Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 14,490. NEW YORK, MONDAY, APRIL 24, 1876.-TRIPLE SHEI PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTOKY FOR ADVERTISERS. ' VM USE ME NTS?9ru PACT-4th. 5th and 6th oola. ASTROLOGY?13th Page?0th col, SILLIARDS?9tH Pag??6th col. OaKDKRS WAMKU? 1st Pack?5th and eth cola. BOARD AND LODGING WaN'TBD?Irr Pact?6th col. BROOKLYN BOARD-1st Pact-6Ui col. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?2d Pact-1st BUSINTSS8 OPPORTUNITIES-Sth Pace. BUSINESS NOTICES-7tu Pack-6th col. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR saLK-*1d Paoi-Ii* eoL CLBRE8 AND 8aLE8MEN-12tu I'AUK-lst coL CLOTHING? 2d PAur?tth col. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS?12ra PAOO-lrt eoL COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS'2o Piai-Sth and 6th oola. COUNTRY BOARD-Iit PAGK-StU eel. Dancing academies?or* Pact?eth coL DENTISTRY?9n? PAGa-titli eol. DRY GOODS?1st Pack?5th col. DWELLING BOUSES TO LET. FURNISHED AXD CM FURNISHED?2d pA<uc-2d aad 3d eoli. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?2d Pact?5th coL EUROPE?&rn Pack?3d eol. FINANCIAL?Ora Pao*. FINE ARTS?irr PAdic-eth col. FOR SALE?12th Pact?2d ml. __ , __ FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET?3d Pack?2d col. FURNITURE?2d PAcr-Cth coL . , help wanted?females?lint PAa?-mh eol HELP WANTED?MALES-12TH Pact?lit and 3d cola. HORSES. CARRIAGES, AC.?Iit Pace?2d, 3d. 4th and5th cola. HOTELS?lar PACK-Cth col. _ HOUSES. ROOMS, AC., WANTED?2d Pacb?4th ooL INSTRUCTION?*? PAGn-Oth col. IERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?2d Pacd?lit ooL LECTURE SEASON?Bra Pact?Hth eol. LOST AND FOUND?In Pact?l?tcol. MACHINERY?12th Pack-HUi eol. MARBLE MANTELS?12th l'A<;K-8th ooL MEDICAL?2d Pica?4th col. MILLINERY AND DKKS8M AKING-lsr Pact?5th eol MI8CKLLA.VEOI S ADVERTISEMENTS? lOra Pact? fUli col. MISCKLi-ANKOUS?9tr Pxca-flth eol. MUSICAL?Oth Pact?6th coL NEW PUBLICATIONS?7th Page?Oth coL PERSONAL?1st Pass?lit col. PIANOFORTES. ORGANS. AC.?12? Pact?2d coL PROPOSALS?Irr Pagk?6th col. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTBD? FKMALB8? I Ira I'agk?6th col. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR 8ALE OR TO RENT?2d Pack? lit col. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?2d PACT-lat and 3d cola. REAL ESTATE WANTED-Jd Pact?2d coL RELIGIOUS NOTICES-1 it Pagk?lit coL REWARDS?1st Pago? I at col. BALES AT AUCTION?12th Pact?tth. 5th and 6th cola. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?lira Pact?lit, 2d, 3d. 4th. 5th and tit h cols. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES-llra Pact?6th eoL. and 12th Pack?lit col. SPECIAL NOTK'hS? lit Pagk?1st and 2<l coll. 6PORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, AO.?lax Pagk?2d cot STORAGE? 12tn PACT-6th col. BUMMER RESORTS?1st Pack?6th col. TUB TRADES?12th PAGK-'Jdcol. THE TURF?In PACT-3d col. To LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSER-2i> Pact?2d ool. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE-2d Pagb?'ith eol. UNFURNISHED ROOMS ANO APAKTMENT8 TO LET? 2d Pact?:<d and 4th cola. WANTED TO PURCHASE?2D PACK-flth col. WATCHES. JEWELRY, AC.??m Pact?Sd col. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OB TO LET?2d Pact?lit eol. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AO.-IOth PAGr-Sth coL PERSONAL. "A NONYrtiA-rf YOU INT!?ND'To CONGEST THE JY will valnahln information will be fnrniahed yon by ad dressing, in conBdcuce and sincerity, H. O. W., box ISO Herald office. AM BACK AGAIN?TUESDAY. 4 O'CLOCK. TWO Seventy-Five. FRANK P. "A DOPTION?BEACTIFUL BOY. 2* MONTHS OLD. f\ dark hluo eyes. American parent*. Call Monday and Tuesday, 10 West 3d St., near Broadway. Dr. WE8TBROOK. Beauty in black, train, boat, to htii st? Sunday, P. M.?Are we old trlendsT Address, stating .ncident, WALLACE, Herald office. B LACK EYES MUST NOT BE JEALOUS OF BLUE. a UNION CLUB. MAPTAIN. HEAVY BLUE VEIL, AROYLE SHADOW U ball to night, near orchestra. DOLLIE. George t7 laurance.?yoITTorgot to send address; write. WK8TPORT. HW. SMITH-LAST TIDINGS OF YOU BOARDED ? at 243 West SSth st.; old triend will meet you 5th ar. aud 48th it. Monday or Tnerday at U P. M.; most interesting news. INFORMATION WANTED?OF JOHN CROWE. A SON of Thoutas Crowe, who came to this country about 22 years ago from Hnllesdalia, county Galway, Ireland. Address P. CROWE. 127 Liberty si.. New York. ORRIS-YOL'lT ONLY CHANCE IS TO RETURN what you hare and you will be exeuaed. R. A CO. M THE GENTLEMAN WITH LIGHT COAT WHO FOL lowed lady on 14th St. yesterday would like tn become acquainted If agreeable. Addiess HONOR, box 345 Herald Uptown Branch office. ' KKLItilOUS NOTItiiib. ' Religious^ services j r r lately held at the Uippodroma Messrs. MOODY7 and SAN KEY will he continued at the ASSOCIATION II ALU 23d st., corner 4th ar., under the charge nr the COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS, as follows :? EVERY AFTERNOON at 3 o'clock (except Saturday and Sunday) by minister* of the various chu'rrhea, assisted tn the music by members uf the Hippodrome choir. EVENING MEETINGS. MONDAY?For RECENT CONVERTS and INQUIRERS. TUESDAY AND W KDNEbDAY? Preaching by Rot. J. SPENCER KENNAKU. FRIDAY?Preaching by Rer. WILLIAM LLOYD. SATURDAY-For MEN ONLY. The erening services begin at 8 o'clock and eloeo at 9 ?'dock, followed by an Inanlry Meeting. A cordial Invitntlun is extended to the pnbllc. LOST AA It FOUND. tpOUND-ON NIOHTlDF APRIL' 21, IfMlHTIKr*! A lady's gold hunting case Watch. Address L., box 2,643 P?st Office. Lost-a plain gold watch chain, with Locket attached: locket is onyx and sardouyx: mono gram J, II. D. on one side, a dove on the other. Th'e finder will l a liberally rewarded by returning it to 39 Bcoad st., second story. L~ OUT?A GENTLEMAN'S GOLD WATCH. ON NEW Haven train or near Grand Central depot, Friday alternoon: English make, gold face. part of silk eord at tached. Suitable reward on returning to 111 Broadway, room 132. O ST?YELLOW CANARY, WITH TOPKNOT, 8ATUR day. 22d. from 21 West 31st st. L" ~OST. ?ST RAY ED F ROM 53 W EST 5SID ST., OK SAT urdny, April 22, old white Spits female Dog, very fat; iimweri to name ol Beauty; without value, except family attachment. Suitable reward tor returning to owner. 108T?OS SATURDAY, APRIL 22. A LADY'S THREE J stone diamond King: the finder will receive a liberal i-uraril by returning It to the owner, 188 John eon *u, Brooklyn. I OST?IN NEIGHBORHOOD OP BROADWAY AND J lMth at., late Friday afternoon, a small Skye Terrier Dog: cut ear* and tail. $10 reward will be paid tor return ing same to 873 and 875 Broadway. No questions asked. 1~OST < )N FKI DA^TooTvETBOOK. CONTAINING J check for $75 12 and $12 In bills. The finder can keep the money by returning the check to J. B. FORD k CO., 27 Park place. RKtVARUb. <t?i (pREWARO^SflfAYF.DTKST^35Tll ipj o st . small Spaniel, color yellow and white; had on leather ooilar with braes padlock; aaswara to the name of BIJou. SPECIAL NOTICES. A TTBNTION. ATTENTION. TO-DAY. TO-DAT. Drtvini of the 3ili?wdla?rf Royal Htnu Lattao Tint Priae, *1,000.000, and on# prlie of aaeh ''$500,000, $100,000, $.V) 000 and $3S,00a 15,009 tickets, 871 priiea. Smalleit Prise, $500. Price of ticket*Wholes, $200; IIaires, $100; Quarters, $50; Tenth*, $30; Tireatiathf, $HX Fall explanatory clrenlar free. Poet office box 5.504, TM EODORE ZRCHOCH. lib Nassau it "k ' "_NOTICE or REMOVAL.?DR. H. ,J ~JO R DAN. J\., proprietor of the New York Museum of Anatomy, Sir- Bmadwey, hep* to Inform lata patient*, ami thn?* deslr ens vt aoitsnlting him, that he ha* removed from 4 > Mend at., where he resided ?o many years, to No. 5 Waei.inpton piece, three door* wot of Broadway. Dr. Jordan'a "Iwe ture* on Jieblllty," "Why Men Drtrencrate. 'Ac . can be had at the above addrex tree by mail for SOe., and at all bookseller*. A -ISAAC'Th BOYCR. 3?7 BROADWAY, LAWVKK.? J\t Divorce* obtained prompt y without publicity ; deser tion, Incompatibility, habitual drnnkennea*. infldelltr, In hnnian treatment, conviction of felony. l'a**port? obtained. ALI.KHVro.. 7!i XA8.4AU ST., NEW vdftK. -WYOM' tog lerttarv draw* April 28 Ticket*, $1: ?ix tor B. fp;,n?i prise*. #2 n o *> distributed. line chance in fhnr. Extraordinary Havana draw* April 24. 1'rlic* caihad. Cir cular* mallrd Irre. A- rThNTION!?TWENTY YRAKM' PRCBNIAN HO*. pltal experience ; dl*ra*??* of man a ?peelalty; con?nl ?,iilon Iree. Private office, 161 Bleecker *t. Dr .I ACOHV. -KENTLCKV hTATK LOTTERIES UK J. K . SMIT11 A CO. arxtrcKT, rxrvA ct-aax 8B(t?rott 1878. 50, 70, 41. I". |X. tin. M7. S3. 30. 7, 4f?, 3, 23, 28 xnarrexr, class 4???? ron 1878 5. Co. ?. 78. I. 7, 1H, u, AS, pit, tt7, n\ 8ft. AO. All order* addrea* B. NATHAN, box 4,870 Post office. New York city. "a ?PAHKB. P.MKKSON A OO. J\. Keatnrky Mate Lotteries, drawn dally Ri val liar ana l.otiery, drawn every 17 day*. Kentucky fdnsle Number Lottery, drawn April" 2$ 1878 I'rttas lashed. Information lurnlsbed and circulars tree. Irai Broadway Ptist office box 5.272. New Vnrlh D" IbKARKH Of MEN A ePEtMALTVl II EN It ? A DAN I hi 8. M. D.. 144 Lexington av. near 2t#tli st. OBice hour* trom <* to It. D"~ R. JA1ES CAN itr. M'KcFaLLY CONiHJLTKD ON ib*ea?o? of m-n, at mi i niton *l.; moderate eh arras, BMMMble confide no, thorough treatment; twenty years' M|H i.anca; anrice Iraa. rtoLD AND NILVKR \ND AKTTMI.VO roNTAINIVfl f I;,dd bontffct at inark.-t price; (tola Plate ,nd Wire of every carat constantly on hand. Rtflaer Mill AWEI,, 35 |.>hn ?t. _ K* LchRONIC CATARRH, DKAKNER8; IM I'ROVED ? method : instantaneous relief, permanent cure*. Dr. slODDAHD, No. $ Waat 14th at. SPECIAL. NOTICES. CJIDR pLaiYing DONifif?"machine. while"YOU O wait, M KOSKNsTIN'S, 08 Forsyth ?t. and 153 East 20th ?U (1 ?OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOT T. tsrles.?SIMMONS, DICKINSON * CO., Managers. kkKTCCkT. kxrtu class, .so. 201? armL 22, 1870. 70. 45, 74. 28, ?. 4*. 22, 38. 7. 07. 2, 18. KKKTcear, cuss so. 202?afril 22. 187?. 08, 41, 14. 73. 37. 7. 71. 06, 40, 03, 70. 23, 12. immur. sxtba CLAM. so. 1H1?xruiL 23. ls70. 8, 24, 00. 31, 47. 31. 37. 73, 13, 30. 00, 2. uxsar, c 1.xsa >0. 102?atril 22, 1870. 40. .V). 33. 4. 41, 75. 47. 2K, 18. .1, 01, 08, \ Kail Intoraiatton by applying to or addressing J. CLUTK, 200 liroHilwar. or box 4,'J0s) Post office. Cs -SIMMONS, DICKINSON A co.'s KENTUCKY I. State grand monthly distribution. on th* Havana plan, to be drawn April 20. Also, Rural lUvni.t I xtrxor dinar*. of Cab*. draws April 24. Kill I Information by ap plying to or addressing J. CLUTK, 2H0 Broadway, or box 4,1*41 Post office. Nervous exhaustion - v medical kssiy, comprising a series of lectures delivered at Kahn'a M11 Hiim of Anatomy, Now York, on the canto and cura of I'ro maturc Docllno. showing iiidfrputohlt bow lott health may be regained, affording a eloar synopsis ol t ho Impediment* to marriage and the treatment of nerroiia and phyatral debility, being the result of 20 years' experience. Price 25 rents. Ad dress the author, Dr. L. J. KaIIN, office and residence 51 East 10th it., Ne ? York. PILES?PILES.?IIKMOIIHIIOIDS OR PILES I'ER manontly eradicated In two t? four weeks, without the knife, ligature, cantllc or pa'n; perfect cure guaranteed In e?ery instance and not one cent charged until effected. Dr. HOYT. 21 Weet 24th at. PILE8 OR HEMORRHOIDS PERM ANENTLY ERADI cated in two to four weeks' painless treatment: no knife, ligatures, ranatirt or ranterv employed ; positively NO CHARGE FOR TREATMENT UNTIL CURED. Circulars trea. Dr. STODDARD, only oUce No. 8 Wart 14th st. ECOND LOUISIANA GOLD DISTRIBUTION. At New Orlaans, April 29, 1876. Capital Prlie, illto.OWH 8.5FO Prises, utnontitlng to $5O2.30tt All paid in Gold. Only 20,000 Tickets, at $30 each, currsucy. Tenths and Twentieths In proportion. For information, circular*. Ac., address or apply " l>., Br No postponements. WILLIAMSON ?? CO.. Broker*, Box 0,020 Post office. 317 Broadway, corner Thomas st. OTUTTEKINO EFFECTUALLY REMOVED: CONFT O denoe guaranteed: ahnmlant relerenras. Address, for eircnlar, AMERICAN VOCAL INSTITUTE, 103 Waveriay place. WWW! ?KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERY. 4>OU,uUUi _ Draws April 111. Capital prise. $50,000 Single number Havana plan. Circulars, with lull particulars, tree. P. C. DEVLIN A CO., stationers and General Agenta, No. 8 Park row (near Ann st.). New York. $1 000 000"BOYAL ,,AVANA LO,^TERV'? A few Incky Tickets left. P. C. DEVLIN A CO.. I Grand Extraordinary Drawing April 24. Stationers and General Agents. No. 3 Park row, near Ann st. (opposite Pnst oltice). New York. SPORTING? UOQS. BIRDS, diC. - ?FOR ~8ALK "ALL KINDS OF FANCY IK>fiif. A, Birds, Ac.; Medicines lor ail drseitses; Prepared Food for tnockiug birds, at B. U. DOVEY'S. No. 3 Grecno st., near Canal. A FINE REMINGTON CKEKDMOOK RIFLE, 34 INCH barral; Venter and wind gauge sights; used only tour ttuies. H. C. S<2 IKES. No. 1 Cortlannt st. A -JUST IMPORTED. ANOTHER LARGE ASSORT ? ment of -Scotch, Mkye, Dandy Dinmoul and black and tan Terriers. Newfoundland Pnps and all other breeds of Dogs, Maltese Cats, Ac. Medicines for all diseases, at MEYEK'8, 8 West 3d St., near liroadwny. GRAND ATHLETIC ENTERTAINMENT WILL BE given this evening, April24. ?t the Brooklyn Riuk. for ? * JO " - the benefit of Mr. JOHN DWYKR. On this occasion Dwyer and Professor Miller sre to spsr for half ap hour to ?ae which is the hast man. Each will do bis level best. Professor OUIgnon. Rooke, Clark. McClelian, Power. Taylor, O'Nell and Judo will spar; Lafllin will swing the elnbs; Urmeo-ltoman wrestling. Jim Mace and Joe Gosa are ex pected to bq present. A UCTION AND FRENCH POOLS SOLD AT THOMAS, ?iJk iiALiiniifir, a,wt?' iiiwn in mj , vu iiiv r<|iwfiii ^1,11^10101. Races, aud the Base Hall Match nt Philadelphia to-day. be tween the Bostons and Athletics. GEORGE M. 'THOMAS' Tvr A a SCOTT A SON BREECH-LOADER, 10 It ? bore, 9)1 lbs., top action, Damascus barrels, very heavy In breach, padent fore-end, $110; don't lose this chance. CHARLES L. KITZMANN, 943 Hroadway. shove 22d st. THE TURF. SUCTION AND FEENcU~PO((XaYftLfiYuIcnfvivY. Ing at New York Tttrf Exchange. 15 West 28th St., on the City and Suburban Handicap ut Epsom, England, French pools elose 11 A. M. Tuesday. KRLLT, BLISS A CO. Fleetwood park for (ale or to let. Apply to PHILIP DATKR, 'JO Broad at.. New York. HORSlSH, tAKlUAOKS. dev. X^SiAJOlt CHAN. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. A. MR. W. W. ALDRICH, of the Bonier Lawn atad and (took farm. Tipton, Iowa, baa ttie honor ot announcing a (Trend aale of the fastest (3 BEEN TROTTERS in America, to take place en Wedneaday next, April JO, at 11 o'clock, ut BARKER k SON'S City Amotion Mart and New York Tat teraalle. corner of Broadway and 3iRh at., consisting ot IB head. ALL BRED BY THE OWNER, with the cxceptiou of one. and including the set of Ansel, by Lexington; Green's Bashaw. Tnckalioe, Bashaw, Jr.; General Logan, Golddnat, Pierce horee, H art ford Hnmbletonlan, Ac.. Ac. THE STOCK Includes an extraordinary PAIR of 15J^ high black Marea, of uneqaalleu rich appearance and style ; also a vary fine 145t' hIgh combined saddle and harness Pony; the balance all fine young trotters, ranging from 15 to IB high and from 4 to 8 years old. that can trot in from 3 minntea down to J ;40 or better, all warranted sound and kind, and the PEDIGREES and all representations GUA RANTEED. STOCK now at the Mart for exhibition and trial, where all are invited to come and ride behind and TEST THE SPEED and driving finalities of any of the lot before the dayof sale. CATALOGUES NOW reedy at the Spirit and Tarf offices and at the Mart. Sale positive: no postponement. ?A.?A.?AN AUCTION SALE ? rood, large, strong Work Horses, Dirt Wagons, S-nrt Carts, Harness, Blacksmiths' Tools. Contractors' Tools, Buildings, On TUESDAY. April 25, at 10*s o'clock, s. 7<>th st. on the premises. Toth st. and 4th av., of Williams k Co. (Fourth avenue contractors). Five head first class, lsrre, strong Work Horses, weighing from 1,200 to 1,500 pounds each. Dirt Wagons, Sand Carta, donble and single Harness, Derricks. Gears (horse and hand power), Blocks, Itopes, Iron Link Guys, Panchbars, Shovels, Picks, Drills, Hammers, 0<> steel Crowbars, Blacksmith Tools, Bellows. Forres, Awls. Vises, stock of Iron and Bteel. Also the frame Buddings, Blacksmith and Carpenter Shops, Stshles, Offices. lot Lumber, Planks and Joists, Ac. Sale absolute and positive, rain or shine. INARCH JOHNSTOWN MART. AUCTION. 10 to 25 13th St., near Unlveralty place. ELEGANT ROAD TEAM?Bay, well bred trotting nor??s, 15 hands, B and 7 years; kind, gentle and true In alt harness; free from vice, trick or fault, and'wlthout blemish; lull manes and tails; all black points: ele gant drivers; not afraid of anything: any one can drive them; one of the finest road teams In the citr: WARRANTED TO TROT A MILE IN 3 MINUTES, end warranted sound. By order of assignee. Top Wagon (Brewster, or Broome St.), *et of Harness, Blaukets, Ac. TO BE POSITIVELY SOLD. WITHOUT RESERVE. TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, AT 10 O'CLOCK TO MORROW (TUESDAY). A FULL AND COMPLETE ASSORTMKNT OP TUB "Hrowster Wagon," the standard tor style and qaalHy, new reedy for Inspection at o'nr factory ana wararooms, Broadway and 47th st? 5th av. and 14th at Special attention Is called to our Improvement In strie-bar Wagons, which enables us to offer the lighten, eatest and best riding wagon erer produced. BKEWsTKR A CO., of Broome at. AT AUCTION, ON TUESDAY. APRIL 23, AT 10 O'CLOCK. BY VAN TA8SKI.L A KEARNEY, AUCTIONEERS, at their auction mart, 110 and 112 East 13th at., pear 4th av. A PHAETON DRAG FOR FOUR OR SIX HORSES, everything complete, formerly the property of DR. II ELM BOLD, bailt by Downing A Co., ot Concord, N. II. A GENTLEMAN WILL SELL AT A GREAT 8ACRI flee a fast Horse, young, sound aud kind; good Top Buggy and fine Harness: also an elegant Extension Top Phaeton and a beautiful Fnnv Phaeton. Call and examine before you buy. 33 East 12th tt. GOOD STABLE TO LET. INQUIRE OF II. 8KL LOTTE. No. ?j Lalght st. A -MORTGAGE SALE.?THOMAS KEILLY, AUC ? tioneer, sells Manner, 24th Inst., at II o'clock, at 417 West 44tli et.. by virtue of a chattel mortgage, O line Work Horses. Truck, double and single Harness; Utensils snltahle fur any nse. Sale positive, rslo or shine. By order of Patrick Herratty, Mortgagee. A?NEW PONY PHAETON. *ino; NEW ONE HOUSE ? Itorkaway, f 125; also I.VI new and second hand Clarence*. Coaches, Coupes. Landaus. Landaitlrts, llritskas, Hretts. VIetoriaa, extension tops t'nnpe ltoeksways. Top. i Road, Depot, Jager, Express sod Skeleton Wagons; a full ofCeffrey's Sulkies. $125; Harness. Hlankets and line . - _ . . . i-w? Sheets, established W5M; small profits and qnlck sales. WM. II. ORA V. 2G and '.'3 Wooster ?t. A -CARRIAGE REPAIRING IN ALL ITS s branches: first class work ; also an assortment of my own make top and Road Wagons, end the best and hand somest style of Pony Phaetons: also a second band Depot, Koad and top Wagon: 1 Itockaway: at factory. WM. 11, GRAY. I,4l>4 Broadway, DEPOT WAOON, .SHIFTING Tl)P, CITY BUILD, almost new, for sale. No. 153 East 32d st. A -FOR BALE CHEAP. NINE GOOD WORK . horses. Apply at No. 3 Vestry St., between Varlcu and Hudson. -FOR RALE. SB HORSES, Jl'ST KKoM INDIANA; ? snltahle for all business. Inquire at 12ft Nortola st. A STABLE AND COACH HOUSE TO LET CIIKAP J\. At 154 hast 23d st. Apply to J. MrDERMOTT. 158 Prince st. AT ARSENAL STABLES, 35TII ST.. NEAR BHOAD wav, handsomest Horses and Wagons, T Carta, single and dcuvle Teams to let. all new : also fine accommodations for boarding horses; charges moderate. L. J. BERNSTEIN, Proprietor. A -FOR SALE. SEVEN HORSES; SUIT A BLR FOR . truck, express, farming or any business, fid t > $175. 201 Grand St., betwern Mott and Mulberry. A GOOD COACH, COUPE. ROAD WAOO.V, TOP Wagon and light Wagon, cheap. 253 West 3lsi st. A -THREE IIORSKS; SUIT CART. EXPRESS OR ? farm; single Express and Buggy Harness; cheap. 245 West 2?Hh at. HANDSOME ROAD o|? I A.MII.Y HultSK, FREE and rtyll-h driver ; stand- without tjing; csu he driven tulle In 2 id) nr no sale : war by a lady at speed ; can trot a tulle lit 2 :.d) nr no sale ; war ranted s.iund and gentle In every partimlar; a good trial glTen ; also set Harness end Top Wagon; -"Id separate Ifoe alrcd. 374 It >wery. opposite ,'ith s|.. rear stable. A?for sale:, five>, kit run any kind ? of work, and one fine driving Mare. 43 Great Jones St., near Bowery A? FOP. SALE CHEAP?TIIKEK HORSES. FIT . for butcher, grocer, express or larnters use; an rle gant brown saddle Mare, warranted sound. Rind. Inqulrs at 352 East Wth st., aser 1st ay. HOR8KM, CAKHIAGK5, AC. a1)Ctk>.< EXTRAORDINARY SALE OP FAST TKO t TKRS, ROADSTERS, TRACK HORSES, HORSES THAT CAh'tKiJt'aLl THE WAY FROM 2:50 TO JflR. AND THE SPEED SHOWN BEFORE THE SALE. TOP WAGONS, built by BREWSTER*. NO TOP WAGONS, built by DUNEN BURY. PIIaETONH. built by STIVERS, Ac. Single and double Harness. made by DUNSCOMBK, CAMPBELL, end otber flrit class maker*, the property of J. DUNN WALTON, Ew| STILUS US They will he told by MESSRS. VAN TASSELL A KEARNEY, WITHOUT RESERVE. AT THEIR AUCTION MART, 110 end 112 Ka*t Uftli tt., near 41 h ?*., OS THURSDAY. 4th May. at 11 o'clock. THE STOCK WILL BK ON EXHIBITION AT MR. WALTON'S stabln, 140 West 30th at., from Saturday, the 2'>th Inst., up to the ."Id of Mar, when they will be removed to the auction mart ol VAN I'ASSKLL A KKARNKV, llo and 1 12 East 1 lit It it., near 4th sv., during which time the public are Invited to ride behind and TEST IIIE SPEED OK ANY OR ALL OF THE IHiUSKS advertised foraale. CATALOGUES WILL BE READY BY THE 27TU INST. A' H&i ?f o .... VEST HANDSOME JET BLACK BROUGHAM OR COUPE MARK, IA'i hand, high, 7 yenrt old; kind end true in all harness; tree Irom rice or trick; afraid of nothing; has extra style and action; of great bot tom ami endurance; for loupo or carriage use cannot be excelled, end it warranted sound. BROUGHAM, nearly new,with pole and shafts, by Brewater A Co., of Hroome at. TEA CART, with pule and alt aft it by J. B. Brewater A Co., of 25th at.; tet lino filter mounted Harness, Ulauketa, Robes. Whips, Ac. VERY SUPERIOR AND EXTRA STYLISH DARK GRAY KENTUCKY bred saddle or coupe Home, 16 handa high, A year* old, kind and true in all harnesa; ha* no ?Ice or trick: ha* all gait* under i>addlc; ia a very pleaannt driver, with tine knee action; la perfectly gentle ami rnliabla, and ia warranted aonnd. WAGON * TOP WAGON, by Miner A Hteveua; single Harnesa, Lap Robes, Blanket*, Whip, Ac. ELEGANT AND EXTRA STYLISH BROWN MARE, bred in Kentucky; pedigree iguaranteed) at time of sale; 15 hands high, 7 years old; kind and true lu all harness; free Irom vice; a One saddle mure; is per fectly geetlo and reliable: can trot III 3minutan;ls very handsome; a Brat clasa mare for gentleman'* r?nd use. CAN BE SEEN AND RIDDEN AFTER OX MONDAY. EXTRA STYLISH AND HANDSOME DAPPLE BROWN Col PK or carriage Horse ; long, lull inane ami tail, 16 lianria high, 7 years old; kind and true lu all har ness: free Irom vice; lies superior style and action; ladle can trot in 2:5l>; la perfectly safe for ladies' use, aud la warranted sound. BAY TROTTING HORSE. 15), hands high, 8 years old; kind and true .n nil harness; free from vice; a prompt and pleasant driver; does not shy. pull or fret; can he driven by the most inexperienced rcinsman at lull apced; has a record of 2:41 and in condition can trot much faster; is one of the moat stylish and genteel horses in the city and la warrauled sound. THE WELL KNOWN CHESTNUT TROTTING GELDINO PAUL MOIIPIIY, 151; hands high, 13 years old; kind and true in all harness; free from vice; has extraor dinary bottom and endurance; lias a public record of 2*', ; Is Biter and faster now than ever before; IIE TROTTED IN It) RACES last season, tour of them being tbree miles aud repeat, winning every race; THE FIFTH THREE MILE HEAT was was trotted by htm In K;2?. TOP SIDE BAR WAGON, by Waterman; eet single bar neea. ALSO TWENTY-TWO OTHER ROAD. FAMILY, bntlnets and work Horses. Particulars in Catalogue on l'ues day. COUI'K ROCKAWAY. Pole and Shafts, nearly new. CURTAIN COACH, uearty new, by Brewster A Co., of Broome st. TWO LIGHT one horse Coupes. FOUR-WHEEL DOG CART, In fine order. FOUR PARK PHAETONS, by Brewster, of Broome St., Wood Bros, and R. M. Slivers. Thirteen lop and no top Wagons. Five top Pour Phaetons. Two no top Pony Phaetons. Three Rock a ways. Two Clarences. Two Barouches. Four Depot Wagons, top and no top. BtX SGaT ROGKAWaY. by l^unuby. TEA CART, In good order, by Wood. A?GREAT AND IMPORTANT BANKRUPT SaLE. a AT AUCTION TO-MORROW (TUESDAY). APRIL 25. aT II O'CLOCK PROMPT, AT PRIVATE STABLE, NO. 22 EAST VOTH ST.. BETWEEN MADISON AND 5TII AVS.. AND NEXT DOOR TO THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH. COMPRISING ALL THE VALUABLE AND HIGHBRED FAST TROTTING, ROAD, SADDLE AND FAMILY HORSES. ELBGANT CARRIAGES, WAGONS, HARNESS, AC.. AO.; AL80 RICH HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. ALL THE PROPERTY OF A WELL KNOWN DRY GOODS MERCHANT, WHO HAS LATELY BEEN FORCED INTO BANKRUPTCY. AND ALL OF WIIIGMflMUST POSITIVELY BE SOLD, REGARDLESS OF COST OR VALl'P.. WITHOUT LIMIT OR RESTRICTION, TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. BY W. B. NELSON, AUCTIONEER, INCLUDING THE HANDSOME BAY GELDINO COLUMBUS. A year* old, 15*4 hands; Bne style and action UAtrong bona and muscle, henry But limbs; he Is a rugged, strong llorse. having great endurance, yet very handsome Itowlng mane and long tall; been used for road aud family driving; raised In Vermont, sireil by General Knox. son of Vermont Hem, br Sherman Bleck Hawk, dam a Morgan Marc ; he trotted three heats at Burlington. Vermont. In 2:47, 2:44 in*I 2 411; he ie warranted perfectly eound, kind aud true in nil har nesa: Is goou under saddle. BEAUTIFUL BAY GELDINO KENTUCKY CHIEF. 6 years old, 1SW bauds: is very stylish and handsome, beau tifully made, showing all the points of a fast'rotter; Is a handy, free and pleaaant driver; raited by Mr. Clark, Scott county, Kentucky; took first premium at 5 years old n< the handsomest and fastest 5-year-old, showing three heats in 2:33, 2:20 and 2:1*); with proper handling, lie will trot down in Ilia 20't tills season, as he has the best strains of blood In his veins that ran be traced to any trotter of the age; was sired by Canada Chief, son of Dary Crocket, dam by Imported Yorkshire, granddnin by Woodpecker; lie has a fine open gait: Is a square, level trotter; Is good, single and double, and is good nnder saddle; line horn ridden ana drtvn by a lady : lie ia warranted sound and kind. FAST AND IIAXDSi.MK HAY MARK BOSTON GIRL. 6 years old. hands, rang}- and well bnllt tor speed and great euduranee; ia very gentle and kind In all harneae; ran be driven by any lady with saletv; raised in Orange county. New York; aired by Kysdik's,Hainbletoiilan. dam the lamous trotting mure Lady Jane: Bo,ton Girl trotted on Gnahen track in 2:41 and repeated In 2 :.'fl); the can beet 2:IOsure aud ia warrnnted sound and kind. LADY'S HilRSK. LITTLE DAM. Is a road and saddle horse combined; Is a beautlfnl hay, line silxy coal, full mane and tail to the ground; drives in elegant style without check; Is free and pleasant; don't lug or pull; Is very attractive and graceful, must be seen to be appreciated; la a regular pet; Is 7yearsod. I5>a hand,; was pnrehnaed In Kentuckr for owner a daughter last sum mer; he has been driven to a ponr phaeton aronnd Fleet wood track in 2:M-.his sire was Kthen Alien, dnm an im ported Mesa-ngor mare; he Is fnlly warranted sound aud kind. THE FAST AND HANDSOME BAY GELDING HAM let. 7 years old, 15,', liniius; raised by Mr. Clay, Paris, Bour bon county. Ky.; aired by Volunteer, dam Invoina by Idol, son Mainbrino Chief; wus entered In 2:4?l class at Lexing ton, Ky . where he got a record of 2 :'ll I, ; he has shown sev oral heals inside of 2 ;3i) this last season: he Is ono of the finest road ho ses that can he toiind; la a ireo. pleasant driver: pure galled, square trotter; lias Hue action and anv amount ol endurance; lir is an excellent pole horse, and warranted sound, kin I ai.d true In nil harnesa V B.?Hamlet and Kentucky Chief have been driven to gether, ami make one of the linrst at well as the fastest team- going the read; drive aa one horse; disposition* eliae; are warranted in condition to ahow 2 1 to the pole. The above horsea are all as represented; are genntne trot ters; will sll show the time lie lore sale to any one who wishes to see it; 21 hours given lor trial and examination; anv horse not found as warranted can be returned, and pnr ehase mon-v will be r funned. Carriages consist of exten sion top Phaeton, full spring, and side bar top Wagons, Pony Phaeton, all bv best city builders and good as new; line double ami singfe Harness, by Dunscomb; Kobe*, Blank ets. Saddles, Bridles, Whips, Stable Fixtures. Ac. For Hone-hold Furniture notice see Wednesday'* Herald. HrIm niisitii'B a 11 rt AhtiiliHB. Pain ??r *hirt<? \n nutfMtn?marii 4 CCTION AUCTION AUCTION A TO OLOsK A CHATTEL MORTOAOK. TWO EXTRA KINK AND WELL BRED TBOTTINO MAMBI,ETONIAN KOAl) HoRRKs. ONE LAKOK ELKUANT HtY CoU'K IIORSB lOJd HANDS, AT THE UNION AUCTION MART. 20 EAST 18TII BT. NEAR BROADWAY, THIS DAT (Mooting. APRIL 31, AT It O'CLOCK, A. M IM MEDIA I ELY after the ahore aalr will he offered lan eery An* family carnage, coupe. road, aadolr arid buaineaa HliRSE>, ?ant in by private purtlea to ba oold; alao Carrlagea, park, top. nan and basket Pnartoni: top and open road IVagnna; dapnt Wagon?: ainpla, double and coupe llarneaa; new and aecoBri hand Haddlea; Hridlrv Ac. N. B ?Catalogue" now ready at the Mart, with fnll DEBCRI I'TION AND I'KDIURKES. Regular aalea eeery Monday and Thursday, at It o'clock. A -MAJOR I'll A HI.En W BARKER, AUCTIONEER! ? Til I. Till Kit extraordinary aal* nt KasHIONABLY MKED TKOTTINO BfOCK, brad by Hon. A. B. Conger, of Ilia Walrtlierg at tut. Ilareratraw, N. T., will takeplme at BAKKhltA SON'S City Auction Mart and New York Tat ter?all'?, corner of Broadway and 3IRh ?t.. on Saturday, April 2ti, at 11 o'clock, and cnnalata of TWENTY-TWO II I. Al) of brood M area. Kill lea, Malllon Colta and Oeldinna, all ? ? i the heal trotting "trains A ,MONO TIIK brood marea are the Rat of Rradyk'a Ham blemnian, American Star, Yonnir Star. Norman, Mambrinn Chief. Ac.. including the celebrated Romp, Koxla, Hataman mare, Tnplluni, Ar.. all In Inal to Bedford (2 :2tl). Nitrogen (2:HU). Mad Anthony, Ben Abdullah, Solitaire, Chief, Me dium, Ae. ' THE Kl 1.MRS, stallion Colta and Oeldlnga Inelnde the get of Bedford. Ben Ahdallah, Wild Irlahtnan, Ae. Stock will arrire at til# Mart for exhibition lhl? morning. C AI A LOiIUEg ean he had at the SPIRIT AND TURK OPKICKs. or at the Mart. Sale wlthont reaerte or |Hi?t ponement -AUCTION UP KINK HORSES AND CARRIAGES'. THIS DAY. at II <? cloek A. M . l-'? extra line roach, family. road and coupe Horaea, ton Wayins i'ark and pony PHAETONS. N. B.?Attention It called to one pair of .lark brown Mnrea. very chrnely matched. <! year* old. Ii,^ hatioi, aonnd and kind: eery laat trayellera; they are a aplendld family tenm for a phaeton. Sale poaliire. rain or ahine. at II o'clock A. M , at the Union Auction Mart, No. 20 18th at., NEAR BROADWAY. PUNY BUILT MoRSE: ALSO TWO OTHER Mni-ea cheap; yrumg and sound , ault groeer. butcher, d ictor. lamlly nae, farming. Ac. Bl Canal atrect, aalnun. AN KiTkUANT SIDEBAR TOP WAiKfN. CITY BITI.T; also a angle and a double eel nt (fold ninunfed liar nets, nearly new ; will be roid at a aacriflct, at prirate ata ble No. 4 Weal Mnhet. A~ ~TEN HLSINKSK~\VAOO\s7 BELOW CURT, POM ? expreaa. gnu-era, butchery, hahera, milk, laun lry, package, adrertiaing and depot: Dellrery Wagona. $J0 to 9175. Wagon Man amatory, JJt Spring at. A. HOUSES, CAUm AGKM. AC . 'a orkat AMI I'.MiKSKCA ;;i> SAlJf A OK KLKOAKT TKDTriXU IHiKAKS, St PERTOU GAKBlAHKM, WahoNS. HARNESS. Ac.. Af. BY OKlihU OK TilK KXECUloKS t)K THK ESTATE ol.IAMK.SI, BLAl'VKLT. Esq., deceased, TOMORROW iTl'KKI)AY), APRIL 25. AT THK I'ltlVATK STABLE IIS KAfT 22l> ST.. BETWEEN LKXIMJTON A Ml AT U A VS.. AT 11 O'CLOCK SMART, BY CI)AS. C. Hl'KE. ACCTl iNJ'.BR. Including a team ot handsome blood hay young premium fielding*, second to none in the State In point of beauty, style ami ?)med combined; are l"?lji hands high; Uolli H years old. Tney wore selected in Kentucky expressly for tlie owner by one ol the bear Judges of lino horses in tliet State. Olio ??' aired by Mambriuo I'ateheu, dam by MambrluoCbief; the other by Kdwm Korr at, Uiun by Bald Chiel. One haa a record of 2:43; the other of 2:k:4, Ther are rloaely mated In appearance, atyle, gait aud ac tion; am cmpact and .troitfl) made, with line blooded brads and neck<. which they carry very hitch; flowing manes and talia; strong Dal limit* and fine Icat; are extra attrartivi-either moving or standing; have no vicea. fnulta or trlcka, either in tlie amble or out; their late ow ncr waa offered *.;.i??i f.,r ?t Kiclitlohl Springs last Aufcnat, but lias alwaya romsed all olTcra, aa III* Health waa bad. and they were so gentle and caey driver* tltat he could speed and ban lie them either to family ptiactou or to trot ting wagon with snlely; tlicy were exhibited at Whito I'laina tint fall, and driven n trial together in 2 :3I, aud alterward their owner allowed them to 4-sent phaeton, car rying 3 persons, in 3jUJ; tltey are eicicunt drlvera, alttgle or double; have aUe, utile nud mitaelo enough for conch or phaeluti, and meed enough lor geiiilriiiun's trotting team; I are warranted sound, kind and perfect, aud aro juat coining in their prime. A boniiutiil, fast and highbred sorrel (.elding, IS1, hnndi high, tl yeara old; waa aired by .Major Wintieid, Jam by Mainhrind Chief; he waa bred in county tiy I'hnrlea llenuett, Esq., and owner piirobnaen him Iroiu Mr. Hcnnetl after he saw him ?urn the track at ti.i.hult inat fall, in 2 :42, and then brought lilui to th a city, where ha Itaa kept Itim snd urn! Inm excluatvclv lor rood driving; ha haa never been entered in a rucv and lias no record whatever, hut ran heat 2 :33 on anv gtrnd truck; lie i? wry handaotuc, * lib line, clean liuibs; lies u clean, open gait; level ami alraight driver; reuttii'es no hoots when trotting or bandaging when In stable ; lie h.ia u rugged and lasting constitution, and is a very pleasant driver, drives wttliopau bridle, requires nu check or iiisrtiiigale, and is, without exception, as IIno and fast a voting trotter as standi tor sale in ilia country; he ia sound, kind aud true, and tree from spot, fault or hlriuish. The fast and line young trotting Horse. Brown lllek. Ii>'j high, tl years old, raised by .1. M. Clay, in Kentucky; ia highly bred, line symmetry, blood-like, stylish and line and pure galted. honest ann a genuine young trotter; has no public record ; Ids owner intended to enter liim in several parrot this year, including tint 2:40 ela-a, and bad made arrangement with his trainer t> that effect; he Is very speedy aud has tine endurance; lie waa frequently timed last tall considerably below 2 :IO; he van trot a 2: tf> gait to road wagon now nud can spoeit a 2 :3U to hnrnesa; Is without vlco or trick, extra genteel, pleasant, free aud easy driver; war ranted sound aud kind. Alio beautiful and last bnv trotting (iehling, 1"?SV handa high, 7 yeara old, sired by Kthuii Allen, dam by Jupiter, and resembles Ills sire morn than any one ot his coin both in gait and looks; was raised by Aldcn M. Lane at bprmglield, Mass., and allowed when hut 4 years old a full inilu in 2:47, nud can now always show better than 2.33; lie lias been used exclusively lor priv to driving; has never liven trained on track, and has seldom been heat on road; lie is an extra tine, ins and easy driver; has a bold and resolute gait and ia warranted sound and kind. Very handsome and speedy cheat tint Holding, IS1,' hands high and li years old. with line niuue and tail: he waa sired by the velebruted stallion <)eean. tlain ny Ktbau Allen; lie cannot i e outstyled by any trotter living; he was tailed by Colonel A. K. Livingston on Long Island, aud lie resembles his sire mure than any one of his colts; he trotted a lull mile when but 3 years old :n 2 AH ; trotted last tall two miles ami repeal In 3:18; also trotted a single mile in 2:37; lie has been driven on road all winter, ami waa rated among I ho fastest horses that went the road, cither single or double : be can speed a 2:311 gait to road wagon, and ia a very pleasing and prompt driver; he Is warranted sound and kind. Fine and large hay (.elding. Id h inds high, 7 years old ; was aired hy Volunteer, he by old Hamliletoaian, dam by tiro. M. Kitchen ; ho is hall brother to the celebrated trot ter Gloater, and will. If trained, tut as last; he lias never had nndriving or training, with exceptions of road, and cun trot In It :33 now , lie Is warranted sound and kind. Very fust trotting Mare Nail, 13 hands high, was sired hy Tfouest Allen, dam a Canada mare, with record f.:3lll.i; Nell iavery speedy andean pull a road wagon a 2 :30 gait; shecag be driven iiy any child,|and fa warranted sound and kind. Carriages rousist of one elegant extension top park l'hne ton. pony I'haotons, 2 top side bar road Wagons. I Rock away, single and double Harness, Blankets, lap Robes, Mbretk, Whips, .Surcingles. Ac. N. H,?The above stock svil| all lie fold to highest bidder, without limit, restriction or reservation, and lull warranlon given purchasers for 24 hours tor trial and examination, and if not aa represented, stock may be returned and moncra will be refunded and sales annulled. The above stock is all acclimated and ready for Immediate and every day ttae and not liable to tbu same diseases as Sreen eountry horses are liable to. IRMKMHKR. SAI.K POSITIVE WIAIN nil Sill MR. At Half* cost?two beautiful phaetons, one to seat lour person*, witli pole and shaft*; two full spring too Wagons; t?o side liar top wagon*; double unit ?ingle Harness; all by best city makers; nearly new. .'>7 Kait 33d at., corner 4th av. -FOR HALE. TWO HORSES. SUITABLE FARMER ? er any lutslni-.s; half value. 37s liownry, rear stable. A?rOR SALE?A BLOOD BAY HAMHLRTONIAN ? florae. Qve years old. anil I* warrnnled in every way; lie is a Brst class tamily or doctor's horse, and ean trot a mile ia H minutes or better; also a band mad? set ol har ness; to be solo at n sacriilce. 17 tiieat Jones at. B UUGIKS, PHAETONS, ROCK AW AY 8. AC.. AC. Harness, light and heavy, single and double. First rale work at extremely low prune ut JOHN MOORE'S. 57 Warren st. Boarding stable for sale?first class; If-I of boarders; nenr City Hall, Brooklyn; paying splendidly-. a rare opportunity; ranel be sold immediately; there Is money In this. Particulars from ARCII. JOHNS TON, 25 East 13th St., New York. (~TARRIA<>ES?ALL KINDfC MY uWX MAKE. AT KX ) Iretne low Manuraclurer's prices, tor ten days; war ranted; leather top new i'ony Phaetons. $121). up; ditto liturgies, $135; rubber top Buggies. SI 10; depot (I sent) top Wagons $125; Koekaways, $IU0; extension loo It-spring Park Phaetons, $ll*>. liltUBK, IJsttl Canal st. IP LEO A NT COUPE. BLUE BA1 IN LINED. NEARLY 'j NEW, BY BRADLEY. PRAY A CO., WILL BE SOLD AT HALF ITS VALt'K. BEEN AT ARCH, JOHNSTONS', IP TO 23 13TH HT . JsKAK UNIVERSITY PLACE. Fob sale-an elegant double c spring lire glass front, bateau shaped, best Paris huilt Lsndau; In pcriect order and nearly new. Addreee LANDAU, box 324 I'oat nfttce. New York. F~" OK 8 ALR-A 8PLRNDID ' IIORSI AMD IIAsKET Phaeton ; everything sound and complete; very mod erate terms. Address O. K . HO Park sr., Iloboken. N. J. t.AOR SALE?A CARRIAGE AND WACOM SHOP, 1 with a patent Included; price $1,000. Foot ol Main st., Yonker*. N. V. fJ0i BALK AT a bargain-a sound* 'stylish llor*e, Koekaway and Phaeton. Apply at 11 RUDE KICK'S (tables, 2.'t) Kaat Utli st. 1NOR BALE?AN OLD 'ESTABLISHED LIVERY 1 Stable, with first cla*? Stock and good custom ; sold on account of proprietor's ill health. Address STABLE, Herald Brooklyn Branch oMco. ' _____ 1 ? BAY HORSB, IS HARM 3 IMCHjfi 1 high, long tall and mane: warranted to trot a mile in three minutes; la one of the finest big horses in New York : dark points. Can he seen at WILLIaM CUNNINGHAM'S stables. West Flushing, L. I. North Side Railroad train* leave Hill ?t. every ball hour. F~ OK SALE?A STYLISH BAY HORSB, ? YEARS. 15'^ hands; sale lor u lady; shows a 2sfg) gait, single or double; warranted. 132 East 33th St., heme shoeing shop. For ralr?a fine brown borax, about i< hands high: soniol and kind, styitib driver. Apply at private stable, 122 West lHth at. I NOR1-SALE-A YOUNO OEXTLBMAN'tl ICOMPLETE ' turnout, prior to Ills departure far En rope?A bundaome bav Mare, snood, kind and ean trot In J or minutes; a Brewster side bur movable top Wagon, a l-uiiaromb Har ness, Kobe. Whip, Ar.; Ins been In use but one yei r; must ?ell. Inquire at stable, 227 West .">;td st. BtPR $Alih BTYIitjfH 1'IH'PM 1HT r 1 MlLV ~C AK rixge Horse, large and Hue appearance; one good, cheap work Horse, for feed bill. Feed store. *70 Hudson st. Indft SALE CHEAP ' OneS -prlng l.andao. one H-eprlng Victoria, with seat behind. Tlies,? carriage* are a* go,.d a* new and are sold lor want of stable room. They were made by Hinder A Co., Pant, and ean be seen at 27 Eu?i4ntli st., between i) and 12. For bale, chrap-a fink, city madM top Pony I'haeton; one side bar fop Wagon, made by Bradley.'Pray; one Dunscomh Double and single Harness; also a very One bay Mare, *lx yeara old. sound, kind, safe and reliable. Call at private stable, No. :t West 15th st. f~OR* 8ALB CHRAP-A LIGHT BUSINESS WAGON. Horse and (lames* complete. Inquire at stable No. 42 Great Jane* ?t? city. K SALE CHEAP-HAY III?KSK~iO'e'lUNDsT? r ye*rs old: kind and sound; all day traveller: lady ran drive blm; Wagon, Harne**, in good order, 153 Kait 27ih ?t. IVOR LADIES' OK CHILDREN'S t SB-HANDSOME pair sorrel Ponies, with Brewster canopy Phaeton and Harness. Address DOCTOR. 112 East 2Ulh st. ORBKS WANTED.<4 lUTLEMAN WISHE9 TO lure for the summer a pair of good Carriage llnrse*. for use on Ills own piece near the city. Address WESTCHES TER. box 2,442 New York Po*t ofhee. Hoksk. SECOND HAND TOP BUGGY*WAGON AND Harness wanted.?The first must not be evet Byears; weight anont I.Wsi lbs ; sound and kind; free from sll vices; second and third, not murh worn and of No. I manu facture; stata for the whole and separately. Addreee CASH, room 114 Belmont Hotel. Fulton si., New York. JJAKNKSS AMD saddli-.ry AT AUCTION.?BUR Dr.TT A DENNIS, Auctioneer*. will sell at 821 Bread war (Si. Nicholas Hotel), on Monday. April 24, commencing at i I o'cloca, by order of M. A. Condi, t A Co., a large stock of eoach. elarence. Koesaway. depot, buggy, express team andlsrm llarnesa Saddles, Bridles, Collars, flaltera. Whips, Sheets. Duster*. Robes. Blanket* and a general as*nrlment of Horse Goad*. Fixtarea, sh?wcae?. Counter*, Ac., being sm-k ol ? lirai rlnaa manolnctnre. H I! BROWN, CON'TKACTOH. OFFKKH FOR HALE, , at prices to snlt, a valuable stock of light and very heavy Wor* Horses. Ineindlng Wagons. Carts and Harness, Ae.; or ?ill exchange for Real Estate 2ft inlles from New A or* Stable*, i'3.1 at., between Mh and 1th an.; resldenee 72 Real 127th st. A ROR AND FINE sTuiK OF HARNESS?OR MoF J fat's leather, rubber trimmings Instead of leather; all band stltrhlng and In lashlonalil- aiylr* A S. FLANDRAU'M Carriage Wareroom*, 372 and 37i Broome st. (old stand M Brewster A Co.) I()OK!?YOUR OWN PRICE-HAY PONY, FIT J lor lady to drive or ride. I37 7tnav. II SECOND HAND CARRIAGES. An English Brougham. A t'onpe. A Landanlet. A Curtain Coseh. A Clarence. A Landau A Park I'h letou. A Pony I'haeton. A lop Wagon. A no top Wagon. A too Woeeler. A Stanhope I'haeton. All in tiret rate order and for salo low WOOD BIIOTIIERR. Till Broadway. SECOND hand top wagons, city makers. In perfect order; most be *old to niako room. 1,31?"? Broad Way, corner of 47lb st. Second hand wagons cheap -basket-piiai?, ton. platform, half top and l? o spring ii all top Phaetons, full sprioe and half spring top Wagon*, tingle seat side bar di clot's Phaeton., also floe assortment oi m-w one*. Exam> Ine my Improved side liar he lore purchasing. W. FRANK Di SKNIiUKY, I'l l and I;t7 Christie *1 . tew York. Small privatf.ftable two stalls, on KarT |bth sc. near Irving ploee ; rent $50"; Immediate poo seaslon. t'ONDIT, 14 . t.xt 17th st. Taluablr youno black ioKsii for th! country. Hi; little Mr* forward. Mi New CkMnber* *t ' HOKSEg, CARRIAGES. AC. OACRIKIl'K -: LIGHT Till' GROCER ' o? fiX P Pr,n: I ueavy wagon; 1U0 harness *0(1 horitt 207 Writ IlHIi at. j1 W EXT Y k K N TCC kv~H tiiw KS. TWENTY, from the Kentucky Stock Fnnn. lirntlrmm requiring superior Horse* should Inspect thin fine stock, now ready lor sale at Knickerbocker Stable, J.'l Writ 53d at. RICHARD HmiBTAW. rflHACk SULK I KS ?IN ORDER "TO POPULARIZE our Sulky trn't? we offer from stock or will build to or. rier Treek Sulkier, in all weight*. unsurpassed in quality and Inrm. fnr?125. liKEIVSTEtl A CO. iof Broome at)., Broad way and 47tli at. fpo LET?AT 410 WKIT ?TIf ST.. 2 KICK STAB Of; J. four atalla, wagon room, waali and ample loft. Apply at 412 M oat doth at. rpM'O lUBIXCn, EQUAL TO XEW; LIGHT 1 Breita; two l'haotona: on good term*: light Carriage*. new and aecond hand. J. W. PI I'NKY. 4*4> ltd a*. W~ANfkl>?A WELL It It Kit. WELL BROKEN SAD* die llorae: inuat he aoiind. kiml and broken to har ness. Aiidre.a Sou ill Brooklyn PI. Mill, Baltic and Colum bla ala.. Brooklyn, with particular* and piice. J IIOItSKS, SUITABLE Poll ANY BUSINESS. AND X a trial given, and a one horao Truck. 411) Went lltHli at. ?HORSKs KEPT OK LIVERY AT t? ~PEIl month: alaua few Box Stall* at SB'; the bet ventilated moiil -in the 17th ward; u?>l uf ? A and laud. month: alao a few Box Stalla at SB); the be 1 Mall la in tlio 17th ward; neat of or and SABLES' Stable, ItII (1th at., between 1st and I'd av*. <S 1 K/l~(WORTH $250)?HANDSOMK~NhW TOP KX '5'l.Uly pre** Wagon; must sell, want offer. 124 Wait inth at. DRY CHNIDS. Q A11 PETS? CCO A RRR PPP EES TTTr SSS8 c 0 AA P. R P P K T 8 C A A RRR PPP EE T S8S8 C 0 A A A R It P K T S CCO A A K it P KEB T SSS8 $ IMMENSE BARGAINS. TIIE LARGEST STnck IN THE CITT. .too pleeea TAPESTRY, at $1 10, worth 91 35. Wit) plcrci TAPESTRY, at 91 J\ worth f I -ia Extra Double-width TAPESTRY, at 91 4*\ INGRAIN (Extra Superior), at 91, worth #1 15. TilE PIK'EST ASSORTMENT Of MOQUKTTF.S. WILTONS. VELVETS. BODY BRUSSELS, AC., AT POPULAR PRICES. OILCLOTHS (ALL W IDTHS) A SPECIALTY. MATTINGS. AN ENTIRE CARGO t)F WHITE, RED CHECK AND FANCY, FROM HOC. PER YARD. FROM AUCTION, AN TMPORTER'S STOCK OF LACE CURTAINS ranging Iror.i ONE DOLLAR TER PAIR To THE FINEST IMPORTED, LESS THAN HALF PRICK. OVER ONE THOUSAND DIFFERENT PATTERNS. RAM.IN*S FROM THE LOWEST NOTTINGHAM TO THE FINEST UKL'S.nKLS EVER IMPORTED. alao. CURTAIN NET AND COTTAGE DRAPERY. CRETONNES. RFP8. FURNITURE OIIINTZEi, AC. WINDOW SHADES, CORNICES, AC. SHEPPARD KNAPP, I sit AND 1ST. ilTII A v., ONE DOOR BELOW 13TII ST., NEW YORK. (^PLCIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. A. T. STEWART A CO. will offer, prinr to closing the Inventory of meTchandin Juat taken, commencing MONDAY, April '.'4, LARGE REDUCTIONS In pricea In all thoir rnrluu* department*. BARGAINS. auch aa may not b* offered again In many year*, will be pre rented, mm to which tlie.v respectfully invite the attention of friend*, customer* and atrangera vialtitig the city. Broadway. 4th ay., Oth and 10th ata. fpllE MAGIC RIBBON AND TAPE RUNNER?TRIMS JL drove?. Ac., without sewing; drcaamaker'a wort* cl one week accomplished iu one hour, saving ten titnoa com ol rot. Wholesaled in notion ilepartineiit ot Calhoun. Itnbbin* A Co., Cuok. Valentine A t o., Uochran, McLean A Co., Win. II. Lyon* A Co., Porter Brother* A Co.. and all laading no tion and lancy dry gnoda honaoa; retailed, only .'iiieent* par ret. II. It. ALliERS. role agent. Silo Broadway. " M11* 1.1 \ 10 H Y AYI> DRKSSMAKIhu. A** "-A?A.-SPECIALTIES~W ? , mUses' and children'* Millln-rv, ladles' Drear Cap* and Monrning Milliner. Mr*. MYERS. 22 Eaat 14th at., between 5th av. and University place. A ?MAIUK T1LLM ANN. OF PARIS, IMPORTER OF a'\. tine Millinery. holds a large aarortincnt id the heat maker*. 423titli av. (late Michel*). D UESS FRINGES MADK TO ORDER. any color, stylo or length; also Cord*. Teasel*. Rations. At., at c. w. .iackmon a ? o.\s factory, 115, 117, 111). 1:1 Kn?i Kith ?t., near 4tli ?v. / 1OLDEN A CO.'it PARI* MILLINERY.?IMPORTED Vl Hats fmm $10 to $25. No. 313 Dth ar.. upstairs, be tween lt)th and -Olli at*. SJIDK. SPACE AND BOX PLAITING TO 23 1NCHKS 5 wide. MAM l.'KL JOSKPII, 3M Forsyth ?t., near Canal. HO A IiOKilN VVASTKU. IffR 2 HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ftOOMfT; Board If desired, for ednlts In small private family; un exceptionable location. 143 Writ 47tli it., near 6th nr. 1 PARLOR FLOOR?TURK!*? LAKUK ROOMS, PHI ratc hath, closets, Ac., with private tabla or without board; reference*. 3tl Kait 2Dth it. 1 PARLOR FLOOR?THREE LARGE ROOMs, PRl vita Imih. eloieti, Ac., with private tabla or without board; reference*. 36 Kait 2i>th at. 1 -DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH HOOD SUBSFANIAL . Hoard and home comlorts, for families and gentlemen ; ?uinmer prlcoi. 41 Weat 10th at, near 5th ar. IDOl HI.K ROOM-ALSO HALL ROOMS, NICELY fiirniihcd, with flrat class Board; term*. $? and $7 per week; gcntlemeu only: billiard table. 5M Weat 22d at. 2 11 ANDHOMK FRONT ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR, with private bath, to let, with Board; alto third atory back Room; aintrle Room a for gentlemen. 313 West 22d at. O WEST 30TH ST.. FIRST HOUS Ju av.?Handsomely lnrnl?hed Suite of apartmenta, with prlrate table. /7TII AND 6TII A VS.. 01 WEST 17T1I ST.?ROOMS, l) with Hoard. In a family of refinement. jrnj ARB "ITU A VS.?A SUIT OF ROOMS, or SKPA t) rate, willi Hoard. M Weal IHtli at. Reference /-Til AV., 2U1.? SlIPKKIOR SUIT OF APARTMRNT8 ?) for the aeaaon or liy the year, with prlrate tabla (If pre ferred) ; home comforta; Rooms for gentlemen. CTII AT., NO. 01.-HANDSOMELY FURNISIIKD a) Itnmn* to let en suite or singly, with or without Hoard} permanent or transient. TO $1" PER WEEK-PLKASANT FURNISIIKI) dp') llooini, with good Board and every home comfort; reference* exchanged. Apply at 130 Macdoitgal at., corner Weat 3d at. WWdffKKLKY PLAI'K. NEAR HROADWAY.-FRONT Room a. #14. $1H. #1 *, #23 for t wo permits; single Rooms fit. with Hoard: transient people taken; table Hoard. $5. MTII ST.. OWNER AM) OCCUPANT. 327 WEST? Will rent some Rooma, with Board, lor summer; ref erences exchanged. 1r WEST 1 IT H ST., NEAR HROADWA Y.-KLK ? ) gently fnrniil.e I Ronroa, with superior Board and brat clan accommodations; reference. 18 K.V-T 2!) ST?ONE ELEGANT "SUIT ON SECOND floor to let; honan and table first class. Reference. "lit WEST 24TII sr. OPPOSITE FIFTH AVKKt'K lil Hotel.?New and elegantly tnrnl-ned Room a to let, with or without BoartL 4)1 WEST 12TII ST.. NEAR 5TII AV.?HANDSOMELY Jj I fit' nlehed llooma, aultatilo lor families and gentlemen, with excellent Hoard; neighborhood unexceptionable; term* moderate; reference*. Qi) WAVE RLE Y PLACE.?FURNISHKD R(K)MS, ou second or third floors, wilb Board, lor tho summer or pcrinanontly. f) i WEST *31) ST.. OPPOSITE FIFTH AVKNUR j t Hotel ?Parties can engage for the 1st of May elegant Itiginia. m suite and singly, with Aral class Hoard and at tendance. Proper relerence asked. OT.TII ST. 227 WEST -SUNNY ROOM AND GOOD _?) Hoard Tor gentleman and wife or two gentleraeu; also a nail Renin; references exchanged. t)7 WEST inril ST. ?ROOMS, WITH HOARD, SUIT | able 'or a gentleman and hie wife or parties of single gentlemen; relerence* exchanged. ?>, | CLINTON PI. AC K. ? I IAN I ISO HE L Y FURNISHED J,'' llooma, large end small, with or without Board; transient hoarders accommodated. Oil WEST 3311 ST.?THIRD FLOOR, FURNISHED ill) or unfurnished, en suite or separately; superior Board. A 1 EA?T IIIT1I ST. NEAR HROADWA Y.-WELL "Ti. Inrnlihed Rooms, to rent, with Board, connecting, on fliat floor; also single Rooma. ,-R : 41 West isitii sr.?debirarlr rooms, with first class Board; private family; references. A SJ WEST 2STH ST.? AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED 'to Suit of Parlors to let. singly or together, te a physl elan or a party of gtutlemen, with or wlthoat Breakfast; reiereuces. .1 - EAST 2ITII sT? BETWEEN BHOADWAT AND r*) 4th av.-Rooms, with Hoard; double and single; first class references given and required. A ? ST. M ARK'S PI.ACK.?ELEGANTLY FURNISHED t ? ) back Parlor, to gentleman and wife; also other Rooms, with Hoard. A U WF.HT IATH HE-PLEASANT ROOMS FOR GRN rto tlemea or a fsmilr, in a flrat elaai boaae, where but few boarder* are taken, with good tabla; terms very moder ate. .4 (I WEST lirril ST., BETWEEN 5TH AND 6TII It/ ar*.?Second eturjr front Sail of Roamt to let. with Board, to families and gentlemen; also otbar Rooma; no morlnr. 5 0 Ro'iiii* to let, on second and third floors, with or without Hoard; reference* given and required. CO FT II ST., BETWEEN BROADWAY AND UNI *)sj versity place ? Flrat class French Board; Rooma, en suite or singly, for families or tingle gentlemen ; reference* e a en an gad 55 rx WEST 1ITH ST.?LARGE AND SMALL ROOMB to let, with Board ; terms moderate. 6?> EAST 4TII AT.. 3 BLOCKS FROM BROADWAY.? Large and small Rooms to let with first class Heard. 1HJ. MADIBON At?Ml'IT OF ROOMS TO RENT, 1""X second atory I rout, with or without Board; rented tula week. 105 CLINTON PL ACS (WEST NTH NT.)?NEATLY Inmiahed Second Floor fee family; alee single Ri omi for man mm wtfli or geMleieea, with er without Board; terms mode rata. lfOAKDEIlM WANTED. lYifi MAl),suN AV.?LARUE II AMDS')MELY FUR I'M) ni-Urd Rooms, m suite or singly. on second and thtr* floor*, to let, with Board; aloo large Irmt Room on tnartl floor. lOII BAS F 181H hY -11 AN DM) M K KoTijSj EN l^u suit" or singly, with first class Board; location lowly. on? block from dfendpn Hotel. IOQ trim "Hfti KT.-O.NK FRONT ROOM, ft| ?i ) back, #14; Kooni* on |>arlor floor; piano; labia board rr*. "1K AST MTU ST.-PLEASANT ROOMS TO LET, I Of) willi Hoard for gentlemen or geutleman and Isdy, tu a private Jrwlih family, one door from Lexington nr. mWEST 44TII ST . BETWEEN BBOADWAT AMI ?Itli ar ?A deilriitile Suit of Rooms to let; location, house, table, Ac., lint claaa; highest reference*. JflABT-5INT ~ST?ROOMS ON SECOND AND th.rd floors tu let, with Hoard. 153 158 wnsr 4oTll ST.?JUST VaCAtKD, IIAMD80MB I y Cumin lied Koorot* uii leeood floor, will) Board. OilO WK8T2ffTII ST A GENTLEMAN AND Wlffl OijO or a Cow ^rcritlomon c<in obuln Board, to $7 pet wo-k; house all modern improvement*; no moving. *M(1 EAST aoTII ST.. BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D u'lo av*. ?flood hoard and oleaannl Room* at #3 per week; private house DID) 5TI1 AV.-ro KENT, WITH PRIVATE TA hies, two Suit, of magnificently furnished Room*, opposite the HnctongUsm llolel; refer to Mtiiri. Kathbone A aattrrlee. I'd Uroadwav. ALA RUE ROOM To LET-WITH HOARD, TO OEN' tletuau or gentleman and wile; fnmlty private; term* moderate. 207 West loth at., three doors from 7th tr. Alcove." ok two front rooms, with good hoard, for gentlemnn. wife and hoy ot 11, in a reepecte ble Jewish lamiiy or bearding bonso, stating lowest terms; references exchanged: location lietween 45th and HOth ate. I'd aud Madison av*. Address for two days, K., 17 Howards*. N LNrt'RSIBII KI) ROOM. WITH BOARD, IN A plsin family, for two ol.l ladle,; term* not to exceed #20 pee month ; between 4Htli aud ft itli st*., esst of 4th atr. Address SISTERS, llcral1 Uptown Branch odice. FAMILY nWKLI.IMi IN THEIR OWN HOUSE which has ail the modern Improvement*, and which has been thoroughly renovated and furnished *11 through, wonld like to accommodate a party of gentlemen or gentlemen and llielr wives, with Board. References exchanged. Apply at 354 fld av. /10SKV FURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT. WITH " Hoard; furniture, Ac., tho best; neighborhood Hrst da**. 211 East Ifith st. Tjl LEU A NT ROOMS TO RENT?WITH BOARD. AT 14 Ji West 4l?th St.: pn**esstuii before May 1 ; references. Inquire at tuN Writ 47t It st. PIIILADKLl'I11F IKUKdTnu -MIIS." HKOOKS HE moved to 2is West Rittonhuuae square; elegant loca tion and suporior iiccommudailons. I)ARTIES FROM THE. SOUTH CAN BE AOOOMMO ?laied with first class Board; terms moderate. No. H04 1'tne st . I'hilsdelphln. _________________ MOAltD ,\\I? laOl*44l\ti WANTED. " A MIDDLE AO ED <i EN ILL MAN WS.blKS aMcKlY furnished Room, wlih plain, sulistantial Hoard, in a small tnnitlv. convenient to Sixth uremic cars, for about #45 per month. Address, oith lull particulars, A. U. W., Herald Uptown llranr't office. LARUE AND TWO >M ALL TioiimTT WITH Hoard, lor lour ndiilt*. Address, stating terms, which must bo rcssonnhle, KOSLYX. Hereld office. HboaRD WA NTKD. I MM E II AT K I.vTVoR OEM s tlema ?. wife and two cltlldreu. 7 and 2 yctir*. Address, wnli full particular* and terms, w hich must be moderate, NORWOOD, station II. Board wanted by okktleman.?lahos room; hot nnd cold water; private family; stale particulars. Address MERCHANT, Herald office. Board ~e?m two,~f<>nnectino rcoms.Tn~or near 23d si : strictly private faiuilr. Address C. H., box 1H7 Herald office. TWO UKNTLLMEN WANT A PLKAHANT ROOM AND Hoard ill a private fitmilv, between ltd and Ih ar*. an i dth and 23d sts. Address, w ith price, HKNTLEY BHDS., Jli! Walker st. AKfjtD?IN A JEWISH FAMILY OK BOAKDIXU house, by a Indy and iter son, two large nnd one small itnlitrnislied liiHiins. on iirst nr parlor floors; table must he good and strietly koscher; loontlou, between :Uth and.'with sts Mid Madison and-til av*.; references exchanged. Ad dress, stilting terms and lull particulars, R. it.. Herald Up town Branch office. 41 LADY TBAi- ffl R8 WisH F ARTIAL BO A ftD A N D adloltiing llonins ill a small lamiiy: terms must be mod ointe; relerenc.s exchanged. Address li. M. A., Herald office. BROOKLYN BOARD. 1 jiM HENRY ST.. FIVE MINUTES' WALK fRoM i'"l' Fulton ferry?Two gentlemen ran ie aeeoni inn dated with first class Hoard: terms very low; references. no,: HENRY ST.. FIVE MINUTES FROM SOOTH _O IJ and Wall st. ferries, first class Hoard; terms, #4 tn #7 no moving. UtyTELs. A NF,ELL'S TURKISH.'"ROMAN" AND MUTcTRld hath*. 111 l.exingtnn av. Day noil night. Lailesday and evening. I'lcaaant rooma; excellent table. BELMi?NT~~ 1 itITKL, FVLTDN ST., NKAR BROAD way.?European plan ; Roinns, 51)cents upward; family Rooms; always open. | INRANKFORI HOUHK, 202 WILLIAM ST.-25H UOOMSi 25c., l.'ic.. 50c.; gentlemen and families; open all nigbl Hotel to lease?lennox RnOHL tSTH "ht! near 5th av.; rent very low. Offlees N'os. 4 I'lne st, aud 39 East 17th st V. K. STEVENSON. Jr. ELAN D'S " STi; KTKV ANT- HOUR ST B KOADWATI 2Sth and 2l)th sts.. New York: location unsurpasaed; elevator and all modern improvements. MTlHOROUUH HOUSE. HORNER HATH ST. ANDOTH av., Murtay Hill.?A lew fine Suits for rental moder ate ratea W. L. FISH, Proprietor. ST. GERMAIN?ATH AV., 22D ST.. BROADWAY? Ronnis and Hnarit #1 dav; European plnn, #1; elegantly furnished; sltnnted with elevator, Ac. WM. (i. TOMPKINS. Proprietor. S-T. ororob ?HiifKix.' broad and walnut sts., PhRbdelphta New, elecmatlv furnished; best loca tion ; opened April 11; terms per day. WARD BROS.. Proprietor*. COt YTHV lltM It I). Ci O U NTR Y BO A K D?\V IT If" A I R E NI HI 'F AttiCXnTl ) Orange Valley: charming lands at>e: very good accom modations. with advantage of speaking the French lan guage; arrangements can he made now until 2tRh enrt. bj applying at 10O West 46th St. / 10UNTRY BOARD WANTED IMMEDIATELY?FOB \ two Indies nnd child, where there sre no other boarder! taken Address, with terms and lull particulars, BUTLER, box 1,040 Post office.New York. PlaTnField. n. j.?a few adults CAN FIND good Hoard and very pleasant Rooms In * first clan* lirute, five minutes Ikom the depot: a very desirable loca tion. Fall on or address Mrs. WM. II. NEAL, corner of Front St. and Fentrnl av. SUMMER BOARD AMONO THE BERKSHIRE Hills?The Berkshire House. Ureal Harrington, Mass., has been recently enlarged and offers superior attraction*In locality and accommodation* for summer guests Forre spondenes solicited. HARE A MARTIN, Proprietors. SI MMKII UKNOKTR. LARK HOUSE. CORN WALL." ON HFDS?)'n; N;'Y'. Hoard for the summer: house open Msy 1. J OBI AII U FLARK, Proprietor. c Forest house, budd'b lake. n. j ?opbni Jnne I. A. HROWNAON. formerly of Rldgefleld Park Hotel, M. J. Hamilton iiousk. btamkord, conn., open May 1; favorahle terms for May and June. L T. COX y.K.NS (formerly of Cossens' Wast 1 olnt Hotel) 149 Broad way.New York. HOTEL-RUTHERKUBD PARK. 33 MINUTER FROM New York, 30 rooms, new and eomplet*. for rent or sal*. K. K. STEWART, Wl Cedar ei. PAVILION HOUSE. RIVERSIDE. N. J.?OPENS MAT I: only lo miles from Philadelphia; nnnsnal facilities and accommodations for families. Address N. 8. READ, Riverside, N. J. RIDUF.FIK.LD PARK HOTEL. 10 MILES FROM city, will open lor guests May 15. Applications foi rooms made at hotel or 35 Oramercy place. FRANCIS IIOVET, Proprietor. ~ KINK ARTS, 3 fpo PIUTiji?E~BU YE&L ^ The Ooopil Oallery, 170 5th it, corner of 334 (1 Mam M. KNOF.DLKS * CO., neniun to Coupll A Co., respectfully hag to announce that they hare rearranged their galleries with a number of new and eery choice paint ings recently recelred, which, owing to tha latanaaa of tha season and an Intended anlargament of their sSore, thar ara prepared to offer at eery low prleoe, aad respectfully sellcit aa early lnapaatioa. Tha ganarlaa win ha open, free, aa aad after Monday, April 34, with aaw Pictures by Kwmmerar, Ptnehsrt, Munkarsy, Ploroat Williams, l-elnlr. f, ft Cmnte, In.ionl, Capohtanehl, Baagnlet, Keeoeare and aianr other*. PHOPONAIih. g*xnrweirr railway l anders era laritad far the parahaaa of aid traa Bade, da lira red aa follows:? Ahoat 7,000 tons aa Toronto, Sarnie, Detroit Jractlaa or Buffalo. About 1,000 teas at Montreal or Point Levi, Quebec. About 3,000 teas at Portland. Tha company has wharfage accommodatloa Ml by water at Toronto, Sarnie and Ponla^tM daitwsrtaa would ha mads commencing with May ? through the summer. Offers, stating the price per ton (nf 3.14" the.) aad the place of dellrory, will be received by tha andarslicnad ap It tha 15th May. JOSBPH niCKBOff. Gaaaral Managed Mtai?ii, April IS, Kit

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