Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 18, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 18, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. r~TrOT. Tf "? ? r.~.. I? ? ? V? ? - ? ? ? ? .WHOLE NO. 13,450. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET. PRICE B'OUR CENTS. MLECTOBY W\ flftKRTISERS. *MUSEMKNT6Win*h Pack-Firth and slxtn columns ASTROLOGY?-HtS th Page?Sixth column. BILLIARDS?t^ Page?Sixth column. BOARUERR WANTED?Ninth PAGB-Plrst column. BOARD AND LODGING WANTEU-Niktu FKit-First and second columns. BROOKLYN BOARD?Ninth Pau??Second column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-Sk.cOM) Paoe First column. BUSINKSs OPPORTUNITIES?Ninth Pass?Fourth col nma. BUSINESS NOTICES?Sevshtii PAo?-Sixth column. OIOAK.s AND TohaCCo?First Page?Sixth column. CIT* REAL ESTATE FOR SALK-Secord PAUE-Flrst column. . CLBKKS AND SALESMEN?Twelfth PiGE-Fint col UBtt. CLOTHING?Second Pag*?Sixth column. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS?Twelfth Pack?First ??J second columns. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?S -Second Page?Filth col umn. COPARTNERSHIP?KiGHtn Page?Filth column. COUNTRY BOARD?Ninth 1'ACE-Second And third columns. DENTISTRY?Eighth Page?Sixth column. BUY GOODS?Fi*st Page?Sixth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED?Twrlftii Page?Fifth column. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?Second Page?Fourth and fifth columns. EUROPE?Ninth Pags?Fourth column. EXCHANGE?Eighth Pauk?Sixth column. EYES AND BARS?Eighth Page?Sixth column. EXCURSIONS?Second Page?Fifth and sixth columns. FACTORY PROPERTY?Second Page?First column. FINANCIAL?Eighth Page?Fourth and fifth columns. FOR SALE?Secono Page?Third column. PURN1WED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Tw?lfth Page?Filth and sixth columns. FURNITURE?Second Page?Sixth 'olumn. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS?Twelpth Page ?Third column. HELP WANTED-FEMALES?Eleventh Page ?Sixth ?column. HELP WANTED?MALES?Twelfth Page?Second and third columns. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.?First PAcx-Tlurd, fourth,* tilth and sixth column*. HOTELS?Ninth Page?Second column. ?OU8ES. ROOMS, AC.. WANTED?Twelfth Page? Sixth column. INSTRUCTION?First Pag*?Sixth column. ?JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Second Page? First column. LOAN OFFICES?Fins* Page?Sixth column. LOST AND FOUND?First Page?First column. MACHINERY?Second Page?Third and fourth colnmns. MARBLE MANTELS?Eiuhtb Page?.Sixth column. MEDICAL?Ninth 1'aoe?Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS-Texth Pace? Filth and sixth columns'. MISCELLANEOUS?Ninth Page?Fourth column. MUSICAL?Ninth 1'age?Sixih column. NEW PUBLICATIONS?Seventh Page?Sixth column. PERSONAL?First Page?First column. FIAN (ihORTES, ORGANS, 4C.-Ninth Page?Fifth column. PROPOSALS?Ninth Page?Fifth eolnmn. PB0FI-8SIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Eleventh Page?Sixth column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Second Page?First and second colnmns. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Second PAGE-Second column. REAL ESTATE WANTED?Second Pags?Third column. REW A RDS?Fiust Page?First column. BALES AT auction?'Twelfth Page?Third, fourth and filth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES-ELRVENTn Page? First, second, third, tourth and fifth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Eleventh Pag?? Sixth column, and Twelfth-Page? First column. ?FECIAL NOTICES?First PAGK-First, second and third columns. 8rORTINO?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.?First PAG?-Thlrd -column. 8CMMER RESORTS?Ninth Page?Third and fourth Mlsmn. THE TRADES?Twelfth Page?Third eolnmn. THE TURF?First 1'age?Third column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?TWILrTB Page?Fifth column. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Second Pace?Fifth eolnmn. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Twelfth 1'age?Sixth column. WANTED TO PURCII ASK?Fiust Page?Sixth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?Second Page?First eolnmn. VJiCHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.?Fiust Page?Sixth col umn. II KHALI) BRANCH UFFICE-IIPI'OWN. A DVERXI8EMENTs"f0R THiTnEW YORK HERALD BEGEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,256 BROADWAY AND S38 SIXTH AVENUE, VETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY-SECOND ?STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 T. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. *.), AT OFFICE RATEs! NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITH HERALB AT* O'CLOCK EVERY MORNING? NO EXTRA CHARGE8. PARIS AGENCY OF TI1E NEW YORK HERALD. jyjESSHS. KREMElt A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE .MEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ER8 WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO JUNGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES ESQUIRING THEM. PERSONAL. AUGUHTE V. E? OF ANTWERP, IS REQUESTED TO write lo his sinter Pauline ; their Intlivt- is dead. Ad rtlress A. B. R., box 3,432 Post office, Nov York. BOY MI88ING.?WILLIAM B. WILLIAMS. IS YEARS old, light hair (cut short), light complexion, blue ?eyes, slim built, small tor his age: had on when leaving home, Frldar. June 15, black telt bat, dark diagoual coat and double-breasted vest, light pants (Scotch goods), 8alter shoos (calfskin), white socks icotton), white shirr, ing, dark silk nccktle; Is known to tiavc left Brooklyn In company with two other boys, one sued 17. of German descent. Any one finding said boy will con fur a lasting favor to his anxious parents by handing him over to In ?ctor Dilks, Polite Headquarters, No. SOU Mulberry >et, New York, or any liitormation concerning him aentto No. 2N)Cumberland street, Brooklyn, N. Y., will t>e thankfully received, uud said parties will rcceive a liberal reward as well and all expenses paid. For adoption-** responsible parties, the month old boy of nil English widow lelt with several children. Address, for two days, RESPONSIBLE, box Til Herald office. OUTHRIE?I KEPT TIIE APPOINTMENT VE8TKR day and waited one hour: shall lie out of town (?-day (Wednesday), and caunot meet you; write soon ?nd make appointment ii possible. ARMOUR. INFORMATION WANTED-OF JOHN CARROLL, county Irfiuth. Ireland. Will he thankfully received t>y his friend MICK McGOUGIl, tioti East sixteenth st JOHN BAIRD?DO WRITE TO ME; I PROMISE, NOT to tell any one where yon are. S. BALL. KATK?HAVE JUST RETURNED. WISH TO SEE you on important business Call immediately. 1M East Twenty-second street. COL SIN. NO FAMILIARITY?HAVE NOT GONE WEST; HAVE waited to see you before Koing; should like to go ?ext week; am v?w-y anxious to hear from you; write me. Hhall I send tlcku\ lor Saturday's Matinee for yourself and friend! HARRY. RUN AWAY?YESTERDAY MORNING. FROM WASH ington Heights, a girl by the name of Henrietta Foreman, aged about 12; dressed in a dark blue dre-s All J>eraons are lorbld harboring her, as any Inlormatlon respecting her must lie given ut the police station, IMtt Street, or at the Home of tho Fricudlcss, East Thirtieth stroet, New York. WHITE ROSE?BE READY AND LOOK OUT To morrow (Thursday). will be about your premisos tietween 10 and 11 o'cfoct; Important; more <g?|eak w ALTER-TKLEGRAM RECEIVED; SICK IMPOS. aiblu to see you ; do call. KITTIE. LOST AM) FOl .Ml. Lost?owe sioo draft to my order on a new York .bank (name forgotten); warning Is given against ucing or negotiating tho same. Address Li/./lE LIGH I NEB, Herald office. IOST?FOCKETBOOK, CONTAINING RING. M ARKED J "C. L F, to P. A. F.," between '*^1 West Twenty-third Street nnd Sixth avenue and Twenty-third ?treet. Finder may retain lite nionev bv returning pocketbooK and ring lo8*I West Twenty-third street. T OST-ON THE UTH OR 13TH INST., A TIFFANY XJ patent ?tetn winder sporting Watch; $100 reward. Leave at office Hoffman House, No. #7. * STOLEN, JUNK 17-A SORREL HORSE, 14 HANDS high, and 10 y^arn old, and Top Rugg.v Wagon, liberal reward for ihief ur property. WITTY '6 stable, Nevin's atre ct. Brooklyn. WATCH LOST-ON TUESDAY. I7TH INST., IN THE neighborhood ut Fourteenth street and Third live one. a Gold Watch, single case, gold dial, made by Bristling LsMerlcn, J.wcale or Geneva, Switzerland A suitable rewsfil will be given by returning it to No. 4 Irving place. RBWARDk. '4,ft RKWARfV-LOST.,AT (OR NEAR BV TIIE WALL street ferry, s snisil brown gold headed cane, WArtted B. Whoever brSge it to ?S Exchange Place fttom lit shall have the a t?oes reward. REWARD.?LOST, OK*.SATURDAY, A BLACK 90 Md tan Dog. The abov^/award will be paid on return oi same to M West EieviWh atrceL ftlQ REWARD.?LOST, MOtVAT NIGHT, MTU, flo InMtting out of carriage At 10# Wavorley place, | ladies' Gold Watch ; the above r?*M< 4o offered For it* SPKCIAL. MOTICKS. A -THE american REGI8TKH, ? the ino*l widely clrculatcd of the American journals published In Eurore. A capital medium for American advertiser* addressing themselves to Kuropean patronage* Indispensable to all persons viwilug Great Britain and the i-urnpean Continent. Subtleriptioii* and advertisements for the AMERICAN RhwlSTi.K will t>e received and single copies of the iftper may tie obtained al the office oi the New York Jerald, New York. A COUPE HORSE, OVER 18 HAND-!; STYLISH ?tepper and irood traveller; color hrl'.ht bay; very handsome horse; will be sold low. Private stable, 131 East Eighteenth street Gold, silver and articlks containing hold ' bought at mark*! price; polishing. Alter and photo graph paper burned anil smelted by re.Uner, sell AW EL 25 John street. Grand temple gift enterprise. $24),066 In Cash Hi It-. omaha, July 21. U>73. Ticket* 91 each, six lor $5. First tillt. $50,000. Tickets for sale at P. DEVLIN'S stationery storo, 30 Liberty street, between Nassau and William street*. TJAVANA LOTTERY OF CUBA. OFFICIAL DRAWINoTJUNE 10, 1873. No. Print.'No. Print \ So. Prize. I No. Prit*. I Yi. Priit 1. ..$300 146....300 184....300 285....300 286....300 400....30U 411....300 444... 30ll 494....301) 516....300 MS....300 629....300 640.....'00 681....300 731....300 f83....300 812... 300 819....300 D07....300 9.16....300 ,022....300 !o38....soo 086. ..800 {090....300 has.....**) ;2 '8.. .tOII ;2t>9... .301) {387....301) 'ifM '?VI {473... son 60t9...,300 6126....SO 6152....SCO 6171....300 6185....SOO 6229....300 6X00....30# 6318....300 6ifil....30l) 6557.....t00 6553 300 6.>71....30n 60. >2... .300 6691....300 6757....300 0797....300 6813...500 1818... .300 ('<849 90U 6863....300 6918....300 6969....300 7064....300 70 -3... .300 7070....300 7078....300 7102....UqO 7139....SlO 7224...5000 12086.. .$3" t 12096....300 12132....300 12153....50' 12213.... 3i0 12269....300 12276.100(03 12-78....300 12371....3W) 12394...lOOU 12497....801 12498....300 12548....300 12672....500 12738....30T 12808....300 12819....60n 12829...1000 12815....300 12884....300 12930....300 12978....300 13016....3J0 13061....300 13084....300 13117 30<> 13162....300 13174....300 131*0....300 7343 ...30003203....300 7101....300 7408....300 7410....MW 7412 ...300 illO. ..,Ov" ? ? ???**/ {688... .300 7569... .300 .. ..?>. {686. ...3001 7695....300 13477... .30.) 628 300 7ftlt %>n 1 ,'1'' *iv) l634!.!.S30 i860....300 {662....300 {740....300 i 7.86. ...SOO {938....300 Ju87....301 {999....SO) iosi soil il168....500 ?093....300 ,143....800 ,172....300, ,177....300 S218....3001 ,266....300 ?281....300 ?291....300 ,423....300 ?488....300 ?806... .300 5508....300 ?522....30O ?529 360 5536....300 ?Mfi... .360 ?644....300 <699....300 ?7-23....300 ?724....500 2733....300 *830. ...300 2841....300 2870....300 2*79....300 ?889....300 2908...,3d0 ;122....300 3242....300 8271....600 S?w... .300 3129....300 3."J8....300 3403... .300 8430....300 8484 ...SOI 8518....ftOU 3622... .300 3644....30) S6r?....300 3711....300 3740....300 3843....300 3875... .3011 3988.,..300 3019....300 4<i41.... 300 41160 300 4130....300 4136....300 4147....300 4249....300 4254 ...300 4285... .300 4377... 300 4432....300 4433... .300 4515....300 4538....300 46119....300 4636... .300 4652... .300 4669... WOO 4701....500 4773....300 4836. ...500 4855....300 4896...11W0 4911....300 4946 300 49I2....30T floo4... .son 6 KM... .300 6161....800 6190....800 6240....500 6:130... .500 5336... .300 5374....300 6430....300 54.13... .300 5448. .. .300 5451....300 5472....300 6498....nOO 5510... .:?*) 5658. .. .300 6689....300 6741....?I0 7611....300 7634....300 7642 H00 7696....30.) 7710....300 7820....300 7835... .300 7852....500 7856....300 J 861 300 79 4....300 7917....300 13242....800 13303... .61IT 13305....300 13319. ...**> 13429. . .300 13)12.... oOO 1.1523... .300 13639....800 13576....300 13712....300 13739....300 13760....300 13769....300 1 834...1000 13808....SOI) 1.1946... .300 13968....300 IS 22...$300 18328....3O0 IH4I3....30 18494....301) 18 26....30(1 i8556....300 1.8642... .300 IS748....80; 18749... ,;.ou IH751....300 18798....300 18816....300 18824....300 18867....3m 18891....3 X) 18898....."03 18962....300 19062... 80S 19079....300 19108....son 19160... .301) 19169....300 19196....3.0 -43-1.. $300 24316... 3i? .'437"... .310 24 81...300 24837....300 24663....300 -'4816... .500 24-59 ,..300 -4>99 SOO . 4900... .100 .4967....3(0 ,1499.5. ...800 25092 ...SCO 26093... .3 0 JS158....3.0 2M72....SOO 25256....300 25202....300 2 313....500 26703.. .300 26351,...300 26362....500 25132.... ItOO 19202...5000126146..25000 19230....300 19378....300 19124'. ....01) 19515....300 19616... .300 25527.... 5M 25540....300 25547... 1000 25588....600 25664 ...300 i;wiu. . . .?**>.?,iiw 19681....300125700...300 19717....300 19765....600 19763.... 301 19784....."00 19822....300 19827... m 19833....SCO 19853....300 19876....300 19911....30(1 20079....300 20206... .600 20212....600 ?20240... .600 2U284....300 20344....3(H) 20348....300 2owk>... .:oj Mae. ..s o 26751....auo 26761....300 26766...300 2-'.799... .300 26894....W .5851....300 -'5896....300 25962....SOU 259t>7... .3U0 26976....300 26013....300 26155....300 '26161.... 300 ?26182.... 300 2:.200,.. .300 26293....300 26302....300 7957....300113978....SO. 120385....300 26372....300 7996....300 14078....300 8029...300 14167....300 8)95....300 14169....500 8164...300 14176....600 8310....300114380....SOU 8364 300) 14437... 1000 8122 ...300 14639....300 8547.... SOU 14648.... .'?> 8549 ...300 14673....300 S.">86... .300 14607....300 8589....300114618....300 8736....300114689....300 8781....300 14679....300 8869 ...300|H759....S00 8886....500 14787....300 8916....300 14828....300 8969....300I14S93....300 8977....300114912....300 8986....300 16026....300 9962....300115052..80) 9064....300 18096....3U0 9068...800 15134....300 9071... .600 16137.... .300 ~ 16144...SCO 16173....SOP 16240....300 16047....600 15353....300 15X2...SOU 16264....300 18290....800 MM1... .50u 9461... 300 16467....300 9521....SOW 9 >88....30UJ15448....300121900....300 9631....3U0 9644....300 9736....SiM^ H/52....SOI 9766....300 98'? ...310 9829....300 9343....300 9856... .3(1(1 9886....300 9932... .::oo iONI9. ...500 10054... .300 UM87.. ..300 10095....80ff 102-28... .300 I02t6. ...:no 10238 ...300 10311....300 HU30. ? ? .300. 10->43....300 10512....500 10."i69... .:?>? 10574....3*1 20497....300 2060-1....300 20539....300 20560....300 20564....500 20567....800 20620....800 20633....H00 20700....30(1 20781....600 &IA43... .300 20U86.,..800 20999....800 21011....800 21073....301) 21116....300 11143....300 21266...300 21335....300 21369... .80.) 21369....30i 21465....30.; 21494....300 21538.... 200 21551....300 21653....800 21586... .301) 21680...1000 21746.... a#)' 21748....son 21790....600 U639....800 218*1.... 800 26399....300 26401....300 26407....300 26181... 300 26539....600 26868....300 26594....300 26694....300 26621....600 26710....300 36713....300 36837...1000 26866....300 26895....300 26920....300 26937....300 26981....300 26986....600 26936....300 27061....300 27154...500 27193....300 27320....300 27228....300 27330 300 27231....3(0 '27249 ...300 27254.... 500 27887....300 27297. . 800 37319...SOO 21806....sna .7339....300 81884....600 27400....300 15632....800 15770....SOU 11800. ...SOU 1 968....son 16019. 16031. 16042... .300 16058....300 16122....300 16129.. .,300 I6J33....300 1:368... .SOU 16384....300 16360....S0t' 16377....3(H) I6378....300 16416....300 16433 300 16130....SOU 16501 SO. 16513... .30.) 16524 ...SnO 16851....300 16554....800 10509... 300 11*78....30(i 10610....300 10618....390 10687....301 IW752....300 10767....300 1(1786....300 10795....600 >0872 ...son 10885....500 10919....300 10921....3(10 10947....300 10.(77... .300 11067. ..860 11099. ...300 111118....300 16586....3U 46598 SOO 16835....309 16882... .3(10 16.125... .300 16935....200 16951....300 16989....300 17019....300 17136....SOO 17138 ...600 17176....SOO 17241....300 17249..10000 17335....300 17397....300 II136....300 1743(1... .300 II165....!**) 11191....300 11221....son 11260....300 11304....300 1131(1.... 300 11342....300 11416.. ..300 11425....SI*' 11478....300 11482....300 I _.. 11541....300 5760....300111568....300 6763... 300 6766....300 6827... .'tOO ?835 ...300 6H5H....300 5867....30" 5381 30" .'.935.....??) 6974... .St*) 11729....300 1173.-.... .300 11748....SOU IKW ...301 11846... 300 11912....300 11927....300 11934....300 12023 ...500,18321 17444....SOO I75U0... .500 (7601....30" 17712....300 17760....300 17794... .304) ,17810. ...300 17877 300 17880....800 17921....BOO 17944....300 17973 ...300 27431....300 374 9....300 21934....300127636....SOO 21997...300137865....,? 22008.... 6'tt 22046....300 22109....301) 22112. 300 22128... .800*37704... ,:t?0 37578... 310 27604....300 27693....SOO '27694...300 6040....300 13070... SOU 22153....3(>(> 27706....300 22172....300 27724..,.50(1 23177....600 27864....SOO 22218....SlO 27921....300 22268....300 27960....*00 22317... .80(1 27981....300 23338....ft*) 2-8)50.,..300 22380.... 30,. 8112.... SOO 23.'87... .300 2*136... .300 -2396... .IK, 28143....303 23S89....3T0 8188....309 ?22404....300 '28233....3(? 22408 300 28349... .300 ?23110. .. 30 38299....M4 '23139....SOO 28315....300 22506.....300 28551....300 23586... .300 2-593... .600 22611....31*) 28596..,.300 22613... .300 Z4622....3W 22368....300 28657....MIO 22907....3*1 2*59....300 22968....300 28692....300 22975....5tfl '28723....300 23042....300 38736....SN 2~0I6....500 28769....500 23068.....3.90 28786....300 23l5i... .J*! 3KH38.,, .360 ?23206....3HQ $418..300 23215....300 28930,,..90$ 28276... .3011 28963....300 33311....300 '28986....309 23311....690 39003....31*1 23332....SOO 29005....3(4 23105.,..3(11 29048.... .300 iSI"8... 'MO 29057....300 ?.':t477... .30 ) 29068... ,300 33547....SiO 29069, . 31*1 23677....23102....300 23689... 300 '29127... .300 23.'.99. ...30 ' 291/8..,.300 23804,...800 29153....300 2.1655... .300 29232... .300 ??1691... .300 29291... .300 23699....300 39326...,31*1 23706....300 29337...10U0 23808....300 $9364....SOO a+.-O....300 29393..,.600 17981... .?*),2384B... .300 29439,., .300 18098... .800 23848... .:?*) 29???... .300 18118....50" 23904....300 89613... 300 18162 300 24060 ...300 897(10 3ft) 18192 6ftI 24188 3(*i "1)725 3ft) 18338....800 24149....800 29738... 800 183!I... .800 34328... .300129739 5t*r0 18263 ...300I24344....800|297>I2 . 500 18283....800124277....80n|89Wl 300 300124314.,. .3, 0|39978,., .300 APPROXIMATION PRIZE:?. No. Prist. IV". PriirJNo. Print.\Nt. Pr*';*. I No, Prim $100.0*). I $50,001. I $36,000. | $I0.(*H I $**?). t-n I CfrfMl C HUA1 I7,il ? Ai t.t, 12271 .$?>00 1'2272... .800 12273 ...500 12274 ...501 29711.. $.100 .'97:12 300 29733....300 .".'734... .390 12276... 800129735....300 13277....800 29736....30(1 12378....fO" 19737....300 12279... .800!2<?73S....300 12280. ...800|2:'740....300 25441 (200 .'5142..,.200 25143....20 ? 25444. ...200 25445...,200 25147..,.201 17241. ..$ 0) 172.3 ...200 17243....200 17244....200 17346....200 17346....SOU 722.1. $10? 7238...100 19201... 100 I9303,..100 15448. ...20HI7247... .20' $t449....->MI| 17348...,300 25480 ...iOOi 17250....2U0I theodor zsrnorn, 116 Nassau street. Po!"t oWcc hor 6.0^1). Havana lottery drawings on filk.-circd. Inr tree. Order* promptly Oiled. JOSKPII BATKS, Agent, 196 Hrosdivay, room 4, Chatham Rail* Building. NOTICK TO OWNER8 AND AGENT* OF BiriLD ioes.?Why dn you not preserve yonr tin roots? Is it not some vears since ihey were puintedr Now rcofs pre.-erved intact. Old Mini rusted roots made to last lor some veur*. limn me ? line ; I will cull and explain tlio paint to V..U .in.l do yi.ur work, if you so decide, at a ver? reasonable charge; long experience and Iho highest recommendation': will do wi.rk at less prices for the next SO days than therealter; work done in adjacent cities. Address J. SPKEK, Post offl<-e box S.Hi". New York. OFFICIAL DRAWING* KENIUi KY MTaTK LOTTKRIES. ? r.NTUCKT?IXTRjI CMS* WO. S85?JCNV 17, 1871 5, 53, 20, lb. 6,1, 21, 30, 26. 4". 57 . 78, 24, 46, 11 KKWTCcar?cu*.?s NO. 3S6-JC8K 17, 1873. 65, 53, 57. 7.4, 74, 66, 71. 29. 44. 10. 43. 49. 7. SIMMON'S A CO., Mansfers, CovliiRton, Ry. SnFI.ST COI.LKOR?KXTRA CL*?1 NO. 285-JOB* 17, 1873. 6/, 1, 40. 11, 53. (., 20, ?6. 41, 8;i, 54. 51, 4\ 46. SHKl.SV COLLkOK?CLASS NO. l*t-JVXK 17, 1873. 26, 75, 77. 8, 12, It. 4. 38, 43, 9, 19. 66, 86.

SM.itii a CO., Managers. Covington, Ky. Address ( . IIKSR^, care J. flute, Broker, 2U6 Broad w.iv. Post office box 4.969. OFFICIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. SSTSA class no. 9'i?^dni. I,' 1873 77, 60. 72, II, 8, 22, IH, 10, > S2, 27, j, 29, aoaTU CAROLINA?CLASS NO. 100?JPNF 17, IS73. 17, 09. 71. 41, IS, 62, 18 , 50. 44, 42, 26. 2, 53. . OERKEN A CO., Manager*. LI THY A CO., Brokers, 2/4 Oreeiiwlch strew. N. Y. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS OP THE MOUTH CAROLINA Lottery lor the l>eiiertt ol the Hree School Fund? ft It r 1 IOAL?l XTItA CLASS 161?JITNF 17. 1873 75, 6.1, 46, 73, 69, 47, 17. 71, 3% 6, 3 JO. class 162?JtTNi 17, 1871. 72. 11. 9, 67. 26, 45, 70, .=*, 71, 66, 48. 7. COLE A CO., Managers, Charleston, S. C., Jun* 17. 1873. New York Poat office bo* 3,856 ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. Royal Saxon Government Lottery. Hrun?w?ck Lottery. Cily of Hamburg Lottery. rriies cashed and information given. THEODOR 7.MCHOCII, Bm 6,080 Post office. 116 Nastau street SPECIAL NOTICES. OFFICE OF BOARD OF EXCISE, NO. 299 MULBERRY afreet New York. May HO, 1H7S.-The Board of Excise hi and lor the city and county of New York, give public notice that lhey will receive Applications and Issue Li censes lor tiie sale of strong and spirituous liquors, wwe*. ale ami beer, in accordance with the laws of the Mate of New York, on and alter MONDAY, June 1 IS73. ? i <ollowan? rat 01 license tees, which have been e? tubluhed by this Board, viz:? ?- ASS ' *?? C'MS hotels, restaurants, saloons, Ac., the sum of $-.0. ^ Ac the*uafof $190."J C'aM hotel8' Mloona, til.ASS s. For all other places wnere strong and splrlt suiiT !te"lr* * llruu'' u^un the premises the CLASS 4. For storekeepers, druggists, and all places where strong aud spirituous liquors are sold In quantities 1< ss man five gallons at a time, ami not drunk upon the premises, the sum ol $80. CLASS 6. Kor all places where ale and beer only are sum'iiVfS."0 fctrong or "Pirituous wines or liquors, the The amount of the license fee In each case must ac company the application. Parties receiving a license will be tarnished with a copy ol the law regulating the sa c ol intoxicating liquors, aijd a strict comtillunce llicrewlth will be required I articular attention is directed to the provisions of the law relative to closing on the Sabbath, and from 1 to a A. M. other days. No license will,be granted to known proprietors of. or places used lor, houses of prostitution, gambling or other immoral or unlawful purposes. Applicants will please apply in the following order-? Jrom the Flr.-t, Second, Inlrd, Fourth, Fifth and ti'xth wards Iroin June 2 to June 7, Inclusive. From the.'evtn.h. Eighth. Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh wards, from June 9 to Juue it, inclusive. From the Twelfth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth. 21 Inclusive 8eventccntl1 *ards, from June 16 to June Worn the fcighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, Twenty first and rwenty-secoud wards, fr#m June 23, to Juue '& inclusive. ? Notice is also given that a book for the registry of com plaints for violations ol the Excise laws has been opened ill this office. y No person Is authorized to receive any pavment on ac houri "card except at Its office and during offlco Office hours from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. No money received utter 3 P. M. JAMES L. STEWART. )? I). I). T. MARSHALL, (Commissioners JOHN H. VOORH1S. J 01 txcis? THE TWENTY-NINTH ANNUAL SESSION OF THE National Division Sous olTcinperance will meet in ""hlnson 1,a '? 1? Sixteenth street, near Broadway, on Wednesday, June 18, at 11 o'clock. A urand public re ception will be tendered to the visiting members on Wednesday evening, the 18th Inst, in the Academy of Music, fourteenth street. Addresses will be delivered by prominent members of the order : singing by the celebrated Hutchinson Family. Admission by tickets, which can be procured free on application at the Tein perance Rooms, art Keade street. $500 .000 CASH (HITS WILL BE AWARDED 1-iv r .V - Julv 8 at um Concert in uid of Public Library of Kentucky. Tickets for sale by itime short) W. L. DAVIS, Agent, 907 Broadway, room 6. Slk/iKQ J8 {)RAWN DAILY IN TIIE LEGAL fUOif.Opj Ized Kentucky Lottery. Royal Ha vana and Kentucky circulars tree. 12}jc. commission allowed. Address llALKY A CO. (ofllce established 30 years), 174 Broadway. SPORTING?jPOCS. U1UD9, AO. A -FOR SALE, ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS, ? Birds, Ac.; Medicines for all diseases; Prepared rood for mocking birds. At B. O. DOVE \ 'S, No. 3 Ureeue street, near Canal. "WfANTED?A WELL TRAINED NEWFOUNDLAND " Dog, from 8 to 5 years old. Address box 89 Post office, Nyack, giving price, Ac. THE Tl'HF. J^MERICAN JOCKEY CLUB. "" SPRING MEETING, 1871 THURSDAY. Jnne 19. SATURDAY, Juue 21. First race each day punctually atS P. M. ? A. BELMONT, President. C. Wiikatlv, Secretary. j^MERICAN JOCKEY CLUB RACES, June 11.14,17, If and 2L Safe and speedy transit to Jerome Park every six min utes by the horse eara or the Uarleiu Bridge, Morrisania and Fordham Kail way, from Harlein Bridge to Ford ham ?tJnn.,'ctJ^",I,Tl,lh Lho Morrisania steamers from Fulton street and Harlem boats from Peck slip. D ANBURY PLEASURE PARK ASSOCIATION, DAN hury. Conn.?Spring Meeting, June 24, 28 and 26.? 1,iie Association offer the following additional purses?? Second day, June 25. pursei 1300, tor horses that have I\?iTSri. a *e ? ??:45 L?f8i horse, $160; second horse, $100; third horse, $40. Third day, Jnne 26, purse $200 for horses that have never beaten 2;flO; first home. $125- sec. ?"d hor*. $S0; third horse. $25. Conditions the same as prevlonslv advertised. Entries close at the Wooster Hmm at ? o'clock P. M. Wednesday. June I& All entri.i US' eooinjnnications to be addressed to THOMAS O. WILDMAN, Secretary. Daubury. Conn. u" TT,XJr.a NOTICE OF WAVERLEY PARK (NEWARK h 'pTr0tt!n' MItctin?-Tn he held Tuesday, Wcdneal day and Thursday, June 2i, , and 26. instead of (as an Vnlln? and. . Entries close Saturday, June 21. Send for programme. A. B. PALMER. Eastern dutchkss association, amenia, n. t?r.~hPriI"f,Meeting, July 3,4 and ft. Premiums, $?,UU). entries close June 21. send lor programme. WM. H. BART LETT, Secretary. Fleetwood association. Morrisania. Westchester county N Y Spring Meeting, 1N7.H. FIRST DAY?WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18. t ? Plllll;iun'e *> >, W*>-Kor 2:50 Horses. ii ".hlllips enters b. in. Fanny Osborn. M. Hodcn s b. g. Penobscot. M. Carroll's blk. s. Wlnthrop Morrcl, Jr. L. W. Ray's hr. m. Stella. James Dugrey'sgr. g. Hen Smith. L P. Ackerman's hr. s. Haniperion. W. C. Trimble's hr. in. Zephyr. Daniel Mace's b. g. Tip Allen. Benjamin Mace's *. m. Washburn Maid. Oeorge lienor's blk. g. Yulcan. Aid en Goldsmith's b. m. Volunteer Belle. Alexander Patterson's b. g. Frank Klock. James McKee'ss. g. Silver Tall. A. McDonald's h. g. Richards. Daniel Pflfer'sbr. m. Lady I'felfer. Thomas Lee's r. g. Henry t,. Woolley (formerly Spangle) t. . Purse No. 2, $'2,<*iO-For 2 23 Horses! Peter Manee's b. s William II. Allen. Benjamin Mace's h. g Sensation. Otis Bort's ch. g. William B. Whitman. George N. Ferguson's w g Crown Prince. SECOND DAY-T'RfDAY, JUNE 20 f0,' 81,000?For 2:38 Horses. Oeorge Hcdden's br. h. Asa. M Carroll's ch. m. Illirhland Maid. Shandley)^ blk- K' Hla<;k 0ic,t formerly Judge Daniel'Mace's b. g. Tip Allen. Benjamin Mace's s. in. Washburn Mnld. W W. Kimmey's blk. m. Lady Knox. C. H. Van Ness' h. m. Leo VieScr. John C. suydam's hr. 111. Constance. Otis Bort's lir. g. Brown Prince. Oeorge N. Ferguson's hr. m. Lady Banker. A. McDonald's s.g. Uncle Nat. M. Kodcn's h. b. Wlnslow. ? _ . Purse No. 4,11,21 JO?For 2:29 Horses. M. Roden's h. g. Castle Boy. Peter Manoe's b. in. Mary A. Whitney. Daniel Mace's b. in. Lady Ross. Oeorge Huiter's b. g. Oeorge. Oeorse N. Ferguson'sch g. James K. Polk. Daniel Pflfer'sch. m, Grace Bertram, Oeorge Wrights s. g. Constitution. Jobn Lore it's br. Ii. Young Hruno. C. Rosboro s b g. Hall Tyrrell (tormerly S Y Switi). TIIIRlt DAY?MONDAY, JUNE 23 _ Purse No. ft. $l,UU0?For 2:34 Horses. M. Carroll sch. m. Highland Maid. James Dugrey's br. m Lida I'lclon. John C. Snvdiim's br. m. ('(instance. Alden Goldsmith's b s. Alxisllah. Alexander Patterson's br. in. Brown Kitty. Pierce llsyden sbr. m. Lady Anna. Daniel I'liler's br. g. Barney Kelly. M. Roden's b. h. Wlnslow. Purso No. 6. $1,JOO?For2:2ft Horses. en Chu:* *? Charles E. I.ocw ilorinerly Patch Benjamin Mace's b. m. (Mara O. Otis Bart's b. g. Confidence. Oeorge N. Ferguson s w. g. Crown Prince. Jobn L. Dotv's s. in. Nonesuch. FOURTH DAY-TUE8DAY, JUNE 24 vr o 1 ^urse No. 7, ^<*10?For 2:43 Horse?. M. Roncn'i h. g. Penobucot I <ieorce lledden'g br. h. Asa. M. OarrolTn blk. n. Wlnthrop Morrell, .Tr. B. J. Anderson .1 hilt. Windcld. j .James Ou^rey** ^r. g. Ben Hnilth. I P. Ackerman's l>r s. Hampcrion. Daniel Maee's b. g. Tip Allen. Benjamin Mace's s. m. Washburn Maid. A den Goldsmith's br. m. Volunteer Belle. Alexander Patterson's b. g. Frank Kloch. Otis Bart's br. g. Hrown Prince. i A. McDonald's b. g. Richards. Daniel I'fifer's hr m. I.ady Filler. Thos. Lee s r. g. Henry C. Woolley (formerly Spangle'. John Splan's br. m. Mollie Barker. Purse No 8, $3,000?For 231 Horses. Peter Manee's b. s. Wm. II. Allen. Alden Ooldsmlth's b. m. Huntress. John Lovett's b. m Oazelle. Daniel Mace's ch. g. .fudge Fullerton. The above races will be mile beats, best three In Ave, In harness, and to bo governed by the rules of the Na tioiuil Association. In ea^e 01 postponement of any race it shall be the next good dnvand track, omitting Sun day. Any driver substituted for another, as authorized hvrule No wllj Ik* pni>l $50 for such service ?? m Khli)r "J.0*1' hor">' ? rate the dlsunce will be 130yards Races commence each dav al So'clock. Admission to grand stand and field, $2. Badges to Club House, endorsed hv member, $.V Horse cars leave llar:em Bridge esch dar ofthe rices ??try 10 inlnuies, direct for the park Trains leave Forty second street depot at II:40 A. M., I o'clock and 2:3n P M. nr c> <r r, a C. H van NEss, Presideal. Wm. H. Vsn Cott, Superintendent. N'E^V YORK AND HARLKM RAILROAD Jerome Park Races, .'tine 7, II, l?, 17, 19 snTi 21. i-.xtra trair^-r. ill leave Orand Central depot on above uays at and 2:ltl P. M , returning after the races. Bfccial cars rc?erved for ladles. Excursion tickets 41) C. M. BISSELL, Sup't. Prospect park fair ground association wedneadav. Jjjine IS, 3 o'clock, good day and track n H ^ mile lie.its, 3 I ii 1 lu harness. JJ; Wnedekrr nn me< b * White Note. >>. Smart nanrvfes b. u rndian Tom W' OAKLKV. ^nparlnt?ndent. POOLS HOLO KVERY EVENIXO rills WPPlf nv the J? roir.e nn l Fleetwood Park Rap** at in Tlurtj^econ^treci Ave doori wast of 1M1M ib lilt U.NL.Y AUCTION Mart in ing die proper facilities tor showing horses A large Driving Ring, entirely 11 infer cove catalogue ok sale this HOKSK*, CAHHIAOM, AC. A-depot wagons. * A large assortment of medium ant) superior quality lor sale at reduced prices. A. S. F LAN UK A I', Not. 7 and 1* East Eighteenth street, near Filth a*. At the west side carriage,repository, 1.494 ana 1,496 Broadwav, will be found a largo assortment of Kockawavs, Depot W'an?n?, I'arh I'liue ton*, top and no top Buggies, and. to make room, we will offer a line of leather top I'ony Phaetons at (JUO each. ADl HOIS ROAD WAGON, $70, 1 DUSKNBl'RY A Vanduier lop Wagon, Si 15; I Corbet side bar top, $230; 1 Stivers Road Wat on, $143, I Uroome- street Brews ter light lop side liar, 175 lbs., $250; 1 clow top, $17H; 3 Sulkies, $45 up; I Haronche, $125; 1 extension top Pliae ton, $100; I Doctor's Phaeton, $100; I Depot Wagon, $150; 1 light Coach, $210; 1 ouen Pony Pliaeton, $120; 1 top do., $14U; 1 fine extension-top Park Phaeton, $275; 15 Rncka ways, $90 up , 1 Philadelphia six-seat Hockaway. $175; 1 Ham's patent sii-seat Coupe Rockaway, nearly new, $750; 1 top Express Wagon, $115; single and double liar neat, Sheets, Whips, Ac. 20 and 22 Wouster street AT AUCTION BY WILLIAM VAN TAS8KLL, AUCTIONEER (successor to Johnston A Van Tassell). Horse and carriage Auction Mart 110, IIJ and 114 East Thirteenth street, near Kourth avenue. IMPORTANT SALE OK THE ENTIRE ELEGANT PRI VATE ESTABLISHMENT OK C. A. I AMHARD, ESQ. BY WILLIAM VAN TA8SELL. THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), JUNE 18. AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M., at the PRIVATE BTABLE8 147 EAST THIRTY-FIKTII ST., neur Lexington avenue. BAY TEAM?ELEGANT TEAM MAHOGANY HAY Horses, all black points, lull 10 hands high, 7 and b veurs old; kind and true in nil harness; veiy stylish and game drivers; lear nothing; are one ol the most peiieet lamilv teams in this city; cont $3,5(iO, and are warranted sound, kind and true. BAY TEAjil ?VERY ELEGANT TEi?M BAY HORSES, description same ?s above ; have been used as four iii-h? lid. and are as closely matched and near per fect tiunv loiir-tn hand learn in this country. Will be sold separate, as both uro splendid lor coupe or dog cart driving. PADDLE HORSE?DARK BROWN THOROUGHBRED Kentucky "addle Horse; well broken to nil gaits; as a saddle horse he has no superior, and is war ranted sound, klud and true. DRAG?VERY HANDSOME FOUR-IN-HAND DRAG, but very little used, lined with brown cloth, wllli everything complete ; cost $2,500; built by Brewster A C?., of Broome street. LANDAU?SPLENHIU I.AN'DAUON 8 SPRINGS, BUILT to order tor $3,000 by Brcwslcr A Co., of Brootne street, and is In excellent condition. VICTORIA?VICTORIA ON 8 SPRINGS, TRIMMED with morocco and cloth; cost $l,h00; built by Brew ster A Co., of Filth avenue. MAIL PHAETON?ENGLISH MAIL PHAETON, TOP on Itont scat; cost $1,800; built by Brewster A Co., of Broome street. COUPE.?COUPE, WITH POLE END BHAFTH, IN good order, built hv Brwvster A Co., nf Broome St. DOG CART.?WIIITECIlAPEL OR TANDEM i>OU CART. built by Brewster A Co., of Broome street. HARNESS.?FOUR-IN-HAND HARNESS. NEARLY new, made by Wood (libson ; each set to be sold sep arately, as they can be used as carriage harness. DOUBLE HARNESS.?SET LIGHT DOUBLE HARNESS, made by Wood Gibson. used but lew limes. TANDi- M HARNESS.?ONE COMPLETE SET TANDEM Harness, silver mounted, made by Wood Gibson. COUPE HARNESS.?SILVER MOUNTED COUPE HAR ness, made by Wood Gibson. Three very lino puirs ilecu kerse.v Blnnkots, fur Robes, Sleigh Runners, sap Holies, extra steel Bits; everything appertaining to a gentleman's private stuhle. Slock can be seen any time previous lo sale. AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTER S A LLs, CORNER OK BROADWAY AND THlRTY-WfrlTH STREET. MAJOR CHARLES W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. BEGl'LAR SALES OK HORSES, Carriages. Ac., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, AT II O'CLOCK. TWENTY-FOUR HOURS ALLOWED for trial ON EVERY HORSE sold under warrantee. THIS IS THE ONLY AUCTION Mart in the State hav nrres on sale, via cover. 1HLS DAY, AT F.LEVF.N O'CLOCK. EXTRA FINE BAY FAMILY Oil BUSINESS Home, hivh, 6 years old; a very free, prompt unit pleanaiit driver and very sharp traveller; flue pole horse and warranted sound and kind. ONE FINE TOP PONY PHAETON. NKWr AND SECOND HAND HARNESS. Horse Clothing, Saddles. Bridles, Whips, Halters. Ac. ONE PINE LIGHT TOP Express Wagon. ONE OK THE KIN EST COUPE HORDES in Ihe State, coal black. 16 high, fi years old; an elegant, prompt and very gamy drivor; can trot in S-10; hasnolaults nor ?leea: elegant foil, (lowing mane and tail, and warranted sound and kind. ONE HNE ROCK A WAY; new. THE VERY SPEEDY BAY TROTTING Gelding Billy Conway, sired by Toronto Chiet, otitol Ala byC. M. Clay; is 16* high, 7 vears old; a very stylish, free and gamy driver anil a great pole horse; won a race lost season at Pleasure Park, Albany, tn best time, 2:34^; is one ot tbo beat (ailed trotters In the Stale, and is warranted sound, without blemish. THREE TOP ROAD Wagons. MAY HORSE, 16 IIIGII,'7 years old; a good, free driver, great worker and warranted kind. THE CELEBRATED AND VERY SPEEDY bay trotting gelding Little Mae, sired tnr Ethan Allen, la 16'? high, 7 years old; an extra stylish, free and handy driver; has a record over the M vstto track of 2 .3.1;;, and can beat 2 40 ki-day; fears nothtna; has no laults or vices; lias tine tin wing mane and tall, anil is warranted sound and alnd; sold to close an estate. THE VERY VALUABLE GRAY BROOD Mare, well known ns the "Libhy Mare," sire.1 bv General Kn<>x. dam a Messenger mare, 16^ high, 8 years old, splendid driver: has trotted better than 2:."0, and is warranted kind and sound, except misplacement of hip; betore this accident nresunt owuer refused $6,000 fur her; would make a splendid brood mare. ONE FINE JENNY LIND Top Wagon. ALSO SEVERAL OTHER Horses. FULL DESCRIPTION at iale. SALES NEVER POSTPONED on account of weather. A -MAJOR CIIAS. W. BARKER ANNOUNCES . THE Hon. A. B. Conger's Fourth fjREAT ANNUAL sale OK IIIGII-BRED Trotting Stock AT THE WALDBERG stud larm, NEAR HAVEHSTRAW, N. Y., ON FRIDAY, JUNK 20, at I o'clock. THE STOCK COMPRISES FORTY-FIVE head of Mares, Geldings and Fillies, principally the get of RYSDYKS IIAMBLETONIAN. Ben Abdallah and Atner ^'cATALOOUE WITH FULL PARTICULARS as regards arrival ami departure ol trains and steamboats, convey ances irnni depot, Ac., can be obtained at BARKER A CHASE'S City Auction Mart and New York Tuttersall's, corner of Broadway and Thirtv-nilitll street. SALE POSITIVE, WITHOUT regard lo we ather. A CANOPY TOP RUMBLE SEAT PHAETON, LAN dsn. depot Wagon. Coach, Buggies, second hand; sold at half price; Landaus, Londaulets, Phaetons, de pot Wagons. HAM'S, III East Fourth street. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OK NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, Family Rockaways, top and open Hnggic?, Pony Phaetons, Grocers' and Business Wagons, at greatly reduced prices. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street. ALDERNEYS.?I WILL TRADE A CITY MADE PARK I'haefon for two or three Aldeiney yearlings. Ad dress ALDERN EY, Herald uttice. Ahorse, phaeton and harness for salb Phaeton^atest style. C spring and nut little used; horse has tiecn driven by a lud.v lor past two years. Ad dret* A. B.. box 1VI Herald office. Ahorse kor sale?17 hands- trots in .1 minutes; also one gentle and kind, for lady to drive, $:wn. p. o. smith, Frankfort Howa, 19$ William ? tree I A GENTLEMAN. GOING TO EUROPE. WISHES TO sell hi< team ot carriage Horses; color, mahogany bay; 15*4 hands high ; tuli manes and tails; 7 years old; all >ound and true, ('all at 12* West EiKhteentli sti<et. A SUPERIOR ASSORTMENT EXTENSION TOP Phaetons, single or double; e.legnnt Victoria, Park and Road Wagons, Rockawavs. Depot Wagons. new and second hand. MANUFACTURERS' UNION REPOSI TORY. 63? Broadway. _ A FINE PAIR BAY HORSES FOR SALE-IS^ hands high ; black points, no white; can't be bcatin style or elegance In this city; not a wrong hair about them; also a cross match, black und bav, beauties in every particular, at yuur own price. Apply $t No. 7 Murray street, room I. A FINE BsY HORSE lli\ HANDS HIGH, STYLISH, sound and kind, 8 years old and a good trotter, tor sale cheap. Call at SELDON'S stable, Twenty-third street, near Third avenue. A FINE YOUNG CART OR TRUCK HORSK?SOUND and kind ; also a Ray Mare, fit for business purposes. Can lie -e<*ii at H2 East Tliirtv third -li??-l. V?CARRIAGES, HARNESS, BLANKETS, AC. . Fourth avenue, corner Twenty-filth street. Work warranted equal to any and at very lowest cash price. A fine lot of Park and Ponv Phaetons now on bun.I. Be sure to call before purchasing NEW YORK SALES AND CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, Twenty-tilth street, corner Fourth avenue. AT NO. a CORTLANDT STREET, NEAR BROAD wav, large assortment of light Carriages and Har ness. first class lop and no top Waguns. Pony and Park Phaetons, Rockawavs; Depot, Road and Business Wagons. N. B.?Ponv" Phaetons a sprrinlty; ovecJudif- \ ferent styles, from $125 up. We offer the greatest bargain In the market and warrant as we represent. No. <J Curt lan<lt street, near Broadway. A VALUABLE AND FAST ROAD M\RF. FOR SALE? Eight years old ; trots In .1 minutes and warranted sound and gentle ; can be driven by a lady ; price $34". Apply at Ho Eighth street, near Hr,>?<lway. /1ARRIAOES, HORSES. HARNESS, ALL sTYLFS. V/ comprising Coaches, Rxckaways, Phaetons atid Business Wagons, selling off cheap at carriage manutic tory and st (tiles of WITTY A CO., Nerins and Fuitoil streets, Brooklyn. /lOUPE'S, ROCKAWAYS. DEPOT WAGONS, PONY \J Phaetons, Buggies, Cabriolet*, and all other styles (or town or country,at great bargains STAATS BELL, No, 7 Washington place, rear New York Hotel. JUNE PAIR Or M HANDS BAY CARRIAGE HOMBfl for sale at a moderate figure, have been regularlv driven up U> date ; owner gone lo Europe Apply at pri vate stable 143 East Nineteenth street I FOR SALE-A FINE RAY HOUSE, 16 HANDS 111(111; can iro". in 3 minutes; is sound and kind Can bo seen at Ira Rrown's stable, corner ol Thirteenth street and University place. l^OR SALE? DOO CART; A STYLISH AND LIGHT HORSES, CAKKIAORH, dlC. FM)lt SALE-A KINK I'.KSMT V K A R IIM) liHAY llorse, 1.1V honds high; little sore forward; also one gray Marc; both to be sold chean. Nos. d anil 10 bast Houston street. FOR EXCHANGE.-A gentleman having a stylish black Horse, solid built, about 16 hands, 8 years old. sountt and kind, would like to exchange for a'little smaller horse ; must be well shaped, stylish, not lens than IS hauds, -onml and Kind and a tree, lair traveller, suita ble for a park phaeton ; state particulars as to color, age, size, Ac., and where It may be seen. Address J. M , bo* 104 Herald odlce. f"H)R SALE?AN EI.ECi ANT BASKET PHAETON, with a canopy made to order. also a Handsome bay l'ony to match, and Harness as the lady Is going to de fart lor Europe. Can be seen at private stable iM bast Mty.seventh street I^OR SALE?PONV PHAETON; VERY FINE AND F Mil stunlial; leather ti p: Wood Brothers' make 4 springs; cost $800; been used six weeks; as the owner does not need it, will sell at large discount. To be seen at private stable. 66 West F'orty-llurd street, near Sixth av. f->UR tiALE-A GENTLEMAN'S COMPLETE TURN out Horse, Biig^v, Harness, Robe*, Ac. Any one wishing a stylish rig cheap cnll at 146 and 14* St. James place, Brooklyn; inquire lor Mr. ELMENDORK. "C^OR RAI.E?A OOOD FAMILY HORSE, 10 H ANDS L* high, sound and kind ; can trot in three minutes. Apply to WM. CRAIG, 416 Kent avenue, near Myrtle, llruoklyik LM)R SALE-A VERY FINE PONY CARRIAGE, IUILT r by Messrs. Wood Brothers to order; has pole and stunt*, also a toldlng canopy and rumble. Can be seen at private stable No. 121 West Seventeenth street, between 9 and 12 A. M. frlOR SALE?AT A IIARliAlN, A GENTLEMAN'S A 1 urnout, consisting of Horse, top Buguy (Brewster'*), warn ss, Ac.; will positively be sold a bargain at once. Owner at 2'Ji Broadway, room 5, 10 to 12 o'clock. f>OR SALK-A BAY HORSE, EIGHT YEARS OLD, 15^ hands high; sound and kind, not alraid of any thing; suitable tor a lady's driving, at 22 and 24 West thirteenth street. lilOR SALE?A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT; VERY JT handsome l av Mare, l.'<V, liauiis high, 7 years old; sound and kind in all harness; Brewster top Wagon, In good older; city made Harness, nearly new; sold lor **ant ol use. Inquire at Fleetwood I'ark stables, lui West Fortieth street, near Sixth avenue. FOR SALE-A GOOD SKELETON WAGON, CHEAP* Apply at ?24 l-.aitl Forty-fourth street, between Second and Hiinl avenues. I^OR sale?BY A GENTLEMAN MOVING OUT OK the city, a line nalr of carriage Horses, Harness and Coupe; all in good order; horses are 16 hands; bay, gentle, sound, without vice or tricks, and alraid of nothing. Can be seen at LEADBETTER'8 SUbics. Seventh avenue, between Forty-tilth and Forty-sixth sts. IpOR sale?AT A RAUOAIN, IF SOI.I) PROMPTLY, l ivery stable, 14 Carriages add Buggies, of various kinds; 17 Horse* and complete outfits all around, offered on accouut of long continued ill hculth of owner ; good bhsincss Address MILTON PULTZ. 23 Catherine struct., N. Y. For sale-a fine dark brown mare, is hands 1 inch, H years; great style and action and can trot tasi; gentle and well behaved; also a hundsome hay Pony, M). hands, 6 years old; gentle and intelligent; has been used by a lady: both the ubove will be lullv war ranted. Apply to JOSEPH TOWNLEY, Boulevard Stables, 15A and 157 West Fiftieth slroet. FOR SALE?THREE PONY Bl'ILT HORHl'.H, 1M; TO 16J* hands, from 6 to 9years: fit lor any use; sold onlv for want of work; prices, $123, $146, $185. Inquire at 136 Perry street stable. LMJR MALI?A NEW THREE-QUARTER TRUCK; r also a sorrel llorsc, IA>hands high, suitable lor busi ness or private u-c. Inquire ot JOHN FOLEY, 24 Morris street. IpOR SALE?A SORREL HOUSE, 9 YEARS OLD. 18 bands high, found and kind in tingle or double liar ncss-.suitable tor coupe, butcher orexpress; uuy trial will be given. Can be seen until sold; priee ? 17.1; at 112 West Thirty-ninth street. For sale-a new light top buggy, side springs, made by WoodruIf A Dunham last Summer; but little used; cost $100, will be sold lor $300; also bay Mare, 7vear*old; sound and kind; can be driven by a lady; price $176. II. J. SIMONSoN, Livery Stable, corner Weaver and Warren street*, Brooklyn, E. IV For sale?cheap, horse, wagon and iiar. ness. J. BEILLY, S22 Washington street. For sale?at 143 east twenty-fourth street, three pairs Ann Vermont Morgan Horses, voung, sound, kind and flue stylo; one pair bays, 10 hands; one pair dark chestnut, 15x; one pair dark chestnut Mares, 10)6; also two tine saddle and driving Horses, 16 hands; also one pair of dapple grays, 16 hands, well matt bed and good style. For sale?a family turnout, consisting of a flue sorrel Mare, 16 hands high, 8 years old, hand some, sound and gentle; a Coupclelte, used but a lew times, good as now; also a fine set of gold-mounted Har ness; sold only for want of use; will be sold separate or together; price $1,800. Apply at370 Sixth avonae. For sale-forced to sell? an extra pair I6'? band black Horses; stylish, rangy drivers; closely matched ; would make a flue family carriage or coach team lor any fashionable watering place; right In every particular. Call lor two days at 370 Hudson street, feed store. T^oft RALE?A HORSE (GRAY), perfectly r gentle. Harness and Pony Phaeton, suitable lor a lady. Apnlv at DRENEN'S stables, corner Seventh ave nue and Thirty-jeventh street FOR RALE?3 1-IIORRE TRUCKS AND HARNESS, 3 truck Horses, 6 and 7 years old, 16 bauds high ; cause of sale, no work. Call at 73 Vandain street. For sale cheap?a very fine team op gen tlemen's Roadsters, 1.1' . hands high . souii I. kind and gentle, close matched and nisposltloned alike; a lady can drive them ,can trot in three minutes together; do not null or Irct anil are one ol the most pleasant and re liable teams in this city; are not alraid ol anything, and can travel 50 miles a day without tatigue; also a Onsen bury A Van Du/.er light Top Wagon, In first rate order. Apply at EBBITPS stable, corner of Twenty-second street and Seventh avenue. Fn or rale cheap?owner going west-three work Horses; one fine, stylish saddle Horse; will arrive froin eoutitrv Thursday. Inquire at stables 128 West Twentieth street CIOR SALE OR EXCHANGE CHEAP-GRAY PONY: F 14 hands high ; a nice saddle ponv; kind and true in all harness; At lor lad.v or boy. Can be seen at f.'K Wash ington street. R. KEYS. f^OOD PASTURE FOR HORSES.?MARKS CAN HAVE IT the services ol an Honest Allen stallion that can trot in 2:hi. Inquire ol DAVID TAGOART, I0J spring street. /i beat bargains.?in consequence of rr. VT building part of our premises, we offer our entire stock seasonable stv'es new and second hand Carriages at greatly reduced prices. | MANUFACTURERS' UNION, <38 Broadway. HI^HABNESS, SHEETS, I.AP DUSTERS, FLY NETS and Summer Horse Clothing at very great bargain* tor cash. E. BaRTLETT, Sole Manufacturer of llorso Bonnets, 62 Warren street. Harness, saddles, horse clothing, car riage Robes. Lap Dusters, Fly Nets and a largo variety of Saddlery Goods always on hand. C. B. SMITH A CO., 40 Warren street, New York. Harness, horse clothing, horse furnish ing Goods and Carriage Equipments of every <ie s. liiition. style unJ grbde. and no faiicv prices, at MOSE MAN'S Harness Manufactory and Wurcnuust, 114 Cham bers street. Harness.?the cheapest harness store in New York. A good deublc Truck Harness, $:?); a I go.hI Grocer's Harness, $:<0; a good Milkman's Hanics. i $'W; a good Buggy Harness, hand made. $17; n good ! stable Blanket, $2: Also a large assortment ol Blankets, Bobes, sheets. Nets, Ac. Please call and examine for yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE, 71 Barclav street, second door from Greenwich street, formerly ot Murray street. HARNESS.-A set of single gold and rubber Imperial and mounted coupe or dog carl Harness: lias only been on the horse once ; Cost $2iO; will be -old at a sacrifice Call at llEGEMAN'rt saddlery store, 366 Fultos street, Brooklyn. Harness, robes, whips, sheets, halters, Ac., in great variety, at very lowest net cash prices. No. 8('ortlandt street, near Broadway. 1AM NOW SELLING TOP WAGONS FOR $;?>? ALSO Kockawayt and Phaetons at very desirable bargains. ISAAC LOCK WOOD, corner 127th street and Third avenue. XJOTICB. In Instruction* having been received at The London Harness Ageticv,. 20 East Fourteenth street (second floor), irvprnvldc increased ace unnio latlon tor Autumn lint ortft tl->us, the entire stock now on bund, ot new an i < li^ant London made Harness. Park Saddles and Bridles. Pad-Cloths stid Pud leathers of stylish de-igns, fine Horse clothing, will be offered during remainder of present season at \ liberal|coi)cesslons fVoiii marked prices. j pONY PHAETONS?EVERY DEsCRIP rio.s. Pof'U J. lar prices; depot Wagons in great * arlety : two ele gant six-seat extension-top Phaetons, Park Wagons, light Rockaways. low prices. ?M AM FAcrURERS' UNION. ?M Broadway. SPEED-BROWN MARK. 15 1; CAN TROT IN 140, Block Marc, can trot in 2:1. Brown Pony, I4.*J, han is. in- . lias been driven by a lady. All th<t above arc young snil "onn.t. the property ol a gentleman leaving lor Europe, and will be sold cheap. Apply at 1RL'b.s DELL'S Stables, I2S West Fort* sixth street. SECOND HAND WAGONS FOR SALE-ONE EXTEN sion lop Phaeton, one Coupe Rocknwav, two top Wagons, in pcrfect order, two no top Wagons, lull spring, ai 1.194 and I,4ii6 Broadway, between Forty-fourth anl Foriy-flfth streets CEOOND HAND CARRIAOKS.-FIVE LIGHT TOP O Buggies three open Bug:ies. four Rockawav<. tw<> wheel Dog Cart, extension u?p Phaeton, several slightly soiled Carriages Bargains. MAN1TACI URERS' UNION, Broadway. SUPERIOR IRON STABLE FITTINGS-PARTIES about to build new ?tables or refli old ones are iu vl'ed to call and inspect siuoimeiis ot all the most ap proved kinds manuiiictured in our own workshops. JANES A RIRTI.AND, No.. ?, io ami 12 ReaJe street SKELETON WAGON for salk cheap-nkaki.y new and in good order; price $100. 128 West Thirty | second street. HOUSKS, CARRIAGES, AC. TO LET-CARRIAGES, BY MONTH OR SEASON, any ?tvlo, new and second hand, und sold on monthly p?yiiivutH; several slighily soled mi l second hand lor i-ale thcap MANUKACI I'RERsP I'NIQN, iV<a Broadway. WANTED-TWO GOOD SECOND HAND SPRINfl ?? Carts. Address, lor one week, P. Cl'RLY, 71 Washington street, Jersey city, N. J. WANTKD-A GOOD POLE HORSE, MV nANDH high, rangv build; must show three minutes on tha track utul must trot perfectly square. Any one having such a horse, that In entirely kind and sound and no jiulU'r, can find a purchaser ny addressing A. It., Herald office. State lowest price aud give full description, Ac._ 4 GOOD WORK HOUSES FOR SALE.-INyi'IRE AT 1M und 1 tx> Eli/.ubcih street. CITY BUILT EXPRESS WAGONS FOR HALB-TO II close advances; ull warranted. NEW YORK SALES ANI> CARRIAGE RFPi>SITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORN I R '['WENTV FIFTH ST. (CI WILL BUY A NEW NICKEL PLATED DOU qpll/U blo Harness Curb Bit. Breast Collars and na mes, used hut tour times . stitchcd reins, made to order tor $150. Address XENO, Herald office. djinn FOR A lioon MARE AND cart WITH SIDE tpl?/IJ rack; a good Buggy, with good leather top ? n<* (rood harness, $75; single truck Uarnens, $lu. MS West Twenty-sixth street. -TEAM HORSES, 7 YEARS. Iti HANDS; ?POUlr. Round ami kind; separate II' desired: gray Horse, SIM); stylish black. S2SI1: gentle tor lady, 2J6 West Thirty-tlrst street, in blacksmith shop. DltiT GOODS. _ AT SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 914 BROADWAY, Twentieth and Twenty-llrst streets, east, side.? Grand display oi charming Novelties, lust importedv Summer sly Irs; the in aiitiful Tai is the queen of the sea son; I'a tern- ami CI01I1 Models now ready; Pattern* tltted to the form, warranted periect. Subscribe (or Smith's Illustrated Pattern Rniaar, only $1 a year. Wo give a premium ol Patterns to the value ol $1 60 until .1 uly IS lie iu time. FOUNTAIN'S INDIA STORE. Chinese and Jspanese Goods. Bare and choice Curios Ac. Plneiipp'e tress i.oods lor the seashore, Suanuersaro invited lo call. 839 Broadway (up Hairs), opposite Wallack'sTheatre. TATEST IMPORTATION JUST RECEIVED FROM J Pari", a case of the latest designs of Round I lata and Bonnets. Mine. C. DE I.ACY, Broadway, near Nineteenth street. J7AHIS.?AU COIR DE RUE. No. 8 Rue Montesquieu. 16,18, 20 and 22 Rue des Hons III Cants, near tlie Palais Royui. Great Emporium ot Fashion. Known for nearly thirty years for the excellence, good taste aud modest price ol each article. India and French Cashmere Shawls, Silks, Lace Goods. Mantle*, Costumes, Party Dresses, Rcadv-liliulc Underclothing, Wedding Outfits, Ruby Linen. Gloves. Perfumery, Fancy Articles. The largest, most varied aud cheapest stock In Purls. VACHTH, STEAMBOATS, *C. GOOD CHANCE FOR A BOAT LETTER ?FOR sale cheap, 9 Rowboats, from 12 to 17 feet Ion? 1> new and copper fastened ; will be sold together or w The. t><>ats can be seen at the corner of Jackson South streets. HOFFMAN A BROS. IjlOR SALE-A FREIGHT PROPBX.T.RR- CARRIES r 140 ton?. draft 5)4: six years old; housed all over, just right for market boat, has ladies' cabin; goes 12 miles an hour; cheap for cash. Apply No. 8 South street, roouifi, between the hours of 10 utia /o'clock. FOR SAI.K-TWO SCOWS, 75 FP.ET, 25 FEET BY 0 feet; carry about 20) tons each ; price low. Addrca* box IS) Ileruld Uptown Branch officii, 1,265 Broadwav. IilOR RALE?TIIE STEAM FERRYBOAT ECLIPSE, MS ' feet long, 47 feet wide over all; engine, 22-inch cylin der, 6 leet stroke; saloon on upper deck ; no cabin on inulndeck; hull und machinery I11 good order ; will be sold low. Apply to A. HECKMAN, South street ferry slip, Philadelphia. For sale or charter?propeller artisan, 148x24 leet, light druught; engine >1x2^; accommo date 100 night passengers aud 2,500 barrels freight Also side wheel si earn bunt, 130 feet, HO inches draught; Tugboat, 12xlU, WM. II. HAZARD, Jr., 62 Harrison street SCHOONER FOR SALE?SCHOONER KATIE; CAB O ries 60 tons; draught 4^ leet loaded; one year old. Can be seen at the loot of Rlvington street E. It. TWO SINGLE SCULL WHERRIES, $75 EACHi ONft 20-foot Sail Boat, $125; at S. ROBERTS'. 114th street. Harlem River, one English built four-oared Barge and lour ours, tor $100, at 373 South street. STEPHEN ROBERTS. Tug boats for sale?one i6inch square and one 12 inch square; both in good order aud running evcrv day. Apply at 26 South street. C. HOLLENBECK A OO. WANTED TO IT KCH ASK?A BARGE, NEW OB TT nearly ^o; dimensions about I ISx.'il x7. A. M. DA. COSTA, 117 Wall street WANTED TO PURCHASE?A PROPELLER TUG OB Yacht, with nowcr about equal to 13x13. Address box 4,219, New York Post olllce. Yacht for sale?sa feet long, at Baxter's, foot Eighty-sixth street. East River; in perfect order: can be bought cheap. ~\rACIIT FOR SALE.?SCHOONER YACHT, KKRL 9 L by 1M?, draws 6>? feet. In fine order; two new tniata, gun', awnings und everything n?ce.*sarv lor Immediate use. Address box 1,040 Post office, Boston. WANTICI> TO PUKCHASK pBEENWOOD.-WANTED TO PURCHASE A PLOT IJ 14 by 27, on an avenue In the Improved part of ceme tery. Address location and price to u. ROGERS, 44 Pearl street INMTHUCTION. A AMENIA SEMINARY will AGAIN OPEN FOB Summer Board, July 1st. A most charming Sunk nier Home tor children. (4. F FROST, Proprietor. 0HNAIAT INSTITUTE. Established In New Vork In 1814. English and French tor young ladles and misses. Board' ing und day pupil'.. 1,527 ana 1,529 Spruce street. Phila delphia, Pa. French Is the language of the family, and Is constantly spoken In the Institute. Mine D'HERVILLT, Principal. MDICA TION COMBINED WITH TRAVKI. TIIERI Pj is being formed a parly of young gentlewomen t4 leave New York lor Euroue .lulv 2. under Hie guidance ol u lady who has passed many years lu foreign ??ountriea and who will conduct their studies In languages and other branches In learning. Details In prospectus. Ad dress TRAVELLER, .T.i West Twenty sixth st. New York. IjSLOCUTION.?A GENTLEMAN WOULD I.IKK ONE 'J or two readings (weekly) with a thoroughly compe tent elocutionist; a lady (professional or not) much prcrep red. Address I.EC Tor, lleiald office. fPELEORAPHY ? A SPECIAL TERM OF TEN (II) 1 weeks In Telegraphy will open at the ('luierac'i C.>'? lege and Hudson River Institute on June 30. Hoiri a* J Instruction $10 per week. ALONZ0 FLACK, C'averuk, V *, IjOA \ OFFK KS. AT 811 NASSAU. STREET. BETWEEN FUl.TON AND John streets, N kwman LEOPOLD eofitlBMf the buying, selling or advancing oil Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Merchandise, Lilu Policies, lor any amount \T WOLF BROTHERS', 8$6 BROADWAY, BETWEEN Nineteenth and Twentieth streets.?Money loaned on Watches, Diamonds. Jewelry, Silverware, Silk?, ami particularly Pianos. Private parlor for ladles. Busitiesi strictly confidential. AT JACKSON'S, 806 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ELKV. enth street. ?Money liberally advanced on Dia monds, Matches. Jewelry, Silks. Dry Goods und I'eraonal Property ol every description. Privutc entrance lot ladies. AT 697 BROADWAY. CORNER FOURTH STREET.? Liberal advances on Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry, Silks, Camel's llair Shawls, Lace* and personal property ofeverydescription. james p, mattiikwh. VT llVMAN'S, ? 710 BROADWAY-LIBERAL AD vances made rui Diamonds and Watches, Silver ware. Ac., or will pay the higheit market price for the same. \MERICAN OFFICE, ESTABLISHED I8M.-MONEV loaned 011 Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware, rindl.i Shn wis. Laces, Valuables, Ac., anv umoiint or will buy . highest value paid. J. H. BARR1.NGER. 73$ Broadway, opposite Attor place AT 57 THIRTEENTH STREET. NEAR BROADWAY, I pay the highest price lor Diamond", Watches, Jew elry, Ac.; advance on the same. I MA ACS, Diamond tiro kcr. 87 Thirteenth street, nor Broad way. MHONEY LOANED ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEW. elry and Silverware, and the sum* bought. GEO. C. ALLEN, Jeweller, U4I Broadwav, ncsr Fourteenth st ?JQ NASSAU STREET. OPPOSITE POST OFFICE? On Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and all kinds of Merchandise. The -siuie bought and ?oId. Room I. HATMAN LEOPOLD. 4 n'*>"XTll AVENUE. BETWEEN TWENTY FOURTH Trl'O and Twenty-filth streets.-Liberal advances inado on Diamonds. Wutches Jewelry. Silks, Laces and Sbawl& Same bought at full value. L. BERNARD. /JQff BROADWAY^ CORNER AMITT STREET ? UO?) Money literally advanced on Diamond*, Watches, Jewelry and Personal Property of all descrtp tloltas the same and sold. 11. OEluEKMA.N dormerly M. Rosenberg). OpJ BROADWAY, OLDEST ESTABLISHED AND ? 7It) most reliable office.?Money advanced on Dia jpjdsj Watches, Jewelry. Laces, Ac. 1 saoM bou^hl^at 1f)/j 7 BROADWAY, OVER HERALD BRANCH I ,wO I office, room B.?Parlor lor ladies. Branch 1,207 Broadwav Money loaned on Diamonds, Watches^ Jewelry, Ac. Same bought and sold. LIN Do BROS.

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