Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 23, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 23, 1876 Page 2
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BOARDERS WASTED. V"' Wjbc K~FRO M MADISON SQUARE* lit) F.AST 23D I M? Sever*! Rooms t? let, with Hoard. May I. Apply at M Kasl -3d tl. 3?SUMMER FKlCKfl?GOOD LIBERAL BnARD AND * pleasant Rooms; One location, near Washington squara. 131 Maedougal it. IOK 2 HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS; Hoard if de.lred. for adult* in *niall private familv ; uu cxcaptlonabla location 143 Wr>t -17th -t , near 6th ar. Ill.iSDSnMK LARtlK ROOM, HALL ROOM. KOI! gentleman or lady; Board II deaired. private family; termv moderate. 3l? lYe.t 43d -t.. nearSth av. 1 PARLOR FLOOR?Til REE LARGE ROOMS. 1*111 J. rate hath, clneet*. Ar , *i:h private table or without board; reference*. 3tl Kan 30th at 1 PARLOR?SKOOND FLOOR. ROOMS ON THIRD floor: liberal table; good neighborhood; terma uiotl erete. 'JITJ We?t I ltli ?t. 1 LARGE ROOM AND IIALL ROOM. CONNECTING, with flrst ela*? Board: ??ltable Ihr parly ol grntlemaa; alto one iourtlt floor Room, ml ?i()3 Weal 14th at. iLoOYR ROiJm~ second FLOOR, ioCTHBRK exposure; niao a hall Room to let, with Hoard. 216 B eat Kith at. WTO tJ PER DAY. #i TO $h) PER WEEK?KINR Rooaia, excellent table. ;7>i HIeecker at.; centrally orated, near Broadway; croquet ground*. Mr-/a I KK DAY?FINK ROOMS, WITH BOARD; ? )\* aiajrle Room a, $3 per week; table Beard, $3. City Hotel, Hrnadway and sth at. i) Oil BOOXfl^NXAK STU~AY.. UFACIOOI AND JL elegantly fitted, with Boxr I. 2*4 Eaat flOtlt at. Refer racea 2 HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS WITH Board, lor gentlemen unci their wlvea. 337 Wrat 3Mh It.: family private; one hh>ck from Thirty-foorlh atrcet sta tion of Elevated Railroad. I) CONNF.OTINO BOOMS. WITH HO4I'D, EOR tmj family or party of gentlemen; etnor vaeanciea: hot an I told jvaier; terma reaaonablo; tatde boarders accommo lateir 137 Maedougal at. 21) STORY.?A LARGE. PLEASANTLY Ft RNISIIKD front Room, with Hoard, aultahle lor lady and gentle man or party of geutlemen. No. II Ea*l !*th at. b ASHLAND FLACR. PERRY ST.. NINTH WARD.? a> Nicely furnished Hooma, on flr*t and aecoad floor*, to let, with tlrat laaa Hoard, at reasonable ratea: convenient to aaven linea of cara. No moving in May. 5TH AV., 341., MRS. SKAVKII.?PARLOR AND BED ronma. with or without private table or without board ; flrat and aecond Klnort aa nhove lr>m .May 1, 5TH AY.. 401.?DESIRABLE SECOND FLOOR: ALSO one Room on lourth Boor, witb Hoard Irom lat of May; references. 5TH AV., <<s.-ELEGANT SUITS (FROM 2 TO 6 room*) on parlor and *eeond Boors, furnished; also sin Rooms, witlt Board: reference*. rTH AV. 337. ? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, t ) singly or en suite, with or without Hoard; no moving. **TH AV? 2<tx. MADISON TARK ?HOUSE FIRST ? ' class: Rooms and Hoard; private baths, closets, Ac.; most delightful location in the city. JOHN P. WO RETELL, 5th AT., KI1.?FRtlNT ROOM*. BE AI TIFU LLY_FUR nlshed, with or without Hoard; moderate terms for the lutnmer. STI1 AV. NO 20fO>PP0SITK M\WSON SQT \ KE ? Elegant Parlor Floor ; ever* convenience: private table |ud attendinre . vacated May I ; also, Parlo'r and Hodroom. ?T1I AV , 343 -HANPSOMP. SECOND FLOOR TO LET, ti with Board; rooms on third floor for families or gentle tien. Also country hoard at Hudd'a Lake. N. *1. 7 WEST 4.VTH ST.. NEAR NTH AV. AND T1IK Windsor. ?Handsomely furnished Rooms, with Hoard; terms reasonable : no moving In May. [JTII WARD ?A OKNTLKMaN AND WIFE OR TWO 57 gentlemen, handsomely ftirtilshed bark Parlor, with Aoard, in s private family: references exchanged. AddreBi AT., *tntfn*j C. , nKAST HIST ST.. BETWEEN 5T14 AND MADISON ?vs.?ThU house, now being thoroughly renovated, a adv will ofTer on or after May 1 niroly furnished Suits of Rooms, with first das* French table, or prh at.* table If do tired: reference* exchanged. Address P. (?., box 2.H4B Po?t office. New York ]i) EAST 23D ST . FRONTING MADISON SQEARE ? To let. elcgnutly fnrni*h?d Rooms, with Hoard, from May I. 1 i) ASHLAND PLACE (PERRY ST.)-A FRONT 1 Room to let, on the second floor, furnished or unfur> olshed with Board; location good; terms moderate. 1QTI! ST.. 1ST. WEST.?PLEASANT SECOND STORY mmd Room, with Board: alao on May 1 a desirable front Room: southern exposure. all conveniences. I^TH ST., 131 WEST. ?TH AV.-FCRNLSHED FRONT Jl*mJ Kooin to let, with Board; l*t May or before. 1*J WEST OTft ST.?HANDSOME PARLOR AND BED O Roon Room to lot, with or without private table : also sin gle Room. I 'J PARK AV UVRRY DESIRABLE LARGE AND I small Rooms, en suite or separately, with Hoard; rel ? ft nee a. 1 ?} ftvsT J-TIT ST.. BETWEEN STH AND MADISON J ? ? av* ? Very elegant Rooms tu let, cu suite or singly; prlVate table H ileaireil; references. lOTIl ST.. 133, WEST.?TO RENT. WITH HOXKD. 10 nicely fumi?hed R.iom, on second and third Boor*. Iront; Sne location ; good tabic, term* moderate "I 4 Til ST . -:y WEST*?KLEOANT RfVOMS, EN 81 ITE J.TT and singly, with Board ; private table If deaired; ref erence*. 1 I Til ST.. 343 WEST ?HANDSOME ROOM. SECOND A'X floor, back, beautifully furnished, with every comfort and convenience and Bret c!n?* Bo*rd, lor ? married couple ae -ingle parties; location very deairable; references ex changed. I 1 TU ST.. 33. 35. 87.?HA VINO TAKEN ANOTHER J "T connecting hon*e, and ready to make arrangement*, with Hoard, for season; thoae having furniture con.Idem Hqn will he made 1- WEST 11TII ST.. NEAR BROADWAY.-KLI'. t) gantly furnished Rooms, with superior Board and first elu?s terointnodatlons; referenee. nlYKST 37TII ST.?LARGE BOOM AND HALL Boom to let. with Board, third Boor; beat references given and required. Ityrii rt.Twr west-d.nk or two gentlemen ./ cut) bate good Board; term- moderate; table board. 4>| EAST 32D ST.?A LARGE AND SMALL KOOM TO? we I let. with Hoard: no moving; reference. m WEST 12TH ST.. XKAR 5TH AV.?IIANDSOXRLT *.1 furtih iiiahed Rooma, suitable for treullemcn and wive**, vltb excellent Board: alao two hall R?Mim? for gentlemen ; neighbor ?ood unexeeptiotiable: terma moderate; referencea. WEST NV\sillN?;Tt>N PLACE PLE \ SANT Rooms, with good Board, In a private family; refer* ?neef. ODD ST., 287 WESTT-FRONT ROOMS, WITH BOAl Zdmd for married couples. ST.. W EHT. ? P LEA RANT ROOMS. Wl Hoard, vacant now and 1st of May; references rbanged. ST., W KST, Nil. 31M.?SLI'KIUOK ROOMS, ? table and attendance. for families or gentlemen; lerms liberal to permanent parties. 2i)I> >T 2tm WEST. 1IKTVVKKN 7TH AM* *TH ?%?*.--On May I, to let. with Hoard, In a ?mall French family. a large front Koimi and ha'l Room ndiolninir, lur oi?he<i or unfurnished; also two hall Kooras, lurtihhcd, lor Btlemen. 23 XVIiST 32D ST. ? A LABOR ROOM. OX SECOND floor, or single Room to lot, with Hoard. fiOn ST., WF.8T, IH4.-TO I.KT, WITH HIRST CLASS ?') Hoard, Soil on neeonrt I I floor. Iront, to ? family or gentle nrn; table Board; reference* i)'JO ST.. 116 BAST.?ROOMS OX PARLOR AND ? ?) second floor to lot, with Hoard; hlxhe-t reference*. HI WKST 3RD ST.. OPPOSITE FIFTH AVENUB ?? I Hotal. ? I'artie* run engage fi>r the 1st of May elegant Room*. an ??tta and singly with f 1 rat clatta Hoard and at tendance Proper ralerenoo no WEST 10ril ST.? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ?.U Room*, with Board: no May Ittanrlnr; wnnicwtiti tor summer made nosr; house cool; extra wide; side lighted. 20 KAHT HAT 11 ST. NEAR CENTRAL PARK.?.A larir* plca*?nt frunt Room t?* let. with Hoard. 20 WEST 2isr sr.?A handsome si it of Room*. tugether or separately, with Board: refer *1/1 ORE AT JONES ST.?IIaSDSOMKLY M KXISHLD ell/ lioomo, with Board; tarda and accoramodationa flrat rliaa; reference.. Ol WEST MTII ST-SI IT OF ROOMS. OX SECOND ?>'T floor, to let, with Board, elan Boom*, on tIdrd and mirth floor.: newly painted and carpeted; tranalant or for Ilia xeaaon; fintitn exchanged i? f Til ST IS-. WEST. .NEAR BROADWAY -II AN D rl't soraaly hattilslied Room*. on second ami third floor*, with nncxcrptocable Board; alto aimde Ho una; terma reasonable to daairalda parti**. ?jr east dtii ST.?LAKtik axi> small, booms to ? I*/ let. with Roaid; table and attendance flrat claaa; term* moderate. Ho - WEST 34TII 8T -DESIRABLE ROOMS TO LET. ith Hoard, to gentlemen or family of adult. ?>/? WEST 10TII ST., XEXR 5TH AV.-A LA HOE ? I' 1 Root Room and Bedroom, aeeond floor, wltli Oral rlaat Ri-ard ; best refereneee alean and reqnlred. 07 WERT 3UTII ST.?DR.IK A It I.I. Rt R ?M IIWD d 0 I anme'y fiiml.had, with vtrlctly h-*t class Hoard . ref traneax exchanged. ?)J WEST I.Til ST. XI AR Til AV?HAXD80MMIT 0<? furnDhed Ro >m?. wiih first class Boirl, for gentle man or gentleman and wile; >try moderate terms; refer tnan. 'JQTII ST.. 114 WKST, BETWEEN* BROADWAY AND OO Oth av Hand-Van -remd ?:ory front Room, with flr-t ela.a Bird. al?o olrt ;o fan llier or aingle gentlemen. terms low) reference* ?HI WEST 1S.TII ST.- MOKLY PUKNisilBD SUITS tl'I an I single with it a >t; , no together or aepar i|e> r; t .Ida excell. nt; term* fell :.irn . in! at. gle R. om? so at. with Hoard. to ,n-l# KSBtlrman. also 1. ?m? lor fatnlttos; a -o table Iwinh ... 41 east r.-r sr-rwci handsomely fi r. 1 I.lied Rooms, va aeeond flour; also Bant parti r, thai'-: da-* Hoard; tinman family; ri feraace. at wkst jviii si-handsomely hi icxisiied X I Koom* ol'li Board, fur lamlllea or |tniltHta; ?ai mar r-rlee.. reference. 41 EAST .OTH ST.?TO LET. FI.EASaXT ROOMS, 'it with er without Board, reference* re<iulred. A < WEST ST 11 ST ?LARUE KOOM. SECOND I'J floor. Iront, with Board; prne SIR: with large elo?c;?. IJ TTH A V. BETWEEN I3TII *X1? 11 Til s r.v ID X jt let.wtth Howes, a Third 11 nor constaVtag three large Rttwij every eont en.enco; hi a.t- aud table flrit l'?a*. t C EAST 2?rrH :<T.. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND i t) 4th ??.-Room", with Board} double.and single, I elaa* reference* given and rennlrrd. A "Til ST . WEST.?HKAt"TITCL, FURNISHED X'-f Beonia, with of without Unart. private fanny, to ti>t[fled or tthtjaa ganCein.'tt t* WKST JTT1I sf .IIAMV-. m*. It* 11 IMS, EX auite or singly, with first claaa Hoard; relcranca*. 40 40 WEST 14TH ST. ?IIANDSOMI I.Y PBBXUHXB See .rd Fluor, with Boaixl; rafcrcnee*. A f*TU ST., NBA It u IH AV.?A PBIfATB FAMILY would let very d*a raid# Kooma on atc.-nd or third fco.r, en auiie or alnglv. lo grittletnan and wHe r alrt- a Cutlemeri. with nr.l clna* Bewr-I. refrrancea Addrraa J., a 1Mb I'aal wlbce. 12 WEST 14TII 8r.-ELEOA.NT PROMT ROOM, OB parlor floor, with Hoard; botue and locatloa Aral ROARDKIl* WAWTEU. 4 J ffTsT 12!f* S f - ROOMS," W IT!! ROARO. Foft i f g?ntleinau ami wife ami single gentlemen; refer* ?nce*. VJy west"trrn sr., bctwkkn bkoadway and j I *5tli i?,-Ni?w|y furnished K.mrav with ??r without llrcakfast; terms f3 to #!? per w?*#*k ; no movinjr : references. J(1 LKXI StiTON* AV ?BACK I'AHLOK AN!? r.X T" * ' alcove front Kaum *nd back Kotmt. ??u floor, also Bedroom, with or without Board; furnished. ?|| \VI>r l.-.TII ST -DKSIKA1ILE \cOOMSTO L8T. *J\j with Hoard: reference* exchanged rik WKST MlTII ST.. bktwrrx W]Hxn?frrAVR ?MJ Third ttory Uonma t.? rent, with Hoard ; bail reler ctiee; bnuae occupied In owner "1 "ASP I7H WKST 1ITII sf ~MRS- J.AVis OKKKItS ?/L ana large Sown. all impr<'veme:ta. at KM; amall llimin.. #7. !fs ?nd $?'; table app riut.tieuta drat claat; refer ence. exchanged. h.T~WKSr7*r?! ST. ?II ANDSOMKI.Y K1I'RNISMED ? Room., an rrcon! and third floors, with good Board; <!ht boaMl.r. taken: reierencei exchanged. "J WEST 10TII ST. BKTWEKN STH AND ?TIt fJ~T. nrr ? Parlor and connecting Bedroom. *econd floor, front, elegantly rurnl>ha<l. to let. with ar without breakfast; modern iiupror cmtnta: private latnily; rrfrrences. rr I itSAcii st.-kine airy rooms, wffu or Ot without Hoard. Fn SARK sf.-iuTX"TumTm s~ a n n KRONY OS r /O bark Itoom, ou second floor, with all conveniences, to I t with Board, tarm* moderate. CQ WR8T ?D KT.-A UIOl ROOM AN It* BKD ? J1 romn on third lloor to let, with flr?t claat Board; alto two alnjtl* Roomt; reference. exchanged. ,-(J WKST 23l> ST.". BETWEEN ?"?TH AND 0T1I AVS ? llaudaomely furnt.beri Kootua, singly or en tuite, to fnmilioa or gentlemen. with or without Board. 7o\ r'F.aiT\~sT~?t^lktT^wTtii b c > a k ifl"rui35 U\J atit Koorii, |iIealy furnished : private bathroom at tached; thlnl floor; nUn two tmaU h ill Rooms; good neigh borhood; convenient to ear*. ARK AV.-HANDSOMK KOONsTo LET. WlTlI oard. singly and on suit*. Of NACDOUOAL ST.?A LAROB ROOM. VSUrrS *)| nl.hed, to let. with lirtt class Board, to two; alto a single Boom; tiirmt rratouable; reierencrt. 7 if WEST 1WTI1 RT?PLEASANT ROOMS TO LET. with Board; desirable loeatiou ; termt moderate; ref ererrce* exchanged. 7 A WBST 3STH iFrT?BEING RENTED BY~ A T private family, relltted and refurnished, that now offer phon-ant Rooms and g"od Hoard to partfee detlring de lightful accommodatlont lor lurnmer. chrTstopher sr.?lfifos"'square'-and tide Hoonrt to let, with Board. /?O IV UiJ B. 177 ? 77 M.VGDOIJGAI. ST.-KIRsri'l.ASS BOARD; SINGI.R j I i Roonit; no bill ou hoirtr; no moving; rel'eroncet re | quired. ( } f~ 0 U KTOK PLACB. NBAR flfff AV.?NICBLT ? 'I furnithed front Room*, en unite or tiugly, with excel lent Board; linia moderate ; refa encea. ! ?1 TARIOK ST.?GOOD BOARD SOB RE8PECTABLB t' 1 young men ; termt moderate. 1 n^fwSt i3rn sr?Tiandsomiclv fTiinisiikd .1""./ Kootut. with every aenvenience. with Board; very reatonable ; reference*; no moving. Cull Monday. i/uj AND JOB EAST a?D itT ? 11A N1JSOMELY PUR Jl'v) auito or *ingly; private table if ucaired; refercuce* excliauged. I FlO WEST 4'tirn ST.?H Y A IIIGIIET RKHPECTABI.R I"'0 .lewlth tainily, an elegantly furnUhed Room, Mut able for two gentlemen or gr-nt lemon and lady ; reference*. II O BAST iiTU sT? N BATVY FORN1Sil E 6 .1 I ?j Room*, with good Board, tor married uinl nmgle; able Board. MADISON AV.?TO LET. WITH "BOARD, A mI Suit of Kooma on parlor floor ; alio *ingle Room*; ferencet. 112 1 1 I KAST 1!>TH ST. , , ? i Lt Handsomely furnished Rooms, with Brst class Board. Transient and day Boarders. WKST 45TU ST.?PLEASANT TiTlRD STORY front Hootn, ball Boom connecting; hut few bourd m 161 "1 | - WKST ] ;tT 11 ST.. X F. \ It liTII AV.?A RTRICTLY 111 prirnte family would like to dispose of their Second Floor to u party of geutletuen, with or without pnrtiul Hoard. 1 | It EAST 1TTH ST.. HI \R "i NION SQUARE ? J 1 ?' Rooms on second floor, with Board, lor hiiuilh-a or gentlemen; also table Board. "I Of) MADISON AV?DESIRABLE ROOMS TO LET, i wu with Hoard; references exchanged. i 4) 7 KAST 830 RT.?FRONT ROOM. riEUO.VD lw I floor, nicely furnished, with Board. | Ot) LKJtl MiTON AV.-A LAIitiK. NICELY Ft'R I ? )?, iiiwhoil Kootn lor two, with excellent Hoard, at ton suitable rate*. i')<{ WKST I-'TII ST.. NKAIt tlTll AV.-A PRIVATE AOL) family will let handsomely furnished Room, with ttoo.l Board, at uiuderato terms; reletetices exchanged. l"q(- EAST 1HTH ST., NEAR I^'TTTn-SQITaBE.? 1 ? I' ) Well furnished Rooms, with drat class Board; mod crate prices. IS) - EAST .Vt'l'll ST.-PLKASANT ROtiMS~fo LIT, O') with Hoard, fur gentlemen or ttentlcmnn and lady, in a private Jewish intulty, "tie door from Lexington nr. ]?)(? KAST BSD ST.. XKAK LEXINUTON AV.?Hard. ?)?/ sontely furnished Ka mv Brat class house, private tamily, hnrlncr no children, suitn'de lor gentleman uud wite or two gentlemen, with Hoard; references. 1 lit I vsr 55th ST.?TO LET, A BACK PARLOR I t' I and Rooms above the parlor, with Board; first class private house. WKST 44TH ST.. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND tlth av.? A desirable Suit of Rooms to let; location, house, table. Ac., first class; highest references. fi'o WAVERLKY PLACB.-A SKIT' ?T'-HA~NI). ItO sotnely furnished Rooms to let, to a family or party ol gentlemen, separately, with or without Board: Ameri can family; ternis moderate. l - I \>r J h si' \ LAROE,KLEUANTLT PITTBO 1 ? )? Parlor, with Hoard, for gentleman and wile or two ladles; also second story front. "I CO KAtrr IHTH RT.-LARUE HANDSOEB I I I: I'll) nlsliej Rooms, lor gentlemen or gentlemen and wives, with or without Board; all improvements; good loca tion ; terms moderate. WKST HIST It.?FURNISHED ROOM ON PAR. _ lor Door; live on third, separately or together, with or without Hoard in an American widow s family. "1(1 I WKsT Itil'H ST. ? A RKSI'Kt' f.\ BLR" HE X I'LK J_t/T man csn he accommodated with board and the comforts of a home lift I WI'>T BOTH ST~?A NICE BROWN kTONR aw'/L house, with double and single Rooms; first class table ; fl r?t class refers rice given and required. nnq 10TH si . BETWEEN -l? \M? HD AV8.?TO ZUO let, comfortably furnished Rooms, parlor, lirst or second floors, partly or together: with or without Hoard; gas. hath. Ac. Relercuce required. 1)111 WEST UTH si ?PLEASANT I RUNT uno.MH. with or without Board, at very moderate terms; gas, bath. Ac : very desirable to persons prclorrtng thorough comlurt to style. v)ll BAST IsTH Si NICELY PUBNISHKD ROOMS _ 1 1 to let, with or without Hourd, to gentleman and wite or single gentlemen. 4)1 j WE?T 43D HT.?HANDSOMELY Fl RRI8RBD jLdl.'x Rooms, with Hoard; large rlnsets and all modern impinveiuutils; a lew doors west ot Broadway; location first class. V) 1 - EAST ItfTU If I i:v Ml r. HAt'K Parlor. ?si' ' with or without Hourd, Tor one or two gcutiemcu, in neat private house, cheap. 4)1- WEST IJI> ST.. NKAIt Hint \ I ?w ay.-room's" aw i ? singly or en suite, newly furnished, eau be.secured, with Hoard, frt m May I. liin BAST 680 ST.?TO LET, WITH BOARD, IN 1 iJ private latnlly, a nicely furnished Room; terms reasonable. nil" WEST 23D8T.?A PRIVATE PAMILT. WANT ww>> lug to reduce their expenses, will let, with excel lent Hoard, handsome and well furnished Rooms, single or double ; all modern conveniences, highest references. 4)v?.) i \-i iafii 11 dksirahlk rooms, with _?)? Board, lu a plea-ant location; references ex changed. 4). >7 WKs. till ST XI \K KITH .-T.t. SKiOND aa?) I floor. ?Large IEooum bath and closets, itiilurnishrd, with Hoarit, in a private family; ? .1! let Rooms separate if desired; a good opportunity to parties hreutviug up house keeping; ternis reasonable. 4)V)Q KAST :uST ST.- A I. \ROE HALL ROOM, w*)0 neatly furnished, with or without Hoard. King third floor bell for Mr>. I I.ANNKRY. *) 1 I "WEST MTU ST.-A SINGLE AND DOUBLE w l I Room, with Hoard, everything pertaining to home cwc.ilorta; terms moderate. STS WE SI Hi" ST., BETWEEN 7TH AN D sfil ? IO art . one block front Klevatcd Railroad.?Jewish lanitly. private, will let furnished Apartment to cue or two gentlemen or gctttlrntan and wife, with or without Hoard; good accommodation; no olliet boarders; references. t) |7 WKST ?l? 'sr -HANDSOMELY FlKNlFltED I I Rooms, with first class Board; terms reasonable; between Broadway and Sth av. .)!(> will -tin It PL! \ > \ n r ROOM, WITH wi*' Hoard, for Jewish gentleman. Call on or address Mrs. W. 4) "It W Ksi .lsTI! ST.-Ttf LET, TOUKTIIHK OR wf/U seoaraloly.-with Hoard, one large Room and hall Km in. furnished, on the third !h or, iront; also a large liall l.ooiii on second floor. ?)/'?) WESTMTII sr. HANDSOME ROOMS fb LET, ZDO with Hoard ; permaueiit parties desired; house aud location lirst class. i)7( s'k art" hkoa d vr a v.?a X aruk handsgmbly 4a I '' furnished snnny second story Room, with Hoard; private family silt I -.t? '-"tit Mill Ri'ttMs, V , I II 4 I Us ft LASS ? l' " r Hoard; loeati n pleasant ind rovrenlent to cars for all parts of the city ; two doors from -inyvasanl square, between I Till and Irvth He.; let ins rrasotiahie lor perman ent boarders. sjTit - j; a It ""si It ~ It.?a Vcknirhed "room "to ol It ) r-nt. with nit utodern Improvements, with or with out Board, at a reasonable price. Call or address. 4>1 | SV'dt .1ST ST Tit IF.r. A LA HUE.' NICELY e) 1.1 furnished R.wim. satiable lor two gentlemen; brown stone: iTOod location , private family: breakfast if detlred; terms low. ?III' MART" 231? If! I W O < t?N.M:c r I >" I. HOOMR To ? >!') l-t from May I. w it n flr-t cla-s Hoard ; house and appoiutmente unenrpassable. ?) I 7 KIAIN-.TttN VI . NKVK BSTII T.-IUND s) I | . one Second Flo q. furnished, witb Hoard, and pri v ate tab's t( deelrvd: also bark Parlor, for physician vr gen tlentrn ; reference required. ?>s)l H . SI ST.?Tt) LET, M.Yl K UffOM <?.N O ? I third tin -r. also two hall Kootiis. with ample pautrj roans, Willi Hoard, day boarders taken ; ne moving, ?>s"m7"wkIt wo"- I plkasant hi' efvsf) H vrd. for gentlemvn :itt J wife or single gentle me a; also otliee suttaole lor doctor or deutist; terms reason able. N" moving. ?)?)7 KART "iffII XT -LABOR, HANDSOMELY e)e)| luroishrd llo>m. a so hall loon; Hoard II de sire I ?) | | M -i i. .1 -l HK1WKBN sr,; an l> :? I II ? )'tl avs. ?Few choice boarders wanted, borne com tot,, home, table, location, Ac, 1r?t class, half block Iron. Xlevated Rat.road . Jttb st. cars past the door, host re erencet given aud required; terras reasonable. WE T IfiTII ST.-fRfl A MONTH; TO LET, with bet and eq'd water, ample elovsi,, gas, range, ry tnbs, hr suttlal yard. It1-, and stairs carpeted, l.el Room*, witb Hourd, to gent,.-men ef gentietnan 3t;$ ?) I I EAST "gesT 11 ST.. BETWEEN 1ST AND JD 0'r*x avs.?Oood Board and pleasant Rooide at par week, private bouse. UOIRDERS WAXTKD. W1 ST JI ST ST.. '.SEAR KI,EVAT6fr~ltAlL ? road station.?Nicely luruiahed large and single Rooms, with Hoard; large eltwli, water, cat, Ac.; table un egeepl.ouable . term* moderate ; reference. or Q WMT 32D *T.?private family will LET. ?)? )0 with Board. t*o large furnished Room*, seeoud iaat: large closets. bath adjoining; near Me valid it si,r; neighborhood brat data. /ill WEST 431) ST.?GENTLEMEN OK GENTLEMAN *r IX aid wife can be accommodated w ith Board near Klevmed itailroad atation. | "1 ?) '.VEST JtTli ST.?A SECOND STORY FRONT i Lt) Uouni. large, snnny, with good cloeete, gas, hot and cold 'iter, or Parlor and Bedroom on Bret door or third story. front. to let, with or without Hoard --!;(T)-n^A rEw yol Nti MKN CAN TT ? (8 be arcommodatcd with Board and the comfort* of a home*, location deairable. 4?J*? AND 434 MADISON AV.. CORNER OK -IOTII t )_? ?t.?For Immediate oecapancy, Kooma, an aulte or single ; private hath, Ac.; family tahlev ; house a and Hoard first class. Mr*. PITKIN. A I ?> EAST I1BTH ST.?TWO FRONT BOOMS, PCE X I ') niihod or uafuruisheJ, with Board. In a private family. f?Q ? LEXINGTON AV.. NEAR MTU ST.?A LADY UO x liiivln r two or three flno largo Room* deslrosto let them, with Heard, to gentlemen only. at summer pricee. IT ddtf WEST 34TI1 ST.?TABLE BOARD WILL BE J\. given to a few, at moderate prlcee: hours to suit. lady":us iianiTsomklv ~kuknisiii:d"i:<x>'.ms to let, to a gentleman and wife: to persons desiring privacy and retirement this l.i an unusual opportunity to re cure comfort, convenience and pleasant accommodations; location central. Hoard for lady. Address A. II., box ISO Herald t'plown Branch office. ALARGB AND T'.VO SMALL ROOMS. WITH Hoard, !nr lour adults. Address, staling terms, which must he reasonable, KOSLYX, Herald office. AN UXFUKXlfiHKD BOOM. WITH BOARD, IN A pfciiu family. Tor two old ladles: terms not to exceed If'j'i pur month -.'between 48th and 00th *te., east of 4th ?v. Address Sl.sTEKS, Ilerall Uptown Brsnch office. B OARD FOR TWO, ROOMS, IN OR ar 23d et.: strictly private family. Address C. B., x 107 Herald office. /CENTENNIAL EX III KITION.?MBS. TOWNER WILL ' open. May I,she elegant and capacious house. 2,044 Areii st.. Philadelphia, lor the accommodation df persons visiting the Centennial Exhibition and desiring superior accommodation* in llr-t class location: large, airy rooms, bountiful table and good attendance; convenient to the buildings, the theatre* and nil placet of amusement; cars St** t e door: fifteen minutes to the grounds; term*, t and f-'i SO per day. Further particular* at 3U7 West k'Sth st., New York, Monday and Tuesday. XTi KNISHKD OK UNFURNISHED ROOMS. WITH OR 1 I without Boiird, in tho private house 330 East 18th ?t., ! near 2d nv. , Handsomely furnished rooms to let-in a private Jewish family, to gentloman and wife, or sin gle gentlemen, with or without Hoard. Apply nt 6B8 Lex ington av., near 54th st. MISs IiTbu.-1I.VKLL WILL NOT TAKE A COTTAGE at Long Brunch, hut will receive truest*, transient ur permanent, at the beautiful residence 51)0 5th ar., near4Sth st.; relarence* exchanged. N ewly furnishkd rooms, with every con venlence, for gentleman and wife: hoard for lady; house and location strictly first cl*s*. Address II. BAKT-, LETT, Herald Uptown Branch office. R EA I) THE SUNDAY TELEGRAM. IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. J^oOMS TO LET WITH BOARD.?444 Wr,ST 23D ST. OIXXY ROOMS TO RENT. WITH BOARD. NEAR lij tun, lion of Broadway, at 580 7th uv., opposite Kossmore Hotel. WANTED-A LADY AS COMPANION TO BOARD IN my own honse In Brooklyn : everything the very Onest. bss Mrs. W. H. S., Herald office. Address ] Z-A SINGLE ROOM FOR GENTLEMAN TO LET, ? with Board; reference* exchanged. 53 West 48th st Z? PHILADELPHIA BOARDING AND LODGING; a any want satisfied. Apply at 1IANKIXS' DIREC TORY, JH West 29th st. Established. y ?FIRST CI,ASS BOARDING ACCOMMODATIONS- I /i* all locfttioiiH; choice Kooiih very Idw IliVk'ivw! I KstaM^U'l ' ?**?*? , BOAHU AJfll LOUUmiO WAMWtart?. A UKNTI.kmaS. WiTH two OHILDRf\ n't'ii I o,w^r"l:o^.v'r;^e^,iz%w.^^; other hoarders, and who would be wlllinc to annarlu..a S25ttv5&?r- ^sassj A SSN^JetJPRJnSStJ& I ?V' b#L V C?'U WM,Cr '"dlapcnaitlila ; pHee not : I nviif I "J0" Milliliter; location 3d to 7th or loth | gga?6raw!JSaw?? ?*~whiVi51 j A FAMILY (FOUR PERSONS AND CHILD) wTvF ' f^Sr$S-SR boarders preferred; nrlco about fti.*. per week AddretT with mil particular,, k K. M , station if, Artor piace J I A DESIRABLE HKOOND oToiiY FRONT AND HACK ! "XJatV j A smal'l^i n come ^ d e <d re J 'a '^llo m e w^TklnTh^ ' iJn.Mtli WANTED?BY I WIDoW LADY* IN QUIET ' doonrt a^* ,"1lly; 1fr"", roo,u ?'ol b. drootn, connecting r-'.t?onn "oVw^'^tJd'^T.r av?''iV, n? ,V;;:;r^uf Jv""^ ? Adi'lpi'ii at.,'Brooklyn* ' J hi hi), wile mid Kirl (eiirht vonr* old) ? iv..A* i? i BOARD WAN I'KD?Foit GENTLEMAN AND WIFE price not to exceed IBr. per week' reference. , i dress, with pnrticitlara, box l.!)'.*i New Vork Post ofliee ' I L)OARD A ANTED? liY A YOUNG LADY NOT TO MHtinu lull jmriu ii'ar*. H., box U0U Pott ofllet. ( ' Board wantei>-by \ yTmjno gkntlTm yv~Id _dre? M. J. C., Herald Uptown Branch office- AD" "R?;V"O^J ANTltD-BY A GENT L hMAN~A.ND~\vFFp with hoi! ^i: oil Ice. ' <'*chttn?ed- Address F. s.. Herald Board wantkd-for a plain elderly widow womtn in h Rtmill private family within 4?i mi ? Board wanted-for a okntli m w wife ?vt> child two and a hall ream old with a Well t boom. In .private American lamlivTiriw not to exceed R!0 per week. Addren.1. M. F? IIirk/d office *d Board WANTip-si i youn.. SX5 in a pm vate family In the Eighth or Ninth V . bo moderate; permanent il Milted, rcrerencet ah? "a'o', etatlnt terms, Ac . AMERICAN, HeT.ldo&S^" BOARD.?WANTED two RuOMH For two", tfrms ' o.oee ?ro??Jic?jr. Address PlllK.NIX. Herald Board wantbd-in a private jbwhhi pa*: *ly. for pent Inn an. wife, thref children end ntir*L. El" CMST? 'imUinth At,d"?"??"&xnS 1IOAHII W ANTED?FOR GENTLEMAN AND Wl IT ! iidy otHy ? location t"'4Ni'h '?KKMANENT/box1 IfH RNICHRD room. Wi l li iio.Mil,; ? V t;K\Ti y ; 1 man and wile, second etmy Roo,n with nlen,? Jo-ii . we'-k' a'1V be i1,':,,0d -.pT,boX^T,^,e iite y Address, with particulars. MAY. Herald oSce /JI.MI.KMAN and wipe DK8IRB two i^oiTSi i ^ mifi lattrgt.onc sfcoud il?rv|ront or Parlor ft /? I "'ribetweeu .sixth'"! VtVb Vtld Vio," verm'.vd ?nl"1"?r>^^".ncc. Address k"ra"k , C'KM I I,van and wipb AMRRICANS) JMMfRi r Hoard: second or third story from Km.m heat a.,d L! with a private tuinlly respecting the Ralde-th* 1 ? H * of Lexinpton av.; terms #1. A dre^ -V 'i!'! V'1 l?3 Herald I'ptnwn BranchMfBco AN tN T, !.ox 1JAVINO Fl'KNITI KK FOR IIIFIRoWV K1LI?, llrraiti I ptown llrancli c?flici?. ?IA?* KEAD I 11K SI'NDAV TKLKOUaM " ' ?Al vi.ns ALL rilK NEWS FOR two ci nts TW',o ),if.'"'KMI:N KKV?"'"E Two N i < ? i ? ly~ Frit . nishcd Rooms on second t|?or in a nrlvat haose . V VVZrl*V*" V,)I V,_MKN who WoITd?5k -I willing tn rf)om t' -'Tthcr. I T-limn ans) .?i,, 1 - f115 lino Room and firs: class lion ,I it, a p*" , ? It,0'"1 fll,d ? ? st ?d .. Address M . Herald l ,.to&? B?nch ^ce" "? TWO adi i.ts WISH hoaTid in kxcii AN.IE Vol 1 ui?e uf Furniture ??l n five mo. v h?.ii?fl i.. \i!? v ? . K i"^ *? "i MldreRR I- ?. i ! r ' "*W 4t,rk* AI'* fwo ROOMS- (I'ARrETI D ON1.V), infrTBOARD -V. Mi West '*?nu in a priv*t# Add^ rrwo Yol'N.i MEN HKsfllK iiO.ARD - I'KkFmuFb B^A^^C'^tli^^er11^ w'fJi'z" '^a iinrte. iaicliiflinir Hoard; iltUMlon iietweee 4oth -u?* ?<_?->??'?". a*" w,:?ii w*ssa?2."areicsg^ 3 btli av, and Mil, and toth sis.; permanei'il If Toi!L *,"(l mu?t be reasonable j references rei)Hired A-'draJs itJinf" terms, Ac . UotsSMORK, Herald offlee. Address, statlug \\*ANTED?BOARD FOR MOTHER AND DAl'aMrrn oris ate iataily i cen ral Vocation ...m" '? ? ?????,->r Lrr,-. zriy?}t?[ UrANTED?BY A WIDOW LADY AND IIKIt nirniT ter. pood site Root., w?|. Hoard la . l 1 f',"' callty. term* not to exceed *K. w:,v changed. Addre.. k . box lis) |-0? ?m<.# ' r*f*r*l>ce? ex U - .vx n.o TWO 00*Ml NIcTflNO Kiaomb, SOOTH I. a, i ilafn . ' i Bo,rd '?f irenllemaa anddaaahteri heme rotnnn., modem improvements in tuisensahl. 0.1 r.ftl RY. illli. .n IMdl. ... " 1,1 4#l tO ?V ?V-t ?*" vKui^pi^!r{;;?..eoJ lleraid lulice PTie' n0, *>?'? Address M J. T, U'A.NTKD-HIU HI). IN A PRIVATE FAMILY IN A ?? Ifoo i neighborhood, lor two yoana ladies h..,'af-r erencea tflrea and rr-qolrcd. A lire., u M. O*., M wTrt I al.1 LKXINOTON AV.?WANTi.D, I'NFI RNI-tllFD I L Room, with or without Board, by a ladr lor . ..Mr , Bone useful faruitare. Call hefore lier aAerd. Mr. *?, HOTELS. "YTf61Tt?8 TuiTSisii, soman and MtkcfSfiJ J\ baths. 01 Lexiugtou at. Day and night. Ladles day and evening. Pleasant rooms: excellent table. T THE NEW ENGLAND HOTEL. 30 HOW EST. J? I light Rooms. newly htrnished. 80c. per night. Biweekly. PLE A^ A N T FRONT Rt M)M?35c7" OR 500. PES L day, $2 weekly. SMITH'S Hotel. 5H Chatham ?t. A FEW ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS. SINGLE and suits ?Cuisine unsurpassed; Orand Union Hotel. Park ar. and 41st at. : elerator; pricea moderate. _____ Belmont hotel, pulton rt., near broad way.?Enrupean plan; Rooms. 80eenta upward; laiully Rooms; alwaya open. /CENTRAL IIOlKL. 253 CANAL ST., BETWEEN Ksrle's Hotel and Broadway.?Rooma, 50c. aud 75c. daily, f*2 to 05 per week. F HANKKORT IIOl'SK. 'Jit.! WILLIAM ST.?250 ROOMS; 28c.. 38e., <W.: gentlemen aad famillea; open all night. GLENHAM HOTEL. 5TII AV? BETWEEN 218T AND 22d ht?.?European plaa : elevator and every modern convenience; Kooma singly or en unite; pricea tnnederate. N. H BARRY, Manager. Hotel to lease?lennox hopes, isth 8T.? near 5th av.; reut very low. Offices Not. 4 Pipe at. MtdW East 17 th et V. K. 8TKVF.NHON, Jr. L ELAND'S HTL'RTKVANT HOUSE. BROADWAY, 28th and 2IUU ?u.. New York ; location unanrpaaaed; elevator and all modern iiuprovementa. R HAD THE SUNDAY TELEGRAM. IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO 0ENT8. OT. GEO ROE HOTEL, BRO.VI) AND WALNUT RTS? O Philadelphia.?New, elegantly ftirniahed; beat loca tion; opened April il; terma $'? per day. WARD BROS.. Proprietors. STEWART'S, Broadway and 12th at., on the European plan. Rooma en snlte or singly; all modern conveniences. A CHOICE RETAURANT, at reasonable prices, attached. COUNTRY HOARD. A .-BOAJil) WANTED. IM MEDIATKI.Y. "FOR GKN' il. tb raan. wife and two children. 7 and 3 years. Address* w all lull particulars and terma, which must be moderate, NORWOOD, atation 11. AN AMERICAN LADY. WITH YEAR OLD BA1IE, JV. would like to pblain Hoard In the country: private loudly or few hoarder* preferred. Ad Ires, atatltig location und :erma, which must lie moderate, E. II.. Herald office. A LADY HAVING A COTTAGE AT NEW BRIGHTON. , J\ >t?ten Island, desire* two or three couple*, without i children, and three ample gentlemen., to hoard for the ?ttra- , mer or longer. Address M. 11. M., box 02 New Brighton, j 8. I., Post office. At hackBNdAck?le5s thaITone hour prom i city, three minute* from ii*pot: Iioiino dcIUrhthilly *itu? ! ated on high mml. ewrtnektai town antl *urr..uailing ' country; lirst rl<? Hoard; terms reasonable. Address BART, i 2t>2 Hroadway, Railroad office. ^ GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR SINGLE GENTLE jt\ men tain obtain pleasant Room*, with good Hoard, at Port Richmond. S. I., within five minutna' walk of the boat landing. Terms moderate. Address O. P., box 542 Poet office. Y GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN BE ACt'OMMO j\ dated with Hoard in a private family, at Plalnfleld. N. J.; hou?e with nvdern improvements; locating very dealr ahle; no other boarders. Address A. B., box 3,206 Post office. New York. A T PLAU FIELD. N. J.-FINE ROOMS, WITH FIRST iV class Board; desirable location; convenient to sta tion ; terms moderate. Apply to Mrs. RO>t K, Willow av. A-FARM MANSION HOUSE. LOCL'sT VALLEY. . Long Island, will entertain Its summer guests; every thing more attractive than ever. A CULTIVATED FAMILY (PARENTS AND TWO daughter*) living in their own villa residence In Jer sey, near the Bay, unlv 15 minutes' ride by steam or horse car* from the ferry, will take two or three gentlemen hoard ers for the summer; French table; boating convenient: thoie desiring an elegant home near the cltv at reasonable ratra cannot do better. Address EDITOR, drawer 6,101 Post office. ^ A FEW HOARDERS CAN HAVE EXCELLENT AC conimodatioiia three hours' from city, via Eric Railroad; mountain air. milk, vegetables, line boating, fishing, Ac.; terms moderate ; rcVcrciiee. 550 Grand si. A LADY HAVING TAKEN A BEAUTIFUL COON try scat, SO mlantee from cltv, in New Jersey, snd three minutes Irnm depot, wishes to meet with it party of gentle men who will he willing to pay liberally tor superior accom modations; all the comfort* snd privileges of a home guar anteed : beautiful drives, boating and llshing. References ghen and required. Address F. P., Herald Uptown Branch office. Board can be hai? at white plains, for sir or eight adults; SO minutes' Irom tin-city; terms reasonable. Atldrrx A. K. CALKIN, White Plains, N. Y. Board wantkd?by a youno gentleman, within two hours of City Hall. Address, stating terms, Ac. C. H., Herald office. BOAUD FOR A SMALL FAMILY. NEAR THE healthv village of Now Canaau. Conn., overlooking tin- surrounding country: abundance of lresli milk, berries, fruit and vegetables; trrins reasonable ; carriage will meet at depot parties to see the place. Address, as above, Mrs. SAKAll A. THOMPSON. Board wanted?pur si mmer, near railroad station, within tntp hours from New York city, lor gen tIonian, wife baby and nurse, terms must be moderate. Address, with full particulars, LIVERPOOL, box JOB Ilcrald office. BOARD AT PLAINFIKLD, N. J.-IIAVE GOOD Ac commodation for gentleman and wife or two single gentlemeu, with a small private lanilly; liberal table; terms moderate. Addreas J. M. D.. box 101 Herald office. Board wantkd-by gentleman, wife, three children, aged 1W, * and 0 years, and nurse, from May 15: vicinity of Great Neck ; state terms; also moda of con veyance, Ac. Address 8. F. W., box 112 Herald office. BOAD-AT KKYPORT. N. J.. MAY 1, FOR ft! PER week. Address, for one week, L. G., Keyport, N. J. Reference, Mrs. Haffcv, 7Hft Otli av. Board at budivb lake. n. can now be re cured by applying at IICI 5th ur ; house opens May 15; moderate terms for such as come early. Boarders wanted at takkyvowx?liberal terms for the summer. Address M. L., box 17s Herald I'ptown Branch office. CldUNTRY HOARD.?A LADY IN DEI.D ATE HEALTH J ur ditrlug her couOnement can obtain desirable Board with all home eoiiilnrt*. kindness and. care. Address Mrs. M. H., box 112 Port Richmond. S. I. C10I NTKY BOARD?AT RIVERDAL, EON HUDSON; / location unsurpassed; terms moderate; references ex changed. Address S. W.. llerald office. Ctountry HOARD in a private family at ! J Mamaroneck, New Haven Railreail. 45 minutes from i city, H to depot. 2D to water: fine boating and flslilngjtnd 1 bathing; also accommodation fur two horses. Mrs. W. LYON. ? I CIOUNTRY BOARD AT ROCTII NORWALK. OONN. > Fine bouse, Ae.; good accommodation for horses. For i particulars apply to Mrs. BROOKS, 225 East 32d st. /1O0XTRY HOARD AT A PLEASANT FARM house; 1>j hours from the city via Harlem Railroad; 2ja miles from Katonali depot: shaded grounds, lresli fruits, vegetables, eggs, poultry, milk. Ire, Ac.: no tnosqnltoes, fever or ague; stabling if desired; reference, Mr. B. R. Gaul. Manhattan Gas t'otiyvany, No. 4 Irving place. New York. WEBSTER H AIT, Westchester county. New York. /NOl'NTR* HOARD WANTED?ALL LOCATIONS; \ ' families waltius ; honsekeepers p'ease call. HAN KINS' DIBEC rORY, 2H West XBth st. Established. (tOIINTKV BOARD-ALL LOCATIONS: ALSO IN J Philapelphia. Call lor list. 1IAN KlNS' DIRECTORY. 28 West 2Dth st. Established. COUNTRY HOARD?WITII A FRENCH FAMILY AT Orange Valley; charming lands.ape; very good accom modations, with advantage of speaking the French lan guage : arrangements ran be made now until 28th curt by applying at UK) West 4t'dh St. (TOUNTKY BOARD.?ROSELLK. N. J.. 4-5 MINUTES J fr an New York, via Central Railroad from Liberty st.; ten minutes from station, large private residence; fine rooms, water closet, bath, Ac.; large ground*, barn, Ac.; terms moderate. Address A. S. M , Post office, Koselle, N. J. Desirable accommodations for families or single persons, at Bloomllehl, N. J. ; fire minutes from depots; rooms large and airy. Address I. W. HOWELL I ELIZABETH. N. J-COUNTRY BOARD FOR A GEN 2 tletnan with a small private family, about in minutes walk from depot. Address F. II., Post office, Elisabeth, N.J. HURST CLASS SUMMER BOARD AT CUARLES GIL D BERT S, Sing Sing. N. Y. IilABM HOUSE?THREE MILES FROM MONTGOMERY 1 station. Orange County, "O mites from this citv; good Hoard; fine air for invalids: no style; terms for adults, $5. Inquire at ITS Waverley place, on Monday. /NOOD BOAK0 AT WESTF1KLD. N. J.?LARGE XX groands. well shaded; sl\minutes front depot. Apply to or addresxT. II. V., box 101 Post oflire, Westfield, N. .L Hudson river.-board: fine situation; modern Improvements; Cmton water; high-ground: sliade, lawns, gatden, stables; fine drives; 2() minutes nut; It1 from depot; terms moderate. Address C. D., Fort Wash ington. IN ELIZABETH? SINGLE GENTLEMEN OR KAMI lies cau have Board, with pleas int Rooms, ten minutes l.-om depot, st from $7 ?o (ID per week. For particulars ad dress HOARD, box DM Herald office. XTEW IIRIUIirO.V?BOARD WANTED. FOR THREE ix adults. Addreaa, with full particulars, IMIVRiT.k, 455 Broome St. ON CENIKAL RAILROAD. 2D MINUTES FROM Liberty st.. handsome Room*; every convenience, lino ground*, plenty shade, boating, bathing, fishing; location first class Address l>os 42 Greenville, N. J. OUDES AV.. HIGH BRIDGET) I.LB.?TWO GENTLE men or gentlrman and wife, with lloard; location high and healthy; prit ate family; labia excellent: stable eceem modntions. Addreas VILLA, box 154 llerald Uptown Branch nfiko. PALISADES- FIRST CUSS COUNTRY BOARD; easy ol arces*. every requisite for health, comfort and pleasure ; Ur*t cla*s in every respect. Addrest W. G . Herald office. F;rm)ns desiring country board can iiavr erery comfort at a newly tilled up larm house 2"> min utes trom Golden s Bridge station, Harlem Railroad, P., hours from New tork; one o! the most delight till In tint country; large, nlry room!; modern improvements, high g'oinoi. well shaded , fine lawns ; garden ; stabling, boatlnc, Ac ; terms very reasonable ; best reference given. Address U. E. A., Somer*. Westcheater county, N. Y. PLAINFIKLD. N. J.-A FEW ADULTS CAN FIND good Hoard and very pleasant Rooms in n first class bruse. five minutes from the depot; a very desirable loca . 1 .a.i.... vs.. vv vl ll . L- I i ... -? lion. Call on or address Mrs. WM. II. SEAL, corner ol Front at. and Central av. T>ARTIES DESIRING GOOD HOARD CAN 1IK WELL .1 suite suited bv addressing or Inquiring tor Mrs. G., box 24 1' ist office. West New Hrightou, 8. I. I > EAD Till. SUNDAY r BLED RAM. Ik II' CONTAINS ALL TIIF. NEWS 1 OR TWO CENTS. CTATEN ISLAND BOARD WANTKD.-A GENTLEMAN C3 and wile wish good llward, with genteel lamtly . lu a de strable location, on Staten Island. Having good views and accessible to ferries. Address fully, stating location and terms .none others noticed), G. I.. S.. llerald office. SHALL ME ready Tt) RECEIVE A FEW Ho.VRD eis in my family May I; pleasant Rooms; reasonable board. Address M. .1. P., ! In-ltlng I. t. CEVKR.tL YOUNG MEN CAN IIh A< tio.MMODATKD, ij with Board at We*t Brighton, staten Island; bv- nun ules fn tn landing: boating, ?;si.:t>a. Ac. , terms moderate. Mr* h. IU-.LII. laylorst. Spanish family, having a nicb house, 20 inlnntrs from Liberty *t., five from depot, desire the loan of fil<t> in exchange tor Board. Address SPANISH, Herald office. TO LET -SOME HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, With excel lent Bosril, In a well situated tion-e. near the water; root hstliltig. I eating and ll*lnng; plenty of resh mils, iraits and vegetables, lor furilirr partlcnlars 8. I. apply at the Fountain llioiee, W-st Brighton \VANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, BOARD IN A PEL VI vate family at Sing Slug, about May 1. Addreaa B. C., box 2.DU5 Pott office. New Yark. HUMMER BKMmTI. ' ?W?ft?iu^~HAfcx~i--wiLL bt?tigrrai 1) reception of guests May 1'*; HWnl term* for the early season. ror particular* address C. A. BCXT1XO, prleior. D F UNBAKTOX HOUSE. OCKAX TORT. NEAR LONG Branch, opens May 1: atrictly tlr?i class: especially adapted for fniiiillea; stages cunnvcs with all Philadelphia ami \?w Yor* train* and to tlia Peach. Addree* box J,5S8 1'oat office, New York. orest ho"we; bidd's Tak~k7~n. J.-opens Jnne 1. A. r.ROWNSON. formerly of BMrrlild Park Hotel, >. J. 03 LEX COVE PAVILION HOTEL * OJX-U?JttO? 1. WKEK& BROS.. Owner* and Proprietor*. Hamilton house, ktam ford? con*., oFbx May I; favorable term* for May and June. L. T. COZ ZKXS (formerly of Conena' West Point Hotel) H? Brood war.Xov York. L HUTKI.-KI THEKKI KD PARE. 3.1 MINUTE* PROM Now York, BOrooms, new and complete, lor rent or ?*lo. K. K. BTKWAKT. HI Cedar et. A TOt'RKTTK HOUSE. BKKiThiN l?Ol.NT, X. J.* will open for general buslnr<? Mav 1. J. BOWMAN. Proprietor. Lkwllyk park. MaVOB, V. J A Family, fx their own lions.-, will Hoard tlx or srvm adults lor summer. first class, splendid views, Ac. Address i ox 3WJ Orange, X. J. LENOX llOl7^; GREENWICH? CONN.-FIRST class In every pnrtlcul >r; absolutely healthy: centril; no aoKiuitoea ADOLF mL'TJKH. Norwood iTotsk, Norwood" n. j^ v t. KEITII, Proprioior?Jtl rails* from New York.?Tins brat .-lass lamily house wilt onen May 30: prices moderate, liana can be seen of K. T. KEITII, at tionld'a, MA Nassau iL XTEPfUXK UOESE.WRW ROC 11KLLB, la will opeu May 13, IR7>i. H. C. BARR. Manacer. Palisades "mountain house. kxglbwood C.llfs. on the Hudson, oppoaite Fpuyten I>uyaril. 37U fret above tba rleer and 45 minutes by steamboat from the city, av ill open In May. Plans of the house map be area at (lie Metropolitan Hotel. Special rates lor May and dune. I). S. HAMMOND. PAVILION HOTEL, NEW BllliISf<)X, A 1., WlLL reopen early In May unalcr the same mauatreniunt as last year; Urge Rooms ami coureuionl location. Call or ad. dress II. F. COLi , Proprietor. PAVIlToX HoYsE. IllVERSIt)E. X. J.-OPKX8 MAY I: ouly lu miles from I'biUdelpbiu: unusual laellities and aeeommodations for funtillos. Address X. 8. READ, Riverside, X. J. PREMIUM POINT HOUSE (MRS. BROWN, MMMB ly of Wagner House, Bndd's Lake, Proprietor).?A strictly first class family boarding bouse, and absolutely healthy ; Due grove, beach battling, boating and balling. Ap ply to br. BROWN, 134 West 4Mb st. BAD THE Hl'XDAY r'fcLKt".UAM. IT COXTAIXS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTO. ST. MARK'S HOTEL, NEW BRIGHTON? STATES Island, trill open about May I. For Rooms call at Hotel or aodrnu J. J. DKMP8KY, 20 East 32d st. CRAWFORD A DEM l'SR V. {SUPERIOR BOARD AND ROOMS AT THE RTDGE O dale House, Madison. X. -1 ; stabling, Ac. "mOODBBUROH PAVILION.?THIS " LARGE AND TT magiilllcent hotel nt 350 rooms, with gas and water In each, a lew minutes' walk to salt water or depot. 1* miles from Xew York, will be opened May 15; special Inducements will he mndo to families for May and Jnne. Address N. WEED, Woodsburgb, L. I. YITEST acfiiERVlJRD PARK~ HOUSE.?EVERY If train of Brie Railway stuns at Passaic Bridge, within four minutes' walk of this new hotel: only 30 minutes from New York; elegant rooms; first class table; 300 acres on bank of Passaic River; dairy, Alderney cows; reasonable charges. Refer to Lelttnd'a, Roasmore ano Sturtrvant House. Address proprietors, at West Uuthrrfurd, N. J., or at room !H. No. 330 Broadway, New York. C. B. AN DREWS A CO. ' For Other Boarding Advertisements See Directory. R RI* ROPE AM STEAMSHIPS. CXUXARD LINK.?B. ANI) X. A. R. M. iCTK COC ) NOTICE. With a view to diminishing the chance* of collision, the steamers of this line take a specific coarse for all seasons of the year. On the outward passage from Queenstnwn to Xew York or Boston, crossing the meridian of of) at 43 latitude, or nothing to the north of 43. On the homeward passage, crossing the meridian at 50 at 43 latitude, or nothing to Hie north or 43. PROM NEW YORK FOR LIVERPOOL AND QUEENS TOWN. ABYSSrXIA..Wed., April 3tl I SCYTHIA Wed.. Mny 10 ?KUHSIA Wed., May 3| 'SCOTIA Wed.. May 17 Steamen marked * do not carry steerage passengers. Cahin passage, $H0. $11X1 and $130. gold, according to ac commodation. Return tickets on favorable terms. Steerage tickets to and from all parts of Europe at very low rates. Freight and passage office. No. 4 Bowling Green. CHARLES G. FRANCKLYN, Agent. North german HtPJ hetween new york, eS?}s? ? Main Saturday. Ann! 22 ,,OSAi;. Saturday. Mny 18 WKsKR...? ??urd?;,;^PNT:,w Vork o Southampton, Havre Rates of passage trom ?'?" lur? Or^?t0.nbi?, E100 gold; Second Cabin. $00 gold; Steerage, cSJffiwSfcW* currency, t or irelgbl or CO.. No. 3 Bowling Green. MORGAN'S LINE OK STEAMSHIPS, for Now Orleans an I Texas, will tall every Saturday to New Orleans, transferring Texas freight there to Morgan's Louisiana aud Texas Railroad tor Morgan City, thence, per Morgan's lino of steamers, to Texas ports. The NEW YORK will sail from pier 110 North River, New York, on Saturday, April 39, at 3 P. M., for New Orleans direct. Through bills of lading atgnod to Mobile, Oalveston and to all points on the Galveston, llarrisburg and San Antonio, Houston und Texas Central. International and Great North ern, Texas and Pacific and Trans-Continental railroads, and to Indianola and San Antonio, and all points on the Uulf, Western Texas and I'ntlll: Railway, Brasos Santiago. Cor pus Christ!. Kockport. St. Mart 's and Fulton. Freight tor St. Mary's and Fulton landed at Ruckport. Lighterage and channel dnna at either Corpns Christl or Brums .Santiago at the expense and risk of consignee. Through rates to Brownsville, via Rio Grande Railroad. lnsuriinee can bo effected under open pohey ofO. A. Whit ney A lids. New Orleans. From New York to New Orleans, K per cout: from New York to all Texas ports via Xew Or leans, k per cent. Freight at lowest rates. For freight or farther informa tion apply to CHARLES A. WHITNEY ,t CO., Agents, pier 3ti North River. 08T DIRECT A NTT Kci1NOMIO~ROUTK TO 1HOL LAND, BELGIUM. T1IE RHINE, SWITZERLAND, AC.. AC., VIA ROTTERDAM. Steamer0ALAND April 27 Steamer SCHOLTKN May 11 These boaulilul steamers, carrying the United states mail to the Netherlsndi, are great favorites with the public. Trips regular, rates low; comlort and living perfect. For freight. For iiassaga. FI NCH, EDYE A CO. L W. MoKRIB, AO Broadway. (1REAT WESTERN STEAMSHIP LINE. T TO BRISTOL (ENGLAND) DIRECT, sailing from pier Id East River as follows:? ARAGON, Symunda.,.,, Saturday. May 6 CORNWALL. Stamper Cabin passage, $75; intermediate. Flo; steerage. $30,cur rency ; excursion tickets. $120; prepaid steerage uertitlcates, $3b. Apply lo W. I). MORGAN, Agent, .M South st. UNITED STATES MAIL LI SIS?STEAM TO QUEENS^ TOWN AND LIVERPOOL sailing every TUESDAY, from pier 48North River. NEVADA..April 33. 8 P. M. i WYOMING. May 16,11 A. M. WISCONSIN.May 2,1 P. M. | IDAHO May 30. 11 A. M. Cabin. $65. $70 and $X). currency. Intermediate. $40; steerage. $'-'0. Passengers booked to aud trom Parla, Hamburg, Norway, Dmltt on Ireland, England, France and Ger many at lowast rates WILLIAMS A GLION. 2? Broadway. QPKcYaL NOTICE.?THE SPLENDID MAIL STEAM IJ ship NEVADA sails from pier 4il North River fur lfueeii?t?wn and Liv -rpool, on Tuesday, April 25, at 3 o clock P.M. Cabin, intermediate nod steerage passage at lowest rates. Apply to WILLIAMS A GUIO.N, 29 Broad way. State" linkT" ' NEW YORK TO GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL, DUBLIN. BELFAST AND LONDONDERRY, trom pier 42 Ninth River (foot of Canal st.) as follows:? STATE OK VIRGINIA Thnrsdav, May 4 bTATR OF INDIANA Thursday, May 18 STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA Thursday. June 1 and every alternate Thursday t hereafter. First cabin, $00, $70 and $Sii; rctorn tickets, $120. Second cabin. $45; re turn tickets. $so. dteerage at lowest rate*. Applv to AUd TIN BALDWIN A CO.. Agent-, No. 72 Broadway, N. Y. Steerage passage office. 45 Broadway. HAMB URtT AM Ir fc A N PAC KK TCO MPANY'S LIN K for PLYMOUTH, CHERBOURG and HAMBURG. Pii 11 MSItANlA April 27 i LbSdING May 11 GOETHE May 4| WIELAND Mnv 18 Kates of passage to Piymoiiili, London, Clierbnnrg. Ham burg and all points in England, Scotland and Wales: ? Cabin, lirst saloon, gold $100 Cabiu. second salia,ii, gold. oo steerage,currency 80 KI NHAKDI' A CO., C. It RICHARD A BOAS, General Agents. General Passenger Agents, f>I Broad st., New York. HI Hroadwey, New Vork. American link." 1 Weekly Mail Steamship service between PHILADELPHIA AND LIVERPOOL cilltug at Qaernstown. Fading every Thursday from Pi il adclphla and Failing everv Wednesday from Liverpool. The Pillowing steamers are appointed to eail from Phila delphia OHIO April tl I INDI ANA April 27 PENNSYLVANIA ..April!:! ILLINOIS May 4 ?LORD t LIVE April 'JO | CI'IY OF BRISTOL.May 3D PRICK OF PASS AGR IN CURRENCY. Cabin. $75 to rHal. according to location. Fteerace and intermediate ll kets to and from all pointa at the lowest rates steamers marked wit It a star do not carry Intermediate. Passenger accommodation> lor all rliiaaes unsurpassed. For passage, rat?? of freight and other Information apply to PKiER MKtiillT A 8i?Ni?, General Agsnis, ?>; A alnut ?t., Phila.ielnlila; GEO. W. COLTON, 42 Broad st . New York. JOHN McDONALD, Passenger Agent. No. H Hnttery plnce. 0 NLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. i THB GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COM PANT'S MAIL STEAMER* BETWEEN SEW VORK AND HAVRE, CALLING AT PLYMOUTH (O. B.i. lor the landing of passengers. The splendid \rsselsof this tavorile route for the Con tinent dielng more southerly than any other) Will sail Iroin pier No. 43 North River, as follows Iff. LAURENT iLach-ue*> .Tnetdar, Attril 25 Fit AM I- (Trwrteh#) Toesdav, May 2 rKlt - I It F. i Danr ? aiur.iav. May ? PRIOR OF PASSAGE IN GOLD (Including wine) : First cabin, $110 lo $130, according lo aecoui laudation. Fecund. $72 Third, $40. Retnrn tickets at ivducjil rate* steerage, $8C, with superior accommodation. Including ! wine, bedding aud utcnaiis, without extra charge. Steamers marked thu- ? do not carry steerage passengers. LOL'Is DK RKHlAN, Agent, fin Broadway. j 1VTflTE~.-T.ti: LINK. If Ft lit ul Er.NFTOWN AND LIVERPOOL CARRYING THE I NITP.I1 STATES MAIL. The Steamers of this llne'tako the Lane Routes recom mit! led by Llentemot Maury, U. s. N., going south of tho Ranks on the pn?age to (Jm enstown all Ihe vear round ADRIATIC. . April $9, at li::to A. M BAI.i D Miy O, ttf 3 I*. M. UKK.MA .Nik May 20, At 2 P. M. CKLTic jut* a, at an. m. Fri m Whit? Mur lincfti, nicr ^ North Klr#r. #?*) unit #!<*?. ?ti jfolU; rtturn tickets on rea?4?uahi(* t?*rm*. Htrrr4)i$, $2H. *tator?oiii?, and batli roottm arc plarrd ?Btiilrfealki}!#*, wtiBir tii? i)oia? nii I motion *f? leant, atiortiiug a de<ree of comfort hitherto unattainable at ???. r*?r iit?peetion of plan* anil other Inhumation Apply Al th# company s ofllce, 37 Broadway, .r il KmOPEABI 8TKAMSHIP8. T .v * AN ~L IN E- U AjfiC STEAM Kits. ' (4. , /OK gUEKNsTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. r !IJ ?! CHESTER Saturday. May 6. ilSP.M ?! IflCHKO.VU. Saturday, May U.MH *0 A. M. t-ITV OP BERLIN Saturday. May 0;30 A. M? _ From |iicr 45, North Kivor. Cabin passage. $>*j ?u.i $IUJ, gold. Marram., rurreucr. .J.'."!"' H l"> eat rates. j_QHN o- LALE. Arml. IS and 33 Broetjwny. K. T. V"OKTH OK It MAN LLOYD. ?????? 11 STEAMSHIP LINK BETWEEN NEW TORE. SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN. Company's pier, font of 2d at.. Uoboken. J:Z*rr s?.?. -April 20 I I>11N A U Sat., May IS J. , b*' ? M?'r M I ItHKIN 8at., M.y 20 or Brrmau''?,4,*B m ""r ^or't Southampton, Havre r,"t Cabia,fIOO.g?R4; Second Cabin. $00, cold; Steer age, $30, currency. Return tlcketa at reduced rates. Prepaid at err aire certiflcatea, $32, currency Kur troijelit or f-n?s*ge apply to OKl.HlCHla A CO.. No. 2 Bowling ptra. National link?from piers -m and 47 north ? , River. I or laindon direct. GREECE, M edne-day, April 26. 7 -.30 4. M FOR gi'KKNSIOW.v *l? LIVERPOOL. ITALY. Apr.I 23. 0:30 A.M. I THr. OUEKN May 27 9 AM. EGYPT. May 13. M. PI A.M. j ENGLAND.. .Jone s. 3 p!m! Cabin pa??age $<io and #70, currency. Return ticket* nl reduced rates. Steerage pa**agu #26, curtcucy Dralt* leaned front El upward, at current prices. Apply at lite cutnpaity'a oflice. Hit Broadway. F. W. J. III KST. Manager. KKD STAR LINE. Appointed to carry the Belgian and United State* ntutla. Tbe following atxamcra are nppoiatcd to tall :? FOR ANTWERP. From Philadelphia. I From New York. VADKItl.ANU April ' I KKNILWORTII April 8 NEDERLAND M.te IB | SWITZERLAND May 3 ANTWERP. For Philadelphia. I For New York. NEDERLAND April 4 SWITZERLAND April 9 VAUEHLANU. May IN KENILWORTU May 3 prices of passage in currency. Flrat Cabin $ ?J | Second Cabin $60 Steerage tlcketa to and from all pulutu at tho loweat rates Passenger accommodation* lor all clarseaunaurptuaad. For passage, ral>-a of freight and other Information apply to PETER WHlUlir A StiNs, General Agents, 307 Walnut at., Philadelphia. GEORGE W. COLTON. 2 lirria I at.. New York. JOHN MCDONALD. Passenger Agent, No. 8 Mattery place. New York. rno Plymouth, England, direct. 1 GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY, andinc from pier 43 North River, foot of Harrow at. SAINT LAURENT. Lnchoauea..'! ueeday. April 25. at 4 P. *. FRANCE. Trudelle Tuesday, May 2. at 1 P. M. PKRKIRK. Ilanre Saturday, May 0. Prices oT passage. In gold?Flrat cabin (Including wine). $I2<> und $11 If, according to accninmndatlon; eecouu cabin, $72; third, $IO; fourth cabin or at ee rage, $27. Th I a In cludes bedding, wino and utensils. Superior accommoda tion. At the above rates passengers are booked to any railway station in England without extra charge. To Plymouth only, steerage. $24. Lot 18 DE BE III AN, Agent, 53 Broadway. C~OOK\S "international tourist tickkts-to ) all parts of Europe and America at reduced rates, do not rnguire their holders to travel m parties "Conk's Ex cursionist." lor April, price 10 cents, contains fares for up- ' ward uf 1.000 European tours. COOK, SON A JENKINS. 261 Broadway, New York. ILSriN LINE FUR KoTthTmi'TuN AND HULL' sailing from pier 53 North River, at follows :? HINDOO. May 6 I COLOMBO June 3 NAVAKINO May 20 | CTHKLLO June 17 Flrat cabin, $70, currency: second cabin $45, currency. Excursion tlcketa on very I'avurablo terms. Through tlrkete issued to Continental and Baltic porta Apply for full par ticulars to CHARLES L. WRIGHT A CO., 36 South at. BAD THE SUNDAY TKLKGKAM. ~ I I CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CBNT8 /VDONOVAN KOSSA'S steamship and railroad Passage Office ?Steamers every day -. Cork. Liverpool, Glasgow, Dorry; Draft* payable every wncro. O'DO.NOVAN ROSS AS Hotel. 1S2 Chatham square. "COASTWISE STKA.IISIUPS/ PANAMA TRANSIT STEAMSHIP COMPANY. FOR RAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA AND PACIFIC' PORTS, via Isthmus of Panama. Sailing Iron) pier 13 North ltlver. FOR PANAMA AND .->AN FRANCISCO, via Straita ? Magellan. Steamer GEORGIA SATURDAY, May t FOR ISTHMUS OF PANAMA AND SOUTH PACIFIC PORTS, via Aapinwall. Steamer READING SATl KDA Y, May 6 (freight only) FOR SAN FRANCISCO AND PACIFIC PORTS, vis Isthmus ol Panama. Steamer CRESCENT CITY SATURDAY. May 24 For freight or passage apply to W. P. CLYDE A CQ No. tt Bowling Orwen. ACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP LINE" FOR CALIFORNIA. JAPAN. CHINA. AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND. BRITISH COLUMBIA. At'., AO., sailing from pier font ol Canal st- North River. FOR BAN FRANCISCO VIA ISTHMUS OF PANAMA. COLON Tuesday, May 2, 12 noon connecting for all Central American and Kontta Pacina FROM SAN FRANCIsJo'xO JAPAN AND CHINA. GREAT KEPJBLIC Marl FROM SAN FRANCISCO TO VICTORIA. PORT TOWNS END, TACOMA, PORTLAND, AC- AC., on the 10th, 20lh and 30th of every month. For freight or passage apply at foot of Canal at.. North River. 11. J. BULLAY. Superintendent. TOOK ?EW ORLEANS DIRECT. J? T11E CROMWELL, LIRE. The steniusldp ERICKERBOOKER. Captain Kemble. on SATURDAY, April an. at 3 o'clock P. It, from pier No 1) North River. Through bills of lading given to Mobile and all principal point* on tlie Mississippi River. Cabin passage, $30; steerage. f-"> Apply to CLARK A SEAMAN. B? West at. WEEKLY ?TEAMKHH FOR >T BERMUDA IsLARDS. The elegant steamer CAN IMA. Captain Llddicoat, will be despatched on Thursday. April 37. at 3 P. M? freed pier 13 North Klver, to he followed by steamship BERMUDA, Captain Angrove, May 4. For freight or pnssnge apply to QUEBEC A lli'LK PORI'S STEAMSHIP CO.. at) Broadway. EW YORK AND HAVARATVlRhCT MAIL LINK.? These first cnlss steamships will sail at 3 P. M. froa fier 13 North Riser, foot of Cedar St., for Havana direct, a< .Mows COLUMBUS Thnrsday, April 27 WILMI.NUTOR Tueeday, May ? For freight ami passage, having unsurpassed accommoda tions, apply to 1VM. P. CLYDE A CO.. No. 6 Bowling llreen. MrKELLKK LITLIRU A CO.. Ageuts in Havana. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FLORIDA.?WEEKLY LINB to Port Royal. S. C.; Fernandina, Flat Brunswick! Ut: sailing every Tlmrsoay. from pier JO East River. Thl steamer ASHLAND. Captain t'rowell. will sail Thurs day. April 27. at 3 P. M .for Fernandina and Port Royal Throngh tickets issued to all points in Florida For freight or passage apply to C. H. MALLORY A CO.. or HERMAN OELPCKE, 1 33 Matdeu lane. Y..11 AVANa" ANL) MEXICAN MAIL 88. LINK, s Steamers leave pier No. 3 North River at 3 P. M. FOR HAVANA DIRECT. CITY OF MEXICO Tuesday. May h CITY OF VERA CRUZ Thursday. May 4 FOR VERA CRUZ AND NEW OKLEAN8. ?la Havana. Prugrrso. Catnpeacby, Tuspan aud Tampieo, CITY OF MEXICO Tuesday. May I For freight ami pns-age apply to F. ALEXANDRE A SORB, 31 and 31 Broadway. Steamers will leave New Orleans May 7 and May 28 for Vera Crut and all other ports. tJTAR HALL LINE. ' 15 UNITED STATES AND BRAZIL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, sailing monthly from Watson's wharf. Brooklyu, N. Y. for PARA, PKRN'AMHUCO, HAiliA and KiO JANEIRO, calling at 8t. John's, Porto Rico. NELLIE MARTIN. Saturday, April 13. JOHN liKAMALL. Patsenger accommodations first class. For freight aud passage, at reduced rates, apply to J. 8. TUCKER A CO.. Agents. 54 Plna ?t? OLD DOMINION STEAMSHIP COMPANY, sailing from pier 37 North River. For Norfolk, City Point aud Richmond, Tuesday*. Thurs days and Saturdays at 3 P. M , connecting with the Virginia and Tennessee Air Line. Atlantic Coast Line, Piedniout Air Line, Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, and witli the oom psny's steam lines to interior points in North Carolina and Virginia. Newhcm and Washington. N. C. (via Norfolk), every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Lewes, Del., Monday and Thursday at 4 P. M., connecting with Maryland aud Delaware railroads. I'nssengrr accommodations unsurpassed. Through passage tickets and hills ot lading to ail points M lowest rates Insurance to Norfolk, Ac., la per cent. Freight received daily at pier 37 North River Uencral offices, 191 Oeeenwlch st. N. I- McCKKADY. President. NASSAU N. P RE( i i' LA R M AIL STEAM KRI Irom New Yurk, April 23 and May 'JU; from Savannah, May L MURRAY, FERRIs ACO., ?2 South st. Halifax. sCs., and st. jours, n. f. Cromwell line. Steamprs leave pier 10 North River, following day* nt 8 CEoROB WAKHINilTOR Friday. April 23 UKOKOK CROMWELL Tuesday. May( For freight or passage apply to CLARK A BEAM AN, 84 West it TltVVKLLERS' GUIDE. Albany "and iroy. si m?.w kvk.nino hoai from pier <9 North River, foot of Leroy ?t.. at 8 P. M. making cert,.In connection* with morning traiae lor all point* West, North ami U**t. '/UTI/KSS' LINK "tTf E AM BO vFtT FORTROY A"RD ALL V points Northeast an,i West, leave dally, except Bator d iv. at tl IV M., from pier 41) North Klver. Ml~ESTABTj8TlKD LINE FOR STL'YVKSAN r, CAT8 klll and intermediate landing*.?Steamer Andrew lla-der. from. Franklin st. ("ler AN), Tuesday. Thursday and Bator,lay; steamer Monitor, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at P. M. JJKNNSYIA ,\M V li HEIDI ID (it: EAT TRUNK LINK AND UNITED STATES MAIL ROUTE. Trains leave New York, via Dc.sbro.sses and < xllandt street ferritf* as follows.? Express lor llarrishnrc, PRks'mrg, the West and Sontn, with Pullm-n palace cars attached. 0:30 A. M , 8 and 3 M P. M. Sunday, ti and 8 :-ti P. M. Por Williamsport. iaick Haven. Oorry and Erie, at t>:30 A. M and 8:30 P. M.. connecting at Corry for Titusville, Petroleum Centre and the oil region*. For Baltimore, Washington and the South. "f,| nlted Wash ington Express'' of Pullman parlor cars dally (except Sunday I, t?:3n A. M., nrrive Washington 4 :!'? P. M. Regu lar at s :40 A. M., 3 and *> P. M Sunday. !) P. M. Express lor Philadelphia, 7. 7:30, 8;4ii, l);:n A M., 12 -30, 3, 4. ?:1'>. ?.?>. 7. B;3D. I? P. M nnd 12 night Sunday, A, it. 7. RdiO and rt P. M. Emlcrent and second class. 7 P. M. Fortralnstn Newara, Elusheih, llaliwai, Princeton, Tren ton. Perth Ambny, Flcuitn. ton. Bs.videre and other points, see local tcli ditle* at all ticket office*. Trains arrive :-From Pittsburg, H;.V> and in ,9) A. M. anl HI SO P. M dally: 10:1. A. M. and II: o P. M dally, ex cept Monday. From Washington and lialtimorr, RSW A. M.. 4:06. 5:13 and ltl.2> P.M. Sunday. H .JO A. M. kr?m Philaoclnhla, ."?:lo, 8:80, 8: ifi, 10:1.1, II ;20, 11:34 A. M.. 2:13, 4 3:1.% 8:lO. H 30, S: 14 and 111 .2-*. P. M. Sunday, 3:10, U:JO. 031. 11 34 A. .M . 0 .JO and 10:28 P. M. Ticket offices, 52ti anil 044 Broadway, No. 1 Astor lloase, and loot of Desbmssci and t'ortlandi st*.; No. 4 t.'ourt st, ltrooklvn; No*. 114. 1 lit and lis llndson it., Hobokon. Emigrant tlcaet office. No. s liaiierv ids. r FRANK rttiiMsiiR. D M. liOVD, Jr., Ucnrral Manager. Leu. Passenger Agent PHILADELPHIA, VIA LONG BRANCH AND Till New Jersey Southern Railroad. Fare IVom New York to Philadelphia only $2 23, commencing March 18, 18741 Leave New York from j.ler B, North Hirer, loot of lieetot st. at 10:43 A. M., lor Philadelphia. Yineland and Tom* River. At 4 P. M. for Philadelphia, Tnckorton and Tomd River ST. 8. sNEDKN, lienoral Manager. VJTtlM.NtiTON" LIN! EOii BOSTON. O Rediiction of Fare. Steamer* RHODE 1-i.aND and N A It R AO AftATT, from pier 33 North River, font of .lay * 3 P. M. _ _ _ Providence Lfnc, frnm rler 27 North River, loot of Park nine* Moo* Vg XjlECTKA and IsALATaA, at leffiP. JL .

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