Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1876, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1876 Page 11
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11 ATIOVI WAWTKIJ? riCJMAI.KS. Tuoks. <ir. BAST 021) ST.?TWO GOOD AND CAPABLE PROT Mtut girls, together. ?? cook and chambermaid or line ' m. Apply Immediately to pr< ?< nt employer. OBION COL At (CNIVEHalT* PL AC if-FRONT 20 room, flrst floor, between I lib and 12th ate.?A Scotch Presbyterian woman as Mkl thoroughly understand- h?r basinets: mrata, soups, Jollies, bread, biscuit and pastry: do abjection to the country; a Christian family preferred, seven yosrs city and country reft fence. " WfcBT-13TII~T. REAR.-A YOtfNO WOIIAK aa oo"k. aaahar aud Irunar; best city 'clarences Q?? WEST 4DTH ST.?A TllRL as COOK; WILL aa'J aaaiat in washing and ironing: caa be aacn at Iter preaent employcr'a on Mouday and Tuesday OU KAST 74TH "sfT^KAMILY GIVING UP HOU8E OG kruiiinc dealre to provide altuatloaa for their em* and chambermaid; belli excellent aervaata; dlseu gaged 1. Call lor two daye. T^TvKDT-mll ST., GROCERY STOKE.?AN KXPK TU rienced pareon aa good cook or ?a latadresa; good baker of bread and btacult; city referauce. Jq WEsf-iirrn-iTT-X (XlMPKTENT WOMAN 7s " tr flnt eiaaa ouok; beat city rei'orenre. DC CARMINE ST., ROOM 'k-a PIOTBBTAVT OKR UrJ man woman, in an American 'amily aa cook and Ihambennaid, or to tak" care of growing children and do Mwing and make herself useful; Ave yeara' referenoe. CO WK8T .1BTII~Ht7?PIK8TCLAHS OOOK;CNDKR UO atnnda soups, maala, varna, paatry. bread, ereatna ind Jelllea; no objections to a boarding bouae. Can be aeen tt preaent employer's. 8" c Terry kt~. basement, in bear.?as cook. O waabor and irouur or to do general homework ; rel trouee. I A7 WEST 1RTH ST.?A YOCNG~ WUMAN AS GOOD A" ' I caok and taundrraa; excellent baker; no objections to go a abort diataucc lu the conntry ; good city refortnee. WEST JtlTll STi?X" COMPETENT PERSON AS coo* In a prirnte family ; do objection to the country for the aanintor . understand* all kinds of fariiily cooking tnd baking: city roleronce. II ?T west" :?tii ST., TTiAR srii aT.-a young I J .J girl as good cook, washer and Ironer; willing and obliging; good city reference Rom last place. n.l 2<H II ST. - - AN EXPERIENCED COOK ?i understands cooking In all ita branchea; beat city reference. " WEST 17T1I ST.?A COMPETENT WOMAN AH flrst class cook; good city refcreuce. II - WERT :t.ti? sr.?A YOUNG KMGLXBH WOMAN 1 I? ' na lira! class cook: thoroughly competent in all*: no objection to the conntry ; city reference. mWl'.ST 82D ST . IIKTWKI N <iTII 7 NO 7Tn A VS.?A respectable young girl aa iirat claea cook, wsslier and ironer; good city reference. 1 | o east 11 rn sr. a i;ki:\i\n i;ii;i. asTii()K\ HO washer and ironer iu au American family; good ref erence. 114 123 1tn WEST 17TI1 .T.-AS noon COOK ANI> kx ul cellent baker; no objection to a short in tiic cunntry; good city reference. IOO WI'.ST I9TH sr. REAR.?A COMPETENT COOK; -j_> willing to assist with tlio washing; beat city refer Site from last employer. WEST 83D HT.. FIRST FLOOR. -as COOK and to aaaist with wnaliing; city reference. It) 1 WK8T USD ST.?A YOUNG WOMAN AH COOK L-w*X and to do the cnur.c washing in ? private family; an .ejection to go a short diatauce in the country; beat city teferenee. f<)r' WEST 17TH ST.?A KP.SPECTAB EE YOU NO lai'l wool on a* cook aud to assist with washing; two rear*' Brat class rulernnco. j?m WEST 18TH ?T.. REAR-A YOUNG WOMAN I ?i'} as good cook; excellent washer and ironer; city reference. 1 9(1 EAST 02D ST. (I'KRHBNT EMPLOYER'S).?A L?j'J neat, tidy, reapertable glri to cook and to insist with the washing and ironing, or as chambermaid and to do Bite washing. Call ull the week. 144 mWES'r l'.iTH ST., IN BUTCHER STOKE.?A young girl to cook, wash and iron; beat city refar* ence. 1 O'l BAST 70TH ST.?FAMILY OIT1RO UP HOU8E keeping desire to provide situations for their cook md cliaiaberuiuid; Uu;b excellent servants; disengaged May 1. WEST 2STH ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMaN hb flrst class cook iu a small private fatuity; six la.ns' reference from last place. FT] WKSf SKTU si'.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ItI gin as cook, washer aud ironer in a small pnvute antily; good city reference. E AST inn StT-A Y'OUNO WOMANAM GOOD cook, washer and Ironer: city relereuee. fA>f"EAST 59TI1 ST.-A YOUNG WOMAN AS Cook It iJ and to assist with washing; brat class city reference. 1 aT KABT 37ru ST.?A KKSPECTABLK~GlHL AS iwT cook, washor aud ironer iu a small private family; best city reference. 1 J. KAS'r 3HTH ST.?A PROTESTANT GIRL AS lot good plain cook and to assist with t it is washing: no objection to the country; is willing and obliging; best city reference. 1 ~\ti WKrtl 1?I'M ST.?AS COOK AND TO ASSIST A'/vJ with washing aud ironing; city or country; good relerence. Call lor two days. "1 KQ WERT 22D ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN A8 low cook ami to assist with washing aud irottiug, or would do general housework in a small lauiily; citv or loaiitry. Can be seen at present employer's lor three days. 164 EAST 28TB ST.-A SMART WOMAN TO COOK, wash aud iron ; good reference. 200 lfi7 7T" AV-?A YOUNG WOMAN A8 COOK; AvJ I thorongliiy understands her business; fully cotupe tent to take tue entire charge of the kitchen; best city relerence. |79 A EST~ kkfll HT.?A 7lERMAh" WOMAN 1 I w good plain eook ; is willing to assist with washing sad ironing; Rood oitv relerence. l"70 WEST 25TH ST.-A COMPETENT PERRON AH ii O cook ; understands cooking thoroughly ; is au excel lent baker, bet city refer-nee. IdC CLINTON ST., FOURTH FLOOR AH OKDbS IOo or dinner eook; no objection to country. Call lor two tiays. ~ WEST 2UTH 81'.?AS FIKMT CLASH COOK; is a good tinker ; city or conntry; city reference. Gill WK8T~i5TH sr. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S),? Mill Cook, chambermaid and laundress?A family going to Europe wishes to tind places lor three excellent servants; the cooa is very good in plain dishes and bread making and Would assist in washing, nil are good tempered, industrious sud honest and in every way reliable; would go together or icpernteiy. till WEST 2UTII ST., Ult.-T FLOOR,--A KKSPEOT uL A able girl as cook and to asslet with the washing and Irouiug; can come well rrcotnuieuiiud. 9)9 WEST MTU M A RBMPEOTABLB YOONtt wont an as cook; 11101. uglily understandi her busi ness; best relerence. Call lor two nays. 9|Q WEST 2STB ST.?AS GOOD PCAIN ?OOK, washer and ironer; *00 I city reference. 7TII A v.?A YODNG WOMAN as" COOK, excelleut wsslier a id ironer: good city letlimg. Tt EST 28III ST.-AS UttTT CLASS COOK 1NA private lamlly; best reference. 213 214 217 ilsJI EAhf -1>T M.?AS KIRhT CLASS COOK in a private famii.v; no ohjei tion to tliecoaiiiry; test city relerence. Can be seen till suited. 2.JS/ wi>t ..M il M'?a FIRST CLASH COOK FOB ?.?J a restaurant, by the day or week. Call or address. 99 I 0TH AV AS PI EST CLASS cook IN A Ai?("U hotel, restaurant or club houso; flrst class city re uicuce. 2.^1 WEST 27TI1 ST.. TIlRhB PLIGHTS, BACK.? A strong young girl sa good plain cook in board ing uouee; will assist in washing ll re<|uired. 231 234 237 WEST 27TH ST., FIRST FLOOR. - A YOUNG woman as cook, washer aud ironer; best city rtlcr KAHT MTH ST.-A O iOD GkT^MAN GIRL AH cook ntiil to assist with the washing nod ironing. west aikr m. (PRrhent lmployek'sj.?a Ins. class cook. 907" WEST a2f 1ST".Tu.NU BASEMEN! BELL.-A wt) I respectaule Protesliut woman as cook, washer nnd rouer in a small family; understands ail kinds of cooking; a competent ol taking charge of the house for the summer; test city rolerences. lion" WEST 4I8T ST.?-A YOUNG WOMAN AH it)v co ig wa>iior and ironer, or to aasist with the washing: good city relerence. Call or address. i? II WEST J2D ST.. HUM FLOOR, EM AM.?A IfO Ail mat. as got 4 cook; good reference. s> 1 | ~EAST 2MTH ST , TII1HD FLOOR, ROOM NO. A ll 11.?A respeclabla Protesisnt woman as excellent eook; understands soups, meats, poultry anil game, pii s, puddings and all kinds of desserts, bread aud roils and all Studs of hot rakes, best city relerence Iroui ber last placo. Can be seen fmm 2 to A 9 1 cT~AEbT TtTh Tt -A YOUN^rT.MIMsiI WOiiAN s-iTiO as flrst class eook in a private lamily; good citv reference. tjjQ WEST ITTH ST.. REAR.?TO OjOK, WAHH AtO and iron: no oujectlou to a boarding house ; wages no object; city reference. or,- friT"aY."--a jfkkncu woman am first gh' J'J riaas cook in a private lauiily ; good references. orr" |fMY BOTH fT.. i.N 1 UK REAR ? A RKspK'-r ?i)tj able girl as 000k; understands ell kinds of cooking aud ia a good bakur; 110 objection to a private boerding house ; best city relerence. 0,-7 WKM .mill M ?A I'R')KKSSED 1 OOK. WHO jZlfJ I understands cooking in all its branches; also a first class laundress; lu-.etorr or separately; city or coun try; heat ciiv relerence tront last pienc WKsfctll ST.-As f IKS f CLASS COOK AND to assist in washing; best reference ?? I t E tsT 818T Tr \s C00K TO A.-slSf DL':r witii the washing; no objertiou to tha country ; lias ?even years' relerence. ?>?>( | BAST ?.'.'D HT * RESPECT ABET YOUNG OOi' woman as cook, washer end Ironer; Arm class rrc ?mmcadatioiis. 'J 1(1 EAST 2NTH >t" t GIRL ft? COOK. WASH 0*? U and iron or do general housework; country pre. Icrred. Call lor two days. ?) ( I EAST 218T sfT TtOOM NO. 2.?TWO OER. UT'l man i'rotestant girls to live together; 0110 as plant rook, waslier and ironer. the utlier to do rhamberwork and waiting; no objection to th- country; refsteiice. 'J (7 KaSI 171H 81 A RESPECTABLE WOMAN O X I ae perfect rook; entirely catapetent in all branenrs; excellent bread,ea*e and dessert cook; will assist with a little washing; flrst class reference 0x9 ui..sf 4 .1 ii sr. nT-ar in ii av.-a first ijtJtU class eook and goml baaar; will assist with tbe washing; best city rsfereoc^. 1ST AY.?AM pTrsT t LASS COOK; WILLING UUO to assist with tiie washing; or as chambermaid aud waitress; good city relerence from Inst place. GGR LEXINGTON a\ (LAST KMPLOYER'K) t tJUtf re pectanle girl as cook and to do coarse washing; no objection to tbe conntry. Call to-day. 2D AV?A YOUNG WOMAN AS COOK; would assist with tne * ashing; good reference. 267 EAST 1HTI1 ST.. SHOE STORK.?A HESPFCTA ble girl, lately landed, as good plain cook, washer ironer. ilt WERT 2D ST.-TWO FRIEND# (COLORED), *t A?o *" together ; one at eo.dt and to assist with tha washiag; tne other as chambermaid and waitress; good relersnoe; private family jk <17 WEST I tin I ST. SECOND riA)OR._TWO RK 71 As I spectable girls, slaters, aa ouok, washer and Ironer and etiambarmaid and waitress in a reapertable family t will tag aad obliging; good city relerence. HTtATWlW WASTKD-I'KHU.ES. Cnokn, dk. A 4 Q '0T? AT - HETWBEN 34TII AMU SVT11 8TS ? T"XO A rrspeetoble young girl ?? cook and laundress In a private fomllv; do objection to the country; good reference. Cull or address. 4 4 Q WEST 1!?TH ST.. THIRD FtOOR, FRONT? r ?' A voung woman ?> inxd plain eouk. baker and ex cellent lanndre ?? : elty or country. t'all for two day*. 2D AV., FIRST FLOOR?A THOROUGHLY _ competent woman aa eouk in a private family: an experienced buhrr ol brcid. biscuit, Ac., will aaaiat In wash imr nn.i ironing; no objection to goiur a ahort di-1snee In the country; beat rlty reference Can be seen for two days. AT II AV., IIOOM I.?AS FIRST CLASS cook; no objection to go to the country; good reference. 488 enn east i?th kt. near av. a-a respecta ')"?j bl<> rirl a* cook, washer and ircner or to do chant berwoak and line waahlug; city or country; good reforcnoe. 505 WEST 51ST HT.?TWO SISTKItS, TOOETIIKH; one ai cook; the other aa chambermaid or nurae. F\Op. 3D AV., MILLINERY STORK?A I.ESPECT tJ^U able young *<? man aa good cook and to do part of * a.ohlng; heat city reference. n i n rra av. on the furniture ktore>?a ? It fj respectable woman to cook, waah and Iron, or to do general housework; good reference from ber laat place. np.O ST" AV.. COKXKK 4IST ST?A MIDDLE ? " 1 ?J aged lady aa eook or to do housework In a am ill family; country preferred: city reference. C70 ID AV -ASHiOdU FLtJp COOK AMI Ti) no t'l n housework. flrat elaaa wnaher and ironer; beat city reference from laat place. CQ1 VD AV.. CORMKU OF S2D ST.?A RESPKCT ? '? L able girl aa cook, watdter and Ironer; good elty ret erenee. 099 STII AV. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S)?AH FIRST cook In a prlrale family; thoroughly under ataoda her butineia. Can lie aeeu for two day*. 6'")3 ,D AT~^ YOUNG GIRL AS COOK, waeher and ironer, or to do general housework. HOft 2D AV-""A BBNPECTABLK GIRL AH COOK, tly/O washer and Ironer, or to do general homework; city or country. Call for two days. 7741 an AV., BKTWKKX 47TH AND 4STI1 STB. I I V (fourth hell, south aide).?A i'roteatant young wo man aa rook; would assist with washing and ironing; good elty reference front last place. 811 7TI1 AV? BETWEEN SSD AND 541II 8TS.-A8 plain cook, washer and ironer. oro 3D AV.. CORNER 52D ST.-TWO YOUNG GIRLS. OsJO together or aepurate; ?no ?? cook, washer and ironer; the other ua chambermaid and waitress; city refer ence. 8TH A v.?A RESPECTABLE PERSON AS cook: thoroughly nnilerstanda her work; no objec tion to do washing or Ironing; beat reference. Call for two days. (ton 4TII AV., BETWEEN SBTH AMD 57TH HTS.? tJ'fmJ A young woman as excelleut plain rook : is a good bread und biscuit maker; la willing to asaiat with the wash ing: heat city referenoe. Q L9 flTH AV- or ON,': PAMl STAIRS.?TWO UOM t/'xO potent glris; one aacook and lanndress; the other ?? chambermaid and waitress, or as nurse "and soamslross; rity or country; no attention to cards. 976 (ITU AV., IN STORK?AS FIRST CLASS COOK in n private family; beat elty references. 1 009 -Vr" AV" COKN'.KR DfVrif ST.?RESPKCTA ble wont in ua rook, washer and Ironer; no ob jection to country; reference. 1 125 ,D AV'~A RESPECTABLE GIRL AH COOK and to assist with the washing and ironing; good elty reference. 1 "1 41(} an AV.-A RKSrECTABuR WOM AN AH X.X?t' good cook; la an excelleut laundress: ean do fluting; heat city reference. SITUATION WANTED?BY A PERFECT COOK, IN A private family or hotel, where a kitchen girt la kept; good reference. Address YORK, llurald Uptown Branch office. Chamberma Ida. Ate. 1 IRVING PLACE?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AH chambermaid and waitress. Call at or address, for two days, her present employer's. 1WEST S7TH ST?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS chambermaid, and would take care of yonng children; elty reference frrm laat place. ?> WEST 61 ST KT?AS 01IAMKKKMAID AND TO O do flue washing and Ironing in a private family; elty reference. 19 E.V8T42D ST?A YOUNG GIRL AS CHAMBER X<U maid: also witling to wait on toung ladles; no ob jections to the country; beat city reference. n BEECH HT?A GIRL AS CHAM MERMAID OR TO geueral housework in a small family. Call for two days. 09 HENRY ST?A YOUNO WOMAN. LATELY AK: Ou rived, as chambermaid or general servant lit a small family; willing and obliging; a Protestant family preferred; good references. Call on or address, for two days, SUSAN CON NOB. 41 EAST 50T1I ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).?AS chambermaid and waitress. n.l\ WEST 54TH ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S)?A iJU girl to do chainherwi rk and waiting or general house work in a small family; good refirence. CQ EAST 58TII ST. (PRESENT I MPLOYKR'S)?A oil young woman to do chamberwork and watting in a small private family. 00 DELANCBY. FIRST FLOOR?AS CHAMBERMAID and take care of children. 71 WEST 66TH ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYEE'S)?A f X young woman to do chamberwork and assist with the care or children. Q1 WEST 50TH ST?AS CHAMBERMAID AND OL nnrse: is fond of children : willing and obliging; beet referenca. Cell on present employer, Mrs. Mantel. Q1 3D AV.. BETWEEN 12TII AND 13TH 8TS. (RING il I twice).? A respectable girl to do chamberwork and welting; city or country : good reference. 1 (V> AV. C?A PROTESTANT GIRL AS CtlAMBEK IvO maid or waitress; would assist to wash and Iron; In a private family 1 elty reference. Can be seen for two days. 1 ft7 WEST 53D ST.. NEAR OTII AV.-A RKSPKCTA X" ' I ble girl as chambermaid and waitreaa; would aaeist with the washing: good city reference. IflS WEST 24 TH ST?A RESPECTABLE PROT XUO estant girl as chambermaid and waitress; good city reference. mWRST 30TII ST?A COMPETENT PERSON AS chambermaid and ssamstresa, or would assist with growing children ; elty reference. 119 WE.-T WITH ST.. NEAR BTH AV.-A PROT -IX?4 estant young girl as excellent chambermaid und waitress or nurse; willing and obliging; good city relarence from last place. 119 WEST lfiTH ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS XL ? chambermaid and laundress; city or country; best references. 11 n WEST28TII ST?AN ENGLISH GIRL AS CHAM XX?) bermsld and waitress, city or country; best refer ences ; ran he seen lor two days at her last employer's. m. WEST 4.-.TI I ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).?A ) smart, capable girt as chambermaid and laundress. 117 WEST 34TII ST?A YOUNG GIRL AS GKaM bermaid and waitress; good city reference. 1 OO EAST 3HTII ST?A YOUNG WOM AN AS CIIAM X ?bermaid and nurse, or n? chambermaid and wait ress: ran sew very neatly : has eight years' reference Irom her Iset place. I94 EAST t.VTH 8 1'. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S)? 1-Zd 1' A competent waitress as ehamhei maid nnd wait ress : leaves on account of breaking up house. Call for two dnrs. 19ft WEST 3.VTH ST.. IS STORE?A RESPECT iwU able yonng girl as chambermaid and waitress; good reference. 1 90 WKST IUTH ST.. SECOND FLOOR?A YOUNG \?m'> girl to do chamberwork and take car# or children; country preferred; good references. Can be seen for two dors. mWEST 43l> ST?A YOUNG GERMAN WOMAN ns chambermaid and nurse in a private fsmilv. Cell lort .ro days. WEST 2STH ST?A YOUNG WOMAN AS chain bermaid and waitreie In a private family; no objection to the country; good reference. mWKHT 33TH ST?A YOUNG WOMAN AS FIRST ?las* chambermaid and wailrt>? or to take care of children and do sewiug; host elty reference. 136 AV. C. Top FLOOR. FRONT?A YOUNG GIRL of IS as chambermaid or nurse. mWKHT MST ST?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl as chanthenns id and waitress or to do light housework In a small private family; wtllinj and obliging; good city reference. Call, on Monday, from 10 till H o'clock. No poatal cards answered. 1J? WEST 3.1TII ST?A RKSPKCTA RLE GIRL AS Jto chambermaid and waitress and aavlst with washing; reference. 1/4 7 EAST XII) ST., HKTWRKX 30 AND I-EXINO 1x4 lull ?*?.?A reanectable young girl h? ohambermaid In a private family or boarding houee ; no objection to tho country; good city relerenco. ICO KAHTTsI> >T-A YOCN4I FRENCH GIRL. AS >;ai chambermaid or to taka care of childrou In a pri vate family; beat city inference. I - I WEST 1-TII ST. ?A VOl Ndllllil, AS ClUM 1'Jt: bermaid and to aaalet with waabing. irood city ref ence. 1 r/7 WEST 41 ST ST.?A YOUNG GIRT, AS "CHAM. J.?J I bermaid and waitreaa; would aaaiat in wnahing and lronlu(; city reference. K?1 WEST -ixTU "sT.-.r YliUSi! WOMAN AS )l cbambarm-tid and waitreaa: no ib'ection to aa?iat with wailiing and Ironing in n private family; boat City ref erence. i/'i west asTii si . > ? 111 i;? 11 ha-kmknt.-a re. .I'll apectable I'mtratuut girl a- chambermaid and aeaM-dtgcii or chambermaid and wa.treat; Country pre' ferred ; neat city rolercnce. 1 7'-l WEST ar.ilI ST. ?A~YCMJNO GIRt. AH rRAM J. 4 ?t bermaid anil wallrr. would aitM with the wuah Iuk and Irntiiug; rood city refereiieea. >||j I W K?T " ' : I SI \fi ? :< i dliK'tM AID OK TO AwV/ X do general hourework ; wage* AID; beat reference. Oik 1 WKSTiWD ST -A HP.srEl-TAHLK lilKI- KOR aw*'a cliamberwork and waiting anil to aaalet with the wa-tiing ; a i 1 H.u _ mid ohligmg. city reference*. west" sab .-T-ni iin ri-st ai..s wdkk, waitinr and to !>?? eraity u-etiil; g" >d ref? rence. tlTlO EAST 44 TM ST. ? \ KKSPEt fAnLK WOMAN AS aw'.'O chambermaid and waltrea.; will naalat with the waahimt and Ironing; good city reference. Ol/t KAST Mill >T -TWO It KM-Ki IT A BI.K0 I K Lfl ; JU 1'' one aa chambermaid and waltreat; tlia other ae cook, waahar and; beat city reference. 411 | WKM ill ST.?A KESPPCTABLE YOUNG aw 1 1 girl to ilo chamber a ork anil aaaiat with waabing and ironing; good city relerance. IM'1 WEST 1STII ST.-A I! KSPKOT A MI.K OlR~t7~A? wiO chambermaid and laundraaa; L?>t reference. Call or addroaa. til KABM7TU sT PRESENT KM 1*1.4IVKIt's. ? A 11) I.nlv la ileairona of getting a -Dilation lor her cham bermaid and waitreaa; la a wilting girl. (11 7 WEST lSTH >T.-A YliiWatRI, Af"OOSPK ? 14 lent chnmberinald and waitreaa in a private family; v. ioit l like to go to the country for the aummor; good city reference. OIQ WEST Z7TM ST. ROOM-Kl-A PROTESTANT w In yonng woman aa ehamliermald ami nnrae or to do waning; eoaniry prelerred. Call (or two daya. Ot? < RASTwfi? ST - A VoLMlTilKI, AS CUAM awawT hermatd and waitreaa; willing and obliging; beat reference from her laat employer; no cord a antwered. oon west isf'ii sr.?a respectable young woman io do chamberwork and waiting; la willing and obliging; nnderatanda her bnaiucM ; hat beet City refer ence. Cull for two daya 208 ?ITVATIOM W A1TTKP-FK MAtBI. (llHUitii'riuitidill Xr. rtkir WEST 42I> ST A COBORBD OIRE A8 >j_() rhMnbtriMld lid viltretl Cull for two days. 9*>9~ hoVt st.. sorTii~Brooklyn ?a hffpeot aU? vouiik koiiiwi H (iMDlianiiitli v?n (tt"'>* i ume ; is a c.Kjii operator and sower; best reference! conn able miusc women as chambermaid. scan i > a rood operator and try preferred. Call or address. WEST"WtY"ST.?A YOUNO UIRL TO DO 234 ehamberwork and waiting In * private family; good roferenre; no objection to the conutry. WEST HIT 11 ST . SECOND KI.OOR.?A* FIRST class clianibermald and waitress; best city refer 286 9*>Q EAST 43IJ ST.?a ekwrotablb young ? oil women as cliambertnaid and to do fine waabtng; good city refer nee. *> if; weht~*?th sr.?a rbbpkcyaMJI Tooto ? "rU girl as eiunbermald and waitress; good city refer ence from last place. '-Mil ,ST AV., BETWEEN 37TlinUfD~SfH~ST?. ?I Two respectable girls, together, as ehamUermsids In a hotel: city or country. Of tf~ WEST IIOTH ST.. CORNER OF Iffl AT.?A O" I L girl a* chambermaid and waitress, or would do gen eral li nscwork, in a small American family: no objection to n short distance In the country ; good city reference. ?AO EAST OSTH ST. ?A N A M K Itl ('? A N (? IRL Si O'lO chambermaid and waltrcsv. or to asalat with chil dren: coed reference. I'nll or addrosa. BAST snra It. ' SSOOND KUJOH, front est Is J rooms.?A voting girl as chambermaid and wait ress; villimr and obliging; hast city reference from her last place. Call frotn 0 to 4. one rra at.?a bbbpbctarlb iouno otRL ab Ot/tJ rhamhrrniaid and waitress, or would do chamber work and assist with washing; best city reference. (Jailor addrasa Of?7 WEST WTII aT.?A RESPECTVBI.B TOUNO ejtrj Kir| as chambermaid or waitress; no oblcetiou to go to the country for the anmmsr; good city reference. tmo WW 4IMT nr., ltOtiM li.-A UWriUTABIii Ol/O young girl as chambermaid and waitress, or to taka care of growing children; good reference. ?J>17 FAST i7TH ST.?A BB?raCTAU3~ OIRL Ol I as ehambermaid or chambermnid and wallross; best city reference from last place, 090 XA8T 36TH ST., FIBST PLOOB, BACK.? t'WsJ A girl aachambermaid and waitress; live years in last place, ('all for two days 'HlC WKST~o<?filst.-A"ultSPKcfABI.K OtRL TO Ojl) do chamberwork and sewing; best city reference. Call or address. OOQ WEST"affPH""ST.-A PROTESTAKT SCOTCH OsyO girl as cbambsrinald and waitress; willing and obliging. ?J 4 Q WWr 87TH ST., RING SSCOND HE EL -A ML utO ipuetable young girl to do ensmberwork and take care of ehildrcn. 3-fk WKST 3I1TII ST.?A RESPECTABI.R YOUNO ? J" girl to do light cbamherwork or to mind eblldran; good reference. Call for two days. lOTIt AT.-A TIDY OIRL, AOF.D 18, LATBLJ landed, as chambermaid ami waitress. *JCiA IOTH A Y. ii ABS3D IT.?A YOUNO OIRIrTO OUT do ehamberwork and waiting, und assist with washing; willlug and obliging. 364 391 7TU AV.. BETWEEN 3IHT AND 33D ST8. w j. Two younu Rirlt, ono h* chmiib??rii>ai<l wd wiutrw* mid the other ? Ituudreu; good city relerence trow last piece. ( 111 EAST IftTU ST.?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY AS 4''4 first el ass chambermaid; wnnld go aa parlor uianl; It it thoroughly competent person; Ur*t data city reior encos. . 7TII AT.. HBTWEKN MD AND 38D 8T8.-A v ?-? very respectable young trlrl at chambermaid and waitress; private family; besteity reference. A DU 7TH AV.?A YOUNG WOMAN AS CHAMBKR 4U0 maid In a private family ; willing to assist In any other work: good reference. TTwa-EAST 59TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS 4Uo chambermaid and waitrett: will assist with wa?h_ ?ik and imninir; two years' city reference. A 1 n WEST 3T>TH ST.?A COMPETENT YOUNG GIRL 4 JL' f hi chambermaid and waitress or aa waltreaa alone; thoroughly understands her butinet*'. no objection to the country; ueit city roferenc?. Cull or AildroKa. 406 EAST 13TH ST.?A YODNG WOMAN TO DO As cliamherwork and plain sewing or take care nf a child in a ttrall family : good reference lro:n her l?tt place. iii) 101'H AV.. BETWEEN 34TII AND 85TH STS.? TtO A vnung girl at chambermaid and waitress in private family; il willing to make hcrtelf ntefnl ; will go a abort distance in the country ; city reference. 6T11-AV., FIRST KLOOIL?A YOUNG GIRL at chambermaid and waitrett, or laundrea* alone; no objection to the country: good reference. 437 488 no ohjtci _ Tim 7TH AV.. BETWEEN StlTH AND HTTIl STS.-A iiJU respectable girl at tfhauibormaid or waltreta; no objection to a hoarding house. ri e WEST 43 O ST. ROOM H.?A RESPECTABLE Olt) Protestant girl m chauioerninid or to assist with hon Rework. CO-7~LEXINOTON AV., CORNER 40TII ST. (PRES. 00 I ant employer's).?A highly recommended yonng woman at chambermaid and waltreta; thoroughly under stand* hernusiuess- it willing aud obliging; no ohJ:ct|jn to the country for the summer. /"l"j JD AV.-A HEkPEUTaBLE YOUNG GIRL AS 1)1 r chambermaid and to aaalat with the washing and Ironing; best city reference. /Tr o 3D AV.. BETWEEN 41ST AND 4UD STS.-A U?)0 young girl as chambermaid and laundress; Tour year*' city reference. ' nC\H LEXINGTON AV.. PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.? I U I A respectable vanng woman as chambermaid and waitress or chambermaid and to take care of children in a small lamlly; willing aud obliging; good reference. QJQ 3D AV., SECOND V LO() K.-A UK SP KCT A BLE ?40 young girl to do chambcrwork and assist In the washing and ironing; good relerencsa. 0 -?J 1HT AV.?TWO YOUNG GIRLS. TOGETHER 000 or tepnratelv; one at chambermaid and waltreaa; the other aa nurac; can op ?r*te on heeler \ Wilson's ma* chine : best city reference ; no ohjectlou to the country. ttl'H AV., OR 14? .WTH ST.?A YOUNG j. girl to do chambcrwork; understands waiting; will assist with washing and ironing; good city reference-^ rir i "0tU AT.?A KKHPKOTTuLe YOUNG GIRL Dt.)4 as chambermaid and io assist with the washing and ironing iu a nlou private lauiily; good reference. 1 l\Zi\ 3D AV., tXJRNKR OID ST.-A YOUNG GIRL I.UOU as chambermaid and waitress; will assist with washing and Ironing; best clt* references IrnmJ kit place. f 1 tie 2D AV.-A YOUXG GIRL AS CH~A~MBER l.lewO m?id and to aasist with washing and ironing; good city reference. 1 1 on -D AV.-A BESi'hi'TABLK YOUNG WOMAN l.i???7 es Chambermaid and to assist with trashing and ironing; no objection to the couutry for the summer; in a privulu family ; good city references. *1 1?!0 3D AV.-A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL To 1.1DD do chatnberwork and assist with the washing. Call fur two days ' A f'?) 21) AV., CORNER T6TII ST. THIRD .4D0 Boor.?A respectable girl at chambermaid and waitress; good city rslerence; no postal cards attended to. I)*ressuiieltrrs Mii<l sramitmiei. in LEXINGTON AV. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).?A J 0 respectable girl at seamstreas and to assist with the chatnberwork or wait on young ladies. 11 vv"K8T 3HTII ST-A YOUNG GIRL AH KEAM street or to I ske care or children; elty or coantry ; good references. _ cTTwEvr TutTT h r.-a respect able "woman as Oij seamstress; operates on Wheeler A Wilson a ma chine; wages moderate. Can be seen at present employer'#. from U A. M. till 3 P^M. (tit BAST StTU ST. (PRESENT KMPLOYKR'8).-A DO younir girl as competent soamstresa; is accustomed to finish alter a dr.-ssinaker: naderatands all family tewing; sews by hand aud on W heeler A Wilson's and W lllcux A Gibbi' machines; will assist with other work; elty or coun try ; best city relvrence*.^ /.ii WESl"4IHT ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYKR'S).-A8 DO seamstress on nil rurally tewing by any machine: can cut ani fit aud assist In other work. inn WB8T 4181 ST.?A YOUNG WOMAN AS MAID 1UU and seamstress or wonld mind growing children; can du all kinds of sewing by hand or uiacnine; host city relcr once. Coll lor two days. -iir WEST 4STII 8T.-AS SEAMSTRESS IN A 110 a private family; understands dressmaking thor oughly; city or country -To- WEST lUTli ST.?A DRKH8MAMKR TOGO OUT J J30 by the day; is ? good Htler and trimra-r; also an dcialamls Wheeler A Wjlsou's uiacbine. ?Tt) | W~K??T 38TII ST.?A SKAMSTllKSH, WHO UN lOT derstands dressmaking, wants engagements to go lint by the (lay or week. Call Monday. -* I n WEST 17111 ST.?A i Il.MI'l-.TI.NT SEA'ISTKKSS; 14 U understands dressmaking and family sewing; operates on Wheeler A Wilson's iiiachiuo; will assist with children and light chamberwork : reNrence. till WEST 31 ST ST.?A YOUNG WOMAN TO DO 140 sewing and assist In the chamberwork; no objec tions to go lo the country; good reference from last place. fSl BAIT MTU It.?A DRBttMAKKR WIMHBI A 1D1 Tew engagements by the dar ; can furnish reference, also Wheeler A Wilson s machine If required. 1P') EAST S3TH ST.?A KESi'El'TABLK GIRL AS 1D.S dress.oaker in a private lamlly; uudWstands sll kinds of family sewing; seran years' rolorencos; no objection to the country. WEST 841*1! ST.-A FIRST CLA8H DKlsH] maker by the day; terms moderate. Call on or ad DDI AlWi dre*s A. 237 WEST 33D ST. (KINO BASEMENT HELL).? A thorough seiimslress; understands dres m iking snd all kinds or family sewing; is a good operator; would do the chamberwork or a small lannly ; good references. tmw Ktsr J'iTH ST.. TOP PLOOR -A RX8PECTA ?>1 f | hie Protestant person as seamstreu; good city ref erence. ? l I 7 LEXINGTON AV. a COMPETENT PERSON ? >l I as maid and seamstress; understands all kinds of family sewing; operator; elty reference. .?-/? its, I] AV . duTil ST.-A RB8PKOTAHLK GIRL. Ot )D lately landed, its seamstress and shirt maker; un derstands ail kinds of faintly sawing; wages no objeet; country preferred. Call or address all the week. m I ,1(1 WEST 4.-.TH ST. -A PROTESTANT OIRL At 4'?t/ svsiustreaa or nnraa to grown children or do light chamberaork. 429 competent dressmaker wishes a few inure engage ments in private families; !e a first class cutter and trim mar; terms 810 per week; good retvrsnce from present em ployers. Call or address. 4-4 ?TH AV.. IN PANCY BTOIIK.-AS SEAM i)4 stress: can cut and fit ladies' and rhitiireo's drc>s> s and do all kinds or family sawing: Is it thorough operator mi the Wheeler A Wilson mschlna: would assist with chamberwork or children ; c.ty or country ; good rslerence. /mil Ttn AV.-A PIlt>T CI.\ss DBBMMAKBR D?70 would like tiro work nf a lew more families; pone to surpass in lilting or triiuuiiug; dresses made uver venal to new. l\ru HTH AV.. IN THE STORE.?AH COMPETENT DID tenmstress and operator on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; ri'iderslands dressmaking. Call or address. 1/AQ1 3D AV.. CORNER OF InOTH BT. (IIAR ,Jol l?m).?A dressmaker who can cnt and fit good and run several machines wishes to go as seamstress in b private family; no objections to travailing. Addraaa M. A ? General llnnsetrork. Ac. 1 MULLIGAN PLACE, HTII AV.?A OOOD. STEADY girl to do housework In a small family. Call for two day c TO CANNON 8T.-A PROTESTANT AMERICAN GIRL 1U to do general honaework in a small private family. Address iJ. S. M. No cortla. 11 35 MTr.vnoxs vtavtki*? kf,mai.ks. (ti nrnl lliiiiirwork. Af. 1 WARMINGTON ST-A rKsPECTAHLV. WOMAN - to do general housework. Cull for two days. RITYVESAXT ST?A TITHING GIRL T?t DO housework: city nr country: can receive the very best of rrlrrrnce present gmplmrt. Cell or Kldrru to day (Monday'. ?J Q I - A K A Y ETT K PLACE-A KM A KTT KjfF. KG KTIC ? )?' young girl to do trnrrtl housework tn ? small fanitly : It *11 excellent washer and Ironer and fo-'J plain cook; can be well recommended by liar present employer. TU IV U7REAR HOUHK v KKXPKCTABLR OKA Ve man trlrl to <1? light housework ; r ty or country. ml EAKT~ MTU rr I:K!:M an GIRL To S3 general housework In a small English or American family; Dent of references. Pall or aditraaa. 1')'i iVKsr l in ST. ERA It HOUR1-A YOUMO -J*' irlrl to do general housework lu a etu.ill family; two years' reference from her lest place. 1t)f WERT 17T1I ST.?A TOCKCI GIRL To DO GBR awVJ eral housework in a small family; pood citv reier WEST JOT 11 ST.?A COLORED P.IIII. TO DO general housework lu a small family. Pail from 132 8 to a 1-7 wKsT~dTsT st.?a kkiipbctahlk English t) I woman, with a small child, to go In tho country to do general housework in a small family; a home mora nn object than sates Pall or address. 1 ro Wi.sT :*rril st .king BELL A TUDEQ I')'" girl. It years iProtestant American) to do light h-oisework or mind a child ; beer itv reference. ?W?7 RIYINGTON ST.. OOBNBR OF CLINTON, IK It I I the basement.?A yonns girl to do honsework In an American family. 911 WEST JSTiT ST -"a YOUNO WOMAN TO DO ? Li grncrnl housework or upstairs work. mo WEST ITTII ST., ROOM It.?A RBHPEOTABLB Jjlv' girl for general housework: la n good plain cook; gtpnl wavner and Ironer: good referenres. I)').'. BAST -"Til sr \ YOUNG WOMAN TO DO *?/?/?. J general housework; coontrv preferrrd; good refer ence. OOZ* BAST ITT11 ST-A vorsi; (ilKLTODO OE~n" awr J" ) rral houaewerk in a small family. 9jLO~WKSt -jttii sT.? \ Kl'irKOTAlU TO DEO ?siO girl to do geueritl houaework; good city reference. Call for two days. s) I I WKST ruTll KT.. WEAR 8TM AV.-A KKsPK.PT. ?e' r XT able yonns woman to do lioiiaowotk la a small family; city or roan try; good city teference. 9JO wkst BOTH IT. A YOUNG GIRL TO DO WiO general houaoworl. ill a small family; city or coun try ; good rcfcrencci 9IU WKST 47TII ST?A~ RESPECTABLE GIRT. TO jtC do general housework in a small prlrste family ; reference. i)l|| WKST 83D RT.?A RKBPROTABtiB YOUNG ?JTP girl to do light hotisHWork and take care of rlill dren: would go s short diaiance in tbeconnfry; roference. Call for two ilavs. 2-r 7T1I AV.?A MIDDLB-AUBD WOMAN TO DO tJtf general honaework in a small prtvata family. njeb so bt., nbar at. o.?ekhpkctablb~obr *jf)n ninn girl to do general housework or as chainlrer maid in a rmall Anierir-sn iMlly, 9QO AV. A, TOP FLOOR? A GERMAN PROTESTANT uOO girl to do general honsework ; city reference. ? )/yi~~KAsT iff ST ST.?A 'itKSPI ('TABLE "VOt'NG iHf I girl ?n do general housework; best clly reference. Call or address. Ofl/L EAST 3.vril "ST.-A YOUKO WOMAN TO DO O'/ r general houaework In a amall family ; good washer and ironer; good city refcrenco. Off WI.8T_j'.M) ST. (PRKSKNT KMPLOVE R-S).?A Oil young girl to do general housework or chamber work and aaaist with waaiilng. off bast huth st.?a rkhpkctablr young 0 It girl to do general honaework: good washer end Ironer; well recommended from laat place. ?)i)- KAHf-MTli ST.-A YOl'NG GIRL TO DO Oit; general housework In ? small family; best clly reference. QOn" MONROE ST.?A GOOD GIRL TO DO GEN OOU eral housework; city tsfttsioi. Q?1 WEST 1UTH SY?A YOUNO WOMAN To DO 001 housework; good washer, Ironet and baker; good references; country preferred. Oij/t WKST atlTII STT-A YOUNO WOMAN TO DO OOU housework in a small family; it a good cook, washer and ironer; city reference. I) II KANT airii ?T~ TOP FLOOR.?A RESPECT OtI able young girl. 17. to do light housowork lu a small private lamt'y; good city rclercnce. 9""wEST 40ril ST.-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL housowork ; good city reference. 312 ?JIM 10TII AV.?A RKSPKPTAULh YOUNG CURL O' )T to do general housework In a private lamlly;iaa good washer and ironer; willing and obliging; good refer ences. 7 ii r WKST 413T ST.. ROOM lit, SECOND FLOOR. A girl tn do geuoral housework lu private family; good reference. 91 EAST I7TH ST.?A YOUNG UIRL TO DO URN. all eral housework or cook, wash and iron; good city reference. ~A A r? WKST IIJI) ST.?A YOUNG WOMAN TO DO TT.TirU light housework iu a small private tauilly; willing and obliging. 446 JO AV.?A YOUNG LADY TO DO UKNRRAL housework or travel to any part of the city. ??~|1 BAST 14TH AT.-TWO~RK?PECTAULE YOUNG Uli girls to go tog-ther to do the work ol a family; ie willing and oldiglng. city reterence. Call lor two days. coh Washington st.-a KKsPKcrAULK wo UOU man to do housework; city or country ; cau be seen where I have lived two yeart; country proferred. Iloustkeepert. iVt. nWRST 13TII 8T -A YOUNG OF. KM AN LADY AS houeekreper In a widower's laratly. Call all the week. A(\ WBBT 3D ST., BASEMENT.?A YOUNO LADY TO as housekeeper; u-ldower's lamily preferred. Call all the week. if/' EAST 4BTII ST.?A LADY BREAKING UP li U housekeeping dcelres to And situations tor two si ralluut girls, una as cook, the other as chambermaid and wuitreas. Call Irntn IO until I o'eiock. f I ,4 EAST a?TH~STT^A_ BBLIAHLB AND COM. ItT potent women as hnuseko'per, or would take charge of a first class French Flat llouse; unexceptionable reference. ?Tf(l '.nil AV.?A PIIOTESI"ANT Vill'Nt! LAOvTs ?)'r 1/ housekeeper, companion, or In any position of trust; good seamstress; very kind tn children; best refer ence ; city or Oountry. W~ Wanted?by a mFdIile aged lady am iioubk kceper. or an saleslsuy in some responsible house; uo objeetlnn to the country. Address, sissing terms, Ac., lor oue month, ALLIE liKEWKH, Trenton, .N. J. Leundrrsses. ikt. 3 WEST 51 ST ST.?AS FIRST OLASR LAUNDRESS; understands French fluting, bo\ plaiting and palling; no objection to the country; flrst class reference. 1*| WBBT 44TII ST.?jf llKhl'KCTAB~LK VOUNtt WO J U mau as llret class laundress iu a private lauilly or to an fine washing and assist In cliaraberwork; best city refer enea front last ?iployer. 9 FORSYTH ST. ?A VOl'NG GfilL TO IKI PI.AIN - washing and Ironing or fi help In a kitchen and go 2 home st night. Call for two days. 115 1L7 117 131 (|ij ST. MARK'S FLACK.?A KhSPKCTAHLK WO t' msn wishes ladies'or gentlemen's wa<hlug or would go out by the day. Call on ur address Mrs. CAR?Bisla I WfcST 17TII iT. URAR HOUMK, Ft RET FLOOR.? r A competorii * in at lirst class lauiidrsss; city rderences. Apply or address. - wLsr 10111 stT?a itT.spkctahlk girl as tirst class laundress : best city rclerence. WBsf 34Tif st.- a Ki-.sPKi iaui.k woman as laundress; country preferred; clly rclerence. "WEST WD Bl'.?A~KKHPKCrA1ILK WOMAN TO go out washing or hunsccleaning. ~a ri 1 av. (PR hern 1 k m 1* liTy k icsT. -Th y~a lilghly respectable young woman as first class lann Call Imm ii to 4. 109 w est I bt i'l ht.-a' rWectablk" woman ? >?j will go out I days in the week as laundress or cbambnrmald; bnst city tfuftecs, MRS, McOUWAN. mWKSi I7TII SI.. BA SB MR NT?A BCOTCHWcT man as llrst class lanndress; understands her busi ness; no objsrtion to tho country; best cltv relsrence. 1 TT EASY 4.1D ST.. Tililtl? FLOOR. BACK ROOM.? J *IT A respectable woman at laundress; no objLcttun to tba country : good rolorence. 1 ,f KAST JJD ST. TOP FLOOR.-A YOUNG L J 'J girl as laundress, or to assist with the chambor work. Apply for two days. WKST -JtlTII HT . FIRST FLOOR.?A COLORED woman wishes goullernen't and fnmiliet' washing; 511c. tn 7.V. 1-1 WB*T FT I'M ST.?A BBSFKCTABLE WOMAN LtL"X wishes to go out by tho day washing or ironing, cleaning included. 1-- WEST ilST ST.?A GlKL AH FIRST C1.AS8 eleJ liundrete; ie fully eamptfss4; best cit.v relereueci. WX8T MO ST. (RING TUB BELL) TRE _ _ sprctabln young woman u> flrst clax laundress In a prlraip fmsslky; beet city r> flsn nee KAST MTH sr" Tol' FLOOR?A YOURG girl as lanndress; no objeeiions to the country KAST'11 ST., THIRD FLOtJU.?AS HHST class laundress; no olijectlon to a Urge family. WEST GST sr. \ FIRST CLASH I.At NllKKSS ? to do gcnilutuen's and ladies' washing; pulling mid timing done by hand or machine; 7 years' city rclerence Irom present employer. Call on or address Mrs. GOLDEN. tjlt) WBHT 4I8T HT.-A VKIIV RF-sPKCTABLB Mia/ woman 10 go out by tho day to wash or houaeclean; best city reference. ?1|'? WKST ItrrH ST. 8KCOND FLOOR.?AM FIRST JLl't class lanndress in a prlvsis family; naiterstaiiils her business lliorouglily; ean llutu and polish; satislaeiory testimonial^ 91 A WKST i?fii HT.-A COLORED GIRL AH a?i't laundress in a privsts lamily. 91 < WEST J7TII ST.. Till Iff) I l.OOR. ROOM IS.? aiT An active woman to take in washing or go out by ti e day to cook or clean ; best city reference. 9l"x"KAST 3KTII HT.?AS FIRST CLASH LAUHDREMS _ I 1) in a small private family ; good city reference. 990 WKST vTTII sr -A RF.LIABLR WOMAN TO Jd ? do washing and Iruning at her own lionso ; Is compe tent and trustworthy ; good relerenee. Os? | KAHt 41G II sr.. BKTWKKN JO AND .'ID AVbT, Jd'Yr third floor. Iroui.?A girl as laundress; thoroughly understands lirr business; good city reference. 9?>/? FAST 47I'll ST. ? A WOMAN To go ol T BY tho day hotlaeclnanlng or washing; best refer 160 privet* 204 205 212 10; ?T xU enrw 241 KAST J4TII ST-A FIIIHT CLAHH LAUN dress; good relersnccs. 9 I V) KAHT 13TII ST.?A RKHPKCTABLK YOUNG Ji t ^ woman as laundress, or would do chavtherwork and Una washing; good city reference from last flare. 247 KAST ;I7TII nr.?AH first" CLAHH LAUN t I dress, tn go nnt hy tiia ilsy or take washing home. 2-9 WKHI mm I HT- t COM P K1 K NT WoMaN AS ? TV/ hrsl class laundrrts; city r.-1. rein- ? 9-9 wKsr in 11 nr iin mTore a protf.htant ?do"' wi>man a* laundress nr to do plain rooking S washing; reference. Can be eeen lor two days. 9 -9 Wt sr 47TII sT. - A KI HI'F.CTaIhTk (ilRL AH Jd'JAt1 flrst class Isnndrcss in a private lamily ; t< n years' elty reference, can do French Dunne in the neatest esj. 9<jO 7TH AV. FIRST FLOOK.?AH LAI'NDRBfig; As tJO willing to go to the eonntry, good city lefertnce,. HITVATIONH WASTED?WMAU*. 813 490 622 737 7 50 Laandwian. at: EAST S7TII ST.?A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES lodiee'. gentlemen", or famlUro' wa.olug: c?" do II uf> iu flr?t c1h*? Ntyle ; hn* ef?*ry #atf?f?l#iw. ?uiioBMy labs, a splendid drying ground aud the beet " ?"gy ^ jj ??v> I MAST IMlftl ST A V'M GIRL SS.,,u'1^ w tshpr ami iro .wr and plain cook In * ?mull family, tttO i. Mr- brut r?f?rMM fcwi U t pU?'C. o.wv ?IST -'Mil -I v MI'K <: 11:1. AS I.ACM O^U dress; will assist Willi ?nv work hc?t refereuce. ? ?.j| EAH1 ?: ? T11 ST. THIRD FLOOR-A KKSPBOT Ool "il'Ie girl n? laundress or to do cli?ml?rrwt>rk and Din- washing: is willing *nd obliging: good city reference Irum l??t employer*. ___________________ Q(W* rrtl AT.. IN TIIK STORK A HERMAN WO ?V/0 rami to do Uouseclcaning or washing; willing to do Njrlbllg | iwi 7TII W -V WOMAM TO on OUT BT THE 1UU day to wash, iron or do hoilseeleanlng. 1 1)J EAST itiTII ST-A WIDOW WISH KM GENTLE 4" SO mrn't ladles' or fnmily wa-hlng, or will go out by the day. Call on or addreaa En. CARS By. A~AH WEST Sh'H ST.? A KKMPBOTABLR WOMAN TT I to do washing and trcniug. A r.'rT WF.ST ?lTTfr." HKTWEBM HTH AMD I0TH T:?)?.) avs.?A resectable woman wiebcs washing br the day or week; 11 years' city relereota. 6THAV., REAR.? AS FIRST CLASS LAUN rireas; best city reference. _ ~*5TH AT. (PRESENT KM PLOYB H'S.)?A young woman aa first rata laundroaa in a private family. __ _____ ??/?/? 8TH AT.. SECOND FLOOR, BACK ROOM.-A I'rO first rlnaa laundress wishes a faif geutlouion a or families' washing; nest elty rofercnco. _ "ao A\ - A TOCRO GIRL AS FIRST 01 ASS luiindrpaa iu a private family. Call for two da\ ? 10TII AV.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN To CO out by the day wualiiug or houaacloanlng; beat rel errueo. OI'X fTll AT. BETWEEN ASTII AND 4BT1I STS., OUt) in the store.?As first rlaaa laundress; no objection to go a short diMtituee in the country; be?t raterenc?. U(>(\ JI) AV . Tol' KLOOR.?A YOUNG WOMAN TO Ol)?7 go out by the day waahlng and ironing or house rlenning. QQQ 6TH AT.?A" YOUNG girl as i.aCNDRIUM 00? and to aaaUt with cliantberwork: an excellent waahor and lroner; no objection to tbo country; city refer ence. 1 M - - 211 A v.. BETWEEN -AT 11 AND VITn STS -i.UOO top floor, rear.-As Unit claaa laundreaa In a Oral claaa private family. ___ 1 /.II) 2D A v.. BETWEEN KID AND ?ITII HW.-I l.DIO reapectable woman a? lanndrcaa in n am?ll fam ily, or would do chamherwurk and sowing; enn run w heeler A Wilson's machine; live years' rciorclic# from bor last place. Can be aean for two daya. 1 ? .)?} SI) AV., OF~ fWTH ST.?A GIRL [, | ^jO aa good waalior and lroner In a private family; cau help with the plain cooking; ban reference. Anraei. i*r 8VOSYTII ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GJRL ** nnn-e and rennistress in a private family; la willing and j obliging; good city reference. _ i)l\ WEST 1STI1 ST.. REAR. ?A YOUMO WOMAN. S\' cauable n> take entire charge ot a bal.y; olty or conntry; ho?t city rolcrcncea ^ t?- CANNON ST. -AS EXPERIENCED NT USE: NO S I objection to leave the city. 59 WEST 4 IT 11 ST-A YOUNO GIRL TO TAKE cure of a child and do aewlng, or assist with cbam borwork nntl new. ai AV. A. THIRD KLOoili?AN EDUCATED J. North Herman gl'l to take care of grow In t children villi a family going to the coontry; ia a good aoamatreaa. ?]7v7 AVKST-lltli ST. (PRESENT KMPI.oVF.R'Sl ? IU I A rerpe.'l able Herman girl aa name to growing children ; can do all kluda of lino needlowork; beat elty ref erence. -l-fTr EAST 1WTH ST.?A RESPECTABLE TOCNG I IU woman to travel with a ramily aa nurne to Europe; fond of children ; beat city reference. Addreaa AL O. l'fi EAST 39TH ST.?A PROTESTANT HIRL AS II rr nnrae : would mind baby O' grown np c lldren, or aa aeamatreaa; has her own machine; willing and obliging; good reference, -I () of" WEST 24TII ST. (RING BELL IHi.?A PROT l.wO ratant none, with long experience; la reliable; ex ceilent reference. _______ CLINTON PLACE?AS FIRST CLA8S FRENCH xrt'i nur?e; |irefer? grown children; no objection to travel: bmt city relercncu. Addreaa Mine. DUEARJa. 133 travel;I l?Jfr sITaV.. IN TIIK sTOBK.-A FRENCH NURSE J ?yO t > take care of growing children and do sewing; good reference. Call for two days, ^ ^ 3D AV.-A Nt'RSK IN ANV KIND OK Kl. K neaa; beat reference. Call on or addreaa Mra. HAMILTON. _ 1 A 'J WEST SOTH 8T.-A PROTESTANT YOUMO 14rO girl an chlld'a nurse end to pake licr.elf uaefiil. _ 1 ~i) "eaST?4TH ST. V YOl-'NH HIRL TO MIND 10 Jj children and do plain aewlng. i -1) I'AsT 4'JI> ST.-A viiUNH FRENCH HIRL AS l'jS nnrae in a private family; underatanda aewlng; beat city reference. 1 -?> EAST -M1T1I. ST. (RING THIRD HELL).?A 1?J?> tidy, amart young girl, from the country, to take rare ol children . !? a very good aeamatreaa. -I "(l WKsT 41MT ST.?AN KNHLISII PKOTKSTANT l?)tl middle aged woman at nurae ; thoroughly exper ienced; good reference, ^ WEST ":uli ST. (ItlNH THIRD BELL).?A S\j\> French nnrae to take care of cblldron anddoaew lujx; good wft'rence. 411 O KA8T"lHinr rtTTsK^^^ FLOOR.?A YOUKO ^lo woman, lately landed, to take charge of children; la a good aeamatreaa. Call lor two daya. 'ftTIl ST., REAR HOUSE.?A YOUNO MARRIED _ woman aa wet nurae : heat reference. Cull on or ad dreaa, lor three daya, Mra. ELLIOTT. f)Q1 1ST AV.?A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS IN* OOI 1ST AV.-A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS IN SSA. fant'a nnrae; ia capable of taking the entire charge, and can I ring It up on the liottle ; good city reference. ()()Q WEST 27TII ST , TOP FLOOR.?A YOUNO SO girl aa nnrae and chnmbormaid; willing and nhllg lug ; good city reference. Hall or address Inr two dn.n. (jnrt I AST .VII"I ST, IN THE STORE.-A YOUNG Sityt English girl a? nurae; la a good band aewer; beat city reference. O<17 EAST H9TII ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYKR'SJ.-A SOl Pr.ite.taut girl aa nurae and chambermaid or wad reia and chambermaid; willing to aasiat at washing and ironing. <) I 1 E AST 34TH ST.?A RKMPEOTABLB TOUMG s~rl American girl aa nurae for grown children anil to do light chamber work or plain sewing: tirat claaa cl:y refer ence Irom late employer. Call C)4 A WKST 37TH MT.-A GIRL," 14 YEARS OLD, AS S'r L nurae aud to make heraelf useful. _ t)-.i WKMT 37TH ST.?A WOMAN"AM MURSK AND SOO aeamatreaa; capable of taking charge of an Infnut from birth; can come well reconunendeii 077 WEMTTbTH MT.-A YOUNO WIDOW WOMAN SI I aa uttrao and to aaalat with cba uberwork; good elty references. OU ,- EAST 4 f II ST. iPARENT S IlKSIHENCE)"?V SOO German girl. 2'J years ol ago. na nurae or oliam bermiiid end waltrc-a In a small private lauiily; goiMl city reference. Call or address for two days. EAST 4t>Tll si. .A RESPECTABLE AMHRICAM a>\ra/ woman aa nurae for an Inralid ladv oraaehtid'a nnrae; la willing and obliging and understands her hu-ineaa In all Its branches; no objection to city or country; beat eity reference Call lor two daya. 303 EAST OATH" ST.?AN AMERICAN GIRL A8 nurae ; good rele? < nee. Call or addreaa. o/W' WEST ItiTII ST -A YOUNG GIRL. NOT LONG 0\U) troni England, to take care ol childrun or to do light housework ; good reference. iinj \a ?> Hi sr.-Th AECitMPAjnr A LADT TO ?jUO England; competent to take entire charge af chll dren; goo.l traveller; never sea tick ; good city reference. Addreaa T. L. ?illt EAST 33D ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG tllU woman as nnrae or to do lowing; willing and obliging; can ho highly recommended; no objectlou to the country. _________ ijf.i 7TH AV.-AN EXPKRIKNORD YOUMO WOMAN a 111) as nurse; la capable of taklutr charge of an InUut from Its birth ; la a good aewer by band ; cily relerrnee. KABT mil II ST.?A YOUNG GIRL,* II YEARS old, to tnko caro of children mid make herself uao 313 lul. oT~a east iVru sr., pirmt floor.?a respect. ijl'i: able voting girl t > tnko care of a couple of ginwlng chi'drcn and do aewlng: nnrteralanda Wheeler A Wilson's machine; or would ho willing to do light rhamborwork and ?ewlng; beat cily rclerence. Call for two daya. 31 - EAST I4TII MT. A YOI'.NH SCOTCH GIRL AS | ?) Iiuran; city or conntry. Call lor two days. ill u KA8T 34TH MT.?A YOUNG GERMAN AMBRL OlO can girl as nurae: la willing to aaalat With upetalre work. Call on or address C. H.TIIIES. WKSf :?STi< ST.. REAR HttUSK.-A GERMAN girl aa nurae; Urstclaaa aeamatreaa; would like to gn In the conntry. HAST 34TH ST, FIRST KLOOR.-A YOUNG OS L American Proteatant woman aa nurae for an Infant or growing children. ajtjr- WENT 43D ST.?A GIRL OF 17 To MIND OSO children in a email family, or do light bouaowurk; aloep home nlgbta. I KAMI 7 II H 8I\. BETWEEN IsFaXD 3D AVS. A re-p-ctable niarued woman as wot nurae. 337 ita nurae and aeamatrru or nurM and goveraoe. Jl/l WRHTMU nr., TWO I'AIK STAlltS VP ?AM tI" Auierlcnn girl to take rare or one or two children; no olfaction to go In tlie country for the ?riinmer. ,||(i FAST 14 I'll rsT A ItKbl'F.I 'TAHf.K T?7l\\c? I 1 ') girl. I'l yc?r? of age, to taka caro of children; no nh|> etloe to iro I" til' Ml .1 OA WK-T ?(TH SI, IN III): MTOKRE a HK Til l apoetnhlo yoang girl to taka ear* of children and make Uertolf uaeful. 1 'I I Whsr ??fi ST~ IN TIIK STOKlt.?A tO't roipectablo young girl t* take caro of children and unlet In ehamberwork : can give beet city reference. A EC wTTrtT 90TM NT.-A Ibt'NO PHOTKNTANT 'xO*t girl a* nurMi in a private Uinllv. ('all lor 'wo day*. r I If WKST d.iTIt sr., IlkTWKKN liiTII aND nTII ?I1U ava. -A young girl, 14 yeara of age, to take car* of children or aealal. C7Q 7TM AV., COR*Kit 41NT Hf-A rOllPKTKNT I/I t/ pereon aa nnrae. aeamatroaa or to do light chamber work . Operate" on ?e*lug machine*: city reference. 7lTj FAST liTH~NT.?A BgMF M.'T .Mlf K SCOTCH X rruieatani girl a* InUnt'a nurae ami chamber maid . la capable ef taking rherge of a balrjr from it* btrtli ? beat city rcrcrenee. Call on or addreaa K. 1)., la care of Mi?. Smith. 7 7 ft lilt A v.". HKTWkKN mil" AMI 4"TII ST*~ I | U (fourth bell, ormeh aide).?A yonng French ylrl to take cere of growing children and aaeiat with ehamberwork ; bc?t *fty reference. r'fi | AT 11 A V.. Hi'.T.V IKN il t Nil MillVts. . A '7k"|? I I'T man Prot??tant girl a* imr?i and aeamelrai* ; tin <ler*tanda dietaniaklng; good reference. uTfr: III AV , KKAK A KhSrK< l"A Bl.k Vol Ni; gift. !?"> yanra oi l. aa nuraa; no objection to tho ronntry; relorencc. UOO sii %V. (PRKNgNT KMI'L'iYKic.v ) A <11NU CatW agea 10, to mind children and make hcr*elf gen erally n*elnl. ] "at. (NRcuk'o bell").-t?gnvan fk<it. ?"'HI eitantglrl aa nuraa end mamatro**; be.t eliy reference; thwee going t* Philadelphia for tbe cummer pre ferred. Call of adduce. 878 SITUATIONS AV A SITKIJ- PEM ALES. Wta rsea. tVr. SI) AV., KIR.xT Kl.orti: -A STEADY, RN apectah n person. who is nr-ustonied to [hi nut of children, as nuree in * private family; atl take cor* of a child fro? Its birth; no objection to assist with eh am bar work or sewing; will b? found trustworthy and honest. 1.1 BROADWAY, BETWEEN 40TH AND 4IMT .1 StA?A reipeetehle Scotch woman as children'* nurse and seamstress; boat citr rcfcraueoa. 1AL\'i fcu av.. cosnkrhiti! kt.-a youno girl . I ')?) na nurse, or wnnid do light chain herworlt; la ? pood ; 1 itn w??r; no objection to tha country; good City rclcreuce. Call for two days. AlfiaPKIY.i B LK YOUNG QIRL Alt hieof taking ?hw|a o( a law or crowing children] would aaaiat in cliaiuberwor* : willing and obliging; two ana u half years' referen< ?? Irora laat place. Addraaa M.. box ISO Herald Uptown Branch office. \tT A N'TKIl?B Y A KKSI'KCTABLE YOUNO GIRL, A If situation aa iiuric and to aaaiat with chambnrworlc, or In anv other capacity. where aho w >uld try M make heraelf nselul; a good homo more an ob.'oflt than wages; good refer ence. Addrcaa K. A, box 100 Herald Uptown Branch of* flea. _____ Wallrcaaaa, Ac. WFST 2 IT 11 ST.?A ttEKPKCTABLB OfRlt aa flrat claaa waitress in boarding bona#. Can ha ?e*n nt I hh t plncp. 71 <'llAKI.Ti.N8T Tbkak. ONE FLTOHT fW.-A^ I 1 Drat ciata waitreaa in a boarding hoaaa or betel; bail refvreuco. KA-tT 11 ST hT ?A~ YOUNG WOMAN AS tlioronirh waitreaa in a prime family : undo ra tan da the earn of ailvrr and niakinir up aaiada; no objection to the countrr; go,>d city reference. O/ t'JLRXINUTONAV.. NEAR VtD ST?AS FIRST w"'l class waitress In a private family: fuar aad oaa ycara' Imst city reteronce.; no objection to the eotmtry. 991 "KAS'raisr st.. near 3D av., MOO* Ml VM1I L floor front. A Brat claaa waitreaa Ibr a Loarding houso or a hotel. A <1-4. WiMrr 4CTH ST.: kiilst floor -AS FIRST T wT rl m Protestant w aitreaa; ane.ioeptionable I moninla Addrcaa EMILY. 46 200 (?99 r,T" AV- CBBsktt kmit-ovkimij.?a Cuit young woman us waitreaa In n private family| would assist in tlio chamberu <>rk ;can bo well rac * .1] 1 eeeil a nroat. A WKST 4ITU ST.?A PROTESTANT GIRL AS MAIS X and aoaraatreaa; would na.'dat In chamborwork. 9uvxi.<tsroji av.?alaiit dnri:ks a ruci lor a French nureory governess; a highly roaprclabia woman, able to take entire charge of children and teach them her own language; perfectly reliable. 9 1 KAHT ISiTU ST.?A It KSPht TABLE OOLOltil del X woman to do housoclcuuilng by the day. M~w?? ihtii st.-a it tnoTAKii wosusIB Xa out cleaning huiiaca or atoroa; reference. AY.?A* HONK.ST. INDUSTRIOUS WOMAN \J\I in namitll plain fhtnlly; good rctorancr. Q7 DIVISION ST.?A LADY 81* BAKING TI1H ?'/ I Kronen, English anil Gcrmatt language* looks lor ? situation in a atnrc. Inquire In the ?ulllinnry store. m wKST iwru 'st.?a "young" Woman a3 lndy'a maid; and* refunds ho rdreaning and dress making perfectly; operitsa on different im chmes, flr?a claaa city relornneo from her laat place. mWF.sT HOUSTON ST.?AN AMRRfOAN woman to do arrnbbtng uroleantng by tba day or work. wk?t"wth"ht7-a respectable GIRL IN! n amall family; good city reference. iWl KAST ?PtTll Sl\, THIRD FLOOR. FRONT.?A wO i rrapectahlo wonmn to tako care of one or twa tone* incut aeoars; free rent; best reference. 9? 7TII AV.-A YOUNG GIRL, LATKLYLANDED, to do anything; very obliging. OHO- \VKKT~ iTsi^ ST.7 RASKMKNT. ?A RESPKOTA )wj hla woman to go out by Ihti day to do houaecleanlug or wunliliig. Mra. PLATT. ?il/i east iSrS st7 rear.?mother and' O I U daughter, in one house, in kitchen: city or oountryj boat otty reference. Addrcaa. tJCfY WEST :??Tli ST.?AN ANBKIOAN WOMAN O" )' I would like day work of any kind; good city rol arence. Call or addroaa. 213 CD I ftTH AV.?AS LADY'S MAID OR 8EAMSTKRSB tJUJL ir would do light chantbcrwork; boat city raA A YOUNG LADY DESIRES A SIT ATIO.V AS COM* panion for a lady going to Europe, or to aaaiat In tha care a house: rcicrcnc exchanged. Address S. B. M., llrrald Uptown Branch oflicc. rp com pan i oTTlivTT if klukkly lad*1 X or to take elmrge of children ? r as lady'a maid; apnaha French, English, German: be?t cty rclcreneoa. Inquire, an Monday, after l<> o'clock, at Uuuout'a hair atore, 1.14S Broadway, up ataira. ItHelllfence ORlcen. UBEAU FOK CATAllLK. THRUSTIVORTITY GEB* man servnnta. Ihl lbtlt St., between ltd and 4th ava. Mrs. LOWE. PUOKE8SIONA L SITU VTION8 WANTED^ Pl'.M AliES. ASi&Iian EaTdY wHb'fHoRotfuHrV'W6Mm: alaiida r rench. English and music desires a altiiatlon as gnvorncsa, temdiar or companion in a reflnufl inrully; beafl New York rrl'oreiico. Address box Id I'oat office, Port Mow* rue.Va. B A. HKL1' W A V'l'KU-KKN VLKS. t. stewart 1 co. want first class 01.c>AK MAKERS mid Am class waist makers. Only thoroughly competent and experienced parsons neeft apply at Uth it. entrance, beIore 3 A. M. 11 road way and lutW at. DKM~ANi> FOR TKLEv.R A ?H OFEK ATOKriC. l.esrn nnit take positions, taught practically, day op evening. THOMPSON s College, <th a*., opimstt* Cooper Institute. Commence immediately. GERMAN a I Kb wXnTED^To" Do GRNBRAia housework in a small latnily. 1(W Ksst (VHIi st. ANRAT, ACTIVE CliA.MKKKM.UD, WITH OOOD rclerniicn, to assist In a-aitinir ami light washing In a. private boarding house; waifs #1-. 33/West 14th st. Ahesi'bcta Tle pbotkhtaSt woman ri* w tied as plain conk in an institution, about 40miles from New York: vsirsi $13. Apply, bringing refcrencs, as II tills moriiil,', at St. Luke's Hospital, 54tb st. corner 5tli av. M T 1 \KKSSM iKKII WANTED.-KIlfhT <:LAS*OIlMfOt XJ on \\ heeler A Wilson ? machine, knowing dressmaking* 48 West lltk M. ? B"~MRriT "CLASS WAIST AND MUM MSHE;"XUNH but those thoroughly competent need apply; steady work. Apply, after li o'clock, at 5<l Ksst loth st.. nneg Mi midway. ^ J. U. UtUJL /NIBLhIII-OiT ftHH OUT ?IIKT SITUATIONS llf *T Philadelphia aad see the great Osntenulal Exhibitions plenty places. Address UDELL'S EMPLOYMENT ?1U" MEAlI, 1.7H7 Clicitnot st., I'liiladnlphls. /AIKI.S WANTED? IMMEDIATELY^ II 1(1 IIEST'~WA vT pes: good situations ready at UUKbb A CO.'8, Ink West :i4ih si. ILLINKRS!?A FIRST Of. ASM TRIMMER CAl# incut wltli a pcrmansiit oiigai'inent and (rood salary by applvina a*. Mrs. A !l,.i It.SllRl.l > i.. 453 Grand St., bo* tacnn I'llt and Kidge sts. OwrvT COW A NT a FIRST CLASH TIiTmMKB >? on ladies' hate: pood wages and permanent sltnalion ? li salted. Apply, before 10 A. M., at bupsrluteudent'a desk, 14th st. and lull av. TWO GOOD TRIMMERS To UO OUT OVTllWM. Alb ply at WRIGHT A M \RK HAM'S. 474 iiroadway. TWO EXPERIENCED SALKSLaMRM IN A~m7C lincry business; also milliners wanted at K. PKISKK'S. 4tll? istli av. rinvo bTiii.V: vTv ntk f> - c iFamrkitmai0 AND WAif. 1. rcss. Applv between li and III o'clock, IOI Mndsmi av. Wanied-a Flits[' Class l'ai NlMtkfM; MUST ft have beat elty relerei.eos and be willing to go In the country, ('alt Monday iiiosnlug, batore 13 o'eloek, at 847 Mndi in av. WANTED?A FlitST~CLAM KUItsKt OKK 78*1 understands sewing, willing and obliging, with good refer nice; hours from !? to ll o clock. Call at 333 West 45til st WANTKD-A OOOD PLAIN OOOK TOR FKOTBSTAk# institution. Apply at 67 West MAh at., between 10and 4 o'clock. WANTE(*?LAlikORESS;"i'RbrKSTANT APPLY At T f 07 Weal KRh St., between 10 aad 4 o'clock. ANI'Ht?A FIRST CLASH COOK. WHO WILR assist with washing. Apply st 33 Last 74th at. TIT ANTK I) - A (JOOUIM.AIN COOK; MUST BR K ft giwid washer and ironer. In a very email family; elty nkrsHitntMM 891 w?tdllh at WANTKO-A til HI, TO COOK, WASH aNO IRON llf * T it lai.illy of aix : city reinrene?s regolrad. Apply Moo? day, hhlbn 13 O'clock. ?t <>? West 4Sth at. \\r ANTED?A MAN WHO I' M > K ft VTA N Dfl THM It making of framea. sketches and ehromou; a party of Inllueiice will he liberally dealt with. Apply at 64 Railroad av., Jersey City, N J. ANTKU-a" SMALL OIRL, to take" CARE OP A, small child. WM. Ill RROUd, till East 5Sd st. ANTKD?A TOCNO GIRL TO DO 0 K NK HAb hnu.ewnrk. Apply at 31 King st. w w w T17ANTED?FIRST CLASS JiaNDS TO TRIM AM* It finish waists, only perlset onesuead apply, 34 K a? loth at. "firANTED?A OIRL TO"COOK ANdT>O HOU8RWOlUf " in the country ; city rrf- rauea required. Apply at 134 West 33d at. \V A NTKD-A "" YOl/Rff WOK AN AS WET NUKHk! TT with ullk about two months old; none but those wlij have good references need apply. Call at 34 Washington sipiare, 3 o'clock. 11'ANTED- A FIRST t'LASS cook FOR A LABOR 11 family ; mnst thoroughly understand her business la re ly br-viicn mid assist with th? washing: city relerraaa r?<iuired; wagos flS a month. Call at unco at 35 West/ Ifitli at. WANTED?A OIRL FOR GENERAL IlilCfUtWoii f a am ill family, or to do light housework and hola t? mind two children. Apply at 31* Hethune st. ANTKD-AN EXPERIENCED OIRL TO WAS* and Iron, at 15 Division st. WANTKD-A OIRL To DO t?KNKR AL llOfTMR WOR? In II private facilly; city rofvrema required. Apply. Imrn l<t to 3. at 340 Fast 33d st. ' ^krantkd?an AcrivK oFhlT for oSnkrau TT housework, on first flat, 88 West 38th st.; must hara good reference. \I'ANTKD?IMMEDIATELY. A FIRST CLASS URR. TT mau cook; private family ; good ??;;?t No. 133 W'osf 4l'd st. TirANTED-AT IflRLANli'S OYSTER AND CHO? TT llnnsit, 133 sth av.. a (lr,t clasx wimau cook, one that thoroughly understands cooking 0)stars, steaks sad chops. ' ANTED?FIRSf" CLASS 'MILLINERS." AT NOR. I ??n I 18 IMvIiIhii nl., N-?w York. \V ANTKD? KIM*I ULAMH cTmTk"; AirHO CHAM tf bwrfimld Nd WHitrent; refer#!!'*#* reqaired. HI# We*t "?7lh ?t. ? W W 'ANTBD-A CI KL TO ItliW HY HAND ON CUSTOM cnsis. 347 East 3<bh st. <HWt WEST 34111 sT?WANTRD, FIBKT CLAM ?s''o laundrem; oas wtm understands bar basiaoas Call at has mant do >r ?ITLAl'lONM VV I \IF D-MVLR*. Itkhl'LiTAIli.E Co'LORliD MAN "AM Vv A7?itff| ^V. best city rsforenrs. Address .I. W., 48 Kss4 13th st. ATOUNO MARRIED MAN WANTS A SITUATION as private socretarv or seme other responsible posMtua In New York or elsewhere. Address, with fall parti?lank ' II. A. k., ilsrald i'tnisdslpbla ilreach i

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