Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1876, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1876 Page 8
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rem mm. The Power and Influence of the Holy Ghost. THE NECESSITY OF GRACE. Anglo-American Tribute to St. George the Martyr. SHALL T1IE REVIVAL GO ON? ? . Infatuated Hearers and Pretty Preachers. A FEMALE EVANGELIST'S SERMON. CHURCH OF THE DISCIPLES. THIS HOLY GHOST? SISBMON ItY THE IiKV. GEO ROE IL HhPWOKTH. The Church of Ihe Disciples w.r* crowded to overflow ing yesterday morning. Tho revival which has com menced in Itus city is to continue In ilit.- church, and meetings ure to bo held every oveniug this week. Mr. J? I*. Thatcher, who brnl charge of the choir at the Hippixlr iin ?, will lend the singing. Mr. Sairkey at tended the service* at ihis chur. li yestordu.v morning and Joined very hourttly in singing his hynius, which have become a prominent part ot the services. Mr. Hepwnrtb preached a very eloquent and earnest scr .num. Inking his text from Acts xix.. 2?"Ho said unto them. Have ye received tlio Holy lihost since ye be lieved? And they said unto bin), Wo have not so much as heard wlictber there bo any Holy Ghcsi " There appears to be two very important step* to be tuken to the Christian lit t, and they are suggested by the quo.-!ion whicu Haul asked and by the answer which was given. First, wo aro lo tellovo in tlio Lord Jo.-m Christ, and then wo aro lo look wnh such supplication nr.d such conscious ness ol adaptation to Hod ilia: His eyo will bo turned Id our direcliuu, and Ho will stretch II.s bunds out and lay tin m on our beads, Hint we may receive iherolroin tlio Holy Ghost. Tlio whole doctrine of lho pres ence of this Tlurd l'orstur ol ibo Triuiiy and of His government in human album is to a great many per rons n mystery. It is not understood by thosowbo liuve never embraced religion, and I li ar it is uot thor oughly appreciated by a great many who scetu to (?? Very near to God in their at Hons, in tiioir pray era and thc.r aspirations. We havo receive i paruon lor our sins mid iniquitivs from His hands with sumo trepida tion aii 1 bi'Mtaliey, and Willi just a shade ol doubt as to whether we have received it or not, but Ihe lull, ireu ?ill ol lho GOly Gliosl ts beyond our comprehension Hid rippinvntly Ovyonu our grasp. We are liot only m intellectual and spiritual error on this subject, uut we lail 10 apprecatu its prat In al Value in our every day work, i want, with your permission, to ex iiiiiiio ihis subject very si gluiy this morn ing, and God tielp tne that I may put tins important mailer beloro you who are Cnrisii.ilJs in tut u I. snion that yn i will uot he suiisticd till you nnvo chirred into lho liilin-si of this uaptlsin. And may GoU help me to put it Hi such alluring fashion to yon who are out ol iiio ark ol safety that you may lie drawn into closer an J sweeter relations with the Al luighiy .Saviour, ami your approetaliou of In.- greut -ac nin e iu your behuil boipilckiiied ami increased. .Now, it you will turn with me lor n lew momenta to Joint, xvt, 7, you will lind these words:?".Nevertheless, i tell you the truth. It is expedient lor you that 1 go uway ; lor it 1 go not away the combiner will not rn^iu uuto yon, hut il I depart 1 will send him uutu you.'* To uiy mind that is A MAI!VKLUICS SKNTKNIK and conialiiH a great ninny iiupurtsnt truths. The dis- . riples were walking beneath the shadow of the cro-s. | They had laned lo understand the tact that J to us was lo build u kingdom thai was not ol this i ?or Id, that its comer stone was to bo laid >h tlio iispirutions and faith and upward longings ol the buniuii heart. I bey hod walked by H s side lur three years, aim more unreliable ineti count not lie louiid. i bey liad Inst even tho self-rc.innce they had loim.rly possessed, and such was their confidence in le u- and their love fur Him that they had come to llim si once ami never leaned on ibeir own judgment; limy hud Tost themselves utterly in II,III, He was ibo sun, lived, eternal, sell-created, shedding His light lar iitd wide into nil hearts. They were out li.tio in.-ig a I (leant satellites, racli within its own circuit marked Out by the hand m God; each revolving III Its own o r. i tie around the centre, and by u great law aruwnand kept in plate by Hun. Hi themselves lliey knew joining; they weru utterly helpless. W hatsoever Un commanded they did, but when H ? withdrew lliiuself from ilicir company for a ahort period they were tlio luost despondent ol men, und yet they were lo be Ibo preachers ol the Worn 111 long boot ihe world. It must needs be a gr at change came over them. T hey must be changed into men id rell-reiuiuce; Into , men who disdained ? xpedirney and dared to do what was right. 'll.ey wore to lie Inroes and demigods, and It was inr this remcn that, otig In-line ihe lloly tiliosi had descended, Jesus .-aid:? "It U expedient lor you that I go away. It 1 remain ye will rely on tno; il 1 go 1 will send tnee other coin lorier, ol whom yc have scarcely heard, ami yo shall form wnh him .hi intimate Inendship. and lie shall be to you lor over power ot thought, power of will und power of speech." It seems a wonderful marvel does it not f 1 have a greut deal ol sympathy Willi lho poor disciples. 1 know how iraiigely lliey inu-t Iimvo loll and How bewildered they iiiiihi have liei-n. They had leit all io follow Hun, and they hud been wandering three years, following ill eviry itsdslepo the MastnriH, and all at once, w hen His allairs and Hieirs were iuc\ iricalily entangled, He comes to Ibein and says, "Now 1 am going to leave you." "What is this irieinlshipf" said liny to each other. "We tiad supposed libit Ho wjh to lonnd a kingdom and we were lo he the rulers of ilia twelve llvietons, und now when deiuh stared every man iu the luce He comes and says, I must go-away a w; you snuil Is- a I alone iroin this moment.'" It Hfea a mat vol Ions problem, ant yet it was Ihe enigma >t tiumar. salvation. Il was the darkness, like that of .he toiul), Mlilt 11 op.-us on the other side to the light ot lire period day ; it is one ot the paradoxes in the life of Christ Why, .wends, those disciples were like ittio children around the mother's leei; take no re iponaibillty; they play with their toys and are happy; but when the mother leaves the room their eyes aro blind with tears, .-co how weak these dlsciplos were. In a great emergency, when they ought to nave stood by i heir Master, iboy forsook Him, every nun. Wei, di ur frien s, lei us look bai k Iroin this sci no to another. J> > you reiueinlter (in- Israeliiea Ij the olden lime, iviren the presence ol ?o?l was visible, as It was in Christ, 10-t tfieir sell-reliance lore tune? People s*y we ought to walk by sight Instead of faith; bill lait.i is Inliuitely- more valuable. tiik onr. PKCtUTrt'L thing s the thiug thai we sec; ihe migbly thing Is that Wrt It'll wo believe. II we coubl ceo God we should 1t nbt llim. We tlo not sec Htm and wo liebevc Him. I bave si.own you bow lull ot laud.- were lho tiisciplos Now see now.- 1 can corroborate the slau-mrul by Hie Israel lies. They bail Hie pillur ol cloud and ihe pillar o! lire, they tnd not depend on themselves at all, but heart Gml speak Irnui ibo top ol and when they lecu.veil the Decalogue lliey received 4 as children re rcivu rue commands of a mother, t.od was loo good to them, and they became so dependent that they lost their own character. Itut in tb< so hntor days .t is bi tter. In the lurgtr development ol lite Almighty's pi .n we walk, nut In sight, but by tuith, ami n-w He looks down mlo our hearts I ruin on high anil asks y oil with t bo eye 1.1 latlh to lollow Hnit. anil, instead ot lho \i-iblc presence of Go.l, wo tiave tne spirit,the Holy fibost, the Comiorler lo lead as. We nave the t-nllier in the (lid TestanrcnL we bave the Ann in the .New l'esiamcbt, but Hir Imsi years wo have bail Hie Holy Ghost. We nail ap|Hropnale lho love ot the Fattier it we will und the iovi oi the .-on, ami ho guided by the Holy spirit, and then tho whole Trinity bus become the property of the taithtul h. art. It *;i? expert it ht that Christ Should go. and w In h Ho w?at to heaven tie prayed to God to send Ihe tout Inrtcr amoiig men, ami whit ? Intst asked was not denied, tbe Itotv Guotl was sent. The Holy Ghost was the last gill, and I think ihe best cue. riLGIUM CiiUfif II. dBAI.L THE REVIVAL WORK GO OX??SERMON nr THE Rf.V. J. HPL.XCKB KENNARU, The Pilgrim churrh. Thirty third street, near Eighth avenue, was largely attended yesterday morning, the pastor, KeV. J tjpet.cer Keunard, selecting .is the sub Ject ol bis discoitrso the late revival work Iu this rity. His text was Nohemiah, vt, 3? "I am duing a great work, so that 1 canted cotnn (town; why sin.lib! the work cease, whilst 1 leave it, uint come uown lu you?" Ncbemrah's brave and persistent ?ptrit. saol the minis ter, in restoring the city of Ji rusaletn, and how, resist tng every temptattoti, he completed hi? work, and tho bappy results o' his cutcrp tse, you are nil familiar with. 1 go, therefore, at once :o that other and intl nrtely grander "work" which i.? illustrated thereby, and tho spit it in which It should be proaecnt?Goo lias been performing Ins wonder I ul work nuriug uso: latoi anil we have been working will. Hon. It is pre eml aently God's work. Ours it la, by Ilia condescending to accept u# an H s coiaborers. Oar's as sent forth to parry out Hta bleared plans and share in Hi* Joy at the auccesaoa. IT II A OR SAT WnSK, indeed tho one paramount and all important work Jor which tlie world IS kept in being. To lay the foundation otlt God gave ills only nnd well beloved Sou to carry it "n. He lay- under contribution the re sources oftl.c moral untvcra. ?>n its success tha re demption of human souls dopenda; on tt lie ,lo" c''n rentrnted the riches ol Ills grace and the tn.ght o! lit* omnipotence; to It lie has i?lcd.od Hit word and oath, and ou it is ?impended His glory. It >? a work ol sat lim and reBioruig. It iaUeaigiiid tusavw nun?ah 1 '"l 1 ol real and earnest value, all that is lost and 'ni1,"(J .. ins destructive only ol Saino sdark and d stnjd U.rou^ only ol aina that war against our poace. Itt ?l 'aying God - Jewels that lun- ' ^.^is crown It mire, and making ilieiu sparkle ogami ini 1 , sj|)p. iu tiii; vt ork ot rmunig thu putibIhiik if ?ni ? . wreck, nringIn* i^k V->?.? tides ol civatiMiig throng,i the de*?.rl irauranl human I tie, and making them blooming and irigr. unwonted energy and untold rl14^' J r t to (icuV i\* by^unigtcj'not accomplished by wishing for^j. ^ueh s "lit. *U'i -??: *? ? seif-rorgettlnt toilor It his been A BIiK^^KD WORK. No tongue so eloquent a* tttly 1? dc* crlhR t e ^Jy thai has been ... It. The no h" ' " ' listening to "the old, old story or Jesus ana Ida ot. , the g, and swell of sacred sou'-simple pie words. But oh, how reviving tind b?? ?hrtiirug Never shall we lorg.-l -hem. The ^Ihel joy found m the inquiry reus, where inc CbrMian workers" have labored day and night.* " h Ihbile in hand, among .hose seeking "know tho^ ^ r# is. Cuj'r.v; 1 conversions! Noue who worked ,rc 1 :ru? aw ssa s? i 7" ETS2 s s?-wi' Sirisi:s=r"J 1 * KIT A Lis TI1K WORK Oil O#I Vgnll?H Wo fay with nil our energy, "\c* ? i>ar he the hand that would May its progn . ?. T. ls E=SH3-s&s? now. Who wants the work to cease All I hi. fe ? ^ t't'.clV11^" <"iT'iho1 w l.n it.'.'iv V"t -<i"Vn U? 1,-1 s. r:": "rr:1Er ss making a marked diminution ol,fr - i;r 'the ""proud ?1&- who have iiiiililii. S 'A'ii w ssrart zrztx; Grander niultUudcs wont thu work logo on. wm? \V \NTS IT TO ??? ON . 1 Every one who been actlvo.y Interested j In " who has fell the uiinnutii u.Kdun .elhi a newer of us ius|.iratiou. Iho tt nt " Vnfltor don and Holy Spirit want It l<> IP' on. By Its n'olCi" 'm "oWU?mfeU.o?? a ?" p A,S"SrKi Mh- ?S '""'Oy ; vohi coase"whe11' 1*1 le'wo'l'keVs Lllow H.eir c.UhasiaMn to yon have Uono. ST. ANN'S KOMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. the necessity of oh ace heumon by r.EV. j FATHEll 11AYES. At .St. Ann's ltonian Catholic church, yostcrday, | Rev. Father Uynch celebrated high muss and Her. . Father James U.yes delivered the acrmon. Re read the Gospel or .he day, John, xk , 0-31, ?ud spr.kc on j the necessity ot relying on God alone to help us tn the struggle against the temptations ?f the world. He said ?The sad expcrleuco ol all who luivo struggle' through tho battle of life U the knowlodgo ot their own inability to carry out the light. U we want to bo sue ce.saint ... gaining our eternal reward wo must look ; beyond ourselves, and listen to the voice ol God and u?"-.ars? irsr-s? ul. i,i,tin ni? in our own couccil uuti sclllsluit .. v.riue can only he secured by eonifletc setsirution Iront Hi's world In this way we iiiust set about oblalulng ?t the grace, possible,.hat we,n.y he able to with ^!,mi the waves Ol temptation mat are continually iM atiii" up again*! lhr?>u>?u this weary IMc. i ear . W \o vou " Ohrlai *aW t?? HH diaciplea. aa read iu nit* iiosnul ot to .'avs and iucreduious lbornaa put h.a is j js, is ' wBtest s onts tho world ever saw "led ?* ly'iront the world and us leinptaiions, aadyct he most o. us live r.ght on in .cllow- up w , It, hr OH us 'to His l,?m,e in hcuveu. The Church tells us ,wu, ami contumely He I ore for ?ur sake, ai d is ?rriT,^.'rswat tuar'v "hear the lo ws Ol our redemption, and, sti.l com n,| ?g' m r own strength, refuse to rhattge ?ur mode ?| "lie or give up lb" pleasures and vanliea or ti..> world Now that the holy season of l.enl is bronchi to a ' lose we ought to rejoice with an ox t.roiigtii ,,s exam too ourselves and r. /, w/have J.nV reason to ro.loice. Have w e during this lii'lv season made our peace with lio'l Iheopportiintlfe* a (lorded lei us make no lU'GieriMav m obtaining grace and of m r one. ws jTuS: ;? mETX?' *3* X..75 ; |3:? r;-;r lipavpn CHURCH OF OUR SAVIOUR. THE IlRt'Ol.D 1)F A JJFAUTIFUI. I.IJF. ?MEMO iiial bhimon bt itr.v. iambs m. i-ullman. Yesterday morning la tho Churrh ol Our Saviour, Fifty -.'vcutti street, near F.igmh avenue, alio pastor preached ? memorial sermon of Mrs. Helen Ku-m-iI Hopkins, wlio tiled on tho 13th MMt, In the opening prayer tlio congregation were besought to turn tboir thoughts toward tied, as alone through liud's uivrcy power could they he tamedIront ihe lust* and van ities ol tlio world. Tho prcnelnr chose lor Ins text, I malt. Iv.,8? ' For my thought* are not your thought*, neither are my ways your way a." He said:?Wo miss from our midst to day, and we shall continuo to ml**, the presence ol ono whose character and lite Is worthy ol commemoration. It i? a good thing lor all 01 us Itom nine 10 time to look the tacts of lite and ueath In the Inro nud lamlllarize ourselves with thoughts ol another Jtlo and existence. In an ago wb ch glorifies obirusitn aucceas, and which ha* a Miong tendency to forget the mm lost and quiet ex prrs-tons ol beauty ami worth, It Is g ol from time 10 tnie to recall to our in lads that which coti-inmo* truo human worth. 1 .-ee tux ravKH or this i.trn on you every Sunday, I feel it In rny own veins, and without counteracting Influence we arc In danger ol I'eing wholly ah orbed ill line world; to make |*|?e standards of hie; (u continue wearing out our heart*. In ih.s slate ol lever nud ut.rcst H la rood lo content plate a calm, unsullied spir.t; it seem* like coming out ol the tumult ol the warring streets Into aomo fair garth n where all is swcvtMM. serenity and quint, The Ida of the Imly of whom I *|>eak allords nu theme for iviting theology. Hie .rndmied front the Bun day school into the churrh, was mimed 111 IWtd nud <:led on tm- Miii tiny ol tins month. Yet how much e?n he ciim|iri-od in so little! How lightly we can |?i?? vcr ths lew y< ar?! Hut how they were tilled with a rent, true life! Home lives are turbulent ns lb" mountain torrent; her.- was .is peaceful the | Meadow brook Mtf spite;? wa* home utut ths huusel.ohi. at. I she I?-.juried to it digit ty ami grace; she ln\ei| i,cr church hut w.-.s to i deep In .irted to he in ;d Ijy any nar j re a creeds, Mod, her nie ts over now ; ail over'; hut the lesson of it should cot be pasted by. What nowa [ day* atlrai ts ilio eye" and Urea lh? enthusiasm of our young men ? Is it integrity, moral worth. ur it tt some coMptesous eoccese? What dazzles und attracts our young women ? U 11 nobility ol character or ia it oe testation ami the desire for a hrliliuiit fashionable career? Whul attracts u* in our ri|*r and more expe rienced roars? Is it uprightness and moral worth? I do U"t say II is sot; but I ask you if it is We whose lucuttb s are racked and kept oq the utmost stretch day after day, week after week and year alter year, are we able to tlx OIK IDBAR ox TKK IIICIirsT MANIIOOH'' No. nut It is worth something to us umong the every-duy exaiu|iles id ulekeuneiiK to know that wick edness is uoi. tin; soto rule. When the member of a church la withdrawn Irom It bv tiie li lid oi (iod he or alto is oltcu spoken ol in rucli ItuploM language ??:?"Poor this or poor that, lie or sue Is none, cut oil in the midst of usulnllieis, Ac." ; Now, this is llie utmost stretch ol buuiuu impertiuenco to speak of one whom (iod has touched and raised lu this way. Withhold your pity and amend your vocabu lary until you know it w not a transition Irom a lower lo a higher sphere. I understand that tills body is hut the mi) effect instrument ol u growing stutc and 1 dura not lilng mv pity in the fneo ol thai august power who holds human life and destiny in Ilia hands. It there wore no mysteries in this world there would bo no I prophecies. If every oito lived to threescore years ; and leu there would bo no need of churches, this hie would he seen to l<n all and uotliiug beyond 11, but the mystery begins with life and does not end with death, and wlieu the lost great door opens out to larger life we shall Und that the loved ones who have enteied beloro ' Ituvo made a pathway for us with tbair tears; there lore, "Blessed are they that mourn lor tbey shall ho i comforted." TRINITY CHURCH. SHALL WE LIVE AGAIN ?? SERMON BT BET. MOIIOAN mx. The services at this church wcro conducted yesterday by the Ilcv. Morgan Dlx, 1). 1). The usual opening por tions of the service wore followed by the anthem, "Sing unto the Lord, who has given us the victory." This was very finely rcudercd by the choir. The sermon was preached by the Rov. Morgan Dlx, who took lor bis text tho words:?"If n man dio shall he live again? All iho days of ray nppolutcd timo will I wail till tny change come."?Job, xlv., 14. Tttr. ruTt'RK STATB. Tho reverend preacher began nls discourse by ad verting to the problem of a future existence, which oc cupied so largo a share of the thoughts of ull Christiana, People wore constantly asking themieivoa:?"Shall wo live again? Shall we have any memory of the past? Shall wo know and enjoy tho society ol those whom wo knew nnd lovedi u tills life?" Tltc questions touching tho statn beyond tho grave had been answered by every kind of imagiuativo speculation. We could, In answering them, adopt one of two methods?either, assuming tho fact of a future life, Indulge lu ull the fancies to which such a problem would loud Itself, or, taking such facts as were lucon testubly within our reach, contlnu ourselves to such deductions as appeared reasonable from them. Now tho very best evidence which wo could possibly have with regard lo a future stato would undoubtedly he Irom one who had passed away Irom litis life and returned. Butli evidence, ms compared with all the speculations w Inch hud ever been made, would he as the splendor of the suu to tho glimmer of a rushlight. Had wo any such evidence ? TUB KVIDK.NCK. Yes, we had it in the person of Christ Himself, who went dow n into the world of spirits, "being made like to lis in ail things, with the exception of sin." His ro turn thence. His resurrection, is the corner stone of iho noblest unit most houellrent luitlt the world has ever seen. Ill what guise, then, did Ho return? The answer to this question would he tho answer to our ow n queries touching our luture stale. He came hack? lirsi. w it li u body. This He proved by telling His dis ciploi I hat it ?ux not a spirit they saw, and asking 1 them to satisfy them elves by bandit -g that bod.i. Further IIo perlortned one ot tho functions of a body by o ling lie fore them. Second, it was llis own identical body, m .as ov danced by ho lioly stigmata, llic imprint ol the giuils in Ills hall Is and leol and the mark ot inn lance in Iliv side. ' ll necessary numberless other proofs nnglit he ud- I duced, those peculiar ways which each individual has, 1 tflOtono of tho voice. &C. Third, it was a real and truu body; not au airy shadow giving out a lying volco, but ono possessing all tho qualities and attributes j oi a real body, with the differences which imniorialily j and incorruptibility would make in Ik These points were dwelt upon briefly, but iorribly, by tho reverend preacher, who thence concluded that, as wc were to ho made like unto Christ in all things, we too should iu tho fuiuro life have a body, our own Identlrnl Indi- J viduality. n real and iruo body, but In a stale of ltu- ' mortality and impassibility. t A short practical uppllcutton of these truths closed the discourse. BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC. INFATUATED HEARERS; OK, PRETT* PEKACH INO?SERMON BY REV. FRED BELL, TUB SINGING PREACHER. Y egterilay forenoon the Academy ol Music was nbout two-thirds lull during llio usual Nundav service#, which were In Id by the singing preacher, Rev. Fred Boil. Alter the choir had sung several hymns to the accom paniment of a cornel and cabinet organ Mr. Bell ramo forward and gave out llio hymn, "I need thee every hour," and the congregation, rising, gave lull etlcct thereto. Thu lesson read was froin Unlnlinns, vl , lu winch the sinner Is reproved for rebuking his lellow man, who has been overtaken in a latllt. The Bihlo song, ' I'ure Gold," was then sung by Mr. Bell, alter which he preached the sermon, taking for Ills test the words lound In Isaiah, xxx., 10?"Speak unto us smooth things." Uo said it seeino<i to him unnecountablo tlint so many intelligent people should become so foolishly infatuated as to desire such a hue of advice In go-pel preaching. It Is troc, however, that many people proier deceit to sincerity. Expe rience and observation tench us that this is a patulul fsct. lu reference to mo soul and to the eternal world wo do not always like to near divine law. Yet to ho doceived with regard to eternal lite and welfare amounts to nothing less than tuoral Insanity. It is this species of madness w hich we tlnet men most guilty ol. The text is addressed to the rebellious children who would not listen to the word which llio Lord had sent them ns His wt?nL They proiorred rather deceit than the troth. Tncso classes ol jioob.e. then, should have a nauie. and the speaker proposed lo roll them "Infatua ted hearers." We must not confound the disposition not to speak "smooth things" expressed in the text as meaning that kind and altccttounio things should not be preached. St. Paul tolls us to lie kindly and to one another, and to lorgivu otic another, even as we a-k tlod to lorgivo us. we must lorgivo our ene mies, for we are told that "charily suflcreth long." it is wrong to Impress a wild boy will) the idea that he is a bad boy and euiinoi become good. Much a touching oiten drives youth into the criminal classes. Kuiher tako lhorn by the hand, and with encouragement and good advice icad Ihctii lo the pallia o! salvation and Truth. Observation loaches us that lilo nflords us lint,lew op portunities to do a gieat service lor our lellow men. but how often are not opportunities presented to ua stl to do sotnu iittlu act ol Kinduess w lib h, though un heeded, may fructity in great aud glorious results? Mr. B II thou sung "Me will scatter seeds of kindness." a pretty ballad, with excellent eflect, the organ accom panying him on it low key. Git resuming the (broad of Ins discourse he said it was iho duly of ttio minister In presetting to adapt himself to the condition and circumstances ot his hearers tl he desired lo promote their salvation. Ml. 1'uut nude hiuisell ser vant unto all, that he might gaiu all to Christianity; i that lie mittht guilt ihent that were without the law'ol Christ. These distinctions should be kept in view by the preacher. To sm-ak smooth things it is uot uoces tary to adulternto ttic truth. Yet ore not some ol lis ! puniy ot keeping hack anyihing that would disturb or ' alarm our hearers? I'lic covetous mnti does not like to he told that his imsuIou is against the law ot Christ. The pleasure taker dues no; w ^ni to he brblled In tho pursuit ol Involute*. The lonuulist does not want to he corrected. M e inusi not disturb tho telAsli man, nor the hypocrite. Is it right to awaken tho sleeping sinner? The s niiuvnt ol the people is "speak unto us smooih things." But the speaker's orator wus that the Lord may help htm to strike at tho hearts ol the people. To be successful wo must have dose speaking, so mat the sinner will gel into the corner of Ids pew and Imagine that lite devil is billowing linn. We must use tho two edged sword in the light Tho Jews might have received our Sarlour, the speaker Iks llt-vcd had hot t lirlst rebuked them for their hypoc risy. M hen we Uml sinners going to perdition we "must clothe our words in luiiftituge that they will utt .ot-tun I. Home people would have no objection lo religion It tl ?lid not lake up loo much ol ilicir nine. But to be a Christian we must uurk lor our salvatiun. and wo must l>e told how to gun Heaven. Preachers have to keep in view that they aro bound to wurn wicked men and women of their wickedness. It is better to sutler a little self-denial and inconvenience here on earth for Christ's soke than to undergo tho pa;tit of hell lor all eternity. Mr. Bell, in mncTuditig his discourse, urged his hearers to impress upon their children and their lellow men tliu necessity lor meditating upon the truths of eternal eulva lion, as the Scripture tells us that unless we believe mid repent we shall lie dam lied. After tho do.tology the , assemblage dispersed. CHURCH OF ST. GEORGE THE MARTYR. SERMON BY THE REV. JOSEPH II. RYLANCf*, D. P. - ST. GEftRl IF.'h PAT. The congregation of the Anglo American Frco Church of St. George the Martyr, worshipping at tho Church of St Ambrose, at Thompson and- Prlhee streets, held a special ecrvieo yesterday morning In commemoration of St. George's Hay. After the usuM service, which was read by tho Ucv. Zina Doty, rec tor of St Ambrose's, the nemo of "Victoria, the Queen or Great Britain and Ireland," being included in the prayer lor rulers, tho announcement was made that the Right Rev. Bishop Potter will visit this church on Thursday evening, May Id, and administer tba rite of eoitflrmetion. The Rev. Pr. Rylance then read Irom I the ldTih Psalm, the tilth and sixth verses?"If 1 for pel tboa, O Jerusalem, lei m? right band forget hor cunning If I <lo not rrniomlwr thoe, lot nig tonguo cleavt to the roof of my month; if 1 |?refer not Jerusalem above my chief joy. The reverend gentleman kind that tbe congregation liad met under circumstances of jieculiar intereaL It was the time aet mart lor the observance of St. George's Day. As It happened to lull upon one of tbo holydiivs ol the Choreh it had been thought proper \ to give to It a religious recognition. The name of SL 1 George ie lypleal of the greatness and glory of Groat Hrit-i 10. and is dear to thn hearts of Kiigltehmeu wherever tnev may bo. Providence may ha redirected the lootsleph ol somo of ttiein so that iliey will never returu i? ttie land of their hirtli, liut the feelings of . pride and reverence lor hoine and Kngiand can never leave them. If It wis ouro au honor to he called a Human citi/en it may ho allowed to a Union to boast 1 of Ins name und naiiou. Commerce, ihat is regarded by Kngliriiiiicn as a diviue institution, lor it carries ? civilization wherever u goes, has leal the sons ol Great I Britain lo all |>arts of the e arth. Mauy of them had set fled iu this laud, briuging their love of the iustil'l ! tions ol their old home with them. The par sh ol Si. George lho Martyr wa* one ol ibe results cf that love. Many years ago it was louuded, with its own vcslry ! nud puslors, and has liocii doing Us work taiibtulli. 11 was thought that immigrants arriving hero would 1 feel more at homo it the iirst impressions of the new I laud wero mingled with tbe memories ol the old. >o j the church had been established, bill nlllliatcd with tlio Church of St. Ambrose. The object of making these statements, tho speaker sni-i, was to awaken more ? Interest among the Englishmen hi New- York for the i support ol the parish there must be some here who I would liko to sco what would remind them of tho I Mather Church as they hsd seen tt st boms. InJorusa 1 lem, ut the beginning of tho Christian erii, tbero wero | distinct national *ynagogiios. The speaker did not wish I to be understood that ibo cktaollslitiieuUof this churcu would in any way conllict with the other churches. It would have its own separate work among Englishmen, lie men gave a Uriel history ot the British Church, and closed with a sketch of the typical Ut. George as the i representative of Christian manliness and integrity. ST. GEORGE'S CHURCH. THE WATS OF GOD AND MAN?SERMON BT BEV. DB. TTNO. Tho services at this church yesterday were, as usual, solcmu and Impressive. Thorn was a largo congrega tion in nttundunce. At tho termination of the prelim nary devotions iho Rov. Dr. Tyug preached a very eloquent sermon, taking hia text lrom Jeremiah, vi., 10? "Stand ye in the wny." TIIK 8KRMOJC. The reverend gentiomau, in the eourso of an ex haustive discourse, pointed out the absolute necessity of following in the path of righteousness as shown by the Almighty, and not according to the judgment or Ideas of man. The way set lortli by dlviuo authority ! was tho only true inoiliod of obtalniug everlasting i happiness, desplto all tho urguments ot modern sri enusts. The t -xt which ho had read plainly indicated ' what was desired by tho Lord, and It was desirable, ' therefore, tliul Me should be obeyed. His teachings, and not those ol man, should bo observed, however m ! geuloiis were the elforts ot those who made extensive j investigation}. The wav laid down by Hliu should I be tullowed. It was clearly pointed out m the II.hie by Ills divino inspiration, and earnest Inquiry j would readily show Ihat llie only true method by wuich ; ' the end of man's creution could be accomplished. The ' reverend preacher alluded to tho fuct that during Ins ' long ministerial career lie had invariably advocate* the ? Ideas already suggested. God Himsoll pointed out the true wav to salvation. He gave promise of reward u|ul i ! He also warned mankind that tin would he followed by j I death and destruction. There was no appeal lrom His | dual decision nor was there any compromise lor sin. Excuses were in vain. The divine low was distinctly laid down and it must bo obeyed. It was clear and pro^ , rise. D proclaimed Joy and happiness lor the .iniiuiul I und Indignation and wrnlli on Uioro who violated His , mandutcs The teaching of divine authority could not I lie mistaken. Ju conclusion the reverend gentleman urged upon his hearers the necessity ot constantly bearing ill mind the injunction-, laid down in the Scrip lures as to the methods to obtain grace and cverlusting salvation. FIFTH AVENUE B.yTIST CIIURCH. j THE BEAUTIFUL GATE?DJBOOUBEE BT BEV. DB. j ABMITAGE. A goodly number ol devout worshippers assembled yesterday at the above church to hear a discourse by j the pastor, Rev. Dr. Armitagc, who took as his subject j tho miraclo of Peter healing tho lame man ut the door of the Temple, as described In the third chapter of Acta. Thousands, tens of thousands nud hundreds of j thousands, he said, had within the last fow weeks boeu moved by a man of God singing:? Watching and waiting at the beautiful gate. Wild win be watching and waiting for uier Tho words ol the beautiful hymn had stiircd tho hearts ot hundreds of thousauds, and wo naturally think that ; those who are watching nud waiting may bo those who have a brother or n sis or, a husband, wife or child who had entered lnlo the heavenly rest. If we looked at tho construct am of iho lines wo would sco that this ; was not tho intention of tho hymn. Tho Intention is | I to convey to tho mind tho love of Christ lor His chit I dren. Ho is watching losoe what Ho can do for them; j I how He can lavish Titt! i-org or iits hkart ! ution them. There is a beiiuiltLl guie toiind at this end ot the pilgrims' way as well as a bcaiililul gulf above. So let us approach tho beautiful gato below and it will be an introduction lo that better gnto of which John speaks in Revelation. The minister dwelt on tho object ot Petoruud John's visit to tlio Temple, which was lor prayer, described vividly the condition of tho cripple who hud been lame from bis birth und curried lo this gate, which Josephus tells us was called the Coriuih liuin gate, because it wnsol Corinthian hi ass, ami w hich required twenty men to open and close. Tho cripple was watching and waiting lor alms, but Peter gave him something better than gold or sliver. While ho was watruingami waiting lor recognition the cripple was healed, and he passed with Hie apostles the garden threshold to the Temple, leaping and praising God. The pastor spoke ot Christ's mode of spreading the truth by means ol His apostles, who were sent out two hy tw o to sup|M>rt cat h other by counsel and labor. You know, sai' lie, that men use uno diamond lo polish nuolher; so John polished Peter and Peter polished John as tliev entered the Temple logelher. They l ad Just preached Clirmi at Poutooosl and brought thou k.iuds to a knowledge of the truth. Ami now they passed the beauiilul gato to the Temple, where the Jews were assembled to point every argument with Christ's name, pleading Christ's merit, ami they felt while they stood there and prayed there that Ctirisl was then* with them That hraiuiiul gate indicated to them a lit urn- to commence their labors. Alter siwuking oi the knowl edge of tlio apostles in tho art ol catching lislios, the minister staled that he believed ihey had chosen this time and place to cast their nets among the |>eople that ii:oi" might be tumors ot men. as Chnsthadcommissioned them. This suggested lo lilm ibfl thought that If Christians would save sinners iliey must not isolate themselves lrom society, but go where tlip ilsli an' nud THROW THK SKT and gather sinners lo the Master's scrvire in the spirit 4 of prayer, such was the policy of the apostles w hen they entered llie beauiilul gate, nud in the next chap ter wo are shown that the result ot tills luorul was tlio salvation of .'>,000 souls who canin to Christ ami wore saved. The m nlstcr oxpre-sed the belief that Christ , may have olten passed tins cripple at the gale, hut Ho was in no hurry to work u miracle. He probably re served thai man to the luture, end when He passed into the beauiilul gale above He left bun at llie beautl fill gate below, that the upo?tlos might Ileal turn, anil in healing bint show lortb Hts glory. He believed that Christ kept him lor a wonder and a miracle for the spread or tbo Gospel after He bud fuiUlled this mission, Peter gave to the cripple the sumo hand that Christ gave him when He wulked upon tbo water, and said:? "In tho name of Jesus, the Nuzarene. rise upaud walk." "Hrcllircn," said the pastor, in conclusion, "do that wlU) your fellow men. Givo the sinner your hand; lift him up. The beauiilul gule below and the l>c:iuiifu! ?nte above were united in Peter's grasp. Brethren, lollotv llie example of the apostle. Do not Isolate yourselves lrom the sinner. If you cannot work u in raclc vou can give him your hand and lift him up. , You can bring siuuera to the beautiful gale, and may the I ord nmko vqu usolul ut the beautiful gale or tho temple here, niid then lako you salcly through tho j bcautilul gate above." ? THE PAULIST8' CHURCH. GREGORIAN MUSIC? SERMON BT THE BEV. FATHER STONE?THE GRACE OF GOD. At the Church of the raulist Fathers, in West Fifty ninth stroct, yesterday morning, the high mass com menced at eleven n clock nnd the service continued for three hours. Tho officiating priests were the Kcv. Fattier Brown as celebrant, tho Rov. Fa1 her Rosen I cran* as deacn, tho Kcv. Father Simmons as sub deacon nnd Mr. Woodman as master of ceremonies. The appearance of tbe sanctuary was very Imposing. About thirty choristers, ten of w hom were scholastics under tho charge of the Falhors, with koine fitly boys, all dretted in soutanes and surplices, occupied scats In side iho altar rails. Tho Rev. Father Young, the p?s tor; Father Stone, Father Hill. Father Edward Brady nud' Father Augustine Brady wero also in stalls on either | ride of the sanctuary. The cerotnonles wero conducted 1 with great exactitude, acolytea, torchbenrers, thurlfer and crossbearcr assisting. The music tung In this church Is alwsys tho Greg orian chant. Attached to the cliurch la an associa tion or young men and youilis who are well trained in this style ol singing. Tho chant Is conducted by each tido ol the choir singing alternate verses. Tho effect is very impressive. There la a d*flerent mass sung for every ?uii>ibv und even for every day of the year, if necessary or raiher certain changeable parts ure sung to dlilcrent music. The music Is always appropriate to the words, the eight mooes In which the music is composed being adapted to .intercut expressions of feel ing and therefore susceptible ol Iwing applied to the degree ol Joy. gruTity or sorrow expressed by tho Church m the least of tho day. Mr. Edmund U. Hurley is tha organise Alter the tlrst Unspol yesterday the pastor, Rev. Father Young, mado the announcements, among which w?s a notice of the death ?H tho late Orestes A. Brown son, for tbo repose of whoso solo a mass Is to be ccle hrated. The pastor alluded to the laborious efforts la tho cause <>r Cttbohcity which Dr. Brownson made after las conversion from Frotertancsm. and 10 the gratitude Catholics in this country owed lor Ins un swerving /. ul in battling against the enemies of the Church. Br. Urownson. said the speaker, was an em inent philosopher, well known among the scholars of Furopc lor his profound Icarniug, and his works would be read with admiration for generations to come. The pastor then s|Hike ul tho ervciiou of tho new church, work on which he hoped the cougrcgatinu would think (It to commence immediately, so that at leasi tho base ment would he completed this year. For the next lew Sundays the Fathers will receira auy subscription* wen h metui crs of the c any regal Ion (eel disposed to L make, and cards will be Issued lor the purpose of secur I ttig small contributions. Father Young urred upon iho j congregittiou to exert themselves to accomplish the do I signed enterprise. A .sermon was then preached by the Kef. Father Stouo, who took hi- text Iroin John, xx., 1ML Tho Church, he said, calls this Sunday, the Sunday lu white ? Dominica in albu. In olden limes it was Iho Sunday of laying aside the whi te garments winch iho catechumens put on when receiving baptism on Holy Saturday, and w Inch they wore afterward during the week tin tlio L'veuiug of ibis Sunday the faithlul docked to the churches to congratulate the newly baptized, and tho bishop usually made an address, in which he exhorted j them to coutinue in a spotless lilo. Tne garments worn by the catechumens were lent by thoOburcb lor by i | the special purpose, ami on this Sunday evening were i returned. The day was also called I,ow Sunday, but ! why it was so called ho had never seen auywbcre authoritatively slated. To his tuiud it was because it was the ilret Sunday after Faster. At Faster ami dur ing ail Faster week'tho Church was rejoicing lu un bounded triumph?a triumph so great that not even during the wholo week was there a hymn | contained lu the daily odice. To-day, lor the lirsl unto since Faster, a hymn was sung, and this, therelore, was the returning i? tbo ordinary mode ol loeitug alter tho inexpressible joy of the Faster festival. Tho i preacher then went on to speak ol how our l.ord kept this day. It was to-day tho-Saviour said to tho apos I tics, "I'once ho to you; as the Father sent me so send 1 , you; whose sins yc shall lurglvc .-hull be lorgiven." It | was thus Ho gave that peaco which mankind had lost. : How loolisb it was to say that the istwer conferred i upon the apostles was to end with them. The peace i Oi (>od was brought hack by tho submission ol tho I intellect and will und through sacritlc?. There was a j noautllul expression of failti at lite Saviour's tomb when Mary, without seeing Jc-us, but only hearing the voice call her name, answered, "Rabboul." an ex j prcssioti In wti ch there was IuIdcsb ol faith and love. How ditreront It was with Thomas. He was absent when Christ appeared m Iho apostles, and when he ; hoard that Christ was risen lie reluscd to be ; Hove it until be bad actual proof ot the fact. For him it was necessary that he should put bis bauds j tttlo the wounds. Then" only, lully satis'led, he orled ' out, "My Ford and my God |'? Christ might easily not | have imrdoned T.iontas lor his incredulity, httt lor our j sukes, us utlordlug us an overwhelming proof, Ho for gave him. It was worthy of note, said tho preacher, that not oven Honan disputed this proof of Christ's resurrection as offered in Thomas' incredulity. Hoiiau guve vory plausible reasons why the women should ; have heon deceived slid their imaginations imposed upon, hut when be came to the luct that Thomas saw ! and believed he merely stated tho tact that Thomas was not with tho apostles when Christ appeared among ! them, hilt that, "on dit,'' he saw Christ eight days afterward and believed. Tho proacher applied tho in credulity of Thomas to tlm rationalists, scientists atid theorists of our own time, who must actually feel and he tangibly sensible ol the existence ol anything they would believe In. The preacher closed Willi sotno eloquent Illustrations on the Raoriflcos which were re quired in order to possess the peace tho Redeemer brought on earth. THE WIDOW YAN COTT. A REMARKABLE SERMON AT -THE WARREN STREET METHODIST CHURCH, BROOKLYN. Tho \\ arren street Methodist church yesterday morn ing was filled by a miscellaneous congrogatlon, at tracted by a desiro to hoar tho noted foraalo proachcr. Widow \au Cott. The lady has been preaching throughout the United States during tho past ten yours, and yesterday filled tho pulpit again for Rev. John I'arkor, in whose classroom she began her more active Christian work. It mny bo said without offence that she owes nothing of hor remarkable power over tho audiences she addresses to what is usually credited to delicate and gracoful form. Silent and away from tho pulpit or plntform she would ba taken lor a well rounded matron, whoso only engrossing care bad been the rearing of a family respectably. It was not until sbo had commenced to pray and read and speak that hor hearers came to a full comprehension of the fact that they wero in tho prcscnco cl u womau of ro.lly extraordinary mental and physical power. While si at ply reading iho chapter In Uencsls describing the crentiou of tho world, tho sun, the moon and the stars, she, by luterspersod remarks concerning tho condi tions then describeu and the conditions existing at the present duy in the universe, advocated tho truthfulness ol tho Bible against tho scepticisms and scolfs of un L'senY'Tram l,?i.ttlllc,r "hlch 1"* l?Ud declarations of meihi. ? congregation. Then followed a loieiblu prayer, in winch she called anon ?0,,,V1!',C0' 0ov*ri'or 01 this state ana the 1 losidint ol the L lined States lliut the eyo ol lliu Omnipotent is upon them, searching tiieir hearts and divining their motives iu ail that tney do. Then alter smgmg ny tho choir aud congregotiuu, and a bruif but impressive prayer that ncr worus might prove effective lor the saving of sinuers, sue selected as a text a iw tion ol the ninth verse of the thira chapter ol Joan. J he portion selected was the single word ??flow " tin Ji'!? L'e'' l,ul J11 lll'r bunds remarkably suggestive lext, she ran through the various luruis ol difficulties experienced by the unredeemed, oven when seemingly desirous ol arriving at iho truih ol the Uiblu aud mo saving power of Ch.lai. In Illustration of her no,m sue referred to Ricndemus, who came to .ie?us by night, and, alter listening 10 him, asked, "Mow ran liese things bey- j,hu, rts,iond.d, "Ver.^ I "v until ter iU?" ihrXlL P a" M,"n. bu b,,r" "gKln hu cnuiiol eu n.L il ^ kingdom of heaven." "But bow can a man be born ..gam wheu ho is old and lull grown T queried Mcodemus. Aud Christ answered that unless he i.o horn again n| the .Spirit he cannot cuier into the kingdom of heaven. Christ, she hold did mil enter into any exhaustive explanation with Jiieodoiiius, who Mill lucliu d to ask, "Bow cau ihe-e .V.a 'Pi. i A? hh'\v,'<7 "Uongly believed that ttio dillli ultj by when Mcodemus was tro.bled was still row .n me land. It was. sue lelt. a great mvMerv aiming the unredeemed how the crucilixion of Christ now near yi two j tar, ago, could prove efficacious |,i the saving ol sinners to-day. The respon<o to that doubt was that the Bildo dcclaralio.i was that whoso ?rer bull vetu shall be saved. On the word "Mull' she wou.d have theui rest tho r loot, lor in n mere was a 1 f, y?p""ci "ni1 mey must have faith in that diulaialioii. Ihen develoi iug somewhat the dilficu ties in the way ol entire lailn hi Christ a? compared w ith its exercise in oilier relations, she illustrated her point l.y telling ihut, ?n one occasiou, when dining wuh a iriond, he forked oi er io her _.. . . A KINK * SALT POTATO. ? hen he did so, she said to herself, "Ought I to say to him I hat I cannot eat that potato, because I .,o not know in wnat soil i^ was grown, or how it was pos sible that it could bo produced in auy soil, or lor 'but mutter, anywnere ele?" But no, she dn not do or say anything ol tlio kind. She stuck nor lork into the p'.ialo, stripped oil its jaukel. and, being very hungry J?""d it delicious, as she wua sure shu would, ui.-n though she had neier aeon that grout big mealy potato before. She Una laith iu her own instiucis ana an penrauces, mid she profiled by ber faith. Again for another Illustration, sue carried her hearers up the Hudson in the winter season, where one of ihem said he was exceedingly thirsty, alio picked up lor him same snow, when being for tho first time in a northern clime, ho said. "I liavo asked lor water, ami you have not given l. Io mo; these arc crystals." But while ho doubted and denied ibal ho h id iu reality hem given what ho needed, Io! the crystals had changed to water which was dripping mroumi ma fingers w hile ho re mained iu douiiL lie did not understand it but lie was at hirst aud he partook ol wbui remained in his hand without stopping to ask "how" it ca ne thcro And so she declared It should be with us and Hod's promiso*. Wo should have oiitiro faith in tbwut always tor ir read aright ihey were wBiailing. Again she g/iw illustrations of faith iu what is seen, witoout knowledge ot "how it comes to lie so by rcculng a camp mooting Incident during the last *e iaoil A brother tnnie to her saving ibat ho desired to have full faith |0 me litre's declarations of t...U'a promises, but found it exceed, ?ugly difficult to succeed in them. There was a mt s lory about tho problem which he could not fully coin prolu-nd and lie was theraiorc in very grave doubt fdie said to him, poinliug io auuiu trees near by, "What is I ha l ir< ? there ?" and lie said au oak. She then asked as io another, aud ho said a hickory. And lie was j right in both cases. tdio then asked turn now it was that, growing as they did in the suuio soil, one was an , oak and the other a hickory tree, lie satd lto dTdi^ baitel'ln il And?tt WPre ?nd had lull both I in it. And the same was true concerning the won,.runs variety and beauty of the colors ol Ho "ers We could believe in tticir production as tl?. handiwork of tlie Almighty without knowing aught of how they wero produced. And still, when Iho same text elsred what He would do lor us. provided w e bad lull la.ill m His promises, we were n.ied with doubts and unbelief. But when lalth and behet are strung as they should be, mo Chriaihio. she sa.d' leels tho same conUdeuce in Hod's promises witnoM knowing bow the, are to be itHOHcd the child in the oread, with the method or producing winch it knows nothing si all. The child knows mat lis mother knows, and the Christian knows that Hod knows w hereof Me prmmaes. As still another inter eettng evM. no ol the lalth that is In us. in merely temporal things, she told that while she w as in tho far W eat she received u box by express. She opened it and found ?here,n a gow n, ol which she was verv much * # lo,>K 11 11 nl,d p*y that sue oould not wear it because she did not know where Tit* SIlKKr ATK T..S OMASA THAT OIIKW Tlli WOOL ?. *.. ?! .*"wn J Certmmy not sue put It on right away, and thanked Hod lor it. And. to a<ld ?h,k0 ?""??ration or her main point, ?h>*said !r?? !? . LCO"rMnK Wlth OQO ?' ,h" unredeemed, tney woreJookmg out upon a held in wbleh tliare were feeding from the same grass a cow, a p,- ? Xen .Vt J.|8.I!?*<.'' 'T unrp,l*<'n"<11 ?r?r*i"l was finding It im|>os. aiblt to boliero in Hod's power to cn.mge tno 01 men, anui ly becaune he could not clearly understand how it was done. She tailed his attention to the cow. the pig, the sheep m,a the goose, all feeding from the same gnus, and asked li'm "How it was that, feeding from precisely the same sub stance, hairs came out upon the back ol the cow. bristles on the back of me pig, wool on the back ot tho sheen and on that ol the goose feathers r" riio |k>ov man said he didn't know how It came to he* hot there it was. oertatu, suro. Bho then showed him'how llwtsnons iho less wonderful that Uol should in flr? waya, prm ide lor the saving ol a ainlul soul tuaa I thai lie should work such wonders on Inferior being i From ihcee Illustration* she wrought oat the dw-larar ; iloo i luii in111) in tioti is ? porlectly natural reliance or 1 His Word ?o noon a* we can tome to tee Him as Ho Is, 1u nil things open to as. While illustrating l?er argument and pressing ifchonu upon her hourers her exhibition of vital torcn was sur ; prising, though even in her most impassioned diclnra lions >ho never ceased to he womanly even lu manner and tho loud re*|?iuvns Irom her hearers trutn be2innm| . to end gave evidence o| the effect she had produi ed u|kji them. She is to remain another week in Brooklyn. Mrs. Van t'otl desires 10 have the storiea that she hat been an actress and that alio baa been treated unkindly tiy tho clergy where she has travelled and spoken dur : Ing tho past ten years contradicted. She says that bet Aral effort at speaking publicly was In the ilus-Toom n| llinrnurcb, utter her Itu-baml'* death, and that she list always been treated kindly by the clergy wherever rhv had been, even when they hu\o not joined witli Itei heartily lu lier ellorls lor tne redemption of sinners. Thai, Imwevor, slio funis was only the one bocause sin was a woman, and not Ifbcuusoof any desire to retard the work oi redemption. Also, touching the contribu tions taken up lor lier, she says she ta poorer to-day ? than when she commenced tier work aud does not leel that there can bo any wrong in receiving what la needed fur her support while lal<oring tucoesauily. as she ha| br-en doing during the paal ten years. TERCENTENARY OF ST. VINCENT m DE PAUL. ITU OBSrr.VAXCE heiie and BLSKWHEBB?A CENTENNIAL CONVENTION FOB PHILADELPHIA IN JULY. The Catholic Church throughout the world will to day celebrate the 3ti0tli uunivorsary of 8k Vincent ds1 Paul, the founder of thu Cougrcgatluu of the Mission and of the order of tho Sisters ol Charity. He was ta France the apostle that revived utid developed the re ligious sentiments aud resources of that country, and to him mure than lo any other agency Is the Holy Set ludebtod for the faithfulness ol Franco to tho authority of the popes. Tho Lazurisis and fuulists, tho Ststcri of Cliartty nud other communities of tho Church will to-day unite in doing honor to the memory of this great missionary. Tho Pop? has sanctioned the cele bration, an I, in a brief, to the Procurator Gcnorul of the priests ol tho Congregation of tho Mission lie says ! that, to increase tho piety of the faithful and for the salvation of souls, aud moved by a sentiment of pious charity and wishing by opening the heavenly treas ures ot the Ctiurclt to respond to tho religious desires of the Iran 111 ul, lie grants lo each and all ol both sexes, : who being truly penitent, and alter having confo.-ecd their sius uml received tho Holy Couiuiiiniuo, shall have devoutly visited on the 24lh day ol the month of April of tins year, or on one ot the nine days preceding, or on one ol tbo seven days following, according to Hour choice, one of the churches of the > priests ot the Congregation of the Mission, or of th? Sisters of Charity, aud there shall have ottered prayer* . to (ioit for the concord ol Christian Princes, tho ex. ' Urpntion ol heresies, the conversion of sinners and the exaltation ot our Holy Mother, tbo Church, a plenary indulgcuce und thetreinissinn ol ull tliutr sins, winch "indulgence can lie applied lo lite souls of the i fuitlilul, who uuvo quitted this lifo In the grace of God. Tuns it will be seen that tho observance will uo( cease with tins day, hut will ruu uu lor u week, aud, in all tho churches oi tho societies and congregationi l).lined lit this city, special services will bo held uaily. Indeed, it is liol to cease even then, tor the Superior Council of 8t, Vincent de Paul societies ol thiB city bar made arrangements with the Particular Council of simi lar societies ili Philadelphia tor a Centennial Conven tion ot the whole society in tho United .States to gather there July (L The programme for that occasion includes religious services in thu Cathedrul of that city in the | morning, utter which tho delegates will ^preaklost to gether in the Seminary hall, adjoining the Cathedral i The Conventiou wilt then meet at eleven o'clock and 1 remain iu session lor two davs, when all mailers and j questions appertaining lo the working ol the cooler 1 enccs, peculiar to lliuir d fferettt localities, will bo dis j cussed, rules laid down, .ko., Ac. Tho exercises will i terminate by solemn benediction. Archbishop Wood has lukon n docp Interest in lh? i project, and is doing what lie can to make the Couveu ! Hon a success, lie expects to take part in all tbo exer ; else*. Arrangements have been made fur a Calliolit : headquarters at lie Sales institute, 1,205 Chestnut st rout, where a registry of all Catholic visitors will N kept. The locatiou of the dltlerctit churches In th? city, together with the hours at which musses will bo : colebrulod at each church, und ulso In what churches 1 confessions in French, German. Spanish and Italian will bo heard, will lie printed and placed in a conspicu ous place iu the headquarters. It is expected that prominent Catholics from all parlg ol Kuropu will be present at thu Convention. THE LAY COLLEGE, BROOKLYN. Tho Rev. T. De Witt Taltnage, at tbo conclusion ol his sermon yesterday foronoon, made a stirring appeal ! to tho congregation to complete the amount roquirel ! to pay off the mortgage upon tbo laty College Building The mortgage was $15,000. On Inst Sunday week tbt people of the Tabernacle contributed $5,000, and yes. terday tho balance. ?10,000, was raised, a fitting mark i of appreciation on the part nt tho people lor the labors ol the pastor in hoiiull ol the institution. This rollege, though fostered by tho Tabernacle, is not dependent ttpou that congregation. The Tabernacle church soci ety was reported as being in h most nourishing linan ctal condition, the income being in excess ot the ex penditures. SUNDAY SCHOOL ANNIVERSARY. The scholars of the four Sun lay schools connected with St. George's'hureb celebrated the twenty-seventh anniversary yesterday afternoon iu tho church, cornor Sixteenth strtot and Riitlicrfurd place. Rev. Dr. Tyng. the rector, presided, and tho exercises which consisted of addresses, singing, Ac., were witnessed by a large congregation. Floral tributes were presented by each class. The children's offerings amounted to about $:>.t>00. The scholars marched from their respective Sunday schools with banners, and attracted mach ob servation. MEETINGS AND LECTURES. The thirty-second reception of the Brooklyn Art As sociation will take place this evening at the Art Bond ing and the Academy of Musio. A largo attendance ol the members and their frtonds is expected. The rcgnlur meeting of tho Island Historical Society will lie hold tomorrow evening nt tho Alho n-i'itm, when Rev. K D. G. l'ritice will read a paper on '?The Valley of tho Jordan and the Dead Son." On Friday evening next the American Geographical Society w ill hold a mei'liiig at Clnckerltig Hall, lor tho purpose of listening to an nddres* by M-nor A. G. Con stable entitled "A Talk About llludostan," and illus trated by storeoptiron views. As Mr. Constable was formerly an officer in tho service of tlie liast India Com pany his lecture will no doubt tie an interesting one. This afternoon nchurch conference will lie Ueld in ths Sunday school room ol Calvary church, corner of Fourth avenue aud Twenty first street. Tho proceedings will begin at half past two I*. M.. and will include the read ing of a paper by Kov. Dr. Kramer ou 'The Educational Question." A perlormance and reception will ho given on Wed nesday evening next by the Irving DramnlicClub, attha l.ce Avenue <>[>era House, in aid ol a fund for tha erec tion ol a soldiers' home, its proposed by Reno Post, No. 44. G.A.R. The third social meeting ?f tho Association of ths Alumni ot Columbia College will he hold to-morrow evening at. Iicltuunlco's, in Fourteenth street, when Aug. C. Merriam, A. M.. will read a paper on ths Cyprian and Trojan excavations of Cesuola and Schllm ma no. RUBENSTEIN COMPLAINING OP ILL. NESS. Pesach N. Rubensteln, the alleged murderer of Nam Alexander, has been complaining of not feeling quits so well since Friday last Yesterday ho soul for tho keeper, who found him prostrate on tho floor of tho coll and moatnng. The physician in attendance at tbo Jail, Dr. A. W. Shepherd, was summoned and asked Rnhcnstein how he Iclt. Pesach replied that he was feverish and felt "bad, very bad," but he could ndl localize the scat ot the ailment. Hi* pulse was excel lent. The Doctor asked him if ho wonld take somo tincture ot iron, and he rented that ho would II lite family recommended It. The opinion prevailed at the J ul tiiat Ruiieustein is feigning IUochk, with the hope of being removed to some other ana less conuned quarters. Argument will t>e heard In his case be lore the Nuprcino Court, General Term, on the sccoud Mon day lu May. A DILATORY SCHOOL CONTRACTOR. New Your, April 23.1874 To tiie Editor or ran Herald:? We will not prefaco onr humide roqnest by eulogising your valuable publication; It Is too well known to re quire praise, and wo look to It as tho expounder of troth with the hope that you will Inform ns and many others it It la r ally a tact that tho scboolhouse situated at the corner of Seventh avenue aud Forty-ninth street la to be closed against our little children Irom the first day of May until December in order to await tne contractor's pleasure In completing tbo new school house now erecting on Kilty fourth street. It cannot be possible that alter a "Comtmlaory Lducatioti law" sprung Into exist ence tho School Commissioners will compel our children to enjoy a vacation ol nlmut eight mouths con trary to the wisher of ili.-ir parents. Wo are poor, yel dis-ire to forward the education of onr children lor tbn abort and very limited time we will be able to keep them from labor. Please inform us. If possible, if sucO change is about to tak" plure, that we may be able to make prep irations?however difficult it may lie?te move lo some neighborhood where our pisir children may have the op|M>rtnnlty of having thp maxima ol truth and virtue itnpres'ed upon their Juvenile minds, for lull onr public schools uro in every respect deserw tug ot praise. CH aRLIM J. MEN7.IT., 4h? West Forty-ninth street. R. I>. TOM PR IXB, Ftfly-flrst street and Broadway, r.VHtn iv F. MHJN.VN, 4t>4 West Fitly-ttflh struck CM.WILLS HIM?I.\>, 447 .Seventh av.-uue. JOHN 11 L.N N LS..KV, 1,535 Broadway. JtiHN RLKD. 1*4 Seventh avenue, i WILLIAM MBCtluF, 1,531 Broadway.

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