Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1876 Page 2
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r.EAi estate to kxc h.vsok. DttfilMf.l RESIDENCE* AT ORANGE. N. J.. ELL improvement*. plot 7."11**1, fur Brooklyu Hou?e, dualler ?uburbuu place or Earn C. C. WAY'LAN D. 212 Broadway. I,YOR SALE?TWO MEW HOOK*, 55 KKET, ONK titled oat lor a bakery, 1 h? oilier is a splendid store lor * cheap grocery; would take a am ill firm or sunt Illlnola laud for auine tut. M. MOUL, corner Monitor anil Herbert ata. Brooklyn, E. D. F" *Oi 8 A LB OK RXCUAMUR?THREE COTTAGE Houaea and four vacant Lota, adjoining. in South Brook lyn: price to aiilt ibe time*. II. J. DAVID. 33 Park row. room IB. EjlOB sale (111 TO RENT?COUNTRY SKAT. Stf JP acra*. on Nurthern Railroad of New Jersey, -I mile* from -ily; near depot: house, barn, oulbnildiuea. with abundance of frnit and shade : w ill exchange for Brooklyn Property. Apply to N. QU AC KEN HON, No. 7 Warren at., room IB. AOIt SALE, KENT. OR EXCII ANGE ?EIGHT ACRES, Orange county, N. Y. Addraaa R. MOUISON, owner. Lake. SnIHrau county, S. Y. I toll saLE OB EXCHANGE?OKB HALT INTEREST of a tirat cla- Lirery Statde lloraaa. Carriages, Sleighs, Au. Apply to t?MITII X MK1.1NS, l'uuglikecp?ie, X. Y. I TOR SALE OR'eXCIIANGK i'Olt FIRST CLASS Houae In thi# city, an elegant Country Seat lu Stain lord. Conn.; 15 acre*; In at location In town; tirat claaa building*; gas, water and all city improvement*. II. I). KOLPH, BO Bowery. FAoK SALE, ro LET AND EXOHANUB-FARMS. Rgaideucea, Cottage* and Hot-la, In all parte at Long laland. Apply to I*. C. 1.ANGEVIN', 243 Broadway, New York IjNiiR SALE. l.KA-K .ill EXCHANGE?UOl'SE, 10 acres; *ix tmics in Now Jeriey. Owner, 43(1 West I7tb *t. 1HAVK sa,t?.k> WORTH OK SILK THREAD AND A Central I'ark I.ot tlnit I will exebanco for aamall froo tud clear I'artu on lit- sea ah ore, and within 1111 hour of New York. Send particulars by mall only to OSCAR W. ANGEL, lot list Herald ofli 0. feli "t(in -WILL exchange EOR THE KoUITY ?>I r,? II11 r. of a llouHe in New York or Brooklyn, a Manufacturing Hnslne-aof a specialty for tbc Centennial; oiuiiuv in it; worthy of Investigation. Address NOVELTY, kox 176 Her tld utlice. HEAL ESTATE AVAATKD. llfANlF.D-A FARM ON THE ERIE RAILROAD, I' wltliin 11*1 miles ot New York, and not more than two mile* from railroad station ; tnust have HO Mfea under culti vation; well stocked; good building*, would like spring brook Such a farm, at a fair price, will tind purchaser by addressiug T. C. F., Herald office, \V\ANTKD-A MKDIl'M si/.EI) FOUR STORY HOUSE; " it must be neatly and well farnlahed: in pertect order throu liout; by a small, strictly private family of adoils, lor cue or two year*; location, KtRIt and :*>th >t&, lib and Htb av*.; price not to exceed $3.t?'Xi. Addrea* G. K., box 412 1* ost office. \\rA N rKII- -T() I'U KG II ASK FOIt ( 'ASH. A HOUSE, f ? 25 te??t front, situated between 4th ana dth av*. uik! I2d mid 40th st*. Address A. 11., box 1,752 Po*t offiee. \\T A N T K D?A Hol'SK IN I'll I LAPKLP1IIA IN KX ?f change for a four story brown stone House located iti Great Jons *t., near Broadway. New York. Add row K. EKANi'KS, 250Booth 11th at., Philadelphia. TO LET FOR JIt SlJVKM* t'( lH'OSKS Bennett building. Fireproof. Located oti \annsii, Ann and Fulton *t*. First Floor to let. suitable tor bankers, insurunco office* or lawyers Will be let together or in )> rts; be altered to suit tenants if desired; adapt.mi t??r offices or stores. Reasonable rents Also some eligible Law Offices to let. APPLY ON THE PBKMISE* "alio the elevator. Inquire for janitor. A ?TO LET,FLOORS 50XU0, STEAM POWER NIGHT ? uud day. and Store in Bleecker at. J. II ALLEN* BECK, room is Times Building. A CHI IP STORE TO LET?FI.OOR AND CELLAR, separately ur together, ut f>43 We*t 30tb *t. A NN ST, NO. HO.?STORE. FLOOR AND TWO BASE fV ? Incut*, flreprmif Vault : three blocks from Herald uud ,*u.t office*; rent. $l,tkr>or ten* S COCKCROFY, 57 Cedar*!. 4 SPLENDID JEWELRY STORK TO LET CHEAP? (V Near Catharine forr.i. Apply to J. WILSON, 103 iou li *t. A?TO LET, 'I GGKTIIER OR SEPARATE, THE PiliST, . Seeniid or Tliird Loft of tlie new building 37 Union iquare. II II DREW A CO,, No. 3 West 33d *t. (Fifth &\enun Hotel). VERY HANDSOME NEW STORE. CORNER OF 3D av. mill 73tb at.; well adapted tor a grocery; moderate k Apply an the preuilae*. A IIOTEL OF .Mi ROOMS AND LARGE ItESTA!'? A rant?FurnUbad or unfurnished; thorough r-pairjiea kunaolo offer fri m acceptable tenant considered. Owner, 11 Writ lull *t.. Broadway A 8PLKLNDID CORNER LKjl'Oli STOKE TO LET? V Willi Eixtare* for .ate. Apply to CHARLES KELLY, 33tl Water >1. B AKERY TO LET-NEW oYEN; ON A LEADINl ?tvenuo mid one ol tiie best *tand* up town. J MOORE. 2H2 it it ti av . near -Rtli ?t. Broadway corner rooms and stores to let.?The Store and Dwelling, 4S East 12th *t. Apply In 1R TTlLOOK To LKT-WI1H OK WITHOUT POWER. IN- j JT iptire at No*. 30, 32 and 34 ^onili 3th av. Hotel to lease?lenox house, isril st. and i tit av.; rout very low. Office* No. 4 Plnu *t. ami 33 i East 17th *t. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr. I IJA.NIC RENT ?CORNER HOUSE AND STORE, 101 t'Uatlium st|uarc, corner Oliver *t. Owner, 7S3 Lex biytou aV..earner l*t ik SECOND FLOOR TO LET-IN HOUSE 137 BLEECKKU O Ik, lor bufttoeak or dwelling; rent $35. . STORES AND BAsEMENTS to let with Steam Power, at reduced rute-. THE NEW YORK STEAM POWER COMPANY. No. 5H Ann ?t. OTHAM POWER AND LIGHT ROOMS TO LET?lt? O Writ 37th ?t., corner Broadwny. Imiuire of U. liEAUDSLEiY (NTBAM POWER AMi ?NK LD. (IT ROOM TO LET; O rent moderate. DAY A NICHOLS, 193 Wooater at. OTi AM POWER-FIVE FLOORS. .#*45; tight oa all C? aldea GEO. SIKMI.R, No. 930 W?et 30th at. STORK No. JIN WATER SI NEAR FULTON, TO rent. Apply t? K II LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pino >1 s rOKE AND HOUSE ON 9TII AV., NEAR 51ST ST.? Fine opportunity for grocery and teed -tore. II. i). MERRILL. <1111 tlth uv. i^TORE TO LET ?AT 502 sTII AV. INQUIRE AT 516 hU> hv. C ?'ollK TO LET?THE II: ST t OBNEtt STOKE ON T1IK t~ .i o?t -tor oi stU iv,; cheap rout to a good party. Inquire it No. 5U? Silt ?v. 'PUREE SIOKY AND t'El.l. VR IlL'lLDINO, 344 FRONT J it., t > let; wrll lip ted: auitable for inauutncturiug, to. i licit liuc cin pa?? tlio door. EDWARDS, 414 Water it. IK) LET?Bl ILDISO 2* ANN ST.. ALTERED TO anit ten Hill-. Apply to janitor Bennett Building, Ann, >a--nu and Tnlton ?t. T'O LET?rUHKK STORY BUILDING NOR 87 AND Jii I Wo -ter ?t . 311x115; li.ltl all around; rout low. lu qulre ol the owner, No. 22 \\ mi ter it. fj>o LI r?STORE AND BASEMENT; RENT. 81,a>ft Apply on lite premUei to J M. KoSK A (!(>., 66 Dey it. rPO LET?FOR A PHVsiOIA.N. DEMIST, ARTISTS. I uttellier or other gen tt el baaincat purpose-, the elegant Second Hour, 117 How.rv, at low rent. BISCHOFF'S I \\ et'li-el l'unk. .">* Howcrv.v'ortu r < anal it. fP< LET?NO. I. 37 URiIADWaY. UPPER PART: NO. X "I i>th ?v., Store avid Upper I'art; No 14 J V\ Olt 3l>th U . Store. Apply toll L. JAMES, No. 1,837 Broadway, up ttairi, or No. 126 Fulton it. 'PO EE I -ST1 >RE ASH BASEMENT No. 421 MYKTLB X ?>., Brooklyn; -tillable lor liakory; aiie Store No. 406 Myrtle iv. Inquire ol S. F BROWN, ott the prontiaea. PO I KT. CHEAP?A nloRK SIXTY FRET DEEP, X Willi two ilie.t window*. Mutable ! r anv builuen; No. 12ti nv. C. A; ply to MAN SI'* DoDIN. 153 av. 11, TO LET?A LARGE FRONT BASEMEN f. IN VERY desirable loentut lor a liret cla-a phyaiciati: terma ree tollable Addrei- WAIEIIKN. eare Hrml in. 7<at tlroa<iway. TO.LET OR l.EASF. THRKT. UPPER Fl.oORS, WELL I c: e l. ettc i containing 3,<<?> rquarc leat. Inquire at 53 I lit . I.elh II. TO LET?A STORK, ON THE SOUTHEAST CORNER oi av. C and 5|lt at,; occupied trailing Item lor the paet 85 year-. Inquire of AH.NKK MILLS, 127 ar. D. fPiJ XET?THE HANDSOME NEW STORK NOS. 2! 3 and JUo Sth av.. record door above Khrich'a; dim. n eimta, misKlU feet; plate gtavr tront, 30 teet in height. Ap ply to D. .M. SU A W, 50 Liberty at. 'JtO LET?TWO FLOORS, IN WILSON'S BUILDINGS. corner Fulton and Cold ata. ; (team power and heat; will be divided to ault. JOHN' T. WILso.N, 73 Fulton at. TO LET-A FI.OOR. 50X2O. WITH PLENTY OF liulit ; iiiitabie for arty kind oi manufacturing bn-ineaa. lmtnire n the pretulaee, 100 Wcat 25th at,, aoutnwert cor ner ul tith av. TO LET?STORK OPPOSITE MASONIC TEMPLE; long <e iie; beat li e ttiou ,a city 3S7 dth av., near 24th at. rno LET?THE FOLK STORY FACTORY BUILD I NO X Not. 332 an i 334 KHington at., 40x15, part or whole; good light. Inquire next door. IT0_RENT?BROADWAY STORE AND BASEMENT, Firrt and Second Loft a corner YV a verier place, exceed ingly low. E A. CI.UIKsIIaNK A CO.. <'-s Broadway. TO RENT-AN OLD ESTABLISHED, PIBST CLtSS Bathing Saloon and Harbe- Shop; terms liberal to a Competent perr.L Apply at Merchant a Hotel ufhee, Coo lant! it. ?yKKY DKSIRAHLF. OFFICES ON SECOND FLOOR, v opnoiite t'itv Hall, lu let ut extremely low price,; alro very light Floor, 35x'2li, at any rear mat,lo offer. Inquire In ?lore, 241 Broadway. Xkl ATKK FRONT STOKES AND VaOANT LOTS, BE f v tween lir-.nd and llmi-ton atreel lei riea. with car line to alt parta of the city, three ?inry Building. .JtSl, ?l-o Floor*. ED WARD. 414 Water hi. B' ITII AV.,CORNER .01 li ST.; CHtliiAM -Ql ARE, corner hart llr -adway . Store 152 South -i , to le-.-e. f!(20 Sl? AV ?OLD GROCERY STAND In LET, AT UCi' a moderate mat: an rnterprMng voung man t an ttaie money. Apply to Mm Mit'Al LEY. jaattre-a. I)W KLLI5U Htftl?W? TO LET. Piiinlvli rd. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED TIIRF.K STORY brown atone hourc for aale. or furniture will be wold and home rented. Apply on pre raiser, 14s< West 53d -t. -a-WELL iT HltowVSTONE HOUSE, DE. Urn. light fal location, to let lor vix inontba or longer to a tvapottaiblo party. Apply at 122 5Sth St., near 4th av. BROWN STONE HOUSE OS 22D ST. TO LET.? Fully Inrniahed; reut, #1.. ? per month, poaaeatiott itn mediately. C. S. PECK. No. S II e-t 25th at., Hoffman House, Ala ok Hol'sE, :?< east I3TH st.. near Br ad way, fully or partly luruletied, reduced rent. Apply uBtprennaea. i ? A.?ELEGANTLY FURNISHED HOUSES ON AND J.m.1 atyoiniug 5th and Madlann ata. at great aarriheaa; ?t vtral rare enaueee. .1 Gel AG 2 EX. 1,835 Broadway. t N EXQUISITE MEDIUM SIZED BASEMENT ,/Y. brown ?tone Dwelling, :>5th at., adjoining I'arxav., tally and magniUcenily Ittritlahed . rant a*i eadingly low. Offlcoe. Noa. 4 Pino aad 33 Baet 17th >t V. K STEVENSON, Jr. A NICELY Ft KNIsllED HOUSE?BETWEEN it? and tith ova.. f2,5m>; aiao a lions- v.brre the owner will board. A. DAILK.Y. <??<! 6th av. A FURNISHED BROWN STONE DWKI.LINO. 105 \\ e?t 34th at., saar Broadway ; rent only SiM T AKUK NUMHKK OF FIRST CLASS HOUSES, FUR 1 a nisxad and aaforniehed; near 5?h av, and otlter central UirllTTt B. a. MERKiLL, siu 6th av. DW Kl.I.ING HOISES TO LET< ' KurnUtiwi. rno LET?FURNISHED, AT WASHINGTON HEIGHT*. 1 I Mucky, large double llouuf. ?!'?> stable; property lu on the Hudson River; grounds laulrlulty laid out, fountain, urnnmci house, Ac. Inquiry ul CETEU CARTER, 3JO Broadway. A.) nVA ?4M I.EXINuro.N vTxV^DESIHAHhK V?."I ' four story modern Houue. furulihro com plete or unfurnished. ul reduced real. Owner on premium. I iiturnlulird. A?NO. 8 WEST 37T1I 8T TO REST. AT A KB ? duced rent, to a good teuau: K. II LUDLOW A CO.. No. 3 Pine ui. ? FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN STONE KNU uu. Hub basement Houue oil 34th st., elegantly Iresooad. wnli marble bulla, Ac., in Oral claau order, to let. ut reduced rent. Fur permit apply at 210 Went 34th ul. A ?321 WEST ISTIl ST., a STORY, Id ROOMS .$1,200 i'V. 31' Bethune ut., 3 atury, IO rooiuu 7 bO O liuratio A, iltury, 1. 700 !t32 West 12tb ut.. 3 story , It ruouia I.OOO 235 West 21ut St.. 3 utory. IO rooiuu....., 1,'CU ?K >7 II uduun ul.. Cottage, 7 rooiuu UOO 325 4th uv., Store and Dwelling 1,500 ; MURNH.VM, <*? Hudson at. At ci.tJoo-riocsK 300 bakt both at., kuwlt (minted throughout. Apply ou premium or to uaruer, J. J. Hl'.ALY. 274 West 11th ut A FIVE STORY TWENTY TWO ROOM HOUSE, ON ddd at., near 5th av.; rem, $ I .nil per uuiiuiu. V. S. PECK, No. S West doth St., Holtmaii House. ATUKKE STORY HIGH STOOP BKoWN STONE House ; all Improvements; in perfect order; 15 rooms; 330 West 31sl St., Ural class location; rout low. Apply to owner, 3X1 West 31st ut. A FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE House; IS rooms; posaesslou immediately; near Hoff man House. C. S. PECK, No. H West Ibth ut. Avery desirable pi'll size brown stone basement Dwelling on 17lli ?L, uour Stuvveuent Park ; deairablo location ; rent very low. Permits at No. 4 Piue and 31 East 17tli ut. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr. A NICE HO CHE To LET-PAINTED AND FUGS coed; rent $H60. !T?i4 Kimi ti&Ui *t THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE, HAVING _ r; iio ?v??iou Mtiy 1. 81)7 8ib uv. JO H.N HRA.SlU.iK. A all Improvements ; uear Ibis office; fasyt a year; pus ?VERY CHEAP HOUSE? RENT ONLY $1.G50; A. excellent central locution, usar Broadway; tliree tory high stoop Philadelphia bric k ; modern Improvements; *iue, 2i>x50x1<jO. POTTER BROTHERS, No. 4 Warren et. A CHEERFUL HOUSK-NO. 304 9TH ST.. NEAR 2D ,2a. av., 10 rooiuu; a 1 improvements; iuiuiedlatu posses alou; rent below $i>t>). office oppcialte. A POUR STORY llltill STOOP SHOWN STONE 21. House to let; No. 5. East 40th st. ; rent, $1.HU0; 2b* bdxlOO. G. A KIsSAM, No. $ Pine at AT pLSOO; POSSESSION At ONCE; NOW BEING thoroughly overhauled; 107 East 30th st.; exceedingly choice .clock, .-ou It. FIRST CLASS TWENTY-TWO ROOM BOARDING llouae lor fl.lO); No. 47 Groenwich av. Apply tu owner, 11 West lltii st. At u re ail v li e m ;oeu rk n tals-on madison av , a 4 story Heme; renta$2.50U; other lucattoiiu tor $<?.>' i, $720, $U5ll, $1,UU0, Ac. JOSIAli J EX, 1,23.1 Broad ly A?ELKO A NT POUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT ? hrowu utuue llouuo 231 West 22d at. ; only $1,500. JOHN SHIRLEY, SI Cedar ut. A T VERY Low BBNT&-THK PIRST CLASS FOUR il utory high utoup utuue trout houue 44tl MadUou av? 47 East 50th ut. and 15 East 4tlth at., with every modern Im provement and cuuvcuiunce OWNER, room 23, 115 and 117 Nassau ut. A POl'R STORY BRICK HOUSE ON 23D ST., 2 V near 7tl> av. ; arranged fur two latullios; rout, $1,100. Apply at coal office, 24lt. ut.. near Oth av. A SNUG THREE STORY HOUSE, MANSARD, Xil West :10th at.; gas and watur; rent low. A TTKNTION !?IdTH ST., NEAR 5TI1 AV., 3 STORY, .fx. $1,300; 40th ut., near 7th uv , four utory, $950. < 300 others in all purta at greatly reduced rents. MORRIS 11. BAER A CO.. 72 Woa? 34th St. ?T1IK DESIRABLE THREE STORY AND ATTIC # tiiarli sloop brown atone Trent House No. 3ti.~> West JOlh sr.; contains III rooiuu. furnuco cliandelieru and all modern Improvements: iu the vicinity of the Episcopal College; rent $1,500. Apply to estate ol D. A. Cushmau. 172Oth uv., near JOtU ut. t SMALL BRICK HOUSE, SEVEN ROOMS, IN il good good order, on 27tli at., near 4th av.; rent, p7utl. Apply at No. 14o East 27th ut AT $1,000, 301 EAST 19THST.; $2,000, 123 EAST lBlli ut., near Broadway; $1,300, 219 East 17lh at,; uluo,. U other low priced Dwellings. CU.NDIT, 145 East 17th si. AT YOUR OWN OFFER (ALMOST), LEXINGTON 2 a. av., coruer 5:ttii at.; Lexington uv., near .both and m ar t)3d ut.; 55tli ut., ucar Lexington av, and SHtli, 5l'th, tiOih, Slut. and 03d ut. ZITTEL, l.oJH 3d uv. A?TO LEASE, THE HOUSE NO. 101 EAST 24HI ? st.: will he put in perfect order; rent, $1,200. Apply to T. REUM INGHAM, 243 West 33d at. ATTENTION!-HOUSES IN GOOD LOCATIONS AT groutly reduced reuts: call and aeo them aud make an offer; open uveulugs. J. EDGAR LEAYCRAKT, 702 Sth a v. A BEAUTIFUL THREE STORY HOUSE TO LET? except upner Hour, lor $bO a mouth; perfect order. I R3C Anply on the premises, 313 33d at., uear dd av BEAUTY.-MEDIUM" FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP bp wo utone Dwelling, 57th at., west of Lexington av.; uplendid block; extremely low rent; examine ; others. SAMUEL KILPaTKICK, 340 3d uv. IpSPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR RENTING ROOMS TO !i gentlemen ; 4th av., uear 20th at.; recently completely overhauled; lHroums; reduced to $2,DO ); other*. See huts. HOLMES BROS.. 40 East 23d St. BIOR HUNT?TUB CHEAPEST HOUSE IN NEW YORK, 1 lOU East OOtli st. Inquire of owner, on preuiiucu, from II A. M. to 3 P. M. Hotel to lease?lenox. house, istii st.. near 5th av.; rent very low. Offices No*. 4 Pino at. and 33 Eaut 17th Ut. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr. House to let-in the ninth ward, near lllcecker at.: nil Improvcmcutu; if preferred can have Parlor Flour and Baueiueut, with Third Floor. Apply Le tweeu 10 and 2 at 15 Morton ut. H OUSK TO LET AND FURNITURE FOR SALE. IN quire ul H. MONAGIIAN, 4th av., corner 2Sth ut. ICaN REN I THREE STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE, Prospect place, high, healthy lucath'ii, very cheap ; one on haul 43<1 ut.; one ou East 41ut ut. ; a three story briek ou Eaut 41 ul at. for t?H50. Call at 340 East 41st St., or on J. W. HENLEY, 401 4th uv. ? Reduction of rent?possession immedi tteljr; ttuar Jefferson M ark ft; House and Store 20 Greenwich av.; complete order; newly painted; aeon mora le**. REDUCKD RENTS.?UNFURNISHED ANl) FUR. nish-il Duollinva: choice locutions. Irom $1.2(1 >; alio Plata. JOHN W. Dl-.UING, 040 tith av., corner of 53d at. Rents greatly kkduukd-j.akok assort. incut of thrue atury Hoiisea, lr?>ill $75i> to $1,2U>; in Hue localiuiia; lour atorv Houses ami Flat, at all prists. LIONEL FROEHL1CH, 7ss 3d av. REVISBD PRINTED LISTS OK 200 HOUSES AND French Plata tu let at market rntoa. IIOLMES BROS., i 4ii Kaat 23d at. TO LET?VERY Low. 2H WEST 49TH ST.. FOUR atory ltrown Stone: uiodorn Hnlah; can be aeen at any time. A. B. VALENTINE, 41 Jay at.. New York. mo LKf-TO PRIVATE FAMILY ONLY. ENGLISH bu-oniiiit House No. 1'25 Kaat 25tb at. Poriulia at 127 Kaat 25th at. rjM) I.E 1?Til K THREE STORY HIUII STOOP STONE frout House t>0 West 50th at. Inquire on Hie piciulser. rpo LET AT A LOW RENT?TO A GOOD TENANT, the three atory, altlc and basement Houae No til Soulli Washington square i4th st.i Apply to R. LINES, 94 7th at. ; or to GEO. G. KIP, '8 Naaaau at. mo LKT-A LARGE BRICK HOUSE, 11 ROOMS. UK ?idi" haaeniMt*. and all Improvements. In good > n.i r, larpo i ard and upon rear, in Christopher, between 4th and lllrccker ata. Inquire ol A. THOMPSON, 321 Bleecker at. rpo |t<KT-MUO-A FOUR STORY AND EASEMENT _ >n atone bay window House: location tlrat rlii..,. Also Parts ol private nouses; $12 to $25 per month. Apply to V. P. IIERVKV. corner 113th at. and lat av. mo~LKT-KOt'K sTORY HOUSE, WEST 3RD ST.. 1*>; 'I .lory high sloop, Weat 35th at., $7(U. ED MUND II. MARTINI-.. 1,301 Broadway. rpo I.HT-THE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN J. atone llou?e Ne. 2s Kaat PJSth at. J In Hn.i order; rent low; linmedlale possession. Apply un premlaea rpo LI-.T-A SHALL THREE STORY HOU-K, 04 WEST JL 2.d at., between 5th ami 6th a\* ; rent $1,300; to be eeen from into 5. Apply to J. B. WALSH. 1*0 LET?33:1 EAST S81) ST.?A HANDSOME TWO ? lory high b anuent and attic; teas, water; tiiaflt atoop courtyard, balcony: rent. # <7. 1>0 LET?SMALL HOUSE, II ROOMS, 132 EAST 25TII ?t.; location quo 1: houae very complete in Its Internal arrangement*. tpply for permlla at otHee ISO Kaat 12th at. rpo LET?THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK J llonae, 17 rooma. No. 11 Worrell place Charles at.), with ehadaa, mailings and halt oilcloth if desired. rpo LKT-A rilKEK STORY BROWN STONE HOl'BK, L in good order and daalrahlr locality; parlor floor re terved lor physician's otlicea. Apply at 2&6 Weat 45th at. TO LET?HOUSE AND GARDEN. intrril ST.; 14 rooma; all Improvement*; $ pi per nioiitli. Inquire at 'lomliiteon'a drug (tore, corner 10 -th at. and loth av. rpo LET?TO LET-TO LET? J. 'Ihe flue Houae No 2tr2 Weal 43d at., three atory high at -op. containing 15 rooma; baa all modern improcemcuta and lain perfect orrtor; will rent for $1,400. Apply to W. N. ORIS WOLD, 744 Broadway. TO LET?BIDS WILL BE ENTERTAINED; MUST BE let: the elegant four atory brown atone Honae No. 533 Weat 32d St., near Elevated Railway etatiun at HOth at. or IHth at. ; mantel mirrors. g*a flat urea; I eaullfally trwsoocd; ?plendid order. Fur tun her particular* apply to K. A. PRICK, 47<< and 47H Broome at. TO LET-WHOLE OR PART OF THE MCE THREE atory high >to?p Houae No. 210 Eaal 324 at . all im provements ; rent vory low. Apply at No. 213 had 2i?th at. rp,t L r-IIOl'sB NO. 131 WEST 48TH ST.; POl It 1 atoriea, high atoop and brown atone, rent 31,'JUO In quire at No 1 5 ? E. GRIFFITHS. mo KENT?THE THHKK STORY BROWN STUNK i Iront Houae 355 W cat 55th at , nuw brim: put in norlect order. paiuled throughout In boat sty le ; r> nl very Inn to re al slid* party. Apply tu owner. UKOKUK M. MILLER, M> Broad at. fpo RENT. 37 WEST 2IST sT.?THREE STORY IIIGII 1 ate loop llnuae ; la NOW being put In complete repair; will be ready for occupation Mar I. Apply to IIOMKK MORGAN No, 2 Pine at. fro RENT?A BROWN STONK HOUSE. BUILT FOR J. t?u I illiea, en 4itth it., near Hrnndwav; all lighted, with I.itci improvement*; aeparate tor each family. In quire at 2311 We?| ttnli at 8T0RY ?JO EAST 74TB St.?A FIRST CLASS POl R *.iO brown alone Houae. JUiflOalUO; rent $l,3tO H. W. WILLIAMS. S3" St It av. tttllA ?DWELLING. '.I Hot.Ms. lMPROVK.MK.NTS. tpouya frnlt Viable Apply at 134 124th at., near 6th av . or 34 Waahtngton auuare. tiTllll -a THREE STORY RRIt~K HOUSE ; bHuWN ?a I t'D, atone trimmings. high stoop; 12 rooma. all m-xlein Improvements. 231 Kaat ,7th at , between 2d and 3d a*.. Inquire D. MORSE, 157 Ka.t 77th *1. O .l)|l a THRRR RTORY NIOfl MOOP BROWN V "tune Houae It rooms. all modern iinpmve *i u**r Lealugton a*. Inquire of I>. I MORSE, 157 Kaat 77th at. (WW) KOK bTONK HOUSE: WIDE ?c ?. f I f alreet; all iniproi anient.. eheapeat houaa iu New lork Addreaa 111 LL. 34-1 Broadway. $1 000 ~8MA^L FARr'ALLYi PI*rt nlahed or unfuraNhod. near Cooper Instl tut*; g2,UUt>, fear etorr brown mom. near 14th at NlCUULo a CAfliUirV, M 4tk av. DWKLLIVU HOUSES TO LKT. I'nfumUhed. (fcl inn ?*??> WEST 54TI1 ST.: -J'. FOOT COT 5*1. lUU. t ge :a bargain. V. K. STEVENSON. JK.. No. 4 Pinr ind XI Kilt 17th M. $1 800 -T? KENT- ,*CLUDl!io UA8 C'XTl'KU, the beautiful tour stury English basement hiowu stone House No. 15 Kast t'.Rh ft: ill perfect order. K. II. LUDLOW & CO . No 3 Pine >t. Fl'K.MSIIEDHOOMS AMI AHAUTHENTS TO UW. A PEW ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS IN A A hrst daft private residence, Dear 1*nlon square : refer cure required, Please address E. K., box li>5 Iter aid ottlca. Y LADY HAS SEVERAL NICK ROOMS TO LET? A to gentlemen and their vim>. 144 Wait 15th at. Apartment ^bdfS. STH A v., corner i&th kt. tiu - Suit of Apartim-nt* on Aral floor to let; alao one suit, furnished, on second Moor. A" LARUE, UANTwoMKLY FURNISHED FRONT Hooiu. on the second Uoor, without board, to a gentle uiiui. 238 41 ha v. A hall Room; every convenience; rent to suit the times; Uue block. 153 West idlli at. Apartment house?second door from Coleman House; elegantly furnished Rooms; en suite or sluKlf; relereucea -I West 27lb St. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET 2 OK :? ROOMS. jY furull ilihud or uul'uriii.ibod; all Improvements. A FEW NEWLY AND ELEGANTLY FURNISHED Rooms at first class private residence 235 East 14tb at; en suite or singly. V HANDSOMELY FURNISHED LARGE ROOM, also u Hull Room, on the third floor of the private house No 140 East 27th at., between Lexington and ltd avs. Y NICELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM? . Y All conveniences; brown stone bottao, 310 West 52d st., near sth av. Owner in honsi, A COMFORTABLY FURNISHED ROOM AND BED room for housekeeping in a small house; no moving. 357 II udson at. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL KENT A HANDSOME, cheerful, finely furnished back Parlor, to one or two gentlemen ; $7. limi West 34th St. A N1CKLY FURNISHED HALL BEDROOM, WITH* gas snd water. 184 7th av.. near IS 1th at. ? ?TIIRKE HANDSOMELY FURNISHED LARUE, square Rooms, every convenience, ample clo? t room t? gentlemen; Breakfast If desired; relereucea given and required. 40 West 28th at. ? A N EXCELLENT ROOM. WELL FURNISHED; FRONT 1V hall Room; private house; commodious parlor; use of piano. 15 Abingdon square (Mth av.). A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LKT A I.AROK AND l\ nicely furnished Room, with all improvements. \\ est 3Wth ?t. A LARGE, PLEASANT ROOM, Ft KXISHKD. EVERY convenience lor housekeeping; *A 50 per week; other Rooms If desired. 333 35th St.. near Nth av. AT 214 AND 2lt> WEST I7TII BT? FIRST HOUSE Irion Broadway.?Furnished Koouis for housekeeping tor families at reduced rents; quiet and genteel, with ull Improvements; no May moving. Desirable furnished rooms for oentle men. without hoard, iu first class bouse 34 West 25tb st.; eholi o location. 13LEOANTLY FURNISHED SUIT OF ROOMS, WITH 2 private bath and closets, to let to gentlemen, without board. No. 37 Euat lUtb st., between Broadway and 4th sr. Jjl LEG A.NT SECOND FLOOR, HANDSOMELY FUR. 2 nished, together or separately, to let to gentlemen. Private house 51 West lbtn st. IALEGANTLY FURNISHKD ROOMS To LKT-WITU 2 out board, to gentlemen of resiiectanlllty only, st 3U Irving pluo ', opposite Westminster Hotel. FOR HOUSEKEEPING?FURNISH KD ROOMS AT #5 to $7 per weuk; Reception Room for doctor's office. SO Weal 3d ?t. 1>I'RNIS11 Kit (JK TNFURNISkUD ROOMS To LET I lu private houso 415 West lttth st., near Elevated oara. IiUlKNlSUKD BEDROOM TO LKT?IN A PRIVATE 1 Isrtiity, at low rent. 417 East 58th St.; bull 3. IiH'KNISIIKD ROOMS?IN FINE LOCATION. 1,147 Broadway, near Madison square; hot and cold wuter; also su uufurmahed First Floor. T.M UN! IIKD ROOMS TO LKT.?PLEASANTLY LO. I fid and nicely furnished Rooms to let. No. 284 4th av HAVOXoMKLY FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE OR i >010. location unsurpassed, I .SOU Chestnut it. Apply R: U7i>t Che?tnut st., Philadelphia. nlNDMoMK FRONT PARLOR AND BEDROOM, new ly hirnlilied, on first Uoor; price very reasonable. h.Uflthsv ? HAN1 >Si iMELY FURNISHED ROOMS T?J LET?NEAR restaurant; moderate prices. 20 Wost 24th st? near Oth hv. Handsomely f.urnished rooms, kn suite or singly, for geiitlomen, without board. In Urst class house, 1.4H5 Broadway, corner 44th st.; also hall room. Lower or upper part handsomely fur. nished houie ; linen, sliver. Ac.; neighborhood unex ceptionable. 33(1 West 33d st., near Elevated Railroad. IOW KENT?CHOICE PART OF FOUR STORY J brown stone elegantly furnished house. Owner, 783 Lexington av., comer lilst st. IARUK AND SMALL ROOMS. FURNISHED. KOt J gentlemen only. 30 Irving place, opposite Westininstci Hotel. Neatly furnished fbknch flat-parlor. <1 i? ii? ilt room, three bdroorus and kitchen ; rent mod ern tr. Apply HI 433 Went 84th st. R vltlioiit board, In u private NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LEI?FOR (Ih.N tleinen; vicinity u( 34th at. and Broadway; tablo hoard it required; teruia iiiinleriito to periunnuni purlies. Apply to A. YOUNG, ,V>7 lith av., real estate ottiee. PKI vATE FAMILY. NO. 383 WEST 43D WILL let :t larire furnished Room ou aacond floor to one or two gentlemen; gas and oath. OOM FOR UENTLKMAN AND WIFE OR TWO ladies. Apply at 183 K.t-t 8M si. CU1T til' FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET. SMALL 0 brown atono Uouao 118 l'roapect place, corner ol East 4.Id at. fPO LET?TWO LARGE FURNISHED ROOMS, CON 1 netting; aleo niit^lu Room, u family. Call at 117 Last 28th at. rjrut LET?PLEASANT ROOM. FURNISHED OH UN 1 furnished. to n geutleman; without board preferred. 5J Rank at. fPO LET?TO ONE OR TWO UKXTLKMEnTwITHOUT JL Hoard, a large, pleasant, second story back Room, southern expoanre. with hot and cold water, pas mid use ot hath: family stiicily private; references. 50 Morton at., high stoop. . To LET?IX A PRIVATE HOUSE. A LARGE NEATLY furnished Rooru for light housekeeping. to a respectable party, SMS West Kith -t O LET?FURNISHED ROOMS. 30 WEST 8STH ST., near 5th av.; private family t references. rpo LET?SMaLL HOUSE; VERY DESIRABLE AND A centrally located; renting from <*k'.o to $l,'M k Apply at ollico KiP East 12th st. 'pt> LET-A HANDSOMELY FUR.VLMIKD ROOM. TO 1 one or two gentlemen; private house, d.iti bast Oth at., between I st and I'd ava. TO LET FURNIsllED-iWO LARGE SIZE *11 ALL Hedmoms; private American family; teruia, fd par week. PI -d av. T 6 rpWO FURNISHED FARLORS, W1TII OR WITHOUT A hall Room, for single gentlemen. No. Sti 7th st. TWO wicblV FURNISHED ROOMS, ON THE FIRST door, to rent, with all conveniences for housekeeping; ? do pet mouth; IT permanent tor less. Apply at 525 (lib av. W'KLL FURNISHED FRONT RO(JMs"fOR HOUSE* ?T keeping; renl from S3 50 to $5 per work. No. 1,'kPW llroadwny, near d ull it. ; water and gas. dj. i PKR WBEK?H AN1?S<)M KLY FURNISHED >p~t Room; also two large Rooms to let; no moving in hay; COlerOhOOA W Woot HUl at. <#? f~I'ER ?'i:i K.-Mnri.i furnished room in tgl"X quiet honse. with owner. 14 Charles at. (Warren plaeel. ,-TH AV., 334. Ol'l'OSITE 1IOIF.L RKUNSW ICR.? ? ) Handsome Sulla on second and third floor,; also desir able Rooms as physician's olHce ; references. ST. MARK'S ULAUE.?FURNISHED HACK I'A It lor; verandah, hot and cold water. Ac. ; very cheap. 7 WEST dOTII ST.?FURNISHED AUAItI'MK.VTS TO rent, to single gentlemiui or gentleman end wile, with out board; convenient to rcataiirauts; very desirable. 7 ST. MARK'S K. NEAR :tl> aY?NICELY RUB* nlshed Rooms for gentUmen; #'l to $7 per woea. yKAST MO ST. THERE HAND dm ELY fuiisisiiI;i> connecting Rooms to let. without Hoard: also single Rooms; restaurant second door; no moving: references. IOTll SL. HKIWIIN 30 AND SD AV&, 331.? ?I Handsom lv furnished square Room, to gentlemen, wlthont Hoard; ala < hall Room, closets, baths, Ac.; terina moderate. IO WEST -HI il ST., OFFtiSITE ST. JAMBS HOTEL? i) Choice furnished Rooms lor ginileniru, without hoard, iu Ar?t clsss house ; host reirreneea given and req tired. II F.A-T-STil sr., HETWl.EN 6TH AND MADISuN X avs.?furnished Rooms to let, without Hoard, refer ences. 17 EASTliisr ST.. NEAR 111!A\D ID > TEL?DKSlR 4 alilo Suit of Rooms, halh, dressing rooms; every con l vonience ; rutlenien only, without boar I: reference. ?>-> WEST Ififll St. ro LET, ELEGANTLY FUR tjO nlshed Rooms, singly or eu suite ; terms reasonable 1U7 EAST K'TII ST.?FURNISHED FKONl ROOM, A*' 4 with kitchen; also Hedroouis for geutlcuieu; alt conveniences. ; Of ?fk ~WR8T 48TII ST.. FRONTING BROADWAY.? ^UU Neatly t'uniished Rooms tor light housekeeping for gentleman ai.d wite; drat floor. O/'U WEST -'isr >T.-NICELY H ti X I.- HE I > R.i.'i.Mv I ?iUO suitable for single geutleiueu ; breakfast if desired : references exchanged. <>71 WEST 2311 ST.-A SCOTCH LkDY HAS A ? 41 handsomely furnished 1'arlor Floor, with prtvato bath, suitable for tluee r lour gentlumen. ; t'NVl'HMSHEl) KIHl.US AMD APART MHMTS TO LET. \SKCiiN"d"VlooR;'"k*)I K RIXIMS. AlflU AND cellar; suitable (or light honsukecpiug; rent. #.KiO. j 357 West 14th sk j i CHANCE f RAF ID TRANSIT.?TO LET, AT. hYM 3V av. and H'-'d it., only two blocks from either the Elgh'b Avenue Railroad, Genual l'ark, the Elevated Railroad and croas town ears, nice small Houses, with two tloors of lour rooms each and stores; all newly painted and kalsomineil: i water on each floor; floors, $1.7 per month, nr whole House cheap. ,JAS. K. WATKRLOW, nMI Oih'ar., between 43th and atth sis. sKniNlTKLOOR I'D LKT-Tw A SMALL FAMILY of adults. Ill the private house 75 East 4th st. A' PARLOR FLOOR ?? f Km it Rooms I'dK A small taiuily or a dorter, to let. very low. 331 East !<>th st. Apply at 313. In base turn I. NICE SE?:t>ND FL6(?R~ro LET-TO A SMALL lautll) . In prls ate house ; hot and cold water, bath, Ac. 3:1 East Igth ?t Helereneve rWqulre<L THIRD FlAKtll TO KENT, TO A SMALL FAM lly ol adults; aaalt basins and water clo-etaon floor, with use of hot and cold water In laundry. Apply to tltn owner. 332 East IHtli et. first floor, four large room* in nick two story hdusi'. $:??; I4X t lirUloplier st., near Green wich ; also se< on J Floor, foir rooms, *g.i; and other Apart meuts. IH I Uhrltttipher st. IT REDUCED RATES-SMALL THREE HTOUY ,,'Y Honse. No. A Garden row ; Second and Tnlrd Floors. 138 M est 11 tit st.; Socond Floor of 87 West 13th st. Inquire at 71 West 12th st. USFURXISHRD ROOMS AND APART 1KB NTS TO LET. i PARLOB AND B VSKMKNT 1 ? > ItFN"1 KltillT J\ rooms xit 1 bniliroom; bouse brnwn alone, 23x34. in tr t claw order; all iniiir"vemeuta; near roth st. depot Elevated Railroad; rent low. Apply at hh7 Htli a* JOHN BRANIQAN. AS i LET : PPBB OB L0WBB PAST OK tJOCSS ? 14 > Waverley place. Apply on the premises. \-, l l'l-.K PART OK DESIRABLE PRIVATE 1IOCSB ? to small respectable family; 0 rooma, u?e of bath rooui. laundry. I7H Ka?t 73d st. Inquire at 170, bnsement. A~U i WER PART (ifIioUSK (24 LKKOY ST.). 5 rooms; runt $38. In.|uiro of li. W. CIIL'RCII, OS F u ll?ust. THIRD FLOOR OK FOCB ROOMS; KOPR closet., batb. Ac.. to let, in high etoop private house; n hi I ... \ppiv at 2117 Baet r? th ?; V-KKKNCH FLATS TO I.ET, HI WEST SMTH StT, ? corner house; the llue.l location aud pieasaiitest Kouma. To be aeen from 2to 5tg P. M. VPItAT TO LET?OK SIX ItooRS. N K.\ It ELE vsted Fa.iroad atution; rent, $20. Apply at 430 West 31 at at. VT KEIil'T'EO KENT-TWO LARGE ROOMS. BITIT able for housekeeping; tine neighborhood 234 Went 2.r>th at., * etween 7th end Htli avs. Apbitatb Family will i,kt second fi.iior? Bargain; $2(1; modern imnroromenla: with uae of bath room; if thia won't let nothing will. 332 Kaat TP ah at. ^SKLEKDl o FLATS. 990 TO ?43 ; 7 ROOMS; ALL ? improvements: perfect order: fine locatloiia. with beat famlllaa. Owner's oSm, 149 Last :i4th at., basement. Apartments t-iik w. ski and$h; first floor, 4 rooma. 428 Weal S2d at. Oood location for Kent eel families. AN V FAMILY DESIRING KLHGANT FRENCH Flats, at rcitsatiahlti rent, will c-ill at once at 106 h??st 51st st., near Lexington av; parlor floor H rooms, upper floors 7 rooms, all Htfkkl; house and location first class; all improvement*. FLAT TO LET?IN 32G WEST 34TB ST.. NEAR 8th av. Apply at 322. HALF OK A LARUE HOUSE, 435 WB8T 23D ST., to I, t. to it small American family; neighborhood unex cupliouablo: references exchanged. A~ "Front basement and Skit room adjoin. In;r. at Abingdon square; suitable for oltice or entail family J. M. CHHlriTALLKK, Real Estate, ,17 Abingdon square (Sill av.) I LOWER CART TO LET-I.N THREE STORY HIGH A stoop brick lfouae; aeven rooms, handsome parlors, marble inantaD, ranee, gas, siatlouary tubs: good order; rrut $4i>. 441 West 4 Itti at. __ t FLOOR TO LET-IN THE NEaT HRoWN STONE J\ bouse 3(13 East 2lit at.; rent cbeap ? to a nlee tenant. Apply on (ho premiaaa, or to J. McDKUMOfT, lf>ti I'rince at. A T REDUCED RENTS?tF4 WEST 10TH ST.. SECOND Ja. Floor,-" rooma; tit, W st 10th si., First aud Second Floors. 8 to Hi rooms; 433 Hudson st., 3, a to 12 rooms. Owner, 11 West lltb St., Ilroadway. VERY NIOB SECOND FLOOR (SIX Rooms.?HEN to?l. private house, West 34tli St., near tfth av., to a family ol ailulta; $33 per month. MURIUS II. HAI R, 72 West 34th st. A N ELEGANT FLAT osfwrII'XV.7 NBAK CENTRAL JV Para; eiglx to .ms; all Improvements: will lyi rented very low by A. MEAD, iXbl *ith av. * nuTaT Floor, ok five "rooms, in wood or 2V tier to let, to a small family, without children; occu pied br owner. No. 202 East lltli at. Apartments?holsk 220 Aj,-() ggji STH av.; several extra desirable Suits; all convenience: re* Uuced rents; posseaelon In May. ~K ILvNUSoME SKt.'ON'l) AND TMU FLOOR TO A let. in nib st.. near St. Mark's church: all improve uielita ; $5(1 monthly. Inquire at 328 East ttth at. LOWKB PART OF TWO HOt'SKS TO LET-FRONT ami back Parlors, Extension, ltedrootn. front aud ba k Huscmol.t, hall Hedrotiui on second lloor, gas fixtures, bath, stationary tubs, wardrobes, Ac.; $33 to 843 per month. 130 East filal at., near Lexington av. ATI. 2 EAST 1TTU ST.?FI RUT FLOOR. BASEMENT j'Y and large Bedroom. $33: Second FToor, live nice reouis, ull tight, $3o. Apply at 04 3d av. T CHANCE.?THREE bit FOUR 0NFUBNISHKD Rooms, third Hoor, modern house, portect oriler; rer.t low to dcsirablu familv of adnlts; iminedlato possession. 313 I West 43th st. FLOOR OK FIVE BOOMS. 206 WEST 49TO ST.; hot and cold water, hath anil closet; rent $400. with gas only; other occupants Americru lamilv of throe. A PARLOR 'FLOOR AND BASEMENT. boNsisTINb A ol tnree large bedrooms, parlor, diniugrooui and kitch en. In good order, modern Improvements, very low to a re sponsible party, 343 West 27th sL Inquire lit druggist's, tub nv., corner of 28th si. i'PAHTMKNTS.?EXTRA NICE COKNBU FLAT, NINE J:\. rooms, In perfect order; halls n-wlv carpeted, painted and heated by steam ; pletitv of water; also smaller r'lut ud joinlug. J. It. HAY, 007 6th av., or C. T. HARNEY. 82 Broadway, ilASf:MHNT AND F[R81"fL')OR TO LET-IN two brown stone bouses, $30; also Parlor F'loor, $23; also 1'ppar Floor. $18 a month. Apply on the premises. GUI and BBS 2d av. Cheap: per ect order. flHBAP? KLBUANT KIR8T FLOOR, IN~EX()KLLENT \J locution; six large rooms, bathrootn. gas. water, clos ets; suitable for private family, millinery and dressmaking. Inquire at 31G 3d av., near 34th st. Desirable "flats and floors and lower Parts of Houses. In good locations, at reduced rents. Call and bo suited. Open evenings. J. EDGAR LEaYCRAFT, 702 8tU av. I ELEGANT KLATS-LEXl NUTON AV., NEAR 57TII J St., $83. $l"3 and $50; R6th St., near ?th av., $30, $43 and $40; 1 3d st., near Lexington av.. second ilut. $40; all six rooms oscu; others. ZlTTEl,, 1.()2tt3d av. IP LEU ANT FRENCH FLATS, 27 WEST BIST ST.? J Mirrors; heated bv steam; fnruiabed or uiifuriiisbed. Apply to Janitor, or HOPKINS Jk CARRINUTON, No. 1 East 22U st. A fftLAT TO LET?CORNER 4T11 AV. AND S3D ST., 1 second floor: bsy window, refrigerator, dumbwaiter, dour opener, basin, tuba, lie.; aeven rooms;$4U Ball at house or 22 East l'.Hlt at. 1ALATS ' TO LET?TO GENTEEL FAMILIES; ON ' northwest rorner of 10th av. aud CGth st.; Ninth ave nue Elevated depot: 11 to 2; $40 per month. f" 7LATS?SECOND" AND FOURTH; SIX LARGE Rooms: all Improvements: house first class; tine or der; low rent. Inquire at 422 West .,3th st. TIILOokT-OF VIVE ROOMS AND PANTRIES, AT NO. F IBs East Faqh st.; house and neighborhood private; references required. INDOOR. O F KITB BOOMI A N D 7* A N T IIIE8, AT N Ob 42ti West 31st St.; house and neighborhood private; refercncca required. It LOOK-Til 1 KlV. SIX ROOMSi ALL fsiPROVE ments. 210 East 17th st. Floor to ut-iit a small family, in a first class bouse; low rent to a good tenant. Apply to Mr. HAF'r'NKR, 18t) Lexington nr. French flat to"let-at 5ie sth ay. TJtRBNCH FLATS?888 OTH AV., XKAR 67TH ST., 7 r rnoma, none dark ; neighborhood line : convenient to Elevated road: $55; also eight room Plat, on flrtt story. 21)5 Wot 56th it., $0"'. Apply to Janitor*. GEORGE H. JAKDINK. 1,2?7 Broadway. torknch Flats and rapid transit" booms A largo, light anil in good order: also Die fine Parlor and Baaemrnt Floor; one blnek fmin Kiev at# I Rail road depot at -12d *t.; rent low to good tenants. Apply at 453 West 43d st. 171 RKNCH FLAT Iifol'HK N KWI'DKT. II ROADWAY ' and 52d St.. will be open for inspection every evening until 10:30 from tbia date nnlil May 1. P. MAYER. FKKX0H PLATS?VKKV DKSIRA5LB. APPLY TO janitor, 74 West 53d at. 17UW8i ll FLATS of MraVKOCOULKKW AMI) TERT 1 tine. In brown stone house. 321 Last 14th at.; all tho modern Improvements; rents reduced. HAP.LKM.-TO LET. THK"UPPER PART OF PINK three story stone tront house aid Kast 116th St.: seven rooms; ail convenience* and in peifoct order; rent low. In quire at 115 hast 3tRh st. 1'TTprivate hoi sk Toi"wkst" Vrrii"st.-'a third floor to let In first class order, to adults; runt $30. 1"()()K I1HKK.-TO UiT IN THE KLKGAKT IROVX J *tonn house on 71 at near Htli av., five Room*, on third floor. $2l>: Second Floor. $25, with all improvement*. Apply on the premises. No. 17. OKlaV OB* ilf r.lhirr W.-rKKNt 1H ?UT, 854 tnh av.. near 55th at.; elevator; heated by, Ac.; Janitor lu attendance. MORRIS B. IIAF.R A CO.. 72 West 84th St. Part <Ik~a house, no. wist ssd sr., t6 rent; suitable lor small family or for a dressmaker; in splendid order. Apply to J. KO.MAl.NK BROWN, 1,280 Broadway. PARI."oil FLOOR AND BASEMENT, PRIVATE bouse, nil improvrtueuta and conveniences; reut,$5o. 210 East 2<)th st.. near 3d av. "15 A RT OF A SECONDFLOOR TO LET?S3S) orif~A\r. L Apply till the 1st of May. T PARLORS. BASE EXT. ROOM OS THIRD FLOOR; six Rooms; thine story high stoop brick: modern im provement*: rent $3S; owner In house. 323 East -tilth st. K'TShTc'ed RENTS. ?EXAMINE THE SUPERIOR Flats on 70th at. before hiring elsewhere; every mod ern iinprovenieut; $-5 to Ml on? Hisotnni and Fir-t Floor, lurnislied. *7 > monthly EDWARD KILl'ATKICK, owner, 320 Knel 7iHh St., or SAMUEL KILl'ATKICK. 340 3<l nv. 2BOUND FLOOR OF BROWN STONE PRIVATE house, to small family with reference. 2.1) Kast 31st t. s OECOND AND THIRD FLOORS OF FIVE ROOMS O each, wlih spacious closets, or >eenud and Part of Third inpriviiic bouse 152 Meat 54th st.. with owner; immediate possession; r.-lerentfcs exchanged CKi'oSD FEOOR TO 1.ET-KIVK ROOMsT 133 HENRY O j t reet. S' lKGLB ROOMS A.N 1) Al'ARTMENTs7 UNFlrR.Nislf. ed, to respectable parties uuly; private house. Just opened. 21 Bond st. r p UK APART ME NT IIO i SE. I2??. 12M. 13D EAST 24rtl J it., just completed; a lew desirable Milts unrooted.csn now ue viewed; every room light; ventilation, steam heat, Ac.. Ac.; moderate prices. Apply at the premises or to HORACE S ELY. 22 I'ine st. Third floor to lktTti> a u all family of adults : belli. Ac ; possession. 127 East 27th st. rpiilRD FLOOR, rtVR ROOMS, $35; ALL MTROTL A menta; family private. No. 35M East 44th St. O LET?LOWER PART OF PRIVATE lit.USKUa 150 East (15th St., near Lexington av.; fine location. rpo LET?TWO FIRST CLASH FLATS, ALL MODERN 1 improvement#. No. 71 Lexington av., between 2 >th and 2t)th sis. fO~LET~filK LOWER PART OP PhTvaTB MOUSE 235 East 3oth st., near 3d av., to a email launly. TO LET?LOWER PART OF fTkSFF" CLASS HOURB 246 West 21st ft., eight rooms; nil improvements; ex cellent neighborhood: owner on premises; Immediate pos session. rpo LKT?I.N A FlNE PRIVATE HOURS, THE FAR* A lor lloor. will *11 improvements; lor a smell family; relit, $17. 23.i East 77th st. TO LET?FRENCH FLATS, No 276 KaST 77TH ST.. between 1st aud 2d avs. ; nine very large rooms on each Boor and the finest Improvement#; house I* 25 feet trout, brown stone; prices trora $25 to $40, unit t nam* wnth good references will inquire of L. HKLDNKR. corner Bowery end llond at. rpo LET?ON KASTKRN^HO. LKVAKiTanD ?2|TstT. A beautiful Flats, with all modern Improvements; Parlor and Hssemeni lor $35. rpt) LET-TO AN~AMERICAN'FaMILY? UPPER PART A and back Basement, $361). Inquire at 145 Suffolk st. fpo~LBT?IN A llEAITli LL BROWN STONE HOUSE, A 811 West 50th st.. near Sth sr.. the ?mire Second Floor and two Rooms on third flour, flreecoed an.I paint d, and ail In first olaas order, with privilege of bevBtwem; rent $40 per Rtfilh I KFl It.VIMHKU ROOMS VKO APART 3U5STS TO LET. T?b'?%t ~u^y: T,111{" PLUOR OF HOUSE NO. aii wnt?rclut ..n it * family; tlx room., with quire a? ?bo?I" ?r' * *** " r?"tuired; ronl ifa >. In T(V!;rn'r,!rV,Mf M:u~Hl"??'%'?- ??x on w. convenience aVrLrt.V' It*u ' cl'""1 de?ir*bl. Klwtw, ever/ wnvcniewce. at reduced rem Apply .t 473 UM ?v, iSLSFfiSf 4?D 'ASBIIKNT. 7 K( )< i M >, ? "'?"'??coBd Plmir flcorooriu. $21): improvementa. ? WILLIAM BALFOUR, !,& I ! m T?.tfjffr??-a*1> *?>? rooms. front pIm <>f keep*'*474^0 "'"5!'^"d w"*' '"r li-'1" hoiue - "that.. II..r -Oth at. Owner on proiul.r. Tl\y *St no .?a?? V"JKS TO<ikther OR KKPARAT8 N"1 raaasgsar ayjg.?gass TU|,u"~j'ili"? ^,,Ult 0t' A IIH.-r CLASS S^uyv???nt iTrk *" *W Ea" 1?. .... near T\W-* ,1'AHLOK floor. tiiukk rooms, n!'.*niVu'"vv : ";'iVUU"''?UM '?*?"?? &*?!.. T''. .oKT~"""O" ?Uf. U68T BOOMS. OA* T? ^ET?-TO A FAMILY OF ADULTS PART OF llitlii liuB?' occ*it pietHiy utajr* 4M'h ,U : U,"dcrn ""Pavement.; rPtJ. LKT?A FLAT OF lo KOOMS ALL 1 KIIIT ?.?ut^i;i"t';oto^n,v,,?,Ld ev#ry ioodirn lu;,,ruvo: K CRAWFORD, U.V1 :iU ?v. T'n ctorTent'iwiT1' ?K F',)Ul{, KOOMS; SEPARATE 233 wit 33d ?. per muntl'- 'usuir. uu premleee. No. TU, FRENCH FI .ATS. WITH WINDOWS IV AI f ?Se mjncr>tc? w! qtli HV., corner 30th ?t. T?M^LT?" KLOOR- ?? ROOMB; $23. 412 ffO LET?ENTIRE UPPER PART OF A FOUR STORY cluilvo'imo of^ Uri'w" !t""" Hou.e, threo hour*, with ex L-xIn/tun .mi 4th ,1", ' tMl j4lU " ? ,,elweuu IJNv ^LITS OF ROOMS ARE NOW" ay. nml 13th ai in.l!' " '.J1! Lenox House, corner of 5th ?V. anu tola ?t., .1 by nay in the cliy. W. H. ALMS. U'Viix roim!1^ ?}AJ *?>; LET?KKl.'ONII FLOOR poiltc ' 7 W ekl 3,1|U ?'? L,quire .No. 3iKi, op 1 TNFUKXISHKO.-lOWKR PART PRIVATE HROWN ? mill'y" neir'ly'done'rrvw?' 4n".' " ? "ear ?ro?Uw?y. to ..n.'I d.t.p.Vo.utinyjdyT7d?vAribr*"e^,>fur*,nea',; ,Ur0B "ar,ur^ jk!"}/) 1*KK MONTH.?LOWER PART OP HOUSE ?*? ? XH Kli-ITY PLACE.?MCE ROOMS TO dSteWCSSJ-?*? M Bro?dwny, at. Clouil lIoteL ?* 8UJ*' 1-4''4 11 a ka-it 1-mTst~ ' REAR atm av-parloiw toi^UaS,j^^.V,reo "O0U" U" ,'Ur'J ,lu"r' 1 ?7 room.' wn'rLtcLT'irRThl^/,!),'r>! clnV'u ,T?Th? ^:aedluquir. Tor l?A ? 802 ,VVK?Tl,:^T.H ?W1KHT FLOOR AND BASE". r.:^ "Vi. 'r;!: 20th ?t. db.UUS.8AI bth ?v., kuuthivost curucr of EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS. QI.VA,,,, ETMCt Wo,: IV fT-cffi ?' the your. " ?P*ci?c oour.e fur .11 .ensons of Boi?o'iE*erMiiihig^ f^merid Uu?f 'i "o t'It"* * York "r to the north of 43 uleMaun ?r80 ?t<a??tltudc, or nothing S'rfS? JSteif " M - SEW YORK KOK M VKRI'OOL AND QL'EE.Vfi ^ | M- }0 lAoin .UVM^,'?t^u?Vtt^Vr:, T.I"f""* "y *8t Ir Rl'tUrD tk>et" "? 'tvo'rnb o'term, 'K '? *C" P- t-HAWLEM u. t RA.VCKLYN. A?unt. ASSENUKRS PER STEAMSHIP ABYSSINIa Vw* v L*-'ti PS ' whurf. loot of tlriliid ?t Jor?v ?u..y, OJU A. M. on Wi-dncednv. April 21). IN7B * 8r<*Y ?v A"4EM O KUaNCKLY.V. - * Howling (ir.-en. New York. "M"ew youk and London "" A1 REUCLAR AND DIRECT STEAM wvoov L'OM ML NIDATIONS, A* EtLR\ ALTERNATE SATURDAY ELYSIa {'rntM ?t',1.ti-{i-?'INE" sIA, LTOIIa, AUSTRALIA AND AN'OLIA. #. i, comuienclnir Snturd.y, April 28. ^ Cabin. $?>.>, currency ; ateeriiffe. $2H, n ?j vTr^J1 F?.r'* to nil points lit lowest tut*? HENDERSON BROS.. A U li N TS, 7 BOWL J NU GREEN NAKA?,FoKdTrZMcti'IKRtl 44 AND 47 itaty roR^JuKKN^trow?'m?d'mVERPOOL* Imm AV:JJ: | IhvSlWn' ??%? I A? Ann!* irVh* "" ?' "P*"?. ?? eurr. nl p, iJis Apply at the company', office, UU Broadway E. W. J. lit Rat. Manager. Most direct and kconomic route to Hol land, BELGIUM, TUE RHINE, SWITZERLAND, At'.. At!.. VIA ROTTERDAM. Steamer ('.ALAND April 37 Steamer SCHOLTKN May 11 There beautiful steamers, carrying the United ,-tstes mail to the Nethurlantii, are trreat favorites with tiie public. Trip' regular, ratea low; cotulurt and living uerfacl. For Height. For nasaaxe. FURCH, EDYK A CO. L. W. MORRIS, .'><> Broadway. C> RKAT WESTERN STKAMSIIII* LINK. T TO 1IRISTOL (KNiil.AND) DIRECT, sailing from pier 18 hint River a? billow* AKAGON. Symonds Saturday. May 0 CORNWALL. Stamprr Cabin passage. $7.i; intermediate. $4S; steerage. WO, cur rency ; excursion tickets. $130: prepaid steerage certllicatea, Apply to W. D. MOIL.AN, Agent, 10 South st. UNITED ST A TrS~M AIL LIN K ?ST K A M TO gUEENS TOWN AND LIVERPOOL, sailing every TUESDAY, from pier 48 North River. WISCONSIN.May '2.1 P. M. i IDAHO May 30. 11 A. M. WYOMING May 10.11 A. M I U ISOoNSIN June 13,10A.M. Cabin, <6.1, #70 and $SO, currency. Intermediate. $4"; steerage. #Jli. Passengers booked to and from Paris, Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, Ac. Drafts on Ireland, Knglaud, Krauce and Ger many at luweal rates. WILLIAMS k OUION, 30 Broadway. 0 NLY DIRECT LINK To PRANCE. TUE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMERS RK I'll KEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CALLING A I PLYMOUTH (U. 11.). for the landing of passi ngcs. The splendid vessels ou this lavurite route for the Con tinent tbeiiig more southerly than any other) will sail troiu pier No. 43 North River, as follows:? KKANCK iTrudelio) Tuesday, May '2 ?PKRBiRE |Daure) Saturday, May? CAN ADA (Frantteul) Saturday. May 13 PRICK OP PASS AO 8 IN lluLl) (Including wine) ;? First cabin, #110 to $lJO according to accoiiiuiudationa second, .-?72 Third cabin, $RJ. Return tickets at reduced rates Steerage, #38. with antieriur accnmniodatinns. Including wine, bedding and utensils, wit bout extra charge, steamers marked thus * do not carry steerage passengers. ,Ol'IS DK HKBI AN, Agent, So Broadway. 1 CJTATE LINE. SI NEW YoRK TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL DUBLIN, BELFAST AND LONDONDERRY, tram pier 4'J North Rivor (foot ol Canal st.) as follows:? STATE OP VIRGINIA Thursday, May 4 STATE OP INDIANA Thuiaday. Mar 18 STATE OP PENNSYLVANIA Thursday, Juna 1 mid every alternate Thursday thereafter. First cabin, #HO, $70and WO; return tickets, #130. Second cabin. $4.7; re turn ttckote. $so. Stoerago at iowest ratea Apply to AUS TIN BALDWIN A CO.. Agent., No. 73 Broadway. N. Y. Steerage passage office. 4-7 Broadway. HA MB U KG A ME R ids" PACKET COMPANY'S LINE for PLYMOUTH. CHERBOURG and HAMBURG. PiiMMKRA.MA April 37 I LEssING May 11 GOETHE May 4 | WIKLAND May IB Kales of passage to Plymouth, London, Cherbourg, llaut burg and all points in England, Scotland and Wales;? Cabin, Itrst saloon, gold $100 Cabin, accond saloon, gold 00 Steerage, currency 30 KUNllAKDT A CO., C. B RICHARD k BOAS. General Agents, General Passenger Agunts, 61 Broad St., New Y'ork. 01 Broadway. New York. rD~ STAR LINE" " Appointed to carry the Belgian and United Statei mailt, the following steamers are appointed to tall :? FOR ANTWERP. Prom Philadelphia. VADKRLAND April .1 NEDERLANU May If PROM ANTWERP For Phllndelpbl NRDERLAND April .4 VADKRLAND May 1.7 Prom New York. KKNILWOKTH April 8 SWITZERLAND Hay 3 For New York. SWITZERLAND April ? KENILWORTH Hay 3 PRICKS OF I'AS.-A IK IN CURRENCY Klret Cabin $00 I Second Cabin fOO Steerage ticket! to and Irotu all points at the lowest ratea Passenger accommodations tor all classes unsurpassed. For passage^ rates of freight and other information apply to PKTKK WRIGHT k SONS. General Agents, 307 Walnut St., Philadelphia. GEORGE W. COLTON, .3 Broad st.. New York. JOHN MCDONALD, Passenger Agent, No. S Battery place. New York. I N.MAN LINE-MAIL STEAMERS. FOR yt'KEN-TOWN AND LIVERPOOL CITY O* CHESTER Saturday. May 0. at 3 P. M. CITY or RICHMOND .Saturday, May 13. at 0:30 A. M. CITY OF BERLIN Hatnrday. May 37,at 0:30 A. H. From pier 4.7, North River. Cabin passage. and $ll>i, gold. Steerage. $3*. currency. Drafts issued at lowest rains. JOHN G. Dale, Agent. 1.7 and 33 Bro Iwav V V, 0* DONOVAN Koss a s STKAMBHIP AND RAILROAD Passage Offire ?Steamers every day: Cork, IJverpool, Glasgow, Derry; Drafts payable everyw ere. O'DONOl IN KOBSA'S Hotel. 183 Chatham equare. CIOOK'S INTERNATIONAL TOURIST TICKETS?TO J ell parts of Europe and America at reduced ratea, do not reqnire their holders to travel in parties. "Cook's Ex cursionist," lor April, price in cents, contains fares Tor up ward ot Look European tours. Cook, BOM A JKNK1N8, Ml Broadway, New York. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS. ,rIIITK oTAK LINE. FOR OUEENSTOWN AMD LIVERPOOL. tYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL A CARRU. t he steamers ol 1 Ihh line take the l.uue Routes recuse meuded oy Llautaniuit Maury. I . t\ X., going south of llu Bunks oo the passage to Queeustuwu all I lie y ear round. ADRIATIC April lilt, at 9:90 A. Mr BALTIC... May 6, at 3 P. M. GERMANIC May JO, at J P. 2 CELTIC June 3. at J P. 2 From White Star Docks, piwtJ North River. Rates?haloon, $i*i aud fltsi. iu gold; return tickets o* reasonable terms. Utevracv. $2*. Haloou, staterooms. smoking and bath room* are place! amidships, where the noiae and motion are least, affording I degree ol couilort hitherto unattainable at sea. For inspection of plane und other lut'oitualion apply at tht company a odice, 37 Broadway, New Vork. It. J CORTIst, Agent. NCUOK LINK. "" " * CARRY I Nil THE L'JflTKD STATES MAIL NEW YORK AN1> GLASGOW. A I.SATI A Sails Saturday. April JO. at lO A. M, AN'CHOKIA Sails Saturday, May ti, at JP M CALIF'OKNIA bails Saturday. May 13, atS:30A. SC" EllUOl'lA Sails Saturday, May u. at 3 P.M. TO liLASi.tiW, LIVERPOOL, LONDONDERRY yUEENSTOWN OR BELFAST. Cabin, $"5 t<> $so. currency, according to accommodation. INTERMEDIA iF-. $35; Stealage, #2* Drafts IsMiird for any amount at current rates. HENDERSON BROS., Agents, No. 7 Bowling Oreeu. ORIS GERMAN LLOYD. ? ~ STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NEW YORK. SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN. Company's pier, foot of 2d St., Hoboken. WESER fat.. April 2# | DONAU 8at., May 13 MOREL Sat.. May tl | K1IEIN Sat , May 2C Rates of passage from Now York to Southampton, Havn "Vlrst'cabln, 3100, gold; Second Cabin, $60, gold; Bdim age, #30, currency. Return tickets at reduced rates. Prepaid steerage certittcutes. #32, currency. For iroight or passage upply to OEi Rlt'lls A CO., No. 2 Bowling green. TlflLSON LITIS FOR ROUTIIAMPTON AND HI'LL TT sailing from pier .'St North River, as follows:? HINDOO May til COLOMBO Jane I NAVAKINO May 20 | OTHELLO June 11 First cabin, $70. currency; second cabin, $4.'), currency; Excursion tickets on very favorable tenua Through tirkett issued to Continental and Baltic ports. Apply for full pais tic u I lira to CHARLES L WRIGHT A CO.. 56 South at. IT! U ROPE AN TRAVELLERS WILL FIND TRUNKS 'j for state rooms and Continental travel. Chairs lor the steamer*. Coiu Purses, Ac., Ac., at JOHN OATTNACU'8, 736 Hrnadway. ' Nc COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS. FA V AM A TRANSIT STEAMSHIP COMPANY. FOR SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA AND PACIFIC PORTS, via Isthmus of Panama. Sailing from pier 13 Nortli River. FOR PANAMA AND 3AN FRANCISCO, via Strait* of Magellan. Steamer GEOROIA SATURDAY, May 6 FOR ISTHMUS OF PANAMA AND SOUTH PACIFIC PORTS, via Aspiiiwnll. Steamer READING SATl KDAY. May 6 (freight only) FOR SAN FRANCISCO AND PACIFIC PORTS, via Isthmus ot Panama Steamer CRESCENT CITY SATURDAY, May 20 For freight or passage apply to W. P. CLYDE A CO.. No. (J Bowling Green. P~ ACinC MAIL 8TEAMSHI? LIN K. ' FOR CALIFORNIA. JAPAN. CHINA. AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND. BRITISH COLUMBIA. AC., AC., ?ailing from pier foot ot Caunl St., North River. FOR fAN FRANCISCO VIA ISTHMUS OF PANAMA COLON Tuesday. May 2. 12 noon connecting for all Ceiurat American and South Pacini ports. FROM SAN FRANCISCO TO JAP.VN AND CHINA. GREAT REPUBLIC May 1 FROM SAN FRANCISCO To VICTORIA, PORT TOWNS END. tacoma. Portland, ao? ac., on the 11Kb, 2i>th and 30th of every month. F'or freight or passage apply at loot of Canal st.. North River. 11. J. BULLA Y. Superintendent. SiTAR BALL LINK. 5 UNITED STATES AND BRAZIL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, sailing monthly from Watson's w harf, Brooklyn, N. Y. for PARA, PERN AM S UCO, BAIIIA and KIO JANEIRO calling at St. John's, Porto Rico. JOHN BRaMALL, Monday. May 15. J. 1). WALKER, Thursday, June 15. Passenger accommodations Ur-t class. For freight and passage, at reduced rates, apply to J. S. TUCKER A CO.. Agents, 54 Pine st. InOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. 1 THE CROMWELL LINE. The steamship KNICKERBOCKER. Captain Kemble, on SATURDAY, April 20, at 3 o'clock P. M., front pier No. 0 North River. Through hills of lading given to Mobile and all princes ' points on the Mississippi River. Cabin passage, ?50; steer ago. $2"'. Apply to C L A R K A SE A M A N, 86 West sL Y? HAVANA AND MEXICAN MAIL S3. LINK, N. Steamers leave pier No. 3 North River at 3 P. M, Ili for Havana direct. CITY OF MEXICO Tuesday, May 1 CITY OF VERA CRUZ Thursday, May 4 FOR VERA CRUZ AND NEW ORLEANS, via Havana. I'rngreso, Campuuchy, Tuspan and Tampico, CITY OF MEXICO Tuesday, May# F'or freight and passage apply to F. ALEXANDRE A SONS, 31 and 33 Brokdway. Steamers will icuve New Orleans May 7 and May 28 for Vera Cruz and ail other ports. NEW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT KAIL LIME.? These first calss steamships will sail at 3 P. M. front pier 13 North River .foot of Cedar at,, for Havana direct, at follows COLUMBUS Thursday, April 27 WILMINGTON Tuesday, May 9 For freight nud passage, having unsurpassod accommoda tions, apply to WM. P. CLYDE A CO.. No, 6 Bowling Green. McKELLER LULING A CO., Agents in Havana. fjpKXAS LINE FOR GALVESTON, TOUCHING AT KEY J. West, carrying the United States mail.?The steamer STATE OF TEX A.-, Captain Bulger, will sail on Saturday, April 29, at 3 P. M., from pier 20 East River. Through bills of lading given to all points on the Houston and Texas, Central International and Great Northern, Galveston, Hous ton and Henderson, and the Galveston, llarrisburg and San Antonio Railroads. Freights mid insurance at lowest rates. For Ireight or passage, having superior accommo dations, applv to ti. H. M VLLORY A CO., 153 Maiden lane, or W. p. Clyde, iu ? Rnwitng aw? ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FLORIDA?WEEKLY LINH to Port Royal, S, C,; F'ernaudlna. Fla.; Brunswick! Uu.: sailing everv Thursday, front pier JO East River. Th? steamer ASHLAND, Captain Croweli, will sail Tiiurs. day. April 27. at 3 P. M . fur Fernandina and Port Koval Through tickets issued to all points in Florida. F'or freight or passaga apply to C. H. MALLORY A CO., or HERMAN GELPCKE, 153 Maiden lane. OLD DOMINION STEAMSHIP COMPANY, Muilintc from pier 37 North River. For Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, Tuesday!. Thurs days and Saturday* at 3 P. M , connecting with the Virginia uud Toum-asae Air Line, Atlantic Coast Lino, Piedmont Alf Line, Chesapeake and Ohio Kivilroad, and with the com pany's steam lines to interior points in North Carolinaaud Virginia. Newborn and Washington, N. C. (via Norfolk), every Tuesday, Thursday ami Saturday. Leives, Dei., Monday and Thursday at 4 P. M., eonnectinf with Maryland and Delaware railroads. Passenger accommodations unsurpassed. Through passage tickets and bills ot lading to all points at lowest ratos. Insurance to Norfolk, Ac., L per cent. Freight received daily at pier 37 North ltiver. General offices, lal Greenwich at. N. L MoCREADY. President. VfORGAN'T~MNK OF STEAMSHIPS, ltl for New Orleans an I, I will sail every Saturday to New Orleans, transferring Texai : freight there to Morgan's Louisiana and Texas Railroad tol Morgan City, thence, per Morgan's line of steamers, to Texat 1 ports. The NEW YORK will sail from pier ltd Nortli River, New York, on Saturday, April 20, at 3 P. M? for New Orleani direct. Through bills oriading signed to Mobile, Galveston and t< all po.nts on the Galveston, iiurrisburg and Sun Antonlq i Houston mid Texas Central. International and Great North ern, Texas and Pacific and Traus-Cnntlnental railroads, ant to IndUnoln and San Antonio, and all points on the Otil( Western Texas and Pacific Railway. Ilrasoa Santiago. Cop ; pWeClvriitt. Rockport, St. .Mart'satnl Fulton. Freight tor St. Mary's and Fulton lauded at Kockport i Lighterage anil chanuel dues at either Corpus Christi a Brnxos Santiago ut the expense and risk of consignee. Through rates to Brownsville, via Rio Grande Railroad. Insurance can be effected tinder open policy off. A. Whit ney k Co.. New Orleans. From New York to New Orleani , per cent: from New York to all Texas ports via New Ol leans. \ per ceut, | Freight at lowest rates. For fretght or fnrther in form a Itlon apply to CHARLES A. WHITNEY A CO.. Agents, pier 36 North River. Halifax. n7&7and stT johns" n r. Cromwell lino, steamer* leave pier 10 North River, following day* at 3 ako'RGE WASHINGTON .Friday, April 29 GEoRBE CROMWELL Tueiiuv, May 8 For freight or passage appiy to CLARK A SEAM AN, HI ( West st TRAYELLEar Ol'lOifl. " "k ? REGULAR CATSKILL LINE UP THE CREEK Ai also for Htuyvesnnt and intermediate landing* steamer NEW CHAMPION, from Canal St., Tuesday. limn day and Saturday: steamer McXANUri, Mouday, WednM day and Friday, from Leroy it., at U P. M. LB ANY.?PEOPLE'S LINK. STEAM BO NTS LKAVJ pier 41 North River, daily, Sunday- excepted, at 6 P, ! >i., f?r Albany and all point* North mid West. (CITIZENS' LIN 1 iflAMIK> AT S Ft>R TROT"AN D~ALL J point- Northeast and West, leave dally, except Satur day, at 6 P. M., front pier ID North River F~ ALL RIVER LINK To BOSTON, via Newport and Fall River. The world renowned Steamboats BRISTOL and PROVIDENCE leave pier 2l Nortli River, foot of Murray st.. daily. >uudayt excepted, at 3 P. M Through tickets sold at all the principal hotels II I the city. OLD EtfTAJBLIBHBD LINE FOR STUYVKSA.Vr,^AT9 kill and inlermedi.ito landing*.?Steamer Andrei lla-der. from Franklin st. (pier 3ft), Tuesday. Thunday am Saturday; steamer Monitor, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3 P. M. DKNNSYLVANiA RAILROAO" ; X GREAT TRUNK LINK AND UNITED STATES MAIL ROUTE. | Trains leave New York, via Detbrossei and Cortland* : street ferries as follows:? Express mr lUrrishurg, Plttshurg, the West and Soutn, w Ith Pullman palace cars attached. 9:30 A. M., 0 and s :*u P. M. Sunday, tl and 9 :3u P. M. For Willlamsport. Lock Haven. Corry and Erie, at P:'I0 A. M. and S:3t) P. M.. connecting at Oorry for Tituaville, Petroleum Centre and the oil regions. For Baltimore, Washington and the Snath. "LI tilted Wash ingtnii Express" of Pullman parlor cars dally (except Sunday). 9:30 A. M., arrive Washington 4:10 P. 'M. Kegu lar at H :4D A. M,, 3 and 9 P. M Sunday. 9 P. si. xpress for Philadelphia, 7, 7:30, H:4<), ?;3i A. M..12 '0 3, 4, 4:1". 5,6. 7, 9:311. 9 P. M. and 12 night. Sunday, 3 6, 7. H:3<) and 9 P. M. Emigrant and second class 7 P ju For trains to Newark, Elisabeth, Kabwsv, Princeton, Tren ton. Perth Atiiboy, Flemlngton, He:vhlere and other points, see local schedules at all ticket offices :7nr"m,A,|i!^ur& ,i V' "n(1 M. and IDA) P. M. daily: 10:1.3 A. M and 6: O P. M. dally, ex on ni M iitiile* I- antii Uf o.kl.. ? ? ? ... ' ....? P. M. Ticket Offices. 626 and 944 Broadway. No. 1 Aster Hone*. and loot of Oesbromes and Cortlandt sis.; No. 4 Court H.. Km9r?nt'il!tM ,.m w l,s "udson St., iloboken. Kmifcrftnt ticK< t ??fiict*. No. H UtUcrv dIicl* FRANK THOMSON, dVhi.YD. Jr.. iiencml M*niff. lien. Agont' PHILADELPHIA, VIA LONO BRANCH AND Till f~ i.i.i,'n.i I 7 S?u,^#r". Railroad. Fare from New York liiil v- Pv J",,ly commencing March 13. is7tt ?t uufSi / *? ?>..,r "? River, toot of heetot !,* i, w'i0' Elilladelptiia, Vineland and Tomi L-Ehtlad-lphla, Tuckerton and Tomi IUT*r' IV S. sNKIieA, General Manege* L'TONINGTOX LINE KOIt BOSTON, ,. Induction of Fit re. nuidawh"I"1 * A HRAGAM9ETT, frot. pur Jiortli Kfver, font of ,l*y Ht,.?t 5 P. M. r- ? i ? Provfdenco l.ior, * North Hirer, loot of Fork pltc*. KfcKCXAA tad (iAitAlaA, at * *0 P. l? -- r r

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