Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1873 Page 11
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MT1 A'noms WASTKIwyKWAliKI. 1 WMt. >Vr. 8WB8T 4RTH ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'*). -A U(ly go' tig to the country desires a si nation fur u Woman a* good plain iuuk .ml ll.dtver iu IvastMug CUNTON PI ACE. A RKRPBOTAIiLK WOMAN. A yJ with a daughor; mother n? ci?ok. washer and Ironer: dmghtcr in do eh a in her work ai a wuiiiinf mid ?MM with rare ot children , understands the cooking ol ? e.nb lit use. _ "II Wl hV .7TH ST.? AS PR'NCH AND WttU j| A I cook : understands her business. ('?? be ?ceu (ill U. ti 01 J UUc. ]n 1ST ST., THIRD PliOOB. ? A BKSPEOTAHLE, >) tid v girl it* coo* in a -mall priva e :ainlly ; best city referring. Call lor iwodayr lr WKST 4ITH ST., PHK ENT EM I'lAlYLR'H.-A A.O respectable youug woman a-. first ola? rook; un derstand* bvr business thoroughly; uo objection to the coumrv. Cat' tor^froday*. ?JO WiiKT IKII Ht-A YOUNO WOMAN AS HOOD ? TO conk; wmi'd u-si.-t with the washing and ironing ; bos o't.v reference. QQ CHRYHTIE ST.? A YOUNO OI'tL TO COOK. On wash and iron, or to do general housework, in a private family ; no object on 10 the country. A (I WKST srrtt >'T. ? A NEAT, COMPETENT U1RL ir"' to rook. wn?ti ami Iron In a>n>l | pvnte family) % a good bread and hiscuit nvikcr ; three yearn' reference. A ? Joy tor two duyn ut tier present employer's. r A UNIVERSITY PLACB.-A RESPECTABLE WO. ? ) 1 mail a- cook ; excite tr baker ; will assist in wa-di in* and roii ng city reiei anuc. p n WKHT 4?II1 ST.-A LADY, OOINO TO Ell HOPE. ite?ire? to find situation* tor her cook aud nurse; lio'h excellent g'rls. QQ 11 TH ft., NEAR ftTII AV.. PIRST PI.OOR.-A I P tru twortby worn m m co?k; can make in od bread and take care ol milk uud butter; city or country ; goinl rcft? en e. ' IfM T H AT , BETWEEN IBT1I AND 17TU STS., 1" a -eoond floor, iron'.? A* flr"t cla?s cook In a pri vate family ; understands her business thoroughly ; good city reference. inn WEST R?TH ST.? A COMPETENT WOMAN AH 1'"' t'nt c:a?i rook : undcrxtandK Eri n h and Ameri can cookinc ; excelltnl l-aker; no ob^oclioii to do course wa<hlng; city or country. Iim VEST tSTIl BT., REAR HOUSE, SEtOND floor, bark loom.? Two respectable young women: one a* eo#V wn-<her and ironer; tin oilier as chambermaid and *? trc-g and willing to a< l<t wi h the wash'ng in a Hin II 1 rm'c family ; uo ob.ectlons to go a short d'^'anee in the country. mWKRT 17TI1 ST., REaB.-A YOIiNU WOMAN itt?t ill-cr-gaged a? good plain cook; 110 object.ou to town or country ; good ci.y reh rcnce. llQ KA8T63D6T.? A KhSPEOTAPLE OIRL AS COOK AlO in a email private family; best city reference. Can lit seen for two day a. HQ WEST JJ'IH ST. -A ItESPKOTABI E WOMAN AS lie/ cook; uiidcrxiiiiils all kindxol co<iking, poultry and game; 110 objection to 11 tn at clfesa boarding house ; Hood cnjr and country rele rentes. lO' ORKBN Wit'il AV.? A REBPEOfARLE YDUNO I ? f girl a.-i 000k ; good wanher and ironer ; no ob ec Hon to go u short disuncv iu tlio country; bet<t city rcf ei elite. mWBi'r JUT fT.? Ail COMPETENT COOK; IS >< tiling to ft stM in coarse washing; three yearn1 city relercnce from licr present employer. mWKST 81 "T fT.? TWO SIFTERS j ONE AH cook, washer :ind ironer.; the other as chamber maid and waitress; city or country; beat city rciereuce. mWK8T ?8ril ST., ONE FLIUFT UP, BACK room.? ,\ respectable middle-aged woman as first c a<s cook In a boarding hou.-e or hotel; country pre lerred. liO ELM ST., NEAR ORAND, IN THE REAU.? A 1t?) re.-pectab'e woman us good Cook ; will a>s?mt in wiia ilng and ironing; city or Country; where *hc cun liavi' a little girl, goinv on 5 ye. r. olj, with her; good merenee. Call or address till ^uned. |C|| WMSf MTH ST. ? A RKSPECTABLE YOUNO 1>)VI woman us cook, wa.-her uud trotter; iaagood baker; best eitv reieretice. 1 CI EAST 0 II! tT.?A BKSIM CTAIJI'.E YOUNO A')JL girl as good cook: willing to annist in (lie wa liing mid Ironing ; also a ohiiuibermaid and wai res-. ; mi oli lectlou to a sliori dis ance iu the cot n ry ; best city rnces. Can he seeu at proeent employe I eq W. ST MTH ST., BETWEEN 8TH AND 7TH AVS., lt)^j in the grocery.? A voun,' woman us tir't clasa look . nndcr-tands mjups, ell.v.s uud di-sMirte; excellent baker ; country prelcrred; seat city n-lerenee. I /til WE >T 221) ST. ? A BKSl'KOTABI.K YOUNO iOi7 woman as first rate cook ; is thoroughly experi enced 1 no ob.eolion to go a short di?tume in tile country; (nil (K! found trustworthy ; best ci y referci 0 j. l/?li IbT AV? A>? KIRST CI, ASS PLA 1 N COOK; UN JUiJ der^tauda cooking in all its bran lira; abo agood baker and de>ser's; can take the en. ire charge ol kitchen and lairv; country w ork preferred; has the beat ouy ref erence^ 1 7?j 1 AoT a3u sr.? a bespeoi ablb wo II O man aa good 1 lain uook and fo do washing and Irouiuf ; beat city relet i n je. Can be seen tor iwj days. 17c OELANCEY ST.? A RKHPEOTABIJi YOUNO A I t J woniao a? ehanibeiinaid and wui rcss; go d ret tretice from I. st ;*<*?? ; no o jeet ou <0 go a short disunoe In the country. Oaa be m e.i tor 1 wo du.vs. t)f\A WKST 27TH ST.. IN THE l>RKSHMAKEK<>'.? ZUHr A* meat and p istry cook for a hotel, board ing house or Summer nouse . bjst ciij ro.ercnce. Q1Q EAST 74 rH HT. -A SMART YOUNO OIRI. A-) Ci 1 1) id.'iin cook, wu her and ironer in a smull private fsm lv : nest city re'eronce. Ol W r.i?T 27TM RT., BO M 12.? A Tlll'NO OIKL Ci M) to do pi*. in cooking, wa-hmg and ironing; best city refotence. OIC WEST 27 1 H bT. ?A HE PEO'i'ABliK WOMAN Ct LO as cook ?nd to a siai in ibe coarse washing; city rctercnce. Ol/J WIST J7TH ST.? AS COMPETENT < OOK IS A ^10 rrivate family ; under stands meats a id pa try ; irillm 1 to do coarse w usiiitu , city ref. rente ; uo objection to the country. _ Qt)A EAST 4HT ST.? AH FlItST CLASS COOK IN A Z/Z" private family ; titidcrsund* 1 aking; is willing to do the coarse wa liin,-; be. t oity reference. tTt >l"~EAS f 40TI f ST.? A RBbF .UTARLE OtBI. AS ZZ1 cook, washer and ironer in a small private fam ily : i/' od city ron rence. _ 0117 WE T aui'll ST. -A HKST CI. ASS CO K: tjdmtl best city teUreuco. Call from 7 A. M. until 4 D'c ock 1'. M. ()QA WEST" 8.JI ft.IMT IE KE R.? \ RESPECT ZO'I a'd .loung giri a> took, washt'i uud ironer; best tity relei riicet nil-] EA.-.T 1: I II ST.? \ HI FPhC TABLE WOM AN ^t)i to cook wash and iron lu a small private fainl.y. iddre*-. n.JO K.i T 46 II I SI.. BETWEEN 2D AND fl> AVS.? Ct'iJL A n spc< t ' lo voting wi m:in a? thoroug'i coot : arilling to assist w tli ibe washing il inquired. Call lor (yt 0 day* RART IKTTI ST., PRESt- NT EMPLOYHR'P.? A Ct respcctai ie woman as cook: i< s good ha .er; inderaian slier fiusiness ; best city refer, nee. Ca<l lor iw > d-i VN if , . T~1 -M..T 01.? A K ..n'ROi AHLK YOUMO ^1) I woman a ' Rood nlalncook; washes and irons; |ood bread bakei ; 1 00J city reference. nor EAfiT B4Tii ST., BETW EN JO AND 8D KV.i.? ?iO*J A rcsicctable, steady woman as good cook; ?vill do wusliing and ironing it required; good city reicr euce. A Idr ss. Q.>1? :?,?I'|| S..-A Pl.OTE-i A.NT WOMAN AS 6 flr-< class - 00k ; tmdi r^tnnd- all kinds o baking; Ci unt /preferred; besi reterencc. Call lor two days 237 private latnlly a. cook, washer and ironer; good lily refer nee. ______ Oil WI ST27TII (tT.?A COMPETEN1 Wi?M'N AS t JL cotk and to assist with washing auu lroitiug If KR'ilred . u od of y reference. I It A 9 W s 4 Sl' SI. ?TWO < I L3; ONE AH OOoK an to an?st wiili die %vaMoiug, aud one ascuam tierina d or waitress; uo objection to the couu.rv ; best tity re^'riince. < ? 1 A WEST 3UTII ST. -TWO SISTr-FS; ONE AB ! 617 f.r-t clus- cook, washer and tronsr ; ihe other *s li.emlicrinaid ami wai.r -s ; no objections to the coun try . good city reli reare. oTu WEST iM.lf hT? uood plain" cook] 6tC wa-bi r nihI ironer; no ub.ectious to the Soiutry Cau bo e -n lor two days. t )AO WEHI 10 1' 1 1 HT.-A-< PIRST ULA'-fS COOK: ZlO thorough!* und r<lauds her bttsinuss In all it? SranoUrs . uood city re urence. QJ(1 WEST .OD FT -A RhiPeCTABLE" >0tTN ( i tirl as first class eook, wu-hcr nnd Ironrer, or would do all c<mi ing in a prtva e family; would go lo Uie country, two years' cny reference. Call tor two days. Q l\C EA T :2D ST., ? E vlt 2D V - \ T >t!NO AMI El Ol '?) can glr 'c 1 00k, and iruu 111 a small private family ; na objection to hi! country. ?>t> 1 K.AS'r SI <T ST., BBI WEEM UT AMD 2D A V s.? 0^i'? A ri speefab e utrl *s first clki cook ; best el:y rcltKlMe torn i.s pi ice. Qilll WKST 2Sl'U ST.? A RESPI C ABLE OIKL TO OJLv cook, wash 11 nd iron or will do general house Wor* in a m*H tainlly goo I r '"TH'ti'. Q 41 WE ri.4Tn . T , III TWEEN T l aNDSHII AV .? O'+l As Urn eiaes cook in a private tamiiy ; wiiiuaaist with coar>e wa^b ng: best clly re en me nil) EAST 2.1) ST.? X RKHPKOTABL8 OIRL AS giKid eook. n-,i slirr an l ironer, or to do general h. ase.wor'-. ; good city Q I A PEARL ST., bKO IKLYN.-AS PIR-^T class O It" 000k <1 nglwh . where help Is given In the kit< ban : iiiidera'ands hnr business: K>np*, < u.rix s, .ellie", 3 eatn st-il ce-r nlso paslrlus aud baking; uoobfectlon to the oounti y. Addre<s if ,) 7 EAST I7TII ST. -TWO SISTERS, IN ONE 0*r i Ik use ; on. as cook and lo asi-l I washing the on. r as rmaul ami waitress audio assist with washing, city or country ? good reiarence. A 1 ? I 101 M AY.? TWO 01RIJ4 ONE AS CtK)K i I ?< washer and Ironer; the other as cllaraberniaid ?nd wattrcasjfood uity reiirence. 4-4 | ?IU AV., SECOND nil. 1. ? \ KIRsT CLASS ?J\f couk ; I est rciereneea. At\l* 21) AV., NKAK 2KTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE T'l" yo ng woman to ots, k, wash and iron; would do htMMWotfc in ? -tnall fainilv ; good ? Hy reierem e r. If; WERT 431) ST ? A RESPECTABLE OIKL AS t/I?/ cook, w asocr auj kroner, or to do genera. house Work ; good city relurenee, C'J/k fi^T I4TII !T BETWKI N 4Vs R AND 0.- A O'tV ni pectable vomtg woman as cook, washer and Ironer . ?o on ectlon to go a short distance In tbe country. BC?? WEST ? f> ST. AS OOOB PLAIN OUOE. ? ) Lt wRsher and Inmsr In a sinail (ata ly; ao olnee tlen to a ahur distance m tue country; >.x.r*U?at SITUATIOBg WAHTRD-ITMALBS. I nr. Kf\"J SO AV., THIRD FLOOR. -A RT.SPFrTABI.E. I Ptnity roitmn: J? in fXoollcnt c?.ik Hud bread and cnkt- baker , meats oi nil kinds and -oups; is very economical ; w dime to ttssisl in the washing ; best rel (Mwtl. L' If. 6TH AV., NKAK MIR ST -AN ENGLISH WO y)~T' I i. an ns tirst claw cm k ; understands French and I . ? vl I - It oil., ill-, Mini, larding, Ac. ; is 11 good I as '7 OMI and likmI hjker : city or cuuutry ;be?l elty referent *. 7^1 l?TH AV., BBTWEEN Mill AND MTH STS.-A I Ox ri*- pec table girl a* oc#k and to arslst with wash ing Mini irmuiiR ; |WM reference. QCQ 6TH AV. ? A RfcS!'E''TAHLE WOMAN AS OtJO cook In n private family; best c'ty reference; no ob net on to going a short distance in the country. 1 HOA DBAN 81 ? BROOKLYN -AS COOK, J.VmHI wa>liet and lroncr n a private lamtlv ; good city references. Api ly tor two day*. AKIRST CLASH COOK W.HHF.S A SITUATION.? Address t. tf. , box 119 Herald Uptown Branch ufllce Chambermaids. Ac. 7 WEST 8?'? HT.-A RF8PI- 0 >*AHLE GIRL AS chambermaid and wattreaa; Ho oblectluu to llie country. Cad at present i.lace. <)0 BAST 69TH ST., NBAS MADISON AVBKUK. present employer a.? A girl a* chambermaid or waltres ?. OO WK.vr 421) ST. (I REPENT KMPl OVER'S).- A RE spectable Herman girl us chaiahcrmitid and lodo sewing-, can opetnie on w heeler A vv ilsoil's and dinger's mnehinsi OA WESTSSD ST -AS OHAMBRB M AID AND LAT'N ?U " dress, by a resncctab.e woman; van la- recom mended by her promt employer. Apply be. ween the hours ot lOnudU. . 4 s) 2D ST.- A RESIT ("TABLE C lilt MAN OIRL AS "I w chambermaid ; good references. Inquire in the grocery -tore. 4-( Wl HT ST. (PRESENT FMPLOYEB'S).? A i) young clri a* ( hambern a il and waitress In u pri vate family; to go in thccouuirv lor the hummer lPOlltllS. fri WE8T 47TH sT.-A YOUNG Woman as CHAM i ) I bemiiinl and waitress, car ebaml ci'iuaid and to as sist with the washing; no objection to the country; the best city reference. EAST 4 1ST ST.? A RESPKCTAB B MONO \)U woman to dn upstairs work nnd wailing in a small private family ; two years' reteri nee trnni her last place. TOO SD AV., IN THE REAR. -A RESPECTABLE IOa ulrl jo do chuinberwork or waiting in a pr.vate lamily ; goo<I clt* reiercuoe from ber last place, Can lie feen lor tnree d?ys. 1 '-Itt WEST 19 > ii ST.? A YOUNG WOM VN AS ( II AM li)U hermaid or wai'ren-; unrtcr.Htniid* Halari* and ilre^s tin . i'<i oli cetlon Ik a tlr>t clu<s private lioard ng hoiife in the country lor ibe bummer; be.-.tciiy rciereuce from her IuhI place. 1/17 CHRISTOPHER 81. -A SMART (JIRI. AS At I chambermaid and waitress; Newport or Provi dence preferred ; reierences. 1 f.Q W K.ST BSD ST., CORNER 7T1I AV.-A BR8PB0T ab'e cliamlicrmald j would as.* st with h1 wn-h ine; no objection m the country. Mini tun. i, and. 1AA VflST 85TH ST.? A YUUNti (!IRI. AS (HAM lUU bertnaid and to assist in waiting or mkinv care ot children in a private faintly ; o< utnry prelerred. 1/?A EAST ZRTII ST.? A RKSPECTABLB YOU NO I'll/ tsirl hs pcrmam nt senmsiresa is a (food dress maker, and oporatCH on diuoroni machines ; country pre.tTi'ed. 1 ?*fl MTH ST., NEAR 3D A V., THIRD FLOOR.? A l.OU neat, tidy voting woman, as chamliermald and waitress, is very willing and oliligirig; is kind to chit dren; no obtcction to the country. lfil WEST 3 SO ST.? A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN I * ) I as chambermaid and to do washing ; city or coun try ; best city re.erence. m HOUSTON ST., SECOND FIOOR. ? A OF.RMAN pi r i to do chainlterwork and sewing; is a good operator on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; or to travel In Europe. %C Wli T mil ST.? A RKIJABLE i'KItSON A8 ?\ Jt) chambermiiid and pantry maul In ? boarding or Summer house; ci y re erences. 9 l\R WKST 27TH ST.-A RKSPf.tTTABLK GIRI- AS ZiXtlJ chambermaid an 1 to do line washing, or would go as nurse. 9?)A PAST 54 H ST.? A RK PE<TaBI.E YOUNG ?OU pir: as chambermaid and to as-i*t with the wash irg . best oily reference front last employer. Call or ad dresr ___ _ _ noi) WK8T 18TH ST.? A COMP TENT WOMAN AS cltamberinuid and waltreimor to mind children; excellent city relcrelica. tlQQ ytEUT 27TH ST. BETWEEN 7111 AM) 8TH A VS. ^OO ? A? cbaiubermaid or waitress, or chuinberinaid and assist with the washing ; uo obiuciiou to a privute bourdiux bouse ; city retereuce <J.4Q 80TH ST., BETWEEN 7TH AN'D BTH AVS.? A w i >1 youi gglrito do chamierwork und assist with washing and ironing; no ol> e Mton to go a short distance In the country. Call lor two days. 4l/?7 WK.ST 1!?TH ST.? TWO YOI'NG GIRI.S TO GO t?j\) I to the country to do the work or a small tamliy -. one to do cliainberwork an<l waiting, and a?slst in w a>li tng ; the other plain cooking and assist in washing. _ 0(?Q LV'XlNdTON AV.-A BESPK0TABL8 YOUNG ?vO woman as chambenna'd and waitress; liest city relerencc. Call at present employer's. ?? 1 A WEST 8TII ST.-A YOUNG GIRL AS CHAM OIt hrrina<d and waltresi*. Can be seen at proscut employer's, by whom itie rnn be well reeommenjed. QQA K/8r MTH ST., IN CANDY STORE.? AN O^"" American Profe'tant womsn as chambermaid, or tc lake care ol a lor the smnincr. BAST HO ST.. l'IRST FLOOR, BACK.? A ? )Zi t yoting Ainericau girl a? chambermaid aud wait res- in a j.rivaic tatnlly. OrtQ WEST 40TH ST.-A RESI KCTABLF. YOUNG tljjt" girl to rto c.ham' erwork aim fine washing und Ironing, m wou'd do general liuiuework in u small pri vate lamily ; t est city lelcrcnco. OOO WEST 41ST ST.. BETWBKN 8TII AND 9TII ()')() avs.? A respei.labie young girl as chamhennuid and w aitrcss; is wil ing nnd obliging ; best c.t) reicrciic. ')')U EAST ?aril ST.? A hESl'EtlTABLE YOI'NO ? )0 girl to do chamberwork ; is a good plain cook Hnd first clans washer and ironer. ?M t) EAST 31ST ST., TWO ^TA1R?', BACK. ? A RE Ot^i spertable young girl, lately landed tri m Eng lm d. ns cliHiiiberinnld mm to do fine washing and Iron In/. or would do general homework in a small private lamily; has too i experience. I Q ,4 /T KA-iT ami rT., ONE PAIR OK STAIRS. ?>TtJ bsok.? A re-tiectahle voung girl as nhambermaid and wai ress; is willing to assist In washing ; good c>ty re.erence ?J71 FUI.TON ST., BROOKLYN.? A YOUNG OER Oli man glri as c.lianiberiiinid. A A(\ K4flr 91,1 flT--A YOUNG OIHL AS CflAM ttHI bcrmaid, waltro s, or to do light housework; best references. Api^ly rot two days. riO 6TI1 AV.-A BWirtfTIBI TI GIBL TO OO tJl Li ch imlierwork and fine washlne. or ehsmber workanl o take care of children; no obiection to the country. . ?no FAST 14T11 ST., TOP FLOOR. FRONT ROOM. (IaO A young girl as chambermaid an d waitress, in a private faeuly. r7n 2I> AV.-A RE.sPI C I'ARLF YOI'NG GIRL AS ?)l*' chamberrnsid and to assist with washing and ironing, or as waitress. A1Q 6rn AV-? PRESENT EMPLOYER'S,? A RE ()li7 spectable yonnv gir. as chambermaid an I to as kM in washing anil ironing, t alL /?OA 6T11 AV.. RING THIRD BBLL.-A OERMAN l)0' ' Protestant girl aa charnbermsid and waitress in a private American lamily j ci y reference. Cali Irom 10 to A Q/.Q OTfl AV? A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO DO 00?> < hAmberwork and waiting; ia a good sewer and embroiderer, or would a-slst in washing , no objection to the country ; gi>(?l I lly reference. 11 I )4 ID AV., HKTWI EN a*TB AND (WTH STB.? A . 1 respectable yoiuia girl, lately landed, ss ehimberinald ami waitress or cuuiiibermaid and to do sewing ; country prelerred 1 1 0il 2D AV.. CORN KB MTH ST-A RESPECT J.LOU able girl as chainbermsid nml waitress; no o<> eet ton to aeslst in the washing aud ironing ; best city reference. UrtMmakerfi uiei *?m? mrtreane*. C) WHITK'S I'LACX, Wf ST lTTI' ST., RF.TWF.EN St 71 Ii nnd 8th av?.? A rropeefah'e c rl as sc.imstress by the day or monh; un.lersUnd- dre making: ean oper.ite on <t 1 1 en ni maetilnes; would take a Mtuation in the conn1 ry ; go- ?l r e a '0? 6 WEST 41 Til sr., NKAIt BTII AV.-A YOUNG Wo man as scaniH'ress ; cuts, and ean operate on Whce'er A Wil .on's machine ; will make h r-elt nseiul; city or coun ry; city rej< reMces. Call ior two day . 8WK T44THST.? A RP.bPfccTABLR GIRL AS SKAM s ress; wonlil do a little cbsmserwork ; und rs'an Is Who*- er A Wil-on's machine; wonld trarei lor the um mer; t>est city reterener. lO UBEKMWIOB HT.-A GOOD. CAPABLE WO I ij man to sew and take care ot growinc children in u pr vale lamily, or to ito chamber work ; willing to go 111 the ooontrjr. Call all day. OlJ WEST NINTH KTI BET.-MAI AME GRENTBB tJmJ makes elegant walkimr and evening Dresws in the 1 "leet Parthian atyle. st short notice; charges less than other reliable dres- makers. No sign 70 W EST 441' H sr.-A DRF.SSMAK I R WOULD 1.1KK I O to go out by the day ; ean cut ami lit ; understMii Is tr nun lot- In the latest style, aud Wheeler A Wilson's sewlag mm ii. ne. 1 ?<) ?r" A V ? A RKSPBCTABLE OIRL.AS SEAM Iv'fci stress; has ber own machine, or as nurse and seamstress, - city or country ; best nlty reierem e Irom last employer. 1( |Q ALLEN e T., RKAR HOUSE -A OERMAV ? 'r' lady to do fine sewing or to ntlem toc'ildren; sj esks Ril?-lan snd Krennh, Aili1re-s Mrs PK SINK <. l)(U EAST ?ril ST., FIRST KI.ouR.-A RESPECTA fciPr tile Protestant girl as seamstress ; able to cnt and fit : accustomed to travel and make herselt useful; gnoil city reference. Apply lor two days MADISON sr.-A SEAM.lTRESS, WHO THOR onghly underdsml* sewing oti drees?s and clul d en's clothing and operating on WiIIcoa A (Abbs' nm cliine. desire* employment by the mouth. Address M. (I. for two days. ' ? fiyn STH AV., NKAR IHfH ST ? A FIRST (.'LAS < jCiOV) culler aad fitter, also ? trimmer to go out ill families to sew or do work at home ; very reasonable , drasMiinklng of all fclnda. 4)4 st k WEST 4SD ST.? A FIRST OLA Hb OPERATOR i)Zo on Wheeler A Wllsmi's machine as aeasnstrem by 'he day pr week; understands all klndtol taiullr sew. IDC; ? Hiaehine will be lurnlshed if necessary; retercnce. Can be ssmii from It tot P. M. MTCATIOKS WANTED? riCMAMCS. rmuawkm and hcimnlmw*. q-Q FAST 19TI1 ST.. NEAR 1ST AT..TWO FT.IORTS ?>?)?7 hi ?u rs.? A Danish l*dy solicits familv sewing or d?e<?u a Una, to do at hei uwu hoinu , tally competent. Can or address. Aii I ?TH AV., FIRST FliOOR. ? A OOOl> SHAMS t Si'T tre-s und first das* ooerator desires a good bi me iu tbs couutry ; luruitli her own machine if dostred. (???/? sn av. (hin<j IIM! >WiDi'-4i imn 'Oil en owl operator on Wheeler A Wilson's or Orover A Raker's machine h lew more engagements by the day or week, ("all or nd Ires*. 1 2D AV., S' CON I) FLOOR, WON'T ? A RE J ? 1 ? ? ' enectabh* Protes'ant young womau in. Drst class seeiB'tros and tires.sniukcr In a prlvne tainllv ; cin rut, tit and operate on W heeler A Wilson's machine; city or .?ouirrv ; 2<><>d eliy reerence. Oall lor two da> s, 1 1 1U BROADWAY. Bfc.TWF.KN 2?TH ANI? J7TII ,tH.. one B-''f of atalm ? A girl us seamstress and 'ndy's maid : ran dress h?lr; has knowledge ol dress making; be?tci y reference. A FIRST CLA-iS CUTTER AND TRIM ME It J\ a lew more engagement*. Address l>!< E-SV i KKK, bom 140 Herald Uptown Branch office, i,2tt Rroadway. As skamstri ss an n um maid, on chaimje of walktuir children, by an Riig'lsh Protectant woman ol experience ; can do dressmaking mid .ill kinds o' taml'y se?ln oerfrclly and operate ; utiexeen lon^ble reference. Addre ?, for two days, 8. A., bo* 190 llerald Uptown Branch office. T|7 ANTED -BY AN AMERICAN OIRL, TO OO OCT *' by the day or week to do plain si w ing or dress n-akinif ; work* cn all machine*. Address U. 0., Herald Uptown Branch office. Kenera Housework. <Vc. ? F AST r>*D ST.. PRF fiFNT EMPLOYER"". ?A YOlTNO ') girl to do homework In a small private lunilly ; itood reference. i a'l tor twe day*, Oft WFST I'TH HT.-A RESPVCTABLR (1IRT., 4?") la'elv in it vd, to do ffencral housework In a small family ; will t/o to tbe conntrv lor the mi miner. ???? ORCHARD T.. ROOM III- A RESPECTABLE ? ?? t womHn to do housework In a sma'l prlvnte 'em ly ; l" a vo -d waaher and irotier and plain cook ; good city rule re lice a. no ditisiov sr., ftr>jt f' oor.-a res^h t ?'?? able young girl to do general housework; city or renntry. IfWJ WEST IBTFI *T.. RF. tR, TOP FLOOR FRONT ? I'*" A respectable ynunir girl to do goncrn' housework in a pr ?. Hte family; is a good cook and cxccllcut baker; re erem e 1 cyrj ORFKN'WTCH A Y. ? A <!IRL, f.ATRLY LANDED, 1 ? I arc' l?. for General liourework, in a small, plain laraily. Apply to J. t. WI'fT WTII HT.-^ COMFI T NT YOl Nd WO ? '4r in'in to do <*cnrral housework 'n a Hnull private tiiin'lv: In a flr^l clusi laundrefa ami good plain cook; exoellent njkrem, l(Ki FAST 4firn ST., ( ORNF.R "D AV ? A RRSPBO Itlfl tal le vonnR woman to do geueral hourework or assistant unoreH. ra'i tor two oaya. 1QQ AMIS FT , YARO not SF. ROOM NO. 7-A !?/?' voun? t^arman woman foi ft neriil bon-ework, except, washing; c.-pcciallv tor acwimt. Addruas Mr. PEK8INA. 240 917 EAST 2ST1I ST.? A COMPETENT TO UNO WO ?Ji' man to do hot), e work t good plain cook, waalier an I ironer; best city rcte.renee. OOl EAST 88TH ST. RF.TWEI'N 21) A NO 3D ATS.? <-j ?d I A respectable girl to do general housework ; best city reference. nqn fa?t mth st.? a respectari.e youno ? >V/ girl to do general houaework in a amall priiato tamily; best oitv reierenee from last place. W 8T 16TH ST.? A YOUNO UIUL TO DO housework In a private tamily. 919 WEST 47TII ST.? TWO RE- FF.CTARI.E OIRI.S, w IJ ill a private tn 'ilv ; one to do gen?r'il house work, tlieo her aa child's nurao; have him d oitv refer ences; in an Aniericau laiully prelerred. Oall ior two days. 910 WKST 3 Til ST.? A YOUNG OIBti Tn DO ? ' ? ? ' general hou owork in 8 small private laniilv ; no objection to the country; city reference. 7TII A V.? A YOUNO OIRt, RECENTLY U' ' lull leJ. to do general housework in a small pri vate family ; I* lolly competent. OlO east 98TH ST.. TOP F! O >U, FRONT ROOM.? 010 A re "pecljible girl 10 do g? neral housework ; is a good plain cook, wa <her and irunur. Ol 7 EAST 4.-TH ST., BKTWHKN 1ST ANO 8D AV8.. 011 rear.?? younif girl to do geoeral housework in a small private laniilv; city re e enco. OOP WIST 42D ST., IN THE BOOK STORK.? A ? > ? 'J young girl to do general hoiists work; good relor* ence. Call or address. O0f? WET ?D -S ". . IlK'l W II'.N sill AND ?TU OOU ?vs., 'op floor, back room.? A young cirl "o do general hou-ework 111 a small plain fauiilv;isa good washer and ironer. Call lor iwo days. ?3/1 A EAST 23D ST. -A RKSP ROTABLE OTRL TO Ott do general houai-work; isa gooil washer ami Ironer. 0,17 EAST 17TII ST.? A YOUNO WOMAN TO DO Ot I general housework ; Is a goo ) plain cook, washer, Irotier and tlutcr; good relurences; no objection to the country. 1 17 EAST 17TH 8T.? A RESPKC.TABLE GIRL, rri I lately Ian e), todo general housework for b small family; Is a good cook, washer and ironer. WEST 42 D ST.? A RESIECIABIE YOUNO girl, lately landed, to do general housework. A Qi WMT NTH ST., ROOM li.? A RK8PR0TA RLE tOt german girl to do light housework ; city or coun try; good city reference. 4/T7 WEST 27TH ST., BFTWl'KN 9TH AND 'oTll ')| av?., rear? A competent young woman to do housework ^excellent washer and Irotier; wiliiug and Obliging: good reference. CI 7 10TII AV., KEAR .SltTII ST. -A COMPETENT ? /I I vonne woman to do roule work, eras chamber maid and waitress; city or coun ry; willing and oblig ing; excellent re. ere nee*. WEST ;mih st.-a YQI NO OIRI. TO DO ?)OU gen ral housework In a amall private family; good reference. 2D AY.? TO DO OENKHAL HOUSEWORK; good ciiy reference. fi7i\ GR9H>WJ0H ST.? a RKSPECTABEE flUL ") I " ? to do general housework in a small lamlly ; best c.iy referetice. t:all for two daya. ARESPKCTABLE WOMAN WANTH TO OBTAIN A, s'tnation 11 a small Ismllv to do ai noral housework: is wit log nil I obliging ; would >vanl to go home nights, as -In is ke< ping house. Address Mrs. lloL'Sc., Herald Uptown itraucli office. 428 572 Honrekre eri' tNe. n. Q NASSAU ST. BROOKLYN.? A YOUNO WOMAN ? as luiiisi keei er; lull.v computcat to lake charge; no objection to children. Q,4 Ml'LBERUY bT.. NEAR CANAL, IN STORE - UT An Ann rlcan woman, 80 y< urn ol uge, us h'ii<c keeper; no objec inn to leave the city ; tiest re erenne. 1QO KAOOODQAli ST.. LADIES' T. HPORARY OO Home.? An elJcriy lady as lioUj*Keeper ; good reference. ' WEST 2sm ST.-AN AMERICAN LADY AS housekei city or country. ]f)0 housekeeper ill a hotel or any position 01 trust; country. Address IIOOSf.K ? E Pr. it. 300 WEST .".UTII T., UP ON K PIJOIIT.-A WIDOW as housekeeper for a widower or liache'or. Mrs. SMIDT. 4005 OftQ WEST urn ST.? A YOl'NO WIDOW LADY AS ij't O housekeeper, or to take charge of the linen room; lias a pra< >i' al know edce oi bo h : good rehr ence; city or couutry. Cull ou or address HOUSE K. El'ER. o >4 7 east ma ST., first flight. -a touno Ot I widow as housekeeper in a widower's tamily; no objection to the country. M ali.en. CANAL ST. OVk-R CROCKERY store.? A _ young widow a? housekeeper: bachelor or wid ower's iauiiiy l referred : 110 object or to the countrv. Cull, for two nays, between 11 and 1 o'clock. Mrs. LE ROK._ PQQ fill! AV., FIRST FLOOK.-A YOUNO LADY, UOtJ educated in music, iu*t arrived from the South, as housekeeper in a gentteinun's tamily. Call on l'HOS. WAR f, lor two dar% from ? A *. till n P. M Don't ring ANAM RirAN- I A 1 > X. FULLY COMPETENT, would IHe the care of a house for a gentleman, or would take charge# hotel. Address Z. X., llerald office \LUIY OF REFINEMENT WISHKs A POSITION a- h usclieeper to an ehierlvgcntleinan. Address II. O. B., Ilerulil I ptown Branch nWuo A WELL EDUCATED OKRM LADY WISIIKS A situat '>n as hmnekeener; best e|ty reference. Ad dress, lor two days, R. H.. hoi H i herald office. I<atin<irrmr?, ?vc. Q WHITE'S PL?CB, WEST 18TII ST., BETWEEN 7TII ? ? and t-'t'i a*-.? A r*?| testable woinao aa flirt class l.uu Ires* In a pr vats lamily best city reierenee. 7WKsT 37 H ST., P tRsENT I V Pl.o V liR'A- AS Brst clas? laundress. Can be seen Irom It to l o'clock. MADI ON ST., RB \ K, R OM U-A WOMAN TO do wa-li.ns at h r own house. _____ BA EAST fTB ST.-A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WD r man as first cla?s launilress: understands ell k inds noting an I flneiie* ; best cny re eri-nce 07 31) AV., CO Nfc.R OF it.H ST.-A PkOT?MTANT O I woinan in Hie country . Is a goed wiisher and iron er; undo is! amis Hie cere ol milk and butter. inr KINO t?T. ? A OOMPKTENT OIRL IN A SMALL Ml>) private lainlly a . nlaln washer and Ironer or to do ae neral beuaework; good reierenee. r WEST ajiH ST.? WORK WAN TKD, H* THE ?) day. washinr, ir. niitg or housecleaning. 14?1 W sr I9TH ST.? A RKSPEOTA RLE YOUNO ? I jrif a- first class laundress ; no objection tn the ' country; best city reierenee. \ 1 *JI| WEST MTR ST.? A RKSPKCTABLE COLORED I I >*u woman wishes to tako iu washing at her own house ; c m do bleaching. 28 11 Hi A WKST 2bTH ST.-A Kr.HPEC CABLE PROII.S IflT tant 1 undress desires te tnke gentlemen's or lAl.e*' or lamihes' washing to her own house . uuder * au is Kieneh fluting. Ac. n- HOUSTON ST., SECOND FLOOR A RK-PKt'T ? ) aide Protestant Oerman w oman to assist iu wash ing. tl/VO WEST KITH T., FRONT PARLOR-FINK ? " 'n washing, fluting and puffiiig got up in t rench styles, store work preierml ? ? 1 1 1 We.HT lltTH -T, NEAR 7TII AV., ONE PAIR Zl W stairs tip - Oentleinen's washing dona cheap. 'JA'l WEST 4IST ST.. IN TNI RKAR -AH FIRST iT?) class lamidreas in a private is tally, or would do the cooking and assist Mi the weebtug ; Vest city rater eaee. Caa ie seen until auited. 322 SITUATIONS WANTED? I'KJl AI.KS.

lAuMrtuci. ?c. 9J_r: WEST 27TH ST.? A WIDOW IADY DE-IRES 6+TC'' to K" oot by tilt tiny to wash, iron and do hoiise I'leanimr; thoroughly ladewiiirtl Iter business EAST 22 D ST. -As FIRST CLA8S LAUNDRESS in w country. OAJ EAST 32I> ST, FIRST FLOOR, BU'K ? A U4 IT MKNIiw wi'tnan a lew gentlemen'* or a huh II family's washing QQA Madison at, her present employer's.? O^i" Aii first class lanntlcsa; thorougMv umlerMamia her bn<1nesa In #11 It* branches ; led references Call lor three day* trout ll) to 12. 0 10 WWT STjn ST. -WANTED, WASHING, IHOK ing and fluting, gentlemen's preferred Call on or address C. L. .1 I W WKf,r <:,T" ST.-A FIRST CLASS LA UN ? f 'V''"1*' h?"d city refcrcuues. in a private family, ( all or address. J.OA WKST :WTtl ST., STORE.? A RE<PECTARLK . . widow solicits w ashing to ilo at her room*, or would fro our by the <lay; understand s timing; best city reterencc. fzttff we st snnr st.-a respectable human tlfli de-Ire* family washing; will goout in ih ? da\ ; understands cooklnsr; re (Vrence. (*01 J1? AV.? GENTLEMEN'S 1 INK \<ASIKNO 1 0?7 IST AV ? NKU' M? ST - '* T,,F hear? 1 I A respectable woman to go out to ladies' houses to do va-hing or housecleiinlng, or would lake in washing; has a lew places, but 1* not eunuch to keep a l:\llill) . ] NEVEP DISAPPOINT.- A FIRST CI, ASS HUN' I dress solid s latli a' or j< riflemen'" washing: 1 n< 11-. #c. .done In b> st style. Call on or address I. A I N DRESS, SOS West 23d st. Nurses. itir, OJ MOTT ST. ? AV ENGLISH WOMAN AS NURSE; ? 1 ? no ob'ection f tike tin* entire caee ot u delicate child or Iniant from its birth ha* good experience of treating children In the Summer and cur;nu Oie -uininer courdaint, or would go us housekeeper wlu re tin re are young children. r 7 PBFGRN STREET. BKOi K LYN. ? A RKSPECT it I able married w.. man a* Wet nurse; lias lust her baby two months; no objections lo cily or country. no TILLARY ST, BROOKLYN.- A RESPECTA IM F ? JO woman itealres to tnke an Iniant tn Iter heme (0 wet nurse; would wean tier own baby. Call on or ad dress Mrs BltASlKll, all tlie week QQ sril A V.? A FRENCH GIRL AS CHTUDBEX'B 00 nur e and to do sewing, or as housekeeper lor a lamilv 01 tvt o per-ons, ()/* ST. MARK'S PLACE, HTll ST.? A GERMAN til) widow ladv as lady's nurse, by the day or week; best reference. Call on or address Mrs. D. SlOCk. 1H7 WEST 880 ST.. BKIWBKNSTn AND7TII AYS.? JU ( Aii experienced woinun as child's nurse ; under stand* the care 01 an iniant from its birth; has good city reference, call lor iwo duya. ]Qf| WEST :0Til ST.-A BKSPEC 1'AllLE VOINtJ ? ?' " frirl as nine und seamstress, to no in tbe conn r> ; beat reference. Can be seen ihursday. 1A Q EAST 4TH ST., FROST Rt?f)M.? A YOl'NG 1 '7 Oerman arirl to take care ot children ami do aewiog or houseket ping. 1 rlj WKST !S?) ST.? A MtnpLE-A(lKI) Pf'RSOl* \S .1 ? ? I child's nurse; uronld tako the entire charge ot uu iniant; six years' city reference. 1 WEST 27TH ST.? A EBLIABLR AND THf ST J?)f? worthy vonnp womun as nurse Cor irrowing cbll dren or bab.v; Is willing and obllirinsr; will le iiu'hly recommended bv nrst cTasa (11 ml lies in this city whom ?he has lived iili. Call fur twodiyf. Oin WEST 40TII ST.-A TOITNG GIRL TO JflN'D L a baby; can bring it op on the bottle ; beat city relcrence. r EAST 63D ST.-A YOUNG MARK! I ID WOMAN, ?) with 11 trcsli breast of miiw Wlahe* a babe to mir e at her home; can take charge of 0110 trom its Inrtli. fall lor t'liee days. till 7TB AV. ? A GIRL OA YEARS OLD) TO TAKE <?11 care ot children and make liersi-lr g'-ivrally UMfld , no objection lo a shor dislanci in tbe couniry. ti l A cril AV.--A COMPETENT ENGLISH I'BOll'.S Z. t" " lain nur-e, with best city r'-ierence, would take an in ant trom its birili uud biinu it up ou tbe b i le.or would go as Mck nurse ; is uucustoiuod to sickness; can fOier '0 medical gentlemen. OA 7 WKSI HIST ST.? A YIII'NO WOMAN. I.ATI LY I landed. a? nurse, chambermaid or waitress in a private liiinily ; Is willing and obliging, not competent, but vcrv willing to learn. wkst atrn st.-a colored gtrl as nurse ; I est references. Call lor three ilnyi j 6 1 II AV. (IN THE STORE).? A VOl'Nil GIRL as undernurse, or 10 do light obamberwork. ?>1 /"I W. ST 41 8T ST.-A YOONO (URL, AGED 16, t)l" to mind children mid make hcrsell u-?lul; city preferred. Call lor twoday*. OI 9 EAST oiiD ST., NEAR 2D AV.-A YOUNG Ot!!L ill JL as nurse and scains'ross; can operate on Winder k Wilson's initclifn^ and do all knnls 01 family pKi0i{;n0 Ob ec'ious to tho country ; good city reference. Call lor two days. ' OI J EAST tflrn ST.? AN EXPKRIGNCBDt CAPABI<E Oil and reliable momlilv or i-lck nurse, with satisfac tory testiui' iiiuU. can be loiiinl us above. oln WI ST 2CTH ST., FIRST FLOOB.? A UK ?J t Li speeiablc Protestant girl as nuts - or ehainber niaid and to asslsi in n nslitng ; no obieuti m to tlie coun try ; best city ami country re.crence. 20 262 276 561 Qttfl WEST fi7Tir ST. I'KhSE.NT EMPLOYEK'8.? A eomi' girl, either as iiurM> to grownup children and seauisiress, or as cbamberuiuid and scaiu airess: is willing lo travel ii reriulrejL ' _ AI\C* MTH ST- NBAB ?TH AV., SEOOND PLO'IR.? An 1- tiulish womun lo wci or dry mil's) a baby girl ; irom month or birth preferred. Mr?. AMiKI.WS t ir EAST 10TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 4 pi girl, lately landed, as nurse; Is willing to make herself uwiul. 4Q?J WKST2HTH ST.? A BBSPB4 T IHI.E MAi:i;lED ?>?? woman desirea a baby to wet nurse; lo?l her own six monih< old. ' 4QfT ADKLPIII ST., BltOOKI.LN.-AN INFANT TO ^fO?) wet nurse by a young woman who has lost her baby of a tew day old ; tei m< inoderu'e. " , A Oil 6TII a V., BOOM "h.? A COMPETENT WON AM "t ?*'" as nurse* understands the car" of a baby from Its Mr'h or children In ickne-s; no ob^ctlon to tra\el with a lady ; first class cliy relcrence. r^-| WEST BOTH ST.. BETWEEN 1IT1U AND 11TB i)tJ avs., ton floor, back room.? An experienced nurse to take charge ot a baby iroin its lilrth, or of a growing child. WEST MTH ST.-A RESPEOrABfcB GIRL AS child's uur>c. /?Mtl 3D AV., IN FANCY STORE.- AS NURSB, BY O an Engl ->)? Protestaul woman, who thoroughly understands tbe care 01 young children and irmaxcment o .1 nursery ; tully compel til to lake ent re cl.argc ol an infant Irom its birth ; 20 years' city reference. 7 A ?? Sl? AV . FIRST FLOOR.? A YOl NO GIBL To I1Z take care of children or to assist with the house work ol a sinal: lumily. 7f?7 CTII AV? A YOUNG PROTESTANT OIRL, I ') 1 lately lend* I. as nurse t . growlmr cbildren, ami do main scwiiig; no ob,oction to go a short distance in the country. 8?> l GREENWICH ST., NEAR HORATIO.? A RK ?IT" spcctnble t*lrl as nurse mid seamstress can do nil kinds ot sewing an 1 embroid 1 y ; no objection to the country best city reierenees. Call al present enuiloyer's. ARE PEOTABLE COLORED WOMAN WISHES A situation ait nurse or to wait on an invalid lady. food city relcrence. Address E. J., Herald Uptown iranch offlce. PiiOTKBTANT GIRL DESIRES A I'LAOH TO take rare of children; country preferred; good recninmendution Irom pre ent family. Call lOr three da>s (ID to 2) at Park Hotel, corner Beckman and Nassau sta. Ask tor Mrs. RANUAIX. A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT ENGLISH PROTBS. tarn as nurse ; Inlly understand 1 the whole care of children In sickness or uilauts', best references Irom doe tors and present employers', Is a good scuer ami very obliging. Address L. I)., Herald Uptown liranch offlco. VVANTED-A SITUATION" AS" NURSE;' BABY PRE II lerred. Can be seen at present employer's, room S6 Grand Uotel, 31st st. and Broadway Wallrsniii Ar. 7WEST5CTII ST.. PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.? A COM petcnt young girl as first class waitress; 2,*i years' cxceiii nt rtiemce, 91 o WEST 18TR ST., BETWEEN 71 H AND HTII ? 1 ?) ars.? A young girl, lately lauded, as waitress ill 11 small private thmlly ?, relcrence ii require. I. 04Q 6TII A V., BETWEEN 21ST AND X2D STS., IN O'tn the hairdresser ?.? A* competent watt ess in a privat<> lainily-. ihoroiighly umlerstandi Iter businrs->; m> 0I1 ectlon to the country lor the summer best city reieience. WEST S21) ST.-A YOUNO C.IItL AS WAIT, rsss or to do general housework ; good refer 458 M (\ -9 7TH AV., tORNER UTII ST, PRESENT KM T).)sS ployer's.? A wiiJIng girl as waitress and cham bertuaid. . ntMeilaneoii*. r 5TH AV.-A LAOT WISHES Tf RECOMMEND t) her Krcncli maid 10 a lan.llv goiria to I- urope ; excel lent dressmaker and hairdresser, ( all or address. VABKBT ST., in TIIR BASEMENT.? A YOUNO woman in a ?ma ! private lainily. (|U PEA BL st -a BELOIAM GIBU SPEAKING "O French, in a respectable taiuilv, a. ill lid > fit's luaid Tail on J. WARIt.N. between 9 A M and i P. .M, WEST MTH ST.? A RKSPECTABIfB CoLOKED U girl a? ladv a maiJ or ? hlld's nurse, or seuinstress; would have no objection to llgof chiiln her work ; would be willing M travdl ; lieat reiercft<'e. Call trom 10 to * o'clock m amity sr.? a respectable young woman to assist in a dining or lunch room or to t ike charge of one or two children , reference. Mrs GBICB. 19C WEST ?TTH ST.. RKAK.-A REsPKCTA RLE \ Herman woman as la ly's maid in a tamilv trav eihn< to Kurotxi ; is lliorou^hlv ac<|iiainteiJ in itcrliu an I neighboring ciiiea. Inquire for om we> a W. PRKVoT. 1 f*7 ESSEX ST.-A GERMAN WOMAN, WHO 1" ? speaks French and htiglisii. to travel with a fam ily ; accustomed to travelling ; in vet sick. Address Mrs. SCHNEIDER. 2041 EAST tvrfl ST.? A YOUNO Vl MAN OK ItR. ? '?j llr.ement and ediiculion a < < orr' spornlent to ft youn . lady living a short diaUnci In 1 lie cnun.ry ; or would ake care 01 one oh Id doMivinu ; licet city ref eience. Addre Mlsn M. E. Vol nm QOl fiTII AT. (RING Ul'PER BF.LI.) -A FKENCB ? >')! {x-rsf n, wiilin ? and obliging would go a* <"?m nanion for rouug ladies: geed reiereaoe A RITI ATIONN WANTED-FKMAI.KS. ,>ll??'r Hi?i?eoi?s. /4QQ tiTH. AV-A S EXPERIENCED LADY'S M AT D, i '',1 speakliu l>i>riii?i. French aud Euirliah, iu a private taiuily ; ImsI nieionces from last place. AQ.'. 7TH AV., NEAR .17TH flT.-A RESPECT ABLE T "?/?! yoiui|! woman, lately lauded. to make hcwll generally use.iul in * private family ; i? will in*, obliging And very obedient. KM 6TM AV , UP VTAIKS.-A FRENCH (HRLM ' " Isdv's liiuid ; understands dres'iiiakinz and o|? rule* on the machine ; best city refercnoe. Call tor two day*. A GERMAN GIRL, WllO SPEAKS DIE F E K 8 I languages; understands ladies' and children's ser vice, wishes to travel with u family colnn to Europe. Address A B. (' JUS Herald office. AS I.UIV'S COMPANION OH SALESWOMAN IN A bakery or sonm store is.desjrcd by a young Fn lish ladv, who has never worked out. hut must iinj -oiiic?!iln?' to do. Address HOPE, Herald ollleu. YOl'NO LADY, OK GOOD FAMILY, DESIRES A position at companion to a laitv ; no obleetiotl to leave ihe city or to travel; l.e?t reference. Call on or ud dreaa MissC No SM West Mtu at. CITI'ATION WANTED? BY A HTlilll.Y RESPECT k ' able young 'a l.v to w ait oil a lady or mi ml children In a first class lamlly ; van do sewing; good references. Address K. D., Herald office, rttOl'KSMON AI.SITl YTH1.VS WAKTED? FBMALKI. jo west inn ST.? A Parisian lady, with T O liiizlieHt city reference. a* teacher; wishe. a lileas ant home for the Summer ; salary a secondary considera tion. Add re km Mile. YlDEKR. * N BDITCATBD YOUNG LADY, SPEAKING FR-.Nfll, J\. desires some dally occiipaiiou in city or vicinity; teachin preferred; reference*. Call for oue week, troin 9 till 1!, at 102 We t 29th st. AN FDl'CATBD YOl'NO FRENCH LADY WISHES a situation at nursery ifovernne<is and to. usslst wi'h sewing; best reference#; country preferred, rail irom 10 to 4 o'clock on M. u. , fkl W eat 17lh at., N. Y. AniHCH YOUNG LADV WISHES TO tilVE A few hours' lessons dully, in return for a home, in French, German, music, sliiRitiK and drawing. Address ALVIN A. hox 17 Herald Uptown Branch otllce. A SITUATION WANTED HY A IIKIHLY FIT rated and accomplished young French lady as nursery govcrueivi or useful companion ;ls wllinir and obllirtna ; no oliieclioii to go to Europe ; good reference. Address GOVERNESS, Herald l/ptown Branch office, A LADY ACCUSTOMED To'TEACHlNG? SPEAKING fluently French, (lertuau and, would give a lew hours' tullioii and perform mine light household duties In exchange lor a pleasant home ; highest refer ences. Address !?. ft., care ol Mr*. Lemon, 372 Htlt at., between ava. C and I). Ill AN I. RINOINli, DR VWINC ?LESSONS IN II 1(111 ER and lower Knvlisii branches; ." hakspeuriiin recita tions; letter- writtti and literary an e es lurtiished to new pipers or Individuals; ?a:ost reference*. iMS l ast 17tU st. IIRLP WA5ITE1J? FBMALKM. A DRESSMAKER WANTS A FEW (IIRLS WIIO CAN sew well l>v hand and on .-dnL'er's machine. Mrs. It ASCII, 'J!i Jones st.. near Itii si. and Gth nr. ANUELIj'H TURKISH BATHS, fll LFX1NOTON AV.? Wanted, two first da s rrotestaul girls, ncllhor older Hum 2S .tears; ono lauiwlrifss, one waitress; wattes ||( to $!I0; references rc(|tured. ACHANOR TO LBARN riLKOBAPHY.? MT5N, worn <'ii, boys and plrls learn nnd take positions; de miind for operators; no vacaluui TIIOMPSU.N'S College, tti tin tv., opposite ( oopcr Institute. A FIRST CLAPS SEAMSTRESS. BY THE MONTH; one who can cut and lit ami work oil tt It ;cler i Wilson's or drover A Baker's innch'ne. Apply at the olhce ol Authotiy House, No. S2t Broadway. AYOl NO LADT, SPKAKINd THE SNQLTHH, Herman, French, Spanish. Italian and Russian l in riiukcs, desires a situation as comi anion to a ladv or tauitly uoinit to Europe, t ? accompany the same iu tli ir travels A personal Interview can be had, on Thursday and Friday, at S3I West ?!d st. ( 1001, WAUHE!! AND TR?)N E It ? WI I.LIN'O AMI Altl.K \ > to an to the country ; annd references required. Apply, froto tO to '1, at 17. BroHdvv.iy, room No. 14. (lOOK WANTED? MUST BE AN EXCELLENT I' LAIN J cook and to do t tie coarse washlna and ironing ol a :-tnill private family. Apply at 173 Wont 47tl. at, near llroidwuy. Dressmakers wanted? to work on silk suit-, licst hands only, at 17 East 17th st. Dressmaker wanted-at 170 3d av ?? Mine. A VIIIL. / 1 ntl.>: W \NTi:i) IMMEIIIATEI.V, KOH FIRST CLASS \.T hltuatloiis; city and country. Come atul mso. oDELL'S, 10!) West 34th st., near Broadway. IN THE OPPIOB Of oi'R PUBLISHING house, 7? 1 Broadway? A lady from 9 till A. wlio is fulrly edu cated, punctual, hut above all reliable, to attend to tlie orders; salary perhaps $18, Apply alter 10. Mi M E \ A M V A CO.. 7,'W Broadway. ]AI NIHIESS WANTED. -ONE WiLLINO TO ASSIST J ill chamberwork may applv at 12(1 West 2 Uli si.* SALESWOM AN WANTED? IN A BTORB FOB GLOVB H 'unl necktie department. Addresa. With rcfcrcnce-, T. M O., Herald ..01. e QALESWOM AN? FOR A BAKERY; MUST COME O well rcconiuiendcd and uudorstatid the ^business. 1,414. 'td av., near M?tb ?t. ~\\r ANTED? A PROTESTANT (1IKL TO DO GENERAL f? housework. Apply at 8 tt}j SMt fltlUt > UfANIBn? A FIRST CLASS KUES.sM AKEIl. APPLY v> in rn ion. A N I EI>? AN APPRENTICE TO LEARN DREHri ^Biaplng. Apply at III West liith St. rANTED? APPRENTICES AND IMPROVERS POR dressmakn; at CM) 2d a v. r ANTED? A OiltL BY THE DAY TO DO GENERAL tteilsevMim. Apply at 6S7 ( th av. : second bell. anted-a FIRST CI. ASS BUTTONHOLE maker lor line ordered shiris, al 42.4 Hudson st. w \\ w \v TITAN TED? FIRST CLASS COOK, BARKEEPER. ?? flrernan and colored wallers, at tlie ROBINSON | HOUSE, 18 East 18th St. " YVTANTBD? A OOOD, RELIABLE PROTESTANT \? person 'o cook, wash and Iron lor two In family. Apply at 57 Went 4Sih st. ______________ TIT ANTED? A OOOD COOK, WA8HBB AND IBONBR TT (Protestant)' must come well rccomincnded - lumily ol three ; (rood wage) paid Ca I at 444 Went 22d st. \\! ANTED? A GOOD COOK, W ASHER AND IRONER It tor the countiy till sepicinber 1. Apply, alter 9 A. M , ic 1^1 Wcs; 22d st. 11/ ANTED? A PLAIN COOK, ONE WHO UNDER. Vt s'anils bread tnakiuK, to ko on a lanu iu the vicin lty of tlie ity. Apply at 23 i ast 4?th st. TITAN TED? A PLAIN (COLORED* COOK, FOR TWO It In tniuily ; must have the best reference^. Apply at 6.1 t:ast 5.1,1 st.. basemenr. 11/ ANTED? A COLORED WOMAN AS COOK FOR A TT small taiuily ; must be flr^t class and be permanent. Appl\ a 3D Grove st., N. Y. t\' ANTED- A YOUNG GIRL AS NURSE. ONE Wllo t> will make herself ycuerally uwtul ; reference re quired. Apply at 14 Grove at., neai Hudson st. WANTED? A WOMAN AS PLAljT C lOK, WASHER TT and ironer, and willing to go to the country with a private lauiiiv. Apply at ,vi West .12.1 st WANTED? A YOUNG GERMAN OR SWEDISH GIRL as nurse lor an inlanL Call al 13 M eat 'iith at., from II to 4. \kj ANTED? A (il llL To WASH AND IRON AN* AS TT aist in liglit housework in a small launly. Apply, tor two days, at 2?l> llast :i.d st. VI'ANI ED? A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; TT must be a good washer aud Ironer. Apply at 731 Greenwich at. WANTED? A GIRL TO TAKE CARE OP 0H1LDBBN ami aasist in liifht liouaework. Apply at No. 2if> 7tb st. City reiere nee reqUirea. 11 f A TED - N EXPERIENCED SALESLMlY; GBR t t man sneakiiiK preferred, inquire at tli* fancy xooua store 4l7Hiti av., one door Irom :ilst st IV' ANTED- OPERATORS ON FINE SHIRTS AND TT finishers. Apply at 172 6th av., near 12th st. up stairs. _ _ II' AN I ED-OPERATORS. TRIMMERS AND APPBEN TT to dressmaking, and tor Indies' linen suits; good ewer* required. Call at 71 Went 4Xin at. 11/ ANTED- A RESPECTAHLE GIRL To LEARN TT drc^niukinit ; one willing io make herself iMclut; a home Klvcn while learning. Apply at Bte EastUd at. IITANTRD? A NEAT AMERICAN WOMAN TO OOOK. tt wash and Iron tor two persons. Apply at it Bond street. W ANTED? A YOUNG GIRL. ABOUT II YEARS TT old, to take care nl two ch.ldren and make her. ell tlseluL Apply at 322 l.ast Ultl st, between 1st an 1 2d am. 11' ANTED- -A PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL TO DO tt (renerai housework; a good washer and irouer. Call at 4U( West 21st at _ 11* ANTED? DRESSMAKERS; NONE BUT FIRST VV class workers need applv at Mme. RE ID'S, 67 Kast 9th st., between Hrontway and University idace, \1T ANTED? FIRST CLASS WOMAN COOK FOR A TT small Summer hotel: n'.ne bat those having (food references need apply at Madison Avenue Hotel, corner K7th St. . 1%'ANTKO- IMMEDIATELY. A NUMBER OF E N E R TT Ketic ladies to s< II a popular book just published. Apply, lor on" wee k, Irom ,1 to lOo'clock A. M , at rootu 20 .so S Beekman st. Alr ANTED? A O'lOM COOK, TO ASSIST WITH THE TT waahina and Ironing, In a larite family one who la willing and oblicing tuay apply at (with references) ISO 2d av. 1A/ ANTED? AN INDUS TltloUs GIRL TO l>o THE VV work of a small fattlHy a short distance In the conn try must be a good .vastier ironer anu plain cook. Ad urcss It. , ho* III? Herald oflice IITANTED? A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Wo TT ' man as food plain cook, washer and ironer in a family of four p. r-. ns . ci.y reference required ; wages $11. Apply at II* Kast ltith st. ANTED-"PKKAToRS OV WHEELER k W(L son's nnichlne, lor Jeau aud linen drawers; no work fttvett out. * HIICHCOCK. NEWELL * CO., 271 Canal st. UfANTED-TWO RRSPRCTABLK GIRLS; ONE TO cot.fc. wash ond Iron; the other to do chamber work and waiting and in the washlni ami ironing; Hermans preferred. Apply at 413 West 31th st 11/ ANTED-A NURSE, A PROTESTANT PBBPBRBBD, VV compeirnt to take charge ol an infant Call, with rltv ie erenee, at . Hit West S2il at. near am av., irom Ito 11 A M. WANTED-IN A FAMILY OF THREB PER wins, A German, Kn?llsli, Welsh or Scoteh Protestant ehambei maid and waitress Apply, with eity reierence, ?4 CI* West Wd ?t , lietwcan llit N. and 1 1*. M \v II 101. P WANTED? KKM A I.KM. iMTANTKD-A YOU *0 LADY, WITH RKKRHRNQB? .k! 1. ciass eonfeeiionery establishment ml of tbeclty. Inquire at M. sCHaLL k oa'.tMS iVe i ?t to-day, irom 9 i.> u. ? ??ri **?> i^anted-a (inonn-Kix, wash k \md ikonrk' >. fl! ,,*V4' ?<mh| ore; ice from Inst tamplov(*r a* If! sflsMt &t *t! c""r' AW,V? ,r,,ui 10 lu ' o'clock, ?( I*,' ANTED? IM A ''In v \TR FAMILY, A OAN1UI tt girl; muetheagool WoJw?hl,r irmior : pool reiereuces required Wuwa in to lis Apply at 1.0 West gist nt. 1 1 W",M ?" ? ??> WANTKD? AT ST. (>KRM AIN HOTKL, CORNER S"-il sf. and Pfoadwar, a semnstre m< ? on* w|p> ran operate on sewitu machine; I'reuh or English vnniv between 10 and If A. M. * y "II'ANTKD-A CoMl'ETEN I' WOMAN (KNOLtsq OK Tt American preferred) to take the r<- ? hurgo lsundrv in n hotel In New Vork city. Address tor three days, wltli references, miller, station K. nTANTRD? A SALESWOMAN ACCUSTOMED ro THK TV sale of Indies' an. I children's wear: one who h i* been (n a stamplm: store prelerre I ; inn t h ive th'i tie ?t olty reference. Add rees r. OK PKECgVAL, 7!t9 Broa d* way. _ ?flTANTKO? A NEAT, TIDY YOUNU LADY, Willi f t write* well anil correctly, to assist In :i dental offlr* for the .Sumn er or longer; one who Uvea with Irr parents preferred. Address, in of applicant, AHSISI'AN I, station D. Y\r ANTKD? IN AN ENOLI8H FAMILY, A MIDDLE Tf lived, eiluraie I K reneh lady, to instruct a child in Ibe French language; a person who can furnish tiuqu-s lionable ro i oft' n on* will be received mid treated as one of the family. Address K. WEBB, llurald Uptown Brauclt office. inn MORE PIRST CLASS OPERATOR ? WANTKD I'"' Ou Wheeler A Wilson's tnieh lie to ui<aa? suits. Apply to 1). B. IIAUOOCK A CO., 107 Church tt 1 iO WEST 19TH ST. ? UOOD DRESSMAKERS i rO wanted. H1TI ATIQNS W ANTKD? 9TAI.F.S. A YOUTH? 1(1 YEARS OF AOE, HAYING EXCEL lent re'erence* and n good education ami who Is capable oi talking Herman and is quick and correct at figures, ile-drus cm ; loy incut in any capacity wnlwi will enable him to support himself. Anybody desiring Um services will plea-e address R. A. B., Herald Uptown Branch office. AN ENOL18IIMAN, HloROUOHLY ACQUAINTED with the Iron tube Hint cm tlttings trade, desires a position either n-i a vent or traveller; ftillv competent to lake ijijui i|(ement of store or control set of hooks; satls factory references, Ac. Address T.. IMS 4th St., Williams burg, U I. A PROFESSION A L NURSE, JUoiT SBTURNED PROM the 8<<nth In i'h:irxe of an invalid, is now disen Sailed thron/h Ills lute employer's Improved health; kiiows the United Hlaie< und Europe well ha? llrst clasi reference* Address A. B. O., box I6t Herald Uptoivu Braneli olllee. i SITUATION WANTED? BY A TOUNO MAN AS JY barkeeper or to assist in liar ando'flea; coimtry preferred; best rfyeronce trotn former an I present em ployerj. Address K. H. t)., box I47 Herald Uptown lirunuh office. A YOIJNO COLORED MAN WISHES A SITUATION A in a private lamily as waiter .has Rood city refer ence; is willing an I oliliittiiR, und nnderstan Is Ids work thiiroinrblv ; city or country. Address CHINOT ROIIM. Herald Uptown Branch office. \ YOUTH OK IS WISHK-I EMI'MIYMKNT IN SOME bus liens where he cm leirn som-thinv ?nd make hlmselt n?e ill ; hnn served three yesrs at wood eiiRrav Iiiii. Address W. J. P., No. 7 Madiion It., first floor. AYOONO MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS POB ter , spc'ik* Eiu'llsh and (Icrninn; has Rood recom mendatloii from last plai-e. Address N. B., box 230 Herald office. A YOUTH OK ifl WISHRs A SlfUATlON AS WAITER In a restaurant and Is wIIIIiir to nuiko himself rcMp orally u-efitl, or bind him^eii to a Rood trade. Address.!, y., Herald office. Ahead waiikk WANTS a SITUATION to oo ru tho country lor the Summer to take cliarae of a hotel. Cull at or add rex* lor three iliiys li'i West iMtk St., room in MICHAEL. O' HON N Aid). A RESPECTABLE YOU NO MAN WISHES A SITUA. J\ Hon as llrst class cook and meat carver. Add res j i'imik, box 80j) Heyald ofBoe. AYOUNO MAN, LATELY LANDED PBOM I ItE land, wishes a situation as biirtendcr; willing to work. Address W. Jackson, 399 East nth st. AN AMERICAN YllUNli MAN, WH > WAS RAISEfl on a (arm, desires a situation as usetiil mini mi ? firm ; k<"> I reWrences. Addroet h., box Ml Herald oiiire. A SITUATION WANTED? AS POSTER. BY A YuUNU man. lined 2( ; is a carpenter by trade; references. Address II. A , Herald office. A BOY ABOUT 17 WISHES TO OO TO THE OOUNTBt to take care ol horses. I2tf VVe<l isth st. stables. BARKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED? TOWN OH eonntry. by a single man ; m m v years' experience lu Rood hotels; Rood rtfurcnue. Address B. A., Herald office. TTHRST CLASS FRENCH WAITER? SPEAKS KNifc r llsb ; Ism'l v be Is with golnu to Europe . wishes a iliuatioii in iiuotber; best city relurence. Address KAY SH Easi aith st. JOCKEY.? WANTED, A SITUATION, TO TRAIN ANU rule horses lu races, by an Englishman; married weight 101 lbs. ? good reverences. Address 11. 1'liLLuW, 01 Bleecker st. , New York. OPEN TO AN BHOAOBMBNT? A KIRST CLASS r as try. Cfiok and baker, ot great experience In Sumuiel houses; be t teiorences. Address .137 Spring st. West. I>ORTEK? BY AN HONEST, SOBER, CAPABLE AND Industrious man, who has no oblection to the coun< trv i;uli to day and to-morrow at 219 Madison av. SITUATION WANTED? BY A 8TBI0TLY SOBER MTn. as first class meat and pastry cook. Address or call on ROBERT, I3;i IddridRO at. CtRUATION WANTED? AS WAITBB, BY A FBBNOQ ii man, in a private family. Address T. M., ii West 17th st. _ SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO MAN, AS O barkeeper; understands his business; best city ret. ere pcti . no obiectloli to the country Address 211 Sth st. mo IIKST CLASS FAMILIES- WANTED BY A MAN I and wile, situation* as tlrst class cook and coaclimau: both EiirIlsIi ; beet references. Addreel A. B.. II Watte st. rpo HOTKL AND RESTAURANT KBBPBR&? A MAN", I 1 who tindersiatids the bit Incss In all Its branches, wishes a situation as baker, pastry cook ur carver; has I best cll\ reference. Address, for thice days, JOH.< WHITE, 77 Cedar st., room l& WANTED- A SITUATION AS POBTRB BY A COL ored voiiiir ins n ; Rood city roterences. Call on of addrcii MoitRI . No 17 Marlon st.. New York. "11^ ANTED? BY AN ENGLISHMAN' A 8IT CATION AS Vt butler or valet; Ins best city reference Irom present employer. Address J. R., No. 4 West ltd st WANTED-BY A YOUMO MAN, A SITUATION TO live with a doctor; lie It of roterences. Call ou ot aldre?s, lor twodavs, M. K . 860 West Wlh st. WANTED-EMIM.OVMKNT AS AOENT KOR A wholesale liquor busiue-s, by a young man who hill a good class ol customers. Addruss LIQUORS, Herald office. W ASTe 11? A SITUATION AS COOK AND CARVER, tt by a in in who un Icrst^nds thoroughly the bns' nessi best retervnees. Address COOK, box i-W llurald office. WANTKD-A SITUATION AS BARKEEPER; ON* who understands tho bu-lncs? end has been eight years in a hotel; steaks English and O rniin. Addr> s II. H., _ILrabl olllee. \lf ANTED? \ SITUATION AS WAIfElt IN A PRI W vato Uinily, i?y a voung man wh . h a* tiM? hv*t rjrv reference. Call on or a?liirt*M* W. Kit.HK, No. 6 en Hi lath st. ___________ tlfANTBD? BY A YOUMO MAN, 23 YEARS OK AUK. tt a situation in a good house; has had tive years' experience in ibe coffee anil sugur business. Andre* COPPER, Herald Uptown Branch ofllue. ClikRKS A> ?? !>AI*Kl4.1IKH. ACCOONTS.? EIliHT LANODAOKB; ARREARS WHIT ten up; iM oks devised to lueet special reiilllreilieli's; books opened, kept, examined or balanced. JAMLS COX, removed to 61 New street, room IS. A SITUATION W ANTED AS COLLECTOR OR CASH, ler; 'e st of city reference snd seeurltv to Hf rca soiiable Hinount given If required. Addiess AS K. Herald office. \ N ENEBOKTIO OENTLEM AN OK M, WITH AN I X J\ tensive Southern Bcqimilitance and connection, de i-ires employment as clerk or salesman ; is a good account ant Address LOUIS, Herald office. KIRST C ASS B.MIKKERPBB? ACQUAINTED with double eblry; one who has been engaged A in th- dry gi mis biisincsi ; wa?-es moderaf. Address T. box 181 Herald office BOIIKKEEI'KK AND 1 ? 1 N,.KM. I LEKK WANTBJ in a dry goods jobbing house ; s.ilary #?< to $10 a week Address, with rof rences, WAltD, lleralcl offl BtMiT AMI Slloi; SALKSM vN W \NT.S A SITUATION, controls Ro<?l Southern Irado long experience ; good reference. Address I!. T. H? 2I.i Wust I7th st. 0RUO CLBRK WANTED? WBI.L yU AI.IKIBD. All dress, Willi references, II. C, BosWBI.L, Jr., Wlb liamsbiirg. ______________ nRt'11 CLBRK ' LICENSED UNMARRIED YOUNQ man. Apply to or address J. C Kl sHTON. Broad way. corner Atli st DKI'O CLERK WANTED -CAPABLE OF TAKINO charge , must lie temperate ; a sing c man proferreU, Apply to K KM N I . IJ.l "ill n\ 1 \ It Y OOODS SALESMEN WANTKD.? NONE ?1 1 I ' good uien, with city reference, need itfiply .lAMRi CROUD H VV ELL A I'll. A2ll 3d av , corner I2AI st. 1NNTRY CLERK WANTED- IN A DRCO HOI'S K; FJ must be experienced In the businevs. tddress w It re eretice*. A <? , l> OOS, III al 1 - 1 ti .. T AWYERS. ?A YOUNO M ?. N Jl ST ADMII'T-.D IN I > N Y woiil I like a clerk-!ilp Id some .roo t 'ifflee best ot reference; salary moderate. Address i'LEKk, box 191. Rll*at>'.-lhport, N. J 1AW iTUriENT WANTKD. PARENTS OU til M J dians, desirous oi entering a votitw man in a law office, doing n l?rge commercial luislness m ih s City, I , whom salary is not eo much of an oh eet aalhornngh im ness exper ene?i und a praet cat :.iw education, have n? v ruch an opportunity ; be?t relerence> roquire i. Address O. R , box 111 Herald office. OALRSMBN? TO SELL MERCHANDISE AND SEW. O log iiiaclitnns. TOOTIlAKIiR, Ms :id av , tudweeu ,'ttith and 37tfi sis. _______ SALESMAN W ANTED? Pi IR THE BAKRUV AND CON O leeliooery trade ; one having m esiablished trade In this and near by cities hr<Mcrr?d ; the right man can jiave steady employment, at a llie-rsl comtniseioa. AJ dross A. A. A., Herald office lA'ANTED? A OOLLKCTOR K.iHA RittWE 4V i ?M? f T one ne<Ml sop jr who is not a eompetein man for ihe posiUoli, or who cannot furnlnU a nood and MfRcieiH loud loi the taiuitol and ho est por o< insnue at hi* dutiea. Addraaa, -rln^t particnlai* .iREM KltV, Usrtli

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