Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 23, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 23, 1876 Page 3
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SITUATIONS WATVTKO? rRMALEB. (UOliM. tfeC* A ?1 KINO BT., REAR, FIRST KLOOk-A YOCNQ 3 O woman as cook in a hoarding bouse; gmpl reference. IQi) EAST7UTH 8T.-FAMILY GIVING I P HOUSE LOai keeping desire to provide situation* (pr their cook tnd chambermaid; bota excellent servants; disengaged May 1. Of Ml WEST Mffll ST. (KINO TOP BELL, LEFT ?i"v band).?Two respectable girl? ; one as cook, washer tnd ironer: Gie other as chambermaid sad waitress: in a Small family; country preferred for the summer; good city references. nCQUST 31ST ST.?A8 OOOD COOK. WASHER 0l)O and Ironer inaprirate family; best city reference. 505 WEST 51.NT ST.-TWO SISTERS, TOOKTHEK; one as cook; the other as chambermaid or uarse. QJfl 1?T AV.. SECOND FLOOR?A RESPKOT 0*x"r able ,Iewi?li gin wants a place in a private family a* rook aud assist with waslilug and ironing; understnude all kinds of housework; speaks French, liormau and Eng lish. Call for two days irom in till :i P. M. SITUATION WANTED?BY A PERFECT COOK, IN A private family or hotel, where a kitchen girl is kept; ' rood reference. Addresa YORK, Uerald Uptown Branch stttoe. Chau>l>criiia Ida. Ar. nKAST 52D ST.?AS CHAMBERMAID AND WAIT ress; willing to assist with waslung aud Iruuing; two years' reference . country preferred. fi 1 *TH AV.?A KKSPhi'TABLE OIBL AH LADY'S ol maid or nnrse (having a perfect knowledge of the care tf children) or to do light upstairs work and sewing; willlug jo travel or go to Europe witli u family; ezcellaut reference. Call on or address K. II. K.. on Monday. 1 '-iW WKST 25TII ST.?A YOUNG WOMAN AH CHAM loO bormsi l and accomplialied lauudreaa; boat city (elerence. Call for two days. O/li WEcT J7TII ST.-AS CIlA iIHKUMAID OK*TO Srf vT do general hou-ework; wages BIO; beat reference. OOO HOtT ST.. SOI Til BROOKLYN ?A KKSPEOT uOaj able voung woman as chambermaid, seamstress or turae; is a good operator and eewer; best reference: coun try pre lerreu. Call or address. OQQ EAST 75TH ST.-A YOUNG GIRL TO DO muO chiiiuberwnrk and assiBt with the washing and troulog: gooM refer nice. I){1 WEST 37TII ST., FIRST FLOOR, FRONT <?*XX room.?A young girl as chamburmsld and waitress, or ts waitress alone: tlioroughiy understands her busiuess ; best city reference. OOQ WEST 2BTII SI'.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AH Oejt/ cbamermal ? id and to assist with washing; good city reference. Call for two days. It))) EAST 1TTH ST.. SECOND FLOOR, FRONT.?A young girl as ehumbennaid and waitress; no objec dun to the country; best city reference. L 532 ^|U AV'~A SMART AMERICAN GIRL AS cbaiiihermuid and to assist with cbildreu; best .?efere rice If required. A SITUATION WANTED-BT AN AMERICAN OIRL as chambermaid and tu make herself generally ureful. Addreaa Z. H.. box 121) Heralu L'ptown Branch office. A situation wanted?by a Baltimore wo man, as hotel pastry cook in the country: thoroughly understands the business; best reference. Address 11. Y., Uerald L'ptown Branch office. Dresimnkert ami seamitrenaea. UQ WEST 231) hT.?BEAUTIFUL SUITS MADE. U W from $10 to $15; perfect lit warranted. King second bell. |(W| WEST 24T1I ST.. COBNEli OTII AV., l'P Ivu stairs.?A llrst class dresmsker; lias the latest im ported styles for suits aud evening dresses, bridal outfits; Sue work done and fitting perfect, at moderate prices. Call to or address M. MKlTl'oN. 1()t) WEST 141II ST.. SECOND FLOOR.?A FIRST lou class modiste, having all Parisian styles, wishes more patrons by the day or home: suits mndo irom 13 to 18 rsrde of silk; out of fashion, misfitted dresses altered lonew; wedding trousseaus, evening dresses a succiatty. L'all and see specimeus. Remember. Mis. OAK8KT. I (IQ WEST 24TII NT.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG lutJ girl, lately landed as seamstress; will assist with my work; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; 110 objection to the country. Call Monday and Tuesday. ion WEST 20TH ST.-A first class dress 1?iv/ maker, formerly at Worth's, and who has held po litions many years in the lending houses in Europe in cut ting. titling and designing, desires a position, or to go to families or In partnership; city reference. IIS WOOSTEK ST.?A PARISIAN LADY. 3 YEARS A*Xcl from Worth, who tlioroughiy understands cutting, lilting and trimmiug, will go out by the day. Address ALICE. . I /I If EAST 53D ST.?AS NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS ItU or to wait ou an invalid; no objoctiou to travel; ref erence. "I ."tO WEST 28TH ST.. FIRST FLOOR.?A FIRsT l'JO class operator on Wheeler and Wilson's machine; understands dressmaking; terms moderate. Oil 3D AV.?AN EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKER *tli wishes a few engagements by the day or week; can Cut. fit ana trim ladies' dresses perfectly. Address GOLDEN. A 17 WEST 23D ST.-A FIRST CLASS DRESS Tl I maker wants a f.-w more engagements by the day. Leave your address. I will call in the evening. 71 ?_> UTII AV.. FIRST FLUOR.?FIRST CLASH I lO dressmaker, cutter, fftter and operator by day or week; latest styiss and patterns to order; boat references 1 068 3I> AV -A dressmakkr WISHES A FEW uioro engagements in private families by the day or week , can operate on several sewing machines. A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER, THOROUGH CUT ter and fitter, would take a situation tu n family at reasonable terms; will in:.kc old garments look like now; tin objection to the country. Address DRESSMAKER, Herald Uptown Branch office. EXPERIENCED OPERATOR ON WHEELER XL A Wilson's machine desires to make engagements to fount by the day in families. Address A. M. S., Uerald 'ptown Branch office. A FRENCH DRESSMAKER. WHO IS A GOOD cutter and litter and a las'y trimmer, would go out by tlie day or work at home. Addiess C. M. L., Herald Up town Branch office. TXTANTRD?BY A FIRST CLASS LONDON DRESS VT maker, a few more engagements by tlio day; ladies' dresses cut and basted rendy for sewing; Patterns for sale. 484th av.,opposite tile Bible House. General Housework, die. 1II CANNON ST.-A PROTESTANT AMERICAN GIRL J. VP to do general housework in a small private family. Address H. 8. M. No cards. A 41 KA#T 13TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN tt'TJ. to do housework or would go out bythoday; best references. Mrs. SMITH. 7TH AV., FIRST FLOOR.?A COLORED GIRL U I O tu do general housework in a small family; in the country. Cation or address B. D. A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WOMAN TO DO general housework in a ?niall family: is uii excellent laundress and plain cook. Address Mrs. RANSOM, llerald Uptown Branch office. Housekeepers, die. tl BOND ST., FRONT PaBLOR.?A YOl'NG CANA O diau isdy us housekeeper lu a widower's laiuily of means; reftrcuce. 96 BLEECKEK ST.?A YOUNG LADY AH UOL'SE keeper; country prelorred. Call all week. T?JC 2D ST., WILLIAMSBURG. BROOKLYN. E. D ? iOtJ An American lady as housekeeper for a widower; ?oantrv preferred ; no friendly humbugs need apply. Call on ?r address Mrs. F. WHITE. 1 iU\ >OL''TH ?T.?AN AMERICAN LADY AS MATRON 1UU iii an institution or housekeeper tn notel or private family; had largo experiouco; aiupio reierence. Address MA! RON. l)/W? ALLEN ST.. NEAR HOI STON, FIRST rLOOR ? iUJ A young Gcrinau widow lady as housekeeper; srhmwer preferre I, Mrs. WALTER. OG7 WI ST 33TH sr.?AN AMERICAN LstUY AS Ou t housekeeper in a small family. Address HOUSE KEEPER. 357 WEST 1HT11 ST.-A MIDDLE-AGED LADY AH housekeeper; references exchangod. Mrs. 8. A. H. 415 WEST 431> BT.?AN AMERICAN LADY AH housekeeper. companion or any pusitlnn of trust; is .i ? ft# ? s good seamstress. Call all the wssk from 10 A. M. to 7 P. M. on Miss S. 426 HUDSON ST.?A WIDOW WOMAN AS HOUSE deeper for a wlilower Aildrm Mrs. U. "A WIDOW LADY. AGED 83. WITHOUT KNCUM JY. brance and or the highest respectability, would super intend the house hold of a widower having children*. the ad vertiser being a lady by birth, education and social standing, only those having a suitable position of perfect equality to offer need apply. A pleasant home, !u or convenient to the i > of an City, more oi mi object than salary; unquestionable refer ences given and required. Address 0. C. T., Herald Uptown Branch office. YOCNO WIDOW AH HOUeKKKKPEU. AUDKESH ADVERSITY. Herald uffloe. ATOU.NO WIDOW OK KKKlNEMKNT WOULD LIKE a position as houseNeeper tor an elderly gentleman or Widower, or any positlou not menial- Address Mrs. MAUD DREY. Herald Uptown UruuchmlOce. A LADY WISHES A POSITION AH HOUSEKEEPER, or to taaa care of a gentleman's residence for the sum Mr months Address L H., Herald Uptown Branch office. A YOUNU AMERICAN LADY WlHIIEf. A SITUATION A as housekeeper; widower's lamllv preferred. Addrese Miss K C. BKOW.V. New York Post office. A WIDOW, WITH NO KMC UMBRA NCR, DEHIRKfl A ! situation as light working housekeeper; prefers the 1 country. Address Mn. WATHO.V, Poet offlc, Newark, N. J. HOi'HEKEKPKR IN SMaLlTaMILY. OR TO TAKE cliarge of linen room in botal; references from last employer. Address, lor three days, Mrs. 8TACY, Herald Uptown Branch office. .,*. HOUHK TO TAKE CARK OK?BY AN AMKK1CAN eonple; no children; best reference as to character Snd experience. Address N. T., Herald office. SITUATION WANTED?AH HOUSEKEEPER OR COM ) paniou to an Invalid. Address M. A. H , station D. WANTED?BY A MIDDLEAGED LADY AH HOl'SE keeper. or as saleslady in soma responsible house; no ?Mcctlon to the country. Address, staving terms, Ac , tor ?nomonth. ALLIK BREWER. Trenton, N J. Lsnndieases. the. tffh MARION HT.. BASEMENT.?A RESPECTABLE UU woman to go out by the day washing and ironing or houseelaaaiug; would do washing at hsr own hoaM. li)Q WKHT 3HTH HT.?A VOCNO COLORED XwO woman as laundresa; good city relsrencs. Call on or addreat, lor two days. J. D. H. WKHT KITH HT. BASEMENT, NEAR WAVER loll ley pine*.?A woman to go out waahing, truniug or houseelenning. 1-VI WEHT fflnf HT.-A REBPECTaBLB WOMAN lot/ to go out by the day to wash, iron or clean ; best rity rsferwnco. Inquire lor Mrs. o'DON NELL tint* MTH HIT NEAR "hoWERY.?A RBHPKCTABLE ssvO woman to take washing and Ironing to her home; Beet references. til 7 WEHT 3HT1I HT.. KtRST ELoOK.-A RESPECT sell able colored woman wi?nes gentlemen's or fami lies' washing al a reasonable arlo*. Call on or addrett Mrs Sutler. 4)t U WOOHTKR nr., IN REAR HOUSE, NO. 1.-A aIv respectable young colured woman to go out by the Hay as laundress or to do huuitcieaaing. ?).J7 east 43d nr.. kikht kloor, kront.-ah jbOl laundress in a large private family; city or coun try ; good refersat a. Call or address for two days. Illii EAST 4IST HT.?A REHPECTABLE WOMAN MTU to oo washing or go out for part of wash: best reLrvnce. Address M. K. Q|1 WKHT IHTll *T? THREE KLlGHTM. HEAR-A ATX competent woman t - g.i out by the Hay washing, Iruuiiig. or any other work. KAHT 31 HT HT, ? AH COMPETENT LAL'N dress in a privatn family; satisfactory references. i bo soon oa Moaday HIT V ATXON 8 WATTKIV-KKMALF.S. LMBdrwura. ?r. n,?J WEST 41 ST ST.?A WIDOW WOMAN' TO OO out washing. ironing or houMeloan in n?[: host r*ftr n/>() WEST 41 ST ST.. BASEMENT.? A RKSPECT ?'?!? woman to go oat by tbo day to do honeeeleen iuar or washing. Mr*. PL ATT. O/UI WEST 44TM ST . FIRST FLOOR. REAR.?A it'll* respectable woman to go out by tha day washing and Ironing or hoiiaerlaanlng. Qlfi KAST V.tTH ST.-A TOl'NU WOMAN TO OO Oil) oat by tha day washing or bouseclanning or take washing home. QQQ BAST ?TH KT.-A YOUNG LADY as CHILD'S O nurse or chambermaid; reference furnished. Call on or address for ona wrck MDs J. t'ULU AN. EAST 4ST1I ST . ONE PLIGHT, BACK.?A BE spactablr girl lint class laaadrrta. to go out by the day or take In families' or gentlemen's wailiiug; under stand! all Madi of fluting; good reference. tf?n west wan st.?a competent woman i>e TOt/ slree ratnlllei' and gentlemen's washing; best city reference!. 488 MTH AV.. ROOM in.?A RESPECTABLE woman wants washing to take to her own home. Ctt* 7ril AV.?ALL KINDS OK FAMILY WASHING ?.)?)') done all? I per dote if. French fluting. Q~4 1IIKKNWicII NT., TOP PLOOU.?A WOMAN Oil wants gentlemen's or family washing or would go oat by tha day : best city reference. Call on Monday. RftJ_ STH AV . BETWEEN .MST AND .13D STS.-A Ol ?T first class laundress wishes ladles' aofl gentlemen'! washing; laundry private; ring second bell. AN EXPERIENCED LAUNDRESS WOULD LIKE TO take either gentlemeti's or fsmilv VSiMar: amide relereneea gleen. Apply to or address Mrs. KELLY, No. 503 East lotn st. 16 ? Hinnea. Air. FLM ST.?A YOUNG OERMaN WOMAN AS WET nnrae. GO MONTGOMERY ST.. IN THE STORE.?A RE. UU apectable young woman to mind children and to do nnstalra work or make herself generally n*efhl; ex perienced. obliging and careful; refers to last employer whom she left on acconut of declining housekeeping. fall or address. 75: ;t|) AY.?MONTHLY NURSE.?MRS. HARPER will be disengaged from about the DM It of J one. 81 3 3D ST.. ROOM NO. I.?A RESPECTABLE YuUNO woman at wet nurse. Ill WEST l.ATH ST.-AN AMERICAN GIRL, AGED 14. to take care of a child three years old. mWEST 20TII ST.. ROOM 5.-\ YOUNG AMKRI ran girl to ntlnd children or help In general; It will ing nnd obliging; good reference. Call for two days. ]OQ WEST 1IITH ST.? A YOUNG Mt RIHKD WOM AN, t/i/ with fresh breast of milk, as wet nurse; city refer ence. Address NURSE. T a I 3D AV.-AS NURSE; ANY KIND OK SICK ItI ness; best reference. Call on or address Mrs. HAM ILTON. 1P,| SOUTH -IT 11 ST.. BROOKLYN. E. D ?A 1 ? )t Protestant woman as ohlld'a nurse: experienced and willing to make herself naefnl. Address NURSE, "I f't) WEST 1STH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG lOU colored girl to take ca e of a child and make heraelf generally usofal. Call or address. OfkO EAST 44Tn ST.?AN EXPKRIKNOBD YOUNG wi'O woman as nurse; competent t? take entire charge of children; two years' city reference. Call or address. oro 7TH av.?a respectable" coloredoirl Ot)' ) at lint class nurse or chatubermaiu and waitress; best city reference. ill WE8T "Slifll "ST.'; BEAR.?A TOtJWO PROTEfl TI L tant girl to mind children and assist with house work. Can be teen for two days. 11 7 EAST I STH ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TI I to mind a baby or two small children or an luvalld; best reference. Can be seen for two days. A Q7 EAST 12TII ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG t"? ? I woman, with her first baby only ten days old, at wet nurse. QOO 4T11 AV.. BETWEEN 5GTH AND 57fH STS., MOZi frame house.?A Protestant rlrl hs nurse or to do chamherwork; willing and obliging; best city roference. IfifiS "D THIRD FLOOR.?THREE GIRLS, .UOO lately landed: one as nune and two to do gen eral housework; u coachman and bis wife, a first class cook; all Protestants. A LADY, BREAKING UP HOUSE KEEPING. DK ?Ires to procure s situation for her nurse girl In Har lem. Address Mrs. NEWTON, Herald Uptown Branch office. RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES ONE OR TWO children to take oar? of at home, at "i3U Wast Moth it. YOCNO GIRL AS NURSE: C4PA ble of taking charge ol a baby or growing children} would asalst In rhamherwork ; willing and obliging; two nnd a half years' reference from last place. Address M.. box 100 Herald Ut " Uptown Branch office. AN ENGLISH PROTESTANT WOMAN AS INFANT'S nurse; understands the care and management of a nurserv ; competent to lake entire charge of Hit infant trorn birth or voting elil\dr?n; many v4ar*' cltv references. Ad dr??s L. W. (J., for Olio wook. Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED?A POSITION BV A WOMAN. '->7 TEARS old, who hue lout her own child and is n eood aewer to tnke ehargo of a child travelling with its pareuts, or to wait on an elderlv lady during travelling or aojourtnir In the eonn trv for the summer; no aalarv expected, only expenses paid; will irire satlslactory reference. Address ail tho weak, Mrs. REEVES, box 103 Herald Uptown Branch office. ' Wallieaaca. iVr. OIlO EAST 31 ST ST. (RINli POOR TTMKSl.-A RE spectahle Protestant girl as waitress In a private family or to do chanihcrwork and plain sewing, or would take care of growing children; best reference. Call or ad dross. Mlwelianeoea. 9I1EXIXOTON AV.-A LADY DESIRES A PLACE for a French nursery governess; a highly respectable woman, able to take entire charge of children and teach thetn her own language: perfectly reliable. OV EAST 1OTII ST. ?A RESPECTABLE COLORED wT woman to do honaecleaning by the day. 37 CITY HALL PLAOK.-A STEADY WOMAN wants a tew offloes for claaning. II EAST 33D ST.?A YOUNG FRENCH WOMAN, T A. who apeaka English and lias the highest references, as nnrscry Governess; no objection to travel or go In the country. Call on or address FRENCH GOVERNESS. 112 WEST HtTH ST.. REAR?AN EXPERIENCED woman to go ont by the day; beet eity reference. 19Q WEST 33D ST.?(A RESPECTABLE COLORED J.woman, with a hahy, S months old. wishes a situa tion In the country; good city reference. Call for three days. mWBST HOUSTON ST.?AN AMERICAN woman to do scrubbing or gleaning by the day or week. 214 308 WEST MAT1I ST.. IN THE REAR.?A COLORED woman to go out to day's work or housecleanlng. WEST 2SI) ST.?A LADY T(?"SUPERINTEND tint management of a eentleman'a household : un derstandathoroiigldy ^tlie duties required ana all kinds of sewing. Address ll. W. ^ LADY VERY FOND OF Ctll LDREK WOULD A like a child ; could devote her whole attention to it: terma Jow; best reference, a Address 8., box 111* Herald office. A POSITION TO TAKE CHaROK OF A DRKMSMAK Ing establishment hv 11 ladr who Is a thoroughly com. potent titter. Address for ten days, DESIGNER, box 134 Herald Uptown Branch office. lady of culture intending to go abroad about June 1 wishes to Join a family or lady ; object, companionship; genial disposition; unexceptional references. Address R, F.. 13 Mercer st YOUNG LADY DESIRES A POSITION AS OOPY lat. Address COPYIST. Herald office. A LADY BREAKING UP HOUSEKEEPING WISHES to f.nd places lor (Vnir excellent survatita?ccox, laun dress. chambermaid and waitress. Call, fur two days, at 10U Madison ar. A CATHOLIC WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN a trustworthy place as uorscry governess; city or country. Address ilrs. BURTON, S4th St.. between ava A and B. A YOUM} LADY WISHES A SITUATION TO superintend and as 1st in a summer hotel or boarding house; retcrcucs given. Address, for one week. Miss BROWN, Herald office. A YOUNG FRENCH PERSON WOULD LIKE A SIT uatiou to travel to Europe as lady's maid or nurse; best city reference. Address FRENCH, box 1U) Herald Uptown Branch office. A COMPETENT AMERICAN PERSON TO GO IN THE country; will assist In household duties, or ativ light work or place of trust: is kind and obliging) 11 good sewer. Address L. W., box 114 Herald Uptown Branch oltlee. CENTENNIAL.-AMERICAN LADY OF REFINEMENT and prepossessing appearance desires obtaining a po sition of trust or to exhibit goods at Centennial; has had experience at large fairs In this city. Address DEEKFOOT, Herald Uptown Branch office. ? R K AD THE SUNDAY TELEGRAM IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOB TWO CENTS ffiEAYELLING COMPANION WITH ELDERLY LADY J. or take charge ot children and teach them German and tleei English. Advertiser is a young American lady ot German descent. Address A. K.. room IH. No. -r>7 Broadway. llTANTKD?A SITUATION IN THR STOREROOM OF TV a hotel by a young lAdy of experience ; reliable refer ences. Address T. K-, Herald office. Young lady, healthy, cheerful dihpo sition, wants aposliion as lady's companion or house keeper. Address U. II. W.. Herald office. PKOFKBSIONALNrTUATIOAS WATTEiu 112 SHST charge ol the checks; Is a good aceounraSI". 2 T0"!.'1 Uk"' Gall 011 or address, for two days. C iSMIER* *<H> '?'?Wncc. QGD BA.ST,liiril ST.?A LADY. A GOOD PI AN lot OOU and English scholar, wonld ba glad to give her ser vices to those travelling to California or take charge ufcbil J u-. CiiSVIV drcn. Address Mrs. COFFIN. A" LADY DB8IHK* PosTtTon" Ae IIOUKK KBPKR, copyist or any position not menial; city or country. Addreas DESIROUS. WW West 23d at. A LADY. AN EXCELLENT FRENCH hCHOLAR. superb reader, writer ami aceoumaut. would he com paninn to a wealthy lady; no aalarv re ,uircd; liignest testl innnials. Address E. II., Herald Uptown Branch office. A YOUNG LADY DhdlRKN A POSITION AS ENG- 1 A llsli governe.s In a sd 100I or family, salary moderate; references. Address H. F. V.. Herald Uptown Branch office. A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NORTH GERMAN young lady wants a situation a* gut cruets and music teacher In a good American family; references exchanged; | no objections to the country. Address V. K., 131 East Kith St.. New York. LADIEH OF NEGLECTED EDUCATION TAUGHT ! English, Franco. Music and Drawing, by a lady of the highest accomplishments: terms moderate. Address KNICKERBOCKER, herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED-V SITU tTION A8 GOVERN ESS Olt companion; acquirements, English, inastr, French and drawing. Address K. L, box 742 Pust office. Kaclne, Wis. W-ANTED?BY A LADY Os 3D. POSITION EITHER TV literary or clerical, or both ; best of references. Ad dress, one <vrek, S. E. K., Herald Brooklyn Branch office. A. HELP M A.VTKG-FBHAUCK, f. 'srfcMAKi A Co. WA.Vf " " first clam CI.OAK MAKERS and llrsl class W AO* f .MAKERS. Only thoroughly competent and experienced persons need apply at ttth it entrance, before VAN. Broadway and loth HELP wanted-pkxalen. A.~i?iT,urjiBNr H'A.vr mm cLass t\hi.,,u^l.nljLi?,r u,,c> dreia triiumlnirs and *? """? A irVJut,diL,r|SI< M1 ^'INER-AND O.NE WI10 I N :r,n pre,err#d A ~*?Ufc ?,!'i<>Ti' ,-ASS ?''???akmakeks wanted oh iiiTat. """? "'PEMEKIJI BROS.. W7 Frank A?,Ah. vRSV ?V()^KTBl r TIIOSK ACCl'8 Me^lc" who ' ? a' * "?wk nee<1 apply: alaouo ap iruii J "W 2"8 K"?t st. Mug A i^aruW,! ..wKOK THLKWR APlI~ OPE K ATOKS - TH?iM?'on I?nrr Uu,ti" d?y ?r C<mup InM,i?ii?- ., 8 *> 4th ??., oppo.Ua T Inatitute.^Ctnunienee immediately. A saleswoman wanted.?onk wTio-isesT ^eei\a '?Zd"! * ?? alleud to liar bualnoea will 8*1*. M. K ^ cotup.n.Htiou .1 ,h. .tor. Mo ad ??.. near A ltUh TOR "BXXRaL HoLhkWORK IN HOl'SK *t l^H Ea.toSd.t.'eiiy?' "fC,UUl'"' "quired. Apply \ DESIRES a vnSaruM OK UK *iviu* ? "'"j "?? AT??urt4l?,?l?u??WAYk Kv. ? u ?? DHESKUITtTsQ only on. mJSil" 7 the pre.i French system: wuntuil. portoci fit* without chan^in^. Akcuu , A l^aqT J? CO LOK PIIOTOURAl*HH, AT 327 AYEi^Vl'lli, ^*?^0~iTkaIM PRESSMAH' COU>AIS, j a- 8 * W K. CORWIN, IM Church .t. DKfom^o!r;"Hw"'.VNTEo'-ONLY ??? AtVIS WjMM dooflffm S5<h .T ,pp r- ,arljr 1180 irjooo COOK AND I.AI XDKKSS W VNTIlT-HV AN liml AunL p, w !rk'lo V/'7"; 'C"A b? ?trreaubla ftrrtd. ASdroM IS. ho?^Vu Urr'^dSco Ame,IWH" "r? /J.OOD AND i;\pgR11:v. i ii >1(1,1,1 sone trivTSD fcuU.bta'r.t^Mo" ,n *l,d*l*? Rnt "f ">? house Those'plvlnp Mereer .t *PP ' HAHNWEILEH * LEWIS, 55 AJ ILMNKUS.-W ANTED. TWO Kllt-ST CI . ,s TRIM skwa't t^.W^v.^1" u tni io A. M ruIM BE WALL. KRICKwok a CO.. 541 Broadway, N. y. It. oi UdlM'haJ'.V aKT " fi RSTcTa S8TIIIMM ER If .lilted Annl r' iVi .J?* *"d permanent tllii.tlou 14th and fitn iv ' Bt ?suI,erl'iteiident,? desk, Read the sl:xd\y teLk<{ram IT (/OXTAXN.S ALL TIIK news KOR TWO CENTS. S'1 Ix'i,H AJ 'Ij '|A,{ Vr U.A ^ ''KO -ON K T111) II () V (i 111. v triidiT: to the rLrht ii . m* ,l,ue" claaaelty fpwo EXPERIENCED SALESLADIES IV a vtr 4?? Sth'.v, *' 4l,? m"1,,,?r,, ??uted ?t S.*PEISEK S. WAdI"DrAi smart saleslady or oood ad. boxItUMUer^Urtown Uranch uttica. -waaaiiKK, "y KlltST CLASS RAN DM OR OlliE exparle^dc^int'ierr Cl^ *71 jroailway. corner Oth *t. LAOV AS COPVLST AND lln( s|f. oltlee e,ptr- Addr'??. for one uoek, RL'PEltT, Herald WAT- active onii7a8~plain odok evonlnK at ntKa't OSdul"' l,OU??Wort- APPly W.due.Uay WA T HIf *-_A if KX P E KIENCED MIL LIN ER TO 00~A .A?s'ss?i iork: undouhted reference re.ii.lrei Annie ?t <lll Home, room 44. Monday from 11 till * PP > ' OIUey W^?;^Kne^,^ARN ff?f?T^RAPHIC CpTownXanch'omci;.10' Ad^" X B ' box llV "".Id iy ANTED-AT 284 SPICINd ST.. TWO KXPKRIENCKD U drew flnUhen. Call Rond.v end T.f.;.r.> 1ENCED W"AifTK'j?A FIRST CLASS LAI'XDRESd- vF5t WA NTE D? APPRENTICES TO LEARN PLOVRR branchlntr at ROTHSCHILD'S, fin We.t 14th ?L \y ANTKD-KIRST CLASS MILLINERs7~AI'PI Y~AT .1 ? 1 K*f? ,n,h between l.'nion .uuure and atl. ay., on Monday, between H and P P. M. WANTED-TWO OR THREE OOOD MILLIXRR8 iS IM.'1Sh I? A',p,,',U K,,I,UKR8 A ORH BROS , \yANTED?A SALESLADY. CAPABLE OP T t K'InT. IfSSRSSSTS * C- jOHN3TON. Broadway. 5th ay.-and 33d at "UTANTKD-Is A WHOLESALE CLOAK \\r? sftT - HAyWARD, 4(1 Howard if, \VANTE?~rA. F1 R;ST c L AH8 i* L'TTE K iJ V~T7jTn~f*i:S' pan;"^ ^?,^.D,K;?Tltt(!T1BLK ?Mcos. WASd7.tiie.E^H1,^^yU. IT ssagfcMs&g "VVA22!ffcA ?j^* y^jisr vrniZ?!!;1: d- V X r Herald t ^Te^^'alr pr?fr"?d- Adt Wanted?A lady ok oood address wirTr VVA?iTP-I??FIRST CLASS COOK; lURMAN PRP MTth at! refcrcco. ren,.Ir.d,' Apply'lieow." lVANTED-A KLOWER BKANCHER. ONE Most I \VrAiT!i,?~S0.Mk "wol? AHIBT TRIMMERS nw j 2Lr^.^Uh,^.2rr?,r?,;ppB^,ne.:Xp?ri?u-(, b?"?? Hole I S. MJ KKRLf)NG. 7.3 Wet 11th "Vy ANTED?A SALESLADY ACCUSTOMED TO HKLr? ?.^u!"/ah^a^W'eiPcAaTJKr^i nE#:.i i VVr NNJKU-A first cLASsTimiMKR for mil | INDTON ri:SM|PrVl'"s:",7 B'roTd'w^: A"Vl' WANTED?A UIKL TO Do (IKNKRAL HOI'SK work in a small family; must be a good Cook anil .aundrea. and have pood city reference; wanes *14 n.i tnet'th. Appb- at Nth 14 East I2tl. st. "a*#, f 14 per WAXTKD-SALKSLADy AND MILLINERS. ONLY U^ho^^^m^th?; ",:KSS A!fD WtW? Women or uirls ii.avimi :..c. To #i ccsn can ?7^. ?"hhR'ch^ ??""y flr,l'c'B" m""aK?? ?**LnRICH'S."Awr ,T,d SITUATION* H'AKTKD?MALEk< "f^Ffeh N C H M aS" K KC K N T L A K K mi 1 > 'I hf 'Tifiil j\. country, who doe* not apeak Kii>:ll?h and haa a pood education, alalia* to find employment. <>illi?r In the country nr at Philadelphia. Addrrei. with condition!, Mr. BO 1?< >I.I*?I h, at Mr. Vlcneron'-, ?k Weat ltd at. V < U N O M A if IIA VIN<? *10 V K ARS' KXPXBI enee In a loan ofllce, wialip* a altuatlnn In a Ilka hnal ne,?. A'!drMI W. M .. box IU8 Herald oflire. TltrVrWl iRTII V AN I) RESTON'SI BLR PARTY*. with hlsrheat reference*, would take charge ufhouse in owncr'a abaenoe; own carpet! and rurnitnra. Address IIOL'SK, box ?,.Vl5 Eoet office, New York. ANY P > isITI(>N~ IN ?A HOTEL; M'KAKS EXGM3H, French nod (Sernaii, and could take interet; should bnalnea* prove satisfactory Addreaa J. U.. Herald ofllce. Y* PRIVATE DhTECTIVh IS "DESIROUS oTTsm". A i lovmeul; flrat claea reference. Addreaa A., box lid llcrald ofllce. SITU A I'lliN, BY AKK* PRC rABLE YOUNO MAN. as waiter In a hotel or reatauraiit. Addreaa COM I'h TKN'T, Herald I'ptown Branch ofllce. rkIhablk oouplk would Task a house while the owner la abaent. Addreaa A., box 1HU Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. VOL NO MAN DESIROl 8 OF~8TUDYI*H LAW would like to eel Into a lawyer'! offleo; Is a flrat claaa penman; apeak* and writ#! French. Addreaa J. J. K., 2-iT Analle at., Wllliamabnr*. A~ HAN AND WIPE WOULD TAKE THE charge of o'nentleman'a honao ?? enee rent; If any of the family atayed at home they would he car.-U for; ten ear-' lo--t reference can be given. Coll on or addreaa H. year- In BKI1N, 31 317 Kaat .'.tub at. A RESPECTABLE COLORED MAN AS WAITER; b<-(t city reference. Addreaa J. W . 4h Kaat I3|h at. Barkeeper s notation ~wantbd?by an kx per.oneed yn.inir man, aecaatomcd to flrat claaa city traoe; all reference* furnished aa to ability, Ac. Addreaa, one week. J. K.. Sll7 West dltth at. WlVllAN EVOAUBMBMf IN A PRIVATKFAMILT aa chef de cnlamr. lil. ISKI'I'K RUDMAMf. No. ?07 nr. A. JANITOR'S OR MESSKNUICR'S POSITION WANTED-. By a colored man; guod city referenca. Addreaa MKS HKNOKR. Herald I'ptown Branch ofllce. 1.1W--A SITUATION' W'AKTKU IjTaN OLD OFFICE. J Audrea* OlIAKlsKY, Herald office. S. "Kr<TkNK '.MeKOIER, WHO UAH BErtS" CON nes-ted with the New York Hotel aa head took tor a number o! year*. dealrea a altuMlon aa anelt either In the city or country Addreaa *13 Sonth Waabln .-ton xpiare QTKNOOKAFHER. RAPID AND ARCURA1R, WISHES i* eveiiliiK or Sunday employment ?* atutanueiuli, *c , or would take a day noaition up town ; terma vary raaaouable. Ailores* .. Herald t'ptowu ilranch olflee. Till: SUBSCRIBER, A YOU Nil MAN, WISHES KM ployment; v.mi d loan hit employer on ifood aecurlfy hJ *>: a ile anil willing to wmk; knowa aome thing ahont the grocery bnalnoea. Andre ft SWEDE, 4*1 Catharine at., N. V. VALET AND LADY'S MAID-BY A YOL'NO ENH V Chilian and wlto. without lamlly; the loruar well educated, (rood penman and ttenograpber: tht Utter a good bairdreieer, dreeemeker and milliner; willing to treeeljrgf erencea. Addrete D. Herald Uptown Branik tfleh SITUATIONS WAVTKD? ..tALKN. 11'AM ED BY \ I -1 ' i WAX, A SITUATION AH ' ' Jaultor or private watchman or any pi to- ?f lout; Una tilled thai position many yeers; cm furnish the highest testimonials ami good security. Address, lor out, II A It A KV, Herald Uptown Branch ofiw. BAstlirrii riT.-A? day or'niuht wai if llwil man. or would take care of property; can tiro Komt relerenre. K. J. cijBkks a\i> sAiaKs.ui:>. VoENi' FOR NORTH GERMANY.?A tlk.XTI.liN AN', .. V native ot Berlin, Bsuglr-it), having told hi* IBattolac? D>ry of building materia:, wbich he successfully carried on for HI year*. and possessing rcry oxtoiitive connections am ut arcluteel*. machine and utnor manufacturers. la pro pared to accept the ageney of a tlr., rlaai foreign tirin. Ad in Philadi ' " ' " " verttser will arrieo in I'hilu delphla for a visit to the Inter national Exhibition in the beginning of Rev. Lett ! plnaaa adilrea. to O. I'. 721, euro of Messrs. Stain way A K.'iit, pianoforte manufactory. New York. Beat reference* to Ural claa. Berlin and New York house*. > curity if de sired to auy amount. A YOUNG MAX, Ad hit JO. ill SI X ESS EXPERIENCE, went* a situation where he can ha useful. Addresa 11. L. .lOltN'MiN, -si East nth st. A YOUNG MAX (GERMAN) AGKI>27. WISHES A Sil l' atiuit a* elark in a rroeerf atore, city orciunry; 12 years' e\per!unce; belt reference given iron) last employer. Addres* II. II., box 1HI Herald nlbce. X EXPERIENCED HAT CLERK WaNTKD. AD l dress F. II. A,, Herald Hrooxlyu lirancb oOice. A TOUNU MAX DESIRES A POSITION AS ASSIS J\ taut In. ikkeeper and elerk, collector or similar posi tion; situation more of an object than salary. Address PERSEVERANCE, Herald office. AX EXI'EKIENt'KD TRAVELLER WANTED-BY A.N established stationery lionse. tine who ran command a good trade in New York city mid vicinity may address, giving references, LEDGER. box 108 Herald office. ACOM MEKC1 Al. TRAVELLER. CONVERSANT WITH shirts ami rents' furnishings, unit well oenualutdd South mid West, la open for a position. Addresa SHIKI'S, Herald office. A MANUFACTURING CONCERN OA* SECURE THE aervie a uf an active mid thorough business mull of 35. amply qualified by experience a. sales wan. correspondent or geuoral for office duties; pood penman, atsteinatic, correct. Address LUDLOW. hex 103 Ilerald office. A COOLANTS AX D BOOKS SCIENTIFICALLY EXAM A Ineu i and arranged by -Xpert no ountai.t; hours (ni or day! to suit: term* lltud by Job and time. Address It. Jc 1?., box J,013 Post office. ATIIOKOUOB BOORKEKPER and ACCOUNTANT desires to use mine spare li no: hat a praciii ul knowl eilue of general business. Address U. P., box 3.U17 Post offlea. An experienced auctioneer axi> real estate man is open for mi engagement. TiUXKKK, Herald Uptown Branch office. Address AL'C A YOUNG MAN. UAViNU II AD lu YEARS' EXPKRt ence In the kid glove bus: net* in this city, desires n sttoati n to take eharg - of a glove department: very host relerenoe. Address O. X. P., Herald Uptown ltrmirli office. A vol NO MAN 07) WANTS A SITUATION IX A wholesale house; beat re/erenc.*. Apply to Mr. LoUNSBUKY. tin.', sgi av. A? A.?PARASOL XALKSR VN WANTED. TO TAKE ? charge ot our stock; mu*t have the be?t eltjr relere**?u lu that line. Apply between III and 12 A. M. Monday. STERN BROTHKUS, 3t)7 tith av. Al CITY RKKKKENCK?DRSIUES A SITU CMOX AS AI good salesmau, tlilnping clerK and marker: under stands biHikkeeulnit; would like to travel on small salary and commission; some experience. Adilros* HUSI.vlCisS, box 11)2 Herald office. Bookkeeper.?wanted, a competent book koeper; long huurs; n middle aged man prtlVrred. Address, stating salary expected mid naming references, OKAY. Herald office. DRUG CLERK DESIRES A SITUATION?TIIOIl nughly competent and strictly temperate. Call on or address Dr. If. D. TOAL. HU"> East llthst. DRUO CLERK WANTS A SITUATION?NINE YEARS' experience; good references; aiuall salary; city or country; English 2UJ 8th av. Entry clerk wantkd.-must be quick and correct lit figure*, and have some knowledge of book keeping ; waxes fB: state experience. Address OFFICE WORK, box 114 Herald office. CN ROC KV SALESMEN.?WANTED, IN A FIRST T class wholesale grocery house, three salesmen: favor able arrangements would be made with the right parties. Address conlidentially, giving real natno, A. B. C., Herald i office. PERSONS OUT OF EMPLOYMENT, HAVING A good mercantile acquaintance, will learn something to their advantage by correspoudlng with the und.-reigned. J. S.. Herald office. Head the sunday telegram. IT CONTAINS ALL THE REwB FOR TWO CENTS. SITUATION WANTED?AS CLERK (WHO WILL DE post $2(10 security) in hotel or business house, win*re application and lulegrity are required. Addresa ENGLISH, SALESMAN WANTKD-TO SOLICIT ORDERS FOR custom shirts In this city, Addrese R. W., box 122 Herald office. SALESMEN WHO HAVE A TRADE WITH GK00ER8 or hotel* and restaurants can make $5 a day by apply ing at 170 Frunklin st. SALESMEN WANTED?TO SELL THE BEST BAKING powder in the world; must make trial trip at own ex nense. Call at ECLIPSE BAKING POWDER COMPANY. I Hit Duane st. SALESMAN WANTED?OR COMMISSION, TO 8 J.L I i ruflllngs, fluting*. Ac , to nearby retail trade. Only those who have such trade need address A. B., Herald office. SILK SALESMAN WANTED.?A STEADY SITUATION for a smart, active yonng mau that understand* silks ! thoroughly and has liad city experience. Apply DANlELL A SON, by letter. Immediately, 739 llrnadwuy. TEA DALESMAN WANTBD?ONE WHO CONTROLS A country trade among retailers. Address box 374 Post Ten yocng men wanthd-to run ten retail gentlemen's furnishing establishments In this rity; full stock furnish d and all expenses defrayed by the parent house. To young inen uf good character, en opportunity Is offerod thai m iv never oreur again. 0 II n person ur ad dress ROBERT K. DAVIS, uf John M. Dsv.s A Co., 8s4 Broadway, from 11 to 1. WANTED --SITUATION AS SUPERINTENDENT, clerk ?r steward of summer hotel or club house. Ad dress S. M. K.. Herald Uptown Branch office. TITANThD-A YOUNO MAN. THOROUGHLY CO.MPK II tent, for the white goods and dress lining department: also experienced parcel wrappers, accustomed to fancy dry goods. H LOOM'S. 33H and 340 Bowery. TITANTKD?BY A BOOKKEEPER.. FAMILIAR WITH IT the general produce business In all ita branches, a po sition with some good house who are willing to pay ? tir salary for a useful man. Address X., station D, Cooper lu ?litute. TirANTED?POSITION AS PARTNER OR TRAVP.L I vf ling agent In Mexico. Cuba, Central and South Amcr 1 Ira or Spain : can lurnlsli bet references as to respectability I ard responsibility. Address box h.214 Post office. "\\T ANTED?A YOUNG MAN AS ID HlK K KKPER: II must he a good, rapid writer, end have goo I refer ence. Address, with full particulars, HARD WORK, Her ald office. WANTED?SITUATION. BY A FIRST CLASS CIGAR salesman, with extensive Western. Kaofcru, Southern and city trad*. Address It. L., Herald - Bice. WASTED?A GERM AN DRY OtioDS SALESMAN. Call, fort wo days, at SCOTT'S, 7? Newark av., Jer sey Cltv. "117ANTED?A YOUNG MAN AS SALESMAN IN A *T painters' and artists'supply store: one who Its* a knowledge of the business preferred. Address THOMAS G. HOJKtt. BBS :td bv VITANTED?A THOROUGH BOOKKEEPER: ONE EX TV perloiiced In the produce c tntnl-siun business pre ferred. Addrese, stating term*, Ac , PRODUCE, Herald office. WANTED?A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT DOUBLE entry bookkeeper. Address, with reference and state salary expected, M. M.. Herald office. "I IT ANTED?A BOOKKEEPER TO KEEP RAILROAD TV accounts: only those having had previous experience In thai line need apply. Addrese RAILROAD, box 3,o*2 Post oflle*. New York. WANTED-BY A WHOLESALE TEA HOUSE, A ?ilo-raen to aell x<>od? In New York State : tuuat lievj a good trade : \u.exceptionable reference ra ,ulrcd. Addreaa box 19S Herald office. TENANTED?BY A OKNTLRMAN OK EXTENSIVE YY nualntae experience. a aoaltlon In a mercantile or hanking lionae ; in familiar wltli the pontine of the cnnullug llouaa. ai?o Herman. Krnnt h and English correspondence, ran turoiah highest references, moderate expectation as 10 ?alary. Addreas \V. II.. box 4.13d Pott uttice. w rANTED? BT A BOOKKEEPER, KVKNINi; WORK; ' beat reference*. Addrei- A. W , Herald office. w ANTED?TWO SALESMEN FOR SILK IMPART meut. JOHNSON BROS. A CO., 34 and 3d Ka-t flth at. (I'tilon square). \\TANTED?FOB B' SI NESS JUST 8TART1NH. .MAN It acquainted with carriaxo materials, particularly W ill i I. lin t axlac one wlui c in aell ami keep (fork : (alary at flrat T iO per month. Addrau H. B. B , Herald Ltituuu Branch "flier. WaKTBD-iiakDwarr anu cCocKkky sales. inru ; inuat understand the bnainaaa. Addreia M. 0., station D. w RANTED?A TO UNO MAN AS COUNTER HAND IN inaxro ary store; nm-t hare 4>:k?.i to f3UU: to the right man a good ?ali|ry ba given anil a permanent sit I , with uallfin. Adaren% with raal name and reference, JOHN STON A CO.. Herald "Hi e. \17 ANTED? IN A LACK IMKORTINll HOUSE. AOOOD YY salesman; oua who ta arijuainlrd aitli t tie New York eity trade; beat nl reference required. Address, with lull parti ulara, SALESMAN, Herald office. WANTKD-IN A HOTEL. A TMOEOUUI! BOOK keeper and cashier, lor prrmaiirncy; roiot have un doubted reference and f J mm ta deposit a. aacurity fi r liamL liny (l,(UI per day. Addreaa. with refarancea, IIoTkL, ller lid office. WANI-KD-YOL-.SO MAN AS SALESMAN AND TO YY luaka himself generally uaeful: one acquainted wit h drug Imaineaa prefer red. Addreaa. stating teona, Ac.. I'llO TOOKAPHIC CHr.MlCALS, Herald Uptown Branch office. w ANTED?ENEROETiC SALESMEN AT 2;M4 3D AV. TVTANTED?A YOUNU MAN. WHO WRITES A HOOD Y V band, qntck at Bgare?: ntnat apeak and write English ami Oarman and willing to make hluiaalt' generally uaeful; ?alaiv moderate at llr-t Addreaa, stating rafarencea, T. 1 MO llaraid ofB.e toil A POSITION AS StflPPiXO CLKIili OR ??aa'I aalaaman In wholesale or retail business. Addreaa POSITION, box HA llerald oltiee. , $TOlrFo-R sirl" AflO.N. itY A "BOOKKEEPER ef live yaara (Handing and bert rolcruliin; age 24. Addreaa K. CLINCH, Providence. K. 1. CO AC IIM KM ANU O VlllJE.Y Kits. A'" YOU NO MAN-WOO UNDERSTANDS TIIE OAR dening hnslne** thoroughly, dealr -a a iltuailon at tlia aaine. Inquire for one week, in baaeiocnt, 14 Howard at. AiTcoachman and HAiS^KR-LMgruLT < ity ! or country. Call on or addreaa J. KALVEY, iBOWnl 4.'rtli at. A MIDDLE At.ED ENGLISHMAN, MARRIED. NO eneunabran>-e, wanta a situation aa Brat rlaaa coach man and groom; four yaara' rclerancea. Apply to W. S.. at id ay. Brewster's carriage factory. 23th at., near ltd A SINGLE MAN WANTS A SITUATION -COUNTRY preferred ; uiolrratauda the management of bora,-a ; it a careful driver : wilt ba loon i ? mlltently ii-eTuI: references. Addreaa II. II., but ItIU Herald I ptaWtt Itraneli oltlce. AOERM AN YOU NO MAN WANTS A slUATIO.x AS rudbhnigri; cin *<c k in the garden, milk. Ac. ; good reieretlte Andrea- It. MINCK. .'Id .Malllon at A SITUATION WANTBD-Atf COACHMAN AM) il groom, by a competent man; 3>i yaara' reference trom teat employer. Vail on or addreaa J. it, la 131 Wan Mlffi COACHVEN AID OABDEIERS. Vut n . < wan Wants a miiahoN a- cosihmau ill a private family; urnli ralands I'? bu-.tii---: ti -1 teieruucec AiMrt'M IV S., b' x IliH Ilerald Uptown Branch office, ?r I .350 Broadway. . A A SIT ATION W ANTED?HY A Kl ItsT < LASS COL 2A yrrd coach-nan: guod ri-I treuce. Address COACH MAN, 1Ua> HVh 2ikl> st. COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?HY A RUT efcts* single man. (/'all ou or addreee II. B , 47 West ? It El.I AJll.K COLORED I'M Al'II d AN ; I lit)ROUGH A lv understand* M? busitteea: bi-t r<bni?? Iron vrti Cat employer Address 0. E, llt-rald Uptown I'riDrli oftirg. /VlAi'lHHN-WANrRil, A SITUATION I OK A Kl KMT v' rat* luaii. Address late employer, box ;t,44'i l'ost offic*. (lUACIIMAN.-A I' itOfhHT YN I ENGLISHMAN A'A NTS J a place *? Br-t eln?? cooeumxa; am ps stable, harm-as, Ac , In tip-top or.I- r ; driven Ilia horses up to til* bit In atyle ; lis* a lour /ears' ret', relive trow ilia la-t plae *, ami leaves only III voiiae(|tieuee of the ib-aili al Ills lute employer. Ap ply at private stable Kl Went 0411, ?t (, FARMER AMI USEFUL MAN'S SI II' JT alloc wanted ?Nine t earn in la>t p ace t English and Protestant. Atldreaa USEFUL MAN, Herald Uptown Branch office. (1 KKM.lN GARIC- NKR-A MARRIED M AN. Willi "f thoroughly uiidelal alula card-innIn all brum It a, greunlou ????. grspt rieu, desire* u situation. Address L. It , box IVI Herald office MaIiuo MAN, AGED M, wants A situation iii tin) country ua u eaaeliman nntl groom; li*lp In Iturileii; can ntllk; is handy In tit* line of tools; all* able to aaslnl in any t-upnvlty In the limine If required; la an excel leitt laundress ; II years' Urn class references: wages mod crate. Call on nr address 1*. A, HtiS silt sr., corner >>2d at. SITUATION WANTED-AH COACHMAN AND C; eardener. bv a almrle man ; Ihoron-rlily understand* Inn business; can utilk ; best rctvrences. Addicaa C. II., Ilerald olHce. SITUATION .AS COACHMAN AND OAKDKXER IN O the countryt understand* taking cars uf luiraea anil cum. Address M. II., box 11- Ilerald Hrooklyn Bruuclt of lice. WANTED-llY A STEADY MAN (SINGLE). A SITUA tlou as coachman with a private latuily; thoroughly tiuduratitttds lite caro i>rhorscs and carriages. and la it care 1111 driver: very best reference Iraki Boatoli s?nll#tnsnt lutve lived two aumuicrs In Newport. If. 1. Address, tin to May 1, W. It, Ill Linden 1'itrk, Huston Highlands. Mass. ?W7ANTBD?A SITUATION IN a PRIVATE FaMILY as ttartlener ami Horlst, by 11 Kreut-111111111; iitideiatuii greenhouses. Ac. Add re-* MICHAEL HOEB3AY, Wsstc Hotel, Hd Watts st.. New York. aiids \1/\ANIE!> - A SITUATION HY A SINGLE MIDDLE i? a.-ed Uvrmsn: is a trood eardener; can milk and take cure ol liorsce. Inquire at No. 1 ,.V';l 3d ?v., near 85th st.. In the cigar store. "lAfANTED A liOOD GARDENER; GOOD ItKKKIt vv ence rei|iilred. Apply at I,Idl Hergeu at , near New York 11 v., Hrooklyn. IIKLP \V AMTKU?M A f.Kla. AtVtsSrs w a'nthh?Oi 1 v aNo tft'iL Ni'Ki',"ro sell tea to luiuili. a and large conanuien; greatest Induce Uli uta. CANTON TEA COMPANY. IIS (liuiiibers at. -WANTED, ENERGETIC AOr.NTH, QUICK SALES a aud lur ?? profit a. at gss East Haltic at., Brooklyn. A OEM's FOR TAI'LEV rIPKATINO EIRE EXTOL gutsliei ; city and country; prouoimcod tbc beat ever off -red. Address GENERAL AGENT, box l.SiSi Post oBlco. 4 DEMAND KOK I ELKO It APIl OPERATORS.? ,'V Learn anil take poaltions; taugl:t pritctically, day or evening. THOMPSON'S Calient, jit Hit av., opposite Cooper Institute. Comiucuce Immediately. A OEM'S WAN TED EVERYWHERE?IN TEA. OOKKEE and spices; by adopting our plun yon can make Iroui $15 to if.lll a week. Apply to the GREAT AMERICAN REPUBLIC TEA COMPANY, 75 Barclay at.. New York GENTS tt ANTE0-1X TOWN AND COUNTRY, to sell our pure teas to fatulliea, hotels and largo ton sttiuers; beat term* and largest stock In tits country. Apply to the WELLS TEA COMPANY, fit '1 Fulton st., botweeii Church and Orcenwich sts.. New York. A CENTS WANTED?TO SELL COPIES OF THE largest piece of pcniuattalilji In the world, the Declare tion ol IiiJeiieudeiice. deal/tied lor the United States -Si-naie und now on exhibition at HH4 Hroatlwny. PEACON ,v " ' T3 0 ARNOLD, Publishers, 415 Fulton aud 73 Court St., Hrook lyn. Boy wanteo-hya erqkkB; must he correct at figures, writo a good hand aud well acquainted a lth the Custom llouau busines.i. Address, stating salary ex pected, BROKER, box Hal Ilerald office. Bible canvassers.-khuk hood men to uo to Loudon aud other cities ol' Kniilaiid to aell nty new und Improved editions of faintly Bibles on installments; weekly wages or commissions; tare paid; none but expertem ed men need apply er address THOMAS KELl.Y, 17 Barclay St., New York. /1 ANVA.SSEH WANTED.?At HENTLEMAN. WITH \J thorough knowledge of the hu.lucas, can. If reier ences are satisfactory, secure fine pudlhui ou a publication of the highest character; no pretenders wanted. CliMLEY BROS., rnoiii 10. 707 and 70U Broadway, III to 12. Good agents and canvassers wanted?for New York end neighboring States, to introduce 11 new article used ill various branches of trade. Address MANU FACTURER. Herald office. MILLINERS!?A FIRST CLASH TRIMMER 0\N meet with a permauent engagement and good salary by applying at Mrs. A FLaKHBKEIN r-., 452 tirund at .be tweeu Pitt aud Kitlg* sts. 11 BAD THE SUNDAY TELEGRAM. IT CONTAINS ALL THE NEWS FOR TWO CENTS. Travelling agents can make money by ad dresslng, for full particulars, AGENTS, box 110 Herald office. WANTKD-A SINGLE MAN. WITH SOME KNOW ledge of vegetable gardening, to board with the lamlly Addruss for three days, sWKr.T CiiliN, Herald office, slut* Ing lowest wages. No others will be noticed. \4fANTED-A MAN AND WIFE; MAN TO TAKE T V care ot horse ami garden ; woman to Uo the work ol a a 111 all latuily; work the year round; Gorman* preferred. Address tlKtl. II. RKYKllLllS Sew Kiu-lielle \ V WANTKD?PART I Ed TO KNiiAOK IN THE SALE OF iui article which U growing rapidly Apply tv M. BAB COCK, DI4 Kullon ?t. TX7ANTKD-TWO MWVS. ABOUT 17 YKAKH OK AUK. I! to run an elevator ami ball boy, with good reference. They must correspond iu their own writing to box 1.4HS Post ultioe; wages Ad weekly; steady employment WANTKD-A OKNTLEMAN OK KXI'KRIKN'l'E, UOOD address and temperate hahlts, coin pet cot to take eu^ tire management of n IIrat class sinniuer hotel. Address. | with refereuce and full particulars, W. II., bux 177 Herald olHce. WANTED?AO KN'TB KOK AN EXCELLENT ARTICLE In the hardware Hue; liberal commission. Apply at Iron works corusr Hudson and Sussex st>., Jersey City, WANTED?A BOY IS AS OFFICE; MUST LIVE with his parents and come well recmmpeiided; wages, $3 a week. Address box 4,111X1 Kust office. WANTED?A CATHOLIC OKNTLKMAS VjK lilluD address ;o take orders lor a now Catholic work; salary $13 per week. Apply alter U A. M. to TlioMAR KELLY, 17 Barclay St., secuiiJ Hour. i "IXTANTHD?A KM ART, ACT.VK WAITKk KOK A TT 111 tlrsl ela-s dining and its cresm house. J. I.ED CLIKKE. dUOChapsii St.. Sew listen, t'onu. WANTED?UUOD CANVASSERS; CATHOLICS PRE ferred. Apply si Dr. JMwETT's, So. HI tsth a*. WASTED-A tiuOD BTRONU KRKAND BOY; Ml ST TT reside la Brooklyn. Apply to JOHNSON Hltoa. A CO., 41i > Broadway. ? "tlTASTEil?MEN OK EXPERIENCE To SOLICIT 1? advertlseiiientt and orders for a superior centennial advertising medium; salary and commission paid. P. J. HLAUVkLI, BUT'Broadway. TITANTED?U KNTLK4lN OK KNKIti.V AND PRAC Tf Ileal, business experience to take orders. JAMES HliEEHV, .ill Barclay St. WANTKD?A PORTER IN A BOYS' CLOTHtNO house; only those need apply who have served a time as such and csu give good inference. Address A.,bo?l(U lleraid ottico. THE THAUES. I'KTKS'f bOAl'^IAKKIt WISHES aTWa J\. tlon; no objection to tho conutrr. Address SOAP JU aKEK, lleraid oRtee. KHKNClf LIT!I Oil it A I'll K. It WISHES SO mFyVoKK to do; good artist as penman; two jeso practice in America; good relurencct. AddVvss K. B., box l'J7 lleraid ol'.ice. MAN TO TAKE <11A HUE OK OK WOULD BELL low an old established Engraving Stand. A. W. OVEKHAI till, 34 Maiden lane. A boy ok hi Would like to learn the pawnbroker or dry goods business; security and retcronce given. Address It. H., lleraid Brooklyn Bi'auch office. A BOY. AOKD HI, WISHES TO LK.AKN SOME HOOD trade, such as engraving or Jewelry; gelid reference. ( HAS. lllhilLK. Ill Kllery St . Ilrooklrn, E. D. ("AUSTOM sliiitr TVrrEit. rNDKKsTA.NDiNii the J wliolc-a!s ami refsil ha*tnes?, wants a situation; first Slats ridereoce. I be art of rutting shirts by measure taught. Addicts S. WaKKeN. ? 14 C Huron st. LMKST CLASS CAKPENfEK WANTS A JOB; LOW P rate. 34 lirand St. MI.KLIIANI TAILOKS AND CLOTIiIKKS. BY AD dressing the Secretary ut the Tailors' and Cutters Club, oi lire city of New York. No. fi Clinton place, can be lur ntslied with enicieot and reliable cutters, free of Charge. CITUATION WANTED-A* .-i pkpintendknt or O tore.nau, by a party having tilled elm I in liar position; Id posted on ntacblnerv. Address ANYWHERE, lleraid office. Si RAW llA'T HLoCKKK WANTED.?APPLY AT lllLLAilD A UREE.VS Straw Mat Bleaclisry, 31*1 fulton st., Brooklyn. TKLKCKAPIIINo.-A YOUNU MAN HAVINO COM pleted s course in telegraphy desires a position. Ad dress N. B., box Itki llsralu olncs. TO HREWEKS.?KMPLoYMRNT DESIRED IN ANY capacity lu cuuucctiou Willi an sle brewery; could in vest souls capital. Addresa ENI'ERl EM.'KD, lleraid office, ? A ST K AIIV. S O HE I; .1 Oil CO MFDstTOM wishes a situa oBice. fPo PRINTERS.?A STEADY, SOBER.IOl! X tuiiie years' experieuea In largo oOLvsi Hon. Address BKNEDICr, box 113 Herald. \%f ANTED?Work, by iikicklaykk who CAN TT d? furnace, range and beaters and plastering. Ad diets BfEADY EMPLOYMENT, Herald Lptown Branch office. WANTKD?A Man To PAINT. PAPER AND KAL ? online; also to do general repDrlug; must be relia I>ic and a good mechanic. Hrlggs House, corner 43d st. and 4th av. w antbd-a machinist, capable ok takino charge of a department In tha ma mi fact ore of nm brcila furniture ; one a ho thoroughly understands the draw . Ad lng and working ol sheet brans. Address box l),Od puss Wanted-a OOOD MOOD KNUKaVBK; HTKAHY TT eiiiploynient; Uerman preierred. Addresa box K, Jer sey City, N. J. YY f ANTED?FOUR UOOD CARPENTERS. APPLY AT dsn liroa.ray, Monday, between h and ID o'clock. TlfANTED?A MUST CLASS CM I TEN AND TRIMMER TT la our dressmaking department; uirlj those accustomed to first class work need apply to LORD A TA VI.OK, Broad way and 3i>th st. Entrance to work room on 3ntli st. WANTKD-A EIRST CLAH* DYER: HE MU$T UN dcrstand the business thoroughly ; to such a ene good wages and steady employment, logo aBhie distance Irorn the city. Addrsss box 4D Post office. Jersey City Heights, TIT ANTED?A MAN TO TAKE CIIAROK OK CCTTINO T t and siitcblng department lor boots and times ; mast be thoroughly competent; flrst class mien aces required. Address . I us. KRAI I A CO., Michigan City. tad. U'ANTED-Til KKR TOUNO MEN. WITH SOME money and brains, to leant photography; a rare op portunity. Address ARTlBf, Piainttetd. N. J. Vow Otkar W$M AdvertUaauRta Mvaataajre FOB IALK. '\~M ELEGANTWHEELER A WlCSSM IIALFCAOf J.V net Kwil; Sewing Machine, #2 ? ciab: also ???" ;?* prov . .1 Singer, all complete- 351 ?l . near (Tiarlea "4 SK? In>MEsTIC IB FROVED FLATED HEW/WO J\L Marhiot elieiip for cub. md ? Willeo* k Gibbi, mum ?lmw?r Nitil dnin li**f# $&0. lib Bund ?!-, i?o*r Bo wry. An k w 1:1 mi ton s:\vin<? m At; h ink. with . iliii' <Jr*wr? iiad drop will I ? Mild for ;?!??? $?u Miu^ff nod Domestic will b? wild for #35 Cull at 3U iiond *t Alf.KTAt' KANT-BEL* Mil D LOCATION. UF to* u. opea to thorough luveeGgittoii; bargaiu ?o cm! buyer. M .Vi.O.VK. No. 5 Day *? RABK CHAJiCK.-roK SALeI NIK GOOD WILL and Furniture ol 4 wall established lwuv In "kll* delphia; lociitiou central; cars direct to Centennial grounds: rent very low. Address, under full nams. D. A., Tierald u'Hce. ? "t <;iiiii i;n\ sniitK.~i.oNti established. fine A nei.nn.irli 1. chill trade, average $HI) daily; sick ii est caasa of aching. sllA*. Idteae.vat. 4 jt \KKIty"~P< ? il SALB?CO B XKK Of STII AV. AND .Ax. 4>th at.; there has been the largeet Imaiuea* dooo in aliove alore dor caah over tlio couilteri that ha* ever bean dime In New York ; ? fair rant to a responsible party. Apolr to the oa ner of tho above coruar, W. II. Mt'ClIBM ACK, -'ad Weat 'did at. -d?im kstTc" skwing mai)iiink, in" iWNpnr older, fjj; alao Wheeler A Wilson. No. 3 Booster at., in ar ilaiml. "7 NEW FOOT LATHE FOR "KA1.B. WITH SLJDK, a V real and arrow cutting altaelniieut; 3 foot liajl, IU lack su-iug; auliauie lor a mathematical luatruiuent maker op ticiaik or aa amateur. .1. fotVXSKND. 1X1 Centre at. A EBBING T I ix7 "vvTlKKLEK a ' WILSON. HAIaV . V cabinet. Willeox A Glhbs, almoat new; all attack, meats; #-u each. .Vtl Hudson at., between lltli and Hank "TiT aldbknky" cow.wirn heifeu calf vou'a A week* old, fur aide at llJ Kaat Hjth at. ATA OBKAT Sai'UIFICK-3 O NEW MANHATTAN . t Sewing Mai lildea, from ?n> to #1.1 each ; mint be aold at ouce to cloaa the bualneaa. Call at factory, 23B Watl 20th ?t J. (1. WEST. I -Ml sr HE BOLD THIS WEEK (MILLION'S IN IT), -aA. a H dr-t d?M lluiliioa; worthy the attention of capital ist.. SB Cortlandt at, tup floor. \skt sroitK fixtures and four "most elk* guiit silver niouuted plate glass Show Cases of the new* nt coiiateuetion and ?duiitori; alto an iiarartment Hue sta* Buttery. Fancy Goodaand Urge circulating Library, together ot apart. Mortgagee, its Grand at \ FIRST GLAUM S(IDA FOUNTAIN, NEARLY Jdklfl at llall coat. Call at or nddreaa BLANCHFIELD'H phnruiacy, Broadway und nth at. A Large and SCt 'CKSSFUL VARNISH BUSIMBU, Jt\. with l-'nctory, stock una Fixture* eontDlete, for ?al?| agents Mild lookers not noticed. Addreaa VARMSH BlSl. NESS, II.'raid office A?FOR SALE AT A "BARGAIN," A CONFKC a tlonary and ice Cream Saio.m ot eight years' stand lug. Duplin- at I'. A. NORM AN DEAL', &<> Ami ?t. "P| N E C A If i X ET MADE BLACK WALNUT 11 AR lor sale ciieap; alao au Allegretta ItefYigerator. Apply at IliU.UAs' Exchange. l.'Jlhl Itroa.lway. Business for sale.?an ai businks< bbuuIR lug an active man to take the place of a retiring partner; about 1(41,1X11) to Sio.ixx) necoaaary for intercit, wln.h at preaunt pay a over $tl,i xxi a year. Address. In con ttdeiice, A. II., care of W. I'yutt, Notary, 34 I'lue It. Business fixtures and "lease of t years.? One of tho beat Chop liouaei In Broualya; a aniart lunacau inalte MY.lkiOper year; rent #1 .'.UU; the club roumi will rent lor 31.001 per year; will take a Fariu. free and clear, worth S I.'xki. nr will t ike ^^ KAI in eaah for It. Thli la a bargain. Addreaa JuNES, Herald Brooklyn Brauch otllce. / 10AL sVuLKsTiFAI*l<Sixks-jT ONk" COAL CAR1 \ ' and live Screoiia. Iauuire ul H110 JKVYAY, at Stew, art'a Hotel, corner Mroudtrav and 13th at. ?110Art" STORE FOR SALE ?ON hTU " XV. , LOW J rent; good huain aa;Uney tilled; price very low. WKTIIKRHKE A MILLS, 1,21s Broadway. ttOAL YABI) FOR ISALK-IX A Flltsr tH.ASS LOcX / Hon and doing a good huaineaa. Addreaa F., boa 101 Herald Uptown ilrauch office. DKFli STORE FOR 8ALB-a"n (UN) KSTAIII.ISHED atand. recently tilted up In tlrat claax atyle; line allvei plated ?howca<ea. handaomn soda fountain, Ae.; store In per I'ect running order; sales are now fair and gradually Increaa Ina The location Is unsurpassed and a small fortune can ba real lied In a few years, aa running expeuaei a e very light. I'reaent owner la uiiuble to attend. Address ERA DC A IE. Herald office. D Rl'O STORE FOR SALE?FIRST CLASS. ON A leading avenue. Apply at IBS Fiatbaib av.. Mrouklyn. TNHUU STORK?GOOD BUSINESS; ON t:ok.NhK~ J ? rare ehanoe tor physician ; densely populated urlgbor IioihI. Apply in E. I OOK. 2'J3 Greenwich at., wholesale druggist, i'nrt ea?h. D~ RUG "store-8FLK.ND1D LOCATION, LUNG EB> lublLh ol, owner retiring. Si.tXU, half cash. Address RHODE ISLAND, lteralduSee. Drug BToRiti fla hOBson av., fur sale cheap' on account of the death uf the proprietor; established uvery thirty years; heavily stocked; luceutly fitted up in handsome nud modern style, and doing a profitable business. Apply at itore. IiiOK SA LB?A LOT OF COM I'USITORH' standh' very cheap. J. L. KNIGHT, Bennett Building, room U, sixth story. P"~0K"sALE?AN OLD E3TAHi.fsHED KBSTAUBANT. doing a good bualneaa. Apply la restaurant, at 3U( Hh av. tj)G It SALE?DRUG FIXTURES, COUNTERS, Ul'" right Cat s. rtottlos, Dm on, Ac. Addreaa WILLIAMS, Jerome Foat office, Westchester county, N. X. TjtOU BALE?AN~ OLD KSTAHLISHKD SODA WATER I or Bottling Huatiiei.s of 2i years' standing; can be bought at a very low caali llgnre If taken lie line the opening of the summer trade; everything In good working orocr; rent of place of butineas. it desired, very Inw. For further particulars addreaa SODA WATER, Herald Brooklyn Branch office. B>OK SALE (THROUGH UNFORESEEN ClKCUV. stances?One uf the beat knowu Restaurants ami liar lu this city. LLOYD'S, 2ti Broadway. "jioB SALE?SODA WATER FOUNTAIN, AT 330 WEST F IjIOR SALE.-DKUGGIsTH ATTENTION.?TEN 1'INH . apple Show lioltloi, engraved, with brackets and gag or nil llxturee; all cumplute. AddrealJ. E. i'ALMKK, U13 Uf h av. I/OK HALR?ONE LARGE FIREPROOF SAKE, WITH I mii iualde burglar proof, with combination lock, uearlj now; alto a now hi.irk ?aliiut Counter, with plate glaaa lop. ?>?'> loot lu length. ?uil.ihlo mr bank, bankera' or other oflk-ea. To bo soon at No. 77H :W ??., corner -Will at., between t? v. M. null d I'. M. dully or of REPUBLIC FIRK IN sI'K.VNCE COMPANY, No. I.U Broadway, or No. 304 81 nv. tWR mU-IUTVHM AND "ktU. CTOCK OK a 1 fumy mnl I'uruLhing utore; 111 11 it bo sold at auv price on account of owner'e III health. Apply at 272 Blecciter at. Ipou BALE?THE PIXTI1BKSOKA lAH.Ott'S STORK: a 1-iittiiitc Table, aix loot by throe; black walnut tup -Mirror, Sewing Machlnea. and alio Kitchen Furniture; will be auld at a Haciitlce, aa the owner ia leavniK the city. Cal at I7H Kail M-'itn at.. near Til nv. I/Oit KALE ?HI'OCK ANU FIXTURES OK A WELl I eatabliahed Fancy and l.adtea ami Uentlemen't Fur ulahiiig (iooJa. Location, 9,1UA ltd ?v.. New York. 1ft()K Uti-ILMAW STOKE FIXTURES, SI'IT 1 able for any kind of burl net.. Fartienlara at AL hleecker at. IflOU SALK.-A CORNER GROCERY STOKE ON TIIE lio.t part orSd nv.; lina boon a grocery for 27 year-; will I with or without rtock ; elckticaa the cauae. Apply at 4lU 2.1 av? corner 24th at. TOMSALE?A SAI-'KI Fil'K.?M It AT AND VEOKTABL1 Market, doing upland tl caah trait, mtuatad beat part oi sth av.; rent moderate. Apply atlernouu IRH HitoT IIKi. 17,11 i-.K I HitoTIIKRS, -.Tl West 30th at. For sale-black walnut k a it and hack har 22 loot, or a Drat ciaae aaloou, and other Axturea. Ia ituire at 212 tlth av. I TOR HALE?IN WASlllNuTON MARKET, AT i 1 treat bargain, the lieat located retuil Hoef, Mutton Lnntb mnFVenl Stand ; (rood raaaona tor telling. Call ana be convinced nt 2411 Hrondway, room 8, I till SALI.-A Ol.UK FACIOItY, ONLY A SHORT diataucu from the city, with complete Machinery and Flxturoe; la ntiitiliig_ tojte full capacity now; will be vole cheap. AUdreaa box 5,18.1 I'oat oil /OK SALE -A III It 1 II CAUL. ADDRESS A. U. , box 1HI Herald office. fAOH BALK?ONK OF TIIK OLDEST AND BK.ST BOI 1 tilng t-.ainbllahmenta In the city, with au rxcuileut but neae connection. Addreaa II., box 1KB llerald office. I NOR ?ALE ?TIIK STOCK AND FIXTURES OK i 1 ladiae' and Oentleuie.i t Funnelling Sitae, SAT Gram tl., Wllliaroebiirg. L. 1. Ho airrnte need apply. W. WILLI A MB. Foil SALE-ULEOANT MlltltOitS AMI CARPETS through I ho liuute, at a bargain. Inualre at No. 8 \?'ect .'iTil ?t. F ,'Ott SALE?7 WALNUT ANl< MARBLE TOP SALOON Tablet; ?i?e. H.Oxk.t. Apply to 1)YKK, 11 Kaat 90th at l/OR SALE-A NKt M SILVER PLATED HaLP 11* _. . _ r cabinet Wheeler A WILon Sewing Machine, BBS caah; Domeetlo Singer improved and Willcox A Ulbbe. each Bib. lully guaranteed; any Machine now delivered (mm the Company'e oiticea. inatructlon free, at #to. Call at MACAU LAY'S sewing Machine Baaar, .1 Klaecker at., near liroadwwy. FORSXlK-A RETAIL CONFECTIONERY ON 8TH av.; will be told cheap. Inquire at 5SI fnb av. Iff OK sale-must HK DISPOSED OK IMMBOlATR 1 ly, the Flxturei In Purk Packing Houao No. SIM Ntb av., nuch aa Otle Elevator. Sarae Tank*. platlnriu and beata Scale, ir .n Safe, mopping Hlnekt, meat Traeka and 1 large double Truck. Alao 1 Produce Kxchaage CertlBaato. A? ply at Wo ft i av. IffOK SALK-CIMAK STORK, BACRIPICB; RKASOV 1 o. her bualneaa; beat location up town; auuthwaet i Tint at. and Hroadway. fTOR SALE S ,'*??, POSITIVELY A RAKE CHANCR.? The proprietor oi a hotel down Iowa having a handaomt comer Sample Room an.l Cigar store In Broadway, uptown, doing a go?d hnettieae, will tell It. having no time to attend to Istth. Addrcee SAMPLE, llerald oBlca. I/OB SAI.B^BAK, KEBTAURANT AND PUKNlBtlkO ttoume, making good bua'aeae; low rant; tbrao goon a. Inquire at let Clinton place. T/5R SAJ.K?A SODA WATER FOUNTAIN; A&46 J V Root Beer Koantaln, with marbla lop "nealei. ell I id pi tted Tumbler Waaber, ail connected. Ha Chatham M. F OR SALE?A HERRINO'S NaKR; ALSO OPFICf Ueek and Sboweaee. 1U9 Chatham at. 1JUK8T CLAMS CORNER LlyUOK STORK FOR BALM . Call at ?i Morton at., or nddroea J., boa its llerald oBUat M.AQ POLKS OK EVRKY DESCRIPTION KOR BALB by J V. W ALSH, HNO Weat at /OK SALE CHEAP?A COMPLR J Klxturea. Icebnaae. Ae. Apply at 10 Ualvaralty pla NOR SALE CHEAP -FINK PULL STOCKS!) 0091, I feotlonery corner atom with adjoining roam, mo MM water fountain, In lloboken a bent locality; only atm Moot from lerry; cheep mat, with Icaeo. Apply ai B3 Newark et II oboken. For sale c h r a p?sho wc ahb, sh f. L VI NO, uo un. ter* ami gvatlamaa'e faralihtag gooda Flxtamit ate one Hewing Maclilno. At IBS Chambera at., ehp. I NINE I'l.tlE ULABB SHOW WINDOWS FOR HtTglL > T K TRIPLKR, MIbTb. G fROCEKY STORK AND CORNER PHOPKRTY FOR T ?aie-One ut the beat loentione ia Now York; ammat owner duliig a Mulavaa or teVWi a/aar. RICHARD V. HARNETT. HI Broadway, " riwial CTOOD CHANCK TO A BARBER Wrfo AaB Mte X For Ptatama; rant aad gci free; bat half proBte; bam locality. Call, for tinea day a, at BAi Mtav., eoraer SBd ak! vtgar atom. ^ fNOOD WILL OP CIUAR STAND AT OARNiiM U billiard room far Mia ebaap. Apply at I JOT MroadwM IF?* Otker^ AdTerUtaawaU PMUg TlklB

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