Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 22, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 22, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 14,488. NEW YORK, SATURDAY. APRIL 22, 1876.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DMECTOKY FOK ADVERTI8ERS. AMUSEMENTS?Utn I'.u.k-4tb, 3tk and UtU cols. ASTROLOGY? 2d PitUK?Rth Col. BILLIARDS?1st Pagk-8iIi col. BOARDERS IV A NTED-I 2th Patut?8d and 4lh cols. HOARD AND LCDOING WANTED?1-itH Pack?4th col. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE PUR SALE?do Pack?Ut col. BUSINESS OPHOKTl'NTTIES?ttrii Pack. BUSINESS NOTICES?7th Pack?SthVol. CITY REAL ESTATE KCIK SALE?2u Pagk?1st coL CLERKS AND SALESMEN?1'Jth Pack?2d aud 3d coll. CLOTHING?12th Pagk?Id coL COACIIMKN AND GAKDENEKS-12TH Pagk?34 coL COASTWISE SIEAMSIUPS-Ist Pack?ilk and Otk coll. COPARTNERSHIPS?tun Pack. COUNTRY BOARD?12thi Pack?4lk col. DANCING ACADEMY?I 1th Pack??tb coL DENTISTRY?1?t PAOK-rith col. DRY GOODS?I at Pack?lib ,-oL DWELLING IIOCSKS TO LET. FURNIsHED AND UN FURNISHED? 3d Pack?M, 4th ?nd cols. EUROPEAN STEAMSII i PS?1st PAGH-3tU col. KUROPE-Ikt Pack?tith col. EXCHANGE?lire Pagk?OtU coL FINANCIAL?Writ Pack. FOR SALK-I^tii PACK-Rth col. PU1IN1 SHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? -1) Pack?5th col. 4 FURNITURE?iln Pac.k-6iIi col. KRENUH ADVERTISEMENTS?I2tb Pack?3d col. HELP W ANTED?FEMALES?laTH PAOK?dd coL HELP WANTED?MALES?12th Pagk-UHcoI HORSES, CARRIAGES. It'.-llT Pack?3d aud 4th cols HOTELS?12th Pack?4thcoL. HOUSES, ROOMS. AC., WANTED?12th Pack?8th col. INSTRUCTION?1?T Pack?4th col. JERSEY CITY. HOBOKKN. HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOK SALE?2d Pack?1st col. LECTURE SEASON? llni Pack?Vth col. LOST AND POUND?1st Pack?2d col. MACHINERY?12t?i Pack?8th col. MARBLE MANTELS?1st Pace?8th col. MEDICAL?2d Page?8th col. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?1st Pack?4th col. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS? IUTH Pack? Uth col. MISCELLANEOUS? Jar Page?4th col. MUSICAL?2d Paok?titli col. NEW PUBLICATIONS?7th Page?Nth and8th cola. PERSONAL?1st Pack?lit col. PIANOFORTES. ORGANS. AC?2d I?AGK-8th coL POST OFFICE KOTICE-lVr I'AOK-Oth col. PROPOSALS?3o 1>agk?Oth col. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? 12th Pack?2d col. PROPERTY OUT OK THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?2d Pack?let and 2d cull. REAL ESTATE TO LXCHANUK?2d I'auk-2d and 3d col>. REAL ESTATE WANTED?2n Pack?3d col RELIGIOUS NOTICES?1st I'auk?1st and 2d coll. REWARDS?1st PACK-'Jd col. SALES AT AUCTION?12th Pack?4th, Nth and Btb cola. IITU ATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?12th Pack?lit and 2<l cols. IITUATION8 WANTED?MALES?12th PAOK-?th coL SPECIAL NOTICBS-lsr Pagk?2d and 3d coll. SPORTING?DOGS. BIRDS. AC.?1st Pack?3d col. TO RAGE?2d Pack?Oth col. SUMMER RESORTS?12th Page?4th col. THE TRADES?12th Pack?3d col. THE TURF-Ist Page?3d col. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?2d PAUK-3d col. TRAVELLERS' GUIDK-Ist Pack-ttth col. UNFURNISHED ltOOMs AND APARTMENTS TO LET? 2d Pagk?Vth and 41th cola. WANTED To PURCHASE-Ist PAGK-6th col. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC.-l.tT Pack?4tli col. WKSICHESTKK COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?2d Pack?lit col. WHITE8TONK PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? 2n Pack?lit col. fACHTS. STEAMBOATS. AC.?10th Pack-CHi col. P1CRSOMAL.. " A SfObEXT OF' YaLE"WILL PLEASE "ACCEPT iV. L. W. J'?. thsnki for tho very htndiotnc thing he did on leaving tka 42d at. stage. Blue eyesT-^soireb danbantl argyle Rooms to-night. on balcony. ADMIRER. C* 1 ~~n. ROBINSON-THERE ARB LETTERS FOB YOU )% In General Poit oilier. P. IjlNOOH?KNOW ALL AND IT 18 KORQOrrBN. RE*. J tarn or send address immediately. a* I wish to con tinue our enterprise. Juit the season tor you to experiment luccctsfully North. Don't delay lor my sake. BITTERS. R.NKST?THKIlE IS A LETTER AT THE BOX 30, 14th it. for you. Answer P?,M. E fjl ANNIE.?DID NOT SER YOU AT MADISON PARK. a W i.'u can I sea you? Address M. MARTINEZ, care of 173 3th n r. JANUARY 3. 1810?AM AT HOME. I ENTREAT yon to write me, care of 1U R. P., i'hu-nix. Arizona Territory. R. A. 1*. O. OF S. B. Lulu?will meet you on promenade at ^ Shadow Dane at the Rink to-nlirht. SARATOGA. S??OH. YKf.~"sUHE."ARGYLE SHADOW HALL, Monday night. ROYAL rTxiON_CLUB "ok CORNER.?WRITE me again. U designating In your letter an hour between 10 and 2 o'clock to meet yon on Monday, raio or thine, on the north west corner ot 37th at. end .">th ar. I will meet you. WILL THE LADY" WlfTT EMERALD KING SET with diamonds, who left Broadway car at 30th at. ?eaterday afternoon, laror the admiring gentleman who sat iu oppuaite corner with the pleasure of an acquaintance by addressing LOTUAIK. Herald Uptown Branch office ? _ UEI.IGIUUK \OTICEb. ALL SAINTS' PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH. Rev. William M. Diinnrll, rector, Henry at., corner of iicnmuiel, New York. Servlco* every Sunday morning at It),1, aud every Sunday evening at 7,'?. The rector will preech. Allen street church, mukuiTand ukohg O. Plielpa, pastor; preacuing nioruing and nveniug. Subject for Suuday evenlug:?"Why Should the Work Cease P Seats I roe. A" T WASIUNG1 ON SQUARE 1METHODIST EPISCO pal church?Rev. William Lloyd. Morning:?"The Sa Hour Locally Absent, Universally Present." Evening:? "The Esprit de Corps of the Church." T FliKi. TaFkRNAi LE MKTIIuDl.vr EPISCOPAL church. West 34th St., hetwveii 7tli and Htli avs.. Rev. ). Johns, pastor, will preach on Sunday at ll):3U A. M. aud JAl P. M. Young people's meeting II P. M. Seats free. A" f "PLIMPTON "ITALL UTII~ST.. NEAR 3D Flltli Universalis! Society to-morrow, ?t 11. Subject (O. B. Frotliingham), "The Frail Bridge: Judaism to Christianity." T SIXTYTfIST STREET METHODIST EPISCOPAL church, betwecu 2d and 3d art.?Preaching at Hi'., A. M. by the evangelist. II. L II ait lugs, and at 7j, P. M. ly the pastor. Rev. Hubert Crook. D. 1). Seata tree. B Flecker street universalis!' church. Kev. C P. McCarthy will preach to-morrow morning and evening at 1U:4."i unit 7iki o ulocs. Morning "Immor tality?Its Essential Importance." Evenlug:?"The Day of i udgraenl?When ? Where t" J^ROOKLYN TAUKKNACLR. Kcr. T. Oe Wilt Talraage will, by special request, preach on "The Recognition of friend- iu ileaveu" an Sabbath morning. at ti"J g'cliwL Will also preach in the evening, at 7.', o clock. " liiOKOti OK TIIK UOLY TRINITY, Madison tf. ud 4Jd ?t. Hours ol aervice, 1(?4 a. M. aud 7'a P. M. Her. Stephen II. Tynr. Jr., II. I)., will pieaeh. Biinc readmit nt 4 P. .VT by Her. VV. iluuipsluiie. Youuit men's prayer meet in.' ut MA; P. M. u MHUKCII OK THK COVENANT (PKh.-BVIEKlANl, L corner Park ur, anil tCitli U.?Her. Marvin K. Yiueent, \> l>.. pastor, will preach Sunday morning. services at 11 .?'cluck; at 4 I*. M. Iter. Lyniau Abbott will deliver an ad dress loiuiuetiiiir itire of the late Ker. tiorliani D. and Mrs. Rebecca ti. Ablioll, formerly principals of the "Spingler In slltiite" of thia city. friend* and lurtner pupila aro invited to lie present. / oil iu ii ok ta i: SAVIOUR 'J (Sixth t'nlversiili* (Sixth I'ulveraaliat Society), o7th at., near *tli ar. Jamc. II. Puliman, pastor. Snnday morning, at II, Memorial Sermon. Evening, at 7:1D, "A I?oat Soul." C VENTRAL BAI'ilST CHURCH. VVKsT 4RD SI.. KKV. J J. I). lisrr pastor.?Morning subject. 'The Noble ? nu trillion;" eveniutr, "The Hiuii-licity m a Wonderlui Cure.'; C"""nhrmt church, corker Sth av" ami bath i at.?Services. 10,'g A. M. aud Tig P. M., Rev. Or. J. Ji. Kl trtr. minister In charge. f 1HI'lti'll OK THE HOLY APO.-iTLKS, COKNKK dTH U av. and'JStb st.?Kov. Brady E. liackn*. rector. Ser iIcm, III', ami 7),. (" 1HUKCH OP lll i. III. A V K.N I. Y REST. ftTII AY., J aimve iuth St.?Kev. Or. Ilowlaud. Service* at II A. JI. aud 4 P. d. TYRr/olIN- LORD TvILL" DELIVER HIS LKOTUKK A" oil "Moset" in tl)e 'fbirteenth street Prcaiiyterian church (Kev Or BarcUard'ai, between ill b and 7th hi a., to morrow evening, at 7 :3d The pastor will prearlt in the morning at IU:3H. hnbjcct?"lite Ascension ol Christ." D" "ONE!?Til K~T 41P POO ROME MAClu N K "" HAS ceased to grit 4; but Mount /it.* survives. Bis..op Snow will preach the Word uu Sunday, at 3 P. M.. In tho L'nivrrtity, Wushiugiou ?qiiare. Suh|ect?"Ihe Kittle Horn ol Oauiel s Vision." _ rVirrii ayksVk baptist church. 4?tu hi.? J Preaching Sunday by Or. Aruiltage, pastor. Sub lefts?to 3 i A. M., "The Beautiful Date;" "i :3U P. M., "ihe Poor Shuts." Ii^rtEE BAPTIST CHURCH tOPEN COMMUNION), 1 gnih at., near Mtli nr.?Children's s-rvlcc at 1"???. Rev. Mr. Kowell, pastor, will prescn at "The Trembler." HA HI. KM "UNIVERHAI.IST " CHURCH." I.7TII ST., Kev. J. A. sent, past* r.?Services to-morrow at U A. Ji. and 7:?i P. M. MRS. sTOOOAKO AND MAHTKR HOUOli WILL hold a Seance lor Materlaliaatinn. Sunday evening, at ?u3 nth av. Names iu lull will bj given. M'iTS! 7m ma k! j ay mi}]7lenk (trance ?peakrr) will lecture, Sunday morning. ID ?v. n iiis. 7.41: .'so West Odd si. Evening subject; "Judicial JI Older?The Murderer and his Victim Iu Spirit Lite.'* ? hilorcn's Lyceum. J:.*V M il. L I* Til AT Cli KK, LEADER OP'tIIK HIPPO* drome choir, will conduct tne service ol song in the Vi est Kleventh stieet Presbyterian churcli, between Sth and Tin avs., Itev. W. .i. Page, pastor, on Sunday evening a| 7 :V> o'e o. k Hkv. samukl m. Hamilton, pastor ok scotch Presbyterian church. Mm ?t., between Mil and llth avs., trill preac.i to-morrow at H' .3n A. M. and 4 P. M. K,\ Iik M. S. MUTTON MIL'. I'liKb II IN THE vladi-ou avenue Kelornicd church, vomer 37th it., on eo. day. kl 11 A. M. j>K\. JAMES M KINO. PASTOR. WILL PRKaCH J t morion and even u* In ihe St. John ? Methodist KpU ,-..pal church. odd at. } near i.ioadwxy. KEV. CHARLES K 11A It Kl s7 PASTOR OK ALLEN street Methodist Episcopal church .between Detail.ey auw hivingtoni, will preach morning anil evening Eveo* II*. aermsni to yonng lurn, uu "i,e?aon? from to.- I.lir and Dentil ol Ihe .ale Mr. A. I. Stewart." Seats lr KV. JtillN DoWLlMi, O. IE, WILL PA. ,..:rt AT tne Kitiy-tbird street llaptist rliurcli. nr.n iiioa.lwnv. HI -uuviay next, nt In', A M. and 7 1 j P. M I )KV. .1 SPENCER KeXNARD PILUKIM ClICUCII, Iv ??J'i *-. we?t of Mb ??., preaches. Morning?"Shall Hie Work no On f' Evening?^"Prodigal sou." Cuaptl ilrmiis used. ' or. OKOKOrs DAY, SUNDAY. APRIL S3.?A SPK rial aerviee will be held at Ihe Anglo-American Kree gtiurch ol M. uaorge. the Martyr, Thompson at.miuerol prince, at I'.l.U A.M. The Kev. 1st U. Kylauee, 0. O.. will preach. Ii \ KEUGIOIS NOTICES. ST7'LUKE'S i METHODIST KPIBCUPaL'OHUKOH". 41st ?l.. near 6?h ???K??. *. D. 0. Crowford. D. D , will preach in ilia morning at loSj o'clock. aud the pastor, Krr Wu P. Abbott, at 7)4 1'. M Young _ people's prayer meeting at 8.45 P. M. AH are invite.1. OTANTON STREET BAPTIST i ll UKCII.-WILLIAM i* Hayue Lravell, pastor, wlU preach at 10:30 A. X. Sub ject, *?' iod's Urr Proved." At 7:*' P. M., subject, "A Bible Ready." htraugers Invited. Baptism aflar evening sermon. TAHRRNACLK BAPTIST CHURCH. 3D AV.. BETWEEN loth and llth at*.?Kev. J nine- Boarduian Hawthorne, pastor. Preaching morning and avauiug. All cordially in vited. fPHK KVANGEII8T. REV. H. S. HASTINGS, OK BOS X tou. will preach in Seventeenth street Methodist Eple ropal chnrrh, near 'id av , at '){ P M., and Her. J. 11. Llghtbourn will peach at lo>i A. M. to new converts and professors. "IIMLLETT STREET METHODIST EPISCOPAL IT church will ha reopened for public services on Sunday, April 33. at in1. A. X. By order Board of Trustees. A. it, UKUMMKLL, Chairman. LOST Wit KOI Ale. fOl'ND?APRIL a?r IN BROADWAY AND ATM AV. stage, Porteuonnale and Diary. Apply at office Fifth Avenue Uotel. Found?a bank book, with money in it on the Emigrants' Industrial Saving* Hank. The owner can have it by calling at 485 West 32d at., top floor, by pay ing expenses. OSf?LADY'S NO. 131.SKY KINDER ICE. J quested tn address box ?'>,064 Post office. XOST?ON THE PLATKORX AT THE HIPPODROME. J on Sunday evening, a ladr'? Silk Umbrella. A suitable reward wili be paid on roturn to owner, 34 East 31st St. LOST-IN NEIGHBORHOOD OF BROADWAY AND 1Mb st.. late Friday afternoon, a small Rkye Terrier Dog; cut oars and tslL A lilieral reward will be paid lor returning *ams to 873 ami 875 Broadway. LOST-LKATHKR POCKETHOOK, CONTAINING TWO plain gold Rings, either on 14th *t., 7th av. or 1-th at. suitable reward will be paid on return of the same to 251 West 14th at. ItK \\ AKli*. *\ liberal nwxisrvifr Hnran'snK' J\. turn ol Book and Papers of John J. Ross; uo questions asked; papers of nu value except to owner. JOHN J. It OSS. loot of West 33d st. REWARD.-RIO WIl.L BE PAID TO ANY PARTY RK tnrning a young brown Slut, white breast, long ear*, red leather collar, named Nelly, to owner. Dr. SPRKXU, 301 SPECIAL NOT1CKB. X^TIKaaS u. ffoVBfkWoadwTY.~lawyer. XX, Divorces obtained proinDtly. without publicity: dessr abitoal art lion, incompatibility, habitual drunkenness, infidelity, in human treatment, conviction ol lelonv. Passports obtained. Y ?NOTICE OK REMOVAL?DR. II. J. JORDAN, proprietor of tlio New Vurk Museum of Auatomr, U18 Broadway, begs to inform his patients, aud those deslr bin ous ol consulting Li in, that be has removed front 40 Bond st.. where he leslded so many years, to No. 5 Wasuingten place, three doors west of Broadway. Dr. Jordan's "Lec tuies on Debility," "Why Men Degenerate." Ac., can be had at the above address free by mall for 50c., and at all bookse liars. Advertise in the evkmno teleoiiam-it HAS MORE CIRCULATION THAN ALL THE OTHER EVENING PAPERS COMBINED. A -KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES OK J. S. SMITH , JcCO. KKNTt'CkV?IXTHA CLASS 307, FOR 1876. 38, 72. 27. 58, 18, 78. ti3. 21, 81, 20, 28, 88, 7a. KK.NTCt'gT?CLASS 308, FOR 1878. 88, 22, 37, 78, 58, :.5. 1. 15, 4, 14. 41. 3, 49. All orders address B. NATHAN, bos 4,870 New York Post office. A?PARKS. EMERSON A GO. ? Kentucky State Lotteries, drawu dally Royal Havana Lottery, drawu every 17 days. Kentucky Single Number Lottery, drawn April 29, 187& Prixes i ashed, information lurnisiied and circulars lree. ISO Broadway. Post office box 5,272, Now York. A. ?EXTRAORDINARY KOkAL HAVANA LOTTERY. Drawing next Monde;, April 21 First rriie. J 1,(00.0*1. end one Prise of oech $900,000, $100,000. $->0,000 and $25,000 15,000 tickets, 871 prists. Smallest l'rixe, $000. I'rlce of Tickets?Wholes. $2<*); halves, $100; quarters, $59; tenths. $20: twentieths. $10. Full explanatory circulars tree. THEODORE ZSCHOCH, Post office box 5,504. 110 Nassau St.. New York. A MEETING OK THE CREDITORS OK P. J. Meagher takes place this day, at 2 P. M., at No. 309 Btb ay. DR. JAMES CAN BE SPECIALLY CONSTLTKU ON disoases of men, at 08 1 niton st.; moderate charges, honoraiile conildciice. thorough treatment; twenty years' experience; advice free. .ISEASES OK MEN A SPECIALTY. D1 II K.N is Y A DANIELS. M. D.. 144 Lexington ay.,near 39th st. Office huora troiu * to 3. Divorces quietly procured for citizens ok any State, without change of residence, for inroiupatl bility, Ac. Pay when secured KEKI) A CO.'S Agency, 71 AsSor House, New York, or Pike's Opera, Cin cinnati. I EXTRAORDINARY HAVANA LOTTERY. !i First Prise. One million Spanish dollars Second Prize, Half a million Spanish dollars. German Government Lotteries. WACUnMAMlt A CO., Bankers, ton 3,31 Post office. 75 and 77 Nassau at. 1i -OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOT. AT. teries. SIMMONS. DICKINSON A CO.. Managers. KkNTUCKT. K1TRA CLASH MO. 29?ArKIL 21. Im76. 14, 13. -O. 2i">. 45. -40. 3. 47, 2*. 20. 1*1. KXMTL'CXV, CLASS *0. 2S*t? ArRIL 21, 1876. 54, 44. Shi, 211, 47, 01. 41. 24. 37. 57. 31'. A3 3,1, M. BkMRV. KXTRA CLASS MO. 189?APRIL 21, 1870. 67. till, 45, 56. TO. 12, 96. la. 14. H4. 69, 24. HKMRT, CLASS MO. 19t>?ArKIL 21. 1S7H. 50. H. 22. 43. 16. HH. 26s 56. 2I>. 7. 77. 53. 41. ?t. Full liiiiirmatton liy applying to ?r addressing J. CLUTb, SOU Broadway, or box 4.909 Post office. /I?SIMMONS, DICKINSON A OO.'S KENTUCKY \JTs State grand monthly distribution on the Havana plan, to Ite drawn April 29; also Royal Havana, extraordinary, nf Culm, draws April 24. Full Information by applying In ?r addressing J. Ci.l'TE. 20 ? Broadway, or box 4.U6U Post office. ftRAND KENTUCKY STATE DISTRIBUTION APRIL \JT 29; 5.870 prises; clrculsrs free. Address all orders to agent for managers. O. II. BOOTH, box 3,037 Now York Post office. ?ClIRONIC CATARRH. DEAFNESS; IMPROVED ? method; instantaneous relief: permanent enres. Dr. STODDARD, No. S West 14th st. M OODY AND SANKKY. Articles found at the Hippodrome during the Moodr and Ssnkey meetings await claimants mi tlie office In 29lU at., near 4ih av? upstair*. from 10 A. M. till 4 P. M. M AKK YOUR FORTUNE IN THE DRAWING. Grand distribution of prises Saturday, April 29, 1876, by tba Kentucky State distribution. First priso. $5O,0Os>; second, $20,000; 5,777 others from $10,000 to $100. All prises paid in lull after the drawing. Tickets, $10; halves. $ ?; quarters, $2 50. Address all orders lor tickets and information to THOMAS II. IIAY8 A CO.. 697 Broadway, New York. VTERVOUS EXHAUSTION.?A MEDICAL KSS ? T, i.1 comprising a series nl lectures delivered at Kahn's Mu seum of Anstouiv, New York on tne cause and cure nf Pro mature Decline, showing Indisputably how lost health may be regained, affording a clear synopsis of the impediments to marriage and Hie treatment ot nervous ami physical debility, being the result of 2<> years' expertenre. Price 25 rents. Ad dress the author, Dr. L. J, KAIIN, office and residence 51 East loth St., Ne v York. PILES OK HEMORRHOIDS PERM ANRNTLY KRADI cated in two to four weeks' painless treatment; noknlfo, ligatures. eHiistira or rsntery emploved positivrlv NO CHARGE FOR TREATMENT UNTIL Cl'RED. Circulars ires. Dr. SToDDAKD, ouly office No. 6 West 14th st. J^OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. Grand Extrhordinary Drawing, April 24. 1*76. Capital prise. Ope Million Doiisrs. Only 15,000 tickets; *71 prlres. ainounling to C2.250,n(XX Circulars, with loll explanations and history, (ree. B MARTINEZ A CO.. Bankers. II) Wall St., basement. Post office box iK$ Highest rates paid lor Havana bank bills and Spanish gold. R EAH THE SUNDAY TELEGRAM IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. SECOND LOUISIANA GOLD DISTRIBUTION. At New Orleans. April 29. IsTtV. Capital Prise. fell*),!**)' _ S^Ffi Prises, amounting to dOthi.-*'* All paid In Gold. Only 20.IXGTicket-, at foil each, currency. Tenths and Twentieths In proportion. For fnlonnntlnn, circular*- *<?'?. address or apply to No pos.poueiiients WILLIAMSON CO.. Brokers. Box 6,(1211 Pott office. 317 Broad* ay. corner Thuuiae at. C1DK PLAITING DONE BY MACHINE. WHILE YoU l' wait, at JtOSKN.-sTlX'S, t 8 Forsyth at. and too East $300.00(1. ? KENTUCKY s fATE LOTTERY, single Number Plan. To be drawn at Covington, Ky., April 29, I67ti. PRIZES. 1 I'rise ol fvf.tsxi it. $ ai.iOO 1 Fri/o of 1ft?.?a?> is 2fl.ilsi l I'ri/ of Bi.iai.fits lo.taai 4 Prises of .>.!??? af? 2U.0U) ItiPriresof 2..'g*i are ^..'iixsi i Crises ul l.iksi are Sfi.tSJO ; ? a?l are 2''.i?*> it) Prises of .sal are 25,009 | 50 Prises of 2 *1 sr# 12,'asi | 2UU Pr.rra of H*l are 2O,UJ0 APPRO-NIM A 1'HiN PRIZES. 4 of $2.1**) approximating (of 1.37 ? a|>i>-o*imati?g lo ! ! 4 of |,is> i approximating to io.UWare c/.H! &.OUO of 19 Whole Tlekots. $IU; Halves, $5; Quarters, $2 50. - i'ritta paid in fall. Address all orders to alMMONS, DICKINSON A CO., LeaisviUe, Ky. 8P?('IAIi SOTICKS. fAMAK " t.NDIKN-A LAXAT1 VP. PkVIT LOZENGE, agreeable l? take; specific remedy for constipation and its conseooence* F. (iKi 1,1 tiX, 27 Hue KtmbttllWi Pari*. Depot, CASWELL HAZARD A CO., Sow York. n,HK ANNEAL DINNER OF THE ST. GEORGE'S X Society will toko place on Monday, 24th ln?t., at I'd tnonico's. 14th ?t., nt hall past tlx. 'I Irkets, $0 each, ran be obtained of the troaaurer, Mr. J. II. Dale, 1ft or at tha office of the nuclei) . No. 3 Broadway. A special meeting for tbe propoaal ami election of inriobera will bo belli at llolaioniro'a ou the name day at ti F. M. "I1TYUMING LOTTEY-J. M. PATTER, MANAGER. If Official number! drawn April 2'h at Larainie City. ?3, do, a, 22. i h, a.-i. tfii, 2:1. si, 72. 0, 44. Pritaa cashed. Circulars mailed tree. AI.I.EN A CO.. 70 Naaaau at.. New York. L 000 000 -f?VAL "ava-na lotteuy JliUUU.V/UU, Extraordinary drawing April 2i Circular!, with lull particulars, rent free. P. V. DEVLIN A CO.. Mutineers and General Agent!. No. 3 Park row (opposite Poet office). New York. f~ TBK PROF.- DORRMUB' HEARD COMPOUND?IT ) torcaa beard ou smoothest face In four weeks positive!* or innnev reluuued: SO acuta a package. Address Prof. DuKKMUS, bos KM Peat office. Brooklyn. N. Y. D SI'OKTlMi?DOOM. BIHUS, AC. OliS For SALE.-SOME OF THE SMALLEST AND tlneat breed skyo terriera over imported. No. 27* lat COLLINS. POOLS SOLD AT NEW YORK Tl'IlF EXCHANGE, 15 West 28th St., at 2 P. M. to-duv. Huston vs. Athletic, at Philadelphia. SEIUKiU A Mi CLUl l). ? THE 1TKF. Ut'TlON ANfD FRENCH POOLS SOLD Af THOMAS' Exchange, 1.230 Hroadwar, on the New Orleans racer Also on the base ball match at Philadelphia to-day. M. THOMAS. Fleetwood park for sale or to let. . Apply to PHILIP DATES, 20 Broad at.. New York. JOHNSON'S POOL ROOM. COH.NE.K 2STM ST. AND Broaowajr.?Auction and French poult sold tuis aiter uoon ou the racss at New Orleans ami the bail match be tween Uoatou and Athletics: (till returns received by tel egraph. T. B. A W. If. JOHNsON. VKW YORK TURF EXCHANGE, 15 WEST 2OTH ST.? IX AUCTION and FRENCH POOLS eold ALL THIS DAY ou the NEW ORLEANS races. FRENCH POOLS close at 4:30 P. M. KELLY. BLISS A CO. IIOBSES, CARUIALES, dsv. "A ?MAJOR CHARLES W. DARKER, AUCTIONEER, il. TO-DAY. To-day. Today. DON'T FORGET tho time. DON'T FORGET the time. MAKE NO mistake. MAKE NO mistake. AT ELEVEN o'clock promptly. AT ELEVEN o'clock promptly. THE GREaT Sl'RINO trade of Carriages, both new and second hand, will lake place at MARKER A SON'S City Auction Mart and New York Tatteraall'i, corner of Kruadway and DUthat., on SATURDAY (this day), April 22, at 1 t.o'clock. THE stock, the largest ever offered at auction, com prises almost EVERY STYLE of vehicle known to the riding public, lucludtng top and no top Road Wagons, top and no top Pony Phaetons, four and six neat Park Phaetons. Coupes, Coaches, top Dopot Wagons, Carriages, Rock away s, jump seat Wagons, Track Sulkies and skeleton Wagous, Business Wagons. Cha se>. top ami no loo Express Wu.;oli>. Ac., Ac.. Including the make of many celebrated manufacturers. CATALOGUES ready, stock now on exhibition. SALE WITHOUT reserve or postponement. THE UKEATHST chance ever offered to dealers, livery stable men or the general public. A?MAJOR CHARLES W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. ? THE THIRD extraordinary sale ol FASHIONABLY BRED TROTTING StOCK, bred by lion. A. B- Conger, of the Waldberg attid. Ilaveratraw, V Y , will take place at BARKER A SON'S City Auction .Mart and New York Tat tersall'a. corner'of Broadway and 3t)th St., on Saturday, April IB, at 11 o'clock, and consists of TWENTY- I'WO HEAD ol brood Mares, Fillies, stallion Colts and Ueldiuss, all or the beat trotting strains. AMONG THE brood tnaras are the get of Rytdyk'a Hum bletonlon, American Star, Yentig Star. Norman, Mambrmo Chief, Ac.. Inulntiliig the celebrated Romp, Koxie, Hutrnisn mare, Taglloni, Ac., all in loal to Bedford -.20). Nitrogen i2:30i,Mnd Anthony, Ben Abdullah, Solitaire, Chief, Me dium, Ac. THE FILLIES, Stallion Colls and Geldings include the get of Bedford, Hen Abdallnh. Wild Irishman. Ac. Stock will arrive at tha Mart for exhibition, on Monday next, April 24. CATALOGUES can be had at the SPIRIT AND TURF OFFICES, or at the Mart. Sale without reserve or post ponement. A ~uiWe* ?I1A9v)V BARKER, AICTIOVKElt stock lann. Tipton ^wa^ha/VhVl?0^"^"*" *l,ld *nd srtrs vr'"?': il'm ? ?.?u;j tens minutes down to a'to or h..i?, Jii '" tr"m :| kind, the I'FDIURKKt ?n I ??i warranted souuil unit BAKTKBU" r'UIOKl-KS ??<' ?? representations GUA <^?' aayJtt ssaa Mr. Burchard :-l "p." of*UouIn 'JHuttZXPT" ? forue. 7 renr* old 15 h???.i- ,!, .7' * n*na-t "Urn: 1 sorrel \r: 1 bay Mors*. I5\ hands high air?4?hv Il< i*' ,|J,linMlot '? In 8 minute* or better ? I brood Mara < ^?,?n Ho.v i/"n pie Harness, BI?,,k.7, riob ", te l .""14 ",f???? r?'n<or"ih?ife.,",Q* U''"" J^T PRIVATE BALK. T*f?rV' I r0"!** lie Landsulet, Dog t art. I Clara.,co. Extension Top | Top |'?ny Phaeton. Barouche, | Britska. Canopy Top Ph?e- j 2 wheel 4Kockaway* t-g D,p* V&SftT Wxgon. H-wheel lio? Onrt. viv .1 BU'lnei* Wa-on. 110 ,?,HnJr e,L, * KKa"*KT. 110 and 11_ Kan |Ji|, tt._ ntar 4,h A?KOH K.U.K, A COMPLETE II KM.It nvvf L , < ? ? \ J "* ro"1' M*re' ?lrB'1 Lr Uenerol Ko\" tl v.i, !n S xcrvo1;: xrss. sa s^f GRl.-W Ol.l). r woway tndulli hv. Inquire for Mr. A?TO l.KT. lloKSKs AM) W*Go\ d~i.7t11-Vr?^T . ?uy private turnout: horror siylli>h- ??! t,!' . J i.tirtier* new. Union .stabler. No. 20 18th ? k2! d Broadway and .Itli av. '?? between A A.?IK VOU WANT To BUV~ ? A. a nobby, natlv, pr tty I'ooy I'haelnn \ no ,'*um V'r 11 ?">' Rnirjrj a light Kockaway or a Depot W apou .wo ,i?..a * IUr,",*, n| ?"T description, ' e." be,ore p.reh.X' Z> W.'r'ren a, A riLL **? ^SCTWijSP4555* ?"TUK i now re.rie tL .,Un<l"ri1 l?r style and quality i now ready lor inspection at ,,ar Broadway and 47th.t ""'rooms. I . , . hth av. and Idth ,t " wS^w'hlch^.bieri'.'t,^; JETEE? beat riolapwagoo over pr.Xcod "*hU*1' ?"'??*? ?id BkKWbTHR A CO.. ot Br.-oiuost. A ^HJjMTSIt'T XAEB-IA RaNDB 0 YEAR* ,,t - *? tourid. kind and can trot fan: tddrei. L . ??. !. "? ford (Conn.) l'o?t offlee. Auareaa box ?21 htam A~ iK.VTrK.VAN WisHKB TOBkId HIa HOtUEK a A*a??iaK,-us.r,& rwV"^ g^iSiRsiiiy* a5K%^rta~. if OTHER KVKMM) l^PKRS COMBINED. ""' \ LANDAU l.KT. NKCOXD HAJiD LltltlT vn A In very line order; t.'oiirh Landau .li . ! .V T l oupe Kockawayt liolil I. ur '..? 1??' ^ ra^sssSilSit * Xk? Toill! ^KAtrrot? j stables, llarnava. Iierrlckt t rn bar. w!i. '""^""mli Bbop, VT MALK COST?TWO Brxi'Ti^ri ..'.".r,r=?? on* oi thant .eatt four per.ona vritii Pnl AT?"N>1, III I re top h ason,. double am, ,h,T|..' Jl.rno.. '1,*"! ; maker.: all nearly new IV, vie , , ' ? t'oraar of 4tb a" rntmu atable .17 I.a.t lv;?d at.. A ?KOR HA LB IIAlVtJAINs. ~ ? aV. A lar.-e assortment ofllorae. sultel.le r... rarriape, coupe, road and hn.inek. .1. ~u ., . ! , . . ?nv hull brodirott 1,4 thai ran trot lil'lr'n/*: 1 ! a id kind ; a lady . an drive lllmHt.^.An,' Man. *i?? Knst Isch k., ticsr Br.-u.iwHy ^n??n j A m! 1,U|l":K~|,ONV Ml "*r l'u'; TWO _ Il?r?e?; voumr and ??und. <il tb-nal m . ,aU,n. A -i'DR BALK, H Vr. IIttlCr41 si IT titf i , . ? ttViv': ^,7,I?*2? j i; .teuvr, hiu ~ J1 stable,. a?lk .. . aeuK;;,"11 K""'' ~ ?? Ar A IiJ?v :I,K1t>K. lTSkdw mm sk, s ..dd .t"! ?e?t ha'r'kaln.'*w7">rih7|."^t.** w'" b" j ,,r Miv?e A-Ki.R saLi;. ? IIOIi-KS. BCITABLE Pt.R TMIVK ! , lanuer, expreaa or m.v l.udne,? h.m t-, , a , ' ' ,<? Bowery, opposite ."itb rear ? #'?o. | A'll.t1 I'IKI I, hKMI ,'h\ IHi u ,, i , ,, . . . Mtuad, kind; trots In three nun,it. . i' HANDS; j used to *a,idle by preaent 'i.'"' , 1 "l'n and ineap. Inquire it C\KiMwn. ;?.de'wh,;;r,';;.,;rt7 rvr."f::;:'u varn?l, ut 7?RrAVNTMl'so! .... oili IIORNES. CAUUIAGES, &C. ~"BPLL?I YEA It OLD. IMPORTED STOCK. VERY pnuniKinir. In mjM (nr tli? '.uv ruiii uf $1^1 Aupty to POiV Kit BROTHERS. 1.K12 Broadway. A LanDai'. OSKi:l,ahh.s(:i:, osk"coUPK, one j.1., Victoria and on? Phaeton ; nil nearly new. To be setu at M. OURLEY S, 109, 111 una HIS Bust lath ??., ???' ?llh HTgj (~ 1 ASKiAUK8.-SECOND IIAND, ~PoUK ~AND SIX J passenger Kuckaways, jump -eat Wagons. top Hug pica, tllpiie ami side liar; light Trotting Wagons. Phaetons .mil light Landau,sts. at R. V HTIVBR8' III to 133 East Slat at. E jtDWABD SCUKNCK, AUCTIONEER. Handsome prima establishment. HORSES. COUPE KOCKAWAV, PONY PHAETON. TOl' HOAD WAGONS. DOUBLE AND blNOLE harness. By EDWARD HCUENCK. this MORNINC. iKd. at 9?,' o'clock A. M., nt the Madison nv. stables, No. 1111 ^M-idlsnn ?v., corner o! : Otli at., a tine span of Jet black Kentucky Horses. 13' , liarnts. coming el, lit years, fine style anil ae tiou aud warranted sound. kind and gentle: also a tiua Kentucky coupe Ilorre. lu'.j baud-, soveii yenra, warranted In every ivay: Coupe Kockaway, iu perfect order; llifliT top Wagon, pony Phaeton, Portland Sleigh. Robea, Blankets, Baddies and Bridles, Ac. JUNE Liu IIT CAKltlAGKsT BROCKETT A TUTTLE, of New Haven. Conn., have on band llio largest stock ol fine llgnt Carriages to be lound outside of New York city, end tor ttyle and qual ity they will compare favorably with the best New York makers, while our price* ure ?Msldevably less. We make a specialty of ito "Windsor Wagon. BROCKETT A TUTTX.E. 183 Gofie at.. New Haven, Conn. flAHHIDNABLE CAR III AUKS. Landaus. Rockaways, Landanlete, Phaetons, Coupes Road Wagons. A. S. PL AN P It A U. ?T73 and 1)74 Broome St., old stand of Brewster A Co. Foe sai.e?a pi n e brown huubk, about to bands tiiifli; sound and kind: stylish driver. Apply at private stable, Ik- West 18th St. IjlOR SALfcCflLAKs" HBAR8E, OVAL LIGHT, IN good condition. Inquire at McliEEAtiD B, 397 East Broadway, where it can be seen. FUR balk-handsomest COB IN THE CD (NT it y, 15 bands, 7 years nld ; |ier,"ectly broken to harness or saddle ; can bo ridden or driveu by lady. Private (stable, lit West 44th ?t. IHuk 8ALE-AN ELEGANT DOUBLE C 8PRINO, 1 five glass front, bateau shnped. best Purls built l.midau; in periect order uud iiearly new. Address LANDAU, box 334 Post uttiee. New York. For balk?a pair op bright bay roan Truuk Horses, li years old, 17Ji banus high: well matched; kind, true and g ut!s. Can be seen st 334 Broad way. _ FOR RALE-A SPLENDID HORSE and basket Phaetou; everything sound and complete; very mod erate terms. Address O. is , 80 Park llotnikeii. K. .1, FOR RALE-A C A U KI AO fc A Nit "wAi.OX SHOP, with a patent included; price $1,000. Pout ot Main st., Yonkers, N. Y. For (T-ujb?a team op pamily oarriaoe Horses, about 13.3. Harness and Pbiietun, all in good order, ipqulre Tor WASH JACK-.ON, Clinton stables, cor ner Clinton and Degraw sts., Hiooklyu. IjtOR BALE AT A BARGAIN?A BOUND, BTYUSH 1 Horse. Ruckaway and I baston. Apply at BkUD EKICK'B Stables, 330 East 9th st. ITU lit BALK CHEAP? One 8-?priug Landau, uue 8-sprlng Victoria, with teat behind. These carriages are as good as new aud are sold tor want nf stable room. They were made by Binder A Co., Parla, and can be seen at -1 baitAOth st.. between 9 aud 13. |>0 R ?A Lift 1 IK A P -111 IRES A NI > B AS K K i' PHAK r ten, with top; driven by a lady the last three years. Apply ai *7 Woodliull St., South Brooklyn, or 177 Bowery, iu basement. New York. IIOR .SAUK CHEAP? BUSINESS WAGON. IIOK.SK and lIirniH, complete. Cell et eteble No. 0 Ureal June* it, H AllNKSS AND SADDLERY AT AUCTION.?BUB DlvTT A DKNNIS, Auctioned*, will Hell at 521 Broad war (St. Nicholas lintel). on Monday, April 24, commencing at ll o'clock, hy order of 8. A. Condi, t A Co.. a large *tock of coach, clarence. Knc-kawar. depot, buggy, expre**, team and farm llarneex. Saddle-. Bridle*, t'oller*. Halter*. Whip-, Sheet*, ltu-ter*, Kobe*, Blanket* and a general a-?ortuient of Horse Good*, fixture*, htma'cuae, Couutere, Ac., he my Htuck of a fir-1 rlaa* manntacturer. JJAKNESS.?CHEAPEST I1AKNKSS STORK IN NKW _m_m. York: m ud buggy Ilarne**, hand mode, 915; good Orocef* llama*-, 925; good double team llarue**, $ 0; a i ood llnne HUnko t jfrl .'hi. I'lea-e cull and examine for voureelre*. KISUr.K A OSBORNE, Manuiaoturer*. No. 71 Horelavkt HORSES AND MULKS SOLD FOB WANT OF USB; price Iruui $50 to 9150; auitable for all u*e*. 514 Wait lsth *t. Having i-ost my iioksk, i wii-u 8BLL my sidk bar top Wagon and llarnea* at tcreot aacritlce; never bceu uaed. Hoarding atanle 210 Kaat 5>)tu *t. H OltsK. CAN TROT IN 2:40, PRICE 9175: WAGON. 9I5D; sulky. 9dO; liunie**, #25. lltl Weil 50th *t. HANDSOME 14.11 HAY MARK BLACK POINTS, iroiH In :t minute*; liirht *.de bat top Wairnn and Gar lic-*; a* nice a turnout a* go** m the rued; price SAX), or w.ll trado lor woruer. j2H We*t 42d al. I KtlN STAHLK FITTINGS?CHEAP, DURABLE AND X cieanly: partition* hay rack*, manger*. Ac.: order* promptly tilled at lowest price*; catalogue* lurntahed free; apeciuu ii at ktora. ? . clv * ir r J ANKS A KIKTLAND, No*. 8, 10 and 12 Reada it. O.N sALE-A MUPKKB 11AV OUI PK UUKSK. GEN tie. great endurance: ? quick traveller. Apply at pri vate Rtahle. 128 Writ -Mth ?t. SJKCOND hand top WAGONS, city makers, in j perfect order; mod be iold to make room. 1,515 Broad way. corner of 47th *1. STAHLK TO I-KT.?NO. 198 WEST 1HTII ST., TWO -tory brick, 21x85. Apply to VALENTINE G. IIaLL, 588 5th av? ul 10 A. M. or 8 I*. M. QTAB1.E TO LET?80 WALKER ST., FOR A CAR penler ahop or any kind of bualnc**; also to exchange, a light Coach lor a light Wagon. Apply at :t7s Hrootue ??. * STABLE TO LET?FOUR. SIX OR EIGHT STALLS, win. ;uh, light wagott and truck room. No. lAo.lai.e at rpWBNTT KENTUCKY IIUKsEA TWENTY, from the Kentucky Stock Farm. Gentlemen requiring superior Har*e* ?houtd inspect till* fine stock, now ready lor ?ale at Knickerbocker Stable, 221 W v* t 53d *t. RICHARD I'KNISTaN. rpo LET- AT 41(1 WEsT 45T1I ST.. 1IRICK STAHLK. lour ?tali*; wagon room, waib and ample loll. Apply ul 412 it eat 45th at. rpo LEI -TWO STORY SI ABLE, COVERING LOT I 2*>xlUO; lti stall*; room tor :to more; on fdiili >t . near eth Mr. A. RIPELY E, I IS William at. Po LET?PRIVATE 8TABLE NOS. 118 AND lis WE.-T 1. hid al. Inquire at Nu. Ptl (tilt ae. V. sCllAKFKK. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A SADDLE HORSE; T* must he stylish aud perlectly Mtuud. Address. stating price, C. A. (I , box 5,728 Poat oltlce, New York. WANTED-% UOODTaDY'S SADDLE faUBSB, IS V? hand-high: iiiiihi bo young, aontad and gentle. Ad dux*. atating price and particular*, box 1,222 I'uat oOlce. WANTED?TEAM'~0F ' FAMILY" HORSES. CAB >1 nage*. Ac., if owner will i*ko tree Real Bstate, Vil lage of flushing. Address liog 142 i'oat oltlce. New York. A | - I t-W ittTlT _92'd>?BK.V UTI FT L NEW TOP ~>.X~ vltJU proas Wagon; tnnat *M; waul ofler. 124 We*t tilth *t. v?il 111 will PUBCHa-E a good looking fam *5> L*yVI ll.v Horse, aound, kind, stroug and gentle. 47 Dick* at,, Biookiyn. A|7P FOB V VERY FINE TOP WAGON. MY BICAD V i-? ' ' lc.v- Pray A Co., nearly Mar; also one io.i Putty Phaeton, atugle and double Harness, at private *t?uio No. Ifa\est i5ib -I. BUY CKMIDS. Damaged 'casiGmekks. satinets, farmers' Satins, Muxlin-. Prluls, Flannels, Towellings, c.; bal ance clearing out cheap. WILLIAM MATHEWS, 54 Catharine et. ~ MI 1,1*1 \KitV AKD miESSBMAKlAita. "4 *? MAKIr- TILLMANN, OP PARIS, IMPORTER oF ,1. tin. Millinery. 2AW model*; beat maker*. 422 Htb av., near20th8 nateMme- Michel'*<? New opening DRK8S F..INGM MADE TO ORDER-any COLOR, atvle or lenyth. at C. If. JACkSON A CO.'8, factory 115, 117. 1 l.i and 121 Vast dibit. 'IDE. SPACE AND Bo.V PI, ll UNO TO 22 INCHES "r wide SAMi EL JOKE P ? 38 Forty tit *t.. near Canal. INKTUl'CruM. BOaHiGNG Si: liooL, AT WILTi >N CONN ? ilOM K cent tor.*, healthy location; thorough in-.ruction; terms moderate. Addi.--- AI fill's f f S WIIITLOCK. Bookkeeping, penmanship, arithmetic, ac.? Do LI! E Al: s Commertlal College, 1,11*4 llr..a<l.\ ay. Pu-jilt entering now will ha.e extra Advantage*. LA XI'KRlKNCKD OB A AVI NO TEACHERS iMECHAM 1j2 cat ?nd architectural. warned: ge*d matnrmatleiana piplerred. Addreat COLLKtlE, Herald Phlladalphta Branch j oltlce. W'.VN TED-BY a YOUNG LADY. In SCHOUB* OB I If private lainily distant from city. xittiaiiou ta teach ! eery young children riidlnicut* of English, f rench. mn-ie | and muke tier?eli n*?tul; small coni|M-u**tlon; l.e?t refer*, c -* i g.ven anil required. Addre-* X., Ilerald Uptown Branch ullice. WITCHES, JEAAEI.iG. At. AT 77 BLEF.CKKK 8f.. NEAR BROADWAY, HoiffFf adeanced on Diamond*. Watchea, Jewefrv. Ac.; alxo Pawnbroker*' Ticxet* of Diamond*. AYatchee, Ao. 77 MMcxeret. American office. ? 975.0*1. ? diamonds, Watehea, Jewelry, Silverware, Valuable*. Ac., bought, ?old and i-xch .aged. Loan* negotiated J. 11. RARKl.xGER. Dealer, 735 Broadway. Diamond', watches and jeavklkv pub. chased lor <i*!t, nr loan* made. Address Cll. I- LEO POLD, 2t*i Grand et. OOO BROADWAY, OPPOSITE I1TII ST.-DlA OUO .IMHido, AA atclies, .lew.'lry, .-Ilrerware, Ac., bought ?M -old i.ilHKKl J. KO-i.NIIIAL, Diamond Broaer. Loan* negotiated. <11*1 I'.I.I.UAEIIl*. ^ OLD iti. II Kbit iRF. Ml ili-;-, MI Ahl.i?H l."li T-^.? Full line* tku celehr iled Paper of all *1*#*: also an tique or quill pen surface for nld-la*hinn p.oyle; note, letter lega. cap and policy Paper; pare linen. MKLAIN ""A BOX, * ~ HARD A SON, Paper Wereboaee, 85 BeekmaA et., sole egeate. KIIIOI'EAN >TKAi?IKilIH?. ?' liN.VUli LINK.?B. AM? Y .v. 11. VI 8. 1' CO." ' notice, J v\.Ip A view to (iiuiiiiUhiiix tliu chnuce? ??t colJUiou, tho itniHfr* ot this lino take u specific course fur nil imiuiii ?f I tli>> year. nil the out want passage froui (Jueenstown to Kfw York or ' Bo?iou. crossing the in rldian of .si at 43 IttilwU, or nothlug I to the uoi lU ill ill. On the homeward passage, crossing the meridian at .Vi at ill latitude, or limbing t" Hie north of 12, FROM NEW YORK I till LIVERPOOL A Nil Ul'KKNN. ToWN. ABYSSINIA. Wed., April 2ti | St YHlIA W?d . Mar lO ?KUUti Wed , day 3 | *HC01TA Wait. May 17 Mvan>er| luarkoil * do not curry steerage passengrs. ? Collin passage. $"4). $D?' and #IStl, gold. accord iua to ae roiiuiiotlatlou. Return tickets on lavorable lernii, Steerage tickets to and from all parts of Europe at very low rates. Freight and passage oilice. No. 1 Howling Green. CHARLES tl. KltANCKLY.v. Agent. NOKTH GERMAN I.l.OYD STEAMSHIP I.INK RKTWKBN XEIV YORK, SOUTHAMPTON ANH HIlhUkN. t'oiupunr'a pier. Toot nf'.'d at., iloboken. MAIN. ....Saturday. April 22 ? MOaKL Saturday, May II WKSKR Saurdsv. Apr I HO | IlHN.VU. .Saturusy, 11 ay l.'l Rates ol passage from New York to Southampton, llnvre or llrouieii : ? Fifat Cabiu, $IUO gold; Second Cabin, $tk> gold; Steerage, $lki currency. lletiirn Ticket* at reduced rates. Piepald Stei rsge Certificates, $ 12 currency. For freight or passage apply to Tl S A - OKLKICHS A CO.. No. 2 Howling Green. M? OST TlUlFci " AND KCO.MI.dlC ..(Id I K TO HOL LAN 11, BELGIUM. T11K RHINE, SWITZERLAND, AC.. AC., VIA ROTTERDAM. Steamer CALAND April 27 SteamerKCHOLTKN Mny 11 These beautiful ateamen, carrying tlao United States mall to the Netberlamla, arc favorites with the public. Trip* regular, rate* low; comfort and living perfect. For freight, Forneaaeae, FUNCII, EDYE A CO. L. W. MORRIS, i.O Broadway. INMAN LINE ?MAIL M'K VMKKS. FOR yCKKN.vrOWN AMI LIVERPOOL CITY OF BROOKLYN Saturday, April 22, at It P. M. f. Ma ? " CITY OK OH ESTER Saturday, May 0, at 8 P. M. CI I Y OF RICHMOND....Saturday, May IS, at 8:3(1 A. M. CITY OF Hl.RLIN. Saturday, May27, at 8:33 A. M. CITY OF CHESTER Saturday, June Iti, nt7:30A. M. Frum pier ift North River. t'aliln passage $v> and $100, sold Si earned $23, currency 11 raili issued at lowest rate*. JOHN II. I1ALB, Agent, 13 and 23 Rroadway, X. Y. 1ITHITK STAR LINE. VV FOR OCBENS 1'OWN AND LIVERPOOL. CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL, The etc luicrs of till* lina take the Lane Route* recom mended by Lioul iiant .Muury, 1?. s. N., goiug n inth ot the llauki an tho pior.iro to Queciistown uli the year round. CELTIC April 22. at 3 P. M. ADRIATIC Vpril 20, atUTUOA. M. BALTIC Mnvti, lit H P. M GERMANIC May 211, at 2 P. M. CfcLTIO I u na 3, at 2 P. M. Kriviu V\ hit" Slar Dock*, pier 32 River. Hate*? saloon. $H'? and $101. in sold; return ticket* on reusonsble terms. Steerage, $28. Seloun, stater aim*, smoking and bath rooms are placed amidships, wheie the noise and motion are least, utlording a decree of eamlurt hitherto uiiatialnahln tit sea. For Inspection of plan* and utuer iiiloriuniiun apply at the mpuny sollice, 37 Broadway, N'e company i ollicc, 37 Broadway, New York. II. I. CORTIS, Agent. N'iiW YORK ANH LONDON*. Iti'sular and direct corniiliiuleatlotis formlgMlv by tho Anchor Line steamers ELYSIA, UToPlA, AUSTRA LIA and ANlil IA. ACS I ItAl.lA tails Saturday, April 22. Cabin, $ IN currency; oteeruge, $2s. HENDERSON BROS,, Agents. No. 7 Rowling Green. Great western steamship line. TO BRISTOL (KNULAXD) DIRECT, selling from pier IS East River as follows:? ABAUO.N, Syiuonds Saturday. May 0 CORNWALL Stamper _ Cabin paasogn, $73; Intermediate. $43; steerage, $30,cur rency ; excursion tickots, $120; prepaid steerugc certificates, $2U. Apply to W. D. MORGAN, Agent, 10 South st. UNITED ST AT it S MAIL LINK?STEAM TO OUEEN3 TOWN AND LlYKIIi'OUL ? 1*001*. sailing every TUESllAY, froui pier iti North River. NEVADA.. April 23, 3 P. M. i WYOMING...Mey 16, U A. M. WISCONSIN.May 2,1 P. M. | IDAHO May 3o, 11 A. -M. Cabin, if83. $70 $H<?, currency, intermediate. $411; steerage, $20. l'assetiuers booked to and Irom Purls, llambitrg, Norway, Sweden, Ac. Drafts on Ireland, England, France and Ger many at lowest rates. WILLIAMS A GUIO.N, 2!) Broadway. SPECIAL NOTICE.?THE SPLENDID MAIL STEAVI shlp NEVADA sails lrom pier 4*1 North River for Uiieenslown and Live rpool, on Tuesday, April 23, at 3 o clock P. M. Cabin, Intermediate and steerage passage at lowest rates. Apply to WiLLlA.MS A GLTON, 21) Broad way. S" TATE LINK. NEW YORK TO GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL, DUBLIN. BELFAST ANl) LONDONDERRY, Iromplor 42 North River (foot of Canul st.) as follow*:? ? v*r STATE OK VIRGINIA Thursday, May 4 STATE OK INDIANA Thursday, Mav IS STATE OK PENNSYLVANIA Thursday. .luue 1 and every alteruato Thursday thereafter. First cabin, $80. $78 and $Hlj; return tickets, $120. Second cabin. $4.7; re turn tickets. $80. Steeruge ut lowi'?l rules. Apply to AUS TIN BALDWIN A CO., Agents, No. 72 Broadway, N. Y. Steeruge passage olllce. 4.? Broadway. HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S LINK for PLYMOUTH, < IIKit liOl'lM and HAMBURG. MMMKKAMA April 117 I LEsSlNO Slav II UOKTIIE Mav 4 | WISLAND May 18 Kates of passage to Plymouth, London, Cherbourg, 11am 1>iirpr and all points iu England. Scotland and Wales: ? Cabin, llrst saloon, gold $l(?> t'ltliln, second sttlmin, gold tin Steerage, currency 30 KUN1I AKDf A CO., r. B. H!01IABI> A BOAS, General Agents. General Pus-unger Atrents, til Krund St., New York. til Brosdwny, Now York. 0 SLY DIRECT LINK TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAM KltS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CALLING AT PLYMOUTH tU. U.). lor the landing ot passengers. The splendid vessels of this luvortte route fur the Con tinent (beloir more southerly than any oilier) will eail train pier No. 4:t North ltirer. ae lollowe:? SI'. LAURENT iLachesnear TueeUsv, April 35 FRANCE (Trudelie) Tuusdnr, May J PER' IRK (llanr hi .ir lav. May I) PRICK OK PASSAGE IN GOLD (Including wine) :T First esbiu, $111) to $1:21), according to accommodation. Second $72. Third, $4U. Return tlokete ut reduced rules Meeragr $-?>, with superior ivceonimoilatlon, including wine, bedding and uteuslls, without uxtrit charge. Steamers uiurkeo tlius ? do not curry steerage passengers. LOCIS I)E KbKlAN, Agent, aS nruadwav. WILSON LINE FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HULL, sailiiig Iroin pier 53 North River, as follows:? OTHELLO April 2d I N AVAR! NO May 30 Illsl?iO May ?) | COLOMBO lulled First cabin, $7t). currency: second cabin, $4N. currency. Excursion tickets on very luvorai.le terms. Through tickets Issued to Continental and Haltlo ports. Apply for tull par ticulsrs to CHARLES L. WRIGHT A CO., 58 South >t. tBOOK'S INTERNATIONAL TOURIST TICKETS?TO / all parte of Europe and Amcrleu at reduced rate-, do not require t.ielr holders to travel hi parties. "Cook s Ex cursionist," for April, price HI cents, contains fares far up ward of LOU) European tours. COOK. so.V X JENKINS. -.Ill Broadway. New York. * NCIIOR LINE. A CARRY I Ml THE UNITED STATES MAIL. new York \.nd Glasgow. BOLIVIA Sails Saturday, April 22, at BP, M. ALHATIA Saila Saturday, April 3D, at JO A. M. ANCIIi'RIA Sells Saturday May tl. at 2 P.M. CALIFORNIA Suits Sniirday, Mhv 13, ntS:30A. M. TU GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL. LONDONDERRY. ytlEENHTOWN OK BELFAST. Cabin. 385 to $sii, currency, cecordlne to accommodation. IN l'UKMKDiATE, $85; steerage, *js. Drafts issued for any amount ?t current rates. HENDERSON HUMS., Agent-, No. 7 Rowling green. XTATIONAL LINE?FROM PIERS 44 AND 47 NORTH 1.1 River. For Lou Inn direct. GREECE. Wednesday. April28, 7:30 A. M. FOR OUKKXSrOWN AND LIV EK cool, ENGL VXD, April 22. IIP. M. I EGYPT. Mav 13. s::pt A. M. ITALY. April _H. 8:30 A M | TilK ($L'KE.V May 37.8AM. Citbln pas-agu $01) and $7t). rurreuey. Rotura tickets at reduc-d rales. Sto -rage pa-ssge, $28. enm-ney. Dralts Issued froin ?1 upward, nt current prices. Apply at the company's odlee. Ml) Brondwav. F. W.J. HUKSr, Manager. ADVERTISE IX THE KVEMXG TKLEURAM-11 A HAS MORE CIRCULATION TIIAX ALL Tllh or her evening papers combined. 0 I DO NOV AN KOSSA'H STEAMSHIP AND RAILROAD Par-age O Ben ?Steamers every day; Cork, Liverpool, Glasgow, iierrv ; Dralt- payable even w ere. O'DONONAN KOS.aA'S lintel. 182 Chatham square. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS. Faciiic mail htkamsiiip LIVE. forc vi. ikoRXIa. japan china, acmtralia, NEW ZEALAND. BRITISH COLUMBIA, AC., AC., suiting from pier foot ot Canal <1., Nortll River. tOR i-AN FRANCISCO SIA MTHMIsoK PANAMA. COLON" Tuesdav, Mav 2. 12 noon connecting far all Central Americun and south 1'aeitlc FROM SAN FRANCINCo'tO JAPAN AND CHINA GREAT REPUBLIC Mav 1 FROM SAX FRANCISCO TO VICTORIA, PORT TOWNS END. I'AcoM A. Portland. ac.. *?'. on the Itlth, Jiltii and 3t)th of every month. For freight or passage apply .-.t foot af Canal ?t.. North River. It. J. BULLAY, Saperinteiident. 1NOR NKW ORLEANS DIUKCT. 1 THE CROMWELL LINE. The ste nnslllp CORTES, Captain Freeman, on Saturday, April 22, at :l o'clock P. M., from No. I) North i:lv?r. Throat h hills ol lading given fn Mobile and all principal point- mi the Mlasls-lppi River, t'ubin pus-ace, $50; steerage, f-35. Apply to CLARK X SEAMAN. 88 West si. MORGAN'S LINE OF STEAMSHIPS, lor New Orh'sii* and lex s. will sail every Saturday to New Orleans, transferring Texas freight there io Mi rgsa's Lousl-lan* and Tex as Itnilroad for Morgan City, tbeuce, per Morgan's Una of steamer*. to Taxat j,oris. Ibn BRASII). AK will -sll from pier S 8 North Ktver, New York, oa Saturday, April 22, at il P. M., for Mew Orlaant I li rough bills of lading signed to Mobile, Galveston and to all points on the Galveston. Ilsrritlnirg and Nan Antonio, Houston and Texas i, International and Great North ern. Texas end Pac!Be Slid Iran- Continental railroads, snd to Iii'listiiils and San AMonlo, and all polats mi the Gulf, Western !>*** snd PocMto Railway. Krosos Santiago, Cor pus Cltrisrl, Korkport. St Mary's ?nd Fulton, freight for >t Mary's and Fn 'niton Undo I at Koekport. Light''rage snd channel dues at either Corpus Cbrisli or lira/OS esntlago at lbs expense and n?? of consignee. Ikreegh rates to Brownsville, via Rl? Grande Railroad Ineinance ran be effected under open poller of C. A. Whit ney X Co , New Orleans. From New York to New (means, W per tint: from New York to oil Texas ports vis New Or leans. L per cent. Freight m lowest rates. For freight or further Informa tion apply io CHARLES A. WHITNEY X CO . Agents, pier JU North River. "V"EW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINK.? *t These flrst colas' steam-hips will ssll at I P. M. from pier 13 N.rrth River, foot of Cellar at., fer Havana direct, at follow. :? t'til.i MRl'S Thnrwlsy, April 37 WILMINGTON Tuesdav, Mav 8 Fur freight auil passage, having nnsarpasepd oecommiMie tlons, apply to WM. r. CLYDE A CO.. No. U Howling Green. McKELLEH LULiXG A CO.. Ageatam Havana. COASTWISK STKAMSmPI. - J>AXAMA TRANSIT nTKAMSUfl* COMPANY? FOR HAN FRANCISCO. I'AU, AND PACIFIC PORTS, VIA IMTIiMUH Or PANAMA. Steamship CHKHCRJfT CITY will Mil Saturday, April '.'I!. *t 1 P. M.. Rout pier 13. North Ki*er. tor Aaeinwall. i-onueetlng, via Panama Railroad. at Panama with rtr?t class steamships for port* asahove. Bill* ul tuning lor thin sl?suier will be sigurd ul No. M3 Watt St., opposite i lie piar. For freight or imuiiu apply to WILLIAM P. CLYDE A CO.. So. ? Bowling Ureeu.^ ONLY DIRECT LINE 1( ?> LO KI D A -WE E KLY LINK to fort Royal, S. C.; Keinainhua. Fla.; Brunswick; Oh. : sailing ev.-rv Tliurs i?i . Croat tder 3lt Eiitt Kltar. Tins steamer ASIiLAND, Captain ev-ll. will Mil Thurt ?Ly. Anrll 37. at 3 P. M .lor F ? i nandina anil Port Royal Through ticket* lttuail to all ptrinta In Florida. For freight or la*.* ? upply to t . 11. MALLORT A CO.. or HERMAN UKLPCKK, 153 Maul mi I itie. V Y.IUVAX V ANDMKXit AN MAIL Sri. LINST-" it ? steamers leave pier No. II North Kivor at 3 P. M. FOR HAVANA DIRECT. CITY OP MKXICO Tuesday. May a CITY OK VERA CRUX Thursday, May i KOIt VERA curat AND NEW ORLEANS, via llHviin*. Pngre.-u. Campeachy, Tuspan and Tampiro, CITY OK MEXICO Tuesday. May 3 For freight and passage apply to " "LEXANDC" ' ALEXANDRE d SONS, 31 and 33 Broadway. Steamer* will leave New Orean> May 7 and May 28 fol Vara Crui and all other porta STAR HALL LINK.! " EXITED STATES AND BRAZIL MAIL HTEA.MSUIPd, sailing monthly from Wataou'a wharf. Brooklyn, N. Y. for PAHA, PERNAM3CC0, liAll U and RIO JANEIRO, calling at rit. John's, Porto Hieo. NELLIE MAItflN, Saturday, April 15. John hkamall. Puisengur accomruiidatlunx first class. For Ireigiit aud passag", ai ieduced rata*, apply to J. S. TUCKER A CO.. Attaint. 54 Pluo it. LO 3Sfi9pi STKAM- iiif COMPANY, r sailing from pier 37 North Kivar. Kor Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, I'ueadaya. Thura and Saturday* at 3 1'. M , connecting with the Vlrttlull and Tauni-aaae Air Linn. Atlantic Coast Line, I'ledinuni All Line, Chniapeakn and Ohio Railroad, and with the nous iiany'* steam line* to interior point* In North Carolina ami Virginia. Natvbern and Washington, N. t'. tela Norloikj, avert- Tueadey, Thursday and .waiurday. Lea et. Del., Mop I. ly and Thursday at 4 P. M., connecting with Maryland aud Delaware rah road*, l'aasvnger accommodations unsurpnsaed. Through pmtiago licaota and liilla ol lading to all poiut* at lowaat rate*. Insurance to Norfolk, Ac., ^percent. Freight received dully at pier 37 North River, iiuuoial offices, 131 tiroeiiwicii *t. N. la McCUKADY. President. Iioit nassIvT", n. p.?IikoItlar'"mail STEAMER! Irom New York, April 3o uiiti AL?y lit); from Savannah May 1. MURRAY, FERRIS A CO.. ill! South it. HaliFax. n. s7ani> ht._.7oiins. n. f. Cromwell line, stnntncri Irnvn pier 10 North River. following day* at I P. M. OIORGR WASH IN'llTON Friday, April M UKDKOE CROMWELL Tueiday. Mayl For freight or passage apply U CLARK A SEAMAN, SI Weil ?t. rriKX NS LINE FOR OALVBSTON. TOUCHING AT KEY 1 \\ ext. carrying the felted Stale* mail.?The steaiuei CITY OK At,' TIN. Captain Eldrldge, will sail on Saturday, April 1! .'. at 3 P. M., from pier 2U Eaat Klver. Through hill* ol' lading gven to all polntn OU the Houston and Tata*, Central International ami Ureat Northern,Oalveataa, iiou*. ton uuil Henderson, and the <ialve?lon, liarriahura and San Antonio Railroad*. Freights and lu*uranoe at loweal rule*. For Height or passage. having superior accomiuo datloua, apply to C. 11. NI ALLllRY A CO., 153 Maiden lane, or W. I". CLYDE, No. fl Howling ilreen._ TRAVELliERk' OlIDE. A^REOULAR CATS KILL LINK CI' THE CREEK; ? ul* ? for Stiiwesant anil intermediate Ikudiuge' steamer NEW CHAMPION, from Can ,1 at.. luesday. Tiiur*. day ami Saturday; steamer McMANUS, Monday, Weduea* day mid Friday, from Leroy at., nt 5 P. \1 Albany.?people's''line, steam boats lea^ Pier 41 North River dally, Sunday* excepted, at 4 I'. M.. for Alhnny aud ull poluis North aud West. A DYKRTISE IN THE "EVENING TKLBO HAM-IT A HAS MORE CIRCULAIIDN THAN ALL TUM OTHER EVLN1M1 PAPERS COMBINED. CTITIZKNS' LINE .STEAMBOATS Foil TROY AND ALL J point* Nnrtheaat and Wot, leave daily, except Satur day. at li I' M., from pier 4I? North River 1AALL RIVER LINE TO BOSTON, 1 via Newpert and Fall River. The world renowned steainboiii* BRISTOL and PROVIDENCE leave Pier 34 North River, foot of Murray St., dally, Siimtava exeepte 1, al 5 P. M. I lirough lleketa sold at ah the principal hotel* la the city. ' OLD ESTABLISHED LINK FDR STUYVF.SANT, CATR kill and intermediate landings.?Steamer Andres Herder, from Franklin at. (pier 35), Tue?day, Thursday and Saturday; steamer Monitor, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 5 P. M. R Pennsylvania, railroad. i? ItKAT TRUNK LINE AND UNITED STATES MAIL ROUTE. Train* leave New YiAk, via De*bro**et nud Cortland! ?treet ferrte* a* follow*:? Kxprra* iur Hsrrlahurir, PltUburg, the West and Soatu, with Pulloi hi palace care attached, 9 JO A. M., ti and S :JU P. M. Sunday. <1 and h Tin 1'. At. Fur Wllllamapnrt, Lock Ilaren. Garry and Erie, at 9:30 A. M. and SdlU I'. M.. connecting at Curry for Tiimvllle, I'ctruleuni Outre and the oil region*. Fur Baltimore, Wnabiiigtou and the South, "LI nlted Wa?b Inpton Expre**" or Pullman parlor cant daily (except Sunday), 9:30 A. St., arrive Wuahingtan 4:10 P. M. Rega lar at S:4<i A. SI., 3 and it I*. SI. Sunday, U P. M. Expre** lor Philadelphia, 7. 7:30, 8:4(?, 9:3' A. SI,12:80, 3, 4, 4 :l't, 5.0, 7, s:3t?, tt P. SI. ami 12 night. Sunday, 5. U, 7, S:3II ami 9 P, M. Emigrant and lecuud eian. 7 P. V. For train* tn Newark, Elizabeth, Railway, Princeton, Tren toil, 1 ertli Aiuboy, Flfiuintttoii, Reuidere and other point*, ace local *ch dole* at all ticket ofllee*. Train* arrive From Pitts hunt, ti:???*, nnd lU:3t>A. M. and |ii:20P. M. daily: 10:19 A. M. and 0:0 P. M. daily, ex cept Monday. From Washington and Haltiroore, OrJO A. M., 4 :t>"?. 5:13 and l<i:2.t P. M Sunday, 0 ;2<> A. M. Krum Philadelphia, 9:10, 0:20. 0:21,10:19, 11 :2ti. 11 :.">4 A. 2:15, 4:U5, 0tl5. 0:U?. 0-.*t, S:44and 10:25 P. M. Sunday 3:10, Od?l. 0:93, 11:94 A. M? 0:90 and 10:23 P. M. Ticket oflicet, 52(1 and 144 Broadway. Ne, 1 Aetor lloate, and lout of Deabroa*c? mid Cnrllandl ale.; No. 4 Court at., Brooklyn: No*. 114, 110 Mini lis tludeon at., llobokea. Em iter tut tlcaet otticc. No. S Battery place. FRANK THOMSON, P.M. HO YD. Jr., ilen rai Manager. Pen. Pawnger Aireuk Pll I LA DEI.I'll I A, VIA LONU BRANCU AND Till NewJereey Southern Railroad. Fare from New Yorl to I'liiladelplna only $2 25, c announcing March 13, ls7tl Leave New York from pier H, Kortlt Klver. loot of Recta at. at 10:45 A. M., fur Philadelphia, Vlnelaiid and Tout River. At 4 1*. M. fur I'iitlad-lpliia. Tiickerton end Total J.Iter. W. S. SNEDEN, General Manager. KAD Tllr, SUN D.vY TK LEG RAM. IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS LtTONINUTON LINK EOK BOVTON. |J Reduction of Fare. Steamer* RHODE ISLaND and NA UKAOANSETT, from pier XI North River, loot of .lay ?t..#t 3 P. M. Providence Line, from pier 27 North River, foot of Park place. Steam*hlp* El.KCTBA and GALAl r.A. at ? :?? P M. POST OFFICE .VOTICK. POST OFFICE NOTICE. " i he foreign mull* for the week ending Saturday, April 22, will clone at tilt* olllce on Tiieaday, at 111 A. M.. tor Europe, per (learner Idaho, via l^ueeuatown, and at in A. >1. lor France direct per ateamer Arnerli;Ue. via Havre; on vVeducsday, at Hi A. >L. Tor Kuropa, per (teaiuer Buthnla. via Vncenatown : uu Thareday, at 11 imt A. M., for Europe, tier ateamer llellert. via Plymouth, Cherbourg and Hamburg. on :-atiirday. at 11 :3H A. SI., tor the Continent oi Europe, per eteamer Mum. via Southampton and Bremen, and at 12 SI., lor Great Britnia, Ireland and France, per ateamer Celtic, via (jueenatown, and at 12 M. lor Scotland direct. Sioet he apecially addreaaed. Per eteatner Olivia, via Glasgow. 't he uiaila lor China, dapau, Ac., will leave Ren Franclwa May I ; the direct uiaila lor Porte Rico, Brazil, Ac., will leave New York Slay In; the mail* Iur the Weal India*. via Havana, will leave New York April 27. T. It, J AMEN. Poatmaater. EUROPE, _____ TNDUCATION IN VraNCK.?F tSI I I.IKS^ WIsHTno TO J2 aeud their daughter* to Purl* tor their atudin* will Bnd me litteutlnna and comlnrta of home life at the noaae of M. and Mm*. FAIVHkT. 15 Rue 1 ernier. SI Fnivrel ?upertn tend - ine le?ann*. Reference*?M. flncart, paetur. Hi Ru? Deumura, and St. Heraler. rniator, 21(1 Boulevard I'ereire. I OMR'S HOTEL, NEW BOND ST. AND CLIFFORD J at.?Till* well know n comlortahle hn-el fur faiDlllr* ant lit utl<men. the only one tn tin* central aituaiion. ha* oow i inoet com modioli* and luxuriously appointed -niuking an* readmit room, with n large hay window iqminauuing a moat rheerlul view oi tltla Important and taalu'oiiaule ttiorokjh tare; Vuur vhdi I* aidlflled. ahonld you not already b*v? made i hoice ot a hotel in Hie Weat End of London. Undei the management nt W. I. and Mr*. CHAMBERS. \rOOL BROTHERS, TO BASING,IALL ST.. LONDON, , tieliitailed 2<> year* a* ouumiMion house. Intimately acquainted with the American trade, are willing tn extend llieir connection there and ecteiitafew good, flrat r,??* clleut* lot Eiixtoh good*. ? Wanted to lnntiianK. \V ANTLD-PIL ?T< Hill A Pll Kits. ATTENTION !?oCT~ T ? tit ho Or*t ein?? gallery, entire or tn place*. Apply at or addrea* 330 Hth ?v. U7ANTB0?BLACK WALNUT DRESSING BUKKaU. TT two Ited-tead*. Malli*****. Turkish Chair or either vl Gieui. state price and d**crlpUun. M. K. C? 418 Wait 37th at. ANTED?A SET OF PHOTOGRAPHKK'S INSTRU ment*. Addrr** PIIOIO. ho* 1(7 Herald olflce. M PANTED TO BUY?TWO SHOWCASES. 3 OR4 PERT .ung. Addieae C. Rlfl'KR, Coleman House Barber ?ijup. 2D HAND BILLIARD AND POOL TABLE TANTKD. Adore** or call at 313 Waehlngton ?t , Brooklyn. State price. w HlltltlAllin*. i MERICAN STANDARD BEVEL BILLIARD TABLES J\ with Delnnet'? wire cushion*, oolely u*ed In all chnut, Cmnslup and match gam**, accjud hand Table* at great argalo*. W. II. URIFFITH A CO.. 40 Veoer ?t. A GOOD SECOND HAND BILLIARD TABlK FOR *ale.-Can he eeea at Phelau'u wareroom*. 3S Eatt 14th *t. /tOLLKXDKR'S STANDARD AMERICAN BKVF.L V2 Kiluard Table*, with th- celebrated Pheian A Cullender comhluatiou cuahloiie. Tor eale In thl* city nnly at 73d Bread way. ' Pit VI-IMT it t. "" Artificial TkkTH a specialty?EEstwtfudi* at low price*ell work luhatantielly made, earefuBy tilled and guaraateed to give entire i*il?hictmii. J. t; K h N N r.DV. 53 Bold at. A SET OF TEETH MADE IN THREE HOURS AT IS* Wnt 3tth?; . between Htb r.tid 7th a**., nrar Broad Wa.i. Special mrcliaulcal lenlietryi coral, rubber. m?e auaH. whalebone rnoher, geld and p'atioa Seta: Plumper* Regulator*, Ac Ta*e green car frout Grand itreet lerryer Sixth awnii* ear* or Br >?dw*,- r*r?. NEWIIRoPGII, I2? We?t 84th Maublk HANVKtM; A T PRICKS NRTfeK APPROACHED MKPiiRK 2V Slate aud Marble Mantel*. aawwiment In tha llty. PKNRGVN SLATE COMPANY. W Union iiqiur#, 4lh ?v. mid l#tU ?t. K?t ?or?. Monufncturerw i?f oil kind* of HUie Wark. hyf AHIILF. AND maRHLKIZKD MANTKUt-NKWDE WA Sim, Iron* lli upward: alee Moaumeatal Wcchal ireatiy redaeed p*t*M; ilayl*^ tor_^ ^

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