re is nc ?audi paper as the cfty Rceorti yet; and as lar an the appointments nude up to Uie present, the ?sixteenth section does uot apply. When THKKK IS NO StCH PAPER .bow can the nominations be advertised la that jape" f" "Mr. smith, ir there had been snch a papor, would you consider the point well taken r" asked .-"?he rej orter. Corporation Counsel (alowiy)? No. I think not, because the clause in the sixteenth section is ?imply directory, as we lawiers sa?, and would not invalidate the acliou taken under another clause, which distinctly says, "The Mayor shall ap point, and the Hoard ol Aldermen confirm." Be anies, it does not appear irom the latter lhat the lejjal intendment was to make the adver tising necessary. No; I am not inclined to think that the point would hold good, though, of course, , 1 cannot give you my lornial < pinion. Thanking Mr. Smith lor his kindness and courtesy the reporter withdrew. He subsequently . called on a prominent member of the Hoard of Aldermen, who does n?t winii his nam: published In this .connection, but who maybe said to be a democrat. ' AN ALDKRMAK'a PT ATT KENT. "I believe, sir. t hut tUi? point ia well'taken. It will be die sussed in open Hoard, I ain luloruied, at the meeting to morrow afternoon. Several im*m ?l? rs oi th? lioard believed that the coaflrmatlon of the new Commissioner^ except those of the Public Parkt, who are unsalaried officers, has been liteva.. and mast lie made all over .-iirain. I have l>e< n informed myself by a half doaen prominent Iec6l authorliies that our action has been illegal, aim 1 know of other members of the Hoard who nave equally goad authority on thetubject who bo d the fame view. I riih to .heaven tlie confir mation was TO BE MADE OVER AO AIN. J think I wonld vote against every nouiinntion the ?v Mayor has sent in to us. The democratic /uemliers tOf our Hoard who have confirmed the Mayor's appointees have beeu shamefully treated by the latter. We have waited on the new Commission ers. but they seem to think us unworthy of accord ?log ns the privilege of puttinga man on the streets. Yon may be sure that this matter will not re-t v lie re. If our continuation has been illegally made 'we irlll see it out to the bitter end, and 1 believe ithafc." THE MEMORY OF AGRAMONTE. A requiem mass was celebrated yesterday at St. ?Stephens' church lor the aoul of the dead Cuban General Agramonte. The service* were solemn and impres.-ive, and the church eras crowded with Cubans a'nl Cuban ?ympathiEe?s, among wlioin were Carlos Cas tillo, confidential agent or the Cuban Kepiibiic; Miguel Aidama, General Juan (1. Viliegas, J. A. Mora, P. Cassanova. Ncstar Ponce de Leon and Col onel E Agramobte. The mass was celebrated by the Rev. James W. l ower, a young prlcat, assisted |iv the Rev. Charles McCready, deacon, and Hev. John McQuirk. sub-descon. Mozart s grand requiem was sung for the occaidoh by a choir of eight voices. The luneral oration was by the Kev. Dr. McUIvdii, Who. in a brief but touching address, spoke of the rtit'le and generous character of Agramoatv aud vl aaviihcv uk iii*d iu>?de iui <4* voijiiirji ! THE POLICE MAGISTRACIES. Facta and Fictions From /ibont the i City lla.ll? Contemplated A e t ion on the | Police BfagiBtraciea Tn-?'.a.y.\notlier ? 'Combination" Talfced Of? Why It Nuit Fail? New "Point*,** The City llall was devoid of political testes of interest yesterday, but the ir.eeung of the Board of Aldermen to-day will dot? utlvss nerve to shake up matters to an extent tt mt may prove of some public concern. The PoW ce Magistracies will, m all probability, be called nr , in some lorm, as there are two nominations lying on the table, ard there may be a little "stand oft ? between the Mayor's sup porters and the opp osltion. As matters nsvr exist on the Magistrate . question there is an element in the Board thart will vaake an effort to postpone action on the nominations of Messrs. Acfcert and Streeter until the Mayor tra'3 sent in nomtvations for the whole number ?! r aagistrucies tto be filled. Just boW strong thiR' element is It is difficult to determine; but it is not . thought that there is a majority ; aud, even if tl?/ere is, it will not be a very difficult mat ter to bre ;ak tut- combination. It may be accepted, however , as A FTXKD PACT, tnat tist Mffyor will not semi in the remaining eight; names to-day. and it is very likely tnat he wlll.T/end in none whatever. As he informed the Alde.<nneu once before when they asked for more noraioations, and when ttrey had not yet acted on th ? names already in tttfeir possession, tee may again say to them, "Gentlemen, as you have not }/et taken action on the names 1 have sent in to you I think yon have got enough business to keep you going for ten or fifteen minutes." They didn't like it. or course, but they eventu ally "took it in," far their combination ' was not worth a cent. The fact is that no com bination can lie formed in this Board Against the . Mnyor that any dependence could be placed in. ' ' The Mayor has among the members at least seven supporters, upon whose fealty be may rely, , whether he is aware of the fact or not, and that only requiring one more vote to make a majority makes it a little dangerous to undertake to hold out against the minority, as NONE OF THE "8TAND-0CT?Rfl" know who will be first to turn over. The bill pro vides that "the first two" magistrates "appointed" shall hold oflice for the term of ten years. The second or next "two" who shall be "appointed" shall hold office lor nine years, and so on. This implies, if it implies anything, that the names shall be submitted to the Board tn "twos," and that their terms ol office shall be defined by the order in which they shall be "appointed," not in the order in which they are "nominated." Of course the act of "appointing" is only completed when the nominations are confirmed aud the per son has duly qualified by taking the oath of office > and receiving the Mayor's warrant. The spirit or j the act doubtless means that THE BOARD SHALL ACT k first npon the two first names sent in by the Mayor, and that in the order of his nominations i the terms of office shall be defined. But it is easy to perceive how the Aldermen may, irthev have in their possession all the names at one time, reject the first, two, second two, the third two ami 1 the Jour th two, aud, by confirming the filth or last ) two, assign them to the incuubcncy of the long i term of ten years, when, in fact, the Mayor, with whom the appointing process originates, r contemplated that these two last nominees should hold office lor the short, or six-year term. The Mayor has no power to renominate a caudldate who has been once rejected ; bat the Aldermen are i expressly empowered, at their discretion, to re l consider the vote by which they retused to couflrm > a candidate, and may then proceed to confirm liirn. It will thus be seen how, hy rejecting the * first, four "twos" and conlirming the last "two," , the Board may next proceed to reconsider the re ; jectious aud ultimately to confirm them all, and i thus, ' BY A XITTLB SHARP FRACTIOE, r regulate ns they choose, by the order of confirma tion, the terms ol office or the nominees. The law requires merely that they "shall take action" on t he nominations "in the order In which the nouii > nations arc made." To reinse, by a. vote, to con ' firm is to "take action," within the meaning of t lie provision of the bill. It will be thus seen how deli cate a matter it will bo lor the Mayor to trust all i the nominations in the hands of the Board ut one time, unless It ran be held conclusive, as above suggested, that the "appointment'' is not complete until the Magistrate elect is sworn in and has is sued to lum his warrant. Certainly he cannot ex ercise the functions of his efiice until his oath Is re i corded ami his warrant issued, (if course it this is 1 sound reasoning the two first sworn in or qualified by the Mayor will be "the two t\r*l appointed," and 1 the Mayor may thus determine nnally, when the j Aldermen have done their share of the business, t what are the terms of the respective officials. All i the provisions above relerred to are contained in ? sections tOx and ten of the bill. THE CENTEAL FARE LABORERS. Meeting of Park J*aborera In Drmllt Hall Lait Night? 750 Men Oat of Em ployment? A Committee of 100 Men to Call on the Board of Aldermen To Day. A meeting of the mechanics and laborers lately employed upon the Central Park and other public works was held in Demilt Hall, Twenty-third Htreet and Second avenue, last night. Mr. James O'Keilly opened the meeting. He said it was time to show the authorities bow much the laborers lately cm ployed upon the I'nrk were suffering from the want ol work. Mr. 1>. K. Crnlin was called to the chair. He said one of the pretexts for the discharge of the laborers was because the Board or Aldermen had reinsed to act upon the nominations for Park commissioners. Mr. Iiellly then OFKERED TI1K FOLLOWING RESOLUTION. Whereas the Inditlcrence manifested bv the majority side ofthe last Legislature concerning all measures in the interest ot the m asset, nod pnrtlciilarty as shown bv Its failin; to impropriate until a late day the necessary lunds for the improvement of the public parks, thereby causing the discharge anil consequent suffering ol I.IXW workmen and their dependent iRinilles: and whereaa the mechanics and laborers employed upon the public park* arc now idle and in want, ami must so continue until the Commissioners are oontlrined and assume their Amotions. Resolved, That a committee of KIO be now appointed to wait U|*?n the Board ?l Aldermen and respect! ully de mand immediate action upon the numes presented tor Park <;ommissioners, that being III our opinion the only remedy tor the existing evils and Uie privations under which we suffer. Mr. II To it Dai.ton, Chairman of the Printers' Union, Mid the working, an toOfili to have A REPRESENTATIVE IN THE PARK COMMISSION. lie would like to know, lie said, why the Board of Aldermen did not eitner confirm or reject the nominations lor Park Commissioners. Mr. 1'KTER Doty said the 760 men who had been discharged were only paid $2 u day. Now tney had been Pile for live weeks, and, or course, must slitter want. Mr. RictiARn L. Rai.eioh said the workingmen had only to blame themselves ; tbey bent their kuee9 before the God whotu they had made. (Applause). How much longer was this going to laat? The laborers were supposed to bear all the cuffs from those whom they had placed in positions of power. Assemblyman Peter Woods made a few remarks. He said he had gone to see the Comptroller, the Commissioner of Public Works, Ax'., and asked them why the laborers could not be again em ployed. He was told that the fund* were not sufficient. Seven hundred and fifty men were now deprived of their opportunities to make an honest living. He had TALKKD WITH SOVK OF TflR At.PEKMKN, but had received no satisfactory explanation of the present state of things. The workingmen had no right to coiunel the Board of Aldermen to confirm the nominations made hy the Mayor, but thty had the rig-lit to ii^k that these nominations be either confirmed oi rejected? one or the other. He believed that the Mayor meant well and ought to be sustained by all the houcst workingmen of the city. (Applause.) The resoiutiou* were then adopted. Mr. TiiEODOkf: Hanks said the workingmen of N"w York were determined to he a pack of slaves. 1 be Mayor was ati aristocrat and appointed none biU aristojrats to ail offices. Ouc man's vote w as as good a? another, and they still bowed to the aristocrats A judjje got $10,000 a year, but there was no money lor the poor workingmen. He wonld take any poiitiou in the county for ftioo a year. They would Lave to ruu an independent ticket of Workingmen before tbey conld command respect. The meeting then adjourned. The committee ot one hundred workingmen will march to the City Hall ut noon. CHARITY IN WESTCHESTER. ? Interesting Ceremony at Kordham? Lay Ing the Corner Stone of the New Home for lncarablei?Pro|r?ii and Prospects of the Inatitntlon. At Fordham, Westchester county, yesterday the corocr stone of the new Home lor Incurables was laid with impressive and highly Interesting ceremonies. There were present a goodly number ot spectators, including several prominent citizens of New York. The contemplated structure Is In i tended to take the place of the present Home | at. Tremont, the limited proportions of which have I for some tune pan. been tounrf loo small to accom modate the constantly lncrcnsli.'g number of appu 1 cants lor admission. According to the annual re I port of the managers it appear.* that the uisutu | Hon now contains some forty-six pa tteius, nearly i one half ol whom are treated free, while the others , are each able to contribute a n ordinal amount I towards the support of the Home. As the : resources of the institution are as yet circumscribed, the managers appeal to the charity of Christian men and women to aid them in the ! commencement of no endowment fund to provide j lor the expenses of the Home. ^ WUW? u mum. Vfuutviiuij Un the gycaswb) bad been internet) Bishop I*otter commenced tlie cere rnonl' s With prater, assisted by Kev. Messrs, Potter aud GatlauUut. At t.he roncluaton of the exercises the Ruetls proceeded lu camajres ro the prescat Home, where, amoiig other business transacted, the mana^m far ttie ensuing year were elected. Ad address was also delivered by Mr. William C'ul len Kryanu The building m coarse of erection will be 200 feet wide* Including the main edlticc, and will have two wiDjfs, each eiirUty feet long, it will be divided by two npaeiougtnuln halls, on each side of which the patients' apartments will "be arranged in small waS-ds. Tine structure Is intended to be three stories high, heated By steam and admirably ventilated. SHIPPING NEWS. Almanac lor New York?Thii Day* SDN AND MOON. St.n rises 4 28 Sun seta 7 si Moon rises..... eve 0 48 HIGH WATKR. Gov. Island. . . morn 0 30 Handy Hook.. morn 8 45 Hell Gate..... morn 11 15 OCEAN STEAMERS. PAVES OP DEPARTURE FROM NEW TORE FOB THB MONTHS OF JCNB AND JULY. SaUt. | I'atinatioa. I Ofice. WeMtphelia City of Baltimore. Oeeanrc Egypt Cnv ot Montreal.. Australia Ville <1u Havre.. . Hermann Wisconsin Columbia Hansa Ortyol Bristol..,. Tlniringia Canada City ofBrooklyn. . Victoria Moscl Assyria. June 12.. June 12. . June 14.. June 14.. June 14.. June 14.. June 14.. June 14.. Juue 18.. June 18. . June 18., June 19.. June 19. . June 21.. Juue 21.. June 21.. June 21.. June 2.1 Hamburg. Liverpool.. Liverpool.. Liverpool.. Liverpool.. Glasgow. .. Havre Bremen. Liverpool.. (JlllSgOW Bremen.... Liverpool.. Hamburg.. Liverpool.. Liverpool.. Glasgow Bremen. .. . Glasgow.. Nevaua iJune 25.. | Liverpool.. New York iJune25.. Broinen ... Denmark June 28 tendon ... Adriatic lune 2H.. Liverpool.. Pereire June 28.. Havre City of Antwerp. . Juue 28.. Liverpool.. Spain June 2S.. Liverpool.. Vandalia June 28.. Hamburg.. llammonla July 3.. Hamburg.. Baltic Julv 6.. Liverpool.. <1 Broadway 15 Broadway. 19 Broadway. 69 Broadway. 16 Broadway. 7 Bowling Green W Broadway. 2 Bowling Green 2a Broadway 7 Bowling Green 2 Bow ling Green is Broadway. 81 Broadway 69 Broadway. 15 Broadway. 7 Bowling dreen 2 Bowling Green 7 Bowling Green 29 Broadway. 2 Howling C.reeu est Broadway. 19 Broadway 58 Broadway. 15 Broadway. 69 Broadwa). CI Broadway. 61 Broadway. ?19 Broadway. PORT OF NEW YORK, JUKE 11, 1873. CLEARED. Steamship Scotia (Br). Lvtt, Liverpool and Queenstown ? C G n. Stoameiiip City of Baltimore (Br), Ellison, Liverpool vlfl Queenstown ? John G Hale Steamship Manhattan (Br), Price, Liverpool via Queens town? WilhamM A Guion. Steamship 1'enuiylvauia (Br), Braes, Glasgow ? Austin Baldwin A Co Steamship Koln (Ger), Francke, Bremen via Southamp ton? Oelrlrns A Co. Steamship City ol Galveston, Rowland, New Orleans? C H Mallory A Co. Steamship South Carolina, Becket, Charleston? H R Morpau A Co. Steamship Acushnet, Rector. New Bedford? Ferguson A Wood. Ship flarkaway (Br), Constant. London? Peabody, Wil lis A Co. Ship Omba (Br), Thomson, London? Peabody, Willis A Co. Ship Joven Thomas (Port), Peteca, Oporto? Hageraeyer A Brunn. Bark Alice Boy (Br), Douglas, London? J F Whitney A Co. Hark Christine (Nod, Oricn, Plymouth? Tetens A Bock tnann. ltark Tare (Aus), Vecarich, Cork or Falmouth? Sloco Vic.ll a Co. Hark Cetvrtl Dubrovachi (Aus). Farcenovich, Cork or Falmouth? Sloeovioh A Co. Hark Maria (Ital), Liquorl. Cork? Flinch, Edye A Co. Hark Uuth (Nor), Jensen, Cork for orders? Kunch, Edye A Co. Bark Andrea lo Vico (Ital), Rallo, Dublin? J C Seager. llurK Helen (Br), Norrie. Dundalk? Llndtay A Co. Bark C F Elwell (Ur), I'llen, Bremen? J as W Elwell A ?Co. Hark Rcssie Norlh (Br), Ferguson, Antwerp? H J De Wolf A Co. Bark Orion (Br). Cook. Hamburg? Boyd A Hineken. Hark 11 Haakensou (Nor), Meyer, Rotterduni? Kunch, Ed ve A Co, Bark I'rsus Minor (Nor), Nielsen, l'enartli Roads for or ders? Tetens A Boeknmun. Bark Harvest Moon, Kilcy, Trieste ? .la* Henry. Bark A Kn'dliolm (dwed), Sauiuulsen, Stetiin? Tetens A Bockmann. Bark Poseidon (Dan), Jansen, Malmoe? Punch, Edye A Co. Bark Cleone, Maloney, Clenfuegos? Mlllur A Hough ton. Brig Tarefa, Brown. Marseilles? Simpson, Clunp A Co. Brig Parana (Br). Edgett, Santa Cruz (Canary Islands) ? Henev A Parker. Rrig llcbccca (Ger), Olten, Rio Janeiro? C Tobias A Co. Brig Kossak. Smith, Cieniuegos ? ? Taibot A Co. Brig Anna (Br). McNult, Halifax, NS ? J K Whitney A Co. Schr Anna Freeman, Boynton. Baraeoa? B J Wenberg. Kc h r S C Noyes,, Baraeoa? H J Wenberg. Sclir Glaninire (Br), Tults, St Johns, NF? P I Nevius A Bon. Schr Adclia (Br), Lockliart, Windsor, NB? C W Ber teaux. Sclir Souvenir (Br), llatdeld, Windsor, NS ? C W Ber teaux. i chr Kscort (Bri, Curry, Wolfville? D R D<- Wolf A Co. Schr J K Lawrence, Derrick, Jacksonville? Warren Ray. Schr Ida Richardson, Bedell, Charleston? Evans, Ball A Co. Schr J R Floyd, Squires, Georgetown and Point Bluff? E 1* Hurlbut A Co Schr John, William*, Wilmington, NC? E S Powell. Scbr A W Collins, Tooker, Richmond, Va? Tan Brunt A Bro. Schr R Mason. Kerry, Portland. Me? Squire?, Thornton A Co. SchrThos Ellis, Kelly, Harwich, Mass? M W Mackay. Schr Wm Cray. Allvn, New London. Schr A J Williams, Morreli, Stamford? Stamford Manu facturing Co. Steamer Annie, Stcen, W mnington. Del? A Abbott. Steamer Philadelphia. Davis. Philadelphia. Steamer Sarah. Jones. Philadelphia. ARRIVALS. REPORTED BT THE HERALD PTE** YACHTS AND UBRAI.D W U1T ESTON E TELEUltAPIl LINK. Steamship Hails* (Ger), Brickenstein, Bremen, May2H, and Southampton 31st, with indse alid 443 passengers to (lelric.hs A Co; June 2. lat 4t? 31, luit is. passed an English bark, showing letters II J H, bound ea?t. 6th, lat4fi l-:, Inn 41 .v. passed bark Lydla (Hp, from New York for Liver pool; 9tli, lat 41 SI, Ion fill 28, passed an English steamer, allowing L B R Q, bound west. Steamship City of Havana, Deaken, Havana June 7, with mtlsr and passengers to F Alexandre A Sons. June 8, Carystorl tiearing N bv K, milcsdistant, passed brigs Manliiis, iroin Matanzas lor New York, and Tally Ho, bound Y Ht'-anishlp lTntteras, I,nwrenee, Bermuda 6 days, with mdse and passenger* to Lunt Bros. Experienced strong Nl. to NW winds, with heavy head sea, until alter cross in,; the Onlf Stream. steamship New Orleans, (isger, New Orleans June 5, with mdse and passengers t<? n?rk A Seaman. Steamship Montgomery, Falrcloth, savannah June 7, with mdse ami passengers to K Lowden. Steamship San Jacinto, Hazard, savannah June 7, with mdse mid passengers to W K Garrison. BtMimshlp Zodiac, ('hapln, Savannah 4 days, with mdse and passengers to Mtirrav. Ferris A Co. Steamship Cnampion, Lockwoon, Charleston June 8, wnh mdse ami passengers to II K Morgan A Co Steamship Fanita. Donne, Fhtlaoclpnia, with mdse to tlie liorillartl Kteamsliin Co. ship Theobald (oi Klclnnond), Adams, leghorn April 13. with mdse to Kabbrlcot i Bins; vessel to Jas W Elwell A Co Bark Diana (N'or), Bersagel, I.imerick 39 days, in bal last to Kunch. Edye A Co. Bark Gazelle (oi New ll?\en\ Decker, Bt Pi?rre, Mart 15 ila>s, with sugar and molasses, to II I rowbrtdge Sons. Bnrk M E Chat'inail (of llulifux. NS), Eve, Cieniuegos; 15 .lays, with sugar to Tucker .1 l.ightboiimc. Hark Ad. lie McAdmn, Partridge, Matan/is 10 davs, with sucar to Brett. Sir.i A Co Harts Torvhnrn (of f<t John, N'H), Copp, Matanzas 9 days, with sugar to Franke A Kiseher; vessel to master. June 9. 1 a t H7. I<m (3, passed brig Kichuiond, Iroin Carde nas lor New York. P.rig Bams (Nor), Islper. Palermo 59 days, with truit to Fundi. Kdye i Co. 1'asaed Gibraltar Ma'v l. Brig '/.in Vara (of Bldclord),, Ijio Janeiro; 48 days, with coffee to Mvver A Co; vessel to (i K llulley. Bng Edward l.anje. I.I cavo, Yucatan, 18 days, with ccilitr and fustic to ?!. Wcs-el?. Itrig Robert Mowe (ot New Haven), Abbott, Ponce, P. I.'., II days, with mola?-e< to II Trowbridge's Sons. Brig John Mason, Porter, Ponce, Pli, II days, with sugar and molasses to S Michelena A Co: vessel to G W Watts; lett, brlfT John Bojrd, tor Boston, Jliae S. Brig Thos Campbell (ot Weymouth, NW), I^>wis, Mava gue/ 14 days, wltli sugar and to order; vessel to Jas W Elwell A Co. Hrig D Trowbrdge (of New Haven). Ilice, Mayaguez, PK. Ililays. with molasses to D Trowbridge A ('?> Brig Jeremiah, Konl, Sagua ID da-, s. with sugar, to Moses Taylor A ? o: vessel to K P Buck A Co. Hrig Atlas (of Bangor), Power*, I'albarlen 9 days, with siiirar, to Moses Taylor A Co; vessel to Miller A Houghton. Hrig Mary Stewart (Bf. McDonald, Matanzas 11 days, with sugar and ni< lado to L E Amsinck A Co; vessel to Brett, Son A Co. Hrig Willow Brace iBr), Me DonakL Cardenas P davs, with sugar, to Bheppsra dandy; \e?oi to Bird, Perkins A Job. is.-lir Lady Woodbury ioI Por land). Woodbury, f'tiita, Hon, 14 days, with trult to J A F Pearsall ; vessel to mas ter. Schr Armada (Hr), Copeland. Gnivanllla. PR. 17 days, with molasses tn Itivera .4 Co; vessel to llenev A Parker. Schr Marv M (of "iloiicester), Murray, Baraeoa II days, with fruit to B J Went erf'. Sclir Minnie, Hudson, i ienfUcgns28days, with sugar, to Maitland, pne.lps A Co; Vessel to Kvans, B ill A Co. Selir I.lXZie I^'e, Smith, Barii' oa 9days, wuh truit to T J Madge; vessel to J K Staples. Sch K 11 Lewis, (ot Nonliiiort, L I.) Lewis Eleuthera, 7 days, with pines to Joseph r.ueas; vessel to B .1 Wenberg; Junes, lat 3830, Ion 78 21), saw sch E c Scommel. bound south ; loth, off Chincoteague. spoke sch C 8 Webb, H orn Georgetown, S C, lor New Vork schr Lizzie Ma or. Geerv, Jacksonville 12 days, with lumber to the New Haven Sow mill Co schr John L Merrltt, Halsey. Fernandina 7 days, with naval stores to Dollncr, Potter A t'o; vessel to A Abbott. I Schr w II Keeney. Beers, Fernandina 7 days, with ce dar to Kppincer A Russell ; vessel to Vim Brunt Bri? Schr N J Miller (ot Boothbav'. Brown, Charleston for Hyde Park. 13 days, with yellow pine to J E Lasher; ves sel tn muster. Sclir Annie shepard. lforton, Little River, SC. with na val stores to K Hlgglns A Sons. Selir Sonny Mouth. Derrtea?on, Wilmington. NC, (i Jays, with naval stores to E S Powell Schr A V Bergen. Thompson. Rii hmond, Va. Bchr Albert Tiir>mti?, Rose. Alexnndria. Schr W W Pnaro. Hall, Alexnndria .-chr Charley Woolsey, Parker, Alexandria for New Haven. sehr Maggie A Lucy, Avery, Alexandria for Ornton, Mas'. Sclir S J Vaughan, Vanghan, Virginia. Schr A Johnson, Johnson, Virginia. Sehr I! E Stockton, soper, Virginia. Sehr K Slitibert. Cranmer Virginia. Selir Harrv Landall. Taylor, Virginia. Sehr E It I'rli e, Adams, Virginia. Setir D Ha?tings, Tiltoii. Virginia Sehr P A Sanders, OoMtrev, Virginia. Sell r <> II booth. Longstreet. Virginia. Sclir E R Bennett. French, V irgiuia. Sehr Moderator. Union. Virginia. Schr Serene. Jones, Virginia. selir J A D Cramer, Matthews. Virginia. Setir M G Leonard, lliggma, Virginia Sehr Sarah Lavlnln, Ander-i n, Vligiuia, Sviu Aoai.^.?, ^uVtialid, Virginia. Rehr p E Sawyer, Soper, Virginia. Schr U W Vaughan, Thompson, Virginia. J H Seciune, Caskoll. Virginia. J' Barbara. iladdt n, Virginia. Schr Jane Rnison, Van Clear Georgetown, DC. Kchr MuHHwa, Dissoswav, Georgetown, DC. Schr Jennie Rosaline, Tooker, Georgetown, DC. Schr Mary E Simmons, Jeffrey, Georgetown, DC. Brhr A C Lyon, Lyon, Baltimore.

Bohr Mary Louisa, Lowell, bealord, Del, with ship Um ber to G A Adam* The steamship Algeria, which arrived 10th. brings 538 nassengers aud reports? June tt, lat 41 03 N, Ion 65 05 W, passed steamshiu India (Br), hence for Glasgow. Rkturnkd? Ship Alexander Marshall, Gardner, henee for Doboy, Ga, having on June 5 (truck on Experiment Shoals (ha vint; a Dotioy pilot on board at the urncj, which necessitated her return to thli port. Paiacd Through Hell Gate* BOUND 80I7TH. Brig Lily (Br), Ryan.Llttle Glajgf Bay for New York, Brig Nancy (Br), McBrlde, Wlcdsor, NS, 8 days, with plaster to t.Yandall, Berteaux A Co. Bohr W E Dnryea (Br). Nickerson, banning, NS for New York, with potatoes to W E Duryea M Co; veasel to DKDe Wolf A Co. Rchr Promenader (Br), Davidson, HUliboro, NB, for New York, 6 davs, with plaster to C W Bertaux. Kchr Kntire, Kinnear. Providence for New York. Hchr Bramhall. Hamilton, Clark's Island for New York, with stone to M H St John. Hchr Klla Jane, Alien, Bridgeport for New York. Bchr Whampoa, Dean, Narragansett for New York. Bchr Patron, Hubbard. Bridgeport for New York. Bchr James Bemioe, Proctor, Bag Harbor for New York. Ki hr Henry A Taber, Rome, New Bedford for New York. Bchr Eva Piverty, Hand, Providence for New York. Bchr Ann S Brown, Coyle, Boston for Philadelphia. HchT Josephine., Phinney, Portland, Ct, lor New York. Bchr Henry Gibbs, Lacy, New Bedford for Port John son. Schr Monitor. Bonter, New Haven for New York. Bchr Mall, Siniih, New London for New York. Schr Lucy Church, Wheeler, Pawtucket for New York. Bohr David Pearson, Golden, Greenwich or New York, With stone to order. steamer Doris, Young, Providence for New York, with mdse aud passengers. BOUND BAfirf. Rteamsnip Acushnet, Hector. New Bedford for New York. Bchr II B Metcalf, Rider, New York for Boston. Schr Chillion. Hrown, New York lor New Bedford. Bchr Jane, Hopkins. New York for Boston. Schr Kveline. Hawley, New York for Portsmouth. Bchr Jnlia A Mary. Wright, Port Johnson for Salisbury. Bchr Ilatlie M Mayhew, Cheswick, New York for Port Chester. Bchr James English, Barker, Rondoat for Providence, Bchr Win Martin, Brewster. Port Johnson for Portches ter. Schr Empire, Jones. Elisabethport for Savbrook. Bchr Margaret A Lucy, Avery, New York tor Narra gansett. Schr Ella, Sammls, New York for Btonineton. Schr Chauiicey St John, Marsden, Port Johnson for Boston. H''hr Lizzie Major, Geary, Jacksonville for New Haven. Bchr Win Beiuent, Wigglus, Philadelphia for Provi dence. Bchr Nathaniel Jarvia, Casper, New York for Provl denee. Schr Gen Howard, Westcott, New York for Narragan sett. Bchr Excelsior. Smith, Hoboken for Providence. Bchr E M Wells, Kelsey, Ambov for Hartlord. Schr Laura L Burlingame, Bdrlingame, ? for Bos ton. Schr Solon, Horton. New York for New Hiven. Bchr Noilie Starr, Poland, New York for Bath. Schr Gen Sheridan, Stewart, Philadelphia lor Hart ford. Kchr Souvenir (Br), Hatfield, New York for Windsor. NB. Schr Win Young, Young, New York for Port Jefferson. SAILED. Steamships Scotia, and Manhattan, Liverpool; Olvtn pia, and Pennsylvania, Glasgow; Koln, Bremen; Citv of Galveston, New Orleans; barks Ironsides, Stockholm; Home, Liverpool: Luna, Stettin ; Edgar Cecil, Plctoa, NS: Nuuvo Virginia, Rotterdam; Dr C Tupper. Cork ; D Mcpherson, Gibraltar; Nescio, Stockholm; Reinhold, Koulgsberg; Agon, Gloucester, E: John Boulton, La Stinyra and Porto Cabello; brigs Ernest, Kingston, Ja ; iavid Rugbee, Cadiz; Kossak, Clenluegos; Monarch del Mare, Gibraltar; Amelia Emma, l'ort Royal, SC; G S Kerry, Darien, On ; Union, Paseblac (Canada) ; Balenr, Lagua.vra: Chanticleer, Burbor Briton; Rival, St Johns, NF; schr Eothen. Aux Coycs. Wind at sunset NW. Marine Disaster*. Bark Mirth* (Ger), Ehrenreich, from Philadelphia Mav 10, with 181,121 gallons reflncil petroleum, valued ut $85,000, tor Konlgsherg, was ashore at Duustbay Juno 9, and would probably be a total loss. Bark Ehrxka, Prince, from T?gal (Java), for Boston, put into Cape Town, CGU, May ? , leaky. Brio Elkoona (Br), Thompson, from Baltimore for St Thomas, which was reported spoken, no date, leaky, arrived at her destination May 27. Schrjuiia A Martha, from Philadelphia, of and for Calais with coal, before reported ashore ou Black Ledge, got off 10th and proceeded. Scnn Gko Washington, Small, from Boston for Bangor, put into Bootlihav June 5, with lots ol utalu gaff, main sail split and leaking badly. Two coasting schrs were ashore In the Potomac River on the Oth lust? one at Port Tobacco and one at Chap man's Point. The wreck of schr Belvtderc, as she lies near Brenton's Reef, was sold at. Newport 10th Inst lor $26. John Waters A Co. wreokcrV were the purchasers. This sale Includes anchors, chains, rigging, Ac. Nkwport, June 10? Schr Adeline Hamlin. Lewis, from Port Johnson tor Newburyport, which put in here leak ing, has gone Into the river somewhere to discharge her cargo, sailing early this morning. Providhnci, June 10? The schr Treasure lost her bow* sprit and received other slight damage yesterday atter noon, by colliding with the draw of tue 1'oiut Street Bridge, which was partially open. Portsmopth, NH, June 10? Three-masted schr Ruth T Carlisle, of Philadelphia, when making this Inirhor with a cargo of coal, in a thick fog, found Odlorne's Point with her forefoot, but was fortunate enough to get off un banned and came up to the wharf on Saturday. St Johns, NF, May 21? The bark Panama (Nor), from Cork for Nova Scotia, was abandoned in a sinking state May 5, In lat 47 N, Ion 42 W ; crew lauded here by the LAt x ie, Hoskius, from Cadiz. Miscellaneous. We are Indebted to the purser of the steamship Hat teras, from Bermuda, for favors. We are indebted to Purser J C Webb, of the steamship Montgomery, from Savannah, for l'avoro. The purser of Uie steamship Champion, from Charles ton, has our thanks for favors. LAUNCiirn? A fine new bark of 400 tons burthen, built at C G Merry's shipyurd in Damariscotta, was launched on the 9th. She is owned by Curtis A Davis, and others, of Portland. SHirmiiLniNo? Messrs Oaks A Son are building at their {artl, In Brewer, Me, a three-masted schr tor N H (lup ins and others, she will he sua tons, n m, and will he commanded by ("apt lliggins, of orrington. A bark of M0 ton*, o ni, Ik also under process of construction for J as Baker, of Brewer, and others, of Belfast, und when com pleted will be under command ol Capt Joseph Wright, of Orrington. Messrs E A A Sew all. of Bath, have laid the keel of an other large slilp. Morrow A t'o. of Rowdoinham, Me. have launched and rigged their beautiful S-masled schr and have gent her t? sea with a cargo ol ice, under the command of Capt Nich ols. The other schr on the stocks is hastening to com pletion. C I' yuint A Co have launched their 2-inastcd schr n nd are busily engaged in fitting her lor sea. It is raid that those vessels are of superior model, material and workmanship. Notice to Mariners. Boston, May 10? The hell buoy on Harding's Ledtre has capsized, rendering tbe bell unserviceable In giving warning to mariners. Whalemen. Sailed from Wesfport Point 18th ins:, bark Mattapoisett, Tripp, for Atlantic Ocean. Spoken. Steamship Oberon (Br), from New Orleans for Liver pool with machinery disabled, Ma.v 22, In t 44 20, Ion 42 10. ship Calumet, ironi Boston for Calcutta, April 1, lat I t 8, Ion 24 W. Ship Nancy M (Br), Dexter, from New York for Ant werp, May 21, lat 43, Ion 48. Ship I *a it ;? . Marcv, from Liverpool May 12 for Boston, June 7, lat 4.1 21, Ion 54. '.7. Foreign Porta. Acafclco, May 11? Arrived, ship Cuba, Theobald, Balti more. ilKRwnnA, June 1? Arrived, brig Excelsior (Br), Mayor, New York. in port June C, steamship Petersburg (Br), Blaik, for New York 9th. Caibarif.n, May 20? Arrived, brig Pathfinder (Br). More house, St Thomas; schr . I M Flanagan. Shaw, Philadel |hia; i-'4th, hark Charlotte Geildie (Br), McKcn/.ie, st Thomas; schr Marlon ?.age, Fountain, Philadelphia (and plila; i-'4th, hark Charlotte Geddie iBrt, Mckenzie, St Thomas; schr Marlon ?;age, Fountain, Philadelphia (and sailed ?th lor SagtUl) ; 28th, brig Liberty, Duvercux, do; 31st, schr C E Elmer, Corson, do. Sail 'd 20th, brig Loch Lomond, Clough, New York : 57th, schr I-. I lie 1. Smith, Smith, Boston ; ;dst brigs A J Ross, Wyinan, Philadelphia; Alias, Mitchell, New York; Sportsman, Hlancliard. do. CiKNrOhUOS, Ma.v 31? Arrived, bark Augusta C Small (Br), O'Brien, Boston; brigs Robert McK Spearing il'r), Thompson, New York; Daisy Boyatou, Appleby. Barb* does. Sailed, 80th, bark M B Stetson, Primers, Boston ; brigs J II l.atie, Shute, New >urk; Annie Gardner (Br), llatcli. do; schr Thomas Clyde, Cain, do; 31st, harks .1 8 Pontop piJan (l)nn),; Mary Evans (Br), Jenkins, do; brigs Velocity (Mr), Polls, do; Matano, Jarvis. da Cakdknas, June 2? Arrived, barks Elgin (Br), Herbert, Philadelphia ; Weymouth (Bn, Cnurclnll. Havana; schr Louisa Wilson, Holt, Savannah, 3d, bark Roving Sailor, Itrvant. New >ork; brig-i Morning Star (Br), Macomber, do; Rocky Glen, from st John, NB; schr Chas McCarthy, Cobb, New York; Marcus Hunter, Hmlev, Portland; 5th, hark Joshua Lorlng, Marshall, Newburvport. sailed Mav SI, brig Annie (Br), Largen. north of list teras; sclir Vv R Barry, Sherrard. and l.avolta. Whltte in ore, do: 31st, hark Lavlnia, Dyer, do; brigs Willow Hrse (Br), McDonald, do ; Josie A Devereux, C urtis, do; June 2, bark Candace (Br). Mtirchison, do; brijr^ Athoi (Hr), Iiauncey. do; Carrie E Pickering. Torrey, do; schrs K G Sawder. Kelley, do; R M Brookings, Browne, and Ariadne <l?r), Penerjr. do. Sailed 5th. schrs Kate Carleton (Br), north ol Haterass; J RicardoJova. Little, Baltimore H av ana. June 4? Arrived, Lottie, Johnson (not as be I lore). Arrived ftth, brig Torrent, Wilder. Baltimore; schr 1 Nellie J l>iu?inore. Dilisinore, New York; 6Mi, harks Dirigo. Mallett (or Thorni, Mludlesborough ; E via Simta 1 Cruz, Tenorirte; H D Stover. Plerson, New York; brig j Rooky Glen, Dorr, Bt John, NB, via Cardenas; schr S G Kiint. Pascagoula. Sailed 5th. hark Tres Aurora (Span), Carbo, Now Or. leans: brigs Isidora Kionda (Br), Pluinmer, Lagos de Ter mio; Harmony i Hr), Edgelt, New York. Also, sailed 5th, steamship Juan (i Meigs, Shaeltford, Aspinwall; hark" Sunshine, Kichmond. Falmouth, E;, II F llussev, Stacey, New Orlesns; hrlg Dos Magda lenas (Sp), Atoueta, Norfolk. Litrarooi., June 10? Arrived, ship Atmosphere, Cet tello, New York. Arrived 1 1th. steamship Nestorian (Br), Watts, Quebec, hailed 6th, steamship Minnesota (Br), Hamlin, New Or ni's direct. leMoruxK, June l?? Arrived, steamship Trinacria (Br?, Thompson. New York for Glasgow and proceeded) Arrived lith, steamship t'alltornia, Craig, New York for Glasgow. M ai'hio, Mav t? Arrived, bark Amelia ^Vilson (Br), W a t* son, Periianit>uco. Macabi, Ma.v 10? Sailed, bark Pericles, Cahill, Fal mouth, E. Mavaocks, May 2?? In port, brigs Rachel Coney, ("onev, for Boston ibofore reported sailed 24tll); Daniel Trow bridge. Itico. from Bartiados, arrived 24th ; schr James A Brown, from Boston, arrived 251! . Mat.inzas, .1 one 1? Arrived, brigs Mabel (Br). Woods, St Thomas; S V Nichols (Br), chase, New York; schr i Emily Curtis, Barbour, Philadelphia . 2d, bark ormus, Pettcnglll, Marseilles 2d, Jennie (Tohb, Packard, Ha vana ; brig J k'olledo (Br), Dyer, Portland Arrived 6th, hark G de /aldo, Miller, New York; brig Msiirii i'. Hartlett. do. baili d Mav 31. brig Mury Skwart UtDvwcH, UOIlh > of Hattero*. !??. bark* Addle Mo Adam. Partridge. Mew 1 York, U i alio (Kr , Sandford, Baltimore , Torryburn (Br), Chop. New York brig L rttaries, Uarrtmaii Baltimore ; id schr Fannie li Hucklln, Bucklin, Milladelphia. Montreal, June 8? Arrived. steamship Northern (Br), Kullerton. N?w York. _ . . . . Cleared Mb, steimftfitpft HIWrnitn CBiO. Ai^Uer, and Palestine (Br), Owen*, Liverpool ; t>ark Ko?arlo(?c)t rel >Cp?RNAMau^^Uay 1? Arrived, bark Clifton (Br), Bade, BPo?2rMa? 24? In port, brlsr* John Bovd (Br), ??well. ldg; John Mason. Porter. do; Atlialaskn (Br), do, Tlios Albert (Br), do. . Bailed about 24th, brig Echo, MeCahan, Coamo, to com plete cargo lor Baltimore. , . Qoeenstown, June 11? Arrived, steamship Italy (Br), Andrew*, New York for Liverpool. _ , _. . Quebec, Jnne 9? Arrived. steamship Nyatwa <Br), er, Loudon via Plymouth, bark Dronnlng Ixjuise (nor), Larsen, Sandy Book. . Rio Janeiro, May 25? Arrived previous, bark New Light, Chapman. Baltimore. St Thomas, May 26- Arrived, barks Helen Patterson (Br), Brltton, Montevideo (and nailed 27th lor Sagna and north of llatteran) ; Geo Ksson (Br), Foster, Rosarm land tailed 27th for Caibarien)- Atlantic (Br), McKenzie. Bue no? Ayres iand tailed lor Fajardo) ; Suzerain (Br), Crosby, Rio Janeiro (and aalled same day for Fajardo): krlg* Randolph Payson (Br), Kl drldge. Martinique; Sainval Crosael (Br), >purr, do (and loth sailed same dav for ?t Johns and Baltimore); achr Isaac Oberton, Achorn, Baltimore; 2?tb. brigs Edith Hall. Oliver, do; A M Owen (Br), Hunt, Lunenburg (and sailed 28tli lor Mayaguez) ; 27th, bark Mary Rldeont (Br), Tucker, Buenos Ayres (and ?ailed 29th lor Huinacoa and Europe) :brigs D C Chap man, Kulght, Martinique (and sailed 29th for Yabacoa am" Baltimore) ; Eledona (Br), Thompson, Baltimore. Sailed 25th. brigs K McLeod (Br), Tibbetta, Areclbo and New York ; 27th, Quaco (Br), Uakin, Arroyo and north ot H Freights? ' Tonnage scarce. The demand far vessels to load lor Europe continues, as the bulk of the Porto Rico crop is going that way ; us hlfh a> ?3 js, free ot lighter age, has been paid. The same quotations as heforefor the I'nited States, via? $4 a $3 75, gold, from Porto Rico, and $6 to$f> 25, currency, from Cuba. St Jauo, May 27? Arrived, bark Abd-el-Kader, < rosby, Baltimore ; E A Cochran, Nlckerton, Philadelphia. Sicca. May 15-Arrived, a Maria, Boyd, Havana; 26th. 8Ur, Cook, and Clara J Adams, McFadden, Cardenas; schr Ed wiu J Morrison, Lavender, do; Mth, brigs T Rsmick, Rote. St Thomas : Christine lim. New York ; 71st, bark John Zittlosen, Wilkinson, st piomas, brigs Malaga (Br), Carlow, New York; Samuel Lindsey, Bradford, bt Thomas; ?chr Marlon Gage, Fountain, Cai bftrico Arrived June 1, barks T K Weldon, Colson, Havana; Helen 1'alterson (Br), Brittin, 8t Thomas; ?^hM 01lina? D King, Eldridfc'e, Matanzas; Clara W ElwcU, Giles, P sViled'lwth, bark Samuel E Sprin?, Small. Philadelphia ; brig Valencia. Small, do ; schrs Bertha Souder, Wooster, New York ; 21st, bark James Ives <Br>, McLean, Phila delphia; brigs Jeremiah, Ford, New York; Helen G Kicti, Strout, north of Hatteras. , ? ^ . . Sailed June 1, barks Sandy Hook, Barjtow, New York , Brothers (Br), Jenkins, do; brigs Sarah Gilmore, ChHurd, Boston; Myronus, Higglns. Philadelphia; schr Alzena, Boynton, New York. , stdnet, CB, May 30? Cleared, brig Wadtuau (Br), New ^St^Johw, NB. June 9? Cleared, bark Martha McNeil. Jordan. Liverpool. I Per Steamship Algeria.! Ardrossan, May 28? Sailed, Chan Luting, Wicks, Kan '""cant*. May 26? Sailed, Helen 3ands, Woodslde, Leg h<A>iTW?Rr, Mav 27? Arrived, Yorkshire Law. Upcraft, Boston; Jo\in Kills, Molvin. Philadelphia; Frova, Olseu, do; 27th. Primus, Nielsen, Boston; Westmoreland, Heron, Philadelphia; 30th, Frisk, Bvendsen. do. Bailed 27th, Nina Sheldon, Sheldon, Philadelphia; 28th, Chili. McLeod, Sydney, CB; Pollv Lewis. Johnson, Val paraiso; Richmond, Stanley, and King of Algeria smith Philadelphia; Vesta. Grunde, do; Dario, Cosulich. New York; 29th, Faderlahd (a). Van der Ueyden. Philadel P 'sailed from Flushing Roads 26th. Fanny J McLellan, McLellan, Newcastle. _ . Belfast. May 30? Arrived. Lammergler, Doboy. Sailed 30th, Elias, Zar, New York via Troon. Barrow, May 30 ? Sailed, Kgden, Neilsen, New \ork. Bkump.rhaven, May 28? Arrived, New York (s), Klug kif.t, New York. Sailed :8th, Hansa (s). Brlckeusteln, New York. Barcelona. Mav 28? Arrived. Solla. Garrlgo, New York, Balnomero. Sfillet, New Orleans; 27tli, Trea Herniation, Costa, New Yorlt. . ? A . BcknosAvrks, April 19 ? Arrlvo<l, Centanr, yau?han, St Stephen. NB; 22a, IJashaway, Kaln. Brunswick, Oa; 24th, Brazil, Prout. Savannah; Ocean Express, Crowell, Brunswick (all before reported without dale). Cork, May 2S? Arrived, Hugh Fortescue, I erriam, San Francisco; 29th, KalstaJ. Melsen, New York. Cardikf, May 29? Sailed. Annie M Kmull, Packer, Bhanghae; 30th, Tlios Lord, Wliilmore. Rio Janeiro Entered out 23th, Rocklight, Evans, lor Montevideo. Couumna, May 24 ? Arrived, Christina, Clausen, New CorENHAOKN. May 27? Passed, Hermanug Ilendrika, Howing, Chariestoii for Colberg. Chonstadt, May 26 ? Arrived. 11 D Brooktnan, Ames, New Orleans; Grahams Polly, Clapp. New Yorn: Eva li Fisk, DavieB, Phllailclphln. ? Dovkr, Mav 30-0ff, Richmond. Stanburr. from Ant werp lor Philadelphia ; Chill. McLeod. i'ur Sydney, CB; Vosta, Iroui do for Philadelphia. Donkoai., May 27? Arrived, Elizabeth Scott, Duncan, B DuNamic, May 29? Sailed, Nellie May. Tlair, New York. DiKrrF, Mav 28? Sailed, Arizona, Conant, Philadelphia. Dk.vl, May 31? Arrived, Arracan, West, Sau Francisco for Sunderland (and anchored). Dantsu:, May 27? Arrived, Magnus Lagerboter, v under bergh, Philadelphia; Ilex, Salicath. New York. Ki.sisoiie, Mav 2C? Arrived, Loreley, Pedersen, Phila delphia; 27th, All, Hteen, do lor Koillcsherg. _ , Foi.kkstonk, May 30 ? OiT, King of Al^eriu, smith, trom Antwerp for Philadelphia. Falmouth, May 29? Arrived, Paul. Bogel, San Francisco for Boston, E. _ ? . _ Sailed 31st, Charter Oak, Nichols. Dunkirk; Nebo, Horn, G?1<>then?u'rc., May 25? Arrived, Falke. Bolt, New York. Glasuow, May 29? Arrived, Castalia (s), Butler, St ^Urkknoc*, May 30 ? Sailed, Ismailla (s), Ovenstone, Meiliterrani-an ; Slst, Tyriin (s). Lawson, do. Gkmoa, May 24? Arrived, S Pietro, Liuro, New York; 25th, Pelayo, Roses, do; Mdonlan (s), Henderson, Glas K "iYelvort, Mav 28? Sailed, Maeanliy, Rodgcrs, Haiti more; 29th, George Bell, Rose, Cardiff. Havre, Mav 28? Arrived, Antoinette. Ka-npinier. Haiti more ; Washington ts), Roussan, and Eurcxa, Holloway, New York. <;ieareit 29th, Snecefs, Chase. Hampton Road". Hambcrg, May 28? Arrived, Hammonla (s), Voss, New Saiied from Cuxhaven 27th, Pacific, Johnson, New York. Liverpool, Mav 30 ? Arrived, St Joseph. Alexander, and Bertha, l'ote, San Francisco; Russia (s). Cook, New York; 3nth, Alias is). Gill, Boston (and entered out lor do). Sailed 29th, Vidfarne, Niel-en, Philadelphia ; Yick * Mebane. Hull, Galveston ; Lalla, Goudy, Baltimore; Cru sader, Jenkins, and Washington, Chase, New York ; 30th, Superior, Clase, do; Texns(s), Bouchette. Montreal. Cleared 29th, Arlington, Costello. Philadelphia; 30th, Michael Hutchinson, Messer, Buenos Ayres and .--an Fran cisco; Louise. Bahlrus. City Point; KailUto, Kiitel, New York ; Saranak, Ives Philadelphia, *c. Entered out 29th, IVnedo(s), (lain, for Mobile via r'nr dlff; Circassian (s), Wylie. Wylle. Montreal; North Amer ican (s\ Miller, do; (iranton. Rowland, New Orleans; 80th Moravian (s), Graham, Montreal; Providence. Coalneet, Philadelphia; Lapwing, Lima (changed iroin San Fran cisco): Van l>;cinan, Kobiuson, Melbourne (changed from San Francisco). off the Bell Buoy 29th, Lalla, Goudy, from Liverpool for Baltimore. . . . . Off the Great Ormeshead 28th, Orfeo, Qucsta, from Liv erpool lor New York. ...? London, Mav 29? Arrived. Sir Robert Peel. Larrnhee, New York (ami entered out to return) : Orion, Tonnesen, do ; Freden, Nielsen, Philadelphia , SOth, Kiukan, Andrea sen, Daricn ; Princess Royal. Anderson, Pugct Sound. Cleared 29th, Hanoen, Rodseth, New York; 30th, KriK ncti, Lavarello, do: New World, Champion, do; 31st, RobtL Lane, Williams, Antwerp. Entered ont29th, Kunoinia, Oisen, and Borealls Beard, for New York. _ Arrived at Gravesend SOth, Thracian. Ilay. New York. Lisbon, May 23? Arrived. Murianna II, Santos, New * LoNDONrrRRT. May 30? Sailed, Energia, Corvetto, New York via Glasgow. ? Lfriiorn, Mav Arrived, Italia (s), Straker, Genoa (and left for Naples). . , ? , ?, . . ? Mahseillks, May 21? Arrived, Evanell, Hlchborn. New ^Saiied 27th. Florence I Henderton, Henderson, Buenos A M'oNTP.vtnro, April 20? Arrived, Windward, Hi;tglns, San Francisco lor I/lverpool. Newport, May 27? Arrived, Prussia, Patten, Hull (and ent out for Rlo'Janeiro). Entered out iMh, t'hamplon, Scott, for Stonington. Sailed 29th, St Christopher. Brandhoff, Boston. Nkwrt, May 29? Arrived, Fylla, Frus, Baltimore. 1'LVMOUTn? Off Start Point May 27, Carrie Reed, Crow l ell, trom .-an Francisco for Antwerp. ? Off the Wight 26th, Juno, Naesholm, from New \ork for OrV^NsrowN, May 29? Sailed, J W Scammell, Hielstrom (from San Francisco), London. Rkval, Mav 17? Arrived. Helen C'inton, Blanchard, New Orleans; Fylgla, Jensen, and Iinperator. Jensen, do; 22d, Scaflower, Duncan, iind Uuner, Krickscn, do. Rio jANEino, April '.'9 ? Sailed, Draga <?, Llnast, New York; 30th, Triton, Beer, Hampton Ro:?ds: May 1, Gilstat Adolf. Ternstrom, New York ; Contest, Owen, Galle; 2d, Nicolas Knudsen. Peterson. Hampton Roads. St Tbpwali. Roars. May 29 ? Passed, Ocean Child, Da vits, from Portmador tor North America. Southampton. May 3.) ? Sailod, Baltimore (s), Llllien heln, Baltimore. _ . . . SwiNFMrsPR, May 26? Arrive d? Bcrtlia, Schwartz, Wil mlngton. NC; 27th^ liurgermeister Kirsteiu, Ehrenrich, New York. , . Stockholm, May 19? Arrived, Erstatnlngen, Jensen, Saili-TlTtl), Amanda. Schulfz. Philadelphia. TiiiK.?TR, May 24? Sailed, Flavis, Arflero, Philadelphia. American Porta. ALEXANDRIA, June 9? Arrived, steamship E C Knicht, New York; schrs A F Bailey, New Haven; A D Scull, Boston; \V I) Hilton, Providence land sailed same dav to i return); Hersc.hell, New York; John F Kranz, Boston; J j * sa'iled? Sc'tirs Maria Pierson, Jersey City; Florence I Shay, Allvn's Point; A F Kind berg. New Haven, j APPONAUO, Jnne 10? Soiled, schr J L Hesa> Conklln, ^BOSTON, .tune 10? Arrived, schr Freddie L Porter , Cobb, Alexandria, Ya ,, ? Cleared? Steamer Wm Lawrence, Hallett, Baltimore , via Norlolk , barks George T Kemp (rfr). Oevens. lort Elizabeth, CGH ; Sarah E Frazer. Nichols. Sydney. <_B ; N K tllenients (Br), Corning. Charleston; brigs H Van j IL.rn (Br), Hooker, Wilmington, Nt ; Benlam.n ( arver, Williams, Searsport; schrs Kate I-oster, Harraden, Jack sonville; S B Franklin, Moores, Savannah. Also cleared, barks Storm King, Bray. Cape ^oa.?t, Africa; Schencke (NG). Marquerring, Hamburg; achrs K Smith., Philadelphia. Sailed? Steamers Maltu, and William Lawrence; barks George E Kemp. Schenckc. and Fredonia; and from the Konds nil before reported at anchor lllli- Arrived, hark Kpbralm. Williams. Ship Island; brigs Champion. Ponce; Otles Lorliig. Havana; Gold Finder Inatiua; Caroline E Kellnv, Hoboken; schrs Kate Grant Axua: Northern Light, Sagua: East Wind, .Nassau, BALTIMORE, June 10? Arrived, steamer Geo A lipoid, Loveland. Boston via Norlolk ; bark* Framat (Swed), Lun Igreen, Rio Janeiro ; Counless of Dufferln (Br), Me Gcnagie, Liverpool ; Jas * Kiehard Walsh (Br), Long, Sagua; brigs Osseo, Lowerv. Havana; Wm McKi^an (Br*, Wolt. Areclbo; schrs Mary Cobb. Humphrey, Weymouth; ,t W Dodge, Tavlor, New York; S C Hart, Kelley, New Bedford; Wm Arthur. Mclmffev, Portland; A P Avery. Rvan. New liaven; C C Lane, Lande, New Haven. Cleared, bark Sampo (Ru-s), Menman. Bella?t ; brigs Hiram AblfT, Perkins, Progresso; Mississippi (Br). Mer chant. Demcrara; MarvRlce, I'ratt. Curacoa ; schrs Peer lc*i. PafU'rson. West Indies; J M Faost, Woodland, Pr<> i vldetice ; A Henike, Janes, Boston. . , , Sailed, barks Encliantress, Montevideo; Frederlea ami Carolina, cork ; krigs Mary Rice. Curacoa ? Hiram Abiff, Progresso; Mississippi, Demcrara ; ?ohrs Teal, llallliax ; Alrima. St John, N B. _ ? BRUNSWICK. Ga. June fr-Arrlved. bark John S Hall (Br). Iniahain, New York, to load for Sagna. Sailed 6th. schr Halite E Sampson, Davis, Boston. BOOTHBAV, .nine 4? Arrived, schrs Marv Hetcner. Bangor for New York; Mary I-ee Newton. Hainmond. Port .li.hnson for Calais; Caldwoll, Vail, Deer Isle for "Mfc. June 9? Cleared, schr* Vlcksbnrg, Wastilnuton, I)C;Tonl. Kendall. New York j Monitor, Kei ' haKKK S LANDING, June 10? Hailed, schr Hannah Blackman. Arnold, New York. .. ... ,, rt BRISTOL, June 9? Arrived, ?chr Delphi, Allen, sa'l'led' frhrs R H Wheldcn, Nickels. Uoboken, roint i er, Thraaiier, l'r#viQeiic% siuui. The CHARLESTON, .(use 7 ? Cleared, schrs Telttma, HlN ding, Ronton ; Luev Hammond, Hagley, Jacksonville ?Sailed? Hark Nenuphar (Hr), Walker. Liverpool ' Uth? bailed, schrs 0 A HeuUey, Georgetown. DC: Tela, mah, Boston. CALAIS, June#? Cleared, schrs Hattie Ellen. Ash ford St Domingo; G II Weutworth, Collins, New York Buu bcam. Hunker, Ballitnnre. fith? Arrived, schr*. M, .relight, Allen, New York: Johm Bovnton. dill, do via Eastport. Cleared? Schr Georgie Staple*, Lord. Baltimore. ? Cleared, sctirs Mindoro, Hunker : Addie Todd, (tor son and Leader, Barter, New York. ni? ?*> June 4? Arrived, barks ArgaumjBr). Grundy, Barcelona; Irvine (Brt, O'Grady, Cape de TefU; b?;fcr.LSK?" liraRk'. New York. i-?T.1~?le*r'"a- bark* Canada Belle (Br), Tlndall, Sundtr ni' KvS?rJc".n Bagle. Harding, liartlepool. emitu VhlUdeip|1T,6~Arrivcd' iChf S*mucl L Rlu*n? vi'7^r Sartth CUrk. Grifflng. Philadelphia. Chase, New Vor**. JUDe 7"ArrlTed' whr Nttiad northlf.r^e,d/i.^.hrs Vinerv*- Brlshtman. Eltaabeth tork. Gardner, Miller, aud Kountaiu, Gage, Neir l i ni/ 1 Titfr hT8ph ni*c?lboi Henley, and W A Dar mnm ? kiuA ; Wm ^cGee. Woodland, Balti Etfmrds, an<P*aktr, ?ZZ"^i\\bf?^n< W ^ V,rie' Mo?glfn,lrM? Yo1rkPtUUe ' Br^?' Ori?-?o". and Castllian,. Co?rk or ^lmoSuthJUne ***??> b"? Sprogue. .n^TOd^ie^^^. ^ U? H" ?Sr45Iiv^hv''8,y man.<NewEYjrkK,'IUnC lu~ArriTe^ #chr Highland, Free. JACKSONVILLE, June 3 ? Cleared, sehrs Nellie Craw Tork ?We "eW "ttvcu: Muld 01 ,,le *l*t, Smith, New 4 th ? Ar rt h rs F E Uallock, Tyler; Carrie Walksr McFarland : J W Mail land, Colcord ; Wave Crest Uren bach, and ll C Shepherd, French. New York ~V'?W' ?Sh,K.M',.!lld* Bfooks, Jones,' New York: Addie L Cutler. Smith, lioston. * KEY WEST, June II? Sailed, steamship City of Fan Antonio, Pennington (irom Galveston). New York. KhNNEBUNKPOKT, Me, June 9? Arrived, schr Wm. Durcn, Doyle, Holioken. forVbliadoTphta 8cllrs s WTown*"ia' and John Williams, Graves. Ruatan''8, Jui,eft-Arri**d? ?chr r v Turner, h.ViVLd? 8,eo p J* Pi Crowcll, New York; Vafley,H<e!?ch, Be lizc^ ^?on.? ^ LUy* ,h* ^..-Arrived, sbip Rochester. Clongh, Naples via Mes n5!^??iT?tr2.7,"h,lp\'lr* Q1"*" (Br). Oorbishley, and Bolivar (Br). Doherty, Liverpool; bark Ada Barton. Mc Grath, do; schr Linda, Newton, Havana. Yort_SaUCd' 8team8hlp Cuv of d??m. Jones, New Soothww* Piss, June 7, PM-Sailed, steamship Mlssis bound '''''' "?c'# '' anchored outside, outward Pam-a-VOoth. June 7? Arrived, brig Nuevo Copernfeo (Sp), Marcelin, St Jago; ?chr Eastern Queeu, Conner*. Kuatan. NORFOLK, June 9? Arrived, schr B Jsflamilton, Kins. New i ork. ' Sailed? Steamship San An Ionia (Br), Rbcu (from Gat veston), Liverpool. 19th? Sailed, bark Erna (Nor), ITalvorsen, Bordeaux, ?p ? ?"1? 'dun ,Nor't Knudsen, Liverpool ; scUr S T V Baker, Davis, Btrbice. NEW BEDFORD, June 9? Arrived, schrs Chase, Peck, Richmond, \ a ; Ricn/.l, ( oldel?:h, Elizabeth port ; Tunia Depew. Baker, New York ; Long . ?ood, Merrill, Boston. Sailed? Schrs Henry (iibbs, Chase. New York; QenryA. Taber, Bowman, do. rw?:.A(uW schrs Battle Perry, Chase, Philadelphia y y?!5 2?!?& Baker, and Niger, Thompson, New York, i- ? PORT, June 9. I'M? Arrived, schrs KT Graham. Jar vis somerset forNewYurk: Entire, Kiunear, Fall River for do; sloop Deception, Rondout M^,h?t^SShr,,TI?0\Rllia' New York; Empire, York John Lozier, Lincoln, Taunton lor New 19th. AM? Arrived, schr B D Pitt, Williamson, Eliza Dctnport, NE W LONDON. June 10? Arrived, schrs R P King. vpwenfrfir?CV Ynrk : ?ld Zack. rioboken. ^ ^ b lu? Arrived, brig Heaver (Br). t?4 H1, ' Iiat>e J Hoyt, Arnold, and Henry Allen. Tatem, Georgetown, DC; Ella U Barnes, Avery, Alexandria; Jas Hoffman. Shropshire. Trenton; F 1) Ge Roiidout ' * Brunswick: Jubn E Earle, korsythe, p,^*I'e<1-8c.hrs Forest Ouk, Parker, Baltimore ; Judge Runj on .Robinson, New Brunswick ; sloop Cornelia, Ball. New York. ' ? r< Arrived, brig Thos TurUll, Thomson. Ponce; schra Collins House (Ger), Harding. ChatUain: Oliver Scodeld, Diwoway, Alexandria ,; Flying Fish. Sillock. Hoboken; G ( Burdett, R<.?ers Port Johnston ; Kuth Shaw, Shaw. Baltimore: Wm Miller, Hurley, Camden; T A Forsyth! 1 aimer, Mamloid ; .-loops (irace Darlinj, Cole, Yarmoth; Empire, Qulnn, Stony Creek. ' n?fe"r?Td- *>/J? T downer. WiUard. Porto Rico; schrs S?iA. N?w *ork; L D Gerard, Davis, do; Bclona, Hill, Boandout. ^ ? ).in5^?^C0.r'A' Ju,ne 6T.A!7lv?d' ,"u'k s?crnmen?o. Rob bln.s, Galveston ; schrs E II Naylor, Taylor, do ; Fanny faf)n'ri!iS2V ' TUockp"r,t' Texas. Below, ship Juno (Br), Curry, troin Liverpool. CJeared? Schr W A Watson, Watson. New Orient* rn5.~r^ !^: "p1'' Walls, Liverpool. M&fflta (Br)' Uobb' Llv^"oo.; bark London: jh Duffus (4'r). Killam, Liverpool, via Svdnev! CH; brigs John Briglitinnn, Hansen, Cicntuegos : Eva ft Johnson, Johnson, (ardenas; Isaac Carver Williams Bamror: schrs Whitney Long, Haves, Gardiner, Me; Louisa Crockett, .Flanders, st Mary's Kiver; J B Mar s 4 1 a 1 1 , Marshall, Gardinerj ?T H Crowlev. t'rowlov Rim* ton; Old Chad, McCllntock, Baracoa: Francis doflhi, Ilatson. Ca Mj'.; 8 P Adams, Tahbutt. Boston; Lizzie & Hickman. RobIn.?.n. do; Ocean Traveller, Ad'tms. do. ?Roared? Steamers Panther, Mills; Achilles Colbnrn ' Willetts, Boston, brig Young Jessie (Br), Pipe, Cork tor orders: schrs Mary J Ward. Ward; 'I lies Watts, Curtis, and J oh n D Paigu, Haley, Boston* ^Lizzie Maull. Maull, Qulticy Point: Potomac, Carver, Portlaid Teazer, Mocumh Bristol, Rl; Sophie Wilson, rnifln J"!.: i. ? < orli?1e Northrup, Bristol, HI , J A. im J0,.,t,r' ' evidence; A D lluddei. Long. Hoston. . TBSr1' ?>ark Horace Beals, FIckett Matanzas; brigs J H DiHinirhani, Treat, C'ardenas* Valencia Sma-ll erifsir r? W St Ji*> Wk? i^Uii if. G 0 i ' yardluer, Me;8eth W Smith, Mar shall, St Marys, Oa ; Emily Raxter, Baxter, Pawtncket SaxonrrrowC?'if,,?l,p.8 W ?,CI7d'- O'ockcr. Providence; hirk? 'lor Ww- "r'?r : rh,p Snow, Hamburg; lr?r. ?*: i Norwood, Harkness, Liverpool;.' M Morales smgfors ' ct0,,, NS; br,f Albatross, Iverton, llel '!"no !"? fM? Arrived, sehr W R Barry, morn n"/' ITh 0'dei"S ,Tw" ,lL'rln l,r?J-'s entered this morntnf?. A tnree-masttd steamer passinc in at2-i0 I'M n ill. J" r v Aborts :-Bark Reform Vent to se. ai EdlU*' Passed up this AM, brigs Margbarita and Sagua~Pa8SC(i yc,t<,riIa-v' bark Samuel E Spring, from. h a^,nrjiTc2Jj!t.e^e ? "f- '""i8* Richmond, Cardenaa; Jo nannes. Sat^iia (both tor orders). Dd J"nt' J-Cleared, bark Benj Webster (new. of Portland), Smart, Montevideo. schr Alpha, Haulsbary. Kennebec for Philadelphia (put in for repairs* ' ^nneoec ror fnr Phf.eAr^K-k Phillips, Kennebec, to load ror F hlladelphia; s^hr Samuel Gilman, Keiley, Philadel Salled? Barks Bcnj Webster, Ktta Stewart ? hricr? T?n Peri ; schrs Geo B Monies, Bowdoln, Teazer Alaska Wi* Ilpki\vmK! 'p nr '!llje, .r,n l 0,h('rs- ' ' C r ^n.M ?i?S?A^J " "e Vri v? schrs Lemuel Hall, ? ?r.nnell. Alexandria ; P Bolce, liighec; J ll Bartlett llat^He ' Vf itfurn. ? "ii " ? r' SV,l^h ? A J Moore Franklin ? Howes, Howes: John II Chaffee. Buell and William E Bartlett. Bartlett, Philadelphia; Haze, Speii M orrT?rC/5ol l'l ve^- " anif i'""? Mo?\ Elizabeth port ; Thomas m orris, J'Oimer. and hun line E rotter. Klls worth Pnrfc Johnson; David A Berry, Walters; Estelle, Furnlss- J Goodspeed, Gorhaui, and Jan M Ha vies. Arnold, Rondout' SaTk e t ' ("j U sc 'V " '/?' ilanei'"r*V* : J,lHn" 'h K Brown." u.J.ifS A J. ' ? A G Lawson, Htzpatrick. Croto/i ti?.!ioli i K,l,r?',: 'arvis, Clinton Point; Leonard Daniels, Smith, do; Eclipse. Ihxon, Barneirat- FIi^a r , oyKetri Milrhcl1' "0,b"ke? ' Mary A Sherman if ik^00, Ann Amelin, Allen .lercev Citv ? Hannah h Atkins, New York; iV nter ' l r, i ^lo v ?' Bristol: Ellen Perk ns. Kelley New W.rk ? ? t?.n sw!i Brown, Wilson, Poushkeepsie: ' ?rk ' "lo0P Fwd Sailed? Schrs Alexander Voung, Jones, Alexandria* R Philadelphia; Spray. Martin,' Tr'en nVr.'?'??T " f ?' ' , a verstraw ; Ell Town-end, Mch Ols, Hm Farren, Mn^ley; Kij'awav, Edma ? Sarah Hrn?>n P A WTtV K R T*1 r1,11!*0, Shaw. Philadelphia. ,0-Arrlved- luhr American Eagle. i?^Iwr^A!ONP.' JuIle Arrived, steamship Old Domtn. Ion, Walker, New York; schr E B Wharton, Bonsall do Connart! John P Kelsey, Stevlinau, Stuinlori, SAVANNAH, June 10? Arrived, steamship HnnLsville MfiSSr' '*"010"1' ?? ,*?. fcrUr??KK*icS2!t?~ M*"A ( learcd?Berk lda (Br*. Chalmers. St John, NB- schr? bii,roVw"nro.: Florn,,? Rogers, New Vork York. Wyoming, Portland; Fanny Butler. New ^ailed. schrs Admiral, Steelman ? de'lphia. Grace, and E II Atwood, Morris, Phila SrOVINOTf)X, June 10? Arrived, schrs Sani?erte?. Hawkins Ellzabethport; Expedite, Racket, amf flajn ''.^.Worre;, Ne w Vork for Pn.Tlden^; Blast, ^Parker" T Vt? i , r'y S.arah J Gurney, Gurnev liondout for do . Hannah R Brown, Sacki t. Haverstriiw for .in ? rii n?v / VK vC?CB I lor Dighton. VIN EYA HI) II A v I.N, June 11? Arrived, hric ( iold flnder iSSFS* *Sr f0-?0? "a^hel E Va'iuinnn. Philadel' iVii.i- t" allador. do tor Salem; M E r iW i [,?r ' rj'vineetown ; M A Brewer, Kol Jast. for N(w Vork ; Silas MeLoon, and Paciflc, Kocklsn 1 p .*? IW' ""n8or f"r do; Congress, and Alaska. Port and for do; H H Gibson Ports! month for do; Frances, Two Rivers t< r do* J s ?rry, Saleui /or do; John D Griffin, Glon'cester I nifio ri i Atwood and Admiral. Salem for Shiladel ^anttiokot for r }?kk " !i'r 1,0 ; Hanmer, Delaware B,L.kuA^J".Llbjr' for Jacksonville} lor Newark savannah ; Maria Lutit, Bangor Mr!1 nr'.l,7'iilirlH'ror'> r 0 po.r t0,d. exeeplng sehrs Kmellne, m l i 'i./i i,' r,artr.' "' s P*V, l annv ltanmer, Fran nfan v?,7? f' . 8 1,'lb?ol2j s""beam, Pacific, K Merrl Kienzle '-unt. M A Brewer, Admiral and Jacob s?Vi'' u- June 9- Arrived, brigs Black ; WnUham, Timin, New Vork; Rock|M>rt Me rn' oo^e? -'aeksonville ; H Hay lord, Shute, Cleared? Barks Maria Adelaide (Geri, Poeatls, Rotter, uam; Bravo (Nor), Christopersen, Bremen: --ehrs John . onies, Heath, Huston; l.uola Murchison, Jones, New ? ork. WARRHAM. June ?? Arrived, sehrs A H learning. Georgetown, DC; Palladium, Rvder, New York ; 1 0th, An gler, Besse. do. Wise K LLA VEOUI, ~ A SUPERB TONIC AND INVlOoRATOR-WlNCHEsl TKK'S 11 YPOPHOSP HATE OF LIMIi AND SODA a pertect cure for <;?neral Debility and Weakness of alf ktndsi also Nervousness and Night Sweats and Wasting; stimulates the appetite and produces most refreshing sleep ; excellent for delicate ladies and mothers nursing their infants. Trv It. Sold liv all druggist*. $i and S 2 per bottle. J. WINCHESTER A CO., cV mists, 36 Jolm street. New York. ABSOLKTR DIVtVRCKS OBTAINED FROM DIFFER, ent States; legal everywhere; desertion Ac . ?-*? elent cause. No publicity required; no charge until di vorce granted. Advice free. M. HOUSE, Attorney, 1M Broadway. BSOLCTE DIVORCES OBTAINED FROM COURTS ol different States: legal everywhere; no publicity ; no teos in advance ? advice free; cominissiouer tor every FBEDERICK I. KINO. 7 Counsellor at law, Broadway. DR. LEWIS' "BALM OF LIFE"? SURE CURB for Nervous Debility, Weakness, Ae Prineinal d? pot aud office. No. 7 Heach street. New York! P ( T R W^Kuf onH|?A tR|5~f!,A 51! w,,'r' KEKI' TINDER Ht for kind" ?g W ?OU* kllU Urwd- No,b"* A THRBETIIESDA MINKRAL SPRING WATt-.R, BEINC the only specific for the hitherto Ineurable diseas?a of the kidneys and bladder. Is not only the medicine pre scribed by the most eminent medical men ot this hemis phere. but by those ot the Kastern also. Colonel Dunbar, the discoverer, received orders for over 2,i*jo barrels in less than two uiutiUif. American depot, list Broadway. Nxw XurJt, A. U. UEAifl M D.. ASsak.

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