Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1873 Page 8
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F1MMJL 1ND ttMUUL. THE EUROPEAN SITUATION. ,A. Firmer Tone in London. The Influence on Financial Affairs of the New French Gov ernment. GOLD WEAKER. A Mistale by tbe Treasury. De partment. the bears among the stocks, Southern Securities awl South ern Credit. ANTICIPATED CORNER *N COTTON, Statement oi' the Bank of England. Wall Street, 1 w kdnksua y, June 11? 8 P. K. J 6r 'OUan^e ttvday cotton was in better demand and *c. per pound hlgtier for spat, "with "IWures" X?- per pound dearer. Flour was dull and lower. "Wheat easier, 'and com about steady. THE COTTON MARKET. i In the rotfton market a speculative movemettt is In progress WMch, ltds predicted 'by some, will cul-' anlnate In a "corner." First, the crop last year nrae about a,?00,000 bales. The orop this year will probably amount tio nearly 4,000.000 bales. Sec find, tbeTe te a large snort interest for flfce months ?f July and Auguat, while of the stock of eo.oao teles to hand very little will deliver on contract, ?win? to tbe fact that It consrtis of tbe low grades, or tills knowledge the bulls fcare taken advantage, *nd have succeeded In udvaccing the price ol fu tures during the last ten dffj s about per cent, whHe "spot" cotton Tcmaitm steady and quiet at an advance or about, 'i per cent. Some Idea or relative values amy lie had Irom the fact that "fu tures," on the lUb day of June last, sold at 25>4, while yesterday they were Belting at 19 S ? a ftll of about 6 per cent. The advance just above men tioned, however, Is likely *<?> attract cotton from all tbe ?Southern tut*5, in vrfclch event the ascending ?calc will be ant to receive a check. THE KOBEW'.S MAB.KJT. The tone >of the lora'gn m*r.|-et is evidently ?Stronger, the Hunk of England to-day having .gained ?13lv*00 bullion, which amount, added to that reported yesterday, swells the accession to ?300.000. 'Bhe 'Ur.nk txteof dissjunt remains un changed, and in view cf the aheve circumstances <*nd the uiore inportcnt intimation published In tne morning pupors the Jlii, f>00,000 to be paid to the United states ty the British government on tlie (.th or September, In accordance with the lleneva award, will pot be transferred bodily, but through ?b<* mwllum cf the $,'^btpoo,ooo of called five twenty bomle, which will be purchased in London, ? It Is but roRaomible to suppose that the rate of dis count will soon be rcduced. BesiJes. It is under ? atood that Oerm my Is unlocking some of hor gold, While the condition cf the Continental bourses has become more settleti an I less liable to disturbance In the immediate future. The object and doubtless the effect or the arrangement between Secretary lUchardson and the Syndicate, with rererence to the bonds above alluded to, will be to prevent the STRINGENCY IN .THE EMil.ISll MONEY MARKET that would lollow the payment of the award In so much gold, and of course a consequent rise in banks to possibly a higner figure than has yet been touched this year. The market for American aecuritiea m reported ACTIVE ASH riKM. Five-twenties of the issue of 1867 were strong, and advauced X per cent, the price now being MS a MX. Ten-forties advanced, but subsequently declined >?' per cent, and are now 88, 't a 88.V New flveH are M??. Consols 92 S for money and for account. Erie is steady at 49';. The new French loan declined S per cent, and is now c,'4 per cent premium. In Paris rentes are quoted at 56r. 90c,? .an advance or 15 centimes. The /np?ator?' Giutr Man remarks that "The rise on the French Bourse, which followed immediately upon the receat con stitutional crisis, must not oe regarded as an ex pression or the confidence inspired In the moneyed and trading classes by the deposition or M. Thiers and the accession to power or the conservative coalition, but rather as an indication or the general reliance placed upon the firmness aja.d honesty or Marshal MacMahon, who, having the reorganised and recruited army at his back, will be able to frown down all show of unconstitutional action, from whatever side this may come. Another tact, of acharactcr reassuring to the rrlemls or order and to all who wish to see France r:se superior to ber uuneutabie past, is the extreme calniuess which this Parliamentary revolution has been wit ceased throughout the country, and the surprising readiness of the republicans to acqulcsce in their defeat." Advices from Oermafly state that the pressure In ? connection with the monthly settlement has for the ?nost part passed away, but that at Vienna there IP jet much indisposition to undertake any new transactions. The exchange on Londou at Paris tias risen, in consequence of the recent speculative purchases or French scrip, to 251. 60c., being the tugbest point touched since the Autumn. THE M'?VEY MARKET. The bulk or t he business done to-day in call loans was at 4 and 0 per cent. No change has occurred In the rates lor prime mercantile paper. Foreign exchange was a shade firmer lor tio days' sterling. Prune bankers advance their rates to 109 with concessions for actual business at 108?? a 109. Sight bills quiet at 110 a 110 ,. The receipts rrom cus toms were $2#0,000. The steamers for Europe to day carried $721,904, of which $;.o,ooo was in gold. I'be remainder was in silver bars. railroad bond?. A fair business was done In this market, with prices generally better. The following are the bias as amended at the call:? )ir? York <'in S3 91 Tol A Wall l.?t in ex.... 96', >i? w York t ell t?>, '87. . 92 lol A W ?b 1st m. St L il 91 Krw York On r f s;>, Ti?; a W?l> equip !>ds... ssj^ yew York Cen (i s. sub.. 87,'. Ut West 1st in, V .... ??"' >ew Vwk Ceng's, '7ti. UBS Gi Western 2d m, '93... 85^ Erie ihl in extended.. . 101 ; , yuinrv A lol ist, '90 9.' Erie 2il Ul 7'S, '79 93 Uaiena A Chic ex U'S Erie iid in 7's, 'S3 'OuS 'iuiena A Chic 2d m,... 97 Erie 4th m 7's, '8 i 9?>'? Chic, R 1 A Pac WiJi Erie .'th m 7'?. '?? >4 Mi.rrW A tnex 1st m...l04 J^OK Dock boinls. 94 Morris i Ksxcx 2d m.. 9?'.' Bull H VIE lit in, '77 93 fi -1 < en 1st m, new . ,.hr >, Hud B 7?, 2d in s t S8.1i'6 Kilts. M W 4 Chic lit. . .107 llaricin eon m A * 1'8's HJU 1'ilU, KtWAi hie 'W in.hW ? II, A Siiwi 3d bd* ?'* < l?v ?* fituiu in, I'll *"h ?>TI? ins*. '82. ? 1 12 Clev APlluJa ,n 97 Mich <>? con 7's. 1902.. I' m* Pitts 4th in H6,? Mich Ho 7 p t. lid m 983-4 Chic A Alton * 1 9K', JKtch Ho k H I H7'? . ..HO ?Tiic A Alton 1st m ....ID, Cle* A Tol s f |"3 t'hlo A Alton incoiur... sr ,yt Clev k Tol new Uln. . . 93 Ohio k Mis? con ? f 9.',;, C. P * A ol<l txis (duo a Milts coll 9.'. C. P k A new bdic ... . 91 Ohm * MIm in ui, eon. S4% Detroit, M k Tol Peninsula 1st in couv.. ?s Jjeke Mj or# div bds ^/a LouiiA 1 M 1st in. . . - RK7 ?, fid hv MO. 9.' MilA.-tP l?tni 7:t-10lPU 91 Gen Pacific tjoid fids...i,'i3l? Mil a Ht P 7 ?, gold, k V V! Western Pteliic lids . iO Mil A m P i*t in, LaC 1) 92 ? Union Pac Ut in lids... W.'ji Mil A St P 2d in ' ' ? Union Pac I k7's 7U,'J Chicairo A Mil 1st m.,.. 9&', I'nion Pac Income id's. Ilj? ^ol, t'hic k Ind 1st m 87S HI 7'g 76. .lol 4'ol. I'hlc A lud C 2d in. 71 Be I A ho II 1st m 8 . 93 Ivl. Peoria k War. W ? H? All MTU 2d ralic 7# loi- P k War, Bur M v. R2',' OilrAN W s f 100 Tol. Peoria A War 2.1 m 77 ? hie A N W int bds 9 N V A Ml ?'?. .... . .. . . .lw> ?;iu< A N W con bda . . . 90 Bosl. h A K 1st in 7 ?. . . Jjl linn 1 ht Jol ...101 BOPt, H if hjtw 50 I?#i. Uck k W int m . iui l>dar F k Minn lit m I'lel", 1 a< k k W 2d m.... 99 Bur C B A Min 1st 7'ms ftel. Latk k W 7'^con.. 97 BANK fHARES mwv duii iota UU ivf 46 ivU.VM.j~i 13.% Manhattan. 152; Merchants, 121; Me 'cimnJcH', 13a ; Union, 133*; America. 165; City, 25 6y Phenix, 9u; Gallatin National, 121; State of New York, ill; Commerce, 118; Mechanic*' Hanking Association, luo; American Exchange, 100; liank of North America, 101; Ilanovcr, 107*; Irving, 120; Grocers', 101 ; Market, 122; Nassau,' 101; Shoe aud Leather, 160; Continental, 80; St! Nicholas, no; Commonwealth, 80; Importers and Traders', 186; Park, 163; Fourth National, 113; Ninth National, 104; Oriental, 166; Gold Exchange' 112; German -American, 102. SOUTI1BKN SECURITIEB. More business than has been recorded for several days was done in this line, but without material change in prices. Tennessesa, old, sold at 78; South Carolina sixes, new, January and July, at 15* ; do., new, August and October, at 26; Virginia sixes, deierrcd, 10)*; North Carolina sixes, old, 28; Mis souri sixes, 94 *; do. sixes, Hannibal and St. Joseph issue, 02; do. sixes, Asylum or University 93*; Tennessee six? s, old, 79; da sixes, new, 78; Georgia sevens, new, 00; North Carolines' mi North Carolina Railroad Company, coupon, so; do. do., ex coupon, 40; do., new', 16*; do., special tax, n ; South Carolina sixes, January and Jnly, 16* ; do. Fund act, ltm 16; Arkansas sevens, Little Rock and Fort Smith issue, 18; da sevens, Memphis and Little Rock 18 do. sevens, Little Rock, P. B. and New Orleans, IB do. sevens, Mississippi, Ohio and Red River, 18; do! swens, Arkansas Central Railroad, 18. in reler wace to the Southern bonds generally it is a mis fortune that TIIK DEMPCTION OP TWO OK TURKU STATES "should exercise an adverse Influence upon all. In dividual as well as stale credit is 4hus afl*cted. 1 he merchant or banker who comes to New York to negotiate an individual or a corporate loan duds himself met on every side by the question. Does your state pay the Interest on h?r debt ? ? nay he encounters, no matter what may be the value o'f his security, obstacles that are well nigh msur ' ir yea- he realizes promptly how in timately the credit of his state is Identified with hie own, and he derives commensurate advantage. Honce it would seem to be a matter of the utmost importance that every southern comnuimtv with out awaiting the action of the law to enforce the payment of its obligations, should, as a mutter ol public interest, take such steps as wiU most quickly satisfy their bondholders throughout the country ?of a determination to wipe out every State llawilty> ?no matter how or by whom It has heen contracted. Repudiation in any shape or with any limitations is destruction of State faith, for that .faith has in* volved an outlay of millions of dollars by persons wholly innocent of collusion In the Infamous means whereby many of the Southern State debtj were contracted. GOLD 117* A 117*. Gold was weaker to-day, declining from 117* to 117', and closing at 117*. Possibly it nvas the result of the report yesterday by the Sub-Treasurer that he had disbursed $2,113,000 in gold in redemp tion of live- twenty bonds; but the actual report of the day shows that of gold payments there was made only $307,901, the former sum representing only certain checks t.iat .had been satisfied at Washington and sent to New York to be entered on the books of this office. Possibly it was au error. 11 not, it was a piece of diplomatic /uieose, utterly unworthy of the Treasury Department. Ir it was intended to "bear" the gold market the purpose was accomplished, but acts of this character are not calculated to enhance the faith iu flares which should be attached to every numeral that comes from the head of the Department. Is the Treasury or the United States so weak that it must needs bolster itself by a trick t lhe fluctuations of gold as recorded at the Ex change to-day were as follows:? J?*: ^ - 117* 12:14 P. M ii7" ??:? f- * in* 1:30 v. m. : Alt if ^ ^ ? Uf* 1:32 P. M inij J} 1"* 1:33 P. M ! 117.* 4* *} '-"'4 1:47 P. M 1171* 117* i!:oo p. M nix* ?? M 117)* 2:31 P- M-... * 117'* Jl-t? A- M ii'* 2:33 p. 5 "?.* ?o .?i p u 11'* 2:6.) I?. M ' 117. 4 H:\l p M 117?. 2:6# P. M . .. . ," 117.* 12.13 p. m 117* 3p.M..; J};,4 The fouowing were the transaction* at' th^ Gold bxchange Dank to-day:? Gold balances Currency bain nees. Pf^'r07 Gross clearances . 77<) The rates for carrying were 4," * a and i perlx'u<t? aud fiat for borrowing. ' THE UNITED STATES TREASt'BV Tbe Treasury balances in Washington at the close of business to-day were as follows ? Currency Coin Certificates.'.'. 77,000,000 Internal ve n ue fecc'i p ! .' ! .' ! ! ! ! ! .' H*. H GOVERNMENT BONDS coDtimic firm at ttle tollowlng pricpg._Unlte(] States currency sixes, 114* a 114 ? ? .... sixes, 1881, registered, 11a a 11U*' no do. da, coupon, 122* a 123; do. ' five-' twenties, registered, May aud November, 117 a . 4* Uo- <l0-> 18fl2? coupon, do., 117* u in> ? da da, 1864, Uo. do., H7* am*; do. do.. isoV do., do., 119 '4 a no* ; Co. do.. 1867, registered' January and July, ,16 a 116*; do. do., lL, S ft?i"'i7 h 'M}'> U d?'' ,iu- 1867> (1?- (1a, 121* a l.l* ; do. do., 1868, do., do., 120* a 120* ? do ten ?i?, nix, ,,,-V ? nt? a 116 ; Uo" flves> l881> coupon, lis* a lis* on ir Tn:usurt'r t?-day paid out $63,000 ssssr "? """ "? Statement of the BAfc'K OP ENGLAND. other see's. .. 3,?84,'900 Gold on a bin. I9.9sii. 2i6 Silver builiou. _ Total.. ..?..?34, 986,215 TotaL ..?34,980,215 HANK 1X0 DEPARTMENT, prp'rs' capi'l.. ?14, 563,000 (iov. seeur's. ..?13,384,025 Host 3,176,644 Other seeur's. 23.^69.614 Public Dep't. 12,776,726 Notes 9,0'>?S,826 Other dep'ts.. 10, 699,726 Gold and silver Seven day and coin 860, .121 other bills.. 361,987 Total ?47,865,085 Total. ..... ..?47,865,985 THE STOCK MAKKET. in stocks the tone of the market continues 1o be ??bearish," another general assault having been made along the line to-day, which resulted, with few exceptions, iu a decli?e of * to 2* per cent, although marked by considerable reaction and some firmness at the close. The average of prices, however, Is not as good as that of yesterday. Western Union appears to be the grand objective poiut lor the nonce, uud, under vigorous pouuding, the figures yielded from 82* to 81*. At the close, however, the prices improved and 82 was scored. Erie was steady at 63 * and * throughout the day. Lake Shore went ofT from 91* to 90*. but eventually recovered to 90*. New York Central sold lor 100*, *, *, *, * a *. St. Paul, common, bewail at 61*, declined to 49*,, then reacted and left of T at 60* a 60*. Pacific Mall moved from 39*. to 40, but sold chiefly among the lower figures until the close, whensalef. were made at 40. Toledo and Wabash Buffered somewhat lruin THE Tilt MB-SCRLW PKOCliSS, starting at 66'i, touching 66, receding to 64*, and finally recovering to 66*. C\, C. and I. C. sold frsm 27* to 28. subsequently went off to 26*, hut at the last board called for 27 '4. Hannibal ami St. Joseph declined from 34* to 32. Rock Island was de pressed at one time to 107*, but reacted aud closed at 108',. I nion Pacific was not much handled, and its vicissitudes wcro confined to fluctuations be tween 27* and 26*. Delaware, Lackawanna and Western sold at 100, 105*, 105*. Ohio and Missis sippi opened at 37 *, and was beaten down less than one per cent, when It rallied, and Its last sale was like Its first. Pauama sold at 111, Harlem at 129. As has before been sbserved In this columu uo satisfactory explanation can be given of TUB CAl'SB OK TUB PHKSINT MOVEMENT, so apparently systematic and successful. While the surmise may be correct that stocks are being knocked down by the gold clique in order to equal ise their differences. It is just as likely the result of one of those inexplicable paroxysms that comes, no one knows whence or how, makes Its sensation for a season and as suddenly disappears. The street Is full of curious whims, and the men In It are ;u*t as apt to "go It blind," 11 such be the fashion of the hour. a?s to U >'!n-v t.rcccdcnt or a HIGHEST AND LOWEST PRICKS. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the (lay Highest. Lowest. New York Central looft loo* Erie 63 ft 63 Lake Shore 91 ft #Oft Wabash 68 (Mft Northwestern (No transactions.) Northwestern preferred 84 ft 84'., Rock Island 108 ? 107 ft 8t. Panl 61ft 49ft St. Paul preferred 71ft 7oft Ohio and Mississippi. 37ft 30 ft Union Pacide 27ft 26ft C.,0. andl.C 28 2?ft Western Union Telegraph 82ft 81 ft Paciflc Mail 40 39 ft In Philadelphia Pennsjrlvanl&s are quoted at 110ft and Heading at 117. 8 ALES AT THE HEW YORK 8T00K EXOHANGE. Wtdaeiday, Jane U-lOiIS A. M. ?1000 US 6's, '81, r 116ft ?Si'0 l! 8 5-20, c, '67 121ft SSSuSSSti fc- iiSs ?? mS Ml A. M.? Before Call. 82J 82?, m wjS. 8 2ft H2'. .83 100 shs WcsttJatoD Tel do do do uo do... (lo... *o... do... do. _ do 83 Wft i1o.a Sift do 82 do C 82ft uo 82 do 83 82 ?k> 82ft do 03 82ft ? ill* au i jp 82 81ft 82 600 sli? I'ac il hS Co. . . 800 CHlc A H 1 UK 200 do 30# do 200 do 200 Tol A Wub 600 U Puciflc KB S'JO do i 300 Ohio At Miss BR. . . . 500 do 30tl do 300 do ( 4U0 do. 200 <1o. 4(1 108ft 108 ft 1118 ft 108ft 66ft 27*5 38 37 ft 37 ft 37ft 371 Ml MO V or. 200 Mil A St P UK 61ft 10(1 300 600 6oo 300 300 200 100 100 soo 300 700 400 :-kmi jJiJJ ?J*1 ?3 82 200 do. S5{ 82ft 200 Uo. P-i.S'u M H2S 300 do. Vi R 2U0 do. 5.^ 4?""- *3 63 100 do., ?'? 63ft 300 do i"J <1? 6Sft 100 do (Jo.. i(| JiJJ' gSTSMRu?:;g,S} 800 Pac M SSCo 3'Jft 200 do *4 27?? 21' "9ft 100 do ..: . . . C 27 ? 39ft 100 <k>............. M* First Board- !Oi30 A. M. 600 sbs ?Un'Pac KB ... 27ft 51 50ft 50ft 51%' 51 63 $2000T*n?. ?'8. old 79 11)000 SC 45 s, n. J A J.. 15ft 2000 S C 6'h, n, A A O.. 25 500 California V? ? 117 5000 N V C 6'h, '83 91 1000 N Y O 7'a, '76 102ft lt)UOO?a l'ac Hold 1). . . 103 ft 5(100 L'll Pac 1st ill 86ft lllUO Tol AW equip. ... 83ft lOOOChic A N VV con. 90 (>IW0 Ohio A M con 8 f. 96ft lUXIiOliio A M 0041.... 95 .WStLlI Mist III... 98 m Mor A Ks 2<i yyft aim lUKIMA 8t P. lo diV. 84ft 2J0 2000 Chic A Mil 1st.... 9ft?i 200.1 C, C A I C, 1st. . . . 88 2000 Tol P A W 2d 77 *"00 Bur.<l It* M Int.. 88 2000 do 87 1000 fac KRol Mo2d. 78 20 shs Nuamu Hauk. . 102 100 Quick M Co 40fl 600 Pac M 88 Co.... be .100 do 100 do 100 do 1U0LSA M ? Kit. 100 100 21(H) 200 800 I tm 100 200 do. do. do. do. do. do. , do., ao.. ?Jo., do. do. do. do. ao., ao.. 200 300 200 400 300 500 400 do... 40 do 39ft do s3 39-4 do ??ft 160 200 100 13'X) ao 90ft 100UCA l'KKKtd 87ft 120 do be 87 ft 2^2 do c 87ft lOOOhlC A K 1 KK. ,t> c 108ft do. do. 3Uft 39ft 39Jf 100 1100 600 100 200 400 300 do 108ft do c 108 do 108 do 1)3 108ft do 108ft do 108 ao s3 108 SOO do 89ft 200 ao 107ft 10J Uo *H 39ft 400 do Ill7ft 500 do s3 39ft 1100M A St P KK.tic... 5(<ft JO J 300 do. do. 39ft 39" lOOMdOoal Co 24ft 300 101 >0 do. 300 do., 200 West i'11 Tel. be 83 .be 5lM 8i,0 .'IK I 10) 300 io.? 300 500 300 100 100 1000 400 y io 400 111) looo 60J <00 1:0 I 100 100 oo (>00 loo IliO 400 (Mill 74 24 24ft 82ft 1900 500 6110 100 300 2 10 300 300 200 mo 700 do 61 do 51ft do 51 do s'S 61 do 1.3 50 ft do s3 60 ft 400 do Wi (lo &!ft ?Jo 82 ft do s3 82!j do b3 82ft 50) 4lo 82ft 300 do 82ft 82ft Uo 8jft *io 8ift do ,...1)3 82ft ao 82ft ?lo s.l 82 do 82 do 81ft 100 ao 1)3 81ft 100 do 81ft 100 rto 81ft 4 i0 do 81ft 100 do 81ft 900 do s3 81ft 100 (la.... 8lft oo 81 ft 100 do 81ft 300 uo e 81ft 300 do 81ft 400 00 81ft 900 do 81ft 9 10 11 Del A II Cauul .... 118 100 20 Am M I! il Kxiirpss 6."ift 100 loo do be 64ft Ml W-Karuo Kx 81 60 do b c 82 200 do... 81ft 1UII UH Ex Co do. do. do. do. do. do. 50ft 50 ft 50 49ft 60 49ft 49ft 49 ft 3i 33 1(K) II A St J Kit.... he 100 do 100 do h3 32 10 U. Lack A W KK... 106 40J 105ft 100 do lie 105ft 100T, W A \V Kit.. ..lie do. Uo. do. do. do. 200 Ollio A M KB. do. (lo. do. do do. 60 65ft Mft 64ft 65 (>5 61ft 64ft' 37 ft 37 ft 37 86ft 36ft S6ft 36ft ?lo 1.3 30; do. ? c 36: 100 M A *t 1* pi 71 300 N V C A H B 100ft :'00 BOO 100 1(K) 100 C, C A I C KB. .be ? b c do C 10 Oo 101 do M0 100ft do 100ft do 83 100ft do looft do .<1 100 ft 38 Mich On 11K 3(10 hrie 1U4 be 21KI do stiO 500 Uo SOO do 200 200 U il l'ac KU..b c.s3 96 ?aft 63 63 ft 400 200 100 20 J 301 100 IliO 101 210 200 100 3A) 400 70ft 70ft IV* 27ft 27ft do do. do b3 27ft do 2X 27ft do 27ft do 1)3 27ft do 27 do ?3 26ft do C 26ft (to 26:J uo 26ft l?il5 and ?tl5 P. N. $500 IT 8 6's, '81. ?? 122ft ?6J09 I'S .'-20. c. '(? 120ft 1500 L' 8 5-21), e, ufi 119 .rKJ00 L'S 6's, cur. 114ft 1?:?0 P. 1?I ? Before Cmll. 81ft 8(ft 81ft 81ft III 600 shs West i'n Tel. 2 il) do 130(1 uo luuo <1 15 Panama KK Sou Pac M >.s Co 83 39ft iuo do :9', 100 d(t 39ft 500 N V (J A II K BR.... 100ft 1(H) do KRIft 66 do 100ft S(K) L S A \l 8 KB S3 90ft 100 ? K) :oj 10.) 4lK) log 101 200 100 sbs 0 A B I KB...C 108 600 do 108 100 St l.oui? A I M 2iX)C, ( A 1 ( KK 1(H) Mil A St P KK. ..83 loo 1200 M0 100 loO 100 200 dc do. ?lo. do. do. do. do. 80 26ft 49^' 49ft 50 60ft 50 83 49ft hS 49 ft 49ft .1)3 200T.WAWKK 64ft do 1)3 200 I'll l'ac KB. 1(0 Han A st Jo loo l(U. 90ft Id ft 90', 90ft 90 ? 90'. 27 :p. S3 do. 100 loo. 200 100 800 Ollio A M UK. 500 |(M 600 300 iuo do. ?lo. . Jo. . do. do.. .83 100 Kock Island 107ft Second Board? 1 P. M, $30000 TennC's, new.,. 7'J KK.00 Va b's, del. 10ft' 800U N ( (i'8, old 28 9 *10 Cell Pac Kl.l ImIs 1 0.1 ft IMI KIUu i'ac KK lot ill . 86ft 87 64ft 65 64 ft 64 '4 36ft 3^ 36ft 3(>ft 30ft loo d 200 ah* Aiik r c. MM I n I>1 ?lo do ou. b3 flft do 81 1? It 3 0 70.1 auo >10 1(H) I, S A M S RK l> 100 llo loo <10 loo 800 I 500 U? -0 500 1700 I'l 0 500 100 20 1 Too 2(10 81 81 ac M ss Co do. do. do.

.1)3 n-i . 90ft ,...a1 90ft 9 ft 90 ft 3y. , ...83 39 ft c 39ft C 39 ft .. ... 39ft e 39 ft 39 ft 39ft 39', 39ft do. 3'J,'. 200 sUs.N Y C A II U ... 100ft 100 do l>3 100 ft 3(0 do b3 100ft 2X1 do 100?4 loOIirieKK be 6.3ft 200 Harlem KK be 129 100 Mich Ceil KR s3 95 100 I'atiunia UK ? be 110ft UN) ( n l'ac Itlt be lit >ft 79 11) On Kit 112 1O..0 ( * I'ltte. ?t(l 87ft 4(?) do be 87ft io rt do ^"ft 1(H) Chic A I! I KU..hc 107ft Iuo ?lil A St I'aul. 49ft 800 do 60ft 4 10 do ?0'? Iuo Mil * st V lit.. 71ft 5 ii Ohio a M 1!R. . . . b e 36ft 500 (Ui 87 ft 4<<0 do 37 200 (to 37 ft 21*1 T, W A VV Kit be 64ft loO do 1)3 64ft ;(u0 do 85 lOOSt LA I M ICR so I00C, C A 1 C UK.. be 301 do. 100 Md Coal ('0. 39ft ^4 l"0 too 2.M 100 N V C A 11 K KK b e 10 Ift 20 1 ill do... do. do... IK.. be 26ft 26 ft 26ft 26 ? S3 27 ... 27' $4.W00 CS Aft, 10*40, r... 113 200 sbs Canton Co 101 loi N V ( A 11 l; KK ... lo ft iiOO Harlem 1(1! 129 hoo West Un Tel 81ft 2iM do Mft 9J0 do 81ft 100 81' do do 2(K) F.rle iiit 200 I n I'ac KK *3 234 Pittsburg It It 1000 Pac M ss Co. Il r.c 500 uo u r.c sro ao 100 Uo 600 do 1)3 500 87,ft 39'^ 39ft 39ft 3'", 40 do 1)2 40 ?it .to io ;i P. m. 800 shs l'ac M ss Co.. 40 100 L ft A M S Rll 90ft J "J do 1)3 90ft loo Chic A Kock 1 KK. 108 100 do 108ft ?00 do ?3 108 , MOO Mil A .-( p KK...b80 50 , 20) no 100 Tol A Wab (?i''. 100 un bi 6.S-1, 300 Ohio A M Kit 87 ft loo o7 JS H 37 ft do 37 C **{ do 03 37ft ?'!"? do 37'. b*1 do 37 ft 200 D, I, A W RK . ... 1,16ft 100 C,C .tlC KB 27vJ do wZ CLC3ING PBICES? 3 O'CLOCK P. It Western t'nion. 82ft' a Del. Lack A W .105'. a Adams Ex 93ft a W i> lltt-Karxo Kx 81ft a Am Mer 1 ii Kx. 64ft a I S l'.X|.re??. ... 71 u Pacific Mail..., 39ft a N V i eiitrul ...100ft .( fcrle ft',', a Harlem 129 a Hold, liar: A K 2ft a 82 ft 1(M 94 82 Ii4ft 71 ft 40 lU0?ii 6.1ft Lake Shore. . . Union Pacific ('lev A Pitts.., N ?' Central (')iica(io A It I. st Paul st Paul prei H'abasi! Ohio A Miss. IIsii A ft i Jo C. . A 1 9oft a Wft 27ft a 27'', .. 87ft a ?7ft .106ft a 107 108 a 108ft . 5 ift a 60ft 71ft a 71ft 65 H a ?,i 37 ft a S71< 33 a 34 J7ft a *7 ft COMMERCIAL REPORT. Cotton Firmer; Receipt* at the Porta, )t,7Afl Ualfs-Vlour doll and Lower Wheat Lower-lorn About Steady? Data Kaaler? Pork Nominally Hteady? Lard Eaaler? Petroleum Weak? Spirits of Turpentine Hteady? Itoaln Lower? tirorerlea (^uiet but Steady? Whlakey firmer. Wkdnepdat, June 11?8 P. M. The trade movement wax slow, and the markets were quite uenerally heavy. Cotton was la de mand and flrmcr. At the Prodnce Kxchange flour was dull and lower. Wheat was dull, heavy and lower, with almost no demand at the reduced prices, either lor milling or shipment.. Corn was (|inet, but without decided change. Oats were un ^CtUvu fcUd dqiiUidlj iuwcr. Wbiakcj wan dgalu firmer. Pork wan nominally unchanged. lAro wax earner and In leas demand. Groceries were quiet, bul generally firm. Petroleum was neg lected, but prices were nominally steady. Spirits of turpentine was steady, while rosin was a shade easier. Apples.?' The market for green apples was dull. ^ there being very few desirable ones on sale. Pric ^ remained about the same, and as follows Sele choice Winter, $3 50 a $3 75 per bbl. ; Wester A Ncw York, mixed lot*, $2 SO a ?3 per bbl. ; river, mi ^ lotg> ?2 a $2 SO per bbl. Buttkh.? There Is a steady moderate dc at un changed prices. The receipts have been r^f fcUt the de mund sufficient to prevent an accum ^iallon 0r itock. Low grades of Western are scarce / wanted. We quota:? Stat* tubs, prime to chol- 4 29c. ; fair to good, 240. a 26c. ; Western, prime^ cb0lcc, 20c. a 23c., and fair to good, 17c. a 19c. tor 'mIk tuba. Ubvksk.? The market was i'.qVi and prices weak. Ship pers are holding off, in pavt, 'tfwing to the scarcity in freight accommodatio n, and also anticipating a decline In prlcc.a About Uyt <?. is the top pricc for shipping grades The home trade ,*,vas also slow, at from 14c. a 14J^c. for State, and 12c./ * 13e. for Western. We quote State factory, prime/to choice., 12c. a 14){c. ; fair to good, 11c. a 12c. -, farm da? ry, He. a 12c. -, Western factory, lull cream, 11c. a 12}?c. ; part -skimined, 93j a lOIJc. ; skimmed, 3c. a .*?. Corron/on the spot was more active, and again, owing to the continued advance in future deliveries, prices ruled oiic. per lb. In sellers' favor. At the improvement the iriarket closed firm. Future deliveries were fully Ifc. kiK> ier. with liberal transactions, the market closing with a continued upward tendency. We sum up thus:? 1 \hi)uy. Lart A'e'o. Total. ?Export ftW 250 K90 ' Consumption 636 W4 1160 Speculation 36 34 70 lu transit ? , 700 ? 700 Total .1.912 9118 2,820 ?For future delivery (basis l?w middling) the sales have been as lollows Sales last evening, alter three o'clock-July, 100 Ht 19 23-32c. , 600 at 19 1116c. ; AugusL 3?U at 19%c., 90) at l!) 13-I6c. : September, 100 ?t lHJ?c., 100 at 18 1116c. ; October, 100 at i8tfc. ; December. 700 at I7J?C. Total, 2.800 bales. Sales to-day, up to three o'clock f. M.? June, loo at 19 7-l?c.. M0 at I9>?c., 100 at 19}4c., a. n. ; July, HOD at ID 23-3 2c., 100 at l'J 11 16c., 400 at 19%c., 900 at 19?,c., 1,600 at 19 13- 16c., 4U0 at 19?<c., SIX) at 19 13-16o., 20u at 19 27-32c., 100 at 19 13-16c. ; August, 600 at 19 13-lGc., 700 at 19JiC., 1,&*) at 1931-32C.. 200 at 20c., 400 at 19 31-32c., 200 at 19 15-I6r.. 'M at ld 31 -32c. , 100 at 19 16*16c. ; September, nnrts were Aft follows Galveston, 84; New Orleans, ' JW, KSalK'ssw ? asissa.'a wis? This day last -wee k, 3,670 ; this day last year, 1.706. Rates on cotton to foreign ports closed nominally steady at the ?oiiowin? ratesT-To Havre, by steam, lc.s sail, 1c., com pressed; to Hamburg, by steam, lc. ; to Breiueu, by steam! Ue-i to Liverpool, by steam. Xd. a 5-l6d. We quote :? Uplantu. Alabama. JVeie OrUms. Too*. $ >? ? Middling.... lyg ft fifc ? T*he Rotations are based on cotton In store, running in quality not more than half a grade above or below the Br<*^rLt0^'?he Inoulrv to-day was light, but the market closed steady lor all aescriptions. We heard of sales ot 1 143 bags, ex Klamstead, on private terms, and about !'?? baas of Costa ltica on private terms. We quote -.?ordinary cargoes, 17! ic. ? 18c ; fair cargoes, Xauc a lHVic. ; rom cargoes, lo^c. a ivc* ? pvimo rlAioes. 19Wc a 19&C. ; extreme range lor lots, 17>,o. a 19' c Kold perlb^tliOa 9J days' credit; Java tfovern meni' bags) 20 V'. a 21c. ; do. (grass mats), 21c. a 22c.; Sncai'ore, do , 17c. a 18c. : Ceylon. 18^0. a I9!4c. ; Mara Miigai ? iqt/p . Liiituavra, 19c. u ; Jamaica, i2f St. Domingo. 1 t>>sc. ; i'orto Rico, 19c. a li*>?c. ; (\ista Hica 1HV'- a I9^c. ; MexlcanU 13??c. a 19c. ; Munuu, 18c a 18J& ; Angostura. 18),c. a 19c. ; havanilla ,18*0. a ii?.' . rfir^oaT lb?c. a 19c.. Hold. 66 a 'JO da.vs' credit !?n GR*iN.-Koceii)ts-Klour, 13.924 bbls. ; wheat, 8<J 825 bushels; com, 63,796 do. ; corn meal, 100 bbls, ; oats, ii- wahiishels- rve 8,U)0 do. The Sour market was dull, and prU-es wc/e loc. a 16c. lower. The sales. Including ??l kinds foot un about 8,260 bbls. Corn meal was quiet and unchanged, both for bbl. lots and city sacked. iced was qu?ct aud about steady at yesterday's quoted ilgurcs. We quote :- $4 00 a 4 75 No. 2 Mflte. ? ? ? ft 2ft r. 5 61) Superfine State 6 60 a 7 00 Lxtra 7 U0 a 7 60 Choice Stale ? i S htiperflne Western . ^ ti 60 Extra Western ?? ? " "" Extra Minnesota ? ? SS J if? Konnd hoop Ohio, shipping brands 8 80 a 6 7^ Hound hoop Ohio, trade brands............. 7 00 a ^7 60 Su'louIs, low extra.'.'. a 7 U) St Louis, straight extra.... 7 a sou su 1-ouis, choice double extra 8 jO u J K) St Louis choice tamily JHS California J Rye "our...... J Southern No. 5 uo a 6 60 Southern superfine ? ^ Southern extra Su i 11 ?1 Southern tamily ? '1 5? Corn meal, Western 3 }? ? Corn meal, Jersey.... ^ ? g Com meal, Brandywlnc ?J "' ? a ? Baltimore * J" P u n cheons ! 1 '. '. '. '. '. '. '? ' ? ? ? ? ' ? ? ? ? ' ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1800 1 ?- b ?Wheat wa's'duli'and lower. The fales were about luO OX) buahela (part last evening) at $1 Wtor No. 3 Mmvaukee and No. 2 Chicago, Spring, SI 6.1 a $1 6JK , for No. 2 Mil waukce, $1 61; tor No. 1 do.., ? ; prime No. ?J -Mi'waukoe clo?ed at $1 56'^. Included in the above arc 30, IKU bush eln No. 2 Milwaukee, to iirrive last half June and flrat hall July, at $1 66. Corn was quiet at the opening, but clojed with a better demand ut al out previous prices. Ihe Tales wera ahout 137.000 bushels, at 60c. lor ^hot. 63c. a 6bo. lor steamer, 67c. lor ennal mixed. 68c a 60c. tor rail mixed, t?c. a 64c. for high mixed and 65c. a MIc. tor \ A low oats were dull, irregular and lower. The sales foot up about MI.0J0 bushels, at 4.1c. a 46c. lor common to choice No. X Chicago mixed afloat; 48c. tor interior and 60c a 62V;r. tor good to choice white. Barley aud rye we're not dealt In and entirely nominal. KRKKiUTS.? Berth freights were quiet to-day, but rates were not quotabiy changed. The chartering business was also less active, but the market strong, particularly U," vessels adapted to the grain trade. ?'he engage liients were :? To Liverpool, by steam, 22,600 bushels of grain (relet) at lid. a UKd.. 8,(K)0 boxes of che. se at 60s. To London, by sail, 7,500 bushels.. I grain at 11.1, ; r*W bbls. of flour at 3s. 6d., anil 1.500 tibls. of de. at .is. 4,3d. To-dlasttow by steam, 1,000 bbls. flour at 3?. 6d. ; i?H) huds. 0" tallow Z 37s. 6d. liie charters Include -.-An Austrian tuirk lo arrive, hence to Cork for orders, to the United Kingdom, 2.700 quarters grain at 8s. bd. ; a Norwegian bark to arrive, hence to Hamburg direct, 4,600 quarters grain at 8s. 3d ; an Italian bark to arrive (relet), hence to Cork for orders, 3,500 quarters grain at 8s. 6d-, and ?10 gratultv ; an Austrian brig, hence to Odessa, 2,000 bbls. of ' rmm ni a lumn sum; a Norwegian bark (rcchartered) from Philadelphia to a Baltic port, 3,000 bbls. refined petroleum on private terms; a British bark from do. to a direct Continental port, 6,030 bbls. refined do. on private terms; a bark to arrive, from do. to a Continental port, 4,200 bbls. of refined do. at 6s. 6d. Molassks.? We have nothing new to note In this branch ot trade. Aside from a limited Jobbing Lusiness no tran1! actloni were renorted and pricei; remained nominally the same. We quote:? New crop? i;una, ccntrliugal and mixed, 18c. a 22c. ; do., clayed. 29c. a 31c. ; do. musco vado refining, 30c. a 32c. : do. do., grocery. 3-tc. a 45e. ; Poriii Rico, 36c. a 00c. -, English Islands, 26c. a 50c.; New ?NCtv al' Stoaitf^-'The market for spirits of turpentine was about steady at the decline noticed wore lair and comprise ?W0bblx. at 45, .4c., 40 bbls. at 4f>>3u. for Southern and 47c. for New York; S1! bbls. in shipping order at 45,' ,c.., and 300 bbls. sold late last evening at 46c.. c lo-ini? at 46c. a 46Vjc. Rosin was generally quiet and close, I easier , strained quoted at ?2 "6 a ?| We l^rd of sales oi 100 bbls. ot good strained, earl) , at ?3 10 , 260 obla ot do. at ?3 80 bids at ?? flat, and 800 bbl* at ft 96 de liv ered. Tar was nominal at $3 75 a $4. City pitch quoted BtI??rAToES.? We have little or no change to note In the condition of the market tor potatoes ; prices remained about the same, while the demand has foul.v ?been tnoder ate We quote :? Western peach blows, $2 60 a $2 76, i\n rM) a $4 ? earlv rose, $- 50 a 50; Jack soil w^ei i2 50 a $2 V5i l'rince Alberts, ?K75a$S: peer les?< %}??* a New Charleston, $t> a $6 60 per bbl. Our quotations are for lots in bulk, U In shipping order 50c. P P^rHoilruS^-Kor'r'eOned the market continued quiet and prices not essentially changed ; quoted at 19y2c. lor balance ot month. Crude in bulk was inactive, but ii rin I y held at 8V- a " V- ? shipping ordcT quoted at 141.. ; cases were quiet but quoted steady at 26c. a ?> ?c. SAulithu was neglected, bul firmly held at 10 ?c. lor Western aud i 1 V* tor city. At the creek fhe market was d.til and lower ; quoted at $2 30 at Oil City, Petroleum Centre and llousevllle; ' j a $2 86 at Parker a L indim' and ?2 26 bid at Tuleout. The Philadelphia market con ti n ued quiet; refined QUoted.t V. Provisions ? Receipts? Fork, 221) bbls, beet, 50 pack | I1U.-S- cut meats 262 do.; lard. 4ii3 bbls. and tierces tor ?,fe?'pora t" inarket 'was quiet and steady. Jobbing lilts lield at ?lf>62!-i, and ronnd lots tor June quoted ;?t ? 16 6J We hav r only to note a sale ot 600 bills, for Julv at llti 75. Hacoii was neglected ana nominally steady. Long clear quoted at8e. ; KH) boxes of short cie_ur sold at ui/f. v).,. Orescd hogs were steady at be. ? 7c. tor the range oi city. Heel' continued quiet, with business con fined to the requirements of tile jobbing trade, pales in a small wav about 200 packages, at prices within the runno Ol ?9 60 a $11 tor Plain ine*-, bbls $12 a $14 for extra do., -A ?? lor prime do., tierces and $il a $.5 tor India do. tlercis Beet hams remained neglecie^. but were quoted steady, within the range of $26 a $..2 for Southern und Western. Out meats were nulet, with prices r 1 1 1 i 1 1 lt about Wc have only to note sales ?r 2 iltal Dick led shoulders at 8c, 2(X) smoked shoulders at SvT ;Pi AM Pickled hams, 10H lbs. average, at I2V- : ?>;? smoked hams at 14c., and 26 boxes of bellies, II lbs. avcr aae at 9'.c Lard? Vor Western the market was rather *M?tVr hut the oflerings were comparatively light OuoU'd at the close at 9c. tor June, 9 316c. for July, 9 ^c. fi.r August and 9 9-16e. for September. W e beard ot sales 0 2ft tierce" spot at 9c, , 2?) tierces tor June at * , 2.IM0 tierce., s. llers, Julv, at 9 3-l?c. ; 260 tierces for August at 5" c 500 tierces for do. at 9 7-16c., 500 tierces for Septem beVat 9916c. City was easier, safes of 100 lierces atn^c., 100 tierces at 8>'ic., and a rumored sale ot 200 tierces UtSuu*s -The*market for raw was quiet, but very strong. Prices were not quota Wly higher, but tended In sellers tavort We have only to note sales of iM bbls. 01 prime muscovado, at 8'4c. Refined was In wtr demand, but not quotabiy . hanged in price. Wc quote Cuba? Refining, mlerlor to common, 7c. a 7Hc. ; fair to g,.od lair, 7?c. a 7^c. . go -d to prime. 8c. a 8)4c. ; grocery, fair to goixf, 8'^c. a8j^c. ; prime to choice. K^c. a 9c.; ecnirllugal, lihds. and boxes, 8.ic. a 9J*c. ; molasses, hhda and boxes, 6Vc. a 7kc ; tnelndo,_4c. a hr Havatm Roxes? Duteh standard, Nos 7 to 9. <c. a7Uc. , do .10 to 12 8c. a fH-ic. ; do., 13 to 15, H*Jc. a 9 ?c. . do., 16 to 18, 9 ^c. a ide do , 19 lo 20, lO^e. a 10%c. ; white, 9\c. a 1%. Porto Rico? Keflning, common to prime, 7c. a M%c. ; grocery, fair to choice, 8kc. a 9'?c. Brazil-Dutch stand aril, Nos. 8 to 12, 6Ve. a ?',c. Java-Duteh standard. nS,10 to Ii, 8y. ? 8J?o. Manila-Superior and extra "lfl?ca.0-A7boul the0' usual distributing business has been transacted to day, with prices ruling steady The sales foot up about 40 tierces of Carolina, at <Jtc. a 8Hc., and "&&&?? wMMSSfcil5 ^nominal. In the ab^nce of ''I'lT! ow'was a shade easier. Sales wera reported of 100 bldt a"*Sc* #U*lAW lba at 8^c., and 100 hhds. of prime Reeeipts-4?B bbls. Tl>e market was quiet, but Bra."' Sales 150 bbls. at 93*c., and 6j bbls. at 94c. DOMESTIC MARKETS. (lii?.Tr.sTo?, June 11, 1873. Cotton firm : good ordinary. 14V ? '? ?><= 84 bales. Export! coastwise, i42. hales, 30U. htock, 3a,4(M' Ntw Oatains, June 11, 1S7S. Cotton In good demsnd, ordinary, 12 J,c- ? . Vr narv. 16'?c ; low middlings, 17c. a 17Sc. ; middlings, is v. Stt receipts, 798 I.I.-, groas. 8la Kxp?rta coast, wt-e, 1.563. Hales, 1,000; last evening, 2.50U htock, e7?M7,'? Moan.a, June 11, 1873 catvn quic\ mm firiBi miJUiin**, Wc. itccipu, afritf8'88* Exports coastwise, 152. Haifa, 40fc Rtock, nnttr B*T4?nin, Jnne 11,1873. rrint ?4I Ann, hut little doing ; middlings 18',e. .Vet re st? A 330 bales. Exports coastwise, 6m. Sales, 165. Bl0' jk, 14,661. Toledo. Jane 11, 187S. Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat dull aud lower; sales of No. 2 white Wului.-li :it $1 M; extra white Mich Isan, $iM);No. i do , tl 66; muter Michigan, spot, or ?8U? 'un?, $1 Heller July, $1 51; seller August, *1 41 ; No. 1 red. tl SOU ; No. 3 do., $1 38. Corn dull and lower; aale* of high mixed. spot, and seller June at43,';c. ; aellcr Auguat, 46>ic. ; seller September, <8c. ; damaged, i P*1* dull ana declining at SS.'~c for No. 2; 34c. for - KreW,i* Inn and unchanged. Kecelpta? ? 25 5 l?s. floor, 14,000 bushel* wheat, 15,000 do. corn and 6,000 do. oato. Shipment* ? 4,000 bushels wheat. 17,000 do. corn ana 1,000 da. ohUl ?. . . . Oswkgo. Juue 11, 1873. Ji. V of 1.900 bbls. at *& 26 for No. 1 SP?rin?. W ** for amber Winter. ?10 a for whit.- Winter, ?J? J? If>r<J?uh>e extra. Wheat quiet; No. 1 Milwaukee club at $1 54. Corn dull : sales ol 8,400 bushels at 52c. ; car lots at 64c. a 55c. Oats quiet; sales of State ut 4fic. u?f7? l?ef,r:,,^5'or J1,0,'?11' ?'?2lJ f(,r unbolted perewt Mill feed dull : shorts, $10 50 a ?18; shlpstuffs. $17 50 a $1?: middlings, $18 50 a $29 per ton. Canal freights lower Wheat, 7>?o. ; corn and rve, 7c. to New York; lumber. $3 26 to the Hudson. $4 25 to New York. Railroad freights? Flonr to Philadelphia, 60c. ; to Boston, 50c. ; to New York. 40c. : to Albany, Mr. Receipt* by lake? 19 000 bushels of wheat. 2, 137,000 feet of lumber. Shi omenta by canal? 8,000 bushels wheat, and 792,000 feet of lumber. HorraLo, June 11, 1873. Importa by lake and rail? Flour, 11.300 bbls. , wheat, 140,295 bushels ;cornI199,7Sl do. ;oats, 37.237 do. Canal ship, ments? Wheat, 210,673 bushels; corn, 60,624 do. ; rye, 16,500 da Rail exports? Wheat, 41,815 bushels; corn, 62.M23 da ; oats, 39,273 do. Oanal ireights? wheat, lo^c. a 1034c.; corn, Wic. ; oats, 6>fc. ; pine lumber, $5; staves, $2 60. Klour uuiet; Western Spring, $7 a $8; bakers', $7 75 a $8 23; amber, $8 50 a $9 23; white, $9 50 a $10. Wheat quiet; Milwaukee No. 2 scarce; but liule doing; quoted? Milwaukee No. 1 Spring. $1 50; Milwau kee No. 2, $1 42; Chicago No. 2, $1 38 a $1 39; white Canada, $1 75 a $1 95; white Michigan, $1 80 a $1 93. Corn dull; sales of 6,000 bushels No. 2 in lots at 46c. ; holders are asking 47c. Oats quiet; No. t Western, 38c. Barley firm; Canada, 95c. a 9Hc. ; No. 2 Western, 93c. a 96c. ; two-rowed State, 84c. a K8c. ; four-rowed. 95c. Rye nominal at 86c Barley malt steady? Western, SI a $1 10; prime Winter Western, $1 10 a $1 15; prime Canada, $1 20 a $1 25. Balance of the market un changed. Chicago, June 11, 1873. Flour dull; holders nn willing to make concessions; prices weak. Wheat uuiet, Irregular and lower, closing steady ; sales of No. 2 Spring at $1 24'? suot: $1 24, June ; $1 21?-,' seller July ; No. 1 do. at $130 a $1 31 for soft and hard. Corn steady ; 36c. bid for No. 2 mixed, spot; 373*0. seller July; tofce. a 41c. seller August; rejected, 32c. a 3%c. Oats in fair demand and lower; sales of No. 2 at 28c., spot or seller June; 293ic. a 29kc. seller July; re jected, 26c. Rye firm and scarce at 6IKc. for No. 2. Bar ley dull and nominal ; only sample lotssold. Pork quiet at $15 80 a $15 85, spot; $16, seller July. Lard dull aud lower; quoted at&40c,, spot; sales at 8^0. seller July. Bulk meats unchanged; no sales. Bacon steudy : sugar cured hams sold at MJJo. , for 13 lbs. average, 13^c. for 20 lbs. average. Whiskey steady at 90c. Freights? Corn to Buffalo, 6c. Receipts? 7, ooobbls. flour. 83,000 bushels wheat, 144,000 do. corn, 83.000 do. oata, 6,000 do rve and 2,000 da barley. Shipments? 7,000 bbls. flour," 68.000 bushels wheat, 63,000 do. corn, 121,000 do. oata, :t,00> do. rye and 1,000 barley. EUROPEAN MABEET3. London Moj?rr Mabeet. ? Loicdok. June 11 ? 5 P. M.? Consols closed at 92% for money and 9Z>i tor the account. I' nited States five-twenty bonds, 1866's, old. H2W: 18C7's, 94H; ten-forties, 88X; new fives, 89^. Erie Railway shares, 49M- Consols opened at Wx for money and 923? for the account. United States five-twenty bonds, lDW's, old, 92\ ; 186T8, ten-forties, 88^4; new fives, 88?, and Erie Railway shares at 49<?. Paris Bouuss.? Pabis, June 11? 11 A. M.? Rentes opened at 56f. 80c. Paris, June 11?2 P. M.? Rentes, 66f. 78c. Pauis, June 11 ? 4:30 P. M.? French rentes, S6f. 90c. Frankfort Bourse.? Frankfort. June 11.? United States live-twenty bonds. 96 lor the issue of 1862. Liverpool Cotton Mabkkt.? Liverpool, June 11?5 P. M.? The market closed firm. The sales of the day have been 16,000 bales, Including 4,000 for specula tion and export. Of the sales, 7,500 bales were American. Soles of cotton shipped trom Savannah or Charleston, deliverable August aud September at 9>?d ? Sales of cot ton shipped from Savannah or Charleston, deliverable June, at813-16d. ; from the same ports, deliverable July and Augtnt. at 8 15-16d. ; shipped Irom New Orleans, Mav and June, at 9d. : from New Orleans, deliverable June, at 9 1-lfid., and from same port, de liverable August and September, at 9'4d. Sales of cot ton shipped from New Orleans in May at 9kd. ; sales of cotton shipped from New Orleans, and deliverable in June and Julv 9, at MM. The market opened with middling oplands 8Jjd. and middling Orleans y'^d. J.i vrrpool Brkadstitffs Markkt.? Livkrpool, June 11 ? 2 P. M.? The market Is dull. London Pkodock Market.? London, June 11? Even ing.? Spirits turpentine, 36s. per cwt FINANCIAL.. AT REASONABLE RATES-MONEY ON LIKE AND Endowment Insurance Policies. Mortgages and other Securities. Insurance of all kinds effected with best companies. J. J. HABRICH A CO., 117 Broadway. A -LAPSLEY A BAZLEY, 74 BROADWAY. BROKERS J\ , in Stock and Gold Privileges.? $!00 lor put or call for 100 shares, $125 lor $50,000 gold ; first class names. Explanatory circular, with practical illustrations aud references, mailed to snv address. A -MONEY TO LOAN, ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, . in New York, Brooklyn and New Jersey. Applv to SAMUEL S. WOOD, Jr., >Jo. li>5 Broadway, room" 10. References? Hon. John J. Cisco, Robert H. Lowry, Esq., Jacob D., Esq. ?J JOWES A MACY, BANKERS, 30 WALL STREET, NEW YORK, OFFER T1IE SAME FACILITIES TO DEPOSITORS AS INCORPORATED BANKS, AND ALLOW INTEREST ON DAILY BALANCES AT THE RATE OF FOUR PER CENT. H ASK INS A BRAINE, 8TOCK BROKERS, U BROAD street ? Stock aud Gold Privileges a specialty. Any one can speculate with small capital and with very little risk. Kxplanotorv circulars m iiled. IOANS ON LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES AND J other securities, in large and small amounts, at 85 Liberty street, up stairs. M~ OBILE AND OHIO RAILROAD COMPANY. Mobile. Mav 27. 1873. Whereas the stockholders, at. their meeting on the !7th day of April, 1873, requested the directors to Increase the capital slock by an issue of one new share for ench share now existing, upon the payment of 25 per cent in cash; and Whereas the directors have prescribed that said 25 per cent shall be culled for in the following instalments, 0:1 1st July, 1873 $5 1st November, 1S73 10 1st January, 1874 5 1st April, 1874 5 Thereiore resolved. That the transfer books of this company shall be closed on Monday, the 16th day of June next, for the purpose of determining who are entitled to the new stock, allotments of which will be made in ac cordance with the rccoril of stockholder* 01 that date, and which can be sold or used at pleasure. The transfer books shall be reopened on Tuesday, the IStli day of July next, at which tune translor books will also be opened in the city of New York, at the oltlcc ot Duncan, Sherman A Co. By order of the Board of Directors. A. L. WILLOUOnBY. Secretary. Ol ? KFICE OF THE NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD Company, No. 23 Fifth avenue, June 7, 1871. The books for the transfer of registered bonds will lie closed on Saturday, June 14, preparatory to the payment ot interest due July 1, 1*73. Such payment will be made by mailing to the address of each bondholder of record at "the closing ot the books a coin check for the amount of interest due. All bond holders who hare changed their post office address sine ^ January 1, 1873, are requested to send new mldrc-s at once to this office. The bosks will be reopened on Tues day, July 1, 1873. A. L. PRITCHARD, Treasurer. WANTED? $10,000 TO $1.1,000 ()N FIRST MORTGAGE on splendid cranberry (full bearing) bog near Fricksburg, N. J.; property worth $40,000; fair bonus. Call promptly on J. a. kamping, sotvdar street. OD MORTGAGES FOR SALE ? $2,000 EACH; UIS mu count, 15 per cent. 6. COCKROFT. No. S Pine street, room 1L <?1 ') noil NOTE, SEVEN MONTHS, FOR SALE; maker perfectly responsible, owning large amount of real estate; will lie sold at one per cent per month discount, and first mortgages amounting to a little over that sum given us collateral. Address OWNI.R, box 328 Herald office. dfclQ nnn _I WANT to BUY a FEW GOOD NEC iDJ t/.Ul'if, ond Murtgages ?>n city property ut fair discount JOSEPH BLA UT, itf:t Broadway, rooms' 2 and 3 djO | f|A|| M. 00$, M.090 and $1,000 TO loan ON ?Paw j " " first clusi private property In this cttv, without bonus. Owners cation SAWAKD' A LEAVITi, 5? Wull street. l il lll T" '-"AN-WITIUH'T BONES. IN ONE ?i? " M t or more sums, tor five years: must lie firs- 'lass city property; will only deal with principals direct MoitUls it. BAKK, 9.H5 Sixth avenue. Ann ?'N NKW CHURCH PROPERTY, $?.l?M '? v M f I F on valuable Lots, $5,000 ou House and 201 feet Ground, on Atlantic avenue ; $2,000 on Dwelling and Store, on Columbia street, and $2,400 mortgage on 1 tenement Property, all In the eltv of Rrooklvn. Applv ! to Col KTKNAV A DEVER, Real Estate Agents, 2IH i Broadway, New York, or 74 Court street, Brooklyn. AAA TO LOAN? ON IMPROVED CITY REAL ?P I il.W''" estate, 011 vacant lots, tenement property , or good leasehold , $3.V<KH) for Harlem or Brooklyn. VV D A I . BARTLES, 66 Wall street. 1 < I ?'*> li'Wi r" loan? WITHOUT BONUS. FOR | ?p I ' a term of vears on bonds anil mortgages on real estate in this city. JOHN F. CONRKY, 162 Broadway, room 9. j COPABTtKHSHIPS. 'PlIK HKM OK J E. BROOMK A CO., REAL ESTATE | 1 brokers. No 10 Wall street, New York, IsthUdii.v dis- , solved t>y mutual eomcnt Th<* unsettled bUMinc** of the ! firm will he cloned hv .lames E. Brown and Nathan 1 Jewett, who will continue the flrm.^ r BKO()>IK NATHAN JEWETT, Juk* 7. 1873. GEORGE W. CLAHK. rflHE COPARTNERSHIP FIRM OF STALKER, SWIFT ! 1 A Stalker, at 617 West Twenty-fiflh street, has this I duy been dissolveil by mutual consent, the business of | Iron teunders and nuehiin>ts to be continued hereafter i by kTALKER, ?:a'..KIN A CO., they to settle and uay all ' accounts against the late firm. JAMES STALKER. JOSHUA E. SWIFT, New York, June 9, 1873. DAVID STALKER. THE BOARD OF EDUCATION. -? 1 Important Meeting of the Board Yea terdmy? The Salaries of the Teacher*? The (Question of the Clerkships. The Board of Kdncatton held a stated meeting yesterday, the ataid Mr. Neilson, the Preside ut, in the chair. Owing to the eternal fitness of things, when the clerk begai to read the minutes of the previous stated meeting and the minutes of a special meeting no one objected and they were read. This delight ful operation took a full half-hour. Then began the business. The first t.hinjr was the special order of tne day? the election of a clerk. There was quite A COMMOTION AMONG THK YOl NO ORNTLKMRN In the lobby at the annouiy;cmcnt of the special order, which was rather intensified than otherwise when Commissioner Townsend got up and offered a rcuuiuuou Itjiug tuo vu The yeas an fl nays were called on this, and tne re?? oiutioD wan deelarcu carried by 11 yeas to 7 naya. A BATCH OF NOTHINGS. Then came a bundle of communication* frsm tflj?* ' various boards of trustee* asking for all Boris oi small lavorx. sucli a? Utr repairs, excusing teac tiers lor one thing and another, 4c. A RESIGNATION AND A SIMMER VACATION. A communication was received frou? 1>. B. Flcn drickson resigning ins position of vice principal of (iraramar School No. 8, in which he asked that it take effect on the 1st of September, ami that, for the benefit of his family, nls salary be con tinued until that tune. His appeal for the salary, so that his family rniKlit go to the country during the Summer, had quite a softening effect upon the Board, and a resolution accepting the terms of his resignation was offered and adopted, an amendment beiug lacked on to it providing that on and after to-day he should no longer attend the school. Commissioner Jenkins made quite & spirited little speech, in which he declared that Hendricltson was the victim of persecution and was worthy oi being retained in the service of tha Hoard. At one time lie spoke so pointedly con ccrning the way the investigation into the conduct of the former principal had been carried on that & breeze amoug the members of the Board was im minent. Commissioner Farr appeared a little ruffled in temper and denied certain allegations of Mr. Jenkins. But in the end everything was lovely, and so there was no Modoclsm whatever. NO TUNER WANTED. According to a reoort of a special commutes the Board had no authority to employ a plan* tuner in the public school*, and therefore the re quest of the parties who hankered lor the said tuner could not be complied with. The committee's report did not say auything about voice toner* among the teachers. WHAT DOES IT MEAN 1 A resolution was offered that the nominations of evening school tcachers made by the Board of Trustees of the various schools be referred directly to the Committee on Evening Schools ol the Board. This resolution was adopted alter objection had been raised that It conflicted with the bylaws. WILL UE "TAKE?" Another resolution was offered calling the atten tion of Grammar School No. 11, Sixteenth ward, to the tact that they were violating the bylaws m having as clerk to the Board the vice principal of tho school. It wus laid over, objection being rnado to its immediate consideration. T11K ANNUAL SL'ITLIES. The report ol the Committee on Supplies waft adopted, awarding the contract to Johu H. Lyon lor lurnlshing coal to the schools lor the ensuing year at $6 57 per ton of 2,240 pounds, and award' lng the contract to J. T. Barnard A Son for fur nishing wood at $11 per cord lor oak and $11 98 lor pine ; lor cutting and splitting, lie. per load lor ouk and 8c. for the pine. AN OLD SOJBR. One of the schools has a piano sixteen years old, and it was second hand when the school got it. So the trustees of that school think It is about time they got another piano. Their communication to the Board asking lor a change la their local tuna was reported favorably, and the Board decided that the report was just what it ought to be. FOREMNKR3 NOT ALLOW KD. . The requesc of a gentleman all the way from Boboken, asking that his heir apparent be allowed to Imbibe at one of the educational founts under the control of the Board, was denied "with great regret" by the committee to whom the requesc was referred. The committee state in their report that to grant the request would be to violate tho statute of the State. THE QUESTION OP SALARIES. The special Committee on Salaries made a ion* report. They state that they did not find the max imum salary paid hixlicr than the efficiency oi service required, yet they discovered a great deal of inequality in the different wards in the wa f the teachers were paid; that there was too little discrimination made as between the long and ma ture experience of teachers long in the employ of the department and the inexperience of teachers ju*t appointed. Hie committee then submitted the following scale oi salaries For male grammar schools? Salary of princi pals not to exceed $:>,ooo; during the first year ap j pointed, $2,600, to be increased not to exceed $100 I each year until maximum is reached. For vies principals? maximum, $2,500; llrst year, $2,100; increase every year not to exceed $loo till maxi mum is reaehed. For llrst assistant, $2,ooo; first year, $l,fioo; yearly Increase of $100 uutil maxi mum Is reached. All others not to exceed four in. number, with six months' license, $1,000; with pro visional license, $l.-.!00: yearly increase $100, til* maximum of $1,500 be readied. For female assistants in male grammar pcliopls^ $500; with provisional license. $400; each year in crease $100 till maximum of $800 be reacned. No teacher below fourth grade to get over $700; for female assistants In male schools yearly increase ol $loo until maximum of $l,ooo is reached. For female grammar schools? Principal's maxt mum, $2,000 ; first year $1,800; yearly increase $10(J until maximum is reached. For vice principal, maximum $l,doo; first year, $1,100; yearly increase $loo till maximum Is reached. For assistants, with permanent license, not to exceed $500; with provisional license, $400; yearly increase $100 till maximum of $suo Is reached. No teacher below fourth grade to get $700; first assistant, grade above, il.ouo. For primary schools? Principals, $1,800; irsti year, $1,400; yearly increase $100 till maximum IS reached. For vice principals, $800 first year; $100 yearly increase till maximum of $1,200 is reached. For assistants, with provisional license. $360; li cense over six months, $400; $50 increase e?ct> year till $600 is reached; maximum lor first as* sistant, $700. This scale will not go Into effect nntil after the first month after its confirmation bv the Board, nor do the changes affect the salaries of teachers now holding positions in the schools. AT IT AGAIN. The question of the election was again dragged up by Mr. Gushing. It was combated by Mr? Townsend, who said that as a reformer he desired the election of a new clerk should not be looked upon as a sectarian issue. He beiieved if the Board put out the present clerk the action of the Board would be looked upon as a sectarian or political move. Mr. L'ushing offered a resolution, that the election be at once proceeded with, but. by a vote of 10 nays to 7 yeas, it was lost. The Board then adjourned. J POST OTWC1 WOTH'K. POST OFFICE NOTICE. -THjTmAILS FOB KUROI'K? (lurin - the week ending Saturday, Juno 14, 1873, will close at llils o nice- on Wednesday at 12 M. ; on Thursday at 11 A. M., and on Saturday at and 11 A. M. THUS. L. JAMES, Postmaster. AT WILSON ft BOAKE'S, WATER AND DOVEflS streets? Engine*. 2 to loo horse: OprlKht and HorK zoiital Hollers, Pumps, .'?halting, Pulleys, llaugens Pi|ic? in/, *c., new anil second hand. A SECOND HAND CAI.ORIO ENGINE, 8-HOBS* uml ?.?7P?n? Vp.*,V E!ire >30a Al'P'y tot K. UKIS Wt(Li) A CO., ss l*nrk place. Boilers, of am. kinds, biilt promptly and cheap? -Two 43 Inch by 14 feet, one M inch by 18 feel Horizontal tubular on hand; nlso our Improved Slid* Valve and Cut oil Engines, 2 t!> 500 horse power i I HoiatinS Engines Saw Mills, Crist Mills, Yale VerHcA BnriHeC Ames' Portable Engines. Water Wheels, Shaftlnr Ueer! inn. Ac. HASIPSON. WUITKHILL A &0 . 38 Cortlandi street. New York. Works at Newburg, N. V For sale-over $200,009 worth of steam enw gines, Hollers Pumps, Shafting, Pulley* and Tanks* also one law double-headed Lathe. 33!eet hum swinir 4fl Hr'ookl nAPPly '? P CAb8IDY- *0#- * ?" 1(1 BnVe rtwetj POK SALE? THE ENTIRE MACHINERY AND LBA?I 1 ol a large first class Steam Laundry, now in working order, or would let the Premi-es and Macninery to a ra3 sponsible party on reumuhle terms. Kor po rtieular* an. ttti'til's'i'hi laundry, 14.1 ?a?t Piiueth *treeij .. .... MARBI.R MANTEI.H. 1 A K I. A BE It, HTM AM MARBLE AND M A K IU , (?: IZIV<2 .?? ?T'"S i .?1"1 I w l'",t Btehteenth street.? Marbi?l and .Marbleizflil Mantels. Tllln*, Marble Counter* Mouu" mi nis, at prices tlmt dety competition. Marble Turniud lor the trade. A ,N ASSORTMENT OF MANTELS, I'NSU RPAssFli hUte ?Vorl* ut" ail 'k 1 1' 1 Is' a spe^t?"* of ., PK.NRHYN SLATR Ct?MI'ANY. ^Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street. Union square. C THWART'S SLATE MANTELS.? RICH AND Tffl hil.K"."!.'- yv?>rk?ot every description; Mar ble and Wood MAntels. T. II. 8TKWART A Cli . 2M and West lwenty-third street, near Seventh avenue, N. Y. . MIXCKLUNBOl'M. Marble soda apparatum? all styT.rr. a? reduced prices; Ottawa Beer Fountains and Em tract on liberal terms; send for Illustrated caiuloaue .IaMKci M. WHITFIELD A SON. inu Water street QLOTK A JAVKs, STATION FR8, PKINTKRS a.M ? k_7 Blank Hook Munufacturers, 93 FulUui street, Klanfe Books made to patterns. ^ ^ ? ~~ ? ?" - ? bili^iariis. ?1 -STANUAHU AM EKICAN BEVEL TAB [.ES ANoi .TV 1. the Phclan ft Collcnder Combination Cushion* ton sali- only by the patentee, II. W. COLLKNDKR ?ucn.u.,H to Plielan ft Collender. 738 Broadway, New York A FINE ASSORTMENT OF NKW AND SECOND! j V hand Billiard I aides; all articles appertaining t?l the trade at low jirices. " WTO. K. PHELAN. No. 7 Bar. Uy street V"OW IS YODR TIME TO PURCHASE TABLES Afi II greatly reduced prices; second hand Bxio carorai rabies, complete, lor *.00; bevel*, very latest design^ complete, lor ?25u. Call and examine. Warcroomi ?2 Vese.v street. W. H. (JRIrFlTH. _ LKtiAL NOTICES. ~ ^ ?V^OTICE IS HEREBY OIVeFtHAT I'PdN TIIrI application of the undersigned, pursuant to ehai.tVH 161 of the Law s i, I 1873, ?n order IimS I K, Miprerne < ourt, at a special term thereof/held at the Court House, ill the city of New York on the ?ibd ??? ,<< May, 1X73, that a new certificate of Moefc i? I ?iw!5 kS^iS Hew York Ceotriil and Hudson River Railroad Compan* Ihon,? hP L^'.i*1^'. 1 ?r one heretofore issued tb> V i ? company lor one hundred shares ot th?, the fihnoi UnuJrVW' bS?n"? " "" "r abiu? January, IS70, and numln red a.WI, unlesa, the la wlul owner ol said certificate ? mil present the, o?Ne w" V, r? .of company P|no!e city' $?nm eh* .',or? th? expiration ol three week* from the flrit publication of thi* notice CAMMANN ft CO. kihopk. THE yt'KKN'S HOTEL NEAR "VlIK CIlYSTALr i raiftce, tpp?*r Norwood, London.?' To lournti ana laintlu'w ? ltM clcval(*d. plennant and mont NaiuhribUM poit* lion, combined with the comiort Afforded ami itn general management, have mad? the Oueen*? Hotel a favurit* LWbtLMmU ul JMitiitiisvoeiy.

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