Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1873 Page 2
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A CITY RFAIj K8TATK FOR SALB. Bait Hide. BK AIi R ARGAIN. ? FIRST CLASS PAINTED FOUR story Illicit stout, brow n stone limit; gas fixtures and new carpets, No. East Forty -eighth street ; IS rooms; tiouae lift feet ileep; i> lire $l4,50i; terms to Milt purchaser. Apply to ow ner. 76 Nassau street. L. MENDDION. TUIKI) AVENUE, 111TII STREET, MBfSVUf coiner, 100 feet snuare, or more, for sale; also First avenue, corner- lOiith street, GO leet. Apply earner of Ulth street. BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO LET. TJEBaLD BKaNCH OFFhCE? BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR TIIE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICB, IN THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FrLTO.V AV. AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM S A M. TILL 9*P. M. ON Sl'NDAY Fl:OM 3 TILL 9 P. If. CARRIERS' AND AO K NTS' DEPARTMENT, NO. 7 FKONT STREET, BROOKLYN. IjlOR RALE? CHEAP i ON EASY TERMS, A GOOD ' Cottage House , nix rooms and good dry* cellar, with tiro tull Lots; on a coiner near I'.ast New York: small amount of cash required; balance can remain on mort gage. For particulars apply to owner, 166 Washington Btreot. No agent#. WB8TCHEHTER tOl'HTY PROPERTY Pt?R KALE AND TO RENT. T TARRYTOWN. ON BROADWAY. 10 MINUTES from depot, to rent, unfurnished, a Cottage contain ing S rooms: new ly painted ; tiicc groom's; fine river view; rem $600 Also n new House, 12 rooms: all modern improvements; relit $l,l>00 i>er y< :ir. s. EMBKRHON, 650 Sixth avenue. AT YONKERS, ON BROADWAY? A FIR8T CLASS Hotel to let ; 80 rooms. ga.s, Ac. ; could bo filled at once; rent utmost nominal Aral year. ooDEN A CLARK, Broadway, corner Seventeenth st. fTO BENT? A FURNISHED OOTTAGB IN YONKERS, i pleasantly located on Woahbnrtoii avenue, near the station ; rent low to a small taiuilv lur the season. Ad dress N., box H6 Yonkers Post otllce. alO RENT. LF.ASE OB FOR SALE? A VERY VALIT able Mill Property In Westchester county. .New York ; 6tW horse power; 112 miles from the city, docks lor lar?-e vessels: load at the door, and is suited for a large manu factory ot any kind. Apply to HINli, COLE ? GRAY, No 630 Sixth avenue. j "V"ONKEKS.-TWO FURNISHED HOUSES CHEAP; .1 $S6 and $110 per month: season or year: also line Country Seat, river view, carriage houses, Ac. Apply to jamks YOUMANS, agent, at Yonkers. FOR so ACRES BXCBLLBN r (;ras-', WITH tjpJtJU Shanty, near Purchase Meeting House, West chester; excellent neighborhood, and schools. C. UN DKRHILL, 71 Broadway, room S7, at 12 daily, tkis week. A FACTORY PROPERTY. "E^AUlOHLt/ti AND RESIDENT PROPERTIES FOR A1 sale, Paterson, N. J. Steady water powers. ?-Cheap eoal. Low freights. Skilled labor. One hour irom New York. Canal, tour railroads, lOOdallv trains. J. FISHER SATTERl'UWAITK, 10 Pine street 1 KOPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR. SALE OR TO RENT. \ LL WANTING FARMS.? FOR SALE? TO FARMERS, 1 k gardeners and lurm laborers from the Old Country? cood Farm Lands, virgin soli, at $25 per ucre, on six years' credit. The soil is a good, productive loam, near lie great markets ot New Yorkund Philadelphia, by rail road, where trom 20 to 40 acres constitute a good farm, v. Uon partly planted to fruit. From this locality a ?;?ater quantity and variety of fruit is sent to market wan <rom anv other place Of equal area in the United States. Irf is Ui the midst of a thriving community, with good stoies, schools and manufactories. Female mem bers of families and others can procure good work at ? traw sewing, shoe work, button making, clothing work ind other branches. Many English, Irish and Scotch farmers have settled and are prosperous. Numbers of uardeuers trom the vicinity ot New York are locating. Vanning is tnore profltablMhan West, on account of tho jnarxets. Appiv to JOHN B. PAGE, 102 Park place, two <doors from West street, New York. Papers containing lull information will be sent free ol charge. I A TTENTION, CAPITALISTS AND SPECULATORS.? J\ A large Mineral Spring, infallible in cutaneous and Kidney disease, located three hours trom New York; sur rounded by the best natural advantages lor game park, troat culture, <te.. iu the United States; must be sold. Address THEODORE F. WARNER, Oxford, Conn. A RARE CHANCE FOR MANUFACTURERS.? WILL be disposed ot, at private sale, an extensive Water Power, estimated at 100 horse power, with large Flouring Merchant Mill, live run of stone, new machinery and in lull operation, grinding 100,000 bushels per annum: Saw Mill, Blacksmith and Wheelwright Shops. Dwellings, Ac., Ac., within 1^ hours of New Y( rk city, :0 minutes of Long Branch, densely settled and in the' most healthy section ot country in the United States. Terms verv ?easy, and will be sold cheap for reasons made known by ?pplyibg to the proprietors, on the premises. D. H. HENDRTCKSON A CO., Ttnton Falls, Monmouth county, N.J. rnrtles In the cltv wishing to examine the property will take boat at pier 28 North River for Eatontown or Shrewsbury. O. H. U. & CO. A BEAUTIFUL. PLACE ON THE HUDSON? SUIT able, tor n gentleman's residence ; can tie seen tit any time. For further particulars address Mr*. LiltACE E. HENRY, Verplancks, Vestchestcr county, N. Y. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SEAT TO LET? NEAR New Hamburgh, on the 11 ud.sou ; brick mansion, 58x66, contain^ every modern Improvement, elegantly and completely furnished; greenhouses, hot and cola graperies, choice fruit and extensive vegetable garden, coachhouse. Icchonse, porter's lodge, the grounds ure in char.'e of a gardener, lodge keeper and assistants Ront *ery low. RICHARD V. HARNETT. 111 Broadway, room F, bjseuient. 1NLEGANT VILLA? SPLENDID VIEW, B.VY AND !i ocean; three seres; 100 choice fruit trees, carriage and garileuer's house ; one hour trom city ; Stateu Isladd ; 97,500. DARK IN, SO Broad street. IjfOR SALE? NEAR PATKRSON. N. J., A FARM OF 100 acres. 46 under cultivation, 56 thrifty woodland. Including Crops. Stoca and Tools: young orchard, good soil; small house, new barn, granary and chicken house; commauds an extensive view; excellent place tor a Summer resort; cheap. For particulars apply to THOMAS AVERY, No. 74o East N Inth street, near av. D. IrtOR SALE- IS ACRES IN A BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY ' valley, land rich, 8 acres choice meadow, orchard, other fruit trees, substantial buildings; two story frame house, 11 rooms; frame barn, stone stabling, carriage room, granary and mows; shop, wood, smoke, hog and poultry houses; 2 springs, milk, house; on public road, church, whonlbousc, grl?t mill, saw mill, store, post olflce. wheelright snd blacksmith shot s. within one mile; Hi miles from depot: immediate possession; price $4 00", including crop* and stock ; $2,500 cash; balance on ease terms. Takes A. M. train, foot ol Harclay street ; street car, depot to Stroudsburg. Can return same day. (Am absent Saturdays.) Call on WILLIAM S. REES, Strouds burg, Pa. IiH>R SALE? A FURNISHED COTTAGE VT FAR ROCK 1 : awav, L. I., eligibly situated near the beach and de pots; ten rooms, carriage house and ice house (filled). Pi ice. $7,800. Apply to or address JOHN J. CUMING, No. 117 Nassau street, New ^ork. For rrnt-a finb seaside residence on Long Island, near Shelter Island Camp Meeting grounds; house nan all the modern convenience* fine Dshlug and sporting facilities. Apply to I1ENRY' T. RICHARDSON, 234 Water street, New York. For sale or to Jamaica. L. i? laroe Honse. l.'i rooms, with all modern improvement" , one acre lawns ami garden; near depot. Appiv to JEREMIAH A SPADER, 54 Toinokins street. New York, or GEORGE SKIDMORE, Jamaica. CI RE AT BARC. AIN. ?EIGHTEEN LOTS. BOUNDED BY X three streets, with house 20x45, 16 rooms; large gla-n Idazza, bay window, sbadea bv large oaks, pleasantly nested, within three minutes' walk ol ferry, Stateu Island; $5,500, halt cash ; worth $9.iiOU: sold to save tore Closure. DARRIN. 50 Broad street. Rare chance for bargains.-f.vrms, houses, and lots and timber lands for sale. For location, lull desciiption. price and terms, address WILLIAM S. ?KEES, Stroudsburg. Pa. TO BENT? COTTAGE AND TWO ACRES, B.VYSIDE. L. I., fronting Little Neck Hay and Sound; gmsl shade, bathing and fishing Take It o'clock A. M. train from Hunter's Point: return I itw or 2:40 P. M. O. O. HEN NET, No. M I'ine street. dtOAO FOR SEASON.? COSF.Y COITAOE, FUR 90UU nlshcd, on banks ot the Hudson, healthy; beautiful view - II room*: gas, bath, stati >o?try tubs. % acre ground, stable, piano. Call at 126 West i'orty-sec ond street. Kb'AL KSTATK TO KXC'1IANGB*_ A -WILL EXCHANGE FOR NEW YORK OR ? Brooklyn Property a Farm ot ''A acres, SW miles from New York and 5 miles from station ; 'Mi acres clear ; fine brick house, II rooms; large barn, spring home, hog puu, corn crib and all requisite outbuildings; stone ten nut house, 7 ri>om?; blacksmith's shop ; fine meadow, watered trom spring . splendid trout pond; price ft>. OJ. PEIU.-ON A sTlLLMAN, East Stroudsburg, i'a. L1<)R SALE OR EXCHANGE-NEAR NEW HAM ?T buru, on the Hudson, beautilul Country Seat, .'il acres. RICUARIi V HARNETT, 111 Broadway, room F, basement TjtOR SALE OR EXCHANUB? A FARM OF ABOUT 2011 X? acres, in Maryland, near the Delaware line ; only $1,000 c.a-li required, the balance can be paid tor when earued on the placc Ai ce>?ible by steamboat and rail road; 2,O.JO I e:v h trees iu b< armg Ad'lrom box KiO Post oftlce, Morrisfown. N. J. FOR SALE OR EXCIIaNOE FOR A FARM on ritE Hudson or Harlem r'.ud, an idd established BakiTV and Cotifectiouery Business, with l.ess of premises lor 5 yeara Tlie present owner has run the above for lit vears end Is now retiring. For particulars inquire on the premises, Lawrence street. Manhat:anvil]e, between Tenth avenue snd Broadway PKloK .-s iiakery. TWO ELEGANT VILLAS? WITH Al l, MODERN CON venlences, conservatory, grapery, Ac., alsoscosev little t;otuge, y rooms, delightfully >ituated at N va k, near Rockland Institute. Address L. 1) MANSFIELD. Tenement property, payino a i a i : < ; j in come to excimu -e lor a good Farm, not far Irnm the clfy ; also a predii five Farm, near New Brunswick, io ?xchauge lor a iluusr in Urooklyn parties must be will iug to pay coiiitiiiiMion. MARTIN DUNN, 202 Broadway. REAL KMTATE WANTED. T.sARM WANTED-WITHIN TWO HOURS OF W ALL F street. In exchange lor a tour story brick Warehouse, between Ful on and Roosevelt ferries, suitable lor com mercial or uianuiatiiring purtmses. Apply on the premises, 344 Water street, New York. "" FINK Alt'l-.. JK DAVIS, 4.V SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN . Twenty-sixth an I Twenty -Seventh streets, i* still continuing to sell on the inost convenient method of weekly payments choice Parlor Pictures, trained iu gilt, walnut or ebony, all of the latest Importation from Lou 4*0- Paris uud Vietuia. UKludUiM rich Parlor auiu. T? LET FOR BCglUKSB Pl'RPQgKS. ^TTKNTIONl NOW RP.ADY FOR OCCUPANCY. NEW PIRBPROOF BUILDINO. FULTON, NASSAU AND ANN STREETS. ELEGANT OFFICES TO KENT IN THE ABOVB FIREPEOF, WELL LOCATED BUILDINO, BEING IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO THE CITY HALL, THE COURTS, TUB POST OFFICE, AC., AC. OFFICES, SUITABLE IFoti LAWYERS, BROKERS, BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, AC., AC., CAN BE HAD, SINGLY OB EN~SU?rB. OF ANY DESIRED SIZE, FROM 10X12 FEEt"~ TO 26X67 FEET, AT $300, $400, $900 AND UPWARD TO $12,1)00, ACCORDINO TO SIZE AND LOCATION. THE ABOVE BUILDINO IS COMPLETELY "FIREPROOF, READY F0r"00CUPANCY, HEATED BY STEAM, AND~HAS TWO FIRST CLASS PASSENGER ELEVATORS AND ALL MODERN IM PROVEMENTS. RENT OF SMALL OFFICER Size. 2d Story. 3d story. 4th Story. 5th Story. 19. 10x123.6 $2,000 $I,8'K? $1,600 $1,IM> lt>x24.ti l.HUtf L500 1,2(10 WW 14.6x.'6.6 1-800 L50U 1,200 &>H) 17.2H.6 l.SOO l aw * H0t? 10x18 Ml *10 3&0 SOO 10x12.6 :<oo 41 hi :?a soj iy.Rx.ta 3,ooo 2,r>(?j 2.oo>? i.aoo 19,Gx;.D 3,000 2,5d0 2,000 1.W0 10x12.6 TiOO 400 350 8H0 11). I0x.!3 1.800 1,000 1,200 1,000 14.8x23....: 1,109 L2S0 1,000 Win lf.6x.3 t>? 1,250 l.O'O WW 17x23 l,a? 1,280 1,000 9)0 10x18 S00 400 ihO 300 INQUIRIES TO BE MADE OF HOMER MORGAN, NO. 2 PINE STREET. A LARGE MACHINE AND BOILER SHOP TO LET? XV Wit.i or without Tools; also Floors to let, with steady Power. Apply to J. A R. J. (<RAY, o02 West street. A SPLENDID STORE TO LET? ON SIXTH AVENUE, for n tailor or confectionery ; also one for groceries or house lurnishing. and oue ior drugs or dry goods, and it sin;; 1 1 Store lor halrdres-siny or stationery; aLio a splen did Corner. Office 999 Sixth avenue. 0 N BROADWAY, First and Third Floors to let or lease, 438 Broadway, liquor store. TO LET-STORE, WITH OE WITHOUT FINISHED Basement and two Floors, in No. 37 Spring street. Apartments to let in No. 211 Mott street, where particu lars will tic given by housekeeper. TO LET-A STORE, WITH APARTMENTS, IN NO. 33 Lewis street Inquire at Bank office, 20 Second av. rpO DRU^OISTS QR ANY OTHER RESPECTABLE JL rju?liies*.? sixth avenue, cornor of Thirtieth street.? "Would extend to 70 feet if required. Inquire at New York Swiimnlug Academy, 53 Wost Thirtieth street. 8TH AVENUE STORE TO LET? AT REDUCED rent; $6"i per mouth; size 10x42xliK), suilable for a crockery, fruit, stove, hardware, produce s'ore or any other business requiring much room. Apply ut 25-> Eighth avenue, cornor Twenty-third street. dwellinS houses to let. Furnished. A THREE STORY WELL FURNISHED HOUSE, IN good order, to rout, to a private lamilv only; loca tion "twenty-fourth street, near Madison avenue; Imme diate possession. Address box 120 Herald Uptown Branch office. TO LET-FURNISHED, TILL OCTOBER 1. A VERY desirable three story modern House In the best part ot Htirlem ; situation pleasant and healthy, and within 4 1 minutes ot the city by railroad and steamboat at all hours or the day ; pleasant drives and walks and #ood boating near at baud ; $100 a month. A. U. C., 233 Last 124th street. Unfurnlsticd. A FOUR STORY AND BASEMENT HIGH STOOP brown stone House to let, near Filth avenue ; fres coed ; fixtures complete. Call at No. 7 West Forty-filth* street, from 10 to 4. ? TO LET-THRKE STORY BASEMENT BROWN STONE House 128 East Eighty-second street, near Central Park; all modern Improvements ; $1,00) p?r year. S. THOMSON A SON, 1.473 Third jivenne._ TO LET? A THREE STORY FRAMR HOUSE NEWLY fitted up; 9 nioms; large garden In front; rent $S(). Inquire at KAl' KM ANN'S, 50!) Third avenue, near Thirty fourth street TO LET? T? A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY, THE cosey House No. 4U2 West Twenty-eighth street ; rent $l,i*M; good locat.on; suitable fur a physician. Inquire on the premises. FIRMS1IED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET, \ ?TO LET, TO GENTLEMEN, ELEGANTLY FT'R J\ ? nished Parlors, en suite, on first floor. 1,179 Broad way^ ^ AT 01 FIFTH AVENUE, BETWEEN SIXTEENTH and Seventeenth streets.? Fine, elegantly furnished Rooms on second floor to let, en suite or singly, without hoard ; also hall Rooms, at $5 per week. AT 47 AMITY STREET.? LARE, AIRV, PLEASANT Kootna lor gentlemen, or would rent tor light house keeping to gentleman and wife ; house occupied by owner. A NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM AND BKD rooni to let, with conveniences for housekeeping, on first floor Call at 464 Eighth avenue, between Thirty third and Thlrty-lourth streets. Elegantly furnished rooms to let? in a private house, with all modern improvements, also with use of parlor und piano. Inquire at 313 East Twelfth street. f BURNISHED FRONT PARLOR, BEDROOM, BAL eony, bath. Ac., $10 weekly; two Rooms for house keeping, $8; upper Room and Closet, $t>, quiet house; business locution. 10$ East Fifteenth street three doots from Union Square Hotel. tjHJRNISIIED ROOMS, SINGLE AND EN SUITE, 1 especially attractive during the prostration of sum mer beat; Cool, quiet cleanly ; close to Broadway and best restaurants; prices made satisfactory. 3b East Twelfth street. Furnished rooms to let-for gentlemen. second and third floors: single or in sulw ; house first class; handsomely furnished and best location; refer ences required ; at 281 West Thirty-fourth street HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BOOMS TO LET? WITH all modern Improvements, for light housekeeping; terms moderate. Apply at No. 52 Sixth avenue. Handsomely furnished rooms? .fob light housekeeping or to single gentlemen : house perfect, with all Improvements; reference exchanged. Inquire, tor three days, at 319 East Thirteenth street Targe, cool, elegantly furnished ciiam J bers, on the second lloor, to lei ior the Summer, to gentlemen only. 143 highth street, near Bro.inwuy. V^EATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO f.ET-AT 215 \s est Thirty -fifth street, suitable lor light housekeep ing; also hall bedrooms, with use of bath. ONE BLOCK FROM BROADWAY.? HANDSOME front and back Parlor, with Extension and other Rooms, with or without Board. No. 48 University place. TO LET? FINE FURNISHED ROOMS. NEAR THE East River, In a private house, newlv furnished. 68 Prospect place, corner of Forty-third street between First und Second avenues. TO LET-A LA ROB AND SHALL ROOM, FURNISHED, together or separately, to gentleman and wife or gentleman ; al-u hall Rooui. 100 West Twelfth street cor ner - ixth avenue. I MAONIPICENTLY FURNISHED ROOM AND 1 bathroom, in private family's own elegant house, with breakiast, n . location unexceptionable; references exchanged. 201 Second avenue, after 6 I* M d?'J AND UPWARDS FOR NICELY FUR J uU lushed Rooms, with hath, Ac. : private house ; splendid location 88 Clinton place (Eighth street), near Fifth avenue. Inquire for three days. 4TH STREET, N BAR BROADWAY.? TWO OR THREE nicely furnished Rooms, large and small ; gas and hath. 18 West 1-ourth street 4NEILSON PLACE, BRTWKEN WAVBELBY AND Clinton places.? Second Floor to let furnished lor light housekeeping; private bath; alao other Rooms, with closets; rent moderate. 9 EAST NINTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY plaee and Fifth avenue ? Double Rooms, lor gentle men, $5 to $;?. table hoarders, $i 1 I WEST TWENTY-ForRTH STREET. NEAR FIFTH IT Avenue Hotel.? Handsomely furnished Rooms to let, to gentlemen only : from $6 to $12 per week. <1Q EAST TWENTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR ? iO Broadway.? Handsomely furnished it. ? ins to let on second and tnird floors, to gentlemen, without Board, In a private ismlly. Iir. EAST FIFTEENTH STREET? FUR N I SH E I), 1 "x? J large size, single Room, with hot ami cold water; Room soltaole for two gentlemen ; term* moderate.. 00.4 FOURTH A VENUK, CORNER OF NINETEENTH aOt street.? A large pleasant Room ti let furnished, to a gentleman only ; references exchanged. ora WEST TWENTY-THIRD ttTRBRT.? HAND A'JO somely fun.ishe>l Rooms, with gas and hath; fine offii a for physician or dentist ; prices moderate. ?)f?- SIXTH AVENUE.? TO LET, BY AN AMEltl ? U?l an family, three well iiiniished Rooms for light housekeeping, on first floor, front IKFUUIISHRO ROOMS AVO APART MEVTS TO LET. \ 1 ?HANDSOMELY ARRANGED FLOOR, TKN XV J. rooms, at 122 Thirteenth street near Fourth avenue; all conveniences on same floor; suitable lor two families. Apply in the store. A ?TO LET. O.N A CORNER, THE HANDSOMEST J\ . French Flat ever erected on this continent; nine 1. <rge rooms ; janitor and elevator, also a furnace; rent moderate to a small first class laniily. Office 999 Sixth avenue ; open iroin 7 A. M. to 8 P. M UI.EOANT FRENCH FLATS AT REDUCED RENTS? Jii Containing eight and nine rooms; all modern Im pr"V?sirei>is ol aprivute bouse; new!) frescoed ; in the lourth story; high stoop brown sione house. 166 East J ilti' street between I h Ird and Lexington avenues Iil LOOKS W ITH FOUR ROOMS AT BM TO Iff fBB mi/nth, in Nos. 31 and 33 I* wis street, where particu lars will be given by housekeeper Fine floors? six rooms and bathroom each. In the brown stone row, second avenue, be tween Kitty-seventh and Fifty-eighth streets ; $22 to $33; Qrsi ulass ueighborbwd. lanjtlre iu agar store. UJVFURlVIgHKn ROOMS and apart _ MEIVT8 TO LET. _ TO LET? LOWER PART OK DOUSE NO. 35 KINO street, between Macdougal and VnrlcK streets; nine rooms, gas and water; immediate possession. Inquire on premise*. ma UPPER PART (SIX ROOMS) OK PRIVATE 1 House No. 1,056 Second avenue to let. Apply on tbe premises. d?OA PER MONTH.? FLOOR, FOUR NICK ROOMS, inn private residcnco ; all modern Improve ments; boo I neighborhood ; Second avenue find Tnlr leenth street. J. P. TKAVKR, 69 Great Jones street. rn EAST TWENTIETH STRF.RT, CORNER OF z)0 Fourth sventie.? One of the finest locations and coolest in the oftv ; nine Rooms, bath, closet, Ac. ; will separate Uiem lor lamilies or gentlemen. 8AL.EH AT AUCTION. Allen b. miner^auotioneer. Salesrooms OS Chambers and 77 Reade street, late Henry II. Leeds A Miner. Enlaidlshed in 1847. Horse Auction Mart, 337, .TO and .Ml Fourth avenue, cor ner oi Twenty-ninth street. By ALLEN B. MINER A BRO THURSDAY, Jl'NE 26, at 10% o'clock, at ilieir salesrooms, 9S Chambers and 77 Reade street, OENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MIRRORS, CARPETS, Ac., Ac. Details In time. _ _ Art notice. A collection of about 100 Oil Paintings, the work ol Mr. Ernest Baker, together with a lew flue Foreign Pictures, viz. :? Damschroder, Eversen. L. do Beul, Williot, VY. Angus, V. Ocerts, J. R. (Ettel, Ac., will be sold at auction, at tho Art Gallery No. 60 Liberty street, on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, June 24 and 2ft, commencing each day at 12 o'clock. EDWARD 80HBN0K, Auctioneer. AT COLLEGE POINT, L. I? 4S FIRST CLASS LOTS, adjoining the depot, at nuctien, by E. A. LAWRENCE A CO.. on Wednesday, June 28, at 2% o'clock, on Hie ground; title per'ect: terms easy. Take I), P. M. train troiu Hunter's i'oint and arrive at 2. Only pale of season there. Arch, johnston, auctionkeb-office and sulesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. Horse Auction Brunch 19 to 25 East 'thirteenth street; Carriage Repository No. 8 Cortlnndt street. ARCH. JOHNSTON will sell at auction, on Tuesday, June 24, at 10% o'clock, at the salesroom, 37 Nassau street, a large assortment of Household Furniture, Oil Puintiug*, Chronios, Books, Ac., removed trom storage. Particulars to-morrow. Auction sale. auction notice. THIS (Monday) MORNING, June 23, at 10% o'clock. Property of Daniel T. Von Alson, 104 East Twenty-fifth street, Fourth avenue. E. ROTH, Auctioneer.? Parlors? Velvet, Brussels Car pets; rosewood and walnut Parlor Suits, covered with rich satiu, brocatel and reps; magnificent 7,'i octuve double round l'ianoforte. Stool and Cover; Paintings, Mirrors, Curtains, Bronzes, Vases. Clocks, Etugcros, Tables, Bookcases, rosewood and walnut Chamber suits, Mattresses, Bedding, Turkish Chairs, I-oungos, Extension Tuliln, Buffet; Glass, China, Silver Ware; Cutlery, ser vants' Furniture? in all over 350 lots uscfifl Household Furniture. Goods delivered, packed and shippod for purchasers, city or country. Auction sale. AUGUSTE MABTINE8, Auctioneer. On THIS DAY (.Monday). at the residence No, 36 West 1Mb st., near 5th av., commencing at 10% o'clock Drawing Rooms? Superb Suits, covered silk brocade; Cabinets, Etagores, Bookcase, Paintings, Carpets, Mir rors,, rosewood Pianoforte, stool, cover; rose wood, walnut Bureaus; Bedsteads. Mattresses, Extension Table, Buffet, Silverwaro, Glassware. China ; basement, kitchen, servants' upartments. Sale positive. Take 5th av. stages or 6th av. cars. AUCTION.? BY MESSRS. DlNGEli, PORTER A CO., Auctioneers, at 302, 304 and 306 Third avenue, corner Twenty-Third stroot, on Thursday, June 26, 1873. at 11 o'clock, the entire stock of Furniture of a city manufac turer giving up business. Ladles are Invited to attend. Uoiulls In time. Auction notice.? r. t iiazkll, auctioneer. TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24 and 25, at 10.4 o'clock, ut 83 Reude street, corner Church, tho entire stock of Hoavy and Shelf Hardware. Table und Pocket Cutlery, House Furnishing Goods, Ac., of a lobbing house declining business. The loading goods are Butts. Rules, Callipers, Screws, Files, 1'adlocks, Auger Bits, Hatchets, Chisels, Gouges, l'lnnes, Locks, Se.rewd rivers, Collins' Sleditos, Hakes, Pumps, Frame Saws, Scythes and Shelf Hardware gen erally. The attention of the trade is invited. Catalogues on morning ol sale. It. T. IIAZKLL A CO., Auctioneers, 118 Cnambcrs street. AMUCTI()N\ AUCTION, AUCTION. This day, at private residence, 21 East 20th st, cor ner Broadway, commencing at 10% o'clock. HENRY ZINN, Auctioneer, sells over 250 lots of elegunt Household Furuluire, viz. Rosewood Pianoforte, elegunt Parlor and Bedroom Suits. Mirrors, Brussels Carpetls, Oil Paint ings. luce Curtains, spring and hair Mattresses. Bed steads, Bureaus, Wardrobes, Bedding, Lounges, rep Suits. Ac.. Ac.; ulsoDiuhig Room, Basement and Kitchen Furniture. AT AUCTION SALE, AT AUCTION SALE. This day (Monday), over $20,000 worth of elegant Household Furniture, at residence 210 West 21st St., com mencing 10 o'clock. ROBERT C. CASH IN, Auctioneer, sells, viz.:? Parlor Suits, in blue and crimson brocatol ; two elegai\t Pianofortes, one a four round. Deciser A Brother's, makers; Bookcases, volumes choice Books; Centre iumI Side Tables, Curtains. Bronzes, Mirrors, Clocks, Ornaments, Ac.; DljUn? rufnuure. Extuusion Tuble. Buffet, Silverware, Ac. ; solid black walnut and rosewood chamber >cts. Bedsteads, Bureaus. Wnsh etandsAc.; 39 fine pair and spring xaluFSaSi, uarpoO, Ac. N. B.-ttoll't foil to attend this sole, as the above resMlifSS contains a gfTierit! ana nftful assortment of Uousebold Furniture. Take 7th or 8tli av. cars. Auction sale? this (Monday) MORNING, commencing at 10% o'clock, at private residence 120 W est 23d street 915,000 worth Household Furniture, namely Rich rosewood Pianoforte, Parlor Suits, Carpets, Mirrors, Bed room Suits, Bedsteads. Bureaus, Mattresses. Tables, Chairs, Turkish Lounges, Extension Table, it met, China and Silverware, Basement and servants' Furniture. LUKE F1TZG ER ALD, Auctioneer^ BY S. W. DAUCnY, auctioneer.-dauchy a JOHNSON sell this day, at 2 o'clock, at 464 Canal street, a general assortment ol desirable Household Fur niture. Parlor and Bedroom suits, black walnut Bed steads, painted Suits, several tine Velvet und Tapestry Curpets. Itugs, Mats, Dining Room ami Library Furni ture, Chnlrs, Tables. Wardrobes, Sideboards, hair and other Mattresses, Pillows, Showcases, Counters, Desks, Awnings, Ice Boxes, Meat Safes, Mirrors, .Mantel Orna ments, Vases, Clocks. Hatstands, Sewing Machines, mar ble top saloon Tables, soring Bottoms, Crockery and Glassware, Ac. ; also several school Dosks, Benches, Chairs. Ac., nearly now; also two rosewood Parlor Suits, in saiin hrocatel. BY JOHN n. DT.APER A Co., AUCTIONEERS. Tlte Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company will sell 73,000 tons Scranton Coal at public auction, on Wednesday, June 2.% at at 12 o'clock noon, at 26 Exchange place. SAMUEL SLOAN, President BY SIMON HERMAN, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL, Monday, June 23. at lu% o'clock. No. 13 Bowerv, assignee >aie ot Wines, Liquors, Cigars, vln. -. ? 83 barrels ot choice old ilourbou and Rye, Scotch and Irish Whis keys; casks Brandies. Oln, Ac. ; also 40 casks Port and Sherry Wines. 2tto cases Wines, Liquors ; 30 bnskets and ca>e.s Chainpacne*, Liquors; also Havana Cigars, large lot of Groceries, Safe, Ac. Sale positive. Dealers in vited. A. MERCHANT1LE, Assignee. BY ISADORF. J. SWARZKOPH. AUCTIONEER-WILL sell, i0% o'clock, 13) Sullivan street tine stock Teas, Coffees. Sugars, Flour, Starch, soups, Cundlos, Counters, ?Shelving, Icebox, fine Scales. Ac., positively in lots. Di alers invited. STRAUS A SWARZKOPH. its Bowery. By max bayersdorfer. auctioneer-sells, 10% o'clock, 301 Spring street first class Confec tionery, Store Fixtures, marble top Counters, uew marble Soda Fountain, Glass Jars, marble top Tables, Oilcloth, Reflector*, shades. Awning. Tools and Manufacturing Implements, t opper Pots anil Kettles, Marble Slab, silver n'ated large Showcases, Glassware, Crockery, Casters, Clock, Pictures, Mirrors; also stock Candies, Confec tionery, Fancy Articles, shelving*. Cases, handsome Scales, Ac. ; positively in lots. Dealers Invited MAX BAYKIteliORFER'S Otllee, (.- Bowery._ BY CAMPBELL A CO., AUCTIONEERS? ON TUES day (to-morrow), June 23, at 3 o'clock P. M., on premises, in West Hoboken, near tlie Observatory, two beautitul, improved Building Uits, 13 minutes from Hobo ken terry. Auctioneer's olflce. US I r ad ton street BMY~ r~COLTf )N, AUCTIONEER. Rich and elegant Household Furniture. On THURSDAY, June 26, at 10% o'clock. at the salesroom, 33 Fast Thirteenth street, near Broadway. the entire Fnrnitnre ot a large private residence, together with consignments from several families, embracing rich Parlor, Bedroom, Library and Dining Room Furniture; Mirrors, Steinway Piano, Curtains, i>) Carpets and oil cloths, Ac., making a large and attractive sale of superior goods. / 1 EoRGE J. SMITH. AUCTIONEER? OFFICE NO. 11 Chamber* street. ? By virtue o! a foreclosure of a mortgage i will sell at public auction on Monday, the 23d .lav ot June, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, the Bar and Fixtures m liquor stor<i2U Front street, corner ot Ueek mun, to the highest bidder for cash. N * Vohk, June 21, 1*7.1 A COB BOG ART, At I'TIONKKK, v MONDAY, June 23, at 11 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms No. 1 North William street, Drv Goods, fine custom made Clothing, Fancy Goods, Cutlery, Iron Sate, 1 case army cloth Caps, 3 cases 6 i breed) loading Ritlos, <V)0 (Kittles sewinx machine Oil, Dress Goods, Luces, Trimmings, Gloves, Dress Silks, Shirts, Drawers. Boots, straw llau. Rubber Bulls, Shawls, flue casslmere mens and boys' Clothing, nne Cutlery, Knives . Forks, Showcase. Ac. Cash deposits required. JAMES CAONEY. AUCTIONEER, REAL ESTATE and Loan Broker, M Hudson street? This Day, at flOS o'clock, positive and most peremptory sale of the ex ell? nt Furniture, Fixtures, Ac., of the Restaurant and Lun' b Room 371 Canal street near South Fifth avenue? Elegant Bur, Cases, Tables, Chairs, Silver, China, Glass. Table Linen, elegant Range. Ac. It desired will sell In one lot Capital tor lager beer and billiard saloon. MARSHAL'S SALE? J. P. TRAVKR, AUCTIONEER will sell this day, by virtue ot an execution, at 10% o'clock, al 59 Great J lines street, lot of Lumber and Mould ings, Counter, Shelving*; assortment of Furniture, Sato. Gotland Diamond Jewelry, consisting ol fine Watches, Pins, Rings, Chains, Ac. ; Irish Thrush. By order. S. LEV MthoN. City Marsha I. Mortgage sale.-j. p. tkaver, auctioneer, will sell this day, by virtue of a chattel mongage, ut 10% o'clock, at 59 Great Jones street Household Furni ture, Bureaus, Lounges, llrlstf ads. Feather Beds, Mat tresses, Tables, Chairs, Mirrors, Solas, line Pictures, Truuks, Crockery, Cooking I tensils. Staves. Ac. PATRICK DA1LKY, Attorney tor Mortgagee. SALE.? JACOB BOGAET, AUCTION will sell, on M., toe Fix tures of' the Lager Beer Saloon No. 418 West fortieth street A. II. CLARK, Attorney tor Mortgagee. "PAWNBROKER'S SALE. - 1 1 1 1 ) M A S J. M'ORATH. X Auctioneer, 133 Chatham street, will sell this day, at II o'clock. 300 lots ot men's and women's (limiting. Dresses, Shawls, Remnants, Redding, Boots, shoes, Ac. ; also Coats, Pants, Vests. By order M. i.evy, Grand street PAWNBROKERS SALE.? SaM FOREST, At'c tlon?er, sells this day. at 17 Bowerv, 500 lots men's and women's Clothing, silk und alpaca Dresses, One Shawls, Underwear, Bedding: also Coat*, Pants, Vests and other Good*, order Charles Cudiiun. Sum... ?"?et. J MORTGAGE SALE.? JACOB BOGART, eer ? By virtue ot n chattel mortfrvge. I < | Monday, the 2:?d day of June, at 3 o'clock P. ! 8ALBI AT *"OTIOW. JERE. JOHNoON, AUCTION KICK, 21 Park Bow, New York. MONDAY, JUNK is, positive and uure served -ale of SO superb and elegum l.ots, delightfully located, at New Brighton, S. I., near the Village II ill, Lyceum, Aca lemy, public school, Ac.; oil Lafayette avenue, Brighton a venue; near street railroad Ac-. Special steamboat lUUr^OB, Urafullu's Kami. Harrison, collation, Ac. Tickets. Ac., at ofltce of

JERK JOllNftON, Jr. +UE8DAY, JUNK 24, Sreat continuation salo, ur of Jamus lilac* well, Esq. 6'JO magnificent Lota at Great Neck, L. I. Rome of the very lines' lot* on the tract arc included in this sale. They are near the steiimboa.. landing; vorv desirable, and the Kale will be unreserved. Steamboat Excursion, MuMc, Collation, Harrison, Ac. WEDNESDAY, Juno 26, great uureserved sale of 3U0 beautiful lots at Hyde I'ark, L. 1. in the village, at and near the depot, ait ioininK Stewart's Garden City. Maps, terms, excursion tickets, Ac . at ofllce of JKKK. JOHN.- ON, Jr., 21 I'ark row. New York. J EBB. JOHNSON, JR. ; J. M. GIBSON, AUCTIONEER. Continuation sale. Auction extraordinary. Gigantic offering of prime Business and Suburban Prop erty, in Marion, Jersey City, WEDNESDAY. JUNE 25, 1873. at 12 o'clock M., oti the premises, by imperative order, in purtition ot The Marlou HuiUJiug Company, comprising the St. James Hotel, ot 125 rooms, handsomely finished and furnished ; ^as, pressure water; every modern appliance for cumlurt and convenience; erected and furnished at cost ot $iOO.OuO; together with the handsome Oroumls attached ; from 7 o to 100 choice boarders the year round ; a lortune for a hold keeper. Twenty-six pretty, cosey, modern Dwellings and l.ots, and 75 unrivalled Do ks uud Water Fronts on the Hack en sack River, said to lie 711 feet in channel and 15 feet cold water at banks, adjacent to tlie Pennsylvania Kail read Works, the largest mid llncst in the world. Also, to crown the greatest sale ever made in New Jersey, 927 super 'eligible Lots, worth $i,utio, 000. The mo?t accessible, coiivcnient, healthy and rapidly appreciating ot any sites in New York, in the very heart ot the network of railroads, accessible by 32 trains dally and tlireo lines of horse cars; only eight minutes troui lerry; nearer City Hall than Twenty-third street. All closed out under tlto hammer, without limit or reserve. Terms liberal. Grafulla's famous Hand, the inimitable Harrison and a sumptuous collation will render business pleasant. Take special train. Pennsyivalia Railroad, at 11>? o'clock, foot or Cortland t and Dcsbrosscs streets. For lull descriptive maps, excursion cards and information apply to GILES, WALKS A CO, LI Maiden lane; to SURE JoHNdON, Jr., Auctioneer, 21 Park row. New York, or to J. M. GIBSON, Auctioneer, 31 Montgomery street, corner ot Green, Jer sey city. Richard waltrbs, auctioneer? salesroom 27 East Broadway, will suit on Monday, at 10^ o'clock, at private residence No. 465 Second avenuo, a large and general assortment of first class Parlor, Hod room, Dining Boom and Kitchen Furniture, viz. Rep Suits, rosewood and black walnut marble top Centre Tables, Toilets, Solas, Lounges, Tables, Chairs, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Feather Beds, hair Mattresses, HcddJng. Mir rors, Extension Tables, Brussels and ingrain Carpets, Glassware, Crockerv, Ac. ; also light Road Wagon, Dubois' make. 8ale positive ami without reserve. Richard Walters, auctioneer-marshal's sale? Will sell Tuesday, at 10)$ o'clock, at No. 370 Grand street, the stock in said store, consisting of Win dow Shades, Table Covers, Paper Hangings, Oilcloths, Gold Pena, Pen Knives, Fancy Goods, Ac. a A. MURPHY, City Marshal. Richard v. harnett, auctioneer, will soil at auction on Thursday, June at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, by order of the Supreme Court, under the direction of Pnilo T. Rug gles, Esq., Referee, Irving place and Sixteenth street, three three story brick Houses known as No. 30 Irving place, and Nos, 122 and 124 East Sixteenth street, lota 43.3x80. Maps at 111 Broadway, room F, basement SHERMAN, AUCTIONEER. . Groceries, Wines, Liquors, Ac. Bv an order of the United States Court, I will sell, Monday. June 23, at 11 o'clock, No. 13 Bowery, the contents ot two stores, con sisting of Teas, Coffees, Sugars, Soap, Starch, Fruit, Spicos, Candles, Flour, Sweet Oil, Kaisins. Ac. ; a large lot of Wines and Liquors. Ac. ; Iron Sate, Store Fixtures, Ac. Sale positive. Bv order ot OLIVER FISKE, Esq., United States Marshal. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, SOUTHERN District of Now York.? In the matter oi E. B. Koe nlg, bankrupt.? In bankruptcy. In pursuance of an order made In this proceeding on the 9th day of June, 1873, tho subscriber will, on the 23d j day of Jane, 1873, at 11 o'clock A. M., at the Auction Rooms of 8. Hermann, No. 13 Bowery. In the city of New I York, sell the personal property of the bankrupt, con sisting of a stock of Groceries, Ac. Dated New York, OLIVER FISKE, j Juue 19, 1873. United States Marshal. TTTM. TOPPING A CO., ? ? 132 Church street, Auctioneers. MONDAY, June 23, 1873, at 11 o'clock. Special Sale of Hats. 400 cases Soft Hats, Panama Hats, Men's, Women's and Chil dren's Straw Goods In great variety. UITSINKS* OPPORTUNITIES. A SUBSTANTIAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY OF this city, who make and wholesale several staple articles, will give position ot Secretary to competent and trustworthy person investing $5, (Mi); good security and salary. ELLIS A BRINCKBRHOFF, 43 JlryaU street AN OLD ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURING AND mercantile house In oils, soups, Ac., about reorgan izing, would like a business man, with $45,1X10, to fake the interest of a retiring partner. Standing unexception able and steady demand tor products, with good profits. Apply to URIGOH, CABLETON A CO., 98 Broadway. Alexander frotiiingham a company se cure capital for incorporated companies, merchants, manufacturers, mines. Our register contains many name.", possessing various Amounts, for Investment. ALEXANDER FRuTHINGHAM A COMPANY, 112 and 114 Broadway. ACTIVE PARTNER.* WITH $10,000, 'WANTED, IN city, to attend tc financial matters of staple manu facturing business, which will bear and merits thorough investigation, tor which every facility will be afforded. ELLIS A BRINCKERHOFF, 48 Broad street. Broadway restaurant for sale-in fine loeatton; trade well established and doing good business; every appointment about the place tirst class; ong lease and terms easy to a good party. For particu ars address F. B. FISKE, 38 Broadway. NEW YORK RESIDENT PARTNER WANTED? TO take charge of Eastern and foreign soles, of a West era production ; $10,000 to 920,000 required. Address J. P.* care U P. Keecli, 1C1 Wilson street, Brooklyn (E. I).), N. Y' PARTNER WANTED- WITH $500, TO TAKE THE place of a retiring party. In an established business, paying $''w*i per month. W. K. D., box 211 Herald office. T11K PATENT OF AN IMPORTANT AND VALUABLE Compound Tailor's Scale, in which arc connected both facility and accuracy, is for sale. A proposition would lie accepted tor a partnership. Apply to or ad dress JONES A SCOTT, No. tW2 Broadway, or to ALONZO HBBNANDEZ, No. lit East Twenty tilth street. WANTED? A PARTNER, WITH $800, IN THE produce and provision business, established 14 years. Apply at M Broadway, room 3. Gt'l Aft AND "WBVIOSS WILL 8BOUBB TO A OOOD fJOWU man half interest In a well established cash business, that will pay $400 monthly. Address THOMAS, Heruld office. YA<'I1TS. STKAMBOATK, AC'. FOR SALE? THE STEAM FERRYBOAT ECLIPSE, 143 feet long, 47 feet wide over all ; engine, 22-inch cylin der, 6 feet stroke ; saloon on upper deck ; no cabin on main deck; hull and machinery in good order ; will be sold low. Apply to A. HECK MAN, South stroet terrv slip, Philadelphia. FOB SALE? A SCHOONER, 90 TONS. IN GOOD BE pair. Address J. W. BOYLE, boat No. 8, foot Broome street, Ba?t Bivcr. rr?OB SALE? A SLOOP YACHT, 32 FEET LONG, 12 J; feet beam, cabin 11 feet long; sails fast and is in every respect a first class boat; Is In complete order and all ready lor use. For further particulars Inquire of A tiEABUKY, No. 01 Maiden lane. FOB 8 ALB? TWO FA8T SAILING NAUTILUS CA noes, white cedar, cooper fastened, built in 1871; sails and paddles complete. Address GUNTER, box 117 Herald office. STE\M YACHT FOR SALE? 41 FEET LONG, 9 FEET tieum. engine 8 inch cylinder, very fast, in good order; has two cabins fore and aft, water closet, awnings. Ac. To bo seen at pier 3 North River. For fur ther particulars address S. T., box 140 Post ofllce, N. Y. OTEAM TUG FOR 8 ALB. ? ONE NEW STEAM TUO, O 70xl5>?x<1>i feet hold ; engine 17x17, with tresh water tank* Apply to C. W. I ol'K LAN I), 6? riroadway. rjlCG BOATS FOR SALE. New, 45 ft. long, 13 ft. beam, engine 14x12, price $?,0m. New, 63 ft. long, 16 ft. beam, engine 16x16, price $lu,00U. 1 year old. 66 It long. 14k ft. beam, engine 14x12, $7, Oil). 3 years old, GO ft. long, 15Vi ft beam, engine 14x1.', $7,000. 1 vear old, 47 ft. long, 12 ft beam, engine 12x10, is.tloiX lyearold. 46 it. long, 12ft beam, cngln" 9x11, ?1,500. 2 years old, 62 ft long. 14 ft beam, engine ISx.i), $6, MM. 6 years old, 85 ft. long, 19 ft. beam, engine 20x21, $14,000. Atso a Sluewheel Boat 70 feet long. I'i feet beam, 20 feet over guards; engine 12. 2x12; geared 2 to 1 on the wheels; in perfect order and a good sea boat ; carry 1<>> passe n - gers; 3 foot draught; will be sold cheap for cash, parties having no use lor her. Apply to K. C. FORCE, __ No*. fi and 7 Dey street roomB. Tugboats for sale.? one i? inches square, and one 12 inches square ; in good order and running daily. Applv to (\ IIOLLKNBECK A CO., 26 South street. PROPOSAL!*. 'BALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED YnTIL I.J July 10 tor Building 40 miles of new Post and Board Fence on New York and Central Kailroad ; plans and specifications can be seen at my office, Funds. J. L WARDED, Agent M18CKl,LAWEOUg. IN DIABETES THE URINE IS EXCKSSIVK IN QUAN tlty, but tho very reverse In Hrigtit's Disease , there fore it there was not some miraculously wonderful agent In the BETH KS DA MINERAL SPRING WATER, how could it reduce the specific gravity and quantity in the former and increase the iiuantit.v and specific gravity In the latter? It doe? both in every case and removes the terrible thirst, fever and pain, curing these hitherto In curable diseases. Thirty-six page pamphlet tree. Depot, 200 Bruadway. A. II. HKATH, M. o., Agent CTCAEI 4WP Ttiii lt < n. /"I LEAR HAVANA CIGABB? EQUAL IN EVERY RE w speot to imported. Non Plus Ultras, $150; Reina Victoria, $123; Regalia d? la R?Mna. $'J5, Luxires, $'.*?; Conchas, $78; Reinas Corrientea, $i<5; Figaros. $55; Prln eeaaa, $56. ROBERTA. OIIMSTKDT. 32 Piatt street between William and Hold. (1IGARS OF HAVANA TOBACCO. -ROSA CONCHAS, J 180; Fl. de Cuba ??alaens, $60; Kspanolas, $tift; equal to Imported in appearance and quality. ->? J. RAY nor A CO.. 00 MaUoa lano. jtMXaBWEllTW. ATIBLO'S OAKDEN. NIBLO'S GARDEN. ?1 LABT WEEK LAST WEEK of the engagement of OU8 PHILLIPS, OOFTY GOOFT. GUS PHILLIPS, OOFTY OOOKT. Last week of Spencer'* new German drama of KOOMKB. . . KOOMKB. At the termination of the play LULIt IN HKK WONDERFUL BOUND. FRIDAY EVENING, JUNK 27. BENEFIT AND LAST APPKARANCE HUT TWO OK OU8 PHILLIPS. KOOMER matinee. Saturday, at two o'clock, i t * Evening, June 80, will be | roduced J. J. Wallace's copyrighted local drama, m three acts, founded on the Bohemians of Paris, THE BEATS OK NEW YORK. Bowery theatre. WM. B. FKKIIGII Manager MONDAY EVENING, June 78, IM73, AND DURING THK WEEK, the charming and gltled Protean ArtUte, Singer and BanjoUt, ' MISS LAUBA AI.BBRTA, . . the only rival of Lotta, and the talented Comedian. GEORGE W. HARRISON, in the great Sensational Drama, by CHARLKS E. NEWTON. Kan., entitled, OUT AT SEA. Second week of the immensely popular ALA. Preceded each evening by a Screaming Comedy. thursdav, JuNe is/a, Annual benefit of GilARI.ES FOSTER. FRIDAY-BENEFIT OF LAURA ALBERTA. IVTOOD'K MUSEUM. " J. M. WARD. ? MONDAY, June 10, 1873. EVENING at a The popular actor, Mr. J. M. WARD, and the lieuutitul Miss VVmnltta Montague, ui J. M. Flmiull's Drama of the WINNING HAND. AK) Kit NOON at 2. The charming Actress Mias ANNIE KIKMIN, and the eminent Actor, Mr. JOHN II. JACK/ In th" new Drmiiu trom W 1 1 k lit Collins' story of u?m?. | NEW MAGDALEN. FRIDAY EVENING, June 27, COMPLIMENTARY BKNKFIT ten len d to Mr. J AM lis M. WARD. QLYMPIC THEATRE, 624 BROADWAY. 024. O GENUINE AND DECIDED SUCCESS. L EVERYBODY'S FAVORITE. Y LAST NIGHT BUT FIVE M of the charming, fascinating and bewitching I' LITTLE NELL. LITTLE NELL. LtTfLK NELL I LITTLE NELL, LITTLE NELL, LITTLE NELL. THR CALIFORNIA DIAMOND, T who will appear EVERY EVENING in liar thrilling II beusatiunal Drama, entitled K FIDELIA, A FIDELIA, FIDELIA, T TITB FIRK WAIF. THE FIRE WAIF. R Introducing her unrivalled Songs, Dunces, Banjo E Solos and Wouderiul Character Ciunges. - THE GREAT FIRE SCENE. B WONDERFUL AND STARTLINO E GALVANIC BAlTr.BY AND NITRO- G GLYCERIN h SENSATION. I MATINEE, MATINEE. N WEDNESDAY, at 2 P. M. SATURDAY, at 2 P. M. S A Grand, Glgunttc Novelty in preparation, A and will shortly T lie produced. 8 DIEDRICH I VELI? I BED YOU A TOLLAR HE WAS A was. Ask JOHNNY ALLEN uhout S1LMART VELLER. | It He is at the Teatro Comlque. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE. TWENTY-THIRD STREET, between Sixth anil Seventh a vs., near Booth's theatre. LAST THREE NIGHTS OF THE SEASON. MONDAY, I TUESDAY, | WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23. I JUNE 24. I JUNE 24 LAST THREE NIGHTS OF THE SEASON. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. I KINO KARROT, BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. I Tne African Ballet Troupe. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS.! DEAF AS A POSt. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. 1 THE STROLLING PLAYERS. GRAND OPERA HOUSli. THURSDAY EVENING, JUNK 2G, 1873, BENEFIT OF MR, DAN BRYANT. GRAND COMBINATION ENTERTAINMENT. A DUTCH FOOL I ALICE HARRISON MIT A HEADFULI as LENA. OF SOUND SENSES. I THEATRE COMIQUE. HE INTERNATIONAL BILLIARD TOURNAMENT T THREE BALL CARROM GAME for the CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD will commence at IRVING HALL on MONDAY EVENING, June 23. 1873. Games of 300 points by the following contestants:? FRANCOIS UBASSY, | JOHN DEERY, MAURICE DALY, I CYRILLE DION, JOSEPH DION, I ALBERT GARXIER. Readers of i how the Italians live in FRANK LESLIE NEW YORK. See 1'IEDRICH. SHOULD SEE IT. I THEATRE COMItjCE. NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, <51i BROAD way, between Houston and Blcecker streets. ?Every one should visit the wonderful Museum ; it is tnll of every thing people should see and understand. Lectures daily on "The Philosophy o! Marriage." Those parties umtltlo to attend these important lectures can have thorn for warded, post (Veo, on receipt of 29 cents, by addressing SECRETARY NK\fc YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, OW Broadway, New Yofk^. .."fr _ IT ? V~ TJ E IS HEBE, I JOHNNY ALLEN, DIKDRICH, XlK IS HERE, | and ALICE HARRISON, HE IS HERE, at THEATRE COMlyUE. Every song new. john allen and EVERY DUET NEW. Miss ALICE HARKlSON, EVERY DANCE NEW. At THEATRE COMIQUE. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC. A~~N"ELEOANT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO lorte, $150; great bargain, carved MM, lour round corners; ce'ebrated maker; good as new ; cash wanted. At lSWuverley place, neiir Broadway. A BEAUTIFUL SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO. BUT little used, $130; a six octave. $25; very tine toned, new scale Pianos to rent and on Instalments, at JOHN MAHON'S, corner Fortieth street and First uveuue. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR sale? Made oTder, city maker; fully guaranteed; used 5 Bonttl! cost $900, tor MS; Parlor, Chamber, Dininu Furniture; sucriflce ; property tuuiilv leaving city. 30 West 15th >1. near 5th av. A SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE JUKI ; we are retailing the best finished and richest toned Fianolortes manutui tnred at $225cush. CO-OPERATIVE PIANOMA KERS, No. > Great Jones street, near Broadway. A MAGNIFICENT BRILLIANT TONE DOUBLE round rosewood 7'i octave Pianoforte for sale, used 7 months, cost $950. tor $275; Stool. Cover; lias box for shipping; also nil the. elegant Furniture, Paintings, Car pets, at residence 104 East -5th St.. imar 4tli uv. A LADY WILL SELL FOR LES8 THAN $J50 A beautiful rosewood, upright Chickcring Piauoiorte; handsomely carved case and legs; cost $ U0; nearly new. Third street, near Bowery. AN ELEGANT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO, FIRST class, manufactured in benutiiul style, perirct in tone, nearly new instrument made io order by best city makers, tufly warranted tor live years; price $iV) cash ; freutesi bargain on the stand. To lie found at A. L. B.VT KRSON'S furniture storage office, (00 Sixth avenue, near Fortieth street, till sold. A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE A magnificent 7\ octave carved rosewood Pianoforte, cost $9fltt for $-73 ; stool, covcr and guarantee tor rive year*. Call nt residence 121) West Twenty third street. A? DECKER A BBOS. BEAUTIFUL FOUR ROUND ? rosewood Planotorte, in use tf months, with makers' guarantee, for sale at a sacrifice ; a grand parlor Piano forte for $250. Call at private residence 210 West Twenty first street B A -LESS THAN $200? M AGNIFICKNT 7^ OCTAVE ? agraffe rosewood overstrung Iron trame Pianoforte, Stool, Ac, : elegantly carved case ami legs; latest im provements; fully guaranteed. GOLDSMITH'S, 2S Bleecker street near Bowery. N. It.? i bin instrument was sold originally on Instalments tor $460. ARGAIN - BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD PIANO. $100; 1 a 7^ octave, carved legs, agraffe treble, fully war runted, $-'S0; sacrifice; instalments taken, $12 monthly. It. CAULK, |H7 W est 234 -t.. cormr ?tji ,i\ J P. HALE IS M AKING 10,000 PIANOFORTES FOR ? the trade cheaper and belter than small maters can buy the stock Thirty-filth street and Tenth av., N. Y. PIANOS? SECOND HAND, OF VARIOUS MAKERS, In thorough order, for sale, at low prices; also Pianos to rent and on instalment*, by CHICK KBINu A SONS, 11 East Fourteenth street between Broadway and Fifth avenue. PIANOS AND ORGANS. -GREAT BARGAINS: NEW and most beautiful styles and perfect tones ever made, and by best makers, at lowest prices for cash or monthly instalments, or lor rent, during this mentli. at WATERS', 4M1 Broadway, than can tie found elsewhere. PIANOS (BBACTirUL WEBER INCLUDED), CHEAP as the cheapest good as the best for rent or sale, rent allowed purchaser, at MKRBELL'K, No. 3 Union square, 165 Fourth avenue. OEOOND HAND CHURCH ORGANS FOR SALE? SEV. 0 ernl verv tine, cheap Instruments; also a oarlor pipe organ of 12 registers, price $500 Apply at II I LBoRN L ROOSEVBLT'm Organ Factory. 40 West Eighteenth *t. MLSKA A CARD. THF. NEW YOBK CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC. No. fi East Fourteenth street, next to Dclmonlco's, and BROOKLYN BRANCH, Nos. 102, 104 and 103 Court street, neur State, REMAIN OPKN DURING THE SUMMER tor private and class Instruction in all branches ol Music And Modern Languages, " A IMK/.-VOUS LA MUSK.II-Fy- DO YOU LOVE J\. Music? beautiltll book, given away at WATSON'S music rooms. U2 Clint* n Msec. Private Lessons, Piano, Organ, Violin. Guitar. Zither, hinging, Ac. A FIRST CLASS TEACH KR OF T1IF, PIANOFORTE (lady) gives lessons, day and evening, with privilege 01 practice, at No. ? Great Jones street, botwecn Fourth and Bond streets. BIjLl.lAK.H8. 4 1 -STANDARD AMERICAN BEVEL^TABLES AND i V I. the I'hclan A Cullender Combination Cushions tor sale only bv the patentee. II. W. COLLKNDER. successor to Chelan A Collender, 73-t Broadway, New York. IjIOB SALE-FOUR BILLIARD TABLES, TIIREK r large Mirrors ami Furniture ol a first class Bar atid Milliard Room. Inquire at International Shades, No, 124 South Eighth street, Williamsburg. NOW 18 YOUR TIMK TO PURCHASE BILLIARD Tables at greatly reduced prices, second hand, As 10 Tables, oomplete, for $200. Call and examine. Ware rooms 40 Veeey street. W. U. GRIFFITHS. 4\ ANU8E9TENTB. ?TNION SQUARE THEATRE. U Proprietor Mr. SHBRIDAM SHOOK. Manager Mr. A. M. PALMKB. Begins at H. Saturday Matinoe at 1 JO. DECIDED SUCCESS OF MISS CHARLOTTE THOMPSON JANE EYKE _ HIT. The press and most brilliunt audiences unanimous in their commendation* of MISS THOMPSON'S action and of the play. JANE EYRE every night until Inr ther notice. JANE EYRE. THE CAST includes the well known names of Mis* Charlotte Thompson. Mrs. Melinda Jones, Mrs. Marie Wil kin*, Miss Edith Challis, Miss JoMphmu Laurens, Miss Kate Holland. Miss Battle Thorpe. Miaa De Lacey, Miss Charlotte Cave, Miss Laura Thorpe and Messrs. D. H. Harkins. F. F. Mackay, Claude Burroughs, H. W. Montgomery,#. W. Thorpe and others. SATURDAY. AT 1 JW, SECOND JANE EYRE MATINEE. CTH AVENUE THEATRE. (CURTAIN RISES AT 8>. O Hole lessee and manager Mr. AUOUttTIN DALY LAST WEEK POSITIVELY OF THE SEASON, and of MADELKIN MOREL. SATURDAY, JUNE 28, POSITIVELY FAREWEM. MATINEE OK MADELJilN MOREL. Saturday night, Juno 28, the FAREWELL NIGHT of MADE I. KIN MOKE I j, and the Cl-OSINC! NlGliT of the SEASON, has been assigned the Business Manager and Treusurer lor their Joint 1WMW. CTH AVENUE 111 I.ATJtE. t> MONDAY, JUNE 23. BBW8WT Of MB. QBOBQK H. (HBWit era AYKNUB THEATRE. U TUESDAY, JUNK 24, BENEFIT OK MR. JAMES ROBERTS. ft Til AVENUE THEATRE. U WEDNESDAY, JUNK 28. BENEFIT OK Mil. OWEN FAWCRTT. Theatre comiquk, su broadway. Mr. JOSII HART Lessee uud Proprietor Messrs. John F. Poole and T. L. Donnelly Managers 1 he coolest theatre in the city. windows on every aide. Extraordinary attraction. The New York favorite comedian, MR. JOHN ALLEN, and the talented artiste, Miss Alice Harrison, in the neir sensational drama D1EDRICK. Died rick... Mr. JOHN ALLEN Lena Miss ALICE HARRISON New songs, new duets, new dances, new Allen and Harrison specialties. All lor tl:e tluae in New York. DIEDitlCK Matinees Wednesday and Saturday. WALLACE'S. EVERY NIGHT! EVERY NIGHT! THE GBEAT SENSATIONAL PLAY BY DION BOUC1GAULT. I Miss Katherine Rovers, Mr. Allerton, Miss Rffledermon, Mr. Bradley, Mr. Levlck, Miss Mary Wells, Mr. Wneelock, Mr. Griffiths, Mr tiik | Kawcett (iM)th by permission of Mr. Daly), GOLDEN Mr. 1'arsloe, Mr. Pope. Mr. Mills, Mr. A. Beck, ? UTTERS. | Misses UlalsJell, Bell, Bate and Bur I roughs. SCENERY. EXCHANGE PLACE. A BOUDOIR. FIFTH AVENUE. A MUSICAL MATINEE ON MURRAY HILL. LEXINGTON AVENUE. YOltKVlLLB. BROAD STREET (by Night). TIIK LAVA BEDS in EXCHANGE PLACE. THE TOMBS. THE BRIDGE OF SIGHS. THfc SPECIAL SESSION* OLD ICE HOUSE UNDER A CONCERT SALOON. CORNER OF WALL, AND BROAD STREETS. THE "NEW IDEA." LAST "MORA" MATINEE. SATURDAY, JUNE 28. TO DAN BRYANT. No. 19 Wkst Tiiibtt-third Street, Jnne 14, 18731 Mr Dear Sir? During the sesson about to close you have on many occasions devuted the proceeds ofa performance to charitable objects, an I have distinguished yourself in this and in other wuys immediately connected with Bry ant's Minstrels. There is, however, another Held in which you have gathered laurels, but in which you only occa sionally appear. Mun.v of your friends and admirers would like to wee you. before your departure tor Europe, in Irish comedy. Will you be ublc to arrange it lor one or more nights? Yours truly, .IOIIN U. BRADY, JOHN BROUGHAM, And others. Mr. Daniel Bryant. DAN BRYANT'S TESTIMONIAL. To John R. Braov, John Brougham and' others, 20 West Sixtieth street. Your kind note received. I am most happy to comply with your reiiuest, and would name Thursday, June 26, for my Bene (it (prior to my departure to Europe), to take Place at the GRAND OPERA HOUSE. On which occasion I shall appear in Irish corned/. Thanking you tor your kind regards. 1 remain your obedient servant, DAN BRYANT. Terrace garden theatre, , Fifty -eighth street, between Lexington and Third *?*. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 2ft. AT 8 O'CLOCK, FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR. JULIUS ASCnER. I'NTEB DEN SIEGE L DER VEHSCHWIEGENHBIT, EINE VERFOLGTK UNSOHULD. To conclude with DIE SCHONK G YLATIIEA, in which Mine. LOUISE LICHTMAY will appear as GALATIIBA. Admission SOc. Reserved .'eats 24c. extra. Boxes $1 80 extra. Packages (12 tickets) 51. C1ENTRAL PARK GABDBN. ) THEODORE THOMAS. TnEODOltE TITOMA8? UN RIVALLED SIMMER NIGHTS' CONCERTS. THIS (MONI)aY) EVENING. JUNE 23. AT 8, 1. Overture, "Anacreon" ChernMni 2. Ballet, Reine de Saba" Gounod ?L Scherzo and March, ( ^n'*e OP 5. Overture, "Midsummer Nights' Dream".. Mendelssohn 6. Allegretto, "8th Symphony" Beethoven 7. "Invitation a la Dane" (adapted for Orchestra by Hector Berlolz) .Weber ft. Selections, "Flying Dutchman".., Wagner '9. Miterchen Overture, "Aladdin" Hornemanor li). "Amaryllis." air composed by King Louis XIII. 11. Waltz, 'Wine, tYomau and Song " Strauss 12. "Festival March" Keler Beta Admission, Nio. ; packages (containing 12 tickoU), 91; others, usual prices. TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 24, AT 8, THEODORE THOMAS' ANNUAL BENEFIT. VELL, VON VAS A I SO YOU SEE VONCB 1RISI1MANS, DIEDBICB. De oder a Dutclimans. | THEATRE COM 1QUE. CENTRAL PARK GARDEN. EXTRA. Positively no Free List on this occasion. THEODORE THOMAS' ANNUAL BENEFIT CONCERT, TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 24. AT 8 O'CLOCK, when the loilowing new and brilliant programme wll be performed 1. Grand March, op. til (new) F. Kiel 2. ouverture, Normaiuieniahrt, op. 2tf (new). .A. Dietrich 3. Scherzo, .-yinphonv. "An das Vatorland," op. 90. ..RalT 4. Rhapsodic tlongrolse, No. 2 Liszt 8. ouverture. Leonore, No. 3 Beethoven. ?i Hymne a Sainte Cecil" (Meditation rcligieusc). Gounod 7 Tarantelle, wiUi flute and clariMiicite, i c?i?. u..?. Obilgato. First time I !,alnt MESSRS. WEINEB AND KAI.iER. ft, Selections, third act, "Die Melstersinger von ) nr. Nuernberg 1 wagnar 9. Ouverture, Ilunya ill Laszlo Erknl ID. Evening Song Schumann 11. Waltz, wiener Bonbons Straus* 12. Schiller March Meyerbeer ADMISSION TICKETS, ONE DOLLAR To be had at the pricipai music stores and at tho box office ol Central Park Garden. PRIVATE BOXES I Wo DOLLARS EXTRA. 7" AS YOU DEREf I JOHNNY ALLEN / VERB f as DIEDRICH. VELL, YOU FIND OUT. | THEATRE COMIQUB. I1E INTERNATIONAL BILLIARD TOURNAMENT \ T at tho THREE BALL CARROM OAME CONTESTANTS FOR THIS EVENING (MONDAY). Gaines ot 300 points. CYBILLB DION vs. JOHN DEEBY. FRANCOIS UBASSY vs. MAURICE DALY. Play to begin at 8 o'clock. Dress circle reserved expressly for lailles accompanied hy gentlemen. IIFE AMONG | TRUTHFULLY DEPICTED 1M J TI1E ITALIAN JOHN ALLEN'S DIEDRICH, local BANDITTI | At THEATRE COMIQUB. 4 MEBIC.VN INSTITUTE HALL A (FORMERLY EMPIRE RINK). Third avenue urnl Sixty-third street IMMENSE SUCCESS. EVERY EVENING. EBEN'S POPULAR SUMMER NIGHTS' CONCERTS. GRAND OKCIIB TK.V OF FIFTY PERFORMERS, Mr.KELIX I. EBBN Conductor. Every evening entire change of programme. EBEN'S POPULAR SUMMER NIGHTS' CONCERTS. Ad m talon lit cents. rpo MANAGERS -WANTED, AN ENGAGEMENT TO 1 sing in concerts during August. Address SOl'RANO, care 01 William A. Pond <t Co., M7 Broadway. IV AS A DUTCH BOY, I YOOST SEE VONCB BUT I DON'T JOHNNY ALLEN VAS A FOOL. | THEATRE COMIQUB. Metropolitan musrum of art. Temporary building 12i West Fourteenth street The DI CEsNOLa COLLECTIONS, iTom Cyprus, and the LOAN COLLECTIONS ot WORKS OF art are open to the public daily, Irom Id A. M. until 6 P. M. Admission 60 cents. New nn>l important additions have been madetoUi* Loan Collections. HE'S JUST AS I YOU MUST SEE THE QRBAfl GOOD AS GOLD, i New York lavorlte, JOHNNY I ALLEN, as DIEDRICH, at HE IS. | Theatre Continue, 814 Broadway. I DON'T VAS \ FOOL I Dot's better n oil voulil seen JOHN ALLEN In DIED> RICH by de THEATRE COM (QUE ycL DIEDRICH I SEE JOHNNY ALLEN AND ALIOS jo HARRISON in the great German- Ameri. lean Drama. DIEDRICH at Theatre CHAMPION. | ? omliiue. METROPOLITAN THEATRICAL AND SHOW PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, HERALD BUILDING, BROADWAY AND ANN STREET. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF THEATRICAL, MINSTREL AND VARIETY CUTS COMSTAPTLY ON U AND.

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