Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 23, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 23, 1876 Page 4
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sraCTAl 1WICII. "=f^c^B6W~,jfo"fir5R?owr. MONDAY. APRIL 34. Drtwint of ike luiurtliu; Royal Htfiu Ultirf. Ptnt Prite. $1,<JOO.IX? ud on* priae of cade 9500.000. $100,000, $.*> 000 ud f.'i.OW. 16.001 tlckata. 871 priaae. Smallest Prtie. $500. P?l4* ef tickets:?Wholes. $-i?; Helves, 9100; Qaeriers, 950; Tenths, 99 '? Twentieths. $10. Poll explanatory circular fro*. Port office pox 5,584. TllEODORK MCHOOB. lit) Ne-?eu >1 A -1RAAC G. B0Y0B, 287 BROADWAY. LAWYER.? - Divorce* obtained pioubtlv, without publicity: deser tion. Incompatibility. habitual Jrunkeuuea*. iubdellty. in human treatment. eou* lotion ol teioi.y. Pe*?porte obtained. ?NOTICE OF lifc.UoYAl.-DR U. J JORDAN. proprietor of the New York Museum of Anatomy, $18 Broadwev. bega t? inlofia bit putietila. and Ihose deetr oua wt consulting lilm, llial be line removed from 40 Hood at he tended ao uiauy i ears, to No. 5 Washington A pltcp, three (loon went of UrontiwMy. Dr. Jordan's **Lec fur?? uu Debility." "Why Mun Dei:? iur$9 vu ucuiuiy, " *?/ ?*??? i-x-ucnfrnl",11 Ac., can bo baJ at tbo above addroa* troe by mail for 50c., and at all booksellers A BRIBE ANALYSIS OK THE PREVENTABLE uaasve of prematura death, la lorty medical case*, selected from a large experience at Uoy'a Ho-pital. Lon don, br JoU N A. & ? VAN. M.D., No. 7 St. Mark'a place. OSice Lours. S to 3. Allen a co.. to Nassau st.. new vouk.-wvom let Lottery drawa April JO. Ticket*. $1 . six for 5-5. Bii,i**i priioa. S3 0.060 distributed. One chunr* In four. Extraordinary Havaua uraws April 24. Prixae cashed. Ok1 lulara mailed free. Attentioni-twknty years* prunsian Hos pital experience ; dieeaa *a of men a apeclalty ; consul lation fro*. Private office, 101 llleecker st. Dr JACOBV. A?KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES OF J. 8. . SMITH A CO. XkKTUCKT, IZTRa CLASS OEKV? roK 1876. 80. 70. 41, I". IS. 68, 07 ? 20, 7. >8, 3, 23. 29. EZNTL'CKY. CI.IX! 400?VOU 1W76. 6. 20, 6, 7S. 1. 7. IK. H. 58. 36, 07. tvV 00. 50. All order* address B. NATHAN, box 4.870 Peat office. New York city. A?PARKS. EMERSON A CO. ? Kentucky State Lotteries, drawn daily. Royal Havana Lottery, drawu every 17 days. Kentucky Single Number Lottery, drawn April 20. 1874. Prtsea cashed, in formation turnisiied and cireulare ires. ISO Broadway. Poet oltico box 5,272, New York. AN ELECTRIC CLAIRVOYANT RENDERS MAI), nettc manipulating treaimeute; uervouaoeea, rheuma tism, neuralgia, non-ctriulatiou Mine. COOKE, 202 West 26th at. *a yocnh lawyer can buy hood small li A brary and Offire Kurmture for $150, aed eecure a aica private offioe eu euue. witlt u buaineas connection from a retiring lawyer, Addreaa COUNSELLOR, box 114 llerald tffica. All ladies afflicted with bupkrkluous balr on the Una. cheek, cbiu, arms, who have In vaiu Died the various o-plliatortes in use tor ibis purpose, may apply to Mrr-a, JULIAN', with tbe certainty of guaranteed and perfect succeax. Muie. JULIAN hit* removed this dte hguremcnt railically and permanently in tbe worat possible taaes, where all prexloux attempt* have failed. Application must ba made personally at nor residence. No. 216 West Mbth at., from 8 to 2 daily. CI U. TV KlBLRY, P&OPK8810NAL ACCOUNTANT, )a box 4,354 Post office. New York.?Books of merchanta, companies, estates instils ruts. Ac written up end adjusted References?linn M K. Waite, Washington; lion. ilenry E. Davlea, Drexel, Morgan A Co. CTENTRNNIAL?IN AS PLEASANT A STREET AS J Philadelphia affords, and within about tan minutes' walk of tile Exhibition building-, tamities or parties of (Heads, numbering about twelve or less, may engage by the lay or week on cuuitatde terms, iu accordance with tbe lux iry ot I be table desired, which they may regulate entirely, a delightful private Residence, surrounded by pleasant rrouuds; bouse contains eleven rooms and la comiortabiy furnished and appointed, with a housekeeper and good aer vanta in attendance. Parties may entertain friends or en Joy the quiet o! home at less cost than by any other means, (elerence undoubted. Address DAVID, box 117 llerald office. Diseases ok men a >pecialtv. HENRY A DANIELS. M. D.. 144 Lexington av..oear 2Sih at. Office hour* trout 6 to A Diseases OF MEN and women.?I conpiden tielly examine and treat, furnishing all medicines, Ac., eeceesary, for less than advice will cost elsewhere. Dr. K HENRY CLuUUH. 2U6 Watt 13th at. PR. J. P. MANN CURES HIP DISEASE. WHITE Swelling. Spinal Curves, Contracted Lttnbe and Club rest without cutting cord* or any surgical operation or an hour's conlineuient lu bed. and mostly without pain. Send lor circular Office 133 West 41st st.. New York, Sunday and Tuvaday forenoon; 124 South 8th at., Philadelphia, Monday and Wedueaday: 1.282 Washington st . Boston, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Expensive aupporteis en tirely discorded Thirty years' experience. (N ?OFFICIAL DBA WINDS KENTUCKY STATE LOT r. teriea.?SIMMONS. DICKINSON A CO.. Manager A ek.xtcckv. atXTRt class, so. 291? arnit 22. 1876. 7S, 45. 74, 28, 3. 4?. 22. 38, 7. 67. 2, IS. XkNTl'ikt, class no. 282?aruiL 22. 1676. 99. 41, 14. 73. 37. 7. 71. 6?1. 48, 63, 7C, 23, 12. HXNET, XXTBa CLA$S. NO. 191?APglL 22, 187U. 8. 24, 66, 31. 47. 21. 17 75, 13. 36. 60. 1 UENXT, CLASS NO 182?APRIL 22, 1876. 16. 50. 53, 4. 41. 75. 47. 2M. IS, 6. 61, ttS 3. Full Information t-y app'yviir to or addressing J. CLUTK, KXJ Broadway, or box 4,9ti'? Port office. G -SIMMONS. D10UR90N A GO 'S KENTUCKY . State grand month!/ Uttribution, on tba Havana plan, to be drawn April 29. aI-o. Royal Havana Extraor dinary, of Cuba, draw* April 21 fc'uil information by ap aing lo or addrcaaiug J. CLUTE, 2U0 Broadway, or box lit) Post office. (? RAND KENTUCKY STATh DISTRIBUTION APRIL J 2t>; 3.37H prtso*; circulars tree Address all ardrrs to agent fur managers, G. 11. BOOTH, bos 3,0217 New York Post office WaKGBR'S WAREHOUSE*. ?TH AV.. PROM 39d"tO XI 34tt n-Tbe oldest Iiji tar. t!ie lowest lu rate, must ex tensive and reliable est ihl'shment in the business; Storage Tor Furniture. Ilagcage, Goods and Wares of every descrip tion. In separate closed compartments of any site, si ways accessible. Office on 34th st. JOHN TUUMAnTT ~ FLORAL DECORATOR, GREENHOUSE 25.' WENT 23d ST., BETWEEN 7TH AND KTII AYS.. NOW OPEN with choice selection ot PLANTS. SHRUBS, TREES. Ac. Orders lor BALLS, PARTIES, FUNBRALS. Ac attended to promptly at reasonable rates. NATURAL flowers nanlirao K?CHRONIC CATARRH,"LEAKNESS; "13PROVED ? method: Instantaneous relief; permanent cures. llr. STODDARD. No. S West 14th at. Lawsuits "attended ~to.-advice gratis"; debts collected: ileus and attachments obtained; lees lepecdent upon success; titles searched; deeds, mortgages, assiirnmrnts ami all other legal papers skilfully prepared. T KHaNi'LS UIBHOSN, Oeunsellnr-at-law, Notary Public and Commisalouer of Deeds. 12 West 4th. batwreu Hioadway and Mercer. I >lbce hours triuu 1 it. the morning till 9 In the evening. Inquiries by mail promptly answered. M OODY AND SANKEY. Articles found at ths Hippodrome during the Moodv and ftankry meetings await claimants at the office in 2tilh St., near 4th av . upstairs, from it) A. M. till 4 P. M Y FRIENDS AND THE Pu?lIc~AKR HEREBY notified that I have o|iencd a near store, No 2 Park place tweet of Broadway), with a new stock. Would he pleesed to see my Irteuds. M. J. SHEPPARD, Merchant Tailor. AKB YOUR FORTUNE IN THE DRAWING. Grand distribution of prises Saturday, April 29. Iw7d .y a the Kentucky Mate distribution. First prise, ffbO.'A*); second, f2Q,uOD| 6,777 others from f lO.uou to 91(Xk AU prises paid lu full after the drawing. Ticksta. $10; baltes. 93; quarters. $2 Ml Address all orders tor tickets and Information to THOMAS H. HAYS A CO.. tit)" Broadway. New York. MR GEORGE GRANT. OF THE VICTORY COLONY. Ken . will be gleU In give a personal inter.'!#* in those geutlemeu who !?a?o been corresponding with h.m In relation to stock farms in bla colony. Can b# seen April 14 and four billowing days at office of FISK, CLAi.K A FliAQIi- B99 Broadway RKCON N BLLY'9 INK ALU RLE HaIR SALT A tion. without lead. si'.? er or free sulphur; warranted to restore gray an.! bleached hair. Test application free. Call at I" West 4ll> . near Me rear. Mba. a7Zkx~and dr. tannhaue ~?iksmkkTo Fhysiclana- Rheumatism. neuralgia, paraljrets a spe nalty. Skin diseases ami ladles* sickness tyred at 3N7 bth |v. Ladies call am! consult. SjKRVOUS EXHAUSTION - V MKDD'AI K8S . V, is comprising a series of lectures delivered at Kahn's Mm worn of Anstoiuv New Yo'k on the cause end cure of Pre natare Decline showiug ludlsputabiy b- w lost health may a-- regained, sdjrding a clesr synopsis ol the impediments to age and -he irevtmvnt of nerenus and physical debility, the resu.t of 2U years'experience Price 23 cents. Ad dress the author. Dr. I. J. h.WIN, office and residence 31 East Hith st., New York. 0- ?ajaRK1- I,j,;\FNKAR,~FEU?ANENTLY AND . radleal'y cured by !'r Keek's un.quald-d method, eatrsordmary resnlte obtained from one raruih's treaimeni. Ilr ID)Yf. 21 West 24th St. PILFS?PI LE8?HEMORRHOIDS OK PILES PER. m.neotly extl.paud in two to four weeks without the kmfs ligature, caustic, pain, perfect cure guaranteed in tvery instaucs. and sot on# cent until effected, all affiicted invited to call ami satisfy themselves Ilr. HOYT. 21 West 24th SI PILES OR II.CMOKRIIOII? PERMANENTLY ERADI cated In two to four weeks' pa.nlets treatment no kiute, ligatures, caustics or csuterv tumlnvrd in-sitlvrlv NO CH ARGE FOiv TREATMENT UNTIL CURED Circulars fred. Dr SB DDAKD, only efbco No. 9 Wast 14tb st. PHILADELPHIA.?D18RASR8, s DEBILITY. delectien and kindred sffsciions. without re gard tu condition or ?? x. permanently cured te the satire recovery of power, whether of ' ran. spicule propensity or suasion. CLINTON MEDICAL INnTITl'Tk. 24t) bomb 13th it . Phliadolpkta. J^OTaL HAVANA LOTTERY. Grand Extraordinary Drawing, April 24. fOA Capital prut, Onv Mi.lion Dollars. Ull* <l I sliOH A/Ul i ?r-. Only 19,000 tickets. priles, .mounting to f2.390,noa Circulars with lull explanations aud history, fr#e i. MARTINEZ A CO, Bankers. lu Wall si . basement. Poet office box 4,6X2. Highest rates paid for Havana bank bills ana onanist. cold. S~T. GEORGE S choir-LADIES Volunteering aaalstance are invited to caii at 2/T East 10th st. tv sior-ow irum 3 to 4, and gentlemen on Thursday st 7 ? clock.' s AUSTEN PKaRCK ECOND LOUISIANA GOLD DISTRIBUTION. I At New Grioans, April M7U. Capital Prtar. ilQO.aW)) 9A9DPrises, amoaattng to $302.-*** Ail pasd IB lieii Only ItO.tlUU Tickets. at 93<) sack, carrvuey. Tenths end Twentieths In proportion. For Information, rircolara. Ac., addresa or apply to No postpone incuts WlLJLlA.MsuN a LU.. jfrokerk BogffjOkM Post odxuu. WKHksr.tstswTkswssA B R SPECIAL. KOT1CRB. Ka5 ?iTe"8l' NI > A Y T E L K i; Ram IT CONTAINS A I.I. Til K NKW8 FOB TWO CENTS. OTI nEKING KC/tCTUAUT UMOVWl OOMFt. v deec* Aaranteed, abundant Adilre**. fur circular. AM EKICAN VOCAL INSTITUTE, lUi Wavarley piae*. /I1UK U11'I'OUHOSK TK AN'S FOltMATION MOBN 1 I'll" wrong party g*l* credit Id il.g Kn-ulnn Naw< uf April Following are fart*:?At I- o'clock I* il April lb. Mr. t'harle* lleckinann. with 33 uf hi* nun. appeared at 111* lllpoodrum* lorlhe purpo.e ul taking iluwn partition*. Ac., and transferring *aui* to III* yard*. 17th at. ami av. C. Kmdltic a number of lad* belonging to the Twelfth regi mmt dnalrovtug th* property, to lilt luaa. Mr. Ileckiuanii ordered thrm away from the premise*. ami told tliriu he roald tuittt hi* contract without any a**i?iatice Iroui them whatever. .Mr. Ileckniauu'* contract wa* from I'd u clock P. M. April IB nntii 3 o'clock P. M. April 2". II* flmabod th* wurk at 12 o'clock M April '.hi. Th* Twelfth regiment and tom* laborer* were irlveu credit in the Evening Newt for their work. They had nothing to do with the arrange ment* whatever, except to aland there with eye* aud mouth opeu looking on. Tur Hl'SH to tue black HILLS.?WAGON train* ladrn with freight and paewnger* *tart From Sioux City for the Slack Hill, nearly every day. The route via Sioux City l? the invent* one lor Immigrant* on account ol the low rate* ol tare, the excellent wagon roada. the rea konabla price* uf team* and prov.aion*. aud It* *uperior in ducemcntv a* au outfitting puiut. The .siuux City aud B ack llilla Tiasportation Cnnipauy i? mnmug lie line of faat toam* carrying freight and puarnger* at very rea.on able rate* Coin, orutitiou*. team*, wagon*, miner*' tool*, anm and ammunition aud geueral outfit* can he purcliaod at Sioux City cheaper than at any other untliliiug poiut in tue West Kepllea to particular i|ii?.liou? and valuable printed information uu the ltiack II111a won be furuialied by addieasing JOHN BKKNNaX, Moux City, Iowa "l"SK PROF. DO REMUS' BBaKD COMPOUND?it I. lorce* beard ou *ini>oiUo>t fare in four week* pesineelv ormnnei relunued. jo cent* a package. Atldre** i'rot litiKKML'S, box 103 Pu?l uRice. Brooklyn. N. V. $300,000. ~ KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERY. Single Number Plan, le ba drawn at Covington, kj. April 'JO, 187*. PRIZES. 1 Prire el *50.000 1* E'iO.OOO 1 Pruo ol 20,000 I* 20,000 1 Prix - of 10.*kkl|i* lO.OUO 4 Prite* of j.ouo ara 20.UA) 111 Pruee of 2.51J0 are....... 26.Uk) 50 Plile* ut I.OOO are ftO.UX) 50 Price* of oOO are 2j.UA) 5<) Price* of 23<> are 12, .'*M 2UU Prise* of 100 are 20.0UO APPROXIMATION PRIZES. 4 of (2,000 approximating lo $50,1 A) > are .#8.000 4 of 1,37 ? approximating to 2?.UUi are 5,3u) 4 of 1,UU< ? approximating to In,000 arc. 4,iAX) 5.000of 10 are 3Q.0U) Whole Tlekata.$10; Halve*. $5; Quarter*. S2 50. Prlxea paid In foil. Addroaa all arders to SIMMONS, DICKINSON A CO. Louisville, Ky. II 000 000"?OVJLL UAVANA lottbhv Oraud Kxlraordinary Drawing April 24. A few Incky TickeU left. P. C. DKIL1N A CO., Stationer* and Oanarat Agent*. No. 3 Park row, uear Auu *1. (oppoaito Part oBtce), Now Vork. NPOKTIN G?.DOCaM. lllUDh, EC. A" ?poTT sale" all^INDs oF'FanoY docs, ? ? Bird*. Ac.: Mcdiciuo* tor all dr*ea*e?; Prepared Food i tor mocking birds, at B. U. DOVKY'S, No. 3 Green* at.. 1 near Canal. Anew winch estkiTbr eh c if loader repkat iug Rid*, with Leather Cover, can ha bought fur 440 I by applyiug at Carland llouae, SI West 14th it. A FINE REMINGTON CKEhDMOOft RIFLE, 34 INCH barrel; Venier and wind gauge tight*; used only tear j time*. H. C. SQUIRES, No. 1 Cortlaudt it. A' PEW FINK DOGs" FOKS A LB.?BLUE SKYES, Cocker Spaniel*, pure white amai! Hull Terriere. Black ] aud Tau*. Coach Dug*. Engliah Grey liouiiu* and oue pair of ' lb* largest aud finest German B iar Hound* In the country. WM. T. ALLEN, 5th a*, and SSlh .t, A' -JUST IMPORTED, ANOTHER LABOR ASSORT ? incut of Scotch, Skya, Dandy Dlnmunt and black and j tau Terrier*. Newfoundland Pup* and all other breads of i Dor*. Malta** Cat., Ac. Medicine* for all dD*a*at, at 1 MEYER'S, 3 Wnt 3d*l., near Broadway. LACK SPANISH CHICKENS, llaudaome Rooster*, Pullet* or Eggi for Immedlata I ?aie by Mr. COLIN KOKEKTsOX, at 1,114 MadUon nr.. ' corner H4th at. N. B.?fin* Milch Goat, with Nannie Kid, I al?o tor *ale. OGS FOR SALE.-SOME OK THE SMALLEST AMD &ua*t brood akye terriara evor Imported. No. 27s l*t , av. COLLINS. Double gun-breech Loading, central Are; Allen maker, Loudon; 12 bore; price |7\ 100 I Grand at., Williainaburg. For salb?fouk~ lak k new poundlands, hr?t cla** Watch Dog*. Pointer* and Setter*, thor oughly broke; Hull Terrier*; Scotch aud Sky*. Black and Tau*, Kewlouudland Pup* from luaniuiulh stock; Scotch Terrier Pup*, three month* old. very haudauma. 11. GARDNER, 52 Thompson it. OK SALE?A FINE LOT OP IMPORTED SKYR Terrier*, very smsU black end tan Terrier*, cocker bpeuiels, Maltese Cats, fancy Pigeon*. Rabbits, Ac. K. S. HALE, 418 Canal *t.. New York. T.TOK SALE CHEAP?A VERY' FINE ENGLISH J? breocl.loading Gun. Address HOWARD, box 113 D 100 . CHICKENS WANTED.?ADDRESS, STATING " price. .STUART, box 103 Herald office THK TLltK. soLtffo.MokkoVf A evening at Now York Tarf Exchange. 15 Wont 28th it, en the Clljr and Suburban Handicap at Kpaom, Kurlaod. KELLY, BLISS A CO. F LEETWOOD PARK . lor aale or to let. Apply to PHILIP DATKR. 2d Broad at.. New York. TAITEKHALL'S TUltP COMMISSION AUENCY, 1.227 Broadway, corner 20th it. We hare opened an Agency ou the English plan, by which parties desiring to invest on all racing evente. Ac., can ob tain fair and unliable prtcea Call and examine our liala (or the Wither*. Belmont atakea, Ac,, which compare ai vantatreouaiy to backera with any book* hitherto opened. Office open daily from 10 to 2 and 7 to U I*. M. MeDOUUALL k CO, ~lHORSE!t, CAKUIAGES, A~ ?MAJOR CHARLES W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. . THE THIRD extraordinary aale oi FASHIONABLY BRED TROTTING STOCK, bred by Hon. A. B. Conger, of tba Waldherg stud. Ilareratraw, N. Y , will take place at BARKER k SON'S City Auction Mart and New York Tat teraall'a. corner of Broadway and SBth at., on Saturdav, April 28, at 11 o'clock, and conaiata of TWENTY TWO HEAD of brood Mares, Kill tea, stallion Colta and Geldings, all ot the beat trotting atraina. Akn.Nii THE Wane marea are the get nf Rvsdvk'i 11am j biei iiian, American Star. Yming Star. Norman, Mambrino Chin, Mr . int iuuing the rrlebrated Romp, Hoxie, llateiuan mare, faglioui, Ac., all in foal to Bedford (2'2t)|. Nitrogen l2:fk>'. Mad Anthony, Ben Abdallah, Solitaire, Chief, Me dium. Ac. * THE FlLI.IKS, Stallion Colts and Ooldlnga Include tho get of Bedford. Hen Abdallah. Wild Irishman, Ac Stock wiil arrive at the Mart for exhibition, on Monday ?ext. April 24 CATALOGUES can he had at (he SPIRIT AND TCRP OFFICES, or at the Mart. Bala without reserve or post ponement. A FULL AND COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OP TUB "Brewster Wagon," lha standard tor style and quality, sow ready lor inspection al our factory ana ware rooms, Broadway and 47th at, .'?th av and 14th at. Special attention is called to our improvement In side-bar W agons, which enables til to offer tba lightest, safest and beat riding wagon eeer produced. BKEW-TKR A CO.. of Broome (l A ?To LET. HORSES AND WAGONS hyl'AL TO s'Vt any private turnout: horses stylish; wagons and berueas new Union stables. No. 2u lHth at., betweaa Broadway and 5th av. SECOND HAND tPTiLK: "COTPK FOR SALE? 1X cheap; or to exchange for fall spring Top Wagon. 182 Thorn peou at. APIKST~ CLASS ""PRIVATE STABLE. ON 1STH ST, one door east of 5tn av. , rent reasonable CLAKKsON a chandler. No. I Pine it and MM Broadway, corner 2 2d at. A GENTLEMAN WILL SKl.L AT A SACRIFICE tide bar top Buggy. Harness and Skeleton Wagon by Duaenbury. A Idross OAJMt, box 121 lleruld office. T -COf !? E. VICTOrTaT ROCK A W A Y, I N "PKRPBCT At order, very cheap . fine stock of faauionable Carriages, "J per cent redncUou , srerk warranted EZRa VARsll. IS Eaat 18th sk 4 3 KUOAXT PHAETON Ft >R AA1JL BLILT If J, 2Y R Lawrence A On,; ooet $1,0OO: carries four, ton and scats shift so as to make thice differeut carriages; has ex tra scats, backs. Ac; tuail axlea; In perfect artier: only a-ctl a tl 'B. n limes. Will sell cheap or trade for a Can be seen at private stable No. 232 Eaat Uth at., or adtiresa box hJtQn Post office. New Yerkeilv. A PULL SRAT dlmTING TOP HUGO Y, NEARLY 1 A as gootl as new . will tell at e sacrifice to close an es i tale. Address F. M . Herald eSlde. \ -R At a ?A.-A.-A-IP YOU Want TO BUY nobby, natty, pretty I'ouy Phaeton. a handsome, stylish leather top Buggy, a light Rockaway or a Depot Wagon, or a good Harness of any description whatever, and don't want to pay an outrageous price fur It, b* sure to eall, betore purchasing elsewhere. on JOHN MOORE. 57 Warren at. A; -Wagon & carriage.- wagons. 1UP AND no top Pony Phaetons LEFT oeer Iroro yesterday. GKEA r TKaI>K aale A f prices THAT HEAT the world. AT BARKER A SON'S, 2Mb si. and Broadway. WILL BUY A TWO nTDR? BRICK -TA s Lie. ?>xtt5. lot 2*>xl(X>. oa Weal -' lh ?t j cvniplelrd Jn.y 1 : specimen stable shown. J. K. HaY, 887 tttb as., or C. 1 BARNEY. 82 Broadway A." _ Pony PbnetJh, Harness, Robes, Blankets. Whips, Ac., all as.nod as new. tod at a bargain, owner leat nig city MMm for Mist DARLING - turnout. 14G West 2lNh at. ~k~ GF.N n.EM AN "WILL LOAN Rjai ON HORSE'and A Carriage lor u-e of uui antil returaed. address CON FIDENTIAL. Herald office. A ?ELEGANT STYLISH TOP PONY PHAETON, At city make, Hdritesa, Kobe. #180, side bar top Buggy, 5..4J, MOORE'S Maine. *Hh at. and Ttb a*. T bull "oki" tear old. sire -aid to haVb . V coal fH.Oni, for sale at tbo low prio# of 2150. Apply W PoWEIt BROTHERS. 1.432 Broadway AIIAND-nOMEDARK ItOAN -ADDLE AND Dltiv. lug Poay. warranted klod and > end In every reepect, l.f sale cheap with llarneaa. Ac., by a get oetnan about asiltng b.r Europe. Cat. he teen at staid* 1,208 Hrotdway "a GOOD STABLE ro LET CON f A IlilNU FIVS J\ ttails in West ttlth si Inquire ef > ALL.NTi.XK FINK. 147 Ttb a*. T ?TEN ~ Bl'siNEsS Wago.Ns "aT A~ saV'kTFiuS, At For Klprtt* omcer'a. Hnieber'a. Hater s. Milk Latin ury. Package. Advertising. Depot and Dell vary it egons, new and second baud. $2" to2175. Wagon manufactory, 226 Spring at. T~ iirLiNDIO DAPPLEORAT lluKAM* POR Mil, J\ ll rears old. 15tg heads blgb . ran troi n 2 ruin let. and warranted sound sad kind Apply to Meters LANE A PATH. 114 Weet 46tb 8. A ?CHOK E Lor OF coach ROIMa FOR kaLE~^. A, Just arrived from Western New York three (Hie pair of dark gray Horeea. Id1* hanaa. welt matciied site one i air of bars. IS bands. Can ba (tea at Grata Central bta %.e, lid Weet 4642 sk HOUSES, CAIUUABXI, CC. ^TTLrctio\'. extraordinary sale or FAST TROTTERS. ROADSTERS. TRACE HOUSES. 2 :M TO 2:2H, AND TUB SPEED SHOWS BliFGRB TUB SALE. TOP WAOONS, bo lt by BREWSTFRS. no top wagons. bu n sj dcsbnruut. PHaKTONS. built by STIVERS, Ac. KIm . ? uti.t double Harness. made by DUNSCOMUK, CAMPBELL. 6TILLINGS sad other first class makers tba property of j. Dunn walton. Tbey will be told by MESSRS. van TA*8ELL A KEARNEY. WITIJOt r RESERVE. AT THEIR AUCTION MART. 110 and 112 East llltli ?t.. near 4ih ST., ON THURSDAY, tin May. at 11 o'clock. THE STOCK WILL III. ON EXHIBITION AT MR. WALTON'S stable. MO W.-?t UOtli ?t.. from Saturday, tlit 20tb iurt., op to tbe lid of May, whoa tlicy will be removed to llio auction mart ol VAN lASShLL A KEARNEY. 110 and 112 Ka?t 1 Ml It ti, near lib sr.. during which time the public are invited to ride behind ami TEST 'I HE nPKKD OK ANY OR ALL OK T1IK HORSES advertised for sale. CATALOGUES WILL BE READY BY THE 27TU INST. AT AUCTION. ON TUESDAY, APRIL 2ft. AT 10 O'CLOCK. I MY van TASShLL A KEARNEY, AUCTION ERRS, at their auction mart. 110 aud 112 East IStb sk. near 4th av. A PHAETON DP.AH FOR FOUR OR SIX HORSES, everything complete, fnnuerly tbe property of DR. HElMHOLD, built by Downing A Co., ot Concord, N. n. AT AUCTION. O.N TUESDAY, APRIL 2ft. AT 10 O'CLOCK. KY VAN TASSKLL A KEARNEY. AUCTIONEERS. AT THEIR HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART. 110 aud 112 East 13tU at., near 4th av., VERT UANDSOMK JET BLACK BROUGHAM OR COUPE MAKE, ISM hauda high, 7 years old; kind and true in ail harneea; Iree froui vice or trick ; afraid of nothing; baa extra atylo and action ; of great bot tom and endurance ; for toope or carriage uao cannot bo excelled, and i? warranted aouud. BROUGHAM, nearly near, with pole aud abafts, by Brewitor A Co., of Hroome et. TEA CART, with pole end shaft a by J. B. Brewster A Co., of 2ftth at., act tine ailver mounted Harness, Blankets, Robes, Whips. Ac. VBRY SUPERIOR AND EXTRA STYLISH DARK GRAY KENTUCKY bred eaddle or coupe Uortc, 10 hands bigh, d yeara old, kind and true in all barneea; baa no vice or trick; ha* all gait* under saddle; la a very pleaaant driver, with line knee aclluti; la perfectly gentle end reliable, and ia warranted sound. I TOP WAGON, luiil by Miner A Steveus; single Harness, Lap Robes, Blankets, Whip, Ae. ELEGANT AND EXTRA STYLISH BROWN MARE, bred In Kentucky; pedigree (guaranteed) et tiuie of tale; IS bends high. 7 years old: kind snd true in all harness; free from vice; a fine saddle mare: is per fectly gentle and reliable; can trot in S minute.; ia very bandaomu; a first elasa mare for gentleman's road use. CAN Bh SEEN AND RIDDEN A PTES ON MONDAY. EXTRA STYLISH AND HANDSOME DAPPLE BROWN COUPE or carriage Horse; long, lull mane end tail, 16 bands high, 7 years old; kind and true in alt har ness; free Irom vice; ha* superior style and action; cau trot in 2:50; ia perfectly aafa for lauiea' uao, and ia warranted sound. BAY TROTTING HORSE. 1-'>K hands high. R years old; kind and true .a ati harness; free from vieo: a prompt and pleaaant driver; does uot shy. pull or fret; can be driven by tbe most Inexperienced rebisman at lull speed; he* e record of 2:41 aud in oendilien cau trot much faster; is one of the tuuet stylish and genteel horses ia the city and is warrauted sound. TUB WELL KNOWN CHESTNUT TROTTING GKLDINO PAUL MOKPBY. 1334 band* bigh. 12 years old, kind and troe in all harness; tree from vice; lias extraor dinary bottom aud endurance ; has a public record of 2:2SM; le finer aud faster now than over before; IIK TKlilTBD IN 16 RACES last season, lour of them bmug three mile* end repeat, winning ovary race; THE Fimi THREE MILE HEAT was trotted by hlui In S .29. TOP SIDE BAB WAGON, by Waterman; set alngte bar nesa. ALSO TWKNfY-T%0 OTHER ROAD, FAMILY, buainest and work Horses. Particulars In Catalogue on l'uea day. COUPE BOCKAWAY. Pole and Shafts, nearly now. CURTAIN COACH, nearly new, by Brewster A Co., of Broome *1. TWO LIGHT one horse Coupes. FOUR-WHEEL DOG CART, In flue order. PoUit PARK phaetons, by Brewster, of Broom# su. Wood Bros, and R. M. Silvers. Thirteen top and no top Wagons. Five top Pony Phaetons. Twe no top Pony Phaetons. Throe Koekaway*. Two Clarences. Two Barouches. Four Depot Wagons, top and no top. SiX-SCAT ROCKAWaY. by Uuiniby. YEA CART, in good order, by Wood. -MAJOR CllArt. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. ii. Mr. W. W. aLDRICH. of the BORDER Lawn HI I'D and Htoek Karni, TIPTON, IOWA, has the honor of announcing a grand tale of the fastest GR1.EN TROT 1'KK.s In America, to take place on Weduesday next, April 36. at 11 o'eloek, at BARKER A SON'S City Auction Mart and New York Tatteraall'i. corner of Broadway aud U0th at, consisting of aixteen bead, ALL HEED BY THK OWNKK, with the exception oi one, aud comprising silver K Gelding GRAY PLANET. got by Ansel oiui of Lex jo), 15 high; foaled 1871; can trot in .1 minute*. Mahogany hay Gelding Jl'DUh LKFPINGWKLL. gut by Ansel, 15K high: foaled 1871; finely galled and last. lr?u ?y Gelding BUSINKSS. got by Ansel, 15 high; foaled I j very promising. Dark bay Gelding RANGER, got by Ansel, 15 high; toaled 1871; Terr last lor a green one. llrowu Gelding CHARLEY BROWN, got bv Ansel, H'? high; foaled 1871; an elegant combined saddle and harness geiuiug; goes all gaits. Bay Mare NELLY, got by Scyth ian, 15 high; loalrd 1H7U; promising and fast. Pair coal black Mares. BLACK SWAN AND MATE ifnll siatersi. got by Green's Bashaw), 15}t high; foaled 1808 and 1M8U; unequalled tor rich appearance and style. Chestnut Mare BIRD. got by Tuckahoe, IS high; foaled 1888; can beat 3 minutes. Black Mare BLACK CROOK, got by Ba shaw, Jr., 15k high; foaled 1870; promises well. Black Mere SHOCK, got by Y< asira>>uva,iy,s( ,'oung 8l. Lawrence. 16 high, foaled 1868; can beat and will trot bettor than 2 JSO, with thirty days* handling. Dark bay Mare LADY BLACK MORE, got bv General Logan, 15s high, foaled 1860; ran bast 2:50. Chestnut Mare TAP8KY, got by Amboy. 143$ high, loaled 1868; can beat 3 minutes. Brown Gelding J UIHJE SMITU, got by Hartford llambletnnian, 15 blgh. loaled 1 H7o; can beat 2:50. Goldeu sorrel Gelding HEAD LIGHT, got by Golddust, 15)1 high, foaled 1868; a fast Light bay Gelding LlTI'Lh " trotter. Light bay Gelding LITTLE MACK, got by the Pie roe Horse, 15 high, foaled 1871; can beat 3 minutes. ! Above are all warranted sound and kind and arc now on ex ! hibition at the Mart FOR TRIAL. Mr. Ahlrlch desires i eeerybody to come TO-DAY or at any time PREVIOUS to ! sale and BIDE BEHIND and TEST the speed and driving ; qualities of any of the lot BEFORE bidding. Catalogues, i with extended pedigrees (which, together with all repre sentations, are uUAKANTE^KD), can be had at the Spirit and Turf offices or at the Mart. Sale without reserve or postponement. Auction house of arch. Johnston, IB to 25 13th st.. Mar University place. SALES of HORSES and CARRIAGES are bald evnry 1 and Friday, at 10 o'clock. Tuesday i On every boras thai la WARRANTED 80UND from 34 hours to a days for trial TUK OLDEST ESTABLISHED and mast rail able house In the city. GENTLEMEN HAVING HORSES or Carriage* to sell, or those wishing to buy, ran rely upon the same strictly honorable dealing which lias always character ised our house aud won the confidaure and respect oi the entire community. ELEGANT COUPE, SATIN LINED, with Pole and Shafts, nearly new. by Brwdloy, Pray A Oo. , A' UCTION AUCTION AUCTION. TO CLOsK A CHATTEL ' | MORTGAGE. TWO EXTRA FINE AND WELL BRED TROTTING uaMBLKtonian road Horses. I ONB LARGE ELEGANT BAY COUPE HORSB 14k HANDS, AT I ' THE UNION AUCTION MART. 30 EAST 18TH ST. NEAR BROADWAY, MONDAY. APRIL 24, AT 11 O'CLOCK, A. M. IMMEDIATELY ? after the above tale will be offered tea very fine family carnage, coupe, road, aaddle and business HORSE*. sent In by private parties to be sold; also Carriages, park, top. m en and basket Phaetons: top and open road Wagons: depot Wagons ; single, doable aud eoupe Harness; new and I second hand Sadd'aa: Bridles, Ac. N. B.?Catalogues now ready st the Van, with full DESCRIPTION AND PEDIGREES. Regular sales svery Monday aad Thursday, at lle'e'.ock. k -AN AUCTION SALE OF CONTRACTORS' .As Horses. Wagons. Carts, Too!*, Blacksmith bhen. Stables. Harness, Derricks, Crowbars, Ac., on I nesday, April 25, at corner of 7ntb st. and 4th ae. l'.y order of WILLIAMS A CO.. 4th *v? Contractors. Abakuain.-black mart:. jty geobge Wilkes, dam Long Island Black Hawk: snort !5 hands . can trot In 2 :S0. single or double. Address SAC RIFICE. Herald Uptown Branch office A FAST BxY MARE. EVERY WAY RIGHT. f.tjO; A also top Wagon and Harnsos. cheap, a gentleman's establishment. Matte on 54th St. and Broadway ; owner, 276 Wr?l 2 'tb *u A GENTLEMAN W ILL HELL at A ilKK IT RaCKI fii? a fa? Horse, youug, son ad and kind, good Top lluggy and fine Harness, also an elegant Extension Top beaatilal Poor Phaeton. Call aud examine 1 Phaeton and a | before you bny. S3 East 12th at AN ELEGANT BKKW8T.'!*R~V|rroRlA (NRWr TEAM ef Bays, silver mounted Harness, together or separate, I a bargain. Private stable 17 W'eet 44th st. ^ NEW.BERLIN COACH, vvro victukIas, FuCR 2t top Wagons. xuy o.ra nioks ; also one second band IVig Cart, Brewster's maks. in good order, ens Barouche, la good order, aud one top Wageo . ail to be told cheats. &i>. M I RPli Y ?> Carriage Factory. 235 Greens si PRIVATE STABLE-127 WEST 17TU *T.. 100 last deep; Sneers! others, CAU.xKY, 15 Abingdon square (8th av ). \F1XK FURNITURE TRUCK, WITH TOP, FOR sale vary envap. also Express Wagon. Apply at 3t*6 fid ae. t T GREATER BARGAIN* A -dsn evr? U-fope offered l.aodans. I Landaniot, I Rr?tu. | xlg teat Roekaways, Cast pa I I Tinortaa. | T Carts, | loupe Koekaa ass. One-horse Kockaways. Extension t?u Phaeton*. "ark "!.i Dep. t Wagons. Pony and Park "!. >eton*. Kxtenstog !? p Pheetert for six persons, verv llgl;t. The largest aad beat stock o! Carriages ever offered to thg public. A. r DKMAKKeT A CO., 428 situ 63>i Broadway. a BAY MLDIM, 5 TEAM, KNOX ioRRKjTHwil A s minutes, geaile. will tta. u anywhere: easy dr.??r, tp r'ulid action . very cheap, inquire at HENRY'*, >JH Wrst 27lh st A. -8KCOND HAND CARRIAGES m I.andsns. In good eondilton | 2 l oaches, one Si ihsni quite Hint. I Wsg >nstte t? carry nn.s persons. I 1 six teal Koehawuy. nsai i > new. Road Wagons, with and without tops. In good order. J B. HKKtVfiTEK .* CO., oi 25th SC GOOD STABLE TO LET. INQUIRE OF U. 11EL LorTE. No BM Latgbt st. Alike copp, the wosdf.kfuk child nanibts, Al fffr.iNWaY HaLL. baturday next. ?I half-past ?we f. M. , HOUSES, CAIUtl AGES. CC. A' -mortgage" ^v?K^fa'ol?A< k?lL'L?;"~/.(yC , u.nicer. tell* Mmiay. 3!tb Itni.. ?t 11 o'clock.#: 4l7 WgiKlib it., by ?ntu? of > chattel mortgage 0 fit* Work >i imA rruclt. double and siugla Harness; Utensils suitatilc fi.r any u?e >?de pttiuvo. rum er tbint. By order of Patrick Uerratty, II ?i igagae. A -NEW POST PHaBTOX. #100: NEW ONE ilOB.SK . Hock sway, 8125. alto 150 aew and sreond hand lltrnM*. Coaches. Cou|>ea. Landaus. Landauiett. Bntikas, ilrottt, Victorias, extension tops Coups Korxuwnys, Tup. Kuad. Depot. Jeger, Express and Kkelcteu Wagons, a fhll line ofCatTrev's Sulkies, #I2.?: Harness. Hlankrtt i V . ? anil Sheets: established !858; small profits and quick sale*. MM. I! lilUT, JO ami _2 Mooter ?t. A ?CARRIAGE REPAIRING IX ALL ITS j\.? branches: tlrst class work. alto an assortment of tuy own make tup sud Koa.l Wagons, and the bsst and hand somssi style of l'ony Chseteni: slto s second hand Depot, ltoad anu top Wagon: 1 Hock a way. at factory. 1V.U 11. gKaY. 1,404 Broadway, l ?a.-MI ST BE SOLO. OXE PAIR BaY UOBSKS. 2 Y. 15)4 hands, tt years old, sound and kind, tingle or double; also three single Ilurses. all buv. from I3>a to 15.3 high; sonny, sound and kind: all from Canada West. Call and tco them at tt51> 7th a*.. near 45th st. A?#160 WILL BUY a Handsome TOP PHAETOX; . cost #4DJ laet month; has been used only tier times; at KBUITTU Livery Stable. 7lh ??,, corner J2d it BRKWSTF.K PC LI. sl'KIXG TOI' WAGON, SET LOW, sud a light set of duimle J!arn"se, both good as new : also a bay Horse, sound .ml kind. Ill hsuds high, can trot : last, low lor cash; either separate or tegaiber. Apply at 185 I'riuoa it B AUGAIX-tlVI?TOP SI UK BAR BOGGY, MADE BY Joe. Ooodwlu, In Una order. 124 West lUth st. B KKWSTKK BOX WAGOX. IIU POUNDS?PEKPECT order; not used IIU times. JERRY, 38th it. aud 711. a v. BCSI.NK.-s WAGOXS POK BALE-ALL SIZES TO suit all purposes, such at butcher* bakers grocers, plumbers. milk and express and single Trucks, some second nsud In good order, at the corner of Nary and Johuson ?ts., Brooklyn. Boarding and livkry stable bcsinkss por sale ? liiclndlmr valuable Leaoe, fashionable Ca-rlages and Light Stock generally; will be disposed of with or with out stock ; room lor 05 horses : stock aud stable in complete order; situation the host in Xew York city. Address S. D. K? Herald office. Boarding stable pgr sale-first class; tu-'l of boarders; near City Halt. Brooklyn; paying splendidly; a rare opportunity; inusl be sold immediately; lucre I' money In thla Particulars from ARCH. JOHNS TON. 25 hast l.ith tL. New York. /TAURIAGKS. V ' Comprising erory variety of pleasure vehicle. In beauti ful detigus. Including the most elegunt styles for towu usa, as well aa the plain and Inexpensive kinds tor the country. Landaus. Broughams. Road Wagon*. Landauiett. Cnupo Kockaways. Doctor's Phaetons. Coupes. Phaetons. Six-seat Kockaways A. 8 FLaNDUAI", 372 and 374 Broome St.. old stand of Brewster .1 Co. Carriage kepairs.-wk opfek unusual pa cilitios lor good aud prompt work In our repair depart ment. Carolul estimates made when desirod. We iinisn all Carriages, both now and old. with Valentine A Co.'s Ameri can varnish uiiequalieo in hrllliancv and durability by any varnish of English manulacture. BREWSTER k CO. (of Broome sl.). factory. Broadway and 47th St., wararooms. 5th av. and 14th st. CI All RI AGES? ALL KINDS. MY OWN MAKE. AT EX J treuia low Manufacturer'! prices, for teu days; war ranted. toalher top uew Pour Phaetons, #120. up; ditto Buggies. #135; rubber top Buggies. SI 10; depot (4 soot) top Wagons 9125 : Kockaways, #100; extension lop 3-spring Park Phaetons, $19U GKUHE. 1HM Canal it. MOUPR HOUSE FOR SALE.?A FIXE DARK BROWN I ' snd stylish Horse. IOJ4 hands high: warrantad sound md kind. Apply at private stable No. 212 West 2tttb it. C5ANOPY TOP PHAETONS, NEW STYLE. AT LOW J prices ; superior quality. KISLKY k BCRRIS, atauu fai-turers. S ki and 8U2 Broadway. 1/XTENSION TOP PHAETONS AND VICTORIAS FOB ill one horse: superior quality; low prices. KISLEY A BURKLS, Manufacturers. ?J0 and 0H2 Broadway. 1 FASHIONABLE CARRIAGES OP LATEST MODELS? low pricas. RISLEY k BL'KKIS, manufacturers, SCO and S02 Broadway. IFOR SALE?GLASS HEARSE, OVAL LIUHT, IX i I good condition. Inquire at McGEUAlD'S, 297 EaeS Broadway, where It can be seen. F jiOK SALE?AN ELEGANT DOUBLE C SPRING, five glass front, bataau shaped, best Paris built Landau; lu per.ect order unii nearly new. Address LANDAU, box 324 Post office. New York. IFOR SALE?A PAIR OF BRIGHT BAY ROAN Truck Horses, rt years old, ITU bands high; wait j matched; kind, true and geuUs. Can lie seeu at 324 Bread way. For salk-a splendid horse and basket Phaeton; everything sound and complete; vary mod erate terms. Address O. is., SO Park av., lioboken. N. J. For sale-a carriage and wagon shop. with a patent Included; price Sl.fXXX Foot of Main st., Yonksrs. X. Y. IFOR SALK-A VERY SUPERIOR ESTABLISHMENT, consisting of a pair of beautiful bay Geldings, 1514 heads; J. B. Brewster A Co. Landaulet, In perfect order, and Stilling*! silver mounted Harness; will be sold at about half original cost, together or separately. Apply tn Mr. TURNER, basement office, 17 Wall st., or stable,6597th av. For sale-a fink black is hand coupe or Carriage llorve, sound and kind. St, years old; well broken to saddle. Privet* Stable north side 56th St., 2U0 feet east of 7th av. ?C10R SALE AY A BARGAIN?A BOUND, 6TYLISII J? Ilor-e, Rockaway and Phaetuo. Apply at BllODE HICK'S stables, 229 East ttth st. IFOR SALE-LANDAULET, IN KINK ORDER, BRAD 1 ley A Pray, makers dark brown Horse, It) hands high, very stylish; tine Harness, nearly uew; Blankets, llobes, Ac.: complete turnout; will be sold at a very reasonable price. Apply at GRAHAM'S stables. 15 East 28th at., he lore 3 or alter u P. M. Inquire for Luke. IFOR SALE?AN OLD ESTABLISHED LIVERY 1 stable, wilb Bret class Stock and good custom; sold oil account of proprietor's ill health. Address STABLE. Herald Brooklyn Branch office. For salk-a two horse covered wagon, as good as new, lit lor soda water or a wholesale grocer, at No. 29 Monroe at MOR SALK-A BAY HORSE, 7 YEARS OLD, SOUND U and kind. Inquire at 243 Delaaccy si. I50R SALK-AX ELEGANT PAIR OP CARRIAGE ' Ilurses, IS bauds high, bright bays. Inug tails, closely matched, 7 years old; very stylish; perlectly souud and kind. To be sold at ball their value, at private stable No. 157 Wast 18th sl., between 5th aud Uth ava IFOR SALE CHEAP?THE HANDSOMEST 14.t? HANDS 1 Pony in tbis .state; very fast and warranted lu every reaped; Wood Gibson Harness; made lor pouy; good at new; also Team young Horses, top side bar Wagon, Pole and Shafts; sol double and set single Harness. Apply at 1 fur hrsl private stable 129 Want 4l?tb at. Siluatlou wanted class coachman. tjlOK BALK CHKAP?A GLASS FKOXT COACH 1 lined with bluj cloth. In perfect order. Apply at 123 Leal Broadway. E~bbu SALE-BAY MAKE. 14.a HIGH, TROT IN 2 M, ?lightly aore; price B2<*i. Bay Uorae, aound. trot in J atnulea; price $aXI. Double Harnett; prlca $lh In luire JOHN MAitllN. 637 Wait 4iith at.. North RWer. Irtoil BALK?A TEAM OK CAoRlAtir UORSKs, ' aound. atyliali, 16 banda, nearly black 10 and 11 yaara >id; go aiugle. double tandem and under aaddle; raual be Mild to raduca expenaea. Inquire at tki Naaaan at., third lour, ronui f. b~uTt sALK CHKAP-A KInT. IU.AC1C MAKK. 6 YKAKB old; top I'hacton.iculd mounted llamcaa. Lap Hobea, Hlankeia, ?e. Apply ai atablaa 2.1 Weal 4ti|li au tViR BALK?ONE VERY BUl'EKIOE COU'K. BCILT r by Brewaicr, nearly new; alao one Kxlenaiou top Vic toria, nearly naw, built by Wood Broa.both in perfect order; una act of ample Harueee. braaa mounted; one aet of aingie llarneaa, plain. To be aacn at No. lu Heal 24tb au, private a table. The Stable la lo iet. T.10U MALE?A~ BAY HOHriKr 16 HANDS 2 INC 11 KB I/ blgh. lung tall and mane; warranted to trot a mile in three minntaa; la one of the flneat big hortea in New York; dark point*. Can be aeeu at WILLI ik CUNMNil 11 All p atablea, VYeet Fluahiitg. L I. North Bide Hull road traina Leave 34ih at. every ball hour. Fob balk-unk bay miksE~~Hiif'\kaks"old. 16 handi high, 1.2U0 Iba. weight. warranted to be aound and kind, fit tor any uao au.l to be aotd lor the want ot work. Cau bo aaen at 513 haal lJtn at.. Naw Y'ork. till told. I*o5 3.ylk? a muiu bay Hunan, o years. hnnda; rata for a lady; showa a 3:50 gun, aingie or double; warranted. 152 l.uat 3uth au. tu i?e ahootnp abop. 1.toR balk?Tin; kabt Facing black stallion J? r'oreat Ling; very kind and geulle. South a eat torn r Both at. and let av. 1.1 OK SALE?TWO <;OOD.~BUVXX) WUKK LHtltsES and ene fine French chunk; al*o oue Single Truck, lid Barrow at. B'Vbll BALK?A NICK SIX SKAT 1'AlLK ."ll AL TON, IX good order; a bargain, at H. H. la OTP a. 156 Wait 2 fill tU |3uk BALK?A I'AIK OF "black houses, buggy J? and Harneaa. at private liable 131 Heat 32d at L>Uli BALK?NEW DoCBLK FEED THICK, SECOND J hand tingle Truck, Lxpres*. ttrovary and buamtae Wegout, uew Coat Cart. Corner 34th at and loth av. "L'OK saLK- aN SLEGAKT lTxDAU. fiii UUKBKB, r Uarnvaa. hobea. Livery, Ac. Call ou or addrea* cOACUMaX, No. 217 Wad 41.l at. fnoTlALK?MATCH TEAM JKT BLACK CakIiIagT: I? llorvaa. auitahta for a gentleman* driving or family uta. logctnar with i'ark Wage a and llarneaa; uiu.t bo told. Auureia A. A ? . u" "arh r .w, rv.ou 17 fVj K B A L K?AN MEGAN T O FLN~G A URIA U kT WITH atorut Cover (Brrtt;, a? good aa new, by una of t.? beat cay makcra. act! t dne act double Hart cat, allver mounted; the whole lor f.'aAl. coat il.-?ai. Apply at board lag itaMa, 14- ? >? ???; :?>?>!. at Alt P-r >tr. Hai.d. Ijlor. sAl-K?A THo SKAY boo CAKT WITH POLK ' and ahaita; beat city make, and In good running or.lvr, price fiuu Can be aeon at atuuie of tsrigga A Ituaa, 141 Weal 23d aU T,X)H BALK cllKAT F Out 6-vprleg Landau, one Storing Victoria, with teal behind Tbtae carriage* are aa good at new and ara to.J tor want of atabla room. They war# in ado by Hltder A Co.. i'aria, ?ud can ba aoan a; 27 Eaalioth au, but even U and 11 TAOR BALE I-111.AT-BCl I XEBB WAui?.N\ HOUSE L and Uarnaea, aocip.eta. Call at tlavia No. II unit J unci at. 1'fklil BALK Oil LAP?A LAN 11 AC A Nil COLFE. BY Browner, ef Uiis uie at.. a f Cart, by llrow.tcr, of inilh au; a Victoria, by Binder. ?f l'ari?; alio ltaru.--*rs Blanket*, Wliipa. Ac. Apply al privata ttaula 1*7 Katt 4uth au, nar. T.TOII BALE CHEAT?A Bl'LKXaJIU F.UU <tP ilLACK y Horace III UantL, 7 and S j sari old; al?u l.andaa and doable llaruea* BATiiSONK A BATiLtiLLL, 176 Broadway. iboil LAHlLs' Ola CMILHKL.Vs i sli-HANUiSkiiT; JP pair aorr<-i Fonie-. with 3re?..?r canopy l'haewa aui llarneaa. Adoreaa ln>C I' lii. 1 12 Ka.t 3.'id at. t-' EXTLfcMa V> SAULLr. AND MtlTbLL tuli -ALiT ? T Ftrai cl i.a. but little uaed. Apply aa LA.NL A UA a Is' Mablea, ltd Weat 4t<tb au HORBXM ANi) M ULLS SOLO Anl WANT ' OF-t'Bn'i prtca from ioO to jlW, aultable lor all utea. 514 H'eaa TTOHSE, CAN TR ?T IN 2:40, i'.UCK J173; WAaJOX. JJl Ilbil; eulky. fd-i, ilarueae. |3.V 1 IB Weat fiCth aU Hokek. FhaKTu*. ; 6:.l ltd iff, ?eacted In txcliaoite fcr aew Urtt claaa Sawing llv I Ul'iav. Addreaa b ?* .1.574 K-.t wiTaa. HuhsFs oil" ruucVs 7o5 "iY.\77iLl"Vmi ""iTTk Work ei a 'v.tory in aueretouf operatlin. Apply at toe t.aJeen'alng Uorga, 547 Weat I '.tb it. HaNUboMK 14 .1 rt \ Y M\.r. >11 f n. i'cl.NTJ. iruia In 3 luinutea . I'ght a de MM Up VliM ard Gar Mtaiiaa nice e turnout a> goea ou the road, p'..a B-*\ at wt11 trade for worker. 52# Weat 42d ai, HriRsLft WANTED.-A (IRNTLKMaN WMH TO hire for the innu.icr a pair o: good Carriage Hortea, lor uae an hie own placa ua >r tut city. Addreaa WEB 1CUAS TKK. hex 2.442 Naw York Boat eWm. HORUB, CARRUGM, M. H" XKK Mix iT IB*ot 16 ST? h i J k BiCff i SflRTRIl win Hit m union ob llondu. 24th, at 11 ?'dock, at No. 521 U readwey coder ike di Nicholas Hotel, by order Meur>. S. A_ Cuudlci A Ce . large '.ot i-f carriage. eiareaoa. fliiilon. roups. truck aad larm liaraess. Harness?jungle aTh> "double. light and heavy, low uritn; Bret quality KISLKY A BV H RKI8. tkK/ and tiirj Broadway. AHNE8S AND SADDLERY""aT a'C'CTIOX.-EVB J'r.TT A DENNIS, Auctioned*. will eell at 521 Broad way (St. Nicholas llotei.. on Monday, April 24. commencing at 11 o'clock, by order of S. A. Cosaict A Co.. a large stock of coach, clarence. Kockawav. dt?ot, buggy, expmW ? team and far.n Harness 8addle*, rfrnllot. Collar*. li.tliers. Winy*. Sheet- Duster-,, li'.abkrts and a ccneral assortment of Ilirte (Mi, Fixture-. showcase. Counters, Ac., bemg block of ". brn date mauulacture. HII BROWN. CONTRACTOR. OKP*BS~FOIl sTlR~. ? at pries- to eutl. a valuable atock of light and very heavy Work Horses. including Wagon*. Carte and Harncr*. Ac.; or will exchange lor Kaal K-taie 25 miles from New York. S tablet, CJu at., between tab end Oth at a : reaideuca 72 Beat 12711, ?u AND >!AUK 11 IK N KSS. NEARLY NEW. GREAT aacribce. HOYNTON. No. 287 8th ir? near 25th it. H 1WHT LaSOAOUT. SECOND H.v.MJ. J 1.1 rod browu aatin, -liver mountings. splendid order, a; a bargain. A. T. OKU UlEST A CO., 62? and 880 Broadway. ITvYry clothes.?Frock and over "ouaw, J blue, with eilvar buttona; Vaat and Pants. JERRY, benh ft. and 7th ar. by El). SMIT^i * in One order. 124 IVret Hub at. BABE AND FIYK'BB* OK THE LAtOK STABLE 5j Columbia at. fur aala. auitablt for livery or coach liable. OOKI-B7.'.; \ SEAT TROTTING WAGON HADE L1 etab N""~BW design IX BlX-BKAr BOCKAWATB; TBB most attractive ttyle over offered; superior quality KISLKY A Bl'KKIS, Manufacturer)., 6 Aland602 Broadway VTOTICK.?1 HAVB TOR BAUTa VBBT KabT HORSE! it lit for track or road purposes. 10 bande; periectly kind; baa no record; will take a h?rae of leu value in trade. Kur luforination call at HAXKINSON'S. 247 aad 240 Wret 47tb et. N'K HKaVY DBaUoHT HoKdE. 13 CWT.. YOUNG* round and kiad; one blocky built browu Horse, 15 bands high; a good itepper; two cheap Brood Uarci and one bay trotting Mare. l.?>4 haadt; Clay->tock. All tline hones will be eoid reasonably Apply at 41 Henry ft., near Mlddagb it., Brooklyn. OXE-HOR8B KOCKaWAYS, FRONT* WHEKLb TUH~M under, superior quality; low prices. K1SLEY A BUB KIS. Manufacturers. <*? K) and BO J Broadway. HALTON rUK sALt-BUlLT"iJV It. M STIVERS. A light made two seat, shitting top. foil spring Phaeton. In excellent order; will be tola cheap. Apply at prtvata stable, Xo. 3 East 324 it. Road wagons, with newest" improved "at tnchment; finest duality; low prices. K18LEY A BCKills. Manufacturers, BOB and 602 Broadway. Road" horse WantYd-must bk sound, kind and gratia and able te trot In 3 ntlnuies. Address, stating lowest cash price and particular*. XI. L-. box 188 Herald Uptown Brand) office. S~ ECOXD HAND CARRIAGES. An English Brougham. A Coupe. A Landaulet. A Curtain Coach. A Clareuco. A Landau. A ParX PUieton. A Pony Phaeton. A top Wagon. A no top Wagon. A two Wneclor. . A Stanhope Phaeton. All la firat rata order aad fer sale low WOOD BROTHERS. 7t0 Broadway. CPERB BAY UORHE. 16 HANDS. ST* LISII. PKEE, kind, sound; alto new top Wagon and Harness. GORDON'S stables. 12 West 13th M. s Stylish pamily hoksk wanted, warranted right every way. in exchange for fine Oil Palming, ! 3Ux48, autumn landscape, by well knowa artist. Address ; box 517 Poet office. STABLE WANTED?WITH ROOM "POR 12 OR 15 horses and 8 or 10 coaches. In a central situation, above [ doth St. Address, with hill particulars, H. 0., box 847 Poet office. SHETLAND PONlES WaNTRD.-PI.BA8E ADDRESS, with note of prtoo, SHETLAND, ears P. J. Oakley, 240 Canal it SECOND HAND TOP WAGONS. CITY MAKERS. IN perfect erder; must be told to make route. 1.515 Broad way, corner of 47 th st. ?" JBCOND HAND WAGONS CHEAP.?BASKET PUAE. 3 ton. platform, half top and two spring half top Phaetom, full eprtug and half spring top Wagons, single test tide bar doctor's Phaetons; alto tine assortment ot new ones. Exam ine my Improved Side lr*r betore purchasing. W. FRAXK DUSEXBUKY, 135 and 137 Christie si.. New York. BOUND HAND." ~ 3 Top Dog Cart. American Landaulet. three-seat Phae ton, Coupe, Kockswsy, six-teat Kockawsy, top Phaeton, T Cart, extension top Phaeton. Whitechapei Buggy. A. T. DKMaREST k CO.. 628 and 630 Broadway. Summer carriages, new "?t7lb, por city and country. RISLEY A BURRIS. manufactniwrt, 600 and 602 Broadway. S~TABLB TO LET.?NO. 128 WEST 18TH ST.. TWO story brick, 21x83. Apply to VALENTINE G. HALIs 399 5th aw., at lO A. M. or 6 P. M. TABLE TO LET-ACCOM MOD ATION POB 20 hones; fit for a livery (table er any other purpose. Ap ply on premises, 413 West 51st st. S""TABLE TtPLET-lifa ~WEST 50TH 8T.I 1IA8 FIVE stalls, ample carriage room and line aouomrnodatione lor coachman's family. Apply a* 110 Fulton st. or 68 Wast 47th st. STABLE-T(7 LET-POUR. SIX OK YlGUT STALLS, witn gas, light wagon and truck room. No. 150 Jens st. STABLE TO LRT-8 STALLS OR MORE, WITH ROOM tor trucks. 428 West 14th St. STABLE NO. 28 LEXINGTON AV. TO KENT VERY cheap, to private party; 8600 fur year or next winter. Apply at 28 adjoining, or E. 11. LUDLOW A CO.. No. 3 Pine st. STABLR8 TO LKT-AT 62 HUKKIFK ST.; CON talning twelv^steils; newly fitted up; will be let whoie or In parts. Inquire of CHARLES McGlNNIS, 127 Broome st. SACRIFICE?8125.?PULL SPRING TOP BUGGY, DU senbury make. In extra fine order. 124 West 10th st. SMALL PRIVATE STABLE?TWO STALLH. ON KABT 18th it., near Irving place ; rent fi-'uk); immediate pos session. CONDIT, 145 East 17th it. IJIWENTY KENTUCKY UOKaEsl TWENTY. from the Kentucky Stock Farm. Oeutlemen requiring superior llorses should Inspect tnlt fine stock, now ready ior sale at Knickerbocker Stable, 221 West 53d st. RICHARD PENISTAN. TRACK. SULK IKS.?IN ORDER TO POPULARIZE our Sulky trade we offer from atook or will build to or dur Track Sulnica, in all weighta. unsurpasaed in quality and form. br$l& BREWSTER A CO. lot Brooma iU? Broad way and 47tb at. TO LET-THREE GOOD STABLES. WITH WATER, gar. all eorapleta; alao acveral vacant Lota, at low rant; alao aoTaral good aecoud hand lea Wagoaa for aala cheap. At No. 523 Waat 21at at. Tub latest novelties in pony phaetons auparior quality; low pricaa K1SLKY h BL'KKIH, uianulacturara. mo and SOT .11 road way. fjio LET?AT 41U WEST 45TH ST., BRICK STABLE, tour atalla; wagon room, waah and ample lolY. Apply at 412 Waat 4.>lo at. fO LET-TWO STORY STABLK, COVKHINO LOT 25x1(10, 10 alalia: room for 3u more; on doth at., near tub av. A. KAPELYE, 113 William at. rno LET-A BRICK STABLE. 0 STALLS, 478 WATER 1 at . near corner Pike at- JOHN NcKENNY. rpwo 1 111 OR T11KKE HORSES WOULD BE TAKEN ON livery at private atabla 221 Eaat 23d at. Van duskk wagons at keasonale prices. - NKW TOP ANU NO TOP PULL SPRING AND ' SIDE BAR wagons, warranted ok THE BKsr MATERIAL AXu WORKMANSHIP, AT 1,513 BROAD WAY. two DouRg BeLoW trrii sr. Wantkd-team ok kamily horses, car riagea. Ac., If owner will take free Heal Eatata. vil lage of Pluming. Addreea box 142 Poat office. New York. WA.NTKD-YOUNO HOUSE. NOT UNDER 15 HANDS auitable for phaeton and aaddla; alao Phaeton or light Wayun, in exenauga for Grand Plauo. Addreaa 11., bos Gt3 Poet office. * w ANTKD-A TWO-SEAT CARRlAUB KOR TUB i eonntrr la axebange lor a young, aonud Bare. C. 1'. A.. 153 Prauklla it VITANTKD-A SMALL PONY WAGON. ONE OK TWO VT teat; also Side Saddle fur child alx to twelve years Addreaa. elating price, bos 4,17s Poet ollico w ANTED?IN GOOD ORDER. HORcK. 11 I K.N ESS end light furniture Truek- J. RAY MOND K31 Broadway, upaialrx \yanted-business rop wagon, horse and TT llarneat; muat be e bargain, will buy aaparateiy. Addreaa. giving daacription. DRUGS. Herald alllc a).- ?UOlCSEn KEPT ON LIVELY AT S2-> PER ,pUi mouth; alau a few Box Statu at s?>; ibe beat vunulaied atabla in the ITtbward; ueal of cur- and feed. SaiU.P.S' Stable, 341 Gth at., between Li and 2J ava (hi ,-ft WILL PURCHasK A GOOD LOOKING PaM iJiJU lly liorae. auui.d, kiud, atrong and gentle. 47 lilcki ax. Brooklyn. $150. -TOP SIDE; BUGGY. MADE by GKOUGH J. Moore, lu Sne order. 124 YVeet 1Mb it Ailt),- WILL BUY UOUsK. HaHNKsS a.ND TOP Wagon, wagon end Harm-a aliuoat new; hor-e auund, kind; good truller; lot, iiande high. 8 years eld. YVu.LI AM TKKACY, Weat V luabiug. Corona, L L, near the Caibeltc aharch. ' Ao;|| -OIIESISIT MARK, low HIGH, ri YEARS uhl, with YY agi'11 aud Uarneaa, Bit one half I luajr value : niuit ue aold right off. UAKUIsON'S alablei, | comer 47tii ax end Broadway. (J.-fill WILL BUY 1 NEARLY NEYV BREWSTER, iJloUl/ of Urooine ax, high Park Phaeioa, lop ou hack iv,1. in perfect order, gold mouniinga. we(di.JvXJ; al-o aet of nouj.a Hainan, to match, slut Apply at IBS Pulton at., Breihly n. Slft'ATiU.NS YY .Y.Y l ED-PE.n.YnEe. lodka, dir. nlST -T.. ROOM !?.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS I good n ok. waalier and iffuner in the country; wiabei I to have her gitl of 14 with her. Cull lor two day a. tj>1 WEST 37sr ST. (PRESENT kmpi.ovkrs.i-a m1 amall private family niching to engage front May I a competent foreign cox: Kreuct., Spaiituh end Ainerlcau rooking. nc-ui(uaiee I in ice cream aud ;.a?i-y; kite, en Wn(? aud diahev home to t-e waanau. for a moder ite Miary; wllh her huabaad. a regular; both -peak Kiiglun; reieicocea unexceptionable W capacity and character. Cull on, tamceii 2 and if * or a-idieaa '-r ;w? jayi aa above ()Q WEST BOTH ST.?A COMPETENT WOMAN AS awt* llr.; rlaae e-ok iu a private family. Can be aean at pro.ont employer1! on Monday. t? t * BavT JaTl. St.?TWO RESPECTABLE young O'xrJ gift I together; one t-i -uok, waen and Iron, llie oOur tJ dj ci a.iioeru.nL and waiting; w{U endeavor to be ? i.Ur.g and ob.lgiug; neat NitriMt Caii or addreaa on 1 ii <) i? - U ~W:>?T MO sr . fx sf.TrtK.-A3 GOOD PLAIN MUO coca ana W aeaiit with w aching. Ctiaietbot-Mamiiia, dir. OSl WF.ST5IST ST.-A VOCNG GIRL AS CIUM jLOL bermaid and ianndretx Call for two daya at prea eut eoipioycr'x 119 Drrtauiakerii and Ncsametrcaaea YYEJT -Juri! ST (IN STORK).?*KaM$TBKM er dreaaaiaker wiahea work in tenaiilee; terma xtodaraaa. "> _ "? r.sf~22D iHC"TUEEE~DOORS WEST OP pit av.- ineaaea ran-la la the iaieat atylea. $d Bad up-? fi'.rle.'l ?< guaranteed 3021 East 34rn st.-a kirst class operator _ and would like en eagareBMnl with a | prune family to gu la tha couniry ; wagea $10 a month: attr rcfereaoe. 1 304 TTCATIOMB WAilTW-rEBAMW* Snnmaken and 407 *RHT 40TH ST.?A FIRST CLASS DRBR8 md I ra.ik?r by ;u? day . batl raltrvuca; alto compliant ?a boy?* cJuth?a Ma GiUNT Jtoi WB AT.. IITVKKX 31ST AND 3"JD *TS.-A yuuur girl a- first Mast saamstresa: understands dresMuuaiu:: on WIimIw A Wllnon'e machine, best city ref erence Call or address. m 7i*?> dill A v., NEAR 43D ST., FIRST FLAT.?A 1 wiuow lady w tb a child, a* 1 seamatresa or l.ouea keeper. Mr*. SHAW. LADIES WISHING DRESSES MaDB. AT MODERATE prices. call on Mmo. I.ANCl.EY. 117 Wet* 4lst ?t.; old drastcs mad* over iu latest *?yl? . alio tutting and bast Inc. Hourkroprri, Ac. OOT WEST 3HL> ST?A COklPF.Mi.VT AMERICAN _0 1 woman a* housekeeper In a hotel ar private fam ily Call for ihrt-e day*. Ayocno widow lady, an entire stkang.\b here, a* housekeeper; widower'* family preferred. Address A., box 183 Herald Uptown Branch oftc*. TIM DOW (GERMAN EXTRACTION'.. 1-5 YKAKS OLD. " of respectability and refinement. ihoni giving ay bou*ekeei.iuc. a* housekeeper ir. a widower'* faintly of rw tuwtability and mean*, or would rent alco turnlsued room* 1 reference* a* to character, Ac. Addreta HASTE, Herald afioa. Lnundrewrr. Ac. I OQ WEST 31ST ST.?A KIKST CLASS LAUNDRESS 1_0 to do gentlemen's washing. Mr*. ROBKKTS. 1-7 WEST tul'li 8T.-A LADY AHOUT BREAKING ?) I up housekeeping wlaher to And a place for bcr excellent laundress. rjr, 9TH AV -A RESPECTABLE YOt'NO WOMAlJ 9) 1 ?) tu do weslilitje. ironing or homsecle?aiBff; bnee uiodcmte; best reference*. 9TH AV. THIRD FLOOR-A RESPECTABLE ** rJ woman, a good w*?ber. wanta waanlng at bar awn retideneo: botl city reference 029 Yinrici. >dc. CI EAST BTIJ ST?A TOCNO WOMAN TO ATTEND wi a growing oblld or do plain *awin(; beat ally refer ence. Call on or address K C. EAST 31?T ST.. CORVER OK 4TU AT.?A young girl to take care of children and aeal(t in general housework; Is willing end obliging. Can be seta for two day* *t proient employer'*. 100 Q1 1 WEST 28TH ST.-A YOUBG GIRL. AOKD IB. TO ?LL take car* of children; la a eery good aawar; CM come wall recommended. f?T ?? BAST 36TH ST.-A TO UNO GIRL TO GO TO wlU California with a lady aa child'* nuraa; nine yearn* reference irou lait place. Call for two day*. 3Tlar?iiMMi'0?a. A 90 tt'B8T 49TII ST.. FIRST FLOOR.?A RESPECT* Twl' able married woman to do honieelaaning by tb* day. Address. wo van as companion with a family going to England or a* nuraa. Addrna* M. P., ban ISO Herald Uptown Branch olUc*. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS W ANTED? FEMALES. Ji Q~Wgs>^WfTTt:-A" HioTrcr?KSsFST??: TiO able and entirely competent yonng lady as caihtsf In a restaurant: unexceptionable references ay to charactea and ability from her recant employer. Addraa* H. C. PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE OK ENGLISH. ARITH metle. Letter Writing and elegant Penmanahlp taught CCOMPLISHED. Herald Uptown a; bl a week. Addraa* Ai Branch nlHre. /CENTENNIAL.?WANTED, BY A WELL EDUCATED V_ youu; lady. of pleasing apnrarance and refined man ncr*. n petition to attend and exhibit good* at any tabla or ahnweaae. or to attend a confectionery table or act ag cashier; can give good reference*. Address, with full par r; can cr titulars, H. s., Herald office. HELP WAXTKIN-FEMALES. _ A STRONG 1IHAI.TIIY UIRL 'WANTED-a"5ooS .fV. waahar and lroner, to aaalat In lionaawork and take rare of children; good reference* required. Apply nt 4Q5 9th ar. GERMAN GIRL WANTED?TO DO GENERAL homework III a amall family. 1H6 Eaat 80th at. AN EXPERIENCED SALESLADY FOR SUIT DB partuient; applv peraonally or by letter. uRIGO. HASKELL k CO.. SOB Broadway. Dressmakers. Wanted, expert dressmakers. to take work hom*l none but tboae fully experienced to do first data work and Able to giro beat references and aeenrity need apply. B. ALTMA.N k CO.. 331 and 333 6th nr. XPRKIENOED SALESLADIES FOR OCR St'li depariraout wanted at once; liberal salary to first data hand*, and none other* need apply. B. ALTMAN k CO.. 331 and 333 6tb nr. First class waist and skirt trimmers wanted ?None bat tboae folly competent need apply. 35 Wen 23d at. Millinery.-wanted, a first cla-s trimmer wbe is accustomed to flrat class city work. 58 West 14tb st. Operator wanted-on wheeler k wilsovs acwlng machine, end dresamekar* on walits, at Mrs. IIOLLIDA Y'S, 100 West HB1I1 st. CaLKSLADIKR?WANTED, SEVERAL PIR8T CLASS O millinery show room aalaaladles of atyllab appearance; good wages paid to A No 1 hands. 58 Wast 14th st. WANTED?FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS. NONH TV out those accustomed to finish and trim In the 1 manner need apply at 102 West 28th st. \VANTED?At NEAT, RELIABLE GIRL TO TABS TT car* of a child. 2of> West 23d St., baeeinent door. WANTED?FIRST CLASS MILLINERS AT SosTl and 13 Division su ; also aateswoman. WAN TRD?A PROTESTANT FRENCH NURSE TO take car* of two amall children and do ctiaiubarwork. Call on Monday, between 2 and 4 P. M., at 417 West 23d at. WANTKD-POR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. AN obliging German girl; work easy and good wages to tb* right person. Call on Mrs. TAYLOR, 107 Waat23d St. second tlonr. WANTBD-8KVERAL FIRST CLASS WAIST MAK* era: only those accustomed to do fine work need apply at Miss, da Cordoba's, 25 East 20th at. Basement door. WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, PIRST CLASS EM. YY brotder* In silk at Mr*. DE BCSSIUNY'S, 332 Baal 12th st.; nona but those very clever need apply. -\irA-NTE,,-,',KST CLASS DRESSMAKERS; COMH TT prepared to work Monday; good wagaa paid. 103 West 4nh st. WA?yT ANTED?K1RST CLASS TRIMMERS. IMMEDIATE ' r; also a flrat clasi VS. 201 Oth av. tv i^r . also a Drat class saleslady for millinery good*, at WANTED?IN A FASHIONABLE DRESSMAKING astablisbment. a first elaaa forewoman, who can ent, fit and design; none need apply unless fully competent; to each s permanent position guaranteed. Address, with real name, S. L. T., Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED?POCR FIR8T 0LASS MILLINERS ANli TT trinimera. Applv at 885 8th av. IV 'ANTED?A REFINED AND INTELLIGENT LADY, n go a short distance from the city, to take entii* of a I charge of a house where there am a few Prat elass boarders; mutt understand dessert*, praserviug. side dishes, kc; bast reference required. Addreta, with lewest terms, box 234 Post office. Elisabeth, N. J. TETANTUD?A YOUNG LADY TO ATTEND A CANDY 1T counter; or.o who has boon in ? Hroidway candy ee tabliebmect. Apply ?? 63 Utrcuf ?t., Monday morning. WANTKD-A FIRST CLASS HAND FORILLUSIOJ? work;none others need apply. W.\l IIOLDKN. 173 We?t 33d St. w ANTED?DRESSMAKERS; IMPROVES APPKEjJ licet. 4<)l West 4'Hli et. Mitt BtiKIL SITUATIONS WASTED?MALES. * "k oSl-ORElfMAjfTO MaKEDIMSKLF GE^fff# A it ally useful; boarding house. Addreai J. G., box 101 Herald uptown Branch office. Situation" wanted?in hotel, boarding house or restaurant, by a young man haying several years'experience as caterer, steward or room clerk. Ad dress FRANK. Herald Uptown Branch office Wanted-a.' rosinox a bartender! will work for CIO a week. Address s. ROLAND, Herald office. TIT ANTED?BY A YOUNG ENGLISHMAN A 8 ITU As T> tiou as waiter and to inske himself generally useful; two and a half years' reterenee. Address HENRY T. WILLIAMS, MB Greenwich ?t. VOUNU MAN WMHBB A PLACE AS VALET; BEB* X city reference. Address GOULD. Herald office. ?T. q " WEST tOTlf ST.-A ll a1kRK8SER"w18 II Ed A ?iU?' few ladles by the month; terms $5 per month. Ad dress II AlRDRKSSKk CLKRKd AND CAlsKMOtC FLOOR * M A X A UN R WAN TKB-O N K WSoTHO^ ourhly understands the dry goods trade. ApMy to W. K. PEYTON. 37.' and 374 Bowery. 1N.M KVNCP. PHIL ADBLP HIA AGENCY WANTED Of a first class fire or life company, by a thoroughly compe tent and iuiluentiat party; A No. 1 references and bonds furnished ; has several experienced canvassers co-operating. Address ENERGETIC, lion Id Philadelphia Branch offioa. s-alesmav wanted for dkesrooods and do O mestic stock; also three German salesmen; experienced men. Apply to If K. I'KYTON, 374 Bowery 1\'ANTKD-a" PRACTICAL CHINA. OwCKMV AND IT class sale-man; none need apply except those well posted in tlie retail trada. Addresa CHINA, Herald Uptown Branch office. "\irANT!'.U-"/T CARPET HALBBMAN: NONE BUT A vT man acquainted with the retail trade need apply; ref erence reunited. Apply to or address IL THOMPSON, 4d Muartgesnsry st., Jersey City. WANTED?A COMPETENT"YOUNG MAN AS HALKlt M man by e lace goods manufacturer. Apply M 446 Broome st. TV" ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED SALESMAN IX A *T hat and cap si,>rv ; one who understands blocs I ng preferred. Apply, with references, to RaML'BL KaHX, & him hay. CO AC II MET A X l> G AH I> KXK it A. *4 foWiTTiAN Wishes kMpi.oyment "53 J A coachman and lo be generally useful; good references. Address A. SO MX ERA. Uerald Uptown Hraucb office. WANT* "it * PLACE FOR Mv" COACHMAN; Id A Protestant; het be?n iu my employment sight years, and perfectly understauds bit bus.i.vse F. P. PERKINS, t IS Broadway, room 7. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A TOCNO MAN, AX 0 rot.iiman; good reference. Call ou or address P. It., private stable I3R YVe.i "<tth si. CirtATlON WANTED HY A YOL'Su NAHIUKli man lourtaeq years' es;>criruce with road and track bor-es, seen ?lib prescui employer until engaged. Call at 01 address lUl West 37lh St. HELP \V 1 > I'LII?1| Yl,i:-i. =7= TNt'SIXERs DIRECTORY CANVASSERS OP K??f> Jy rieuce wanted;liberal inducements ami permanent em ployment. HAND A CO.. 14 Park place Rubhrr name st tun to agents for so I'EXTfi, wlih outfit. --lot lor circular, U. W. IKED, I4J t hsmborsst.. third floor. Naw York \vrAN'TEl>?4 COLORED MAX ffilNULK) TO MAKE TT bun .elf u-elnl round a stable. Apply, with reference, st 141 West -tilt si. THE TUADET. MECII ANRTACDBNTIsITn.-WANTEST" A Wlwf rate workman In gold and celluloid Address. WOT isierenc s, or. l> . care oi K. S. Williams, WU7 Broadway. MIT ANTED?TWO CARPET UPHOLSTERERS; TT as maasurer, tha other *s earpet layer. Xonsbatim class hands need appiy to P. McKIsKNA'Y. Fulton ak, Brooklyn. For Other %V?nt AdrnrtlMMBtt M DlrMUNTps

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