Newspaper of The New York Herald, 26 Nisan 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 26 Nisan 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 14.492. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 20, 1876.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. 1)1 HKOTOUY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS??nt Pack-1st. -<1 u>d 3d colt. ASTROLOGY?8tu Pack?0th col HI I.LI AKD.*?Htii Pack?5tlt col. HOARDER.* WANTED?13th Pack?4th and ."?th co's. HOARD AND LODGING WANTED?13th Pack?5th ?nd ?>?h ci>l?. BOOTS AND SHORS?*th Pack?<th col. BROOKLYN HEAD ESTATE POK HALE?llT PauK-5H? col. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?">Tn Pack. BUSINESS NOTICES?'7tii Pack?Bth coU . , PITY KKAI. ESTATE FOR SALK-IaT Pack?Stti col. L'LEKKS AND SALESMEN?lira PACK-ad ?nd 3d cult CLOTH INU?13th PAOK-Sth ol. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS?12tu PACK-3d col. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?3d Pack?0th coL COPARTNERSHIPS?oth Pack. COUNTRY BOARD?13th PAOK-Bth col. DANCING ACADEMIES?Stii i*AUK-5th coL DENTISTRY?Sth Pack-BOi col. DKY GOODS?1st Pack?4th col. .... DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. FURNISHED AND UN FURMSHED?3D Pack?1st. 3d sod -d cols. al'ROPKAN STEAMSHIPS?3n PAAi*-5th and 0th cols. EXCHANGE-Bth Paok?0lbcol. FINANCIAL?5th Pack. FINK ARTS?Stii Pack?5th col. POK SALE?Sth Pack?Mid col. T ?? __ PUKNlsHKD ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET?2d Pack?td col. FURNITURE?*th Pack?5th col. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? 13th PaOK-4Ui ooL HELP WANTED-FKMALES?13th Pack?In and 3d cols. HELP WANTED?MALES?12th l'ACK-3d Aiid 4th cols. HORSES, CARRIAGES. AC.?1st PACK-3d, 3d sod 4th co l?. HOTElJt?12th Pack?Oth eol. _ ^ , HOUSES. ROOMS, AC., WANTED?8*h Pack?5th ool. INSTKUCTION-Srii Pack? 4th col. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKKN. HUDSON CITY AND BKR GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?1st PAOK-5th col. LKUAL NOTICES?Srn Pack?5th col. LOST AND FOUND?1st Pack-IUcoU ? MACHINERY-Hth PAOK-Othcol MARBLE MANTELS-STH I*ACK-?th coL MEDICAL?Hut Pack?Nth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?1ST PACK-4th col. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS? IOxh Pack? Oth col. MISCELLANEOUS-*? Pack?Oth coL MUSICAL?hth Pack?5th eol. NEW PUBLICATIONS?7th Pack?0th coL PERSONAL-1st PACK-l?t col. PIANOFORTES. ORGANS. AC.-8th Pack?3d eol. POST OFFICE NOTICE?1st Pack?4th col. PROPOSALS-Stii Pack?tth col. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES? 13th Pack?1st col. PROPERTY OUT OK THE CITY FOR SALE OB TO KENT?1st Pack?5th and Hth cols. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? 1st Pack?Oth col.. And 3d Pack?1st col REAL ESTATE WANTED?2d PACK-lstcol. RELIGIOUS NOTICES?1st PACK-lstcol. REMOVALS?Stii Pack?Ith col. REWARDS?Iter Pack?l.t col. SALES AT AUCTION?8th Park-3d, 4th, 3th sad 0th eol?. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?11th pA0K-lst,2d, 3d. 4th. 5th and Oth cols.. And 12ru Pack?1st col. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES?13th Pack?2d coL SPECIAL NOTICES?Int Pack?1st And 2d colt. 8 PORT I NO?DOGS, BIRDS. AC.?1st PAUK-3d col. STORAGE-*? Pack?ttth col. SUMMER RESORTS?13th Pack?tth eol. THE TRADES?13tii Pack -4tU ool. TO LET FOIl BUSINESS PURPOSES?3d PACK-lst col. TRAVELLERS' GUIDK-2u PAOK-Oth col. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? 2D Pack?3d. 4th nod 5th cols. WANTED TO PURCHASE?lir Pack?4th col. WATCHES. JEWELRY, AC.?12th PACK-tlth ool. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OB TO LET?1st Pack?3tb col. YACHTS. STEAMBOATS. AC.-IOth PAM-0th col. PKK8QMAL.. A Young gentleman i?" dSSAfTiii'WSfftn would like to meet with a fViend; highest references given. Address CONKIDKXTIAL, Herald office. Broadway car?going up town, about 8 o'clock, Monday efening. Do I misinterpret jour part lug glance r Please write to nie. Address PLATFORM, box 175 fleralil office. (NARKI*?FORMERLY OF WEST 32I> ST., SEND AD J dross to GEORGE, box 114 Herald Uptown Brauclt office. DI8APPO! N THE NT.-THE TWO LADIES FROM Eu rope that nmde an appointment to meet light complex ioned gentleman In the Park on Tuesday, would be pleased to renew the engagement for to-day (Wednesday!, at !>}d o'clock, ut 72d at. and 5th av. 1* AliK.o. F~ AN NIK-COSTUME WILL BBITaDK TO ORDER KOW the closing Frouch Ball at Irving Hall, uext Thursday. CAPTAIN. HkNrY.-JOIIN. HAM OR WILLIE HENRY; SEND aadreas to J. J. W? box 196 Herald office. Caatie Blayncy irlend would like to soe them. OTEL MONICO.-IMPOSSIBLE TO KEEP ENOAOK mcnt to-day on acconnt ot businesa. U. O. H M MU. LAIN-YOU DID NOT HAVE YOUR ADDRESS In your letter; send it to aauie addreaa your letter wae ernt. K. K. MINER'S GALLERY, TUESDAY.?WILL LADY-IN drab, who bowed twice, kindly oblige an old acquaint ante by addrcaslug BAttN AUI>, box ISO Herald office? US. J. S. A***DEEN?PLEASE SEND MY VALISE to St. Nicholas Hole! and get your trunk. V. A. H. PAIR DEUCES-SAMUELS VS. QLEASON. TWO hundred. French, for a basket, Thursday evening, 2<th Inst , H o'clock. LOBCTEB -SALAD. FHILIP L FOSBROOKE, OF BROOM LODGE. IIAT livid.?Write home to Critnble House, Camp Road, Leads. Yorkshire, or to TOM, New York Post office. Am here every seventh week. ?> 7?T llANKS~FOR BEAUTIFUL GIFT. WILL FOIL O ( ward as requested. Ploaeo chance next week. POWER. UELIUIOIK NOTICES. R'~ ELIUIOUS SERVICES lately held at the Hippodrome Messrs MOODY7 and SANKEY will he continued at the ASSOCIATION HALL, 23d St., corner 4th sr., under the charge of the COMMITTER OF ARRANGEMENTS, n follows :? EVENT AFTERNOON at 3 o'clock (except Saturday and Sunday) by ministers ol'tbe various churches assisted in the music oy members <>f the lllpyodromc choir. EVENING MEETINGS. MOXDAY?For RECENT CONVERTS and INQUIRERS. TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY?Preaching by Rev. J. BI'ENCEK KKNNAKD. FiilllAl ? Pr.-achiug by Rev. WILLIAM LLOVD. SATURDAY-For MEN ONLY. Tie evening services begin et M o'clock and close et 9 ?'clock, followed bv an Inquiry Meeting. A cordial Invitation is extended to the public. LOST A N U FUl .tD. ?rUH ND?NIGHT OF Al'lviL T^TlX l4Tlf hTTa'T7aDY^8 I gold bunting case Watch. Address L., box 2,643 Post Sffice. FVoCNU-A SI M oFmTiNKV. W HICH TUtfoWNEU can have hy describing same. J. II. JOHNSTON. 150 Bowery. I OUT?BETWEEN 8TH aND I0TI1 8TS., ON 0*1 J varsity place. Pocketbook. containing small amount of ?noii v. Suitable reward will be paid to any one returning the same to 43 East Istb St. IOKT?ON SUNDAY EVENING, A LADY'S GOLD J hunting case Watch, with broken chain attached, while going from ldtli st. through 1st nr. and Allen it. 'the tinder will oe liberally rewarded by returning the seme to 213 ltd av. IOBT-A YOI NO YELLOW FEMALE SPITZ DOG. J named Mully. A handsome reward et saloon 110 Cenal et. UEWAKUs. A Liberal reward wile"Sk paiTTTxd xo questions asked ior the return of a small poodle Dog by the name or Fannie; she is very old snd of little use to anyone exeept owner; she has a little light red hair on top of her back, toward the t mil. Return to 194 Lexington av., ?ear 32d St., la basement. |kC REWAitD _KOR RBTURN OF A WHITE SPITZ ip?y Dog: lost Tuesday; answers to ueine ot Lulu, si Millivtin St.. sturr. d?1 f\ REWARD-FOR RETURN OF 8RYE TERRIER qii" Dog. lost Monday; blue and gray body, tsn c -iwred legs; had red ribbon liraidril on head and aronnd neck; also leather cellar; answers to name ot Charlie. 94 Wail st.. Urst ??or. ?J/t REWkRD.?T IIE P AC K AGE OF CLOT 111 NO apOU taken from the trunk store, corner nf Broadway ?ndHth st., if returned In 7HO lirosdway. will receive the above reward and no questions asked. JOHN JONES. SPEC IA Li suticer. *A~~^Sf>?TCE OF KKMOV'AL-DK XTjbllSAir, jVi proprietor of the Now i ork Museum of Anatomy, tiis Broadway, begs to Inform his patients, end those desir ous "I consulting him. that lie has removed ft"in 4o Bond St.. where he resided so many sears, to Xo. 5 W ashington place, three doors west or Broadway Dr. Jordan's "Lee lures on Debility." "Why Men Degenerate," Ac.. can bo had at the above address tree by melt for -Vie., and at all book letters. A -THkTiFTH AND MAIN DKAWT1 NO uF THE a Elglity-niuth Royal Saxon Government Lottery will take place Irom Mav I to 2D. 1876. 1*1,000 prises to be drawn out of Hsi.utx) tickets, of which Is I prise of.MXl.lssi reirlimerks, eqaal to 8I2D.U0D, gold I prise of lusi.tiisi rrlchmarks. equal to 72,i??i, gold I prlae of80?i.i?O reicbmarkf.equei to 48 ,??*>. gold I prtse of I.Vi.UU i reiclimarks, equal to :*l,i*m. gull I prise of 100.000 reiebmarks, equal to 24,c*AJ, gold And 35.995 other prises. The slots drawing la guaranteed hy and under the tnper fision ? ? I the Rival raw son government. Fe!l axpienatury circulars free. THKODODS MCHCM'H. Post office bos 5,594. 110 Nsstau at.. New York. A?KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES OF ~ J." 8. . SMITH A CO. aknrri xy, extb* class 403? tes 1870. 31. 72, D4. ? ?. 59, tel. 3H. 9 .-4. -si. 1, 75, 34. Xxtrrccar. class 4<m?roe 1876. 72, 87. 28, ID tu, ;t. 2?. n. ?|, igt, 6, 30, 64. All order* address B. NATHAN, box 4.870 Post office, hew 1 urk city. A -PARKS. K?| hfUMlN * CtX * s Kentucky State Lotteries drawn dally. Royal ii avails l-otterv drawn every 17 day-. Kentucky Single Number n. drawn tpril 20,1898 I'rites cHsiifd. ill I. rni.uion tarnished ami circulars Iree. INI llr-mdwav. Pint office box 5,272 New York A -ISAAC G. HOYCh, 297 BROADWAY LAWYER.? . Divorces proronth'. witbout pkblicilt . dsser tl-'M. tacsdupatikillty. Iianitiial oritaheiiiie., iabdvlilt, in. huucin treatment, conviction ?l teiimy. Passport* ??utalued. i f..vriu.\ : - iWr.N fY Yffi.tst.v ~fSl omTan" ho*. pit I experience: dlaeaa s of men a seeclalti ; cu-ul tatio > tree. I'rlvete offiee. lev 1 III |ir .iai -iRY. i I.LEN A <??>.. 7!" NASSAU NT, NEW YORK.?WYoM JY log Loltor.t draws April 30 Tlekets, $. , -|\ n.r AN. tfu .iii piia.-?. ..' u.9' * distributed, tine cuanre In Tour, prices < ashed. Giirui ir? mailed five. (to.V *t Ml' I Ion IN MiOfcjx I lo.v ,V (V v.vTl.NG |)ii ; eases.?Tb* most approved remedies ore pancreai Emu stun and I'aai reatlne 1 lie n-igmai an: geniilur in tr- d only n> N vV'iiii >1 Mooci*., 143 .sen Bond -1 oidon. Mill (<> Hiein and all cben-ista uad tterakaepe ?*'?imamrii* the wend. SPECIAL KOTICLS. DIVORCER QUIKfLY'OHTAlNEb FOR CITHERNS IN any State ; ao change of residence: pay wneo obtained. REED <k t il 's Law Agency, 71 A?tor House, New York, or Pike's Opera, Cincinnati. ISEaSER OK MEN A SPECIALTY. II EN KY A DAN I ELK. M. D.. 144 Lexington ay., near 29th ?t. Offire houni Imm s to a. DR. JAMES OAK BE SPECIALLY CONSULTED OM discuses of iuen, :tt Ot) Fulton st.; moderate charges; honorable conBdeuce; thorough treatment; JO year*' expe rience; advice free. /VOLH ANlfsiLVKK AND ANYTHING CONTAINING VX Gold bought at market price; Gold Plate and Wire of every carat ronatantly on hand. Refiner 8CHAWEL, 25 John st. C"t UBBNWOOD CEMETERY.?FOR HaLK. THREE X Ia>ta. fnoly tltoated and contiguous, in section 150. Apply by letter to ? A., nation G. (1 ?OFFICIAL DRAWING KENTUCKY STATE LOT IT. terles.?SIMMONS, DICKINSON a CO.. Managers. KkKTUCKV. KXTKA CLASH. MO J95?AP111L 25. 1870. 5, 72, 7, 11, 71, 15. 81, 85, 77. 29, R. 7S. 21 SKXTl'l'KT. CLAaa MO. 29tl?ACHIL 2ft. 1870. 42. 48. 22. T, 10, 17. 58, 14, 40. 28. 07. 11, 54. RKMIir, A XT a A CLASS. Mo. 195?AfR'af '2ft, 1870 50, 57, 71. 11, SS. 40. 19. 8, ti'J, 77. 49, 73, 1. iiicKitr, clans no. 19B?ArntL 85. 187a 20. ?ii. 10, Oil. 08, 53, 04. 2. 82. g$. 44, 3ft 29. Full information by applying to or addressing J. CLL'TE, 200 Hroadway, or box 4.900 Post office. HRe nt i i Ty'statii: single niTmbkil ? prand distribution, on the Uarana plan. SIMMONS, DICKINSON A CO., Managers. $300,000 cash gilts. Whole tickets, $10. All prises paid In fall, without deduction. To be drawn April 29. Royal Havaoa of Cuba draws April 4. Address PARKS. EMERSON A CO., 180 llroadway, or box" .">,272 Post office. Havana lottery.-next drawing, may u, 1870 ; 93.1 prises; highest, $1 On,Of*I. Informatiou free. h maktinkz a co.. 10 Walt st.; Post office box 4.082. Highest price paid for prises, Spanish gold and Havana bank bills. ?CHROMIC CATARRH. DEAPNHKS: IMPROVED ? method; Instantaneous relief; permanent enres. Dr. STODDARD. No. S West 14th it. K MRS. CHANN1NG. CLAIRVOYANT PHYSICIAN, 127 East ItKli IL?Diagnosis and cures all diseases under spirit direction, and by spirit fight glees informatiou on business, Ac. Nervous exhaustion.?a m edical ess \ v, comprising a series ot lectures delivered at Kabn'e Mu seum of Anatomy. New York on the cause and cure of Pre mature Decline, showing indisputably how lost health may lie regaiued, affording a clear synopsis ot the liupediiueots to marriaue and the treatment of nervous and physical debility, being tlie result of 30 years' experience. Price 25 cents. Ad dress the author, Dr. L. J. KAMN, office snd residence 51 East loth st.. New York. PILES. PILES. HEMORRHOIDS OB PILES PKR Diunenlly predicated in two to lour weeks, without tl.e knife, ligature, caustic or pain ; perfect cure guaranteed in every instance and not one cent charged until effected. Ilr. HO* r, 21 West 24th ?t. 1I.KS OR HEMORRHOIDS PERMANENTLY KRadT cated in two to four weeks' painless treatment; no knife, ligatures, caustics or cautery employed ; positively NO CHARGE FOR TREATMENT UNTIL CURED. Circulars free. Dr. STODDARD, only office No. 8 Weat 14th at. __ "OEDR6 RODRIGUEZ. PATENTEE OK NEW METHOD J. improving loal tobacco, requests manufacturers of cigars and denlera in leaf tobacco to send samples to Itiui to prove the excellency of bis method, without charge. Address 114 3d ay. SECOND LOUISIANA GOLD DISTRIBUTION. At New Orleaus, April 29, 1878. Capital Prise. $100,000! 3,580Prises, amounting to $5(jQ,50(k All paid in Gold. Only 20.000 Tickets, st $50 each, currency. Tenths and Twentieths In proportion. For Information, circulars. Ail. sddresa or apply to No postponements WILLIAMSON a CO.. Brokers, Box 8,028 Post office. 317 Broadway, corner Thomas it THE UT1CA CONVENTION. SPECIAL DESPATCHES IX THE EVENING TELEGRAM TONIGHT. TIT ANTED?THE ADDRESS OP ALL TIIK BAKKIl" YY conloctiouers and ice cream dealers throughout the Uoited States. Address, stating price. Ac , TRAVELLER, box 141 Herald office. i|A(\ IN PRIZES. ?UUU Kentucky State single number grand distribution, on tlto Havana plait. SIMMONS, DICKINSON A CO., Managers. Whole Tickets. $1)1. AU prises paid in full without reduction. To be drawn April 29. Royal Havana, of Cuba, draws May 8. Address J. CLl'TE. 2U0 Broadway, or box 4,989 Post office. $300 $300 .000 IN CA81I PRIZES. Kentucky Stato Distribution draws SATURDAY, April 29. 1 Prise of $30,000, 1 of $20,000. 1 of $10,000, 4 of $5,000, 10 of $2,500. 50 of $1.UU. 5,732 others, from $5,000 down. All paid in full. Ticket*, $10; balers. &>; quartan, ft! 50. Address all orders to THOMAS H. IIAY6 * CO.. tiU7 Broadway, New York. I 000 ?KKNTCCKY slATK LOTTERY? ljl.UUU.UUU. Single Dunbar (Havana plan), draws April 39. P. C. DEVLIN k CO., Stationer* and General Agents. No. 3 Park row v near Auu st., opposite Post uBlce;, New York. D SPOUTING?DOGS. 1I1KUS, AC. Oils. 22WUBC NEWFOUNDLAND AND TERRIER Pupa, Fancy Pigvona. Habbita, Uold Fish and Aquaria Depot 31 Fulton at. * 4. BAUOT. Agent. HOR8K8, CAHK1AOE8, Ac. Ji T K A It K Kit A SON'S ~~ L CITY AUCTION MART AND N. Y. TATTEKSALLS, corner of 11 roadway and HDtli at. MAJOR CD AS. W. BARKER. AUCTIONEER. REGULAR SALES every Wednesday and Saturday. TW EN I'Y-FOUR hours allowod for trial. THE ONLY driving truck in the State. CATALOGUE OF SALE THIS DAY, AT II (PC LOCK. COMMENCING Willi MR. W. W. ALDttlCll'S, OF THE Border Lawn Stock and Stud Farm, TIPTON. Iowa. GRAND SALE OF THE FASTEST GREEN TROTTERS . In America, COMPRISING .SIXTEEN head, ALE BREID HV THE OWNER. WITH 11IE exception of one, and consisting of Eay Gelding GRAY PLANET. got by Ansel (son of Lex aton). 15 high; foaled 1H71; can trot in 3 minutes. Mahogany bar Gelding JUDGE LEKFI.NGWKLL, got try Ansel, 1.)1. high; loaled 1871; finely gailed aud fast. Iron gray Gelding BUSINESS, got by Ansel, 15 high; foaled 1871; very promising. Dark hay Gelding RANGER, got by Ausol, IN high; loaied 1S71; very lixat lor e green one. Brown Gelding CHARLEY BROWN, got by Ansel, 14?i high; loaled IS"I; an elegaut combined saddle and liarne?a gelding; goes all gaits. May Mare NELLY, got by ncytb lat., 15 high; to tied Im7H: promising and last. Pair coal black Marcs. SLACK SWAN AND MATE (full sister.;, got by Green'* Bashaw, l.'ijg .hlgli; foaled I8BH and lS lii; unequalled lor rich appearance and style. Chestnut Mare BIRD, got by Tucknlioe. 15 high ; foaled IHtW; can beat 3 minutes. Black Mare BLACK CROOK, got by Bosliaw, Jr.. I3U high; foaled 187D; promise* well. Black Mara SHOCK, got by Yotiiig St. Lawrence. Mi high; fitaled I TP*; can boat 3:4 ' and will trot better than 3:30 with thirty days' bandling. Dark bay Mare LaDY lit. At K Mi IKE, got by General leigan. I5'j high, loaled 1SMH; can Leu 3 :'ai Che>lout M*re TAPsr.V, got by Amboy. It'j hlgli. loaled 1SOS: can beat 3 ininiitt*. Brown Gelding JUDGE SMITH, gut hv llanturd IIa nibic Ionian, 13 high, loaled 1870; cen beat Golden sorrel Gelding HEADLIGHT, gut by Go ddust. 151, hi ih. tualed I HUH; a fast trotter. Light bay Gelding LITT LE MAt K, got by the Pierre Horse, la hlgli. foaled 1A71: cau beat 3 minutes. Above are all war ranted sound and kind. DURING TGK PAST Tew day* this stock has been rlddsn alter and been examined by a large number of weli-anown BREEDERS end horsemen, who Imve pronounced them to be the PASTES I', finest, smoothest and most extraordi nary lot of GREEN TROTTING CULTS seen la New York In Ml years. CATALOGUES, WITH extended pedigree* (which are STRICTLY GUARANTEED;, lull particulars, Ac., at the Mart. IMMEDIATELY AFTER above will be sold a FINE, LARGE black Draft Home, I,Bill pounds, IIM high, 0 years old; good driver; powerful wurear; warranted kind. I.aKGE, BLACK 'Daft Ilona, 18 high, 8 yeaaa old; fair driver; great worker; warrant -d kind. Top F.XPRKf>S Wagon; light; by Smith. *101" PONY l'barton. by Whitley. No TOP side bar itoad Wagon, by Mortimer. TOP SIDE bar Road Wagon, by G. R. Harvard. ROCKAW AY. BY Hutitmgtuii LA' GK LOT new and secondhand Harness. FaMIi.Y ESTABLISHMENT, comprising a desirable Pair id Bay Geldings, l it, high, 7 and S years old ; fine free driver, an J warranted sonitd aud kind: else Coupe Rock ? aivar nearly new; Harness, Ac. TEN oTIIEK top and no top Read Wagoat, depot and business Wagon-, t arriages. Ac. SEVERAL OTHER Horses. FULL DESCRIPTION al sale. SALES NEVER postponed on account of weslber. NOTICE -MONDAY next, May I, at 11 o'clock, the sec ond GREAT sale of CARRIAGES, embracing awry style ol vehicle; atao large lot of Harness, Imp Robes, Ac. Block now on exhibition. GENTLEM AN RETIRING FROM THE ROAD WILL sell at a great sacrifira a pair al last Horses; yootig, sennd and kind; good, handy drlveis. Also a single Ilarae; ran beet ??!; 7 years old. l&lw hand, sound and kind. Also a good ton Buggy and Sue Harness, Blankets. Robes, Ar. Mi.bls 33 East 17th at., between Broads ay and Uni versity place, Abrautipcl bay ken rrcK y make. eT hsnds, 7 yean; sound, kind : trot in three mlnntev; driven and used t . saddle bv ladi past two years. Inquire at 13 East Hub St. (th ilson't stables), AS~KIXGAN r WINDSOR TOP WAGON; ALSO A single and double set of gold mourned Harness lor sale cheap. Private stable. No 4 West tilth >t. ?SEIZED ON A JUDGMRNT AND PLACED~FOB ? thinteoienr" ?f sale at Arsenal Mel les. Anb si., i.ear Broadway, vU ;?Two top Puny Pha uons, on# lull spring t ip Wagon two side bar ao? two sets single and one doub e Hemes., all nearly new, and mast be sold this week to sat isfy the claim. ?in HUsinEbb ~waTio.ns. new and becond . nanrl. for express, grocers, liutclie,?, bskers, m|ik. ail ver islng, depot slid deliv ry wagons; R3U to $17.'. Wagon Maim factory, 3-.*i Bprtug #t. k "ItWo IIANI'-tlMK ROAD OK FAMILY II ORB KB; /\$ rree und .'yllsk drivers; stand without tying: can lie driven bv a lade nl speed : warranted .mind and gentle ill ev.-rv particular; n good trial given; also set Marn*>. and Top W agon: .old separately If ne?lr?d. B78 Bowers, uppo she &th st.. rear stable. A "-OJ51? OF THE FINEST TKAMB~OF IIAY HORSES JY. in (lie rliyijMn mede; d year* old; IfC, bands high; ? Itnotll a lault. Nix .? Wed I bin si. ? ?F'iit :ALK~ CHEAP. A LADY'S Tl KNOl'T; AN a as 1-leg.iUI Home, top Pour I'hsetin (nearly new and a set of line HhOiesa sl.o two ft for grocer, hntrher or farm nse. and warranted sonud. Inquire at 353 East II i .i at., i.ear 1st av. -F'tl! BaI.E CHEAP. NINE * GOOD WORK horsea. App y at No. 3 Vevtry st., between Yarlcx and ilmison. VT A S At' It I F ICE?ON K FULL SPRING TOP Ww-tnn, one side f sr. two Pneeteus; all nearly new, wl Bast .3d st., corner of 4th A. HORSES, CYRKIAUKS. ?JtC. ?au? rioN. horses. speed.' ?TYLE"A:f6 ? beauty. Ureal and uur*vrv ed sale. N OV CAUItlAliK, tJOUPK AND ROAD UU&shb THE PROPERTY OP A WELL- KNOWN MERCHANT AND OTHER*. WHO IKU REGARDLESS OP COST TO THE HIGHEST HI DOER. WITHOUT LIMIT OB RESTRICTION, ON THURSDAY. APRIL 3T, AT II O'CLOCK A. M., AT THE UNION AUCTION MART. NO. 20 I8TII ST., ? NEAR RROADWAY. CALL AND EXAMINE. CALL AND EXAMINE THIS SUPERB STOCK OP PINE, YOlNil. SOUND AND KIND HORSES. SUITABLE KOR ALL PURPOSES. N. B.?Immediately alter the sale of hones will bo offered ? choice lot of top. upon tiitd extension top pork and pony Phaetons, top and open road Wagons, depot Wagons, single, double and conpc Harness, new and second hand, all of which must he sold. Sale positive, rain or shine. No. 1. Extra stylish hay coupe or saddlotllorse. 7 years old. IS hands, wiih superior stylo and flue, noble action : i? a nice, clean traveller; don't touch a hair; warranted sound ami kiud. 2 eud 3. Superior team of black Meres, half sisters. U yean old, I.Vj hands;cannot he oxcelledb.v any team in the State in point of beauty, style aud speed"; are eveuly matched; have stronr, flue, smooth limbs; no tricks or vice with thein; are kind, goutle aud pleasant drivers and afraid of nothing. The greatest ol care was taken in their selection, as Jhe owner would have nothing but the very host; would make an excellent team for a coupe : hate spued enough lor a gen tleman's mad team, as tlisy can trot In about 3 minutes to a phaeton ; warranted sound aud kind. 4. Heautiful mahogany hay brougham or coupe llorse. 7 years old, D>'., hauds; large heavy bone and muscle; has any amount of bottom and endurance; very atylish and baud ?ouiu : alraiu of nothing, aud is warranted sound and kind. & Lady lllll, llauiblctouian bay Trotting Mate, B years old. 15 hsnds; pure, clean and oper. gaited : no road too li<u for her: is a prompt ami resolute driver; very stylish snil aT tractive;.can trot in 2:45 and warranted to boot 3 minutes on dsv of sale; warranted sound sud kind. H. Itav Kosd Home Young Dutchman. 5 vears old. shout 15} j hauds: no fetter roadster In the stale; Is an all day traveller: ran trot In 3 minutes to a road wagon; warranted < sound and kiud. 7. High bred aud handsomo Trotting hay Stallion, 7 years old, l.'i'4 hauds: oan irol any day In 2 :4D when in condition, and a lady can drive liini with safety; was sired by Victor (formerly Suipi. dam Eclipse (Messenger get) ; is warranted sound and kind. 8. Brown Trotting Horse Mountain Hoy, 6 years old. 15}* hands: elegant style and action ; finely broke for a lady to drive with eafelv; is a good saddle horse : line no tricks or vice, either in or out of the stable; Is wairanted sound uud kind t>. Hay Mare Angelina,3 years old, 13}% bands; is very stylish and handsome; cnu trot in ahont3:!0to a road wagon aud if cultivated would make a fast and rapid trotter; warranted sound and kind. 10. Gray Messenger Dolt. 3 years old, 13 hands high; would make an excelleut coupe or carriago horse; largo, full ?nupe and tall: has a bold and gamy appcarauce and Is warranted sound and kind, without spot or blemish. 11. Ray Coupe florae, 7 you is old. 15', hands: is a fast traveller: warranted aouad and kind. 12. Black Prince; perfect pet for lady or children *. la afraid of nothing: will slaol without tykug; ia 0 years old. 13 hands; warrauled sound uud kiud N. H.-THE ABOVr. STOCK WILL HE SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER WITHOUT LIMIT OR RESTRIC TION. a full warrantee will be given each PURCHASER. AND IK NOT ASCKEPRKSENTED THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED. CATAI.OOI KS NOW HEADY AT THE MART AND AT THE PRINCIPAL HOTELS. A" T AUCTION. AT AUCTION, ON THURSDAY, APRIL 27, AT STABLE NO. 3 NE1LSON PLACE. (Mercer at.), between Waverley aud Clintou places, AND IN REAR OF THE NEW YORK HOTEL. BY CHARLES 0. DUFF. AUCTIONEER, the following valuable Horses, superior Carriages, Harness, Blankets. Robes. Whips, Ac., Ac., the property of a private goutleiunu. Including the handsome broirn gelding DETECTIVE, got by John J. Ohrltteudon, 15}$ hands high, 3 vears old; can trot in 2 :4(>. and u arrantcd sound and kind. liay gelding RED DICK, 15U, hands high, 7 years old, sired by M ?Jor hdall; can brat 2 :35 on any track, aud war ranted sound and kind. Fast hay Gelding C.? LKH ; sired by Amos Clay, the sirs of American Girl; he is l.V, hands high, 7 years old; can trot ? tulle In 2:30; can show a 2:20elip, and warranted sound and kind. Handsome and fast bar Gelding JOE TOOKER. got by Champion, dam by Fox Hunter, 15}%, 7 years old ? can trot In 2:33, and warranted s.uiud and kiud Block Gelding DAN, slrod by Cassius M. Clay, iwyj nanas, 8 yeurs old; can trot In 2:30 and repeat all his beats, and warranted sound and klud. Also the finest lady's driving Horse In this city, 13 bands high, 3 veers old; vary speedy and warranted sound and kind. The above horses are all warranted and ara all slegsnt and stylish drivers. Block now ou exhibition. Also I Kockawuy. 2 tup Wagons, 2 Pony Phaetons, single and double Harness, Blankets, Ac. Sals positive, rain or shine. A -MAJOR CHARLES W. BARKER. AUCTIONEER;' JV. TDK THIRD extraordinary sale ot FAB II ION A HLY BRED TROTTING STOCK, bred by Hon. A. H. Conger, of the W'aldberg stud. Haverstraur. N. Y., will take place at B ARKER A SON'S City Auction Mar} and New York Tnt trreell's. corner of Broadway and 3Wth it., on Saturday, April 2tt, at II o'clock, aud consist# of TWENTY-TWO II LAD of brood Marre, Fillies, stallion Colts and Usldlnas, all of the best trotting strains. AMONU THE brood mares are the got of Rysdyk'a Ham bletonian, American Star, Young Star. Nonnan, Mambrino Chief. Ac.. Inducing the celebrated Romp, Koxie, Bateman marc, Taglloui, Ac., all in foel to Bedford (2 HID. Nitrogen (2:3tli. Mad Anthony, Ben Abdallab, Solitaire, Chief, Me dium, Ac. TIIK FILLIES, Stallion Colts and Geldings Include ths get or Bedford, Ben Abdullah. Wild Irishman, Ac. Stork now on exhibition. CATALOGUES can bo had at the SPIRIT AND TURF OFFIUES, or at the Mart. Bale without reserve or post ponement. A AT I'RIVATK BALK. IIKO111? IIAM, nearly new, pole and shafts, by BREWSTER A CO. COl'PK. nolo and shafts, by BRADLEY A Cli. LANDAULKT, pole and almlts, hr MINER A CO. LANDAU, l?y WELLS, CKL'T'f KUDON A CO.; very Ughl TOP SI UK BAR WAGON, by BRRWRTKR A CO. T CART, polo and shall*. by Kit ADLKY. PRAY A CO. KAItOUCIIK. nearly now. by RKKWSTKit A CO. KOI It SEAT PARK PHAETON, by MINER A STE YKNR THREE UjUAUTKIt CLARENCE, by J. B. BREWSTER A CO. COUPE BOCK AWAY, by MINER A STEVENS, Rockaways, Depot Wagon*. top and u? ton Pony Phae ton*. top and no top Wagon*, Gasket Phaeton*. rumble seat Pony Pnaetona. Ac.. Ac. VAN TAtMKLL A KEARNEY'. 1 H> and I I'J East 13th at., near 4th av. A*~" FULL AND COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OP TUB "Brewster Wagon,** the atandard tor atylo nod quality, now ready lor Impaction at onr factory ana watoroorae, Broadway and 47tli at., t>t la ar and 14th at. Special attention la called to our iinproremunt In aide-bar Wagons, which enables ua to offer the lightest, eateat and beat riding wugvu arer produced. B HEW ST Ell A CO.. of Broome at. Arou AMD COMPLETE stock ok CAI<RIA<<ES AND ROAD YVAliONS, in faabionablo Ueaigna and colura. A. S. KI.A.NDRAU. 372 and 374 Broome at., old atand of Hrewator A Co. BEAUTIFUL B A Y ~"Ti"o hH k7~?7v E A Its <>T. D." 1*6 benda. high knee action, aound and klud in double or single herneaa, at l!Y9 West Mtb at. ?FOR SALE, 3H IIORSBS, JUST FROM INDIANA; ? suitable for all ouatneaa. Inquire at I JO NarfotB et, A?FOR" SALE." SEVEN HORSES; SUITABLE" KOR ? truck, express, farming or any busineaa. W>t>$17Y. 201 Grand si.. bulWOCa Moll and Mulberry. A GOOD KAMILY HORSE. SECOND IIAND ROCK J V away and llsLpra* wanted. rhoa|i, lor caah. Addrtaa, with prhe and particulars. S. S.. Herald nfllre. TlDKRNEV BULL-DARK CtiLOIt. BLACK POINTS', J\. 2'j year* old; or,o of the beat bred, strongest and moat handsome hnlla In the country: ltn|?oried on botte ?ldea; pedigree given; lor sale; price $I&H. Address box SI3 Poat office. Aruof i img "i akkT s?FunF and k i sd ? top Wagou anil Harseaa. nearly new. Addreaa bos 321 Poet office. Stamford, Cono. A-UOR~ SALE. ~JT HANDSOME SIDE BAR TOP ? Road Wagon, by Williamson: Victoria and Dog Cart, by Wood Itrna,; at private stable 72 Ka-t 13th at. 'a ?TO LET, HORSES and WaiiCnh, SINGLE AND j\t double team*, aa atyliah a* any private turnouta; wagons and harness new: also a lew hoarding horse- will be taken. Union Club Stables, 2> IHthst., near Broadway. T ionKTIXU Top SIDiT BAK_ 1'TaNo" " BODY ./is Wagon, In perfect order. RES I KY A Bl'KlUS, GO and ?r2 Broadway ~t~?THREE IIORSES. YOUNG AXi7 SOUND"; SUIT Ai able lor trucks, grocer*, farming. As. 01 Canal at., ea.iein, vxpreaeman. ?KOR~MALE, .(~HA.S0.toVE FIRST CLASS ~K AM , ily Horse. ht tor any gentleman's business and ?ai# lor auy body to drive. ? year* old and la sound la erery re spect : a good trial allowed: to be >ohlat a atcrlffce. Apply at SHANNON s oyster Mat, IMS Canal at. JT PRIVATE MALE EXPRESS DELIVERY WAGON, very light: LIGHT MINGLE TRUCK . t?nli In good order: for aale cheap: it not aold before Kill DAY' tlier will then bo sold at A I C I ION by VAN lAM-iRLL .1 KEARNEY, at their MART. 110, I .3 EAST LfTII ST., near 4TI1 Al\ C* 1HANCK.-ONR SIDE BAH TOP* W A GON P SINGLE ) liarneaa, nearlr new ; by beat dty makers ; in private stable All Eaat I IStli at., near tlie bust landing. COII PK BUCKAWAY WANIEII-THRKI. SPRINGS, / two aeata. wito dltlalon partition, to coat about $2 <>. Addrea* bog 172 Post offleo. New Y'ork. rllEAP KOR CASH -WANTED. PlTtVoRM SPRING Wagon, with pole: dontcare how old tooty Is If run ning part* ore all right. Addreaa RUNNING PARTS, Herald nfflre. CI Alt Itl AG E-, HARNESS, / Maggie*. Coupe K.xkaways. Ilglil Itockawaya. Phaetons. Depot Wagoua, all atyle? of II AKN'Kss, .-addles. Rridles, llor-e Clothing, Ac., ail at prices which MUST GtVK SATI.-KACTION. JOHN .MOORE. .7 Warren *?._ U' LEG ANT TOP PON Y* PHAETON." IIAKN LssTkoBE, Fi f 17 ?; top aide bar Buggy, #140; Road * agon, $7<l. No. .?II 7Gi ar. IMIK SALK-A TEAM OK 11AMBLKTOMAM MARES, r 1? hands: ymirig and sound: gen'.lr in all liarneaet tan irot In Hires minutes; will be aold cheap. Can be seen ut | ,"<H Wen loth at. ftOU MALE-A YOI NO GENTLEMAN'S CiiMPLKTK turnout, prior to hla departure lor Humps ? A handsome bav Mare, sound, kind ami ran trot In 3 ur 3t< minute*; a Hr-water side liar movarile top U'agon. a i iineronih Har ness, hohd. Whip, Ar. . I.aa been In use but one year; rnu-t sell. Inquire at stable, 227 West .Vi I at. JMiK SALE iTufcAP? One (t-spriag Landau, one M-aprlng Victoria, with seat behind Tin so earrinies are as good as uew and aro sold lor want of stable room They were made by Minder Ji Co., Paris, and can be seen at 27 East f ith et.. between li and 12 F30K SALE OH KM IIANGE-IIANDSOMK KOUP ' year-old llembl-toman rial Hon; well bred, at Central Avenue tables, ? n C Mitral av . Just above Judge Smith a. laqniie !or ALEX. PATTERSON, tlila week only. T-NOlTs VI.E?<"o NTLKMAN's . RrtKEcf ROAD (ka.M~ I* about l"> bands; sound, kind andean beat 2 to the pole; Wagon, liarneaa, Ar. Addreaa T. O. I, Herald ofltre. TjIoR -ALK a FINK HiULB. i? HAND*: LIGHT f Wapoii nf beat maker large covered Kiprvaa YY agon and a double I nick ; will be sold egreedlngly low; also an elegant Carriage, good aa new, with n set of silver mounted double Harness. Apply to W F. RAND, Igl Vast 3Hth at. T.a(iK SALK-A MKPQf WAGON fO CARRY FOCB ? persona; will bo sold cheap. No. 140 W?.t 4Mb M. 1IOKSKS. CAKA1AGK8, <W. *"*OB "HAI.i: CHEAP \VKM. !!RED, FAST MARK: sound. kind, true; driven by women or child. Beau ul 54 Went 1Mb >t. Ji?o'r halh atTuwuu-T vbrt ha* womb clareaoe fruut Coupe Rockaway. suitable lor one horse; it hue recently been done up. end U in perfect order. Address M . box S.lWtt Fort office. New York. FOR SALE lUIEAI'-A CLARENCE. MADE BY Brewster. Call lie seen bt Cudllpp's stables In 7th av . between 54tli end .Villi ats. (ill BALK, CHKAI*?t;LAKH FBO5T ?'OAb'l.USB> wltli blue clntb, iu perfect order. Apply at 122 East Broadway. M PAIR 5r IUOK PONIES, ~14'4 hand* blirh. suitable lor gentleman's roa<l team or ladies' pl-usnro driving: kind and penile, and aold tor want of use; alsoaet of coacii ll?rnes?, in tine ordrr. Han bo irru at private stable No. 12* East 1Mb St.. until Hold BBTiALK-CRKAM COLORED HO HUE (LARGE); r HtvllHli driver: one pood cheap Work florae; aold to puy I e l bill. Feed more. :?7<> Hudson at. ' 9oa UU OMUNsil EXTRA PINI IiOQlUM l hay Horse. IS bauda high, 8 year* old: all aound and kind; title driver, and ran boat'J : k> single or double Han be aeen previous to Thursday at TRl'KSDBLL'B stables, 12M tind 12* West It'.lli at. "LTOR BALK?VERY* K LEG ANT BKASrt MO C NTKD r Coach Harness, vert little used. Inquire at private Stable I lu Waverlev place, from ts till 12 o'clock. IfioR lAIaX-CtmPLBTK Tl'KNOCT-1 .A ND aTlJST; 1? first class brown Horse, HI hands, very* stylish, also Co* Harness, Robes, lilaukets, Whip. Ac.: woo d sell eneap. Han be seen ut l.r> und 17 hast 28th si. Inquire lor LIKE. FPK BALB-TWO GOOD TODWf HQR8ES; BOB*t>. kind; one beats three minutes sure; two Hpht express Wagons ; three seta Harness. 'Jilt West 10th st. FAINK HA ICR! AHF.S OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. I'rlces to su.t the times; every veliiclo warranted, J. COLYEK A Hli.. builders, hilt Broadway. ________ First class family hurbb wantkd-in fx chance for it fine Oil Patattug, autumn Inndseape, Wx 44; well known artist. Address \Y., box 5111 l'ost office. Harness and" sahdlkry not sold at the sale of S. A OONDICT A CO., 521 liroadwuv, yester day, will he sold this day, between lu A. M. aud 2 1*. M. AKNKSS-NKAKLY NEW. Mi COM*?75.' BOTH* TOW.298sill av., near 25th St. HORSED carriages. WILLI A M KBNNBLLY. SherlfT? Am tioneor. will sell. THIS HAY (Wednesday), April .'ti, at 101* o'rloek A. M.. all the stock contained In Hiorv stable. SO Walk- r st. Horses. Clarences. Humes*. Landaus, l oupes. Park Phae tons. Coaches, lintel Staves, light Wagons, Office furni ture ami lit aide Fixtures, Ac., Ac. PRIVATE*" STABLE 127 W EST 17TII RT.. 100 TEST deep; coachman's apartments: rent reduced. HAONKT. 15 Abingdon square. SECOND HAND OABRIAGBfC T Harts, our own build. Light no top J'haetons. Cabriolets, excellent order. BREWSTER A CO., 5tb av. and 14th st. CMUE Pl.Ai riNi; HONK my MACHtWB WHILE TOD o welt, at KOSKNSTIM'B, 69 Forsrtli st. aud 155 East 26th St. O M ALL PRIVATE STAHLK ON K AST lSTlf ST., XBAB t Irvine place; rent, BjOOt immediate possession. CON DIT, 14h East I7tjl st. STABLE TO LET-BIS WEST 88TH ST., BETWEEN 7th and 8tli avs.: five stalls; plenty ?f carriage room andlolis: rent low; will repair. .IAS. R. WATKRLOW, 991 flth av. STALLS~TO LET.-FRO* 1 TO ? GOOD STALLS TO let, at 625 Hudson et.; w ater and gas. fllE L'TIHA CONVENTION 8PKHIAL DESPATCHES IS THE KVENINO TELKHRAM TO-NIGHT. H TO BP. SOLD BEFORE MAY I?POKY PHAETON, two trotting Horses, and double and sinele Harness. Inqalre of Mrs. Oeneral BOKSKTT, St. Nicholas Hotel, or at private -table No. 5 West 15th St. ToTkt-at no. 4iii West 45TH st brick STA ties, tour stalls, wagon room, wash and amplo loft. Ao plv next door. TO* LET-8TABLR OOWTAlNTNCk FIVE STALLS; MortoiLst., near Bleecker. Inquire of L. H. BCELL, 273<i Bleecker st. TO LET?TWO STORY STABLE, COVERING Lot 2f.X 100, on 50ilt st.. near tttltav.: 16 stalls: room for "Jd more. A. KAPKLYE. 118 Wllllant st. TO LKT-AT 154 BAfT 28D BT? A STABLE * ffOHB stalls); rent cheap. Apply to J. McDERMOTT, 150 Prince it. Track si lkies.?in order to"popitlaiuze our flnlkv trade wo offer from stock or will hnlld to or der Track Sulkies, in all weights, unsurpassed In quality and form, for ?! 25. HltKWSTKK A CO. tot Broome at)., Broad way and 47th at. TWO ToANDACLKTH. ONE LIGHT COACif BY V.ssl Bros. : Landau, bv MIner A Stevens: one Conne. all eecend hand and ill goo* order; one top Phaeton, one Depot Wagon, one 4 seat Basket Phaeton, largo assortment of tot-find open Road Wagons, by city maker*; Harness. Blankets, Whips, Ac. U'lL 11. GRAY, 20 and 22 Woostor it. TpREKINABY NOTICE. Professor JAMES A.~HHNO. M. B. C. V. 8. E., Yeterlaary Editor of the "Spirit of the Timet," 70 Welt 37th it, corner Cth nr. Call* attended promptly, day or nlgbf. VERY HIGHBRED BROWV OEl.DINU NO WHITE. IB hand*, 0 year* old; hai been ueed a* a saddle lioree for the paat reir: kind In harness: ? arranted loiiiid. Almlin ported Saddle and Bridle. 'Incut quality. Can be men at Hv tlorn'* itable, 137 Weit 37th at. Addrrn box 4,1133 Holt #?00. WANTBD-IO BXOIIANOB, SQUARE BOX DK marest Depot Wagon. n?#d a ilinrt time, f r light Rockeway In good order. Addre** I*, box 138 Herald office. "WANTED?FOB CASH. BOUND AND KIND ROAD rV florae: nnit *how SO under wateh and lie eold cheap. Addreit, Mating loweat c*?h price. II.. box It.'i Herald office. WANTED?A TEAM OK WORK HORSES. SOUND, true and kind, nuitabl# for heavy draft: weight not lei* than 3.HHO pound*: 7 to 8 yeari old: with or without Harne-s. Addre**. Mating weight, age and priee, JONES, box 104 Herald office. TIT ANTED TO IT BOH ASE- A IIVKRV STABLE IN I T tlr?t ela** neighborhood. Address J. O . Herald office. TIT AS TED?A PAIR OK CLOSELY MATCHED VY Horse*. 13.3 to til hand*: dark color: perfectly broken and gentle and faeries*: mu?t he handsome and or Bne action Hiid stylo. Address. with full description. prico and where to be wen. box 1.817 I'oit office, city Wanted? t hood double skated" yvagonob I'liaetun lo carry four permt Addre?e A. ft.. Herald office, stating lowest raelt price and where It can be lean. \LrAooNs t? 11 p.aI1? iorit second Hand city YY built top Haggle*, f ur light Polca M Wet IHtlt ?t. W ANTED-A FINE CITY MADE "sINGI.E LIGHT IT llariie.s thai ha* not been mueh u?ed Addrem. with loweat price, CASH, box 1X1, Herald Uptown Branch offic ?. TXTA1ITBD TO FUBCHAB*~A GOOD SECOND I.IG1IT YY one-horse Park Pba<-ton or Roekaway; one that ha* not been u-ed pr-ferred: rnu*i ba in ftr*t rate order. Ad* drew II. MONROE, box lit) Herald office. Wanted?~a linnse or ~mare amirT-ir. YY hand*: mu?t be nound. kind. yotiK", and trot in 2H0 ?tire Addre** K. W. S., box 1*14 l'o?t office. XI'ANTEIt TO LEASE-A STABLE, WITH ABOUf"25 f f stall*. between 5th *nd 7tli av*.. above 37th *t. Ad dre**, with particular*. T. CRANE. 133lh it. and 8th av. WEEKS A BfO. ~YVII.L SELL FOB LESS THAN YY one half their value, at their private stable. 104th it., between 3d and 4tli av* . four strictly tint elan Trotting lloric*. warranted In every particeler: a chance *eldom of fered to partie* looking for genuine ?poed. Among them I* the favorite of the mail Roily Lewi*, warranted to trot, ?ingle or double, in the tweniie*. Road Wngnni. Siilkiei. skeleton Sleigh. Harness. Blanket*, Kobe*. 4c . by belt eity maker* Bi)E ?HOBMS KBIT on livery''at ?M FBB V month; aim ? few Box Stall* at (3f>; the beat ventilated stable In the 17th ward; heat of cur- and feed. SABLES' Stable. 341 ?th *t., between lit and 3d av*. At e4 A (WORfn B3S0I?HANDSOME NEW" TOPKX IplilU pre** Wagon : muat aell; want offer. 134 AAe*t I Htli *t. (tor.n "for a stylish road OB saddle wtlO Horse, dark brown, ti year.: 13^ band*. Apply, Irom 7 till 3 o'clock. at 33* West wth *t DRY u4M|i)A> -MARIE TILLMAN.V OK PARIS, IMPOKTP.ft'of A -MA i\. line Millinery, hold* a large assortment of the beat mikera. 433 tltli av . near 38th it. date Mlehel*). Dress fringes made To okdkk, InV count, length or atyle. at C. W.JACKSttX A CO.'3 Kactory, 113,117. Ill* and 13, Kadi 13tii at., near4th av. M 11,1.1V Kit V AMD DHKSS!tlAKI\t>., /"* OLDEN A co.'S PARIS M ILLINh RV. -IMI't ?KTED VT Ihmnet* Ir >m $1" to 833. 313 tith av., up ttaira, be* laeen Itftn I.nd Jtuh Mas IDE. SPACE AND llo\ PLAITING TO 33 INCHES s A M C El. JOSEPH. 3S Eorarth ?t . near Canal. YY'A.Y'TKI) TO PiltiHAdfc. t DRUG STORK DOING A LEGITIMATE BCSINKSS ,1 In thia elir or Brooklyn. Addre**, with necessary per tiralarm, onufldvntla'ly, 8. A. HKLDEN, Herald ofliee. 7"ANTED?A GOOD SECOND HAND COAL SCALE* iAtt Kaat 47th *t. }\ CJIDI r* w w TtTANTED?SECOND HAND CARPETS AND KI'RNL YY lure hir hotel. reasonable prico* paid. Addret* Mme. ALBERT. Ilt-rald Uptown Brancn office. _ f A.N I ED?TO_ HI V OK WORK. A GOOD PATENT; describe invention. Addre*a J I'. L . Herald office. lI'TviT D?SMALL S~AKK COM HI N A i IO N LOCK' YY and Offiee Partition : Matt be cheap. Addre** SAFE' llerald office It'ANTED?A Tldt ' PBOOF 1AFB, OF ]MODERN YV make indla good eoadlllon; all*, aa near *? possible, to 4* hr'13 Inehr* Inside measurement. Addre**. stating psrtleular-. N. It. S . station E. ____________ WANTED?FOR CASIL A CYLINDER PRKSsTbED YY not smaller than 31x48, mast be in goo-i order; aim au Engine about eight hr.rae power. Addre** U. A. M , llerel'l office W ANTE It? TI IK EE GUOli *KtWM) HAND MlKKOKH. YY lor store nee. Apply at 43 Elm it., op stelri. WANTED?KlltST CLASS BAR. BLACK WAI.NCT. YY ai ont 13 feet: al?o Mirror and Shelving, cheap tor each. Call on or addre** STEPIIB.NSON, 118 Pearl it., Im* medt ately. PiWT OFFICE \UTICE. PmVfVU'V. NOTICE-TIIK KORKDiN MAILS FOR toe week doling Saturday, April 38. 1x78, will dee* at till! office on Tuesday at 13 M. lor Kerope per strainer Ne veun, lie Oaeens'own. nml at I P. M. lor Kraure per ? learner si. Laurent, via Havre, on Wedne?day, at't 3D A. M.. lor Knrope. per aieamer, yla l/ue.-natown : mi Tliursday. at 11 A. M , Hir Kur"|ie, per Maimer Pom* mrrenin, via Plrmirolh, Cherbourg and Hamburg 1 on Setur dai. at ?:'t i A. M.. fur Ureal Britain. Ireland and Kraoce. per iteemer tdrlat.e. via Queen-town, and at x A. M. lor Srutlind direct, Muat be ?peclally edoreased per iteamer Al.alin, via Glatgoo ; and nt 11*1" A, M. tor Europe, per eteamer We*er. via Southampton and Rreoteu. The mutli for chine, Japan, Ac . will leave uau Fraariien Hey I. The dlreet mat * lor liraill, Ac , will leave New Yerk Mar 13. The mall* lor the YVett Indlel* Me Uevene. will leava New Yerk April J?. T. L JAJUU, FeetMMtet. CITY HEAL K STATU Mtlt MALE, f rulral. ATTENTION OK PURCHASERS CALL*I) TP THE A new llouaet. ID, 22 and 24 \\ v.t 4<NIt ?t. I.uilt by Cor ncliu* o'Rrilly: No. 10 1* a match houae tor 54 Madison uv., Ju?t Hold; thu home* arc dralittii-il an 1 In I abed in the mom carrhil arid elegant ?tyle*of (akiatl work, with mir ror*. cornice*. Ac., made an 1 tin Mm I with the very beat iu> tannic muat he ae n to be appreciated; they ant olfi-red at pricea bolow theaoatof pradactiaa. Apply on the ptatnlaaa Iwnoil.-V. K. STEVENM>i.JR., WILL SELL Thursday next. 12 M , at 111 Brimlwa). all that vnlu able Property. northwest corner I'Mb a v., It.mlevard and lJfrtli (HXI feet) Kt.. lot frOxHXl, with tho three buildlnga theroun. having 53 rnoma, 3 atore* and burn for I bnr*rn; ahaolute ealtt; terms eaay. I'ariiiu'ara at Nif 4 Pine at. A BEAUTIFUL KOUK STOKY BROWN *To.\K J\ Hou*e for *ale low in 47th at., Juat weat of ."ith a*.; 20x55 feet ; lot lUJ.5;iti fee E. IL LUDLOW A CO.. No. 3Pino ?t. A? FOR SALE LOW?A SI'PEKIOK KOUK STOBY ? biarli *ioon t rown atone llou*e, on 5th av., near 31*t at. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., No. 4 Pine at., or XI Eeal 17th at. LlOlt SALE?TIIE VERY DESIRABLE HOUSE: NO. 3$ L \Ve*t 40th *t.; four atory stout, in good order; can* erni*. at market price; or will he let Apply to W If. lUNTIIEK. Jr., No. 18t5tli a* , or to E. H. LUDLOW A term nil Co., ? o. it Pine at Madison ay. corner lots.?roit sale the northweat corner of Mudlami av. ami 75tli *t.. 27.2x115; alao the **>utbaa*t, 2M HxDXi: will be mild at the low price of $17,500 each, and the whole pnrchii*# monei allowed to remain on hond and mortgage for live yeur* at live per cent, per annum, if property la improved atwialuctorlly. Apply to J. C. I'LlirOK, 55 Liberty at. 4KKKKCT OEM or HOUSE KOK SALE ?KOI'R STORY brnwu atoue; 52d at . near Broadway 11. H. MERRILL. rriHR i"i It'a CONTORTION. 1 special despatches IN THE EVEN I NO TELEGRAM TONIGHT. En?t Sine ? ?3D AV.. SHU AND XH EACH KOUK STORIES ci.* and baaerarnt; eaeli lot '-'"?xllti feet; there two well ranted magnlNr Mitl v located Store* for *aio nt a deeideit bargain. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., No. 4 I'ine at. or .'hi Eaal 17th ?t. IjlOK SALB-WILI.KTt ST., To CLOSE AN ESTATE. two lull hout lirick Houae* arm two tear li in I tea, in v m>d oidr ami lull v orcopled with old tenant* ; pifco, $1B,HU>. Address GOOD INVKsI'MEN r. Herald offico. BQ OAII ?EOE S vI.E. A TWO STORT KKAME ?vJ. houae, lull lot; good local location. Apply corner 1 at av. and I Kith at. <Jl L (WW! -HOUSE AND LOT, LEWI v/v". Mh; eaali 41.'aHi: nxcli tin e, ninrt I'IS. NKAI a on trace. STEPHEN THEKRY. 328 Eaal 14lh at. U ?-at Sitlr. IIOR SALE CHEAP?A KIVK STORY SINGLE TKNE tnent llouav. well hull: 41th at., near Stb av.; Sli.taai eaah wanted: *au>a grocery In *ince built, four vearaajroi a aula investment or exubantrc. Owner. I,2a7 Uroadway, room 5. IlOR p. CLOSURE SALE.?TWO KINK DWELLINGS, Store; other Building* corner tireeuwlcli and Barrow at a. Call and Investigate. BROOKLYN PRUPKHTY KOK SALE AN1) TO LET. \ COTTAGE OF KOURTEEN ROOMS. WITH . V Stable, corner Bedford av. und Bergen *1., to let; rent, $*?. o. A NISSAN, Mo. 8 Pine at. IJIOR $000?THAT THREE STORT HIGH STOOP C brick llouae No. 6S) Bedford av Apply immediately at No. I Speucor place, or of C. k. CARPENTER, 5rt Whito at.. New 5 urk. 1YOR SALE AT A BARGAIN?THE KOUK STORY (Store, Ac. I haaement brick Houae, brat business loca tion uaar City Hall, 4tdt Kulton at., Brooklyn. Inquire on the preiulaea. TilOR BALK AT A BARGAIN?A THREE STORY AND I haaement Irame llou-e; water undvwer; horse car* lot** the door; will soil for $3,1*X>; is less than It coat to build the house. Inquire at 4U5 Humboldt at., Brooklyn, K. D. IOW KENT. ?A GENTLEMAN'S RESIDENCE, WITH J anlendld around*, liaiid*omel,r furnished, billiard table, Ac. The houae la 4s feet front, two extension*; high and healthv location. In the best part of Brooklyn ; very eaay oC aeceaa : 2') minute* from Wall at. Apply to HAVEMEiKK A BKL'NNO, 41 Broadway. SOUTH BROOKLYN.?TO LET, TWO STORY SMALL frame Cottage, with three last* on '-Mm at., between 3d and 4th av* $2UD. Inquire of MANN, 2t)l Washington at.. New York. TO LET. LOW?TWO HANDSOME BROWN STONE Dwelling ilouave, 62 lat place und 407 Union at., Brooklyn. TO KENT?ON KULTON ST., SMALL -STORE, WITH haaement, and dwelling overhead ol four room*; pinto plus* window*: at very lo v rent of iftkki fur the whole. Apply to CAN DEE A COOK, 810 Fulton at, corner Clor monk rifo RENT?THREE STORY UBOWN STONE HOUSE, X on.'hi at., near 5tU av.. South Brooklyn; low rent till* year. CHARLES S. ENSIGN, owner, 170 Broadway, Now York, room ID. WKSTt'IIKSTKU COUNTY PROPERTY FOil BALE AMD TO RENT. At new rociikllf.-kuknished hocsk.'tw o atury haaement and French roof. It) room*: 15 uiln u ea' walk from depot: view of and near the found; large garden; rent. $ti*l yearlv; also, Cottage. 7; rent, $150. Apply to GEORllE HOVERS, New Kochelle. A BARGAIN AT YONKKRS-A BAKERY, IN cluduig Building. Buaineta. Fixture*, Route, Ac.; term* eaay. YUUMANS, agent, Yonker*. A T VOSKERS?A UKLIGIITKUL RESIDENCE. FUR A nlalied. oil Warbnrtott av , to rent low to a small lain II v : Hoard desired for mother and daughter. Call uu or ad* dres* Mra. A. Y. COLES. IdOK SALE AT A BARGAIN?FlKST CLASS COUN trv Seat in Weatcheeter county, only a lew mile* beyond c ty IItuita; must sell. Addrea* K. II. M., box 1,1MB New York Poat office. T 10 LET?AT RVE, WEKTCH KttTKK OOUMTY, COT tap\ in cmuplcta ordar (nine rooms), half Here of land, fruit and uliaue; convenient to depot. DAVKNPoifr, IS1 Broadway. TO LET OR LEASE?AT RYE DEI'OT. WEST chottar county, X. V., n find cl?*s Store, Dwelling, and t;?rriNR? House tmvnbiued; newly fitted; an excellent | stand tor a first claim grocery, w tie re one is much needed. Inquire of WM. H. VAX KLKLfK, owner, lLU Warren sL, New York. "to RENT?Kl ft.NIsSlIKP. IN WKftTCHSNTBR COttS . ty, on clfgHiit stono Manaion, with 2 Mi Acre*, stocked. IUKKK A CO., fx Liberty it. T "YrONKKUi?.?OLKNWOOD tMLAItflKROOMS). BRICK I House, elevated ground, vegetable nud fruit gar dan, cultivated. five minutes' walk It urn drpoi; rent $"4> per month, halfof which will be taken In ituard. Inquire uf J.!ll.\ DKVITT. tilnnwuod station. omuB-iticc boom, n boomss ally*. pruveracuts; egoollent neighborhood. three minutes I rum depot: fiMOO; prlee *10,0110. Owner. P. O. HUBERT, 14? Broudwiiy iijiur per acre For ift acres of land? qptll'vr Fine villa sites, pailie In village of Mt. Vernon, ;MUii mutes Iroiu Urnnd Central douot. Address JOHN W. COMUKM, Mt. Vernon. N. V. JKHSKY CITY, IIOHOKKN, IIIUKON CITY AND UKitOEA ItEAL ESTATE. ? ij<0 or i^aae. TO LET? LARdK BAKK11V. WITH TWO OVKNH AND Basements, on I'avoula av.; established eight years; posse* ton iniiiiodiately: pood atand lor a confec.inner*, ice cream or eodn water; terms reasonable. Apply at 177 Fa ronla ar. OLKT-A KICK VI LL A, COM M AN I UNO ~A~t IOOI) view of llay and Narrowa. two atory llouae. In pood Con ditlon. Apply corner Comiuunipaw and Weal Side at a., Jersey City Heights. mo LKr?KTKMS1I KH, HKKOKN TTEIGHTfT JERHrTv JL Oily, two atory and Mar.sard roof Ilonac. finely aituat d; beaminil view o! New York Mm ; very henilhy; rapid trauaii | by Newark nod New York Railroad: time. Now York to bonae, not over thirty mluutea; ground* It 0\2oO; abun- I dance of fruit: stable with lour stalls; liooae has ten rooms 1 and hem room : Is in tuia order and well turnlshed; will tie let only to careful tenant, at low rent of *1,000. Apply to LAIDLAVV a CO., No. I-i Pine st. PROPlCHTY OUT OP THE CITY FOB SALE OR TO HEAT. _ AT"L~ t. mthwarth _ HARDEN CITY, L. L, MEW IIOCSKB, FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED, TO I.ET. Several elegant brick winter nnd summor Keaidencca, with garden* utiached, ami containing all the modern lm prnvementa and couvenlnucee?hot air turiiaees, ranges, hatha, water closets. Ac.?surrounded by ampin primula laid out with walks and shrubbery. In an agreeable neigh borhood. combining city life with all the advantages of country air. a pore and bracing atmosphere, free from ma laria and peculiarly healthy and agreeable at all seasoni. Tho houses are located on the natural surface ol tha ground, about HO feet above the ocean, with abundantof g?od water. Hue roada and drives, ami easily aereaaibls at all times and In all weather, and where family auppliea eon be bad front first class stores and groceries as conveniently as in the city. POK fil.jnO.?Alarge and elegant Mansion, ahoat AO feet square containing IH rooms, luriilaheil In modern style ami with every convenience; ground* (about one acre) beautl tullv laid out. poll fl.OWt ? An elegant Mansion, anma class as above, with carriage honae. grouurts Ac . bat aulnrnlshsd. FOB gKift,-An elegant Dwelling House of same class as last unlurnithed. bat without csrrtage house. KOM I"*'i.?A superb brick Dwelling House, containing II commodious rooms; similar grounds and eonveaieuees as last. POIl *??>.? A large and vary si tractive Dwelling, with 10 moms sod all modern eonvenlences, with spacious garden sitae ueU. * FUR *4(10. ?A very comfortable Dwelling House of IO rooms, with like cunvenloiirns as last ItAlI.KoAD STATION ?Hrick building, with large, well warmed wailing moms, within Ave minutes' walk, afior-iltig eemuiiiuication with the city nearly every hour of the day Itv tne Flushing and Norths!.!e Kadr -ad from Hunter's Point and James slip A 40 minutes' ride through beanttlnl st-rnerv in first class rail ears. WATER AND OAS ?Contracts have been made for erecting egt?n?ive works to supply water for domestic and fire ;.ur;?m .. which. Willi tba gas work> proposed, will reako re ideoces very desiraaie. THE LA Hi ? P. FIRST t'LA-IS HOTEL, located in an ele gant park adjoining lite railroad station, is open for visitors at all tioiea and supplied with everything In season. (.'A Hill AO EN had at a minute's not Irs. A visit of Inspec tion Is desired. Apply at Urn ofllce. uoar Harden rtly Kail road station to W. K III NSPALK, M anager. "V -fMotJAftH. BALAM ,'K TO Si ll-PKKNfll KOOP 1 Y. llonse. II rooms; water, gas, range, furnace; liesnti fullv papered and t ainted; flushing, near depot . price UM W ILLIAM OKAVITT. owner. Hi Pino at. AT BLOOMHtLD, R. J.-TO LET. TOR ~ LA ROB hrl. k Plan In- Mill, with power, complete, with lumia-r yard, roal and wood yards, dwelling house and carpenter shop; adjoining the I)., L. and W Railroad depot. the best opportunity lor business within fifty miles ,.f New York. Apply to h. W. PAOK, Ml West at.. Now York, or B ootn fiold. X. J. Ar pla'infikld. n j.-onk op thr prktFifht pieces arc itectnrnllv: finished wittt hard wo<~.*i handsomely fnrnlslied . IU acres of Isarn; gartlen nnd shade, ?table, bi.rse. carriages, Ac . complete; ? perfect place; will ?nil and take small rash payment, or migni take small Farm for tlio easn part, nalaoce easy; now rented for PlfS) a month, but mold Iflvo Immediate possession If noerssary. Address OWNER. l.oa A17 Post olice. New tork AT MOUTH ORANGE, N. J. ? 1J HOI SEX TO LET from UOn to I7III; tarnished or unfurnished. Also llonsos Lota and Lands tor sale. Apply to f'HAft. N. UAKDNKR, corner Snath Orange ar. and the Railroad, in tho Conl ? filet, death Urongs, N. J. PKOPKHTV OUT OK TI1K CITY FOK ?AUB OB TO MIT. i IIONK AND BUSINESS Yoit"a \LK?J( MILKS iW J\. Jersey; no competition ; beautiful country; healtuy 1 $-4.91 ai K. BOOKflOUT, Engraver, 55 Liberty it. T~ VAI.I ABLE I I KM FOR BALK IN (iKKKSWlCUT XV .'Mil xtei wilti buildings, and plenty of Irult, good kMek and dairy and croping; vary healthy and sightly look ing all over tlut country and Long Island Sound lor 60 miles Willi tb<- naked eye. Address CALEB W. MKKRITT, Greenwich. Conn. VI \ K AV H IUGI I TON?EC UN I SI IK O iAND UN Fl'lC uUlied modern House* tu lei; delightfttl rlewa; healthy accessible: all convenience*; renta tu auit. KKL'TGKN BROTHERS, mi Tliumiu at. AT CLIFTON. S. L-A "Id ROOM OOMPDRTABLM a\ Cottage; all ruiivenlencea; good, healthy locality: de li r bifid view ; (925; near ferrv. KKUTUKN BROTHERS, Mil Thomas ,t. A^OTTAOHri'EKKEtlT IIKM. WEAK NOKTII SHORE X V s. I Uu lota, twoatorv ultic aud cellar, fruit. (lowers; (2.100; leriua easy. DaKKIN. 5<i Broad. A HKSIKaBI.E RESIDENCE AT iNMOUl HALF RENT.? /V French Hon.12 rooina, ball' acre garden, highest ground on Oenirnl Railroad, Weal Held. N J., Ahre# mlDutaa' walk from depot; ground* well shaded; plank walk Ironi station : Nil miuntc* from city; cunimutatlon MJic. eaeh way. Will lea,,, for term of yeara or aell. OWNER, No. 3 ,t . i aorn i An iiiFpoul'iTn!t y. ?< j n l y one cottage lekT will let very cheap to dealralilr family; naar depot, Orange Mountain. I, W BADGER. Wyoming. N. J. / TOUNTRY HOUSES IN ALL LOCATIONS AND ol W all descriptions. lurni.hcd and unfurnished, t? rent JOHN H. EWTJN.SIO Nana u el., room 17. N. B.-I!oqmi w tinted. G M 0 1ft AIR FOR Tin: It l; N K r" IT OK rilK OHAPIM Homo for the Aged and iuliriu. ?A Fair will be bald ml Lyric Hall, tlth av., Iiotween 41,t and 42d sts. from Thurs day. April 27. to Maytl, iindor tbe auspice, of the varioua I nlvorsaliat churches of thta city and Brooklyn ; a large as sortment of neeful and ornamental articlee will lie olartil tor ?ale. Fair open day and evoulug. Single admission. 25 cetila; aeneon ticiicta, 50 rente Tue Fair will clove on thn evening oi Saturday, May t>, with a kettledrum. Tlrkate. #L FVn; SALE "ii fo LKT?FUUN IS 11 ED, IF REQUIRED* House with river trout, at Ited Hank, N. J,; II,lung, sailing, Ac. K. A. f.'ill'l KSH AN K A CO.. (p, Broadway. FOR SALE oil To LET?A COTTAGE JI'SI COM. pleted, with all inuderu inipr ivemeuls: ground* laid out; ahout 21. mile, from llobokrii ferry. Address WM. O. KKBKIUA.S. Wree Hobokon, N J. TjAOU SALE OR TO LET?POSSESSION MOW?HOUIUi r No. IB Napoleon *t.; (I room* : large garret; hack plaua; eoal nod wood; good well anil cietern water; plal SOxlOy feat; pric?9^000: mat 185perat an litInadeutiso; 15 mluiltee'walk to Newer* and New York Railroad depot In Ferry ?t. Apply to JAMES M. OKI FFEN, 50 Napoleon ,t., Newark, N. J. F')K SALS?A I'll At T-0F 1.300 ACRES COAL LAND, loente.l on r.sllroa I about 3HJ tulle, from New York; railroad or other Serurltiee taken ill part payment or mort gage may remain. For partlctilare ad,he,a S. EVANS, No. 1 Mvrcliattta' Exchange. Philadelphia, l'a. FU K NISI IE DC G TT At IK.?A HO USE WITH" 14 ROOMS and ,table, near the Bay, on aoutll elde of Long Island, IS ntilee I rem the city. For particulara addreee COUNTRY, Herald ollke. CT REENWICH, "cONN.-hThII ELEVATION; VERY J healthful; IIoiimib, liirni.lied and utifurniebed. to lal lor the aeaiion or louger. Addreee JOHN T. HUBBARD. ItF.KNWITH-RIVERSIDE.-COUNTRY HOMES FOR Bale and rant, luriiietied, nnfurnUlied; circular.. .1. N\ . A I \V ATKK, Kivereide. Conn. Iiltlih HOAROINti IIOl'SE TO UK NT-FC US ITU KB J for ,ale; .nimble lor poraom wlalilng to remain in Pliiliulelpldu during I lie Centennial. Call at or addraaa -!>J south Htli et., Phiinilclpbla. ON rCI.AI It-OKANliKMor NT A IN; UN'S UK PASSE U for lienltli; ilou-e. furnl.lo d and utiliirnialiad. 111 > IVE .1 PAHS0N8. 79 Cedar BE, and Montclalr. NORWALIC. CONnT^aFctIoN SALE, APRIL 27. A1 2 1'. M.. two elegant Cottugee II and lit roeui, ; II acre,; occupied by owner; line view of Long leland Sound and harbor. For particulars apply to S. COCKOROFT, 57 Co dnr at. RANI IK COUNTY, N Y.. REAL ESTATE FOR SAI.H and to rent. JOHN II. COMEH. No. !? Murray eL 0RANOE, N. I. (SPECIALTYi.-KEN T. FULLY li ft nivlied, ,catoll, year or uiifurni,lied, noma very de.lra> ble, well located Ucehlcuce.; prlcea reduced HAMILTON * WALLIS, 90 Pine el. I LA D EL PIIIA. - DURINU CENTcNNLAL, IHJLBlJ 19 room furulelieu Itouee, f2.iU per uioiith. Apply on, 2,195 Spruce st. KA RE "oKn'tKN nTa L O pj't IRTC N IT Y. - FOR KENT large Uoiiso in Philadel|ihia. with 17 romua, In good location; couvenicnt to Centennial Building., foreign com mUeluiie, ell Cenieniiial hotel, and attraction, and atreol car line,: It nee I. elegant, with painted walla, Ac,; admira bly .tilted lor turni,bed ronma or ladlee' hoarding liuiiee. Ad drcaC. , . H ALL, 9,tMf Laucaeter nr., Philadelphia. Rare uh ancki-^plkndid farmland oountky Seat, of 42 acre*, in tha Uioet healthy, charming and heautltul part of Fenii,ylvnuia; eurroundiuge tlret claea; 90 tulnule,' by railroad to Philadelphia and Centennial build Inge; 22 trelue; maguiflcrnt French roof maiiel,in, bay win dow,. IS Hue largo rooim. hath, hoi anil cold water, piaeeae) heeutifill eliade and ornamental tree, around bnuea: apian did tie-, barn, pulutcd: drat ciaaa ambling, carriage, bo.- and poultry honae. ,tiring honaaa; delieiott, water; the land U a perfect garden; eplrndld turnpike road In Iront of property, direct to Ceutciinlal grouoda; only lu minute,' walk to rail road elation; n lortune can he readied taking umtuel hoarder.; price only (15,(MO, Including valuable cropa; (7. ubi eaah, balance very easy ; poaaetaion anytime. Teka I) A. M. tram from foot of Liberty at.. New York, X< w Jersey Central Railroad, to Betlllebeiu, I'n ; there take Xortb Pe nuaylvnula Hattniad to North Wale,. Pa.; arrive at 121 P. At.-?ean return same day. Im|ulr* at Luken'. Hotel fot .Mr WALKER, l'artira coming from Philadelphia takt trains trmn Berka et.. North Pennsylvania Railroad OAHWAY. N. .1 -TO LET. El.I.I. AM TEN AUKS J\> Residence; 12 rooms; modern improvements; barn, hot hoitee, Ac.; ornamun'.al grounds: near-tlie depot; :aj minutes Ironi New York on Penneyleanla Railroad; rautal, kkaai per year. TllliilNE -k WEAVER, Exchange Building, Rahwny. N. J. Rl-.N I' i 'It I ALE?AT KNOLKWOOD CLIFFS, ?7?f the Palisade,, opposite spuvten Dityvll Cleek, two I ottagea. one stone and the ? tlier trame: reut low. Fur pariicutar, inquire ol AY1LLIAM II. DANA, 7tt and Hi William et. cji AM KURD? I I KNisll I- IM'OTI' \.,Es; VLSULAIIUKS C House, and Country Seal, to let. furnished, for euiumet or year; more than 2H choice and handsomely turnlalted I'lace, In stauiloid and Durum. Andres, HUBBARD, Town llnll, Stamford. m ARK YTO W N AN D BEL LVT LL ET? KEAL'TI FUt J. Ilouera in each; high, eouitn uut-ng views; let. sell, r til - PaKTKI KtiE. 120 Breed el. rno LET SMALL Fl'ltNISI!ED HOUSE INCol.NTRV 1 half hour Iron, city ; hoalth.v location ; (9iai a year. Ad dress ECONOMY, b..\ IT, Herald I ptowa IIranch nltlce. TO LET?AT TOMS TWO ilolSEs; "oNI handsomely tiirni,lied, with 15 roams; the other ua lurnlshed, with II; both water front; Ave minutes Irom de pot; bathing, hoaltug and li-hing; shade end frillt trees. Address K M. UOSTELLO, box 2.JO.J Post ollice, Pliiladel To LET - THE BKACII IIOTI-.L AT FAR ROCKAWAY. la. I., lor a term of vc?r* to n responsible teuaut; fully furniilied Mini in complete oitlcr. Purticulttr* tu be bed ol V. BVK.NKS, .?15 2ditv. rpo let-the old well known hotel, -ituated aoathca-t corner 'if Mill an.I Filbert it*. I- alabllalicil over luO yuara. Una fourteen room-; location central anil doing ?lard bavHteca. imod will, ?lock ami flxtnrea fur -ale. For particular! apply tu or adilre-a SAMUEL T. FOX. Southeast corner IHh and Callowhill ill., Philadelphia. TO I.KT-KLKUANT TIIKKK STORY FRAME HOUSE luiniahed; twenty-lour room-; beautifully --mated li village of Cat-kill; lluc ground!; variety of fruit ireet. In quire 1(? Katt -jBth at. l TO LET?A PRETTY COTT AO K. NINE ROOMtfj neatly furnlahed; yaa and fl store- complete; M ruiu utea trom IJU at . Now Haven cara; the moat el'arming anf healiliv location in tliia ooantry; directly mi the Sound, apiendid bat bin/, boaliug and llahing; ruut, Inqalrt at I 'o l-.aat Slat at. TO LEI tTOLKN COVI-L L I , LESS THAN l ilKEB mlniitea' walk ul railroad atatlon, with frequent tralat aud atrumboat I'acllitiaa lira! claaa. a baantifui Swlaa Cot tage, II rooma; nicely arranged grouuda; neighborhood and ?urrmiudlnga attrnctLe and unexceptionable In every re aper- Apply at depot, tllen Cove, or to K. A. LaWKK.NCE A CO., I its Hroadway. T~0 LET?A NICK" COTT At?K .~TEN KOOMt; fTnI lialilng bathing; very healthy: no inoauiiltoea. Appl] to J. S. LEWIS. North port. L L.ur at VfJ Front tt.. Nan York, Tneadny forenoon-. Tu LET LAKl-E. FIRST CLASS HLSIUKNcl Al I- leans; 30 minutea out; (HO. Addreae HOUSTON, M Liberty at. - mo I.I. r IS PAIKVIKW. NEW J K SSKY, AiMAH 1 llonae. pleaaatitly alutated : convenient to depot: rent low. Apply t i A. HAM >1 \ I I' 7B ktltmi It. lite ItK Clio LI. r -V BKAUTIKL COUNTRY RKsl DK.M'Ri I iilii.- rmnna. large plauaa ; -plendld well of water: large barn ; floe gromida. well ahaded ; large garden : fruit; eight minute-' walk from denot; at Kntherfurd I'ark, if. J., rrtt Had way: -44 > m ir.tile- Ir >m ? 'Ity Hall New York; rent RMXt Call on or adtlreaa E. F. RANDOLPH, Rntherfnrd Park. X. J. TO LET. FURNISHED?PART or A FARM IIOCHR containing Ave rootna; five mlniitea' walk Irotn depot Addrraa boa 4<V I'lalnfl. Id. N. J.. I'uat odlce. -CO LET FURNISHED A UK AI'TIPCL lOUNTKl 1 Realdtnre, altuated on abore road at Aatoria; abun dance of Irnit and -bade tree-, el a arrre of ground, good boating. Ac. For partirqlar-apply to J. W. M AsTRKS, V) Eacbaoge place, room IS. >KT CHEAP?IN IK.HH s FKKRY\ HOUSE. CON tainlng 15 room-; beautllnl water view. Inquire at IM Wett Mh -t TO KEXT-AT LONO BRANCH, At.AROB HOUSE] fully fiirnUlied, near the hotai?: li.'? room-; -table and b-th-ni-e tilled. Apply to <? W. FACH. SftW diutdety. mo RENT: *1.1 PER MONTH. SMALL HOURS, 1 X room a; half mile from F an wo d; ofle hour from city b? New Jereay Central Railroad ; I" aeraa land. Addrraa H. X.. boa ;'.i?fl New York Poet ofllre. TO III NT -V.N I I.n;.VST. FULLY FI kMrIIK? and flrearoe I -tone Man-Ion. with three acre- of groiiodl flneat llndaon Hlver and Inland rlaw; nn-nqia-aed In loca tion and every other re-pert In the upper etidrl the cltyf large-table-and ether ontbnlldlnga; to a reaponalhle prE rate family only. For parilcalara addreaa box 5.313 rod ofllce, New Yora. "IXTOODAlDB. N.f. -TuTTAOK"FOR SALE OR REX* vf furnialied. RfSKI; Id room-; gronndt 75*310. Lad eh an co. I?. I). oKKKLL, gol Broadway. OTk|? MARYLAND FARMS FOR SALK BY Wile -I'FU 1.1AM S KIDOELY. iIrecn.borongb. Md. Ctr.nn will rrrt an klkcia nt house or id ?5')' 'vr room-, with carriage luoi-e. Irnlt. Ac.; * minute# from I'enn-ylvania, Delaware, Lackawanna aud We-tar* and Erie depot-. Inquire on the premlaea ol CIIAK. SMITH, ?Nth at., Katt Newark, or today at drug-tore 153 lira an ? trttl at. | KKAI- KSTATK TO KXCMANWR. ~ ADKSIRAHt.K COUNTRY SliAT-V ktVt ? to oarliange for Mr?>klyn llonae aame value. CUR. DICT, room .15. 145 Broadway. ___ A FINK "IMPROVED FARM, FREE AND CLEAR, to exchange for Merrhandlae or llou-e In Hrooklyw ot New York, or will aell low for each. Addreaa C., bom t,Slll Poat ofllce. CVOUNTRY PLACE WANTRD-OOOD IMPROVE, y menta, ol moderate volue and free in exchange for fren ? It^l'ropert^^ Addreaa, atatlng partieulare, OWNER, EM mo LET 1 tainln

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