Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1873 Page 2
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CITY REAL ESTATE MHt ?M-K. ^ ? rnfral* i XEW FOf'R-STOl:Y IIIOH STOOP KHOWN STONE A t rout Houae? cabinet nnsli; ijqo location; cheap. r:ie?sv u rim; M>s*e*-i<-?. Apply oh premuea, ? Kurt Fixt> first street, MM Mmli^>n avenue. 4 VI'KY WPKBIOR BUILT AND Bf JMAVTLY A flniihel new hrcivn stone Hou?e,:iflxfl5, and pantry ? ? mn (nnir near Mh avenue. alxne With street, ter -ili' hi a' bargain; otliersoB fiitU. tf Mb, fc<ti<. 67lh, Willi, flUli KM. I1M. ??t!i.4Sth, tCth, il-st, :?8ih 6irct-t?, ? i* i' to ?().'>, IX*' upward*. 1 W. V. 8EYMOIB. 171 Broadway. ? r k >ACRinoii-*on sale, thuee btory irion A stoop brown Slon ' Iro n llou<-e. on tf-venty eiplith - 1 rr? t . hetwei 11 I* iiiitUiU and Fourth avenues tur nK'ivii or untuinUhet. a i> i> i >? immediately to JOHN I ' * rTRKTCll, No. 1,0 .ii I bird avenue. I'll!! SAL J', ? Nil. a FAST SEVEN TV l'OlIRT H r street, bet n l i lt I ittli anil Malison avenue*. n supe rior full-niad imw Lrewn siune front house. 23xMJxiu2; i n -- $06,0110 ; two-thirds run remain on bo. J unil niort tsLOUCE HllWfcS, 117 W all Street FVHt SALE? HOUSE NO. A3 WEST FIFTY TllIRI* street: A ret ehiss ; rosewood parlors mirrors, lie. Ap ply mi prcmiiwt. o! to owner. No. S18 West Porty-sixth at. OR SALE? AT A BARGAIN. on WE8T TWENTY r dpi*, nd -Ueer, a lour slory brown .-.tone English b?se ineut Hons*' : lao-'cru .luprovemi uis, iuulurtuut luruaco. bellti. M rakmc lul l fte. ; price $15,100, cost ihemvtittr over $1S.(W0; im media, tc p t? le.-.Mon ; only $A,u00 re quired, jas R r;i>\v vRDS, v.* West Twenty ihird ?t. &'il IWWI ?FOUR SIORY BROWN STOXK HIUH ipOl.U''U. Moot) Hou-i", lot IfiOti, hard wood, in hi Mi- ha'l. ft o ' uriler location rtar tcntrxl Park. A prompt btive, . M-i U' C II tMircain. t)<jDE-N ft CLARK, Broadway, cnrtu r ui Sev< nteeuui otrout, Eiihi Mile. BARGAINS IN II \KI,EM. liiMili i.. ltd aifl ?ib avs.,:i-t?ry brown stone. $12,6*) 1.1 ri si , 6:h anil ??Hi a">-s. . a Sto^y Irani* V,;IW LSVt at., <1 an i 3d avs., unit y name T.i"*) i"'ail ci . t li ami .nil av*., :i -4orv brown stoiu ....... I*,!**) 1J.U ?t . Hu nn 1 iih ?v*., storv iruuic 4&lh) By S. N. BKOWN, ei.rner Fourth avenue anil 12i?th ?tree?. F^OR f ALK? NO. #49 I'- A.ST KIUHTV TIURl) KTttRKT, a huiaU. neat l 5 miau'e*' walk t? Kithty lotirth Mre?t t> e:)in'>ont lanrting in miMttlea to Heck slip. L'i>K ,-Al.E- HO0.?K AND LOT, NO. UI SECOND r avenue. Iiuinire on tl'e premise#. , West Side. Ijiow KALR? A THREK STORY BRTCK HO VSR, IN P (ri ii.1 order. wlt.h * jjockI stnre, miiiahle li>r any busl nt*f ; lernx t**y. C?ll 0B5 lilc ventli avoivue, ne?r Hur ty tciirrti stieet. Fjioit .- ALE?A FOUR STORY DOUBLE tekkment Hnnac. new. im West Thirfy-etelith sireet, wttl) two B'ure*; price $tM,iMM; eoab $4.WiO; rent $2,i'U>', lot W fcet; bonne $6 ieei ditep. Inquire at S5# Wo?t Thirty-sec oud Mtreet IpoR SALP? NEW HOt'SES, THREE STnBJf IUOH f^iop I rown ?tone, on Wes' Fortv-llltli street, !8 9x30 ? W8; As in- louwlxild i ?r HO yvars ?. price hoiistii rent tor $1,800 and $?^W. Win. ft E. a. Oltv ? K8HANK, eorncr Broadway ayd Forly-Kiiirth streot HJVKTtSIDE PAKE LOTS FOR SALE? CH RAP; .1 OR fi inll 1 oistiear the above park. For lull particulars upply to ft. L DOEl.liKIl, 25 1'ark row. AAjl WEST SEVl-NTV-FIBST STREET? BE AUTl "?7 i fully located, near Boulevard ; pobacauon when leniri'il l rent $.-</ ; price $&UkJ0; en?y terms. Ap|?ly at Vruilee' b?rluga l'-unk, Went Twenty tlilrd atrcot. 1 1WDlieiitous. N IT v' H.Ur^,l O ^r- jdir, TO ItUOUKI. VN PROPERTY FUR SALE AIVO Tit I,KT. K gBKALD HIUMlll OFFica-BRt)OKI.VV ADVERTISEMENTS fi)B THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OU1S BRANCH OFEJCE, IN THE long island Tavin?s bane building, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND BOERUM nT. OFFICE OI'EN FUOM^S A. M. TILL 9 P. H. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 8 1?. Jtf CARRIERS AND AuENTS' DEPARTMENT, NO 7 FRONT STRKKT, BROOKLra 9/ thk most de '.erniH ? ,, WKSTC '.T^n" VT7kXc"U' ??V-.v K^Vi'^r;.;;' 1 Apj.Iv H, the oftiee ol the lute V J Wai KEli"' ^iT-'W'1' ?treef. NeH V(?k, jrom 11 to I o'ctoek. K ' 1 J"'w ?'^Ws UV'tf, KEUTV toulaand lu.nliure, all at a'tfnU V"" *to,'k yry eagj ,,rlI1* ' }j.< ^ ? A NMnIuEle,fwTHr> NewBYoVk ? de!U?h\J,n1ION* 2 ' ROOMfi~ ll<HI unsurpttusi <1 ; f,jA ?cr<>, carden . ..rt i ""'"T* ? lo< * ?or the Summer. "jOHN* wl' wi^D^kV* W Broailwa'y. healthy. ft" U^,' ll'^e ?7I.K, A r.K1?irKJ ? ^ ?o?Pri A CO., M^vtroon."^ tL>" KA pi D TRANSIT. Rr:DI't'KD I.I r.r anil hialth.-A verv 1,^1 ,, , .? 11 RFl Allt denre, at .Mount Vernon W*?tet?es^r *lewrttl,le K< sl ? h?w Hyure and iin?iiJvtf..,r ? i>iinty. tor sale at modem iniprov, ?ments, !!!."' anj'T 1,11 ?'?? room, c.'oae'm Ma ionary tiilii. ftT" ?"UT- ,,*th" rurroumm.K^ flrst i laim; Mze ot' l,.V nfj'/o^ : a rare opportunity tor anv .,n, \i? f 1 1 "l r''1 : thil' flrst claw reM.lence - M mlnoT.. ^ <,eV,n"K "> -em re o ! "?. Apply (I. EDJIONDs i c , l(,'and Central de Wount Vernon. A <-?- opposite the deuot S' ADVAirTAOM poi value, in Mrst < la>?. estate ?n Neie i ,"h, ,f " i"" en.ent of dar 1 il,. c, ,u m utT* F?r?? ' known as Ce Haven ka.lroa.E iV traTn. ,l?i^^','<l ?'? >ew iioiic^ <?ne limir ??nlv from \?' S76 ; 60 l-oiil ttii l New "ortr Jitr r Tiilrfi1/1^1 .vif ^*PreM "fre? i.i I'n.nnil cliarniiiff'y |i^,U^",liii,'K. 10 with trees, slirubberv. ftc i'erinir kio./I'i adorned 2v? ui i J?*i ol t|,r Sound Ami \ ' ^ . vieir* lor over JTiiwntlv nt-?r (lepof an<l siiiirrior iV.'-Jfl ,fl(,MC*pa; co*>" planted, stra\vberrN? ,-7, ^ ; 1 w,1M(Jv-nt;l?r,?. Kur -WW "t-asSS sff'ixas1, ill I hoii. i, I, r,.j | r i ' T' house, ftc.. all Jpr.'TO OUM at p4?l"streetrU Kr"UUd a"pI>W U."oe njf.^9 J^HyANDlnKkal^ Per Sn le. W.U, AT Jm lock F, Af . , % ii Jua Ij'c iI<ii??ik?Mi fait* i? at Store's" ?)lri'V),,vpFh,r^'\"r'st7iKKs'!n ,our' ''"'"'"rick Hill Ik? mtfil J rJ . "TrePt!'- Karh hoti?r uiil lot day <?t >al?- ' nlr fo<|f|vf? TaiiwfrTi known ttif Morn v ?t MiV .J il ?J, !l ; L I ? a ?a n I on i-orner n?rt.,,n ,lh<1 h'I t. VUCM"nf*r I-" " Ml rs ? n v tir > itit hi ned. * ^ I <"| .1, ,?!' UVi l/1 Vl !|,'\| pr!" ' * ON Ta I S I Nil Kit J II T nihnt?|., hard a?lJh?rt^ ??"'?? water, * atiiiiiar\ i , ?'?'Oiroom. hoi and eohl IneloilrHeligant .? w r.IlJ wL 'K /' i ??n?ll?ire ft Wilson's .s, w,? Msd,!)* '/ " *"*'*? Wheeier lures and , ' <an*u, (l** k,*. house i iu. t?. m.1,1 inimedi?i,!t * w??' 'urrtsl.ed town: price $J Jt, W.' t'w?*r is leavina ? nd niortaaue ?? , |, J ' ^?W'can remain ou bund mean*; iooatioo fiot in j+rm*v .^?4? V*thoh & nunh'rntt* HcrMJrf oMn?. y Uty. AthJr^tti toi l|H FACTOR Y PROPERTY PACIORIES AND RESIDENT lRO?'tRT,F, Fo,t Peterson! N. ,r Steady power*. Cheap coal. I.ow freights. Nkillid one hour troin Nen Vnrk i?i#Jii v"ilf HU ilalln tr*i?n ^'^'"'?ArihKliiWAlTl. IV Pine ttreftt. n?n? k,,k icehoei' ftc. ; I >4 acres ?!??? <''? t*rr<"** Ih>uv. staltle un urpMs?,j ior he,, .1 aM ein uwit.ranerK etatn.u ; ij mile. i,v u ? 1 1? ii,"" "u? ,'iV.* ,r?>,n end t u ruliure, vomd exdil UH1.'* for ??<???? >ull 1 ?rni iiliir* hv nddressi,, f iltW '?r '-?V w?(ieo? *'??1, M . airf.eater county, jJ.Y*' KeU-.ah A VW?r2? "Mwii UUVM 1?W|, ; situation INI ifii Hod.ffl, i c"T,v,'n<e?it to f encrv Apply to M l! I % W fourth /JiHir. ' ' "roan way, room 11a, ... m,i. PROPERTY OVT OW THE 1'ITY FUI 8ALH AND TO *JCWT.^ ' AH- WANTIKO FARMS.? FOR HA LB? TO FARMERS, gardener* and tirm laborers from the 01(1 Country? Good Farm l.aiul*. virgin soli, Hi $25 per acre, on nix year*' cre?lit, Tbe*oil fa a gnnd, productive liiuin, near the great markets 01 Nc? V rk anil Philadelphia, by rail roid, where trom 20 to 'W acres constitute a farm, when partly planted to fruit From thin localltv a greater i|iiafruy and variety o: Irnit is sent to market than from HIIV other plaoe til equal area in ilie Diiiliil late* ! It is in the midst of m tluiving coiiuiiuuit v, with i-oog roads, .-tores, school* and manufactories. Female infill tier* of tumii/ee ami others can procure tsoodwoik at ?r?? rewlng, (hoe work, button making, clothing work and other brandies. Many l- nglish. lrialt utv<l N< o oh farmers have nettled and are prompt' rou* Number. of Savdeners trom the vicMty or New iartt are locating. ; 'arming is more profitable than U'vat, on aeeootit nf the luarkels. Apply In JOHN P. PAOK,uS Fgrk plaoe, two , dun irom West ".reot, New York. Papers containing ' lull m'tirniMion will lie sent free ol cAarye. AUArnm oocmv nuf to utmsai New lltimtmrg. ou the Hud tarn; hnrk mansion, 55x83, contain* every modern iinprnt eiucnt. elegantly tuid completely furnished ; green hou *?*, hot and cold Frajierics, choioa iruit and extensive vegetable garden, coachhouse, teehouae, porfor'* lodge; tbe larounfl* are iu cliargc gt u gardener, Iodise keepi r sn I assistants. rich Aiti) v. Ha km rr. Ill Broaiiwny, rooin 1, bawtnenl. AT ROSLYN, L. I.-ONF. HOI R HT RATH, AC< KS alble by boat, a pretty Cott.-iae overlook!' g tbe river, with modern improvement*: Ice house, hum, Ac., unit tonr acre* ot latul; will tit fold at a great hargaHi mil oil ?any texuih. JACOB KllAKPE. 119 Broadway. AT NEW BRIGHTON. STATES ISLAND-FURN1SHI I> and unfurnished Houses; evorv Improvement j for health, vmw and beautiful surroundings unsurpassed; rent low. W. A. colli!?. e* fine atrert. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY HO USE ? COTTAf I K, FTli . wished elevant grounds, iruit*, Ac. : ren< lor Sum mer or your ; ucces* hv curt ?ir boat ; one hour irmn %\ all street Applv at li*> Murray ?trei t, or 1113 Wall street. A FURNISHED HOTEL TO LET? ON Long ISLAND Pound, one hour iroin Mew York city, near depot; rent $800. t?. O. SMITH, owner, 202 William street. Atkosklle. n. j.-a BEAUTIFUL HOME, ori'H. ?iie the Park, one block irom dep<il ; 10 cl'y lots, modern house (IU rooms), not lurge, but cosey ana com fortnMe; carriage house ; all In perfect order - 4? ii'itntlns trom Now York on the Central Railroad of New Jer* y. The owner bus lust come into posfe-iaion nufl will lei th,s place, or one with larger prouBd, very low ty a food tamlly. K.iselle Ih 76 teet higher than Elicabeth, aiul very Aesirable an a resldenee. A. I?. HOPE, II# Liberty street, New Yort;_ A FINK OPPORTtfNTTT FOR THE RIQUT PARTY. - Bueuos Ay res Estate lor sale, a areai sucriflic;* sipuire league in cutent, containing \16') acre# tine ?rax Iiik land, well watered; cood builnings; 80) heail of cat tle; :(0 rld.tiK horses, friee $19,0110. M. T. MOLLI'.V, No. m Pine strogt, 104ot (^lOlTAOK TO RKNT CHEAP? SUITABLE FOR ONE ) or two families; contains 15 rooms, 3 cellars, S kitchen*; eoach house and .-ilablee for two pair of horses and carriages; about two aeres of laiul, in order; 10 niHUites' drive from Coney Island; car* p is* Ihe prem ises everv 15 minutes. For particular* inquire at Mr. R. RIDLKV K house, Oravesenu, or at E. KlOl.KV A SON'S, 300 Orand HMeet, New York. CIOI'NTRY hODUE TO LET? FURNISH EH, AT I lUiiuiiitloM, K. J.; 4R nrinutes from >?? Tor*; two railroads; five minute* from depot; house 11 rouins, w<dl furnished ; iroort barn and stahle ; vlll let to n care n I faiutlv tor the Sunnier months ; price giSOa mon-h. Ad dress W. A. McOOWXLL, 121 nml 12? Front st., New York. I EXECUTOR'S SAL K? AT NORTH BELLVILLE, N. J., 'j a j[,M>d Douse ceataluiug eiplit room*, barn, carriage house and nearly three acre* of first rate land, with a small stream of wnter rnnning through; four minutes from Avondalb depot, Newark nnd 1'nterson Rairoad; six train* running daily from New York. Apply to?luy trom !< o'clock till 4, at b4U Broadway. O. MCCARTNEY, Executor. T/ILKUANT RESIDENCE WITH SHORE FRONT, ONE Hi of tbe cosiest ami neatest place* on tbe north shore. Stalen Island ; splendid view; $8,500; terms to suit. DAIUtIN, 80 Hroftd ntrert. OUR ACRES, IV, STORY COTTAUE, NICE GARDEN, _ plenty. Iruit and shade; ten minute* from ferry, Stateii Island; $3,fi00; worth $5,000. DARK1N, 80 Broad street FitARM OF ISM AtlRES. KMAbL HOUSE ANI) WKIJ. 1 fruited; healthy location; accessible by railroad and near markets; will sell whole or purt. f or inioniia I it>ii uml excursion ticket* apply to JOHN II. FAUb, 102 Park place, near Went street, Kcw York. Far roukaway, l. L-7DB sale or to let, throe commodious Cottages, near the brac.h. K?r parl.H uiara dpplv to J. L. 11. NOHl'ON', Crufid Hotel. Far lUickawav, or to C. U. M.C.NEILL, 181 South street, N. Y. FOR HA1/K-A DESIRABLE KI-SILENCE IN POUJH keepsie; lot 100x20', well supplied with fruit and shade trite*; house, carriage house anil grounds in perfect onler, price $A>, HK); woull exchange lur Ncu- \. rs city lot*. Adilres* box 449 Post ofllco, Piiuiilikrcpsle, N. Y. I^OR KAJ-E? FARM W ACRES, WESTFIELD. J. ; good buildings, high ground ; couveuicut to two staUous. luqulre at We. i' Btirliug Slip. IitOR SALE-ONE OF THE MOST ELItilRLK BUSI uess places lu Moumouili county, N'. J., bordering un the Shrewsbury River, at Oceanic, having a large water frontaire. adioiiilni; tbe steamboat laudniK and upou the main road leading troin Ihe wharf. I here are Uiree biuldiiu;* upon the piopert.v suitable for dwellings er business purposes. For particulars applv cither to S B. EDMOKSTo.N, No*. 213 and 215 Puane street, or R. J. 11 AY\f AR1>, on board ste.auiboat Seabird, loot ot Frank lin street. g I^on SALE? AT PAMRAPO, ON THE SHORE, A TWO 1 story triune House; price $l,f 00; terms to suit. In quire of JOSEPH LKM AlRR, i'amrapo, N, J. Eior sale? riNfcsT water power in north. eastern Pennsylvania, S6 ncres; five I'welling Houses: lour hour* Irom New York; immediately mi line of Delaware, Lackawanna nnd V< esteru Railroad. Andres- f II A R I, TON fU K.M. rl Strolld?burg. Pa. For sale? fiso acres, on the southside rail road, 25 mllea from city ; handsome station in centre of property ; price $100 per acre, or would sell third ill tcrest and Improve land with purehoser. fBITB, owner, 10* John street. i[*OR SALE? IN SAH HARBOR. L. L A BEAl'TI lu In fitted up wea side Residence, having all the modern Improvements; house M2xKi leet, with two wings; grounds %?>x.17!) leet, with tine Harden, stable uranary. Ac.; diulv conimunicatloii by tioator rail; property will be sold cheap. Apply to HENRY T. RICHARDSON, 234 Water street, New York. l^OR SAI.E ? A PLEASANT COUNTRY SEAT IN THE I suburbs hi Hartford, Conn. The estate consists of a large stone house, with 17 acres of laud. For photo* gtaphic Mews and adct.iilfd diacrintinn of the properly j apply to I J. BEsTOlt, Esq., 240 Mam street, Har.tord, or I to Mr. PHILLIPS ABBOTT, at the law oftica ot Messrs. Keller A lilake, room 8, 16 Murray street. New York city. B^OR saLE-IN PIKE COUNTY, PA., A FINE HOME; a farm of 78 acres, ISO clear ; house new, a rooms, good orchard ; a fine, pleasant location, near Mlllford ; price \ $'.|?*| Apply to JOHN STEWART, UJrt West Sixteenth i street F T.10R RENT-SEASON OR YEAR. A MOST PE^IRA I1 bic lurnished Residence, overlooking Englewood; eleva'ed. heal hv ; 17 mums; all Improvements; near s a tion ; Vi minutes to Chambers street; garden, fruit, tow, carriage. \ pply at 70 Chambers street. 1,11 ItNISIIED II i ) USE TO LET ?AT PASSAIC; LARUE L'Hrden. inhm lawn, Ac. i near dfM ; pipsaesaion lint diately. Address OWN ER, box 1^6 Post ottlcc ,Pua aaic. N. J. / 1 1tP.AT SAfRII ICR? A CHOICE FARM OF 42 l l ai res in Bucks county (tbe garden ot Pennsylvania! , to tie sold on account ol old age oi owner, he having lived I ou It lor 10 years; land is rich anil clean as a ga den; i location unsurpassed lor beauty and convenience: one ; mile irom rsputtv growing town oi .1,lH>' inhabitants ; iW i miles from Philadelphia; in. Ik and 12 passenger trains ?lail> ; only hours Irom New York city, good build- | lugs ; stone dwelling; 6 rooms; large barn ; wagon house ; hog and poultry bouses; pieuty choice ftull ; splendid water; running stream; very healthy; price, including crops ? 4 acres wheat and rye. 4 corn. S oats, S potati es, 35 grass yielding 50 tons ol hay, worth $*? i?-r ton at depot; 2 'In r-es, 4 cows, hogs. 70 chickens, carnage. 2 wagons nnd all tools and Implements? only $5,51*); terms, $2,500 cash ; balance ea?y ; immediate possession Appl i lo Mr WALKER, at Crook's Hotel, 81 t hathaiu sweet. New YorlL /TREAT BARU A IN. ? EIGHTEEN LOTS. BOUNDED BY \T three street*, with bouse 2UX45, 10 rooms, large glasa piazza, bay window, shaded by large oaks; plca-antlv located ; within three minutes' wala ol lerry. stalen I*l*nd , $ j,5on ; half cash; worth $.i.0UI; sold to suve lore Cloaure. DAkrin. m Broad street. Health, economy and comfort combined ? 1 wo small (Villages, in Rockland county, one tnile from two depots at Namictt and I K hours frotn K?w Y'ork, will be let for $100 each until April 1, 1H74, to good tenants; fruit. Ac. Add re as H. E. C., station D. New York IF YOU SEE THIS PLACE YOU WILL BUY IT. -38 I miles from New York on best railroad in United States, mountain set ncrv and air large plot; lasty hou-*- aud barn; hoi and coUl water; lawn, fruit und flowers Address I ox 7tii, Elizabeth. N J MONTULAllt.? A NEAT COTTAGE OK RIGHT ROOMS, three quarters of an at re and stable, tor sale or to let ALLEN A HOWE, No 5H Pine street. O RANGE mountain. FOR SALE, laree. hsndsome'y fnrolshml House ; stable ; shade ; lo t alioD very iltwriible ; also smaller places at ruasonaMe prices. B. F. KM ALL, OS I. II erty street. ON THE HUDSON? A VERY Df.hlRvBLE HKSI ! denee, witli nbout two acnes of land, beautifully j loca ed. wiili tuagmllcent views of river and mouniaing. | ktroiiinls ahoiinil ? ilh choice Iruit, sba<le and shrubliery ; hi niw- cont.iins alwiut 15 rooms. The wliole tiro|ieriy will > be sold low on reasonable terms, by order ot the execu turaot the law owner Furiher iiartu olars ol BL AUK W E LL A CO., 55 Liberty street. New York, Or CHARLES McCUTCIlBN, Perkskili, N. Y. r> IVERSIDE ON THE SOUND ? GENTEEL SHORE I Iron! rooms; mode ru cou ven iencies; loalthy; near depot; $!f,UU); d< crtptive circular; s?-v eral ot fieri. Address J. W. ATWaIER, Riverside Ma tion, Conn. ^A RATOG A, NEAR GEYSER HPOCTTN'J SPBIfHl - O To let. tnlly tarnished, to private family only. One. large House and grounds ; carriage hou*e, ?talding for tii,rse?, kr (or particn ars address OWNKIl, Saratoga springs. TO LET? AT CORN W A LLON -HUDSON NEaICLIN den Park, fine Mausloii. river view, lo acres or lend, shade tree*. Iruft gargen. stable*. Ac., salmlde lor private lamllv or boarding house, fiirnl-lird or nntorniKhed Apply to II. K CHADEAYNE, Cornwall Post office, orange county. New York. rno I.KT-IN Hot K LAND f'oU.NTY, ONE MILE FROM 1 Hlanveltvlll station, oti the Northern Railroad; aite bull is a large stone containing seven n oin*. large { out grounds snd iruit it being situated on ? very flue tarni, three miles from Nyack. Reiercnce K. R. KIRK, lltt wesf street, New York. TO LET FOR BUMMER? eT. ROMAN'S WELL; FA yorile plcnk- and eacurmon resort, on Flusliiiig Bay; ail convenient es, several excursions already engaged ; terms uuileiate. defer to Joseph Crucbe r?ili, Hroeer "V'iTi '"L- B- PRINUE, 67 Wall street, or U. E. CARi.L, Flushing. rpo LET? AT SARATOGA SPRINGS, FOR THE SEA J soli, unianilshtd, the large sUitie house, staid**. Ac , in /he grove near tbe i laieiMloti Hotel, ki?wu n as tho 'I folur Mansion, ' suitalde lor ? hotel or private real dencc . terms reasonable Address JollN P. CONKLlNG, Atfpltl, riaralMga fsprmga. N I. rno i.e-i -a curmwc.o cottagk, neat and 1 pre ay. slitiasml at Kafiway, N J.; eevaa oiitMiiea from deMt. fur User parts ?b.r* apply t? ISAAO lOWN ol.ND, it Mar Ma/ (tiret, Naw Yark. PROPERTY (HT OR THE C1T* l-'OR MAL.K OR TO RKOT. TO LET? AT FORT LEE. N. J, ON THE OF tin- 1 1 u?l on. n largo double House; leu rooms; i?ut and ?ra'fi in kitchen; lino lawn; growiu- gunb choice iruit, barn, If. ; very dc*U'itb!e loc4tii.u; . im moderate: apply <>n preml ? : boat loaves Spring .ireet. f? It., at 10 A. M. niHl ]'. M e*<*1i itnv t lhr<*.? minute I mm laudiug. laqnire of CAPTAIN I klAUV, < n board rilO RENT, FURNISHED ON TMK BANKS OI THI 1 Hud on, Edge niiwl, Hyde Park, iiiili s "?u I'otlghkeepsie, the Residem e oi Hi.' UN* Jolm It tavw sunt, Esq. ; graperies, greenhouse. icebouse.Ac. In.j r. ut the iurmliou-c on the pre uii* h oi .ioIIN H. I V\) KANT, orol UOBKKr (iAN JiKOitD, Fotigtikeei-re ItEAL. ESTATE TO KXCIIAMJK At cranfoud. k. j.-nm sale on rx* u t\oi. a first elites t'ountn Le?Ut<*nre ; all iiion, n mr ? ?? iiirui* ; tj rouuiK ami rocui ; ground ? four amines' vail trtait ilufcol <1 ilir n( ? a I l.'.u :r> .1 Now Jersey; lime irun New Vmk W illume-. s. ('A II I I.I., owarr. tirwiffili 4 TKShMKvt nervRTv in Brooklyn, yai.i ? i? A iii MML MomkaMt $S7JBCO% will Im- ex''hun ? tor Merchandise or vouutr> Properly. Addres* Inc. .1 '? New York l'ont ortlre. /1HOICK MISSOURI LANDS A V 1 1 CV-II T> !\ V'' e hung e lor imttrnveil IC~al Estate ?? >c? Vo*k Brooklyn or ?ul4ii ban Prupcilv. MPLS K. v 77 Cedar Kireet, fcotiuy Htul t'oikiiii-Ktfic.r torevt Tj'XCH A NO K ?NEW VORK AND BROOKLYN, \ Ij other first Hana l'roperty, equity $ti&,i*<U, for Mr el*** Stock Farm. Pr ncipat* inquire at "3 Be* ?tsii.un street, third lloor, iroin 12lo4, JfXt:ilAN(iK.--DOWN TOWN CORNER SlOltJ ?. 'J west side, UOxlOO. to excltangH lor cifv or cuuniry jTnperty. H. OOt'KCRoFT, No. r? t'tue street. J*xc? anok-bome PMvTfi of ui.oiwd in jersey i (era good liorse. Carriage, At. ; will cxchmifc i?r Furniture or MeicbaiKllsc. Cull and w e owner tin day, between ?.ne Hint three o'clock, at the office ol Man-u-* II Laitm. M Liberty afreet Fj^XOIIANOK, KOK ULB OR RKNT; POMMMON 'J iinHiedlately, n kooiI Houae, laf*e M>t. cwivenleat tu depot, in tho elty oi Ruhway. Call tliit dav to "e owner, lieiween one atnl itiree o'clock) at the ottke ot Mareua 11. l.aing, 65 IJberty street. For rxoiianor? a kkst class country place, l ii ru lulled ; !W acres ; stock, implement", Ac. ; in New Jersey; 17 tulles trom city: price $bO,UtM? cheap. J. W A r1>, IW Kroad way. j^UR BALK? NEAR NK*'BGR?i, A LAROE AND ELF ? gant ItesldejicB, uood loealloti, oveilonlung tl.e Hud Hon, with outhuUilliirs and 6 acre* _ot land, or w.hiM . k UAi ,-t? w F (Kin, with outhnHdinra and - . _ cleanse lor uood city property. Immediate pos^eoakm. Apply to O. L HVPHK , flf? Broadway. New York. T.VIR SALE? OK EXOHANOK FOB MOHTOAdKH ON r city t'roticrty, a ftrat claa* tour story brown atoue llous", on bixty nrat street, near Maolaoiiavenue. MARTIN PtJNN, 20-' Broadway. lOR HALE OR EXCHANGE? FIRST OLAWH LARUK ilone llouie, with eight aorea, at Fnuleviood, N. .) . ROBERT J. BROWN, ?> Nassau street, New York. _ FlOR SALE, EXCHANGE OR TO LEARR? AT MOR rlstown, N. J., the well kiiowu tirounda and Hcid denoo, formerly owned by w. C. Baker, comprlaitm line d weilj ax, with modern conveniences, tully Iurnl?hed; stulde Mini outliou$?H, and 4 tonr acres of .and heiumiiilly laid out in lawn, shade and fruit frees and garden. Kor iiiirticuiars apply to C. M. (HUNOl.'X, Mornatown, or at lt>H iiroAdway, New York. UU>R SALE OR EXCJIANOK-A KINE DWELL INO I1 on I'i?ih aireet, lH*fweeti Alexander and Willis ave nues, North New York ; splendid location ; eomty, $ ,510. M. T. WOOLLE Y, No. Fine *trcet,Jn>ni 10 to 2._ HOViat n EXCHANUF. FOR A FARM IN NEW Jer?ey or West, with iwi rovciue.ntx and uneifum bered; one brick House, #13,1X11); three Kraine lloiuea. S*>,riDil each; eijnlty in said houses, i:W); locution of houses, Brooklyn. Addres* OWNER, bax 6S Font office, Brooklyn. 1 AM AN ACTIVE BUSINESS MAN; HAVE $15,n0O I worth of desirable unimproved lieul Rstate in llrook lvn, that I would exchange tor a KO"d mercantile or mann ik' turiiiK interest that will hour investigation. Addrena FIDELITY, Herald office. rpilE HARROWOATE HOUSE, MASSENA HPltlNOS, 1 8f. Lawrence county, tor sale.? Fully tarnished and ready for btu>lnua>; would exchange for residence iu city or siiburhs. H. Ol.IVER, No. 1 I'nrk place. WANTED- A COTTON l'LANTATION, ON OK NEAR ? ?V railroad or river communication, in ihe southwest, In exchange tor a beautiful Country Seat of nine acres, one hour from New York by <0 trains: Hailing and bath ing. viewg utwnrnassed ; house contain* 2u rooms, with water throughout and all modern improvements; put building* and house new and in period oriler ; price ' $20. IUHl ; land now worth $10, 00 alone; buildings cost $13,000 to erect two years ago; some cash will be re <|Ulrcd. Address l'LANTA I Ii IN, lleral I office. J" ANTED? A HOI SE IN THE (.'ITT, IN EXCHANGE ? for a summer hotel, Oirnlj-hed ; good outbu ldiints, pleasant groumia, high nod heaithy location , oppo-ite West Coin t . It. 8. M'ClfLLOt'OII, W.' Broa tway. $1 OrWi CAtitl.-DRI'O STORE. IN ONE OF THE T.UwU finest locations in Brooklyu. lor sale or exchange lor a near by larm. JOHN S EVEN', 39 Nassau street tfjQ Oflll WORTH OF YANKEE HAY FORKS AND ipO.UU"/ j'atent for the aume, to exchnnge lor sub urban l'roperty, Farm, or Lrooklyu House, or Lot . Ap ply at X4 Centre street. REAL RH'l'ATK WA VTIOO. fj^A 1! M W AN TEH ? CONTAININti 100 TO S"W ACRES. I under cultivation, Willi tlr^t class building- ami ? ell. stocked, the eait or west side ot ihe Hiul-oii or Wesi chester county, and wltlnn from two to lour hours rom New York, lor which first class Brooklyn I'ropert v ?\ 111 be given in exchange. Applj to MARVIN UiUMEs, HI Cedar street, room & rpo RVILDKRsi AND SASHM AKERS.-WA N TED, A 1 private House, In tills citv, whereof part ot the price will lie taken out iu French Ulaas. Ad(lre? box I'ost ofllce. WANTED-FOR A CASH CUSTOMER, A TOUR STO rv high stoop brown stone House, between Broad way and Fourth avenue and Thirtieth und Forty -eigjiih streets. WM. k K. A. C1U IKSllANIC, corner Broadway and Forty-lourtli street. HOARDERS MALTED, 1? PARLOR FLOOR AND SECOND FLOOR, THR E . rooms ench, private baths, Ac., with priva'e table or without board ; w ill lw vacated on the 11th June ; ref crenceg. S6 East Twentieth street. "I DEl'Al Ri>W, 138 BLI.ECKER STREKT.? PLEA L sunt, cool, airy and ueatlv lurnished Ri'oins. with Board, tor families or single persons ;$4> to $10 per week. 1 LAROB PI.EAS ANT Ft' RN ISH RO FRONT ROOM, .1 second floor; bathroom; all conveniences, with Board; very moderate price; simile room, $tf; brown stone ; central, genteel neighborhood. No. 4.'l Seventh av. 1ST HOUSE FROM FIFTH AVI'.NUK, NO. 3 WEST I Thiiticth street? Eleuiint I'srlors. also large, airy Rooms lor the ^uiuiuer, with or without Board, at reason able rates II BLOCKS EAST OF BROADWAY, 1! near Cooper Institute. Handsome furnished Rooms to lot, with or without Board Private table II desired. Hummer terms. KiSkuy vesant street. i) RfiOGRB FROM BROADWAY.? TO LET, WITH Bo ird, a large front Room : also other rooms; a room for one or two bull s ; table Board 6J East l our.h street. 2RHOMS TO LET? To OENTLEMRN OR LADIES, with or without Board ;$7 to $? per week. Apply at litit West Thirty ninth street. 2 CONNECTING ROOMS TO LET? WITH BOARD. Room tor single gentleman. 42 East Twentv-flrst st | n WELL FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS, UONNEOr I ln<, third fliwir. nice closets, cool and plea-nnt, to let, with Beard, to two or three gentlemen, or gentleman and wife ; terms tor the ^ululne^, $7 each. 'Jbt West ? 'Hurt ninth street SQ TO $6 PER WEKK.? FURNISHED ROOMS, ?? with or widiout Bi ard, an.l light housekeeping ; American family. SM Hudson street, corner Harrison. 3 OENTLEMRN OR OENTLKMAV, WIFE AND child can heve a very largo second s'orv front Room, with small attached If desired. hsnds<,mely tur uishttil. with excellent Board, also back Room on same floor, with hot and cold w a er. with or without Board ; small family ; terms moderate. H4 West Eleventh si. Q SECOND A VKNUK -WANTED, A FEW RKSPECTA *> Idc young men to Board, bulge aud wash tor In a pri vate lamil> ; toi ins $5 .'<1 a week. 4 EAST TWENTY-NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FT! HI nod Madison avenues. ? Handsome Parlor Floor, va cated June 12; also Room tor single gentle man, with or without Board, lor season or year. 4 I II STREET. 22fi, NR VH Tt NTH.? BEAl TIFUf , largo, cool, elegantly furnished Room-, with Board, lor families or gentlemen , loeatioB lirst cla-s and conve nient to thrie lines oi car*. r.TIl AVENUE. NO. 314, NEAR THIRTY-SECOND ?) Mre.'t ? l*rge, elegant booms with or without I o.ird, private table it >!rs red, at very moderate prie<*?; large Rooms l?r single gentlemen !! To $1! PER WEEK.? I INI. ROOMS, \S i II E\C!.I.. 1 ,) lent board, at 172 I7t, 17# and ITh BleecKer st large ady vanls . croipiet ground ; coolest houses in the city. ^ dhp TO $|n EACH PER WI'I K? SECOND STORY j Jpl) Room, to Beiiileman and who or two gcntieuicn, with fir si rlas. Board, where e.verv attention Isgiven to I lines* It'' iv- W tverlcj place. _____ ( J?/? PF.B W RI.K -Fl KNISIIED ROOMS, AM Til ?T' ) Board . a sinall, light Room, one for ladv, #5; g.wid taole . good ItK'auon. Hit ilreenwl. h avenue, corm r ' Charles afreet. I 7 TO IX. CLEAN AIRY R?*OM- PLEASANT HOK K ; po/ I B.>ard for gentlemen, at I3H Macdoiigal *lroet, one IdiM'k front B'ashitigfoii square ; table Bourd $fi per week. mWAVERLEY PLACE.? IIANDHOMK FRONT Rooms. $12, $14, Blf and $is, lor iwn iiernitn. with : Board ; tiariMent boarders taken ; also 'f able Board, $A. ' 1/V EAST THIRTY THIRD MKhl.l - A llAMl 1'/ souiely liirnWhed second Fbsjr, eu suite or silwly, ' with Board; reference* exchanged. 111 STREET, WEST. 134,-FIRsT CI, ASS f/H'A tion . bandsctnelj furnished, pleasant Rooms, eti ' suite or singly, with Board; private luiuilr; summer ! prices, good table; reference required. 1| TH BTREtX, IM WEST.? WITH OR WITH I t out Board, second story tront and back Rooms; other Rooms, rool and clean; furnished or uulur aisbed . sins li laiully ; moilerate terms; wide street. Mm STItEfcl, EAST. 117. NEAR SECOND AVENUE - To let, with Boird, line, large third story Room, I lurnished or unlurnielied j also ungle Rooms ; terms > itwltriue. 1 A WARREN PLACE, CHARLES HTBEKT.-TWO I t newly and neatlv tumisbeil Rooms to let, with or without partial Hoard, in strictly private family. In quire all the week. "I r.TU STRBKT, WEST. M7.? A ROOM AND IIALL I ? ) Room, haiidsninely furnished, to let, witB Roa rd, to gentieuian and wife er single gentieinen. Keferentr. IK UNIVERSITY I'lMCK.- NICELY FURNISHED X ' ' Booms ou eeeond ami lr>?rtl> floors, with er without Board; also ? ooaeiuoda'ivas foralewukbie Beard era J Keference. <l(IMa(?i J 13 HOAKUKKS WAKITJ). west fourteenth street. ni aji fifth U&u ??(! One.? Donblu Mild sinjjla Rooms tt> lei, en suite ii .1 1 , ? i:h Board, to gentlemen or famine . Terms W WASniSflTO.N PLACE -ELI'OAXTf.Y Ki lt, i .-ii il nil of I'iriiur. ? itli llM ciMkK Hour 1 ; al-o ? I >r ingle geiiilnmcn ; retro nee*. IV I- T KOI' i T i E '<TH STR1 I'l'.-HCCOND ' !ii!-r front, uu-l Hull Room- 'o li t. turn ?h?d, . Ii ii< aril ; term* Ion-. .)?>!> iti;Kr.? r>i i.KiiiTKri, rooms. wiiii \ ? ?> vri*uv laiidty; lion* find alloti lir-t c' i- ; imr i ; il ll 'ii .il ii (Jmiiv i. 170 W c ?. fiv.'ii.y -third -,ti ? i, ? c Utli mill Seventh IiVCIiU Ittkri'lKIH cs 1 .1... <1 *)?>!' ' C.KI.T (MADISON Siyl'VHK1. ? VI" PV PI I'AS _?> in. ?:> I'll suite or sia :lv. with or with 'ii i' d ' ii i ri? I'urti r Floor, v/idi nr>viilc taid:-; tcf

? ji-- . Jo i ,-t 'Fwcuty-thiril street. .)?!!> t I i I ? T. NO. 114. 1 -N T H-iiK \-l' Hi * : u ? 1 i -44 ?nuurv. ? ' Tluve en vu :? t 1 ? 'iirti sli- d !. g , i- pii i! -n null Room in ii-' iii suit o - nalc, w"h i- i.i K.,ard. ->|tn -fit '? ET, ?-??> SMI,- EL; (U^r sF.rn .ti ? ? 1 ii-or, wilh privute balli Hint 1 1 io table ; ulx.u'x ? -ii-kxi mi kiiiu'Ii* Kooitis: t cm* moil rmc: rutir-ii.s .) 7 i.k.-r rwfcSTV : titurii mur.iiT, near mad 1 ;..>n -.,nar. Larflr, alrv Ramus, hiindi??m<'ly fiir : ned. mi a mi Ui.?r, witii or wiihoui Board ; term* ? i uiiiillll! hi ill private luinUy. M l -r MX/h SIR I T, BETWKKN FIFTH AM> <i cth avenues,? Pltrnished Bootn.* on *ouiul .nil third r!i?r? 111 {>?!. Willi III' milium Hou'd ti -Uliiiin-i" ]?ri' cs. Itcii renews. <T)(\ WEST THIBTY-SEOO.VD STREET, BETWEEN _ ? ' lirondivsy and Flitfc avenue.? I' no Suits aiul -ingle Kootns on second and third floors, with iu without private thli'e, suitable lor families n d ntlemen ?, refer cue** exchanged. 4?n BAST IWKNTY-I Ol'R II 'TRIKT ?A SMALL Zi'J privit" laniUy will lit ? Irwhsnd otni' Kooin*, wit ti orwiihunt Hu;ird, ut very r?iit<uiiulilc prlce?, for the (Summer, mm Mu iLioii injunro. O^irn 8TB KET -NO. ISO WEBT), NEAR SIXTH AVE. t > r nun.? llBiiilfomi'lv mruwlii i IJnoiiis to let, wiili 4r*t cIiim Board : relerence*. ?>r> east ?rrn st., one poob fbom xaiiison ill ) av.? lluiidtWiiuoly luru's'ird imnt room on -ermid and third ttoorn, with Oint clus-i board ; cliylco uii tor funioieri reltrcace-i requite I. OQ WEST TWI NTV KIRfiTSTRKET.-HANnSOMELY tffi ii n. I elt'Kanttr uirnlshed d.ublo una ffintrSe It. oiih to iet, WMIWMIt wi'U W ivitliout ll si 4lM> I'oaril. OQ BAR BOW STREET. BEAB llf.EECKER.- I'RoNT On rarlor to let, nleely Rirnlshed, with Board ; oilier Bootua, ut umaeraie rates. ')() WEST TWI NTY-SIXTH 8TB EST.? ELEGANT i>*t cool and ile-ir?b!e Suits mirt ningle Ro<un>, Willi or wi:hnnt Roard, near Madison Miuarc ; price* low during the Kumuier. /I 1 ST STREET, 141 WEST, NEAR CORNEB BROAD tI way ntid sixth avenue.? Hand?fmi'lv fitrninhed Room* on second and third floors, with riourt, Irom 4-S to $12 pel weok; uiiexceptdiuilile releren es exchanged. 4 O WEST TWENTY FOURTH STREET. NEAR BROAD O way.? A few lioaidr rs wantod, in a flrst class newly furnished house. Relerences exchanged. A Q WEST FIFTEENTH STREET.? A LA K< . K. BAND O Homely lurnishfd front Room, with dress mr room aiiai-hi'd and ample closet, will he rented on moderate terms, with irood table, to two gentlemen or gentleman and wife ; bqfbett references fiven and reouired. NINTH STREET, BETWEEN BBOADWAY AND ()U University place. ? Desirable Roomi to let, with superior Hoard, to iauiilies or single gentleiuen, ut Sum mtr prices. r A WEST TWKNTY-TIITRD STREET, BfcTWKEN 4'T" Filth and .-Ixih Hvennes ? Most central location in the eity. ? Hun soinely lurni-hed Rooms, en i-uite or singly, Willi Hoard, lur lainilie-. and single gentlemen. K*l EAST NINTH STREET, BETWEEN BROADWAY *t I and University place. ? A hamlsomo front Room; ?Ihn aaexfen- on Hootn. nicelv inrnislieJ, to let, with Breakfast it desired ? reference. Qf\ WEST FIFTIETH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH ')U and Sixth avenues.? A very desirable, hand-oinely inrnMied Second Kio-'r (two tn.ntaud two buck rooms) tor, nt, with Ifoard; references. QQ SBYENTH AVENUE, BETWB :N FIFTEENTH ('?/ and Sixteenth streets.? Haud-nme second and third story Rooms lo let to gentlemen, with Board ; terms moderate. inq WEST THtBTY-EIOHTH STREET. -A DESIRA 1UO ble Room on seeoHd floor; also one sinvle Room on third floor, to let, with Boaru; location unexceptiona ble; prices moderate. I AQ WI ST THIBTY-SETONO STREET. NEAR I"'' Brnadwav- To let, with Board, two cnnnenting Rooms, on tliird floor ; al-o a large Parlor ? hot and colu water; f-umincr prices ; references exchanged. I lf? WKST TWENTY-FIRST STREET.? A IIAND ! ' i * I some Second Floor to let with Bmrd ; separately or tugether ; references given unil require I. I .IQ WEBT TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET.? SECOND 1t"C floor front Room to lot with Roard, to genilcmun uud wife or single gentlemen ; relerenc -s exchanged. ] in WEST TWRNTV -FOURTH STREET, FIRST I r' t'oor.? A widow ludy, having more room than sli renulies will I'tt plea-ant and wol| furnished iront lion ii and Beilroi in, to n ventleman and wife, with board t>>r the lady; orotic or two simile ladies. ICQ WEST TWELFTH STREET.? VERT PLEASANT 'fit an I nteely furnished Itooms to ler, with first class Board ; all couveuleuccs; dinner at six o'clock. Iftft WFST TWENTY-SECOND STREET? DESIRA I tit) lite Roiim* to let to gentlemen, with first cla-s Boanl ; also table board can lie hail; rulCreuce.4 el cklOIH. SIXTH AVENUE. NEAR FOURTEENTH ? ? t I stro.'!.? Newlv turnishcd Rooms; singly or en suite, tor sinule gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives; table first class; terms moderate. 2k).) EAST TWELFTH STREET, WITHIN FIVE ? minutes' walk of steamboat laodln?.? A 'ew gentlemen or gentleman and wi-e can be uci ominodated with lloar-l and pleasant HoMns. 2rO WEST TH 1 R fY-FOURTH STREET.? A PRIVATE ?)v) l am 1 1 y will let, with or without Hoard, a cool, handsome, lluely lurnuhed front I'arlor; two, Willi Board, Ortl BEST TWENTY-FIRST STREET. -SECOND jj\ )1 storv front Rnoin to rent, with Hoard, to gentle man and wile or triti'/le gontlemen; boil e with all the improvements; good table; terms very reasonable. e)??(i WEST TWEHTT-FOUETH street ? NTCKi.Y ^lt)U furnl-h' d Kooms on second and third floors; singly or en suiio; Board lor gentleman and wife. A WIDOW LADY HA8 AN ELBHANT, NEWLY JA furnished Suit ol Rooms, in a first -class cential loea tlun, to rent, with or without Board, to gentleman and wlte, where they can Have the exclusion of u i(U'et and re-pec table home. Only tlio?e who will pav liher ally and appreciate respectability need addre.-g SECLU SION. Herald Uptown Branch office. ASINOLE OENTI EMAN CAN BE accommodated with goisl Roard and wi ll ftirni hed Room in a re fined prnaie tamily, we*t sW< , near l ourfeen.h street Address SATISFACTION, box 186 Herald office. A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVINO IN FINK LOCATION, near entrance to Central l ark, will accoinmnda e a gentleman and wile or two single gentlemen with first clits- Kunrd and elegantly furnished Room, in modern house $18 a week. Addresa NEATNESS, Herald offlce. *a PPI.Y AT THR FREE DIRECTORY FOR DESIR ahle hoarding places; householders having vacancies specify accommodations. BOAKDF.KS^J)IBECTOEY, 737 Broadway. C^BITTKNDKN HOUSE, BROADWAY AND TWENTY / sixth *U-eet, on the European plan. ? Large and airv Rooms, en fcuite or single, at moderate prices, lor tha Summer. PLEASANTLY FURNISHED BOOM, IN PRIVATE family, to let, with Hoard, to gentlemen, cn Harlem River, within 111 minutae' walk of depot. For particulars address E. M A., box 4# High Bfidge, Westcliesier coun ty, N Jf. _ TO LET WITH ROARD? LARGE 8EC11ND FLOOR 1 1 r< >ut Boom; all conveniences. 41 East Twenty-ninth street TO LADIES RXPECTINO CON F I N E M E NT. ? A LARUE, nicely tarnished Boom to let. with private table, by unexperienced nurse 1 tamily |hv?ioian would attend; no other boarders. HO Ninth avenue. HOARD \*D lX)nuiMO WAITED. Hoard wanted? permanently, rv a oenti.e inini and danxhter. In Ninth ward; two Rooms, com municating : large Room, unfurnished, except carpet : ex tra lurge ciosetn; goisl table ; dinner at ii o'clock. Addre-s Ol.'l Alt Herald office, sta lug price and lull particulars BROOKLYN RUAflD, (til FIRST PLACK.? LAROR AND HANDSOMELY ? tnrnished second story Rooms; nl-o Rooms tor single gentlemen; house and table ftr<t class; iieiigtutul location and convenient to cars ami frrries. ? * ? ? 1 - - ? ? HOTKI.'*. A NOELL'S TURKISH BATHS, fil LEXINOTON AVE nue ? I'leasani Rooms tor gentlemen or lanilllcis; trnn?ieiit or permanent, with or without meals; private table It desired. Baiio, open all night SiiARiifRH WANTED - N!< ?. PLEASANT ROOMS and ilpt, p Hoard at u averley House. 7W Hroadway ; to SI- per w< ek ; Rooms without board it dcs.ri d i 1RITTFNDEN HOUSE, CORNER BROAD WAT AMI) \J Twenty-sixth street, on the European plan. ? Large ami airy Rooms, cu suite or single, at moderaUi prices, lor the Summer. (t ALLEN HOI HE, IW HUDSON STREET, CORNER J of L?lglit.? -Excellent Board, |ti to $7 aO per week, with -ingle Room; single Room, without board. $'2 and upwards; Lodging, SO 1 ents ; gentlemen only. Open all night _ /' ROVE HOUSE, 172, 174, 176 AND 17> BLEKcffR \ I street. ? Fine Rooms, with excellent Board, $0 to $12 per w . ek ; also without board ; coolest house m the city Hotel ht. orfimon. fifth avenue, twenty. si cond street. Rrnad war.- European and American plan . Rooms all iront; oaths attached: coolest and most central in 1I10 city ; en anltf or sin-iy. at Summer rater IIBHY HOTEL, BARREN STREET.? NO DA UK J rvoms, everv room haa a window and good ventila tion; 80c , 7?c. per day ; (2, $2 sn$1 per week; family rooms $1. $1 fiOc., per day : $4 to $1 per week. New enuland HOTEL, no. .in howkrv, corner of Bayard street.? light rooms, neatly t'urnssheil ; OOc or Coc. a night, $2 80 to $4 per week; for gentlemen only. ST. .11: LI AN HOTRL, NO 4 WASHINGTON FLACR, having changed hands ami being entirely renovated, is open tor the reception ol families and single gen Ueuieu. with or without Board ; day Poarders taken ~C^j?TBir~~* WARP. A FARJH HOUSE, NEAR FISHKILN WILL AVCOM J\ hkkIsU a suial) iiarty lor ike season; good air, and good la Me. A4arci? U-, kot JDOIT'VTR'V nOAKO. Arnv HOA RIiEltS CAN BB ACCOMMODATE* wK!i gocd Board on a lurtn .it res-nnab> rates: th?h ln? in uhuudam-c ; also go >d ha liliw anil drive.-. Address WM. WlJllHKCK, luilaii Fields, X. Y. ; T. M. Andrews '"?S Urunil u n \ , vuruur Ftaukliu :?tiutst, or N. S. Uti4?i lite Fulton street. AOKIAN INSTITUTE, I7XIONTOWN, V. J.. ONE hour from New York on Philadelphia R iilromt, via Di--hro...-e* street or Co llaudt >tr- *-t terry.? Pit a-aut, a:rv Room*. newlv turn'shed ? r1 r^r ela-s Uiwfd. reason able terms. Apply to M. E. 1IAEUL R, IS oulh Wash in. luu M|uurp. \T PLAIMT'.ED, S. J.? FOl'K ROOMS TO LET. wlili Board high ground ? Hue vie w ; tre-di t ruit Him veget able*; ?talitc room, private laiiah. Address ho* 2H1 Post office, Pia.nlicid, N. J. A t ELIZABETH, N. J.-IN A Kill V ATE FAMILY OK tl> re*- persons. acei. nun. Mutton lor two or three single gciitloiium doing bu-.n s, III New York, i in;- roi|Uired. Address, with particular- an l reference, I. I... Hi raid uffl. e. A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN BK ACCOMMODATED . \ wl.ll flrsl close Hoard, al Heryeii Point, .N.J ; .'Ml inliiute . tYum C|:y H? ; ; ti.i ti mti?. ; near steamboat lauding; tl lrd hous west ot La Tour lit) tloUs;-, ou the ?; Irult, vegetables, mil* ami butt?,r, all raised on tile place. Mrs, C. T. MtTNll. V MO.-T Ql FET AND HEALTHY KETKEAT AMONG .'V inouutaliiH &i|tl pine ttrovvs; good Board- coinnrtu lile Room*; vraUi and drives un brim.-**! : no mosqui toes; terms moderate. L. F. DUuLi.v, Co. n wall. Conn I A T KINUSLAND. N. J., :? MINUTES FROM CITY ' vi.t MorrN and Essex Railroad (Boentou t?r i u<-tn? I'le niy <>J shade, vegetable-, milk, iggs. boating an I ti-h iuR; tcnn*$flio SS per w ei; ; a conveyance will meet t In to A. M. t rnui lit Kinushllld station on Friday. Address M. ?>., Kiiigalaud, N. J. f>OAKOEltS WANTED? AT A COUXTRY PLACE, 49 IJ nules via Krie Katlvay, near Million; elegant Room* ; plen.v ot snaile; price ii to $1J per week. Ad dr.-;.-, OR.vMiE CO UN i'Y, Herald ' 1JOARD IN KEW JERSEY, ONE HOUR FROM NEW II \ors, 7 mi n tiles' walk Irom depot; ground* well I ?iia in. i, lri;h utid liealthv ; a charuii a; place. Inquire at . 4J Clin s.ieot, second floor. Board? at a fahm hocsk, north salkm, Wostehestcr conntv ; iiiKh, heslihv looxiioti; stabiln.'. ' Call i.ti or ad-Ires* CullNTKY UOAKii, iHS Soutll NIiilIi [ street, \V llllamsburg. Boabd wa?ted-in a hotel or roarihno I ojsc, within thiny or forty mile* trom Bn-o1 ij-n, I N. Y , iiir a faniilv of live per on*; not on the sen sh^ie. i I'lease nddrens, staling terms and location, ni?o means of | aeeewt, O. A. W., I lux No. l(li Herald office. BOAIil) AT BERtiliN KOINi'. N. J.-TlirtEK Oil four persoDs can ba acroinmoitated lit a handsome, 1 liealt >y jirlvat* residence, near the water. Addre-s box j 6^614 Saw York Poat oitlee. BOAKI) WANTED? MOT OVER AN HO0R AM) A <1 ii.'tt ter ironi the el:y t.y ra.l, by t.vo sdult-, a in oilier ; nnd son. Address, with ler'ius, wliiuii must be mouerale, C., box 140 Cos: office. ! / lATSKILL.? ONE LAKOE Oil TWO OU THREE | " ) small lAinilies can tin I desiral>'e Bnanl in a tir-t clan < pi n ate residence, within a short dutance ot tandin; and stations, ti'oiu river and mountain view ; hamUoine i ground i, with plenty ot shade and I ruit ; references re 1)11 red Address tiox liS:t Kosl ofticx1. / IE N TEAL RAILROAO OF NEW JiiKSEY, i'O MJN \ itics irom loot ol Ltberlv street.? l li osjnt Koouis to gentlemen or small I'annlv , boating, baliitng, fishing. Ad dress V. V., Oreeuville, N. J. C10UNTRV BOARD \YaNTKI>-BY TWO LADI.'S, I from July 1 to ft;aim ier; ilarlctn or ilud-on itiver JUiiiroad, within 4o m l s; $5' per month tor the two. Address E. L. WATSON, llarieui office, N. Y. State particulars. /COUNTRY BOARD AT LYON'S FARMS, BBi'WEEN Newark and iOiizaijeth, N. J.? lawn, tilunty of fthade, fruit, milk. ? gg*. vegetables; accomm datioii for horses. Refers to l>r. s.vester, 21 East Houston street. COUNTRY BOABD ? AT THE RCMMIT IIOCSK, CORN, wtiil on the Hudson, orange county. New Vo k; this I liou e is nearly all new ami situated utove the Mountain | I'oU'e, about IV. miles fro'n the landiug; one ot ill - finest . views in the country; $ltl per week. Refers to N. H. Law, X7 l'ecu sl?p. Addresw J. L. WOOD. Cornwall on tile Hud ! son. N. B.? Abatement in price fo whole families, /"tOCNTRY BOARD WANTED? AT MONTCLAIR, ) \ wiilnti Bve minutes' walk ot Midland Railway; two | lioiiblc airy rooms connecting and one smele room: table inns, be good : would preter to he where there are other > hoarders; board tor coa hmau an I accommodations tor I Jiorse-s anil carriage will lie needed at the same place; : reierenoes rei,uin-it Address, with lull particulars and terms, M. C. T.. box 2.0.C1 Now Yora Post office. /COUNTRY HOARD FOR 10 OR 13 PERSONS? 2Ji V' hours' ride Irmn New York city by Erie Railroad. Add re us B. Y.TUIULLXj, Oxford depot, Orange county, tlOl'NTRY BOARD? AT A FIRST CLASS FARM J lion so among the hills of Connecticut: table abund ant; irtiit, dalrv, ice, Ac.: three hours trom the city. Call on proprietor this day, at 1U Fulton street, for par ticulars. 7NTRY HOARD? AT COOKSKUKG, NEAR CATS kill Mountains; reasonable terms; farm house. In grove, hours' dr vc I roin Catskill. References Miss A. ?. Johnsione, ?07 East Fitty-tlrst street; Mr. 0. B. Hill, 8-'4 Greenwich street. J. RATES. C COUNTRY HOARD WANTED-AT PASSAIC OR PAS J sale Bridge, for lour gentlemen. Address, with terms and references, D. M., Huratu office. (lOUNTRY BOARD? FIRST CLASS TABLE, WITH J pi'i vtite latnlly, one hour from Citv Hall : four min utes tri -in staUon. oil a branch of the trie Haiiroad. Ad dress U. M., box 75 Post Bttic?, Passaic, N. J. COUNTRY BOAR ? CAN BE OBTAINED AT RO selle. N. J., Vi minutes from New York; terms mod erate. Address J. S., Rosel>. N. J. ( tioc? J kil CIOCNTRY ROARD CAN BE HAD AT BATINO HOL / low, where there is bathing, Ashing and nonvey. auces with cairlages and wagons to any pari of the coun try, at reasonable rate.* Address WARREN I ANN1NO, Rivorhead, L I. /"tOCNTRY BOARD WANTED? FOR GENTLEMAN, vy wife and mother, ironi Jnly 1 to October, at a farm house, not m a village : distance Immaterial ; pure moun tain air and boating requisite; good plain Hoard, not style, wautod. Address, with terms, Ac., JAY, Uerald ofllce. CtOl'NrtlY BOARD WANTED? SI NOLF ROOM, BY J two young gentlemen; not over one hour from New York; ne ir water nrelerred; terms $14 per week. Ad dreffl iii'RAL, Herald office. /COUNTRY BOARDERS WANTED? AC00MM0DA V' tlons tor those wishing a delightful home, cheer; ill house, high ceilings, roomy, verandah: all improve ments' with richest and most charming shade, beautiful and attractive lawns; croiiuet ground : delightful views; new carriage house and s>ahles; frutt ; grape arl>or: situ ated lour minutes' walk from Matdewood depot, Morris and Ks*ex Railroad. IS miles trom New York, ou very rea sonable terms, for tne season, month or week : furnished new Those wishing to secure rooms will tall on Mrs. JoUNSON, 304 W est Fourteenth street w C' lOUNTRY KOARIt CAN RE HAD IN A BEAUTIFUL J lp ation. convenient to depot and city by Mldlaud Railroad: mountain air, lovely scenery; house large: rooms airy; talile we 1 supplied. Terms to % 111. Call at ijft \Yest Thirty-first street (10UNJRY BOARD WAVTKD? FOR MYSELF. WIFE, J bov t!) years', baby and nurse: reciuire pleniy sha le, good table, two tfood-sizc I rooms; term moderate. Ad dress, with lull particulars. A. Z. X., Herald office. F'OREST HOME, CATSKILL MOUNTAINS. -COUN. tr> Hoard now ready tor city iKiardcrs; moueratn price?; city reference, II. Forbes, (M Broadway. Ad dress II. C. CRAP3ER, Agra. Urea ue county. N. Y. (1INTLBMAN AND WIPE AND fNR OR TWO J single ccntletni it can be arrominoda e-l with Hoard in a private family, terms moderate; tront roouis; ground hi.'h anil Ileal hy anil plenty of shade trees. Apply corner ot Monro* avenue an I Orchard street. South, Trnnontslatlou, .40 minutes irom Fortv second street depot ou New York aud Harlem Kftilroad, to Mr A D. SMITH. Rooms and board in an flfoant residence at Saratoga. Apply, for phot >graph of house and diagram o< rooms. toAI.LKN, DOOl.l, A HEN RIFLES, I,2?'i0 Broadway, or 'Ml Clinlou street, Brooklyn. QUXMKR BOARD-THREE FAMILIES CAN ME AC O connnodated . delightful upland location . larxa, airy Rooms; a lew minutes walk trom railroad and boat. Aii> dress box 61 Host oilice. Peek skill. N. Y. TO LKT-BF.KO! N POINT, N. J.. 30 MINUTES FROM New York, two large connecting Rooms, singly or en suite, to gentleman and wite or singb- gentlemen ; rooms contain closet*, hot and co'u water, bath, Ac. ; parties wishing Country Board ran And nothing uiirc desirable. Addres. box &,.'J6 Post office. New York. TWO PINE SUITS OF ROOMS Y r)T UNE HOaOKI* IN the first class private boarding house at Madison, New.icrsev. situated directly op|x>srte th-- large park con nected wl.h Drew Seminary ; one hour and twenty inni utes trom city ; rooms large, airy, warm and cold water; ; lo titlun elevate l: nine train- each way daily: stat ing; 1 unexceptionable cltv reference. Address LhWIa F. JONr.S, Madi-on, N J. _______ IfANTED COUNTRY HOARD, FOR OEN TLKM \ N, wife and elilld, within on ? hour ol City Hal': terms not to exceed IJSDcr week. Address, with lull particu lars, HENRY J. PAULD1NO, 14 and Id Ann street, \1'1TIIIN A PEW MINUTES' VVALK of RAILROAD ' t station and steamb at landing at Greenwich. Conn., three adulis will o ml unexceptionable accommodations, where It will Im the prime endeavor to make the fable entiri ly satistaetoty ; price 91k- Address 11. H. H., Her aid L'uUiwn Branch office. ^ PERSONS CAN FIND A PLEASANT HOME __ tor ibe mi in me r at the farm house ol the subscriber, at North vllle, L. I.; rooms airy and olea-mit; tine bath ing ai the Sound : plenty of shade, in Ik .eggs and veto-ta bles, fresh irom lie farm; terms ?/ aud th pet week. Ad dress s K. DOWNS,*, L I. Atlantic hotel, BATH. L. i nm m by day. $2; less bv week ; refreshments lor tran -I -tit visit ors; spl ndld sea bathing, steaui cars iroiu Ureenwoo 1 stop at d >?or every 4i m.njtea. American norEL, babyi.on, l. t,, now open - OimmI fishing and batntng; flee drives; house in lirst class order . every intention pa d to Hie couiiort of visitors to this well known seaside hotel . u nils lilt. r? I r>. M K i l.LI > ii K R, I'roprtetor. Aiai'ch's hotel and kes ia u r an r, lono ? Branch, will open for guests mi naiurd iy lime 14. A. lAUCfl, ol rVH and Hon Hrnndwav Bath hotel, Rath, Lomr Nland. lhLs popular Summer renort has tieen completely rentv Ttteil nnd returulstied aud is now ready lor reception ot boarders, sea bathing, boating, n?hiug, to. Al'ii. FUNS, Sr., Proprietor. CtLIFFWOOD 8PRINO-1 IIOUSB, EKYKORT. N J.? / Fine ses liatlnnc, fi>hiog, groves, mineral springs, Be. ; Hi tp f 19 per week. Apply at the Orove Uoune, 17ii Bleecki r street ? /1ROFT HOUSE, OPPOSITE WKfT POINT.? HWII " ' elevaiioti . newly flu?d tor lamiliea every comiort; stabling, flue drives, river views, oi'cus May I. U. U. RKHWQLdT, Harrison'*, 9- Y. /lOZZENS' WEST POINT HOTEL ?nw*i.n " ' is now op' a For particulars address EDWARD CoZZKN -, West Point. N Y. /m.i ff house, ryk. WNMTCBKhTER county, n. v.? Now open ; *?e*utiiully located on the Souadj Use bathing, boating, driving, Ac. Td. MEAOUEB A CO., rropnatorl. 12 SUIMKlt IIESORT8. (UIFCHCNK MIHKK %L si'RiMi HODUMHOtUOl J County. flU mi'e* troui New York, on line <>t brla Railway ; house new, With all modern improvements: location he itthv ; good fishing and hunting, for terms. Ac. , iixjuire of JollN HEAttlLY. '51 Wast Th|rty-fourt5 etreet, or ot the subscriber, J. II. DECKER, New Hatnp. ton, Orunge county, N. Y. FJAOLKSWOOD PARK HOTEL, PERTH AM BOY, S. J J. -I1* hours from Se*v York; lawns, bathing suit fl-hing ; hIho iron and rulphnr i-prlug water, gas and strain heating anpiru'iis. stihllinr Mr. Tyrrer* car r,a?u.? will he at ibf depot on the arrival ol the tram*. Can lie seen at the House. New York, on Tue?? days, between I'.' aud i. COUj.MA.N A YELLOTT. S. A t'ol.MMA.N. G. W. Ynuin, / 1 REEN MOUNTAIN HOUSE, CLARENDON .-sPRlNti*. "t.? Open from June 15 to Octoh< r lj pure airs mountain scenerv; tine drive*; no ii usaut'oes; coo? table hoard from $10 (o$l5. Address A. F. STYLgi, Pro prictor. / 1 1t A K D HOTEL, OTSKOO MINERAL 8PRI>'?3, s I Cherry Valley, N. Y., within ideasnnt excursion dis tance of sttiii'oii, Richtleld, Otsego Luke and Cooper* own ; great inducements to tamilles; good stubling. Send lor circulur. _____ J. A. ROBINsOlf. nltlMATR 8r?n*OK, VERMONT. - FRANK LIX llou e ucd Collate open -tune I lor summer guests. 1EIGH TON MOUSE NEWMAN SPRINGS, RED J Bank, N. J.? This delightful Summer resort, beauti fully ?ttmtrd on ihe Shrewsbury Klver, Ik now open. Iron springs, line drives, fishing, beating and I a'hmi?. billiards and stabling. Send ior circular, ltdcr to Jehu Foley, E?i;., N'o. 2 Asior llou-e. FRRDi H CK BEHGI R, Proprietor. MANSION' MOUSE, ItOSLYN. L. I.? A F I ItST CLASS liiinily hotel, beiti'imUy located ami extensively improved; rooms lur.-e and finely lurnlahed ; all vege tables and iruit irom garde u; splendid luwn, grove and croquet grounds; boating, fishing, bathing and Hue ?ta Mtnv an I biLlird room: ttv - trains to and irotti Novr York ; Iniui- uoui James n ii> ; I oat irom Peck slip. JACOB Gl YENS, Proprietor MorsTAiwn i.e norsE i; now open tor boarder*? Two hours trom New York; splendid locu i lion, lie i ren'-e, J. Kiddle, 111 Wavoriw place. Address I S. HRl NDAUE, Moiiuiainville, orange county, N. Y. NEW DORP HOTEL, NEW DORP, ON STATEtT Maud itaiirosd; turn hed entirely new{ terms i moderate; time from New York, 44 nutans; splendid ! bathing. THQ8. Ll'BY. OVF.I LOOK MOUNTAIN HOUSE-ON THE OATS kilK viu Kingston, Flmer county, N. Y. For par ticulars address .1. L. LASHER, Overlook Mounuttl I liousc, Wo ml slock. N. V., or JACOB bUARPE, 1111 I Broadway. : pi'.ABODY HOUSE, YONKEHS, ON THE HUDSON? X Now open. I 1>REMIUM POINT HOUSE, ONE MILK FROM NEW X Rooll'elle depot.? Delii'hUnllv situate t on the Sound ; shade, .ca haihtng, houliii^, Oshitig, stabling, no chilli an.I lever; now open. A. Pl.YM P'fitN, 54 West Twenty-lourth street. Riverside uoif.e, is d street, at carmans vllle, cn the Hudson River.? This popular hou?o, en tirely fitted and tarnished anew throughout, It now opet* tor the rccei lion of gue..-tsat rcasonalile ra'es ; 14 Ir^itnf daily troiu thirtieth street depot: time, 2U minutes. Fop terms, Ac., apply to i'ALLL A DuNCAJiF. SODA BPR1NOS HOUSE, ORBAT BARRlNtJTON. Ma->ii.. H. H. PECK, proprietor? Elevated locution on Berkshire Hills- pure inouniaiii o'r, tine scenery and drisos, eu??- access, celebrated lor health. Refers to Henry Heiiih, Z31 Broadway; U. A. ."clxas t'?t Broadway, and George C. Earrur, 7't Wooster street OEM MIT HI !.h nOlTSK-ONK MILK FROM 0AT8 O kill, will 'ake eltv hoarders nt a reasonable price; bMD'Isome pine grove; good walk*, drives. A . ; on a iurgtj farm, using our own iruit, vegetal) es, milk. Ac. P. M. OOETCHIUS, Proprietor. QOUTII SIDE HOTEL, AMITYVILLE, I, I., 13 NOW. O open lor reception of guests. For terms address Mis. E. C. KINii A BON. R. THOMAS, Superintendent. TARRYTOWN HRIOUTS HOTEL, TARRYTOWNON. Iluds- n ?This beautiful Summer resort now open; 4t)5 leet above tho Hudson, conuuaiidmg a flue view or rivor and mountain scenery. UNITED STATES HOTEL (NEWLY FURNISHED and refitted), Lour Branch, N. J., will open Juue 14. For term*, Ac., address M. M. LAlllO. Proprietor. WOODBINE HOTEL, HIGH BRIDGE, OPEN FOR boarder*. ? Uentletneu taken low: trains to Central depot in &? minutes; steamboat to Peck slip in one hour. B. BKOUOUTON, Proprietor. \I7"ILI<OW HAVBN HOU8R, FAMREPAU, NEWARK Vt Bay. 30 minutes from VVnll street, on Central Rail road of New Jersey.? A sp endid place for tamilies; boating, dishing and battling. Apply at Waverley liottse, 759 Broadway. Fl'ltMITVRE. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CARPETS FURNI ture and Bedding, at lowest casn prices, by weekly instalments, at o'EARRELL'S warehouw. 4;U EiglitU avenue. Iietween Thirtieth and Thirty-tlrst streets. _ AT PHIVATrt 8 \LE? ALL TUB ELEGANT PARLOR Diuing and Bedroom Furuiture, 27 fine hair antl spring Mattretses Ac, two Pianofortes, at privat* resi dence 210 Meat *l?t st. ______ \s CLE XI) ID OPPORTUNITY TO BUY MAONIFr. r?t?' I'arkir ?>oi'*. covared in satin, 14 piecea,coefc tl.itai irp aud plush Suits $t>0: Bedroom Suits. Carpei. *krror?, Pniutings, Extension Totilcs. Buffet. Chalrn, Ae . i??? than hall cost, at U0 West Twenty-third ?trart, sear Olxth avanue. Ailllsr CLASS ASSORTMENT HOUSEHOLD FUR miure tor ?ale ? Parlor suits, Grand Duchess. Marie Antoineiti- ctvies, covered silk brocade, coit $S00, Ior$JK); do., |l.O: do., $45; Paintings, Ftagercs, Book ca^e. Hronics. Chamtier. Dining Furniture; magnificent roaewitiMt 1'ianolortr, cost Jl.lnO, for $^75; Silverware, Ac. ; sacrifice ; pro|*?rty ianiily leaving city. M Weat 15ta St., near 6th av. Achanck seldom met with, for cash, a* pnva'e residence 21 K++ Twentieth street, near Broadway.? Parlor Suits, $75; r*0 suits, $115; Bedroom. Suits, )25, and .ton lots lor less than v^ir cost. A MAGNIFICENT SATIN BROCATEL PARLOR SUIT, nearly new, cost $47t. lor $200; one do. *l75;brocatel and reps Suits $75, $5ii and $35; rosewood chamber Suit, cost $475, tor $175; walnut Chamber Suits, $25. up ii>$l5t); Paintings, Planoiorte, Bron/.es Mirrors, Curtains, Carpets 50c. up; Biitlot, Extension table, half original cost; family leaving city. 104 East Twenty-fl th street, between Fourth aud Lexington avenues. Cut this out. C^ARPETsj " " j Furniture, Beds, bedilitig. He. Payment* taken by the week or month. ? Terms easy. KELLY A HO., Corner of Twenty -filth street and : Ixtli avenue, tl'ARPETS AND H'UNITURE AT THE LOWEST CASU ) prices; weekly or monthly payment* taken. DEAI.V A CUNNINGHAM, 884 and 3?i Third avenue, near Twenty-eighth streat. (CARPETS FOR SAl.E-500 (IOOD Til HI E-PLY IN J grain and Hrus-els Carpels, all sizes, rich patterns, warranted pertect, very chenp, at <12 Fultou street, cor ner Hutch ; cn nance on Dutch street. D KGRAAF A COCHRANE, removed to US and 1M Twenty-third ttir.ot, between SKlh anA Si venth avenues. Furniture, Mattresses, spring Herts, ke. All goods guaranteed as represented WEF.KLV AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR FlIRNI turc, CurpelN and Bedding, st It. M COW PER TH W All' i CO. S. 15ft and i57 Chatham (treat. An tin* mouse stock anil low prices, CIGARS AMI TOBACCO. C HOARS OF HAVANA TOBACPO.-RORA CONCHAS. J ilfci; Fl. le Cuba i .aliens. JWl; Espuiiolas, $ti; uuutu to imported iv appearance ami quality. T.J. itAYNUK ft CO., U) Maiden lane. ~ CLOTUIWU. At'r. MINTZ'S NEW STORE. 248 THIRD AVRNI'K hut wet n Twentieth and Twenty-first streets ladies and veniieiten will lie astonished at the. great prices ( iiuy in ' ash lor e.isi-ilf Clolhing, carpet-, Jewelry , $J'i Ui 175 lor silk tresses . Coats, $.1 to $l!ii; Paula. $?' to $H A note by postuunctually attended to by Mr. or Mrs. Minu, in ami out olcity. T V M V<lv S' "wKlTT K ( I W N KSTAMI ISHM BNT. 101 MXthi venue, opposite Eightli street, ladies and gentlemen cati|reeive the ulnio^ value In cash lor their cas -oil Clothlni Cari?*ts, Jewelry. Laces, Ac. Pleastt cad at or adrtreS the nuoitier as above. I.ailies waited on by Mrs. Murk* riease try. ami salisly yourselves. Ar EIiWAKIi'm|,.1,HK'S NEW lii-T A liLISII M UN rl ?5m Sixth ave^m, near Waverley place (formerly Ml seventh avenuei (Motliiiig, C-nrpnts, Ac., tioiighl. It Is not our lliteim,n |0 deceive Ihe pulil c by ollerinif those hith prices w\ioh no d* al> r can pay, but llie great deamd we have I . * these articles enables us to p ir thn uituosl value bv en ku on ?r addressing us. Eadiv at tended t < 1 1.? Mr*. Mifcr, \T ihe w LL RKkoWNED kstahlisiiment. ?ii Seventh -ivenne-l have just received orders to tl?? 1 am. 'lint ot $/5,tl*l. I m thor. foie compelled u> eay tho lollowi ig prices ? Fot ,lilk Urease*, $5to fNl, Coat -, #5 to , $ 5, Pants, $1 to til , |e hifc'llest prices paid lor Ca Pels, i Please call oil nr addles* Mr or Mrs. R?lisKNB(SRM, 244 Seventh avenue. > B.? Second house above Twenty lourth street. II F HARRIS'. 71 I X T 1 1 AVENUE, BETWilKM , _V Washington and Hiverley places, l.adius hip! gen. i iienieH wdl lie a?ioiii*iai at the prices given lor rast ofY 1 Clo lung. ' aipels aud /(Melrt. Never be lore havcsiieli I high price* been paid, i*Ke are hound to till an order. and good* must be had. For Coats, troui $< lo $20 , Pauls, * %l i ii$ III, lire* es, $5 to-Ju, I'leasi- call on or address** j above Ladies attended ,j virs. Harris. Q??l SIXTH AVEMM , Ni.AR IOU R'lH STRKKT? ? I ?>?12 Wanted iminrdlittcv.^umiilit ol Casi-oir Ci<ilh : lug. Oarp?na, Ac. ; will payintm $ll lo for coats, tn $V lor pants. $5 io $75 lur U4?es. Call on ?r addie-o Mr. or Mrs. BATH AN. ^ not) KKOAHWW, N E At I II I RTKENTIl STREKT.? Ot/O II. IIERZ pay* theikilie*i price fur Ladies' anil Gentlemen'* Weariliu Appaftl, Carpets, Ac, Ladies will \ be waited on bjr Mrs. Ilcr*. ??' AtEIIMlb A? MMK. REMTlfLU PHV ICI AN? OFFICE NO. 1 . East Kilty second street, tytdiiur Dom Filth av. A? lot LOUIS llts REMOVill FROM I, XINKTON .av^toltVEasl i'w?utvie?e,th ?t. otflce hour* I U> Si Ari lMIGN ||? I RANKI l ,|,A I E OF PRIIHSIA); . i; .ii-ii i mtion tree , private ?|ee. 181 Bloecker street. A ?*** MAXWELL PIIDchn, KE.slDriNCit i i* Hi nd Tenth street, near V|rd *venue. AM MAURiCe.AU. M. D.-.FKICK l? LIBERTT ? street, near oreenwlch street \DVICK FRKK-IIK. AND M M K. U.SI' A ttl), FHVSl clan*, 41 Easi Twenty-eighth strs*, near Foiirlk av I \R. AND M M !{. GKINIILK, PIlMCl ANS.-HF.Sl U itence 12) West I'wenty-stxth Si r-*, near Sixth av. Dlt.j. KING M BECk'rt OLD l-.MI AttdMH F.D I'RIVATM UIMllcal oltler, lor gelilleiiMiil, 14 \,Hy street. \A ME. VAN BtlSKIKR. I'll YSICI Al -RI.SIIIRNC& 1VI 154 elasl I* li St. hatwe 11 Jd au.t Ubilluil avattUlli.

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