Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 18, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 18, 1873 Page 5
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THE COURTS. The Demurrer Overruled to the Indictment of Donning for Embezzlement from the Sub lieawry?The Indietments of Taintor, of the Mantle Bank, and of Gra ham,, of the Wallkill Bank. GRAND JURY REPORTS. The Grand Jury of the Oyer and Ter miner on the Institutions on Black * veil's Island, the Tombs, Lud low Street Jail and the House of Detention. THE 8HARKEY-DUNN HOMICIDE. Another Panel Exhausted and Only One Additional Juror Obtained?Another Panel Ordered?Absent Jurors Pined $250 Each. Yesterday, in the United states Circuit Court, in the ?Me of George T. Dunning, indicted for embezzling aioney from the Sub-Treasury, Judge Benedict overruled Ibe demurrer to the indictment, and gave leave to tha defendant to plead to It John Brown was charged yesterday, before Commis sioner Shields, with causing a fifty cents counterfeit cur rency stamp. The defendant having been indicted by tbe Grand Jury, the case before the Commissioner was closed. Thomas McGuIre, a letter carrier, who bad been charged with opening and destroying four letters en trusted to him to deliver, appeared before Commissioner Shields yesterday. Further examination was waived by the defendant, who gave $2,000 bail, and was committed to await the action of the Grand Jury. John Cotton, a negro, was charged before Commis sioner Shields yesterday with presenting a falsa pension paper. He was discharged on his own recognizance. In the Court of General .Sessions, in the case of Sharkey, on trial tor the homicide of Robert Dunn, yesterday, the session was exhausted in an effort to complete the petit lory. Only one, In addition to the ten sworn on the pre Ylous day, was obtained, and the case went over till 10 dny. The Grand Jury of the Court of Oyer ana Terminer, previous to being discharged yesterday by Judge Davis, submitted a report of their visit to tho institutions on Blackwell's Island, the Tombs, House of Detention and Ludlow Street Jail. It will be seen from the report, which will be lound in full elsewhere, that, except at the last named place, they found everything very satisfac tory. UNITED STATES CIRCUIT COURT. Jndgc Benedict sat in tho United States Circuit Court yesterday, and proceeded with the disposal of the crimi nal business. Vila Indictment Against George F. Dun ning. The defendant had been indicted for embezzling Money from the Sub-Treasury of this city, and his coun Ki, ex-Mavor Hall, not long since argued a motlou on demurer to the indictment Judge Benedict yesterday overruled the demurrer, and saidThis ease came up on general demurror; but anreral objections to each of the counts were presented npon the argument. One of the objections to the first Shi1, i ... . " >? double; but if it is toubie 55, ' Jf* deject that cannot be taken advantage of J? ? general demurrer. The other and main objection . ? uOUIL i" 111 il ls fr?tned under n provision ol the ?'h wh icli, it is claimed, must be consid as repealed by the aot of April 8,1868. because mat net describes the same offence but attaches a different iC.,'.Krgc(L ln thls Indictment was committed In 1 38?, and If the charge on tho first count is lor an ofleuce under any law then existing. It Is good Sai?e!Pu"6?ntiAilwi.hi8t.h nUint to descrlbe ,he o/fence SrnS.n.fSS?*!/?.1!! the ,an,rua?e ot the provision ?' actof 1?S. If it be true, then, tiiat the art of ltW6 covers the offence described in the net of isct. and there fore repeals the latter net, the charge in that count must toe for an offence under the net of 1*66, and is good under . 0,1 other hand, the language of the act ??f n<>t cover the offence created by the act of 18ZS. then the provision in that act Is not repealed by ihe act of 1866, and a count like the one re ferrcd to Is good under the act of 1823. The objections to the first count, therefore, fall; and inasmuch as one good count Is sufficient to susiain the Indictment, It is nil I0"*""1- ,he objections taken to ihe other oounm. The demurrer roust bo overruled and leave given to the defendant to plead to the indictment The Atlantic National Bank Defalca tion?The Indictment Against Taintor. The indictment found against Taintor, tho alleged de* nulling cashier of toe Atlantic National Bank, contains thirty-four counts, each of which charges a separate and " convicted on these counts he would De liable to ten years' imprisonment on each: that is to ?ay, a period of confinement extending to 340 years. The Wallkill National Bank?The Caae ?t William M. Graham. The indictment found against ex?Senator William M. Graham, ex-President of the Wallkill National Bank| Jh??.i!~iChia1ff(1 *Mth wnboartln* about one hundred' arsV the properly of tnat establishment. Li. j ?. . ,I",n thirty-six counts, each ot which al leges a distinct act ot embezilernenl. If convicted on those count* the dclendant would be liable to a sentence of ten years' imprisonment upon each, or 360 vears in all possibility14'*6' U? *uch ?on,*nc? '? within the range of Indictments Against Persons Not Ar rested. The Grand Jury handed in eight indietments against parties not yet arrested. Discharge of the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury were discharged, the Court adjourned to "day* terra, the June term will commence COURT OF OYER AND TERMINER. ?The Grand Jury Concludes its Labors ?nd are Discharged?Report of Their Visit to the Institutions on Blackwcll's Island, the Tombs, House of Detention and Ladlnw Street Jail. On the reassembling, yesterday morning, of the Court ol Oyer and Terminer, Judge Davis ou the Bench, the Grand Jury came into Court and stated, through its fore man, that it had concluded its labors, lhey wiFhed, however, before being discharged, to submit a report of their visit to the various institutions on Blackwell's Island, the Touibs, House of Detention and Ludk.w street Jail, with their various recommendations. They then passed up the following document:? _ _ . T , Nkw Tore, June 17, 1S73. The Grand Inquest having disposed ol all the cases wrought before it, and being about to be discharged, respectfully present:-1 hat in addition to the ordinary i!L t y .. ,n." boflJ visned Blackwell's island. SfkS?:'' "ouse ol Detention und Ludlow Street Jail, F?* , "? ,c a r.e' ?1 examination ol such matters as allect Slfl?l e',v ,""1 county, as well asthecon 2Vi ..* d , circumstances t( the premises. They excellent6 cmrrtlVlAn "'.wrf11 21^c Swell's Island in ?.1. ?.ClL?l1.tlog ?"'< under jiood iliscipllne. Toe managi ment of each appeared perfect In the seve ral departments, and the Inmates we" tr'Vte" and dm vlded lor in every respect. They also find the Tomfo in good order as regards discipline, cleanliness uualiiv ot lood, Ac and found no comprint except fromL persons who have been confined for a length"f'U e (being destitute jf means to employ counMil) and who are anxious to have their cases brought "trial Tothu subject the attention ol the District Attorney has been called, and the Jury would recommend, ii within lite power of the Court that one or more counsel shall bS appointed, whose duly it shall be to attend daily at the Tombs and take charge ol all cases that need early at tention and when tha prisoners have not tlie means of employing their own counsel. ? At tne House of Detention they found everything satis factory. The detention of witnesses for any length of tune is, however, a great hardship, and the Jury would jirge upon the District Attorney the Importance ot bring ing to an early trial everv case of this kind which Is now or may hereafter be tinder nis control, so that witnesaes may have their iretdom. Thetr visit to Ludlow Street Jail proved less satisfac tory- A want ot cleanliness was observed, particularly m tne cells occupied by prisoners who are without money or triends u> assist them, and the lurv were in formed that this class are deprived of the exercise in the open air an the yard) which Is allowed to those ? ho pay far the privilege. Nuch of the prisoners who have the means and pay largely have comfortable accommoda tions and are otherwise well cared for. The iurv would recommend the proper authorities to see that the condi tion ol the building, cells, Ac., Is improved,and It possible give to the poorer class of prisoners free, outdoor exer cise in the yard, If only for a short lime, and *t such ?Mors as will not conflict with the rules and regulations. 'I? attention of the Hoard of Health Is earnestly called w tne complaints of residents of the eastern portion of IP" 5'v,Cl30??rslng the stench emanating irom the New , Yrlu< !?"t ol Twenty-second street, Kast Hirer, ins mine being alleged to impair tne public health. Judge Davis thanked the Jury for the faithful manner in which thoy had discharged their duties, and tben dis Monifar 'when no? ???t again till next murder bt hti father W*'Worlh w,u b# trlcJ ,or tlPBEK tOtlNT?CHAiKIU. Decisions. im??-u&ns-isssrh. ?.,,r O'Connor el .1 "vi. O'Connor'."lit /inVp.V. AuJin1""1 J??h* ?*"fr- *c ? ?' ''"?'"ley.-Motion denied ufe^e^ei!S."PWd,nB #t granted ^di,^.^5oUo"UalngCOn>P'n' I In the ?natter, 4c., ot Levy.?Mem. for counsel. ?v Judge Barrett i Mutual Life Insurauce Company vs. Martinet al.? I Order settled. JUPEMWI COURT?SPECIAL TES* Decisions. Br Judge Monell. Horn vs. Brennan?Motion tor stay on commission de nied , motion for stay pending appeal ftom order urauted. I Lawrence v?. Chalmers? Motion grauied. I flatt vs. Hudson? Motion denied. CCUBT OF COM HON PLEAS?SPECIAL TEW. Decisions* By Jadge I.srremore. Kuestervs. Mulligan?Application denied. IfARINE COURT-PAST I. Landlord and Tenant Cm*. Before Judge Howland. Patrick ts. St. Vincent's Hospital.?The plaintiff rented from the defendants house No. 170 West Twelfth street, of which the sisterhood are the owners, through the ageut, Nicholas Walsh. The terms, as by the testimony for the plaintiff, were $l,400a year, pata monthly In advance ;that $1,100 was first asked, but that plaintiff offered 91.400, with the uoudttlon aUo that the premises should be put in thorough repair. This was accepted aud on the 1st of May the plaintiff moved in part ol her furniture, the pre vious occupant of the house not having yet left. On the lid or 3d ol Mav plumbers, carpenters and a mason com menced doing the necessary repairs- A week afterwards painters cauiu aud ai?o commenced work, occupying a good deal oi time, and preventing the plaintiff from renting her rooms, which was her only means of living, she being a widow. The house, irom all the testimony, ?ai kept in so unsettled a condition that the parties u> whom Mrs. Patrick had rented one whole tlo. the rate of 9*) a month, never moved in. Other portions ?h? I could not attempt to rent, and her few boarders were compelled to leave. Mrs. Patrick herself, through ex posure ol broken windows, caught a severe illness so that she was unuble to attend to what was going on or to lease the bouse to protect hersell against the injury that was being dona her by the unexpected inroad of work men. When she recovered slio called upon the .supe rioress ol the Hospital and asked to be allowed a month's rent lor the losa she sustained by the loss ol boarders and the non-renting of her rooms and hy injury to her furni ture by the painters. The SUter said Mr. Waish would do all that was right In the matter. Mrs. Patrick, smarting under her injuries, refused to pay the rent tor June in advance, and on the latter part of that mouth she was evicted from the premises, bull was brought nv plaintiff to recover for the damages the thus sustained. The testimony as to the losses of the reutinu was very conflicting, also as to the necessity and otherwise of so long a time us four weeks being taken up by the painters ana other workmen. The main points in the case, were, however, very clearly explained by Judgo Howland to tlie jury, who, alter u brief absence, brought iu a verdict of 960 damage* tor the plaintiff. Ooclaiona. ?. . _ "y Judge Howland. Schenck vs. Barton?Judgment for plaintiff, $4!>l W .Sievena vs. Norton?Judgment lor plaiuUfl, Jttill si MARINE COURT-PART 1 Action on a Charge ot False Represent atlons. Before Judge Spauldlng. Edward K. Wiuship vs. Edgar H. Allien.?This was an action to recover 9(HK), alleged to have been obtained by false representations as to the value of certain brandy purchased by the plaintiff of the defendant, Tlio plain tiff testified that. In November, 1871, the defendant called at his office and represented himself as being the vile agent in this country for the sale of Mattel's Two Star No. I brandy. Helving upon these representations, the plaintiff purchased oraudy ot the defendant at dif ferent times at $Ai per case, which, the iteieudant said, was the lair market price, anil afforded hiui a profit ol but one or two dollars a case. About the end of De cember, 1872. and alter having purchased tllty-flve cases ot this brandy, the plaintiff claims to liuvc discovered that he hud been deceived by the defendant, that the de fendant was not the sole agent lor the sale oi that kind of brandy in this country, and that its fair market price was but 9M 75 a case. Accordingly, when tho defendant next sent iu a bill the plaintiff refuaed to pay It The de fendant brought a suit and recovered the amount ol the bill, and the plaintiff, not being able to set up a counter claim in that suit, brought this action to recover the difference between the amount paid aud what ho claims to bo the fair market value ot that Snide ol brandy. Adam C. Hcach, of the Drill of Charles eliows A Cu, wholesale and retail liquor dealers, testi fied that he had sold this kind of brandy, having the same marka upon the bottle* aud the samo seals, lor 914 75 a case ; but when asked what the fair market price ol tho brandy was he aald there was no such thing as a market price ; that It wua sold by the same dealers at different prices; and as no one ot the pluintiff's wit nesses could testify that there was any nxed market price for the brandy the Court dismissed the complaint on the ground that no market value had beeu shown. COURT OF GENERAL SESSIONS. The Hudson Street Homicide?Another Day Occupied In Getting One Juror? An Additional Panel Ordered From "Which to Draw tho Twelfth Juror. Before Recorder Ilackett The trial of William J. Sharkey, charged with shooting Robert Dunn on the 1st of September, at a liquor saloon in lludsou street, was resumed yesterday in the General Sessions beiore His Honor Recorder Hackett An addi tional panel of 100 Jurors wo* ordered from which to procure the two Jurors needed to All the Jury box. Thirty fivc of these answered to their names, and were examined us to their fitness lo sit upon the trial of tho accused. The panel was exhausted about the Usual time ol adjournment, aud the result of the day's labor was the finding of one citizen who felt himself qualified to render an impartial verdict His name is John King, a dealer Iu hats, re sitting at 00 King street. Some of the iuror* said they had formed u decided opinion upon the occurrence us repotted In the newspnt ers, others thut they were opposed to the carrying of concealed weapons unlcsa It was proven that tlie party was justified in doing so. while a lew stated that they were opposed to the ueufh penalty. It would appear, Irom the questions propounded by the counscl on Dotli sides, that the defence were iu favor of rejecting every man who had the shghtestprejudice against parties who carried pistols, while, on flic oilier hand, the District Attorney invariably challenged peremptorily every man who was a liquor dealer, on the grounu that the shooting look place hi a barroom, and that probably a man following that occupa tion would not have such a refined moral sense as an Individual who sold prayer books tor a living. Hh Honor directed that the absent jurors tie fined >250 each, and requested the clerk to issue an order upon the Commissioners ol Jurors lor snother panel ot iOOmeu re turnable this morning. COURT CALENOAPS?THIS DAY. Persian Court?Circuit?Part 1?Held by Judge Bar ret t.-No*. 2W5, 457k, 6W, 2505, 87?K, 2747, 557. 6tW. 184.1, a;77, 4J1. 487, 601, 101l>?, 801, 843, 13S2, 18(16, 541. 9i5. Part 2?Held by Judge Van Brunt?Nos l?6<><, tilOK, #80, in?6, 7I61? *512, 72tl>,, 844k, 2o27, 11W, 1110^, 1164, 7U, 2688, !?8, 2354, 24fM, 24W. 4.8, M.7H. bupnKMK Couht?Chambers?Held bv Judge Ingrs hatn.?No*.?26, 35. 41 49, 51, 77, 94. Csll 125. ScrkRioa Coort?Trial 1?Held by Judge Sedgwick.-Nos. 131, 2149, 215'J, 2201, 2023, 2161. 2253. IS&. 20117. 2205, 1231,41, 1; 93, 137,1217. l'art 2-HclJ by Judge Barbour.?Same calendar as yesterday. Court or Cos son Plbab?Lquirr ikbm?Held by Judge Daly.? Nos. 27, 48. Coubt or Cosmos Pleas?Trial Tebm?Part 1?Held by Judge J. F. Daly.?Same calendar as yesterday, l'art 8? Held by Judge Loew?.lame calendar as veslerdav. .Marine Court?Trial Term?Part I.?Held by Judge How land.-Nos. 2108. 2200,5781, 6#rt. <6J6, 2376. 1618. 24.0, 1094, I2S7, 2.122, 2734. 21K. 2426,1902 Part i-Held by Judge Spauldiug.?Nos. 2187. 1916, 2741, 2473, 1093, 2398, Jt>'7\ 2411, 2433, 2435, 2437, 2419, 2441, 2443. 2445. Part 3-Hel.l by Judge Curtis.?Nos. 2345. 2343, 1450, 2292. 1834. 2314, 2332, 1863,1993, <252,1150, 2315, 24UO, 2653, 1371, 2116, 2134. COMMISSION OF APPEALS CALENDAR. Ai bant. June 1", li*73. The following Is the Calendar ot the Commission ot Ap peals tor June 18:?No*. 154, 155, 156, 157, 104, 161, 152, 16, 18? j. 23V,. 49, It 17, 160, 125, 142. The Court adjourned until Wednssdsy st ten A. M. SUPREME COURT CALENDAR. ? RrrrALO, June 17. 1873. The following I* the day calendar of tho Supreme Court, General ferm, Fourth department tor Thursday, Julie 18:?Nos. 81. 100. 107, 140, 6, 15, 38, <5, 78, 86, 93, 94, 11J.S, 127, 3. REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMMITTEE. At the regular monthly nicotine of the Republi can Central Committee last evening, Hugh Gardner presiding, a communication wan presented from J. P. Fraser complaining of certain matters con nected with the First Assembly District Associa tion, but without being read the complaint was ro lerred to the Executive Committee. A rc.-olutlon, proponed by Colonel hpencer, requesting the Executive Committee to repot t at the next meet Ins '-some proposition lor a union of all electors of the city ot New York In (avor or the principles of the republican parry upon a fair and honorable basis" was unanimously adopted. The committee then adjourned until Kepember uext. When the meeting wus over angry altercations occurred among some ol tho members relative to the First Assembly District. Association, but eventually the disputants peacefully dispersed. A CITY 8URVEY0R PUTS HIMSELF RIGHT ON THE RECORD. To the Editor of the Herald:? In your Issue of this mornlug I was surprised to And the following:? THE DEPARTMENT Or PUBLIC WORKS. Mr. Williamson, In reply to an inquiry us to whether Commissioner Van Nort would recognize this association, said that hr knew a reformer who had been employed by the city, who could not get emtdovment nt the De partment of Public Works, and ho knew that Mr. Hoyle, City Surveyor, was obtaining large employment, though durlnif the Tweed Mr. Boyle obtained $290,000tor tlie widening ol Church street, and which only cost him ?110,000. He had no hesitation In saving that Mr. t weed and his ring" In the Department of Pnbllc Works and other departments were just as powerful in this city as they ever were. Every assertion made by Mr. Williamson I* un true. I never either charged or bail $200,000 for the opening of Church street, or of any other I street, neither did toe work cost me if Mr. Williamson had taken the trouble to examine the public documents he would have seen that I did receive the exact buiu or |2u.u25 30, after the aaiue had been taxed and allowed according to law, by the supreme Court. I was appointed on this work by the late Greene C. Bronsou, when he occupied the position of Counsel to the Corporation. I have been a city surveyor In this city for upwards or twenty years, and have discharged all my duties as such city surveyor under all the Street Commissioners aud Corporation counsels who liavo been In omce during that period with honor, ability and Integrity. It Is not true that 1 am receiving "large employment'' from Mr. Van Nort, ner any employment., and led under no particular obliga tion to that gentleman, except for his uniform courtesy. I have the honor, sir. to b? vours, very respectfully, KDWtARD BOYLE. No. 61 UUtKHTY STRUT, Jun? 17, 1673. NEW YOUK DISTRICT CONFERENCE. Second Day'a Proceeding*?A Mlulcn ?ry Licensed?Element* of Methodist Power?View* of a "High Church" Methodlat and of m, Low Church Cal Tini*l>Flnal Adjoarnment. The New York District conference continued its sessions yesterday, commencing at nine A. 11. with devotional exercises, after which the com mittee on Church Extension reported In favor of organizing a circuit in the lower part of West Chester county, to be manned with local preach ers from the district. It was said that there are openings at Mott Haven, High Bridge and other points In the suburbs of New York, but it would bo impossible to And work lor all the local preachers, who greatly outnumber the regulars In the dis trict. I he discussion of tno report was postponed to allow Dr. Foss to address the Conference on "Elements 01 Power In Methodism." At the close of Dr. Foss' address the Conference resumed the discission of the local preachers' re lation to the Church, when Dr. Osuorn, who ac knowledged himself to be A UIUI1 C11UHCU METHODIST EPISCOPALIAN, presented an elaborate argument to show that the local preachershli) Is simply an offl.-e aud not an order of the Church; that local preachers were simply laymen, and that their pretensions to any thing more or higher had no warrant in Methodist economy. Rev. A. c. Morehouse made an address to the same effect. Brother Drigqs, a local preacher of more than thirty years' standing and oho who has been In strumental in founding the Perry street Methodlat Episcopal church iu this city and the South Bergen church In New Jersey, expressed Ills surprise at these views of his ordained brethren reBpcctlug the gifts, graces and usefulness or the local brethren, who have done so much to establlsn Methodism on this Continent. They are not all cul tivated men, but God had owned and blessed their labors. The discussion was taking a wide range, and |DR. BROWN, PRESIDENT OP THE CONFERENCE mildly suggested that they should counno them selves to the question. The report of the Church Extension Committee was again called up, and a resolution was adopted instructing the snecial i committee on this work to organize cirJults 2nd pract0|cabler0Ugll0Ul tU? eUt'r? dwurict wherever relitWm^tVfh!! ad,IreB8?d ^e Conference on its J church 10 mi?siu"ary enterprises ol the I undeVSvhiHiWT?Ur1?i,t?er.reput*<1 faUler ?r the plan J ?* J . * Cotiicreuces are orcMnize<l bunirTnii/Uiin^"hI>r'i()8.''0" declared was the most k i ft. a<l ever "tea come from Dr. I fiJtu tt' y lny'fation addressed the Conference at I N-rri .nlfi?n.i w'gin and relation of said con church, lie was chairman of the on c Slite ol the Church of the last I i ? i ^01"erenee, which committee was cou I nr nIn?A?,r,,Phf lecePtaclc ?o turn into every kind J _f papei for which the General Conierence could And no other use. He uttered some very heterodox I views yesterday, for some of his brethreS thepoweWdoeso8U,'? lf UOt 10 eJ?pul Um UaU tu?* CONCKKUATiO.VALISM 18 DEVKLOPtMO IK TI1B CHTRCH ln the land he said. k Jl Church of 1873 lie coiisld ever kne?v' ^frc.Hliyter'llnlam ,hc woria ever Knew, por himself, lie was Presbyterian and ^ongfegutlonallst uu<1 Episcopalian, and Dr os bon suggested a climax?everything hnt aMethod iAbrother "Rested here that of coursc then the i.? ~or ,uvor women preaching. He said iifarinn tn if?18ense> but hc considered rt an abom r w J or. or(laln Mrs- V?n Oott, or any nre?i? iw.r??P; ??mlng thus to the subject ol loctU cimsph nf k remarked that there are four fledthem. Preachers, and at some length classi ??tlCn rt^!lC .Poctor'? address an adjournment was S'". dinner. Mr. Blchardson Grby, a young medical doctor connected with the Presbyterian Hospital and a member of St. Luke's church au pearcd aud applied lor a license as a local preacher onnta Recommendation for admission to an Annual cha ac eTnr^^ "P?k9 most warmly of life cnaracter of the Young man. The license and recommendation were unanimously granted A AVO,D'M? A MINI8TKBIAI. EXPLOSION. ' come Dr the Cotlference having V , , 11011 lel off some of his pent ud iZ i?.?Mn Vr" Curry'8 heterodoxy of the morn conn J?i h ? r.e gave whllt l,c ('alle" ? scrap of ih^f n 'f'8t?rJr ,n regard to the "bungling'' plan KmVr'r . ? Conference. He believed brother Smart must have rakeu It to Dr. Curry-J com^ was ca 11ecf fron? tS""J0m 7a* 8urPrtsed when It I mitt ? m L lahle toward the close of the session, and was hurried through on Its passage i a"iazeUat tue radical aud heterodox views n?P f Dr* 0orry. who, he believed had sutution 01 Meth0(ltem m his Christian con Co89',n Dr- Carry's absence, ably de positions taken by the Doctor aud heartily seconded his most radical views. ' I District l0Cf1 preacllRr>als? defended the LtJLS ?, Co9rerence plan, and as it originated with himself and a few others ten years ago and was | Chicago. ore lh0 General Conference of 1868. m A; ?*AN' President of the Fast Tennessee Wesleyan Lnlversity, addressed the Conference on the subject of education In the South and asked pecuniary help for his own institution. in erenc2 decided to hold Its next session V J,0,?k?n\ nnd. "ev'- c- "? Fo*. M. H. Smith. D. romm^tnAM au Neumann were appointed a committee to prepare business for the next meet L'&n,n?V7- Ferrt8, Lod*e an<1 McFarlaud wVr^also Ucensesf Ad%?rned.Ce W e*amlue candidates for DEIVEN FROM THEIR DENS. Tha Inhabitants of the Dance Houses In the Fourth Ward Turned Into the Streets. Dr. Janes, Sanitary Superintendent of the Board of Health, caused the shutting up of twenty or the vilest dens of infamy In the Fourth ward yesterday afternoon. Most of these houses were the homes of five or six of the most depraved abandoned wretches to be found In the city. Their doors were thrown open to allure the unwary and unsuspicious stranger, and moral and phy sical deatn were equally dealt out In them. Dr. Janes, in company with some of his assistants and the sanitary police, opened the war on the cellars In Cherry and Water streets. The authorities went boldly Into these places without giving the inhabitants any warning, and at once went to work cleaning out the filthy styes. Chairs, rabies, pots, pans, stoves, counters, whis key bottles and the usual paraphernalia of cheap groggeries were piled up on the sidewalks In a few moments. The gaudy, painted honris who usually presided over the nasty orgies con ducted In the holes stalked stealthily into the daylight In the wake of the household gods, and stood the hooting greetings of the crowd ln the streets. Some of the ejected proprietors laughed and looked upon the matter as a good Joke; others .,oro their halr' vowing vengeauce against hygiene and officials who would not let f?1'11'6/0 their graves in their own fashion one man sat on the upturned top of an oyster counter and declared he would move no further S,ght Put ,l,m out a cellar, and ho rrn11? in II" , could; but turn him away front of the house he rented aud a .wa8 a th'r,a he H>'ould like to see any pub le servant attempt. This courageous ^lout vldual, who was applauded during his harangup l>v ^'r'?''ey'not,, had no sooner finished hwTflant discourse than he was flung off the counter l>v a 8^r&ea poUce, who instantly ordered the se it burned r,> ?? Vecaned off 'and burned. While the siinltarv police were operat asnnad tf ni^'al,er t-'aptam Ulman, with . mei1, waB doing good dtitr in ??!? ?Tmec1, Every cellar in that thoroughfare was speedily emptied of its contents, living and Inanimate, (in the top of a huge pile or roUsh -llmau collected lu the centre ol William street an organ grinder took a seat and ground Th?a? 8 uP?n the dirt of the decaved revelrv The wo.uen in \V illlain street (the dlsreoutahis ones ol the .lens) fled In dismay at the aKach of ' Rll<' on'y *uch were arrested as the I nU!f^ers managed to catch on the wing. Bots hcollected in large numbers around In furniture on ine street, and played all manner oi games upon aud with it. Several of them went to work deftly at opening the whls- I kev bottles, and some succeeded in making a little rUJnlrJ8b0"- Vav,u* * ?treetT capu n .h^I.V1cc<)"]p.?nlccl Dl ? J??es, made a tour of ' I1" "a'l,e or "itmlar scenes were en i ? ? an of l Hem. The work 7s being Z and 11t0 ,lC Hoped Dr. Janes thii tm/iT , "P until he has cleared the city of this kind or abomination. DRAPED "M0DEL8" ONLI. To tite EDrron of tiib Herald:? At the close or an article on '-models," published in the Herald or to-day, an unwarrantable liberty is taken with the names ol several of our artists, nnd?eWsoa[?r I,'<Llnumt,er- The statement therein daiion* ilim"concerned, has only this touu .kJT! many designs for bauk notes, and inii V?mai)i,r,>0*e <lraw ',01" draped models, male sDccifuhv M We" M ,rHra 1,1' figure. Be v^'-- , JAULX D. SMILLIE. Yori, June 18,1173, SANITARY SCIENCE. The Intolerable Filth of the West Side. Dismimls and Appointments?Important meet ing of the Board of Health. Crowds or young men, anxious about situations, hung around the Health Department yesterday. It was understood the Board had been engaged dur ing the past week on the work or making dis missals and appointments In the department, and this Intelligence Having spread, tho army or office seekers was eager. Some comm)tte>s of the Board were in session during the early part of tho day, and at two o'clock the doors of President Chandler's rooms were thrown open and the public admitted. There were present the President, Professor Chandler; Uenry Smith, l*re?ideut of the Board of Police; Dr. Van derpoel, Health Officer of the Port, and Dr. Stephen Smith. After the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting bv the Secretary, Colonel Emmons Clark, the iollowinc report on tho New York Ren dering Company was handed in by Dr. Hteplien Smith. It was read by the Secretary, and udopted with the resolutions attached:? The Sanitary Committee rcvpectfully submit the follow via lu tMPouse to the resolution ol the Board, "Resolved, That the Sanitary Committee be and ia hereby directed to give to the New York Rendering Com pan.v ami all parties opposed lo the continuance ol the o works at tha foot or West Thirty.eighth street, North River, a hearing at the roouis of this Board, S1)! Mott street, on Thursday, June 12, at two o'clock P. M." I he committee wave the parties appearing for and I against the New York ltemlerlng Company a hearing, us directed bv tho reaolution. It wn* urged by those 011 po.-ed to tile company that the-c works were thu source of intolerable stenches, particularly at nisnt com pelling tho people living In the vicinity to con llioir windows, especially during hot weuUie.r and ut night, thereby causing them groat discomfort and slctness. Property has also depre

ciated in the vicinity ao that those moat aggrieved can not dispose of it to anch advantage as to enable them to leave. The company allege that though some nuisance is necessarily created In the process ot filling and empty ing the tanks, yet that the rendering ia not otlrnsivu; that they closc their works regularly at six o'clock P. M. and do not resume work until morning, and therefore caunot t>e responsible for the foul odors at night; that they do not create the offensive gases which are com plained ot, but that these gage* are emanation* from other sources In thatvicinity. 'Jlio officers of the com pany also state that they are ready to remove their works to any other dock which inuy be desiguated. It would appear, therefore, Iroin thin hearing and from the report ol the Inspector, that these works are produc tive ol offensive gases at certain stages of the process, though, perliapr, not to the extent that the people living In the vicinity *upi>ose, owing to tho Immediate neigh borhood ot other nuisance*. The allegation, however, that other offensive works create greater nuisance ii? that vicinity relieves this company from the blame of doing it? work In an offensive manner. In dealing with this company the previous Hoard of Health allowed tho rendering to be none at the dock during the Winter months and on tho river during tho Summer months, but under both conditions these works were a source of constant complaint by the citizen*. While the rendering boat was pas-lug up and down tho river during the 'ast Hummer the people living along the river Iront were so atleu ed by the foul gases as frequently to be obliged to close the windows while tho boat was passing. In considering the question of the abate ment ot till* nui>ance It must be borne In mind that this company is party to a contract with the city to remove the dead animals, offal, Ac., in a specified manner und so as to create no nuisance. In the third specification or the contract it is agreed "that the said party of the sec ond part and Its succeasors shall at all tunes provide und keep at such dock or slip as aforesaid, or at such other ducks or slips as the city Inspector shall at anytime hereafter deslgaate. direct or provide, a sultlcient num ber of suitable vessels, propelled by steam power, tor receiving, and shall receive therein all dead horses and othsr dead animals and all blood, offal and other refuse matter, from butchers' slaughter houses or other houses or place* In said city, and all bones. Ash, offal, dlsesaed or tainted or impure meats, and all other matter or nuisances of a similar kind whieli mayor shall be offered by auy person or persons at such dock or slips, or which may be directed lo be removed from said city by the said Cltv Inspector, und to trans port and convey the sold dead horses, animals, blood, oflal and other refuse matter as aforesaid, Darticulurly above mentioned, at least oneo In each day, or when ever directed by the City Inspector, twice In each day, to some place out of and fieyon I tho limits of the city. In the said vessels which are to be propelled by steam power, and wnlch shall be properly una suitably prepared torthu reception ot such dead animals, blood, offal and other refuse matter as aforesaid, in such manner as to prevent nuisance. And thatthe said blood and oflal shall be so con veyed and transported in tight covered boxes, and shall be so placed in said tight covored boxes forthwith upou Its being brought to said dock or slip." In the toiirtu specification it is agreed "that the said party of the scond part and its successor* shall tarnish at its own cost and expense suitable boxes for the recep tion of all order* or complaints at such police station leases in the said city as the City Inspector shall desig nate, und also at the office of the said Cltv Inspector, and *hall cause all orders or complaints to be col lected from such ot the said station houses that may bo so designated at least once every day, and from the office of the City Inspector at least twiee every day. and shall cause all dead horses and other dead animals, before mentioned, to be removed In accordance with tnis contract within twenty-four hours after the reception of anv such order or complaint or other notice, "in the opinion of the committee, If the compuuy would faithfully perform their duties as herein specified, but little offence could arise Irom the business. If the bones and the dead animals uncut, were received directly Into covered boat*, and If the oilal properly dls infected by the butcher* were deposited in tight boxes and thus conveyed beyond the city limits the nuisauce would be slight compared with what it is at present In the opinion of the committee it I* the duty of the New York Rendering Com pany to comply with the express term* of their contract with the city in the removal of dead animal*, offal, bones. Ac., and so perform their work as to pre vent nuisance. And it is tlia duty of this Board to re quire such compliance on the pnrt ol the company, and to prevent, so far as it ha* power, nuisance being created by the company in performing Its work. 8TKPHKN SMITH, M D., Chairman. Resolved, That the New York Rendering Company be and is hereby directed to discontinue the work of ren dering dead animals and offul ut the foot of Thirty-eighth street. North Itiver. on or lie ore the 10th day ol July next, and that thereafter they perform their work ac coidlng to the specifications of the contract. Resolved, That the .New York Rendering Company be and i* hereby directed to supply the boxes required by the contract at each polioo precinct station house. Tno following report, resolution and appoint ments were presented by the Committee on Appli cations and adopted Health DuPAamrirr, No. S01 Morr Hrnrrr, > New Yokb, June 17, 1873. j The Committee on Applications, before proceedintr to reorganize the different bureaus of the Hoard ol Health, found it neceissry to establish some principle by which the Hoard could avail itselt of the services of the most in telligent and faithful of those now In It* *er vice, and also call to Its aid from the nu merous applicant* those best qualified by educa tion and integrity to Oil the vacant position*. It was there tor* decided to subject each applicant for position to an appropriate examination, with this view a series of questions were given to each class, to which answers were to be written while Uie candidate wis present Those for clerks are hereby presented, marked "A." and thoae for inspector* and assistant Inspectors are marked "B." In ea?h class the questions presented were snch as per tained to their special duties either as clerk* or inspec tors, care being;taken that no questions Irrelevant to the particular duties of each snuuld be given. Asa rule the answer* given have been correct and per tinent, and the committee have been more embarrassed to *elect froin the nunilier of those louiul competent than from the poverty of material. The result ot these examinations, however, furnishes a basis tor future selections front which to aupply vacan cies which may occur from time to lime. A list is herewith submitted ol the number of each class examined, and the appointment us finally decided by tiie committee : ? Number of examination* for clerkship* fifty six; of which iwenty-elglit were new applicanta and twenty eight are now clerks In tills Department. Number ot examinations lor Sanitary and Assistant Banltary Inspector*. S3; of which fen are now Samtarv In spec-tors, eleven are now Assistant Suuliary inspectors and fifty-two are new applicants lor appointment as Sanitary Inspectors and Assistant Sanitary Inspectors. The Committee on Application* submit thu following resolutions s? Resoived, That the following named persons be and are hereby appointed officer* and clerks in ihls Depart ment to succeed the officer* and clerks heretofore em ployed in this Department, their appointment lo take effect on the Istli day ot June, IS73: ? Sanittuy Burma.?Ut. W. De Forest Day, Fanltarv Superintendent; Dr. K. II. Janes, Assistant Sanitary Superintendent: Pr*. A. H. Jud-on. C. P. Kussell. W. H. H. Post Augustus Viola. S. F. Morris, K. s. Tracy, Charles F. Robert*. J. D. Bryant, Paul K Mundc anil II. R Stiles, Sanitary Inspectors; Drs W. W. Kwlng, W, K. Hail, N. H. Emerson, Charles E. Lock wood, Hernard Hughes, a. McL. Hamilton. George B. Fowler, Hamilton Walker, C. H. Atwater and Alexander Strong, Assistant sanitary Inspectors: Thomas J. Neslls and Kiigene Walker? special duty?Assistant Sanitary It,specters. C. Y. Hammond, ou special duty fnotofMft rhirty-eifhth street; John R. Oriswold, chief Clerk to Superintendent; William B. Fernhe id. Hioomtluld Usher und R. V. Mor gan, Clerks; Joseph Beckowloz, Messenger, Uurrauof Vital SlnHntirt. ? Dr Klisha Harris. Register of Records; Dr. John T Nsgle, Deputy Register of Records; Louis Kranshaw, Jaco'i A. Well, William II Llttlepazc, A. M. Holden, C. W. Farringfon, II. <1. Wheelock, i buries Buckingham. Jr., William l^eggett O. N. Chapin, a. Lodge and J. W. Conkllti, clerks. nfwt ?Meor o S. Hastings Chief Clerk; Rd. A. Farringfon. W. T. Cliupuian and Cliu.lcs A. Hover, clerks. ScrTrtary'< O/Re*.?Caspar Ooldeman, Auditing Clerk: Jame* A. Illll, J. II Hanson, William P. Iluxfmd slid I Edward Waldorf, Clerks; Martin Kelly, Janitor; Dais, Messenger. IHrinfrrtiny Corni -Hcrrnan|Kndcrman, Chief of Disin fecting Corps: William Robert*, in charge of atnlulance; Thomas D Yates, Bartholomew McUuuimi, K. Ki< hard son. John J. lievltt. Disinfecting Corp*; Richard Sullivan, Stable Keeper, Hnnotary Appointment*.?E O. Janewav, M. P., Consult ing Pathologist; Carl Plciffer, Consulting Architect, A. K. Leantard, Consnltlng Veterinary surgeon. Respectfully submitted, S. OAKI.Y VANPERPOEL, Chairman ol t-'ommlttee. Arter having disposed of the selection of offi cials the Board went on with the usual routine business. The following resolution respecting the disinfection of street dirt was passed:? Resolved, That the Board of Police be rrtinesfed to die in'ect all street sweepings to be used lor the purpose of filling In sunken and vacant lots as they are deposited on the boat* under the direction ol tho Sanitary .superin tendent, and that at least one load of fresh earth be da poaliad with each load of such street cleaning or other reiuse when deposited in vacant lot*. Upon motion of Commissioner Vandehpool, it was Resolved, That the Board of Police be and is hereby respectfully requested to cause tho arrest or all person* hereafter violating the ordinances regulating the busi ness at tat melting, bone boiling, gut cleaning, tha storage of scrsp tat, grea?e aud offensive animal matter, aad ad other offensive trades, rpocltled in sections 77 and 78 of the Sanitary Code, all permits therefore having been revoked by this Board. A report was received from the Inspector ol Strew Disiu/evWoft ty the effect that Uiiv-twe miles of street! were disinfected daring tbe past wee*, at a cost of $207^1. The following U) a aomparative statement or con U*18?3- MeH ,or the lwo week;? ending June fttri IVtek TV- *v- Urar- Mm- Diph S,aall J?n , i"" V.1"' "*? U"- '*"??0. pox. ?; 1 ? 59 41 M 7 Ju,,e 14 1 6 73 66 30 s flpon the conclusion of Its labors, the Board ad journed to meet on Friday next. BttOOkLlM HEALTH STATISTICS. The mortuary report of tbe Brooklyn Board of Health for the past week show* that there have been us deaths in the city during that time. Of the deceased 37 were men, 36 women, 38 boys and 38 girls. There is a decrease of ti deaths from the MPT*"*/? ?f, l?,e previous week. The diseases are cia^ined as ioIIowh:? ? mill pox 2 I'/iralvnU 1 niilhih-ril1 r 5 CoiiKeiiion of brain. ;i Pi ul Disease ol the heart H Jk uo * Bronchitis 3 Whooping rough 4 Pneumonia n Puerperal lever 1 Knieritis " Ett } Puerperal peritonitis 1 iMseiiWry .. 1 Peritonitis a t holera fntantum S Jaundice ....... l Cerebro spinal meningitis 3 Patty degeneracy of liver I ,ev#r f "right's disease 3 jnaiilt on 1 Hupture ol urethra 1 Dropsy. j t'lironlo cystitis l ? aucer ol stomach 2 Premature liirtli 1 raneer of lung.. . I Peurperal convulsions 1 Canter of breast 1 old uge i riincer. location not (ieiierat debility'.!'.! 4 i A?ph>*u ;;;;; 5 ?iriiuiui. 3 Ptbroid tumor (prostatic) 1 Consumption 34 Lead colic .... . { llyuro< eplialua. I Suicide by shooting . . l fuburrular meningitis? 3 Poisoned by morphine. . l Mrniotfltis 4 Drowned.' ... j Aboplexy 4 Anourla 1 Convulsions 7 OITT HAT.T. AFFAIRS. The utmost stagnation prevailed about the City llail yesterday, there being very few callers and no loungers about. President Vance transacted the routine business of the Mayor's office as acting Mayor, and almost dislocated his arm attaching his signature to the liuunreds of official documents that were brought before his notice. There were no rumors afloat in reference to anything of con !,e,!!,iu.tice' autl tl,ere will be nothing of Interest until the meeting of the Board of Aldermen to morrow. COMPTROLLER'S RECEIPTS, Comptroller (ireen reports the following amounts paid yesterday into the city treasury, viz.:? BCRCAU OF 4URKARX. and 5JR .Oroton. .rent.' 4n COLLfcCTOIt OK AhfitKSSMKNTS. Prom assessment; tor street openings and im proveiiieutd ami interest 3 40. _ , buskau or city RKvKNtJK.' Prom interest on bond ami mortgage and market rents and toe* ?> 2"q _ . suaasu or watkr ricqmtkk. rrom Croton water rent 7HQ lv?,? MAJTOR'S SKCOND MAU.SIIAL. r rom licenses and flues 219 Tot<il WARDEN BROWN ACQUITTED. Meeting of the Cominiiaionen of Chart* Yeiterday?The Report In Refer? ence to tbe Charges Against Warden Brown. The Commissioners of Charities and Correction held a meeting yesterday morning. Commissioner Bowen submitted his report In regard to the charges which were preferred against Warden Brown, ol the Park Hospital, and the report was accepted. The following is the report:? jsL There were three specific charges against Mr lM#wn I. Por using rude language to u patient, i. Por threats to anouier patient. JJ. For a tfros.i outrage on tli? person of another putlent. The first allegation is frivolous. The second is admit ted by Urown, ami is but the rude expression of a ralional aim proper natural Inclination at a woman deliberately starving her otlaurlng that ilia might lie free irom the care 01 nursing It. In respect to the third charge the evi. deuce ot the resident physician was taken, lie suvs that no complaint ny the woman was made to hlin, nor did he near ol the complaiut lor twenty-lour hours alter the al leged outrage was committed; that lie heard the storv tlirough a nurse; that he then went to the woman, who on request, repeated the story she had made to the nurse. There I* collateral evidence that the nurse has been actuated by vindictive leehngs against Brown. If there lias not been, indeed, a deliberate conspiracy with oth ersto trame false charges to hare hiin dismissed from the department The uuderslgiied Is ot the opinion that the charges ought to be dismissed. JAM lid BOWEN. Alter dismissing the charges?Commissioner Latmbeer being the only member who voted la the negative?the Hoard adjourned UNDERWRITERS AND THE FIRE PATROL. A meeting of the New York Fire Underwriters was held yesterday for the purpose of deciding on tlic question of sustaining tbe Xlre patrol aud of Us ing tbe maximum amount of expenses therefor, during the two fiscal years next ensuing. Nearly one hundred gentlemen were present, representing the different companies. Mr. Jurlgue presided. The Secretary, William H. Hciishaw, having read the minutes of meeting or June. 1871, the Treasurer submitted the lollowlnit report:? ... NKW YORK BOA 11D OK fl?K UNDKKWKtTER*. Hre Patrol Mmu, In account with M. S. Hodges, Trcas June 1?By balance on hnnd ? >2 71W Collections to dale tiift^ll Total $lS7iuii) l>l"Rl;RstMKNTS. Pay rolls, ofltcers and men, rent* and supplies... $Mfi ?&> I roportion ol rent ol Board room and oltlccs.... Id,404 Total tjiolao tiess purchaws real estate lu Thlrty o'igtitli *,rL,ct ai.000 Balance on hand June 1, 1873 sin imq Nsw Yoaa, Juue 17,1SW. * ' The Klre Patrol Commlltee having reported that would be required lor the next two years on motion 01 Mr. Oakley it was resolved that it was expedient to continue the Are patrol for two years longer, commencing July l, 1873, and that the ex penscsbe limited to This Is f 13,000 more than the sum fixed at the last biennial meeting. The meeting then adjourned. HISTORICAL SOCIETY. A special meeting or the Historical Society was held last night, Mr. Frederick De Pnyater In the chair. The secretary read several interesting let ters, among others a letter from the Governor General of Bermuda, expressing bis willingness to collect evidence in reierence to the prevalence of witchcraft lu Bermuda. He also reported several donations and additions to the library. He then read an Interesting manuscript referring to the earlier part or the administration or General Washington. The jiaper, he said, was the original manuscript, In the nandwrltlnc or General Wash ington, and he had a copy beloie him. It charac terized the different generals of the revolutionary army, with a view to their fitness lor the position 01 Commander-in-Chlci. Alter the reading ot the pspur the members partook of some strawberries and cream. The next meeting of the society will take plate 011 the first Tue.-dav or October. EDUCATIONAL REFORM. Nkw York, June 17, 1*73. To THE KDITOK or THE UKRALD:? A large majority of the teachers In our public schools may properly be classed among the "re formers,''and very many of them labored zealously In the eause of reform, but they are just now seri ously puzzled in their efforts to understand the na ture of the reforms which have already been inau gurated. They have a now Board ol Education and new Boards ot Trustees, all pledged to the cause of reform. Practically, reform means for the teachers harder work, less pay and long delay in payment of money due. Under the "ring" dyn.istv the teachers were paid promptly, but under the | present government there seems to be nocertaluty about the time of payment. The clerical force of the Board ol Education nas been greatly reduced, ' and that reduction is said to be one or the causes ol tho uelay. Another cause assigned is the inter ference or the Comptroller. The city is aiwavs in debted to teachers for two weeks' services except ing tti the months ol July and August, and tor manr years it lius tieeu the practice to pay salaries to the 1st ol August inoroer that tearhers might have the means ol lucruitlng their wasted energies ny means ol Summer travel during the vacation. The pres ent prospects aro that teachers will tie compelled to spend the summer vacation in the city lor lack or the money justiy due them tor services rendered. Keioriu maybe desirable, but it evidently has its drawbacks. Hcspectrmly, A IEaCHEK. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Ghcht?lUtCE.?On Thursday, May 2h, by Rev Dr. aims, at the residence of the bride's parents' John P. Gm bt, Jr., to Katik W. Prick, daughter 01 J. C. Price, Esq., all of Newark, N J Smith-IUkpnkli,.-Ai Hoboken, on Thursday June 13, at the residence of the bride's mother by the Kev. f* Mohn, Ekroinand Smru, of Brooklyn, b. I)., to Amanda Uappnkix. Died. ntmrnAM.?At her residence, Maspeth, L. I., on Monday. June i?, 1873, Catiiakink Van Ettis, wile of WlUiain llurcliaiu. Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to atteud the funeral, on Thursday, June 19, at two P. M., without further Invltatiou. BtiTTON.? On Sunday, June is, Maroarrt, widow or rhomas Button, and daughter of tbe late John P. Ulnnik, in the s&th )ear of her age. Relatives and friends of the fainilr are respect fully lu?u?d to attend the Juueral, ou Weduvaday, at one p. M., from the residence of her son-in-law. H??ry Carr, No. 135 West Houston street. Hkacron.? In Corrines, France, on Friday, Jsnv arj 31 Joseph V. Hkai kon, lale or 43 Amity street New York, apre.i 42 years. Services at the Church of St. Vincent de Pan\ Twenty thlra street, west of sixth a/enue, on Thursday, June 19, at fen o'clock A. M. Carpbstek.? suddenly, on Tuesday, june 17, al Artist Lake, i. I., Mary e., wife of Elliott I), Car penter, aged 32 years. Funeral will take place from her late residence, Artist l.nke, 1*1.. on Thursday, lflth instant, at three o'clock I'. M. Relatives and irlends of the family are respectfully invited. ixbmanth.?On Tuesday, June 17, after a lingering illness, Hkidokt Kivki.aiikn. twloved wife ol Charles Clemants. aired 38 years, a native ol the parish of Krolavla. county SUgo, Ireland: The relatives and friends of the rainily are respect fully Invited to attend the funeral, ironiheruta residence, No. 10 Diver street, on Thursday after noon, at one o'clock. Sllgo papers please copy. Coi'crrr.? on Monday, June 18, abei. CorcmTf, In the Oftth year of his age. Relatives and irleuils of the family are respect fully invited to attend the funeral, at his !a*e resi dence, 481 West Thirty-sixth street, this (Wednes day) aiteruoon, at one o'clock. Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire county (Eng land) papers please copy. Ckkmiii ton. ? on Monday, June 1C. Mary, wife of Patrick Crelghton, native of the parish ol Baicun mn, county Dubliii, Ireland, aged 54yeats. Relatives and irieuds ol the lamlly are respect fully invited to atteud the funeral, from Franklin street, Astoria, Long Inland City, Long Island, N. V., on Thursday, at three o'clock P. M. Cm sty.?hud tie nly, at Prairie du Chien, Wis., on Saturday, June 14, William S., only son of James and E. J. Crlsty. Ills friends and companions, and friends of Mis family?gre invited to atteud his itinera!, irora the resideWo of his parents, 98 Plerrepont street, lirookivn, mi Wednesday, June 18, at Tour P. M. The remains will be taken to Massachusetts for interment. , Curtis.?At Portchester, N. Y., on Monday, June 10, Mary Apkk, second daughter of Ell and Sarab E. Curtis, In (lie l.Hh year oi her age. Funeral ou Thursday, at two o'clock. Donnki.lin.?on Tuesday, June 17, Charles A, aged -- years. The friends of the lauiliy are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, irorn the residence of his brotner, P. Donnellln, 194 Varlck street, ou Thurs day. June 19, at two P. M. Dcnham.?On .Monday, Juno 10, at Tremont, Westchester county, Thomas N. Dunham, aged 2? vears. Relatives and friends of the family are respect fully invited to attend the funeral, from the resi dence ol his father, ou Thursday, at hair-past nine A. M. Carrlaues will meet the train at Forty second street at twelve o'clock M., thenee to Green wood. Fannimi.? In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, June 17, 1873, oritiilainmatorv rheumatism. Michael Fan msi,, in the 43d year ol Ills age. The friends ol the faintly are respectfully invited to attend his Mineral, trout the residence or hi* father-in-law, William O'Brien, ohi lin ks street, near Dcgraw, on i hursdav, the lutli lust., at half past two o'clock P. M. ills remaius will he taken to the Cemetery ol the Holy Cross, Flathnsli. Frizzell.?John James Fhizzkll, at the age ol 1R years,3 months and 5 davs. The relatives uud friends of the family are cordially inviti-d to attenit the funeral at the late residence of his parents, 98 Broadway, at one o'clock P. M., this Wednesday. Sllgo, ami llichmoiid, lud., papers please copy. Gi'tiirik.?On Tuesday, June 17, Uanoraii, wiA8 of iUchard Guthrie, aged 30 years. Notice of the funeral will l?e given In to-morrow's paper. liOARK.?On Monday afternoon, June 18, after a short illness, Annik Winifred Hoare, tne only child ofJohn and Margaret Hoare, aged 3 years and 11 months. The Irieuds of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the luneral, from the residence of her parents, *21 Fifth street, this (Wednesday) after noon, at half-past one o'clock. now.? On Tuesday, J uue 17, Mrs. Eupoimia How, aged ?6 years. The relatives and friends are resncctfnlly invited to attend her luneral, on Thursday, the 18th, at three o'clock P. M., from the residence or her daughter, Mrs. Jane Wood, 34 Bedford avenue, Wll liamsburg. IIi'kk.?Wallace, only son of Peter and Amelia C. Hull. Kelatlves and friends of the family are respect fully Invited to attend the funeral, on Thursday atternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of his grandrathcr, J. N. Rotnalne, Haokensack Heights, N. J. Train leaves Pavoma furry, foot ol Chambers street, at one o'clock. Jackson.?At Norioik, Va? on Tuesday, June 10, suddenly, the infant daughter of Medical Director Samuel Jackson, United States Navy, aged 9 months. Kearney.?On Monday. June 10, Thomas Kear ney, 23 vears ol age, laic member of Engine Coni ?any No. 18, hire Department of the city of New ork. The funeral will take place on Wednesday, June 18, at half-oast twelve o'clock P. M., from the resi dence of Ills pareuts, 12 Clarkson street. Relatives and friends, and also the members oi the Fire De partment are respectfully Invited to attend. Lender.?on Tuesday, Juno 17, 1873, Harriet E., wile or John A. Lender, and daughter of the late John H. Edelmeyer. Notice of fuueral herealter. Marlk.? On Tuesday, June 17, 1873, WilliaI Makle (bookbinder), aired C7 years. Notice of luneral In Thursday's papers. Mocord.? At Croton, on Tuesday, June 17, Jan! McCorp. wife oi James McCord. Funeral on Thursday, at ten o'clock, from her late residence. McGauan.? tin Monday, June 10, at nis residence, 210 East Forty-sixth street. Dr. Geohue Met; ah an, son ol Dr. Thomas McGatian, Kings Conrt, county Co van, Ireland, In the 38th year ol his age. * llelatlves and Mends are respectfully invited to attend his luneral, this day (Wednesday), June is, from St. Bonliuce tfiurcn, East Forty-seventh street, at ten o'clock, where a solemn requiem mass will be offered lor the repose of his soul; thence to Calvary Cemetery at two o'clock. McOcinness.?On Sunday, June 1. 1873, John McGctinnksh, Esq., ol Cross Guns, Phlbsboro, Dub lin, Ireland, aged .>0 years. R. I. P. McNamara.? On Sunday, June 15, 1873, at Iter resilience. No. 4 Raxter street, J ilia, widow of James McNamara, a native of Mojne, county Long lord, Ireland, aged &n years. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the luneral. en Wednesday, Juue 18. A grand high mass will l>e offered lor the repose of ner soul at St. Andrew's church, thence to Calvary Cemetery at ono P. M. O'at'i.LtVAN.?Rich ari>, the beloved and only son of Timothy and Mary O'SulUvau, aged 3 years, 4 months and Ik nays. The luneral will take place on Wednesday, the 18th, at two o'clock, irorn the residence of his parents, 500 West Twentieth street. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. Pierson.?in Jersey City, on Tuesday, June 17, after a severe illness, Emma Lot* is a, daughter of Edward K. and Ann Maria liersoti, agedS years and 1 month. The relatives ami friends of the ramily are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from tjie Emory Methodist Episcopal church, corner of Ber gen and Belmont avenues, Jersey City Heights, on thursday, Juue 19, ai one o'clock P. M. Schirmer.?On Tuesday, June 17. after a linger ing illness, Charles F. schirmek, aged 42 years. The irlcnds of the family are invited to attend the luneral, from his late residence, Pnlllsade ave nue, Jersey city Heights, ou Thursday inorulng, at nine o'clock. Scott.?on Monday, June 18, Mary H., relict of William C. scott, in the 85th year ol her age. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, ou Wednes day, June is at twelve o'clock, from her late resi lience, 185 Fast Seventv-flrsr street. The remains Will be taken to Woodlawn Cemeterv. see.?Ou Tuesday, Juue 17, Howard Bari.ino, sou of William B. and Nettle See, aged 17 montlii aud 4 days. Funeral from the residence of his parents. 50 South Oxford street, Brooklyn, on Wednesday, the 18th, at five o'clock P. M. SonEi.n.?At Rahwav, S. J., on Tuesday, June 17. Rodman P., sou ot Finnan D. and Catliiuiue A. So field, aged 10 years, ts mouths and 12 days. Funeral this (Wednesday) aiteruoou, at three o'clock, from sr. Panl's Episcopal church. Si'AifLDiNU.?In Brooklyn, on Sunday evening, June 15, 1873, Nkllik, wile or Charles VV. Spauldmg and daughter ol Thomas stratton, Esq. The relatives aud friends of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral scrvicc, from Iter late resldeuce, 48 Livingston street, aii Wednesday, the IStli mst., at Lull-past three o'clock P. M. stkvens.?f)n Mondav, June 18, 1873, chacncby J*. Stevens, In the ?0t li year ot his age. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the luneral, on Thursday. 19th instant, at halt-past two o'clock P. M., from bia late resi dence, No. 18" south Fifth street, Brooklyu, E. D. Steven*.?On Mondav, Jnne 18, urn. Owners! Horatio gates Stevens, in the ?5th year of bis age. The relatives and friends of the ramily, aud the members oi the New York Mtate order of Cincin nati, are respectfully invited to attend the fune ral, at the Church ot the Ascension, corner of Fifth avenue and Tenth street, on ihursday, Jnne 19, at ten o'clock. Sullivan.?on Mondav. Jnne 18, Mary, the lie loved wife of Michael Sullivan, aged 37 yeara. The friends of the tamiiy, also those of her brothers,.John, Timottiv and Matliew Ryan, are re spectfully invited to atteud the funeral, to-da?y. Juue 18,' from 383 Cherry street, to St. Mary's church, Grand street, where a solemn infcss of re qnlem will be offered up lor the repose or her soul at hail-past nine o'clock, aud tUeuce, at hall-past one, to Calvary Cemetery. Taylor.?At Harlem. N. Y., on Monday, Jnne M, Annie V.. daughter of tlie late Captaiu John Tay lor, of New liriinswick, N. J. Relatives aud irieuds are invited to attend the funeral, on Thursday moruiug. at eleven o'clock, Horn the resuleuce of her mother, 118 Eaat I27t& street. . Townsenp.?At Cilfion. on Tuesday, June it. I.rciLLE Anderson, innrnt daughter of Wesuer and Emily H. Townsend, aged 22 months. Funeral on Thursday, at ulue o clock A. M., from the residence or her parents. Wallace. -On Sunday, Jnne 15, at mien, N. J., Tuomas Wallace, aged t>t? years. The re'atives and frieuds of the family arc re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, from hit brother lu-law's (William Simpson) residence, 29) Pacific street, Brooklyn, this day (Wednesday) *1 tuice o'clock P. M.

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