Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 23, 1876, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 23, 1876 Page 12
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THE COURTS. Another Chapter in the Interminable Ring Suits. Keysets Answer to the Devlin Complaint. He Claims that the City Owes Him Two Hundred Thousand Dollars Instead of His Owing the City. The Sixth Avenue Railrond Torapany'i Fight Agninst the Gilbert Elevated Railroad. The answer of John II. Kovser in the Ring lull brought hv Charles Devlin, already brietly referred l? in the IlkRALi), was served yesterday by Sir. Jatnt'i W. Cairns, till attorney. Defendaut admits the allega tions contained lu the first one. Defendant denies that In ihe year 18G?, or at any other tune, he entered into a conspiracy with Andrew J. Garvey, Richard B. Con nolly, James H. Ingcraoll and James Walson, orulth any or cither oi them, as alleged .in tho second article ol the coiuplumt herein, or otherwise or at all. ile admit* and alleges that at tho timo mentioned a con spiracy was entered Klto to effect the purjrascs in the said article of the sud complaint alleged by the de fendant, Richard B. Connolly and the said James Wat. ion and two other porsous not named in said complaint, to wit, William M. Tweed and i'eter U. Sweeny; thaldur ng the years lsfilt, 1870 and pnrt of tho year 1871, Con' eolly, Walson, Tweed ami Sweeny were, respectively, Office holders ol the city und county, Tweed bu ng Deputy Street Commissioner, Commissioner of Public Worse and inemnor ot the Board ol Supervisors; Con solly, City Comptroller; Sweeny, Commissioner of 'ublie I'urks and Churnlicrlain of the city oi New iforlt, and James Walson, County Auditor; that Cwcod, Connolly and Sweeny Lad usurped and acquired .he control of tho government of the city and county of New York, and controlled the auditing aud payment of ill bills and claims against either tne city or county government; that Watson was under their power and subject to their control, aud in all tilings subservient to their will and purposes. Keyser further alleges lbut lie bad heretofore furnished goods and d no work for the City and the Board of Supervisors; that, pursuant to tho conspiracy reh i red to, various protended claims?Mine di tbetn against the county aud others against the city? were, by ibo said conspirators, or some of them, in tho interest ol others, fabricated and payment thereof pro cured trom the treasuries of the county und city re spectively, amounting to several millions of dollars trom each; that lie was required by the conspirators, ? ml did, in order to obtain tncuicy due to him lor ser vices actually reud< ted and goods actually delivered, ?resent lulls for the same, which, iu some Instances, ? ere increased to the extent of thirty throe and one lh.lrd per cent of their lace, and which were thereultcr ?resented, and in some luruiul but illegal manner were torliUod to ho audited, and were paid out ol the city and tounty treasuries respectively, and the mouey so paid ' ?hereon divided among the conspirators; that in the ; tuinmcr and autumn of 1871 tho Hoard ot Super visors of Ihe county of New York, und tno Mayor, Aldermen aud Commonalty of the cltv of New York were In tact under the ah-nlutc con- i trol and dominion ol the said conspirators, and that A. Oukcy Hull was Mayor of the city of New York and was In the conUdciiro aud under the coutrol ol the said con- J ?pirutors. Thai the doicudunl, Charles S. Kalrchild, is At'orney General of the Slate ol New York, hut first tccame such by election on the 1st day of January, ; S7G, and uot before. It is further alleged that the do Icndant, William C. Whitney, isCouusrl to theCorpora lion of tho city of Now York, having become such by ! appointment in Augu-t, ls7.'i. Dclcndaut adults that ho (Keyser) has some property an 1 Hint the delendants I Survey, Connolly and lugcn-oll also have some prop- j erty, hut as to the amount possessed by said Garvey, Connolly or Ingersoll lie has no knowledge or Inlorma- ; tion suliiciout lo form u belief. He admits that in Iho year 18711 an assignment ol property was by him ! lo the defendant Schuliz, thui said bohullz has received j tome money aud proport under such assignment, but j he uvcrs that Scliultz lias returned the same to him and 1 has paid nothing to the city und county and that tho city and county reiused to accept sunt assignment. Ho admits that a suit was commenced and Judgment re covered against Margaret Watson, administratrix of lames Walson, deceased, as in the complaint alleged, ind that a large part ol such judgment has been collected [rom Margaret Watson us sui It administratrix. Uu al leges that ho is and has been ready and willing lo ac Couul with the public authorities, and, in case any amount is found to be due from him, to pay tho lame, but denies any such indebtedness. Kxcept as hereinbefore admitted or dented, he denies each and every allegation in iho complaint, and demands that the complaint ho dismissed, with coats. As an addenda lo the above answer it should lie Slated thai Keyser claims that the city owes litui nboul f'Joo.iHK), which ho cannot, however, act up in tho Droseut suit. THE GILBERT ELEVATED RAILROAD. A few davs since there was published exclusively In the Hkralii the suhstnnre of a complaint prepared in a luii brought in the Superior Court by Hie Sixth Ave* (tie Kailroad Company agam-l the trillion Elevated Railroad Company to prevent the latter company from building a road irom Amity street to Kilty-ninth street on the route of Iho Sixth Avenue Kailroad. As will bo rcmemltered. the cluef ground of tbo complaiut la that the dr. endnote intend to construct an entirely different r?>a?l Iroiu that authorized by iho Legislature to be built, tbc grant given ihem being for a tubular road worked by atmospheric | ressure. It is claimed that they In tend to operate their road by steam, nnd. further, that tbo time lor constructing their road expires on tha Doth iti.-i. Tbo complaint was yesterday submitted to Judge Speir, holding special term oi ilie Superior Court, md a temporary injunction w is granted restraining Ilie drfendatiia irom doing anything In ronnrelion witn the con-lruction ol their proponed road. In connection with the complaint an undertaking was aisn tiled, Messrs. Theron H. Builer and Cordon W, Kurnhain becoming responsible lor $5,000 each on iho under taking. KT'MMAKY OF LAW CASES. In the suit of A. Uurdell Smith againrt the Now York Trthunt Association, an order was ymicrday entered by lirceth n ol Judge Spoir, of the Superior Court, that llr. Smith flic a new undertaking for costs. The suit of Mrs Emma Kldridgc against Moses It. Ilarluy and others, brought in the Supreme Court, was yesterday discontinued by consent. This disennt nu sure follows ns a ncci stily after the reerut decision in the Surrogate a Court m iho Baimore will case, out of Winch the action grew In the criminal branch of the United Hates Circuit Court, before Judge Benedict, yesterday. Assistant i District Attorney Foster asked that a pauei of loo petit \ (llrurs he sutumunod for the May term Instead of ?cv- I only two, the usuul number, as there would be eases brought to trial In wInch (here might he dttllculty in procuring unprejudiced jurors. He referred to the j "crooked wln-kcy" indictments of whteh several were txpccled to be then presented to the Court, but a m<>? inge was received from lh* Grand Jury to the effect ?li it they were not yet ready to report, and the eourt was accordingly ordered adjourned irom day to i lay until next Saturday, at eleven A. M. DECISIONS. SUPREME COURT? CUAMDF.RS. ? My Judge Lawrence. O'Fernll vs. \\ inks.?Bunds approved and orders for judgment granted. ist i-LJtmn court?nrr.rjxh term. By Judge fpe-r. The !L\th Avenue Railroad Company vs. The Gilbert j Eletaled lUtlrosd Company.?Order granted and un- i Mertakm. approved. II gau vs Laiuibeer. ?Remittitur, judgment af- j Rrmed. Snyder et sl. ?i The Merchants' Exchange National j Bank ?Order lor judgment. Itrevolt* Witthaua.?-Ordvr for examination da bens ' ease Itarkley et al. va. Fi*k et at?Issues of fact and law ; settled and judgment signed. The Tr bum-A?sociaii >n vs. Smith. ?Order doapprov. | lag undertaking. Cormier v*. Ratty.?Order continuing action. Mat.INK COURT?CI1AM11CM. fly Judge McAdam. 1Fhitfhou-e t?. Vendertnlt; Slurmann va Moore.? judgments lor plaintdta ou demurrer. Harrison vs. Doughty ?Order resettled. Auams vi Harrison.?Action ordered to be contin ued against the legal representatives of tbe defendant. Thurber va Vt'ilbelm. ?Judgment vacated. Butler va Black ? Burettes approved 8mdh r?. Nereis- Fmxer vs. Beed; Nathan va. Cohn; Jlsii vs. Judson, I .e bench va Higg n.?, Wchereuher per v* Brettenatein. Ditweiier vs. Perkins; Krnst va FcUkr, M?orc vs. Uemstein. ?Motions granted. Fotieil va Zcller.?Motion uruirik Mix va Chase.?Receiver appointed. Bloom va. Henistein; Kick va Schwab; I,eary va Kranini.?Motions granted. FIFTY-SEVENTH STREET COURT. Bafore Judge Duffy. SKXklMO REVENUE. About two years ago a policeman named Duggtn was compelled to reeiga la consequence of certain matters brought to the attention of tha Police Comm asionera He was attached to the Nineteenth precinct, and attrtb utod hi# troubles to one of hie brother oflicera, James Qotgley, still in the same precinct. On Friday night Quigley discovered that be waa Being watched by two k*ya naaaed Charles HIU and Thomas Henley, and he arretted them a* ru-piclens persons. At this rourt they .i-in.irie?i hartoi i*>eu employ Ml by Duggan lo watch Quiglcy anil report to him anything wrung of which the ulllcer might be guilty*. They were dls phargt il with a warning not to oflcnd tn that way again. WIIF.KK A CLCI! WAS NEEDED. William Smith, of Xo. 629 West Forty sixth street, ?u discovered In the act of stealing a roll of carpet from John Walsh's store, Xo. 232 West Forty-ninth street, and he was arretted by ulllcer Beck, Twenty si'i'ond precinct. Sinilh put his hand back to his pnn taloons pocket as If to draw some weapon, but before hi* could do so ho was knocked dawn by the officer with his cluK In falling an ojicu kniio in Smith's pocket cut a hole In his thigh, the point of the knife remaiuing iu the wound. At ibis court be wsa held tor trial at the Court of General Sessions. PLATING FOUCT FOJl A PUBPOB*. On the 4th of April James A. King, of Xo. 898 Greenwich street, went to the policy shop at Xo. 382X of the same street, and purchased lorUfteen ceutsapolicy ticket known as a gig.'' Ho did this, he testified, not as a gambler, but for the purpose of obtaining evidetuo agatust the place sulflcioui to break it up. And II was for tlie same reasou that be bad not bclure yester day broughi the case to Iho attention of the Court. Michael l.nhn, the person Ironi wbom the ticket had been purchased, plrudcd uoi guilty to the charge and i his counsel moved lor bis discharge on the ground that there was no date on the ticket; that It was not ! signed by any one, and especially on the grouud that | l lo> complainant did not purchase the ticket, as he ad milted, to gamble with IL The motion did not prevail and Labn was held for trial in delault of $l,uuObaiL UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT. Washikutob, April 21, 187(1. In the United States Supreme Court yesterday the following cares were heard:? No. 20ft. Hammond k Goodolt vs. Mason & Hamlin Organ Company ? Appeal Iroin the Ciruuil Court for the District of Mas?acbusetli<.?This A-aa au uctiou for au inlr.ngeniBDl ol a patent for tremolo attachment clainied as au improvement in melodcons grnnteil to one Louis in ls&tl, a reissue of which i* claimed ax the property ot the appollees by assignment made in 1872. The delendauiK admitted tlist in the manufacture of organs ihev use tremalo attachments niado precisely in accordance with the spociilcutions, drawing ami model of an application for a patent made by l.ouis in ltits, but alleged that it was under a license from the patentee to their graniors made In 1871, and a series of subsequent agreemorts niado be tween themselves nnd Louis. The Court below found thai the appellees wnro the legal representatives and successors in business of Mason tc Ilauilin and were protected in the ttsn of the attachment by the assign ment and agreements set up, and dismissed the hill, it is here Insisted that the gramiug of license to use the attachment under the original patent gives no right to continue the use under tne extended term of the patent, unless so expressly agreed by the patenteo; and it is said there is no such contract in this case H. K. Valentine for appellants. F. H. Belts lor appellees. No. 21rt. Carroll et uL vs. Green At Green--Appeal from the Circuit Court for the District of South Caro lina.?This was a lull llled by the appellees lor them selves and others as holders of bills ol the F.xchango Hank of Columbia, 8. C., against the receiver and stockholders of the bank, to make the latter personally liable for the redemption ef the bills, under tlio alleged provisions ol the bank charter. The Court sustained the allegations of the lull, and the decroo was'against the stoekuolders. It is horn maintained that the liability under the law is io the State and not to the creditors, and that It does not exist under the charter to the bank, but is contained In a bill rochartcrtng the Planters nnd Mechanics' Hank ol South Carolina, which incidentally chartered a number ol new banks, among which was the Exchange Hank. It is also contended, under an act of 1S6!>, that by a forieltura of the charter of the bank, and by non-compliance of the terms of re demption provided hy that act, the stockholders bo oaino relieved from all liability. It is further said that in the decree below there Is no proper adjustment of the sums to be paid where stockholders have already redeemed hills, Judgment being given against such de fendants as against others who hare not redeemed bills. This is a tost ca*o, the decision in which will dispose of a number of others of a like class. A. G. McGrnth and W. W. Boyol for appellant. Corbln & Stone for appellees. REAL ESTATE. The only sales st the F.xchunge yesterday were as follows:? George L. Scott sold, under Supremo Court foro closuro decree, II. L. Coin, reforee, a building with plot, 76x92x87x80x81. 9, on Last Eighteenth street, north sIdo, 210 feel east of Broadway, for $100,000, to J. S. Craig, the plaintiff. R. V. Harnett sold, under Supremo Court foreclosuro decree. Andrew Van Voorboes. referee, a lot 2.1x100, on College avenue, west side, Mutt Hsveu, Twenty third ward, for #750, to Edward Murphy. TiiAirsrKR.n. 0th sr . i. e. corner 20th St., 20.7 1-3x75; William West to litmus I,. Shaw $5,000 54th it., n. SO ft. w. of 1st av., 20x100.5; Frsnt Koebler sort wife to Chariot F. Koehler 0,000 Delmonien place, e. *., 275 It. tt. of CHIT at., 25x100 (23d ssrdi ; Sophia K. tfutu to-lulls Uotchklis.... Kom. v., s, of 135th st., 25xl'S) (23d ward); Lincoln st., ThomOS Itny and wife to Patrick Kavanagh 4,000 62d st., ii. a.. 41) It. e. of 4th av., 20x03.3; Samuel C. Wall and others to Silas Mason... Sunt. 138th St., n. 373 ft. e. of flth nT., 25x00.11; same to tame. Nom. 120-3 at., a. 273.0 ft. e. of 3d av.. 18.0x09.11; Ly lis A. Conklln and husband to Sarah L. Parii". Nom. 5th av.. e. s., H2.0,S. It. n. of 47th at., 10x100; Charles Duggln nnd wife to Frederick Roosevelt.. (30,000 Pith it., n. e. corner Hudson, 16.6xk6.H: Auule T. Bennett to Sinver Mauulai tnrin_- Company 5.000 47th at., n. a., 318.0 fl. e. or 10th st.. 18 0x11*15; John if. Ash snd wits to Allen II Adams Nom. 47tli St., n. same property; William J. Clark to .tnhn O. Ami Nora. 4th av., w. s., 1H0.5 It. n. of 024 St., 33x100; Cttarles I- Cemish to John II. Watson Nom. Bd av., s. w. corner ef 98th st.,; same to same Nom. 8tu av.. w *., Mti ft. n. of 123d st., 60.6x100; same to same Nora. Monroe ?t., ii. loo It r. ol Kut e-s St.. 2(klxlt*>; Kiln S. Ken wick to George Vassar 10,000 42d st., n. s., lnoft.e of 11 ill av., 50x100.5: Michael Donahue .ind wits snd others to J. Leavcratl 27,000 f'-Hh ?t., s. s.. Itt.'ik ft. e. of 1st *v., 18x11*1.4: llan . drdph Cuggetiheimer and wife to Maria Ulelssner.. 12,000 Lexington av.. n e. corner of 58th st.. 20,5x73; Clinrlci Schatf-ler and w ife to M arianna tioett.... 25,500 12th St., a. a.. 220 ft. w. of 3d av., 20x103.3; Joseph K. Sanxa.i to John tjonley 17,500 58|h it i. ?> . Id' ft a ofBth av., 16.8x100.5; Jacob F. Wyckoff to John M. riasnon.. 11,600 West it., 122.3 tt. a. ol Barnlay, 10.9x84.3; Gran Nathan {referee) to t'harlei C. Iteauford ,dated 1871) 15,300 Markrt it. e 22.3 ft. ?. of Henry, 44 6x8011; William Sinclair (refereei to Second National Ruilditig Mutual Iionn Association 16,664 Madiion as., a. e. corner 130th it., 199.10 to 120th st. xlO; Thoinai II. lAiidon (referee) to George Che-trrmun lexecutori 4.2O0 12th st.. n. s.. 1 K't tt. w. of av. t', 2.ixl63.3; Jefferson M Levy (reb'rec) to John FKhermin 5,500 85th st.. a s.. K4 2 ft w. of Lexington av, 17xtoo.5{ William Uartlett irefereeito August L Norden... 12,500 3d av., w. *.. 46,5 It n. of 59th st.. 2tt.ls59.10x Irreg nlar; Edward 8. Dakin (referee) to Itchmann Levy 6,700 LCISRS. 21st It . n. e., w of 10th av., 5 years; Jolin C. Winch to Frrroplaatte Manufacturing Company 480 3d av . n e. corner 57th st , 7 years; John Davidson to Grand Ventral Bank 3.000 ? ORTUAIiKS. Bnrrill. Jamss P.. ve William C. Khlnelander, n. s. of 88th st . e. ol 24 av 10,000 Dnanc, Martin II . anil wife, to Felix G. T. Pluto, No. 30 Old slip; 3 years 3,000 ! l.aawralt, Jane, to M.Donahue 4 Co., n. e. of 42d st., c. ol 11 th av.; 1 month 13,500 Sam* to same, n. a of 42<1 St.. 0. of 11th av.; 3 J ears 13,5(jO r. ii I ? >, John, to Jos. F. Sanxay, n. ?. of 12th it., w. olStlav ; i yean 12,300 tt rite, t'hristian, and helri, to Mason Yonng (grd., Ac. i; I year 2.000 Kshnry, Xivlrr. nnd wile, to Simon Schwarti, n. s. ot 81st si., w. of 2d av.; 2 years 1,000 Noase.-, August L . and wife, to New York Life In surance < nmpany. n. ? ol H5th St., w. ot Lexington av. . 1 year 10,0 ? Parrenoud. Gostave I. , to August Hosier, n. a of 58th it.. c oi 2d av .2 years 1,000 Cercte Fr-ayata4v i llarmonle to Jules K Mrnnmid, i. a of Clinton place, e. of Pniverslty place 10,000 Fisherinann. John, to Kmily Cnderhill. n. s. of 12th st., w of ay C ; 3 years 4,500 Ogden, Alfred, and otheri. to II. W. Snge Jt Co., i. a of .Vld it., e of 1st av ; I year 4,000 Dawson, John M , to R. V. lJeshler, a s. ef 58th St., w of 9th av.; 3 years . 7,500 Thorn, Elizabeth, to Barbara Klier, c. a of 4th St., e. av. A; 3 rears 2,000 Vassar. G -orgr. to Rllta 1 Kenwick, n. s Monroa St., between Rutgers and Jefferson; 3 years 6,000 fhiliivan, Stismi, and husband. te Joseph Keckeu d?rfet, n s of 61st it., w. ot V adlton av.; I year.. 12,006 Perry. Isabella T., to John K Cllley. n. a of 46th st., between Broadway end K(h av ; I ye-rs 10,000 llorgao. t'ornellns, and wife, to Sarah Burr. n. w. cor. 2d av. and C'th -1 ; I year 12,000 "" ' ' and wi' Kxvanagb. Patrick, and wile, to Walter W. Conck iln, w. a ol LiBeota nr., a of 135th st.; 3 years ... 3,500 BUSINESS TROUBLES. NA meeting of the creditors of George L. Porter, s bankrupt insurance broker, was held yesterday before Register I. T. Williams, No. 4 Warren street, to show cause why the bankrupt should not be discharged. The Register reserved his decision. Kara W. Kccler, who died a petition in voluntary bankruptcy feelors Judge Hl?t< hford ' of the United States District Court, some days ago, has been adjudi cated a bankrupt. The Greer Turner Sugar Retlninc Company, at the corner ot Wall and Pearl streets, lor which a receiver was appointed some time ago, report their aseeis at about $50.(Ml Seven creditors entered. In the County Clerk's office, yesterday, judgments to the extentof $121,368 22. MARRIAGES AXD DEA" MARRiED. IIrrmi* ? Srrvrn ? tin Wedscdfy, the 19th tnst., at the residence ot the bride's |>arents. by Rev. Dr. S, Adlrr. Mr. Frrpixaxp Hkkuarr, of Franktortou Main, to Mias Sara Spkyrr, of New York. No cards. Frankfort ou-Maln (Germany) paperi please copy. II i ours?Win in.?By Rev. John J. Iluebcs. on Wednesday. 19th, at the residence of Mrs William While, mother ot the bride. Bshik OktiROK H ten us to JOSRrniRB GKRTRt'OB WiltTK. Kj>kI1>?Bi'RS. ?Us April 19. 1876. at the residence of the bride's parents, bv the Ilev. J llgen Kurrell, Alrkrr Kixkrl to Naxa H. Brits, daughter of I. D. bpsaldtng. both ol Brooklyn No cards. l.grotR?Fkrxhxao ?tin Wednesday. April 19, at th# residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. K.lbert Clemtni, Josxrti H. I. not a to Ki.xaxok M. Frsxukap, both of this city. Lovg?iti.ackali On April 19. at Chicago, III . at the residence ol the hrtde'a parents, by Rev. Canon Know las, lixssv \ irros l<ovs, of Brooklyn, N. Y., to Arsis, eldest daughter of A. H. Blscksll. Esq., of Chicago Mcivaby?Harrioa*.? On April 1*. 1876, by the ' Rev. Hugh Flutters, I.i kk J. Milvaxy lu Mart K. I HaRKIOa.v boib of ibis etty. Mo w4R Kusbxbbim?8tkkmikiu;kr.?On Tueiday, April 1*. i 1*76, at i iio residence ul ilia bride's parents. by the !?? v. i I?r. Gotlbeil, Faiur Konzxhmii to Tillir, eldest (laugh I tor of Mayor BtaraMwar, all of iMadty. 8*int?Pbbdlbtob,?Ou April ft, by the Rev. James 11. King. (iNORua F. Smith to IIattik M., youngest i daughter of William K. Pendleton. No card*. btiAD?Paws.?On .Wednesday, April 18, at St. Vin cent do Paul cliurcn, by the Kov. F. Guieheteau, Gkokgk II. SuAV to Laukb P., daughter of 11. Cafi'e, Esq. Wii.hcr?Yocjn.?In tbia city, on Wedroaday, April 18, Or. C. A. Wiuii'R, ol Chicago, and Ullkn 1'., duughicr of B. T. Young. DIED. Arcbkr. ?On Saturday, at 8 P. M., Haxxab, widow I of Jouatlian Archer, in the 7'Jth year of her age. Funeral will take place from the residence of her aon, O. H. P. Archer, No. 14 W?m i2d at, Purthar notice hereaitur. Uaskkkvilul ?Ou Saturday, April 22, Paul Bask rr* vii,i.k, younpi at aon of Paul and Mary N. Baakcrville, aged 14 tnouiha Relative* and friends of the family, also Amity Chap I ter, No. ltd, O. C. 8., aro respectfully invited lo attend ; the funeral, from 017 Greenwich at., on Monday, April 24, at iwo o'clock. Ulauvklt. ? ou Friday, April 21, Cor.nbua, wife of I Jacob C. liluuvelf, in. the 03d year of her age. Fuuaral services will be held at her late residence, ! 330 A est llm sL, on Mondar mormug, April 24, at hall-past nine o'clock. Kelatives and Irlenda are ro specttully invited to attend. Remains will be lakon to South church, Schrnleuburg, N. J., for Interment. liuaa?On tbe list inst., Dallbtt Bliss, Esq., of this city, in the 46Hi year of hlr age. Bloom.?Suddenly, on Saturday evening, April 22, Mary K., second daughter of the lata Kdwurd N. and Rachel A. Bloom, Notice of funeral hereafter. Ill KTsai.L.?aii anniversary aileron high mass of requiem will ho celebrated for the late Dokotiika Bukiskll at the Church oi iho Epiphany, ou 2<l nv., i near Slat St., at nine o'clock A. M. on Monday, April'JI. Friends and relatives are respect tolly invited. Bfi.t?On Friday, April 21, Jons S. "Bi ll. Relatives and trieudx are luvitud to attend bis , 1 funeral, Monday, the 24th inst., at two o'clock P. M l from His I ale residence, No. 44ft West 18th st Cmittkmikn.?April 21, of consumption. Julia Ac- ' OI STA ( HirTKNDKK, widow ol the lute AlltUSIg S. Cllil- j tendeu, of Kocbdule, N. J., and daughter of the lato William I', llousmau, of New York city. Funeral on Tuesday, at St. Paul's Protestant Episco pal chui oh, corner Market and Hamilton sis., Pater son, at hnll pusl ten .V M. Friends arc respect fully Invited to attend without further notice. Coaches at dtpnt to meot8:lft train for 23d at. Interment at Greenwood Cemetery. Cox.?On Friday, April 21, of diphtheria, Mart Alius, only dauglner ol Matthew and liittie Cox, in iho Olh year of her age. Relatives and friends urn res|>ectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, from the Memorial church, corner West llili st. and Wavcrley place, this Sunday, at two o'clock. Cox.?At Williamsburg, I* L. April 20, M. Blakrxkv Cox, of New York, aged ft() years. Relatives, members of ChWseu Division No. 12, 80ns of Tainpersuco, und irleuds are reepvctlully Invited to alien.1 the funeral, Iroiu 1 he residence ol his son-in-law, Samuel Rinilap, No. 32 Jefferson st., Williamsburg, Sunday. April 23, at two P. M. The remains will be taken 10 Pypresa Hills for interment. 'iho members ol OhuJsuu Division, No. 12, Sons | of Tonipoianco, are requested to assemble at the rooms j of the division on Sunday, April 23 1 Inst., at half-past eleven o'clock A. M., to attend the funeral ol our late I brother, M. B. Cox. The members of lltu liraud I Division are cordially invited. David Ritcmk, 11. S. J. (J. McCOWAN, W. P. The member* of the Grand Division, 8. or T., are re- 1 quested to meet In regalia, with mouiuiug badge, at llio rooms of Chelsea Division No. 12, corner ol 2ftl It St. and 8th av., on Sunday, April 23, 1876, at half-past eleven A. M.. lor the purpose 01 attending tlio luneral of our late brother 1'. W. P., M. B. Cox. Members, for whom 11 Is more convenient, may meet ns on arrival at 32 Jefferson St., at hall-past ono o'clock. K. H. Hoi-kiss, G. 8. 8. K. STODDARD, G. W. 1*. Ckowlsv.?On Saturday, April 22, Mariiarkt Crow lky, a uutlvo of tho parish of Balltnuscreeii, county I)erry, Ireland. The relatives and friends nro respectfully Invited to attend the luneral, Iroui her lato residence, 3o Monroe ?L, oil Monday, April 24, at hull-past one o'clock P. M. Ci'krax.? On the 2lst, J. Romaink, only son ol John R. nnd Hannah R. Currnit, In tlip 6th year of his age. Relatives and frx-nds of 1)10 lamily are respectfully invited 10 aitend his luneral, Iroiu the residence ol his parents. No. Tin lulayctto av., Brooklyn, on Mon day, the 24th, at two p. M. C1RKA8.?011 Friday, April 21, Bkiogbt Currax, In the 43d year of her ago. Funeral will lake place on Sunday, April 23, from 133 West 33d Ik., at 0110 o'clock. Kelatives ami trionds aro invited to attend. Putiibkrtson.?At Clifton, Staten Island, on Tues day, April 18, ol pneumonia, Julia Bots, widow orihe late W. 1). Cuthbertson, In the 70tli year of her age Da rut.?On April 20, Timothy, tho beloved husband of Ellen Dxrcy, a nativo of Derryduff, parish ol Rosen voir, county iAilirim, Ireland, aged 43 years, 1 mouth and 20 days. Tho relatives, and ibo.-e of his father-in-law, Patrick Roonpy, are requested to uttend the funorul, from his late residence, 96 Centre St., on Sunday. 23d Inst., at 1 ono o'clock I*. M. Tbo members ol the A. O. H. are j requested to attend. Davis.?At Geneva, Switzerland, February 21, Jamks D. Davis, in IiIs 42-1 year. Relatives und fr.onds are respectfully Invited to at tornl the funorul. at St. Patrick's Cathodral, on Tues day morning, ilie 26th mst., at ten o'clock, without further notice. Philadelphia papers please copy. Ditmarr?On Friday evening, April 21, after a short i illness. Aiiki.ia llArr, wife oi William B. Ditmars in llio 35th your ul her a^c. Tho relatives and friends of iho family are rospect fnlly invili'd lo attend the luucral, from her lato resi dence, 224 yulncy st, Hrnoklyn, on Monday allernoon at half past two o'clock. Doukkr.?Suddenly, on Tuesday, April 18, at Ravens wood, Long Island City, J<mx I'ktkr Drckgt, aged 00 years, o months and 22 days. Relatives aud friends ol Iho family aro respectfhlly Invited to attend the funeral, on Similar, April 23. at two o'clock P. M., from the German Lutherun church m 4th si., between Calyer st. and Greenpoint av Grecupoiui, Brooklyn, K D. Farrrll.?In Brooklyn, on Wednosday, 10th Inst, Jin*. Jsahxlu J" akkrll, a Qfltive oi KuilygUannou Ireland, In her 63d year. Interred in Calvary Cemetery on tho 21 st Inst. fii'KKM.?On Thursday, April 20, of consumption, Claus Fickkx, agad 3d years and ft months. Relatives and friends are respcctlniiy invited to st teud Ins funeral, from Ins laic? residence, No 1 While hall i-t, this day (8undav), at I Wo o'clock Fickbtt.-fin Thursday. April 20, ls:? Mart Auoob t.', widow of Francis Kn ken, Esq., of New York aged 1 73 years. ' ^ Relatives and friends of the family are Invited to at tend llio luneral, 1mm her laic residence, No. 462 Hen'y St., Brooklyn, on Sunday, 23d inst, at two o'clock I'. M. Gallagiikr.?On Saturday, Maruakkt Jaxr, daugh ter ol Michael and Ann 10 Gallagher, 111 the 6th year of her fipp. Funeral on Monday, at one o'clock, from 66 Carmine Ft. Kelatives and irieuds uru resellniiy uiviied lo attend. Oimbona.? On Thursday morning, April 20 Ax* Gib box s. seed 87 yearB. Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to at tPiiu her funeral, from her late rosutpuco. No. t>90 Greenwich ?t.f on Monday morn in?, at 111110'o'clock ? theme 10 St. Joseph's oburch, where a requiem mass will he offered up for the repine of her boiiI HABRRBKBi.-On Saturday, 22d Inst.' agod 37 Chaklkh Haiikrmmil. ' Relatives ami friends ol the family are respocttullv invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday next, iroiu his late residence, No. 20 Forsyth St., at two o'clock ?, ?A*r7?Hn .KruUr' 2Ut' Maky IIagax, wuli.w or Robert Hsgan, aped ftl years. f.Jl.?|lrr? d" fc?r ,1,'?family *re" invited to attend tho fum ral. from her lato residence, Xo, 854 8th nv ou Sunday, 23d inst., at ono o'clock " 11,1 nv > ?? Hopkixr ?On Fridav, April 21, Tno* is Hopgrxs in 1ml ISdsys. ',n y U"I,ki"?- * loootba The fun-ral will tike place on Snndav sDernoon. ! from the residence of his parents. No. ."> Paichon place tcrnn*ni 0 thones to Greenwood Cemetery lor in lliuitRS.? In Brooklyn. April 21. st her narents* resi p1Lavha ?or l. O. and Kale Hughes, aged 1 month nnd 12 .'nv?. April's?*"' " C?m0Ury 0111,0 "0,>" Cro". Fiat bush, JoTctt-ln BrooBlyn, E. I)., April 22, of diphtheria Hakkt. Infant son of Edward una Kalo Juvce aged 1 )-ear and 6 months. * ' " Relative A Slid iriends of the family nre resnerthillv Invited to stiend the funeral, from the re?ldcncc of his parents, 12 Conselyca st. on Monday at iw? ,,'clock KRouRKtL-tin Thursday, April 20 Maria a W moX" "bC", Kr,,mok"-a?"*' '1 years and li The relatives and friends of the f.imilv urn : fully Invited to attend Hie funeral, at her lite residence" 1 No. 343 West ft4th st.. on Sunday, April 23 at one P II' 48 yearsi"^ ^ W-tth.^Raw,'^ed I The relatives and friends of the fkmilv ?!?, of Punun Lodge. No. 339, F. nnd TV LS I zr?m c'?wtsiira! Pi-bits* Lonot No. 336, F. axd A. M.-Br?tHrbx_ Ton are hereby summoned to attend an emerVent c?m. mnmention, lo be held In Cliulon ,? - i J. 2k 18.6. at hslf.psst twelve V M . sharp, for tSi tfur pose ot paying the last tribmc of adeei nn ind resort to our late brother, M.ilthe* |.1W rwwpoct Duvrb (Jrrrx,Secretary!**' ^ Master. Leahy.?Mart, tho wife of Jeremiah i pnpi> naiiv. of Macrcom, county Pork. Ireland, nge.i ?g "i' * dsy.TprVl ST l'#r taU " M'UCC' W to Pork papers please eopv. Lsuxkuml.?On the 2l?t lest n.v... i I the .2d year Of bis Bge. ' '"""BIBU ?0 , Funeral to take place from his lam I *2 Weil 26th Sk, en 8umhv. Annl "3 It ' . " ?'.MlL u.,K'srr":.* , Inst . Piiasi.ks Ia<rrxi. aged ft3 v- ,r? 2UI LoBwrvstsix?Jtuddenir, on Thurso,. April 20, at the residence of his hr,.ii,^ y,c? , H. l/iBWRxxTRtx, in lhe 62d year o| his age Kelatives aud friends are re*pen,?,f' attend the funeral this (Sunday i mom nc *i i . * T | st his late residence, 141 Weil 42d .J & *l Uu 0 clock? _ LVtH.v Anrll 21. of consumption, Pmu^AmTia, of county Fermanagh, Ireland. aged 29 >""!* .?,i Mends or Ihe family are respect ?viirrcx stes.-.-, ...u ?,??. 1 K".,'.*SS?d!'5'? <??"' ?" '??"?? in .in uj ilin lunernl. from -lie rewduuwj ul In. muutcr, n?r"w,.t on itnnd.y April St. .mine A. ?. Mitciikll ?*>u Friday. April SI, ^ illiam Mitciirll, (orcman of ll-H-k ?"d l^der. Compauy l?, Naw \ ork Vir?? I >*?nirtiucnt uted d* years and 8 inoutn.. HeUtiYW i^nd friends of .he family, al.o mamhen. or ssria. AW ?l **?? l>. Morrison, eldest son of Iho laie John Morrison, in the 44th year of his age. Relatives and friends are mvitod to aiicndthe tu neral from th? Reformed church. 12lh *L, beta eon 4th and i'th a?a, Brooklyn, ibia (Sunday) aliernoon, alfour " mS^lrr.-Do Thursday, the 20th Inst., alter a short nnd "o*T., lllneaa. llJiv Henna... aged 62 years, 9 month* and 9 days. ro.neet 1 lio relatives aud friends of the family MS rospeet fully invited to attend lna luneral, on Su^d*f> 'd inst , at Uair past one P. M-, Iron, his reatdence. Mo. 429 W Mtkkhv"? At 81 Carmine st, on Thursday, April 20, Ei.t.kN, the beloved wife of Jamaa Murphy. Funeral on Sunday. April 23. at l**1** ' from her late reaideuco, HI c*rwlno .p*." MoCkkapt.-Uu April 21. KiiWako McCukauy Relatives and fm-ndn are rwp?-ifttUy in-rfted to attend his luneral, on Sun-lay. A3. ??>? his a residence 426 Kaat lTtli at, at hull past one o clock. Mid'owatiT?Oli Thursday, April ?. Jons MrDow KM., member of Hook and I^rla'-'r Cotwptany New York Fire Department, aged 28 > oars, 2 montlis "?nmi^uvss and friends of the family, and those of his brothers. James and Philip; also members or il o Now York Fire Department and the member* of the LuwtHKlClul,.ro moat re.pec tbU.y invited to-attend the funeral, from his father s residence, No. 20- Jth av., on Sunday, 23d Intl., at olio o clock. M-i.kk. On Thursday, Thomas, In the 66th year of his age, a native of Banaho, parish of Bonn, county Cavan. Ireland. The relatives "and'"fnonds n^fnrfud to attend hi. funeral Iron. Ins Uie residence. Blissville, ^E^ hieJ's Citv. on Monday, 24th. at ten o'clock, to St. Raphael s Rohiau Catholic church, from thence to Calvary tom otry. C'.ivan Anqln Crlt pleaso copy. McLkmxox. '?n Friday evening, April 21, Homora M< I kxvon the I eloved wile of Thomas Mcl-ennon. The relatives and Irlonds ol tho lamily are respeet fally invited to atteu-l the funeral, Irom her late resi dence No. 3d Railroad av., Jersey City, on Sunday, 23d daughter of Jame* and Magdalene Neely, agod 4 ytars, 111 Iclftt'tVA^,lHU.rrr'u"?are respectfully invited to iit tend tho funeral, flora 488 9th av., on Monday, the24th ln<t at one o'clock K M. Nkwtom ?On Tliuradav, April 20, William Nrwtox, aue<l 65 year* und 2 monlhs. The relatives and frien-ls of the family, also the mem bers of Clinton I.odgo, F. and A. M., are respectlully in vited to attend the luneral, Irom his late residence, Ida Kosciusko st., this (Sunday) afternoon, nt half past one Norton.?On Saturday. April 22, Grroort Hohto* native of Ttagahnc, yueous county, Irolaud, aged 6.1 ^Relatives and Inends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residency No. 'J, 101 3d av. (Ilarloui), oil Monday, at one o clock 1 o'brikx.?On Friday morning, April 21, at his lato residence, 148 Es?t 42d st, David O'BRiRX, aged o4 years, a native of Ballingaddy, county Limcriok, Iro ian-L May his soul rest In peace. Ills relnllves and friends, and those of his sons, Da vid and Daniel, are respectlully tnviteu to attend tho luneral, from the above number, this duy (huuday), at one o'clock precisely, to Calvarv Cemetery. O'Kkkffkk.? On Saturday, April 22, Mahv Downs, beloved wife of Michael O'KcelToo, aged 38, pariah of Adare. countv l.iiiicrick, irclamt. Relatives nit?liriendsare respectfully Invited to attend her funeral, from her lato residence. No. 7 Madison St., i Mondav. April 24. at two, to Oalv.iry Cemetery. 1'ai.mkk. April 20, ol pneumonia, Hbxry 11. 1 almkr, ^The friends are respoclfully Invited to attend tho funeral, on Snndsv tho 23d. at ono o'clock, at tho Ma-on o Temple, 23d st. and 6th ay. \ UttMts No. 310, F. A. M?Tho members of this lodge are hereby stimtnonea to attend a special communication, to bo hofd at tho Masonic Temple, on Sunday. April 23, at ono o'clock, for tho purpose ol pitying the last trtbuto of respect to our late brother llenry R. Palmer. JOHN BOYD, Muster. tiKoatts W. DrsvtR. Secrolary. Mavuattax CtiMRAXOKRV, N<?. 31, K. T.?Attention, Sir KnlchtS!?You nre ordered to attend an emergent conclave, in full uniform, at our msytunt, Masonic Temple 23d st and 6th av.. to participate in the funeral obsequies of our tale compsnlon. Sir Knight Henry K. Fainter. Sir Knights of sister comman aro conrtctjunlv inviieii to Join us. Hy order of W. A. BT.ANCK. Com. ? T. M. Milrr Recorder. Tlio companions of Manhattan Chapter No. 184, R. A M are hereby respectfully requested to meet nt llto Masonic Temple. 23d st. and 6th av.. on S'tnday lho 23d Inst, and unite with Atlas l.odgo No. 316, 1. and A M In paving the last tribute of respect to tho memory of our lato worthy companion, Henry K. Palmer, Past King ot Manhattan Chapter. W1 I.I.I A M T. MTIODRIFF, Secretary. Parsoxs.?At Jersey City, on Friday morning. 21ft ln?t Cuari.ks 1'aksoxs, aged 76 years and 3 months. Relatives and friends and the members of OliVo Branch I.odge, No 31, I. O. ol ?) F.. are respectlully "nvMed to attend the funeral, on Sunday, 23d inst at his lato residence, No. 166 1 ork St., at tnree P. M. His remains will be takcu to Manhassot, I. I., on Monday, l/>mts, No. 31. I. n t?. F._The mem l*rs of the above named undge sre requested to meet nt tlic !odi:o ro4?ni? oil Sunday. 23d tn?t, at ono o clock 1' M lor tho purpose of paying the Inwt tribute of to Rpect\o our laic brother fhsrles iVvnna. P. ?. By oVder of R. A. DF.NN ETT, N (!.; A. t', Perma nent Secretary. Prxxkk.? In Brooklyn, on Saturday, April 22, Et> wtttn Prxxrr, aged 49 years. The relatives ami fr-ends of the family are respect fullv invited to attend the funeral, trum liis ted deuce. No. 92 Ra|?elyea st., on Tucsuay. April '-6, at two Potts a. At his rsst-lencc. 364 8th St., corner of av. C, Thomas Pottrr. age.l 37 year* aud 6 months. Ho relatives nn-l friends of tho family, also member! of Dili ted States l.odgc, 207, F. and A. M., are lutly invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday. April 23 st one P. M.. from Se-ontl streot Methodist Epis copal church, between avsC and P. Hrktu I'NITKO STATKS LOMIR, 21b, r. AJfO A. HRKTU rrx?You aro hereby summoned to attend an cm-rgent communication, to 1-e held In Clinton Room, Masonic Tompte, on Sunday, April 23, st twelve M .to ps\ tho l't?t tribute of respect to our late worthy brother Thomas 1otter. I'V or-ler, W. W. MARKS, Maslcr. Jottx II. Sai.t, Secretary. _ _ Pt?BCRt.t Dn Friday evening, rsTRicR PusoRtx, aged 38, a native of Kilkenny, Ireland. 1#,. . Relatives and tricn<ls are r*M?ectfnlly tnvile-t to sl tcn.l the luneral, at 28 Csrtntno st., at two P. M., sun UWkm lv ?Snddenlv, on Monday, the 17th Inst., rmn Rkiu'v. a native ol parish of Drumlano, county CavAU Ireland, uged 40 years. - Funeral this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o clock, from hi* late rorldence, 343 Kant lilt st, to Calvary Come l*llioitAuns ?On Friday, April 21, Mrs. Sarah Rioh ARhs. widow of tho lato IV. U. Richards, in her 70th yeFnneml servtres will he held nt the residence of hor sot, S Robert Sherwood, 224 Rnsl 1Wi nt. . on Tucsdav morning, April 26. at ten o'clock. Relatives and irtends respectfully invited now aim MoMAtn ?On Saturday, April 22,1376, Ax* Romais, wile of Daniel Romatu, K*q.. age-l 68 years. Friend* are respectlully invited to attend the from her l ite residence, l.odt. N. J., on Tnerday, at w P April ?. CA.."o ntKR W. Row*, aced 41 years. Drogheda (Ireland) papers please forT Row, h Rxnv Rnwx, tn the 32d year or his sge. Relative* and friends of the family; also tons ellat on lAtdsa I O. F. S. of I ; Manhattan Lndtre, |. u. B. D. , Untt-'d Brothers, and Ccitlennial I.odge, IT. D. 1. and a M (Frieilonsvcrein, arc rc*i>ectfiilly invited to at tend the funeral from his late roMdenocNa 30. West 39tii St.. this (Sunday) morning at ten o clock. I r^i^KTRi IaATiok Isonoic, No. I. O. r or i. n^itBini You arc hoptby tommoncd to ^ttond r i ?,SrSi??7ol IhtVuvUgS; n't lis rooms. No. 117 West 23,1 'xt on Sundav, April 23. at half past r'Rhto clock A. M. sham for the porpose of paying the last *plhuteofr^ "'aaao* WmxsTRtx, Secretary. KKx-YotTaM tcspectful'ljf rVJneited to attend in"? - i ,,f ttnnrr Kovrti brother ol our brethren, Max j 1MDOE snrnt", r~w?A nil.?. 'a p"1 ?. 1":?. a ! *M line Slid Florida papers please copy. ukavi v*--On Satnr-tay morning. April M. ol pn u mollis* Eua* H . second son of Henry nud Martha Sen The'"rehi*tv^s'' an"frl- n-ts of'thefhmlly arc respect . Ti?- in^ie.l to atten-l the funeral services, st the rcat f.r0sa rrttH?remi;.n.10w.n s -.2?^?. -aiss tfiJf ? Kii.?" -? A Newark and Sew Brunswick (N. J.) papers please e0Ey;-^-? On Fridav, April 21. IdrsiR, twin daughter ol'Peter sod Ann Sjwncer, aged 2 years, 2 nionitis nn?l 13jlaya. nre reepectfRily invited to at . a^s fnnerai. from the w.hleoce -vf her ,varents. O'clock. Stwwabt? On April 21, Mart, wife of Anthony T. St. v?urt. aged 36 years. The relative* anil frten<l? of the family are invited to attend the tunerul, from her late residcnco, WO H'oit 3??l at., on Monday, ui one o'clock. Tavmik.?In Brooklyn, on Saturday morning, April 22, Amn St a wart, Unugh , daughter of Colouel John W. and Jan.- P. Taylor, aged 21 years. iHcmraov? At hta rvstdonce. 44 lVcat 34th at, on Friday, April 21, Job.* P. C. Thompson, lortiitirly ol Cuba, In the ft3d year of hia age. Friends are lnrited to attend the funeral, from the house, Tuesday, April 26, at half-oast nine A. M., without farther uotice. Tntrr,?lu White Plains, on Friday, April 21, Famnim M., wile of Daniel J. Tripp and daughter of tho late John U. Milter, in the 26th yoar of her aye. The Mineral aervlcea will tu<,o place tu Grace church, White Plat mi, on Mouday, the 24th mat, at two ..'clock P. il. ? liulativea and Iriouda are luvaed to alleniL Va* Aurimik.?On Friday, thellat InaL, Elea.toe Van Ann:.Mitt, widow of the late Augustus Van A Hiring v. The rolattves and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral aerncea, which will he held at St. Thomas' Episcopal church, Mainaroneck, N. V.. at ball-post on?' 1*. M., on Monday. the24llt In si. Train leaves Grand Central depot at 12 M. Carnages will ha at the station on the arrival of train. WatMRaojt ?Ua Friday, April 21, Willis P., Iniant Bott >>1 Arthur J and H. W'utcrson. Relatives and friends arc invited toatt. ndthe funeral, on Sunday, 23d Inst, at one P. M., from his parents' residence, n >rtb? est corner ..f Madison av. and 87th .-t. Wmilium tox.?lu Brooklyn, on Friday, April 21, Ei'ni.'k F.. wife ot Isaac B Wellington. Funeral services at her lato residence. 344 Schermer horu st, this day (Sunday), at three o'clock, lielalives and friends aro r. stu-. tiully Invited to attend. Remains ne t wilt ne taken to Oakland Cemetery, near Boston. EoMT \M? FOlNo. LEFT IS' NEW YORK. NEW HAVEN AND HARf ford Depot, 42d it.. New York Tnesday afternoon, IHth Inst, a small Lr.nheru Bss, containing law papers. Under will t>e rewarded by addressing LhAl'lil.R BAG. Herald office. [OUT?LADY'S WATCH. N<>. I31.8S.Y Pi SUE 11 RE J ipiesled to address box S,.V>4 Post office. JOttt-ON THURSDAY NIGHT. APltIL 20. AT HfP J, an old laehione.l (1 i.i Chain. Return tu Xu. 0 Abingdon square and full value given. I OUT?SATURDAY NIGHT. ON 23D ST. AND 8TII Xj av., a young black and tan Slut, named Lyriie. with ?to I collar A liberal reward will lie thankfully paid to the ?let collar A liberal reward will tie thaiiKlully paid tu I finder "n returning her to owner. KORSTK.t, 2< I 23d et. IOST?ON SATURDAY MORNING, ONE SILVER J ebaiu Rracuiot, wilb four Bulls; a liberal reward wilt be paid for returning the same t<> -'7 We-I iKltli st. __ us-,vv VuDn. (*??>,- REWARD. STRAYED FROM 317" WESTIaTH V_i>) at., small Skyo Terrier, steel color; answers to tue name ut Rags. ^ LIBERAL REWARD WILL BX OIYBN FOB THI il return ?f a 0 Mil, lust la-<t Saturday morning guiug from -17th st. aad Broadway In the care to my offleo. A. P. SMITH. 1,31 >4 Broadway. MUiUMiNh 1 MKRICAN STANDARD BEVEL MILLIARD TAHLKS . V with Del alley's wire cushions, solely used in all chain, nionship and match games; second bau.l Tables at great bargains. W. II. ORIPP1TH A DO., 40 Veeejr si. AI.AKUi. ASSORTMENT OF NEW AND SXCOND b..u I Billiard tables, with tho new challenge cushion; the corded ?dge perfeeied. at low prieea. L. DECKER X CO., corner Out. ill and Centre. ' sts. Anew 4xm bevelled billiard table. cheap fur cash ; ?.so a seiond hand 4*4 lor $125. At piano store 210 l.a-t 23d st. ClOLLEN DKR'S STANDARD AMERICAN BEVEL J Billiord Tables, with the celebrated Pheian X Cotiendcr combination ciuuiuue, fur sale lu this city only at 733 Broad way. POR BALK?AN ELEGANT EXTRA BUILT PKI L vate Billiard Table. Address l.ox 47 Post office. N. Y. R BAD Til K SUNDAY TELEGRAM. IT CONTAINS ALL TUE NEWS FOR TWO DENTS. T WO-4KXB Ddl.LhNDKR HEVF.L TABLES, .NEARLY new ; very cheap at 312 Otli av. WANTED?A SECOND HAND BILLIARD TABLE, carroin, 4xS feet, and euaiptnent. Address, with de .1)3. b scriptum aad price, BILLIARDS. bo* to 1 Herald office. 8'i'DUAUE. WfiNtlON'sPEDIALLY GALLED Tt>' "OUR FIRST A1 CLAMS STORAGE WAKEUol SES Tor fhrnlturc, car riages, Ac., the only storage warehouse having plastered moms lighted and ventilated through'ut, tree Iron, dust, Ac. LARGE ELEVATOR, to hoist iriir*? loaded with fur niture. !<> ALL THE FLOORS, preventing injury caused l.v handling and placing oil elevators. Parties about storing requested to examine our warehouses. CORNELIUS O'REILLY* X BUGS.. KM, 111, 113 and 113 East 4ilh St., eait of Grand Central depot. A -STORAGE.-WEST SIDE STORAGE WAKK il. HOUSES. 503, ?34. ?3tt HUDSON ST., 770 GREEN - W tCII ST. AND 10 ABINGDON SOU ARE; 8 Tl> AGE AND SAKE KEEPING EoR FURNITURE, PIANOS, BAGGAGE. TRUNKS. MIRRORS, PAINTINGS, GKNA M i NTS. CARPETS, THEATRICAL PROPERTIES, GOODS AND .WARES OK EVERY DESCRIPTION JtE Ci'.ITED DAY or night; separate rooms of any site ; old est (established into;; lowest in rate, most acrommodnliug, extensive and responsible estaidishmeut in the business. R. TagOAKT. Owner aud Proprietor: office 303 Hudson st. (Abingdon square). A L. B ATTKRSO.VS STORAGE WAREHOUSE FOR 2\? fnrnltnre, pianos baggago, Ac..'.MM tith av , corner 5.i(i kt.; lumiture movud or boxed Tor shipping. l.ato of IWJ nr. A ?GR.vND CENTRAL STORAGE WAREHOUSE il> corner of Broadway nnd 47th ?t. Sensrate rooms lor lurnitnre. pianos, baggage. Ac. Ladies mid geutlemen nro invited to inspect the premises. MORGAN A BROTHER. Managers nnd Owners of Buildings. AT ijDRTlNGTON'8 STOKAUK WARUKOOM8. 543 A lindsnn st. ? Storage i i separate ro? in nt lowest rules. Being also in the Kurntitiro Hn.incus, we thor Highly un er stnnd tne hnndiiiig ofFurniture. CHARLES If. BOHDE, Proprietor. A?MOKRKLL'8 FIRST CLASS STORAGE WARE ? houses for fine lurnituro, trunks, ciws, pianos, orna ments, works of nri, Ac.; Safe Deposit Vault! tor valuable- , Sates ut nil sites in vnults to rout by month or year, aflnrd mg ithsotnie security. 4th nv. end Ii2d st. D' CHAHLKsS i)LARKK mid VICTOR lJhM/,AK, Isttw O flirt .*? ilomi ?(? ttndwr S*viii^n Hunk. It CI ASH LOANED ON KURNITIUK, PIANOS. BAG J gage. I'aintiugs, Mirrors nnd Household Goods of oil kinds ?i toven per cent interest, if on storage in a responsi ble warehouse where the proprietor is owner ot building. Address CASH, box liftt Iturnld ntlioe. AVMPIRE STORAGE WAREHOUSES, FOR FL'KNI JGi tore, pianos, mirrors, baggage and merchandise, lu pitrate rooms, nt low rates; Inspection inritrd; removing. boxing sod -hipping promptly attended to. 11. O'REILLY A Go., Proprietors, 38S, 3d and .'RI2 Hudson st. "TjlAGI.K STOMAOK COMPANY"? UNSURPASSED FOR 1J salekeeplnx furuiture and goods of every description; sep.ii itj compartments; clean and mdorly; tou rates; iron lug. boxing and shipping attended to. 103. 107 West 33d st., one dour west of otii ar. A Li i K ICS' W A R EU OW S KM. bill AT.. FROM M) TO ! Mllli St.?The oldest by tar, the lowest in rato, most ex tensive end reliable establislinioiit in the businev; Murage for Furniture. Baggage, Goods and Wares ol every descrip tion, In separate mooed compartment* of any sir.e, always ocee-slble. office on M4lh st I > i A I) THE tsi'NDW TELEGRAM. I A, IT CONTAINS ALL Til NliW.s FOR TWO CENTS. O TOR AGE FoR FURNITURE, PIANOS, BAG I AGE, O Ac.; separate rooms; lowest rates; every convenience; elevator, watcliruaii; trucks constantly on iuind lor the re moval ot furniture. Mil01 ALES A SON, 3S, 40 and 42 Comments st., near Ble cker. Storage for pianos at pianoforte ware rooms; fully Insured; bed, of ear \ Ni Do.N A i.l) A CO., 57 East 9th at. 'TORAGE FOR FURNITURE. CARRIAGES AND MEU y ehandise. SMITH A el Lbs. Proprietors. 7."a> am) 7A- Htli av. and 247 vt o?t 40th st. M1SCK 1.1. A \ KOI S. i > <ToTc fC*Tf> g R a v i n i iti. V a In r i n g 8, "Pi' Ax fr t "iTk I) Iniuglit and told at 4 L'nivarsity place. Small auiouut ol storage taken. ttENT. NNi VI.' VKAR~:i'LA.\T! PLANtl KVBRY ) body should plant tins tear an nruamentol or shade tree Order when you go home ol GF.ORi.E IV. Jl DO, 145 nnd 14B West at., between Washington Market ami llu boken terry. Large u sortnient of ornamental, truit, shade, and evergreen Tree*; Shrubs, Fremb Ruses, Japan Ltliea, Viues, Bulbs, Ac., Ac. cheap! Cheap! Prices lower tuau for ten years. ivoRCKs onfAiNFdTFrek of-cuaTgf.: IMPORTANT TO RRAl. KMTaTK OWNERS.?OAK peuter and Mason work. Tinning. Pniiithpr.f A , done by a responsible bander; prices to suit the limes; estimates given.* Address RC'II.DKK, box 1U4 Herald office. Mixed paints, all colors, ground in oil; English roof paint, liquid slate paint tor leaky roots, paints ail mixed, ready for use; price (Kle.. $1.41 .Viper gallon; send tor card of colon and testimonials; best rooting oil 40e. a gallon. NEW YORK CITY OIL COM PANY, sole agents, 1 IB Maiden lane. LAD THE SUNDAY TELEOUAM. IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. mill BODILY MACHINERY DERIVES ITS MOTIVE power from the blood; If the circulation is sluggish the various organs am apt to falter In their duty. Invig orate the gastric organs in order to Inellitate the conversion offood into blood, and thus liotli aeeelerite nnd enrich the vital current. i he best stom .chic for this purpose Is UDOLI'IIO WOLFE'S schtedaiu Aromatic Schnapps. All unequslled medicinal beverage rpitEES AND PLANTS.?EVERYTHING IN TREES, X shrubs. Vines and Floxer Garden Plants, including j ati the most desirable varieties, retailed st wholesaie prices; I slso mould, s.els and laborers furnished, on application nt DOWN A CO.'.a office, -4 l ast 4Mlli at. Nursery at West Morrisi sola. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS. TEXAS LINE F(!RGAI.VKx|.i\. f. >t*i * it 1 xii" A ITshf West, carrying the United States mail ?The steamer NTATF. OF TKjiA-, Captain Bulger, will salt on Saturday. April 29, nt 3 P. M., from pier Sto East River. Thr >ugh hills of lading g ven to alt points on the Houston and Tews. Central International and Great Northern,Galveston, lions ton and Henderson, and the Galveston, Harmburg and Nan Antonio Railroads. Freights and Insurance at lowest rates. For freight or passage, having superior accommo dations. apply to C. II. MA I.LORY A CO., f.Vt Maiden lane, or W. P. i LlDK, No. ?i Bawling Green. TtiW KI.LKHS' OlilUB. A~ '"-REGULAR OaTHKILL LINK. UP TUB CRP.RK; ? also for Stuvve-ant sod Intermediate landings' steamer NKW CHAMPTON, from Canal st.. Tneadey. Thnra. day aud Satinlay; steamer McMANUS, Monday, Wednem dav and Friday, from Levey st ., at rt P. M. TN( t RT I.KE. PLEASANT VALLEY AND SHADY r Bide. -Steam bo it PLEASANT V.VLEY from Canal st. daily, and Sunday at HI A. M., 2 and & 15 P. M , landing at 24th st, ten minutes later. Fare 15c. For Other Hhlpplag Advertisements Nee RhlpuliiK Adr Hirertor jr. KKl' KMO\ s, LNoR BXi'UrsIons. The rommodiont Steamboa' WILLIAM COOK, with ipaclens decks and broad awnings and capacity far car rying 2 i ?H> passengers, ran lie chartered by the day during the month of June. Alter July I she will run dolly to Kock owav. Apply to R. CORNELL WH1TK. 154 Bonth st. rCUARTRR FOR EXCI'RBIONS?SAIAION KTBAM ars Wyontln r and William Conk, barges Republic, Chleago. Baldwin. Caledonia and Anna. Aldernoy Park. Exeelsior. Oriental. Rarttan Reach, loaa Island and Cold Spring Groves to let, OOseu 384 West at., opposite t'hristo pher steet ierry. iL B. CMMWfcTT. a: _ m*or?aTK?i, organs, ?u vk ?haSck! " as"klkha'nt rii u:k kkTnA A HONK' 7?? octave Pianoforte at A bargaiu - a brilliant luiicd 7)$ rosewu.Mi Windsor Pianoforte. lour roaad, nAin# on plate, cost f 1,200, for #275; mayor's guarantee and bill J?. transferable to purchaser. aIw Parlor, Library, Chamber and Dining Room Furniture. I'aII private re.i ?unco 12U Wntt 23d ?i? near kh at., this day or Monday. \?A.?ALL PERSON'S DEaThToTirT OK PI"rci FaTing ? a genuine s cum liaud Stein way Plnnn are invited to call at our warcrooma, where a number of Stein way I'i u. a Alt in period eouniiinn and some nearly new. are e'inalanii) on hand; alao second hand Piauos ?l other ma here. Aumpts are constantly made in Mint cjty and elsewhere by makers ol bogus piatioa and their sgeirs to null thuii inferior instruments, bearing our name or n name ?pell-d eo similar that many people do not notice rha dilferenoe. and pur haati the spulious, worthless inairumi'iit for a genuine Stainwsy plane. If neraoua, before purchasing ?ueh instru ment. Kill take the number of aame and nail on or write to !I?. it can At oaoe be ascertained whether the luatrumeut la a genuine btelnway piano or a trnnd. STEIN'WaY A HONS, St'inway Hall, 11)7 and 111 Eaat 14th at.. Naw York. 4 ?FOII REST. UPRMfiT. SQUARE" AND GRAND A. Plenoe of our own make; alao lor naio and rent, a tiumlier of hue aecoiid hand 1'iaiioa. in perfect order. WILL IAM hiS tllE A CO.. No. 1112 5th av., ahore ltlth at. KEW~ ARDIN " >1A NOS, "SKCOND HAND. .BIT equal to new, at oiiu-third the price of new inttriv mouts; a chance never before offered. blMESON A CO.. No. SEastlltbat. A N ELEGANT STEIN WAY GRAN D~ UPRIGHT IV Plauoioi te. almoat new, for aale at ieaa than half co-t. 34 East 58th at. A GEN I LLMan. VERY ML'CI! EMBA RR ASSKQk A will sell anew Piano, of elaborate workmanship, mw sacrifice Only real buyer (uo agents) need addreaa BAR* GAIN. Herald olHce. A BEAUTIFUL PIANO, $HXh?A 8TEINWAY PIANO, f.irie, seven octave, carved leg*, overstrung, every Improvement; lacflSoe for cash. J. BIDDLfc. 13 Waverley place, near llroadway. Hfi RE AT BARGAINS?BaKM ORB'S. 36S HLBECib ? er St., closing out large stock Planus half price, order administrator: dl'ai, #15", $2UU. J"l KW SECONI> TlAND WBBER PIANOS AT GREAT bargains, some oi tln'in u?"d but a very short time by our best musicians and really almost as good as new; tally warranted in every respect. Please call at the WEBER ware rooms, 5tti ay. and loth st. A" TOP PIANO SIDE U A It. IN PERFECT ORDER. K IS LEY A DUEHIS. lb si and IOJ llroadway. A BAROAIN NOR OAS ft.?BEAUTIFUL CARVED A rosewood 7 octave Pianoforte, $111' 1213 Last 3Uth st. LADY" WILL SELL CHI 'KLRING PIANOKORT1 less than SUM; also seven stop Organ, cabinet finish, great sacrifice. 28 East <0 st., near 2d av. A' ?for'sale. Al A SACRIFICE. A~HANDSi)MB J\,. I'lano. with Cover: good make and splendid tnne; but little used. Applv to SNYDER, 338 *th av.. (Irsl "*??__ i FAMILY HAVING TWO ELEGANT ROSEWOOD st case Pianofortes, with all Improvements, full agraffe, overstrung, Ac . wish to dmposa of them; one Dicker A Brothers for y275; one Stetnway .t Sons #250, both having name in plate, with gaarastee; Stool, Cover, Box Tor ship ping; a sarrlficc. Please cnll to day or Monday at private residence No. 47 West 18th at., between .">lh and tlth avs. A ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE; PIANOFORTES ?V to rent. 85 per month and upwards; iustaliueuta taken; new Instruments a graat sacrifice, GDLDsMITU's. iS Bleecker ?t., near Bowery. A" SEVEN OCTAVE OV KKSTltUNG PIANO. BEST makers, on instalments or rent, $"> monthly. P. CONNOR. 159 37th st.. corner of 3d av. ARGAIN.?7'g OCTAVE PIANO." aLl IMPROVE, aunts, $150 cash ; instalments taken : rent 85. CABLE, cortterfltli av. and 23d st. f'itOR BALK?A BTKIN W A V SQUARE PI A NO.~BUT ' little used ; no dealers need apply. Can be seen at No. (12 West 17th st. ___________ PiANOS?LARGE STOCK TO RENT OR SELL (UK. duciiig stie'ki at lower price* than ever. Call and see them at MERRELL'B, No. 8 Union square. "piANG 'WANTED.?f WILL PAY $100 CASH FOR X it ghod Instrument, Ob, or 7 octaves. Address W. B. L.t box 4,02" Post ofUco. PIANO FOR 8ALE~CHBAP-17S KABT T3D ST. CALL before Wednesday. f I ANOS $51 TO #10 PER MONTH UNTIL PAID; 7 1-3 octave nnlv $100; 8 stop Organ; sacrifice. PECK A SON, 23 Clinton place, near Broadway. B EAD THE SUNDAY TELEGRAM. IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. K QKCOND IIAND PIANO. SQUARE OR UPRIGHT. OR kg Carpet, wauted in exchange for fine Gold Watch of Diamond Ring, Address EXCHANGE, care ol Baruee, 137 3d ar. TO KENT?A OHICKERINGS'UPRIGHT PIANO TO A responsible party very low. Address, for three dnyi, N, X., Herald Uptown Branch office. WATERS' NEW SCALE PIANOS ARB THE BEST made. The touch elastic and a line singing tone; powerful, pure and even; prices extremely low, for cash or part cash and balances in small monthly pay ments, or lor rent vory low; second hand Pianos at great bargains. Wurcroom* 481 Broadway. New York. Horace waters a sons. WANTED FOR TUB SUMMBit?Ft>R ONK PB? son's practice, a small upright Piano. Address, stat ing price. Ac.. PIANO, box 11-> Herald office. WANTED TO PURCHASE-AN UPitIGIIT P1 AN?T, Chlckering, Weber or Stelnway's mako ; must be in good rondli ion ; cabinet finish preferred. Address A. C., mix 3,554 Pott olfice. i)r PER CENT REDUCTION OK SOT AND SEiTOND wo hand Planns and Orgaus; rents from $2 to $7 monthly; rents applied if purchased. F. LUDKB. SOEait till st.,noar Bowery. 7/T TO 5(1 CENTS A DAV WILL BUY A CHlciTER iU Ing, StolHwa.v, Webor or other grand, square or up? right 1'iano; 20 to 40 cents an Organ; Instruments to rent. 8. X. BALI. A CO., 15Bast 14th st. PIANOS, ON $5 TO #1" MONTHLY 1N ST Ali ments till paid. KKAKAUER, 352 Bowery. 100 $12 ?? -AN ELEGANT CHICKEBIKU ROSEWOOD ? I# fourronnd corper Piano; sweet and powerful tone; perfect order; cost $''4* >, lord 25. .1 MURPHY. 117 Greenwich av. UAKCINU ACADEMIES. *T^aWh^'Iian?ii'Nu aoaukmi'ks.?KKi'ThptLM J\? Dansntile, Irving Hull, Friday, April 2S; Soiree even Nimdajr. Hrtvmrt Hail , every fuesdny, Masonic Hull. t*RC \ ATli LUWUMI any hour at -12 MM lltli *i. "I ?OARTIKR'8 DANCING MABUT, PUKPToi jV. Budding, Stuyvesaut and OHi eta ; open all summer) private lessons Specialtysoiree .Monday. DU.kf AIUS DANCINO ACAiiKMV; 24WKST 4TH ST. All dancea tan.'In perfectly per quarter; six fashion nlilo dances perfectly In aix private lessous; wait*, glide nn 1 iloulile slide specialties. Diamonds danrino ARADKXf i,sm" broad way.?Open the year round; private lessuns, |t| tla most practical lust motion ever olTnrutl. MR. .r. \7m YOPHKKSO.Ns. TEACHER OK DANCING will clvi'private lessons during the summer. Order and Irtiera lolt at 557 iltli av. (news store) will be promptl) attended to .N. B.?Closing soiree to morrow (Monday, evening. April 24. at I.'.'t'O Broadway. Dancing at P. THE IiKCilllE SKASOS. ^ tllilCKKKIXo" 1I ALL.?El FI'll"' AVKNUK TBSfuRl ) <\iur*?\?MoncUy even in#, April J l. I>r. J. J?y Villitr*. Subject ?"I!?iuorl?tH of the 1***1 and Present." Ticket?, ;??**. and 75c., at Pond's, 311 Union aqoare. MATKIW(l\IAL. ALL alone in tiii: \voKi.iv-,won,D aiWWKh minded lady of good social position respond to a news pqier wiul Irom a lonesome elderly widower 1 He seeks a w ile, a gentle, loving companion, all heart and annl, sun shine and sentiment, intellect and cultivation, with taste* poetical end artistic and one to * lioae happiness he might prove indispensable, would therefore like to torin the ne uualntance in an honorahle way of any unmarried lady pos sessed o! the- requisites. For particulars of himself please address Id>NKSoMH. liox LV.t llcrnl . office. Al'OU Nil liA 0 foFISWN K M K N T DKSI If EST 11H aequaintHiiee ol a gentleman of means, with a view ta matriuiMjr. Address SlNi hKlTV, Herald Uptown Brunch office, A "^GENTLEMAN OF KKSPECTAKILITY AND AMPLK lunans desires tha aeitnalntanee of a yonng lady or w i.low, with n view to iii-itriiiiouy : she must be line looking. Intelligent .Cml of refined manners. Address 8. CARVER, box 14U Herald office. A lady of kkitrTnu habits and Trur*. proaclinhle character, with domestic accomplishmenls, desires to communicate with gentlemen above 4ii uir eholes matrimonially. Address ULFEKENCE, box 5,5Ull Puel office. New York. /1 ENfOtMAN ABOUT 33. II a VI NO AN ABUNDANT \X income, wishes the acquaintance ol a lady who will en tertain a proposition ol ninrtiage; all communications held in strictest confidence. Address box 1 Post office. N. Y. A\riDoW OF MJ.MK MEANS MOCLD LIKE TO MEET VI a gentloinan who could appreciate a good wife. AM dreM INDEPENDENT, Herald office. w a'NTBP?A CHRISTIAN WIPE; MEMBER MtsTH II odDt Episcopal Church preferred. Address JAMB) BKOWNMIN. Washington, N. J. Wisuf OP BOMB MKANS WOUI-lfllKB TO MSB a gentleman situated the same, who would apprectak good wife. Addresa INDEPENDENTLY, Herald office. fllAHULE MASTKtsT f ' A T PRICES NEVER~APPaoACiiSfi SKWflSE A Slate aud Marble Mantels. I.argest assortment In the city. PEN RUTH SLATE COMPANY. 80 Union square, 4th av, and 17th St., New York. Manufacturers of all kinds of Slate Work. 7 i RATES AND Fi:NDEits ?Til K LARGEST ASSORT YT iio-nt of (Irales and Fendese ever offered tn this mar ket, finished in every style; low aud half low down (Iratea, with dumping attachment, a speolaHy; a large variety ?i lias Logs, I an ear nickel plated Andirons. An.; liberal discmint to the trade. OONOVKK, WOOLLLY A 04)., :mn Canal St., New Y-irk. Marble and marbi.kukd mantels-new nr~. signs, Irmu #1." npwar-l; also Monumental M urk at greatly reduced prices; Marble Turning for the (rude A KI.AHhK, I.NI Kasi Iwthst. BAD THE SUNDAY rKLBURAM. IT CONTAIN* Al.l. rilK NKW'S r()R TWO CENTS. (JTKWART'S SLATE, MAKBLK AND WOOD M VM. tels rully i R OrkWAkPt SLATK, MAKBLK AND WOOD M-aV. k^ telt - New ami elegant designs: from tlO up. The true* I lie rally d- all with. 231 and 222 West 23d St. -- BSXCHAEOK. 4ASII AND REAL ESTATE for" MERCHANDISE; J riginsl packages preferred. Address PANIC TIMES, U*IFTKKN SHARER OF STOCK IN A FIRST CLASS 1 s.u-cessful Monihly Paper to exchange for Diamonds fnmltiire, Ac. Addresa MAC-, box 137 Herald office. ANH/NK.MKNTJi/ ~ =-===SSB CJA USE'S RECEPTION DANSAVTR?IRVIXO HALL td Friday, April IW, Tickets et public academies and gII Last 11th st. , I Jrarc. AKK TAKINU LKSSONiToV pkofehsoI J IIURLBl TT In tha Cultivation of the Voice and Klo callow at their homes; highest relerenco from pupils; M tier lesson. 37 3d av. KlollBRCIIK" sIi A Do W AN D V EH, "I > \ NRANTR?> AKOYLK ROOMS, tlTII AV. AND 8UT1I ST.. TO MUKKOW ND1HT ' XT KtV AND A TT I! AI TIV F. )1 USIC?" KISS M E AND i.1 Call Me \ mir Darling,''by tlie late Charles K, Itoralev, 3-ic.; Th? Soldier s Retni n." piano, hleber rir., "Wiiere will Baby Pray Sherwood, Rwe*; "Cora Masurka." Wood. iiOc.: "Blow Mild and Free " song. Aid, 33e.; "Kohlns of tha Woodland," piano. De Wler. .V>c.; "King William s Mm kadeers." Konollman. 35c.; "Due fete Centeenial," trtnia* pbal march, Mueller, $1. Copies-mailed. . . ? M M. A. POND * CO , Broadway; branch store 3;i Union square. New Y?gk. IAOR SALE?ONE OF THE BEST VARIETY HA LIA in thie city; long lease; cheap rent; eeaf terms. A|S ply at over .'ism ?th av. MARS' TESTIMONIAL RECEPTION AND ULORINfl Soiree at his Academy, 2M Bleacher Taeeday eve? tag, at 9 e clock.

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