Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 23, 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 23, 1876 Page 11
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CABLE NEWS From All Parts of the Old World. THE WAR IN TURKEY. Austria Likely To Act as Head Pacificator in the East. PORTE VIGILANCE AND POWER. Spanish Provincial Agitation Tending to Territorial Secession. THE QUEEN AT WINDSOR Canadian Exertion for the Promotion of Emigration from Europe. A Fearful Explosion?Many 3>eatl^. German Railway Directors in Opposition to Bismarck's Plan of Government Control. TURKEY. AUSTRIA LIKELY TO INTERVENE AS A GREAT POWERS' PACIFICATOR?TUB SULTAN^ DIPLO MATIC CALCULATIONS DISAPPOINTED. London, Apnl 22, 1876. Tbe PaU Mail GaxttttU special despatch Irom Berlin says that It is again proposed thut In (ho event ot all other means of restoring peace in the Turkish prov inces failing, Austria should intervene forcibly. It Is reported that the Powers now view this proposal favor ably, nnd its acceptance Is probable. Austria would In that event intervene as the repre sentative of tho Powers collectively. WHAT THK SULTAN CALCULATED UPON. A despatch to tho Reutor Telegram Company from Berlin says it Is understood that Turkey has rofhsed to continue negotiations with the Northern Powers and prolong the armistico, under the Impression that the alliance between tho throo Emperors has becomo weakened. As this supposition has now proved to have been un founded, it is hoped in diplomatic circles that the Porte will ultimately consent to fbrtber negotiations, a course which is also being prossod upon her by England. A oaxp or observation. A Renter telegram from Constantinople says an im perial decree has boon published, ordering the forma tion of a camp of observation at Scutari, In Albania, for the purpose of watching the attitude of Montenegro, but the rumor that the Porte had decided to declare war against Montenegro is unfounded. A SOI.KMN WARNING TO THK MONTBNXGRtKS. A despatch to tho Rcuter Telegram Company from Constantinople saya It is understood that Montenogro has been notiflod that unless she maintains strict neu trality Turkish troops will Immmedtately cross the frontier. A pacha's WAB DESPATCH CONTRADICTED BT ACTUAL EVENTS. Vienna, April 22, 18761 Authentic intelligence received here contests tho accuracy of Moukhta-Pacha's statement in his despatch to the Turkish government, of Tuesday last, that Mon tenegrins participated with the insurgents in the en gagement during Moukhlar's recent advaneo toward and return irom the neighborhood of Nicsic. On tbe contrary, the Prlnco of Montenogro has re cently renewed bis offer to revistuai Nicsic. EGYPT. A OEBMAN SAVAN IN SBBIOUS DISPUTE WITH GENERAL STONE. I,ondon, April 22, 1876. A special dispatch ta the Post from Berlin says (hat Dr. Scbweinlurth, tho German explorer, now In tho employment of the Khedive, has resigned the Presi dency of tbe Geographical Society of Egypt in conse quence or a dispute with General Stone, an American, Chief of Staff of tho General af the Army. INDIA. BETEKTBBN MUBDBBER8 TO BB EXECUTED. Calcutta, April 22, 1870. A telegram published In the/Nonerr to day announces ibat seventeen persons implicated In the murder of Mr. Margary, of the English expedition, will be ex ecuted at Bhamo, Burmah, May 5, In the presence of the British escort. SPAIN. THE MONET CBEDIT OP THE NATION TO BB STRICTLT MAINTAINED. Madrid, April 22. 1876. It Is understood that Seflor Saiavcrrla, Minlstor of Finance, will propose in tbo Cortes tbe legalization of tho Treasury operations nnder the Republic. VMS TBBAaURY Bl'DOKT PRESBXTZD TO TUB rOBTBS? ESTIMATES OF BtVBNUB AND RXFRKP1TURB. Don Pedro Salaverna, Minuter of Finance, presented the budget for tbe financial year, beginning July 1, Bext, in the Cortes to day. The revenue Is estimated at $132,600,000 and the expenditure at $130,800,000. The'sum of $34,400,000 Is appropriated to the serv ice of tbe national debt and $30,140,000 to tho War and Kaval departments. The budget also makes provision for tbe payment of the overdue coupons A DANGEBOUB AGITATION IN THE BASQUE TER RITORY. San Srbastian. April 22. 1876. Tba Junta of Ouipuzcoa beld a very stormy sitting yesterday, which terminated in the refusal of the depu ties Ionian Sebastian to farther paruclpaie In the de bates. The inhabitants and many of tbe dqpmic* de clnro that II the fk'ros are in anywiae tbrt.nled the Basque Provinces will seize the first favorable oppor tunity of deflnii" ly separating from Spain and proclaim tug tnelr Independence under foreign protection. THE-EX-QUEEN AS A MEDIATOR BETWEEN THE POPE AND nPR HON. Rons. April 22. 1876. ' Ex Queen Isabella has written a letter to tbe Pope offering to Intervene with ber son, King Alfonso, In connection with tne religious question. ENGLAND. QrZEN VICTORIA AT WINDSOR. Portsmouth. April 22. 187$. Queen Victoria nnd Princess Bestrico and suite a rived here from tbe Continent to-day and proceeded Wind.-or. CONSERVATIVE GAIN IN PARLIAMENT?DISTURB ANCES AT BAEBADOES. I.oxi>ON, April 22, 1876. Mr. Duff, conservative, ha? been elected a member of Parliament from the North Division of the county of Norfolk, to fill the vacancy caused by tho decease of |oa. Frederick W nl polo. Canadian arrears to froxotb emigration. Mr. Kred P. Dorc, the Canadian government's emi. gratlon spent here, writes to the JVesu asserting thut no famine prevails in Gaspe, sa has been reported, end that there Is oal/ local distress a/nong tbe outlying fishermen la consequenoe of tbo unusual now blockade. alarming nwt fp.o* m wbst indies. The Went India Committee to-day received the fol low log despatch: Barbados, April 21, 1878. "Very aeriooa disturbances have occurred through oot St. Joseph, St Thomas, St John, St George and St Michael parishes. "Estates hare been pillaged, fields plundered, and fires are frequent "The condition Is seriona " WALES. EXPLOSION O* GUNPOWDER IN A PUBLIC WORK?THIRTEEN PERSONS KILLED. London, April 22, 1878. An explosion of powder to-day during the operations In a now railway tonnel in coarse of construction near llcath, Glamorgan county, South Wales, caused the roof to flalL, burying all the workmen. Thirteen dead bodies and a number of wounded have been recovered. Tbo search lor vletims of the disaster continues SCOTLAND. Glasgow, April 22, 1878. The fferafd newspaper was published as usual to day. Its premlsos were somewhat damaged by fire sod water last night GERMANY. BISMABCK S PLAN POB AN IMPERIAL DIRECTION OP THE RAILWAYS OPPOSED BY MANY DIREC TORS. Lokdou, April 22, 1878. A special despatch to the Pall Mall GateUe from Ber lin says:?"The directors of ths various railways of Germany not belonging te tbo government held a con ference nere and discussed Prlnoo Bismarck's railway scheme. "They have published a Joint memorial, strongly ad verse to and dmying tho necessity or practicability of Prince Bismarck's project, and proposing as an alter native and preferable remedy for the existing defects an imperial railway law, rogulatlng the powers and duties of railway companlos throughout the Empire. "They suggest tho creation or separato Imperial courts to take cognizance ol railway questions." BELGIUM. THE BANE RATS OP DISCOUNT REDUCED. Brussels, April 22, 1878. The Bank of Belgium has reduced Its rate of discount from 3 to 2# per cent. BILLIARDS. THR SEXTON-VIONAUX CHALLENOE CONTRO VERSY?A CHALLENGE POB A RXTURN MATCH? THE EBENCHMAN DEFINES HIS POSITION. Paris, April 22, 1870. William Sexton, tho American billiardist, published I a challenge to Maurice Vignaux on tho 17th inst. for I another championship match, to be played before the ! 23d lust., giving Vignaux until the 20th to reply. On Thursday tho Gauloit contained a letter from | Sexton saying that he had consented to a second match j with Vignaux on recoiviug assurance that It would be I organized by the Jockoy Club, but ho refused to make ! the matcn when he found that the Jockey Club did not | Intend to have anything to do with it, and when he saw that the table was not placed In a suitable room. A RETURN MATCH. In the same letter Sexton challcftgos Vignaux to play a return match for tbo International silver cup before tho 23d Inst. VtGXAPx'S RXPLT. A telegram has been received hero from Vignaux, who is at Toulouse, protesting against the letter in the Gauloit, and stating that as soon as legal proceedings now pending at Toulouse have terminated be will play Sexton, provided the gamo is played In Franco and Sexton gives somo guarantees in advance against an other failure like that of the 2d Inst, when, Vignaux claims, Sexton was to blame for not playing. Vignaux ooncludes his tologram as follows:?"With regard to the championship cup, 1 shall only play for It with an entirely different player, according to tho American rulca." GRANT IN .PHILADELPHIA. EBLAXATIOE FROM THE CARES OF OFFICE. Philadclpuia, April 22, 1870. President Grant, Mrs. Gran; and Ulysses, Jr., arrived here Inst night They are tho guests of ex-Secretary o( the Navy Borio, and will remain until Monday. Tho President's visit is suld to be for relaxation merely and to have no connection with the secret Njvnl Investi gating Committee) of tho House, Just concluding hore some interesting private meetings, which have re sulted In some vory damaging revelations regarding Grant's present Secretary ot the Navy, Mr. Hobcann. To-aay the President and his family visited the Centen nial Exhibition grounds and buildnics, and it is pre 1 sullied that be was as surprised at w|mk he saw as the ? averago visitor; but lug stolid face gave no sign. To morrow evening he will attend tho religious services to i be held at the new ball or tho St. George's Society? i the local association of English re.-idents?at which tho ! Rev. Ilr. Rudder, Protestant Episcopal, will preach. The Presidential party will return to Washington on Monday morning. A METHODIST CAMP BURNED. PrrrsJivRu, Pa., April 22. 187(1 At midnight last night the beautiful camp meeting grounds of the Methodists, situated some twenty miles I from this city, wcro completely destroyed by sn in , ccndiary lire, Involving a loss of some $.*>0,000. The grounds, considered among the most beautiful in th? i country, and the national association were to hold (heir camp here this year, cotnmonciug in Augu<l next. I The number of buildings erected on the grounds was 156, all but about half a dosen ol these bring bouses or cottages occupied by members ol the Camp Meeting Association. The cottages were all built by families oc cupying them, tbey paying rent to iho association for "the u*e ot the grounds, so that the loss will mostly tall on individuals rather than on the association as a body. The houses average in valuo about $300, though some of the nnest were worth pretty well ou to $ 1,000. Many of the houses were furnished, the oecupsnis leaving their furniture there during the winter. Tho grounds proper embrace upward of fourtoen acres, being a level plateau with ravines on the east, west and north sides, Ihe entrance being on the south side, the main road from Tarcntum leading directly to the camp. Thesoamp was one ol the must beautiful could be imagined, the plateau being covered with Im mense forest trees, some of which were fully two feet in diameter. Great preparations were being made lor a uationul camp meeting on tbe 7th of August, but It Is feared the grove has been so badly injured that It will be Impossible to hold the meeting at this city. MIDNIGHT WEATHER REPORT. W*? PrrAKTUKXT. Orrici or ths Cnur Sins At Omen,! Wasiiixotox, April 23?1 A. M. ) > l'robabilitiei. For Sunday, In lbs booth Atlantic States, rising barometer, southerly winds and warmer, clear weather will prevail For the F.astern Golf States, rising barometer, south erly winds, partly cloudy or clear aod warmer weather. For Tennessee and Ohie Falley, stationary or rising pressure and temperature, southeast to southwest winds, warmer and partly cloudy weather. For the Upper Mississippi and l.ower Missouri val leys, tslliDg followed by rising barometer, stationary temperature, southeast to southwest winds, partly cloudy and rainy weather. For ths lower lakes, stationary pressure and tem pera in re. variable winds, shifting to southeast, partly cloudy sad clear weather. For the Middle Atlantic Statm, slight chsngen In temperature and pressure, southeast to southwsst winds and partly cloudy or clour wcathsr. For New England, falling barometer, warmer, partly cloudy weather and southerly winds. The rivers will continue slowly falling. THE WEATHER TBSTKRDAY. The following record will show the changes In tho temperature for the past twenty-four hours, in com pardon with tho corresponding date of laei year as , Indicated hv tho thermometer at Hudnut'a pharmacy, < llt.HAi.u Buildirg:? 1876. 187#. 1876. 187# 3 A. M 27 43 3 30 P. M 64 64 ' 6 A M 28 43 6 P. M 47 f.S I 0 A. M 38 to 9 V. ?( 39 46 12 M 44 6# 12 P. M 3A 46 Average temperature yesterday &0li Average temperature for corresponding date last 1 year 38!< 187# 187# Wdskljr avefSfS. U 4-T 47 8-7 | MEXICO. TOT REVOLUTION IN PROGRESS AT VARIOUS POINTS?ALTERNATE SUCCESSES FOB TOT CONTENDING COMMANDERS?A STATE OF SIBOB DECLABED IN ONB OF THB STATES. Havjixa, April 22, 18TB The French steamer has arrived from Mexico with dales lo 13th lost OOTERNXBKT SUOCX8RM OTKR THS BBVOLUTIO*. The revolution in Jalisco has made little progress. Tho governmenl'iroopa have been generally success ful. Rosendo Marques has been taken prisoner and was being tried by conrt martlsL Til PROVINCIAL AGITATION STILL SPRBADINO. The Pronnnciados occupied the entire Stats of Morelea. The revolution In Sonora and Sinaloa continued. Ql'IKT IN THB INTERIOR. In the Interior Slates the revolutionary movements were of no consequence. SSCORBDO'S ACTION. General Esoobedo was raising troops In San Luis Potest. He was pressing men Into tho service, which caused much ill-leellng. TUB 8BAT OF WAR. The seat of war was in the States of Oaxaca and Peubla. Generals Alatorro and Corolla had retired to Tehua ean. General Alatorre was unsuccessful In his effbrts to take the city of Oaxaca, having met with a reverse. He abandoned his wounded on his retreat. It was sup posed he was awaiting reinforcements. It was rumored be had tendered nla resignation. ALTXRN ATB SUCCESSES. General Lobeza, at the bead of 1,M>0 troops, had oc cupied Chalchicomula, in the State of Puebla, the rebels flying. The revolutionists had reoeeupled Jalaps. The rebels had again cut the railway between Vera Cruz and the city of Mexico, and trains were only run ing to Puebla. General Figuera, at the head of a body of revolution lets, bad destroyed the railway at Orizaba and Pass del Macho, demanding $3.1,000 from tho directors. stats or SIBOR. The State of Chiapas was in s state of siege. THE BORDER DISTURBANCES. QUINTANA MENACING AMERICAN MERCHANTS? WARNING SENT HIM BY GENERAL. LAB AN A. Galvkston, Tex., April 22, 1878. A special despatch to tbo .Vete? from Brownsville says the following official despatch has Just beon re ceived Irom'Laredo:? Fort McIntosb, April 22,1878 Quintans resumed his position at New Laredo this rooming with about sixty men, wall armed and mounted. The tollowtng letter has been sent to Ameri can merchants, including those who have taken reluge on Mils side of the river:? "By order of tho military commander of this place you are ordered to appear belore said military com mander immediately, failing In which, military action will be taken. Independence and liberty. "JUAN RODEUIGUEZ. "Dated Municipal Headquarters. " Nkw Laredo, Mexico, April 22. 1878 Revolutionists have gone to Join Naranjn at Xlier. On the above Ix-iugjmade known to General Lnbarra be sent from hero the following telegram:? To Colonel QuiktaNA, New Laredo, Mexico:? On your own responsibility I order you not to force American citlzons or any other loretgners to pay pres. tlmo or any forced orders lor money. On you depends alt that may happen In this military'district. LABARRA. ALLEGED TREASURY FRAUDS. LYING PUBLIC DEBT STATEMENTS AND WHAT WAS BEHIND THEM?QUEER LOANS UNDER SECRETARIES M'CULLOCH AND BOUT WELL. St. Lot-is, April 22,187& Tho Timrt will publish to-morrow some statcmonts made to ono of its reporters by Sergeant George I'rcn der, In charge or tho signal station here, before he left for Washington last night, where be will testify before the Committee on Expenditures of the Treasury Department. 1'render's statement Is to tho effect that he was pubtie debt statement clerk In tho Treasury Department under Secretary McColloch, and that while so engaged he discovered that great frauds were being practised upon the govern ment; that each public debt statement reported money in the Treasury that was not on band, while the government wus paying three per cent for money to meet temporary necessities. Ho also dis covered that hundreds of thousands ot dollars of gov ernment money was placed in tho hands of confeder ates outside the department, who loaned It back to the government as Individual fuDds and drew interest on It. Premier says while pursuing these Investigations he was informed by a clerk in tho Kedemptton Bureau named Richardson's that immense frauds were being perpe trated lu that bureau, and that fortunes wore bctug made by reporting money destroyed which was pre served; that only one-half of the money turned In for deatruclion was actually destroyed, the other half being divided among tho perpetrators of tho frauds, l'render says ho reported theso facts to General Spin nor, who was Treasurer, but tbe latter de clined to investigate tbem, saying he did not believe frauds wore being practised. In March, 1800, a Congressional Retrenchment Com mute was examining alleged frauds in the Treasury Printing Department, and l'render says be went to Mr. Edmunds, ot Vermont, who was chairman of the com mtuco, laid nil tbe lacis belore htm, and asked tor an investigation. Mr. Edrauhda replied that tbe time of the committee was too snort to warrant extended examination, and nothing was done. l'render says after Mr. Boutweil became Secretary of ihe Treasury he (Premier), who at that time bad retired from the Treasury Department, Inlorined htm of tbe discoveries lie had made while a clerk In the department, and the Secretary promised to Investigate the matter. Shortly ufler this a man named Fox, who had also been a clerk in tbe Redemption Bureau, railed on Prendor und stated lie had been appointed detectlro by Secretary Boutweil to work tt|i the?o frauds, and wanted all tbe papers and evidence ho had In his pos session. Premier asserts he declined to gtvo them up except on an ordtr from the Secretary. Fox left, hut returned in a little while with a letter IVom the Secretary asking for the documents, and Pronner gave them to Kox In presence or a witness who knew Ihetr character and who is now in Washington. In the meantime Richardson had rmired Iroiti the Redemption Bureau and located at Aibsriy, N. Y. No investigation of the Iratid* was ever made. l'render will probably testily l?efor- the committee at Washington on Monday, whon It Is expected this matter will lie brought to light. THE PHILADELPHIA NAVY YARD. THE SECRET INVESTIGATING COMMITTEE OF THE HOUSE CONCLUDES ITS BEBSIONR?-ROBE SON DOOMED. Philadelphia, April 23, 1870. Messrs. Whltthorne. Jones, Harris and l'.nrlelgb, tbe ?ub-committec of the House Committee on Naval Ex penditures, who have been sitting In this city for tho past two weeka, concluded their labor* here this after noon and started for Washington to report to the other members of the committee. The secrecy of their sessions has been strictly main tained; the witnesses they have examined bare been caretul y guarded In transit to and from the star Chamber In the Qtrard House; all have been sworn, before leaving tbe Inquisitors, not to reveal their testi mony. and tbe most thorough precautious taken to prevent the leakage o( news; the exposure of some of the facts awaiting tne committee, published In the Herald lu-t be lore the i-ommitine began Its work, having alarmed tbe members and put them on their guard. The story of the removal of the old Navy Yard and the charges against MrKav In connertioo therewith, which were given in there columns exclusively, are known positively to have come belore the committee In that shape. Further, It it known that the commute* has examined some 200 witnesses, taken some 2,700 pages of testimony and fol lowed out those lines of Inquiry?namely, the re moval of the yard; the contracts for breaking up, repairing and constructing various vessels si the yard; the (apply contracts oi Noblu. Brown A Nobltt; the Iron contracts of Peooock k Brother, and dot-fen. MeManuo k Co. , the operations of tbe brothers Caitell with the department; the American Dredging Com pany; the employment ot bands in the yard about election timo, and tbe relatlonffof the bureaus at Wash Ingvm with those bare. There Is tbe best reason for believing that tbe com mittee bos made discoveries seriously affecting the coodnct of the Secretary of the Navy. It is said to be In the direction of bis complicity In certain contracts, although the exact nature of their evidence only the committee know, and they remain, ot conrae, reticent. These stories have more weight than idle rnmors, and even the rommittee did not deny It when asked If they had not hoard evidence criminating tho Secretary, aomtso.v is doom an The sob-committee will shortly visit tho Brooklyn Navy Yard. THE INDIAN HOSTILITIES. St. Locia. April 22, 1870. The (7 fobs-Democrat ft Leavenworth special says that news front the Mat of ihe Indian tronblea In the Big j Horn country (a to the effect that the Cheyennea bava broken up Into email bands lor marauding purpocet. '< A party of miner* bad a Ogttt with one of these roving I binds day before yesterday. In which one Indian waa ' killed end two miners wounded. The minor* hold j thdtr ground and drove the JsdMM eft j THE COACHING CLUB. A DBIV1 THBODQH TH* PARK TO iTKTBOS's AND RETURN. The Coaching Club met yesterday on tbe Madison avenue tido ol Madison square and took their flrit drive of tho seasou. Coaching being rather a novelty In ihii country the meet attracted a mass meeting in the square, much to the disgust ol the gray-coated guardians of that resort of nursemaids and perambula tors. For once In their lives they found actire'duly guarding the grass plats from tho tramp of the ruihlesa Invader, who evinced a total disregard of the city ordl. nances. The crowd commenced to gather about half past three, and by the time the coaches were drawn up in lino there must have been at least 1,500 spectators, ranged ton and twelvo docp, on the eastern side of the square. The Union League Club balcony was crowded with tne members of the club, and every avallablo stoop was occupied by the eurlous public. It was a remarkably respectablo assemblage, for as a rulo deadhead spec tacles are usually patronized by the rough element; but on this occasion seventy-five por cent of the spec tator! belonged to upper tondom. Awaiting tbo com mencement of the entertainment the spectators were favored with an Impromptu parade of dogcarts and tandem, T carts, Stanhope and mall phaetons and equestrians, and it looked as If there wus to be a gen eral exhibition of the equino race. A few minutes be fore four P. M. tho pntlenco of the crowd wai rewarded as Mr. William Jay, tho President of the club, camo down Madison avenue, and, after moving as far as Twenty-third street, turned round and drew up under the windows of the Union League Club. Mr. Jay i drove e good looking teem of bnys, about sixteen bonds, the wheelers a shade darker than the leaders. Tho coach was of tho regular English build, tho upper half painted black, 1 the lower yellow, and red wheels. Mr. Frederick llron son arrived about the same time and drew up behind Mr. Jay. Mr. Rronson was also driving a bay team to a dark blue coach, with red wheels. Mr. Deiaurey Kano was the next arrival, tooling a scratch team, rompris ing hay leaders and dapple brown wberlcrs. The : coach?of the latest English pattern?was dark bluo on top, with a bright yellow body and wheels. The toot of s horn announced the arrival of Mr. Leonard Jcromo, driving a clever looking, well matched bay tram to a dark bluo coach, wltb red wheels. Mr. Jemme looked perfectly at borne on the box and bandlod tho ribbons on if ho understood what he was about. The next arrival was a neat looking English coach, drawn by e showy looking chestnut team, the wheelers about slxtoen hands and tho leaders a trifle smaller, somcwhcro In the neighborhood of 15X. The off leader had rather a funny knee action, throwing out hts right fore foot In rather an unnatural style. Tho last arrival, Mr. William P. Douglas, the Secreisry of the club, drove one of the neatest looking coaches in tho club. The body was painted dark blue, with bright yellow wheels. The toam were dark chestnuts, about 15.S, and appeared to ho well up to work. Shortly after four P. M. tho President, Mr. Jay, turned Into Twenty-sixth street, and the string of coaches, six In all, followed close behind. Tboy wheeled sp Fifth avenue, which was crowded with carriages of every description, and headed for tho Park. The weather was as pleasant as it possibly could be, and nothing could bo moro enjoyable than the drive through the Park to Stetson's. The drive on thu eastern sido of the Park w-as crowded with carnages, aud somo very neat Stanhopes, dog carts and mall phaetons wore observed. It looked in the Park as If everybody that owned a horse and wagon had con trived to lie out on this special occasion, and the coaches received quite an ovation. Thoy drove as far as Stet son's and then roturued, walking part of tho way, so thst every ono bod a good view. Leaving the Park they drove down as fsr as Washington square and then roturnod to Madison square, where thoy were dismissAL On the whole, tho opontng day was n decided success, and tho Coaching Club deserve the thanks of the publio for the very pleasing exhibition tboy afforded them. One of tho coaches In the parado, that driven by Mr. Kane, an experienced manipulator of the rlbbone, will commence to ntako daily trips to Pelham Bridge end return on tho 1st of May. Nothing can bo pleaa antcr during the warm summer months lhan a drive on the top of a coach behind a good team and through such a prettily timbered country. It la to be hoped (hat aonio other member of the club wilt follow Mr. Kane's example and put on a coach on the western side of the Island, along tho Boulevard and through Inwoodto Yonkers or somo other adjacent spot Judging from the demand that has already been made lor seats in Mr. Kane's coach, there would bo no dllllculty In ob taining plenty of passongora. COACHING. [From the Commercial Advertiser.) The announcement Is made that, on and after May 1, a conch will be run from the llotol Brunswick to Pol ham Bridge and return each day. Passengers will be taken up nloug the route and set down wherever de sired. That will be very pleasant; and, as the fare will be $3 to go and come?fifty cents extra each way for a box seal?this undertaking Is bound to be very agreeable to whoever Ik Inclined to that kind of diver sion. The coach will be gotten up In famous style, and the guard will be provided with a horn that Will inako the hills and dale of Westchester melodious with Ills tooting. The driver will not be quite in the mould ol Mr. Weller, dr., but it Is given oat that he knows his business thoroughly, and in that respect, at lenat, ho resembles Samivel's lather. But seriously, these coaching Journeys ought to ho very enjoyable. It may appear incongruous that a gentleman of ease and for tune should luko upon himself the daties of coachman and drive out every day, rain or abine, but ho might do decldodly worse. AN AMERICAN COACH. Brewstor k Co.. of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, are finishing at their factory, corner of Forty- . seventh street and Broadway, for Mr. Nelson, a mem- ! ber of the Coaching Clnb, a drag alter the standard English pattern?the first true English drag built in this country, all others now In use Here having been Imported. Extreme lighine-s in such a vehicle, carrying as it doea the weight of tenor two I vo per- I sons on lop, not being desirable, Messrs Brewster k i Co. have aimed by perfect accuracy of construction to decrease ibo draught, u.suaily very severe on horses In these carriages, rather than the actual weight It is believed, however, that there will bo considerable saving in this, owing to ibe peculiar quali ties of American woods used in the bo dy ol the vehicle. Another es-ential Is the perfect bal ?ncing of the body on the running gear lo do away with the swinging and undue strain <ui special pans. ; Id this regsrd marked success it is behoved has been obtained. The general finish of the drag is very fine, i the greatest attviitiou having been paid lo tho details. ' The inside trimtnuigs are ol silver drab cloih, unre- j lieved and quiet. The top seats are tnu.nvd with Bed ford cord-, with welts pt rut-ad leather. Tne painting of ihe body is dark green lor the lower panels, with | black upper panels and boots. The rockers running i the whole length of ths body underneath, with the toe board, is the "coaching red,'* that Is vermilion relieved by black lines ; and the running parts are a similar rod striped with black. This drag being Intended lor llic road rather than for park use no conspicuous at tempt has been made at mere embellishment. The lamps do the house credit, and are especially good, comprising two large body lamps and three light toe boArd lamps. The Messrs Brewster stated that tfcey trust to be able to fix a price lor these drags at from fifteen to twenty per cent less than the cost of the beet London made ones landed bars, owing to duties, freight and sundry expeuscs of importation, 1 and, as carriages built in this country will stand the climate bolter than imported ones, tho advantages of building si home should be seriously considered. While looting about ths show rooms of this estab lish mem we saw a portion of their proposed exhibit at Philadelphia, consisting ol landaus, a grand Victoria, a gentleman's driving phaeton, a lady's brougham, specimens of road wagons and some sleighs?tea vehi cles in all. Some ot these are new in dei-iqn. all exqni sitsiy finished, and display good taste in harmony of eoior and other requisites This fine display, however, will not enter into competition, owing to the fact that Mr. Charles P. Kimball, of tbia house, la a member of Ihe Centennial Executive Committee charged with the ?election of tho Jurors who are to tnaks the award. A MURDERER SENTENCED. Cowoono, N. B.. April 32,1ST*. Abbott, tha Osstpes murderer, who killed hta wife with an axa last Ml, pleaded guilty to murder In the second degree yesterday, and was senteoeed to thirty years in tha State Prison. CONVICTION or A MURDERER Norwich, Conn., April 22, 111k The verdict in the ease of Dwtgbi P. Hare, tried fbr the raurdor of Fredartsk A. White, at New London, In July Inst, la "nrardor in thaaoeond degree." OROZIER RESPITED. Auajtt, X. Y., April 22,1JT1 Beer ye B. Greater, who was sentenced m Yates county to be hanged on Mny I for mnrdar, has bean granted a roaplte till Friday, June 1?, by Governor TiMon, ta order to allow of a further consideration of tfeo esoe. DOM PEDRO IN UTAH. THB BMPEROb's EXCEPTION? DETEBMIN ATION TO INSPECT BRIGBAM'S FAMILY. Salt Lake Crrr, April 22, 1878. Tbe Imperial party arrived here at half-pant eight. The Kmperur proceeded at once to the theatre. Ho was well received, but declined formal courtesies tendered by the Mayor. Tbe Emperor says that ho could not see a harem at Constantinople, but that he will visit that of Urlgham Young here. Ills Majesty and su|te will proceed to San Fran cisco to-morrow. THE EMPRESS OF BRAZIL. Her Majesty, the Empress of Brazil, accompanied by Seflorua Carvalho, wife of the Brazilian Minister, and Fonseca Costa, lady of hoiior, visitod Greenwood Com etery yesterday, attended by Christian Thoinpaon. Her Vlax'sty expressed her admiration of the surroundings, and after a wullc through the grounds took a drive in Prospect Park, returning to tbo Fifth Avenue Hotel shortly utter Bvo o'clock. CROOKED WHISKEY. TH* FXBBBNBACQ CASK IB COCBT?STAMPS UBID MANY TIMES OVER. New Oiilkans, April 22, 1872. In tbe Febrenbach crooked whlskoy caso to-day Colonel James J. llronks was called to the stand lor the cross-examination. Witness examined tho books of John K. Ileals, storekeeper. They wore written up to April 7. He did not know whether they were correct or not He found that the distiller failed to make entries required by law. Ho tailed to make onirics of sale* and fermentations. Witness examined some of the books of William M. Todd, ganger, and found tho gauger'i report false. Todd Ctrtitted to the tax being paid ou twenty-two barrels of wblsuey, whereas wit ness has tne stamps in his possession for ihose num bers uucaurslleu which he got from Kehreiihach's dis tillery. Witness said the storekeeper's books were kept upon the idea that nine tubs were running, not withstanding three bad been shut off; when witness seized the distillery ho found certain packages of spirits In an outhouse; tho law had not been complied with on the barrels In the warehouse. The stamps lound had been used before. They had paste around the edge but not in the middle. Todd reports that ho withdrew the twenty-two packages mentioned with cerium serial numbers. Tbe store keeper certifies that he received them In uue form, and also reports that he released these packages. The gauger reports that ho aillxed tax paid stamps on them prior to release. All of this must have been false, lor witness bud the stamps of those numbers In hts possession, and Todd's (the gauger) signature was not on thorn. A PROVINCIAL RING. THI LUZERNE COUNTY FRAUDS IN PENNSYLVA NIA?FRESH DEVELOPMENTS. k re, April 21, 1876. The gentlemen appointed by the Court to mako what Is now known hero as the "big audit," which Is to cover tho financial transactions ol l.uzerne county ofllclala for the past seven years, organized during the present week. The fact that they have ordered tho printing of a large numhor of subpamas fur witnesses to appear be fors thorn indicates tbat thoy expoot to obtain un tm menso amount of evidence and propose to perform their duties In the most thorough manner. They will Imve to investigate the accounts of the olllcers of the courts, in addition to those of County Commissioners, and this brings within their purview the transaction* of Clerks of the Court Colonel Sam Bowman. George 1'. Richards and Mike Zimmermen; l'roihnnotarK'g I'hilbiu, Siehel ! and Trimmer; Kcgtstors ol Wills l'latz and French. How far the State, county and people have bran I cheated in the way of Illegal Ices Is thus certain to be I illuminated, und tho agitation In tho Wllkesharro King 1 Is more Intense than when the developments were made in regard to the crooked ways of tbe recent County Commissioners Tho excllemont In relation to the fraudH upon the county by Commissioners Williams, Gershncher and Srlbel is still warm, and yet wo hoar of irregularities In the conduct ol tho present Board ot County Auditors. It has been dcraonstrsted bo yond a question Ibnt the testimony taken bc loro them has been tampered with, garbled and altered so aa to screen certain guilty parties, ! and a well grounded suspicion has been created as to ' tho correctness of the rest ol the evidence. It is nllcgod ; that one ol tbe auditors is under somo sort of an obliga tion to the counsel of the late Board of Commissioners, ! Mr. George K. Kulp, nud that testimony inculpating i that gentleman in taking a percentage on public con* { tracts has boen suppressed upon such a flimsy consid eration. It is rumored to day that Mr. Kulp will be re quired to resign his position as legal adviser of tbe present Board of County Commissioners in consequence of this dlsgracelul denouement In the county scandal. Ex Commissioner Gcrsbacher, who. It was sup|>osed, bad departed for ada, Is still on tno borders of Luzerne county. I.eut have been received from hint this week asking so. whilom friends to become his bail as a condition ol liis return, but nobody seems to want him to come bark. In view ol tho present upheaval In regard to oounty affairs, it la now proposed to go into an investigation of our municipal flnnuces. For a year or more past it has been patent that tho city ol Wilkesbarrs has boon get ting greatly bohiod hand, although all the money tbat can be borrowed according to law has been raised and the taxation is fully up to the mark placed by tbe Leg islature. Honest taxpayers aro becoming disturbed and want to know when this stale of things is to oomc to an end. WORMS' EXTRADITION. Moxtekal, April 22, 187(1, In the extradition of Dr. Worms his counsel maintain thut Hon. Mr. Blake exceeded his powers, and havo sent to England to la/ the matter before the Privy Council. HOTEL ARRIVALS. Brevet Major General George A. Custer, United Pistes Arm/, yesterday arrived at the Hotel Brunswick. Col lector James F. Casey, ol New Orleans, is allying at the Aslor House. Rev. George I/eon Walker, of New Ha ven, Is residing atllie Grand Hotel. Judge J. M. Wool worth, of Omaha, Is registered at the 8k James Hotel. Lawrence Barrett, tho actor. Is at the Fifth Avenue HotcL Captain A. N. Leo, of the. Engineer Corps, United States Army, Is at the Hoffman House. DIED. Prress.?Saturday evpning, April 23, Dswrrr OL Prtrko, lata surgeon United .States Army, In the 47th year ol his age. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to at tend his funerii, on Tuesday. 2?tli Inst., at eleven A. M . from ifys Church of the Holy Trinity, corner of Montague and Climen sis., Brooklyn, I. 1. Remains will be placed in Greenwood Cemetery. (For Other li'itht See twelfth Page,) FROM MAfXK TO THE PACIFItTSLOPB NO PU rlfler equals OlksX's SULmca Sosr. Hill's Main Dtji, block or brown, .10a. A.?THK SPRING STYLE OF GENTLEMEN'S n?T* mannfnctnred hy KsPKNSCIIKII) are models of (trace, elegance *n?l taste. Try them. US Nassau st. A ?FROM THK ST. LOUIS GLOBE.?THE SUC resstnl Physician.?There Is probably no msn to whom the cnmmunltv owe so much as to the honest, fair spoken phy sician. who does his actual duty bmli to himself and to hit patients. Really skilful physicians are not so numerous thai their virtues need no mention, and hence the silver tisemeiil of l)r It V. I'IKKCK. of Buffalo, msy well claim the resder's silentlon. Dr. Pierce it a type or a rlsss of men who obtain success hr earelnl end wall directed effort, noi attempting loo much or creating false Ideas st to abilltr. The only reliable physician In these decs of coin- i fdirtied disorders and high pressure living Is the "special. SI," the m in wlio understands his one brunch of the bust nets. Such In his line Is fir. fierce. For the benefit of his renders he ha? written a'frtttuoa sk.nsr Manu al, vn risen," which Is well worth reading by those who need such a work. Willi striel business honor, high professional skill, reasonable fees and a large corns of competent assist, ants, fir Pierce will, doubtless, make his name familiar i at "hontehold words " "A DECIDED ADVANCE." Judges' report, American Inetltuta Fair. Nv.w Wilcox A Ginas AtrroasTic Burst Bewinn Mschixk, Awarded the grand "Gold Medal ef Progress" of the American Institute. November. 187ft. and the ".Scott Legacy Medal" ef the Franklin Institute, October, 187ft. No other eewlng machine la lb# world hat aa "eitetnosle tension," er any other of Its characteristic lest ores. Correspondence and Investigation Invited. ,WILLC0X A GIBBS 8. M. CO., lift* Broadway corner Bond St.) A ?BRONCHINE, THK RENT AND MOST AP PROVED REMEDY FOR BRONCHITIS. CATARRH COUGHS AND RECENT COLDS PKKPARKD BV Tllrf RELIEF MANUFACTURING COMPANY, 40 BEATER HT FOR BALE AT RETAIL BV DKL'ilGIBTS URN EltALLV. JI.L EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPERS BUY AT K. D. BASS FORD'S old established House Furnishing Stores, Cooper Institute. New Vorh. ALL KINM'KiTCflEN COOKING UTENSILS AND everything lor your house at R. D. BASHFOKD'S, Conner Inttltero. ALL OUR CHINA, GLASS AND CROCKERY, CUT lery. Silver. Tin. Iron. W,Hidenware and Refrigerators nt 'JO Kr cent rednctinn . grant bargains In tint class goods as K. HA88 FORD'S. Cooper Institute. New York. ALL FURNISHING" OR REPLENISHING TOEIR houses will snve money ny purchasing here. Kitchen Out AMONG THE "ILLS THAT HUM AM FLESH If heir m" Wf spring disorders. Tba <)>iir.rx>urns VkcctiilI Pills will thoroughly and eouiplew!;' eradicate them from the apnea. A.?RUPTURE CURED IIY DR. MARSH (PRINCt pal oflttiii Marsh A Co.) at his aid office. No. 2 Vesey si., Aftor House. No uptown branch "ALL THAT GLISTENS 18 NOT GOLD.THE Pxrismn DuniiMDS are not real acme: if tber were they could not be sold en cheap; Put their "rnodly outside" maksi th?ni ps?? current as real everywhere. Kor sale only at KICIIAKD HUMPHREY'S Jewelry Mora. No. 779 Hroed a ay, opposite Stewart's, trixwia sent C. O. It., with priv ilege to examine before paying for tbein. Send for flias> tratad price list. A.?YOU CAN CUKE THAT COME OR COLD BT acini; Wisrait's Halsxh or Wild Cbbkbt. A SCALP DISEASES?DANDRUFF, IRRITATION, itching, eruptive aud other scalp diseases, tailing, loss, brit tle. fading und prematurely gray hair cured by Dr. B. O. PERRY. No. 4!? Bond st . New York. A.?SKIM DISEASES A SPECIALTY.?ECZEMA, rin -worm, Hvcosis, acne, blackheads (flesh worms), pimply rinkles. and other eruptions, unnatural redness, untimely wrinkles, moth patches, freckles, molos, warts and wens cured by Or. It. 0. l'KRKY, dermatologist. No. 4ft lined st-. Mew York. A.?ONLY FOR MOTH PATCHES, FRECKLES and tan use Phruv's Moth and Khr<xi.k Lotion. It is ralim ble. And for |iimplos. blackheads, Bash worms ask you? druggist for PKURT'S I'nMLPOKR AND PlgrLB RkMRDT, tba lul l.hide skin medicine, or consult Dr. it. C, PERRY, der matologist, 4U Bond st.. New York. CANCER SUCCESSFULLY REMOVED WITHOUT knil", caustic or poisonous minerals. Itrs. BROWN A STODDARD, No. 8 Weal 14th ft. CAMPHOR AT WHOLESALE.? BALSAM OF Honkt and Tot.u cures Coughs and Colds. 1IAUTNETT. Bible House. Pharmacy. "DON'T LOSE YOUR HAIR!"?CHEVALIERM Lint run Tttir Ifaiit restores gray bnlr perfectly: stops iM falling on*at otico, Increases Its growth rapidly and makas the hair beautiful; sold hv all druggists. DAVID'S SPRING STYLE OF GENTLEMEN'S HATS are ready tor Inspection and sale at bie salesroom 309){ Broadway, near Dunne it. DR. FITI.ER'8 RHEUMATIC REMEDY WILL euro your rheumatism and neuralgia. Try lb Depot, 31 John st. DYHIN'G AND CLEANING.-THE EMPIRE DTE IXG AND CLEANING COMPANY cull fur and deliver goods; work turoassod by none. Offices?MRS Broadway, near 33d at,; IMS nth av., ueur 14th st,; 373 dth ay., near 34th at. DYSPEPSIA.?JIEAI.S ENJOYED, SUFFERING aroldad, health regained. Indigestion cured, by Dr. SnaHP'a Dyhpki'SIA Pills. IIAUTNhIT'S (Bible House; Phap. ?Ml. EPICURES SAY DONOVAN* GIVES ON EXCEL lent TAnt.g d'Hotk at his restaurant, 13th ft.', near .'Hit nr. EXERCISE, HEALTH, AMUSEMENT?J. WOOD'S Or*NASit;n. No. B East 2Htli st., open day and evening; boxing, retiring, private training, baths, Ac. Sand for cir cular. FINE SILVER AND GOLD PLATED Bronxe. Nickel and Antique Stair Bona. Old Rods replated. glided or reuoliritod and made equal te new. W. T. *J. M EKSKtlK AU.B3 Duane (I. GRAND EXTRAORDINARY Drawing ef the Havana Lottery B. MARTINEZ A CO., 10 Wall at., basement. INVALIDS IN SEARCH OF HEALTH 8H0ULD eall at No. 7 West 14th st. and witness the magic power ef electrioily and hear the relation ol cases by those wbo, from Erostrate helplessness, were restored to health and strength y Dr. CHAMKKKMN. LEON DUMAS' EAU MERVEILLEUSE (MARVEL 1.003 WaTKK), T1IK UKLKIIKATKI) SKIN TofllO AND BiAOTtriKR will positively remove Wrinkls*. Kiircclh,, T.t.w and Strmiuitg. One trial will convince. For tale by principal druggists. Prieo. Ad per bottle. Sample bottles will be sent to any part of the Utilted States ua r* ceipt of SOc. Address box HB station D. New York. OPEN SUNDAYS FROM 10 TILL 1 ?THE SILK Elastic Triss, supplied only by ELASTIC TRUSS COM PANY. BHd Broadway; everywhere supersedes metal tram sea formerly used. PATENT MEDICINES, HOMEOPATHIC DOLLAR Cases; diamond, blonde, Ac., Powders: IIelmbold'i Saraa parilla UOc. (leneral Agency, 47 Maiden lane. SODA WATER-APPARATUS FOR MAKING ALL Aerated Boveruget. JOHN MATTHEWS, 1st av. and 36th St.. city. TEAS AND COFFEES SELLING AT* RETAIL AT wholesale pries, dO Murray st., up stairs. WIGS, TOUPEEsTVa?0. RAUCHFU88, PRACTI eel Wigmaker, No. 44 East l-'th st.. near Broadway. (3 HATS, SI 90; SILK HATS, |3 80; WORTH |6^ Ann Dcrbys. 15 New Church St., up stairs. $1,000,000 CAPITAL. ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. THB ORBAT CENTENNIAL DRAWING ef the yeer will take pleee AprilTt-187a This will he e drawing unparalleled la the history of tho ' " olitl world. Just think AL250.0UU In prises, and onlr l.VOiJO tiekntL 1 Prlae of. 91,000,000 1 Prime ol ..... 901,000 I Prime of 100,000 I Prlae of .WnuO 3 Priaea of $2.t,<*)n 7.Y0U0 3 CrlMHofilOOOO 30.000 3Prlieaof fc-./**) 10,0(0 IOJ Prlaea of fl.OTXI 103.000 700 l'rltea ol 1SU0 87*. UUO Whole amount drawn $3,390,000 Prleu of tlekoti In currency?Whole Tiekota. $300; Halves fl'W; guarlera, $f>0; Kiflha, $10; Tenth., $30; Twentieths, I'rtiea caahed. Circular* sent free. Hlghoal prie* paid for Spanlah Honk ft ills, Government*. Ac. To prevent Into by moll remit regl.terad loll or, poet office order, draft on Sow Turk or by expreaa. Addrooo oil order* to TAYLOR A CO., Hanker*, Hoi 4,44* Pott office. 11 Wall at.. New York. r ,\'EW PUBLICATION It. j^fTRACflVK XEIV'BOOKSi ' "" ONE Nlolfrs MYSTERY.?An Inteneelv exciting new. novol. Ry Mny Apnea Fleming. author or "A Wonderful Woman," "Our Karl?court'e Wile," "A Terrible Secret," "A Mad Marriage," "Norloo'i Revenge," Ac., Ac. Price, II 73. PARSING T1IR PORTAL; OR, A OIRI/S ST R POOLE ? A reinorkoblo new ctory et peculiar internet. By lira. M. V. Victor. Price, 91 90. C. II. WEBB (JOHN PAUL).?I. Seaweed, and What We Reed.?It. Parodies Br John Paul the funoy man of the New York Tribune. Two hnmoroua book* of the brtchteat character?lull of Jokee, puna, burleaquea, poo me, Ac. Price. $1 90 each. TIIE ONE PAIR WOMAN -A new norol. Br Joaquin Miller One of the tnoal charming and poetical of romances The >ceno laid chlelly In Italy aud on the aboraa af lha Mediterranean. Price, $3. THE TWO BARBARAS. ? A new novel. By Grace Morti mer, whoae abort atorlea bare been ?o Immenaely popular to the beet weekly papers Price. f I 90. a a a a a a ? RECORD Or THE YEAR. Second Number (May) Jo<t ready, containing a taperb atael portrait of Mr Moody, the great revivalist. Thla capital new parlodlnal, which baa already resetted audi an enurtneua popularity, la eomethlng antlraly new and original In the way of a monthly magatlne, being a aort of reference acrap book or monthly record of every Important event of anr nature thug na In any part or the world, together with a selection ehnleeat current mlecellany, prove and poetry. forolca and dnmaatlc. Edited by Frank Moore, of tha Rebellion B Br far lha moat attractive and raadahlo high leaet monthly magatlne ever l?.n?d. Hold everywhere, and aaat free by mail, on receipt of 50 rente, by O. W. CARLKTON A CO.. Publlebere. Mtd'aon aquare. Now York. EIGHTH DISEASE. DIABETES. DROPSyj cX Urrh, Gravel, Catcolut. Omit. Rhcumaliain. Uyapepeln, Di.-raaea of the Heart, Blood, Livar, Kidney., Blander, Proa lata Oland. Premature Debility and Chronic Dlaeaaaa hitherto Incurable. Pamshlrta. explaining their aoereaafnl treatment by AHAIIKL. MADE OK llOll. Hetheada Mineral Spring Water and Dr. A. II AW LEY II BATH. author aad eroprielnr Irae. Depot and recaption rnorae. 300 Broadway, New York. Reduced to 39 eeute a gallon per barrel. / 1AN0ES.-A MEW TREATISE POlT PROFESSIONAL * ' or general reader*; explain, the new treatment which aucrraafully reinovea ovary external cancer without knife, ran.tie or poi.onon. mineral.. Dra BROWN A (TTOD IIAUD. No H Weal 14th at. For salk-iiarprk'h new mThTtTily magazine Half morocco; SO vols Addreaa s. A. W.. Ilarald offl?>. M RS. SOUTH WORTH'S GREATEST WORK, WKLF MADE; OR. OUT Or THE DEPTHS," IS NOW KKADT AND FOR SALE IN BOOK IDEM. IHHMABL; OR. IN THE DEPTHS I (AIIM A EL; OR, IN THE DEPTHS I WITH A PORTRAIT oFMRS. 80UTIIW0RTH, angrnvad on atael, front a photograph taken of bar on March 22, IsNi. being a perfect likatte.a of Mra. South worth at Ike preacnt lima, with ho autograph under it. "Iabtnaal" la the beat work aver written by Mrs South worth, and ha. never bean publlahad eicapt In tha "New York Ledger," In which paper it waa t.vurd many yaara ainca under lha name of "Sell-Made ; or, Out of the Itepthi," but It la now published In bonk form for tho flrat time to the thnnaand. upon ihnuasnda that have wanted It lor years It la Complete In one largo duodecimo volume of over 70S pages. hound in mnrncen cloth gill bach, price SI 79, ana la lor tale bv all buokaellara aad new* agents. V t'oplaa of "lahmael" will be aunt to any eta ag seen, poatpald, on rumittiag SI 78 to 1 he publlibara T. B. PETERSON* BROTHERS, tL, Philadelphia, Pa. ;??! Cheat not as. f'/\ BHERVaTIONS on nasal catarrh and \J Catarrhal Deafnoaapamphlet no 10*. Dr. WILLIAMSON. 33 East Jfith at. pEAD THE 9LNDAT TELEGRAM. XV IT CONTAINS AIM THE NEWS ISI TWO

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