Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,455. NEW YORK, MONDAY, JUNE 23, 1873.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICK FOUR CENTS. DIRECTORY FOR IBVEKHSEBS. kMWSEMKNTS -Second Paue? Fifth and sixth columns. kBTROLOOY? ' Twelfth Paok? Sixth coluuiu. ? ILLI ARi'K ? Second I'a.;k? Kij th column. BOARDERS WANTED? Iilevkntu 1' auk? Second and third column* _ BOA Kl) A NO LODGING WANTED ? Eleventh Page? Third column. BROOKLYN REAL K. STATU FOR SAI<B? Second Page? First column. BURINE 8 OPPORTUNITIES ? Second Page? Fourth oolumn. BUSINESS NOTICES? Seventh Pace? Sixth column. flGARS AND TOBACCO? Second Paoe? Fourth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALii? Second Paue? First column. CLERKS AND SALESMEN? Twelfth Page? Fifth col umn. CLOTH t NO? Eleventh Pack? Fourth column. COACHMEtf AND GARDENERS? Twelfth Page ? Fifth and sixth columns. _ COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS? Eleventh Page? Fifth and sixth columns. COUNTRY BOA (ID ? Eleventh Pai;k? Third column. BRY GOODB? Fibst Paok ? Sixth column. WK1<I<IN<1 HOUSES TO LET, Fl RNISHBD AND UN FU UN IBB ED? Second Page? 8econd column. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS*? Eleikntu Page? Fourth and fifth columns. EYK8 AND EARS? Eleventh Pace? Fourth column. EXCURSIONS? Eleventh Page? Sixth column. FACTORY PROPERTY? Second Pack? First column. FIN A NCI A L? Ninth Page? Fourth column. FINE ARTS? Second Pagb? First colnmn. FOR SALE? First Pack? Fifth column. _ _ FURNISHED KOOM8AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Hkconti Pack ? Second column FURNITU RE ? I'wKLmi Page? Sixth column. HELP WANTED? FEMALES? Iwklitii Paok? Fourth and fifth columns. HELP WANTED? MALES? TwELirrn Pack? Sixth col umn. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. ? First Page? Sccond, lliird, fourth and filth columns. HOTKL& ? Ei.evknth Page? Third column. HOUSES, ROOMS, Ac., WANTED? Fiilst Pagic? Sixth column. INSTRUCTION? First Pack? Fifth column. LOAN OFFICES ? First Page? Sixth column. LOST AM) FOUND? Fibst Pack? First column. MACHINERY? First Page? fifth column. MARBLE M ANTKL8? Twelfth PAGR-Slxth column. MEDICAL? Twelfth Pack? Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING? Fibst Page? Sixth column. _ MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS ? Tenth Pace? sixth column. ' MISCELLANEOUS? Second Pace? Fourth column. MUSICAL- Second Page? Fifth column. NEW PUBLICATIONS? Seventh Pack? Sixth column. PERSONAL ? First Pack? First coltfmn. _ _ . PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.? Second Page? Fifth column. PROPOSAL -.?Second Paok? Fourth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED- FEMALES? Twelfth Page? Fonrth column. PBOPEKTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT? Second Pack? First column. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? Second Page? First column. REAL ESTATE WANTED ? Second Pack? First column. REWARDS? Firkt Pace? First column. SALEM AT AUCTION? l'ACt-Third and fourth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES-Twbiith Page? First, second, third and lourlh columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALE^?Twelrh Page? Fifth column. SPECIAL NOTICES? Fibst Pack? First and second col umn. 8 PORTING ? DOGS, BIRDS, AC.-First Page? Second column. SUMMER RESORTS? Eleventh Page? Third and fourth columns. THE TRADES? Twelfth Page? Sixth column. THE TURK ? First Pagb? Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PU Ri'OSEo? SECOND Page? Second column. TRAVELLER;-' GU IDE? Eleventh Pace? Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET Skcond Pack? Second and third columns. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET ? Second Page? First column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, Ac.? Second 1* ace? Fourth col umn. UFItALl) BKAM H OyFit'K? UFTOWH. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,265 BROADWAY AND 53U SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN THIRTY- FIRST AND THIRTY-SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NEWSDEALERS SUPPLIED WITH HERALD AT 5 O'CLOCK EVERY MORN! NO. NO EXTRA CHARGES. PARIS AtiUNCY OP THE NEW YORK HERALD. U? Ml KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN AFPOINTeITpaRIS AGENTS FOR THE MEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS 0F~Th7s PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PERSOiVAL. A LICE-HAVE.VT YOU MADE A MISTAKE IN THE Broadway cars, fifty-ninth to fourteenth street and across to Ninth avenue, Saturday nirht. (Till the beautiful Monde, with black hut, trimmed with ?lue, grnnt an interview to her enthusiastic admirer ?il tng opposite mid address GLARES, Herald Uptown ranch office f tlHARLES REDDY, AGENT OF THE ASSOCIATED J Prwsof New Jersey ? You are requested to coiiimunl late at once with W. II. II EN It Y to avoid farther troshle. CUBAN, WHO CALLED AT THIRTY-FIRST STREET to sec Flora, can find her by nddresaing Herald Up own Branch office. For adoption? in a catholic family, a handsome boy. 7 weeks old. Address, for three days, CLMO, box 134 Herald office. DIOR ADOPTK )N ? AT M M K. DESPA RIPS, 41 EAST r Twenty-eighth street, near Fourth avenuo, two beau ifnl babes. I2ZIE? WRITE TO ME. ADDRESS NEW YORK POST office. _ ROLAND. f OST? BOY, FOUR YEARS OLD, ANSWERING TO EJ name ot Eddv; dressed in drab skirl and white vaist, gaiters and striped stockings. Call at or address M9 Sixth avenue. Long branch boat, Sunday morning.?' will two ladies who exchanged signals wilh two gentle. Kn please grant interview, stating time and place. Ad :hs STEAMER, Herald office. w E.? CALL FOR PACKAGE. HITE ROSE-REMOVED FROM 18 EAST THIR. tee nth street to 114 West Thirty-first street. MAGGIE. LOST AND FOi'ND. Found? on 16th inst., in a fortysecond street and Grand street ferrv railroad ear. a sum of Money. Owner can have it by calling at railroad offlcc. foot West Forty-second street. and proving property. I" OST? BETWEEN llOTII AND 124 H STREETS AND J Sixth avenue Boulevard, a Martin's Umbrella, with out cover ; smoke color and plain handle. A suitable re ward will be paid for its return to &M Broadway, up stairs. Lost? a gold hracelet, on Saturday eve.v ing, In or near Thomas' Central Park Garden; bracelet made ot three strands of chain The finder will be rewarded upon returning It to CHARLES GAKLICHS k Co., fit) Exchange idaoe. LOST-$.<. REWARD? a CHECK FOR $H3, ON GREEN wicli Bank, Jane 10. payable to J. L.Greeley, and one oi $J8, ou Nassau Hank, payable to bearer dime 10 niadebv T. A. Ledwith: all persons are forbid negotiat ing same. Return to J. L. GREELEY. IS Greenwich av. REWARDS, AS REWARD.? LOST, ON SUNDAY EVES' I NG^ A q)?.) small Italian Hound, white, with a liver colored ?pot on Ills back and on one eye. Ih<- above reward will be paid tor his return to 15 University place. A1A REWARD.? LOST, JUNE 20, A RED SETTER s|>-L" Dog. Any person returning hlin or giving infor mation where he can be found wili be paid the above ro war?i at No. 12 hast Thirty-first street. PRIVATE DETECTIVE BUSINESS ATTENDED TO. Address C. M. C., Herald office. SPECIAL VOTICES. ?NOW ? or never. Secure vour tickets to the THIRD GRAND" GIFT CONCERT in aid of the PUBLIC LI BRARY Of KENTUCKY, to lie given under authority of Special Legislative act, at Library Hall, Louisville, k y., on Tuesday, JULY % 187$, positively and unequivocally without anv detav w hat ever. Tickets nearly gono. Ten Thousand Cash Gifts, aggregating HALF A MILLION DOLLARS rurrency, will be distributed by lot to ticket holders, as follows one Grand rash Gift $100, <*X> One Grand t'ssti Gilt .VI, 000 One Grand Cash Gift 1'5,000 line Grand Ca?!i Gift 2l),0*) One Grand t'asli Gift I0. *n? One Grand Catli Gift ?4ra?h Girts of $1,000 each 24,nou aocssh out* of isnotacti a.ouo 80 Cash Gifts of $400 each 32. 'KM 100 I'Hsb Gifts of ?) each 10,000 M0 Cash Gifts oi IvnOeaeti 10,iflO $10 Cash Gifts of *100 each M.000 S.U0U catli Gills ot each 8U.O00 Total, 10,000 gifts, all cash $j00 !) W Tickets. $10: Halves, ?5; Quarters, $i 80. Every gift Is guaranteed to be paid In lull bv Farmers and Drovers Hank of Louisville, Treasurer of Library See certificate ou large circulars. This is the only scheme in tlm worM where the full amount advertised Is guaranteed In a responsible man ner, without aiv? discounts being deducted. Hon. ex-Governor Thomas E. Mrum'ette, of Ky., has Charge of the business ot the Concert for 'Irustess. New York nth's are madf a special deposit with tho Fourth N'ntional Hank of .New York. Send tnoncv by Post office ? infer, lirail. Registered Letter or Express, prepaid. For tickets, full programme, information and all par ticulars apply to the General Agenrv Supply. THOMAS H. HAYS, A CO., MW Broadway, New York. A FEW TICKETS ONLY REMAIN IN LOUISVILLE Library Grand (Jin Concert, will l?e sold in a lew days. For sale by J. X. KDUE, 18 Broad struct. New York. 8PKCIAL NOTICKS. Action ok the central and huuson kivkr Railroad Company. ? At a meeting of the hoard ol Directors of the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company, held on the 21?t 'lay ot June, 1H7H, The death ul Horace F. (Mark, a member of the Board, havinir been announced, it wu ordered that the follow ing be entered mum the minutes, and that a eopv thereof, signed bv the proper offlcersol this company, be trail* nutted to his family- ? In the deuthol florace P. Clark the member* of this Board have tost one with whom they have been long and closely associated ; one upon whose counsel they could always depend wlin confidence; one whose activity in the interests ot the enterprise they represent was un tiring and efficient ; one tnc recollections of their per sonal intercourse with whom will always be pleasant Mr. Uiark became connected wlthtne railroad inter ests of the country at a time when they were compara tively small Being in the full vigor of physical and in tellectual manhood, and bringing to bear upon those interests the force of hiss rong personality ot character as well as the unreserved application of a mind highly cultured and strictly trained, it may be truly said that the great progress ot the railroad system, anil its health ful development U) its present magnitude, are largely ami directly due to his labors ? labors into which he en tered with at) energy almost unsurpassed- labors which, 110 doubt, led to tho event they are now met to con sider. An earnest participator In everything relating to prog ress, an officer in the various companies forming the line of railroads connecting the Atlantic with the Pncillc? reaching from ocean to ocean? crossing our entire coun try, and the master spirit in many 01 them ; with a ready comprehension ot the complicated question;) and rela tions Incidental thereto, a fertility of mind and capacity for adaptation that never tailed, great, indeed, is the space made vacant bv his death. A man and a genu man? a true ana a steadfast friend. What more can be said? To those who were bound to their late associate by I) e closer ties of blood and kindred, the members ol this Board give, Individually, their earnest sympathy, and sadly put on rocord thu tribute to the memory of Horaco K dark. A? F. AND A. M.? RELICS OF GENERAL WASH ? ington and the Revolution. BETT8, BURNETT A CO., 119 broad way, will sell at public auction, on Wednes day next, June 25. at Morriatown, N. J.? Hrst? The Headouarters of General Washington. Second? The Masouic Scarf used by General Washing ton while M. W. O. M. of the Order, and by hiin pre notifed as a mark of esteem to Judue Dunning Bedford, of Delaware, in whose family It has been kept as a revered heirloom tor several generations. Sale positive, by order of Major L. Thomas, ot Hie Board of 1'ubf c Works, Washington. D. C. For further particulars inquire of BETTS, BURNETT A CO., 119 Broadway, rooms 8 and 9. A -HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, ? corner ot Fuitou avenue and Hoc rum street. Open from 8 A. M. to 9 1". M. On Sunday from 3 to 'J P. M. E DOE'S only Fireworks Depot, 25G Broadway. (10LD, SILVER AXD ARTICLES CONTAINING OOLD X bought at market price : polishing, filter and photo graph paper bnrned and smelted by refiner, 8CHAW EL 25 John street. Havana lottbry of ouba. a Royal Saxon Government Lottery. Brunswick Lotlefy." City of Hamburg Lottery. Prizes cashed and information given. TUEODOR ZSCHOCH, Box 6,080 Post office. 116 Nassau street. IN SI' KE YOUR PLATE GLASS. -THE NEW YORK Plate Gluts Company, 19i Broadway. Indemnifies against all breakage; also supplies and sets plate glass ; agents wanted everywhere ; send for circular. IZ ENTUCKY STATE LOTTERY, FOR THE BENEFIT JV of the schools of Frankfort.? Prizes amounting to $500, OUO drawn daily. Official drawings on tile. Also Havana Luttery. Circulars free. JOSEPH BATES, Agent, 196 Broadway, room No. 4, Chatham Hank Build ing; branch office 71 Broadway, room 81, New York. New -*ork swimming acadbmy, thirtieth street. Sixth avenue.? Swimming, Diving, Floating taught in six lessons; ulso Russian, Turkish, Sulphur, Mercurial anJ private Baths. Single swim, 40c. an uour. Open from ii A. M. until lu P. M. ; same on Sundays. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS OF THE SOUTH CAROLINA Lotterv tor the benefit ol the Free School Fund? PKRPKTVAL^KXTHA CLASS 1&?? Jl'NK 21, 1873. 16, 62, Hi. 23. 5, 19, ?2, 6, 32, 13, 06, 75. CLASS 170 ? JOKK 21, 1871 69, .'13, 63, 08, 58, 49. 42, 6!, 37, ?, 3, 41, COLE A CO.. Managers, Charleston, S. C., June 21, 1873, New York Post office box 3,865. FFIOIAL DRAWING NORTH CAROLINA LOTTERY. ILXTItA CLASS NO. 107? JUNK 21, 1873. 50. 22. 12, .19, 56, 9, 23, 15. 61, l?, 70, 25. NORTH CAROLINA? CLASS SO. 108 ? JUNK 21, 1873. 74, 63, o9, 75, 52, 34, 20, ftt, 24, 47, 19. 16. GKRKEN A CO., Managers. LUTHY A CO.. Brokers, Greenwich street, N. Y. FFIOIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STaTE LOTTERIES. KKNTUCKI? IXTRA CLASS SO. 3SM ? JUN K 21. 1873. 6, 5A 13, 34, 19, 16, 10, 61. 31. 23, 6t>, 66. KKNT17CKY ? CI.AS8 NO. 394 ? JUNK 21, 1S73 28, 75, 46. 20. 70, 5*, 39, 61, 37, 64, 15, 62. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington. Ky. 8BKLBT COLLED* -f.rUA CLASS NO. itt'j? JUNK 21, I *73. 31, IB, 4o. 21, 53, 9, 20, I. 15. 56. 43, .19. SHKLBT COLLEGE? CLASS No. 294? JUNK 21, 1873. 54, 32, 35, 40, 6. 60. 51. 71, 6-', 72, 24, 29. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington. Ky. Address C. IIENRY, care J. Clute, Broker, 2(>i Broad way. Post office Iwix f,!*'9. Royal Havana lottery? next drawing junb 26. Gennan State Lotteries. Send for circulars. RITTEIi A CO., Post office fcpat 3. <16. 8# Nassau street, room I. (Jj-OO r.O Q IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAU Ued Kentucky Lottery ; Royal Hnvuna ' and Kentucky circulars free ; l**<c. commission alloweiL Address BALKY A CO. (ofHcc established 3U yearn, 174 Broadway. IPOHTIM O? DOOa. It IRON, d(C. A? FOB SALE, ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOOSL . Birds Ac. ; Medicines lor all diseases; Prepared j Food lor mocking birds. At B. G. DOVE VS, No. 3 Greene street, near Canal. 0 0 THE TURF. 1 [FLEETWOOD ASSOCIATION. 1 Morrisania. Westchester connty, N. Y. Spring Meetinv. 1S73. THIRD DAV-MONDAY, JtNE 23. Purse No. 6. Sl.nOO? For 2:34 Horses. M. Carroll's eh. m. Highland Maid. James Dugrey's hr. m. Lidn Picton. JohnC. Suvdain's br. m. Constance. Alden Goldsmith's b. s. Abdallah. # Alexander Patterson's br. m. Brown Kitty. Pierce Havden'sbr. m. Lady Anna. Daniel Pflfer'sbr. g. Barney Kelly. M. Roden's b. h. Wlnslow. Purse No. 6, $1,500? For 2 :25 Horses. James Irvin's blk. s. Charles E. Loew formerly Patch en Cluet/. Benjamin Mace's b. m. Clara G. Otis Bart's b. g. Confidence. George N. Ferguson's w. g. Crown Prince. Johu L. Dotv'ss. m. Nonesuch. FOURTH DAY-TUESDAY, JUNE 2?. Purse No. 7. $8U0 ? For 2:43 Horses. M. Ttodcn's h. g. Penobscot. George Redden'* l>r. h. Asa. M. Carroll's blk. s. Wmthrop MorreD, Jr. R. J, Anderson's bit. g. Winfleld. .lames Dugrev's gr. g. Ben Smith. I. P. Ackeriusn s hr. s. Ilnmperion. Daniel Mace's b. g. Tip Allen. Hemamin Maee's s. m. Washbnrn Maid. Alden Goldsmith's hi. m. Volunteer Belle. Alexander Patterson's b. K Frank Kloch Otis Bart's hr. g. Brown Prince. A. .McDonald's b. g. Richards. Daniel Pfiier's br. tn. Lady Pilfer. Thos Leo's r. g. Henry C. Woolley (formerly Spangle*. John Splan's br. m. Mollie Barker. Purse No. 8, $3,500 ? For 2:21 Horses. Peter Manee's b. s. Win. H. Alien. Alden Goldsmith's b. in. Huntress. John Lovett's b. m. Gazelle. Daniel Mace's ch g. Judge Fullerton. Tlie above race? will be mile heats. be?t three In five, I in harness, and to be governed by the rule- ol the Na tional Association. In case ot postponement ol anv race it shall be the next good day and track, omitting Sun day. Any driver substituted for another, as authorized bv rule No. 28, wlli lie paid $!>0 for such Service. Where eight or more horses start in a ru e the distance will be 150 yard- Races commence each day at 3 o'clock. Admission to grand stand and field . $2. Badge* to Club House, endorsed by member, $5. Horse cars leave llarletn Bridge each day of the races every 10 minutes, direct lot the park. Trains leave Fortv Second street depot at 11 10 A. 11., I o'clock and 2 .30 P. M C. II VAN NESS, President. W*. II. Van Cott, Superintendent POOLS SOLD THIS EVENING AT CHAM BERLIN'S, 1,140 Broadway, on the race between Fullerton, Gazelle, Hnntre?? and W II. Alien, at Fleetwood, and everv evening during the week on the I'tica races and billiard tournament. POOLS SOLD AT JOHNSON'S, NO. 1,1*7 BROAD w?v, corner of Twenty -eighth street, on Trots at Fleetwood Park this evening, el 8o clock . also on Tues day evening on Running Race* at Utica T. B. JOHNSON. HOttSK*. CARRIAols, ?C. ^ -LIGHT CARRIAGE' AND HARNESS. Downtown ware rooms, No. 8 Corti.indt street, formerly 5b Liberty street. First class Buggies IJockawa.vs. Psrk Ptiaeiou-i ,ni w styles). Depot WaV.iils, Ponv Phaetons ian styles). Business Wusrrm*. Harnesfta specialty). Harm ?s, $I'J up. Sheets, Whips, Nets., IfaMers. Ac. 28 to 40 per cent below'Brosd way prices. several Wagons slightly shopworn, verychcnp. Sales for ca?li only. Lowest price's in the city. Work warranted even waj reliable. . It will nay voo to call before purchasing. AR< H. JOHNSTON, No. 8 cortlnndt, near Broadway. A r THE HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART 1\ OF WILLIAM VAN TASSKLL (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSELL), 1 at the old stand, i 10, 112 und lit Thirteenth street, ' near Fourth avenue. REGULAR SALES OF HOfUUKs aVD CARRIAOES WILL HE HELD EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, i at 12 o'clock. GENTLEMEN WISHING TO PURCHASE, OR THOgE having Horses or carriages to sell, will find this house perfectly reliable, as this business will be conducted on I the same ??traighttorward principles which have gov erned it in the past We give the purchaser of every horse that is warrante.l sound from 24 to 4" hours lor trial. HorM - and < itrriagus alwav? on hand at prlvnte sale. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE ON CONS1GN MKNTS i T AUCTION? ON TUESDAY, JUNE 3?, 2Y at 12 o'clock, the entire Castle Garden Trucking and Express Estab lishment 35 head ot slntrle and double Horses. ? laree double Trucks. 4 three. fiuarter Trucks. 3 light single Trucks. 5 Express delivery Wagons. 20 sets single and double H arnesiC suitable for wagons and trucks as at, ove. For full particulars see Tnesdav'a Herald or catalogue at anction mart, 110 East Thirteenth struct. WM. VAN TASSKLL, Auctioneer, HO. 112 and 114 East TbirteenUi street. HORSES, CAIVRIA.GR8, AC. Auction house ok arch. Johnston ( Johnston A Van Tassell). OFFICE ANU SALESROOM. OLD .STAND, 37 Na*au street, opposite t' e Pout office. THE HOKSK AUCTION BRANCH OK THE HOCSE IS REMOVED TO TI1K SPACIOUS PREMISES, 19. 21, 23 AM) 25 THIRTEENTH STREET, between Ku tli avenue and University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the same strict ami honorable orinciplcs which have always char acterized the deu lings ot our house and won the respect and oontldence of the business community, as well as the public at large. REGULAR SAI.E8 EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. Entries for sale may be made, as usual, either at our downtown house, 37 Nassau street, or at the mart, 19,21, 23 and ib t hirteenth street, near University place. LIBERAL. ADVANCES ON CONolGNM KNTS. SALE COMMENCES AT 10? O'Cl/OCK. TUESDAY, June 24, at llfjj o'clock, ELEGANT GENTLEMEN'S ROAD TURNOUT, BAY Horse, 15>4 hands, 8 years: kind and true in all har ness; very stylish: can trot In 3 minutes. NO TOP KOAf) WAGON, IN FINE ORDER; SET OF single Harness. SPLENDID TEAM BLACK PONIES, 14 HAND8, 7 AND 8 vears old ; thoroughly broken to all harness and warranted sound. BAY PONY nORSE, 1IK Hands, 4 years old; an elegant saddle horse; very fast traveller and warranted found. ELEGANT HAY DRAUGHT OR TRUCK llORSB, 17 hands high. 8 vears old ; kind and true; unsur passed tor endurance ; weighs 1,5'K) pounds. Twenty oilier fine ro?d and family Bontft A? SPEED? SPEED AND 8TYLE. . IMPORTANT AND PEREMPTORY SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION OK HOUSES, WAGONS. HAR NESS, At;., ON TUESDAY (TO-MORROW), JUNK 24, AT THE PRIVATE STABLE OK EDWARD JONES, ESQ., NO. 9 WEST TWELFTH ST BEET, AT 10 O'CLOCK PUOMPTLY, JOHN D. llAMLIN, AUC TIONEER, of all Ills entire fine slock. Including trie HANDSOME AND FINEST BROKEN HLOOD BAY saddle Horse In New York, was raised in Kentucky and is nearly thoroughbred, 15V4 high, 7 years old ; lias no superior on Park lor Ills elegant style and rich blooded appearuncc, either to saddle or harness; is a bold step per, brave and tearless; perlectly sale and gentle for a lady to ride or drive ; is u fine traveller to harness, per lectly broken either single or double harness and war ranted sound, kind and reliable : without vice, trick, fault or blemish ; is a flue t-mpered. rich and attractive horse and will stand contented without tying. Handsome chestnut pony Horse, 1.V* hands high, 7 years old : au elegant aud safe horse for lady's use , tears nothing; Is stylish, rich and attractive; can travel In 3 minutes, single or double, and warranted souud and kind; has few euuals for family use, and is sate lor the most timid, and handsome* and stylish enough lor the most fas.idious. Also a fast, fine styled and complete gentleman's road Horse, 13i, hands high, ti years old, sired hy I. then Allen, datn by Bashaw; was raised in Saratoga county, where he was known as the Stephen Dunn colt, and trotted there in 2:42; is an elegant driver; no Interfering or cutting: requires no check; is no puller or shyer, and is aaflneand pure gaited as ever was seen : Is chestnut sor rel, with ilowiug maue and tail, aud as handsome as they make them; lie van beat 2 ?15 to road wagon, and can speed a 2 M gait, aud is warranted sound, kind and per fect ; he is a gentleman's horse in every sense of the word. Also a lost und tine chestnut Trotling Mare, 19<* high. 8 years old ; was bred by Alexander, in Kentucky ; shows tine high breeding ; has tine style and finish ; an elegant driver, with fine, open and strong gait: this marc can has few superiors: is warranted sound and kind. This Mare and ina l-.thcn Allen horse make one of the fastest (rotting teams, or road aud drive finely together; Are known as the Jones team. Also one top l'ony I'haeton, one Brewster, ot Broome street, Wagon, side bar, shilling top; one Stivers Wagon, double and single llaruess, by Dunscoiub; Sheets, Blankets, Ac., Ac. Sale positive, rain or shine, and positively without limit or reservation. Full particulars at sale, which COMMENCES AT 10 O'CLOCK PROMPT. N. B.? Mr. Jones' sole reason for selling is his continued 11| health. His physicians have advised him to gn abroad. A-MAJORCHAS. W BARKER, AUCTIONEER. GREAT SALE OF CELEBRATED TROTTERS AND ROADSTERS, the property oi DANIEL MACE, ESQ., ON THURSDAY, JUNE 26, AT 11 OCLOCK, at the stables, NO. 206 WEST FORTY-EIUHTU STREET, near BROAD WAY, and comprising SORREL STALLION, 15J?, high, 11 years old; can trot in 2 :30. Full pedigree in catalogue. CHESTNUT so itREL COLT, 15>i high, 6 years old; very stylish driver, and can trot in 2 M, single or double. SORREL MARK, SIRED by the Eaton Horse, 15*? high. 7 years old, and can trot In 2 :46. Bay gelding. 15)4 high, 7 years old, and can trot in 2:40: is a great pole horse. SORREL GELDING, SIRED by Young .Sutton, dam thoroughbred, 11 Hi high, 7 years old, and can show a 2 :40 gait. BROWN MARE. lft)f high, t vears old, and can trot in 2 :40, single or double. BAY GELDING, 15% high, 10 years old, and has a record ot i :?>. DAPPLE GRAY I10R8E, 15** high, 8 yearn old, and can trot in 2 :50. single or double. roan COLT, SIRED BY Young Morrill, out of a thoroughbred, 11% high, 6 years olu, aud can trot very last. BLACK MAKE, IS high, 7 years old ; can trot in 2:40; great pole mare. GRAY COLT, BY Young Morrill, out of a Messenger mare, 15'? high. 6 years old, and can show a 2 -AtiaaU. THE CELEBRATED TROTTING Gelding Little Tom, 14*4 high. 8 years old; can trot in 2:35, aud stand* without^yin^. BAY MARK, BRED IN Kentucky, out of a Glencoe . .. . 1 2:4U years old, and mare, 15k high, 8 years old, and can trot In 2:4a DAPPLE-GRAY GELDING, high, 7 y? can trot In 2:46. BAY MARE, 15% high, 7 years old ; showod a trial at 6 years old in 2 :41, und repealed in 2 \VJ. CHESTNUT SORREL GELDING, Kentncky bred, 153* high, 7 years old; lias trotted in 2:35: great pole horse. HAY GELDING, I.V4 high. 6 years old, and cau trot close to 2:40. Pair OK CLOSELY MATCHED Bay Mares 1ft and 7 years old, elegant drivers, double or single, an 1 cau trot in 2 :.M) together. WHITE GELDING, 15 high, 7 years old, and can trot in S :00. BAY GELDING, 15,^ high, 7 years old. and can trot in 2:35, and is one ot the best pule horses in the country. SORREL GELDING, SIRED by General Knox, 143,' high, 8 years old, and can beat 2 hi. BAY MARE, lft'? high, 8 years old, bred In Maine, and has trotted in 2 :37. BAY MARE, liREI) In Kentucky, 15% high, 9 years old, and lias a record of 2.36. BAY GELDING, SIRED by Ethan Allen. 15V? high, 8 years old and can trot in 2:33; very last pole horse, and has shown a trial in 2:24 with running mate. THE FAST PAIR of closely-matched Mambrino Marcs, Lady Bruce aud Mannlc Abbott, the former sired by Trimble's Eclipse and the latter by Alexander's Ab dullah ; lh high, 9 vears old ; splendid drivers. BAY MARE, 15), high, 8 years old. great roadster and can trot last. BAY THOROUGHBRED racehorse Sumpter, sired by Lexington, 15). high. 6 years old; Is the lu st running mate in the country ; ran with Honest Allen in all his ra. es, beating Goldsmith Maid at Prospect Park In 2:17. BROWN PONY, l*H high, 6 years old ; very stylish and gentle : lady can drive him. THE ABOVE trotters aud roadsters are all warranted sound and kind, aud are all splendid drivers. This sale will prove a rare opportunity to purchase n genuine trot ter. as the speed, pedigrees aud all repreaenlutloua will l>e guaranteed. THK SALE WILL BR positively without reserve, as Mr. Mace's engagements lu the West will very shortly de mand Ills presence there CATALOGUES NOW READY and can be obtained at BARKER A CHASE'S City Auction Mart and New York Tattersalls, corner of Broadway and Thirty -ninth street, or at the stables. Mr. MACK WILL BE at b is stables from 11 o'clock to2. P. M. each day previous to the sale to show the stock. A -MAJOR C. W. BARKER. AUCTIONEER. . GENTLEMAN'S ENTIRE PRIVAE TURNOUT AT PUBLIC AUCTION, On TUESDAY, JUNE 24. at 9^ o'clock, AT 1 HE PRIVATE STABLE No. 216 WEST TIIIRTY-KIFTH ST., near Seventh av., AND CONSISTING OF A VERY CLOSELY MATCHED AND HANDSOME pair of black Geldings, 15?* high, 8 years old; tree and styl ish drivers; can trot 111 3:30 together; tilth horv; can trot In three minutes; wurranteil sound ana k,nJ. THE ELEGANT AND EXTRA STYLISH bay Morgan Mare Josephine, l .'> *?, high. 6 vears old: very kind aud gentle; can trot In 3:15, and warranted sound anil kind. THK FINK BAY TROTTING GELDING Fred, l.'K high, 8 vears old: flue, easv driver; has trotted in2^!7 and ? an beat 2 :45 now, anil Is warranted sound and kind. HANDnOME VICTORIA, pole and shatts, nearly new. ELEGANT O-SPRINO TOP Pony Phaetou, built by Goodrich, of New Haven. FINE TOP ROAD WAGON, pole and shafta. built by Stivers. ONE SBT DOUBLE Coupe Harness. TWO SETS LIGHT DOUBLE Road Hamew, one new. ONE SET FINE TRACK Harness. ONE FINE SET SINGLE Road Harness. Also BLANKETS, Robes, Sheets, Whips, Rita, Ac., and two suits of Ltverv. THE WHOLE FORMING THE FINEST private estab lishment ever oflered at public sale. SToCK NOW ON EXHIBITION. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Carriages, l-'amily Rockawav*. top and open Buggies, Pony Phaetons. Grocer*' and Business Wagons, at greatly reduced prices. 141 West Bro.idway, near Canal street 4 MERCHANT WISHES TO SELL HIS R'iaI) J\ Ilorse : guaranteed sound and right in every re spect: will show 2:16 on Fleetwood track; price mod erate. Address X. Y. Z., box 9U Poet ofllce, New York. | A LANDAU. POUR AND SIX-SEAT PHAETONS,

Coupes, Coaclics, Haroucbe. Depot Wagon, Buggies, double and single Harness taken In exchange : sold half price. HAM'S, No. 10 East Fourth street AN ELEGANT SELECTION PARK PHAETONS, SIN gle and double, child's seat Victoria, extension tops. Tiitno seats, light Buggies and Rockuways, new and second hand. Popular prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION. 638 Broadwav. ? KINK CARRIAGE TEAM FOR SALE-DARK BAT. i\ pertectly matched. I6!i hands and warranted sound in everv particular; only sold on account of owner going out ol town. May be seen any eveuing. trom 6 to 1. by applying tu F. K. TROWBRIDGE, at the Gramercy Park THREE HORSES MUST BE 8OLD CHEAP. AS the owner is going 10 Europe. Apply at 207 West Nineteenth street, coiner seventh avenue. A. A PAIR OF ELKOANT DAPPLE GRAY lloRSES FOR sale, with white flowing manes and tails; for car rtage or under the saddle they have no superior; war ranted in all respect*. Can be seen lor three days at the -tvdes 01 Dr. Mlddlobroot, 17o bast Seventy-eighth street, nea 1 Third avenue. A LOT OF HORSES PROM CANADA WEST. SOLD cheap or exchanged for Horses of lew value : young and sound; one beautiful large gray Horse, suitable lor rarriage or coupe. Inquire at $40" Caiial struct, corner of : Washington. _____ ! 4 FOUR SEATED TOP PHAETON, WITH POLE 1 /V and shatts. prico $250: also a Pony Phaeton, nrtce ? 100; a top Buggy, made by Duscnhury A Vanduser, i price 9 IflO also a Set of light double gold mounted liar I ncss Apply at 13J East Thirteenth street. AT THE WE8T SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY will be found the finest assortment of top and no top 1 Ponv Phaetons in the city, at the lowest possible price ; al?o a large stock of Rockawsys. Depot Wagons ?nd I Phaetons- top nnd no top Wagons; also two circular front round boot Coupes, ohcap (or cash. 1,494 and I, 496 I Broadwav. between Forty-fourth aud Korty-fliih street*. HOHSKS, CABHIAOK^, AC. A GREAT special, important, positive ANl? ABSOLUTE SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION TO MORROW (TUESDAY), JUNK 21, AT 10J$ O'CLOCK, AT TUB 8TAKLE, NO. 3 NKiLSob PLAC& (MERCER STREET), BETWEEN WAVERLEY ANO CLINTON PLACES, OK THE ENTIRE TURNOUT OK A PRIVAI'B GENTLEMAN. INCLUDING TEAMS AND SINGLE HORSES, ELEGANT CARRIAGES ANO W.VUON3, HARNESS, BLANKETS, ROBES, WHIPS, AC.. BY JENKINS A DUFF, AUCTIONEER. A handsome, rich and fastteum of Ui.u k Geldings, IS1* hands high, ? and 7 yeurs old. are lull brother*; were raided in Jefferson county, and sired by Hlucher, dam a Illack ilawk mares they are finely bred. with great style and action, and are without exception the iincst driving and best aciiiK team tor gentleman',, road use to le lound, and wlin their extra fine disposition make them second to no team living tor family use: they are sale for any one to drive; can trot better than 2;*A1 aintrle or dou'.lf ; ihev have full minus and tail-, with flue limbs, clean raited and style; act and drive alike; tbey aro warranted sound, kind anil true. Rich, prompt, game mid siviish team of young bay Geldings; are ir> hands high, 6 aud 8 years old, uro highly bred, finely muted in style, gait and action, and are ex tra pleasant, tree, easv and prompt drivers ; no lugging or fretting, need neither checks nor cage; have neither vice, trie* nor fault, und ure great roadsters; can travel Id miles in the hour and 1 mile in 2 :5\ and in all are an A No. I road team, or an elegant luiuily team; tUcy are warranted sound, kind and true. Fust mahogany bay trotting tie Ming, 15t? hands high, 7 years old. sired by Kentucky i lay. dam by Woodpecker ; he is one ot the finest and bost waited trotters goes the road ; he has tine action ana endurance, amiable Uh position, powerfully gaited and excellent pole horse; litis and can trot now better than 2 :U; he is alruid of nothing ; will stand in street without tviiu mid Is warranted Bound ana kind. Also one ot the handsomest lady's or child's coal blaek Ponies 111 New York , lie is 14 hands high, t! years old ; not a white hair on him ; full, Mowing mane and tall, mid extra fine saddle pony ; has all gaits and can carry heavy weight; lie can trot better than lour minutes unit is per fectly sale lor children's use ; he Is a perfect picture mid pet, and warranted sound atul Kind. AJso one Landuulet, one Coupe, one pony Phaeton, two top Wagons, one open Wagon, single and double Harness, Blankets, Robes. Whips, Ac. All will be sold to highest bidder without limit or re striction. Stock to be seen at stable as above at all times prior to sale. A lull warrantee given purchasers of horses and ainplo time allowed for trial and exami nation. P. S -IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE ABOVE WILL ALSO be sold ft complete Turnout, consisting of a brown Team, 14 hands high, 6 years old, both excellent under saddle, gentle and docile in harness; can tro? very fast, anil war ranted sound and kind; also it rumble seat basket Phae ton, one -?et Double Harness, Whip, Kobe, Sheets Ac., the whole comprising as fine a turnout as can be seen on park or road ; are the property of Samuel K. Sllsby. Es<|.. and cost a few weeks ago $1,276 tor the turnout; must und will be sold to highest bidder without any limit. The above will also be ut stable No. Nellson place this day for examination. N. B.-SALE POBHTVB, RAIN OK SHINE. CABRIOLETS, DEPOT WAGONS, LANDAULBT8, Bockaways, Pony Phaetons. Buggies. STAATS BELL, No. 7 Washington place, near Broadway. D. -AT FACTORY, 1,404 BROADWAY, above Thirty-ninth street. Second hunt! Carriages at bargains. Light Barouche. Clarence. Coupe. Fonr-seat Park Phaeton. Six-seat Parti Phaeton. T Cart, by Brewster. Top RoMd Wagon. Stivers. Very Ugh! side-bar Wagon. BRADLEY, PRAY A CO., successors to John It. Lawrence A Co. IjlOR SALE? FOIt WANT OF USE, A PERFECT SAO ' die Horse, coal black, 8 vears ola ; sound und kind. Call at 630 West Thirty eighth street, between Tenth und Eleventh avenues, hair yard. FOR RALE? VERY STYLISH PAIR OF RICH BAY carriage Horses, 16 hands, (he property oi a gentle inan having no further use for them. Can be seen at A. T. Stewart A Co.'s stables, corner of Amity and Woostcr streets. For sale? at no. lis east twenty fourth. street, twelve of the flneHtcoach and driving Horses in the market; also two extra saddle Horses ; one Depot Wagon, iu goc si order. KOLLIN CuM AN. FOR HALE? A complete ESTABLISHMENT; A stylish bay Horse, a shifting-seat Buggy, either f ir two or lour nersous; also a Sleigh, saddle. Harness, A' . ; will be sold cheap to prompt customer: sold lor the want of time to use burses. Apply at store 4G'J Broadway. For sale-the entire establishment of a gentleman leaving for Europe ; a span of Coach Horses, 6 years old, 16 hands; bright bays; the fluent team in the city ; one black Gelding, sired by Knox ; can trot close to 2 A); one sorrel Mare; can show 2:40; alsoa splendid road Mare, 15.S, by Ktban Allen: can trot In 2:60; must be sold this week; Brewster top Wagon; Brewster road Wagon, 126 lbs. ; two set* Harness; also one 65 lb. Sulky, bv Pray, of Boston. Apply to JOHN J. das he, 230 West Forty. flrat street. 17*OB SALF. ? FOUR WHITE HORSES (FOUR IN C. band) ; unsurpassed In this city. Can be seen at the WWfropuiitati stables, corner Prince and Crosby streets. For kale? three pony BUILT HOBHB8, BIGHT and nine years, 15 and 16 hands , fit lor any business; sold for want ot use; prices, $110, $126, $140, 128 Charles street For sale-two roan horses, is hands high, 7 and 8 years old; sound and klini ; prie?' $226, or will be sold separately. Inquire at 688 Washington street, in the iron yard. T/'OR SALE-ONE SORREL PONY; SOLD FOR NO r faultkonly no work for It; price $so 186 South Fifth avenue, war Grand street. For sale-a pony built bay mare, very stylish. Inquire for (ieorge at 226 Ninth avenue, corner Twenty-fourth street, after 12 M. to-day. Price $ltM. F'OR SALE BAY HORSES, 17 HANDS high, very stylish and gentle, 6 years old. BRIGGS, Forty-second street and Seventh avenne. TjlOR SALE? 20 GOOD WORK HORSES, SUITABLE r for truck or express wagon; also 4 double Trucks and 4 Express Wagon- also double and single Harness. Apply at 176 Mercer street. FOR SALE-THE HANDSOMEST PONY IN NEW York, 12 hands high, 7 years old ; has been used by children lor past two years; warranted sound and Kind. Inijiiiie at HAY BltOs., painters, 332 Hudson street. For SALE? five good work horses-, 8UIT ablc lor any work; all young; must be sold. Apply for two days at West Tweniv-sccond struct. IjHM SALE? SPLENDID DRIVING BAY CAN MOAN ' Marc, 6 years old, sound and kind, 15 hands : Top Ex ?ress Ws'/on, Harness: cheap, separate or together. 373 'est Forty-eighth street, near Ninth avenue. * filOB SALE THREE GOOD HORSES, HARNESS AND 1 brick Carts, fit for any use ; must be sold this day, an the owner got hurt. Can be seen at No. 'JJ Charltou street for two days. IjV)B SALE? A STYLISH SORREL HORSE, 15^ hands, 7 yea ra : fit for light driving or work ; sold for want of use : sonud and kind: price $121. Inquire at 123 Perry street, basement Foil SALE-A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT; bay Horse, about 16 bauds, sound and kind evervway; top Wagon, made by Joe Godwin, Harness, made by Hoover, Calhoun A Co. ; sold for want of use. Apply to SLATER A SEAMAN, 106 West Fortieth street For sale . heaj'-the finest pair of eng. llsh style Horses, ball brothers, hands, elegant and stylish drivers; also a Landaulet tour wheel, an.l a H two-wheel Dog Cart, made in Paris; double, single an.l a tandem Harness, complete; owner going to Europe. Call at MB Broadway. BfOK SALE CHEAP? A SECOND HAND COUPE Eockaway, In perfect order. Apply at 1,402 Broad way. MARSH. For sale ok exchange for a TBOTTKB? BAT stallion. Ethan Allen and llambleronian stock, 6 years. 16.2 hands: very handsome, stylish ami would be fast If handled ; sound and kind as any gelding. Address A. B., box H.SI2 Post office. For sale on exchange? a good barrel OB furniture Truck aud Horse ; separate or together W EE II A IV'K EN OIL HOCKS. Great bargains.? i* consequence of re. building part of our premises, we offer our entire stock s< asonable sty?es new and second timid Carriages at greatlv reduced prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. ARNESS, SADDLES. HORSE CLOTHING, CAR riago Holies, Lap Dusters, Fly Nets amt a largo variety ol Saddlery Goods alwavs on hand. 6, B. SMITH A CO., 40Warrpn street New York. JUST ARRIVED AND FOR SALE-A BttOWN Horse. ItlS hands high, 8 years old ; sound ami kind \ in single and double harness; can trot Inside of 2:10 on the road; untrained. To be seen lor one week at No. 223 West Fortieth street ____ JUMP SEAT CARRIAGES. SIX DIFFERENT STYLES; light Barouche, four and six seat extension top Phaetons, Depot Wagons., Rockaways Pony Phaetons at reduced prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION REPOS ITORY. IS" Broadway. ONT SIX SEAT PHILADELPHIA ROCKAWAY PLAT form. In good order: 1 Brewster (Broome street) light Top Wagon, 1 Du?enburv Top Wagon 2 open Road Wagons, by Stivers; 1 do., by Corbet! ; 90 second hand Top and open Road Wagoas, of all styles, Itom $61 up; 15 Rockaways and Extension Top Phaeton, front $100 up. I Coaoh, 1 victoria, I Coupe Rockaway, I six-seat Ooupe Rockawuy, circular gins* front , 2 Sulkies, top and open Pony Phaetons of ull stv les, $110 up ; top and open Ex Rress Wagons; single nij'l double Harness, Sheets, Whips, ets, Ac. W 11. GRAY, 20 and .2 Wooster street PONY PHAETONS? EVERY DF*CRIPTION, POPU lar prices: depot Wagons in great variety : two el*, gantslx sea! extension. top Phaetons, Park Wagons, light Rockaways, low prices MANUFACTURERS' UNION, Ms Broadway. PEDI.ER'S WAGON, SUITABLE FOB NOTION business; Grocer's and Express Wagons, family Bockaway. Pont Phaeton and Harness, sell cheap. Manufactory of WITTY A CO., No. 10 Nevms street* Brooklyn. SECOND HAND ROAD WAGON. PONY PHAETON' elegaut Park Phaeton. Bumble Pony ex:eiis|un lop Phaeton, Dog Carl, several Buggies, light K?>ckaways, in excellent condition. Low prices. M A N U FACTURk RH> 0X105, OS Broadway. SECOND HAND CARRIAGES AT LlM AND U96 Broadway, viz An extension fop Phaeton, Coupe. Rockaway, Dog ? art, Top Buggies and tw,, lioad Wagons at low flgniaa. Three Morses, 7 and ? years, sound and kind. At for any work . one sorrel Horn-, 14 cwt, fl: for heavy work W avenue A. Waoon and harness fob sale? oheaP; W-seat, side bar. sqaare box, city made Wagon and light Harness, both In rfo<*l order; separately or lo ietUer. U. WZ&MX#. iieraid gOicv HOH.8KS, CARH1AGE?, *<'-^. , WANTED A I' AIR OK HANDSOME BLACK OR .lurk hay carriage Horses, 1# nai ids h 1 gb .sou 11,1 'n every respect; none but perfect match, stylish anrt supe rlor animals wauted. Addrcs J. O. U.. bo* AbbS I o,t office. WANTED? A PAIR OK HOR8E8. GBAY OB uut; young; nwht every way ; U>'? high . stromr, can show three minutes together; P"" ""J i" $l,UUi). trial required- Address D. I , box 1.470 * ?ork Pout office. jtlAO FOR A DITHKNBHRHT A VAN I ?l ' S B R JM : ? ?Jp LUU ton Jimwer Wagon, In lino ??r?l?*r "? *1|J? l,l " , uew light Express Wagons, $1*' each: "lh? I Wagon and olio lialt->|>rinK top Wagon, Ha es mnke , new rubber single Harness, fab; second hand wt, ???>, also trained Goal, wllh wagon and llarnew, turnout lor $20. HOVKY'B .Stable, 141 Ffast (Sixteenth street. __ d?lTr/\ -STYLISH OKAY HORSE, S V E A IIS, 15^ 5> LOU. hand* ; ?>' title tor lady ; not airaid ot womo tTvo ; pcrlcctlv reliable ; sound and kind or money re turned. 210 Went Thiriy-flrst street C?'OIl SAI.K, . ^ i PBOTOORAPB gallery FOB IN A brook lyn. doing a g< od business, which cottl'l to* greatly Increased by making forreo '/J-inTF C I 7>SS .* complete lor tlr t claw work. Apply to G-toTLLLi ? ? x STEVENSON, corner Tli.rty-lourtn street uud third ave nue, New York. _____________ ? i CORNER I' A INTERS' SUPPLY STORK.? A WJlt A established, tirstctass uptown Painte huPP?y ^'r'' no opposition ; line location: o hob _e stock or I aper /lung Ings, Oilcloths, Window Shades, Plcture^Krjnies.liUnu, Oils. Ac. ; will be sold at a very low price, *s the i owni ?' wishes to leave the city, fall on or add tew K.KUGKK x 0( :>ii Vesey street, room 11, city. - i N OLI) ESTABLISHED HAT, CAP AN ? ?iKNTl;K A men's Furnishing Store lor sale.? Located gre? business tboroughture; excellent cash trade. 1 artlcuiais ?t 25 Chambers stree.(ii(jK ^ w><>Rgt s?,r, ^ i N OLD ESTABLISHED COAL YARD FOR SALE - A Location unsurpassed <west side); splendid ta b f ra*1o , extraordinary chaiu-C. 1 artu-uiui* at 25 ?. hers sirrct OKORiiK W. S1MKRS' Store Agency. __ i N(> 1 FIRST fl.ASS CORNER LIQUOR STORE A for sale? Well known; extensively patronized; ex traordinary cbunce lor live in a n; i <> r ;u" v IS Chamber! itml OBO. W. sIBhlts^ store Agtmy. t WELL ESTABLISHED CONFECTIONERY AND A Ire ('renin Saloon for sale-L(>cutlon un>urDftiwd . splendid cliauee to make money; satisfactory rtasoua. Particulars at 25 Chambers street. UEoiujE W. SI VERS' Store Agency. A~ FIR ;T CLASS I > \ Y TRADE DOWN TOWN Sainpie Room lor sale very cheap lo a prompt purchaser; location unexceptionable; rent ?n<l?* ??M yearly. LLOYD, W Broadway. _ A -FOR SAl.E, RBSTAl HANTS, BEST PLACES ON . all business streets; also Sample Rooms, Lunch Rooms, lust olT Broadway; downtown t.tuar Stores, Stationery stores. MITCHELL 8 ' ''^Y-edai htreet. A ?FOB SALE LIQUOR STORES ON ALL BUBI . nessstreels' and avenues, at $-W an.l upwards; Wholesale Ale Routes; L?K?Mr f.*' ?c^ t'ountry Hotels. ,U'I,L ,S M7; Vedar street. V-FOR >AI.K, BAKERIES, CONFEC I'lONERIES, A. S?da Water and Root Beer Business. l)r,'}! ^tuI^ Baker shops. Painting ami Shoe Stores, Grocery Btores, Moat Markete. mITOHELL'B Mon Agency, u { ?aai siren. PHOTO IRAPll OALLERY FOR SALE CHEAP A the onlv one In the place. Inquire o> J. D. TLR IIUNE, llackensaok, N. J. . KIRST CLASS BUTOUER SilOP FOR SALE-ON A a good boducss avenue on 'hewesiji'1' ol dutng a good business. Apply to THOMAS UA Fb >b>, Atu iionecr, No. ti Centre street. A C11ANOE.? $fiW> CASH WILL HUY A PIB8T CLA88 A iliquor Storelu the Fourteenth ward ; u.ur years lease : rent $W0 per year. Apply to J. p. OAW, 17 " est Fourth street. A KIRST CLASS CORNER C.ROCERY STORE K)R A sale; location good; loading J^nne; doing a good , business; amount required i. bout : ??.JkW or win J*1" * partner. Address D., box 140 Herald Uptown uraucn office. ? j A FiBHT class cobnbb liquor btobb BOB A sale ebenp. oil a good avenue, on the west side . it not sold privately will l>e sold on 'i'bursday at Apply to i'UOM AS OAFFNEY, Auctioneer, No. # Ceutro street. - ? ?N KSTA B LIS11 ED BUSINES8, DO I NO A YBBY A retnuiieratlve eitv and country trade, for sale tor *1 'in reason tor selling purty lias other business and fl..t ab'le I.M to them both [net pro lit s lastyearover J t.tKK) . a mil knowledge ol l the business may ?{' m qt in 1 in ubout two weeks, Addresu NbT PRnUT, UeraKl (dllce. ? ? T? OLD ESTABLISHED OYSTER AND DINING 8A A loon, on Eighth avenue, for sale ?. Is Ooins a ^kood business; sat istactory reasons for sellim:. Addriss box 113 Herald Uptown Branch office. . Bakery kok balb-hoino a oood business Reason tor selling, sickness in the launl). Lall tor three days at No. 6 Carmine street. WkiHI STOKE FOR BALE? IN THE f'OI'NTRY IN I) one nl the hiindsomest rllluges in the ''i hours irom city hy steam cars, beautifully tilted In modern sivle and well stocked with tlrst class noods. doing a gen uine ok vim; business, which is steadilv Increasing , stores are rare in the market; price $5,500 cash. Apply to Mr. sTUTTH, 20 Murray^Ueet IR8TABLMHED MANI FACTURINC BU 81 BBSS FOB ii sale -Willi or without Stock; u tlrst clas- chance lo ? partv who understands dressmaking. Inquire at 43 Bleecker street, atter^2 o'clock. 1*OR SALE A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT AMJ ' Bsr with three vears' Ixsase; terms moderate ; rent low; satisfactory reasons for selling. For particulars in ijuir'e on premises. M2 Six. h avenue. Foil svt F? A FIRST CI.ASS LIQUOB STOKE DOWN town with lone Lease, and will be sold lor less than value Aup'y toi OOOD K IN D A BROTHERS, wholesale liquor dealer*. SI Water street FOR SALE? a baruain, all the k lkgan I Fl B niture and four years' Lease ol a Private house doing a good biisuii B. ; rent $l.W t~' iOR SALE-A RARE CHABCB? A BAK ERV. DO ' lug a cash business of $3i0 a week over the counter. Call at 374 Stli av. WUR SALE-STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A NICELY r Utteil up (irocery and Liquor store, in the Ninth ward; doing a good business; will sell vh?au, as owner linn otlier nnsiness to attend to. to FLAY, ow.ier and landlord. tii)9 Orcenwicli street. FOB BALK? A FAMILY liquor moke , this is an opportunity seldom offered to parties with suiall capital. Apply at 217 Molt street. For MALB? THB %LIQUOB store no 191 bast Hroadwav. rortier Jetlcrson street, with long lease ; low rent. Apply to LAWRENCE BUitKK, 157 East Broad u uy TTtOR SALE clIKAP -THE LEASE, STOCK AND r Fixtures ol a first class Liquor Store ; good trade ; must l* sold this week. Inquire at 411 Ninth avenue. Lh>R sale CHEAP-THE FIXTURES OF A FIRST r class Shoe Store. In excellent condition. Apply at slu?e store, corner ol Bowery and Bond street. _ 1-V?K SALE CHEAP? ALE PUMP, OF ROSEWOOD, r tour pull, large slxc. In good^order. at 139 Madison st I" lUUi >R STORK KOK SALE-AM THE OWNER CAN j not attend to the business. Call at 60S Kleveuth ave nue satlslactory reasons lor selhnu_givi'ii S*5ciT "fixtures, "THREE TBABS- LBA8R AND S irnod' will ol a tlrst class Tailoring Establishment, do ll* n large and profitable business and located on the best partot Broadway, lor sale on reasonable and easy terms. ArfdrcM" box 4.741 ro*t office* ? ,1K LOMI LEASE AND FIXTURES OF AN OLD established downtown Liquor S?l.,on tor sale cheap. Iy to BLISS k .1 AM r.s, Broome street, twoiloors west wery. T~ O OBOCBB8 OB BAKKRS -FOR BALE, -PLKNDIIJ corner Store In a good location ; price moderate and termsea-v. Inquire ot R. VAN \V\SfcN A CO., .Nelson ttreet, near Court, South Brooklyn. WILL PUBCBAHB AN LST \ II LIB HBO S?O0U Restaurant, st a depot on a good avenue, do nf il good bu?ine?s; most lie sold on Monday Apply to THtM, (iAC FNEY, Auctioneer, No K Ceutrc street. dt.o 1)11(1 ? DRUO STORE FOR SALE. IN CITY, SJ.iU". doing a (rood business; low rent; long Particulars of J. F. WALTER. 21 Clinton place (Eighth street). M %CH1NK111 . A LLFN'S PATENT CUT-OPF ENOINE, IIMIORSE. A goiw! as new ; also miscellaneous assoi tnieut ol En iilueo. Boilers, Puiups. Ac., second nond WILSON X RoaKF,. Water and Dover streets. ~t LAltOK UPRIGHT DRILLING BACHUfX FOB A sale cheap. ?? Jai kson street Marine engines for sale -one beam en gine. 70 inches. 12 feet stroke; one bc.un En fine, j4 Inches, U leet siroae; one beam Engine. ?* . '1,c ^Ji,? stroke ; one condensing propeller Engine, 3| ln< hes cylin der t* Inches stroke. All second hand. Apply to O. W. COPE LA N D. #4 Broadway. It TIC A STEAM ENGINE COMPANY (LATE WOOD A ; Mann}.? Portable and Stationary Engines, Locomo tive and Return Tubular Boilers, Saw and orisl Mills, Aland s Siletit Fan slower an.l Exhauster. Laalmck t,UTi.,Wi,'Ker?l Agent ? CorCandt street. 1\* ANTED? SECOND HAND STEAM BNOINB8, ONE VV h horse power and one 25 horse power; also one W horse nower Locomotive Boiler Address, with particu lar? atelp r ice, THOMPSON BROS, 112 Bread street, Phlladelpnia, Pa. ' INsritl 1TION Tt THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 211 FOURTH AVKNUE, A opposite Cooper Institute. -Bookkeeping. Writing, Arithmetic and Languages Day and evening Ladles department Teie.raphy taught practically . deuiaud tor opeiators. No vacation. ______________ Tmen'iv seminary, amenia. n y.-wili, again A open for summer Board .fhly I. A charming suui mer home. Plsnt? of room for chiW ^ proprtptor / ill EG ABA V INSTITUTE (ESTABLISHED IN NEW I J York in 18U).? English and French lor young ladies and misses. Boarding and day nnpils. 1,87 and l.SW spruce street, Philadelphia, Pa. French Is the language -Uiclatiiilvandisconstant^s^en luthe Instunb-j DOLBEAK'S COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, 373 BROAD wav, corner ?>! Eighteenth street, will remain open, dav and evening, all summer, to prepare pupils practl rallv lor Fall business. Gentlemen, ladies and bovt can have special private lessons In Business W riting. Book keeping, Arithmetic or other branches. Stillness, cramp uik or ueubluw esuxelr removed. T X DRY UOOtiii. YT THE ( . Rh'AT EAST SIDE ESTABLISHMENT. E. RIDLEY A SON, 3(19 GRAND STREET, NEW YORK. PARASOL DEPARTMENT ENLARGED. PARASOLS. S,!**' vaftoils Children1*, lined in colors, 50c., 75c. ?j,.r0J Ladies', lined. 66c., 75c.. each. 1 Mir stock >)i changeable*, fringed and liued, unusually extensive, running Irum SI 50 to $?">. RIBBONsI RIBBONS! All .silk Gros Grain Ribbons, 10c.. -0c , 25c., 36c., and Utu, tiiw li oil-boiled Sash Ribbons 66c. 7-incll nil-bulled s iih b Ribbons, Hi>c. H atcred .->ash Klbbons, 6, 7, 6 inches wide, 50c., 88c., 8BC. and 95c. No*. 3 and 4 Silk Ribbons, 4c.. 5c. per yard. Nod. 5 ami 7 >iin Ribbons, 7c., 10c. per yurd. Noa. 'J uud 12 .- ilk Ribbons, 13c., ISc. pur yard. French Flower* and Feather*. Specialties? Fans! At 4c., 5c., Xc., 10c., 20e. Cheapest lino of Fans up to $20 e ver offered In this city. 250 REAli LACE SHAWLS AND SACQUES, LESS THAN COS I OP IMPORTATION. Real Laces greatly under regular prices. Swiss lies, Parasol Covers, Fringes, Passementerie Gimps and 'I riiuiniiii^M. Oxidi/.ed (iriiiinii uts, reduced 50 per cent. Real Russia anil Morocco Leather Bags and Satchels and Belts, with attachments, 60c., 76c., $1 up. Infants' ami Children's Carriages, troiu $1 35 to $60. NEW DELIVERY OF SILVER PLATED WARE. Hamulus In Jewelry. 7,800 pairs Corsets. Wo., 05c.. 75c., 85c., $1 up. Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods. Prices lower. KID GLOVES. One-button Ladies' Kid Gloves, 45c. to 75c. pair. Two*hutton do., 75c. to $1 26 pair. Edward Glove. Rest low priced Glove in America. EDWARD RIDLEY A SON, 309, Sll and 31 IS -Grand street, and 82, 01. r,?, 68 and 7Q Allen street. New York, lltth block east from the Bowery.' AT KINZKY'S Great clearing sale of Spring and Summer Goods* l.ace Shawls and Sacques closing out, -5 to 80,1*10 yards of Ribbons closing out, 1c., tic., 6c., 10c., Uc. Wide rich Ribbon*, 19c., 22c., 25c. Silk Gi OS Grains, 10c., 15c., 20e., asc., 31c. i.arge lot ol Sash Ribbons, 26c., 31c., 39c., 12c., 4tic., 59c., 69c. Auction lots of Real Ibices, 6c., 10c., lac., 20c., 25c., 31c , S9c? 42o. a yard. Siik Laces ami Veil Nets, 26c., 31c., 36c., 44c., 30c., 5Jc , 69c. All onr Hats and Bonnets closing out troiu Inc., 25c. up. Lot* ol Hosiery dosing out IUi\, I2>ic? 15c., 16c? 25c., 31c., *?C. up. Lots of Gloves closing out 6c , :uc. , 16c., I9e., 26c., Hie., 38c. pair. Underwear, Ladies', Misses', Gents' and Boys' closing out. Silk Fans, closing 15c. up. Linen Funs, closing 6c. up. Yuk and Guipure Laces, closing out iroin 15c. yard up. Lawn* ami Swiss Muslins, slightly wet, 20c. a yard. oxidized Belt Buckles, Chains, Chatelaines, Ornaments, Ac., Ac., Ac. .Inconets, Swisses, l'ii|iies. Nainsooks clonus out cheap. Closing out Silk Ties, 190., 36c.v Sic., 36c., 12c., 49c., 50c. up. Closing out lots of Ruffling*. Tucking and Trimming low. WILLIAM KINZEY, 767 and 769 Broadway, _ . corner of Ninth street. AT SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR. 914 BROADWAY,, near Twentieth street? IMPORTED PATTERNS ol all the SUMMER STYLES now ready. CLOTH MODEU Willi each pattern. We FIT patterns lo the FORM and; warruni tliein perfect; u1s>> Cutting and Hasting. Call! early lu the day ; open until 6 S P. M. AT B. MINTZ'S 246 THIRD AVE SITE, BETWEEN Twentieth end Twenty-first streets, ladies and gents can receive the highest prices in cash lor Silk, Woollen and Muslin Dresses; mIko gentlemen's Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, Ac. : a nolo by post punctually attouded to by Mr. or Mrs. Mint*. jpONGEE, BATISTE, PRATT BROTHERS, 861 Broadway, between Seventeenth aud Eighteenth streets. Offering new Novelties every day In Ladles' Garments. Ladies' own material made up. OROANdTe ANJD SWISS SUITS FOR COMMENCE. ME NTS. [NIHA CAMEL'S HAIR SIIAWLS.-WILL RETURN ironi !? urop<- with an entirely tresli stock of shawls about the lust ol September. 'SSKLL, 35 East Twentieth street IATEST IMPORTATION. -JUST RECEIVED FROM J Paris, a case ol the latest dcslmis of Round Hats and Bouucta. Mine. C. DE LACY, ??H2>, Broadway, near Nineteenth street I ACES AT GREAT SACRIFICE.? HEAL THREAD J Points uud Applique Lace Shawls, Plottliees, Sao<|Ues. Ac., at less than halt original cost, to pay advances, at HERTS' Loan Office, No. 913 Broadway. gTRAW GOODS, AT THE GREAT EAST SIDE ESTABLISHMENT. GREATEST BARGAINS THIS SEASON. EVERY STYLE LOWER IN PRICE. Hair Goods, all the new styles. 50 and 75 cants. 10.010 cases Ladies' Panama and Leghorn Bonnets, Ronnd and ."'bade Hats, from 12 cents to $2 each Five new shapes, cannot bo seeu elsewhere, exhibited to-day. 500 case* of Men's. Youths' and Boys' Hats, from 10 cents to $1 25uach. Examine. Ladies' Undergarments, Suits; Infants' Cloaks, Caps and Hats. 1,00m trimmed Round Hats, Bonnets, Ac., from $2 to $10, halt last month's prices. BARGAINS ALL OVER THE HOUSE THIS WEEK. EDWARD RIDLEY A .SON, 309,311 and .HIS Grand street, and <52, 84, 86, 68 and 70 Allen street, tilth block east from the Bowery, N. Y. 1UILLIVKIIY \M> DRESSMAKING, on WEST NINTH HRF.ET.? M \DAME GRENIER i)Z makes eleuaut walking and evening Dresses in the latest Parisian style, at snort notice; charges less' thau other reliable dressmakers. No sign. i,4>\> OFFICE*. AT 77 BLEBCKBR STRKRT, NBAS KROADWAY, UP stair*.? Highest cash advances on Diamonds, Watch**, Jewelry, Pianos, Ac , or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tickets bought, at 77 Bieecker street. At so nassai* street, between fi lton and .John streets, NEWMAN LEOPOLD continues the buying, selling or advancing on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Merchandise, Life Policies, for any \ T 697 BROADWAY, COBNBR FOIRfll STREET.? Liberal advance* on Diamond*. Watches. Jewelrv, I silks, Camel * Hair shawls, l.ace* and personal property j of everv de.crmunii. JaME.s p. m v I'TMEWS. AT 57 THIRTEENTH STREET. NEAR BKOADWAY.? I pav the hi/hest price lor Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry, Ac. Advance on the same. Isaacs, Diamond Broker, 91 Thirteenth street, near Broadway. Money loaned <>\ diamonds, watches, jew elrvand silverware, and the samo bought. GEO, C. ALLEN Jeweller. '41 Broadway, near Fourteenth ?t on NASSAU srRKF.T, OPi'OSITP. POST OFFICE.? ? >?/ Liberal advance* made on Diamonds. Watches, Jewelrv and all kinds of Merchandise. The same bought mid sold Room I _ HAYMAN LEOPOLD. A no SIXTH AVENl'E, BETWEEN TWENTY FOURTH "x" it) and Twenty- fifth street.*. ? Litieral advances mado on Diamonds. Wuiches Jewelry, SiUu, Laces and .->hawi* Same bought at full value. U BERNARD. /?v- ?Boadway, cornbr amity stree r ? Money liberally advanced on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and Personal Property of all descrip tions, the same bought and sold If oek.Ekman (formerly M i;.isen!>erg>. 1 Of'7 KROADWAY, OVER HERALD BRANCH J office, room B.? Parlor for ladies. Branch 1,207 Broadway. Monev loaned on Diamond*, Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Same bought and sold. LINDO BRO.i' lllll *KS. ROOMS, ?( .. H A\TKO. In tlkia City anrt Brooklyn. 4 HOUSE IN A SIDE STREET OR AVENUE, FROM JV Bieecker to Thirty fourth street, between third and seventh avenues, for business purpose*, wanted , will buy If the .parties take it in mortgage on a reasonable time, or lease lor lit t<i JO years; state location and price. Ad dress J. H., box H# Herald office. To RBAL ESI ATE OWNKRa? BTB WISH TO LKA-F, sa* for ten vear*. a piece of ground about 80x100; the owner to erect thereon a plain building, suitable lor furniture wareroom*. nota manutactory ; location to Ihj boundsd-hy Kllth and Seventh avenues and Fourteentli and Thirty-fourth streets. Please address, with partivu* lars, GEORGE C FLINT A CO.. lliidsou_strcet WANTED-BY A SMALL FAMILY <>F ADULTS A furnished Floor of three or tour rooms, suitable for Hgtat housekeeping. Address, stating terras, which must t?' moderate, A. \V , box 176 llerald Uptown Branch offit-e, l.Jro Broadway. In the Country. YIT ANTED TO HKNT? FOR THE SUMMER, A GOOI\ " comfortable furnished house, tor a private fainiiy, within one or two hours of the citjr. Address C. &, No* 167 Cedar sumil <

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