Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1876, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1876 Page 9
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Enat* of the Week?The Frosress and Changes of Speculation. THE GOLD AND MONEY MARKETS. Silver Payments?Improvement in Govern ment Bonds?The Kailro d Warfare. Wall Strkrt. 1 Si*\oat. April 23, 1170. J By popular assent Ibis 23d <lajr of April Is regarded M tbe birthday of Shakespeare. By popular cousonl the wonderful intellect which shaped his works is con ceded to have embraced a wider knowledge ot the world and a keener appreciation of Ub turn and sulwtunco than can l>e accorded to auy other writer living or dead. Law, physic and religion; poliilei, diplomacy and sociology, each aud all have been treated with rars cunning by bit versatile pen. Peoplo auy tbut there is uo subject "in the heavens ubovo, tho curth bcucatli or the waters under tho earth"' which dbukosnouro has not observed and commented upon. Peoplo aro wrong. Tho "Divine William" was weak on flnanoe. Beyond "The Jew w bicb Shakespeare drew" there is no play with aithy lucre as a basis of action. Not much sven iu the "Merchant of Venice," lor the playwright has no conception ol bulls and bears, and gets no nearer to Stuck Exchange proceedings than the pur chasing ol a call on a pound ol flesh, which tho seller' with Jay Gould like cheek, qitlobles out of In tho end. There is no evidence lu his works that Shakespeare evor took "a llyor," though Bacon (for the uso of his name) must have moro than once set lnm up with u , inhrgiu. Unless some unt'oriunuio speculation is re- ? ierrcd to when no writes:? Our fancies uro more giddy and uiiflrm, Moro longing, wavoring, sooner lost and won, Thau women's uro, It is evident that Stock Exchango Jobbers can find ; little to quoto from tbe Burd of Avon. Rcquiueal in j pace. Tho summary of tho past week Is tho recprd of a : weak kneed market, and tho tendency of events has J been to make It so, Faith In tho great coal Investment j stocks has beeu shaken, and ahures which are usually held out of tho street huvc crept In for sulo under tho information thut business whs torpid and prospective dividends doubtful. Open hostilities liavo broken out lu Internecine war between tho leading railway cor" poratlona, and dividends trout such us have paid tDom iro lucre doubtful still. Mr. Vanderbtll, us controller of tho vast Central and UudsuD corporation, decides lo rid himself ol entang ling allluncos with other roads, and will exert his powerful lulluunce to regain lor New York city the im portant gruiu trutllc which lias been diverted to Balti more aud Boston. Lett to act independently, with tho advantages of a four tracked road lor freight and uu uu equalled passenger traffic, the whole business bciug worked at a coat of tilly per ceut or less ol gross re ceipts, and with a doiormluatlon, as wo un derstand, ot cheapening rates if necessary to a |>olnt which will deieiit competition, the Com modorc throws down the gauntlet of a dan. gerous antagonist. With tnforior power of resist ance Lake Shore and Michigan Central, with tliotr less linpoi taut connections, are placed in uo enviublo posi tion, uad can scarcely lull to sudor iroin any long con tinuuUCe of the sit lie. A brightening up ot trade pios pects seoins to ho tho only hope lor a better slato of things, but as yet tho clouds refuse to, roll away, and the prospect of clearer woutber is not inviting. Passing Irotu the railways we find it like couiest rag ing between tho rival telegraph companies. There is tbe sumo bidding for business and the same cutting ilowu of rates to Invite it aud an equal existing uncer tainty is lo how tho whole mutter will end. Further reductions uro threatened by the Atlantic and I'acillc Company in the tarilT for messages, and u lowering or passenger rales on ihc great railroad trunk Hues Is likely to be consummated in a few nays. As an earnest ol iho pertinacity of tbe telegraph (untost wo learn from undoubted authority that the Atlantic and Pacific Company, by way ol carrying tho war into Africa, will at once commence the construc tion of new lines Irom Washington to Mobile and Now Orleans taking in on the way the cities of Wilmington, Charleston, Favannuli and Augusta, Ga. These arc hut stcpa in tho movement which must in evitably bring about the cbeupouing of all tho necessi ties ol lire, and which, however disagreeable to vested Interests, must be established before a permanent turn for tho belter becomes a fixed lack rRICKS or STOCKS. The following shows tho oDcuing, highest and lowest rales ol slocks during the past week, and tho number ; or shares doall Ini .Vo. of Optn- Uigk- Low- | Skuret. inrf. est. of. I Alton and Terre Hauto pf. 10b lo 16 16 Atlantic aud Pacific Tel.. 26') 17J* 1"X 17)4 1 Chicago and Northwest'n. 11,3> 0 40 X 41), 40 C. and N. W. preierred... 3,920 fio,li 6014 58*4 ] Chicago, R. L and Pacific 6.9:15 104 104103)4 i Chicago, Bur. and Quincy 428 ll'J 113 113 | CoL, Chi. aud lud. Ccul.. 700 4*4 4.1{ 4*4 ' C..&.C. and 1 1,40* 53* 63*4 6u>4 C'uvelund and Pitlsburg.. 1,062 94 94), 1)4 Chicago and Alton 326 lu2 102 100 Chicago und Altou pf.... 100 107)4 1<)7)4 10714 Consolidation Coal 2,400 41 >, 41 >4 40 j 200 37)4 3<)? 40 Dei. Lack, and Western.. 7,936 114), 114), 109 Del. aud Hudson Canal... 4VJ ? ? Aoains Express 306 107)4 108 10"'4 ; Anient uu KxpresS 641 CO 0014 "0 | V hi led Slates Express... 33d B'Jxd 09 09 Wells, Fargo <k Co 493 80), 80)4 80X I File 71.31.0 15)4 IDS 14 i Harlem 1.H9 13*'4 138', 130)4 and Sk Joseph 800 10-4 10', 10 j Hau. und St. Joseph pi... Coo 24)4 25'4 24)4 1 Illinois Central 330 98', 9li), US Luke Shore 267,751 50 6ti-, 64)," : Michigan Central .1,985 65*4 501, 50'| Mo., Kansas aud Texas... l.otio 10)4 1114 10', j Milwaukee and M Paul.. 18,450 3u'4 401, 38)4 M'lwaukee and Si Paul pf 17,350 00.X Otis, 64), New York Central 5,vol 112 113), 112 New Jersey Central 12,449 100'$ luo'? Vd>4 I New Jersey Southern.... 400 1)4 1'4 1', ' UI1I0 aud Mississippi 8.0*6 17 IT1, 16)4 Pacific Mail 90,058 20)4 20>, 18), j Pauuina 670 128 128 128 Pacific ol Missouri l,(K.O 14 14Q 14 Quicksilver 100 I"), 17)4 l"1* Quicksilver preferred.... 100 ? ? ? be Lotus and Iron Mt'n.. 630 20)4 20 >4 19!? ! Pi. Louis, K. C. and N. pf. 9O0 28 ', 29 24 1 Tub, Wnb. and Western.. 3,400 3 3>4 2)? I 11.011 Pat'1 lie 4, COd 64)4 66 64 Western I'Uion Tel 231,606 68 85:4 j pro.Con.L.andP.C?... 10**4 111 108X Kelio 21 pf 210 105Q 1061* ? Kansas l'aeibc loo 9), 91, 9)4 I UlOli Miniug Co 7,490 1 *a IX 1), 6k L., K. C and N OoO 6'4 4), 6.x Bold.. ? 113)4 113)4 H2\ Total for tho week 606,739 cLosixo raicxs?satcrbat, Ir t. 1 ante Man... m ? ?ots' c . ca i &o': a 31 *?M 1 1, Til .. tax a '5)4 C LAlC. ... 4>, a 4X '/* Ik ,?l.. I'lj ? I Del. LAW ..100 aiO.'j, v%uck?U\?r. .. a f-rli,.? ... jW a "Cuicksilssr pf. v3 a -4 Hsu A St Jo... 16 a I" ), Mai l.aiiu a M 7 a 8 11 A 81 Jopfi.f 2. 4 a 2.1 kirit H pi 7X ? ? Lake bliure X ? 65)4 Annus hx lib h 1' o MMi Central.. a 52:, Amtritaii Ex 1164 ? '"14 N YA H at lew. 13m>4 * } 7 I s E*. . ?"?4 u CO .N V l All a. ? 112 . 112)4 V elit-i ars .'.x "h. a s7 N J Oeii, 9.), a WO , Chit A /It.. tRt a :l?i Ohio A Mlia.. IU'4 a IMfx I itti P.M. ; 4 a '.'4), Panama 137 a LS I hie A S W ... 41) a s"N lelAVtab ., 1,1 ? 3', < bit A E \t pi. 5*.i a 5n), I nit'" Pacific.. '-4 a <>4)g t lite A 1.1*t a 1113)4 Mi.M.itrl Pac '4 a <4S Ada Ml' . 3S'i a 20 ProUl'etOo 112 112)4 KM A MP pi.. r.4)4 a 1 5 RXPOKTB AXI) 111 POUTS, Tho exports ol spec e lor iho week footed up 9703,289. and since January 1, $16,029,354, as against 4 $20,176,606 same lime last year, aud $10,078,163 iu 1874. The exports of domestic product), currency val uation, for the week ending Toestlay lost amounted to i $5,069,396; and since Jauuary 1, $74,406,347. The :m- : port) ol dry goods, gold valuation. Including general merchandise, for tho week eliding yesterday were $6,964,749; and sltico January 1, $106,440,620, as , sgait'it $119,872,011 same time last year, and $13*.119,381 in 1874. Tho rocopu of cotton coastwise j and by rail during the past week were 30,600 bales, and the number exported was 77,663. Tho total rece.pts line* September 1, the commencement ol the cotton year, were 3,840,021, an increase of 674,323 bales as compared with the corresponding period of last year. TIIR MOSBY MASKRT during ihe week has been unborn, with general rates at 3 and 4 per cent on call loans, and exceptionally low sad high prices at 2)4 and 6 percent. Aa will be ob- | served by relereuce to tho bank statement yesterday, fetbe flow of currency la again in this direction, and we | m?y expect continued ease tor 101110 time to come. The statement shews a gala of $2,660,000 la legal | tender ootes end of 11,(06,000 In national bank notes, ?hich only cuter lnlo I be item of deposits. The total reserve, bjr reason or* loss of $1,323,600 specie, shows s guiu ot only fl,3)0,300. The surplus reserve, how ever, is $1,806,620 larger than last week, the total now being $8,638,600. For mercantile I taper the following are the prevailing rates:? cruoor rarsa. Sixty Day a Four Months. Doable named? First class 4 6 a 6}, Good 6 u5'i 6 aO}, Siu-pe named? First elites 4lia6 6 n Good 6 art* 6Ha7 Not so well known T a8 8 a# gclo rarsa. Double named? Fritue 6*6 ? Flngle named? OooU T a 8 ? Tbe following shows the value in gold of $100 green backs (United Stales Treasury notes, fractional uoies and national bank notes) at twelve o'clock of tbe days named :? Ayr it 17. April IS. April 19. April 20. April 21. April IK. $68 4V $68 43 $68 43 {68 S3 $88 63 $ 88 63 Subaidury silver coin (which contains 386 8-10 grains to the dollar), $84 43. HUMS AND Ut'LUOM. Tho following wore quotations In gold for coina and bullion:? Buying. Selling. American trade dollars. 92 .33 American silver (hitir uud quar. dots.) Nominal Amoriciuj silver (dimes and hf. dimes) Nominal llexiuuu uoiiars, old style 91', .fJ Mexivau dollar.-, new style 91.32H English silver 4. so 4.80 Five francs 90 .93 TUaJors 09 .tl English sovereigns 4.84 4.87 Tweuty Iruucs 8.86 3.88 FputiUb doubloons. 13 80 10.2U llc.Mcan doubloons 13.60 13.73 Kilver bars ($33 One) 1.16?{ E17J? Fine gold burs Pur lo )*. TltS G01.ll UASXKT. Speculation In this department was dull and uuinvit ing, notwithstanding the present- ot news from ubroad conco.ulng political complications in the East, which at other nines would have tended to produce a marked effect, 'lo the announcement that the Secretary of tbo Treasury would sell the bonds of tbo Alubatua award for gold and afterward dispose of tbe gold tor currency arc doubtless due tho depressing mliueuces that havo V.03U telb T he followlug are tho GOLD FLUCTt'ATIOXB roll Thl WKEK. OjMinng. Lowest. Closing. Mouduv 113 113*4 1121$ 113'* Tuesday 113^ 113', 113 113 Wednesday 113 113K 113 113}*' Thursday 113 ^ 113', 113 113 Friday U?j< 112112* Saturday 112* 112# 112* 112# Titii siLvsa maun. Advices frout Wash lugtou indicate that thero Is a temporary run on all of the sub-treasuries from which silvur la being puid out. Hence there la a growing scarcity of Irautiouul currency aud a slight premium attached to tho latter. Tho government commenced paying on Wednesday with $16,003,1)00 of coin pieces til tbo vaults and a capacity of running off $3,000,000 a month all tho time. In a month or two, if necessary, that capacity couli) bo aluio-d doubled. Tho amount of silver coin and bullion in the bauds of tbo government Is $20,000,000?pussibly when all is coined, $21,000,030? and payments during this rush ha<e been about $1,000,000 a day, and it is estimated that tho rush will bo kept up lor three or lour days lunger. It is said, how ever, that thero is no danger that there will bo any scarcity ol'silver lor tho redemption of fractional cur rcucy, because there are ouly $42,000,000 outstanding, ol which perhaps $10,000,000 or $12,000,000 arc lost or destroyed and $10,000,000 perhaps will ho Hotting around for some time. There Is only tho danger o boarding which Is incident to any change in tho system of paper money back to a coin system. IIOVKKNXB.NT HON 08 closed strong, and liuvo been in good request by Invest ors throughout the week. The figures have bcou tempt ing. and ill view of tho break in somo of tho hereto lore valued investment stocks capitalists appear to prefer tho sale and protitablc securities of tho natiun. Considerable Interest attaches to tho disposition of tho bondBofthe Ueucva awurd, tho proposals tor which must bo sent into tho Iroobury before noon to-mor row. It is believed tbut the whole umouiit will bo ab sorbed by a lew llrms and banks in the leuding cities. llutlruad bonds were quiet and slightly lower, blu to bouds were comparatively neglected. . GKXHRAL NEWS. The principal incidents of tho week bearing upon the market are already familiar lo the public. Tbo war by tbo Punama Railway Company on l'aciiic Mail Is still iu progress, and no one seems to be ablo to pre dict tne end of tbe apeculalluu, for such it baa como tube -regarded. Tho dissolution of tho eontraot be tween tho trunk linos with ref'orsnco to freights has also exerted an unfavorable influence cn the share list. A despatch from Chicago yesterday says:?Owing to the termination of the Eastern railroad combination rutes to tho seaboard arc broken uud contracts for freight arvboing made at any and all figures. It Is not expected that a stipulated tariff will be agreed upou lor .-:omo time yol, and in t?e meanwhile there is n prospect of a lively warfare between ail tbe lines. Ills promised that unless tbe rates are Immediately restored to the tariff In forco previous to the breaking ol the pool shippers will be oOored the lowest ligurcs yet given to encourage shipments. DOMESTIC MARKETS. Ualvkstox. April 22. 187ft : ifoo* x ports ? I<1... A|>rll mtmm I Cotton <|tnot: middling, 12t?; low middling. ll'f: pond r.iinurv, It>*(. Net receipts. HHI bales ; gross. ?n7. K cotuuUo, likJ, Sales ttJtl Stoek, aA,4WI. New Orleans, April 22, lsVft Cotton quiet: middling. I. low middling. Ul,c ; ko.mI ordinary. 10'4c. Net Wteipta, 443 bales. gross, li24. Exports?To tlrent llrltitln. 7.5tls; to fTHiec. 11,683; to tUe i Continent, 2.2*). sales, a,ouo. .-took. iM.7aa. Mobile, April 22, 1876. Cotton nominal; middling, I2'4c. * 'Ac . low mid dliint. I l'4e. ? ll?ic.; ttood ordlDHrjr, IO\,c. u io^e. Net re ceipts. aatt bales. Exports coastwise, 2. bales, 2U). stock, aa.H5;i. Savannah, April 23. 1876. Cotton dull; middling, 13U(.; low middling, II1,c.; good ordinary. I<X Net receipts, 2lrJ bales; xross. Ul, holes, Oati. Stock. 25.UW. Charleston, April 22. 187a Cotton tltili and nominal; middling, 121 ,c. a 12',c. . low mtddlluj, lllint pood ordinary, lie. all'qu. Net receipts. 5-to bales. Sales, 20). Stock, i9.220. WlLSUtmS, April 22. lSTil. Spirits of turpentine quiet at :t2. Itosiu firm at hi 53 a |1 tij for strained. Tar quiet at (1 40. OswfcdO. April 22. 1S70L Hour unchanged; sales 1.4t>> bbis. Wbeet unlet; No. 1 Milwaukee club. #1 U; No. 1 white Michigan, $1 45; extra d".. SI 54 Corn -teady; old mixed Western. tWe. a il7,\ I;Al loc q dot; Mo. 2 Canada helo at BUc. Co-U meal-$26 lor bolted, $25 for unbolted, per too. Mill feed?shorts. .-17; s111i?stiiiTa, $18; middlings. $610 a $21 |ier ton Railroad { frelgts-?Hour tv Boston, 50a.; to New York. 40c. ; to A., bauv, 20e. bctriLO. April 22, 187M. Ueceipts?Flour, 2.i2?i bills ; 7,iA>.) bu-Jiu s; coi n, . It," ti do.; oct-, ll.lAA) do.; Parle* I.V.O do. ship , mVilla -Hour, 2.00.' bbls . ? beat, r.'ti.tS*' bushels: corn, lc Nisi do.; oats, ll.oai do.. barley. I.vj" ,i,,. Klour quiet and unchanged Wheat ma, live, eiitlrtly noioinal. Corn .varie; rales of six cars lie* or track at i)0t. Oats retailing trade only. Rye neglected. Katiry uail; , oil .iitAI bushels tianada at $1 on track. $#ed* firm ut . $!i Jditlubrmsna .lover; $10 25 a #11 lor larg i do ; $3 UO a ?2 Kr lor timothy ilait t,.list i'ork dull it V2-1 | lor heavy mess. Lard noil at 14c. nominally 51 lo; no sales. Tolk:ki, April 22. I87tl. Clour Steady Wheat steady ; Mo. 2 wlute Wn'iesli, ,H Xfc; No. 8 do.. #1 25; No. I White Mich:,"".. $? 27',; No. 2 do.. Si 1" e\:ia whilo Michigan. $1 3b',; smbei Michi gan, (1 24Wa#l Hoi Jday.t! Jojjfl .Inn*. trd N, ta ji 27; K<>. 2 do.. St y. i; No. 2red winter,$1 3l>; No. 3u?., *| |Aj rejected do., 10-.. do. llaytoii an i Mteiiigan, 8t>c. Com easier, high mixed, 53Jdc. ; May. o.c . June, ,VX., low mixed. 5 ;c., do. Kansas. u5c.: No 2 whirs "die. . in. tri.le, 5t,',e. ; damaged. 47e oats dull: Mo. -r. 36',,r ; Xlcligan, St'1,.. Kaccipt"?llii I-bit. flour. Iti.issi bushel* wheat. ' 61.1 VI do corn, 3.UA) do oats. .Shipments?sun to,it. Hour, 4.1 AJll bushels * heal. 06.0 10 do. corn, 11,UA> do. oats. time ai.ii, April 22, 187*1 Hour quirt and unchanged Wheat dull and wvsk . No 2 . soring, H 111 spot. $1 ":iJ4 Mai. $1 "4 a $1 LH--, Jane; No. > hi. Wtiqc.; rejected do , 82c. Corn active and lou r; ? 47 Sc. Idii May; 47t June Oats In lair demand at :*'2'-,c. Spot; 824sc Mac. Itye sieartv and nnchangi-d. It arte v quell slut weak. Fork strong arid higher at $21 S?W * $2J sd a. $2; 80 a #21 87>, May. $22 12), Juue Lard moiler- I utely active and higher, at $13 25 a #13 27J, spot and Ms.. I #18 4" a 113 42Jv June Halk meats steady and ttrm, shoulders. 8?,'e. clear ribs and clear sides. 12.. a l2',e.. I* litakey and flnu. at $1 07.* - r lour, l.t.nsi i b'ds.: wheat, J4.IA?( bsshets; corn. 5J,imU do. : oats. 38.00$ do.; rye. l,IU0d? : barley do. Shipment*?Flour, 8. ?Si bins.; wheat. tl7,tM)busiiels: com. 1 !.;.*>JUdo. , oats, 82.00" do. ; ryd. 3,600 do.; barley. 4.1UJ do. PRINTING CLOTHS MARKET. I'nnviIitai'A, April 23, 187*1. The market tor nrinliug cloths continued dull all tnc past W. e*. prices ruling at JJqc. eaah on short time lor i;tx>t4 standard ?u 1 extht cloths: price hardly to Arm at the close. ut the week. 42,2V) pieces. HAVANA MARKETS. Havana. April 23, 1876. hugar?Demand active : priess have advance I uu auticL pa ted defleiancy In lite crop: Not. In to 12, Vetch stand ard. n>$ a I 'a reals psr ..rrolse; Not. 15 to JO, 1/iit. h standard. reals per arrpbv; molasses siicart. No. 7 to 1", at ..i4 a *> reals per arrutsc ; e diceutrnted Adxara. lair lo quality, -IJa reals t or arrobc; tnusc-oi a lo sugais. ?amnion to fair. .V, a ti rsan per arrobt; lair to *o.h1 rsllu tug. ti', a reals per ; reiiirifuiral sugars. Nos II to 18, ta beats 7', a cereals per arrobo: do., in hbda, 8 reals per air. sr. Ntoek iu warehouse a* Havana and Mataatas, l.oxss ami 53,iasj hbils.; receipts of the weak, 47,000 boxes and 14,0 0 hi.dr.; rkport* of the week, Jll.lSJU hoxet and 11,0l>) I.lols.. Including I l.iM) b. tea cud 1 l.taMt lil.ala. tilths I nttsd 8t*tc?. Molassr* hnn ; '.Od.grves FaiarllaUoii. ,>Jq a 4 reals per keg. rIpar. ?22 a $3# per bid. r..r AmvriCHii. Je.kdl heel ft 7a per arrob*. Ilaiiit. $54) a $52 per quintal lor American sugar ruled. Lard, iu keg-, #48 per qn.niai; iu t n f$U a #?! per *?, Fotaioe*. $7> a #8 oli per nbl. Wax, yelluw. #i4 u"a?iu per arrouc; whl.s. |k$a$W psr arrvM. Hoasy, 5 reals psr gallon. Opal #11, In tin*. fMf a IK real, per nation. Empty ' ngeXe*4a. PN 5?> a ?4. gold. Lumber easnr. while pirn-. <dl per M pitch pine. $hH * per .V .-book* nuuilnal: box, 7 ? Ureal*; sugar tingsheada. 14 a 16 reals; nioL.liwgn.csd.. 1" ? 20 reals. Chewing tobacco, #o. a per quintal. Com. Hartals par arrobe. Hoop* wean, long shared. BfiO a 6*4 par M. Freight* In lair demand and firmer, but not qoolatily Higher. tipanUh gold, 22M;j a 22t>. Exchange firm. A FINANCIAL*. l"U L' Si' HkX 6 (> XT '?"JoTT Banners, lt> and 21 Xassau it.. Imui Traveller*' Credit*, iivailablc tu all paru el the world, through the Htxn hi. ROTHSCHILD ami tbair eorro.poiitWuta. Alio Commercial Credit* and Telegraphic Transfers of M uey on California mid Kurupe. t I REASONABLE ItATEi*.?MOXKY OX UKK ANI> 2V endowment Insuranre Policies, Mortgage* and other n urities, iu?urunci of all kind* efflrcted with beat compa nies. J. J. IIA it iv 1 c 11 A CO.. 117 Broadway. I ALWAYS HAYk MONEY TO LOAN OX MOKTUAQK, 1 Now York city l'roperty. 1'rlnctpaU desiring to BOIt KUW tilt lNVl'M" apply to H. L. U It A XT, 11,'. Broadway. A LIl FilOTHl.NiillAM A CO., al Bauker* ami Broker*, X '. 12 Wall it., make for natumcri dcairnble investments of large or rmall aiuonut* In stock. ot a legitimate cliarac ter, which frequently pay trow live to twenty time* tba amount mve.ted . trrv thirty day*. Stock* bought and cir cled as long a* d.nfred on deposit of throe to five per cent. Circular* and weekly report* sent free. j ? -STOCK >TI-;crLA nuN> CONDUCTED IIY L'S IX 2Li every form; book i-miiauilng liiloi'nation relatintr to ?lock* ?cnt free on appi.cution. TUMUitlDGE A CO., j Bankers and Broker*. Xo. Wall *t. A X V A M OVST_I K I' ST K C" M Hi TO LOAX UN MOKT gage, city or Brooklyn. LKAVITT A WOLCOTT. 10 HM it. INSTATE Kl'jilts TO LOAN-OX HEW YdKK *F5oK * erty. at li per cent; Brooklyn at 7 per cent. Apply ! j to executor. olHct' 206 olli St., beat Ho.very. I t?statk"i?cxWto Loan ATHlX PER CENT IN- : ' lj teres! mi first class City Property. Apply to HYATT, j ; I do Broadway. JOBX S PCKKCE. XO. 4 rtXh HI'., loans MONEY at tlio lowest rate* on Xew \ nrk and Brooklyn lieal Est ate; six per ceut tuoney for first class loan*. MONEY TO LOAX OX BOXIl AND MOKIOAliE IX ?uius to skit; also on building* in course ul construe toil. S. ItltdWN X Pi J WELL, Mii l'iue >t. SIX PEIt OKNT MORTGAGE LOANS.-MONEY TO loan on Bond mid Mortgage at six per ceut for five years (large amount, preferred] also on vacant Lots south ot Bark, Address PRINCIPAL. box 2.4C4 Post nfHve. $20,000. OH?nVO Yl..lE?l. OHO ??? l*ri?ii?riy worth |7Dt0UU. Ad* I Urvss OWNKIi, box 110 Humid uthcu. BDSiNBU (IBBOHTrXITlES. YOIXo'MaX wis tills A LAUY Afi"lJAltTX*K'R A iitreasiuaker or nillliueri in a first class dressmaking business, with a little capital and some custom lor trade ami the best location <u me city. K. K., Herald Uptown Branch ollicc. ,4 DYICK FREE.?LAW BU6IKBS8 OB KYKKt KIN'O Y attended tn by OllAKLKS Ci.AUKL ami VIKTlill IH.MZaK. Law oaicu 4U Bond St., under Savings Bunk, l'asspoi la procured. A I'HESOO PAINTER. WHO CtX INVEST ABOUT J\ #2.1**1, would like lu take the charge o! the frescoiug ami pnintiug department in a first else* luriiisliiiig or paper hanging busiuuas. Address M. UltuS's. lOJ Kidridge >t. X IXDUsTIUOL'S MAX HAYING fik*) CaSII CAN . pio.'iirc uu interest in kindling and tire lighter bust ss. Burticulars at cixsl yard. 4*16 West *U ^ PARTNER WANTED?AX' ACUVK BUSINESS 2V man, lu a cigar maiiulaelory, with trom $sOi to $l,iX*l. llelercucc. given and required. Apply Xo. 15 Macomb it., hetwoen 4lh autl 4th are., euuth Br uiklyii. * YOUXO AMEBIC AX WIDOW OE REFINEMENT J.V would like the pn.ition of bou-iikeepor lor a widower. Address Mrs. I'.. J.. llerald L'piowu Braucu oitice. A STEADY UEXTLEMAX, WHO WILL MAKE CALL ax ioriiia liia future ius, desire* desirable agencies. Andres BACIK1C, llerald olHce. Akatuei: and sox. both well know* business men of t'liiUdclplila, would take charge of a brunch ho iso or an agoacy I. r a rospoiisiule lirm lu Bhila delphi i or elsewhere. Adqrtss, with particular., CoM Ml.KCE. llerad BtiBiidelpliia Branch office. BOAltDlMi SIAHLE rOK SALE?FIRHT CLASS; lull of boarders; near City Hull, llmnklyn: paying ?plcnuidly ; * rare opportunity ; must bo sold immediately; there la muuev in ibis. Particulars front AliCIJ. JOHN STON. i.> hii-t tilth at.. Now York. irtolt SALE-HIE FURNITURE OK AN OLD EST AIL llalied boardlnir house. In an excellent pitying location, aitltable tor a boarding house; wi ll lurtiLbed, containing li looms; sold on account ol Icavintr lite city; an excellent chance lor a party to buy a cheap place EXCEL. 388 t-'th at. JaUtlEDUXBTKlN .t ETriXUER. AUCTION AND COM . mission Merchants, at 1 Urt ltowery, advance money at 7 per cent par annum uu all kind of merchandise aud tieat ccn.Tdenti tlly with Jobbers and manufacturers. I WISH TO SELL HOODS ItV SAMPLES KOlt FIRST class bouses, in or uut oftlio city, on eumtuiasion; auv Lite of business: inchest references. Address, stuliug pur ticul ?rs. Ol'TSIlli-. SAL SMaX, Herald otlieu. FAKTNEH WaNTED-W ITU R5.DUH, KOK A COAL yard, to extend business, west side. Address COAL VAED. H ii.iId Untowu Kraneh olllce. 1>AKTNKK WANTED IX THE IIEN'KKAL COMNIS I X stun or brokerage business: only hr>t class parties l meaning business need nui wer, stating particulars. I' I nOUTlAL, box II- Herald ufllee. i mo rtutta4Qiirr*.-i would like to arkanue I X Willi an enterprising anil thoroughly competent phar I tuaciat. witli some capital, to take a managing intereat lit one ol the most prominent sturoa in Xaw York. Aduress X., herald I. ptnwn Crunch oilicu. \I,'ANTLD-A Hot tit STOVE AND HARDWARE ill si, o iiess established, ."a) in lot tnllas Irntn tbe city. (Jive partlculats and ailorvss STOVES, box Kid lleruld olilee. TV'A.N TED TO SELL?I'AItT OR WHOLE OK NEW II l'ateut lor an apparatus to make pas Irotu erode pe troleum; said ass used instead uT coal lor rolling lutll and general munuiaeturtug purposes. Addross 11. W., b?x 8 7 1'osl ulUce, llaitlinore, Md. AITANTED.?A UOOD CLAlltVOVANT, TO JOIN A IT medical lady In Imslm-ss; Kreneh preferred. Address CLAIRVOYANT. Herald Uptown Branch nltlcr df -fl TO fGOO WILL SECURE A KAYl.NO AND I*Eli maucnt husiuess. 4-t Cnrtlandt St., HERMAN C?I n/W| WANTED.?400 KElt CENT?IN A HOOD vliWI/lJ mauufacturiiig bus.ness. Address W. ii. L., 11 u raid utliee. djO /Win ?SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY.?WANTED, a pent I man to join equally In a SlOu.ltist enterprise. Inquire at 88 West iLhl st. &/? (inn ?Partner Wanted in a spring O'L'f UU. manufacturing bustneas. 20J aud JUI East -fill St. PRISON REFORM CONGRESS. The Koujth National l'riaou Congress, under ibo ail: picok of the National l'rj.-oit Association, will meet in steinwuy Hall lu this city on the evemug of the dth ot June next, and alter an Introductory address by the President of the association, ex-Uovcruor Seymour, addressee of welcome will be delivered by Mayor AVickhuiu aud by William Cullcn Uryaut, and addressefl of rei-pothu by Richard V'uux, of l'enusylvuula, and by Mr. Brock way, ol Micliigun. Among the'patters to bo presented and read are tao follow i ug:? Would .1 be desirable and expedient lo limit the detlnltloii and puii'sUment of crimes oy a prescrtbed code to the exolu siott ol tlte MHOMion law '?Etuory IV asiihurit. profsesur in tl.e Law School ol t'auibruL-e I nivcuily, Cambridge. Ma**. iina should the pi is ns of a stale tie --ruled r-K II .-tail burn. chairman ol the Maasiscliusetts Board of State Chatl ties and secretary ot the American Serial Scioueu Associa tion. Poi-tott Mam \\ hat should the eunstruetiort of prisons iniumlrd fur women . -Joseph Hurnet. President of the Board uf Prison l oiniii.ssloiii-i s, III..(on. Mass. V\ hut sooulu he the si stem uf treatmrnt applied to the In tnaus oiSentale prisons ! -Mrs. " V. t olhit. member ol the Hoard ol Managers of lite Lid ana Female Prisou and talri s It. lormatory, |lit'liinuud. lud. What ?} sictu sbouid be ud-n ted fur the jails .d a Mice, inc. until it purpose, constcuetleu ami diseipliuc t?The JUv. K. II, Wines. 1.1^ D. No-rotary ot tbe Hoard ul State Co Itnlssloaersof Pubil ? Cuurilles. -spring.i.-l-l. ill. What la the boat general .irganliatiou take given tu tl.e prison system of a ?fate, with a vie. tolls greatest orti.iency li, accumpBslilUK tlu- true otida ot prison discipline? ? Toe Rae, Jsinss Kreein ui Clurae, D !>., lioaton. Mass Are .liif rent classes ul tuantuEnus Inquired for the treat ol children a bu are -oily in danger ul lailing, and chil dren ?liii have actually l.ilten Into .rune; or, a: least, have CtaMmitled act" wli ell if fiotle t.y adu is would be accounted ermiinal? Else, how shn ild scull liis'.itutiuns bo severally or ranlxad and conducted*?EDahn Harrl?, M. D.. Secretary of list Prison Aawciatiun uf Now Yort. Other essay* ou kin if.d subjects will alto bo rciul. SAILORS' SNUG HARBOR. At the I?ullor?' snug lturbor. New Brighton, tiro largo buildings are being constructed lor the accoinmo datiou of 1*0 additional ium lies, tbe present number being 51/1, and nearly all null, in being represented. Tim Uovcruor, Thomas Melvillu, is engaged in ui.tklng various tmprovemente, Including the erection of a on the siioro uf the Kills, grading tbu ter race and widening the roud in (foul aud building a sea wall the whole lunglii ol ilia properly. Tins institution D regarded us the must prosperous of lis character in tbe world. the potato bug. Tbe Steten Island farmers, In ploughing op land whore potatoes were planted last season, bud tba ground idled with point.) bugs. Ebifti'E. FLORENCE, "ITALY. UUAflDUCCI A CO., Bankers, No. V Via del Ulgllo. Clren'ar Nuteaau.l Drafts oo Lou lou, Paris and New York cashed at the best exchanges, Loiters received ami promptly forwarded. Reading rooms, with American and English paper lion char nla stored in i U rward.d. No ruuimiaeioii charged. ]>iiI'aHY PtMPn. <?N I HE crKltiXUL .at M t o-PAT b eiite.l III huiu,* and .tutor ee; apparatus uf every oloiensb.n and height 'or l umping nut mines an.l qti.rrlia; N Pumps lor itf bold repair lug, Br.-wery ami Paper Mill I'll.npa, V ncuu ii and lias Pressure Puinps. Prices. Irso Antwerp, packing Included: ?7? gallons per miiuivo. i I < gai.ous. nw>>. : ..Mi gallon-, , dlroit acting Viitup- liwuda sent wltlun a week altar rec.lpi of order, .use pumps may be seen iu action III the Philadelphia KtbiuiH.B I .>r inlinmstlcu, orders, permits 1.1 make, ad Ul, SB I . R.iKEAt'i > hattstCw d'Aavcrs, ilruaalira, lielgluin, or bis ag-ut in i'biiaoaipliia. WATCH E.I, JEWElrkY. Ml. A't ?i^ hroaDway, Near gi.Hi Hx -DlAMoNbi V\atelier, gold end silver Jewelry. Laces, camels* hair Sl.awIs. sc., bought and sold; larans neaoilsted J. f. I.VNEH. lorur. riv New Aura llutrl American okpk.v.. - ?7u,<?oo. - diam-jnus, Watelies. Jewalry, diner Ware. lalaaM.-a, Ac., bouglit, tuld aud aschaiigerl; Loans II gmiaied. l-.stal.nslie.l lh..l, J. H., 7.ti liruadway. BHuaDWaY. ufPDBITK lirif ul ?DI v _ - O men la., Jewalry, kllvarware, Ac., tmugiil ami sold. RUBERr J. KOSRXi'HAL, Dtaaoad Broaer. Loans negoilatad. 80cS AMISsKMKNTH. fPOXY ~PASI'OK'S N !,VV THEATRE." AONV PASTOR'S XtHV THEATRE. IS7 Rru.idaav, uppoeite Metropolitan Hotel TONY PASTOR Suit Proprietor and Manager TUE ONLY FIRST CLASS VARIETY THEATRE ON BUoaDWAY. specialty theatre or the THE PALACE OP PURE FUR. .TIIK FOUNTAIN I OF NOVELTY I AND VARIETY. I <r <t> f MONDAY, t OPEN Till. YEAR ROUND with TONY PASTORS STAR TROUPE, tony Pastors siak troupe. ENTIRE C1IANOK OF PROGRAMME * and lll'kt lime of the pwrlcn burlexjiic ertiM, THE iiKK.\I FoSI'Ki.LK. THE GREAT FOSTKCLK. in hie qptlchlcu tuipereutiatlnn, the modern belle. The elegaut artnt euuiique, "fllAUEY MONTAGUE? THE HKI.DINOS. ?$ THE I'lKI,DINGS. JOHN. | TIIK PIKLDINGS. | MAGGIE THE FIRLDINOS. Til* Matter Exponents uf Sou r and D.tnc], ? klltK mnl DREW. Tin- wonderful youtliltil Mtiticiaa I.A lis. 1.1.E OAHRIhl.l.E. <prodacee cunldli M*<M WHO lirotllleCii .'MIlll'IO tUU-IC Irani Bids OF Wood, GLASS AND STRAW. Minn Ml'I IE O'NEIL, Ml-? KIT I IK O'NEIL. the champion lady don <nd Jld Dancer, Miu ALICE HI..SXKTT'. MI-> CARRIE DUNCAN. The uloailiiir Serlo-euuilc Vocaltet, Miu HENRIETTA MULLEN HaUBU. The 0,' until ill Caniairtco, tlie talented yuan ; artUt, .Mien JENNIE VKAMANs, in Chnrnrter Snuge. Drum, .tc. The Ian rite Ethiopian Comedian, J. W. Mi ANDREWS. Mr. FRED WARREN. JOHN LATOUR, Dutch Comedian. I'uiuoo suioe. JAMES < and KATIE EDWARDS. \t II.hit: J I I.I A BLAKE. JENNIE SATTKKLEE. MATINEES TUESDAY and FRIDAY. card. See particular* in anultier column of TONY PASTOR'S GRAND JUBILEE AT aCADKMY OF MUSIC, THURSDAY NEXT. APRIL 27. Two Grand Performances tlio <?iur evening, one ul loNY PASTOR s NEW THEATRE, aud one ai ACADEMY OF MUSIC, TONY PASTOR. CI S WILLIAMS anil II litRY KERnKI.L appcai Illy: at liulli place* 554 I'll STREET OPERA lloUSK. RE I WEEN 2D AND ltd av?. EVERY EVENT NO, AT *, THE TIlliEB GREAT SENSATIONS, female ratiiei's. paris ry moonlioht. PARISIAN CAN CAN. ao specialty artists. MATINEE WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. tT NION SOUARE THEATRE J I'ruprietor Mr. FIIERIDAX SHOOK Iluaaitar Mr .V. M. PALMER Renin* at S. Over at IO&&. IMMENSE SUCCESS OF SAKDOU'S NEW PLAY. Adapted lor tint tlicalro It* Mr. John Paraelln. KERRKi'E U lite mod oxtiultilo drama ever exhibited lu an American theatre.?Kt ailing Mall. I Character* liy Meter*. (;. II. Tltorno. Jr.; I Frederic Koblneutt, Stuart Kobion.J II. Stud I dan. John Paraelle, t)wraa* K Morrie. II. W. I Montgomery, Claude Uiirrouuhe. W 11. Wil FERREOL dor. I.. Thotuptuii, A. Heche. W. S. Qulxlcy. I F. E l.nttib. C. S. Collins. and Mute* Kale I t'laxiiin, Ida Veriinn, Mane Wilkin*. Roberta I laxiiin, Ida i oriinn, Mai iu it ilxlii*. Roberta | Norwood. Maude HariUon, Ida JeAreye and | Atttriteta liayiti nd. SATURDAY. APRIL Hit, ?fH MATINKE ,.f FEUKKOL, PHI DAY. April 38-B*l|*lt of M Is- K A IK CLAVToX. Brooklyn tii i.ati:I-:. Lettce* and Manager*...Meter*. SHOOK A PALMER KVt-KY r.\ KNINU THIS WEEK. TIIK INIMITABLE VoKlia KAMI 1,Y. The Vokus will appear ou Monday. Tuesday and Wed nesday evening*. and ui (lie i-aiuiday Matinee, in tbelr lu Uiuus s.-ccialty, THr. BF.Lt.8S or THE KITCHEN, and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening* In FUN IN A FOIL / 1 LOUK THEATRE. 734 AND 73G IIUOADWAY, BE VY low Htli at. U. W. BUTLER ..Manager THE STANDARD FAMILY Til FA NIK. Greater attrac tions. Reappearance of tlie greatest of all Negro C>nii;d | tuna, Mr. till.LY HAKUY, in an original budget id Kuu. i The lamou- Song and Dance and Skeleli trusts. ! Vt AYNK It LOVELY. Sen it >r HO II 11A III. I-.n pounder ol j Alistruse Metaphysics. (JUKKN WKST in sketch I "Neier Mis* the Water." ANDY Mi-KKE's Scenes n. Kalry ] Land. h. D. GOODING in Versatilities. KUGLNK BLITZ In Oddities. KrlllUnt Ylu-lcul lleui* by enchanting SUSIK WINNER. Mi,-VIRGINIA STHlKXKY in oltcilce Serin : C* mic Minus. Tyrolean Warlillags I clioes and Alpine Carols by the three WINN'Klt StSTEKR. Necromancy and M.tgle by Profonirir RICK and Mine. RICE. Hie great ZAX i Kltr.T I A TlUiiil'E in l'nntnniiiae, "Hankey Banker OVKU HO SUl'KRH ARTISTS EVERY NIHHT. fTTll AVENUE THEATRE. O Proprietorand Manager Mr. AUGU8TIN DALY 30TII WEEK?UATH TO loJU I'fcKPolt.M t.NCK and FFKF u XN N AA L Y n X N N A A L F'PK ii N N N A A L K ii X N N AA AA L r ij N W A A LLLL NIOHTS OF NIGHTS OF NIOHTS OF rpppp II yyyo u u keek p p n y q u UK PPPl'P II U U U II KEE P 11 y QtJ U UK p ll yyyy uuuu keek .. y TUK (IKKAt ORIGINAL CAST, i Mi-s Fanny Davenport. Mr. Pi-tier. Mr llaraiiia, Mr. FAREWELL I I-ewls. Mr. Davldge. Mr. Harnett MtTINl.I.S, I lurg, Mr llarrymare, Mr. Drew, WEDNESDAY AT 1. I ML* Sydney f dwell, ML* Ueorgi SATURDAY AT 1 :JO | ana Drew. Mrs. (.Albert, Miss Nu ll CLOCK. j ne*. Miss Holland and Mr. Joint I itriiiigbato. NEXT FRIDAY RYEMNO will be celebrated the Iftutlt PEKFORMaNCK of "PlyUK." A satin New-paper to every lady vt-ltlng. EAULK TIIKaTKK. RAtHaR lllr.Ai. K. ;:?!) j, HKoauWAY -ST. I Broad ?ay aud did *t. | AND ?D ST. PROPRIETOR AND MANAGER. Mr. JOSH HART The Beat Bill of the Season. Second week ol the Talented Artlttl, Miss MINNIE PALMER Mr N. C GOODWIN. Second week with its Beautiful Scenery, Keappeurauee ol tin- 'avorltr Comedian Mr. O K PoUrKSi.'Uh, in Krnwaril 1*LiIfss? narlewtue entitled PER RV-O'. In which the luvoiite Comedian*. Mr. Io11N, ? ? Mr. 11A It K Y li It 'll MoNl). and It) (talented Artist* appear every evening, and luatince* Wednesday and Saturday. A SNIK EVA KAY'S NieW DRAWING ROOM-*. 37 EAST 2CTH ST.. NKAll 1IKO VDWAV EVERY' EY'KNl.Stl at - o'clock. Light and Dark Beancea i as a aumbinea entertainment. Admiaeion only .f I Manib-tat ea* that * orlled and aniu.ed the learned and 1 fashionable circles of P.nrnp- ,nJ procured for Mi-? PAY I testimonials Irom me iibei* of lite English Royal Scieutitie I v. Invisible hand* execute melodies on musical instruments ] and care?* ?iarctators and whikpt rs irom unseen tnauilu eur- j prise tbg ear ALSO AN OLIO OP WONDERS. Engagement* mad ?? to give Seances alter the evening en- , terialn.nelite and dart ig the day at the roo t* of ML* FAY' or her patron*, personally or by letter addressed to .17 F.ast It tn ?U * t*TADT THEATRE. Manager Mr. UART JACKSON GREAT SUCCESS of DIP. ZWKI YVaISKX iThe Two Orphans), a reproduction of the I'MUX SyUAUK THEATRE S0CCES8, wilb the ORIGINAL SCENERY, MAGNIFICENT CO-sTUMEfl end APPOINTMENTS, and an improved cast ol German Artist*. <ic.tfiYVAY iiall. ) MONDAY F. YE NINO, April 34. at ?, Mine. JULK DK KYIIIhK'H ( n,-rrt assisted hy the following ertist*:? Mme BALYullt. Mr J N. PAITI8DN. Mr. UAUKY JONES. THE "YOUNG APOLLO CLUB." dtrui ted he Mr. Yt P. YVILLlAYls Mr OlUKbtr I.IIKM 11. AeeompanLt. Ticket* to be had at the hall on lh? availing ol the concert t CADKMY Of MUSlC-Uril ST. TUB GRAND'maLL OF IS7.I TUESDAY EY KM NO. April 34. 1S7U. at 0 o rh>ek. Iter the hrnent ol tlie New Turk JTotilha't OentfURlal l.ufnn. lie*i ? and tic a eta may lie liad at Clitekering Iiall, nth av. and lath it., daily, Irom 3 to "? . eios k. HALL COMMITI'KF.. Gcnsrui and Mr- ? ????tew M Ciilluin, Mr. an 1 Mr*, liei. II. Held, Mr.MM Mrs N. P lloisik. Mi. and Mrs. Uktt Artinir, Mr. OM Mr<. Edward M relt. Mi. ami Mr*. Adrian Is dm. Mr au*l Mrs C C Govdhiie * TTKACfloN EXTRAORDINARY.?J-.M MACK, v Champion of the World, and JoE tsOad, Chaiopitia of PoigUnd. II. * Grand DISPLAY OF HUlhallfle HOX1NU .at H-iWF.s a bt.-MING ? GREAT U'NIfi.D STATES DOUBLE CIRCUS aVD riitfNKD ANIMAL SHOW. JUNCTION BKOAIiVY A\" AND ill II AV No vulgarity r brutality. La-Met and womb con ?ea Ik i two greatest livtu* eapoueaitt ol the manly art with pleasure and propr.ety Performance* at I ;:Ki and s every day nd availing Mac.) and Go--at 4 an.!'CJtl I'. M. Joe Goes I* iliac he I to do battle Willi Tom Allen, of St. I.C.UI*. Inr ti e Championship. I nn Mammoth Exhibition of tbe World. ALL TOit go CENTs ADMiSMo.V TYJAmiMU TKMCLE, .'ID ST AND ?TII AV. iu Proie--or CM JM WELL'S F.NThltT AlXM EN t Mondav I * -iiiiig, at S o'cioca?"Home, The F.ietnal City." Tuesday?"Jerusalem. Tlie Holy City " YVediies'l y. Matinee, g -hi?"Ireland." Adn.lss on. Hoc. I) .1 JAY' VILLK ItS Firm l.r.C It it K I OU K -K, bickering II ill. Mondav cveiilnii. Aptil 14-M** tit >dt turnv 1 e.vuy mil Man 'ay evening. For term* adores* ' ' ri.K\RV LMi.KICAN LITERARY' Hi REaU N YTIOXAL ACADHMY OP DESIGN. UjD ST AND AtI* a*- The ill!) lira* grand 41.a i il Lxnititiio.v of paintings now open day a-.d Pvcain/. Adiultston 3'. cent* ^yAN TP-D-V. H li.LKT LkDIKS FOR CITY M iheatra Apply at IU A. M. to lay. J. L. SANFOItO, No. ? Amity it. twen Ml. corner Mercer. AMiSK.MKVrss. flMIKATitK C.>r,!^l'E. ..It li .oAtttAV nil - iMONDW EVENING, April 24. Rrst time In tl.'? c ,tint'< ef * :i?o IViumi Sensation, translated express! v lur tlila tin rutre, * _ antlllnl, AMERICANS AT llUUh AND A1! HO AO, introducing tLc illuminated garden of LI. JAUDIN MaHILLK Id all lie gayotv ?"d splendor. LA Uli.SKTTh- in- PARIS. PA HI." I AX SI I OK NTH W A1TKRS, Ac., b.v the Ladiai el the Company. Be ou tbe alert TliU is what sou want. So SPECIALTY AUTIMti MATINEE rt KDNKSDaY AN l> S\TUHOaY. CADEMY OP MUSIC. I?I'll Br. ACADEMY OP MUSIC. THURSUAY KVKnINO. APRIL 27. Tin-: largest combination op ! VACOKVII.UK. NOVELTY and specialty stars in i uk would, tony hastou's TiiouPR, J presenting a varied and plsukiug eniarlaiuiiieut, suitable to ; all tastes. Mr. PASTOR takes pleasure lu sun.mucins tbe follow- 1 ing: LU KLINE, the Water Queen, the neatest of ail aquatio tronders now before the public, assisted ov WATSON, TilK MAN PISH i GI S WILLlA.Mil, tbe ni on arch of all (icriuan Comedians . lURRY KKKN'ELL, I the North of Ireland Comedian, Vocalist and Dancer. THE UKs 1, THE HlU 4, | LESTER, ALLEN. SMITH ANO WALDBuN. MISS JENNIE MOKUAN, the distinguished Kontduo. MIs8 MAltitr Will ITINIIIIASI and MA VIE It NEWMAN. THE BRAIIAMS (IIaKKY AND LIZZIE), Musical, Sketch nnd Dialect Artists. Ci'O.HSLEY and ELDER, Athletes and Grninaso KARL LIND, the Stockhiihu Wonder mid Antipodean PheuomenoD, IIA IIV 1UNDLKY, the precocious Music-.>1 Genius, Vocalist and Daacer. CIIAHLKS WORLEY, the great Ethiopian t'em .lion. prank cirard, the versatile Artist, Comedian and tctcr. TONY PASTOR, America's own Comic Vc. albt, a ill positively appear. TONY PASTOR, CIS WILLU.U8 and IIA It It Y KKRNKLL will also appear the same cvcuin.- at TONY PASIt.R'S NEW THEATRE. The sale of toserr ed scats will open on TuosJay morning, at the Academy of Music. I>ARK THEATRE, IUIOADWaY AND 22U ST. ELEVENTH WEEK. Hit VSS ONLY ABIDING 8CCCK-S up T11E CENTENNIAL YEAR. 7<>TII TO 70TII PERPOKMANCR. EVENING AT rt. SA'll'KDAY MATINEE AT 2. Mr. G. P. HOWE'S Humorous Coiuedy of 1IRRB URRR A 8883 SSSS 11 H R R AA 8 8 BUB It UU It A A SSSS SSSS B B It R AAA S S BUUH 11 R A A SSSS SSSS Admission, 50 cents and $1. reserved seats. SI 50. I ALL ACK'tL Proprietor and Manager . Mr. LESTER WALLACE TUE SERIES OK STANDARD PLAYS, combining NOVELTY AND VARIETY, will continue tu the end of the present season. MONDAY AND TUESDAY EVENINGS, April 24 aud 25, will he given the TWO LAST PKKPO KM A.N'OES of the newr Comedv Drutna, entitled TW INS. Characters by Mes-r< LKSIKK WaLLAOK. .IOHN OIL BKIIT, W It. PLOYD. C. A.STEVENSON, K. M. HOL LAND. \V. IIHUBERT, W J LEONARD, Mls? .ADA DYAS. Miss EPPIE liKR.MON, .Mrs. JOHN 8EPTO.N aud Miss GERALDINK M WE. WEDNESDAY EVENING. April 20. elaborate production of UnuciraultS greatest Comedy, LONDON ASSURANCE, which Mr. H. J. MONTAGUE wilt appoartn for the first time since his "overo Illness, with Mr. JOHN GILBERT. Mr. llAIlltV BECKETT, Mr. W. K PLOYD. Mr K. M. HOLLAND, Mr. J. W. SHANNON, Mr. C. K. EDWIN, Mr .1. PECK. Mr J P. JOSEPHS, Miss ADA DYAS. Mi-s El PIE UK it NUN, Miss lONK BURKE aud Mr. LESTER WALLACE alto in the cast. J.ARISIAN VARIETIES. HTTU ST. AND BROADWAY. Evenings, H o'clock. Matinees Tuesdays, Thursdays ! and Saturdays, 2 o'clock, Knvorlte resort ol strangers. I spicy, sparkling, voluptuous, Prsnehy, bat artistic. IHG | Ai tuts. New .Mars. Gigantic Combination. It) I Art i ists. Pint ttint. Mine. Emtio Girardin* humorous nior | cuau, l.e Chapean d'un Hornlnger. 8o'clock. Slg. No I risslmo's gorgeous, original Ceatnn.e B.iiiet. Mile Bertha. Elixir D'Aluour, H:M> o'clock. Mile. Ilerllia. And the original seuaallun introduced at this theatre, I Hi :2 > o'clock. | l.sMlintel. ^ 10:25 o'clock. ?" I llaudsuir.est Oorrphees in the world. Costume Louis ? I . a XVI. _ | The dashing, sparkling I The Callforulu Nightingale, ~Z Miss t'ora Cnshmati. I Miss Emily Prior ,-f Mile Duclus'now Circassian Tableau, 10:55 o'clock. ** | Kenstlle Brothers?Greatest Living Acrobats. Olovanl? | Mu-icat WoMer ol the World, and all the old favorites I tu nets, the only theatre In New York where every net Is encored. OLYMPIC THEATRE, 024 BROADWAY. JOll.N ~ "? P. POOLE.. JdauAger HOUSES CROWDED. HUNDREDS TURNED AWAY. SECURE YOUR HEATS IN ADVANCE > to see the Greatest ol all Pantomimes, the Original IIUMPrr Dl'MPTf. Pantomime, Hoortocls. Burlesque and Bullet Mr. ROBERT PitAZKR as. IIC.MPTV DUMPTV 1' ANTALGO.N Motis. M ARTI.NKTfl HARLEQUIN Mr. OKOKUE TOPAUS COLU.4BINE. Mllo. BaRKTTA THE BERLIN BALLET TROUPE. Premieres- Ml!e?. DEVERL BUIMI and IIA It ETTA. THE GERMAN WONDER, LITTLE TODD. 1II K MUSICAL .MIDGET, Mr DONALD. MILLS. THE M KTA MoBPHOrtIC ARTIST. Mcdonald, pedestal skate dancer. Admission?Parquet and Dress Circle, QD cents; Reserved Keats 81: Eutuily tTrclc. 2h cents: Prlra:o Boxes, $ln. $S and $5. tlhlldreu nnder ten rears nl ago admitted to Drtss Circle, Parqnet and Res'reed Seats nt liu'l price. m r iinkes Wednesday and Saturday, at 2. ( 1KNTRAL I'AHK UAKDE.N, V.' 7th >v? 5><lh ati<l 50th at*. SOlLE * AP1M.EUY Proprietor* j ?111 "pen MONDAY EVENING, MAY I, witll I D. L. DOW NINO'S OECKHRATKI) ORCHESTRA, i In.-ludluc tin' following Solo Performer*.? Mr. LEOI'l'I.I' MEYKU, Uhct d'Atla.|ue. Ml. CAKl. I.ANZKK VhiIIii. Mr. BENJAMIN C BhMT. Cornet. Mr. .tOIIN llKEWKS. Clarionet. Mr. HERMAN STItALHKL. Kuplmn'nm. Mr. t.'ll i; 1STOK IIA III .1 I K K. Cal.o. Mr. ROBERT l.t iSCll I* H, Branch Hot a. Alio tlie following well known Vocal Artlatat? Mine K ALVOTTI, Prima Dunn*. Alias M Al lV UK AINARII, Soprano. Him LIZZIE .V ItKA. Soprano. M ?i I- VI VI A IIOVVAUU. II. utralto. Mm.- IHIWK. Contralto. Mr. 0 B HOVVK. Ktr?t Tenor Mr. A 1 ?? Sr.E. Soioncl tenor. Mr IIAltVKit MITCHELL. Plt?t Daaao. Mr. J 1'. I lla*au Dr. I A K KI.LEY, Director. A OllVND CIIOKUs ID 'S> l.ADlr.S AXD OKNTI.B. MEN AND VK COUSIN JONATll AN OLDli KoLKS. | AilinI-aI hi. M ceiita. I'ml age tuu tirkrtr, (ii .111. ? fiilii oratorio sooii'.n ok new yohs| J. tu coinliliiatlroi with THEO. TtloMAs ORCHESTRA, will perform at ST KIN WAV 11.VK!., WEDNKsIl V Y EVENING. April 3d, Hubert Schumann'* I'.AKvDISk AND I'KIU. Tor sole, cliorua mill orchestra, with the following soloist*:? Mi>. IDV III IIBrtl. I t, , Ml** AN) TTA WEN 17.. ?' ???rH,,ofc Mi.? ANTOINK IIKNN'I'., Mnm Soprano. Mr. f.Kohi.K SlMI'Si IN. Tenor. Mr. KltAN/. Ui'.M.M Kiti'Z, llnUi Conductor I?r. It. DAMROROM I Admission. $|; reserved seat*. ?*) aent* extra 'I ickut* lor .ale at No*. 701 and 1 Id Broadway and at Klein til) Hall. _ Oratorio society ok new YORK. SiihiH-riUin* and act.** inember* of tUI* society are "*? tnlornicd that the ? GENERAL REHEARSAL of P.VIlvDIsp, and Till: I'EKI take* place on Tl'EsDAY. 3.1th, at 3:30 I*. M.. la Staiairar Hall. Rutrance on l.'rth at. C1MATEAU MABILLM. RATH st AND 3D AV. ) Every e.niln,-al K P. M. K.iuaie model*, trolnptuoo* ait. In winch ill beeutlea toko active part. Sultan'* seraglio, splclost thin .- yet. se\? n brantle* iiaupiiiy, you bet. I he .ih tiH-ot I'm ain (ketch un.l song, Rspcciallr arranged to on It the throng til aianacmonl scofcrr* who crowd each night Till* popular palat-c oi delight. Mallueev luesda.v, Tlmr. day and Saturday at 3. \TKW YORK ACADEMY of MUSIC. j> Till. EVENING MoNDAYi. April 34, IHTrt, SIIAKKisl'EAItl. > III it III DA V < . I.KUKA'I'ION. Ken. tit to THE COUNT Joannes, who will .inperauaato II 4MLKT. Admission. 91; resorted (eats. 93. licit, is at the Academy ot Mu*lc and at Mr. itulliaaa's. No. 114 Broad way. _____________ / t erm.ania theatre, i4i ii sr. u AD. NEl ENDiiKK Director MONDAY. Al'ltll. 34, DA* oLA> WA NEE Comedy, in live acta, hy scribe. TIVoLI THEATRE. nth at . bctarcpu -d and 3d are AI.L NEW oTARS Tills WEEK. LI C V ADAMS AND t.CV I.I N TON. tbo \ er? it lie voi al artists JENNIE OA ltd A, the las. matin.' cantatriee. IDA HI K I. the petit aerie *<m*id vocnllat RKOA.N MHO I'll Kits, the lllHaleal Keniuae*. II Vllltis I ha English in.uiic. the new Pantomime, brigand's doom. IijIIN II. MURK A* ? OR AND CIRCUS. AT -Til vV. AND dtlTII ST., ? very altera* >n and ovenlnir. .? ? in - - ? ??"?<> lira at alar cirrua p Charlea AT. fish.; performers In ail | Mere and liettci I the champion I branche*0? the pro- j l?areba. k ndlng barahaok rider of I feae nti The only j than anr ('Ircin | the worlu. j first clnaa. nura on.I | In the world. ? . ? j lentil oi me Circo* tu | ? I America. I r.VT AND ATTRACTIA E M USD ?"h.1 SR MB AND 1^1 Call Me Your Darllti/.'' uy ih<*Utp Charlea K llorslpr, 3..".; 'The soldier a Return. ' ptauo. Kiebei. .sir, ; where will Baby I'rav ?' Sherwoui. 3.V *. "C,.ra Alasurka." VA o al. ? ?a,; "Mlow Wild and Krea. ' win3 Abt. AV- : "Robin* of the Woodland, pi .Alto, ite Wier. ?**.'. Ring William a Mo* ka.lear*." kottoll.iian. :?5c. : "t'ne Centennial." trinia plial maroh. Mnaliar, 91. Copies niaiie.i. WM A I'OND Aid, 547 Broadway ; hranelt ttore :i i Union *<iuarr. New York. A -WANTED IMMEDIATELY .art GOOD YillCKS jiV# lor Hatonin'* A.'autcnnl?l Ckurua. Coil at ilaaaia Ua i*.. corner Vroadway im Haaatoa it., roaat MM. froai It A. M. tiU 9 P M. B AiULSKJIKXT*. ootids" tiihatki*. "rii'fmr 'vfiiEfC J aHUETT A 1'AL.UKK.., L*>mvi ud Ulniipirfl Increasing auccaa* of Shakespeare's graed tptfimlir Flti, HENRY V., with the distinguished Ki. ; 1 i? 'i tciur, ill'.. OEO.O.K Kill SOLD, In hl? pouuUr Impersonation. the tltulai character. The superb bi?ioi leal plsy i? prwarnti a ? ith a wealth of bAilMFII Ci'r -CfcNEKY, SUPEllll ABM O B, CORRECT COST" M MS, HANDSOME BANNERS AND WARLIKE INStKl MEMS. PROMINENT FEATURES of the wonderful -.pnctncle ore AX AUXILIARY FORCE OK 41*) MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN, repMg nting the und French snldiury on dpopuloue of London. kil l potlii la tho g. and BK0CE..S10XS AND BEAUTIFUL TAB LEA ax, AN OPERATIC CHORUS OK CIIOHEX VOICES, A CllnIR OK MaDKIHAL buys and a KULL C11IMK OK CHURCH BELLS. NEXT THURSDAY AFTERNOON, April -*7. BENEFIT I of the maim Manager, Mr. JOHN I, VINCENT. Mr RIO N'l.i.D it* "Amos Clarke," Mr. BISHOP o? "Toodlee." il .v i (evening}. MKNBKI i of Mr. FREDERICK ! THORNK. Mo.v 4 matinee). BENEFIT ul Mr. KlONOLDl, i "" 15 OOTIDS t ilKA t RE. VINCENT'S 1IENKKIT. NEXT Till RSDAY AFTERNOON. April 27, b. tinning *t hoi: I. nt one o'clock, AN EXTRAORDINARY PERFORMANCR Vt ILL BE til YEN, lor the event el the .rrond ounuol BENE KIT OF STAGE MAXAOKR VINCENT. Stats for this attractive .evasion may now bo had ot thw b?.\ olhwe which will l.u open every a a) uatU the occur rence Iroin 8 A. M. to 111 K. M Mr OKOROE UIQNOLD, iu a ueii character. Tho firit piece, the cuIumJ.d four-act play by the late Watt* I'h.Hips calle.l "llic Bar lilibmr," in which Mr KUJ.M 11.D will appear a* AMOS CLAIiK. Ml** MARIE lIKAUUi>OK w 11 appear a* MILDRED VAUCIIN. Other part- b? Menrt. \V. aver, Whltecar, Meeker, Cordon, Little Bradley, Collier, Stoadiiian, Rowling, Inn i-, Weber, ilay ward. llogau, Pyke and J. W. Urutuat (by k 1 ml p. r:nl? kiuii oi M muger Stuart of die Park Ibeatrel. Mr*. Weaver, Ml-* Kuiilia lirattun and Mix Annie tVitkeraau Musical Director Slguor Ol'ERTL The locoud and couclu Hue piece will be thu ever popular Comic llrainu. TUE TooDLi.S, with tho well known comedian Mr C. B BISHOK a* TOODLKS Mi*. TODDLES by Ml*. MARY WELLS The other character* by the groat company of the theatre. f'U ICES AS USUAL. I CAD KM V OK .MUSIC. BELOCCA. J\. WEDNESDAY eveuing, April 2B,at H o'ciock. POSITIVELY LAST MUIIT OK THE SEASON. Last appoarance of Mile. ANNA DK BELOCCA, prior to bur departure to tho West. MIUNON. Mile. ANNA DK BELOCCA, for the first time in America... a* Mtgiiou Mi*i Kuiiuio Kellogg a* Eillua liter Uret appearauee on any U'lItJ Min Annaniialc a* Krderliro Tom Karl a* Unglleliuo Musical Director Max Mnreisek*call now be secured at the box oltice of the Academy ol Music ami 114 Broadway, I'roe list suspended. w .'ODD'S MUSEUM. WOOD?A THIS DAY. Evening at s. O. D. BYRON In hi* specially, ACRO.iS THE CONTINENT. Matinee at 3. The great sensation, in three acts, entitled. UELPUEUOK. THE MOUNTEBANK. M ATT MORGAN'S LYCEUM THEATRE, 14th at. and Uth av Tbia (Mondays e vening and during T M isa Bijou Ileroa, THE WEEK, Annie Mack, ? | Ida r ENTIRE CUANOE. I Ida Key I It Ko NEW BUKLBSOUE, NEW CoilKIfY. NEW SCENERY. DRESSES, Ac. ON MONDAY EVEMNO will bo pre* nited. NEWLY LOCALIZED, THE FIELD OK TUE CLOTH OP F. Ellis, Amy, Julia 11 ograa. Mr. Sidney Smith. Mr. Choi lea Villers, Mr. IIsrry Josephs. Jngau utiJ Dsnrera liuiidiilpii and Da)ton. Kills and Cole*. COLD. li(lLI). HOLD. OOI.D. la OLD. HOLD HOLD. by the UREAT STAR BURLESQUE COMPANY. First iippearaneo hers of BIJOl JOC HERON and the OKEAT STAR COMEDY COMPANT, In the Scrlo-Ciitnic Drama, OLD SALT. BERTUA ? AND IDA TOY It their immensely popular Sketch, lit I. il AmOUK. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, AT 2. Mil'., reserved two weeks iu advance. Box iiihce open from !? A. M to 10 I*. M Popular prices. Admission, .'?;ie., losurved, SI and T5e Bowery theaTkil ? ' second week and great aueeese of Mr. JOI1N THOMPSON. ON HAND, proroded by a lavente Farce tinvniv i vi. hi ivu'ii mu ll nvnrvw CTK1.NMAY II.W.I . PAl'KE.NtiEIM. *5 M A 1>AVIE MANZOCCHI Leg- rBebactfully In ann unco her ui<a.nL> vocal asu ixsriti mental concert. on TCKHIiaY I.VHNINO. APRIL g5. on which Oceaeim elio will have tlio ae.lflance oI the follow ing eminent .irllvl. : ? Madame PAPI'KNHKIM. m.pritua. By |"Tini?.ic>ii ui vi. Htmkuecb, )ll? KIIaA McOKACHY -oprnno. signer IKDUHIUl} HIiia.M.M, tenor. Mr. L U. ui 11Tm.'iI Al.hL, boritiino. Mr S. H. MIIM pihii.i. Mr. A. II. I'L SI., piMtin. Mr. W. K. Ml M.S. pinnu. Mr. CIlARLKS W KliXkR. violoncello. Mr. U. w. MoltUAN, organ. A.VH OTHER IHSHNUI ISIIKD ARTISTS. Mmr A Mil Iks .md Mjiur AilKAMi i.NT k Conductor-. A diu I rod on, M i Hr?"rreii Seat*. ftl. At oil the prloalpol rootle -tore. Mini ut the I1.1II. SAA SIlA.Vi ISCtl M I N " I U1.1.S~ I ui'K ItA Hol'Mi " A.V FRANCISCO NINsIRKLS. ! Ilrmdway. SAN" Kit V.NOi-Ci 1 MlNSntkl.s | comer-litu >L The mo.t -iiccculbl orjamiolinn in tin- world. IIIKCII, WaMIIULD end BACKUS. TUK TIM) 1 lit I'll AX S. Kyaian'e Temperance [.ecliire. Oil, IKS; WK AI.I. WILL HE DAR Sll AKkSPK AICE ON THE IIALK shell I'r UL SOLO AND I'Altf &1M.INU. OLOiiLHS KIN. sea fit secured. Matinee Saturday ut ? Hiery evcutux At 8. / t|IH KKKlMi HAUL, WEDNESDAY hi KM NO. Y. A Kill L -ii. OR A NI? MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT, 11 lieu the Inlhiwii g r tula ml ertl.t. will appear ; Mr RICHARD IIOKrMAXN. Honor .lOHKl' ll WIII fK, Mi- Hi NHIKTT t IIS.EIUC. Ml- LOllSK FINCH, Mr CUAKI.kS KKITMCH, Mr II K llt'MPHKlko, Mi ADOLl'II Mr S. It WtllTkLKY, Mr CAKV L KI.OKIO Mini .-Itrnnr A.Mi iNTk. Reeerv.-d aeete, SI. may now ne U? I at ric.iubertb'a, 21 Union eqwarr, ucd s.- ilriiier -. Till Itm.itlwaj TilMB l.kl Tl IIK MK.lSOb. Sik.wAit 1 'n si.ate, Makhlh A*ND WooiTSSiE toll?New unit elegant iteatgni; IWmi flilnp. The trad. d .alt with 2 J? mid - _ ffint Aid ?t. ISN'T III?TIO*. 4 T THOMPSON'S COLLKOK. ATM ,\V . OlToSirfi JY Couper Institute. Ilookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic, lotaguagvi H .y nr evening Latie.' depart?-al Tele grapuy (Might practically Demand lor uperatur* 4 UOOD IIA.N'DW lllTINCI TACUIII IN TKN I'lilVAfi l.-xmia. U> Oi.IVKK K UULHSillTH. M Ki.1 Alb. BOOKKEEPING, Pk.NM AMMHIP. PHONOGRAPH*. .1 WILL-UJN A WALWOMTH'R BISlXKl** COL LkOK, MMtthwaet corner 1 nlun Mjnare; private In.irurno* BOOKKEEPING, PI-.NMANHHIP. AiUrUMkTIC, eC. I) il.itKAU's Commercial College. I.IMS Headway. Applicant. thlft week venire rltoep nrirete Iceeone. 1JAIN E'S~ HI SINESS ~tVoLLEME. ?_r BOWKUT.? J Bookkeeping, Ariliiin tie, Elixll?h brnnche.: i.eriuen Kreneli, hour* >1111111*; Writing lex iu?. S.i montbljr. itraxtkp -fifiti-in" toi'NO "men" ro leaux jiooi" IT keeping and nalcnttih.B. Irem preetleni bookkeenoi e\tiling* llrooklyn City lUilitario* uiudarato. Addrrg OoLLINS, Airraid niltce MlnlCAl,. *t x ""kVtsl.iit 11"'"I.'an'v. TTBfflf clash *"3?B j\ cihii. r?<Hlni I11 a wtfiuldo Iioid?, and *? pi lt d by a briihitiil pi:tni#t frtiiti IdOmitiu, will riK-elri! ltd bor cue or l?o fttur*4 Udi?? ?lc?frintr to acquire ? tliofwtj^'i mu^lcni odnriition; dlpl^niM wilt b** givtu 14 {?ui*it? wbw (!ciupi4t4 a lull c?>ur*e. Ad Jrewn box No. ? Poo (iRict. Hitbjrioti, i. UAVt IMi 41 AtrPa.UiibW. ? V" -sAl'Sr. s ItAJfClNo" ACAMKMIKS-Kki Kl'lUll . I'anennta Irving IUII, April RH. I'KIVaU itivSSOX.n any l.oer at Jig Ka.t llth >1. ]W M\lt S OANcTmi AtlADKMIL '24 WKST^TH ST ' All'lane... laiuht perfectly perqaarter; ela laeUiun* . deli 01 peiLctiy In <i* jirlrat. le?*on*; ?gtHl and double end# ?|- etaltir?. 1) Mist KIJ.INEOIN, " IVoit? K- olll aINI l>. I KKl'. OK I'flAlti.K * CHAKLks i l.AlikK ?nd VICtOH UKM/.aK. Law ? Itond I . under ?a. mge Hauk 4 tfft. American mYaxdahm ih;vki. hILUTilCYAdU&i with DeUuev'. wire eneblona. vilely u-c.l in all elniia bionilnp and iant.-:. ganwe; neconR naud Table- at great ItarRMM. ' \V. II i ? iti KKl rii A CO.. AO i .<?ey ?t. A I. A HO.. .VSSO#fM KNT~ i)F XKW AN i> TKCOND !?>? i Hilllard 1'ablei, with Mm. new eh iiirnge .a.hlun the carded edge perfeeied at low price*. L Dk. 'k A CO.. corner Canal Bad iVntra eta. / dOl.LK.N OKIl'S SCAN UA till AMKlttcVx ilkVKt \J It ii 11 n I I ?b(. -. win. the e-lrbrated IT>? -n A t'oliendel niiiinatlun enehluna, fur mI> in mie wetjr - uiy at VTt Hraad v. ay. ? ? ?. .jc.y >e ; DK.VIItThA. ~~ AsKT OK TftKTII M WIK IN TIIRkk lit11'KB AT I'JI Wett 944b tnrtween ittli abd Itli ate. neaiBroid w.j. Sp.eiai MkebBitieal .lantlltry ; .oral, muber. ro-e penrl. altale1'>BB rub o r, gold and platinB set-. Kluiapbia, Kegulator-. A?. Tat. green obi i'io.u Uraad -treel ferry u? Hlatb avenue oar. or Hroe Iwae cur y kw HRot'Oil, IAS tfed Htb *4. A RTIPtClAL 4 UPRCIALTT ?HERT WORi mV ?( luw|?rb?*, itli wtirH Ritb?i*?i iiwli.v ????% ibrrlRRf Oiled and guaranteed tu glvo entire ..iti?ia. I A J. c. KKX.ikDV. 'A B?Ret* BKaIFiKCI. AHriKItMAL_TEKTiI,_fH. SIXtiBE*? a arret.tod1 eilt ur fllling-, it* New k .* Deula. Room.. SRiJ rtth sv.. urar 1Mb et .. u l.til, guW wurli, l*iw pfiCv-R 1 ibkTAL or kiceT "-'ii VriH Tv . it .1 WkkiT uru lJ and lltb ete., eataullabwd >iaee IMOi all wurhBMdM caraleUy Ml giarauteed; prleee to enit the HBH

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