Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1873 Page 9
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SALES AT AICT!OI?. Allen b miner, auctioneer, Salesrooms 96 chambers Hml 7i Reade stroet Late lieur.v "? Leeds A Miuer. _ Established tu IM7. Horse Auction Mart. 337, 339 and SU Fourth ft venae, cor. uer ofTwenty filth ltr,e'\_ By ALLEN B MINKK A BRO., 6ATU RDAY, JUNB 14. at 10*, o'clock, at their ?ale?rooms, 9i Chamber* ami ILSfSaffifai ? GBNTEEL HOUSEHOLD FUBMITuBK, Mirror#, Car Ac. DotaLs In time ADRIAN li. MULL BR. AUCTIONEER. Third aud final peremptory sale iu partition tinder she direction of .Geo W. Van Siclen, Esq. .Attorney. The neat portion of the property of Tim Whltesoone Lam! Association, In all. 407 Lots, Immediately adjoining the depot at W liitestono, L. L., ?nd all o t them on sewered, citrbv J, guttered and macad amized streets. Will oe sold ut auction To the highest bidder, on THURSDAY, June 12, at 12 o'clock at the Exchange Salesroom No. Ill Broadway ?(Trinity Building), New York. Call on A. U. Mll.Lt It, P. R. WILKINS A CO Auctioneers, No. 7 Pino ?treet, or H K. VAN SIC!, EN, No. lit Nassau street. Get maps and free passes, visit the property and pick Out your lots before the sale. It will uotiake three hours. A J ULEECKEK, SON A CO., AUCTIONEERS. ?ordham. A1 Supreme Court sain of valuable Business Property at Fordham, Westchester county, on SATURDAY, June 14, ut 1 1*. M., ou premises opposite depot, at junction ot Kailroat! and torilham ave nues liti'KO stone House known the "Massford Man sion" and 16 lots of Land ou Fordliaui and Itailroad aveuues, to be sold In single city lots. Tt U opposite the depot and I'laza, on which Is the entrance to the St. John's College. This is one of the finest properties in this delightful village? in Its very heart, betw o-n the lots ot Geo Hasslord and J. H Has kins, and within a short distance of Lalayette street. Mups at 77 Cedar si reel. A j. bleeckku, SON A CO.. AUCTIONEERS ? Supreme Court Sale in Partition. Splendid 1'roperty on Bowery, priug, Dciancey and Orchard streets. Tuesday, Tune 17, at 12 M., at Exchange salesroom, 11 Broadway, under tnc direction of l'Uilo T. Uugt'lca. Esq., Referee. Bowery? Promises Nos, 190, 192, 194, northwest corner Bpring street. Spring street? Premises No. f>, in renr ot the above ; the whole plot h?s a uoutaue oi 59.7 on llie Bowery aud 128.6 on Spring street. Delancey street? Premises Nos. 88, 8K, 90 and north cast corner Ore hard street, containing 67.10 on Dclanoey street and 75 feet on orchard. . Sale peremptory. The title Indisputable. Maps at No. 77 Cedar street . AbohT.tohnston, auction ee~r" Office aud Salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite the l'ost office. lloras Auction Branch 19 to 2"> Hast Thirteenth street. Carriage fieri sitorj ?u 8 Oortlandt street. ARTICLES, EFFECTS AND HOU.sEUtlLD FURNITURE. ARCH, JOHNSTON wilt sell, on Friday, at lO,1. o'clock, at the salesroom 87 Nassau street, fine Paintings, undent ?nd modern; Library of Hooks Water Colors aud un finished Paintings Ac Also a large assort nn nt ot Household Furniture, large number of Carpets, Bedroom and Parlor Suit*. Mirrors, Ac. ; together with a largo assortment of Office Furni ture, Ac. T AUCTION KALE? POSITIVELY T11IS DAY(T1IUKS day), the entire elegant ? ouehold Furniture of 210 West Twenty -tlrst .-.irect, near seventh avenuo. commencing at 10 o'clock precisely, ROBERT C. CASH IN. Auction.'or:? Parlor ai., Library Suits, in rich coverings; two hnndsome Pianofortes? one a four round; two Bookeaaes, H80 volumes choice Books; Cabi nets: gilt Tallies, Etugcres, Turkish Chairs, Bronzes, l'aintiugs, Curtains. Mirrors, Clocks, Ac. : Dining Kurni ture, Extension Table, Bullet, Chairs, Dinner aad 'xea Fets. Gla-s, Silverware, Cutlery. Ao. Solid black ivalnut and rosewood Chamber PctsH Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstunils ; 3i tine hair and spring Waitresses; Suits, in reps mul plush; 700 yards Carpet, Ac. Those about lurni-hing their houses will do well to att"tiU this sale ; 378 lots by catalogue. N. B.? rake 7tJi or 8th av. cars < AM. CRIST ALAR, AUCTIONEER" . 722 Broadway, opposite New York Hotel. Positive and peremptory sale to pay advances. DIAMONDS, WATCH MS and JEWELRY. THIS J>AY, June 12, at ltt'-j o'clock. 1,800 dull gold Opera and Vest Chains, of various quali ties and designs, 126 oold and Silver Watches, in hunting, diamond aud enamelled cases. 140 carat loose Diamonds, from l4 to 7 carats each. 36 Diamond Articles, in Hln'-'S, Ac. 41 do/.en Cameo and Onyx King*. A largo number of articles ot Jewelry, comprising toural, jet and cameo. Brooches Rings, sets Earrings, Buttons, Eyeglasses, Studs Spectacles anil Lockets. ounces of Silrerwaro. Trade invited. Catalogues at sale. A CALDWELL, AUCTIONEER.? SALESROOM 79 . NASSAU STREET.? LARGE SALE OF HOUSE HOLD FURNITURE TO PAY STORAGE, POSITIVELY TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. 110 LOTS OF HOUSE HOLD FURNITURE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, THIS DAY (THURSDAY), JUNE 11, AT 10^ O'CLOCK. DEALERS AND HOUSEKEEPERS WfLL PLEASE TAKE NOTICE. Auction notice. I.arne salo THIS DAY (Thursday), at private residence, 120 West Twenty-third street, near Sixth avenue, comiueneiug at iiM, o'clock. Over $25,000 worth costly and p ain Household Furniture, namely ;? Pianoforte, cosi $l,i?it>: Parlor Suits in satin, reps, plush, Ac. ; flue rosewood a.nt black walnut Bed room Sulfa; hair and spring Suutresses, Ac. ; 8U0 yards v lvet and Brussels Carpels, Dinin* Room, Library, Base. meat ami Kitchen Furniture; over SOU lots by catalogue, to highest bidder, by LUKE Fi l/OKRALD, Auctioneer. ALBERT B. WALDRON, AUCTIONEER. By D. W. IVES. THIS l)AV, at 12 o'clock. Horses, Wagons and Harness, at horse mart .18 Church street. Particulars and descriptions at sale. Auction notice.? gerard setts a co. will sell THIS DAY (Thursday), June 12, at \\4 o'clock P. M., at Old slip, nure bred Jersey, Cuern?ev and Ayr shire Cattle; also Berkshire and Essex Swine aud Poul try, all of the highest character, from the stock of Messrs H. S. Parke, H. Wairous, Lucius A. Chase, H. W. Bsssett and J. L. Douglass, and Berkshire Swine belong lng to the Royal Agricultural College at Cireucester, England. Catalogues with Itall particulars nt the office ofthc auc tioneers aud A. B. ALLEN a CO. 'S, 1S9 Water street, UERARD BETTS A CO, Auctioneers, stores No. 7 Old slip and 101 Pearl street. New York. Auction sale of rich and costly Household Furniture. Pianoforte, Paintings, Ac. Largest sale ot the season. 86 West 15th St., near 5'h av., U o'clock, on THIS DAY tThuri-day). Magnificent Drawing Room Suits, covered silk brocade, Orand Duchess and Slarlo Antoinette styles; Etagcres, Bookcases, velvet Carpets, rosewood Pianoforte, cele brated maker; Bronzes, Mirrors, Clocks, rosewood, wal nut Chamber Furniture; Mattresses, Extension Table, Buffet, Glass, Silver Ware; Linen, Basement Kitchen Furniture, Servants' Apartments. Take 5th av. stages ortthav. cars. AUtiU.-TE MARTIN ES, Auctioneer. A RARE OPPORTUNITY, A RAKE OPPORTUNITY to those turnlshing city or country residences. The largest and richcst Household Furniture sale at this season will take place THIS (Thursday) MORNING, June 12, at 10}? o'clock, .at the first class tour story brown stone mansion li'4 l.ast Twenty-filth street, near Fourth avenue. SOOvards vel vet, Brussels Carpets; seven magnificent latest styles Pompadour, Marie Antoinette and orand Duche*s Parlor Suits, covered with !? rench satin, brocatel, cotelaine and reps: all made to order for the present owner; Turkish and Oriental stvle Furniture, Mirrors, Lounges, Etageres, Pier and Oval Mirrors, 50 fine till Paintings Vases, Matu nry, Clocks Bronses, Bookcases. Pier and Centre t ables, Cabinets, hois de ro<e ; lose wood >uuarc. urand 7V? octave patent avratfe double round parlor Pianoforte: rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits, style ot Louis XIV. ; elegant carved French inlaid Bedsteads, Bureaus Washstands, Commodes; 30 spring and hair Mattrcsrcs, Bedding, Bol sters, Pillows, Blankets French walnut Buffet, two Ex tension Tables, chairs, walnut tep Suits Mirrors, Cur tains Oilcloths. French China, Mass, Silver Ware; Cut lery ; in all over 500 lots by catalogue. K. BOTH, Auc tioneer. Responsible men in attendance to cart, pack or ship goods for purchasers, city or country. N. B.? Take Third or Fourth avenue cars to Twcntv-fltlh street. Auction notice, auction notice. HENRY ZINN, Auctioneer, sells this day all the elegant Household Furniture, ' outlined in private resi dence, 21 Mast 20th St., near Broadway, commencing at \0'i o'clock, comprising rosewood Pianoforte, elegant Parlor Suits, Mirrors Brussels Carpets, Oil Paintings, Bedroom Suits, Beddtnc . also Dining Room. Basement sad Kitchen Furniture), and ev rv articiu nece&sur.v for genteel housekeeping. Sale positive. B*~ Y.F. COL ION. AUCTION E E It. Elegant Furniture on Lexington avenue, THIS DAY (THURSDAY', June 12. at 11 o'clock, at the private residence 736 Lexington avenue, between Kitty-eighth anil Fifty-ninth streets, the entire eleaant Furniture, French plate Pier nnd Mantel Mirrors, English Velvet and Brussels Carpets; Bronzes, decorated china Dinner sets, fire and burglar proof Sale and Secretary Desk com! Ined. cost <800, 111 pert) rosewood Parlor Suit, In 1 riinson >atin, cost $900; elegant French plate I'icr and Mantel Mirrors, crini-on satin Lambrequins, rich Lace Curtains, Library Suit, in crimson silk reps, carved hlaei* w alnut Lll.i ary Table, superb blaek walnut Chamber Milts test Hair Mattresses. Bolsters and Pillows: Beddinc, black walnut Buffet, t hairs in ieather; Cut Gla-s Ware, rich Dinner Set, Velvet and Brussels Carpets, Ar. The entire lurnlture Is In good order and of superior quality. catalogues at the salesroom, 511 East Thirteenth street, aear Broadway. B Y S. N. DAl'CIIY, AUCTIONEER. DAUCHY A JOHNSON will sell on Friday, June 13, at lil.S o'clock, sf the comer ef Canal and Church streets, the enure stock and Fix tures ot a first class Liquor Store, consisting of English 4!e I'uinp, elegant French plat,- Mnror Counters, Shelv [ngs Ac. ; also A lot of choice Liquors. Wines, Cigars Slassware and everything belonging to a first class estab lishment Edward pf.ttinger, auctioneer, sells Friday. Juno 13, at II o'clock, 011 the premises. 4;'l Ninth avenue, large assortment ot Furniture, consisting sf Parlor Suits Cottage Suit*, chairs Tables, llurenus, Bedsteads Wardrobes. Sideboards, Desks Mirrors, Car pets, hair and other Mattresses, Pillows. Crockerv, MIs jellaneous Goods Ac. Sale peremptory. Dealers in vlted. Historic old town of Springfield, N, J., oue hour from New York by the M. and F. Railroad, Delaware, l?aekawanna anil Western Railroad; three quarters of a mile fTom Millhurn and adioinlng tbe line of the National Railroad. A. D. MELLICK, Jr., A IIKO.. Auctioneers aud dealers in New Jersev real estate. No. C Pine street, New York, will positively sell, on THURSDAY, June 12, 1OT. at 12 o'clock P. M , on the premises, by order of Captain W. r Mclilton, 100 choice and de.-irable Building Lots, on one of the finest estates in New Jersey, surrounded bv churches, stores Post oltlco and improvements, and fronting on tbe main street of the village, the old post foau to Morristown and Sprlnmleld, Linden and Mary land avenues The first sale at suction ever made in Springfield. Terms remarkably easy, Splendid mnsfe by Grafuila's Seventh Regiment Band. Luncheon helore the sale. Special train will leave the loot of Christopher and Barclay streets at II A. M For maps railroad passes and full panicular* apply to A. D. MELLICK, Jr.. A BRO a Pino street, New York. BALKS AT AVCTIOff. JJUOH N. I' AMP, Al/OTIONEKK. Positive sale at auction, this day, at ?> o'clock, at the Exchange Salesrooms, No. Ill Broadw'ay, or the haudsouia Residence and 5 acrew of l.*ud belong ing to Or. J. W. Greene. at I->lip. L. I. 75 per cent can remain. Pull particular* at auctioneer's office, 10# Broadway. IS. WEINBERGER, AUCTIONEER ? MORTGAGE ? sale. this day, Thursday, June 12, at 10J< o'clock, at 151, Bowerv. One rosewood 7 octave Piano, and Stool. K iiven A Co., makers, by order of A. Hirnbanin, attorney for mortgagee, immediately thereafter goneral Merchan dise. Furniture, Carpets, i>ik loth, i ablecloths. 2J0 rolls Wall Paper,, lluy aud Dung Forks, Boot* and Shoe*, Hats. Bedspreads, Cutlery, V ate lies, Jewelry, 75 Gold Kmc*, Kl genuine Coral String*, about 1,000 Fans, Ac , al?o, at the same time, a genera) assortment of M ine* aud Liquors, in Lots. to ault dealers and others. J ERE JUliNSON, JR., AUCTIONEER. luimeu -o Opening Sale in Westchester ol 800 prime Lots, in . Twenty-fourth ward, New Yark (as annexed), on Woodlawn Heights, by a positive and peremptory order of Hon. l x-Mavor ()|Kl.vkH and Edward K. Wiilard, under direction ol Messrs. Toner Brother*, ou premise*, on MONDAY, June 16. This splendid estate is immediately at the junction ot the Harlem ami New Haven Railroads, adiaceut to Central avenue, Jeioine Park ami the New York aud Montreal, 40 minute trom Fortv-seeoud street, and, by annexation, is to be situated in the Tw etiiv-;oui th ward of New York city, directly on the liiie o: the march ?t improvements. Special train will leave Grand Ceutral depot at 11 o'clock. Seventh Regiment Band. Harrison. Graud Collation under the great Tent. Fine chance to buy city Lots at country price*. Terms? Forty per cent cash aud sixty lerocut three years, with the extraordinary privilege of hal/yearl) or quarterly puymeuts at option ol purchaser* 1'or tree Excursion Tickets, maps and information apply to POTTER BROS., Agents, Noa I ami G Warren street, or iheir Ford ham branch ofl!';e, or to JUKE JOHNSON, Jr? Auctioneer, No 21 Park row. New York. T 1'. TRAVER, AUCTION KER, ? will sell this day, June 1?, at 10? o'clock, at salesroom 59 Great Jones street, all the Stock *nd Fixtures ot Bar and Dining Saloon, elegant walnut top zinc lined Counter, Mack Fixtures, cut ulass Tumblers, Wine and Champagne and other Glasses, Bar Fixtures, ?5 round anil square walnut Table*, 75 Dining and oilier Cliairs, in good order ; large copper Bollei, copper Stew Pans and Kettle-!, Casters: a very large assortment of Crockery, < ooktn* Utensils, (Mock ), stoves. Mirrors, Sale, Desks. Chandeliers, Pictures, cut glass Globes; three liurrelsol old stock Ale, Rhine, Sherry, Port and other Wines, til demijohns and bottles ; Hotted Ale, Porter. Ao. JACOB ROGART, AUCTIONEER. Saturday, Juue It, at 11 o'clock, at No. 1 North William Direct, a large assortment ot Household Furul ture, Curpets, Ac. JOHN H. DRAPER, AUCTION EER. ? I'll IS DAY, June 13, at Sugar Ketluery, In Now Church street, between Cedar ami Thame.,, at Us o'olock P. M., the entire contents of said building, comprising Machinery, Steam Pipes, oid Iron, - team Engine, Shafting aud Pul leys, Ac., Ac. Catalog nes a; the reflaery. J P. TRAVER, A UCTK INEER.? M AKS1I AL'S SALE, ? this day , at US o'clock, by virtue ot au execution, at i9 Great Jones street, 24 chests tine Teas, By order, l'Ai KICK DAI LEY , CitV Marshal, JAMES M. FORD, AUC IIONKER, SELLS Till* DAY, at 2 o'clock, the genteel Furniture of tuniily return ing to California, at S?7 Bowery, consisting of Parlor and Library Suits, Pianotorte, walnut Bedroom Furniture, Krenoh plate Mirrors and Tables, line curled hair Mat tresses, Beds, Bedding, Wardrobes, Booscases, Rockers, Mantel Ornaments, > ut lory, Ac.; also several tine Car pets, Rugs, oilcloths, Shades, Ac. . T ARGE AUCTION SALE. ? Jj Household Goods, Furniture, Ac. DINGER, PORTER a C< ' , Auctioneers, Will sell oa FRIDAY. June 13. at Hi"'# o'clock, at 2,21)2 Tnlrd avenue, near 12Sth street, to the highest bidder, to close consignments ami pay ad vances, a large und complotc stock of Household Furni ture, comprising Bedroom Suits, of all styles ami ma'cri als, separate Bedsteads, Bureaus und Withstands, Parlor, buits, Easy Chairs, Rocker, Dining Tables, Sideboards,, Dining Chairs, Wardrobes, Hall stands, Lounges, Solas, liuir, husk und straw Mattrosses, Crockery, Cutlery. Toilet and Fancy Goods, Stoves, Carpets, Oilcloths, Mat. tines, Ac. Sale positive; housekeepers and dealers in vited; catalogues at auctioneers' real estate offices, 2,308 Third avenue and B2 Cedar street. MORTGAGE SALE? PRINTING PRESSES. ? IIENRY STRAUS. Auctioneer, will sell, at 12 o'clock, at 39 Beekman street, one No, 2 Trio Campbell, two onc-i|uarter medium Gordon's. Belting, Shamn;, Ac. This sale was postponed Irom 7th Inst. Presses stored for convenience at above place. Sale peremptcry. JONAS II. GOODMAN, Attorney lor assignee (^mortgagees. MARSHAL'S SALE OF LIQUORS, PORTER, AC.? RICHARD WALTERS, Auctioneer, will sell on Fri day. at 11 o'clock, at 27 East Broadwav, a largo assort ment of Liquors, viz. Barrels Bourbon Whisker, Gin. Brandy, Sherry Wine, casks of bottled Porter, bottled Liquors, boxes Soap, Ac. ; large double door Safe, elegant rosewood Pianotorte, Ac. JOHN T. STEWART, Marshal. NEW JERSEY BOULEVARD PROPERTY.? PRIVATE Residence and seven Lots of Land, within 100 tect of the Boulevard, to be sold at auction, this day. Jun* 12, 1*73, at 3 o'clock P. M., on the premises, corner Claremont avenue and Vreelauil street, overlooking the bay and harbor ot hew York, Statcn Island, Narrows, Ac. F'or full particulars apply to LF:WIS E. WOOD, Auctioneer, office at the Exchange Salesroom, No. 79 Montgomery street. Jersey City. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.? W. S. 1NGRAIIAM WILL sell this dnv, at 11 o'clock, at B3 New Bowerv, SOO lots clothing , Dresses, Remnants, sheet*. Quilts, Shoes, Pillows, Coats, l'ants mid a variety ot other articles. By order oft. Kuhn, 204 Graud street, Brooklyn. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.? THOMAS J. M'ORATII, Auctioneer, ITS Chatham street, will sell. Hits day, at 11 o'clock, 500 lots ot .Veil's aud Women's Clothing, Dresses, Shawls, Remnants. Bedding, Boot*, Shoes, Ac. ; also Coats, Pants and Vests. By order ol J. Fredrick, Blcecker street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.? TIIOS. KEYWORTH WILL sell this day, at 46u Ninth avenue, at one o'clock, a large assortment of unredeemed Goods, consisting of Dresses, Keiuuants, Pants, Sheets, Ac. By order ot Win. Weaver. PAWNBROKER S SALE.? WOMEN'S CLOTHING ? This day, JAMES AGAR, Auctioneer, will sell at 59 New Bowery, 50u lots Silk and other Dresses, Lace and Crape Shawls, Silk Sncques, Bonnets ot silk. Undercloth ing, Table Linen, Sheets, Spreads, Gaiters, Quilts. By order ol' JOHN J. LEVY'. 45 Sixth avenue. SHERMAN, AUCTIONEER. . Large sale of Wines, Liquors, Champagnes, Sher ries and Port. Cluret and Rhine Wines, Brandies, Gin, Rum. choice old Bourbon and Kye Whiskeys, in barn-Is, casks, octaves and cases: Friday, June 13, at 10>i o'clock, at No. 13 Bowery by order of tne consignee, the entire stock ol choice Wiuesand Liquors, consisting ot about Hi) barrels choice old Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys; casks Brandies, Gin, Rum: 60 casks Port and Sherry Wines, 45 cases and baskets Champsgnes, about 300cascs Wines and Liquors, 24,000 Cigars, Tobacco, Ac. Sale positive, with out reserve. Dealers invited. Also about 000 dozen beer ami ale Glasses. By order of Herman Bolte, Attorney tor Assignee. SHERMAN, AUCTIONEER. . Marshal's sale ol Cabinet Manufactory. Will sell on Friday, June 1.1, at 11 o'clock, at Nos. 10 and 12 Colum bia street, a quantity ot unfinished Furniture, Lumber, Machinery, Ac. By order ot C. W. CAMPBELL, late Marshal. SHERIFF'S SALE.? S. FREDERICK, AUCTIONEER, C5 will sell this day, June 12, a stock of Clothine and Fix tures at 105 Chatham street. Sale commences 11 A. M. MATTHEW T. BRENNAN, Sheriff. Peter McGin.vis, Deputy Sheriff. SHERIFF'S SALE.? R. FIELD, AUCTIONEER.-I ? ' will sell at public vendue, on Friday, the 13th June, at 11 A. M., at 1.50j Broadway, a lot of ( urrl*jes and Wagons. MATTHEW T. BllENNAN, Sheriff. J. Kokulkr, Deputy. Thomas reilly, auctioneer? office 437 west Thirty -second street? sells this dav. at 10t^ o'clock, at 43?> West Forty-second street, the Fixtures ot splendid Barroom; Mirrors, Counters, Screens, Bottles, Glus?es, Engravings, Tables, chairs. Ac., Ac. TtriLLlAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE, 50 NEW tT Bowery? Will sell on FRIDAY, at 10'^ o'clock, the Furniture and Fixtures ot the genteel boarding house at is West street; Bedsteads, Feather Beds and all kinds of Mattresses, niarhle top Bureaus. Solas In haircloth, Wasn vtandsand Crockery; also, contents of the bar and eitib rooms? ono Billiard Table, cane Chairs in oak, Reirlger ator. Tables, splendid cook and bar St<<ve?, glass Parti tions, Kitchen Utensils, Ac. "WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER.? WILLIAM tt ABBOTT will sell on Thursday, June 12, at the Merchants' Exchange, III Broadway, at 12 o'clock noon, one lour story brick double Tenement, 59 Sherltl street, lul lot; as also the two story attic and basement brick House and 1/ot 2|sl Henry street. For msiis aud particu lars inquire at the otlico of the Auctioneer, an New Bowery. THOS. H. HURLEY, Attorney, . , j No. 6 City Hall place. WILLIAM ABBOTT, ACCTIONEEB. OFFICE SO NEW i ?T Bowery? Will sell on FRIDAY, at 10* i o'clock, the Furniture and F'ixtures ol ti e genteel boarding house at IS West street; Bedsteads, l eather Beds and all kind* of Mattresses, marble top Bureaus. Sofas in haircloth. \Va?h stands and Crockery ; also content* of the bar and chin | rooms? one Billiard Table, cane Chair* in oak, Relrlger ator. Tables, splendid cook and bar Stoves, glass Parti | lions, Kitchen Utensils, Ac. I \VILL BK SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION? ON THE 1 ? t premises, at Setauket, Long Island, Saturday, June I 14, at /P.M., the splendid Residence, formerly the prop erty ot Robert Nunns, deceased, consisting of a tine brick i Mansion, with brown stone trimmings, sue 40x40 feet. | two stories, basement and sub-cellar, with modern im 1 provemciits ; one Farmhous". 76xlti tent; two Barns, 3lx 31 and 34x22; sialls lor 20 horses. Icehouse and all neces I sary outbuildings : large quantities of choice Iruit an>l ornamental trees; 12 acres ot land, KT7 feet front, with privilege ot acres more . terms made easy ; a tine view of Long Island Sound ; but ie;< minutes' drive to Setauket 1 station; ears troin Hunter's Point arriving at 12:45; no postponement. For iurther particulars inquire of 1IKN.IAMIN JONES, Setauket, L. I., or ot CBARLES F f GOODHUE, Brooks Bros.', corner Catharine and Cherry streets, New York city. KYES AND KARA. Artificial human kyks.-t. j. davis, in ventor and only maker of the improved Artificial Human Eye, acknowledged by the faculty b> be the only correct imitation of nature in the world. 127 East Fifteenth street, between Third and Fourth avenuei. 1>K.\ TlVl'ltV . A BEAUTIFUL SET OK TEETH, $5 TO SINGLE, $1 : warranted ; Extracting, with Oas, Sde ; Silver Filling, 5lk-. : open .-unday till li 2ti2 sixth avenue. Re member, -'02. Absolutely painless.? tekth extracted; tresb gas daily ; Combination Sets, extremely light and durable; Rubber Seta, $10. 2ISSixth avenue, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth street* Established 24 years. Dr. L. BERHARD. 11T ANTED? $100,000, SPECIAL CAPITAL, IN A NEW tt York flrin ol twenty ye.irs >u tiding, whose senior partner desires to retire; the business, Importing ami : jobbing, has always been successful, und Is done wholly for cash ; the advertiser would offer the special partner I twelve ner rent Interest on his napiuil aud indemnity him against any loss whatever until the general capital shall ail have lieeu sacrificed . money 1* safer In a good binliirr? " 'lit"1*. Address I' III' KM AN. I'gnkers, S, Y, TO I.ET FOR BUHiHK? PURPOSES. A TTENTION NOW READY PUB OCCIIPA.NCT. NEW FIREPROOF BUILDING. FULTON, NASSAU AND ANN STREETS. ELEGANT OFFICES TO RENT IN TIIE AS"?VE FIREPROOF, WELL LOOATED BUILDING. BEING IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO THE CITY ll ALL, THE COURTS, THE POST OFFICE, AO.. AC. OPPICES SUITABLE FOR LAWYERS, BROKERS, BAN KK, INSURANCE C0MPAN1E8. AC., AC., CAN RE HAD, SINGLY OR EN SUITE, OP ANY DESIRED SIZE, FROM 10X1J PEBT TO 26X67 FEET, AT $3U) two, $500 AND UPWARD TO $12,000, ACCORDING TO SiZB AND LOCATION. THE ABOVE BUlLDINols" COMPLETELY FIREPROOF, READY FOR OCCUPANCY, HEATED BY STEAM, AND HAS TWO FIRST CLASS PASSENGER ELEVATORS AND ALL MODERN IM PROVEMENTS. RENT OF SMALL OFFICES. s're? . 2,1 st0|T. 3d ?-?tor/. 4th Story 5th Story. 19.10x23. f>. .$2.1/00 $i,(j;<> SI. UW i ox* 4.t>. I.Sirt 1,500 1,200 lW0 14.6x2.V6 l.fitW 1,500 I,3l)0 S00 17x26.6 I, Hi 10 I, Si* 1,20# S00 lt?*W SU0 KM :v.,t 300 luxli.6 .mm 4(4) ut :ioo 19.6x39 .1,0 M 2,HH) 2, OKI I.M? lS).6x..ll J, (KM 2, 00 2,000 L500 10x1X8 ftoo i;o ;;.\o :too 19.10x23.. I.HUQ 1,000 I.2IM 1,000 14.6x2H I.VHl 1,299 I.OtW HO!) 14 tixli I. SOU 1,251) 1,000 ><00 17x2.'! 1,5(10 MS) 1,1**1 H00 10x18. JO.) 4iHI 300 INQUIRIES TO BE MADE OF HOMER MORGAN. NO. 2 PINE STREET. A SMALL STOKE TO RENT? CORNER FRANKFORT Mini William streets; lent $200. Apply to #. C. SMITH. Frankfurt House offloe. I TINE LOFTS. 80X100, WITH OR WITHOUT STEaM I'owor, to let, suitable fur liuht niumilactiiring pur poses; nho an < lectin t Store. '.15 and 't7 Woostcr struct Hotel men? rare investment, by leasing thai sitely Hotel, now finishing; over 100 rooms ind suit*, lacing Broadway, between Cooper Institute ant' liihle House. -5 anil 2! Third avenue. CTEAM POWER, WITH a light HALF OR whole O Floor ; also a in rue Basement, rem and insurance cheap .'114 and 314 East Thiny street. OPIUM. STREET, 1*5, NEAR THOMPSON. -STORE t. j ami Cellar. 26 by 7i"> feet, U> let or lease cheap; also Bakery at 439 First avenue. mo LET OB LEASE? SECOND FLOOR IN SSI BOWS I rv ; splendid business locality. Inquire at L. SlIAW'S, 364 Bowery, corner at Fourth street. mVELI-iTlVO IIOTTSES TO LET. Purnlslirtl. A POUR STORY HOUSE TO LET? FURNISHED, ON Fifth avenue, near Thirty-ninth street; $.'.50 pur inonlli ; Immediate possession. II. It. DREW A CO., No S West Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. An elegant residence furnished, between Fifth and Madlsc nucs--2S.lx70; extension. 25xlS' parlors only furusUcil ; rent low. Apply at 26 East Fiftieth street, Iron til 4. A PLEASANT THREE STORY HIGH STOOP Dwelling, In Weit Ninth street, near f ifth avenue, furnished throughout; #1) ready for housekeeping; dishes, linen, lanilly library, Ac. ; to let positively only to private family of best character; price $250 per month ; half price lor Summer. Address HOUSE, care of Hughes, station C. A THREE STORY. NICELY Fl'RNISUEI) HOUSE has modern Improvements; a nice large yard ; will rent lor one. or two years ; price $'200 per month. One $75 per month to September, it taken by Julvl; undoubted security required. Address J. H. O., lleraid Uptown Branch office. Furnished douse to rent-ani> part board taken in payment of rent If desired ; good location, near Park avenue, on Thirty-filth street; rent $20*1 per luuuth. WM. E. A. CRUIKSH AN K, corner Broadway aHd Forty-tourth street TO LET? FURNISHED, ALL on TART of a THREE story brick House; all Improvements; good location, near lorries, in Jiruoklyu ; rent low. Apply at 212 Broad way, room o. TO LET-HOUSE OR PART. CORNER FOURTEENTH street and Irvine place; furnished or utituruished ; known as Irving Place Hotel. TO LET? FURNISHED COTTAGE FOR THE SUM mer months; rent $o0. Apply to W. II. II ART, 776 Sixth avenue. TO RENT-TO A SMALL FAMILY, VNTIL OCTOBER 1, an elegantly furnished House on lop Murray Hill, near Fifth avenue, for nominal price; Immediate posses sion. Address box 5,574 Post office. TO RENT? A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE, on Seventy-first street, near Lextncton avenue, and the Furniture for saie, cheap. Address HOLLISTER, 91 Duane street, room 3. - WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET. -TO LET, FUR. nlshed. a neat three story brown stone House ; will he let at a modera'c price tor July und August. Addii ss S. 11. X, Herald office. QQ WEST THIRTY-THIRD STREET, BETWEEN O'J Fifth and Sixth avenues.? Very handsome llou e, furnished; best of locations; possession immediately; bouse In excellent or'er. Apply yu the premises. rnfurulshctl. A LARGE FOUR STORY. HIGH STOOP, BROWN stone to lot, unfurnished, oil Twenty -sccond ?treet, between Fifth and Sixth av*nuos; rent low. II taken im mediately. H. II. DREW A CO.. No. 3 West Twenty third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. A THREE STORY HIGH J-TOOP HOUSE TO LET - Unfurnished.? On Twnty-?"Cond street, near Fourth avenue; rent S2,H00; immediate possession. H. ft. DREW A CO.. No. 3 West Twenty third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. An unfurnished house to rent? on west Twenty-second street, in a delightful neighborhood : a brown sione lour story modern English basement; bath, gas, range, hot and cold water, bell*, tubes .ind brick turnacc; has liecn rented for $l.rsM, but will make a liberal deduction to secure a good tenant JAMES R. EDWARDS, fi'J West Twenty third stri er._ TO LET-TO A RESPECTABLE FAMILY, A THREE story briek House, with Mirrors; rent $!,2tKf. Apply, between 10 and 12 o'elock, at 149 East Twenty-second st Unfurnished house to rent? four story high stoon nrown stone, 25x60xin0, near Broadway and below Twenty-third street; rent $3,000. WILLIAM A E. A. CRUIKSHANK, corner Broadway and Forty - lourfh street. A A a FIH.VISIIED ROOMS AM) APARTMENTS TO LET. * NICELY" furnished front room and bed J\ room to let ? To two gentlemen or a gentleman and Wife. 290 Sixth avenue, one door from Eighteenth street. A FEW NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH CON. -r\ venlence for housekrening. or to gentlemen ; mod em improvements; four lines o( cars within one block ; terms low. 4ii!i West Thirty-third street. A PLEASANT ROOM, WITH HOT AND COLD water. furnished for iight housekeeping; rent $5 per week, gas Included. 73 Hank street. 4 COMFOBTABLY FURNISHED second FLOOR, V en suite or sinvly, in a small private family ; loca tion tir-t class; terms moderate, 2 8 West Forty-third street near Broadway. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT AND BACK Parlor; also a Second and Third Floor, each eon- Idl ing of three rooms ; together or separate, in a small tm vate family; house first cla?n. Inquire at No. 142 East Seventeenth street, near Irving place. Summer prices. AT 35 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.-NEWLY AND elegantly fnriilsh'.-d single or Suits of Rooms, with or without Breakfast ; all modern improvements; good attendam e ; hrsf i la-s in every respect. LARGE FRONT ROOM TO LET ? FU R.N' I SII Ml, OAS ltd bath. In a private lainily, at 42 King street. \T 51 FIFTH AVENUE, BETWEEN SIXTEENTH AND seventeenth street", five elegantly furnished Rooms on second floor, en suite or sitialy, w ithout board ; also three Rooms on fourth tloor. TjlURNISH ED ROOMS, FOR GENTS ONLY, AT NO. P 2 Neil?on place, l?etween Wavcrley pla -e and West Eighth street. Furnished rooms to let-for gentlemen, second and third floors: bouse first class, hand somely furnished and best location , reference* required ; itWI wwt Thlrtyiourth street. fjM'RNISHED ROOMS TO LET ? A YOUNG COUPLE, r havlni; more room than they renulre. will let a lew handsomely furnished Rooms to gentlemen, without board. No. 5 Spencer place (Fourth street), near West Tenth street. Furnished" rooms to let for ihh ,-k keeping or light business , all trout rooms ; splendid location ; rent from $5 to $1.1 per week. No. 100 West 1 ourteentti street, corner Sixth avenue. I/U'RNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM, WITH r closets, water and every convenience for light housekeeping: also a hall Room tor a gentleman. No. 1J2 Seventh avenue, near Twenty-Ant ?lreet IrtUKNISHED FLATS TO LET-FOR THK 81 MXBB months, at a low price, with kitchen on ?anie floor and every convenience. Apply on premises, ,M6 West Fourteenth street, near Eighth avenue. FlOB HOUSEKEEPING or OBNTLBMBN? LABGB, airy, furnished Third Floor; gas, water. $8 per week, or divided; first class piano can be Used. 26 Moaroe street between Firs and Second streets, lloboken. tK - cupied by owner only. /GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR SMALL FAMILY.? VT Nicely furnished Room*, with every convenience tor housekeeping No. 9 Jones street, near Sixth avenue and Fourth street Handsomely pvbmished BOOMS to let to gentlemen; hot and cold water; private family ; reierencns. 77 Weat Twelfth street between Filth and Sixth avenues. Handsomely furnished rooms to let? with all modern improvements, lor light hou-ekecping ; terms moderate Apply at No. .')2 Sixth avenue. Targe, COOL, WELL ventilated CHAMBHB* j elegantly lurnished, on the second floor, to let lor the Summer to gentlemen only, 1)5 Eighth street, near B roadway. VICIM PI BHISUBD BOOM ON PABLOB FLOOR IN to one ?r two responsible aentletnen ; neighborhood good, family private ; terms, $JU per uioult). 3>>3 West i Thirtieth stiect K Ej

(o FURSMKED ROOM* il?f0APAHTIIIEMTi _ _ TO LET. Nicely furnished pront room, ok second floor, to let? WUh water and bathi oom, in a respect able French family; rent nuxlcrate. Inquire at 60 west Thirtjr-tlr rd street, near Broadway. Ring twice. rno LET? A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT BOOM X ami Bedroom, admitting. ou secoud floor ol House t>i East Twruty flrst stieet; private family. Terms moder ate TO LET-NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS, KN HtTITB or sinaly ; hot snrt cold water, with privilege of bath. 107 Went twelfth stresrt, corner fcixth avenue. Tl) LET-BY AN AMERICAN PA M ft.Y, FRONT PAR lor and Bedroom, furnished, tlrst tloor, for lodging. 265 Sixth avenue, near Seventeenth stree*. Reference TWO VERY NICELY FURNISHED BOOMS Oil KEO ond floor, with can, bath, Ac., $7 per week, light housekeeping It required; good neighborhood ; cteau house ; aiso other Koouis. 114 Seventh avi-aue. 4NK1I.SON PLACE, BETWEEN WAVERLEV AND Clinton place* ?To lei, furnished ltoouui? lor li^hl houseaeeping, on moderate terms Aril THIRTIETH STREET. -A PAR LOB FLOOR let. In a ;>hy?u i?n. haiifl-oinelv furnished. 9 EAST NINTH STREET, IIBTWBKN UNIVERSITY place and Fifth avenue,? Double Rooms, for families and gentlemen, ou upper Uoor, alao liali Room, $4 to $8; tahle board, $4 OQT1I STREET, 105 WEST.? FURNISHED ROOMS TO JjO let, en suite or singly , hatlr connecting ; ample closet room ; would let lor light housckccpin; ; rctcreuce "required. cn bank street.? a lady, havino more i'r> room than she require*, will let a large, hand somely lurnl: hed Room toons or two gemleiucn, with out board preferred 1H9 WEST FIFTIETH STKEET A 1 1 A N DSOME I, Y lit -J furnished l'arlor Floor, with the use of a piano and the privilege of the kltcheu, other Rooms if desired; alao u doctor's Oltlce. 1 HQ r'Asr TWENTY EIGHTH street. -hand _Mr?7 soinely lurtiishcd Rooma. en suite or singly; private batusand ample closet room; house large mid cool; family small; Offices, lor doctor or dentist; low Summer prices. I /t ,1 WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET.? NICELY 1?> r lurnished Rooms, with Hoard, for luau and wile; board for lady nlv. Call all the week. 9(17 BAST EOKTY-SI XTII STUI.PT. -FURNISHED Jj\l I Rooms in the lour story brown stone, with all improvements, to single gentlemen, or gentlemen and wives, at reasouab o rules, s required. VKFUEHI8HBO ROOMS AND APART M ENTB TO IiBT> 4 PRETTY 1'IT OF ROOMS -PRIVATE HOUSE l*? J\. Rust I'J'M street, near Mount Morris square, doini ble lor a small family ; rent nominal to pleasant party. Apply as above. A SECOND FLOOR TO LE r? AT IM WEST TENTH street, .s.'x 'looms on the saine floor ; front and hack parlor, two bedrooms, tliuiugrooni and kitchen, rent $411 per month. A? TO LET, WITHIN ONE BLOCK OF FIFTH AVE ? nue an t below the l'aife, one of the handsomest French Flats in the city, of nine large Rooms, all lighted, and one ol eight rooms; janitor and elevator. Office, 'JW Sixth avenue. E1INE FRENCH FLAT TO LET C11HAP ?ALE IM provenicnts, on second floor, to a small family, 443 West Thiriv-tiith street; ring second bell (east side) for HOUSEKEEPER. Rent $2(1. Handsome floor-? by <11 feet, containing all mi derti improvements, linth, water closet, Baa, Ac., In premises No. sis Third avenue, between Thlriy lourlh and Thiriy.dltn streets. Inquire ou premises. rno LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS, A A Floor, arranged lor housekeeping, In a private house, on West Twenty-third Htrnct : rent $35. Apply to K. HARPER, No. 115 West Twenty-fourth slrnet. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE UPPER PART of a private house, with all modern improvements. In an unexceptionable neighborhood. Inquire on premised, 15U East Seventieth street, near Lexington avenue. mo LET? A FRENCH FLAT, ON FIRST FLOOR, IN i new brown stone house B68 Lexington avenue, near street. Apply to A. II. NONES, 2ti West Forty third street or at ts0 Broadw ay. 110 LET-GENTEEL APARTMENTS, SOME VERY nice Second Floors and Lower I'art, very centrally located; also a small Cottage, 70 West Fllty-lltlh street, between Filth and Sixth avenues; splendid locution. Apply at office l.'lll East Twelfth street. mo RENT? THE FIRST FLOOR AND REAR BASE J merit kitchen, on Broadway, near Thirty-second street; four rooms, besides basement kitchen, wlthlrange, hot and cold water, water closet, gas fixtures, chande liers, Ac . all in splendid order. Apply to A. C. LOOM1S, 1254 Broadway. 2D FLOOR OF COTTAGE HOUSE NO. 4 WEST SIX lieth street to let? Within a hall block of Ceutral Park ; gus and water ; rent *25. mWEST HOUSTON STREET? TO RENT, A largo Parlor Floor, for private family or business purposes; reut $40 per month. 1 no EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR FOURTH I ? J avenue.? A liundsomely arranged Floor of about in rooms; cau be divided for two taiuilies. Apply in the store. PI AlfOFOHTOH, ORGANS, ?fcC. A SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. $100. ? We are retailing the best finished and richcst toned 1'iunolortcs m.inut.u '? tired at $22& cash. CO-OPERATIVE PI A NO MAKERS, No. 9 Great Jones street, near Broadway. A SPLENDID 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO FOR i\. sale cheap? Warranted I est city make ; carved leg*, tnoiildlnga; also Parlor Organ. Inquire at 22U East 28th street, near linrd avenue. 4 FOUR ROUND ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, COST ux. order $1,'/0U lor $'KW{ maker's guarantee and hill ol salf Iransterred to purchaser; one grand square, $2i;f. Call private residence 210 West 2i?t st. All the pianos at our old warerooms, ?w Broadway, are o He red at less than cost this week. Removing to 1,291 Broadway, corner Thirty-lifth street. LYNCH k GOMIEN. 4 SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY TO BUY MAGNIH J\ cent rose wood 7'4 oc'n vc, lour round corners, carved Pianoforte, used H mouths, cost $l.nt?, lor SSnti; Stool, Cover, Ac. Private residence 1JU West Twenty-third sU 4 SUPERB ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR SALE? J\ Made order, city maker, l till y guaranteed, used 5 months. coj.t $1.IW. lor $i75; box lor shliiplng, stool, cover; Parlor. Clumber, Dining Furniture; a sacrifice; I ropcrty lumily leaving city. West 15th st.. near Stn av. BABGAIN. -PIANO, GOOD OBDER, $40; A 7 octave, carved legs, overstrung, patent agraffe, A every in CABLE, lu7 West Twenty-third street, corner Sixth av. 4 MAGNIFICENT SQUARE GRAND 7V-OCTAVE j\. Pianoforte, brilliant tone, nearly new, co-t $'J50, tor $ >*); Stool, Cover. Catiiuct. cost $1U0; has box lor ship ping; Parlor Suits, Mirrors, Curtains, Cornets, Paintings Bronzes, Chamber f-iiits. Bullet, Extension Tahle, Silver Ware; a sa< ritlee. 104 East Twenty -tilth -trect, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. Cut thlsout. 4 BEAUTIFUL PIANO-ONLY $10J; A STEINWAY j'V 7 ' s octave Pianoforte, richly carved legs, overstrung hass, every improvement ; cheap lor cash. J. RIDDLE, 1.1 Waverley placi', near Broadway. ? LADY WILL SELL FOB $125 A ROSEWOOD j\ Pianoforte, including Cover and Stool; lull iron traine. in perfect order '.modern improvements; cost$45u. ?J* Third street, near ltowerv. / 1 REAT INDUCEMENTS IN SECONDHAND PIANOS, " 'I of our own and various other makers, for cash or on easv monthly payments. Superior Upright Pianos to rent. AUlON PIANOFORTE COMPANY. No. 5 Fourteenth streot. M AONIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PI ANO torte, having carved legs and latest Improvements; tine tone; tully guaranteed; only $115; greatest bargain for cash ; please examine. JAMES CORDON, 157 Bleecker street. FAN OS, SECOND HAND, OK VARIOUS MAKERS, in thorough order, for sale, at low prices; also Pianos to rent ami on instalments, by CIHt KKRING .t SONS, 11 East Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Filth avenue. *DIANOS (BEAUTIFUL WEBER INCLUDED). CHEAP .L a? the cheapest, good n> the liest, tor rent or sale, rent allowed purchn-er, at MEURELL'S, No. 8 Union M|iiarc. K5 Fourth avenue. I)IAN(iS AND ORGANS.? OREAT B\BOAINS;NEW and most beau'itnl styles and perfect tones ever ma le, and by best makers, at lower prices for cash, or mi nthlv instalments, or for rent, during this month, at WATERS', 4fl Broadway, than can he found elsewhere INSTRUCTION* _ VT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 20 FOCRTn AVENUE opposite cooper Iu?titu;e ? Boottiteepltur. Writing Arithmetic and LtngSage*. Day and evening. Ladies' department? Telegraphy uiught practically; demand for operators. No vacation. ! ,.? VT PA INK'S COLLEGE, ttl BOWERY AND I. ?13 Broad wnv, corner Thirty-third street? Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic, Spelling, $.> i ach; 24 Writing I^s soti-, $2 50, ladtcs' department, day and evening, all inmmcr. A LADY AND HER DAUGHTER, LIVING IN THEIR own house in the country, won Id like to take two little Btrls between the ages id Band 12; tuition, insinua tion on the piano, hoard and plain washing; price J?>o tor each child the scholastic year ; the best reference given and required. Address TUITION, box 162 Herald Uptown Branch office. / CONVERSATIONAL MORNING P ROM E N A DI'.S WITH " ) a proiessur oi French and German, to learn Prone b and German thoroughly and fluently by conversation. Address box 121 Uptown Branch oflh-e. r ANTED- A GENTLEMAN OF LEISURE AS AN . i instruetor to a lady in elocu'lon and to aceouipany her In her travels. Address LUCY. Herald office. AHTROiiOVY. \? MRS. SARAH KELLRY, THE GREAT ASTRO Lo . gist; Names, Lucky Numbers, speedy Marriages, and Spirit Likenesses. 89 Hudson street, corner llarritou. k TEST-MRS. VAN st E. BUSINESS AND MBDI ' iv cal Clairvoyant, Snirltuallst, tells name, dav of mar ; riage, brings together inosc long separated, gives positive I niloriiiation on all affairs ol lile. No satistuction no pay. C2I second avenue, ci rner Thirtv-tourth street. A TTENTION:? CONSULTATIONS ON BE .si NESS, LAW | J\ ?uits, enemies, puses, nhscnt friends, I,. ve, marriage, ! atcknesa and death. Pay retused nines.- satisfied. Mum. sINGill, Clairvoyant, tel Sixth avenue. I A STOII.VDINO, ORIGINAL MME. BYUON, TI1B ' J\ greatest living Medical and B'istness Spiritualist. Consult heron everything. 311 Fourth avenue. i EUROPEAN CLAIRVOYANT? TELLS NAMES; SHuWS P i likenesses; causes marriages; lees 30 cents and $1. 112 WestTwenty-fllth street, Mrs. floranuk, celebrated clairvoyant and Test Medium, tells past, present and future | prospects, Ae. ; $| and $2. 450 Sixth avenue MISS WELLINGTON TELLS EVERYTHING- ItRINiiS the sepaj iti l together ; gives luekv numbers Re.i | deuce 41 baat l wcuty eighth streuL(u?ar t'jurtta aveuue. w IWPtlKWEWTI. B()1 >TH'S THEATRE. NEILsOR I win Bout b Proprietor anil Manager LAST WEEK k ND F A KKWI l.l, PER EoR MANGES OK MISS NEIL80N LAST WKKK OF '1 1 1 K SEASON AMD LAST WKKK OK MR KDWIfi BOOTH'S MANAGEMENT Mr Rooth X 'tpacttulljr announces ibe pic.->cui as the Last WEEK & ' the engagement of MISS NK1LSON. nrmirv'-" her departure lor Enrone, ?imi tsL'8 (Thursday) as . The LAST TIMK of * AMY KOBSAKT. On FRIDAY*. SATURDAY EVBNIXOS k\ i* NEILSON (In eorapliattft. iwltj','?*"/ requests), m ^ UNAiUINn, Ui SkitkspeawA exquisite Comedy of As YQV lT Mr. FRAVK ROCHE (his lirt ( appearance at this theatre), UK OiUL A.N1H ?. LAST NKIf.S'AN MATINEE On SATURDAY ."k EXT, at I Ml RPRCTAI~-On Urn occaslen V Miss NWUON'S FARE WBLL PERFORMANCE, OB' *<ATURDAV EVENING, J uue lii MR. flOTHl'VN has most kindly-tendered Ms jpfyxces, and will appear in Iiim celebrated character of HU'JV'l DK BRASS, iu tliu laughable Vance .if A REGULAR FIX. assisted by Miss I.diUi Chailis, Mr v* .Davidge and Mi. is Nellie Mortimer seats may l>e secured fur these ilor'iirv' rights of Miss NEILSON at tlio theatre, >>r *t Dilssn .A ivj.S music store, 711 Broadway WALLACE'S. EVERY WIGHT I ? EVERY NlUttTl THR OKF.AT SEXSA'tTONAL .KLAtf'BY DION BOUC7CAOLT. Miih Katherine Rowers, Mr ABrTt.?n,.Mns MORA; Mile Geriuou, Mr. Ityadlcy, l*vick, Alms or, Mary Wells, Mr Whaplock. Mr. Ojillitlia, Mr THE Fawcetl (both by permission ?f ?lr. Pa<v), GOLDEN Mr Parsloe, Mr Pope, Mr Mili^Mr. A. Hi ok, I' UTTERS. Misses- Ulaisdell, Hell. Haw and Bcj I roughs. SCENRRY EXCHANGE PLAOB. A BOUDOIR. KIKTn AVV.NUR. A MUSICAL MATINEE ON MURRAY ULLL. LEXINGTON AVENUE. YOKK vILLE. BROAD STREHT (by Nlrht) THE LAVA BEDS in EXCHANGE PLACE. TUB TOMBS. 1'UE BRIDGE OK SIGHS TIIK SPRCT A L SESSION OLD rCR HOUSE UN DBR A COXCKKT HAI.03N. CORNER OK WALL AND BROAD .STREETS. THE "NEW IDEA." "MORA" MATINEE, SATURDAY, JPMB U ( \LYMPIC THEATRE, <34 BROADWAY. 9U QRAND INAUGURAL SUMMER SEASON. Engagement of those .harming COLEMAN SIBTBRH, 001. KM AN SISTERS, who will appear EVERY EVENING, until further notice, in Wm.Versh trig's Emotional Drams of DRIVEN I'ROM HOME SUPPORTED BY A POLL DRAM A'l'fc COMPANY, and introducing their grand specialties, SONUS, DUETS, SOLOS, DANCES, AC? forming a mo, I complete UNIQUE AND NOVEL ENTERTAINMENT. family matinees WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT 8 P. M. AT i P. M. EVENING PEUFO RU A NOES COMMENCE AT 8. COM ME NOP. AT S. XTIBLO'S GARDEN. UNTIRB CHANQB. 1> MAFFIIT AND BARTHOLEMEW IN COMEDY. LULU. The Sensation Gymnast, LULU. UUAND MUSICAL AND TlCltPstf HOREAN OLIO. SMITH VS. BROW N. MAFFITT, BARTHOLEMEW. Mile. LEONTINB, KATY MA YII EW MINNIE DOYLE iu tLe cast. THE ST FELIX TROUPE Stg WILLIO. THE TWIN SISTER* FRENCH A. W. MAFKL1N. LULU IN IIEK WONDERFUL AERIAL FLIGHT. Terminating with the funniest of ail Pantomimes, ROBERT MAC AIRE. MAFKITT and BARTIIOLEMEW in their Great Roles. MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT 2 O'CLOCK MONDAY EVENING. JUNE Ifl-Fint appearance at this theatre r.f the celebrated German Dialect Comedian, OOFTY GOOFT, in an entirely new Comedy Drama written expressly tor him l>v Edward Spencer", E-.ii., of Baltimore, entitled Koomer. ,'OOD'S MUSEUM. KRANK MAYO. SECOND WEEK OF FRANK MAYO. w EVENING AT H. LAST NIGHTS OF Mr. KRANK MAYO, in Muruock's new and beautilul Idyl of the backwoods, called DAVY CROCKETT. AFTERNOON AT t LAST TIME OF Mr. E. EDDY, in the nautical Drama of the OCEAN OK LIKE, OCEAN OK I.IK K, cast to entire company. rrtHEATKE COMlyUE, 614 BROADWAY. THE GREAT JOE Mf'RPHY, THE GREAT JOE MI'RPHY, in his t aui ous Protean Drama, HELP, HELP, PLAYING NINE DIFFERENT CHARACTERS, WITH SONGS, DANCES, INSTRUMENTAL SOLOS, At!. THE MOST VERSATILE ARTIST OK THE AGE. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT 2>?. Look out for MINNIE l-OSTER'S MADCAP. ALSO ENGAGED, THE NEW YORK FAVORITE, Mr JOHNNY ALLEN. r.QC ATHENEUM THEATRE, ? ?<><? Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Manager It. W. BUTLER A BRILLIANT SUMMER SEASON. THURSDAY, FRIDAY AM) SATURDAY AFTERNOON AND EVENING, Isst performances of the charming Burlesque Company. WORRELL SISTERS, SOPHIE AND IRKNEj Miss Jennie Kemhle, MIsh Minnie Jackson, Miss ilclene Smith, Miss Ma Ros>. S. Holdswortli. George Atkins. George H. Coos, Ac., will appear In a new and original Burlesque, written bv Mr. K. Montague, entitled APOLLO A\I) JUNO IN NEW YORK. The irrent ZANFRKTTA TROUPE ot Pantomimista, eiulit in number. ADD RYMAN, LUKE SCHOOLCRAFT, Mr. WEST, J. LAND, ill tneir slile -splitting acts. ? IIA?i. AND CARRIE A 1 ST IN. Doors open at 7. Curtain rises at < ight o'clock. CARD.? The Management takes pleasure to announce that they have secured the BOSTON THEATRE lor the SUMMER SKA-iON. AND WILL OPEN ON JUNE r? CiENTRAL l'ARK GARDEN? THBO. TlloMAS. ) THEODORE THOMAS' UNRIVALLED SI MMER NIGHTS' CONCERTS. THIS (THURSDAY) EVENING. JUNE 12, AT 8, GRAND EXTRA CONCERT, 1. Overture. "Lconore," No. 1 Beethoven 2. Polonaise, "Strtietisce" Meyerbeer 3. Nocturne, oo. 2H (new) Bulow 4. Rhapsodle Holigroise. No. 2 Li*/.t Symphony, op. 7 (new Julius Zi ttuer 5. I. AIIolm-o. ?; II. Andante. 7. III. Scherzo. 8. IV. Finale. ?. Overture, "Tannhnoiiser" Wagner IU. Reverie Vieuxtemps 11. Waltz, "Village Swallows'' Strauss 12. Polonaise, "Mignon,' A. Thomas Adml-sion 76c. Package tlckeU not admitted Thursday cveulnga. Terrace garden theatre, Kitty eiirhth street, between Lr xlneton and Third avg. FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE 13, At 8 O'CLOCK, Mine. LOUISE LICHTM AY. as ViL-MA ill LKICIITE CAVALLKKIE. To begin with DER PKLKGMAT1KUS. Admission V)r. Reserved seats 2Jc. eilra. Boxes $1 5) extra. Pai imges (12 ticket*) $4. moNY PASTOR'S OF BRA HOCSB, SOI BOWBBY. 1 THE GREAT VARIETY TROUPE TO-NIGHT. DIt K RALPH IN SONG AND DANCE. IIARRY SHELDON IN JUGGLING AND BALANCING. ROBERT BUTLER'S PANTOMIME TROUPE. MISS ION A LANG, MISS VICTORIA REYNOLDS. BILLY PASTOR IN SOME NEW SONGS. THE TALENTED GUY BROTHERS IN NEW ACT*. THE GREATEST AND BEST TROl'i'K IN NEW YORK. Matinees Tuesday ami Saturday. riARD.-PIANO, ORGAN, GUITAR, SINGING, HARP, Harmony; private lessons only. 92 Clinton place. (EK'hth street). "Almez-voiis In Mii?inne" given away. Read ami profit by it. Circulars mailed. (TARD.? THE GREAT LYDIA THOMPSON BUR. J IcMjue Troupe, consisting of Harry Beckett, l.doulu, Ell/a Weatheisbv, llettv Tracy, I'atti Josephs, Alice Arherton, Tilly Earl, Wm. Witlier? and others are now at Fox's American Theatre, Philadelphia, ami close June 14. QTAGB DANCING -LADIES INSTRUCTED FOB TDK i ' hall< t and for premiere dancers. ANGELA SKKToN, i 3d Fourth avenue, opposite Cooper In'titute. IjOAN OFFICES, a T 77 BLKECKBR STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, UP /V stairs.? Highest cash advances on Diamonds, Watches, .Jewelry, Pianos, Ac , or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tickets bought, at 77 Bleeeker street. ? T WOLF BROTHERS', xy. BROADWAY, BETWEEN Nineteenth and Twentieth streets ?Money loaned on Watdie-, Diamonds. Jewelry, silverware, Silks, ami i particularly Pianos. Private parlor tor ladles. Business strictly confidential. if IIYVANS 710 BROADWAY-I.IBERAL AD iv ranees made on Diamonds and Watches. Silver war*, Ac., or will pay the highest market price tor tlin same. American office^ established ism. -money loaned on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, silverware, India Shawls, I .act s, Vnluables, Ac ; any amount or will ' buy, highest \aiue paid. J. II. BAHRINGER, 735 Hr? a.lwav , opposite Aster place. \r JACKSON'S, .Si 16 BROADWAY. OPPOSITE ELEV. . enih stieet. ? Money liberally advanced on Dia- | moiids, Watcbe?. Jewelry, Silks. Dry Go. sis and Personal [ Property oi e?ery deacripiiou. Pnvale entrance lor J I A r %: thirteenth str::f,t, near broadway.- I I pav the Inghest price tor Diamonds, Watches, Jew- | 1 elrv, Ac. ' Advam r .>n the ?ame. ISAAi s. | Diamond Bro*?r. i7 rhirteenth street, near Broadway. Money loaned on diamonds, watches, jew. , eirv and Silverware, and the same bought. GEOJ j ? . ALLEN. Jeweller, nil Broadway, near KourWcnUi it i 'Hi NASSAU STREET, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE. - ? ??' Liberal advances msde on Diamonds, Watchari, ! Jewelrv and all kinds ot Merchandise. The same bought and sold. RtMMt I. H ATM AN LEOl'ol.l* | /i'i SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY-FOURTII *1 \ ??> and Twenty-tilth slreeta.? Liberal advances made on Diamond*. Waiche*, Jo<yflry. Silks, l^ccs and >?iawls. | Same bought at full value. L BERNARD. /i(i- BROADWAY, CORNER AMITY STREET. ? l)i i,) Money lit?rrallv advanced on Diamonds, W?t< he?, Jewelry and Personal Property of nil desc rip tions; the same biuught and sobl. If. gKIGEBMAN, formerly M. Rosenberg. (ll'l BROA'/lWAY, OLDEST ESTABLISH P.D AND ? / I ?> most reliable oftlce. ? Money advanced on Ilia moods, Wati ;bes. Jewelry , Lacos, Ac.; samo bought at iu i \alue. A. c HKBTfk I 4>f?7 BROADWAY, OVER HERALD BRANCH lasa'VI ofllce, riHiiu B.? Parlor for ladies. Brsnch I. A!/ Broadway Money loaned on D^not'ds. Watrti I^J?/slrv, Ac. oatuu bou^Ut and iv-U. LIN DO UlilM. *misr::nr<'vr*. Academy of music. n? DAY. Tinman vV, .mine is i-m, ORAND CHARITY MA + INKB, ?nder the direction 01 Mr Auguatiu Daly ill Hill of rriK FOtlNHLINO ASYLUM la charge ol tiie Slaters ol Charity. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Jbe dwrs will open ,-t lull' osst eleven o'clock Th? curtain will ri?e hi (he tlrsl piece al Lull past twelve pre cisely. r No s?ats will be retained alter the first piece. All holders of coup mi seat* are r. ? ? (i i.* 'led lobe in their place* by that time. A sprrnl lour will i>e opened on Kourtccnth street lor the acoonilil.wl ttion holders 0/ lionet u.t lUobo wboma* havopuihascil seats |R u'rau>:e N# others will bo admitted a: thin pedal entrance !,Rnr [Jn'j ^ JJf^*R**n?aln unsold, and these may bo had at the box office of Ch, Academy ul Music from H o'clock this morning. PROGRAMME Tho performances will lie;:lri with mttsle hv the itiu Cli.'.S 1 1; A of thv Union .souure Theatre, uuilcr Hr. Ii tissinoton At xik o'clock? Misa A ONUS ETHEL in the fonrth an ni At'Ni-.S, with All D II. HABK1NS. Ml. OIIOUOK I'A KICKS, Mr. E. LAMB. Ml?i JOSEPHINE LA.I1 r ENS. At I o'clock? Selections by orclie.strn of Oi .ukI Op-ra> Opens llonsp, ander Mr. A PRKDIIIRAM At t>4 o'clock? Mr. CHARLES PECHTER in thff second act ol HAMLKT. Willi Mrs. K i. DAVKVI'ORT, Cll Aitl.KS WltHATLKr?ll, O II UKirPfTIlM, M I I.N Kb LKVICK, U. T. KINOtJOLD. At IV I'clock? The orchestra ofWallack's Theatre, '>n>fer Wr. THOMAS HAKHR, Attoc'ock-Mm NEILSON In fourth .letnf AS Yon L?K IT. with I?r |i. If KAREINH, Mis* MAIW CAKY.Mr. Lr K. DRV BEE, J. ii. i'BASUS, 1. (.11 Ai" MA If At 2t< o'elwik? ' The NINTH ItROTllWfT BAND In military muter Ma ar IHlWNIHll. At 2% o'elcwtk? Mr K A SO'l'!l KKN III' Iris famous special tv, A REMULAK FIX, wi Ul >lns NINA VARIAN, Mr W DA VilHlE. Mow NFI.1.IK MOKTlMttlt At Sta o'cloet"? Overture l>v nrclustraM Kutli Avenue riie?ure. under Air 11 WlOWOKTS. ,At Ji, iVloek? Third eel ol MAfM I.EII* MOKV.L. with Miss CLARA M<?RRI<* V\NSY DAVP.NPOKT. I- AN N Y MOHAN 'I SAH?A JEWETT. Mr. uKOBOIt CLARKE. .IAMBS LI'VlM CIIAlCbKS J1SI1KB. LOIMSJABBS IIBNBY C/tlSI", 11O0ERTA NOK WilOD. At'tV o'clock? M- il r, f >X in -ncH from bin famou* apecialtv I. IltlMR'^Y HVWITY, wtlh Ml oiiririi (lantoiiiiinn troupe >m1 HTBKIIINUKIt'a Olyuipio Ore hem ra At Dio'clock ? KltYA-NT'S JMNSTM6.TJ, led i.f Mr OA N UllYANT. Wilt lilillt I his i: N "Ml A l.I,?.l,i.U ttlf TKRTAINMKNT to a P.KI l.I.lAi.T CI.' .ST, T'VRITY TVOTV ! OITAI? ATlTrflT in abc-vo Ndl'AH j: PKiiiiramIH:' lia'i in mukimM anil iiidMt liberal mni nijr vobiiileerc.rl Tim in laiiKera of WslUck's Theatre, t ' i S?n N.|U?i? Th*:itw-, )lvm>ic Thi-K trc, cranct Opora Houav-aiiil Huh Av?uue Tliua:*o havo till lent tlx ir bem aid. ______ / \ UANI) Dl'I KA HOtlHK. (MKMim AT 8J *JT Sole Unwu and Iili'd'ufer . Mr. bUOUiiTlh OAl>l KAURVi'KLli WUKK ol Mr. Cll A R 1.1 ..-i I VtiHTRIt. r.AST WKBK Ol' THK SKASOW. no v iu,AS. N7lfJl Mr. IfEOHTR It VS ll'IY III, Art, THBKK NKHITS in il ONK MAT IN KB OM.Y: HATH WAY, June li, al hall luvgt oiw o'c.lpeli, l.'.sr M ATfNKB ol Mr Ifechter unt of the season. SATURDAY RVKNINO. .lull - 14, Laat Appoaiunie ol' Mr. K'-chtor UMciona ii the '.ma rTH AVKNlir. 1'HBATRK. OURTAIN BUM AT B. t) Carriage* may b? ordered t'ir quarter to It. Mr. AIIcC'mTi N DAi.Y Ias.-wiim and MHnaffttr. I.A.ST. WKBK BUT TWO OK TIIK SI'. A. SON. MVIUtY NUiitT, al H, the thrill um Herman nenaation, MA1)B. 1.I5IN MOKBL. t'haracter* lif all (ho laiuoua Kiltlv Avenna ompany Mi?* Clara Mgrri^ LAST N If! HUH OK MADKLRIN MOttKL Fanny Oavonport Kanny M?. rant, Mrs. Cnhrrt, Sar.* .fewet^ Nellie Mortimer, Nina Varlau, Roberta Norwood i Mr. Oliarlei I'idier, Oeorice Cbirke, laumt , l.ewls, r.ouln James, Henry Orlitfc | W l. I.euioytte, K I'lerce. LAST MATINBB BUT T?n OP MADELEIN MOREL, SATllUOAr, at :i!*ir paat L MONOAT,- June 16, Beni^i7~t Miss KANNY MORANT WKDNKSKAY, June 1H( benefit of Mr JAMl-.S LKWI* TJNION SQUARE THEATBK Mauati I'roorletor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOO ?A B Rciriiift at 8. Saturday Matinee at I tit. LAST WKBK OK THE SEASON LAST WE11K OK MISS ACNES ETHEL ANU OK KERNANDB. FBIDAY RNENINO, June IS, benefit of MISS JENNIE LEE. Robertson's play ot CASTK, by permliaion of Mr. Lestw Wallack, with J II. STODDART in the part ot Eoeles. SATI BOAY AFTERNOON, June 14. laat Matinee ,.l FEIfc NANDB. Saturday eycninc, June 14, Banetlt of Mr. EDWARD LAMB? EVERYBODY'S K it I E N D and TOODLR8. Monday evening, Juno 16, last night ot the nciiaon, and Benetltof Mr E. 11 0(JUtlE, Treasurer. Miss Agnes Ethel In the irreat l'arl-ian comfiily, 1'RR N AN UK. Wednesday evening, June 18, couimeaeeiMoS of the Summer Sraaon and ciitfagcmcnt, tor a abort period, of the charming actress, MISS CHARLOTTE THOMPSON, w ho will appear in her wonderful impersonation. JANS BYRE. Seat* lor these pwftaMMM may now lie secured. OWBRY THEATRE, WILLIAM 11. K RELIC II MatMgOf THURSDAY, June 12, H7J. Immense .success of the new Drama. THE DEVIL'S CBAtl. Preceded by tliu lamous comedietra of PERFECTION. FRTIIAY. BENEFIT '>F Mr JAMES J BARTLETT. MONDAY, a new Drama, by J. W. SNBATH, entitled UANNIA. FRIDAY, June .1), ANNUAL BENEFIT OF JOHN J. JONES. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE. TW h.NTY THIRD STREET, between Sixth and Seventh a venae a. near Booth's "biTy ANT'S MIN8TKRLS. I THE MrtDOCS. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. THE UVF. INOIN. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. POM KEY'S BLUNDERS. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. I I.UCCA, PRIMA DONNA. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. Daniel in the Bryant's DeOt BRYANTS MINSTRELS. | Clod oc be- THE MODOCS. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. I The Strollism I'laver*. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. lUUtli nlKht, HAMLET. BRYANT'S MlNSTItF.I.S | THE MODOOR MATINEE SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 1871, BENEFIT OK HARBY STAN WOOD and JOHN S1VOBL IMMENSE ATTRACTIONS. G 1 RAND OPEN AIR MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC FES. TIVAL, AT SULT7.ER S EAST RIVER PARK, Eigbty lourth street and Ea-st RiTer, on the ai lei noon and evening of PRIDAY, June IS. The~iamoua RUSSIAN QUARTET ot French Horn Blower*. The wonderful Oymua.sts, th? WILSON B BOTHERS. MR. AND MIS.S FISKE iu ? COMIC OPERETTA. THE NINTH REOIMENT BAND. Major Downing, leader, will turuish muo.t for dancing. Adtplttanee to all the performance, "WcenM. lii.ats leme pier .'4 (Peck slip) at J JO, i M and C JO P. M.. faudiutf al Eighty-fourth street. VMKRICAN INSTITUTE HALL. EVERY EVENfWBL lillBD AVh Nl'E AM) SIXTY-THIRD STREET. UNl'RECEDE.N I'ED Sl'l CESS. EBEN'S POI'UI, \R SI MMER NIOHIS' CONCERTS. PROCRAMME K4?R THIS (THURSDAY), JUNE II. 1 March. "Turner" Deifh? ?. overture, "Huftuenots" Mevertieer 3. Waltz. "One Thousand and one Night*' Straus* 4. Selection, "Hallo in Xaaehcra" Verdi ?. oyerturr, "Merrv Wiveitot Windsor" Nicolat (i. Honk' Without Words McndoUsoiin 7. Polka, ?'liltmarck" . Neibbf H. Potpourri, Urnnde Duchesse" Ollenhacli <j Overture. "Will o' the Wisp" ? supps In Mazurka. "Town and Country" straiiaM 11. Aria. "Martha" Kioto 12. IJalop, "I.adles" PurlosT CRASH OIH IIKSTRA OF HKTY PEBFORMEKS. MR. FELIX I E H K N ClINDUCTOB ADMISSION TWENTY-UVE TENTS. N-f.w york museum <ik anatomy. ?is broad wav, between Houston and Blew kcr street*. ? Kviry one should visit the wouderlul Museum; it is lull of every thinif peolils should see and iiniler^tand. Lectures dally on "TTie rf'ilosouh v ol Marriaue Tliose parties unahl* to attend the*- Important lecture* can have tlwni tor warded, post- 1 ree. on receipt of & centa, bv addresainc SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSEVM OK ANATOMY, 6li Broadway, New York. MR J H. STODDART, ,n taklni; his leave of New York, begs rMBectfully to anno'ince a farewell b-ia tlt. winch, through tli^ eoor te?y ot Messrs. Shook * I'alnier, will take at llii ( NlOJf SQUARE f UK A IKE. on thj exiling ot TUESDAY, Jun* M FrritoPoi.n an museum ok art. . Temporary building l.'n West rour'eentlvstreet. theDI i'Ksnoi.s ' ih.LE'.Tions, trout Cyiirus. an<t the l.tiAN i'oLLE>'T1UNS ol WORKS OK ART are open Ui 1'iihli. daily, tr >m 10 .V M. until 6 P. Jt? Admission 50 .'ems New ami importai.t add tiont bavo been made to th? 1.< aii CoIietiUons. Balloon ascension? on Saturday, junk i?. KlH, ?t Jones Wood Park, the 'jii.'antac iuail post tailooli Wanhlnv't ?n. I roji Hie siege ol Pans, will a tee ml, directed ?y M Ii. HARB1EK. professor at the \?r<islatt? School Mi llie ar-Mtaut Mulors in I'aria. AUtn.asiou. So. Ue-ervtd St ats, 7.V. ?^rEtVVPOH'^AN THEATRICAL and snowlHtiNrisu 4 ESTABLISHMENT, | m: it alp's ii ld i ncv | BROADWAY AND ANN STHEKt ? A LARUE ASSORTMENT OF TUHUTRICAU P MINSTREL AND VarIeTy CUTS CONSTANTUP ON HAND, Ml Hit VI^ / Hill) ? MISS WATSON I.I ? I.s PRIVATE HOlM I I.cssons at 93 Clinton place i, Eighth street), Jay JIN evening. Ptano, Orgun, Either. Hitiglnc* menu lurnUh^il for practice.. Circular* maileu. ff YOU HAVE N(Vf READ vlMK/,V()irs I.A I Monliiiie,*' lo 40 j?t <aiico Oivi%n *wav al w Araon | uuuaiw rgguij. W ^Ur^iou.uIac?a vr by

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