Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 15, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 15, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,447. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 1873?QUADRUPLE SHEET. PRICE FIVE CEMTS. OiUfccro&Y foe idvehtisuis. AMUSEMENTS?Fourth Pauk?Fourth, filth and tixth columns. ASTROLOUY ?Skcohd Page?Sixth column. BILLIARDS?Fourth Pack?Fourth column. BOA.KDEKS WANTED?Fifteenth Pace?First, second, third and lourlh columns and SiiTtuiu Pack? First column. BOARD AMU LODGING WANTED?FirTKKNTH Pag*? Fourth coluinu, and Sixteenth Pack?First column. BROOKLYN BOARD? Fiftk<ckth Pauk?Fourth column. BROOKLYN BEAL ESTATE FOB SALE?Fourteenth Pack?First and second columns. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Fourth PAca-Flrrt and second columns "*? ? ?? ?? BUSINESS NOTTCJ-j^?Ninth Pace?Fifth and sixth col ??r nuin? - ? C1QARS AND TOBACCO?Thirteen? Page?Sixth col umn. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR S A LK?Fourteenth Pack? First column. CLERKS ANO SALESMEN-Tuird PACK-Fourth col umn. CLOTHING?Tnnto Pack?Fifth column. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS?Third Pack?Fourth and fifth columns. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?.Second Pack?Fifth col umn. COPARTNERSHIPS?Eleven? Pack?Fourtli column. COUNTRY BOARD?Fifteenth Pack?Fourth, fifth and sixth columns, and Sixteenth Pack? Hrst column. DAJfCINO AC A Ul-.Ml KS?Kooitru Pack? Fifth column. DENTISTRY?Fourteenth Pace?Mixth column. DRY GOODS?Fiust Pack?Sccond, third, fourth, fifth and sixth coliiuius, and feEcoMD Pac?? tirst and aecond columns, DWELLING IIOUS iS TO LET, FURNISHED AND unfurnished?Sixtkkntii Pack?Third column. EUROPEAN S'lEAMSil IPS?Second Pack?Fourth and fifth columns. KUBOPE?Fourth Pack?Fourth column. EXCHANGE?Fourth Pack?Third column. EYES AND EARS?Third Pack?Filth column. EXPRESSES?Thirteenth Pack?Second column. EXCURSIONS?Skconu Pack?Sixth column. . FACTORY I ROl'ERTY?Fouutkkntu Pack?Sccond col umn. FINANCIAL?Eleventh Pack?Third and fourth col umns. FINE Altl'3?Thirteenth Page?Second column. FOR SALK?Four? Pack?Sccond and third columns. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Sixteenth Pack?Fourth and tilth columns. . FURNITI'K, ?Third Pack?Sixth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? Ihird Pace?Fifth column. _ ? , . HELP WANTED ?FEMALES ?Tuikd Pace?Third colUmn. , , HELP WANTED?MALES?Third Pack?Itfth.column. HORSES, CARRIAGES, 40.?Thirtekiith -Pack?Third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns. - HOTELS?Fifteenth Pack?Kourtli column, and Six teenth Pack?First column. _ HOUSES, KOOMS, AC., WANTED?Fourteenth Page? Sixth column. INSTRUCTION?Third Pack?Sixth column. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BERGEN REAL EST A IE FOR SALE?Four teenth Pack?Sccond column. IX)AN OFFICES?First Pace? First column. LOST AND FOUND?Fourtu Pace?Third column. MACIIINK.RY?Fourth Pack?Third column. MARBLE MANTELS?Thirteenth Pauk?Sixth column. MATRIMONIAL?Second Pack?Sixth column. MEDICAL?Third Pace?Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?Second Pace?Scc ond column. _ _ ? MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS ? Twelfth Page?sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?Thirteenth Page?Sixth column. MUSICAL?Fourth Pace?Fifth column. NEW PUBLICATIONS?Ninth Pack?Sixth column. PERSONAL?First Pack?First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.?Fourth Page?Fourth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES Third Page?Second and third column*. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOK hALE OR TO RENT?Fourteenth Pace?Second, third, fourtli and fifth columns. _ BEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Fourteenth Pace? Fifth column. BEAL ESTATE WANTED?Fourteenth Page?Fifth and sixth columns. BELIOIOUS NOTICES?Thirteenth Page?Sccond col umn. BEWARuS? Fourth Pace-Third column. SALkS AT AUCTION?Second Pace?Sccond, third and lourth columns. , SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES?Third PAcfe-First and seconu columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES-Third Page?Third nnd fourth columns. SPECIAL NOTICES?Fourteenth Pace?Sixth column. SPORTING?DOtiS, BIRDS, AC.?Thirteenth Pace? Third column. / BUMMER RESORTS?Fifteenth Page?Sixth column, and Sixteenth Pack?First nnd scond columns. TOE TRADES?Third Pace?Filth column. THE TURF?Thirteenth Pace?Third column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PUKPOSESt-Sixtkenth Pace? Sccond and third columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Second Pack?Fifth and sixth columns. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Sixteenth Pace?Fifth and sixth columns. WANTED TO PURCIIASE-Fourtii Pauk?Third col umn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? Fourteenth Pack?Second column. WINES, LIQUORS, AC.?Thirteenth Page?sixth col umn. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.?Thirteenth Pace?Sixth column. BMUD BBAWCH 11F FiCE-UPTOW g. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD ?RECEIVED AT TnE BRANCH OFFICE, 1.2C5 BROADWAY AND WO SIXTH AVENUE, BETWKEN TUIRTY-FIRST_ AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM R A M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL'J P. *.). AT OFFICE RATES. NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITn nERALD AT 6 O'CLOCK EVERY MORNING. NO EXTRA CHARGES. PAKIM AGENCY OF THE NEW YV11K HERALD. J^ES8R8. KREMBR A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE nERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PEltMlNAL. J7ILLEN BOND. LATE OF CHICAGO-PLEASE CALL or send your address to U8 Macdougal sireet. New o*k: MAY. Eddie?meet me at the chocolate place Monday, at So'clock. If tiol convenient send Mend K, as I have something Important to tell you. P. ANNIE?I ARRIVED HOME. M EAST TWENTY fifth street. Mrs. TERRY. (GENTLEMAN WHO PARTICULARLY NOTICED X the Hinlutdc young lady, brunette, and her lady lriend, who presented flowers ut Hie German Hospital ou the 2d of June, wishes to become acquainted, if agree able. Please address ARTHUR B., Hcritld oflice. F ADLEY?WILL COME MONDAY, 8:25. M. .TEN'NA. H Henry?i will sell my "solitaire diamond Ring to you or any one else lor currency. Ad dressSOi.I i Aim., Ilerald offlcc. Information WANTED?OF WILLIAM BOAKE8. formerly from East Peckham, Kent. England. When last heard from was at Oahvay. Putnam county, N. Y. Please address his brother, GEORGE BOAKES, Pitts ford, N. Y. Information wanted-of hannah Macob mac, wife of Patrick Macorinac, who left White Plains some IS months since lor New York; supposed to be in the neighborhood oi Fifth avenue or the Grand Central depot; maiden name Hannah Gcvar. There is a report oi lier death, and her brother, Patrick Oevar, is anxious to hear of her whereabouts, dead or alive. Ad dress PATRICK GEVAR, White Plains Post oflice, West chester county. IF I. RI'ITHAGO, MUSICIAN, WILL ''ALL AT ONCB upon his friend, VAN OCCKELRN, he will hear good news. JO.?COME HOME; YOUR MOTHER IS VERY SICK. ? FATHER. KITTEN-I HAVE LOVED YOU THROUGH IT ALL, my little darling, and if yon have not heard from ?te It is only that I feared to compromise you. Write u> W. RDWARD. Lizzie?how did i miss Yout when shall i sec you same place f Address C. A., box 227 Herald Afflcr. _ ? MOLLIE FREEMAN-ADDRESS LOST. ENCLOSE eard to WHITEHEAD, Herald oflice. M* IDS MINNIE K.-l WILL SAIL FOB SUBOFB 25TII ot this month; I have lost your address; it you are In New York please call at No. 116 West Tlilrtv-flrst street; I have a package entrusted to my care for you. * JOSEPHINE WOODS. Newark-anxious to see you. write when and where II) lfml JOHN ADAMS. P-LET THERE BE SI'NSIMNK ' S A VE TIME AS . last Sunday. Will there bo a moon with my sun r N. I OHBLVEsl X X X. SHELF. WILL A. S. IL PLEASE CALL UPON MRS JULIA A. CM ADWICK, 140 East M street, near Lexing too avenue ? liOAN OFFICES, T 77 RLKECKER STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, UP ?Hlffhost cash advances on Diamonds, T5lry' *e., or bought; Pawnbrokers' A Tickets bought, at*77 Hleeckor street. AI T JACKSON'S. MM BROADWAY. OPPOSITE ELEV enth street?Money liberally advanced on Dia tnonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silks. DryOoodsand Personal Property ot every deacrlpUon. Private entrance for ?adiea. ' iT?T BROADWAY, CORNER FOURTH STREET.? J\. Liberal advanees on Dlamoads, Watches. Jewelrr. Silks, Camel's Hair Shawla, Laces and personal nroperty of every descriotiou jameh p. Matthews. Money loaned on diamonds, watches, jew elry and Silverware, and the saato bought GEO, ALLEN. ,Ien<-ller, "41 Broadway, nesr Fourteenth st nfil BROADWAY, OLDEST ESTABLISHED AND most reliable office.?Money advanced on Dia man.lfO Watches, Jewelry, Laces, Jkc.i same bought at tall val ie. A U. HRBT& "T OCT BROADWAY, OVER HERALD BRANCH X.&v) I oflice, room B.~Parlor for ladles. Branch vjr Broadway. Money loaned on Diamonds, Watches, Aw?Ji7,A?. s0Am?bou?btaQd fold, WND6 BR VS. DRY UOOD*. , T KINZKY'S. Groat clearing sale of Spring and Summer Goo is. I (iv pAVuliv i' CLEAR1NO SALE I op ribbons, aoc. on thk t No. 3, at 4c. yard. I No. 4, at 6c. yard. I No. 6, at isc. yard. All silk Ribbon*i No. 7, at l'2>ic. vard. I No, 9 at IV. yaVil. I Iffi. \\ H Mc. yard. I No. lti, at 22c. yard, AT Groa Grains. al! color*. 8c.. 10c., , 15c. up. Watered Ribbons, 6c., (Sc., 10c., 12S,o> up. Two color* Grus Gralum l'Jc. yard up. AT (Iroi Grain r Watered I s.?rii\?!i I ash Ribbons, f? f'row 25c. to ?A 69. Plain I Brocade I 300 boxes now French r lowers from 10c. a spray up. Closing out our entire stock of trench, Kngligii and uoincsUc Hals and Bonnet*, in chip, Neapolitan uud straw, 19e. up. 20,000 Marseilles and linen "at*, ladies and muses, 29c. AT AT KINZEY'S. KINZEY'S. KINZEY'S. KINZEY'S. KINZEY'S. KINZEY'8. SILK. GRENADINE AND CREPE DE OHINETIKo, HALF l'RIOE. <S> ??> Twill Silk Ties, 19c., All bilk Koiuail Ties 19c. Crepe de Chine Ties, 39c. All Milk Windsor 'i'iea, 25c. Silk Ties, richly fringed, live Inches wide, 26c. each. Rich Grenadine Ties, 39c. each. Rich Brocade Ties, 25c. up. PARASOLS AND UMBRELLAS. Closing out all our Parasols aud bun Umbrellas, Iroiu U9c. up. ai uin ^ LLAMA LACE .SHAWLS AND SACQUES. ^ AT KIMZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KfNZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. Real Lliiina Shawls, $3 60 to $7 80. Real Llama Shawls, $S to $49. Lace Sacqucs, $3 50 to $9. Llama Lat'e Saeques, $9 50 to *00. RARGA1NS IN LACES. 20,000 yards best silk Brussels Nets, every color, worth 76c., at 25c. Chenille dotted Laces, 50c. yard up. Dotted and llgurcd Nets, 26c. up. Real Guipure Laces, from auction, troni 15c. to (4 29 yard. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. $2fen?c?^ ^ at KINZEY'S. '-UP. Trimmings, Fringes, Gimps, Ornaments Ae., Irom auction, BARGAINS IN JEWELRY. ?000 oxidized Chatelaines, line imported goods, u?x!6c. each, 3,000 extra, with three chains attached, wortn $2 50, at 92c. each, 1,200 fine oxidized Belt Clasps, U)c., C9c., 75c., $1 and $1 25 up, Coral, torquolse, pearl and silver Ear Screws, 33c. pair, Wide rubber Bracelets, plain and medallion huads, 25c each, Whitby jet, corallne. rubber, steel, gill and lancy Jewelry, very low, CBAGS AND BELTS. ]' ? ??<?> 2,1X10 tine Leather Rags, with Belt*, f 2, *>- 29, S2 50, $3 up, Travelling and shopping Rags, 50c. np; line Leather Belts in variety, Russia leather Pork-monnaics, 50c. np; Curd Cases, Memorandum Books, Ac., AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY*'S. I BARGAINS FROM AUCTION IN FANS. 25, (KM) ftno Silk, Linen and Feather Fans, 10c., :5c., 19c., 25c. up, Fine Silk Fans, 16c., 2%;., 50c., 69c, up* Spangled Fans, gilt sucks, 60c., Largo I a-is, linen and silk, 59c. to $26; tine Vienna Fans, (i'Jc. to $3, HOSIERY FROM AUCTION. MW dozen misses' and hoys' Lisle and lace Hosiery, :6c., 350dozen misses' and boys' lancy siriped Hose, U>a<:. to 25c., Ladles' full regular, 25c. un; Genu' half hose regular, J9c. up, Auction lots of Ralliriggans, Lisle and English Hosiery, low, TREK GI KFUl'SSE GENUINE K 11) I I LOVES, AT 92c. PAIR. I "Two button kid Glove*, 19c., 69c. up. One button kid Gloves, 39c., 50c. up, Berlin, Lisle nnd silk Gloves, In 1, 2, 3 and 4 buttons. Auction low ot Gloves, closing out, 6c., 15c . 19c., 25c., 31c,, 39c. pair. A -' BARGAINS IN UNDERWEAR Ladles' and misses' Drawers, Skirts. Chemises, Saeques, Robes, 4c., low, Lndies' and Misses' merino and gauze Underwear, low Gents' Lisle Shirts at 50e. Gents' Underwear very low Misses' Aprons, Rovs' Blouses, in all the new styles, cheap. AUCTION LOTS OF SILKS AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. Lining, trimming, bonnet and ilress s>ilk. 25c. to $2 29 yard. ^HANDKERCHIEFS FROM auction, 5,000dozen ladies', tents', misses' and boys'. 6c., luc., 12!,c.f 15c., 20c., 25c? 31c. up, Te.MBROIDERIES FROM AUCTION fcr, amis ot yards ot Hamburg Embroideries, 3c., 6c., lt)c., 12>*c., 15c,, 20c. to 96c. Rufllings, Tucking*. PpfTlngs and lancy Lmbroideries. very low. f WHITE GOODS CLOSING OUT 9 Nainsooks, j Organdies, Jaconets, | Swisses, ^ Marseilles, Piques, 1 Lawns. I Muslins closing out, 15c.. 18c., 19c., 22c., 25c., 28c. yard. FRKNCII SKT8 *000 imported linen Sets, in colors or white lor travelling, 64c. set up, Cheap lots ot linen Collars, Cuffs, Sleeves, with rutllitigs, capes, Ac., 2.),000 pieces Magic Ruffling*. We are closing entire piece 11c., 8,000 yards black silk searl Laces, worth $1 26, at 50c. yard, 2,000 pairs skeleton and gossamer whalebone Corsets, worth (1 60, at 75c., Marseilles and pique Trimmings and fringes, 10c. to.$l i0 piece, 200 Pieces fine Swiss Muslins slightly damaged. 19c. yard. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. 125:1 LOTS OF KINK LACKT I GOODS, FROM AUCTION g> j.lama I.aec Capes, $2 29 up. Lace Parasol Covers, 96c. up. Spanish and fancv Laco Veils In grAt f " t variety, irom 25c. to $6. Colored Silk Laces, black 811k Laces in great variety, very low. Double width English and French Crape*, ev*ry color, 30e. yard. 400 pieces all silk French Guipure Laces, (Sc., 12c., 15c., 20c., 25c. np. ^ jjjjZEY'8. S.000 vards colored Clnny and Maltese Laces, for linen suits, 6c., 10c., lie., 28c., 2fc. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'8. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. Tfancv GOODS, f Photographic Frames ?hotogrnpnic Frames, great variety. Fancy Bronze and Oxidized Good*. Carved Swiss floods In variety. Toilet and Fancy Articles. Fancy Toilet. Basket*. Great variety ol Chromo*. ? 767 AND 769 BROADWAY. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. ^ WILLIAM KINZEyTT I CORNER NINTH STREET. IJIIV (iOODS. altman A CO. win open on Monday. June 18, an elegant assortment of LADIES' WHITE LAWN WALKING 8UITS. NEW STYLES WIIITK LAWN - POLONAISES. 0RA?9 CLOTH, LINEN And UATIbTE BATISTE baiibi*. WALKING SUITS. POLONAISE8 and REDINGOTES tor Walking, travelling' and seaside. HOUSE ROBES and KOBES DE CHAMBRE. TRAVELLI-NG OUSTERS, LAWN and LINEN BLOUSES in great variety and attractiveness, AT REMARKABLY LOW PRICES. LADIES' AND MISSES' extra fiae linen I ftt b aLTMAN A CO. and cambric Underclothing, at reduced prices. OUMUER OAUZE VEST81 ladies, >atB. ALTMAN A CO. gentlemen and children. H. SPECIAL PRICES IN EVERY DEl'ARTMENT will be offered Ut B. ALTMAN A CO., Sixth avenue, near Twenty-flrMstreefc_ O'NEILL A CO., ^ _ , ,v ? 327 and 329 Sixth u von tic anil Twentieth street, are now offering tlieir Hue a>sortment of MILLINKKY HOODS AT IMMENSE REDUCTION IN PRICES, to close ont the Spring and Summer importations. Blaca Sash Ribbons. BO cartons 7-lnch Black Gros Grain, 95c. a yard, all silk. 10 cartons 9-tnch Watered Sash Ribbons, $150, all silk. 25 cartons 6-inch Watered Sash Ribbons, 75c. a yard, formerly sold for $1 25. 100 cartons 6-inch Sash Ribbons, 75c. in all colors, finest quality of goods. 100 cartons 7-inch Sash Ribbons, 95c., finest goods im ported. GROS GRAIN SASIl RIBBONS. ROMAN SASH RIBBONS. FANCY PLAID SASH RIBBONS. 100 cartons extra rich Ombre. at less than imported prices. SASHES. . . J1L 25 dozen of 6 inch Plain Snsbee, $2 90, warranted all silk. 60 dozen of 7-inch Plain Sashes, $:i38. warranted all silk. 100dozen Fancy Sashest new styles, $5. ? . Roman bashes. Ombre Sashes. BONNET RIBBONS. In all the newest shades, in 5, 7, !>, 12 and 16. Full assortment of the finest quality of plain Bonnet Ribbon, in Nos. 12 and 17, ut 25c. per yard. STRAW GOODS at greatly reduced prices. French Chip Hats, $280; formerly $4 50. Belgian Split Straw, $3 5(1; formerly *5 50. 100 dozen llalr Hats, $1; sold elsewhere $1 75. 150 cases of fine black Straw Hats, 75c. and $1. 100 cases of American Chip Hats, $1. 200 cases of Milan Bonnets, from 73c. to $2. L000 dozen of Trimmed Palmetto Hats, _ . We are now offering our immense stock of Straw Goods at greatly reduced prices, to close out the season. RICH LACKS, REAL, BLACK AND WHITE THREAD, GUII't'RK. VALENCIENNES SPANISH LACES, WHITE CLE NY APPLIQUE . , DOTTED NETS, BLACK YAK LACES^ EMBROIDERIES. Made-up Lacc Goods. Children's Lace Caps. Normandy Lace Caps, at all prices. Fine French Flowers iu cndlesf, variety. Ostrich Plumes. Ostrich Tips. Ladies' Ties. in endless variety. l.ono dozen 4^-lncli Windsor Ties, 40c. Crape de Chine Ties. Fancy Tics. Ladies, go toO'NIILL'S for Millinery Oonds. All goods marked in plain figures. N. B.?Reduction to the tra.Te. ^ ^ Cf) 327 and 329 Sixth avenue and Twentieth street T~SMITHS PATTK.RN BAZAAR. 914 BROADWAY near 'I wentieth street?IM !'<>UTliD PAT!ERN^ ot all the SUM MfcR STYLES now ready. ( LOTH MODEL with each pattern. We FIT patterns to the FORM and warrant tnem perfect; also Cutting and Basting. Call early in the day . open u11;iI ii', P. M. ?GREAT SALE OF CARI'ETINGS, AC. Special Announcement. SHKPPARH KNAPP, 1K( and 185 Sixth avenue, one door below thirteenth street, will offer on Mondav and during the week, at prices be low the cost ot importation, the entire balance ot an im porting house retiring front business, comprising the largest Stock ever offered at retail in the city, consisting 01 French Moquettes and Axminster, from $2 75. English VelvcUot the latest designs and new colorings from $2 25. Body and Tapestry Brussels, in great variety, from $1 86 Also a reduction In prices of 3-Plv and Ineralu Carpet*. Oilcloths trom one to eight yards wide. A complete line of Drugget*, bordered and plain. A large invoice of fancy and plain Mattings, finest quality, just landed, from Stic, to 50c per yard. Upholstery Goods of every description. l.acc Curtains, Window Shades, Hollands, <tc. Mosquito Nets. N B ?This is a chance to furnish with the finest coods at a great saving U?u, -prices. ^ RNApp IKi and 185 Sixth iivcnoe, one door l>clow Thirteenth str?Mit_ A CLOSING OCT SALE for JUNE. SPECIAL BARGAINS, SALE It THREAD, GUIPURE. CMJNIES, YAKS; , I al*? LACE ARTICLES, < such as BAR , ?ANDKERCHIEFS, I COLLARS. FINE SASQ and A. RIBBONS and FLOWERS. which are all omMH) AT PSICBR which cannot fall to p^pBR CENT less THAN OOLD COST OF IMPORTATION. J. A. BLUXOME, 1,127 BROADWAY. BONNBT AT MME COLLINS' (26 WEST ELEVENTH STREET) Dressmaking Establishment ladies can rely on get ting pertect fitting dresses made, trimmed In latest Paris in styles. Ladies invited to call. ? AT SMITH'S PATT1RN BAZAAR, 914 BROADWAY, Twentieth and Twenty-flrst streets, cast side - Grand display ot charming Novelties, Just imported; Hummer styles; the heautifulTai is the queen of the sea son ; Patterns and Cloth Model* now ready; 1 atterns fitted to the form, warranted pertect. subscribe tor Smith's IUustrstcd Pattern Bazaar, only H ?/??[? 5ive a premium of Patterns to the value of ?1 50 until uly 10. Be in time. The popular glove. Caution to the Public. It having come to our knowledge that certain parties arc knowingly advertising and selling an Inferior quality of Glove as the genuine rrefousse Kid Glove, this is to notify the psblic that we, the undersigned, have the Exclusive Sale l? New York of the Trefonsse Kid Glove (tlrst quality), each pair of which is stamped in the right hand glove TRKFOIISSE A CO. All others are either Imitations or an Infedor of pWUNTAlN'S INDIA STORE. Chinese, Japanese and Kast India Dress Goods, Bronzes, Curio*, Lacquer and etiina A'are. A beautiiul assortment of Pineapple Ores* Good* tor seashore anil K No."s)i Broadway, (upstairs) opposite Wallaek'i ihea 'TO B. DRV UOOOI). ALTMAN a CO. will open on MONDAY, Jane 16, special prices in tho following Vines of goods? REAL LLAMA LACK 8ACQUES, LACK 811 AWLS, BLACK AND WtllTK YAK i,ACE8, COLORED YAK LACKS, BLACK AND COLORED CLUNY LACES. LACK VEILS. FICHUS. BARBE8 ANl) PARASOL COVERS, GUIPURE LACK NET FDR SACOUES. SPANISH LACE VKILS AND NKT, CHENILLE DOTTED LACK VKILS AND NET, all AT REDUCED PRICES. JJRE8S SILKS AT UREAT BARGAINS. skirts??" I?>?> ???!?' >? i" >"j tPTCu, WBL~SILIi SPECIAL PRICKS in \ iKINK HOSIERY, 1 at Kid. Silk and Lisle 1 B. ALTMAN t CO. 0 LOVES,J P ARASOL8, SI N UMBRELLAS, RIBBONS, 8ASUBS and TIES, OXIDIZED SILVER, JET and FINE JKWELRY, FANS in endless variety. The public are respectfully at B. ALTMAN A CO., S31 and 933 Sixth avenue, near Twenty-first street. invited to examine. H? FOR TUB SEASIDE I IIO FOR THE MOUNTAINS! SARATOGA, LONOBRANCH, NEWPORT. CATSK1LL8, NIAGARA. LAKK GEORGE. TRAVELLERS, TOURISTS, and those who seek a country retreat in the warm season, Will And thousands of articles tor SUMMER USE and SUMMER WEAR fct the GRAND CENTRAL ESTABLISHMENT of ? * * * *????? !%? ? MOO. ? ? *f *? ???? ????? ?-* ? ? ? 9* ??V ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? TRAVELLING BAGS, ICE PITCHERS, Mosquito Nets, Shade Hats, Sun Umbrellas. Shawl straps. Ladies' Regatta lints, Yacht Chairs, LADIES' SAlLolt SUITS. Bathing Shoes, Bathing Caps, PALMETTO HATS, SEASIDE SCARFS, Gardening Sets, Croquet Sets, Weather Barometers, Mew Glasses, Toilet Smoothing Irons, STATIONERY AND NOT E PAPER, Students' Lumps, Folding Candlesticks, Fluting Machines, FOLDING CHAIRS, FOLDING SETTEES, Verandah Chairs. _ Clothes Hampers. Steamer Chairs, Travellers' Whisks, I Hammocks. Colausible Cups, LUNCH BASKETS FOR PICNICS, Picnic Crackers, Ac., Camp Chairs, Palm and Jap Fans, , WHITE GLYCERINE and NEGLIGEE SUPPERS, L Toilet Articles lor Dressing Cases, ftlie complexion. Sponges and Batli moves. LADIES' LINEN SUITS. Tarrant's Seltzer. Jumalca Ginger. Gauze Underwear. HASH III It HONS. NOVELS, Magazines ?du all the light literature of the day lor SUMMER READING, sent to any undress desired as soon as issued. R. H MACY A CO., Fonrteenth street and Sixth avenue. A r Great bargains in Carpets, Furniture, Bedding, Ac., ?t the large wln> and retail Carpet and Furniture Ware rooms, NiO to SIB Eighth avenue, corner Thirty filth and Thirty sixth street*. D. KELLY. Give, us n call before buying. T At SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR. 914 BROADWAY, near Twentieth street?IMPOKTKD PATTKKN8 ol' all the SUMMER SI YLKS now ready. CLOTH MODEL with each pattern W? Kir rintterns to the FORM and wurraut them perfect; also Cutting and Basting. Call early in tbe day; open until P M. UK NEW DRY GOODS STORE. WE RETAIL AT WHOLESALE PRICES. M. REIMAN A CO. (late of New Orleans), TM PORTE Its OF DRY GOODS, 2f Union square, few doors above Tiffany A Co., Htid 25 East Fifteenth street. the popular and cheap drv goods establishment of Broadway, will oder tills week OREAT BAROAINS! GREAT BARGAINS I Black Silks, colored Silks and striped Silks. Ponson. Bonnet, Helton and Cashmere black silks 10 to LrSOner cent below the regular prioe 1 Oros grain anil tatfeta black Silks, 90c., $1. $1 15, $1 25, $1 511, |l ?2W, $1 71 $2. 5?s pieces Spring Silks, latest styles, 7Soi, 80c., 85c., 95c., $1. $1 25, $1 30 All our silks are l*c. to BOe. per vard below their value. WW pueres black Urenaditius, all wool; silk anrl wool gros grain and saiui stripes, brocaded lace, striped und ^figured. 50c. upwards 1 .284 pieces firix adci! and striped Grenadines, 15c., l?c., 30c 221md. 25c. 30c. 4,845 nic'ees n'ew Dress Goods, 2,'t per cent below their value, 15c., 18c., 20c , 25c., 27>?c., 30r , 34>,c., 35c., 37)tc., 40c , 80c 3.4)10 pieces French and English Matist Linen, plain, striped and brocaded, 15c.. 18c., 2<Je., 25c., upwards 3 cases, yard wide, printed Camnric, 12>ic., value 20c. to 25c. 10 cases printed lineD Cambrics, 18c., 20c., 22We., 25c. 250 pieces Vfry rich Grenadines in ailww shades tot poionaise. SPECIAL BARGAINS IN Point applique, black thread Ouipure and Valenciennes Lace?. Bla^k and colored Yak Laces and Insertings, 15c. up wards. Heal Cluny. 3k inelies wide, $1 Black thread Barbx. #1 HI upwards. Grenadine Veils In all nrw styles, $1. 380 new lace Veils, very < Ik pp. Ilamtiurg and French Embroideries, the cheapest in the?ity. Parasols, the tv west and latest styles, at low prices. Faus, Kelts, Sash Ribbons. Perlnot Kid (llvves, l.lsie and Silk (llnves. Jet and oxidized Jewelrv and ornaments. Fine Perlumery and Fancy Goods. Lace and linen Collars, Collaret* and Capes. BLACK AND MOURNING DRESS WOODS. A lull line of Tumlse, Cashmere. Delaines, Cretons, Bombazine, Henrietta, Cranes, (irenadines, Tamatlne, Bvzantine, Florentine, I'arisint, Alpaca, Mohair, Bril liantine. 3 eases steel gray plain and striped Mohair, 26c., worth 36c. 1 case Berlin Camel's Hair Cloth, 25c. only. GRKAT B AltO A INS IN WHITE UOODA Swiss Mulls. Nainsook, Victoria and Bishops Lawn. Piques, Jaconet, Cambric linen Lawn and Cambrics, India Mull. 50 pieces more <V4 wide French Nainsook at 35c. 115 pieces Pique, 20c. and 25c. HOSIERY AND FURNISHING GOODS, lor ladies, gents und chlldreu. Fine finished Ladies' llose, 25c. Fine finished English Half llnse, 25e. Bargains in Ladies' Undergarments and Suits of Paris, Berlin and New York makes. which we offer trom 20 to no per cent below the retail LACE SHAWLS JlNd'lACB JACKHTS. 3A6 Shawls and Jackets ol the very newest style, at im portation cost, to clear out. HOUSEKEEPING LINENS AND LINEN GOODS. We offer great Inducements in that Hue. 10-4 linen Sheeting, 8.'>c. Fine linen Napkin*, $1 dozen. Toilet Vuilt*. ?l upward. Late Curtains, f i OV ocr set up. DRY GOODS* A. J STERN BROTHERS.) 8UU> avenue and Twenty-third street. SUth avenue. West 23d street m 110 Sixth avenuo and Twenty-third street WIH display Monday ami during the weak un entirely new and very attractive assortment ot LADIES' SUMMER SUITS LADIES' SUMMER HllTrl for walking, TRAVELLING and tbo SEASIDE, COMPRISING LADIES' WHITE LAWN SUITS in great variety; LADIES1 DRAB AND BUFF LINEN SUITS in all styles. LADIES' BABTISTE SUITS, verv attractively made up. LADIES' GRASS LAWN SUITS ' IN ALL COLORS AND STYLES. In all the above we have a large atworiment to select from, ranging in price from $4 upwards, and all made in the most superior manner, a? regards workmanship and materials. IN ADDITION TO THE AMOVE we are also displaying a very large variety of the now so popular POLONAISE AND REDINGOTE9, of all the favorite materials. PLAIN LINEN PWLONAISE, BRAIDED LINEN POLONAISE, WHITE LaWN POLONAISE, BOTH PLAIN AND WITH EMRROIDERY, WITH A LARGE STOCK OK IMPORTED POLONAISE AND REDINGOTK3 of Linen ana Camel's Uair Cloth, elegantly embroidered and trimmed with white and bufT Cluny Lace. An inspection of the above Is earnestly solicited before purchasing. IN OUR LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR DEPARTMENT we also continue to offer the most attractive bargains. Ladies preparing to leave the city will gavo a great deal of time and money by inspccting^be above department, as all our goods are only made of the best materials aud most popular machines, and we arc selling them greatly below what ladies can make up the same goods for at home. We direct attention to our lull lines of LADIES' MORNING GOWNS, at *J 25, Si 46, 31 76, $2 75, $3 25, upward. LADIES' CI1EMISK at 96c., $1 12, $1 25, $1 38, >1 43, up to $7. LADIES' DRAWERS at 68c.. 75c., 85c., $1, $1 12 up to $3 75. LADIES' DRESSING SACQUES at 75c., ilfic., $1 12, $1 62. $2 05 up to $3 75. LADIES' CORSET COVERS, NICELY EMBROIDERED, at 83c., $1. $1 25, (1 50, (1 85, $2 upwards. With a large assortment of WALKING AND UNDER SKIRTS, WHITE LAWN AND CAMBRIC WAISTS, CALICO AND PERCALE MORNING WRAPPERS, WHITE LAWN WRAPPERS, BOTH PLAIN AND WITH KM BROIDERY. In addition to above, wc have a lull line of CHILDREN'S AND INFANTS' GARMENTS, in all styles, materials and prices, and only or the MOST SUPERIOR WORKMANSHIP. SI'ERN BROTHERS ~ are daw offering theraentire stock of PARASOLS AND SUN UMBRELLAS at PRIME COST. The season being now far advanced we bave marked down our immense assortment in order to CLOSE I'll EM OUT belore the season Is over. Ladies will find it greatly to their advantage to inspect our prices belore purchasing. RIBBON DEPARTMENT. SPECIAL BARGAINS IN SASII RIBBONS. We have e.tosed out an Importer's entire stock, aad are offering the sume at a great sacrifice WE NOTE A FEW PRICES. SO CARTONS 7-INCH BLACK G ROS (iRAIN AND WA TERED Sasli Ribbons in one at 86c. 50 CARTONS FULL 7-INCII PURE SILK BLACK Gros Orain Sash Ribbons, extra heavy, Mc. 100 CARTONS FINEST 7-INCH, ALL SILK, SASH RIB RONS, most elegant shades, 83c. 10 CARTONS III-INCH, ALL SILK, WATERED SASn Ribbons, in all colors, $1 50 yard, with an endless variety of REAL ROMAN BLOCK I'LAID GROS GRAIN AND WATERED S AS 11 RIBBONS, BOTH BY THE YARD AND ALREADY FRINGED, at CORRESPONDINGLY LOW PRICES. In OROB GRAIN BONNET RIBBONS WE HAVE ALL NUMBERS AND ALL COLORS AT LESS THAN ANY OTHER HOUSE. ALL OUR STRAW GOODS reduced to prime cost We are still receiving many novelties ill French Flowers, Whic h we are selling very cheap. ^ STERN BROTHERS. LLAMA LACE SAOQUES, CAPES AND DOLMANS, SHAWLS AND JACKETS. Real Guipure Lace Sacques. We haw greatly replenished the above Jlnes of goods anil are bow offering some very desirable bargains. REAL LLAMA SACUUKS, FROM t'l SO UPWARDS. REAL GUIPURE SACOUriS, PROM %a M UPWARDS. GLOVE UEPARTMEN I. Ladles' one, two, three and lour button U8LE THREAD GLOVES In all qualities LADIES' COLORED SILK OU>VES. FROM ONE TO FOUR BUTTON is, all tne new slu?4es. LADIES' WIMTE LiSI.K HI READ GLOVES IN ALL GRADES. CHILDREN'S WHITE AND I ol.OREI) LISLE THREAD GLOVES. CHILDREN'S SILK GLOVES IN ALL COLORS. W itb a large assortment of LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S ENGLISH AND GERMAN COTTON llOaJERY IN great variety. Ladles' Gossamer and Gauze i Underwear, I in all grades. Children's mid liovs' y very cheap. summer l nderweir, / Ladies preparing to leave tlu- > ity will lind a large Stock In all the above enumerated articles at positively lower priees than any other house. We dcslro to direct sperial attention to our very attractive Stock ot RUSSIA LEATHER AND FANCY GOODS, many ol which we Just received by last European steamers. Russia Leather Bells and Satchels, an immense variety. Linen Belts and Clasps, I'ortemonnaies and shawl Straps. Real Russia Pocketbooks, from 67c. upwards. Also LADIES' SATCHELS for shopping aud travelling very cheap. Jn OXIDIZED GOODS we have a splendid selection of CHATBLAINS, VINAIGRETTES, VEIL PINS, BONNET ORNAMENTS, Sl.EEVE BUTTONS, SINGLE aud DOUBLE BELT CLASPS, fan AND PARASOL HOLDERS, AC., with many novelties in Real Whitby anil French Jet Goods, including special bargains. SOAPS AND PERFUMERY. COLGATE'S CELEBRATED TOII.ET SOAPS, a large assortment always on hand LUBIN'S and ATKINSON'S PERFUMES, In all known tlavors. FLORIDA WATERS, 48c. a bottlo. LUBIN'S POWDERS, and many other specialties^ Also a large assortment of Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes, Dressing and other Combo, very low tiriees. STERN BROTHERS, Sixth avenue and Twenty-third street dry UOODM. M HARES' ~~ Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street. Wo desire to call the attention or our customers aid the public to the very Urge and elegant assortment of LADIES' Hl'ITS, in Silk, Linen, Batiste, Lawn and Cambric, which wo are offering less than cost to manufacture. Our SifK Suits are especially cheap, and for style, ex cellence of workmanship aud moderation of priec are not equalled by any house in the city. With increased facilities* for manufacturing, all order* will in future be executed with promptness and despatch, having a very competent und experienced party on tho premises to tit and measure. Striped SUk Suits, elaborately and stylishly trimmed ia gralsalle and brown and white stripes, $75 and $85. Black gros gram Silk Suits, $75 and $80. Kilk suits, in two shades, richly trimmed with darkef silk, elegant iu design, $W> aud $1)0. Imported Costumes, $10, $12, $15, $13, $20 to $30. Mohair Suits, two shades, very stylishly trimmed, $24 ami $25. 1 Japanese Silk Suits, trimmed with si'k, $25 to $30. 800 white and colored Lawn Suits, {2, $2 50 und $275, worth mach more, balance of a manufacturer's stock. Linen aud Lawn Suits, $:i 50 $4, $4 50, $5, $0, $7 to $I& Batiste Lawn aud Linen Polonaise, all styles. A lot of Liueu Lusters, $.1 and $3 50, worth $d. White lawn Suits, $2, $ti, $7, $K to $10. White lawn i'olonalse, ombroidered trimming, $7 60. Morning Wrappers, in variety, $1 75, $2 to $3. Children's linen and pique Suits, plain and braided, Iq all the latest novelties. White pique Suits, braided, $2, $2 25, $2 50, $3. Children's linen Blouses, braided, $1 75 and $1 94. 2,0.10 shirred lawn and Swiss Huts, 37c., worth $1 24 Cashmere 1'olomiLse, silk trimming, $113 and SIM. IN Oil S HOSIERY UhPARTMENT Wli WILL EXHIBIT ON MONDAY the following specialities, purchased at the recent auc tion sales and from importers, ALL MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES ? Gentlemen's Summer merino Vests, 50t\, 60c., 69c. and $1. Ladles' Summer merino Vests, 5Uc., ti3e. and 75c. Boys' summer merino Vests, 38c., 5Jc., 00c. and 7Sc. Misses Summer merino Vests, Sic., 40c., 50c,, tile. Boys'jean Drawers. 65c. ??? ?j ?'"? ?J*}.? '?iff Ua",ri8B#n 8 toe kings, silk clockcd, $3, $4 25, $4 3u and $5 25 box. Children's Balbriggun stockings, $2 25, $2 03, $3 box. EEttV""* hiV?ki,,|fH-.i.n. Lisl,i> Halbnggan and silk. Kul (ilnvcs, silk and Lisle thread uioves, 1, 2 aud 3 but tons, from medium to finest quality. 2 button Kid Uloves, llnc?t quullty, 85c. and $1. To tliis branch ol our business we have given the most carotui and thorough attention, and tho stock we offer ,."akc 1,1 use ltjr LADIES, CHILDREN aud ? ih.N ILEW EN that can be found in this and lorelgn mar kets, including a superb assortment of all qualities of striped and Bulbriggun Stockings. UNDERWEAR AND CORSET DEPARTMENT. Customers are particularly requested to examine the quality ol our goods, which we claim to bo ol better material and finish, and lower prices than the ready made underclothing generally sold. Immense variety of Chemises and Drawers of best .uuMin, trimmed with embroidery and puttings, $1 to Nightgowns, in cambric, linen and muslin, differently trimmed, in great variety of style, $1 25 to $10, Chemises, Masonvillo muslin, cordo 1 band, 75c. $1 25? u,u,,"u Chemises, embroidered edge and inserting. Drawers, liest muslin, Hamburg edging and inserting. two clusters of tine tucks, $1 50. B Kino lace trimmed Toilet Sacques and Corset Covers, in newest shapes. Corset Covers, very handsome lace edgo and four rows of lace inserting, ?1 40. Children's short and long Dresses, very line, $1 76 to $15. Walking Skirts, fifteen to twenty tucks. $1 to $1 25. Inlunts' embroidered Shawls, Baby Baskets and Bootees. Normandy Caps, with medallions and Italian lace, $3 to $1. All the popular makes, French and hand made Corsets. French wove, embroidered Corsets, $1 und $1 25, great bargain. Hoopskirts and Bustles In all the latest stvles. New shapes Hoopskirts and Bustles, 50c. 0()c. and 75c. IN S1L.KS AND DRESS OOODH WE WILL OPEN ON MONDAY some specially attractive lot* from tho recent auction sales One lot of colored Trimming Silks, 95c. and $1 yard: sold all over at 91 38 aud $1 60. One lot of wider and heavier goods, $12> aud $1 38; usual price $1 75 yard. Ureal variety of col >rs In Dress Silks, $1 60 and $1 75; B"c. yard under regular prices. A lot ol striped siflti, white ground, 76c., worth $1. > Very heavy striped silks, $1: regular price $1 25. Excellent black Silk.-, $1, $1 13, $1 25, $1 38 Splendid quality gros grain Silks, $1 50, $1 75 and $2. In Dress (toons we will open many novelties. A lot of very handsome white ground Grenadines, with wide satin strioe, choicest colors, 60c.; worth 8He. Black ground Grenadines, silk stripe, all colors, 25c. ^Batiste, plain aud striped, lor dresses, 16c., 18c..20c. and Great variety Mohairs, Alpacas, Poplins, good styles. 20c., 23c., 30c..35c., 38c., 40c. and 50c. yard. Mourning Goods in Cashmeres, Cretonnes, Tomfse Cloth aud other seasonable makes. GREAT BARGAINS IN LLAM A SACQUES AND POINTS. Lace Sacques, $7 50, $8, $'j, #10, $12. A lot of very fine Mama Sacques, $15, $16, $17; worth $20. Real Llama Lnce Points, $8, $10, $12, $14. A lot of very rich patterns Llama Points. $18. Real Thread Lnce Shawls, $?.'>, $lu<) and $123; half price. LACES AND EMBROIDERIES. We desire to call the special attention of our customers to a large lot of reul black thread Laces; have been slightly wet; are now quite perfect Also a large lot ol real Italian Laces, which we will offer oil Monday St quarter their actual value. Also a lot ol very cheap Embroideries, Rufllings, Handkerchiefs and Crepe Veiling*. BARGAIN'S IN HUN UMBRELLAS AND PARASOLS Club stick rnibrellas, shaded silk, sat 111 border, in pur ples. blues, browns, .balelainc attached, $2 7-> and $3 20. Heavy black sulk, lined, club stick liauflle, $3 to $3 CO. Misses' siik Parasols, 50c. to $1. Real pongee Sun Umbrellas,silk lined, best goods made. 93c., $1, $1 25, $1 50 and $1 75; inst half price. Twilled lined serge Umbrellas, 75c. and 88c. Plain bull lawn nun I'nfbrellas. 6i)c. ami i>3e. IN HOUSEKEEPING AND DOMESTIC GOODS. We will open on Monday a great bargain In Nottingham Lace Curiam* slightly soiled, 4 yards long, $1 75 pair: Worth $3 50. Real Lace Curtains Nottingham Laces, Applique Tidies. MILLINERY, RIBBONS AND TRIMMINGS. All the latest styles and low prices. All sflk gros grain sash and bonnet and trimming Rib bons, Windsor silk Ties and Fichus, trimmed with fringe; French Flowers and straw Goods, trimmed and un< trimmed, Passementerie Gimps, Braids, Muttons, Orna ments, I.lack aud colored Fringes, idalu aud knotted, ia ull colors. ? All qualities and styles in latest novelties in Paris and Vienna Fancy Goods, oxidized Ornaments, Ac., Shell. Whitby Jet, rubber and gilt Jewelry, in sets, Chatelaines. Bonnet, Press an ! Hair Ornaments, Russia leather, can vas and morocco Travc ling Bags and Pockcthooks. Soaps, I'eriumery, Toilet Powder anil Pulls. Forming the largest and most complete assortment on Sixth aveuue aud the lowest piices. 1'ICllAitD MEARES. .'07 and 309 Sixth avenue, 101, 103 and 105 Nineteenth street, I*. T. AT.SMITH'S PATTERN HAZAAK. !)!4 BROADWAY, XV near twentieth street?IMFOItTr.D PATTERNS ol all the SUM MEK 8TVI.ES now ready. CLOTH MODEb with each pattern We FIT patterns to the KOItM aud warrant them perfect; also Cutting aud Bastiug. Call early iu the day ; open until 6}j P. M. qrENADINES, 0reaadincs> Grensdlne?? two yards wide. w*rranted pure silk and wool, th' handsome Alpncs^ ^ 1 case Spanish1 1 ?P7,?'. torinerly $'* .'-V^cncl! a^.d'English Dress Goods St ft Full Uues ol *rc?$ucUoii, to closc. f A(.K5,0N'S. corner Broadway and Wavcrley place. H AiRin Removal. L. slIAW has removed his well known Hair Establishment to .?M Bowery, corner Fourth street, branch store. 3fi3 Sixth avenue, and begs leave to call the attention ol the ladies to his superb stock of Human Hair Goods of tlic best quality of hair only, of his own im portation and manufacture. As I have had numerous complaints from ladles who have been led astray bv unscrupulous imitators of my ad vertisements and bought interior goods, I call the atten tion of the ladies to 384 Bowery, corner Fourth street, which entire halloing I occupy. The largest stock of Human llalr Goods In tho city. All huir used in my establishment I import and manu facture myself, and is of the best quality only, and if any expert can prove that I use 111 mv goods any other qual ity but die best, or mix it Willi Italian or 1 lunese hair, which is generally applied to by other dealers, will re fund the money In every esse. ? I car. oiler to the public Inducements which cannot be superseded bv any or my competitors. All goods warranted a - represented. Price list Short Hair Switches $1 and upwards. Finest quality Hair Switches, solid, not dyed, 18 inches long. 4 ounces weight, $5. , . Do. 22 inches long, 4 ounces weight, $fi. Do. $0 inches long, I ounces weight, $8. Do. 32 inches Ion*. 4 ounces weight, $1U Shaw's patent llalr Switches, Sue. Long Single Curls, natural curlv? ? lucli, $2. 24 Inch, $.' 60. 26-incb, $4. Prise ts, 25cents per yard. Branch Store, 30 sixth'svenuc, between Twenty sccond and Twenty-third street* Ladies' own hair made over in latest styles. Combings made up 30 cents per ounce. Ooods sentC. O. D. by express, on receiptor color sod money, In registered letters or Post office order. II AIR OOODS AT WHOLI8AL8 PRICKS. Mrs. S. Kl TKLLUS, 401 Canal street between Sullivan and Thompson. Every description ol Kesl Hair Goods, vis., Braids, Chignons, Switclic , curls and Coronets, retailed tor 30 du\ s at great bargains. Ladies' llalr made up in all styles. Call and examine be tore buying elsewhere, .

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