Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1876, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1876 Page 5
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Speculative Stocks Somewhat Firmer?i New Deal by One of the Telegraph Companies. GOLD 113 1-3 A 113 5-8. Money on Call 2 1-2 and S Per Cent? Invest ment Securities Heavy?Railway Bonds a Trifle Firmer and Govern ments Steady. Vail Street, 1 Tr?*DAY, April 26?0 P. M. i The temper of the Stock Exchange la a veritable JEoloa, and blows hot or cold on tho least provocation. For a week past wo have had the wind from the east ward, chilling and depressing, and the tender plant of speculation was blighted by Ita touch?to-day it breathea upon tba market "like the sweet Sontb," and everything springs into life again. Which la to say that stock gumblers havo left off coppering and are playing their cards to win. Possibly because they think that tho continuous tall bos nearly exhausted the pack and left only a "turn" in the box?a turn whlrh must necessarily bo In tho way ot higher price*. So betting to-day has boon upou the three ease cards of Lake Shore, Western Union nnd Pacific Mail, and deal ers who were olever enough to back them to win bavo reaped their profits. Although tho entire market participated In the Im. provemeut which was iustigated by tbe stocks we have named, the bulk of transactions waa confined to the abovo specialties Pacific Mail took the lead, opening at 20, and almost wlihont a drawback selling up to II at tho close; hake Shore aud Western Union fol lowed at a respectful dlstanco, the extremes of tho formor being 60 and 68,t? and of the latter M and 09% > though lioth fell olf per cent at the close. In spite of tho hostile attitude of the Panama road and the industriously circulated stories of attach ments against the steamship property, dealers begun to doubt whether thero was not moro Jobbing than jus tice In tbn nr-ivoedings, and that, ixtsslbly, thero might be "some M-o in fv> old dog yet," which the approach, ing election- and tho money advances made by Uould In the extremity of a few days since might fan into new vigor. For tho present a reprieve has been granted, at least, and the hideous tiguro of a receiver er a bankruptcy court aro withdrawn from view. There waa nothing new to alTect the prtoe of Western Union and Lake Shore and they simply benefited by tbe reflected beaut of the shining 'Ight of Pacific Mall. The coal stocks participated In tho Improvement, Hula s-arc nnd tackawnnn* closing at 100% and Jersey Cen tral at 96>,, though, both oould bo purchased at a con cession ol one per cent on a sixty day option, a proposi tion that showaa doubt of these "bench diamonds" be. Ing tbe pnre gems which past dividends bavo claimed tbem to bo and suggesting the suspicion that tboy may be pasto aftor all. Michigan struggled up half a point or so, hot trans actions arc now limitod, now that tbe Hub of tbe Universe has bespattered New York Innocents reserved for slaughter on some future day. The 81 Paul stock <td not escape the good feeling which pervaded the general market, and under Its Influence regained a portion of yesterday's loss, though dealings wero not marked by any notable animation. There Is not much reliance placed upon to-day's rise as being gltted with staying properties; still, a fair amount of strength was exhibited, particularly In fttce of the rumors which prevailed concerning the state of Commodore Vanderbilt's health, whloh is said to be far from satisfactory to hla friends. OPENING, HIGHEST AND LOWEST PEICCS. The following tablo shows the opening, highest and lowest prices of the day:? Opening. Highn*. Lowest New York Central 112 V 112V 112X Harlem 1"" 137 137 Crio 1?K 1?* . 16* Lake Shoro 6.V-, 66 V MS Wabash 3 ? 2* Northwestern MS 40',' 99V Northwestern preferred... 39 39 S9 Rock Island 103* 103?^ 103^ 1'ltlsburg ?3 S 93* 93 X Milwaukee and 9t. I*aut... 3" V 38;,' .17* Milwaukee and SL Paul pf.. 83 '?? 64 V 63*4 Ohio and Mississippi 10,, 16 V 1"?. Now Jersey Contral 9-"?* 97 90S Pol., Lack, and Westorn.. 105 X 107 105 V Union Pacific 64 04 04 &, C. and L C 4* 4* 4 V Western Union 60 60S 06 Atlantic and PacificTeL ... 18 20 18 Pacific Mall 20 21 * 19?< Panntna - 128* 120* 128 V micas?sr.a. Pacific Mall.... 21* a 21* Mil a ft I* pf.. 64 a r4* West I n Tsl... OnC a t??; C.C.C* 1 ... tn a 52 AM A Fae TeL. 19* ? -? C. LAIC 4k a *\ Qulekullver.... 10 a 17 Pet. L A W ...t?i?S a 10,.* LaicSntlvur pf. :2 a 24 Kiie 15* a 10 liar Land Jt M 7 a 8 Han A Pt Jo... 15V a IBV Marl. ?* pf. 7k > 0 H A St .Jo pf. . 24 a 25 Po? Wat Power 7\ a 9 Lake Shore.... 56V a 50V Adam> ha HO a 10-* M leh Central.. 53 V a 521, American Ex. flo* a 0' N Y A llarlem.137 a l:s I H Kx 071, a 09 N Y C A 11 R.. 112V s 112V Wella-KarioKx Art* a A7 X J Pen 96 a 9' Chic A AH.. Oo * 99* Ohio A Minn.. i6f? a IrtV <le*API??v Kl\ a n4* Panama JiW* a ISO CbleAMW.... P9* a 40 Tol A Wah 3* Chic A N W pi. 59 a 59U Union Pacific.. < 3V a 64 ClileA K 1.... 11*3*7 a 103* Miwourl Pac 13V a <4 M11 A St I* 38V a 3.0.S Prod A Pet Co.. 11 IS 111V ADTARCl AKD DRC1JXK. The following are the changes since the closing prices yesterday Advaxcb.? Atlantic and Pnciflc preferred, XI Atlan tic and Pacttlc Telegraph, 1* t Delaware, Lackawanna and Wesicru, *; Krie, *; l.ake Shore. V; Michigan Central, *; North western, * j preiorrod, X; New Jer sey Central, 1; Pacific Mail, IX; Itock Island, jg; St. Paul, X, da prefesred, *; Western Union, *. Dmuxr. ?Wabash, X i Ohio aud Mississippi, %; Illi nois Central, L Statioxary Producers' and Petroleum, Now York Centrul, U, C., C. and L, C., C. and I. C., 8k Joseph common and preferred, Harlem, Missouri Pacific, Panama, Quicksilver, Union Pacific and gold. THS MONSV MARKET. Money was freely supplied on call at 2* and 3 per tent. Primo paper Is discounted at 4 and 6 per cent. The following were the rales of exchange on New York at the undermentioned elties to day:?Sarannali. un changed; Charleston, 1-16 a X premium; Cincinnati Terr firm, 100 premium; New Orleans, commercial 132, bauk .*; Chicago par, and 8t. Louis 50 premlnm. Sterling exchange was firm. Prime asking rates, 4.8.8 a 1.90. Selling rates, 4.86* s 4.87* And 489*. Reich marks, 95k, a 95* and 95* " 96*- Cables, 00*. Prime Pans, 6.14* and 5.11*. raonrca kxports. The exports of produce from this port for the week ?nding to-day were $4,582,548, agalnat $3,902,240 for the corresponding week in 1875 and $7,295,229 In 1874. The total exports of produco from ths port since Jan. oary 1, this year, were $78,988,895, against $76,271,507 for the corresponding period In 1873 and $90,828,911 IB 1874. TRX OOLn MARK sr. Gold rtpenod at 112* and closed at 112V, sll the sales of the day baring been at those figures The rates paid for carrying were 1, 2, IX sod 3 per tent Loans were also made flat. orEMatioxs or Tint <;oi.r> sxriusos baxr. Sold balances $1,372,940 lurrency balances 1,697.956 Gross clearances 29,616,000 ci.kari.mi uouaa statkiirxt. Currency exchanges $60,142,467 Currency balances 8,438,208 Gold exchanges 8,869.100 Gold balances 559,700 GOVRRXMRXT BOX US. Government bonds closed firm at tho following quo tations:?United Slate* currency sixes, 126 a 127; da ua, 1981, registered, 121V a 121V t do- do-, da, coupon, 122X a 122/,; da do., 1805, registered, 115 a 115X; do. da, do., coupon, 118V * 11?*; da da, do., new, registered, 119 a 119V; do. d&, da, coo pou, 119 a 119>?; da do., 1867, registered, 121V A 121V; do da, da. coupon, 121V A 121V; do. da, 1868, registered, 122V a 123; do. do., da, coupon, 122V a 123; do. ten forties, registered, 117V a 118; da da, coupon, 118V a 119; da five*, 1891, registered, U7V a 117V; do. do., do , coupon, 118V a 119. The business in this department la unusually large. No order giving tho terms of the Treasury sale of $5,883,060 gold day alter to morrow has yet been posted ;n the SBb Treasury, the lull attention ot that office being required to pay out stlter. It Is under stood, however, that the gold to be then sold will be de lirered as follows:? $2,OOU.UOU on ihe day of reonylag proposals if desired by the purchaser or purchasers, or mm put tne?eof u be or tbey may wish. If not on that day, 12,000,000 on the following day and 11,000,000 on each succeeding day nnttl the whole amount la de livered. m aitvnn crtnnnrr. A apeolat daapatch from Washington to an evening paper aaya> Complalate have reached here that at aotne of the anb-treaaurlee fractional currency la still paid out tor legal tender noioa and at otbera it it reluaed. Treasurer New said to day that there was nothing In the law which prohibited bins from paying out fractional cur rency not received iu exchange for silver the same aa > heretofore, and that It would be done In small amount* at all tb* aub-treaauriei. There is about $700,000 worth > of fractional currency on band here which can lie paid out. Mr. New said, however, that be would al'ow it to 1 be paltl out only in limited quantities. Information | reached Treasurer New to-day that the Assistant Treat- i urer* at Chicago and Cincinnati have been paying out silver in exchingo lor nous contrary to law. 'Nothing ; has yet been Cone In the matter, but thcao officers will j undoubtedly hoar Iroiu tha department. U At I. ROAD BOKDB. Railroad bonds were quiet and generally higher. | The changes were aa follows:?An advance ot \ per cent In Pittsburg, Port Wayne and Chicago firsts, % per I cent In Chicago, Burlington and Qutncy eights, Chi- i cago and Northwestern ooosolldated coupon gold bonds, Morris and Essex firsts, Michigan Central sevens, Milwaukoe and 8b Paul, 7 3-10, Union Pacific land grants and Columbus, Chicago and Indiana Central firsts; X per oent tn Louisville and Naahvtlle consoli dated, '08, and Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Michigan firsts; a decline of )4 P*r cent in Morris and Essex first consols. )4 per cent in Milwaukee and St. Paul, I. and M. division, and North Missouri firsts, and % per oent in Central Pacific gold bonds. The following were the closing quotations fbr Pacific Railroad bonds :*-Uni<>n Pacific firsts, lhtt?al04\; L'ulon Pacific land grants, 100 a 100.V ; Union Pacific sinking funds, 01 \ a 02; Central Puctflcs, 106a 106)4. TUB VOatlOX UARtBT. The London advices report consols steady and Ucitod States bonds strong at an advance of )4 per cent for 1867's and ten-forties. The rate of discount in the open market for three months' bills Is still lower, coming at 1)4 per cent, or \ per cent bolow the bank rate. The tncrcaso In specie by the Imperial Bank of Germany for the past week was 9,084,000 marks. The following ere quotations at half-past four o'clock P. M.:-Consols for money, 96)4; da lor account, j 03)f; five-twenty bonds ol 1886, old, 103)4; do. do. 1887, 100)4; ten-forty bonds, 107; new fives, 106-4 a 108V? Erie, 14)4; da preferred, 23)4. Silver, 5S)4d. per oance. In Paris, five per cent rentes am 106f. 80c. for the account. Exchange on London, 26C 23)4a In Frankfort the Unitod States landed loan Is 102. STATX hosds. State bonds were steady for Now York State sevens, bounty loen, registered, and North Carolina sixes, old, to which dealings were confined. District Columbia three-slxty-fivos eold at 88)4, a decline of )4 per cent. TUX tlXlTXD STATU TRKASl'BT. The Assistant Treasurer paid out to-day $8,000 gold on account of Interest and $18,000 In redemption of five* twenty bonds Bank notes received for redemption to-day, $800,000; revenue receipts, $200,000; customs receipts, $401,000. mxiso stocks. The following are the late prlcos for mining stocks as reported by telegraph from San Francisco:? Consolidated Virginia 76 Crown Point 18)4 California 78 4 Yellow Jacket 26)4 Segregated Belcher.. 78 Alpha 62), Ophtr 68)4 Belcher 24)4 Chollar 00)4 Confidence 17)4 Savage 16*4 Sierra Nevada 16)4 Imperial (new stock). 4)4 Exchequer 17 Mexican 37 Overman 67)4 Gould A Curry 16)4 Justiee 26.14 Best* Belcher 48V Caledonia 0)4 Halo A Norcroee 62)4 ATLANTIC AHO PACiriO TBLKOHAPH. At a meeting of the directors of the Atlantic and Pa cific Telegraph to-day It was voted, In addition to re cent authorized extensions, to build a hue from New Orleans to Louisville and Cincinnati, thonco to lo dlanapolts, Torre Haute aod St. Loula; also a new line from Albany to Spriogfield and Greenfield; also trom Rye Beach to Portland and from Fall River to New Bedford. ?ILWACKXI AJfD ST. FACL. The Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul Railroad Com pany to-day reports Its oarntngs for 1875 and 1876, which compare with those of the preceding year as fol lowt:? 1874. 1875. 1875. Third week In April... $173,300 151.171 , 153.000 Month of April to date 477,000 433,852 445,001 January 1 to date 2,805,100 1.725,072 2,057,302 lacrosse over 1875 for the week, $1,820; for the three weeks. 111,130, and for tb? year, $361,400. Decrease Irom 1874 for the week, $20,300; lor the three weeks, $31,000, and for the year, $307,788. NOEKI8 AMD K.HHKX RAILROAD. The report for tbo year 1875, rendered by the Morris ?tad Esaet Company to tho New Jersey Secretary of Stale, seta forth that the road is leased to the Deist ware, Laokawanna and Western Company, which pays all the Interest and a seren per cent dividend on the atock; that the capital stock la $15,000,000, and the fnnded debt $18,112,000, making a total of $88,112,000; that the total earnings for the year were $4,340,350, the total expenses $2,087,456, and the set earnings $1,372,804 la 1875 and $1,204,888 In 1874. This $1,372,804 net earnings for last year had to meet an Interest ehsrge of $1,276,840 and rental dividends amounting to $1,4)50,000; making It quite clear that a deficit of $044,046 had to be mado good by the leasee. THIS PACIFIC RAILROADS. Eiernan'a Telegraphic News Agency furnishes the following:? Wasiiihotox, April 25, 1876. The Houso Judiciary Committee nave addressed com munications to ihe presldema of the Pacific railroads aaktog them to make, within ten days, proiiosals of the amount they are willing to deposit annually as a sink ing (and lor tho redemption of their bonds; also the amount they will pay annually on account of Interest advanced to the government. No proposition to take bark subsidy lands will be entertained by tho com mittee. The Ways and Means Committee this morning de elded to proceed on Thursday to the conclderation of the Funding bin MRWORAXDA. Tbo government purchased the following amoucta of silver bulHon in dan Francisco at the dates named:? March 25 - $230,075 April 3 477,664 April 7. 300,000 Total $1,016,730 The purchases arc understood to hare been mado on the baals of the price ol atlror lu London on the days named. English houses are buying ailvar In San Fran otero lor remittance to China direct. Tho Chinese gov ernment Is also reported to be making purchases of silver In San Francisco In consequence of the recent decline In price. NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE SALES Teas oat, April 25, 187& EF.F0UK CALL?10 A. II J10030 C8 5's, ItVfO, r. II77< ?'**1 *bs L ri A M 8. .V,) i*MMl MA 81' cen ? f... 8* 50> do >3 55< 5Dths Del A 11 Can.. 108 do c list Mleh Cen RR. ?3 52 30* do *3 ft.'.) 4Wl do 62 2nO do 55' MO do >3 6IT< l<*? do ?3 551 100 de 53 12<J0 do I 55? *10 do &U4 700 Mil A St P RR pt.. ' fW ? O West L'n Tel. .. >3 ?0 200 do 64' 000 do ??S' 0?" do 64' 2100 do *<6 100 Mil A Ht P KR..*3 37 100 do a CO 400 do 37 1 ISM) do 0?^ WM) do .. 371 to m do 66)4 101 do. I*? do ?'?N )"0 do 70H do h3 fi*>4 100 do 1800 do 88*4 HO Ohio A Mil. RR... H\V r A II !l RR HI', SOOChl A N W KK. ,s'< 000 Phc Mall Ml 20 100 _ do loo du b3 3o ltd) 00 e too do 10*4 "2"0 do 601I do bS 20 SMI do itjo do s IH?< 106 R J Ten RR ? Ml do 1*1 10 do 4*1 do 2u)4 10O do 20lJ 2'Ml do 20 U 10 ? 1'Ml do e 30', toil d." *3 f?)Z tin do *8 atiM 3>MiDel.L A W RR... HOC .*MI do t>3 i'OA, 4<MI do 106 , H4TI do 2<>% 21M) do Ml HA lluO do 2<it IOI do 11* I3CMI do 2"S I'll do I HUH do VUj? SUM) do c I'M, 3UO do 2"1, 2Hi do Hail, 7UU do 2"J{ 2tC do I'M liMitrtoRK 15V 8 do I'M'; 2tM/C,CA I 0 RR...S 4*4 3U0 do IUU 100 l ot RR of M 14 10JS AMD 11:30 A. M. ltMXM) I.' 8 H'm. e.'SI.. 12214 t'COO do 12l< |n?l 0 8 5-20. ?. '05. II8M ItMM) do 121Q |l> AMI do 118 200 ')V !? 6'm, HI-441, t ll" . 11 law do II"1. Hxml silMi'.f .1." Il?'4 |. (lull 178 .-.'I.e. "H5.n. 118', 2.KMHI L'S .v*.e,'>l.b-e I IK ? 2i?MiC?5 2tl.e, M7 .. Ill', ItdMMMi do 1MJ4 30 m<0 do be lai'I 140MM) do 110 FIKSf HOARD?10:30 A. II. gOOO NTS 7*1, b 1,t.. HM^ l(M'?h? I'ae M Sri....#3 21'4 I25UO DM Col 3.85'i.. I'8?4 I4UI do 21 2000 X C I'M, J A J. 11 2<Mi liMMJH.C RA Mid . 41 IIMMI IIW do 41), 7imi do ll'4 IMMIC, M A 148V... 114 JSMI 2IM MMH do lldJb 17 ?? do 21), amldir 7' l(S> 21*1 At A I" Tel 2< MSi X mi* I'.l Mk. IM)? 20 Amu ItOlM AUPeoaWf. ? * 13000 do b? ? 10 Wells 5iii 21), ? |1 ( Km. HOW | do WiS ? FargoEm... Mfc [ 5000 CASWcrpb. 01 300 P.rl# RR. be IKOVorl Kihi lit 1181,' |(W \Vt 4(Wl) do..,. 119 In i <lo ? 1574 K?? 'MorAEJd llti lint bt 14 3XW MAE l.i. cuu IU7W 100 16 )'<**> Mich Ccii !??:??.* im do *8 13*4 :i??I.VIfh CfnH'i. .., ill ||JU Mich fan RH..b* 52', AW ' M * Si P 7 *-10. us |(M) do b3 2t*w Erie let 1 U>? a? do M HOW Ohio A Mia. 2d.. Bit |mi do bS S3 I'iw ecu Pac fold b. K?i*,' 100 do 531* WW) do lKi1, 100 do 32 Vj 10 it tone Dock ltd*. HIS 'I North OUW Norih Mo U?.bS US', 1KN. l'? far Kit lat. I"4 lOUt Cn Pac 7't. 1 g . 1<W loo do ft 5<in p. Fl W A C l.l 118V 50 Cler A Flit* (Ik o 93 o?UO C. C A 1 C let.. 4?u, 101) \ J Con Kit ...lie iw "? ? ?? ? v- ?*i.. , ii*i .1 a vbh nib . ..wr "" ?WH.ffl(i|,t,r?n Hit; I fit I, 8 A M S be &>% 111) >Tol A M'ah lit., sill, |h *i at &5)J l*?WT i W oon c?bl. ."1% 33ni do 50 101*1 St L A 1 Ml III.. H0J4 .VW do bS 501),' 2<*i' E T. Va X <?? l?t HI liWO do 56 C 8214 l TO .1 do aT 531, 55 aha Rank of Com.. 115 Hlti do 36V UO Waal uTll....b e ?'?O1. 3,W do.. 561* 400 ,lo aS 0)1*2 OIW do ?I0 36'4 400 do 061a 5iw do 56 S* ? wg O") do 06". WW do *1 IK 1300 do 061. **1 do bS 6H\ 3K) do .. 4014 361 do 06V 1?? do a30 39Y 1 I Ml .1. _ d .i-l' RAA A. QWt liai do m 1'*1 Mich t'an KM) do 3H0 do I'W do 100 do ...... 11*1 do ltw do Kx> do . ... ... bt 80 111 Can RR . ItXI do 50 CW? A Fill* el k e lot) \ J Can ItK ..b e lino LS A M s . I6W .. e* 331*1 do 5)*) do ...ha IK W do 176) do t*w do 3*1 61W do 51*1 do 700 do ion Chi A X W RR be too do KM) do 21)1 do aw do no do .*31) 500 do mm 55 I>ol A II Con b e K? >06 do 1>- 400 do' 30-. 300 Pec bail 2>'% 1IW do a3 36',' il10 do ?3 211 i; FX) K 4 It l'*3 64 AW do . MH*J 100 do 84, *?" 1W QO a.a.oo ?w 00.... ....,10 20W 2<I Del. I. A W UK .105% **> do T SOlJ ?*i do 1116 ?*? do 21 in do... .. 10 1400 d" .... 2l? IK) M A Km Klt.tic.i3 lixll. 1100 do b3 21*4 1'0 do .... 16 **) do 21', 3 DC, C A 1 C 6W do 21 aw dn 7iw do in do 2KI do liw Mteli i on UR IKI do 20DLSA .1 S KR. 100 do H5 2K) do ...b;t 1KW do 43 8< W do 91*) do *3 IK) do b3 70i do >3 1000 do 100 do bJ 56S4 l(*i Pac ItKol Mo. ,3 14V 56 100 Ml. A Si Par >*% 561; 100 do .. . b3 34V 561, 100 ?vt?, ion 56 1 0 IW 35V. OK) $2000 I>la Col 3.03'a... 60 1'i ahi M (>n..bc it WXOiAlb A Sua 2d ... Hid, HOI) do 21**) L A W B cou... MJj 7t*> do 5KW C a S ?? c c b. HI aui 5)W0 l'n l'ae UK lat.. Ild>, H? do , ... l>3 506 ? n Pac .inkI... Hl>4 10 1 Un Pac RR b? 2<X)0 C Pac g b 106)J 16 1L > A Mo RR.bc.,3 1KW K T, Va A Ua 1*1 01 IK) do set 4000 Pac of Mo 2d.... 70 low do bj 56) 10t*l D. L A W 105 KMX) do bS 56" 7 ?b? I) A II Can. be 10'V 600 do 561 700 Writ l'n ?'6'4 10 0 do b) 56) 6621K) do 56) 66 4 0 do |] 36* >?6*4 1700 do ?..b? 56) 66', 10111 do 56* 66*4 200 do ?rt 36' 661, 1000 do 561 60), 100 Chi A X W 30* 66), 300 da 30t 3 20 43 M J RK be 137> liw do . .b 1 10.0 dn 5 W do 3 N) do ..?ln IK' do 1!**) do *10 do 1)3 5 W do . ... 601 dn 400 At A P Trt.bc b3 llKi do 1UX) do 100 Pac Mail Ss.. 4(W dn ..1)3 31.0 do 21*1 do 41*) do 3 dn 2K) do 2K) do aw dn 8W do 21*1 do IK) do ..V*) do 21 ?, 300 -;l ft*) 10 do 36Chi A All RR bo 21),* 100 do 106% 2llJ 100 do 106V 31 UXI do bflO 106% 100SYC A 112V 2*) do 07 2?Krte KK....b i.bS 15V 2l? Ohio A Mia*. 600 do 15', 4(>i do 1100 do b3 16 100 do 100 do ,3 66lOOChl A If W RR.. . ? 4KI do 60'? 1IX) S J Can RR ?? 5<W on b3 311a 10U Pec RR nfMi 14 1000 do 31*, 5 MY. NliABRR. 156 COMMERCIAL REPORT. do s5 6.W 700 do 3 'U do. *3 66 *a ion Chi A S W RR be 3?S ' "O 11*1 ao fraPJ .W ?* !?" dn >1 66*; 500 do .. 3HJ4 |<? ?lo a3 66V 1UO Chi 4 V W pl. be e 50 JW do U8W 5 1". KWlCit 10JV 1 U el <U 61 ? 17 I l,m till a. d. U b O a. ? tl*ll/ cex 5 r. f w a c ?t km* 66*, 36*4 ( C6 in 1 do *3 36'a 11/ im a _ ibtL7 700 L'n MfR t'o.b c.?3 114 100 do'.'.*.'.'.".'.'.'.... 36S *0 do 21)% 28) do be 106 ?0tO do fOtg 4<*).4| L. KCA 5W 'J <Kl al/\ ?> I link 8.. hi "% 1 2 <*? do 21 IlAl no b3 3), lino do 21S 31W do.' 5V " " T, A") <JO 4^;; do 21 *4 14 Pac HK of 13)J 2K) a.. 21*,' IK) do ..?3 14 ?*J do ,:t 21 Iki Knn B)4 120-1 do 21 'a 70 102 Aw do e 21'? 411 do 1HU54 10) do il 21*. AW llan A St J 16 7tO do b3 21b 1011 hio J*Im.oc.*3 16*. a BEKOIIK run.?l?:3(l P. Jl. ?RKWChlo A M 2d ... 60 30D?h? 1.8 A M 6 RR. 36 a?>SJ Pen I 1 0% IKifhl A XW RRpf.o 50 11**1 61 t A I M 1M... 100 16 Del. LAW Hit' . 106? 511X1 Mo, K A T ? f .. :>H*4 aun do *3 106 4iiaha Del A H Wen.. 106 21W do a 0 105 10O Weal l'n Tel *3 UK 1IW Mil A 6t P RU.a30 38Ja 3K' do 66', 21*1 do S4l2 7<W do ?3 U6'a 5K) do ! 38), 1F0 do 66 C 21*1 do 36*1 4O0 do ,3 66*, ltki .h> .,80 36), 300 do 60', 21*1 do bit 36), 3l*i Erie Kit 15), |i*l do a) 38)2 TOO do l.V, 20) do S6h 5n Fee Mall SS *fll? 1500 do 36b 300 do 212 IK) do e 3-?*J 215* 10 1 do a 30 38V 21V WO 38 S 21K 4i*i 36W ail, 4<.W do 3s C 32'\ 21W do 88 52 t'WOblo A MlaaRR.. $30000d-UO.r,'67...b3 I21K 85'*) IT8 3'a lD-40.r . 117V lvOtXl L*8 5-2> 1,e, 't.7... 131), oO **> 1' s 5 l.e.'?l.bce 118 SKVSONi) BOARD?I P. J|. ?v ? ? ?i? dc 1 ai'A lt)?4 DO do 13612 20 11*) N J c*a HR be 07 2?V It*) do . blO 93V ?11 1 ' VUMk VI II A Ot U DM h. - n^l" alii sllS ?? 16k 20i do ... 16 50 Ilea A St Jo 16? tVO do 1614 IK) do ... 16 3-W do 10 100 All A Paepf....b* .8)4 !:?) ru 3 P. 11. $5000 Weat Fee bond*. 90*4 40 aha Erie RR,..bS 16V 6UU0 Erie 4th m 100 200 do 1 ?v iNVlako f Win lftL' il * 1 A.. ???? 71 200aha ynick Mlu 16*4 *W do 1?* ll*i Pro con LAP l.'p. lis Kl 1 Del, 1. A VP RR... 106V flit .1.. IIIL. r.7i k 4.. .?..<? |iw do 111 *, 57*) do 1KH. 10 ' Mich Con UK.. a3 52*, 4<w J. 6 A M 6 i lt . b3 M? ICO do 32*, 100 do ft6 ? ill liI UTaa# I a, TnI I ill/ MiMk .4.. ? . lit*) Weat 1 n Tel i ?>?4 6.*) do Mk 134) do 1 6.'a 11*1 do a3 56V 1 (*) do a3 66*4 2900 do SOi! 3<*i 00 b3 6H'a :h*i ,3 96C 111) do hi 66V Km Chi A N W RR ?>t* IK) Pec Mall 88 211* 101) t hi A R 1 RK 103V 31*) do 21V MOMII A 81 P RR... 1400 do 21*4 KWTol A Vtbb RR.... a? Aikl On K1 41 L* Hil l |).a Dn ..P \A - ? . ** COTTON ON THE SPOT 1-lGc. LOWER?FUTURES BARELY STEADY?FLOUR QUIET?WHEAT QUIET?CORN IRREGULAR?OATS QUIRT? WHISKEY NOMINAL?PORK QUIET?LARD FIR MER?PETROLEUM QUIET?SPIRITS TURPEN TINE QUIET?ROSIN QUIET?OILS QUIET? FREIGHTS MORE ACTIVE AND FIRM?COFFER STEADY?SUGAR STXADY. ft'ESDAT. April 36?S P. M. The markets continued Irregular and In moil eases dulL On 'Change the breadstuff! markets were de pressed by unfavorable sews from Chicago end per cable, and prices were considerably lower, without pro ducing purchasers to any considerable extent. Corn Irregular, closing firm lor lots on the spot, bnt low lor future. Oats were quiet. Whiskey nominal. Pork was quiet. Lard *?> In demand and flrmer. Freights vers quiet but steady. Cotton on the spot was 1-Iflo. lower, and futures closed barely steady. Coffee was steady. Naval stores remained quiet. Oils were alto quiet. Petroleum sens quiet an l nominal. Hngar was steady bnt quiet. Asuas were steady at 5>?r. e S'fe. for pots, and nominally 7c. for pearls. Agoutis v ruled quiet at 16>ae. a lOt^e. Dkkswsx was quiet and unchanged. Quoted at Me. e 37e. for Southern and 34>{c. tor Western. Bnoou Cork was dull. W a quoteRed, 4>?e. a ftc.; rod tipped. 6c. a Be.; medium green, 7>fc. e Sc.; choice green hurt end brush, ftc. a U<e. CaSDLK* were rteany. We quote .-?Sperm, Ma j sperm, pateut. Macy'a, 3Se ; stearic, R. Mftelirli A Oe'l (lttos.), 37c. a -He.: adamantine (II, It. 11) os.), 12 We- a 17c.; paralBne (4'a, H's and Id's), lft'-. a 3t?c. roorsnson stock waa unchanged. We quoteMolasses siiooks, Si-Inch, with beads, ft 00 a S3 26; sugar shocks, with beads, SH iucn. fi do ^ FJ |U; do., da, 3D inch, ft 6(in$2; box shooka, 75e. tHOn.; rum do., ft; pip#do., ftia fd AO; empty hogsheads, f2 SO; hoope, 14 feet, ordl aary to prime, f37 a ftO; hoops. 13 lest. do.. S33 a fSS per M. Corrnv.?The market for Klo was steadr: salee were MO so mi ms no w ??'? *ssw unusicuur , 'Sir! WOIT .NIU bags ex Dante and I,'Mb bags ex Helen A. Holmes on pnv :!. ol Ilia In New York Is I.IA.1U2 ban;at Gal ale terms; stock ?eston, 4,31s) do.; at .New. flrlesns. 0,660 d*.: at ll'ampton Roads, 1.7V) do : at Baltimore. 64,171 do.; afloat ahd load lug for I'lilted States to March 24. 112,ISO bags : purchased for United States to April 22, 72.UUI hags. We quote.-? Ordlnsr> cargoes, l.'ihjj. a t.??4C.; Istr do., I7'4c. a 17We.; .a- .->se- - ' Mantos, irroinsry cargoes, i s i-?.-4o.; isir as., a good do , I7ii'c. a ISe.; prime do , lH',e. a ltt*4c.; lair lo good. 17c. a I7 ,c.. gold, ninety days; Java, govefn mrnt hugs. 22c. a '24c.: do . grsss mats, 22c. a 26e.; Mlnga do., isl^e. a 2'ie.; Ce.vlon, Use. a I'd.; Marncuioo, tdije. sl9r.; l.aguayra, 17',c a IHjje.; Jamaica, 10Wc. a ISc.; St. Dnmlago, ISe. a I ; i'erto Hieo. 17c. a lie. ; Oesta Klca, I7e. a ISt-e.; Macassar. IStjc a 12 We ; Mexl can. 17c. a I Sc.; Manila. 17c. a lse.; Angostura, 17e. a IHc.; Sa v an ilia, I lie. a IHc ; Cnraeua, Inc. a 17c Oorrxa.? Was quirt, but Orm. with tales ef 300,000 Iba lake at 22'4e. a 2.Me., cash. Conusor was nncnonged. We quoteManila (large and small osei. per lb.. 14>se. a I.Vfc.; do. cordage, boll rope yams. Ilk- a 17c. ; tarred Manila. 14c.; Msal rope, lOWe a II V ? Nsw Zealand. Hf,e. a 121(0.; Russia h-iop, tarred, I4e. ; American do.. 14e ; Russia bolt rope. 17c. ? ovtois. ? fliere was only a moderate demand for soot market cotton, and quotations were markrd down 110c., the closing oasy. futures were easier. The closing prices to day compare with Monday's closing prices as lollows Homing, April 24. TVwiuy. April 2IV. April.... 1:4 a 13 1-32 April... 12 ill <2 n 12 15-16 May IS a IS I-S2 May .... 12 2M-32 a 12 15-10 June...!. IS 7-32 a ISM Jane.... 1.1}, a W Mi .Itilr IS 7 IH a IS T.VS3 July..,. IS II 32 a 1S\ August.. IS 0-10 a IS I it S3 Augu-t. ISW a IS 17 X Sept IS 17-32 a IS n Id Sept.... IX 16 33 a 13W Gctober. IS , a IS IS SJ October IS :> 16 a ISW Nov IS 7-32 a IS H-S2 Nov.... IS 7 S3 t II', strict good ordlntry. 11 .'4 11V 11', II*, ? il-: i.>j !$ Low middling 12'q strict ow middling.. 12J, li'Ji 13" 13 Middling IS 1-16 IS "l lfl ISW 13 32 Dec 13*4 a 13 ?32 Dec ... IS 7 S3 a ISW ?Quotations are based nn American standard of claselSea tion, aad on cottoo In store running In quality net more than half a grade above or below the grade quoted Vpi 'ttA*. Alttlnmn. A. Or/ram. Too*. Ordinary f-W ? AW 11W f)2 Strict ordinary IO* 1IM? lni, loW (i. ml ordinary It II III, lit, IS >16 13W 13W Ootid middling is p-i? 1:111 pi Islf-IA is iS lfl Strict gtaid middling. 19 IVIH 14 1-1H 14 8-IH 14 3 16 Middling lair. 14 6 16 14 7-16 14 0 10 14 K10 Fair.... 16 3-10 16 6-16 IS 7-16 16 7-16 ?stained?Good ordinary. Mid.; strict good ordinary, lOWc. 5 -""flag, ? ' low ni.dolfag, II V. j middling. 12'te. Spot sales wore at follows fbflsy. led Irtaky. Intnl. Consumption....?? M?4 234 7.W Spec.latum..... Id St 112 Total tOt flaf 650 ?Ueliveyfd m togjrrct, ago kalea Fee IMllf dsifrrsrj the salos were ?? lollnnYdlndir afler two I*, M. ? April, 6U ' bales at la | JJ,- ; U*y. 1.8U9 at I3? ; June. 1,4"D St ISV-. 1.300 at 13 7-32c.; August. i*?> at IS !9-32c.; s>ep tembvr. 300at I3? l?c.; October, H*> at 18 13 32c ; Ue camber. BUO at i:t'^c. Total. ?>..*'.? > bales. To day up t" t ' 1*. M. ?April, 1,500 balM el 12 31 3Je.. May. 3-bOO at 12 ut 12 13-ltlc. :4un*. 2.7<siat 13-lflc.. 8U> st 12 ;tl ajc., 3.4t*i .. 13 3-32c.. 7l?l ut 13 3 1?. 2tU at 13 6.32c.. |IS> at 13 3-H?a 14*> at IJidtUa. iklOai IB 3-16* . 1,0 JO at 433 H2a. ?' <' ai 13 3-18*.; July. 2,310 at 13 -c.. 300 ut 13 13-:<2c , 1O0 ut 13',t.. Mai ut 13 liOu, l.Httt ut I3*,c . 100 ht 13 13 3.V., I'D at 12V- : AngwM, 1.30t) at ISVe.. 1..1U at 13 117412c.. I0O a- 13 tt-IHc.. 400 at 13 IT-" tor tor, iVJtitulm. limnd total. JtJ.PUl hale*. Th# receipt the porta were as iuliuwa (lalveston, 309 bales; Sew Or leant, 0.0; Mobile. 37t': lavmnub, lit; Charleston, IW; Wilmington, 30; Norfolk, 328; .New York, 1,.Y^; HrntCk, 227: Philadelphia, 207 Total, 4,413 boles. I bis day la>t week. &AU& Tltia day laat year, 3,841. Total since J-ep tember 1, 3,*i bales. Cotton freight* closed aa fol lows:?To llavrt. by steam, ?4e, compressed : Hamburg, by '?*.?*?, it i t t w->_i , in) a- to ?'-I'm.. 0 at 13 17 32e.; 2< 0 at 13Wr.: :?U at 13 17-33*; Septum r, 100at l?Me; SOU at 13 l7-32c.; 5UU at 131,c.; N'oicnt r, '0 J at 13 17-39*: December. 300 at 13 7--12C. Total, ?team, \e. compre-srd; Hrentou. by strum. kc. rompreeaod; Liverpool, 7-32U. a '.4d., by Meant, by aal1, 7-321 Dnijos. Aa?Opium ?t> firm tor prim*; quoted at 94 121., gold, in bund, and $3 -43 a (?'< 93. currency, for job lota Oil vitriol waa quiet at 41 73 per cwt. lor large lot* and 2*. a 2Mc. rer lb. lor amall lota Camphor wa* .toady at 27c. forretlned. Cream tartar wat quoted at 32t,a. .old. tor American aud3tc. lor Krench, and 381,0. for powdered In bbN. aim ?H'-.r. fordo, la boxes. Alcoholici?Oblorolorm and ether were eleady at 9<V. for the former and 34c. a 03*. for the latter, llorax wa* ateady at llhr. a 11 I.e. lor roflnod city and ll'4c. a do. California. Balaam tolu waa llrnt at $- 23 lljic. tor _ ... a 92 30 currency. Burgundy pitch waa quoted at 7itc. a He. timtrara waa ea-y at 43 n 43 l.V Manna, new crop, waa quoted at 42* a 43*. for small, 41 03 a $1 10 for large and 33c. lor aorta litis alan eanthandei wer* quiet at 91 23 a 91 ho. Shellac wax quiet at 43c.. gold, lor I). 0.. and 3rtc., gold, lor Knglietv. Din dirt waa very scarce and Brm at 965 per too. Cutch waa quiot at 8},c.. gold. Krussints potaah waa quial at 26a a 30c. aa to quality, ilichrotuata potaau wat dull at 13>$c Sal amtnoninc wa* null at lo*4c., gold. Irish moss waa quiet at o*,c. a 7o. tlambler was lirm at lt*.,gold. Kpsou salts wore iu lair demand oi 2c. Sumac wat Unit at 91 33 Argols were steady n-t 28c. a ?T'.',4fc. gold, according to quality. Oeuttan root waa nrm at 7a Caaala buds were raar; quoted at 43c. a 3t?. Colombo rout waa ouoted at nc. for whole, an-1 14c. for powdered, dim gcddti wat tlrnt at l\t. a tc., with upward len iency. Jumper berrtet were dull at 3c. aitlsc. lor ordinary Italian. I ' lie., i " ~ Orange peel rnlen quiet at IOAjC. a lie., spoil, and lOe. I" ar rive. Venlee turpentine waa dull at 17',c. a 19c. Cattile eoap?Conti white wat ouoted at Ili'aC. and Marseilles pure mottled at loe., gold! hochehe talta were Mealy at 30t^e. for bbla. ana 31tuc. lor boxes Quinine was active at #2 2U Hlue vttrint waa steady at 8^o. Morphine wat active at $ I 1U. Iodide potash wat in lair ae piatid and ateady at S2 23, hulk, and Hd 3,'t l>. i. Alum?Lump waa in lair demand at 2i,c. a 2-,c. Chlorals potash was in lair deiuand; quoted at 21a. a 21 Sc-. gold, and 22c. lor greenback. Tartaric sold waa quiet at 42)?c., gold, lor crystal, and 49c a Stic, lor powdered. Citric acid wa* Brut at 7.c. a 78c.. gold. Licorice root waaqmet at loriner prices; quoted at 4c. gold, and Imm tfc. to lie. curreucy lor teiected. Licorica finale, Calabria, was qaict at die. a 99c. ; solid waa n good demand at 2.?. a 28c., gold; I'ignatelli wat quiot at lite, a 3Jc ; tniall Uutallna was quoted at 32c. ; large Utuallna'waa lit good demand at 40c.; f. A 8. small waa also actlvs at 3Ac. a'Jnlj'e. t'orlgllano wet very scarce. Outtletlsh bones rulad steady at 28c. a 27c. lta ssm copaiba waa easy nt tt7b,c. a 7>>e. Snflfron was nrm at 22c. a 23c. tnr American aud rJ a 912 lor npaolsh. Caiangal root waa quiet at 4e. a I',c. Cod liver oil waa In lair demand at 91 30 a 91 UO for Newfoundland and 92 for Norwe gian. Rhubarb was lit moderate demand at puces ranging trots 33c. to 91 Ilk Aloes?Cape were scarce, and tlrmly held at 18c. a 14c. (linger was firm at lor Jatnslcu bleached. Krgut waa easy, at 91 7h. Quicksilver was quoted at 67e. a 68c L*av*s ware quiet, but (teadv; quoted at 2UC. for tolladouna lie. tor oontutu and aconite. 2iic. a 22c. tor bonban* aud 91 23 lor rose Ars*nta was In lair deiuand at 3Ma a.iy,c., gold, lor white powdered, aud 13c. a U ,o. lor red do. heeds were ouiet W* quote:?Mustard?Yellow California, 7Ma a 8c.; brown do., tic. a tl^c.; brown Trlastr. 7 sc.; yaltow mulish. 8 Me. Canarv ? Trltne Dutch waa quoted at 97 73 and Smyrna was Rrm at 97 23. liotna wat-juiet at 9182V Caraway wat drm at 13a a 12>,a Coriander was quoted at .'?Sa Caiuomtle * m rufod ?* *? " Bowers ruled quiet at 10a a 22c. for Roman, tiiy eeriu* was in ruir demand aud tlrtu at 17c. ? ihj.c. Sweet marjoram waa unlet at JOu. a 22c. orris root was steady at l2/?c. e2.Sc., according to quality. Touea oeans k Altto Steady at 41 30 lor Angostura All be a root waa brmiy neid at 90a for white cut and 2;>o tor fair do. guin arable was quoted at 13*. lor prim* sorts and 11c. for second do. Angostura bark waa scares and ttrtnlr held at bUa Sassafras nark wat quiet at 8c- Squills wars aulet at lie. Lavender Mowers wero quiet at 9,tje. Valerian root was quoted at 23c. for Kugtisu aud 13a lor Qsrutan. Albumen was steady at d3e. a 7oc. lor blood and 91 a 91 13 lor ogg. 8arsaparllla was quiet but steady. Wo quote :?Honduras ooioiiiou at 34a a 37e.; do. oo. lor export. 3-e. a 37c., gold; .Mexican, 13c. a inc. Jalap waa quoted at 12a a 13c., gold. (>uiu damar waa quiot ut life, a 18c. liamboge was quoted at tifa Assniaiiida waa steauv at l&a a 17c. Oarbonate ammoula waa quiet at 14 ,c.. Lsselltlal oils were drm. 1\ e quote ;?Oil borgatnot, 41 ..; oil lemoo. Sanderson's, 9323; Ibmsen s bnest oil roso. 46 37m; oil no. all gol?; oil caraway, 41 4"alp2 XJ: oil cro ton. 92 16; oil cltronslla 73a u 93c.; oil lavender. 73a a 92; dado. (Mitchemi.ilJ 30; oil closes. 43 8o ? 93 23 oil win tergreen, 93 1 ; oil sassafras. Inclusive 33a a Hoc.; oil pennyroyal, 93 a 93.81. all currency ; uil ol uny, $18 and 923.' bugluii clientIceia lugltab chemicals cluseu tlrm. tt* note sales of 23 tons sou* asb at 2c.; 23 tons sal sods at 91 43; 30 drums caustic I Coda at 4Sa and 10 Segi bicarb soda at 4'aa, all gold, and 30 ! casks bleaching powder at 1.03c. a2c., currency We quote Rods aeh. ordinary to good brands. 2-v a 2Mc.; tat soda. I Sc. a 1 Sc.; caustic soda, 4>*'c. ? 4,'ac.: blcarbonnto soda, 4'4c. a 4%c.. all gold; bleaenltig powder, 2c. a 2Mc.. cur reaoy; super carbouata soda, John UwLubt A Co.'a un kegsj, 4c., currency. Skathkus were easier; sales, 5,000 Ibv prime ut 33a, quoted at 38c. a 3'Jc lor choice and&.'>c. a .Tie. Ur prime. KiSU.?The market for codttsh was dull; sales were 100 quintals at 93 2->. Mackerel were tairly active. Box and [ barrelled herring wrre dull. Wa quote >?(irorge's cod. 93 23 a 96; tlraud Hank da, 94 34) a $3, new crorgn's, 93 73 a 96. Shore mackerel. No. I, 926 a 928; do., large No. 2, $16 a 917- Vox ncrrlng. No. 1, 18c. a 20c.; acalod do., 28c. a 32c.; barrelled da, Portland. 94 73 a S3; Labrador. S3 30 a 95 73 Sum a and (itAIN.?Receipt*?Klour, 1I.5U5 bbl?.; wheal, 12",4"0 bu.bcls; corn meal, tl2tl bbl*. and 1,017 sack*. o*t?, 28,712 bushel*; corn. BS.481 do.; rye, 8,710 do.; barley malt, 3,175 do. Tbe flour market va* dull, and lellcr* evtuced a willingness to meat buyer* whenever they anywtiere came near a fair valuation. The (ale* were nbout la. COO bbl*.. in eluding State, Western and Southern, at the annexed quota tion*. Kye floor told to tbe extent of 400 bblt. at $3 75 a 95 35 lor One to ?upurtlne. Corn meal wm quiet, with Mile* of U50 bbl*. at tbe aunexed quotation* Mo. 3 State $3 no a *1 73 superfine State, 4 35 a 4 00 Extra State 5 (J" a 5 35 Cboice State 5 50 a 0 0" Sun-rflne Western 4 2"> t 4 HI Extra Wratern & 1*1 a 5 35 Minnesota 6 30 a . 7 HO Kound hoop Ohio, shipping brand* 6 U" a 5 35 Kound boop Ohio, trade brand* 5 50 a tl 5D Kamily 7 UO a 8 5<> St. Lout*. low extra 3 00 a (I lu St. inula, straight extra 8 50 a 7 (JO St. Lou)*, choice double extra. 7 <*? a 8 35 St. Louis, choice family 8 25 a li CO Kje flour, flne to anperflne 4 5tt a 5 3" Southern, No. J 3 35 a 4 "0 Southern, ?uperfluo 4 35 a 4 "5 Southern, extra 5 35 * 7 Ul Southern, family 7 35 a U 40 ('em meal, We?(ern .'I ") a 3 40 Cora meal, Jereev 3 1" a 8 40 Cern meal, Hraodywine 3 70 a ? Corn meal, ptincheone 311 (JO a 30 50 ?Wheat wae dull and with unfaeorabio news per t able and from Chicago, price* declined fully .'c per bushel. The tale* were about 75,i?xj bushel* at 81 13 a SI 16 lor No. 8; 9132 for No. 3 Milwaukee, fre?h receipt*; 81 33 a SI 3d1, for do., tu elore (lust evening;; 81 80 lor No. 1, iu store. Corn was Irregular, closing firmer. about stl.Ofk) bushel* sold at 80c. a 61c. lor no evade; rtu>*c lor steamer mixed; 67c. for mlxed;tllc. fordo, lor May :t>lc. for I'enuaylvatiiayeilow, mi tr>ok ; 6"k. for Sotitnorn tallow, on doc*, and '. te a 70c. for Southern white. Kye was quiet, llarley wa* ilutl and nom inal. Harley malt wet also dull. Ouu were dull and eaalcr. We note ?ale? of about 40.0"" bualtel* at 42c. a 47)?c for mixed. 44c. a 60t>. for while, 40c for Inferior Western mixed and I5e. for No. 2 Chicago mixed, In store. k'uctr?The market for loretgn dried wa* quiet but unchanged. We quote s?New layer raisins, per box, 93 So; half dm, 91 5"; quuitet uo., 7(io., new looee mttacalel, 83 75 a 83 DO per box, according to qaaiity: new soodle** raisins, 95 35 per frail; Valencia ratvius. 10!.c per lb.; auaana do.. He. lor now; Tnrkey prunes. tJX,c a d?*c lor Sorvta and HosnU; new Kienclt do., fc. a 12c., accuruttig to *t*a und quality. Currant*, S\e a 7m. according to qua.ltr. Leghorn cit ron, 21c. ktgs, 14c. lor layer*. Dale*. 5\c. Uracil nuta. d(*c- Domestic dried wa* quiet. tVe quoteapplet. State, quarter*, ?Sc. a Oc.; do., sltoed. Sc. a Int., Southern, quarter*. 7>^c. aS^r.; do ?llccd, 8,'fc. a lie.; do. fancy, 12>ec. a 13c. Teaches. peeled?Ueorgie, prime to fancy, 14c. a IT.; uupeeled do., quarter*. I"'3c.; naive*. I2y*e. a 13c. Hlackberrie*.ti',c. a lOjec. Kaspbcrries,2Hc. aJ/e. Cluer rlea, 1'Jc. Plum*. Sou litem. ISe. a 2"r ; do.. State,21c. Tea nai* were ttoady. We quoteUrdiuary Virginia, 81 35 a 81 50; prime du., 91 50*81 8"; choice do.. 81 70 a 81 75; ordinary Wilmington. 91 25 a el 40; prime to taocy do., $1 7" e 91 so. Doincitle green wa* teirly active and firm. We quote:?Apple*, aelocted winter, per bbl., a 85; do., mixed. 6-1 60a S3 75; do., common, 92 n 82 5". Cranberries? Choloe. 83 75 a84 50; do..good to prima. 83 a 83 5". . Mat and Irnw.-The market wa* quiet, but tin change l. We quote:?Bale hay, shipping, at 70e. a 80,-., retail qualities at 80c. a 91 05, clover at doc. a 75c. Straw? Long rye. 70c. ? 11 Ul. oetdo..UOa Mfcur and Jtsra.?The market wa* quiet. We quote:? American dressed, 81UU a 82t? lor single, 8320 a 8325 tor d'otblo and 8120 a #125 for rough; Manila hentr>. 7-c a 7l.c., ktstU; Ku?ela, clean, 9200 a 8210, gold. Italian, *975 a 82re). gotd; jnte, 4(46. a ft'qC., ciirrency; Jute butt*. 2,'^c., caan ; Sisui hemp, 4>*, ?l),c.. kd.j, latle.i^c ate., gold. Iltoaa ?The market wa* qetct and uniettled, but no marked change* were effected in price*. Tbe sale* were 4O0 dry irxaa at 18m; 000 do at Die., four month*; 80 1 city slaughtered at 84?c , and ou private term* 20" dry Texas, .55" aavanllla and 2.0 Nt Central Anterirau. We quote:? Bueno* Ayre*. 20 to 24 lbs.. 17>4". else.; do. 24 to 3H lb*. IKe. a 23c. t Monievlden, 3" to 224j Ilia,, a 1T ; Corrientcs. 21 lo 21 lb*.. 18c.; Kin Isrunce, 20 to 22 Iba., Inc.; Orinoco. 2" lo 32 to*., ls'ae : Cali fornia, 21 to 35 iba, lrlc.; Centra! American, Is 10 21 lbs.. I7J-.C.; Matatnoro* anil Mexican, 32 to 35 lbs, 15c.; Vera Crn*. IS 10 19 lb*,bl3e.; Bogota, Is to 20 lb*., IT, all gold, selected. Tkxas. ..* to 34 Iba., I.e. a 14e.; Southern, 24 to 8" lbs., ttic. a lie., currenry, as tltey run; city -laughter, ox, (Ms to *> Iba, sj^e.. cow. 45 to tit In*.. Btac.. currency, selected. Ilor*. ? riierc was very little tuqnlry from shippers, and with quite llnerai receipts the market was cotter in lone, but notquotably lower. We quote:? New Vork;siate. 13c. a ISe.; K astern, lie. u Die.; Wiarnbaiti. lie a Die.; yearling*. Sc. a 10c.; old*, alt growth*, 4c. a tic.; California, inc. a JUe. InoN.?The market for American pig we* quiet et former ' prices; rumor* were current ol consider*!.lo sale* at low price*, bat not yet made public. Scotch pig was quiet, with prices a shade lower, the market, bowevor. closing steady at the decline ; 15U tuna Kgliniou sold at $.s 26. scrap was I dull and neglected. We quote :?American pig. So. I. 822 1 n 833; do.. No. 2, 820 a | 1 ; do. rorge, 91H *83"! Scotch? ' Colt neat. Iff 1 SOardl 5ti; l.arisneri 1*. Wilt Ulongarm-ek. I 920; Kglinten. 998 AO a 828; scrap, wrong!", 832 asked; I roll*, steel. 8u0 per torn do. Iron, 832 *834 tier ton LrAD was quiet nt 98 15 * fa 3". gold, tor domestic Loath nn.?There wa* a moderate demand lor hemlock ?ole Crop wu steady Wa qnote ?Hemlock? Light | Bueno* Ayr**, 21c. a 22c.; du. California. 24c. a 21)4*.; do. common bide. 2lAJ mlddl* Bneno* Ayre*. 2fle. a 24c., do. Calllnmla, '23c. a 24c.; do. common hid*. 23c. u 2.'te,; heevy Bueno* Ayre*, 23c. a 25m; do. California, 23c. a 24c . do. common bide, i 2-'e. a 34e.; good damaged Ilnbtto* Arre?, .die. u 21c. ; do. 1 California, 2tkg a 21c.; do. commoit nut* DT a 2"c.; m?or damaged com in on hide. I He. a IT ?.OLAian*. ? New Orleans was steady and In good demand ; sale* were 140 hbls. at Sue. a Ntv for good 10 choice Wa quote :?Onba, eentrilugal and mixed, 23c. a. ?c.; clayed, 2Mc. a 33c. ; do., muscovado refining. 3Ut a S3r.; do., g ru eery, 87e. a 40c.; Torto Rico, 35u. a 50c.; English Island*, 1 XIc. a ."etc.; New Orleans, lair ?o good. 4T. a 5"c.; ckotca, 58c. a.ate. Natal dTonM.?The market for sp rits turpentine very quiet bat unchanged. Hoatn was -carec ami oul-t. Wit quote:?spirits turpentine. 38c.. roetn. Comm. u to g....d strained, it 75 a 9> W) Ter?Waalnugton, $3 a tU 12,',. Wilmington. |B a 92 ISyq. Advl es trout Wilmington m o at lolloars.?Koein firm, strained. 91 0; good eiruincd, 81 ?'?A. Tar 8rm at91 4l?. turpentine quiet; her.l. 91 26; ?oft, 82 26; virclu, 83. Spirits firm at 8l)c. OliA were qntet and nnilinnged. We quota:?I,'etton eced, ere dr. 43c. a 45c. . Southern yellow, 68c,; yellow winter, Mr. a 8"e.; winter, Uftc ; lard, wiater, 81 "7 a '91 (M: -p.-rm, crude, 81 45; d?., bleached winter, 91 <5; do , natural ,10., 91 7U; whale, crude Northern. ?.*?? : du S-unhern, '?*?.; bleecned winter, 73e. a 7Vc., oltvr. ca?k?, 81 l7Safl22)q; do ceeai. 8(13 ? 94 4"; winter bireched nth, .sic ; crude ?bit. tsc. a I'm f'nTNOt.rrn.?Tit* market wae datl. lower and nominal. The closing priraa were a* foiluwtt'rnde, In bulk, 7!(e ; do., la bblm, lO'.c,; roBned, In bbl*.. fflUc ; do.,, KfteM, bi mi fide If bin, 13V-, euu at Baltimoio tee. a t?'ao. Advlro* Irom the Creek were as follows:?Oil City qilct unit weak; $1 81'* asked. 1'nlled, stilpmeut. $1 77', * 91 hiy Parker's firm I'ntted. #1 ill', hid.$1 ls asked: sales. PI U'jl,: shipments *eilrr? flrm. #1 85. Puorieluxs.? Reripts-Pork HO bbi. ; lard. 835 tierces, 5o bbt*. and fa) case*. haeou. 3o tierce* ano |,;i8M boxes; cuttursu. IMI7 package*, bed, 217 iltrtri and 7ti bbls. Tha pork mark I a ,, veak Pie cloving "lair1 prtdee were as follow*.kprll. $32 bid. $22 Jo a?ked; Mar. *22 1U bid. f'-'3 U) sskeu. June. $22 3d bin. $22 45 asked : July. Ct3 4?t bid, e>22 Unasked. Augu*., $22 HO bid, P.J Hi a?ked. Tlie vale* ? ere 2.'5n hH? at ('2 15 a #22 .0. t.2 33 lor May aud $22 no n $22 85 for August Snot a-aa quiet; 4o bbla. family ?old at $J ."at and 2-ai bbl?. uieaa at a urn air price. Cut tneata ware an at and nominal. We not* lalea of l.'O) fresh hams at 12',i ., 5U> froali neillea at 111 ,e. Jll liuira ll|kl I rlllnil IliV , l!?' heavy do at 1J'i'c. and 5U tmxe* b.-lliet at a private price, iresti hams were quoted at IJ'-c. a I lie.. pickled do. at I2\c. a Iresh idliea at II'ac a 1J%e.. pickled do. at llM,e. a Kl'.,. and wt hellips at l'.",c 4 l-l' iC Bacon wa, quiet at CJ',c lor city h ug clear ami IJ'qi-. lor Wratern do. Beet ?u quiet, but prices were unchanged. We quoteBarrel* eatra n??*?. 315 OO; plain do. f IJ ,Vi; packet. $10. Tiereaa?City extra India nie*s, $.7 a $2W; India meat, #35. and prime mre? at $-M. Beet hanie were quiet and itouiiiiai at #25 a #2tl for prime Western and ? #3 t for fair to good do. Smoked meats were dull aud uuminaliy uuclmiiged; quoted at ll'.,c. a 15c. tor bants and lti',c. a 10?,'c. lor shoulder*. The lard market was Uriuer. The closing "call" prices were a* follow*:?April, 513 tki bid. Pld 75 asked ; May. fid it.'1., bid. $1'J 85 a,ked; June. $13 77 *a bid. $13 Hii akked; July, $13 0J1, bid, fill 07?a a*krd; .August, $14 05 bid, $14 lit asked. Tlie sales were 13,nut llerces at $13 05 a $13 7H lor May. $13 nil a #13 82',' a $13 *5 fur J MO and $13 !?"> fur July. Spot was quirt. with kale* of TKI tierces city at 13 ,c. and 350 do. Western off grade at $13 35. Beinad was quiet and quoted at H',c. for South America. 13'ae lorContiuent aud 13c for Cuba. Butter eras fairly uctne and steady. We ijuote Sew State. 30c. a 34c.; do. Western. 28c a Lb-.; old Mate, good to I'sncy. :*Bc. a 43c.; do. Western, poor to good, 'Ale. a 37c. t'hre?*e was steady and fairly active Wo quote Stsia lactory, common to good. 7'je. a ll>tc.; tine to :isuev. I3'ac a 13*,v.; skinia. 4c. a He.; uhlo lactory. fair to good. 5'ic. a Mi,c.; do.. Hat shaped, good to fancy, B',c a l.'kc.; Cheddar shaped, goo I to fancy. He. a I3!,c. Kick wa* Qrm. Me take the following from Messrs Dan Taltnage's Sons A Co.'* circular, dated New Orleans, April ?Jtl, I87t!:?'We note coutlntied and Increasng activity In our market, with large demand from the North aud West. Kecelpts are small, a slight Incroate alnce our last issue, lmt tint enough to supply the deniaud. so that all parcala offered aro taken up quickly, buyers meeting an udvanee ol Vge. to >ac. on quotation* ol lust month The amnunt to hi rite ai largest estimate is not over 25.<Kkl to 28,000 bar rels. scarcely aa much a* at aqual date last season, ami not over one-Still as much to supply the demand of next Hve mouths as lias been put Into consumption since opening of Iiresent crop last fall. Therefore we consider present pricea oar enough lor the trade to operate freely, as all our grndas trom common to good are cheaper than Rangoon, which wilt nu do ibt he called in to supply the deliclency, aud at any point below il1,e. lor fair or d3,c. .'or good we deem llient safe and profitable. We note prices on better grades ur? In favor of Carolina styles, and when freights arn equal or last than fre:n here the trade will do well to turn their order* to Charleston." We quote:?Carolina, fair to prim*. tt'sC. a dt,c.; Louisiana, fair to good. -'He a .">',c : do. prime, 6?*c. a 8(Jc.; Rangoon, talr to good. tl',0 s H1,c.; Cutna, good. 7',c. a 7\c., gold ; Rangoon, in bond, J)?c. a 2Sc., gold. BfKLTku quiet at Sc., currency, for selected. Kt>**imk.~ Receipts, P8 tierces and 3t' hbls. Tlie market was easier; 25 tierces prims sold ut I41a'?., 150 tierce* on private terms. Huaan.?The market for raw remained stesdy. The sales were 4 lit hags cantrifugnl at 8',c. snd 270 hhd*. do at $H 81. Refined was steady. Ho quote: ?Fair refining, t^c s 7V-: good do.. 7',c. a 77*c.: Cuba, eroeery, fair to choice. He. a 8\o ; do., centrifugal, hhda. and boxes. Not. H to 13. Bt^e. a Be.; do., molasses. hlida and boxes, a 7>jr ; I'orto Kien, refilling, common to prime, 7c. a Me.; do., grocery, lair to choice. He. a H',c.; standard A. 0l,c a f?J,c ; off A, MJtf- ? <*???.; ernslied. I0?*?. a 10)*a.; powderrd, lofic. a 11'Sc.: irranitlatert. l' ke. a lutqje.; cut loaf, lu?,'e. TaLbUW.?Receipts, 33 hbds., 4M3 bbla and ltAicuskt. Ihe market was dull and bcavr; about 3tl,000 Iba. told at 8 13 16c. Tim.?The market was quiet, but unchanged: tales 300 boxes coke ttrue at $7. We quote Banca, 33e. a '.2)4c.; Straitt 17c a 17?jc.; P.nglish, 17',c, a inc.. all gold. Plates?Charcoal, nominally $7 50; coke, $M 50 a $? 70; teruo. $tl US ? W 37^. Tobacco was quiet. Mala* of Kentucky leaf were 300 htids. at unchanged pricea; and of seediest the snlet were 100 caset sundries at 7c. n 25e.; 50 eases Wlsoonatu, crop 1873, at a private price; 430cases Sew Knglaud, crop 1874, at MSo , Oc., 17c. and 40c , and 300 bales Havana at prieet ranging from 88c. to $1 to. Whiskxt. ? Receipts?114 bbla. whltkey. 377 bbla. high wines and 235 bhl*. alcohol. The market was quiet and nominal in the absence of talea. Wooi. ?Wo have nothing new to report in this market: business was itlll qniet and prices were without radical change. FnttinttT*.?There was considerable demand fbr grain ves sels for charter and rates were flrinly held. Potroleum lo.v net* attracted moderate attention at full figures. Berth room, per tteHm and sail, was firmer aud In good request. The (n ;:igrmonts were:?To Liverpool, per steam. 4.O00 hukhria corn, dj^d.; 1,400 bbls. sugar. 25a ; 2.000 packages provisions. 2t)a a 25s.; 400 tierce* tallow, 25*.; Jo t iihds. symp. 25a To Lon'ton, per steam, 8.000 bushels grain, 7d , stan lard, aud by sail 20.000 bushels, 7d.; 18 000 bushels, vess I to hnal from store, 7,Wjd.; WIO bble. rosin. 2a 3d.; JO tons cablnot organs, 13s. To tilasgow, per steam. 8.000 bnshels grain. 7d a 7.Sd.; 100 boxes bacon. 25a To 11 mil, per stoara. 48,<XX) bnshels grain iMO lba). tOyd. a 7d. To Bremen, per steam, 25 tons cabinet organ*. 70 marks, and by sail 75 tous measurement goods (Including 2,'UU boxes starch, some snap. Ac.), at 17s. ltd. 'Die charters comprisedA Norwegian bark hence to Pen sance. with 2.100 quarters grain, rts. 3d.; a Norwegian bark trom Pntlad-Ipitla to Cork for orders, with 3,8U> quarters grain. 5s. lOl.d.; a British ship hence to I'nlted Kingdom di rect (supposed to be London or Liverpool), with 0.580 quar ters grain. 5s.; a Norwegian bark hence to (fork for orders, with 3.UU quarters grain, 8s.; an Austrian bark heuce for same voyage, with 4.U0O quarters. 5s. Od ; a British bark hence to Peuarth Roads for orders (* desir able voyage), with 3.500 quarters grain, 5a. :td.; an American brig, HH7 tous, hence to Oporto, with grain in shippers' bags at 18,'4c. per bifhel; an American hark, of 4,000 bbls.. hence to Kio Janeiro, at ftOe. per bhl.; an Italian brig, hence to Constantinople, with 11.0.A) cases refined pe troleum at 0)*c.; an American bark, from 1'UiUddphla to Dunkirk, with d.e'00 bbls. crude do. at 4s.: an Italian bark, hence to Constantinople lor urders, with 18,500 cases refined Setrcleum at 31c.. option of Rtrtcb or Tn.-anrog, 35c.; a Irltlsli brig, hence to Copenhagen, with 4.IU0 bbls. do. at 4s.; an Italtau brig, hence to Alexandria, with 13,000 caees do. at 38ei; a British bark, bence to Cork for orders, with 2,700 bbls. do. at 4s. 3d. DOMESTIC MARKETS. 04LTKRTOX, April 2.1, 1R78. Cotton doll, nominal; middling, 12,'Jc ; low middling, II>.c.; good ordinary, lOVc. Nat receipt*, SOU baiaa; gross, ss?. s*ie?, ia. tstuck, 25.300. Nkw Oxluaxi, April 25. 1878. Cotton dull, r**i*r; middling, US"-; luw middling, II Sc.; ?rood ordiuary, WJuC. Nat receipt*, UJU bale*; gross, 1,281). hate*. 1,600. (Stuck, 1D8.I47. < Mobilk, April 23, 1878. Cotton Irregular; middling, 12c.: low middling, lie.t good ordinary, loWe. Net receipt*. 270 tialat. Kxporu?To lirciit Britain, 3.538; eosstwlse, 101. Hale*. 6uu .Stock, 35,180. bavABSAB, April 26, 1870. Cotton dull; middling, I2l,c. ; low middling, 11 Sc.; rood ordinary, lOc. Net receipt*, IHtalai; grot*. 223. dale*, 303. block, 24,6.>u Chabumtop. April 35. 1878. Cotton nuiet and easr; middling. 12%"- ; low middling, 12c.; good ordinary, lO'.c a lOVc. Natraceiut*. 166 bale*, bnlcs, 350. Stock, 17,480. OawMO. April 25 1870. Flour unchanged; sale* 1,500 bbl*. Wheat unchang-d. Corn dull; old Western mixed 66c. Barley Hrnier; No. 3 Canada tic Id at 06a.; No. 2 llay, $1 <15. Corn tneal, $20 fur bidted; 82"' for unbolted. per ton. Niilraad?short*, 817: ?111p., IIIT.. 818; middlit.g*. 82H a $21 per ton. Railroad freight*?Plour, to Hosion, 4De.; to New York, 30c.; to Al bauy, 26c. Lake receipt* -Fear, l",(k*J buahet*. Borrxto. April 26,1870. bushel*: Receipts?Flour. 3.200 bblt. ; wheat, 4.5 iO uualieis: corn, 11,600 Ilo.; o*t>, 7,IOO ilo., barley, 81X1 do. Shipments? Flour, 3.IXXI bbl*.; wheat, 4,600 bushels: corn, lO.ixiu do.; oat*. 7. .on do. Flour steady and quiet. Wheat duil and un settled: entirely nominal. Corn scares ami arm . tale* of four car* Western at 0 le.; two car* Kansas at 82c. Oats re tailing only. Kya dull; sales of 6tJO bushels Weateru at 78c. Barley quiet; sales of six cars Canada at 88c. a 81, ac ror'ltng to quality. I'eas. beanp and aaads quiet and steady. Fork dull at 23c lor beary mesa. Lard dull at lie. High- | wines nominal. Tolciso, April 24. 1878. Flour doll. Wheat weak; No. 3 white Wabash, $1 24',; No. 2 white .Michigan. 81 17: auiber Michigan, spit and Mar. $1 ; .lime, 81 26; No. 2 do., 81 ''.M, . No. 3 red, 81 II; rejected red. S8e. Corn dull, lower: high mixed, ; Julie, -toe. . July, 50c. ; ? tl, Mi,; low mix>-d. WJ|C.; nu grade, 46c. Cats dull, lower; Michigan. 36c. Receipts? lit.iaJU huthels wneat. 70,ft*' do. corn, h.tajo do oai*. Ship nienta? l.2i*t bblt. tlear, 4,IMJ bushels wheat. o7.<KK) do. corn. 8.00D do. oai*. Chicago, April 25, I->76. Flour nominally nnehauged. Wheat escitud, uuteitled and 2J*e. lower; No. I Chicago spring. $1 It.'^e.; No ilo,, j PO'.c a 81 Mar; sal t at $1 I*),'* a #1 U.'J, June; cloaed at fl ol June; No 3 Chicago spring, ie-Jac.': rejected. r*>c. Corn active, bat lower: No. 2 sold at ii^ts 46)jc. May; ' clo-a I at l5T,r May; 45^'e. June: new hlg.i mixed, 43e. a j 4lc.; rejecteu, 40)*c. Uatt in tatr demand, but at lower rates: No. 3 at -12c. spot; Wa'c. May. Hye, toners and seder* apart, no transactions, at 6">e. a H.V^e. Barley In active and lower, at 58t$e. spot; 57c. Mav; 6oe. June Pork nriiTc nun i?wfi, ?? w i ? ? * v? ?????? , sw, w?iiq i i?m unsettled and lower, at $31 62>a a $21 U? spot; ... ? ? ? ms-sw-n $21 87S a $21 no June; $22 121, a $.'2 15 July. Lard firmer, hut net quotabiy lngher. at $13 .A) spot; $13 43 a $13 47,',- June; $13 <*) at $13 (I2?| July. Bulk meats tending downward; thouidvrt, H'-c.; "" "* " * ' Will clear rib sides, 11**e.; eley sloes, 12',.- all hoxrri ke? firm at ?l 1)7. Keeafpls?Flo?r, 13.0 O bblt.; wheal. bushels; corn. IIO,U)Udo.; o lis, 5l,tJU0 oo.; rve. 31)0 barley, 2.40l> do. ehipmtnts?Hour. ll.OUU bbU| wheat. IJtVXjO bushels; corn, 216,1 "TOdo., oats. 15.000do.: rye. 7.5<X) ilo.; barley. 3,r?x) da. At the afternoon call of Of ! tiic Hoard wheat was Sc. lower. WSc., May. Corn flriner. ' ?" kle ' " " hut nuciiauged. Fork Iowar at $21 62H. May ; $21 76. Jan*. Lard 6c. lower; $13 42},. June. PRINTING CLOTHS MARKET. FaoripcKrr., Anril 25. 1870. Friutlng cloths steady at 3\'c. lor best 61x64 standard and extra goods, with qulat dsn:sad. HAVANA MARKET. Ha TAX a April 25. 1H78 Bpsnith gold, 223,\ a 230. EUROPEAN MARKET. Logouts Paonris Maxibt.? Lo*no*. April 25?K ren in;;.?Sperm oh, ?03 par tun ; linseed oil. .'2t 64. per cwt. FIJI A* CI Ale. TDlK*rV8Z.?'6Nf~r car? J\ nanaert, 19 and 21 Nassau St., issue Travellers Crtdlts. aeallabla la all pari* ol the world, through the Messrs UK ROTHSCHILD and their correspondents. Also Commercial Credits sad Telegraphic Transfer* of Money on California and Europe A" LEX. FROTHIMIIIAM A CO., BANKKR8 AND Brokers, No. 12 W all St.?Maks tor customer* destr ats.e Investments or large er small amounts In Blocks or a legitimate character, which frequently pay from Bew to taenty times the smouot invested every thirty days. Kail able (stock Privileges negotiated at favorable rates. Blocks bought and carried ee long as desired oa deposit ofthre* to Ave per vent circulars and weekly report* sent free. i f REASONABLE RAT Bit.?MONEY ON LIFE AND 2 V Endowment Insurance Policies, Mortgagee and other fcurltlet; nies ItrwillV'ls siteni wws.* a ssiivinw, *wsr. Bpn||be email I'llivr I; Insurant" of ell kinds effai ted with heel romps J. J. IIABKICII k CO., 117 Broadway A -STOCK MPKOl'JUATIONs COMDl'CTKI) B* LB IN . every form; book containing Information relating to stocks tent Ire* on application. TUMMKIIMiK A (JU., Bankers and Brokers. No. 2 Wall at. NY A Mi jr.NT THl'HT FtNDB TO'COAN UN MORT l gag*, city or Brooklyn. LKAVITT k WOLCOTT, in Pin* at. A W IDOW LADY. OF REFINEMENT AMD CULTURE, would like to meet with an honorable gentleman who will lend her III* Immediate assistance ami advice; neurit* given. Address liONUKABLB. Herald L'ptown Bronco ofllee. I.Vsf ATK FINDS LOANKD-MIX FBR~UKNT INTKB J e-ton FlllAI CI.A54 Frup-rty. Apply tu HYATT. 146 Broad way. ALWAYS HAVE .WONKY TO LOAN ON MOKTliAtiK New York cior Pruperiy. Principals tleslriu ; to tloR l)W UR INVEST apply to II. K OKA NT. 145 llrusdwav. JOHN 8 I'iK.iCK, NO. A PINK ST., LOAN* MONEY at tb* lowest rate* on Naw York and Brooklyn Meal JMiate; tlx tf cent money fee Brat ctae* loaat. I'^WxiTbS NEW'" JV.IOKV PKOPgKTY tfXV't'KII-ft J per cent on valuation. Address >4. .box IJ7 llereM ufllif rnufc OOltD coupon8 due may i. i*7h, on thI X bomU of ihe l>?Ov?*r 4*i?t Kl<> lirmid'* Hailroud and lb# Central Colorado Improvement companies will t>? paid o? and alter that date upon presentation at our oftic*4. Kn. V. K*chan;** place HI"T11N Jk W>NN. WANThll. I M>IKI?IATKI.\-#l si FOR {lift DATjl ?* on unilateral worth Address STUKAtJK I!i TERE>T, Herald office. A?)-A -1 W'ill," UIVI 9fc> FOB (MR UVMbnl days; security maple. Addrc* PATI'EUN, Herald office. _______ ________________ lio | Will U'AXTKD?ONMtMtfouiK, UM nd ?pOtWU ?iirkibta aid tlirMtap. eaih value $?.(???, In Iwauly lliird ward. .New Vurk. Address REAL E.iIATS, No. 3 .\ew Chambers st. 6?) -inI --a Fua Monro tins ox uoob >p3 ?PO.r JIM*. aetata security lor sile cheap lor cash. or will lie exchanged for marketable Merchandise. Address A> 11., Union .xjuare llulal, lor uua week. Siii u\ I w w t ? prompt i,o vn.s ox Kiiisr mort" wUU>v''vi g?g? bonds, .New York city or Brook lyn improved Property. OKo. W. HUNT. Ill Broadwav VllB tH V X KKdHlfli. _ "" Dl.wSOl.t'TioN OK CoPAllI'N k K*Vn K?rh a Co* partner-hip heretofore existing between Ariel Camera* auii jleury A. Ilolzapfel under the linn name of Cameron A llolraplel. at 2'iU West n-th at.. is this day dlaeolved by mil tual eminent. The business will he carrl d on by II. A. Hole aptet who will collect all moneys, Ac., now due the lata flri% and e-aiiiue ail the llahilitlet of the -ante, (Signed) ARIEL CAMERON. IIENKY A. 1IOL/.APKEU Naur Yduk. April l!?. 1876. . BUSINESS OPHHtTVXITIBk. dyici:"kree.-i.aiv business ok evehyTcI}?! attenied i. by C1IARLE8 t.'i.AKKK and VICTOI bi'.M/.AK. Law onice .VI Bond at., under Savings Bank Passports procured. AriTHIK AND MS, BOTH WELL KVOWI business men of Philadelphia, would take charge of i brunch house or an agency hr a responsible Arm in Phil* dclphia or elsewhere. Adore**, with particular*, COM MERCE, Her a d I'hiladelphia Branch office A I'AKTV OR PARTIES! OK KXKAIIT AND K.OOt V caeli, end willing to inva?t in an acknnwledcad vat uanle patent, can address RELIABLE. Herald office. A .GOOD MAX AS I'AKTN KR?I N~ANR8T A H LI SHED V hualueaa, making large protlia; not much cadi, but thl man wanted. LLOYD A WAItli. J'.i Bro dway. ?AUDITIO.VAL CAi'1 I Al. PKCM'IRKl) FOR MKR ? chniita, inauufacturera and otbera; mining interest* Ac. negotiated; Real Eitate exchanged for Business; per anna with capital seeking business advised iwlthout charge) ol approved opportunities. ReferencesI! J. S. Zabria kle, Esq.. C'asUlor People's Hunk. Clark, Clinpin A Holly, grocers, irj Front at.. Ac. O RIGOR A t'ARLLTO.N, Finals rial and Butiueas Brokers, its Broadway. BPLK.NDID ' OPPORTUN1TY KOR INVKkTMENt is offered to an honorable, suitable party, with reason able cupital; the bnsmesa, partly eitablls'jed. Is highly re speciuble, easily understood and has a newly secured e?4 profitable Held lor development; a fortune guaranteed. Ad dress, with relercnces, UOOU CHANCE, box IM Herald office. A B A STATIONERY STORK WITH MOST DKmIRaBLK Stock and Kixtnrca, elegant Sbowcaaee, will be tola by mortgage \ 88 Ornnd at. m'SINEKS.?SOITkTIIINU BKTfEK THAN TOO it. may think; very little money required, hut mutt bg sold ; will make a mistake Ifyou decline to Investigate thia. QUACK KN BnS. 87 Brua I way. Urooklyu. K. D. A SI'LKNUHD OPENINO KOR AN ENEROKTIO young man aa Partner in an eitahllehed Real Estate biiameaa; #Vs) required. Addreaa BOM), Herald office. --fO.ttt) WILL" PL'RCHAbK A HALF INTEREST in u inauiilacluring buslneea; production patented aud well Introduced: purchaser tn'take the office boalneas; investigation requested and refereneea exchanged, Addrese CLaKKE. Herald office. AkklFable man mat secure one halt in terest la a safe, tolld mercantile bualuesa; profitable trade; no risk of loss in the investment; f'd.OOC required. Addreaa MOttTON, Herald Uptown Branch office. MAN WANTKIt-WITTl IM."5*i, TO TAKE HALF interest in a good established cash business ; ran mall dJ.'iOOeach, vearly. WARREN. MIA East 15th at. IflSTAULISIIEII BUS! X li.HS, PAYI.NO LAROKLYt J, with great centenniul prospects, desires a partner II.Sam and entire services required; la sure and safe. IANK1.NS, aa West JUtb it. 1'TTKR STAND FOR SaLE-IN iVAShTnuToM .Market, cheap. Call at 331 Ureenwlch at.. New York. For salk-i hf. stereotype PLATha, blbctki> types und copyright of "t'entennial Skyrockets " a work having a Urge and rapidly increasing sale. Second edition now ready. Bids received until May 13. Addreaa box 38 Post office. Montclatr, N. J, /"N OOD OHANCE.-PRB M A N F. NT AND PAT I.NO BCell VJT nets to parties of ntoJerate means. 44 t'nrtlandt at. HERMAN k CO. WILL INVEST $5JU IN THE BUITER CHI!EBB and egg or grocery business, aa partner, or wilt ouv out right. Adareas W. 1. LITTLE, Placer House, 780 Broad way e The a ii \e htTskkT p ate x tkh of a valitab li Improvement In Heating and Yentlla lug. wonld die pose of the same or t ike an energetic num. with capital, ai partner. Addreaa'ENTEE, box 133 Herald office. T~0 AMKRICAN COTTON AND WOOLLEN MANI'FAtS turert?Agency for l.ngUud te tuirrd by F. IF. HoDtV BON, '-Kt Wailing at., London, E. C.| old established! good connection among wholesale houses and Ihippere. TIT A N TED?A~ PAUTNK R,Tn~A LUCRATIVE. P.STAB II lished law business; must be able to draw plaadi-g* and legal papers routing to national claims; a itlafactory proof given as t? extent ot buslneae; Edo.000 can be realised nut or business the first year. Addreaa J. D. KKLTHOUSEN, Washington, D. C. "li/XxTED-A PARTY wTfu ABOUT $3,000 TOR FT Half Interest in legitimate business which has made several fortunes; $.'>0,000 may be cleared this aummer. In quire at 1.301 Broadway^ Aq/HI -a rark chance FOR A flOOK fi| ?OUU. get in the restaurant of a good hotel la the Bowery; reut taken In Beard. Address C03M08, Herald office. Atten TO INVEST?WITH SERVICES, KoK AN ?pO?Hr equal Interest in a wall paying established bush neu that wiM Dear thorough investigation. Addresv In r.a name and date nature and place of business, 8. D. KAlal Hl'.l.l., Herald "flicc. mntUl TOlujx>7 TO IM'K>fTn~iooO fAYIN<l JlUUu business? Call at 40 Broadway, room 57. alte* d> - nnn -wan'ted! an ACTIVK partner with till* mm In an old established business. Address J., bo* J.Vm Pott office. dhill IIAII ?A tilvrcKMAN WITH THE ABOnf JpIUiUUl/i amount wltbet a situation with some **? tabllshed manufacturing Arm aa salesman, with a view to aa active interrtt in the busiuets. Addreaa James Parker, bos 105 Herald offlca. THE CHEESE TRADE. There has been great difficulty at time* in regulating the settlement of cboeso contracts at the New Yort Produce Exchange. The following rulea bare been sub mitted to the Board ol Managers to regulate the tradd among memiiers:? Rub* l ? At the first meetinv of the Board ef Managers after their flection the President shall (subject te the ap prom! ol the Hoard) appoint at a cornmitteo uu cbeeaa Uvg member* of the New Vnrk Produce Exchange wuo are known ?? number* of the cheese trade. It shall be the ?lut.r of thin committee to properly discharge the obligations i mpn.ed upon them bv these rule*, and alto to consider aoeL decide all disputes anting between nietuber*. A majority of the committee shall eoMlitate a qnoruin. lti'i.K 2 ? All transactions In ebeeoe Itolween metnUert nf the Prouuce Exchange ehalt ha gorerned hr tha following rules, bat nothing herein shall be construed a* interfering witii tile right* of member* tn utako ?peciai contract*. Rut* 3.?Oa tale* of chee?e cxdeening $*>,000 in yalne fwhen not otherwise * creed unniu. the eeller ahall hare the right to demand payment at tflo tint- of passing the title. If buyer requtro it sailer mini, alien practicable, transfer the property to *nch vessel, warehouse or other place with in flie harbor of New York nr the eltlc* connected therewith a* the buyer may designate and under hi* direction. lit lk 4. ?ll '?le I* from duck or pUtlorm. or "to arrive,* the hover ehall aunin* tlte tame relatione toward the trnnt portation line by wnteh t e rheeie arrivee ae the teller pre vlioitly held. It PL* 5.?In the aburnee of special agreement all cheese piirchaaed "In *tnre" ahall be underatnod at being ready and designed for Immediate delivery, bnl ihe buyer ahall have three day* in which to have aueh cheese Inspected and Height* tested. Kvi.uti. ? Th? weight' nf all eheeae ahall he tested by a regularly appointed city weigher, who shall lie n member <* the Produce Exchange, and HI* eertlfleate ahall aeeompsng the doeiimrui eonrejrln* the title to the property, anil weigher to he appointed bv the Committee on t 'heeae. Kill.* 7 ?The weigher's fee* ?h?il be paid by tha aeller. Krt.* S. ?In testing welg'it' of clieeae not lees then five Imaea nor more than ten per cent nf the whole lot ehall ha a test. 0 ? In testing weight* sll overweight# ehall olfse* equal ainoniita of short weight* on each particvlar factory or dairy. Rut.* I(X?Where a lot of cheese Is very Irrccnlar la weight either the buyer or seller may require the amir* par cel to bo walghed. 11.?Boxot of cheese which may ha foand largely deficient iii weight from any cane ehall not enter Into the average. Ill*Lit 13 ?A charge of two ccnta per his ahall be borne b| the buyer, which shall eover the coat of cooperage and tat. ?peetloa, the buyer in all rears to name the inspector. BUSINESS TROUBLES. At tho Orel meeting of tn? creditors of Cornell** J, Bushmill, bold yesterday before Register H W. Alien of No. 162 Broadway, Mr. John H. Miller, of No. 121 N'nssnu street, ? is elected aetlgoer. The following claims wore tiled against the estate ol tho hotnWrapt Ersetos Corning, Albany, $.13,060 32; William IC, White, New Ha von, $32,out); Ives k Co., New Yeek, $5,000, and Beudor Asiatic Silvor Company, $132,037 3L Mr. HuahncU's liabilities wore stated to he about $1,000,000, and the dents proved aggroted $225.00a The creditor* ol Irvnig k S iu, lurnitar* mauulsc Hirers, of No. 200 Kusi Twenty ?cv?ntii street, hare si laet decided upon an assignee. At a continuation of ihoir tlrti meeting, Uetd yesterday before Register Dwiglii, of N'o. 7 B-ekmao etreet, Mr. JolMl C. Caller was elected to that office. Tho coaloat over this elec tion has been going on lor several weeks. i A three per cent dividend in the matter of Btrangbo ler Brother* was declared yesterday hr the assignee, at Register Kct-hunt's office, Bennett Bunding, ate nu-etng ol creditor* A Ota meeting of the creditors or Mr. Jobs k Hob sou was held yesterday before Register Alloa The debts of the bankrupt were stated to oe about $115,000, and claims amounting to $100,000 wore proeoa. Mr. John H. l'lati, the olDciat assignee, ws? appointed assignee In this case. Tho second meeting of lb* creditors of Thomi* Roue was held ycteriuy boforo Register Allen, whes the assignee read his report and declared a Ural d.vb dent of tourtccu per cent. STABBED AND BOBBED. Mile* Clarke and 1'striek McOahey were eomlttod to Jail yesterday by Justice Waisu, Brooklyn, to awat| examination on charge of subbing and robbing PMrtefc Crawiord. of TsreMth street. New York, oa Prtdap night Usi, while h" sras under the Iniluenee ot liqnar, tu Mukahey's drinking saloon, on I'nlted SUtes str near Navy. The case wee eel down ler a I [ Saturday next,

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