Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 15, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 15, 1873 Page 2
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DRY GOODS. A T JAMES M'CREERY A CO.'S, 4 Jlroadwav and Eleventh street, fill commence. un Monday, Juue 16, tlioir great ClOSiQg ODt. HHl* of 111 j. nn-1 Oimmtr 0IIK*, at a jrent reduction in prices. ri?aille Tfan.tar.iut- Grisaille stripea, 75c,, 87>sc., $1 and $1 12K Elegant plain Colored Silks, in nil the now shades, suita ble for summer costumes, $! 7r?, S2, $2 25, upward. Plain Colored Mlk?, lor ti immuig, at ?l 25 and $1 Ml, An immense mock oi Bl.u k Silks, Of the celebrated brands ol Bonnet, I'oucet, Macor, Cache t mire. Ballon, Gulgnet, and the celebrated ?Tamos MoCreery A Co. Family Silk, guaranteed lor durability anil wear, at very low price* At jambs m'creery a co ?a, Br tadw-y and Eleventh Mtroot, will offer on MONDAY. .Inn.: 16, the balance of their imported Paris and Berlin Suits, at $2">, reduc'd lroiu $tft. Alio tlicir entire stock of batiste and poplin Suits, from S2U to $lu, being u reduction oi W per cent on former prices. A splendid assortment ol lawn and linen Suits, from St upward. La dies' ami children's Undergurments, at the following popular priced Children's drawer*, In all sizes fiOc . life.. 75e and 81. Children's Chemises, in all sizes, 3Uc., ?l, $1 25 and up ward. Children's Nightgowns, in all sizes, 91 50, $1 75 and up ward Ladies' Drawers, $1 and upward. Chemises, 75c. and up ward. Ladies' Nightdresses. $1 75. Toilet Sacques, $125. Ladies' Cor. <'overs, $1 12 upward. A choice hii J olegant assortment ol Infants' Goods, singly or in outfits, at popular prices, children's liuca and braided Pique .-uits in great variety. All our popular makes ol i'or?e: . l ruduccd prices. Special orders j rumptly attended to. A T JAMES M'CREERY A CO.'H, il Broadv. ay and Eleventh street, Greai bargains In M111 i tier v. Will offer on Monday, Juuo'16, their entire stock of Trimmed Bonnets ind Hound Hats, in real thread, French lace, swiss chip, straw and hair, ranging In price troin $5 to $20, being a reduction ol 40 per cent, to clcje the season. Also .Sun Hat*, lor Ladles and children, in great variety. AT JAMES M'CllKERY A CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street, will offer on Monday, June IB, grca. bmgains in real Laces of our own Importation, and purchased at the recent auction sales. Black thread Shawls at $60. >75, *30, SliiO, $135, $150. These prices arc much below cost of imports, lion. French Guipure ail 1 Cliantilly thread Lace, black !?nd colored Yak Lace. White and buff Ciuny l.ace and in^er ion. Llama anil thread lace Capes, fichus, Barbes, Coiffures and Parasol Covers. French, Hamburg anu embroidered Bands, Edgings, insertions and Flounc ings. Linen (dollars, Cuffs and Sleeves, plain and colored. f.ock Ruchings, I'taitiugs and Kurtilugs. Ladles' VVind sor and Grenadine Ties, in all the now shades. Also a large Block of ladies', misses' and gentlemen's hemmed and heimtilched Handkerchief.. Ladies' and misses' Parasols and .-.un Umbrellas, in blue, brown, ulaok, plum, and all the new colors to match suits. AT JAMES M'CREERY A CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street, Keal India Camel's llalr Shawls. Wenrc clearing out the balance ol our stock of real India, Stella and Ca.cutla Shawls, in red and blacti cen tres, at a great sacrilice. AT JAMES M'CREERY A CO.'S, Broadway ami Eleventh street. Llama Lace Shawls an I Sacques. Special inducements. Will oiler on Monday, .June lfi, Jecided bargains in Llama shawls and Saenues. TTaving made large purchases of these? goods ut the recent auction sale-, we. are able to ollor them them at 25 p. r ceui. less than tnc cost ot importation. i 11 n?f?? b |E 1111UH ERR jj 8 jjiin/f ssss I? a i i k a 8?o a I j EIGHTH AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY-FOURTH ST. [ ^ Swooping reductions in every department. Oar extraordinary bargains in Lace Shawls and Sacques continue to attract numerous customers, who pronounce our real Lluinu Goods fully Qity per cunt below Broad way prices. Keal Liama Lace Sacques at $0, $7, $10 up to $50. Real Llama Lace Sliawls ut $3 JJ, $ , *7 uji to *75. TLADIES' AND MISSUS' SUITS BELOW COST, f As the superintendent of this department bits departed for Europe, lo complete our Kail purchases, we have re solved lo close out all o ir Suits at t< ss than cost. Ladies >U1 do well to call early. tllTlES' C.NDERWEAR.^ Thocliespr t, b< s! made, tno-t elegant l ndarjarmetits in the' tiij. V. e invite < xainiuutioti. Beautiful Chemise, tucked boson, needlework front and 4d?re. at C'.ie. Ftuest Waiusutta Chemise in the city, at '.'Sc. Fine Skirl, lfi tn< ks in three clusters, at IMc. Night I'res-, tucked yoke from and back, at $1 05. We direct special attention to our assortment of fine Undergarment*. including the most beautiful styles m linen, cambric, percale., Ac. Ladies wishing to replenish their wardrobe, sh uld not fall to examine these goode. special nttcutLou given to Bridal Trousseaux. Extraordinary inducements In line Marseilles Cloaks, Dresses, Coats and Capes, Ac. HATS. HATS. 11 ACS. Ladies' best quality Sun and Garden Hats reduced to 4dc. Fine while 1-ua Hats reduced to 2Se. Ten cases finest white Chip Hats from 31 upwards. <s> BEST NEAPOLITAN H AI It "PARK," AT !t5o. | Our assortment comprises over lU.UUJriozeu Hat.s, which we arc otiering at startling prices. Rich Flowers, Sash and Trimming Ribbons, Millinery Notts, Crepes, Laces. Ac., all at bargains. PARA SOT.S. PARASOLS. PARASOLS. Beautrui I'ongee Parasolr. lull stiek, lined, with cha telam nnJ cup, reiiti ed to iJ lit; worth lull 50. Bcaiitiiul clui. -.tick I'arasol. trimmed with elegant fringe, lined in all colors, cl.alc.luluc atsaohed, ai $1; worth FANS. FANS. FANS. FANS. Silk Tans, carved ticks, at l-<c.; former price 60c. Silk leaih r-e.lgod 1 uns, sjiangled, carved bone sticks, at S7c. Satin Fan;, carved bone s'ick*. at65c. ; worth $1 25. Baritains in real Laces and Dross 'i'riiiiininvs, Eiiibroideries, black Dress Silks, tlorsets, Veils, Ac., Ac., at EEP.E H H RRii ~TT CC H U SSS ?' t, 11 11 R R 11 0 C H H S S " K I! II 11 R II C II 11 H !?: 11 11 It R II C H ll S Lh IIIIII>1 RKR II C II llllll S8S K H II It It II C H II S E II H R R II C H II S E II H R It II C C II II 8 S EEi'.E II II R It II CC H II SSH 2S7 and 283 Eighth avenue, near Twenty-fourth street. AT SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 9U BROADWAY, near twentieth street? IMPORTED PATTERNS of all tho MMMiiR SI'Vl.E- now ready. CEOfll MODEL with each pattern. We FIT palieriis to the FORM and warrant tin ut perfect; also ('intiiig and Basting. Call early in the day; open until C*-; P. M. GREAT SALE THIS WEEK OF Suits at BRADBURY BROS'., 31J and 314 Boworv., batiste, pci in end other Materials, Suits, Redingofos, &c. These Goods will be found unsur:ia -ed in Style and Finish, and at prices quite as low as interior work is hold xlsewb ore. Also juit from auction a large line of Llama Lace Sncqties and Shawls, tho best makes to be (ound in this market, and at little more than HALF THE USUAL PRICES, far below those of merchants who have imported their goods. BRADBURY BR08., 312 and 311 Bowery, one door below Bieecker strecl. AT V. VIGOROUS S, 122 I ol RTl'l AVENUE.?STAMP it'.r. Embroidery, Liugeiie Establishment. I.adit, and habits' Tious'eaux: specialty ol initials: Monograms tor llaiidken uiefs, Table and Bedclolh. Thelaigest .-"lock of French Embroldorcd Goods, Marseilles Dre-ses and baby Clo h; Corset Covers, ( ollar.-, (.'hemisc, banded Yokes, Nightgowns, Ac. Wholesale department Last Twellth street. AT MMK, J. IK UVEBKE'8, Ml SIXTH AVENUE,Ml, bi iv.eefi Twenty-sixth an 1 Twenty-seventh streets, stamping : ud Embroidery Establishment, ebilureu's pi.|UC Dresst s. stamped and already made; French Lin geries ami ladi.s I ndeigarinents : handsome Initials and M' iio;rse.i' e.iihroii'.ered lo order; Laces cleaned anil Hie:;<|. d C<|ttlll to new. fviMPAOMK I.YON'AISR DRES: MAKING ESTAB lisluncnt, No. II East Thirtii lh street, near FHlh uve nue.?Indies wn n ater.ul- made up promptly and punc tually Loi.'ln Dj FOSSE. I'Al L NEAJEAM A Co., Pro prietors. I) INEEI.JMI.L. 7'. Broadway, opposite Asfor place. Coiil.iiuafii.ii ot the great clearing out sale. In order ?(, ( r,t rely close out, Slnl greater bargains given away. Laces, Sashes knd Ties, Lacc Goods, Embroideries, Trimmings, Buttons, Ribbons, Silks, at less then SO cent* on the dollar. NoUr$?'Ten per cent discount on every purchase above on..' dollar, OWKKLPIKL 737 Broadway, 0|>| o-1uj astor plare. Look at the prices. ANOTII ,K GRAND DISPLAY. EXTRA < i BDIN A It Y H A KG AINS IN liLACK SILKS. 1873. SPRING IM PORI A'lTON. 1873. CHARLES IIEAltD A CO., 301 GRAND ST It I ET, will offer. Monday, luio 16. Un ?.|>litional pleees superior quality black SILK- : new goods, ol recent impo.laiioli, bought at auction saK* during the past week. Klch black Grosde Khine $ c , $1, $1 |o, $1 20 Extra rich Gros de i.iiiue $1 to, $i hi, $i so, $l u > Klch black Drapde Lyon $1. $1 10, $1 At, j?l 40 Rich black Drapde France $1 ID, $1 a), $1 .10, $1 50 Rich black Gros Gram .. $1. (I 1", $1 20, |l .30 Still richer Gross Grain. $1 40, $1 80, $1 6o, $1 75 Extra super Gros Grain $2, *2 M, X2 40, $2 50 Hatin flnliih tiros Orsin *2 A $2 50, $2 75, $d Also 07 pieces, In addition to their larpe linn ol spring and Summer check and striped SILKS, from 6.V. up. Friends, customers and strangers arc invited to call ami fitinlQt. CHARLE- HEARD A CO., 301 Oraud street. DRY OOOIML AT HMITll'H F'AT-'KKN BAZAAR, <114 BROADWAY, neht Twe-"?'th street? IMPORTED PATTERNS of' all the miimw-U SI YLES now ready. CI.OTII MODEL ?!!?'?ach paitern. We KI'I' patterns to (he FORM and warrant them perfect; also Cutting and Hasting. Call < srly in ilu- , I a j op.-rfi nut.. 1*. M. Fit DB 1'ERCEVAL, ? 7."*J Broadway, opposite Asior place. In runts' Cloaks, ('out* and Capes, Dresses, Saci|ues, Ac. Infants' Wardrobes, from $ft"> up. (.adles' Outfits. Bridal Sots, Ac. Monograms and Initials Embroidered to order. Eacci e'euned and mended equal to new. stamping and stamped (ioods. ND1A CAMELS' I1AIR SHAWLS AM) SCARFS at bargains. retiring trom business ami going to Europe in .lulv; will return the Isi oi October to finish 1 lie Nile ot India i hawls, an ' to which 1 nliull add any choice Shawl* I nisy And a'jr>ad. .1. RUSSELL, 33 East Twentieth street. MME. ANTOINETTE BERNIIEIM, 19 BRKVOORT place (Tenth .street), leaving lor Europe iu a low wseki, It will !>?? oi great advantage to the ladiea ba iore lrn ?. ing ior the watering places to procure great bargains, as i will s 11 at a groat sacrifice in order to re duce my stock in imported Co .tunics, (lachemlro Wraps and, Munteietleg, Batisle and (ireuaillne Polo naises, 1.inherits, Bonnets, i.'ouud Hats anil I aucy Ar tie lea. JL>RATT BROTHEitS, 801 Broadway, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets, are now oflering the largest and most beautiful selection ol'Ladies' Embroidered, Striped and Plain Batiste Polonaise and Suits. Embroidered and Plain l.incu Polonaise and Suits. Organdie atid Swiss I'olonaiso and Suits, both plain and elaborately trimmed. Loiter specialty prepared for school and seminary com mencements. We continue to manufacture those exiiuiaito Summer Silk Costumes, oi our owu design, rivalling all competition, domestic or foreign. Ladles' own material made up in the loost stylish and satisfactory manner. Our Dressmaking Department is conducted by first clats modistes iu the mosf economical and successful manner. OWEIIY. BLOOM'S. 338 liOWERY. Immense bargains In Llama Lace Sacques, Polonaise, Dolmans, Marie Antoinette, 1'iclius, Capes, Pam.sol Covers, black anil colored Yak Laces, white und eolored Cltmy Laces of every conceivable shade, the best selected stock in the city. Wo guarantee to sell superior goods at the same priccs charged lor interiur urticlcs elsewhere. MILLI'iERY AM) ORKSSfllAJKING. A?MAISON WAI.TON, 883 BROADWAY, AHUVH ? Union square, importer ot'Paris Bonnets and Eng li.,h Rouiitt Haw irom the loading houses in Europe; also a choice selection ot Uriilal Wreaths. Veils, ,ic. AT R. a. HASTINGS', IK EAST FIFTEENTH ?STREET, eboiienov<ltieaIn Bonnotaand Hats, from the lead ing Parisian houses; new Shapes, in black und white chips; Hue French Flowers, Ac. BROWN'S LONDON ROUND BATS.?B. BltOWN, sister oi' W. (J. Brown, New Bond strait, London, has now some elcgat styles, reduced to very low prices to close the season. 8M Broadway, between Thirteenth und Fourteenth streets. /"I M. OLNEY, IU PORTER OF FRENCH MILEI \J? nery, to reduce stock before July I, oilers an ele gant assortment of Summer Bonnets and Round Hats at less than cost ot importation. English Straw, French chip and Leghorn ilats, <tc. Elegant styles Mourning Bonnets. 3D East Fourteenth s"i'uL IADIES WISHING DRESS CAPS, NORMANDY CAPS J and (Children's llonnets will find a large assortment, at reduced prices, ut Mrs. MYERS', No. 3 Union square, west. side. SALES AT. AUCTION. A DRIAN H. MULLER. AUCTIONEER. XV levelling and Villa Plots, at Bavonne Cltv. N. .1. ADRIAN 11. MULLER, P. R. WlLKINS it CO. will sell at unction, on Tuesday, .lune 17, at 1- o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, No. Ill Broadway, desirable Villa Plots and an elegant. Mansion, at Kay oiiuc City, Bergen Point, N. J., and overlooking Newark Bay. 'I his property is reached by the New Jersey Cen tral Railroad c<3 trains dui'y), about hall un hour's ride from New York. It is m ar the Latnurctte House, nnd adjoins the properties of Timothy Brown, .samtiei Brown und Mr. Walton. There are good schools, stores and chare lies at I avonne. and tine boating, hatbing and fish ing. Particulars ut the office. A J. BLKBOK.BR, son & CO., AUCTIONEERS. ? Supreme Conrt Sale in Partition. Splendid Property on Bowery, spriug, Delnucey and Orchard streets. Tuesday, June 17, ut 12 M., at Exchange Salesroom. Ill) Broadway, under the dlrcct.on of Pluio T. Ruggles, Esq., reterec. Bowery?Premises Nos. 180; 1J-, 194, northwest comer of spring street. Spring street?Premises No. 5, in rear of the above ; the w hole plot has a frontage of 59.7 on the Bowery and iiH.4 on soring street Delaneey street?Premu-e.i Nos. SC. P8, 00 and 9?, north cast corner ot orchard street, containing 87.10 on Delau cey street und 75 leet on Or. hard. , sale peremptory, i'he title indisputable. Maps at No. 77 Cedar street. \J. BLEKCICKlt, SON' .t CO., AUCTIONEERS.?TUKS ? day, June 17. at 1- M.. et Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, tilth street?Three Lots, s. s., between 5th and 6th avenue Boulevard. Wednesday, June IS?Modern Cottage, 36x34, and four acres, near l ong Branch, beauliiully laid out, with every city ci nveuience, gas, Jce.; choice shrubbery, shade tri e?, At% Photograph at efflce. Thursday, June 19? Choice Property No. >>43 Seventh avenue, northwest cor ner Twenty ninth street, 20.9xC4, with two Houses theron, Stores 011 first floor and Dwellings above. Maps at 77 Cedar street. A RCH. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER, * J\ Office anil salesroom 37 Nassau strict, opposite the Post 1 dice ; Auction Branch 19 to ?5 East 'llurteenth street; Carriage Repository No. 8Curtlandt street. ADMINSTRATRIX'S SAEK ok HOUSEHOLD FURNI TURE, AC. ARCH. JOHNSTON will sell at auction, on Tuesday, .Tttno 17. at IcJa o'clock, at the salesroom 37 Nassau street, a large assortment ot curved walnut, rosewood and onk Parlor. Chamber and Inning Room Furniture; Office I1 nr niture, Carpets. Mirrori. oil Paintings, Ac. By order of the administratrix of the estate ot tho late M Doughtv. VIXEN B. MINER. AUCTIONEER Salesrooms !ia chambers and 77 Reade street, lute Henry II. Leeds A Miner. Establl-licd in 1S47. Horse Auction Mart, 337, 339 and 341 Fourth avenue, cor ner ot Twenty-ninth street." By ALLEN B. MINER ,t BRO. FRIDAY, JUNE at 10k o'clock, ut their salesrooms, 9*1 ('numbers and 77 Keade street, OENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MIRRORS. CARPETS, Ac., Ac. Details in time. t LBERT B. WALDBON, AUCTIONEER. JY By l>. W. I VES. Salesrooms I OP Liberty, 111 Cedar and 38 Church stroet. II'J Barrels and large Cases United States Mail Boxes, Mondav, at 1J o'clock, at No. 4 Old Slip. Sold for account of whom it mav concern to pay chargestorages and freight. Nine or 10 tons of Puts burg Iron, manufactured /or the United Stales Muii Com puny. Sale positive and premptorv. A RARE OPPORTUNITY J\ to those luruishingcify or country residences.?Over $30,00) worth oi Hon -liold Furniture, 700 yards Carpets, Plimoforte, Paintings. Mirrors, 1ft rosewood and walnut Chamber sets. .V spi ing in l h lir Mattrr-ses, (iluss, China and silver are, at I'util.c Auction, on Monday, June Hi, at 10 o'clock, a: the brown - lone mansion lot Fust Twenty fltth street, near Fourth avenue. E. l;oTU, Auctioneer. ADMINISTRATRIX'S SALE.?I. S. WKINBKROER, j\ Auelloneer. -i-ll- Tin s lav. June 17. at 15), Bowery, at 10', of.ock, lh" entire stock 01 l.iriuors. Wines and Champagnes 01 a wool, a'e and retail liquor dealer, in lots t' ,ui, ii, alf i s only; also office Furniture, Sates, Ac,, according to printed ttalogucs. By order ot Margaret Pendcrgras , Adm.nistratrix. HY I. V. CAMPBELL, Jit., AUOTIONKKB. C\MI'B 1.1. A CO. wi'.l sell, on Tuesday, In lots, en tire Stock, Fixtures of Uroccry Store, embracing gen eral assortment. Further particulars. BY J. W CAMI'BI EL, IK., AUCTIONEEK. ca V PBEi.ii CO. will sell on to-morrow, Monday, entire elegant Household I uriiitiirc ot private family In h ing slri' , .?u| erb our round coriu r I lanoforte, maker H allies, city. Foil parncularson day ?l sale. CaMi'JEEE A Co., :>4.-i Hudson street By f. colton, auctioneer. Administrator's sale elegant II, u eh I I 1 urmt ire, i'l,elaii A ( ollender Car roin Billiard Inhle, I' linos, Ac. On WE ON i' OA \ , Jun- IS, at 11 o'clock, at the private residence >1 East I iily-lourth street, near Madl-on avenue. The entire elegant Parlor, i'edro 111, Eil.rary nnd Mining Room Furtilture, rich "lireii'las < Ixture-, superb gilt Pier and yiuu'el m r,.-?. Br,>n -es . Anon rosewood seven oetave I'ianolorlo; Parlor Suits, in crimson saiiu; inrk irn J.ihrnrv Suit, . uliegany llookea? ??. ( ibraiy 1'abie, rich ? n>el black sa.imt Hulh't, i xtemion iuhle and > hair-. ?.ir.' h.ack wai.ui BedsUu Is and bureaus, beni curl I liu.r .Mattiesses, I'ol- e-sanl Pillows, Spring Be N. w i;11>? i, veivet and i riiisels i'arpela. In good order, 'lb- iv. ntuio ha been made to order by Pottler A Mvmiis ft. I Ilu c ling-, .as fixtures m m oall A Black. More in: i.rlu u a on Til' s lay. Catalogues can I e hud at thi ah-rooni, I Ea-f Thirteen Ii sir et, oil iuesday. n\' liAORDINARY ?j SALE ot elr??.?.ut carved Ornamental Work, In black walnut, i, i. wa'uu. an gl.i ??, ma, le, Ac., suitable lor the dtsn? in/ r. oui, boudoir, ubraiy, preseutauou, Ac , Ac. The entire stock ol Hi" ?SWi. .i .NlJFACTUBItfO COMPANY, 'Ji East I oiirtienth street, to be soi l, without reserve, on account of removal. NOW on EXIll BITION, day and evening. at the Clinton Mnll ml sr -oins, and tobesiddon Monday and iue_-d.iv, 16th and 17tb, eoinmencing at 3>? and 4 o'clock P. >1. each day. DEALERS IN 1!< '>KK, ?TATUiM.i.Y, FANCY (iOOD-, PICILliK I AMI'S, Ac in 111,1", !? AM ES, Ac., will find these goods pariicularly adapted to their sales and u greai. opportunity for bargains. Special, to tin' Trade. On all amounts less than v 00, net cash ; on all amounts more than $100, four mouths credit lor approved eu dora?il notes. The Messrs LEAVITT, Auctioo>"VE& NALES AT\ AT7CTIOW. ELEGANT RESIDENCES at Elizabeth, N. J., at auction. A. J. liLEKCKKR, SON A CO. will h?1I, at the Exchange Salesroom. on Wednesday, the 18th Junr. three very superior brick and brown stone Houses and lots of Oround in fee, on Broad street, near Westfleld avenue, each ^t leet by tt and 100; Very Mil erlor structures, of selected materials of bi^t quality; bum by days' work; tin- ino.itcomplete dwelling.- oi llie kind In the city. Particulars in handbills. Relertoauc tioueera, No. 7< Cedar street, New York. Also u large piece of Ground adjoining the re ir, the whole within two min utes' watk oi the crand Central depot, adjoining the ;>rop i rty and hunlsome residence of cx-Chancellor William aon. TjIDWARD sciie.nck. auctioneer. l'j lurkish Turkish Itugs. lty EDW. SCHKNCK, on Tuesday, 17th Inst., at (30 Llb erty street, at 12 o'clock, a large invoice of the lineup quality of Turkish Rugs, now u;i exhibition. TJtDWARD SCHKNCK. AUCTIONEER. J3j Elegant Uiiiieinan Son's Cycloid Piano. I'-y order or an exi -cutor, on Tuesday, 17th inst.,atG0 l Iti rty street, at 1 o'clock The piano is fully equal to new. J'EKE. JOHNSON, .11!,, AUCTIONEBB, 21 Park row, Ntw Vork. , Immense opening sale In Weslelicbter ot 800 prime Lots in Twenty-fourth ward. New York (h- -tnuexed), on Wood lawn Heights, by positive and ni remj tory order ot lion. ex-Mayor opdyke and Edward K. Wiliurd, I <q? under direction of Messrs. Potter Bros., on, MONDAY, June 10. This splendid estate is iininediii.ely at tho junction of the llurlciu utul New tinven Kailroaas, tuliacent to Cen tral avenue, Jerome l'ark. and the New York ai d .Mon treal Uuilroad, 40 minutes froin . or.v-.-ccond street, and by annexation is to be situated in the Twenty-fourth ward ol New York city, (tircetly on fie line oi tue march ol Improvements. Special train will leave Grand Central input at eleven o'clock. Seventh Itcginicul Hand, llairiuou. Grand collation under the great tent. li lormy the sale will take place Wednesday, June 18; same ticket good. Kmc chance to buy city Lots at country prices. 'I wins?10 per cut cash and 60 per cent three years, with the extraordinary privilege of naif, yearly, or quar terly payments, at option of purchaser. For iree excursion tickets, maps and information apply to l'O'l'TER BROS., audit", Nos. 4 and b Warren street, or their Fordham branch oflice, or to J ERE. JOHNSON, Jr., aiictioneer, No. 21 Park low. New York. JBRE. JOHNSON, JR.; J. M. GIBSON, AUCTION cers. Continuation sale. Auction extraordinary. Gigantic offering of prime Business and Suburban Prop erty, in Marion. Jersey City, WEIiNl'.SUAY, JUNE Is, 1873, at 12 o'clock M., on the premises, by imperative order, in partition of The Marion Building Company, comprising the St. James Hotel, of 125 rooms, handsomely finished and furnished; gas, pressure water; every modern appliance lor comlort and convenience; erected and luriushed at cost or ?100,000; together with the handsome Grounds attached: trout 75 to 150 choice boarders the year around ; n fortune for a hotel keeper. Twenty-six pretty, co^ey, modern Dwellings and Lots, and 75 unrivalled Docks and Water Fronts on the HackcnsacK River, suid to bo 7d leet in channel and Ifi teet cold water lit hanks, adjacent to the Pennsylvania Railroad Works, the largest and finest in the world. Also, to crown tlio greatest sale ever made in New Jersey, 927 super-eligible Lots, worth $1,000,000. The most accessible, convenient, healthy and rapidly appreciating ol any sites ill Now York, in the very heart of the outwork oi railroads, accessible by ;;2 trains dally and throe lines of horse ears; only eight minutes from Icrry: nearer City tia.ll than Twenty-third street. All closed out under tlie hummer, without limit or reserve, 'terms liberal. (Irafulla's famous Hand, tho Inimitable Harrison and a sumptuous collation will render business pleasant. Take special train, Pennsylvania Uailroud, at 11,'j o'clock, foot ot Cortlandt and De.sbrosses streets. Kor lull descriptive maps,excursion cards and information apply to GILES, WALKS A CO., 13 Maiden lane; toJERE. JOHNSON, Jr., Auctioneer, 21 Park row, New \ork, or to J. M. GIHoON, Auctioneer, 31 Montgomery street, corner of Green, Jer sey City. J EBB. JOHNSON, JR., AUCTIONEER. Turnout! turn out 11 turn out!! I tor Glorious Wliitestonc, L. I. It will be the last and only call this season. Augustus K. Week us, owner, through George Van Slcleu, Attorney, has ordered a brilliant auction sale of tlie remainder ot his choice Property, consisting of 250 splendid Lots, centrally located in this delightful and elegant suburb, on THURSDAY, June ltf, on the premises. Metier lots are not lo be had iu White stone. Let the occasion he a grand and memorable one. A splendid Banquet, Weeks, caterer, will he served under a new and magnificent canvas pavilion, not to tie surpassed on the Continent, and never before used ut an uuclion sale, i lie leader ot Grfttulla's famous Baud Is preparing new and choice music tor tlie occasion. Harrison, the greatest improvisators in the world, will sing songs lie never knew. Lot buyers turn out in lull force and attend fills great sale. Put some money in your pockets to pay deposits on Iol> you purchase Special train will leave New York at 11 o'clock sharp. For maps and tree tickets apply toJKRK. JOHNSON, JII., '-I Purk row, New York. J EKE. JOHNSON, JR., AUCTIONEER. Excursion to the Ocean. r ale Extraordinary. Nino Cottages and 7j sea side Villa Sites, on tho Muriue Puvlilou i.round.-., on the ocean, at Far Rockaway, nt auction. SATURDAY, JUNE -I, ai 2 o'clock P. M., oil the premises. tir.itulla's s-evenih Regiment Rand, Professor Harrison and Collation. Kor free excursion cards, maps and particulars apply to JERK. Johnson, Jr., Aucuonccr, No. 21 Park row, New Vgr .. . TACOB BOO ART, AUCTIONEER. eJ Marshal's sale, Monday, tune IB, at 11 o'clock, Rt the auction rooms Nil. I North William street, a siock of Dry Hoods, Dress Oi.ods, Sttks, Fancy Goods, Trimmings, Hosiery, I'lireads, Gloves, gentlauicns' burnishing Goods, Shirts, Neckties. Collars, Gloves, Clothing and the entire Stock oi a retail store. < ash deposits reuuired. JOHN ll. MURPHY, Marshal First District Court. TAMES CAGNEV, AUCTIONBER, RBAL ESTATE ?I and Loan Broker, fill Hudson street.?Kleuant House hold Furniture, to-mot row (Mondavi, at 10}a o clock, of f story lirov n stone private residence No. IIKI 3.1th ?t., sale most peremptory, to be removed forthwith, con si-ting ot elegant 7 octave piano, by steedman; Me lodeon, nearly new; pier Mirrors, lace Curtains, black walnut Parlor Suits, elegant black walnut Chamber Suits, tine neddlng, curled hair and spring Mattresses, Brussels and three-ply Carpet-, had md stair Carpets, Nut Racks, Extension Table and Chairs, Ma chines. Kitchen Furniture, Ac. Catalogues at sale. L EWIS E. WOOD, AUCTIONEER. Great auction sale, without reserve, of the admirable Uomestcad and elegant Grounds ot the lIn- late K. C. I u-hte, Esq., tlie well known piano manufacturer, together with Forty splendid Lots, situated on Bergen avenue, t'nion street and West Side avenue, in the best part of Bergen, Jersey City, to be held en MONDAY, June Ifi, at2-.0o'clock, on the premuss. All the unpr ivements, such as paving, sewering, water and gas, luvc already bein made ai d nui 1 lor. This :>ropcrt> is in the midst of a r'rst c'a-ss built up elty neighborhood, and will soon Immensely advance in value It wit) positively iie sold to the highest bidders fr. rder oi'the executor, Thomas Rlgnoy, to close up the ojtate. Terms very easy, and free lunch on the ground?. Take ^o'clock P. M. train of the Newark and New York Railri id. loot oi Liberty.sUeeL and get offal Berjen av enue station from there it is distant only three minutes' walk. Fare, 10 cults, time, 17 minute-. Oil. PIERSON, AUCTIONEER.?BY O. II. PIER . SON A CO., Auctioneers arid DciiI ts in Keai Es tate. No. 5 Pine street. New York, Peremptory -ale ut public auction on Thursday. June 19, 1>7:1, <t> 2 P. M., on the firemlses Kt Willianisbridge, Westchester county, .N. V., to beautliul city Lois, by order of I'. C. \uthony, K>q. Only t i minutes from Forty-second street by liarlem and New York Railroad and three mluutes' walk from depot; AO trains dally, the village lies on loth sides o. the Bronx River, and will be in the Twenty-fourth ward of the cttv of New York when Westchester annexation ts completed. Tht ground on each sid# rises on a gradual slope from tlie banks oi the river, and affords numerous beautiful and commanding building dies; lour minutes this sine ol Wo-iillawn. Special train will leave (Irani Central depot atl : >8 P. M, day ot sale. Splendid rnusio bv Orutullir's Hand. Luncheon before the sale. Maps, free passes and particulars "t ti e auctioneers. o. II. l'lEHMJN .v CO., No Fine street, New York. I).\WNBROKhR8' SALES. Ily THOS. J. McCRATH, Auctioneer, 13.1 Chatham st Monday. Men's and women's Clothing, Budding. Ac. By order I". Gtiuley, Division street. 'luesday, Wamen'st'li tiling. Bv order Hugh MoAlocnan, Second avenue. Wednesday, Men's and iVomen's Cloiliing. Hi order M. -Pleiniaii, tireonwich street. 'I nursday. Men's and Women's (nothing. By order M. I.evv, Cratiil street. ? Friday, Men'sana Women's Clothing. By order K. Spareraberg, Broome sireef. PAW NBROKERS' S \LES.?BY RICHARD FIELD, Sheriff's anil General Auctioneer, salesroom 121 BOwerv Tuesday, June 17, by order Simp son. Greene ,v Co., 1*6 Bowery, .<>1 lots Men s'aud Women's Clothing; Wednesday, June H, by order Henry McAlee nan, Eighth avenue, !iuu lots Men's end Women's cloth ing; Ttiui.vlay, Jinn- 111, liv order Mrs Fill',nil, l.r> West Thirty-ninth street, 800 lids Men's and Women's * lothlng; ? ridsy, .'line 20, by order I), lie, East Broadway, MO lots Men's and Y> omen's Clothing. ?PAWNBROKER'S SALE,-MONDAY, JAMBS AGAR, .1 Auctioneer, will sell, at 49 New Bowery, .mxj lots Men's and Women's Clothing mid seasonable goods. By order of Mrs. A. Smyth, East Sixteenth street. 1>AWNBKOK Klt'S SALR. ?TIIt'ltSD^Y, JAMBS J ah a it. Auctioneer, will sell, at S9 New Bowery, goo lots, shawls, Remnanls, Underclothing, I'abln Linen Sheet*, spreads. By order ol John Martin, 61 M ulberry street. 1)AWNBRO;C ER'S SALE.?SAM. FOKEST. AUCTION eer, will sell at 17 Bowery, to-morrow (Monday), WW lots men's and women's choice Clothing, lledding and other Goods. By order Solo moil stern. I wentv-sevciilh street O IIEl!MAN, AUCTIONEER. O. Largo sale ol Wines, Liquors cigars, Champagnes, tic... Monday. June lt>, at 10k o'clock, at tlie salesroom. 13 Bowery, the entire Stock?vlr.., of about cusks im ported Port, Sherry, Claret and lthlue Wines; ??> tiarrels choice Bourbon and rye Whiskey, casks Brandies, oin, Itu'ii, Ac.. al-o about :*00 rases Wines anil Liquors, Cham pagnes; Cigars, Sates, Desks, Ar. Sule positive. Deal ers IuviUd By order ot A. Merchantile, Assignee. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, on Monday, at 10H o'clock, at the livery stables, 87 and 80 Wouster street, a number nl Horses, Coaches, double and single Trucks, sets of Stogie auil '*?"bln Har ness. see auction sales. BALKS AT AUCTION. WILLIAM ABBOTT, auctioneer. By virtue of a chattel mortgage 1 will sell on MON DAY, lit. 10Vv o'clock, at the livery stable* H7 and 69 Woo.t ter street, seven Horses, eight Coaches, eight acts double Coach Harness, three sets of double rrtick Harness, two sets single Harness; three Trucks, two double and one single : sixteen Hors?j Collars, three Blankets, Kobe*. Ac.

WILLIAM ABBOTT, Jr., Attorney lor Mortgagee. Cilice 50 Now Flowery. w 23d M. TOPPING A CO., Auctioneers, 132 Church street MONDAY. June lrt, IU73, large anil attractive semi-weekly -ale of SOU ca.->es Soft Hats, Panama Hats and Straw Goods. WARD, NEW YOHK. OLIVER BRYAN, Auctioneer, US Broadway, will soil at public auction, to the highest bidder (terms liberal), on the premises, Tuesday, July 1, 1873, at 11% A. M., 52 valuable Building l.ois (all restricted ns against nuisances), situated on high ground. natural ?lope, on ilin Urand Southern Boulevard. North new York and adjoining Port Morris ltailroad depot, between I35tli and l::fi,li .treeu>. 10 in'nutes' walk (rom boat landing at Harlem Bridge: this property for investment is unsurpassed in Westchester countv; flawed, curbed and guttered, with gas; no assessments; all pulil. 0 EUS'OI1 IB All s'l B A M SIKPS. NLY DIRECT DINE TO KRANGE. THE GENERAL TRANSA'l'LA NTIfl COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YOKE AMJ HAVRE, CA l.LIN(J AT BREST. The splendid >0iscls on this favorite route for the Con tinent Will sail from pier No. 50 North ltiver as follows PEE1ERK, Daure Saturday, June 28 ST. LAURENT, Lemaire Saturday July 12 VII,LE DE PARIS Saturday, July 26 V1LLE DU IIAVKE, Surtnont Saturday, Augtut 9 PRICE OP PASSAGE IN GOLD (Including wine) TO BREST OR HAVRh\ First Cabin, $125; Second Cabin, $75. Excursion Tickets at reduced rates. These steamers do ??o?. carry steerage passengers. American travellers going to or returniu^' from the Continent of Europe, by taking this line, avoid both transit by English railway and the discotniorts of cross ing the Channel, besides saving time, trouble and ex pense. GEOilOE MACKENZIE, Agent, Ag Broad way, NOTE.?Railroad 'tickets between I'arisuud Vienna at reduced rates. QTEAMER VILLF. DU HAVRE, FOR BREST AND ?!} Havre, will leave pier No. 5J Rorth River, foot of Morton street, oil Saturday, Jnue 14, at 8k? o'clock, Pas sengers are requested to be on board at 7y, o'clocK A. M. GEOI'.GE MACKENZIE, Agent WHITE STAR LINE. FOR OUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL. New and tull-powcred steamships. sailing from New York on Saturdays, from Liverpool on fhursdays, calling at Cork Harbor each way. ADRIATIC Juno 28, ut 3 P. M. BALTIC July 6, otl-JU P. M. CELTIC July 12, at 3 1?. M. OCEANIC July 19, atl P. M. ?From the Wnite Star dock, Puvonia lerry, Jersey City. Passenger accommodations for all classes? unrivalled, combining snt'etv, speed and comfort. Saloon:), staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms In midship section, where least motion is felt Surgeons umi stewardess accompany the steamer. Rates?Saloon, $10,J, golu; steerage, $ >0 In currency. Those wishing to send lor friends in the Old Country can now obtain steerage prepaid ccrtltlcates, $32, cur rency. Passengers booked to or from all parts of America, to Paris, Hamburg, Norway, Swedcu, India, Austrulia, Cnlna, Ac, Drafts from ?1 unwards. For Inspection of plans and other information apply at the company's ottice, f'J Broadway, New York. Bilis of lulling issued to Contiu ental ports. J. H. SPARKS, Agent North german lloyo steamship company. For Southampton and Bremen. The steamship KoLN. Captain II. C. Franeke, will sail on Wednesday, Jutie 11, at 2 P. M., from Bremen pier, loot of Thir l street, tlobokon, to he followed by steam ship HERMANN, Captain G. Reicliniann, on Saturday, June 14. Kates of passage to London, Havre and Bremen, paya ble in gold or its equivalent in currency ;? First Cal.iu $120 Second Cabin 72 Steerage 30 For freight or passage apply to oelrichs A CO., Agents, No. 2 Bowling Green. TQOMINION LINE. Steam to Liverpool direct The first class, full-powered, new and elegant British sicamshlp, LORD CLIVE, 3,3110 tons register, will sail on Monday, June it), irom pier 23 East River. Rates of passage :? Cabin, $70 and $80 currency, according to accommoda tions. For freight or passage apply to SNOW A BURGESS, Agents, tiC South street. UNITED states MAIL line.?STEAM TO QUEENS town and Liverpool. Sailing every Wednesday. WISCONSIN, Captain Freeman, Jr June 18, at noon NEVADA, CaDtaln for.syth June 25, at3 P. M. From pier4C North River. Cabin passage, $80, gold; steerage, $;>0, curroney. Prepaid tickets, $32, currency. Passenger^ booked to and from Paris, Hamburg, Nor way ami Sweden, Ac. Oralis on Ireland, England, Franco una Germany at lowest rales. Applv to WILLIAMS A ODION, 29 Broadway. INMAN line. For Qiieen.stown and 1 .ivoroool. Royal Mail steamers are appointed to sail as follows:? city OF BRISTOL Thursday, June 19, 1 P. M. CITY OF BROOKLYN Saturday. June 21, 2 P. M. city OF ANTWERP Saturday, June ZS, 8 A. M. CITY OK LIMEUICK Thursday, July .s, noon. CITY OF CHESTER Saturday, July 5, 1 P. M. and each succeeding Saturday und ihursday, from pier 45 North River, RATES OG PASSAGE. Cabin?$70, $80 and $'J0, gold, according to accomnio datum. Round trip tickets at low rntes. " Steerage?To Liverpool, ytieenstown, Glasgow. Lon donderry, London, Bristol or Cardiff, $M Prepaid certili cates, $12 currency. Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Swe den, Norway, Denmark und Purls, at reduced rates. Drafts Issued at lowest rates. For Cubln imssige and general business apply at the Company's office, No. 15 Broadway. l or steerage passage, a'. 33 Broadway. JOHN O. DALE, Agent, or to O'DONNELL A FAULK, 40.! Chestnut street, Philadel phia. ? M. 8. CREAGn, 102 State street, Boston. F. C. BiyiWN, 32 South Clark, corner Lake street, Chi cago. WILLIAM INMAN, Liverpool, and No. 9 Rue Scribe, Paris. C1UNAHD LINE. J NOTICE. With the view of diminishimr the chances of collision, the steamers of this line will henceforth take a spec ill. <1 course tor all reasons of the year. On the Outward Passage from Otioenslown to New York or Boston, cro sing meridian of 50 ut 43 lut, or nothing to the north oi 43. On the Homeward Passage, crosHn? the meridian of 50 at 42 lut., or nothing to the north ot 42. C1UNARD LINE. J THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS betweon New York and Liverpool, calling at Cork Har bor. FROM NEW YORE. ?ALGERIA..Wed'y, June is BATAVl A. .Sat'day, June 21 ?RUSSIA Wed'y, June Si CALABRIA.Sat'dy, June 28 ?JAVA. .Wednesday, July 2 PARTHI A. .Sat'day, July 5 ?O0BA..Wedncsd'y, July 9 SAMARIA..Sat'day July 12 ?SCOTlA..Wednes'v, July 1H ABYSSINIA..Sut'y, Ju1 19 Steamers marked thus ? do not carry steerage passen ' And every following Wednesday and Saturday from New York. ' RATES OF PASSAGE :-Cabin, $80. $100 and $130, ;;old, according to accommodations. Tickets to Paris, $15, gold, additional. Return tickets on tavorable terms, steerage, $30, currency. Steerage tickets irom Liverpool and t}ueen*town and all parts of Europe ut lowest rates. For freight and cabin passage apply at the Company'" office, No. 4 Bowling Green- for steerage passage, 111 Broadway, Trinity Building. CHaRLES 0. francklyn. Agent, or to P. H. I)U VERNET, eorcer Clark and Randolph streets, Chicago, III. The hamhuim-american packet company's iron muil steamship TIIURINGIA, Captain J. Meyer, will sail on ihursday. Juno 19, at 2 P. M., lor Hamburg, taking passengers irom New York to Plymouth, London, Cherbourg and Hamburg First cabin, $130. Second cabin, $72. Steerage $30, payable in United States gold, KDNHAROT A CO., C. B. RICHARD .v BOAS, lietieral Agents, General Passenger Agents. 61 Broad street, New York. til Broadway, New York. The CIMBRIA \v111 sail June 2fl. IJIORCARDIFF, BRISTOL, LONDON AND ALL OTHER y points in England and Wales. The South Wales Atlantic Steamship Company's new first class steamships will sail irom Pennsylvania Rail road whart, Jersey City, as tollows:? GLAMOUOAN lune 18 CABIN AN !> ST EE ROE PASStiNGKRS. First cal>:ti $75 and $S'i, currency. Second cabin $.'>5, ciirrencv. Steerage $:?, currency. Prepaid steerage Certificates from Cardiff, $30 currency. Drafts for ?1 and upwards. For lurther particulars apply to ARCH11IALD BAXTER A CO.. Agents, 17 Broadway. New York. riiin PASSENGERS FOR STEAMSHIP GLAMOR V ' OAN to Cardiff on the 18th Inst, will be conveyed on board by tug steamer leaving Barge office, White hall sireet. nearSouth terry, at 2 P. M. ot that day. A tew eligible berths by above steamship still disengaged. Apply to ARCHIBALD BAXTER A CO., Agents, 17 Broadway. National link of steamers. Weekly to Queenstown and Liverpool; fortnightly to London direct. TO yUKKKSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, from niers 44 and 47 North River ECYPT, Grogau Saturday, Juno 14. at8 A. M. CANADA, Webster Saturday, June 21, all P. M. SPAIN, Grace Saturday.Junejs. atSA. M. ITALY. Thompson Saturday, July 5, at 12 M. FOR LONDON DIRECT. DENMARK, ('apt. Sumner .Thursday, June 215, at 1 P. M. THESE STEAMSHIPS ARE THE LARGEST IN THE TRADE. Cabin passage? $80, $9o mid $100. currency. Return Tickets at reduced rate*. Hteerage, in, cnrruncv. Prepaid steerage tick, is tfoin Liverpool, Qneenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Hrlstot or Umdon AT THE LOWEST RATES. For further information apply at the Company's office, 69 Broadway. F. W.J. HURST, Manager. CTATK LINK. O NEW YoltK TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, BELFAST AND LONDONDERRY. Passenger accommodations unsurpassed. These elegant, new Clyile built steamers will sail from Slate Line pier, Fulton forry, Brooklyn, N. Y , as lol lowe? VlltolNlA Wednesday, June 25 ALABAMA Wednesday, July 9 pennsylvania .. We Itiesday, July 23 GEORGIA Wednesday, August 6 ami every alternate Wednesday thereafter, faking pas sengers at through rates to all parts of Oreat Britain and Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Drafts tor ?1 and upwards. For freight or passage apply to AUSTIN BALDWIN AGO., Agents, No. 72 Broadway. Steerage passage office, Nq. 46 Broadway. EUROPEAN HTEAMSnTM. J^ORSE AMERICAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY, Regular itcun communication with I<nJoHi The flue, 0r?t class, full powered steamship I 8T. OLAF, I t Chr. Hi lie, comtnun jtr will leave the Company's dock, Harbeck Stores, Brook lyn, on TUESDAY, Juno 24. 1'assenxers booked and torwardea ny the Company's own steamers to Norway and Sweden. To be followed by the~stoamship PETER JEB8EN, Oapt. Wolff (extra), and~th711ARALD I1AARFAGER, Capt. Lundou, July & Rate of Parage Cabin. hteeragc. To London $66 currency. $30 currency. To Christiana and Hereon. H:( currency. 38 currency. For Might or passage jjDTR A CO.. 11 South William street. General Agents. /"lOOK'S KOREIQN TICKETS. ? COOK, SON A JENKINS 202 Broadway, between Warren and Chambers streets, sell the actual Tickets re quired for nearly 100 tours in Ireland, ?' cotland and Eng laud, by all sea routes from amnion to the Comment; tor over 50t) tours, embracing Germany, Uio Rhine. Bolgiuuk Austria, Italy, npuin, France and Switzerland, tickets to Egypt. Turkey, Greece, Palestine and rouua liie worlu, all at ureal reduction'', enabling one or more per sons to travel as they please, by rail or au tamer, and at all times and perfectly independent o' largo parties. COOK'S Hotel Coupons, guaranteeing first cla-s accom modations at over 300 hotels at all points in Europe, at llxed and uniform rates. ? , COOK'S Excursionist (or Juno gives foil particulars as to iletails of travel aud expenses. Price 10 cents, by mall, prepaid. Passengers uv the eiropean steamers shoulil sreuro a copy of APPLETON'S EUROPEAN UUIOE BOOK, before leaving, to study up their route. E). API'LKTON li CO., Publishers, 549 and 551 Broadway, New York. UNITED STATES PASSPORTS PROCURED WITn despatch trom the stale Department at W ashing ton, by JOHN A. McSOKI.EY, Passport Agent. 4* Pine street I EUROPEAN TRAVELLERS will KIND TRUNKS Li lor staterooms and Continental travel. Chmrs and Rugs tor the steamers, Ac., at JOIIN CATTNACH'S, 736 Broadway, near As tor place (removed from corner ot Broadway and Wall street). UNITED STATES PASSPORT BUREAU.?OFFICIAL Passports of the Department of state issued by A. C. W1LLMARTH, Unlle.l SUteB Court House, 41 Cham bers slreet _ frtOR SALE?TVTO FIRST CLASS TICKETS TO HAVRE, 1 Prance, on any of the French line of steamers, at a liberal discount. Address box 5,197 New York Post ofileo. Trunks in great variety for staterooms European travel, Ae., at CRuUCFI A FITZGERALD'S No. 1 Maiden lane, corner of Broadway, and 65fi Broad wav, between Prince anil Spring streets. Photograph ot trunks mailed Ironi the factory, 362 West Forty,-flrst st COA8TW18E NT EAMSH1PS* PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S LINK TO CALIFORNIA, JAPAN AND CHINA, Via PANAMA, CARRYING MAILS, PASSENGERS AND FREIGHT TO ASPINWALL, PANAMA SANTA MARTHA^ GREY TOWN AN I) PACIFIC COAST OK MEXICO, CENTRAL AMERICA, PERU AND CHILE. June 20.?Steamer COLON, Captain s. P. Griffin, will leave pier 42 North River, all2 o clock novn, for Aspin wall direct, connecting at Panama with the steamer MONTANA, Captain Parker, to leave Panama on or about June 29 for Sen Francisco, and calling at Acapulco, Man zanillo, M.izuilun and San Diego, and also connecting lor all Central American and South Pacific ports. De partures of 10th and 20th each month trom f.ew York connect witli the Company's steamer touching at san Benito, Tonata, Salina Cruz anil Port Angel, rim splendid steamship COSTA RICA will leave San Francisco on or about Juno 24 for Honolulu. Sandwich Islands. One ol the Company's splonilid steamers will leave San Francisco July 1, 1S73, for Japan and China. If or rates of passage, treight anil all further Information apply at Company's otllce on the pier, foot ordinal Af,cnt Atlas steamship company. Mall Line lor West Indies, Havana and Spanish Main. The steamers are appointed to sail trom pier 12 North River, for Turk's Island, Jamaica uiul Sav&iuila.l CLARIBEI June 30 ATLAS (uow) Jn'y ? For Port au Prince and Venezuela, ARIEL July-* For freight or lmiMco apply to PIM, PUR WOOL) CO. Agents, 5i> Wall ami Ml most. D 1RECT LINE TO HAVANA, Progreso and Vera Cruz. New York and Mexican Mail Steamship line, leaving pier No. 3 North River, at 3 P. M., EVERY THURSDAY. CITY OK HAVANA (Havana only) June 19 CITY OF MK RID A (Havana only! .1 line 26 CITY.OK MEXICO (Havana and Mexico) mly 3 CITY OF HAVANA July 10 For treight or passage apply to F. ALEXANDRE A SONS, g Broadway. J^EW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINK. j These first class steamships will rail every Tuesday at i 3 P.M., trom pier 13 North River (loot ot Cedar street), | tor Havana direct, us follows:? , COLUMBIA Juno Si I WILMINO TON June 21 MORRO CASTLE .....? ? ???? ? '"ly 1 supplementary mall ou pier at a quarter to three P. M. on day ol sailing. Fpr freight or passage (having magnificent accommo dations) apply to willIAM P CLYDE A CO., No. fi Bowling Green. D. McKF.LLER Agent In Havana. NEW YORK ANl) BERMUDA STEAMSHIP LINE. For Hamilton ui:d st. George, Bermuda, carrying the United States Mail. Tne steamship AL1IEMAKLE, Read, Ma.ster, will he despatched lor the above ports trom plcr.TT, N'. R., on Saturday, June 21, at 3 o'clock P. M. Fur treight or pa'sage, having elegant accommod? Hons, apply to Lli.ST BROTHERS, 28 .-ouih sUvct. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT The Cromwell Steamship Line. The steamship GEORGE WASHINGTON will leave pier No. 9 North River on Saturday, Juno 21, IH7.1, at jP.M. Freight received dally. Through rstesglven to Galveston, lndlanola, Rockfort or Aransas wharr, Brazos, Santiago and .->t. LouU Cabin passage, $6f; steerage, $2 >. For freight or pas age apply to CLARK A seaman, West street IJIOB NEW 0BLEAN9 DIRECT. I MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE. The steamship MI88Ig8im< Captain M. 1!. Crowell, lrom pier 38 North River foot ot North Moore street), on Saturday. June il. at 3 o'c'ock P. M. Freight received daily. Through rales given to St. Louis, Vieksburg, Mobile. Galveston and tndianoln. For treight or nnssag ?. Paving superior accommoda tions, apply t > FBBDKBIC BAKER, pier W North River. UNITED STATES AND RR \/WL MAIL STEAMSHIP Comnanv.?The elegant-crew steamship ONTARIO, 3,000 tons burden, Captain Goo. B. siocum, will sail for St. T'lomas, Para, Feiviamlnico, Bahla and Rio Janeiro, on Monday, June 23, at 3 o'clock P. M.. trom 1'ior 43,N. R. For freight or pas-age apply to \VM. R. GABEIsON, Agent. No. 5 Rowling Green. VTOTICE TO SHIPPERS OK CARGO P.iR STEAM JM ship GEORGE CROMWELL, hence to N< w Orleans reported In Abaco In distress.?To facilitate the settle ment of the average in this case and the prompt delivery of the cargo upon Its arrival in New Orleans, shippers are requested to send at oiieo to the ol'.lce of Johnson A Wigptns, 62 Wall Street, lists of shipments, with invoice, values aud where insured. CLAltK A SEAMAN. nOB NORFOLK, CITY POINT and RICHMOND.? J? The Old Dominion Steamship Company will despatch lrom pier :>7 North River their elegant sulewheel steam ship WYANOKf., <ouch, commander, lor Norfolk. City Point anil Ri'chmond.'on Thursday, June l'J, at 3 1'. M., giving through Mils of lading to all points south and Southwest, t hrou.rh passenger tickets issued to all points. Accommodations unenualled. Apply at. pier >7 or at the general office, 187 Greenwich street, corner of Dev. Texas lini?fob galveston, touching at Kev West, carrying the tinted States Mall. ? -learner CITY OF SAN AN t'ONIO, Captain Pennington. will leavo pieriO ' a^t River, Saturday, June 21, ai3 i*. M. Through I),lis of lading given to Houston and all points on tho Galveston, Houston and Henderson and H. B. and L. R. R No charge lor forwarding In New York. For freight or iiass-ige, having mperior a , ,.mmodaiion?. apply to C. II. mai.L >RY A cu.. 1A3 Maiden lane, or W. P. CLYDE, lis) Wall street. TSAYBLLGR8' GUIDE * FThRNOON BOAT KGB NEWBUBO, POUG11KEKP J\ sic Rondoutund Klngs'on, landltKaf Cozzcns' West Point, Cornwall. New Unnibur j and Milton.-?Tho MARY 1 POWKI.L, from Vestry street, pier 39, every attornoon. at I 3 JO o'clock. -jcULL RIVER LINE TO BOSTON, r via Newport and Fall River. The world-renowned steamers BRISTOL and I'Rovi. DF.NCK leave pier 3D North River, foot of Murray street, daily (Sundays exceptod) at 5 1". M. . A. P. BACON, Superintendent. Pennsylvania railroad. Trains leave New Vork, from loot of Desbrosses anil Cortiandtstreets, as lollows:? ... . , ,, Express tor llarristuirg, I'lttstiurg, the West and South, with Pullman Palace i'ar? attached, 9 JO A M.,3, 7 aud 8:.'?) P. M. Sunday, 5, 7, 8:30 P. M. For Baltimore, Washington and tho South at J A. M.,l, 9 P.M. Sunday, 9 I', w. .1... ,. Express for Philadelphia, 9, 9-30 \. M.; '-i." _ , S, 7. H-.SO, 9 P. M? and 12 night. Sunday, <>, 7, H-3) ami? Fo'r Philadelphia, via Kensington, at 7 A. M.,1 and! I P.M. Kniitrrknt and sccotiil claffl, 7:15 P. M. For Newark at6 ti :30, 7, 7 :4.t, 8:10,?. 10. 11, 11:40 M.;12, 1 2 2iS),3, 3:21), 3:10, 4:10. 4:30, 5:10, 5:20, 5::W, 5:.V), ft, ' 6::W,7,7 :'M\ 8:10, 9.10. 11:30 P.M., and 11 nltfliL I Sim.lav. t):?8'K 6.RllO.9 P. M. For Kll"sHeth.?,fi:3tX 7, 7:40, 8:10,9, 10, II, 11:41A.M., 12 M .12 :W, i, 2, 2 ?), 3. 3:20, 3:40, 4 III, 4:30, ft:A fl:M, I ft sa'fl 6:lt\. 6:A), 7 : ":10. Ill, 11 :30 1'. M., and 12 night siindav. 5:20, fi and 8:10 I*. M. ' For Rab way. ?>. 6:30, 7, " :I0, 9:3" and 10 V. M., li noon, I, 2 2 30, 3. 330,3:40, 4:10. 4:W, !> M, 5:10, 5:.V), fi. 0:30, 7:30, I 8 10, 10 P. M., and 12 night. SuniUjr, ft:2j and 6 P. M.* For Woodbrlilge snil Perth Amboy, t> and 10 A. M1., 2:30, i M.. 12 M,l.u 9 P. M. and 12 night Sunday, ? and 9 P. M. For East Millstone, 7 A. M , 12 M , 4.10 aud P M. For Lamhertvillo und Flemington, 9 A. M. aud 2 P. M. For Philiipshiirg anil Rclvlderc, 2 and 4 I'. M. Accommodation for llordcntown, Burlington and Cam den, 7 and 9 :3d A. M? 12 :M. 2, 3, 4 and fi P. M. For Freehold, 7 and 8 A. M .2 and 4 P M. For Jainesbnrg, Pemberton and I'umden. ? A. M., ana via boat from pier No. 1, 3:49 P. M. ? . .. , Trains arrive as follows:? From ' Itfsbiirg, 1 3:45 P M.. dally . 10:15 A. M. an I 6:36 P. M., daily, ex cept Monday. From Washington and Baltimore, ?.W A M., 4 A 10:13 P. M Hu-iday, ??:<?> A. M. From l hlla delphiH. 5:22, fi:50, 1(1:15, IIII :55 A. M., 2:l.\4:0\ 4:.Vk. 6:05, 7:26, 8:44, 10: IS P.M. Sunday. 5:22. 6:W, 1I:)SA. M find >' M Ticket < fTio#s toi 435, 371 and 944 Broadway. NiU Amtor House, and toot of Dcsbrosws and Co^rtlandt streets. Emigrant ticket olflco No. 8 Batterv place. A J. OAH8AIT, D. M. BOYD. JT.. General Manager. General l'osscngor Agent._ CJUNDAY EVKNING BOAT FOB ALBANY AND O Troy.?I'assago >1 ?X The eleaant steambiiat THOMAs POWELL wlU leavo pier 49 North Elver, foot of Leroy itreet, every Sunday evening, at 6 o clock, making close connection with railro^ ltor all Mnts North, East and West Through UckeU sold and baggage checked to d?sUnattonufH Q0BJ|UlU gpj^aiplaat. mVFXLBR^ onDB. ' i[ ha\Y AND TROY. ^HSTv LINK BOATS O. $9 ~Y^HARDan'l DANIEL DREW.-Leave Veetrr *.?; p". Hi??.i. ?'?? W'SCffSUSSSsJSB aud Newburg, returning s.unc day. ?'? Notice change ul uptown landing- _ ~~ EXCURSIONS.^ \ GRa1nd7>CEAN EXCURSION TO TilE P.18"1*? J\ Hunks, giving a splendid view of the harbor. n?? nuil lorilricatlons.?The new, last and elegant paloon steamer TWILIGHT, Captain J. 1'. l^win, will make di.ily excursions as above (Saturdays excepted', leavinjr lout ol Eighili street, E. It, at 7; l'eck slip at i :J0; loot of Twenty-third street, N. it., ut H; Christopher street at 8:lu, aud pier 5 all). A splendid l>aml ot music on board. Fare lor tin- whole excursion, <1; ladies, M)conut. com mencing June 15. Opon lor charter lor Saturdays. Ap ply to the Captain on board, loot ol' l.iflith street, K. it. N. B.?Will make an extra excursion to the Fishing Banks on .Saturday, July & Bull mid lines on Imard. A? SUNDAY BOATS FOR ASTOItIA, HARLEM, . MorrUania und High Bridge.?Stcuiners MORRIS A NIA HARI.EM and MATTANO leave Kulton Market slip'every liuur ironi u:'U) A. M. until 7:30 P.M.; leave Morrisaiua hourly iVoin 9:10 A. M. until 7 P. M., iandinit at Eighth -erect and UlMh street each way. Hire 15 cent*. High Bridgo boats connect every trip at Morrisania (m delay). Last ln>at Irom llitfh l.ridae 8:30 P. M.,couubcU iiit? with steamer HAftLKM lor Now' York. C. II. LONGtiTKKKT, Superintendent A HOY FOR ROCKAWAY BEACH EVERY SUNDAY!? A Steamer AMBRI0U8, in piano, ol Nellie White. Inn ves Peck slip ut 8 :'i0 and 1:10'. M. : ( hrlstmiher street. North Rtvor. 9 A. M. and 1 :JU P. M.; pier No. 6 North River, 9:15 A. M. and a 1'. M.; Kulton terry. Brooklyn. 9-30 A. M. and 1 o'clock P. M. Rot'd, loaves the beach at 11 A. M. and 6 P. M. Tj^ORT LKK, PLEASANT VALLEY AND SHADY ^'I*14 r steamers leave daily from Spring street, at 1U A. 8, .1:IS and 7 P. M., lauding at Twenty-third sr. ten min utes later. Sunday time from Spriug St., 9:30, HJ, Il.A. M.; 1. 2 and 2:3U P. M., lauding at Twenty-third at. rare IS cents. __________ lOR ASTORIA, HARLEM, MORRISANIA AND High Bridge. Summer arrangoraents. F Steamboats MORRISANIA and HARLEM will leave .... . ? Morrlsanla?*:15, 7 ?:1ft, 930, 10:15, 11:45 A. K.l 1:15, 2:45, 4:^ 5 15 and 8:10 P. M. Fultun slip?7:1 >, S:15. 9:15, 10:25, 11:45 A. M. ; 1:30,3:08, 4:15, 5:ir>. f.:20 andVuli i'. M., landing at Eighth Btrcet. All boats councct with steamer CAru.*, for >'>RB IJrKlK-'. c- "? LONUSTRiiET, superintendent CI HAND EXCURSION.?ST. PAUL'S INSTITUTE, I" Rev J. P. Bod fish, C. S. P., President, have secured the mugaltlcent steamer Pl/niouth ^k, nt tt iraate* Dense, I'or their Fourth Annual Rural festival and Catholic Reunion, at lona Island, North River, near West Point on Monday, June 30, and invite their triend?,to ac company them. Dinner and refreshment served onliouw. Tickets tor the excursion, $1: children Plymouth Rock leaves her landing footot Murray stn^t, at < :.J0; Thirty-fourth street, North River, at 8, and 'llty seventh street. North River, at 8:30. Tickets ?: the Institute. 917 Eighth a venue, and at D. A J. Saaller & Ca's, 31 Barclay street, und at the Catholic Publica tion Society, No. 9 Warren street The celebrated sev enih Regiment Baud will furnish music lor entertain ment and dancing. /I RAND EXCURSION ACROSS THE BAY TO HIGH It lands and Red Bank, N. J.-The fast and cominodi ?ous steamboat SEA BIRO leaves pier No. 35, foot of Franklin street, North River, Sundav morning, 15th Inst, at S o'clock.; returning leave* lieil Uatik ut .V.?0 I. n. RAND EXCURSION UP THE SbUND.?STEAMBB T FORT LEE will leave for Glen Cove, Whltestone Sands' Point, Sunday, June 16:?Thirty-lour Hi slrefrtj North River, 7:45; Fulton .terry. East River, 8:15. Broome street, East River, 8:45; .-outhi Sixth, street WiU llamsburg, 9:15; Eighty-sixth street, East River, 10. A full brass and string baud. /GOVERNOR'S ISLAND OPEN TO VISITOR! IT new ami elegant steam yacht GOVERNORS ISLAND leaves Custom House pier at the Battery, ever* hour daily (Sundays Included), tor Governor 3Isaud. Muslc by the band In the afternoons, followed by drcsa parade. . H ARLEM STEAMBOAT NOTICE. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT Commencing May 12, 1373. Harlem boats leave Pock slip (phsr 21 East River) for Harlem every half hour, Iroin WA. M. until 7 P. M..ex cepting 11 A. M.,12iU and 2 P. M? landing at Eleventh. Eightv-fourth, Astoria, l ^Kh and 12i'th streets. N. -e? time t'aoie jvliere b. at.' land. This Is Aho _onlv hn? ."j!?" necuntt wilh regular boftU tor High Bridgo tuid Kin^s bridge. J. F. TALLMAN. Superintendent \TOTICE iS On and alter Sunday, May 4, 1S73. the Harlem boate will coimncnco tliclr Sunday trips for the season, landing at Eleventh street, Astoria unil Harlem pidge. nrrt boat leaves l'cck slip at 1U o'clock and Hourly thereafter. ^ J>"4 B*?Tills*ii the only lino connecting with boats ftw High Bridge and Ki^bridgo.^^ POLLOCK'S HOTEL, HH1H BRIDGE.?STEAMBOATS leave Peck slip every hall hour, end connect with the TiO IR 1.11.> at Ilarlern. Trains leave the Orand. Centra! depot at Fortv-^econd street six times daily. Bteani clrtins rouslo and (laticmg daily. I) ICltri.A R SVMIAV MORNING HO;VT WJB NKW Jv burg, landing at Yonkers, West. I oint. Cold Snrln^ Cornwall, lona island.-!lie favorite steamer JKB8K HOY'l. Captain James Sherman, leaves niton I'ernr. . Brooklyn, 1 A. M.; Christopher street North River, 8.JO. Twcnty-iourth street, Worth Uivcr, 9 A. M. !*ure for the excursion, $1 Regular sunday boat for kkvpokt and i all the inleriuedlate landings.?I ho s.earner NELLY WHITE Captain J. 1>. I'avis, will leave Barclay street. North River, at ? o'clock every Sunday morning; leave Newport at 4 P. M. to return. KEOULAR coney islxnd boat?daily ex.'UB mIoiis to the seashore.?The steamer GENERAL SEDGWICK will leave Christopher street. North River, at 9*15 A M. 12:15 1'. M.,3:t.V, Franklin street 9:23,12:J0. 8?; pier No. 5North River, tdO. MJO, Sao. KEOULAR BOAT to THE FISHING BABK1-W , and alter Sunday, June 1, t!ie large and commodi ous steamer MONITOR, Captain Clias Foster >vili mako an Excumlon to the Fishing Banks dally. .'??aUirdaysex cented, leaving Eighth street. East River, at7 A. M., I eclt '.lii. Ea't River. 7 TW; Christopher street, North I'lver. 8 1% and Pier No. * North River at U A. M. Tickets $1 ladles 5J cents. Fine stalerooms for the accominoclatton of taiDillcs. JOHN LYNOU, Manager. Music by Geo. Schiedcl. ______ S' ^iTVTEN ISLAND NORTH SHORE FERRY S Doily Time. Pier 19 North River, loot. Cortlandt street _ a _ To the Island?7, ?, 9, 10, 11 :M A. M.; 1, 2:W, 3:30, 4 JB, 5 FnmluJisUiml-C, 7, 8. 9. 10. 11 JO A M.;l. 2:30.S:1* 4??, 5 30, ti :30 P. M. Sunday Time. To the Island?8:15, 10, 11 aO A. M.; 1, 2 JO, 4, 5:3d, 7, 8 ^ From the Island?7:20, 9:20, 10^20, 11:5J A. M.; 1:20.2 3X 4: HI, i?:50, 7:10 f. ?J. Mir 25, 1873. ? 09KAXBB8 BARGES AND GROTBS TO OB ARTRR? S For excursions, at lowest rates; Walter's Grove. j"ona Island, and ^oo'SbS* CO. MS Front strect_ l^TEAMHOATS PLEASANT VALLEY A!fD FORT '1 to let lor excursions; Glonwood and Wewaws Groves. APPIV' 1.. C. HOLLENBECK A CO., 2, South st_ L't'NDAY BOAT FOR GLEN OOVB AND ROSLYN, S landing at College Point, Great Neca. Gl Sands Point und Glenwood.?Steamer SEAWANIIAKA. will leave V.ier 24 East F.iver (Peck slip) every Mindan ;,\'9 o'clock1 A M.; Eighth street 9M. and TfUrty-tUlnl itnet, f turning t?> the city ^ Q UN DAY BOAT KOR NEV \RK. On and afU-r SUNDAY, May a the steamboat 1IIUM1S i ? A i will make her regular trips. Leave foot of Market street. Newurk, at 8 A. M. andl P I.eave foot of Barclay street New York, at 10:30 A. M. Stopping at Bergen Point each way. rp the iiudson Tf> iona island every sun li .layinornin" -Steamboat JESSE HOYT leaves Kul ton ferrv Brooklyn, at 8 A M.; Christopher street, Nortn River, at*8:30^ Twenty-fourth street. North River, at 9 O'clock A. M. Dinners at lona Island Hotel. mo CHARTSR?SIOKWHBEL STEAMBOATS FOR 1 picnics, Harrison rmiE NEW JERSEY SOUTHERN RAILROAD COM I I,any call attention totlietr extraordinary taeilulesfor the accommodation o. Excursion l'a?ies the c,|nl|ng ?on With their steamers PL\ MOUrll ROGK, L(>N(1 RltANCB and JESSE llovr and their elegant new Kx eursion lli>u?e and twenty acres ot ailiolnliig land at Lonff Branch, they nre prepared to make engagement* with churches, schools, societies, Ac., :()r large or sinail parties, at low rate*. Sen i lor circular. O. W. u? ncr?4l Manager, li) Broadway, New \orlu Wn. J. HjckokY Supermt?ndonu innig Branch, N. J MATK1 GONIAL. A BACHELOR, AGED 3). GOOD LOOKING, J\ 5 teet') incites, business qualifications, offers bimaeir to a plain young lady or widower; view to matrimony; having means u> start him in moderate business, au itress, lor three days anil appoint Interview, r. W. !?., Herald office. 4 8WIS8 GENTLKMAN, 3D YEARS OF AGK. CF A highest respectability, retlneinent and cnltwrjj. rather lonkitftr, but o no means, wishes to formi tne ucnaalntance ol a soel.,1. young an. Ind?i--n tent Itid^of culture ami sonic means, inclined to matrimony. dress SINCERITY, Herald office. rpi:n undersigned would like ro BKOOJKB 1 acquainted with a modest. "Mectablo younR ady not over IS; no objection to her belivr pretty, oojeci, matrimony. Address SINOBBiTT, Herald office. . A STRO LOGY. 4 M M F KCKERT, 227 BBIOOB '.TBRKT, P.ROOK A. "n, between C.'.ncord and Illlcry. FeeflOcento; no gentlomon ^dmitiod. a TB8T.?MR& VANSI8K, THB OBBAT CLAIR. A vovant and writing Mednim |P"von?s?" '1 "",u 1 TTE NTION-_K N<>W_/M?Y~ ^ ~^? m\r near \ von hare been deeded and lost fu> h, consult won/ riully Ki.'tcd elairvoVaut irtft-s lua; tmrat riuges lells everything. l.W West Forty Oi-t street, Broadway. ATTENTION I?CONSULTATIONS ON BUSINESS, LAW suits, enemies, losses, absent iriends, love, marriage, ?lekneis and death, lay ret used* (.atisflcd. Mme. SINOHi. Clairvoyant ti21 sixth avenue. European clairvovani -tells nam s; siiowb tli likenesses; causes marriages; Iocs 50 cents and ?1> Ul West twenty tiit'i street MISS WELLINGTON, I LAIRVOY VNT. BEST OP ALU. Tells ol business, (belts. luw?ti U, brings the sepa rated together an 1 gives luckj numbers. 41 East Twms ty-eighth street, near Fourth avenue. . BIOINAL MADA vl BVItON, THE GREATRST LIY _ ing Medical an i Bnsiness Test Spiritualist; trntalUl advice upon every tiling. 314 Fourth avenue. o sd> TBUE FORTUNE TELLING?NO HUMBUOifW Klghteenth street rear-, strictly private, cell uil see for your salve#, Mo gentlemen.

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