Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1876, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1876 Page 10
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WASHINGTON. Progress of the Belknap Impeach ment Proceedings. ANTIC1PATKD ACTION OF THE SENATE. Ex-Attorney General Akrrman on the Seeret Service Fnnd Expenditure. fHE PRIME MINISTER OF SAMOA. The Proper Method of Suppress ing the Border Raids. rROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT. WAamxcTox, April 24, 18*0. THE IMPRESSION CHEATED BY BELKNAP'S BE. JOINDER?PROBABLE ACTION OF T1IE SENATE. The rejoinder made yesterday by Mr. Belknap's law yers is not thought to strcugtheu bis case. In some particulars, lor instance tbe assertion that Belknap resigned because be thought thus to prevent impeach' went, is bald to be a virtual confession ol guilt. He resigned, it la said in the rejoinder, because Mr. Clynier and said that unless be resigned at ouce Tlytner would move Tor an impeachment sgaiast bun and 11 is pretended that be bad thus reason to believe that, II be resigned, be would not be Impeached. But It Is clear that not Mr. Clymer nor even tbe wholo committee could have given httn such a guarantee, as that was a matter lor tbe House to decide on when tbe committee bad made its report, and, whatever conversation may have passed between Mr. Belknap and his counsel, was clearly not an agreement. U is generally believed that tbe Senate will hold that Belknap is impeachable, as to hold dif ferently would ba to doclare that an olllcor may always defeat justice by adroitly resigning In time, and this would be absurd, but Senators are vory reticent on the subject. FHK MEXICAN BORDER TROT'BEES?OPPOSITION TO THE RESOLUTION EKOABDINO THE PAS SAGE OF OUR TROOPS INTO MEXICO?THS "NEW BOUNDARY" LINE AGITATION. There is a growing indisposition In the House to pass tbe resolution authorizing the President to order our troops on the Mexican frontier to pursue marauders across the border und punish them on Mexican sotL It is thought that a public and formal authorization of ?ucb act* by Congress will necessarily give otTcnco to IbeMexicun government, will embarrass it fatally with its owu people, and would almost certainly lead lo war. In tact, such au authorization by Con gress la held by maoy persons to be equiva lent to a declaration ol war, and tho crossing ol tbe border by our troops under such au order would be, It Is said, an act of war. It is not disputed ibat great und frequent outrages are practised by Mexican robbers upon our border population, but it it said that tbe Mexican government, while it U too weak to protect us, would nrobably wink at any ucts by our troops, under judicious commanders, punishing the Moxlcan desperadoes on Mexicnn soil so long as there was no formal and public authorization of such a polley by Congress. It would not see what was not forced on Its attention, but it would be forced to resent an insult. If American troops And them selves, In tbo heat ofyrthe cliaso after robbers, on Mexican soil, and there catch and bang tbe desperadoes, Mexico need not call us to account for tins. It may quietly thank us for ridding It of rogues; but If Congress should openly demand a violation of Mexican territory this would be another matter, and would directly tend to disorganize tbe settled govern ment of Mexico and help tho revolutionists. Meantime there are here not a few persons who would like to see a new Mexican war, as an opening for profit able contracts; and, more than all, as an opportunity lor tbe acquraitiou of a new Blice of Mexican territory, and the proposed new boundary continues to be dis cussed in private and is fixed with tolerable accuracy. BTEIXBKRGER AND FAB OFF SAMOA?NO GBAVE COMPLICATIONS ANTICIPATED THE AMEBIC AN GOVERNMENT NOT INCLINED TO INTKBFEBE BETWEEN A l'HIME MINISTKlt AND HIS KINO HOME DETAILS OF THE ADTXNTCBE. There will be no Htetnberger aflair nor any Samoan difficulty, for the simple reason that Sloinberger Is not an American citizen, and the fact that he has (alien Into trouble with the Samnau King, whose Prime Minis ter, and consequently subject, he was, docs not conrom this government, which does not hold Itself bnuud to protect the Samoan Prime Minister against the dis pleasure ot his King. The Bouse, some days ago, called upon tho State De partment for the papers relating to Steinberger's ad ventures In Samoa, and they are expected to-morrow. Stelnberger was originally. It it said, a hanger-on and office seeker here who. in some way, made himself serviceable to persons at tho Wbilo Houso and gained tne friendship of General Babcock. 1 he story goes that after (or some time soliciting a Consulship somen here, and alwaya finding the Secretary of Stato indisposed to favor htm, be at last . secured Influence enougn to get the lfresldent to appoint htm a special agent to visit and report u|ion the Samoan Islands. This was In March, 187.T. He ?ailed from San Francisco In June of the aume year, returned in 18*4 and made a report to the State De partment, which he seemt to have neglected to date. Out which waa sent m to Congress in April, 1874. In this report bo speaks of "tnatructioni from the depart ment" and "oral suggestions," but ho evidently mag nified his office as much as possible, and when he re turned be disappeared from public notice. He was next heard of last spring setting out for Samoa In a United States man-of-war with a gift of can doo, firearms and other government property, and. being landed, he dropped his American citizenship andabecame the Prime Minister of tho Samoan Head Chief. Of rourro he rould not be a Samoan and an American at the same tima He may recover his clti aenshtp If he chooses to return here and claim It, but be divested himself. It is here held, of his title to pro tection from onr government when he bocame a politi cal officer of another government. That ho did this In a very formal and conspicuous manner is well known *o tho world. If he were here now be would probably be requested by a committee of Congress to give the particulars ol the Samoan commercial company In which several Influ ential persona hero are said to be eourcrned and whose agent Stainberger Is sa d to be; also on what account and by what influence lie obtained the cannon and firearms as wc'l as a free passage hi a government ?hip. He certainly bore no credentials or authority from this government on hi* last expedition. XHF. CON 8b' LAB AND DIPLOMATIC APPBOPBIA TION BILL?ANTICIPATED ACTION OF THE CONFKBKKCB COMMITTEE. A good many of the democrats In both Houses be leve that the Appropriation Committee cut down the Consular and Diplomatic bill too closely and, in some ways, iBludicioosly, and It Is probable that In the con lerence committee of the two Houses, which has to day been asked for by tbe Senate, many of the Jennie amendments will be agroed to. In several Important ways tbe bill as it passed the House would cripple our lonanlar service and seriously injure our commerce, tod tho bill had the defect ol ueglecttng almost entirely ?nr relations with the Central and Booth American ?tales, with which wa ought to assiduously cultivate friendly and commercial relations. The commerce ol' tbeee rich countries is now almost entirely In llrltish and German hands; with proper eflorta it might, at ?mall coat, be turnod moor direction. FROM OUR REGULAR CORRESPONDENT. Washijnito.i, April 2-5, 1876. gZKBSAL IMGALLH AND THE MOTH XXTIB MINATOR?MIS COMMENTS OX TJiF. TESTI MONY OF DOXN PIATT BEFORE THE COM MITTEE. Uiitral Ruins logalis. Deputy Quartermaster Gen tral, iu talking humorously to-day about Wft it would Be tbe parport Ot hie testimony to-morrow, -Id thai be had been calico tbe ' old olotheswrlnger" and "wash luli" by Mr. Piatt in (be capital, but ba thought dow. J Irom tba evidence of the latter, be was tlie veritable , clotht-swhngor and waahtub himself. He further bay* that when tbe Secretary of War tlrat heard that Mr. Piatt bad been engaged m aotne bnaineaa in which It waa given ont that he bad Influence with btm, ba aent for him and told bim that If any aucb reprcaentationa bad been made tbey must be corrected and stopped, 1 atu| that any connections with tbe department wblch were bused on this would be Immediately , severed. General Ingall* contends that Mr. Piatt baa { ingeniously twisted tbe truth all round, to use his ex pression, and that be baa made a plausible story of what was a merceuary transaction from tbe beginning. He was not tbe tirst one on tbe commission ol officer* to pass upon tbe Invention for tbe prevention of motbs. This place was held by General Marcy and ho was aecond. Ho repudiates all knowledge of the , Bnrnetixing process until long alter he war placed on the ' commission, much sgainst his wishes, and be laughs at j tbe absurdity of tbe representations or hypothesis offered by Mr. Piatt in regard to his bsvlng any interest or having been In any way Influenced In bis official action while on tbe Board of Examination. General Ingalls' testimony will bo a lull denial of wbut bus been attributed tn him derogatory of his good name. EX-QUBKILLA mosby'b INFI.UENCK at the WUITK HOUSE?AN EX-UNION BOLD1KB OB- 1 CERBD TO BE DISPLACED FOB AN XX BEBEL?GENERAL JEWELL'S DISOBEDIENCE OF THE OBDEB. llecont frequent visits of Mosby, the ex-guorilla chieftain, to President Grsnt hsve excited considerable 1 surprise, and the friends of the administration are ut a loss to kuow what tbey mean and how to account lor them. The latest manifestation of his tntlaenco has boon exhibited in the cuse of a removal of an appoint ment of Mosby In tbe person of one Chapman, who had been a Confederate soldier and serve 1 Mosby a* a ! scout. He was replaced by an ex-Union sol- J dier named Bradley, as a mail route agent Tbe President, upon the representations of Mosby, dlrocted the Postmsster General to reinstate Chapman. At this the New England pluck ; and Yankee spirit of Postmaster Goneral Jewell re- . belled and he flatly refused to restore Chapman to the ; pluce from wblch ho was removed, saying that Presi dent Grant might bo able to afford to do that, but he could not, and he accordingly directed that Bradley he reiainod on his own account, Chapman, howovor, re ceiving another place. It is not yet known whether t\)ia will create any rapture between the President and Governor Jowcll, but it is thought not unlikely that Mosby will contend that his influence bas not been sufficiently recognized nor the orders of the President obeyed until tbe ex-rcbcl Cbapmau shall be restored to the place from which he was originally removed and that he will be satisfied with nothing abort of this, nor will he submit to being outdone by a Yankee. INSUFFICIENCY IN THE APPROPRIATIONS?THB ARMY TO REMAIN UNPAID FOB THB MONTH OP JUNE. Tbe bill to supply deficiencies in tbe appropriations for the fiscal year expiring June SO bas been subjected to the cheese paring process so thoroughly in all Its de tails that the allowance to the army will be insufficient to liquidate tbe pay roil for the month of June. As Dotliing can be done to supply this deficiency until the next mooting of Congress the artuy will have to go without this much of their pay until next year. GENERAL WASHINGTON DESPATCHES. Washixgtox, April 25, 1878. I THE IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS?GENERAL BELKNAP AGGRIEVED AT THE STATEMENTS OP GBNBBAL CUSTEB?TBE EX-SECRETARYS ADMINISTRATION OF THE WAR DEPARTMENT? WHAT BE EXPECTS TO ESTABLISH?HIS MODE or LIVING. It is ascertained from friends of General Belknap that he l'eela very much aggrieved at the statements of Gcnenil Custer, who testified before the Committee on Expenditures in the War Department that if be had done hla duty there conld have been no frauds in the management of Indian post traderships, which are confounded with the military post traders. Indian post traders are appointed by the Secretary of the In ner and not by the Socretary of War, and are entirely under his control and management. While General Belknap was Secretary of War the disbursements of tbe department were over $330,000,000, not a dollar of wnicb could be expended without his signature, and not a penny of which remains unaccounted for. Tills fact be intends to show, and be wilt also show, If be shall have an opportunity, by the testimony of tbe War and other departments and tbeir subordinates, and l<y tbe division generals of the army, that lor promptness, integrity and general efficiency bis administration has never been surpassed. It has been charged thai tbe practice of purchasing post tralerehlps is universally practised; hut General Belknap will, If permitted, call every one of tbe 180 post traders to refhte tbo hearsay testimony on mis point. There has been much said about the ox-Sr'ecrctnry being lorced to obtain money corruptly to maintain his exlravagaut style of living. Be has kept a strict ac count of his housekeeping expenditures, extending j over about three*, and nis hooka and bills, month by month, show that, with possibly two exception^ his expenditures were less than his salary as Secretary. By way of example, his house rent Is $l,o00, and has never been more than $2,000. These facts will serve to indicate his probable defence in bis approaching trial ! The oft-rcpeatod statement that be made a confession j to the Chairman of tbe Committee on Ex(fenditures iu t tho War Department will be utterly refuted, and the J facts brought out will show tbe popular prejudgment of his case is in many respects unwarranted. THE HDR-BEJUINDEB OF THE HOCKS TO THE REJOINDER OF GENERAL BELKNAP?A PLEA FOR JUDGMENT. The Impeachment managers of tbs Ronse of Repre sentatives to-day llled with tbe Secretary of the Venule their sur-rejoinder to the rejoinder of General Belknap, which was filed yeeterday. They reiterate in tbe name of the House and of all the people of the United Slates the assertions of their first replication to the plea of William W. Belknap, to tho effect that tbe Senate has j Jurisdiction to hear and determine the articles of im poachtnent preferred, and that the House of Represen tatives is ready to ^rify and prove tbe samo, and con tinue:? Wherefore, inasmuch as tbe said William W. Belknap haib not answered tho articles of Impeachment or iu uify manner denied the manic, the said House of Reprc scntaiives pray Judgment thvreou according to law. lit the next place they accept so much of General Belknap's rejoinder ax -'demands- trial according to law;'1 but as to tbe remainder of bis rejoinder they j deny that the House of Representatives should be ! barred from maintaining tbe said articles of impeach- . ment against him by reason of any of the statements j contained therein; because, reserving to themselves all I advantages of exception to tbo Insufficiency ol said ; statements, they deny each and every averment which j denies or traverses the acts and intents charged against i raid defendant In tbeir second repiieatlon. and thoy re- j affirm the truth of the matters stated therein and pray ' judgment thereon according to law. * Tho sur-rejoinder ' is signed by the Speaker and the Clerk of the House of Representatives. WITNESSES SUMMONED FOB THE IMPEACHMENT 1 TRIAL. The following witnesses have been summoned on be- , hair of the mauagef* to appear next ThuiMlay and give j testimony tn the llelknap impeachment trial:?Mr. aifd Mrs. Caleb P. Marsh, II. K. Vail. Ca?hier ol the Bank ? of Commerce, New York; K. T. Bartlctt, lawyer, cf New York, and General George A. Custor, United i Stitcs Army. Deputy Sergeant ai Atms Christy, who returned from New York this morning, reports having made per-onal service on all these witnesses except Mr-. 1 Marsh, who wa* ill, and for whom a certified copy of the summon* was left with her husband. THE MlHAPPUOrniATION OF THE SECRET HEB- j YICF.3 rUND? EX-ATTORNEY GENERAL AKKR MAM ANSWERS UNDER PROTEST. Kx-Attoraey General Akertnan ??< before the Com mittee on Expenditure* tn the Department or Justice to-day, and iu ?u?wor to 1 he i|uestlon as to whether be had consulted tho i'result nt u-tore paying the money o\er to Davenport Mr. .Vkerman put In a pro test agnibat answering, on vl.e ground that it wa* both illt';:al and prohibited by ataluiv that ancb cumniunirn tioii* with tho K.sbrti'.ive sbontd SO sonde puhtic. Ho Hitn testified to weaver-iiinsa -miliar i<> itm-e ? ar med I) ex Attorney Genetal Williams with ilie I'resi. dent. MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC NOTES. To night the capital cuiue<ly of "London Assurance-'' will bo produced at Wat lack's (or the Ural linic In four years. Mr. Wallaclc will play hie great port of Dazzle, and Mr. Montague will appear for the first time since hie Illness. Mr. Sheridan Shook la converting the Hippodrome Into a beautiful summer garden, such as the metropolis has never known before. Rare tropical pl mts. foliated arbors, fountains, cascades, statuary and grass plots will prove powerful auxiliaries to OfTcnhaoli and bis band usxt month. Mme. Mausoccbi had a concert at Steloway Hall last night. In which she was supported by Mme. I Pap pen helm. Mua Rosa MeGeachy. and Messrs. Mills, Gottacbalk, Ruganiul, Morgan and Werner. The bene ficiary Is a very deserving artiste, and 8Hc song last even ing with much of her former success. Mr. John I* Vincent, the experienced stage manager of Booth's Theatre, will recelvo his annual benefit to morrow afternoon. Mr. George Rignold will appear as Amos Clark iu "The Bar Sinister;" Miss Marie Brabrook makes her first appearance here as Mildred Vaughn, and "Poodles" will bo performed, with Mr. C. B Bishop and Miss Mary Wells in the principal characters Theodore Thomas has gone to Philadelphia to com plete bis arrangements for the musical services at the opening of the Exposition. The programme which he has arranged la a iormidable oue. As the leading spirit In musical droits in this country Mr. Thomas la eminently fitted fbr the responsible position to which he has been appointed. Miss Kale Clnxton will bave a benefit at the Union Square Theatre on Friday evening. There are few artistes more popular in Now York than this lady, who created the principal part in the "Two Orphans" and ! the heroine ol "Ferreol." Miss Clnxton is one of the j most charming of our actresses, and will, no doubt, 1 receive tho compliment of an unusually largo audience. Owing to the illness of Mr. Karl, tenor, the promised performance of "Mignon," which was to take placo this evening at the Academy ot Music, Is unavoidably ? postpoued. So ranch for tho Judgment of bringing to i America such it clever artiste as Mile, de Beloccu and | depending upon a "scratch" company for support. j No prima donna could obtain success with such people j as those who surrounded Mile, de Beloeca Yet the j management has not yet definitely abandoned tho idea i of giving what may tn courtesy be called tho lost night j ol "the season," THE CENTENNIAL BALL. A ball was given at tho Academy of Music last night In honor of "Our Centennial Union." Tho attendance was very small. Balls at this advanced period of tbo season are rarely well attended. Lent generally puts a stop to all fashionable alfairs, and, ullhough there were many representative people at tbo Academy lost even ing, the affair cannot be called a success. The dancing floor was thinly patronizod. On no occasion where there more than a score of couples on it, responding to the beuutifol music contributed by Uralulla aud Lauder, t he toilets of the ladles wero exceedingly hstidsotne In some Instances, and very much resembled those we saw at the Charity, Inlaut Asylum and Orphan balls in others. There was a marked feeling en the part of tbo majority ol tho ladies present that the regular ball season had passed, and that not even tho sweet voice of chanty in centennial tonel wus potent enough to Induce thein to call upon Duino Fashion fur uew and bowliderlng dresses. The best part of the ball was the music. Mr. Iuiuder, with a fine orchestra, gave tho following selections:?1. quadrille. "Mode;'' 2. waltz, "Lotions wecker;" 3. galop, "Argonauts;" 4. waltz, "Caghos tro;" 5. galop, "Inviuciblo;" 8. lancers. "Saratoga;"'7. waits, "Leberwpulse;" 8. galop, "En Avaut;"9. waits, "Bessere Zoitcn;" 10. galop, "I'nter den Enns;" 11. qnudrllle. "Wlegsua:" 12. waltz. "Wallack;" 13. gulop, "Kle'.nechatk;" 14. waltz, "Relchsleben16. galop, "Bcrgtnansdisl16. landers. "Cavalier;" 17. waltz, "Jolly Fellows;" 18. galop, "Vnrposton;" 19. waltz, "Vtslonen;" 20. polku, "Bismarck;" Mr. UrafUll.t, with bis popular brass band, inter preted the following works:? overture, "GumLadra;" selection, "Ernaut;" march, "Centennial;" 1, Prome nade. "I.OH Dragons do Villars;" 2, "Con tints tu." "Mig non;'' 3, "l.o l'ctil Mousquctler;" 4, "LaJuive;" 6, Funtasle, Chimes;" 6, "1 Vesper!;" 7, "La Jolie l'ur futneuse:" 8. ballad, "Prophfcte;" 0, air, "Do l.a Princess*;" 10. "Tribute;" 11, "La Traviata;" 12. "L'Arcbidoc;" 13. "Take Me to Thy Heart Agalu 14, "The Island of Bachelors;" 15, "Lisel and Gretel;" 16. "Tunnhauser;" 17. "Hunters;" 18, "Le Catd;" 19, "Nightingale;" 20, "Lohengrin." SHIPPING NEWS OCEAN STEAMERS. BATB8 OF DEPARTCRK8 FROM SEW YORK FOR TDS MOSTRl OP APRIL ASD MAY. .?toimr. Uttfcr Abraaiol* H Calami l'ommcranle. Adriatic Italy Alsitla. Water France WltCOBSIU. ... kua.ia. < loethp. Sail*. | l>**b*.altiM. | Oflxr. A priI 28. London.... April '.Hi. Liverpool.. April 27. HotteriUiu. April"JT. Hum burg April 2!?. l.lTerpool.. April 2G. Liverpool.. April at'. Hlaaguw... AprilSift. Bremen.... May 2.1 Havre May 2. Liverpool.. May 3. Liverpool.. Mnv 4. Hamburg 041 Broadway 4 Uowllux Hreea .*><1 Broaoway ?II Broadway 37 Broadway ?El Broadway 7 Howling Hreea 2 Bowlinir tlraea I>5 Broadway 20 Broadway 4 Bowllnx i.roan ill Broadway Plate ot Virginia.. I May 4. rila.xow... IT.' Broadway City ot Chester... Ivr aire Baltic Anehorla Moael Bcvthi* l-eealnx IV A Koholten..... ITlty of Richmond Kevpt. California ftonatt Wyoming.... S on a Wleland Slate or Indiana... Kthlonia K o'n Herraanlc City ol Berlin Toe Quean Idaho May fl. i Liverpool liar II. ay G. Muy 6. May ?, May 1". May II Mav 11. May IS. Mav lit. May It. May 13. Mnv in. "av 17. Mav IS Mav I*. ?i av 2<i. Mav Mi. Mav 2C. Mav 27 Mav 27. May SO. Havre.. Liverpool.. lilarirow Bremen.... Liverpool.. Ilambiiry.. Rotterdam. Liverpool.. Liverpool.. tilnttrow ... Bremen. 15 Broadway ?V5 Broadway 37 Brondwav 7 Bowllnx (ireyn 2 Bowllnx Ureen 4 Bowllnx Ureea ill Broadwnv "Ai Itroariwav 15 Broad war ?IB Broadway Bowlinx Hreen 2 Bowlinir tireen Liverpool.. 21* Broadway Liverpool.. 4 Bowlinx Hreen ilnnilmrx. l>roa"WHv Hlasxow... 72 Broadway tllaaxoW... 7 Bowllnx tlr 'on Hremen.... 2 Bowllnx Hrean Liverpool.. b" Broadway l.iveniool. IftBroeilwa, I.lyernool..!GG Broadway Liverpool.. 128 Broadway S??NOTIOK T?) CAPTAINS (IK VKSSEL4 IN THE j CUABTiNU SERVICE?Captalna or officers of ve*?el* on I any of our coasts who observe the diaplacental or removal j of any of the tea booya are requested to communicate the . tact to the Herald, in order that the matter may be pub- | Itcly bronxbt to the attention of the proper authorities. A j letter addressed to the Herald, xivinx the number and ' position ol the buoy and the extent of the displacement, la j all that la necessary. nr-NOTlCB TO CAPTAINS OF VESSELS ENTERING j THE PORT OF NEW YORK AT NIUIIT.-The Ntew York i Hkkalp baa adopted a distlnxulahinx Coston nlxht slxnal for ute on hoard lha Ilkiui.n eteatu yacht, ahowlnx while burn Inx the colors red. xreeo. red. ehanxinx from one to the other In succession, and can be seen aee'eral miles distant. Cap tain* of Teasel*, npon reclnx this signal. will oblige as by preparlnx any marine news they may have for the Ship News Department of the IIekald 0^Person* desirous of cotnniunlcatinx with vessels arriv Inp nt New York can do en by addressing to such vessels, care of Herald news yacht, pier No. 1 East Hirer, New Yorx. Letters received from all parts ofthe world and promptly de livered. Dunlicatee are required. ALMANAC FOR NEW YORK?THIS DAY. EVE AXIS MOON. I HIGH WATER Sun rut* 5 06 I Hot. Island eye 10 IE Bun sola... t> 51 | Sandy Hook eve !? 33 Moon seta eve 10 17 | Hell Gale ntorn 12 03 POUT OF NEW YOUK. APRIL 25, 1876. ARRIVALS. BBPOBTBD BT THI HBKALD HTKAM YACHT* AXD HRRALD WII1TB4TOXK TKLloHAlU 1.1 ,\IL Steamer Italy (Br), We bete r, Liverpool April 12 and Sueenttewn 13th, ?itb mdit hb')9ih pHttaeiiircr* to f W J un-t. April Itt, l?l HI (17, Ion 27 UN, tpoke *hlp <^tiv*eta of KngUnd (Hri.from Newcastle fur lyncher: IlUh, 1st 45 45, lott 41 4*1. ateniuer Canada i.Brl, hence fur l.otiviou . 20th, 1st 41 Sn\ Ion 4tt JBI, ship Marcla ( - Dav, from New Orleans for Havre; '.'let. lat 41 31, l?>n 51 J7, Pi**nraer Ameriqm <Fr), be nee do; same time. hteamer Idaho (Br), do lor Liverpool; 2Jld, 1st 41 Ckl. Ion H I >\ (German rtearacr bound K; tame time, thip Harlow <Br), hem;** Tor London. Steamer France <Fr\ Trndello. Harr* April 8. via Fhila delphla 24 th, with md*e and p**?e?ff?ra to laouls de Behlau, fit earner Colon, (Iriffin, A?pinwail April 15 and HAvana 2Ul, with mdse and pa^enitrere to tlie Pacific Mad Meani ship (Ju. Steamer (i core* Wa*liln*ton. Whitehead. St John*, NF, April 2U and Halifax 22d, with rail** ?ud piowiitfru to Clark A Seaman Spoke, off Oat?e Ha e brig* Pedro, of and I rum New York for St .1 oh hp. Nr: Mary uardner <Br>. front do vis St Thomas for do: M J Brady (Hi), from do for do; ?e'.ir Currier. B oars from d?? for do. Steamer Champion. Lock wood, Charleston April 32, with nidfte and panowirvr? t?? Ja* W vuiotard it C?v April 2JI. ?1 mi lea NIC of rw?a l'an Liirhtkliip. paired an American bri/ fihowiiifr re i and yellow ?igttal, hound N. Ship Fleet wing, \lue?t, Yokohama Dec 21, with lean to K W Crowley; ve*?el to Vernon P Brown A ' o Famed Aider Jan Id, Cape of (hood Hope March :t, St Helena 13 and ctoraed the Br; u at or 2Bth. In ion 33 W; .Ian .'*\ lat 28 4H S, iwit 75 P., eocoenfereu a severe hurricane, lieglRlinK at St* and icrrUijt to K and MftB; *h?pped a heavy ?ea, which atove bulwark-* ami caldn hulkliead; had from 5 to 4 feet of water in ixHheBbins; harometer'i lowest point 'Jf-u**, Feb 20. l*? NO4t?S. ion K, epokc hark Cape Care (Bri, from Cal cutta l??r Trinidad; April 21, lat Xi lit N, Ion 7J Xi W, K??hert B Blgity. *camatt. a native of Ireland, tell fVom the ?hil> ? ei*le while wNifttiiar the ?taire and waa drowned; hove itav'O ami truiing af>er him, hut >upp???rd he could not awtni, ?? we leund both Kratiii* and Mape with the b*?ai, the w?a beint verr wti?H?th at the time. >liip Ct?icheater (of llalltixi, Rltehle, Liverpotd 33 days with md?w to Snow A Btntrti. March *3*?, lat 45 IS, Ion 17 28. pa*M>il ehip Great Britain ?Br>. helore r?t?4?ried?. aban dMiicil and stripped of eve.ythii:/; tee f(*rrtopuia?t wa* Mi lit Walter D Wallet (of Yarmuutk, N llatfieM, Lit eip.Mil .*H data, in haltant ?? Fovl A llincken April 2. lat 4?'I*. Ion .1-* <7, ap*?ke liark Acnea Campbell (Br), from IdrervMNil f?r leer*, Del. The W II Walle* i* anchored at s.iMh Hook fur order*. S?n|*r peonfator (*?f Yarmouth, N S . xpallmnn, J.iverpool .V? U?u?, in babwEt to order, it auchored at tiatidy iiooli for oriiort. iuit>r hairmi, v> aiucn. rruTiwnc* ivr www It Kohecca i'rowell, ttuftton for New York, in bnllltt. rJ A Hmllold (Br), Hatfleld, Wludsor, NB, for 1>? Ship Ericsson (?f Bostoa), Kodgars, Liverpool 26 da?*. villi rndse to Howe* A Oruwell. _ . . Ship Charles H Marshall, Hutchinson. Liftrpool 32 it)', with tods* to C II Marshall A <'a. . ship Liverpool, Lambert, Loodon 33 days, with chalk ta Griiinell. Minturn A Co. _ .. , _ . Hark Laura A Gertrude (Oar), Voft. IJnrpool 33 daji, with salt to J A Pauli. ... , Bark Allilna. Dagget, Liverpool, SI day*, vith coal Thomas Dunham's Nephews A Co. _ . Bark Miouie Carophall (Nor). lsaakasen, London 30 day*, in ballaat. to Funeli, Kdya A Co. . Bark llakon Jarl (Nor), Moafjeld, Gloueaatar 38 day*. ballaat, to ordar. , . . _ Bark America <Ger)?Koher, Hull, TJ daya. in ballaat. to I II h'.M.p A Co. all CO day* In tha Noith Sea with ?'/?"? westerly winds, moderate weather afterward. Lat 43. l?o rai 4.">. aaw a large iceberg. The A la anchored at Kanay | llonk tor order*. . . ... Bark lleliua tNor>. Mathleaoa. Orlmatadt JH daya, in bal last. to Bockiuaun, Oerlein A Co. Bark Po iltal). Scblufliuo, Aberdeen !? day*, in ballaat. to H*rk*Krementidea (Nor). Torgescn. Leith 32 day*. In b*'" last to C Tobias A Co. la anchored at Sandy Hook lor or iVark Abbie B (ol Windaor, NB). CnBll, Rotterdam. 3* da) a, with empty barrel* to C W Bcrtsnx. April 11. I*t 4J (Kl, Ion 4H 3D, apoka bark Luedna Durkae (Br). Irom^Uun kirk for Baltimore, 21 day* out; 1Mb, lat 41 44, Inn K. Ho, iliip Krpublle (Bri, from Havre for I .ewe*. Del. 2S days out. Bark Alptna tGer), Keick. Rotterdam 7> day*, with mdae to Punch, liclye A Co. .. .. , Bark Liulc Carry (at Windaor, NS), Curry. Havre 34 dava, with md.e to order , vessel to O W Bertaux. April 11, let 42, Ion 5H, paaaed aeveral iceberg* ? 10th, lat 42 41. Ion 4l? lf>, spoke snip Universe. from Amsterdam for Galveston; 12th, lat. 3D J<). Ion ?d, brur Clearinunt (Br), front Liver pool for St Johu. N B, 22 daya ont. . Bark Conuutatalore dial), Lauro, 11 araelllea BO daya, vith mdae to Jamea llenry. I'oaaed Gibraltar March 14. Bark Venture (of Sydney. t'B). Uriont, 81 Pierre 20 daya, vitb sugar to Miller A Houirbton. liark Vaun (Nor). Kandulf, Havana 10 day*, vith auger to Goasler A Co; vessel to Kuneh. bihre A Co. Brig Victoria iol New Haven), Saanders, St Pierre. Mart, 13 day*, vitb auger and molasses to H Trovbridge'a bona. Sehr Mary A William, Auatln, Cardenas 13 day*, vitb in* lado to Le Ca*tto A Douner Schr N B Have*. Hennard, Virginia for Boalon. Srlir Maud Seward. Applegate. Norfoak. Kehr Kdwin S Tyler. .Miller. Haltera*. SclirJ L l.each, .lobnaon, Hcurgetowa, DC. Schr David Faust, Smith. Baltimore for Naw Haven. PASSED THROUGH HELL GATE. BOUND SOUTH. Stpamer Nersui, Bearae, Boaten for Now YaWL Steamer City ot Nov Bedford. Halt, Naw Bedford tor New York. ... . steamer Oatatea. Walden. Providence for New York. Bark Schr Schr Southern Cross (Br), Prleit, Bliulee, N8, for New Schr Champion (Br), Granville, Ht John. NB, for New Schr Annie Currier (Br), Van Wait, tit John, NB, for New York. Schr ?' umos M Flanigan. Kennebec for New York, schr Eim t'itv. Kldd. New Bedford for New York. Schr J M Kennedy, ketinedy, Bllaworth for New Y ork. Schr Young Tenter, Slocnrn, New Bedford for Phlladel ' Schr D Sawyer, Cummlngt, Maaon's Bay, Ma, for New York. . ... Schr Rushlight, Alien, Portland for a aoutbern Halting cruise. _ ... ? . Schr Orion, Wilaon, Belfast for New York. Schr Samuel Saali, Nash. Kn^kport for Virginia. Schr Poam. Hrnckett. Boatuo for a southern Ushing cruise. Schr Ida. Decring, Taunton lor Now York. Schr Klla llodgdun. Young, Portland lor Naw York. Sehr Henrietta, Matthew*. New llaren for New lork. Schr Alison. Stlmpaon, Bath for Yuukere. Schr Silver Spray, Chuifleld. Thomaatun for New York. Schr S Purvea, Lisle, Providence tor New York. Sclir Flvaway, Knos, Providence for New York. Schr George B Ferguson. Ferguson. Bellas! for Roadout. Sclir Susan. Howe, Roekport for New York, Schr Cha* llaskcll, Haakcll, Gloucester for n aoutbern Osliing cruise. Sehr Fleet wing. Johnson, Pawtnckel tor New Yrko. Schr Speculator (Br), Muiisou. Point Wolf, N8, lor Naw York. Schr Ada Herbert, Martin. Boston for New York. Sclir Lskc. lingers, Rockland for New York. Schr Empress Kennedy, Kockland for New York. Schr Sarah W Biaae, Blake. Dlghton for New York. Schr sallie T ('bailee. Trefetheii. I'auuton for New York. Schr Saruli Jaue, Allen, Now Haven lor New York" Schr Fannie Lacy. Lacy, Boston for New York. Sclir Helen Mar. Nick arson. Kiggaville for New York. Schr Chaae. Peck, Provideuce for New York. Schr Ahel W l'arkif. Dean, fiuntun for New York. ? Schr Win Board in au, Peltou.Tiaw Haven for New York. Schr Mary Shields, Slomau, Plttatun. Me, for New York. Sclir Joseph 0 Kiiaa. Green, Taunton for New York. Schr Alaska, Thorudike. Portland for New York. Schr Win G Dearborn. Carroll, Kcnnebcck for New York. Schr Mclahar. Walsh. Holiest tor Now York. Schr Naiad tjiioen smith. Fall River fur New York. Schr Juhnuic Mcsserve, French, Kockland for Virginia. Schr Klixa J Heritor. Mitchell. Boston for Nuw York, schr Hastings. Cliaso. New Bedford for New York. Sclir Helen Mar, Ward. Boston lor New York, schr Goddess, Kelly. Boston for New York. Schr llatlie 8 Collius. lleauey. Providence for New York. Schr Thomas W Havens. Havens, llatb for New York. Schr Emma K Snialley. Portland for New York. Schr Early Hird. Portland. Ct, for New York. Schr Mary Ellen, Carman, Gloucester for a aoutbern Salt ing cruise. Schr Victoria, Rogers, Providence for New York. Sclir J J Worthlngton, Filch, Prnvidenco for New York. Schr Sarah A Falconer. Wilaon. Providence for New York. Schr K U Brato*. Kay nor. Providence for New Yfrk. 'Sclir Westmoreland. Allen, Providence lor New Schr Ellen M Baxter, Now London lor Newburi Schr Peacedale, Caswell, New Loudon lor New York. Schr Atlantic, liyautiia, for a flailing cruise south. Schr Storm. Stahb, Ptovidence for Trenton. Schr Nightingale. Young. Providence for Now York. Sehr huitn*. Cook. Dightou for New York. Schr J G Moullon, Holmes' Hay for New York. 9 Sclir If S Billings. Gould, Calais for New York. Schr Zelia. Adams. Wheeling for New York. Schr Ellie F Smith, Smith. Gardiner for Baltimore, sclir E I! Nash, Nasli. Gouldsboro for New York. Schr F Edward*. West. Pigeon Cove tor New York. Sclir Kldridge, Gerry, Kockport for New York. Schr Klectra, Bailey. Boatou for New York. Schr Joseph Bavnmre. Baymore, Boston lor New York. Sclir llattie M Crowed, Crowed, Richmond. Ma, lor Naw York. Sclir Convoy. French, Rockland for Naw York. Schr Wtu ii Whlltaker, Carroll, Fall River for PhUadal ' 'sl-iir Florence N Towner, Adams. Belfast for New York. Sclir Fannie >t Edith. Hartlett. Belfast lor New York. Schr island Belle, Workman. Rockland lor Naw York. Schr Ruth Thntnas. ltangor for New Yora. Sclir Walter, Irving. Tbomastun lor New York, schr David Low, Low, Gloucester lor a southern flaking "schr Mary P. Thurston. Thurston, G In net-star lor a sooth em Ashing cruise. Sclir Mary 1 angdon. Mullen. Rockland for New York. Sclir Mabel Hail Bartlelt, st George, Mc, for New York. Schr I'nlon, Oliver. Holmes' Bay lor New York. Sehr Eiios L K Phillips, Baker. Rath for Haltlmore. sehr Billow. Fales. Rockland lor New York. Sehr Allie (lakes, Pillshiirv, Rockland lor New York. Schr Grace. Hngstan. Bath for New York. Schr Palladium, Kydar. New Bedford lor New York. Schr E Arcnlarius, Hall, Kockland for New York. BOUND EAST. Steamer Neptune. Berry, New Y'oik for Boston. CLEARED. ewSfork. urff ~ Steamer Aby*?lnln (llr), .Murphy, Liverpool <rlt Qaeeu town?G U f'raachlyn. steamer Nevada iBr), Guard, Liverpool via Qaeenstawn? Williams .t Gnlon. steamer Greece (Br). Andrew*, London?F W J Harat. Steamer St Lauront (Fr), Lschvsne, Havre via Plymouth ?I.oui* rte Hehlau Steamer Gen Barnes, Cheeiman. Savannah?W R Garri son. Steamer Wynnoke,Couch, Norfolk, City Point and Rich mond?*<ld Dominion Steam-hip Co. steamer Anthracite. uruiniey. Philadelphia?.To* Hand. Steamer heptane, Merrv. H..?tou? II F litmock Bark Irene tAu*). Duciouieh, Cork for order*?Funce. Xdye k Go. Ilark Frank, Wallace, Dunkirk (France) ?Simpson, Clapp A Co. Brig Fortunn (Portl, Meaquita, Oporto?Hngemeyer A Brnnri. Brig Adria (Bri, Evorett, St John, NB?P I Nevin* k Bun. Schr Ella Preuey, Presney, St Thomai?B J Wenberg k Co. schr Joshua Grindle. Freethy, Ponce. PR?D B Dearborn. Schr t\" XV Pharo. Collin*. Richmond. V*?Slarht A Petty. Scnr Armenia. Cole, Cheater. P*?tsaec R Staple*, sclir r.inma XV Day. Jordan Rancor?II W Load A Co. Schr Aurora Boreali* (Br), Flnley, Portland. Me?P I Ne vin- A Son. Schr David Niche!*, Wym?n, Newburypart?Paraon* k Load. Schr Wm A Morrell, K*IIjr. Button?Isaac R Stan'ev Schr <1 M i-'reeman. Eldndye, Chatham and fiyannls? Cha* To ing. Schr D L Crane, Crotrley. New llnven?Rkckett k Bra. SAIL BID, Steamer* Nevada (Br), for Liverpool; St Laurent (Fr), Hut re; Gen Harne*. Savannah ; VVx anoke. Richmond, Ac ; hriirx Italia (Bri, Detnerara (and anchored In lower hay;; Kate W entworth, Dcmerara Wind nt ?nntet, NE: at mldntgnt. NIL Barometer at ?unart. 90.10; at midnight, 3CV201 MARITIME MISCELLANY. Bark Lara (Br), Fnlton. Irom Liverpool for Sandy Hook, at llalila\ April 21, put in laaky; would go on the marine railway lor rrooir*. Schr Chaiacxrk. from Hammond'* Harbor. Me. for New York, which put into Newport. Ill, leaky, proceeded to Fall Klvt-i 24th t j be taken ou the marine railway. Tacwtox, Mini, April 25?Steamer Empire Mate, of the Kail Klver and New York line, wo? rolil yoterday to a < into the i'entrnnlal trade between Fall River ana Philadelphia. C*pt Phillip* will coium ind her. LArRCiiKD ?At Brewer. Me, April 24. from Oake'a yard, ochr Serena S Kendall, tier dimenilona are?Length, lift N-lofeet; hreadth, 27; depth, 7 6-10; tonnage mew meas ure m*nt>. 1M 7-IO) toa*. NOTICE TO MARINERS* W t?ni.vcrOR, April 2ft?Notice I* Riven hy the L^ Board that n new illuminating apparatus will be placed in the Delaware Urea-water Lik-htnoute on Mar 1, lBTti. I)n j and after that date tint light will tie fixed while, varied hy while tianlie* eveiy tuiiiate. Theawuly chance at the (tatiua I la in the illuminating apparatus. The can bnor that wa* broke adrifl from the tenth point ! at i.o?i l-laud by the *te?mer Bri-tol a lew day* ago uow ; lay* on the N W part of Gonhl Island. (il'I.P or ST LAWKKXCk, RtV RRl'RRWirC? KKTAaLISCHCRT or a uainAT ramuvtu ticLUt, Notice I* riven that a lighthouse, erected by the govern mem of Canada at Pokemourhe Guilty, In the Gull of St L*a re nee, eoiii.ty of Glouceiier, Province of New Bruna wlck. will he pul In operation uu the opening of navlration. The light wllfbe ti*?i| green, elevated lift leet above high water mark, and In clear neat her should he *ean at a dis tance of s mile* frota nil pwlnta of approach. The Ilia mlnatlnr appuratn* will be catoptric. The tower it a nouar* wooden building. 97 feet high Irom hate to van*, painted white, with it keeper'* dwelling attached. Position .?Lai 47 40 N, lx>u 64 4fl tV. WHALEMEN. Cleared at S?n Fraticinco April 17, bark Clam Bell, Wll- | llam*. to crulm. A letter Iruiu Fayal, dated Marrh 27, state* that bark (Ihio 2d. Smith, ol NR. >miled Irom that port March II, wa* repott ed b\ -learner, uo date, oil Flor**, with ?.*? bbl* *p nil since leaving Fayal. Hark Aniiaada wa* to leaxw Fayal March 26 lot iio?ton. V letter Irom Cnpt Bobbin*, of hark Own Scott, of NB. r? pon* Iter at St Helena March 12. having shipped .>247 gall* i;i oil hy hark It 4 4?d. for New Bedford. A leu .r. dated Valparaiso March IN, report* the arrival at thut poi: March ft of uark I'escadora, llollman, with I2U Md< *p and 7hO do wh oil. Bark Oar ah. of Boasan, bod )n*t arrived. A letter tio u Tab alinsna iwporta that bark Mary k Sevan, Handy, of N d. arrived there 14th nit, having taken 4ftu khl* an taat cruise Maported loot of Feb, narke Mar*. Alien, 9H0 >p the lest year; Nautilus, Lake, 600 *p tbl* rralse; John ?*??. HO to, 80 *b, and afterward law her boiling; . T . M- Msecna?ter, untiring since leaving the W??t ?in Liaads. SPOKEN. Bteamar Sarraatiaa (Br), froaa Portland for Liverpool, April 24. lat 42 42. ion .10 3U . _, 05.'^'"^on'a <Hr). Poller, from Lirtrpnol fur Bangor. April 20, lat 45 40. Ion 42 2U. Ship Edith Troop (Br), from St John. NB. for Philadel phia. April 24, off Barue .-at. hbip Nevada, Kroger, from Breiuea for New York. April 20. lat 42 50. iua 40 Iri dtU^'lft JS*'*? HVDK> fc0*"* W> APril l9> Ut 48 Bare Wenonah (of I'ictou). Forbes from Antwerp, and or . ..*? April 2ft, 75 mllea rait of Bandy Uook (by pilot boat W H Aapinwall). u?rl* WateUiBr), Kobiu, from Rio Janeiro for New Orleana. March 28, lat 41 8, loa 35 SO W. NOTICE TO MEECHANTS AND CAPTAINS Merchants. ebipplag ageata and ahtpmaatera are laformod that by telegreohing to the IIsbalp London Bureau, ad dressing "Bennett, No 48 Fleet etreet, London," or to the Paris oAce, addroselng ''Bennett, 61 Avenue da l'Opera, Pari*," the arrivals at and departures from Karupean aad Eastern ports of American and ail foreign vaasela trading with the United States. the tame will be cabled to title ?ooatry free of charge. Cupulas arriving at and sailing from French aad Medi terranean porta will Bud the Paris office the more eooaomioal aad expeditious for telegraphing newt ODE CABLE SHIPPING NEW& A ucAim. April 22?Arrived, brig Wm Mallory, Jr. For syth, New York. Baaaow, April 24?Arrived, bark Amykos (Nor), Carlson, Pensacola. Bii.kast, April 24?Arrived, brig Magenta (Br), Lockhart New York; 25th, bark Ocean (Br), Ryan, Baltimore. Bailed 24th, bark Matilda C Smith (Br), Smith. North Ameriea; Oaaoinak A (Aue>. Osaoinsk. United States. Deal, April 24? Arrlvad, bark Elmatona (Br). Bragg. New York for London. Passed by 25tb, hark Maggio Rejnoldi (Br), Kinney, from London for Charleston. Doner., April 2ft?Arrived, bark Fremad (Nor), Ball, Pentneoln. Duxdalk, April 24?Arrived, brig Emennele (Ital), Tucel, Baltimore. Dcblik, April 24?Arrived, bark* John Campbell (Br), Hankenaon, Baltimore; 2ftth, Alice. Dyer, Portland, Me: brig Nellie llaated,.Browatar, New York. Elsixork, to AprN 24?Arrived, ship Jacob A Starolor, Cryatail, Charleston for Keval; alto, the Genevieve Keith, from . Falmoi'Tii, April 25?Arrived, bark Blrina, Jobnetone. 8t Pierre, Mart, andoidered to Bordeaux. Arrived 24th. bark C V Elwell (Br), O'Brien, New Y. rk (and ordered to Rotterdam); brig Ineomata Monla C arm lie (Ital), Lubrano, do. Arrived off the Lisard 2ftth. 6 AM, eteamer Canada (Br), Sumner, New York for London. OiiulMI, April Sailed, bark Hornet, Hopkins (from Messina), Philadelphia; Luciano Serre (Ital), Caosre (from Lleata), New York. Sailed April 24, steamer Alexandria (Br), McKay (from Leghorn, Ac), New York. Gnxoa, April 21?Arrived, barks Reunion, Emerson, New Orleans; Consiglio (Ital), Coniigiiere, New York; Medbor (Nor). Jensen. New Orleans. Hatrk, April 24?Arrived, etenmcr Donati (Br), Qalgey, New York; ship Mature (Br). Homer, New Orleans. Sailed 24th. ship Rebus (Nor), Pederaen, Sandy Hook; barks Elinor (Nor), Thomaen, do; Kong Carl (Nor), Hen rickaen. do. Liverpool, April 25?Arrived, brig Triede (Qer), Wencke, Galveston. Arrived 24tb, ships Prince Eugene (Br), Smith, New Or aans; David Malrolmion (Br), Morrow, do; barks Lapwing IBr), Murphy, San Francisco; Pride (Sw), Svondaen, and lima (Rus). Llndttrom, Pascsgoula; Nora (Nor), Moulin, 1'ousacola; Hortenaia (Nor), Simonaen, do; Christina (Nor), Jacobaen, do; Heimo (Rut), Sandick, do: Ecnndor (Br), Hughes, New Orleans. Sailed 25th, bark A C Adanit. Colluth. Clenfuegoa (was reported tailed April 17 for United Statet). Alto tailed 25th, shins Ladoga. Trowbridge, United Statet; Elwell. Heratow, New York; barks Mattes (Aus), Premuda, United Statet: Bel Stuart (Br), Glltiat, North America. Loxdox, April24?Arrived, tliip Ireahope (Br), Ilailie, New York (baa beau renamed illghmoor); barki Radomlsto (Ital), Martenelll, Baltimore; Suoiualainon (Rut), Herlin, Bull River, SC. Cleared 25th, ship New World, Hammond. New York. Motillk. April 25. 3 PM?Arrived, ateamer Victoria (Br), Medderwiek. New York for Glasgow (and proceeded). Also arrived 25th, steamer Prustian (Br), Bitchle, Port land for Liverpool (and proceeded). NtvrAttu, E, April 24?Arrived, bark Henrietta (Nor), Bull. Pensarola. NoitDcorixo?Arrived, bark Folkafetten (Nor), Olatn, Sa vannah. Plymouth, April 24?Arrived, brigs Florence (Br), Boy nun. Bull River; Raven (Br), do. QttuiNta, April 25?Arrived, ship J B Brown, Keater, San Francisco; bark N S del Boechatte (Ital), Poragalle, Baltimore. Also arrived 2ftth, 12 M, ateamer Marathon (Br), Garrett, Boston for London (and proceeded). Arrived 24th.bark Mary G Reed. Geyer, Baltimore; brig S Soppicich (Oct), Piagent, Fotnandlna, with lost of bul warks. SocTHAurrox, April 25?Arrived, steamer Oder (Gsr), Letst, New York foFBremea (and prooeeded). 8I4CO, April 25?Arrived, bark Monte Tabor (Ital), Repet do, Baltimore. SrpitkT, NSW, April 22?Arrived, schr Henry Linpett. Howes, New York. 4' SixcaroRk, April 24?In port, bark 8 D Carlton. Free man, tor Boston. TnaraMl?Sailed, sehrs II C Winshlp, Doane, United States; Wm Fredrrlck, Ames, do. Wakbkx PotXT, April 25?Arrived, harks Wm Owen (Br). Brown, Baltimore tor Newry; Antonio Case bona (Ital), Brnno, do for do. Yokohama, April 21?Arrived, steamer City of Peking, Tanner, Han Francisco. Arrived at April 24, bark Irene, from United State*. Sailed from a Mediterranean port April ?* schr J F Krans Howes, United Statet. WEATHXB EXPORT. Falmouth, April 25,0 I'M?Wind SW, Moderate. Uolthkad, April U, PM?Wind W; barometer, 30.021 FOREIGN PORTS. AinnrtLL. April 12?Arrived, sehr P C Schultg, Tbomp ion, Savanuah. Sailed tnb. bark Monitor. Raton. Clcnfuegos. CaiaasiKM, April 1Arnred, bark Calbarien. Hopkina, Philadelphia; loth, achr M (' Lynns, Stephens, do. Sailed 15th. bark Jaa Kitchen (Bri. Reynolds. Near York; aehralAlex (larding. McUride. Lewes, Del; 18th. bark Juala Mildred. Olnn. Sew Vork. CtunasAf. April 21?Hailed, berks Cariota (Br), Sotnera. nortli ol Hatteraa; Martin W Hrett, Peterson, do; brig* Mariposa, Milton. do; Ilarry. Robin son, do; achr* Mary No well, Nowelt, do; Donna Anna. Whaley, do; C K Palre, (?race. do. Cinxrcaooe. April 20?Arrived, achr W H Jordan, Rich arrlson. Ureri.ock, Sailed 2tHh. sclire Geo E Tlia'eber. Bray, New York ; 21st, J H TaiboL Crockett, Boston; 22d, bark Minnie Hunter, Woodman, do; selir Cuba iHr , Baldwin. Belfast, Me. Firri, March 27?Bark Kate Williams, liayle. which left tills port on the lltli inflt Tor Boston vln rlores. was yester day still off and on at that Island, not having been able to land some lumber lor that place on account of rough sea. (iCAiiTAMAHO. April 11-rMailed. narks Tims Brooks, Wtugh. New York; 13th. Horace Heals, Pickett, do. Hiixio. March 6? irrived. bark Courser, Kelliiian, Phila delphia via Yokohama taml sailed 15th for lleilo). Havana April 25?Arrived, steamer City of New York, Timinerman. New York IIai.ikax April 21? Cleared.bark Annie Bntrlll (Br), Kll lam, Quebec ; aehr Magirle Bursters (Be), Bursters t front New tork. litt\iugrepaired). St Johns, Ni". Sailed 21th. steamer Cheiydra (Br), Gould (front Car diff). Philadelphia I ton si. Feb 2?? Arrived, bark Alfredo (I tal), Pittalago, Hong Hons, to load for New York. Sailed 21th. ship A nex Muir Itri. I/owe, Bott >tt 1,4 IIatk. NS. April 4?Arrived, bark Freeman Dennis, Fletcher. New York. . Manila, Msrrh 4?In port harks Cannon (Brl.Monson. for New Vork via Hollo; Mm II Besae, Fro* , from Hong Kong (arrived Feb 21), for Sail Francisco; Morie (Get), fer tloile I and New York ; MS) halo- hemp, at fSftotn Manila, and sugar l >r?m Hollo at If 13 5U, gold, per 2l)cwt. Hhasmsmai, March 1 ?Sailed, hurk .las S Stone, llallett, ! floilo, to load lor Saudv Hook; 2.1. achr W II Pat ton, Connor, * Keelttng; tlth, hark Rosetln McNeil. Brown, Nagasaki; Xth, ! Alntatia. Lowell, Tientsin . Oth. ship Mary Wlittrldge. Cut ler, Hong Kaag and Snn Francisco; 12th, hark B Aymar, Laphsm, Ainoy. St. Jonas. I'll, on 24th Inst, bark Paladin (Arg), Jones, ' Baltimore. MaaCA, April 22?Arrived, achr Ilcnry Waddlagton, Selo- { vcr. I'hilsilclnliiH. Sailed 2tith, schrs D A J Lee. Smith, North of llatteraa; 21st. Annie W Barker, Snowman, New York; 22d, berk , Aair (Nori, Winties, do. St J son. April 23?Arrived, brig Lydie H Cole (Bri, Rote. | New York. ST. Jonas, NF, April 15?Arrtred, hark Olinda (Br), Prowse. New York; brig Nellie iHri. Kr . Kooti, do; I7th, berk Kalmla (Br>, Day. do; 22d, brip Lucy (Br), Irving, and ' /.auoni <llr), Leblattc, New Vork; Quango (Br>, from 1 l)r tuera rn. St Jnita. KB, April 24?Arrived, brig Minnie Bntler, j (Bri. Harbadoea; 25th, ship Prince Waldentar iBr, nrwi, Courtney Bay. Arrived 25th, steamer George Cromwell, Becon, |Ncw I York via Halifax. his Cleared 21>t, achr Bondoin, Randall. Philadrlpliia mot as telegraphed!; 24th, hark Rblatia (Brj, Uisen. Warren PoittL TntatPAD, April ID?Sailed brig Richmond. Bryant, Boeton. ViiTttRiA, VI, April 17th? Arrived, barks Pnrmenlo (Br), Abbott. San Francisco; 23d. (Irco (Ital). Semertn Callao. YoROHsaa, March 14?Arrived, barks Lnnalllo (Maw), Mars ton, Nagasaki; 17th. Wallace. McCormack, New York. AMERICAN PORTS. ALEXANDRIA. April 23-steamer K C Knight. New York; schrs II It Cungdoa, PrivUleoce; N H Lock wood, from lor Georgetown. BOSTON, April 25? Arrived, berks George T Kemp. Tay lor. East London, Africa; Alraire Coombs.l.nngthorne, Mn tamas; Mary A Nelson. Smith, Hague; brig Queen of the West, llamnielt. Mayaguei; scltrs J P Wytneu, I rann, Pa gun ; Mary H Tower. At wood. Virginia. Cleared?Steamers Dominion (Br), Clemeots, Yannontlt, Ns: Wm Crane, llowcs, Heltimore; shin City of Boston. Cn?shy, Hombey; achr Kitna M Wright, Freeman, Aaptu well. ' X ailed?Steamer Wm Crane. _ , . BALTIMiiKK, April ^.t-Arrived, stoamera Tucknhoe, Brown. NrfMn, H?': VftMhufel, Hjiwrt, Smw \ofk: Bin nruwn. .xrvuni. : nnfiBiiu, rTA ' a 7?' ' Whiluen, Higuan, Philadelphia; Wm Kennedy, Foster. Providence; Johns Hopkins, Mellett. Boston; bark Tetnp nr, Booth, Kin Janeiro; eehn Mary r Loraott, Mcker?on# Richmond, Me: Fomt Oak, Parker. Ktw Itna; Iwif Hurnhsm. Bath, Mi; EM Rnil, Kelaoy. do. 'icared?Steamer- Hibernian (Br). Archar. Liverpool vta Halifax: Octorora. Reynolds. New York; McOtello, Merck, Providence; barka Frigate Bird (Nor). Vanderiippe. AmsteP dam ; Anna (Nor), Haaaan. Rotterdam ; brig* Martnl Com pel iBr), Spurr. Dlgbv, NS; aehr* Wm F McKewan. . Kleuthera; Thoiuaa J Seward. Patterson. Naaaaa; Mali Ok Thotnae. MeKensie. Boston ; Louisa Hliaa, Strange, do. Mailed?Hark Charlie Hickman ; schr I) K Keeling BRUNSWICK, April IS?Arrived, eehr BanJ Uartalte, Wolte. Savannah. 21 Kb?Arrived, achr Dan! Pleraon, Plereon, Charleston; Jat W llrowu. Kane, Now York. Cleared?Schr E A Haya, Smith, Washington. HULL R1VKR, SC. April art?Arrived. bark Hollywood (Br), from ? Cleared?Brig Topaa <Bri, for Cork for order*. Sailed?Harka Carl Gu*tar (Rue), Sllfort, United Kin* dnm ; Vrala ltier>. (inttleben, do. BANGOR. April 22?Cleared, aclir Yickaburg, Wentwortk. Philadelphia. 24th?Sailed, achr Geo Kilhurn. for Naw Ycrk. BATH, April 22?Arrived, aelira Cuartia H Dow. Howaa. Camden for Ptttatan, to load tor Savannah; John Middle ton. Jr. Townaend. Boston tor I'lttston. to load lor Philadelphia. G Vsnduson. Kroese. Hoaton. to land for Washington; Cam, Thomas. New York; Wlnslow Morse, Oliver, do. 23d?Arrived, achr Mary W Hupper. Oilman. Fernaadiaa. Sailed?Sehr Edith L Steere, Baltimore; Maggie J Law* ... - - - - - - ranee, Haley, Charleaton; Sarah C Smith. Banks, Waahlng ton. BRISTOL, April 23? Arrived, acbra Kate Reran to a, Palmrr, Port Johnson: James Eugllsh. Barker, Randuat. CHARLESTON. April 25?Arrived, steamer Ckarleate% Berry, Now York: achr J k L Bryan, Lee, do. Cleared?Bark Una (Nor). Andersim. Dublin. Sailed?Barks Ada (Brl. London: Imogens (Br), do. DAKIEN, (is. April 20?Arrived, bark Jolla Hern (Oeri, Schroder, Uooie: ISth, schr Nettle Laagdon, Colliae, Ba> vannali. 22<l ? Cleared, hark Condor (Nor). Oleen, Dublin. PORTRESS MONROE, April 25?Arrived, barka laaea (Ger), Grimm, Bremen; Anna (Nor), Gunnefeen, Genoa; Kredsall (Nor), Londonderry. Passed in?Brigs Potomac (Br), Wilson, from Demerara; Ahto (Rue), Wirpi, from Waterford. I'nicd out?Steamer Lake Nepigoa (Br), from Baltimore for Liverpool. Brig Compeer (Be. Kills, from Newry. and aehr Aeara, Chandler, from Martlniqae. have been ordered to Baltimore. PALL KIViiR, April 22?Arrived, aehr E F C shade. Swain. Philadelphia. 2iid?Arrived, steamers Hercules. Swasey, and Norfolk, Ford, Philsdelphia; achrs Daniel Browo, Emerson, Geocgo town. I)C; L N Lorell, Borden, Philadelphia; Ney, Chase, New York. _ Sailed?Schrs Naiad Qneen, Smith, and Arlo Pardee, Nickemoii. New York. GALVESTON. April 34?Arrived, bark Union (Br). Horn, Liverpool. GLOUCESTER. April 22-Arrlvad. aehr W B McDonald, Mr Donald, New York; 24tb, schrs Briinball. Hamilton, Ellz ibetbport for Portland; Cherub, Fletcher, Bath for Naw York. .1ACKSONYILLB, April 20-Arrived, aehr Belle Orowell Mecathlin. Boston. Cleared?Schra William Back, Miller, New York; Frnm couia. Jordan, do. MOBILE, April 25?Cleared, bark Frega (Br). Walsh, Liverpool. NEW ORLEANS, April 25?Arrived, steamer Tippah am n?rk, Pendleton Havana; barka Zaragosa (So), Fonda, do) Ignstio Utah, Simlrta, Liverpool; Tancred (Br). Havre. ('Irared?Ship Majestic, Gibbons, Liverpool; barka Lord Claremtoa (Br>. Nietiola, do; John L Diminock (Br), Miller, Bremen: Harsloirg (Geri. Ilaaharen. do. S-ntuweav Pass. April 25?Sailad, ship City of Rich* imo. ; Bn. Liverpool; hark Gauthiad iSw), Havre. AN* vailed, ship Fatinean (Br), Havre; Expounder, do; <M4an P. i e do; barka Merenrlus (Nor), Croastadl; Mlg Is*' Dantlrk. NEW HI KYPORT. April 24-Arrlved, steamar Achillea, Rsi -? 1'lnladelphia. N KW BEDFORD. April 22?Arrived, aehr Jamea Parker, Hr, Keilev, New York. jiid?Arrived, schr G Wooster. Sherman, Hoboken. Sailed?Brig Mattle B Russell, for Vineyard Haven, in tow. 24?n?Arrived, schrs Nile. Metcalf. Rondont; Harriet Lewis Cashraau. Weehawkea. Sailed-schr* Isittle Beard, Perry, Mobile; Calvin P Har ris, Bent. Philadelohia. 25th?Sailed, schr* Early Bird, Philadelphia; Hastlngn New York. NEWPORT, April 22, PM?Arrived, sehrs Agnea. Hod* don. Hath lor New York; Silver Spray, Cbadwlck, Taomae ton fordo land both sailad 23d). Also, schr Telegraph, Clark, St George, Me, for New Yorh (ana sailed 24th). _ , 23d?Arrived, schra 0 F Hawley. Tyler, from Port John, son; Sarah L Thompson, Hull, New York, at Port Adams' Harry A Ned. Chambers. Providence for New York (em sailed): J D (ngrahnm. Smith, Pall River for Philadelphia Sarah P. Weatcott, Pawtucket for New York (and botl sailed 24th). ... Returned? Sehr Elm City, Kellay, New Bedford for Nea York (and sailed 24th). Sailed?Schrs Ida. Deerlng, Tannton for New York; Allu Oakes, Plllabury, Rockland for do; Mabel Hall, Bartlett, Ml George. Me, for do. 24tn?Sailed, brip Annie (Br). Wallace, Rest Harbor._TI, for Portland; achrs Palladium, Rider. New Bedford for New York: Harvest, Corwln, Providence for do; Susan. Stanl-v, Roekport lor Suten Island; F N Tower, Adams, Belfast foi Charleston; Sallie T Chartre, Trefethah, Taunton for New York. NEW LONDON, April 21?Arri ved. achrt Frank At wood. Mobile for Norwich: Angler, New York for Wareham; Kate Cntirch, do for George's Banks. NEW HAVEN. April 24-Arrlved, brig LAW Armstrong, Gibson. Ponce: schra May Morn, Phinney, New River, St.; Jessie KlizHlieth, Weaver, Baltimore; Florence, Hull, Naw York; L B Cowperthwaite. Jones. Georgetown, DC; Waive, Hubbard. Trenton ; AchnrD, Nicholson, New York; Sarah Maria. P-entoii. do. POKT TOWNSKND, April 22?Arrived, ship Clara (Br), Samson, Ran Francisco, to load for Melbourne. PENSACOLA. April 2(1?Sailed, barks Gall s (Nor), Han sen. Oporto; Agra (Nor). Steon, West Hartlepool; achr Martha. Newman. Tatnpico. 22d? Cleared, barks Clotilda (Sp), Abrle, Buenos Ayrea; Hope (Kor), Stoesen. Amsterdam. Arrived 21st. schrs Marcia S Lewis,Lewis, Galveston; Lew Hart, Giles, New York. PHILAD-LPIIIA, April 25?Arrived steamers Centi pede, Miller, Boston: William P Clyde, Ingram, Watt Point, Va; George II Stout, Ford, New York; A C Stlmers, Warren, New Y'ork: Defiance, Shropshire, Fill River; schra Skylark. Small, Boston; M H Read, Kimmay. Trinidad; Adelia Corson, Corson. Portland. Me; Armenia Davit, Armstrong, Rondout; T 8 Abell. Carr, Rockport; Hattle Baker, Pearce, Hncksport. Also ai rived, steamar Juniata, Catharine, Bavaanah; hark J J Strsstnayer. Maderlrk, Dnblla; achr Z Williams. Paul. New York; Albert Mason, Rose, Somerset; A A It Hooper. Hooper, Brunswick, (la Cleared?Steamers Defiance, Shropshire. Fall River; Philadelphia. Davis. New York ; achrs R A 8 Corson. Corson, i> TZZJ 7u- i mi i ...n u.i.? . v.,. s itier.,.* Providence: W L Elkius. Lndlam. Salem ; Kate E Gilford, Barrell, Somerset: A S Nowell. (look. Weymouth: Addle A Nellie. St John, NB: E Van Dnaen. Godfrey, Boston. Also cleared, steamer Berks, Pendleton, Hostoa: acbra Ella, Driarnll, Mtyagues; Henrietta, IHII, Saco; Armenia Bartlett, Smith, Boston: J W Jiefg, Dole, Oregon Mills, NO. Sailed?Steamer Berks. Dklawskk Hrexxwatkr, Aprlt 25?Arrived yesterday, brig Hattin E Wheeler. Armstrong, Cardenas for order*. Arrived to-day, sehr C C Hearse, Blaisdell, Cardenas for orders: also barks Electro (Br), trom Hartlepool, and ChJg uccJo (Br), hbaw, Antwerp. Passed in this AM?Ship McDongall (Br). Gaald. Irons Bremen: bark Athena (Ger), Belliner, do; brig Storm Bird t Br), from Halifax. I'M?Arrived, ship Martha (Nor). Kacharlaaen, Antwerp; brigs C C Hearse, Irom Cardenas, is ordered to Philadel phia. and Hattie K Wheeler, from do, to New York. Lkwks, Del. April 25?Arrived, steamer Albemarle, New Y'ork. Passed in, bark Nelllo T Guest, Messenger, from Antwerp. Arrived last night, hark Glenrattock, Waddle, from Greenock, PORTLAND, Me, .April 24?Arrived, aehra Kate Clark* from Grand Memtii for NewYodt; Olive, Mschist for At; Almira Woollev. Kennebec for HRtimora. Almira Woollev. Kennebec for Hi 25th?Arrived, steamer Peruvian (Brl, Watts. Liverpool J schrs Nettle Walker. Naw Yoro : Congrats, do; Henry Pree cott. Norfolk : Maggie J, Chadwick. Baltimore. Cleared?Brig Oner (Br), Parkins, Calais to load fee Penarth Roads. PORTSMOUTH, April 23?Arrived, achr R KYaaghaa, Smith, Philadelphia. 24th?Arrived, schr Active, Seawards. New York. PROVIDENCE. April 24-Arrived. ?teamers Blackstoae, llaliett. Baltimore via Norfolk; Tonawanda, Sherman, Philadelphia; Vindicator. Rogers, do; brig Mansanilla, Walla. Portland for Pawtnrkst; sclira IJaiie Young, Yoang, Pliiladelnhla; Trade Wind, Lloyd, do; James M Hay las. Arnold. P?rt Johnson: Rachel Jane. Hurdtck. Hoboken. Salted?Sclirs Eddie Pierce, llawea, Bahama Islands: Pal estine. Howe, Philadelphia: A O Lawsou. Mehrholf, Hack cn-ock. >"J ; J I Worihlngton, Fitch; Helen Mar, Ward, and Stephen J Watts, Watts, New York; sloop Unity, DeWer. ?)o SAN FRANCISCO, April 17?Arrived, bar* Antloch, Mew rill. Departure Bar. ?-'Sil?Sailed, berk Tellna (Deri. Brandt, Apia (not Africa). 24th?Arrived. ship* Hirer Indu* (Hrl, llewftl, Liverpool) Greco Darling, Gilmore. Departure Bay. Cleared?Schr St Lucie, Kirera. Manila. SEATTLE. April 15?Sailed, bark Lliiia William*, Oath* cart, San FrancDco. ltitb?Arrived, bark Harreit Home, Mattioo. Ban Fram daco I7tn?Sailed, bark Otmvn. Revell, San Francisco. SAVANNAH. April 25? Cleared, bark i'rinceu Alloa (Bit* Temple. Gloucester. Alan cleared, aclir F A Server, for Brunswick. Sailed?Steamer 11 Livingston, Mallory, New York. VINEYARD HAVEN, April 2t-Arrlved. achr* Paul t Kellar, Knnth Am boy tor Boa ton ; E Ttltnn, John Bird and Halite II. Philadelphia for do; Marshall Perrin. Weehawkea t?r do; jaiuea Warren. New York fordo: km m a B Shaw. Philadelphia lor Milton; A P irsnmcr, do for Lena: S r Brown, do for Portland: Kate Walker, Iloboken for Porta month: Hero. New York for Salem: Olive Kliaabeth, Port Johuvon for saen; J It Kodwell, tieoriretown, DC, for Tlaw llnven; Aunio VV (Br), Warebam for St John. sailed-Scbr* LAM Heed. M W Drew. K K Kirk. Sallied Malr. Klile L Smith, Gov Barton, Southern Cro** (Br), Jm S Watson, and Hod Hover. WILMINGTON. NO. April 25?Arrived, bark Braga l.Nor> Guriiejr, QvrchKowi). rioaVed ? lirlcr Klltdft (Nor), Kltin. Ilnll, B. ^ WAItltK.Y April 22?Sailed, schr Abby S Emery, Ernst* New York. WICK FORD, Anril 22-Arrived, *chr Bertha, Conovug Perth Am boy. sailed?Schr Thnma* P Cooper, Hogeu, New York fit Newport. _ . . 23.1 - Arrived. *cbr 8 M Tyler, llart, noboken. WESTERLY. April 22?Sailed, ackr Laura C WoMt McDeritt, Philadelphia. ? YACUTM, 8TBAMBOAW. Ac. t ?>OK SALE. IKON AND WOODKrf STKAMSIItf'S .A. wooden and iron Steamboats, Btted for night or day route*, and of light draught for river tervloe; _*l*o, light drau .lit Saloon Propeller*. large Steam \ adits-Tugs. Ac. KKKDEItICK C. SCHMIDT. No. 1 South William *t. /"I ANAL WOAT WANTED.?PA KTI EH WILL OIYB I particular* a* to age. *De, when built, price and when to be *een. Address CaNaL BO AT. Herald oWe?. TWOR WALK CHKAP-THK LARGE STEAM PERKY* f i,oat Thomas W. Aleott. now Irlugln the Albany Basil Aridr ??* W. 4. HAIUHT. LI Church *1. Albany. N. Y. TLIOK " SALE?A NEW SLOOP YACHT, 5JX15.B, r seaworthy and complete In every respect. Addreaa box 4,iA*> New York P.wt office. MI.nIaTI'RE ~St ? MOON BR INK NOWN. OS INCHES long; by Pitch ol Broadway : In A I condition; will M Mild cheap. B. IIOCKINO. BjHiHh it W9CBLLA X KOCH. ABSOLI TK DIVORCES OBTAINED PROM niFKkl out Statea. tor nnmerou* causes. withotit pnblicity ; la gal every wbrre ; no charge In advance; advice Iree. M. HuCBK, Attorney. l!i| Hroadwav. ABSOLUTE DlVtiKt.ES OBTAINED FROM DIPPER ?nt Statea; uumerou* c*u-ea. without publicity: legal evrrvwhere: term* satisfactory; advice free. F. L KINO, Couuneilor at law. No. S St. Mark* place JjoTEL AVBBV. ' Walnut st., ftoui :i:td to 34lh ?t., on the European plnti, will open April 15, 1S78. Distant only l.uUOfeet from 1'enntylvniila Railroad depot. Passenger cars fur Centennial grounds puss th# doo? mry few minutes. Restaurant unexcelled in quality. Billiard Boom with ulne Collcmfer Tables. Accommodations unsurpassed. Addresa JAMES T. STOVER, Wan agar. Thomas r. auxrw, the grkat new tore Orocer. Tea, Coffee and Flour Datlar. New Yurker* hud everybody call and gat bareata*. 3w Vssey at.

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