Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 22, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 22, 1876 Page 2
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CITY UEII. ESTATE FOR SALE. C ruiritl. A DVKRTISR IS llti KVKSQKi TP.LEiiltAM-IT J\ II \S MURK ClKl'CLATlO* THAN ALL THE UTHEU EVENING i'.W'KlLS CUMMINKD liHMI MALE?THE KlVK NEW THREE tfTOftf BROWN A .luw on :,?? x, r. on iv., oHtlhnil of UN4 .t.; prk? v#rjf Itv mil tirut. I" .nit tlui uiir*h??,r Ajo |il> vin tlx promises or to J r. ( LIN fON. l.iu> ity ?t. For hale?so. u (VE-.T 0.1 h ike 1 wide. four story b'i(h stoop biowu >:<??<?: the most tlrilrsUt location in tlie city KL1AS li. HlUiW.S, o? uer, Jo ,V.?*u M., or No. U West Mtli (t. Madison av. i'iiunkk lots?mi: sale the ourthwsst rornar of Sstiwii ?>r. and 7"nl> ?t . :'7Ati0; also th? southeast, 3* s*ll <?; will l>e sold at the low price of $17 ,5oU each, and the whole purchase inonev to remain ut? l*ond ami oiortiragre for five jear* *1 five pep cent. 5er annum, iI property i* improved aiGitfaeturliy. Apply to . C. CLINTON, 55 Liberty at. Ku>*l Nttie L^OR SALE?A WELL PAYING FURNISHED HOUSE; J? occupied li1 vear*; \* ill be Ntila cheap on account of leav lu2 the city. 85 Ea-t Broadway. FUR HALE?ON EASI 15TM ST, NEAR 20 AV.. Ex cellent three story ntid basement inch *too|? Hou?e, all improvement*. Hrouuti; lot ie?*t deep; very reason able price and term*. JA.MKS PiClCK. 200 lfll4>Wl (H. M~ UsT |iE SO LIV?A SvUKsUUr E()l'lT STORY brown stone Dwelling, tine 21.Hx NOxltlM feet, in per feet order throughout; Columbia College leasehold ;? any reasouablo offer outertaiu?d. II \V. WILLIAMS. 837 6th av. Ci*>1 IWWl ~'iD AV.. NEAR 57TH ST . FIVE STORY tj)?*X?v/ V/ V/ ? brick, 2<? fret front, all rented. tiUKGOli Jt MILLER, 3d av., cornet- 50th at. \\ ea. Sitle. FOR BALK -THE VERY DESIRABLE HOUSE NO. 82 Wot -4c.itIa st.; four atory stone, in good order : eitv terms, at market price; or will be let. Apply to W. 11. GL'.NTHMR, Jr., No. 1SI 5th av., or to K. U. LUDLOW A Co., c. 3 1'iue at. 11 LAI) T1IK si XltAY TKLEtiKAM n Contains all the news kor two cents. SALE OK LEASE?KLKUAKTLY El'UNISIIKD Jo luo: llnusa, L0 West 31,t .1. l'articulars Irum owner, on prrmi.i... LKUOKLYN PllOEEKTI FOK HALE AND TO LET. V Wgw THREE STORY ' BROWN STONE llotSE". X\. ail improvements, price $10,500; the cheapest house ?ver offered. Apply on premises. No. 38 Sterling place, near Bih av.. Brooklyn. T.J. Mt'iH YKRN. A STORE TO LET, ON GRAND ST.. WILLIAMSBURG. The old established jewelry Store No. 117 Grand at to lei or le.t?e for a term of y ears, belli}.' en ? of the heat aland-, lu ihe city, the ?.resent occupant retiring front nuaineae; will be let low to u tenant by iuqtiiriug of the owner, J. FLETCHER, No. 12tl North let it., Brooklyn, E. D. I*OK RALE?AT A BARGAIN. A TWO 8TOKY AND Base'unit brick House, coat .lining M rooms: the finest location tu Brooklyn; 20 niiitnlea by e.?ra to the ferry; only $1.<110 cash required; the balance. $4,ROD, can rauialn ou aioi l^a^e. \Udresa CLARK, ileraid office. I NO It SALE CHE \P?THE NEW KllHT CLASS br.iwn stone 11 onm*r <?n Keep st.. near Bedford av., Nineteenth ward. Brooklyn: I mute a 20x41x100, with ex tension*; ill improvement* inquire of G, F. SIMPSON, owner, on premUea, or 28 Rodney *t. I^OIt SALE OR TO LKI'-TMK FIRST CLASS BROWN ?tone II ruse No. iSh Bouuey st., Brooklyn; extra well built; locath u very desirable; rent $9UU Apply toS. Coi KCHuFf, lWij Rodney at., Brooklyn, or %r>7 Cedar at.. New York. ITloUR TWO STORY BROWN SfoNM HOUSES?ALL Improvements, lu 1st ?t , near Atti av.: price $ti,500{ ou easy terms or tent. $.50 >; also Apartment* $i2 to $15, Ap ply to BROOKLYN IMPROVEMENT COMB ANY, comer *.d *t. and ?tli a v. IJluK sale?moil smor briok house, brown ntoiio trim nun its ; all the modem improvements: 1<*? hetiruui Bedford uv.. Nineteenth ward; a splendid drive ? II the way to Prospect Para: ipiod hai|fatu, and on easy terms Address OWNER, care VV. I). Wilson A Co., 325 Peart at.. New Yoik. "POli HALE?THE CHEAPEST HOl sE IN BRuOK? U Ivn; coat $3tf),ttyi; aril I sell for $2H,0D ?; location the best in the ?Ity, on ( l.uton av.. near Lufayetto av.; house Unit story Jrown atone, t'all and secure h bargain, from l.jiii to l ::tiy F. M. only, ou J AS. A. FHllEK, 2hl Broad way, room if. IjIuR SALE?BRICK HOUSI. ROOM?. WITH BASK 1 inetit and iniproveiueuta, llousc, two stories and extension, 7 rootiu, $2. ?ts); to let, a number of new Houses, from $18 to $.*J per month. HASTINGS, SOB Broadway, opposite Uo Knln av., Brooklyn. 17*OR SALE-FINK SMALL HOUSE, VERY CHEAP; make an offer; 437 Hamilton at., ucar (Irecti av. EDJERTON, 12 East SM ft.. New York. rivo LEr-FURNlSUEU, ON CUMBERLAND ST.. HE A tween Greene and Lafuvctie ava., Bnoklyti, a neat Hirer story hitfh bascmetii brick House, with atl the ini pro<eini'tiis and in tfood order; rent amy Apply to J. DA YEN FORI' A soN,d88nudtibO lniton st., southeast corner of Portland av. 3^0 LET?FACTORY, 87X125 FEET. CORNER OF Bridge and John *ih., Brooklyn, in whole or part; 11X) horte power or lea* can be furnished. U II. BLISS, HO Wall at. T M) LET?TI1K DOCK AND Y\KD AT HIE FOOT OF North 7lh *t., Wiili^uiahurir. I? > ? by about 'AJJ f"tt. ? nitnbie for shipbuilding or hhy other i>ti*ine>* requiriu*: Vater Irouu Inquire of L. VV A 1 EBB I lit, Id Front at. 1Ui LET?FURNISHED lloCSK, 11 GARDEN PLaCB. Brookiyu Hei^tita, for six ra*'iith*: rent low to a small family. Apply to A B. DAVl.NCoUT, 307 Fulton ?,.. Brooklyn. i? 1 ()()() CASH. BALANCE LoNG MORTGAGE, will purchas* the well 1 cated, admirnbiy ar faiitt <1 two vtory basement and aub-C' liar House 237 Monro* t. threat bar rsln); or will rent. J K TOUHEY, owner. SA) Henry ?t., Brooklyn. V. KSTCIIKSTKIl COUNTY PHOPEHTY KOll SALE A\I) TO lUCNT. \ dvkktise IX Tin: evening ii.i.k.; i\ iUS MuKK Cllt' IL * HON TUaN ALL TUB J I'ilKK EVENING PAPERS CGMUIXKD. AT SKW KI.i'IIKI.LK?liOlSK. IIVKX, II AI.K AC UK. garden, IruD, filgl. grouud, Sound view. boating, Hill ing, b ulling: rci.i f.Tit). A. C. WlLMARi'tl, Sew York Post office, lourili I bo ry. At km. rin: resident m- ink late ukorub It. Jackson. ou Long Island Bound. two Dwelling*. with ? parate bams. carduns. Ac.. . ttachcil; charming locailou; ixtrcmely healthy; tine harbor lor yicht>: good fishing, tattling. Ae.: within mi U?nr of tlip elt). Photographs may HHtl >1 IIKOIlUli li. JACKSON'S SI>N'V, 1*01 Centre M. tpok'sALK iT A BARGAIN KIKsT CLASS tfOUN tr? wal in Westchester county, only u lew tnilca beyond t.ty limit.; uiuat avll. Andrea* K. K. M , box l,0t>B*.New I orb Post . ffiee. bU'KMSHED COTTAGE IX TAHItYTOWX. $7.) Phil in oitli; alio Mount Yeroan, New York or Orange, and Hlwr plaMa. A. D.VlLKY, tusiOih ajr. I I- YOL' WAXT TO HIKE Olf'pT.TtrIIASK A UoCSK I at Yonkrra, of any description, address YoL'ilANS, i oukera. I^O I.) T UK LEASE H'HXISIM.D-A COUNTRY Seat in it estcheeier eoanty. one liour troni 4;d at.*, large house, ham ami tairiag* house: plenty of fruit; tine b'ardeii and pa>iurv, luea'not very hcaltliy. a a or depot*, ihurchrs aeuouii anu stores, rent til" I per month. Ad lieaa OVA NK.-t, box I til Herald office. n hitehtu.m: phopkkty for sale TO LET. ll'IIU'l MT.XI-.. I. I H5 ..EXT. l ul'K I'OTTAtiKS. II on Ibe shore. lurnished and uuliirnlshed. flagged walks b> liapot. cue liour to Wall jt by traiu or boat; rvut fi-V> to $ I*. B. WILLI A.MS. W hlteaione. JERSEY CITY. IIOUOKKN, IIIDSOS CITY AND BEROEN RBAIj ESTATE. For Sale. EjSOR SALE OK TO LKT-RK.NT Al'Sl A YKAK-TUK alx tirat elaaa new biiek on Magnolia av., be tween Waldo and in.; built In a tlrat clam tnati trr, with ail improvements. each containing nine room*; x-ighborhnod striclty Pr?t cla.a . >>ulv a block and a half Iroin tors* car*. fare lite .ent-. term, very easy or s liberal dl? Hiunt for ca.ii; If rented will be let to tirat clam tenants inly. Far tun her Information apply to owner, P. KAUF MANS, bui der, 4 H Sevenih it.. Jersey City. PltOPKlt'TI OCT t)l? llai-- tiTV Pull SALE Oil TO UK NT. AT ASTORIA.?To KKST. Fl KN'ISIIKD OK I NKt"R niihrd, a handsome doable llouie ami Stable, with one acre of ground, well situated. Apply to JOlIX K. KEHOKD. No. 113 Howard at.. New York. A mm -SKW t'oTTAOr.. SLATS K-M)V, MARBLE MAS ? tel., hour Iroin dtv. cl.eap. UODSTOX, H l iberty. BKAl'TI ITI. VILLAGE FARM. ACRES. id Cottage; ether buildings, irui'c Ac. ; near semi nary. depot, lake : Orange county . only $4.Vli>. OLIVER. 1UJ Broadway. AHBALTIPC'L PLACE ON llil. It AX K.s t.K TBI Patsaic hlver? Is seres: plenty ot trait: brick Douse. near this city to rent, or will sell low ; also a House and barn, with i/7 lots shade trees, near depot also a rrenclt roof House, IB it aius. with all the iu ale in iin .rove qi cuts; arar two depots. In city limits; also a number of other Houses; rents low. B GfcKUE, 174 Main St., Paisrson, K. J. A^Bf f LCS111XO.?TO RIN r, A VERY N1CB UOMB stead, with two acres; others at a:l prices. Apply to sTKELE A COI1 EX. Broadway, N.w Yor*. T KL'TUKKFl'KD. X. J . II MILKS FROM SKW York (Erie llallw ayl? To rent, at #V?> * year, including sac yearly commutation, two handsome 10 room Houses, sritb lots. lOuxIDU. la choice neighborhood. For Information apply t? II. G. MKl.L. customers office, II. H. Cla.'lln A Co.'s. Hum J :?> to 11 dally VI WEST Pill I. t DKI.PHIA.?TO KFXT. H'R August and (September, double llotlt', furnished, near Exhibition; piano, oil pal.tings, sitting rcuro. parlor, library, silver, every c<m venleucs ; rcflnrd location; $1MJ per month Address ii.fstlg Race si . West Philadelphia \T A BACRIFlt K-r.Xi'F.LLKXT I A KM. 7i kCI.Kl*, 4 miles irom Mroudiburg V> under high state ol rultl vatlou; balance heavy timber: good frame liens-, seven rooms; large new barn and numerous outbuilding*; line young orchard, abundance ol Iru.t; well watered by numer ous springs; everytning la good condition; location perioct It healthy, price, only ft'lJUH; terms, f l,?U>ea*h ; hsluniv, f5t?J ysar.y. Address WM. l ilt I.YIl'tlOX, East Atrou tshorg, HANDSOME Fl IsMslIKU lloishio I.KI~IX Fbithing. all Iraprotemente. A; ply too. \\ PITNEY. ?uadav. AMMBUI CAHH. Utl.ANi'r. TO >i | i r':. x. ii y e House, it rooms : water, gas. range, furnace .,. lu ly papered end painted; Ffiibing, near dem-t; i.ico it.XU WILLIAM LKAYirr. owner. lOPii.eet. "l c6TlA?ih. PERFECT t.KYI. NKAK NDKTII sltoKK, A K. I.; two lots, two story attic and cellar, l.ult, flowera, td.jOU; terms easy. DaIIHIN, X> Broad A' ? KLBOAXT RI-.slDKXbxf sTATEX ISLAND. ALL ? tu.pruvein.-ni*, six acres, beauiitully laid ?ml: porter s lodge; cost $4<j.C?JD. (ltt.000; tonus easy to close estate. DAKR1X. .Vi Broad. AKGAlXI W< i SI oK V t OTr.Vi.l-. DXF. ACRE"; Bne view of Hie .K-ean . tsarrets-.n station. Btaten Is and Railroad . cost #?. sell for pJ.lAAi; half mortgage. S K. Brick, stei i< ton. > I. C4UKAP RfcX^L- HUlSK ASD III 11KE At KE.s llvl, / House and seven acres I.tA) a rear, near Monte air; two liouaes at Passaic veiy cheap IIENKY PI.AtiET. .'IB (irutr e:.. Jersey Cut CIOUXTRY IIOl'BKS IN ALL LDtfATlDVS v.XD OF / oil doerribliens. Iurni?he?i and anrHml?h#d. to rent. JtillN S. EWEN. JB Nassau at., room 17. N. B.?House* wasted. CVOI'NTKY KKlilOENCK, FCKMBilKD Tt> KEN I? AT j Peeasklll. rent reasonable; house is well located lor genllemaa'e reaideac# or b arding place ; contain* I"? rooms, with modern improveinents. and liable: live mitiutes ride from depot. Apply H. A. t'L ETIb, i I ? W .tl st. /lUTrillk u.i .iKAX'.r. MOLNIA1N iii.Al Tlr'l L local ion; star depot; cheap rent te desirable larnlly. Address BADi.hl.. Wyoming, ?? J. SWrrAtfik' lO JUtXT?AT ?l MMl f. ,V J ; IthNT BIfaif large gardea. irult and shruhoery. two mttiuies walk liwm depot. laaulre af lliOMAa koUAl, with I. 1), kiei i^B, Bat ?InkBii ?*-. Xtv VwrL PROPERTY ?VT OF TIIK CITY FOR BALK OR TO KEM. /luTTt'it, ORANdK. RETAINING WING *OB ( / mVlniill* ol tbr.a: l?t Main I'art. Mv*n email family. plaiuiy lurui.hed, y bV'kM' ' ItsVeaa'"??* F.,R SA LK -X E A K _ M hTCCHkx7 IA KM K??B SALE?Nr. A K HHLUU.V uiiiribf IVan-rlttuU Kauri au; 71 Airri; Wirbli mi* Iti't lrult; dwelling. bar... .tab:., 4c.; *..AW; term. | Uwuvr, Il>. W#?l Amli ?t. ,v K1V MIX! fiil PltoM . O V .nSK UKMl.hSrK. I* burn. gaidcu. trull. Ac.; rent luw. WILLIA* i. uai. ltxt Womter ??. - 1 M ItXlSllKD ? OTTAGK Ti i UKM ?S MONTIls, N I.At. r Delaware. Water Gap, If Toonta. 4 aerea. fn?ll ana cow . rU" per mouth. W PlKKKliN^ha.l Htruudeburg, ra. DO . s.VLi. OK ro LBvsi.?-1l.DislDE A t "IM Ij?Y r Seat, near Nyaek. one hoar from Xa ? \ ork. in altuatlnu. commanding a river vie* ???*'* "j in extent, which ca . ueve. be .ctru. led by other M"'"""**' I trum natural dnlnage la oerleclly haalthv and eiHire ? trout chill. and leter; no place anionic the BerW-hlw IIIIU can .urpa-a H in > eaoty and health; the tin: It romiie. i? well built lor n ro-ide .eo li. aunnier K it jriulor; an unlailintf eupply ol pare water In the home . the lawn. gulden and plea.ure ground. are e.|Ual to all} "? *'{? IIutlxoii tlie nlHCf Iviutf in * v*lley contain, about '.'<) acre., and la entirely prot^d Irom north winda by a .pur the m uiiiaiii belo.ntuut to ?ho property, heavily wooded to the .uiuinlt; Irmla lu great varieti. in lull bearing; Hardener', c ittajre; large barn aud p. ullry h tie. v.Mi .** ?<>v "J I !'.???; oflue. > ?? i;ni; SAI.K -AT A BARGAIN. A NICK fLACK OK ?? I* nerve, on let and. US mile, by rat from eit> . two ?tory frame home and wl-g. IS room, and mauy; iu-*rly new; wood bar*: locaiion v?ry Miriiihr *??d*u*uf, ale., two bariu.. of iil-.ut .VI and WO aero, each . asm* cl?. Iiiiildinir; ?b within live minute, walk depot. v* 0 ttrTy .ST gue ?t . Brooklyn. TOOK SAI.K-OI KAS HOUSE, t'Al'B MAY, V J.S T ti rat claw lainlly hotel ; accommodation lir d.S fueat. two hour, from Philadelphia. AddreaePAVib 4 ?IM? fON. ; 711 Walnut at.. I'Ulladalpuln. * Ir^ ir')'; saI.K 'III 'I'D ll.r IN (.'ISIIKN. dKAN'i' T county. N. Y.-A hue Ite.iduuce. eontaluiuif U rooin^ ball,. Ac.; water In hou.e; l- ? acre, of 1 fruit; barn ; very healthy ; two hour. Iron. New t ork by brio Hallway Ave miuutea'walk from depot; price to suit the time* Apply to W. C. MKdWN. L nited state, fcxprea. ! olhce, ho liruadwav. lliilt S VI E Di; TD KKNT? AT DANHUKV. t.'OSN., A b rtuVllouer. in a con.uia.idinit .nd healtljy o'eD^'. Willi water and t?. ; a Itr.lcla.e barn, thr? ? acre, of sr..und. with choice.! fruit tree., vine., 4Cj. aH hiJneal alateol cultivation; 1. inlnutra from dopota. liiaiioai .laie <;has. W. MKltttlTT. Dunbury. t onn. Ttnit i'km -at ikna' I.Y. NdKTHKBN KAILKOAP F Of Sew Jeraay Hou.e contain.OH It room., with 1' or New ler.ay iiou.e .7". . j|t kitchen end Ikundry. ti.ply on the preiulaoa, or to AMI UKi. UUhEN. I'd1.) Hroiidwai, Now 1 orfc "I.nok KENT Dl HIND rHE i'KNTKNNIAL ShAMiN F furimhed HeVd'-nee. with aide yard;,; lent neiHhborliood; ea-y a re?. to the Centaiiuial Bulldlt g . rah...: JI..VI par Addra.a r~ K .SIGH i. 1,&3U Nvrlli ilHh , 1 hl|? S"l IVitllD J RXXKIiL HlAb ESTATE bbokkr, (i VinSu'i What.. I'hlladelpliia. Pa?Ke?l brt?? all part, of the United Slate, .old and ex. hanHed Bull i i?H I-oia lor .ale at Kcuilworth. V J oP!?;?'i? P''il,<la pliin. I,.Vei Acre, uea I'm kerloii. N .1.. at ?-? per_acre. UOTKL IX ATLANTIC CITY. X 1 , AI A KARtJAlN, 4 . roolua; furnlahad: oppo.lto I nlted >taloa llolel, known a. "Ucud llouio." f. HAY, -h south Jd at.. I'hiiiiJellihiA. _ MONTI" LAI I'.?OltANUE .Mill NTAIN. I Nsl It I: AsSEU tor health; llouwi* lurniahed and unfurnlahed. ilntVE A i'AUSONS. 7t> t'edar >t. and Montclalr. -aroNTOLAliC N. J.. HHHIT MINUTES 1'HOM PK JV1 not.?Ilnii'laoine Hon-.e, ten room., bathroom, eonaer vatory, bam. fruit; all in eomplute order; rent $tk*i ner iin liniit al?" furnl.heil Uouee, H room.; $1 ,d<A). Addrees B. W . box Poat i.nice. Now Yora. ___ X"Bw HIUtillTDN. ?TO LET BELMONT HAUL; JN room., in pood order fronting Die^ _ xfiw ItH1CII I'lN ? Kt'i XI .IIKD, TWO Eahoe, i rk olegnut IMaeea. rtable*. groiiiula water : lorui.lied and unlurnlaheit Cottagee and ?.t * rente redaeod W. A. COLLIN It. ?i fine at. / YRANUB.?POUB MINUTES' WALK KKOM BRICK V I t Imreli stallon. a eoiuinodioua double Hou.e. wllh KX ten.ii ti . veu l.ige nedroom.; bath; htrnece; a nmleiit ? water; drainage perfoet; iieinhhurliood unexrepiiouablo. Urn garden; excellent .table,-lib three .tall., hou.e . nerfuct order; rent *1.0 *?; three year.' loa.e. Apply U> ^1 r. l.OKD. Waaltlngton etreel Urick church, or iau Duano 1 at.. New York. . : TviUXUK. N J -KENT H'HSISllUD liPTrAtSK \t UfNlcteocc: ulue rmims; p?rfkct ordor; excelltnl locii tion;onatklrS acre ^^^TaU.IS. ;k. Pint it. 1 >i, 11 Ni'lKI.I'. N .1- TII LET, POB HVK MONTHS L or a year, a furiil.hed Hou.e ; nine room.. bathriHMi and Iauv 'rv; ten minute, trom depot. Addra.a DAt N Ell, box j Mr.' Pi'.t olhce, l'iainlieUI, S. J. OTAMKOKIh?KUHNISliKD OOTTAOK. WITH TW ? S Hi re, of verv h.ndtwime gronnd.; will let lor ? x month, or vear; fully luruiMiad; al?o tcu other luruuhed Uou??. 110BVaill). Town Hall. Staraford. _ ___ npj BNPin t'DTr.SiiiKS. hotki.s. stoiikh axp kes it ta i rant, i.t SiuibriKhl Monmouth Buarh. lame Branch ? ori a.bnrv I'ark to let; all price.; alv< Plot, and 1-urni. ? fVr..U A OPD toW ML A N ?. Eaat Long Branch. Boat oil ice box IS. OMALL COTTAHB. POB THE SUMMER SEASON. near Port S. containing aix room.. P?rtlv turnl.hed; H"od piano; $'J" (,-r tuoutli. Addreaa box ?>. H | 1'ovt olllce. fort Richmond, s I. ^ I OTAMKORP.?A GENTLEMAN'S BLACK; LARGE j 0 liou.c. atahle. rardena. lawna, hlirh ground. Sua vlowa; ? reul tor .uintncr lil.3(K*; prtcc I-H.UHl rem uu. y\. HUBBKT. 14R Broadway, Ntw Tor*. ; I oit?Ne oorra<ik7?"si>utks kkdm cuameers | I O at., fttrnlahad or uiilhrnlahed; modern Improve mania; groundp *??d *ubl?; jrwer or ?en?oti. Addrrtt J. U. BOLLCK, . box i/>75 I'oRtoftlcr. mo t.KT YKliY LilW?TWO ODTTAUKS. at RtlSELLE. I 1 N. j.. near the detxit. Apply to B. PONaLP 4 LO., 81 . ftinklbtii.. NawYork. fPO LKT?AT tlUKKNVILLK, 510 MINTTK< I'HOM I New York via New Jer-ry Central Kailroad. de.irable ! Ilon.ea, in perfect order, with Harden;|oeatlon Hood ;retit , I low to rcuponitble pnrtlfi. corner ol Ttanforth und Kprircn *v^. j mn li:i' CI KATKNSWOob. I. L.THEKK HODS Eg, ! 1 rt told room.; uiuple nroniid.. B-'tninutea by hor.e cMra from terrte., will be rented l"W to de.irable l.nanu Apply to .1. It. HOPKINS. Kavenawuod, or at Olobe Life i Insurance t'onitmny. .'Ii7 Broailway. mo'l.l T-tr I' TOX. STAThN ISLANP. TKN MIN- i 1 1 lite.1 walk trom landlnH, a double honae. altuated on . ! higli ground, overlooking the Bar with two acrot if lawn , i and ?liade troea; la room, and well caleulated lor twoamall Umt'lea Appl; to LEVI COOK. US Broadway. lu. rfni let?south obanYib. MOUNTAN SIPB. V 1 larite manaioti. all iiuproeeuienla; 111 aerea, large gar dm aervantC hoa.e; apleodtd view. Will be put lu per'ect I order and rented very cheap for one or more T*?" I to II. B. KltiilS. ISO Kroat at.. New York, or to SMITH X LU.M. rout'.i orange. X. J. rtfio I.MI IN I'll I I.Al' E LB IIIA?A ..AKliE Ihl'tL 1 Unit, with IS large hot and eold water, gaa. bath and ? aurcloaet; largo kitchen, d.ningrtswn and purlor:new carpal a and new walnut furniture tbronvnont; location Tour block, from Mb and Cheunat at*.; ?lx llnea ..f rlreet rara r>... ice !oiu?o every law luinute*. direct to the t enlen nal gruimda; a tine opportunity b r eotne foreign or State Cora ml.aion. Addreaa C. J. WAKHEN. Marclianu' Hotel, S PhiUd?lphiiu . mo LET BO It ON E OR MOKE VbaES?THE COT 1 tage and Ground, of Philip Behnylir. Kwj.. altuated on I the lludion Hirer, midway between Pobb a ferry and , Irrlngton ; ho?M ^"^'-"?'/.^'VtoYLK. 37 Wall at. fllO LET?A FURNISHED HOUSE IN UERMANTOWN I il'hlladelt.lila), f..r J nne. July ana Auguet next aiPpa) per month ; pleaaantly a.tnated. within . minute, walk of depot train, runningd.rurt to C nUnnl.l gwunda; unev coiitional reference, reuuired. Addra.a SHEARMAN. UUo Arc!, .t,, Philadelphia. Pa fno LET-IN r?IK TOWN OK HUNTING TON. U I.. A 1 good Store, centrally located. at the corner of Mnil. and Well e# : Nofeet de*p lij 14 ?idv. lolly ceiling - admirably suited for a good fancy dry good* *>r for * clothing store; iis piunnii 'ot lcad'.ne position, however, (five* it advantage# for .my Untitles* ; to a responsible party will ho let at the v#rv h?w rent of ilfX). Apply to JOHN LOCK ITT A CO., 184 Fulton it, Brooklyn, or on the prendre*. fp LKT?Kl'RNISIITI) IIOl'rtE, 14 ROOMS. MK*T port 1'loin held; a year. Add res# KVAN JONKS, 1'iahificM, N. J. ? rpo LET IN PASSAIC, N. J -A HANDSOME GOTHIC 1 College remaining 10 room*. hath room, range. heel ers. Ac.; I* a brut corner, surrounded by rh*de and fioil tree# and flowering thrub#; stable room for two horse# end one carriage, it needed: time Iroiu Now York 4*> minute#. Inquire of owner. 311 Union square. J T. BURN*. rp6 LET FURNISHED <>14 UNFURNISHED?MANSION 1 House. 14 nmms, 5 seres of Isn't, shade and trull trees, on southern Railroad of Lota* UUn i, H i minutes from New \ Ork. A. RAPKLYK, lid Willi etc #t., New York. TO HUNT?AT FLUSHING, L. I., FOR JUNK. JULY end August, s well end completely furnished House (10 rootus). to s lami.v of adults* relit very moderate. Ad dress hoi lf*H Post office, Flo shine mo RENT FOR THE Sl'MMKH-A FURNISHED 1 House and Stable, new. with gas, bath, Ac., pleasantly located, at M iddletown, Uonn.; references required. Address lurk bo* II* Poet office. Mid lietowu, t onn. rpo KENT. Ft KM'tlED. AT LAKE MAllOP AC?THE X Kaufman Man* on and Ground*; the h.?u?e contains 14 moms, and has all ni."lcrn Improvements, stable, carriage house. Ac ; six acres ut latHl; situated mi the lake shore, between the hotel# lll'MKH MORGAN. No. 2 Piue #t. mo RUNT?AT CRAN FORD, N J. (ON CENTRAL Raiiroad), No tin mi m? from the city, a de?irahle modern Cottage, with ample grounds: pleasantly located and ton* lenient to the depot; rent very low. Address A. H. H., box l9UB7 Post office. New York. rpo m:NT For iii;: .m mm kr-cuitagk. at far X ltockaway, near the beach and convenient to railroad depots; contains 1 < mom#, independent ??? kit hen. laundry nnd servant#' apartments; hou?c thoroughly iiirnished: well shaded lawn: Urge ham; Ic house mied with ice. Apply to WILLIAM M LEWIS. IWW Broadway. 1 ?) HOUSES FOR >ALK?ON ?Til AY.. A8TORIA J mm L it-g Island Cite), verv . evirable and chean. and on ??asy tt nns. on plots of I lt lot* each . price from $J,.V*> to Bd.?Mi each ; a free commutation ticket for oae year to and Ifoii? New York by I oat will be given to each put vitas* r i f ? house Inquire of A. A W If. JACKsON, Grand si., Brooklyn. K. D. ; CM 4 It LBN C. IIOWLI.L, Superititetiiient. r>u pr? inises, or oaMUEL C. JACKllON, L*o Broadway, New York. 200 MAKYl.A.YI) karma kok sal# HV \t 11.. MaM > R1POR1.T. Urr?n?#oroitKh, M.t $.>00 A YKA# A HOC MS. 10 MO<)#8, ?labia, un, aero ol ?r..u?4. ? Hunted i' i' hill, 10 minnWt friiin d*p?l. *t Rtntlon, flgM r *i oi. Si.ri rrii H.iii. ?.| ..f N?w Jarwjr. Addrrm nW.NKH. t...* 171 HrrM .iflW (&y00 J/:K acm# y<>? ackkm or laxd * til i .iii-. uartlv In ?illai:r of .Ml. Varan nilii iirs truui (Irani! t .'iiirtri 1A.hlrr.s JOil.V W. ( llBI'KN. Vt \cri.oti. X V ^?7 * n KhXl AI MO.VritOSK. .V J. tUkL ?? I ?M? l.n,v.?.Ln? MVnlini Kalir.'?.l'. i..r ? ??r? il u?s t.. I.'.t Htul t.l ffRiir; t.u? lucntlun. Applrlo t A. RStCWKR, Jr , )U Brnidwt; UK A I. liXTATlC TO SXtliOfSB. ? rinAt < i.*? nkw rtvi. srouv irft>Rfc ox . V Kr..?<lw?y. n.?f Si. i . rxchan^r for nihar I'rup ? rtj. trtly or c.taniry) nnj wt-i- . nth S >I.. ? A N, 31 l.a.t 17th M. ESXCMAXOK-OXK Ot nir. lltNIMiiXK.r I'LaCKA j Iii W..t 'iir.t.r < ur.iy,-j itr.1, .v.r. tin fit.' cnntpl.t.; Want l??r?l?rjr l.r rn tt. t* .'.*<? In,>t or ni..r*. i ? . ai.i.ui fti.UJit wi-l ?td? pn- ?rr?.| aiKKK I t'O., ..A Lilarifit. FU'rmmTko iitiink, :jh ka.m mm ~m~ hik kx ch tniff ; tuinr rri|iilmlIimiIm hr YhiImm. L^OM SALE OR KXt'ltAXlIK?A COrT.OK lloft-K I . t i?r*? .in ,.r l.anU. with Mnbl*. >itnai..| in Nrtckt wll! *?ll ctipap uf c*eha ..;? for S?m York or Hr..,tklyu I'rju ?tt). ASdrwM it., Iwi l.iW l*wftt otto,, A,w Yarn. II10 V L. ESTATE TO EXCHANGE. | "L"UK s.W.E Hit KXCII WOE?ONE OK TI1K MOST 1 " beautifully located an.I haalttn plnrea nu the Hudaoa River; it contaloa between >ix MSwrrn arrea of tin* land, ! attuned upon uae of tlie beat ridgeaid Weatebettar county, alth very rxtensieo riowa ia all direction.; the building* , Conei-tnir of large convenient houae, cuttage. atable*. Ac., am* greu ill are In perfect order: mi the l.iaii are ornumen t il 1 ree>and ahrube. anil in the garden choice fruit: it ?? one hoar > role from Nee York lor lln l-oii iliver liatlroid. alao by-trauiboat; Would be exchanged lor .leairable improve I Near York city or Brooklyn Kro erty : price moderate. Fur all the part leal are it fl> to A. n. ItllllAHDa. owner, No. 7 ( College place. New \ork. fTHIK MOST DESl UAllLK AND EXTENSIVE KKS1 deuce. aituate.i in the very heart of Now Haven, tor i.ilr or exchange mi exceedingly favorable term* anil price; I'j arret ul ground. Hue iiarn, hennery, gardener'a houae. grapcric*, kc. Aildreat P. H. 0., owner. Aator limine. X. Y. T O KXt'll WOK POil 1MPKOVKO REAL ESTATE OH near he Lota, free, for etock of Mercheadlae. #10.1*10. JORALKMoN. 1.387 Hmn.lway. " ltEAI. ESTATE WASTED. House wasted to pcrciiask-at x**vfl|cn6. Poug Woepale. Tarrytowa or Yeokem: modern limiar. with coach houae and one or more arret of gmiliaria: rleor viea-, an I within I nu iitilea tat Poll other Adiirox. with lull iteacription and l..?c?t prion. LLEWELLYN. herald MM, TO LET KOR lllKIXKh!) PITIHMES BENNETT bcilmmo. Ki reproof. Located on, Ann and Pulton ate Flrat Floor to let. unliable for baukora. lueur ,nce oftieea or lawyera. Will be let to.'etbvr or in pirtt; be altered to ault teiianta If denlrod; advptoii lor office* or atorce. Heiitotiable rente Alto totne elk-Ode Law Office to let. APPLY OS Til K PREMISES. Take the elevator. Inquire lor janitor. LIGHT OFFICE. FURNISHED or UNFURNISHED, to rent very low. J. S. It 1 lit H. 37 Maiden lane. * FIXE L.tHiiK STORE aNDiHAHKM EXT, Ij0#8 3D JV ?v.. between'Hth and 06th >t?. eultalile for nltno.t any butlneaa, to rent cheap. JAS. II W.tTr KLOW, 881 t'.th av ?FLOORS TO LET. S0XU0. KITTED UP FOR l. printera; ate am poaer, Ac. J. II AULKNHKKK, 3tl | i k row. t ?TO LET?TWO STORKS OX I HE WE-T SIHK OF JV. 3d av., in the be.t huatnvaa of the city. For par ticulnrt ini|iiire uorthweat comer 3d av. and slat at. A?TO LET. ROOMS OS SECOND AND THIRD . floor*, 33 I'ulon vjuAre. Broailu ay vide, for atudioa or light bualneaa purpmtce. A -bOFMfS LET. WITH POWER: MB WEST II III ox. at ; excellent light; (pxl entruueo; new building. A WkLiT LOCATED Ouiuil STORE AND BASK .V menl on lltk >tr.; ?? o lull aixe itialde Store; both heated by afcarn. J. A. II AY, 097 3tti ae.; or C. T. BAR X'hY PC! Broadway. SPLENDID OF'FIC T i~LET. SUITABLE FOR A dl ooctnr. Apply at Id'-' Weal .'ITth at. A FIRST CLASH PLATE OLASs STORE. ON MI'R J\ ray llill oluck. 3d av., 3l)th and 37th eta ; Ml feet deep; good chance lor hardware DUX KIN, -V>4 3d av. Broadway corner store and rooms to let. at 8|u Broadway; four -lory liouao and Stora 4s hunt 13th at.; rent low. Apply ill 48. Blacksmith and wheelwright shop and Stable to rent.?Brick Building. Id V entry at., about 70 foot deep; alalia lu baaeiiiont for 10 or It! boraei; low rent. JAMES PRICE, 200 lludaon at. Double stork-xi and xi bkidok st.. adjoin Ing Broad, to let lor auy heavy buaipca*. Apply at 08 Broad at. LUCTOKY. REAR OF 317 WEST 3BTU ST.. 00X135 L feet; four atoriea. atrong mid light; rent ?r tale. PARTRIDGE. 130 Broad at. Finely lighted floor, mxao. desirably eo rated oppoalte Citv Ilall, to let cheap. Inquire lu ....... W? "Jl U, fitUWT CLass SEW M'ijKKS aM> XX)ITS ON FUL UIU tml Ann it>.. erected on tlio ilto of the old North Dutch church, between Nui.m and William ?ti.. ?u lea.u for h term ufyeari. M. A.J. LYNCH A Wffl, II# JEWELLERS. TAILORS. CONFECTIONERS. FANCY gootli or other* uru Invited t" < XHrn 1II* St.>r? 360 'hi :t?.; very low rent. SAMUEL KILPATItlCK. 340 3d av. 3 of is and basement to xjbt?Low rent to J co,mi party, hi Barclay at. Large store on ?5th ' a~v7.~~ i-.x-'.," with Kucmont, $ 1,000; othera. HJO-). fttfl. S7MJ, f ISO J. EDGAR LKAYCRAH". 702 Hth ?v. IOW RKNT?NKAK J EFFKRSI?N MARKET?SB J liraenwtch *v.?Home and store, newly painted; Men morning.: po.aanlon initueillutcly. CTKAM POWER?1 TO .VI IIOKsE. WITH BASEMENT O mid Kim l'li?r, JjtlHH; MtrMee on Centre end Kim ?te.; al.o under llooma. IS. K. I1ALL, 1ST Elm it. c*tkam puwkr-fivk floors, mix-** to let-. i light on all lidci. GEORGE SIKMKR, No. H30 Writ ; oth it. otkam power to let?whole building-, two O extra Ur,c Ficon, ?Im> am nil Hoonn: wry high gruun I floor: r-tit free to Mav 1. ISO Went 27til it. (STORES TO KENT?tl7 AND OS PARK PLAGE, WITH O cellar ami But lolk. 4'ix80: would he divined. Store mid Cellar. US Warreu it.; Storei. U>l Barclay it.. 472 Greeua ich it.; Upper Lofta, 27 Barclay it.. 25xllt4: rent low. Apply to GEORGE VV. WELSH, 233 Oreenwtch it. STOKE AND.HACK BASEMENT. 74H IITII AV.. K VST ?ide. tliree doors north 6th ev. Apply to S. HAYES, HO Went :Kith it. QTORB?ONE OF THE HANDSOMEST ON TIIE WEST i? tide o! lit! at., near GOth it.; treed bii.litoti locution: low runt J. C. WILSON, 1,437 3d iv. STORE TO LET?IN ONE OF TIIE BEST LOCATIONS on -th ev.t rent $l,2L0 n year. Apply to HARDY k CO., 3S3 Hth av. mo LET-STOIIE NO. 2.2114 3D AV , BK1WEKN IJJtp ! 1 and l'24th it*. Inquire of owner, ROBERT I. liKOvYX, 30 Xwu it, nun Ti. mol fTkst loft 47 uhpknard sr., B8TWSKN i X Krondwey and Gliurca it; r. nt #7110. fpo LET?TWO FLOORS I.N WILSON'S BUILDINOS, X corner of Fulton and Gold in.; atcam newer anil Iteat; will he divide I to itilt. JOHN T. WILSON. 73 Fulton it. rpo LET?BUILDING 2H ANN ST.. ALTERED TO X lull tenanti. Apply to janitor Bennett Building;. Ann. Naiiau and l-ullon Ma. fpo LET?A_ FINK STORE. WITH SCHCKLL tR. 25X |i?l feet. In 3d av., between 17th and ISth iti.. for a I uf two yrari. Iin or at 213 Kait f>4th at.. term nftwoycari. luqairr at Nn. av., near Itith it., at.. Joi n Krrii' brewery. r|tO LET?MAY I, ON MODERATE TERMS To A OOOD tenant, the St< r - 31 Meedimcal it., corner of Charlton ?t.; excellent location for e druggnt. Apply at 72 West 11Kb it. 410. In glau More 8 ail! lie >old ?I renlnd to a careM. unall private lainilv for #2 O per month. Apply to Mr. STERLING, No. 4 tire at J Met 'O I.KT-FU KNlSUEI) HOl sK; llEAI TIFUL LO ? i...,. vetneut: ptr.cct order; partially rPO EKT-HRNlM X tloii: eiery Itunl Milted: hetvcrit .ah i ?nd >'*h evi ; #1.4 JA Apply to owl W est Mill ti. A rpo LET-VERY LOW. IN WEST 21ST ST., FLOORS X lii fectory, .'Slx.'si. larxo yard. Ac., tor any mechanical purpose. 323 West 20tn It., executor. rpo LKT-THR TWO LARGE WELL, I.IOIITED X Floori. Thiol and Funrtb, with iteem pew##, m build Ids 343 and 34 - 'Vet 21 it it.. Srixil I lect; pom i>,lon Mav I. THORNTON M. IIUHMO. IL al Eilalc A?enl, 0141 Broadway, coiner tth iL rpo LET?AT 3H ULEKCKKK ST., NEAR BROADWAY, X large well lighted Store, with ihov wlnduw. Inquire on premtiei. fpo LET?STOKE AND ROOMS. WITH GAS AND X wnlcr; very cheap rent. Inquire on the prtmiiaei, 20 Vundewater it., between Frankfort and Pearl ?ti. #po LET?AT VERY LOW RENT, 41H M il AV., A FINE X Store, with plato glan window ; ilzo 2<)a72. Apply at TO LET?AT NO. 21*1 7TII AV., sTOKK AXI) M.VSE ment. citahli<hed ai cigar buiineea 2<)yeBr?; beet t.u-l DCM locality; rent inn derate. Apply nl No. i:<3 Kait 30th at. rpt) LKT?FOR CIGARS OR CIGAR AND SAMPLE X room; Flxturai lor tale cheap lor caih; iplcndttl loca tion. louihwcil corner 3lit it. and Broadway. rpo "LET-TUB ELEGANT NEW SHIRK. No" tM 1 and 2H3 tkli av , aecoti 1 door above Khricn'i; dlmcn Itona. :oii 111 i Icet; plate gla?v tront 3>< feet In height. Apply to 1). N. sIlAW, 3d Liberty it rpo RENT?THE STORE. BASEMENT AND LOFTS OF X No. 37 Jotm it., to ye tune or ivparately. Apply to E. H LUDLOW A CO.. No. t Pine it. fpo RENT Foil BUSINESS PURPOSES?FIRST FLOOR X over It ore 7HJ Broadway, and nue llooiu on third floor; rent aikrd, F7m. L J. CARPENTER, 20 3d a?. iBible Ilouae). Til AV., CORNER >??rII ST.; CHATHAM s^UaRE, corn r Kait Broadway, and L>2 South it., to leave. 7 <,T" AV.?STORK TO LET; IMMEDIATE POS UC I lemon; pood locution for my buiine*i; hui hern occupied ai a rcitaurbit; would rent It luruuhed if de atrwu. mVKLLINU HOXSKS TO UE'l. K II I'll lull ?wl. V PARTY OWNING THEIR HOUSE WOULD LIKE I ? arrauyr witti a itrl tly private lamlly to take the houie and hoard them Iu pari payment. 113 We it 44 th it. t DVEKTIsK IN 11IK EVENING TELE..RAM-IT XV. II AS MtiRK CIRCULATION THAN ALL THE utiikk sykmxu papers cumrineo. IT REDOCBO RENTALS-ABOUT 230 llofSKS. 2L luri.lih.d and anluriilihcd. to let. mil I iti free on ap-' piicntiou. IIg.MKI; MOHGaN. No 2 Pine It. \ FULLY FURNISHED FULL SUED HIGH sTUOP XjL brown itone I iwclliuq, convenient to Union tquarr; rent ?ul? #2._HJ; IStn It. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 33 Eait 17th it. or No. 4 Pine it I*OR RKXT-aWEEL FURNISHED IIOUSK ix "piiTl! ailelpbia, 12 rivinn. iiiodern onv, centrally located on route nl car? to Cent-nnlal ground!. uru of china, linen, Ac , from June I tnUosMr. For turtlier particuUri mp y at No. 11 1 Broadway, New York, room Cot, or addrou I.. S. ,t VI . IIP Nortli 4th It.. Phila lclphLi rpt) LKI-A PRETTY COTTAGE. NINE ROOMS; X neatly furnlehed. (ai and datum complete; !*> nilu utei Irmn 42d it , New llaven ceri. the Itioil chaitnuig ud lu iltliv I nalHMi In thil lountrt : directly on tlioxi md: ip.ciiiiid bathing, heating wild flililng; rent, $?3U. Inquire at 130 Ea?l 31 it it. m<) LET. M RMhKLD-AT AUDUBON I'aRK, THIS X cltv large doulUe llouie, with itwble t thi? property It on the u'll.on E ver, and Decuple, the entire block.between IVith and l.Vuli ?t-. Apply to I'KfEIt CAulKK. 3.*) Br' COLEMAN BENEDICT, It ltroa.1 n., Execu rpo lkt-an klkgaNtLY fuknisukd house, ix 1 Leung ion av , betwt en R d end ?;t i ita.; three .torlt i. becemint and ieb-cellar; built for the owner; 'J(ivV;?a'i; I II III a ll llill t|. IT No. s WEST -JSTfl ST.-FOUR STORY BROWN . V ttone l.ugliih beiement. App.y to owner, 1M Waver ley place. t cilolt e riii:EK stoHY BRICK house?KxcKL 2k lent nctghlmrhood. near Rneedwey; perfect order; H.hjt', elae leer et< r.i br??u il?ui>; ei.jlii. .ame localltv. Tul lfcit MKOI ItEK.a, No 4 Warren at. V?ltl LI.T. THE DnSlRABLE THREE STORY I NI > ? attic high it nop brown itone front llouic No. .'k'ai W e,t ?Jii.h ? turnece. ihaunelleri and all undent Improvementt; in the vicinity oi the Epl.copal College. Apply to eitate of D A Cuihnian, 173 Oth ?v . near 2tHii - KKIHTEO RENT? 11'? AN i li*i Lr.XINGTON AV~ ;?it Eaet 2*lh. 221 Laal t2d. Jin Kait tin .ti., 21 Park J H MUX AG U AN . 4tll 4th av . corner 2Bth -l IT REDUCED KENT TO DKSI ABLE PARIY.? Four <t n brown itone Home, 4.HI ,t . near oth av. Apply to M AllW LtiV V. 77S nil. a?.. corner 44th it. FOUR STORY FRENCH BASEMENT BRICK IE me to let. 123 Kait .lilt it.; r. nl #tii. K ?LENOX HOUSE, CORNER 1.1TH ST. AND STH -Ai ?v . to lean low. Penuu? at No. 4 Pma it. and 33 Eaet 17tb it. V. E. nluVENSUX. Jr. t DWELUSO HOUSES TO LET. ? it fit nil *!*???(. AT REDUCED RKXT TO GOOD fPiNANTS? J\ East .KMIJ ?(., near (Ik 3 a b. It. M*' 1 Uuiveraity plan, corner IHIi at.. 4 ? b. b. ? jV [ Kaal .'WHli ?t . near l.e\in ,-t on av.. II i. h I. b, ? May ? Apply to ??ner, JOHN A. M ADDKN. 4?i West 30th >1. -LEXINGTON AV, XKAK 41 ST ST.. AN KLB -?\a pMiljrlMMiiMlliiin ?>!<? brown *toue Residence, fartially fumi-hcd or niiturniiUrd . r-nt low. <ibices No. 4 'la? ?t And 33 Kut lTlb at. V. K. $TKVKX>ON, Jp. small pour story house. near rourm Institute; tine order. conveuleucea; rcut uknl. ?**.?. M OH HI S, 30M East Bilt >1. ? PlltSf GLASS TOUR STORY HRllWN STONE KNG JX Itali uuaemeut at* uU 34tb at., elegantly Ireaained, r, to Ut, at radaced wuli marble h alia, Ac . in firai nU>> order, rent. Kay permit apply at 3IH West Kith at A ? REDUCE D It EN Tit?NEW, COMPLETE PRINTED .t'Ya onturulahrd li?l? ready at No. 4 Pino -t au*l .13 Eaat I7tli at. V. K STEVENSON. Jr. A ?WEST 43TII ST., :?') .-KIT PROM 6TII AV.. iV. brat rittea foui story high aiot.p l.rowti alone l>wellinir. 311x53 and bar ?indnw lor 100 tort, to let. nnltiraialiei or furnished, low, or lor sale. Office. No. 4 IM no it.. or ltd hast I7tu at. V. K STEVENSON. Jr TWO STORY AND ATTIC HKD'K HOUSE, | Charlton it.; rent low W. II. PALCOXKR A SON. 100 4th ae. \ THREE STOUV IIHill STOOP. 3U5 WEST 37TII at., ouly 4-0 ?; three alorjr hl^ atop, 33$ Weal Will at.. (I. uvi. Cottage. We.t IXMIi at., $730, and other* at low roil: fine Plata and Hl?wrs. HENRY V. ME A D. 433 Hth u?. 4 THREE STOMV ltltitl ST<TOP. 337 WKsT 34TII JX at, now being painted throughout. ready for occupa tion In a lew data. (I.INJO. HENRY V. MEAD. 433 Sth a*. AN K I.Eli A NT POUR STORY MURRAY IIII.L brown ston* Ilouaa; mantel mirrors Ac.: $3.tXXl. Apply nt |43 East 37tli at. 5 ELEGANT THREE * STORY MURRAY IIH.L A N KUUANT THREE STORY MURRAY IIH.L .V brown atone ilonac $1,400. Apply at DUNKIN'S, faftt j I d ae. t U1EAPBST "rents'IN "NEW Y (VrkT?I USD st.Thk- I \J Iweun tub and 7lh ava., B?o new. elegant f<"" >t?ry | l.rown atone Iront House*. every Improvement, ga* fixtures of the lataat pattern*, will l.o rented to ilealrable partiea at jjpeio p.?r vear and two years' lease If desired; kniy live mtn- I utes* walk from and ten minuter from 43d at. Can be j H. eu at all buttra of the dar Particulate at oltlcva of 1'Oli- i TEH A CO., 3.IX1S do av., New York. (THKAP?POUR STORY ENULISU BASEMENT HOUSE, J 3iltU at., opposite college ground*. MONTAGUE. Htli av. and-Mat at. Dwelling house to let?tiiu pour story and English basement lloua.- No. 4? West 13tli at.; In periMi order. Apply to p. P. JAMES A CO., 4"' Wall at. IP AST S3D s r. . n o /173, WK?T OP SD AV.?THREE J story high aloop basement and dry c liar brown alone llouae ; cutranee to the Park ; rent il? f J LACY, 53 H Broadway. IT AST S5TII ST.?BROWN STONE HOUSE. IN GOOD j order. No. 170; rent low to a good tenant. Apply lu GEORGE W, WELSH, 333 Greenwich at. I TOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE. WEST 431 at.. ?l.5m?: -Uitli at., Ml.Htnt; 47th ?t.. $1.$ *)'43d at.. $l.3<* <; three atory brick. Rid at., 61st at., $1,31X1; 6.dli at., $1.10U; tuaur etbera; open evenings. J. EDGAR LKaYCBaPT, 7"3 Sth av. Handsome medium sized brown stonr llouae, near l'ark av., 100 Eaat 40th it. ;$I,3U0. Apply P> owner, 143 Eaat 37th it. HOU.-E AND LOT PGR SALE. ?POUR STORY HIGH aloop brown atone Home; hardwood bniali; alae 31.3* 5<>xUK); on .TStli at., near Park; price $35,0X1; coat thi- to build liouae alone : a bargain ; open evening*. TI.MPsON A PKKT, 1,48s Broadway, near 44th at. 1ARGE LIST OK UNPURNISIJKIl HOUSES IN OF.* J tral locations; $*MX>>, W.'SXi. $-?.??*), $1 .SCO. fl.tkxl. $L$00, $1,??>, $1.11X1. $!HXi and $701) per antiuin; open evening*. TIVPSOX A PERT, 1,-lSS Broadway, near 41th at. PLEASANT HOUSES, WITH MllllkK.N IMPROVE incuts, In it goul neighborhood. near titli nv. and Blcecker st. ear linen, at low rates, to satisfactory partial. W. S. CARR, Xo. I Cottatie place. Oik THE* AUe-IMI hAMT 91 BY ST, coiKS v~ Dwelling. down to $1,11X1; 10H Kant 4dm ?t.. 316 Kail 31it ft.. 130 Kaat 57tb St., ill* Kiu.t "will St.. 138 East 50th St.. 309 Eaat 39th it., 3.Ui 3.1 at.. 330 East 33d at.. 33t? East 4kiIi si , 343 Kaat 41st at,, 31 Waal 35th at., 417 Kaat K5th at.. 331 Eaat 53tl ?t, ; last, though nut least, a very bund some House in a very preltr block. In elegant order. 45th at., between Lexington and lid a vs. Samuel Iilpatrick, 340 :m av. rpn K I)BS1HABLK FOUli STORY HIGH STOOP HOURS X 330 West 14th at., to rent, at #1,500 per annum. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO.. Xo. 3 Pine at. rnu LET?FOR, FOUR MONTHS. A CORNBB HOUSE, 1 near Cramercy Park: handsomely tarnished: enly private family need apply. Address box fl,44ti Post otlice. rpo LET X irard; T X House. 133 Wavcrly place ; has all improvement: also, the entire dwelling part of 7<l Uth av., comer of Waverly plaea, with Photograph tiallery. Keya at M. MANX'S Fashionable Tailor, 131* Waverljr place. rno"let?rfie' itankiox house ok lateiuchar? X P. Carman, at Hiirh Bridge, Now York aide, with green houses, graperies, stnhlca. boat liotiae. Ac., Ac. Inquire of JOSEPH F. OOXXEL. 14ti West 31st st.. or R. U. COMBES, 173 Broadway. rpo let?four 'story brown stoke house no. X M Weit 33d st.: elegant order, frescoed, gas fixtures, laundry. Ac | Inquire on the premises; rent. 933 03; a bar gain. . or turthcr particulars apply to U. A. PRICE. 476 ilrootne st. rpij LKT-154 wkStT.vTh sTTtiiKKTTsTORY IIIC.II X basement House: modern convonlencei; good order. Inquire at 148 West 15th at. To r.Kr-rwo^foTiY-hTuii stoop huick house; su'ecellar and all modern convenience*: garden lot ad Joining; iilHh st., north side : thirteenth house west of 10th sr.; eaav aecess by Elevated Railroad. Inquire of owner. ROBERT I. BKOWX. 30 Nassau st. KT?TWO OK TI1K BEST ilOUKSS IX TS.B MYtH rent low. Inqnlr- In 5*1 Beach sc., between Green wicli and Hudson. rito LET?TUB FOUR STORY BRICK riOCSE KO.~ 418 X E est 10th St.. three parlors deep and to be in good order; rent only $!Xr> u year: nil improvement. J. HI'.NIl AM A CO., 3ihi\Vaat 33d st. rno LKT?ATHRRK stoiiv AND Basement House. X all lntpr <veme:ite, In good neighborhood, Xo. H4II Kaat 15th st.: rent $1.41X1. Inquire after 3 I*. M. on premises. O LET?HOUSE Nil. 40 7 IT I *\7 C11~H NKR TstTi It-: contains pier and mantel mirrors; will l.e put in complete order lor a pood tenant. Apply at the office of tlie Rhine.minl-r Estate, No. 33S Urvenwicli si. rpo " LEY-rllK~HOUSK~NO. 74 CIIRMTUPIIKK 'h^.i X an open rear; Inrtre yard: resperlable nelchliorhoint; all liuproruiueuis. Inquire ol A. THOMPSON, Xo. 331 Hlcecker st. rpo LET?THREE STORY BRICK UOUBR NO. '$? X Perry St.; 13 roouis; $1,000. Apply to J0I1X ROSH, No. 58 Hih ar. TO LKT-DWKLUMO PART OK HOUSE, BROOM* and Varick sis.. 11 roorua. $55 a month, to ana or two families. l-.DML'ND II. M A KT1 XK, 1.3(11 Broadway. T" o" LET-SEVEN ROOM HOUSE. Uj" I ItlTH |T, BIO feet eaat of Broadway Boulevard, rent $3U0 per year. Apply between 10 and 3 o'clock. rpo l7K'F?SM ALL T tilt EE S ftlKT AX'TTaTTTC HOUSE' X 133 East 3,5th eh. betweeu Lexington and 4th avs.; in fine order; will he rented low ; also other small Hotisas. For permits apply at office, 1311 East 13th at. rpo I.KT CHEAP?TIIKhKSTORY BKICK UIOH X atoop House, complete order. 334 East Istli at. Apply on premises, or at room 13. I3J Naaeuu at. rpo LKT?NO. 41$ Wlilt I UTH BT.i OOOO ORDBK; X four story; rent $1* k?. No 43? West Intb st.. Third Flour, 7 rooms; all conveniences: trot rvosoneblc. J. DKXII AM A CO.. 3??l W est 33d st. rpo LET?HOUSE AND HARDEN, ItXlfll ST. 7 RKXlf, X $40 monthly; I I noma; Improvement*. Apply at TOM LlNsoX'S drug store, corner Hull av. and HXMn -t. r) LET?356 WK*T STB ST. A KOCH BtOHY END. hah basement House. 13 rooms, in good order; will be rented to i resoonsllilo party at $1,10). J DEMI v.M A CO.. J?M W'e.l 33d st. rpo iTET-UXFt RMSIIEH, TUB FOUR STOKY KNli i lisii liasement House Xo. 373 West 33d st.. between Mh and '.nil avs. . house In good order; rent $1.41X1. For per mits anply to 8. K. J A Y.Xfc, 3WI West 33d St., second door east or st a ,v. rpo I.KT UNFURNISHED?THE FOUR STORY EXO 1 Ball basement House, 111 rooms, la good order; one block from rlevated llail > ay station, Xo. 417 West 33d st. Fur permit apply to S. K. JAYXE, 3BJ Weat 3 x1 St., two doors east of sili av. rniii I ET VERY CHEAP-SMALLNEW BROWB8TOXB 1 House 134 East 84th st. Apply ou pr. iniscs or in drug a. ore. on em uer. rpo lease-three miory house and l<>t no. 1 38 Eldiidce st.; yard room 75x35 loci, with 5-fnot ailey war; icehouse In e Bar. Inquire of M.J. O'CON NELL. 31$ Eaat >34 eh rpo RENT ? 17Ml >1. sTCTVEBaXT sOUAKIH, X three story high stoop brown stone, rent tl.5isi I.. J CAR!"EN I Eil M 3d as.. Hibtc House rpo RENT. 37 WEST Tis T n i irIIRail STORY HIOH J stoop House ; Is NOW being pal In complete repair: will bo ready lor occupation May 1. Apply to HOMER MOKOAN No. 3 Pine st. rpiiREK "story iiion "stoop ukivaik" house. X except three rooms on third llmir. #sl?. 138 KastfaRh st. rpwo CORNERS UN LEXINOTuE AV.?FOUR X stories, Pl.'.Ui and 31.4t*>. on Lexiugion av. and on tiJd st., ,$s?xi lo fl.ltXJ (stone Iroutsi. Apply at 1,1X17 3d av. V1\N FUIINisHEF~FOU"r STORY HOUSE. ON "aTksi 3."'th St.. ia thorough order; part rent taken in Board by owner; privilege ol other boarders . rent low TIMI'SoX A l'c.Kl.Xii 1.4hh Broadway, near 41th st Open evenings. t) STORY AND BASEMENT COrrAtiK* IX suTII. 8I?T. aj H3d and H4th sis., troiu $.'aX> to ffaX). J. O. WILSON. 1.457 3d *r. vlTlll II srilllY IIROWx sioxe'"houses, xos. IJB wild 131 West tllst st., to let wt reduced rents. ?j st OKI' vnd~ basement hioceTall ibpuovk ej nients. So. 348 East Hrowslwav, only $UU; J story Brick, 317 Division st. only $45<i; will do anr nneded re pair*. J. li. IVllXOX. 1,4.57 3d we. (j Wash in i iton placIl near broaDwat ? <7 I liree story lirica b.vemcnt and attic, 35x55, besides laundry. Apply on tbr premises. ?JxJ EAST 7 4111 sfi?A KIRsT CLASS KoUR sTORY eJO brown stone Dwellin.'. $i|.VixliU leet; rent. $1,31X1. lor permits apply to H W. WILLIAMS. 837 Klh a? lOO WRSI 47TII ST."-? t'sPLKNIHIl TliUEB STORY J'/O brown stone Dwelling 30* alxlUD feet, iu perfect order; rent rewsouabic. B. W. WILLIAMS, 837 Kill av. ?l s?o WEST 4.VTII ST,-THREE STokT filoll Is JO stmip brick House. all tnodrru Imp-ovcmenle; un exccptlouable location : seen from J to 4; rrut, 9I.4UI. ?? ? i; v. tsT urn sr #! '?? '. 335 WKs'r StFn ST., ? "ti) f Address IIULL. 340 Hroadway. rUREE STollV ilLIH STOOP HRICK House, 13 rooms. g.aid aeighborhond. 371 35th ii? near Uth wv. WlWWl -3177 1. AS I I! * 111 sr . TH lil.KS I DRY BKOWX ?p?M/Vr. stone llowsc . will keep In good order to a good tenant. 5(Wi||"-1'Hi.KK STtiliy BRICK. 381 BAST 53D $t7; ijiM/U, all Imprnvemente; rd*r; whi let pari. Al'TllWl -llANDXOMh LITT1.K "lllloWN aTONK ?P1.17*"7. House, 3 at l^xlngton av. t4(ltb at.I; perfect order Owner, 153 East (XXh th 4ll OHO -THAT SPLENDID HIOH STOOP BROWN t?lsl7lM/. at out House In 3:>tlt st. near l.ex.ngtou av.; improvements; parted order Owner, 135 East 34th st. till liin?'W WEST 54TII ST.; 3.5 FOOT COT Jpl.IUU. tige; a bargain. V. K. STEVENSON, JR., Xo. 4 Pine and 33 Kaat I7tb st. &1 lfMl A YEAR?A PERFECT OEM.-THREE <tory high tin p brown stoae House. M per lv, I order; fine location; ruudeiti iiuproxeuienta. seeu (rum 3 te 4 o clock Apply to oauer. HXi Wert 31st ah PWEUJIC IIOLSK* TO LET. _ FuftirnUhra. SI SOD *OR T"AT 3X *tOKT HIGH STOOP ?rAjC-V/V brown nmne tr.MU llmur No :t|4 ff?M .Vth & :1- **'?' "p Apply to C. C. FOWLER, Not -fti L otun ?uuar?. n UliliiHEU lUMI.ltS AMD APARTMENTS TO LK'l. A STR,CTLY PRIVATE kamily ok two. uV uuti occupyitheir co??y m?l elegant browii stun* houst. ou <*?. of th* prettiest blocks of/Murray Hill, have . n?upe room |hnil they w?iu, would let one or two elegant , -'7?7V'a'vr'?* "?ifHu?ouin. wttnout rent. 148 hast 37th it.. uear Lexington av. A IIANDSOMK FUBNISIFeD FRONT AND HACK Parlor LIS hui 5*th at. A FEW NEWLY and ELEGANTLY FURNISHED .iugly iSs E?l uU rt**" or 4 .r."K, Kvr:M\?. tki.eouam-it ?ithki^ vvJviv?CV,.1 ;.VT 10N' T,,A* *LL T,,E <> EVENING PAPERS COMBINED. 4 -iKk!LADK KAMILV W'LL It*NT NICELY FUR SitlMth.l ? wlU*"at *?"?rd; rent moderate. HJil A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET to a RK8PON ?"'?? U'CMltMii an a t.lcaaantlv furnlehcd Room at $15 a mouth. Inquire at 253 West JOtli el. AI;An'i.K/Kr(,SI! STO|tr front room, also two hall Bedroom*. all nicely turuDlied. to let to gentle* men; term* reatoweble. .147 4th a*., near 3&th ?u A HANDSOMELY FUKNIHIIED FlOOK. hatiiroom ^.V attached, en suite or titnrly, for gentlemen or gentl?- i uiau Miid wife; .iot and cold water, plenty closets; strictly private family: first data location. No. 31.0 West 33d st*\ near Klevau-d Railroad. , ANKWLVi KlKNlSllhi) KKONT KCKIM TO LKT? Kenned> location; private family; reference required. vm hast 18th st.. near 3d sr. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET FURNISHED -Y i.oou.i at No 20| Kul 1 Til, ,t. .V , I,ill up. A 1 K\r .KLEOANTLY PUkxlgHRD Rooui, SIMILE l2ik Grand L'ulon Hotel. J Hfa IIV. lllill -I 1 M t St *al?*V at *tr ? .. .... ^ ~ I r . n???ur|ja*HJu; <?r*na li av. ami Hat at . elevator * prices moderate. /TRNTKNNIAU?TO I.KI, To GENTLEMEN AND ,/ a' .* JMM?t?M? Party, three *.11 fiiramliad lilli ?r . i ...a rdi, eojtveltlrut to ground* an.l three ?m? Addre** E. p.. Herald Philadelphia Branch TyiSIUAHLE FURNISHED ROOMS KOIl (i ENTI.KM UN SI without hoard. In first elan* house 34 Went 25th *U T)K;J'' V,n-K for?mhm> "rooms, veby comport f/|, *m# i * , . Ih ?t ? nc*r Hroadwuj, to gent lem cu, aitiiout board; tcrrus reasouablo. ^L KMSIIKi) ROOM To I.KT-AT 177 BERRY ST~, a-.-t-ond Iliior. ' F F J7CR.NISIIED RtJOMB ON BROADWAY. 1.147, NEAR I Madison square; hot and cold water; ample closets; Dalu on floor. F,L Hm?nH?P ,H,rPKR ?OOM. si" WKKKLY-UALL .1. .1 ? ?*drooin, $7; quiet house ; de- ; bhtlnl .C itl III 11 Mi ha.t l.'illi .t . n?ur I'uiuii mi'iare. hE ..III A \ . AND 14TU ST. ?A PRIVATE KAMILY WILL .it reU * v,ry Suit nl furniaheii Rnnmi. with Mth?'|V , t'Ohor together or aaiiuratelr. jio. 4 Wtot i K;) V?!i''Y ,r,K? A rLKASANT LAROE ROOM. 15th nl ''P"t ?tfc?r?. 144 Weal (I'TIJ ST., 56, JL'ST WEST OK BROADWAY?TWO b ,Mr2n<ily 'ur,l1,,"hea Jo?hle Kuunu to gentlnurii. without *ru. lite, clas* eooveniences; terms reasonable' tteur restauratits; no moving. f' ucur 9 Jf.^fi!! i"U sT -?,'l,EO ANT1.7 KL'KN'ISHED CON ?/ neitins Ronm. to li t without board . al.n .inirls Koouia: restaurant second door: no nioviug; references. 1M SKsf :,6ru, 7T-J oit'ositk ST. .iames hotel.? iI M1!. irn LC "oun," iranileman, without quired riant houao; hett rvlercncct given and re li) oVKST :l"? s,r -handsomely ku rnthhed X. J Kiioiu*. Oil aeconil and third fluort, without board, lor gentteinen of refinement only <11 WMI ?*iu NT. - KLKDAN'TLV Kl'KN'f sii K ft .?>11 Second and Third Moor., *!,I, private biMl' .o lJt to gentlemen, with or with?>ut partial board; references. * 3() Wn sr?HANItSOMKLV PrRNISHED without jfounl!" iceutlemen or Bcntleuan and wife, 31 r0,T^UaKD|,IjA,:K- NKAK blkkokkr stIZ. per week <K>IU*' ,ullable Tor gentlemen, R! 50 aud SOWERY. ONE STAIRS I P ?KIKST KLOOK to !ct, with and without fine furnishings. 177 INPUU.VMHED ROOMS A.VO APART MEATS TO LKT. A RTrfk.vtTibfsK NO. j~Sabt 151II"st'"6??r". i . . I,ffr 'arse Suit ?f Apartmenta to let. Can , " to " cl?r?. Apply to the tuperlntendeni. A KI'0"R. 5 ROOMS. IT JANEltT TO tl Vw?rVsi00r $28:a,''0,,rth K,oor- 40 Horatio St., e*., rifth rioor, $il); gnn nnd water. BUBXliAR'S. 000 lluil,on ,t. A ?rsfcXCH PLaTS TO let, m west mrrii st" j-Y. rornar limine; the fluent location and plranantoat Itoomn. To be neen from to .?>a P. M. p "A -TO LET, IX IIOU8K d07 :V|> AV., NEAR 28TU K?omJ- with water clo?ei. ga*. Ac.: three flight* up; all palotoil, rout RiR. Apply to liounekceper. A r4.K* OP DESIRABLE PRIVATE IIOCSR ^?.V*. l'.rr"P?ctable nmall family; nix roomn; use iiflaundry r?nra ' ?*' Particular* at 170, bane MCK.oyiKT BASEMENT KLOOR POR (S. AT ll? ^?e*t i!7lh nt.. to nmall family. A PARTMBNTB-jitl WEST B7TH ST. ; THREE KOOMB , V $11 and $12; flrat floor, foul Roomn, $20. ' Advertise is the evcxinu teleoram?it has MORE CIRCULATION TIlAV ALI to* O'llER EVENING PAPERS COMbixkd. k 4 1'oi'n?ENTS \ri:A VU K eORXKR PLAT: SA nine room*; nouthern cxpo.nrc: hall, newly carpeted end painted ; heated by nteain ; al.o nmaller Flat adjoining. J R. HAV . !?!?7 H,h .v.. or 0. T. ll.ARNl.Y. fltt Broadway A lower part op iiuusk 24 lkroy sr. Con. ^citeiiVrSi^rr1 reut' $38- io"u,r# ?f ?? 1 A SK<-1,,Nt) FLOOR-FIVE ROOMS; ' palntad wall, throughout; every accomuHMiatiou t in ' 7taTv. r; wi" '?""'?able. Apply ?, si? 1 A oK;fX plbasant secono floor to lktZ ?4 ktr,t F,o"r-four ro"m*- *i?i A parlor and basement floor to let?seven root",, range, hut aud oold water, nt niouary tut** aa; r?nt low ; newly painted. 444 Went 44th ?t. A -reduced FRENCH 'flaVsT" t.'j ro~~Kio LNLATS to LBT.-THRKK FIRST CLASS FLATSTO 1 let on Eant ..Id ?L ; cmitain eight room, each ; have all modern improvement,; !o ated airaoit oppo.lto Madi.ou ?quare and are very deairahl*. " ?auinou HOMER MORGAN. .No. 2 Pine nt. l^LATS AND FLOORS AND LOWER PARTS OF rent* ;"open JVSu?*n.'C,'t "* *" ?' ??iuced _? ROOAB LKATCRJIPT, 7U2 sth ??. ?LM.OORS 2-.H AND 1.2 FAST J7TII ST.?Six ROOMS ggiStT'A rfKte Ff.aa.i' ??????'* ??. fiTRrMCH FLATS?c.Kilir ROOMS, ALL TIIE IM' 1 provemant*. Mil Ea.t 14th ?t.. near 2d av ? nelirti* borlioup unnxeepliouable ; rent from $.'S) to *75 per month f AllbR, 14IMtii a?. II FLATV llOCSri NKWPOBT. BROADWAY ''?'l *!? 1 ?ill be open for iusnuctiou trorv t>vr>nlni* until 10 :dO Iroiu tlua dm* until May I. K. if AVER IjlRONT PaRT of Mcolll FLOOR?TlfRXK NfCK .-j .i!',UOm"' l" ??"'{?man and wfr* tor light lioukekoeplug 4i4 . near .tu.'i ,1. . owuer mi pr*minen. /ZtoAT REDUCTION I* RRNTS PRBNCB PLATS \J ->ix large ro?m? ; nil rnoiitrii improvements su? h us bathroom, hot and cold water, range, boiler, wanhtahn ca? chandelinn. itumb waiter, Ac., at $|M. $.di, $21 $24 nor nionib Ap(,lv at once to the Janitor. No. I 76 t n,'t 7sth *t between td and U xiiietoii av.. Can be ?een ou Sunday. ' \ l.'A APARPMRNT ROOHK?SUITS OP ROOMS I'N xl furnished, tu rent lor yenr; no kitchens reNitorntiMM p*;ly T""1 w'? flirnflih Table d ilute; <10 per week each pernon. Addre*. OWNER, box 722 Po?t IjOOMS. I vKt.K ANH SMALL, STUDIOS, OFFICES I. ut* 'unit,bed. r3o Broadway, norner 13th ?t. l.uw' Ol-.i OXO AND THIRD FLOORS, .'i* WFIsT I IT If 8T O to let. to ether or k?pnrat?lr ; pon.en.ioii liumediately"' M Heferencen"1' C",up'?,? urJ<" s,l'n IV s ^^?ATiSXDr,'WO" ,'k,-k,ve let?two PlRsjr class flats, aliT Modkrx : inly, 71 1 ?"'"awn av.. between 2oth and f|H> I.KT-LOWKB PAIIT OF FIKsT CLXSS IIOISK 1 24 j4M We?l ;l*l *t.. H rooim; all improvements; mirrors; excellent luitguoorliood. Inquiro oit premise*, of owner. rno UT-urrBR part so. 1.2:17 hroadway. $n*> _ per month ; ha?eiti#in, 40 per month; Store ?nd upper 1'ert 5D4 8th *v . $ .AOi per *uuutn ; Store 142 West **th ft Apply to 1). L. JAMKft, 1,227 Broadway or 124) t ulton it. : 111) LET?Til H Ui'PfcU PART OF HOUSE. OX 8tl? tv., 14 room*, iiour )4ih ?(. , rent low. lUXi: A 'litAY. i>'?7 Cth a v. rO i-KT-PAKT OF IIOCSK, OOXSISTIM) OF PAR lor tloor vtliree roointi, trout baromeiit and one rojin on third Hour; rent ?40. more room if required. Apply on prcmiiei. 48 Commerce at. fjpo LKT-IX TUB XR\V HUILLUXOS OX 4fU AV corner of32.1 n., twci tlr?t class desirable Mate; every convenience; At reduced rent. Apply nt 476 -4th av. riHJ LET??l EAST HTH HT? KOCR STORY 8K0W* 1 .ioo?' Dwelling . Floor* or the whom house Fur p?riuil : ?ppl) to M ECII>, ills Ka.t 4ii. ??. rpu LET?TIlK P AllLOK rt>?OK. llfcioM) rLoOR L end Basements ut hou?e .do \Ve*t 41HA it.; >11 I in provement*; rent MA per in.null ITU)JbaT-ATII VAXDAM sr., ONE OK TWO FLOORS, live room In one and tlx in the wbtt; >11 laiprevo 01 tint fpo LKT.-A SMALL KAMII.Y l'AN MAVK A PLEAS J ant and i'ii 1 HeC.ud Floor In private house, Willi owner. *1 No. Iilu mil >i;?j ,t. ; rent moderate 'jM> LEf-IS MODERN hTOOP HOC HE. W l-.hT _ Hiimikeii car. pa-* Inr door first Ha.cuienl end Fourth Mori, at Fj<> per ninutli; very healthy. Apply to ; P. aYKKH. 4'J4 Hrnnlur .1 . nenr Mrvuvdway, rpo LET?LOWKK PAlir 111 A small ukntkel 1 Kcsldvnc*. in 1 l.o Ninth ward. heluw Christopher. he Iween lli.-ecso- and 4th >t> . run. fjti per month. lot|Ulre of A. THOMPSON, No, difl Hieecker ?t. TO LF.T?TO AMERICAN FAMILY, KINK THIRD Floor. four larre, liirht room; aim. Parlor*. Bam, rlfdtoeiii*. Ac. In perfect order; Hue location; real low Apply to owner. JU7 r.a-t 4*th ?u rl.ET-A FEW DKSIRtHLU SUITS OK ROOMS, lilted Up With all appliance* and Improvement*, in large ur.t cla?? cparliu-'at building*. the public portion, ol winch are ng nab, a armed ami .-tanned by Janitor. In eon ?lant attendance. rent-, frnui tdn tn' par year. In .juire of CM tl.l.Ku C. VY cKEI.EY |<>4 Ka*t luth ft. rpo i.Kr-THK halk ok a brown btonk HoL'sk A on t(?th ??.. near Hroadaay; bnllt for two lamllle*. wlili in.Nir 1 n Improvement*; mparal* l?r each family. Inquire at dd:i M e.t ?iul; >1 ,a D FLOOR. St WKdl laTIi sr., TO LET; ?l ROOMSt lew r.ub MLKNUAM.dtW Lud.on at. U3W7RXIBHKD ROOMS AID APART* MBBTS TO LET. X |)1>umi| Rooms ut. third floor uot top floor) fur house keeping, to man and wife; prlvM bouse. Bstwsen Moc duugal and fltli a*. THIRD KLOt)K~OK FIVE~ROOM8 IN ' ~x private homo to small, quirt family. No. '353 n rat 17th at. 114. S,A!iT_a*rh rr.-Klsoant light French -ItX Mats. H aad 9 rooms; ail improvements. Iuquiro iu tuu basement. ?TU aV COKXEU"o7^?T?TitT.-KiKST FLOOR ?? -*V *? : flvo roouia, range. bath, hot and cold water; suitable lor a tirst class dressmaker. inquire lor landlady ou llral floor; rslertnces raqulrcd. o | 7 west irrii st.?"a first floor and base ? *X I meut, eight roouia; a ao tiro Itoouia. all Improve mi-iiIt. to lot. ? UUKNHAM, tbn lludaon tt._ ~ r FBRVitiisST" ~ "A -W'KEKLTaXO MONTHLY'1'A YMK>W TAKtN ,/V. for Furniture. I'arprta and Bedding at B. M. COW PEUTIIWAIT A CO.'t, 155 and 157 Chatham at. An Ini* mriu-e slock at low price*. V" ?foK MALE. AT PRIVA?fe fTEMDENCK 1JU WB8T J3d at., near tith av.. I'arlor Suit,. 14 pieces. cove re J in aatin. coat #1.0U?. for #115); ouo do.. tl'Jt; Turkish Suita flt*); rap and hair cloth Xuita. #35 aud *55; Inlaid and pill black walnut Hsdstead*. Dressing l'a?ea. Huruaua. Wash atanda. Wardrobe,, hair and spring Matlraaaaa. Diuiup Fur nlture, Extension Table Buffet, Chairs, Ac. N. H.?An el egant rosewo-k! four round Cbickering A dona Pianoforte, #.?1?i. a l-argaiu ; tuaguillc 'Ut Windsor, jntu i. coat #W.?* t UGTION BOOM8, Jit KAST 13TH KT?FURNITURE, A Carpet,. Mirror,. I'ianot, Arinolrrt, Paintings, Silver and Crockery Wih. Ac., at prirato aalu at auction price*. J HaVEN gives apecial attcntlou to aalu* at private res lilunce,. \UVhKTI8K *Tn ~ THE BYEKING TELKUKAM-IT HAS MORE CIRCULATION THAN ALL TUB OTHER KVKMNU PAPhKS COMBINED. -HANDSOME parlor and room ? Suit*. Ill crlmaon tan and allvur aatlnt, coat $Hrj and *1,100. lor $335. KH5, #175; Steinwuy Pianoforte, f'J-?>; Contra Tub!.-,. Kromua. Oil Paintings; Suita. #75, #135; Kookrnaea. Dusks. Chamber Suite, with llruaalnit Caaea. *71 upward; siugle Bedsteads. Bureaus, hair and spring Mattruaaea. Buffet, Bxtenalon Table, leather Sot. Sllvervrnre. Carpet*. Call browa atoB* private rualdence *7 Weat ltith at. A 11 RE AT VaCRIFIOB?POR SALE," THIS SATL'lI A day. ut tolj o'clock, all the Furniture of 1U rooms, at private resideuee 101 Ka?t 1 Jtli at., near -tth av. Eight Par lor suits. lit Carpet,. Pianoforte, 15 Chamber Suit*, Bed ?teada, Hurea-ia, Mattreaaea. Beddiug, Sideboard. Extontlon Table,. -'1*1 lota tbaat. Ciilua, Silver Ware T/fUKXITURK?PRIVATE it ALB: AUCTION PRICES) r ?l?o Mirror,. Paintings, Cutlery. Plated Ware. Aa. nl M. E. PAYOR'S Auction llouae. IJ Kaet 14tb at; owutri want tuonuy; pecked aud ,hipped cheap. X. B.?Beat luce. lion tor a.iU-a. private or unction ; Investigate. H* MANXES. OP :-M*y 7TH AV., PAYS THE HIGHEST ?. price lor Carpet,. Purnlture. Ac. MATTINtiSM MATTINGS!!?CLOSINGOPT TO DEAL en and families nt greet bargains for t-u*h to atakt riH,ni tor other goods. ANDREW LESTER A CO., 371 Broadway. fjMIE LEADING FURNITURE AM) CAHPKT HOUR* ^ ox tiie instalment"plan. * GEORGE A. CLARKE, 747 HKOADWA.. The high degree of perfection to which we have brought our system of payntrula enable, ua to lurniah the boat goodl ut the lone,I price, and upou the tuoat liberal term,. ZKKoT REFRIGERATOR. WITH WATER AN D WI.VE Cooler; best food end Ice keeper. Refrigerators, re paired Send for hi ck LKSLr. Y. fJH H ad 33d at. PIAJVOPOlfcTKS, OiHiAAS, daw. Am BaOkTMKNl' OP PIANOFORTES AND ORGANS, $3 to #lt> monthly lu.tultuentk. J. illDDLE. 13 Wuvurlcy place, near Broadway. \ -A.-ALL PERSONS OESIUttl'S OP PLKCHASIXd 1V? a genuine tecond hand Stelnway l'iauo are Invited to call at our warcmotus, whore a number of Stelnway Pianos, all in perfect rouuitlon and eontu nearly new. are constantly on hand; alw second hand Pianos of other maker*. Attempts are coustautly made in this city and elsewhere by iiiHkt-ra of bogus pianos and their ageula to sell their Interior instruments, hearing our name or a name spelled *o similar that many people do not notice the difforence. end purchase the spurious, worthless ius-.rument lor u genuine Meluwsv piano. If persona, before purchasing such Instru ment, will taku the number of same and call on or write to n?, it can at once be ascertained whether thu Instrument I* a genuine Stelu way piano or a fraud. STEIN WAY A BUNS, Stelnway Hall, 107 aud 111 Ka,t 14th et.. New York. POSIT1 VE"cII aNCeT^AJTEL hi) ANT CUICKEKiXti A SON'S' 7'4 octavo Piauoforte at a bargain; a brilliant toned 7^ rosewood Wludaor Pianoforte, four round, nam, ou plate. Coat il.jtv). for ?J7q; inaaer'a guarautee aud bill ol sale transferable to pttrchaaor; also Parlor, Library, Chamber and Dining Room Purnlture. Call private resi dence 130 West 33d at., near Ulh av. A ?FOP. RENT, UPRIGHT, SQUARE AMD OK AND A> l'lan"? of our owu make; also lor sal* and rem. a number of Dm- second hand Planus, iu perfect order. M ILL I AM KXAHE A CO.. No. 113 5th av.. above ltith at. "it MAGNIFICENT 7>4 OCTAVE ROSKWOOD PLANO aV for >ala. at IHlltlth av., corner .r>3d at.. In the store; rich ton*, nearly new; ball price : boat city makora and mutt b? sold. SPECIAL DPPKK POR fills MONTH.?A FIXE assortment of first class i'iau- s, all new; only need to be seen to be appreciated. The largest lnducemi-ut ever offered Iu thie elty to ttfoao desiring to get an excellent piano at manufacturer'* pi Ice*. Term* very reasonable. Every piano fnlly warranted. For further information call at ItAlXES BROS.' manufac tory. 35*1, 3.)S. 30U. 3*13, 3*14, 3ti*i, JtW, 370, 373 3d av.. corner 31at at. A FAMILY HAV1NO TW0 ELEUANT ROSKIUiOD cams Pianofortes, with all Iniprovcmcnta, full agraffe, ovrrslruug. Ac., wish to dispose ol them ; one Decker A Brother., for $.'75; one Stemway A Son,. #350; both having name in plat-, with guarantee; Stool, Cover, Box for ship ping <a sacrifice). Plea.e call at private residence. No. *7 West Hitli at., between 5th ami titn av?. A pew arion pianos.' sEi'oxrr hand, bct A equal to new, at one-third the price of now instru ments; a chance never before offered. SIMPSON 1 CO., No. 5 ha,t 1-ftb ?t. V~ dvkYtisk in the" EVENING telkgbam?11 has more cikcl'Latiox than all tub OTHER EVENING PAPERS COMBINED. A x IMMENSE STOCK <)P PIANOS AND ORGANS", JV new and second hand, best makers, extremely low tor cash, or to let until real money pays for them, as per con tract; small monthly instalment, received. IIoRacK WATERS a SON, 4&1 Broadway. bargain forX'asil?beautifolly cabvbo rosewood 7 octave Plaaoforte. $100. No. 343 ?a,l both st. ALh lady will sell cm ;krking pianukorte less than $IUO; also seven atop Organ, cabinet Ualah, great aacriflce. 3d East 3d It., near 3d a v. TOOK BALK?A 8TK1NWAY-Sgl'AKli PIANO. BCT r little used ; no dealer* need apply. Can be teen at No. *13 Weat 17th at. PIANOS?LA HUE STOCK TO KENT OR SELL ittft ducitig stock i at lower price* then ever. Call and aa* I hem at MKKKELL'S. No. s t'ulon square. AT O FOR A II ANDsOMK"SERPENTINE CARVED tp lO?l 7 1-3 octave Piano, uearly new, In perfect order, at 435 West 38th at. ? HVIICAU *V"if" k'^gLisii LaWTTT^kISSF ' CLam* " A clan, rvaiding iu a pleasant aeaaide home, and a?* aisled hv a brilliant pianiat from Loodua, will receive into Iter family one or two voutig ladies desiring to acquire a thorough luusteal education; diplomas will be given to pupils who complete a lull course. Address box No. 7 Post office, Babylon, LI. _ tTOIUUiG' \M?T l't)KI iNt.lON a S.ORAGr. \VaRERooMs. f.4J Hudson st -Storage t - separate row us at lowest rale,. Being also In the Furniture Bu-iness. we thoroughly un ier stand the handling of Furniture. CIIARLEB If. BOHDE, l*ropitatar. A"'" -BTORAtifc.*-WEST MIDB STORAOK WAKK ? houses. 5M3. 834. *56 Hudson St., 77lt Greenwich *1. and 1(1 AUlugdoii square ; storage aud safe keeping for Fur niture, Pianos, Baggage, Trunks. Mirrors, Paluitug*. Urna incuts. Carpna, Theatrical Pru|>orlies, Goods and Wares of ev ry description recrive t day or night; separate rooms of any sixe; oldest established IH-tO). lowest In rata, most ac couiniiHiatlug, extensive md responsible establishment la the business K. TAGGAKT. Ownsr aad Proprietor; oflice 6U3 Hudson St. (Abingdon sqnare). f. BATrKKBON'H STORAGB WAKEHOL'SE FOR ? tiirnlcure. piano* baggage, Ac .'.HI* nth av.. curasl 5.-U st.; lurniture moved or boxed for sblpplug. Late of (KM tith av. MOKRKLL'S FIRST CLASS STORAGE WARS ? houses lor fine furniture, trunks, ca?es, pianos, orna ment,. works of art. Ac.. >?le Deposit Vaults lor valuables; Sale* ol all ,l*e? in vaults to rem by mouth or year, aflur* ing absolute security. 4th *v. and 33d st. \ "HobTnd- cf.ntral STORAUK warkiiocse. A. eeruer of Broadway and 47th ,t. separate room* for turnitiire. pianos baggage. Ac. Ladles ana gentleman ara Invited to inspect the premise,. MORGAN A BROTHER. Managers and Ow ners of Building*. ?LAsTKKKD KOA *c. I***. III. I l? ? PROPOSALS'. OTO RAGE, IN PLAsTKKKD K<>oMS. FOR Fl'KXI O litre carriage*. Ac. lttt. 111. 1 i.l *b?l 11>? East 44th ?t Bl'fLDKIM'. t.'AI;l'ENTKRS| AND MASONS' EST! mate, required?Building duwn town. Plan* aud specification- at 153 South ?t. QKAND TRCNK RAILWAY? ~ loaders are Invited for the purchase of eld lroa Bells, de livered at follows;? About 7.000 lout at Toronto, rfarnln, Detroit Junction or Buffalo. About 1,003 ton* at Montreal or Point Lorl, opposite Que bec. About S.UUOtons el Portland. The company ha* wharfage accommodation for shipment by water ?* Toronto, SanMa aad Portland, and deliveries weuld be msda commencing with May and *xt?nding through the summer. offers. Stating the price per lou (of 2.3R1 lbs.) and th? place or delivery, will be received by the undersigned up lu Ibe 15tli May. JG8BPII HlCKftO*. Bostrksl. April 13. 1870. As l KOLOt. k. ? sTroLUGKR.?PRO! KSSDH LISTER. :tl.J 6TI1 AV.'; J\ send tor clicular Address box 4.R39 Post office. New York. ___ _ I^CBOPKAN. MEDICAL AND HI'SI NBAS CLtlRVoY 'J ant tails aaiuus, tkuwt likenesses; sht. and #1. 150 West 35th su A.-.S MKUICAU ?MME. KESIELL. Mlt'WlrE iTSJPfi Ifttlk" K6T1 East 53dSt., flrst door (Vnm 5th av. Advice free. ?DK AND MME Gill NULL 113 WEST 48111 Hi. lonlidantiai consuliatlon la all fr-male complalntx ?DR AND MMK VAN III - h IKK , RESIDKNti A. A. M S -DR. AND MMK. MACRICKAL*; 30 YKAH8' PBAC tics. Uflice 131* Liberty st., near Greenwich. ?DR AND MMK BOTT?CONFIDENTIAL CON sultatten In all female eoiuplnlntx 47 West 13lh st. MK. KKSTKLL. MIDWIFE. SINCE 1840; FEMAH cumplainls specialty. No. I ha-t 53d si.; Nov 7 Oth ae. JCCCEB8PCL t'l'RKS ilL'.VR kNTKKD?ADYICK FRB? bv Ut. ur Mm*. VVemT. in Bi**cxer st,. Utl T

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