Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 15, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 15, 1873 Page 3
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MTrATIOlV S WAyrKR-PKIHALBg. Cooks. Ac. 8WE6T 37TFI ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'8.?AS Orst tlaai cook, In a lamily going to Newport. Chambermaids. ?fcc. 00 BOND ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOCNO GIRL (lately landed) to do upstair* work and plain sew ing or fuku caro of children in an American family, ('all for two days. "infr EAST 27TI1 ST., NEAR4TIT AV.?A RESPF.OTA JUi) ble frirl as chambermaid aud waitress; un objec tlon to the country; cvfjr satisfaction given as (ar as nferencea are concerned. Call or address tor two days. 1 C-l WEST 24TU ST., THIRD KLOOK.?A YOUNG lul colored woman as chambermaid or waitress in a first class priavte family; best city reference. Address K. "I HQ EAST S.'U ST.?A YOUNG OIRL AS CHAM* lwu be r maid; no objection to assist with the wash ing; no objection to the country. 223 EAST 8IST ST.?AS Cll AMBERM AID wuitres.i in ? private family. 0?>7 1ST AV.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS COOK ?)') I in a private family or boarding house; uiider atands her business thoroughly, and can take care of milk and butter- will assist with the washing if required: has a son, 16 years old. who can assist with waiting and make himself generally useful: city or country; gpod reference. Can be seen Monday. Al\n W KST 41 ST ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT.?A ^fcl" I young girl to do ups'airs work : understands machine; also hand sewing; willing and obliging. Call (or two days. DreKmnakeni and Senmsf re*sen. 17 EAST 9T1I ST., NEAR 5TII AV., PRESENT EM J- I plover's.?A young worn an as seamstress; no objec tion to tultc cure of au infant; wishes to go In the couti try. Address. CU EAST UOTH ST.?A FIRST CLASS DRESS *JO maker, thoroughly understanding every branch of her buslti's-. wishes a tow more engagements by day or week. Address. t?n BAST 80TH ST?A PIE8T CLASS OPERATOR Ul on Wheeler <t Wilson's and ull the leading sewing machines, wi: hes a few more engagements by the day or week: understands nil kinds of lamily cowing. Call on or address Miss ANDERSON. /T1 WILLOW ST. (BROOKLYN HEIGHTS).?AS 4 1 domestic liou.-iekcei>er to a gentleman with chil dren; would take the entire charge. 1|W| WEST 161' 11 ST. ? A FRENCH DRESSMAKER, J.UI" ouvrlerc de su inaison Worth, wishes a few more engagements by the day US designer, cutter and trimmer, "iro WEST S3!) ST.?A COM CETI2NT DRESSMAKBB, ilrstclass cutter and litter and stylish trimmer, to ro out by the day; Wheeler and Wilson machine. Call on or address A. K. ?Oil WEST 2UTII ST.?A COMPKTENT DRESS jU I 1 maker to work by the day ; understands cutting and HttiitK ; works llrover 4 Kaktr'i> or Willcox h Gibbs' machine. _ 9(l>) WEST 27I'll ST.. REAR ?A FIRST CLASS OP er.itor on Wheeler A Wilson's machine wishes to Ko out by tbe day or week; has her own machine ; under stands ull kmds of family sewing and dressmaking. n.jlj WEST 10TII ST., ROOM 20.-A FRENCH j&T-\) dressmaker, first class, trom Paris, can cut and lit any kind ol ladies' and children's Ureses, to go out by day or week; goo! references from this city. Address, lor two dn.v-, FKi.NCII I>It HSSM A K KI!. f)A f? EAST 4BTII ST., PRESENT EMPLOYEE'S.? Xt^rU A first class dressmaker wishes to muke an en gagement bv the month trom July 1; understands all kinds ot latuily sewing; will continue to go out by tlio day until suited. Can be seen this week. 6TH AV.?A LADY WOULD LIKE A FEW MitJyl more engagements to sew out bv the day with a dressmaker; understands trlnnmngdresses in the latest style. 01 r IIITII ST., llARLEM.-A FIRST CLASS DRESS Ol.'J maker, one who can cut. tit and trim, wishes a tew more engagements. Call or ufldrcss. Q()Q EAST MTH ST.?AS FIRST CLASS DRE8S ?t?t' maker; desires the patronage of families, to take work home or go out; operates on any machine; terms moderate. ?*C)(\ 2D AV., NEAR 34TII ST.?A FIRST CLASS OPE UiU rator on sewing machines as nurse, seamstress or chambermaid; several years' personal city reference. Call or address for two days. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE TO I eugagc with a few more ladies to go out by the day. Address A. N? Herald Uptown branch oillce. AN AMERICAN GIRL DESIRES EMPLOYMENT IN a private lamily as dressmaker and seamstress bv the dav or week; opera e< on all sewing machines. An dres* H. lieruld Uptown Brunch office. AnR8T CLASS DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE A few more engagements hy the dav or week,cuts, fltsand trims I11 the latest style, being many years in a French establishment. Address A. M., box 140 Herald Uptown Branch office. A FIRST CLASS bREB8MAKBR WISHES A PEW more engagements to go out by the day or week; can cut, tit and trim in the latest styie; has her own mucliinc: best city reference. Add res?., all the week, M B.. box 133 Herald Uptown Branch office. Ladies making their own summeii cos tumes, Ac , can obtuin the services ot u first class cutter mid stylish trimmer, at their own residences if preferred. Address MODISTE, Herald oillce. PROTECTIVE IMON. No. 39 BLKECKER ST.?A thoroughly educated English girl, speaking French fluently, as seamstress nud to take charge of and train children under 12; U well recoiumcuded for the same. General llaiisrwork, Sic. *)~\A THBOOP AV., BROOKLYN.?A YOUNG WO. juJLft man In a small private family to do general housework, or to cook, ?wash and Iron ; good references from last employer. PEARL ST.?A RESPECTABLE CIllL TO DO general housework 111 a private family. 520 Housekeepers (Sir. 1?) 2D ST.?A LADY AS HOUSEKEEPER OR TO AO tike charge of a sick person or as seamstress or companion to a lady; no objection to travel; speaks French, Spanish and Eneli-h. Call on or address h. s. rr LIBERTY ST.?A COMPETENT lady AS housekeeper, matron or companion; highest refer ence given and required. Refer to and address BLACK WELL ft CO. , Q A Ml LHEBRY ST.. NEAR CANAL, IN THE. Ot store.?A woman. 32 years of age, ns housekeeper in the honse of !t widower (in the country preferred), where she could have her child (3 years old) with her; reference. Call for two days. *|or? WEST SSD >T.?a WIDOW LADY OF ? WOULD _IOU lik;'a position as housekeeper; a widower's lam ily preferred ; or would go ubroad; trillers need not an swer. Call or address C. B. OHC East 17T8 ST.?A OEBMAN LADY WOCLD ''?) like a position as housekeeper In a private taml ly or lor a gentleman ; city or couutry. Call on or address Mr*. M ILi.Klt. 90') WEST SOTII ST.?REFINED YOUNG WIDOW from Texas as housekeeper; widawer's or bache lor's lamily nreierre.I. JULLIE FIELDS' OO j BAST flOTH ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOCNG ?)Z/ i" 'ady as h usckeeper or inv position of trust; is willing and obliging; good references. Trillers piensc IJOt t.( answer. Address K. L ?)7 EAST SCTII ST., FIRST FLIGHT.?A YOUNG OtI widow as housekeeper In a widower's family; no objection to the cruutrv. M. ALLEN. OQQ 7T1I AV.. BKTWIKN 3IST IVND TH> HTS ?AN OOO English lady as houseki n or: 110 idiiectlons to go In fhe co.mfrv ; aged 2.'. Gallon Miss WILLIAM^. A(' A Bill AV ?A YOI'NG WIDOW LADY, AllOCT 7" r giving up housekeeping, to go In a gentb man's tsmllv as housekeeper. Call 011 or address Mrs. Kiri'llEil KOKi>. CA7 6TII AV., TWO PLIGHTS OP.?A LADY OP " I refinement as housekeeper In a gentleman's familv, or any position of trust ; none but first 1'a*n bar ties need answer; reference Call 011 or address Mrs. BTR OUT. R/lft SD AY.?AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY OF O rO reflnement as housekeeper, or would take a posi tion in some institution, no olceeiion to Hie country; a Pie asani home tireterre I to high ?al< i v Address, lor one week, Mrs. L. F., widow. A l.ADY OF EXPERIENCE as HOt'SEKEEPRR in a Summer hotel: sea siiie preferred. Address Mr*. BROOKS, Herald I ptown< li Ofiice. AYtlUfhi AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, AGKD 21, AS housekeeper in a widow r's t.nnilv. Add'ess, for one week, Mrs. L. A. NEVILLE, Herald I'ptown Branch office. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY DEHIBEH A POSITION AS housekeeper relcrenees ''Xchangeil. Address C. I. O.. Herald Uptown tirane'i oWIe- . A YOCNG WIDOW, or REFINEMENT AND KXPK rlence, desires ? position as housekeeper: lefer ences as to respectability ? r.change !. Adilres* Mrs. L. WOODHOUSE, Herald Uptown Branch ofllct. A LADY OP REPINEMBNT DESIRES A POSITION as housekeeper. In tli?- citv or conntrv. wtfllnur to make herself generally iiM'ttil; references'given. Ad dress A. H. C., Brooklyn l{runch Herald office. A WIDOW LADY, AMERICAN. WITHOUT ENCUM branee, desires n position as housekeeper in a hutef or widower's family. Address Mrs. 11. L, llerabl ITp town Branch office A PREPOSSESSING YOUNG WIDOW L U>Y, Ac customed to refined society, would like n position as housekeeper or as travelling companion; best reference; Cone bill respectable parties need ri plv. Address Mrs. ?L, box 120 Herald Uptown Branch oltice. A LADY OF FRKNCU DESCENT, 2S YEARS OF AGE, id fine appearance, as housekeeper or companion Address ELLAIN, care of M. Eggers, box 4, 2S West ?tl) st A YOUNG FOREIGN LADY, PERFECTLY EDU J\ rated, as housekeeper to a gentleman of means. Address, for three days. A1MEE, Herald Uptown Brunch office. AM AMERICAN LADY. AGED 40, AS WORKING housekeeper in a widower's family; no obicctiou to ehildrcti. Address Mrs. II., station c, New York. A COMPANIONABLE, HONEST WOMAN, OF CUL ture am) reflnement, teeks the ,ioys ot home In the capacity cf housekeeper ; onlv honest and S'ncere par ties ue?d respond. Address TKLTII, Herald Uptown Branch office. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY, SUDDENLY BKDUCED in clreumstanees, desirea a situation m house Jeeper. Address, statrng idaco of interview, JESSICA, Herald Uptown Hrane.k office. A YOUNG FRRNCH LADY DESIRES A SITUATION as housekeeper; salary not s<> much an onicct as a food home. Address Mme. DE BAR. Herald Uptown ?ranch odlce. A WIDOW OP SO DESIRES A POSITION AS housekeeper: a widower with children preferred. Address Mrs. FRANCIS, llerald Uptown Branch office. A YOCNG LADY, SPEAKING ENULISH ANDGER man, would like a situation as first claw honsekeep mi to an excellent manaaar. address J. M.. H^/ald office. SITUATIONS WAKTKO-PK1ULEH. FIon?ekfepcn, dM. AN AMERICAN YOUNG WIDOW. OF REFINED tastes. shrinking from the scum of creation, wishing to obtain a little nook oti thU planet by which she inav escape the wolves und bears, desires a position ot trust whereby she may receive a salary sufficient to enable her to live and breathe in a pure atmosphere; no relatives; best reference; none but those of the highest respecta bility nceil reply. Address H. M. U., Herald Uptown Branch otRce. _ _ SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER. BY A WIDOW, 25 veurs of age, wjio will assume the entire work of a small family; I* educated and refined and fond of chil dren. I trust some one will be kind and employ me, tor I am a stranger and quite alone in this great oily. Answer for one week; reference given. Address HELEN HOW ARD, station C. ?fir ANTED?POSITION AS IIOU8EKEEPEB, BY AN 11 intelligent lady of genteel ajipearance and pleas inij address. Address, for two (lays. MARGUERITE VALENTINE. Herald offlcc. \KTANTED?BY A MIDDLE AOED AMERICAN Wil li man. a potition us housekeeper, matron or to take charge of an invalid lady; Is a good newer; no objection to the country; best references. Apply at Protective Union, 38 Bleeckerst. "\\TANTED?BY AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, A I'O ii sition as housekeeper, or arty petition where menial services would not be required; would like to meet with an honorable gentleman, who would be wiliuur to render ?ome assistance to a very worthy lady. Address FRIEND LESS, Herald Uptown Arauch office, 1,2o."> Broadway. l.anndri'Hijrii, die. 1Q EAST 38TII ST.-A WOMAN WANTS WASI1IN0 AO and ironing; will lie done In the neatest manner. 9Q NORTH MO()ftE ST.?TWO SISTERS WISH A few gentlemen'* or families' washing at tlier own home} beat private family reference QQ ATLANTIC ST NEWARK N. J.?EITHER as 00 an experienced laundre-s or chambermaid in a ho tel Address Mrs. OOODGK. J"1 WEST 4ft HI ST., BETWEEN 5TI1 AND fiTH AVS., *T I up two fights of stairs. tr>nt room.?A respectable colored woman wishes a lew geuttemcn's or families' washing; from 7ft cent* to $1 a dozen. P[1 BAST 4IST ST., NEAR 4TB AV? AT THE STA >)'' hie.?A colored woman wishes some washing by the dozen, or plain sew Ins, at her home. 1.1/\ WKST i!6Tll ST.-A RESPECTABLE COLORED Ol " woman wishes to take in wuslung at her own house ; ran do bleaching. 1 to ELM ST., NEAR GRAND, RBAB.?A BESPEOT Xt-'O able woman, who understands cookir.g ilior oughly; willing to assist with washing and ironing or do kitchen work, where the family will take charge up stairs themselves; wages moderate; city or country; wishes to take a little girl (0years old) with her; best references. "I fT 1 WEST 1STH ST., THIRD FLOOR, HACK, ROOM l*)"X 13.?An experienced laundress wishes to take in family washing at for own house ; satisfactory reference, 1^7 WEST 27TII ST.. REAR. FIRST FLOOR.?A RE J-*J I spectuble woman to go out by the day to wash or clean house. 9()Q WEST 26TII ST., FRONT PARLOR.?FINE ?vrO washing, fluting and puffing got up in French styles; store work preferred. OOQ WEST :',7TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ?iiOf7 to do washing, ironinir and cleaning, inside or outside of doors. Address U\NORAII BUCKLEY. Oil WEST :BD ST., FIRST FLOOR.?AN BXPBBI atI enced laundress to do washing at her rooms; linen, Ac., douo in superior style. OA," EAST 41ST ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN OU?? wishes a family's or gentlemen's washing or to go out by the day; no objection to a laundry. 01(1 EAST 34TII ST., FIRST FLOOR.?A RESPECT Ol" sblo widow woman to do gentlemen's washing at home; is an excellent washer und iroucr; or would go out bv the day to work. QOO 1ST A V.?WANTED, OENTLEMEN'S FINE OOZi washing and nieuding by Mrs. llAltRIGAli. Best reference. OH EAST SOTII ST., TOP FLOOR, BACE ROOM ?A Oul respectable womnn wishes gentlemen's or family washing, by the week or dozen; Is acouipeu ut laundress; best city reference givrn. A "II EAST 14TH ST., ROOM 9.?WANTED, LADIES' Til and gentlemen's washing, at home, at75c. per dozen; best n commendations. Mrs. SMITH. MH/1 RTH AV - between 4?tii and *9tii kts.-a Ot' T flrsl class laundress to do ladies' and gentlemen's washing; can do all kinds of fluting and putllug. King second bell. T NEVER DISAPPOINT.-A FIRST CLASS LAUN dress soliciis ladles'or gentlemen's washing; linens, Ac., done in best style. Call on or address LALNDRESS, 308 West 23d st* S attei, iVic. JQ WEST 47Tn ST.?A RESPECTABLE PROTES t:?i tent girl, 1ft ran of age, to cm* for children ana make herself generally useful, ('all f or three davs. 7~ ID AV. ?A MONTHLY NURSE WILL TAtfE AN ? J other engagement from uboot the 1st of the month ; best references. Address Mr*. HARPER. llf? EAST :WTII ST.?A RESPFCTABLE WOMAN AS .Lit) monthly nurse; good reference irotn ladies and doctors, Can be seen at her present employer's lor one week. lpO WEST 1ST 11 ST.?^A YOUNO, HEALUIY L')0 woiuan having lost her own baby, three davs old, wishes to take a b.iby to wet nurse at her own hinisc; best reference. call tor two days. lQft f,r" AV- Br. LOW MACY'S.?A QIRL, 1ft JfTl) years old, as nur?e: kindkgcntle and obliging; city or country; fond ot children. Apply to present em ployer, Mrs. Ifeppard. QQQ fiTH AV.?A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OUA woman as nurse and to do pluin sewing; is ac customed to the care of a baby: best city rctercuce; no objection to the country. Call 011 Monday. o < rr WEST 2.vrn ST., neaksth a v.?AN ENGLISH O Protc?t int girl us nurse. AAQ WEST MT11 ST.-A YOUNO GIRL LATELY Ttv/O landed to take care of children; no objection to the country, f ?n at Oha*. uMn'a, A i) A W EST MTH ST., BETWEEN 9TH AND MTH jt~ a vs., in t!ie grocery store.?A respectable widow wishes a Child to dry nuno at her own residence. 0|{1 77.1 AY., NORTHEAST CORNER ftf.TII ST Ol)l A nice young girl to take car" of grown children ami teach them, or would go as sea ostrcss or to wait on a lady ; lies), reference Apply lor two days. ABB8PE1 TABLE (URL WISHES A SITUATION AS nurse and seamstress, city or country; cltv pre ferred. Address, lor a week, MISS M. A. F , Kewhurg Post office, I). Y. A YOUNO ENGLISH WOMAN AS NURSE OR STORE J\. keeper; has never worked out, but is willing and onllgmg and lias the best reference, but no money. Ad dress FIDELITY, Herald office. A HERMAN LADY, SPEAKIMi ENGLISH WELL, and having hud much experience as a traveller, being never seasick, desires a situation at companion to a lady or family going to Europe; best references. Ad dress N. EAUr, Ileraiil I ptown Branch office. A LADY OF EDUCATION AN!"> REFINEMENT WISH es a position as nurse and good-heartrd companion to an invalid who needs attendance only from Id A. X. to C P. M ; the only compensation required Is a room ar.d good board; none but those In comfortable circumstances need apply Address, for three days, REFERENCE, Herald Uptown ltraneh office. WANTKD-IIY A RESPECT UiLE MARRIED WOMAN, 11 a biby todry nurse . none but those willing to pay liberally need answer. Address, lor three days, Mrs. D. B. W., station O. Nlstellaneoui, 1 Of' EAST ZID ST.-A N ENGLISH OIRL TO WAIT ON OU ? lady; is u good needlewoman; well recoai niendeil. Address E. B., Capfalii Randall's. Tit FLEET sT., BROOKLYN.-A FRENCH LADY AS lj lady's maul or travelling companion to an invalid lady; Is trustworthy ; can cut and At dresses, dress lialr. uini has unquestionable references. Can be focii tor three day*. DO DIVISION ST., ROOM II).?A WOMAN TO DO OU carpet sewing, altering, fitting and laying; mat tress s made a.:d mud' over Address Mrs. PEMBROKE. BROOME ST.-A MOSTIBBSPBCTABLE PER. 1"'? son. desirous of ucuompanying a lady to sun Francisco, cal., will be found perfectly willing to act 111 any capa it* Call on or address Mrs. P. t)ii I WEST 24TII ST.?AN' AMERICAN YOUNO ? I latly of refinement as compauion or assistant housekeeper, or any position ol trust ; would prefer to leave the city , butt references. Call on or address Miss K. ist av.?a widow lady of te (AMERICAN) ( 1) as comoanion to an elderly lady or gentleman. Ad Irew a. it.,<? Mr*. McElroy. y\o i;>.jt 7ist st.ta youno oirl to atti nd lUO a door bell and make herself generally useful. A PROTESTANT OIRL DESIRES A SITTATIOK IN a la ml !y about to travel. Address, for three days, B.Vlt.MoRE, Herald Uptown Branch olllce. A SITUATION WANTED FOR A SWEDISH OIRL In a small family ; two years In the country. Ad ilress i). o., llerald office. "? TttUNO LADY OP EDUCATION AND BBFI v B JY. nient wishes to go to Colorado or Montana; would accept a position as housekeeper or companion to a lady; understands drcs?iiiaking. Address Aliss W. M., DOS 113 llerald uptown Branch office. \N EDUCATED AND ACCOMPLISHED YOUNO Krcncn lady as nursery governess or useful compan ion; can cut ami do sewing well; Is willing und obllg lug; would prefer to go to Europe. Address L H., Herald t ptown Branch office. A YOUNO PARISIAN LADY WISHES TO MEET with a rich family going to Europe. Address, (or three nays, LUCY DE CL.ERORAZ, Herald Uptown Branch office. A LADY. WISHING TO LEAVE TOWN FOR THE summer, would, for a small remuneration, engage as companion to a lad v ; or would take ran1 of und in struct children or attend an Invalid; good seamstress and can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine ; would bring her machine with her; excellent references. Ad dress L, box 173 Herald Uptown Branch office. I'KOKKSSIONALSITUATIONS WANTED? ^ FEMALES, A POSITION AS PRIVATE SECRETARY, COPYIST or any position not menial, desired by a young lady in need ol immediate financial assistance. Address NEEDY, box 144 llerald office. A LADY TEACHER OF ABILITY WILL OIVE dailv Instruction In English, French, Latin, music and drawing at 110 a ijnarter . reference, present pupils. Address < 1 KADI.' ATr , Herald I'ptown Branch office. A?A LADY OK SAFE REFERENCE WOULD OO TO . ladles' residence* and write np their long.neglected accounts and all their long-aannswered letter*. Addrei* lessons, box un Post office, Wiillamibnrf. A -LETTER WRITINO AND UOPY1NO DONE AT ? low prices; lessons lor ladle* of neglected educa tion ; strictly confidential If rcguctlcd. Address TUB copyist, m East 1?U> st.. near 3d ?t. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES. .... Addressed to TBS BBiMOr cheat B0SHME88 houses.?A youm: lady wants work so hard Unit it is hard to find a man to do it?viz., work requiring 'Udfj mont and ureal bruin power: business writing IM dubi nefs letter* particularly solicited h? prices considerably less than authors, publishers, lawyers, contractors and steam engines would charue. Pleuse address Miss ji.ishi WELLKR, box 7tf station u. _ I ENGLISH LESSONS TO FORE 1G N ERS? A M ER 10AN 'j tescher.?Among her pupils have been four 'or?'?n editors, two foreign Ministers, a Secretary ot the L< ra tion, an ex-President of tl>e Colombian Republicanu the three present candidates lor the presiileucy ot the saiuc. MUs W , 34S East Seventeenth sireet ____ WALKING LESSONS IN THE PARK.-LADIES OF W forcien accent can Improve upon their hngltsn conversation; American ladies can improve upon their recitations of "l.alla Rookh," Shskspeare and other poets. Address Mi?s MARY, box 140 Herald offlec. HELP WANTED?FEMALES. A T. STEWART A 00. WaDVwo FIRST CLASS FOREWOMEN, to superintend the making and tliilshlug ol suits, dresses, Ac. Apply at Manager's desk. AlSO first class DRESSMAKERS, first class OPERATORS on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machines; steady employment and liberal pay per pieco OIApldy at 9th st. entrance, Broadway and 10th ?t k ?LADIBfl ARB INVITED TO TAKE ANY KIND . ol Sewing Machine they like, and to take out shirts, ladles' suits or undergarments. Ac., to make at home or in shop, and pav only small sums down and leave small turns every week and get cash for work. * KINSBURY. 106 Chambers st. A FEW FIRST CLASS DRESS AND CLOAK i\ makers wauted at 11# West 11th st, between 5th and fith avs. A -FIRST CLASS OPERATORS WANTED TO SEW il. on corsets. Steady work the year round at 527 West 23d st. 4 T MMB. LA FORCADE'S, NO. 6 WEST UTB ST.? J\. Wanted . 15 experienced dressmakers; high wages and steady employment will be given. Come ready to work. A NUMBER OF FIRST CLASS OPF.RATORT WANT ed oil line white custom work. Apply to LORD A TAYLOR, i'Otli st entrance. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTED?TO cut and fit ladies' and children's dresses nicely ; one who Is reliable will find a permanent situation by apply ing at l,47ti 3d av., between sod and Mtli sts. An experienced SALESLADY for sewing machines; to one giving .satisfaction a permanent position and fairest inducements will be onurcd. Call for this week at 2,'JSM 3d av. A PROTESTANT GERMAN, ENGLISH, SCOTCH OR Welsh chambermaid and waitress wanted?In a family of three persons. Apply, with city reference, at 235 West 63d St., between 10 A. M and - P. M. A?WORK GIVEN OCT AT ADVANCED PRICES 10 . pav for first class sewing machines by installs nts. I). F. POND It CO., warerooms It! East Eighth street, near Broadway, and 21 Astor place. Notice.?This con cern does not putt itself, but refers with satisfaction to all parties who have had machines ot us lor the last a1, years. _ Dressmaker wanted?who can work on Wheeler A Wilson s machine and make, buttonholes. 48 West lOt't St., between Mb and lith avs. _ Dressmakers wasted-first class only need apply ; also one dressmaker who can operate on the Singer machine. Call at Madame J. MAUKlCb b, 60 West 10th st During this month any lady can learn the whole art of dressfltting for $i; latest and bast svstcm. Two good waist bands wanted immediately. Headquarters Parisian formula, 40 East 14th St. (union square). I EXPERT OPERATORS ON WHEELER A WILSON'S IJ machine, to work on ladies' undergarments; first class prices and steady work, at SIMoN STERN'S, No. j Gre at Jones st K. H.?Also work given out; samples and references required. _ . First class sewer wantkd-fob trimmings and finishing dresses. Apply belore 10 o'cIock to BOMER, to Bast 12th st ftlRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS WANTED-AT LORD A TAYLOR'S, corner Grand and Chrystio sis. TYHRST CLASS DRESSMAKING IN ALL ITS _F branches; also dresses and overgarments cut and i fitted; destirns for trimming given, seamstresses rent out bv day or week. Mrs. HEPPERD, l?ti Gth av., below : Mncy's. ! French fmivers and ironkrs wanted?at Mine. ROSALIE DAVIS'. (?9 East lOtli st., opposite Stewart's: to good hands steady work and rood wages._ C1IRL WANTED?FOR GENERAL IIOI'SEWORK IN J n private family; must be well recommended. Ap ply at 4;?r> cia.v a av.', near yuiucy st.. Brook lj n. /GOVERNESS AND HOUSEKEEPER WANTED?A VI short distance in the country; must be ladylike, and Instruct a little girl and two boys in English. French and music. Address IIARRY PLUMB, llc.'.ild ollice. T ADY TO ASSIST IV A M ED1CAL OFFICE; SALARY I j $hki Der week; security required. Address charles, box 103 Herald office. _ Ladies wishing genteel and profitable business can make $3 to $7 per day soliciting orders; convenient little article, wanted by all classes. tilj Broadway, up stairs, office L _ IADlES ?WORK GIVEN OCT TO PAY FOB j Wheeler A Wilson's and other class sewing ma chines, on monthly instalments, It' Clinton place, stli st ACIIINK HANDS WANTED-ON LACK GOODS, AT R W. ROBERT'S, 16s Centre st Tl'RSE WANTED?A GOOD DOME AND WAGES TO M N'URSE WANTED?A UOOll lio.vr. a.>l? hakm i i a middle-aged woman as niirs.' to growing chil dren, to go to Orange; American or English; Protestant. Apply Monday at ltd Wall ft. from 12 to 4 o'clock. w T ANTED?OPERATORS ON WHEELER A WIL son's machines on fine custom shirt'. HARRISON A CHURCH, 513 Broadway. WANTED?BY A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY', IN Uth St.. near 7th av., a girl (or kitchen work; rcl erence required. Address WILLI AM, Herald office. W ANTED?EXPERIENCED HANDS ON GENTLE men's bows, to work In store. Apply to FLEISU1 A CO., 474^ Broadway. ___ WANTED?TWO YOUNG GIRLS, TO ATTEND A EE frcshment counter. Apply, between 7 anil 9 in the evening, at II. HILL'S, 21 East Houston St. TKTANTED?A GOOD GIRL OB WIDOW TO DO THE V* work of a small lainlly; wages ?1Cper month. In quire at L. hllAW'S hair store, 3ii4 Bowery, Corner 4th st Xir ANTED?THREE GENTEEL GIRLS, AS WA1T V? resses, at Union Dairy. 15 Park row ; must under stiiml the tm inea- and giv best reler. 'ices. T\; ANTED?FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS AND fV buttonhole makers; come prepared to work. J22 West 39th st. "IVAN TED?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY. A ff girl to do general housework who is a good cook. Apply Monday at 'iC^i Wei I 12th st. TANTED-A FIRST CLASS BUTTONHOLE MAKER on fine ordered shirts, at 42H Hudson st. w WANTED?SOME FIR-<T CLASS TRIMMERS ON dresses; also an operator on the sewing machine. No. 8 West lith st. s. M. FURLONG. WANTED?DRESSMAKERS. WAIST HANDS. ONLY those thoroughly competent need apply at 139 West 20th st ^ WANTED?DRESSMAKERS AND GIRLS TO MAKE trimming; also an apprentice. Apply at 4&V\est 18th st . WANTED?A GOOD COOK (GERMAN OR AMERI ff can preferred) tor the summer sca?on ; house ac commodatcsWboarderj; in the Catskill Mountalni. (i7 West 36th st. WANTED?A GIRL, ABOUT 11 YEARS OLD, TO make herself generally useful and to take care ot children ; a good hotne I. r a willing girl. Apply at 24 l ast 8.MI1 st., between Madison and Fifth avs. , WANTED?BY A FAMtLY OF FOUR ADULTS, A V f good plain cook, washer and ironer to go to the sea side (or the summer. Call, with references, baiore 12 M. Monday, at 129 East 83d st. WANTED-BY A FAMILY OF TWO AND BABY, A girl to do general housework ; must be an excellent washer and Ironer, kind to children and have good reter ences. Apply at lt>4 West 36th St. , ?WANTED.-A NUMBER OF INTELLIGENT LADIES W or good address can secure immediate, respectable and profitable employment Apply, tor one week, at No. 5 Beekman st, room 20. No money required. WANTED-1N A WHOLESALE HOUSE. A LADY AS Vf assistant bookkeeper and correspondent; one who has had some experience, Is a nood peiimsn and quick at figures, may address, stating retercnce, salary cxpccted, Ac .box Ms Herald office. WANTED-IN A PLEASANT, PERMANENT UOMB, W one hour from the city, a good, tidy cook, and to assist In washing and Ironing . Protestant preferred ; none need apply troni any intelligence office. Address, with reference, A. B., box l,Mti8 Post office. A\ rANTED-A YOUNG GIRL TO DO LIGHT HOUSE work ; wages per month. Apply at 409 4th av. WAN TED-A LAD, OF ABOUT 18 YEARS, INDUS Tf trious and or respectable parent*, to assist In mr veylng in New York city. Apply at 1,227 Broadway, room So. 6. WANTED?AN INTELLIGENT R?)Y, !?> "li I* ff years ot age. who lives with his parent* and has some knowledge of drawing. Apply to WOOD BRO THERS CO., carriage manufacturers, 740 Broadway. "fir ANTED?SUIT MAKERS. NONE BUT THOSE ff thoroughly experienced need apply. .WiLsoN * GRF.ii, 771 Broadway. _ ANTED- SEVERAL GOOD DRESSMAKERS; ALSO a email errand girl, at 143 West 15th st w (fein ? ANY LADY CAN EARN FROM $10 TO $15 ?1U. daily by doTotlng ? few hour** each nay to a new and respectable business. Call at 304 West Hfty fourth street Irom 9 to A ?iTut WEST S3D ST.?WANTED, TWO FIRST CLASS 1U?7 trimmers on dresses; also a good operator on

Orover A Baker's machine. Apply early. S1TI ATIONS WANTKD? MALES. BOY, 18 YEARS OLD, WISHES A SITUATION AS bartender; best city reference. Address A., box Ifcl Herald office. A SEXTON, OF ? YEARS' EXPERIENCE ANDTHE highest recommendations, wants a position. Apply to the Verv Rev. hstlier Donne, Newark, N. J. A YOUTH or 18 WISHES A SITUATION WHERE BB will have a chance of advancement Address J. II, W., Herald office. A YOUTH OF 1?WISHES EMPLOYMENT IN HOME business where he can learn something and mako himself usefuli has served three years at wood engrav iixg. Address W. J. P., Mo. 7 Matllson st.. flrst liooa # ?ituatio\s wa\'rni)-nai,ks. An amkiucan youth, is years or age, ok good hu nts, would like a situation in a country town, In the dry jjooda or grocery l-uincsa. addrcta A. li. ?., ?k);> weal 21th st. AS bttlkr OR vaijrt, OR BOTU, FOR AN KXPK rlenced stride man, ot excellent address. appropri ?10 education, intelligence and Integrity, by hia present 1h w nf,"lrc <or 1 ^ank, OKRMAN 6bnt1jxan OFFERS his hbt10bi ? as interpreter uud travelling companion to a partv or means about goint? to Germany who will pay hia wdittvu^ exp^nse.mj references given. Addrcsa INTER rrmkr, Herald office. A MAN OF good EDUCATION, M YKARH OF A OR speaking fluently kncrlish, French, (jerman and l/.?! .2? i w to with a family goin? to Europe, where ne has travelled before; is also able to give lessons in the above languages. Address r. c., box 125 lie raid office. A YOUNG man (ENGLISH) DESIRES EMPLOY i.-vr l' "ol afraid of work; will give reasonable se v. ,!l?i ivr,a ^'v,*1 Address w. J. U., box 171 Herald Uptown kraiicli office. A s?i?582ta%B YOUNo man, wiio can spear / dlnereni languages, wishes a situation in some ??"* khid of busineat; best city reference. Ad dress j V>. k., i,ox 17'> Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED?by AN experienced u.X man as nurse to an invalid gentleman or as first ' fjrv^lv i'V'i' will,11n8 to go anywhere; references sat bnln^hofflcel * hox 126 U,iraU1 A lfi YKA!?S ,)K AGE, iia VINO excel" S.\ij? riiwenc?.'i ul"' 11 aood education, and who is ca* "! pea* ?r,lllin mni1 h <iuiek and correct ut n iiwi^ hfoi ^ lnp ,vii"'.nt IU capacity which will bl in sell. desiring his office address R. a. 8., Herald ubtown Branch sit?la,ll1on .wantkr>-by A YOUNO GERMAN, AS rcferem-rl "a mr m'1".; '?nB experience and 11 rat class lilwipoc^ Addren ii. ft., pox 477 Herald office. oiltathin W ANT, I) - AS MAM: nurse TO AN in imj l',!?."?. Englishman: first clas* medical refer ent e . Add r ess 0., box 800 Herald Uptown Branch office. rpo MERCHANTS AND OTHERS.?WAITED, A SITU ?nil HLa?younB raan? * wholesale or re ^nowle<L'?wat esnoti." much nn ol.iect as to t/uin a kiiowbdi.i ot Hie business; advertiser is a strict teinper ? l". , "?l u,!,r,"(l to work. Address advertiser, .*,1 htii si., f outli Brooklyn. tttanted?employment BY A HIGHLY RE ? T? table man, who for hone.stv and sobricfv cau not he surpassed, fall ou or address'j. w., 27 Wesi st. "w"anted?a SITUATION BY AN AMERICAN BOY *j Just from the country; very best reference can be 8jt11vs" ^ h!.'"c|it-v an(,1, "oot? habits. addresit WILLIAM w HI rfc., No. j (loot ol) Broome st. TyANTED?a SITUATION AS WAITER IN AN OYSTER ill 1,8 i2?j j1}'! klvc?ood security for a wood position. Address WILLIAM, box 171 Herald Uptown Branch office. clkiiks A\u saiiksmew. A HOTEL CLERK?WITH FIRST CLASS BBFEB e.nees and larfte experience i* open for an eiirav:c wsrt oitm,ctrccor.tthe,s.u,^,ner or permanently. Address enleri'ltlhe, Herald office. A YOUNO MAN WANTED?in A PUBLISHING office, to write, pack books and make himself gene i useful; must be active, quick to understand and i willing to work; waeea to commence with $7 a week. Address publishlik, Herald office. AN EXPERIENCED TRAVELLING SALESMAN with a lurye acqualnunee, desires an enuabement wuli a responsible house; satisfactory references as to character; Ac. Address TRAVELLER. Brooklyn Branch Herald ofllce. Accounts.?eight languages; arrears wkit ten up; books devhed to meet special requirements; nooks opened, kept, examined or balanced. jam ks COX. removed to 51 New Rtrcet, room IS. An expeeirnced commercial traveller wants u situation; good references. Address II., neraid office. i A NEWSPAPER OPKICE REQUIRES A BOOK keeper; must he a younir man ot correct habits and ttnt'ipi'u1 Address WEEKLY f^kvv si AFiiR, box 200 Herald otlicc, J An ACTIVE LIQUOR SALESMAN WANTED?KOR i tyc city and also one for New .lersev. bv a Kentucky hot!h^ whose roods stnnd A No. i; to the rltflit kind of men a liberal arraugemcnt will be made, either salary or i (?nck'.?-..l'"na"? interview address, in conildencc, mill KHUN, Herald ofllce. BOOKKEEPER'S OR SALESMAN'S SITUATION i wanted?by an experienced clerk, iired 26, speakitm i'.njlish, gernian and irench; perfect accountant; has a varied knowledge ol iroods and ircneral business routine steady habits; utc employer's rclerences. Address w. I. r., Herald offico. /lOMl'ETENT DRT'O CLERK. WANTED-MUST SPEAK V/ I rench. til! South at h a v. HARDWARE -WANTED. AN INTELLIGENT YOUNG mail, accumomcii to city houscrurnlshiiik ana tool trade, ol Rood address. Address Cor one week, in own writing, H. A TOOLS, Herald office. T ACES. WHITE GOODS AND embroidekles. \ j Situation, from July 1, desired bv a salesmnn hav A<filre'?<<"w KXtXm?'" 1 l,,r"e' 1,0use I OPAL EDITolt WANTED?ONE WHO CAN wl! i TP J editorials and attend to pari of the business inanak'e ment ot a small weekly paper and job office near the city. Address h. H., Herald office. MEN'S kl'RNIsniNG GOODS SALESMAN WANTED 'Mu!i' thorouRbly understand the business and be well acquainted with first class retail trade. No others need apply at (. 1 BENCH'S, a60 Broadway. TO HOTEL PROPRIETORS.?wanted, BY A VOCNd man, position as bookkeeper or cleric; can ulve a1 reterenccs. Address K., box 18t) Herald office. TO druggists,?a YOUNG man, AGED XL WISHES a situation in a dm? store ; lins hau two years' expe rience uud Is willing to work ; cltv or country ; irood rcf erences. Addreiw PBANK, rierald office. rpf> lawyebs OR BUSINESS MEN.?an ATTORNEY j with jo years' experience in the Courts of New York stale, several Western states and the District of Colum bia desires temporary employment either In a law ofllce or to take charge i f some special matter; satisfactory ref. erences will be furnished. Address box 177 Herald office. TyANTED?an ACTIVE AND RELIABLE SALESMAN ?? on commission, nt 93 4th st., Brooklyn, E. D. " ' WANTED-an EXPERIENCED YOUNG MAntok ?i dry and fancy goods. qanb BROTHERS, 570 3d av. yvitanti-.d-a YOUNG MAN TO ci.USE UP A SET OF ?vm .c"',ry hooks; work for about three days at $.'50 per dav. Address A. B? Herald office. "lyantkd?an ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER, <?k LONG , experience, in a commercial house; none other need apply. address, ^tatin^ expected salary and refer enc 0t hut employer. B. 0 a < - .. menu : oti'?:e WANTED-a FIRST CLASS MAN TO TRAVEL WITH ', Paper hnnninirs; to one who lias experience an extensive route and permanent situation will !><? elven None ethers Deed apply to F. E. JAMES, 37010th av. iyanted?young UAH A< BOOKKEEPER. WITn , ?? some knowleiltic ot business; salary $too, with chance for advancement Address, with rclerences, age and qualifications, H. Y. X., Herald office. TyANTED?in A WHOLESALE GROCERY, A YOUNG ?in? rl'.!V?.w' V>ik.uowfV rnv husiness ot salesman and ship i pitir eli rlt. Ad'Jress L. (f. A., Herald office. TyANTED?an EFFICIENT stenographic COR. i ? ? responding x lerk : otie who writes a irond hand Address LIFE ix,:i RANGE, Herald office. wanted?a BOOKKEEPER AND correspond dress bb^&bgk.^ttvnp"* mn""-v ad" j waa pd,>m^at?<.rSS, .fi,j0ds "ale811 AN, at RICH i j? A bp MEAREB\ cm t? corner of 19th st j TyANTED?by a GERMAN. 22 YEARS OF AGE; GOOD '' i'eninan and muck at fliture?, a situation as shin ninv#? r1 il' a*ihI'c'1 *n'.',est re? Fences from "avt e!s eufridge' ,r throu rta>'w. u. dethlkss, urj TyANTED?by A YOUNG MAN. 22 YEARS OLD, A wr.? i.. V . in ?? mprcantile house in any eaiiueity; %^i7.yr,ri?r1rv.i,,,k,<,r',t''; "lu>l r"'r \k.'Antb?-?ai.fsma.N FOR an OLD established ?ir?iv ?l',li lll,fi20x factory; one who can influence trade jars"'.."! ex,iVt?tln,,!rix 4'"1"' ''osl fartl, u lyANTED-tiiree YOUNG MEN, IMMEDIATELY a'? j? learn hooKkeeping, penmanship, calculations! ^*i** j. experienced accountants and tit them tor yo,,<j salaries; hours s to 10u p. M., Brooklyn City Hali} terms nusicratc. Address COLLINS, Herald ofllce. wantf.D-A STRICTLY FIRST CLASS SALESMAN at.,1 wl,h the leading Jobbing dry kooiii 1 nej,t?wult^ references oltlce ill be made. Address, giving name, experience, es and expectations, MANUFACTURER, Herald \Y'a?n1^-*N EXPERIENCED TRAVELLER, FOR u,'tawor house; also one for city, exten f.ii?in.inil tanee anions jobbers; experience in the business necessary. Apply at W Front st. < oaciimkn A.\D gardejiebti A 'j'-'-ntleman SELLINfJ OUT HIS HORSES dl? tent snrt "J^in. -?. f?r 11 flr,,t c,#" ''"oehnian ; compc l" ne i Annfv ?t'-or)"r!" n"y ,,ulv 1i'l'"taitimi(( to Ills s. Apply at ,9 Cedar ?t , room Iti. a 52sl.' las8 oerman COACHMAN AND 16 r "'tiiatlon In the city or country; OH Pea?l sl t,pcrienc, > Address TH. ANDRKSSE, A man' lately landed, wishes~a era 11 vuJe oi? hi*. ,c,0#rhra*n: would make himself cen -r add/:::westiriv^,,.,"m; ,',n",tr> ,,rt,'"rri 1 A a?d gardener, THOROUGHLY Dotn last nue?.wk ?s "f1,aatl"" : '''"f Tears' reference t? i^..,Xl? ' best references. Call ou or address A. D., 2n L. xington av,, private suble. A 2'?^?", c?LORF.D MAN WISHES A SITUATION it'st cm- reterenrn; "'"^""hly understands his business; balrtfc& * c>" or i"l'lre-8 j- j < ???d -d A MAN WISHES A SITUATION ?/erstan(ls bt^1?,'"! ,n a Pr,v?*'' family; thorouklily uii. wilfe's,:':1,'1'1"1'"'' given. Vdress A ela? llnaio'H* WTUATION WANTED?bt A FIRST care o *l*ie^ horses' bl'rn ?horou(thly understands the some ol the "*f" fj!"1 r,irn?k?" i has lived with fe w davs 10 vj.i! ' llJe.M " ,hl? city; disenaaged only a man, ijlfx ift/fi^art ofllce? rch reucvs- adlresscoa^h. A ro1ar"ma v nh t<> takk CAES aeto canahrfitvsatlafactory rofercnces k u ,a f Mr. h til n tig% Vi/"ui ?rrrttv ra" "n or ?u,,rc"' A a? coaciiman wanted-BY A etnplrser cab at' trv(.nlv>"rv rft'<,rr""' fro,? present 4l?f?. address private stable it East ? <OAV**V^5W AND OAR OR IV ICRS. A SITUATION WHfll- ? ~~ youne iniin: is ft BY A groom; willing and obliging; carfr,VBr. ?"d 'l*8* class class references in regard to hoiiosiy,"s" 10 years' first tjegrity; no objection lo country, ('all and ln JAMES, private stable, No. 7 West 9th -t " A GENTLEMAN WANTS TO KIND A SITUATION for his coachman, city or country: first clans, sober, trustworthy single young man; an experienced groom, sate ami accustomed city driver; pealeetly understands the care of horses, harness and carriages; understands gardening and can milk ; willing to mufte lilniselt uselul. Address DAVIS, hox 140 Herald office, for two days. /"JOACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTKD?DY A 0OMPE ,VK,tout man; ten ycarg' city reference; sober and re In.i . P *een, on Monday, in the harness store lulu st. and 5ih av. flOACHMAN-BY A youno MAN, WHO THOROUGH ? ?wi I'Jk UE s 1,10 Clire aQd treatment of horses, il?a??been ?.?5chman ?*? * gentleman's family lor ahfiitvnn i AV "."'"""Ctory reterenco as to character, U Park a v on" ACdregs, for a few days, M. P., No. /"IOACHMAN'8 SITUATION WANTED-BY A COL nil 0 iyjVttte family; Is a good groom, care ful driver, sober and honest; three years1 reference Call twoVv* 'GCII AltDSON, 12 Cornelia st, for Man and wife want situations-man asoaiC doner and to aa>ist in farming it required, the wito in rake care ola dairy; both to make themselves gene }.Protestants, one chUd ; reference fVom pres Stam? rd! Ooiin^ for one week, J. V, Post office, (SITUATION WANTKD-BY AN EXPERIENCED OAR kJ dener; Is acquainted with everv 1.ranch of Ids trade Address GARDENER, hos All New York Post office. SITUATION WANTKD?BY A SWISS GARDENER- IS ?V Perfectly acquainted with flowers, inilu and ree'eta 55 ; C.ou,! ,akc caru B gentleman's nice plivce ; Krench, Herman and some English. Address bWIt>> GARDENER, box (ill New York Hostoffice. QITUATION WANTED-BY A COACHMAN WHO CAN b-7 be recommended in every respect; care of tlowerirar offico *irc<'' Address P. C., Brooklyn Branch Llerald WANTED?BY MAN AND WIFE, SITUATIONS AS first rate coachman and cook ; Just from England: pest rclerence. Address T. JOHNSTON, 11 Watts st WANTED-BY A MARRIED MAN. A SITUATION AS " gardener; perfectly competent to take charge of a gentle man's Place; wile as cook or lanndress; English. Address GARDENER, 267 l'acillc st, Brooklyn. UrANTRD?BY A COLORED MAN, A SITUATION AS tlrst class coachman, with a sober, city reference. Address or call on. for one week, H. BROWN, 113 East ?'h st., or 2:> East 12th st. HKliP WAM'KDb.MAI-lOS. A CENTS WANTED?TO SELL, THE l'ATENT~AIB Bell. Apply at Nos. 2and 4 Rende st A GENTS AND SALESMEN WANTED immediately ln?,v?ry town, county and State, to sell the llydro netlf. ( all on or address J. M. KEELER.309 Broadway. AGENTS WANTED.?GREAT CHANCEt NEW AR ii?,\ "'H'l.t,everywhere; small capital re P.v m?!i ?* 1 fteadyemployment; samples 302 Broil way AMERICAN NOVELTY COMPANY, Agents wanted?to sell and deliver Oouldlng's Business Directory of Now York, Brook V? .*'wnrk, Jersey City, Paterson, lloboken and Eli/a Md l^ Ni^u ,treet U'S U'rOCt"ry ?mcc'1S- 1:H An active man used to hard work and writing aplain hand, wanted.?state age, reterence and address. Address at once, M. R. C., Herald office. Boy wanted-at 74 franklin st., tuird floor; good references are required. CANVASSERS WANTED-WIIO HAVE~ LARGE AC \> 'lualntanee with the refill dry goods clerks; to the right parties a good chance. Address ENERGY. Herald ofnee. Man wanted-to cork, seal and cap pickle bottles, and to pack tho bottles in boxes; must bo steady and reliable. Address box 1,051 Post office. TWO GENTLEMEN TO SOLICIT advertisements and subscriptions for one of the most influential trade papers. Address ENGLAND, box PUS l'ost office. ANTED?AN OFFICE BUY; SALARY $6 A WEEK. Address Post office box 3.4B9. w "IV"Anted?a man who thoroughly under * t stands distilling essential oil from leaves. Address, with references. CHURCH, Herald office. \\T ANTED.-AGE NTS WHO UNDERSTAND THEIR business enn make from $5 U> $0 per day. Apply on Monday at in Ctli av. v TIT"ANTED?AN OFFICE BOY AND A BOY TO WORK , on a place liulf tin hour in Nt^w Jersey; watrca moderate. Call on ALBERT DAY, f?s Wall st. WANTED?A KMART YOUNO MAN, 18 TO 20 YEARS of age; one willing lo work and residing with pa rent; must give undoubted reference as to honesty. Ad dress in own handwriting, G. G? Herald office, W ^N,T''D?TWO HoyS TO DISTRIBUTE HAND ?T bills and to be generally useful in a cigar store; wages$3 per week. Address F. A. F? Herald office. \U ANTED?A YOUNG MAN thoroughly AC TT quainted with Custom House business. Address office uxpenencu ftnd reference, IMPORTER, Herald WANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO EXAMINE AND DO u;> parcels;one who has experience in that line ??? . CONKIiING A CO., 7K5 Broad wav, between sth and 9lh xt*. VI f ANT EI)?A GENTLEMAN TO NEGOTIATE THE 7, , ?=?'?? "f 1 patent for n liquid ; price $2,000; no money paid in advance, hut a commission of IS per cent il a sale is effected. Address A. E. E., Herald Uptown Branch Oul CO* VI/-ANTED-A COPYIST, WHO CAN ALSO ACT AS assistant correspondent when necessary; 810 per week. Address correspondent, station D. "Vy AN TED?AN ERRAND BOY; ALSO IMPROVERS No llEasUmhst'11*" C*U MonJlty' bu,oro '"A. M.,at ANTED-A HOTEL CARVER TO CUT RAW AND cooked meats. Apply, after 9, at 2S6 Fulton St. w WANTED-A YOUNG MAN WHO HAS A GOOD ?? knowledge id optical and mathematical in?tru nients, to assist In tendinis the store and to nil orders ' best references required. Address, stating salary expected and place where hist employed, OPTICIAN, Herald office. TUG TRADES, A JOB COMPOSITOR OK LONG EXPERIENCE who can estimate on job and book work, wishes a position as foreman, either In New York city or vielnitv ? can give uood references. Address B. K, Herald office. ' A BOY WISHES TO I.EAIfN THE CABINET BU8I ihJSfi ^fipneed In the business. Address AM N . iNO, sil Division ?t, room 10, New York. A FIRST . LASS SHOW CARD WRITER WANTED Bniadwayy Ut CAhLL'H show (;#rJ Factory, O.Ki CHRRT CLASS NEGATIVE OPERATOR WANTE V C,U ,n"U'r0 "f W ?? ,iOLM,-; PHOTOGRAPHEBfl.-A ' PRINTER AND TONER wanted; one who thoroughly understands the W*E*VAIJGHCAN?U6Bo?weryApp'y to MrM" Track layers?three good foremen wu?fc'< . hutchinson A LACY Harlem River and P. C. RR., Mott flaren, N. Y. TO ARCHITECTS.-A GENTLEMAN Of LABOR I X pericnce desires an engarrement eitlvrr in office or outside; correct and accurate in construction and esti mates. Address ARCHITECT, Herald office. a"le u TO RETAIL CLOTHIERS ?WANTED, A SITUATION by a first class, fashionable custom cutter whose' experience enables him to fit without flic niual'alteia tions; warranted to equal any one In the city; tlrst class reference , salary moderate. Address CUTTER, Herald omcc. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS ENGRAVER AND DIE sink< r Address BUSINESS, Herald officc. WANTED-AT MORA'S PORTRAIT GALLERY 707 Broadway, a first class negative retoucher. ' I U'ANTKD-A POSITION IN A machinery OR ?? agricultural implement house hv a tiractlc-ii | draughtsman. Address box 2,312 Post office, New York. "1ITANTED-A COMPETENT SHIRT CUTTER ON CDS TT torn work. Address, statinu' references and where Uwt employed, MAWUFACTURBB, station A. \UANTED?A GENTLEMAN OR LADY TO FINISH t t lermt.vpes. Apply this day from 7 to 9 A. M. situ ation permanent, ill Canal st. TAT ANTED?A YOUNG MAN WHO thoroughly TT uiuierHtands makin? i' e croam. J. i) OILMOR A CO., 20'> Greenwich St., New York. TIT ANTED?SHIFCARPETERS, ENGLISH BOOTCR 12 o'clock.'rn>*n' AfP'v?t IXJBnm.i st, between 9 and WANTED-BY A BOY AGED 1?, A SITUATION TO lenrn some good trade ; can give two years' refer, ence. Apply at .??39 Ilndson st. J or WANTED-BY A YOUTH OF 17. WHO UNDER lyANTED?A locksmith AND machinist NONE SMITH "in 6th1'ar8 workmiin "ct!(1 apply to THOH. A. Young man in a plumbing material hoi se. Address, with qualifications, stating salary, Ac., A. k. J.. Ilerald office. PKKNCU AUVKKTISK.1lK.\Tji. " ON DEMANDE-l'iM I! UN KAOABIIf DH OONFiaBl rie de premier ordre, une demob<elle, parlant cor rectement I unglals. et habftuee mix affaires; turns up poiniemcnts. S'adresser de 10 hcuresa tiudi, Broad war, No. 619. ClillTIIINIi. AT B. MINTZS. 248 THIRD AVENUE, BETWEEN Twenlleth and Twenty first streets, ladies and uonts can receive the highest prices in easti for silk. Woollen und Muslin Dresses ; also gentlemen's Clothing Carpels Jewelry Ac.^ a note by post punctually attended to by ATS. MISII'S, 137 THIRD AVENUE-LADIES AND gentlemen can receive the highest price for CastolT ciothmg and Gar pets by calling or ad.fres.sing. Udc attended toby Mrs. Mlsli. AT 1,261 BROADWAY, CORNER THIRTY-FIRmt j\ street schwartz will pay the very highest prices for Ladies' and Gentlemen's Cast-off ciothifi] I ?Vi?^ Lai''Broadway1 l? by M'M S" or a(W'ea? ncflWAUTZ, KY bjS AND BARS. A RTIKICIAL HUMAN EYES T. J, DAVIS IN m,,! 'nproved Artniclal llumau kye. acknowledged by the faculty to be the ouly correct imitation ot nature in the world, li/ iUit tiiU'vuUi yuvuti between Third aud Fourth avouum. INKTIUTt TIP*' n .. AT PAINE'S BUSINESS COLLEGE, BROADWAY, corner Thirty-third street; down 02 Bower*. young men and ladles qualified lor hudnesspurMlU, in struction tiay and evening all Summer; ?A Writing i?e?* mmi.i, t: 5>. . A A YOUNG MAN DESIREB A POSITION Ah 'ir?CHER in a school; would also take a few private i>?i>iis In English, Mathematics. Ac. Address TUTOR, 275 South Four Hi street, Brooklyn. A HOOD TEACH Kit M VV SMtTlT KK * BE ' Tl K I' L school for ladles near the city for the pries of tto furniture;good reasons. Address CASH, box 109 Herald Uptown Branch office. AFRKNCH GENTLEMAN WISHES an ENOI.ISIl teacher, male or fmnalc. Address, prices lucludcil, M. A. TEVSS1KR, 2.'7 East Twelith street. ALL YOUNG MEN AND LADIES SHOULD I,BARN the best Bookkeeping, Penmanship or I'honugranh.r now, lor profitable situations in tlie Kali, a'? the Went Slilo Business College, Sixth avenue aud T wcnty-th.rd street. Call or write for circular. A GERMAN LADYWI8HHS TO BKOAOE TO TEACH from Juno 21 to September 21) for her Hoard. Ail dress Miss HULDA JOHNS, care of Mrs. C. b. lttchard son, Stamford, Conn., til' June is. FRENCH LADY DESIRES TO OIVE LESSONS IN French In exchange lor country bo*rd! unexcep tionable references given. Address IRENCM, box .?) llerald office. A WELL KNOWN TEACHER OF ENGLISH, LATIN, Mathematics, Elocution. Drawing, & . is prepared to make additional engagements lor the romlng ynar, either in schools or families. Address THOROUGH, llerald Uptown Branch office. A GENTLEMAN, OF LONO EXPERIENCE IN teaching ileal' mntes by tlie method ol articulation, will give daily Instruction In exchange lor Hi aril. Ad dress E? Herald Uptown Branch office. . /CONVERSATIONAL MORNING PllOM EN ADES WITH a professor of French and Herman to lorn l-rem-ii and German thoroughly and fluently hv convocation. Address PROFESSOR, box 121 llerald Uptown ilrunch office. ___ DOLBEAR'S COMMERCIAL COLLEGE. S7? BROAD way, corner Eighteenth street, remains open day and evening all Summer, to prepare pupils practically for Fall business; gentlemen, ladles and boy* can haxo private lessons In Business, Writing. H/wk keeping. Arithmetic or other branches; two private desk* vacant. French language taught by a french oen tlenian at liis own or pupil's residence, ('all oil or address PROFESSOR, 38 Clinton place. French, german and Spanish thoroughly and rnpidlv taught by Professor JUL. W I Mi I'. KM AN, No. 331) West Thirty-sccoad street: terms reduced during the Summer. Letoons given at either pupil's residence or my own. _ GIRARD INSTITUTE?SELECT FRENCH AND ENG lish Dav and Boarding School. 35 East sixty-second street, near the Central Park, will receive scholar* dur iug Summer vacation01BJUtp, Dtnwtor, INSTRUCTION IN FRENCH C< ?N VERSA'I'loN 1 wanted?By a gentleman who has some knowledge or the language. Addross", with fcrms, M., box 170 llerald office. _ - Neglected education.?ladies instructed thoroughly and rapidly In all the branches of a thorough English education, music, t rench and draw ing; private lessons $0 monthly. Call on or address TEACHER, 130 East Forty-first street. _ Spanish and french thoroughly taught: clauses, private lessons anil as tutor tor schools ;in<l colleges: translation from either language into English and vice vursa. ANTONIO RAMOS, 38 I nlver iity place. CJllAKSPEARIAN READING LESSONS, ENGLISH O Literature and Literary Recitations In New York, Tuesdays, Wednesdays. Thursdays; $5d per quarter. Addresss READER AND WRITER, box 08 Long Branch Post office. N. J. TELEGRAPHY.?A SPECIAL TERM OF TEN (1T> weeks In Telegraphy will open at the Uaver.ick (col lege and Hudson River Institute on June JO. Board and instruction *10 por week. , .. ? ALONZO FLA CK, Clavcrack, N. Y, ANTED?IN YORKvILLE, PRIVATE LESSONS IN isisai!ir.? ws; avenue. ^ AirANTED?IN AN ENGLISH FAMILY, A MTDDLK VV aged. educated French lady, to Insiriiet a child in the French language ; a person who can lurn:rdi unex ceptionable references will be received and treated ^>?? one of the family. Addreus E. WEBB, llerald Uptown Branch office. FIRMTIRE. A. -carpets; Fnruitiir^ Bedding Oilcloths. Lace Curtains, Window Shades, Blankets, Comlorters Ae at very low pricts, at the large wholcale and retail ware rooms, SK) to 510 Eighth avenue, corner of Thirty flfUi and Thirty-sixth streets. "? K i, successor to H. O'r arreii. AT friO, RS2 BROADWAY?DEPOT OF PICKHARDT'S premium Parlor anil Sofa Bed for sale or to? font ? also a large stock of Furniture lor sale or to exchange wSmed!Lrtat0itt 01 n<iir Any private farty having good furniture to dispose of very cheap for cash mav find a pur chaser by addressing M. It., llerald office, with lud par ticulars. Dealers need not reply. A SACRIFICE SELDOM MET WITH FOR CASH?AT private residence 21 East 20th St., near Broadway; over SOU Iota of elegant Furniture tor less than half cost - Parlor Suits, $75; rep Suits, $40; walnut Bedroom suits *36- Brussels Carpets. 50c. yard, Ac. Parties commencing housekeeping will do well to call. House open this day or Monday. ? ASIM.ES DID OPPORTUNITY TO BUY AN ELEGANT Parlor Suite, in satin, cost $6im. for $250: brocntol Suit, $2110; rep and plush Suits, $(10; Bedroom .-.nils com plete. $4<i, upwards. Bedsteads, Bureaus, Carpets, Tables, Chairs, Ac., less than hall cost, at residence U0 West'ikl street, near 6th avenue. A MAGNIFICENT SATIN BItoCATF.L PARLOR SUIT, nearly new, cost $47>. for $200; oue do. $175; brocaf l and reps Suits, $75, $5o and $35; rosewood chamber 8...c, cost $475 for $173; walnut Chamber suits, $2S, up to$irii): Paintings, Pianoforte, Bronzes Mirrors, Curtains, Carpet* Sic uii; Bullet, Extension Table, halt original cost; family leaving city, h* East Twenty-tilth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. Cut this out. AT BENDALL'S OLD STAND-FURNITURE. CAIl pets and Bedding, cheap for cash, or by weekly aud Biouttily payments. C. r.. i.A.tijun, 200 and 211 Hudson street, corner Canal. T? PRIVATE SALE -ALL THE ELEijANT HOUSE, i\. hold Furniture of private residence JM West 21st st. viz ?Two Pianofortes, Decker A Bros, makers; 1 arior Suits, 14 pieces, cost $1,a*t, lor $.T:5; Bedroom Sets, from $4')'o$75; rep Suits, fri/in $ i*1 to$o0; < arpets 50 cents a yard; 28 hair and spring Mattrosses; also a lull assortment o< Household Furniture. N. B.-Call this day Sunday or M nilay. All goods not sold at private sale will be sold at auction Tuesday, 'une 17. 10 A M. CARPETS, ?/ Furniture, Beds, Bedding, A<\ Payments taken by the week or month. Term, easy. ^EVLY ft CO., Ooraer of Twenty fifth street and .--Ul!i avenue.^ /lARl'ETS FOP. SALE.? VJ IfOOl) THREE-PLY IN " / grain and Brussels Carpets, all sizes rich patterns, warranted perfect, very ciieap. at 112 t ulton street, cor ner Duich; entrance on Dutch street . /1ARPKTS AND FURNITURE A1 THE I.0WHSTCA8H L prices; weekly or n..;nth.y.ay.nentjitakem 3S( and 3Sfi Third avenue, near Twenty-eighth stroet. LIOK SALE AT A GREAT SACRIFICE?ONE LAROB P Pier Glass, with Cornices and tnarbie Table com plete ; also three large bronze Chandeliers, with globes. Inquire at 90 Went Eighth-treet.__ inEORGE A. CLARKE, 717 BROADWAY, OFFERS HIS \T entire stock of line l urniture. < arpets, Upholstery, Ac., during the season, at the lowest prices for cash or on liberal terms of payment r OAN OFFICE. 7'i2 BROADWAY. J TO PAY ADVANCE.--. LOANS AND CHARGES. SECOND HAND FURNITURE. 1 ROSEWOOD ARMOUR. MADE BY I1UTCIIINGS, 1 CHAMBER SUIT, BY EBBINGHAUSEN, SKC<"SdBHANLD BRUSSELS AND VELVET CARPETS CHINA DINNER SETS, CLOCKS AND BRONZES, ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, NEARLY NEW, 6 CHESTS OF TEA, 6 WALNUT AND OAK SIDEBOARDS. 3 PARLOR SUITS !N BROCATEL AND PEPS, ft WALNUT AND MAHOGANY BEDSTEADS. 12 EXTENSION, LIBRARY AND PARLOR TABLES. 2 SOLID GILT BRONZE CIIANDELIe-RS, MADE TO ORDER BY COX BROTHERS. 1 LADY'S OPERA CHAIN, FINE GOLD, 2 DIAMOND STUDS, 2 uold WATCHES. 100 VOLUMES STANDARD books. Rosewood and hold imer frame, french plot*' Console Table, slab and pair of Cornices: size of plaw liM.x/7-. a bargain. Apply at K9 and 91 Court street Brooklyn. _ "lirKEKLY AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR FURNI VV tuse. Carpets and Bedding, at B. M. COWPER, T1IWA1T k 450.'8. 155 and 157 Chatham street. An im mense stock aua low prices. "IITALNUT BEDSTEADS, BUREAUS, GLASS FRAMES, Vt Wardrobes, Dressing Cases, Chamber acts, Ac., in great variety, warranted ot the best quality, on hand 01 nmile to order, at wholesale and retail, at manufactory, 5rtll Hudson street MEDICAL* \ TTENTIONM-DR. FR ANK I.IN (LATE OF PRUSSIA)? consultuUon free; private office. 161 Bleecker street I A. ?M ME. MAXWELL, PHYSICIAN. RESIDKNOS ll? East Tenth street near Third avenue. Am. mauriceau, m. i?.?office 129 liberty ? street, near Oreetuvlch street A. ?MMK KE8TKLL, PffYSICIAN.-~OKKICK NO. 1 E??t filty-MCood street, first Uoor Irom KilUi A DVICF FREK.-DR AND MMK. DE8PARD, PHY slclans. 41 East Twenty-eighth street, near Fourth a* { LEWIS HAS NO CONNECTION WITn ANY ? r other office, consultations only at his old estab lished office. No. 7 Beach street. DBo D~ R. AND MME. GR1NDLE PHYSICIANS.?RE8L detice 120 West Twi nty-sixth street, near HUlli ar. Dlt HARRISON, 41 CARMINE STREET (late Oi Bleecker street).-Office private. . I Mill's AND ill-'.N Tl KMFN-DK LQgl* I j from Leahigtop avenue to 1*18ast ITtti ?ti*et.?to a. MME VAN lll'skirk, PHYSICIAN.?RKSIDKNC8 IM B?st atb St, Htmiin 3d and Lexmgww

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