Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1876, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1876 Page 10
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WASHINGTON. Prospects of the Aspirants for Nomi nation at St Louis. THE THREE MORE PROMT CANDIDATES. The Secret Service Fund Investigation tiro wing Interesting. FREEDMAN'S BANK FRAUDS. JUtouuding Developments Made Before the. Special Committee. FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT. Washington, April 23, 1870, 1HK PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION AT HT. LOUIS? CONDITION AND PROSPECTS OP TIIK MOKE PROMINENT CANDIDATES CONSIDERED?POS SIBILITIES TOR "THE ORRAT UNKNOWN '? PEERING OP DEMOCRATS REGARDING THEIR SUCCESS, Among the prominent democratic politician* hero the three Presidential candidates thought to have the hest chalices of tho nomination at St. l.ouis aro Gover nor Tllden, Senator Itayard and Judgo David Davis. J udge Davis is thought tormldablo l>y his strength in Illinois, Indiana. Tennessee and perhaps Missouri, und he Is believed lo have a jioverlul following In inauy other Western Stales. lie has no strength In the Fust, except in Pennsylvania, and not much In tho South. Governor Tildcu is sa d to havo a largo and rapidly Increasing strength in llio Southern Stales, Which, his lriends say, must lnivc a good deal of In hue net: in the Couvenllou, because the Southern Stales will all, or nearly all, go democratic In the elec tion. The Southern doiegates, it is clanuoU, will huvo therefore a right to make ihoir preference known and fell. Seuator DuyarU is on ull bunds acknowledged to be strong, with nearly all of Tildeu's strength, and lotno oi his own. "Hayard Is Tllden's heir," n shrewd domocrat said. ?'He bAs fewer bittor opponents in the parly than Tll den; ho could, belter tliau Mr. TUdsu, uuite tho dis cordant elements of Ills party in New York; he could carry as many voles in tho Southern States ss Tildcu, und probably more in tho West." Another leading democrat remarked:?"Bayard Is modes). 11 e Is not pushing himself nor does he allow his friends to do so. He bus won the estocm and gratitude of sonic of Mr. Tilden's strongest lriends by his atlltuJo toward their cundidalo, and ho is in a posi tion where the Tilden men, If they cuumit compass tho Governor's nomination, are most likely to fall buck on llu.vard and give lnni a hearty support." Mr. Hendricks' chances are hardly mentioned here now, though ho lias some warm admirers lu tho South ern Slates. Scnaior Tburman's strength has been in jured by an adroit suggestion lluug nut b ' tho Tilden men that the October election in Ohio Is very uncertain, and iliat if Thurmuu, an Ohio man, were nomiuated, and thereupon Ohio were lost lu October, this would he a latal blow to tho democratic side, whereas, II ihe cundidalo wero from soiuo other State than Ohio, the loss of that Stato in October would bo a mere Inci dent In the campaign. Hut this goes also against the lorn in allot: of Hendricks in Indiana, which also is uu incenaiu State. The Davis movement seems to galu itrcugih. There is no doubt a nenoral indisposition tniong leading democrat* to be dragged iuto unolhcr , Sreeley movement. '?Wo ought to nominate democrats on our ticket," I they sav; "good nu-o, i-latesmeu with known priu - ciplcs, ami appeal lo the couutry with these. Then if we are defeated we shah at any rate not be disorganized, tnd If we win we cull hope to uold the country." Hut an the other Laud niauy wise democrats say lhat the war leeiing is so strong in the Northern States and so rasily aroused by the efforts of demagogues that it j will bo difficult to elect a democrat; It will bo hard to conquer tho distrust of tho Northern people, and therefore it would be wisest to nominate a man like Judge Davis or ex-Senator Trumbull, In whoso past record and political associations thore is nothing to excite the prejudices or suspicious of Northern tolers. There is no doubt that this teeling, wolch is very gi-ueral aud growing, and which seems lo be strongest among Western and Southwestern men, jives Judge Davis a very good prospect. Nome of those who advocate lus nomln.ilion desire to see David A. Wells, of Connecticut, nominated as second ou the ticket, and say that Mr. Wells" woll known position on the currency ;.nd tariff (|itestton? and his ability would strengthen such a ticket with the country. There is. however, evidently a chance for an un known at St. IaiuIs, and It Is said here that Senator English, ol Connecticut, is quietly urged, and that he may even decline a renoir.liiat^oii for the United Stales senate, lu \ icw of llio possibilities at St. 1-outs. Among Ibe political gossip acre Is a rumor lhat the Tilden sien ure pushing Judge Davis forward as a tort of lumtuy, whom the> imagine they can withdraw in Mr. fildeu's favor at the proper liuio; but if they really .litbk thus, they are bluudering. Tho flavis move ment has a real base, aud is uot a shaui by any oicaus and if It were not for Judge Davis' relation in 1S72 t<> tne labor reform platform, with its unlimited greenbacks and other communistic ideas, lie would to-day be a very formidable candidate. It is ac knowledged. however, that the rc-ult at St. l.ouis de pends in a good degree upon ovents yet to come. At present the leading democrat* feel by no means certain of carrying lite Presidential election. They adinil that no one can foretell what the temper of the people will be in November, aod it is certain that the uotnliiatious made at Cincinnati w ill affect more or 1c s tho result at St. Louis. Mr. BLAINE TO REFUTE THE CHARGES MADE AOAIMBT IIIM IN THE HOUSE TO-DAT. Mr. Ulalno will to-morrow in tho House riso to a guesUon of privilege and make what is un derstood will be a very thorough refutation of tho rbarges which have lately been made against bun. Friends of his who are supposed to know what lie will ?jy assert that he will clear away by Irrefutable evi dence evtryiL tg lhat baa been said or even suggested and thai l?e ? *-ow that he bus iost no time m get t og toge-.ber n - '-stary proofs, snd, in conclusion, add ll]St cariLg b ? ? b-. i-' ier> :ce in Congress he bos done i otb L( tt-?t he needs to coi.eeal or be ashamed ol, aud re-jutr--* say one wbu has anything to say to the con. trary lo say it vpenly and let him meet the accusa tion. MOVEMENT FOB THE INVASTIG.'.TION OF FED ERAL OFFICEk* IN LOUISIANA. Mr. Gibson of Lou is. ana. will offer a resolution to mwrruw tor the appointment u! a committee to investi gate thoroughly ilio New Orleans Custom House and all the lideral officers in l-ouisiana. He hopes that his resolution will pass without objection, but if It (too* not It will be re erred to a committee, and at onee re ported hack, so ua to pass by a majority voto. There I* no doubt that such an investigation w H d.scios# many and great Irregularities and even crime*. The republicans iu Ibe House will hardly refuse an investi gation of o kind similar to lhat w hich the republicans IB tho Senate have just ordered lor Mississippi. Politic* in Louisiana?an old time contest ANTICIPATED- WHAT THE CITIZEN* OF THE STATE I>F.*IEE. The political movements In Louisiana are not very promising. It Is **'d tLat llie republican* will nontl uale a rmg ticket with Warmoth or 1.adding/ ?t the bead, nbd that the democrats arc likely to nominate ruber McKnery or Wilta This would mako a canvass In which tho orderly people of the State would take no Iwietrst. It h*" hern proposed by the hvttsr kind of republicans lo nominate General Hu**y for Governor. Be is a Northern man, mere nan I and planter, <Jrj p.puhir in New Orleans and among t.lio b. at IE the State, and it I* thought Hint if the republi can* plarH htm *t the head of their ticket, with good men for tba other piece*, they might carry the State. The great body of th* people M Louisiana want pesce and ddiet ? renaonnbly honest government, nnd mg ahohl phliUc* than thnv do to *nt rid ol thieves and unust men In offi?o. If tho democrats are wine enough to make their ticket of moderate men and leave out the extremist* they could easily carry the State, tut they are not good politician*, uud there^loea not seem to be much reason to hope that they will use their opportunity. Louisiana politics in both parties are loo touch under tho control ul extreme men. FROM OUR REGULAR CORRESPONDENT, j WautiuiGTOX, April 23, 1876. JOnN I. DAVENPORT GETTING NERVOUS BEFORE THE COMMITTEE -BIS MUCH LAUDED PLAN OF SUPPRESSION FOUND IN THE STATUTE? CERTAIN FEES AS YET UNACCOUNTED 1 OR. It Is said by one of tlw Committee on Expenditures in the Department of Justice that the appearance of Davenport at Ins lost examination was quite nervous, and ihut he was no: it a clear In his answers to questions propounded bv members of the committee. He diluted at great length on the Iruuds existing in New York city daring the Tweed riyiinr, but when interrogated parti cular y concerning matters since that time he was forced to udtull tliut few or no frauds had boen per petrated. As to his claim to the plan or invention to prevent Iruuds in clectious, be was shown tho clecliou laws ol New York lor 1872.und interrogated whether Hint stntute did not embrace the irderul plan lor which he claimed auch credit, and was compelled to admit tliat such was the case. Attention ts called to the fact that Davenport has not accounted, satisfactorily at least, for tho moneys ho re ceived in the slmpo of foes m his eovoral otliees of hujicrvisor una Commissioner. There Is a balance of $10,OUO or $12.0d0 for the disposal of which it fuller ex planation is required. This matter will doubtless he inquired into bj the cotnmitteo ul his re-examination during the course of the weok. THE MICHIGAN SENATORSHIP?A THREE-SIDED CONTEST FOR THE 8UCCE.HSORSIIIP TO SEN ATOR FERRY?A BATTLE OF FINANCIAL TITANS. Governor Hngloy, of Michigan, Is Iti Washington lor the purpose, it is conjectured, of discussing with his friends in the Michigan delegation in Congress tho chances of his election to the I'tilled States Senate next w titer. His presence here reveals the existence of a three sided contest for the succcssiou to Senator Ferry, whoso term will exptro on tho 4ib of March next. Senator Ferry Is a candidate for re-election, but his claims will bo contested by Gover nor liaglcy, wbilo both of Iheso gentlemen will lu turn have to dispute the ground with Mr. /ach Chandler, Secretary of the Interior. Governor Hagloy is very rich, being a rival tu this respect of Secretary Chand ler, and Senator Ferry is also a wealthy man, so that the sinews ot war will not be wanting to make the (all nominations in Michigan and tho succeeding strugglo lu tnc Legislature a most lively campaign. AN AMUSING BLUNDER BY AN INTERIOR JOUR NALIST?SENATOR THURMAN CHARGED WITH THE SINS OF ANOTHER. What is In u name bus been forcibly Illustrated In the case or Senator Thurman, tu i-oniiectlon with tho Presi dential candidacy. Uno of his frieuds brought in a copy of ono of the journals in the interior, In which, lu double-leaded lilies, he was charged as having been louud guilty by an investigating committee of scllicg cudclships and olllces in the departments. The accusa tions were made against Mr. Purman, Representative train Florida, orginully before a Congressional com mittee; hut, by some strnogo mutatiou, tho jouruul in question double leaded tho news as cororing charges acalust Senator Thurmau as ouc of tho democratic can didates for President, and ho was thus charged with the alleged ollonces of another. It was amusiug to see tho vetcrun statesman walk Into the library of ex-Governor McCortnick, his son-m-law, and, speaking about it play lully, ask him to have It corrected by a contradicting publication in tho press, lie said jocosely:? "I am had enough in the Lord's view, but I don't want to be charged with sins I an* not guilty ot THE MISCHIEF OF DI8PLAC1NO THE COLORED REPRESENTATIVE FROM FLORIDA. The unseating of Walls, the colored republican Con- 1 gressmau lrom Florida, has revived the hopes of the j republicans of carrying that State for their candidates I lor Governor aud President. Tbo lavisn professions of lrtendship for the negro on tho part of the democrats of tho State will be regarded sceptically by the negro 1 when he ltnds his reprrsootatlvo in Congress ejected, ; justly or unjustly. Tho concessions lu Jore. Haralson's | case In Alabama will hardly counteract the mischief of Wall's displacement. CARELESSNESS OF THE COMMITTEES Hi TUB TREATMENT OF OFFICIAL BECOUD8. The fact that the ofUctal records of tho Executive Department of the government, when taken to the Capitol in aucwor to tho subpoenas and requests ot the coinmittcos, have boon suffered to remain in the com mittee rooms over night without proper care or have been entrusted to tbe custody of irresponsible clerks, was ihesubjoct ol discussion at tbo Cabinet meeting day ; bclore yesterday, uud a decision arrived at that tbo com- \ mluoes ought to accept certified copies of such records, I and when they found it convenient and not prejudicial to ' the tntorcsts of llio public service to inspect tho books of tho departmental the department olU,cs. THE MARY MEBBITT SCANDAL SECRETARY j BR1STOW TO APPEAR BEFORE THE COMMITTEE. The Cotnmitteo on Expenditures of the Treasury Department will opcu their batteries to-morrow at tan n'clock, when tho Secretary of the Treasury appears beloru theiu for a heat ing as to the alleged irregular practices involved in the release ol the libelled bark Mary Merrill. GENERAL WASHINGTON DESPATCHES. WaauixoTo*, April 23, 1878. THE FREEDMANS BANK?FRAUDS UNEARTHED BY THE SELECT COMMITTEE?HOW THE MONEY I OP THE WARDS OF THE NATION WAS SQUAN DERED?FINANCIAL OPERATIONS OF PSEUDO | PHILANTHROPISTS. Tie testimony taken secretly by the select com mittee or investigation of the Frcedmon's Savings and Trust Company wus today made public The Investi gation was coinmeu' ed on the 17th uay of January, and the flrxt witness who testified was ex-Postmaster Hen 1 oral Creswetl, one of the Commissioners lor closlug the all airs of the company, which waa largely insolvent, the indebtedness t elng over $3,000,000, and ho loared thev would not be able to realizo more than forty pap cent Irotu the assets, a largo amount of the personal securities a; pcariug to be worthlesa. Mr. Sperry, the Inspector of the Kteedman'a Bank, testified to many discrepancies, one of $-0,000, and that by the employment of additional ex|>ert lorce they were never able to reduce this dlfieronce below $40,000; nothing was know n of the pecuniary responsibility of William J. Wilson and Thomas 8. Boston while dls charging their respective duties aa officer* of tho Wash ington branch, nor was anything kuowu about Wil ton's bond, but Boston's bond was for $3,000, and signed by General O. (>. Howard; no proceeding was instituted by tbe actuary or any olllccr or officers ol the bank to recover from Wilson and Button the de latencies appearing in tlictr accounts as managers of the Washington branch. Much other testimony Is given to snow the ignorant, reck,ess and dishonest management of the bank and Its branches. A new feature in tbe Nencca Stone Company was found. It ap;>ears that the first loan to it was $36,o* 0 and that was paid, ao fur at the books show. About that t uie a loan of $60,000 was made to Hallet Kil bourn and John o. Evan*. Among the collaterals was $76. uu) of tbe Seneca 8 one Company's bonds, but there w<-re other collaterals to make it pecuniarily a good loan. The note for $60,000 did not mature for a year. When It did mature and was not paid the actuary, Colonel Eato*, demanded payment, when tbe parties produced a secret agreement, of which the following is a copy;?, Wa.sIiniitm, D. 0., Nov. 16, 1873 Received of the Aetunrv ol tbe Freedmau s Sa"ings and I'ruet Company the within mentioned securities, with exception of the $76,000 hoida of tho Maryland Freestone Manufacturing and Mining Company,' with the understanding that our note lor ?60,0uu is to be re turned to us ou or before the l*th inst. HaLLKf KlI.BOl'R.V. JOHN O. EV ANS. The actoary was threatened by tbese parties with ?, and, alter some wrangling, he tlnally gave up the note and other papers and retained tbe worthless Seneca bonds. The real nature ol tbe transaction waa tho payment of an old loan by .he new one, and a secret sale of the bonds of the Seneca Stone Company to tbe Freedman's Bank. The secret agreement waa made by a majority of tbe Finance Committee?Che sum. i utile and liuatusstoa. Colonel Saioa bold i $4,000 of the Seneca Stone Company** stock, while he acted as actuary of the bank. It upp< ur? from the testimony that a hard working colored man named John Watkiu* dc|H>*ited nearly $1,000, and out ofthat Boston, who was tho receiving teller at the time, drew $1,050 on lorgcd notes, and Wilson, tlio late oaalner, indorsed two of thorn The bank loaned $33,000 to the Young Men's Chris tlan Joint Stock Company. Tbe Young Men'* Christian A-co< lation owns about $15,0*MJ worth of tbo stock out of I'JOO.OOO worth issued lor the building, which, with the exception above stated, was hold by different par ties. A mortgage, or deed of trust, was given to secure the loan on the property ot the Young Men'* Christian Association. At the time tbo loan wa* mad* it was supposed to be good, aud it would have been good if the tttlo had boeu good. Thi* was ihe testimony of (!. W. Stickle))-, who succeeded Colonol Katon as actuary. > C. B Purvis gave the following tostlnionj-:? Q. Do you know uuytbitig of a transaction between Stickney and ? man named Boyle* A Alty Jay Cooke & Co. (ailed we had in our bank $650,000 ol cur rency sixes aud other bonds, amounting altogether to over $500,000; loaned the run made upon us we had to sell our bonds; tlio trustees met every two or three days and authorized the executive oltleers of tlio bank, the president, with his actuary, to sell bonds, $100,0UJ or so, ut u time; the president went to Sew Y ork to sell somo of the bonds, aud, It seems, without any authority whatever, Mr. Stickney sent Mr. Boyle to Baltimore to sell some of the bonds; this 1 bavc only got lrout our inspector, Mr. Sperry; It wus hard to sell these bonds because they were of $1,C00 denomination; if they had been $100 bonds we could have sold them readily; afterward my father licked me in regard to a loan to Boyle, and I told hitn that wo had never made any such loan; on Inquiring Into it I found that Mr. Slicicney, even wbun wo were in such u state in the bank that we had sold every bond except $500, simply on the pretext that Boyle had done Ihe batik good service had loaned him $21,000, on which we hud no security; on the strength of that I called the trustees together for the purpose of asking them to remove Mr. Sticaney from the trusteeship, which he had acquired under the law of June, 1870; 1 there mentioned the mutter, and Mr. l.eipold contradicted my statement ttiat Stickney had loaned the money in the way 1 have mentioned, but he made this extraordi nary statement, that Mr. Boyle had sold bonds for the bauk at different times, and that every time he had retained some of the mouey, so. that in tbe aggre gate he owod the bank the utnounl of $21,000. and that then, to cover up the transaction, Stickney took this note' from hitn, but put tl In lh* shape ol a loan. Boyle has never rendered any account to tlio liank of the amount of bonds that were put into hi* hands by gtlckney. Of that transaction, howevor, none of th* bank officers proper except Stickney bud any knowl edge. Q. This note of Boyle's, according to Mr. Lelpold's statement, wus given by Boyle to the bunk? A. Y es. y. And Stickney took security for it on a house and lot* A. I believe ho afterward got security on a whole row oi unfinished housos, which houses were encum bered by various kinds of liens, and which houses have been sold since and purchased by Mr. Stickney; the bank nevor roalizod a dollar out of that $21,000 loan and never will. q. Wus there not another loan mad* on representa tions or Mr. Alexander R. Shepherd t A. It appears In the report ortho Commissioners that Mr. Vandcnburgh owes a largo amount; these loans never came directly beloro the Board of Trustees, or, at least, a very lew or them did; the Actuary, in reading hi* report to the Board, wirtild say, "City securities (naming the class), so much investod;" some members of tbe Kinanco committee. Including Moses Kelly, Ihe Sinking Fund Commissioner, wero very earnest in the defence of these securities, and Mr. Kelly Invested largely In that kind of security for his own bauk?the National Bank of the Metropolis;! wis very much opposed to It, as 1 was opposed to everything connected with the Board ol Dublin Works; Mr. Stickney stayed at my house, and, talkiug with me one day, he said be had never done a wrong thing In the bank except lotting Vsndenburglt have a largo sum of money one night; 1 asked him how much; 1 think ho said $30,000; that perlectly astonished me, so 1 "went Into ' him and questioned him very closely, thinking that I would have occasion to recollect It and use It; he said that Vandenburgh came to him wanting sotne money to pay off hit hands that night, and that Shepherd said "Vandenburgh's accounts aro approved(this was on Saturday night); ?'I will pay you on Monday if you lot him have the money;" Stickney said that ho would let him have the money,' and he did let him have It; afterward he went day alter day to see Mr. Shepherd and could uot see hitn; when he did sco him Mr. Shepherd was more forciblo than polite, and told bun that l>o was in a damned hurry to get that money; subso. quently Mr, Shepherd said to him, "If you do business iu that kind of a looso way you are a damned fool," and that he told the truth; tins Is what Mr. Stickney soys about the mutter, and 1 presume he t* to be be lieved on thet point. Q. Who is tlio solicitor of the Commission f A. Mr. F.noch Totlcn; all hough Mr. I.etpold's n .me appears on tho docket as associated with hira in these bank cases, ho never appears in the courts in these suits. Q Then he and Totlcn are associated professionally t A. Ye*, sir. Q. Did not Mr. Totten make a collodion for the bank and oiler tul Mr. l.eipold half of his feet A. I cau only answer that In this way:?Mr. Spcrry came and told me that Mr. l.eipold catno to htm und said, -Totten has otlereu me so much money (1 think $700, or half of what he received), had 1 belter take Itf" "No." said Bperry *-you must not take tt;" Lcipold came <to him subsequently and said that ne did uot tako It, but after thai his name appears with Toiten's; rtperry can swear to these facts; tho only hesitation I have in making this statement is that l.eipold is rather a vindictive man and as Mr. Bjerry is a very poor man I-etpold might remove him; in fnct he has been wanting to re move btin ever since he told him about tins oiler. It further appears that l.eipold sought to buy the bauk books of depositors, after the bank's failure, at a nominal llgurc aud prnctise as an attorney. He tinted to Purvl* that he could then make more money than tbe salary he received as commissioner. As the settle ment of the affairs ol the institution Is practically in tbe hands of Mr. I.e pold. an effort Is being made to have hiro removed, and hence the proposition in the House yesterday, offered by Mr. Bradford, a member of tbo investigating Committee. requiring and authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to a|fiiolDt, w ithout unneces sary delay, a good and conitieieut man to tako chorg* of and wind up the aCairs of the Frcodmon's Savings und Trust Company. During ihe exlstenco of the Kreedmcn's Back from $60,000,000 to $60,000,000 passed through the principal bank and Its branches. The committee say the failure was from bad manage ment. and the frauds began at the comiuencotucut and continued to the end. UNFOUNDED CHARGES AOA1N8T THE DOOR KKEPER OF THE HOUSE OF r.EPRESENTA TIVK8. Charges of arson against Colonel Klizhugh, door keeper of the House ol Representatives, nre revived both privately aud iu prluL Two indictments were found against him in Kentucky in 1871, alleging nrson, but he was promptly acquitted in both ruses, which were gotten up, as gentlemen ol tho h.ghest respectability assert, either through msllce or under misapprehen sion of the facta Another charge against Colonel Fiutiu'gh is that of attempted bribery while he lived in Texas la?t year. This is as equally without foundation as the Orst. Colonel Fitzhugb has sent forortlcial docu ments and other prools which will show Ins ettiir* luuo ceuce ol the imputed crimes, and. if it shall ap|H?*r to be necessary, ho will ask for the fullest investigation by a committee of the House. TUB ISVKBTIOATIONW ?A PROPOSITION TO CON DUCT THBM WITH OPEN DOORS A resolution has boon prepared by a republican member of tbe Houso to bo oilered toward proposing thai the investigations now in progress shall bo con ducted with open doors. Some democrat* are in lavor of ?uch a measure, as, under the present close arrange ment, there la no (air opportunity to present the plain facts to the country, as one soled statements only ?r* procursive sometimes, s x >r seven of the curamutMs perm it tea representatives of vbw press to be present at the examination*. A DINNER B* THE CENTENNIAL COMMISSIONER OF GBBAT BRITAIN. Sir Edward Thornton, who it accredited as the apo dal commissioner from Ureal Britain to tha Interna tional Exhibition, will give a dinner at Si. George's Hall. In Philadelphia, on the 11th of May. nt which tha commissioners irom other countries and prominent ?vnuemen from our own will ba present TtlE HOUSTON' SHIP CHANNEL. H?ii ?tox, Tcxr*. April 23. 1870. The success of the Houston *htp channel, upon which Morgan's dredging haul h&a Ihx-ii engaged for eighteen months. has been practically demonstrated. The atcauubip Clinton, frotn Morgan City. I.a.. drawing nine ami a half leel of wuler, arrived on Friday, the eighty hrst birthday of Morgan, at tbu snip rliuiiucl wharves, six miles below Houston, front winch point Morgan la building a double track initiator rail mad, so as to open the ship channel con nection from Sew York and New Orleans, through to Houston, in the next ninety days. The Clinton cainu by thu direct route from the (iuif of Mexico via Bolivar channel uuu the I'uncd Stales government nhip chan nel completed through Ked Fifh liar. THE CODE DUELLO. Uktmi kiikii, Pa., April 23, 1878. A long alanding (cud between two young student* of this place resulted In a duel this morning. The weapons were swords, and the meeting took place in the drivini; park at Hittersville, at five A. M. Belorn any blood was shed, however, a special officer ap peared, causing the principals and seconds to decamp. The names ol the parties could uot be uscerunned. No arrests. SHIPPING NEWS OCEAN STEAMERS. DATBS OF DXPAKTL'RKH FROM .NSW TURK FOB TUS MONTHS Or APRIL AND MAY. Stoti?*r. | .Subs. I Utttiiinihtn. I Ofioc. Nevada Si. i.aoreot. Greece Abvasmie P Caland Poiuno-rania Adriatic Italy Alsttla. Weaer... Prance Wisconsin. Russia. 'iwilia IM State at Virginia. Put at Clie.tar... Baltic Aochoria......... Mosrl Sevthia..... Lauinr * A Scbolteu.... City ol Richmond Egypt...... California Ib.nau Wyoming April 25. A|>ri 123. Aprl, 2rt April 2*. April 27 April *7. April JIL april2U. April 39. April ffil. May May 2. May a. Liverpool.. 12H Hreadwav Havre...... I.'dt hroadwav W State of Indian; Germanic Ft lain City ?>f Merlin. Loudon Liverpool. Rotterdam Hamburg Liverpool.. Liverpool. (?laavow.. Kronen... Havre Liverpool. Liverpool.. Hamburg Mav 4.|Gliseow. VI av uy H. Liverpool. Liverpool.. Gloaruw.... Bremen.... Liverpool.. Kin.dure. Rotterdam Liverpool.. Liverpool.. Glasgow Bremen... Liverpool.. ILiitiltiirs. (llnsLtiw... Liverpool.. Humour*.. I.lverti Lb Hroadwav. 4 Mowlitur tireea ."><> Hroanway HI Hroadway 37 Broadway Ht? Hroadwav 7 Howling Greea 2 Howling Green hft Hruailway 29 Hroadwav 4 Howling Green dl broadway 72 Hroadway ).. Broadway .17 Hroadwav 7 Howling i ireen 2 Howling (ireen 4 Howling Green 01 Hroadway .10 Broadway !.*? Hroadwav HI) Broadway 7 Howling Green 2 Bowling Grana 2B Broadway Hroadwav 72 Hroadway 37 Hroadway ul Hroadway 15 llr.i May 11. Mav H. May 10. May 11 Mav 11. May Id. May 13. May 13. May 13 May is. May IS. Mar 1". May 20. May 2ft. May 27. The Ouyen I Mav 27.(Liverpool..!<?> Hroadway City of Chester....Uuu# 10.iLiverpool ..i 13 Broadway asrxoTrcK to captains op vessels in tite COASTING KERVrPK?Captaint or ottlcera of vessels on any of onreootta who observe the dlaplocement or removal of any of the sea buoyt are requested to communicate the tact to the Hbiuld, In order that the matter may be pub licly brought to the attention of the proper authorities. A letter addressed to the Hkralp, giving the number and position ol the buoy and tho extent of the displacement. la all that is necessary. OS-NOTICE TO CAPTAINS OP VESSELS ENTERINO THE PORT OF NEW YORK AT NIGHT.-The Saw Yorr 11 kkalp has adopted a distinguishing Cm ton night signal for me on board the IIkkald steam yaelit. showing while burn ing the colors red. green, red. changiugfruni one to the other iu succession, and can be seen several miles distant. Cap tains of vessels, upon reolug this signal, will oblige us by preparing any marine news they may have for the Ship News Department of the HikaLD Kj-Persons desirous of communicating with vessels arriv ing at New York can do so by addressing to such vessels, care nfllaii.o.D news yacht, pier No. 1 East River. New York. Letters received from all parts of the world and promptly de livered. Dupllcatei are required. ALMANAC FOR NEW YORK?THIS DAY. *uk and moos. | man water. Pun rues 5 09 | Got. Island.' evo 8 "6 Pun sets 6 49 i Sandy Hook eve * 50 Moon sets eve J Hell time. ovo 10 20 PORT OF NEW YORK, APRIL 23, 1876. abeivals. RsroRTSD bt rnr niRALD rtkam taohts asd bbrald WHITK8TOXK TKLKORAPH LINK. Steamer Wisconsin (Br). Freeman, Liverpool April 12 vis Quecnstowu 13th, with titdso and passengers to tt illiama A i Onion. Steamer Weser (tier), De Llmon, Bremen April 8 via : Southampton Uth.wlth mdae and 500 passenger* to Oel, ' rtrha A IV April 22, off Nantucket. passed au English ahlp showing LMIM", bound W; '.'3d. 1:15 AM. off Montauk, passed steamer Main (Gcr), hence tor Bremen; same day, giHiirilan English ateamer showing lore and aft one blue lie hi and amidships una red light. bound K. Steamer Canimu (Br). Llddicoat, Kerniuda April 20, with ' md??i and passengers to A K Onterbridge. Steamer Wyanoke, Couch, Richmond. I'ilv Point and Nor folk, with mdae and passengers to the Old Dominion Steum sbiu Co Mourner Lancaster. Winnett, Philadelphia, with coal to the Reading Railroad Co. Sliin Lord Canning lof Liverpool), Bcatty, Calcutta .Ian 7, witii tndse to Ralli Bros; retool to Harclay ,t Livingston. l*a>?cd I'ape of tiooil Hope Kelt 8 and crossed the Kuuator Match 22. in Ion 25; bal light SK trades: Jan 27, lat 17 S, Ion Ho I K, spoke bark Kareuna (Fr). partly d>siua*ted In a hurricane several days previous; Feb 21. eff Algoa Bay, ?poke bark Ceo Croashaw (llr?. from Singapore for London; 29th, off Cape of Hood Hope, ship Alexandria (Br), from Hong Kong lor London. 57 days out. ship Joint Bertram (Nori, Koed. London 32 days In bal laat to order. Had strong N and NW gales to the Banks; trom tnence IS dare, with calms and light wind*. Hark Ceylon (of London), Reynolds. L'otiu July 20, Alcoa Bay Fob -U and St Helena March 8, with augur and hemp to il G Moring. Passed Cape of Good Hope Ken 2t. and croaaed tlie Equator March 21, in londl 17; Oct i?. off Cape St Frauds, bad a succession of heavy W autl NW gales. which lasted :t days; lost and split aalis. stdpped great irks and i quantities of water, lost boats, stove bulwarks and main ? deck; put into Algna Hay Oct 13, with 5 fret of water in hold. of Y armoiitn. NS). Cant, Queeinstown Hark *' K Heard tof ' via Delaware Breakwater 46 diva. In ballast to J W blwe.l A Co. Bark Che?tim Redman. Redman, Catdenas 9 <i.ivi. with Sugar to De tia-tro ,t Dotnier veas-1 to J H Winchester A Co. April 20. lat 34 15, lou 74 40, passed schr "Elleu Lilt," steering south. liark Hancock (of Boston). King. Vataniae 10days, with sugar to Youngs, Smith ,t Co : vessel to Miller A Houghton. Brig Attn KHiabeib (of Bovtou), Hurgess. Msvagues. PR, 18 days, witii sugar to order; ve-svl to Mtow A Borers* Brig Wtillaw PhtillDs. Br.,atberg. Aug Caves, 21 daya, with logwood. Ac, to A Noonau; veisel to Youngs, Braitu A Co Hrlg Hyperioa (of Portland), Clark, Mntantas 9 daya. rtrtg tiyprriuo vv>, . ran,,.,,,, v with sugar to Haveraeyer A KM or; vessel to Brett, Hon A t o. Hrlg D S Soole (of Portland). Soule. Malansaa via Dela ware Breakwaterdava. w:tli molagtea to S A W Welsh; vessel to J II Winchester A Co. Schr Mary A Harmon iof t.ubec', Mablman Cardensa 9 tiats, with sugar to Jed Krve A Co. April 14, 1st 28, Inn 79 3d. David Lluiherg. sestitun. a native of Sweden, was knocked overboard by the malnboom and drowiwd; 2uth. hail a heavy NW gale, nnd lost and split sails. Schr Kva J Smith of Homer's Point, h'J), Saunders, 8 ago a 9 davs, with sugar to order. Schr Lixsie Leo cot l.anteiiini. Stubba, Uaraeoa 10 days, Willi fruit to I Madge; vessel to I It Maples, Scltr Lucy D. Ilsudy. Richmond, Va. Schr V. A LCorderv. Hicbee. N..r)olk, Sclir William A James, Terry, Virginia. ?? Schr Joi n il Chaffee. Brewer, Virginia for New Haven. Schr J M Carter, Carter. Uowdoinham, Ma, 3 daya, with Ice to the Consumers Ice Co. PASSED THKOl'GU HELL GATE. BOUND 80UTH. Steamer City of Fltchburg, Springer, New Bedford for New York. Steamer Klectra. Yenng. Providence for New York. Steamer Albatross, Davis. Kal' River lor New Yora. _ M'tvr W A 11 Wortherspuuu (Br,, Pettis, Wtudsor, NS, for New York. Schr Mary C Arnold, Arnold. New Haven for New York Schr KIL* H Coffin, Cole, Portland, Mr, tor New York (see Miscellany). schr Jennie B Thomas, Thomas. Portland for Now York, Schr Herald of the Morning, Rogers, Gloucester for New York. schr Eastern (joern, tllaser, (ilouceiter for New York. Schr Amy Dixon, Uisot, Dennis lor New York. Bcbr.I H Perk,il-. Egbert, Gloucester lor Ned York. Schr Dwiglit Davidson, Freeman, New Haven for New York. 8cOS liattle Long, Allen. Providence for New York. Hchr I. S Hatch. Day, Providence lor New York. Schr Marv A Hamilton. Brown. New llavcu for New York. Schr W W Brainard, Portland. Ct. for New York. Sihr N H Skinner. Thrasher. Kennebeek for New York. Schr (ir. eo Cuming. Hamilton, Portland 'or New Yora, Schr J II Bartlett, Boston ior New Yora So r Llllle Ernestnt#, well?. Mystlr for New York. Schr Marcena Miinson, Dayton, Purl .leffersoa for New York schr R II Clark. Ken gar, Westerly for New York. Scltr Texas, Smith, Pros idence lor Now York Sclir Krat.pes C Smith. Smith, Providence ior New York. Schr fc II Hrasot. May nor, Providence tor NewYork. fieur Geo A Pierce. Kelly. tlloncevter for New Yora. An unknown brig for the southward is at auehor in Unrt ? Island Roads. BOUND, EAST. Schr Tusso (Fr), 8wksr4, New Yora for St Johns, N'F. Sclir Harriet Kiiller. Duke, New York fot Huston. Schr it 1. Adamv, Uobitis, South Anibov tor Buvton. scltr Julia A Heckle, Andereois. I'hilailelpbia lor New Ha ven Schr Mary E Gage, Smith. Philadelohia for Boston. Schr Martha P King, Jarvis, Washington, KJ, for West erly schr Enisle Bell, Kelly. New York for Dennis. Sclir Isle of l'lne?, Legg. Port Jonnxin for Pawtneksv Schr Calista, Witkiun, New York lor New Bedford Sclir Nettle B Dobbins, Dubbins, Newcaatls, Del, lor W areham. Schr Dr Franklin, Howard, New York for Warcham. Scl r Was Mct'obb. Rogrr*. New York lor Norwich. Schr Maria I'ieuting. W illiaint. Port Johnson for Norwich. Scltr Louis Walsh. smith, New Yora ior Providence. (Iriir A I. Wilder. French, New York ior Bangor. Schr I'nion. Stevens, Port Johnson for Snleui. Wind at sunset. S: at midnight. NK Barometer at sunset. 3D; at luPM.3YI(X MARITIME MISCELLANY. Srvaskn II argues (Br . Mark well, for Liverpool, while hauling out of bcr dock at Martin's stores, Brooklyn, yesier d?v morning, ai i) o clock. >a carried by (lie tide with such force agaiast '.he pier above as to seriously damage two of the (dales on the port side very seriously, winch wiil neces sitate the taking out of a portion of the cargo and detain her several daya to repair the damage. Scita Dictator fisherman), of Harwich, pal into Newport 23d inat, with Jihboooi gone. sfcnit OlsUtrss, Reed. (Yum Hammond's Hnrhor, Ma. with lea, for .Now York, pnt into Newport 234 last, leaking 6?*< stroke* o?r hoar. Vinkmlo kid oat to repal* the Uak ixlore iiruwnllui. St 11H Klui H Corn*. Cole, from Main*. before reported In collision with brig tVinfleld. arrived here yesterday Sho h*d bowsprit, beadmar and ail bar fora rtKiting carried away. Sche Sanholphon, from Rockport for Roanoke Island, MC. before reported aahore at II uter i. Inlet and mibta <iuently gotten off and toarod to Siuuhville. NO. arrived at Norfolk April 3 in tow. and will go on tbe ways for repairs. She liad about SO ton. of ice left from her cargo, ? bich waa disposed of at Norfolk at private aale. UnnnUUK on I.nau Island?Two hsudsione new sloops for T P Price, to lie employed In bla Ashing bualnraa. Iiavc just been completed ut Meaart Jarkaon X Matthews' yard, tireenport?one of 12.'17 and the other ol II.AS tone, new meeeurement. Work ou the new veaeel bnlldlns In Mr lland'a yard at Retauket la Kolng rapidly forwanf and ahe ia neariug com pletion. Ou the IdKshlp In Mr Buylea' yard, work baa been temporarily atopoed. At Port Jefferson, Win K Hunt haa laid the keel of n amall ateaiuhoat lor Conn rotten t part lea. The new schooner In tbe yard of J M Baylea 4 Sou la uearty re toy tor launrhiug. Ninna ilping?At Rear Hoiton Me str* Smith A To?n*tf?<l h*v?* in fratut* * fthlp or 17U0 lout, which they art? hulMint? fut Me*ir* lleury II tuting* A Co. Her model U nearly the tame ft* that of the North American, tttri to l>e one of the thipt tinder <>up She wet built by the tame builders and is owned by the same owner* as the new ship. LatrNCHPO?At South Bristol 14th inn. from the yard of A A M damage, a splendid fishing schooner of ahi?m 43 tons minted Freeman Colgate, built for Jordan A Blake, of Portland, and to he commanded by Captain Hickford. She is now fittiuc fur sea. NOTICE TO MARINERS. The buoy la gone from tha South point of Goat Island, Newport harbor. ESTABLISH NEXT OP A LIGHT OS TUB 1BEAKVATKB AT ALEX ANDRIA, KUTPT. From the l?t of April. 1*76. a Hxed red light will be e? From the lat or April. 1S7H. a nxed red light will ne ea tablllhed at the SW extremity of the breakwater at the en trance of tha port of Alexandria, and tbe Routing light will be removed. The tiev light will be visible at a distance of 3 uiilea. SPOKEN. Ship James Bolt (Br), from Shields for San Francisco, April lat 47 03 V. Ion 13 .VI W. ship Sir Robt Pael, Larrabee. from London for New York, April 6. 60 miles Sit of Sctlly. ship Jean Ingelow. Tsutou, from Liverpool for Calcutta, no data, off North Arklow. Ship Duitberg (Uer), iloljea, from Rremen for Naw York, March 37. lat 4b. Ion 30. Bark huropa (Liar), Bruckman, from Bremen for New York, April 3. Ut 4M, Ion 13 ?"kZeV"r 'Br'- from Whitby tor New Orleans. March 31.1, lat 4i, Ion 0 Mi. Hark Evening Star (Br), from New York for Anjer. no date, lat 3.i S. Ion 33 W. . " !\r^ Vu^"? ? Bteffene. from Bremeu for New York, April 1, lat 46, Ion 16. NOTICE TO MERCHANTS AND CAPTAINS Merchants, shipping agents and shipmasters are Informed that by telegraphing to tha Mbkalp London Burenn, ad dressing "Bennett, No 46 Float street, Lundou," or to tha Paria office, addressing "Bennett. 61 Avenua da I'Opern. Paris," the arrivals at aod departures from European aud Eastern porta of American and all iorelgn vessels trading with the United States, the tame will be oabled to thle conntry free of charge. Captains arriving at and tailing from French and Medi terranean ports will flad the Paris office the more economical aad expeditious for telegraphing news OUR CABLE SHIPPING NEWS. Antwerp. April 33?Arrived, ship Dranastl Dubrovaeki (Aus). Podieh, Philadelphia: bark George M Barnard, Ber ry. do; Vincenm Ualalola (Ital). Masello, New Orleans. Bristol. April 33?Arrived, hark Chebucto (Br;. Lau rence, New York. Arrived 23d. bark Helen Angler, Staples, New York. Birkenhead, April 33?Arrived, bark Julias (Oer), Frenck, Wilmington. NO. Bkrgem, to April 33?Arrived, shine Ptoteetor (Nor), Falch. Pensacola; Garibaldi (Nor), Kavensborg, do. Bbkhen, April 33?Arrived, ships Humboldt (Ger), Cor. ton. New York; Uhtand (Ger). Janssen. New Orleane; bark Auna (Ger), Samme. Pensacola. Buiia, about April 13?Sailed, steamer John Bramall (Br), Newington. New York. CorKNUAGKH. to April 22?Arrived, bark llirigo. Staples, Batavia viiwFalraonth. Deal, April 32?Sailed, echr Jacob M Haskell, Crowell (from London), Boston. Dovkii. April 22?Arrived, bark New York (Nor), Soren seu, Pensacola for London. Daktzic, April 21?Arrived, bark Syra, Corning. Balti more. Et.MNonx, to April S3?Arrived, ships Elisabeth Hamil ton, Stewart. Savannah for Kcvat; Annie M Law (Br), Hil ton, New Orleans for do; Bessie Crosby (Br). Trefry, New York for do; Tlios Lord, Hall, New Orleans for do; barks Gentoo, Staples, New York for do; Graco E Cann (Br). Shel drake. .Mobile fordo: Kate Canu (Br). Smith. Suvannan for Cronstadt; schrMattie W At wood, Keweomb, New Orleans for Keval. IIaxbi-rg. April 31?Arrived, ehlp Joseph Clark, Park, Lohos via Qneenstown. IIeltoet, April 22?Arrived, bark Colambas(Oar), Ihlder, Baltimore tor Rotterdnm. I.ivERrooL. April 33?Sailed, brig Edaa M Gregory (Br), Penery. 8t John, NB (not Galveston). Lizard. April 23?Arrived off. steamer Donatl (Br), Qal ger. front New York for Havre; bark (Jnicketep, Chgae, Point Lobot for orders. Leghorn, to April 21?Arrived, tchr T J Lancaster, Una. ter, Valencia. Sailed to 21st. steamer Italia (Br). Craig, New York. Malaga, to April 22?Sailed, steamer Emblehopa (Br), for New York. Qt'EKNSTOWN, April 22?Arrived, ship R B Fuller, GUmore, San Krancisrn. Arrived 23d, 7.30 PM, steamer Germanic (Br), Kennedy, New York for Liverpool (and proceaded). Tkxrl, April 23?Arrived, bark Industrie (Gar), Ililken, Baltimore for Amsterdam. Valencia, April 31?Sailed, steamer Alexandria (Br), Ma Kay, New York. FOREIGN PORT& tTuinl. April 22?Arrived. stenmor Genre* Washington, Whitehead. 81 Johns. NF (and Railed for New York1. Sailed 22d. steamer Georgo Cromwell, Bacon (from Xew York). Newfoundland. Victoria. April 1.1?Arrired, at*amer City ef Panama, Seabury, Baa 1- raneleco. (Pkr Stksmrr WkMtR.l Arri.KDOHR, April 8? Bailed, Aldebaran, Srendeen. Amer ica. At*. April A?Palled. Sutherland, Richibucto. AsrwKitr, April 7?Arrived, Lime Fennel). Robinson, Caltao. Palled 7th, Sarah. Kreftlag, Canada; Nor. Hansen, Amer ica Sailed from Flushing Roads 7th. Krera, Mataen. Bosloa; Lsinetar. Llndblad. Montreal. Gylfe. Lundback. do. AUKLtiDK, Feb 23?Cleared. Guardian, Ames, United Kingdom. IIrikkkwattr. April A?Sailed. Landblomsten. New York. Hrixiiaw. April S?Off the Start. Margaret Kvaiis, Henry, from Antwerp for I'hlladolpbia; rtth. Knock Train, Lynch, from London fur t^uchee. IlKi.rAST. April 8?Sailed, Marl* Christina, Jaecarino, Baltimore, Rnnrtr March 14?Sailed. Choice. Marsters. Madras; Ibtli. Antrim, l'renderrnst. G-lmsby. JliMLiPATAH, March 8?Sailed, Jennie S Parker. Walt*. London. Calais, April Sailed, Braslllaneren, Nielsen, Mlra michl. LikaL. April 9?Passed by. Ellida, Shonberg, from Charles ton lor Danttic. ArriTed loth. Landbo, Olsen, London for Ouebec: Llisi* Wright. Wright, andUrethonnd. Geddes, do for do; Moselle, Graham, dolor Prince Kuward Island /and all unchored). Dovkit, no dale?llfl. Alma, Anderson, from Antwerp for Halifax. In April 9? Arrived. MAE Cann, Cann. Baltimore. Dosha!.*. April 7?Sailed. Belle Slur. Deakln, Dlgby. VS. Drxkiiik. April 7?Sailed. Jennr Qusiroio, Quelrnlo. Que bec; *th. Carlotta. Didone. New Yor*. Kiaikori, April 5?ArriTed, Eleanor#, Klcmke. Memel for Bostcsi Fai.aOVWL April 8?Sailed. Robert E Lane, Murray (from Pabellon de Pica' Cardiff iiff the l.Dard >tb. U Benningsen, from Rotterdam for Wilmington, XC Gloucmtkk. April 1C?ArriTed, Berfllot, Moherg, Balti more. Oi.ASfiOW, April 8?Arrived, Ancboria I*), Munro, New York. sailed Rth, Glenbetsde, Campbell. Montreal; Speed. Olsen, Wilmington, NO. Ghkkmm k. April S?Sailed, Waldo, Estet, Havana; Nel son. Walla, Quebec. sailed 7th. Ijcapinff Water. McWIUiamt. Quebec; 10th, Lydta. Bewail. do; Prince Edward, KrSser, Picl?u. Gk.noa, April A?Sailed, Esther. Cutbberiaen, Quebec; Win Fred rick. Ames. Trapani. tnh. Liasie, Caruey, Leghorn; E L Margaret. Williams. Cagliari HasTimov April 8-Off. S J Itogart. Reynolds, Irom But terdam tor Philadelphia; John Gladstone, Lucke, from Ant werp fir st John. NH. Hamburg, April 8?Arrived, Leasing is). Meyer, New York. Ir-wicn. April s?Arrived. Dido. Rank. Philadelphia. Lit kRroOL. April N?Arrived, Java I si. Martyn. New York . Annie K Kllint. hlliol. smtrabaya via Falmouth mailed 81 h. Ileversh m. Dswle, Quebec; Cairngorm. I.o?e, no; Patrick Henry, Sarg-ui, do; Elisabeth Dongall, Wlntc, Montreal. Cleared Mb, Mart*. Domini. Philadelphia; Harriett K tin-say. Shaw, Portland. Me: ChiHtian duller. Quebec; Itouocren. rtuniiaua, do; Advice. Wallace, do; -dim, Dick, Sen Fraucieeo; Andrew l-ovltt, Durhee. Sydney, t.'B. UsiN)*, April 8- Arrived. Anmete. S'ass, Coarleston; Prim. Taga. New York; Fort George. Mackey, Pabellou de 1'ica; Or-kar. Johauseu Bull Kiver. SC. C.eared sth. Mosnle, Greham. Prince Edward Island. Kmc red out l<Uh, St olaf (s>. Pe.terscii. Pti.laoelphla. Sailed from llt*ve*end Nth, Southern Belle, Quebec. Hav frueu. do; Sebasinto . do (last two an horrd at Deal Utbl. I.o'Castkx. April N?Sailed, Joint Abbott, Qiieuee. l.oMHiMUKki, April 7?Arrived, Altivlta. Marraca. Balti more. M*i<aaiLl.u April 8?Sailed, Carmila, Castagliulo, New Orleans M aaai.t is, April 7?Sailed. Atlas Moller. America: Medea, Al raham-en, B""lon ; Stor Julian. Martenseti. Montreal. Mi MkLRuPRRR, Feb 17?Bailed, C C Leary, Stilphea, New castle. .NSit Nhwroat, April 8?Cleared, Virginia, Pugslej, Valoa rai-* Nkw Rots. April 7-Salled. N P Xeilsen, Kandsen. But lintore; Hoylesiad, Philadelphia. I'ai.siivo. April I--Sailed. Cecilia. I'astagnola. New York; 8wl;t. Herge. Philadelphia. QukkkSTOWX, April 8?Arrived. Irida. Mag.IS. Philadel phia and Kalinnuih for Cork; Alice, Lewie, St John, NB. lor do sailed 9th. De?etl D*brnv?cki, Drabas (from Baltimore), London: ksau. Marasti (from Philadelphia), do: Valpml, Ontlo .from Baltimore), do; Isaac Jacsswn. Walsh tfrons IMMK Newrv Yasco de Game. Motlenaeu drum Haiti morel. Dnblin . karnak Cook Hrem Maiansaai. Greenock; Sophia Cook, Cook from Bortom, Dandalk ; Mary M Fran eis, Francis ifiolU Portland i, l.ellh (el*c# r*p*rted wrecked on the Dudge .n Shoal) . Tray, Uasaws (front Savannah), ST IIrMNU. March 14?Arrived. O T Kemp, Tuyl*r, Earn London tor Hoiitin. __ Tsirl. April 7?Sailed. J P J*hl, Purr*w, America; A K Lovilt, Whitley. Quebec; 8th, Johanna, Buaae. Bandy Hook. _ _ ,, Ttkirrxikx, April 8- B*H*d. Isrslto Padre, Chlesa. America. _ _ , . . . Wars a map, April 9?Arrived, Cd*as*a Padr*, Schlaffino, Philadelphia. . Wnxronn. April 0?Aril rod, Emm* Croak/. Boil/, Si John, MB (had lust portion of dock load). AMERICAN PORTS. ASTORIA.O, April 15?Arrived, bark Rirtl, Adamf, Santo Monica. BOSTON. April 21?Arrived, steamers Wra Lewreure, Howes. Baltimore: Rattle-iake. Snow. Fhiladtdphia; barks Sarali Hubert. Pinkliain. Matanraa: Rochet, Norton. Clrn luegua; brigs Julia K Hatkall, Haskell, Algo* Hav. CU1I; Jame? B Kirhy. Barren. Soma: AHc* If (Br). Lavertv Car denu*; Jaiues Davit. Ellis, Philadelphia: schr* llarrv While, llopklaa. Port Spa'a: James K Lawrence. Herrick. Cirn fin-got; Northern IJghl, Wallace. Segue: Mary I'ollina, Collin*. Darieu; Mary brewer. Lee. Richmond. V?; Edward 11 Turlirr. Atkins. Georgetown. DCi Alice Horde. Taylor, do; Lucia H Jenkins. Jenkins. Virginia; (' V AI wood. Hurrungh*. do; Sarah F Bird, li all. Baltimore; llattc M llolinc., llolniea. do: H A K Corann. Corson, PliBadelob-a; Albert L butler Eaton, do; Mary Sands. Howe. Pertb Auiboy; speedwell. Drlako, lloboken; John Price. NicWcmod. do: Virginia l,ee. Iliekntap, do; Jamas b Gordon. Ireland. Port Johnson; Star. Carman, do. Sailed?Hliip Springfield. BALTIMDKK. April 22?Arrived, a learner P W Brans, Ko-ter. New York. Cleared?Stnsmnr* Commerce. Walker. Edeotou, XC; E O Biddle. ?)one*. Newborn. NC: Martha Steveus, Chnnno, New York: telif JaaSatterthwalta. Wolfe, boeton. Sailed?bark Kraidiir (Nor). 23d?Arrived. ateainrr* Octorara. Reynolds. New York) Rd Willing Her. Philadelphia. Ai*o arrived, ablp Cha* Lulint (tier). Wtokn, Bremen via Ban It ilook; ha ka Harris Ru-t. Lillehack. Grimabr; Alex ander Kiith 'Hri Ki?ber. Glasgow; Mateppa (Nor). Peter* Ion. do; brig lileiidale, t'onklin, Havana. BANGOR. April 2U ?Arrived, echr Llztis Cochran,* Hop kins. New York 21st?Arrived. *chr Cicero, Laweon. South Amboy. B ITH, April 19? Arrived. schr* Marion Draper Balls/, Port Jolm-ou ; Alice Dakea. Mar*ton. New Yora ; Calvin 0 Maker. Baker. Boston for Klcnmond. Me. to load fur Balti more: Elisabeth F.dwardv Town?end. Philadelphia tor Hal In well; Chaa A Jonoe. Kirk, Boatou for Gardiner, to lead ?u? Philadelphia. Sailed?Schra Chaa F Sampeon. Gage, Baltimore; Edwin B Kirk. Tole. New Vork. 2"th?Sailed, achre Hffle J Simmon*. Harrington, Savun nab : Tbne W Haven*. Fort Pophain for Philadelphia. 21st?Balled, schr* Cherub, Hatcher, New York; Hatlll* Rivera, Charleston. Alvo tailed 21*1. ecbr II N Skinner, Thraabsr, Port Po* bam and N'rw York. _ . . _ . . , . Arrived -1st, wchrt John Strong Smith. Boaton, to load fot Philadelpbis; Watchful. Gill. Koaton for Richmond, to load for Baltimore; Lulu, snow. Boston, to load for Baltimore. 22d?Arrived, tchr Beetle E Dlekinton, Dickinson, New York. Sailed?Schr Lime Wilson. Wilton, Baltimore. BEVERLY. April 21?Arrived, schr Kotwell, Hnrlburt, Philadelphia. , CHARLESTON, April 23?Arrived, tteamers Falcon, Kirbr. Baltimore: Gulf Btream, Holmes. New York. Bailed? Jiark HJeiumet (Nor), Jugeumundasn. Rotter CiALAIB. April 17?Cleared, echr New /.saland. Bra/, New York. DAK I F.N. Ga. April IB-Cleared, bark Tborgny (SweJ, Lnrten. Amaterdam. DA VVERS, April 21?Arrived, tchrt R II Shannon, Wil son. and Richard Peterson. English. Philadelphia. PORTRESS MONROE. April 23?Arrived, hark Roeovei (Nor). Dlten, from Amsterdam, seeking; brig Charles (Sw), Korensen. tVmn Rio Janeiro lor ordert; ecbr Acara. Chand ler, Irom St Pierre, Mart. do. GALVESTON. April 21?Ballad, hark* Etpana (Sp).AI berigo, Liverpool; Bobt Godfrey (Br), Chapman, do. GEORGETOWN, 8C, April 15?Arrived, tchr Zeta Pel, Janieton. Bnvanuah. 17th?Cleared, schr Illdgewood, Johuton, New York (and Bailed I stlil. UREKVVORT. LI. April 17?Arrived, echr Fannie Han mrr Brooks. Philadelphia (and tailed lirth for Nantucket). LYNN, April 21?Arrived, tchrt J J Little, Gaudy; Chat E Elmer, Gorton, and Index, Garrison, Philadelphia MOBILE. April 22?Cleared, ecbr Wm U Bee, Cheater, Kingston. Ja. MYSTIC, Ct, April 20?Arrived, tchrt Reading RR No35, McDevitt, Phllndolpbia; Llllio Erne; tine. Welle, Port John ion. 21tt?Arrived, tchr Robin Hood, Baker. Phlladelphls. NEW ORLEANS. April 22?Cleared, steamer Texas (Br), Laureusen. Liverpool; echr Mary E Simmons, Gaudy, Rich mond. Va. 23d?Arrived, tteamer C W Lard. Colton, Havana. SocTiiwk.sf Pass. April 23?Arrived, l ark* Halcyon, liar die. Havre: Tancred, do; Loaxlo (Ital), Stmena, Liver pool* Sailed?Barkt Alpbonse et Marie (Fr> Bordeaux: Caro liua (Br), Havre: tchr* John 11 Kranz, Amsterdam; Daity E Pnrkiiurtt. Providence. NORFOLK. April 21?Arrived, schr* Alice R Hlgglns. Illeglni. Providence: J A D Cramer. Matthew), New York; Enoch Moore, Chamber*, do: K U Wberton, Bonne, do; Cetaccnn. Onodtpend, Providence. NBWBCItYPOKT. April 21?Sailed, eteamer Achillea Bacon. Philadelphia. NEW BEDFORD, April 22?Sailed, echr Blest, Taylor, Trenton. NJ. NEWPORT. April 20. PM?Arrived, tchrtKallle TChartre, Treluthau. and Joseph Pilots, Green, Tauuton for New York. 21st. AM?Arrived, tehrs J C Havens, Hallock. Jameeport for a market: Lucy. Colwell, Calai* fur Philadelphia. Sailed?Schr Helen Augusta, Pratt. Philadelphia. PM?Arrived, tchrt Wm F Burden, Adamt, and E H Brn aot. Kaynor, Providence for New York, Ann Eliza, Coxieut, Baker's Landing tor do (and all tailed AM 22d). Also arrived, tchrt Fair Wind. Bowman. Warebam for New York: Cltritta Allen, Crocker. Woodbridge, NJ, for Bostoa land both tailed AM 22d>. Ret limed-Schr* Helen Augusta. Pratt, for New York; Etin t'itv, Kelly, >' ??? Bedford for do: Ida, Deering, Taun ton lor rfo (ami all tailed again AM 22d). 22(1. AM?No arrirnlt. Sailed?Schre l'otter & Hooper, Rradbury, Haver*traw| Anna Currier (Br), Van Wart. St John. NB. for Now York; Lucy (of Eattport), Colwell, do for Philadelphia: Joseph P llo.-s. Dean, and Sallle T Cliartrc, Trefetuen, Taunton ror New York. 23d?Arrivod, tchr Challenge. Reod, Hammond's Harbor, Me.tor New York (tee Miscellany). NAKUAGAXSKTf PIER, RI. April 21-Arrlrea at Dutch Island Harbor, tchrt I G Curtis, Pallia, Providence lor Vir ginia: /.amps, do for Now York; Harper. Connor*, do for do: Sarahs Tyler, Bntiintll. New Bediurd for do; ltabella Thompson, Hoive. Providence for Philadelphia. In port?Sclirt Sparkle, Shropshire. Providence for Tren ton ; Cha* W Morse, Marr, do for do: Imogene Diverty, Gnndy, do for do. Sailed AM?Schr Sarah S Tyler, Bathoall, New Bedford for New Yoik. NEW LONDON, April 21?Arrived, tchr* Taxae. Port Johuton; Nellie Bell. Hsncor for New York; L O Foster, Denni* for do: Wm M Voorhlt, New York for Fall River. Sailed?Scbrt Grace Cu?bing, New York; A G Hatari, do; Arjco, do. 22d?Arrived, tchrt Idella Felicia. Newbure: Llda Bab cock. Philaoelphia for Allyn't Point; Smith Darling, Port JeflVrson. Sailed?Schr Bela Peck, lor New York; J B Cunningham, do. NEW HAVEN. April 21?Arrived, echre TT E Khubert, King, Georgetown. DC; Oliver Scolield. Dltsoway. Balti more: Geo Gurney, Gurney. M-wburg; Reading RR No 3*. Fowler, and Excelsior, Forbes, Perth Amboy; J W 11c Nauirhtun. Philtiielphla. 22.1- Arrived, ti llr I.izxie Raymond, Virginia; Nellie H* Benedict. Thomnton, Philadelphia. PORT TuWNSESD, April 13?Arrived, bark Harvest Home. Matto'i. San Francisco. PORT B ..AleELY, April 14? Arrived, bark Ortero (Ital), Oo?ta. Callao PORT GAMBLE. April 13?Sailed, bark David Hoadley, Kidiler. San Francisco l'KNSACOLA. April 21?Arrived, bark Belmont (Br), Blagdon. Cardiff. - PHILADELPHIA, April 22-Arrlved. brig Min* (Br), Dakm. Mattnrat: tchrt K English. Kelly, Rockport. M u Van Kirk. Walker. South Creek, NC; Emms Avery, Hall, New Yurk. Cleared?Steamert Lancaster, Mills, New York; Perkfo racn. Pierce, Portsmouth: ship Sarah (Br), Saunders mot bark Sarah, l*r?;t>, London: srhra Albert Treat, Sawyer, Wltcatset: Annie l lbbitlt. Eaton. Boston. Alao cleared, steamer Frame iFr), TraJelle. New York. Sailed -Steamer* Lancaster. Perkiomeu, and Vindicator. 23d?Arrived, tteamer* Alliance. Carr. Richmond; Etiea (Ger), Juryenteu, Breiuerhaven; baric Palestine (Br), Ford, Trenidad; brie Ainbrute Llgtit. Sehwartx. S?-ua: scbrt Titima i lJr), Rider, Me**lnn, Rebecca W Hnddell. lluddell Gloucester; Bailie W Kay. Dougherty Matiinztl; L N Coitinghain, Outten. tor We*t Indies; t'arrle Bounelk Harris, Bttarua: S M Bird Merrll. Cardenas. PORTLA ND, Me, April 21?Arrived. *.-br Wm Whitbead, Tims. Northporl, I.T. Cleared ?Brie ' ora Green. Carl. Mobile. 22d?Arrived, ictir* Carrie Crosby. Virginia; Carrie Spof. ford. Rancor lor PlilU'icl,diln; Campbell, do for New York. Cleared-Schr .Vnika. Philadelphia. ? Sailed?SteHiner Sarinatian (Br), Liverpool. PORISMOUTH. April 21?Arrived, schr* Daniel Marcy, Cslmon, New York; Pacific, Poland, Rondout; Cyrus Hail, (.'all, Baltimore. PROVIDENCE. April 21?Arrived, schr* Ilertcbel, Cham ber), Georgetown. DC: liuwarl Williams, iVaiuwrigbt. do. Sailed?Sehrs Richard Nrwcum'i. Dill: Ml De*parandum, llicii: Isabella L Pierce. Ryder, and Elward Rich; Cobb, Virginia: Emma C Babcock, Habcock. i'hlladelphta, Sarah A Huffman. Hodman, d ?; Mail. Hrookiugl; Harrest. Cor ?in; Fred Tyler, Tyrrell; Jame* Diverty, Carroll; Wra P Ritchie. Freethy . !?' G Pmith. Smith; John Slockham, Hart, and Win .Mayo, Whltakcr. New York. RICHMOND. April 2D?Arrived, tchr* Ida A Jayne, Mill*, and Annie E Moore. Phillips, do. 21*1?Arrived, tchrt Win Allen. Junes, New York; Dexter Clark, Curtis, do; J II letckwood, if ardoutl*. do. Sailed?Steamer Wv.moke. Conch, New York: brig Leo nard Mere". Hick*. Rio Janeiro: tehrs B C Terry, Cran inrr. New York; VV A Levering. Smith, Providence via Oe. borne* SAX FR ANCISCO, April 13? Arrived, harks J W Heaver, Godfrey, Petropanlovskl; (.race Robert*. Dahler, Port Town.end; brig Julia M Arerv (Haw), Avery, Honolulu; telir Silver Cloo I. Smith. Enrenuda (Masico). Sailed? Amle. Gu*tnf*en, Port Town*ond, SEATTLE, April 14?Sailed, bark Mattl* Macltay, lot Honolulti. SAVANNAH. April 22-Arrived, steamer Berlin (Ger), lleiinbruek, Charloeton. Cleared?Kteamor Oriental, Hedge. Button. Nailed-Steamers Juniata. Catharine, Philadelphia; Sal Salvador. Nickerton. New York. 23d?Arrivod, bark Tree Auroraa (Hp), Caetella, Havana. Hailed -steamer Oriental SA I.KM, April 20?Arrived, echr M B Moboney. Westcott, Baltimore. 21*t?Arrived, sclirt Chat Comery. Creatner. South Am boy. H A IlrWilt Msnion. Perth Amboy for Augusta (ant proceed I'd) ; Charley Huckt. Port Johnson. SOMERSET April 2n? sailed. ?chr* Stephen Morgan, Haiue*. Philadelphia; Winnie Lours. Sperr. New York. 2ltt?Sailed, -clir Albert Mason llote. New Ynrn. STONING ION. April 21?Arrived, nchrs Reading RR X* 41, Philadelphia; JetTerton, South Amboy; J B Bleecker, llobekeii VINEYARD HAVEN, April 22?Arrived, brig Mansaaille, Portland for Provldenae; tcbre V L Hichinau, lloboken top Hodon:S V W Simmons. Philadelphia for Salem; Petral, Warebam for Cauiden ; Lucia U ivet, Hoetou for Philadel phia: Challenge. Harmon * llarb >r Tor Staten Island: Clara Kviikiii. Porilaiid tor Bridgeport; Freedom (Br), Windsor for do split f irrssii and flrtag Jlbl. Sailed?Schr Teal |J?r>. WILMINGTON. NC. April 21?Arrived, echr Jae O'Dono hie. Warren. Bnckepnrt. WlsCASSKTT, April 20?Sailed, ecbr Cathie C Berry, for Sartunali WESTERLY. April 2tV?Arrived, scbrs Laura C Wolff, Mc Devitt. Philadelphia. Tlioa .leftervou. lloboken. sailed?Schr h t! Clarke Var*. New Yurk. WlCKFOttD, April 2 ?? Arrived, schr Fifty, Thompson. Perth Amboy. Sailed?schr Ells* Pharo, W-ntoa. New York. YACHTS. S T U AM MOATS. AC. *4 -Foil xAI.I.. IKUS .\M? WUUIJfcS > I h A MSlii j*"i< woo. Ion and Iftm flllril lor nighl or d?f routr*. and of 1 i^lit draiwlit tor rl?er irnlM; *I?o, flight drau ot Saloon PrcipiMiori. >w ?ut Yaaiitt. Tiim. . KitKltKKIi K f XI'IIMIIIT. So I South William it. A-tui i!i i a rs KKAUV TO xillP.INCLUOIMtl ? OKI *111 it Idle Roto, tpoon o?ri Mix South it,, ??ol t.nuvtriirur tllp. Sl'KlMlhN ItnHKKTS. IjlOK SALh- liTKAMTt 0 MoKKIs L KKKX, SOMf lyi?jr ?t oar wlurt For particulars inuuira of POSEY, J i IN hS A fit., \l llinitititoii, Url. T^OH SAI.I.-Y AOIIT I lUUM'l.NK. r.j iij KKKT LOSii, r ? !?? bM4 rooui. Apply to A. CARY SMITH. 31 Waa* lihh ??. WANTBD-A STKAM I.AVNCH, *i TO 4U PKBT lot,,; Addrotor call on VVlLStiM k ROaKE, ???* nor Itovrr and f root ill. .mscKLuA*ieoi;?. ' \BSOLfTh DIVORCES oBTaIKBD KRO'jf" ufFrtJi en I Mate*, for vituat*r<Mia t-nuw*, artthoat ptiWNtflF; gal ever) where , no ctmrg? in *?i\ anca; *?Wiec trwa. r >< II 'ISK. A uomey, Itf4 Broadway. A BSOLXTK DIVORCE* OBTAI.NKO FROM DIFFER I -aV ettt Stales; numerous c*u-e<i. without publteH) ? la*al : rvtn wbfre; terms satisfAct or r : advice frea. F. 1. KJm i I Counselor ai la*, a\e. tf St. Marks place.

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